The Sanity Of Everton Following Transfer Madness

The transfer window closed with the media’s wet dreams all answered in one go; a ‘world superstar’ move, British transfer record, most money spent on an English player and proof positive that football clubs have more money than sense although this last point will probably wait until later this week when Chelsea’s losses of £70m are taken apart.

Whilst I understand the £50m spent on Torres – it is in keeping with the fee paid for David Villa – £36m for Andy Carroll is sheer lunacy. Luis Suarez is suddenly a bargain at £23m, Ajax kicking themselves for not waiting a smidgen longer when they probably could have taken Liverpool for another £10m.

Carroll is a decent young player but for the money that has been paid for him, he has no time to learn the game, he has to be the finished product, the media will waste no time in branding him a flop. With a ponytail already in situ, it is not going to take much effort in Photoshop to impose the Geordie onto a donkey’s body. But that is Liverpool’s problem.

There was a flurry of activity at Arsenal, various loan deals confirmed with the squad trimmed for short or long term. Significant deals were noticeable by their absence, Wenger had been preparing the expectant masses for this even after Sebastian Squillaci‘s dismissal on Sunday.

No doubt some will castigate the manager for not getting rid of the current boo-boy favourite, Denilson, yet the question is whether the squad needed any attention at this moment in time? The answer to that will only come with the return to full fitness of Thomas Vermaelen.

The Belgian defender’s absence in the only real black cloud at the moment, one that shows no sign of lifting in the silence surrounding his progress. If his comeback is uninterrupted by niggling muscular injuries, Arsène can point out that he has made the right choice. Any alternative return casts doubt on Wenger’s decision not to find a short-term solution.

Nicklas Bendtner observed how important the month of February was to Arsenal’s season. Whilst the Dane is correct that there are some key matches, the volume is more important. Including next week’s ludicrously scheduled internationals – are Fifa and the TV companies one in the same? – the players have to contend with two matches each week.

This run of fixtures will test the squad. Arsène may believe that any injuries can be overcome by recalling players from loan but that rather depends on who the absentee is. Samir Nasri cannot be replaced by anyone who is currently on loan, none of those players has the same train of thought on the pitch or playing style. In those circumstances, Cesc’s fitness becomes more important than before.

The captain and Nasri have proven that they are the inspirational players, recent cup-ties have been won or saved, by this duo’s inclusion in the team. No doubt the club will be hoping that the Frenchman’s hamstring mends considerably quicker than the end of this month.

Arsène spoke of prioritising competitions, noting that history shows how hard it is to compete on four fronts. Indeed it is but with that soon to be three after the meeting with Birmingham City at Wembley, he is right that there is no need to take such decisions. My argument in light of the way this season is panning out, is that there will be no need to take such action.

The fixtures are kind in that respect. The away trip at Orient in the FA Cup will allow some of the first XI to be rotated, the Premier League fixtures immediately prior to both legs of the Champions League tie with Barcelona are kind, Wolves and Sunderland visiting The Emirates could have been more demanding.

March meanwhile is relatively relaxed. Depending on progress in knockout matches, there are probably only going to be four matches in the month, internationals once more intervening. There might only be three although I suspect that the weekend set aside for the FA Cup Quarter Finals is being eyed as a potential date for the re-arranged Tottenham game. That scheduling allows for some rest for the players before April’s hectic fixtures.

More immediately, Arsène has to find the right team for tonight’s fixture with Everton. Actually, it picks itself following the lacklustre collective display that the second string has put out in recent cup-ties. The only issue Wenger has to deal with is replacing Samir Nasri, a toss-up between Andrey Arshavin or Nicklas Bendtner.

The Russian would be an almost like for like swap in terms of the team, requiring no reshuffling. Incorporating Bendtner is not so simple. The Dane is not comfortable playing out of position on the right, asking him to be effective on the left is one step to far, despite scoring from that side of the pitch against Ipswich.

Bendtner’s inclusion would mean moving either Walcott or van Persie to the left, reducing their effectiveness. Given that the duo are key to breaking down Everton’s no doubt obdurate defence, I believe this will give Arshavin the edge in Wenger’s thinking.

The line-up I expect tonight is:

Szczesny; Sagna, Koscielny, Djourou, Clichy; Fabregas, Song, Wilshere; Walcott, van Persie, Arshavin

It has been fifteen years since Everton emerged victorious at Arsenal, 76 years since they won this fixture in February. Tonight is not an occasion where those runs should end. United’s match this week is a routine home win so anything less than a victory for Arsenal will let a bigger gap emerge. That cannot be allowed to happen.

Enjoy the match wherever you are watching it. ’til Tomorrow.

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  1. The doomers must feel gutted the shopping basket is empty. I saw a lot of money wasted yesterday.

  2. While I hate to sound all doom and gloom this morning, I do feel not buying a defender would go on to hunt us later this season. I do hope Wenger Gamble pays off, but if it back fires he would be held responsible. We have been here before, were he chooses to stick to his squad and hope for a miracle when he should have strengthened, the result was losing out in all 4 competition due to a thin squad. I really hope this time around is different, but I can’t help but feel not buy a defender is folly.

  3. I wonder if Bartley has a recall clause in his loan move to Rangers? If so, we should be OK I would have thought. He looks a good player and has a fair bit of loan experience under his belt.

    YW – I agree with that team tonight; we will have to be sharp as Everton can be a tough team to beat.

  4. It is a fact that the return to form of Gael Clichy has coincided with the dropping of Andrei Arshavin, and Samir Nasri moving to the left flank…. now Im afraid we might see Gael returning to his old vulnerable self as he will be overexposed on the left by the defensively shy Arshavin … Having said that it is encouraging to see the Russian midget taking more defensive responsibility in the last couple of matches. He definitely needs to up his work rate on both ends of the pitch if we are to win all our matches this month, including barca at the Emirates… fingers crossed.

  5. Hopefully a win tonight!

  6. Woke up to the transfer madness. Does Carrol justify 36m? He might! Not so much for his talent, after all David Beckham wasn’t the greatest footballer but Real Madrid chose him over Ronaldinho. But he sold shirts – fast. Carrol will have a certain fan appeal in Britain and it might make some business sense. And his signing will assuage Liverpool fans. The business of football is no longer about football talent only. The appeal of Walcott and Wilshere isn’t just in their footballing skills. No doubt Wilshere – if he continues his development – will be of more value to the Arsenal balance sheet than Cesc Fabregas in a couple of years! And Liverpool’s owner is experienced in such things. As for Newcastle’s owner he probably took the right decision. No use in keeping a player you can’t afford.

  7. Expect Everton to have tired from the tough match against Chelsea, especially as unlike us they played their first team squad. So we’ll beat them! Will predict the score about an hour before the match – if Irishgray doesn’t do it before me!

  8. It is true that overspending on players like what L’pool or Chelsea have done isn’t the right medicine but sometimes, clubs face difficult choices and I believe L’pool will come out stronger. For Chelsea, this is not only a show of strength but a determined approach to win the league.

    As for Arsenal, it was clear there wouldn’t be any signings, for at this club, finishing in the top. 4 is the agenda, a statement that Wenger made last year by openly declaring that that is desirable than even winning the league. With a poor defense, and perhaps injuries to come, Arsenal face a challenge to finish 4th, considering that like other teams, they will also lose a few matches. The routine humiliation that Barca will mete out will demoralise the team (squillaci defending against messi) is a sight from a nightmarish scenario. The blame must fall on Wenger for not strengthening his team but like Blair, he is a consummate spin doctor, and completely believes his lies, his delusions of going for the ” quadruple”! Laughable.

  9. If Huddersfield wasn’t the worst performance of the season, even down to 10 men, then who knows what was. And a mark of a team that pulls off a late victory in such circumstances. Well done.

    Too bad about Nasri, dang! Such is life. Although Bendtner is a still a little uncertain, he’s improving match by match and he provides an option or two. I would be tempted, a little anyway, to have Chamakh go left (for Nasri) and pick up Theo’s crosses, although the Arshavin ‘knack of the assist’ is a telling advantage. He’s trying defensively too. Little big man.

  10. Nicely balanced response to the madness.

    I think Arsene could have signed a player on a longer term contract, he seems to forget you can sell players (without them being cash cows) in the summer. The whole “Five centre backs” argument only really comes into play when you have five fit and perhaps he could have crossed that bridge when we had actually got there, especially as the cover for Song is currently so low on form!

  11. Kubla, you’re drooling.

    Liverpool have been on a slippery slope for 2 seasons and no sign of rapid improvement; Chelsea are desperate with Drogba in such poor form and winking madly at Real Madrid, like an dingy bar-room pick-up.

  12. I think we’ll see Bendtner deputising for Nasri tonight, a bit more workrate than Arshavin and he has scored a couple recently also, one, as noted, from that very position on the left.

  13. Fans tend to think in players = positions, and no flexibility. Wenger tends to think in multiples, systems, methods. With 17 midfielders loitering all over Emirates, he does not see such a problem sending Song on CB duty for a spell. He is, above all, after stability and steadiness; which means keep the same crew, with minimal disruption from wannabe big name stars. He especially avoids lanky nutty English defenders who have to learn to play football (yawn) and then speak French with their regional english accents that no one understands.

  14. Mongolian Gooner

    I can understand some people’s disappointment at not signing anyone, but before expressing their anger or frustration we may just support the team we have. Saying things like “not signing anyone would haunt us later in the season..” would be a bad idea. You get what you seeded by your mouth, they say. So please think before saying things like this.

    I know I sound superstitious. But football makes me superstitious. All the “If only I had …” moments made me cautious.:D

    And I think these transfers are good for us. We played both games against Chelsea with satisfactory results, but ManUtd didn’t. And Liverpool with Suarez?

  15. Everton are always a bit of handful, especially that one with the hair you can’t see over. Real problem bobbing and weaving behind him, trying to get a glimpse of the ball, at set-pieces.

  16. One can only feel pity for Chelsea. Poor bastards.

  17. I have been saying for ages that a CFC resurgence is vital if Arsenal were to win the league.

    But could Arsene not have been a little more flexible?

    We have tried it this way and lost before, whilst I will sing my lungs out in support of the team (as a season ticket holder who sits opposite Arsene that makes me a minority!), I would have been grateful of a little more security in one position. Look at the CBs that have left and compare with the numbers in, even now we are loaning to the SPL and have zero cover for tonight in that postion.

  18. They think Torres is the answer to the question! ha ha ha ha ha ha

  19. I really doubt United will have an easy win tonight, since Villa is on a run of 3 consecutive victories.
    Totally agree with the line-up, maybe Rosicky for Arshavin. I thought the Czech looked really sharp on Sunday.

  20. Well written.The armchair pundits seem to think that spending money is the answer.I am fully confident of Le Monsieur.

  21. We didnt need a CB.Djourou and Koscielny have formed a massive partnership.When Vermaelen is back,we will be spoilt for choices.

    Squillaci is improving despite his mistakes.We have Song and Denilson who can cover that position.

  22. Men,

    Over the past month many of our enemies have sought to bolster their ranks with knaves and mercenaries; the type of men whose loyalty is measured only by the amount of coin in a hand. Such are the times we find ourselves toiling in, but in doing so, in working and fighting the way we do, we provide a sanctuary for honour, a haven for loyalty, and a bastion for wisdom and courage, and for progression.

    Every victory we earn is not just another mark in the win column, it’s more than just a win for us: It’s a victory for righteousness, a victory for the cause, for the philosophy which has lead us to now. Only we can inspire others to follow our lead, and this is why we must win tonight, tomorrow, next week, next month, next year, and we shall carry on winning to glory and beyond.

    Tonight men, fight hard, show your belief, express your desire, and take Everton to task for last year’s dishonourable conduct. But more importantly, SHOW THEM WHAT IT MEANS TO BE ARSENAL!!!


  23. Well said Gadget.I started following this club because of the great man Arsene.I dont know if I would support Arsenal,when the great man calls it a day.

  24. Two good signings for Chelsea. Anyone that think otherwise is deluding themselves. Same for Liverpool really, now they have two good strikers rather than relying on one.

    One the pitch the transfer fee’s do not matter; the players have improved their teams.

  25. i think arshavin is most likely replacement for nasri….we can easily cope up with out nasri in epl but on cl front v need him against barca.
    on torres note i really glad dat torres joined chelski….as they have to play twice with manu …and vidic already runs weary seeing torres .i want see wat he does seeing torres and drog in same starting line up….
    v just hav to stick with our matches and hope chelski beat manu …
    and give us d title

  26. Who was AW meant to sign? Does the quality of the player matter, or would a zombie have been sufficient? If it’s just a body isn’t Miquel good enough? If quality matters, should we have made a proper purchase? Who was available? Or should we have thrown silly money around?

    If Chelsea and Liverpool crush United & City, then their transfers will become Arsene’s greatest yet!

  27. Why do we all swallow the Song at cb shit, lets take out a midfielder who gives us balance and stick him at the back where he will be wobbly.

    like i say im happy with the defenders we got but we only have 3. with so many important games i dont know why Wenger didnt at least bring in a loanee. like someone pointed out before i think plenty of red bull is needed for these three to see them through til the end of the eason.

  28. The clubs are envious of Wenger and us.My greatest fear is whether Wenger would be lured by Madrid,after Mourinho is sacked.

  29. Rondo Alla Turca

    Kubla, you are the deluded one here, not Wenger. Look at the League Table and observe Arsenal’s position in relation to Chelsea and Liverpool. Alas, the fact that they are willing to spend ridiculous money is enough to convince you of their strength. You really are believing the hype over these transfers. Arsenal and Manchester have watched quietly from the top as the others gambled on players who are unproven at the top level (Carroll who cost more than David Villa), or underperforming massively (Torres for 50 million who cost more than Cesc, Nasri, RvP, Theo, Song, Wilshere, Djourou, Clichy, Sagna and Wojiech put together.).

  30. NY Fan, you’ll find the club is quite stop loving. You’ll never stop supporting because the legacy of Wenger will endure for a long long time.

    GA, you have a terrible point, which offends me very sensibilities, I’m just struggling to articulate why. I need some porridge.

  31. GoonerAndy – do you really think LFC are better off now? Surely keeping Torres and buying Suarez would be much better.

  32. Gadget – Which point mate? Also I recomend a dash of honey in your porridge.

  33. Gadget – quite possibly my favourite comment in the last twelve months the only way it could have been better if you had added VICTORIA CONCORDIA CRESCIT to the last line.

    We are Arsenal and lets close ranks and inspire the boys to victory!!

  34. YW,

    You forgot Mozart in your considerations. We could see Rosicky start in place of Nasri, although I don’t think we will given he’s retruning from illness. It’s likely to be Arshavin who I feel may bang in a few just for fun today. Go get 5 in 1 Arsh!

  35. old arry trying to get into the top 4 on the cheap(ish) like us compared to Chelsea liverpool city, just goes to show how fukin good Wenger really is, pound 4 pound the best manager by keeping us up there.

  36. Goonerandy

    Not hard to believe Chelsea have done well with Torres, arguing that Carroll has improved Liverpool is harder. The end of the season will reveal all.


  37. Dups – Torres without question is an excellent striker. But they were over-relient on him, and if he was out of form/injured there was no obvious source for goals. Both Carrol and Suarez are capable to scoring goals, so yes, whilst they have lost a top player I do think that their squad is actually better off.

    If you had posed the question 2 years ago I would have said no, but since then Torres has suffered with both injuries and form. I hate to say it, but Carroll and Suarex could be a very dangerous partnership.

    All that said, I don’t care what other clubs do. As long as we keep our performances high we will be fine.

  38. YW – I meant the fact that they now had 2 strikers instead one one. I did not mean specifically Carroll. There is no doubt Torres is a better player than him. Like you say, time will tell. Hopefully it will all go horribly wrong for them.

  39. The “failure” to acquire Centre Back cover in the transfer window isn’t really the problem. The problem is the failure to buy two decent CB’s in the close season! Koscielny could be good enough to provide adeuate cover after a season settling in but Squilacci, I’m afraid, ranks with other Wenger wonderbuys like Cygan, Senderos, and Stepanovs. In the past Wenger has said he will only buy if it improves on what he has. Although I didn’t like Gallas I seem to remember him being better than these two.

  40. Drew10, I’m a dime bar but you, you have provided the missing piece!

    GA, it was: “On the pitch the transfer fee’s do not matter; the players have improved their teams”.

    I’m probably being a little too sensitive though. I had an almighty rant at my bemused house-mates last night about the insensitivites of the football clubs and the irresponsible manner in which they’ve acted – the governments making a ton of cuts, people losing their jobs, salaries becoming less and less disposable… It utterly obscene and in a fix of anger, I placed a rash order of a million explosive rats – which by the time they arrive their population will have doubled.

    And I’m putting maple syrup in my porridge!

  41. For you who hold up Chelsea and Liverpool as models of how to build a winning team, you don’t deserve Arsene and Arsenal FC. Those transfers are signs of their desparations and declines rather than ambition for success. Like ZimPaul rightly asks: What is the question for which Torres is the answer to?

  42. I for one am perfectly fine without any signings. We’ll be fine. Don’t worry, chill out, enjoy the ride. We’ll bag trophy’s!

    YW that team you propose for tonight I agree with, and how good does it look. Some really nice understandings developing on the pitch. We are in a good run of form, and I also think the front 3 have room for improvement as a unit. Frightening. Bring on feb.

  43. And now Gallas is a spud, I’m hoping the Billboys of the world will join him!

    Last post for a bit, cause I’ve got a meeting with the other evil exs, but I think Liverpool could have done with keeping hold of and developing Babel.

    2ndly, I heard Newcastle wanted to loan Bendy until the end of the season. Can’t help but think if the situation were better, that might have been an ok move as he’d get more play time than current

  44. what cb do we have on the bench tonight? is Squilacci banned?

  45. English football as gone mad. Its all so mental. ..
    Although, strangely enough I can’t help but think liverpool ended up with the better deal overall (compared to chelsea) even though at first glance they ‘overpaid’ the most.

  46. Gadget,
    Agree that a Bendy to Newcastle loan would have been great for the player, but RvP’s injury record simply means the squad can’t afford to take that kind of risk this season. Especially considering the risks we’re already taking by going with only 3 regular CBs into the business end of the season.

  47. Hail King Gadget I.
    I like the new persona.

    If the right player isn’t available, he isn’t available. Who knows which other players Chelsea or Liverpool might have needed but been unable to land, whether in the short or long term?
    ZimPaul, I agree. When you realise how Wenger views his squad, his decisions are easier to understand for those who disagree with them.

    I think Diaby and Chamakh might play tonight. AA looks like he’s turned the corner, but having worked so hard on Sunday and played the whole game, he might be too tired for today.

  48. Diaby and/or Chamah

  49. NY “fan”…..

    Stop supporting Arsenal….?

  50. 35m for caroll!!!we can ask for 150m for Cesc if anyone comes buying!

    That tweet from Wilshire was so funny, burst out laughing so loud the people around me thought am crazy!!

  51. Firstlady, I didn’t see the tweet can you post what Jack said please?

  52. Yesterday’s madness has well and truly been put aside, but all that flurry of excitement for people who follow other clubs while I couldn’t care one bit, since it was evident no one of note was incoming. So up cropped a persistent question / doubt I usually swat away like a blue bottle. We wax lyrical about our academy youngsters, in seasons gone by every time we win a Carling Cup match, we can’t stop drooling, but the question remains “HOW MANY OF THEM ARE GOOD ENOUGH” and by that I mean not just Arsenal quality (which is on a different plane) but good enough to play in the premier league. Last couple of years have seen the rise of Wilshere & Gibbs. It was Bendtner, Cesc, Clichy before that. Is that a good enough percentage? For every player who makes it to the first team squad, there are so many others who are deemed to be of no use to the Club. But the young players who leave Arsenal find it hard to make a career at other premier league clubs, perhaps with the exception of the likes of Seb Larsson (whom I loved as a player when he was with us), Muamba or Bentley, not many are in the top flight. So perhaps the fault is not with the players but with people like me who expect far too much far too early from these kids who simply don’t have it in them to succeed at Arsenal.
    Sorry for the “rantish” and long post. Yesterday’s madness has gotten to me 😀

  53. drew it was something along the lines of… “BREAKING NEWS I have moved from the sofa to the couch” or something. He’s a wag that Jack.

  54. Drew 10 –

    jack_wilshere on twitter
    BREAKING TRANSFER NEWS: I have just moved from the sofa to my bed!!

  55. Chamack looks the player most out of sorts at the moment. AA looking sharper but needs to continue this run of games so it’s him for me.

    Bring on Chamack for Robin when we are 3 up with 30 minutes to play.

    For all those deluded people on here, two I think, who believe that Liverpool and Chelsea did good business yesterday, go and put your heads under a cold tap. Seriously. Look around you, think about things and then realise the sheer obscenity of their actions and the likelyhood of their failure to alter the trajectory of their decline.

    Acts of desperation combined with a complete falure to develope a viable strategy to challenge at the top over the next few years.

    I know football isn’t renowned for it’s sense of morality but as Gadget has already highlighted, these were also obscene acts.

  56. In honour of His Majesty Gadget I, Arsenal and not spending in January:
    The fewer men, the greater share of honour.
    God’s will! I pray thee, wish not one man more.
    By Jove, I am not covetous for gold,
    Nor care I who doth feed upon my cost;
    It yearns me not if men my garments wear;
    Such outward things dwell not in my desires.
    But if it be a sin to covet honour,
    I am the most offending soul alive.

  57. Just been watching the highlights of Arsenal’s 7-0 drubbing of Everton at Highbury! Brought a tear to my eye to see DB10, TH14, RP7, PV4 all kicking some serious arse.

    Anyone who thinks the Manure team, even if they do go unbeaten is even fit to lick the mud off that teams boots is a twat or works at Sky or Talkshite! Wait a minute that is the same thing!

  58. Kubla Khan AKA Bill AKA James

  59. Sorry for my badder English.But the site is good of Arsenal and other fan sites.

  60. @Zama,

    I think that if we get one player who is good enough for a place in the first team squad every couple of years then the management will be delighted. At the moment we look to have a few coming through at the same time (Gibbs, Wilshere, Sczezsny) for which great credit must go to all those involved in the youth setup, but I think this is the exception rather than the rule.

  61. What’s the point of even discussing Gallas. He is a loose cannon who would have been sulking at the competition. Djourou has surpassed him and had Vermalen been fit, the same there.

    So Wenger was right to let him go – he would have been a disruptive force. Oh, and he is injured right now, as he has been most seasons.

  62. Doesn’t it show the breathtaking depth of our squad that we cope so effortlessly with the injury to one of the leagues greatest central defenders and when a player of the pomp and majesty of Samir Nasri is injured we can just slide Andre Arshavin into his place.

  63. People calling for Denilson to go are the same wankers who called for Song to be replaced last year, before the pundits started creaming themselves over how awesome he is. Absolute idiots. Fuck off and support Chelsea.

    Spot on with your team selection for me.

  64. Zama, we have had Walcott, Bendtner, Song, Djourou, RvP, Cesc all served their time at the club. That’s pretty darn good.

    Out of Vela, Lansbury, Ramsey, Eastmond, JET, Cruise, Afobi I’m sure we’ll add more first team players. So all in all I think yes the youth policy is working very very well. In fact it’s THE youth policy in football.

  65. Yesterday’s madness and obscene sums of money, just make me more proud of my club and of being a gooner.
    Viva Arsène!

  66. els, Walcott, Song and van Persie all played senior football for other clubs before coming to Arsenal, so it’s a bit of a stretch to say they are products of our youth system. I agree we have a good thing going at the moment though.

  67. Kubla Khan, you’re a c*nt.

  68. The sheer lunacy and hypocrisy of fickle fans when they criticise boy wonder
    Denilson and Bendtner but not the Russian clown Arshavin who couldn,t score in a month of Sundays while earning 75000 pounds a week ,it,s always the same rubbish from the same fans,Arshavin will come right eventually ,this after blazing another goal scoring chance way over the Huddersfield crossbar ,sell the clown already and give Denilson a new conract,enough bulls-t already ?

  69. สวัสดีครับเชียงใหม่steve.คุณพูดดีมาก
    ผมพบคุณเร็วๆนี้ผนำ zoe in yellow.

  70. Block 4 I simply said they had served time in the youth policy. It’s also fair to say that they weren’t players that had every team in the world chasing them. They were made into the players they are by Arsene and Arsenal.

  71. Can we start a policy whereby anyone who use’s the word “Doomer” will also state their age (both chronological and mental)?

  72. Chelsea have decided to to the Arsenal way by bringing their own young pklayers through for about 6 months then they realised it is not as simple as it looks. Finishing top 4 was in danger and they thought ‘ sod this youth system. So they went out and splashed the cash. No one can do what Wenger has done. This is the reason why he has won coach of the decade award. The problem with Chelsea is they will have to put up with finishing 5th or 6th or even lower for a number of years if they wish to break even and reduce their losses. Unless they can find another Wenger who will keep them in the Champions league while playing young players. Not going to happen.

  73. Name me the players who moved, that we would have wanted to buy, at a price that we would have wanted to pay, and who would have wanted to come to us?

  74. YW, on Nasri’s replacement; While I agree with your summary could Bendtner play up front, with RVP left and Walcott right.
    Both RVP and Walcott are showing strength, form, covering ground (coming off the wing…?) and tracking back. Bendtner is starting to find his feet too. Goal of the season anyone?

    Arshavin is still the most likely candidate though and deserves it through hard work and perseverance to get back into form. It maybe that a lifetime not playing in the depths of winter has had a lasting effect on him?
    As many have said, we are about to get a very good player back.

    Rosicky is a fine call by some as well and shows why Wenger rates this squad and why stating that any player can or can not play here or there may be outmoded when it comes to this squad.
    Some have said ‘Song, no good in defence’ really, why?
    Where is the evidence. Yes he is great in midfield but if the team needs him
    are all the possible replacements too poor: Cesc, Nasri, Denny, Diaby,
    Wilshire, Rosicky and the finest Welsh player of his generation (on loan) in any and all permutations.

    Paul Hayward wrote a post Sky-gate article on poor punditry.
    Claiming to stop a goal by putting a man on the post is all very well in hindsight. But then to make this the focus of unintelligent debate?
    Edouardo dives. Young is ignored 24 hours later.
    Chris Waddle will slate lightweight Arsenal but bemoan Holland at the WC.
    Our defense is crap but only 1 goal more crap than Utd.
    JET’s problem is he has no fixed position, and this is a disadvantage for a young squad player?

    I think our players are capable of playing everywhere.
    And your Blog is a reflection of what Paul Hayward states that fans
    are looking for for the future.

  75. DeiseGooner, you effectively answered your own question with the comment “at a price we would ahve wanted to pay”. It very rare that world class players are available…at a price Arsenal would want to pay!! That’s the problem!!

  76. BREAKING NEWS!!!Torres deal to Chelsea breaks down 12 hrs after it was presumed done after he fails to agree personal terms with John Terry!!

  77. Haha first lady. That’s too funny

  78. yes Russ but the price we would want to pay wouldnt be all that different from any other club of similar stature would want to pay – the prices paid for players yesterday were ‘oligarch funded prices’ having a knock on effect to the selling club when they then had to buy to replace. – Crazy prices.

  79. Stephen hughes, he went before his time!

  80. I don’t deny that, it was Crazy, but we don’t need Torres or Carroll.

    We need a world class centre half (we have done since the last summer) and we could have got one, if we had only been willing to come up with the market value.

  81. kubla khan ผมคิดเหมือนเมื่อก่อน เมื่อก่อนwengerเวลา
    ผู้ชายเสื้อสีเทาไม่ดี greedy profit chasing corporate hand.

  82. On a positive note, I get the chance to visit Emirates tonight for the first time. Shame I’ll miss Sami, but it should be a good one nevertheless.

    Might have to make it up to Newcastle while I’m in the country too. Plane or Train?

  83. Carroll is 14-1to be top scorer and 2-1 on to get robbed within the week.

  84. 1lc, yeah, Chelsea are full of good intentions. I remember years ago Wenger saying that it will take 10 years to get the academy producing the players he wants, we are only just starting to see that policy pay off now.

  85. @Billboy- ‘Squilacci, I’m afraid, ranks with other Wenger wonderbuys like Cygan, Senderos, and Stepanovs’
    I am not sure about cygan and stepanov but Sonderos was exceptional in 2006 when we reached the Champions legue final. Injuries did take its toll. But if you watch him play for Switzerland he is very good and they missed him during the world cup.

    Squilacci is the reason why seville did not reach the champions league they missed him i the game against the portuguese side . Last year he was exceptional for them. What Squilacci shows you that a defender who is good in the spain may not necessarily be good in the premier league. I actually think that he was a very good buy when Wenger announced his signing.

    As for those who are not happy with Denilson I think you need to be very patient with him. During his first 2 years he was very good and Song was actually not that good . Now that Song has really improved and denilson is not that okay to put it mildly. However if we were to put him on transfer list you would be amazed on how many teams would like to have him in their books

  86. I have no history, club wise, with respect to football. I began supporting Arsenal in the nineties when Arsene was hired by the football club. It immediately became apparent to me that the style of football was extremely entertaining. No other team played the game with such enthusiastic style and verve. Even when Arsenal lost, they were rarely outplayed.

    Over the time that Wenger has managed at Arsenal, I have become very attached to the club and its fortunes. There is a moral, strategic intelligence, in the manner that this football club is governed. I identify strongly with that code of conducting the players and the organization. Indeed, Arsene Wenger has been the under pinning of this method and long may that continue.

  87. have a good one la. dont buy a burger from inside the ground though will ya,they taste like shit.

  88. here it comes.strategic intelligence. morals. conducting the players. organization. ???
    i’m off to bed. game is on at 04.00 here.
    c’monnnnn you gunners.

  89. NYFan should change the name to NYAWFan.

    What a plum. Probably thinks we play “soccer”.

  90. Couple things I found while being bored:

    This poem by scruzgooner posted on 7amkickoff:
    When people see some players as beautiful,
    other players become ugly.
    When people see some players as good,
    other players become bad.

    Buying and selling create each other.
    Difficult and easy support each other.
    Arsene and SAF define each other.
    First and last depend on each other.
    Before and after follow each other.

    Therefore Arsene
    acts without doing anything
    and teaches without saying anything.
    Things arise and he lets them come;
    things disappear and he lets them go.
    He has but doesn’t possess,
    acts but doesn’t expect.
    When his work is done, he forgets it.
    That is why it lasts forever.

    And then Arshavin (you little beautiful bastard):

    I didn’t see the game, but such a magnificent display of desire makes me weep.

  91. What a great night ahead for you la, enjoy.

    As for Newcastle, the quicker in, the quicker out.

  92. Zico, stay in exile.

    Russ, you’re a doomer.
    Gadget: actual age = 29
    mental (according to one of the Wii’s various brain training games) = 27
    IQ (last test a few years back) = 131 (although now it might have dropped. If it has, I’m blaming syphilis – I don’t know if I have it, but I’m knocking on a bit and horny almost always)

  93. Gadget, probably would have been better to just knock one out!

  94. I always thought Torres was very good until reminded just how good RvP is and the gulf in class. Sorry folks, Torres is pretty OK on his day, can be an excellent finisher, fast, but not in top Arsenal class, and I would not rate him (currently) superior to Walcott, much less Nasri, and not in RvP’s class at all. Andy Carroll, exciting potential, intinctive, one day he might be a great player, he will probably suit Liverpool, like, you know Ngog.

  95. Kubla Khan – you are a piss poor fan. How did you choose Arsenal? Sticking a pin in the league table, jumping in after the Invincibles season? Why not go follow the money and support Chelsea or Man City? You make me fvcking sick and I’ve not even had breakfast yet.

  96. But where would the fun be in that Duke?!

    So I’ve been having a bit of fun stalking Doomer sites, and I thought I compare the response of yesterday with MancU blogs and the results are depressing. I couldn’t find one Manc blog slagging off Fergurson for not making a purchase.

    Anyway, for tonight!!

  97. I agree with that ZimPaul.

    I love Torres as a player but RvP is skillfull, intelligent team player, a set piece specialist with a hammer left foot. He’s magic. A class apart.

    Despite all the silly money that has been banded about we still have the most deadly front attacking players in the premier league by a distance. Nasri, RvP and Walcott.

  98. Zim – To say Torres is not Arsenal class really is burying your head in the sand. He is better than all of our strikers, with the exception of maybe RvP. Even then, his goals record is outstanding. And all in a team which did not create much.

  99. Torres is certainly Arsenal quality, with him and RVP leading the line we would be very formidable indeed! With the amount of chances we create he would flourish!

  100. GA, “with the exception of maybe”…?

    I’ve a got a flying monkey on the way to Germany as I furiously type.

    RVP is the best striker in the league. Acknowledge that and repent.

  101. RvP is better than Torres.

  102. Snap Gadget.

  103. Nice summary Yogi:

    I agree with everyone that some of the transfer fees paid this window were insane. However, still not sure the logic of us going forward with some legitimate questions about our depth at CB when we could easily afford to fix the problem. We can not and should not get into bidding wars with Chelsea etc for players but I have little doubt we could have found a good CB somewhere. I realize it might have created a logjam at the position at some point but is that really a significant problem and does it outwiegh the real risks involved? We all have our opinions which is what makes following professional sports and blogging fun. I do think our title chances have improved slightly because Chelsea is more likely to take points from ManU but Chelsea is only 5 points behind us so that may be a double edge sword.

  104. Torres is a Imbrahimovic kind of player. He would struggle in a team like Barca and Arsenal. He’s world class but not Arsenal class. So I quite agree with Zim.

  105. *Ibrahimovic

  106. In fact, screw that. All this coveting our neighbours trophy whores. It’s sickening. Arsenal quality isn’t just a matter of how good a footballer is, otherwise we go after every tom, dick, and harry we apparently need. I can’t even tell you want Arsenal quality is for sure because I’m not aware of all the factors, but I can tell you for sure Adebayor didn’t possess it, and I’d wager Torres does have it neither.

  107. O so many experts on here, ! Torres proven striker and world cup winner, just sold for $50 million,, but no he is crap according to some..

  108. @ els & Block4 – I guess you guys are right when you say that we will be sitting pretty if we manage to get players like Gibbs, Szczesny, etc breaking through every couple of years. But its the current state of players like Hoyte, Gilbert, Aliadiere, etc that breaks my heart. Then there are those who are quite good but need playing time and are moved on because they aren’t getting any with us. I really like Lansbury and hope he is involved with the first team next season.

  109. Bazarite was one I was surprised moved on, always thought he was quality.

  110. Another dark day for English football yesterday. It’s not crazy, or madness, it’s just sad. Sad that we have got to this point without FIFA, UEFA or the FA doing anything to stop football consuming itself.

    When this era is looked back upon and various teams are bankrupted and in administration, their fans distraught because the chairmen and directors sold them down the river. When the fans are in despair at the mercinary nature of their players showing no loyalty and moving on to grab the next quick buck, they will all ask themselves one thing.

    Why didn’t we do it the Arsenal way?

  111. YW – Nice post as always but I think I would prefer to see this team:

    Szczesny; Sagna, Koscielny, Djourou, Clichy; Fabregas, Song, Wilshere; Walcott, van Persie, Gibbs

    I don’t see a repeat of that 7-0 drubbing we gave them a while back to be honest but will be expecting at least a 3-0, although if I am honest I have a few dollars on it being 4-0 to the Arsenal 🙂 Just can’t help myself sometimes!!
    I believe we are the only side not to have conceded at all this year in the league, so what does that say about our defense?

    So one more clean sheet please, no more injuries, AA to come on as a super sub and score a brace, Bent to get a hat trick against the Mancs, Carrol to get injured again, and the Girlfriend to pick up the laundry after work so I don’t have too 🙂 Sounds like a good day to me!!

    Firstlady – Too funny 🙂

    Lagooner – enjoy the Ems buddy, I will try not to be too envious. As for Newcastle, why bother? But if you insist on going here are a few safety guidelines for ya: 1) Grab a sharpie and blacken out at least 3 of your teeth
    2) Make sure to leave your belt a bit loose so that the crack
    of your ass is just showing.
    3) Whenever some Geordie cracks what he thinks is a joke
    simply reply: ” BAAAHAHAHA!!!!” as loud and as
    obnoxious as you can
    4) While grunting loudly, scratch your ass crack in an
    obvious way, and leer at anyone watching.
    5) Never, I just can’t stress this enough, NEVER use a
    napkin!! It’s just not manleh!!

    Follow these simple guidelines and you should blend in no problem, returning to civilization unscathed by the heathen!! 🙂

  112. Let those who buy into all the Torres hype believe all the want, it (the hype) has been around a while. I rate RvP, both as a striker and all-round talent significantly higher, Nasri higher, and Walcott only just below. I’m not sure Torres is especially acclaimed in his native land; a fringe national player so far. I’ve always liked him and believe he could fit into an Arsenal set up, but seriously you guys simply under-rate Arsenal players. It’s a media thing, you know, like the current Bale love-fest (Walcott is already superior). Either way it’s a ludicrous price tag. Carroll is OK, lit up a few games, but hasn’t been on the scene enough to say too much at this stage in his career.

    The best player by a distance at ‘Pool in their recent prime was Alonso, then Gerrard. Torres is fine, good striker.

  113. Jo, try to read before you start bleating.

  114. Bill | February 1, 2011 at 2:42 pm |
    “….but I have little doubt we could have found a good CB somewhere. ”
    Are you speaking of Arsene Wenger, who is now imitated by every club in the top-flight of English football, who pioneered the employment of an army of scouts posted all over the world with an unmatched history of identifying and recruiting unknown gems who have become legends of Arsenal?
    What a profoundly stupid statement. Proof sir, you are a profoundly stupid man.

  115. Arshavin will play tonight and probably score. It’ll make my blood boil because the shitty pundits will go from “He’s been having a nightmare the last few games” to “Wow, he is back in form”, when actually he’s been playing his normal game and chipping in with assists over the past few games, the only difference being a goal to show for it.

    That tackle against Huddersfield was a thing of beauty.

  116. Villa to take points off Man U tonight.

  117. Torres is class when fit. I wouldn’t begrudge him that. Hopes he leads Chelsea to beat manutd – twice!

  118. Zimpaul – I liked Mascherano too. I also have started to like Mereles but do not know too much about him. He could simply be going through a good spell and will more than likely end up reverting to mediocrity in the near future.

  119. Zimpaul
    NO one underestimated our players,, I never said Torres was better than any one. Just that he could play well with RVP,, and that he is a class act.
    I believe he is !

  120. If Torres wins Chelsea the league this season, he will be worth the Millions to the fans and the club, but that’s not the point. How do a team like Leyton Orient hope to make any progress. Put money they haven’t got into their youth system? Or wait for a Billionaire to buy them and buy their way to the top, which is never going to happen. Football has created a three tier system – the have’s, and the have not’s. And then there is the third way. The Arsenal way. We are alone.

  121. Hmmm, amazing that people don’t rate him as Arsenal class. RvP (who I really rate), would have been established as the lge’s premier striker if not for his injury problems I think.

  122. Bill,

    You say that there are legitimate questions about our depth at CB. This is a debatable point that can be contended. We have four centre backs as you know, of which 3 are currently fit and one is due back soon. It is a risible notion that we should go and get another one just to mitigate the risk of not having 2 available out of 4 to play. If your assertion is correct, that there are legitimate questions about the depth of our centre backs, then that must mean in turn, that there are legitimate questions about the decision making of Arsene Wenger, and in turn, about the backing of the directors of his judgement. We all have our internal thoughts about the modus operandi of the club and I do not believe that the lack of action in the transfer market is cause for concern. Indeed, I believe that our lack of action in the transfer market is a sign of strength. The organisational framework and structure at arsenal lends itself to stability and not short term, knee jerk reaction. The number of players on loan are planted seeds for a rich harvest that will not cost the tens of millions that have been exchanged yesterday. One has to realise that one has to count the pennies, and that will look after the pounds. The short term acquisitions will remain just that; short term. But a club with a long term strategy will prosper. We have to stay loyal to our club and ignore the moaning of the nay sayers and the reactionaries.

  123. Agree on that Goonerandy ! I wish RVP could have had less injuries, I think he would have been head and shoulders the best striker in the league if not the world.

  124. Zim – Would you swap Bendtner or Chamakh for Torres?

  125. Irishgray see u are in the house. Will you call the score or wait for me to call it one hour to kickoff? Obviously if you do I’ll second you!

  126. Bill, you’re gassing, yes gassing, as in releasing noxious fumes from either arse or mouth.

    “I have little doubt we could have found a good CB somewhere.”

    I cannot tell you for sure you are wrong, but looking at how thing have gone, I can suggest you are wrong, which if you don’t mind me, I think I shall. You nor I have no idea what was going on behind the scene; who we negotiated with or didn’t. Should we be weak at the negotiation table or should we be strong and firm?

    Maybe there was someone we could have got, or maybe their wasn’t, but why not have faith in the abilities of the training staff to provide the cover from within?

    Or maybe, it’s because you don’t think the players we have aren’t good enough, I don’t know, you’ll have to answer that one.

  127. MattyBoy, a voice of sanity and reason in the hullaballoo of the modern age of financial and media bubbles, that just keep bursting.

  128. They say a picture speaks a thousand words.
    What if we could have both?
    Enjoy my friends 🙂

  129. Torres is much better than both Gooner, at this stage, but Bendtner might just be the better bet in the long term. Chamakh is a specific type of player, but looks like he is capable of becoming excellent. Value and price wise, we are winners all the way. But Mattyboys point is the real one. It’s not about superstar players, great purchases and media hype, it’s about team building and balance, sustainable systems, good ethic, beautiful football. Such aspirations that cannot even be bought. Blackpool’s achievements in this respect are somewhat higher than the rent-a-team and buy-a-winner shananigans of sssshhh … you know who.

  130. Sorry I mean AndyG of course. no disrespect.

  131. Bill,

    Some follow up points. We can think of the organisation and structure of arsenal producing results like heavyweight unit trust fund. Every year we have interns at the Hale End academy. We have the youths/reserves and we have the players loaned out to other premiership and championship clubs, as you know. Some of these will not be successful, but they are nonetheless, worth the punt. Some of them, a la Bendtner, Wilshere, Gibbs have proved to be successful and are a solid vindication of the clubs policy on youth. However, it doesn’t stop there. I believe that there is a lot more to come, and the former players mentioned are just the tip in the iceberg. We have about a dozen players on loan. If only 2 break through to the squad, and they are of 1st team quality, we would have saved ourselves at least £30 million in transfer fees. One has to consider that a 1st team player of arsenal quality is worth at least £15 million. I say at least, because that could be a gross undervaluation. Now, if more than 2 break through to the squad then it is, as they say in the corporate world, a win win situation. I believe that out of Bartley, JET, Wellington, Miyaichi, Vela, Afobe, at least 2 will go on to break into the squad. We also have Chuks Aneke and a few more currently in the reserves who will probably be loaned out next year. This is a very exciting time to be an arsenal supporter.

  132. Kenyan Gunner – 4-0 to the Arsenal 🙂

  133. Zim – All fair points, my point though that to suggest he is not Arsenal Class is madness. The bloke scores goals….lots of them. Could you imagine him and RvP in the same team with Cesc and Nasri pulling the strings?

    Anyway, I am not saying I wanted us to sign him, Especially for that amount of money. Our strike force is fine.

  134. See that bollocks Xavi is at it again . . .

    “His greatest desire is to return to the club,” Xavi told Spanish television show One to One.
    “He would adapt very easily because he grew up here. His ultimate dream is to return to Barca, but then Arsenal and Barcelona have to agree. He is raised here, and has the DNA of Barcelona, but it is not up to us.”

  135. Id take Theo over Torres any day. I honestly believe that Theo is going to have a bigger part to play in our title challenge than any of us realize. I can just see him really breaking through in the run in! he just has to remain injury free.

  136. JO
    My view on Torres is that at Atletico he was a gem but at Liverpool he had one good season and has been average at best in the last season and a half. He is a WC winner but he was just a passenger and the fact that he cost 20 million € more than David Villa, the player that helped Spain win both the Euro and WC, is just baffling. Just as much as Andy Carrol costing £35 million. I mean, yes he will probably be a regular feature in the England team but £35 million for a player that has half a season of EPL under his belt just show how mad the football world has become.

    The only good outcome of this lunacy is that we can put a £150 million price tag on Cesc, Nasri and RVP and look like we are offering a bargain.

    YW, I would expect to see your predicted line-up tonight with Bendtner starring as the super sub. Let’s hope Bobby and Bent continue scoring for Villa and buries Man U!


  137. I second Irishgray. 4:0 it is!

  138. Torres scored 65 goals in 102 games for a rubbish Liverpool side. Not to be sniffed at.

  139. Gunnerluc the most valuable player in Arsenal in a financial sense is actually Jack Wilshere. The fellow will develop into a British franchise. If Carrol is worth 36m what do you think Wilshere will be worth at 21?

  140. Gunnerluck

    I think Torres has suffered from playing in a shit team as well as injuries. If he has a good injury free run and Chelsea start playing well again he will be a damn good player once more.

  141. Can anyone give me a good website where I can watch tonite’s match?

  142. A striker will genrally fetch more cash than another other position to be fair. All about the goal.

  143. Kenyan

    I could have added Wilshere in the three I’ve put, they are just the three name that springed into my mind because it’s the usual suspects when rubbish tabbloids come up with Barca, Real, Milan,…. to bid for Arsenal star stories but you see my point?

  144. I can’t believe people think Torres isn’t much good. He scores goals, lots of them and is streets ahead of Chamakh or Bendtner. Of course he is a good bit older than Bendtner also, so there’s room for improvement from the Dane. The fee might be madness, but there’s no doubt he’s a class act.

  145. Pfft, be honest. Liverpool have been poo for only 1.5 seasons

  146. Not to mention the sell on fees for those who don’t make it at Arsenal, Muppet.

    Not to mention that they will also likely feature for England!

    Lovely video Irish. Thanks.

  147. Gadget!
    Yea and Torres was pretty much injured the rest of the time!


    This is a reliable site JD. You just need to download sopcast.

  149. Bill,

    One of the many consequent and resultant benefits of having a youth policy is that we will be able to sort out these conundrums as and when possible. Let me explain. If we were to buy a centre back, say, a Cahill, or another player with ambition and a price tag that merited inclusion, more often than not, then we would be in a position where we would have to keep the player happy. Having a youth player would mean that this perceived exigent problem would be avoided. Bartley going on load to Rangers is surely confirmation of Wenger’s intent to promote him to the full squad next year. Buying a centre back would compromise this intent and in my view would be an incongruity vis-a-vis the long term operational planning of the arsenal squad. We have to be careful that the squad balance is carefully maintained, especially in a climate of knee jerk short termism.

  150. Concolsbob

    Does it work on mac?

  151. @Zama, I guess this happens at all clubs, if there are top quality players in a particular position in the first team then it comes to a point where the younger man decides he is willing to understudy him or move on in search of first team football. For example, if we can keep our midfield three of Fabregas, Song and Wilshere for the next few years then it will take an exceptional talent from the youth team to dislodge one of them (I think we may have him in Chuks Aneke btw, think Vieira build and Wilshere technical qualities), so there may be a few disappointed midfielders fromt he academy moving on over the next while. There have been plenty who have shone in the youth and reserve teams who haven’t made it at Arsenal, it’s the ruthless business of top class football I’m afraid.

  152. Funny to think that had Smalling chosen us over the mancs he would be getting regular football. His agent must be an ass!

  153. Many thanks Consolsbob but like Jo I need to know does it work on Mac?

  154. I’ve looked over the genesis of this debate, and no one’s actually said Torres isn’t good.

    I myself have suggested he’s not Arsenal quality (all the while saying I can’t state all the factors that going into being such, but it’s beyond just being good)
    Zim merely stated he’s not top Arsenal class
    Deano agreed with Zim
    GA stated that he’s better than all of our strikers, with the exception of maybe RvP

    I guess I’m the most controversial but I stick by my declaration. And I will not take it back. However, the real cause of this debate is that none of us are clear upon what Arsenal quality is, so let’s have a slightly different debate and thrash out what Arsenal class/quality might actually be.

    Fistly I think to be Arsenal class you must be Arsene class, and I think there must be more to it than simply being a good technical footballer. As such, beyond this I have little idea because I am neither a scout nor am I Arsene, but there must be somthing within the player’s psychology also, temperament, discipline, etc which they look for. I should imagine what evere it is they’re looking for, that list gets refines and adjust rather constantly too. Anyway… mere conjecture. Scrap that. Likely be a worthless debate.

    Re-assess: Torres is a quality player. He’s Chelsea quality definately; Arsenal quality —— *error* —— too many unanswered variables.

    Not as good as RVP though

  155. Jo, I’d wager he wasn’t… and yes I’m a betting man, but only cause I play poker.

  156. Torres may have stats that look pretty damn impressive, can’t deny that. But the fact that he’s been playing for a team where he is by far the best striker, meaning that almost all of the attacking moves are put in his direction: “there you go Fernando, win us the game eh?”. If Arsenal played like that and RvP had played the same amount of games, he’d have scored a lot more goals I’m sure. We, as a team spread the goals out more than almost any other team, which is detriment to the strikers’ stats..

    But yeah, what I’m saying is, RvP is much better than Torres. Torres was awesome at Athletico, where he was building his reputation, but now that he knows/thinks he’s one of the best in the world, he’s not been able to reach those highs. If he were playing for Arsenal, he wouldn’t have anywhere near the goal record, as Rvp, Cesc, Nasri etc would have all been contributing as well…

  157. Er, no, I don’t think it does.

    This is another:

  158. I agree with Gadget’s Arsenal class bits too! There’s footballing ability and then there’s class. 2 completely different things. Andy Carrol for example.. Limited and overrated footballing ability, non-existent class. John Terry’s another. A huge list could build up here actually…

  159. goonerandy – “Torres scored 65 goals in 102 games for a rubbish Liverpool side.”
    Jo – “I think Torres has suffered from playing in a shit team as well as injuries”

    Torres scored 81 goals in 142 appearances for Liverpool. Over a third of those goals (33) came in 2007-8, setting a record for the most prolific foreign goal scorer ever in a debut season in England. Also the season the dirty Scousers knocked us out the CL and reached the semi-finals. The next season, when Liverpool finished 2nd in the Premier League, Torres scored 17 in 38 appearances.

    So for those two seasons we can hardly say he was playing in a rubbish side and he scored 0.595 goals per game. Since then (when we CAN say he’s been playing for a quite poor team) he has scored 31 goals in 58 appearances (0.534 goals per game). Not much difference.

  160. Regarding Arsenal *quality*; I agree with Gadget.

  161. Muppet

    I understand your thoughts. We had the opportunity to improve our chance to win the league this year with no real risk to the club. The idea that shoring up the position this year invalidates the youth policy and somehow harms the club in the short or long term is dubious at best. Hopefully fatigue or injuries at cb will not cost us any points.

  162. I’ll just give my 2 cents worth here – I reckon Torres would have been awesome at Arsenal had we got him from Ath Madrid when the ‘pool got him. Villa would be better and Silva would suit us so much its untrue. Of those 3 Torres would have been my third choice. To my mind he would rank behind RVP but had we signed Torres and kept the 4-4-2 / 4-4-1-1 i reckon they would have made a deadly duo.

    All water under the bridge now though

  163. Yeah I’m good but i’m not kidding myself, I’m no RvP. Adios

  164. Limestonegunner

    Irishgray had an interesting suggestion of playing Gibbs on the left side of the front three. We have seen that a couple of times when he has come as a substitute. It would be interesting to see that and certainly would make the left side defensively quite strong. Gibbs didn’t have great game against Huddersfield though. Arshavin, Rosicky, and Gibbs all played Sunday so each is likely to be a bit tired. Rosicky probably hasn’t recovered as quickly as he was already ill and out of training for a week or two. I’d play Arshavin and have Gibbs and Rosicky on the bench to substitute.

  165. Consols – You may remember our thread yesterday about the unseemly collusion between Sky and the Newcastle management in their reporting of the Andy Carroll transfer. The Sky reporter kept repeating how the Newcastle board was agonizing about whether to sell Carroll until Carroll left them with no chance but to put in a transfer request. (I almost flung the remote at the TV to get rid of the brass-faced liars; both the reporter and th anchors in studio.)
    Well now the truth is out. In the words of Carroll, it was all sham. The Newcastle board wanted to sell but needed to decieve the Geordie fans by having Carroll put in the transfer request. As stated in an interview with the Evening Chronicle:
    Andy Carroll has claimed he was asked to hand in a transfer request as Liverpool closed in on their £35million swoop for him.
    He said: “…[Managing director] Derek [Llambias] asked me to hand in a transfer request, so I was pushed into a corner and had no choice. I wasn’t wanted by them and they made it clear they wanted the money.”

    Yet many continue to be fooled by the hype in the transfer window by Sky and the commercial media.

  166. Limestonegunner

    Even wheeler-dealer ‘Arry was getting a chuckle over the sky-news reporting from Newcastle, according to his interview that evening on the BBC. I don’t think anyone was taken in by that.

  167. Just having looked at Van Persie’s goalscoring he has scored about a goal every other game in this season and the previous two. I’m using those because that’s when he started playing as a centre forward rather than a second striker or out wide. So not much of a difference between Van Persie and Torres there. I think that Torres would probably score more goals in our team as he’s more of a finisher and would get on the end of more of those balls that flash across the opposition box, but Van Persie is the better all round player and will provide more creativity and assists. So much of a muchness I would say.

  168. Interesting piece on Koscielny on, should reassure some folks as to our defense. And for those it doesn’t, fuck off 🙂 simples really!

    Consolsbob – You are most welcome sir, was just a way of me helping to fill the void that is life when the Arsenal are not playing!

    Limestonegunner – Was an interesting suggestion wasn’t it? I think he would really enjoy that position and Clichy would love knowing he had the extra coverage too.

  169. Bill | February 1, 2011 at 4:37 pm |
    “We had the opportunity to improve our chance to win the league this year with no real risk to the club.”
    Gadget you are reasoning with a stone. The man is beyond redemption.
    Your elucidation of the short and long term risks of buying any old CB when there are already 4 quality defenders on board (one of whom is to return from injury) plus Song as back-up is completely not only lost on this stupid person but on someone arrogantly stupid. “Stupid is as stupid gets.”

    (Lost on this person is Wenger’s repeated assertion if there was a quality CB at realistic prices available he would sign that CB immediately. Mark you, we have the troglodytes in the media and blogs who continue to assert our defenders are not quality despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary.)

  170. id be a bit worried about Gibbs final ball/finishing and also Eboue- a-lising him. Eboue is a right back thats good going forward – up to a point – that sometimes gets carried away with his forward play, neglecting his defensive duties at times – id sooner Gibbs become focused on his defensive game for now – then work on attacking once the defensive foundation is in place

  171. Limestonegunner

    Why did Carroll agree to putting in the transfer request? Why not say, look, sell me if you are determined to do so but I am not looking to go or make it easy; I like playing in my home town and we are doing well.

    Frankly, YW is correct. This is potentially really bad for his career. He will have to shoulder a great deal of responsibility and handle intense pressure as a result of this fee and the move to a higher profile club with all sorts of unrealistic expectations based on a fading, if glorious, history. He could have used a season or two to establish himself at this level and as an international.

    That’s to me where the madness of transfer think and commercialization of football are demonstrated even more sharply. If Carroll had better advisers or was more mature, he wouldn’t have gone along with giving a transfer request in an attempt to stay grounded. But he’s probably been sold by the glamor of going for such a high fee and to a “re-building” and “resurgent” Liverpool.

  172. when exactly do the uefa fair play rules come into effect?

  173. Well shotta, fuck Sky and fuck Andy Carroll.

    As for this love in for a chav player, pass me the bucket.

  174. irishgray, thanks man, lovely video! Almost brought a tear to my eye. Such a pity (mainly for himself) that Merida left. He would’ve been great. And I can’t wait to have Vermaelen back. And an inform Arshavin. It truly is great to be a gooner. So many pitiful idiots just don’t seem to get it.

  175. FinnGunn – You are most welcome!! Fran Merida took a long and hard look at our midfield and came to the same conclusion that I did, if he wanted to play regularly then he would have to leave Arsenal. I agree it was a pity as he had enormous talent and potential, but sometimes things just don’t work out the way we would like. Take me for example, I am off to pick up laundry 😦 later my peeps

  176. this is the deal of the transfer window – Ibrahim Afellay – PSV to Barcelona €3million

  177. Limestonegunner

    Irish, don’t complain. Some of us have to actually do the laundry!

  178. Limestonegunner – God forbid!!

  179. How the fuck is Afellay only 3 mil? He is better than Caroll!

  180. Lagooner | February 1, 2011 at 12:53 pm | On a positive note, I get the chance to visit Emirates tonight for the first time. Shame I’ll miss Sami, but it should be a good one nevertheless.

    Wooo!!! I’m jealous!!

    I can say without a doubt that the day I visisted the emirates, encompassing NB’s 94th minute winner and the proceeding celebrations, was the greatest day of my life. There’s not a doubt in my mind!


  181. i think he was coming to the end of his contract or something Matoo – but a crackin deal no? He’l probably leave Barca in a season or 2 for the want of games

  182. Denilson completed the game against Huddersfield with an injured hamstring.. Even though he isn’t in the best of form right now, his attitude is spot on..

  183. Denilson is a great player. I wrote an article about him on this site at the end of the 08-09 season. He won the ball for us more times than any other players by a long way, made 6 assists (when Van Persie topped the Prem League with 10) and had more touches on the ball than any other player.

    Plus, he can hit it from range, his natural fitness and attitude are excellent and he provides a different dimension to our game.

  184. Right I think I’ll use the lucky egg cup now rather than wait for the match to start. Against Huddersfield I used it but couldn’t be arsed to go buy more eggs so just had a pickled egg out of it and we got a pickled egg of a performance so tonight I’ll do it properly.

  185. Shotta @ 2:42 & 4:47

    Such anger recently. I would suggest taking a little time off from work and blogging. Not worth raising your blood pressure I suggest adding 1 can frozen limeade, 8 oz tequilla and 6 oz triplesec to ice and blend. Best enjoyed with your best friend of the opposite gender in a large bath tub. Cheers

  186. Oh and Shotta – while I agree with every word, you are giving the idiot troll just what he wants. He has only ever come here to wind up sane sensible bloggers. Remember Ole Gunner and the endless CB debate? He ignores everything you say and just trolls on and on.
    Read how smug his last post is – delighted to have got what he perceives is a reaction.
    Ignore him. Low life Chelsea scum.

  187. Plank!

  188. A.R.S.E.N.A.L

  189. OK Lowlife Chelsea plank if you prefer.

  190. Gunnertime. One hour to go!

  191. The numerous identities of Howard:

    – Arse21
    – Kubla khan
    – Bill

    Don’t be fooled. He is our resident troll.

  192. Queen of suburbia

    Those I’ll stop supporting Arsenal when wenger goes comments made earlier were an obvious wind up right?

  193. What Liverpool did was absolutely stupid. You do not sell your best player to one of your premiership rivals. Suicide. When did the mancs or even us, sell our best player to one of our premiership rivals (in the modern era). Never. Ok, Adebayor went to shitty, but in the words of a telegraph journalist earlier, “Adebayor effectively retired from playing football a year ago”.

    Stupid, stupid, stupid. Liverpool should have hawked Torres out to Italy, Germany or Spain.

    On the subject of Carroll, of course he is not worth £35 million, but if Dalglish rates him, then that is enough for me. Dalglish is astute. Getting rid of Konchesky is evidence of that.

  194. Sorry – forgot to mention James. Bill AKA James AKA William AKA Arse21 AKA Kubla Khan.

  195. Dalgleish is a what?

  196. a stute. 🙂

  197. Arsenal: Szczesny, Sagna, Fabregas, Koscielny, Rosicky, Van Persie, Walcott, Song, Wilshere, Djourou, Clichy

    Subs: Almunia, Diaby, Arshavin, Eboue, Gibbs, Chamakh, Bendtner

  198. Let the myopic waste their money. Personally more disappointed by Liverpool than Chelsea but ultimately left smiling by the view that neither team will threaten us. It’ll take a while for both players to settle in and really help their teams to fight for 4th place with our beloved hot-spurs….

    We have only injuries to worry about…oh, and also Red Nose’s brigade.
    They’re bound to lose soon.

    Tonight we concentrate on Everton…2-o anyone????

  199. Fuck off Pardew. Bendtner is not a “lesser product” than Andy Carroll. Get a grip.

  200. @Aman
    I think our streak will continue and 3-0 it will be!

  201. Queen of suburbia | February 1, 2011 at 6:59 pm | Those I’ll stop supporting Arsenal when wenger goes comments made earlier were an obvious wind up right?

    QOS, One can only hope. They were never clarified.. I’m embarassed bc he appeared to be an American..

  202. I see there are ten changes from the previous game. Is that an automatic £25,000 fine then? Or is it only Blackpool?

  203. @Evil, I was just being lenient thinking,”maybe without Nasri we score 1 less”.
    I forgot Rosicky & AA owe us goaLS…so it just might be the usual 3-0!
    U win Evil, (u gooner u)

  204. come on arsenal

  205. i would with a 1/0 to the arsenal,it`s not going to be easy.

  206. For a lot of us younger Arsenal fans I think, Wenger IS Arsenal. I had never supported the club prior to Arsene (was a combination of being too young and being too american to know there were other sports than baseball, etc.), I didn’t even know who Arsenal were. When I began to take an interest in football, I was naturally drawn to Arsenal by players like Henry and Pires, and there was something about Wenger that just oozed class, charm and brilliance. I cannot fathom the club under a different manager, so it will be strange when Wenger retires. I won’t stop supporting Arsenal, because I have a fierce sense of loyalty to a team, I chose Arsenal ~14 years ago as “my team”, and there’s no changing that.

    I think a lot of Americans just completely lack this loyalty to a team. Mine has been nurtured as I was brought up a long-suffering support of the Washington Redskins (who haven’t had a good year since 1992, and keep living on long-past glories – think Liverpool of american football), so no matter how crap they are now I cannot ever be a fan of another team – I am from Washington, thus I have no choice. But if you take the average NFL “fan”, they are running out the day after the super bowl each year to buy a new jersey for the team that won, or slap new bumper stickers on their car over the ones they put on last year. There is none of the solidarity between fans either. In American sports it’s considered normal for you to pick a team on the other side of the country to “support”.

    Anyway, didn’t mean to ramble on, but thought I’d put some perspective on Newyorkfan’s post. It will be hard for me when Arsene chooses to step down, but I’ve chosen my lot now. And to be honest, it’s not a bad lot at all :D.

    Three points please, boys.

  207. Queen of suburbia

    Liverpool spent £1m got rid of the disappointing Babbel and the oft injured Torres who didn’t want to be there and signed the best forward in Holland and England’s great White hope.

    I think they overpaid for the Geordie but in that context it’s not terrible business overall.


    1) beer – check
    2) munchies – check
    3) call Girlfriend to tell her, yes I picked up the laundry and yes I dropped off the mail and tell her I love her ( aw bless) so that she won’t call me during game and annoy the hell out of me – check
    4) text Spuds-fan mate of mine and tell him Arsenal are about to kickoff so he can enjoy a real football match 🙂
    5) turn phone off – check
    6) sit back and enjoy – check
    5) t

  209. Any links to the game please?

  210. Muppet – Do you see who is playing in goal for Everton? Explains a lot doesn’t it!!

  211. Fuck we got Phil Mitchell refereeing.

  212. Its 11 vs 12 from the start… Lee Mason clarifying it clearly..

  213. This ref … ~_~

  214. They’re having a lot of the ball at the moment aren’t they? Weird.

  215. Ian Darke said United are threatening to run away with the PL.


  216. Copycatfollowfashionndropoffconkatree

    Anybody know of a good live stream…

  217. Lee Mason is the ref no?

  218. My Dutch commentators sound surprised too. I think.

  219. Good to see the home crowd putting the pressure on Mason..

  220. This ref is so fucking random. No idea what he’ll do next.

  221. Lucky Everton.

  222. Poor effort from Cesc after a great move..

  223. Would have been such a good goal.

  224. Brilliant move. Too bad Cesc couldn’t finish it properly. Come on you Gunners!

  225. looks like this is gonna be a a good footballing challenge for the 1st team. Didn’t really expect everton to carry on their chelsea form so convincingly.
    A decent warm up for barca.

  226. RVP and Cesc link up so well it’s crazy.

  227. Thank you so much Steww

  228. Lucky lucky Everton

  229. Pleasure G4E

  230. Fucking let him go ref. theo was away.

  231. That was crazy. Why do we get a free kick when Theo is past everyone?

  232. 4 miles offside

  233. Surely no. Was that onside???

  234. Offside goal. Great ref. ~_~

  235. Fucking MILES off

  236. Unless they’re saying we played him on?

  237. From the attempted overhead I mean

  238. Well all I can hear on FSC is ” the referees a wanker!!”

  239. idiot announcers saying it is a “grey area” because it deflected off koscielny. does anyone give these morons a primer on the laws of the game? they are only about 10 pages long ffs.

  240. kos would not have made that touch unless saha was effecting the play, so surely thats offside.

  241. Do refs get banned in English? It’s definitely a case for a ban here.

  242. *in English football

  243. @Mentalist
    Yeah I sometimes wonder why can’t they just sub the ref? This ref is clearly not up for the match and has a bad day. FFS take him off at half time and get someone competent who can get the job done. Oh wait …. there is no competent ref in England, I almost forgot.

  244. switched off the fucking commentary..

  245. Irish – You are a man of my own heart. My missus already knows not to mess with me when we play. Worse, she can’t understand why I get upset when we lose. “Honey, it is just a game.” I love her to death but lets say we are different 🙂

  246. Shotta – great minds think alike 🙂

  247. I think we need Denilson!!!!!!!

  248. Referees and linesmen in Brazil are banned for weeks after a big mistake like today’s, then they come back to lower leagues first then back to big matches.

    I reckon Poll was banned after 2006 WC?

  249. I once overheard my missus patiently explaining the offside rule to a woman in a bar. “Imagine you are buying a handbag and I’m at the front of the queue. If you pass the bag to me and there isn’t anyone between me ant the till except the shop assistant….” and so on.

  250. I guess constant fouling is allowed?

  251. When did Ian Hislop get a refereeing license?

  252. Just logged on we are one down to a dodgy goal oh dear! I hope this is not going to turn to another of those games where we struggle and their keeper has a blinder

  253. We can clearly see Evertons plan.

  254. Their goal has led a charmed life and they are playing with 13 men at the moment. It’ll be fine.

  255. How did we miss that Everton bought Mason on the last day of the transfer window?

  256. Somebody give Lee Mason an Everton jersey..

  257. at some point I think we might need diaby on for wee lil jack and get to grips with fellanni and rodwell.

  258. Oh, so it’s offside NOW?

  259. Nice thought Word. I’d give Li’l jack a while longer mind.

  260. These people on Fox are some clowns.

    Who the heck is this ref?

  261. This fucking ref. I have never seen anything like it. He bought that and it was right in front of him. This is verging on corrupt.

  262. A yellow for that? Is this the worst performance of a referee this season? Not even one half played and he has already usurped Clattenburg.

  263. Ooh – an injury to a centre half – DOOMER heaven. I bet Bill just came in his fucking pants when he saw JD go down.

  264. I am shocked, what a travesty!

  265. Even blowing the whistle early. Awesome.

  266. Look at that cunt Neville telling the ref where the money is.

  267. So apparently what we should do is tell RVP to stand in an offside position and when we get possession we will simply kick the ball off an Everton player to him and then he scores, simples!!!

  268. Hope the players come out determined in the 2nd half..

  269. Wow, I’m switching streams to find some French commentary. These clowns were actually celebrating TR7’s yellow card. They said that Everton “is good for the lead” despite being outshot 7-2 and admitting the goal was offside.

  270. Well I havent followed the game much but from what I can gather its another typical night at the emirates, useless ref, offside goal,missed chances, one can only hope we get the rub of the green in the second half. How come teams like manure are soooo lucky, I just dont get it! Mind u Everton have been playing well of late so we need a heck of a second half to get this game going!

  271. Did any of you read the ref preview on Untold Arsenal? Makes for interesting reading, and explains maybe a little while we are being robbed blind by this absolute disgrace of a ref.

  272. Unbelievable!

    Ref is something spectacular.

    I’ve always suspected there is something not quite kosher amongst english refs but I seriously think it’s time someone explained to that twat that he might not get out of the ground alive if he carries on like that.

  273. I wish no one missed chances but I’m glad it was Fab not Big Nic – he’d have been crucified for those misses.

  274. Fifa Law 11 clearly states that if a player in an offside position gains an advantage after the ball goes off a defender, he is flagged for offside.

    So what the refs are saying is that Kos’s lunge was the equivalent of a backpass.

  275. regardless of the decision everton are playing the ball really well and we have yet to deserve to overcome it. Really good challenge for lads but my only fear is that we are now so used to teams parking the bus against us (manu chelsea spring to mind…) that we are not quite in the zone for this type of match. not sure if that makes sense but as I said before this is a very healthy warm up for barca.

    2-1 = 3 points but the confidence gained could be priceless

  276. The goal should never have stood, Saha was miles offside even if Koscielny got a touch to it, Saha was already in an offside position when the attempted pass was made to him.

    But Lee Mason is one of the more incompetent referees in the premier league so no-one should be surprised. Just have a look at the penalty he gave Blackpool during their game against Sunderland.

  277. The offline goal. Rosicky’s yellow. Untold weren’t joking when they wrote that Lee Mason studied in Liverpool. One wonders what, selective myopia? Oh well, we’ll win but it might go to the last minutes…. my poor heart.

  278. I have little too say. I think we’ve been a little weak in some of the challenges but we’re creating chances.

    I don’t know though. The ebb of this game is perverse. The officials have been really bad. Everton’s plan it seems is to hoof it and run through us which shouldn’t actually work, but Mason being an idiot is letting it work more often than not.

    I think we need to click again. The fluidity and communication seems to be a little amiss. A goal for Theo I think, and maybe one from Rosicky

  279. The live streams are bad today- ADTHE not working and the Veetle link took me to some Islamic religious cartoon. The Italian stream is unreliable and so I might have to go and watch FSC on the TV. Very poor ref and physical Everton play.

  280. I think Bentdner would be an ideal sub with 25 to go and diabby with Everton closing down and dropping deep Theo’s pace is no longer an asset and so he could be sacrificed together with lil Jack I would warrant Arshavin for Rosicky as well, for all his faults Arshavin does definitely carry more of an attacking threat than Rosicky!

  281. the ref is a manc. phil mitchell…classic.

  282. This is really unbeleivable referreing . I have never seen a refree so one side. Right from the start he dedcided we are getting nothing. Yellow for Wilshere then Rodwell pulls Fabregas while on the counter attack gives nothing the same thing happened again ,Walcott chopped down the ref just waved play on . The goal is a clear offside. We have to fight 13 men in this game. We have no choice but earn the 3 points the hard way.

  283. That Untold Arsenal piece on how biased for Everton and against us this ref has always been is shocking. And shockingly accurate in its predictions. Here’s a quote

    “I can see Everton players being cynical with the small stuff to break up play and given ‘carte blanche’ to go into the challenge [in a more English than French way] without repercussions and flinging themselves to the floor to win a free kick whenever they lose the ball.”

  284. FinnGunn, you left out the pullback by Arteta on Walcott when he was away on a counter-attack, should have been a yellow, but no foul even given. Absolutely disgraceful.

    There have been countless fouls by Everton players on us that have not been given, whereas each of our fouls is rewarded by a booking. Seriously, WTF.

  285. Oh and Sopcast Channel – 100804 is working fine. Great Dutch commentary.

  286. Goal shouldn’t have stood… FIFA rule 11, it’s the 13th slide in the PDF file

  287. Shocking referee display so far. Fucking awful.

    We need to up our game, Everton are looking fairly solid and we need to raise out tempo. Howard has not been called into action yet.

  288. Heh, fucking rubbish goalkeeping by Cech for Sunderland’s 1st.

  289. Um. Howard has been lobbed , stopped one for a corner and been at full stretch at least 3 times.

  290. We need to change few things. We are going through the middle a lot and Fellani has cut out everything. Second half we need to use the flanks more and hope the refree do his job properly.

  291. I will rephrase; how many shots on target do we have?

  292. Refs having a go at Cesc and they hadn’t even kicked off.

  293. I can’t help but feel pessimistic. It’s clear the ref is not even trying to pretend to be un-biased.

  294. Diaby on for Song.

    I reckon we will still win this!

  295. Untold Arsenal’s preview deserves a link.

  296. Fuck the fucking ref!what a twat!

  297. Don’t have the stats – going on memory here. and I’m pretty old.

  298. these commentators are really annoying

  299. A yellow at last for an everton player, that should be the second yellow for Rodwell and red

  300. I just sense someone is gonna get sent off

  301. Chelsea 2-2 Sunderland
    ManU Shited 2-0 Villa

  302. He gives them everything and us nothing. Hope our players aren’t obsessing as much as I am. Need to get the ball down and just do our thing. it’ll come with patience.

  303. How come that is not a yellow

  304. arshavin on for rosicky

  305. Djorou and Kos need to concentrate a bit more now we are pushing up.

  306. Is Gael a CM now?

  307. Played Gael. love the way he won that back.

  308. This is just too much to take from this ref.

    Crowd needs to get on the pitch and rip him limb from limb

  309. I wouldn’t mind reading tomorrow about how someone slashed the tires to Mason’s car.

  310. Never a foul. Is there anything can be done about this? Can the club have the ref investigated? The game should certainly be replayed. No question.

  311. I cant get a decent stream and this ref is doing my head in will come back later to see how it all ended coyg!

  312. Evil – and sodomised his gerbil.

  313. Well refs in the PL are preatty much untouchables so they can do what they want. shame really

  314. Lee Mason was scheduled to referee the postponed game vs Stoke can we ptition to have him dropped

  315. I can’t believe Robin just got a yellow for getting fouled.

  316. Arteta could not be more of a diver.

  317. RVP never touched him. Fucking cheat.

  318. Biased son of a b*tch. I seriously hope someone smashes the car of that c*nt. Yellow for that?

  319. He is even grinning, that bastard. Knowing well how f*cked up he is.

  320. COME ON ANDRE!!!!!

  321. If we win this it’s going to be a frigging miracle. The reffing is unspeakable

  322. You called it Colnyblog

  323. The time is ticking away. we need a goal soon

  324. Advantage ref???? No? thought not.

  325. the most poignant stat for me is that this is our 10th game of 2011…

  326. wow i tthink its open season on ARsenal and nobody cares…sick


  328. What a day for both Cesc and RVP to forget their shooting boots.

  329. Mason is absolute shite. He’s wearing blue no doubt.

  330. I can see NB52 coming on for Theo. Everton are playing very deep, so his pace is more or less negated.

  331. need to win this – even a draw and i reckon its time up on the title challange – barring a utd collapse ….. 14 games left i know but it will be tuff to claw an 8 point deficit back

  332. wonder what Arsenal player he will give a red card. Maybe he tries to go for Fabrega or rvp.

  333. Chelsea up 3-2

  334. come on ta fuck – you can do it Arsenal

  335. we really miss Nasri’s guile

  336. I think he’ll send off RVP.

  337. NB52 Come on you Gunners!!!!!

  338. Poodle
    I think Wilshere would have been a candidte for a red

  339. 4-4-2 with Big Nic and RvP upfront??

  340. All out attack now. Shit or bust time.

  341. ND it will be a right shame if the PL is decided by the refs and not by the teams preformance.

  342. arshavinnnnnnnnn

  343. ANDRE!!!!!!!!!!!

  344. AA… The magician is back.. 1-1…

  345. Stupid fucking ref, makes me sick to my stomach.

  346. I knew you had it in you Andrei! Now get another one!!!

  347. What? He hasn’t scored on my stream???



  350. Oh,…. blimey!

  351. Take that Mason you cunt!


  353. GET IN THERE!!!! Arshavin!

  354. HE HAS NOW!

  355. YESSSSS!!!!

    One of the players need to run up to the ref and just hoof one up his arse for all they’re worth

    And fck his tyres, slash his balls off rather

  356. Arshavin! Our little Russian god, how I love thee!

  357. Now to get the winner and sing ” Lee Mason is a fucking disgrace to refereeing”.

  358. That would have been awesome 🙂

  359. How the fuck can a ref play advantage in the advantaged teams half?

  360. From my dodgy spanish stream, it appeared that AA23 scored from same position as Sagna, also off a deflection. No? I guess the ref had a better view . . .

  361. come rvp

  362. Ref is still a fucking disgrace, this would be 3 points in the bag now with a proper official.

  363. oh! bendter!!!

  364. Rotational fouling.

  365. almost

  366. Wow that was close

  367. Ooooh so close.

  368. WHat a screamer from RvP…

    Kos6… 2-1……


  370. koscielnyyyy

  371. Koscielny!!!!! YESSSS!!!!


  373. FUCK YEAH!

  374. What a free kick!

  375. fuck you lee mason, nd fuck the doomers too

  376. Get in koscielny you stud!!! If andy carroll is worth 35M you’re worth 200.

  377. you fuckin beauty kozzer

    now vill come on take some points off man u

  378. What a celebration from the boys…. Lets all sing…

    Arsenaaaallllllllllllllllllll… Arsenaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll…..

  379. That’s it! 2:1! Fuck yeah!

  380. Now finish them!! No mercy!

  381. Go Kosser GO

  382. The miracle. This is Arsenal

  383. YES!!!!!!!!!

    Rip that fucking ref’s head off, piece of cheating shit!

  384. Villa pull one back

  385. What a really good header that was. TA would have been proud of that one.

  386. And Villa have pulled 1 back aswell, 2-1 to U SHited

  387. Come on lads the job is not done. Concentrationg is needed. a 3rd would be lovely

  388. Ref is still giving us nothing this is ridiculous.

  389. manure 3-1

  390. FECK SAKE VILLA cant ask you for nowt!!

  391. bill (not with blue letters)

    Haha yes!! c’mon arsenal!!!

  392. HAHAHA did you see that stat? Possesion last 5 minutes: Arsenal 100 – Everton 0.

  393. Did anyone see that stat?

    Last 5 minutes: Possession – Arsenal 100% Everton 0%

    Suck on that, Lee Mason!

  394. Villa bending over and spreading cheeks for united…. such a sad world.

  395. Did anyone just see that crazy stat? possession for the last 5 mins: Arsenal 100%???

  396. I’m loving this formation… Diaby and Cesc in the middle with RvP in the hole.. Big Nic upfront with AA and Theo on the wings..

  397. we need a 3rd

  398. Laurent Koscielny..the ‘headmaster’.

  399. So I wasn’t hallucinating!

  400. My neighbor just knocked on my door and asked me to keep it down…..I told him to fuck off!!! Closed the door and turned up the volume COYG!!!!!!


  402. offside again

  403. Good job Sczezny… my heart is always in my mouth with the ball bouncing around the box like that.

  404. Are there no linesmen in this game? Just Everton fans standing around with flags in their hands.

  405. So glad I’m many thousands of kilometres away from this, I really don’t think I could have restrained myself if I’d been at the ground

  406. i dont think Bac has fully recovered from his concussion

  407. AA dip of form during Dec-Jan was similar to last season.. Maybe its more to do with him not playing during the winter months in his entire career in Russia..

  408. AA23 shoes up when we need him in Nasris absence?

  409. Assuming this is 2-1 at 90 mins, how many added minutes do you think this disgrace of a ref will give? 15? 20?

  410. Colneyblog – I just lowered the volume down as I can’t take these stupid fucking commentators at full blast

  411. GoonerinLA – They’re ManU fans!

  412. colney,
    loving Sagna’s determination though.. Still on the field…

  413. Irish- i switched to foxdeportes, spanish commentators

  414. *shows up is of course what i meant

  415. How does Fellaini escape without a card

  416. Easy to see how the ref could miss the 6″5″ clown looking guy running over Walcott there . . .

  417. fuck off mason

  418. Way to be cunts Everton…

  419. did the commentator just say what I heard???

  420. Good foot in at the back by Arshavin. despite the script that says he doesn’t defend.

  421. Who are therse commentators?

    Can we not hunt them down and break all the bones in heir bodies?

  422. clichy where was ur right foot

  423. What the fuck? What kind of commentary and refereeing and everything non-arsenal related is this?

  424. AA playing as the 3rd midfielder.. What more could one I ask for from him.

  425. For the first time in my life I wanted gael to shoot!

  426. Clichy should have shot

  427. Gael had a nice shot earlier, probably just didn’t trust his right foot there….

  428. 19 – 4 in goal attempts!

  429. was that the clowns challenge that did theo in?

  430. Fucking commentators kept on about “the neutrals” when they very clearly are anything but neutral.

    The two of them are busy blubbing into each other’s crotches the little arsewipes

  431. Officially 14 – 12 fouls. They must have committed 20 at least.

  432. Did RVP aim at Heitinger then?

  433. Well fuck you Lee Mason From Bolton!!!!

  434. Title Chase goes on, fuck them all, the FA, the REFS, we are the Arsenal


  436. id still have Fellaini in at the Arsenal though

  437. Fucking hell I could really do without games like that.

  438. impressed that wenger has switched to the 442 so INCISIVELY.

    ADAPTABILITY and VERSATILITY together make the trio of todays keywords.

    not a bad time for AA to come back to us too… a toast to the arsenal!

  439. The ref must be that gutted we won.

  440. That was IMMENSE!!

  441. henri lansbury wins it for it for norwich in extra time last kick of the game

  442. This ref should be banned from going within 1km of a football pitch for the rest of his life.

    Way to go Arsenal, now THATS balls the size of the Empire State building

  443. Can we petition to have Lee Mason reaasigned from the Stoke game?

  444. I hardly watched the game, & I can say, anyone who thinks there no bias against us is fooling themselves

  445. he did mj, “its ridiculouse to ask for the ball to be played out. im sure walcott is injured but how can they ask for that??? It wa s an innocent challenge, its unbelivable, they will do anything to win these gooners” Somebody shoud take that quote and send it to the tv channel and ask if they really want arsenal suporters to pay to watch their channel. We are many? a couple of millions??

  446. Awesome fucking game. Not merely a turnaround, but also kick in the face of injustice. Fuck That Ref. FTR!

  447. Good win in a hard game.

    We upped it in the 2nd half. AA looked lively when he came on, and Bendtner also played well. Great ball from Cesc for the 1st.

  448. Fuck Lee Mason.. Inspite of being Everton’s 12th man, he couldn’t help Everton win the game… I hope Red Nose sees this and punish Lee Mason accordingly…

  449. colneyblog – Fergie could but I don’t think we’re allowed to.

  450. The ref really was a fucking cretin for 90mins.

  451. Fox soccer commentary has been an absolute abomination.WTF? Arsenal really dug deep.Arsenal all the way. COYG.

  452. my MoTM, Kos6 by a country mile….

  453. Now our lads KNOW we CAN beat 14 men with all the calls against us.

    Fuck the FA, manusa, sky and all the little cocksuckers who cheat like the low-life scum they are, we are coming to get you, your cheating is done, we’ll wipe you off the face of the planet you miserable pieces of shit

  454. Pretty sure Mason will be “relegated” for a few matches. That was, objectively, dire.

    And yeah the fox soccer guys were absolutely atrocious.

  455. on a different note, welcome back Diaby and Arsharvin. may your regine be long and fruitfull and may you help us achive our goals.

  456. Clichy should have sloted the 3rd in . Arshavin made a huge difference when he came on. I have a feeling he is going to have a very good second half of the season.

  457. that was one of the sh*t performances i’ve seen in a while but to be fair to Mason he does this every game, he’s simply incompetent.

  458. Mike SA – The guy on Sky’s Soccer Special announced that ManU had won 5 minutes ago. There’s still 5 minutes left. It’s bad enough they have a script for the results but they could at least wait for the final whistle to announce the result.

  459. heres hoping Song is ok and it was just a precaution

  460. Positives: wonderful faith building comeback despite playing against 11 men and three retarded donkeys. Arshavin steps up just like the doctor ordered. Negatives: they’re kicking our players to pieces. Hope Song isn’t hurt bad. Or Sagna. Or Walcott.

  461. anyone know how long Song will be out for?

  462. Just realized who we are playing on Saturday, so a big thank you to the idiots at Liverpool who paid so much money for so much potential.

  463. Arsenal Xi 2 Everton Xiv 1

  464. i reckon we leave the least amount of shots against us – but somehow the opposition always score with their first ………

    someone better beat those manc cnuts soon

  465. Don’t worry Irish, United’s next 4 games are all Away.

  466. Emmanuel Y Frimpong(@EmmanuelF4) on twitter.
    I hope this comeback shows the fans we done need any players we got loads of quality at Arsenal love AFC:) Trust Wenger

    PS: Not sure if its a fake or original..

  467. Mason is beyond incompetent, he is actively corrupt. He has a track record.

  468. beautiful result.

  469. The celebration for Kos6’s goal was immense… Loved every bit of it and its running in my mind more than the goals…

  470. Indian – if the background picture shows Frimpong, Szczesny and JET in white robes, then it’s the real twitter of frimpong

  471. AA did awesome!! Fingers Xed that will be the boost he needs. Bendtner had them panicked a few times aswell. Good to see Rosicky and Diaby back too. Thought Clichy was great, especially in the second half.

  472. Bradys right foot

    Truly awful officiating again but what do we expect, I’ve always thought the guys over at Untold were a bit extreme with the ref conspiracy stuff but I hold my hands up that descision was clearly wrong, so wrong that it calls into question the integrity of the officials. fuck em.

    Special mention to Tony Gale his hatred for the gooners is seriously unhealthy, he must be gutted lmao .

  473. 10 games in 30 days
    7 wins
    2 draws
    1 loss
    Scored 20 goals
    Conceded 5

    What a month of football eh?

  474. Bradys right foot

    Truly awful officiating again but what do we expect, I’ve always thought the guys over at Untold Arsenal were a bit extreme with the ref conspiracy stuff but I hold my hands up that descision was clearly wrong, so wrong that it calls into question the integrity of the officials. fuck em.

    Special mention to Tony Gale his hatred for the gooners is seriously unhealthy, he must be gutted lmao .

  475. Marc – I suppose we can only laugh, but the fact is the english game is as crooked as it gets.

    rooney, gerrard, terry et al, biggest cheats on the planet sitting there with straight faces and claiming they are as pure as the driven snow!

    The football “establishment” in England are probably the most morally reprehensible bunch know to man after fifa itself.

    just plain cheats, no other description

  476. colney,
    its the official one then…

  477. Bradys right foot,
    I always read Untold Arsenal articles especially the refwatch and ref review. Some of the stats on refs are unbelievable..

  478. It will be intersting to see at the end of the season, how the refs have done. some i thought was really bad scored ok on the untold index, others that i thought were crap scored rightly crap. But they doing a good job over there, its intereting to see how many scores 70% and over.

  479. Love this photo…

    Wonder if I can get a big resolution pic of the same.. Would make a lovely background..

  480. People can say all they want about Untold Arsenal but I feel that their RefWatch and RefReview is some of the best and most interesting content to be found in the Arsenal blogosphere. For the RefWatch they use proper scientific methods and so no one can really accuse them of being biased and for RefReview they got the expertise of a real referee who I feel does hard and actually succeeds at painting a neutral picture and is fair in his ratings. There have been quite a few times (most recently Clattenburg against Huddersfield) where I felt the ref was complete crap but actually their writer showed why his decisions were correct.

  481. Agree with Evil at 10:11pm..

  482. you listening to moyes banging on about cesc comments made to the ref in the tunnel at half time — woooo

    watch sky run and run with that – never mind the game – this is the story now

  483. fukin cracking performance.

  484. Mikesa i think we were watching on the same channel.fucking comentators wouldnt stop talking about neutrals but even a blind man could see they wanted us to lose,arse holes!as for the ref,a wanker!we are the arsenal and there is no stopping us!what a vital win.
    Ps.everton the dirty scousers!

  485. dg,

    yep already they are foaming at the mouth with that, cunts.

  486. what did he say? Hope he told him that he sucked as a ref.

  487. Bloody Sky sports love to stir it up……they just interviewed David Moyes who is insistant Cesc should have been sent off at half time for comments made to the referee in the tunnel….Arsene said that Cesc said nothing and that it was he alone that spoke to the ref….but no thats still not good enough for Sky who keep pressing for a comment!

  488. Bradys right foot

    Just read Kevin McCarras piece in the Gaurdian, shocking and laughable that a guy paid a damn good wage to write about football doesn’t know the offside rule.

  489. BTW, those “I only support Wenger” comments were made by the resident troll. Jaguar, if I recall correctly. You’d think the fuckwit would have the sense to change the way he types.

  490. How are townsend and twats?

    “Moyes wouldn’t say anything if he didn’t feel strongly about it”

    Wenger says he was with Cesc and Cesc said nothing untoward.

    Guess who they all believe?

    Bit like that orange twat from hull, shown to be lying but he and old cuddly twatface his assistant apparently don’t lie – like I said, the English game and the figures around it are disgustingly dishonest and xenophiobic, cheats the lot of them.

  491. i think the entire pundit world will whipe their collective memory and rewrite the Offside rule just for this occation.

  492. Moyes says Cesc should have been sent off for the comments made to the ref / officials at half time in the tunnel

    Wenger says Cesc didnt speak to the ref, he did, so he told sky to get a video of it to prove it!

  493. Firstlady,
    I’d to turn off the commentary on Supersport7 to watch the game.. It was too disgusting to listen…

  494. he makes that comment then says he doesnt want to talk about it – either you do or you keep quiet you sweaty sock

  495. Deise apparently cesc said that the linesman should have been replaced by Sian Massey coz she wouldnt have missed that offside decision. LOL

  496. surly if Cesc had spoken to the ref he would have showed cesc a straight red card. He hated Arsenal so much tonite that an excuse for getting cesc off the field would have been most welcome. Thus the conclusion must be he never spoke to the ref, as if he did hed be out.

  497. Whatever fabby said(someone post the details) the ref had it coming!!he made the worst ref look like phd ref,that’s how bad he was!

  498. Cesc should have just said he was a crap ref and stamped on his bollocks for good measure!

  499. Indian the same i was watching on

  500. Moyes accuses Fabregas of abusing the ref in the tunnel and he think he should’ve been sent off in the tunnel. What a laugh ? since when players were sent off for abusing the ref verbally. They did not even get sent off on the pitch never mind the tunnel. Its a typical tactics when a manager under pressure tries to deflect the attention from him, and his team by accusing the opposition of something that no one has seen or heard in the tunnel. It reminds me of Phil Brown’s pathetic accusations in the tunnel. That was a hard earned victory, nothing was given to us if anything we were against 12 men tonight.

  501. If Cesc did abuse the ref, I would be glad. Weak spine anyone?? Take THAT!
    Any review’s about Vela’s performance. Sky says ‘Vela struggled on the wing’
    But that’s Sky really!

  502. Vela was taken off after about an hour, apparently he was pretty disappointing. But in fairness he is used to playing with the Arsenal, it will take him a while to get used to the drop in the standard of assistance from his new team mates 🙂

  503. Off to the pub with me before the Girlfriend gets home and tells me what “dinner plans” she has made this time, hate it when she does that!!!

  504. Moyes, one of fungusbum’s special “fwiends”, unable to steal points from Arsenal despite the best efforts from his entire team of 14 on the pitch, now has to save some face with his god by trying to raise a ruckus with our player in attempt to distract our team, they probably figure they might even get him banned for a game or two to give manusa a bit of a helping hand

  505. ‘0-1 to the referee’

    ‘2-1 to the Arsenal’

  506. Just back from the game – what an atmosphere and what a result! The crowd are finally starting to believe. Even when we went behind, there were no groans and sighs directed at the players, for once they directed all their ire at the enemy – in this case the referee. I wondered if we were being too partizan at the ground but I see from the comments here that we were not the only ones who thought he should have been wearing a blue shirt. He was absolutely shocking! Our players only had to breathe near an Everton player for a foul to be called. And as for that assistant referee – how on earth do you know whether the player was offside if you are on the half-way line while the action is happening on the edge of the penalty box? Seems like poor positioning for a so called professional.

  507. MikeSA – You’re in good form tonight.

    What a game. PHEW my blood pressure was getting a bit high I think. MoTM for me Kos6 followed very closley by Clichy.

  508. Passenal, the assistant was dead level with Saha the whole time, so it’s even worse. It’s not that he missed something, it’s that he actually doesn’t know the rules of the sport.

  509. bill (not with blue letters)

    I agree with all this commentary madness. The only reason i kept it on this time was because i knew that once we scored, the crowd would start cheering (finally) What a difference ten’s of thousands of people screaming can make!! This has been an awesome month. We get to watch 2 matches a week, featuring some of real class players. Not to mention the ones coming off the bench… Fuck the haters!!

  510. Just got back from the match, thoroughly deserved albeit very hard fought. The lino and ref knew they cocked up. The ref saw the replay and belatedly spoke to the Lino while fab and RVP were waiting to kick off. Amusingly the half time highlights could only show the actual shot rather than the pass as it would be deemed a controversial incident..!

    Subs made a massive difference, they all made a bug impact. Arshavin showed real willingness and sharpness, Bendtner occupied the CBs allowing RVP more space and Diaby looked good playing the anchor role, especially after Jack’s foolish booking.

    Hopefully this will mark a turning point in the mentality of the squad, it’s looking like they actually believe they can do it.

    All round a good performance in spite of a shocking display by the officials.

  511. On a lighter note. For Benny Hill fans:

  512. What is it with the FA. They can block a funny youtube video in hours but cannot make serious football decisions in weeks.

  513. That’s even worse nolaboyd – at the game it looked like he was behind the action, at least that would have been an excuse for his incompetence!

  514. Cunt announcers, cunt ref.

    Anyone remember the goal taken from us at Wigan two or three years ago? Cesc played Van Persie in near the edge of the box, Wigan player got a touch, RvP slams home a class finish…no goal. Much harder to see and call than today’s bullshit.

  515. “Hopefully this will mark a turning point in the mentality of the squad, it’s looking like they actually believe they can do it.”

    Even more so, the crowd are starting to believe Supercod! If this team can get consistent backing from the crowd – even the less popular members of the squad – it will go a long way towards giving them the confidence they need for that final push. It was great to hear the Arshavin song again tonight, which I have not heard lately. The crowd were even expectant on his arrival rather than dreading his appearance, which has mostly been the case lately!

  516. Common Sense, I also remember Adebayor getting a goal called offside in similar circumstances against Middlesborough, I think.

  517. Sky saying Vela was “disappointing” is typical of their sensational, over-hyped reporting. I watched the entire game on tv. Vela played as an inverted winger (left footed player on the right) for the first time in England and naturally is taking time to get used to that position. It is typical of West Brom who play Jerome Thomas on the left with a devastating right foot. Over the course of 55 minutes he showed some flashes but had some lows. He has so much talent that he only needs to apply himself to become a star at West Brom. If Jerome Thomas can become a star-player at West Brom then Vela has galactic potential.

  518. Passenal – I would not bank on all the fans getting behind the team. This was from an idiot on twitter about 5 mins ago about Diaby

    “he’s a moron. End of discussion.”

  519. Supercod | February 1, 2011 at 11:45 pm |
    “Hopefully this will mark a turning point in the mentality of the squad, it’s looking like they actually believe they can do it.”
    How many more turning points must this team make before you are convinced? I am already dizzy by the amount of turns thrown in the way of this team by plundits and bloggers. As tonight demonstrated the entire football establishment in England (FA, referees and media) are so intent on robbing the Arsenal that we the fans should stop having doubts and rail mightily to expose and remove the dishonest the obstacles in our way.

  520. dups, I never expect all as there are too many morons in the world, but the overwhelming majority of in stadium support was totally behind the team tonight. I remember thinking at one point that the balance seemed better than the internet crowd!

  521. We should buy Felaini and unleash him on the cloggers. Since his stamping on players is deemed clumsy, I’m sure he’ll get away with a bunch of nasty tackles that will be laughed off because he has funny hair.

  522. Moyes is being rather strange… if he starts to speak about it, he should finish by telling us what he thought he heard. Or as earlier suggested, he has created work for the media to deflect from his team unable to win after help from the officials?

    Since it was apparent;y off camera, how does he expect peopel to know what was said

  523. Moyes has to take the focus off his bunch of kicking pathetic losers, who got beat even after being gifted a goal by the shambolic referee.

  524. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Fuck em all. It’s Arsenal against the world and I’m proud to be a Gunner right about now. 11 v 14 and we still find a way to walk off with the 3 points. One of those victories that puts hair on the chest.

  525. Hi,

    I’m writing to you about my new blog
    Your site was one of the main reasons I decided to start writing about the Arsenal.
    I have put a link to your blog on my site and I’d really appreciate if you did the same.
    Many thanks,

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  526. International games are scheduled for feb 8th and feb 9th:

    feb 8th – Ivory Coast v. Mali – Valence – Eboue
    feb 8th – Rep. of Ire. v. Wales – Dublin – Aaron Ramsey
    feb 9th – Belgium v. Finland – Ghent – (luckily no Vermaelen)
    feb 9th – France v. Brazil – Paris – Clichy, Bacary, Diaby,
    feb 9th – Holland v. Austria – Eindhoven – Rvp
    feb 9th – Morocco v. Niger – Marrakech – Chamakh
    feb 9th – Croatia v. Czech Rep. – Pula – Rosicky
    feb 9th – Macedonia v. Cameroon – Skopje – Song
    feb 9th – Denmark v. England – Copenhagen – Bendtner, Wilshere,Gibbs,Theo
    feb 9th – Malta v. Swiss – Ta’Qali – Johann
    feb 9th – Poland v. Norway – Faro – Woijciech
    feb 9th – Spain v. Colombia – Madrid – Cesc
    feb 9th – Iran v. Russia – Abu Dhabi – Arshvin

    And then after these useless round of friendlies, proper continental qualifiers will be held on 25th of march.

    feb 5th (A) – Newcastle – 15:00 gmt
    feb 8th/9th – Internationals
    feb 12th – (H) – Wolves – Only 3 to 4 days to recover from jetlag.

  527. I just noticed from the replay that the “free” header by Kos was made possible by Diaby blocking/shielding him from the attempt by Feillani to challenge for the RvP corner.

  528. Just got back from the game. Crowd were good last night. Especially the guys in the two rows in front of me who did not turn up and so provided me with an unobscured view of the game. Special thanks to the ginger bloke who always arrives ten minutes after the start and leaves five minutes before the end. Gives the rest of us a chance to stretch our arthritic and/or new hip and/or knee joints.

    What a bunch of bastards Everton turned out to be, especially Fellaini who can’t control a ball without using his hands, and Arteta…who is just a cheating little prick.

    Possibly some of the most biased refing I have seen in a long-time and the cries of ‘check his bank accounts’ from our stand were totally justified.

    All did well…but special mention for Andrei. ‘keep it going, son, you are pure class’.


  529. Arshavin really looked sharp when he came on.

  530. You know what I find interesting? The fact that the media are trying to stir shit up in regards to Fabregas’ alleged outburst… but when Fletcher decided to yell in the officials’ face and proceeded to give him a forearm shiver in our game against the Mancs, nothing was done on the pitch to punish him. There wasn’t even a mention of it in the media…laughable bias!

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