Wolves Preview: Arsenal Look To Escape The Pack

The chance to erase the memory of St James’ Park presents itself this afternoon as Wolves travel to The Emirates, bouyed by their victory over Manchester United seven days ago. Perhaps we should applaud them onto the pitch for turning a wretched twenty minutes into something not so bad after all. On paper at least.

An unusual international week for Arsène with only one injury to report, Tomáš Rosický returning with a groin strain. The Arsenal manager has a luxury this season with all absentees aside from Thomas Vermaelen, fit for duty in the coming week, Cesc and RvP’s mysterious bugs have cured in the past seven days. Miraculously.

With the visit of Barcelona looming ominously large on the horizon, Wenger has been keen to point out that this afternoon is the only match that matters,

[The derby] will not influence us. We are in a period where the home games are vital and we want to be strong until the end of the season at home.

This is crucial. For Arsenal to win the league, they have purely to concentrate on winning their home games. Today’s visitors ought not to produce too stern a test; they have taken four points from thirty six on their travels this season, the reason that they are second from bottom in the table this morning. It might not be a rout, defeats at the rest of the top four have been by a single goal but a win must be secured.

For Wenger, the personal landmark of his 550th game as manager will be of secondary importance. This season has seen the unexpected on the pitch in the Premier League with none of the frontrunners able to capitalise on a small lead at the top. Should someone be able to do so now, that lead might become insurmountable.

Arsenal are best placed to establish that sort of lead. Wenger will be concerned by the collapse at Newcastle but perhaps the international week has done the players good, taking their concentration onto other footballing matters.

The big decision for Wenger today is whether Johan Djourou starts. The Swiss international has been key to the defensive improvement in recent months. Whilst the report suggesting a sixteen month unbeaten run in the Premier League is disingenuous, twenty six matches since a defeat in the league is an indication of the importance that Djourou is assuming in the team. Here is a vindication of Wenger’s policy of scouring the world for the best talent at younger age.

Wolves have not beaten Arsenal since 1979, a year when they won twice at Highbury. That was a different Wolves era and this afternoon ought to see a home win.  Wenger’s XI, despite protestations to the contrary, will have half an eye cast toward midweek but not many surprises:

Szczesny; Sagna, Koscielny, Squillaci, Clichy; Fabregas, Song, Wilshere; Walcott, van Persie, Arshavin

For once we will be hoping that City’s obscene wealth produces a team performance at Old Trafford, a win for the visitors would be nice but not something I am pinning my hopes on; a draw will suffice. Arsenal need to win irrespective and forget midweek until the final whistle.

Enjoy the match wherever you are watching it. ’til Tomorrow.

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  1. jd must play…
    why take the risk with inconsistent squilacci..
    wolves scored by two headers v mancs i think
    jd in…

  2. “all absentees aside from Thomas Vermaelen, fit for duty in the coming week”

    You think Nasri (or Fabianski) are fit again?

  3. first 😉
    good post as well..sorry..got caught up in the jd ’emotion’
    we wont collapse like newcastle..we have about 3-4 of those type of games per season..
    weve got them out of our system, expect a backlash today..

  4. JonJon,

    Unless Johan is 100%, I would go with Yogi’s team and I just don’t see the point in risking him at this point. Squil and Kos should be able to do a job “IF” the team are on song in possession and going forward. That is where I think the impact of last week will be best tested. Do we still have the belief, confidence and determination to bring the game to them after the trauma of last week?

    I hope so


  5. Geo,
    hope I’m not too late (only saw your post in the comments under Darius’ post now)

    There is a cool IPhone app called EPL2010/11 that provides a text stream commentary if you don’t get enough bandwidth for a stream.

    Just select “Matches”, select the match you want, and select “commentary”.

    Otherwise there is also a Justin.tv app that allows for slower bandwidth than demanded by the official Arsenal stream.

  6. Aziz, KL-Malaysia

    Yup, JD’s inclusion is amust, get him fully fit for Barca.
    vP & Fab replace after 70 minutes … 4:0

  7. I agree with jj lets play Djourou, i think Squilacci will be more suited to the barca game and Djourou the wolves game.

  8. might see nasri on the bench, if hes training hes fit..
    hope so..dont have to play but just seeing him will have the crowd buzzing
    and ches is number one..so fabs not a loss really

  9. Richardr

    Why do you not think Nasri is? Despite the manager telling you so? As for Fabianski, he’s gone for the season so is ‘forgotten’ for the rest of the campaign.


  10. I made a mistake last night and flipped to Sly Sports News – don’t even know why – and they were on about the Mancunian derby.

    I couldn’t ask for a bucket to throw up in quick enough – the sickening sensationalism they tried to shove down my throat….

    Away win or draw in Manchester will do us just fine – but we have to get the 3 points at home. Nothing else matters until that final whistle.

  11. Geo,
    hope I’m not too late (only saw your post in the comments under Darius’ post now)

    There is a cool IPhone app called EPL2010/11 that provides a text stream commentary if you don’t get enough bandwidth for a stream.

    Just select “Matches”, select the match you want, and select “commentary”.

    Otherwise there is also a Justin dot tv app that allows for slower bandwidth than demanded by the official Arsenal stream.

  12. Just tried to post something for Geo but nothing coming through?

  13. dgob
    wolves will hoof..
    lots of balls into the box
    no risks jd in to win the ariel battles
    koz and squidge are not good together..full team..arsenal smash
    worry about barca when they come…

  14. come on arsenal..

  15. darius
    i seen that as well i must admit i rather enjoyed it
    the pressure and emphasis on this game is totally OTT….but man u has just lost their ‘invincible’ run…the pressure is on, wolves pushed the knife in and the media have just twisted it…

  16. Geo,
    hope I’m not too late (only saw your post in the comments under Darius’ post now)

    There is a cool IPhone app called EPL2010/11 that provides a text stream commentary if you don’t get enough bandwidth for a stream.

    Just select “Matches”, select the match you want, and select “commentary”.

    Otherwise there is also a Justintv app that allows for slower bandwidth than demanded by the official Arsenal stream.

  17. JonJon – Mancini has already confirmed several times this week that he’s parking their aircraft carrier in front of goal – and we know he has the personnel to deploy HMS Blue Moon at Old Trafford.

    Sly Sports sensationalism can’t change the fact that it’s going to be one of them anti-climax games. Win for City or a draw is what we want.

    In that show last night – I think they called it the Skypad – the plundit on there was really trying to sound intelligent with his analysis. If they’re going to fire Andy Gray – they better have an alternative. Even Paul Merson could have done a better job last night- Paul frigging Merson…LOL!

  18. Geo,
    hope I’m not too late .

    There is a cool IPhone app called EPL2010/11 that provides a text stream commentary if you don’t get enough bandwidth for a stream.

    Otherwise there is also a J u st i n dot t v app that allows for slower bandwidth than demanded by the official stream.

  19. Have no idea why my post for alternatives for Geo are not coming through

  20. MikeSA – the spam filters usually default to blocking any comment with 2 links or more. Are you posting links – if so, try post one link at a time in each comment….

  21. paul walsh..what a plonker..
    yup i was laughing hard too..
    mancini will park the bus..but so will fergie…
    and tevez can win games by himself….hernandez is out, and the rest of the manu strikers cant finish their dinner….
    unless bruce or mcliesh roll over..
    il settle for a bore draw…
    still a win behind utd and it keeps city away from us..winning the games in hand will give us daylight..6-7points i think…leave us to take utd head on…
    and they still got the chavs, king kennys roaring kop and us…
    bring it bitches…

  22. MikeSA

    Repeated posting of the same comment is deemed to be spam by the filters which is why none of the repeat posts came through.


  23. On this day, Saturday the 8th April 1972 Arsenal played Wolverhampton Wanderers at Highbury.

    The programmes’ front cover that season showed Charlie scoring at Wembley to win the FA Cup and Ray heading that goal at Tottenham that won the league that season. Our first Double.

    The programme highlights the role of Pat Rice in the current season who was the only Arsenal player to take part in all of the 51 games played to date. In words of praise to please Bill the writer highlights his defensive abilities and points out that the “..value of the defence is second to none”.

    “It is a remarkable but undeniable fact that that you could finish in the top half of the league without scoring a single goal all season, provided you didn’t let one in, but you could score a goal in every match but get relegated if you let two in.” Joyful times at Highbury indeed.

    Elsewhere a supporter of Birmingham City offers to swop an old 78 record of Arsenal versus Newcastle in the 1932 Cup Final for a Wembley Cup Final ticket. A letter from a Mr F. Baker of London Transport expresses his delight and gratitude for ” …. the splendid co operation of Arsenal and Orient supporters the previous Saturday. The good behaviour and the orderly way in which they conducted themselves are greatly appreciated…here at headquarters.”

    We are also offered the chance to buy either a Bronze or limited edition (1000) Silver Commemorative Medal to mark “what must surely tank as the greatest achievement in the history of Arsenal FC when winning both the FA Cup and League Championship during 1970/71” The boxed silver one cost £10.25 and the bronze a mere £2.25.

    I bought both, I’m looking at them now and very handsome they are. My Silver medal was number 391. It feels like having an early Party membership card must have felt for a Cambridge student in the ‘30’s.

    We also get a picture of Billy Bremner presenting Frank McLintock with a tankard on behalf of the Leeds players, “..a fine footballing side” to commemorate out “Double” achievement.

    We are also asked if we agree with Bertie Mee’s point : HAVE PROFESSIONAL FOOTBALLERS REACHED THE LIMIT OF THEIR PHYSICAL AND MENTAL ENDURANCE BY PLAYING 60 GAMES A SEASON? He went on to say that we were knocked out of the European Cup by Ajax who had greater technique than Arsenal. “Ajax play 1 game a week against inferior opposition, and this enables them to develop their skills. We don’t get that opportunity. We play two games a week and there is no inferior opposition.”

    A senior referee, Ken Aston reports on the success of the FA’s ‘Get Tough’ campaign. He tells us that players have been slow to get the message but that referees are steadily getting the upper hand. “…ball players are no longer being kicked into the air from that infamous tackle from behind. Too many players are still having to be cautioned for showing dissent by word or action, and small but irritating acts of gamesmanship, and these players will eventually learn the hard way”.

    As ever, the Metropolitan Police Band provided the half time entertainment with Constable Alex Morgan singing “Take the Sun” in their ‘Pop Parade Selection’.

    The Arsenal side that day was: Wilson, Rice, Nelson, Storey, McLintock, Simpson, Armstrong, Ball, George, Graham, Marinello.

    Here is yesterdays’ football result: Arsenal 2 Wolves 1

  24. nice one cbob
    blast from the past..
    2-1 will do today as well..
    abit squeeky bum but 3 points none the less

  25. JonJon,

    I just listened to the Johan and Arsene interviews and now agree with you. My preferred and expected line up today:

    Sagna, Koscielny, Djourou, Clichy;
    Song, Wilshere,
    Walcott, van Persie, Arshavin

    Predicted outcome:

    Arsenal 3 Wolves 1


  26. Onwards and upwards. A closer match than we may want but we are good value to nick this one by a goal. Wolves will be in our faces from the start. Have to put up with the greatest rivalry in the premiership apparently first. The same eagerly anticipated derby that made me fall asleep after 10 minutes. The manscum derby. Something about this game screams 0 – 0 again.COYG

  27. Let´s hope Karl Henry doesn´t manage to injure half the team with his malicious tackles. OK boys, let´shunt some Wolves!

  28. great post yogi.i always had the suspicion that nasri’s injury was not as serious as reported (three to four weeks) but am begginning to think arsene deliberately wanted to catch barca by surprise.i would’nt be surprised to see supa sam on the bench or even start as he hinted on twitter.is squillachi not suspended for this game?arsenal 4eva!!:-)

  29. Enjoy the game today, everyone. Lovely day for it.

    Thanks for that, Cb. I really enjoy those flashback posts.

  30. Kenyan, will you stop that nonsense with the predictions because if it doesn’t happen that is the ridiculous standard against which the team is judged.

    I’m just hoping that the team is more mature this time around and will not allow themselves to be distracted by the prospect of facing the BBB in the next game as they did last time. They must focus on the game they are in. Any lack of concentration or playing less than whole-heartedly in fear of injury will be pounced on by the Wolves who are coming into the game with their tails up.

    I intend to do my bit and I hope the rest of the crowd at the game pick the boys up and roar them on to victory for the 90 + minutes, then we can all turn our attention to that lot afterwards.

  31. Come on Arsenal!

  32. Ferguson has deployed his ‘park the bus’ team – dropping Berbatov, Rooney playing alone up front – Anderson and Fletch as spoilers in the middle. He’s also got his 2 old age pensioners starting.

    He’s giving them a team designed to play the Arsenal.

    But Silva and Tevez will have a field day with Smalling.

    Wolves are no mugs and we need to assume that they’ll be very difficult to beat. Lest we forget, they’ve smuggled 3 points off United, Man City, Chelsea and Liverpool.

  33. Pallister, you ratbag. How can you begin to speak for ‘The Arsenal fans’. Fuck off.

  34. I would love Djourou to play, but by that I mean I would love him to be 100% fit.

  35. Limpar – LOL – the damn punk – and when was it exactly we voted him in as a spokesperson.

    FunGunner – I think the medical team had already planned for Vermaelen’s return and hence the reluctance to panic buy in January.

  36. Just saw those lineups – I’m deciding right now I’m going to do something else.

  37. Fuck off Gary Pallister.

  38. Oh man.. how did Silva miss that ?!

  39. Well, at least it was a shot!
    Fuck the Slurgussians.

    A nice article by LadyArse. In my humble and insignificant opinion, credit goes to YW & ACLF for previously hosting an open forum upon the definition of what a ‘contact sport’ is in relation to Football (this time last season…).

  40. Hi Yogi

    Apologies for the multiple posts, but the very first one didn’t come through, so I don’t think it was multiple posting that caused the problem initially at any rate.

  41. The Republik of ManicQataria vs. The UAE Neo-Raj-Royales XI.

    Ding ding.

  42. Is Eboue the closest we get to a John Oshea in Arsenal?

  43. or is it JET who can play everywhere?

  44. Anything but a United win right now and we are in great shape…City had a great passage of play that looked like a move Arsenal would put together and Silva blew the chance…

  45. Micah Richards is one tough cookie!

  46. Micha is massive though, how something so big can move so fast is a mystery to me.

  47. too bad he is not massive defensively yet…still has a lot of work to do on his game…

  48. Shocking but city appear to be playing wengerball!

  49. I love ur optimism @kenyan g.any win would do espescially if wolves score non.

  50. WTF?!

    Commentators claim Kompany’s challenge on Rooney was “cynical”!!!!

    What on earth does that make 60% of the challenges on Arsenal players then?

  51. They are definitely more adventurous than when they played us at the Emirates…I think we made them go in their shell that night to be honest…

  52. Habari firstlady. How u dealing with Nairobi’s heat?

  53. Do you really want an answer to that rhetorical question MikeSA…I am pretty sure we all know the answer…

  54. Kompany gets a yellow for tapping Rooney’s ankle – and Barton gets away with hacking down both Arshavin and Diaby.

  55. sounds true to form darius…don’t kick the FA’s love children…

  56. Manchester Derby zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  57. Just off the topic, been watching a number of barca’s matches recently.

    I would rate their passing and the amount of bad passes similar to ours to be honest.

    What they seem to do better than us is pressing high up the field.

    They put huge effort into harassing the opposition right up the pitch the second they lose the ball.

    As a result, they win the ball back earlier than we do a lot of the time.

    I think we can stand toe to toe with barca at our(and their) game, we just need to put in the high work rate for the entire game.

  58. Viceologist – it’s a compliment to Arsenal that City parked their aircraft carrier at the Emirates. The only reason they did that is because we played them off the park and gave them a footballing masterclass.

  59. fuck Barca…we need to take care of Wolves first then worry about those cunts…

  60. Anyone see that offside given against Silva, despite the ball coming off a block by the manusa chump?

  61. Couldn’t agree more Darius, you stole the words off my mouth.

  62. Darius,

    I totally agree…every time I watch the replay of that match I am still shocked we didn’t put three past them in the first thirty minutes…City looked like a bunch of deer in headlights…

  63. Anything interesting in the ‘derby’?

  64. True about us v citeh.

    And here they look like they’re all over manusa

  65. only some rather interesting comparisons on refereeing and citeh’s performance compared to vs us FirstLady

  66. this game has 0-0 written all over it,,,city has looked ok at times…

  67. The mancs aren’t pretty to watch but at full flow they are efficient.

  68. 0-0 yes please

  69. Is fletcher one of neville neville’s secret love children or has he had a neville gobby dna transfer?

    Such an obstreperous little twat.

  70. Mmh,fucking pundits!

  71. Firstlady – you’re kidding, right??? Interesting….LOL!

  72. Jammy goal.

  73. I am curious to see if the folks at the Emirates are up for it tonight? We could use a nice little boost from the home crowd after last weeks travesty…

  74. Swear the commentator had a little sex wee there when manusa scored.

    Against the run of play imo.

  75. Nani fucking scores against the run of play.

  76. Ah Well – City just have to come out and play now – Silva and Tevez, lets see you earn your corn. Get rid of Yaya Toure and bring on Dzeco.

  77. Wow the game is seriously delayed here in the states…Man U have not scored yet in my living room…lol.

  78. Will nasri be ok for the barca game?someone mentioned something about him on twitter

  79. Another route 1 goal by United. Major mistake by Lescott to miss the header and let the ball run to Giggs and after that it was all over bar the strike.

  80. How come the mancs don’t get carded?

  81. Apparently – they say Anderson throws himself down in the penalty area.

    I thought that
    was called a dive….LOL!

  82. FirstLady…I think he is back training, but I doubt we will risk him in the first leg…we need him at full strength to rip them apart atthe Camp Nou…

  83. Now City’s offensive poverty will be bared for all to see.

  84. Darius,damn i shouldnt have asked!kenyan just about coping we need rain asap!

  85. Manchester United players don’t dive Darius…I thought you knew that…ol’ Red Nose doesn’t allow it…lol.

  86. Anytime i show even the remotest interest in manure’s game they win.i should have waited for the result after 90mins

  87. No manusa player EVER dives, in fact, cronaldo apparently “cut it out of his game” despite still diving 5-10 times per game.

    manusa supporters would defend their players (pool supporters for gerrard as well) against all evidence to the contrary, but just let Eboue go down a little easily in 1 game out of 3, and just read what so-called Arsenal “supporters” have to say about it………………..

  88. United vs City: Will Mancini bring on Dzeko in the 2nd half and give Tevez some more support? Or Adam Johnson and play a 4-4-2 or ar a 4-3-3?
    Doubt it myself. In big games he plays it very tight, hoping he will get the obligatory 2 or 3 clear chances to ground out a “draw”. Something Bill’s defensive philosophy would approve, no doubt.

  89. I don’t care what city have to do to get a result today…they just need to get it donre for the Arsenal’s sake…

  90. Christian Miles and Warren Barton?…how the hell do these guys get hired by Fox Soccer Channel? They are both twats of the highest order…

  91. I agree with Shotta. Man City’s lack of a goal scoring threat will end up losing them the game. If I were Mancini I’d take out Milner and put in Dzecko.

    Lescott is poor. If he were ever any good he would’ve been snapped up way before last season. At £22m pounds he’s got to be one of the worst pieces of football business in recent memory.

  92. vice – I have no time for Miles and even less for ex-Newcastle Barton. I gain more logging onto ACLF.

  93. Borges Spinelli aka Thierry Bergkamp-Wright

    Hey there, fellow gooners!

    My starting line-up for today’s game.
    Szczesny; Sagna, Koscielny, Squillaci, Clichy; Fabregas, Song, Denilson; Walcott (possibly Bendtner), van Persie, Arshavin

    Whilst resting Wilshere and Djourou for the mid-week Barça game.

  94. G69 – Re Lescott: The assembled hacks and analysts will go ape over the ManUtd goal but it was a piss-poor heading attempt by Lescott that put Utd in a position to score.

  95. i think he will rest Denny for the barca game? he played really good last year against barca. an oponent that really suits him.

  96. Vice, I totally agree with you. I’d prefer Bobby McMahon alongside any ex-English player.

  97. My problem with these pundits here in the US is that most football fans in the US are getting their information about the intricacies of a match from these tools…it just leads to having a bunch of ill informed, retarded fans here across the pond…hard to stomach.

  98. bah city must be desperate, Wright Phillips? pfft

  99. Bobby McMahon actually speaks quite a lot of sense to me…he was one of the only pundits to call Shawcross’s tackle on Ramsey exactly what it was…an attack, or scythe, and that regardless of intent he is just as guilty…He won a ton of respect from me when that happened…

  100. Time for Dzeko to prove himself.

  101. Borges Spinelli aka Thierry Bergkamp-Wright

    One can’t help but laugh at Manchester City’s latest thrifty purchase, Dzeko. Big name, big purchase, big-time bench-warmer. I wonder what’s going through his mind these days.

    Denilson might just rise to the mid-week challenge. I sure he does, if selected. The doomers need to cut him some slack.

  102. Vice – See your point. But when did the commercial media want informed fans?

  103. Denilson would be excellent vs barca, but then he needs some game time today to get in the groove.

  104. Big signing Dzeko only comes on at 60 mins due to an injury. What a travesty!

  105. “Dzeko. Big name, big purchase, big-time bench-warmer. I wonder what’s going through his mind these days. ”

    His bank balance?……………….. 🙂

  106. Oh yes!!!!!!!!!!!


  108. GOAL – City. I love this game!

  109. Shotta

    I suppose that is why Arsenal fans are outnumbered by Manc fans here in the states by quite a large margin…the worst is when these so called fans try to engage in meaningful debate about the game with me and they are utterly fucking clueless…

    I had one Manc fan here in the US trying to tell me how great he thought Thierry (Hen-Ree) was in his day…I had to explain to him that it was pronounced (Awn-ree) and that he should never speak that name again in my presence…lol…pretty ridiculous.

  110. citeh must shut up shop now, draw would be luvverley

  111. morning aclfers

  112. did scholes get the yellow for the cynical trip or the “fuckoff” aimed at the ref?

  113. Dzeko off Silva’s back. He come Babawawa.

  114. that interaction was blasphemous…I almost slapped his face for pronouncing his name wrong…

  115. cmon city

  116. If i’m mancini i’ll bring in jerome boateng for lescott

  117. Borges Spinelli aka Thierry Bergkamp-Wright

    C’mon City, whoop their tush! lol

  118. is micah richards the long lost brother of balotelli? haha

  119. I really thot this was funny from the bbc…

    Man City goal: Erm, fair to say there is an element of luck about this one. Shaun Wright-Phillips gets down the right and Edin Dzeko’s first-time shot hits David Silva’s backside and spins into the net. The Spaniard knew absolutely nothing about it.

  120. Hmmmm, ,maybe citeh need another goal?

  121. smalling looks so uncomfortable on the ball

  122. Yw, did i just see that my comment is awaiting moderation? whats that about? Completely shocked!

  123. Who equalized for city?how many mins remaining?

  124. i think david silva will fit right in at arsenal, he’s a very good player, very cultured.

  125. firstlady,
    dzeko, came off the back of silva and looped in. 73min go so far.

  126. Kompany and Richards having a monster of a game.

  127. Now if barry was a foreign Arsenal player, and the ref was one of the usual numpties, that would have been a second yellow

  128. Borges Spinelli aka Thierry Bergkamp-Wright

    Apparently, Roy Hodgson has been confirmed as Manager of West Bromwich Albion. He may have just found his right level.

  129. Rooney is playing shit. Has he taken up with that prostitute again?

  130. I hope it stays 1-1.. That is the best suited score for us..

  131. Ooh ooh!

  132. Rooney – Wonder goal! Will that knock the stuffing out of City? Hope not.

  133. its just a bicycle kick commentator calm down, its not out of this world.

  134. What is happening?

  135. ffffffffffffffffff……………………………..k

    Suspected citeh need another.

    FirstLady, haven’t you got anything else to do? 🙂

    Commentator now basically standing on the pitch having a full blown wank over rooney.

  136. Class goal from Ron I must grudgingly admit.

  137. Borges Spinelli aka Thierry Bergkamp-Wright


  138. well thats it, rooey is back as the hero of England. hes the best thing that ever happend to england and bla bla bla. Just watch the papers tomorrow.

  139. 9 out of 10 times a volley like that flies over the bar but full credit to Rooney for execution. Great goal.

  140. Did the game stop or something? Commentators on about that goal for several minutes now like there is nothing else happening.

  141. firstlady 2-1 united 10min to go

  142. See?anytime i pay attention shit happens.damnit!!

  143. i hear you poodle.

  144. Commentators are already handing the league title to United.

  145. we need to win to keep pace, but united’s true test will come in their next 4 consecutive away games.

  146. United will lose two of he next four and we will move past them.

  147. Looks like we’ll just have to beat the mancs ourselves!

  148. Any equilizer yet?

  149. how many minutes extra time? anyone wanna guess?

  150. when’s rooney going to leave the pitch?

    He needs to go off and get all the jizz from the commentator wiped off his face.

  151. anyway squad sheet is out
    Szczesny, Sagna, Djourou, Koscielny, Clichy, Wilshere, Song, Fabregas, Arshavin, Walcott, Van Persie
    Subs: Almunia, Denilson, Squillaci, Eboue, Gibbs, Chamakh, Bendtner

  152. extra time?

    If citeh don’t score before 90 mins, then about 1 min

  153. Mmmhh!i guess that is that then.kenyan wolves did us a favour already let’s pay them back by winning against them.

  154. Wow Djourou starts. The strongest possible team today.

  155. 4 minutes of added time

  156. See the advertising at the side of the pitch?

    MUTV commentating by gary neville!

    Where’s Darius’ bucket?

  157. Borges Spinelli aka Thierry Bergkamp-Wright

    Wow!!! I LOVE the look of our line-up. No messing around from Arsène today.

  158. warren barton to give rooney a rub and tug after the game, can’t wait to hear him wax lyrical (puke)!!

  159. we will need the chavs and pool to do us a favor

  160. How bad was Yaya Toure in that game? He does not seem to know what posititioning means.

  161. Man$iteh out of the title race?? 8pts behind having played a game more…

  162. Well, we needed 3 points anyway.

    Don’t think manusa looked very convincing.

    Commentator now going through his 35th orgasm since the rooney “wonder strike/best goal ever scored by anyone, ever, in this universe and probably all the others as well”.

  163. Smalling had a decent game. No wonder Fergie stole him from under our noses. All the same fuck united!

  164. cant wait to read the papers tomorrow about how rooney is the second coming of pele, the next best thing since sliced bread, yada yada yada.

    the next 4 will decide the title!

  165. Has our line-up been announced?

  166. At least Ray Wilkens raised the point in the studio that rooney had a shit game for the rest of it.

  167. watch out for karl henry today, ref needs to be vigilante.

  168. firstlady,
    Szczesny, Sagna, Djourou, Koscielny, Clichy, Wilshere, Song, Fabregas, Arshavin, Walcott, Van Persie
    Subs: Almunia, Denilson, Squillaci, Eboue, Gibbs, Chamakh, Bendtner

  169. well hes steeling ax-ox kid to cos the souththamton manager seens it as a honour when SAF comes but as ain Insult wieh AW comes it seems.

  170. LOL Mike – sycophancy redefined, huh?

    We need to win our games and the table will correct itself. By Manure winning against City, they’ve opened up Competition for 3rd and 4th place – and that gives hope to Liverpool. The Chavs and Liverpool can do us a favour, but it doesn’t matter if we don’t do our own job.

    Nice team selection – really nice. The strongest team we have.

  171. I hope the home crowd will become the 12th man for us today.. Need them there to balance out the extra man(or men) the opposition had during the last couple of games..

  172. Firstlady, colneyblog posted the lineup at 2:32

  173. goodness xtian myles can’t contain himself he’s so excited united won, and he’s supposed to be an objective studio analyst

  174. Kenyan – a central defensive team of Vermaelen, Djourou, Koscielny and Squallaci, backed up by academy players like Miquel and Bartley are a much better proposition than Vidic, a crocked Ferdinand, Evans and Smalling.

    Let’s all start having faith in our own defence.

  175. Awesome goal by Rooney. Both of the MU goals were against the run of play, though. Thought City would steal a point but their shittyness infront of goal prevailed.

    Vice, you speak to American MU fans? Whenever I see someone wearing a Chelsea, MU or Barcelona shirt I steer well clear of them. Most of the time they know very little about the sport or they wear those shirts because it’s fashionable to do so. Things are more cringe worthy during the world cup.

    With regards to Americans getting their footy info from the likes of Barton, fuck them. There are a lot of people like you and I who eskew that tripe in order to be better informed. Anyone can do the same.

  176. Kenyan, they can have Smalling for all I care. I prefer Koscielny, thank you very much.

  177. And as for the Rooney mutual masturbation society – someone better show those commentators RVPs tgoals and Cescs assists this season. When they’ve done that, they can have a look at Nasri’s goals.

    What’s more nauseating for me is the proclamation after a bicycle kick that the Manure have already won the title.

  178. Smalling is decent, not great.

  179. “Dan Hutchison joins us to discuss the Arsenal/Wolves game.

    So Dan, how about that Rooney strike”

    Oh God, how many years are we going to have to put up with this now?

    We’re still getting jizz from the Beckham “genius/wonder goal” v wimbledon, despite Jordi Cruyff having already tried the same thing twice before that in the same game.

    Apparently it was Beckham’s genius that allowed him to see the possibility, not his team mate already spotting it earlier………….

    Anyway, enough of that shit, time for the lads to show us what they’re made of and win this one.

    Even if the 4 officials get on the pitch and have a go as well, our lads know what they’re up against, and they (and us) know we’re too good for them all!

  180. I think United drop a few more points before facing Pool, Chelsea x 2 and us. Their away record has not been a bright spot for them this season and they’ve got a load of away games coming up. Frankly, I think we’ll be even or above them before they visit us.

  181. And nothing wrong in complementing an opponent. Football remains a gentleman’s sport Darius!

  182. CMON ARSENAL!!!

  183. Have we got a steam please?

  184. it was a good goal KG, but the commentators have a habit of over-hyping everything rooney does. 2 weeks ago they couldn’t wait to tell us he was back, then a week later he laid a big fat egg, now this.

  185. dennis
    it’s hard to find any streams lately, the FBI shut down most of them. This game is on ESPN in the states so check espn3.com

  186. Any decent stream for the game plse ?

  187. watching the game on mute..

  188. tokala

  189. Colneyblog I was refering to Smalling. Rooney had a lousy game with a moment of brilliance.

  190. From sunshine to a monsoon?!?!?!

  191. heavens are smiling down on us

  192. how is that a fk?

  193. Ref already giving everything he can.

    LOL, every time I see Song in this game I think he’s got a bandage round his head!

  194. The players seems very charged up…

  195. JD not allowed to tackle today. Must have forgotten to pay the ref again.

  196. If Koscielny came round my house, I’d let him sit in my favourite chair.

  197. van persieeeeeee, class!!!

  198. Van Persie – Take that Wayne Rooney!

  199. The effects of last weekend if there to see.. Our players are thinking twice before tackling…

    RvP scores with his chocolate foot AGAIN… 1-0 to the Arsenal..


  201. Borges Spinelli aka Thierry Bergkamp-Wright


  202. Van Persie’s chocolate leg is really doing well these days….

  203. Why is no commentator jizzing about this one? Perfect volley.

  204. thats a yellow

  205. Loving some of the moves today….

    That lunge on Clichy is a definite yellow and the ref doesn’t hand one..

  206. when will these pundits learn, getting the ball doesn’t make the tackle ok!

  207. Yes Robin!!!!!!

    Greatest goal ever scored in the history of ping pong, I mean soccer, I mean football.

    Suck on that rooney et al.

    Stern “talking to” by foy, no card. Bet it would have been a card if an Arsenal player had done that…………

  208. I love it when Gael intercepts like that. Dreadful challenge on him.

  209. Can some one please let me know about the atmosphere?? Are they our 12th man to balance out the ref?? My TV is on mute due to a self-imposed ban as I can’t take the commentary anymore…

  210. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    If RvP came round my place I’d let him shag my girlfriend if he wanted.

  211. Kompany’s tackle on Rooney was 25 times less dangerous but he got a yello. Go figure when teams get the licence to go in hard on us.

  212. AA looks so sharp.

  213. Nasri – I’d let him shag me.

  214. and my wife.

  215. Talk about retards? Ian Darke and Liverpool’s Macca on ESPN3. More on that later.

  216. lost that stream Stew,any more please?

  217. How in this bloody world did that move didn’t result in a goal… It’d to..

  218. Mama mia should be two.

  219. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Lol @ steww.

  220. When scoring would have been easier …

  221. Their goal is leading a charmed life. As the crowd would say in Billy The Fish.

  222. Bring back Sian Massey she knows the offside rule better than these mopes

  223. Unbelievable

  224. Shotta got my fave Dutch commentary team. By the end of the season I will be fluent. Today I’ve already learned to say ‘foul throw’ and ‘off the line’.

  225. AA enjoying his game again..

  226. I’m really enjoying the Djourou Koscielny parttnership…Vermaelen must be very worried and wondering whether his place is automatic.

  227. Fucking skill from Johan there. Beauty.

  228. Darius I was going to ask if Verm was fit, who would you drop? Or would you drop either? Mind you I couldn’t see how Chamack coiuld be dropped – then I saw RVP play and, well, it steps the whole thing up a notch.

  229. macca being his usual retard self, what else is new.

  230. Darius,
    Me too.. Their understanding is very good and improving with every game.. Vermaelen would indeed find it hard to get back into the first 11. I think JD – Kos would be the preferred comnination for this season with TV5 getting a start when one of them needs a rest or when there is a suspension\injury..

  231. why do opposition goalies always pick this time to have the game of their lives?

  232. Yet again a keeper comes to our house and stands on his head.

  233. What a pass from the D**M Song to end the half.. Should have been more but I’m happy with the performance..

  234. Steww – I’d play Vermaelen and Koscielny if I had to make the decision, but switch to Djourou depending on the opponent. I’m glad I don’t have to make the decision.

    The more important issue for me is that in Vermaelen, Koscielny and Djourou – we have 3 of the best defenders with us for the next 8 to 10 years.

  235. California Gooner

    Vermaelen worried? I’m sure he’s happy. Because of Djouscielny, he will have something to play for when he gets back. Of course he will have to fight for his place if he wants to break up such a good partnership, but that is hardly a worry.

    Now, Chamakh, that is a worry. He practically carried us early on in the season, and now can’t get a minute on the pitch.

  236. colney and Common Sense,
    I agree. But these days the better the oppo GK plays, our players make even better moves and score better goals..

  237. Mcmanaman is killking me with the commentary…skewers Arshavin for “diving” when 30 seconds earlier the Wolves player did an all out belly flop of a dive in our area an Mcmanaman claims it should have been a pen…what a tosser!

  238. We are out playing their asses.

  239. Darius,
    Agree… 3 CBs for quite a few years… This will give us the staility at the back we lacked during the past few years..

  240. And what about Van Persie? So skilled it is stupid…not just the goal but the slick back heels during beautiful buildup play…I forget how much he adds to the team sometimes because he has so much time on the sidelines…

  241. i don’t think vermaelen and koscielny would be ideal, they both like to come far out to press the ball. I think vermaelen/djourou, or koscielny djourou gives us better balance.

  242. CG,
    I think we’ll see Chamakh soon.. He was burnt out having played every game in the first half with injuries to RvP and Big Nic..

  243. vice,
    Agree.. RvP indeed makes our game more fluid.. Moreover his understanding with Cesc among others is amazing.. I sometimes find it hard to understand..

  244. i seriously can’t see why Cesc would want to leave and go back to barca to play second fiddle. he has everything here and for a footballer of his class the level of competition here just serves to make him a better all round player.

  245. Don’t know how we’re not 3 up at HT, some stunning football being played by the lads.

    Just need to keep playing like that in the 2nd.

    Must say, the ref looks incompetent rather than the full blown cheating we saw from dowd v toon and massey v everton, this just looks mildly incompetent so far, but I guess it all depends on any half time calls from fungusbum and his minions…..

  246. Bloody hell, it’s half time in OUR fucking game and the sly pundits are still going on and replaying rooney’s “wonder” goal – describing it as “title winning” FFS

  247. The second half begins.. Hope the performance from the first half continues…

  248. Theo shoots wide after a gr8 run from Lil Jack…

  249. I think Interpol should investigate Walcott on this one…

  250. Brilliant run by Wilshere … Theo 😦

  251. what the hell is going on

  252. @IG
    It does continue. Brilliant play but the finishing is just not spot on.

  253. Now if that was a wolves player on an Arsenal player, bet that would have been given

  254. How was that a foul when AA ‘got the ball’??

  255. Jack doing a Cesc of about 3 seasons ago – running the game just cant apply the finish to get himself a goal

  256. Theo’s finishing has been great this season. He’s allowed to miss a few.

  257. FUCK – RVP????

  258. Zubar should be booked

  259. RvP down with a kick to his knee.. How was that not a yellow.. The incompetence is too amazing to believe..

    Hope he is well… We need him for the run in..

  260. studs into RvP’s knee, apparently nothing serious, not worthy of anything


  262. Why are we surprised any more? They could knife our players and not be punished.

  263. RVPEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!

  264. Beauty!!!!!

  265. RVP{!!

  266. Robin van Perfect strikes again! Please let him be OK.

  267. RvP 2-0…
    Gr8 counter-attacking move… Cesc – Theo – RvP and his magical left foot..

  268. Liquid football!

  269. You lot must be ahead of me – still 1-0 here

  270. that player already has a yellow, so there is no way foy is going to give a second

  271. Great speed of play

  272. van is most definitely the man – please dont be injured – take him off now Wenger

  273. great move and great goal

  274. Theo and RVP seem to be working so well together don’t they?

  275. WTF is up with the live streams,,, keep going down,, any one know of another please?

  276. Anybody on ATVO – my stream has gone down – is it only me?

  277. foy starting to give every sneeze to wolves, nothing to us

  278. Really great to see our strongest line up. Totally confident with this group on the pitch. Glad the Barca game is Wednesday. Plenty of time to rest. Schedule actually makes sense for once. Agree with YW regarding Djourou’s importance to the team. We are much stronger in the air and we seem more organized with him in the back.

    RVP goal was awesome. Big shock that his flu resolved so soon. Hope we can get another goal soon.

  279. Team football. One touch passes. Goal. Take that Ian Darke and Steve MacManaman. Stop nattering about over-passing. Football dunces!

  280. steww,
    refreshing the stream usually removes the delay…

  281. Great goal. And people really wanted us to replace him? Don’t need no Torres, Carroll, Rooney, Berbatov or Drogba. I am most pleased with RVP.

  282. my atvo is ok but live stream gone again

  283. chris foy time to flash some cards

  284. ATVO keeps crashing, Darius – just refresh.

  285. any more streams?

  286. Wolves out for blood? That was totally unnecessary on RVP.

  287. dennis
    try espn3.com

  288. Lets take RvP and Cesc out.. We need them for Farca… I dont think they’ll survive the 90mins.
    Gr8 move between AA and Theo.. Cesc missing wasn’t upto mark..

  289. Oh, almost the third …

  290. myp2p.eu is always live.

    sopcast works very well.

  291. I mean Cesc’s finishing..

  292. Borges Spinelli aka Thierry Bergkamp-Wright

    My nerves wont settle down until a 3rd goal is added to our lead.

  293. use sopcast player channel DSC 4

  294. Loving the way Lil Jack sits deep just outside the 18-yard box when the oppo attacks and intercept passes..

  295. Mature beyond his years isn’t he IG?

  296. Thanks Fun – I’ve got ATVO back now…

  297. Chamakh is coming on for RVP I think

  298. haha Paul i see athde is back

  299. steww, yup.. Quite few years ahead of his time…

    I’ve lost the count of the times they have shows RvP standing outside when Cesc made the pass to Theo for the 2nd goal..

  300. I think Jack has coped well with the massive step up in quality from the level he was playing with during the week.

  301. Listen to the wankers groan at Nic’s first touch. How is that support?

  302. I cant believe Capello wants to waste Wilshere by playing him as a holding midfielder.

  303. Yeh Colney!! lol

  304. LOL Steww – Comparing England players and Arsenal players? Definitely a step up for Jack.

    Denilson coming in to shut shop.

  305. Denilson has finally decent hair again!

  306. Darius – the pricks on ITV actually talked about him coping with the step up to international football. I mean ffs – how many would we beat England by? 6? 10?

  307. All a bit raggedy assed at the mo…

  308. Unlucky theo

  309. The problem for Theo, Gibbs and Li’l Jack in the England setup is that they’re surrounded by mediocrity.

  310. Amen darius. Our 2 even made Rooney look half decent at times in that game but quite how 2 Arsenal players are supposed to turn that shite tanker round in mid ocean I don’t know.

  311. steww,
    if only the ref was from some other country..

  312. That fucking keeper!

  313. Theo keeping his goals for Barca?? 🙂 🙂

  314. Now here’s a bit of trivia for you Arsenal loving fans.

    Has anyone ever noticed that Arsenal never announces how many minutes are added on in extra time. Apparently, Wenger wants the team to continue playing without the pressure of needing to know how much time they have left. Emirates is the only stadium that doesn’t have extra time announced over the Tanoi.

  315. We in extra time?

  316. I like the look of Theo coming in off the left. reminds me of a certain speedy Dutchman from times gone by

  317. Good. 2-0. Three points, clean sheet. Well done, boys!

  318. steww,
    Agree with Theo playing from the left.. He looked more dangerous…

  319. Don’t like the look of RVP with the ice pack on his knee…

  320. pray to whatever gods you have, sacrifice whatever animals you need to, do whatever you do for luck that Van P is ok for Barca

  321. Wilshire my motm. Now to Barca!

  322. I know this is sad, but:

    “ARSENAL v WOLVES (1500 GMT)
    Ian Hughes reports: “A very intriguing afternoon ahead as Wolves aim to add Arsenal to an impressive list of scalps that includes Liverpool, Chelsea and most recently Manchester United. They’ll be in confident mood, while Gunners fans will worry whether even a 5-0 lead would guarantee their side three points after the debacle at Newcastle last time out.”

    Ian Hughes reports: “Arsenal make only one change from the side that squandered a four-goal lead at Newcastle, with Alex Song replacing the suspended Abou Diaby. Wolves stick with the same team that inflicted a first defeat of the season on Manchester United.”

    HALF-TIME Arsenal 1-0 Wolves
    Ian Hughes’s HT snapshot: “For the seond match in a row, Arsenal totally dominate the first half and look well on their way to victory – but as last week showed, football really can be a game of two halves!””

    And they didn’t even get a shot on target. Shove that up your jacksie!

  323. Zubar assaulted RVP violently and to think he didn’t even get a yellow card. All Steve Claridge was doing was laughing at the fact that Zubar feigned injury to avoid getting into trouble…

    We’re on our own folks – fuck everyone else!

  324. OOU at 4-54pm,

    Lets wait for the Full-time snapshot..

  325. Excellent 3 points. Leave the stupid nutters to keep rambling about overpassing.
    8 goals in 5 games. What is RVP worth? £80MM?

  326. Arsenal re unbeaten in 27 games that Johann Djourou has played in!

  327. Darius, Hehe..

    Agree with the last statement.. Fuck Them All, We’re The Arsenal!!!

  328. As for the worth of players, I wonder if there is a correlation between playing against Arsenal and the market value of the opposing goal keeper. It keeps getting ridiculous when all the average goal keepers somehow pull an Almunia vs. Barca 1st half when they play us.

  329. OneOfUs | February 12, 2011 at 4:54 pm |
    That was basically the same narrative by Ian Darke and Steve MacMannaman on ESPN3. Not a single concession to the dastardly role played by Dowd in that so-called comeback by Newcastle. That is the commercial media:
    Sweep the inept, biased refereeing under the carpet and carricature Arsenal as being weak and without “grit.” All is well in the Premier League.

  330. Better than 1972.

    Off to make pizzas and a sip or two of cider.

  331. shotta,
    If Andy Caroll is worth 35 and Torres 50, RvP should be worth atleast 100 with his current performance..

  332. ian darko and steve mcManaman are total jokers. I’m all of you have already figured out that commentators suck. At one point those sad lonely wank bags said, if there is negative about arsenal, it’s that their first touch hasn’t really been with them today. *que one touch passes from jack to song to fabs to walcott then let RVP finish it* haha screw you assholes. I think the commentators get bored of watching the arsenal completely dominate games, and they run out of things to say. Well arsenal have pressed wolves up the pitch and wolves areeeeeee…. hoofing the ball upfield only for arsenal to start another attack. repeat repeat

  333. Well Chris Foy was consistent; generally kept the cards in his pocket.
    This is certainly a ref that seems afraid to make strong decisions. But at least he is consistent on that score.

  334. From the BBC: “Wolves finally got an effort of note on target right at the end of the match when Sylvan Ebanks-Blake fired over from just inside the box.”

    Eh….no that was not on target either….idiot plundits!!

    Don’t tell the Girlfriend I was here! Go Gunners!!

  335. Steww, the ice pack while on the bench is our physios wrapping RVP in cotton wool.

    Ian Darke looks like Droopy. I doubt very much that he ever took part in a kick around or any physical activity for that matter. His folksey idiot shtick is grating.

  336. Infostrada Sports on Twitter: “Van Persie has scored 10 Premier League goals in 2011, a new PL record for most goals in first two months of a calendar year.”

  337. Infostrada Sports on Twitter: “Van Persie has scored 10 Premier League goals in 2011, a new PL record for most goals in (the) first two months of a calendar year.”

  338. Vela did not have a minute on the pitch for West Brom…hope this loan won’t be a complete waste of time….

  339. Irish
    shouldn’t you be at a birthday party with grandpa? hahaha

  340. Irishgray's girlfriend

    I see you. You are DEAD.

  341. LMAO… Is this real from BBC??

    Oliver Brett reports: “Having lost out to West Ham in terms of taking ownership of the Olympic Stadium, what Spurs do not need is an insipid final quarter of the season that sees them miss out on a top-four finish. Sunderland boss Steve Bruce is said to be an admirer of Tottenham’s brand of football, but will be keen for the in-form Kieran Richardson – said to be a summer target for Harry Redknapp – to add to his recent goal tally.”

  342. Shotta, my favorite Ian Darke comment today: “Arsenal should’ve not moaned about the ref, shook hands with the Newcastle players and congratulated them on a good game.”

    BLOOD CLOT !!!!!!!!!

  343. from the bbc

    Infostrada Sports on Twitter: “Van Persie has scored 10 Premier League goals in 2011, a new PL record for most goals in first two months of a calendar year.”

  344. lol @ Stratford NotSpurs.

  345. and the second month is not even over yet! Common RVp

  346. Irish, say what’s up to the in-laws. Hahahahahaha!!!!!

  347. @ Tokala
    for today am glad he didnt cos west ham came from 3 goals down to draw so he may have been made a scape goat

  348. @ irish, what are u doing here? LOL

    pay attention to what the in-laws are saying toasts and all

  349. Wolves boss Mick McCarthy after his side were outclassed by Arsenal, who won 2-0 at the Emirates but would have scored many more but for visiting keeper Wayne Hennessey: “There was a murder going on. They have murdered us today – all over the park, from 1 to 11, they were better than us, stronger than us and quicker than us. I have to admire their class and the way they play. We were spanked.”

  350. haha Irish disappeared

  351. I still maintain that last Saturday at Newcastle was a freak show engineered by Phil Daud.

    With 11 men on the pitch – what does it tell you about our defence when Szczesny goes a whole game without making a single save. It will be really great if the doubters can set aside their prejudices and start believing in this team.

  352. Credit to McCarthy for giving credit where it’s due. He’s always been a straight talker.

    As opposed to ‘Appy ‘Arry who now conceded that they’re in a dog fight for 4th place – having said they were still in the title race.

  353. credit where it is due?

    from the bbc
    Wolves boss Mick McCarthy after his side were outclassed by Arsenal, who won 2-0 at the Emirates but would have scored many more but for visiting keeper Wayne Hennessey: “There was a murder going on. They have murdered us today – all over the park, from 1 to 11, they were better than us, stronger than us and quicker than us. I have to admire their class and the way they play. We were spanked.”

    credit to the wolves boss me yhinks

  354. Borges Spinelli aka Thierry Bergkamp-Wright

    Spurs are a goal down to Sunderland.

  355. Darius,
    I dont think the Sp*ds are still in the title race.. They are in the race for 3rd maybe.

  356. A R S E N A L

  357. oops already posted by IG.

  358. It’s crazy to think but at this rate RVP might actually overhall Babawawa and Tevez for top scorer!

  359. rvp..best striker in the world
    if carlsberg did forwards.. 😉

  360. fun was that the cats goal was scored with gallas off the pitch changing his boots

  361. kenyan. actually thought of it. there are still 12 games to be played

  362. LOL – do you think Gallas is still on our payroll? He wouldn’t have pulled that stupid stunt on Wenger.

  363. 32 minutes in Spuds zero shots on target.

  364. 10 league goals in 15 games (10 starts) for RVP
    We really do look far more dangerous with him up top.
    He links well with Theo, Cesc, AA23 and Nasri.
    What a holy trinity we have in Cesc Song Jack
    Defense playing well as a unit with fine individual play

    oh and Gyan and Sessegnon really doin a number on the spuds so far

  365. this sounds wierd but i want spurs to score..
    i got a 60-1 on gyan to score first and a draw….
    im caught between a rock and a hard place
    come on spurs 😦 🙂

  366. gordan you cabbage

  367. Borges Spinelli aka Thierry Bergkamp-Wright


    “With 11 men on the pitch – what does it tell you about our defence when Szczesny goes a whole game without making a single save.”

    Our defensive quartet of Sagna, Clichy, Djourou and Koscielny have shown time and time again, that they are as good as the defense combo of the legendary Dixon, Winterburn, Adams & Bould/Keown.

  368. Borges Spinelli aka Thierry Bergkamp-Wright

    I feel your pain @JonJon

  369. and if anyone fancies a flutter..
    rvp was 40-1 last night to be PL top scorer…
    i took it..it will be about the same now so get your quids on..if he stays fit he will do it
    you can thank me later 😉

  370. For once I thought today’s commentary on the match was okay although less than perfect. MacManaman gave a useful colour commentary on the game. In summary, his view is that Arsenal should win the league based on footballing excellence, however, do they have the fight to win the league. I think at times we all have that very same question in the back of our minds. My feeling is that once Vermalen comes back into the side, the team will have copious amounts of fight. In addition, unlike many Arsenalites, I was completely happy that Diaby went after that twit last weekend. That was a red card with a pat on the back from me. I only wished that when he grabbed that gadster on the back of the neck that he would have snapped that thing running down his back.

    Good game today from the Arsenal.

  371. so jonjon – van p to score 10 in 12 games and tevez and berbatov to score 1 between them from now til end of season – somehow i think you lost your monies

  372. Wenger out.

  373. dude..
    hes got 10 in 7 starts..
    at this rate he’ll smash nearly 30..
    so why not??

  374. lol duke.

  375. Deise,
    I think what Jonjon meant was that RvP will score 10 MORE than Tevez and Berbatov to take the golden boot.

  376. I agree with darius. i watched the newcastle game again the other day and really out of the four goals only one was down to our defending the two non pens were out of our control and then that wonder strike, well we did everything right defence wise but it was a freaking good shot that wont happen alot, so really to conceed four was a freak.

  377. id love it to happen jonjon i really would but he wont keep that strike rate up – i reckon 20 goals in total this season (league, cup, champs league) just stay fit for once is all i ask 🙂

    come on sunderland FFS

  378. come on sunderland 😉

  379. well i hope he does deise
    1…we’ll win the league 🙂
    2..il line my pockets.. 😉

  380. i still want the spuds to finish above chelsea, cmon it would be great to see chelsea fail to qualify for the cl.

  381. I have no doubt that we have the fight in us, never gave it a second thought.

  382. it would be even better for niether spurs or cheslea to make it..and liverpool came from nowhere..
    torred would be pissed

  383. Was McCarthy on drugs ?? I have rarely seen him give such a post match interview…

  384. Finally Arsene said what we all having been saying for quite some time:

    “Part of that is down to their goalkeeper – all the goalkeepers look very inspired here at the Emirates. The keeper had an outstanding game.”

  385. Very professional, controlled performance from our boys today. Cesc and Theo could have both had hat-tricks on another day! We didn’t need to bust a gut to get the points today. Wolves looked toothless – they were barely given a look in.

    I thought RVP was MoTM, not just because of the goals. He really makes us tick in attack. I hope his knee will be fine for Wednesday.

  386. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Nasri on bench for the game against Farca on Wednesday.. Arsene’s response indicated that..

    On whether Nasri has a chance of facing Barcelona…
    I wouldn’t say ‘no chance’. There is a chance.

  387. On Van Persie’s knee injury…
    “Yes [he is OK]. He looks alright, I think he will be alright for Wednesday. I have decided not to talk about the challenge [by Zubar].”

  388. Still looking for that BBC match summary – football brings out the worst in me.

    Anyway, Miyaichi just scored for Feyenoord and Bartley bossed the midfield (!) for Rangers today. Fun day. All we need now is a Soond’land equaliser.

  389. Passenal,
    RvP does take our game to another level. His understanding with others is amazing especially when we consider he was out for almost half of last couple of seasons…

  390. Sporting 1 FC BBB 0 (16Mins)

  391. Man utds win keeps the pressure on us.

  392. wow nice goal there from Ryo

  393. f**kin spuds

  394. Bartley in midfield OneOfUs? really?

  395. rvp could play with anyone in the system AW has created…
    hes the perfect frontman for us..
    our whole attacking threat is built around him

  396. Ryo has a good left foot..

  397. Yeah, DG, couldn’t believe it either.

  398. Another shocking ref performance. If we have to contend with this for the rest of the season we might struggle.

  399. Very good goal from Ryo, exceptional talent going straight from high school to a pro league is no mean feat. Needs to keep working hard, i’m sure he will be called up soon by Japan, which will work in our favor when time comes to re-apply for a work permit.

  400. Lansbury scored at Norwich today too!

  401. Thanks for posting the Ryo goal OOU.

    I blame Jon Jon for the spuds comeback and then he lost his money anyway!

  402. it will be a very interesting summer indeed, i think Lansbury is ready for the first team. He has a fantastic engine, can run all day long. For now i will savor the first teams journey and hope that ends with us winning the 14th league title coming to the grove, league cup, fa cup and CL trophy!

  403. A great win and a clean sheet.i love our current back 4.for the first day this season i watched the game without comentary and i must say it was good not being infuriated by the comentators.Now on to the small matter of bbb.

  404. lol passenal, you would blame me for the weather 😉 you normally ignore me or agree with anyone i disagree with..i think thats the first time youve mentioned my name in a post..i guess i should be flattered.. 😉
    and im sure il cope without a quid… 😉

  405. barca are getting beat by gijon..

  406. A very imperious and composed performance from the team today. Special mention to the emirates crowd who could be heard all the way to Old Trafford and backed the team all the way. Andre Arshavin is back for sure. and Song is the epitome of calm, RVP is the complete striker,Theo Walcott has two football brains, Cesc Fabregas is pass master extrodinaire. Two words Johan Djorou..aka …the Rock.Arsenal FC more than a club!!! Bring on the Catalans.

  407. I thought Wilshere was awesome today, apart from a couple times of bad judgment to shoot or to pass. Long range passing, taking on and beating opponents going forward were at a very high level today.

    I’m beginning to feel like Arsenal is invading football everywhere, the amount of good players we have on loan is amazing.

  408. colney
    i agree..lansbury is ready and will be given a go next year

  409. hes like that every game g4e

  410. JonJon | February 12, 2011 at 8:11 pm |

    You’re on probation JonJon – I’m giving you the benefit of the doubt at the moment!

  411. firstlady,
    I too watch the game without the commentary. I do miss the crowd noise but I emjoy the game without shouting at the commentators..

  412. I made habit out of watching the game with Dutch or Russian commentators. They seem decent and even though you just understand the odd word they are quite good at conveying the emotions.

  413. i wont dissapoint you passenal..thank you
    i went through a difficult spell last 18months or so….i wasnt myself and i think we all got off on the wrong foot and it spiralled out of control..for which i apologise
    i’ll argue the toss with anyone but im not a ‘doomer’…


    Manchester United extend their lead at the top of the premiership due to a spectacular overhead kick by Wayne Rooney, and are on course for the league championship. Wayne Rooney’s overhead kick was the winner and they are now the clear leaders of the premiership, and they are so brilliant. There are no other teams in the premiership, and er, Arsenal won, but that result was insignificant due to Rooney’s overhead kick and we will now see if Chelsea can catch them, as they have gone clear by 7 points, no er, 4 points.

    We will be on here for 24 hours a day, showing Rooney’s spectacular goal , which will be the goal of the season. Tune in to see Manchester United Sky News and you won’t be disappointed.

    We will no be going over to our pundit, Tony Manchester, to ask him how top class he feels Wayne Rooney is:

    “Wayne Rooney is top top class . Top, top. Spectacular goal. He is top top top top class. Fantastic. Top class !”

    Well – that was Tony Manchester, who says that Wayne Rooney is top top class. We think so too. And we will be showing highlights of that goal again in 5 minutes !! United are just so brilliant !!

  415. Ramsey still to return? Another full game (60 mins for Thomas).

    Sporting 1 FC BBB 1

  416. Barca had to seriously exhert themselves just to get that 1-1 draw. They looked as good as usual going forward but the few attacks that Sporting had made them look shakey at the back. We’re in with a real chance.

  417. indian
    i like keeping the volume on when i watch us on the telly..
    at the games you get caught up in the crowd banter, sing the songs, etc
    cant really do that sat in your living room so shouting at the ref and arguing with the commentators make it more..i dunno the word..authentic?? makes it feel like your involved..
    like bringing the terraces to your house.. 😉

  418. barca were not themselves tonight..
    i was hoping that display would have come weds.. 😦
    but if were are going to beat them then thats the blueprint…
    hold the lines as a team..close them down quickly, swarm their players especially messi and use theo to counter..
    a better team than gijon would have scored more than one tonight they looked very exposed at the back..

  419. Even though they have demoted Phil Dowd and his whole team for the time being, they have still allowed Lee Mason to go on with his inept referreing. He missed a clear penalty when Hammers Reid brought down Thomas. At the other end, he disallowed a clean goal by Carlton Cole

  420. Muppet | February 12, 2011 at 9:04 pm |

    One of your best Muppet!

  421. Gotta feel sorry for Carlos Vela, he’s gone from sitting on our bench to sitting on the WBA bench.

  422. Muppet, are you sure that was Tony Manchester and not Paul Merson?

  423. I heard somewhere that the Spanish national team are off to Italy on Monday to have an audience with the pope!
    Obviously this will include half dozen Barca players plus Cesc
    So they will only half one evening training before the game

  424. Delia---Block 112

    Trains were a nightmare today, only just made the kick-off. Wolves played some neat passing football which surprised me but ,like Wigan ,were toothless in front of goal. How they beat the Mancs last week astounds me. We played some really lovely football but the combination of inspired keeping and some wayward finishing ( Theo the main culprit) kept the score at only 2-0.We could easily have had 6 on another day. Just caught the 2nd half of the Barca game and there is every reason to be optimistic for our chances on Wednesday, can’t wait. Well done Arsene for playing our strongest available 11 today , we can’t stop now there really is” title fever” in the air !
    As always COYRs

  425. I think those plundits just need to get themselves a room and a dvd player!

  426. Dups,

    Yeah. Was disappointed to learn that Merson is a chav.

  427. What was wrong with Darke and Maccascouse at the end of the ESPN coverage? 180 degree turn with Macca saying something like, if you want a team to be champions of the EPL you want them to play football like Arsenal do. Just covering their backs I reckon for when we take the EPL.
    Funniest moment of the match was when the Wolves player lost the tackle inside our penalty area, looked up and then jumped up in the air like a dog on all fours, fell in a heap, appealed for a penalty and was roundly ignored – even by his own players. Worthy of a yellow card, but then Foy missed the studs up tackle on RVP, no wonder he has not given a red all season.

  428. foy wasnt really that bad today
    was a little soft on certain decisions but he did ok..the game generally flowed..
    the way i see it is theres no point turning every game into ‘ref watch’..our main objective is to watch the players, thats why they are paid so much, they are the entertainers, the refs are just there to make the game fair and flow…the majority like webb and dowd already think everyone is there to watch them..they are big headed…massive egos caused by all the publicity they get..lets not give them anymore…

    and to be fair after watching the zubar tackle on rvp again..it wasnt that bad..it was a 50/50, both players went in, zubars foot was high, it was a foul, but i wouldnt say it was a yellow, nevermind a red..

  429. JD is something else..
    hope he stays fit for a long time..hes class…

  430. Jack Wilshere – “He’s a proper player” said Alan Shearer.


    Thanks for letting us know Alan.

  431. well well well…clickclickclick

  432. lmao..
    alan shearer comical genious…love that guy, barrels of laughs..

    dont know what all the hype is about rooneys ‘wondergoal’…his first touch on the layoff was that of a brick wall, nanis cross was heading into row z before it took a deflection, and i seen crouch score loads like that..well dont shrek you been taking lessons of crouch..says it all..

    matt holland says it goal of the season…lol…the alan shearer of footy first..love it..

    rvp first v wolves was better…

  433. I see the BBB love in has started on newsnow. Pass me that sick bucket Darius!

  434. Bradys right foot

    Some of out football today was incredible we looked very sharp can’t wait for Wednesday. Oh and btw Rooney shinned it, yes i know i’m a small petty man but he fucking shinned it.

  435. Getting bombarded with BBB stories everywhere i look now. Dailyfail even tracked the Hercules coach to ask him the keys to beating BBB. Gonna be a long 3 days in the media before the game. More Cesc DNA stories and recycled garbage to come.

  436. Now Abramovich is after our chief scout Steve Rowley. How about renting him from us for half a season for 30mil?

  437. I’m a little bit shocked to read that Messi could’ve been an Arsenal player if it wasn’t for the immigration rules.
    This is from an article MailOnline
    “Arsenal had investigated the possibility of a double deal but the 15-year-old Messi had only an Argentinian passport and under both FIFA and British immigration rules it would have been impossible to bring him to England.
    Nevertheless, Messi almost slipped through Barca’s net. He had been brought to Catalonia in the autumn of 2000 by his father, Jorge, largely in desperation”

  438. So I feel for John Carew right now. The Stoke City striker thought the phrase ‘My Life, My Rules’ was written in French on his neck.

    Unfortunately, a reversed accent above the ‘e’ gave it a dual meaning and he will forever be the bearer of a message which also means ‘My Life, My Periods’.

    He’s really grumpy about this. Once a month too, I hear.


  439. Alan Hansen admits that Arsenal are the only ones who can catch Manure but there “Is still a question about the 2 center halves and the GK”.


    And which 2 CB’s? Kos6 who has been playing so well he got his first cap for France and who was it they beat again? Or JD who’s personal non-losing streak is soon to beat Manure’s much more heralded one!!

    And which GK? Is it the one who outside of a match fucked up by the ref has only let in 1 EPL goal so far this year?

    Only managed the highlights today I’m afraid but will watch it all tomorrow as it looked like a cracker of a game. RVP is on fire!! AA looked lively too. Shrek is still a cunt and yes he totally shinned it.

    Arsene and the Arsenal have led the way but there are those who are brave enough to follow, check out this article:


  440. @Irish well what would you have Hansen say? Im sure they made a pre-script for the entire session when they got him on telly, cos they dont trust his own judgment(and who would). And slaugthering Arsenal sells both papers and telly. Praising Rooney sells both telly and Papers. That is what the masses want. they dont want sofisticated, bright arsenal to win. they want a man of the people. a man that the british people(preferably british male) can identify with.
    According to the press most british men are more like Rooney(simlpe minded, brute, loves his wife but cheats) than say Walcott(nice, intelligent, polite, loves his family, does not cheat etc).
    If i was britsh id be insulted by this but im not and the brits seem to like it so….

  441. oh and it seems like Tottenham is going down the drain if United buys Bale tbh… their no1 posterboy is moving north…

  442. Thanks for that irishgray – I need to wash now having read the Daily Hate but it is great to hear another man with a football philosophy close to our own. Even if he smells of Spurs and Chelsea.

  443. JonJon described the RVP Zubar incident as 50 50 so I thought I’d better watch it again.
    1) RVP has his leg extended, foot angled down just off the ground in a manner liable to nick the ball.
    2) Zubar has his foot angled straight up, studs forward and at about knee height in a manner liable to entirely miss the ball and potentially break his opponnt’s leg.

  444. Yes steww, I think JonJon got that one wrong.

    You have to laugh at all this ‘Rooney Wondergoal’ bollocks. Poodle nailed it at 8.09 I think.

    Seriously juvenile reporting. I thought that over head kicks were the epitomy of skill in football – when I was 14. You will see a similar goal on every ground in the country at least once every season.

    Never mind getting some opinions of their own, the pundits just need to grow up.

  445. someone scored an overhead kick last week, i cant remember who but it was better, a cleaner strike and the cross wasnt a lucky deflected one either.

  446. we’ll agree to disagree on the takle guys..
    the ball was there to be won, its one of those where whoever wins it is going to get clattered..and seeing as though both players legs where in the air, although zubars was higher, theres not much chance of a leg break..
    the foul on clichy was a bad one however..

    i dint understand all this rooney love in, well i do, they want the old rooney back, but it was a piss poor build up and he shinned it..but this game created a media circus and they dont need much to orgasm over..
    can understand the manc reactions because of the magnitude of the derby in there own eyes. 1-1..shit game, rooney scores that goal to win it..it could have gone in off his arse and they would have said it the best goal ever…
    the best i ever seen like that was trevor sinclair for qpr…

  447. What a game. This really could be our season…..
    RvP, Cesc, Wilshire, Song, Theo.. what can I say, these guys are almost too good to be true. The real test of their quality is of course Barca. We play well against them and no one can argue we’ve got the best midfield/attack in the world.

    Our back 5 deserves a mention too. Why does having JD in our defence make such a positive difference? I really can’t understand how he’s come to have such an influence on the team. I’ve always thought he was decent (in the same way I think all Arsene’s players are), but the fact that we almost never concede when he plays mystifies me. Is he so much ‘better’ than our other CBs. Anyways, thank heavens he’s fit.

    So looking forward to the Barca game now

  448. doesnt matter what goals are scored from now till end of season – sky and the beeb have made the goal of the season decision already dont cha know – they all cry ‘for a player not playing well all season thats out of this world’ – game over. Just like player of the season will be Gareth ‘he peels bananas with his feet’ Bale for a 2-3 month run of form earlier in the season

  449. Henristic – its the conbination – just like Ferdinand and Vidic works – like Sol and Kolo worked – sometimes it just works – sometimes the players make it work because they click into each others mindset of who will be doing what – who (if anyone) drops out when Vermaelen is back?

  450. Raquel Z. Hardin

    By 1970s GoonerBack in May of this year when Arsenal were stumbling to fourth place in the Premier League I felt the need to write an article on It was written in frustration of the so many things that Arsene Wenger needed to fix that to me and many other fellow gooners were so obviously apparent. In that article all Arsenals weaknesses were deemed to be correctable as a lot of the changes needed involved a change of attitude or better coaching and organisation on the pitch rather than radical surgery in the personnel. – The defence has tightened up- Learned how to break up packed defenses- Now kill teams off when on top- Have become more physical and learned how to win ugly- Hit the ground running- Goals are shared roundIn an earlier posting I dealt with the first three changes that have transformed Arsenal this season.

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