West Bromwich Albion Preview: Sign Off With A Win

Arsenal travel to The Hawthorns knowing that a win is essential in the pursuit of the Premier League, to capitalise on any possible slip today by leaders Manchester United, no matter how unlikely that seems this morning. The international break is upon us and a win would do wonders for everyone leading into this spell.

Captaincy continues to be a thorny issue with the footballing culture in England demanding that the leader of the team be extremely vocal, with a forceful character. Wenger has on several occasions noted that the role is overplayed, that the issue is not as important as is made out.

Yesterday he was pushed further on the matter, reminded of 2004 when the team had exited cup competitions in quick succession, needing a Thierry Henry hat-trick to overcome Liverpool at Highbury to set the season back on track. He conceded that the dressing room was quieter, this instantly seized upon as some cultural deformity, with the follow-up that he did not believe the dressing room needed it entirely forgotten. Or perhaps that should be wilfully forgotten.

Either way, his club captain is missing. Cesc’s passing will be missed, the side that took on Manchester United is likely to be close to the line-up that takes the field this afternoon. The players will need to be diligent in their duties. Albion have improved in recent weeks, suggesting that the failings of Roy Hodgson’s reign at Anfield were not entirely managerial shortcomings.

Manuel Almunia will no doubt be looking to improve upon the last meeting between the two sides. It was his final appearance in an Arsenal shirt as far as the Premier League, or any competition for that matter, until the fates conspired to give him redemption despite the Hell of recent team performances. Two defeats and no criticism of the goalkeeper for either. A strong performance this afternoon is not going to quell his critics but it might quieten them down a while.

There are other defensive targets for blame. Sebastien Squillaci will never be everyone’s cup of tea. His form dipped before Christmas – acknowledged by the manager – and he is not part of the usual first team partnership, Djourou’s impressive season cruelly curtailed by injury has given the Frenchman his chance at redemption.

It is time for him to stand tall and prove his critics wrong. He has enough experience to be able to do this, time with Lyon, Sevilla and Les Bleus is not idly spent. He cannot handle the physical aspects of the English game, so the theory goes, yet coped with Stoke’s agricultural approach to the game, helping to subdue in the first half before battening down the hatches in the second.

The line-up I would expect this afternoon is:

Almunia; Sagna, Squillaci, Koscielny, Clichy; Nasri, Denilson, Rosicky, Wilshere, Arshavin; van Persie

Possibly Arsène might go with Bendtner instead of Rosicky but I am not convinced this will be the case.

Arsenal’s recent record on this ground is encouraging. One defeat in the last sixteen visits, a run that stretches to two in the last twenty, suggests that there is nothing to be fearful of. Yet as the home game last year proved, arrogance leads to defeat. Now is not the time to believe that the game is won by simply stepping onto the pitch. A time to prove that this past month has been a mini-wobble and that is it.

Enjoy the match wherever you are watching it. ’til Tomorrow.

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  1. Must win. dare not lose , a draw is no good today.

  2. COYG’s!!!

  3. Limestonegunner

    Coyg! Avenge our home loss to this crew.!

  4. COYG! Back to winning ways. Every game is like a cup final now.

  5. Is it me or should Vermaelen be captain next season? He looks the vocal hard man we need, with captain experience at ajax. 3 points please arsenal , anything else is a failure!

  6. This has turned out to be the most important game of our season some how.
    Nothing but, a win will do and I can’t wait to see them bastard media cunts squirm come final whistle when they are writing up their reports.

    Too late to speak of vocals leaders now. We just have to hope they do whatever form of Gee-ing up that they normally do but, more intensely.

    The team of 2004 was mentally tougher a 1000 times over than the current team and could never have been accused of not being mentally tough due to the seasoned players that we had in the ranks.

    But, it’s too late and I think Wenger should ease off of the media now because it’s plain to see over the last few years especially that the British media hate his gut’s and are disrespect to him at least twice a week.
    Why did they report his full reply? cunts who’s gut’s I fucking hate.

    Stick it right up them Gunners.
    Come Out Fighting.

  7. GunzSP – you are missing the point of Yogi’s post and anyway, who knows if Vermaelen will even be first choice next season? It’s amazing how players who are not playing are often invested with this ‘mythical’ quality, just like the romantic vision of past teams, which of course never played badly or lost games they should win.

  8. I haven’t been a fan of him after recent showings but, Squillachi, really needs to do the simple CB things in life today and he should be fine. The frustrating thing for me is that he actually looks the part and was attacking the ball very well but, has looked so off the pace lately.

    He should be up there with the very best due to CV and the Prem can take some players time to bed in but, please Squillachi, just do the simple CB things first and take it from there.

  9. 1 D down, another D to go….

    Go Arsenal!! Without the 2 Ds, they will be fine…

  10. A must win game.
    I really don’t see why Tomasz should start ahead of NB52.We need some heading ability up front and Bendtner has shown he can score by pushing in from the wings.

  11. id use eboue and rambo today
    west brom will do what every other team do and thats try and outwork us..
    eboues just as frustrating as rosicky going forward but at least he has pace and his partnership with sagna is strong defensively so hes in for me and rambo has more cutting edge, more creativity, more speed and more tenacity than denilson so hes in as well…
    no excuses today three points and return to winning ways is a must

  12. so from what you guys saw from Ramsey he is back and better than Denilson? Im just asking cos i havent seen Ramsey yet so i dont know how fit he is.

  13. WillyG. You are silly willy.

  14. rambos fit…
    he didnt spend a couple of months on loan at forrest and cardiff for nothing…

  15. If there was ever any must win game the lads had, it was that against United. And what did they do? They played without desire or passion and conspired to concede the softest of goals in any ‘must-win’ game. An other must win game they had was the CC final, and we still lost due to an ‘unfortunate’ error. The there was Barca and our most talented striker decided it was time for him to lose his mind (perfect timing it was!).
    So tell me why you thinnk by telling them it is a must-win game they will do things any differently? From that brief history (I ve not even included the numerous times we’ve had to capitalise on Manure’s slip-ups, and not managed to), I prefer not to get my hopes up. Coz the most likely thing is that they’ll find a way to come up short, again!
    Forgive me if you think am being very pessimistic but Arsenal has reduced me to that. Coupled with the fact that our best performances have come when we are under no particular pressure to produce results.
    Am sorry Gunners, I will watch the game, but I will only expect the win when we are actually winning when the ref blows his final whistle. So no hopes up for me.

  16. boo hoo hoo you absolute pussy

  17. Just don’t bother watching then.

  18. Grow a pair of balls sgtgunnerwill. Dont go wobbly all of a sudden.

  19. That doesn’t look like a team you would rely on to get you a win. There are better players than at least three of this selection out on loan. Sorry, I have a very low expectation of this team due to their lack of guts. Deja vu all over again.

  20. Same goes for you, Billboy. Don’t watch the game, don’t bother about Arsenal anymore. The team does not need someone as weak-willed as you. And please, don’t come running when we win the league.

  21. I have never seen a more lilly-livered post before a big match than that from Sgt…what a joke! If this is how you respond to adversity in a football season, I am afraid to see how you respond to adversity in “real life” matters. Grow a pair and support the team.

  22. @Max no use for me to have ’em when the lads on the pitch don’t. It has no bearing on the result. I had my belief in this team all along, but it seems they just don’t know how to put in just 5% more to win the must win games.
    @Luke n Evil I love watching beautiful soccer so I will watch for that. Adding a desire to win to that however, is something Arsenal of the last 6 years is teaching me not to do. May I remind you that there is not a single season I ve not believed we can beat any one? But what do the lads do? They just don’t share my belief. They enter games having already lost by just their body language and you just feel like killing ’em. Look at our games against United in the champs league for example, or every time they came up against Drogba? Then we get taunts like ‘men vs boys’ shit.

  23. Sgt…go away already…while everyone is getting excited and pumped up for the game you come on here and have a pity party…boo-fucking-hoo. It is people like you that are destroying the atmosphere at the Emirates as well. A bunch of spoiled brats with no heart!

  24. @voiceologist
    The last time Arsenal players matched my desire to win against any adversity they beat Manure in penalty shoot outs in that memorable FA cup final. Memorable coz for the first time we did all we could to win, and win we did! Have they done it quite that well again? Not as frequently as they have been called upon this season, save for that game against Everton. And the sooner you come to my side, the safer you will be from a Cardiac arrest any time during this run in!

  25. @voice…
    lets see how ell u face yo adversities (read me). Clue: You cannot just wish/shoo them away.

  26. Looking for revenge today. Bloody joint I’ll watching the match at will also be showing the mancs. Prestige says we can’t afford to lose. COYG!

  27. When I am done deciphering your gibberish I will let you know Sgt. Until then, I will be watching Tottenham v. West Ham hoping for the humiliation of our rivals…

  28. Bradys right foot

    I think Bolton will get something today at the theatre of illusions, thats not just my gooner shaded view of things i think they’ve got a real chance. I just hope the boys do it today for the staff and supporters COYG.

  29. Sgt asking for the team to have a bit of steel when HE is as weak willed as he is.

    You couldn’t make it up.

  30. Bloody hell.

    Are we the worst team in the league all of a sudden?

    Why would, how could, any Arsenal fan be so hopelessly pessimistic at this stage of the season?

    What is the point of being a fan at all. I always think we can win. I never assume it but always think we will. I would never bother going to a match if I didn’t.

  31. Brady, theatre of illusions? Like that!

  32. The pundits’ love affair with Tottenham is nauseating. You would think they were actually in the running to win the league or something. Real Madrid will dump them in the Champions League, they will then finish outside the top four and look back with fond memories of that one year they had a chance at European glory. So sad…for the pundits of course.

  33. Carlton Cole blew a one on one…bloody hell, learn how to finish those already!

  34. Limestonegunner

    Time for Ramsey to play. With Cesc and Song out we need some drive in the midfield. Especially if Nasri is played up front. Even if Ramsey doesn’t start, he should get some minutes. I back him to score, have good games with Wales, and to help fire us forward in our remaining games. He’s a terrific talent and it would be a fantastic lift to have him back playing well again.

  35. Good grief, sarge, get a grip. “The last time the team matched my desire…” what a load of utter tosh. It would be hard to imagine a more conceited statement than that. It’s easy for you, you armchair duffer! Put your money where your mouth is, get on the first team, and then let’s see how you perform. Good lord…it just hit me…you probably still suffer from the illusion that the team “owes” you for something. My god, such naivete.

    Come on You Gunners!!

  36. I hate to say it, but Ramsey has that drive from midfield that reminds me of…. Gerrard *washes mouth out* when he was not crocked all the time. The audacity to go at goal, and the energy and passing ability to go with it. Just makes me sad to think of what he would have given us this year without that horrific injury.

  37. http://www.footylatest.com/arsenal-will-sell-fabregas-if-barca-cough-up-45m/21168
    Hate these stories. Hate to think that its true someone at Arsenal can be qouted as saying we are a selling club! I will lose my mind and do something crazy if this comes to pass.

  38. Hey Sgt., do us a favor…go to this address: 5427 Pansey way…there is a bridge there…jump off!

  39. Spurs and West Ham playing a lot of urgency. Not very pretty!

  40. SgtWilko has been a little distracted by the battle of East London.
    There are a few footbridges near the olympic site that might prove to be useful.

  41. @ viceologist
    I agree about the resemblance to Ge**ard, but Ramsey is an upgrade on him, in his behaviour, if nothing else.

  42. COYG.

  43. “If there was ever any must win game the lads had, it was that against United.”

    You think a 5th round FA Cup game was the MUST WIN game of the season? That was the least important game of the 2011 calendar thus far! Why did so many people respond to this moron?

  44. any links guys

  45. Maybe sgt is related to that American wrestler Sergeant Slaughter of the 1990s!

  46. I think I woke up 1.5 hours early?

  47. Team news:

    Sagna, Squillaci, Koscielny, Clichy
    Denilson, Wilshere, Ramsey
    Nasri, RVP, Arshavin

  48. Ramsey gets the start?! If so, that is awesome…really looking forward to it! COYG!!!!!!!

  49. So Rob Green just hates North London…LOL! Well played.

  50. That was a hell of a save Darius…I will give him that.

  51. morning yall. gunner4ever i think i also have woken up a tad early. Damn you time zone changes!!

  52. West Ham are defending for their Premiere League lives!

  53. Defoe has sucked today. Hope the hammers can get a sucker punch!

  54. Team News :

    ALBION (4-2-3-1): Carson; Reid, Meite, Olsson, Shorey; Scharner, Mulumbu; Brunt, Morrison, Thomas; Odemwingie. Subs: Myhill (gk), Jara, Cox, Tamas, Fortuné, Cech, Tchoyi.

    ARSENAL (4-5-1): Almunia; Sagna, Koscielny, Squillaci, Clichy; Nasri, Denilson, Wilshere, Ramsey, Arshavin; van Persie. Subs: Lehmann (gk), Rosicky, Eboue, Gibbs, Chamakh, Miquel, Bendtner.

  55. Strange that no one in the media is bitching about Tottenham’s possession and toothless cutting edge and approach. Yeah – and also being profligate in front of goal. There possession must have been Barcelona-esque.

    Spuds have just wasted chance after chance – or maybe West Ham have just defended well. Rob Green has had a very good game, and so as Wayne Bridge.

  56. 0-0 draw at Whitehart…nice

  57. Looks like the spuds are heading to the europa league!

  58. Come on Bolton as well…do us a favor…Come on Stuart Holden, represent your country well son. Score a screamer against the Mancs and help out the Arsenal!

  59. With ManU’s huge injury list, this is Bolton’s best chance.

    Gunners to win 3-1, with Ramsey scoring !

  60. “Spurs battle to a hard fought draw with West Ham United” or “Arsenal lose an easy two points and all their possession proves worthless as Arsenal draw against West Ham” eff that es. c’mon gooners lets support our boys through a solid away victory today.

  61. Very much looking forward to seeing how Ramsey does in the Cesc role today. Hope to see some lovely interchanging between him Wilshere and Nasri.

    Three points today please boys. Time to show everyone what we are made of.


  62. Have a thought for West Brom, they last won the league in … never!

  63. Limestonegunner

    I get my wish with Ramsey in the lineup! Come on Gunners! Let’s see Nasri, RvP and Ramsey score while the defense holds firm.

  64. William…so true.

    Spurs will have battled for the point, while Arsenal would have been toothless in possession and wastefully dropped 2 points.

    And a curious question – apart from kicking and rush, does Bale have any other trick ala being able to dribble or linking up play.

  65. RAMSEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  66. GOONERWIFE. I hope you will accept my unreserved apology for my response yesterday, I was wrong and I am genuinely very sorry.

    Here is a comment from an American blog and I think he asks fair questions and certainly has a point, what do you think? ………

    Arsenal have one of the highest total salary packages in the League and we are paying an extraordinary number of players good money to play FIFA 2011 in the sick ward. It’s odd to me that Arsene Wenger seems to know the perfect time to sell Vieira, Petit, Henry, Overmars, and so on but that he persists with someone like Abou Diaby who is getting paid to start 9 games of a 38 game season. I’m all about giving the kid time to heal from Dan Smith’s brutal tackle but that happened in his very first year at Arsenal. Since then he’s had three seasons where he’s only started 9 games, one season where he started a ‘whopping’ 16, followed by his best ever output — last year’s 26 starts. At what point to you ask whether a player is cut out to play in the English Premier League?

  67. Darius, have you forgotten that Bale is the best player in the world?

  68. Talk to you all at the half….COYG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  69. Darius i’m not sure about that Bale. It seems like there are plundits all over the place claiming that bale is top class after a single two legged tie in italy. although i’m pretty sure he has been injured for a month of two so that could be contributing to his play.

  70. Well, watching him today (I feel dirty saying this – it’s been the first Spurs game I’ve watched all through), he didn’t really make my socks roll up and down and I’m wondering what the fuss is about Bale.

    @Kenyan – I suggest that even Mariga is a better player than Bale – but clearly the punditocracy know.

  71. Fuck – what the hell was that…LOL

  72. any links please, i’m having no luck

  73. That was a nasty challenge by Thomas. How the hell did Attwell give an advantage and no yellow for that.

  74. Wilshere was sent off for less.

  75. Ramsey’s blunder. Still early though!

  76. The whole team needs to fucking wake up.

  77. @Kenyan.

    Reed was fouling Ramsey and it’s hrd to see what could have been done different except to wake up and get off the bus. We’re not sharp enough yet.

  78. Richard Clarke seems to think that WBA have engineereed the left side of the pitch to be awful and muddy…

  79. distinct lack of confidence so far

  80. No luck going forward, and every mistake at the back gets punished.

  81. Furious Styles

    shouldve scored there rambo.

  82. What the fuck is Attwell dooing – that was another yellow card.

  83. Shaking my head – if that was a yellow, Thomas should be having an early bath.

  84. And then a booking for that!!

  85. Any good feeds for this game,cant find any so far! Help!

  86. Can anyone suggest a stream

  87. sop://broker.sopcast.com:3912/90521

  88. A bit frustrating just at the moment. Ref isn’t helping matters.

    We are wearing them down though. They can’t keep closing us down like this all game. It’s just a matter of whether we can take our chances when we do get them.

  89. If Denilson doesn’t pick up his game he’ll get blog lynched!

  90. The boys still lack swagger. We just need to score the first goal and we’ll be alright. COYG!!

  91. That really was a bit shit. Really sloppy off the ball, and really sloppy with our passing. Clichy in particular really giving the ball away a lot.

  92. We’ll get chances in the second half. Roy’s nuts for making his side play with ten men for ten minutes. That should tell later, but we’ve got to make it count.

  93. thanks goonerandy

  94. Come on you Gooners!

  95. Good cross from Clichy for RVP’s header.
    RVP has got his obligatory shot against the post/bar out of the way.
    Come on Arsenal.

  96. The team needs to up the pace…frustrating performance

  97. thanks goonerandy

  98. i usually am a fan of denilson but i must that say half he did much of nothing. I’ve seen 4 or 5 times where denilson is marking a man on the break, the attacker simply cuts inside, and all denilson does is stick his leg out!! anyways thats enough of that i think our team looks good for a goal or two, should be a close match in the end. Also denilson gets booked for that “poor challenge” and that west brom cunt got away with a stamp on Sagna’s ankle!! well thats the world we live in. c’mon goons lets get him in the 2nd half.

  99. We are actually trying to cross the ball more than normal. There is nobody ever in the box though. If this carries on he should switch to a 442 and play RvP behind Bendtner or Chamakh. West Brom are comfortable at the moment.

  100. We need a spark from someone…it is all too slow and methodical. Way too predictable right now. Come on Wenger light a fire under their asses. We need to play with urgency NOW, not just in the last 15 minutes.

  101. Despite all the talk on Arse.com they don’t look like full of belief…past two weeks have obviously taken their toll – injuries and confidence-wise

  102. Limestonegunner

    Could be even, but we haven’t created many chances. Build up play seems comparatively slow and deliberate. I am afraid that so far Ramsey hasn’t brought that drive forward I hoped for and not clear who can create the passes that lead to chances for RVP. 4 shots, two on goal is more than WBA but not our typical creation when playing fluently, despite 74 percent possession.

    Hopefully we can get an early goal and put them under more real pressure because a draw isn’t a great result for us now. We are getting some decent crosses in so perhaps we should bring on Chamakh and mive Nasri into central midfield for either Ramsey or Denilson. What do we think Wenger will do tactically if anything in rhe second half.

  103. Its got to be better than this if we want to continue the title challenge. We must come out with fire in the second half…there is no other option!

  104. Should put Bendnter on and tell him not to bother trying to get involved in our build up play. Just stay around the box and attack the ball.

  105. Goonerandy, who do you suggest goes off?

  106. I think we may need to bring Ramsey off, move Nasri central, and bring Bendtner wide right.

  107. Or Denilson off…depending on Ramsey’s fitness levels.

  108. Please let’s start 2nd half with a high tempo.losing is not an option if we want to lift the trophy

  109. Ramsey or Denilson. Depends on Ramseys fitness, he is not having a great game but is more forward thinking than Denilson and we do need a goal.

  110. I just want to know how we come out flat time and time again to these games that are vitally important. The energy and drive has to be there from the beginning and it obviously was not today. Come on you Gunners…you know you have talent, make it happen!

  111. Come on then – bring on the second half.

  112. tbh we should not need a spark to win. United win all they time and they are not exactly “sparky”. They will by being dull, uninventive and relativley boring. Having one or two chances each game and putint them awya. If they can so can we.

  113. Any update on the Manure game?

  114. fucking wake up!! we need a spark!

  115. Chamakh coming on …Denilson off!

  116. Chamakh on for Denilson….serious…

  117. Limestonegunner

    Looks like my sub is what Wenger decides to go for. Come on Chamakh!!!

  118. i think Chamakh for Ramsey or Denny will be a good move. We are getting to the flanks with relative ease and if we keep pumping balls towards in the box soon we should get a clear header or two.

  119. alright good call Arsene!

  120. Big test for the side now.

    Raise the tempo, and W Brom will not be able to live with us.

    Chamakh for Denilson. Good.

  121. He was offering us sweet fuck all anyway.

  122. We’re still being sloppy…we need to get sharper and very quickly.

  123. We must win today – it doesn’t matter how.


  124. If we don’t win this game – the Samaritans better call in all their staff on holiday. There’s gonna be a lot of suicides.

  125. Borges Spinelli

    COME ON ARSENAL!!!!! We need to get back into this game. WAKE THE HELL UP!!!

  126. Bendtner ready to come on for Ramsey

  127. the players look really lost today. comfused and lost, they need to get a grip really and straighten up cos atm WBA desrves to win for taking their chances….

  128. fucking hell

  129. Shaking my head again

  130. Borges Spinelli


  131. Almunia you’ve killed me!

  132. AAAAAh jeezes the stream sucks today. (at mine anyway). Im off, hope we win and hope Bendtner kick ass(though if we continiue like this we surly do not deserve it.)

  133. Which defender was involved?

  134. Is WBA Almunia’s worst nightmare?

  135. save me jebus!

  136. what a load of wank, no excuses, that is sunday league quality defending.

  137. Every mistake. Every fucking mistake! And what the fuck was that bounce? It’s just insane at the moment.

  138. Almunia in no mans land. A defensive cock up that one. COYG. We need 3 now.

  139. Why did Almunia come out?

  140. i’m sorry but almunia has no business being out there, let Squillaci deal with it

  141. Borges Spinelli

    Someone please point me towards the nearest bridge… it’s been nice knowing y’all.

  142. Limestonegunner

    We can get back into this with a goal soon.

  143. So – does that mean Mad Jens is a shoe-in for the home straight?

  144. Almunia, that was a joke!

  145. Limestonegunner

    Not sure the Bendtner sub was so good; we look unbalanced.

  146. Darius
    yea why not it wouldn’t hurt

  147. We’ve just made it harder for ourselves.. But there is still time.

  148. how many times do they have to kick us before he shows them a yellow card

  149. confidence is shot.

    I dont see how Squillachi can be blamed on that one.

  150. Can someone actually remember the last time RVP scored from a free-kick?

  151. what kind of contender drops 10 points to promoted sides? This club is a joke.

  152. Predictable as the day is long. For fuck’s sake.

  153. Sorry but I have just lost ALL confidence in Wenger. Bad keepers, crap defenders, terrible midfielders. He should go. Let another manager ( van gaal anyone?) improve this terrible
    Squad and go back to the good all days

  154. How many games since we scored?

  155. Skywatchingmug

    Come on

  156. Darius,
    Most doomers are expecting, maybe even hoping for the team to lose today. You won’t get suicides if we lose…unfortunately


  157. Two more.

  158. Brilliant, Andre!

  159. one more please

  160. Van Gaal? Lool

  161. Fucking great goal by AA.

    Lets see about this mental strength.

  162. Skywatchingmug

    The away support are doing us proud.

  163. yeah!! Arshavin

  164. would a draw be a good result?

  165. Get in there Arshavin.Chamakh been the best player for us at the moment.COYG.

  166. pray for 4th place

  167. Well something is very wrong. Headless chickens is all I can say. Panic, bad desiscions and headless chickens. Imagin if we loose more than 3-0 to wba??? Has anyone ever done that before?

  168. man u playing with ten men,evans sent off

  169. Borges Spinelli

    {Throws pre-match script out }

    I’ll settle for a draw now… Man Utd have a man sent-off in their game.

  170. Johnny Evans red carded. Still 0:0

  171. /whaaaaat>???????

  172. Skywatchingmug

    yes level.

  173. Fucking excellent!!!!!!

  174. 1 more please

  175. Borges Spinelli


  176. Now hold steady and then get another one!

  177. Fucking great reaction!!

  178. fucking doomerssssssssssssssssssssss

  179. a goal from a tackle?am lovin it

  180. haha yes!!!

  181. Rvppppppppppppp. Comeooooooon

  182. GET IN!!!

    Got lucky there. Handball by Bendtner knocking it across goal.

  183. cmon bolton

  184. Cesc scored from an interception, now RCP from a tackle.


  185. Nasri’s got a talent for getting booked for no fucking reason!!

  186. tighten up at the back arsenal

  187. what the fuck how are we getting all these yellows!!!

  188. I tell you this team doesn’t have mental strength – do they?

  189. momentum should have changes sides let’s push on

  190. being an arsenal fan is not for the feint of heart

  191. Nasri playing a holding Role?

  192. ManU score

  193. A win for us would be a huge confidence boost. ManU scored. We need to win. Please get 1 more.

  194. Skywatchingmug

    man u are one up.

  195. I take back the “we suck!”

  196. should be bread and butter for Nasri

  197. had Almunia not fucked up……..

  198. Was that a hand ball?

  199. We can take a lot of heart from the second half and take it into the final games. Not over yet, not by a long shot.

  200. My team forever. Never give up. We showed we may bend but never yield!

  201. Good comeback, but we have shot ourselves in the foot. 90mins ago the lge was in our own hands, and now it is not.

  202. We live to fight another day.

  203. Very proud!!

  204. Lady luck made her usual choice again with ManU scoring on 88 mns…

  205. Almunia is shit. Szczesny cant come back soon enough.

    Good fightback.

  206. Manu U are lucky b$$stards

  207. The league is still in our hands, GA.

    And we should have some more big guns back for the next game.

  208. damn. well i think that 4-2-4 worked really well and hopefully we use that more against teams that are sitting back against us.
    colney you said it well. following this team is not for the feint of heart. but i’ll admit that game was a rollercoaster ride and i went from feeling like a doomer to being exstatic all in the period of 20 minutes. What a goal from Arshavin.

  209. Yes Big Al did commit a blunder but he never hung his head and he kept fighting like all the members of my team.
    As usual the away supporters were the greatest!

  210. looked like a penalty at the end there

  211. noy sure if glass is half empty after that one, one thing for sure we’re gonna miss chez annd djourou.

  212. OOU – No it isn’t. Manure are now 5 points ahead of us, we now need them to fuck up when before today we didn’t.

  213. William
    exactly how i felt too, but we shot ourselves in the foot with that Almunia blunder

  214. And Squillaci was an accomplice in that GK blunder but he never gave up, like some of ourspineless supporters. My team forever.

  215. I am trying to figure out what Almunia was thinking? kinda dumb!

  216. Eh, GA? I know I’m shit at maths, but it’s still in our hands.

  217. GA, we’ve got a game in hand, and still have to play them. It is still very much in our hands.

  218. Limestonegunner

    Points dropped to ManU. Unfortunate.

  219. ManIOU will not win every game.

  220. salvaged a point,but it has to be said,it takes a two goal deficit to get this team pumped up with just 9 games left?

  221. Borges Spinelli

    We showed determination to claw back a draw from the face of defeat. A draw always look better than a loss.

    Supporting Arsenal undoubtedly comes with health risks.

  222. Shotta, I think Squallachi was blocked off the ballk by Almunia, hard to fault him.

  223. Phew, I thought I was losing it for a sec.

  224. But of course it is all Big Al’s fault. Squillaci was an innocent bystander. Enjoy the finger-pointing boys and girls.

  225. darius
    you may shake you exuse for a head more…
    and wipe that fucking smug grin from your mug, this point was claimed not because of you leader but despite him and his useless bottlers.
    shake it darious, shake that aw brainwashed thingy…

  226. I’m heartened by the response, though. Good sign – they’ll go away disappointed not to have won, but with the feeling that they can do it.
    Bloody Bolton missing a sitter…..

  227. We have a game in hand GA.

  228. We still have a game in hand, win that and Man U are up 2 points, we beat them we are up 1 point. Mathematically its in our hands.

  229. For once I would like to lose points and feel like the other team earned it. Unfortunately we just hand the points over with laughable defending….Fuck! Showed great spirit to get the point, but it is still a huge disappointment.

  230. Avris/OOU – Heh, you are right. I started typing what I thought only to find that my maths are shit. It is still in our hands, but we must beat Manure now. Easy enough.

  231. No point in working out who’s to blame – these are the players we’ve got for the rest of the season.

  232. Shotta.

    Spineless supporters? How about disappointed and frustrated supporters?

  233. ”Enjoy the finger-pointing boys and girls.”

    It’s hard not to fault him, don’t you think? And I don’t think anyone’s enjoying it either. It was dreadful.

  234. It was never Big Al’s ball…but I still can’t believe how United get away with a win

  235. We pretty much had to beat Manure anyway to be sure.

  236. Too late, as were Arsenal. As agains Sunderland we only showed up in the last 20 minutes.

  237. Well played Gooners. Confidence looked totally shot in the first half. Good substitutions by le boss. The Showed lots of character in the end.it was important not to loose that one. Fans immense.Game in hand but 5 points behind. Man U at Emirates still looking like the premiership decider but we cannot afford any more slip ups. Onwards and upwards.

  238. Squillaci and Almunia were both indecisive…that cannot happen or it will lead to a goal every time. Oh Djourou…why did you have to get injured?

  239. Shotta, come one yo. its his fault, nothing to do with finger pointing.

  240. Shotta – There was no need for Almunia to come out at all. It was a ridiculous decision. It is things like that which have caused him to be our 3rd choice keeper.

  241. Beating ManIOU should be easier after Chel$ki end their season.

  242. Paul N:I just watched the replay and Squillaci was not blocked off. He dithered while Almunia, by rushing from his goal-line beyond the penalty area, blundered. But Warren Barton says it is all Almunia’s fault. So it is gospel!

  243. ^^^not with our current form…Nasri’s form has dipped

  244. Squallachi was dithering, but was still largly in command of the situation. Until Almunia decided to get in on the act.

    It is not a case of finger pointing. It was simply Almunia’s fault.

  245. manure will fuck up that is a given, they have to play chelsea in CL and then city in fa cup plus league games they won’t last long, after international break we should have the core of the team back provided no-one picks up an injury playing for their national teams.

  246. Lehmann for captain.

  247. Borges Spinelli

    OneOfUs | March 19, 2011 at 5:07 pm |
    “No point in working out who’s to blame – these are the players we’ve got for the rest of the season.”

  248. Should have been 3, but considering it looked like it was going to be 0 until the 70th minute, 1 point is better than nothing. Let’s hope they come back refreshed after the international break. Confidence is easily lost, but hard to rediscover.

  249. Big Al was the only blunderer according to goonerandy/Warren Barton. Squillaci is innocent (sic). That is the gospel.

  250. I know it’s over.

  251. Lets not argue over that still. Great comeback from the boyz and thats what really matters.

  252. Furious Styles

    Word, GA. No need for Almunia to be there.

  253. massive props to the away fans

  254. That was a good fight back which should give the team belief going forward, but overall not a good enough 90mins performance. It seems the players are still lacking a bit or confidence due to the cup exits.

    Unless the mancs collapse we need to play much better than we did today to win the league. Thanfully that shouldn’t be much of a problem from a technical point of view. Today’s performance isn’t even close to being the best these boys can offer. We have to hope that they can shake of their lethargy earlier on in future games.

  255. But I applaud Big Al and Squillaci. Despite the upcoming public inquisition and hanging, they never dropped their heads and fought like tigers along with their team-mates and dragged us from 2-0 to 2-2. I saw the hearts of champions today and not the spineless finger-pointing that is oh so inevitable.

  256. Well well well

  257. Shotta is spoiling for a fight it seems…. It must mean you’re feeling better healthwise. If so that’s good to hear..

  258. @Gris
    It is fans like you who think you are even privileged to have Arsenal in existence and so you can’t demand any thing more from it that are letting us down. I may not be in a position to buy a season ticket to support the team that I love but I know every time I watch a game of Arsenal on TV, my team has a direct gain and so am actually contributing to the obscene wages those players get. Forgive me for being so arrogant to even demand that the team I love should give me something more than just existing!

  259. Bradys right foot

    Im going to the UN and pleading with them to enforce no Big Al zone outside of the box, what was he thinking Squillachi was forcing him away from goal. The reality is we dropped two points on ManU but given the context of the game it feels like a great result a bit of bottle shown at the Hawthorns, complimenting our 12 game unbeaten run in the league. Utd wont win every game and im pretty sure they’ll loose 2 maybe 3 in the run in. For once the international break is going to do us some good, Cesc Song, Theo all back. Stonewall pen denied at the death btw. Is this the start of a recovery?

  260. Thanfully = Thankfully in my 5.17 post

  261. Down to the wire perhaps? Have you got the nerve? Or are you just going to whine? This is the season in which supporters will have pushed the successful club over the line. Do Arsenal supporters have that sort of courage? We will see, won’t we?

  262. felt sorry for almunia great come bck but y cant we win games y do we have 2 do thngs the hard way!

  263. I’m bloody relieved. Now to the two week break. Needed that!

  264. I think it is, Brady. I think it is.

  265. Its just a bit puzzling why we have such a seemingly high number of calamitous cock-ups. Or do I just notice them more because its my team? Does anyone know if other top teams suffer such embarrassing moments as often as we do?

    P.S. I don’t consider Liverpool of this season and lasst as a top team…

  266. Frank, you really think the mancs have better supporters?

  267. Bradys right foot

    I agree Frank big point today has to give the team belief going forward as long as we hang in until we host the mancs well win it.

  268. Yes Henristic, one-handed Shotta is back and as usual I will not suffer the fools who watch with one-eye. I can finger-point like the best if I thought that helped my team. Curiously the finger-pointers are very quiet about Ramsey’s failure to challenge Steven Reid for that 1st goal but then again Big Al is an easy target.

  269. Interesting that you should interpret the comment that way, Henristic.

  270. You are a star, Shotta

  271. The way I saw it Squillaci was on the ball, there was no reason at all for Almunia to come off the line. If the ball was half way between the defender and goalkeeper it is a different issue, but here it was plainly not so. I haven’t figured out yet a single reason why ALmunia could decide to come off the line. Goalkeeprs don’t come off the line when a defender is near the ball.

  272. Borges Spinelli

    “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.” – Martin Luther King Jr.

    “What matters is to turn one’s predicament into a human achievement” – Victor Frankl

    “Your place in history is yours to decide.” – Borges Spinelli

    If i were Wenger, i’d make the entire squad recite these daily at training sessions; and a 1000 times on the team bus, on their way to games. A winning mentality starts with self-belief.

  273. Manuel Almunia: what a clown!

  274. Save for Al’s craziness, we would have won today. For once AW ensured we had enough offensive players on the pitch against a team that came to defend, but still, why bring on players who can crowd the box and not go for a more direct approach? Get to the by-line and put in crosses every time! And for the first time this season I have seen signs of exhaustion from Wilshere, still played better than Nasri (the person we expect to step up when cesc is out). AA earned his pay today, Squil was nt that bad either. Denilson, am even sorry that i am still expecting you to improve.
    Still the refs never give us a break; we get soft yellow cards and opponents take 4- 5 dangerous fouls to get a booking! When will that ever stop?

  275. I think that the core of our support as characterised by some on here, much of the away support and some in the gound on match days, are a match for the supporters of any club. Solid, courageous and totally behind the manager and squad. Some though as characterised by many commenters on blogs like le Grave, callers to radio programmes and those who don’t even turn up for games or parts of games when they already have a ticket are as bad as any supporters in the EPL including Manc supporters.

  276. frank 2 be honest the team hs 2 stop making the same mistakes all the time. We cn support the team thru thick and thin bt the players need 2 up their game!

  277. If I were AW I would ask that supporters recite those vary lines, Borges.

  278. ..or even very lines

  279. *sighs* Squillaci was ‘on the ball’?

    Anyway. Nice goal from Arshavin.
    Lovely cross from the by-line by Chamack.

  280. You didn’t answer the question though, Frank

  281. Shotta.

    Why are you such a twat?

  282. I thought the team were fucking magnificent today. Wounded by the events of the last two weeks they started tentatively and then after two major body blows pulled themselves off the canvas and kept going until the very end. Result? We are still very much in contention. Today was more important to the players than a win. They were severely tested and they came through. We can and will win this fucking competition.

  283. Aah, just seen your 5.40 post…

  284. *sighs* Squillaci was ‘on the ball’?

    He was on the ball until a bad bounce did him in. Doesn’t really explain Almunia’s decision.

  285. Then you are unable to read, Henristic, and I can do no more for you.

  286. OK fair enough

  287. Still one-handed? What happened to the other hand? Well, here’s to hoping for a quick total recuperation. The more fingers to point with the better I suppose…

  288. Well if we keep up like this we will atleast do better than last year… and that is progress no?

  289. To all the bashers of Al for his blunder: Did you ever consider for one moment that at the back of Big Al’s mind is that Squillaci lacks pace and he couldn’t trust him with a one-on-one sprint for a long diagonal over the top? Haven’t we seen this happen frequentlty this season to Squillaci? Hence his decision, which proved fatal, to come assist his defender. Ah ha!
    But Big Al is just a no-name goalie from the Spanish B-league. So he will never be good enough.

  290. but what was Almunia doing? does he not trust his defenders enough since he had to come out like that? Cos that was the weirdest thing i seen for a while….if i was not an arsenal supporter id laugh and laugh and laugh at that, now its just tragic….

  291. Actually I was watching the game on a crap feed. That ball seemd to bounce in a very strange way for the second goal?

  292. Great fight back today. Much as I hate the international breaks I think this one comes at a good time for us. We were unbeatable after the Christmas break and hopefully this time off will give us time to get our heads back together. We should have Cesc and Theo back after the break. We have plenty of talent without them but hopefully having those players back will give us a boost in confidence and get back that swagger.

  293. It did. Squillaci did not touch it. Let alone get ‘on it’.

  294. Don’t give up, Poodle

  295. Actually I was watching the game on a crap feed. That ball seemd to bounce in a very strange way for the second goal?

    Yes it was a bad bounce, the ball spun away. Otherwise Squillaci I think had it covered.

  296. Shotta, there’s no excuse for that kind of mistake at this level. I don’t see why anyone should need to get wound up by this, it was just a terrible mistake. And no one here has said he’s terrible (as far as I’m aware). I do think it’s reasonable to suggest that he isn’t good enough for a team chasing the title though. But we knew that, and Wenger knows that, which is why he’s 3rd choice.

  297. I agree with Bill

  298. Their first goal funkied us up and it made us tentative in the midfield. We moved the ball around well but the added pressure made us lose our concentration and we started losing possession too easily. You can’t give that luxury to a team happy to sit back and defend,. Especially when they’re playing at home. The second goal was even worse. Squillaci allowed the ball to bounce when he should’ve been attacking it and heading it away. It was all his mistake from the get go. Almunia did what he had to do to close down the player. Squid improved after that, though. He won the ball in the air a lot more often and made a few vital interventions to save the points.

    Which brings me to the come back. For the last thirty minutes we looked the likliest to get the three points. Samir Nasri was imposing himself in the middle, Wenger’d made two good substitutions and we were in the ascendancy. After some consistent pressure Arshavin pulls a rabbit out of his arse. 2-1. Then Nasri and Wilshere start to really take over. They’re passing the ball neatly between themselves and hitting runners further up the pitch. We start getting into better positions. West Brom starts conceding space. Next thing you know, we’re level. 2-2. After that it was a full on assault.

    The most import thing about this game, for me, is that we looked like we were going to win it. Our previous, rip roaring form, deserted us the last month so it was good to actually see thatvibe appear again. I also have a feeling Koscielny and Squillaci will improve as a partnership after today’s defensive debacle. Oh, and Almunia did well. That is all.

  299. Anyway, moving on.
    Was a shot from Bendtner that led to the second (crap stream), not handball?

  300. Rubbish, Bob. Mistakes like that happen at this level all the time. You just made that up.

  301. Ok Finsbury, Squillaci was not “on” it. But my comment was about Almunia’s decision to come off his line. When the defender is so near the ball I don’t know why a goalkeeper should commit himself in rushing out.

  302. ”Mistakes like that happen at this level all the time. You just made that up.”

    I said they’re inexcusable. Not that they don’t happen Frank.

  303. Frank,
    So in your opinion, our supporters are more or less ass bad as any other supporters out there. Not particularly worse, but either ‘just as bad’, or a ‘match for the supporters of any club’.
    Well I agree with that assessment, but it makes me wonder why you moan so much about our support then?

  304. Poor young Aaron Ramsey could have changed the game early on too. Game or two more and his confidence will have him slotting those chances away.

  305. Keysersoze,

    What Gains wrote above.

  306. Bit of a disappointing game and result really.

    Manusa pull off yet another result they didn’t deserve as well.

    As many time as we think we have a chance to put pressure on we seem to fade and produce some really odd results and even stranger performances.

    It’s very strange to see the media claim AW has “admitted he lacks a leader”.

    Reading a bit more about what he apparently actually said, it would appear that was NOT what he said at all.

    It’s typical of the media that they have a very one-dimensional view on leadership, and that shouting means you’re a great leader and consequently that’s what Arsenal apparently needs according to them.

    I seem to recall the same media who now claim Patrick was our last great leader were calling him a shit leader at the time?

    Most of what the media comes up with seems to be really poor and unintelligent comment.

    However, reading some of what AW apparently DID say does give me cause for concern.

    It would appear that AW feels leadership in a team is over-rated, and that he feels the group should find a form of group leadership within themselves.

    There is possibly some merit to this approach (there are many guises in which leadership can be found, but I do see red lights flashing in the background on this particular one), but what truly worried me was his additional reported comment that from a cultural perspective football for the English is a war/battle, while for the French approach (and his apparently), is that it is a canvas on which you express yourself.

    I might not know anywhere near as much as AW on footie, but I DO know rather a lot about leadership, and I am beginning to suspect I might have some idea why we see some of the poor, aimless performances we seem to get from this team on a fairly regular basis.

    I have an inkling that AW has some views on leadership that also permeate through in how and why he selects the players he does, and how he approaches matches, and this translates onto the pitch and the performances.

    If I’m correct (and I’m not claiming I am), then we have a problem unless he revises his approach to leadership (and I’m NOT advocating he gets another Tony Adams in).

    It would certainly explain why we seem to “fail” at “big” games on a fairly regular basis.

    Leadership, in whichever form works for the particular group concerned, is extremely important.

    Drive, determination, belief, etc etc etc, all of this comes from a strong core ethic in a group.

    This has to be engendered and nurtured within the group by the leadership, which has to be strong and focused.

    Once again, this is NOT about shouting and screaming, but without focused leadership, drive and desire will be sporadic and subject to whims and chance.

    I suspect that’s why we see so many frustrating performances.

  307. Don’t split hairs, Henristic. I happen to think that our home supporters can do a lot, lot better. Sometimes they are the worst supporters in the EPL. The fact that we share that with the Mancs and Chavs is neither here nor there. However there is an opportunity for us as supporters at home games to do our bit and help the team to bring this one home…and that in a nutshell is my objective and I hope it is yours too..

  308. Anyway, moving on.
    Was a shot from Bendtner that led to the second (crap stream), not handball?

    I thought it was, although the replay was not very clear. At that point I didn’t worry about it too much!

  309. What, MikeSA?

  310. Almunia bashers, if Almunia hadn’t come out to clean up for Squillaci he would’ve been left for dead. The play was a few meters from the penalty area and the attacker would’ve had acres of space in a good position. Goalkeepers never make half runs. When they leave their goal they have to get the ball by any means necessary. If he would’ve waited so long to close down Odemwinge he would’ve left himself in a much worse position.

  311. Can anyone respond to my 5.25 post? Do other top teams have such costly and frankly embarrassing ‘mistakes’ as much as we do?

  312. I thought there was a very obvious leader on the pitch today and he rallied the players magnificently. Every bit as well as Patrick would do and better than TH ever did.

  313. Easily the worst goal I’ve seen that was 100% the keeper’s fault. Keepers make mental errors on quick decisions, they make bad reactions.

    But even my 6 year-old son knows enough not to leave your box when there are any of your players in the vicinity. The worst single play of the year.

  314. Oh dear where is this one going, I wonder?

  315. ”if Almunia hadn’t come out to clean up for Squillaci he would’ve been left for dead.”

    We”ll never know that for sure now. Even if that were so, I would have preferred to lose a goal from a one-on-one situation as opposed to the farcical goal we did concede…

  316. The answer, Henristic, is no, they don’t. Most teams who make those kind of mistakes are not top teams. We, on the other hand, happen to be so good that we make those kind of mistakes and are nonetheless still a top team.

  317. Definitely almunia’s fuck up i think u defend him too much shotta,i watched the game in mute and after several replays i thought he fucked up.anyway a point is better than nothing.

  318. My, my Frank, you sound so.. conciliatory. Very unlike you.

    Agree that the home support can do better, and hope that in the few games we have left they lift the boys some loud, positive support. My issue has generally been that some people tend to use our non-optimal support as an excuse for the teams poor performances, which is clearly wrong.

  319. Gainsbourg69 | March 19, 2011 at 5:53 pm |
    – Exactly. Squillaci was slow to the diagonal ball, as usual, and allowed the ball to bounce rather than get rid of the danger. Big Al raced in to shut down the space and was caught in no man’s land. But the usual inquisition already started from the assumption that Big Al is guilty. Supporters need to check their biases at the door before posting or they will look like complete knobs.

  320. Corner kick, keeper does not come out to catch it, neither does he stay on his line to catch the header that comes exactly where he is supposed to be standing; result goal number one.
    Long ball over the top, CD in line to get to the ball first and its even outside the 18yard box; keeper nevertheless comes out(to do what?), pushes CD off balance, leaves the ball to run to the opposing striker; goal number 2.
    And still some guys think am crazy for not expecting this team to put in a run for the title! Shit they think I have no right to call myself an Arsenal fan! They think because I can criticize the team for not winning when it matters I should be shot! And for this post their slow minds are going to think am happy that we didn’t win! Shame upon you!

  321. Utd win when they dont play well thats what champions do.Almunia did today what he has been doing for the last 3 years .He is a poor keeper.Wenger HAS to buy an experienced keeper in the summer.No way should we relying on him.Lehmann must start v Blackburn
    As for Denilson i am forever reading on here what a great player he is.He isnt.Another shit performance today.At least Wenger had the sense to take him off at HT.Next time dont fucking start him

  322. SgtGunnerWil
    “AA earned his pay today”
    Oh, really! good to know that. A white of you, sir to acknowledge that.
    What about a good dozen serial underperformers at this club? Who sistematicaly fail to earn their money which is proven result-wise and statistically? How do you assess their perfomances?

    Sod off, you wise arse

  323. nolagunner,

    Good point. It probably also true that maybe making those kind of mistakes is why we haven’t won anything for x years?

    We almost certainly certainly would have already won one trophy this year if it wasn’t for a similar cock-up like that that got punished.

  324. It isn’t a good point at all. It is a whinging moany sort of point.

  325. Firstlady – I am not defending Big Al for defending sake. My point, consistently, is Squillaci was more at fault than many are willing to admit. But Al is blamed because he is the “dog” that fans and plundits find very easy to kick simply because he is not a big-name keeper, rather he was recruited from La Liga-B. It is as if he didn’t push Lehman to 2nd choice on merit and not due to any special favors from Wenger.

  326. You do love the Mancs don’t you, MancTed?

  327. Shotta, you have this strange tendency of pulling down another player just to make some other player look less bad. Its like you easily revert into doomer mode for one player, if somehow it can help defend some other player from blame.

    Its not as if Squill is even one of the ‘popular’ players. He’s certainly no Wilshere or Fabregas and has seen his fair share criticism this season. If anyone chooses to critize Almunia, why you would see it as an example of selective finger pointing is strange to me.

  328. Anyone who blames that goal on Squillaci knows nothing about football. Full stop.

  329. Stephen Reid’s free header was also Almunia’s fault. And that corner was whiped in so awfully, too. Joker.

  330. It’s a good result in many ways. Yes we needed the 3 points and yes those lucky bastards pulled another one out the hat.

    But, on the flip side we are 5 points behind with a game in hand and they still have Bolton, West Ham, Chels & Fulham then Chels again in CL. The luck well will run dry fellow Gooners and Goonettes. Beating utd when it really matters to them will taste real sweet and quickly erase what we felt the other day and a few times before that too.

    We had a lot of top players out today and although I ain’t seen the game yet only reports, I think players rose to the battle and I’m chuffed with that because it shows that we are in it and the lads are up for it. Sounded like Squillachi, also did his part which I am so happy about cos I know he has it in him just looked a bit surprised by the physical element.

    Got goose bumps hearing that Ramsey was back and can’t wait for the show tonight.

    Normally I would be on sites expressing fear and doom but, fuck me do things look different when you wake up and see what them cunts in the media are really on.

    I’m hoping Wenger just kept Theo out to stop him going off on International duty after. At this end of the season Theo could be the difference we need.

  331. I blame this Supermoon.

  332. It’s a good result in many ways. Yes we needed the 3 points and yes those lucky bastards pulled another one out the hat.

    But, on the flip side we are 5 points behind with a game in hand and they still have Bolton, West Ham, Chels & Fulham then Chels again in CL. The luck well will run dry fellow Gooners and Goonettes.

    Beating utd when it really matters to them will taste real sweet and quickly erase what we felt the other day and a few times before that too.

    We had a lot of top players out today and although I ain’t seen the game yet only reports, I think players rose to the battle and I’m chuffed with that because it shows that we are in it and the lads are up for it. Sounded like Squillachi, also did his part which I am so happy about cos I know he has it in him just looked a bit surprised by the physical element.

    Got goose bumps hearing that Ramsey was back and can’t wait for the show tonight.

    Normally I would be on sites expressing fear and doom but, fuck me do things look different when you wake up and see what them cunts in the media are really on.

    I’m hoping Wenger just kept Theo out to stop him going off on International duty after. At this end of the season Theo could be the difference we need.

  333. “Its a good result in many ways”. fuck me you are taking optimisim to whole new levels there me old matey.

  334. Didn’t see the game but i hear tweedle dee has been up to his old tricks.

  335. Good points Mike SA,

    I also do think that Wenger’s laissez faire attitude towards coaching has something to do with our frailties. But its worked in the past so there a good reason to think it will still work again, given time. One problem though, is that will the players be patient enough? The average age of the team is about 23 I think and most winning teams tend to be at least 3-4 years older on average. If we don’t win anything this season, and Arsene doesn’t change his methods, will Fabregas, Nasri, etc continue to wait? Will the fans and the board be patient enough?

  336. What difference does it make now whose fault it is? The moment has passed and we cannot change what is done. Arsene and the players will learn the lessons they need to learn from the game. Frank is right, the only influence we can have as supporters is to do what is in the job description i.e. support until the sweet or bitter end.

  337. What is the big deal in saying Almunia made a mistake? making a mountain out of mole hill in my veiw.

  338. Shotta – You are making yourself look stupid in defending such an obvious fuck up by Almunia. You really are.

    Arshavin’s goal really was special.

  339. As others have mentioned, our supporters were in fine voice today.

  340. As usual the gospel by goonerandy. Hear ye, the TRUTH is spoken!

  341. On the face of it, a point is the actually a bad result, especially considering the mancs won. But the manner in which we drew should give some confidence to the boys, which to me is definitely one of the key things we currently lack.

  342. I get it, what is the point in anything. what a load of bollocks. the whole point is to discuss what has happened , who done what, who is shit who is good, why change the habits of football fans that has stood since the birth of the game. move on my arse. we move on next week.

  343. Really, Nola? I say that anyone who considers Almunia’s action in that play his mistake needs to open the old how to books. I hate to sound like I’m slating Squid, but you don’t let the ball bounce infront of you so close to the area, or anywhere in our half for that matter. He was caught out of position by the pass, which was a verygood one, by the way, and he didn’t recouperate in time.

  344. Shotta – I have just watched it again. The only way Squillachi is at fault is that he does not attack the ball and lets it bounce. Even then once the ball bounces it is between him and their striker. There was no immediate danger. Watch the replay of the goal on MotD tonight mate; Almunia sets off the second the pass is made over the top. Wrong decision, and it was that decision which cost us the goal.

    That fact you you are resorting to sarcasm really just shows that you know you are wrong and just arguing your point.

  345. Shotta –

    Dogface wrote something that was interesting. A little harsh in truth, Gains wrote the better, balanced account. (slight delay might have helped!)
    What does he know, eh?

    Fuck ’em all.

    Two weeks I think.

  346. Says here in the cricketing manual, ‘always get to the bounce of the ball’.

    Great block from Squillaci near the end.

  347. Henristic..

    Seriously, how do you know anything about Wenger’s attitude to coaching? I’m really curious to know what a laissez faire attitude consists of as I have no idea what you mean… Can you explain please?

    BTW very poor result today… and Almunia’s blunder is like a knife through the heart TBH. When you are in a situation where things ‘appear’ to be slipping away you need all the solidity you can get. Almunia’s blunder came at almost the worst possible time in the worst possible game…. which makes the come back all the more remarkable but we really can’t afford these slip ups because ultimately it affects the whole team not to mention the doomers out there. Really disappointed today but we have to keep going both fans and players. Almunia has served the club as well as he can but I feel that he is now going to be remembered more for his errors than his good performances which have been many. Pity that but such is life.

    What a season, eh?

  348. And it is not “on the edge of the area”, it is about 30yards out.

  349. Henristic: “I also do think that Wenger’s laissez faire attitude towards coaching has something to do with our frailties.”

    Yeah, because Wenger walks in to the training ground late, wearing last night’s clothes, smelling like a mixture of booz and Gauloises, right? How the fuck do you know if Wenger has a laissez-faire attitude towards his managing? Have you ever been to the training ground? Fuck it. Would you even understand what to do if Wenger gave you the tiller for fifteen minutes? I know that I’d drop to one knee and faint cramp just to save the embarrassment but you’d probably faint.

  350. 30 yards = 27.4 metres

    Twenty seven meters outside of the area?
    Ok, if you say so. It must be true.

    Move along, nothing to see here.

  351. Good result because they had to show mental toughness to get that result by the sounds of it. And if that’s true then that in itself is good to go into the next game.

    Almunia, needs to be replaced asap. Lehman, will show him how one doesn’t give fuck and how to command your penalty box and more importantly how to win by any means that’s called for.

  352. Sorry,
    my bad there.

    Still, I agree with Dogface, and Shotta. Move along.

  353. Finsbury – I said 30 yards out. Not 30 yards from the edge of the area.

  354. Goonerandy,


  355. almunias fault
    say what you want about squidgy but manny has no place being there
    long ball over the top..
    arsenal have a two on one situation 30 yards outs..
    both cb’s in place nowhere for striker to go manny gives him an open goal to shoot at…
    what you doing out there son…
    fucked it right up dint ya…

  356. Andy, Almunia had to come out and put pressure on the player because we play a high line for fuck’s sake. Look how long it took for Koscielny to get back. There was no one there to cover for Squillaci. That’s why it was imperative that he’d win that header first even if it meant he’d concede a foul. Seriously, that is such a routine play that it kind of fades into the background and you don’t even notice eventhough it happens week in and week out. I need to whatch the play again to see if Squillaci was the reason why Odemwinge received the ball on side, also.

  357. Gains and Joshua,
    Sheath your swords guys and relax. The only reason I can imagine for both your objections to my post is the use of the phrase laissez faire. The term, as I’ve used it doesn’t mean careless. Rather it means ‘leave to do’ or ‘let them get on with it’, as opposed to the more hands-on, drill seargeant type methods of Mourihno etc.

  358. People clamouring for Lehman seem to have forgotten what made him number two to Alumina in ’08. If my memory serves me rightly, i recall all the errors he made that got him dropped. Be careful what you wish for. Though AL was at fault for the second goal, all we can do now is really support him till the end of the season as he is all we have got. Don’t bank on a 41 years old emergency keeper to come in and be the messiah.

  359. The bad thing about holding this side of the argument is that I really think Squillaci will pull through and improve. He’s a good player. So it fucking pains me to have to speak about him this way in order to defend Almunia. He had to come out because Squillaci was beaten and he was right there to meet the ball. The end.

  360. Talk of dropping Almunia is daft really. He is our only realistic option in nets, and until today he has done pretty well.

  361. Gains – The ball was in the air between Squillachi and the striker 30yards out. Squillachi wasn’t “beaten”, nowhere near it in fact. If Almunia had stayed put I think Squallchi would have just headed it back to him.

  362. gains
    squillaci was beaten???
    no he wasnt..he was in front of PO with koz on one side and sagna on the other with no other WB striker around…squidgy never made the tackle cos he knew this…he just had to hold PO up…
    PO had nowhere to go he only shot cos manny had come 35 yards for no reason and left an open goal

  363. Regarding who’s at fault for the goal, in my opinion Squil should not have let the ball bounce, but even so, without Almunia’s presence in the vicinity, he may well have been able to shepherd the ball out of harms way still.

    Also, unless Almunia is psychic, there’s no way he could know that Squil would let the ball bounce when he rushed out. Besides if a keeper is gonna rush out like that, he’s got to be sure he gets the ball and the way it looked to me, Almunia himself missed the bounce of the ball and could still have lost control of the situation if Squil wasn’t there.

  364. here
    this is the best i could find
    ignore the article just click on the replay….and then tell me its a cb error…


  365. 1 loose cannon

    it will go down to the wire guys. get ready for the ride. it ain’t over. The Mancs will drop points away from home ,don’t you worry about that. 4 away wins all season so I can’t see them winning all the remining away games. We just have to beat them at the Emirates. This is our 2nd bad run of the season hopefully we will come out of it soon . we have key players coming back after the international break.

  366. This is surely not an Almunia bashing thing, he just was too hasty in coming out. The situation looked more dangerous to him than it really was. Not only do you have Squillachi with a chance to defend but you have Kos retreating also who couldve helped defend if Squil got beat.

  367. its a gk error
    squidgy wasnt beat wether he heads it or not we had numbers back…

  368. Gainsbourg69 | March 19, 2011 at 7:08 pm |
    “Almunia had to come out and put pressure on the player because we play a high line for fuck’s sake. Look how long it took for Koscielny to get back. There was no one there to cover for Squillaci. That’s why it was imperative that he’d win that header first even if it meant he’d concede a foul.”

    – If we don’t Squillaci’s contribution to this comedy of errors then it is easy to slip into the old, lazy blame Almunia routine. Where is that old saw that the defender should never let the ball ounce? Out the window because the keeper is neither Scezhney or Fabianski. “I respect Squid as our #4 defender but this is not the 1st time he has been caught out by the long diagonal ball by failing to head it out of danger. He is slow, and like any GK who knows his team-mates (I did when playing pub football), Al raced out to cover. He had to . Staying on his line and being one-on-one with the attacker would have resulted in a similar round of criticisms.

  369. I think this says more about the players confidence in each other then the actual way the goal went in, at the moment i dont think any of our players believe in any of the other players, the trust in talent has dipped since the carling black label cup fiasco.

  370. Correction: “If we don’t “honestly (sic) recognize” Squillaci’s contribution to this comedy of errors then it is easy to slip into the old, lazy blame Almunia routine. “

  371. Looked to me as though Squillacci had judged the ball properly, impossible to get to it before it bounced, waited for the bounce, and then something very weird happened. Instead of taking the expected trajectory it went straight upwards. Something is afoot I reckon. Some fucker swapped the ball.

  372. why do people come out with the almunia bashing! all people are doing is saying who is to blame for a goal, i’m sure Almunia himself will be jumping into a bottle of gin tonight watching ghost and being all sorry for himself.

  373. Stop digging a hole for yourserlf and shut up. How does Mourinho get more hands on? Does he ask to be subbed in?

  374. Again i havnt seen it but shotta are you saying both squil and Al fucked up then?

  375. That is such fucking rubbish, DG. The way we turned the game round in the second half was fantastic. Very nearly did it. We are back in business, no doubt about it.

  376. it was almunia though shotta
    squidge had his partner by his side with the fb getting back also
    he was going to hold him up….and then we have a 3 on 1 35 yards out…where was odemwngy supposed to go from there…besides shoot at an open goal…..
    squidge for all his faults did his job…
    manny fucked up
    all manny
    all day long…

  377. Whya does anyone have to be blamed? And where does blaming get you? Bit juvenile don’t you think? As a football manager the blame game gets you absolutely nowhere. Not sure where it gets you as a ‘fan’ either.

  378. So the problem is that we should blame both Squillachi and Almunia? ok

  379. Yes we have a game in hand, but it’s against the spuds. Hardly a walk in a park.

    With Almunia and Squilacci it’s impossible to win the League.

    Besides, the team which can’t win against West Brom and Newcastle, don’t deserve to be champions.

    Wenger should ask for serious money and sell many average players.
    We need a proper defender, cdm, a left back, a striker and a winger.

    We have money to spend so spend it.

    Our season ended when Djourou and Szczesny got injured.

  380. its a blame culture now isnt frank,i blame our parents.

  381. No, you shutup Gains. You’re clearly in an argumentative mood so step out and talk a walk or something

  382. Just don’t fool yourselves guys. Our season is over.

    We won’t win 9 remaining games.

  383. My culture is not a blame culture, DG. I have no idea about yours. Although I could take a guess.

  384. @MD is it the English that’s difficult 4 u 2 comprehend? That is a compliment to AA for working hard and wanting the ball all the time today unlike other days. I just gave my opinions on the performance of some players today. Yours too are welcome, if you got any. You otherwise are not any more entitled to giving your views here than I am, so please don’t ever tell me off again.

  385. Now why would you want to make a comment like that, Maciek? Several reasons I can think of…and they are all deeply unpleasant and reflect very badly on you, son.

  386. The funny this is when Cesc made the backheel against Barca most people said he made a mistake but it didnt result in what has taken place today.

    No one is an inferior or superior a supporter regardless of what position one takes on the 2nd goal today. It was a ridiculous goal to concede but the team picked themselves up and got a great draw, all things considered.

  387. Myabe Frank, but instead of abusing me, name JUST ONE REASON to think that we can do it.

    We can’t beat a shit Brom side and you tend to think we have a chance?

    With Almunia, Squilacci, uninterested Fabregas and bored Arshavin?

    How many chances are you ready to give Wenger?

  388. How do you know that Cesc is uninterested and that Arshavin is bored? did they tell you this personally?

  389. Paul N | March 19, 2011 at 7:38 pm |
    Aye – Aye, Sir. Our team, including Al and Squid, did not let their heads drop despite going down two goals. They fought like tigers in the 2nd half and if Atwell had any guts, he would have called that penalty on Sagna at the death, to give us a possible victory.

  390. Fuck off Maciek you tosser.

  391. So familiar. Abuse only works in one direction doesn’t it, Maciek? Poor you. You chicken shit little coward.

  392. Anyway now we have established who was to blame for our goals, i believe the comeback is what the team needed. hopefully it will give a bit of confidence back.

    Maciek. how about man utds away record!

  393. Arsenal supporter are you Maciek ? I think not.

  394. I like Almunia. I think that he has conducted himself with considerable grace and maturity this season but the error is his… from the replay I don’t even think that Squillaci could have headed the ball, even if he was minded to head it first time without letting it bounce, as the angle meant that he basically had to turn and chase the ball, that’s the first thing. The second thing is that at no time was Almunia going to get to the ball before either Squillaci or even Odemwingie so him coming out is clearly an error of judgement… if he was clear favorite to get to the ball and clear it then one can understand the argument being made in his favour but he wasn’t.

    I think that sometimes because some players are obvious scapegoats for some fans there’s an understandable instinct to protect the said players from unfair criticism but I think that we should also have the courage to say that a player has screwed up when they have screwed up otherwise we just end up censoring ourselves.

    The bottom line for me is that the team (and fans) are suffering from a huge loss of confidence here. It started with the CC final, got magnified against Sunderland… then we had the cruel and stupid loss to Barca followed by an unfortunate performance against United in the FA cup. Confidence is low and we are missing key players… that’s why a senior pro like Almunia has to step up and stay solid. The error was Almunia’s IMHO and it was an unfortunate one for us… we’ll see what it means come the end of the season.

    What all this does is gives a lie to the silly argument that holds that some games, usually the ones we lose, are more importnat than the ones we win…. if we’d beaten Sunderland some of the moaners would have taken that as a ‘NORMAL’ win but just look at the impact that little slip up at home is having… the same is true of the CC final… I bet you that if we’d won that one the same folks who now class that loss of proof that we lose ‘big’ games would have filed it under the ‘NORMAL’ win category because we would have only beaten Birmingham. In a season every match matters because confidence is very, very slow to arrive but exceptionally quick to depart. Let’s hope this come back can inspire the team because thsi was a gutsy come back no matter what anyone says and despite the understandable disappointment…

  395. Paul,

    I can see it.

    Besides we are talking about 6 trophyless seasons.

    How much more time you will give Wenger.

    Fab, Nasri, Arsha, RVP are anbitious, they won’t be waiting forever.

  396. I think Squillaci will learn his lesson after this game. Keep an eye on the striker that is playing at your shoulder and keep the line. There’s no need to place blame, though. I hope he gets back on the saddle after the international break and helps us win the title.

  397. This site is a bit different from Le Grave Maciek, where you have 2 turds who splat a lead post and then a load of tits wading in with monosyllabic agreement. Here, we actually SUPPORT the team, the manager and the club.

  398. I’m an Arsenal supporter.I LOVE THIS CLUB.

    And that’s why I’m here. Because of my love, I can every right to voice my concern.

  399. You can see it? your statement is invalid.

    Yes Shotta, agree 100%, the WHOLE team got it together and played with class. I am proud of the team for the fight. This will give the team the needed confidence to win the PL. With most of the injured back after the international break, we will not be stopped!

  400. Bollocks Maciek. You are full of shit.

  401. SO that’s your only word? shit, f**k off.

    Nice one. Thank you.

  402. So let me get this straight, Joshua. Almunia’s anticipation automatically absolves Squillaci of misreading the long pass? And how come him and Odemwinge were so isolated in that play?

  403. If that’s your definition of support Maciek, you might as well go and sit in the away fans section.

  404. Bigs ups to the “bored” Arshavin! what a beautiful goal and a nice cross for the 2nd.

    How close were we to scoring when RVP hit the cross bar and the ball fell to Ramsey!

  405. Forgot to add, Sagna and Koscielny were well pushed up. How come Squillaci wasn’t with them?

  406. Howcome we have the doomer’s B team here today?

  407. Only because I support MY CLUB, I can call a spade a spade, sometimes.

    It doesn’t work. Wenger’s project has failed.

    And at Le Grove we never call ourselves- shit, cr*p and never say f**k off.

    We have arguments and that’s all. That’s the way it is.

    I love Arsenal FC not Arsene FC.

  408. What you will come to realise Maciek, is that the problem isn’t Wenger, it’s not Denilson, it’s not Almunia, it’s not Squillachi and all you other favourite scapegoats of the day – the problem is YOU and your little pea sized brain that is telling YOU that YOU are owed a trophy, and YOU are owed success, and YOU deserve better than this. When it fact, you are a complete cretin Maciek. You along with SUGA3 and a number of other subterranean low life who frequent Le Grave.

  409. It is not a blame thing,almunia messed up.i was actually defending him against the haters i was watching the game with,doesnt change the fact he shouldnt have gone for that ball and that is a fact!

  410. *I have every right, not I can


    Good night. I will still read this blog and come here from time to time.

    Have a nice week.

  411. Your arguments don’t stack up Maciek. You are a bunch of whinny little boys who are yet to face any of the realities of life. I WANT A TROPHY. WAAAAAAAA. WENGER OUT. WAAAAAAAAA. You condemned Song, yet he came good. You condemned Djourou, yet he came good. You scoffed at Koscienly, yet a lot of you couldn’t believe how well he played. You wanted Fabianski out, yet he came good.

  412. Maciek…

    people like you just say the most idiotic things… What about a team that loses to Wolves? Should they be champions?? What makes me laugh about people like you is that you folk bang on about bottle whilst exhibiting none… you ask for resilience from the players but have all the resilience of a wet tissue in a hurricane. Arshavin just scored one and made another today and you call him bored?? Fabregas has had an injury riddled season but has still managed to set up and score crucial goals but to you he is uninterested??? Joker.

    The really stupid thing about comments like yours is that you assume that this is the worst that can happen to Arsenal…. that is a staggeringly idiotic way to look at what is going on right now. Liverppol spent about 250m under Benitez, where are they? Chelsea just blew over 70m in this transfer window… where are they? City have spent enough in the last 2years to feed all of sub Saharan Africa for a decade… WHERE ARE THEY??

    Before Wenger fetched up at Arsenal Spurs finished ahead of us in 7 seasons out of 15 and we hadn’t built either a stadium or training ground! Some of you know nothing. Pathetic. Go and whine some where else.

  413. But Merciak, who is it that has brought Arsenal FC so far? If not for him, you wouldnt have had so much joy being an Arsenal supporter and I dare say wouldve been asking for the other managers heads as I dont see anyone who can produce what he has the way he has. If you think so, who?

  414. I agree with Moopay

  415. Joshua, you are a star

  416. Come on Maciek. What’s your argument now ? You are not used to this are you ? Being on a forum when REAL arsenal fans can actually answer back. Instead of being moderated by the mighty Pedro and Geoff. Do you realise that you never see the real arguments of Le Grave. Because anybody who starts to question the mighty Pedro and Geoff get moderated and then binned. So that means you don’t actually know what the other side of the coin is.

    Come back on when you’ve grown up.

  417. So is he saying that Arsenal never went 5 years without a trophy prior to Wenger?

    Well, we did win the emirates cup, since you love cups so much.

  418. Not true.

    But we all deserve to support better players than Squill, Diaby, Almunia and Denilson.

    Especially given the fact we pay the highest ticket prices in the world.

    Oleg Luzny, Grimandi weren’t the best, but they cared and loved the Club.

    Today I can see too many uninterested players.

  419. Maciek…

    Sorry mate but you’re liar. Yes I said it, you are lying. At Le Grove positive posts and posters are called all things under the sun all the time encouraged by Geoff in particular so pull the other one… and people tell you to F**k off here because you have NO argument whatsoever.

    What makes Cesc uninterested or Arshavin bored? Cesc wanted to play in CC final with a hamstring injury… he played in the Barca match when he was unfit… in what way does that make him UNINTERESTED? Do you even know what the word means?

  420. Twas a brilliant header from RVP.

    This laissez-faire attitude to D**Ming will not do.
    Paul N it’s actually six years.
    The 2005 FA Cup doesn’t count.
    Arsenal do not know how to ‘drill’ and prospect for gold.
    It didn’t happen.

  421. Guys, Paul.

    I appreciate everything Wenger have done to us, but that just doesn’t mean he is free from judgeing and he can do everything he wants.

    If he needs help, he should say so.

    Keown or Dixon will help him in his defensive job, task.

    He is too stubborn.

  422. Very odd

  423. No Maciek. We deserve better support than you. Don’t give me that guff about the highest ticket prices in the world. It’s a case of supply and demand, and it’s not as if we live in Africa. Hampstead, which is just down the road, boasts more millionaires per square mile than anywhere in the world.

    With respect to the players. You choose to attack our players who are now on the fringes of the squad. They are not the reason why we lost to Birmingham, Barcelona or drew today are they ? I don’t understand this fixation with continuously condemning our 6th choice centre midfielder – in Denilson. Move on – do you think Gibson or the Chelsea 6th choice midfielder is any worse ? As for “disinterested” … don’t talk bollocks. You have been reading too many posts on Le Grave that are full of cliched crap. You read so much of it that you eventually believe that is must be true. It smacks of something like a belief in ghosts or witches. Utter bollocks.

    There is a big picture Maciek. And you can moan and whine and condemn as much as you want. But at the end of the day, this squad has been assembled on a smaller budget that of Man U, Barca, Inter Milan, Chelsea and Real Madrid. Nobody, and I mean nobody, has ever given me an answer from Le Grave, as to why we should expect to our perform any of these clubs on our smaller budget. Until then, you and all your mates are pissing in the wind.

  424. Have a great week.


  425. sorry.. outperform any of these clubs

  426. Lee Dixon was a reasonable right back. However his proclivities when it comes to support lie with the Little Mancs. Regardless, it is highly likely that both Martin Keown and Lee Dixon crave AWs advice frequently as with most of his ex players. Needless to say if AW requires advice from any ex player I would be very surprised if he was afraid to ask it. There is so much of the world that you are unaware of, Maciek.

  427. So lets get this right according to most on here both goals today were not the fault of our keeper and defence.And Denilson was MOTM
    The one thing about ACLF is you get a good laugh on here.
    Paul N
    Wenger is the first manager since Billy Wright in the 60’s to go more than 6 years without a trophy.Fact

  428. So you want to be a runner- up FOREVER?

    Players get older and want to win things. Simple.

    How many yers will they wait?

    Even the average Bolton side is in the semis of the FA CUP and we won’t win a thing this season.

  429. According to the old wireless last night, Aunty Bleeb I believe, Keown has not been univolved at the club this season.

    Never let the facts get in the way of a poor lie, or a healthy whinge.

  430. 1 loose cannon

    the mancs have injuries and suspencions plus the c.league and FA cup with 2 tough teams, Chelsea and City to deal with and if they manage to juggle the league and those games aswell then hats off to them. but from what I have seen this season I very much doubt it.

  431. You just don’t read, MancTed. I doubt if anyone has the energy to go through it again in a way that you can understand.

  432. Thank you Ted.

  433. What a load of rubbish. These Le Grove clowns just spout garbage… How many third choice goalkeepers in the league are better than Almunia? You deserve a better third choice goalkeeper than Almunia, why? Diaby is a French international who’d walk into most teams in premiership including Chelsea and ManU but you want better than him because you were not born when we had Steve Morrow and the likes of John Jensen playing in midfield for us. It wasn’t even that long ago when we had the like of Steven hughes as midfield back up! Squillaci is in his first season in England and he is nowhere near as poor as the idiots on Le Grove like to pretend,,, given that a couple of months ago you lot were banging on about how rubbish Koscielny was I’d have thought that you would have learnt your lesson by now but no such luck it would seem. As for ticket prices there’s no reason to expect a lower ticket price to watch football in the best stadium in the country. The stadium has to be paid for… Now I have some sympathy with the idea that the club really ought to look to raise more money from other sources before soaking the fans for more in these straitened times but ultimately we are not subsidised by anyone so we have to pay for the ambition we have and we do watch some of the most beautiful football in the country… if not all of Europe. Fact.

    Go whine some place else.

  434. Who said Martin Keown has ‘been involved’ with the club this season, Finsbury? You in your cups, old chap?

  435. Lord the people around me who used to whine like fuck about Kevin Campbell…and then Silvain Wiltord.

  436. Just go away Maciek,
    Why bother coming on here?

  437. Not true Joshua.

    Almunia was our 1st gk this season and had made many mistakes, as usual.

    Wenger got lucky because Fabianski was injured and Szczesny had to play.

  438. Don’t be silly Maciek. You can’t be a very old arsenal fan. If you watched arsenal in the 70s, 80s and 90s, you will realise that whilst we won a few trophies, we never were part of the european elite. We now have the 5th highest turnover in the world, and our seedings place us in the top 10 in europe. That wasn’t the case until Wenger. Your expectations, whether you like it or not, have been set by Wenger. You moan about being a runner up. Tell you what, with City, Chelsea and Liverpool spending millions, I’ll accept that every year, thank you. But you won’t I’ll suspect. Not because you have higher standards, but it will just ruin your fun to come on to blogs and moan about finishing 2nd.

  439. Moopay…theres onl;y wan Moooopay…waann Moooppppaaaaaayyyy…theres only one Mooopppaaayyy.

  440. On the West Brom – Arsenal preview on Kicking Off (5Live) they mentioned in the context of answering the meme that accuses of AW ‘not talking to others’, that Keown and other former players have been back to the club, for whatever reasons.
    Not involved, or employed, but it is also incorrect to suggest they are ignored by their former club.

  441. Gooner Ted, more than 6 years? What year are we in and what year did we win the FA Cup?

  442. Maciek…

    More Le Grove crap… Keown and Dixon to help Wenger with the defensive side of things?… you have to laugh at this simple minded clap trap. Lest we forget our legendary defence was in place when we finished something like 12th in the league which just goes to show you that defending is something that ALL of the team does not just the back 4.

    What would Keown and Dixon do exactly…take the back 4 or five and drill them on their own? How does it even begin to work?? Defending is something that involves everyone on the team and I mean everyone. From forwards to midfielders to the back 4 and the same is true of attacking incidentally.

    The worst thing about Le Grave is the way that benighted site fosters a kind of wilful ignorance and stupidity amongst those that post on there… and they then come out and spout the same witless nonsense every where dumbing down all debate. It’s as if it wasn’t Wenger who assembled the back 5 of Lehman, Lauren, Kolo, Sol and Ashley Cole! May be Dixon helped him pick those players. Why do people just say these silly things. Give me strength.

  443. SgtGunnerWil
    easy there, didn’t mean to sound too harsh on you. Just really pissed off to no end after tonight…
    AA23 worked his socks off, not all of his stuff went his way but still he managed to get his sh*t together and nailed it eventually, so when you mentioned that he earned his bred tonight, I, gutted as I was, saw red and in my poor spinning brain conjured imagies of those in the club who actually have been with us for some years but had failed to pay the club and fans back with their perfomancies, so to use your phrase “earn the pay” they are not. So, I felt the urge to talk of them instead of AA23.
    Ok, forget it…
    Watched back that Rambo’s atempt in the first half, such a crying shame it didn’t go in, gutted for the lad, was tough game for him to start…

  444. Well.. there’s only one Frank ! That’s for sure.

  445. For those who missed it, Eduardo’s goal against Roma.

    A little burst to get past two players.
    (I don’t always agree with Shottagunna. According to all the realistic experts, there’s never any variation in opinion on ACLF. Ah well.)

  446. our form in 2011 is title winning..
    we havent lost in pl all year
    our form was a concern in 2010 our home losses really left us playing catchup
    but we have two weeks now to get most of our injured boys back..
    the defence and gk situation will still be dodgy but if we have a full squad of attacking options we wont need to worry about the defence if we score 3 goals a game..
    im not expecting anything..im not ruling anything out either..
    we need song cesc and theo back and then we’ll see how we go..
    but we are up against it…

  447. Maciek…

    Wenger got lucky?? You Le Grove people just have no clue. Who recruited Szczensy… you? Or was it Geoff and Pedro? You people are not serious… And Fabianski was fantastic till injury cut short his season. At Everton he saved us and made the win possible, at City it was the same because his save from Silva set the tone for the rest of that match that’s before we come to Wolves away where he not only saved goals made a the the last goal with his quick and intelligent distribution. His one lapse was against Newcastle. Wenger made a judgement that he didn’t need to sign a keeper and his judgement was RIGHT even if most of us thought otherwise at the start of the season… It is extremely rare to lose two Goalkeepers to season ending injuries. Freakishly rare in fact. Luck has nothing to do with the fact that Wenger trusted Fabianski and Szczensy to get the job done if Almunia faltered …that takes balls but you won’t know very much about that would you?

    Like I said… you folk at Le Grove have no idea how to think. You just basically mouth a load of dumb clichés that no one ever challenges.

  448. Gooner Ted

    Interesting choice of fact to choose. Bertie Mee left five years after his last trophy. George Graham was sacked for reasons other than a lack of trophy although the style of play was being exposed too readily at home. Terry Neill lost his job four years after his last trophy. They are the only three of the ten managers since Billy Wright who lasted long enough to get close to your benchmark.

    It’s quite a facile benchmark as well. Why not just come out with it and say, “Sack Wenger”. Which was what you were alluding to.


  449. Also very convenient for you to say since the 60’s GT, so Arsenal wasnt Arsenal prior to the 70’s?

  450. are we still sacking wenger in march??
    we defo wont win the league then…
    heres an idea..
    no matter what happens lets keep with wenger cos owen coyles shit, add a few fresh faces in summer and maintain our current 2011 form right thru til may 2012 instead..
    you see wenger might have lost a few admirers..and he may or may not be the manager he once was, thats debateable, but the guy is one of the two greatest managers arsenal have ever had and after all hes done for us let him at least see out his contract…
    he deserves at least that…
    but i think you’ll be waiting a long time to be honest
    just my view..

  451. i ….
    agree …
    with …

    just my view ..

  452. It could all come down to one game:

  453. wenger did get a break with the gk position to be honest
    manny was his number one…and he made a shed load of fuck ups before he ‘got a knock’ and wenger finally decided to go with fab..
    ches only got his chance cos fab was crocked and it turned out hes our best gk at the club…
    wenger stumbled across his number 1 to be fair and if he would have just made the call to axe manny in summer maybe our 2010 form would have been better…
    at least we go into next season with a solid gk and a solid defence…this season was a bit of an experiment in those positions to be honest
    im amazed we are still fighting for the title..

  454. I am thinking that Wenger started the keeper who was performing the best in practice. I am sure he wouldve made a change if he saw the need, he did with Lehman.

  455. JonJon,

    He didn’t get a break. We have an academy and we invest in youth. We expect good players to come through. That’s not luck. That’s planning.

  456. Some silly comments out there that Arsenal have goal keeping problems, yes that would be injuries to our 1st and 2nd choice keepers! how many teams have a 3rd choice keeper as good as Almunia

  457. Paul N
    Almunia has cost us 6pts v WBA this season.That would have had us on top of the league.And you think he is good. Its hilarious

  458. I ve since lowered my expectations for this season.i’d b contented with a top four finish esp if spurs finish outside the top 4

  459. JonJon

    Disagree with that TBH. Let’s start at the beginning. Wenger wanted Schwartzer but in the end a deal couldn’t be done so he went with his most senior goalkeeper as would any manager and Almunia did well enough till West Brom where he saved a penalty and injured himself and played on and made serious blunders and got dropped against West Brom. Wenger basically gave him a chance to prove himself as any fair minded person would do when he failed he was dropped. That’s it…

    Then Fabianski came in and I repeat what I said, as it is actually based on facts not emotion… Fab was outstanding till he got injured. His one real lapse was against Newcastle at home, other than that he was not only solid but frequently outstanding and IMHO he is still ahead of Szczensy from what I’ve seen this season.

    Szczensy has charisma and real ability but any other goalkeeper would have been blamed for our loss against Birmingham in the CC final for example. His performance that day was a mixed bag of some good saves but a lot of rash decisions two of which led to goals… even the first goal where Djourou left the bean pole alone Szczensy rushed out and got nowhere near the ball. I will not be at all surprised to see Fab start in goal next season… he may not have Tech9’s presence but technically Fab is ahead in distribution and I’d say shot stopping too and I think that his judgement is much the sounder but then again he is older.

    Wenger didn’t stumble to anything IMHO… he knew his keepers and he said all the while that he had two very good keepers in Fabianski and Szczesny and he was proved right something that I and a lot of other fans didn’t imagine possible TBH… just because we didn’t listen to what Wenger was saying doesn’t mean that he had no idea what he was doing with his goalkeeping situation.

    The funny thing for me in all this is the way that some of us tend to put the good things that happen with Arsenal down to luck. So, for instance, Djourou’s emergence is down to luck according to some, so is Wilshere’s… and even in some instances you get the same thing said about Nasri and walcott… but when these players are struggling and Wenger persists in playing them then he is a stubborn French whatever who doesn’t know what he is doing… It takes an awful lot of infeasible luck stumble to as many right decisions as Wenger has over the years.

  460. he tried to buy schwarzer in summer..
    he didnt think the other two were ready…
    they showed him they were..

  461. worrying that we are yet to win since the carling balck label cup final…….. we bloody need that win.

  462. I believe we should stop banking on our ‘a game in hand.’ that game in hand is an away game against spurs.as far as i’m concerned we are 5 points off united.n 9 ahead of spurs.

  463. Yes, he is a good keeper. Kept us in against Barca last season and was good again this year. The whole team was rubbish apart from Nasri against WBA in the first match so dont lay blame at his feet alone. You love convenience I see.

  464. if he had faith in the other twos ability to step up then why try sign a replacement for manny???
    notice how he didnt try sign a replacement for manny in jan??
    cos he’d already found him in house…ches and fab had stepped up..especially ches…
    manny was set to leave, in ‘no mans land’ as i remember rightly…so why wasnt he in no mans land in the summer then???
    wenger stumbled across his number one about a year before he though he would
    it happens….

  465. Even if they are the highest ticket prices in Europe, you have it easy. I live in a country with over 100 stadiums that have a larger capacity than the Emirates. Some of them are only for college sports. And guess what, with all the athletics we have and venues to see them, it still costs us more. A decent season ticket to an NFL team that only has 8 home games is on par with a season ticket to the Ems.
    As a sports fan in America, Arsenal fans have no idea how nice they have it. I live in a country that has greater revenue sharing and salary caps. If an NFL team finished in the top 4 for over a decade, they would be called cheats. It’s just not possible. You should always want to be the best team, but you can’t always be.

  466. almunias a great shot stopper
    brilliant reflexes..but the rest of his game is the pits
    he looks great v barca cos they dont put in any high balls they dont lump it 50 yards ,they shoot from 5 yards away…he can deal with that..
    its when he plays everyone else he struggles…
    corners, crosses, long balls, 35 yarders…
    hes like a rabbit in headlights unless the player is 5 yards in front of him and testing his reflexes…

  467. If he didn’t think they were ready why would he go into a season with a first choice he had serious doubts about and two un-ready keepers? That would make him totally irresponsible, wouldn’t it? The correct way to read the situation is that he would have liked Schwartzer but in the end he wasn’t too bothered and was content enough with what he had or else he would have given Fulham more money or gone for another keeper. Seems simple enough.

  468. Thanks for that comment Pablo.

    Interesting that under the american system of drafts, money doesn’t dictate success. Actually – something I never quite understood ! As America is a money society !

  469. George Graham 1988 1 year without a trophy
    1990 1 year without a trophy
    1992 1 year without a trophy
    Arsene Wenger 2005 -11 6 years without a trophy

  470. People just say any old thing. Almunia was actually talked about as a possible England keeper not all that long ago! But according to some he is only good at shot stopping and not much else. You got to love the internet for its experts and their unshakable opinions based on…. God knows what

  471. You are a throwback, MancTed. Your footballing life is over. The joy has gone. No more magic.

  472. american sports has to divy up the success or no one would turn up to watch the teams that dont win unlike in england where “mugs” turn up weekend in weekend out to watch a team…er finish 4th….ha ha..or worse.

  473. Baseball is a bit different. Teams can spend whatever they want on whoever they want. You’ll see the amount of titles the Yankees have (27). But with revenue sharing, player draft, and the great farm systems in baseball, you see very small teams winning the World Series (Yes, I know we don’t play the World). There has been 22 different champions. The Florida Marlins won the World Series with a payroll of $48 million. The Yankees payroll is $148 million. Sure the Yankees always play well, but when was the last time that Bolton or Fulham won a title?

  474. who was saying manny was englands number one??
    the media…??
    i sure as hell wasnt…thats for sure

  475. chelsea 03-11 £100.0000.00000.00000.000000 spent
    utd 98-11 £10000.00000.0000000.000000. spent
    arsenal..05-11…23p and a new stadium…

    ok a bit of an exaggeration but you get my drift…

  476. And how many trophies did Graham win?

    Did Arsene say he was buying a keeper to replace Alumia?
    If he wanted a goalkeeper bad enough, I am sure he wouldve paid a little bit more.

  477. Gooner Ted…

    What is it with you guys and this witless trophy thing. George Graham managed a far inferior team to Wenger in an inferior league with inferior players and opposition managers. Wenger’s rivals are Ancelotti, Ferguson and Mancini… on the European stage he is faced with Mourinho and Guardiola. Also on the European stage his going for the biggest trophy contested by the biggest clubs in Europe, we just played Barcelona supposedly the best team in the world… when George Graham came up against Sven Goran Eriksson’s Benfica we were fairly humiliated at Highbury.

    If you want trophies so desperately may be we should finish 5th and win the Europa cup against Vladikavkaz in the final as you’d prefer that to playing a glamour tie against Barca presumably. Football has changed Ted… try and keep up.

  478. Pablo,

    Strangely enough, it never used to be totally about money in England. In the 1980s Aston Villa, Everton, Nottingham Forest – even Swansea and Tottenham did quite well. Well – Forest did spectacularly well. And I don’t think it was all done on mega money. Far from it.

    The problem now is just the sheer amount of money that is spent to ensure a strong 25 man squad.

  479. dont know about you lot but Man utd beating us hurts, dont give a rats ass a bout how good we got it if we finish behind them then its bollocks. they are fukin shit, we should be doing these wanc cunts but we aint…why?

  480. Muppet, the competition between countries is another dynamic we don’t have to deal with. When it comes to baseball, basketball, and hockey, all the best players in the world can only come here. Our leagues are in a position of more power over the player. He has nowhere else to go. Our leagues ARE setup around big money. The average salary for a baseball player is more that RVP. And baseball teams have squads much larger than 25. Our system is not perfect. We have had teams go bankrupt, we just allow them to move if it can save the franchise. Certain cities just can’t realistically support a big club, even if they have the population. It happened to baseball in Montreal, and basketball in Vancouver.

  481. Bradys right foot

    If someone would have offered me at the start of the season the chance that we’d be 5 points behind the leaders in the middle of March with a game in hand and a match at home against the leaders i’d have bitten there hand off. For the first time since 2009 we have matters in our own hands, is this not fact.

    A mass hysteria and narrative of fear has been unleashed on the gunners by a press who hate Wenger and the prospect that he may be succesful his way. Cue a mass hysteria among some fans which metaphorically is akin to screaming while running around naked, painted red and white and slapping your head speaking in tongues about leaders, no bottle and fucking Denilson.

    I saw a team today who didn’t play well, who made mistakes but rather than shrink from the challenge manned up and clawed back a point. Is that not tangible proof of a team showing bottle is that not charachter, for those questioning the team or still running around naked enlighten me.

    Im not a fool I realise two points have gone never to be fought for again and our goal is made that little bit harder but all i want is for the team to hang in the fight until we host the mancs. If we do that I honestly think well go on to winm the league. Is now really the time for the bile spewing at the direction of the team. For those venting your spleen Im hurting too probably not as much as the team but humours have been well and truly fucked up this last three weeks but how about a ceasefire. Why not stop the anti support and get behind the team for the remainder of the season, you know support them 100%, stick the chest out . 9 games left only 9 and key players to return, a win against Blackburn and its game on COYG.

  482. DG – it helps (to get points) when teams like brum & blackburn roll over for you

  483. dukeGoonem,

    1. When we played them they had the week off. We did not. We played Barca midweek.

    2. From the start of the year, we ave played one game every 3 days. They had played one game every 4 days.

    3. We concede 2 stupid goals, despite having more possession and more chances. Our defending was not good, and we had no luck whatsoever in front of their goal. Koscienly had a very good chance. Nasri and Chamakh also.

    4. Their keeper had a blinder and was there MOM. Says it all.

  484. joshua
    well you got to love arsene wenger and his opinion on relegating manny from 1st to 3rd choice in less than 6 months

    or what about bob wilsons view on it??
    “I think Szczesny will be Arsenal’s goalie for quite a few years. His size is a huge advantage at 6ft 5in and he’s a cheeky lad with huge confidence. It was an awful way to lose the Carling Cup final, though I think Koscielny could have volleyed clear. Having said that, Lukasz Fabianski was being pretty solid until his long-term injury. Then Manuel [Almunia] did exceptionally well when he came on the other night. I’d thought of him mainly as a shot-stopper but he had three or four really good blocks to keep them in with a slight chance.”

    gotta love those experts and their unshakable opinions on god knows what eh…??

  485. Pablo,

    I can see the point you are making. The geographic link. Some arsenal fans though are always moaning and believe also that a sugar daddy should be subsidising the bill, like at City or Chelsea.

    Whilst that would be interesting, I think it would be disingenuous to go along with that, as we’ve always complained about it not being a level playing field anyway. At least some of us have. In any case, nobody is going to plough money in forever. Even the sheikhs at City will stop if they don’t make any money.

  486. Between 1950 and 1970, exclusive, no trophies, 19 years.
    Between 1971 to 1979,exclusive, no trophies. 7 years.
    Between 1979 to 1987, exclusive, no trophies, 6 years.
    For those fans who have been lucky to be around from 1987 onwards, what we have now, 5 years, is nothing. You are very lucky to have hjad so much success. Hopefully there will be more, whether this year or next who knows.

    When Flamini and Helb left we had a fantastic team, which fell apart without them. They both, undoubtedly regret their foolish decisions. Will Cesc or RVP make the same mistake. How many players leave us and become successful? Not enough to be significant.

    Today’s result is very diappointing, and a bad omen for the rest of the season.

    When was the lst time Manure or chelski lost 2 goalkeepers for a protracted period of time.

    When did either of them have to go without their main centre back for virtually the entire season. Yes Ferdinand was out for 8 months, but that straddled 2 seasons, and then he was not injured.

    How good would manure be without Vidic for the whole season, or Chelski without Terry for the whole season?

    These, and plenty others, are reasons, not excuses for what seems to happen to us every year.

  487. yeah duke weve gotta take them this year
    if we let them win the league its a crime after how shite theyve been all season

  488. Brf is right. I would have taken this position without a second thought. Say it to yourselves. “We control our own destiny.” Say it again and again until you understand it. “We control our own destiny.”

    And ManU will drop points. They have 4 away games left. They have averaged less than 1.5 pts per away game this season. That would be 6 points dropped. 3 against us, and three elsewhere. I’d also bet on 2 points dropped to one of Chelsea, Everton, or Fulham. That would be eight.

  489. incorrect Duke, there are many teams who havent won in years and people support them. Its much harder in the US as there is only one thing to win, there are no cup thingys here.

  490. Absolutely Jigsol. Our injuries are unparalleled and have been for the last few seasons. People keep saying that they are “excuses” and not reasons, but I fail to see how they can be “excuses”. In 2008-9 season we lost Gallas, Cesc, VP, Eduardo from March onwards, whilst Rosicky was out the whole season. The same happened last season to similar players. This season we lose Vermaelen, and we now have 7 other first team players out, including Szczesny, Fabianski, Djourou, Song, Cesc, Walcott and Diaby. Our two first choice goalkeepers, centre backs AND midfielders did not play today.

  491. Our team will be great for years but like Janet Jackson many of us sing the same old song “what have you done for me lately”. Win now or move along.

  492. JonJon…

    I don’t see where Bob Wilson says that Almunia is good shot stopper and the rest of his game pits in that quote… do you?

  493. ‘id though of him mainly as a shot-stopper’…

    right there joshua..

  494. All of our keeper are good shot stoppers. That is the minimum requirement. It’s the positioning and decision making that is lacking a bit in some of them.

  495. Jon Jon, stop embarrassing yourself. Wenger stumbled onto Szczesny like he stumbled onto Cesc, Henry Pires, Van Persie, Hleb, Vieira, Petit, Edu, Nasri, Wilshere, Koscielny, Djourou, Flamini, Song, Sagna, Clichy, Reyes, Ljunberg, Walcott, Ramsey, Eduardo, Rosicky, Eboue, Toure and Adebayor (now a Madridista). Szczesny has been in our academy for ages you fucking cunt. Arsene sent him out on loan for a reason.

  496. Sorry JonJon… but once again where does he say that the rest of his game is the pits? As he says himself Almunia did more than just stop shots against Barca.

  497. I agree with Brady’s Right foot at 10.37. Every single word in fact. I would have written much the same if I hadn’t had a drink (or two) thus rendering me even less coherent than usual.

    Now is the time to show your support and help push this team over the finishing line. That is what is required of us as supporters right now.


  498. I’m with you there Harry. BRF post and the little drink (or two).

  499. Beat the cunts… win our game in hand… beat all the other cunts… win the fucking league.

  500. Well, like everyone else, it seems, I struggled with poor live streams and so only really saw the last 30 minutes. Looking at the replays on Arsenalist, Frank is right – something strange happened with the bounce of the ball on their second goal. Instead of momentum taking the ball forward, after bouncing on what looked to be a very muddy pitch, it seemed to either bounce straight up or even spin back slightly towards the WBA goal.
    As for Arshavin, where are those who doomed about him so often this season? Brilliant goal, barely any backlift on the strike, yet the goalie was left rooted to the spot as the ball flashed past him into the net, despite several defenders being around him. And the assist for RVP was extra special too, Arshavin had drawn two defenders to him but they could not stop him putting across a superb cross to the far post. He was instrumental today and deserves real recognition.

  501. lol gains…
    oh dear…bless ya…someone phone the village..it appears theyve lost their idiot….

  502. correct, about how the ball bounced. You can see Squillachi lining it up but it goes in a different direction than he expected. The pitch was crap!

  503. MDGunner,

    Too true. Arshavin showed why Arsene has kept faith with him. Still: 1 point gained; a game in hand AND the Mancs have to come to us.



  504. My rupees worth on their second goal, Defo not Squillaci’s fault, yes he let it bounce but there was no real danger and he would have dealt with the striker by pushing him wide or something but Al fucked up big time by doing his forest gump impression. still good fightback and isnt it nice to see Nasri in the fukin center again even though it is three games too late.

    Should be the kick up the arse our boys need to give them a confidence boost.

  505. Fuck me why is it the miserable cunts from that other blog always turn up when we dont get the result that is expected? You guys actually support the Arsenal? This sense of entitlement is infuriating, who the fuck gives you the right to demand we win every single game/ competition we are involved in? What would you do if you supported -say- the Albion, or Liverpool? I was none to happy with the soft goals conceded, partly because I just knew the “realists” would come out the woodwork talking thier usual contrived bullshit. Here’s some realism for you- football is a game, and as such no one has a divine right to win, the Albion played very well, and you have to give the lads credit for turning the game around and almost taking all 3 points…

  506. Truly disappointed by the result. But not angry.

    I’m having a hard time understanding why these guys bother coming here to ask us the same question and irritate positive thinkers every time we have these kinds of results.

    By their impression one might think that we are actually at the bottom of the table. I mean who else is fighting Manures for the summit? None other than us. They have three competitions to fight for. They have defensive players missing. And one of their defenders got sent of and will miss at least two games. Their manager is banned from stadium. They will play at least three more games than us. With not just a bonus team. They will play with Chelsea three times. And also with Money City. Old Red Nose will not just bent over to them. And it is extremely likely he will field strong team for those fixtures. And they will not let the league go by. They know we are breathing at their neck so he will field strong team there as well.

    We, on the other hand, don’t have that much pressure. After international break our key players will come fresh. We will head to every game with a week’s rest. We don’t have divine right to win all of the 10 matches and so are Manures. There will be one or two little bumps and this was just one of them. Why don’t we enjoy the ride as was promised at the start of the season by Yogi and was reminded couple of weeks ago by Darius? Is it too much to ask for a little bit positiveness?

    And excuse my lousy English.

  507. bend over not bent over.

  508. I doubt anyone was happy about dropping points, especially the way we conceded the second, but the fight shown to come back was very encouraging, and it was an excellent game of football, which makes the bitching and nashing of teeth all the more annoying… Btw MG, your english is much better than many of my fellow country men, you have nothing to apologise for…

  509. Kaotek, Mongolian Gooner,

    What stars you are.

  510. Heh, including me it seems, that should be gnashing 🙂

  511. England boss Fabio Capello admits Jack Wilshere is now one of his first-choice midfielders after just two appearances for his country.

    Capello claims Wilshere demonstrated he has “arrived” as one of the best young players in the world after his performances for Arsenal against Barcelona in the Champions League.

    On that basis, the 19-year-old looks a prime candidate for next Saturday’s Euro 2012 qualifier with Wales in the Millennium Stadium and the friendly with Ghana on March 29 at Wembley.

    Wilshere made his debut for his country as a late substitute against Hungary at Wembley in August.

    He was handed his first start in last month’s 2-1 win over Denmark in Copenhagen.

    Capello said: “Wilshere, after the game against Barcelona, he has arrived.

    “He has arrived. You can understand the value of that sort of performance.

    “As a young player, I think he is at the top, not only in England but Europe and the world.”

    When asked if Wilshere was now a first-choice midfielder, Capello said: “Yes, yes, because he is good, because he plays without fear, and with confidence.

    “Also for someone so young, he is a leader. It is incredible.

    “I never saw someone so young be a leader on the pitch. It is incredible.”

    But Capello believes it will be his successor and not him who will decide whether he is a future England captain.

    He said: “He is a leader but it (being England captain) will be probably the choice of another manager.”

  512. You and the regulars are the stars… I have been reading everyday for ages but rarely post as I’m on my phone and can’t be arsed with multi tap most of the time, so thanks for fighting tim good fight. Btw, google poe, your doomer impression is an excellent poe (even though the term applies to religious nuts, it could be used here too)

  513. …and thats why I don’t like posting on my phone, the not tim… I pray to the flying spaghetti monster young jack doesn’t get injured on duty.

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