Nasri Agrees Terms, Spare A Thought For Rambo & Wembley Beckons

In the midst of the bad news about Cesc and Theo missing tomorrow’s Carling Cup Final, outstanding news about Samir Nasri with his contract terms apparently agreed and ready to be signed. It is just the tonic, vindication for the club’s attitude of taking these matters out of the spotlight and dealing with them quietly as opposed to the issue continually be raked through the back pages.

Frequently Arsenal’s transfer and contract policy – generally secretive – is criticised,  targets tumbling through the back pages as if Autumnal leaves fallen to the ground, swept along in the clearing breeze. The policy though pays off when senior players are able to deal with these matters away from the media gaze and concentrate on football, on the pitch where it really counts.

Twelve Months On

On the periphary is Aaron Ramsey, someone for whom we should spare a thought this weekend. Tomorrow is the first anniversary of the assault which set back his career. Perhaps he is wondering what might have been, surely a natural reaction given that a cup final appearance has gone begging for the young Welshman.

Whilst there is always hope that his career will be bedecked with rewards, seeing him in the first team shirt against Orient this week will be suitably fitting. Arsene observed immediately after the Stoke match last February that Ramsey could be their ‘inspiration’. It’ is a little later than anticipated but nonetheless, the players could do worse than think of those who absence is enforced as motivation.

Wembley Ways

So to Wembley. Birmingham City will not be kicking Arsenal out of Wembley Stadium tomorrow according to Sebastian Larsson, who believes that the favourites are an altogether tougher prospect physically, than they have been in the past. Larsson might like to mention that to his boss and colleagues to ensure that no-one believes a ‘getting to know you’ challenge is a good way to start a final.

Personally, I am hoping that we do not get a replay of the encounter between the two sides that took place at Highbury on 30th November 1985. It wins, hands down, the somewhat dubious accolade of ‘The Worst Football Match I Ever Saw‘.

And that says something as I can remember an almost equally dismal goalless draw against Coventry some years later that we trawled to Highbury for, instead of staying at home and watching it on ITV. It was before pubs showed football, kids.

That match in 1985 was notable for a young David Seaman keeping goal for the visitors that day and generally having very little to do after an early chance went begging. In fact, there were not any chances after that, a rare game where no shots on target were recorded.

Tomorrow’s focus is being diverted to Cesc Fàbregas, or rather his absence. The Spainard’s hamstring has tweaked, Arsène preferring that it would not be twanged by playing his mercurial capitán. The manager’s decision is no doubt influenced by last season,

Would I play him if it was the last game of the season? I don’t think so, I don’t think so. You’re asking me whether he could play with the injury? Certainly not at 100 per cent. And he could make the damage much worse.

If this was the only chance of silverware this season, I wonder if Wenger would be so reticent to include Cesc. Certainly those other targets are not forgotten and the manager stopped short of telling Cesc to get over it but not by much.

His team-mates still want him to collect the trophy though – perhaps Arsène does as well – and that is a good sign of the togetherness that five wilderness (© overusedtermsinthemedia plc) years have brought about. A slew of ‘We’ll win it for Cesc‘ stories were cut off at the knees as the captain insisted that the trophy be won for the fans. He did not use the word ‘long suffering‘ but was not far off it.

That’s it for today, God Bless The Good Ship Wigan Athletic and all who sail upon her, hopefully you will be given the strength to overcome Manchester United this afternoon. Failing that, just get a huge dollop of luck so that the first part of this weekend’s double-header can go to plan.

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. The sweet FA have declared Rambo ineligible for the Orient replay as he wasn’t available for the first game

  2. Was that a first?

  3. What the FA or your comment? For the former, probably not. The latter, indeed.


  4. whats your source for the nasri contract yw??
    i read something the same a while back that he had agreed terms but he was putting pen to paper when the season was done??

    ‘God Bless The Good Ship Wigan Athletic and all who sail upon her, hopefully you will be given the strength to overcome Manchester United this afternoon. Failing that, just get a huge dollop of luck so that the first part of this weekend’s double-header can go to plan.’

    lol…amen to that

  5. The worst game I remember at Highbury was in 1997/98 against Crystal Palace when it took a Gilles Grimandi header to deliver three points after a wretched game.

    Of course, I may have the opponents, the year or the scorer wrong. Moreover, this may not have been the worst game I saw at Highbury at all.

    I think it was though. I do remember that it was the first time that I took consolslel all the way from Devon to the Big City to watch a match. She said she enjoyed it. Bless her.

  6. yeah rambos ineligable.. 😦
    it seems many of us missed that little loophole due to our excitement of his return…
    but we play more games than just orient he’ll be in the side soon somewhere..

  7. cbob

    I think that’s why the Brum match in 85 is my worst; I took my then girlfriend, who pointedly said, “You pay to watch that. Every week?”….


  8. JonJon

    If you click on Samir’s name in the post, the link is embedded. Woo-hoo, oh yeah, I’ve learned a web term and I’m gonna use it.


  9. cbob

    Cels was probably enraptured by GG’s tousled main skipping like a loon across the turf after he’d hooked the ball home.


  10. As Arsene said yesterday, even without Cesc we have the squad to cope. I don’t expect it to be easy but I do beleive we will win. The sound of 4-1 seems to ring about right.

  11. very clever yw..
    there it is.. 😉
    i was worried that it was just a regurgitated story but the last one i read was that he had signed 75k a week
    this does seem updated tho- 100k an all that jazz..
    woop.. good news and well done to samir he deserves it…

  12. The sound of 4-1 seems to ring about right.

    Amen to that

    C’mon Wigan, you can do it

  13. i dont even think we will concede tomorrow..
    our defence is solid and our midfield controls most teams..
    brum will struggle

  14. I see she was a ‘then’ girlfriend Yogi.

    So it was a shot? I had it in my brain that it was a headed goal.

    Too many chemicals, too much cider and beer.

  15. I hope it’s not being suggested that Cesc be included on the bench, purely in order to collect the trophy. If so, remember the saying “Don’t count your chickens” and also we may need all our benchers come the end, bearing in mind, Bowyer and Co.

  16. Ha ha – like the © overusedtermsinthemedia plc; as has already been mentioned in previous days, the most predictable new start up from Sunday will be HavntwonaMAJORtrophyinfiveyears Ltd (

    For me, ANY game featuring Stoke, Birmingham, and prior to this year at least, Bolton – all constitute the worst games I’ve seen pretty much by default as any side that a) parks the bus (mobile latrine block in Stoke’s case), b) glories in ‘getting in our faces’ and c) has an otherwise tactics free approach to a long-ball/set piece ‘game philosophy’ – these all represent the antithesis of football as we know it, Jim.

    Must admit though, Stoke and their supporters have taken things to entirely new depths – there’s something really quite dark about the whole hideous little club, the ghastly Pointless, sorry, Pulis, the nazi-esque supporters and the grim swamp-like town from which they emerged, blinking in the sunlight.

    So Sunday’s final, IMO, should be played for Rambo and ahead of Cesc who I have a sneaking suspicion will appear at some point in the proceedings; with a bit of luck they’ll both be playing together at some point in the FA Cup soon enough …

  17. Team for tomorrow?


    Sagna Djourou Koscielny Clichy

    Wilshere Song Diaby

    Nasri RVP Arshavin

  18. Cesc on the bench for a token appearance right at the end? or is that me just being too sentimental?

    Just gotta win this game. Its ‘only’ the league cup but it would be too damaging to lose it. Unthinkable.

  19. so how many medals are available, would those in the squad in previous rounds but not today like cesc and theo due to injuries not collect medals?

    i recall something like that for hleb in the cl

  20. it seems many ppl are choosing between nikki and diaby fo tomorrow..
    im going with nikki…

  21. Nicky

    No, I was suggesting that if this was the only trophy we could win, Arsene’s attitude might not be so relaxed about leaving Cesc out.


  22. team spirit

    The club can mint as many copies of medals as they want and they frequently do for members of the squad who don’t qualify for official medals. Tomorrow, only those on the bench and pitch qualify for official medals.


  23. Absolutely brilliant

    C’mon Mr UMG, bring it on….

  24. i would beg to differ with le boss – in that if this was the last game of the season and a trophy chance as it is, then i reckon cesc would be involved – even if wenger didnt pick him i reckon cesc would sub himself on ! 🙂 el capitan wants a final chance with arsenal soooo bad

  25. at least we have another mr arsenal as captain tomorrow in RVP

  26. Walton-upon-Stoke to the left, BrumDean to the right.
    Slurgussians everywhere.

    At the heart of the auld enemy:

  27. A friend who was at the Stoke game the other night told me the Stoke fans were singing “Ryan Shawcross he’ll break your leg”.

    Can anyone confirm this.

  28. wouldnt surprise me at all marc
    did he also hear 1 nil to the arsenal?
    arsenals no1 to our pole in goal?

  29. i would put cesc on the bench to be honest..
    but no way in hell would he play..not even for the last minute..
    we are strong enough for brum without him but if his hammy was damaged further risking him tomorrow for sentimental reasons and we lost him for a month or two it would derail our momentum. and we defo need him for the run in..

  30. YW
    its 6 years not 5 without a trophy

    Cbob the Grimandi goal was not a header but an overhead kick,not quite a Rooney though.As for worst games any game under the managership of Don boring Howe so bad gates were regularly under 20,000

    Tomorrow easy 2-0 win.Szczesny the Legend wont be beaten

  31. Really looking forward to the game tomorrow. Not a foregone conclusion by any means so I think the players will be very focused indeed….making it a foregone conclusion..which it is’nt. Nope.

  32. The final on sunday should not be played for Eduardo,Rambo,Cesc and Theo but for the most important people at the club.THE FANS

  33. There is an IKEA sale on. An opportunity too good to miss. The Wembley car parks will be stuffed to the gunnels with flat-packed bargains, I expect.

  34. I recall that dreadful Coventry game too Yogi, especially for sitting behind some bloke with the biggest perm of the 80`s.

    There`s no question Brum will get into us tomorrow so it`s important we stand up to them without turning it into the kind of game they want. As long as we play our football we`ll be fine.

  35. clickclickclick

  36. Ah, thank you William.

  37. Definitely unthinkable Yogi…

  38. Obviously there are a lot if cameras at every top flight game and i dont know if it’ll make any difference but I wonder just how physical Birmingham will be knowing an audience of millions will be watching live?

  39. Thanks for the Nasri vid. finsbury. What a cool kid he was.. “Par ce QUE!”

  40. Can someone please explain whats going on in this video…featuring our very own J Djourou getting some action in an afro…hahahahaha

  41. Before Castor Semenya beat the Kenyan world champion in the 800 metres Olympic final her coach told her: “KILL THEM!” Tomorrow we have “A view to kill.”

  42. Hahaha Arseman that is hilarious… seems like a viral video for a movie

  43. William, it’s only been 5. Unless you think Chelsea fans are sitting around saying that it’s been a year without a trophy.

  44. Tennessee Arsenal

    I like that Finsbury, thanks for putting it up!

  45. Fucking hell. Erdinger is not a session beer.

  46. Still not sure if I will be watching the game tomorrow.

  47. Shrek getting away with a elbowing a player in the head from behind with no punishment…they better retroactively punish him for that…

  48. Wigan are taking it to the Mancs…good to see!

  49. Don’t be silly Maria, of course you will be. We’ve all been through tougher times together than this game.

    Fun all the way.

  50. Wigan are losing, but they’re great to watch. That second chance would have been a fantastic goal.

  51. And ManU do not like being pressed.

  52. Watching ManU play is so boring. Most of the time they just do not seem interested in attacking, instead passing the ball up and down on a small portion of the left flank. On the other hand, Wigan are a joy to watch, as usual, and I genuinely hope they stay up.

  53. Russian commentators on my stream prefer to talk about Arshavin and Fabregas instead of ManU!

  54. They way Manure set up you would think they are the underdogs in this match…I don’t know how anyone supports their shit style of play and shit players…

  55. *The

  56. I think it’s a bit like watching Chelsea from a few years ago.

  57. I have a sneaking suspicion that Wigan are going to pull one back and take two points off of these clowns…

  58. Nani is such a one-dimensional football player. He does the same thing ALl the time: dribble on the edge of the box, quick turn and then shoot with his left boot far wide.

  59. I fully agree, vice. They do not even press Wigan. They just stand off, as if they are afraid that Wigan might slice them open if they commit some players.

  60. Like pouring acid in your eyes watching manu. Still we have to support whoever plays them now.

  61. Wigan living fucking dangerously here. Come on you blues.

  62. Can someone tell Nani that the rugby game is at Twickenham.

  63. Villa are really giving Blackburn a hiding…

  64. Trying to pass the time I was wondering which of these vile specimens I like least.
    Just as I think it’s hard to look beyond Rooney they have a close up of Nani who is a truly revolting specimen.
    Then I remember Fletcher, vile scum sucking inheritor of the Phil Neville award for revolting face/playing style combination.
    And how could any list of world’s worst be complete without Scholes?
    It really is a difficult game to play.

  65. darn! If that is Samir as a 12 year old he is really mature, reflected and almost a bit to smart for an 12 year old. Thats sacary lol. Wonder if my kids will ever turn out that reflected and smart at age 12.

  66. I’ll be damned – a United vegetable given a yellow card.

  67. Ah Well – we’ll have to beat them ourselves.

  68. Jeez – the sycophancy. I wonder what will happen if Rooney actually scores.

  69. I wish i would believe in Wigan being able to score two in the next ten minutes and draw…as can sometimes happen with us…unfortunately not

  70. Darius,
    we want them to atleast draw once before we play them.. Hope Chel$ki and Pool get a result against ManUre…

  71. On the contrary they now give up…

  72. Utd’s goal differences grows.It could be vital as could the 2 pts we threw away at Wigan

  73. We’ve lost our last two finals let’s hope we don’t make it a hatrick!

  74. I never once doubted Nasri’s long-term future with us. Afterall, he loves Arsenal, respects Wenger and us fans.

  75. @poodle ~ pedants corner time! Reflective, shurely ? But yeah, what a kid! Suppose being a genius helps..

  76. anybody who needs a great game.. bayern vs dortmund is frenetic with super goals and quality..

  77. I think the only coach in the world that would be worthy to succeed our own Wenger must be Juergen Klopp, the manager of Borussia Dortmund.

  78. What a miss by Barrios when hitting the net would have been ten times easier. I hope Dortmund won’t regret that miss.

  79. KS, that’s true for most of Bundesliga games.

  80. And german teams will be even stronger with the 4th CL spot.

  81. timlurleng

    Nobody said Nasri had signed, merely that the terms had been agreed. Crucial difference.


  82. And deservedly so. If it wasn’t for Arsenal I think the German Bundesliga would be the most entertaining league in the world. While you can expect that Bayern will always be close to the top, no matter what happens, everything else in the league is absolutely unpredictable. Dortmund have one of the youngest teams in the league, the age average is something like 22,7 and they are running away with it. Two seasons ago Wolfsburg won it and now they are hanging just above the relegation zone.

  83. I remember in ’09, Hertha Berlin were leading the Bundesliga until the last game but one. They got relegated the next season.

    Truly a fantastic league.

  84. The Bundesliga is truly awesome, and I would love to see an Arsenal-Dortmund game….

    Dortmund are ripping apart Bayern at the moment now…

  85. Nice to see that dives are actually getting booked in the Bundesliga.

  86. In that way Brazilian Serie A is just as competitive/unpredictable, with at least 8 teams aiming for the title every year. But the league grows incredibly slow.

    While the Germans sell a spectacle to the world, with good football, amazing supporters and the best visual production, Brazilian league is going backwards, with teams are fighting over TV rights for this season and some of them wanting to negotiate individually (for the first time in three decades), and we just might end up the same La Liga, where two teams earn 500% more than the rest.

  87. Let’s not forget that the referees can actually do their job in the Bundesliga.

  88. The worst game I ever saw was in the 70’s, home against Leeds. I think the score was 4-1 with Armstrong scoring our goal.

    I think that it was the night of a european final involving, most probably Liverpool, and there were just a few thousand there. To say that we were bad, would be a compliment. I remember one player who was particularly bad, but then he was every time whe played, Geroge Johnstone.

  89. Fucking hell. Where did this Bundesliga greatest league in the world shit come from? Bollocks.

  90. Good luck to the Arsenal tomorrow.

  91. Good luck to the Arsenal at Wembley.

  92. Yogi,

    I went to both those games mentioned.

    The game against Birmingham was inded dire, it was also one of the coldest games I ever went to ……I stood on the clock end that day and about 5 minutes from time Stuart Robson went on a mazy run beating about 5 players and toe poking it about an inch wide!

    The other game against Cov’ was the second coldest I have ever been to and if memory serves we were in a real good run of form, we were top I think…..the thing I recall about that game was the junior gunners lobbing snowballs at Cov’ players every time they took throw ins in front of the West stand.

    Why I remember that heaven knows.

    The worst game I ever went to was against Leicester in 1985, Woodcock scored a cracker after about 5 minutes and then it desended into the worst dross ever, although that was common place in the 1985 86 season!!!!

  93. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Blackburn got bossed, Darius. Nice to see Super Bobby Pires running the show for Villa.

  94. Off topic, but worthy of Arseblog ~~ AA on “Weird and Wonderful”, on being asked what he would cook AW for Dinner : “I know he likes fish, but i would give him meat!”
    It’s a classic series, and check out B52 aswell..

  95. dups

    No desire to denigrate JETs efforts but WTF was the goalkeeper playing at?


  96. 100th ? Yay! Everyone out boozing…
    Just thinking about our players, and their backgrounds. Tech9 lived on some schemie estate, as his dad divorced early; Sammy grew up on a nasty ‘Banlieau’ in the nastiest city in France.. Infact all our French players come from hard / evil places; only JD had it soft in Switzerland.
    To sum up – we are hardly spineless! Tommorow will show it… PLZ!

  97. Oh dear Cashley & Shrek could both be in trouble.

  98. @dups,

    What did they do?

  99. Cashley fired an air rifle at some young work experience kid and Shrek elbowed a Wigan player

  100. How did Rooney escape without a red card for his assault on Wigan’s McCarthy?

  101. Because the referees are bloody cowards and will not go against the purple nosed one.


    The chances of Rooney being punished – a red card would have meant him missing Tuesday’s trip to Chelsea, the Liverpool encounter at Anfield next Sunday and an FA Cup sixth-round tie against Arsenal or Leyton Orient – appear non-existent as Clattenburg would have to tell the FA he did not see what happened. And, as he sought him out at half-time, Martinez knows Clattenburg did.

    “I saw the referee at half-time,” said the Wigan chief. “He said he felt it was not a red card and that Rooney had just clipped McCarthy.”

  103. Rooney does not foul anyone. He is the one who is sinned against. A drink of wine anyone.

  104. Let’s put this in the bag for everyone!the players,the fans,the manager,the staff at arsenal and most of all to the haters so that we can ram down their throats ‘they havent won anything in 5 yrs’ Come on boys in red!

  105. I saw the blatant elbow by rooney, and the replays.

    It was a blatant act of thuggery that would get you a custodial sentence if you pulled that stint in the street.

    The plundits checked on the replays and clattenberg was not looking in rooney’s direction at the time of the incident (even they thought it was a straight red and the ref simply hadn’t seen it).

    The ref saw the aftermath, but for him to claim he saw the incident and to claim it was not worthy of a red card is seriously dishonest.

    Firstly because he clearly did not, and secondly because it is also extremely cynical in that him telling Martinez he saw it is calculated to ensure the FA do nothing about it.

    That’s not to say they can’t do anything about it, as another blogger a month or three ago pointed out, the FA just use that excuse to avoid being forced to do something they don’t want to do.

    So rooney will escape with a blatant act of thuggery, unlike thatcher, who, despite the ref clearly seeing the incident, still got nailed for it afterwards.

    I see fungusbum has come out all guns blazing, claiming the media will make a meal of it and go for him because it’s rooney” (attack the best form of defence?).

    His ruse has worked.

    I see a dearth of any coverage of it apart from 1 English newspaper, and otherwise only a scattering of international ones.

    If that had been committed by an Arsenal player, sly sports/news would have it on a loop replay every 15 minutes (remember Bergkamp’s intentional non-contact directed stamp at Carragher?).

    Utterly disgusting

    At worst AW would have claimed he didn’t see it.

    Fungusbum is demanding that his players be allowed to carry on like that.

    The manu hordes are gathering.

    It started with us playing against 14, now any team vs manusa are going to face 14.

    It will be so sweet when we win this league, and we should not let any of these cvnts get away with basking in any glory.

    if a hanson or any other slimeball tries to eulogize us, we should ensure they are left in no doubt that they are showers of shite and belong outside in the snow, looking in through the window at the warmth within.

  106. As Rolf Harris was wont to say, can you guess what it is yet? I can and it looks like today’s post is up:

    Oh yeah, it’s there. I’m soooooooooooooo excited that I couldn’t have slept a wink had I not chemically induced it.


  107. Beep beep beep….

    What’s that?

    It’s the sound of the Arsenal open top bus reversing back into the garage


    You gooner muppets!

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