Cup Distractions Over, Now Concentrate On The League

FA Cup Quarter Final
Manchester United 2 – 0 Arsenal

1 – 0 Fabio (28)
2 – 0 Rooney (49)

Arsenal’s quest for silverware is now down to one. Following on from the midweek defeat and failure to lift the Carling Cup – where did this new media angle of being ‘dumped out’ of a competition with two teams left, spring from? – the exit from the FA Cup is deeply disappointing, especially as Arsenal were the dominant team. And we had the obligatory poor challenge from Paul Scholes that went unpunished. It was usual Old Trafford fare…

Manchester United though have made a fine art of absorbing Arsenal pressure and lining eight players across their penalty area proved a barrier too far for the visiting talents. The lack of guile too often left Robin van Persie isolated in attack, reducing the attempts on goal to be restricted to efforts from distance, gobbled up gleefully by Edwin van der Sar.

Matters took a turn for the worst when Johan Djourou dislocated his shoulder, the manager advising that the Swiss defender’s season is over. With Thomas Vermaelen seemingly unlikely to return before the next campaign, Arsenal’s injury list is growing just as the business end of the season is upon us.

Post match, Arsène bemoaned how bad the luck of the squad is at the moment yet in conceding both goals, his XI were architects of their own downfall. The first goal came as a result of a direct counter-attack by the hosts. van der Sar relased the ball quickly following the breakdown of Arsenal pressure. Rooney broke and found Hernandez at the far post, his header pushed away by Almunia, Fabio the quckest to react, pouncing and putting United ahead.

It was a poor goal to concede; Arsenal were slow to react across the pitch, starting with the forwards and midfield when van der Sar released the ball to Djourou and Koscielny who were beaten by their opponents rather too easily. Arsenal had received a warning prior to that, Rafael blazing a header over from another swift United break.

Arsenal almost clawed the deficit back immediately. van Persie had a curling shot clawed away by his countryman before he met Nasri’s corner with power but could not guide his header into the net. Arsenal continued to press but the only real chance in the remainder of the half came when Samir Nasri tried to catch van der Sar unawares with a low shot through a defender’s leg; he didn’t and Arsenal were left trailing at the interval.

Within minutes of the restart, an opportunity to equalise had gone begging and the deficit was doubled. Koscielny and Arshavin fashioned an opening for the centre back who hesitated and in the ensuing challenge, fashioned a cross. van der Sar saved, the rebound came to the Frenchman who found once more the Man of the Match in his way.

It was to prove costly almost immediately. Rafael beat Gibbs comfortably, Hernandez found Djourou in the way, the ball squirming through the air to Rooney who guided it in via the far post, tantilisingly away from Sagna.

Arsène immediately brought Chamakh into the action, the Moroccan followed Nasri in shooting straight at van der Sar. It was a common theme of the match, Arsenal keeping the Dutchman busy with routine saves. Only once did it seem he might be beaten, Chamakh meeting Sagna’s cross but alas nothing could be garnered from the header. Rosicky tested with a venomous strike, more of a test than his air kick when unmarked on the edge of the six yard box late on.

It is a poor result, capping a miserable few weeks. Yet such is the nature of professional football, the manager, the players and coaching staff must all dust themselves down, pick heads up and get on with it. And we must do the same. Allow the media to conduct the bitching, backbiting and derision; they are so good at negativity.

Still it could be worse Arsène, you might work for MirrorFootball and the Sunday Mirror, never noted for its reporting accuracy…

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. bollocks

  2. Worst result in years.

  3. You want us to wipe your arse for you too, Dukegoonem? Stop fucking grizzling, man.

  4. I blame them bloody dates around the ground for our fukin hoodoo.whos fukin idea was that. we are waiting/ expecting to put another date up there arent we?? well how long will we have to wait?? maybe we should tell the painter on stand by to get another job!!!

  5. Reginald Gadaffi

    O’Shea, The two Rafael brothers, .The worst Man Utd midfield ever and we still couldnt beat them.Awful performance

    Good morning its Groundhog Day

  6. frank after that embarrisment yesterday griizzling is whats needed today.

  7. I hope Wenger believes in what he says, because clearly..nobody else does.

  8. They stick them on, DG, and next time you are in the stadium look at the gaps between some of those dates.

  9. we were brutal yesterday, listless, leaderless and too many of our players didnt even try.
    Our midfield of Diaby and Denilson were simply woeful.I dont buy the whole “at least now we can focus on the league bollox”, as far as I’m concerned the only positive from the game yesterday is that useless, lazy shit players like Diaby and Denilson are one step closer to the exit.

  10. I believe in Arsene Wenger, RomfordPele, and the squad too.

  11. Galway Gooner

    Perhaps you could provide evidence of them being nearer the exit or is it that just your jaundiced poison polluting…


  12. Can’t pretend than to be anything else but massively disappointed this morning.

    Manure lined up with 2 full backs, one utility defender, and a midfielder who would not even get in our match day squad, as their midfield yesterday. I we could not beat them.

    A sad state of affairs. The only bright points yesterday were another good performance from Almunia, and Ramsey coming back (and looking pretty sharp).

  13. I hope they do Frank…however looking at Arsene’s face yesterday he himself did not look like believing… that does worry me

  14. Some of them in the squad will believe because they have been given the Red and White which they don’t deserve. If you can’t see the players’ strolling along and not caring to chase opponents on the counter, then my friend, you are delusional.

  15. 2 recent quotes from the manager’s reaction on the official Arsenal website:

    On his belief that Arsenal can win the Premier League…
    I believe that we can do it. It is a good test for us now, to show that we can regroup, show our mental strength and respond quickly.

    On having a lot to play for this season…
    How big is the blow? We don’t know. That depends on our response…

    One is from after the Barcelona game and one after last night’s game. Can anyone tell which is which?

    The problem is that all the stats in the world are used by the apologists on here to cover up the fact that when it comes to winning the really important games and picking up silverware, this group of players have no idea how to do it. Man Utd played seven defenders and won, we had more of the ball, more shots, their keeper was man of the match yadda, yadda, yadda. Quadruple to second in the league in less than two weeks. The manager keeps going on about “mental strength”, but the team shows no sign of having any. That we are learning from our mistakes, but there’s no evidence of that either ,Fabregas’ backheel against Barcelona was the same as Eduardo against Standard Liege the season before for instance. We don’t need a centre half, but we’re down to two fit ones now, unfortunately they’re the two who have proven not to work well together. We don’t need a goalkeeper, but how many games have Fabianski and Almunia given away between them this season? When are you mugs going to wake up to the fact that this isn’t a team of winners and there are flaws which haven’t been addressed?

  16. the realist knew it would come to this…the wanker needs to go..

  17. Block4,

    you tell’em son, spot on…

  18. Cheers YW. Fair and balanced as usual.

    It’s going to be a long few days filled with the usual array of despicable c**ts who seize upon times likes this with the usual barely disguised glee. All to undermine us. And some of these people even refer to themselves as Arsenal supporters. Dear me.

    I wish some of you lot were “one step closer to the exit”.

  19. Who cares really…70% of our ambition at the start of the season focused on the league, with FA, UEFA and Carling sharing the other 30%.If we can win the league all woes thus far will be automatically erased.

  20. We’ve got time to recover, a sparse schedule and key players returning in the next two weeks. I know the goals were avoidable and disappointing, but I think our build up play was an improvement on Sunderland. It’s probably the best we’ve done with the ball since the Barcelona home game. Doesn’t seem like much in the wake of that defeat, but I think the green shoots are there.

    We haven’t had a better chance to win the league for three years, maybe more. This is no time to get on top of the team. Let’s get behind them with all we’ve got and see how close we can go.

  21. Queen of suburbia

    Wilshere was magnificent again yesterday.

    Was Scholes sent on to injure Nasri for the run in, do you think?

  22. What do you want everyone to da arry? walk around like nothing happend yesterday , where is your passion, its called passion, the reason we all get pissed off. Frank we have the best team now where’s the gaps in them dates we didn’t so whats our excuse now.

  23. OOU,

    our build up play was better than against Sunderland? given how we did not play for shit for 60+ minutes back then and against what midfield we played y’day, it surely is one hell of a compliment…

  24. Wait a second.
    Arsenal’s victory in the FA Cup in 2005 did not count, because according to the residential D-Fensive experts (also known as The Liars), Arsenal teams never very their tactics, or D-Fend. And every time Fabianski or Almunia play, and Arsenal lose a game, it is a fault of the ‘keeper. It’s obvious!
    So scratch that FA Cup, Arsenal’s last trophy was in 2004. Worse then even the plundits have made it out to be. 2004! Terrible.

    Arsenal are D**Med.
    Did I mention the DM’s…?

  25. cup distractions now is it??
    jesus h christ they aint distractions they are competitions we want to win
    you think going out of 3 cups in 2 weeks wont have an affect on the team
    this team…….
    i dont see us pulling it together to win the league
    yesterday our players were better but their team was better
    that was what made the difference
    that and finishing
    and we have been here before

  26. Well if it isn’t Alan Sugar crowing again after a defeat. Can’t be arsed with you I’m afraid.

  27. Well said, Yogi. There’s nothing to do now but knuckle down and get on with it. Injuries and bad form notwithstanding, the title race is still in our hands, and although my confidence in the team is wavering my support will not. The squad may well not be up to the challenge, but what kind of fans are we if we write them off now before they’ve had the chance to prove us wrong?

  28. and I can’t be arsed with you either, I just found what you just said amusing, that’s all…

  29. theres still a chance of the league, so when a new week comes and a new game starts ill be screaming the lads on – but i cant help but get down at this groundhog day

  30. I was at Old Trafford and haven’t seen any replays. However, I’m going to take the positives out of yesterday. We were the better team. Their goalie was the man of the match. Today it’s reported that the fat granny sh*gger is criticising the quality of the man u squad. Finally, I think that Squillaci is a perfectly adequate replacement (No. 4) centre back. He is better than last season’s fall back for that position.
    It took about 3 hours after the game finished to come down from the high of singing “we won the league in Manchester” continuously for the last 15 to 20 minutes of the game.
    We can and should now win the league. Keep the faith. Up the arse.

  31. Maybe we should copy Fergie and field a team of Sagna, Eboue, Clichy, Gibbs, Squillaci, Koscielny and Miguel!

  32. What surprises me is that none of our players appears capable of hitting the ball hard enough in open play. Lansbury must not be loaned out next season. He can be the sub who comes on when we need a hitter!

  33. Passion??! do me a favour. Do you read the posts of Sugatits or whatever his name is and think “Yeah that’s a passionate fan”. He seemingly only ever rears his head after a defeat to take potshots and wind people up. Why is that? it’s got f*ck all to do with passion for a start.

    The fans at old Tatford who were singing their hearts out are full of “passion”.

    We are still in a fantastic position to win the league. Gotta believe.


  34. Same old, same old. Until the manager smells le cafe this will continue. I really can’t believe that there are fans out there as well as the manager who think it’s acceptable to put either Diaby or Denilson in an Arsenal shirt and to let them represent our team. But to play them both in the same team is either absolutely stupid or the act of someone who doesn’t give a shit. In 53 years of watching Arsenal I haven’t seen a worse pairing in midfield.

  35. There’s no doubt that yesterday’s result was a bit of a shocker. We should have beaten them easily on paper. Pity the game was instead played at OT.
    I know everyone is upset and angry, but if you stand back at look at the season objectively, we’ve actually come along way this year.
    1. Final of Carling Cup Competition
    2. Top of the league in March, if we win our game in hand
    3. And the highlight – beating the “best” team in the world in the Champions League

    All this, in a year of bad draws, appalling referee decisions and inexplicable injuries to key players.

    We have one more chance. It is not insurmountable. The talent and technical ability is there for all to see.

    We just need to get over the finish line !

    COYG !

  36. yawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwn!

    “I belieeeeeve we are lacking 3 grammes of confidence……..I belieeeeeeeve we are lacking 2% maturity…….I belieeeeeeve we are slightly unlucky…..I belieeeeeeve I can fly, I belieeeeeeve I can touch the sky..”

    Enough bullshit Wenger – Arsenal are now a woeful team incapapble of winning the games that matter.

    Any of you who still support Wenger are simply vermin and must be eradicated, for the good of Arsenal Football Club.


    We need a revolution.

    In Arsene we RUST.

  37. It’s cornered tiger time. Are we going to just lay down and give up or fight to the end? It’s up to the squad to show what stuff they’re made of.

  38. ‘Vermin’ for supporting the manager and squad? Says it all really.

  39. tiarnan, you little cunt. On match days why don’t you kneel before a shrine with an Arsenal flag on it. Meanwhile the rest of us will go to the game and give as much support as possible. Some of you morons are behaving as if we are in the relegation zone. You are not good enough to be Arsenal supporters. Just not good enough.

  40. yw
    i would reallly like to believe that we can still win the league…ive watched this team develop nicely AW finally found his first eleven and it was doing very nicely….
    but facts are facts…it doesnt look like we have the mentality and although we have a massive sqaud the backups are not good enough….
    if tv had come back on schedule and ches and jd not being injured for the rest of the season then confidence will still be high
    fact remains that weve choked…
    and now weve got to play almunia squillaci and koz as the back trio for the last 10 games????
    its ok believing, its ok having faith, its ok having confidence…
    but after everything thats happened in the last few weeks and with the players weve got left to play i dont think it would be abnormal for most people to think its over for another season…
    weve got no backup for song.
    weve not got enough depth at cb.
    weve not got enough finishing power to help rvp.
    and weve not got the mental strength to handle the occasions.
    wenger berates the fact that every gk we face is man of the match but if we stop hitting our shots straight at him he wouldnt be would he…
    i dont know what the actual dimensions are for the goal…but its something like 12x8foot…
    why is it so hard for our players to find the corners???

  41. Calling good people “vermin” is not the way to win friends and influence people as you journey through life Tiarnan. It really isn’t it. It’s good to see the old “In Arsene we RUST” (CAPITAL letters for emphasis) chestnut wheeled out though. Never fails to have us all guffawing. I’ve wiped many a tear of laughter from my eye upon reading that. What a rapier wit you must be. I bet you have ’em all rocking with laughter in the care home.

    If you going to be a c**t, at least have the decency to be a funny c**t, otherwise your just a c**t.

    I think it’s best to stop reading these comments for a while.

  42. “In 53 years of watching Arsenal I haven’t seen a worse pairing in midfield.”

    Still find it utterly hilarious that people talking about football on the internet make things like this up so often. What are they trying to accomplish? Oh well done you’re so OLD… wow

  43. Gutted. But there’s still hope this season won’t be a total failure.

  44. Sagna’s crossing was immense yesterday, just gotta get Gael doing the same and the rest of the season could be won from the wings! Cannot believe how weak the ref was in not booking Scholes a second time as I thought he’d had a reasonable game up until that. Another positive would be Almunia, unlike the Barca game there were long stretches where he had nothing to do yet he kept his concentration throughout. His distribution’s quicker than Fab or Szczesney too, the second the ball’s in his hands he’s looking for a good option to throw the ball into someone’s feet thus keeping us possession.
    I can’t believe people are complaining when we’re three points off the top with a game in hand. You lot are utter cnuts and I can’t even imagine what you’re like as people, though i’m willing to assume pathetic, gutless pessimists.

  45. I respect this blog alot but just as Wenger it seems Yogi has lost it. How can you honestly think this team will care enough to win the league when their manager doesn’t care?

    He had the chance to buy a CB he did not yet he wants to compete in the league. It is not as if injuries has not been a problem for the team in the past. Even the fool next door knows how injuries to key players are friends with Arsenal yet he refused to buy hoping ( hope and not hard work is the hallmark of failures ) that Vermaleen will come back.

    It is true that we may win the league but it is always true that if we won, we won cos other teams messed up. You don’t win anything with players scrolling around, you don’t win anything by having favorite players that must play no matter what.

    Someone tell me, how many times has Diaby and Denilson lose the ball and then run after the player they have lost it to in an attempt to get the ball back?

    Diaby been in the team may be justifiable base on talent which he never use but what of someone like Denilson who is well known for his ability to lose ball and then not track back?

    I keep hearing we have the most offensive set of players but in the real sense of it, we only have 1 quality striker. Chamakr may end up been a good buy but you the truth is that he only has one pattern to his game which intelligent managers can easily figure out.

    Wenger has done a lot for this team ( no doubt about that ) but it is also truth that he is taking this team back to exactly where it was before.

    No one says you should kill the club financially all in the name of buying players but he can’t tell me there are no players out there for the right price who will like to us and who are better than some of our players.

    Tell me there are no players better than Denilson, Squi, Eboue, Rosicky and Almunia. Just tell me.

    It will not surprise if our key players start leaving us one after the other. They will soon get to know of the importance of winning some Laurels.

    It is a shame that Wenger ‘s tactics are just of one dimension. He keeps repeating the same mistakes ( hope he even see them as mistakes ) yet some people like the owner of this blog keeps believing we should support him.

    I support Arsenal football club not MSSR Arsene Wenger and have the right to voice out my concern if he is not doing well. Yes, a fan ought to support his club through tick and tin but the sincerely truth is that a fan should also voice out his ( obvious ) concerns for the good of the club.

    And to add salt to our injury, the club is increasing ticket prices. For what? Breaking our heart? Making us a ridicule to other clubs’ fans?

    Shame, big shame and I m sure this nonsense will continue if people like the owner of this blog still continue to drum the over beaten drum of Support for Arsene and his bundle of losers that he call “his best ever”

  46. we need an awful lot of luck now……
    and we all know we dont get any….

  47. Frank it’s sad that we have to spend our time defending the team against it’s own alleged supporters. You would think yesterday’s performance by the away supporters would shame them enough. That is what real support looks like. Not sitting alone in your bedroom sniping at the team and the manager while hiding behind the anonymity of the internet.

  48. Yogi,
    i dont have any evidence regarding Diaby and Denilson going in the summer. I am basing this on the fact that they are both shit and have wasted chance after chance that has been given to them combined with the belief that Wenger is not pig-headed enough to contiune to use these two wastes of space in the vague hope that sometime in the future he can say “I told you so.”
    I have supported Wenger for quite awhile despite the lack of any real progress over the past 5-6 years.I know we’ve built the new stadium and sold some big players but we have also bought some players a lot of which havent been up to it. And when you look at players like the two D’s you can plainly see that they havent really improved themselves over that time.
    The facts are that we have a team that is known to be bottlers. Now you can blame a young team or the ref or hitting the post or aggressive opponents or the weather or the pitch or the use of the long ball or people throwing the ball into the box or anyother excuse that Wenger has trotted out over the past few years if it will make you feel better.
    Just as Fergerson has instilled a need to win in his team Wenger has instilled an acceptance of defeat in his. For all he has achieved in the past (getting more distant each day) this mental weakness in this team must be reaising serious questions as to if he is the right person to lead the team any further?

  49. Block 4…

    Which games do you class as really important games? Every game is really important believe it or not. Every single damn game we play in a season is damned important… if hadn’t have beaten Spurs away and Newcastle away we wouldn’t have played the CC final in the first place! There’s a kind of quite silly lack of reasoning abroad when Arsenal lose.

    In what way is it the manager or the team’s fault that Van persie was sent off at the Camp Nou? What would you have done differently given that the referee decided to send off a striker for having a strike at goal? But that goes down as another important match that we’d lost because we had no bottle… do you think that the “Best team in the world TM.” would have won if Abidal had been sent off for grabbing Nasri by the throat? It’s not a question of just stats and looking for justification but of taking a realistic attitude to the games we play and taking a certain rational approach to but losses and wins.

    We shouldn’t have lost yesterday and there should be questions asked about everything but they have to be right questions. There’s no point banging on about losing important games when the team is second in the league despite having some awfully cruel set backs this season. We have been unlucky but we have also made mistakes… in spite of our mistakes we have still a lot to play for and that deserves some respect. I’m absolutely gutted with how things have turned out and to be honest given our qulaity we should have done better. For me the key difference yesterday was Gibbs playing ahead of Clichy. I was extremely disappointed that Gibbs didn’t seem to be able to cope with that Da Silva twin on his flank… remember the kid had already gotten away from Gibbs to miss a clear header before he scored his goal. In all the blaming of Diaby and Denilson hardly a word has been said about Gibbs. I wonder why?

  50. The carrion crows are hovering over the dying corpse of our team or so you would believe reading some of the bile on the various sites ( sticking to my vow not to read the sports papers) I thought the idea was to support your team through good and bad.


    It looks like someone doesn’t know much about his club. We have never, ever been big-spenders. And right now, in this era of ugly excess (which should soon be coming to an end), it makes AW’s achievements even more impressive.

    It’s been a tough couple of weeks, but I don’t know what generates this level of hysteria – it gets to the point where people forget who we are and what we’re up against.

  52. You fucking liar,

  53. The biggest prize is the only one left to play for.
    The squad has to buckle down, concentrate and give all to win it.
    It’s in our hands.

    With more time to recover between games, injured players returning, and our present position on the table we can do it.


  54. the problem a lot of ppl have OOU is that the idea of moving to the emirates was so we could financially compete with the other clubs…thats what we were told..
    now i know we dont have all the money in the world and with the emmergence of the sugar daddy its made it a tad more difficult but money is still available and the club chooses to take the route it takes…
    ppl feel lied to…
    me?? i like the fact we use our youth players…but i also see no reason why we hang on to certain players too long and refuse to strengthen certain positions especially when there are more than adequate funds available to do so….

  55. cos he is english? one rule for the english/ british boys one rule for others if you are european you are prissy, if you are african or black then your are lazy.

  56. we are really missing theo arent we??
    i think alot depends on getting him back with rvp asap…

  57. Question. Why did that shite made up piss take midfield make Denilson and Diaby play poor yesterday? why couldnt they impose themselves on that lot?

  58. we are the 9th biggest spenders in the league in the last five years!

  59. Galway… I’m sorry but it’s silly talk of ..” lack of real progress in last 5 or 6 years” …that is nonsense. This team is a massive improvement on last season in almost every department. In terms of depth of squad, quality and level of talent, maturity and results we are a better team. We should have had at least one trophy in the bag by now but it wasn’t to be but that should not make anyone blind to the very real progress that this has been made.

    People are quite rightly disappointed with yesterday’s result and given what we have in the team we should be doing better but let’s not kid ourselves here… things could a whole lot worse for Arsenal football club and I’m really not all that convinced that there are all that many managers out there who could provide us with a much better result even if they spend an extra 20m a year. van Gaal is having a tough time of it at Bayern. Mourinho, who would demand a much larger transfer budget as well as a much bigger salary is still behind Barca in La Liga and lost 5-0 to the same Barca we took on recently and he didn’t even have the excuse of a sending off!… I look at City and Liverpool and Chelsea this season and I’d much rather be Arsenal. At times like this a bit of perspective is helpful. I remember when were 12th in the league with our legendary back 4 or 5 leaking goals. Be careful what you wish for is all I’m saying.

  60. We are really missing Theo JonJon. I cant believe how much.

  61. I was at the game ast night and once again, the magnificent away support completely outsang the prawn sandwich mob.

    Pity the players couldnt emulate them. Although from where I was stood, I thought we did play pretty well, just unfortunate with the finishing and got caught, once again on the break by united who are happy to play like an away team every time they play us.

    Hopefully this will turn out to be a similar scenario to 2004 when we were knocked out of the 2 cups in a matter of a few days and went on to do quite well, if memory serves!

    I am worried about the injuries though, losing Johan is a big blow. I wonder if Wenger has considered asking for bartley back? His decision not to sign a defender in january seems a bit shit now!

    A good win on Saturday and all this doom and gloom will be forgotten.

  62. soccerfanbase is a cunt

  63. Theoi should be back after the international wake.

  64. Heh.

    A season ago the trolls were writing the same tripe about Theo, that they are about other players.

    Same old same old.
    Groundhog day.

  65. Yogi:

    Tough loss to recover from for me. For the 2nd time in 2 weeks we have taken a sizable advantage in technical quality and turned into another stinging loss. At some point we have start to wonder if may be we are over rating this group of players, rather then the rest of the world under rating them Certainly the intestinal fortitude of this group has to be questioned. We should be able to pick up our play at this time of the year rather then the opposite. Its pointless to blame individual players since this is a problem that everyone in the organization from Wenger on down needs to take responsibility for. Scapegoating not required. If we go another season trophy-free despite the quality of the individual players we have, I really hope the boss takes a long look at the entire club from his coaching staff on down and makes some changes. I know you always say you are against change just for the sake of change but in this case something different needs to be done. I do not think we need a complete overhaul, but we need to bring in some players who might be able to change the culture of this squad even if it they do not really improve the technical quality of the squad. Academy grads will not change the squads mentality. Thats getting a little ahead since we are still fighting for the league trophy but its hard to think positively about our chance to win the league today, especially if Djourou is out for the season.

  66. OOU…

    Exactly right. The Le Grove mob appear to think that we’ve suddenly become Real Madrid. That we have an automatic right to trophies and league titles but let’s remember that in the EPL era only ourselves have been able to challenge ManU without the help of a sugar daddy or the need to sell our souls. It’s as if we are expected to win no matter the odds and no matter what is happening in the real world.

    What particularly gets me about all this spend, spend nonsense is that the people calling for spending will point to Suarez but not Balotelli, Dzeko or Torres. They’d point to Luiz but not to Lescott or whoever. There’s this quite ridiculous idea that a) big signings never fail when it is far from the case and b) that it is just a question of spending money… there’s no acknowledgement of the difficulty of finding the right player for your team and the right player includes the right attitude, personality and skill set.

    Someone asked on the last thread why we couldn’t sign Carrol for 35m since we have 50m in the bank. Aside from just the question of whether Carrol is actually worth 35m or is even particularly suited to how we play… there’s the refusal to see that the Carrol deal cost more than 50m all told. If you factor in his salary over the length of his contract plus agent fees and what not, you are looking at a lot more than 50m quid. Part of the problem is one of pure economic illiteracy TBH.

  67. duke
    cos for all their technical ability they have naff all attitude..and it spreads right through the rest of the team…
    id take one ray parlour over those two anyday…

  68. Oh fuck off, Jimjim. You always were a fair weather supporter. Hop it.

  69. When you say economic illitearcy we are talking about complex sums such as:

    a) 1 +1 =2
    b) Eto + €70M for Ibrahimovic = Comic genuis.
    c) Torres for £50M = A clean laundry basket for Mr.Abrahmovic & a very happy Mr.Daglish.

  70. scot parker cost west ham how much???
    and who wouldnt have scot parker over denilson???
    sometimes is not about spending 35mil on a player…

  71. Scott Parker cost Chel$ki how much?

  72. cup distractions ?????
    are you a Gooner ?? or a AKB who doesnt care about winning as long as that lunatic wenger is allowed to run the show…get wenger out asap,i think that most Gooners are fairly fed up with this team of sissy*s…
    do you still think we have a great team..and my god how good was denilson yesterday…he’s better than Zico…
    and im just so happy that almunia is back in goal..that will give us the backbone we lack..

    on the upside…there will be a 6% hike in season tickets next year,and wenger has promised to not buy,,,he trust the group of players we have…besides its not possible to find better players than almunia,squillaci,denilson,bendtner,rosicky..oopps sorry rosicky is at Arsenal for medical reasons…
    we where outfought by B’ham,,,outplayed by Barca,,,and shown the way by Manure reserves…and be honest we have been very very lucky in the league…in the carling cup and the FA cup this year..and in the league it isnt us that have improved…
    wenger and hilly woody…get the f**k out of Our club both are a disgrace and should be growing toatoes up Kentish Country …

  73. Maybe we should run out to this!!!!

  74. tomstoned

    Are you a twat? Oh no, wait, you’re a tiresome troll.


  75. Would Scotty The Greatest be happy to rotate with the young Arsenal players, and get a handful of starts, maybe one or two more? After wasting a few seasons of his career already?
    I would not think that he would have a football brain if he had made that choice for himself.


    FFS. DNFTFT’s. Ta.

  76. finsbury

    £10m. Then Newcastle paid £6.5m. West Ham paid £7m.


  77. Yogi..
    well mate you just prove the fact…AKB’s lack brains and find it necessary to be braindead in comments….
    however i find it laughable that people like you who have never been at game,shoould have any right to comment on The Arsenal..

    You Sir are a disgrace…then again you knew that already ..didnt you..

    have a superb afternoon..and grow up eh ?

  78. This is a much better song. I like The Golden Age:

  79. So presumably if Scott Parker played for us then Alex, Jack or Aaron would step down. Or maybe Cesc. That the plan?

  80. frank if you dont agree with what i say it would be more manly of you to say why..and not being a total knob and not being insultive making up childish names and just telling everyone to fuck off all the time like a spoiled little girl…
    the fuck off arguement is a weak one and shows what kind of man you are…
    keyboard warrior, internet bully…told you before if you cant talk football with me then fuck off…
    go back to giving aic shite and whoever else crawls out of the woodwork when we lose..

  81. I don’t think that you are worth talking football to, Jimjim

  82. I have been on media lock down until now.Usually when I feel low I can come on here and get a lift.Not today it seems.I wish all the moaner and doomers would fuck off to Le Shite and leave us an oasis of hope.
    I guess I will have to wait for Stew and LA tomorrow to buck me up .
    Thanks for trying today YW.

  83. I have issues with PHW but only a truly “stoned” individual imagines that Arsenal is more his or her club than the Hill Woods! To tell Hill wood to get out your club is just the kind of overblown self important declaration you get from the bloviators on the internet. How many decades have the Hill wood family been at the very heart of Arsenal FC?? How long have you been a supporter?? Hill Wood has been part of the board that over saw the move to our new stadium. the only successful world class stadium built anywhere in Europe without government aid or the backing of a sugar daddy. It is HUGE achievement.

    No one is beyond criticism Not Wenger, not Hill Wood but it’s utterly idiotic to tell a man like Hill Wood who’s forgotten more about the club than you can know to leave YOUR club. It’s the lack of humility from some of our fans that’s often so galling.

  84. It is apparent that Arsenal in it’s present state cannot compete with United or Chelsea or even City; this is based on annual money spent on players though not on salaries. Lack of ambition by the board translates into lack of trophies. On this account, the team cannot be blamed nor the manager. The question is transparency: why cannot Wenger say that his job is to cover up financial constraints, and ensure the team finish in the top 4.
    Stoke City or B’ham don’t say we want to win the league, they say their target is to survive. Wenger makes it clear what he wants, but he spins it, donut becomes we want to win trophies, which isn’t the case, as gas become clear.

    What Arsenal lack are a few players and not much. A really good goalie, a new CD and a player in the mould of Flamini or Felipe Melo, a tough technical minded player. Arsenal also need a new striker to compliment RVP, who has nothing to prove but is injury prone.
    This cannot happen under Wenger or the present board. Gazidis said recently that winning is important but not the ultimate goal. Imagine this coming from the club’s CE!

    Hence, sadly, Wenger should leave but there us no pressure on him to do so. Look at the pressure Chelsea had a few weeks ago. Hey turned it by getting Luiz and moved on. Sometimes, you have to admit defeat. Wenger won’t and he won’t resign.

    It is clear that fans can do little but hope. Every Arsenal supporter and fan knows that United or Chelsea will win the title. Arsenal, will probably finish 4th, I hope. This is more in hope than based on what we see with injuries, no good CD pairing, no Djorou or Verm, and now not even a rookie overconfident goalie who hypes himself. At another club, the manager would have been sacked, or resigned.

    I hope that at various Arsenal blogs and fora, people start writing the truth and refuse to procrastinate. Just believing Wenger isn’t enough. And for those here who think that my agenda is anti- Wenger, they must realise that I love Arsenal not Arsene, that Arsenal is not Arsene and that I know enough about football and that I am not related to Genghis Khan and criticising my team should not provoke xenophobic racism against my name, which isn’t my real name anyway. I could have written under the name Jack. Would that make me more acceptable here, to some who cannot string one sentence together?

  85. Frank,

    first and foremost, you have no football knowledge, what to talk to you about?

    all you know about it is that AW is the man for the job and no amount of evidence proving otherwise will shake that belief…


    and stupid…

  86. no frank
    diaby and denilson would step down..

  87. So Scott Parker would only play in the games that we have played Diaby and Denilson. That the plan?

  88. I am one very optimistic gunner but yesterday I was tested to the limit. I just want to make one observation – we need a few players like JackW – he was the only guy who showed urgency and some fighting spirit… chasing down opponents – he really shows a desire to win.

  89. no, he would be rotated with Song, there is plenty of games to go around, no?

  90. Ah so Alex Song gets half and Scott Parker gets half. That the plan?

  91. At least Jon Jon’s a regular. But where are the other cunts from?

  92. hill woods got a fan??
    ive heard it all now…
    i know people down the pub with more shares than him….

  93. Kenyan,

    trust me, you would not dare to call me a cunt to my face…

  94. Its hilarious to read tomstone goiung on about Yogi not having abrain. Funny because tom regurgitates all he reads on le grove almost verbatim and doesnt have a single original point of his own. His opinion has been handed to him, wrapped in an old copy of the news of the world.

    Fair weather, glory hunting twat if eer I saw one.

  95. Billboy

    53 years, eh? So you started watching Arsenal in 1958. Which means you remember the mid-60s. The mid-70s and early 80s. And the early 90s.

    And you still think these are the worst midfielders in that time.

    You weren’t really paying attention were you.


  96. 1 loose cannon

    I turned the sound off watched some of the game again. and still I can’t believe we lost in the manner we lost. We played them off the park then they get one chance they score. Second half it should’ve been 1-1 within minutes we are 2 nil down. Even with 10 men we still manegd to create chances. there is a pattern that most opposition goalies get MOTM against us even the bad ones. The press are drooling over Fergie’s tactics but I’m not convinced one bit about this Manure team. our away form will be key to win the title . Manure are shit away from home ( 4 away wins all season)and I expect it to continue. They will drop points, we will drop points, it might come down to that game at the Emirates and I can’t seee them beating us at home. (Let just hope we don’t get anymore injuries )

  97. So all we have to do is to talk Scott Parker into accepting a jobshare? You people who know about football are amazing. There was me thinking that you all wanted a goalkeeper and some central defenders. But all along you wanted us to bring in more central midfield players.

  98. no, not ‘more’, but ‘replace’ the players that are just not up to the job for various reasons…

    ‘more’ =/= ‘replace’, does that compute?

  99. Kenyan ??
    surely not a Gooner….you just prove all that is wrong with AKB*s mate..have no respect and makning insulting commenst…..why ??
    sad to say you shouldnt be allowed playing around on the interent without parental guidance…
    than again Sir you are a fine example of the AKB’s small children without any opinions at all…just blah blah..
    have a wonderful day,,and remeber to be in bed by nine

  100. You are asking Scott Parker to replace players who don’t get a run in the team? Would he want to do that do you think?

  101. its called rotation frank
    weve got about 70 games a season
    and when songs now????

    its about squad point having 100 players when 89 of them are not good enough is it…

    for me…these players careers are on the line..we were in 4 cups two week ago
    if they cant step up and deliver at least one of them then they are out of the door and replaced….

  102. Why blame midfielders? The defence let in 2 goals and the strikers didnt score any. But it must be Diaby and Denilsons fault obviously! 😀

  103. Ramsey’s back to save us anyway, didnt you get the memo?

  104. Dexter..
    another armchair plastic fan..
    well at least i have my own opinions mate..which you prove that you havent…AKB*s do more damage to the Arsenal than winning mentality at all…doesnt care about The Arsenal as long as wenger the lunatic is running the show..
    but Dexter i understand it isnt easy to voice your opinions…better to just sit quiet and as long as you dont pay to watch the games…never has to travel to watch The Arsenal…

    you can just sit all comfy watching on tele…you dont care about winning do you ?you dont care about the prices on tickets..and be honest you where never a Gooner…just a plastic fan…
    have a great afternoon…’

  105. Yogi,here’s what someone like SuGa3 might have as a wish list. :

    1) arsenal drawing the next 4 games
    2) culminating with a 0-2 reverse to manure at the emirates
    3) arsenal scraping 4th
    4) denilson and diaby awarded mega contracts
    5) wenger not buying anyone…. Maybe someone to replace cesc
    6) cesc fucks off to barcacunts
    7) arsenal recalls miyaichi (he’s like a new signing says arsene)
    8) arsenal signs gourcouff as cesc’s replacement
    9) arsenal vs barnet preseason 2-0……rosicky and diaby
    10) no further new players as vermaelen is about 5 weeks to full fitness

    i guess this must be on sugas mind for him to be so fucking miserable…

  106. So the answer to us stopping the goals that the Mancs scored yesterday is Scott Parker?

  107. well, perhaps asking him and offering him about 40-50% games subject to injuries, etc. would be a start?

    West Ham, Arsenal, West Ham, Arsenal, hmmmm…

    I think Arsene’s biggest undoing is once again running the best players into the ground due to not having capable deputies – when your good XI goes on the table, you have the reserve players that:

    – can’t play together for shit
    – come out with their confidence already shot due to the ‘A’ and ‘B’ team divide
    – know that if the ‘good’ player in ‘their’ position is back from injury, not even 100% fit, then it’s splinters for you all over again

    you have to rotate, keep the players fresh and in constant competition for their places, not create a friggin’ happy camp…

  108. dexter
    yeah would love rambo to play instead
    but AW wont do it..keeps going with the others who have had more than enough chances…
    would love rambo and lansbury to be given a go next year

    the scotty parker thing was just a point i made to those who think people want AW to spend 25omil every summer…

  109. When the season started I had no idea what to expect from the 10/11 version of Arsenal. Candidly, the team has exceeded my expectations.

    Realistically, new players take time to make impacts and bond. Our style of play is reliant on player chemistry. So overall I see some exciting progress in the team.
    Theo is now missed as Song and that says a lot.
    New signings of Squil, Kos, and Chamakh have all given Arsenal needed depth.
    Djourou’s return – another vital player for our future success.
    Wilshere’s development has been startling, on a par with Ramsey (b4 his injury).
    When we signed no goalkeeper, I admit to have some reservations – but damn if Fabianski – then Szczesny – then Almunia STEP UP BIG TIME.
    Rotten luck for Frimpong and Vermaelen but this is the nature of football and next season they will return adding to match options.

    Taking the magical 19th league title away from ManU would be the biggest blow to ManU and SAF. Certainly worth a new song at the Emirates when we play them in May.

  110. Anytime suga3 , u spurs scum. Just hang about mile end road tube. I’ll be glad to put my number 7 iron through ur face. U cunt.

  111. Yep he will be in the mix with Cesc, Aaron, Jack, Alex, Samir, Tomas, Andrei, Theo, Abou, (not Denilson becuase you got rid of him), Emmanuel and next year, Henri, Craig, another Emmanuel, Mark etc etc

  112. JonJon,

    I think it is the system of play that is letting team down and not necessarily bad or poor players. That’s why we dominate games but lose (of course we win the MAJORITY of them). Our players rarely run at opposition defenders in a menacing way like, for example Lujmberg (sp), Henry, Pires, Overmars, even Parlour used to. IMHO I think this gives the opponents a lot of time to organize themselves – see when JackW runs at defenders/midfielders he creates panic in their ranks. If we had at least two more players willing to take on the opposition like that we would be more dangerous and productive.

  113. It was a fucking stupid point

  114. Max Gunner,

    no mate, my wishlist was pretty darn achievable:

    – win the Carling Cup served on a plate (FAIL)
    – screw CL, pipe dream, unnecessary distraction, do not risk injuries (FAIL)
    – get one over Mancs (FAIL, despite them just bending over and fielding joke of a team)

    if, however, my wishlist was anything like your posted, then I would be, er, miserably happy, as you can pretty much bet your bottom dollar that most of that stuff will happen…

  115. tomstioned

    armchair plastic fan? Surely thats you. It must help you to believe that any Gooner who isnt a wrist slitting, whineing knee jerking bitch, never goes to games, and is just sat watching on TV/PC, just like you do (stop pretending you even go to games FFS Its boring now)
    Do you want to meet me at the hawthorns next week? We can discuss it over a drink?

    Of course you dnt, because you are the plastic, glory hunting fan, arent you?

    Oh and all your points were like a check list of the doomer manual

  116. Max ??
    you dont have to prove that your a plastic mate…grow up eh ?…what a joke you prove to be….

  117. Fuck u suga3, frimpong is fucking ten times the player scotty parker is. Scott parker is shit. Injures himself just by shitting, the shitegob. Just like u sugacunt.

  118. Blogger
    and some other really rude and not too cultured people (namely OneOfUs, Frank and great many more) why do you feel this super ardent desire to be so protective of AW and some of his players? Why do you think that being blind to someones shortcomings is a positive thing in the first place? Why cannot you imagine a supporter who has AFC deeply in their heart and still being able to analize the game and its participants from different perspectives? Where is a good humored footy banter here, it’s supposed to be a fun, is it not? What you have here is a really depressing and suffocating witch hunt slating any person who has a different opinion. Sad, it is…
    And yes, “Cup distractions ” is an instant classic! One cannot make it up!…

  119. The game I watched yesterday was remarkable for one or two reasons. We dominated the game. We made two defensive errors. We played with ten men for 15 minutes. We lost another central defender for the season. Aaron Ramsey slotted into central defence. But most remarkable was that the man of the match was their keeper and this was the Mancs at Old Trafford.

    What the fuck has this got to do with replacing midfield players?

  120. Max Gunner,

    tough talking, are we? be careful what you wish for matey…

    anyway, I am not even going to enter into this pointless discussion with you, write a few more variations of the word ‘cunt’, you never know, you may even feel like a big man for once…

  121. and Frimpong is not ten times the player Parker is, he is just another promising youngster coming back after a lengthy layoff caused by a serious injury…

  122. Dexter…
    last call mate…ure nothin more than a fine example of a pasticfantasic….and you must be quite rare..nothing about the golden boi denilson..almunia ..squillaci…rosicky ..bendtner…not ever an opinion to voice..just plastic answers…
    i personally would rather have a drink with gadaffi mate at least he has an opinion….
    having a beer with you would be wasting time..and deep down you know it…. sad that draytons arms isnt what it used to be eh ?

  123. We don’t understand why you don’t understand, MD. I have yet to see a decent piece of ‘analysis’ from any anti AW person on this site. Ever

  124. You think that Alan Suga3, Tomstoned etc etc come on here for a jokey bit of footie banter do you, MD?

  125. Frank

    MD is a troll. Not worth the effort


  126. Tomstoned? What a fucking twat of a name. Fucking stoned all the time are ya mate? Ur a fucking ice addict? Maybe heroin or morphine mate? Fucking shithead. Ur the fucking plastic wobbly fan. Reminds me of how wobbly cesc was when we were at noucamp. Maybe he was impersonating u eh tom fucking stoned? Fucking getting wobbly knees at the business end of the season instead of backing the team? Eh maybe i should type diaby…denilson 1000 times just for u to piss in ur pants? Maybe ur interested in diaby’s shaft mate eh? Who knows? I’ve seen stoned ppl like u sodomised b4 cos er… Theyre stoned?

  127. Frank,

    maybe the likes of us come for a bit of uplifting optimism? sure, stuff we say must upset you, but instead of telling me to fuck off, tell me why I am wrong – should not be too hard if it is so obvious, no?

  128. Max,,there you go again proving the fact that you really need to either grow up or go to bed…AKB*s best man are you..stop behaving like a disgrace..

  129. The problem is that the level of comment from you and your ilk is very poor, Suga3. You must understand that to respond to many of your comments is to give them a creedence they simply don’t deserve.

  130. Best to just tell you to fuck off. Fuck off

  131. I’m not talking big sugascum. Just lay off my team u spurs scum!!! Yeah i know denilson, diaby, cesc, almunia are all not up to the mark…. Especially elcapitan who i have a very big issue with, buttttt i back the team. Fucking lay off them u fuck!!!! Ur a fucking fat down syndrome retard suga if ur a fan and act the way u do. Nahhh ur just a fucking spud scum. I wanna smash that fucking face of urs. Fucking knife u straight in ur fucking gut spudscum!!!!!

  132. pleasure’s all mine, I shall C U next Tuesday, Frankie boy 😆

  133. Frank…how come AKB’s like yourself always resumes to just using bad language and never ever voice an opinon….im baffled…but heey..proves my point..plasticfantastic mate….

  134. I do voice opinions but you seem not to have been blessed with the ability to detect them, tomstoned.

  135. Tommy whatthefuck stoned. I’m no akb or whatever the fuck that is. Just back the fucking team till the end of the season. Is that too hard ro understand or ur just born stupid? Stupid fucking gump. Tommy Gump….. Fucking bubba’s cousin.

  136. Fuck me! One loss and the trolls and doomers and hypocrites are out in force!

    It’s quite shameful really. Next time things don’t go your way, I hope everyone you know tells you how shit you are! You lack the courage to support through the bad times.

  137. uggunner
    i see you point
    but i think the tactics are fine
    the first team have no problems keeping the tempo and dictating the play keeping clean sheets and scoring goals
    the system is fine as long as the players that play in in are good enough to do it
    as soon as we make a few changes the system goes to shit, we struggle to break teams down, nobody takes charge, the goals dry up…
    which tells me its more the players that are being asked to play the system then the system iteslf…

  138. Frank…. Maybe this? Diaby denilson diaby denilson Diaby denilson diaby denilson Diaby denilson diaby denilson Diaby denilson diaby denilson Diaby denilson diaby denilson Diaby denilson diaby denilson Diaby denilson diaby denilson Diaby denilson diaby denilson Diaby denilson diaby denilson Diaby denilson diaby denilson Diaby denilson diaby denilson Diaby denilson diaby denilson Diaby denilson diaby denilson Diaby denilson diaby denilson Diaby denilson diaby denilson…. Yogi why am i in moderation for that comment on sugascum?

  139. Has Suga3 fucked off? Do the same tomstoned.
    Frank that’s what I call a battle royal. You gave it to them.
    Why do all these cunts appear when we lose? Why can’t they just keep to Le Shite?

  140. YW, thanx, really grand of you, that comment…
    Ok. anyways best of luck.

  141. Blimey, i agree jonjon. Maybe the first xi are suited for 433 and not for some in the reserves.

  142. Nice to have such friendly, adult discussions. As for the idiot who called YW brainless; not sure whether to laugh or cry. ARSENAL – win or lose!

  143. Have been an Gunner since 1957. have seen great managers (bertie nee) and poor managers (Bruce rioch although he did buy denis , the greatest player I’ve ever seen play for arsenal).wenger has been great for this club. He inherited a good team (back 4 in particular) and made them great. Until I die I’ll always remember The Invincables!!! I never thougth I’d say this but I do believe it’s time for Arsene to move upstairs and allow a new face at the helm. The experiment (and that’s what it is) hasn’t worked. There’s stubborn and there’s stubborn but Arsene has brought this to a new level. Thanks Arsene but PLEASE allow some new thinking to prevail.

  144. Jon Jon’s a hypocrite (I’ll be more than happy to explain why, so come at me bro!), Suga3’s a fool (I’ll be more than happy to explain why, so come at me bro!), Block 4’s post was rife with stupidity which is why he’s Block 4 (I’ll be more than happy to explain why so come at me bro!), the rest are all trolls.

  145. Jonjon, although a “doomer” but sometimes he does speak sense. Not like that sugaspursscum.

  146. Alex Ice Cream


    If our finishing had been better then VDS would not have gotten the MOM award. Many keepers have great game against us – because we allow them to do so with finishing that isn’t good enough.

  147. I feel sorry for the likes oftom. There he was with his nively gleaned 2nd hand opinions, given to him by dyed in the wool doomers, feeling all nice and smug coz Arsenal have had a shit week, so naturally that means he needs to go and spread the doomer word because we only ever get to see this shit after a loss.

    Call me a plastic and an AKB (the classic reflex argument of clueless doomers) it makes you look even morethe sad sheep that you are.

    You dont know my thoughtsabout the team/players/manager/board, because I havent offered them. I havent had a chance to as I have had to wade thru your cliche ridden half baked bollocks.

    Oh and being able to name (almost) a pub in London makes you a real fan?

    EVEN IF you went to every home game (or one in your case) you would still be a shit fan.

    Thing is, I can understand the points of people like JonJon and suga3. They feel pissed off after a poor result. Whereas you? You just repeat the same tired old shit you have been spoon fed, your views are boring, like I imagine your life is.


  148. Suga3…

    You are wrong because if we’d followed what you were spouting at the beginning of the season we’d be in midtable or worse not 3 points off the top. You didn’t rate Djourou at all. You were one of the most vocal and condemnatory posters on Le grove of Kosceilny. You had no time for Walcott. You even wanted Clichy dropped for Gibbs. You didn’t think that we would challenge at all and you called the team substandard… so the basic reason that no one in their right mind should take a damn thing you say seriously is because your opinions have been definitively proven wrong.

    What you and people like you rely on is spouting nonsense after every set back based on a stupid notion of Arsenal’s greatness entitling us to a trophies and titles that our history doesn’t even begin to justify. This period under Wenger is the most successful period in the club’s history since the 1930’s. FACT. Yet people like you try to pretend that our club is plumbing the depths of mediocrity when the facts are completely different. To some of you ambition is equal to spending more than you earn… a bit like Liverpool and Leeds. I often wondser how some of coped during the dark days of the fag end of GG’s reign when we were signing the likes of Kiwomya et al or the chaos of Bruce Rioch’s reign. The worst thing of all is that neither you nor your fellow travellers have any realistic solutions to what claim are our problems apart from calls to splash the cash or sack the manager and get in Mourinho! Clowns.

  149. Please guys ignore the usual morons who venture here after a bad result. They just bring down the tone of YW’s excellent blog.

  150. one loss Gadget ??…
    be honest it isnt just one loss now is it ??
    Max…go to bed…
    Frank… least you keep it on a real level,still mate..i have seen denilson all season mate..i have seen almunia ….squilacci…bendtner…and be honest not one of those players have the quality that should be demanded playing for The Arsenal..
    relying on Djourou after being out a year ?..not buying when Wermy was out for the season which they had to know..
    keeping almunia who has never been good enough all these slip ups are costing us mate..and who is responsible…??
    and be truthfull wenger is far from being a tactical genius…
    wenger was a great manager,but sorry to say he has lost he did in Japan and France…

  151. Dexter i forgive you mate…not easy being a plastic fan…its okay..dont be sad..

  152. Alex Ice Cream

    When I saw their midfield lineup yesterday I was pleased – until I saw ours a second or so later containing Diaby and Denilson. No one will win at OT with these two jokers in the team even if they have 2 fullbacks, O’shea and Gibson in midfield.

    We played a very average ManU team and they still won comfortably and yet Frank and the other believers in the Cult of Wenger will come out and excuse the performance like they have done for the last few years. Diaby and Denilson are rubbish and have been for years. Yesterday was just further proof of it.

    Someone thought that I was angry yesterday; I wasn’t, I knew we would lose when I saw the team and in this regard at least the players didn’t disappoint.

    This group are a bunch of talented losers and have spent the last 6 years proving it.

  153. Yes Tom, it really is afterall, where is your typing ability after the wins?

    You are a troll and a weak one at that

  154. Kenyan,

    battle royale? bwahahaha…


    this team is very limited personnel wise and tactically, however, we should do better with the players we have…

  155. Yet more abuse from FC Bussacalona this weekend. Obviously unfamiliar with the concept that grace can be shown in victory as well as in defeat, the club hierarchy have returned to complaining about the ‘discrepencies’ within laws governing the siginings of youngsters across europe….yawn
    The cause of this latest outcry is no doubt a reaction to cesc, and more recently the Jon miquel signing (a masterstroke!!), arguing that until equal regulations governing these youth signings are in place the Market is not fair on parent clubs. Please!!
    Since when have football Markets been fair just look at the way sponsership and television  money are distributed, and if your arguing European equality let’s talk about the tax breaks given to top footballers in Spain to encourage them to earn their living in la liga.
    Maybe if FC Busaccalona started concentrating on there own problems there finances might start to resemble those of arsenal and not those of Ireland.

  156. YW…..Can’t you block some of these persistent toothaches? I don’t want to make it a fascist state but they are only here for one reason and it just descends into farce. I guess they’ll only pop up again under a different alias. Sigh. If I was feeling depressed after this last week…listening to some of these morons is enough to make me suicidal.

    “Oh and being able to name (almost) a pub in London makes you a real fan?”

    That made me smile at least. The clown’s Bertie Big Bollocks routine was pretty pathetic.

  157. keep repeating it tom, you have nothing to say.

  158. Suga3

    >at the start of the season, I said we would come short without another proper striker, backup DM and defender, as I knew all the way Vermaelen was fucked Rosicky stylee…

    Don’t be a silly boy. You didn’t know that as you are not a qualified medical professional nor have you examined Vermaelen.

    >- screw CL, pipe dream, unnecessary distraction, do not risk injuries (FAIL)

    Now you know you’ve never publicly said that so let’s not invent things. You know that you would not accept AW not taking one of the two top competitions in a season lightly.


    PS. If you want people to stop telling you to fuck off, stop calling people cunts. OK?

  159. Suga3 …

    You just make these silly declarations that mean absolutely nothing. In what way is the team limited tactically? Give us actual examples of the tactical limitation that you’re spouting off about… Was the the performance against Barca at the the Grove an example of the tactical limitation you banging on about? or the home and away performances against city … or the home performance against Chelsea. Compared to whom are we tactically limited? You get away with that kind of unintelligent bullcrap on Le Grove… here the standards are much, much higher. Explain your self or give it a rest.

  160. im no hypocrite gadget
    i see the good and bad in everything,,
    its called being objective…
    my views are consistent…and im here win lose or draw

    unlike others who come out of the woodwork only when we lose ( who i wont mention) thats being a trouble maker….and unlike others who spend all week loving everything about the team telling everyone to fuck off and then spend 90mins at the weekend slagging players off and then go back to loving everything about the team and telling everyone to fuck off again..(who i agian wont mention),..thats having double standards…

    i think weve got a shit hot first team…who will win us trophies
    but i also think weve got a shit bench who when used wont win us trophies

    and until thats proven otherwise my views wont change

  161. Delia---Block 112

    Dear God have most of you taken leave of your senses! We are not fighting relegation, we have a great chance of winning the league !
    If you had suffered the heartbreak and disappointments that I experienced in th 50s and 60s you might have something to moan about. We watched rubbish football , played on muddy pitches , standing in the snow and rain with nothing to look forward to .
    Pull yourselves together and get behind the team, they need all of the true fans behind them . Quite frankly the moaners amongst you don’t deserve to belong to our great club . Stay away from the Emirates , you are not welcome!
    As always COYRs

  162. AIC, we know you to be a troll and a magnificent cunt.

  163. YW,

    I can’t be arsed to dig through the LG threads to prove you wrong on both counts, so whatever 😉

    and I suggest looking at the order of things as they happen, I sure do agree, I should be wiser than some of your regulars and not retaliate…

  164. Gr*t in hell.

    This ‘straight at the keeper’ malarky really is too much for some robust football brains.
    Just one example from yesterday’s game:
    RVP’s shot saved by EVDS, which led to a chance from a corner, was right in the, er, the…um,
    the corner!


  165. Joshua,

    home performance against City a tactical masterstroke?

    good one dude, City came for a draw, played for a draw and guess what? got a draw…

  166. Suga3

    Rise above it.


  167. JD Gooner, I thank you for putting in a far less abusive way than I did. I’m not here to disrespect any Arsenal fan or the club I am just fed up of the shit we have to put up with every year. The first few years after the move was hard but, we knew there was no money around and things would be tough.

    But, those no money days are long gone and the players we needed to get back to winning ways have all gone to our rivals. Some players didn’t even hide the fact they wanted to play for our beloved club but, out of pure ignorance and a stubborn streak beyond any imagination we have somehow become a laughing stock of a team with no leaders and NO plan B when things are going wrong.

    Too many bad points and not enough good to outweigh it. Too many good players in their prime sold just to prove a point that he can do it without big money signings like he did when we went an entire season without loss.

    Those days are gone and will never be matched again in our lifetime but, Wenger refuses to move with the times and in the meantime we have the best passing side in England and England alone that has won nothing and never will as long as we have no plans for when things don’t go right.

    Utd defence had it so so simple because they know this attack will be EXACTLY as the last 5,6,7,8,9 and 10th attacks before. We have defenders who are just not up to it when we could of got 2 perfectly good English Defenders in Phil Janks and Gaz Cahill but, it seems to be an English thing with Wenger. Unless he has thought of it first before it comes out in the media he ain’t touching it.

    Everybody knew we needed a decent top commanding Keeper, Centre Back and I’m sorry proper MD Enforcer who will not give a foul away outside the out own box because the player has got passed him (Song). As for our so say strike force well that’s another big fucking joke. None of them can relied on to bang in 15 goals in all competitions let alone 20.

    This is a club that use to have people like Ian Wright, Henry, Anelka, Bergkamp. Bendtner would not even make it in a WBA side cos the strikers they have are better than him and look like they might score.

    I just can’t believe some of the excuses and “get behind your team” shit there is on here. Best passing side as long as we don’t play Barca?
    Best passing side who retain 90% of the ball but, get hit on a counter every time? Best passing side to win fuckall in nearly 7yrs.

    Come with it because I believe I have enough talk to back my talk.
    He cost us again this season for no reason more than his own personal crusade.

  168. i dont personally think theres any such thing as an akb, everyone knows wengers a great manager but that doesnt stop people from having their own opinion…. within reason
    i dont think theres any such thing as a plastic or a doomer either
    everyones entitled to their own opinion….within reason….

    but i do think theres such a thing as being a total bellend….and this is where the within reason part comes into play…

  169. Yup.

    Anyone who bought into the Sp*d meme last season, and wrote on blogs that Theo Walcott was not good enough for Arsenal football club, is in my humble opnion, an unreasonable idiot.

  170. It is a truism that any talented player is a talented loser if he loses. When he wins he becomes a talented winner. This is not a revelation. When this group of players win games they are talented winners and when they lose they are talented losers. When they draw they are When they win the EPL they will be talented winners of that competition.

  171. The funny thing in all this nonsense is that people like Suga3 actually expected us to struggle to qualify for the ECL! They were the ones saying that we would struggle to finish 4th. They were the ones who told us that we had no hope of finishing above City and Spurs and they are here to lament the failure to land the quadruple! What rank hypocrisy!!… These people didn’t expect us to be 3 points of the top the league with a game in hand at this stage of the season… it is important to remember the kind of people we are dealing with here. These are not principled individuals who take a stand at the beginning of the season and offer up a cogent analysis based on their stated opinions as the season progresses… hell no! These people constantly shift the goalposts to suit their agenda which is basically filled with hate for the manager based on what, I have no idea. If Suga3 had an ounce of principle in him he’d have to accept that the team has vastly overachieved given his own stated opinion at the start of the season but not a bit of it… what you get is empty and vacuous declarations that mean absolutely nothing.

    If anyone has a right to be upset it should be those who actually believed that team was good enough and was ripe to challenge on all fronts not cockroaches who only wish Arsenal ill because they hate manager. Naff off you morons.

  172. Where actually is the end of a bell? Is it the loop thing that it dangles by or is it the rim? Or if the donger dangles out beyond the rim is it in fact the end?

  173. While im at it. Wasn’t top of our CL Group with x2 games to go then fielded a weakened side ended up being smashed in then got drawn with Barca?

    Another fucking master stroke. “And let us not forget we have Bendtner to come back”. LMFAO.

  174. Alex Ice Cream


    Many people are tired of the situation that you describe and are tired of the excuses that we have had to stomach. Too many substandard players and a manager who has forgotten how to build a winning team.

    The move to the Emirates has resulted in us becoming less competitive. People say there is no money, but why? A clue is given by our really high wage bill – amazing when you consider some of the sh1te at the club. The first 11 are great but after that the quality drops alarmingly. AW is to blame – he bought these jokers and continues to reward their ineptitude with new contracts.

  175. Joshua, stop chatting shit, I was pretty sure we would finish in the top four, but I just did not consider that enough…

    been there, done that, yawn, I am off…

  176. Some of you need to stop watching football cos the bile that some of you write is worryingly pathetic. We lost some big games, we have our flaws, we’re not perfect but we are the Arsenal and no matter how ugly or dysfunctional the child i will wake up again and again despite the frustration to support a complex thing of beauty. Foresight, vision and philosophy are an endangered species in this sport and for all the disappointments i will hold onto my roller-coaster ticket till the end.
    Those of you that use this blog to shit out your negative diarrhea because you think your venomous wisdom will be a salvation to us “delluded fans” are even more pathetic. We’re not stupid but we choose to be loyal to this project. Thanks for your help but we will be ok. At the end of the day we’re only spectators debating something we love. Unfortunately for all you hindsight tacticians Arsene has better thing to do than scroll through blogs taking notes cheque book at the ready. There are playstation games for that which i strongly recommend if you cant take defeat because you can just hit restart. Nice and easy. A>R>S>E>N>A>L

  177. Alex Ice Cream


    I agree so by your logic this team are talented losers until they win something. They have proved that they are not up to it by failing to beat Brum and ManU and by the last 6 years. I am glad that we both agree on what this team is then.

  178. Jon Jon, there’s the saying that great societies are those that criticize themselves. Given that you’re a aclf regular your criticism can be understood in that light. After all you debate both the good and the bad. What pisses me off are those idiots who only log in whenever we lose. We beat Chelsea and Barca and they don’t even make a shout. We lose to two lucky goals and the house is on fire!

  179. Joshua mate

    one small word of advice…we havent finished top four yet,,,,we will still have to fight all the way…dont forget..
    and quite a few AKB’s told us how great we where just a few weeks ago..but after being easily out bullied by B’ham…being outplayed and outclassed by Barca…being spanked by manure reserves yesterday…im hopeful but not certain of top four finish…..but well if we do…then wenger has achieved what he said…a top four finish….how about winning for once…how about showing some heart..not playing like a team of sissy’s…
    wenger must go..The Arsenal should never be treated like a financial institution….we are still a football Club..i hope…

  180. No Jon Jon, unfortunately you actually are a hypocrite.

    First there was the umbrage with my comment which would suggest you actually being strong in support and belief. Unfortunately, we can contrast that with your comment yesterday about moaning about Denilson and Diaby, and then you being sick of being right. Well that last comment would suggest you never believed we’d beat Man U, except, you told everyone we’d beat Man U. I’m being rather kind in just calling you a hypocrite methinks. In any case, I trust you took your own advise and stayed well clear of Old Trafford.

    And then their’s the team itself. Were you bemoaning the fact that 3-4 of our probable first team players were out, then perhaps I wouldn’t even broach this subject. However, you are only singularly focusing upon 2 of the players yesterday, which suggests two things, 1) the other non-first team members are strong enough to more or less be direct replacements and 2) the two you focus upon are somehow terrible enough to completely fuck up everyone else’s game. Arguably, if your belief in the rest of the team were as strong as you would have had others believe, you would expect everybody else to be able to cope with any deficiencies these players may bring, especially with Man U’s line-up being sooo weak and all. Instead you seek to scapegoat, putting little to no blame upon anybody else, and inadvertently highlight your lack of belief in the remaining 9 players upon the pitch.

  181. Naaa i’m in it for the Crusade guys…

  182. What is your point Suga3? Why would a team that has spent over 300m on players arrive at the home of a team you said had no hope of finishing above them only to play for a draw? But even worse is that your coment shows how naive you are about what the game of football is all about…. City got lucky because we did everything but score in that match unless you’re so silly to imagine that post and bar were briefed by Mancini to get in the way of our goal bound shots. how many shots did we have on target against city in the first half of our game and how many did Barcelona have against us? You really don’t have much of a clue do you??

    That’s the thing about people like you … your entire argument is a deeply dishonest one. If you can call players who went out to Barcelona after having a man sent off “frauds” but praise City for tactics that were infinitely more negative despite their vastly superior spending … WHAT THE FUCK IS YOUR PRINCIPLE HERE???? How can you even begin to call yourself an Arsenal fan when you praise the opposition over your own team when all logic and common sense suggest that it ought to be the other way round!! When City had a man sent of against us, AWAY FROM HOME, we murdered them 3-0 without either Van Persie or Vermaelen or even Djourou. The greatest team in the world not only were less effective against us with 11 men but only managed to edge us out of the tie by the odd goal. Your opinions really have no value I’m afraid to say because all you do spout the garbage that passes for thinking in that ship of fools called Le grove and because no one challenges your idiotic thinking on there you imagine you have point where you embarrassingly have none.

  183. aic
    there is money
    but you dont clear almost 300 of your debt by buying 30mil quids worth of players every year
    all the money has been going back to the banks
    this needs to change this summer… there has to be a balance of what goes into the bank and what goes into the team…giving wenger 10mil to play with every year aint enough…not when you make as much as we do..
    the wage bill is only high cos we have been stockpiling players
    not cos they are paid that well compared to other teams…
    we already have 2-3 sometimes 4 players for every position…as well as having 16 players on loan the squad is too big
    wengers already said this and i expect him to adress it in the summer…

  184. Gadget ..
    one question mate…and consider we had very lucky draws in both correction in CL too,we have lost every important game we’ve played…proven fact…the premier is weaker this year..and still we’ve lost quite a few matches that we shouldnt have…
    and then the question…if The Arsenal finish outside the top four….would you still give wenger credit and want him to continue…and if yes why ?..are you saying that winning isnt important..??

  185. I hope Theo will be back soon – we miss his pace as an outlet and he can get us the odd goal as well.

  186. gadget
    my view is that starting with denilson and diaby is like starting with nine men…they are the engine room and they are supposed to dictate the play…win the midfield battle and control the game…
    if they dont the other 9 men have to chase their shadows and put in an extra shift….
    so we will agree to disagree…
    ive never liked denilson and diaby starting together..i never will…until they prove me they can do it…thats not being a hypocrite thats sticking to my beleifs until im proved otherwise…
    not by what you say, but by the players performances….

  187. Alex Ice Cream


    I agree that there has to be an element of financial prudence but the balance is not right. We need to get rid of the players that have been stockpiled as you put it to free up cash for better players. Do you think that AW will have a firesale and invest in proven quality because I don’t. The flats were meant to generate 80m but generated about 20 at a push. We don’t need a 30m player ever year but Tiote cost Newcastle 3.5m and he has played better ths season than Diaby or Denilson. Wenger has given these players enough chances – its change or we will continue to win nothing. AW has far too much power at Arsenal, his job is to win trophies not to treat the club as a vehicle for his baby project experiment. His job is to turn us into winners, not to be an accountant.

  188. Joshua,

    it is a lot of exclamation marks you are using…

    I actually gave AW credit for setting us up to defend, but he later said it was never the case, I shall for once believe in what he says, you can’t fault me for that, can you?

  189. passenal
    i agree with you…
    weve lost that bit of edge that he provides up top and not only does he score he assissts as well…
    hes developed an end product this season
    think its something like 12 goals and 10 assists…
    weve missed him…

  190. Suga3

    These “?” are called question marks. “!” is an exclamation mark.



  191. Ha Tomstoned, I’ll answer your question, but you have to know, I think the points you’ve raise are quite wrong, poorly thought out, and quite stupid. I’m going to ask you questions among various lines in the hope I’ll be able to reconsider my stance upon your post

    1) in what way have we had lucky draws in all non-league comps? And how does that differ from anybody else?
    2) How is it a proven fact we lost every important game we’ve played? Do you not consider the wins against Chelsea and Barcelona? Furthermore, what in your mind makes a game important? Are they not all important to varying degrees?
    3) How is the premier league weaker this year?
    4) Why would Arsenal finish outside the top 4? What makes you think this is a possibility given what we’ve faced before? Given the extent of our home-grown talent, are we not in a good position to remain where we are?

    To answer you question: Well, I’m afraid I cannot without more information. It’s a very hypothetical situation, and it depends upon the circumstance leading to us finishing outside the top four. If our squad was decimated by injuries to an extent we’d never seen before, how could that not be seen as mitigating circumstances? You’ll have to flesh out your scenario before I can even attempt to give a proper answer.

  192. Mr. Stoned ..

    stay off the waccy baccy is my advice to you. So you expect us to finish out of the top 4? thanks for making your position clear. My opinion has been and remains that onl;y the rankest of idiots use the “AKB” thingy in anything other than an ironic way. Arsene Wenger knows more than you. Arsene Wenger knows more than any of us on here in all probability because he has has done year after year on a budget that no one else in Europe at our level can even begin to consider. And he has done it consistently for decades. Fisrt at monaco and now at Arsenal. A man who discovered and nutured a player of George Weah’s calss and standard knows more than you or any other idiot who imagines that say Arsene Knows Best is some kind of insult.

    George Weah. Youri Djorkaeff. Thierry Henry, Patrick Vieira, Cesc Fabregas, Jack Wilshere that’s just some of what wenger has done… WHAT HAVE YOU DONE??

  193. I can feel your pain tom.

    You decided to pick Arsenal as your team because they were winning stuff, when all your friends stuck with united and a few went for the chavs, now they bully and tease you and you need to lash out, i see that now.

    Go on then.

  194. Joshua…
    seems to me your not willing to be or keep the discussion clean…and its quite sad to see a human being like im guessing you are…need to be this rude….well well..
    and it isnt really about what i or even you have done…thats kinda stupid dont you think..what a great great argument though…
    me im guessing your not just up to it mate..maybe a bad day eh ?

  195. Jon Jon, I can only urge you to rethink that statement equating playing with Denilson and Diaby to playing with 9 men, but it does sound quite ridiculously stupid. That midfield actually did control the Man U game, and it’s impossible to argue otherwise given how much possession we had. You can say that we didn’t create many clearcut chances, but the midfield that played Stoke (which if memory serves was Song, Jack, and Samir) didn’t create much neither, and creating chances is the combined job of both the midfield and the forwards.

    Feel free to argue against, because I honestly look forward to hearing what you’ll say.

    Or do I? Apparently I’m one of those there’s no point in discussing things with.

  196. its more the boards decision than AW’s i think alex….
    they know he can still get to fourth and make them profit by using his academy and a 10mil kitty

    so what AW’S being doing is hes been using the players he has…
    if the board gave him the full allocated transfer kitty and he trimmed the squad he could have the money to go all out in summer and afford to pay 20mil here and there on a couple of established players who are tearing their leagues to bits…

    whether this will happen is another thing entirely but to say its AW and all AW isnt entirely true…

  197. You’ve asked him too many questions at once there Gadget. It’s all too much. That distance farting noise is the sound of Tomstoned’s tiny mind exploding.

  198. One question for the doomers. Who would you rcommend as a replacement for Arsene Wenger?

    Don’t blame us AKBs when we laugh at your suggestions.

  199. Suga3…

    Once again we get a deeply dishonest of what wenger said in his press conference. He said that he didn’t set up his team to sit back and not have shot but that Barca’s pressure meant that we couldn’t keep the ball. he also said that the defensive performance was outstanding.

    The problem I see with you is that you are basically quite, quite naive as to the nature of a football match. Wenger cannot plan every single minutae of how a match will go… no manager alive can do that, all he can do is get players with the versatility and ability to deal with what they are faced with on the day. Our players did that in spades against Barca and those players were picked by Wenger and the fact that they were as adaptable and resilient as they were without being an overly defensive team is a mark in Wenger’s favour. No knowledgeable fan can have any real complaints on the Barca performance…. but apparently you do. Says it all really.

  200. Okay, so…I’ve learned a lot about Arsenal in the last month. I’ve started supporting the Arsenal just this season. I really really respect Arsene’s project, philosophy and it really is the right way . So I can take it if we don’t win anything again, as long as we don’t compromise our values. Of course this doesn’t mean that I am cool with losing to ManU, Barca or Birmingham like this.

    Against Barcelona, we see a very interesting side of Arsenal. We get pushed into our own half, we do a real effort to defuse any threats, and in that way, we show great team work. I actually like this. When we get to attack them, it’s a counter with acres of space, and we’re very very good at that. This is how we overcame them at the Emirates, and I firmly believe we’d have won the second leg if it weren’t for the referee.

    So this is one side of the team.

    The other we saw yesterday. ManU in many regards isn’t any different from most other Premier League teams. But there’s a difference. While we can often outclass those “lesser” teams and look like Barcelona most of the time – fluid passing, awesome through passes and classy finishes – this just doesn’t work against a team of the quality of ManU. Ferguson knows our style and he knows how to nullify our threat. We just aren’t good enough to break down a defense with our possession play against a opposition that knows their shit. We overload their half and they just soak it all up. We pass beautifully in front of their box, but it just doesn’t lead to anything.

    It’s like this: our general tactic is to keep the ball, have the players roam free and break the opponents defense with trickery. I love that philosophy. I don’t even think we’re trying to copy Barcelona. It’s just that Barca are the ones who play with that tactic the best.

    It doesn’t matter if Diaby or Denilson suck, or that we were missing Cesc. No, it’s our fundamental approach to the game. We need more rigid structure and we need to keep the play not in the opponents half, but in the midfield to give our forwards enough space to let them work their trickery when the defense is on the backfoot.

    Of course, it’s not just that. I really have to admit that we’re just fucking unlucky too. Ridiculous refereeing decisions, bizarre defending mistakes and injuries that come so timely as if summoned by Ferguson’s private club of cultists of black magick.

    But that basic approach to our game we CAN and should change. We have a good enough midfield for the majority of our encounters, Diabnilson or not. We have the ability to outplay them in the middle of the pitch. But breaking down good defenses in siege mode is just not our strength.

    One word for the future. Wenger should look to sign one or two players this season. Not promising talents for a change, but proven veterans with title-winning experience. We need to inject that mentality in the rest of the squad.

  201. gadget
    we’ll hae to agree to disagree…
    theres a reason AW replaced denilson after half time…
    but we were already 2 goals down
    i cant be arsed now mate im going round in circles…
    you have your view il have mine

  202. Ha Harry! I’m sure he’ll respond, and then we’ll test the strength of his reasoning.

  203. Who are these 20 million pound players tearing up their leagues jon jon?

  204. @Gainsbourg69

    I’m not a doomer, and I’m not calling for Wenger’s head. I have a deep admiration for that man and he’s a perfect symbol for the club. But when he eventually retires, I think the keys to the kingdom should be given to Laurent Blanc. He is probably the man who knows how to effectively take Wenger’s legacy into the future.

  205. i beg to differ Gadget..

    an important game….well barca at home didnt count for much..or ?best of two legs far as i remember..against B’ham was an imortant game…then again i think we more or less agrees on what is important games…
    lucky sure deep down you agree on that one it a part of the game yes of course do others have lucky draws too,yes …but that doesnt mean we didnt have lucky draws…and did make a mess of in the CL…
    the fact that the premier is weaker this year is well agreed upon by all managers…in the way that both chelski and manure have regressed this year..finally i didnt say that The Arsenal would finish outside the top four…please read carefully…there is a possibility…and we will have to fight all the way…
    injuries well if this had been a one off season..i could understand it..but wenger knows that he has been carrying crocks for a very long time now..and one should expect him to do something about it…
    Japan ..France..wenger started out as a Cannon ;..and then slowly but surely got weaker and weaker…proven fact…much like at The Arsenal…
    one question in the past 6 years what important game have we won…??

  206. Mr. Stoned.

    I’m willing to give a serious opinion a serious comment. Yours are basically dumb. What makes you imagine that you know more than Wenger? What are your qualifications?? What have you won and with whom and at what level??? If you come on here and throw around insults at a great man who is giving his all for the club I support do not expect me to respect you for it because you deserve none. Anyone who uses the AKB thingy in the way you do is an idiot. Full stop.

  207. I read a quote somewhere about Daily mail readers being just intelligent enough to realise that they arent very intlligent.

    Dunno why I mention that now?

  208. No, no Jon Jon I cannot accept that. I’m actually inviting you to hold a discussion and you’re running away. WHY?!

    AW took him off because we were 2-0 down, it’s something he’s done many many times before.

    In what way do you think the Denilson – Jack – Diaby midfield didn’t control the game? In what way didn’t they win the midfield battle? In what way didn’t they dictate the game?

    You should at least answer that since it’s the very criteria in which you are judging them by.

  209. Harry Flowers…what a small man you are Sir…not very educated are we…just a sorry excuse for a ??

  210. Alex Ice Cream


    You make a fair point. GG never had any money to spend either and its true to say that the board going back 25 years has never made enough money available. AW has money that he hasn’t spent but its the persistence with players like Rosicky, and the odd transfer madness like Squilacci that I do not understand. If players are not good enough get rid and replace them with others.

    Its not just about money though. AW has failed to create a team that can perform under pressure or perform when Cesc does not play. Jack has been wonderful this season however and instantly has showed the limitations of Diaby and Denilson. We are struggling to turn possession into goals and keep getting caught out defensively, especially at set-pieces and on the counter.

  211. Friends, and I regard all Arsenal supporters as friends, even those who will insult me when they read what I have to say, whilst we are all extremely disappointed at what has happened this week, before we get out the shotgun, let us be practical.

    When we were unlucky enough to be drawn against Barca, how many of you genuinely thought that we had anything other than an outside chance of beating them.

    Let us call a spade a spade. Even before last Tuesday night’s game we all knew that they were the best team on the planet. They are not completely invincible, but undoubtedly the best.

    So having been drawn against them, at this early stage in the tournament, we all really knew in our heart of hearts that we were unlikely to get through. We hoped otherwise, but was that not more hope than reality?

    As it is we did pretty well. We beat them well at home and were a breath away from doing it there, even with the ridiculous referreing in Barca’s favour. We almost did it.

    So, yes let us be disappointed, but realistic as well.

    When we were drawn away to Manure, did we all think, it was a cert, or that all we had was a chance? This is Manure away, not at home. No matter what team they put out at home, they are still pretty formidable and almost unbeatable.

    Since we beat them at OT in 2003, have they lost even one home FA cup game? I do not know, but I doubt it.

    Another unucky draw and another good, but unsuccessful performance, but in reality the most likely result and not the end of the world.

    On the contrary, we should take it as a compliment that SAF chose to play in a way intended to counteract our strengths and not in a way to rely on his team’s strengths

    They played like the away team at OT, how embarrasing, even though successful.

    We play the way we do, because that is the Arsenal way under AW. Now that everyone, including Manure play only to counteract our way, and not in their way, we must devise a way to get round that. How that is to be done, AW must work it out, on his own, or with help and with the players who can do the job, not just players who cost a lot of money.

    Friends, that you for listening.

  212. gainsburgh
    u serious??

    no gadget ive explained my reasons a 100 times already, you’ll have to accept it…
    if you think the denilson diaby combo is great then thats your view…
    thats fine..whatever…
    stamping your foot wont change mine…

  213. Yes, I’m serious jon jon. Name just one twenty million pound player tearing up his league.

  214. Tomstoned, my initial reaction stands and then some. Your follow up post hardly answered any of my questions, showed little self-reasoning, and an awful lot of stupidity.

    For brevity’s sake, I’m going to restrict my reaction to one sentence for each:

    “an important game….well barca at home didnt count for much..or ?best of two legs far as i remember..against B’ham was an imortant game…”

    Was the Barcelona win not important at the time?

    “then again i think we more or less agrees on what is important games…”

    Indulge me: define what an important game.

    “lucky sure deep down you agree on that one too..”

    Indulge me: define what’s a lucky draw.

    “is it a part of the game yes of course do others have lucky draws too,yes …but that doesnt mean we didnt have lucky draws…and did make a mess of in the CL…”

    Where was our luck in drawing Barcelona?

    “the fact that the premier is weaker this year is well agreed upon by all managers…in the way that both chelski and manure have regressed this year..”

    The league consists of more than just Chelsea and Man U – think again and give me your answer, not one given to you by the media.

    “finally i didnt say that The Arsenal would finish outside the top four…please read carefully…there is a possibility…”

    You really should do what you preach.

    “and we will have to fight all the way…”

    Something we can finally agree on.

    “injuries well if this had been a one off season..i could understand it..but wenger knows that he has been carrying crocks for a very long time now..and one should expect him to do something about it…
    Japan ..France..wenger started out as a Cannon ;..and then slowly but surely got weaker and weaker…proven fact…much like at The Arsenal…”

    I some how doubt you’ve looked too much into Wenger’s past to understand the reasoning for the declines in some of his past teams.

    “one question in the past 6 years what important game have we won…??”

    (This needs two sentences – crap!)
    1) define an important game
    2) how about Chelsea on Boxing Day?

    Seriously why am I bothering?

    People from here onward, if I get someone showing very little in the way of self-thinking, analysis, and reason, chatise me if I engage

  215. alex
    well lets just hope with all the lads banging on the door like rambo and lansbury etc AW will have a few more options in the summer
    jack and ches have already showed we have the replacements in house and there are players who are ready for the step up if they get the games…

  216. Oh no. I’ve been called a ?? (or the dreaded double question mark as it’s known). The killer blow though is when a man questions your education (or lack of) it’s like a dagger through the heart of an Englishman.

    Hey-ho. The sun has got his hat on now.

    Go get ’em Gadget. Though they may try and bore you to death…the force is with you.

  217. Now where are we. Enjoying the rugger I am. The fox on the ptch was good. I really miss our squirrel.

    What this? AIC? Logic? The meaning of the word ‘loser’ of course depends upon the context ad even more importantly on nuance. It is clear that AIC’s snotty, snickering, sneering nuance is an insult. My own use of the word was more straight forward, clearly Arsenal were the losers against the Mancs…but we will not always be so. If I had to choose between the next EPL game against them and the FACup I would choose to lose in the FACup.

  218. Gadget,

    This isnt just a loss is it to be fair come on. This was a debacle. This was the worst Man utd line up we have EVER played. with the players we had we should have giving them a pasting, bollocks to it being at old trafford. luck the ref,vds, not as much rest all these things should not have stopped us beating that team and that is what is the worry.

  219. Jon Jon, If you’ve answered those question based upon yesterday’s game, please direct me to where I might find you answers because I’ve not seen them today, and I didn’t see them yesterday.

    I must say, as it stands you’re looking like a gigantic pussy, and yes I’m aware I’m acting like a petulant child, but after the exchange between me and you on Friday, you ought to man up some and engage me on this debate.

    BY the way, I don’t to debate to convince a person of anything, I debate to gain a better understanding. Convincing a person of something is nigh on impossible. However, if a person doesn’t debate with logic and reason, I’ll leave with the understanding that that person is a fool.

  220. We have the players for the future already! We don’t need to completely overhaul the team. We do need to sign 1, 2 quality veteran players with trophy winning experience so that our talented players have somebody to look up to and learn from. This I think is the most rational way of handling the problem at the moment, I believe

  221. Duke,

    If I were just paying attention to the team sheets and the scoreline I might actually agree with you. However, there are various other things which come into play. We faced an organised side that was prepared to sit back, defend in numbers and hit us on the counter. It was a rope-a-dope and we got stung. There is nothing shambolic about that. It happens. WE didn’t take our chances. It happens. Just one of those things.

    I’m sadden the team didn’t win. But I’m not going to sit back and declare this a disaster. The Spuds at Emirates = disaster. Wigan last year = disaster.

    This, not so much at all.

    So leave the hyperbole , you’ll feel much better for it.

    Harry, I’m a top don Sith Lord bro, I’m busy spreading syphilis to every hoe!

  222. If we fuck up the league,
    the policies at the club must change.

    Beginning with Wenger being held accountable for the results.
    He can no longer hide under the no money excuse.
    He had 40 mil in JAN.

  223. jjgsol | March 13, 2011 at 3:53 pm |

    Good post, one of the few attempting to discuss football today.

  224. Guys, leave Tomstoned alone. He has his opinions, damn it, and they’re not formulated by the media. All of you just love to regurgitate what the pro-Arsenal media spews without thinking twice. In fact, Tom is such an original and unique critic that he has opened my eyes. If it weren’t for the fact that there’s such an obvious love in between Arsene Wenger and the pundits I would have never known what Tom is explaining here. Thanks, Tom, for clearing my AKB head once and for all. You, sir, are a patriot.

  225. dolgion, what if we win the league this season? Would we stiull need those veterans?

  226. Crud! I have to run. Look forward to reading the response and the debates (ha!) later.

    Peace y’all, have a good sunday

  227. ok gadget…your right…

    suarez was tearing up his league
    luiz the same
    they cost 20mil…
    thats two….
    i could name more if you want???
    dont watch much football do you???

  228. Gadget…

    I can feel your frustration but I fear that you are looking for reason where there’s clearly none. JonJon is convinced that Diaby and Denilson are not good enough and his conviction is based on his conviction… if you know what I mean. It is not based on any kind of analysis of the match itself or of what actually happened… it is more or less a kind of prejudice. Let’s not forget that Gibbs, in my humble opinion, was by far more culpable in yesterday’s defeat than either denilson or Diaby were. Gibbs was up against first Da Silva and then a recovering Valencia and he dominated neither. Both goals came down the left and the first threat that United had was when da Silva basically escaped Gibbs to have a free header. Has JonJon even mentioned Gibbs?

    Don’t get me wrong here… Gibbs is still a young player and he hasn’t really played all that much but you can be certain that if Clichy had been as dodgy as Gibbs was you won’t have been able to move for the number of comments blaming him. The whole scapegoat thing is just witless and it shouldn’t surprise you that those who blame players no matter what are hardly ever able to give cogent reasons for their opinions. The reason for that is fairly obvious… scape-goating has very little to do with reasoning.

  229. The problem is this squad has talent in abundance can’t seem to rise to even close to the level of intensity to win the biggest matches. There are no warriors. Just watched the Rome derby – there is no way this Arsenal team ever even comes even close to the level of intensity on display by both teams in that game. Only Wilshere, Vermalen, Ramsey and Nasri, for me, display that kind of fighting commitment and burning desire (Fab used to have it but anyone with functioning eyes can see his heart’s not fully in it anymore) – the rest are Prima Donnas that think their skills are enough to justify their paychecks and to win trophies. They’re not.

  230. Norvan Chav$ (tm Muppet)/ Reading vs Mancs = Result.

  231. Gadget two simple answers…
    the barcelona game was NOT important at all…what was the end product of that win ??
    the chelski game could have been important if The Arsenal had been able to start believ they could win these kind of games..but well no…
    if you had investigated just a fraction you would know that in both France and Japan..wenger started brightly for then to be more concerned about finances and bringing in young talent than winning…

    lucky draw..well when we all got the draw in CL in dont believe there was a Gooner alive that didnt think we where quite lucky…and what happened ..well some including me would say we messed up big time..we could have played a weak roma team instead of barca..or ??
    it stands clear for everyone to see Gadget..(well maybe not for you fellah)in the past six years we have not been able to move forward…and we are still loosing whenever we have an opportunity…
    dumb…well that is your privilege and i want argue the fact that you think im being somewhat dumb..and i will not bring myself down to that level
    but i will say accepting that The Arsenal is run as it should be at the moment is not even close to truth…mate..
    you are in my opinion lost in wengers lies and deceptive behaviour..

  232. G69 ,
    like we won the Carling Cup and knocked Manu out of the FA cup.

    We aint winning anything this season , esp. since Djourou and Chezzer are out – those two were pivotal in lending staability to our defence.

    Koscielny and Squillaci starting in the remainder of the games means we have ZERO chance.
    I can see us dropping points at :
    Manure – home
    Spurs – away
    Liv – home
    Bolton – away
    Stoke – away
    Fulham – away

    Thats six tricky ties.

  233. Wow, I’m just going through the earlier comments by our pragmatic guests and I must say that they get zero opinions from the media. These guys go against the grain and they’re not afraid to call a spade a spade. These guys have opinions of their own. As AKBs we should respect that.

  234. Prima donnas?
    I guess those sp*ds are just not pretty enough.

    Fack orf.

  235. Limestonegunner

    We are fairly safe for 4th place, with 9 points ahead of Tottenham with 10 fixtures remaining. However, our remaining fixtures are actually very difficult: away to Bolton, Stoke, Fulham and Spuds, home to Liverpool and ManU. Even WBA away or Blackpool away, Blackburn or Villa at home have to be taken very seriously. But our run-in from this point forwards is harder than ManU’s, to my mind. Chelsea is 6 back and City 4 with an extra game played. Injuries are coming at a very unfortunate time but hopefully the international break will allow us to get Cesc, Theo and Song back for most of the remaining league games. Djourou’s loss is very serious since Vermaelen has no chance to be back in time to make a major impact.

    So, it is going to be a struggle to win the league, and morale must be low after witnessing 3 cup defeats (distractions? really think that makes light of competitions we tried to win) within a fortnight. There is no doubt that the signs don’t look great at the moment, but there is still our main competition to play for.

    But despair isn’t going to help anyone. We aren’t out of the league but we will be if the players lose belief and become demoralized. The support has a role to play in this. It depressed me to no end to hear Arsenal supporters on the 606 podcast calling in and demanding Wenger’s departure, no matter how frustrated and disappointed we are. Now really isn’t the time for these recriminations because they are genuine distractions during a tough run-in. It was embarrassing to hear a Tottenham Hotspur supporter defend the club while Arsenal supporters publicly undermined the team and manager! Honest opinions of what is going wrong are to be welcomed but viciously attacking your team and manager in front of everyone is very poor. We get attacked enough in those forums. I found this especially difficult to take–it was defeatist when a big prize is still possible.

    Let’s have enough of this petty bickering. Our team has faults and flaws, and I am one who does try to discuss them on this blog, but there is no remedy right now other than trying to will Arsenal on to fight for the league. If we win it, we know we can build on it and even improve next season.

  236. Gadget

    No use asking those who say we never win an important game to define their terms. What they mean by an important game is any game we lose.

    That’s why we never win one!

  237. Al least a real footballing side will enlighten the FA Cup semis, i mean Stoke…

  238. esat muy bien Gainsbourg
    great ironi..and i can see that you are referring to one of the greatest
    Sometimes the appropriate response to reality is to go insane !…

    nuff said

  239. Arindam, I completely agree with you.

    jon jon, you’re going to use Suarez and David Luiz as examples? Fair enough. Koscielny cost a fraction of what David Luiz cost Chelsea. In my opinion, and after his two games against Messi, I think he was a much better purchase. Ditto for Djourou. Who, incidentally, cost a pittance compared to what Chelsea payed for side show Bob.

    As far as Suarez is concerned, sorry but I prefer Van Persie every day of the week and twice on sunday over him. Again, Van Persie cost a quarter of what Suarez costs. And don’t talk shit about Van Persie’s injuries. We still don’t know how injury prone Suarez is after just one game.

    Name a few more players. I’m having fun batting you about.

  240. Guys this “debate” is getting boring to death….move on

  241. @Gainsbourg69

    If the current crop win the league, the belief would be established and the winning mentality there again. So veteran’s would be the “solution” to the “problem” in that case. But I still would like a few players who’ve seen and went through a lot to just help the younger ones develop better. At the moment, we have some amazing players but inspiration when its needed always must come from the boss as it currently is. He’s the one every player in the squad looks towards in tough times like these, and Wenger is, deservedly or not, losing more and more credibility. If we had one or two more players who are proven champions, they’d be able to provide some of that inspiration right on the pitch. Cesc is an amazing player, but even he should have somebody who he can look up to in the team.

    It’s like this: If you want to get better, no matter what you’re specializing in, make sure you’re in an environment where you’re one of the relatively worst. Of course, this must be combined with the will to go that extra mile. This is one reason why I think Cesc wants to leave. Here, there is nobody who he can really learn from. He’s the undisputed go-to guy at the age of 23 years now. And I believe that he is still too young for taking that role 100%. Right now is a stage where he’d want to keep on growing, and the Arsenal is just getting too small for him in that regard.

    I think that’s something Wenger was having in mind when he let Henry and Pires train with us, and why Lehmann might come back for a few weeks. That inspiration.

  242. Mr. Stoned

    You cannot keep make quite stupid comments and expect to be taken seriously. You say the win against Barcelona wasn’t importnat at all… seriously? You’d have preferred to go to Barcelona with a loss?? The good feeling and confidence that came from that win is worth nothing. Knowing that we were good enough to beat the so-called best team in the world is worth nothing. Oh dear…

    And the win against Chelsea “could have been important”… let’s assume that we’d lost against chelsea how would the league look today? if we win the league by one point or even on goal difference you do not believe that the 3 points we took off Chelsea would have contributed… even if we only finish 4th as you claim isn’t 3 points off Chelsea all adding to the total of what we gather in the season?
    Seriously, go away and learn how to think as you appear to have no idea what you are talking about..

  243. you havent done anything g69 i dont see what your getting at..
    u asked me to name a player who was tearing their league to bits and was in the 20mil region
    i named two

  244. Tom, funny that you should mention irony. Calling others who stand up for the team in defeat plastic fans and calling us sheep who do nothing but repeat unoriginal talking points is fucking ironic. Especially when you consider the fact that your tripe is what’s been all over the internet for the last couple of days and that you cry like a baby when a result doesn’t go your way.

  245. No, jon jon. You said that there are twenty million pound players tearing up their leagues and that Wenger should consider plucking a couple of them. Then you mentioned two extremely over priced and over hyped players who are no better than what we have in order to argue your point. All I am asking you is to name a few players at that price range who we could get that would makes better. So far you have failed.

  246. Dolgion, Cesc is learning through experience what he could’ve never learned sitting on the bench at Barca. Your point is a bit silly considering that he’s right up there with some of the best creative midfielders in the world and he wouldn’t have to learn much of anything in order to improve.

  247. Stoke is just going to roll over when they face Man U in the FA cup semis or Finals. It’s in their DNA.

  248. touche Gainsbourg

  249. In arsene I don’t trust. i’m using this time to ensure we arsenal true fans to believe that arsenal is not having any trophy to lift these season.

  250. not really g69
    i was merely defending AW from AIC’S statement that its AW’s fault for not buying players and wasting the money on wages..
    if you would have read my comments carefully you would have understood that..and there are players out there but wenger isnt given the money from the board to get them so he has to go with what he has…

    you then asked me to name two players who cost 20mil

    i didnt understand what you were trying to get at, seeing as though i was defending AW, which is why i asked if you were serious….which you said you were… so i did, just for you…

    and now your chatting shite talking about something that was never there in the first place…

    so it appears that all youve hit is your own wicket, or a foul ball…whichever version of the game you play…

  251. Joshua…
    keep living in that bubble mate…its always good not to have your own opinion..and to be fair…you prove that time end time again…being rude and well ignorant will always bring you respect mate..
    you would do well in a dictator state…people like you…are to say the least interesting..

  252. G69,

    a couple in that bracket that comes to my mind :

    Subotic/Hummels – we need a proper CB

  253. and one final question Joshua…
    what was important with the win against barca…havent you yet understod that it was a two leg cup tie mate….but please explain….how important it was..and please what did we get out of it…in the end that is….
    and if you are referring to the chelski game…3 points yes of course…still we gave away 3 points against wba..or wenger did with his clinical and almost genius tactics…
    your one of a kind Joshua..and well forget it…

    if you had run a company(God forbid) and you had for the last six years lost all major contracts..would you just keep going ..or would you have a closer look as to why ?-
    dont answer i know that responsibility isnt your cup of tea..

  254. Oh boy, is sad ol tom still wittering on about nothing in particular?

    What are you going on aboiut? I dont even think you know. You dont seem to have the belief in your own negative views. Very half arsed and lacklustre. When was the last time you won an important argument?

  255. Subotic is the new Dzeko.

  256. Jonjon,u stil refuse to commend on gibbs’ poor outing.why?

  257. Dexter..

    still not getting it..its not about me…and to engage in some kind of who is the better man bullshit ..well im doing great and i hope you do to…both on a professional and personal level….even if i seriously d….just forget it..

  258. his mate hummels is better..subotics just a big lump..although hes very good at being a big lump and its working for dortmund, hummels is a class act and more an arsenal type CB..

  259. ace
    i dont think i was ever asked but seeing as though you did i though he was crap..his form concerns me…but clichys seems to have found his game again so its not an issue…
    im also one of those in the camp that next season we should go with the jd/koz cb pairing and use TV at LB…
    what do you think…

  260. Jonjon,i think having TV play lfb ahead of clichy would make our back four well nigh impregnable.but i dont think wenger would do it.

  261. not only would it be impregnable but tv likes to get forward and have a shot or 4…that left foots a rocket launcher..he got a few stunners last year…
    i think it would work..
    ive also toyed with the idea that he’d make a good midfielder…
    either way…it will be nice to have him back

  262. Cant see Vermealen at left back dude. Apparantly he was pretty ropey there for Ajax too. But fuck it, I’d have him plkaying anywhere if it meant he was fit again!

  263. What should be our preferred result ????
    given the FA Cup semis date:

    ManU to meet the Manc Chavs in FA Cup semis and
    Scum to have a week to rest before our League away game at WHL (we play Liverpool on the weekend before…)
    ManU to play Reading in semis
    Scum to travel to ManCity on the weekend before our League game (while we play Liverpool)


  264. The lack of support won’t bother the squad. They have played without support for several seasons now. We really do have the worst supporters in the EPL. Just look at the posts on here….and this is a blog for the faithful.

    One thing is for sure though, if AW leaves so will many of the squad including the youngsters coming through. There will be a long, long period in the doldrums where ECL football every year will just be a memory. That is what many Arsenal supporters actually deserve.

  265. Frank, I don’t think we should let the vocal minority on the internet skew our view of the support. The away support for this team has always been quality and I think there are many more without a voice supporting the team than not.

  266. Away support yesterday sang to the manc fans, “we’ll race you home to London”

    You have to admire the away fans. As for the internet ‘fans’ that is another question.

  267. preferred result would be for city v utd in the fa
    utd v chelsea and spurs v barca in the CL
    and whoever wins out of utd chelsea get barca next

  268. TomStoned

    Good to know you know how to copy and paste because your original post was basically an exact replica of Le-Grove’s post today! Complete with the 6% gripe!

    You English are big babies about the ticket prices if you ask me. Well not big babies, but bitching about 200 pound CL Final tickets?!?!??!?! Tickets for the Super Bowl in the USA (comparable to CL Final) pushed $500 for the worst seats!

  269. Been a lurker of this site for quite some time now, and I feel gutted that my first post isn’t about the players or the club, but at the same time I feel compelled to speak up about the trolls infesting this blog.

    Trolls thrive on attention. They love to wind people up, because it makes them happy to see others expend much energy in repelling frivolous comments, and it helps to boost their ego, even if only temporarily. To put it crudely, they get off on replies to their posts.

    So why indulge them? Why give them the sick, twisted, pathetic enjoyment they derive from your replies in the dark recesses of their dungeons. We should collectively just ignore them. Trolls that they are, they will naturally disappear when there is no attention to feed off. It’s one of the iron rules of the Internet on how to get rid of online vermin (aka trolls) from your site/forum.

  270. Diaby, Rosicy, Denilson, Bendtner,Squillachi, kos. None of them should be in an Arsenal shirt. Possible Diaby, if he was sat down and had it explained to him what his role is and that he shouldn’t leave the MD area unguarded and that he must mark an attacker goal side from set plays. The rest are gone pass deadwood state. Fucking joke that’s not even funny anymore.

  271. kokanaden – I could not agree more.

  272. I am really interested to see how we will fare against WBA. When they managed to beat us at our place they were a decent side willing to have a go and play proper football. However now they are a side playing Hodgson-ball, at home. So I guess we can expect them to defend in numbers and make things difficult to us. As usual, scoring early would allow us to force them to come out of their shell.

    Btw. will Carlos be eligible to play in that game?

  273. kokanaden

    even though I was just posting in response to one of those trolls… spot on mate!! post more we need you!!

    Also, anyone talking about passion blah fucking blah needs only to look at away support yesterday at the end of the game. That’s my only point in the argument. You’re either like them or your not. Simple as that.

  274. Evil —

    don’t think so. but then again watt was used against us with leeds so that threw my understanding of the rules off.

  275. Evil – Vela cannot play, PL rules do not allow it.

  276. Evil
    Not Arsene’s style to block loanees from playing against us i think…

  277. ok. did not know that rule

  278. Ah, okay, makes me rest a bit easier then. Thanks for the info!

    With Carlos, they would have a potent counter attacking threat which could really threaten us, but without him, I am not so sure if they have anyone else pacey enough to give us trouble?

  279. If anyone of us knew anything about coaching then we would be putting ourselves forward for the job. its clear that some of us beleive in this team and some of us dont. So we will agree to disagree. But lets save the epitaphs for the seasons end. Dont worry Gooners karma may yet bite United and all its lovers in the Arse. Just imagine united reached the Champions league semis and are dumped out by Barca, reach the FA cup semis and get beaten by Manchester City, Come to the Emirates and get beaten by Arsenal with a winning goal from Squillacci and hand the title over to us. Trophies Man United O – Arsenal 1. Gutted about the result but now we have 10 cup finals to play out and the title will be ours.Moral of the story is people in glass houses should not throw stones butsome people choose to forget this

  280. You don’t need a genius to win a Cup. Any manager with 11 men on pitch can win one must win game regardless of the opposition. This is something thats eluding AW these days. The same tactics that United used in the EPL first leg are just what they used again. How many top managers are beaten by the same thing all the time? No one cares about how u won certain games, at times its the result thats all that matters. And this was one such case, and we failed miserably from the get-go. Not team tactics, not player attitude, not manager’s desire were saying anything like must win! Why do you play a lone striker against an 8/10-man defence?


  281. Limestonegunner

    Lack of vocal support may not bother the squad but it is losing a potential advantage. The players obviously feel strong support helps them–just look at the first home leg of the Barca tie. Players credited and thanked the home support that they received.

    We have great supporters. Everyone is down and deals with frustration in their own way. All I am saying is that we still have important games in our main competition ahead and rather than despairing, we could hope for the best unless and until we come up short.

    Someone asked earlier about who might be a worthy replacement for Wenger. Well no one can replace him. The list of candidates to succeed him, however, is fairly short in my opinion. I see the following as options who could be considered (in no particular order) when the time is right and AW retires: Jurgen Kopp, Laurent Blanc, Didier Deschamps, Pep Guardiola. At the moment I don’t see any outstanding choices from among British or Italian managers but some might emerge in the next three or four years.

  282. Gooner4life, We have been waiting for years and I can tell you now karma doesn’t happen around Utd much. Those thoughts are nice and I use to have them to every time we got made to look like cunts by chels I would say “it’s all good this could be a blessing in disguise” and I said it after we got made to look like cunts by spuds. It’s not going to happen mate.

  283. This comment from twitter sums it all up for me.

    “It is annoying that for five years Arsenal have been the bridesmaid – but if it wasn’t for Wenger we wouldn’t even be invited to the wedding”

  284. Trolls? So what your saying is that you can’t call shit when you see shit?
    Just because some of us remember what winning use to feel like and are fed up of shit excuses that makes us not true Arsenal supporters?

    It’s the same say nothing attitude that has got us into this shit in the first place. The fact that I have seen the same defensive fuckups season after season cost us badly and you know that nobody is even getting a rocket about it says it all.

    It’s not the loses. It’s the way that we lose. There’s no heart there and no leaders. Even a troll can see that and the fact that we have a captain who doesn’t want to be there and set up a goal for his pally pally fucking mates.


  285. “It is annoying that for five years Arsenal have been the bridesmaid – but if it wasn’t for Wenger we wouldn’t even be invited to the wedding”

    That is just perfect. Exactly right.

    *Makes note to use that in future*

  286. goonerton call shit shit asmuch as you like but dont do it here. We dont like you. You make us vomit and creat tremendous discomfort. You are a cup whore, simple as.
    Go hang out with the other cup whores.
    go call shit to people who wants to listen to you. For us you are nothing but a silly troll. and whatever you say you will never make anyone hre change their mind.
    Nobody are gonna go” oh listen to that chap goonerton, he sounds mighty smart” . or “oh goonerton is so smart i want to listen to him and all his ideas.”
    Its never gonna happen, you talking to people that are so much smarter than you and understand footy so much better.
    You may aswell go back to the pages that like your way of thought instead of wasting your energy here.
    Cos you aint getting anywhere here.

  287. Aaah Goonerton, if you remembered Arsenal before Wenger, you’d remember feelings of hopelessness and despair. Genuine feelings as well, rather than media generated.

    A familiar sign off on your post though…

  288. santos

    Well done son, you managed to read the title of todays post and its only taken you 10 hours.

  289. arrrr…Borousia Monchengladbach. the memories.

  290. Does not any Arsenal fan believe that vP, Arshavin, and Nasri have some ownership in our loss? These are the players who were purchased for the specific talent of scoring (or creating) goals.

    This has been an issue all season – inadequate goal scoring. Newcastle, West Brom, Birm City (CC final), ManU (1st match), Pool (1st match), Spurs, City (2nd match), Ipswich, Chelsea (1st match), etc.

    Were Denilson and Diaby expected to score? Would have been nice but every Arsenal fan would have considered it a bonus ……..but why do the high profile stars get a pass?

  291. Arsession because none of them are brave enough to criticise the star players – it’s easy to pick on the less well liked. It’s just cyber bullying as far as I can see.

  292. id rather get no2 withouth splashing 20M on a new player than win and have to splash 20M on a new player tbh. Buying your way to the title and you have already lost. You have already admitted that your youth academy is crap and that you cannot produce players. You show that you cannot buy a 19 year old player and turn him into a good PL standard and thus have to pay over the odds for a ready developed star.

    That is loosing imo. City is a good example of that, cannot produce own players, buying stars. You may say they got a great academy, well how many of the players they bought between age 16- 20 now plays in their first team? How many players we bought age 16-20 play in our first team. The table does not lie. we are no2 in ENGLAND atm and we are the ONLY team except United that can win the title.

    United wont beat City and wont win FA Cup, they wont win CL, if they do not win PL they have won NOTHING this year.

  293. santos

    If we dont beat WBA on saturday, you have my permission to kill yourself! 😀

    Hopefuly we can get the 3 points against West Brom, then the international break will hopefully enable a few players to come back.

  294. and why does Barca wanna buy Bale??? who is he suppose to replace? hes not better than any of the front six or the reserve front six that Barca currently have. Why would anyone pay 40M for a guy that is going to warm the bench?

  295. santos

    At least you admit that you only managed to read the title of the post son.

  296. @santos, you are everybodys son until you develop your “footballbrain” properly…

  297. Because they are a wheeler dealer?

  298. For me, Arsenal is more than just trophies and success. For me, Arsenal stands for certain values, a certain class, a certain style I can’t find at any other football club in the world. So for me, betraying the values of the club in exchange for some form of temporary success? Never ever.

  299. Yogi I DO remember Arsenal before Arsene. I remember Stevie Bould talking about the shame of having to go out at Highbury and win to ensure that we kept out of the relegation zone. The difference now is that we have a group of players well capable of winning the league. If they do not it HAS to be down to the manager!

  300. Bradys right foot

    Judging by some of the comments alot of Gooners are ignorant. Our much maligned defence is the third best in the premiership, infact its been the best in the premiership this year. Since January weve conceded 5 goals in the league 4 of them at Newcastle. Chelsea the best defence in the league conceded 8 over the same period and City 7. Since the start of the year weve racked up 7 clean sheets in the league, yes thats right out of 9 league games from the start of the season weve had 7 clean sheets, Adams Bould and Keown would have been proud of that. We need a dominant centre half ffs utter bollocks ,the improvement has been marked yet completely ignored. I’ve heard people say we need a Cahill for what I’ve simply no idea because they’d only be fit its to play as a fourth or fifth centre half how you would justify the 20 million to buy a solid player who in all likelyhood will never get a sniff barring injuries would take some doing.
    The Verminator will start next season as the third choice centre half, Kozzer and JD are the real deal and the facts back that up. Going forward the defence is sorted, yes injuries have robbed us of JD, TV and Chesney but two of the were complete accidents.

    Song and Theo should be back for West Brom, both of who have been sorely missed recently. Theos impact on the team is huge both in terms of what he does but also tactically as teams tend to play very deep when they play us to mitigate his pace. Realistically we have got a huge opportunity to win the league this year, West Brom a huge match I’d go as far as to say its our most important match of the season.

  301. Bale for 40M?

  302. The moment someone calls the trolls out on their game they start whining and screaming murder. Notice how they reveal their true selves and even refer to themselves as trolls in their own posts.

    Yup, that’s right, we want to be rid of you. Now shoo.

  303. santos

    Oh I am sorry, I didnt realise you were posting comments without wanting anyone to respond to them. Or do you usually get ignored?

  304. @ santos.
    for your darling, im giving you a great link to deal with your anger.

    follow the steps and you maybe human again for work tomorrow…..

  305. Still, he’ll have to far to beat a combined total of £35M smackerooney’s for Toure and Adebayor.

  306. Apologies for anyone looking for comments by Santos. He’s a blogger of little repute seeking publicity for himself and frankly now I’ve had a chance to go through today’s comments in depth, I do not feel particularly tolerant. Especially of twats like him.


  307. posting this too just to make your guys cheere up a bit…
    we are indeed on fire in PL even though the rest looks like ashes now.
    but as you all know(maybe not santos though, hes to slow) a true phoenix always raise from the ashes even more glorious than it was before it caught fire.,,12306,00.html

  308. To be fair, there are no shortage of wheeler dealers at BBB.
    Laporta wheeled out a few barrow loads lot of ca$h.

  309. Actually, I think that might be the first time I’ve slagged off a fellow blogger in the 5+ years of this site. Which gives you an idea of the depths to which Santos managed to stoop.


  310. BradysRig Foot

    I think the defence has been excellent this calender year and no, it hasnt got the recognition for it. having Song back will help protect the defence and Theo will give us a great attacking outlet. We dont have a midweek game for the 1st time in ages. That could be a good thing, or a negative. i tend to go with the former. It will give the team some time to get their heads together and be rested for the game saturday.

  311. Arindam, Subotic and Hummels are indeed incredible prospects but are they really better than what we’ve got? I haven’t seen them play in the CL or in a league as demanding as the EPL so I can’t make that judgement right now. As far as what we’ve got, Djourou and Koscielny are right up there with the best for me. The way Koscielny marked Messi out of the game in the home leg against Barca is not something I’ve seen too many defenders do.

  312. YW – that must have been really painful going through all those posts again.

  313. There is no way Dortmund would want to sell either Hummels or Subotic. So basically, to get either one of them we would have to prepare to launch an astronomical bid. I.e. we would have to overpay massively. That is not the Arsenal way.

  314. Some think that getting Hummels and Subotic would be easy. What they tend to forget is that teams in the Bundesliga don’t have to sell their players in order to keep their noses above water since the league is flush with cash. Therefore any German club can and would bleed anyone who’d go after their players dry.

  315. Stoned Tom…

    Please stop embarrassing yourself. If you need me or anyone else to tell you what the Barca win meant to this club of ours then your are no fan of this great club. No fan can be so stupid as to dismiss the occasion and result of the encounter with Barca at the The Grove this season. Unbelievable.

    We beat the best team in the world on the night in a Champions league match that very few people expected us to win. Where were you in the days leading up to the match? We not only beat them but we were more effective with more shots on targets more goals and more attempts despite them having a majority of the possession. Our team showed a versatility and courage on the night that very few pundits believed we possessed. A young team, the youngest in the premier league stepped up to the plate on a big night in the stadium and gave us all (true fans who love the club not moaning muppets like yourself) an extraordinary night to remember. Ask the people who were in the stadium that night what it felt like…. but you’d dismiss one of the nights that will live forever in the memory and set a benchmark for big matches at the Grove for decades to come because we lost the over all tie in bizarre circumstances? Seriously what kind of wet lettuce of a fan are you?

    You have no original or interesting ideas. There’s no logic, rhyme or reason to what you say. You appear to have a very low capacity for actually looking at an issue critically except for spouting a load of tabloid inspired rubbish and to cap it all you need some one to explain to you why a classy win against Barcelona is important to club like Arsenal, are you even serious? How many times in our history has Arsenal football club beaten FC Barcelona that you can take any victory over them for granted? Tell me that Stoned Tom…

  316. J*mes ha been busy with his typewriter.

    Poor Stratford Notsp*rs.
    Who has laughed at the Tinies the most this season.
    The (original) Chuckle Bruvvers?
    David Lammy MP?
    Arsenal fans?

    ‘North London is Ours’.

  317. Aussie Gooner Dave

    No matter what we all say, everything will be the same next year, the following year and the year after that. AW has become so stubborn that he is incapable of seeing the errors in his ways. His main failing is that the immense faith he has shown to his up and coming world beating youth, has not been repaid by the players he defends. There is NO STEEL in the team. They all have skill but NO BALLS. Do we have anyone like ADAMS, KEOWN, PARLOUR, VIERRA, SILVA etc, etc. All the names listed had no where near as much skills as the current lot, but they had BALLS and a never-ending supply of never give in at any cost. I’d say we have 1 player with this attitude. God bless Jack Wilshere. Unless AW gets these types back at the club, we’re doomed. However, Gazidis and Wenger and all the other high earning cronies will let things roll on and on and on.

  318. dortmund are after nikki
    and we have a good relationship with them since they sold us jens and rosicky…
    they would cost alot but only around what luiz cost chelsea i reckon…
    and if we gave them nikki as well it would be half that price and a good deal..

    but it wont happen….

  319. subotic is not better than kos and dj, why would we want him with bartely on the rise, with Miquel coming an with Vermaalen back next year? Subotic will no way in hell be more than no 4 in that company and i doubt he wants to leave Dormunt to warm our bench.
    Only Chelsea and City has let in fewer goals than us this season, why would we want to buy more defenders??? Besides if Subotic comes over im 100 % sure he will either crash with Sanga or Chesney and dislocate his shoulder, then it willbe 15M waste. Thats no good policy…
    May i also add that Manchester, Sunderland and Chelsea are the only clubs that have had more clean sheets than us this season too. In that order. So if we were gonna buy someone we should probably buy a sunderland defender??
    My only worry is that we do not seem to get enough yellow cards. I think our players are to nice.. they need to be more dirty, like scholes 🙂

  320. jonjon let me get this straight. you want to use nikki plus 25m to buy new defenders when we are the third best defending team in the league?

  321. fack orf.

    ‘North London is Ours’.

  322. Kokanaden – sorry that you have had to make your maiden post on here about trolls rather than football. I hope it does not put you off posting more in future.
    It looks a rather bad day here on the blog, Suga3 and his new found sibling ‘tom(b)stoned’ defend themselves by making it look like others are being rude, and then behave twice as bad (witness Suga3’s “You wouldn’t want to meet me in real life” – God forbid that any of us would be that unlucky). Today they actually managed to make Block4 and goonerandy look like the eternal optimists!
    But you can spot them by the construction of their posts – short little soundbites, rambling, failing to actually respond to questions, much use of the ……..between sentences.
    Perhaps they should all go to Japan, where they could be truly miserable.

  323. no poodle…
    im just saying that transfers arent as hard as what people make out sometimes

    and i dont want rather have hummels..
    but that wont happen either..

  324. Aussie Dave:

    “No matter what we all say, everything will be the same next year, the following year and the year after that. AW has become so stubborn that he is incapable of seeing the errors in his ways. His main failing is that the immense faith he has shown to his up and coming world beating youth, has not been repaid by the players he defends. There is NO STEEL in the team. They all have skill but NO BALLS. Do we have anyone like ADAMS, KEOWN, PARLOUR, VIERRA, SILVA etc, etc. All the names listed had no where near as much skills as the current lot, but they had BALLS and a never-ending supply of never give in at any cost.”

    You know what? I’m sick and tired of our current players being compared to the likes of Adams, Keown, Vieira (not Vie-fucking-RRA) Parlour, Silva, etc. This current crop is starting basically from scratch because all the big salaries had to be done away with in order to move into the new stadium. If plonkers like you can’t see how these players will be giants in the future, then you need to just stop watching Arsenal since you will not enjoy yourself too much. Seriously. You have the opportunity to watch as this wonderful squad grows into a footballing power house but are too concerned with trashing them while they earn their stripes.

    “I’d say we have 1 player with this attitude. God bless Jack Wilshere. Unless AW gets these types back at the club, we’re doomed. However, Gazidis and Wenger and all the other high earning cronies will let things roll on and on and on.”

    What an idiot. Arsene can move away from Arsenal and have any job he wants for whatever money he demands. Do you actually think Arsene is at the club for kick backs?

  325. jon jon, please enlighten us with regards to the ease of transfers. Are you an agent licensed by FIFA? Have you ever carried out a transfer yourself?

    Koscielny is 26, Djourou is 24 and Vermaelen is 25. On top of that we’ve got several youngsters in the pipe line who grew up playing Wengerball. I’m afraid we’ve got the CB position covered for years to come and will not be needing Hummels or Subotic.

  326. gains
    of the three cb’s you mentioned…two was bought..
    so its not about having a liscence its just looking at the facts mate…
    transfers aint that hard..not as hard as what people like to think..

    i aint got a problem if they dont come but i wont have a problem if they do…

  327. you like hitting these foul balls dont you 😉

  328. First post for many days. I have been too depressed about our fortunes, which, in reality, are not that bad. But, nevertheless I am a very sore loser.

    Gainsbourg69, it is good to hear your enthusiasm about the club. Your assertions are indeed very helpful to someone in need of treatment for an episode of football depression. What the club has in the cupboard is nice to contemplate.

  329. poodle,

    you could be a direct voice to Wenger with the crap you just came out with and the rest of your kiss Wenger arse post that you put up. How far up his rear end are you? Too far by the sounds of it. Reading your post makes me feel like vomiting all over the room too so we share something in common.

    In your little world do you think it’s only you that has the right to comment on our club?

    If I thought that the current team was being managed properly I would be on here singing his praises as I was up until a few seasons ago but, in case you didn’t manage to make it back out of Wengers rear end and missed the last show let me update you on current affairs

    We just got done by patched up Utd side using the same old stale tactics which utd have seen over and over over again.

    Your talk of academies and youth and City etc sound so familiar.
    Next you will be telling me how good Bendtner will be.

    You don’t know what I know about football but, you think your in a position to pass judgement?

    We have had a whole lot of on defence but, if you expert football brain tells you our defence is like Seaman, Dixon, Bould, Adams and Winterburn then fair play to you and your fantastic football brain.

  330. poodle,

    Maybe you need to spend more time with them whores you love to refer to?
    You honestly think I give a shit about what you think? Your a simple sheep following your leader and spouting the same shit he does in some smart way as if your above everybody else.

    Yes indeed you need to go and get some.

  331. Poodle please do not respond to the moron it will just keep it here.

  332. ArsenePhilosophy

    If Wenger does not discover that missing ingredient and Arsenal’s six-year wait for a trophy extends into next season, then Wenger must review the philosophy he holds so dear


  333. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Let’s discuss why there’s so many plastic glory hunting cunts who think they can do a better job than Arsene Wenger. You’ve gotta be a real dunce to question Arsene Wenger and the position he’s put Arsenal in. How about you consider fucking off and getting behind the squad, Arsene Philosophy. No one wants to hear your premature bullshit, we’re winning the league

  334. a fungus-coated right hand

    Now is not the time for recriminations, rather it is the time to support Arsenal’s title challenge which is as hot as ever.

  335. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    I cant believe these fuckers crying for Wenger to go. We just beat Barca a few weeks ago and were looking like we had a great shot at advancing against one of best teams in football until a corrupt ref intervened and these cunts are whining about trophies and new managers? Do you realize how pathetic and ridiculous you guys sound? We have dropped points on about 5 or 6
    different occasions in the league thanks to dodgy refs too. Yeah we’ve dropped points against beatable teams but who hasnt? Man u barely beat a club what was it 4 divisions down? Yeah they beat us but if you don’t realize they got outplayed and could have just as easily have lost 4-2 then you’re just a dunce and need to quit watching football. If you can’t handle the journey and all the ups and downs it brings snd you expect everything to be some cake walk football as well as life probably isn’t for you. Do us a favor and fuck off you spineless leaches.

  336. it’s not about dropping points against beatable teams, it’s the manner of doing so…

    dropped points in the league due to dodgy refs? 5 or 6 times? now I’ve heard it all…

    I don’t necessarily want AW out, I want him declaring that there are a few players that will be shipped out, loss or no loss, and that at least a couple of good signings will be made with the likes of Lansbury and JET added to the squad – that would be just keeping his word he gave us, i.e. that there would be a rethink if we win nothing…

  337. Arsene Baggins

    Now is the time to show we are fans and give the players and manager our full backing. It is time to show character.

    I believe we will win the league. I am not deluded. I can see our position and confidence is fragile but if i don’t believe and give my support -what sort of fan will i be?

    A true fan rolls with the good times and the bad.

  338. Arsene Baggins

    Giving up on your team at a time of difficulty is cowardice. This is why it frustrates me to see so many doomers writing so much nonsense because they can not cope with the difficult times. Cowards.

  339. AB,

    sure, we are all ‘doomers’ and ‘cowards’ and we should get behind the team, yadda, yadda, yadda…

    who says I don’t? please forgive me for not having as much belief in Almunia as I have in Szczesny, as much in Squillaci as I have in Djourou and so on…

    most people agreed they were not good enough, but said ‘oh, there is no way they will play, being 3rd/4th/171st choice – well, guess what? this is what we have for the run in…

  340. oh dear oh dear oh dear

  341. Yogi, indeed I do remember them dark days but, since then we have moved on and have had a taste of glory then it had to stop due to money reasons but, I can’t see any other reasons for what we have seen in the last 2 seasons but, one man and his stubborn philosophy.

    Some arrogant people think that your not a supporter like them because your not singing Wengers name to the gods.

    Wenger has enough nod your yes men around him as it is.

  342. oh dear oh dear oh dear oh dear

  343. Aaron really looks up for his return. Big loss.

  344. I watched the game again yesterday.

    I noticed that we broke on Manure quite a few times, only to slow play down about 30 yards out. We did this countless times; it was almost that we waited for Manure to get back in position and then tried to break them down.

    Vand der Sar got MotM, but it could quite have easily been Almunia. I would go as far to say that Almunia’s saves were better than Vand der Sar’s (most of our shots were streight at him).

    We played OK, but had hardly any penetration. Also when we lost the ball, we did not close the pitch up quickly enough. Often when Manure got possesion our team was so strechted, it was easily for them to break quickly into the large area’s of space we had left.

    Somebody posted eariler that “we outplayed them” and could have won 4-2. That is true, but Manure could have easily had a load more in the 2nd half, so the point does not really count for anything.

    It is a worrying defeat. We could not beat a side that had a midfield consistaing of 2 full backs, a utility defender, and a player who would not even get in our match day squad.

    On the plus side, Almunia had another good game, and Ramsey made his comeback and looked sharp and lively.

  345. Just when we were all moving on!

  346. ‘I noticed that we broke on Manure quite a few times, only to slow play down about 30 yards out. We did this countless times; it was almost that we waited for Manure to get back in position and then tried to break them down.’

    this is what playing D******n and Diaby does to you…

  347. I watched the game again yesterday and I completely disagree. When we broke it was quite difficult because the Mancs had left eight players in their half. In fact counter attacking was almost impossible because we were camped in their half.

    What surprised me most about the game though is that the Mancs took almost their only chances and Almunia was almost redundant for most of the game. Another surprise was that for the last 15 we were down to ten men and the Mancs response was to have Paul Scholes try to permanently injure Samir Nasri.

    The biggest surprise though was that the Mancs parked the bus at home, and but for the fingertips of VdS the strategy would have failed. The Mancs fans, definitely not happy, sat in silence for much of the game.

  348. Frank – Manure had plenty of chances in the 2nd half, your memory is being selective. If, as you say they just “camped” in their half, do you no think it is worrying that they could still quite easily score 2 goals against us?

  349. I don’t think that it is the case but if my memory is being selective it is probably understandable, goonerandy. What is your excuse?

  350. My stupid approach of looking at things realistically.

  351. …and who is the judge of that, goonerandy?

  352. YOU ARE!!

  353. We all are!

  354. FFS Frank what game were you watching???? GA is right the shite could have had a bagful in the second half were it not for Almunia. Likewise we too could have had a bagful if we’d taken our chances.

  355. Kanu’s former boss Wenger has come under fire after Arsenal were knocked out from three competitions in the space of a fortnight, with the Gunners boss even enduring some madcap calls him to be replaced.

    Kanu, who played at Arsenal under Wenger between 1999 and 2004, says the reactions are over the top.

    “I was shocked when I heard some people calling in on radio to say he (Wenger) should go. I have never heard that before,” Kanu said.

    “I understand the frustration of the Arsenal fans because they want to win trophies after so many years. But Wenger knows what he is doing, and even though they are disappointed, they should still be a little patient.

    “If they had won the Carling Cup against Birmingham, things wont be like this. This Arsenal team plays the best football in the league, and has some of the best players in the league. They just need something to go right for them. Even against Manchester United, if not for the goalkeeper, maybe they would have won.”

    Despite the odd calls for a new manager, Kanu insists that that was not an option.

    “There is no coach that will come in now and guarantee Arsenal a trophy. All that will happen is that the person comes in, and if he doesn’t win something quickly, he will come under pressure and this beautiful Arsenal football will disappear. And then they will start calling for Wenger again.”

    Kanu insists that it is only a matter of time before Wenger comes good.

    “That first trophy that will change everything is not far away. They should be patient.”

  356. GA, relinquish the philosophy of should, it’s bad for you! Like having unsafe sex with a Victorian hooker.

    I think it’s simply safe to say in a game against Man U, the first goal is of vital importance and will largely dictate the game.

  357. I was watching the Manc vs Arsenal sixth round FA Cup tie, JDGunner! Throughout the game the Mancs barely had a chance apart from the two goals scored. In the last fifteen minutes when we were down to ten men with Aaron playing centre half they had the courage to attack us (and kick us)….at Old Trafford. But even then they had six less chances than us.

  358. But Frank, they did score them and we didn’t, even though we had more chances. Isn’t that the name of the game? So do you think we should get strikers who can finish better?

  359. 1 loose cannon

    Gooner andy- I agree with Frank, when I watched the the game live I was only thinking about the negative result and everything felt bad. I’ve watched some of the game again with sound off. and I was really surprised how we lost that game. We played them off the park throughout, they had their first chance and they scored. We didn’t take our chances and they did. Regarding their other chances they came late in the game when we were down to 10 and had no choice but to attack and left spaces at the back. When we played Barcelona they outplayed us and still we could’ve nicked it in the end, all I headr from pundit is that we did not deserve to win that game but when we outplay other teams and they beat us, credit alwyas goes to the other team. No one gave us any credit on the performance and that makes you think we are really bad. We’re not. Please go and watch the game again . You don’t stay at the top and in all competitions till March if you are a bad team.

  360. You think the answer is to get rid of RvP, Block 4, because he doesn’t score often enough? Fuck me?

  361. Sorry that was not an invitation, I meant, Fuck Me!

  362. No Frank, I’m asking you, if Man Utd can scroe twice from the paltry number of attempts they had, and we can’t score having had six more chances (I’m trusting that your count is correct) then what is your solution? I’m sure we had more efforts on goal than Brum in the league cup final yet we lost. Same on Saturday. What do we do? Because just doing the same thing doesn’t seem to be working does it?

  363. So they played wingbacks ahead of fullbacks? Interesting. But then, the wingbacks didn’t do a lot of running the wings did they? So then I guess they played fullbacks ahead of fullbacks. Not wildly exciting… you might even say yellow as a long streak of piss but… hold on, what’s this? John O’Shea, isn’t he some sort of fullback/centreback mongrel? So they played a fullback ahead of fullbacks ahead of fullbacks. Like some shit fullback fucking sandwich. What a great advert for the game at the theatre of dreams. Fucking die in your sleep of boredom theatre of dreams that is. Fucking disgraceful tactics from a supposed top club.

    When we start beating this shower the best thing is we will absolutely wipe the floor with them. I think it’ll happen this season.

    The way Wilshere kept persistently mugging off Darren Gibson like he wasn’t there was hilarious.

  364. Limpar – “The way Wilshere kept persistently mugging off Darren Gibson like he wasn’t there was hilarious”

    I bet Gibson was gutted at full time.

  365. It has to be said, there were some audaciously stupid comment on here yesterday. I think the winner has to go to Tomstoned for his wonderfully insightful definition (in the loosest sense of the word) of an “important game”.

    My thanks to all!

    And a massive shout to GA for never shying away from articulating the reasons behind his views. Even where others they may vehemently disagree with him, the man holds his corner in a largely sensible manner.

    Pretentious much, I am indeed!

  366. Who do you actually support, goonerandy? You need to take a long look at yourself, son.

    btw, I agree with LimparAssist

  367. The comment was about Jack Wilshere but rather than go with it you had to slap it down. Why?

  368. Block 4, I just could not believe that you had asked me such a stupid question.

  369. Block 4, you should think about the phrasing of your posts, or at least consider further that which you are actually saying.

    My reasoning for this is simply because for the large part, what we do works fantastically.

    You could argue that against Man U in particular it stumbles, and we could all look for reason/excuses (depending on your disposition) as to why this is so, however, what we do work and to deny this is to open yourself to ridicule

  370. Who the fuck do you support anyway, goonerandy? Fucking shit stirrer.

  371. Frank, how about enlightening me? Because all you are saying is that we’re fine. We’ve just gone out of three cup competitions in two weeks, but we’re fine. We outplay teams and lose, but we’re fine. If you had a solution then you’d have posted it, the Comical Ali brigade on here are bereft of ideas on how to make a hugely talented squad such as we have into a squad who can win something.

  372. Frank – Heh, son. How patronising.

    I support Arsenal 100%. Just because I support them, does not mean I am blind to any flaw the team displays. Additionally I am happy to discuss both good and bad about the team, as opposed to sticking my fingers in my ears and blindly clutching at straws for any bad result which may come our way.

    If you think that losing to a team whose midfield was made up of defenders, and a turd reserve midfielder was anything other than lack of application you are deluded. We have better players no question, but Manure function better as a team. They have better balance.

  373. Yeah GA, I’m gonna agree with the tone (though not the content) of Frank’s comment at 9:45. You’re reponse to Limpar was quite strange all things considered.

    In the grand scheme we may have lost, but there will always be individual battles we can enjoy: Wilshire mugging Gibson, Nasri nutmegging Evra, etc etc.

  374. Oh, Frank’s already called you out. You really a very odd fruit, goonerandy. Not sure what your game is yet.

  375. Limpar – Ya big balloon. How is that stirring? We got beat by the weakest United team I can remember in a long while and you think it is “stirring” to talk about it? And you think it brings my support into question? Your responses whilst sometimes thought prevoking can be equally childlike. Shame.

  376. Gadget, I’m after that extra bit to get us over the line. I realise that even being in the league cup final takes some doing, being second in the league takes a good team. Still, we’re second. And still not one of those who say we’re fine can offer an idea of how to get that extra 1%.

  377. Arsene Baggins

    Suga 3 @ 7:05am

    I don’t remember calling you a doomer or a coward. However, it is quite interesting that you decided to defend yourself.

    There is nothing wrong with constructive criticism but a fan supports his team during the good times and the hard times. A fan doesn’t turn up for the trophies or turn up to have a moan when things are clearly not all that bad.

    There is no evidence from anything that you have written to suggest that you support your team at any time. I may well be wrong but you sound like you prefer to be overly critical rather than supportive.

  378. Gadget – I did enjoy lots of our play during the game. Nasri nutmegging Evra, a particular delight. My point was that we still lost, and that Evra & gibson will not lose to much sleep, safe in the knowledge they went through.

    Cheers for your earlier comment as well, whilst you (as you said) may not agree with all my posts (which is more than fair enough), I think you can see I am not making points for effect.

  379. I think you’ve lost sight of the pretty extraordinary circumstances the game was played under, Block4. The whole squad will tell you that their biggest game of the season is a match against Barcelona. We were horribly robbed over there and that’s an intense set of emotions to go through. Not to mention the physical repurcussions of our high-octane run-around-like-a-blue-arsed-fly defence tactic. Then we get ourselves all geed-up for another huge game… only to find that one team doesn’t want to fucking play it. So we have to raise ourselves and play through a brick fucking wall. Where’s the joy in this? We’re probably thinking.

    Looking at why we didn’t put the chances away I think it’s that we were jaded and the first thing to go is that a snapshot isn’t going to be calibrated right in the corner as it is when you’re playing with the wind in your sails and full of piss and vinegar as we would be after a not-so-shattering midweek game. I think it’s remarkable we raised ourselves to dominate possession as we did but atificially buoying yourself up to rip your chances into the top and bottom corners was a bridge too far… especially for RVP who must feel like he’s been hobbled, tied up and forced to watch his house burn down with his wife in it.

  380. Block 4, let’s compare two games: Chelsea at Ems vs Saturday. We largely controlled both games, however, a big difference is that we didn’t close on to players quickly enough to force Man U into mistakes.

    I believe that is the 1%. We are a team capable of beating teams by not closing the down, on the occassions when it’s not enough, we need to pressure our opponents into making the mistakes.

    Personally, I think Tuesday tired the team out quite a bit, but if Wenger didn’t play those players on Sat, and we’d lost, the criticism would be a lot worse, because too many inexplicably and inexcusably distrust the quality in the squad.

  381. Limpar – “I think you’ve lost sight of the pretty extraordinary circumstances the game was played under, Block4”

    Such as Manure not fielding one 1st midfielder perhaps? It is embarasing reading your post of excuses. They function as a team better than we do, despite having technically inferior players. It really is as simple as that. Our record against them in the last 16 games proves as much (2 wins).

  382. LA, does that not come down to the “mental strength” and “intelligence” of our players that I keep hearing about? Shrug off the disappointment and get on with winning the next game? If the opposition just want do defend then score some goals while not getting your arse kicked on the break? Once again you’re making excuses for why we lost, not having a single idea on how this might be avoided again.

  383. Gadget, we were excellent against Chelsea at home. That was with our first choice XI playing (possibly Vwermaelen might have something to say about that). The drop-off in quality to the backups is too great, the fact that we couldn’t beat that United side on Saturday tells you that. Yet I still hear about how great these players are!?!

  384. Gadget – “Block 4, let’s compare two games: Chelsea at Ems vs Saturday. We largely controlled both games, however, a big difference is that we didn’t close on to players quickly enough to force Man U into mistakes.

    I believe that is the 1%. We are a team capable of beating teams by not closing the down, on the occassions when it’s not enough, we need to pressure our opponents into making the mistakes.”

    Good points.

  385. There wasn’t any room for 1st team midfielders with all the fucking defenders on the pitch, goonerandy. If that’s how you want your team to function then good luck to you. Thank christ our manager and players aspire to more.

  386. Not excuses, Block4. Just “saying it how I see it”. I’d back this team to win that fixture if it were played again on Wednesday. We had the chances, we just needed to be a little sharper. Watch what happens at the Emirates.

  387. Limpar – That is one of my gripes. When I saw their line up, I though “we have got to win this”. And didn’t. We could not beat them despite them not playing any midfielders. And before you explain that is the reason we struggled to break them down (which is relevant), they still conspired to score 2 goals without any creativity in thei game whatsoever. That is the main area of disapointment in the whole game.

  388. GA, your comment to Limpar was one that didn’t need to be said. I think because you’ve said it in a way which my mind’s eye (and I may not be alone on this) is seeing in a somewhat snappish and curt manner you’ve kind of courted the anger. A little work on the phrasing and I think all would have been fine.

    With all that said, (this is gonna sound very… wussy and yucky and stuff) I think it took getting angry at a few of the others to make me really appreciate what you bring, especially since you re-assess your views (as it seems you may be doing with Almunia). So in the very unlikely event I call you a schmuck, know that I actually enjoy the swordplay!

  389. Gadget – You may be right, but this defeat really has stuck with me, so I am a bit snappish regarding it. It was a game which was there for the taking, and would have laid a marker for the squad.

    Heh, “schmuck” away. Tis all good 🙂

  390. LA, If we can get our first choice players on the field when we play them at home we will have a better chance of beating them. But they’re going to do exactly the same thing and play on the counter, why will it be different this time? It works for them time and again.

  391. Block 4 our loss had little to do with a drop in quality of the players. The only position this may be true was Gibbs in for Clichy, but I’m willing to say Gibbs had an off day.

    If we’d seen the same sort of pressure as we saw at the Ems, I’d wager the probablity of us winning that match increases.

    Granted I thought Diaby could have been a little bit more decisive with the ball but we still had a very strong team out there. Maybe a little too strong.

    An outlandish theory I’ve been working on, very Art of War-ish, but it might serve us better to field what appears to be a weakened team against United: get them playing a bit as opposed to just sitting back

  392. Gadget – Appriciated mate. Not so much as re-assesing my views, but I think it is only fair to call a spade a spade. For example, I am not (as many know) a fan of Denilson, but I thought he had a good game on Saturday. Almunia has been very good since coming back into the side, so much so that if he continues, Szcezny may have another spell on the bench when fit again.

  393. Gadget, come on, you can’t be serious with that last post. Play an even weaker team in order to win? We were “a little too strong?” I’ve heard it all now.

  394. I think that Suga3 and others like him merely enjoy the sound of their own voices! He is all over LeGrove and now he is doing the same here. Nothing more than another moaner. Everything is doom and gloom, nothing at all positive and no support for the team what so ever. Another plastic fan no doubt.

  395. Obviously, you’ve not read the Art of War Block4.

    Why do you think a team like Man City comes to the Emirates and sets up to play for a draw? Why do you think a team like Man U sets up to play rope-a-dope against us? Do you thing they’d play that way against Wolves?

    When you need to decapitate a turtle but cannot break through the shell, you must coax it out with trickery and subterfuge

  396. Disappointing doesn’t come close. Both the goals were so soft it was a joke. The way they strolled through us for the second was hold your head stuff. Still though, on the balance of play we deserved to win the game. We passed them off the park and we should have put at least three past them and I think we will do at home. I also think we’ll go on to win the league.

  397. There is no doubt we have suffered a disappointing couple of weeks, however, all that matters now is getting our heads right for the WBA game on Saturday. Three points is an absolute must and regardless of who is injured and who plays where, the team must come together as a solid unit and put the disappointments behind them. The title is there for us to claim, we just have to want it bad enough. Winning the title will mean far more than the F.A. Cup and Carling Cup.

  398. Limpar – We agree on something then; I also think we will win the lge.

  399. Denilson had a really good game, very unlucky that his one bad decision led to the first goal. He needed to either go in full steam or stand his ground I thought. Very easy to say in hindsight as the ball was popping forward and it was a bit of a no-man’s land judgement call, but at the time I thought, stand your ground, Denny. Even then it was 50/50 Almunia’s parry falls to Fabio rather than Koscielny. Rooney’s was even luckier.

    Better run of the ball is round the corner. Not the POV of a “realist” perhaps, but the point of view of a football fan.

  400. Hopefully we can over take Utd and win the Prem this season. I can’t see this happening without our first choice players on the field though but, hopefully I’m wrong.

    I am fully behind our club and have been ever since but, I am honest and refuse to back Wenger any more because of his personal philosophy that I believe has taken and still taking the club backwards and turning us into a easy to suss laughing stock when we should be moving forward.

    You can’t slate another team for not coming out to play total football.
    8 out of 10 teams who try to play like for like v The Arsenal will get destroyed like a deathstar so why would you do that as an opposing manager?

    Fergie takes great pride in parking the bus v us but, it’s down to Wenger to employ a tactic that will undo that but, time and time again we see the same thing and the same type of result. And we play the same way without changing it even when 2-0 down.

    What was so sad was that utd had players in untried positions which indicated that no matter what type of personnel you have it doesn’t matter because we already know what Arsenal will come to the table with. All you have to do is stick to the game plan.

    Now we have Lehman back which I am glad to see but for the media and the rest its more fuel for laughter because for me there was no real reason for Wenger to get rid of him in the first place. He made some costly errors but, he’s errors have nothing on the ones committed by Almunia & Fabi.
    No where near! He’s a winner and knows what it takes to win but, like the rest of the world class players we had he was shown the door simply because of his age and one man’s philosophy when any other club would of kept him and the rest at the club just to guide all the young ones we had at the time.

    For me the home result v Barc didn’t count for shit in the end as it was a job half done which we didn’t complete. The result v Chels at home was beautiful and I hope he puts out a proper team and more over get his fucking tactics right v Utd next time round as they do not have the quality players that we have but, it seems their team had us sussed when really we should of turned them over.

    Not got over the weekend yet and won’t do until our next game but, I have calmed down a bit and will try me best not to annoy the shit out of all the Gooners on here who love Wenger, hangs off his every word and think he’s still doing wonders for the club.

    I just thought that after getting to a Milk Cup final and bearing in mind it’s been a while, the players would of put their bodies on the line but, I just don’t think they did that but, that’s my silly opinion and there are many top football experts who know much better.

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