JD On The Rocks, MC Getting Hammered – Arsenal Time.

Ahead of the fixture at The Hawthorns, Arsène and the players will have been working out the whys and wherefores of recent defeats, how to avoid them and how to ensure that the remaining ten matches are won, a run that would ensure safe return of the Premier League trophy to its rightful home.

It is a run that is not going to be involving a number of key players, for part of it at least. Whilst Thomas Vermaelen has lost his season, Johan Djourou flits from despair to repair, not sure of his situation for a few days more,

When you dislocate a shoulder, it takes a lot more time. The thing with shoulders is that if you don’t operate and I played in a month, it could come out again. We’ll just have to see how it settles over the next few days.

Despite his consultant has said that he wants to wait to see if it will heal naturally, a crack team of Swiss surgeons were fiddling with their Swiss Army knives, readying themselves for action should their footballing masters decree international intervention necessary.

Equally disappointed is going to be Fabio Capello. Theo Walcott looks set to miss the trip to the West Midlands and with it England’s internationals, the former more troublesome than the latter. Walcott’s pacey outlet has been missed in recent matches and in an away game against a team fighting for survival, it is a different problem to be solved by the opposition.

We will know more come the end of the week but if he does not make the trip to West Bromwich, he will not be playing for England. Which will not do him any harm  whatsoever.

It is adding up to troubled times we are led to believe. Add in the missing Szczesny and Song, those missing are going to lead to a collapse in the title challenge. Apparently.

No evidence of this save for playing the team rated as the best in Europe and losing. Away from home. Or losing at the home of the team currently occupying top spot in the Premier League. The evidence is apparently based on cumulative cup defeats. One-off games now determine the outcome of a thirty eight game tournament. Apparently.

The players do not believe that to be the case, publicly at least. Johan Djourou observed,

I truly believe that we will be the champions. We are disappointed with our cup exits but the Premier League is still the main trophy, we are still on for it and we have to believe.

But what’s your motivation,

I think that people don’t give us the credit we deserve. We get a lot of stick because we haven’t won for a while and we just want to win to put an end to all that. To say, ‘That’s it, there it is’.

Good man, that’s the spirit. The spirit that a bunch of ‘chokers’ will never show, never have and never be capable of having. The spirit that players who are told every day that they are not good enough to have ever won the red of Arsenal, according to the sages of the electronic world. The players who have been world-beaters according to the same people six months earlier. It’s more confusing than a series of Soap.

In case your wondering, Marouane Chamakh agrees,

The final thing for us to focus on is the League and, knowing the lads and the qualities we have, I think we can win it. There are ten games left until the end of the season, there is no longer any room for failure, we have run out of excuses as we are out of all three Cups.

We are frustrated but we can win this title this season. It’s the right time. This is the last stretch of a long road to the title and we need to work hard.

The players want to win the title, the supporters want them to win the title. How can we demand that they show the necessary fight and spirit when it absent from ourselves. Now is it too much to ask that the players be given support and spared the bitching, until the end of the season. Probably…

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. Can’t be first!? Love your posts, YW – read a lot more than I write here!

  2. Nice article YW, thanks.

    I’d say it’s definitely too much to ask, based on the recent uproar and calls for wholesale changes. Song, Theo etc will all be coming back into the team and fitness at the perfect time, with other squads feeling the strain of 30 odd games, unleashing Theo will be a great weapon. Sounds like Manure’s defence is pretty battered now too, so we should see them slip up a few times between now and May… We need to beat them, and I think this time we will. The league is ours for the taking, so let’s help this team believe they’ve got what it takes, rather than spouting negative shite and complaining about ticket prices, injuries etc. That can all be done if needed once the football’s been played for the season, and we have the premiership trophy in our cabinet.

  3. This is our best opportunity to win the leauge for a long time considering our current position in the leauge and the fact that Man U have a number of injuries at the back and are also competing in two cup competitions. We have some hard games to play though: Liverpool and Man U at home and Stoke, Spurs and Fulham away. These are not easy games. Let’s hope some of this talk is backed up by desire and will to win on the pitch as we really need to show the outside world that we have the strenght to go and win the title.

  4. I really hope you’re right Yogi – but my dip in confidence in the team’s ability to win the league is derived from the manner of our recent defeats against Brum and to a bit-part Manure side in the FA cup.

    We should have won both games but where is the guy who seizes the match by the scruff of the neck and says I am going to take responsibility for this and forces the result? Wilshire has it and Cesc has it. But in those two crucial matches I haven’t seen it from anyone else.

    Time for RvP and Nasri and everyone else to step up this weekend and say anything less than 3 points is not an option. Talk is cheap, it’s time to see it on the pitch.

  5. morning
    good post
    actions speak louder than words…

  6. great post YW.

    the trip to WBA will be very telling for my opinions on the rest of the season. I will always hope until we are mathematically out of it.. but if we’re gonna go on and win this thing, which I think we will, we 100%, no ifs ands or buts about it need 3 pts.

    Come On You Gunners!!!

  7. yibeltal belachew

    the principal thing is to win at westbrom and it will be after that things will go smoother up to the end of the season. While I spoke like this the presence and good performance of Fabregas, Nasri, RVP,defenders and perhaps Almunia could be indispensable.

  8. Delia---Block 112

    The blogs have spouted out far too much negativety this week , it’s driving me to drink! Do you think sending Arsene my hair drier would help the cause?
    As always COYRs

  9. O’Shea out for five weeks, Rafael for three weeks, Rio might miss the rest of season. vidic still struggling.

    Gonna be a photo finish this year, hope some fans can take some time off moaning to enjoy it. We have the right to question certain aspects but there is plenty of time at the end of the season to objectively anaylse the 38 games.

    Wonder what the odds are for RVP golden boot and Arsenal to win the title?

  10. Last of the Country Gentlemen
  11. LOTCG

    It would if I hadn’t seen that Bolton have taken 1 out of the last 18 away from home. Won’t be holding my breath for any favours from them on Saturday at Old Trafford.


  12. Last of the Country Gentlemen

    Since being humbled by Chelsea, they have had (very) late defeats to Tottenham and Liverpool and a draw at Newcastle, so they are improving 🙂

  13. yogi
    funny things happen in footy..you never know bolton may do it..
    nobody expected us to lose at home to brom but we did..
    although mathematically the league is in our own hands i feel we need the mancs to drop points as much as we collect ours…just to be on the safe side…
    so although no holding breath it will be defo fingers and toes crossed

  14. Jon Jon
    If we do win all of our remaining matches it would mean that Man U would drop 3 points as we have to play them. It is indeed still in our hands!


  15. gunnerluc
    that will be the ‘6 pointer’ me thinks..
    but id rather be 6 points ahead of them at that point just so when we beat them weve wrapped up the league…
    its squeeky bum time…the injuries dont help but the mancs are just as bad and if we get most of our lads back fit after international break then its on..
    one game at a time 3 points and lets see what the mancs have got without fergie barking orders at everyone

  16. Anthony Timothy

    No ifs and buts. Three points is a must.There must be zero errors. If the defenders continue to make basic/repeat errors that’s it. He /They must be shipped out if the gunners want to win.Does the name Taibi register with gooner fans?After a string of high file blunders he was exiled with immediate effect by the red faced.
    If Alumunia makes errors I wonder if Wenger will be brave to drop him.Well Wenger had it coming. If the gk makes errors,its goodbye for another season. This time if the arrogant FM doesn’t get a new ,experienced gk,then he better reign.

  17. Anthony Timothy – I had a little trouble making sense that last line, but fear not – Wenger will continue to reign. So are you saying that Chezney doesn’t have what it takes to be a winning GK? I think he’s shown he can be as good as his rivals in this league, and at that age, that’s pretty special.

  18. Agree JonJon, being ahead of them by the time they visit the Emirates would be perfect but I have the feeling they won’t roll over that easely and that that match will probably be the title decider.

  19. YW, top post. It is never too much to ask real supporters to fight and support and never give up; just like they expect the team to do. People who support Arsenal, who understand both the meaning and the commitment of the word, are right there with you. The attitude expressed by those like anthonytimothy has no place in such a universe.

  20. Part of me was wanting United to draw Barca so they could embarass them, even though the praise wouldnt come from the media, in a way that made us look really good. I mean like 5-0 at OT or something like that.

    But I got to thinking, especially with their injury record, I should want them to draw Schalke or Shaktar and stay in the competition as long as they can so their fixture list remains clogged, while we have one midweek game the rest of the season.

    Lets have Sp*rs draw Barca now, and later on, preferably semis, they can draw United and just subject them to the footballing equivalent of a nice, sweaty T-Bag.

  21. For the record, Spurs should be subjected to the footballing version of a “Gonzo” at Barca’s hands… I’ll let you guys try and figure out what that is..

  22. When is the CL draw?

  23. Friday I think, Gunnerluc.
    NJ, how close to a dirty sanchez is that?

  24. Gris Gris | March 17, 2011 at 1:03 pm |
    YW, top post. It is never too much to ask real supporters to fight and support and never give up; just like they expect the team to do.

    I understand that the team needs its fans to stay positive at this point in the season, but couldn’t help but wonder about your statement that supporters should fight. Who should they be fighting exactly? Doomers? Other teams supporters? 😉

  25. “Wilshire has it and Cesc has it. But in those two crucial matches I haven’t seen it from anyone else. ” seeing as only these two players have the knack of winning us games how come we have lost games that they have played in?

  26. So Arsene has confirmed that Mental Jens has indeed been signed!

  27. It’s def friday gunnerluc

    Gris Gris — similar in general nastyness, and equally degrading. google the Muppets character Gonzo.. that may lead you in the right direction

  28. Henristic…it’s obvious, isn’t it 🙂 The forces of darkness that would say “sell that player, he made a mistake in a game,” or “what Wenger needs to do is (insert comment that demonstrates superior knowledge of the game than Wenger),” or “bloody hell, the cider up here isn’t up to snuff :)”

  29. NJ, what does it say about me if Gonzo was one of my favorite muppets!(other than the muppet on ACLF)

  30. For the draw it would be quiet funny if Real and Barca were paired together as apparently they would then meet each other four time in April! Once in the league, once in the Copa del rey final and twice in the CL.

  31. Henristic

    We need to fight the feelings that creep up inside us that leads us to just wish we didnt care about some stupid football team. We need to fight our own hesitations to hope, bc if we don’t hope, we can’t get hurt.. its much easier. But we must fight for that hope, we must tussle with our despair, our fear, our desires to simply shrug our shoulders cynically, and write off the team. This is our time as much as it is our teams. The battles that are playing out in the blogosphere are the ones going on in the locker room. Maybe with fewer explatives and perjorative racial slurs… but this team needs us to believe just like we need them to believe. It is NOT a one way street.


  32. Well done Yogi!

    I hope it isnt too much to ask the supporters to quit the moaning and support the team. Given what has taken place over the last few weeks, the players need the support now more than ever.

    Only Wilshere and Cesc have it, huh? I dont even know what to say about that comment. Neither have been Arsenal’s best player this season, it has been Nasri. I am wondering how we won when Cesc was out injured?

  33. RvP, Theo, Sanga, Djourou, Song etc have all been shit too. They just don’t have it.

  34. So many examples of nonsense out there that make up the forces of darkeness – not least of which the “I know better than Wenger” brigade.

    e.g. bloke in the row behind me at Wembley “Fiasco” Final saw it this way: “we’ll win nothing until Wenger signs some wingers”!!! Sometimes you wonder if they even know what sport they’re watching…

  35. Gris

    Oh no. That’s most troubling news. I also thought of our muppet typing that in.

    care to wager a guess yet?

  36. I am not suprised your patience wore thin and you felt the need to moderate so many people YW.

    The constant drivel that appears from people that claim to support Arsenal football club every time we lose a game is nothing more than mind numbing.

    I was speaking to a friend who supports Portsmouth yesterday, and they expressed pure disbelief at the amount of so called Arsenal supporters they come across that spouts utter doom and gloom nonsence, and cannot believe that any true fan of our club would want AW to resign.

    It is nothing more than embaressing when even fans of other teams can see how good we have got it, before the vocal minority that not only associate themselves with AFC, but actually take the time out to publish their thoughts on the internet.

  37. Excuse the dreadful spelling!

  38. Does it involve noses and orifices NJ??

  39. Can’t wait for this match like no other due to what’s happened in the past two weeks but, saying that my normal confidence in the team pushing such sides away has taken a knock. Wenger really needs to stop talking about mental toughness etc and start getting them to show it to the last man or it will be another season of excuses.

    WBA, a total footballing side that now have Roy at helm so how will they come out ?

    He couldn’t of got them to change their system in such short time already to play us could he? If he has done this then maybe they won’t be in sync properly and we can take full advantage.

    Now is the time for Nasri, VP, Arshavin to really want it and show that they want it. I hope more effort is put in from now until the end then we can bring home.

  40. Had to replace MC Escher with my other favourite artist…

  41. why did my name change? Not used to this gravatar malarkey…

  42. MJ Gunner @ 1.39pm

    Well, I printed the page out and made a scale model of the Mary Rose. What did you make of it?


  43. We have all seen that this team is mentally tough so why cant Wenger talk about it? This is not something we are waiting to see, its something that is evident.

  44. @Yogi – Tissues…

  45. Ha ha ha ha. What loss to the team top of the table???.dont you mean the team at the tops reserves.

  46. A team with 8 fucking defenders starting you MUg. Very ambitious play indeed.

  47. emu, can you name the United team that we played? lets see if it was really a reserve side.

  48. NJG,
    My, my, you do sound serious with this stuff. Shouldn’t you then be on legrove or someother place where these ‘dark forces’ congregate and presumably do damage?

    At least you can see that Yogi’s been doing his bit with this his new found taste for banning the more annoying characters. 🙂 Not that they were much of a problem on this blog.

  49. God I hope we’re able to bounce back to winning ways against WB. Tired of all the negativity. Not just the negativity of doomers on places like legrove, but the not so obvious kind on here. You can tell that behind the occasional blustery and doomer bashing, many posters really are deflated. The enthusiasm of the pre-CCfinal isn’t just there anymore. Having to constantly make excuses takes its toll I guess.

    We just need one win, and it will be all sunshine again. COYGs!!!

  50. Paul – The one with two full backs, a utility defender, and Darron Gibson in midfield. Hardly a quality line up?

  51. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Thing is Henristic you only need half a fucking brain to realize the sun is shining brightly on our squad and we’ve got a hell of a chance. Anyone who thinks otherwise is just soft and weak in the knees.

  52. Paul N,

    I obviously have nothing better to do so let me play devils advocate and question your statement about mental toughness. How can you you say “we have all seen that this team is mentally tough’. Isn’t that an extremely rose tinted view of the past few seasons?

    Mentality comes to play in the biggest matches and/or in relatively extreme situations (e.g.f poor ref, playing with ten men, coping with injuries etc). We have rarely exhibited mental strength in these situations have we? IMO this team still have EVERYTHING to prove in the mental toughness department.

  53. Thanks for the post Yogi. I can not believe how difficult it must be to write something new and fresh everyday especially when we do not have a mid week game. I can not imagine how difficult it will be during the upcoming inter lull. Thanks for doing this for us.

    Lots of dooming and glooming lately and the ticket price rise was certainly not well timed from a club PR standpoint but such is life. Sorry to see you had to use your inner Steww and send some of the characters to the dreaded spam bin. I have fortunately never had it so I hope Stewwosis is a temporary self limited affliction. Jon Jon is not always the most popular poster on here but his post at 11:49 was the comment of the day.

  54. the best way to keep fans on side should be wenger not opening his mouth between now and the end of the season, because every time he says something you just want to shout in frustration. todays nuggets including he never expected TV to be fit this year, conclusion being either he lied in january or he made the stupiddest gamble ever which as always has come back and bitten him in the behind, and the we only slightlt lost to Barca, what a load of rubbish the man talks!!!

    so arsene, please don’t talk anymore and lets just see how far we can get with the few decent players we have left standing.

    what are the bets that diaby and denilson will again be heading our dynamic midfield this weekned!!!

  55. How are we in 2nd place then Henristic?

    So we lost to Barca because we were mentally weak? I presume coming from a goal down to beat them means we are weak? I also gather that if we were mentally tough we wouldve beaten Barca inspite of the refs decision, going down a man.

    it seems to me that the only team that has mental toughness to you is the one who wins a certain competition. Since Birmighman won the CC does that make them have more mental toughness than the likes of Chelsea, United, City, Spurs and us?

    “Mentality comes to play in the biggest matches and/or in relatively extreme situations (e.g.f poor ref, playing with ten men, coping with injuries etc). ”

    So if we perhaps lose a match due to these its because we are mentaly weak. From that perspective the whole PL is mentally weak.

    Anyway that cannot be correct as you have to mentally tough in every single game you play.

    I disagree with you 100%.

  56. You sound deflated Henristic. 😉 Are you just playing devils advocate or do you actually think this team is mentally weak?

    Looking forward to seeing more of Aaron in the coming weeks. I miss his direct running, passing and early shooting. He was looking so dangerous last year, let’s hope his confidence isn’t drained and he can bounce back quicker than Edu. Ramsey and Wilshere in the middle is a combination I’m going to be salivating over for years.

  57. GA, is that a reserve side is my question? no whether you think they are good players.

  58. we have lost almost every big game we have played in the past 5 years, our record against the other top teams has been a disaster, these are undisputeable facts, you either lose because they have more quality which is true sadly in most cases and also when the other teams have more bottle and know how to win. last week was classic example, we had a stronger team than utd but we never really looked liked winning and looked like a team who never believed in themselves. even in the cc final despite being a miles better team than birmingham, we played with no belief whatsoever.

  59. should play ramsey, wilshire and nasri in the middle on saturday, or 4 4 2, if we see either diaby or denilson again after their appaling performances recently it will be very depressing, those three will play with passion and skill.

  60. dan, did you expact a bunch of youth that were being groomed to beat the bigger clubs consistently?

    We have though improved on that apart from United this season so why not look at the positives?

  61. So frustrating that people dont realise what we’ve got here and that it is still a work in progress. Is it the end of the world if we finish the season trophyless? Hell no. The most important thing, imo, is keeping this squad together for the next few years and then we’ll see what they can do.

    At the start of the season, those who now think we’re in crisis, were all dismissing our chance to even get into the top 4 for fucks sake. And now that we’ve overachieved on their predictions, they suddenly feel that we should have won everything… Get a grip guys.

  62. Apart from the D&G brigade, the worst thing about reading a blog has to be the ‘we should do this’ element.

    What qualifies anyone to suggest they know who should play on Saturday better than a manager who watches the squad in training all week?


  63. not consistantly, but 2 wins in 18 over utd, tells it’s own story. this year we beat a chelsea taem on the decline (very well mind you) but you can not deny they consistantly fail when it matters. They haven’t been “youth” for a few years, that comment is simply untrue. This year they aren’t youth and have completely bottled it again. it is the nature of the players not the age, one of the only players to have come out of this horrible period is a 19 year old boy!!! whilst more experianced players, and i won’t bore you with the list as you know them all well have completely let the club, manager and fans down. it is time the manager got rid of them not continually played them.

  64. dan, dan, dan…why get so down? Take an honest look at yourself and answer this question: how much of my feelings of self-worth are wrapped up in how Arsenal perform; how the manager at Arsenal manages; what teams we beat; what silverware Arsenal win?
    I feel from your comments that the answer to the above questions is: far too much!
    Please do not make the mistake of assuming that I don’t care about any of the squad, manager, trophies, etc… because I do. It’s just that when the team doesn’t meet my expectations I don’t get so upset that I lose what little logical ability I have and start to second guess the manager and the players.

  65. Just the kind of positive support our team needs dan. Nice work. At least you aren’t naming names, that’s good of you.

  66. Paul – The midfield is the engine room of any side. Their midfield was light years behind ours, yet the still won. Its was disapointing.

  67. Dan, yes we all wish our record was better against United and that will come but there is improvement so we should focus on that.

    Well, Chelsea gave United a real beatin even though they are declining. Oh and this Chelsea team has already won the PL accorinding to all at the beginning of the season.

    How can Arsenal win, if we as supporters find an excuse as to why we beat a “big” team. Dont ask for Arsenal to beat big clubs and then come up with excuses when we do.

  68. And yes, it was a 100% reserve midfield.

  69. “Dont ask for Arsenal to beat big clubs and then come up with excuses when we do.” well said Paul.

  70. geo, at what point does it stop being a work in progress, we are at six years and counting, 8 or 9? do you really think we are going to get more from, rosicky, arshavin, squillaci, eboue, diaby, denislon, almunia, you are utterly delusional, they need to get rid of half this squad not keep them. problem is they are all paid too much money and so our hands are tied.

  71. GA, it was not a reserve team is the point.

  72. paul, wasn’t giving an excuse, we actually played very well that night, the observation was they were on a horrible run and that result taken over the past five years was a rarity, which again is a fact.

    gris, fans should always be able to make there feelings known, no problem with that, all fans of every club, why shouldn’t we, because wenger is god and untouchable? which is basically where the whole problem lies.

  73. Fantastic, YW. Totally agree. As you say THEY will be analysing their performances etc, WE should be working out how to give them a psychological lift. No point in doing anything else.

    @ NJGooner | March 17, 2011 at 1:45 pm |
    Great post. Fans and players should have a symbiotic relationship.

    @ Paul N
    great posts again

    @ Henristic,
    Whatever your actual arguments are, all that comes across is that you are too scared of disappointment to hope for and believe in what you want. Don’t be. The worst thing that can happen is that we lose out on the league as well. There, I’ve said it. Has the sky fallen in? Given what is going on in the world today, can you really not cope with the risk of losing a football match or two? It might all end in crushing disappointment, but let’s not be part of the reason, eh? Back the team. Doesn’t matter whether you cling to this idea that they are weak – do you want them to do well or not? Are the squad going to play better or worse if Arsenal fans join in the criticism?

    @ dan
    If you can do better, go and get your badges and manage a top-flight team.
    Beating “a Chelsea team in decline” is classic. when they were top of the league I have no doubt you were lauding them as infinitely stronger than Arsenal. Classic inferiority complex – anyone higher up the league or who defeats us is miles better than us, but when we overtake them or beat them, tthey’re suddenly rubbbish. Well, that’s your problem. It’s got nothing to do with this Arsenal side.

  74. GA, what constitutes reserve team? Are Denilson, Gibbs and Diaby reserves?

    Another thing GA, we obviously dominated the midfield, our issue was in defending and putting the ball in the back of the net. So there goes your theory.

  75. I doubt Squillachi or Almunia will improve much, but Rosicky has only played one season since returning from injury, Diaby has bags of potential if he can stay fit (…), Denilson will improve as he’s only 22, Arsh is just going though a slower patch, Eboue can happily be our back up utility player imo. what about all the younger players that are looking better and better. Imagine how good they’ll be in a couple of years! Nasri, Song, Wilshere, Ramsey, Gibbs, Theo, Kos, Djourou, Chez etc. And of course we’ll still have Sagna, RvP, Cesc, TV5, Clichy etc who are all going to be at the top of their game at that time….

    And yes, I think considering the massive transition at the club, that it could well take 8-9 years, and that’s not a problem for me, not at all. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to win every competition, but I’m not going to turn on our amazing manager and team if they don’t. I’ll be treated to great football, and the joy of watching the aforementioned youngsters turning into some of the best in the world. I honestly believe they will.

  76. I’d prefer us beat the bottom and mid table teams and win the championship without worrying what our record is against the other top big teams are.

    We often do well versus European ‘big teams’. It was our poor play versus the teams we should have taken care of in our group this year that put us in a poor position. Much like our poor form versus a few mid – bottom table teams have us 3 back with a GIH, rather than up by however many. Plus, I think the extra matches in the Cups that we should have been able to avoid didn’t help either.

  77. fun gunner, your point has no relevance to the teams inability to win big games, you can insult me until you are blue in the face, but that doesn’t change the fact they are unable to win big games and thus ever win anything, these are the facts, why that is true can be discussed, but the facts are there for all to see and are indisputable. why do you think they keep failing when it really matters?

  78. that was to dan btw…

  79. dan, so Chelsea were on a horrible run? Ok, so how comes our team in not afforded the same leighway now.

    We lost two cup games in terrible fashion, got robbed by two bad calls and yet still the team should be brimming with confidence and we shouldve just beat United to death? is that it.

    I have to laugh! United have lost 3 out of 4 in the PL, Arsenal are undefeated in the new year but yet it is our mental strength that comes into question.

    Go figure!

  80. Paul – It was the same as us playing, Gibbs, Eboue, Djourou, and Denilson in midfield. Can you imagine if we had beaten United with that as our midfield?

  81. @ dan
    If you think that is insulting, you need to get out more.

    @ Busch
    Don’t we have a good record against the mid-table and bottom teams? Compared to the other big teams, I mean. People have even been moaning over the last two seasons that we are fine with those teams but we slip up against the other members of the top 4.

  82. geo, rosicky is finished, no point pointing to diaby & denilson’s age,they have been playing top level football for years, denilson is going backwards, and diaby the same, maybe the injury did kill his career through injuries, but he is another one, when you need something from him he never fails to let you down, the amount of good performances can be counted on one hand. AA is another who is past his best and just doesn’t ahve the drive and interest to get past those few magical moments and be consistant week in and week out. i used to think eboue was worth keeping, but this year he has been awful, and showed what a poor player he really is.

  83. If we were, or wanted to be any good at anti-football, we may well have beaten them with that team GA.

  84. GA, the point is that we didnt lose the match in the mid. Gibbs defended terribly on the 2nd goal and we missed some chances up front. Why are you harping on something that is irrelavnt according to what you yourself has said.

    If we controlled possession, its obvious that our mid was not overrun or outplayed.

  85. @ dan
    even if everything you complain about is true (which it is not), what is the point in moaning on abotu it now? No-one can come in, no-one can be sold. This is the squad we have, and the more confident they feel, the better they will perform. That confidence is the only contribution we fans can usefully make. That is the point of YW’s post – at this stage, your “right” to lambast the team is trumped by the need to support the team no matter what.

  86. I was thinking about that Geo, if we put those players in the mid and wait for the counter, I couldnt see United beating us at all.

  87. paul,

    you are totally missing the point, teams go through bad phases and have bad decisons, there is no disputing that and we have been unbelivably unlucky in the past few weeks. but that misses the big picture of fundemental problems that hapeen YEAR in YEAR out, utd have just lost 3 out of 4, but are top of the league, still in both cups and will probably do the double, with what quite frankly is a very avaerage squad of players.
    we have had defensive and goalie issues for years, we have had injury problems with the same players for years and years, we have the same bottleing it at the key moments year in year out. It NEVER changes and this, oh it will be better next year conversation happens every year, i am 100% sure if you check the archive blogs from last year, many were saying, if only theo and cesc were fit and if we only had proper cover for TV and didn’t have to play silvestre for 6 weeks, if diaby could just stay fit, if RVP could just play a full season, if we only hadn’t havd got barcelona. IT NEVER changes!!!
    and never will until something happens to break them out of their current cycle of being content to make a profit and finish top 4

  88. Fuck me,I want to know then,when we get rid of the deadwood,you know,Denilson,Rosicky,Eboue,Arshavin and Diaby will we replace them with truly world class players like Gibson,Fletcher,Evans and the likes that Manchester United have as their back ups?

  89. fungunner,

    I believe it has flipped a bit. A couple seasons ago we had the best record versus the other top four, but had some slip ups.
    This season (and I know every ‘top’ team has had their slip ups, too) just a few of our dropped points v WBrom, Newcastle (twice, blank spot in my memory about away to them), Sunderland (twice) and trying to ignore the Spuds fiasco could mean we’d be free and clear of what many of us see as a pretty mediocre United squad.
    Obviously one can’t expect perfection all the time and there are occasional slip ups, but the hallmark of most champs is taking care of business on that end and the results v the other top table squads just determine the size of the margin.
    Hopefully we take care of that business on the run in, eince it is in our hands to do it.

  90. fun,

    just giving an opinion, you don’t really think our beloved closeted players have any idea what we the paying public are thinking and they certianly don’t give a monkeys either way about us!!!!

  91. george, that opens up another discusiion about what sort of manager ferguson is, how he can take such average players and make them winners, and our manager who has probably atechnically better squad of players and continually doesn’t manage to get the best out of them.

  92. oh dear oh dear! When did King Eboue join that list???

  93. dan, I get your point. What you miss is that we are a work in progress. YOu say we havent been youth for years but does that change the fact that Chelsea and United have more mature squads that ours.

    As far the injuries, your suggestion is?

    “utd have just lost 3 out of 4, but are top of the league, still in both cups and will probably do the double”

    I just love confidence!

  94. dan – I was saying they have plenty of potential. They are still young men, no matter how much football they’ve played. Nasri had played plenty of football, only for him to be twice the player this year. why won’t it happen to them who are at a similar age..? You arent at the top of your physicality until 26+ anyway, so hardly any of our team have even experienced that physical toughness (which also breeds mental toughness).

    What I’m saying is – you are being harsh on players who have obvious talent, and I think just need something to spark them into life, like Nasri last summer. Winning something may be that spark… May be wrong of course, but optimism’s much more fun.

  95. You know we shouldnt bring up injuries, should we? If we were mentally strong we could deal with losing like 5 players from our first team and beat the best by 3 goals.

    I get it!

  96. I truly believe that if we could foul the opposition ,in our box at the Emerates,with a penalty only being given against us once every 10 years or so,we would win the league every year.

  97. I agree with george and Paul.

  98. longblackcloud

    On the leadership debate, I seem to recall the press being dismissive of Vieiras leadership when he 1st got the job, constantly comparing it unfavourably to TA. Does that ring any bells with anyone else?
    He certainly grew into the job and is now held up as one of the chacters we are missing

  99. George, correct! United didnt get a single penalty called on them a couple of seasons back! oh ok, maybe 1.

  100. lbc, I think the comparison was made because TA was a very obvious shout and scream at ’em leader where Vieira lead by example rather than getting in the other player’s faces. Fabregas is fromt he same mould as Vieira as captain. Maybe a bit of ranting and raving might help some players? I don’t know the answer to that, but if so the having Jens around for the run-in might do the trick!

  101. Gris,

    Sorry for the delayed response. It involves a certain appendage posing as a nose while a pair of other apendeges occupy two round areas near the nasal region.

    So Gonzo with a big nose…..

  102. Can anyone find out the total goals & assists by Andriy this season? I am that would shut these buggers up!

  103. Paul – My point is that it was disappointing to lose to a side which was considerably weakened. When I saw the lines I thought that the match was there for the taking; additionally I also thought that winning the match against Manure would really give the team a shot in the arm. It was a shame we did not take the opportunity.

  104. Your comments are certainly risible enough, dan, but the delivery is too by-numbers for my liking; plodding… generic… cliché, after plodding… generic… cliché. I think you’re a troll.

    We’re trying to win the league. Fuck off.

  105. Chin up, goonerandy. That’s old news. It’s Thursday.

  106. GA, I am dissapointed also but no game is won on paper.

  107. There you go LA

    W’e’re trying to win the league. Your either with us or against us. Simple as that.

  108. Paul:

    If the refs and FA are crooked and United get all the calls then how can you be confident. If true, we have absolutely no chance. I have been a ref apologist on this blog all season but even I have to admit that they have been consistently terrible this year. However, to continue to imply that they are intentionally favoring United is quite a stretch. Trying to blame outside influences for the teams problems rather then asking the team to look in the mirror is part of a sports fans human nature that you have developed into an art form. I sure hope our players and coaches do not do the same. Making themselves feel better about the way they lose is probably not helping the ultimate cause.

  109. DAN…………………….DAN………………………………….DAN……………………………..he can’t hear me ………………………………………………DAAAAN……..nope………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….DAN

  110. it is good that you can fall back to abuse for someone you don’t agree with.

  111. Bill, can you point to where I said that, then we can talk.

    However from what i have seem even this season, United get the calls for the most part and you in the minority from what I have read as to not believing it. Even managers of other team have said it.

  112. paul, suggestion on the injuries, is sell players who get permanently injured, don’t rely on players who are permanently injured and buy players who are good enough to replace them when they are injured. our first 11 are better than anyone, it is when they are injured that the trouble begins.

  113. mj,

    I think his stats are: goals – 5, assists – 11

  114. man utd getting calls has no relevance on our losing to birmingham, barca, utd last week, maybe they do get more decisons than the rest, but we should as our manager always says be cocentating on ourselves.

  115. 5 goals is poor, and of the 11 assists how many were corners, (which is really a dumb statistic for an assist) there can be no denying he has been very poor this year, has amazing moments but too few and far between. if theo was fit he would still be on the bench. he is a great example of why this “youth” argument is a crock, he is old , experianced and has won plenty but has really let the team down this year when we most needed him to step up. was very telling how he was dropped for the barca game, wenger clearly didn’t trust him there.

  116. @ Bill
    You can have faith. We have so far garnered enough points to be three adrift with a game in hand, so why can we not take enough points in the future, despite poor officiating?

    The point is that whatever happens on the pitch, the team will do better with our support than without it.

  117. Well who the players we should get rid of? Fact is Cesc and song where out for the 2nd legs against Barca and Cesc was out at the end of the year last season? Should he have been sold?

  118. I think you meant ‘cossetted’ players, Daniel. You were not really ‘cocentating’ when you wrote that were you? Unless you were typing one handed of course. I can’t type at all when I cocentate, I need both hands. Always been the case. Don’t know why.

  119. Bill,the Refs and the FA dont have to be crooked,as you so well put it,they only have to be intimidated.I for one believe they are.
    And when push comes to shove,over the course of 38 games ,that small advantage counts for the difference.
    I think we have to be a good 10 points better than United ,over the season,to hope to win by a single point.If you get my drift.

  120. Well, at least my advocacy has got some conversation going, or maybe not…

  121. typing isn’t as good as it should be!!!!

  122. BTW forgot to mention this earlier, but you, ALL OF YOU, were integral in me solving a complex crossword clue that at first vexed me.

    It read “What you watch the beeb on”

    Hmmm I pondered, and then after a second or two, I remembered your guys awesome BBC slang and WOOOOOO I was so pumped! the answer was telly and man, rarely in a context unrelated to Arsenal , have I appreciated Arsenal so much.

  123. And you quantify a poor season by the fact that his stats are poor? Not to mention that yes he did lose his confidence but that he is coming off of the bench at present.

    Long may AA get some assists from corner kicks! They are very important.

  124. @ dan.
    Tortuous and self-contradictory. Is your real name J*ames, by any chance?

  125. Incitement. That is what is happening with doomers. The fellows at Le Grave et al. Incitement to hatred.

  126. @ george rodger
    Well said. Corruption doesn’t have to be about bribery, but some people are incapable of grasping distinctions.

  127. And it doesn’t have to involve a conspiracy, either.

  128. FG,
    lol, there you go again, misreading signals, or words….
    You make it sound like i’ll kill myself if we don’t win or something. When my post was clearly referring to the atmosphere on this blog. I miss the lively debate that normally goes on here when the team is winning.

  129. Correct. All you need for corruption to succeed is a weak will. Our referees are weak willed. Low intelligence helps. They have that too, or rather they don’t. Have intelligence I mean.

  130. Nope. Conspiracy completely unnecessary, I agree with that.

  131. paul, poor season has been regularly way off the pace, contributing next to nothing in most games, not chasing back, looking disinterested. do you think he has a good season? as i said a year ago wenger would never have left him out of the barca game especially for an out of form rosicky.

    with so many key players out we have desperately needed him to step up and he hasn’t. again compare him to jack whose enthusiasm as well as ability drag the team forward, that is leadership, that is what you need from people like AA but simply arn’t getting. i hope to god we see aaron starting games now, he is another one who will give us that push we need, he is another leader, by actions, he grabs games by the scruff of the neck.

  132. Big Jens is back and we’re gonna win the league.

  133. FG, my last post should read:
    You make it sound like I’ll kill myself if we don’t win or something, whereas my post was clearly referring to the atmosphere on this blog and the fact that I miss the lively debate that normally goes on here when the team is winning.

  134. The team IS winning. When did we last lose a league game? Biggest and best prize of all at the end of this one. It is all about trajectory. One of my favourite words.

  135. That i agree with you, the league is the biggest and best prize.

  136. Bill,
    I agree with Paul N that the mancs get a lot of calls going their way, compared to other top teams. They sometimes get some unfavourable calls too but over a season, I’d say they get more favorable decisions from officials that benefit them substantially. How significant that benefit is what is probably hard or almost impossible to quantify.

  137. With Arsenal it is always an upwards. One or two down blips, but then back upwards again. For ever and ever. Not many clubs are like that.

  138. Oh fuck where did that’an’ come from. Sometimes I believe that my magnificent, beautiful, highly intelligent and talented typing fingers have minds of their own.

  139. i always get a kick out of these wankers saying “we’ll never win ANYTHING, ever” that is such a stupid statement, coming from that guy Dan who has been writing on here a bunch. First off, our team wins game. More than every other team in the league besides United. i believe the reason we have lost so many games to United is because Sir Wankface has decided that he can’t match us for skill, so he puts all his defenders behind the ball and counter attacks. For a club as “glorious” as Man United, that style of play doesn’t seem captivating at all. rather dull i must admit.

  140. Indeed the team is winning in the league Frank (aside from the Sunderland game) and long may it continue!

  141. Also placing the responsibilities of “pushing the team forward” or having “the ruthless attitude” are quite large for two young lads like Aaron and Jack. Personally i would enjoy seeing those two playing a few games together. but when they go for a few matches without playing well, what will your verdict then be?

  142. william, changing the teams playing style to combat an apponents strength and compensating for your missing players seems like good management to me, the idea is to win the bloody games, which they did very comfortably in the end!!!

    i wasn’t putting the responsibility on them i was pointing out the differences between them who are both wonderful players and the dross that are diaby and denilson who take on no responsibility despite being much older and more experianced. i never said we will never win anything, i don’t think we are good enough to win either of the big two with the current squad, but as birmingham just showed any crap team can win a cup competion.

  143. I am not sure but he’s scored another 5-6 in other competitions. Plus a few more assists. Which is not bad ar all!
    I agree he’s been off form for a month or two, but to call him dead wood is so typically d**ming!!

  144. i never said dead wood, i said he wasn’t going to get an better and is probably past his best.

  145. And regarding that Barca game, to unleash him in the last 20 mins was a part of our plan, which very well worked in the 1st leg..

  146. Why are you so vociferous in you negativity, Dan. You made your point. Most of us disagree. Either move on, entertain or fuck off.

  147. sorry, don’t buy that all, he didn’t start the first game because he is behind walcott in the pecking order, yes we scored and he helped in the last 20 minutes, but ireally don’t think that was a “strategy” it just turned out that way. For the 2nd leg of a champions league game against barca, you don’t leave your best players on the bench in the hope that they may impact the last 20 minutes, like with rvp and cesc he plays the players he thought would get the result and that didn’t include AA, but a horribly out of form rosicky

  148. If I were Arsene Wenger or Samir Nasri, I would appeal. I would also smear the referee with so much shit that he will never work in football again. That was the most blatant match fixing that I have ever witnessed.

  149. thought we were debating, are we not allowed to disagree, i suppose it is more fun for you to say how great you are and how right you always are, even though you have been spouting the same crap for years and it never comes true

  150. Debating? I think you think you are ‘discussing’ not ‘debating’.

  151. Henristic:

    None of us watch United games the way we watch Arsenal games how often do 2 fans of opposite teams have completely different opinions about the same play? I have never met a sports fans who does not believe his team draws the short straw from the game officials. The consistent inconsistency of the referees make everyone unhappy and even United fans think they get cheated. Every team and player in the PL outside of the top 4 thinks Arsenal and other “top 4” teams get all the breaks.

    That said many people believe that game officials give the benefit of the doubt to the team or player currently on top. Muhammed Ali, Michael Jordan etc are examples and it may happen with ManU. However, that is not an excuse or the reason that we have finished behind them in the past and not why we have struggled so much against them in head to head play. We probably have better individual players but they are a better team. If we take care of the things we can control and play to our potential rather then worrying about the shape of the pitch, or the refs etc etc etc that can change no matter what the refs do. Behind closed doors, I hope the coaches and players admit that they need to be a better team rather then give themselves permission to lose because so many things are out of our control.

  152. ‘Oh yes it is’. ‘Oh no it isn’t’. Is what it always comes down to, Dan. Never gets further than that.

  153. @MJ – According to the official EPL stats, AA is second with 11 assists (after Nanny with 15).
    So he must awful.

  154. absolutely, each to themselves. it is ironic, as i rarely come on here, but the same people are syaing the same things year after year, this same discussion is as relevant today among fans as it was three years ago and that tells you something. what i think has changed dramatically in the past year is how more and more people have become what you call doomers and they really are losing faith, this site is about as positive as it gets out there nowadays.

  155. So why try to convert us all?

  156. statistics don’t tell a whole story, we all know he has amazing moments but there is not person who who can genuinely say that he has a good season, he has disappointed and fallen out of favour, if theo was fit he wouldn’t be playing at all, let alone being dropped for huge games even when theo is unfit.

  157. not trying to convert anyone, i couldn’t care less what anyone thinks, i respect everyones opinion and never slag anyone off, just having a good old vent and debate

  158. You are not debating. If you were you would have lost. Vent yes. You definitely are venting. Which is unfortunate for the rest of us.

  159. ConsolsBob would say that you should use blogs to support the team, inform or entertain. Which one are you doing, Dan?

  160. as i said you obviously need to feel that you are always right, sadly you were wrong three years, ago, two years ago and still now as we still haven’t won anything and we still have the same problems but i look forward to the day you are proved right.

  161. I don’t particularly think anyone “wins” so-called debates on this or any other site.
    Just because a majority agree with one side doesn’t mean it’s a win and there aren’t exactly unbiased judges to decide the outcome of a debated point.
    Plus, eventually someone states: If you don’t see it, you are blind, go ___ off.
    Discussion over. And low and behold, there is a winner.

  162. “Frank – ConsolsBob would say that you should use blogs to support the team, inform or entertain. Which one are you doing, Dan?”

    Create a criteria that already fits your agenda, then try to point out someone you don’t agree with doesn’t fit it.

  163. Just get Yogi to put a checklist of things you have to agree with, otherwise you can’t post. That should help in making the chat room you are looking for.

  164. frank has always belived he is god and is always right, even though nothing he has said in the past three years has ever come true.

  165. I know nothing about football or football players at the top level, Dan. I really don’t have access to enough information. However I am not wrong about this squad. No one on earth can predict trophies except certain UEFA officials. But I do know that the squad is getting better and better and better. We are set for enormous success.

  166. I’m not using the refs as an excuse for our current position Bill, but I have no doubt that over the course of a season, the mancs get more favorable calls than bad ones. I don’t think the comparative advantage they gain from officials is substantial enough to make that / much of a difference and no one can doubt they are one of the better teams around.

    As you say, it may well be because they are consistent winners. That might also explain why even Barca seems to be getting a lot of favorable calls from UEFA officials.

  167. I don’t undertsnad you, Busch. Your comment made no sense to me.

  168. I don’t mind the “you need to support your team” part. Heck, we can’t change that so need get behind the guys currently on the squad and hope they do their best.
    But the abuse people get who aren’t just trying a wind up or are at least being non-insulting in trying to express their points gets ridiculous.

    It’s like American politics in 2004.
    Doomers (like Alec Baldwin) have nothing good to say about the admin, badmouth all the probs in the club.. err .. country, claim they will leave the States if he wins again, but they never do and have no problem getting the benefits of same club.. err.. country they are part of.
    The opposites are like the far right republicans who say if you say anything bad about the club.. errr.. country or man in charge or his policies/social agenda you aren’t a true patriot and somehow a traitor to the country.
    Hard for the majority that falls between to really take points from either side because of the rhetoric and venom.

  169. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    My goodness you fuckers are dim. So he hasn’t been right the last three years. What does that have to do with this year? Lick your fucking wounds and grow the fuck up. You sound like a couple of spoiled teenagers.

  170. Henristic:


  171. yeah.. I reread it and it doesn’t make much sence.

    Should have read more like: “Create a criteria that already fits your agenda, then try to point out to someone you don’t agree with, that they don’t fit it.”

  172. Nasri Jones-Nasri,

    Maybe if you ever make a post that doesn’t include a swear word or a derogatory comment, I might take your “grow up” advice seriously.

  173. busch, thats funny!!!

  174. I still don’t fucking well understand what you are cunting well trying to say, Busch.

  175. The reference to American politics has me totally confused, old chap.

  176. Well, after digging all day I come on here to find Frank talking absolute bollocks.

    Frank, it’s educate, entertain or inform or fuck off.

    Granted that dan and Busch do none of those four things and, if I had thought of it, I would have added ,’or support the team’. Plus it is clear that dan is a twat and Busch walks a fine line.

    However, I am a fair man so I really do have to correct you.

    I do hope you understand, old boy. Reithian principles and all that.

  177. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Maybe people wouldn’t be so harsh if you weren’t so whiny. There’s plenty of other blogs that are sympathetic to your point of view.

  178. I quite understand, CB, old chap, and stand corrected.

  179. Bill, I may believe my teams doesnt get calls but thats not what we have with United. What we have is supporters of all the other teams and many managers saying they get treated differently. Again, you are in the minority but I guess you are right and everyone else is wrong.

    If United get calls in their favour, it can have in effect on who will win the PL. It would be naive to think otherwise.

    If we just take away the false penalty against Liverpool, we could be in the lead. What about if Rooney has to sit down for a few matches for his elbow to the head.

  180. Must remember.Exaggerate, enter, deform, fuck off. Exaggerate, enter, deform, fuck off. Exag…

  181. Nasir, you automatically assume my “point of view” if that of a doomer.
    Hate to break it to you , but I support Wenger, don’t want him to leave. I like the business model of our club. I want us too succeed and everytime they walk onto the pitch I hope every single player plays well.

    However, I have no problem discussing a players failings or thinking and talking about how Wenger might have gotten it wrong in certain instances. Not that I do much of either of those on this or any other blog. If I get slagged on for defending someones right to do so when they seem to be doing it in a non-antagonistic and fairly cordial way, then so be it.

  182. Never understood why ‘everybody is entitled to have an opinion’. Or why one should respect another fan’s opinion if it is utter bollocks. Allowing or even fostering debate, yes. Putting up with disloyal fools, no.

  183. Well said, FinnGun.

  184. Bill, I have even talked to United supporters who agree they get some weird calls.

  185. Paul:

    As I said in my post I do not disagree that ManU many have some advantage. Can’t prove of disprove. If it helps you to believe that is why we lost in the FA cup and why we are behind in the league then I am happy for you to feel better. I think whatever advantage that they may gain is out of our control and if we played well enough we would overcome that disadvantage. If the advantage they gain is so severe then our situation is hopeless anyway so I choose to believe it is not a big deal since there is nothing our team can do about it anyway.

  186. well said indeed!

  187. City can concentrate on finishing in he top 4 now. How many millions did that cost to put ogether?

  188. Fairly fascist opinion there Finn.

    Do people go over the line? Absolutely.
    People who only spout: Player X has to go! or Wenger out! I hate ____, We suck!, etc. while in the middle of the season and still competing? Sure.
    Saying: I don’t think Player X is up to snuff for our team, here are the reasons (right or wrong), I wouldn’t mind seeing Player Y for us (possible or impossible), Wenger would have liked to see Wenger do this or play ____? I don’t think that rates as ‘disloyalty’.

    Err.. unless that is an opinion one can’t have? or is it an opinion one can’t have of your opinion?

  189. (axe that first Wenger in the sentence)

  190. Who is stopping you from expressing your opinion, Busch? fairly Fascist? Bit pregnant?

  191. Oh sorry you mean ‘ it is fair for him to be a Fascist?’ Not sure I agree with that. I agree with Finn though.

  192. Bill if you think the mancs are treated no better or worse than other teams, watch this.

    The ref in that game is now the chief of the refs association.

  193. Bill, dont make me laugh. I never mentioned the FA Cup and neither did I focus on it as far as us winning the PL. I also never said it was hopeless, you did, I said they get blinkin calls that help them, and MOST other people agree with that.

    I didnt even bring this up!

  194. That’s true Bill, unless there is something we can do about the refs, its actually counterproductive to focus on them so much. We should be looking to improve our teams own capabilities. Thats about the only thing we can only control.

  195. Flip me, Paul, we haven’t heard ‘blinkin’ around here for many a year. Splendid. You really are a star.

  196. I wonder if we think before posting.

    The PL is won by points, if United get 3 crap calls that give them a win instead of a loss or draw you can have up to 9 points being gained. Thats just 3 macthes. How on earth can you think it can have no effect on the League table?

  197. *…we can control

  198. Paul @ 8:12:

    OK. I actually thought that your comment at 8:03 was for me!! Darn. (Wish I knew how to put one of those little smiley faces in my post.)

    Henristic @ 8:14:

    Agreed. No idea what goes on behind closed doors but hopefully coaches and team feel the same.

  199. I have noticed how those with, how to put it? A slightly less jolly view of things Arsenal, will 1st appear on here and act like they are right behind the team and manager, but are just a little bit dejected due to past results. Then they will happen to mention that a certain player is, um, not trying hard enough, the this will develop into quite a list and then, after a few more posts, this list of 9 players are completely fucking shite and needs to go, but no, I am still behind the team/manager. But after a few more; why doesnt Wenger sign this player? If only he had signed that defender the Sun linked us too, or if we only bought the player Alan hansen said we should… Then it transpires that in fact, Wenger has been lying to us for years and gets a bonus for not spending, I know its true, some one in the know on LG posted it and actually, now I come to think of it all you c*nts on here are completeAKB suck ups and you are deuded and not have an original opinion and all you lot do is just get behind the team, erm, supporting them n shit. Bah! I give up!

  200. ‘unless there is something we can do about the refs, its actually counterproductive to focus on them so much’

    That must be exactly the process applied that led to the use of neutral umpires and video replays in international cricket. And various other types of aid for the offiials in every other major, televised, sport on the planet.


  201. Or trolls.

  202. Both?

  203. In other news, big surprise, Rio Ferdinand is reported as being out for the rest of the season.

    The Slurgussian’s should’ve bought another CB.

  204. There has always been an element of anti-support amongst a small section of Arsenal fans, well for as long as I can remember anyway. I think this can be found at most clubs regardless of their success. My theory is that its a supporters way of releasing frustration eminating from the problems and stresses in their own lives. Either that, or they believe that they know best and were overlooked when the Managers job was available. Its all so simple when you are behind a computer screen or sitting in the upper tier.

  205. Finsbury:

    I would prefer doomer or troll rather then twat. However, whichever makes you feel more powerful is fine by me.

    Never said we should not get video replays in fact quite the opposite. Referees have been miserable this year for everyone and video technology desperately to stop all the bickering. Just think its not useful for us to spend our time worrying if United might get a couple more dodgy calls going their way then we do.

  206. Well, go on then finsbury, tell us how it was fans moaning on blogs about ref decisions that led to the use of umpires and video replays in int’l cricket. Twat, or troll or both.

  207. Who’s moaning about video replays?

  208. Not me.

  209. The history of events and scandals in other sports has been fairly well documented and discusswed. By journalists. Athletes. Commentators. Not much need for me to add anything.

    Easy to access such information with the aid of this interwebby.
    Wouldn’t you believe it.

  210. Wasnt going to get esared in this ref thingy, but, what with thevideo clip of our dear friend Mike Riley n all. He was in the directors box during a recent manu game and in the vey sam box as David Gill, the manu chief exec. Nice and cosy.

  211. To many twats and trolls but not nearly enough twerps!

  212. Do people not realize that if our players feel the way many of you do, they’d be even less motivated to play? They HAVE to think that it’s all to play for and that their fate is in their hands. The title can be won if we play to our considerable potential in spite of refs and bad calls. Otherwise, whats the point? We might as well just declare manu as champions like some doomers have done..

  213. Counting properly can indeed be empowering.

    For example, Arsenal Football Club have x,y,z players in a certain position. Easy.

  214. Well Bill, who was worrying about United getting calls? Never was that a point I made but somehow we have been discussing it for a few hours.

    You brought it up, not sure if you get that.

  215. Absoutely Henristic.
    Quite right, old fruity.

    Now, I can sit back and enjoy Englands victory in the cricket world cup again.
    Hang on, what?
    Some of the players were tested for drugs after the game!

    Some might say it’s a standard procedure, but that’s ridiculous. If the players have any doubt that their coimpetitors might have an unfair advantage, theres’s no point in them playing, or me watching.

    Good point.

  216. So, its fine to critique the prowess/abilities of our own players, but heaven forbid anyone deem the ref’s biased, or just plain crap? I’d have thought ref bitching was a traditional past time anyway.

  217. *sighs*
    competitors > coimpetitors

  218. Dexter:

    I guess Arsene and all of us bend over and drop our knickers right now. Not a pretty thought.

  219. Henristic, are you telling me the players dont know that some of the refs are jokers? How many times recently have they referenced the refs? That however has nothing to do with giving up, we fight on even if all odds are against us!

  220. I bet Consolbob enjoyed Tremlett’s bowling.

  221. Just kidding!

  222. In truth, I confused Tremlett’s figures with Treadwell’s.

    Too many T’s.

  223. Pool are out of Europa Cup. Beaten by Braga.

    I really hope Arsenal appeal on behalf of AW and SM. I don’t think UEFA should be allowed to rule on this privately. I want it challenged and evidence heard in the open. Those who know about these things, os there any chance of that happening.

  224. “is there any chance of that happening?”

  225. Dear Arsene please let Jens Lehmann play in goal against Stoke City. 😀

  226. Did you guys see they banned AW and SN? now. Its really scary how someone can have so much power over the game and answear to nobod(Well i guess FIFA technically but they rub eachothers back so much its sickening).
    The worst thing of it all is that everybody just accepts it and nobody can change it cos everyone are to addicted to the team they support so cannot boycott or stop splashing cash at football.

    the Football govenring bodys are in a win- wil situation. They run a despotic organization with a top down approach based on people with to much to lose to ever bother to stand up and fight. At the bottom are the everyday consumer that have their nose sooo deep into the white snow of footy they are imobilized from doing anything except accepting a situation where the dealer has all power and the abuser just feeds of the crums he gets.

    We are like mouse in a maze, we cannot get out, we know it and we go into it with open eyes.
    Everybody knows football is rotten to the core, is run by corrupt people and that huge amounts of illegal money are laundered through gambling.
    Aslong as we are not willing to go that extra mile to really take drastical measuers to stop this injustice, we really cannot complain neither.

    Lets just face it, we are all addict and just cannot stop loving, watching, living and breathing footy just because someone dictates who wins and who looses, just because a ref robbes Arsenal for a fair chance of getting to the next round. We still need our everyday Arsenal fix. FIFA, UEFA, FA knows this and thus sits safe and all is well in the world of corruption.

  227. The referee was confident that he could make such an outrageous decision because he knew that he was supported by UEFA. It was obvious from his own openly angry response to AW. No ‘evidence’ will be made public, it never is. Intriguingly though not a single ‘journalist’ goes after this stuff. Not one. ‘Freedom of the press’ has become a joke. Stooges and clowns.

  228. Frank @ 10.20 pm – that is why I have no respect for these hacks. They are not journalists – the term has no meaning in sports reporting (and not a lot more in other aspects of the media either). This is the sort of story they should be looking into, but they do not want to lose their seat on the gravy train so they turn a blind eye and go for the easy target. It’s easier to go to the template ‘Arsene is a sore loser’ rather than shine a light on the obviously corrupt referee and UEFA. The fact that only a one match ban has been given shows that they know they are on dodgy ground. They are obviously hoping that the punishment will be seen as too minor to be worth fighting and that Arsene and Samir will just accept it and the real crime can go unpunished as memories quietly fade. I really wish they would kick up a major fuss about it and force the issue out into the open, but judging by lord peter wimsey’s recent press comments, the club has no stomach for the fight.

  229. Paul N, of course they know. But they can’t dwell on it. Whats the point? They have to fight on like you say, against the odds. They’ve got to put in that extra effort required, otherwise whats the point. The coming games probably won’t be easy. The team has got to fight for it in a way we haven’t consistently seen this season. Like they did against everton, man city, chelsea etc. They have to be focused on the target and cut out silly errors and mistakes.

    They’ve got to fight,…. for their right,…. to paaartey!

  230. What a great world cup this is turning out to be!

  231. Its great that Wenger has wheeled in the only winner he could find, come on Jens you winner, help us over ze line.

  232. Jens gives you goose bubbles.

  233. Everytime I watch that video from 2005 dups, I hate that club all the more

  234. DukeGoonem that video is hilarious. I think goalie flops will be the new wave of flopping once the current technique of throwing hands in the air and staring at the ref becomes a thing of the past. probably not though especially with a world that ranks wayne pooney as one of the best strikers in the world.

  235. and in response to the next video, i am even further convinced that Jens does not give a f*** about what his critics think. Has any goalie ever pissed in a professional league match before? if not he should be awarded in some fashion

  236. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Some good points made by FinnGunn and Dexter today. Word up to you guys for mopping up.

  237. What a fickle bunch of knee-jerk reactionaries some of you are.

    Just when the team needs your support, you become whiny and negative.

    The Premier League is within our grasp yet some of you act as though we are about to be relegated.

    You are going to look right mugs if we win the title.

    Of course the last fortnight has been frustrating, disappointing, depressing even, but there is no need to throw Wenger out with the bathwater.

    Our 20-year-old goalkeeper makes a last-minute mistake in a cup final; we come from behind to beat what Graeme Souness calls the best club side he has ever seen; despite another individual error and a moment of ridiculous refereeing we are within a decent first touch of reaching the Champions League quarter finals; then, after those two shattering defeats the team go to the toughest place to play in England without Fabregas, Song, Vermaelen and Walcott and control the game but lose.

    And you want the manager sacked, big name players brought in and a complete change of philosophy?

    Let me ask you turncoats a question.

    Which English team has better prospects than Arsenal?

    Manchester United with their debilitating debt and ageing manager?

    Manchester City with their boring style and zero team spirit?

    Spurs with their pony stadium and manager who stands accused of cheating the Revenue?

    Or Chelsea with a village idiot for an owner and a squad that needs overhauling?

    For me, four FA Cups, three titles, two doubles, the Invincibles, a new stadium, a playing style envied the world over, 13 consecutive Champions League campaigns, solvency, millions of new fans and a promising future buys Wenger the time he needs to build a side capable of dominating domestic and European football.

    Does it get up my sleeve that we stall in November and implode in March?


    Am I frustrated at the lack of silverware in the past five seasons?


    Do I think the squad needs more depth, leadership and experience.


    Do I wish he would stop treating the the club’s money as though it is his own?


    Am I going to call for the head of the best manager we have ever had?


  238. This constant negativity and calling for Arsene to be fired, reminds me of a Janet Jackson song, “got till it’s gone.”

    Have a feelin’, now believin’
    That you were the one
    I was meant to be with
    Oh, how I’m wishin’
    Thinkin’, dreamin’ ’bout you
    And the love, how’d I let you get away?

    If I could turn back hands of time
    Make you fall in love
    In love with me again
    So would you give me another chance to love?
    To love you, love you the right way
    No games

    Don’t it always seem to go
    That you don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s

  239. No Karim, Savage is as thick as pig shit.

    Anyway, avert your gaze from that link and follow this one:


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