An Appeal & Stone Cold Friday: Unscrew The Pooch

Ordinarily, I would have thought of some witty, pithy quote from a movie or joke. Instead, a note I received yesterday from a long time reader, Flint McCullough, who has been a huge source of encouragement since the early days, is reproduced here:

My great nephew Freddie Garcha, just 22 years old, was shot dead in Colombia for a gold chain. He had been travelling through South America to learn the languages & about life. Like his Mum & brother Max, Freddie was literally a lifelong Gunner, he must have been about 6 or 7 when I first took him to Highbury.

His last message on his Facebook page before he went out on his shopping trip was just after the Sunderland game is here:

Arsenal fans stop moaning like a bunch of f****** d********s its doing my head in. People like you take us down. Obviously pissed we didn’t win, but what you saying its over? Need to show some fucking encouragement, don’t need you bitching & moaning, we need to support whether win lose or draw. You lot bring bad energy for the game on Tuesday…come on you Gunners…be optimistic

The first indication of what happened was when messages of sympathy from his many Colombian friends started appearing on his Facebook page. These were picked up by friends in England & eventually the truth was revealed, albeit with very little help from the British Consulate.

My point in writing is that it has been a huge expense (around £10k) just to bring Freddie home.

His friends in England have set up Bring Freddie Home completely off their own bat to help the family with this unexpected sad loss. It has raised to date around £4000.

Freddie is now back in England & his funeral is on Sunday. The hurt will go on forever but I hope that some more Gunners/Gooners might be able to help with the financial burden.

I would ask that if people feel able to contribute they do so via the above link. If you are unable to do so, take a moment to reflect that there is more to life that bitching over whether Arsène said this or that, or did this or that.

Here’s Darius

I told you folks last week. That blasted warning sign outside the entrance to the Arsenal rollercoaster is there for a reason. It’s not just about ‘Elf and Safety to protect the faint-hearted. What do we then go do? We jump on the damn thing and press the self-destruct button as a bonfire is lit under our arses.

This week hasn’t just been about the disappointment of dropping out of 3 cups in 2 weeks. I’m pissed off about Birmingham’s smash and grab; I’m pissed off that Bendtner didn’t wipe that smug grin off the face of all the arse-licking Broke Back sycophants.

I’m pissed off that yet again, we let the Manure roll us over at Old Trafford. I’m pissed off that at a critical stage in the season, we have given the anti-Arsenal brigade all they need to bury us in the media and on the blogosphere.

But let’s get it straight, none of these emotions and feelings should never ever lead to the collective hammering that we have witnessed this week. I can understand and accept the reaction of the hacks, pundits and smug supporters of our rivals, but I continue to be baffled and deeply saddened by the reaction within the Arsenal ranks.

Those who can’t stomach the rollercoaster ride have picked a really ideal moment, just when its trajectory changes to 79º due south at 187 miles per hour. All they see is Armageddon and their weak, lily-livered psyche defaults to pressing self-destruct as they sing “Kumbayah my Lord” in unison, making peace in preparation for meeting with the footballing gods.

“But we’ve been here before”, they scream from the as they plot our very own Jasmine revolution to oust Wenger, the board, the players and anyone who steps in the way of Arsenal getting trophies.

“Bring me the head of Arsène Wenger” is the refrain as they march steadfastly towards Highbury House, oblivious to the fact that there’s still 30 points up for grabs and a small matter of the Premier league to fight for.

Many take the fence sitting position and demand that actions should speak louder than words, that the team should stop talking and start ‘doing’. Look into the mirror my fellow brethren. Stop talking about supporting your team and actually do it.

The business end of the season is not the time to pontificate and bitch about what could, should and would have been. It is time to take the here and now, to run with it. We are where we are; that’s the most important thing right now.

We have the whole of the summer to drag Arsène Wenger and all his ‘scapegoats de jour’ to Tower Bridge and carry out the executions; to chew the fat about improving our fortunes.

But pray tell, when Arsenal have a realistic chance of winning the title, how is it acceptable that we get as miserable as we have done. How can we demand that the team show courage and character to overcome the fact that we’ve screwed the pooch in the last fortnight. When the heat is on, the cowardly hit the bunkers, hide behind the sofas and demand that the team has to change otherwise we will win nothing, yet again?

It’s not enough to blubber on the clichés about how we’ve been here before in the last 6 years. Nonsense! This is our best title challenge for years. We haven’t spent north of the £2.5 billion like United, Chelsea or City yet we have remained competitive.

Much work still has to be done on the pitch but the same is true of some sections of Arsenal supporters, including some very prominent bloggers. The team needs us now more than ever; I wonder whether it’s the supporters who don’t have the mental strength and character to go the whole distance.

I wonder if it’s the lily-livered section of supporters who are chokers and bottlers. They moan about not winning anything for 6 years yet don’t want to carry the team across the finishing line.

Of course, we’ll hear that it’s their God given right to have an opinion and to criticise where valid. A sign of maturity is knowing when and where to criticise, knowing when to fall in line and back the team to the hilt. If criticism is not constructive, it becomes venomous and consumes us.

Yes, the team has fallen short in the last fortnight, but it’s time for all of us to unscrew the damn pooch and bring the cup home.

’til Tomorrow

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  1. 1st?

  2. Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrstttttttttttttt

    fuck the rest…………………….

  3. Flint, I know you’ll read today’s post.

    On behalf of the Stone household, our thoughts are with you. We’re so sorry for your loss.

    Poignant that Freddie’s last thoughts on Arsenal were so very relevant.

  4. How awful – that had me straight to tears this morning.

    I’m truly sorry to hear of that Freddie – it’s an awful story that adds a lot of perspective. It’s very difficult to make sense of life or football – I reckon we have a duty to enjoy the ride as best we can.

    Best wishes,

  5. Is there really any gooner out there that seriously wants Owen Coyle to replace Wenger?

  6. Very nice post, very true about supporting Arsenal F.C, and about life more generally as well..

  7. R.I.P. Freddie Garcha. Flint my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. God Bless you all

  8. What a star you are, Freddie

  9. Sorry to hear of your sad loss Flint.

    Much work still has to be done on the pitch but the same is true of some sections of Arsenal supporters, including some very prominent bloggers. The team needs us now more than ever; I wonder whether it’s the supporters who don’t have the mental strength and character to go the whole distance.

    I wonder if it’s the lily-livered section of supporters who are chokers and bottlers. They moan about not winning anything for 6 years yet don’t want to carry the team across the finishing line.

    That is the heart of the matter Darius. I have long thought that the most venomous critics are just projecting their own short-comings onto the team.

  10. Great great post and for me, too, I’m more angered by the reaction of many of our own fans than the losses themselves. So much so I just switched off the radio, stopped buying newspapers, avoided the poisen blogs.

    Too much of our support is unfit to wear the shirt in my view. If they are really unlucky they might just get the change they think they want but I have just one thought on the matter.

    Be careful, oh so careful, what you wish for.

    And all thoughts with the friends and family of the ‘fallen’ Gooner. I never knew him, sounded like a true fan.

  11. May Freddie’s soul rest in peace. so sorry abt it. and to all gooners around hhthe world, this is a perfect opportunity to do as much as we expect the team to do. let us show some inner strength in supporting the team and it will def reflect in the way they rise to the occassion. remember the chavs and barca game? the support was tremendous and the guys rose to the occassion. they can still do it if we will do it.

  12. Always there to rally the gooners on stone cold. We all know who you are doomers. Nowhere to be seen all season but come out of the woodwork when the chips are down spouting your poison. Ten more games to go and all to play for. COYG Condolences to Flint on his sad loss.

  13. oh dear, didnt read the article first, my thoughts are with mr Mc Culloughs family, what a terrible thing! Put the whingers gripes into some perspective!

  14. 6 years for Liverpool without a trophy now…oh dear.

  15. RIP Freddie.
    Owen Coyle? lets get real people.

    Robbie Savage is just in inbred piece of dog shit on a stick. What a joke.

    I have stayed away from the media completely. All i have read is this blog. It may just stay that way till the end of the season. If you cant critisize Wenger without the venom, you are dead to me.

  16. My deepest condoleances to Flint and his family. Everything seems so futile when you hear about family tragedies or disasters like the one unfolding in Japan and Libya.

  17. Owen Coyle??? I started asking myself where the hell that came from, and then I hear it’s Robbie Savage.

    And that’s when I file that tripe in the trash right in between shit and syphilis.

    What we need more than anything at Arsenal is to get rid of the section of spineless, fickle fair-weather plastics who have become a liability and want to drag us all down with their defensive pessimism.

    I think what pisses me off the most is that when we eventually (and we will) start hauling the trophies in, these cretins and undeserving fans will be celebrating and jumping up and down with joy and glee alongside those who have diligently kept the faith despite the various disappointments along the way. It’ll just be like being violated by these people who call themselves supporters only when times are good.

  18. @Passenal…true true.

    The suggestion that this team hasn’t got the mental strenth is just ludicrous. And these people think that the players don’t actually read these blogs and know what venom is out there?

  19. RIP Freddie – Sorry to hear of your loss Flint.

  20. Best wishes to all of Freddie’s family and friends, so sorry to hear of such a tragic loss, and thanks Flint for sharing that with us. A strong last message to all those gooners who have taken so much for granted.

    We are in for the sprint finish now. With only United in our way, with their battered and bruised and depleting squad, we have the upper hand in the league. We will win this with the full backing of the gooners across the world. Let’s make the Emirates the intimidating fortress it should be, and the away support who have been amazingly vocal, keep it up!

    Ours for the taking now.

  21. The media are partly to blame for my complete loss of confidence in Wenger but, it’s not all the media’s fault as there are some valid points of failings that has nothing to do with the media.

    Since the loss to Brum I have stayed away from every other source of media except for Cultured and I think it will stay that way until we are crowned Premiership Champions of England in May.

    Owen Coyle for Arsenal has been doing the rounds since he got Bolton playing football and Wiltshere came back from Bolton and taught some of our lads how to stick the boot in now and again. But, as much as I have lost confidence in Wenger I still and will always love my club and only want them to get back to where they were.

    I think most of the negative vibes come from the fact that those Arsenal wannabies got a very lucky CL draw playing some of the shittiest teams the CL had to offer and have reached the last 8 while we are no longer in it.

    Expect more negativity later today after the draw.

    Being out of 3 comps has just worked it’s way out the system and now just praying that the boys use these losses and Come Out Fighting tomorrow and show real steel. This will surely send a message out the rest that Arsenal are very pissed off by recent events and are going full throttle for the Title.
    Fuck Robbie Savage and the Mirror and the Sun.

    I am deeply saddened by what happened to Freddie and even though I didn’t know him will be thinking of his name come match day and when we do lift the Trophy in May.

  22. What’s all the Owen Coyle stuff? Sorry missed that one.

  23. Geo – they want Wenger to be fired and for Owen Coyle to be appointed as Arsenal manager.

  24. Then they would want Coyle fired after he doesn’t get us into the cl.

  25. Hahaha! Well if Robbie Savage is suggesting it, my only question is – what are the board doing? He is the footballing genius we all want our friends and kids to listen to, and if those fools running this club are ignoring such insightful advice, they should take a long hard look in the mirror. Wenger out, Coyle in. Simples.

    Coyleball just doesn’t have the same ring to it, though… Maybe we should just stick with Wenger afterall.

  26. Coyle ball??? Sounds like a boil in a very bad place.

  27. Blasphemy!!

  28. Posted this yesterday – but relevant to today’s post, so I will repeat myself!

    The constant drivel that appears from people that claim to support Arsenal football club every time we lose a game is nothing more than mind numbing.

    I was speaking to a friend who supports Portsmouth yesterday, and they expressed pure disbelief at the amount of so called Arsenal supporters they come across that spout utter doom and gloom, and cannot believe that any true fan of our club would want AW to resign.

    It is nothing more than embarrassing when even fans of other teams can see how good we have got it, before the vocal minority that not only associate themselves with AFC, but actually take the time out to publish their thoughts on the internet.

    If these moron’s made the same effort to get behind the team as they do to bitch and whine, we may have a support that other fan’s are envious of.

  29. Wenger has made some terrible f-ups in the last 3 seasons but, he’s not a bad manager he just has a very serious issues regarding ignorance and lately holding on to something when it clearly isn’t working.

    I want him to be around when we are dominate but, until such time there are players within the ranks who for me have had enough time and should no longer be there as we have others who now deserve their chance.

    Great shame that Frimpong got such a serious injury just before the season kicked off as he could of easily took Denilson’s place in the line up as he reads the game 100xs better than Denilson and Diaby crap put together.

    Saying that, our midfield will need to be on it proper as WBA have some heavy weights in there who have a bit of quality about them but, I am quite confident that if we are focused we can wipe all comers aside from here on in.

  30. lol Darius! That settles it then. Wenger to stay. Glad we sorted that one out. Hope PHW is reading this…

    Matt – great post well worth pasting!

  31. Time to get Landsbury back in post haste.
    The energy I see him putting in every week then looking at Denilson and Diaby makes me very confused as to what reasons he is out on loan.

  32. Matt, it’s about expectation levels. The expectation has been raised at Arsenal as we have been close to winning something in the last couple of years and we are constantly told about how good our players are, the fans want a trophy to show for it. The hope at Portsmouth is that they have a club to support at all at the end of the season. As Arsenal are in no imminent danger of going out of business, we have our sights set a bit higher, is that so bad? You cannot compare the two in any way, shape or form.

  33. What are you on about Goonerton? Frimpong reads the game better than Denilson? He’s one of the best readers of the game in our squad! His interceptions prove that. And to be that harsh on Diaby who’s had one of the most unlucky injury patterns ever, is unfair. When he’s match fit, he’s an unpredictable, unique, powerful force that can change games in an instant. Frimpong looks like a great prospect, but until he plays more games at the top level, how can you say he’d be better than either of the above? Denilson hasn’t been as good this year admittedly, but he’s played much less than previous seasons, so being less sharp is only natural. Get behind them for fucks sake as they will more than likely be playing in a fair few games between now and the end of May.

  34. Block 4,

    Forget expectation levels – the point the Portsmouth fan was making is that even though they have it bad there, they still support their team, through thick and thin – no questions asked, and they have had it a loss worse that us over the last 5-6 seasons.

    They are envious of us and where we are, and as such cannot believe anyone who supports our team could be so fickle and turn on the management the moment things are not 100% perfect.

  35. Block – were you expecting us to be up there fighting with utd for the title at the start of the season? Most were writing us off even getting into Europe next year, let alone the epic journey we’ve been on so far. We have gotten even closer this year, which only suggests to me that the squad has improved once again. If we improve at this rate again next year, we’ll be bringing back a few trophies I’m sure. Wenger is getting so close to everything clicking into place, and winning the league would go a long way towards our team starting the dominting period we’ve all hoped for.

  36. What Robbie Savage has to say about Arsene Wenger has as much relevance as The Chuckle Brothers discussing quantum physics.He was,is,and always will be nothing but a despicable coward.He used to kick better players than himself from behind ,now he stabs his betters in the back.
    A man like Arsene should not be talked about by such low lives.We as responsible fans should take it upon ourselves to champion our manager.So in the spirit of this,I challenge Mr. Savage to a duel at dawn.He may choose his weapon.
    Will someone be my second?

  37. So the Spuds have to beat Real Madrid and then Barca to get to the Final!

  38. I’m with you george, as long as I can bring my trident…

  39. Ps. As a Father and Gooner (and a Father of Gooners) that story was heartbreaking; sincere condolances to Flint and family. A very sad tale and one that puts life and football into perspective – I hope some of our so-called supporters have trouble with their consciences when reading that last facebook entry.

  40. Geo, I expected us to qualify for Europe again, no problem. I was of the opinion that if we could keep our first choice players fit we could go close. We are close, but the injuries suffered over the last few weeks have hindered us. I am of the opinion that if we had better backups in a couple of key positions we would probably be ahead of Man Utd at this point. Anyhow, I hope the team can overcome the injury situation, it’s looking like Fabregas, Song and Walcott will be back after the internationl break for the run-in.

    Matt, I think that you are hoping for too much from Arsenal fans, in my experience there has always been that feeling when the team is not performing to expectations (whether the expectations are right or wrong), the internet just gives a bigger platform for those views to be aired rather than moaning to your mates in the pub after the game. Indeed, I was re-reading a book on the history of Arsenal not too long ago and one of the players way back when (I think it was Bryn Jones, but I would have to check) said that the players always had the feeling that they generally needed to kickstart the crowd rather then the other way round. So it has always been like that so expecting change now, especially with the new breed of “fan” being attracted to the club (or should that be “customer”), you’ll be waiting a long time.

  41. Fair enough Block. I think we have the best back up players in the league. If injuries weren’t hindering our back up players as well, they’d be sharper and wouldn’t be subject the the stick they get. I am confident that Denilson, Diaby etc all still have a big part to play in Arsenal’s future successes… with Lehman giving them all a kick up the arse, and having someone who’s won various trophies around, it will do wonders for the players’ confidence and mentality, imo.

    An exciting couple of months ahead!

  42. My heart goes out to the family and friends of Freddie and its certainly cold water in the face for reality.

    There are hundreds of stories ‘like Freddie’ every day in our world. If its not rape, murder, robbery, war, disease/famine, disaster…….it doesn’t qualify as headline grabbing: not worthy of selling papers or catching societies attention in the other medias.

    It is so easy to see the growth of our players this season.
    – Last year most were wondering why Theo was still on the roster.
    – No one expected Djourou to sparkle as a starting CB.
    – Nor the turnaround of Fabianski and emergence of 20 yr old Szczesny.
    – In August I was startled by the impressive play from Frimpong
    – Look at the development of Jack Wilshere
    – Where would the club be without the start from Chamakh and the contribution from Koscielny?
    – and the maturing of Nasri

    Least we all forget about Ramsey and his encouraging performances last season b4 his take down.

    Fabianski is 25 and Dj is 24 and the remaining core players I’ve mentioned above are still in their diapers.

    We have more depth in talent than any other club (anywhere) and at some point down the club’s future, the team will come to a fork in their destiny, they’ll take the turn and find the mojo of winning.

    WBA is a hugh match to regain confidence and focus for the run in of fixtures.

  43. Geo

    I agree that Denilson had a good season last season when he did play but, his speed or should I say lack of it worries me because he’s so young and normally at that age if your not stupid fast like Theo you still have what they call pace.
    More worrying is his marking as he problems getting goal side when we are defending. I just think Frimpong does this job better and has a better timing when making tackles. I’m angry with Denilson because I know he has it in him as I have seen it myself. Just want him to stay switched on all the time.

    Diaby, has been rocked by injuries but, is he ever going to get back to the player we saw slice up Liverpool at Anfield a couple of seasons ago? That was his best game to date but, since his return I see him going too far up when a bit of cover would be more wanted and his man marking doesn’t exist. Do you think he will get it back or will we be waiting two years ala Rosicky?

    I think Wenger had plans to introduce Frimmy this season but, really I would like to see Landsbury called back for the run in.

  44. Flint, may I join the others in offering my most heartfelt condolences. I will gladly donate. It’s really sickening to think you and your family had to find out through facebook. May the criminal be caught and made to pay for the crime

  45. At times like this, you realise there is more to this world than Football or “Arsenal’s Crisis”. Just to spare a thought for Freddie’s Family and what they are going through right now.
    Lets win this league for all the Arsenal fans who are unwavering in their support of the team


  46. Thoughts are with you and all your family Flint.

  47. I’m I right in thinking that when we play an all fit first eleven ,our oldest player is RVP? In fact it might be fair to say that he is the only player to have reached his “peak”.And yet we are effectively on at worst ,level terms ,with the team most people tell us is “the best in the country”
    It is complete stupidity therefore ,for Arsenal fans not to look forward in anticipation of an even better team emerging from this promising fledgling.
    I really dont understand the negativity.

  48. Sagna is 28 i think, so VP is not the oldest

  49. And Rvp is about the same age as Dennis was when he came to us 27 ,so even he has a good 4 or 5 years ,especially if he plays in the position his new number 10 suggests he should be in.

  50. Frimpong is definitely more of a cruncher in the tackle, but his ball retention skills are inferior without doubt. As back up to Wilshere, Cesc, Song, Nasri – Diaby, Rosicky and Denilson is not too bad if you ask me! If they were all playing regularly, you would see much more from them I’m sure. I really do expect us to get a run of games from Diaby, where we’d see him back to his best. I alway bleat on about this too – but they are all still well below the age where you come into your prime, we need to remember this.

  51. Yes thank you goonerwife ,but what if Eboue was my right back?
    He wasn’t but still my point stands still.No?

  52. I agree with george 100%. Basically what i was trying to say in my last line.

  53. I know that getting angry about Mark Lawrenson saying something stupid is like getting mad at a bear for shitting in the woods but, seriously, just read this:

    Going to ignore points about leadership and mental strength as they are too boring to even speak of.

    Going to ignore him talking about teams not ‘playing us at our own game’ because I don’t even know what he means – football?

    But, for the love of Jesus, what sort of world do we live in where somebody can get paid to say that “They’re still in contention for the Premier League title but probably need to win at the Hawthorns to keep their hopes alive.” This is so impossibly untrue that it beggars belief. Never mind the fact that it assumes that Man Utd will beat Bolton – they probably will but it’s still insulting – it also assumes they will win all their remaining matches.

    It’s absolutely staggering when you consider that we haven’t lost in 11 league matches – with a record of (in reverse) – DWWDWWWDWDW

    In that same time period the champions to be have a record of – LLWWLWWWDWWDW

  54. The trouble with the majority on this blog is similar to the trouble with our club i.e. If you dare to make a criticism of, or to question the wisdom of Arsene you are beaten with a big stick, that’s why Pat Rice is still in his job, he keeps his gob shut.

    In reality though every great leader needs a sidekick to keep his feet firmly on the ground. Dave Dein used to be AW’s sidekick.

  55. This period is when we can identify all our enemies. Mark lawrenson has always been a 1st class tool. Whenever i see him on tv my brain literally shuts down and blanks him out.

  56. delboy- there is a place for everything. Check out this site called le grove if you want to critisize and and insult our team.

  57. Luke.Him and Savage would be sacked for” gross incompetence “in and other walk of life.I find it staggeringly incomprehensible that the get paid,and paid bloody well,to spout such diabolical drivel.

  58. The way i see it. The media and other clubs fans have had a field day with their arsenal hate. I really see no reason to bend over and assist them. I have pride and so does Arsenal.

  59. Goonerwife

    ”if you want to critisize and and insult our team”.

    WTF are you on about you silly, reactionary bitch!

  60. Shut your mouth del boy you fool.

  61. Good words Darius. The point you make that we have negative comments from supposed fans when we are in the thick of the title race is spot on. It really is strikingly obvious that many of our fans have been spoiled over the years and probably only started supporting in the glory days.

    Lots of feet stamping and uneducated decisions being made.

  62. We should remember that we all feel down when the team suffers a set back,that’s normal.
    Negative fans and posters are necessary to kick start us back to positivity.When I read their posts I remember that I dont want to be a miserable bastard and my life immediately take a turn for the better.
    So in short ,we need thick miserable fans for our own well being.

  63. longblackcloud

    Lawrenson (amoungst others) has been banging on about it being our own fault going out to Barc, as “if we`d just gone to Braga and won like we should have” we would have topped the group. Anyone else pleased to see his beloved Liverpoo prove just what no-hopers and easy beats Braga are?

  64. els

    When in a battle of course stick together, but blind faith is naive, when you can’t have constructive criticism from within you move into dangerous territory.

  65. I suppose it depends on what the negative comments are. If people are abusing players, and calling them all the names under the sun I agree, it is out of order and not really acceptable.

    I don’t think discussing failings with the side as out of order though. I have seen a number of people on here raise a perfectly valid point only to get a load of abuse, and told that they are not a real supporter.

    It goes without saying than once in the ground everybody should be 100% behind the team and every player, and any thoughts otherwise should be discussed after the game.

  66. Calling good players like Bentner,Diaby,Rosicky and Arshavin rubbish,can never ever be regarded as “a perfectly valid point”

  67. Imagine having to watch Oshea, Gibson, Obertan, Felcher etc wear our shirt and thug their way around the Emirates… Bring on Diaby, Denilson, Rosicky, Arsh all day long.

    It feels great to be a gooner, I feel priviledged to watch these technically gifted players every week. Shame others don’t see it that way.

  68. goonerandy, a point well made sir

    george rodger, obviously those four are not rubbish but they are all open to some valid criticism, aren’t we all at some time?

  69. Geo

    You are just being silly and emotional

  70. I have yet to come across an intelligent person with a good knowledge of football,who is negative about this current Arsenal team.

  71. good one Els.

  72. delboy – calling someone a silly reactionary bitch is perfectly valid criticism yeah?? Not sexist or reactionary at all. Do you actually have anything to say that would be a solution to all the ‘valid criticism’ you’ve tthrown at the team? Very interested to hear something constructive from you, as almost all of your posts are reactionary and/or negative without offering any logical way around your percieved issues.

  73. Geo

    You are just being intelligent and cultured

  74. the only negative things about this team are the results.

  75. Luke,

    You done better than I did. I don’t even look at that media shit anymore.
    Have to admit, it can drag in a Gooner down on his luck and looking for somebody to blame. There are issues that we need dealing with but, until we start spending stupid amounts of money and be stupidly in debt then then we will always be an easy target for the media.


    Agreed, if we can get Diaby back to where he was then it’s all good. My main moan at him is that I wish he would take his defensive duties more serious. Again I get angry with him because we know what he really can do. People have said in the past that he’s like Patrick but, for me he has better technical skill than Patrick. Where Patrick beats him is that back in the day Pat knew when to try certain things and when not to. When to move up to join attack and when not to.

    I wouldn’t go as far as to Bendtner is crap or rubbish I just don’t think he’s a player that should be playing for Arsenal due to his lack of goals and work rate. Rosicky, has a slight excuse due to being out for so long but, he’s been back a while now and would like to see some goals from him.

  76. Silly and emotional!!! Hahahahaha!!! That’s pretty funny, well done.

    You may think that being positive and supporting Arsenal, and loving the technical game that our players have been brought up to play is silly, fair enough, that’s your opinion… But emotional? I’m feeling pretty chilled about the whole thing to be honest! You’d know if I was being emotional.

  77. The spuds meet Real Madrid. The Spuds are out! Chelsea and the Mancs now have three matches against each other. Very nice.

  78. goonerton – Vieira was more defensive than Diaby, and the comparisons never struck me as accurate as they are very different (other than being french, black, tall, and playing in midfield). And Vieira started reaching his best from 27 upwards. 3 more years for Diaby to get to his best.

    George – thanks! As have you, as always.

  79. It was Myles Palmer that proposed Owen Coyle should replace Arsene Wenger a good few months ago. No surprise there I suppose!

  80. 3 Georges, nice.

  81. Well mugs, thats my bit of fun for today bye

  82. DelBoy

    What tells you that there is no criticism and heated debate in the coaching staff? Are you a spy that follows Wenger 24/7?

    Wenger has huge influence on all the decision at Arsenal FC, fact but that is totally normal because he moulded the club into his philosophy. But it is completely short-sighted to think that what is said in front of the camera is what is said in private.

    It has been said many times on here that obviously if Wenger is not happy with the performance or the attitude of a player he will definitely not come out in the media and say X has a fucked up attitude or that Y’s performance has been well under par but will deal with him face to face and help him improve his performance. Why do you think, some players have suffered misterious injuries? Wenger will NEVER criticise a current or former player in public.

    Mourinho is often use by Wenger bashers as a counter example, I don’t like the guy and don’t think he has revolutionalised football but one thing you can’t take away from him is that he is an expert in psycology and his result shows how important this is in a successful coach and if you look at what Mourinho does is act as a dick, take all the spotlight so nobody concentrate on the performance of his players and like wenger he has never critised a player in his team.

    The transfer saga and all the interviews coming out from Arsenal just show how secretive the club is about its business so the fact Rice does not talk to the sun to say Wenger is a moaning frenchman who destroys british football does not mean that in private and when making team selection there is no heated debate between them. Similarely, when Hill-Wood or other member of the board say that they have complete faith in Wenger and his project, it doesn’t mean that they don’t put pressure on him to achieve the objective that has been set.

    The media moaning and bitching about Wenger, the players and the club in general is just a response to the frustration of not having insider information, no moles able to tell them that Wenger hairdryed him, or is willing to part company with him or is willing to add him to his squad.

    A lot of clubs have so much leaks that the coach cannot blink without the press reporting it in the following ten minutes but Arsenal does not and therefore those frustrated journalists have to invent or extrapolate in order to talk about our club.

    I am proud how our club is run and how we protect all of its member! When you say that this blog you cannot criticise you are wrong, you just need to find the appropriate time to do so and the business end of the season after bitter disappointments is definitely not the right time so let’s all get behind the team , show support to all players and staff at the club for the ten remaining matches and then we can draw conclusions in the off-season.


  83. Ah, as soon as he is asked to give something intelligent or constructive, he’s off, with a very original insult to all those who dared question his infallable logic. Have a good one man.

  84. Kenyan – good point that. It’ll be interesting to see how those three games play out…..

  85. This George thing is getting a bit out of hand

  86. Furious Styles

    Yowza. I assume King Gunnerluc will announce the official dates as to when criticism of the team on blogs is allowed, then?

  87. Sorry Frank, I blame the parents.

  88. “I have yet to come across an intelligent person with a good knowledge of football,who is negative about this current Arsenal team.”

    Couldn’t agree more George. It also neatly sums up the value of “opinions” by Lawro and that f*cking Welsh tool.

    Similar to Matt’s post earlier, I have friends who have supported lower league sides all their lives (with not a solitary silver bauble to show for it). They are often incredulous at the utter stupidity and spoilt brat tendencies of a section of our “support”. They believe Wenger to be something of a genius and can only see long-term success for this team. I value those people’s opinion’s about football more than any two-bit media whore.

    Owen Coyle? I mean, seriously.

  89. Goonerandy.

    My experience up in here is that those who articulate their arguments eloquently on either side and those who provide a good basis for such arguments are intelligently engaged. ACLF has some of the most intelligent conversation about football, as well as all manner of topics from politics, to history, to cuisine and culture to world events. People here are capable of engaging with issues intelligently and I don’t see why football should be an exception.

    The question is whether the majority of nonsense you see here (case in point Delboy above abusing Goonerwife) qualifies as being constructive, let alone being criticism.

    I can see myself for example, sitting down with some of the protagonists of either persuasion in a pub and sharing drinks while arguing our cases. And it will be fun.

    Let’s face it, do you really think that most of what has transpired this week on the blogosphere and in the media was constructive criticism? The negativity and poison is all around us. It’s like pornography – you know it when you see it.

  90. Furious when did I say that I am choosing when to start criticising? Tell me how moaning now will affect things? except bringing supporters calling eachothers arseholes or idiot,…

    I just pity you if your response is the only thing that you can come up with, very childish and unconstructive.

  91. I just altered my name from George to Georgaki because my mum thinks I am special and different. Anyway, I think it is easier being negative than positive. Negative is the default position, things can only get better. To be positive requires a certain amount of bravery, because things can only get worse!

  92. Borges Spinelli

    RIP, Freddie Garcha! I offer my humble condolence to his family. May God’s strength bring comfort, warmth and illumination to all dealing with the loss of their cherished, departed one.

    Borges Spinelli

  93. Anyone know the full CL draw – including the routes for the semis and who’s playing who if they get past?

  94. pep said that barca would have gone out if necklace could control the ball.

  95. duke – so basically if RvP hadn’t been sent off…

  96. I predict an Inter v Madrid final.

    Poor Spuds though – if they miraculously beat Madrid, they have probably got Broke Back waiting in ambush. I would have loved Broke Back to meet an English team in the quarters or semis though.

  97. Very sorry about your loss Flint! The Lord strengthen you and yours!

  98. Geo,

    lol. Love that. Also gives me more confidence in Diaby, when reminded of such things also had a look at the table again for the first time in a couple of weeks and after them lot keeping themselves bus with CL this is a good time to be a Gunner.

  99. Did you find that then Darius? Got a link?

  100. That’s the spirit Goonerton!

    Up the Arse!

  101. delboy, you are out of order, you should be ashamed of yourself. Not able to deal with criticism it seems.

  102. Geo – I found it on the Guardian sports pages.

    Inter meet Schalke, United meet Chelsea and the winners play in the Semis.
    Madrid meet the Spuds, and Barca meet Shaktar and the winners meet in the semis.

  103. Bloody hell! Even our loaned defenders are getting injured! Bartley’s done his knee ligaments now. We are cursed baby.

  104. I won’t wade into this discussion because the loss of someone so young means a lot more than the outcome of football matches or seasons and peoples feelings or opinions on a blog. I wish only the best for his family.

  105. duke I saw that. He didnt even need to control it, but thats history man.

  106. Good job DS!

    People are so hooked on themselves and having their opinion that they miss the whole point. This is not the time to cry and moan its the time to get behind the team, whether you agree with everything or not shouldnt matter.

    Its obvious we have a had a hard couple of weeks, will putting down the players and calling for Wengers head help us towards the PL Title?

  107. Looks like UEFA wants a Spanish side in the finals, Darius.

  108. I’m bloody lost.

    When one person poses both sides of the conversation, it is a worrying sign…


  109. Exactly Paul N some people like furious does not seems to understand that!

  110. All the best to Shakhtar. They’ve done well getting this far, hope they can do themselves proud against Barca.

  111. You do realise the draw is random?

  112. LOL YW – think you’re getting too old for this shit, huh?

  113. Borges Spinelli

    I agree with Geo’s above comment at 11:04.

    Luke, thanks for drawing light on a simple fact which many seem happy to forget. In comparison to our nearest & fiercest rival, Manchester United, over the last 11 matches played with 33 points available. Arsenal have picked up 25 points to their 26. A singular point difference. Not forgetting the fact we have a game advantage to United. Numerically, at least, we are virtually on par with ’em.

    At the start of the season, I remember a number of ‘seasoned experts’ confidently assert that Arsenal would struggle to hold down 4th position in the league; and at best. Fast forward to 3/18/11 – I proudly see my, perennially written-off team, standing tall in 2nd with EVERY chance to finish the next 10 games in pole position. That much is FEASIBLE.

    Question I pose to my fellow respondents, is: whose agenda does it benefit to have us hunged, dried and publicly humiliated?

  114. Supposedly random… supposedly.

  115. Another well written post Darius. Thanks.

    I agree that at this point everything that can be said about the last 2 weeks has been said many many times, so its time to move forward.

    I am insulated from most of the media you complain about and only regularly read this and Arseblog. I hope those calling for Wenger to be sacked are a very small but very vocal minority. There will always be fringe elements in any group and the internet gives them a place to soapbox. People like Robbie Savage say crazy things to get attention. I certainly don’t think anyone with bit of realism about the club thinks he should be sacked.

    I do think you are being a little harsh on the Arsenal fans. Some of the criticism you see is clearly over the top and the internet makes that unavoidable. However, I am suspect that the fans of ManU, Chelsea, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Inter Milan, Bayern, etc etc etc would be just as upset and you would see similar vitriol if they thru a “dry” period as we have. It seems people in the stadium and the traveling fans support the club. I rarely hear of booing similar to what we have seen at Stamford Bridge this year. Arsenal supporters are apparantly not as vocal as some but from what I read they never have been. As the prices at the stadium increase it probably will attract an even less vocal crowd so I doubt that will improve any time soon. I agree with GoonerAndy regarding the vast majority of the internet debate that occurs about the club. Not everything that happens is positive and the players know that. Just talking about the positives for the sake of supporting the club and ignoring some of the negatives does not fool anyone much less the players or coaches. Certainly some of the criticism is over the top and deserves to be ignored but reasonable discussions among fans about the both the good and bad is unavoidable and has been part of sports forever.

  116. Lehmann – I’m here to win the Premier League

    Love it.

  117. Borges Spinelli

    Surely, it isn’t beyond the realms of reality, to imagine that the lurid media possesses the ability and desire to concoct schemes that can psychologically derail Arsenal’s hopes. Afterall, money talks.

    If either of our arch rivals – Manchester United and Chelsea or Manchester City were to win the league, that sells more newspapers. And those clubs will attract big-name players, big-money transfers, which also sells more papers. Thus at the same time further providing the English Premiership with an even greater illusion of being the best league worldwide and generating an increased income for media & English FA alike. To maintain their power in an ever more money-oriented sport.

    Folks, think about it.

  118. Busch – Heh, it is random mate.

    You could just as easily argue that they want an all London Final.

  119. There are supporters and then there are people who listen to Talksport. Do they not get that radio stations have to be WUMs so people get all irate and ring in or send indignant texts. Same way shitty websites print stories with no basis in reality in order to get hits from idiots. Trouble is people are starting to listen to the bullshit.

    A Gooner friend of mine asked me if it was time for Wenger to go. I was speechless. Turned out he’d been listening to Talksport. It’s all right though, we had a talk and he promised not to do it again.

  120. “Luke, thanks for drawing light on a simple fact which many seem happy to forget. In comparison to our nearest & fiercest rival, Manchester United, over the last 11 matches played with 33 points available. Arsenal have picked up 25 points to their 26. A singular point difference. Not forgetting the fact we have a game advantage to United. Numerically, at least, we are virtually on par with ‘em.”

    It’s even better than that actually, they have played 13 games in that period compared to our 11. 1 more point in 2 more games. Lost 3 of their last 5.

    They’re away form is pathetic and they have a resurgent West Ham coming up after the international break, who obviously need the points, so hopefully they can do us a favour.

  121. @ Flint
    I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your great nephew.
    Great blog, Darius.
    “DelBoyEssex | March 18, 2011 at 1:10 pm |

    Well mugs, thats my bit of fun for today bye”

    That is all we need to know about how seriously to take his comments on Arsenal.
    Disgraceful and totally unprovoked insults to goonerwife.

    @ Furious Styles | March 18, 2011 at 1:15 pm |
    Can you not simply grasp that NOW is not the time? Why is it such a big deal with you people to be able to criticise and moan IN PUBLIC regardless of what it does to our chances?


  122. Borges Spinelli

    Mario Balotelli, as we say in Brasil, is é um otario. What a goofball!

  123. Great, cheers for that Darius.

    FG – such a shame delboy left us at that time. I was eagerly anticipating his response, as I’m sure he would have blown us all away, going on the incredible insight and innovative thinking he has shown… Oh well, our loss.

  124. Mario Balotelli, as we say in England, is a cunt.

  125. Wouldn’t it be great if Shakhtar could spring a surprise on Barcelona, courtesy of Eduardo?

  126. @ Geo
    ha ha

  127. ha ha to the Delboy comment, I meant.

  128. A problem I see is that no matter how abusive or silly someone’s criticism is they all think they are right and think it is constructive.

    I see no point to endless debate on what we shouldve done. Arsenal may not be perfect but we are surely closs to becoming as perfect as possible and that within our means.

    People are complaining about better back ups (to me that is crazy), but can you really say that this is the reason why we lost the last 3 cup matches? I dont see it at all.

  129. FunGun, I would love for Eduardo to go through.

    I am still upset that he isnt with us anymore! great striker!

  130. Lehman isnt going to be pissing around this time.

    good to get a winner on board to push us up that hill and over the otherside first.

  131. On a different note, what a story it would be if Lehman ended his career winning the PL.

  132. I’m late to the wake Flint but my thoughts are with you and your family.

    I’ll raise a glass to him and all past gunners this evening.

  133. I know FG, my next post didn’t exactly involve intelligent humour… Really don’t like the guy though!

  134. How do we see tomorrow’s team looking?

  135. Paul – “People are complaining about better back ups (to me that is crazy), but can you really say that this is the reason why we lost the last 3 cup matches? I dont see it at all”

    What do you think the team could have done differently in those matches?

  136. Flint – My deepest condolences at the tragic loss in your family. This tragedy puts my recent severe injury in some perspective. I totally empathize.
    – Words truly cannot convey my feelings especially to a one of the staunchest gooners on this blog.

  137. George

    Aaron Ramsay looked sharp in his cameo against the Mancs. It will be a joy to have him back in the ranks.
    Paul N – couldn’t agree more re Dudu. It feels like we were cheated. I can think of very few players who have furthererd their careers after leaving the real HOF (Cesc take note), but Eduardo is one whom I’d like to see do well (unless it’s against us).

  138. GA, as far as the Carling Cup, all we needed was better communication. FA Cup – better finishing and better defending especially for the 2nd goal. Gibbs is class, I doubt there is a better back up LB in the league but he wasnt at his best, Chamakh and Rosicky, two good players missed easy chances.

    As far as Barcelona, no Cesc backheel and a sensible ref and I see us going through even though we were not our best. NB couldve done better with his chance also.

  139. Paul – Agree with all that.

  140. Yes Flint, so sorry to hear your sad news. Colombia is indeed a dangerous place.
    Anyone know if Wenger and Nasri are appealing, or is there no appeal?

  141. Yeah I would also like to pass a belated condolences and best wishes to Flint McCullough. Tragedies like that put all the carping into perspective.

    Indeed, as do the all too real horrors unfolding in other parts of the world. Trying times.

  142. I might go back to being Dennis

  143. Paul

    The story would probably be changed to cast the rest of the squad to Hell and eternal damnation for not being winners.


  144. I’d like to see

    Sagna Squillaci Koscielny Clichy
    Denilson Wilshere
    Rosicky Arshavin
    Van Persie

    With Ramsey, Diaby and Chamakh playing a part from the bench. West Brom will be tough to break down.

  145. I don’t want Shaktar to go through – as should the unthinkable happen and the Spuds beat Madrid, they would have a route to the final….

    The horror, the horror….

  146. Almunia




  147. For some reason, I see a Chelsea – Madrid final in the offing.

    That is horrible enough.

  148. Matt – I read your last line with Marlon Brando’s voice in my head… scary stuff!

  149. Wouldnt be suprised about that Yogi!

  150. Goonerandy,I hope that is the team.Top selecting mate.

  151. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    RIP Freddie. Proper Arsenal man, the type you want on your side. Sorry for your loss, Flint.

    What a fine thing you’ve got going here, YW. You’re a legend. Props to Darius, too.

  152. The guy who stars in fever pitch Colin Firth…… a spud in real life! must have hurt to be kitted out in all that Arsenal gear. ha ha .

  153. Chelsea vs Madrid looks a good bet i echo that.

  154. If they do get to the final Geo, I am going to become Colonel Kurtz and go and live in that jungle temple.

  155. Flint McCullough

    My thanks toYW & Darius, for allowing Freddie’s story to be told today, alongside Darius’s excellent piece. The kind thoughts expressed in the comments are very much appreciated. Thank you all.

    Freddie was a special boy with a very strong friendly personality, well known & loved in the Muswell Hill area.

    I have been on media lockdown anyway & then football became a bit irrelevant for obvious reasons so I cannot contribute much to the current debate.

    It has obviously been ‘silly season’ for the D & Gs, let them wallow in their own muck, blind to the fact that 90-91 of the 92 league clubs’ supporters would just love to swap places with us right now & that has been the truth since 1998.

    Good luck to you all (esp Shotta) & thanks again.

  156. Take care, Flint

  157. As my office is closing at 4.00 for a staff morale boosting session at the pub next door, thought I’d leave you with a poser. A lot has been made of Gael Clichy being the only surviving member of the Invincibles. He didn’t play in the last game against Leicester – but another member of the current squad was on display!
    (just hope my memory is correct!)

  158. Haha! The world will be brought to it’s knees with the sound of: This is the End…

    Anyway, time to go home! Have a good one all, catch up monday.

  159. Cheers Flint – much love to you and all around you.

  160. welp, i’ve been waiting all week till that great 2 hours where i can sit down and watch me some quality footy. i think we should handle ourselves just fine tomorrow. a goal in the first 10 minutes would definitely help the nerves a little, but that is a little much to be asking for.
    Flint we all got your back, friend

  161. Lehmann, Lauren, Toure, Campbell, Cole, Ljungberg (Keown 87), Silva, Vieira, Pires (Edu 70), Bergkamp (Reyes 82), Henry

  162. Sometime life shows us a person who just makes you stop and think”I wish I could be as good a person as them”Flint is such a man.

  163. Borges Spinelli

    @Markus Diaby is not available for selection this weekend. I believe he has groin strain.

  164. Borges,where did you get that from about Diaby?

  165. I wasn’t counting Jens … so that’s three!

    The answer was RVP – stepped out on to the turf to be introduced to the crowd before the game!

  166. Borges Spinelli

    We are likely to line up as:


    Sagna, Squillaci, Koscielny, Clichy

    Denilson, Nasri/Rosicky, Wilshere

    Rosicky/Nasri, RvP, Arshavin

    Subs:Lehmann; Eboué, Gibbs, Miquel; Ramsey; Chamakh, Bendtner

  167. So both Pool and City got kicked out of the Euro thingy?

  168. Excellent…clickclickclick.

    Was Cesc not in the squad?

  169. Sorry I thought he became the youngest player to play for us in 03/04. Got me years wrong obviously. Fuck all is what I know.

  170. Pffft,Why is Diaby so frail?

  171. I know I know. je only played in the league cup. Fucking useless brain. Never worked.

  172. Borges Spinelli

    I reckon Wenger, intentionally left him out of the squad to prevent him from being called up for an international duties, and risk getting injured, again. Same goes for Song, Walcott, who might possibly be 80% fit.

  173. Naaah he just wasn’t ready at that time, Borges, he was only 16.

  174. Borges Spinelli

    Excuse the “an” typo

  175. Borges Spinelli

    I am referring to this weekend’s squad, Frank.

  176. Oh I thought we were ‘discussing’ the invincibles.

  177. Limestonegunner

    Condolences to Flint and family.

    A welcome post, Darius. Now is certainly not the time to let the team down, while we have a real chance at the title that means most to Goonerdom.

    Unfortunately, it is probably a good thing that we have an away game this weekend, since who knows what the mood would be like in the stadium right now if we struggle in the first half. I really hope that after the international break, we not only have the return of some our injured players but the support for our home games recovers and gets firmly behind the team.

    These days there is no point reading the papers or listening to the mainstream football media. It is all just terribly predictable and disheartening. Savage has something very personal against Arsenal and Wenger–I am not sure why. But what is more disheartening is hearing commentators I respect more, like Paddy Barclay, criticizing our manager on The Game podcast. The only approach now is to focus our energy on supporting the team in this stretch.

  178. Borges Spinelli

    Upon reflection, Chelsea v Man Utd in the Champions League is a good thing. As well as Man Utd v Man City for the FA Cup semi-finals. Knowing full well, how physical these games will be; the likelihood of United’s players getting injured will be greater. Therefore costing them valuable league points, which Arsenal can exploit.

  179. Limestone….maybe he’s still smarting from that time when Fabregas nutmegged him (a truly beautiful moment). Or it’s probably more likely that’s he’s just another thick c***t (or “ex pro” if you prefer) “writing” for a shameless tabloid rag who has to come up with so many words to fill a bit of empty space, that would be better left empty, and so comes up with something pointlessly “controversial” to fill said space and get a few more hits to said tabloids crummy website. Or something like that.

  180. Dups

    thanks for posting that link. Although he chose Sp*rs, Bill Simmons is a great sports writer and takes great interest in admiring the differences between EPL and American sports.. Most often he’s highlighting how awesome following an EPL team is. He loves the songs. Loves the passion. He’s a huge MLB Red Sox fan, part of the biggest rivalry in American sports with the Yankees. He’s quick to admit that, for example, Yanks/Sox can’t even hold a candle to Arsenal/Spurs etc.

  181. Paulie Walnuts

    Please accept my condolences Flint

    I`ve a feeling you`re right about AW leaving out Song, Walcott, Diaby & probably Cesc to save them from internationals.

    Maybe if it was a cup final or the last game of the season they would play but he probably feels the risk is too great with so many points still at stake.

    Hopefully the lads will have cleared their heads a get some luck tomorrow.

  182. Here’s a blurb from another page on the same article when he’s talking about picking an EPL team

    “Not to pull a Madonna on you, but European soccer stands out because of the superhuman energy of its fans — the chants and songs, the nonstop cheering, the utter jubilation whenever anything good happens, how the games seem to double as life-or-death experiences — and I can’t help but wonder if that same trait has been sucked out of our own sports for reasons beyond our control. And no, that same energy hasn’t completely disappeared; you can see a similar energy on display at Fenway, Yankee Stadium, Lambeau, MSG (if the Knicks and/or Rangers are good, a big “if” these days) and any other city with enough history and passion to override the evils of the Jumbotron Era. “

  183. Flint

    My most sincere condolences to you, your family, and Freddie’s friends. Thank you for sending YW that note and thank you YW for putting it up. Even though i’ve never met the man, he will be in my heart and mind as i watch the run-in. All the best.

  184. Wise true gooners will not buy or read the brit media and simply read excellent Blogs like this. keep up the good work. go Arsenal!

  185. Flint,

    Deepest condolences to you and your family. I hope AFC can bring a little cheer to you all in the weeks ahead.

    In memory


  186. Is he Dups. Oh fuck i must apologize to Mr Firth, there is nothing worse then being called a spurs fan. bloody daily sport, normally they have their facts right.

  187. Flint, I am saddened by your loss and I hope he rests in peace.

  188. My condolences to Flint and family. Rest assured that Freddie will be surrounded by fellow arsenal fans, watching from afar, and drinking his favourite tipple.

  189. My condolences too Flint. May Freddie rest in peace.

    As many have pointed out this is not the time to throw negativity to the team, we have all summer to do it for those who wish it, now is the time of rallying behind them and fighting the good fight of being supporters for the ten games. go gunners go.

  190. In Arsene I trust!

  191. Where’s my trophy Arsene ???? aghhhhhhhhhhhh

  192. Its coming……..

  193. London buses.. he he..

  194. Player x for sale:

    There are rumours flying around that player x is being tracked by Arsenal, but also by Liverpool, Tottenham and Chelsea. It has been reported that Arsene Wenger has chosen x as the natural replacement for another player, rumoured to be at arsenal.

    x is only 21, but had a brilliant season at club y and has z caps for his country.

    Player x is unfazed by the speculation saying:

    “This speculation does not affect me at all. I’m just concentrating on my job and playing for club y. I have lots of friends at club y. We lend each other playstation games.”

    The other player, rumoured to be in the arsenal squad, is rumoured to have fallen out of favour with Arsene Wenger. Wenger dismissed the rumours however, saying that “We look to the next game”.

    A possible deal will only be in the offing if club y soften their stance on their release clause for player x, rumoured to be £££££.

    (Legal disclaimer here……)

  195. My condolences to Flint and as we say in Ghana “Freddie Nanti yie, damrifa dwie”

  196. “Player X is at risk if you do not keep up repayments on a mortgage or other loan secured on him.”

  197. Club y needs the money.

  198. “Paul N | March 18, 2011 at 3:11 pm |
    GA, as far as the Carling Cup, all we needed was better communication. FA Cup – better finishing and better defending especially for the 2nd goal. Gibbs is class, I doubt there is a better back up LB in the league but he wasnt at his best, Chamakh and Rosicky, two good players missed easy chances.

    As far as Barcelona, no Cesc backheel and a sensible ref and I see us going through even though we were not our best. NB couldve done better with his chance also.”

    See Paul, this is where you make the point for the people wanting better backup players because with the exception of Cesc, all the ones you have mentioned are backups. I by no means am against those particular players, but you’ve scored an own goal there mate.

  199. Then show us teams that have better backup players. Show us a team that has players of the class of Bendtner and Chamakh as back up strikers. Show us a team that can have somebody like Arshavin as a “back up” to Theo/Nasri. The only team I can think of that has a high-class back up striker is Bayern with Klose who is a back up to Gomez. But Klose is quite old and not the player he used to be …
    You need players that will be satisfied with the back-up role.

  200. Best squad I have ever known

  201. I have no doubt that we are potentially the best squad ever assembled. Confidence is all that stands between the “are” and “potentially” and we fans have a role to play here. I am no prophet but I would wager that if we can keep this squad together with the occassionally necessary house keeping, we will make history over the next five years.

    As for today, oh I’ll await Yogi’s missive.

  202. Evil Frank, very good morning.

    “Best squad I have ever known”?!
    Please, the gifted thinker and theorist like yourself deffo can do better, quit parrot it after your leader… Analizing facts can help here perhaps…
    This squad as a whole is reasonably better that spuds’: a-team is superior to theirs but in fact, it pains me to no limit to admit that, the b-team personnel our closest neighbors are posesing are much more efficient and actually capable to deliver the goods at a crucial times (Sandro, Kranjar, Pavluchenko e.g.) than our equivalent (D&D bum buddies are prime example). Worring, that…

    How do you guys feel about AW’s today quotes?:
    “At half-time the players needed an alert speech to bounce back and on that day Thierry Henry made a massive difference.”The team at the moment needs to show the same mental toughness and support for each other.
    “But there is no one specifically to lift the squad now.
    “It is a quieter dressing room because they are all young players and maybe it helps not to think too much about what has happened.”


    …Ok, let it be a good day to get back on our winning tracks!

  203. By a country mile frank, by a country mile!

  204. You thought our fans were bad how about the Bangladesh fans then leaving with just 8 overs played.

  205. Even Denilson said we have no leader. The only reason we lost the cc final. Lee Dixon once said that before one game Adams gripped him up aganst the wall and said you better put in a fukin good performance today so he made sure he played a blinder, cant see anyone gripping up Denilson!!

  206. No way Guke, no way it happens,
    D&D slack brothers are totally safe in the current climat :(… sadly the dressing room as mute and stale as they come. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, so what happens in there stays in there obviously, but judging by bits and piecies of the info from there even one S. Wonder can see it is a polite place of serial underperforers…
    It killed me a couple of months ago to watch that Beep clip featuring Theo and Cesc, where the latter mirthfuly laughed the presenter’s suggestion about some rally cries before games: “we are not THAT english” he said grinning widely. And make no mistake, I do love Cesc etc but at that moment I remember my blood boiling at a scary degree…

  207. You sound like an old fart, MD. So what if our team doesn’t have a guy screaming stupid shit before our games. That didn’t hurt us any when our whole team was fit and we were blowing past teams like Barcelona. All of our players are hungry. If you want visions of Rudy or Shawshank Redemption, then get yourself a netflix account and watch those movies.

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