Arsenal Face The Eastenders To Prevent A Season Going South

Just as chins hit the floor with a resounding thud, spirits were lifted at 9.45pm yesterday as Frank Lampard’s penalty hit the roof of the net and inflicted a damaging wound to Manchester United’s title-winning season (© wethemediadecreeyouwontwintheleagueunitedandchelseathrewitaway plc).

Whether it is a fatal blow will be determined to a certain extent by the results in both team’s fixtures this weekend. A win for Arsenal and failure by United to do the same will put Arsenal in a strong position with a game in hand. Reverse the outcomes and the game in hand will close the gap to three points. It is becoming increasingly possible that the outcome of the season may rest on the meeting at The Emirates in May. Or April if Sky move the match forward.

The joy was relative. Cesc is a strong possibility for returning in the Camp Nou which will no doubt please the Barcelona board and faithful. No, wait they wanted him in their shirt not the colours of Arsenal. Oh well, can’t please all the people, all the time…

Robin van Persie though is likely to return to full fitness just in time for the Dutch international double-header with Hungary, a new era in club v country relationships as Arsenal decide to keep their players fit for national teams and to Hell with their own ambitions. Very generous I am sure, which will not go unnoticed in the corridors of Nyon and Zurich.

It means that Marouane Chamakh and Nicklas Bendtner need to hit the ground running, finding their scoring boots very quickly. The Dane has form in replacing van Persie, 8 in 12 games last season whilst Chamakh made an excellent start to his Arsenal career this season.

The Moroccan has admitted that he struggled towards December / January but has been rested over that timescale which ought to leave him fighting fit for the rest of the season. Arsenal need both strikers to show their finest form in a crucial three weeks before the international break. FA Cup and Champions League campaigns will be made or broken in that spell whilst the Premier League can be driven forwards positively.

So to this evening. There are more walking wounded than van Persie from Sunday. The Chuckle Brothers are both out, Szczesny will be a substitute because Almunia ‘needs the games‘ according to the manager whilst Laurent Koscielny is suffering.

Not as much as we are with the mithering that is going on about world class goalkeepers and world class centre backs. Or rather the perceived absence of them, a matter of days after we were being regalled with tales of derring-do by the same voices, how the Djourou / Koscielny partnership was going to be the difference to last season.

With Abou Diaby not risked on Sunday because the Final was deemed to be too intense for a player who has missed most of the last five seasons through injury, it seems likely he will return tonight, a midfield triumverate with Denilson and Rosický most likely, Eboué wide on the right, Arshavin scampering his little socks off on the left.

Personally, I would start with Bendtner this evening. Chamakh looked out of sorts on Sunday as a substitute although it could be argued that he would be better served playing himself into form once more with the same leeway given to Arshavin. Tellingly, Bendtner was van Persie’s immediate replacement and that perhaps gives some indication for team selection whilst the Dutchman is absent.

For the rest of the side, I believe numbers are sufficiently short for the team to pick itself,

Almunia; Sagna, Squillaci, Djourou, Gibbs; Rosický, Denilson, Diaby; Eboué, Bendtner, Arshavin

The bench whilst somewhat threadbare has a reasonable strength available although I am sure that the manager and players will want to win this game before the ninety minutes is up. And with all due respect to Orient, they should be able to do so. Little came from the first match to suggest that Arsenal will struggle to overcome them but complacency is a killer. Ask Everton.

Enjoy the match wherever you are watching it. ’til Tomorrow.

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  1. According to Gazidis this morning:

    Arsenal v Manchester United
    Sunday 1st May 2011
    Kick off 2.05pm
    At Emirates Stadium
    Live on Sky Sports
    If either Club are involved in the UEFA Champions League Semi Finals and are scheduled to play on Tuesday 3rd May, this match will revert to Saturday 30th April, kick off 12.45pm.

  2. First?

    I see what you are doing there with this team
    Sagna, Squillaci, Djourou, Gibbs;
    Rosický, Denilson, Diaby;
    Eboué, Bendtner, Arshavin


    Rosicky was anonymous for the most part at the weekend and Eboue never convinces further forward.

    maybe this?

    Eboue, Squillaci, Miq, Gibbs;
    Jack, Denilson, Diaby
    B52, Chamakh

  3. We can’t keep playing JW, and I’m glad Song’s going to be given a break up to the Barcelona game – he’s been looking especially tired lately.

    Bendtner, Eboue (advanced role), Diaby and Denilson all starred in one of the most pleasantly surprising Arsenal performances of the last few years – when we played Roma off the park at home in 2009. We know they’ve all got it in them.

  4. I’ve got my cliche machine on overdrive.

  5. such a pity Ramsey cant play tonight – ideal game for the kid

  6. I say,Wenger reduce the number of passes to score. Otherwise the players are in danger of burnt out. This is the epl not the Spanish /German/French/Italian leagues.In those places soccer is played at 50 km/h. In England it is 200 km/h. That is why the pace and high intensity allied to the marathon passing is causing fatigue and injuries.
    Orient will make it tough . The gunners better score early and reduce the fancy movement/passing to preserve energy for Sunderland.
    Otherwise it will be another heart breaking season.
    Btw Rooney scored against Chelsea. He couldn’t against Wolve s.The Chelsea players were ball watching when the bull dog spun. They shd have surrounded him like Wolves stifling him.

  7. Great post. Me thinks Miguel will partner squillaci in the middle. Bendtner on the right for Rosicky and Chamakh out in front. Expect a comfortable win. Great teams don’t lose twice to mediocrities!

  8. Forgot to congratulate Chelsea on their win. Will also be behind ‘pool on Sunday!

  9. I’d be tempted leave out Sagna and Djourou tonight as well.

    Vidic out for the Liverpool game is a big blow for United. For me he’s their best player and the reason they have won the league 3 out of 4 seasons since buying him.

  10. Younggunsblog says that Arsenal has a sensational 13 year old. He’s not being named yet as he has still to grow up. First Wilshere and now this. How can luck strike twice for Arsenal and England? With such a kid on the books expect Wenger to extend his contract another three years. He’d feel guilty if the kid didn’t get the right mentor ship! Of course if Wilshere doesn’t turn out to be the sort of role model Crouch and Terry are then this kid will be bloody lucky! But the biggest mistake was letting the information on the kid out in the first place. By next week the tabloids will tell us his name and that he’s going to win the 2018 world cup for England!

  11. OOU, agree about Song. Very subdued lately, hope it is just a rest he needs.

    I’d go tonight with:
    Eboue Squillaci Miquel Gibbs
    Denilson Diaby
    Bendtner Chamakh Arsh/Rosicky

  12. If the Chavs get some more confidence they could hold Manure to a draw at Odd Triffid (the home of the premiership referee)!

  13. 1 loose cannon

    I would love to see Nasri given a free role a bit like Messi. Hovering around the front line he has the trickery, skill and an eye for goal. RVP started on the flanks he was not an out and out striker so Nasri would be the perfect replacement in that position, we need a lethal finisher upfront. The other option is to play to Chamakh’s strength and deliver good crosses to him.

  14. 1 loose cannon

    Its a bit rich Fergie complain about the ref’s decisions . Wayne Rooney dived last night in a laughable manner, had he got pen Fergie woul not complain

  15. Borges Spinelli

    A week ago, I would have started with both Chamakh and Bendtner. Now with the injury set-back to van Persie, it would be crazy to play both, together from the on-set. So like yourself, I’d opt for Bendtner over Chamakh, against Orient, as the latter on current form, can’t find his way to an open goal. I sure hope that changes fast, and I’m proved wrong, for all our sakes.

    I have a feeling Miquel will start, rather than Djourou, alongside Squillaci. Then again, I could be proved wrong. Given the importance of this game, after Sunday’s destablizing events.

    Almunia; Sagna, Squillaci, Miquel, Gibbs; Diaby, Denilson, Rosicky; Eboue, Bendtner, Arshavin

    Failing that, this line-up should be sufficient enough to triumph.

    Almunia; Eboue, Squillaci, Miquel, Gibbs; Diaby, Denilson, Rosicky; Bendtner, Chamakh, Arshavin

  16. “Manchester United boss Alex Ferguson says he “feared the worst” when Martin Atkinson was chosen to referee his side’s Premier League match at Chelsea.”

    Any other manager in the league would be facing charges.

  17. Somebody in the last post mentioned we had made losses, can anyone post a link? Haven’t been upto date with stuff arsenal after the events of Sunday, time to catch up.

  18. longblackcloud

    was only half watching with a Dutch commetary last night, did the English commetary make much of the Rooney dive?
    How did (does) Vidic manage to stay on the pitch so long? constantly fouling players, particualy shirt pulling as players go past him

  19. Here you go Firstlady:

    Interim Financial Results
    Please find below our announcement made on Monday 28th February:
    Arsenal Holdings plc
    Results for the six months ended 30 November 2010
    • Operating profit (before depreciation and player trading) of £12.6m (2009 – £29.3m) with, as expected, a reduction in the contribution from property.
    • Sale of 50 apartments at Highbury Square generated revenue of £22.5m (2009 – 261 apartments sales generated £96.6m) and an operating profit from property of £3.3m (2009 – £11.3m) reflecting the lower number of apartments now left for sale.
    • Property business continues to be debt free with all sales contributing to Group’s cash position of £110.4m (2009 – £101.0m).
    • Further significant commitment to a determined policy of investing in the team with the re-signing of several key first team players and Arsène Wenger as the Club’s Manager.
    • Football operating profits (before depreciation and player trading) of £9.3 million (2009 – £18.0m) reflect this increased investment in football wages and also timing differences in the number of home games played (2010 – 10 home matches in first half of 28 matches, so far confirmed, for full year / 2009 – 12 of 27).
    • Significantly reduced profit on player sales of £4.0m compared to £33.9m for the prior year.
    • Changes in property and player trading, which are essentially one-offs, impact overall result for the period – loss after tax of £2.5m (2009 – profit of £29.2m).
    Commenting on the interim results, Peter Hill-Wood, non-executive chairman, said:
    “This is a robust performance in the current climate and is where we expected to be at this stage of the financial year and at this stage in our longer term development plans for the growth of the Club.
    The Club is exactly where we want to be, competing for trophies across the closing months of the season. I know that Arsène Wenger and his players will remain focused and will be appreciative of the fantastic support they get from our fans around the world.
    I also want you to know that we are proud of the fact we continue to compete at the highest level while staying true to our principles. We continue to operate as a self-funding Club. This brings its own challenges in an increasingly competitive environment but provides the platform for a secure and positive long term future.”
    The full financial can now be found on

  20. Seeing old baconface get himself in a hypocritical flap last night cheers me up no end. Never fails. Watching him stagger off the bench to hurl abuse at every decision he’s beginning to remind me of Father Jack.

    They’ll have to charge the despicable old bully this time. Though that’s little more than a half-hearted gesture by the FA. He doesn’t so much bring the game into disrepute as as irrevocably soil it.

  21. why cant ramsey play??

  22. – – – – – – – – – – – Almunia – – – – – – – – –
    – – – – – – – Squillaci – Ignasi – – – – – – –
    Eboué – – – – – Denilson – – – – – Gibbs
    – – – – – – – Rosický – – – Diaby – – – – – –
    – – Bendtner – – – – – – Arshavin – – – – –
    – – – – – – – – – – – Chamakh – – – – – – – – –

    …with lots of emphasis on Manu and Kieran to get beyond NB52 and AA23 and in behind the Orient fullbacks. I want Tomas to run the show and shove it down the throats of the reactionary bullshit artists slagging him off this week. He could have had two in the away fixture and easily another two at Wembley. He’s getting in the right positions. I think he’ll drop deeper tonight to pull the strings and I think he’s going to have a big game.

    Bendtner and Chamakh hasn’t quite clicked yet but I think that understanding is only a matter of time and we’re going to need it to happen now while RvP is out so I’d start them both – even at the expense of the more natural width that you go for, YW. Manu to provide the width from fullback. Finally with big games coming thick and fast I think you have to reward Ignasi’s fine debut with a second start, esp. at home. He deserves it and we could do with it.

    – I understand Paulie Walnuts (I think it was PW) talking about starting Nasri and Djourou et al… for the sake of momentum… but I think this team should wipe the floor with Orient, no matter how committed they are, and at the end of the day the Sunderland game is so much bigger – in terms of challenge and reward. Nas on the bench in case of emergencies.

    I’ll be in the North Bank upper tonight… or the ACLF stand as it’s sometimes known!


  23. Manc fans are feeling bitterly aggrieved this morning, and so they should; their team just dropped the EPL trophy, kaaplonk, on the deck.

    Which should be enough to remind every Arsenal fan some home truths, but probably won’t be. Shit happens. We have everything to fight for. And fight for it we shall. We should be well up for a push towards a domestic double, spurred on rather than subdued by a silly but rather innocent mistake on Sunday, but Nou camp will be very tricky. Maybe, who knows?

    There is incidentally a school of thought, with substantial evidence, to indicate that the big push towards success seldom starts with a glorious victory; on the contrary it almost invariably starts with a bitter defeat. The psychobabbleanalysts reason as follows: it is the memory of bitter loss and the internal fear of the feelings it generated that galvanises people to win, saying to themselves “I never want to feel that way again in my life”. Winning (in general) is a conscious decision, but not a rational one, it so frequently arises from great loss, torment or even tragedy. Losing is a rational decision, one most of us make daily. Time will tell if this team has yet crossed the river or needs to suffer a bit more to appreciate itself.

    In any case COYG!

  24. Borges Spinelli

    The FA havr decreed Ramsey isn’t elligible, as he wasn’t available in the 1st leg.

  25. stu

    FA rules state that if you weren’t eligible for the original match, you cannot play in the replay. Ramsey was on loan at the time and therefore not eligible. He will be available for the Quarter Finals if we win.


  26. Anyone not available for selection in the first tie can’t play in the replay, I think, stu.

  27. Ah, late to the party.

    Apologies for my long and excitable post above. It’s going to be a long and excitable day I’m afraid.

  28. We should not play cesc v barca. We all know what will bloody appen.we need him for our title tilt which is a more realistic trophy to win then the cl. Forget the cl lets put all our eggs in winning the league.

  29. Maybe I’m the only one here, but all these recriminations directed at Szczesny and Koscielny – two players who have give us so much these last few months – is beginning to grate.

    I don’t think either of them need reminding of what happened on Sunday.

    Didn’t we try this with Almunia and Fabianski? Didn’t we try it with Eboue and Song? So, what’s the point.

    We want our squad to mature into a title-winning team, yet three days after everyone’s disappointment they’re still the “Chuckle Brothers”.

    Was I disappointed? Well, more like shocked, disappointed, and gutted. But I wasn’t ‘ashamed’ as Sagna was.

    And does this kind of stuff actually make things better? Maybe for those of us who still hurt. But the team?

    It was an error. A swish … a flap … a boinky ball with Birmingham’s name on it.

    So, can we put behind us the least prestigious of the four competitions we used to be in and concentrate on the remaining three as we used to.

    We wouldn’t behave like this to a friend, so why do it to them.

    They really don’t deserve it.

  30. Rosicky was definitely not anonymous against Birmingham. He along with Arshavin will drive the creative aspects of our midfield. Nasri is doing well with his new found direct approach. Maybe Chamakh should be given a run in the first half to find his shooting boots. This should be a good practise match before Sunderland. Denilson should get a full game. If Rosicky tires, we can replace himw with Diaby.
    As someone pointed out early goals are crucial to reduce burn out.

  31. Quite right too, eleanor. Of course they don’t. They need more support than ever. The business end of the season is upon us. No time to fuck around.

  32. Pyles Palmer still writing his bull.

    He must love the fact we give him so much to talk about.

    and he talks a load of nonsence

  33. Rocisky is a shadow of the player that signed for us unfortunately, I wouldnt be suprised if arsene lets him go in the summer.

  34. Returned from the pub last night, jollied on my way with a fake Burbury hat and collection of ‘gold’ chains that would put MrT to shame, readying myself for a quick change into a curley wig, fake moustache and a shell suit and I am all set for the weekend.
    Anybody want to but some wheels. alrite La.

  35. Wouldn’t say that Azza. He needs a run in the team is all.

  36. I’m in complete agreement with your starting 11, YW, but I doubt the manager will go with it..

  37. Nice post YW:

    No reason for us not to win today no matter who we start. I would love to see Miquel play again but I think having him and Gibbs on the left is a bit more risky then we can afford. Who knows how many we can score but if we make a mistake or 2 on the left it could make it more difficult then we need at this point.

    With RVP out I think NB52 really has to take his chance. He has played enough that he should not be rusty. Nasri and AA are also going to have to step up big. May be even more important, our team defense also needs to step up. Despite some hiccups I really do think we have been a better defensive team this year and its time for them to prove that the past couple of months was more then just a short run of good form. A run a clean sheets would make it much easier to get the points we need to slide past United. Although I would like to see us get a couple we don’t even have to score at the Nou Camp to win the tie.

    Interesting that old red nose thinks the refs are after him now too. The special one is also claiming foul play in La Liga against Real. Its an epidemic!! Where is inspector Clouseau when you need him, better yet Columbo. I guess when the officiating is as inconsistent as it seems to be then everyone feels they are getting the worst end of the bad calls. Never met a fan or a manager who does not think he/she is drawing the short straw. Its far far past the time when video technology needs to be brought in to help the refs.

  38. LA

    I think Eleanor was upset at me calling them ‘The Chuckle Brothers’…sigh


  39. YW:

    You and Shotta are closet doomers.

  40. We all know you love to jump on their back as soon as something goes wrong, Yogi. Can’t you just give em a break for once? Jesus. Fuck this, I’m off to Le Grove and ANR for some much needed positivity.

  41. Who are the fucking chuckle brothers?

  42. I see that Ignassi Miquel and Conor Henderson are in tonights squad.

  43. I really really hope this is rosickys swan song for us. The guy is pure arsenal class all over and he needs to be remembered for his ruthless surgical tackles and deftly incisive passing. His head is down at the moment and I think maybe he is edging closer to the days where can start reflecting on his achievements. But as giggs brushed away such talk of his career after the 606, rosicky needs to focus on the now while he still belongs on the pitch.

    The team is ravaged by injury in a crucial period and when you look through the squad of men who will play tonight its resoundingly clear to me TR7 is the one to stand tall and inspire the generations of how football can be played. For me he is one of the most majestic and inventive playmakers arsenal have ever had and I hope he finds his true form once more because at 100% there is none better.

    lots of vids to pick from…

  44. I dont know yogi id say they were tweedle dum and tweedle dee.

  45. About selling Rosicky I don’t think he’ll be the only one to go. I see something like two players a season – minimum – for the next generation. This is what happens when you have a successful youth system. In the ’90s Ajax sold an average of six players a season. Luckily for Arsenal England’s is a bigger economy than The Netherlands.

  46. One of the most exciting things about a proper academy is its unpredictability – just as a player who looks a dead cert to have a career can fall short, a guy who might appear lacking can suddenly blossom in the space of a few months. And a quirk of this season is that nobody really knows which youngsters are shining at the club right now, because the senior squad has been large enough to allow us to compete on four fronts, and reserve games are played in virtual secrecy. I bet there are one or two players in the reserve team who have developed immensely this season – who knows, young Conor Henderson could be one of them.

  47. A ‘successful’ youth system is one where the best players are kept and those who fall short are sold off, with clauses in the contract to stipulate that the club gets a percentage of any sell-on fee. Most of the players we have currenlty on loan will be in the latter category, but a few will break through each year.

    Selling veterans like Rosicky should not be in our plans and success this year will ensure it isn’t in their plans to move on either.

  48. AGM announcement.

    The first meeting of the Doomers In the Cupboard Society or DICS as it will be known, might take place if we lose tonight. If not, please be rest assured it will take place after the next defeat.


  49. I like 1 loose canon’s idea of Nasri being given a free role behind the striker. But I don’t think it’s going to happen!

  50. YW @ 4:52:

    LOL. I nominate you to be the DICS head.

  51. Ha Ha…England beaten by Ireland in a record run chase

  52. who is better a DIC or a doomer?

  53. 52 posts!!! Is that am all time low, YW??

  54. So I see that the Indian bowling attack is not the worst in the world…

  55. I wish someone could start a discussion with Darren Lewis at the mirror and ask him how it is that when United has a bad ref it is a disaster but when Arsenal has it its just “a part of the game” or the club is soft. Backed up with examples he will find it hard to justify. And he seems like a journalist that likes to answear and creat discussions in his columns.

  56. * all time low on a Match Day, I meant

  57. I cant do it cos im not “clever” enough in the way i write cos im not naturally english, so i dont yet master the british art of ” insulting people in a polite manner”. And i hate that only idiots write in those discussions.

  58. did i just read that lee mason of the everton fame is the ref tonight?

  59. I just want it on record now that, win, lose or draw tonight, this is how I see my support for Arsenal.

    This is for you Joe and all the rest of the half hearted, pissant miseries out there who cannot appreciate where our great club has come from and where it’s going.

    I tried to find a version by Little Bob story, who are French, and therefore even more appropriate, and released a bloody brilliant version of this in the 70’s but the only version I could find was awful.

    Still, Stevie Marriott wasn’t half bad.

  60. woy hopping around like a fat bunny..

    he better start him next game

  61. Mj, does seem quiet. Hopefully tonight’s win will raise spirits. All in all it shows that the Carling cup loss does hurt!

  62. What’s happened to PZ of late?

  63. consolsbob | March 2, 2011 at 5:56 pm |

    Thanks Cbob, perfect song and post to see me on my way to the game. I’m off to the ACLF section i.e. North Bank Upper – see you there LA! COYG!

  64. There’s an Arsenal team floating around with Henderson in midfield – can’t be right, can it?

  65. Looks like it!

    Almunia; Eboue Squillaci Miquel Gibbs; Diaby Denilson; Bendtner Rosicky Henderson; Chamakh

  66. Thanks cbob for the financial report.
    personally i think sczcesny n kos have been treated fairly good compared to other players who have made blunders in the past. Boys let’s put sunday’s happenings to the distant past by burrying orient tonight.COYRS!

  67. It is right I think Big Al

  68. Good on him then, Dups.

    Have to say, remembering when reserve matches were live on ATVO, I never thought he’d get this far, but I haven’t seen play for more than a year, and I know he scored a blinding free-kick a couple of weeks ago.

  69. The Doomers In The Cupboard Society (DICS) is a burgeoning organisation which seeks followers to preach its ideals and aims consistent with that set out by its members and chief executive.

    It’s primary objectives:

    – To talk bollocks
    – To agree with those who talk bollocks
    – To seek to know nothing about football
    – To seek partner organisations such as the National Front and the British National Party (BNP)
    – To ignore the actual truth
    – To ignore the facts
    – To form a thick skin
    – To apportion blame with gusto
    – To call a spade a spade

    New doomers must carry out an initiation ceremony. Chant “shoot” 50 times. Slag off at least 5 players, post their displeasure on various blogs and pledge the oath “I will not support my team”.

    The doomer ceremony will culminate in total misery, accompanied by Leonard Cohen tracks and a DVD showing of arsenal’s 5-1 defeat to Manchester United 10 years ago.

    Full fledged doomers will then be able to join into local and regional doomer therapy sessions.

  70. I’ve always rather liked Leonard Cohen.

  71. Big Al – My only worry is his injury record. Should fit in fine then really.

  72. I don’t think Leonard Cohen would go down too well with BNP sympathizers anyway.

  73. Arsenal XI v Leyton Orient: Almunia, Eboue, Squillaci, Miquel, Gibbs, Diaby, Denilson, Rosicky, Henderson, Bendtner, Chamakh

  74. Subs: Szczesny, Sagna, Nasri, Wilshere, Djourou, Clichy, Arshavin

  75. We’re doomed!

  76. Awesome, Henderson gets a start. And Miquel again. Really happy with that line up.

  77. All of Le Grove’s favourite players in the line up ! LMAO

  78. Big big day for Henderson. Just a big day for Miguel. Henderson starting for me is out of the blue, expected him to warm the bench. And we are going to win!

  79. Heart attacks at le grove.

  80. Interesting line up. The boss clearly has balls.

  81. Do we know why Aaron Ramsey is not in the squad… Just kidding;-)

  82. I agree with one loose canon. Theres no point saying Chamakh is crap when his strength lies in his heading ability and the last time he got a decent cross one has to scratch their heads. Admittedly he has struggled with the pace of the english game in his first season. I think he had a decent cameo in the CC winning the ball on the flanks brushing aside the defender and setting up Bendtner and Rosicky for what should have been the winner. I think bendy and chamakh up front with Arsh will cause all those 10 men behind the ball defensive teams a nightmare. COYG.

  83. If bloody Danny Rose could make his debut and score against us then Conor Henderson can score against LO!

  84. Oh I almost forgot, COYG!

  85. My team,

    Anger: It is sometimes called a negative emotion but all my favourite heroes have succumb to it’s blinding passion. Hulk, Wolverine, myself. The common thread is that these great beings are able to accomplish great feats while angry.

    Why even today my anger was roused when I heard some vile creature declared you the weakest Arsenal team he’d ever seen. My words cut his flesh and the logic carved his mind.

    My anger has been roused at the excessive schadenfreude in our undeserved loss at the weekend. That I can do nothing about, you will have to be my sword.

    My friends, it’s time to let them choke on their words. Let’s the very spit in their throats and venom upon their tongues give them urgency to take breath.

    My friends, the greatest of all are able to overcome great adversity. There is no greater adversity than what occurred to us at the weekend.

    Fate may have shat upon us, but we’ve taken the shit and fertilised our resolve.

    We would have been great had we have won on Sunday. Now we will be greater still to win the rest.

    Tonight is the first 90. One of the enemy laughed heartily at our misfortune. Let us rip out his heart and feed it to him the only way we know how.

    Let anger guide your limbs, let passion fuel your skills, let the disappointment and rage be the catalyst for victory.


    For you. For us. For Arsene. For Arsenal.

    Victoria Concordia Cresit

  86. Yep – couldn’t agree more.

    Fuck em.

  87. well i was gunna ask how everyone is feelin about the match, but it seems like Gadget has pretty much summed up what i want to say. so lets go you effin gooners, victoria concordia cresit to the maxxxxx

  88. Which position exactly does Connor Henderson play?

  89. Anyone know anything about Henderson? i know as much about him as i did a about Eastmond that night he came on and i had no clue what so ever who he was! He was a nice suprise though, hope Henderson is the same 🙂

  90. He’s a CM. Good technique, left footed I think.

  91. confirmed from arseblog

    Tonight’s referee – Lee Mason, same blokey as the Everton game. Let’s hope his linesman has his contacts in tonight

  92. well cred to whoever invented the DICS its a very fitting name….

  93. Connor played pre season didn’t he? Attacking midfielder if I recall.

  94. Really tense tonight as I’m bidding on a new camera lens on evil bay at the same time as watching the game. Hope we both get a win.

  95. conférencier

    Can anyone pls upload a functional link, thanks

  96. Bollocks, got two streams up and they both have English commentary.

  97. Anyone got a good stream? I refuse to pay actual money for ESPN!

  98. Consolslel says we’re going to thrash them tonight…and she is of the ‘it’s not good enough for Arsenal to lose to the brummies and draw with the Orient school of thought.

    Mind you….

  99. I don’t remember Henderson playing any pre seson games….

  100. Hope she’s right, Bob. Looks like the boss is not going to give much importance to this competition now..esp after last night’s result..

  101. mj – my memory ain’t the best but I’m pretty sure he did.

  102. peacefrog

    The key item on the first meeting will be to decide who is head dic or DICHead. Any volunteers?


  103. Is there more empty seats than people???

  104. Assists by Rosicky, yay!

  105. Gwaan Rosicky!!


  106. Chamakh scores after a gr8 run and ball from TR7..

    1-0 to the Arsenal…

  107. And hows chamakh that

  108. Of course Chamack can only score with his head, Chamack’s out of form, Chamack can’t adjust to our game blah blah blah.
    Consummate finish

  109. Nice start!!

  110. Rosicky looking quite creative so far

  111. Rosicky Chamakh! My anger loves you!

  112. conférencier

    hate to be a bother..but the above links aren’t broadcasting..any more links?

  113. The boys are playing some good stuff!

  114. Henderson playing in Cesc role.. Looking very good…

    Dreaming abt a midfield trio of Rambo, Lil Jack and Hende…

  115. How much playtime did RvP have in Arsenal at Bendtners age? It took a while before he became the main striker am i right?

  116. I wonder if Orient’s Jimmy Smith laughed when Chamakh scored.


  117. 😀

  118. My bad.. TR7 playing there but the front 4 of TR7 , Big Nic, MC29 and Henderson rotating well…

  119. well i think he will still laugh if we let in silly goals and let them win. Its not wise to taunt them to much before we actually win. Not that i doubt the boys, but with our luck anything can happen…

  120. Poodle

    Keep any eye out for the first DIC meeting – you’ll be welcomed with open arms with comments like that. The little fucker laughed as we lost the Carling Cup final; he deserves all the taunting he gets. Wherever he is because he isn’t able to play tonight. So he can’t be that good.


  121. Well, I won my auction, I’ve used the lucky egg cup and Arsenal are 1-0 up. Ain’t life sweet?

  122. I’ve heard a rumor that TR7 is looking to take up a coaching position at the club after he retires… It seems he is already taking sessions..

    Anyone else heard this?

  123. We are toying with them not just taunting them.

  124. Why is Yaya Toure always reported as Toure Yaya when he scores but on the rare occasion that Kolo did the same, he was known as Kolo Toure?

    Does playing for Barcelona shag up your ADN, sorry DNA, so much that you can’t remember how to spell your name?


  125. steww

    It’s like the Knights of Ni…


  126. steww,
    I would enjoy the ‘toying’more if we’d scored atleast another… Going 2-0 up at the break will help settling the nerves…

  127. bob you must be glad to have the wife back.

  128. YW its a difference between hating the team and not taunting the oponent. I dont think we will loose but i would hate if we did and we had laughed ourself silly at the cunts on the oponent teams earlier on cos we were so sure of winning. And as i said with our LUCK we may well loose, who knows what goes through the head of a referee that refs an arsenal match. They proven before that they can fuck up anything. You only have to look towards Newcastle to see that. If a ref can ruin a game like that, he can ruin any game.

  129. Great play by Diaby and great cross by Gibbs to set up the header for Bendtner. So our “rubbish” strikers have both scored in the first thirty minutes, huh?

  130. YW,

    if I remember correctly, when Yaya used to play for Farca, they used to write ‘Toure Yaya’ on his back…

    I think that’s where it started…

  131. And bendtner!

  132. WOW

  133. Beauty! What a worked goal. These moron commentators just do not understand what our players are doing.

  134. Btw anyone noticed that ALL our defenders play the ball out of defence just like Luis? That they are all tecnically superior(or very good) and that most of them got silky passes? Weird how nobody els noticed that in England.

  135. from the bbc, just immediately after we scored. LOL. he had similar comments leading to our first goal

    2014: I’d take being that rubbish, any day of any week. Meanwhile at the Emirates, Arsenal are huffing and puffing but they are struggling to find any real fluency against Leyton Orient. They continue to lead 1-0.

  136. LOvely goal by Big Daddy B. The anger loves him

  137. this is the comment before our first goal. LOL

    1952: Loose start from Arsenal at the Emirates, with Orient passing the ball around better if anything, but Abou Diaby has a shot blocked by Ben Chorley.

  138. Heh heh YW – “We are no longer the knights who say ni! We are now the knights who say ekki-ekki-ekki-pitang-zoom-boing!”

  139. Miquel looks like a TV5 clone with the way he closes in on opposition players…

  140. i want Diaby! when hes on fire hes way good! hope he can fire it up for the last part of the season

  141. We’ll never get credit in the FA Cup against a lower league team. Martin Keown’s being a knob on the radio as well if I’m honest.

  142. Almunia looking confident and Diaby is playing like he was never out.


  143. On the subject of moron commentators – I’ve The Grauniad’s minute by minute stuff going as well as a stream. Can someone verify the truth of this:

    31 min: Orient continue to build patiently and quite precisely but they can’t work themselves into shooting positions. “Watching the Arsenal-Orient game on a dodgy Internet stream from America’s Fox Soccer Channel. In the top right hand corner under HD LIVE it reads ‘Clash of the Giants’,” yammers Tom Mackie. “A tad misleading, it has to be said… Arsenal haven’t won a trophy in six years!”


  144. Are we witnessing the coming of another Arsenal jewel tonite in henderson?

  145. YW – no matter how often we see and hear it that kind of guff continues to stagger and amaze me. We look like we are on the training pitch against those manikins.

  146. Bendtner is finding his shooting boots for Barca.

  147. This game is looking more and more of a blessing with every minute…

    Both our strikers got a goal each and are looking good…
    Henderson making his senior debut and Miquel gets his 2nd…
    Diaby, Deni, Almunia, Gibbs, Squilly and Eboue getting valuable minutes..
    TR7 getting better and better..

    And not the least, Leyton Orient getting some well need cash…

  148. Goonzablazin'

    still huffning and puffing at 3-0… when will this side find some friggin’ fluency?

  149. Piece. Of. Piss.

  150. @ yw

    i think its sarcasm… its the only thing that makes sense

  151. Yogi
    Yes watching the game on FSC and it does indeed say “Glash of the Giants” in the top right hand corner

  152. Haha, the match is going well for Arsenal, so they’ve decided to discuss the Carling Cup final.

  153. From that position, he hardly misses NB does it again!

  154. *Clash

  155. Team Spirit

    Yep I’d got that bit, just wondered if some knobhead on Fox had enough balls to say it.


  156. What the fuck is Chorley playing at with that tackle?

  157. “Clash of the Giants” is Fox’s theme for the whole week, centered around yesterday’s match between the blue cunts and the red cunts. Good job, blue cunts.

  158. Wow, really good job by Mason. A yellow for a foul like that is definitely the right course of action. This should be put in ref teaching videos. People like Webb could learn from Mason, and Mason is not even a decent ref.

  159. @ IG, i guess that sums it up nocely. i was going to say now they would wish there was no replay, but alas, they get some needed all is well that ends well… a win-win

  160. Also: Denilson has been playing really well. He is finally starting to play more offensively as well. Some nice through passes by him.

  161. We could play Gibbs in front of Clichy at Nou Camp, just for his crosses! And to detain Alves.

  162. This game could be the turning point for some of these guys. Denilson and Diaby are looking very sharp.

  163. If we dont win this im gonna eat my hat.

  164. nocely = nicely

  165. 3-0. Hmm. Not good enough Arsene. Where is our english centre back ?

  166. Ben Chorley get’s booked quite deservedly, and his excuse: “I’ve got the ball”. Media, you have so much to answer for

  167. Horrible attempt wasn’t it? Obvious yellow, glad to see it punished. At last found a stream with commentary I can’t understand so I can turn up the crowd noise for the 2nd half.

  168. @ evil. you think that is cos he does not play with Song?

  169. Meanwhile, over on the Playboy Channel it is indeed “Gash of the

  170. Evil,
    Agree abt Deni.. He like others need game time to get to his best… Need him and others for the final 3 months…

  171. i think bendtner should play employed as an inverted winger on the left side. How many of his goals this season have come from cutting inside on his right foot then bending one into the far corner? i remember at least 3. anyways these commentators on FSC are pretty garbage, i’m getting good at tuning out those wankers and focusing on the crowd. good skill to have in my opinion.

  172. I am duke, I am.

    Of course, I’m drinking less now.

    What about those bowlers, eh?

  173. Emirates crowd is a f@ckin joke Tonight behaving like a loada spoilt kids.Embarassing.The team needs the fans on their side not on their backs. 3-0. Not an Ole to be heard.

  174. Goonzablazin'

    @ Mentalist-I’ve had the same thought if we’re going to play a tall striker some crosses whipped in from the left would cause Barca no little concern. Do we even know who they will play at CB and if Valdes is supposed to be back?

  175. on bbc,

    2035: Arsenal 3-0 Leyton Orient
    Chris Whyatt’s HT snap-shot: “Gunners home and dry. Can same be said about Carling Cup tears? Not sure yet…”

    Fucking Cunt…

  176. can chamakh ever hit the ball in anger?his first touch is always a back pass.was this how he playd in france?he is taking the false 9 position to an absurd level

  177. Six in nine in the cups for Bendtner, guys – but he’s still a bit of an enigma!

  178. Yes, I saw Chorley say that to the ref and then Chamakh. He seemed to genuinely believe that that one fact made he tackle alright.

    These boys should be taught the rules and not learn them from MOTD.

    Very risque, MD. Is that more an American term or have I led a sheltered life?

  179. ace9 – Remember those dried mushrooms you’ve taken can be a lot stronger than just eating them in the field.

  180. Actually ‘ace’, I think his first touch was into the net.

  181. bob,
    Anderson has been very poor.we are fielding like girls. win this world cup??my arse.

  182. Goonza, will probably be Puyol and Abidal, both good in the air… but surely Nikki can beat them.

  183. “the anger loves him” – thank you Gadget.

    And well done Wenger, well done.

  184. Actually, when you consider how few matches he’s started Bentner’s Arsenal scoring record is incredible.

  185. Who said rosicky had lost it?eat that sucker! That midfield of diaby,rosicky and deny could have won on sart they are that awesome and our strikers are doing the job.the defence,has orient had any shot on target,think not!i am becoming a cougar falling for miquel and then some.let’s wrap this up before they do their super sub.COYRS

  186. There’s more than one ‘ace’, steww?

    Bloody psilocybins. I knew I should have stuck to the button variety for tea.

  187. duke

    That’s what I like about you – consistency. Doomer about football, doomer about cricket. What’s your view on the 6 Nations….


  188. The media will continue to snipe at us until we start winning a few trophies so why worry about what they say? We are playing great. B team has found its mojo. NB for a hat trick and Diaby to get one. Seemed like a big risk putting Miquel, Gibbs and Henderson all on the left but it certainly has worked so far.

  189. Deni is getting more and more confident.. Gr8 long distance shot but straight at the keeper…

  190. What a silky move from Diaby… Deserved a goal abut the shot was just wide…

  191. Unlucky Abu – what a move!

  192. I don’t know what’s wrong with Anderson, duke.

    Mind you, with him bein a gooner, maybe it was the brum result. Of course, he was poor in the previous matches as well.

    He just looks pissed off. Tremlett should have been in the squad. I don’t know what he did to have been dropped. The squad just looks a bit ‘familiar’ and old boy’sish.

  193. Seeing the way the boys have been performing tonight I am again confident for the Barca tie. They can do it. If Diaby gets to play and finds his feet, Barca won’t have muc h to laugh.

  194. YW,

    the Irish will probably do us!!!

  195. Miquel looks so confident. Bossing the older players about. I love it.

  196. Great to have Diaby back,,,

  197. Thanks Laughing Boy….

  198. @Cbob – rustic Essex term, very agricultural, sorry.
    Diaby should try and go all the way more often.

  199. Hope no one gets hurt, Orient will start to try a Newcastle soon. Hard to pull that off without the active support of the ref of course.

  200. So do you guys realize that this is the first time this season that the title is in Arsenal’s hands. They don’t have to depend on another team to lose. If Arsenal win all of there remaining games, they win the title !

  201. Gr8 run from Gibbs but brought down in the box.. penalty…

  202. Great swerving run. Reminded me of Geordie Armstrong.

  203. Hattrick Bendtner! He is getting EVEN MORE confidence. I think he might prove to be quite a test for Barca … but obviously Sunderland comes first.

  204. Bentner ,, just what we need,,, ! Lets get that confidence up there boy!

  205. Big Nic gets his hattrick..

    Nasri on for TR7…. Mozart became sick??

  206. Wow, very impressive game by the “2nd” team.

  207. hattrick for nb52.

    not bad for a response!

  208. Teboue is on for Orient and Lil Jack on for Big Nic… Big Nic to start against Sunderland???

  209. So sad to see TR7 go off like that. He is one of my absolute favourites. Beautiful, cultured footballer who has had the worst luck.

  210. i dont get the subs ! Does not make any sense to me !

  211. TS, so many were worrying about our mental state after Sunday. Its as if they havent been watching how the team has bounced back after every defeat.

  212. What happened to Rosicky?

  213. Clichy is for Diaby..

    Gibbs playing in front of Clichy.. Practice for Farca??

  214. why did Diaby get a yellow card?

  215. timmyT when you play total football anyone can play anywhere.

  216. TimmyT, since we dont have RVP I believe Arsene is trying to keep NB fresh for Saturday and Rosicky seems to have a issue.

  217. Gibbs is very fast is he not? Barca dont like em fast do they?

  218. City ah mash up Villa to backside!

  219. unable to watch our game so am tuned into the valencia-barca game.guardiola is really trying out tactics with biscets and abidal at cb.if valencia can play like ths for 90 minutes,am sure barca could be a little bit fatigued when we play them considering they play seville on sat who i think can give them a good run for their money.does anyone know if valdes has been dropped?

  220. Barcelona to lose today

  221. @Paul N… the better to shock them

  222. Gael??????????????????? Fuck

  223. Clichy scores… 5-0….

  224. Clichy .. his first goal in how many years? Awesome!

  225. Valdes is injured

  226. Stew why risk both left backs when it would be better to perhaps throw some one on that needs a run out. The game is in the bag, what if jack was to get mowed down and joins the walking wounded. It has nothing to do with who is playing where! If one of clichy or gibbs picks up a knock we are down to one left back.. ?

  227. You see the smile on Samir’s face? Priceless.
    Lovely bit of skill from Miquel at the start of that move.

  228. Sorry timmyT misunderstood your post. I too hate seeing ‘big’ players in these bit part tournaments with huge games coming up. However we really do not know what Le Boss knows or what he needs to see from his players, what his plans are etc.
    Sometimes as fans we have to trust those who know more than us.

  229. Steww, I have faith mate ! le boss knows best!

  230. Paulie Walnuts


    Valdes has near post-itis

    On our game – thought Charlie Daniels would be banned.

    Adrian Chiles was taking the p*ss when our first half goals were shown earlier. Nobhead.

  231. From the beeb
    “Emmanuel Eboue, who hasn’t been at his best defending, sets a goal up here,”
    every fucking comment has to be poisoned, even the positive has to have a negative ring to it.

  232. Loving the way Clichy and Gibbs rotating at will on the left flank….

  233. I wish Chamakh would get a little more direct with his play, a little more selfish.

  234. I’m surprised by the fitness of the Orient players… 85mins over but still full of running….

  235. PaulN – I wonder if it’s confidence? He looks like he needs to believe he’s good enough to lead the line at The New Highbury. Imagine training with RVP, Cesc and Nasri – it must make you think… fuck!

  236. I think it is confidence steww, he was turning with the ball at the beginning of the season but now every times he gets the ball its like he is looking to lay it off.

    I hope someone tells him about it, he is a great player and can score goal as we all know.

  237. Well done Arsenal. Well done you lot, great to have your company.
    Theatre Of Turds here we come.

  238. Gr8 game.. Couldn’t have asked for a better game to get over Sunday…

    Well done to Leyton Orient.. Gave us a good game for 180min and would love to play against such teams…

  239. Good game and exactly what the doctor prescribed. Need to continue the good showing of form against Sunderland though. Everyone played well, though I’d like to single out Bendtner (obviously), Diaby, Denilson and Rosicky with the latter three really keeping it tight in midfield. Also Henderson had a decent debut and Miquel was again good.

  240. Rosicky looked really good running the show. I was desperate for him to do well after all that has been said about him recently.

  241. Valencia still giving Broke Back Barca a game. 0-0 approaching HT.
    I thought Miquel looked extremely composed. Bartley, Hoyte et al must be looking on and wondering. I’m delighted to have him as fifth choice CB.

  242. I thoght the substitutions were very clever, bringing on three players who were part of that losing side at Wembley to enjoy an emphatic win with no risk and no need to tire themselves.

    Clever, Arsene, clever.

  243. steww,
    Messi missed couple of chances from what i read.. He still must be in Kos’s pockets.. Miquel is indeed looking good and will take him as our 5th choice with open arms..

  244. Talking of Bartley, he played for Rangers against Celtic tonight.
    A game not for the faint hearted, Rangers had three players sent off, Bartley wasn’t one of them though!

  245. cbob,
    Indeed.. Especially Nasri and Lil Jack.. They need to be in good state for the weekend…

  246. I don’t think Batca look happy, but what do I know. To be honest it doesn’t matter. It only matters how we play against them.
    Still, little matter of Sunderland first eh?

  247. bring on manure!

  248. TR7 has a small concussion… Hope he returns soon..

    According to Opta, there were 1254 passes in tonight’s game.. The game against Farca had 1114.

  249. Opta on twitter.
    499 – L Orient’s total of 499 passes v Arsenal tonight is higher than 13 of the 14 PL away teams to play at the Emirates this season. Pluck.

  250. Mj:sunderland first and the barca before the red nosed f ucks.

  251. Borges Spinelli

    Just the sort of game we needed to reinforce the belief of our team. Should we enforce another emphatic win against Sunderland, without further injuries sustained, and Cesc back in the squad (on the bench, I’ll be the first on the plane to Camp Nou.

    Orient played well, but were outclassed by the magnificence of Arsenal. They can hold their heads up with pride at playing football the way it ought to be played. Unlike the two boring overrated Manchester teams.

    PS: I’m thrilled Chamakh proved my earlier aspersions wrong, by scoring. Boy, oh, boy did he need that for confidence boost.

  252. 1 loose cannon

    I heard few people moaning about a replay but I was happy to have replay. I thought lots of our players need games and they had an extra game to get their fitness and match sharpness up. My only concern was seeing Wilshere and Nasri coming on but no injuries and the job was done. It was really a good thing to have this replay to boost the confidence ahead of the Sunderland game.

  253. Chamakh is still missing that hunger he had at the start of the season, even after his goal he couldn’t risk a shot.

    Oh and Barça looking very very fragile.

  254. Getting fiery between Valencia and the Farce.

  255. Bloody hell that Pinto looks crackers.

  256. 1 loose cannon

    Watching the BarcelonaV Valencia game . I’m amazed at this Velencia team , they are actually playing in the Barcelona half, battered them for the last 20 minutes and they should be 3 nil up. They closed down every Barceolona player, Barcelona look average at the moment.

  257. 1 loose cannon

    I think Arsenal have shown other teamsther are other ways to beat Barcelona parking the bus does not always work. Valencia playing a high line like we did and pushing Barcelona in their own half.

  258. Barca score

  259. 1 loose cannon

    Barca 1 up, Valencia switched off for a minute and Messi punishes them. Valencia did not take their chances.

  260. I don’t live in the UK so maybe you guys might know Mark Jackson. I watched the game on Fox Soccer Channel and had to listen to Martin Tyler and Mark Jackson make insulting comments about Arsenal all game.

    In the first half Denilson tried to avoid a studs up challenge from an Orient player and was caught slightly by the players trailing leg. According to Mark Jackson Denilson deserved to be injured for not committing to the tackle, he was also making fun of Rosicky, claiming the Czech international was faking his injury.

    Why do people hate AFC so much?

  261. I really enjoyed the game tonight, very good response after the cup loss. I think Henderson will be a very good player for Arsenal, he did seem a bit tentative, i think he didn’t want to make a mistake but his touch was a joy to behold.
    I also liked Miquel’s long range passing, he seemed to grow as the game wore on, another CB off the production line.

  262. Colney – Matt Jackson was just a journeyman footballer. Played for Wigan amongst numerous other teams.

  263. I think the way we can win at the nou camp will be in 3 stages

    1. don’t concede in the first half, because we will come under immense pressure.
    2. don’t concede right after the break
    3. if we can keep it tight until the 70min and score a goal they will need 3 to progress, they are not the fittest team in the world. most of our goals have come after the 70min when they seem to tire.

  264. Keeper should have saved Messi’s shot it was too close to the middle of the goal. He got too weak of a hand to it.

    Valencia look a bloody good team though. A lot of quality there, the ball sticks like magic. Mata in particular is very impressive.

    Conclusion: We will certainly get chances at Camp Nou. We MUST take them. Who’d have thought it eh?

  265. Dupps
    Makes sense now, still why the disparaging comments about AFC? I really don’t get it, can’t these commentators just “call” the game without showing any bias whatsoever?

  266. Sorry for Valencia, it seems the better team on the day didnt win, such is life.

  267. Abou Diaby completed all 47 of his passes in the first half according to OptaJoe

  268. I wonder if Jimmy Smith was laughing after we put 5 past his team.

  269. Let’s see how long it’ll take for Barcuntslona to start talking about Miquel’s DNA.

  270. Colney – his comment about Rosicky was appalling. Something along the lines of, ‘maybe he thinks he has done enough tonight and wants a rest’.

  271. “Let’s see how long it’ll take for Barcuntslona to start talking about Miquel’s DNA.”

    Apparently BBB wanted him back at the time Arsenal were showing an interest having let him go earlier in his career. However, Ignasi made the right decision!

  272. Arsene Wenger’s reaction after the game:
    on Conor Henderson’s debut…
    “If you look at all the English players that come out now, it’s amazing. He has done well, and shown that he is technically at the level that we request here. He has a nice, smooth left foot and good build. He would have been involved a long time ago but he was injured.”

    on Tomas Rosicky’s injury…
    “He is good, he had an elbow on his head. He was a bit dizzy so we took him off.”

    So Matt Jackson whoever you are go fuck yourself!

  273. The game was good fun tonight. Everyone played well. I thought our two young reserves were impressive. A couple of stray passes from Henderson, but that’s to be expected from a youngster on his first start for the first team. It was great to see Denilson getting more involved in the game, he’s playing himself into form at just the right time. Shame about Rosicky, I just hope it’s not serious and any c*nt making jokes about it deserves to die horribly.

    I have to give credit to Orient, who played football tonight and did not resort to the overly physical stuff (Chorley excepted!) or the long ball unlike some limited PL teams! All in all the game was just what the doctor ordered – a run out for those in need of it, an easy victory without having to break into a sweat, clean sheet, a hatrick for NB52 and a goal for Chamakh. Shame that some of our fair weather fans didn’t bother to turn up tonight, but those of us that did showed our support for the team and ‘one Arsene Wenger’. Here’s to step two, Sunderland on Saturday.

  274. I liked the way Abou played tonight, his one-two with Chamakh deserved a goal but he was unlucky, his shot just missed the inside of the post. I just hope he doesn’t get injured and can get a run of games he can give Song some much needed rest.

  275. P.S. I nearly forgot to mention, the collectors item – a goal for Gael Clichy. And very well taken it was too!

  276. In a few years the English national team could have some of the most technically astute players around thanks to Wenger’s vision of molding his own English talent. 😀

  277. Clichy has more goals than Jermaine Defoe lol

  278. @Colney

    I caught the commentators comment about Denilson deserved to be hurt and thought that was one of the stupidest things I have heard all week. A grown man should be well and truly ashamed to say something so silly.

  279. Miquel reminds me of Pique he’ll fill out his frame in the coming years.

  280. Lovely moment when Sammy waved his finger and smiled at Gael; really good vibes in this team..
    Consols: Enjoy a little Leonard too.. it’s not in the least depressing, esp. “Famous Blue Raincoat”. Cheers me up everytime..

  281. Bradys right foot

    The replay was a blessing in disguise as it put a little more distance in football terms between Sundays loss and the rest of the season. Regardless of how the fans feel atm the players have to be absolutely buzzing. Ok the result on Sunday was bad but look at the position in the league, an opportunity of FA cup progress at Old Trafford, the chance to play Barca at the Camp Nou and the league title in our hands. Seriously all gooners should be captivated excited and yes nervous but its going to be a great ride hold on tight and enjoy gooners.

  282. Bradys right foot

    ponyboy | March 2, 2011 at 11:46 pm |

    “Lovely moment when Sammy waved his finger and smiled at Gael; really good vibes in this team.”

    Seen that to mate. Sammy was ribbing our free scoring left back saying he didn’t mean it lol.

  283. @Mark Hughes – When even Tony Pubis doesn’t shake your hand, and the elegant Mancini (for now!) hardly touches you ; have you got undesirable habits ??? AW and Cesc, as ever, knew you for what you are.. (smirk)
    Thanks to Harrods for keeping Citeh down though. Bed ? Oh, ok, mama.

  284. At the risk of being risque, enjoyed Cohen’s book “Beautiful Losers”?

  285. Well well well well well…just got back from the game. It was freezing. Must have been about 45,000 in the ground, which given that LO had an extra allocation was fucking pathetic. Perhaps the poor lambs don’t like the cold.

    Players did not care though. Excellent performance and, like Passenal, I enjoyed watching Ignassi and Conor. I was intrigued by Kieran and Gael playing together down the left in the last part of the game. I wonder if we might try that against Barcelona Athletic on Tuesday.


  286. Frank,
    Even I liked the Gibbs-Clichy cameo from the left… I wouldn’t mind seeing that game against Farca targetting Big Nic and\or Chamakh with crosses…

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