Arsenal Stumble Through Cup Terriers

FA Cup, 4th Round
Arsenal 2 – 1 Huddersfield Town

1 – 0 Bendtner (21)
1 – 1 Lee (66)
2 – 1 Fabregas (86 pen)

Arsenal progressed to an FA Cup Fifth Round meeting at Brisbane Road thanks to a late penalty from Cesc saving the day, a common theme in this season’s cup campaign. When Arsenal have played Huddersfield or Orient in the FA Cup, five of the six seasons has seen Arsenal reach Wembley for the final. That they have lost four of those finals is something we might want to forget. Or not think about. Curiously enough, those finals have all been against teams Arsenal has defeated in this season’s cup runs.

The effort Huddersfield put into yesterday’s match should not be undervalued. They threatened and played well against the ten men of Arsenal and will feel disappointed not to have come away with a replay.

That that there were only ten men on the Arsenal side is baffling. How Huddersfield were not reduced to a similar number when a penalty was awarded for a foul on Bendtner is beyond comprehension. Arsène said afterwards that he would be more lenient in his punishment in the penalty area. It is irrelevant the sector of the pitch an infringment occurs; if the last man is in the centre circle or the penalty area, they should be dismissed. That the referee was Mark Clattenburg says it all; he is the benchmark of inconsistency.

Of more concern is the injury to Samir Nasri. Arsène’s initial prognosis was that the French international would be missing for three weeks, removing him from the first leg of the Champions League tie with Barcelona. It is tempting to say that this was an avoidable injury. In that there was no need for Nasri to play, that is true. That the hamstring might have gone on Tuesday is an imponderable. Diaby and Rosicky in being fit enough for the bench, were surely fit enough to start?

Arsène has never lost to lower league opposition in the FA Cup; that record might quite easily have gone south with Sebastien Squillaci’s dismissal. A match of 10 v 11 is never an easy one for the reduced numbers to play but one that they are prepared for nonetheless. The Frenchman can have no arguments about his dismissal, Eboué was running in a straight line and in no position to cover the centre back.

Once that point had been reached, it was a case of retaining the ball, weathering Huddersfield storms and (hopefully) increasing the lead which had been established. It worked out for them, just about.

The opening phase had been indifferent for Arsenal, Arshavin raked the side-netting with a shot whilst Bendtner’s miskick revealed previously unnoticed comic timing. Within sixty seconds the Dane was having the final word for the derision heaped upon him by the visiting fans. Nasri repeated his accurate pass from the previous minute, Bendtner’s effort was goalbound before Lee’s intervention took it away from the goalkeeper’s grasp.

Lee almost responded immediately for the visitors whilst Denilson weakly gave the ball to the same opponent, who set Pilkington for a cross which evaded everyone and the far post. Arsenal had possession but were not wearing the Yorkshiremen down, Huddersfield looking the more likely to score at that point. Bendtner tried to rectify that with an effort which was blocked at the near post.

In the final fifteen minutes of the half, the afternoon would go from bad to worse. Nasri’s hamstring meant the introduction of Rosicky whilst Squillaci’s dismissal would eventually see Alex Song enter the fray, Denilson tried to make himself available to Arsène as the seventh centre back at the club. It didn’t work.

Huddersfield tried to capitalise on the numeric advantage, Pilkington headed wide adding to the pressure that the reshuffled Arsenal side had to contend with. Half-time was reached though with the scoreline still showing an Arsenal lead which despite the visitors endeavour was probably a fair reflection of the first half.

The second would be a different story. Denilson fluffed his audition in the centre of defence and Chamakh was replaced by Song, the Cameroonean partnering Koscielny. Huddersfield became more threatening and only an outstanding intervention from Arshavin prevented the scoreline showing parity. It merely delayed the inevitable.

Midway through the second half and Lee saw Almunia make an outstanding save from his header, the former would have the final word on the matter, powering home another header from close range. Lee was unmarked and unchallenged, the visitor had shaken Diaby too easily.

The introduction of Cesc was once more necessary to revitalise the team. It did so with Koscielny and Bendtner twice testing the visitors nerves. As the final minutes approached, Cesc drove into the area and squared for Bendtner. McCombe intervened illegally and Cesc calmly scored the ensuing penalty.

Much is being made of the Spaniard’s request that the referee show the red card; it is unfortunately detracting from the debate as to why Clattenburg only produced a yellow. Perhaps the PGMO might allow officials to explain their decisions post-match, transparency being such a big thing in football in recent years.

This was a performance that began tepidly and became distorted by the dismissal of Squillaci. It was too reminscent of the home match against Leeds; too many players performances were lower than expected. Some surprisingly so, Gibbs and Chamakh chiefly. It is an XI that rarely plays together and it shows. With two games per week for the foreseeable future, the players will need to up their performance levels as they will be required to play between now and the end of March.

Derision greeted the noted attendance when it was announced, the fact that 59,375 tickets were sold but not everyone turned up escapes people’s attention. What is the problem with this concept that has seen scorn poured on the club for reporting the ticket sales?

A forgettable lunchtime, subdued players, subdued crowd. Attention turns to Everton’s visit when an improvement from all is to be expected.

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. Nice piece YW.

    Some nonsense yesterday about Cesc refusing to swap shirts.

    Fabregas: “10 Huddersfield players asked me for my shirt- I only have 2. I’m sorry the other 8 didn’t get 1 but I didn’t have more”

  2. Dups, that’s hilarious!

  3. You’re well greedy dups. Hogging the podium like that.

  4. Just read this.

    “Feeling down, depressed, fat, ugly, jobless, skint no mates, well think yourself lucky you could be a spurs fan.


  5. erm Yogi im affraid you are mistaken. it wasnt bendy’s goal was it it was an own goal obviously.!!

  6. A fair assesment of the game YW, although if I was being picky I would have to pull you up on the statement that NB’s shot was going in before the deflection, having seen the replays, I don’t believe that to be the case!

    There were some positives to take from the game though – much needed playing time for Diaby and Rosicky, especially now that Samir is out, and another game for Arshavin to find some form.

    I agree that Chamakh and Gibbs were not great, it seems both are lacking confidence at the moment – Gibbs especially seems reluctant to move into forward areas for fear of losing the ball.

    Koscielny was excellent though – again, I cannot understand those who make light of his signing, he is looking the part.

  7. haha dupsffokcuf.

    But what about Arsenal? They should hang their head in shame for yet another miserable win yesterday. With ten men. Booo.

  8. I think Nasri will make a miraculous recovery. He heals like Wolverine so it’ll be fine.

    It’s a shame Clattenberg’s not Clarttenberg, cause I could have had me some fun with that! In fact I’m putting forward a motion we insert the ‘r’ anyway, but I fear I may need to explain my reasoning, although those of a carribean persuasion may already catch my drift

  9. Clattenburg wasn’t great yesterday, but in general he is one of the better referee’s in the division.

  10. Arsene said in the programme :- “…….I have between 20 and 25 players of total quality – a squad of an equal level that I’ve never before had in my life.”
    That really isn’t true. To suggest that Denilson is on the same level as Cesc, Nasri, Robin etc. is very wide of the mark.

  11. Well played, Huddersfield – but we really don’t like making life easy for ourselves, do we? ‘Twas ever thus, I suppose …

    I’m undecided whether the massive influence Cesc’s arrival had on the team is a good or a bad thing. On the plus side, it’s good to have such an influential captain. On the minus side, are we becoming too dependent on him when others need to be stepping up to the plate a bit more?

  12. 11 hours to get in a defender, i imagine Wenger is now rushing around……shopping with his wife for supper later.

  13. Well, we were below par, but still scraped though. Good enough for me.

    We played fairly well in the first half, but failed to make our possesion count. Worryingly we gifted the opposition quite a few goalscoring chances, which is unusual considering our recent defensive displays.

    Good to see Diaby back; you could tell he was rusty, but you could see what he can offer the team. Great save by Almunia as well. Felt a bit sorry for Gibbs, he had a nightmare game.

    AA showed sparks that he has turned the corner; things still were not “coiming off” for him, but he put in a good shift and just looked better all roung I thought.

    Squillachi’s red card could have gone either way I suppose; we can’t really complain, as if it had been the other way round we would have howled for a red. I cannot for the life of me understand why their man wasn’t shown a red for the fould that caused the pen though?

    We looked a different team when Cesc came on. Without him, we are a good side. With him we are a side which can win things. Nasri will be a huge miss for us during the coming month.

  14. Football has very few incontrovertible inferences (despite the hollow certainties of the commentators). So this is probably as near as it gets to a syllogism:

    Pampered pothunters, baying for their bauble
    Nasri drafted into the B-team to harass hapless Huddersfield
    Everyone denied the sumptuous spectacle of Theo Van Nasregas demolishing defences (including, most pertinently, Barcelona’s)

  15. As usual a thorough and wee-written report, YW. But I agree with some others–Bendy’s shot looked well wide before deflected into goal.

    Attendance suggests the numbers present. Club officials could either call it “tickets sold” (which is reported officially to the FA, I believe) or announce the figure of those coming through the turnstiles just before the start of the game. I don’t know what the big deal is for people about the gap between the announced attendance and the actual attendance, but if it is being so misunderstood and brings derision on the club, a more accurate description of the number or more accurat number of attending spectators can easily be produced and announced to clarify the confusion.

    Main thing is we got a tough win with our second team, as it were, with the costly exception of Nasri. Hopefully he’ll be back soon. And as YW said, this group of players will continue to get games and needs to perform better to keep us progressing in all four competitions.

  16. Boss said Rosicky was still weak after his virus.

    Bendtner’s shot was never going in.

    Also have no beef with Clattenberg. He’s a decent ref as far as they go.

    Cesc calling for a red in the 86th minute was excessive, but it’s that passion that will win games. A great captain should be loved by his own men and absolutely loathed by every other player on the pitch. He is well on his way. He is painting a big target on his back but then that’s what the captain does.

  17. carroll for 30 mil? this is just stupid. although i hope it goes through so torres can move to london and kick some ass in the matches against utd. then fall over and get crocked for a couple of seasons.

  18. Nasri out for 3 weeks.

  19. Merlot, I don’t think you use “implies” correctly.

    More importantly, I am not sure that the manager’s decision on selection was causally informed by fan desire for a cup. Rosicky was I’ll and hadn’t played or trained much the last two weeks, so Nasri would likely have had to play thirty minutes as a sub if he didn’t start. Wenger decided to start him hoping not to have to bring on Cesc or others later to save the match.

    It is unfortunate that Nasri might not be available for Barca, as that would be a great spectacle. But how about we wait to bemoan this as fact until it is clear that he really will?

  20. Well-written, btw. “wee-written”? iPhone correction!, sorry.

  21. Arsenal games are the cake. AW is the chef and the players are the ingredients. From here on the analogies practically write themselves.

  22. the problem with this cup line-up is it’s designed to give people a game (ie Arsh, Chamkh and NB) who wouldnt otherwise be playing. Hence, there is a complete lack of balance across the front line and at least two (Arsh and Chamakh are out of touch).

    id rather play one of NB or Chamakh, with Rosicky or Nasri wide with Arsh

  23. I hate iphone’s autocorrect. It doesn’t reckon “ill” as a word neither. Stupid smart phones.

    Give me a nokia 7650 all day long

  24. I agree with Frank

  25. And we are the eaters of the cake? Can you have your cake and eat it too? Was yesterday an unfrosted carrot cake or a lemon poppy seed? …frankly I don’t see this one going too far…

  26. Limestone

    I guess we have to accept AW’s own assessment that “I took the gamble on Nasri and it back-fired”. One day we will play Barcelona with our best team.

    By the way, has anyone noticed that none of our Premier League matches is being covered live by Sky Sports or ESPN as far as the future schedule is published (up to March 20, I believe). They must think we’re going to win them all.

  27. Yesterday the cake was cut with an old knife, which had also been recently used to smear marmite on some stale bread. 😉

  28. Not having your cake and then eating it is theft. Diabolical behaviour.

  29. Merlot, hopefully that will at least be the away leg and we’ll be in the tie.

    Obviously it was a gamble either way. Denilson almost injured his hamstring badly. It is just that time of the season with all the games. Trying to blame those who would like to see Arsenal do well in the FA cup seems unwarranted. But I understand the chagrin completely as my heart sank too thinking he might not make it for that game and many other important league matches.

  30. Limestone

    Attendance is the number of tickets sold. I don’t understand what is so hard to understand about that. If the club sells a ticket, as far as they are concerned it is a bum on the seat in question. The FA aren’t the only ones who use these figures, HM Revenue & Customs do as well. What I don’t understand is why people got (and are still) bent out of shape over it unless they have an agenda which is to suggest the club is peddling falsehoods.


  31. Don’t blame Arsene for playing Nasri at all. Between Nasri, Cesc and Rosicky; they are players that make us tick. At least one must play IMO. Rosicky was ill, Cesc was on the bench so Nasri played. We didn’t exactly walk the game so Wenger was vindicated playing some of his normal starting 11.

  32. The effort and commitment of our lads pulled us through yesterday. Many seem to under estimate the abilities of our fringe/squad players. Comparing Denilson to the best Center Midfieler in the Premiership and probably the world is a bit harsh. The lad is 21? and has put in a lot of fine performances for Arsenal. He isn’t a 1st team starter just yet, but he is a good player to have in our squad and has played a fair few games already. Every player in our squad has contributed to keep us in the 4 competitions we find us in. With Diaby coming back, Bendtner looking sharper each game, and Arshavin yet to re-discover his usual goal scoring form, we have the options this season to continue our pursuit of all 4 trophies.

    Fans need to understand that rotation is the key. The squad players are good, but any player needs games to find his form. When games are coming thick and fast as they are now, we should see form improve. Arshavin and Bendtner being good examples. Their not everyones flavour right now, but you can see they are playing their way back to some kind of form.

    Bendtner may miss a few chances, but he has scored in his last 2 games and he is getting into scoring positions more and more frequently. Chamakh has seemed to struggle more with the rotation. There is a healthy competition for places throughout the squad, and as much as many believe there are players who are untouchable, no squad compares to ours in the Premiership, and possibly the world.

    4 competitions and still going…

  33. They keep focusing on Cesc because he is doing something right. We are not too reliant on cesc. I think he likes it this way. But if he is not available others will step up.

    Kos is just badass. love him. I just think its a shame that those who are supposed to know so much about football are blind to his excellent qualities. Damn fools.

  34. People react because it is uncomfortable if not embarassing to sit in a half empty stadium. The announcement at the end simply aggravates that feeling. The fact that people can afford to buy seats and not occupy them is also morally reprehensible.

  35. Kos is quality GW, you are quite right….

    The attendance thing is all a fuss about nothing, we all know how and why the club announce the attendances that they do – what is the big deal?

  36. The big deal is not about the announcement it is about sitting in a half empty stadium.

  37. 50 M for Torres,3oM for Carrol, 24 for Suarez …. Van Persie priceless

  38. There has been a lot of moaning about the poor performance yesterday. While I share some of the concerns about our back up (surely makes sense to recall Ramsey or Lansbury) I was impressed by the way the whole team pulled together in the last quarter – not just Cesc. The way we kept possession with 10 v 11 and pushed for the win showed a depth of spirit that has been lacking in recent seasons. From Cesc’s introduction it looked to me as though there was only one winner.

  39. I agree with Big Johan. There really was only one team in it. Even with ten players. The media will of course bum up the lower division underdogs. Understandably. Strangely the phenomenon does not work the other way round. They see us as underdogs to Barcelona. But they will bum up Barcelona. Of course in the latter case they may inadvertently be right because we will beat Barcelona over the two legs. We have the better squad.

  40. Without Cesc we were worse than average.Just look how he grabbed the game by the throat with his will to win.What a player

    I am a big fan of Gibbs but he was awful,Squillaci,well he was his usual self,Bendtner a joke.Laughing after missing two sitters then claiming a goal with the shot that was going two yards wide
    As for Denilson i am racking my brains to remember a worse performance by a player in an Arsenal shirt considering the level of opposition.Missed placed passes,Missed tackles an awful back pass.A truly disastrous performance

  41. I agree with Frank.When i hear the attendance announced and there are rows of empty seats around me cringe,Which can also be seen on tv.If the crowd in the stadium is less than capacity just say so.Just be honest.My guess of yesterdays crowd was 40,000

  42. Mostly I agree with your verdict on yesterdays game, Yogi. Share the anxiety with respect to Nasri. And wondering what has become of Chamakh?
    I think that Arshavin and Bendtner all in all worked hard and despite missing opportunities were role-models for some of their teammates.
    Have to say I agree with AW also. Giving penalities and showing red cards at the same time certainly can spoil a game.

  43. I must admit, I don’t really like the front 3 combo of AA/Bendtner/Chamakh. It does not really work.

  44. Almunia – totally overtaken by the 2 poles in goal 0 with Chezzer the new fav for no1 jersey surely?

    Kos / Squill partnership doesnt really work all too well does it
    The trio of B52 / Cham / AA23 is totally unbalanced in my view
    Chamakh plays better up front with 2 people running beyond him
    B52, while doing his best aint to wideman
    AA23 tried his damndest but not much coming off for him these days – hes fighting his way back into form though. As soon as he scores a goal he will be back in the groove i reckon. and we will need him now that Nasri has done his hammy

    Jack – Song

    This totally shits on any other combo we have tried this season

  45. A very fair write up to an underwhelming Arsenal performance. To be even handed there should be no complaints about Squilla’s red although in another instant it could just have easily been a yellow. Until the sending off we didn’t look at all troubled. Almunia was looking bored in our goal as there was nothing for him to do. With 10 against 11 it encouraged the Hudds to put us under pressure. In all honesty if we’d have been the Manu’er the pundits (one and all) would’ve been singing our praises saying despite not playing at their best yet again they still found a way to win.

  46. Well with progress came the selling of our soul.

    There were always going to be a number of ‘casual’ supporters taking up season tickets, combined with a recession and silly kick off times is always going to hamper attendances.

    I will admit, I didn’t go yesterday, so my seat sat empty – a bout of tonsilitis and a midday KO combined with what I thought would be a routine game put paid to that for me.

  47. Deise – Agree with all of that.

  48. Daily mail are reporting Fabi might be out till the rest of the season. We have the cover needed s we have two other fine keeper battling for the right to keep our goal, but it saddens me to learn of any injury to any of our players.

  49. If Fabz does miss out i reckon he can kiss goodbye to being Arsenal No1 for sure. I just see Chezzer taking this chance with both hands and establishing himself as THE Pole in Goal for us for quite a few years to come. He just has ‘IT’ doesnt he …

  50. To be honest, the Song, Jack, Cesc triumvirate is the best midfield in the league, especially when it comes to doing what they do.

    Ah screw that, Arsenal is the best team in the league.

    Somethings still amiss…

    Arsenal is the best team in the world.

    Yeah, that works.

    Arsenal is the best team in the world!

  51. Steve of Chiang Mai

    I am hoping all the talk of recalling players has more to do with a decision that Denilson will never play for Arsenal again rather than as cover for the injured Nasri. I lost count of the sideways passes often to a player who was double marked and placed under extreme pressure. His attempted tackles were laughable except for the fact that he is our only other “defensive” midfielder (and I use the term loosely) after Song. Talk of him being pursued earlier this year by big name clubs for big money is just silly – yesterday he struggled to compete with a League 1 outfit – albeit one playing well. For a player who will be 23 in February he seems to be going backwards and I would be very surprised if JET would play any worse than Denilson.

  52. Unlucky for Fabianski, it really looked like he had turned the corner for us. A sustained run for Schzezny will see him establish himself as our No1 I reckon. As Desie mentions, he just seems to have “it”. When he does make a howler (as he will), I would wager it woun’t affect him one bit.

  53. @goonerandy
    I am in 100% agreement with you..Even as a fan I feel calm when I see Schzezny in goal

  54. I rarely speak in such definitive terms where our players are concerned and I shalln’t do so now.

    I think AW will handle the keeping situation with class and dignity and give all the chance to battle it out for the number one spot. Personally, I think barring the exception of WBA, all of our keepers have been solid this season and made outstanding contibutions where needed, and even the WBA should be tempered with the fact the whole team was terrible that game.

    All three are more than capable of holding the fort between crossbar and posts for us and anyone. However, I feel the fan reaction toward Almunia has the taint of something else. It’s almost as though Almunia commited some terrible yet un-uttered sin upon some that cannot be forgiven. I look upon Almunia and see a broken conflicted man: A man who loves the King and kingdom, but hates it denizens. He will play and he will do so with all his heart, but it pains me to see him toil to little reward.

    Same with Denilson, Eboue, Diaby, et al.

    I think it must be said, the depth of our goal keepers is the best in the world. It’s just a shame we’re likely to lose 3 of the 4 we hold as our in the next few years

    Fuck’em all, I say

  55. Gadget – Heh, best in the world is not something that springs to mind when descibing Almunia & Fabianski (and a kid with a handful of games under his belt). It is true what you say though I suppose, although none of our keepers could be described as top top quality (yet, as I believe our current No1 will), our backup options are better than most.

  56. Excellent summary Yogi. I have always felt it was important to be able to win games when you are not playing your best football. Winning ugly is necessary in the grand scheme of a season where you play close to 60 games so from that stand point mission accomplished. Wish we could have seen Afobe play.

    Its unfortunate that we lost Nasri, but I think the decision to play him was correct. Call it trophy lust of glory seeking if you like but I would love the CC and FA cup this year. We still can win both without help from anyone else. We have a good shot at the PL but we need outside help and need to be just about perfect the rest of the year to finish first so lets make sure we get the silverware we can get. Hopefully we will play even stronger teams as the FA cup goes forward.

    Terrible news about Fabianski. He came back from absolute disaster of a season last year and played very well. Credit to the mental strength I did not think he had. Chezzer seems ready and I suspect he would have become #1 at some point in the near future anyway so I guess this is the easiest way to transition.

    Game against Everton will be tough. I understand the importance of TV to the league but this scheduling games on Sunday and Tues is absolutely ridiculous.

  57. I cant speak for anyone else Gadget but i can say for me Almunia has never shown on a consistent basis that he should be Arsenal No1. I have no issues with the man, i have no issues with his professionalism, i have no issues with his effort, none whatsoever. I just feel hes missing that ‘something’ you know. Looking back – Jens had IT, Seaman had IT but Al doesnt, Manninger didnt, Wright didnt – so while being all pretty decent keepers, them and Al will never be top level – we deserve top level players – Chezzer seems to my mind to be the internal answer – and thats at 20 years of age! Again its just opinion – but i feel a whole lot happier with Chezzer than i have with most of our recent keepers – even at this early stage.

    Its that feeling when Vieira first showed us what we were in store for. Or when Anelka started with us. Or when we see Cesc at 17. Jack as he is now.

    You just kinda know, yeah??

  58. A scrappy win which was all that was needed. Cesc won it for us and the usual suspects were rubbish again. But a win is a win we need to move on, everton is going to be difficult. The nasri injury is a blow but I think we will cope. roll on..

    ….and hey what is this I am hearing? Flapianski going to need surgery and could be out for the rest of the season. That is the BEST NEWS of 2011, as far as arsenal’s aspirations are concerned. Just brilliant.

    szevcrljy no. 1 and almunia (and he is better than flapianski) no. 2. Goalkeeper situation sorted for the season.

    to everton…

    Cheers all!

  59. It’s madness Diese. Seaman always looked like he could have played a WWE villain quite similar to the Undertaker, and Jens was mad as a brush.

    Fabi looks like he could be a serial killer and Tech has the eyes of a gibbering maniac. Big Al though is sane as they come, although sometimes he does remind of Jean Reno

  60. 35 million for andy carrol?

    A sad, sad day for english football. Totally embarrasing.

  61. He’s just got “it”, eh?

    Can’t fault Szczesny’s fans for their substantive appraisal of their favourite keeper. I mean who can argue with that kind of rigour and evenhandedness? With that kind of diligence you know there’s no point defending any player who fails to meet their criteria.

  62. In fact, I’d say you have to be mad to tend goal anyway. You stand around doing largely nothing in obscene temperatures, try and throw your body in the way of projectiles launched at as high a velocity as human possible, & then you completely ignore your body’s preference for vertical positioning, by making horizontal movements towards pre-mentioned projectile.


  63. You keep nodding your head steww.

  64. Hopefully this is the signs of the nervous breakdown, the final act of madness before English football finally crumbles under its deluded pride causing it to reinvent itself once and for all.

    £35 million for Andy Fucking Carroll in a recession soon to be depression.

    £35 million for Andy Carrol.

    £35 million for Andy Carrol….

    £35 million for Andy Carrol…….

    Just to put that into perspective that is £6 million pounds ( enough to get you 60 pieces of legislation passed in the house of Lords) more than Barca offered us for the finest midfielder in the world.

    Christ almighty.

  65. Naga, I do hope you are being sarcastic. If not, you sir are a dick

  66. yes OneOfUs – he has IT

    Almunia has had his time and hes not worked out. Le Boss seems to now have come to that conclusion by all accounts.

    As for ‘defending’ a player. I wasnt attacking any player was I? I just said i had nothing against Al, hes done his utmost for us always, to the best of his ability. Can’t fault the man for that one little bit.

  67. I was just being messing, DG.

    Naga on the other hand:

    The squad we have tonight is the one we’ll have for the rest of the season. It would be great if people like you could show a bit more pride in the team.

    I know that this is just online, but everything written here is indelible, so why run the risk of looking like a spud if we win something come the end of the season? Amnesty ends tonight!

  68. By “it” I suppose it is an outward confidence. He has a commanding aura about him. It should not be underestimated what affect having a keeper like this can have on the defence.

  69. naga almunia better than Fabianski.Best joke ever.
    You sir know your football as much i know my Chinese (f**k all).And it s Fabianski not the nickname that some substandard suppose to be be Arsenal fan have giving him.Fabianski has been very good for us this year and will be very much miss if he is really out for this season.

  70. ‘Manchester City have made a move to sign Sebastian Larsson on loan from Birmingham.’ – WTF

    35 mil for Carrol – WTF
    Replace Torres with Carrol……

    Spurs have reportedly offered a fee in the region of £17million for Forlan – 17 mil for a 31 year old – WTF

  71. Ah, so it’s his aura now. Did you check his qi, GA?

  72. Of the keepers playing in the league this season, have our keeper performed any worse? I don’t think they have. In fact I don’t think there’s been any keepers who stand out ahead of the pack. What of the once-lauded Reina (karma’s a bitch eh)? What of Cech, Hart, or VDS? None have truely stood out, so I’d put our three up there with the best in the league and feel no doubt.

    But it might be because Arsenal’s the Castlemaine XXXX of football, and Joey, I can see the pub from ‘ere

  73. I always feel sorry for Naga, because he is polite enough.

    He just talks chats an uncompromising series of stools.

  74. Before the match we would ahve settled for a 3 nil defeat, but afterwards we feel a bit disappointed. Arsenal are a class act, but goal one was preceded by a hand ball, and it wa going wide before deflected in. The penalty was a bit ‘soft’, and when you think how much shirt pulling goes on sometimes, this was nowhere near enough to casue bentner to collapse like he was shot!
    Sadly, part of the game it seems.
    One pleasing thing as a Town fan, was we didn’t come to kick lumps out of fact in the first half I can’t remember a single free kick against us.
    We can only aspire to great things, and hope one day we can approach the style and skill of Arsenal and maybe get out of this awfull division.
    I enjoyed contest, but with Rhodes or the very talented Afobe available to us we may have brought you back to our humble home.

  75. If it’s just confidence, then the fans are very much so culpable in holding our keepers back, and so I feel fully justified about that order of flying ninja assassin monkies I just made.

  76. Ah, a friend joins us. Terrier please accept this goblet of digital wine. It’s the best I could conjure at such short notice.

    It’s quite refreshing when an opponent comes with respect and kind words rather than the spud like trolling.

    I really hate the transfer windows

  77. Gadget – I did check it, and very impressive it was too. If the fans were getting on our keepers back (which they shouldn’t I agree), it is because they kept messing up.

  78. 7 hours to get a defender.

  79. Ha, forget it. We are not signing anybody.


    An interesting map about how london clubs have moved about over the years… just in case you were wondering, or needed a distraction from the craze.

    Least we can convincingly argue cesc is worth 80m now.

  81. There will be no signings for The Arsenal this January ….


    “To all you Arsenal fans who thought you wouldn’t get a mention on transfer deadline day, you were wrong. Are you ready for this? BBC Lincolnshire report that 20-year-old Gunners defender Gavin Hoyte has extended his loan deal at Lincoln until the end of the season. You can pick yourselves up off the floor now…”

  83. Wengers gonna pull a surprise.. my money is on silvestre.

  84. No help coming in this January. We will probably get by so it may not matter. Kos and JD deserve a bonus to pay for a truck load of Red Bull. They will need it with all the upcoming games.

  85. Very interesting word, so Fulham(Norris) turned down stamford bridge a. shame we could have had no Chelsea.

  86. so we will have 3 cb’s. who we have had an done a great job till now but cmon we all know an injury will come and i bet it will be around just before the barca game and we will have to deploy Song at cb again, can see it fukin appenin a mile off.

  87. fortunately we only play with 2 cbs dukie.. so we can cope with an injury 😉

  88. Blessings all!

    Why is it that people look at Cesc as the all in all for Arsenal, is he not an Arsenal player and is he the only player to come on for Arsenal and lift the team?

    This was a team win. The team put Huddersfield under much pressure for most of the first half and played some good stuff. I remember some nice passes from Rosicky, the thing is if the person getting the ball doesnt score then the person passing gets no mention. I remember a gut busting run and block by Arshavin, what if we went down a goal? NB had to make the right run to get the penalty. Again, we win as a team!

    I love Cesc but it annoys me that people want to make Arsenal a one man team. We beat Ipswich without him for the most part and lost against them with him for the whole blinkin match.

    I find some Arsenal supporters are the same as the pundits. We say Arsenal need to grind out wins and not have to win pretty all the time but when we do we talk crap about how poor we were. We need some balance here.


  89. I have it on good authorities that Wenger has registered John Smith of no fixed abode and an as of yet undetermined birthday as a defender with the FA. My source tells me that should the need arise, there’ll be secret trials held in the fields round the back of the car parks near Ikea at midnight on someday in a potential future. You’ll have to bring your passport and birth certificate for alteration

  90. What is this world coming to…

    Torres for £95 million
    Caroll for £35 million

    Barca willing to pay £40 million for the best player in the world ala Gareth Bale

    Hahaha – this game has gone crazy.

    Thank God for Arsenal and our sanity. Based on these figures – Cesc should be worth £120 million, RVP a cool £90 mil and Nasri – I’ll settle for £80 mil and rising.

    £35 mil for Andy phucking Carroll. I’m getting too old for this shit.

    I shudder for the day Arsenal will spend more than 20 million on a single player.

  91. YW. Arsene has never lost in the FAC to lower league opposition. True, but over decade after decade, before his tenure ARSENAL have regularly lost or struggled against lower teams. Remember Northampton and Walsall to name but two. On the other hand, the most unlikely victories have been gained against all odds. Supporting Arsenal over 75 years “like what I have done” is not for the fainthearted. Therefore, I look forward with trepidation to the battle with Leyton Orient but with confidence to the meetings with Barcelona!

  92. This Carroll nonsense brings me to that recent PHW interview.

    “Spend some f*ing money!!”

    Certainly the ‘pool chairman has a lot more consideration for their fans.

  93. ”Naga, I do hope you are being sarcastic. If not, you sir are a dick”
    Gadget, you have me in splits 😀 Couldn’t have put it better for the prick!

  94. “Arsenal’s the Castlemaine XXXX of football, ..”

    Bloody Hell! What a disgusting thought. I would have said that a piss poor lager is more reminiscent of the spuds than The Arsenal.

  95. DS, I am not sure if anyone esle but I know for sure that Bill has said we should overpay for a CB, even if just once but once makes you a part of the problem. Look at this nonsnse now! it started with Darren Bent this season, 24 Mil!?

  96. with all tis stupid money offer around,this people could have bought the arsenal first 11 for one Torres

  97. Breaking News : MU refuse an offer for Howard Webb from Arsenal saying he is too important and get them 10-15 point a season..shame really.Are we getting the Kid from Southampton

  98. I hate having to wait 48hrs before I can see my beloved Arsenal again!!!

    Arsenal are more like a fine wine, they get better as they age!!!

  99. £35 million for Carroll, you’re having a giraffe.

  100. I would say Arsenal are more like a fine single malt whisky.

  101. Ask yourself, as an Arsenal fan, if you would be happy signing Andy Carroll and Charlie Adam for all those millions.

  102. Carrol is just an english Bendtner,less talented,but performing better because he play week in week out

  103. £35 million for Andy phucking Carroll – I still can’t believe it.

    They’ve lost the plot.

  104. 35 for Carroll and 14 for Adam is utter madness. We got half our squad for that

  105. From Alonso & Torres to Adam & Carroll in a few short years.

  106. Strange how Dalgish is given all that cash and Roy Hodgson was given nothing.

  107. “The world has gone mad” yells the voice of Sky Sportss News (you know who). Then with a wink and a nod they enable and promote this madness in the transfer window. David Slater, their correspondent at Newscastle repeats over and over with a straight face that the Newcastle board was so-so reluctant to part with Andy Carroll for 35M, how it was such a difficult decision until Carroll put in a transfer request, etc, etc. The prior session in the news cycle he had already conveniently inserted in his report that Carroll’s salary would move from £35,000 per week to £80,000. Yeah, what a surprise!
    SSN is a disgrace, a huge part of the problem with the growing mountain of unsustainable debt being borne by English football.

    Mike Ashley must be choking in his pint of Newcastle lager. £35 million from a one-trick pony like Carroll. Bite off the hands of those tools at Liverpool.

    PS: Sorry Darius; The more things change, the more things remain the same.

  108. The problem for newcastle now,they have only few hour to find a striker.

  109. 35 mil for Carroll, 25 for Suarez, 50 for Torres and we got the best of ’em all for just £2.75 million, Robin Van Persie!

  110. Suarez could be in the lining of striker who bag 100 of goal in Holland,and cant kick a ball in the net once they leave the dutch league….the last few year we have quiet a few..

  111. “From Alonso & Torres to Adam & Carroll in a few short years”

    And paying for the privilege too dupsffokcuf, boy are they paying!

    But the thing is i reckon Suarez and Carroll could well hit it off next season.

  112. lordgunner | January 31, 2011 at 5:40 pm |
    “Carrol is just an english Bendtner,less talented,but performing better because he play week in week out.”

    Agreed lordgunner. Also he is the main man at Newcastle compared to Bendtner who is a wide player at Arsenal. 2010-11 stats: Carroll 19 appearances, 11 goals. Bendter 7 appearances, 2 goals. Unlike Carroll, Bendtner is an experienced forward, having been an Arsenal 1st teamer for 4 years. Since 2007-08 he has 88 appearances and 22 goals. But he is Danish, so he is only worth £20 million.
    Madness, the world has gone mad, I tell you.

  113. 35 million pounds sterling for Andrew Carrol…

    Is this a sign that our world is coming to an end?

  114. wow. This is how I feel.

  115. shotta at 5.55. Absolutely correct. I watched that man dekliver those words and didn’t know wether to laugh or throw my tankard at the TV.

    Didgraceful coverage. Ridiculious behaviour by Liverpool. Typical behaviour by the chavs.

    Mind you, it does remind me of the drama and excitment when we signed Arshavin.

  116. wasnt carrol on the market for avout 1 mil about 18 months ago? Newcastle must be laughing their asses off – mind you they will need a replacement sharpish eh – might make 35 mil on him but could end up relegated if they cant replace his goals

  117. News you’ve all been waiting for.

    Mike Dean has been appointed as the Referee for the Carling Cup Final between Arsenal and Birmingham City on 27th February 2011.

    Don’t all sigh at once.

  118. Chamakh, who we got on a free transfer, has 7 goals in the league, 3 goals in the Champions League, and 2 assists (I recall he also won a couple penalties that may not be counted in those assist figures).

    Carroll, as essentially Newcastle’s only real attacking option, has 11 goals and 3 assists. Maybe a small bit more productive than Chamakh, but not much.

    35M? The world has gone mad. But, as a thought experiment for the “splash the cash” crowd, a small part of me would love it if we swooped in and offered Bendtner and 35M for Torres, thereby totally screwing Chelsea (and probably increasing the longer term prospects for Cesc staying) . . .

  119. No Dups! NO!!!!!!

    Not fucking Grendel!! Oh god.

  120. Deano – Mike Riley sticks the knife in again.

  121. Gooner in LA

    Torres spends a LOT of time on the treatment table and is 28 years old.

  122. a fair and balanced post yogi
    although we have a huge squad my concern levels are raising higher and higher..
    not only do we look disjointed when we use certain players we also lose tempo and our normal style goes right out of the window…
    that being said we are ‘grinding out the results’ as champions need to do sometimes and to say we are now in february and have only really nasri and TV as our major injury concerns, and also in all four comps, its massive improvement on seasons gone by..
    just like JD and Kozz have stepped up in the absence of the verminator, we now need someone to step up in the absence of nasri
    this may suprise ppl but going on current run of form and the required work rate and link up play i would say nikki is the front funner maybe

  123. So Mike Dean it is. I suspect that to win our next trophy and kill that trophy drought – the team will have to put the game beyond the reach of both Dean and Birmingham.

  124. the guy was gone be sold because he was not good enough 1 1/2 year ago.he play alright for 6 month and worth 35 freaking million.
    Go in spain last summer, you could have buy the best finisher and maybe the best striker in the world ,world champion and goal scorer of many in the last few seasons for valencia and barca. 1 david Villa over 100 Carrol.Liverpool have not learn from the past when they bought a guy call Emile freaking Heskey after a good season at Leicester

  125. Dups…Forget resisting conspiricy theories;Arsenal is a beacon of light in this league that the FA want extinguished. Evil establishment. There is no other answer. Not to mention that by simply having Mike Dean present spoils the spectacle of the game 16% regardless of his performance.

  126. @Deano. True, that’s why I’m only saying that, while I am all for staying the course — and even tend to think that Song at CB with Denilson, Diaby or Wilshire in the holding MF role is better than the apparently available 4th CB options — the idea of of a fit Torres playing together with Cesc, Nasri, Theo and RVP (fanciful as it may be) is pretty appealing, just as the prospect of a fit Torres lining up with a fit Drogba is kind of terrifying.

  127. i must admit i miss the glamour of big name transfers at arsenal..
    signing bergkamp was buzz..
    campbell was a real coup
    arhavin?? could be put in the same category but he came in through the back door and arsene didnt really make a big deal out of it..even though he was 6th in the ballon dor..
    i know times have changed under wenger, and i think the money being trhown around by liverpool and chelsea and citeh is absolutely ridiculous..
    but i would be over the moon if we spent a bit of money tonight..and then introduced him to a packed stadium front of the worlds media..
    wearing the red and white, scarf raised high with wenger with his arm over his shoulder grinning like a cheshire cat…
    would be a super feeling..

  128. Nacer Barazite has just signed for Austria Vienna on a free transfer.

  129. there was big things expected of Nacer wasnt there? Never made the step up though – did we get him for nowt as a kid or have we lost money on this deal? (apart from wages and development)

  130. JonJon | January 31, 2011 at 6:29 pm |
    “but i would be over the moon if we spent a bit of money tonight..and then introduced him to a packed stadium front of the worlds media..”

    jon-jon: Last night, after a round of raank stupid posts, you admitted you were tipsy. Today you must absolutely phucking drunk.

  131. On a different topic why are we suffering such a spate of hamstring injuries at the moment..? Fabregas, Nasri, Schilacci and Denilson (kind of). I’m not a physio or anything but is there something going on with their training that could cause this or is it just a coincidence…?

  132. dups that s prove fan know F..All (most them anyway).How many of us was glamouring Barazite (me in line ;P) saying he is the best thing coming from our youth system, the new Pires and where moaning why Wenger was not taking him in Autria stage every season .He couldnt get a game at Vitess in holland and now sign for an austrian team for free.

  133. nacers gone??
    i suppose it was for the best he never made the break through..
    ive got a funny feeling wenger maybe clearing the wage bill???
    a few players out on loan wages contributed towards…???
    player (s) leaving for free??
    just enough to make space for a new player??
    we could yet be in for a shock tonight..

  134. yes the shock(from doomer view) we will buy the new theo from Southampton Chamberlain guy

  135. 4.5 hours to go to and i bet Wenger is tucking into a nice tarte tatin.

  136. shottaa
    about last night your another one then who cant do maths..the whole fucking point was about getting a new CB…4-1=3..+1 in january =4 again dont need to explain it anymore nuff said..

  137. lordg..
    thats a good call..
    i like chamberlain it would be a good deal..

  138. Wenger is probably watching BBc tranfer live right now and have a nice cup of hot chocolate….withy his mobile phone on next to him just in case

  139. I’m sure Arsene has better things to do, like preparing the team for a rather important match tomorrow.

  140. torres shirt being burned by liverpool ‘fans’ – classy, very classy

  141. Nothing more important than a cup of hot chocolate Passenal in the last day of the tranfer window 😀

  142. arsene indeed should be preparing for the game
    i would expect gazidis and his team to conclude any deals…

  143. Some would call it drama, I call it money porn. Seriously, some obscene amounts being spent today. All this financial doping is a little bit more than repugnant.

    Holloway: “everybody wants a bag of carrots, and we want some carrots”. Good old Holloway

  144. Some would call it drama, I call it money p0rn. Seriously, some obscene amounts being spent today. All this financial doping is a little bit more than repugnant.

    Holloway: “everybody wants a bag of carrots, and we want some carrots”. Good old Holloway

  145. i cant even see wenger watching any of this 50 million 35 million rubbish
    if he did he would be laughing his head of i presume..
    much the same as we are…
    35million for a crocked carrol whos currently seeing a specialist and 50 for a torres who will probably be crocked in a fortnight..
    sillyness personified

  146. Betcha can’t tell which word was moderated!

    Diese, I’m pretty sure Gooners were burning Adebayor shirts too.

  147. ”We have Jay Emmanuel-Thomas, we have especially Henri Lansbury who has gone on loan. I can [recall Kyle Bartley] but he has not played at all in the Premier League”

  148. yeah but ade was a cnut, torres seems a nice chap 🙂

  149. although handing in the transfer request this late in the day is a bit cuntish — yeah burn away scousers – the cunt 🙂

  150. If I was a Liverpool fan I would want to burn more than a Torres shirt.

  151. Newcastle’s chances of staying up people? All for £35mill?

    I love how all these purchases are meant to be a signal of intent. It’s almost as though all these teams before intended to be losers.

  152. is it being burned in a bin??
    im suprised nobodys tried to nab it yet..

  153. this bollox is the perfect example why wenger doesnt even try to compete..
    but who the fuck would want to compete 35mil+ for carrol anyway..
    stupid isnt the word

  154. Richard Keys was right, the games gone mad.

  155. It is say to say United will lose twice to CHelsea now?

  156. dupsffokcuf | January 31, 2011 at 7:07 pm |
    “If I was a Liverpool fan I would want to burn more than a Torres shirt.”
    Most of these scousers are like lemmings caught up in the Sky hype. With every big signing; they repeat the same old mantra, this year is our year.
    On a more serious note, it seems their new owners have panicked; at 7th place they must be thinking a 4th Champs League spot is close OR maybe missing out on an Europa League position has made them desperate. £35 million for Andy Carroll means they intend to lump the ball up to him more often than not. StevieG may be willing, being an Englishman, but I doubt that is what Miereles bargained for. In fact after a mind-numbing dose of that kind of football, I doubt if most scousers will remain on board with King Kenny.
    This kind of desperate panic-buying reminds me a lot of the recent advice to Wenger by Bill.

  157. lol well atlest this may put the balance right again at the top. The top 4 will re emerge. Welcome back Liverpool., bye bye totenham and City…

  158. Chelsea with Torres and Luiz makes them a different team and United have to play them twice. The game at The Bridge that was postponed would have been a much easier for United during Chelsea’s run of miserable form. Football Gods smiled on us again, I think.

  159. El Nino backing the wrong horse, Andy Carroll (the new Michael Ricketts) dreamimg of scoring in front of the Gallowgate, I mean Kop end & SSN creaming themselves for hours.

    So glad we haven`t taken part in this Laurel & Hardy style auction.

  160. isnt carrol currently seeing a specialist??
    how ridiculous..
    but how funny if they spunked 35 just to find out he was crocked for 3-4 months…lol
    probably wouldnt pass the medical but they stupid enough to still complete the deal…offering 35 in the first place is enough evidence to suggest it

  161. so Bent looks like a snip at only 18mil then.

  162. chamakh although going thru a bad patch is even more of a snip..
    free transfer..scored around the same amount of goals as a 35mil ??? player..

  163. el nino cost more than our whole first team to assemble!

  164. dukegoonem | January 31, 2011 at 7:22 pm |
    “so Bent looks like a snip at only 18mil then.”

    Duke – You have me cracking up! Well it is actually £24 million but it looks like a little twig compared to the Torres and Carroll money.

    Gadget | January 31, 2011 at 6:55 pm |
    “Some would call it drama, I call it money p0rn. ”

    No it is a virtual orgy. Thank god Arsene has the good sense to not join in.

  165. DukeG & Dupps,

    If Torres scores some goals against ManIOU, for Liverpool or for Chel$ki, he could still turn out to be a great signing/player for Arsenal this season!

    Tapie Weeps!
    Mike Dean? Must be some kind of cunning plan.

  166. I dream of Cahill, Subotic and Hazard.

  167. carrol 35 mil for 14 premier league goals – 2.5 mil a goal 🙂

  168. isnt he seeing a specialist at the minute..
    hes crocked isnt he.??

  169. Shotta:

    Think how happy the fans and the players would be if we could sign just 1 medium priced central defender. Might be the last little mental kick in the pants that could put us over the top. Never know till you try.

  170. BBC Sport’s Dan Walker on Twitter: “Tottenham came close to nicking Andy Carroll off Liverpool, but the striker wanted to join Liverpool as soon as it became clear that Newcastle would sell him.”

  171. I guess Abramovich is not going the let Chelsea fade gracefully down the table as its stars age. Bummer.

  172. Did it cross the trolls feeble mind that a 5th place would irrevocably damage the Chel$ki bandwagon? Didn’t think so.

    AFC have budgeted for such unlikely eventualities. Not a problem. Only once has this seemed likely, after Hleb and the Flamster ran away (and Eduardo and Rosicky were lost in battle). Thank the football g*ds for Denilson and Song.

  173. I wonder if Pienaar is trying to sort out another transfer before the deadline.

  174. Bill | January 31, 2011 at 7:44 pm |
    “Think how happy the fans and the players would be if we could sign just 1 medium priced central defender. Might be the last little mental kick in the pants that could put us over the top. Never know till you try.”
    Bill – Even jon jon seems a brighter bulb than you are. Seriously.

  175. good point Finsbury.

    Also think that Roman wants to lift the earcup before the fair play rules kicks in.

  176. Shotta – Bill is James.

    Fuck off Howard.

  177. Behave yourself Bill. You’ll be finding no oil on this fertile land, ya hear me Bill? but that mainly because your suggestion is woefully impotent. STill laziness is an affliction of mine, so I shalln’t explain lest asked nicely

  178. shotta:

    LOL. I hate to admit how weak I am but it is fun to wind you up every once in a while.

    JonJon seems pretty reasonable these days. Not sure what changed from last year.

  179. I know I come late to this debate but family duties meant that i have only just watched the Cup game in it’s entirety.

    Seriously I didn’t think we were off that much. Bendy and AA could have scored a couple each. We were a man down for a long time and a couple of players looked off the pace but, no, not a bad performance.

  180. A troll, a liar, and a WUM.

    And not very good at that.
    Great effort. Shame about the results.

  181. Moving to upstate new york in the near future. Can anyone tell me the best subscription channels to get Arsenal games and also the cost.


  182. Talk from Afobe on twitter that Kyle Bartley is going to Rangers on loan. Maybe it’s for Bougherra to come the other way.

  183. I agree with Mr Bob!

    I think we are getting too used to scoring 3 goals a game.

  184. I’ve seen that too dups. Brougherra fits the profile. 6ft 3 centre back, did well in the world cup, would die to play for arsenal.

  185. Teams:
    Arsenal (from): Szczesny, Clichy, Koscielny, Djourou, Sagna, Wilshere, Song, Fabregas, Walcott, van Persie, Arshavin, Almunia, Gibbs, Eboue, Rosicky, Bendtner, Chamakh, Diaby.
    Everton (from): Howard, Neville, Distin, Heitinga, Baines, Coleman, Fellaini, Osman, Arteta, Saha, Beckford, Jagielka, Hibbert, Rodwell, Bilyaletdinov, Gueye, Anichebe, Duffy, Mucha, Baxter.

    Me thinks 3 points boys n girls 🙂

  186. By the way there is no Dubious Goals panel in the Cup competitions. It is left up to the club that scores the goal whether they award the goal or give it as an own-goal to their opponents, needless to say every team gives it to their striker. So yes, it is Bendtner’s goal.

  187. Wasn`t Mike Dean the ref at Foulingham the day Eduardo got done ?

    He gave them that sh&thouse last minute pen too which sent Gallas into apoplexy.

    I sincerely hope he makes penance on Feb 27th which spookily will be almost exactly 3 years on from that dreadful day.

  188. Irish:

    Wheres Tim Cahill? Injured?

    Everton without Pienaar and Cahill, makes the job easier. Me agrees 3 points. What do you think, 2 – 0 is my guess.

  189. Obifemi Martins will be eligible for Birmingham in the cup final will he?

  190. Cahill was playing in the Asia cup

  191. Bill – Dups has it right, Cahill is off on international doodie, good news for us 🙂

  192. One has to laugh sky is desperately trying to peddle the myth of the season changing deadline day signings . This is panic selling of the highest order. As long as the establishment continue to overhype english players like caroll there is no hope for the english game. 35 million for an overated and unproven clod hopper . Is he really worth more than ozil, dzeko, adebayor, tevez, suarez, nasri or arshavin. Really. Liverpool will now need to wait another 20 years. Sorry Torres Arsenal are going to dominate the EPL for the next 5 years. No wonder Arsene and Fergie are keeping their money in the bank.

  193. Chelsea signing of Torres should secure the title for arsenal.

  194. the first team is too strong for anyone..even without nasri im confident it will be another 3-0 tomorrow with robin once again proving why hes the best striker in the league

  195. I agree with G4E.

  196. Torres: £50m. Carroll: £35m or Szczesny, Clichy, Djourou, Vermaelen, Sagna, Fabregas, Song, Wilshere, Nasri, RVP, Walcott collectively= £44m

    got it from dermot O’leary’s arsenal radio show

  197. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    How about Bill’s Chavs fellas? Looks like they got Torres AND a CB!!! I bet Bill can barely contain himself. Must be on cloud 9 right now.

  198. Am watching the highlights again, Song. and Cesc really are playing great together this season and seem to have a really good understanding of their respective positioning when they try and break. Really enjoy watching that.

  199. If ever there was a statement of the genius of Arsene Wenger goonerwife, there it is.

  200. if Bendtner was english he will be worth 50 million and Chamakh who is in my opinipn a better footballer than Caroll is worth at least 60 millions. if these are the prices in the market today you can imagine how much Nasri and RVP are worth. lets not even mention Fabregas.

  201. yeah i agree
    the one this bollox does do is immediately rasie the value of some of our players beyond the realms of even thinking about

  202. Well at least when Barca come sniffing around again we can just say give us $80 mil or fuck off!

  203. How can we loan Kyle Bartley to a different club but we can not recall him from loan? That does not make much sense.

  204. How can we sell Fabregas for less then 50 mil now.

    Are we all going to stay up and wait for a defender???

    nah thought not goodnight all. may the injury gods be with us.

  205. we can tell them to fuck off even for that…
    we want a world record now…100+ or no chance

  206. He has never played in the PL Bill, clearly there must have been an issue about his current loan situation, and another loan will be of more value for his future development. What is the point of having a novice sitting on the bench just in case when he could be developing by playing somewhere else?

  207. Chelsea have today announced annual losses of 70million. so much for the fifa fair rules play shite then.

  208. dukegoonem | January 31, 2011 at 9:54 pm |

    That’s the attitude duke! Believe in the power of positive thinking or you will attract what you fear the most. All that dooming about red cards and injuries can only lead to one outcome.

  209. jack_wilshere on twitter
    BREAKING TRANSFER NEWS: I have just moved from the sofa to my bed!!

  210. just erd the scousers are burning Andy Carroll shirts now!

  211. This is one of my favourite Twitter comments tonight from Benik Afobe

    “Liverpool F.C will feature on BBC show Real Hustle tonight at 9pm … Hahahahaha”


  213. Pass:

    I agree completely, wish he would go a PL team to get some real top flight experience. I never thought we should recall him but a lot of regulars had asked about that and the consensus was that we could not modify his loan

  214. i dont play on twitter but thanks for the updates those comments where hilarious…

  215. my pal made me laugh earlier
    he made a comment stating breaking news, manutd reject a world record bid for howard webb lol

  216. burning or stealing, duke???


  218. Gone on loan to Rangers Muppet

  219. Muppet, G4E is hanging out the back of you.

  220. Jeeez the murdoch media love old twitchy, not one signing yet they have given that old carpet bagger mire air time than anyone.They’re even resorting to goin on about how van der vaart was the coup of the summer transfer to make it topical to keep on showing his butt ugly old twichy mug!

  221. Bradys right foot

    Gobsmacked by the events at Liverpool and Chelsea today. £50 million for a player who looks a shadow of his former self and £35 million for potential. £bramovic has to write off another £70 million in losses for a team in terminal decline and fund two transfers that will total somewhere over the terms of the contracts close in the region of £150 million. Imagine they fooked up and missed out on on the champions league and if Liverpool put a run together and got fourth it would be the end of Chelski .

    I expect Arsenal to be active in the market in the summer, it makes sense as that money will be accounted for as part of the fair play rules. A little will go an awful long way while the likes of city and chelsea wont be able to spend a penny.

  222. I bet Andy Carroll is on to his 12th pint of newcy brown, 5th line of charlie and 3rd hooker by now, giddy as a kipper at the news of his new wages. oh and playing for Liverpool is really nice too Im sure.

  223. the summer will be where its at for us
    its alwasy a busy one really,
    wenger is customed for his mini clear out..08 it was the midfeild, o9 we got shut of ade and kolo, 10 we changed the CB personell..
    11 should be another busy one….
    wenger has already said he thinks the squad is too large…judging by our cup teams this year and the quality of player out on loan i would agree
    making changes in halfway thru the season is not wengers style really and it would be counter productive…but i expect the summer will be different..
    oh well now its over we can get back to normal and lets just hope those CB’S hold out for another few months…

  224. I think bartley going to rangers is a great move for all concerned. Bartley will get even more experience and play uder a vey experienced coach who is well veresed in the dark arts (defending!)

  225. @ dups

    That Twitter comment from Jack is hilarious. He has the right attitude to this transfer nonsense.

  226. im not sure to be honest dexter
    i think the championship is alot more competitive than the SPL..
    saying that, it will give him experience at a big club and he might win a medal or two..come back a ready made winner
    so now im going to contradict myself in the same comment and end up agreeing with you 😉

  227. Be nice if Lansbury and JET came back, though. I really like those two. And of course JET can play CB as well… Tongue in cheek (my own), before anyone starts.

  228. dups you are on form tonight mate haha.

  229. jonjon

    Yeah the championship is probably more compettive, but he’s been there, done that! Plaing for Rangers will be another step up I reckon, all good mate. And Rangers play celtic thi weeknd too.


    I think JET should stay on loan, he needs game time whereas lanburycould come in for us. I really like him and his tenacity and industry would be a real benefit to the team, not to mention his talent.

  230. Hats off to Blackpool tonight. Looks like they’ve beaten off twitchy, keeping hold of Adam and signed a few bodies. Last few days i’m starting to have a bit of respect for that club.

  231. Yeah please please let us get Lansbury for the first team next season.

  232. yup..
    all of those boys mentioned..
    and what about frimpong as well
    he was doing great in pre season and he’ll be back next season, maybe to study under song..
    i wouldnt like to be wenger in summer…some tough decisions but our academy is defo bearing fruit..

  233. The moaners will be out in force tomorrow after Arsenal announce the signing of Rio Miyaichi and no one else. We actually trialled Miyaichi in August so old news really.

  234. GW:
    “Torres: £50m. Carroll: £35m or Szczesny, Clichy, Djourou, Vermaelen, Sagna, Fabregas, Song, Wilshere, Nasri, RVP, Walcott collectively= £44m”

    You can add Diaby, Denilson, Fabianski, Bendtner, Eboue and Chamakh to push above or at just £50 m.

  235. 16 out on loan I think

  236. im hearing fabianski is out for the season??
    anybody else heard anything similiar..
    it would explain why almunia has stayed when it seemed not so long ago wenger was ready to let him leave

  237. Just look at our glorious leader’s record in recent years – no Trabelsi, no Cana, no Quaresma, no Veloso. The man has no eye for potential. When will he listen to the fans?

    Seriously, SSN was obscene tonight. “Money porn” was spot on – Dowie and Cascarino were certainly tumescent. And yet I couldn’t look away.

  238. Just look at our glorious leader’s record in recent years – no Trabelsi, no Cana, no Quaresma, no Veloso. The man has no eye for potential. When will he listen to the fans?

    Seriously, SSN was obscene tonight. “Money p*rn” was spot on – Dowie and Cascarino were certainly tumescent. And yet I couldn’t look away.

  239. Fabianski needs an op on his shoulder.

  240. Big Al – I cannot stand SSN most days but on deadline day it’s definitely a no no

  241. Abramovich is going to buy Chelsea again

  242. As for the fake Irishman, the sooner he falls under a bus the better.

  243. I think I’m above it most of the time, Steve, but Caught Offside told me there was a SHOCKING TRANSFER taking place, so I decided to check it out.

  244. That transfer was probably Arry to sign everyone.

  245. He’s got a real problem but he’s in denial; he kept saying everything was dead and nothing was on the cards, but he wasn’t fooling anyone. He couldn’t fight the inner wheeler-dealer.

  246. He ain’t a f*ckin wheeler dealer he’s a f*ckin football manager. :p

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