Winning Is The Focus. That And Contracts.

As the international week kicks in, the players have shown that they understand exactly what is required of them in order to overhaul Manchester United at the top of the table. Both Jack Wilshere and Andrey Arshavin have stated that we must win every game.

It is a case of stating the obvious yet something that the players normally shy away from, preferring instead to talk in general terms about how they will try their best. A boost to that aim was received yesterday with Cesc Fàbregas returning to basic training, his return against Blackburn in a fortnight’s time along with others will (hopefully) improve upon recent performances.

Concentration is the key issue. On Saturday both goals were down to a lack of concentration. Ramsey had Reid marked as the corner was about to be taken, let him go as soon  as contact was made in the quadrant. It is a familiar failing – not of Ramsey, his injury makes anything he does the opposite – and one that is consistently criticised.

We are told that the players do not work on the defensive side of the game. That simply cannot be true because if they did not, how would they know who to mark at set pieces. That complaint is lazy. There may not be enough work on this aspect of the game but as none of us are privy to every training session, we cannot know that to be true either.

The desire to win is being questioned by opponents. Youssef Mulumbu of West Brom is convinced that Manchester United would have won the game from being two goals down. His logic is questionable; United came back from a two goal deficit at Blackpool but earlier in the season dropped a two goal lead against West Brom. It seems that this season’s champions will have the propensity to recover or collapse, whomever they may be.

Elsewhere, apparently Gael Clichy is going to enter into ‘make or break’ contract negotiations with Arsenal. They are so crucial and key that the ‘talks’ will take place in the middle of the title run-in. Presuming that the timings are correct – and that is a big presumption as it is the media carrying this story – there is something awry with discussions happening in April.

Arsène has previously preferred that these be dealt with in the close season , Robin van Persie’s contract extension a few Summers past springs immediately to mind. The cynical side of my nature wonders if this is simply a case of Clichy being set to take a fall if the club stumbles over the Premier League finishing line. It would make a ‘club in crisis’ style story easier if the negotiations broke down and Clichy would be a convenient target in that instance.

Still it puts everyone on notice that the silly season is but eight weeks away, rumours unfurled and unfounded will be the main source of media titilation this summer in the absence of any international tournaments. That and the campaign that is about to start to help Sepp Blatter lose his fiefdom.

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  1. It’s quite interesting to look at how the Arsenal match was reviewed. It was very much a case of ‘Arsenal dropped 2 points’ rather than ‘gained a point from a losing position’. Would it have been the same if it had been United making the comeback?

    Equally, if we’d scrapped out a 1-0 against Bolton with an 87th minute winner would the reports have focussed on our battling qualities as opposed to stumbling over the line against mid-table opposition?

  2. Quote of the day:
    “I would say Bush and Obama are definitely playing from the same playbook. One just has a smoother voice and better stage presence. Our leaders are appalling…and the policies are definitely no different.”
    – viceologist | March 21, 2011 at 9:19 pm |

    PS: I am currently reading Chalmers Johnson’s trilogy on the American Empire of military bases and his research totally supports Viceologist’s post. He used to be a CIA consultant so let us not have the usual nonsense about left and right.

  3. 1 loose cannon

    Typical Manure media machine in full swing. I read this morning that Cheszney riducles his team mates and he would rather play behind Steve Bould’s back 4, all that without any quotes from the player himself then you have the ” Clichy leaving ” story and Gibbs going to Liverpool. Funny how they are desperate to muck things up for us.

  4. The media must DIE!!

  5. “Concentration is the key issue”. Interesting article on the BBC website

    Someone send Wenger a link?

  6. Håvard Nordtveit has made a grand total of one appearance for his new club Borussia Mönchengladbach, having gone in search of first team football at the end of last year.

    He’s a player I was sad to see go. Versatile and a great prospect.

    Don’t pay much attention to the shitty rumour mill, but if Clichy does go we are well covered with Botelho and Gibbs – either of which, given a run in the team, would do the business.

  7. And Armand Traoré, how could I forget.

  8. To Henristic it was a Q&A with a couple of players download The Tuesday Club pod-cast and Alan Davis mentions it via an email he received, if you have never heard the pod-cast I can highly recommend it have a listen.

  9. And Tommy Cruise and George Brislen-Hall.

  10. Connor Henderson can play there too. But I think he’ll be a right-sided midfield player eventually. I love the way Arsenal graduates learn the ropes all across the field. When it comes to switching and swapping with those around them they’re comfortable operating wherever the play might take them.

  11. Quite so Markus, if Clichy goes, we have more than adequate resources in reserve. No major loss.

    It will also be in line with Arsene’s policy of developing and bringing through the younger players, if not, what is the point of having and paying the huge scouting network and costs associated with the development of younger players.

  12. I should add that I don’t think Gael Clichy is going anywhere this summer.

  13. Clichy hasnt been the same player since Birmingham 2008.His major fault is his lack of concentration for 90mins.Problem is Gibbs is injury prone.

  14. Thanks since1979

  15. LA, I can’t see it either.

    Also, not sure about the criticism levelled at him. He’s had a solid season so far.

  16. Luke Freeman’s going to be a great full-back I think.

  17. Aussie Gooner Dave

    How can you say that the 2nd goal on Saturday was a lack of concentration? It was sheer madness and a total embarrassment to the club and may very well have ended our title aspirations.

  18. I think the Szeszny comments were made in jest from what I can gather. Nothing to see here.

  19. OneOfUs, Luke Freeman is a striker… and 5’7″. Really?

  20. He’s been the last man backpeddling toward an inevitable goal on a couple of occasions, Markus – and taken the blame because of it. Statistically though – he has been our best defender. Winning a higher percentage of his duels in the air and on the ground than anyone else, winning a higher percentage of his tackles than anyone else (80% – Koscielny is around 80% too actually). He also makes more key passes into the box than any other defender. He is quality.


  21. Appalling reporting from ESPN, that’s a load of bollocks.

  22. He’s also made more interceptions for us than any other player in the squad.

    He wins us a lot of ball.

  23. Goonerwife

    Wholly share your sentiment.

  24. Awww Aussie Gooner Dave, were you embawissed? Diddums.

  25. Of course that was bollocks. The question is, why couldn’t Henristic see that for himself?

  26. Yeah man. Sorry, I should have been clearer in that post! Seriously though, he’s more of a winger really, and they often move back as they develop. If you look at his game, he’s got everything you need to play as a full-back; quick, hardworking and deceptively strong – he uses his body well. He’s also good on either foot, and already wins the back high up the pitch. In truth it’s a bit of a long-shot, but it’s something I’ve been wondering.

  27. FFS Limpar show me an Arsenal fan who wasn’t embarrassed!!!

  28. That was for Markus, and I left out a “ball” somewhere and an “about” at the end.

  29. I can’t see him leaving. He is a good player, although he is always good for a clanger. If he left I would prefer to see somebody else brought in. Gibbs looks like he will be a good player, but is not very good at defending at the moment. If Clichy leaves, we should be looking to improve the position.

  30. Well that’s a brave call OOU. I know our boys are versatile, so certainly wouldn’t bet against it ever happening. And as you say and LA said earlier our young’uns get their education all over the pitch.

  31. AussieGoonerDave

    I know the world is upside down for you but surely the 2nd on Saturday was a lack of concentration? If Almunia had been concentrating, he would have seen that Squillaci had Odimwingie covered and that Koscielny wasn’t that far behind.

    You may wish to label it was ‘madness’ but that’s just being over-dramatic, entirely in keeping with your second sentence.

    Here’s a thought – which was more damaging. WBAs 2nd goal or our failure to beat Sunderland the previous week?


  32. Gael seems to be coming into form at present and I hope that progression continues. Should he leave, Gibbs seems a natural replacement although I would like him to have a little more experience before taking over that lead role. I’d be most happy to keep both left backs and increase the competitive edge between them as they progress. The injuries of the past few seasons demonstrate how important competitive options are for any squad.

    For those criticising AFC for its run of injuries in recent times, I would remind them that we have been the fittest team in the league for the best part of a decade but that fitness levels of all teams/players has gone up markedly in the past season. I believe that the increasing number of injuries (now not only in the ultra fit AFC squad but across teams) is just the nature of an increasingly severe set of physical demands on all EPL players as the athleticism and speed increase year on year. Look at any athletes that are near to their performance optimum and you will find that they are far more prone to injury: I think. Add to that the physical nature that is so cherished by some in England and the mystery seems to dissolve a bit.

  33. Hun Limpar?
    What are you on about now?

  34. There is an interesting comparision (in my mind anyway) between Sanga and Clichy. I see Sanga as a defender first, who is also good at supporting our attacking play. I don’t really see Clichy like that.

  35. Lots of miserable aussies out there it seems.

    Not like on the beer adverts at all, are they?

  36. Shotta:

    Sorry to rehash yesterdays discussions, but I didnt get a chance to respond to Vice yesterday.

    I think it is all too easy to propagate the image of the US as this big bad global empire. I’m sure the CIA consultant’s discussions of the unprecedented reach of the USA’s military bases, and hence military influence, are very damning. And do I think that the USA has a systemic problem in terms of our defense budget and often overzealous role on the international stage? Abso-fucking-lutley. I think its horrendous that there has been so little focus on our inflated defense budget when discussing fiscal austerity. I think it shows how serious politicians are about it. As much as I abhor the Tea Party and all it stands for, I can’t knock their guys too much if they set their sights on the defense budget as well, and a few of them have mentioned it, to their credit.

    But the way the world works right now, it needs the USA. After the end of the Cold War the USA became a hegemonic state. Hegemony means —
    “the political, economic, ideological or cultural power exerted by a dominant group over other groups. It requires the consent of the majority to keep the dominant group in power.”

    Its the second part that I’m focusing on. The world needs the USA. That “joint” military operation thats going on, Odyssey Dawn, the USA fired 110 cruise missiles, Great Britain fired 2. Japan, the most technologically advanced country on the earth, calls in US nuclear scientists for help. JAPAN, the 3rd biggest economy in the world, not Haiti, not Indonesia, not Sudan, Japan. It just highlights how much the world depends on the USA.

    I think Vice’s quote is great as well. But I really do feel there’s a significant difference between Bush and Obama, not just down to smooth talk. And I would suggest that anyone that refuses to acknowledge legitimate foreign policy differences between Bush and Obama is doing so to fulfill their own agendas.

  37. I’d be surprised if Clichy leaves. He is as committed as any other arsenal player we’ve got. We’re rich enough to pay him a competitive salary and I don’t think he’s the greedy (e.g. Flamini) type.
    Also, those stats Limpar posted are in line with my thoughts about his performance this season. He really has been great and rarely makes costly mistakes anymore.

  38. Actually what killed Clichy completely is that 4-4 draw with the spuds he made three mistakes that caused the team dearly it was reported that he got alot of stick that he was in tears in the dressing room, and that was the resurrection of them. At Birmingham he was partly to blame but not entirely the ref got it all wrong. His positional play is poor we only over look it as he got pace and this compensates well. We can say that he lacks support on the left but this is neither here or there, clichy overlaps are meaningless as his final ball is wasteful his delivery in the box pathetic, i wish i could have seen Gibbs playing on the left wing in Barcelona game as this would have added more balance as Gibbs overuns are quality and penetration not bad his crosses are quality. Any thoughts

  39. Johnie, at the moment I’m not at all convinced by Gibbs defensively. I’m far happier when Clichy is playing. He had a tough start to the season but he has improved a lot and is far more consistent now.

  40. Clichy’s biggest asset is when he intercepts a ball and burst forward. I can’t think of many other full back who do that. His pace also. His downside’s is his positioning, and sometimes he seems to be indecisive when in possesion near our area.

  41. Thanks, Word. I like that

  42. Agreed gonnerandy. His crossing is also bloody inconsistent, but overall he’s a very good player and certainly better placed than Gibbs to be first choice for the time being.

  43. I thought Wenger was maybe planning on developing Gibbs into a left-winger. There were a few times when he started matches that Clichy was brought on in the second half to sit behind him. As well as closing out the game I thought this was him getting some experience of the role with the first team. He certainly has the speed to be playing there.

  44. obviously go for the bale for cesc swap then this summer and sell gibbs troare and cruise to barca for 35m. since AA dont wanna track back he can just stay at LB and ping balls to bale like assou ekotto does. liquid.

  45. word


    Which one(s) have you been drinking to come up with that?


  46. Also we should swap crooked RVP for david luiz and play him up front as the target man. hes brazilian u know. Zigic in goal, lehman to manage the team and move arsene to PR to arrange to china/newguinea/austrailia/USA summer tour.

  47. gaddafi as DM (in disguise) with the high defensive line protected by trip wire and snake pits (also disguised).

  48. OneOfUs, interesting view on Freeman. By coincidence Roberto Carlos, Evra and Cashley all started off as strikers!

  49. YW- costa rican with 3 sugars mixed with ‘slow day’. not to be confused with ‘sloe day’ which is far more enjoyable, especially with the spliced lemon.

    ok Im done. bye

  50. @ NJ Gooner
    ” As much as I abhor the Tea Party and all it stands for, I can’t knock their guys too much if they set their sights on the defense budget as well, and a few of them have mentioned it, to their credit. ”
    Except Sarah Fucking Palin can see Russia from her front door.
    I agree with your last paragraph but think that most of the TP have healthcare and Social Security in their sights rather than defence/defense budget cuts, but don’t forget that it was GE who designed and built those crappy nuclear reactors in the first place.

  51. Is Word mental or a Spurs fan? Amusing nonetheless.

    Conclusion: Gibbs isn’t ready for the first team and Sarah Palin is a lunatic.

  52. MD

    I read something recently about how Republicans are starting to distance themselves from Palin as 2012 approaches, which I found very relieving. She’s the height of crazy. She’s a media whore whose very good at getting people to talk about her, but absolutely terrible at just about everything else.

    And I’d agree with you about the TP. ha tp. For me, there policies/agenda comes down to one thing, greed. When you see TP rallies its just a bunch of old white people. No group in the world has more wealth than old white people. haha but seriously, I think their sights are on anything that gives the government cause to tax people, and man is healthcare at the top of their list. Oh how I wish income tax laws in the USA were like those in GB.

    The GE thing, while sad, kind of proves my point though. We built their nuclear reactors. Japan. crazyness!

  53. I not impressd with either the war or the PL at the moment.

    Not much to be cheery about.

    Also did anyone see that debate on twitter on who was a ‘real’ fan? The interlull does some angry things to people.

  54. Maria – It was probably a debate between 10 years olds. All very strange.

  55. NJ,

    At the height of the Health Care debate, a couple teenage kids of some friends of mine (this was in Orlando, FL) decided to be typical teenage smartasses and went to a TP rally with signs that said:


    The pictures and stories they sent back, it was crazy. Never seen so much abuse dished out by old white people.

  56. Maria, nor the plight of the poor people in Japan.

  57. NJ – you are spot on. The Republicans are shit scared that Palin is going to run, which means she could split their vote, or they would have to support her, either way handing it to Obama for a second term.
    And yes, the TP is attracting some of the same people as the BNP does in the UK.

  58. Good lord!

  59. Micahel Palin is a man and I know for a fact that he hates politics so that is just not going to happen, MDGunner.

  60. His twin brother Michael is just the same.

  61. Kieran Gibbs is definitely ready for the first team. He needs games though.

  62. I don’t think his positioning is nowhere near there yet. He is good on the ball, but positioning is vital for a fullback.

  63. His positioning is fine. He started out as a winger and has adapted his game to play left back. When he first started in the first team he had a lot of learning to do defensively. His attacking ability is fantastic and his crosses excellent. Great player. Just needs a run of games after his injuries.

  64. His positioning is not fine IMO. He gets caught our a lot. I agree he is fantastic going forward, but he worries me defensively. If CLichy were to leave playing Gibbs as first choice (I do like him incidentaly) would be a huge step back. We already have plenty of players “learning their trade” in the first 11. We don’t need another.

    If you compare Gibbs to the other top left backs in the lge (Evra, Cole, Esso-Ekotto, Kolorov) he is nowhere near that standard yet. I think he would really benefit from a loan; he could start to get all of his defensive atrributes up to speed, and also get a good run in a first team.

  65. MD,
    The stories coming out of Japan are just heartbreaking. It just shows you that we still know so little about the earth and what lies below it yet. Yet, we’re fighting a war for oil digging up the earth further.

    I mean – I am far from knowledgebale about these things but if there’s oil in the deserts maybe it’s there for a flipping reason!!


    Anyone who is on twitter should check out blackscarfs their trying to emulate the gold and green Mancs.

    It would be funny if it did’nt have 400 odd followers.

  66. Frank – I am just glad that Sarah is one of the triplets (with Michael and Micahel)

  67. Nope. Don’t agree with any of that, goonerandy.

  68. Frank – Fair one, just my view. I think he will go on to be a very good player for us, but I am not sure when the right time to blood him will be. Both Clichy and Cole were very lucky; they started their first team adventure in a very solid side, which was packed with experience. Gibbs is starting to break in to a side which will not offer him as much in the way of guidence. Added to the fact is that our left back recieves very little protection in this current system. Cole and Clichy were brought into a solid 442.

    That is not a critisism of anything, it is just the way it is at the moment.

  69. She might be the idiot sister. Probably sent her to Alaska to keep her out of the public gaze. Didn’t work though did it?

  70. For me it has always been an option for him to play in front of Gael. A tactic which AW did try recently. But he has certainly already well and truly become a first team player.

  71. Why may I ask is Hilary still around with her fake stories and crocodile tears?

  72. Frank – Yeah, I would agree with that. My initial point was a theoretical one anyway. I was thinking more if Clichy were to leave (don’t think he will anyway).

  73. Kolarov?!!! Kolarov can’t defend to save his fucking life. Ask Mancini.

    He could learn a lot about positioning from Kieran Gibbs actually. So could Asso-facking-Akotto for that matter. Nasty little piece of work… doesn’t even like football… typical shite little spuddite. He is only ever in the right position when William Gallas is shouting at him to be there…
    You live in a fup duck world, goonerandy.

    Dodgy ankle, dodgy knee
    Should be England’s No.3
    Shits all over Asherley
    Even better than Clichy

  74. Sarah was a big fish in a small sea – Wasilla, population 3 people and the whole of Alaska, less people than Obama’s old constituency.
    Hilary, she was supposed to appeal to the older, white, ‘blue collar’ workers. maybe not doing such a good job.
    Maria, you’re right, as if the earthquake and tsunami were not enough. I remember when I was young we were told that electricity generated by nuclear power would be so cheap that it would not be worth metering. Pile of crap that turned out to be.

  75. Limpar – I do. And from here I can peer into your very own little fantasy land. Very nice it looks too.

  76. clichy got better short game
    gibbs got better long game
    clichy crosses better with his right
    gibbs crosses better with his left
    same speed I think but gibbs got longer legs so kinda looks better
    clichy better defensively but if gibbs didn’t have any potential to fulfil then he wouldn’t be a bloody arsenal player would he??
    I think clichy got another season then lets cashley in

    traore curve ball – heads!

  77. It is probably still very sensible to build nuclear reactors for the production of electricity. The power stations should be built and managed with a very high degree of care. Not a good idea to build them in earthquake or volcano zones. Not a good idea to build them at sea level. Not a good idea to build them near people. Probably a good idea to use fission reactors only until fusion reactors can be built less expensively OR until alternative forms of safe energy production can be implemented affordably.

  78. It is about long term planning and patience really. Get that right and the problem is solved. As Arsenal have found. Though you would not believe so by the behaviour of some of our ‘fans’.

  79. Frank

    add “not a good idea to have the pumps that bring the water in to cool the reactors powered by electricity” to the list.

    I’ve read that in other plants the pumps can operate even in a loss of electricity. That would’ve been nice..

  80. With all this politics let me say that all Kenyans I know think that Gadhafi has been around too too long!

  81. So it’s a good thing that the Brits, French and Americans are booming him. Everybody should have a right to elect a lying politician every four to five years!

  82. does anyone know if ryo can come back to us next year or will he still have visa issues for a few years? …did he even have visa issues?

  83. Seems Djourou could be back in 4 weeks. Hope that’s correct

  84. word i liked that scale of the universe site. How the hell did Max Planck realize something existed on a scale of 10^(-35) meters??? anyways, i’m not sure about Ryo’s visa issues but it would be great to see that guy dribbling past defenders. Also i think he is waiting till he plays against the Spuds to unveil his dragonball z like ninja powers.

  85. Yes that would be sensible wouldn’t it, NJGooner

  86. How the fuck can our players play in Belgium, Holland, Spain etc etc without fucking visa issues, but this tiny minded bunch of pricks will not allow them to play in England. What small minded greedy thick little twat cannot see that young players have high earnings and pay tax.Net positive benefit to player, country, club, supporters. Employing small-minded, greedy little twats on the other hand delivers no benefit to man nor beast.

  87. Little Britain aside for the moment, I am for a no fly zone over Switzerland. Ground forces in and around Neon. Nothing less than regime change.

  88. >Ground forces in and around Neon

    Will that be The Light Brigade?

  89. Get Ryo back here next season. Him and Theo can scare the dung outta defences next year.

  90. Good to see that Sammy Galindo is back playing again after a broken ankle. I didn’t even know he’d broken an ankle. Going to enjoy watching his progress next season. Him and a whole host of others.

  91. …and no reconstructive surgery necessary for JD. Back to training in 4 weeks.

  92. Back behind the piano in a fortnight… soloing like this again within the month.

  93. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Ryo looks like he’s the business. It’s amazing just how far and wide Arsene’s scouting tentacles reach. What’s the deal with Wellington? Does he have visa issues also?

  94. We, largely through the ever restless attention span of the media have short memories.

    What happenned in Japan was terrible as was before that NZ and Australia. All these countries will recover quickly. Remember those tragedies…

    …. and then there is Haiti. , just over a year on from a devastating eartquake on the poorest country in the western hemisphere.

    Over 200,000 dead. 1.5 million still homeless and living in tents. Rubble still not cleared. Corrupt politicians and a febrile UN.

  95. Yogi wins worst joke of the interlull

  96. I enjoyed that video MD. Fancy that walk after a few pints of cider and a couple of pasties?

    Did you see the softies ring clamping on?

  97. CBob, not disagreeing with you about all the other tragedies but I’m not sure that Japan is going to recover that quickly. Apart from the rebuilding and all that infrastructure stuff there’s the small matter of billions of gallons of seawater dumped on the land either needing to be got rid of or has soured the soil – imagine all that lot on top of your rhubarb.
    And as a major exporter (that is going to be hit by power difficulties) and with the global economy still in a fragile condition, that could have a serious knock on effect – Japan produces 40% of the global semiconductor production for example.
    I hope that I am wrong, of course.

  98. Yes, Cbob, I did see that guy hooking himself on to the cable, forcing the guy WITH THE VIDEO CAMERA to walk around on the outside of him!

  99. Sarah Palin seems unusual for an American politician. Turning back when faced with an illegal entry into another country…

  100. I just read that Haiti has gotten about 38% of the financial contributions, not sure how they come up with that number but the article said an average of 50% of the contributions reach these devestated areas!

  101. How to wqin friends US style;

    Shoot unarmed Libyan farmers who were helping stricken American fighter poilots whose plane had crash landed.

    Way to go you fuckers.

  102. Frank, bowing to your greater knowledge of the nuclear reactor thingys, but aren’t most of them built at sea level because they need all that water to cool them down? I used to live near the Bradwell nuclear power station – fish as big as dolphins in the cooling pond.
    Mind you, in the US we could build them all the way down the Mississippi, though that might be a little unfortunate for New Orleans.

  103. I’d recommend a visit to the JET Fusion reactor near Oxford. Very cool.

    There is also a talk and an open Q&A session. The staff at JET, a collaborative international project, said that the UK would probably require one or two more fission reactors to take up the slack untill they hope to start building commericial scale reactors : 2030, first larger prototype to start approx. 2015.
    When we consider the lack of capacity or ability (not to mention Ca$h) to actually build the proposed stations that the ConDemmed are planning, it’s likely that they’ll have to re-open a coal pit or two before that happens. I’m not sure if Maggie’s spawn have the facility required to appreciate that irony.
    (The staff at JET were very proud to mention that the first successful firing of the reactor was on the very day that the Milk Snatcher was kfired herself. The first Thatcherites had killed all fusion funding at the beginning of that decade, yet they still made it. Not as quickly as they could’ve of. The overall programme has suffered from lack of funds.)

  104. I take your point about Japan MD.

    I was really banging on about my favourite hate, the whores of the media and their ever shifting eye.

    I still think that Japan will be better off than Haiti in a year’s time!

  105. Not to say that our benevolent, altruistic, empathertic leaders aint a load of complete soulless snake toff c*nts…

  106. Oh and thatssome good news on Djourou. Hopefully the club are being very cautious with that time frame and he is back in the squad in 4 weeks.

  107. Of course Japan will be better off than Haiti. If its a black country thats the End. There is never any hope never any end and if they are sitting around waiting for help, they have no idea who they are dealing with.

    Its just a shame those poor peoepl got dropped off on that god forsaken island years ago by slave masters. thats their lot in life now. a shit island with no prospects. At least if they had oil.

  108. Corrupt politics have sucked the life out of Haiti. Along with that much of the soil is good for nothing, they cannot produce anything that can bring in some income. I doubt Tourists frequent the Island also. Sad state of affairs!

  109. Plus its become a dumping ground for US lng grain rice, making the rice grown there practically worthless.

  110. >Of course Japan will be better off than Haiti. If its a black country thats the End.


    What utter tosh. Of course Japan will be better off than Haiti because it was richer in the first place. You might notice that Japan isn’t pockmarked with oil wells…


  111. >Of course Japan will be better off than Haiti. If its a black country thats the End.


    What utter tosh. Of course Japan will be better off than Haiti because it was richer in the first place. You might notice that Japan isn’t pockmarked with oil wells…Paul pretty much nailed it – corruption stops Haiti doing anything.


  112. Alright alright, YW.

  113. Short termism will be the death of us. Capability Brown understood the importance of long, long term planning. No politician or businessman or even political or economic system can deal with the timescales required to resolve many of todays problems. We love our children but we are not prepared to make sacrifices for them not at a societal level. In fact in England politicians are busily removing our children’s future. Not a peep from any of us.

  114. Cool – stereo effect commenting…

  115. Jack Wilshere says;

    We got great leaders out there, Robin [van Persie] was good and we got great character in the team and we showed that today.

    [The fans] have been brilliant. Everywhere we go they are loud, brilliant, singing our names and it’s like the 12th man. We really feel that they are behind us any minute and hopefully they can keep it going. I threw my shirt in the end because they deserved it.

  116. I meant interms of getting help. No one really cares cos they arent valuable to them and of course, they are poorer than Japan.

  117. Just lke does anyone believe Britain, France, the US, etc really give a fuck about anyone in Libya? They dont give a flying fuck about the treatment meted out to the people under Gaddafi. They are only there for the Texas Tea baby.

  118. just seen the basil fawlty’s Manuel’s cock up again and the funniest thing is him trying to push Squillaci over.

  119. You still trying to stir it up, DG, you arsehole.

  120. Can hear you snickering at your own crudely transparent little joke.

  121. It is about as subtle as walking around at a party with your cock hanging out, and reflects no less upon you.

  122. Thanks Frank, you made me spill fake Cornish Pasty down my shirt

  123. Here you go Frank, instead of watching the Ancient Britons play the Saxons, march for the future of the kids-

  124. Not a quick enough response from unions in my opinion, MDGunner. However better late than never.

  125. Dexter, thats partly true, but many British people feel this is a situation worthy of our Army being involved in.

    Britain is dammed if she does, damned if she doesn’t to you isnt she?

  126. Morning frank. Not as much laughing as seing that goal though was it come on he is a funny fucker.

  127. @yogi, this is why i never discuss race relations with brits. I get your reaction every time no matter the situation.

  128. I agree with Dexter. there is something to gain. They are certainly not doing it because they really care.

  129. Limpar Assist @ 6 :30pm,

    Phenomenal. I sometimes dream of a live gig with Keith and Glenn Gould doing keyboards and vocals simultaneously. Oh to dream…

  130. Goonerwife,

    I am British but share much of your view. I refer to some of the wider aspects such as economic greed and the deliberate international restrainst that often govern. When the former Jamaicain PM (Michael Manley) went to the IMF on behalf of CARICOM with a cap in hand plea to save and resurrect the caribbean islands through crop changes etc he was sent packing and instructed that any change from growing largely unprofitable but previously agreed (often ‘agreed’ at the peak of that same slave trade to which you refer!) produce would result in dire debt agreement problems. One could look at India and suggest that corruption need not impact on a countries ability to prosper. Despite the fact the the CDB is now attempting to address many of these inherited problems, Haiti’s attempts to get out of its current situation therefore cannot be put down solely to corruption.

    Racism has many manifestations and, IMO, cannot be discounted in accounting for the different responsibilities outside and developments within Japan and Haiti.


    I do not discount the fact that corruption and differing socio-economic starting points plays its part but I would add the above cavaets.

  131. Regarding the different starting positions of Japan and Haiti, an interesting read is:

    Click to access Stmt_CARICOM.pdf

  132. thanks dgob, thats all im saying. Your race matters when it comes to these things. But sometimes in Britain alot of people pretend it doesnt.

  133. Goonerwife

    That suggests you don’t like the answer and are unwilling to take any view that it has truth in it.


    I do not doubt that in some instances racism rears its head, yet the observation about Japan and Haiti are wrong. If you look at the ground level here, ie the public, there is less horrified reaction to the events in Japan than there was to Haiti, less public support in the sense of collections of cash, etc. Haiti saw a concerted effort to raise funds, recognising that there was poverty in Haiti and not in Japan.


  134. You dismissed it out of hand Yogi. That was your reaction yogi not mine. Your reaction said it all.

  135. goonerwife

    I do in this instance. Haiti had more overwhelming public ‘support’, far more than is being seen for Japan. It is a direct reaction to the poverty that existed beforehand and the fact that Japan is a richer nation. Therefore the public perception is that the wealth negates the need to react so strongly. It is not racism.


  136. Yogi,

    I agree that the ground level support was (and often is) far better than the state responses to Haiti. The fire men and medical staff who took time off to volunteer and offer on the ground support during the crisis still makes me proud.

    I suspect a lot of Goonerwife’s criticism was of the state (including organs of social voice such as the media) responses, which were not that great and was based on a reflection of the historic conditions which made the Haiti situation such a depressing one.

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