Media Can Create A Winning Siege Mentality

Cesc’s outburst in the tunnel at half-time is pre-occupying too many minds; David Moyes sallow complexion and fury are beyond comprehension, his tactic of deflecting attention from his team’s unambitious performance succeeded as hacks tracked down various witnesses who refused to be name. It turned out to be a storm in a teacup that the FA can do nothing about because the referee, Lee Mason, did not take any notice of it.

Presumably that is because Cesc centered his comments on Everton, using them as a focal point of his anger. Those who are old enough will remember Tony Adams calling David Elleray a ‘cheat’ on the pitch at Millwall. The reaction to that shows what a lot of officials feel about being called dishonest. In this instance, Cesc is alledged to have repeated the views of the home support regarding Mason’s performance and called Everton ‘cheats’. Moyes needs to get over it.

The media reaction to this has been astonishing. For whatever reason, there is a definite feeling of a witch-hunt against the Spaniard. Is it because he is one of the last remaining superstars in English football and has made it that he would like to return home at some point? There is an element of that and of xenophobia – you know which media outlets will be plying that angle.

Many of them though are simply trying to exercise their perceived power, they believe their own hype and are frustrated by the impotence of courts refusing to allow papers to print salacious gossip about extra-marital affairs. That even the broadsheets consider this an item worth building into a sustained attack is incredible.

Where Arsenal is concerned, they believe that having cost William Gallas the captaincy, they can do the same with Cesc. Except Gallas was the reason that the armband passed to Cesc, the media witchhunt following St Andrews had nothing to do with the decision; it was all down to Gallas’ own written word.

This time there is extra spice, perhaps turning up the heat will make Cesc feel unloved and hasten his departure; this would give them the story that they want, one of their own creation. Except it won’t. All that has happened is the attitudes towards life in general become exposed, The Daily Heil believe that anything in Britain that does not conform to their stereotype is ‘snarling’; Cesc was described as the same yesterday.

With Fabregas though it is nothing more than frustration boiling over. He is a winner, something that has been called for in all of the squad, he is frustrated when things do not go to plan. More importantly, he recognises that the squad has got itself into the position where silverware can be delivered.

Second in the League, finalists in the Carling Cup, FA Cup 5th round and in the knockout phase of the Champions League. In themselves, I suspect that the squad will be disappointed if they do not deliver two trophies this season.

The Premier League is the main priority according to their manager. Several players have spoken in recent weeks about how the club is ready to challenge. Laurent Koscielny went further yesterday, claiming that Arsenal are the ‘main contender’.

At the moment that is true. Others it seems are intent on proving nothing more than deserving a top four place. Chelsea’s win at Sunderland does not make them any more of a title challenger than they were before but it has stopped them falling away. City’s draw has not ended their challenge but made it substantially harder, especially having played a game more than those around them.

United have a tricky run of fixtures, the outcome of the away games at Anfield and Stamford Bridge with the home derby will tell us more about their form. Nine out of nine and it is going to be hard to catch them, even at this stage of the season. That takes us to the international break in March; not many games left after that to retrieve deficits.

Robin van Persie is correct in suspecting United will drop points between now and May. Arsenal will also, it is up to them to make sure that this is fewer in total. A siege mentality is helpful, the media storm surrounding the captain fuelling a sense of injustice, unnecessary bile aimed at the squad from without. The determination might just have become stronger to win everything. That probably won’t happen but a trinket or two would go along way to proving their detractors wrong.

’til Tomorrow

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  1. Fukin english

  2. fukin glad we never got the world cup, talk about russia being racist, talk about the dwarf calling the midget shorty.

  3. Posted this on last blog but thought it important enough to post again.

    So G. Neville has retired. Can I say, “Fuck off you dirty manc cunt)”.

  4. Nice post, the media are just hypocrates. They all just hate arsenal because we are still at the top without loosing our soul like other teams

  5. You see duke, this is the witty, insightful side of you that so many never see.

  6. et tu YW. Spot on. We need to expose the media and mass ranks behind our captain. Their agenda is plain to see, Moyes simply played the card and they are happy to run with it, from the Guardian to the Mail and everything in between. It is a xenophobic, anti-foreigner witch hunt to demonize Cesc.

  7. so jay tee says we should all fear chelsea now. ooohh. what coz they have signed a left footed left center back to play right center back and a striker to play out wider then normal. i really do think i want spurs to finish above chelsea. cant believe i said that but spurs are in the same boat as us, fighting against these sugar daddys.

  8. There always seems to be a media agenda to hunt down the best players in the league and create some story out of nothing, so that the players are forced to think about leaving their club to go to some other country. Its happened with our players before, so also with other clubs. IMO its not limited to foreign players – Rooney, Gerrard & Lampard being recent examples. That they stayed put is another matter.
    Most of the media is anti-Arsenal (and this is the case not just in England), so we have to live with it. What these morons do not realise is that if the best players leave the league, the global interest will die down and in turn these idiots will probably lose their jobs.
    I do not like it when clubs spend obscene amounts of money. But I am really glad that Torres is still employed by an English club.

  9. if i didnt not know you bob i’d say you may be taking zee piss.

  10. Duke, I believe the totts are bankrolled by a sugar daddy who lives in the Caribbean. Seemed to have read the somewhere but cannot remember where now.

  11. I’ve no doubt we will see more of this Arsenal ‘bad’ behaviour – bring it on because for me it’s symptomatic of a side full of individuals who actually care about winning and who react when things aren’t going the way they need them to go.

    Anyone at the Emirates will testify that it was surely the angriest crowd yet witnessed at the stadium and it would be naive of anyone to think that that isn’t going to rub off on the players of either side – and the officials. That Mason hasn’t reported Cesc is probably more to do with wishing to get right out of that particular spotlight asap combined with the likely fact that Cesc didn’t talk to the officials directly.

    Now the transfer window has mercifully closed, the media are short on stories to run with and are grasping, in the laziest way possible, at any journalistic straw. And it’s not as if there are not other stories around – the continuing haze over the actual ownership of Man Utd being one of them following the mysterious repayment of the notorious PIKs. Let’s face it, a far ‘sexier’ story seems to be the one about Cesc failing to supply eleven of his shirts to recent opposition – what a breathtaking scandal that proved to be.

    And I think Moyes is out of order repeating stuff coming out of the players’ tunnel; surely what happens there, stays there – or is that just dressing rooms and lads weekends away in Ibiza …

  12. it was pathetic of moyes to raise this in his interview. he should have been asking where his defenders were for Kos’ goal.

    But I dont see any media witch hunt nor xenophobia. The press will make a story out of anyhting and MOyes gave them some gossip on a plate. It’s boring, lets forget about it

  13. 2 great posts. Obviously YW’s great food for thought.


    dupsffokcuf | February 3, 2011 at 10:19 am |
    Posted this on last blog but thought it important enough to post again.

    So G. Neville has retired. Can I say, “Fuck off you dirty manc cunt)”.

    Defo worth a re-post mate. But I’m not sure we can say goodbye to the shit just yet. As, isn’t he hotly tipped to be a new sky pundit. Fuck me that’s desperate. If I have to sit through Arsenal V Man Utd with that cunt commenting on the match i’m going to go through some TV’s.

  14. Despite the fact that we have to start every season with a 200mil deficit from Chavs Russian Mint & a 12pt handicap from Manure’s “referee gratis” points I believe we can still do it. As long the players let their feet do the talking the media & press can fuck off & lick the ballz of the red nosed tosser for all I care.


    Couple of points beyond the obvious statement that the authors post is excellent, as per.
    Firstly, the best way to ensure that this Sky Sports style witchhunt is cut off at the knees is to make it abundantly obvious to the purveyors of these lies that we will not tolerate it. Emails to Sports editors and also to overall editors stating that you will cease to buy their rag as long as such sub standard partial excuses for journalism continue to be printed. Further, by right clicking on the relevant offending journals name on News Now you can coose to hide stories they provide. This will affect their clickthroughs.

    Secondly, I would sugest that those of you old enough and fortunate enough to poossess a copy of the 1991 season video go and dust it off and show it to your younger, less fortunate gooner friends/family. In it you will find an illuminating section shot at the training ground following the absurd 2 point deduction we suffered after some handbags at Old Trafford. George Graham, and no matter what subsequent events brought to light, this was a man with Arsenal running through his very core, sits the players down and tells them that themedia are gunning for Arsenal, that this is always the way and they have to turn it to a positive. He then states that it is his job to whip up the fans to get behind the team. Inspiring and brilliant stuff.
    Anyone who was there the day we picked up the trophy in May of 91 will remember the sheer release of anger and vehemence at the scum press and the supine FA. We told them in no uncertain terms exactly where they could stick their two points, on national and global tv. It is this spirit we need to kick off at Emirates just as it is when we travel and it must start at Newcastle on Saturday. All you football tourists and glory hunters, now is the time to add your voices and show that the commonly held view of you is wrong. All you old timers, you know the score. F*ck the FA, the premier league, Hansen and his pathetic excuse for punditry, Sky and the whole media wankfest around United. We can help to make it happen for the Arsenal. Just resolve to make a difference.

  16. Cesc must be doing something right. Keep giving them hell Cesc.

  17. clockend… Oh man that was good!!

  18. dups / Duke

    His name is Joe Lewis and via ENIC he is (or has been) involved with AEK Athens, FC Basel, Glasgow Rangers, Slavia Prague and Vicenza Calcio.

    Indeed, ENIC were responsible for the Uefa ruling that teams with common ownership cannot be involved in the same competition which is why I think most, if not all, of the above have been divested.



    “I believe that it is wrong for Moyes to come out on what he pretends to have heard in the tunnel” Wenger said.

    So that’s a polite way of saying to Moyes, “Liar, Liar, Pants On Fire!!!!!”…

  20. Who wants some?

  21. Does history repeat itself? I certainly hope so, In the Chapman years, The Arsenal were loathed and despised as the “Bank of England” club. Yeah right, bring it on. In 1970 UEFA Cup away game at Rouen, the street fight between our players and an unruly mob of French officials and Rouen supporters was widely reported in the UK media that we started the violence. Yeah right, bring it on. In the George Graham years, the constant media campaign of “boring boring Arsenal”. Yeah right, bring it on. When Wenger first arrived, we had the “who is he” bullshit. Yeah right, bring it on. And now? Its time to pick on the finest talent this country has ever seen. Once again, yeah right, bring it on, Ooooh to be a Gooner.

  22. Top post yet again YW.
    And I agree with els at 11:01.

    Lots of loose (I got the spelling right!) laws for the refs to play with.
    Goal line tech anytime Fufa? Please?

  23. Well said that man! I’m talking to you Clockend.

    As for us being in the same boat as the spuds duke, the last time I watched a football programme they were creaming themselves over ‘arry. Never mind that they spend obscene amounts of money on average players every year.

  24. Who cares if the media are anti-Arsenal. They’re a bunch of relic, soon-to-be-out-of-a-job-thanks-to-bloggers, bell-ends anyway. Only headline you need to know:

    [BREAKING NEWS]: In a not-so-exclusive I can reveal that [insert pundit name] is a dildo.

  25. the MANURE loving media monkeys clearly are getting worried that we are not going to go away.they will use any storm in a tea cup to try & unsettle the club,players & fans to try & gain an advantage for their beloved MANURE-expect alot more of this as we are now deemed to have become a threat once again…

  26. David Moyes is dead to me.

    Post of the day….

  28. I used to like Everton and David Moyes but not since Tuesday night..

  29. Moyes is a manager I respect a lot but this is an underhand tactic designed to take the increasing pressure off him and his team a little.

  30. Fate works in funny ways. Had we sold Almunia we’d be in trouble now with Fabianski out for the rest of the season.

  31. Watched that Sutter Island last night,absolute cracking film but i couldn’t help feeling David Moyes as in it somewhere.

  32. Off topic (feel free to skip past)
    Is it good duke? I’ve got the book but didn’t know which one to regard first. Looks like it’s one of those miss-sold movies. I think everybody was expecting a horror, but I get the feeling it’s more psychological.

  33. Remember once that a client accused me of taking a bribe. I was raging mad. No doubt that was also the end of our relationship. Still don’t talk to the fellow five years on. Moyes was probably mad that his integrity had been questioned. I wouldn’t take sides on this one. It’s all about emotions on the side of both Cesc and Moyes!

  34. els, thats excactly what it is a psychological film. needs to be watched twice. very clever film.

  35. The ManU visit to Stamford Bridge will be interesting, Chelsea are starting to play a bit and need such a win or even draw to provide momentum, and just catch up. Torres arrival makes it even more interesting, since he needs to prove his price tag and stake his claim. Then again, it’s sometimes not the ‘big match’ that makes or breaks, but the match in the aftermath. My view is simplistic. I take it Arsenal has to beat ManU at home, this is necessary (not mathematically, but to cement self-belief, once we have that out of the way, we’ll go all the way). I’m also just superstititous; ManU ended our unbeaten run way back when, they’ve done well v. Arsenal since, we need to beat them and end that cycle.

    It’ll also shut the media up nicely.

    That said, I would like to believe we ‘are’ theoretically 2 points adrift and this presents a fantastically close run-in. It could go to the last game.

    Some monkies are jumping off backs; one of those is the monkey of lack of self-belief. Rarely have I seen an Arsenal team so stubborn. There are a couple of things in our favour in that absences (maybe Song, Theo) would seem to be nicely timed with a return to form of Arshavin, and Bendtner; while Diaby shows willing, if not yet the golden touch that takes him past 2 players in 3 strides. He’s not too far off though. 2 matches perhaps. He needs one monster of a game. His defensive work, even where it failed, was noticeable v. Everton. His offensive work was hesitant.

    One of the keys to all this is the superb play of Clichy and Sagna, and their deputies when needed.

    I am now convinced Robin is going to be the single main factor in the outcome of this season. I’m still trying to put my finger on what it is he brings, I think now it simply that, around him, players up their game.

    Naturally, Cesc will have his say.

  36. Zim regarding RvP I know what it is. Whilst absent he has perfected and mastered the RvP backheal. He passes backwards but forwards now, very confusing for defenders.

  37. righto duke. I’ll be watching that, hopefully this weekend. “And why not”.

  38. wow..Moyes is really afraid of losing his job..nothing else explains his actions

  39. D**M merchant Alex Song started his career as a Number 10. He also came back to The Arsenal about a week after the World Cup to start training, way ahead of his teammates. Arsene suggested to him that he push forward and provide another option in and around the box in tight games (noone expects the Alex Inquisition). He attributes his improved engine – made stronger by the extra work he put in over the summer – to his being able to make these extra runs. He also says he is more likely to push on when teamed with Denilson in midfield, as he knows his mate likes to sit-in and cover him. With Jack being more attack-minded, Alex shares that initiative more often and does the covering himself. He understands that his main role in the midfield is to cut out counter-attacks, but he also knows he can make the difference at the other end. He says communication is key and that he constantly talks with Jack and Deni as to who will go and who will stay.

    …paraphrasing from an interview in the Arsenal monthly magazine… which is actually very good.

  40. I can’t believe that nobody’s mentioned the offside decision.

  41. Anyone know how Andy Carroll passed his medical?

  42. All hail the Song.

    Amazing the progress he has made. He has gone from somebody who looked completelty out of his depth, to a player who is one of the 1st names on the team sheet.

  43. He must’ve procured a sample of pure, unadulterated child’s piss to pass the blood/alcohol test.

  44. @Dukegoonem, Medical? Dude its carrol we talking about. He does not need a medical, hes Andy Carrol. Hes a 35m god. Only humans does medicals not gods. Doh! did you not know?

  45. Andy Carrol is the English Chuck Norris. Hes just IMBA! lol im just waiting for the Andy Carrol jokes 🙂

  46. Andy Carol did the old pockets full of piss with a tube down the side of his johnson routine I’d imagine.

    MASON!! You #^%&!
    Oh, no… beg your pardon… it wasn’t offside.

    I liked the fact that Kos saw Saha a mile offside and still flew himself up and over to make an impossible upside-down flying-volley-drag-down interception. That is PRIDE. He bloody loves defending that boy, and he ain’t even going to let you play that pass to an offside player. Bit like a striker putting the ball in the net when he knows the whistle’s gone – just to show he can.

    Course it backfired in the end… but from then on Kos was going to get his goal… throwing himself headfirst at that ball along the sixyard box made me love him just that little bit more. Legend already in my eyes. Considering getting his name on a shirt.

  48. flew himself up? Even better than threw himself… super-Kos.

  49. Although sarcasm is difficult at times to portray in writing, I’m pretty sure you clever people realised I was only kidding. What’s done is done. Conclusion? Offside rule needs adjusting so that a decision shouldn’t be based on interpretation. Some great reading on yesterday’s comments, so thanks to YW and the contributors.

    As for this media sh*t storm… at first, I was pretty narked at Moyes’ comments, but now that it’s cooled down a bit, I’m not all that fussed. We’re all aware of the media’s hatred of all things Arsenal (for the most part) so these new comments shouldn’t come as a surprise.

    There’s a distinct optimism amongst supporters. You can sense it when talking between ourselves. There’s a confidence when speaking with rival fans. You can hear it at the Emirates. You can see it in the team. That stubbornness that Wenger is often criticised for is rubbing off on the players. That “never say die” attitude and determination. We are on the cusp on greatness, and it will feel all the sweeter when we can hold aloft that trophy (or trophies) and prove all those doubters – outsiders and doomers alike – wrong.


  50. This Cesc debacle is a joke. All ive heard the past few days, Cesc hates being at Arsenal and this is his suffocation manifesting itself into referee rants.

    Good show.

  51. Limpar, I have to say I liked Kos but I started looking harder at his game upon your superior support of him. It seems you really can pick a defender mate. Yeah good choice for a shirt name. I still love Djourou n’all. What are we going to do when Vermo’s back.

    @ avarist yeah I think we got it. You were being a bloody shit stirrer haha 🙂

    Nooooooo not the offside debate again!

  52. Good lord. Will you lot stop picking on the press and media.

  53. Wouldn’t be surprised if some of them have to go down the pub early this lunchtime. Those of them that got out of bed that is.

  54. els! Me, a shit-stirrer? Never 😉

    Rest assured, I shan’t be bringing that one up again. I wouldn’t stand a chance of making an argument against YW – he was pretty scary at times there defending his corner. Was fantastic to read. I’m the sort of person who quite enjoys reading comments (near-on every day) but rarely participate. Plus, I wouldn’t have added anything that wasn’t already said.

    Absolutely loving the player that Koscielny is developing in to. Limpar, I love your fascination with him, and I share the same appreciation of his qualities. To have him, Djourou and Vermaelen fit at the same time… ooh, what a prospect. Being flanked with Clichy and Sagna, who can argue against us having THE best defence in the league?!

  55. That McGrath fella isn’t going to last long in his job, is he? Far too generous praise for Arsène.

  56. Yeah I agree Avarist. YW was fierce. There was sign of dissent in the ranks and he niped it in the bud.

    All this talk of how good Kosc, Verm and Djour I feel like squil isn’t getting the accolades he deserves. He is also a good solid defender. Thing is he keeps better company.

  57. CLOCKENRIDER @ 10.59 –
    Best thing I’ve read in a very long time.

  58. For those who relish a fight with Yogi, not me you understand, I’m only the messenger. Here’s Walter the ref’s take on Lee mason’s performance and THAT goal.

    I don’t wish to cause trouble you understand.

  59. I do rate him, and he is a good, solid defender. He is an important part of our squad. I don’t deliberately mean to belittle him, but I feel that if we were to be putting out our “first team” he would quite possibly be last in the pecking order.

  60. Thanks, els. I can’t take all the credit though. Gilles Grimandi helped out with the scouting, and even Arsène himself had a say.

    Seriously though… I didn’t buy a shirt this year, and my list of names gets longer all the time:

    1. Rosicky
    2. Limpar
    3. Koscielny
    4. Sagna
    5. Denilson
    6. Song
    7. Ramsey

    And I’m considering a punt on Franny Coquelin. Getting ahead of the curve on that one would be sweet. Or Manu Frimpong!

    I’m also considering getting a dyslexic friend of mine a Szczesny shirt for his birthday.

    Speaking of frittering money away… would shopping here:
    be Too Tragically AKB for words… or Ultimate Arsenal Cool?

  61. Completely academic as it all costs an arm and leg.

  62. Avarist, I didn’t mean you only. I keep pouring praise on the other defenders too. It’s just the competition he’s in. I’m sure he’ll get chance to shine. As you say he’s good, but not the best.

  63. Limpar, needless to say (if you’ve seen my gravatar), my 06-08 home shirt had Rosicky on it. Bought my new home shirt (and shorts) a few weeks ago, annoyingly, days before their half price sale. Is that still on? I wouldn’t mind picking up an away shirt with Kos’ name on it.

    And I think it’d be the former 😉

  64. hahahahaaa! perhaps that would be a bit much mate.

  65. And for those who can’t get enough of yesterdays ref debate, walter has his ref review up at untold. it makes uncomfortable reading for poor old YW. For example
    “Those who are saying it was a back pass from Koscielny know nothing about football. Koscielny was trying throwing himself in the line of the ball that is something completely different from giving a pass. This was so totally wrong “

  66. Kos gets a France call up 🙂

    Here he is snapping Gomez in half – keee yaaaaa

  67. The McGrath article is OK, a little grudging though, Els. Spoken through his teeth I would think. Still gift horses and all that. What the fuck is a gift horse anyway?

  68. Fabregas! What a nasty little fucker. He comes over here as kid, right, learns our fucking language inside out, conducts himself as a paragon of civility and then has the fucking cheek to spend his free time raising millions for SOS children. What a fucking liberty!

    Now, that Rooney, Terry and Barton, now they are proper, good old English footballers to look up to.

  69. Whilst I am pleased that Arsenal players are recognised as good enough for national teams by their football federations, I would rather they did not play. Especially days before we play Barcelona.

  70. Yeah kos!! getting his call up france. Hope he doesnt play though.

  71. You missed Carrol off that list King…

    That’s a good ref analysis on Untold. And the Mcgrath story is good, even if it’s through gritted teeth. At least he’s got the balls to say what’s up rather than bending over and taking a good old Manure-flavoured fisting like the rest of em.

    I’m definitely jumping on the Kos loving bandwagon too..!

  72. Frank, I guess so, but it’s definate improvement. Lovely to see them ‘having’ to report it, now that even the most ignorant hacks can no longer ignore the issue.

  73. You missed Carrol off that list King…

    That’s a good ref analysis on Untold. And the Mcgrath story is good, even if it’s through gritted teeth. At least he’s got the balls to say what’s up rather than bending over and taking a good old Manure-flavoured fisting like the rest of em. They can’t all ignore the achievements of Arsene and Arsenal for ever, try as they might…

    I’m definitely jumping on the Kos loving bandwagon too..!

  74. You missed Carrol off that list King…

    That’s a good ref analysis on Untold. And the Mcgrath story is good, even if it’s through gritted teeth. At least he’s got the balls to say what’s up rather than bending over and taking a good old Manure-flavoured fisting like the rest of em. They cant ignore Arsene and Arsenal’s achievements for ever, no matter how hard they try…

    I’m definitely jumping on the Kos loving bandwagon too..!

    Tried posting this a few times, apologies if they all suddenly appear!

  75. On one hand, I am absolutely delighted for him. What a week.

    On the other, as Frank points out, it’s not an ideal situation for Arsenal.

    Damn us for having so many awesome players.

  76. I’m still of the mind the goal was offside, but my laziness is something chronic today. And no, I don’t hit the chronic cause I don’t smoke the reefer.

    As for the media and everyone else, fuck ’em all, they can’t stop us anyhow

  77. My comments haven’t appeared… Hope I haven’t hurt your feelings YW? 😉

  78. 1NilToTheArsenal

    At about the time when boys become men we see that winning is more than just about playing beautiful football. Along with our style, panache and fluidity must come the rough edge needed to overcome the knocks and battles of 38 domestic league games, 2 cup competitions and the Champions League. Cesc along with all our other world-class players have to be more than just technically talented and athletically gifted. If they are to survive this crowded hour they need swagger and attitude and be able to give back as good as they get on and off the pitch. This team is far from nasty nor should it ever be, but it is maturing and that is very good. Welcome to the real world men.

  79. Hmmm, working again it seems… This is what I was trying to say:

    You missed Carrol off that list King…

    That’s a good ref analysis on Untold. And the Mcgrath story is good, even if it’s through gritted teeth. At least he’s got the balls to say what’s up rather than bending over and taking a good old Manure-flavoured fisting like the rest of em. Like Els says though, they can’t keep ignoring the boss’s and Arsenal’s achievements forever, no matter how hard they try!

    I’m definitely jumping on the Kos loving bandwagon too..!

    And Gadget, you definitely struck me as a toker… At least an ex-toker! Misconceptions eh..?!

  80. I’ve tried to copy & paste my attempted comments from earlier to no avail… Any suggestions YW? Guess I’ll have to try to remember them and re-type… My poor little fingers.

  81. Not you too YW. I understand why we get worked about about what the media writes but our attention just encourages them. The only way to shut them up is to start winning trophies. If/when that happens we get to read and hear all the ingratiating drivel about how they knew all along that Arsenal had it right. Sports media worldwide are a bunch of tossers and don’t deserve our time.

    You wrote back in mid Dec about the need for defensive solidarity and referenced the 1998 season. I think your post was the turning point. We have been more organized since the beginning of the year. Compared with last year we are much less vulnerable to counter attacks. Early in the year we struggled against set pieces and we conceded because of some individual mistakes and lapses in concentration. The mistakes have decreased with the maturation of the Kos and the increased confidence inspired by success. The set piece issues have largely evaporated with the rise of King Johan and the Chezzer. Too early to claim total supremacy but signs are very encouraging. Hard not to get excited about what this squad is doing on the pitch right now. Lets hope we can avoid the inconsistency that has plagued us in the past. At least 2 trophies well within our grasp and with some luck may be 3. That will shut the media up.

  82. It’s time to boycott the telegraph methinks. I’m not posting the link to the article (although in truth, it’s nothing of the sort) that’s got me quite incredulous, but if the author had a shred of dignity, as had the paper, it would never have appeared.

    Cesc and the squad must not let these bastards win. We need to win as much as we can, if not everything, this season, and Cesc must snub Barca for quite sometime. And then we need to carry on winnning

  83. The players probably could not care less what the hacks write. And neither do I.

  84. Bill – and what annoys me a lot, is that after our team’s obvious imrpvement in defence, every match some commentator/pundit still insists that we have a weak spine or are vulnerable from set pieces etc etc… We’ve only conceded one less goal than utd, but where’s the mention of their weak defence? Djourou and Kos have been done a great disservice by the ‘experts’ on telly. They can only keep doing what they’re doing, until the end of the season, then we’ll see who the weak defences are. The fact that it’s going to be tough to TV5 to break back into the team says it all.

    We are the Arsenal, we WILL see trophies this year.

    Oh and Gadget, you definitely struck me as a toker, at least an ex-toker…! Misconceptions eh?!

  85. Hopefully goonerandy, but I’m sure there’s some of the shite creaping into their minds (at some point anyway) they’re all human afterall… They’re mentally strong enough for it not to affect our title challenge though, I’m sure. Our team’s like a big old multi-cultural footballing family… Gotta love it!

  86. Geo – I agree with that. The amount of pundits I have heard say that Koscienly has struggled in his first season in the lge is quite remarkable. I have not seen one game where I thought he has struggled. All very strange; it is as though the cliche of the expectation of a player coming in from abroad will simply struggle at the pace of our game is absolute.

  87. Clockend – best comment I have read in a while!

    Bring on the great 20th Anniversary of 91 – Over to you the class of 2011…

  88. Steww,

    To finish the debate:

    1. Walter is entirely wrong – a backpass is not the only way to play someone onside
    2. Anyone who thinks Kosielny deflected the ball or that it was a rebound knows nothing about football.


  89. Kos6 getting a call to the French national squad proves his quality.. The move to the EPL was a big jump for him and he struggled during the initial couple of month. But was successful at the end just like the jump to Lique1 a season ago. His attitude and defending on the ground is second to none And on tuesday, I saw the determination to balance out his mistake (I thought he took it as his mistake) which led to Saha’s goal.. And the pure joy on his face when he scored that goal is priceless.. The 10m we paid for him looks like a even better deal than TV5’s now.. Not downplaying TV5 though.. Hopefully, he’ll be back soon and let Arsene rotate the CBs without overplaying anyone..

  90. @ goonerandy
    If only that were true. Everyone cares at some level what other people think of them – it’s human nature. We’re social animals and our reputation is precious to us. The people who suffer most mental anguish in prison are those who have been wrongly convicted.
    The danger posed by this kind of reporting lies in the fact that people believe what they read. Mud sticks, as the saying goes. (Even that article praising Wenger has taken as proven the “dark side” of Cesc.) And that matters in turn because I suspect that referees will be that much readier to book him, or interpret his behaviour as violent, or believe false claims about him for by opposition players – all of which could lead to us having him available to us for less time than we would otherwise.

    I like clockend’s call for action. Something radical needs to be done about the press. It’s not just in football, although some of the most egregious examples of hypocrisy, xenophobia and tabloid practices occur in football “reporting”; there is a serious problem with the veracity and overall quality of our information sources. Laws need to be passed – the toothless watchdog needs more powers and its officers should show more zeal in exercising them.

    Arsenal Andrew – a lot of truth in what you say. the Cesc “story” is about a personality, which is always going to be more interesting than dry accounting.

    Agree with everyone about the optimism.

    I knew Kos would get called up. Make the Arsenal first team, make your national squad – as surely as day follows night! Very pleased for him and even more pleased that that lunatic Domenech is no longer in charge. Fingers crossed they all come back whole.
    Btw, anyone else think it rather convenient that Ji Sung Park decides to retire from international football (aged 29) just when ManUre are entering a crucial stage of the season?

  91. YW – heh.

    *he was offside* 😉

  92. Koscielny: Another great peice of business from Wenger. From being a relative unknown in his own country, to becoming one of the better CB’s in the toughest league in the world, to being selected in one of the world’s most powerful footballing nation’s teams is outstanding. He’s improved every game, and is only going to get better for the next 8-10 years. Wenger and Koscielny, I salute you.

    I do share people’s concerns though on injuries playing for national teams, but that risk compared to the experience he’ll gain, I think it’s a massively positive step.

  93. @ YW
    The linesman “should have” flagged because a) he should have spotted it and b) there was no onside player who could have taken that pass. We have seen flags go up in that situation countless times.
    His error was not to see the offside, then he compounded it by failing to admit it and trying to save face by treating an attempted block as a pass.

    It was you who insisted on the significance of Kos’s touch in the first place. His touch cannot by any reasonable analysis be construed as a back pass. Take Cesc’s flukey goal against Sunderland (was it?) – going for the block, player kicks the ball against his boot and it flies into the goal. It’s a goal because the ball ended up in the net, but nobody is going to nominate that as goal of the season, because it was not an intentional shot at goal.

    What are the other ways in which an offside player in that situation can become an onside player?

  94. Fun – To a point you are right. Personally the people I care about (friends/family), their opinions about me matter. But people I don’t know……I am not too bothered what they think of me (maybe just as well 🙂 )

  95. Fun – I depends on phases. If a player is offside but not invovled in that particular phase of play he cannot be construed as offiside. That is the main part of the YW argument; that in the 2nd phase the ball was played by an Arsenal player. And in that repect he is right. My argument would be that the 2nd phase is irrelevant; the initial pass from the Everton player to Saha in a blatently offiside poisiotn is when the flag should have gone up. If other Everton players were in the vicinity it would cloud the issue as they could have been the targets of the pass. But there wasn’t.

  96. Saha should of been flagged as offside the moment the ball was played….

    The pass was intended for him, he was offside – Koscielny touching the ball on the way through is irrelevant.

  97. Kos called up, Evra not 🙂

  98. You stole my thunder Andy – agree with you completely.

  99. @ goonerandy
    The closer people are to you, the more it matters, I agree – but even if people are strangers, if a lot of them believe bad things about you, it hurts. Dictators and tyrants even have people killed for saying they are dictators and tyrants, don’t they?

  100. FG

    I never said that Koscielny made a backpass – I observed quite rightly that he deliberately played the ball. Nowhere in the rules does it state that a backpass is the only way you can play someone onside, merely that if you as a defender play the ball to an attacker then the attacker reverts to an onside position.



  101. And I agree with you, Matt – I think the touch is irrelevant as well. I was saying that it was YW who insisted that it was significant.

  102. one thing is clear cesc feels passionately about winning and with arsenal.
    He was justified in giving that useless lump of a referee a rocket!….lets hope we adopt a siege mentality…it worked superbly for george graham’s gunners…..its nothing new, the media by- and -large hate us.

  103. Aww man, I didn’t mean to start this up again :/

  104. Geo @ 2:24:

    It takes time. We have struggled in the past and early this year, especially with set pieces. Had we started the year in this form we would be 5 points ahead. No one follows AFC as closely as we do so no one else has the real time info that we have. If our form continues those opinions will change.

  105. Keep the fuck up, skipper. You are doing just fine.

    A witch hunt?….. they wont find one.

    He is evil I guess, but Cesc is male, that is what makes him a wizard. I have heard wizards can do magic….. I testify: Mine eyes have seen this spanish one do it.

    Carry on.

    Cheers all!

  106. I agree with Goonerandy. However all this talk of phases reminds me of ‘rugger’ and I don’t like that.

  107. I would like to have a whinge about people who whinge so much about whinging when the first whinge wasn’t a whinge. Pisses me off.

  108. Frank – I felt all dirty even typing the desription. There are only 2 phases in football; the 1st half, and the 2nd half. Unless there is extra time of course.

  109. Bill – “No one follows AFC as closely as we do so no one else has the real time info that we have.” That’s true, but surely football experts who’s sole job in life is to be clued up on all things ELP/Championship/Ligue 1 or whatever, should know more than us mere civilians? You’re right I know, but it still annoys me that they’re paid so much to do the above without knowing their Bergkamps from their Bentleys…

  110. Geo – Exactly. Pundits should provide some insight into the game which fans (no matter how knowlegable) might not have considered. Something that might make us think “ah……that is a good point”.

    But they don’t. They will tell us that “if Wacott gets away, they won’t catch him” and other such nonsense. Cheers for that, money well earnt there!

  111. Limestonegunner

    Spot on post, YW. I am very proud of our captain (not for saying something in the heat of the moment) but for defending himself honorably and above all for demonstrating to anyone who doubted his commitment that he has a passion for leading Arsenal to victory, that he is up for this battle and has a taste for the struggle. This should be hailed as one of the moments when the team showed its spirit and strength. I am also proud of how our manager defended Cesc and exposed the puerility of our opponents on the pitch, in the media, and across the footballing establishment in subtle, reasoned, but clear and pointed terms. The man is brilliant.

    Fungunner is right that there is a cost for Arsenal in the way Cesc is gaining an unfair reputation. However, there are benefits to our team solidarity and spirit that may help us overcome these challenges. Since there already seems to be a hostile, if ever-shifting, narrative about Arsenal generally available, I prefer the one based around fear of Arsenal making fools of everyone because of our increased success and resolve.


  112. The main problem with media representation of Arsenal is that most media don’t understand it or know the specifics, and it doesn’t fit the mindset. The Invincibles was an easier media narrative, as in .. French guy jazzes up true British guts and glory (stalwart Arsenal defence then, Tony Adams) and so wins everything. In time, a lot of current detractors will take credit for this Arsenal (I always said/believed/recognised …) or give credit to the EPL (read British football establishment) as able to embrace these ‘new ideas’.

    In the meantime, it is something of a nuisance to the current narrative if Arsenal wins something … um, big. Awkward. Arsenal is media-manageable if it fails, as in “pretty patterns but not quite Barcelona” AND “can’t hack it in the men’s league (EPL)”. It explains both Cesc’s filthy tunnel language you see, and why “true” Brit teams are as they are.

    Personally, I hardly notice the sports media and couldn’t care a less.

  113. There are some, like Bill in particular, who for their own reason pretend all is benign in the English press and football establishment in their attitudes to Arsenal (similar to those who refuse to believe that sexism is alive and well in the corridors of Sky TV and the necessary demise of Keys and Grey). So we are to believe their is no witch hunt aimed at Cesc. Arsene Wenger himself has no doubts:
    Wenger is in no doubt his captain is being singled out. Asked if he thought there was a witch hunt against Fabregas, the Arsenal manager replied: “Yes. We are long enough in the job to know that somebody picks on you for a while, and you are in the heat of the moment.
    Moreover the boss was unequivocal in his rebuke of Moyes:
    “I believe that it is wrong for Moyes to come out on what he pretends to have heard in the tunnel,”
    “If I come out with what I have heard in the tunnel is the last 10 years, you would be amazed.
    “I think there is a rule in our job to never come out with what is said in the heat of the moment. That usually is respected by everybody.”

    Who should I believe Wenger, or Bill, the twat, who wants to lull us into a fall sense of complacency when xenophobia is the tool of choice to attack Asenals ássault on the title.
    But what do you expect from Bill who at every chance repeats his desire for Arsene to go down the road of profligacy and anti-football.

  114. Shotta – Did you read Bill’s post correctly mate? Bit harsh going off at him like, when he hasn’t said anything wrong.

  115. I just wonder though, had Saha been called offside (for controversy’s sake after the goal), YW, would you have questioned the decision?

    In all rule systems (like all legal systems) there is such a thing as precedent, and while you may well be correct in your interpretation, one thing you cannot dispute – it was a highly unusual decision and one that, while not unprecedented, is directly at odds with the current dominant precedent.

    This would suppose an exception was made by that ref in this case. Hence the controversy.

  116. shottagunna,
    is ‘ássault’ assault a la Wenger? Like it.

  117. Shotta – Bill really gets your back up doesn’t he?!

    YW – in the past it’s been true, and don’t get me wrong, I’m not a big fan of international football at all, let alone mid-season. But for someone to rise to this level and then be selected for France, from where he came but a year ago, I think will do him wonders.

    I may be way too optimistic here, but I’ve got a feeling that Arsenal’s previous ‘bad luck’ is beginning to come to an end. Champions get these lucky breaks (and for arsenal, not having 2 or 3 players back injured after internationals, is considered lucky if you ask me!) Luck or not, whatever it is, Man U have definitely been favoured by Karma, the Gods, (biased refs of course) or whatever you believe, over the recent years, and I think it’s our turn now… Call me rose-tinted or whatever, but it’s a feeling in me bones…!

    Glass is definitely half full!

  118. wenger said the refs told him, it was onside because they claimed it was a back pass by Koscielny.. which suggests that if it wasn’t a backpass the refs wouldn’t have allowed the goal.. (there really shouldn’t be a debate hahaha)

  119. @ ZimPaul
    There is an element of just wanting to sell papers/advertising space as well – demonising a person especially if they are foreign, is fun and addictive for some people.

    @ YW
    Back pass, forwards or sideways pass, the point I was making is that it was not a pass of any kind.
    As I understand it, you are saying that Kos’s touch was significant because he created the second phase by deliberately playing the ball. What I am saying is that in this context, trying to block the ball is NOT deliberately playing the ball.
    According to the serving referee on Untold Arsenal, the guidance given to referees as to interpretation of the rules is that a failed attempt to block is treated as a rebound or deflection. Had it been a pass, it would have counted as deliberately playing the ball. That is what I am saying – Kos’s contact, though intentional, was an attempted block, which is a rebound in this context, and therefore did not initiate the second phase. Therefore the player was still offside.

    Here is what the referee said:
    “In the instructions in courses they have given to the refs about such situations they have given the explanation that you can make a difference on how contact is made.
    A player who is standing on his feet and who is kicking a ball can be regarded as a normal pass. The ball rebounding from a player or keeper is when a player tries to block a ball. It doesnt matter if is a shot on goal where a player throws himself in the line of the ball or a pass where a player tries to throw himsel in the line of the ball. This throwing yourself in the line of the ball and touching it is what should be considered as rebounding. There is nothing said that this part of the body should be considered as not rebounding. There is no rule saying that if the ball rebounds of the feet of a player that this would bring a player in a non punishable offside.”

    (I have omitted a sentence in which he explains why Essien is in control.)
    Unless this guy is just lying about being a referee and/or what they say on the courses, his verdict on it seems to make more sense.

  120. @Bill
    How have we struggled with set pieces early this year? If I remember correctly the first goal we conceded from a set piece this season (the direct free kick against Chelsea apart) was against Newcastle. A game played in November, so not exactly early, is it?

  121. When the first phase is an actual whinge then the second phase whinge is indeed valid and the third is not. However when the first phase whinge is not a whinge then the second phase is not valid which then means that the third phase is valid. Similarly in the first instance where phase one is not a whinge then the third phase is not a valid whinge. Whinging practitioners have been known to get to seven phases whereas most ordinary folk become bored witless by about the second or third phase.

  122. Now if football had multiple phases instead of a paltry two we could have hours of fun

  123. FunGun @ 3:41 –

    Exactly right…great post by the way Yogi…the Cesc noise is just an excuse to write something sensational about Arsenal. Truth is, there’s not much to say. Not the headline they look for; “They Won Again” – doesn’t really play. Same goes for our transfer policy and team development; “Careful Planning And Long Term Development Works” – doesn’t really play.

    Hey, they gotta write something about us, we are one of the biggest clubs in the world…unfortunately there’s so little drama at the Emirates that leaves them making mountains out of dust-bunnies. Really, you have to feel sorry for them. Who wants to read about reasonable and intelligent men following carefully laid and protracted plans…Christ, if I wasn’t a gunner I’d be bored reading it too. 🙂

  124. Frank – My head hurts.

  125. Geo @ 3:11:

    Your right, they should be smarter but the day that happens will not be in our lifetimes. My view is that you don’t get your blood pressure elevated by things you can not control. I have always thought the best way for a club in any sport to manage the media is to ignore them and then smuggly say I told you so if you can prove them wrong. However, all of us have things that pushes our buttons, so to each his own.

  126. consolsbob – I remember you mentioning you followed Argyle as well as Arsenal, thought these might interest you.

  127. Posted earlier but modded for 2 urls

    consolsbob – I remember you mentioning you followed Argyle as well as Arsenal, thought these might interest you.

  128. Boycott The Telegraph.

  129. It is even worse to raise your blood pressure over things you can control, Bill.

  130. ManU’s next 5 games include 4 away from OT. Doubt they will lose at Anfield but a draw a real possibility. Who knows what will happen at Chelsea. Their home game is the City derby and City will park the bus. Some real hope that if we take care of our business United could come to the Emirates in 2nd place. That might be a different game if they really need to win and they can not park the bus.

  131. ZP

    Nope wouldn’t have paid any notice to it and instead probably focussed on what a complete tosser in other instances.


    You ignore Arsene’s final comment,

    You have to accept the decision of the referee on that front. I asked him at half time how could he give the goal, the linesman was of the opinion that we gave the ball to Louis Saha



  132. Thank you dups. I have signed.

    It tells you how bad things are when Peter Ridsdale is perceived as some kind of saviour.

    That it should come to this.

  133. ACLF Monthly Troll Poll

    The results are in and Bill has won in a landslide.

    Thanks for voting everyone.

  134. Which is clearly not the case, YW

  135. At best the rule is open to interpretation. That interpretation will depend upon the desired outcome of the observer. The referee and those supporting his poor decision clearly have a reason to cover the mistake by interpreting the rule as they have.

  136. FG

    UA’s ref has one opinion, it is different to the one given on Tuesday, and for what it’s worth, having corresponded with Walter several times before I have no reason to doubt his word.

    The matter is closed on the blog now since no-one has produced any evidence to change my mind and the argument is going round in circles.


  137. vermealen recovering well apparently and may be fit for barca 8th march
    theo available for the weekend
    song still recovering

    tho I dont trust the metro one bit…

  138. here what it says

    ‘The absurdity of Villa’s contest-restoring goal shortly after half-time wasn’t the failure of the game’s officials to consult on John Carew’s offside position and reach the obvious conclusion that he was interfering with play but the fact that not a single Arsenal player demanded such a consultation take place. A case in contrast: the Spurs players hounding Mike Dean into awarding their offside goal at Fulham in September. Lukasz Fabianski couldn’t not see that he was blocked, yet he remained bewilderingly mute’ – Winners and Losers, November 29.

    The sad truth about dark arts is that they often work – which, presumably, is why they are termed an art. It is also a sad truth that, for all the opprobrium which has rained down on the Arsenal captain for his alleged half-time rant against Lee Mason and his assistants, the unfortunate reality is that Arsenal do too little protesting.

    Compare and contrast, for immediate illustration, the 20-man protests in the Charlton-Colchester game on Tuesday night to the sight of a lonely Fabregas objecting in conspicuous isolation to the three overtly-dubious decisions the Gunners endured in the past week: the remarkable drop-ball incident against Ipswich, the scandalous inconsistency of Mark Clattenburg when half-applying the professional foul rule in the Huddersfield game, and Everton’s offside goal. Incredibly, as against Villa in November, no other Arsenal player thought any of those aberrations was worth disputing – which is probably why they kept on occurring.

    Too nice for their own good? Afraid so. As the bewildering events at the Valley testified – when Colchester’s ‘offside’ ‘goal’ was disallowed, then awarded, then disallowed again – match officials are cravenly susceptible to pressure and any team that plays by the rules by playing fair only cheats themselves. Fabregas may have acted badly in the Emirates tunnel, but, sad to report, he was leading by a bad example that a few of his team-mates ought to copy on the next occasion they are so obviously wronged.

  139. They took the injury news from his press conference, word, it’s accurate. He said three or four more weeks for TV which might just put him in the frame for Barca in March, but will he be match fit? And Song misses next game and TW is OK, Arsene said.

  140. Can I add my comment expressing delight over the news that the mouthy thug Neville will no longer taint the national squad. I well recall his thuggery against Reyes, among others, over too many years. Bearing in mind the requirement of impartiality and coherence, there is no chance of him succeeding that creep Gray.

  141. YW you may have seen a different wenger interview but on the sky one, wenger says and I quote “because the linesman thought we had passed the ball to Saha” your quote says Wenger said we”gave the ball to louis saha” .. a slight but signicant difference between “passed” and “gave” but we seem to have established that the ref wouldn’t have allowed the goal if he hadnt thought it was a “pass” by koscielny..

  142. More to the point you have failed to produce any evidence to change the minds of any of your commenters, YW.

  143. Arsenal include Martinez, Freeman and Cruise in Champions League squad. Good experience for them.

  144. goonerwife | February 3, 2011 at 5:06 pm |
    F365 can self-righteously blather on our passivity etc but it is clear to me that Wenger and the team have decided to never circle the ref a-la Chelsea and ManUtd. It is blindingly obvious that any such appear of intimidation of refs by those “dastardly” foreigners at Arsenal would make the current Fabregas witch-hunt seem like a tea-party. This is separate apart from the fact that such behavior is unsemly and disrespectful.
    Unfortunately Cesc as captain has to carry the can for the team when making protests to the referee.

  145. Corrections:
    – appearance for appear.
    – unseemly for unsemly.

  146. Some of our media are disgusting. They quote Wenger when he criticises Moyes for breaking the “What is said in the tunnel stays in the tunnel” rule, but they leave out the part where he says basically that Moyes is lying about Cesc talking TO the referee. So the uninformed reader could infer that Wenger admits that something was said directly to the ref. And one or two have even managed to make a nod towards the Wenger/Whinger caricature as well.

    If only all the money and time and legal expertise that is expended by the press on just staying on the right side of the law or guidelines, was used on genuine investigation and reasoned analysis, we might have a fourth estate to be proud of.

    Leaving aside all the potential effects, whether damaging or galvanising, of this witchhunt, it’s the injustice of it that really upsets me. He’s got his flaws, but he’s basically a decent man and model professional. It’s so UNFAIR!

  147. Mason thread alert:

    Is it beyond reason to compare the loosening of the offside laws to the removal of the Glass–Steagall Act? Something like that. Rubbish, in short.
    I will now retreat behind the line.
    – —————————————————————————— –
    The decision that really annoyed me was the first call ‘against’ Theo, after he’d hurdled three/four fouls. The first time that Mason called Theo back, not the second, although that looked the more dangerous attack.
    I can only conclude that the referee though that no one else in the stadium had ever watched a game of football.

  148. thought>though

  149. im absolutely astonished at the newspaper stories this morning..
    i think everyone is in agreement that it is a shambles that they write such degrading bollox about our club…
    i awoke for work this morning and as i normally do i turn on SSN to see whats going on as i make my tea and toast and i was gobsmaked when i seen the slot they have where they go over the newspaper headlines and stories with one saying wenger has moulded cesc in his own
    its a damn witch hunt i tell ya…nothing was in the refs report so the ref couldnt have heard anything and if he did he was probably in agreement..cesc was cleared so why are we reading what we are reading???

  150. just seen chesneys stats..
    he keeps a clean sheet every other game..
    a goal every 180mins..
    keep this up lad and i think weve found our world class gk, just gutted he didnt play from the start the season
    if those stats would have been applied to the whole season we would have won the league by now 😉

  151. Get behind your Captain!!!
    New matchday song Gooners. To the tune of “Your not fit to referee”

    “Have they paid you
    Have they paid you
    Have they paid you referee
    Have they paid you referee”

  152. It seems that worm has finally turned for the doomers. Le Grove have decided to publish answers that Gazidis gave to the Arsenal Supporters Trust which basically torpedoes their own lies about how Wenger is remunerated. I couldn’t stop laughing at these clowns… only about a week or so ago Le Grove claimed to have it on good authority that Wenger was on similar deal to the one which it was reported that Holloway was on at Blackpool. That it is now officially a lie… and guess what? There’s no acknowledgement of the fact that their website had been actively spreading a defamatory falsehood about a decent and honourable man and as you’d expect there’s no apology either… Instead what you have is people congratulating themselves for basically saying what everyone knew to be the truth all along. Who here hasn’t heard Wenger say previously that he refuses to take any shares in the club (share have been offered to him and he turned them down) because of the appearance of a conflict of interest? This is apparently an EXCLUSIVE to the idiots at Le Grove.

    I’d call the two fools at Le Grove scum but I wouldn’t really want to insult scum for no good reason. The team and manager have battled against the mass negativity from outsiders in the media and within the game, and worse and most galling of all , people who claim to be fans of our club who set up websites that attaempt to tear everything that is built up down and pours scorn on the manager and players. No one really objescts to criticism as such but the relentless negativity and outright lies from the likes of Le Grove have never been about criticism… it was and remains an example of the kind of sick self hatred that too many of our fans have embraced all to willingly for reasons Ihave never been able to fathom….

    ….And now that success appears to within our grasp some are changing their tune… I welcome that, I really do but there’s more than a whiff of the most cowardly and hypocritical cant when a web site that has basically pushed the idea that Wenger was , for want of a better word, corrupt recants but fails to apologise or admit any error.

    Rant over.

  153. I really feel for poor Fabianski – he was just starting to establish himself and he’s out for the season. He must have earned some tough karma in his past! I had to laugh at some of the newsnow headlines about Arsenal being in ‘crisis’ as a result! I thought we needed a world class goalkeeper?

    Great press conference by Arsene today.

  154. @ Passenal
    It’s a terrible blow for Wookash. Just shows how much of career success is down to luck.

    I’ve just been watching the highlights of yesterday’s Reserves match against Chelsea. That James Shea is some shot-stopper.

  155. Frank

    Ummm, the decision was given as onside, I pointed out why it was right but the majority seem to think it wrong. Simply because the majority think one way does not mean that they are correct, you only have to look at the last election to see that in action. Shit, more people read The Sun and Daily Mail combined than read other newspapers in total. The majority view cannot be correct in that instance, surely?


  156. “It was offside”, “oh no it wasn’t”, “oh yes it was”! Repeat until you lose the will to live!

  157. Joshua,

    I’m really annoyed with that particular Le Grove lie. But again they prove what cunts they are by setting the record straight without a mea culpa. They just gloss over the fact that they’ve been slandering Arsene for 3 years now, for no reason.

  158. YW

    Biting sarcasm from someone who resolutely argues his point in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary; did you see the offside decision in the Sunderland v Chelsea game?
    Maybe you are adopting the Talk S**** tactics of Adrian Durham………

    Maybe you are him for all I know…………..

    Oh my! I am so sorry.

  159. I’ll read the stinging response tomorrow. Goodnight

  160. I wouldn’t hold your breath N10. YW will argue his corner and take no prisoners but why would he waste his breath replying to that?

  161. Number 10

    If I could be bothered I would.


  162. Bradys right foot

    Joshua m8 the guys over at Le moan just hate Wenger its really as simple as that. As long as hes incharge their “support” will be a confused mixture of unediffying bile, lies and back handed compliments. The outright lies about le boss shouldn’t come as a surprise as these guys have previous. Ultimately though like the pantheon of twat pundits out there they’ll have to “enjoy” our success through gritted teeth and knowing that they can’t really enjoy it unreservedly will make it even more sweet. Le Grove as much behind this Arsenal team as Tony Gale lol.

  163. Now he’s been called up, and assuming he gets a cap soon, I wonder what Koscielny would be worth on the open market? If we had snapped him up in the January window would the media determine him to the the top draw defender we lack…?

  164. @ Supercod
    If you think about it, we probably couldn’t afford to buy many of our players on the open market.

  165. I think others are jealous of our team. WHAT! You’re captain is one of the most skilled players in the world? and 23? well surely he cheats and says terrible things in the tunnel. WHAT!!! you’re whole squad cost less then Fernando Torres? And you are 2nd place in the league!? what a terrible way to go about winning a championship.

  166. clockendrider’s comment was brilliant!
    Imoffto St James Park saturday and we will be getting behind the players and doing our bit!

    Lets use this pathetic tabloid mindless xenophobic smear to our advantage!

  167. What would you do for a CC ticket? Sorry about the picture of Bale with a gun though.

  168. Was this comment on le moan from our very own Indian Gooner.

    “would love to see an apology from the main culprits, doubt that’d happen though.”

    Well said IG. I never read any more of the comments (or the article) so do not know whether an apology was forthcoming. 🙂

  169. I see G4E is doing a Redknapp on me.

  170. This is interesting – taken from this blog article:
    Note the bit I’ve put in bold type.

    I had a conversation with someone today who had some telling inside info from the incident, which contradicts alot of what has been stated in the press……
    Fabregas did have a conversation with the Referee as they come off, he asked him how Saha was not offiside?
    The referee admitted to making ” a wee mistake” and that he could come to speak with him at the end of the game. There was 2 individuals who did make unsavoury comments to the Referee, but they were not players and catergorically Cesc was not one of them…… {Dont have to believe me, but this was part of an internal memo within the FA}…..

    The accuracy or reliability of the blog I cannot in any way vouch for (do people from Preston use the word “wee” for little?), but if it’s true, and it really does come from an FA memo, it proves Moyes is lying. Or was horribly mistaken, for any lawyers out there.

    ‘Night, all.

  171. David Luiz – £24m

    Laurent Koscielny – £8.5m

    This is for those of you who worship at the “Splash the Cash” altar.

    A clubs main aim, even Chelsea’s and Man City’s, is to buy the best players at the lowest cost. Arsene Wenger does it the most consistently and with bigger savings than anyone else.

  172. “We are in the market always because if a good opportunity comes up we will always take it, but we are not in a desperate situation.”

    – Arsene Wenger.

  173. FG – Cesc was nowhere near the ref when they came off. The only Arsenal player near the Ref (and questioning him) was Djourou.

  174. I’m still convinced that Ramsey’s and Eduardo’s injuries were tactical. Some one who knows football well called for those hits. Eduardo and Ramsey are cracks but they were under the radar enough that seriously injuring them wouldn’t sound any alarms. Look at Diaby’s injury. It just happened to be when one of red nose’s minions was at Sunderland when Diaby got assaulted. That’s 3 for 3. McLeish, Bruce and Pulis.

  175. G69 I think McCarthy was at Sunderland then as manager. As for Dan Smith, the dirty fucker was last heard of playing for Blyth Spartans (that was a year ago). With any luck he is now out of football altogether.

  176. I feel that YW has argued very well why the decision the ref has made can be seen as correct and is not a mistake per se. I however do not think that he has produced any conclusive evidence which would render the other interpretation incorrect.

  177. Ha ha go wolves go…Game f@ckin on! A small comfort for the criminal injustice of Phil Dowd single handedly trying to hand the title to Utd. United have peaked. Now they will dip. Utds luck finally runs out. They were absolutley shite.COYG.

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