Theo Talks But Can Nik Walk The Walk?

For once international week is looking half-decent for Arsenal with reports that Robin van Persie and Cesc have both pulled out of their respective countries meaninglessful international friendlies.

It would be nice to think that these illnesses are genuine but for once, my natural cynicism is shining through and it is just too convenient, especially as there is little fuss being made of them in the media over here.

On the subject of injuries no confirmation that Johan Djourou is out for months that we were told although his Twitter account suggested that it is not as bad as first seemed.

The Dynamic Duo are going to be facing Denmark with Capello insisting that Wilshere is a holding midfielder, despite the pocket dynamo possessing more attacking flair and threat than Lampard has shown in his whole international career. The hope has to be that appearing for England will not have a detrimental impact on his technique as Capello returns the national squad to the mid-1970s in terms of its playing style. And abilities.

The Italian though has found Theo Walcott praising him for being approachable. Having admitted that omitting the Arsenal player from the World Cup 2010 squad was a mistake, Capello is not being let off the hook easily on that score. The move backfired because of the appalling form of Lennon when it mattered although whether Walcott would have fared any better is open to debate, such was the poverty of his form for the national team at that time.

Such matters would not have bothered Nicklas Bendtner who is lining up against his club team-mates, hoping to prove to Arsène that his form is improving. Having won Goal of the Month on the club website, Bendtner believes he should be featuring more in the side,

I am happy to be an Arsenal player but, of course, I must play more. I mean that I’m good enough to be in the line-up. I will play this season to the end as an Arsenal player and then make a decision on my status in the summer. If I’m still happy then I will stay. Otherwise, we must see what will happen.

Whether Arsène agrees remains to be seen but it is hard to see Bendtner displacing a fit Robin van Persie in the starting line-up. That means that under current formations, the Dane had better get used to being a right-sided forward or supersub. Rotation means he will play centrally but not as often as he thinks he should.

His season was rudely interrupted by injury and he has yet to find the consistency of performance to warrant a starting place. The signing of Chamakh has made the forward line a competitive area of the Arsenal squad and it would be no surprise to see one or more of the fringe players leave in the Summer as they seek first team football.

Bendtner invited that with his comment but he has also put wages under the spotlight once more. His observations about the money earned at the top level of the game are not wrong. Footballers obtain their salary levels because that is what the market dictates.

Their abilities are judged by the manager. His judgement is based on seeing them every day in training, knowing their strengths and the performance levels they are capable of, rather than a jaundiced view of ninety minutes where no matter how well someone plays, they are criticised.

We can have an opinion and guess what players earn but media reports are notoriously unreliable concerning amounts paid. Do we have the right to know? Some would argue on the basis that we pay their wages via merchandise and tickets, that we are entitled to know. However, do you know the salary of the Argos cashier who served you at the weekend? No but on the basis of the previous logic, you are surely entitled to.

Constantly we are told that football is an entertainment business which, if it is correct, the comparison with actors is not wrong. Looking at other sports, the top earners worldwide outpace footballers yet not in this country. With Uefa’s rules, the salary levels are going to drop at some clubs but not others. Arsenal, for example, will be able to pay more than they currently do; Chelsea won’t.

Elsewhere, apparently Cesc will have recovered sufficiently to partake of a £50m move to Chelsea this Summer. It beats months of worrying about Barcelona come June, I suppose…As Liverpool fans jibed at Stamford Bridge, Cesc would do better to stay at a big club.

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. This internationals are so pointless. FIFA or UEFA have to work on the scheduling of these internationals. Anyway, thank God that cesc and RVP aint going nowhere, it gives them a weeks rest before the wolves game.

  2. 50 million for Cesc means that if he’s to leave – probably to Spain – it would probably reach 70 to 80 million. Not bad business for someone we got for free! At this rate Cesc would probably have to run out his contract or raise an ugly tantrum. And Cesc doesn’t look tantrum -isque!

  3. Theo and Nasri being dropped from the world cup squads was great for Arsenal. Both of them out to prove points this season.

  4. Laurent Koscielny gets his first call up. Good for him, bad for us. Pray he stays fit for Wolves.

  5. nice post. Is it me or is NB fast becoming a comedy icon. Do players still bunk together? If so who shares with auld Nicky?

  6. I expected Koscielny to develop a “stomach upset” as well….or a “flu”

  7. I do hope the encouraging sign on Djourou injury are right as we need him to be fit for guy on the Djourou official facebook page said that Djourou said he received a knock on the knee and to look at for an injury update. I do hope it is just a knock and not something more serious.
    Talkshite are so funny like if someone could buy into their Cesc 50 m transfer to chelski.
    I hope wilshere is partnered by a DM so that he can show what a threat going forward he can be, maybe in a 4-4-2 with Barry partnering him and
    Walcott and one of Downing, Young or Miller on the wing.

  8. Koscielny needs to get this first call-up to get the international recognition he deserves. It would be great that he starts and have a great game against the Brazillians so that maybe we’ll stop hearing the he’s average nonesense from the pundits.

  9. I’d rather Koscielny didnt go, with Vermaelen out and Djourou’s condition not confirmed if anything was to happen to him we’d only have one centre back (Squillaci) seeing even our backup(Song) is out injured.

    I hope the players missing for their countries recover in time for wolves *wink*.
    Irishgray, Dupps, NJN i also feel he is an imposter!

  10. There is no way Cesc would cost 50m. he is worth 4 andy carrolls so you guys can do the math and find out his right price!!

  11. Crapello up to his old tactical tricks again, Wilshere a dm. maybe he knows more then us.

  12. I do worry about Kos getting injured whist on international duty. We are in the poo if he does.

  13. Watching some old Englnad games when we had a good team and we were still out of our depth at wc’s. even when we were good we were shit, no hope now.

  14. The same article says we have “slapped” at £60M price tag on him (which is of course all made up nonsense). We should not have a price tag for him, we should simply say that he is not for sale at any price.

  15. I’m still a bit ignorant about tactics and stuff, but after all that talk about how the English style could be successful, it looks to me like Capello’s trying to make England a bit more European. Forget the Makelele comparisons, I think Wilshere’s England role is going to be modelled on Luis Suarez or Guardiola – guys like that. Yeah, it’s a DM, but not as we know it in England.

  16. I think we all must have some psychological damage to contend with after the Newcastle fiasco, for that it what it was. After reflection, my view is more positive than before the match. Something has changed in this team (and in Diaby) for Diaby to menace Barton in that manner. It was meant! And the more I see it the more I like it. It said “you know what, there will be no more of this thuggery, absolutely, no more”. Never mind the second penalty, for Barton not to have received a card for that tackle alone says everything. Just replay the sequence of events, recall the graphic injuries meted out to our players the past seasons, now hear the commentators, listen to the pundits, the Wilshere fall-out, Wenger’s silent rage and understand fully all of its implications. Diaby acted, finally, and at some level that action reflects months and years of Arsenal frustration in dressing room post-mortems of matches and other discussions.

    That it changed one match is neither here nor there.

    Frank was so right when he said some months back, the main and possibly only threat to our title challenge is sheer incompetence of the English refs, and the bias that fuels this very incompetence. Please, if you will, imagine Rooney at the receiving end of that Barton tackle, or Ronaldo, or Owen of old – any of the great media darlings; and the inevitable result – Barton sent off, straight red, for the tackle. Then a decision about the retaliation, the circumstances, context. Yes, maybe a red, but more likely a yellow.

    Re-wind and watch it again. Barton’s tackle was openly, provocatively and emphatically violent by intention and execution. That it didn’t injure Diaby was the most thankful result. Those bastards came onto the field saying, knowing, understanding that Diaby was their target. Barton the hitman.

    If any out there care to do so, and have time, a series of ref decisions, and the comparisons with exactly similar situations in other matches with the opposite decision, just this season, and showing the extent of ‘mistakes’ and ‘errors in judgement’ will reveal everything you need to know. We talk about defensive errors, and points lost and all that, when this reality begs a different question: how many points have we dropped due to refs by now?

    If ever there was a case for siege mentality, this is it.

  17. (Just released)
    . . . . .Well, lads. 4-0 down at half-time. What’re we going to do?
    . . . . .They’ve made us look like complete wankers.
    . . . . .You , are complete wankers. But now you’ve got a manager who thinks the same way as you do.
    . . . . .So . . . . . . .?
    . . . . .We’ve got to stop them attacking first, or they’ll get ten. Best bet is to get one or two of them sent off.
    . . . . .How’re we going to do that?
    . . . . .Well, we know the ref’s not going to give any fouls against us. Maybe we can provoke them. How about it Joey?
    . . . . .Have they got anybody who’s had a leg broken?
    . . . . .Several. But there’s only one playing – that tall git, Diaby. He’s a bit flaky. Hit him on the follow through. Bend his leg a bit. But for God’s sake don’t actually break it, ‘cos you can’t afford another yellow card.
    . . . . .Then what?
    . . . . .Well with 11 against 10 we might be able to get in their penalty area. So then all you have to do is fall over. 2 or 3 penalties and we’ll have them worried.
    . . . . .Still not enough.
    . . . . .Who knows? We might get a bit of luck as well. Y’know. A long-range screamer or something like that. We might even score a proper goal.
    . . . . .Come on, boss. That’s asking a bit much.
    . . . . .Never give up.
    . . . . .What’s the odds?
    . . . . .Never been done before. I’d say about 10,000,000 to 1 against.
    . . . . .Almost as bad as the National Lottery. Won’t somebody be suspicious?
    . . . . .Nah. All the press’ll say told you so – Arsenal’s got a useless defence. And remember. You’re complete wankers. So get out there and play to your strengths. It’s the only chance we’ve got.

  18. Great post, YW.
    Whaddya mean, “for once” your natural cynicism is shining through?
    Seriously, though, I do hope we’re right in our assumptions.

    I am praying for 45-minute cameos for our regular starters and 90 minutes for non-regulars like Bendtner, Chamakh and Eboue. Injury-free minutes, please. Ta.

    Agree, OOU.
    It will be interesting to see if Capello really is going in a new direction. There are some talented English youngsters (not just at Arsenal) who could cope. Wilshere can play DM; he can play anywhere. If he has to stay deep, he will merely run the game from there.

  19. “God’s sake don’t actually break it, ‘cos you can’t afford another yellow card.”

    Haha nice one Merlot

  20. I logged on for news about Djourou, but *sigh* nothing yet.

  21. “If ever there was a case for siege mentality, this is it.”

    That’s what I think RVP and Cesc pulling out of the internationals is about ZP. Enough is enough, it’s us against the world now, and we’re not letting international friendly fluff get in the way of us bouncing back and socking it to the bastards. Wolves are going to get mullered on Saturday because nooone’s letting their foot off the gas until we’re six clear… just to make sure.

  22. Haha, judging by that post, “blandgooner” is a bit of a misnomer!

    Yeah, FG. Unlike Billy Bragg, I AM looking for a new England. JW will control the game wherever he plays, because the rest of the team – technically deficient as they are – will have no choice but have to defer to him, Rooney included. So as long as he’s in the middle, telling the Cbs to give it to him instead of pumping it long, England should be playing a passing game.

    Maybe it’s a new day! I mean, I don’t care if England fail – that’s not what embarrasses me. It’s the war analogies and route one football.

    Funny post yesterday btw.


    Kos’s view. Pretty much what many have said one here only told that they are wrong. Maybe Kos is wrong as well.

  24. Hope the tweets are right on Djourou. For all the other problems we had in the second half, losing the two tall guys (with the Songster out, too) was another perfect storm when we needed to defend set pieces.
    Now, with Diaby out presumably for 3 games, we face another brutal coincidence in facing Stoke in the second game, and then Zigic in the Cup.
    Maybe we should put Nik and Chamahk up front on either side of RVP….and then switch the whole thing back to front.

  25. From Twitter:

    bbcsport_david David Ornstein

    Reliably informed Djourou feels knee injury “not too bad”. Still awaiting scan results but reports he’s out for season rubbish #Arsenal #afc

  26. Congratulations goonerandy, some quotes from a dubious site and you’re always the first to post them.

    We get it: players with English grit are what we need, not sissies like our players.

    What about you showing some backbone?

  27. Have to agree with OneOfUs. Wilshere can’t be the traditional DM. Our draw with Newcastle would prove that.

  28. Notlager – ????? Who mentioned English players? I don’t know where you get that from, that has never been in any argument of mine (although I am aware it may suit you to presume it has been so crack on).

    As a general rule of thumb, quotes usually indicate it has been said as opposed to “a source close to”.

    Theo’s comments also indictate that the team know they should have still win regardless of circumstance.

    But you cherry pick what you want mate. It was the ref’s fault, it was Barton’s fault, it was that femal lino’s fault. Our players……never!!! There was many things that led to us dropping points on Sat, our players losing control of the game was one of them.

  29. I reckon Jack could play the DM role. He seems an intelligent enough player. I do think he is better suited in a more advanced role though.

  30. goonerandy
    I have read the original interview of Koscielny from which it is taken and you have been tricked into the tranlator wanted you to think. When he speaks about fear, he’s talking after the Diaby sending off which doesn’t say that Arsenal are scared when protecting a league it says they got scared after Barton’s takle.

    The original article than you can find in french here:

    In addition to be a man down we also lost someone who’s great at defending, tall and very important on set pieces. Cesc came down a little bit but we weren’t compact enough. There were gaps in our defence and everyone started to be scared when we should have remained calm.

    At the beginning he is also saying the tacle on Diaby, the incident was the turning point. At no point he says the team had a problem before it, he is just too intelligent to say the ref was at fault.

    So no your article from this shitty rumour website spinned his word making you believe Arsenal are scared while it actually says that they were scared because of the incident and the turn of events. All that came out goes into saying the ref decision was the turning point. I also saw Sagna on French tv and his view was the same: he did not want to comment on the refs decision but there were the turning point.

  31. Footylatest my arse. Those bell-ends make up their own headlines. Look at the state of some of them. Actually don’t cos you’d be giving them traffic.

  32. You don’t really agree with me, KG.

  33. If England really want to enter a brave new world, Rodwell at DM, Wilshere alongside him as the creative force, Walcott and Ashley Young as the wingers. Say bye-bye to Gerrard, Lampard, Barry and all the other losers who achieved fuck all in and England shirt.

  34. So do you honestly believe that the referee was 100% responsible for us throwing away a 4 goal lead in 20mins?

  35. It’s a (boring at times) seven parter, but when Luis Suarez went to Inter, he did what I think JW will be expected to do for England.

  36. andy I can’t believe we are still having this. But yes I believe that a ref can 100% alter the game if he puts his mind to it. Especially when you look at his actions. 1 off side ruling, 1 sending off, 2 penalties against. And many unnecessary foul decisions against us, constantly breaking up our play. Also don’t forget the fact that he was basically giving barton, nolan… free reign to have a go at us. All of that would mess with any teams brain and put them on the back foot.

    Pick any 11 in the word put them up against all that and you would get the same outcome.

    But more importantly why are you soooooo desperate to hear Arsenal fans say that yeah andy we were shite. Is that what your after because hopefully you’ll only find a very small minority to give you what your after.

  37. Yes because I’ve seen Sagna say it live on tv and read in the original Koscielny interview that the turning point was the Barton’s assault that went unpunished and the red card on Diaby’s reaction that by the way not one player condemn for his reaction. You could see also during the match that with every ludicrious ref decision that they were getting more and more distress. So I tell you 300% if we had a decent unbiased ref we would have won the game no problem.

  38. Els – From the 4 desicions you mention (1 offside, 1 sending off, 2 pens), the ref got one of them wrong (2nd pen). The offside and first pen were close, but correct calls. As was the sending off. I am not doubting for one second that the ref was crap, because he was. And he did affect the game. But you make is ound as though we are a team of 12 years olds sulking because we were up against it. If we had kept our heads we would have comfortbaly won the game.

    Which makes this – “Pick any 11 in the word put them up against all that and you would get the same outcome” complete garbage.

    I am not desperate for anybody to say we were shite. Indeed for the first half we were excellent. My point from the start was that the team could have/should have avoided this result despite the calls that went against us. You simply should not drop points when you are 4-0 up with 20mins left. Its not such a difficult concept to grasp.

  39. It is telling that Theo has said that “the players could not look the manager in the eye after the game”. That sounds like the players knowing they have let the boss down does it not? I (and others) have only echoed what many of the players have said, yet are painted as some sort of cannibal.

  40. Gunnerluc – “So I tell you 300% if we had a decent unbiased ref we would have won the game no problem”

    Happy with that. My point is that if the team had kept their composure, it is also 301% certain we would have taken all three points.

  41. Newcastle is 2days ago, it should be confined in the memory bin, most of us having agreed the freaking ref cost us that game as he has afew others (sunderland springs to mind).Now can we forget it and move on?

  42. Well why do you f*cking keep on going on and on about the bloody incident! Seriously you and bill have a serious problem you just keep repeating your argument until someone has enough of it and tells you that you right!
    Please drop it you starting to really piss me off!

  43. GoonerAndy. While the turning point of the game might well have been Barton’s tackle (not Diaby’s sending off), the turning point of the season might well become Diaby’s reaction. Often it is said that a team playing a little badly or shakily (every team, sometime, right?) that still wins is how you define a true title challenger. Now, that very definition conforms to Arsenal’s second half play in every sense and possibility, except that two penalties (one certainly completely wrong, one very dubious by any Vidic standard), plus the failure to book Barton (would have been second yellow) and Nolan and so give free reign to these guys constituted a performance by a ref so poor, that it changed the outcome of the match.

    In other words, GFY.

  44. gunnerluc – so you admit I am right 😉

    Seriously, you need to chill out mate. I am only chatting about with other’s who want to debate their thoughts on the matter. If you don’t……ignore it. You don’t agree with me? fine, there is nothing wrong with agreeing to disagree.

  45. Zim – Nicely put. Are we ignoring their offside goal as well by the way? To conceed 5 against them would have been a bit too much to stomoch I will grant you.

  46. How can I ignore it when since saturday about it go on and on. And I just cannot let you spreading nonsense. And believe me I am chilled out. you’ll feel it when I am not calm anymore.

  47. Thierry Bergkamp-Wright

    One can’t help wondering if psychology is being employed in the case of Djourou & Song, by Arsène.

  48. And just to illustrate my point, GoonerAndy, at minimum you are saying that a team that has a goal wrongly given against it, critically the third goal, to bring the score to within a goal, playing with 10 men is just not good enough if it doesn’t win. We didn’t play very well to be honest, and to be honest, there were reasons why. Wilshere explained quite well I thought.

  49. It’s quite easy for a game to become a farce when the ref is a joke.

  50. gunnerluc – A keyboard warrior. Petrified I am sure. Nonsense because you don’t agree with it? Or nonsense because you don’t like some of the posters who happen to think it? Either way, I don’t really care.

    Zim – I agree with that. We played excellent in the first half, but poorly when things went against us in the 2nd. That has pretty much being my point all along. If we had kept it together we would have won. That is all I have said from the outset.

  51. I thought A.Lennon was one of Engerlands better players in ’06, shame he hasn’t progressed as well as the younger Walcott…but the true nature of Capello’s gr*tless wonders this past summer, was revealed by the selection of SWP.
    I challenge anyone with a football brian to go back and watch that warm up game against the Mexico team that went on to have a decent tournament. SWP attempted two step-overs, both shanked into touch.
    Walcott had a decent game, compared to most of the other players on the pitch. SWP?
    Brings out the cynical side in finsbury (nope, not the Blackstock Road…).

    These trolls have had there lack of credibility proven time and again. It’s all there in the archives. From shots that weren’t ‘straight at them’ to doubts over a midfield composed of Song and Wilshere…the list is as dumb as their need to troll.
    Fuck ’em all.

  52. I think there are times when you really can tell the character of a supporter. This is one of those. Given the balance of evidence, overwhelming, this one elects to criticise the team for a loss of confidence and form, and not defend them against an outrageous series of tackles and incidents, a ref so poor that even virulent anti-Arsenal pundits are embarrassed. Oh yes, the fifth goal not given in a game that degenerated into farce. Oh, that one. GFY.

  53. Thierry Bergkamp-Wright

    48 hours from now, all shall become clearer, with regards to those fit enough to feature in the weekend and even more, pressing CL tussle. Fingers crossed, Walcott, Walcott, Koscielny & co will return unscathed from their pointless excursions.

  54. Interesting highlights on the bleeb:

    Ramsey report: Good shot (right foot I think) and run at speed (he still has his Pace!). Perfect assist for a lovely goal by Bellamy.

    Lansbury: Norwich dead ball specialist, looks like he’s having fun in the flatlands.

    I think Ramsey is the one scheduled to return to the Arsena squad, Lansbury could if Aaron needs more time.

    Jay Thomas: Only a sub this week, be interesting to hear the thoughts of Cardiff fans towards the end of the season.

  55. >Brain.

    That Brian is a very naughty boy!

  56. Zim – I am not childish enough to start questioning people’s meetle as a supporter. I can assure you though (not that I need to), that I am 100% behind the club. It amazes me that even though a few of the players that have even alluded to the fact that they should have still won the game, people simply disregard that and prefer to blame others (who did have a significant impact).

    I am confident however that Arsne and hte coaching staff will look at the team performance as a whole, and where we stopped keeping possesion of the ball (Theo noted this), as in my mind this is what cost us more than any refereeing cock up.

  57. Goonerandy, Gunnerluc, Zim et al.

    Enjoying the back and forth. I’m glad that no one on here, at least very few, is attempting to put too much blame on diaby. Would I have preferred he get a red card trying to snap barton’s femur in open play? certainly, but what’s done is done.

    My opinion on the broader issue of ref’s decisions vs lack of composure is that one is quantifiable, measurable while the other is not. The ref made 2 unforgivable calls, calls that would see him put under the most intense scrutiny if things were right. The 2nd penalty and Nolan not being sent off for his WWE Saturday Night Smackdown moves on Szceszny. Yet we cannot measure this “composure” aspect finitely. We can’t say, “oh if we had had 25% more composure we wouldve won” If newcastle dont get that 2nd penalty, they’re never in a million years creating 2 more goals from open play.

    So yes, the lack of composure hurt us. But the terrible decision making by the ref, and I can stomach it all up until the 2nd penalty, hurt us in an incomprable way.

  58. Just heard on Twitter that Richard Keys and Andy Gray are going to present a show on Talk Shite.

  59. I asked earlier why do people think that Theo stated that “the team could not look Wenger in the eye” after the game? For me, that is a mature comment of a player who is accepting a portion of responisbility for what happened. And you know what? Good for him, that shows class; he has accepted the ref was crap, but also accepted that the team also let the manager down.

    What do people here make of it?

  60. Muppet – Really? You could not make that up.

  61. The funny thing is even in the first half, we didn’t play as well as people think, but the ball sure rolled for us. I’m not going to criticise this team on this day. My humble opinion is simple. I support and actually admire Diaby for his reaction. About time too. I don’t care what happened after. It’s not about that. Game after game it happens; the ankle tap, going for the knee, the full blooded shin-shaker, all the dark arts of British bulldozer football that has reduced British players to the laughing stock of world football. Refs that are complicite. A team that has personally witnessed, on the field, arguably 3 of the 5 worst ever injuries inflicted on EPL players in a decade. Refs that are complicite you see, for whatever reason, but so strange its Arsenal. Who cares about this result. It’s time people get the priorities.

  62. Boxer, way behind on points, has his trainer slip a couple of 5oz horseshoes into his gloves. Ding-ding, next round, a horseshoe righthook lays the other guy spark out, first shot. When the guy comes round there’s his own trainer looming over him fanning his face. He shakes his head, disappointed, “Why couldn’t you just have kept your composure?”

  63. Well that’s my last response to you as I see that you are just a fucking troll.

    From your argument it is clear you have never played competitive football in your life. If you had you’ll understand what we are saying when a ref take side it makes a world of difference.

    I have played in some sunday league matches where when you are the visiting team and the ref is a mate of the home team. When a ref is biased you don’t think about anything else than preventing the opponent to break your leg or ruin your ankle because you know that he won’t do shit. Clearly you have never experienced it because otherwise you won’t be saying some stupid thing like you did for the past three days!

    I have no lesson to take from a stupid american who started to watch “soccer” because becks came to play in his country. As for the keyboard warrior you make me laugh if you think that I care about getting in a keyboard battle with you you are as dumb as I think you are!
    Actually I feel sorry for you! You seem to think that your are actually having a good reasoning when you don’t even realise you make a fool of yourselves. Come and talk to me when you will have actually played the game!

  64. NJ – Good post.

    You are right about Diaby as well; it was a silly reaction, but a 100% understandable one as well. A somebody else mentioned earlier, although it did costs us it was good to see him letting Barton know he would not be intimidated.

  65. Limpar — there it is!! so you can have my awkwardly explained point based on logic, or your poignant boxing metaphor.. haha thank you!!

  66. Gunnerluc – I am English you fool. And I have played plenty of competative football for the best part of 20+ years thank you very much. At decent levels as well, so thanks for the patronising speech. I can see you get angry discussing things; I can only imagine that is your frustration at not being able to even consider somebody else’s view that is not the same as your own. Don’t worry, I don’t hold it against you. I am sure you will get there one day.

    Limpar – Yes, that is exactly the same.

    Zim – I agree 100%

  67. ZP – “Who cares about this result. It’s time people get the priorities.”

    Just so you know.. I’m going to print this out and tape it to my refrigerator along with my collection of other awesomely spot on ACLF blurbs

  68. gotta love the “i can tell you’ve never played competitive football argument”


  69. Limpar – Your boxing scenario would be more accurate if said boxing knew his opponent had the hourseshoes in the gloves.

  70. andy judging by your post at 1.48 I can see that you’ll pick the elements from a post that most suit your cause. Also that you havn’t actually played much football in your time have you.

  71. ZP, do you think Diaby’s reaction will make it any less likely that we’ll suffer those type of tackles in future ? I think it’ll probably have the opposite effect. Afterall it worked perfectly didn’t it ?

  72. Els – Plenty thanks. And not just schoolboy football like gunnerluc 😉

  73. Football is not war. It’s most basic premise is the neutrality of the ref and his ability to protect the players so they can actually play football, and his judgement to apply the rules crisply, fairly and flexibly. Newcastle wasn’t a game of football. The result doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is whether Djourou is out for too long and Diaby’s honest reaction.

  74. The game was a freak, lets leave it as that.

    The referee is always going to favour the underdogs that are 4-0 down getting embarassed on their home turf. We are swimming against the tide, and a tide which will not ease up. Everyone is against Arsenal, they can’t and won’t allow this Arsenal team to play football. We represent everything which is good in football – playing attacking football, having players that care, having players which were developed or brought through the ranks, and focusing on building a team rather than buying it. That is what football is really about.

    I pity these teams, Newcastle fans have to watch Barton throw his weight around, wheres the skill, wheres the oooohs and aaaahhs of a piece of magic. Newcastle managed 1 moment in the 90 mins, the strike from Tiote was amazing, yet it should have been only a consolation. What we have is pure magic for 90mins. What us Arsenal fans have is so precious these other fans can stand it. The calls for shame on Arsenal always cheating is based purely on our skill, and the resulting envy of having to watch the Arsenal players dance around their thuggish, clueless players.

    4-0 to the good, and even though Phil Dowd done his best to even the scores, a freakish wonder striker is what prevented us from being 2 points behind United. I can’t see too many more freak incidents from average teams stopping us this season.

  75. Oh I’ve touch a nerve you fool. your just another troll.

  76. that’s bizzare andy I hadn’t refreshed in a good 20 or so mins so missed that you said you’d played at a decent level for 20 years when I said that last comment.

    This tells me that others must have come to the same conclusion as me at the same time. Your comments about how much effect a ref has on a game are close minded. Also the effect that 1 goal can have on a team. If you’ve ‘played’ you’ll know it can instantly turn the feel of a game and mindset.

  77. I think and believe, on the whole, the smaller size of Arsenal players and their general absence of malice in tackling has made them a target. Something that would be applauded in most other football countries is derided in England. Skill. It’s becoming a hateful old cliche, “get in their face”. Diaby responded not to a tackle but to years of abuse. The team as a whole will rally behind him. It will lift the spirit. We will lift the title.

  78. @ChrisGoona | February 8, 2011 at 2:56 pm

    What he said.

  79. “The team as a whole will rally behind him. It will lift the spirit. We will lift the title.”

    If only the fans would too eh.

  80. Gunnerluc – heh, really you haven’t. Anyway I thought you had made your last responce to me.

  81. WOW, lets keep looking for reasons to blame the team.

    I say again, being put under pressure in a match and playing on the back foot does not automatically equal 4 goals against you.

    Why mention the offside goal and not the fact that neither Barton or Nolan shouldve been on the pitch?

    Anyway, its tiring to beating out the same arguements.

    Thanks for your comments ZP! I too feel very encouraged.

    I do believe that Cesc and RVP pulled out of these midweek matches to be prepared for the wolves and I love it!

    Its Arsenal’s time and dem fraid ah we!!!

    Have a blessed day all!!

  82. Incidentally I do think Nolan should have been sent off. I think Diaby got sent off for grabbing Barton as opposd to his push on Nolan. The way Nolan grabbed Szchezy was pretty much the same, so I don’t understand why the ref ignored it. The lino even ran over to “split it up” as well.

  83. All the interviews I’ve seen have been with very angry Arsenal players doing their damnedest to keep schtum about a patently fuck-witted if not crooked referee and a shocking, travesty of a game of football.

    It’s all in the eyes. It’s clearly gone absolutely supernova in the dressing room after the game and they’ve all been reigned-in and agreed on a line of ‘no comment’ when asked about Dowd. I agree – that is mature; but make no mistake – our players know very well that they were mugged on Saturday (after all, it was pretty hard to miss). I think they also know that now they have to be considerably better than their direct opponents to win the league. And by that I mean they have to tackle cleaner and more precisely, they have to take more hits, they have to score more goals, and they have to treat toppling great cunt forwards with kid gloves and feather dusters… especially away from home and up North. Fortunately some of us know this team is considerably better than their direct opponents and they do tackle better and they will score more goals.

    We’ll use this injustice as an energy to power to the title. And all the indifferent, wishy-washy, gooner wet cabbages out there needn’t bother combing their hair because they’re not coming to the party. Or if they are they’ll probably spend the whole time in the kitchen.

  84. I also think English refs as a whole must be worried now. They will talk about this. In their fairly small and respected world (it takes a special kind of courage to be a ref) this is all highly embarrassing, a match at such a level decided on multiple false decisions. Refs in other countries are already talking about it, and generally the reputation British refereeing is probably at all time low. Everton has a point itself, having apparently not had a penalty awarded to them this whole season, now that’s an odd statistic.

    Standards are bizarre. It’s rather like crap playing fields that tend to ‘level’ skills, because the better team can’t play to their skill.

    Sooner or later someone will have the guts to do some research and work out that ManU, and perhaps Chelsea, are on average getting ‘benefit of the doubt decisions’ where Arsenal and perhaps others, not sure, is on average more often at the receiving end of wrong decisions – especially where reckless, violent or rough play is involved.

  85. The mantal strength of this team has come out on numerous occasions already this season to win us important games. But like Els said, the ref can play too much of a role in a match, that match was at Newcastle.

    Its not an easy excuse, the ref was poor and his decisions were affected by the angered Newcastle fans. The role of a referee isn’t to give unfair advantages, or even the scores, but that is what Phil Dowd did on Saturday, quite literally.

    Lets look to the next game, theres no point discussing such a freak game anymore.

  86. FirstLady – I have a sneaky suspicion that JD is perfectly fine but that AW is not saying so in order for him to skip international duty. Cesc and RVP have both pulled out of their respective matches. To me it all seems rather coincidental. This is the best season we have had in a while and we are still fighting on all 4 fronts, so for the top players to miss some pointless international friendlies makes perfect sense. Kos6 will play for France as he wishes to prove he can play at that level, which makes perfect sense but the likes of Cesc and RVP have nothing to prove.

    GoonerAndy – Enough already!! You have stated your case in full and are now just repeating yourself, in the mistaken belief that the more you say it the more people will agree with you. The vast majority don’t and never will. Your mistake, as I see it, is your insistence on trying to isolate the teams “loss of composure” and trying to make that as the reason for way the game ended. A reckless and dangerous tackle from a reckless and dangerous player on someone who has had to suffer through a previous leg-break, did anyone really expect a different reaction? 10 v 11. Many, many bad decisions by the referee, almost total inconsistency, and you blame our “lack of composure”?!! It was the proverbial rug being pulled from under our teams feet that was the root cause of our “lack of composure”. How can they have done anything right when the referee said they where wrong? A consistent and fair referee and we would have had all 3 points, even my Chav and Manc friends agree.

    In short, and I think most would agree, you may indeed be a genuine Arsenal fan but unfortunately you are also a genuine idiot.

  87. GA, this is what everyone is trying to say. It was a sequence of events that caused Saturday so you cannot isolate the goal that was called offside. Review the match as a whole, every decision, and then make a sound judgment. You cannot blame the team for losing their nerve, too many things went against them, too blasted many!

  88. Gooner wet cabbages. Now that is the most accurate and apt description of a certain kind of gooner vegetable I’ve read in a very long time. GWCs. It needs to enter the ACLF lexicon.

  89. I do hope that Wolves really suffer some backlash from us. As Limpar mnentioned above, hopefully the sense of injustice from the last game will further create a siege mentality for the players. Arsene is bound to rotate though with Barca coming up a few days later. As long as we don’t pick up any injuries on international duty, we are in a strong position for the next load of games.

  90. I am so damn happy that we are finally skipping internationals like our opponents do. It’s no use to send our most important players on a pointless extra match so they can get crooked right during crunch time. I still wish Cesc, RVP and co. a good recovery, though! *wink wink*

  91. “We’ll use this injustice as an energy to power to the title. And all the indifferent, wishy-washy, gooner wet cabbages out there needn’t bother combing their hair because they’re not coming to the party. Or if they are they’ll probably spend the whole time in the kitchen.”

    Thanks for that Limpars, had me crackin up!

  92. My final thoughts on this (now) boring matter:

    I accept that the ref had a huge bearing on the game, and in hindsight my real regret is that we lost the lead in such a short space of time. It is the 4 goals in 20mins which irks me more than anything. Regardless off all the ref cock up, he only directly contributed to one goal (2nd pen). I just think that we should be able to see out a game when 4-0 up with 20mins left. Regardless. Plenty on here think otherwise. Fine by me.

    Like chrisgooner quite rightly says, the game was a freak and I am putting it down as such. Onwards and upwards.

  93. Els:

    No one doubts that we got shafted by the ref and that it can affect the way you play. Clearly we would have won no matter how badly we played in the 2nd half if the ref had been decent. However, had we gotten ourselves reorganized after the first or even the 2nd goal we still would have won. If you do not think there was at least some contributory negligence on our part then you are not being very realistic.

  94. Who did you root for in the Superbowl, Bill?

  95. Goonerandy. I am a 61 year arsenal supporter who played football well into my forties although never to a very high standard. What I do know is that rather than hiding behind the alias of “Goonerandy” you should call yourself by your real name “I’m a c*nt andy”. You are not a proper supporter and probably never have been and I suspect that your greatest moments at football were when your dad let you beat him at subuteo.

  96. Onwards and upwards.

  97. Diaby didn’t do himself or the team any favours with that reaction. Every ‘combative’ midfielder in the league will look at that and say “I can get that gangly big fuck sent off”.

    I feel for Diaby and understand his reaction, but can’t condone it. He shoud have waited till full-time, then stroller over and knocked Barton clean the fuck out.

  98. “Fuckin refs, never give us anything. Totally biased against us all game long.”

    You could hear that sentence coming out of the mouth of pretty much any fan of any team at whatever level up and down the land any Saturday you’d care to mention. Get over yourselves.

  99. I meant to post this earlier but was wrapped up in more important things but I see that today, again, somebody has suggested that ‘but for the disallowed Newcastle ‘goal’, then we would have lost 5-4.

    Absolute bollocks. Any change in any game would send it down the path of a potentially and very likely different outcome. If that goal had been given then the play and the ball would not have been in the same place later to bring about the course of events that actually unfolded. Not to mention the likely change in the attitude of officials and players on both sides.

    I’ve often wondered about the effect that seemingly small ‘interventions’, like taking a throw in from the wrong place, might have on the outcome of a game.

    Of course, many people think that is a bit sad.

  100. Diaby will not targetted more. He will become the monster player he always threatened.

  101. GA, one thing I think you are missing (and I am done) you seem to be squarely focused on goals, please stop doing that. If Barton and Nolan are off do you think saturday wouldve happened.

    If the Diaby sending off was the turning point, would there not have been other turns if Nolan and Barton are off. They didny score from the Diaby sending off but for the rest of the match they had the upper hand due to it.

    Again, look at the WHOLE match and ALL the decisions.

    No disrespect but your arguements lack balance and perspective (as do Bill’s) for being on the back foot doesnt equal 4 goals, again!!

  102. Gunnerluc your comment about stupid Americans just showed your true class,,, You are a fucking racist xenophobe!
    Fuck you is all I have to say to to sir!

  103. +1 Bernard
    +1 Paul N

  104. Like if a throw-in is awarded to you in one alternate reality you might end up striking up a conversation with John Hannah on the tube on the way home and then he knocks you up and you end up nose-diving into a saccharine hollywood ending…

  105. exactly Mr. Bob!

  106. For god’s sakes bill

    “However, had we gotten ourselves reorganized after the first or even the 2nd goal we still would have won. If you do not think there was at least some contributory negligence on our part then you are not being very realistic.”

    This is my exact point. The ref didn’t allow s to ‘reorganize’. He stopped us by constantly pulling back play and by giving NUFC free reign to lamp us.

    I know this is the case you wont change my mind. Also I know that our players regardless of the ref’s actions will still take some responsibility. That’s just because most of them will be decent blokes. They wont want to look Wenger in the eye regardless of who’s fault.

  107. From the Swiss FA website 🙂
    Selon des informations d’Arsenal Londres, Johan Djourou (24) est moins gravement blessé que redouté.

    Cuno Wetzel, le médecin de l’équipe nationale A suisse a reçu mardi en début d’après-midi de bonnes nouvelles d’Angleterre : la blessure au genou de Johan Djourou est nettement moins grave que redouté, après que trois jours auparavant le défenseur d’Arsenal et de l’équipe nationale avait dû être échangé à la 48e minute du match de Championnat face à Newcastle.

    Contusion douloureuse
    Des premiers examens médicaux ont démontré que Djourou est blessé ni à la rotule, ni au cartilage du genou récemment opéré. « Mais le joueur a une contusion très douloureuse au niveau du genou. L’enflure et l’hématome ont ralenti le diagnostique », explique Wetzel il va même jusqu’à dire : « Si le processus de guérison se déroule normalement, Johan Djourou pourra probablement reprendre l’entraînement dans moins d’une semaine. »

  108. In 2 words:
    Info. from AFC medical team is that is is only a big knock…. first estimate is about a week out…

  109. Jo, I dont think Gunnerluc said stupid american”s”.

    “I have no lesson to take from a stupid american who started to watch “soccer” because becks came to play in his country.”

  110. Should I forward my bank coordinates for making your day so much better…?

  111. Good news Tokala!

  112. Tokala – Je ne parle pas Francais, Anglais s’il vous plait? Merci beaucoup mon ami 🙂

  113. Listen every one,, please stop blaming the ref for our piss poor collapse,, Yes he had a big part to play in it but at the end of the day were could have and should have been able to hold onto a 4 goal lead. If we are really a title challenging team as we all believe us to be then then this is the sort of shit that should not happen… Besides it over, done, in the past for fuck sakes.. Lets move on !

  114. @ finsbury

    “SWP attempted two step-overs, both shanked into touch.”
    ha ha! Wish I’d seen that.
    But I think this could be a turning point if Capello is brave enough to go down a new path.
    @ irishgray
    FirstLady – I have a sneaky suspicion that JD is perfectly fine but that AW is not saying so in order for him to skip international duty.
    A Cunning Plan, you say? Me like.

  115. The Swiss seem relieved it is only a painful knock and JD should resume training within a week if everything goes as planned….

  116. Paul N, The implication is very obvious, in that, Americans can’t possibly know anything about football. Don’t try and defend it. And no, I’m not American either. gunnerluc should apologise for that comment.

  117. JO did I say AmericanS no! I was refering to him in particular whom I thought said he was from the US. What I am saying is that by his comments it is clear he has never played the game otherwise he would not be focusing on the goals and would know that if a team is given a free licence to assault you it can have a massive impact on the outcome of the game. I have friends from the US who knows much more about football than that troll. And if you knew me you would not even think I am racist and xenophobic I just get worked up by trolls who clearly have no clue of what they are talking about. So sorry if I offended you as I wrote this in the heat of the moment.

    But I maintain that this guy has no clue what football is about.

  118. Sorry Paul N

    Stupid America,, stupid americas,, O ok that makes it so so much better ! ,,, Every one carries on on here about Xenephobia but when one of the elite is guilty its ok,, A spade is a spade mate,,,

  119. @ Irishgray
    Briefly, it’s a painful bruising at the knee, the swelling and inflamation hidnered the diagnosis, but he should be able to resume training in less than a week.

  120. FunGunner – This is our season and even AW has gone on record and said we are going all out on all four fronts. No more pissing in the wind and nurturing our young team. AW has seemed to have stopped that and is now expectant of results, which I think is the real meaning behind Theo saying they could not look him in the eyes. Plus I honestly feel that if we can win at least 1 cup and either EPL or CL (or both) then Cesc will happily stay, no matter what the offer as he will be the captain of a champion team and will realise what the Arsenal have become, a powerhouse not to be fucked with!! If we at least do some sort of double (which I have money on so we better!!) then not only will the media have to change its tune but it will solidify this team for years to come. As AW has stood by these players, so too will they stand by him and remain a force for years to come.

  121. The fact that he had no fucking clue where his victim came from before and just assumed he was American is fucking piss poor in its self..

  122. “If we were really a title challenging team…”

    ‘If’ indeed. Wake-up, Jo.

  123. Jo, we have a right.

    Block4, that was a statement directed to one person not all Americans.

  124. FunGunner – Thanks mate 🙂

  125. Everyone should watch this video, here’s the link:

  126. Jo, you were wrong but you can feel how you want to about what he really said now since you have been corrected. You are free.

  127. The funny thing about composure is that many people seem to thing of it as a quantifiable thing, and that this quantifiable thing is lost through ill-discipline or weakness of mind.

    Thing is this team is neither ill-discipline nor weak in mind or in body, and they know it. This team hasfought every step and overcome every obstacle in its evolution. This team has more heart than any other. Look at what they’ve accomplished despite all the naysayer constantly doubting and telling them they’re shit.

    Look at what they’ve accomplish aggainst the will of opponents and referees alike.

    We have fought back constantly against thuggery and incompetence (and perhaps something else) and still came out on top. Saturday was perhaps a freak occurrence, where the two foes (in their extreme forms) met in unison. Where the two at their extremes were only enough to claw us back, to hinder and deny us victory.

    Perhaps our composure was lost. Perhaps we lost our discipline, our mental and physical strength. But you know what, it took an extreme situation to do it.

    If you fail to see that, there is nothing more which need be said. But we are the Arsenal. We were yesterday, we are today, and we will be beyond the grave. Our legacy is being written, help move the pen.

  128. Paul N
    It was a fucking very small minded statement from a even smaller mined person.. So let me get this right,, what you are saying s that if I was to insult some one say a black person about the color of his skin, but i only directed my racial slur at him and not all black people then it would be OK! Because that is what you are saying!

  129. Limpar Assist please fuck off , I have no time for you,,

  130. Jo, elite? I never said I agreed. What I was saying is that he wasnt calling out every single American.

    The man has also apologized if he offended you.

  131. Paul N, like I said, it’s an indefensible comment and Jo has every right to be angry. gunnerluc has apologised, so no problem from me.

  132. Well my alternative reality would, I trust, turn out rather differently but in essence you get my drift, Limpar.

    Always a pleasure to agree with you Paul.

  133. Paul N

    Ok then ,, Im over it,, I just find it amusing how certain people get abused for their honest opinions and others can get backed up for insulting other cultures in public.. Just find that really confusing,, Kind of like the EPL

  134. Is there a different room we can all stand in until Jo has gone?

  135. To be fair, I think by focusing on the “stupid amercian” part only is taking the quote out of context, a bit dishonest, and a bit more stupid. The “american” happened to be the qualifying part of Gunnerluc rant as he follows by talking about what he believed to be the genesis of GA’s support. He could have omitted American entirely, but to do so would have also omitted the other connotation within the sentence which, in my mind, are based less on sterotype but rather the general acceptance rate of soccer in the states.

    Let’s switch it, what if someone had said to me: “you’re a stupid Brit who’s only been following American Football since the Giants game at Wembley”. In the context of the sentence, the “Brit” is loaded with other nuggets of info which might not be there with it’s omission.

  136. Haha, Wenger waited till the Swiss team bus was out of sight before releasing an injury update on Djourou. Big lad is grand, hopefully.

    gunnerluc, you’re not supposed to feed trolls. Never get rid o the swines.

  137. Jo, I can understand why you would be offended, I dont think we should point out nationalities, colour or any of that. I dont believe that Gunnerluc was trying to offend all Americans though.

  138. Els two words mate the first is fuck,, im sure you can guess the second…

  139. Apparently Miguel was injured in the 2-2 draw against the Chavs reserve team last week, so maybe this stupid International break is more a help than a hindrance? Who knew!?

  140. is it yeeeaaahh?

  141. Gunnerluc !

    Apology accepted,, Lets move on,, You are honest enough to admit to your mistake,,, I admire that,, Some of the others on here have just proved how simple they are..

  142. In saying that though, all that is still based upon certain stereotype based upon youthfulness concepts. In any event, not all steroetypes are derrogatory: for example, all black people are great dancers.

    Not particularly true, I myself don’t think I’m a great dancer but I’m quite vigorous in my efforts when it comes to cutting rug/concrete, but I’m pretty certain I look good when I do it so maybe.

  143. Jo – I hope the second word is not “Please”!! Cos that would be just weird.

  144. You know, as in ‘Fuck Yeeeaaah we can find another room.’

  145. “Els two words mate the first is fuck,, im sure you can guess the second…”

    Pandas?! Now just you leave those guys out of this!

  146. Crikey Irish, I hadn’t thought of that?

    It’s not is it Jo. I’m worried now mate. Let me know.

  147. Gadget – What the hell do you mean you are not a great dancer!!? That’s it, the bromance is off!!! Wait a minute….did someone say Pandas? Awwwww 🙂

  148. Panda’s Jo? Fuck Pandas? Now your talking my language. Perhaps we can find some common ground after all. There soooooo fluffy yet strong, phwoooaaar.

    Come on everyone FUCK PANDAS!

    Thanks Jo I feel more alive than ever before now.

  149. FA have some decency at last. Our home clash with Stoke Thugs will be played on Feb 23rd instead of 22nd. So three days of rest!

  150. Els – Don’t worry, we are all aware that you and Jab have a eh, a mmm, you know, relationship cough!! so I doubt that is what Jo meant.

  151. Oh aye irish I spotted that comment. I read back over the convo with my mate Jab…. ahem well, all I’ll say is it didn’t seem that ahem, way when first wrote.

    I think we just got caught in the emotion of the defeat and came together in the aftermath.

  152. Oh shit! I’ve done it again.

  153. Els – Mate just stop talking, your just making it worse!!!

  154. OKAY OKAY, I’m always getting cocked up like this.

  155. I think some people could do with going for a pint…

  156. Good Idea YW. You don’t have Jab’s number do you?

  157. YW – Would love to mate, and a Chardonay for ELS perhaps?

  158. Mike Dean will be the ref in the Carling Cup Final. Another uphill battle!!

  159. Hahaaaa.

    That’s not laughing at the Mike Dean fact. That’s not amusing.

  160. Thierry Bergkamp-Wright

    @gunnerluc & @goonerandy

    Gents, please, let’s all endeavor to get along. For crying out loud, we’re supporters of the same team with differing views. Not rivals who despise one another. One accord!

  161. @ Jo
    I don’t think gunnerluc has any need to apologise for his remark. It was not xenophobic.

    “I have no lesson to take from a stupid american who started to watch “soccer” because becks came to play in his country.”

    If you compare it to Keys’ remarks about Sian Massey – he said “Women can’t understand the offside rule.”
    This is sexist because he was talking about a qualified official, and it implies that there is something about being a woman which makes her too thick to understand the offside rule. Like when white people refuse to trust a black doctor. They are assuming that beign black disqualifies a person from being able to be a doctor. Obviously there can be bad black doctors, but they’re not bad *because* they are black. As it happens many women DON’T understand the offside rule because they have never had it explained to them and they’re not interested anyway. But clearly we are capable of understanding it, and if we don’t, it’s not because we are women.

    If you go back to gunnerluc’s remark, he does not say Americans (plural) are stupid. No group slur there. “a stupid American” = goonerandy. Gunnerluc thinks goonerandy is stupid. He mistakenly thinks that goonerandy is American. Because of what goonerandy says, he comes to the conclusion that he doesn’t understand much about the game. Given that he already thinks goonerandy is American (because of his closeness to Bill), gunnerluc’s assumption as to why goonerandy does not understand football is that he has only recently started watching the game (because of Beckham’s involvement in America).

    And it cannot be a racial slur because there is no such race as American.

  162. Oh dear. I think I might have awakened the italics dragon.

  163. So sorry, YW.

  164. Thierry Bergkamp-Wright

    Bendtner, on the other hand, is an unsung comic genius.

    “… I must play more. I mean that I’m good enough to be in the line-up… If I’m still happy then I will stay. Otherwise… ”

    Presumably, he fancies himself as a better player, deserving of starting slots over red-hot: van Persie, Walcott and Nasri.

    Nicklas, tu le sais parfaitement, cest totalement ridicule! Egoiste, taisez-vous! Talk less, more CONSISTENT feet action is the way forward, methinks.

  165. Gunner 4Ever has almost been silent today.

  166. good post again yogi
    i find theo very humble, his feet are firmly on the ground and it will take him very he matures and speaks more openly to the media i find him beyond his years and very senisble…
    nikki on the other hand i find very cocky..this too could take him far but it may not be at arsenal..he may very well talk his way out of the club at some point in ther future

  167. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Fuck off Goonerandy. Fuck off Bill. Fuck off Jo. I’m an American (of Irish descent) and I agree with gunnerluc. Every time I read one of Bill’s posts I feel embarrassed to be American. Just like I’m sure LimparAssist and Frank and consolsbob and Passenal and OneOfUs probably feel embarrassed to be English every time they read on of goonerandy’s treacherous posts. It seems either knows fuck all about football, let alone Arsenal Football Club.

  168. What is up with Chamakh? is he injured or something?

  169. as for cesc to chelsea it will never happen
    we have overtaken them we have rebuilt and are ready to go
    chelsea although always a threat are rebuilding…torres jumped ship due to liverpools transition and lack of cl
    different scenario altogther and if barca couldnt get him the chavs have no chance..

  170. JonJon, now I agree with you re: NB! he just needs to sit down and play ball, if he scores goals he will play. He is just hitting a little patch of form and he he is stating how much he should play already. I like confidence but he may over do it a bit.

  171. What have you heard, Paul N?

  172. about Chamakh

  173. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Nice post @ 5:07 FunGunner.

  174. I havent heard anything FunGun. I am a little worried that when we need him he many not be confident. He was great at the beginning of the season and Its like he is forgotten all of a sudden.

  175. hes a good player paul
    when he gets a run and he gets going he can be a handful but his attitude could distance him from wenger..
    AW likes a happy camp…

  176. chamakh will be ok i think
    when robin and nikki was out he knew he was the main man,
    his form dipped cos he was over worked and then nikki and rvp came back at the same time…
    hes just a squad player now, and it could have knocked his confidence but weve seen what he can do he’ll be right i think

  177. Yes, he is very talented JJ. Just needs to temper his mouth a little.

  178. @ Paul N
    That’s why I’d love him to get a good 90 minutes under his belt this week. He is a star in his national team and a good game with a goal or an assist will build up his confidence and give him some match fitness.

  179. Again, I was talking about Chamakh, Paul N.
    But the same applies to Bendtner minus the confidence issue, which we probably don’t have to worry about!

  180. @ NJN

  181. Heard even vaan der saar and de jong have pulled out of internationals
    for various reasons

  182. JJ, for me he is too good to be just a squad player to me. He is outstanding in my view and gives Arsenal something we were lacking, with his heading ability and hold up play.

    Yes FunGun, lets hope he gets some playing time Saturday, he is a player who could give Barca defense a very hard time. He is proven as far as the CL is concerned.

  183. Djourou should be back in training in under a week.

    Bruising, and puffiness only. No ligament or cartilage damage.

    Nothing from AFC yet, though.

    So we could still have JD20 and Koscielny for B*rca.


  184. He means 90 minutes for Morocco. Get him sharp in case we need him on Saturday.

  185. “Stop blaming the ref for our piss poor collapse”… I’m sorry but that is quite the most asinine attitude to take. Seriously the people who say things like this never back it up with anything. They back it up with nothing absolutely nothing. The USA lost the Basketball gold medal to Russia in the Olympics because, in the main, the officiating was bent, cowards were they? The greatest football team in the world in 1966 turned up in England with one of the greatest players ever (if not the greatest) in tow and were odds on favourites to win and poor officiating did for them… even Brazil with all their talent, will and superior conditioning couldn’t overcome a situation where officials chose to ignore the rules… piss poor collapse was that too?…. But there are Arsenal fans (supposedly) who talk of a piss poor collapse because a referee chose to insert himself into game that our skill and ability and yes mental strength had already won for us! Who are all these examples of players who overcame biased officiating… for most probably the youngest side in the league the mental strength of our team is awesome, absolutely awesome. To come back from the disappointment of losing to Tottenham at home took balls. The recovery we’ve shown since losing away at OT is hugely impressive but why give credit when you stick the knife in… I’m sorry but talk of a “piss poor collapse can only come fromt hose with not only no sense of the game of football but of life itself.

    This whole “piss poor collapse” idiocy is rooted in a quite nonsensical attitude that attributes courage, bravery, never-say-die attitude, cussedness, etc to only one culture. That attitude IMHO opinion is just plain wrong. It takes real courage to leave your country, home and friends at the age of 16 and move to an alien culture with different food, different language, different customs and a wholly different approach to everything. It takes real tenacity to take all of that on and triumph. It takes real guts to be a world cup team member at 16, get dropped at age twenty to great hilarity amongst the nay sayers and turn all that laughter around in under a year. It takes bottle to do that! And you can go through our team and there are stunning stories of guts and courage in players so young… but we get people who casually throw around witless phrases like “piss poor collapse”… Meanwhile Ian Rush, a team mate of some of bloviators on the BBC, went to Italy and high tailed it back in the blink of an eye… Coward was he?

    The mark of our mental strength is that we didn’t unravel so completely and concede even more than 4! Look at the players faces… they are shocked that what was happening to them was happening in the 21st century, in England… and on TV! The outrage here isn’t that we conceded 4 in the circumstances but that the hypocrisy and cant for which my country is incredibly famous has taken a hold in the media… suddenly diving is brave when done by Leon Best… it’s only a heinous crime when done by Eduardo or some foreigner. Suddenly Wenger is supposed to rejoice in the spectacle of an incompetent ref killing his team when we still moan about Maradona’s handball from 1986! There was no collapse and the only thing I see as piss poor is some comment by some fans. We blame the referee because he is blameworthy and there’s absolutely nothing to be ashamed of… we were mugged…

    Sorry to keep returning to this ridiculous issue but this person’s post really got to me. I’m done venting… moving on.

  186. Gunnerluc

    “I have no lesson to take from a stupid american who started to watch “soccer” because becks came to play in his country.”

    Not cool dude. I started following Arsenal in 1998 (when i was 12) thanks to a friend purchasing me a scarf in London and FIFA ’98. Please dont pull rank on someone for being an American. If you have any questions about my committment you can come over to my place on a match day.

  187. paul
    i totally agree with you…hes a great of the signings of the season in my eyes…
    the only problem is in the system we play hes not going to get many chances as long as rvp stays fit and hes not really suitable for the wider role like nikki can adapt to..
    but its nice to know we have him incase we need we did pre xmas

  188. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    You need to learn to read better NJG. He was not talking about Americans on the whole. Read through all the comments before you jump down gunnerluc’s throat next time. If you don’t wanna read through all the comments then at least read fungunner’s post at 5:07. As long as you don’t talk bollocks and pretend to know everything about football and refs and defense you’ll be fine.

  189. i dont really like all the prejudice to be honest..
    its not cool
    football is universal language we all speak, the arsenal binds us we are all one..
    the only problem i find is when certain over seas fans go nuts on the xenophobicness that surrounds arsenal and the frenchness and such and then make xenophobic comments about the english league, english grit, english players, english fans, english refs, etc etc..
    its double standards…
    i tend to try and ignore it though so il say no more on it and il agree with NJ its not cool whether its english/american/marshian
    lets put it to one side and stick together eh??

  190. Good news, JonJon – there isn’t any prejudice.

  191. Nasir. An American of Irish descent. With a name like Jones?

    It always interests me that those from the former, ahem, colonies are always of Irish or Scottish descent yet surely very many must actually be of English descent.

    Australians, in particular, make this claim. Something to do with their pretended hatred for the Poms I suppose or a big chip.

  192. that is good news fungunner…

  193. That’s rubbish JonJon.

    “…make xenophobic comments about the english league, english grit, english players, english fans, english refs, etc etc..
    its double standards…”

    That’s not a double standard nor xenophobic. Many of us English fans on here share negative opinions on the “english league, english grit, english players, english fans, english refs, etc etc..”

    Fair game.

  194. Is it true its just a bit of bruising with Jd? if so this is fukin great news and all that assuming the worst some people were doing was all for nothing!!

  195. JonJon…

    Please do not reduce those who talk about xenophobia to “overseas fans”… I’m not an overseas fan. In any event it often takes outsiders to see us better. No one is going “over board ” about xenophobia here not that I can see at any rate… do you have a particular post in mind? As I explained in my very first post on this, people who are being defensive about this issue because they think it paints us English in a less than flattering light are misguided IMHO. Xenophobia is part of human nature, outsiders are often scarey to us and everyone gets defensive when they feel they are being shown up by an outsider. A similar situation won’t be much different in Spain Italy or anywhere else, in some cases it would probably be worse… it just so happens that our football has this situation with Arsenal… and we NEED to expose it and talk about it…because that is what makes our country great. That it makes some people uncomfortable is unfortunate but the truth is often uncomfortable.

  196. I was on a train from DC to Philly yesterday and was online reading the saturday match review in the Guardian by some woman, Louise ???, and not wanting to be marked down as a mysogonist, but f*** me, was thinking had she actually watched the same game as me? Then later in the day, I thought it might be a wind up a la Muppet. So I tried to locate the article last night but could not find it anywhere. Perhaps I have fallen foul of the Arsenal paranoia? So none of the Newcastle goals were down to inept referee decisions, and the trolls were right?
    Nah, fvck it.
    BTW I have not seen any comment about the Newcastle goalie celebrating their last goal. I though that he had slipped over but it appears to be some bizarre WWE wrestling move celebration of thuggishness.

  197. i dont wish to discuss it consols

  198. yeah duke its looking good
    still wish we would have got our man though.. 😉

  199. joshua
    the word ‘certain’ was a key word….

  200. Well that’s fair JonJon. You raised it.

    I suppose I can safelyassume that you won’t be saying anything similar in the future?

  201. “Is it true its just a bit of bruising with Jd? if so this is fukin great news and all that assuming the worst some people were doing was all for nothing!!”

    Talking to yourself duke?

  202. Wow, I did not want to cause such a big argument!

    Thanks Paul, Fun and others for explaining my frustration towards a certain type of supporter. I reiterate my excuse if I offended any fellow gooners.

    Regarding Bendtner, a striker has to be confident and I don’t think his latest quote is not a sign of over confidence. He is the player leading the line in his National team and his lack of playing time must be a threat to this status and he must know that. He is just too honest by saying that he is enjoying his time at Arsenal, wants to stay there but if he can’t get enough playing time to ensure he has his place in Denmark’s starting line-up, he might need to reconsider his situation.

  203. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Well Bob the blogging name originates from a play on words between an American rapper Nas(ir) Jones and Super Samir Nasri. But as for my real name you are correct it is of English/Irish descent which I did not properly note. It’s one of those you say potatoe I say potato things I guess.

  204. Well I never.

  205. consols
    il ride you all night on this one but i dont feel the need to
    just cos the english slag the english that makes it allright does it???
    a lot of my family are of black heritage and they hate it when they hear a black person call another black person the ‘n’ simply cos its a word of repression and it gives the impotus for other races to keep using it….when it really should stop
    your saying its ok for overseas to slag english cos the english do it..???
    get a fucking grip…..and i assure you i will raise it to you the next time the certain bloggers start with their comments….
    im done with this….

  206. and just to end the argument, I live in France but but I am English, from Somerset.

  207. Sing to whatever tune suits your fancy:
    goonerandy is a Spud,
    goonerandy is a Spud,
    goonerandy is a Spud,
    goonerandy is a Spud, Spud, Spud!

  208. You got it gunnerluc, if you wouldve said stupid jamaican it wouldve been a different story! ha!

  209. Get well soon NAS

  210. luc
    you have good points about nikki..he is the lead striker for his national team with many caps…
    hes every right to be confident..i would be worried otherwise..
    a striker with no confidence doesnt exactly work well 😉

  211. not the racism debate again. cmon people its all good jd isnt crocked. get the beers in.

  212. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    What a dunce you are, JonJon. I thought you wisened up a bit and were done spouting rubbish.

  213. Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh? Thanks for that JonJon. The word ‘certain’ may be a key word for you but for everyone else it is rather unspecific… which why I asked who your ‘certain’ was referring to… never mind though as it takes a really bright person to come on a discussion forum and go shhhhhhh 🙂 Great joke mate, who it’s on I wouldn’t care to say 🙂

  214. Nas and Damian Marley’s album is awesome, I’ve got tickets to go and see them in April! Can’t wait!

  215. luc, u live in france?
    do you follow the french ligue what you think of lille..can they do it??

  216. I have no problem with NB wanting something and wanting to solidify his role is his national team but not in the media every time. Confidence isnt only doing interviews and stating your case, confidence is can be quietly working on your game and giving the manager no alternative but to play you regularly. He just started playing up to par, just keep it up.

  217. I haven’t got a clue what you are talking about JonJon.

  218. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    That’ll be a good one, gunnerluc. You can’t go wrong with those two.

  219. I’m here in spirit els

  220. Lille is by far the most entertaining team this year, they play great football and are by far the best attack in the league. They are a few points ahead and Marseille, Lyon and Bordeaux are not playing well but they have a small squad and are still in a domestic cup and the Europa league so it might be hard for them to fight on all front. I think the podium will be played between Lille, Lyon, Marseille and PSG who have improved greatly, Nene the brasilian winger is really good.

  221. your welcome joshsua..and no im not that bright…i never finished school…
    so how dumb does that make you feel??? 😉

  222. ive been following them a litle luc,
    but i dont know much about the other teams..
    do you think nene is better than hazard??
    i was hoping maybe wengers comments a few weeks back was a sign of us getting him in the summer..i really think he could be a great addition

  223. I wonder how this blog came to be ‘taken over’ by gooners who never want to hear ANY sort of criticism of the squad, even when its constructive. Unless the criticism is from Yogi of course, or from Arsene or even the players themselves(which happens more often that those poster will care to admit). In the last two cases, the issues raised are either ignored or explained away using some stretched arguments and warped logic.
    Its a bit funny because YW never holds back his (balanced) thoughts on the players. Last last week on the offside issue. I could sense some posters cringing, wondering why YW seemed to be pursing a position that didn’t tow the ‘party’ line. Has to be mentioned that some did commend him for his steadfastness on the matter, although I wonder why they don’t express the same sentiments when someone else does something similar.
    Shouldn’t Untold Arsenal be the forum more in sync with the no-debate-we-are-perfect view? YW clearly doesn’t have that philosophy. Speaking of debates, someone even said the other day that this was not a blog for debate, only for supporting. Wtf?

    What I’ve also noticed is that the ‘smarter’ ones defend the less eloquent so long as they are on the ‘right side’ even if they make comments that are clearly out of order. Like FG and Gadget were attempting to do with gunnerluc earlier. For instance, FG states with authority that gunnerluc assumed Goonerandy was american because of his “closeness to Bill”? Really FG? How do you know what gunnerluc was thinking? He clearly never said anything like that himself. He had actually even apologized saying it was a heat of the moment thing. Maybe you know him personally or he sent you a private message about it?

    Lagooner described it best a couple of seasons ago when he said it could feel like a mutual masturbation society on here sometimes.

    In case anyone wonders why I come here in spite of all this.. the answer is simple. Its still the best blog I can find for discussing the team I love.

  224. It has nothing to do with xenophobia when you know the English FA is worthless than shit, the English media invented Hypocrisy, and the majority of English players are mediocre at best.

    Having said that, we have a bunch of English players with more than a promising future and I can only hope that England will use them in the right way after Wenger “The French” raised them the right way.

    Grit is nice to have as a supporting trait for a player who is intelligent, skillful, technical, and experienced.

    Grit with nothing else = Stupid Giants.

  225. no hazard is the best of the two and anyway nene is almost 30.

  226. hazards pure quality
    watched him all season he would fit our system, our style and would smash defences to shreads..
    would be a major coup for the club..

  227. i agree Hazard has all the qualities to shine at Arsenal and he said he would favour a move to Arsenal rather than Real or Chelsea.

  228. YW @ 4:53:

    “I think some people could do with going for a pint…”

    I think something stronger then a pint is in order. The blog would make an interesting case study for someone writing a thesis on the psychopathology of “group think”.

  229. @Henristic
    The reason why YW did not get the same reaction as the usual suspects on here is really simple: he could back up his claims.

  230. Bloody hell guys, if this is what you’re like on Tuesday and we don’t play again until Saturday I might have to skip ACLF until the weekend!

  231. Henristic, funny, I have criticized the team on sed blog many times.

  232. Vince, its been quite emotional around these here parts!

  233. italics fix?

  234. Evil,

    Yeah right :). I honestly can’t see how you believe that. Selective memory perhaps? I’ve seen many others back up their claims (although rarely as comprehensively or as YW did the other day) only to be insulted and called names, or their support questioned.

    Paul N,
    If thats the case, why do you seem to think my post was referring to you?

  235. nope didn’t work tried closing the html tag

  236. last try with the em tag

  237. henri
    i see your point…it would have been hilarious if yogi would have been greeted to a load of ‘fuck off you troll’ on that day…

    i missed a trick with that one..
    il get ya next time yw 😉

  238. @Henristic
    It is interesting how you instantly insult me, isn’t it? The same thing you accuse others of, but clearly you are no better than the people you accuse if you resort to the same methods.

    There is a select group on here that writes arguments built on a shaky foundation day after day. When called out on that, they usually complain that they can’t understand why people won’t let them have their opinion or they will just ignore it but their next post will contain some backhand insults directed at the people that asked them out on their invalid arguments.
    Just a couple of days ago Bill mentioned that we struggled early in the season when it came to defending set pieces, I disproved him as it took until November until we conceded our first goal after a set piece. It’s not the first time I or someone else has disproven something that Bill has written, but he will still keep on coming here and somehow state the same thing he has for months and months, just to be disproven again and again. This has happened with other posters as well but for the sake of brevity I am not going to list each and every single occurrence. However, I would be most interested in seeing you produce some proof of someone criticising the team or the players with a valid and fair argument just to get insulted afterwards.

  239. I dont think you were refering to me to me Henristic. You made a general comment about the blog in that regard and I was answering as far as my experience.

    People do get blasted at times though, when I think they are just trying to add their thoughts.

  240. It was the last tag, remember people that it is /i to close not i/.


    A game is needed so people can forget Newcastle. Or in the absence of that, copious quantities of alcohol now that the dust has settled.


  241. I should clarify my last statement, I dont believe that is the norm at all. I, like Evil, believe that for the most part if someone has a valid arguement he/she will not be dissed.

    Goonerandy (I believe) doesnt rate Denilson as highly as most on here but he has said it many times and I am not sure he has been dissed for his view. If I am wrong he can tell me (if he reads this).

  242. goonerandy is a spud! burned.

  243. Hate to be the bearer of unpleasant news, it appears Szczesny collided with with a defender in training and bruised his shoulder, he consulted a doctor and kept training. No word yet if the injury is serious or not, here’s the photo proof.

  244. Also according to the bbc Dj hopes to be fit for the weeknd game against Wolves. Sorry if it’s been already reported.

  245. Colney – rumour is Szczesny is ok.

  246. Szczesny is a bit clumsy – he’s constantly crashing in to someone and usually it’s the other guy that comes off worse!

  247. Szczesny is fine. Apparently he was just wondering what all the fuss is about when you take a knock and are sidelined for weeks/months even though we are told that the player will be returning soon only to be told no he has had a set back and that it will be a few more weeks and then when those weeks are up we are told the player is going in for surgery which will keep him out for a few more months. In short he was just curious, hope that helps 🙂

  248. Evil,
    You think me saying ‘selective memory perhaps’ was an insult? Really?
    Good grief, what would you make of Limpar, Shotta or Nasir Jones regular tirades against Bill then? 🙂

    Re Bill, I admit he can seem repetitive about defending etc, but its no difference to Darius’s fascination with anti arsenal-pundits and the media (there’s rarely a post from him where its not mentioned). Or Shotta’s really wierd obsession with doomers. Some people just seem to be more prone to obsess about certain issues. Besides I’ve seen Bill concede a point to his ‘opponent’ many times, when they present a superior argument. Thats more than can be said for some of the can’t-accept-any-criticism-of-the-squad-crowd. Its not like Bill never has anything good to say about the team. Read his posts and you’ll find they are actually mostly positive.

    Regarding examples of where sensible/balanced constructive criticisms that have been insulted, I’ll just say give it a few days. It will happen soon enough and I’ll bring your attention to it if I remember.

    Anyway, its a bit late in my side of the world. Time to pack it in. Enjoy!

  249. Passenal –
    LOL on your comment, it seems Szczesny is just “injuring” various members of the squad. First he sidelines fabianski for the season, then gives sagna a concussion and then gives song a dead leg for good measure lol. Is this guy made of steel :).
    I remember Wenger joking about it but he misspoke and said Koscielny was knocking out everyone.

  250. Bill, if people did not start off by saying how Denilson or Diaby are not fit to wear the shirt before laying down a rational argument, then they wouldn’t get attacked. As far as group think is concerend, I advice you to look very closely at what you write. If I didn’t know better I’d think you were reading off Warren Barton’s script. Therefore you can stick your group think where the sun don’t shine fella.

  251. @ Henristic

    This is what gunnerluc said before I wrote my post:
    JO did I say AmericanS no! I was refering to him in particular whom I thought said he was from the US. What I am saying is that by his comments it is clear he has never played the game otherwise he would not be focusing on the goals and would know that if a team is given a free licence to assault you it can have a massive impact on the outcome of the game. I have friends from the US who knows much more about football than that troll. And if you knew me you would not even think I am racist and xenophobic I just get worked up by trolls who clearly have no clue of what they are talking about.

    The meaning of the original comment was clear to me, and my post covered the same ground as the post above, but I added the comparison of this comment to the Sian Massey one to illustrate the difference.

    I don’t like criticism of the team or manager but I accept it if I think it is fair. I will not accept criticism which is continual or extreme, or aimed only at the usual scapegoats in the squad while the favourites escape. I will defend my team. It feels to you and others that some of us will not tolerate any criticism. The problem is not that – the real problem is that many fans are unable to assess the team fairly. They have preconceived ideas about us (like mental fragility, or profligacy in front of goal) which form the prism through which they view the team. Virtually everything which goes wrong is put down to one or more of these supposed faults. These preconceptions do not stand up to scrutiny – but they are never scrutinised by those who hold them. Instead the players and manager are held to impossible standards, and criticised unfairly for failing to meet them.

    And btw I support or oppose arguments according to whether I think they have merit, not according to who is posting.

  252. Hu,, seems I missed all the fun!
    Gunnerluc ! peace mate,, ! All I have to say ! Hope there no hard feellings.

  253. This is the greatest Arsenal blog in the world. The level of advocacy is second to none and the support for this great football club and its leader Arsene Wenger is unmatched.
    Now fuck-off to all the trolls and their enablers. You know who you are.
    – Shotta, signing off

  254. It is my fervent wish that some massive controversy happens tomorrow that will change what has become a very tedious and annoying subject here on ACLF. Preferably one that does not involve Denilson as I am sick to death of that debate as well.

    Actually, I have an idea!!! Can we just spend all day tomorrow insulting the Spuds? I mean a relentless, no-holds-barred, juvenile, abhorrent, totally uncalled for yet well timed and I think we will all agree well deserved putting in place of these perennial losers? Can we? PLEEEEEEASSSSE!!!? I think it would be very therapeutic and funny!!

  255. Harry Rednapp is reported to have recently asked his good friend Richard Branson if he is interested in sponsoring Tottenham and maybe even purchasing the naming rights to their proposed new stadium. Upon hearing the offer it is said that Branson burst out laughing, only to belatedly realize the old codger was dead serious. Shocked, he managed to stop laughing long enough to say in a serious tone: “Arry mate, you can’t honestly expect me to pay millions of pounds to put “VIRGIN” on a team that gets fucked at least once a week!!”

  256. Destiny’s Child anti spud’s song. perfect!

  257. Denilson is shite.

  258. FG
    Where in that gunnerluc statement you quoted did he admit he assumed GA was American because of closeness to Bill? Maybe I missed it, or it was entirely your fabrication.

    As to the rest of your post, we’ll have to discuss that at another time when people aren’t as bored of the topic.

    I’ll just say that I do like the fact that you at least try to most of the time to make your points without resorting to insults. You’re not one of those who resort to slagging off people with views they don’t agree with, irrespective of how well argued those views are.

  259. This “stupid American” storm led me to dig for a quote on “Arrogance” and I I found this:

    An Arabian proverb: “Arrogance diminishes wisdom”

  260. Really think this could and indeed should be played at all home games:

  261. FunGunner | February 9, 2011 at 12:07 am |

    Here, here FG! You’ve put my exact feelings into words here.

  262. actually having Redknapp as a england manager might not be so bad after all. Tottenham will get a new idiot at charge and go down the drain as usual plus Harry loved Theo in Southampton(am i right?) so maybe he will end up turning the press and make em more positive towards Arsenal. After all they absolutley adore him and his team has been rather entertaining to watch this season those time they “click”. It will make for a more fun england with more emphasis on fun and less on english nit and grit and whatever the press wants.
    The Harry love will be moved awy from PL and into International football sphere. That would be nice.

  263. especially turning the tide towards Theo i mean, the boy has got lots of unfair stick from the press. always as scapegoat for everything.

  264. I will eat my home kit if he goes anywhere except Barcelona next.
    Why would the tabloids spoil a good bandwagon though.
    The only thing they are interested in is money so it follows that everyone else is like them.

  265. Please no injuries tonight.

    Please no injuries tonight.

    Please no injuries tonight.

    Please no injuries tonight.

  266. Ye gods, is it already February, and we are still in contention for all four cups we entered? Is it international week and most of our players are injured for 3 days? Are we entering the decisive phase with a stubborn look in our eye?

  267. February will end up being a decisive month for us. Keep close to Manure, beat Barca, and win our first trophey for a while. Could be a great month.

  268. I hate everyone.

    Let’s pray for injuries across the board, especially for the Spanish team, with immunity granted to those who either play for or love the Arsenal.

  269. I am already looking forward to the Barca game. If we don’t get any further injuries during before the game, what do people think the team will be?

    I reckon:


  270. @ Henristic
    did he admit he assumed GA was American because of closeness to Bill? Maybe I missed it, or it was entirely your fabrication.
    No, I assumed that was the reason. It’s been thought that I am American. Does it really matter why he thought ga was American?
    @ irishgray.
    If I’m not interested in a particular thread, I just skip the posts.
    Cheers, Passenal!
    I agree with whoever said earlier that they think it’s the senior/key players’ decision to pull out – if indeed as we all hope, these are diplomatic excuses. I can imagine them getting together and deciding what their priorities are. I also would see it, if true, as another sign of maturity.

  271. “earlier” = “yesterday”

  272. goonerandy,
    Sagna is suspended for the first leg of CL against Barca…

  273. Indian – Ah, right you are. King Eboue it is then. Thinking about it some more, maybe Diaby will play instead of Wilshere. Due to his domestic ban he will be fresh for the mid-week game.

  274. Fun – If it breaks Sky’s monopoly on games they would be forced (hopefully) to lower their prices to remain competative. Over here in Germany you can watch any game on variour channels. Some are in the “football first” format, where you simply pick the game you want.

    During European games they eve have a channel which jumps from game to game (good for when Arsenal are not playing), so you see the best of all the action pretty much as it happens.

  275. Fingers crossed all our players come back with no missing body parts. We can ill afford any more injuries right now especially with Kos.

  276. I saw the report last week and I meant to post a link then but I got sidetracked. Basically a pub owner in England has gone to the European court to establish her right to use a Greek broadcaster to screen games in her pub, instead of the more expensive Sky. The court’s adviser has ruled that NOT to allow that is against the principle of free trade within the borders of the EU.

    She hasn’t actually won the case yet, but the European Court usually decides according to the adviser’s…er…advice so it seems highly likely that the way the PL sells its rights will have to be changed. So could mean it’s cheaper for us in England to watch football on telly AND that we aren’t stuck with Sky the whole time.

    But if myriad broadcasters compete with cheaper packages in order to attract customers, that will mean lower prices paid to the PL which will mean lower revenue for clubs. It will hit some harder than others. Maybe it would even lead to pressure from the big clubs to negotiate their rights individually. And if financial fair play rules are easily circumvented, it could increase the wealth gap between the megasugardaddy-owned clubs (and us) and the rest.

  277. Not quite as early as some recent posts but earlier than others. Here’s today’s sermon,

  278. Very good story Fun. It broke a couple of days ago but that’s the first analysis that I have read.

    This made me laugh, “A spokesman added that if the advocate general’s guidance was taken it would stop rights holders from marketing their properties in a way which meets the territorial and cultural demands of broadcasters.”

    Cultural demands of broadcasters, HAH, HAH, HAH!

  279. He is very happy to stay and until the end of the season January is not the best time for him to move.Mertesacker 26 believes his style of play is suited to the Premier League but is in no rush to leave the Bundesliga as elite clubs from across Europe monitor his situation.Arsenal are still believed to be leading the race for highly rated 6ft 5in defender who caught the eye with a series of outstanding performances at the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.But the Gunners are now likely to turn their attention to Bolton defender Gary Cahill as the Londoners look to bolster their defence in January and boost their title challenge.French defender Squillaci suffered a hamstring injury during Saturdays FA Cup draw with Leeds while Vermaelen has not played for the club since August because of an ongoing Achilles problem.Wenger said Squillaci came off with a little hamstring problem and if we only have two centre-backs then that cannot work with the number of centre-backs we have.

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