Manchester United Preview: Arsenal Are Being Underestimated…

For the first time since 1906 Arsenal travel to Manchester United for an FA Cup Quarter Final tie, hoping to repeat their victory of 95 years ago. It is the thirteenth time the two sides have met in this competition, the previous twelve seeing an even split of victories.

Arsenal will be boosted by the continued return of Robin van Persie, skipper for the day in the absence of Cesc Fàbregas. The visitors have not scored a goal from open play in an FA Cup tie against United since the 2-0 victory in 2003.

Much is being made of the defeat in Barcelona requiring victory to put the season back on track, consecutive losses in ‘big’ games will condemn Arsenal to another season in the doldrums.

Or at least that is the logic of those with a negative agenda. There is, of course, evidence of previous seasons to support it but another angle worth remembering is the exit of The Invincibles from the Champions League and Manchester United in quick succession. Victory over Liverpool in the Premier League had that season back on course in no time at all.

Arsène gave the theory some credence,

We need it I must say, because we need help. We have been touched severely recently and we are chasing after a win of that type. We will try to win.

We need to keep the right attitude to turn the luck around on our side a little bit.

There is no doubt that the defeat to Barcelona will have hurt, especially knowing that somehow destiny had been grasped close to the Arsenal bosom, if only for three minutes. Yet this should be a spur for the team. Rightly chastised for their unadventurous performance, the defensive nature exacerbated by Robin van Persie’s dismissal, the criticism ought to provoke a strong reaction, overriding the negativity of defeat. Whether it will or not remains to be seen.

The last time that Arsenal travelled to Old Trafford for an FA Cup tie, Arsène fielded a weaker than usual team, the naivety of their play ruthlessly exposed by a strong United XI, compounded by the sending off of Emmanuel Eboué early in the second half. The game had gone by that time.

This time around, United’s injury list is longer than Arsenal’s. Ferdinand, Park, Nani and Valencia are all definitely out. The latter trio ensure that Ferguson will flood the midfield, numbers overwhelming the Arsenal intricacies. Few can argue that it has been anything other than successful in this fixture over the years.

In all competitions, Arsenal have won only one of their last eleven visits, eight of which have ended in defeat with a miserly three goals scored since eliminating United from the FA Cup in 2003. It is a poor record and one that Arsenal will seek to reverse.

Today’s team will see a few but not many changes to the starting line-up. With Cesc out, Wenger has to decide whether Samir Nasri reverts to the central role and Eboué the right or if Aaron Ramsey has sufficiently recovered from his injury to allow a resumption of the central midfield duties that he was carrying out with great promise before The Boot Of Ryan intervened.

Today might be that day. There has to come a point when Ramsey returns to the first team and whilst he might not have played ninety minutes of every match at Nottingham Forest or Cardiff, his loan spells will have hastened his recovery. This evening will see that completed.

The line-up I expect Arsène to field is:

Almunia; Sagna, Koscielny, Djourou, Clichy; Ramsey, Diaby, Wilshere; Nasri, van Persie, Arshavin

It is an attacking XI; Arsenal are at their best with this style of play and United are not at their strongest. Will defeat be damaging if this line-up were to lose? I do not believe it will be irreversible, especially with a week until the next match.

It is an omen-tastic clash. Twice before during Arsène Wenger’s reign have the two sides met in March; both seasons saw one of the clubs hoist the FA Cup and Arsenal win the Premier League title. Twice before on this date have the two sides met, a goalless draw in 1910 followed by a 4-2 win for Arsenal in 1930.

Enjoy the match wherever you are watching it. ’til Tomorrow.

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  1. Football Gods, im going for a win

  2. Don’t you think he might rest one of Djourou/Koscielny after their heroics the other night? Also, I’m not sure if a high pressure FA Cup tie against manure is the time for Aaron Ramsey to make his comeback, but who knows? I guess we’ll find out later today.

  3. well i hope we can win both.

  4. The line-up I think Arsène might field is:

    Almunia; Sagna, Koscielny, Djourou, Clichy; Denilson, Diaby, Wilshere; Nasri, van Persie, Arshavin

    Nasri did a lot of work on Tuesday and so I’d not be surprised in B52 starts in his stead. Rosicky could also replace him or Diaby. Either way, a win would be a big step for us all and I hope to be celebrating this evening.

    Incidentally, Sagna’s interview on ATVO makes for interesting listening. He notes, to paraphrase, that ‘we are having problems with referees and I cannot understand it. They have cost us points and games already.’ Arsene’s stance against the lastest insult from the footballing officialdumb is hopefully the start of a more proactive club response against the ongoing injustices!!


  5. Hope we play our strongest team possible. We have midweek off, after all.

    Nasri in the middle perhaps to stop the ball going sideways all the time. Then again, Rambo is a very direct player too.

    Both teams lacking form, who knows what we might see?
    Cmon you Gunners.

  6. Passenal

    All of our games are ‘high pressure’. None will be easy and sometimes it is better to throw someone in at the ‘deep end’, as it were.


  7. I wish gunners wil carry d day. Man u 0 Arsenal 2

  8. I hope we beat the red nose b©stard and all the fat ugly c@nts in his team into oblivion and derail their whole season. Please give us a ref with balls who doesnt cock this one up. Sorry for the rant but the scum united bring the worst out of me. Anything to shut those smug Barcelona and united obssessed journos and media hacks up.

  9. dgob
    diaby and denilson in midfield??????!!!!!!!!!!
    lol here we go a moth to the ligh bulb… 😉

    i agree with your line up yogi, although im still a little unsure over diaby if im honest, but who else is there…
    utd will indeed pack the middle…but it will be incredibley slow..packed with 37 year olds, if we play with urgency and high tempo we’ll control the game..

  10. I think Nasri has to play in the middle, it’s our only chance of finding a way through. I am sure about Diaby – he’s got to go and take the other half of the Driscoll brothers with him.
    By the way, 1906 is 105 years ago not 95.

  11. Seems likely that the emergency loan goal keeper will be Mad Jens Lehmann.

    Apparently, he is already at London Colney doing a 6 week work experience stint for his badges.

    As for today’s game, I concur with dgobs lineup with Denilson, Li’l Jack and Diaby in the midfield – or an alternative of Rosicky, Diaby and Li’l Jack.

    The cranking of the perceived pressure on both teams by the media is to their advantage. It sells advertising.

    I also enjoyed Wenger’s press conference on Thursday. He should be more ruthless than that – some journos deserve more than short shrift.

  12. JonJon – just curious. Does your support for Arsenal only depend on Wenger fielding the players you don’t like?

    You don’t even provide a valid argument as to why you can’t stand the thought of Diaby and Denilson playing in the midfield together. Saying they’re not good enough or saying that you don’t like them doesn’t cut the mustard.

    Get behind the team, regardless of which player puts on the Arsenal shirt and crosses that white line.

  13. ** only the players you like – even **

  14. On a separate note, i am craving to see the following line up atleast once this season.
    Sagna jd kos clichy
    Ramsey wilshere
    Theo cesc nasri
    Van persie

  15. Darius- don’t you think that jens is too old to be fit?

  16. darious
    its not a matter of liking them mate its a matter of not thinking they are good enough…
    i dont like cesc but i think hes a good player so the liking thing is irrelevant and isnt a valid arguement…

    and ive youve read any of my posts the last few weeks you’ll know why i dont think they are good enough..especially when they play together…
    but if i must
    they both lack urgency they are both lathargic and starting with them both is just a hinderence and totally cocks up the teams high flowing tempo..

    utd midfeild will be terribly slow today so why would you wanna even up the odds with 2 players that when 8-9 times out of ten when they play together we llook disjointed and we dont win….

    we could still win with those players but all im saying i wouldnt risk it…not when utd are ripe id go with players who are more direct and have a high energy

  17. Ammer.

    41 for a keeper is not bad – and besides, what options do we have immediately? He’s apprently already working at London Colney and is a shoe-in…

  18. it would be strange to bring jens back now, especially as back up to manny
    jens never liked manny he always thought he was shit..
    wenger didnt offer jens the chance to see out his career with us for one more year cos the pressure jens was putting manny under was too was borderline bullying
    they dont like eachother, or jens never liked manny, he never thought he was good enough so id be suprised if it was jens to come in at such a crucial time for manny…

  19. Oh.. So he’s working out at colney. I thought he wasn’t match fit. And his presence in the dressing room will be handy for the run in.

  20. Jon jon- any guesses mate? About the goalkeeper

  21. I see the ‘mad Jens’ rumours are gathering pace. No wonder Arsene was smiling when he talked about it the other day. Jens could be a good choice – he is unlikely to play, but he knows the club and the PL well. He has always kept himself very fit and flexible with his yoga and would certainly keep Manuel on his toes!

  22. Is it possible to loan a pl keeper?

  23. JonJon – based on the number of games that Denilson and Diaby have played together in the past few weeks (I’m struggling to count them btw), don’t you think it’s premature to form a judgement on them? Last season when both played against manure away, they were not lathargic and they both showed urgency in that game. We actually played very well with them in the midfield.

    You say they’re lathargic and lak urgency, but you still don’t provide any evidence to support your argument. Furthermore, any judgement anyone would make about the 2 playing together will have to take into account the number of games they’ve appeared together and whether that is really enough to form such a strong opinion.

    What has been more of an issue is that our ‘challenging’ games have particularly been when wholesale changes (8 to 10 players are made to refresh the squad and this is when we have been disjointed. That can actually be explained by the fact that making that many changes where the players haven’t played enough games together leads to such performances.

    We’ve actually played decently when one or two squad players come in to join the core of the first choice team, and that’s what’s going to happen today. Wenger is not going to make wholesale changes.

    The fact of the matter is that we need all our players for the rest of the campaign, and we need them to get the pitch time and to work with the first team at every available opportunity.

    I don’t accept the premise of your argument being that Denilson and Diaby are lathargic and lack urgency. That’s just lazy.

  24. Jon Jon you are wrong – Jens competed fiercely with Manuel, but he always respected him, he said so himself

  25. none anmar
    none whatsoever…
    theres no point second guessing wenger in a situation like this he spent all january telling everyone he was buying a cb cos we lacked numbers and he didnt..
    he told us the year before he’d replace rvp in jan but he didnt..
    now hes telling us hes looking for a gk…chances are he wont get one he’ll probably promote emilio martniez from the youth team or recall o shea from southampton..might end up seeing eboue there hes played him everywhere else…
    or he could ask just watch this space…

  26. Doomers’ prediction:

    – arsenal to lose this comprehensively 2-0
    – after that 4 no score draws in the league culminating with a defeat to manure at home 2-1 (late penalty by rooney)
    – cesc to go in the summer after arsenal scraping 4th
    – wenger promises to buy big players but replaces cesc with ramsey and calling back miyaichi
    – preseason as usual
    – ramsey gets a hamstring twitch…. Denilson replaces him for season opener
    – replay the whole thing again

    What odds can i get for that doomer scenario yogi? Its wall all the doomers are saying all week.

  27. I seriously hope Big Al does well for us from now till the end of the season and his performance does not drop since there’s no pressure of loosing his spot.

    I agree with YW’s lineup excluding Rambo. I think Rosicky will be drafted in and he’ll do a good job.

    JonJon, your critisism about pairing Diaby and Denilson is not unfounded. We do not play particularly well with the both of them together, which obviously stems from their lack of pace and urgency. Diaby for me gets the nod ahead of Denilson.

    I think Samir Nasri is due another big performance as the return of RVP has taken a little shine out of his season.

    All in all, I expect a commited performance from the team today, and as in AW’s words, “let’s show them how tough we are, ‘cos they don’t know”.


  28. i agree tateezee

  29. I have a very important question…… Honestly, is cesc still one of us? Cant see it anymore i’m afraid. RVP would be fantastic as a captain. Maybe Nasri? Now those are true gooners….. Even rosicky proved he is a true gooner at the nou camp.

    I don’t hate u for loving that fucking idiotic team cesc but it just makes me wanna throw up watching u being extra friendly with those cunts. Maybe ur one of the cunts as well but wait till ur contract ends to become one. 30mil doesnt sound bad after last week, what with the way ur acting cesc. Man up and help us win the title at least and then go join ur cunty friends and being a cunt.

  30. Jonjon. Lol.
    But seriously, if almunia gets a red or gets injured, then we are literally left with no keepers at the club. I cant see martinez or shea playing in the pl. You have to trust wenger in the present scenario. Or you may be right with Eboue. 😛

  31. darius im basing my judgement on the last 4 years..
    ive said the same thing about them for years and i said the same thing prior to the sunderland game and ive said it now..
    if we play them today and we we play well then yeah il admit i was wrong today but when it comes to those two being asked to do a job for cesc and song we are asking too much…and they rarely deliver..
    denilson hates playing manutd he gets run ragged every time

  32. I guess Jens told JonJon all about how he hates Manny? cos last i heard Jens respects almunias ability.

  33. Agree with max.
    If cesc goes ( i really don’t want him to) then i don’t think wenger would replace him. Also i think ramsey=cesc + passion .

  34. rvp is my captain…
    hes the man who will lead us to arsenal…
    cescs a great player but hes not my captain….he respects barca too much and is afraid of upsetting them…thats not a true captain….
    interest stats i read last night that after a recent poll of barca fans 75% dont think hes worth more than 25mil and 50% of them dont want him at all, they think hes shit…
    it seems his love fest for barca and not getting on with the job is beginning to turn them against him
    good news for us i suppose…
    not only cant they afford him but they are starting not to want him…

  35. i remember countless times where jens used to tell the world manny wasnt good enough to polish jens boots
    jens would sit on the bench and laugh his sox off whenver manny made a blunder
    the only time he said there was no hard feelings was when jens left…

  36. Jens was also of the opinion that Oliver Rolf Khan was rubbish.
    Bless ‘im.

    (Of course, I think Jens was better, but Khan was not bad!).

  37. have Diaby and Denilson ever had a sustained run. 7-10 games together? If they havent then people are being harsh on them. BUt what else is new.

  38. There was this interview with Lehmann (I think on a champions league preview show), where he was asked about AW’s decision to drop him after the Blackburn blunder. He said, he believed he shouldn’t have been dropped and as we ended the season trophyless, he doesn’t know if AW regrets the decision or not.

    He sounded as if pissed at the decision since he felt he was better than Almunia. That doesn’t mean he neccessarily dislikes him.

  39. It would give me considerable pleasure if Young Mr Grace would go fuck himself.

  40. Maybe Ramsey= cesc without the disgusting barcalovefest. Cesc loves to hug them and carress their bossoms and hold them by the hand.

  41. C’mon guys, one bad performance and you’re beginning to bash Cesc..huh!!

  42. lack of pace and urgency?

    Diaby isnt slow and I am sure all players are not speedsters, neither do they have to be.

    How do you quantify a lack of urgency anyhow? thats pure speculation, I dont see it mind you.

    You also cannot say the two of them dont play well together, because if they have played it has been few and far between. How can you have a fair or even valid assessment? I dont believe you can.

    I actually believe Denilson sitting back and Diaby being more attack minded may be a good balance.

    Anyway, I can only hope that we will get a fair ref and we shut people up from midweek.

    Lets do it boyz!

    Have a blessed day all!

  43. I want us to win,I hope we do and I’ll be cheering the boys.But I’m not holding my breath.

  44. Cesc’s performance is not the issue, its his passion for Barcelona that stifled him in the game. By his actions, he seems too worried about them than his own team. During matches its war, after we can have a drink, even if you are playing against your brother.

    Great player but I want him to be a great Arsenal Captain!

  45. Gunman, why would you hold your breath?

  46. Its not about cesc performance. It is about his attitude, especially his captain skills at Nuo camp on Tuesday. Did he stand up for his own players. Did he tell a a abidal to fuck off when he strangled van persie? Did he argue with the ref about the silly red card of rvp? NO rosicky did. Cesc hided. Did he rally the team after we lost? No 19 year old soldiers did. Did cesc fabregas look like a proud captain of arsenal in Barcelona? No is the answer. And that dissaponts alot of people. A shame he cannot prove us all wrong with a good captain match today. And why is that. It is because he choose to aggravate his injury in Barca instead of thinking at the bigger picture of the rest of the season. Playing at nuo camp was to important compared to the next 4 arsenal games. Can you blame people for being angry??

  47. Sorry 19 year old wilshere did not soldier. iPhone makes wilshere into soldier. Apple are so violent….

  48. Since you asked Paul N, for the first time I’m starting to feel the team is indeed lacking in leadership.Like you said,Cesc was lacking in passion at the Nou camp (wether injured or not) and Almunia’s midweek statements were damning.The team needs a turn around but there seems to be an unexplainable lethargy about them.Old Trafford is not a place you go to with your shoulders drooping.RvP and to a lesser extent Nasri seem to be the ones with some fire in their bellies.I hope they drive the team on this afternoon.
    I have rambled a bit (I’m still smarting from Tuesday) but I hope this answers your question some extent.

  49. Sad’s word resonate. However, at work I have the image of the team celebrating Arshavin’s goal on my desktop, and Cesc’s passion was there to see. It is a thing of beauty. He has passion for us, but we just couldn’t see it when we needed to see it the most. He must play against Barca at Camp Nou again. Only then can we draw a conclusion.

  50. Although down, not out, I try reading ACLF everyday and despite the the occasional trolls and doomers I am always leave feeling positive about the club I support. But j-j in particular always jars me with his inanity and stupidity. Yesterday in particular he made a grand sweeping statement to the effect that we should crush Utd and anyone with doubts was a bleeding coward. This type of hubris was breathtaking by any standards especially by a man who generally sows doubts about every player except his chosen handful of untochables, most of wom are British by the way. His bombast is even more galling o based on recent history; we were crushing Newcastle at 4-0 recently until the intervention of Phil Dowd. In response to this hijack, j-j responded, like most of the gutter press and plundits, that we were at fault not the refs, to lose a 4-0 lead. Post after post, he did his very best to belittle Phil Dowd’s role in helping Newcastle swing the game and to generally sweep this travesty under the carpet. Now we play Utd at Old Trafford and j-j expects everything to be hunky-dory, refs and all, and we will easily crush them. Please!
    – We have to be twice as good as Utd to overcome tody’s obstacles but as usual I am positive we shall prevail. COYGs!

  51. Ramsey is ‘not’ going to start, but I’m anxious to see him worked into the lineup. Ramsey, Wilshere, and Song are the future Arsenal midfield.

    The luster on Cesc has tarnished. The summer jaded him. He is captain material when his head is not turned. vP is not captain material – too hot headed!
    Diaby – Wilshere
    Nasri – vP – Arshavin

    ManU are just an average team this year, thanks to Rooney’s off the field issues and they will struggle through the remainder of league play.

    Arsenal have a good chance to advance in the FA today……if the official stays neutral.

  52. Continue to get well Shotta!

    what Lethargy are you alluding to though Gunman.I think it is we who are feeling lethargic after a very dissapointing week. Lets watch the match today and see.

    Was there an Almunia interview? where these comments confirmed? I dont even know what they are however I felt the team tried to keep it tight but t was very difficult.

    I do think its time to give RVP the armband, I would love Cesc to have that fire in his belly but it cannot go out when he plays his boyz!

    Gadget, I loved how Cesc looked very passionate after the Arshivn goal but then his interview rubbed me wrong. I dont mind respect but its about Arsenal and not about Barca being “the best team in history”.

    forget that!!!

  53. Men!

    Anger is again the word of the day. Feed your anger with the actions of those who conspire against us. Focus your anger so all opportunities are taken. Unleash your anger upon those who would oppose us.

    Let us forget Tuesday. The past is the past and nothing we can amend. Let us focus on today: a day when the old enemy is met once more. Many say they are weaker, and this may be true, but we know them to be cunning and brutal. We also know them to be immoral and worse, they seem to have the ear of the arbiters. They have gained many dubious advantages against us in the years gone by. Indeed, they have had too many victories against us in the years gone by but today is the day that all comes to an end. Today is the day; the beginning of many wonderful and ruthless and consecutive victories against this foe.

    We can look for no mercy from the arbiters, and we should give them no cause to glance at us. For the victory, we must delve within ourselves, because it is within us. We must unleash that spark of the Arsenal, a thing so brilliant words cannot describe. It is the Arsenal you carry within. And it is the Arsenal that carries you.

    The victory will not come easily; there is work to be done. There is no room for complacency, only anger and passion. There is little room for thought, but there is plenty for action. You know what must be done, and you know how to do it.

    So do it.

    For you, for us, for Arsene, for Arsenal!

    Victoria concordia cresit

  54. Paul N says:
    March 12, 2011 at 12:09 pm
    lack of pace and urgency?
    Diaby isnt slow and I am sure all players are not
    speedsters, neither do they have to be.

    Lack of pace doesn’t mean they aren’t good runners. I for one believe that all Arsenal players are great athletes. Their lack of pace is apparent in their quickness of play. Take for example TR7, he’s a very dynamic player, looks to move the ball quickly and finds a team mate (even if it’s just pass and move). Diaby has a great transition between defence and attack but he doesn’t seem to find the right forward pass most times (this is not a critisism, just an area for improvement). They’re by no means lazy players and have contributed immensely so far to the Arsenal.

    I just feel we need only one of them plaing at a time especially today as we’ll be up against a packed midfield and will need quickness of play and dynamism to unlock a resolute team. Ramsey, Rosicky, Samir?

  55. Doesn’t anyone know where I can see Thursday’s press conference?

  56. As for those who join j-j in his stupid Diaby-Denilson bashing, will you please help the numbskull and answer Darius’ question. How many frickin games have they played together this season and in the past? Give us an analysis of the results to justify your sweeping condemnation of both.
    “Urgency” it seems is just another code word for proverbial “grit”.

  57. Darth Gadget

    >Anger is again the word of the day. Feed your anger

    George Lucas will be coming after you…


  58. For those wondering WTF is going on, a selection of the music which has been escaping from ACLF Towers this morning

  59. And these am leading the queue for this afternoon

  60. There would be others such as Caravan and a certain Mr Hendrix but those corporate fuckers at Sony, UMG, WMG, GAFL all want you to watch it at YouTube so they can git their advertising revenues. That’s what their talking about. In the meantime,

  61. Which just about sorts this afternoon

  62. Tateezee, if a combination is not fully tested, you cannot say its not good.

    JJ’s comment has no merit at really for they havent played together much.

    Denilson always keeps the ball moving, Diaby gets better the more he plays.

  63. Paul

    Both suffer from inconsistency and a lack of ‘flamboyance’ in their play hence the negativity around them. If Denilson ‘got stuck in’ and Diaby played more like Patrick Vieira, their appearances would be greeted more positively.


  64. Caravan, YW?

    ‘In the Land of Grey and Pink’ perchance?

  65. I’m always amused by the talk of “pace and urgency.” I come from a generation where “pace and urgency” only really matter if you are losing and the game is in the dying minutes. Otherwise one is supposed to remain cool. Cool is bigtime. We grew up loving Socrates. He didn’t run hard and even appeared lazy. Socrates was a chain smoker and whenever the statistics were added up he’d be a kilometer slouch compared to the “pace and urgency” elite like frank Lampard. Socrates always wondered why he should run so hard if he could pass the ball. It was all about technique. We admired those guys who could slow the game and walk – not run – with the ball. Is Denilson slow? Yes! Is Diaby slow? Yes! But Wenger got them for their technique not their speed.

  66. YW – Hmmm, that has not worked very well. Worth a look at the link I posted though. Awesome bluesness. 🙂

  67. Forgot to mention that I loved the Frank – Goonerandy debate yesterday. And the only insult was “bollocks” – from Frank of course!

  68. I love Lee Fields, Yogi. Good stuff.

    I don’t know how jon-jon formed this idea that Diaby and Denilson don’t play well together. If I remember correctly Diaby and Denilson were in the midfield when we scored a goal at old trafford after having touched it like twenty one times. I think it was the move where Nasri left Van der Sar wrong footed.

  69. I agree Yogi!

  70. There was a Blues evening on BBC4 last night – excellent stuff.


    Nope – first lp, Place of my Own, etc.


  71. Ah!
    I’ve always had a soft spot for ITLOGAP.

  72. Bradys right foot

    Afternoon left footers, another big game for the gooners. I’m nervous but I shouldn’t be, we are due a result up there and I think it’ll be today.

  73. Jonjon,

    You have voiced your views on our manager’s ability to identify talent in the case of Denilson on numerous occassions. As Darius notes, this distraction threatens to deprive you of the ability to fully support the club, IMO.

    No need to argue as it will only lead to more negativity than can serve anyone’s purpose. Sound familiar?

    Today is a big one and I victory in harmony remains my desire.


  74. Wouldn’t call the score but expect a tight match with the gunners to prevail!

  75. Sky Sports Football Saturday earlier today:

    Jeff Stelling : Er.. so.. do you think people are starting to ask questions about Arsene Wenger’s tenure now… starting to ask questions about the future ?

    Matt Le Tessier : (point blank) No.

    Paul Merson: (After usual Paul Merson pause for reflection – which is probably the result of neurons getting themselves together ) Well – err.. no.. look..if Wenger were to leave every football club in the world would be looking to appoint him because he can do something from nothing.. look, even over Mourinho who requires money to do the same thing), so no no.

    Well – we all know Merson is not the sharpest tool in the box, but if he can reach this conclusion – and the doubters cannot, then it just goes to show that we must have some of thickest football fans on the planet.

  76. On the BBC:
    “Sir Alex Ferguson pulls no punches in his programme notes for today’s FA Cup quarter-final against Arsenal at Old Trafford – with former England manager Graham Taylor and Liverpool boss Kenny Dalglish in the firing line after recent refereeing controversies at Stamford Bridge and Anfield. He writes: “I was disappointed with Graham Taylor who wrote ‘I had to take the rough with the smooth’. I think back to when he was England manager and was complaining to a linesman: ‘The referee has just got me the sack.’ “People have short memories. Kenny Dalglish looked to be lecturing me in the papers about the need to respect referees, perhaps forgetting not so long ago his players were tweeting critically all over the place about Howard Webb.” Sounds like he’s up for the fight.”

  77. Muppet, I have to the conclusion that Arsenal have the worst following overall.

    all that can see is that we havnt won anything in a few years.

    I wonder if they would prefer us to win the FA Cup and not be at the top of the PL yearly?\ just so they can say we won something.


  78. Is anyone else sick to death of the dogs abuse the team and the manager are getting. I would like us to win today if we don’t I am not going to read the sports section of any paper till next season. I will read this blog, keeps me sane.

  79. Paul N,

    Yes. The only thing is to say is that it’s not over until the fat lady sings. Those that say that we have not improved this season are forgetting that we were a bloody good team last season but we were undone by injuries.

    Too many pundits have been making bold statements – we lack leaders, we desperately need a centre back, Bendtner is not world class, Wenger abandoned his philosophy – blah blah blah. Despite this, we are mathematically level in the title race and have conceded fewer goals than Man U and Spurs who have “world class” squads.

    I always think, look at the overall picture to gauge where we are. We have a squad that will soon be reaching a critical mass in terms of realisation of talent combined with optimal age and application. Our bad lack it seems to me, is injuries and referee decisions. Yes, I think we can be stronger in one or two areas, but to say that we haven’t improved is just people being self serving because they wanted to prove that they are the big “I am” in terms of punditry and wisdom.

  80. Wenger should be commended not derided for putting the club before his ego. If we had the likes of Ferguson, Mourinho or any other cheque book manager we’d be nowhere near as financially stable and Ashburton Grove would be but a distant dream. We wouldn’t be playing beautiful football either.

    Paul, we don’t have the worst following overall. The Mancs and the Chavs are way worse when they are on the losing side of things. Look at any of their blogs after they lose and they make our doomers seem rational by comparison. What we have are spoiled fans with an overblown sense of greatness. I blame that on the glory hunters who hitched their caravans on the Arsenal bandwagon while Henry, Bergkamp and Pires were plying their trade here.

  81. You should’ve seen the Barca fans after they DREW in the league for once to end their 16-match-winning-run. They were desperate and insulting Guardiola to no end. They must be the worst fans overall.

  82. Arsenal:Almunia, Sagna, Koscielny, Djourou, Gibbs, Diaby, Denilson, Nasri, Wilshere, Arshavin, Van Persie

    ManUre: VDS; Brown, Vidic, Smalling, Evra; Rafael, O’Shea, Gibson, Fabio; Rooney, Hernandez

    7 defenders in the ManUre starting 11!!!!

  83. The most fun thing in all this is how everybody ridicule arsenal for loosing to Barca. It’s not like any other team is even close to go two matches against them with a 4-3 result! They would all be outplayed! And souls for sure not manage to bag 3 goals! Who are they kidding? Arsenal is the only English team currently good enough to beat Barca. I’m 1000% sure of that. No English team is good enough to beat them at home. united may manage 0-0 or 1-1 at old Trafford. Tottenham woe loose properly and Chelsea I think would also loose.

  84. The bus is parked at old Trafford then. Some dream theatre…..

  85. Playing for a replay. The scum are playing for a replay. Playing for a replay. The scum are playing for a replay.

    Sing together now.

  86. Really? Parking the bus at home against us? They must be desperate.

  87. Well a replay would strain them even more. One extra game in addition to champions league. Smart plan.

  88. Or maybe SAF watched our match against Barca and thought to himself that if you have a good side with able players you can defend even against the best passing teams in the world without giving away dangerous chances — unless the ref is against you. But I think he ignored that he does not have a good side with able players.

  89. The Barca fans are brutal. Talk about spoiled babies.

    I wish Barca wins the CL by mauling Man U, Chelsea or the Spuds along the way. I rather them win it than any English club or fucking Mourinho to be honest.

  90. Brothers and Sisters,

    It’s nearly on. Wishing the lads and all of us the happiest of evenings.


  91. I don’t, I really don’t. I do not want the Sp*ds or the Chavs to win it, but any other team (yes, even ManU) can take it for all I care. I desperate do not want them to win because I feel that Barca really need to be thrown off their high horse.

  92. *desperately

  93. That would be awesome. If Manure are stretched they have to take their eyes off one competition or the other. And guess what? Their fans will not have that. They expect them to win everything all the time.

  94. GB69,
    I dont want one of the Spanish sides to win the CL either.. I would love Shaktar to win it with Dudu scoring in the final.. That will make up for the way we were knocked out… If not them then I would want Bayern Munich to win it..

  95. They’re either playing 4-4-2 or 4-4-1. They’ll be looking to attack the flanks or long balling it for sure.

    From the looks of things we’re playing a possession game, with quick short passing to break down their midfield. RVP will be pretty influential both on the ball and off. We’ll need to exploit his movement with feints or direct passing. Looking to Diaby to have a stormer too. A few late runs and he could cause some mayhem

  96. Mind you, I don’t have a clue as to what I’m ta;ling about!

  97. Their high horse has nothing to do with us. Their battle is against Real Madrid. Every time the Catacunts get arrogant about their football the Madridistas wave their nine CL trophies infront of their faces. Even if they win this CL they’re still about five short of what Madrid has acomplished and they’ll still carry around an inferiority complex. Therefore they can win it for all I care. It’d be much better if they did it as we wouldn’t hear the end of it if the Chavs or the Spuds did it.

  98. We will do the job.COYG.

  99. Indian, if the other English teams get knocked out and the last four are Bayern, Schalke, Shaktar and Barca I’ll root for everyone against Barca. But I just don’t see that happening. This CL will come down to Barca against (insert English team). I just feel it. And if that’s the case, then the Catalans can have it for all I care.

  100. Fuck the mancs. 7 defenders is a disgrace!

  101. Is that really the united lineup?

  102. People keep me updated.I got caught up and now am gonna miss part of the game.that manure lineup cant be for real,what a joke!

  103. cmon gooners!

  104. Van Persie to captain. He who deserves the armband!

  105. Any of the German sides, or Shakhtar for me.

    Trying to find a correlation between India’s performances at the WC and Arsenal’s corresponding performances.

  106. Here we go!!

  107. playing counterattacking football at home with 7 defenders thats just incredible

  108. I am really shocked. Did you guys see Hernandez having a shot AFTER the offside whistle was blown??? And Foy did not give a yellow card. Disasterous! Doesn’t he know that that’s a clear yellow card in Europe?

  109. Can someone clear something up for me. Denilson, I am frequently told, cannot tackle or head a ball. So far he has done both….

  110. Stewart Robson can be a cunt sometimes

  111. Damn, that Diaby really lacks pace. JJ was right after all.

  112. Is this midfield faster than the 1st choice Arsenal midfield?

  113. we are having a good spell but not enough shots on goal!

  114. No, this midfield is slow as sh*te, didn’t you read JJ’s posts earlier this day?

  115. that was a foul on van persie and yet no whistle

  116. We should be steamrolling this lot.

  117. Great save by Almunia but couldn’t do anything about the follow up..

  118. now they are going to defend in numbers

  119. Oh ffs why are their goals always against the run of play?

  120. chris foy is a cunt never a corner and how wasn’t that a foul on sagna by rooney

  121. We haven’t seen a ManU team as beatable as this for a long time. We’ve got to get some confidence.

  122. Still a lot of football to be played

  123. we need to pick up the pace

  124. You are my eyes and ears guys. Sat on a carpark far from home. How is it looking?

  125. Does anyone know who the color commentator is? He’s being a complete cunt.

  126. What planet is Any Townsend on?

  127. Harsh
    Stewart Robson is his name, former Arsenal player.

  128. We look a whole level above them to me Steww, but there isn’t much belief out there at the moment. Diaby’s still not looking right to me either. Better from Denilson though.

  129. Explains everything. Former English Arsenal players never seem to have anything good to say about us.

    Anyway, we have been playing better and had the better chances, but they took theirs and so it’s 1-0. We can still turn it around, though.

  130. cmon arsenal

  131. steww,
    its HT… Score to 1-0 to ManUre..

  132. what do we need to do to get back into this? We are not getting enouggh shots at goal.I think Nasri needs to come to the middle.

  133. we’re playing really well and losing. damn. COYG!!

  134. We can still win it. Don’t want another replay!

  135. Ramsey for denilson in the second half

  136. SAF’s boring tactic has worked so far (again…)

  137. KG
    A replay hurts them more than it hurts us

  138. Me thinks Chamakh should join RVP up infront.

  139. Yeah, a replay wouldn’t be too bad for us really.

  140. Fuck me!losing to this lot is an atrocity!darius am at kosewes watchin the game.we are the better team and one down that really sucks.anyone notice manure has been hoofing the ball?ooh and that ref is a dickhead,atleast two fouls from manure shld have resulted in yellows.

  141. I think Denilson’s been good, in his way. He’s one of the reasons we’re dominating the ball.

  142. The ref missed a foul on RVP, and gave a completely incorrect decision on a corner kick. But compared to the other refs we’ve had at OT over the years, he’s having a decent game.

    We need to pick ourselves up. It’s a mountain to climb but it can be done. It’ll be unforgivable if we exit 3 competitions so suddenly. It’ll destroy any confidence we may have.

  143. I too would like to see Chamakh and RvP up front… We need more numbers in the middle.. RvP alone isn’t enoght against the 7 defenders..

  144. Denilson’s done nothing wrong, put in a solid shift. Diaby needs to focus a bit more, decide what he wants to do with the ball before he gets it and in generall roam to give support a lot more. I’d probably bring Bendy on at the 60 and shift Nasri into the mid. Need to mix-it up with some stronger shots too

  145. Colney i think someone else should be subbed as Denilson has been keeping that midfield together.

  146. Borges Spinelli

    We are having long spells with the ball (around their box left flank) with Man U doing all the running. What we’re lacking are enough shots on goal (especially with power). Diaby looks tired. I’d replace with Rosicky playing on the right and Nasri in the middle or even Ramsey on to trouble the opposition with his youthful energy. other than that, great play from us. Rooney has hardly been in the game.

  147. Colney replays are played on weekdays 22:45 hrs east african times.

  148. Gadget,
    Big Nic is out with sickness…

  149. Young Kieran having a tough time defending….better going forward so far

  150. Our superior skills are making United look a very, very ordinary side.Arsenal had 60% possesion! One who has had to ‘park the bus’ at home in front of their adoring fans. What kind of message is that? Yet the adoring Barton (I think) on FSC is still fawning over them, complaining about Denilson and Sagna who look a class above United.
    Poor reffing though – the corner that wasn’t, just begs the need for electronic assistance. And the challenge from Rooney on Sagna was one of the worst I have seen this year, steaming in at 100mph, no attempt to win the ball – yet no card shown. Unbelievable, but what we have come to expect.
    We can win this in the second half and Diaby needs to believe he can do it/

  151. Oh really, half-time commentator?

    “Arsenal lead possession 60% to 40%, but the only stat that will ever matter is goals”

    I’m pretty sure its the same guy from the Barcelona game who was going on about not us not having any shots…

  152. And both Johan and Kos have enough skill to waltz their way through the United midfield

  153. Borges Spinelli

    The likeliest to score for us appear to be Nasri, van Persie & Arshavin. Denilson hasn’t put a foot wrong. Anyone who thinks he has, needs a muzzle and bi-focals.

  154. Belay that- Kos aS A STRIKER

  155. super kos6 should be 1-1

  156. F*ck off VDS. ~-~ Can’t wait for him to end his career.

  157. we are getting closer i think diaby is dwelling on the ball too long

  158. Soooo close!

  159. ridiculous

  160. We can do this.


  161. I can’t tell you how disappointing our defending was then. I just don’t believe it.

  162. Wow, fuck this.

  163. Fuck me, United are so lucky, that was not a clever header

  164. What hurts is that it’s totally self-inflicted. Valencia walked the length of the pitch just then without having to face a single challenge.

  165. Need Chamakh for the presence in the middle…

  166. bring Ramsey on please

  167. arshavin looks disinterested, this is ridiculous show some fight

  168. we losing games coz of poor team selection. Its as if we jus go the 2 lose. Manure hvnt done anythng but they r 2 up!

  169. Gibbs having a torrid time.

  170. They’ve done enough to be 2-0 up.

    To be fair, we did far less to be level against Barca midweek

  171. still a lot of football to be played cmon u gunners

  172. Gibbs getting no protection at all

  173. We have to score from this

  174. It’s the same old story against ManU. We play better, we create more chances, we should be up and cruising but somehow whenever it matters the luck goes their way and they end up leading against us.

  175. Borges Spinelli

    Djourou is a MONSTER of a player.

  176. bring Ramsey on please!

  177. diaby and arshavin gotta go

  178. Borges Spinelli

    Time is ticking. diaby should be replaced. Like nowwwwww, please.

  179. It’s not luck. Our concentration drops and they are better at finishing than we are.

    First goal, Koscielny doesn’t track Fabio’s run.
    Second goal, people waltz through our the entire midfield.

    This is a carbon copy of the 1-3 result at the Emirates last season. Fergie knows what he is doing.

    Come on Arsenal. Do something. Anything.

  180. Ramsey on!!!

  181. finally!!

  182. substitutions might be too late we shall see

  183. Positive changes. Wilshere is our DM lol.

  184. Skywatchingmug

    We have the best away support of any club.

  185. I just hate VDS.

  186. Our final ball in is letting us down but maybe that’s because there are 7 united defenders in the way, mind you apart from a couple of times their passing is worse

  187. Another keeper gets man of the match against us.

  188. i will be happy if we can just score a goal

  189. OOU – you are right

  190. We need some luck… We’d atleast 3 gr8 chances to score one in the last 5 mins…

  191. djourou might be out for the season dislocated shoulder

  192. looks like JD’s injured.. Hope he is fine…

  193. This looks bad

  194. I just can’t believe our bad luck. It’s insane.

  195. time to recall Kyle Bartley

  196. officially the most cursed team in the league

  197. Let me correct that:

    We gift another keeper a man of the match performance.

  198. Lets hear some excuses about the loss

  199. He’s probably broken or dislocated his shoulder.

  200. Some shameful Shit in the comments today. Back the manager, back the team even in defeat you spineless shits.

  201. no luck with injuries whatsoever

  202. @tyte – what’s your excuse for being a cunt?

  203. Its all very depressing!

  204. They’re just comments, Steww. And you can’t blame people for being disappointed. Not this time. Some of the performances have been a bit worrying.

    Still, at least there’s time to get players back.

  205. Almunia is going to be pivotal in our season

  206. Weak off form utd taking us out with the usual low line and counters. Sad

  207. away fans still singing absolutely incredible!!

  208. Complete 2010/2011 Season implosion commencing in 4…3…2…?

    Not again…

  209. Wonderful to hear the away support – should make tyte and klon disappear up their own arses.
    No card for Scholes?

  210. i will be happy if we can score a goal that would make my day, just one goal

  211. How is Scholes not being sent off?

  212. How the fuck did Scholes stay on?!

  213. Almunia is incredible.

  214. three cheers for almunia

  215. A fortnight to forget…

  216. Borges Spinelli

    Where do we go from here now????

  217. time to win the fucking league!!!

  218. To whoever has the voodoo dolls, please stop!!

  219. Recall Kyle Bartley please thats what we need to do.

  220. Why is it always this way against ManU? We can play as good as we want, they just end up winning.

  221. we lost and now its time 4 excuses. Something not right with our team. We seem 2 be doing the same every season. Now we left with the premier league hope we pick up our game

  222. Some aspects of the performance were good; their two CBs and goalkeeper were their best players, which says a lot. The goals we conceded were bloody awful though. The second was especially avoidable.

    As for our all round luck at the moment, I don’t know what to say. I just hope Djourou’s OK. We had them rocking slightly when his injury struck.

    Great to see Ramsey back, and the away support was great as usual. Just hope we can muster some belief from somewhere in the next few days. Season is far from over!

  223. Fuck you, football gods. Djourou did not deserve that.

  224. As we say in Kenya “Things are elephant!”

  225. Almunia and Sagna my men of the match. Big Al making great saves, Sagna solid in defence and great crossing of the ball but no one there to put them in.
    People say ‘Lucky Arsenal’ don’t know why, another, another, another, unlucky injury. We looked much more classy, don’t know what Scholes was trying to do – they were leading 2-0, time running down, yet he committed enough serious fouls to get sent off but the ref blew it in a cowardly way. Can we ask for a review of that?
    Time now for 400 coments from the doomers.

  226. Oh boy!

    Lets win the PL! thats what really matters.

    I know it must have been hard for the boys to recover from Tuesday, I still feel down about it, cant imagine how them.

    This is such a sad situation, it feels so surreal to me.

    Anyway, I love my team!


  227. The away support was truly inspirational. I’d buy each and everyone of them a pint if I were in England.

  228. What can u say. We knocked on the door and it just wouldnt happen. After the pain in spain there was the disaster in manchester. A game too far I think. No cutting edge without cesc and theo. United took their two chances well. Well done to them.Hope Djorou will be ok. And then there was one. To the bunker the trolls will be out in force tonight. COYG.The Premier league title is all to play for. The away fans have been awesome as always.

  229. What a load of predictable shite, same shit year after year. Rosicky has absolutely lost it, Dialby too slow for our game, thank fuck Ramsey’s back.

  230. This is just unbelievable…. we were miles better and they won. and we lost our no.1 Cb. played with 10 men for more than 10 min. Are we cursed??

  231. You end up shrugging your shoulders at the breaks we’ve had lately.

    After a defeat you normally want another game to follow up quickly, but this time I think a week’s break should do us some good.

  232. Fighting on 4 fronts? I guess everyone meant the recent adage that 4th is like a trophy.

  233. Without Almunia, it might have been 5 nil. We seemed numb out there after the many disappointments suffered the last few weeks. And obviously our bad luck continues injury-wise. United always seems to make it look easy against us. Sit back, let us pass it around, fumble it away in the box, counterattack. SAF’s going to keep employing the exact same strategy against us and it’s continuing to work. Our side is clearly one that needs a month away from football in the worst way.

  234. Props to the away support, hearing them sign even late into injury time was truly wonderful. Those are real supporters and I take my hat off to them.

  235. I think I need a week off as well!

  236. Almunia showed his class: keep on sticking your fingers up at the haters Manny.

    I think the defence were tired from Tuesday. Both Man u’s goals were from rebounded efforts, the type that usually our defenders get to first.

    Attacking wise we were too indecisive in both our movement and passing, but we improved in the 2nd half.

    I’m putting this loss down to just one of those things, but fear not, cause we’re gonna win the league! IT’s the power of the three, the one that always counts: Man U aren’t beating us a third time this year, they will lose the title at Emirates.

    I really appreciated the fight the team showed today though. 2-0 down and never stopped trying, even with 10men. That my friends is grit.

  237. i will have to chip in my own fuck you to the football gods. pretty much the same boring old deal. Utd sit back and get a few lucky breaks. i am tempted to say that i am frustrated with this team but i’m really not. They are trying their hardest and playing actual football. so basically if some cunt comes on here talking shit about arsenal, then fuck you guy. otherwise up the gunners.

  238. Poor showing in my opinion….especially some poor defending on the goals….attack was not super sharp but then ManU were set up very defensively

  239. Come on you Arsenal!!
    We need to pick ourselves up!

  240. Agreed about the away support. Fantastic from our fans. Fuck Scholes as well. Clearly he was sent out there to try and lure one of our players into getting a red card and 3 games of suspension.

  241. We were not miles better. This match could’ve been out of sight for them if not for Almunia.

    If this is the worst United team in years, and we still can’t beat them, what does that make us?

  242. Everyone all year has been underestimating United if anything. Why do people think they’re weak with Rooney, Hernandez, Vidic, Evra, the Silva twins? Those aren’t players that’d make it on any team in the Premiership? Again, though, Scholes can cunt off.

  243. The away fans should be woven into the history of Arsenal. They’ve been magnificent, and a beckon of brilliance amongst our support.

  244. If they use those tactics against us at the Emirates they’ll be three down before they know it.

    This part is like the low point for the hero in a formulaic Hollywood movie. The montage scene, when the good guy rallies, knuckles down to some hardcore training and gets the girl, will be taking place at London Colney this week. After that we’ll be unstoppable.

  245. @Harsh
    Wow, that argument is really clever. By your logic we would’ve been several goals up if it wasn’t for VDS.

  246. the 2nd goal was silly, just watched the guy run with the ball.

    Chamakh and Rosicky had some very good chances. Please Chamakh, stop passing the ball back and run at the defence. Love the guy but he slows the play at times with that!

    I dont think we lacked cutting egde, we lacked clinical finishing.

    The team overall tried very hard and for that I commend them.

    Its just sad, you just feel as if the team is due a break and then everything starts going crazy.

    Cesc, Walcott injured
    RVP Injured, crazy goal in CC.
    Two bad calls against Sunderland
    Szczensy injured, Crazy red card to RVP, Cesc injured.

    something doesnt seem right!

  247. Even in depression, think how bad it would be if they were still unbeaten in the league.
    Rooney (a face you’d never tire of hitting) looks 2nd rate compared to our Jack.
    We will get there – keep the faith, now more than ever.

  248. I have this tradition where I shave before everyone of our games . I didn’t shave before Barcelona or today because I hate being supersititious and wanted to see if that shaving stuff was a compulsion. But guess what? I didn’t shave today. And not only did we lose but our best player is going to be out for the season.

    I’m going to shave as soon as I post this. I don’t want any more bad luck.

  249. When is our luck going to change? Tuesday obviously took a lot more out of the team than we realised. It must have been emotionally as well as physically draining. I’m gutted for them because they are trying so hard and just missing out by small margins. Come on you Gunners, let the mancs wear themselves out in 3 competitions while you concentrate on the last 1o games in the league. The true supporters as exemplified by the away supporters today, are still behind you.

  250. On a better day, we could’ve at least scored because Van der Sar was fantastic today. Fuck cup competitions.

  251. Gains plz shave

  252. well that went well didnt it
    if we cant beat that utd side then there really is nothing else to say…
    thats just plain embarrasing

  253. I fucking hate yank gooners. Why don’t you fuck off and watch basketball if you want to expand your sporting horizons, you basket of pricks?

  254. In the end I am not sure what to make of the performance because I felt we did well in passing it around and creating chances. We were in point blank range several times and it was always one of those situations where it was just one inch missing between goal or miss. Kos had two brilliant chances, Rosicky mistimed a shot that would have been a sure goal, Chamakh had a great header on goal and RVP as well as Nasri both got decent efforts away as well. Sagna was his consistent self and got pieces kicked out of him but still kept his cool. Wilshere has really turned from “good prospect and hey, why not play him with all our injuries?” into “Best English player alive” and I really like about him that he always plays with this certain intensity, be it Birmingham or be it Barcelona, he never seems to underestimate an enemy and is always up for it. I hope that this is a trait that he will manage to keep and not lose it with “experience”. His performance today was great as usual. Denilson put in a shift and had some crunching tackles flying in. He had his hands in the second goal though because he was caught between a rock and a hard place. One ManU player was alone on our right flank so he marked him, but as Gibbs was hesitant to come out Valencia had some space. Maybe it would have been the better choice for him to go for Valencia and leave the guy on the right unmarked, but this could have created a different kind of danger for our defence.
    When Ramsey came on he did good as well I feel and giving him the proper time to recover and all those loan spells seem to have had a positive effect on him.

    But I will have to agree that our defending against the goals was really lacking. I felt that Gibbs was not up for it because most of the danger came over his side. Not sure how much of it is to blame on the “Arshavin”-effect, but even when he was one on one he sometimes just let the opposition player get away to casually by committing into a tackle that wasn’t necessary. Both goals were created on his side and I just feel that Clichy, even with the knack to make the odd mistake, especially in playing people onside, would have done a lot better. Gibbs time will come, but he is not yet a 1 for 1 replacement for Clichy.

    Almunia was great and I hope that this will convince the rest of the support to just get the f*ck behind him because no matter what people think, he is a really good keeper and no, neither Given, nor Schwarzer, nor whoever else you can come up with in your mind is going to do better.

    I am terribly disappointed by this result and I can just hope that the team will learn from it. Going out in three cups in the space of two weeks is possibly the worst case scenario in any footballers mind, especially when one of those is a lost cup final against a side you should be beating comfortably. But there is no time for the players to sulk. If they can keep it together in the last 10 games or so, they will win the league and if they do that, no one will talk about what happened this disastrous fortnight. Up and on you Gunners, make us proud.

  255. Jon Jon, why don’t you make the final leap and become a chav?

  256. I agree with Passenal

  257. Yeah, you know which Yank Gooners I hate the most? The ones that spend a few thousand dollars each year to fly over to London and buy a ticket and spend money in the gift shop. What a bunch of jerks. And those Gooners that get up a 6am in the winter to watch a 4th round FA Cup match against Huddersfield? Again, what a bunch of lame-oids. The audacity of them for having been born on a different mound of dirt.

  258. Fuck it. JD out for the rest of the season.

  259. It is interesting that the Mancs parked the bus, at home. AND Scholes came on to injure as many Arsenal players as possible. Slightly embarassing tactics for Manc fans I would have thought. They are going to get fucked right up the arse at our place.

  260. I think Scholes was trying to get Nasri suspended for 3 games w/ a red card. Wouldn’t be surprised if SAF gave him that assignment. You know, since we’re almost even with them top the table. If we can get Theo van Nasrigas back completely healthy, there’s still a great chance. Any team winning the league has to have luck. Let’s pray for some.

  261. …that is if some of our season tickets bother to turn up for the game. After all it will be on TV.

    Excellent support from our away guys today. Heard you all through the game.

    This squad are on the verge of massive success. Everyone else can go fuck themselves.

  262. Ferguson knows how to play Gibbs. That’s why Fabio was substituted at the half. Hats off to the drunkard. He spots a weakness and knows how to eat away at it. I hate the bastard but he can spot a weakness like few managers can. I guess that’s why he and Wenger have become friends after all that’s gone on between them. .

  263. Ormer, when it rains it pours! It’s always the injuries that get us in the end and I had such high hopes that we’d finally kicked the injury curse.

  264. Seriously, is dialby the most frustrating player ever, he looks like he has all the skill in the world but has no footballing brain or work ethic.

  265. I’m sorry that you live in such a shit hole. You should come down to where I am. Winter only lasts like three months here.

  266. Man up people! The doomers are out. As are those weak of support! Haha! Weaklings!

  267. Even the Arsenal text commentary was questioning how Scholes managed to stay on the pitch – fergie knew that the ref would do nothing about it and he hoped that he could knobble more of our players to further handicap us for the run in. He is evil incarnate.

  268. almunia koz and squillaci then for the rest of the season….

  269. Borges Spinelli

    I can’t quite put my finger on it, but i reckon somewhere along the way, Wenger may have jilted an African woman. no fury like a woman scorned. Because, frankly, it appears some sort of voodoo magic is being worked against Arsenal. Ludicrous, i hear some of growl, i know. Except there aren’t any other rational ways to explain the injuries decimating our squad by the day. Not to mention us dominating entire games, and yet fail to punish the opposition, by raining goals into their nets.

  270. Gainsbourg69 | March 12, 2011 at 7:46 pm |
    “I fucking hate yank gooners.” Come on G69. Generalizing? I expect better from you.
    – – Seems I have to return from my injury to bring some luck back to my team. Hopefully I will be back in two weeks.

  271. denilson and diaby in midfield….

  272. DJ’s injury is BY FAR the worst news of the day….t does not bother me that much to focus on the League only but we lost our best defender so far and that is bad…

  273. So you are blaming Denilson and Diaby because Kos, RVP, Nasri and company could not convert their chances?

  274. Diaby has a huge football brain. And cock too.

    Go watch lacrosse, bitch.

  275. No Evil, I think JonJon is showing the strength of his belief in the squad. Afterall, did you see the umbrage he took at my comment yesterday?

    He’s strong of support and belief is that one.

  276. Who hates yank gooners? Aren’t we all supposed to be cheering for the same team? We all can’t be in london you know.

  277. Has someone hacked g69? that vulgarity seems quite odd!

  278. Colney, that apparently would be G69, who is also a yank.

  279. Spinelli why an African witch? We don’t have a monopoly on witches!

  280. Yesterday j-j predicted that we would stuff Utd but he always had a bail-out; Diaby and Denilson. Just had to hedge his bets. Smart boy. Very smart.

  281. there are no excuses
    utd fielded the worst side ever
    gibson was their only midfielder
    o shea, fabio, rapheal???
    and we couldnt beat them…thats just embarrasing

  282. Yesthis g69 is definitely a hack. Over to you YW.

  283. shotta
    i predicted we would stuff utd provided we played our best team
    diaby and denilson in midfield is like starting with 9 men so no it wasnt our best team…

  284. you you continually think they are the greatest players ever and make a great combo for our engine
    smart guy…

  285. AS another season disintegrates before our eyes, is it time to critisize or to move on. I think the former.

    The truth is, perhaps we we all a littel too optimistic, that after what happened on Tuesday night we could bounce back and beat Manure away, which we have not done for some time.

    Carping and moaning now will not help us or the team. WE must just move on and look forward to the next game

  286. G69
    are you being sarcastic

  287. Arsene looked really down after the game… i feel for him

  288. @JJ
    So basically, would you say that we will never ever beat Utd with the two of them starting?

  289. Djourou out for the season? Aren’t Squillaci and Song still hurt? So Miquel is now the starter? Goddammit so much.

  290. Generalizing indeed. I suspect most doomer comments originate from fellow counry men. There are exceptions like NJ and others, of course.

  291. When a man cannot argue with fact and reason, he often plucks shit from his anus!

  292. Oh fukin dear. Have we really just lost to man utds b team. Season is in turmoil.

  293. I hope that the away support singing throughout stoppage time will inspire the team as much as it inspired me.

  294. I do love that quote, mainly because I said it a long time ago.

  295. Tonight they’ll call Fergie a tactical genius.

  296. I thought you were Jamaican, Shotta.

  297. song and jack are bloody great they dictate the play control their zones stop attacks and start ours and allow the rest of the team to play their games…
    diaby and denilson cant dictate jack shit they never have and they never will and the sooner ppl start realising this the better…
    im done on this matter…
    sick of saying it sick of predicting it and fucking sick of being right…

  298. Borges Spinelli

    And what exactly is our ‘best’ fit team @JonJon?

  299. @JJ
    So how come the last time we managed to beat Utd both of them started?

  300. manure are strong at old toilet, despite how crap they have been on the road this season. And while our boys were fighting in cuntalonia, where were the mancs? Resting and preparing for today, that’s where. Hopefully we won’t lose any more players and get a couple back by the time we face them again. Their luck has to run out sooner or later and fortune has to favour us at some point.

  301. duke
    that wasnt even their b team mate
    i dunno what you’d call their midfield…xyz team i suppose

  302. Borges Spinelli


    I apologize, an Haitian witch it is then.

  303. when was that evil??
    and how many times have we beat utd in the last 10 attempts…
    i make it two at the most…
    so your theorys fucked….

  304. Why is my “theory” f*cked? It’s not even a theory, I am just pointing out the fact that the players you loathe and call useless (since, “with them starting, it’s like we are playing with 9 men”) were majorly involved the last time we managed to beat Utd.

  305. Bradys right foot

    We missed 3 chances from the 6 yard line. How do I feel gutted, absolutely gutted. Wenger must have the broadest shoulders in football as the presure mounts, he more than the players deserves something from this season. JD is a huge loss. A win is a must against West Brom time foir the boys to become men.

  306. Right all together now repeat after me.We never really want to win the Carling cup,We never wanted to win the CL.We never wanted to win the FA cup………….Now its Almunia and Squaillaci.You just have to laugh

    This was a very weak Utd team O’Shea and the Rafaels in midfield and Brown at RB.But our midfield two of Denilson and Diaby were absolute shit

  307. 1 loose cannon

    I was listening to the radio I felt sad to hear Martin Allen (Mad dog) a man who hads nothing to do with Arsenal defending Wenger from gooners (doomers of cousrse ). Cerdit to him he shut them up one by one, showed them no respect shouted at them with passion. I have to say the reaction to this defeat was ridiculoous. We are second in the table with not a lot of money spent, look at city , look at the Spuds 3rd biggest spenders behind City and Chelsea they are nowhere near. Yes it is disappointing to lose but the reaction is stupid.

  308. There was bound to be some sort of hangover from Tuesday. I feared the worst going to Old Tatford today. And still they parked half of Manchester in front of the goal. Laughable to think they were the home team. Hey-ho. I’ve learnt absolutely f*ck all from that match other than Scholes is still a horrible little gingery thug. Ugh.

    Been a monumentally shitty week all told. I don’t fear the Mancs at the Emirate though after today, not one bit.

    Man up JonJon for f*cks sake.


  309. “The pitch was good, the referee was good and the tackles of Paul Scholes were bad.”

    The referee wasn’t that good Arsene or he would have dished out more than 1 yellow card to him

  310. Queen of suburbia

    I think “not a lot of money spent” is a poor excuse.

    If we wanted to spend money, we could.

    Horrible result, our finishing let us down. Oh for a really clinical striker. (or a fit, confident one).

  311. G69 explain to me why my comment about dialby was incorrect.

  312. evil u highlight one game where theyve played and weve won
    one game
    how long have they played for us again??
    how many cups have we won??
    how many times have we falling apart in games using them, especially at the end of the season???
    and you wanna highlight one game where we managed a result???
    yeah history says your theorys fucked mate so come back with another

  313. Delia---Block 112

    We played really well at OT and any one who attended the Stoke and Sunderland games will tell you that this is the best we have played since the second half of the home Barca game. Although we conceded two preventable goals ,we had enough chances to have won this game had we been more clinical in front of goal and had VDS not put on a MOM display.
    Is he really 40? Perhaps Jens is in similar shape !
    I know we are all disapointed but there are still 10 vital games to be played and I trust all Gooners will give the boys their full support as did those at OT today. We can and WILL win the PL ,so onwards and upwards comrades.Another great game from LJW , looking forward to seeing him against Ramsey in the Wales/ England encounter!
    As always COYRs

  314. Fergie took the piss out of us with that lineup. And he still won.we are shot to pieces.embarrising it is jj.

  315. Queen of suburbia

    I despise Scholes. Found myself wishing one of our players would take a red and just knock him out with a right hook.

  316. why do so many people think the only reason arsenal are not winning is because of denilson and diaby. from what i have seen there is a massive lack of width with all our midfield coming inside it leaves the fullbacks to be our only width which conjests the midfield allowing teams to just sit very deep and narrow and hard to break through.ifwe had some width in attacks surely it would pull open more spaces for the through balls and also put in far more crosses that we actually looked quite dangerous from. also the full backs playing so high to make the width opens us up for many counter attacks.
    i have players i dislike too but there is far more problems to just blame two players who where no worse than plenty of others!!!

  317. Yes yes, two players were solely responsible for our loss and goalless display. Their being on the pitch automatically makes the team weak by virtue of their breathing. It doesn’t matter that they are part of a team because weak links and all that. It doesn’t matter that responsibility is shared. Nor does it matter numerous chances were created, or that we outplayed Man U. None of it matters because of the 2. It doesn’t matter that we didn’t score once both players were subbed because they were still on the bench corrupting all with their weak influence. Strength doesn’t make the weak stronger, weakness makes the strong weaker.

    Blah blah, more piss poor, ill-thought out logic. Scapegoats are needed, and the favourites are there. Some weak support from those would purport to be strong eh?

    Truthfully speaking I didn’t think Diaby had a good game. It looks as though he’s a player who improvises a hell of a lot, as opposed to having an idea of what he’s going to do with the ball before he gets it. I was going to say perhaps he’d do much better playing a deeper role, but I’ve seen him perform brilliantly in attacking positions. c’est la vie, more thinking must be done.

    Denilson on the other hand played well and had a solid solid game. so I cannot see what there is to complain about.

    Scapegoats eh?

  318. @JJ
    Again, there is no theory involved in that whatsoever. As for your question of “how many games have we fallen apart using them at the end of a season”. When we managed a draw at OT against United in 2008-2009 in the league, we had Denilson and Diaby starting. When we managed to lose 1 – 3 at home and 0 – 1 in the CL against them, we didn’t have them playing at the same time, iirc Denilson was not even used in those games.

    I can find a lot more examples where we used Denilson and Diaby at the same time and still produced a result. But yes, we can also find games where we played them both and did not get a result. Like tonight. Or 2009/2010 at OT where a Diaby own goal cost us the game. In the end though, there is no clear correlation between playing (or, for that matter, not playing) both of them and losing/winning. So in the end the only conclusion a sound mind can draw from this is that you are talking bullsh*t.

  319. 1 loose cannon

    Queen- this year Arsenal made a loss of 2 millions, Its clearly there was no money to spend. Wenger has promised he will not put the club in debts and stuck by his word.

  320. Queen of suburbia

    1LC thatsnot strictly true. Our accounts are front loaded in terms of costs.

    But to be honest, I’m watched Sky News and the reality is, tonight football doesn’t really matter.

  321. It’s St. Patricks day folks get out and get drunk, bad week but we will soldier on. Stand up gunners and be counted

  322. Very disappointing loss, to be honest I feel truly depressed right now. A loss would have been bad enough but to lose our best CB and the one guy we needed to the end of the season was heartbreaking for me. What absolutely rotten luck. United played well considering what they had on the pitch but we weren’t bad… we just had a few players who didn’t quite step up to mark today.

    On the match itself I have to say that Gibbs didn’t look at all convincing either against the Da Silva twin or against Valencia when he came on and Arshavin didn’t help him much either. For the second goal he allowed his man to get away from him far too easily. and he didn’t really do much attacking either… I don’t want to sound too harsh on Gibbs but you have to say that he wasn’t exactly a plus. The problem is that Gibbs has to play matches because he has the ability but every time he plays in a match like this one we are a bit more vulnerable. I also feel that our passing was bit too pedestrian at times.. it didn’t have the zip and purpose that you get with a fit Fabregas in the side but having said all that we did carry a threat unlike the game at OT in the league and van Der saar had a lot shots to save. Denilson doesn’t look the player he was but Diaby did get forward well and I thought that he had quite a good game all things considered.

    I think United defended very well and broke with purpose and their goals came at the right time for them. We deserved something from this game IMHO but Van Der Saar was outstanding for them. The margins between success and failure are so small at this level and I honestly feel that we just haven’t had much luck. Today’s loss though is a tough one to take and i have to confess that right now i feel rotten.

    The worst thing is having to read the drivel that follows every Arsenal loss… but such is life. It will be a travesty if we end the season empty handed but that is now a real possibility.

  323. I’m not saying dialby is a bad player, I just don’t think he suits our style of play, he slows the game down and always takes2/3 touches when 1 will do.

  324. if people are going to insult Diaby at least get his name right, it’s Diaby not “Dialby”. Abou Vassiriki Diaby

  325. one loose cannon
    that is utter tosh mate…

    1..its normal for a teams mid year financial report to be negative, the prize money and such isnt handed out unitl the end of the season….
    2..the only reason its down at the minute is cos we gave 17 new player new contract, signing on fees and agents fee last year..

    as soon as the summer comes arsenal fc will be announcing post tax profits of 30+ plus as they do every year..

  326. Just a quick comment on Jonjon’s prediction about “stuffing” United at OT. I’m sorry but some opinions reveal a level of cluelessness in the person that holds them. Even with a full strength squad it is very unlikely that we’d have stuffed United at OT. In fact it rarely, if ever, happens. a win would have been nice and draw was always a possibility. Expecting a stuffing just seems silly to me.

    It’s funny how these hubristic opinons always come from folk who are the very first to lose faith when the going gets tough. We had a very good chance to beat united today and not taking that chance was most disappointing but no serious person who knows anything about football would have been talking about a stuffing…

  327. I’ll bear that in mind colony, I can see how much that must irritate people.

  328. I don’t mean to be picky but it’s Vassiriki Abou Diaby Colney!

  329. whether it goes into the team or is put in someones pockets is another matter entirely…
    the club choose not to spend though
    you dont reduce a 400mil debt to 135mil in 4 years being being a two bob club do ya???

  330. joshua stop being a critisise for dooming and then critisise for being optimistic..get a life…
    o shea, fabio, rapheal and gibson…????
    that midfeild was how bad does this make us???
    how tactically out his depth does that make AW look???

    the optimistic of optimists cant find a reasonable excuse for this result…
    no doubt shotta wil blame it on the english at some point but its truly shattering to our chances…its embarrasing and if AW rewards them with new contracts he needs his head testing…they need tearing up….

  331. Reginald Gadaffi

    Its time you stopped defending Wenger and the players after each demoralising defeat.Time to stop making excuses for them.
    Today we were awful.Against a midfield of John O’Shea and the two Rafaels.They are defenders FFS.Diaby and Denilson were shown up for what they are poor poor players.
    Where were are tactics.Pass Pass Pass lose the ball Pass Pass Pass pick the ball out of the net

    As in Barcelona only Jack who put Denilson and Diaby to shame and Almunia can hold their heads high

  332. Why don’t you just go and get some balls, JimJim?

  333. reginald gadaffi, I think u may find that the reason JW had a good game was partly due to the protection offered by Denilson

  334. By the way we also had twice as many shots on target and greater possession…that does not constitute an awful performance in the mind of a rational thinker

  335. Another terrible result, absolutely gutted. Uniteds B team can beat Arsenal A team. Our B team can barely even beat Huddersfield. I continue to believe that we have more talent then United or anyone else in the league but at some point we have to realize that either this group of players is not as good as we think or that sometimes a group of great players do not make a great team. One of the things that defines a talented player is the ability to up your game during “squeeky bum” time. May be things will change but at this point Arsenal can not do that. With Djourou, out I think our chance to win the league is dim at best. Hope I am wrong

  336. You were an utter cunt last year, JimJim. Didn’t take long for you to revert. I see your old web site is up to its negative shit again. Still as long as they get their hits!

  337. Both teams had five first team players out, Bill the Manc.

  338. Lest you forget. The Mancs were at home. We will stuff them at home.

  339. We had ten men for the last 15 minutes, Bill the Manc.

  340. frank
    am i wrong though???
    why is it so wrong to say whats needed to be said..
    if you were the manager of that lot would you be saying at is in the dressing room or would you be pussy footing around telling them there great and you feel sorry for them and everythings going to be ok???

    id be telling them its their futures on the line…

    fergie goes on a media lockdown and tears into his players for 3 days and they come out with a pub team and beat us convinicingly…

    these players are too moddy coddled and its them who needs to grow some balls….

  341. Passenal
    hahaha i will keep that in mind cheers everyone, let’s win the fucking premier league. Upwards and Onwards! Very trying period for the squad time to show our support folks.

    Ron Burgumdy
    I wasn’t attacking you personally hope you realise that 🙂

  342. If my legs would have allowed I could have walked from London to Manchester today and been very proud to be amongst the away support.

  343. ????
    what website???
    ive used it once in about a year and that was defend cesc from moyes..
    dont be a plum…

  344. 1 loose cannon

    JonJon- The recorded £2.5m loss was up to December 2010,You can only spent what is available to you during the transfer window . We are talking about january not the Summer. If we have 30 millions in the summer then all the transfers will be for next season not this season. Get it ?

  345. You say pussyfooting, JimJim? You are the pussy,son. You lost your nerve last season.

  346. no frank
    i lost my family last year…
    now shut it and stop being a twat..
    these lot might be scared of you but i aint…..

  347. See what I mean about yank Gooners? They don’t call us yanks to be nice fellas. They call us yanks because it’s wanks spelled in a way we’d understand.

  348. You spent some time on that website trying to identify commenters, JimJim, and crowing about your comments on this site. Once a prick always a prick. ….and don’t pretend you don’t know what I mean.

  349. no 1lc
    i still dont get it
    if we make 30 mil the previous year..and the year before, and the year before and the year before…
    and then announce 2 mill loss only on this year mid way thru..
    then wheres the other mils gone????

  350. Well said Joshua.
    JonJon…….like the old Cyndi Lauper chestnut, your true colours are shining through mate. Didn’t take long did it?

    It’s been a crap week. We are all hurting. The media scum will have a fucking field day. It’s an open wound at the moment…we don’t need craven cretins like your good self prodding it with a stick. I see more and more fans like you all the time. Your quick to sing the teams praises and join the bandwagon when you think the going is good….the very first to whine (loudly) at the merest hint of adversity. And then you talk of “balls”. You should grow some then fella.

    Another media lockdown begins.

  351. what the fuck are you on about frank?? identifying commentors???

    if you mean joshua being a prick on another site then thats a different matter and thats not my site thats just another site i visit like this one..the only two…and joshua made it fucking obvious who he was every time he came on..same style same bullshit same 1000 word posts different names just coming on to start shite…so he got told to fuck off…
    just like what happens on here with james and aic or whoever else gets blamed for using different names…

    and it was joshua and only joshua and not aclf in general but he knows that cos he reads the thing every day..he makes that obvious by the shit he spouts on here

    so well done miss marple….your wrong….

    fuck off..if you cant talk football with me just fuck off…

  352. what true colours???
    the team play shit and get spanked by a pub side and i tell it as it is…

    and the best arguement you got against me is true colours..
    fuck this im done…

  353. oh dear oh dear oh dear

  354. Frank do you really think it would have made a difference if we had 11 men at the end. How can anyone who is an Arsenal fan not be upset after whats happened the last 2 weeks. When is this group of players going to actually start proving that they are as good as we think. Its time to step it up and I do not see any evidence that we have another gear, in fact we downshift. We have been complaining about the pundits underrating us for as long as I have been blogging but even you can not argue that they have been more accurate then we have. I know I am ranting and will probably regret tomorrow but right now its difficult to feel anything but depression.

  355. 1 loose cannon

    Jon Jon- Who do you think pays for the stadium the Queen ? . There are legal contracts written and you have to pay the stadium debts in time. You oubviously don’t understand

  356. Alex Ice Cream

    If Djourou and Szchezny are out for the season then I cannot see how we can mount a serious title challenge. This team has imploded again like in 2007 and 2008 when they lurched from exiting one competition to another. Even last year we were in with a shout until we threw it away. Squilacci with Almunia will result in us dropping too many points to win the league. Wenger gambled on not buying a centre back in January to add to the disaster of buying Squilacci in the summer. The first team, who never play together for any length of time due to injures are great but a number of the back up players are simply not good enough. When injuries mount at this time of year the likes of Vela, Denilson, Diaby, Squilacci, Almunia, Rosicky are never going to be good enough to win the Prem. Many of these players have been rewarded for years of failure with new contracts and its about time this changed.

  357. Oh fuck, me it’s AIC!

    AIC has come to enlighten us with doom!!!

    To be honest I prefered it when it fucked off

  358. 1 loose cannon

    Bill- it is upsetting to lose. but you need to rise above that. You don’t have a choice but to stay positive. your Spud mates will give you stick. take it on the chin and wait for you time to give it back. I know its been a while but we are not far, be patient.

  359. 1lc
    i know what the stadium cost is…im just pointing out to you that your comment to queen was wide off the mark…
    the club got a loan repayment over 2o+ years of about 20mil a year to pay the stadium off…
    now we still make 30mil a year AFTER paying off the loan so there has been no excuse not to buy players…(when it comes to the buying players arguement)
    instead of sticking to the loan and re-investing into the team, the board have been telling wenger to use what hes got and theyve been plowing all the profits into paying off the loan ahead of schedule
    the debts havent dropped by 270mil by paying the agreed loan of 20 odd million for the last 5 years have they???

    all the moneys being going back to the bank…
    the reason is unsure the baord are sly fuckers and nobody but them knows..
    some ppl say its cos they knew the financial rules were coming and they wanted a clean slate quick
    some ppl think they want to get the club debt free so its worth more money when they sell it and they wanna sell it asap cos none of them will be alive in 2027 to enjoy sitting on their yaghts…
    me??? i dont give a shit what they are doing..they are doing what they want anyway…

  360. honestly, JD dislocated shoulder could only happen to arsenal. Its insane. IF its not the ref then its the injuries and if its not the injuries then its the ref or freak accidents like birmingham goal.

    Its like the club is cursed. Its just unbelivable.

  361. 1 loose cannon

    Jon-jon- Are you teeling me the 2.5 million loss is a lie? the points you have made about wnhat the board might be doing with the money are not facts. you are simply speculating.

  362. 1 loose cannon

    JD injury is a big blow. We could do with Vermaelen’s return. What’s the news on him?

  363. It’s interesting how the so called supporters who are quick to label the team as ‘bottlers’ or ‘lacking nerve’ are so quick to start crying at the first sign of adversity. They wouldn’t last five minutes if they had to face what these boys face on a twice weekly basis.

  364. i had a similar reaction gadget. i was reading the posts and people were starting to say how we are rewarding shitty players with new contracts. then i see alex ice cream and a big paragraph probably full of shoulds and woulds and could haves, wank bag!!! Today arsenal dominated the game as per usual. Then united get out of their end of the pitch and score off a fucking rebound! blame whoever but a rebound is a rebound which is also just a probability. The goals haven’t been flowing for us as of late but hopefully things swing around for these last few weeks of the season.

  365. also please don’t say that arsenal is cursed. it’s seriously only been 6 or something years without a trophy. imagine the other teams that have gone for 60 years without a trophy. The chicago cubs (in an american sports analogy attempt) have gone over a hundred years without a league title. so i don’t think it’s a curse, its just the fact that there is no justice in this world.

  366. nah mate its not a lie..
    its the truth..but its also normal as its only a half year breakdown…
    to say the club has no money to spend because we are 2 mil down on this years profits alone is off the mark…
    which is what i told you to begin with…

  367. TV wont be back this season either…
    hes nowhere near fit and hes not sure when he’ll be back..

  368. Alex Ice Cream

    William, its delusional nonsense like “hopefully things will swing around” as if by some magic that has contributed to our current malaise.

  369. @william Arsenal is not cursed cos they dont win trophies, they are just cursed cos the most insane of all insane unluckyness always happends on the worst possible time. And its nothing that can be done about it. Im sure we could have bought the entire Barcelona midfield and strikers and they would all drop like flies after colliding with eacothe on the field in mid March. I kid you not.
    Either that or some moron break their leg and the papers think that it was a good tackle, or a ref screws us for a win the list goes on. Honestly you even seen a more unlucky team the last 6 years? Maybe Everton actually, they are even more cursed….

  370. oh alex i know you are angry and all that but goddamn man why do you have to take it out on us? dont you have a mum or a family or something? Go bug them instead!

  371. Oh my, out of all the “fans” we see here so frequently, AIC has found the way out of his hole. Does this mean that we can expect Suga to turn up tomorrow and ridicule us for supporting our team? AIC has shown his expertise simply by calling Almunia not good enough, ignoring that he was our best player the last two games. This alone tells you,that his opinion is as informed and well thought out as the page 3 girl of The Sun is intelligent. Sound advice: skip his posts, it will save yourself a lot of grief and with some luck he will f*ck off right where he belongs.

  372. Alex Ice Cream

    Poodle, you misunderstand me. I am not angry. I have long resigned myself to the limitations of this team.

  373. Stuff happens and it happens to us a lot at the moment. But it will not always be that way.

    The Battle of Agincourt is characterised by the dominance of long bows. But in fact it is also the first battle in which a hand held gun was used. Wars were never the same again.

    Today something comparable happened. Kieran Gibbs started and Aaron Ramsey resumed his Arsenal career. I suspect the impact will eventually be enormous.

  374. Alex Ice Cream

    Evil. Almunia played well in the last 2 games but he’s not a Title winning keeper, it’s as simple as that. Even you, with your rather limited understanding of the game, should be able to grasp that.

  375. then why are you here bugging us AIC? We have had enough misery this week, dont need you on top of that.

  376. Almunia will most definitely be a title winning keeper this season. Of course he will be one of three Arsenal keepers sharing the honours, a feature of our squad depth.

  377. Who the fuck is this seemingly infamous Ice Cream cone man?

    “I have long resigned myself to the limitations of this team.”

    What a pompous load of old bollocks. Dear me. How could anyone write such self-regarding twaddle with a straight face.

  378. Arsenal will win the EPL this season and then go on to even greater accolades, despite its ‘fans’.

  379. just to cheere you up a bit.
    these pages show we aint all that bad in the PL after all. Even though the cups screwed us over this year. Look at the bright side. United now have to play both CL and important FA cup games for a long time. we got 1 game a week until end of season now. More rest for our thin squad wich is always good against more injuries.

  380. Alex Ice Cream

    Like they won it last, year and the year before Frank?

  381. we are no 2 in goals scored and no 3 in goals conceeded guys. Robin and Samir proves they can score in the league with their respective places on the top scoring sheet(Robins stats are amazing for the PL) and arsharvin and fabregas are both top 10 in assists. Just a side note. Scoles is joint second on the yellow card statistics with incredibely 9 yellows this year. I conclude we got far to few on the yellow card statistics. Non at top 20.

  382. I once knew a person with a similar character to AIC. So convinced was he in his abilites to understand the world around him that he became a psychotherapist. His fourth ‘client’ killed him.

  383. Alex Ice Cream

    Harry, come on. Do you mean you are surprised by this?

  384. thats sick btw, how can we have no on on top 20 for yellow cars in the Leageu? according to the papers we are on the way back to becoming dirty again…..

  385. Harry, those true Arsenal supporters who made the trek up to old toilet and sang for the team well into injury time, would kick his arse. He is a poor excuse for a supporter. Only ever turns up to start kicking the team when they are down. if you can’t support them in person at least show your support wherever you can. Create a sense of hope and optimism around them. It will pay off in the end. Negativity only breeds failure.

  386. question is harry. why would a man that does not belive in the team even bother to post on a page like this? surly it must be because he loves the attention and kinda think its fun to annoy others.

    Maybe if we all ingnore him he will go away?

  387. You see, AIC, you come here when you detect pain. You come here to probe wounds. A kind of sentient maggot. You love it don’t you, my dear?

  388. Alex Ice Cream

    Still feeding off delusion I see Frank.

  389. Alex Ice Cream

    No Passenal, its the policy of AFC in the last few years that breeds both negativity and failure.

  390. Alex Ice Cream

    I haven’t been on here at all Frank. I posted after Barca and then did not want to post again until the season was over. Which it is.

  391. We are just not good enough and we must face it.

    JonJon makes a decent point. It’s the weakest United team since 20 years and we still can’t beat them.
    Gibbson? O’Shea? They are crap, yet still better than Denilson and Diaby.
    Chamakh is just poor. We need new faces, players.
    Wenger should go as well.
    Possession but without end product.
    With Almunia and Squilacci we have no chance to win the PL.
    6 years without a trophy.
    We are unlucky, but also not good enough.
    Too many sub-standard players.

  392. Maybe Yogi should put up a sing saying DONT FEED THE TROLLS?
    You Americas, there are restrictions to feed Bears in certain states no? and it helps keeping them away? I strongly belive the same goes for forumtrolls.

  393. mackie for manager!

  394. So, since you are so convinced that our season is over, would you mind promising to us that if we end up winning the league this season (although it’s over!) that you just won’t come to this website ever again. I think you are polluting Yogi’s database with your drivel.

  395. I’m not going to engage you in conversation Mr Ice Cream Cone as I fear it would be a futile and ultimately depressing experience. Like voting Lib Dem at the next election.

  396. uups! i just fed a troll! omg im gonna go to bed before i start mass feeding em…they may never leave if i do!

  397. If delusion is the fact that I turn up for each game to watch my team, sharing in thier disappointments , delighting in their victories and defending them against an overwhelmingly hostile world, then yes I am deluded, AIC.

  398. its so funny how we always look to blame everythng when we lose. To be honest we been hear before we all know what we fear the most. At the end of the day the buck stops wth Wenger. Truth be told we lost to a really shit manure team and luck has nothing to do wth it. Poor defending lost us the game. PEOPLE STOP TALKING ABOUT LUCK ALL THE TIME WE LOSE!!

  399. We should indeed ignore him Passenal. Attention junkies are tiresome.

  400. Alex Ice Cream


    That was the weakest United midfield in 20 years and we still lost. Like you say, too many substandard players.

  401. Alex Ice Cream


    There is no point promising as we won’t win it.

  402. Then prove your conviction and promise it.

  403. Alex Ice Cream


    It wasn’t just poor defending but poor finishing. Why do so many keepers play so well against us, because our finishing can let us down. As the great Thierry Henry said “A great shot gives the keeper no chance.”

  404. At the start of the game, the Mancs first team was light by five players. Arsenal were light by five first team players. We were playing away. We played the latter part of the game with ten men and Aaron Ramsey playing at centre half. You really are a maggot, AIC.

  405. Alex Ice Cream


    Ok, if I promise, what will you do if we don’t win?

  406. I don’t care, pick anything, since I am about 99% sure that we will win. (and that one percent I am just leaving out because I know that our rotten luck with referees and injuries is always there to strike at us). So I am not as convinced of us winning as you are of us losing 😉

  407. Any colour – so long as it’s black?

    Im not entitled to my own opinion? Love this Club, but can’t just shut up and pretend that everything is great.

    Sorry. You can abuse me, but it won’t change my mind.
    Besides, isn’t this site created to share opinions with other people?

  408. It doesn’t matter what you call it clay, things are just not going for us at the moment. Either support your team through the rough and the smooth or don’t call yourself a supporter.

  409. Alex Ice Cream


    They had a midfield of 2 full backs John O’Sh1te and Darren Gibson and they still beat us! It’s embarrassing but these overpaid, overrated young millionaires don’t care as they will be rewarded for their ineptitude with a pay rise.

    You refuse to accept the reality that is all around you and has been for some time. The problems are obvious but nothing is changing and just like AW you repeat the same nonsense as if it will magically become true.

    Your and others’ misguided belief in proven failures is one of the main reasons that we continually come up short.

  410. Thank you Alex.

  411. Alex Ice Cream


    Hahaha! That made me laugh.

  412. Not sure I can speak for you, Evil, but I would peel off AIC’s snake-like skin, very slowly. I would then push his tail down his throat and roll him round the stadium until the grass and sand really sticks into the bloody, stinging underbits. I would then cover him in petrol set light to him, and when he finally goes out, blow the whistle to sart the next game. But then it is your shout, son.

  413. Alex Ice Cream

    Evil, I can’t think of what I’d want you to do. I don’t really care to be honest.

  414. Aaaah poor old Maciek. Just never gets the chance to rubbish the team. What a bunch of fascistic cunts we are.

  415. Alex Ice Cream


    Its nice to know that I am important enough for you to think about how you’d get rid of me. I don’t give a sh1te about you; you are as irrelevant as our Title hopes.

  416. Frank. It’s 6 years since our last trophy.

    Diaby, Almunia and Denilson have played 580 games combined!!!

    580 too much!

  417. You and I know that that is not true, AIC

  418. I love you Arsene.

  419. Ofcourse you care about us AIC or you would not post. You LOVE the attention you get here, and you indulge in the importantness we give you. If we all agreed with you would not bother. Our anger is almost orgasmic to you.

    This is your idea of a great Saturday. Or els you would not be here.

  420. I have supported Arsenal for many, many years, Maciek, and winning trophies has never been my principal motivation. There is a magic about my club which transencds all that. I just love being a part of it.

  421. Alex,relax.

    We have the mental strengh.

    One Arsene Wenger. Only 3 years till he is gone.

  422. i thin the best thing is that even though ppl want Diaby and Denilson to be sold they will never be sold. and the angry miserable fans will continiue to be angry and miseralbe like maciek. i find tremendous pleasuer in the fact he hurts more than me. and the fact he is so angry he cannot even string two thoughts together. It feels lovley to knwo someone has it wors.
    thank you maciek for brigthening my day..

  423. Of course if it is all about trophies, Maciek, you are free to go elsewhere. We don’t really need you.

  424. and the knives are out.

    a very bad week, but come on, it’s not the end of the world.

    you could be in northern japan right now where a real meltdown might very well happen. NOT one of these media constructed ones.

  425. Franck,

    I respect your opinion, but why you can’t respect mine?

    I support Arsenal since 1998 and have seen many great and bad things, but Wenger has lost the plot.

    Noone tells him to spend 50m on one player, but to add quality.

    Many players are betther than Denilson or Diaby.

  426. In fact it is cunts like you, Maciek, and the twat AIC, who have diminished the ‘Arsenal experience’ over the years. I hate you more than you can possibly imagine and I wish you enormous harm.

  427. Frank, that would be epic. I mean i don’t even have the slightest clue as to who this alex ice cream dude is, but still he thinks like a wank bag. (inspirational speech begin) there is something appealing about watching teams progress through failures and victories and giving unquestionable support throughout. surely other teams in the EPL would love to have an organization as structured and progressive as ours. While some cunts are out there willing to throw money around to appease the needs of greedy fans and evil corporations, we actually have a purpose. thats enough of my stuff for a while. peace

  428. maciek you dont respect anyones opinion. you just want to annoy people. thats your one and only mission. If it was sonething els you would go to le grove. Do you think we are stupid???

  429. And why post here if I must be another “ARSENE WORSHIPPER”?

  430. Alex Ice Cream

    No Frank, its the pricing out of fans in favour of corporates and the continual tolerance of failure that has diminished the Arsenal experience. That and the retirement or selling of truly great players and their replacement with average ones.

  431. Positives?

    Great that Nasri noticed a split second before Scholes smashed his ankles, and could jump up and avoid a career threatening injury.
    Good that Scholes did not get a red card as he’s a real liability, and has lost his legs. MU are worse with him than without him.
    According to all the pundits/press this week if you dominate possession and chances (ala Barcelona) then you are the best team, and the other team is rubbish (including the 2-1 win at the Emirates).
    Despite fielding most of the midweek (Barca) team and despite the fact that MU had no game midweek, Arsenal played with great energy (60% possession) and were only just short re finishing. Usually 20 shots = at least 3 goals. So credit to EVdS and tough luck RvP, Nasri, etc

    How come MU are lauded for sitting back and using counterattacking to good effect, but Arsenal (with Barca) aren’t?

  432. I can write my opinion as long as I don’t abuse you.

  433. confidence is a fickle thing. once the negativity starts, it piles on, and it takes a while for it to bottom out.

    let’s hope our players get a good break tomorrow and maybe tuesday, and return fresher.

    the negative fans obviously don’t help.

    away to west brom will be the true barometer as to whether this team has “mental strength.”

    not the end of the world, guys, pick yourselves up! the negative fans should be ashamed of themselves — don’t you have anything better to do?

    seriously guys. i turn on the tv here in japan, and all i see is death and carnage. was gutted by the sunderland and barca loss, and didn’t think things could get any worse, but you know what? they can. in a second. an added away loss to MU is nothing compared to this.

  434. Alex Ice Cream


    Your talk of hatred and wishing people “enormous harm@ just show what a spiteful scumball you are. I am ashamed that a malicious C*nt like you supports Arsenal.

  435. Ah an arseworm…apparently everyone has thousands of arseworms wriggling in and around their bums. I don’t, because I have checked, but most people do. Very small are arseworms, difficult to see. However if they are white on the top and dark blue round the middle and they have their cocks on their chest just above their single testicle then you probably have one. I am not sure, readers, but I think we have have one on this very blog. Spotted it yet?

  436. “you could be in northern japan right now where a real meltdown might very well happen. NOT one of these media constructed one”

    Jesus imagine these clowns in real adversity. You wouldn’t want them on your side.

    If it is just about trophies and nothing else “Maciek”…I would say this: why not f*ck off and support another team? it’s the simple and lasting solution to your obvious torment at going six llllloooooooongg years without a trophy. Find a club where your guaranteed a shiny bauble every year. Barthelona for instance. There you go. All your problems solved. No need to thank me..just f*ck off.

  437. Good that seems about right, AIC. You have doubts and need to sort yourself out. Quite natural. Come back when you have something supportive to say, young man.

  438. …and you would be surprised at how spiteful I can be, AIC, especially as spite seems to be your mo.

  439. Anyway I am off to listen to some of my Royal Artllery Band CDs. The more discerning will know that the musicians were originally based next to Dial Square. Not now though. In more recent times I used to ‘see’ Paula the tuba player. Those chocolatey base notes get even a legless old man going.

  440. Went to have a bet with paddy power this evening. Wanted £50 on AIC venturing onto ACLF. They would not take my bet said it was to much of a certainty.

  441. Borges Spinelli

    For the life me, I’m unable to grasp the twisted thinking of those who’ve commented above, moaning about Almunia & Denilson. Clearly, y’all must have watched an entirely different game. Or, just a bunch of natural-born pessimists with nothing better to do, than to castigate 2 players who have been nothing short of fantastic, of late. I get the fact you don’t like them and would be thrilled to see Arsenal part ways with ’em. But to continually castigate them, unnecessarily, when they haven’t put a foot wrong is sheer lunacy

    S ame dissenting voices were the ones who vociferously called for Clichy to be dropped and traded in favor of Gibbs (he’s hit the ground running, hasn’t he?). Same voices who have chanted all season that Arshavin, Eboué, Squillaci, Chamakh, Diaby and Rosicky weren’t good enough. Boo-flooby-doo-hoo! Well, guess what, suckers, like it or not; they are our players. They represent Arsenal, the club/team which you espouse to love and support. If you lack the prerequisite stomach to support your team/players in it’s/their hour of need; you simply aren’t fit enough to support us on way up. Do us all of sound mind, a HUGE favor, and get to stepping to another team (oozing british ‘grit’). You friggin’ herpectic fleabags.

  442. Borges Spinelli

    “Horrible result, our finishing let us down. Oh for a really clinical striker. (or a fit, confident one).” – Queen of Surburbia

    I second that. More clinical finishing would have won that game. We played reasonably well.

  443. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    You’re a legend Frank. Proper Arsenal man through and through. These whiny little plastic cunts like Bill the Manc Maciek and AIC are an absolute disgrace. Don’t come round when we win the league either you slimy bastards. Man U will certainly drop more points, and we are gonna give them a lesson at our place. They got lucky today simple as. Kos6 could have easily bagged a brace and we had other chances too. Shit happens. On to the next one

  444. NJN – they will not be around if we win the league. They will just wallow in the misery of their on sad little existence.

  445. Fuck off Wenger and take your out of date philosophy along with Bendtner, Denilson,Vela, Cesc, Squillachi and any other dead wood that will be great in 10yrs with you.

    For the past 6 yrs I have watched our beloved club become a joke. Your stuck in a fucking time warp thinking you can turn players nobody has heard of into stars and win everything in sight. It worked in 96 onwards but, times have changed and your still hanging on to your philosophy shit and we are paying the price for it every time we face a decent side and you have no plan B.

    Not one fucking leader and some dumb fucking defending. Diaby has no football brain whatsoever and lets people walk past him. Poor Jack Wilshere out there giving his all surrounded by players playing like there were 2-0 up. No haste or shutting down and when things need changing the whole world can see it except you.

    Carry on with your philosophy crap cos I hope it gets you the sack.
    No longer will I listen to shit until your gone.

  446. We didnt win bcos of one thing only– the 4-3-3, it hasnt got the balance and the players need to be at their best 100% at all times physically and mentally. Those barca cunts does it and fairplay to them. Their league is suited for this tactic. It works only if we have theo who gives us pace and an outlet. We really are fucked if theo is out.

    I’d say why dont we go back to basics, Arsene? 4-4-2, players feel comfortable with this. They dont have to be 100% all the time to win matches. Its less tiring, its balanced. But its not total football. I know. But at least get the lads organised. Rvp could play the bergy role with theo in the henry role. With a midfield of wilshere and song in the middle with nasri and lansbury on the flanks. Lansbury can have that ray palour role. Defence should be the same. That should be our team next year.

    Bring on nik and chamackh for height and ariel power later on if walcotts spent. So how?

  447. I agree that sometimes 4-4-2 seems to be the better option, especially since some of our players have performed better in that formation. Though it should also be noted that our worst season in the past 10 years or so, where we barely finished 4th, came playing 4 – 4 – 2. Switching to 4 – 3- 3 did present a total improvement, though it seemed weaker against top teams (though more effective against weaker sides).
    On ocassions I do wonder if less rigidity with our formation might have yielded a better result but I think 4 – 3 – 3 is here to stay.

  448. Btw. on the topic of the ginger c*nt. Didn’t Wenger say a couple of months ago that Ginger c*nt had a dark side and then Wenger got plenty of stick from everyone for it? I honestly can’t remember the last time I saw a player go in like that because, to my mind, his fouls were clearly intentional. Injuring someone or angering someone was his prime goal, if he had been lucky and gotten the ball, that would’ve just been the icing on the cherry on the cake.

  449. Here’s the deal: If you think even for a second that you know more about how to win with Arsenal then Arsene Wenger, then you’re at best a mong. A massive fucking mong. JJ – go and support a team where you’ll enjoy the football played and the trophies won and allllll the money spent. Try the blue mancs, you might be into that. But jesus, when this Arsenal team starts winning don’t you dare post one single victorious comment.

  450. Goonerton – had you ever heard of Jack Wilshere before Wenger brought him through the ranks? You fucking idiots should thing before posting your rancid shite. Now fuck off.

  451. Also Goonerton I would not hold your breath waiting for Wenger to get the sack. You will probably be off supporting some other sport (or team) before that happens. Tiddlywinks may be more your style.

  452. G69 – full body shave please. The lot -off

  453. I find Fergie smacking his gum highly offensive. Like some of his players.

  454. Funny, some of the same people who said we were robbed midweek are saying that we are imploding?! go figure but that wreaks of hypocrisy and plastic support.

    The loss midweek was huge and I am sure took a whole lot out of the team.

    A problem I see though is that every match has become a statement match. The team is no longer playing just to win but playing under the pressure of not winning anything in a few years. I am wondering if the team can really play without fear given these circumstances.

    This team wil be great and when they reach the mountain top it will be against ALL odds.

    Lets support our TEAM, they need us now more than ever!!!


  455. People like AIC and JJ are talking about the United players, well that doesnt take a lack of confidence into account does it? It doesnt take it account what happened Tues.

    The team is down, its time to show some undying support, not to single out and label our players.

    I agree that if people want big money to be spend and a host of trophies overnight they should go and support another team that is doing that way.

    You can talk but the fact is that this team has progressed over last season. Great young talent has and is being bought and brought through the ranks. The team is on the cusp of an golden era of that I have no doubt.

    We are right there and its just a matter of time along with a lack of injuries. This will be the most successful Arsenal team in history!

    so mi seh!

  456. Paul N,

    maybe these people have finally pulled their heads out of their bums and realised we were not good enough back then and we are still not good enough right now?

    I actually gave AW credit for setting us up defensively against Barca, then he came out and said it was not the plan, but we were simply dicked by the far superior team – fair play for owning up, but it just only shows how limited he is as a tactician and how much he lacks in the matchday management department…

    yesterday, we lost against the United’s reserves, no less, and lost the player that gave our back four the stability and made Koscielny and Squillaci look good – now we will have to endure the CB partnership of these two and I don’t think we managed to win a single game with these two playing…

    then there is the small matter of that idiot in goal, he is a good shot stopper and that’s it – IMO, neither of the goals would have been scored if Szczesny was there…

  457. We manged to get kicked out of 3 cup competitions in 2 weeks, that’s no small feat.

    But, I think with the injuries mounting again, I think it’s better we’re out of everything except the league which is the most important competition. I can only hope we will succeed in that one.

    We can be optimistic and hopeful all we want, but if things don’t change on the ground, not sure we can keep fighting the negative crowds.

  458. looking at our fixtures between now and the end of the season, I can see FOUR big potential banana skins in quick succession:

    – Pool at home on 17/04
    – Spuds away three days later
    – Mancs at home on 01/05, preceded by Bolton away, which is no gimme either
    – Stoke away on 07/05

    now, let’s assume we have a team of mature professionals for a moment (outrageous idea, I know) and we did not give away the points dropped on our own accord against WBA, Magpies and Spuds (grand total of 11) and that we beat WBA (trust me, I know it’s not a gimme too!) – that shows you that we would probably win the league if we managed to get two draws or scrape one win out of these four games I listed above!

    the other games I class as ‘winnable’, then again it’s the Wenger’s Arsenal of late we are talking about, right?

    so, dear Wenger apologists, please stick your ‘we are up against the injuries, bent refs, voodoo magic and the butterfly effect’ drivel where the sun does not shine!!!

  459. Fuck off, Suga3

  460. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Fuck off back to Le Moan suga3. You fucking dunce. You’re out of your element over here and you’re just plain thick. Go get the help you need and come back when we win the league. Your cries for help are loud and need to be addressed.

  461. Can Yogi do a write up on arsenal’s finances so that the argument’s can be finally settled

  462. I wonder how hard AW is hit by the earthquake actually. His ties are close with that country. Also myischi. Anyone know where he is from? Where was AWs old club situated compared to the earthquake?

  463. aren’t you lot predictable…

    try arguing your point, it’s not hard, after you type something, look at it, then look at it again,if it looks like shit and makes no sense, flush it, you don’t need to publish the photo of every morning shit, do you?

    Frank, you are rude and boring, you think you are some kind of a blog hardman? amusing…


    isn’t it past your bedtime on the other side of the pond? yawn…

  464. SUGA3…do u reckon Arsene should quit then?

  465. No, Suga3, I am not a blog hard man. I just don’t like opportunists feeding on other people’s misery. Parasitism.

  466. you guys are all funny so you think abusing each other will make things go for us. We have had this type of conversation over and over as arsenal fans? why? then you get everyone blaming everyone and some even blame the fans and then people start reminding us of the days we ddint win shit! I trust Wenger and when he starts saying he doesnt know whats up then i get worried. The team always promises so much but when its time to deliver we the fans find ourselves abusing each other on forums instead of celebrating. Something is wrong and deep down insode we all have the fear of what we think will happen. We have seen it before.

  467. I reckon he should either quit or move upstairs, as long as he does not turn into a nosy mother-in-law type in the latter case!

    I know he can build a team, but he is seriously lacking in the matchday management department, when we had the team full of World Champions and THAT defence, there was not a lot of managing to do, when it comes to managing team of youths, you have to DRILL certain stuff into them and that is a long process littered with costly errors even when you actually DO stuff other than moaning to the fourt official during the game…


    I am not ‘feeding’, I am just voicing my opinion, all you can muster is a two word reply, I must be doing something right then, eh?

  468. SUGA3
    the weakness in your logic is that the world champions you referred to had not won a major trophy for 5 years before Wenger arrived, also the invincibles defence was assembled by Wenger.
    Wenger as a person has aa right to moan, just as you do (and may be currently doing), it his fundamental right to express your opinion as well as it is yours.
    You refer to Almunia as an idiot despite his match-winning performances against barcelona and manchester united, and blame him for goals scored from rebounds (from his save in one case)…forgive me but there is a distinct lack of rationality.
    Thirdly, if Wenger leaves now what do you consider the odds of Nasri, Fabregas and Van Perise leaving?

  469. Queen of suburbia

    Arsene created that team of World Champions Suga, so I’m not sure your matchday point is valid there.

  470. Ah write an essay in response to your ramblings, Suga3? Nope

  471. there would be no rebound if Szczesny was there, there is no contest between the two, simple as that…

    second goal against Manure was Arsenal Keystone Cops defending at its best and Almunia was left embarrassed by Shrek’s header…

    as for Wenger expressing his opinions, the difference is that I am your everyday blogger on the Sunday morning, while he is a football manager and is paid £6M per annum to MANAGE a football team, he can express his opinion in his spare time all he wants…

  472. I think you missed QoS’ point, Suga3. Sharpen up.

  473. QoS,

    now, now, that’s a bit far – Henry came to Arsenal in 1999, Pires in 2000, the only World Champion brought to Arsenal before thw WC in 1998 were Vieira (since ’96) and Petit (since ’97), hardly enough time to ‘make’ these two, certainly not in Petit’s case, wouldn’t you say?

  474. SUGA3
    Your accusations are becoming laughable, are you saying his fundamental human right should be taken away because he earns a salary or that expressing his opinions in public prevents him from managing the club effectively?
    Thirdly, are insinuating Sczezny catches all shots and does not parry the ball ?

  475. Frank,

    I think you will find that I was responding to cx…

    sharpen up? oh, the irony 😆

  476. Sugar3, Wenger has no concept of defence cos he didn’t need to anything in that department when he got here . SAF knows Wenger is a silly stuborn cunt who will never change the way he plays no matter what the score is. What type of management is that? He stands there waving his fucking arms about when things go wrong instead of changing it.

    Getting up this morning so early cos I couldn’t sleep after properly cos i’m hurting bad and fed up of being fed shit from that ignorant cunt AW.
    You got rid of all our big man players for no reason and never replaced them he just brought in kids. Even the commentators have sussed us and laugh at us. One comment yesterday was “if you just came in you would think Arsenal are 2-0 up due to the relaxed way they were going about things. Utd know that when we attack we are just going to do EXACTLY THE SAME THING WE DONE ON THE LAST ATTACK… EASY TO READ.

    The world knew that we needed a decent CB and a proper striker who will get you more than 15 goals per season but instead he goes all the way to fucking spain to get lightweight “oh no the ball bounced over my head” Squillachi. Why couldn’t we have got Cahill, Phil Jangs or David Weater? NO NO cos Wenger doesn’treally sign English does he?

    I don’t give contracts to players coming into 30yrs old… But I will get rid of players like Matty Upson then later on bring in Silvestre. fuck off.

    I came on here to ease the pain with some fellow supporters but, it clear to me that a lot of us have been totally brain washed by AW cos you all seem to spouting the same bullshit excuses as he does after every match. Our club is a laughing stock oh sorry..Our club is one of the riches laughing stocks in the world.

    This is my opinion and I know I will get hammered for not standing by my club but, I am feeling worse than I ever have about this loss than any other. It’s the same thing over and over when all that it needs is a bit of slight tweeking but, AW is messing around with peoples hearts with his philosophy shit that clearly isn’t working and will never work. Just as winning the title without losing a single match… It will never be done again. At least Fergs has moved with the times as he knows he can’t beat Arsenal at total football so he does the same tactics everytime and it works everytime.

    Just call it day and fuck off Wenger. You ruin my whole fucking weekend and make me shout at the kids for fuckall. You made us great and now yoy are bringing us down. Go on now Gooners do your worst.

  477. Reginald Gadaffi

    All the posts on here could have been written 2 years ago.Nothing has changed.

  478. cx,

    no, what I’m saying is that he should focus on managing his team in the face of adversities first and foremost…

    I am not even going to try explaining to you the differences between the two goalies in question, their strengths and weaknesses and the difference between the levels of confidence amongst the back four when either of them is played, waste of time with the likes of you…

    still, no one said my point about 11 points lost on our own accord is bollocks, there is some hope for you lot…

  479. SUGA3
    forgive me again but you fail to provide any reason as to why he can’t face adversities and express his opinions simulataneously
    while the team has lost 11 points don’t u think u should wait till the end of the season before reaching a verdict on our defensive abilities given our position and record over the last 11 PL games (7 clean sheets i think)?

  480. Reginald Gadaffi, That’s the sad thing about it. And even more sad is that fact that there are Gooners who still believe in AW and will continue to do so.
    50million English Sterling we are sat on and we haven’t got one decent defender like Vermaelen and he’s out. People will point to a defence record but, I sorry that’s just pure luck. I have seen our defending and there is no organisation whatsoever and no talking either.

    I could easily chuck this fucking laptop across the room.

  481. Reginald Gadaffi

    And Wengers favourite film is Groundhog Day Doh!

  482. This has to go down as one of our worst results. man utd put out a mickey mouse team and we still didnt give them a pasting. piss fukin poor.

    Fergie must be laughing into his scotch whiskey this morning.

  483. cx,

    well, if you consider sitting on his bony French arse throughout the game and only getting up to flap his arms or moan to the fourth official when the things go totaly tits up to be good enough matchday/game management, then I think there is nothing to add to the discussion…

    and I believe you will find that the last 11 clean sheets were completed with Szczesny in goal and Djourou in defence, once again, no contest between these two and Coco the Clown combined with Squillaci…

  484. *11 games, 7 clean sheets with Szczesny and Djourou playing, not 11 clean sheets

  485. Goonerton,
    Arsene assembled the invincible’s defence and for all the talk of the double-winning defence of 1998, it was upon Wenger’s arrival that they won major trophies. I doubt the commentators you seem to highly esteem possess the nous, intelligence or experience Wenger has , hence it may be wiser to trust Wenger’s opinion.

  486. we have a 37% win rate with kos and squillaci in the team.

  487. Queen of suburbia

    It seems to me that the negativity is self defeating.

    We tend to lose games in clusters, that would point to confidence and self doubt being a factor. Unsurprising when you have the world and his auntie seizing eagerly upon your every failing.

    They don’t need their own turning on them too.

    Save the recriminations for then of the season. The team needs support. There’s a league to be won.

  488. Stop talking about Cesc please. If you can’t see that he doesn’t want to be here then Wengernomics has done a good job on you. I did think about what if Wenger went would Nasri stay but, I don’t think Nas would jump ship.

    It wouldn’t be a shock if Cecs did but, Aaron Ramsey can do what he does so not really bothered and more importantly Ramsey wants to be here and I haven’t seen him in a Spud or Utd shirt laughing with friends.

    Diaby, Denilson, Bendtner, Squillachi,Cesc Wenger can all fuck off.

    If it has to get worse before he goes then I’m ready for it cos I just want him gone. Couldn’t even beat fucking Birmingham and there are still people making excuses. IN WENGER WE RUST.

  489. SUGA3,
    The weakness in your reasoning(albeit poor) is that u assume his physical gestures to comprise his entire management ability…definitely not a wise assumption
    Also Wenger’s invincible team was built by him…excluding keowne I think, I see no reason to believe he can’t do so with this team

  490. QoS,

    I have given the players I absolutely despise for being frauds all the benefit of the doubt I had and yet again it is heading for a crash…

    yesterday we were pretty bad, got blown into the next millenium by Barca, lost the CC final to a team that just lost two games in a row afterwards not to mention that we beat them twice in the league…

    that, my friend, is absolutely shocking, yet we would have the league almost wrapped up by now if we were just professional (11 points chucked away), how am I supposed to believe now?

  491. Difficult morning.

    I want to agree with duke, so I will but I can’t stand the whinging and hate that some bring here.

    As for you Goonerton, you have some serious anger issues and should get help.

    Too many excuses though. It was a weak manc side. Those awful hairy full backs, Gibson and O’Shea? None of them have ever been any good and yet the twins tore us up yesterday.

    How many goals have we scored recently? In the last four games, precisely one, apart from the barca OG. Not too hard to spot the problem there.

    Still, it was a cup and anything can happen in a cup. I still back us for the League.

  492. I thought the team played quite well yesterday, especially after the recent results they’ve suffered. Don’t think they could do much more. I did think I’d watched the game before though. We dominate, have lots of possession, play football on the edge of their box and concede on the break. Why does this happen so often and what can we do to stop it happening future ?

  493. cx,

    please dude, my sides are splitting, what does he do then, Jedi mind tricks? certainly pulled one off on you, perhaps he should try one of these on the referee then! 😆

    not persisting with the failed game plan for 60 minutes would be a start, sometimes you have to make a sub after 30 minutes if things don’t work out as planned, but it’s hard to see if all you do is sit and chat shit with Pat Rice…

  494. Queen of suburbia

    If believing was easy Suga, every fucker would do it.

  495. SUGA3,

    Forgive me but I believe logic should be the crux of any argument (sadly lacking in your assertions of Wenger’s management),
    Secondly, arsenal were always in the ascendancy (more shot on targets and possession at all stages of the game), hence your point on an early substitution is weak

  496. *more shots on target

  497. QoS,

    there is that joke that blondes watch the porn movies right until the credits, as they believe there will be a wedding in the end 😆

    being a fan, I believe we can do it until it is mathematically impossible, but as they say, there is more ‘cautious’ than ‘optimistic’ in this cautiously optimistic fucker…

    peace 😉

  498. moderation? are you kidding me, Yogi?

  499. QoS,

    there is that joke that blondes watch the X rated movies right until the credits, as they believe there will be a wedding in the end 😆

    being a fan, I believe we can do it until it is mathematically impossible, but as they say, there is more ‘cautious’ than ‘optimistic’ in this cautiously optimistic fucker…

    peace 😉

  500. I think I know why, sorry 😉

  501. cx,

    game against Sunderland, Denilson off after 61 painstakingly long minutes, should have been fed to the crowd Eboue stylee after 30 at best…

    you never know, it might just get the Emirates going 👿

  502. By then Sunderland seemd to have retired all attacking intentions and were defending deep, bringing on a more attacking player earlier may have left us exposed.
    The lack of rationale behind booing is astounding, it clearly doesn’t instill confidence, except u want ur team to lose why indulge in it?

  503. Suga3…

    As a fan you’ve shown zero belief from day one. I read Le grove quite a bit and there’s no evidence of your so-called belief. At all. The only fraud I see here is your good self. Players that have taken us to a final which they lost to a mistake arising from two of our best palyers are frauds in your view? players that even as we speak remain 3 points off the lead in the premiership are frauds in your view? Player who took on the “Best team in the world TM” and where ahead in the tie till we had a player bizarrely sent off are frauds in your quite spectacularly stupid view?…. The only fraud I see is some one like yourself walking around calling yourself anArsenal fan when all you do is thrash our players and glory in every set back. Seriously STFU.

  504. cx,

    well, sometimes you have to dish it out – Ebowie upped his game after being booed off for being shit and now he is a crowd favourite, no?


    at the start of the season, I said we would come short without another proper striker, backup DM and defender, as I knew all the way Vermaelen was fucked Rosicky stylee…

    and guess what? I was right…

  505. Queen of suburbia

    Slightly unrelated gag that Suga.

    The point is, talking about hating Arsenal players should wait till the end of the season. When they will be league champions.

  506. It would seem that someone has shat on this site this morning

  507. QoS,

    not if you think about it: there is probably no ‘wedding’ at the end of this one either 😉

  508. …you can almost hear the snickering

  509. Frank,

    maybe it was you? you strike me as someone who might not remember…

  510. Why do You guys Even bother. Sugar has such a thick skull of ignorance around hid brain I doub anyone will ever manage to change his view by words. He feels pain now that is clear and he tries to soother the pain by trading insults with you. The most hurtful thing that could happen now would be you guys ignoring him. How would he then deal with his pain? Nobody to yell at. Nobody to mock. Dammit guys you feed suga3 he would not exist if you did no feed him. If you hate him don’t read or respond to him. If you think hecis a fun distraction to toy with by all means, continue. But do not then complain about him. Suga is what you want him to be. Without your response he is nothing .

  511. This is the sort of idiocy on has to deal with here… according to Goonerton Wenger has no concept of defence… that we have conceded the same number of goals as Alex Ferguson’s United this season with a defence that none of the clowns on here shouting the odds ever gave a chance. Let’s all forget that Vidic was paired with a player Wenger wanted to sign from Fulham but got Gazumped by Fergie… but Wenger doesn’t know a good CB does he? It’s because George Graham gave the back 5 of Sol Campbell, Kolo Toure, Ashley Cole and Lauren… what a shit defence that was? Unbelievable some fans.

    The reason al;l these cockroaches are crawling out of their dank crevises is because they can see that both Szczensy and Fabianski are injured and that Djourou is out for the season alongside Vermaelen so they’ve come to gloat that we’ll end the season with nothing because in their small tiny minds it’s all over for us… We shall see

  512. My principal concern this morning is for the health of Johan Djourou.

    Having said that I was impressed that Aaron Ramsey dropped into a CH position for the last 15 minutes of the game when we were down to ten players. I believe that he will be a very influential player indeed for us in seasons to come, and maybe even this season.

  513. Sad,

    you, my friend, sound like a Soviet political officer who would shoot the retreating soldiers…

    I a presenting my views, I could not care less if any Sad/Frank/other dimwit incapable of conducting a reasoned debate responds to me or not…

  514. WE find oursleves in catch 22 situation.

    If we try to pass through the defence to get to a shooting opportunity near the goal, massed defences prevent our getting through, and the fans complain that we do not shoot enough.

    So, instead they start shooting long. However, then the goalies save them, which is what they are trained to do, so we are stymied. Premier League goalies, are, by and large good ones, hence it always seems that they are having a blinder against us. It just seems that way because we have, usually, so many shots on target.

    Barca spent the whole game trying to pass through our defence and only got through a few times. If Manure or Chelsea, or even the scum play them, are they not better at massed defence than we are? Won’t they do better aganst Barca?

    Nowadays, tactics are everything. We played as we did tactically against barca and triumphed in the 1st leg, but not in the 2nd.

    Manure, supposedly the top footballing side in the country, plays at home with 7 defenders and sits back and lets the away team control the game. A few years ago, their fans would have booed them off the pitch and been embarrassed by that.

    AW is a terrific manager, but is he a tactician? I wish I could give that question a resounding yes, but I cannot. WE see too often that his tactics do not work.

    The answer is not for him to go. Perhaps, if Pat Rice is leaving at the end of the season, can we get someone in who can take more control of the on the field tactics.

    I hesitate to say anything, as anything one says that can be interpreted as a critisism, is met by a barrage of insults here.

    MY intention is not to critisize, but to suggest a solution to our obvious problems.

  515. Queen of suburbia

    We will find out soon Suga.

  516. I was also very impressed with Jack and the way he gave Paul Scholes what for for his attempts to injure our players. Scholes went red to the roots with embarassment at one point.

  517. They have le groan, why do they feel the need to pollute everywhere else? I have no interest in their views or I would go over there to read them. I don’t even read them on here. They really don’t get what supporting a football team is all about. It’s a two way relationship. If you want the team to do well, you have to give something to them i.e. unconditional support and backing especially when they need it most. It’s easy to go around puffing out your chest and claiming to be a supporter in the good times. A real supporter also stands up proud when the world appears to be crashing down. And for those who claim to have been supporting us since the year dot, they seem to have very short memories as I recall the invincibles crashing out of the FAC and CL that season as well.

  518. Cup competitions come and go. The mark of character for this squad will be in their ability to dust themselves off and win the EPL. I think they have it in them.

  519. Of the two Manc games the most important one is yet to come.

  520. Suga 3 …
    You also said that Djourou wasn’t good enough, that Fabianski wasn’t good enough, that our team was substandard, that Tottenham and City were all better equipped than us… you said all sorts of quite lamentably wrong BS that has not only turned wrong but spectacularly so. At no point did you imagine that we’d be good enough to challenge in the league ahead of Chelsea and City and at no point did you imagine that this team would do what they have done this season. Like I said only a fraud of a fan would call players who restricted Barcelona to only 2 shots on target when 11 v 11 at the Camp Nou frauds especaislly given that one of those shots was as a result of silly mistake by our captain…

    And there’s no way you could have known what the matter was with Vermaelen as even the most expert opinions in Sports medicine were unsure. The guy ended up in Sweden to have his operation- says it all really but you calim you knew immediately… likely story. The advice to the manager was that the player needed rest! That was the expert opinion but a clueless spouter on the web like yourself claims to have KNOWN what was wrong with Vermaelen without having seen his achilles or been anywhere near him! So there you have it ,… Suga3 the Mystic Meg of the internet

    The reason you said that Vermaelen wasn’t going to play again this season, if you even said it, at the beginning when he had his injury, is that you doomers have a desire to see the worst crisis hit the club because of your blind hatred for Wenger and stupid desire for the club to splurge the cash on the like Cahill or whoever. Pathetic.

  521. I was also impressed by Bacary Sagna. When Blob went through him with such ill-intent, he just jumped up as if nothing had happened.

  522. Kieran needs more games. I hope he can play a real part in the run in.

  523. Sorry passsenal but now is the time for reflecting on a very bad result, its no time to just say lets get behind the team,we can do that next week but not today. there is no excuse for our result yesterday.

    if our team cant beat a man utd b/c fukin experiemntal plucked outa thin air piss take of a team we are in serious trouble and if us fans just stand back and admire anything then we really would not progress, i m affriad going on yesterdays result you could say we have gone backwards although i refuse to belive it, i truly had high hopes that this would be the season to shut the pundtits and everyother fucker up but it is panning out the same, only the title will stop the rot now but we are going to be up against it.

  524. Our so called captain hugging and kissing his mates before KO? Ask yourself if you would ever see Tony Adams, or any Utd players doing that shit in the tunnel?! WTF was I seeing?

    Cesc says “our dressing room is great as there is no shouting in there”.
    I havean been lucky enough to play at a half decent level for several teams and have never been in one that has a happy chuckling dressing room when things are going downhill. And you you can tell that the players do not get hammered in the dressing room for the childish mistakes that are made cos they do the same things every week. There is no system at the back and nobody leading FACT.

    That was the worse Utd team I have seen in years and they made us look like cunts with two untried wingmen?

    When Van Persie got sent off Wenger didn’t even change it for a good 5mins he just stood there complaining to the official and more hand waving. You knew we needed defence cover and a top goalie and you made us think you were going to so that right up to the last minute just like you been doing with Bendtner for the past 3 yrs. “don’t forget we still have Bendtner to come back” how many times you heard that?

    Waited till the end of the season about 4 yrs now so please save that one for one of the brainwashed sheep. You shouldn’t have any trouble as there are 1000s of them.

    What would of been wrong Andy Caroll for inflated 35mill? I mean we got at least 50million sat there and at leaste Caroll knows where the goal is. Unlike Bendtner and Cham. Chances not taken at this level cost you and money should not be the object as we have plenty. But, it seems we are more of a bank these days than a club chasing for honours.

  525. Sad | March 13, 2011 at 10:17 am |

    Good point Sad.

    jjgsol – constructive criticism is fine. The people who get abused are known trouble makers who never post here except when we lose and only to single out individual scapegoats regardless of their role in the defeat.

    I disagree with you about tactics. If he has the players to choose from, Arsene is perfectly capable of picking the right players or making the substitutions to change the game. However, he believes that the team has a style, which they should impose on other team. Much as I hate to say it, BBB do not change their basic style according to who they play and it has not done them any harm. Just because Arsene choses to play the former rather than the latter style should not be discounted as a failure. The more experienced and accomplished the players become at playing this way, the more successful it will become.

  526. The Manc ‘strategy’ of sitting back very nearly blew up in their faces yesterday. They were relying on VdS having a fantastic swansong. Luckily for them he did.

  527. Let’s be clear about one thing – without an outstanding display by van der Sar we would have won 4-2 or 5-2 – a point sadly ignored by the media (other than by Strachan, bless him) and a number of so called supporters. I for one will will be doubling up my bet on Arsenal to win the league

  528. You seem a bit confused, Goonerton

  529. Joshua,

    and I still believe Fabianski is not good enough to be our no.1, as Szczesny pisses all over him from a great height, should have started the season in goal IMO…

    with regards to Djourou, I thought he was clumsy and had a few penalties per season in him, well, he ironed it out and I admitted I was wrong, didn’t I?

  530. Suga

    Caution and Pessimism are the same side of the coin…


  531. Goonerton…

    Grow up. Arsenal v Barcelona is a football match not a war and there’s absolutely no reason why Cesc cannot be committed to his club and also respect his fellow Catalans in the Barca team. Cesc it was who won and scored a penalty last season ON A BROKEN LEG to make it 2-2 last season. Cesc it was who played to crucial pass to send Nasri away to set up Arshavin for the goal that made it 2-1 this season. He shouldn’t have played at the camp Nou as he wasn’t fit but that is frankly understandable given who and what he is… Some fans will maon about anything without giving anyone the benefit of the doubt or even the basic respect their achievements entitle them to… unbelieveable.

  532. Joshua,

    no dude, YOU grow up…

    same ‘irrelevant’ shit like not wearing suits to the final…

  533. Duke, there is no problem reflecting on a defeat – it’s been a hard week and we’re all disappointed. But abusing individual players on the internet is not helpful to anyone. All it does is create a climate of negativity and doom and gloom around the place. How does that help the team to pick themselves up for the next challenge? How does that help the supporters to keep their chins up so that they can continue to back the players against that overwhelming tide of negativity? Just because something has happened in the past, doesn’t mean that it will happen again and a changed outcome starts with a changed mind set. Start thinking positively and positive outcomes will flow.

  534. Suga 3…

    You were flat out wrong about Djourou, just plain flat out wrong. there is no clumsiness about him at all. He is about the most composed and dominant and skillfull CB in the league and given his age he was always going to get better. The fact remains that left to you he wouldn’t have been given the opportunity to even show what he could do because you not only called him clumsy but said that he wasn’t good enough to be 4th choice! That is more than merely being wrong… it shows a level of cluelessness that ought to induce a bit more humility in a wiser individual. Alas you can only be yourself.

    Fabinski absolutely deserved to be picked ahead of Szczesny. Absolutely. His kicking and distribution is far superior and his shot stopping is on a par if not better than Szczesny’s. Szczensny is the more dominant character and he sells himself well but I’d argue very strongly that Fabianski has never had a performance as erratic as the one we saw from Szczensy in the Carling Cup final. He rash rushing out at ever opportunity is part of what you’d expect from a young keeper. The guy is talented but it is the clowns who always either need scapegoats or unfailing heroes who have made Szczensy better than he actually is. Fabianski was outstanding till he hurt himself and his performance against both Wolves and Everton away, not mention his save against Silva in the ManCity match, again away from home, is something that Szczensny has not come close to matching this season. So the facts say that you just spouting a load of tropes that are taken as unchallengable truths in that den of idiots called Le groan.

    I’m sorry but a lot of the things you said at the beginning of the season are actually quite embarrassing when we recall them now… even Walcott was someone for whom you had little or no time!

  535. Suga3,

    Yeah… we lost the Carling Cup final because we didn’t wear suits! Very grown up opinion that…. all we need is suits.

    To imagine that Cesc cannot play against his friends or that he has to ignore them just because he is playing against them is fantastically infantile. The same thing happened at the Grove in the last two season’s and Cesc had outstanding games. He wasn’t fit to start and so he shouldn’t have started.. that is the relevant point. Who he hugs and why is utterly irrelevant as the guy has shown himself, even at the age of 23 to be a consummate pro. If you were as good a fan as Cesc is a pro we won’t be having this worthless exchange.

  536. Wake up. Wenger has been getting his tactics wrong for years v Utd. Fergie can’t believe how easy it is to play against a team who he knows could rip him apart if deployed properly but, Fergie also knows what Wenger is like and knows he won’t change anything he will just keep playing the same way as we have seen many many times before and will continue to see as long as he is there.

    Forget tactics and formations for excuses because even if they were right we still have no leaders or anybody in the side who will pull somebody over and give a a rocket up the arse for doing something stupid like a back heel v Barca just outside your own penalty box.

    Wenger didn’t put steel into Henry, Patrick, Pires, Overmars etc. Those players already had that before they came. It’s clear to me that Wenger doesn’t know how to put steel into players but, knows how to get them to take two touches maximum.

    We are said to be the best passing side in England but, up v Barca we couldn’t even get a shot on goal. To some of you this seems to be ok because you have all the excuses taught to you by Wenger. I can’t blame you cos i too was under the bullshit spell but, just try to remember that we haven’t won shit for nearly 7 yrs now and that Birmingham have won more than us in the last 6 yrs. And then tell me I’m talking shit.

    The thing that scares me the most is seeing some of the post on here stating that we are ok and that Wenger is top draw.

    A Centre Back and a top stopper and a striker who gets goals is what has been required for some years now and nothing but, foreign crap has come in. NO LEADERS NOBODY PULLING YOU UP WHEN YOU MESS UP.
    Sounds like a great place to work in eh.

    Hope you all enjoy your weekend and your journey to work tomorrow knowing that again your team got smashed after having the ball for 90% of the match just like that wanker who you work with said so.

  537. Goonerton, Birmighman have won? so in essence Birmingham are in a better position that us becuase they won the Carling Cup? get real.

    What age where these players when they won and what had they won prior to coming to Arsenal? Dont say they had steel already, back that up with some proof. How do you know they had steel?

    The invincible team was very strong but I remember them losing confidence after the loss against Man United.

    Its not easy to lose hard games and get right back up in any sport no matter who you have.

    Are you saying that RVP, Nasri, Sagna, Song dont have steel? yu mad to backside!

    Goonerton your comment is a joke overall, plain bull crap for we find ourselves at the top of the PL with the so called crappy players. We have all you say we need and you are crying’

    We have a top notch goalie, striker and CB’s, if you dont like foreigners go and support another team. However the best CB, striker and goalie in the are PL not english.
    only fact you have stated is that we didnt have a shot on goal vs Barca but what you dont know is what wouldve taken place…
    However what you miss enitrely is that Barcelona had not lost for a very long time prior to Arsenal.

    What an embarrassing comment. very immature, shortsighted and mostly factless!

    shame on you!

  538. Joshua, maybe if Cesc wouldve stood up for his team mates during the match.

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