Sunderland Preview: Mind The Gap

Sunderland arrive at The Emirates this afternoon with Arsenal striving to close the gap at the top of the table to one point. A win combined with Manchester United failing to beat Liverpool will put Arsenal in the driving seat, a game in hand which see them occupy top spot.

But first Arsenal require a win. Sunderland’s recent form is promising in the respect. Since beating Aston Villa on 5th January, they have won once (at Blackpool) which along with the draw in the Tyne and Wear derby, are the only positive results that The Black Cats have had in two months. Arsenal meanwhile go into this game unbeaten in ten Premier League games.

Both sides are suffering up front. Sunderland only have Asamoah Gyan fit, bizarrely selling Darren Bent without having a replacement lined-up, whilst Robin van Persie is likely to be seen next in an Arsenal shirt against Blackburn Rovers.

Arsenal though have options. Marouane Chamakh and Nicklas Bendtner are vying for the central role, the Dane may have put himself in pole position for that with his midweek hat-trick. He believes that this should the case,

I am roaring to go out and prove my worth. All it takes is match practice to add the final touch, preferably in my favourite position. I play where the manager wants me to but I will not deny that I perceive myself as a central striker

Bendtner’s contribution to the side is often overlooked, disappearing under a welter of criticism because he is playing out of position. However, the last two seasons have seen him contribute to or score almost a goal every other game – 2009-10: 31 apps, 12 goals, 7 assists; 2010-11 24 apps, 9 goals, 6 assists. Not bad for a player who is often the tallest winger in the Premier League or a late substitute.

A run of a few games in the main strikers role might help improve that goalscoring return. Competition comes in the shape of Chamakh whose goal on Wednesday might also be the confidence booster he needs. Physically and mentally shattered by his own admission following an intense start to his Arsenal career, the Moroccan was (unbelievably) written off in some quarters. It is easy to dismiss the changes required for a player to adapt successfully to English football.

One player who has adapted well is Samir Nasri. Already crowned Player of the Season by Rio Ferdinand and Carlo Ancelotti, Nasri has benefitted from being omitted from the French World Cup squad last Summer. For a start, he was not mentally scarred by the abysmal showing. Secondly, he rested and focussed on the coming season, one that has seen him produce consistently sparkling form,

It helped me as a person. I told myself I need to work harder, to make sure I don’t miss the next one. At the start of the season I talked to the boss here and when I came back, I’d had a good rest, I had a normal pre-season, and then I started to play my football and enjoy myself.

Arsenal are certainly benefitting; Nasri is the key player in Cesc’s absence, a significant proportion of the creative play flowing through his boots. He has been helped by the maturity of Jack Wilshere’s play, both contributions should be recognised nationally at the end of the season.

Both will play today, Cesc, Laurent Koscielny and Alex Song will not. All should return for Barcelona but one who returns today is Aaron Ramsey. Perhaps it is too soon for him to start, the Welshman will afforded a great welcome but a place on the bench surely beckons.

The line-up I would expect Arsène to go with is:

Szczesny; Sagna, Squillaci, Djourou, Clichy; Diaby, Denilson, Wilshere; Nasri, Bendtner, Arshavin

A win is vital; let’s not get bent out of shape if the performance is disjointed. Today is more of a high pressure match than a league encounter with Chelsea, United or Spurs. This is one where Arsenal are expected to win; have to win. This season, the players have overcome the loss of enough players through injury to be confident that they can deliver the required result.

Enjoy the match wherever you are watching it. ’til Tomorrow.

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  1. Need a win. It is important to put pressure on United and to keep having our faith in our own hands.

  2. The atmosphere will be absolutely surreal with Aaron Ramsey’s return. Without a doubt Arsenal can play on this as well. I think saying this match to be higher pressure than a United match is a touch overdoing it, but it is absolutely crucial nonetheless. Despite Sunderland’s recent form, they are not a club to take for granted. I think one thing Arsenal could use today in the absence of Cesc is for others to provide the leadership that sometimes (to me) seems lacking without him. Samir Nasri can really do much to provide this. I must say, I am a touch concerned how this match will play out, and the pressure certainly is on to take all 3 points. Come on you Gunners!

  3. Shropshire Lad

    Informative and with insight. Very enjoyable compared to the hugely long and boring blogs that are about. Squillaci still not getting to grips with English football on the evidence of the Orient game and Clichy still a train wreck mistake a game waiting to happen. Good news today is that he may be off in the summer!

  4. mumbai gooner

    Hoping that rambo gets at least a 10 min run after we have secured the match

  5. FoolishgooNer

    Clichy is one of the best left backs on the planet. You can’t name 5 left backs that are better than him! Why would you be happy that he might be gone! I grantee you where he goes he will succeed. Support the team and hope that we can keep this group together for couple more season filled with silverware. On Sunderland we need the three points because we can’t drop anymore points specially at home. I will be happy gooner if we win and it will certainly make my coaching duties more enjoyable! Cheers gooners.

  6. ArsenalAndrew

    As ever, plenty of food for thought, thanks.

    You’ve highlighted a key difference between Jack and Sami v Deny and NB which seems obvious now you’ve done so and that is the first two really look as if they are ENJOYING the game. That’s not to knock Den or Nik but Wilshire and Nasri positively demand the ball to the extent they might almost tackle their own players to get it if necessary! Den’s confidence levels may play a part but Bendy’s first touch can be erratic. All four are tremendous players but more than anything I think Nik and Den’s main problem is lack of match practice; I think the next few weeks could see them come good – even very good, indeed. In Nik’s case, more than a few green shoots already there.

    One of the highlights of the season is undoubtedly the return of Ramsey. At the time of the assault I rated him higher than Jack and God knows I was excited and genuinely thrilled by Wilshire. The question mark of the season for me: will he come back with a bang or something more measured?

    Either way, when he steps out – what say you the 60th minute? – they’ll hear the cheer in Stoke …


  7. Yogi,

    I think today will indeed be intense for the players. We need a win and are expected to achieve one. Nevertheless, that could be just the challenge we need post Wembley Mk1.

    A win today should really put us in the right mood for the matches ahead (particularly the forthcoming ones against Barca and ManUre). I expect a similar starting eleven for these fixtures with the possible reintroduction of Cesc, Kos and Song on Tuesday and Sunday.

    Fingers crossed

  8. My lineup would be
    Sagna _________Squillaci_____________Djourou_________ Clichy
    _______Diaby __________ Wilshere___________;Nasri_________

    With this Bentner will benefit from Gibbs Crosses

  9. Ramsey’s return is a good one believe me arsenal fans.but he should start from bench as a supper sub.forthermore l think combination between bendtner and arshvain will yeild a good result cos there is understanding betweem them just like fabrigas and doubt is defence because combination of squillaci and any arsenal defender is not working out which l don’t no the cause.Arsenal defence needs return of vaman. yes his presence is needed l miss him aswell.lets keep our finger crossed. I pray for theo and rvp to recover fast.long leave gunners and the fans.gunner till Jesus comes. One love.

  10. Don’t underestimate Bruce. I beleive he must have some pointers from the red faced on how to stop Arsenal. Yeah Bruce’s team maybe injury stricken.Don’t’
    write them off.
    The thing is the gunners must not squander chances to score.If they score,it
    force Bruce to come out of his den.BTW,the gunners must not take one thousand minutes to shoot. A sudden shot from the goal range will be effective.
    Ricochets can then be converted.I believe this lsat chance saloon for the gunners.Grab it if not it will be another yeara nd god does not know when it will end.

  11. ArsenalAndrew

    Last chance saloon?

    I don’t think so.

    Football is a game but it’s also a fight and one where the opposition rarely lies down for you. You will get hit from time to time and suffer setbacks and disappointment.

    The idea we are somehow in the last or even in the second to last chance saloon is frankly ludicrous. But we ARE in a fight and it’s to our credit that it’s a fight that will go down to the wire.

    And we didn’t get this far by assuming we were about to get knocked out of anything.

    If you are a true Arsenal fan don’t do the opposition’s work for them.

  12. Konkani Gooner

    Squillaci and Djourou DO form a good partnership. Even likes of Phil Neville agreed that Arsenal can’t be bullied anymore, when both of’em were partners.
    Have faith gooners.

  13. I am totally pumped up for Ramsey’s return! He’s an awesome player and one of Wenger’s excellent buys. Would’ve hated to see him go to United.

  14. I like the idea of a supper sub. I could do that job.

  15. Steww – are you a west country boy by any chance…?

  16. I am – what gave me away?

  17. Just a hunch..! I’m heading to Hereford v Bury today…

  18. Paulie Walnuts

    Nice preview Yogi,

    Time for the crowd to make a difference & get behind the team. If the fans are edgy the players will be too.

    Ever since his injury I`ve wondered if Ramsey would come back as the same player. Maybe we`ll have to wait until next season for that but just having him around will mean a lot to Arsenal fans.

    Bendtner to start & hopefully we`ll take the three points without any dramas for a change.

  19. morning..
    id prefer not to start with the denilson/diaby combo…the midfield would look a tad lack lusture..those two lack energy anyway but they aint match fit so it would be a risk playing them in the engine room for such an important fixture..
    i would go with rambo and jack, rambos going to be pumped for this one and jack has energy to burn..
    move nasri centrally and play with aa nikki and chamakh up top..

  20. I’d stick Ramsey in from the start, he’s been playing for Cardiff so he should be match fit and I’d rather start with him and take him off if he gets tired than bring him on if we need to chase the game (I hope not though!).

    Team: Szczesny; Sagna, Squillaci, Djourou, Clichy; Diaby, Ramsey, Wilshere; Nasri, Bendtner, Arshavin.
    Subs: Almunia, Gibbs, Eboue, Rosicky, Denilson, Chamakh, Henderson.

    Play our attacking players and get on top of them from the start I say. COYRs!!!

  21. we could see the jd/koz partnership as well..
    koz is fit…

  22. Supercod, parked in Hereford’s car park once when we visited (we were staying at Symonds Yat) but no one was playing that day. Do they use the car park for a cattle market by any chance?

  23. “denilson/diaby combo…the midfield would look a tad lack lusture..those two lack energy anyway”
    Nonsense comment of the day so far.
    Ever bothered to read the stats about how much of the pitch Denilson covers? Ever allowed a fact to get in the way of a lazy lazy repetition of tired cliché? No? Thought not.

  24. Steww, not sure I just visit the place once a year. A mate of mine is a Bull and a group of us sponsor a match every season. We’ll get to sample the best corporate hospitality Edgar Street has to offer…!!

  25. come on stew..dont be daft..stats stats stats stats…
    denilsons started 4 league games all season..
    hes barely appeared in 2011…
    theres a reason for that…
    if you could give me these stats of his also, it would be much appreciated…
    not saying he wont do a job today…but id rather go with rambo,,the fire in the belly burns bright in that one..

  26. Nice post Yogi,

    I had just finished writing my preview of the game and published it. Then I do my usual reading around of the blogs and have just realised that I have copied the same headline as your own without actually copying it. Oops.

    Today is so important, we really need to get back our defensive and offensive intensity.

    Three points today please boys.

  27. On this day….. 12th September 196, Arsenal played Sunderland at Highbury..

    The ‘Voice of Arsenal’ welcomes Sunderland on their return to the top flight and reminds us that we played them on September 2nd 1939, “…the last league game at Arsenal Stadium before war broke out. Arsenal won 5-2 and as the players left the field that was the end of official football for the long years of the war”.

    Elsewhere we are told that this season has seen the return of former England International Brian Clough after an absence of 20 months. “Badly injured in a match with Bury at Christmas 1962, Clough has confounded the medical experts who forecast he would never play again.” Alas we know that he only managed three games before being forced to retire.

    ‘Talking Point’ has Secretary Bob Wall, who, in a personal aside, knew my Grandfather, tell us about the Arsenal daily postbag. Many are from overseas. “Often they are from little clubs just coming into existence, asking permission to adopt our name. There are Arsenals in all sorts of far flung places, from Norway to Australia, and south America to South Africa. We send them everything we can posters, autographs, programmes, handbooks-to strengthen the link and spread the Arsenal tradition that has gone around the world since the 1930‘s.”

    Apparently old kit is also requested but “..with playing gear the price it is nowadays and four teams to be fielded, this is nearly all used up in training”. Requests to spread the ashes of deceased relatives on the pitch is “not encouraged”.

    Would be trialists write in as well and one who turned up “in the Marble Hall, with boots wrapped in brown paper under his arm was 40 years old!” Another turned up with his mum with her “..little lad stood smartly at her side. He was all of 8 years old!” (A bit old for an Arsenal youngster these days)

    The Arsenal side that day was:

    Furnell, Howe, McCullough, Strong, Ferry, Neill, Skirton, Court, Baker, Eastham, Armstrong.

    The programme of Music to be played by the Metropolitan Police band conducted by Roger Barsotti included: ‘The Voice of the Guns’, ‘;The Grenadiers’ and in the ‘Pop Parade Selection’, vocalist Constable Alex Morgan sang ‘The Uist Tramping song.

    And here are yesterdays’ football results: Arsenal 3, Sunderland 1.

  28. I think it was your accent steww.

  29. thats some to drawer stuff cbob…

  30. I see quite a few Doomer cunts on here today. Fuck off we don’t need u. Back the team. 3 points lads!!!Come on!!!!!!!!!

  31. @Shropshire Lad – WTF ?? Gael is a top player, has just scored a great goal, recently gave a fantastic assist with his right foot, etc. etc., and you hope he is leaving . Where exactly did that rumour start anyway ? Load of crap.

  32. It was 1964 by the way. Bloody typing fingers.

  33. clichys not leaving..
    we now have two quality lb’s why would we get rid of one…
    the rumour started cos apparently clichys agent has broken contract talks for his extension..
    so now everyone wants to buy him..

  34. If we approach it like a game with Chelsea, United or Spurs we will win. I hope that’s exactly how we go out there. No handbrake, no nerves, no mulling around in 2nd gear – just get out there and play our game to the very highest level we can – first whistle til last. Enjoy it, play naturally, express our talent… just don’t take our boot from their throat til it’s all over.

  35. Excellent, CB. Love the bit about spreading the Arsenal tradition… I’d take 3-1 today!

  36. @ JonJon
    Why are you only counting the starts in league games for Denilson, why not the cup games? Plus how many PL games has Ramsey started this season? Denilson is the player who usually stands in for Song, so there should be no surprise if he starts, and he has played well in the last two games – even Stewart Robson on ATVO wasn’t able to find much to criticise. He may well start against Barca on Tuesday if Song doesn’t recover, so it might be an idea to get behind him or anyone else who is wearing the shirt. All the players will play at some point, and if we achieve silverware, they will all have helped get us there.

    Any old win will do for me today.

  37. Well said FG – I agree with everything you say except ‘any old win’ – call me greedy but I want us to win playing the beautiful game. Yes yes I know it ain’t always possible in the “kick up high lay ’em low” league in which we are condemned to play but it’s what we do and I would rather never win a trophy and keep trying to do it properly than ever win like, say, a mourinho team.

  38. fg
    cos the ‘denilsons stats’ arguement is weak and misguided seeing as though he aint played for more than 2 mins all season and when he is used in the cup games weve struggled against very weak oppo because we get out worked…
    rambos been playing regular now for ages and playing for better teams than denilsons faced..he’ll be well pumped for this..
    the fact is denison and diaby are not match sharp and even when they are whenever they play together we look tired in the middle cos they lack an energy…the energy we get from jack, cesc, song makes us look stronger and less dissjointed…
    so i would like rambo to play with jack so we have that energy..smother/suffercate sunderland with workrate and let the talent win the game..
    we need to be up for this..if not its a potential banana skin isnt it..
    we cant allow sunderland to get a grip of our midfield and most ppl are aware that denilson and diaby are not box to box mids..they rely mostly on technique and are often caught ball watching..
    we are still capable of beating sunderland with a denilson diaby combo but the lack of drive is a concern for me..

  39. To my mind Diaby is all about drive and Denilson’s the perfect foil for that. The Wilshere + Denilson platform that beat Spurs 4-1 was one of the most controlled, assured midfield domination jobs I’ve seen in ages. They didn’t get a sniff. More of the same today please…

  40. Im going to my 50th game at The Emerites today, although only second one this season, but I’m a lucky omen as I have only seen us lose once in all that time 1-2 to Hull.
    Come on you Gunners!

  41. Good luck Remi.

    Vela starts as a substitue again.

    Nice editing in a comment above. Ignoring Denilson’s (cup) performance against the Sp*ds. As Slur Ferguson would say:
    ‘Typical Trolls’.

  42. L.A I agree Denilson and Diaby compliment each other wonderfully as you stated, diaby’s power and deep driving dribbles and denilson’s metronome ticking passing, energy and reading of the play works very well together.. from what i’ve seen when they play deeper together with rosicky nasri or cesc ahead of them the midfield is perfectly balanced..

  43. Finsbury thats really dissapointing about Vela.. but from what odemwingie said in an interview, its not surprising.. he basically said that Woy’s emphasis is just having them defend and kick the ball out of defence and that there has been no attention directed to midfield and attack (hence their goals drying up of late)..

  44. I’ve always loved what I consider Ramsey’s intensity. Good to have him back. COYG!

  45. I would love it, just love it, if Vela came on as a substitute to score a winner against Brum.

  46. If it’s the expected line up above, who will take ‘point’ in the midfield?

    Diaby Denilson


    Denilson Wilshere

  47. Whilst waiting for the game, on difficult wickets and the England/Ireland game: what a hard wicket to bowl on.

    Very glad that I was not asked to attempt to bowl ten overs to Sachin Tendulker on that. Or to Kevin O’Brien. I remember the ICC Champions trophy in India a few years back providing wickets with more variety. Mohali was a great venue in that tournament.
    I don’t know, but I would suggest that England need to look at what some of the other top teams are doing, and play more then one (good) spinner on these wickets. The Windies are opening with Benn! Yardy? No.

  48. Blah blah blah – just no injures and three points let’s hope we can manage that today! 

  49. Lee Dixon said on twitter this was our most improtant game of the season! Oh myyyy

  50. England still field too many ‘bits and pieces’ players for my taste in one dayers, Finsbury.

    They might do a job but more often fail to deliver on either front.

  51. 12 – Manchester United have dropped 12 points from winning positions away from home, the joint-most of any team this season. Careless.

    Soft underbelly, really. They keep bottling it, they do not have the mental strength simply to hold on to a lead.

  52. weak and misguided is your attitude to him JonJon

  53. Aaron Ramsey last goalscorer at 10/1 – It’s written in the stars!
    Come on stars…

  54. Brum v Brom wasn’t great in the first half but since the break it’s been utterly fantastic, hope Vela gets on.

  55. Brum to equalise and Carlos to grab his customary last minute goal.

  56. Cbob, as you mentioned, this time there are good bowlers who aren’t playing or in the squad. Spinners as well as quicks. I’d like to see England try to play Swann with another spinner.

    1-2 West Brom.

  57. Beautiful to see Birmingham losing.

  58. Arsenal: Szczesny, Sagna, Djourou, Koscielny, Clichy, Denilson, Wilshere, Nasri, Diaby, Arshavin, Bendtner.
    Subs: Almunia, Rosicky, Ramsey, Squillaci, Eboue, Gibbs, Chamakh.


  59. TEAM: Szcz, Diaby, Sagna, Kos, Nasri (c), Denilson, Wilshere, Djourou, Clichy, Arsh, Bendt. Subs: Alm, Ros, Ram, Squill, Eboue, Gibbs, Cham

    The midfield of Lil Jack, Deni and Diaby is something I’m looking forward to.. I dont remember those 3 playing together…

  60. Despite what fools like Jon Jon and that other doomer twat say, Denilson, Diaby and Wilshere sounds good to me. We need to get a couple of early goals and then knock the ball about in order to tire them out. From there we can hit them for a few more around mid-second half and the game is over.

  61. We often reference the game against Spurs when Jack and Deni bossed the midfield, but I can’t for the life of me recall who the third midfielder was that day. Was it Lansbury?

  62. 3-1 West Brom.

  63. 3rd midfielder vs Spurs was TR7

  64. Yes, Vince. It was Lansbury.

  65. On twitter:
    Bendtner + Arshavin is Arsenal’s most successful combo in last 2 yrs. Never lost a lg game with them both starting (86% win).

    Not sure its right or not..

  66. Skywatchingmug

    Vince, it was Lansbury. He played on the right of midfield.

  67. JJ,
    I kind off understand your concerns about Denilson’s drive/energy and how it might affect us in midfield. I remember our away match to Sunderland earlier in the season, where for they dominated the midfield for uncharacteristically large parts of the game. So I agree we’ve got to be more careful about how/who we play in the midfield

    However, I thought Denilson showed signs of improved energy levels in the FA cup replay against Orient. Also, Wilshere and Diaby have come a long way since we met them last. I doubt very much that they can dominate us in the same way they did in the away fixture. Don’t forget that this time we’re playing at home.

    No doubt there is good reason that Denilson hasn’t been getting a lot of games this season, and its not unreasonable to think its because he’s impressing Arsene as much as some others. But to throw Rambo in such a game, were all he has played in more than a year is a few games against championship level opponents is asking too much of the boy.

  68. *kind of

  69. 3-0 to the Arsenal. COYG. Welcome back Aaron.

  70. Henristic, we were down to ten men for a good chunk of the second half.

  71. come on arsenal.

  72. COYG! Good stream anyone?

  73. Vince you use sopcast?
    Lots here I recommend the dutch channel 1

  74. yeh mine is full of stoneage neanderthal commentators i have to say….

  75. Good cover from the defence but that guy looked offside.

  76. The Dutch comms were totally relaxed during the Sunderland attack, like they knew it want no thang

  77. Fuck me that’s twice Niccy B has been put through over the top. They are living dangerously

  78. What a great passing move between Arsha, Denilson and Clichy to create that chance.

  79. Going to have to stop being here as my stream is about 5 minutes behind you lot. Great picture though…

  80. I really love that Sunderland are not passing us. Both Kos and Djourou profit from this because they know how to pick a pass.

  81. Good that we’re using the diagonal ball a bit more.

  82. I will say though, two teams playing the ball around, nice to see so far.

  83. Yeah Gains I remember that.
    My point remains though. In fact I thought we played better in the 2nd half.

    We’re doing well ok today too. Here’s to a good win!

  84. Djourou must have been born a midfielder the way he is playing.

  85. Anyone see Paul Merson on SSN today? He was apopletic about Arsenal’s lack of spending, then went on a rant about how easily Barca were going to beat us, then fisnished by syaing Arsenal were a shoe in for the league!

    Talk about bi-polar.

  86. I have never ever seen our centre backs so offensive. Is that some form of experiment with Barca in view? Though I think it’s funny that Kos and Djourou probably have better passing and dribbling abilities than some teams star midfielders.

  87. and people rave about Luiz?

  88. think Lil Jack should drop deeper and let Diaby play in front…

  89. Gr8 back-heel from Big Nic but straight at the keeper…

  90. imagin if that had gone in. would been cooler than rooneys….

  91. Bicycle Nick

  92. Skywatchingmug

    This is more like it. I think the midfield should push up 10 yards.

  93. Sunderland will be exhausted if this carries on.

  94. Quite happy with things as they are. We’re dominating them, making chances looking pretty solid passing them bandy.

  95. does Wilsher have short leggs or just really really massive tights? Cos his shorts always looks funny compared to the others. I thin he must just have hors legg musclels that kid.

  96. So unlucky Nic – great save.

  97. What a shot from Big Nic but the opposition keeper saves…

  98. Please not another visiting keeper having the best game of his entire career I couldn’t stand that yet again.

  99. My fear too steww…

  100. Jack just get kicked?

  101. well all keepes have their best games in their carreer against arsnal.

  102. It has happened more often than I care to recall poodle

  103. JW needs to keep his cool here. They’re clearly targeting him.

  104. i wonder if Bendtner will manage to score tonite

  105. Can’t see why not poodle, he’s doing everything right.

  106. Decent half so far. We have been okay, they have been okay as well though their tackling has started to get vicious in the last 10 minutes or so. I hope that no one gets injured. We need to just keep playing our game and the goals will come.

  107. We are looking a bit disorganised.

  108. Afraid we won’t be able to rest key players any time soon in this game…

  109. Half-time, no score! All the other games have goals! Come on Arsenal, don’t keep putting your supporters under such strain please!

  110. The midfield is just not dynamic enough to cope with the pressure that Sunderland has been putting on them. We need Diaby to offer more in the second half, or bring on Ramsey to up the creativity…the forward players are not able to get involved because our midfield is not clicking.

  111. That attempt from Nic was a really great strike, unfortunately the keeper was up to it.

  112. For me, Nasri looks the most likely to break the deadlock.

  113. c’mon you gooners we got 45 more minutes to kick some arse.

  114. The midfield really needs to get sorted…if Diaby comes out on fire in the second half I think we will score early…

  115. i think our boys have created a few good chances and one of them will surely end up in the back of the net. i’m gunna put a goal down for nikki B 52’s one nil to the arsenal

  116. We will win,atleast i hope so.

  117. Everyone cross your fingers and toes and hope we come out of this with three points and no injuries!

  118. William, if it’s the original, you haven’t been around for a while. Welcome back.

  119. Need to a switch Jack and Abu midfield is acting up! Good lets hope we just get through. No injuries and three points pretty, pretty please.

  120. well i hope he does steww, i would hate us to end the seson as the “nearly men” just because we cannot managet to set our chanses. lets hope he sends me back to my what was it? DICS cupboard in shame tonite..

  121. but oooooh Ramsey! that will be awesome!

  122. nope mr kenyan. i used to fly under the moniker Bill. but everyone hates on that one Bill who has blue letters. i would be reading these pages and people would be saying “fuck off bill” and things like that and i always got really nervous because i couuldn’t tell if you all were saying things to me or from then it became billman and now i’m at william. thanks for the welcome though.

  123. Well I just read through the half time comments. Bizarre. I am totally relaxed. The pressure will tell, the class will tell.

  124. Ah William – sadly we had a William who was nearly as big a cock sucking Chelsea fan as the other Bill but we can tell you are a sensible well mannered positive supporter from your posts so don’t worry.

  125. i guess that must be job well done for Sunderland. Fergie can go to bed happy tonite….

  126. oh they have to work harder than that cos DJ is up again!

  127. This is great. I can’t understand much beyond the players names but my Dutch commentator clearly just said ‘Come on Arsenal’!

  128. *approval acknowledged*

  129. Abou’s not in the game…

  130. It’s funny, Denilson has drawn fouls that resulted in two yellow cards for the opposition so far.

  131. okay these fans at the stadium are pissing me off. all the moans after 2 or 3 bad passes. i mean we are the greatest team the world has ever seen but,alas, they are humans and therefor make errors sometimes

  132. JD and Kos trying to win this on their own. New bus passing technique?

  133. All out attack now boys and girls…

  134. chamakh will show his class tonite. im conviced about that!


  136. How did that not go in?? AA shot straight at the keepr when the far post was open..

  137. Ref making up new rules again.

  138. Brilliant from Arsh

  139. Has Diaby passed the ball forward at all this match??

  140. Hate it when we let the visiting team build some belief …

  141. Come on Arsenal!

  142. Going grocery shopping with the Girlfriend. HELP!!!!!

  143. yes common sense, i suggest you get your glasses back on or move closer to the telly….

  144. How was that foul on Kos not a yellow???

  145. What….two or three times then?

  146. what the fuck kind of tackle is that? that cunt’s boot was a yard away from the ball and he just kicks koscielney right in the leg. cunt cunt.

  147. Oh good fucking lord…..where is our luck???

  148. Fuck sake

  149. Off the crossbar from a brillianrt Chamakh header.. Pray it isn’t one of those days..

  150. OH MY GOD – how did that stay out.

  151. … come on you Gunners. We need everything forward now. We are not going to be denied by post, crossbar and a keeper having the game of his life. We are going to score. Come on you reds.

  152. We are battering them now. throw in the towel Bruce I can’t watch this cruelty.


  154. Ref = c*nt. But we know that already.

  155. FUCKING REF.. push from the back in the box is a penalty,,

  156. we need to score this ref will not give us anything….

  157. this referree sucks

  158. Bramble was holding his shirt then pushed him in the back!

  159. That’s a penalty any other day. Whether I agree with it or not he had hands on Arsha

  160. What a save from Chesney..

  161. Great save.

  162. Ref following the party line. Welbeck barges into Nasri and it’s a Sunderland free kick.

  163. this ref sucks beyond sucking

  164. Fucking ref… How was that a foul from Nasri when he was shielding the ball?

    Phile Dowd must be his friend..

  165. by the way …they do not look exhausted

  166. What a crazy season this is turning into! Man U lose again and we can’t seem to capitalise. Again.
    Not over yet of course but even I’m getting tense.

  167. this will really suck if sunderland get a goal out of this. they have gotten forward about 2 or 3 times the entire second half.

  168. And it was not offside …

  169. You’re right Tokala they’ve done quite well. With a thundering amount of luck, great keeping and a huge hand from the ref.

  170. Now the linesman is against us – never offside

  171. Fucking hell!!

  172. HE WAS ONSIDE!!!

  173. lets all calm down. 3 points behind isn’t to bad if we draw this.

  174. Muuntari should have seen a red by now…

  175. Is Bramble David Luiz ???

  176. We are soooo unlucky

  177. Can’t believe how lady luck has smiled on the fucking red nosed diabolic cunt again and shat upon us from on high.

  178. Oh my fucking god this is unreal.

  179. Final move of the game..

  180. Skywatchingmug

    full time.

  181. Hoped we get an extra 45 seconds of stoppage time like Sunderland did last time we played them.

    A draw is not good enough.


  183. Fucking unlucky.

  184. We should have played with the same urgency earlier on but we were robbed today by the referee once more

  185. No one could ask more of our team than they gave today. Unbelievable effort. Bad luck guys but Manu will drop points never ever fear.

  186. Still haven’t found a way through the parked bus…

  187. Fucking ref cost us the 3 pts… This is getting ridiculous… No ref can be this incompetent and nor can be this number of incompetent refs in what is the biggest league in the world…

  188. Kenyan get a fucking grip we didn’t lose, we deserved to win.
    I agree with Duke fucking booing ingrates.

  189. No Pen given…shitty offside call on Arshavin…fuckin great effort…just like this team this year not to take advantage of our chances though…a recurring theme that is becoming very tiresome…FUCK!

  190. Tokala,
    add in “a biased ref”..

  191. Guys stop about the refs…this is the way it is and i don’t think we can change it….THEY DON’T LIKE US.

  192. It’s not a disaster really, just one of those days I’m afraid. Play like that on any other day, and with an unbiased ref (are there even any left) and we’d win by three goals at least. Key now is to keep playing like we did in that second half and hope for the best.

  193. Getting really hard to overcome the refs this year…what else can the team do…they gave it everything.

  194. The goal wasn’t offside. Arshavin should have had a penalty. English referees are crap, corrupt and/or extremely biased. Video technology, foreign referees and intensive training of more, new English referees is urgently needed. The FA seems to be doing everything it can to bring the game into disrepute.

  195. lol I agree with the Duke too.
    And I enjoyed Bramble’s superman impersonation.
    Hands in front and everything.
    ‘We’re flying through the air’. (why?).

    Shame the ref missed it.

  196. piersmorgan on twitter:
    Least surprising news of the day – the referee, Anthony Taylor, is from Manchester.

  197. Indian…
    That’s what i mean….when we struggle to get through a packed and good defense our biggest chance is a pen but we very rarely get them

  198. Aaaaaaaaaaargh! The bloody keeper and the post, Ref was a tw@t. Come on Liverpool.

  199. Given the refs decisions, I am kool with this draw, its still a 1 point gain. Come on Pool!

    What is a penalty nowadays?

    Isnt it surprising that the linesman could see that Arshavin was “offside” given how close it was but he cannot see a push, grab, push on Arshavin.

    I dont get it!

  200. And IFAB (that the internation body which decides the “Rules of the game”) has decided to “experiment” on goal-line technology.. That means it won’t come for another year atleast..

  201. We are often a bit flat in home games. Without Cesc, Theo and RPV we are always going to be struggling a bit for goals and a midfield of Diaby and Denilson is not going set the world alight is it? On off-day, but at least we didn’t loose. A long way to go yet!

  202. OOU you have a point that we may have lacked some urgency in the first half…given that it looked like “one of those days” from early on (to me at least) we should have upped the tempo earlier

  203. Steww, I’m annoyed as we were denied victory. AA wasn’t given a penalty and he wasn’t offside. Don’t see why you’re happy!

  204. Skywatchingmug

    Very poor tempo in the first half, much better in the second.

  205. Wanted a win but a draw is not a disaster. If it wasn’t for the ref cocking up a clear pen and an onside goal we would’ve taken all three points. We live to fight another day.

  206. i wouldn’t call that (that being what sunderland did) good defense at all. they can not match our team person for person so they make sure each of our attackers has two defenders marking him. They sit back, don’t REALLy pressure the ball, they just jog around, keeping some sort of shape while showing literally zero ambition of getting forward. fuck. i am not too upset though our shots were right there and that ref/linesman are big cunts.

  207. I’m worried abt the home game against ManUre… If we get a ref like the one today, there is no chance in hell we’ll win that game..

  208. Diaby again doesnt play up to his level and Chamakh needs to be more selfish, turn of the ball towards the goal instead of looking for the pass. How Chamakh’s header didnt go in is beyond me!

    We played well overall though. Lets get a win Tuesday to make up for this!


  209. “No one could ask more of our team than they gave today. ”

    Maybe a goal.

  210. Fukin booed off, unfukinbeleivable.

    Glad to know your alright Maria, you had us all worried.

  211. I am not sure what match people were watching but we got past the defense so many times today. The no penalty call and wrong offside call were but two.


    Couldn’t agree with you more. Some supporters think that the players feed off their negative vibe. No wonder we have a better away record this season.

  213. They got one. Plus a pen.

  214. Maybe Arsene is wrong…maybe our away form will be vital

  215. why Chamakh attack didnt start fuck knows, clearly he is the man to fill in for rvp and we looked better once he came on.

  216. Duke and GB69,

    Glad that 6 of the final 10 games in the league is away… Our away support is the best and home support (except on big games) is shit…

  217. fuck off all you cunts in the ground apart from passenal and frank that is as im sure they didnt get involved in the spoilt booing.

  218. Paul N:

    “I am not sure what match people were watching but we got past the defense so many times today. The no penalty call and wrong offside call were but two.”

    I don’t know what game you were watching. Those two just happened to be our best chances all game. And, for the record, we only got past their defense once when Chamakh passed it to Arshavin and he hit it right at the keeper. We got the ball into the penalty area but there was no one there to put it away.

  219. “Arsenal move three points adrift”, surely thats Arsenal close the gap to three points. cunts.

  220. Fucking officials again.. . .

  221. Bradys right foot

    The standard of officiating is so incredibly poor that the league is being reduced to a lottery. A clear penalty ignored and an imaginary offside means two points dropped. We were excellant in the second half and thoroughly deserved the 3 points which has been taken away from us by the referee. We have to accept this and we really can’t do anything about it.

  222. Denilson and Diaby were poor!

  223. We really needed to win this game. Manu are gonna feel much less pressure and our boys confidence may have been that much more dented.

    We really need ‘Pool to win now…

  224. I thought Bendtner did well today. He just didn’t get any service from our midfield. Our midfield was way off today.

  225. KG unfortunately it looks Diaby always needs 2-3 games to get back into the groove

  226. Disappointing result. We should have had a penalty and the offside call against AA was wrong. Either play might have brought us the goal we needed. Sunderland did a good job of parking the bus which is exactly what we expected. We made some good chances but never could get one past the GK. I expect Liverpool to get a draw tomorrow so lets hope there is no ground lost.

  227. I’m now at the point where I will be surprised if we win the league this season. Too many things going against us….

  228. I agree, if pool win then this result isnt too bad, if man utd win tommorow this result is a disaster.

  229. and where was Rosicky then? he was great against Orient.

  230. what a frenetic last 20 we’ve clawed back a point from united.thats something to cheer.dis match has shown once again that when we need to score,denilson shouldn’t be on the pitch.he offers little going forward n defensively,he is inept.he should be booted out.

  231. G69, you dont make sense. If we got the ball into their penalty that means we got passed the defense. Not sure what getting passed the defense means to you but surely it doesnt mean looking in the goalies eyes balls before you shoot. We had many chances, did we not? regardless of when it took place.

  232. The result isn’t a disaster at all, duke. Three points is not insurmountable considering the fixtures they and we have left to play.

    Szczesny saved our bacon today. Thought I’d mention that.

  233. I want Arsene to use 442 when the opposition park the bus. when they park the bus, we don’t need 2 dm.

  234. If the Mancs win tomorrow it is not a disaster provided we beat them at home. We are still very much in contention. It is not surprising that we played within ourselves before Tuesday’s game. Nor is it surprising that the game was ultimately decided by poor refereeing decisions.

    Shame the fans did not turn up today though. Crap support…again.

  235. ust as I epected. Bruce had five guys watching our Dane in the box whenthere was danger.I aint surprised it ended goalless.BtwI have often said and believed it’s very tough for the gunners and any other team to win the title.
    Ashvin was pushed in the box by Bramble/Dustbamble.Being the last man he should have been sent off and banned for the remainderof the season and a penalty awarded.
    The referee and lineman in this match should be severely reprimanded.According to analysts and seasoned obsevers it was 100%x 3 penalty. The offside goal should have been given. These guys could part of a conspiracy tp prevent the gunners from winning games . There are too many
    such incidents involving the gunners.
    That’s why I say England will never repeat never win the wc again until the FA punish the thugs. To get at the thugs the FA must take action against officials who condoen Bamable type scenario.

  236. All is not lost. We have at least gained a point on ManUre and there are still enough games left for us to overhaul them. The lads played well and could have won the game except for two appalling refereeing decisions. Barca next.
    We can get by them.

  237. Slurgie still has to play the Chav$ again, Arsenal, an improving Villa…

  238. Skywatchingmug

    Sorry to say that the first half performance didn’t spark the supporters today.

  239. Oh G69, what about Chamakh’s chance and NB’s many? what about Diaby dilly dallying over the ball when he couldve had a shot or passed the blinkin ball.

    Those were not the only two chances.

  240. The reason why RvP and Cesc are constantly trying to get the supporters shouting is that the players are really motivated by it. To not get behind the team because they are not dominating is shoddy support indeed.

  241. > -Villa +Everton

    Not to mention Nasri’s freekick.

  242. We aren’t consistent enough without our full first choice eleven, yet we always suffer ultra high levels of them are crucial times. I don’t think we will win the league this year. We are playing to many games in to many competitions and our squad players aren’t stepping up. I am resigned to our fate, however even second is an improvement.

    I am so upset I could cry. Can’t beat Sunderland at home who themselves are ravished by injuires.

  243. Skywatching, maybe the supporters could spark the players when they are not up to par.

    That would be good.

  244. Nevermind, Paul. If you think that getting past the defense means putting the ball between their defenders and their keeper, then we don’t have anything to argue about. By the way, Szczesny got past their defense today a few times. It was awesome.

  245. Those will be angry tears if they fall!!

  246. Denilson wasn’t poor, but he didn’t do his ratings any good either. I don’t think his performance will help to convince Wenger why he deserves a start more often. Shame really as he is a tidy player and I used to think much more of him.

    Diaby was ok-ish, but you can see he isn’t quite as sharp yet. He can only get there by playing though so I hope he stays injury free till the end of the season. He does tends to make careless,lazy passes sometimes, not taking enough care to ensure it reaches its intended target. Against opposition that constantly press us, that kind of attitude can lead to embarrassing outcomes.
    Kos also suffered from concentration lapses t0o. A couple of times he made dangerous back passes putting the keeper under unnecessary pressure. Other than that he was awesome I thought.

    We did enough to win the game imo, where it not for the fucking biased/incompetent officiating. They seemed to be getting all the calls at one point, leading to the boys getting frustrated and picking up a few unnecessary yellows.

  247. Maria, I think we can win the league. We have ten games left and a lot could happen between now and the end of the season.

  248. Ref lost the game for the us…two clear cut goals denied…
    Nasri, Jack were good…but Diaby should have been more attack minded with Denilson doing defensive duties… Observed that on many occasions today there was no one lurking inside the box to support an attacking move…it looked like Bendtner was busy making up for Diaby’s lack of initiative by taking part in the midfield more often than he ideally should…Diaby did good against Newcastle…but today he should have been replaced with Rosicky at half time…good saves from Chesney…at least it didn’t turn out to be a disaster
    The game against Barca will be very different from today’s…

  249. G69, please enlighten me as to what getting past the defense is. Again, it cannot mean only 1 on 1 with the goalkeeper can it.

    you surely dont have to resort to childish sarcasm.

  250. What irony it will be if United wins the league with 1 point. Then we all know that the league was not decided by the clubs it was dedcidec by the referees. The referee who disallowed the 1-0 to Arsenal.
    We can all then point back to this match and say, if it was not for this ref disallowing a clear goal, United would not have won the leauge. They did not win on own merits but by help from the referees.

    AWh i cant wait for SAF to retire.

  251. Paulie Walnuts

    Fans who booed the team off today can FRO.

    Their negative attitude affects the team. No wonder Diaby & Denilson look inhibited, knowing they will be slaughtered if they make an error.

    Not the end of the world today. We just missed a little precision up front & a little luck when you need it.

  252. I agree Maria,

    I’ve adjusted my hopes/expectation for this year. Partly down to us (mental strenth, complacency, inexperience,not enough quality), partly down to injuries, and partly down to the officiating.

    If it was a fair league, with regards to officiating, we would have won by a country mile, even with our deficiencies. Battling against biased/incompetent ref-ing with our own issues just seem a bit too much.

    Anyways, lets see what happens between the mancs and the scousers tomorrow..

  253. No, Paul. You’re absolutely right. I am the one who makes no sense, remember?

  254. Denilson is one of my three favourite gunners. But at times I feel that he is, along with Diaby, more suited to La Liga and Serie A!

  255. sigh 😦

    more bad refereeing. this just sucks.

  256. Henristic, we haven’t lost in 2011. Personally, I like our chances.

  257. Whats wrong Maria, that comment doesnt sound like you.

    It seems many of us have forgotten how well we played withough our first 11 at the start of the season. I believe these players just need more games to get into the flow again.

    I am backing us to beat Barca, win the CL and PL titles.

  258. I think the fans were booing the ref to be honest.

    And it’s not really that bad on the injury front – Cesc and Song will be back shortly (most likely for the Barcelona game), Theo in about 10 days and RvP isn’t not long term either.

  259. My bad, sorry for that G69!

  260. No worries, Paul. You’re a good guy.

  261. Skywatchingmug

    I’ve been told that the fans booing where directed at the ref and lino at the end.
    Just got off the phone with my brother who was at the game and stayed to the end.

  262. There was that moment for about 5 mins near the end where Sunderland had us pinned back and it felt just like Newcastle. Our player were being assaulted, with no fouls called, and then when we matched them physically, free kick every time. There is no defense against that kind of reffing.

    Has anyone figured out what Clichy did wrong on that throw-in? That was the most bizarre call I’ve seen.

  263. end of a bad week for us thats why Maria is down, im still pissed about us letting that cunt Carr lift that trophy. its only the manc loss that has given us a glimmer of light, fuck the fa cup game coz we only had to boot up to win that game.

  264. alright i take my earlier comment back then if thats the case skywm

  265. Bradys right foot


    Weve actually made a point back on Utd from last week incase anyones noticed, yes we are actually a point closer being now only 3 points behind on the same amount of games.

    Muntarri nobbled Jack gutted for him as he could miss the Barca game. We just have to stay in the mix until we host them at the emirates, RVP Theo Cesc all to come back this league title is not over yet, not by a long shot. COYG.

  266. Szczczny saved our bacon late, especially with the save on Welbeck.

    I’m still trying to decide if English refs are massively corrupt or just stunningly inept. What does a linesman need to do besides call offsides correctly and assist the ref with fouls he may not have seen? That twat on the far sideline in the second half did neither. We would have been better off with Sir Alex himself on the flag. At least we would understand his motives.

  267. Kenian, how deep in your love for Denilson? And what is the nature of that peculiar affectinon? No, really, because for me he’s a fake footballer and ungrateful little person for that matter. He does’n deserve to have his bread and butter at AFC as he has it , and is in the team only ’cause his stuborn manager hates to admit his mistakes… Why am I never shocked that that fake brazilian lightly jogs back instead of urgenly rushing to rectify his own blunders… Truly pathetic creature that Denilson.

  268. Sorry guys for being so downbeat. It’s no the result alone but everything else arounding.

    I just feel so sad that a stupid teams like Birmingham, Chavs and Spud can win a trophy, but I boys haven’t. Those two injuries really messed things up for us as they were only a few days before the final.

    We deserve more, by we I don’t mine the fans I mean the whole club. We have done more the world of footall than all those teams put togather. We just don’t seem to be about to catch a break.

    Imagine Messi, David Villa and Xavi suddenly fell victim to injuryat such a crucial time in the season. It would be make a massive difference to their ability to win trophies.


    I hope shes proud of herself where ever she is.

    At times like this I really feel for Arsene, putting all that hard work in, knowing the players are good enough, suffering a result like that and then to have your own home fans boo you off. ARRGGGGGGHHHH

    It’s a wonder how he stays so controlled.

    Oh and ofcause there is always the ludicrously stupid press waiting.

  269. Fuck off MD.

    So JW’s a doubt now – I bet Barcelona are fucking delighted that the Premier League is so intense/dirty.

  270. Speaking of linesman…shouldn’t that eagle eyed master of the sidelines have informed the ref that Djourou was on the ground trying to stuff his eyeball back into his head while Sunderland were moving up field?

  271. well that turned out rather well didnt it..
    sunderland have been shit..lost the last 4 and are riddled with injuries and we cant beat them…go figure…
    our home form against the poor teams has been dreadful..its our home form that will cost us this PL if we dont win it from here….
    i still reckon we’ll win the thing but we wont if the injuries dont clear up in the next fortnight…cos the second string aint good enough…

  272. I don’t think that we played that badly, especially in the second half, considering we were without Walcott, Fabregas, Song and van Persie. We should probably have won 3-0 but praise due to Schezzer for making the saves that kept us in the game.
    But to be satisfied with draw seems like settling for second best if we want to win the title – people have pointed out our ‘easier’ run-in compared to ManU’s but we can’t or shouldn’t have to depend on them dropping points on their more ‘difficult’ home straight.
    And on reflection about the poor ref/linesman decision making in the game, I guess given that we were saved from one against us last Sunday perhaps we have to make our own destiny.
    Carpe diem whatever

  273. look like puyol wont be playing against us on tuesday.

  274. Sunderland had the better of the games against Spuds and Chelsea, JonJon. They were really unlucky to lose them, but I guess their luck evened out today!

  275. if jd is out so are we, we are probably out anyway without theo,rvp,and maybe cesc or a half fit cesc, but lets think this, lets go out of the cl,fuck the cl, we are not going to win it and lets concentrate on the fukin prem.

  276. I don’t know how anyone could watch the 2nd half of that game and say our home form is lacking. We did exactly what good teams do when their key creators are out: just keep pouring it on until the other team tires and something gives.

    And it gave. 4 perfect chances.

    1) Arsh tries to wrongfoot the keeper, but the keeper was caught flat footed, so was not moving as he should have been.
    2) Chamakh hits the bottom off the cross bar.
    3) Arshavin runs away from the last defender, who pulls him, then two-hands him in the back as he’s shooting.
    4) Beautiful defense-splitting through ball to Arshavin, who calmly slots it home.

    We created 4 gold-plated chances and converted 2 of them. That’s what championship teams do.

  277. bollox to barca…
    its been a side show from the start…nothing but a distraction…

  278. Yet, here we are with no 1 pint, from a crucial home game.

    Bad luck or bad subs?

  279. Gainsbourg69 | March 5, 2011 at 5:50 pm |
    Henristic, we haven’t lost in 2011.

    So what we haven’t lost this year? What has that stat got to do with anything?

    On paper our chances do look good. But (cliche alert!) matches, or titles aren’t won on paper. Refs, injuries, luck and mistakes can’t be legislated for and thatss the problem.

  280. Personally I think it’s bad luck, I mean even with so many players out we are still better than a injury riddled Sunderland, that who are low on confidence and results. Bloody hell it’s bad even to make you puke.

  281. Bradys right foot

    nolagunner | March 5, 2011 at 6:28 pm | well said mate.

    We played well in the second half, we missed a few chances the standout being Arsh’s, we should have had a pen and Arsh’s goal should have stood. We did our job today the officials didn’t.

  282. Skywatchingmug | March 5, 2011 at 6:01 pm |
    I’ve been told that the fans booing where directed at the ref and lino at the end.
    Just got off the phone with my brother who was at the game and stayed to the end.

    I believe that, cause I heard quite of lot of loud supportive singing particularly doing the second half, urging the boys on. Don’t think anyone can blame the fans much for this game.

  283. what do you mean we havnt lost in 2011? when was the carling black label cup final then, the biggest game of the year.we bloody lost that cunting game.

  284. ooh to be a gunner…

  285. need the mancs to get beat again tomorrow
    every time weve been on a downer the mancs have slipped up and let us back in so come on liverpool..

  286. Denilson was shocking so many mis-placed passes.As for Diaby he was invisible.Szczesny made two great saves the one at the end was world class showing that last week is out of his system.As for Bendtner Sunderland were not Orient.We need a fit RVP Cesc and Walcott to win the title Simples

  287. LMAO!! Oh Duke…………

    His talking about the league ofcause.

  288. The improvement in our defence was clear to see today and makes days like this when we don’t score at home much more bareable.

  289. Gainsbourg69
    We havent lost this season!!!We lost at Ipswich and we lost THE CARLING CUP FINAL maybe you were asleep

  290. lee fukin bowyer.

  291. I really fear the worst if Cesc is not back for Barca. We also desperately need Jack to be fit and ready to go. With them two in the middle, either of Denilson or Diaby will be able to do a job alongside them.

    I also think Nasri is better siuted in the middle of the park when there is no Cesc. The midfield could not bring him into the game enough when he was out wide. Here’s hoping this doesn’t turn out to be another season of nothing but high hopes and frustration.

  292. ben shitty foster

  293. Bradys right foot

    6 clean sheets in the last 9 league matches. The understanding between Kozzer and JD is developing and improving with every game. The snap shot conclusions drawn from the Carling Cup final ignore a very real improvement in our defence. We are going to go very close this year regardless of the result tomorrow.

  294. Just back from the game – it was a frustrating performance and disappointing result as it means we miss the chance to make up ground on manure. Still we didn’t lose. It just wasn’t happening today. When Chamakh came on and his header hit the post, I started to fear it was going to be one of those days. We really didn’t create enough and then didn’t do enough with the few scraps we got.

    It’s inevitable in the season that you’ll get games like this, it’s just that with so much riding on it, I’m sure the Doomers will be out in force. The crowd really don’t help the players at times though. Diaby was struggling at times today, but instead of giving him some slack and backing him knowing that this was his second start in a week after just returning from injury, they jumped straight on his back, which only seemed to make him more indecisive on the ball. I’m sure Arsene kept him on as long as possible for his height at set pieces defensively as Sunderland’s players are massive. When he went off, Sunderland nearly made us pay as the referee gave them every possible advantage in our half with some of the softest free kicks I’ve ever seen, meanwhile he walks away when our players are lying injured on the pitch!

    We just have to put this one behind us and move on to the next challenge. We should have known that brucie boy would pull out all the stops for his old mentor. Nice audition for the job bruce, but you’ll have to prise it from his cold dead hands when the devil finally calls him home.

  295. We certainly have not lost in the EPL in 2011. Nor will we

  296. We havent lost in the PL is what is being said.

  297. I agree with Passenal

  298. In fairness, people are not looking to come “very close” anymore. We are looking to overcome the hurdle and finish the season as Champions. It is just frustrating to know that we have been on the receiving end of some very suspect referee performances that have cost us crucial points in the league. The injury bug has also bitten us at the most inopportune time yet again…I am beginning to think this team is cursed.

  299. Gordon | March 5, 2011 at 6:43 pm |

    You should open your eyes – Denilson started the match with one stray pass – he wasn’t the one who passed the ball to a Sunderland player right in front of our penalty box, but given the nationality of the player that did, I’m sure that escaped your attention.

  300. Those two decisions were fucking shocking. There have been so many bad ones against us since the new year – which kind of makes it more of a shame that we didn’t capitalize on Lee Bowyer’s non-offside last weekend. Ah fuck it.

  301. we created some good scoring opportunities and as usual the opposition keeper had a stormer, the players gave their all today dissapointing to see them booed off the pitch..

    if but for some refing incompetance (again) we would have won this game..

    for me Diaby and Denilson were solid in midfield but playing Jack as the focal orchestrator, a role he will one day play but has not as yet this season, contributed to the lacklustre display of the 1st half.. not to upset the hoards but the saviour was a bit of “a headless chicken” in the 1st half and wasn’t able to find space and get on the ball enough to dictate the tempo of the game the way the role requires, in the way more experienced heads like nasri cesc and rosicky can from that position (but obviously the more opportunites he gets there the better he’ll get) .. he played well in the second half especially when he was dropped deeper but its not surprising that the less regular players with greater defensive duties for the day who were taken off for attackers when we were desperate to score ( diaby and denilson) will feel the brawn of the misdirected hate..

    it’ll be interesting to see who wenger plays upfront for the next game as bendtner is in better scoring form but chamakh has shown greater touch and hold up play to get the best out of players around him (chamakh also has a good european scoring record so we’ll see)..

    despite injuries we still have enough quality in every position to take the title this season, barring more shtoomers from referees not doing their jobs consistantly, as our depth of quality for each role is greater than that of our opposition..


  302. Denilson actually played pretty well, he just doesn’t offer the attacking threat we needed in a game like this. I would have liked to see Rosicky on much earlier.

  303. barry bloody ferguson

  304. Yes, Denilson’s mistakes are highlighted rather than swept under the rug. Really, I’d rather people just stayed positive about the whole side – or at least constructive in their criticism.

    OK, off to stab that Messi doll in the crotch.

  305. “Yet, here we are with no 1 pint, from a crucial home game.

    Bad luck or bad subs?”

    Maria, there was not a lot to choose from on the bench. He couldn’t put Ramsey on as that would have been too much for his first match back to expect him to turn things around in a tight game. What we needed was some pace (Theo, Vela) or a moment of brilliance (Cesc, RVP) in the absence of those options, I thought Chamakh was a good sub as he certainly lifted the tempo and created some moments of danger, which unfortunately we failed to capitalise on.

  306. Chamakh n Rosicky should have been on from the off.

  307. Keep your head up Maria!

    I have made up my mind to just believe, even if it seems as if i am being delusional. I have made up my mind to just enjoy watching my team play.

    We havent won every PL match since the new year but it sure feels good to know that we havent lost and that the majority of the matches have been victories.

    I just have a good feeling about this team and will not think we will not win the whole thing unless it is impossible for us to win or we get knocked out.

    I am not going to focus on who is out injured but on the players we have. I am confident they will get the job done as they did at the beginning of the year.

    Its good to be a gooner despite the rare dissapointments!

    To All I say, BELIEVE!


  308. On the coach back from the game so couple of observations:
    (1) Referee was terrible -so many poor decisions
    (2) Our fans get on players backs too quickly. Diaby and Denilson were on the receiving end of this for most of the game. Its a real shame we can’t support our players and cheer them on.
    (3) Sunderland seemed more interested in wasting time than playing footie.
    (4) Our performance was relatively good and I was somewhat surprised that the BBC were claiming that Sunderland were in control and that we were playing on the counter attack (Especially in the 1st half). I didn’t see that from the upper tier!
    (5) 1 point is better than 0.

  309. Kitchen Sink, the booing was only sporadic and I think it was directed at the referee as his performance deteriorated as the game wore on. He was very inconsistent and maybe he was annoyed at the crowd accusing him of not knowing what he was doing, because he seemed to go out of his way to favour Sunderland later on in the game.

  310. what a time to pick up injuries…

  311. Passenal, how ironic is it that the one player we could really use given our injuries is on loan and barely playing mind you. Yep, Vela is a player that couldve added some pace and creativity to our attack today.

  312. Oh and the booing was entirely directed at the ref -not the players.

  313. Arse Baggins, Sunderland were never in control. They defended well and had a couple of chances, but we had the best of the match, just failed to make it count in the end.

  314. jj we always do this time o year. it’s the norm. i’d be fukin suprised if we didn’t.

  315. I was at the game, and the booing at the end was 100% for the linesman and referee.

    59,000 people saw a penalty and incorrect offside decision, 2 didn’t.

    1 of those 2 people is from Manchester and works for a corrupt organisation that is so determined that we will not win anything they will do whatever is necessary to ensure that happens.

  316. Pass,

    I meant for our injured players. Not those that came on off the bench, that wasn’t much Arsene could do today.

    Just wished we had some of our loan bys to call on today, Vela, JET and Lansbury.

    Stress about njuries to this team have aged me beyond belief.

  317. wouldnt be fukin suprised though if the booing was aimed at the players, in this day in age.

  318. Paul N,

    Will do. Just saddens me when we don’t get what we deserve or are capable of achieving.

  319. It wasn’t Duke.

  320. liam bloody ridgebloodywell.

  321. fair enough Matt ,i knew our fans had more class then that.

  322. Passenal thats good to hear and so it should have been but through out the game it was going on and as booing isn’t very accurate it definately directly or indirectly effects our players at home.. if only it made our players better as so many blindly believe..

  323. how much are those home defeats to brom, newcastle, spurs in first half of season going to haunt us???
    if we take 7 points from those games we dont worry about drawing v sunderland..
    our form in 2011 has been fantastic..
    i hope we havent left it too late..

  324. KS, I didn’t hear any booing until the end, although there were the usual sighs and groans when certain players made a stray pass during the game.

  325. How did this imbecile get a job as a PL referee.

    He must have been selected personally by our old friend Mike Riley.

  326. we will never win the league with refs like this!

  327. how did valdes recover so quickly? whatever regenerating cells they are using i would love to have used on rvp.

  328. It was obviously all mind games colney!

  329. Borges Spinelli

    Watching the Barcelona v Zaragoza game..13mins into 2nd half .

    Score so far is 1- 0. They had 77% possession with 6 shots on goal in the 1st half.

    Their line-up appears to be: Valdes, Alves, Piqué, Milito, Maxwell, Mascherano, Xavi, Keita; Bojan, Messi, Pedro

    I saw Puyol on the bench. Guardiola is also in the dug-out (miraculous recovery).
    Which means they’re resting Iniesta and Villa

  330. I had a dream a couple of nights back that we beat Barcelona 3-1 at the Camp Nou, and had 96% percent possession.

    Oh well, one can hope.

  331. A lot of histrionics out here. I agree that the teams cutting edge seemed to wane without Theo Cesc and RVP. But Sunderland came to frustrate and park the bus. Not an ingredient for a fast flowing tempo game is it really. So the game would always be about patience and resolve which the team displayed in abundance.We were a fraction away. Winning the EPL is never going to be a walk in the park and will clearly mean betting not only the media favourites, the whole english football establishment, refs, and man u and barca appreciation society.Cheering on the team only when they are playing well or for five minutes doesnt really count as support .The Emirates fans should ask themselves why the team plays better away and shoulder some of the blame. I still believe we are in a strong position. Dissappointment but a point gained. We maybe weakened in terms of personel but will still give Barca one hell of a game. Lets get behind the team and rightly praise their efforts thus far. To the Nou Camp. COYG.

  332. Patience is all very well but if we played the first 65 like we played the last 25 we’d have won. The fans supported the team today, to say otherwise is facile. The substitutes changed the game, shame they didn’t start.

  333. Been to the game today and I agree with Matt the booing was reserved for the ref!
    I was behind goal so couldn’t tell if AA was offside or not, but I looked across to the lino immediately and his flag went straight up.
    On another point the amount of stick Denilson and Diaby were getting was unbelievable.
    Also whats the news about Jack, he took a bad knock….

  334. the ref was a complete ass particularly in the second half.however,denilson’s backpasses or sidepasses didnt.i wonder if its fear of failure that he fails to play offensively.diaby should also be more decisive when he gets a chance.if i had a choice,i would honestly not keep den15 and abou2.

  335. I think Deni probably had posters of Ray Wilkins on his wall when he was a kid such is love of the sideways pass.
    I thought the stick he took today was a little unjustified though!

  336. Chamakh should have started.Cant understand Wenger playing just one upfront in a must win game.Bendtner looked uncomfortable as the lone striker.
    Szczesny made a blinding save in the last five minutes or else we would have lost
    When is Sagna ever going to learn to cross a ball?
    Denilson and Diaby very very poor.WTF was Denilson doing when he just passed the ball back to no one to give away a needless corner.

  337. Remi – unfortunately God does not ration the amount of idiots allowed on earth. So become refs and others, moaning fans.

  338. The fella behind me, was ranting about everyone….
    AA was a Russian c*nt, Kos was a Polish French c*nt, he even moaned about TR7 who wasn’t even on the pitch at the time!
    In fact the only one who escaped his wrath was little Jack…
    At the end he stood up, turned around kicked his seat and shouted obscenities at the top of his voice……silly man!

  339. It seems people do not see football as entertainment any more. Football has always been a way of escaping the boring working week and for many lower division team’s fans it still is. Unfortunately today’s top team’s ‘fans’ do not see it this way.

  340. Delia---Block 112

    Just got in from the game. Yes ,the Ref cost us 3 points but I agree with dfb we didn’t get going until the last 20 mins . Sunderland, a big strong side, closed us down very well indeed in the first half and our passing suffered as a result . Deni and Diaby were off the pace and chances were few and far between.
    Things livened up in the second half , the crowd got going and some urgency was shown going forward. The subs helped and of course AA should have had a penalty but he stayed on his feet which may have influenced the Ref ?
    Block 112 sang continuously , we gave the team our all ,particularly in the second half and yes the booing was aimed entirely at the officials.
    Now I hear LJW is doubtful for Tuesday , what have we done to deserve this?
    As always COYRs

  341. trugunn. I’m fairly certain the denilson has been givin a specific role by Arsene. if arsene wanted denilson to push forward and take on more creative roles, i’m sure he would. to say he is scared(especially of failure) is simply ludicris.

  342. Denilson has the offensive capabilities and has shown that in past seasons. This season his playing style has changed, possibly because in 2008 – 2010 he was playing in the Song-Denilson-Cesc trio and so he needed to be a balanced player. Nowadays, he is the direct replacement for Song, so he is asked to play more defensively.

  343. Blatter is earning his money btw. Hasn’t made a step forward on video technology but he has taken instant action on snoods — they are “dangerous” and therefore banned.

  344. why are people sounding so shocked by the denilson/diaby midfeild display??
    i can count on one hand the amount of times theyve been outstanding together in our midfield in the last 3 years..whenever we get injuries and they are asked to come in we lose happened last year, happened the year before, it’ll probably happen this year too if AW continues to use them..i thought the cup games this season would have been enough proof already..
    its not like it was anything new is it???

    and why do ppl think denilson is the direct replacement for song??? no he isnt..we dont have a direct replacement for song, why do you think AW was pushing frimpong thru in preseason…until he was injured..

    all i know is that we need those key players back and soon or our season is in real danger of falling apart again…draws aint good enough at this stage…unless your 20 points ahead..which we are not..

  345. Delia, reassuring that you agreed. Obviously the view from 112 is similar to that from 111 ! 😉

  346. Just watched Brum v WBA on MoTD. Hard to say the Brum keeper was the same one they had last week in the CC final. Absolute crap today.

  347. To all those complaining about the Ashavin offside goal we were all cheering when the linesman got the Bowyer offside wrong at Wembley last week.
    What comes around………….

  348. don – “What comes around………….”

    So why does that not happen to the red mancs then?

  349. jon jon…Watch the replays of last seasons Barca v Arsenal games and you can remind yourself of what Diaby and Deni can do. We are all disappointed but these boys cant just turn their form on and off without a run of games and the support of the fans. Keep the faith.

  350. Well said, Gooner4Life

  351. g4l
    thats a rather bad example mate..we got blasted 6-3..

    and ive got faith..we will still win the league, as long as denilson and diaby are not in the team together again..

  352. we got totally outplayed in both barca games…
    smashed off the park
    the only reason ppl were so confident against them this time round is because we had no injuries
    they squad players were the reason we got pummelled in last years games in many ppls eyes so how we can use that as an example of their excellent form is mystifying…

  353. Any Bottom fans seen this? Watch it all.

  354. From twitter –

    “Arsenal have fired in 187 shots on target, more than any other team (Chelsea 168, Man Utd 159). It’s not for the want of trying.”

    Does that mean that keepers save more against us then?

  355. Jon Jon, it’s not like Denilson and Diaby were the only players on the pitch, which is why I can’t understand doomers like you who like to single out certain individuals for blame when things don’t quite come off. What were the other 9 players, plus subs doing? Win, lose or draw, football is a team sport.

  356. the ref was a joke today..
    really bad..
    but what bothers me is that in a game of such huge importance why does it take us until the 70th minute to get going and start to try and smash the door down..
    if we play the first 70 like we did the last 20 then theres a chance we dont worry about refs decisions cos the games already been put to bed..
    all this ‘lets be patient’ stuff is tosh..
    go after em from the start…kill the game early..not wait until the games almost over before we bother to try win the three points..

  357. cos they are the passengers passenal….
    football is a team sport but when u have players who consistently dont do their part in the team it lets the side down…
    if i play well week in week out and some dipstick plays like shit week in week out and we struggle and then someone tells me that we all played shit il tell them to fuck off…
    i dont take the blame for anyone else…. why should the rest of the team take the blame for one or two performers who cant cut the mustard…
    and stop it with the doomer shit already…
    how many times do i have to say this is our best first team for ages and we will win the league, but i call a spade a spade and if someone dont pull there weight il tell it…
    is the doomer garbage the best arguement u got against me????

  358. JJ – how can you even expect players who only play sporadic games to be up to speed in the PL. Give them a break FFS.

  359. yeah dups
    but this is what i was saying this morning..
    i said the same as you basically…
    why would we start with two players in our engine room of a match we had to be up for when said players havent played regular all year, and even if they were match fit BOTH have problems with drive and was just asking for trouble..
    yet weve got aaron who has been playing for months in a highly competitive league ready and pumped to play so i would have started with him..
    and i got told i was speaking nonesense cos diaby and denilson are perfect and great or whatever…
    turns out i was right tho dont it…but im still a doomer..
    go figure..

  360. Ramsey has not been playing for months in any league. He has played a few games for Cardiff (as he was injured for a while) and the championship is not ‘highly competitive’, it is kick and rush for most part.

    Did you even watch Cardiff play any of their games?

  361. @ JonJon
    That’s not quite true, is it? You said you wanted to start with Rambo, claiming he was more up to speed than Denilson, even though he is coming back from a serious injury, he has NOT played in the PL at all this season and has played fewer games overall.
    As for Diaby, when he is on his game, drive is exactly what he provides. They are good players – don’t you remember Diaby in the first half at Newcastle? Of course Denilson can provide attacking threat. People like you used to moan that he shouldn’t be used in the DM role because he was “Cesc lite”. But they’ve both got to get into the groove and feel confident. Footballers thrive on confidence and maybe, just maybe, they’d be making runs into the box and finding those clever passes in the final third if the crowd did not groan every time they passed the ball or when their names were announced.
    You just can’t see anything good about players you don’t like.
    Two points dropped, but one point gained on the leaders. This race isn’t going to play out in a predictable way – hands up who thought Manu’s unbeaten run would be ended by Wolves? But we have enough about us to get there. Come on Pool!

  362. I definitely remember Diaby’s ridiculous red card which precipitated our draw at Newcastle. He was very poor today. I don’t believe his good performances will ever make up for his bad ones. I’m not a fan.

  363. … of his 😉

  364. dfb – that’s the trouble though isn’t it. Other players can have poor games but are excused because you like them.

  365. dfb is 100% correct. Newcastle display notwithstanding. When are people going to realize that being lanky, bald, and black doesn’t make Diaby the next Viera?

  366. mumbai gooner

    Not going to moan..but I felt that our crosses from wings are not that good and we need more power while shooting

  367. I just want to ask a question, how long do we have to wait until those players who have been out of the team are “up to speed”? Because in the meantime we’re pissing the league title away.

  368. I think talent wise Diaby could be even better than Viera. But talent is not enough in professional sport. Diaby seems to lack Viera’s combative character or mentality. Maybe the bad injuries he has suffered in England has something to do with that. Not very sure there are many players who recover from leg breaks to have amazing careers.

    I fear that like Eduardo, Diaby may have to leave for another league.

  369. dups..
    rambo played for forrest before he played for cardiff….yeah i watch the championship more than i watch the pl and denilson wouldnt last too minutes in that league cos its too hustle bustle, he’ll get out worked…
    the thing with players like diaby and denilson is that they get called because we see the same thing from them time and time again…
    how long does it take (about 4 years) before people actually stop diggin their heals in over them and admit its not a lack of confidence or a lack of form..they just aint good enough…

    there is no dm role in the arsenal side..rambo has box to box attributes he has a high work rate hes exactley what we needed yesterday..jack and rambo would have added that urgency to the side we missed for the first 70mins…
    and yeah diaby does have drive, when hes got the bal..when he hasnt got the ball he goes missing..
    ive got no problem with one of diaby or denilson playing covering but playing them both at the same time just doesnt work and it never has..they both lack urgency its like starting the game with 9 men…
    weve always struggled when they play together in the PL..always..

  370. henristic
    if diaby ran about for 90mins he would be better than vieira already..
    but he doesnt, he swtiches off..ball watches…spends too long just waiting for something to happen rather then trying to make it happen…

  371. Dups,
    I think is normal and rational to more easily forgive the infrequent mistakes of your best players, than to do the same for a player who isn’t as good (and who therefore plays poorly more often)

  372. We probably end up loosing with1 point to united. This ref won united the title. They should shower him in champagne…

  373. JJ, its not about running around. My problem with Diaby is more with how often he makes the wrong decisions when he is in possession. Making lazy passes, holding on the ball too long, etc

    I honestly rarely fault his effort. He put in some good tackles yesterday if you noticed.

  374. I wa sa little upset with game. Manchester united are not going to keep failing for our benefit. But i do not blame Diaby or Denilson like the other bullies. The team did not pull it out the bag today. which is a shame cos there was alot of motivation to win the game. What else do they need to bust a gut?

  375. So agreed then….players that we dont like are——->
    Diaby, denilson, almunia, eboue …….. Anymore? Oh yes almost in the “list”, squillachi, clichy (cursed). So if Wenger sold these items in the summer, would it make us fans happy?

  376. Ref and lino took a brown paper bag of cash frm rednose…i swear.

  377. yeah hes has those probs too henristic..
    but hes an individual player, he likes to do it by himself so you kinda expect him to not pass when he should

  378. Arsenal 1 – 0 Sunderland : Andre Arshavin finally breaks down their defense, 1 point between us and the Manure. IF ONLY!!!! Referee’s suck ass!!!! Reality sucks ass too!!! 3 points, 1 game, our title to win or lose. I don’t know who said it but win, lose, draw or suck, Arsenal are the only team I want to see day in, day out. Fuck’em all!! COYG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And Kevin O ‘Brien 🙂

  379. Top 3 players that are holding/ preventing us from winning anything these last 3 years at least. :
    1) Manuel Almunia
    2) Abou Diaby
    3) Denilson


  380. er, I think you will find that if the team were not thinking they were better than they are, our put their backs into it for the entire 90 minutes, or if AW reacted to the team imploding in the following games:

    – WBA home
    – Newcastle home
    – Spuds home
    – Newcastle away

    we would be 8 points clear at the top of the table and you lot would not be having the pointless debate about the bent referees…

  381. IrishGray

    What were you saying when the Bowyer offside was given last sunday when he was clearly on side? Did you slag off the ref?

  382. sorry, that would be seven points…

  383. no, actually it’s eight…

  384. and how can anyone defend Denilson and Diaby after yesterday’s ‘performance’ or say that Jack did not do very well is beyond me…

    of course he did not look as good as he usually does, playing with these two muppets!

  385. suga
    its those home games that could have caused the damage i think..
    weve got a dilemma now
    do we rush all our injured players back for the cl and fa cup..??
    or do we let them rest properly and get them all back fit for the pl run in in three weeks…

  386. U are wrong suga3. If wenger didn’t play almunia, diaby and denilson or shipped them off 3 years ago, we would be champions since 2008. Thats it. The problem with arsenal are those 3. Arseblog mentioned about getting monkeys off our backs? Why not try getting rid of those 3 first. Correct?

  387. JJ,

    anyone who thinks that we stand a chance against Barca needs to have his/her head checked and it is definitely not worth to rush Cesc just to make it less embarrassing – we have been there and done that, rushing him and it always backfired, so no, it’s not worth it…

    with regards to the FA Cup is a bit of a toughie, as we have to consider the psychological blow if we are dicked by them, but still it’s not worth to rush anybody…

    it’s the league that is the most realistic target and if the fringe players can’t beat WBA, they deserve to be shot at dawn, simple as that – if there is a chance of RvP and Cesc returning for the beginning of April, this should be the way forward…

  388. Those 3 idiots ( almunia, diaby and denilson) are like u suga3. The team would be better off without them and this forum would be better off without u.

  389. Almunia is out of contract at the end of this season, I say good riddance to bad rubbish…

    it’s the other two that I am worried about, AW seems to be unable to bite the bullet and admit that he got it wrong with them, plus, there is no club chairman dumb enough to match the wages they are on at Arse!

  390. the pl is the daddy and we’ll still win it as long as we get everyone fit again..

  391. Manuel ALmunia, Denilson, Diaby are the players’ equivalent to Suga3. Slows the team down, no skill, all talk , empty beer can.

  392. how fucking witty…


  393. long ball tactics v barca
    defend like demons and pump it into the box for the big lads..
    weve got a lead..we need an away goal on the break..lets revert to type..
    one nil to the arsenal..

  394. JJ,

    if only this team was capable of parking the bus and kicking the shit out of the more skilled opposition!

    with the midfield of Denilshite, Diaby and Rosicky, we will get overrun and then all it takes is single mistake…

  395. Oh my goodness, the lunatics have taken over the asylum. When we are winning they are no where to be seen, but come out in droves at the first hint of a setback.

    Although yesterday felt like a loss, it actually wasn’t. We got a point and remain unbeaten in the PL for 2011. The title race is not over yet.

    Henristic you are completely wrong about your point – good players give the wrong ball sometimes too, but because you like them you do not notice it. However, if you don’t like a player you notice and blow all their mistakes out of proportion. We have played worse, lost games or failed to break down the massed ranks of the opposition with the big players in the team, so I don’t see why the players who have hardly played this season should be singled out for blame and abuse.

    Reflecting on yesterday, one player I think we could have used was Vermaelen. The midfield was so packed we needed a defender to step out from the back and take a shot. I noticed Djourou and Koscielny try it a few times, the latter even won us a free kick near the opposition penalty box. Vermaelen would have probably hit one of his left-footed rockets that could have got us going like he did against Blackburn last season.

  396. Moaners are such killjoy. We could have won, should have won but we did not due to marginally misses, marginal refereeing decisions and a couple of good saves by the Sunderland keeper.

    There is still a lot to play for in the next 10 to 15 games…

  397. Ur such a sad fuck suga3, just like those 3 idiots. If we’re in the same team i wouldnt count on u if we had our backs against the wall. Just like those 3 idiots.

  398. Passenal,

    rolling out the same lunatics and asylum line? how predictable…

    it’s not blowing the mistakes out of proportion, Denilson has not done a single thing right yesterday, once he was subbed, our game got going, it’s no coincidence…

    as for Diaby, the less said, the better, both are a disgrace to the Arsenal shirt!

  399. we wont get overrun suga..
    not if we keep it tight and dont try and play them..
    just pack our third with anyone whos fit and tell the big lads to play off the last man of that high line..
    draw the fuckers in and hoof it up the pitch…
    we’ll nick one..then we just have to defend for our lives

  400. Max Gunner,

    typical, argumentum ad personam, as you have no ther argument…

    then again, what’s new? go back to sucking Wenger’s cock…

  401. JJ,

    no offence mate, but it’s pretty naive to think that we can hold out for a 0:0 or chase the game once they score and keep it tight at the back at the same time…

    how many chances does Bendtner need to score? and please, take Leyton Orient out of the equation 😉

  402. if they score first then chasing the game will kill us off

    what im saying is i dont want any of the lads who are a doubt to start v barca..i want them fully fit for the league run in
    if that means going with a team of denilson diaby rosicky then so be it but it also means weve got no chance if we try play them
    so use those players, park the bus and hoof it…

  403. and nikki scored first last year in nou camp

  404. JJ,

    yes, this is the only chance, but can you seriously see us holding out? I can’t…

  405. blind squirrels and acorns spring to mind…

  406. We got a point yesterday and it might still prove a vital point come the great reckoning! We owe a debt to the great save(s) by Szczesney and are owed an apology from the match officials: SHOCKING!

    Still ever upwards and onwards. Let’s see how those Mancs do today.

  407. ————-ches

    lets do to them what teams do to us

  408. Suga3,

    Wouldn’t your grip on your emotions and your footballing knowledge be better accommodated on another blog with a more pessimistic outlook?

    I do not mean this merely as an insult but genuinely think that other sites would be a better fit – speaking of “fits”…

  409. Dgob,

    I am debating with JJ, I would be more than happy to do it somewhere else, trust me…

    footballing knowledge? that’s rich…

  410. No self respecting Arsenal supporter would call themselves SUGA. Fuck off, son.

  411. I make you right on one thing though, we owe our current position to one player and that’s Szczesny – I’m a big fan and he should have assumed the no.1 spot from the start of the season…

    anyways, I am off, got stuff to do…

  412. if we lose we lose..
    but as long as we dont lose no more players alls good

  413. Frank,

    I am not your son and fuck you very much too, you cunt!

  414. Dgob, we made the mistake of tolerating JJ when we should have chased him off the minute he showed his two faces again. Instead he has now shown his true colours and brought his low life mates with him to try to change the tone around here. There are untold blogs where they welcome whiny moaning bitches like themselves. Why don’t they go pollute those places with their wisdom and leave us sad deluded people who support all Arsenal players not just the chosen few, to our own devices.

  415. YW,

    I will curb it once Franks of this world do – fair?

  416. I also liked the variation yesterday, Passenal. It’s encouraging because Stoke and Birmingham set up exactly the same way against us and we got a far better performance yesterday playing with what was arguably a weaker team.

    What they were doing was waiting, and chasing us down – with their backline pushing up – only once we played the ball past the centre circle. It’s tough to break down, but yesterday they didn’t get as much joy as Stoke and Brum because we were mixing it up – the CBs were hitting long diagonal balls and making driving runs, and the full-backs were overlapping much more than usual as well. Continue like that (especially have a few more confident players back, starting with West Brom) and we’ll have no problem against these sides later.

  417. Suga

    You need to tone it down first – reread the whole stretch of comments and yours is confrontational.


  418. As I said,

    That point could prove important: VERY.

    Liverpool 3 Mancs 1.


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