The Spirit Of Arsenal

I’ve been beat up, I’ve been thrown out, But I’m not down

Like Mick ‘n’ Joe thirty-odd years before them, Arsenal found London Calling having suffered a Clampdown following Spanish Bombs…you get the drift.

Arsenal are being lambasted as ‘losers’; written off as the ‘worst’ and castigated for being ‘chokers’. The media has sell whatever, be it printed copy or column inches on the web – don’t be fooled; in their world, size really matters.

The upcoming FA Cup tie is apparently the make or break match of the season. Lose and capitulation will ensue in the Premier League, Manchester United will continue their stroll to glory. Win and goodness knows what will be said, presumably that poor refereeing cost Darth Ferguson more trinkets for his trophy cabinet. At least he will start talking to his media pets once more which will make them happy.

Conveniently all of this presupposes that Arsenal are mentally weak. That theory neglects to consider whether disappointments previously suffered have been dealt with, simply presuming that they are bubbling under the surface waiting to seep through the cracks.

Publicly at least, this is not the case. Bacary Sagna said,

We are ready to fight because we are even more frustrated after what happened last night and we want to give more.

It is this mentality which will see them through. The team that takes the pitch will be as strong as Arsène can make it; it has to be. Cesc will be missing, his tweaked hamstring twanged in the Camp Nou. Everyone else must be present and correct, injury permitting.

Too many remember the debacle of the last cup-tie at Old Trafford and the impact that the defeat had. It was a weakened team, Wenger saving his best for other competitions, a move which backfired.  This time around, the first XI are the wounded party, they need to react like a cornered beast and come out fighting, primarily to give themselves belief.

Yet too much emphasis should not be put on one result.

Intriguingly the players are being questioned for their failure to Wembley (rightly) but also for the failures of others before them (wrongly). The trophy drought is not attributable to the current squad. Some of them were here when the FA Cup lifted on a sodden afternoon in Cardiff; most though, were not.

The players who we see as maturing now, were reserves then. There are those among them who have won but collectively they have not. Apparently this means that Arsenal Football Club do not have a winning mentality; the reality is that in the Premier League, only one occasion has there been evidence of that, the rest of the time, ability has let them down. Players replacing key individuals have not been able to climb to the levels required and too often in the past, a number of the key players have been missing at the same time.

This time around, there is no doubt that the squad has individuals who can come in and replace those missing. The XI adapts to their absence, moves forward. On occasion it goes wrong but Arsenal sits second in the Premier League and that would not be the case if absences were not covered.

But it was down to Jack Wilshere to put it all into words,

We never give up, that is the spirit of Arsenal. We are still in two competitions and need to get a trophy this year, that will be the aim.

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. First =)

  2. The media are full of garbage. A defeat against Barca does not point to “bottling it”, or any other slight on the team. Idiots.

  3. Less cup action more PL action please.

    Bored already.

  4. We as supporters must really help rally the boys. It was good to hear the Arsenal away fans above the BBB fans in the Camp Nou. We will need every ounce of breath in every Arsenal fan’s lungs from now till the end of the season. If we could only recreate the atmosphere of the home leg against Barca every week the team would be propelled through each game. The players have made it no secret how much that atmosphere helped them. They have almost been crying out for more support from us, let us hear their cries and together we can bring an end to this barren spell and bring the title back home.

    Victoria Concordia Cresit

  5. Good post !

    It’s not a make or break game, but I think Wenger will have to prioritize.

    I would want him to go for them both. A win at OT would mean a lot for the team, and it would put some pressure on Man U.

    The team I would like to see,

    Sagna, jd, kos, Gibbs
    JW, Rambo, Song/Diaby
    AA, Nik/RVP, Nasri

    but the more likely XI would be

    Eboue, Squill, JD, Gibbs
    Deni, diaby, rosicky
    Nik, Chamackh, AA

  6. jack wilshere aka jack the lad aka saviour aka cyber bully aka the honey badger..

  7. I donät even bother readiong the news about Arsneal any longer.

    don’t see any point really.

    There is no one believing in us, except Sir Red Nose.
    He is a bit scared a think !

  8. Latest troll meme:

    ‘Arsenal fans are being hypocritical by admiring the best defense in the league.’

    Yes, that must be correct. Amazing defensive performances this seasaon, such as Everton away, where the ‘defence’ outperformed the ‘offence’ were not appreciated? The 2005 FA Cup was thrown in the bin.

    What gr*t.

    BBC Plundit:
    ‘The Sp*d players may get a bit Twitchy if they get far in the CL, only to not qualify this season’.

  9. I dont care what anyone says, we outplayed Barca and if people cant see that there blind. Anti-football? Anti-football, we invented total football for gods sake these hacks are just barca loving idiots and have no idea of the tactical genius of Arsene.

  10. And nary a fuck was given by the honey badger!

  11. I must confess I do not understand why most Arsenal fans can’t accept that we were pretty poor against Barca. Our back 5 excepted ( and JW) we did not retain the ball and managed no shots at goal. For a team with as much attacking talent as Arsenal that is poor. Barca could have scored 6 goals had it not been for the heroics of our defence and Almunia. Yes the Ref played a large part in the final result but seriously let’s just admit we were way second best and move on.

    The boys need our support NOW so put that result to bed and let’s go out and batter red nose and shrek senseless.

  12. The team does seem to have a great spirit, hopefully they can come out fighting on Saturday and get a win to boost the confidence again. There’s a maximum of 14 games from now until the end of the season (excluding internationals) and I think that the first XI should be picked as much as possible, we’ve seen before how rotation at Old Trafford can hurt us.

    There’s only one way to get rid of the bottlers/chokers/mentally weak/x years without a trophy comments and that’s to go and win something.

  13. Yw
    Any word on schzny injury. I really hope it’s not bad. Bt gvn our history wif injuries A̶̲̥̅♏ nt all dat optimistic.
    PS: 1 word 2 4 Τ̲̅ђe media; FUCK OFF. We r Τ̲̅ђe Arsenal

  14. Tobias I think those quotes from Fergie were made up. The original website that posted them has had them removed now. Didn’t stop every other website re-posting them though. Fergies media black-out strikes me as hilarious. Is he twelve or what?

    On the FA Cup, I couldn’t give a damn if we win it. The league or bust at this stage and a loss on Saturday will just strengthen our position in that race, as United will have three competitions to focus on.

    Having said that I’d say Fergie will already have made the league and CL top priority and will field a second string side in the FA Cup. Although the way our lads are feeling we will destroy any side he puts out.

  15. This weekend we’ll be facing a severely depleted United. My fear is we’ll also rest half the team. We shouldn’t, this side needs to start winning again and fast. Beating any United team could be enough to kick us out of this nasty rut we’re in.

    Do I trust Wenger to go for it? Not really. Mutterings of Cesc being out already reek of not taking this tie seriously.
    We’ll all be cheering United on next week in the Champions League. We need them to make it to the semi’s, where they’ll be run ragged by Barcelona. Their fixture pile up is going to be very beneficial for us. If losing two nights ago has done anything, it’s given our squad breathing space and the chance to fully focus on becoming Champions.

    Wenger, this is the best chance you’ll have. Next year Chelsea, City, United, Spurs and Liverpool will spend big. You won’t…and it’ll be tougher than ever. Win it this year, you’ll bind the squad together for another year.

  16. Azza does Muppet.

  17. Personally i think we need to play as much of our ‘starting 11’ as possible in the FA cup game. Why? To get back on the horse so to speak. All the players talk now is that we have 2 trophies to play for and we need to win at least 1. We have 2 games separated by 7 days before a 2 week break for international games. Win against Man U and we still have the cup to play for. So play all our best players. They have a 7 day rest then before we go to WBA where we can either gain more ground in the league or at least keep to 3 points with our game in hand. 2 games that could really set us up for a proper run in to hopefully a trophy.

    So take it serious this saturday Wenger and play the big guns. They are big boys and they can handle it and be ok for WBA a week later. Then pull out as many as you can for the internationals.

  18. It must be our strongest side to play Manure. Frankly, there is no reason not too.

  19. Any word on Sczcesney yet? Is Ramsey fit (able to play) – bout time he was back!

  20. The only thing that comes from last night J*mes, is that your league form will continue to go to shite. But, enjoy it. You now get to say that you once went further than Arsenal in a competition – cos after all, that’s all anyone really cares about over there, such is the deep seated extent of the inferiority complex of Tuttenham fans (and you know that’s true – tragic, hilarious for us, but true). Meanwhile we’re off to win the league.

    Arsenal would have knocked 6 past that Milan team.

  21. Nah. Azza is J*ames… J*zza, or Gazza.

  22. Fuck them all. What do these words mean, if we continue to give them all power. We know they despise us. They will always depsie us. Like the mutants of Marvel, we happen to be the next step in English football. Like the mutants of Marvel, they fear and hate us because we’re rendering them obsolete. I’m am not one of those who would blindly follow Xavier when it is obvious: Magneto was right. Fuck them all. Let them talk as they wish. Let us revel in our ability; our time will come, but now is the time to put them all to the sword and test destiny’s loyalties.

    Managed to catch parts of the Tot game last night. I congratulated the spud fans here at work, but I gave them this caviate: “your team is shit. You have only one tactic to which Crouch is vital. You won’t qualify for Europe, and whoever you meet next is sure to knock you out unless you diversify tactically.”

    AS for Man u, will Nani be out for Sat? Without the two Jackson clones, I think their attacking nous will be quite stunted, but you never really know.

  23. Great post Yogi. Hope the mancs progress in the champions league. Will distract them in the run-in in the league.

  24. Who cares what the Spuds get up? I certainly don’t.

  25. All ready I am sick of the narrative spewed out by sky sports according to them we would never have won even with 11 v 11 because Barca made a trillion more passes than we did blah blah these are the same guys who castigate us week in week out for making too many passes!


    Understandable that he wanted to play on, but he should have come streight off. On area of the pitch where we could not afford somebody laboring was midfield.

  27. On the man u game, I think this would have been the game I would have chosen to unleash Diaby. Will Song still be out? In any case, I think Arshavin, Diaby, and Rosicky will start on Sat

  28. Delboy Essex
    Fuck off 2 le groan.

  29. Sharpiro

    Caught ya!! Haha!!

  30. This time around, there is no doubt that the squad has individuals who can come in and replace those missing.

    ……er, no we don’t!

  31. Azza, going on a 3 month media blackout then reading the Scum? I know regarding the sun as genuine media is hard but seriously of all the crap.

    Listen to talk sport that is like having a retard read the sun to you!

  32. Hmm I do wonder whether playing the strongest line-up possible could be counter-productive. If Shrek was to pull one of his famous swan dives and get another pen and we were to lose what would the accumulative effect be on the squad especially if it was the best XI we have?

    Don’t want to be negative and I am convinced we could go there and get a result but…

  33. When and where did Nasri call the ref a cunt??

  34. Drew – We can’t not play our strongest side in case they get beat. What does that say about us? It is a defeatest attitude.

    We are good enough to beat them, and if we play a strong side that perform we will be them.

  35. Hello guys.

    I am having a debate about our captain with some of my fellow Mongolian Gooners. They say his heart is already in BBB. I wanted to prove that he is still with us and his stats are still the same as yester-years. But I couldn’t find any stats to prove it. Can anybody help me with this?

  36. Obviously we won’t “be” them, but we will “beat” them 🙂

  37. Maria, hopefully often and to his face.

    United will have the B team out on Saturday with a few veterans. Either way we’ll wreck them.

    [–Strongest back five–]
    Denilson Wilshere
    Rosicky Arshavin
    Van Persie

    With Chamakh playing a part from the bench.

  38. Just starting to worry that your rose tinted specs are a bit too rosy.
    Which is the one occasion in the EPL that they have failed to show a winning mentality? Was it Newcastle away or newcastle at home? Or maybe Spuds at home. No, it was at Wigan, No,no it was…. how many goes do I get?

  39. How come when stats sit against us, they are worthless. When when arguing the case for certain players (Denilson I am thinking of) they are thrust forward as proof of his worth?

    For what it is worth, I don’t believe stats always paint a full picture. They tell you what did happen, not neglect what didn’t happen (which can have a significant effect on a game).

  40. Azzal – Fabregas wasn’t even in the Barcelona game apart from his back heel on the edge of the box. I’m sure his heart is still at Arsenal but he should have known himself that he wasn’t fit for that game no matter how ‘special’ it was to play there.

  41. Well i hope fabregas is proud of his chums in Barcelona. Especially Xavi and Busequetes and their disrespect for Arsenal. Hope you are proud of the friends you love fab, if this is what you want to become and if these are the people you put highes in the wold maybe it would be better to flogg him of to where he himself think he belongs. After all this is what he wants to become. A true barca player with true barca values… I don think ive ever disliked our captain as much as i have today. Its an embarrasment that he sees these guys as his big idols.These are his best friends, these are the guys he misses when hes here. busqueters that thinks the ref was fair… you listening cesc. you think the ref was fair to since your pals think so? You think its ok to kick people that are down and mock them for their efforts?
    It really pisses me off that he wants to be like busquetes and xavi. Unless he says different, that shows his true colours. makes me sad. Maybe i put to much emphasis on player personalities. But their behavior after they beat us. their blatant gloating and their indulgence in arsenals misery speaks about players with no moral fibers what so ever. the fact our captain counts them as his closest friends and want to be like them is just appaling imo.

  42. Against the supposed best team in the world for over 30 years (?), a well dodgy ref and cheating, whining divers, over 180+ minutes we lost by one penalty goal whilst down to ten men, RvP being pivotal to our game plan, as an available Theo would also have been, playing away in a deafening cauldron with our third choice keeper between the sticks, our skipper not 100% fit, without our best defender (TV) and our best defensive mid (AS) we should have won when NB came close two mins from time. I’d say we are fucking unlucky!

  43. how can your heart be in Arsenal if you think its ok that your “best friends” disrespect you that much? or even moer questioning how can you be friend with people that piss on your teams abilities? especially when you are the captain and leader and main man of that team? Unless you dont feel like one of that team though.
    We all know Cesc really really really really wants Barca to win CL. that is his biggest dream.

  44. Poodle – That is a bit daft if you ask me. What is he going to do; fall out with his mates because they played in a side which beat us? They dived around a bit….so what? That is a 12 years reaction.

    The only thing I was not to keen on was seeing him hug and kiss them all in the tunnel before the game. I would have preffered to stay with our team, and remained focused. Hey, ho.

  45. I’ve always maintained that anti-Arsenalism isn’t a conspiracy theory.

    There’s a fine line between calling a spade a spade and calling it a big spoon.

    Arsenal will have to surmmount more than the battles on the pitch – we’ll have to do it off the pitch against the establishment and against an ignorant, contemptuous and tribal media who hate the very ethos of what we’re trying to do.

    The proponents of an indigenous culture of football – both from terraces around the country and in the various dressing rooms will continue to smuggly peddle the various narratives about the perceived weaknesses of the Arsenal. this despite the reality that for most if not all the clubs these people follow would have suffered an even worse fate at the hands of the uncouth and conniving Catalans who are as adept at the dark arts as they are at the art of the beautiful game.

    Believe it or not, I heard a Stoke fan call a radio station moaning about Arsene Wenger and making a case as to why he should be fired….a fucking Stoke City fan. Apparently, there is no place for foreigners like him in the English game. My wife who was in the car with me asked me if that caller was a member of the BNP – and I told her he’s from Stoke – go figure.

    My fellow Gooners, the team needs you – they need you at the stadium, they need you on the blogosphere, they need you down the pub, at the water cooler, around the ofice, or wherever you need to show your tue colours of the Arsenal.

    We’re on the home straight – and we need to set aside what we think about whatever players. It’s the team that matters and each and everyone of us is part of it. We have the whole of the summer to pontificate – but before that, there’s two trophies up for grabs.

    If we’re as bad as they say, we wouldn’t be where we are on the table. The table doesn’t lie.

  46. Caxter, I think Cesc was a bit selfish to play on after he felt his hamstring twinge 15 minutes into the game. I also think he realises it now, hence his twitter post.

    Poodle, I understand your feelings, they say you are known by the company you keep. But lets wait and see what happens next – either the blinkers have been wrenched from his eyes or perhaps he is not the leader Arsenal needs after all.

  47. Darius, agree with everything you;ve just said. But I have to pull you up on something fella. You mention in your post that there is a fine line between calling a spade a spade or calling a spade a ‘big spoon’. I have never looked at a spade and thought ‘Shit that spoon is big’, Hence, theres is a very very thick line between calling a spade a spade and calling a spade a big spoon. Only a fricken idiot would call it a big spoon. Do you understand where im coming from?

  48. longblackcloud

    RVP 2nd yellow an unbelievably poor decision as we can all see, but is only me that thought his 1st booking was harsh as well? did he actually connect at all with Alves and if so was it anywhere near his (smug, ugly, cheating)face? On Alves how much time did he spend rolling about? seems Brazil are concentrating on coaching this rather than playing football if last WC was anything to go by

  49. Darius – Nice posts. Your last sentence is the most telling. The table does not lie. We are a good team in a good position.

    We were not at our best in the Carling Cup final, and that coupled with a well organised opposition, and one defensive laspe cost us dearly. There is no shame in getting knocked out of the CL by Barca either. That leave the FA Cup and the lge. The FA Cup is imprtant, but make no mistake that the lge is hte most important compeitition we enter each year. And at the moment winning the lge is in our hands. We don’t need to rely on other teams to drop points as long as we do our own job.

  50. GA, if I am right I believe Poodle may be refering particularly to the incidents of throat grabbing as well as the down right dishounourable shit they were pulling. I ain’t gonna lie, I’ve been watching the game here at work, and thus far, shiiiiiiit, I’d fuck a barcelona player up on sight. Such is my anger, I’m slipping into street mode.

    And yeah Cesc is unusually silent way too much. The RVP red Cesc should have been all up in that motherfucker’s boat. The throat grabbing, he should have told his boy to cut that shit out. I ain’t scare to step to a couple of friends when they’re doing wrong, if they your friends you can tell them to cut that shit out and thing will be fine.

    I’m a call it now, if we get all this bullshit about a Barca transfer and he doesn’t refute it, I’d just get rid of him, straight up. If he don’t wanna be here and fight for and with us after that henious bullshit, well he ain’t one us, simple as. He’d be showing that although he’d wear the colours, he’d wouldn’t have ever had the heart. And if he ain’t gonna be one of us, he’s gonna be one of them, and to them I say fuck them all. I’m not gonna say nothing now, but he’s gonna have to choose, and if he chooses wrong, well I’ll say it then, but not a moment before because right now, he is one of us. And shit, he’s shown that he is one of us, so despite my bullshit, I ultimately got faith in the dude, to do what’s right and lead us right. We all human right. It was just a moment of weakness.

  51. Arsenal is the PLs Justin Beiber. Nobody likes him but everybody talks about him…. some think hes good(and aparantley he is or els he would not generate as much money as he does, just like arsenal must be good or they would not be no 2). But mostly peole just love to hate him and tell everybody they see how crap he is. Every chat about music includes justin beiber and how crap he is. just like every chat about football includes arsenal and how crap they are. Cos you just cannot get around arsenal in footy just like you cannto get around Justin Beiber in music. They are to the neutral something one loves to hate. regardless of the fact they are no 2 in the pl or no 1 in most sold records.
    sigh! i cannot belive we are the PLs justin beiber, i really hate the guy.

  52. DelBoy, the penalty was irrelevant. It didn’t change the fact that we needed only 1 goal to progress. Which is all the more grating because we could afford to conceed it but couldn’t make it up with 10 men.

  53. When Arsenal lose or draw, criticism of the club is endless. Even when Arsenal win, its a backhanded acknowledgement. As fans, this is not new and we should avoid a reaction.

    The FA Cup match against United is critical for the team. If 1st choice players are fit, they should start. Forming a winning mentality starts with beating your strongest opponents ‘IN ANY COMPETITION’.

    Saving key players for bigger matches down the road ‘RARELY’ works.

    Beating ManU at OT, will prove to be the team’s most significant win of this season – a mental game changer for the club.

    Lets allow the season to finish out before passing judgement on our captain.

  54. Well said goonerandy it was no disgrace to lose to Barcelona.Unlike some deluded Gooners i didnt think we had a pray of beating them over two legs.They are just too good.Hearing some on here say we would go to the Camp Nou and win shows how much they know about football.Barca proved they are the worlds best team.No team plays football like them and only a Mourinho drilled Inter team has stopped them winning 3 CL’s in a row.I hope they get the Spuds in the next round as i will be betting on a 10-0 win in the Camp Nou for barcs

  55. To be fair Cesc has never given anything but 100% every time he plays for Arsnenal. More so than any other player in our squad. Yes the guy is a Barca fan, and no doubt one day will play for them. I don’t think his commitment to the Arsenal cause can be called into question though.

  56. Anyone agree that guardiola looks a bit like that fucking queer cunt judge on dancing on ice? childish I know but heh

  57. Kelvin – Don’t get me wrong, I did think that we could beat them. I think we will win every game. But as you quite rightly said, they are probably the best side on the planet at the moment. Unfortunatly for us they played well in both games, and we were’nt quite able to match them.

  58. Personally Kelvin I hope they kick the living shit out of each other!!!

  59. goonerandy, trusay, truesay.

    But what gets my goat is how Cesc / Xavi / Puyol will be on the phone texting eachother going ‘Great pass cesc!!’, ‘You are a Barca player already cesc!!’, ‘Cesc can I bum you!!’

    It makes me sick

  60. “My wife who was in the car with me asked me if that caller was a member of the BNP – and I told her he’s from Stoke – go figure.”

    Isn’t that the same thing Darius?

    Poodle, one good thing about the Fabregas situation is that his Arsenal team mates might now stop seeing him as being so pivotal to our success and step up themselves. There is a line being drawn in the sand – the CCC are now our enemies and Cesc needs to decide which side he is on or he will lose the respect of his team mates and supporters. He cannot lead this team if he is not wholehearted about it. If it means he has to go, so be it. We will find another way without him and he can join his soulmates in the cess pit and will no longer be torn between his heart and his head.

  61. im not questioning his commintment to arsenal. im questioning his commitment to Barcelona really. i think he loves arsenal but he respects barcelona more so when someone takes RvP by the throat he does not yeall and scream liek other captains, he politley ask Abidal “may you please remove your hand”.
    When Barca players dive and clutch their heads when they get dashed on the shoulder. he does not repimand the barca players or act angry like he does when PL teams tries to cheat arsenal. he just stands quiet and watches.
    I did not even see him arguing with the ref when RvP was sent off, that was Rosicky( i may be wrong there though).
    But that is what i would expect from a captain.
    He was a very passive captain indeed down in Barcelona, did not look out for his team mates imo. Compared to how he does it in PL. Thats all im saying.
    But i could be wrong.

  62. Can someone ever give 100%? I would have thought it a biological impractibility.

  63. Fair point Poodle

  64. That’s why I mentioned it Poodle, it was indeed Rosicky doing the screaming.

    Honestly, compare his ref rants in the PL to his meekness on Tuesday. That not’s the Cesc we know.

  65. In my bizzare world, I would have wished it were Barcelona we were facing in the FA Cup quarters! Some stretch of logic this wish is; nonetheless an indication of just how much I would love to shut ’em up. A double won’t be a bad place to start I reckon. ..

  66. Darius, hypothetically speaking, let’s say I were a giant who liked to eat shit, would it be wrong of me to call a shovel a spoon?

    I’m mischievious today. I’m still ill and I’ve gone in to work. Not a good look

  67. Poodle – As long as he is committed to Arsenal I am happy. It is not like we play Barca all the time, so I don’t see it as a problem. The chances are, most players support another team in some form or other, this one is only in our minds because of the public nature of all the Cesc/Barca transfer saga’s.

  68. In my bizzare world, It is my wish that it were Barcelona that we were facing in the FA Cup quarters! Some stretch of logic this wish is; nonetheless an indication of just how much I would love to shut ’em up. All the same, a double won’t be a bad place to start I reckon. ..

  69. Poodle @12:11, that’s where your wrong.

    We’re kinda like the Kanye West of the league:
    Arrogant and conceited
    to those that don’t know,
    hard working and talented,
    the one’s who rock the show

  70. 1 loose cannon

    Fabregas was a little bit subdued and I can understand 5 of the Barcelona players were his spain team mates he won the world cup with them add to that the catalan conection and he looked like he did not want to turn nasty against them . in the tunnel he went up to the Barca players shook their hands . That is certainly something you should not be doing as captain you are sending a signal to your team mate that you have too much respect for the opposition. If they wish to shake hands let them come to you if not so be it , we are going to war at moment. the pally stuff can wait. He is a young captain and he is learning the trade. But Inever doubt his commitment to our club he has been fantastic for us and he showed that on the pitch. I hear lots of bullshit that he wasn’t given 100% because its Barcelona that is pure bull. he badly wanted to do well for us and he let his heart rule over his head. Clearly he wasn’t fit and he should’ve said that to Wenger then at same time he showed he is committed to help the team. He did not do well in thsi game not because of lack of commitment but injury. He wasn’t fit at all.

  71. longblackcloud

    Cesc was injured & he played poorly it doesn`t mean he doesn`t care!
    get a grip of yourselves

  72. 1 loose cannon, as Captain he should never have played if he wasn’t fit. He put his own desires to play in the Nou Camp ahead of what was best for the team.

    What does it say about the rest of the team if a 10% fit Fabregas gets in above fully fit other players?

  73. While I disagree, for good reason, with those Arsenal supporters who emotionally suppose that Barcelona is not the best football team in the world right now, today, and one of the finest of all time; I am adamant we had a very good opportunity to go through because tactically, we got it right, and we could quite easily have scored our second to see us through. The difference was the sending off of Robin, ludicrous by any standard.

    Arsenal supporters can be, as we know so well, a misery-guts lot. This has been by any reckoning an excellent season and all indications are that we are set for a thrilling EPL finale, and … let’s see shall we … in the FA cup.

    Diaby performed effectively at Nou Camp, and this is very good news; he almost back, he will probably be pivotal in the run-in. People are forgetting how good he is. All the players are in fine fettle, including Cesc apart from his hamstring which as likely as anything is what reduced his role in Barcelona. We are going to win the league this year. I wouldn’t be surprised if Chelsea finished runners-up. There is lots more fun to come so enjoy!

  74. ‘Poodle does J*mes.’

  75. My this Jack Wilshere is something isn’t he, I can see him becoming reckoned as one of the top three or so players in the world in 2 or 3 years.

  76. he’s english zimpaul.. he’ll be reckoned that the next good game he has for england..

  77. You’re an idiot Mr. Azza2, plain and simple, and nothing I say can change this.

  78. Done and dusted I know but I do wish that I can see one game between Arsenal’s strongest XI vs Barcelona’s without any dubious sending off and shit refereeing

  79. Fkin hell, turning on our captain now? Get a grip of yourselves. He’s the best player we have, yes he should have come off once he felt his hamstring go again, but sell him? Have you lost your minds?

  80. 50 years, J*mes. 50 years.

    When I found myself in times of trouble, Arsene Wenger came to me
    Whispering words of wisdom… Diaby
    He knocked out John Terry… DIABY

  81. We must be doing something right, the most successful hurling team of the past few years have been over to our training ground to check out how we bring the youth players through:

    Nice to be helping some others as well. An Arsenal hurling team I would definitely watch!

  82. Borges Spinelli


    Until that game at Camp Nou, I strongly believed his heart was 100% with us. Not anymore. He didn’t stand-up for his teammates against his childhood friends, when they acted violently towards us. Any other game, and he would have been screaming and pushing at the opposition.

    I also noticed this during the 1st leg at The Emirates. As the 2 teams were lining up in the tunnel, Fabregas was shown having a long convo with Xavi, Busquets & Iniesta. Which was preceeded by laughter from all involved.

    Later in that game: a couple of times when Nasri lost his cool after repeated heavy-handed fouls were committed against him. In the stand-offs with Iniesta and/or Xavi (I forget which), Fabregas never once looked at the offending pair. Rather he opted to pull Nasri away. I know that’s what good captains do (calm their players down), but they’re also always seen to stand up ’em too. I never once saw Cesc do that at either games.

    And to top it off, the ill-advised backheel he gifted his buddies with at the edge of our penalty box to score.

  83. SO far my favourite momnts of the season are:
    1) Eddie scoring at the Emirates
    2) Alex’s goal against Chelsea
    3) Arshavin’s goal against Barca

    Thinking of any of these moments brings a cheshire to my face.

  84. Wait wait, who advocated selling Cesc? Surely it wasnt little old me was it? bah whatever

  85. Borges Spinelli

    To those ‘expert’ pundits and doomers alike who criticize our squad for not having enough depth. Well… let’s take the goalkeeping position for example:

    Arsenal’s 1st team alone consists of 4 keepers – 3 of whom are excellent goalkeepers and the 4th being Mannone, is also very able and having a fantastic season out on loan (kept several clean sheets for his loanee club). Almunia, Fabianski and Szszesny have all pulled-off outstanding saves, which otherwise would have been goals.

    Tell me, how many other teams in any league in the world can boast of such squad depth in one crucial position, should it suffer injuries to their 1st choice & 2nd choice keepers?

  86. Nah nah, Borges. This is a story right here. It’s the ongoing narrative of the dude who has to choose: the temptation of the ex or the wholesome love of the current. This right here was the end of act 2. The hero 95% succumbing to an act of weakness, he’s at the lowest point, and there’s some character development going on.

    Act 3 starts in the summer and ends when we tonk Barca 6-1 next season, Cescy banging in a hat-trick at Camp Nou.

  87. Block 4, I’m not questioning our captain based on one game – that was just another example of growing evidence that he’s here to deliver a trophy then Arsene will let him go. I used to believe otherwise, I don’t anymore and it’s time for the other players to stop looking to him all the time as he won’t be here for much longer and they need to start doing it without him. When he goes I will thank him for his contribution and wish him well but I won’t be as upset as I might have been previously. Perhaps he’ll prove me wrong, but I doubt it.

  88. Actually act 3 starts now, builds in the summer and climaxes in a champ league final throwdown with Barca. Looks like we won’t be tonking them 6-1 on aggregate but a win nonetheless.

  89. I agree with Passenal

  90. We already have the players to replace Cesc. After this season both Jack and Aaron will step in. Two for the price of one with a great deal of change.

  91. We have our very own versions of Iniesta and Xavi, and they are 19 and 20 years of age. AND Samir is 23 AND Theo is 21. Bye bye Barthelona fanth. Jutht put your teeth back in and watch uth play.

  92. Borges Spinelli

    With regards to the big game over the weekend. This is the likely line-up, considering how tired the participants on wednesday’s encounter looked:

    Almunia; Eboue, Squillaci, Koscielny/Djourou, Gibbs; Ramsey, Diaby/Song, Denilson; Arshavin, Chamakh/van Persie, Bendtner

    Shea, Sagna, Clichy, Nasri/Rosicky, Miquel, Wilshere, van Persie/Chamakh, Song/Diaby

  93. I agree with Little, Big, Jack Wilshere.

  94. Any ideas on who the new mystery keeper will be?? Arsene says he already been identified.

  95. Pass @ 1:39:

    As always you seem to hit the nail on the head. I would add that even if Cesc’s there were no Barca issues, his dodgy hamstrings mean we have to learn to play better without him. YW has said before that we risk the “Henry syndrome” where we count on

  96. It’s good to see Arsene come out fighting in his press conference!

  97. IF Fab was injured after 15 minutes, he could not have gone off, because, clearly, AW’s masterplan was to bring on AAA and NB for the last 20 minutes to take advantage of the perceived slowing down of the Barca team. He had already lost one substitution, so he could not afford another.

    Fab was anonymous for the whole time he was on the pitch. Indeed, the first time I think I heard his name by the commentators was when he did the backheel.

    I do think his conduct during the game does bring his commitment into question. But, what also must have been playing on his mind was the fact that their midfield was so good, there really is no immediate need for him at all there.

    I believe that the best team available should play on Saturday. It is a risk, but playing a weakened team and losing would have a worse psychological effect, than playing the best team and losing.

    Whoever plays, the best of luck to you.

  98. Yep saw that too. I really would like to see AW and Arsenal take these fuckers on. Let the whole rotten stinking edifice unravel.

  99. Sorry I hit send by accident.

    The point is that we have to figure out how to play better without Cesc or without him being 100% fit. Although I am not saying we should sell him, I would not be at all shocked if he went to BBB this summer and we actually became a better team next year.

    I hope we play full tilt for the FA cup. It would still be a great season if we won the FA cup and the league. Our best 11 on the pitch please.

    Interesting stat that no Arsenal team has scored more then 1 goal at Old Trafford in the premier league era. Hard to believe but true. Much as we all dislike Fergie he certainly understands the importance of dominant team defense. No coincidence that his trophy case is bulging with silverware. Our defensive improvement since Christmas has been stunning and there is no reason we can not play like this for the next 5 – 6 years. If we play like we are capable and learn to avoid some of the mini-meltdowns like Newcastle and CC final we will refill our trophy case very quickly starting this year.

  100. Press conference was f*cking funny today.

  101. Does AW have previous with Garth Crooks? He gave him short shrift today!

  102. If the clubs do not band together to deal with’strategic’ refereeing then football is lost. That decision on Tuesday was planned…and it was planned from the moment Arsenal announced that RvP was playing. The referee was instructed to get rid of him.

  103. Perhaps AW taking these people on may just expose them for what they are.

  104. I thought Arsene was great today in that press conference – those thicko hacks think they can back him into saying what they want to hear but he batted them away like flies!

  105. Barthelona Thity should join other clubs in condemning the refereeing decision and censuring UEFA. After all they will not be top of the pile for much longer.

  106. Borges Spinelli

    Lol @ Gadget

    I like the sound of Act 3. My intuition tells me Wenger will strengthen our midfield and possibly offensive line-up in the summer. 2/3 players to add to the competition for places. JET is a good player, though I doubt he’ll play any long-term part in Arsenal’s future domination of the EPL. Lansbury, Ramsey, Miyaichi, Miquel, Bartley and Frimpong will. Starting from next season in the domestic cup games.

  107. Interesting that UEFA can throw the book at Wenger and Nasri for offensive language towards the referee, but it is alright for him to swear back at them. Will he be including the tone of language he used in his report to UEFA?
    Raises the question over the impartiality of the ref if he is willing to get into a swearing match with the manager and players of one of the teams.
    Is the fact that TV is out for the whole season the worst kept secret anywhere? There were some rumblings about this going around as far back as October. The website is still saying 3 weeks from 7th March, but TV is now reported as saying it definitely won’t be in March as he is not even in training yet.

  108. Passenal, I think you’re being a bit cavalier there, you’re happy for one of the best midfielders in the world to leave if we win a trophy (hopefully 2) this year? Much as I would love it if we had someone who could step seamlessly into his shoes when he doesn’t play, they just don’t exist, the nearest is Nasri and then we have to replace him on the wing. I think this saga might go the way of Henry and Vieira, several seasons saying they’re going to leave, but not actually happening until Wenger is good and ready. Saying all that, if Ramsey can get back to the form he was showing before his injury I think he’ll be the nearest we have to a direct replacement, playing alongside Wilshere and Song. Much better to have Fabregas and Ramsey and being able to give the captain a proper rest from time to time.

  109. Borges, you have to bear in mind the squad limits, which makes it difficult to stock pile too many players unless they are under 21.

  110. If I’m right, Cesc will be with us a long long long time, but I think the reasons we seem to struggle is as much an illusion as reality.

    The illusion: Begin of the season, without Fabregas we still win games. It might not be as silky and smooth, but we wre still winning.

    The Real: Cesc is a playmaker sitting in the pivot position of our attacking formation. From there he’s occupied it so long he knows the runs others will make, and they know the passes he’ll play. When he gets switched everything needs to adapt according, and that’s where the difficulty comes in.

    GA likes to use the race car analogy which while apt may be a little too specific. I think if he was out for a prolonged injury, whomever occupied that position, they and the team would adapt sufficently. I doubt it would be purring in the same magnificent way as some of the displays this season have been, but given enough time I’m sure it would purr magnificently, just in a very different way.

    And goddamn I’ve just heard a wonderful cover of smells like teen spirit.

    It might lack the raw energy of the original, but there’s something quite seductive about the slight raspiness in the singer’s voice. There’s also something in the electronics that plucks at the strings of youthful nostalgia. It makes me feel young and revolutionary again.

  111. Where can we see the press conference? Or read it for those of us who can’t view video?

  112. Block 4, where did I say I was happy for him to leave? I’m just recognising the signs that perhaps he would rather be somewhere else, so if that’s the case so be it. He is not bigger than the club and I think it would be as well for all to act accordingly. It’s not really a subject for ‘debate’, it’s just my opinion and you have yours. In fact I have wondered for some time why the club captain has not been featured in the official club magazine for the last 2 seasons, why he has not given any exclusive interviews to the club website and why he is not featured in any publicity for other club events, but maybe it’s just me that notices things like that.

  113. Markus you have to subscribe to ATVO but the club usually print articles based on his press conference on the site. I wouldn’t bother reading the articles on Newsnow as no doubt they will be doctored to suit the agendas of the authors.

  114. Cheers, found the digest on the official site:

  115. Borges Spinelli

    “Beating ManU at OT, will prove to be the team’s most significant win of this season – a mental game changer for the club.” – Arsesession


    You’ve gotta love our Coach Wenger. He branded UEFA “arrogant organisation operating a dictatorship”. First, he told the Swiss ref what we all thought of him after the match. Now this…heck if I ever meet him, I’ll shake his hands and present my daughter (assuming I had one) to him as a bride. Can’t wait for his book to come out to find out what he really thinks of the British FA, media and Alex Ferguson. A bestseller, no less.

  116. Maybe Nasri can use those images as part of his defence Yogi!

  117. RVp is fit for Saturday, but I fucking fail to understand what’s wrong the most important member of our team, Alex Song.
    He was supposed to have a ‘chance against BBB, & he’s still not fit. Its a typical case of an Arsenal player getting injured & never being able to return on the projected date. FRUSTRATING.

  118. YW,

    I guess nobody notices but Tazz from 11gunners posted the same link before.

  119. @ Yogi’s Warrior | March 10, 2011 at 3:08 pm |

    ha ha ha…hilarious!

  120. noticed*

  121. I actually think Song needs the rest; he played way too many matches in January and February – provided he’s back for West Brom there’s no problem.

    Also, RvP has completely defied his recovery schedule. Nasri also made a surprise return before the first leg against Barcelona. I wouldn’t be surprised if Theo and Song return next weekend.

  122. Passenal, OK fair enough. I still think that Wenger will be able to persuade him to satyfor a 2-3 more seasons.

    I don’t read the club magazine, so I definitely wouldn’t have noticed if he’s not been in there.

  123. MJ

    Behind the scenes, the newest comments appear first – I’ve not come to his yet.


  124. SAF has already prepared the FA, the refs, and the media for this match with his “silent treatment”.
    We all know to get back into his good graces they will do everything in their power. So if we thought the officiating in Spain was bad, I think it will look like a dream compared to what we will face this weekend.

  125. longblackcloud

    who is this weeks sacrificial ref?

  126. Regarding Cesc and Barca lads, he missed the boat last summer. The new president is a lot more frugal-minded and he won’t pay big bucks. Cesc will have to run a few years off his contract if he even wants to go any time soon.

  127. longblackcloud – I think the ref is Chris Foy

  128. ”It is a shame for me that the referee took the decision to send Robin van Persie off. It was the wrong decision.

    “The first leg was a fantastic advert for football and the second game has been destroyed. People now will only remember the sending off.

    “It would be good for Uefa to show some humility, to apologise for what has happened, not charge people who have done nothing wrong.”

  129. ‘pivot position’????

  130. Pivoting is not really a great idea in football. Take the pivot out and team are stuffed. Unless of course you have decoy pivot who is not really a pivot and the real pivot is disguised as a errr non-pivot? yep non-pivot, and goes on to pivot the attack into well being pivoted. I think it was the pivot position that fucked up my knees but that is another story and nothing to do with football.

  131. Nope pivoting is no longer de rigeur. Not like in the old days.

  132. Sorry… I know… won’t ever do it again.

  133. You’re wrong Frank. I say a pivot is vital, but then they don’t call me Gadget for nothing.

    How about fulcrum?

  134. Or turning point?

    fuck it! I’m talking nonsense

  135. Chris Foy is not one of names that strikes fear into my heart, to be honest.

    Sound like Fergie now… Shit, I might get charged by the FA for show.

  136. “Sterile dominance”!

  137. Borges Spinelli

    Does anyone else love it whenever Wenger’s shown with his arms spread-out wide, angrily remonstrating with fourth officials, as if to say:

    “Ta femme, c’est une femme tres interessante….et elle est encore tres faible. Yup!!! Chicken s*** , what the funk are you going to do about me yelling in your face. I’ll sit down when and ONLY when I want to. And, just so you know, your toothless, dictator bosses can’t do ziltch to touch me, ‘cos I’m Arsenic Le Wenger”.

  138. For me, Van Persie would and should always be the team’s natural captain if he can stay fit…his heart is always in it for the Arsenal…he is pure class and has the intense desire to win…he is the true captain in my mind, regardless of who is wearing the armband.

  139. I think we have to be honest about Cesc, he was convinced to stay. He wanted out after he said he would stay. We have had situations with Henry and PV but they actually decided to stay on their own from what we gather. Not that I blame Wenger for asking him to stay but for me he is not ready to captian our Team.

    Its not about turning on anyone but as a captain you have to fight for your team mates first and foremost.

    Magic Johnson and Isaiah Thomas are best friend (US basketball) and they almost came to blows playing eachother in the NBA finals. This is the type of fire you need from your captian and sorry Cesc was too busy keeping his Barca ties open than standing up for his team. Punky Brewster business.

    Great talent but he will have to prove that he is Arsenal for me, if he cannot be 100% committed atleast when he is playing (no matter who) he can and should go.

    Ah so mi see it!

  140. “FIFA have brought charges against six match officials involved in alleged match-fixing at an international friendly exhibition tournament.”

    Too little, too late Blatter. We need a wider investigation into all football matters. If match fixing happens in Friendlies where money is little, what ‘s happening in official European & Worldwide competitions?

  141. G4E, joke!

    You notice that they havent even commented on the official in this match.

    One thing I love about the US regardding sports. Anytime there is a bad call, the media kill it and the governing body of the specific sport always comments. The officials are fined when they make bad calls and they usually offer an apology. This is how it should be, but instead UEFA, FIFA and the FA treat them with kid gloves.

    If this match was in the caribbean that ref would need police escort but because these things dont happen in Europe they take all kinds of liberties.

    These governing bodies are tyrants!

  142. I’ve always said Fabregas was the prefect player in the worst time possible. If Fabregas was with Arsenal between 1998 to 2005 no other team in England would have one anything.

    He started very young and he’s been with us for about 8 years now, it’s a long time in football and it’s without trophies (whatever the reason may be). I’m not defending him, but I think he’s gone already. Wilshere is playing more and more games this year to make up for Cesc departure this summer.

    I think the only reason Cesc played on Tuesday was to prevent people from saying he didn’t want to play against Barca at the camp. Probably it would’ve been better if he didn’t play with the back heel and all.

    It’s fine with me if he goes, the fvckers will have to pay up the nose for him though.

  143. I know Paul N, it’s ridiculous that an international institution that handles billions & billions of dollars has no accountability to any one under any law? If that’s not rouge what is?

    The solution is simple, we don’t want the game to stop for every little decision like other sports, but what about giving each manager two times during the game ( maybe one in each half) to contest a decision and it would be reviewed by video. The referee still in charge and will take the final decision, but to tell me that two time the ref makes the wrong decision in the Sunderland game and cost us 2 points when there’s so so much at stake (money & otherwise) it makes no sense at all, it’s actually insane.

  144. Cesc definitely wants to go back to Barca – who wouldn’t, if he is from Barca and has an offer from a great footballing side – he doesn’t want to be telling his idols what to do – why should he burn his bridges? So no need to get miffed about Cesc’s inaction the other night.
    About his performance against Barca – he is less of a tackler and there was no one winning balls for him. Diaby/Rosicky were supposed to do this – but they could not do this enough.

  145. Yes, a limited decision review system like the one in cricket/tennis is required. This will not interfere with the continuity of the game any more than an injury does.

  146. i agree about the Cesc talk i lost some respect for him after that game. Prior to kickoff he was hugging BBB players, surely you can do that after the game, we are here to win, no? His comments after the game were also a bit strange, it’s ok to wish the well but he hopes they go far and win the competition. I think he’s torn between Arsenal and barca he was almost trying to apologize for their actions.

    To piggyback on Paul N’s comments about the NBA, this Cesc situation is like the scenario unfolding at the Miami Heat. Lebron left to go join forces with other superstars so he could win something and granted they might win something in the future, it doesn’t look like it will happen anytime soon, he’s actually upset the balance of that team. So if he wants to go i think we should wish him well and use the money wisely, promote Ramsey to that position.

  147. dupsffokcuf | March 10, 2011 at 6:40 pm

    That would be so funny, imagine mad Jens coming back 🙂

  148. Arsene says he has someone in mind i wonder who that someone could be. I know Shay Given is hurt, stop teasing us Arsene 😀

  149. A gentleman once said he supports the ban on weapons of mass destruction and the first should be a ban on fools having access to the typewritter.i submit that people slagging cesc fall into that category.

  150. … it seems as if the boys might have trained in vain for the Barca game … (sorry)

  151. @peacefrog its not about telling his idols what to do.It is about behaving professional and get the job done. Hes a captain, hes getting paied 95K a week for winning games for arsenal. Not to flirth with Barcelona at every chance he gets. That is what is dissapointing. You do not have to love Arsenal to be a good arsenal player. Im sure the majority of arsenal players have other teams as favourit teams. Walcott is a Liverpool fan. Nasri is a Marseille fan.
    I think that is why Cesc is most dissapointed with himself(more than any of us). He strives to be professional and he did not manage on Tuesday and i think hes tremendousley dissapointed. I think he expected more from himself. He is a good guy Cesc, and i think hes really dissapointed in the fact he got to emotional at Nuo Camp and fell into the trap of pleasing barcelona instead of fighting for his team mates in situations like Abidal choaking RvP. If that was Wilshere he would have found a way to show Abidal that is just not acceptabe.

  152. ace, what are you doing with a computer then?

  153. Peacefrog, what team does he play for and captain?

    Thats a terrible excuse you put forth and only makes him look worse.

  154. Uefa, the mighty govening body of Eurpean footy. The last dictatorship where men in gray suits have ultimate power, its a great life for these gray suits. They can cash in great salarys, dictate what happends on the fields and if they now and again appoint a dodgey ref, it usually blows over preatty quick in the media. As long as they can control the media and communication around these socalled “scandals” then all is well within the mighty walls of UEFA. And then they go out of their way to pick a fight against AW, ?? Outsmarting him?The true son of revolution? This will create a media storm, and i think most papers in england (even though they hate AW) they wont support UEFA against him. After all they all know the man is sly,cunning, shrewd fox of a manager, and while they may like to take the piss out of the man themselves, im not so sure they like other foreginers doing it. The fact they also know he is right about most of what he said(Even though they pretend not to be) makes this last UEFA stunt even more silly.

    They had the chance of letting this Barcelona farce fade out, after a week nobody would ask questions about barca players attempting to strangle arsenal players. Nobody would remember that fatal red card in a weeks time, until UEFA decidet to charge Nasri and AW, until UEFA pissed AW off and he decided to say enough is enough.
    How stupid can they be? They almost got away with a scandalouse ref. Now it will all be looked into. AW will create waves they can never protect themselves against if they decide to go further with this. AW always picks his fights carefully. If he thought there was a chance of him not winning he would just accept the ban. hes not stupid.
    Well good luck UEFA, you must be the dumbest guys in the world. You got away with daylight robbery. Now you actually have to answear questions about this ref and his decisions.

  155. It is the most common tactic for dictators, be in the wrong but attack the oppressed and further more punish them for your mistakes or daring to speak out.

    It’s an intimidation tactic, the English FA use it, UEFA use it, FIFA use it, Dictators use it, and Thugs use it too.

    Nothing new, but dictators do fall down eventually.

  156. Woy in drag watching Brag v Liverpool.

  157. hah that woman needs to give vela a chance!

  158. Hated watching Gallas save the spuds and take them through to the quarter finals of the champions league. That clearance on the line could be worth 16m pounds. Maybe more now that Spurs get a bigger share thanks to our exit.

    Fuckin spud cunts!

  159. Love this from a gooner replying to Steven Howard’s shit in The Sun:
    “When the stadium is paid off, where do you think the 100 of millions currently being earned will go. I believe as I have always done, Arsenal is about the whole product. if we were in a financial mess and put to the sword, what then? Wenger/Arsenal, as frustrating as it has been, is just about to come into surplus, meaning we will be able to shop for ‘star’ players and future ‘star’ players. Football is a business. It is run by successful business men. I don’t doubt we will succeed when we are spending our own money and not the banks!!!”
    0 0 2:43AM, Mar 11, 2011AussieDen

  160. Good morning Kenyan. Members day I presume – with a Kosewe’s lunch?

    You should stop reading the Sun – a respectable Arsenal fan shouldn’t be seen dead with that paper.

    It’s the sort of paper even your local Kenchic wouldn’t use to wrap your chips in.

  161. I don’t get the whole mental fragility rubbish.. commenters like Billboy who like to point to our defeats to make a point of it are brainwashed. Just look at what is in front of you, this team has been fighting from day 1. What other top 4 team got into the latter stages of the CC final, how the f is that mental fragility. We fought against the ref and the best team in the world and still made a chance in the 88th min to knock them out.

    We may be down but we are not out. We are very much in the title race and in the FA Cup. Knocking United out and we have a great chance of a double, we will gain a massive confidence boost and it will spur us on to take the league. It is very likely that this Arsenal team will now go on and achieve what they should have achieved a few years back when Eduardo’s leg got snapped into pieces.

    Exciting times, no matter what the media try to paint over it. In their eyes we shouldn’t have even made it this far, Arsenal were not in the script: Fergie’s, Chelsea’s and your average fan and pundit’s.

    They will be lovin the fact we got knocked out the Champs League and lost another final, look how quick they all jumped on the bandwagon to slate Arsenal. Its hilarious and its a massive shame for such a cowardly bunch of pundits and media to always not support the club in England which England should be most proud of.

    I can’t have dreamed of supporting a better club – fuck Chelsea, Barca, United, Citeh and the rest. Arsenal 4 life, lets show our support!

  162. Well today robbie savage of all people said RvP had to shut up cos he knew that would be a red card. and he was silly to argue with any barca players and just pure immature!
    That made me laughe?Savage? doe s he belive what he writes himself?

  163. Well today robbie savage of all people said RvP had to shut up cos he knew that would be a red card. and he was silly to argue with any barca players and just pure immature!
    That made me laugheSavage? doe s he belive what he writes himself?

  164. Morning all,

    I know I might be inclined to repeat this when Yogi posts today’s blog. However, a couple of days ago, I made the rant that AFC and Arsene needed to stand up to officialdom for the good of our club and for any possibility of us ever playing on a level playing field when confronting more favoured teams (BBB or ManUre).

    Well, today’s furore around Arsene’s strong challenge to UEFA could not have come at a better time, IMO. We need to support and appreciate this and see it through together.


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