Huddersfield Preview: FA Cup Joy Or Terrier?

OK, a quick preview this morning as we’re nearly ready to leave for a kick-off time that is beyond belief. The Football Association keep telling us that they are looking at why the FA Cup is losing (surely that should be ‘has lost’) its place in English football’s standings. Here’s a small hint: noon on Sunday is not a time for a top-class football match.

The Arsenal side that Arsène fields today will bear no resemblance to the one that takes on Everton on Tuesday (here’s another hint to the FA: do away with FA Cup replays in their entirity. None in the final or the semis, so why the rest of the competition?). I would expect Wenger to go with:

Almunia; Eboue, Squillaci, Koscielny, Gibbs; Rosicky, Denilson, Diaby; Bendtner, Chamakh, Arshavin

More to the point, I don’t expect Arsène to make any substitutions unless absolutely necessary. With all due respect to Huddersfield, he will be hoping that there will be a big enough lead established so that he might give Koscielny a rest and perhaps blood Miquel, for example.

History is rather against today’s visitors in terms of a shock. Huddersfield have never beaten Arsenal in the FA Cup. This is Arsenal’s 37th 4th round tie at home (excluding replays) and only 3 have been lost, the latest was Arsène’s first FA Cup campaign, Leeds bringing that to a grinding halt with a 1 – 0 victory. It is hard to see an away win unless complacency sets in.

Since the disjointed perfomances against Leeds and Ipswich, things have been running smoothly. Goals have been flying in and several players are moving into better form. Arshavin most notably has improved, the only thing missing is a goal or two to improve his self-belief. Against Ipswich, his two ‘assists’ must surely have helped particularly as both required the sort of accurate delivery that has been missing in recent months. Being on the scoresheet this afternoon would lift a burden off the Russian’s shoulders.

Elsewhere, Manchester United are apparently determined to steal Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain from under Arsenal noses whilst not a lot else is going on. Chelsea’s public pursuit of Luiz from Benfica ended in failure just as lectures are being received on spending (Viv Nicholson is spinning in her grave at Arsène’s parsimony) whilst they look set to sign Fernando Torres from Liverpool for £50m and Anelka. Which probably won’t happen either but at least kept the media busy this morning.

Enjoy the match wherever you’re watching it. ’til Tomorrow.

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  1. Have to start drinking early today.

  2. Even our weakest team looks good.

  3. And what is it with them wancs stealing our targets. fukin nabbed Smalling who is shite btw and everytime he plays man u conceed goals and now Chamberlain. fuck em they can have im then if they can’t scout for themselves.

  4. Men,

    I hate these early kick-offs. I’m still groggy from an evening of merriment and debauchery, but I know that we’re are both ready for battle. As such, I’ll keep this short:

    Though we have links with the enemy today, you must be ruthless. Do your thing; get the win, and take another step to glory

    For you, for us, for Arsene, for Arsenal!

  5. @ YW
    I expect you are on your way now, but before I read today’s post, I’ll just say I finally get what you were trying to say yesterday – that Arsene was exaggerating the number of people who he would have to pay for doing nothing. In my defence, I think you confused the issue by using the phrase “first choice”, which is usually to do with a player’s ability in a position. I think your point is understandable, but I don’t think he meant any more than “I would have to pay yet another person who isn’t playing”. Regarding the buying, although I did think you wanted him to buy someone, what I was picking you up on was whether Song could fill in – and I said that. I was not the only one who thought both those things, but sorry about the misunderstandings, anyway. I keep going because I like to get to the bottom of things.

  6. Read it now. Good post

    Gadget, are you channelling Henry V these days?

  7. I like early kickoffs. Of course the time difference is in favour of a Finn, but beer tastes even better in the morning. As somebody once said, “Malt does more than Milton can, to justify the ways of God.” COYG!

  8. Hope Shea gets to start in goal. COYG!

  9. bill (not with blue letters)

    Hey fellow arsenal friends. I’m excited to watch our team play and hopefully the team can put together a solid performance and keep us entertained!
    PS the time difference blows here in USA. I have been partying with my friends since about 7 PM. They all went to sleep. and after 4 or 5 cups of coffee, some cigarettes, and the last set of the tennis match, it is 40 minutes from kickoff. Come on you gooners!

  10. Arshavin most notably has improved ,the only thing missing is a goal or two etc. so what games have you been watching as the litte Russian gets worse with every game he plays ,blazing inch perfect passes high and wide over the opposition crossbar ,but it,s easier to blame Denilson and Bendtener for Walcott and Arashavin,s glaring misses in front of goal?

  11. In North America it is ranging between 6:55 or 3:55 am for kickoff, but we are up and ready to send psionic waves of goodwill from before our tv sets as none of the pubs will be open quite this early! Come on you Gunners!!!

  12. bill (not with blue letters)

    dear limestone. I am in illinois and believe kickoff will be around 6 am here and 5 am on the west coast!

  13. bill (not with blue letters)

    nevermind i did not read your post well enough.

  14. I blame Denilson for today if we struggle.

  15. Arshavin for a brace and two assists.

  16. bill (not with blue letters)

    i’ve been blaming denilson for the past five days!!!

  17. Shea doesn’t even make the bench. sign!

  18. Almost spot on YW – Nasri starts…..

  19. Who’s in the team?

  20. bill (not with blue letters)

    Almunia, Eboue, Squillaci, Koscielny, Gibbs, Denilson, Diaby, Nasri, Arshavin, Bendtner, Chamakh

    Subs: Szczesny, Fabregas, Rosicky, van Persie, Walcott, Song, Wilshere

  21. Feeling so incredibly nervous about this line up. Squid boy, coco and eboue the clown in the line up. I am going to poo in my pants.

    Still no signing. Come on Wenger – do the right thing, we’ve still got another day.

  22. bill (not with blue letters)

    Almunia, Eboue, Squillaci, Koscielny, Gibbs, Denilson, Diaby, Nasri, Arshavin, Bendtner, Chamakh

    Subs: Szczesny, Fabregas, Rosicky, van Persie, Walcott, Song, Wilshere

  23. Almunia, Eboue, Squillaci, Koscielny, Gibbs, Denilson, Diaby, Nasri, Arshavin, Bendtner, Chamakh

    Subs: Szczesny, Fabregas, Rosicky, van Persie, Walcott, Song, Wilshere

  24. FG, As in the article but Nasri rather than Rosicky…

  25. ha ha Muppet
    Almunia, Eboue, Squillaci, Koscielny, Gibbs, Denilson, Diaby, Nasri, Arshavin, Bendtner, Chamakh.
    Subs: Fabregas, Rosicky, Van Persie, Walcott, Song, Wilshere, Szczesny

  26. Thanks, anyway, Muppet and Supercod.

  27. Strong lineup. Good balance with Nasri in the side. I shall be fascinated to see how he and Diaby work together. I don’t think we’ve seen them together, have we?

  28. I call this 6:0 to the Gunners!

  29. Muppet, don’t you know that Wenger gets a fat bonus if we don’t sign players and don’t win trophies? It’s a big scam and it goes all the way to the top of the club.

    “Arsene and Pat, up off our backs, back on the great white way”

  30. Yes, Nasri in. Earlier disjointed play in the cups came with big changes, so perhaps to avoid a slow start Nasri plays in Cesc’s spot. Will he be able to play on Tuesday?

  31. OneOfUs,

    Total scam. The reason for the sale of players like Henry, Vieira, Toure, Adebayor and Anelka. Wenger is milking it.

  32. almunia, heh last year it was chesney that stepped in in these games to get Al a rest…

  33. Limestonegunner – NYC checking in!! COYG!! YW you are dam right this is no time for a football match, the Girlfriend gave me the most evil of looks when my alarm went off at 6:45 am!! And then an even more evil look when I sat up in bed and pulled out the laptop, stuck in the headphones and shrugged 🙂

    Ooh to be a Goonah…

  34. How are we doing?

  35. Enjoying possession and having some pops at goal. still 0-0 though. comrade Eboue looking very lively.

  36. Thanks

  37. bendtner has been a bit out of tune so far… he kinda missed silly goals…usually he scores on those

  38. Brilliant Bendtner – phew!

  39. lol that tought me to shut my gob…

  40. That’s Bendtner all over – should settle everyone’s nerves now. Mine, anyway.

  41. NB52!! Way to go son 🙂

  42. big ol bendy bollocks

  43. please now let arsharvin score. that would be great

  44. One thing about Nicklas Bendtner, (BBB according to Duke); no matter the glaring misses, he never hides, he never shirks. Don’t be surprised if he scores a hat-trick today.

  45. OMG what kind of backpass was that by Denilson?????

  46. Oh no. Samir injured?

  47. Bendy has an ego the size of New York, same as Chesney and JET. They could sell him to a non legue team, he would still think he is the best in the world and play accordingly. That is what is both great and horrible with Bendtner. Hope he becomes an arsenal legend 🙂

  48. So we lose Samir Nasri – arguably our best player for a fucking FA cup tie with the prem and Champs league deciders coming up. I’ve been saying it for weeks . Priorities. I could fucking weep.

  49. well stew if we loose the match now then you should weep…

  50. Diaby’s passing is horrible… as usual 😦

  51. he just got back from injury. Guess i have have to mention the bleeding obvious.

  52. I need a new pair of pants 😦

  53. His passing was never good in the first place… before injury and after…

  54. gackt13 his passing is about as good as your comments. must be preatty good then huh?

  55. No poodle as much as I hate to lose any game this is a side show. Top teams like us compete for the top tournaments. Having said that it’s great to see the injured players return. Perfect match for Abu to regain some sharpness.

  56. Nasri injured.From the looks of it it’s a hamstring.That’s a minimum 2 weeks.
    We need him for Barcelona.

  57. Well poodle, facts are facts. I state what I’m seeing. Are you saying Diaby’s passing has been up to par in this game?

  58. Gackt – Arsenal blog for Arsenal supporters not a place for public slagging of our players. Diaby is world class you nob.

  59. Oh God.

  60. Ooh look the refs made a game of it!

  61. Never a red, Eboue was covering.

  62. All I said was his passing was poor. I didn’t say that he IS POOR. My god. You guys are soooo sensitive.

  63. Diaby’s just come back – Gw said that, Gackt13. He’ll need games like this to get back to form.

  64. Some return by squilly. He put out his arm and made the block so I think the red was fair.

  65. Or perhaps not.

  66. Denilson playing as CB!!!!

  67. But steeww i thought most fans really liked FA Cup? And that they saw it as a major trophy to bring home? Lets just hope Nasri is recovering fast, couple of weeks rest could do wonders…

  68. Why do we have a tendency to make hardwork of even the most simple tasks??

  69. Well, if we end up losing Nasri for a longer period than a couple of games. Well, then we will have lost him for an almost meaningless tie against Huddersfield. I hope that next season we can return to fielding squad players + promising youngsters + returning players instead of squad players mixed with a couple of our first eleven.

  70. To be honest Squillaci is the reason why Kos has looked like a bag of nerves in the past games they played together. Squilly makes all the defenders playing with him look like a nervous bunch of rabbits. Might as well he just went off.

  71. Squillaci is absolute dogsht

  72. Hey goonermichael I’m leSolitaire

  73. I don’t think the team needs a new spine but rather some of our fans could use one.

  74. I really hoped Nasri would be rested for this game,but that’s just me….

  75. Sounds like two le grovers found themselves on here at ACLF. Cute.

  76. The hope that I cling to is that a) Nasri’s injury isn’t as bad as it looks b) he is a quick healer

  77. Let’s ignore them, shall we?

  78. Can see Song coming on for Denilson, and if needed RVP or Cesc after 70 mins or so but only if Hud equalize.

  79. Well as you all see we needed Nasri in this game to win. Witout him we struggle more. Shame hes off, he could have been the difference, now we must pray Rosicky can …

  80. @fungunner you can always also hope tht Arsh finds back to his old form. that will mean we wont miss Nasri as much as we inittialy thought. it will aso give him time to heal properly, fresh crisp and ready for the CL final 🙂

  81. poodle – stop being such an idiot, even down to 10 and losing Nasri we have enough talent on the pitch(not to mention the bench) to win this. I feel bad for Squilly but it was a red. AA is really looking like he is up for this one, I think he is the one who will make all the difference in the game.

  82. AA played well in the first half and looks to get back to form.. He struggled during Dec/Jan last season too..

  83. poodle – apologise for the name calling just frustrated COYG!!!

  84. My response to the wavering, lily-livered supporters, who will swarm the site during the break, is that even with 10 men we “should” win this 3-0. Huddersfield cannot keep us this pace for 90 mins while we will continue to open them up regularly with our quality.

  85. irishgray,
    I would see Song coming in for one of front 3 and change formation to a 4-4-1 with Big Nic or Chamakh up front…

  86. Squilaci should have done better as he was only waiting for spillups since koscielny was already covering.ooh well!we love doing things the hard way.i hope nasri is ok what with barca coming up.lets win this

  87. hope we defend well and score one more on the counter..and hoping that nasri’s injury is not serious

  88. Chamakh is taken off for Tuesday’s game I guess.

  89. Thats the risk of playing too many games, gutted for Nasri, but hopefully we wont have any more injuries, commentators as usual are absolute shite

  90. What a through-ball from the TR7…

  91. Who’s Song on for?

  92. Oh, I see your post now, IG.

  93. interested to see what denilson is like at CB as although he is very strong technically and extremely accurate, I am recently really begining to doubt his ability to choose the right pass in midfield. He needs to have a long look at how song plays and calm down.

  94. AA goal-saving tackle? Good man!

  95. What a intervention from AA in our 6-yard box to stop a certain shot on goal…

  96. we need a second goal

  97. word,
    I think Denilson should calm down and play his normal game instead of trying too much..

  98. I wonder how long it will take Diaby to get back to his best.

  99. @IG
    Agree, Denilson has not been his usual self tonight.

    Btw. what a save by Almunia!

  100. Take off Denilson and bring on Cesc. We need to take control of the midfield

  101. What a save from Almunia…. Fabianski’s and Chesney’s recent form is bringing out the form from Almunia which Saw his displace Mad Jens…

  102. Come on Arsenal!

  103. 1-1…

  104. Oh bollocks.

  105. Lets face it , it has been coming for a while now. BRING ON CESC NOW!!!!!!!!!

  106. well it was only a matter of time. make a change or two, need to switch things up and get a grip on the game.

  107. cant argue with that we never hadcontrol of the game since the send off

  108. The whole thing is silly, we got a squad that on paper is really good, but we need regular first teamers like RVP Cesc and the rest to close down a game against Huddersfield?What is the point of having really great players on your payroll if they fail to turn up everytime they get to play?Then you mightaswell use the youth players…
    We all know they re good players but somehow they go into collective meltdown everytime they play without the real “starplayers”. And seeing Nasri is out now.. bleh

  109. Cesc on for Diaby..

  110. What is Song doing at cb? we clearly need a cb.

  111. Denilson and Gibbs struggling against a League One team. Well well well… what’s new?

  112. Stupid Clattenberg.

    The’y’re fouling Denilson all over the pitch and he just waves on. Small decisions that change the balance of the game and resulted in that disaster.

  113. it’s a bit rich to blame the ref for the goal.. it was coming

  114. well we should play so good that not even clattemburg could ruin it. huddersfield plus clatty should not be enought to beat arsenal really..

  115. YW has made a lot of comments about balance the last few weeks and it seems we’ll be seeing a few more to come.

    Agree with comments earlier about the fa cup being a bit of a sideshow compared to to CL butt he feelings running throught the ground right now are very real.

    NB showing why a bit a arrogance can be rather useful – great thirst for goal!

  116. oh this is the day everthing goes against us…

  117. This is just awful. Denilson hamstring as well?

  118. Phew.

  119. imagin the irony of loosing to Huddersfield just to win against Barca? :p

  120. boooooooo.

  121. So we lose Nasri, Eboue and Denilson get knock, Squillaci gets sent off … well, well, well.

  122. when will the replay take place if there will be one?

  123. Clattenburg, inconsistent c*nt.

  124. Double standards from Clattenberg. That should have been a red…

    Cesc scores.. 2-1….

  125. Thank god for that

  126. holy fucking double standards batman! why was he not sent off? what a joke

  127. Great run up and great pen by Cesc. But honestly, if fouling a man 25 yards from the box (while there is still some one who could possibly cover) is a red for denying a clear goalscoring opportunity, how is clattering someone from behind 6 yards from goal just a yellow?

  128. Stupid Clattenburg again.
    1st, no penalty for me. 2nd, once he whistled it should’ve been straight red.

  129. Clatty wants a replay as a replay will hurt arsenal in all competitions more than Hudd wining this game :S

  130. Mind you , hudd supporters should be happy and proud, not as good a display as leeds though but still, they played well or we playd bad or something…

  131. the referee’s a woman!!

  132. lol if she only was a women! we all know women are better refs than men, less corrupt and just better judges of the game. thats why sky hate em. women dont play the “buddies” game of Sky. they got no respect for the old male authority. Would ruin everything if women started to ref.

  133. oh shit i wasnt supposed to press post comment there.

  134. how much extra time?

  135. Huh, Cesc got a yellow??

  136. so much for the so called easy games!

  137. gibbs really needs to learn to use his right foot, it would make life so much easier for him

  138. How close is that wall.

  139. say what you will about Denilson but no one has ever recoverd from a hamstring injury that fast.

  140. lol its mad you put in ces and he changes the game. simple as.

  141. It’s pretty much how I expected – scoreline, I mean – and I knew it would be hard work. But we’ve lost 2-3 players to this game.

  142. Through to the 5th round… The dream of quadruple is still alive and kicking…

  143. Arshavin was really great today. Can’t wait for him to score again!

  144. F*ck Clattenberg! We are the Arsenal!

  145. Will we be ok when/If Cesc leaves in the summer??

  146. PHEW! Let’s hope Nasri’s a grade 1 and we can put that match behind us.

    I though Rosicky was great btw.

  147. awh Clatty did his best, but its hard when you got Hud to work with, they not as good as United, so harder to make the game go where you want. Not that he did not try…

  148. so red for squilly and yellow for the huddercunt- someone explain to me what denying a clear goal scoring opportunity means

  149. probably the most clear cut hypocritical pair of decisions ive seen for a longtime

    Feels like a massive coup to be honest. Nasri hurts but there is zero point pointing fingers anywhere other than the FA. since i imported all the fixtures into my email calender in late dec it was pretty apparent that this month we would take some sort of hit. over 2 games a week average is unbelievable. 55 hours between games and some people actually think we should start rvp and cesc against legaue oners…

    silver lining is definately NB finding his feet (hopefully his left foot inparticular) and maybe just maybe the red card will push wenger out to get that signing. I stongly feel however that a small difference like that, if it it were to affect wengers decsion, completely devalues his original frugal analysis.

  150. A close run thing. But all the same COYG!

  151. Denilson is my MOTM

  152. fuck gackt13

  153. yep we need a cb, song cb against barca and they will open us up like a tin of fukin beans.

  154. @ FinnGun Hahahahaha!

  155. What a big old bag of bollocks that was!!! If I have one complaint (I know only one right!) it is that why did we wait until they had equalized to send on Cesc? I mean I defy anyone to tell me a) they did not see the goal coming and b) that Hud did not deserve it. My nerves can’t take this anymore!!

  156. For the penalty decision: was that a dive or ‘going down easily’ by NB52? not sure but I need your takes.

  157. @Gunman
    It was the Huddersfield player clattering Bendtner from behind.

  158. Denilson should be captain. Not Fabregas.

  159. Tough game but we got the job done. Hope Nasri is not out for long. We need him for the Barca game.

    Hope we can find someone reasonable for a 6 month loan. We could sure use another CB on the roster at this point. The Kos could probably use a rest and it would be unfortunate if we had to move Song out of the midfield during a league or CL game. 2 or 3 points might make all of the difference between 1 or 2nd place in the league and the Barcelona tie will certainly could hinge on something small like a hamstring etc.

    Anyone know why Afobe was not in the squad for Huddersfield?

  160. I’m quite glad we won and avoided another replay.Which (a replay I mean) I would have settled for considering we were down to 9 men at a point in time.On one hand I feel this team has come of age considering that in times past we we would most likely have lost this game.On the other hand I’m thinking if this team fails to achieve anything,it would not be down to a lack of know how or skill but an abundance of complacency.We could have put this game to bed in the first 20 minutes.But our play was marred with sloppy passes in midfield and poor finishing touches.This is why I can never feel relaxed even when Arsenal are playing a team from the blue square league.

  161. We’re still in four competitions going into February. For us to get to this position we were always going to have to come through close run matches like that.

    In the meantime we have Djourou, Clichy, Sagna, Song, Cesc, JW, Walcott and RvP coming back for Everton.

  162. Clattenberg is such a piss-poor ref. The thing is the pundits in England make them look like they are gods. How in heaven’s name can pushing and shoulder barging a player in possession of the ball not be a foul? This is not the player in possession not showing enough strength to hold off his man blah, blah (Cue: any old English pundit). It is a FOUL. Yet Denilson was clattered at least three times in possession and Clattenberg waved on. Similarly Rosicky was shoulder barged and pushed repeatedly until it became embarrassing. No wonder English players go on the international stage and are found wanting especially in skilled technical positions like midfield. The hypocrisy of it all is when golden boy wee Jack Wilshere is barely grazed from behind the whistle blasts.
    No wonder serial foulers like Birmingham can have a go at us, chopping away at our players legs and yet go to Old Trafford and play like kittens.
    Clattenberg is one other example of something rotten in English football.

  163. Anyone know if the loans of Vela, Ramsey , JET, Eastmond & Lansbury have recall clauses in them ?

    I know previous ones haven`t so I hope Arsene`s learnt his lesson given the amount of games we have coming up.

    I understand the need to let these lads get some playing time but there`s no point having a big squad if lots of them are off playing for other clubs during busy , decisive periods.

  164. Bill,
    Afobe was given permission to play by Wenger but he was not eligible to play against his parent club due to the FA rules on youth loans.

  165. I just wish Bartley’s loan deal had a recall clause. But it doesn’t.

  166. How the f*ck can the last man that fouled Bendtner for that penalty not get sent off. Squillaci was shown red. Arguable but a strict interpretation of the rules says yes. But the Hudd player only gets a yellow. For what? Deliberate fouling of a man bearing down on goal? Same as Squill who got red even though the player was not in possession. Then the Hudd player must see red as well cause he was the last man.
    What a piss, poor ref!

  167. I’m glad we won, the circumstances were always going to be tough. For those of you bitching about how we should have won more easily, I refer you to the wise words of one Herbert Chapman

    “It should be realised that a League match and a cup-tie are entirely different propositions. In one everything is normal; in the other everything is exceptional. Psychological matters enter largely into cup football.”

  168. I must admit, I enjoy reading the comments that folks post up in here during the match. Some of you guys are just hilarious. No different from those who shout all sorts from the stands when things don’t seem to go right.

    Considering that this was the biggest match of some of the Huddersfield players – and they were never likely to play such a high profile game in their careers again – what made us think this was going to be a walk in the park?

    The responses during the game in this post are just hilarious – some of y’all should read them tomorrow morning and see how ridiculous and nervy the knee jerk responses were.

    I’m just disappointed Nasri pulled a hammy – but it’s time Arshavin and Rosicky grasped the nettle and covered for the period Samir is recovering.

    Also, just listening to the after game comments of the plundits on ESPN and a couple of radio stations – it seems that we have really upset folks by still being in contention for 4 trophies. The punks were all salivating at the clanger we were supposed to have dropped this afternoon. You can hear their disappointment and see it in their faces. Oh what disdain and contempt they hold for the Arsenal.

  169. They aren’t ready to play, Paulie. And we are not short in that area. Ramsey will be back and match fit at the end of Feb.
    I am just relieved we are through. We are going to squeak through some games, as long as we get through each round, that’s all I ask.

  170. Fuck me has any one read the Sun’s rapport on the match? Fucking comical ! I guess it is to be expected right!
    That was far to close for comfort,, after watching todays game i would feel alot better if we had another defender on the books.

  171. Great quote, Passenal.

  172. The last time we had Clattenburg in a game there were several posts on ACLF talking about what a great job he had done. Don’t remember which game. Video replays really needed ASAP. It works for tennis, American football, basketball etc. Goal line technology also needed. It is ridiculous for the biggest league in the worlds most popular professional sport to have this much inconsistency. I would think the refs would love to have replays since it would take some of the pressure off them to get it right in a split second.

  173. We had Clattenburg against Chelsea and against Man City and in both games he did alright. So he seems to be a decent ref for “big” games, but I do not understand his inability to refer a game like this properly.

  174. I love the way people throw out the word ‘complacency’ so easily. The only complacency I see is from ‘fans’ who expect the team to just turn up and win easily.

    An early kick off, multiple changes to personnel, 4 players just returning from injury/illness and an early sending off against a team with nothing to lose, playing their equivalent of the cup final. If you expected a stroll in those circumstances, that is your problem. Learn to manage your own expectations and stop blaming your favourite scapegoats because you can’t face your mates teasing you about the fact that the team you claim to support had to work extra hard to beat a team from a lower league. Cup games are famous for upsets and ‘giant killings’ for a reason. Oh and in case you had not noticed, we won the match and that is what counts in the end.

  175. Was flat lining for most of that game. I wouldnt panic though. United have put in even worse performances and won games. True the refs have been very indulgent with decisions in their favour. But this game just had to be won at all costs. I dont understand the fans sometimes.The journos would be singing uniteds praises and resilience whereas the same need a CB, goal keeper, Arsenal dont like it up em mantra persists. Yawn. How long is super samir out for. Curse of the injuries again.

  176. Evil | January 30, 2011 at 2:29 pm |

    In the chelski game Clattenberg started giving them every advantage he could once we were 3 up – he looked like he was trying to even things up and give them a chance to get back into it. I personally am not surprised that he did the same thing today. He is no better than the rest of his cronies in the EPL.

  177. Forgot about that Passenal, that’s true. He was doing very well in the beginning while the game was still “even” though. But to be honest, this is something I have seen quite often in games against us. Referee’s start brightly and as soon as we start dominating and get a goal or two suddenly we can not get a decision. Refs are not supposed to referee the game in an “entertaining” way, it’s supposed to be a fair sporting contest and if one team is not up for it, it’s not the refs job to give them a hand or two.

  178. They can try but they can’t stop us.

  179. BTW thanks for the link to the Chapman article yesterday Irishgray, it’s really enlightening. The similarities between our two great managers is staggering. Two of my personal favourite quotes were:

    You are big on ‘character’.
    “One of the first enquiries I make when contemplating the engagement of a man is: “What sort of a life does he lead?” I will never tolerate slackness.
    ‘I have been told that attending dog racing is better than dancing or the cinema. I emphatically disagree. Dog racing! Gambling can have a very serious influence on footballers. A day on the golf course appeals to them. But they must not have too much golf.”

    How important is confidence?
    “It is the greatest asset a man can possess… I am convinced that 75 per cent of players lack confidence.”

  180. Made it harder than it should of been, but plenty of positives to take from the game.

    Good to see Diaby back, bendtner and arshavin needed the game to play back into form.

    Oh, and thought koscielny was class…. Again

  181. Darius | January 30, 2011 at 2:22 pm |
    “I must admit, I enjoy reading the comments that folks post up in here during the match. Some of you guys are just hilarious. No different from those who shout all sorts from the stands when things don’t seem to go right.”

    Exceptional observation. Some persons (I refuse to get personal) posted during the intermission “replace Denilson with Cesc.” Yet we had just lost a defender to a red card. Surely this is “as stupid as stupid gets” (line from Forrest Gump). We needed to replace the lost defender and ensure that our defensive midfield kept possession and ticking the ball over as Denilson had been doing for the prior 45 minutes. We been all over this this week but obviously some don’t get it.

  182. Sagna might still be out for the Everton game.

    Clean sheet fetishists $iteh concede again.
    Set piece. Yet again.

  183. Follow-up to 3:13 pm: As the game unfolded Arsene did what is predictable by sticking to his philosophy. Song replaced Chamakh who had been relatively ineffective (something to be concerned) and at the 65th or so minute, subbed Diaby with Cesc, a player in form for one just returning from injury. The upshot is Denilson kept doing his thing allowing Cesc to go forward with the result we won.
    Of course the fact that Arsene stuck to his guns will not stop the Denilson-bashing from running its course.

  184. Come on County…..

  185. Hope we draw a prem team at home in the next round. Any team away except stoke please. Lower league opposition bad for our health. Nasri could be out for 3 weeks according to Well an opportunity for others to step up to the challenge..Arshavin…rosicky…diaby…one of these.

  186. Boy oh boy oh boy we really do like to make a drama out of what should be routine. 🙂 Phew is the word i believe. Don’t get me wrong we have no divine right to win but that really was a home banker, in all fairness, and we did or utmost to try sabotage it. But hey ill take the result and put this one behind us.

    Great save by Al to keep us in it – but he doesnt command the area like chezzer does he? Chezzer is far more decisive – he would have been all over those bouncing balls in from midfield into the box that Kos was sheparding back, and come for more of the crosses. Almunias decision seems to be make no decision and leave it to others – blinding save though.

  187. Another ugly football special from mancity.

  188. Don’t care what people say we were a man down playing our B side, played poorly once Nasri went off and still managed to get through to the next round without a replay. That to me is a result and a half!

    GREAT to see Diaby back too! Love that guy.

  189. The pitch doesn’t look the best.
    It seems to be a rugby pitch. Heh.

  190. Csc confirms Denilson was injured too. But he played through it.

  191. FT 1-1 Another match then for the ManC

  192. Almunia was great.
    Good to see AD2 back.
    Little Mozart looking good – and boy will we need him.
    Ref shocking.
    Deni purring nicely.
    Should never ever risk the likes of Cesc and Nasri in these second string tournaments. If the reserves can’t get the job done the job doesn’t get done.

  193. positives-
    #we are through…winning momentum continues
    #kinky boots, AA and rosicky looked sharper
    #denilson, almunia, gibbs, eboue, squillaci, chamakh
    #nasri done for at least a month
    #we have a day left to get a cb..

    the first team are awesome, i think we have enough to cope without nasri for a few weeks as long as he is back for the barca games..but some of those squad players need to pull their fucking sox up and quick…

  194. Passenal and Darius. Very well said.

    Officials can be crap. The media hate us. We won.

    Move on.

    We are The Arsenal.

  195. negatives #jon jon
    positives #everyone else (except Bill and duke of course)

  196. Limestonegunner

    Great credit to the team for sticking with it and gutting out a win while playing more than half the game down to 10 men. This should be heralded as another hard fought win with our squad that shows we have the determination and mental strength to continue to fight on all four fronts.

    I agree that Arshavin was looking brighter and that is a great sigh. There are some concerns. First is the injury to Nasri. I am really concerned that we need a full strength squad for Feb. 16 and Barca in two and a half weeks, and for this intense league campaign where we have little room for error. I really hope he can be fit for the CL tie that because the spirit in our side suggests to me that if we are fit our strongest 11 will give a powerful performance and can win that game. Second, Squillaci, while just coming back from injury is going to be a bit rusty, but he seems to be making the kinds of mistakes that are surprising for one of his experience. Perhaps this and the lack of playing time together contributed to what looked like quite a shakier defensive performance than we have recently been seeing from the team. Credit to Huddersfield, they had some good play in the air from crosses into the box–they genuinely looked dangerous and had good chances. Thirdly, and Shotta alluded to this–Chamakh looks like he is out of rhythm and not playing with confidence since the rest and playing behind RvP. He was so important to the first half of the season that I hope he can find his effectiveness again.

    Apart from the Nasri injury, though, I think we have to be quite proud of the effort. The “B” team could have played better but we battled and remain the only club in 4 competitions with a final at Wembley already in the cards, in the round of 16 in both Europe and the FA cup, and second in the league. Glory to the Arsenal!

  197. leyton orient in the next round!

  198. We get Leyton Orient away.

  199. Forgot to say – still on for the quadruple.

  200. grow up steww
    and grow a set of balls while your at it…
    what was so wrong with that comment that entitled you to respond the way you did????

  201. Just got back from the game to find out we have my home town team in the next round! I can’t describe how excited I am – I have been waiting for this to happen for years – I am too young to remember it happening last. 1978 so i’m told.

  202. Great quote from Barry Hearn, the Orient Chairman.

    “We were overdue a big team at home and Arsenal are one of the best in the world. We are the best in Leyton and Leytonstone though.”


  203. Maria and LimestoneG,
    I was thinking to myself – first win for the B team, isn’t it? That will build up confidence and help them gel – the “sqaud players” will feel they can link up with anyone and perhaps the lack of balance and disjointedness that we saw at Leeds will recede further.

  204. another positive is that chelsea and city have replays so it can stutter their charge to catch us up in the league..weve experinced it ourselves with leeds replays are not good but we got through it..hopefully it will throw a spanner in their ‘title chase’ and we can open up a little gap

  205. @ FunGunner – We could end up making three trips to Wembley this year!

  206. JonJon | January 30, 2011 at 4:06 pm |
    Your post left me shaking my head. The past couple of weeks you returned to this post sounding as if you started using your brain instead of repeating some pundit-speak. But your post left me wondering if you have reverted to type.
    No wonder Steww had to bash you.

  207. Only negative on the day for me is losing Nasri…Next to Cesc and RVP he is the most influential/game changing player we have at the moment. He is greatly needed against Barca. His injury will give Arshavin some more first team appearances though…maybe that will be his chance to show his true class again.

  208. i wanted crawley or orient..
    home or away..
    im just hoping we make easier work of it than the last few cup ties and we dont get embarrassed

  209. I know how much you guys all love your conspiracies and how all the world is against us, but I think we all underestimate the difficult jobs the refs have. They get a split second to make a decision when they often do not have the ideal angle to make calls. Multi angle instant replays have shown just how many blown calls the officials are making and have been making for years in all professional sports. How many line judge decisions are overturned in tennis. There are usually several decisions overturned in American football every game by instant replay. Umpires in baseball miss many more calls then I would have thought possible. None of those mistakes could have been proven in the past. Now they are easy to see. I suspect that the refs are no worse now then they ever were, we now know how many mistakes they were making in the past and continue to make today. Clearly the difference between the red and the yellow cards from Clattenburg today is hard to understand but I think we are much harder on them then they deserve. Anyone who really believes these conspiracy theories that get thrown around here everyday is dreaming IMO.

  210. go on then shotta
    enlighten me…why did i leave you shaking your head???
    what exactley did you disagree with and why???

  211. I think the inclusion of Rosicky into the “Cup” squad will make a huige difference to the way we play in the next round. He can run the show when he is up for it. And, Diaby should be up and at full steam by then…

  212. Fulham 1- 0 Spuds.

  213. Great draw!

    The sp*d Arsenal Blog Troll trolls Arsenal blogs.
    The Sp*d fans copy the Arsenal songs as well.

    Pelanty to Fulham.

  214. Fulham score against the tiny tots…Dawson just red carded…2 penalties to Fulham inside 13 minutes!…..YES!

  215. 2-0 Fulham 13 minutes in!

  216. spurs are always good for a laugh lmao

  217. Dawson looks good.
    These players that ‘try hard’ are great.
    (How good was Arshavin btw? A joy to watch.)


  218. Limestonegunner

    Leyton Orient–London Derby! I would have said that we keep getting favorable cup draws, but the way lower league sides have battled us this season I can’t honestly say that. For some it seems that it would be a bad draw because we would presumably go on and have to play in the next round, draining our energies away from the only important competitions. I would beg to differ. The only real negative is injuries to our most important players, which we have just suffered. So I don’t want to minimize or dismiss that concern at all. But it is also clear that the team derives real confidence, energy, and determination from winning and progressing. It means something to these players as we have seen and they are hungry for victories even in competitions that are less glamorous than the league and CL. I think it is valuable to our league and CL campaigns overall if we are lucky with injuries. I hope Nasri can come back at least for the second leg and that we don’t lose anyone else. It is a real risk but it is also a risk to think that not doing well in the cups will have no effect on league form either. A positive atmosphere might just be building and encouraging greater confidence and solidarity in the team. I hope so and hope it will be proven in a really glorious and historic season. Even if we don’t achieve more than, say a CC (fingers crossed!) this season, it is progress for a team that is growing in belief. As FG pointed out, it was a victory for the B team and we’ll need these players to step up in other games this season.

    Judging from the media reaction, there is some genuine discomfort at our position at the centre of all football competitive scenarios despite the discrediting of our credentials. The league is supposedly in ManU’s hands, just as it was in Chelsea’s earlier this season, but you look at the table and the fixture schedule and there is the Arsenal looming. We have a Wembley final for the CC. We have the most exciting CL fixture that the whole world is anticipating and a chance at vengeance and a glorious victory against the team that is being touted as the greatest ever–but we are in that frame! Now we progress in the FA cup–we are everywhere staking our claim and proving our mettle and playing our brand of football, Arsenal football, even when not at our best.

  219. Arshavin was all over the place today…he even made a great last ditch block to stop a shot on goal…he did everything but score today

  220. Today couldn’t get much better for me now!

  221. this could finish 10 nil…
    we get through and they get

  222. The Totts are getting overrun…this is great television!

  223. AA’s tackle was sublime..maybe he should play CB 😉
    but his touch came back today some excellent pieces of skill..
    hopefully hes coming back to form and we wont miss nasri that much

  224. I was there mattyboy, Stamford Bridge.

    It was more of a dump in those days than it is now.

  225. My thoughts exactly Jon Jon…if Arshavin starts clicking again then we shouldn’t miss a beat without Nasri…

  226. viceologist – You are spot on about AA, that tackle was absolutely brilliant, as good as a goal in my book.

  227. it is still an “if” though…Nasri was a certainty…

  228. 3-0 to Fulham….HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!

  229. 3-0. Typical spuds.

  230. lol
    this is now damage limitation, barring a miracle, but they got that at the grove
    this could wreck their season…
    i hope fulham make a dvd

  231. Nearly a fourth…this is awesome…

  232. If only the Spuds didn’t have a soft underbelly…it appears they really don’t like it up ’em…they need a new CB for sure…they lack fighting spirit…

    FOr some reason I don’t see the media spewing all of these bromides after this hiding…

  233. nasri, although it looked bad when he first pulled up, walked off
    it could be a grade one, so we looking at 3 weeks if we are lucky…
    i want him back early, not only for the sake of the team but for him…
    hes well on his way to being in the PFA team of the year as well as hitting 20 goals, i pray this injury doesnt hamper this for him

  234. Love it!! 3-0 to Fulham Ahahahhahahahaa!!

    What happened to ‘Arry and the Spuds? Thought they were supposedly better than arsenal now? Bale, VDV(the buy of the season HA)Modric?More like peaking in the first 3 months of the season and then slowly fading back to mediocrity!

  235. Limestonegunner

    Bill, I don’t like making excuses by only focusing n the refs and think we can get into a mentality of being persecuted a little too easily sometimes, but when there are blatant discrepancies and inconsistencies, these should be noted. A more comprehensive analysis is needed, but some are doing it over at 7amkickoff and (less capably methodologically but more regularly imo) at Untold Arsenal. The stats I have seen at 7amkickoff’s analysis show that a ref like Howard Webb really does seem to favor ManU over Arsenal (and Chelsea, to be fair), for example. There is the reality of Fergie’s influence and his network of adorers in the coaching, media and FA ranks–he is a powerful figure in the English game, no question. With what exact consequences can be debated but has hardly been seriously investigated responsibly. Finally, there is xenophobia and some resentment in various quarters toward Wenger, foreign players, and consequently Arsenal (who are most associated with continental trends and playing staff). There is also the distinctive approach we take to running the club and going against the worst excesses fueling the football/sports media industry.

    I don’t want to go overboard on these factors, which are diffuse in their precise effects and how specific they are to Arsenal’s disadvantage, but I see a climate that makes our struggle a bit harder and a bit lonelier. We are trying to do things differently and more responsibly and instead of being hailed widely and supported by the powerful institutions in the game, we often suffer hostility. We get credit from the more discerning, like Patrick Barclay, and from many neutrals among fans the world over who respect our principles and admire our way of playing, but I am not sure these balance out.

    I do believe the best answer to all this is success on the pitch the Arsenal way.

  236. I just want to point people to the situation past Eduardo against Celtic last season. We did not get a penalty for like half a year, wasn’t it? Wasn’t it until the Stoke game or so that we finally got one again?How can that be explained. While there is possibly not a “conspiracy” as we understand it, I believe that the constant media reporting about us in a negative light and SAF’s high standing do sometimes contribute to the way refs referee a game.

  237. There are definitely pressures placed upon the referees in England that influence their decisions. Refs know that if they blow a call that goes against United they will be drawn and quartered afterwards because of old Red Nose’s power within the FA…I don’t think that is a conspiracy at all….just natural human behaviour when put in a difficult circumstance.

  238. Is “the best player in the world Bale” playing?

  239. No Bale…that will be their excuse…lol.

  240. Look back at 2004/2005. Mike Reilly had possibly the worst performance of a referee in the history of football when he ensured that the Invincibles were beaten. Now he is the head of the ref association. Tells everything, doesn’t it?

  241. What a fuckin goal from Dembele…4-0 …it keeps getting better

  242. Riley, not Reilly ~__~

  243. I really don’t get the moaning about today. I personally think that matches like today’s are where mangers prove their worth… we have a set of players in desperate need of playing time either because they are off form, coming back from injury or in some cases just struggling with their confidence so the manager picked the right team with the right players and all in all the player that were picked did a fine job IMHO.

    For the team to go down to 10 men and still be able to grind out the needed result will, again IMHO, stand us in very good stead in the coming weeks and months. Almunia made one outstanding save. For me Rosicky looked the sharpest I’ve seen him since early in the season; Bendtner put in a good shift and looked sharper and more confident too. Eboue had a pretty encouraging game as well… as a matter of fact I think that he has to be one of the best attacking full backs in the league and their are few players who are better at running with the ball in the premiership, yet some still whine about him as if they want Maicon to sit on our bench. Arshavin seems to be getting better as well. We are all going to have to accept that guy would never be able to work back like Walcott, Bendtner or Nasri do but he does have his own brilliant qualities. Diaby, for guy who has played much did OK for me.. he didn’t have the most dynamic of games but it would have been miraculous if he had.. Gibbs struggled somewhat but that was in part because whoever plays behind Arshavin on the left gets not a lot of help but even he had some classy moments. I think that he needs games. It’d be interesting to see what the doomers have to say about Gibbs since a lot of them want Clichy dropped!

    I think that at the start of second half we probably tried to play within ourselves a bit too much which meant that Huddersfield got a bit of time and gained some confidence and for a period they were on top… but I have to say that once they scored we stepped it up again even with ten men… and once Cesc came on it was all us. We were not at our dazzling best but considering the number of returning and out-of-form players in that line up I didn’t expect us to be at our best… I wanted to see Diaby get some game time which he did, I wanted an improved performance from NB52 and AA23, which I got and I wanted see Squillaci which, I kind of, did. I don’t know about anyone else but I thought that the sending off was harsh. Normally for that kind of professional foul you’d get a yellow as the guy was just too far out from goal and Eboue was in a postion to chase if not exactly covering… having said that I think that Squillaci has this problem where he ends up too square on to the play… Djourou on the other hand, who supposed to be less experienced, is invariably always sideways on when defending in one-to-one situation… just an observation.

    I watched the game on telly as I had to be at work this Sunday but I’d like to know from those who were there whether the fans were getting on Denilson’s back. I thought his performance at certain points a very nervy one and not at all himself… on occasions he actually held onto the ball for too long which is most unlike him. I’m sure that the usual suspect would be out blaming Denilson for everything from global warming to the unrest in Egypt… ho hum. Denilson is just going to have to keep going and shut the ignoramuses up just as Song has done and just as Eboue did… he mustn’t let the crap break him.

    Finally I have to confess that I honestly don’t get some of the OTT negativity of fans who appear to go around looking for someone to blame after every “ropey” performance. No matter who we play in these competitions they’re going to be up for it.. we are not practising against cardboard cutouts or training ground cones but against people with pride and motivation and who are playing, in most cases, the most important game of their season… may be even their lives. No one is going to lie down for us just because we are The Arsenal… some fans really need to get a grip. City actually drew away to Notts County and United were outplayed by Southampton for long stretches of their match… should those teams spend squillions on new players too?

  244. i cant breathe
    this is fucking brilliant..
    i got a text from a spud when hudds scored, saying your teams shit lol
    ive now had the priviledge of sending 4 texts in 45mins…i think his phones off lol
    might ring him just to make sure..

  245. yup
    its off 😉

  246. Limestonegunner

    Joshua, if Denilson were responsible for the “unrest” in Egypt, that would to my mind be very much to his credit! Peaceful protest movements for freedom by a long-suffering and oppressed populace against a corrupt dictator tend to be things to celebrate in my book. Otherwise, it seems we agree to a great extent in how we have reacted to this game!

  247. JonJon – I was getting the opposite from a U Shited fan friend of mine after I gave him lots of stick yesterday, we both agreed that it was too close for comfort. Thought Rosicky was excellent. Great save by Big Al aswell.

  248. I have to say it felt good seeing Big Al in goal, just felt right 🙂

  249. I see West Ham won a game WOW!!!!

  250. I agree somehow, irishgray. Maybe I am sentimental or nostalgic or something but I was genuinely happy to see him play again and have a good game. It is always nice to know that we can rely on him if something happens to our two poles. I wouldn’t mind if we keep him some more, to be honest, as I still feel that up until the WBA game he did not do much wrong at all in goal for us this season.

  251. Limestone@5.00pm

    Absolutely spot on. I wholly agree with your post. I think that there’s a clear antipathy towards Arsenal and our way of doing things and as you say it is fuelled in part by the fact that we don’t spend the megabucks on transfers because megabuck transfers are what make great headlines not the slow maturation of your Walcotts or Wilsheres, just look at the hoo haa surrounding the Torres- to- Chelsea stuff or Edin Dzeko hype.

    There’s also the fact that us winning and winning with style and class will actually challenge the very paradigm that underpins a lot of myths surrounding the ideas of successful team building nowadays… an Arsenal EPL win will show up the emptiness and stupidity of the Chelsea/ City model and a lot commentators consciously or otherwise don’t want that to happen.

    Then there’s the xenophobia… there’s a clear feeling that Arsenal aren’t quite English/ British enough and IMHO this is even a feeling that extends to our English players. I very much doubt that Walcott would have been as harshly treated if he played for ManU in the run up to the world Cup. Just look at the nonsense that Stewart Pearce constantly tries to pull with our players does he even try it with Fergie’s kids… and the fact is that in the end this guy’s idiocy hurts England! The weird thing about the xenophobia business is that it isn’t so much linked to foreign players per se but more to the overall way we do things. For example our manager won’t drink Fergie’s wine or keep his mouth shut about aspects of the game he considers wrong or get his team to hoof the ball…

    In short your post is very correct IMHO… we’re just going to have to overcome and win… and I’m sure we have the quality to do it very soon.

  252. Limestone…

    Quite right. That bastard really ought to be shoved out. 30 years in power and you’ve got nothing but corruption and poverty in a country that, by rights, should be the shining light in the Middle East given its history.

    I still blame Denilson though just because he’s Denilson… 🙂

  253. have to say that although big al made a good save he still looked dodgy…
    he doesnt like coming off his line for anything does he and there was a couple of incidents where koz had to give away an uneccesary throw in and even Al himself had to give away a sloppy corner that where both down to Al..
    a few of those crosses they were swinging in AL could have come for they were aimed at the 6 yard box…thats his zone he needs to command it…
    but to be fair hes always been indecisive with the high ball and leaving his line, so i dont think its not down to rustiness…
    i like the guy, i have alot of time for a player who cuts short his honeymoon to sign a contract with arsenal..
    but im more confident with ches in the sticks..the confidence ouzes with that lad..even fabianski..

  254. Limestone @ 5:00:

    I would really hesitate to make any judgements based on the data from Untold Arsenal. Their heart is in the right place but they clearly have an agenda. I do not know 7 AM kickoff. I have never seen a sports fan who does not believe their team gets the worst end of calls by the referees. My son is a red Manc fan and he thinks they get hosed all the time. They lost 2 points in a late goal scored by Birmingham that should not have been allowed.

    The bottom line is technology could solve a lot of these issues and put the whole conspiracy stuff to bed by getting the calls that are missed corrected. The difference in how a play looks from based the angle you see it is incredible in football. Refs have a very difficult job. I can not believe that they could keep any sort of conspiracy a secret in todays world.

  255. well well well

  256. Well, Bill, have you recently watched any news? There have been tons of match fixing scandals in European leagues. Serie A, the Polish league, even up to the Bundesliga and these things have been kept secret for a loooong time.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if 20 years or so from now one of the the current top refs comes out saying that he did try to do SAF a favour once in a while when he ref’d opposition matches.

  257. Limestonegunner

    Bill, I agree that fans have our own blinkers which is why I am cautious to allege anything specific or to make such claims without taking a much more contextual look at everything that happens in the league. 7am’s analysis was statistically very thorough–I’d check it out since it is also a great Arsenal blog generally. But, what I tried to point out was the larger context and factors that make the climate difficult for Arsenal rather than specific accusations.

    By the same token, media love winners, so if we win we’ll be celebrated and a lot of pious things will be said about how good it is for football etc…, but I think there are some segments that will grit their teeth.

    I would like to find out though! So come on Arsenal, fight to the end on all fronts!

  258. The early kickoff was always going to be difficult for the players

  259. Bill…

    The point isn’t so much that there’s an active conspiracy as such.. what I strongly believe is in existence in England is a whole range of attitudes that mean that when it comes to crunch we are less likely to get a fair shake. Sir Alex Ferguson is seen as the embodiment of a certain type of Britishness by some in the game. Wenger, on the other hand,just because of his demeanour and the way he goes about his business is seen as the archetypal foreigner… and not just any foreigner but a French one to boot. The fact that he is a confessed Anglophile who recruited Hoddle and Hateley for his Monaco side doesn’t even register. It’s clear to see how he is viewed in the English game from the utterances of the likes of O’Neal, Hughes, Allardyce and Pulis. Others like Bruce, Curbishley and Pardew are more lukewarm but I guess that’s because they’d rather fancy some loan deals with us…

    There’s an anti Arsenal atmosphere in the English game that manifests itself in a myriad of ways… of that I’m sure

  260. Certainly was difficult for the ‘fans’, half of them stayed in bed. Those in the stadium were very quiet. Chap next to me was still wearing his pyjamas, teddy under his arm.

  261. Evil @ 5:19

    I cannot abide Riley… it’s not just that he looks like a tapeworm but the fact that a man can ref a match of that magnitude with that level of incompetence is staggering. The kicking Neville was allowed to give Reyes that day still churns my stomach. And the most incredible thing that day was that the first booking went to an Arsenal player! And the penalty he gave them???? I’m not one for conspiracy theories but Riley’s performance that day remains inexplicable to me… it’s not one mistake or two or three but a whole swathe of inexplicable decisions all going against the one team…

  262. frank
    maybe some of the fans where resting? 😉
    maybe it was just ‘fan rotation’ to keep the key fans fresh for tuesday….. 😉

  263. I see Andy Murray is Scottish again Darius 🙂

  264. You hit the starting 11 perfect, except for Nasri insyead of a sickness fatigued Rosicky. This proved to be costly as Nasri misses 2-3 weeks with a hamstring. That means he misses first clash with FC Barcelona.

  265. Just had the horrible experience of listening to Warren Barton and Keith Costigan discuss Arsenal’s performance. Apparently “NB52 was arrogant and he has to go, if not now then definitely in the summer” and “Arsenal still need a dominant CB, to boss the game”. Firstly NB52, who I like a lot, is not our first choice striker, that’s RVP. He may not even be our second choice but he has scored in the last 2 games and gotten a few assists. His workrate is excellent, and he never gives up. As for our CB, Squilly was just returning from injury in his first season in the EPL, what did we really expect? Yes it was a red but before that he was not terrible. Song played very well at CB as did Kos6. Our full backs were our second choice and did well but yes were caught out here and there, more so Gibbs but then he has not had a lot of playing time. Over all not a great performance but if you listened to WB and KC you would think we had lost 4-0 to Fulham and not the Spuds1!! Tossers, the lot of them.

  266. Why with the moaning?

    Sorry, there is something going on in English football. United get 4 penalty decisions that no one can understand – Arsenal, WBA (Neville shouldve been off), Liverpool and Blackpool. The decision didnt change our game but it they sure changed the others.

    This is not some kind of fabrication, something is wrong and yes there is an anti Arsenal thing going on.

    Great win Today, Arshavin was class, Almunia also (he was composed).

    I am confused, these clowns on Fox are saying we need a strong central defender like United and Chelsea, I am trying to figure out how it is we have only conceded one more than united?

  267. Paul N – I know I don’t get it at all myself. If Vidic was out injured and Ferdinand was being rested and the 2 CB’s rotated in to cover them did not have a great game you would not be hearing any of this buy a CB crap. They would instead sit there with straight faces and tell us that it is a tribute to their strength in depth and that is the stuff of champions blah blah blah….I have come to the conclusion that 90% of pundits(100% at Sky and Fox) were average players in their respective positions, are naive tactically therefore cannot go on to be a manager, but cannot accept being away from the game so are now being paid to do nothing but criticize there peers and mock those that are their better’s, whilst kissing the ass of those who are flavor of the month. Screw’em all my fellow Gooners, our vengeance shall be the 4 trophies all polished to a silvery glow, sitting proudly for all to see 🙂

  268. Joshua @ 6:17PM:

    I agree with almost everything you say regarding Wenger and Ferguson and the Enlish establishment. I suspect its is partly responsible for the agenda we see in the press regarding Arsenal. In truth, I suspect if could analyze every call by every ref in every game we might come out on the short end compared with United but I also suspect the margin would minimal and statistically insignificant. FunGunner pointed out that there seems to be Fergie time with regard to the amount of stoppage time so may be there is some subconscious favoritism given to United because of their history and recent success. I see that all the time in other sports. Michael Jordan always seems to get the fouls called in his favor etc etc. ManU fans think they get treated poorly because everyone is jealous of their success and the David vs. Goliath syndrome. Every team we play outside of the “big 4” think we get all the breaks because we are a big club.

  269. Well me and the Girlfriend are off for dinner with some friends, am really looking forward to it as they are both Spuds fans!!! MWAHAHA!! 🙂 COYG!!

  270. Delia---Block 112

    We do make things hard for ourselves. I and most Gooners left this game relieved , another replay had loomed before Cesc saved the situation. Playing a group of players out of form ,with a similar number of returnees from injury/sickness was a gamble . Fortunately, a lucky deflection from a Bendtner shot ( going wide ) found the back of the net , a great save from Al and another late penalty saved the day.
    It took the equalising goal to stir the home fans ,who had been out sung by the 9000 Huddersfield contingent from the start. At least 8000 season ticket holders didn’t think the tie worthy of their presence. Banks of empty seats didn’t help the atmosphere. I don’t like to say, I told you so, but I refer to my post of yesterday ” a red card and a dodgy hamstring would put us in real trouble” . Please let Samir’s injury not be long term and Arsene you only have 28 hours to find the cover we need at CB.
    As always COYRs.

  271. great result but it is clear we need some cover at the back. god elp us if Song has to be used at the back like today. whilst also taking out Song from a very strong midfield he is not a top cb lets be honest, he is not a cb even if he played there when he was 12.

  272. Wenger the legend


  273. Wenger the legend

    Brilliant performance today.Everyone put in their efforts,and they scored a fluke goal.
    We are really lucky to have Wenger as our manager.The team’s depth really mattered today.

    Come on you Gunners.Arsene Knows Best.

  274. duke
    up until a few days ago i wasnt really bothered whether wenger reinforced the CB’S
    i thought we had enough..but to be honest after a few days of deliberation and yet another disjointed performance today by the squad players im left thinking now we should..
    id hate to think of a midfield without song for a run of games and i think you make a good point about song at CB..although he can play there its not his position and yet i think he does a better job than squillaci…
    not only do in think we need a CB as re-inforcements, but we need a CB of top quality to replace squillaci and push him down to 5th choice…

  275. Arsenal are extremely lucky to have a visionary, intelligent, committed, decent, honest, steadfast, hard working manager who has an unparalleled eye for talented and unequalled ability to develop that talent. Arsenal are blessed to have a man who has the nerve, the guts and the self confidence to choose the path not opf least resistance and short termism but a considered path that requires that we build from the ground up with proper foundations in place. Such a man can fairly be called a legend. And it is indeed a fact that Arsenal FC under the remarkable Monsieur Wenger has indeed built up a squad of quite considerable depth at a fraction of the cost of his rival… in fact I hear that the Spuds got mashed at the cottage today… while we won!

    Huddersfield goal wasn’t a fluke but neither was any of ours and they lost… so to cut a long story short… WENGER IS A LEGEND.

  276. Wenger the legend

    No,lets not break this team.I think Squillaci will go on to become a great player.Koscielny is the best CB in the league right now.They should be able to handle Messi.

    Denilson will repeat his performances against Barcelona,and everyone who are after him,would eat his words.I think he was one of the stand out performers today.Goes on with his job,without any flimsy stuff.

  277. @ joshua
    He is also humble, which is more than you can say about many of his detractors.

  278. Joshua | January 30, 2011 at 7:58 pm |

    Reminds me of another quote from the great Herbert Chapman:

    “It is sometimes suggested that a winning team are got together by luck. This has not been my experience. One has to watch a team like a thermometer.”

    It’s not quite as easy as the uninitiated seem to think!

  279. Squillaci doesn’t NEED to become a great player.. Kosceilny is becoming a great player and has been outstanding recently, Djourou is becoming a great player and has been immense recently. Thomas Vermaelen is already a great player and will be back from injury. And any of our top 3 can indeed deal with Messi… but even if they couldn’t deal with Messi what is the Answer? To buy Cahill??? Can Cahill deal with Messi if Kosceilny can’t????

    Denilson did have a great game against Barcelona last time out and is rated by the Barca technical director. Next!

  280. Can thermometers see?

  281. Wenger the legend

    Well said Joshua.

    I would try out Diaby in Nasri’s place at the Goodison.Diaby was very impressive today.With his excellent tackling and vision,he has started to fill Vieira’s void.

  282. If only we had Dawson

  283. Eh… Diaby is not a Vieira clone. There are some not-so-bright folk who see people with similar physical characteristics and simplistically assume that they must therefore play football in the same way… the kind of simple minded people who imagine that we have to play Everton away twice in the league in the same season maybe 🙂

    Diaby is a fantastic player… whether he starts the match at the Grove on Tuesday is entirely up to the manager but I won’t bat an eyelid if he starts and I’d bet that the Everton players won’t be too glad to see him either… but that’s the point, our Legendary manager (and his legend grows season on season) has built a team of unparalleled depth on a tiny fraction of his rivals budgets. Makes your heart glow doesn’t it?

  284. Joshua

    Why are we discussing barca? The next game is the most important one! And we play Everton at the Grove, having already beaten them at the Goodison.

  285. “Can thermometers see?”

    I don’t think they need to! I took it to mean keeping an eye on the development of the team like you would use a thermometer in order to keep an eye on a temperature.

  286. Cahill is shite by the way. I have no idea what the fuss is over that over rated over priced English playe… Oh yeah,now I get it.

  287. I was frozen to the marrow today. A cold, grey Sunday morning. It is no time to be playing football.

  288. Dexter…

    I think that we are discussing Barca because our visiting troll has nothing better to discuss 🙂 It makes me laugh that some these folk think that you can mock something by saying something that is essentially true. Arsene Wenger is not only an Arsenal Legend but a football legend. Even if all he’d done in his career was to discover George Weah Patrick Vieira and Thierry Henry that would suffice, If he done that and also led Monaco to a french league title when Bernard Tapie’s Marseille was buying games and referees in France he’d be a legend of the game… if he’d done all of that and then added his achievements in Japan he’d be a bona fide legend… but he’s done much more than that… yet we have a troll who thinks that by calling himself “Wenger the Legend” and posting a load of ill thought out twaddle he could undermine what a lot of us say with some lame attempt at irony. Some people just aren’t very bright.

  289. kozz is already a great player…
    TV is already a great player and JD again a great fucking player..
    the problem is our other CB whos nothing more than average and if he doesnt pull his sox up when hes called upon he’s going to cost us some serious fucking points…
    and while we are on about barca ill just say that if we win that tie, kozz and theo will come out with all the plaudits…barca need to be closed down..kozz has amazing ground work and he will come midfield to close down, barca wont know whats hit them..theyve never stood on the track with a steamtrain coming before ..and barca hate pace..their defence is vunerable so step forward young master walcott…
    but fuck barca next game is everton and fuck them as well cos with everyone back barring nasri they’ll be the next team to get 3-zipped

  290. I’d prefer Kos NOT to come to midfield to close down. Vermaelen did that last season TWICE and Ibrahimovic scored 2 goals. 😉

  291. kozz is our best ground work defender
    jd our best arial defender
    tv best leader, organiser, tackler
    squidge just does my head in

    and if i remember tv came to intercept a cheeky lob over the top but missed his header and they were in…but i could be wrong ive slept since then 😉
    but i see your point…
    stop relieving the past god damn it 😉 let me believe in peace 😉

  292. that should say re living the past..sorry
    damn dyslexia, as well as being a wee bit tipsy

  293. JonJon…

    There’s no team in the league with 4 outstanding CBs… It is impossible to keep 4 outstanding CBs happy much less 5. When Chelsea had Terry, Huth and Carvaleho and Gallas… Gallas chose to leave rather than play out of position …that’s how we got him remember? And Huth asked for a transfer to Stoke. So I’m not sure that this request of yours can work… but what do I know?

    What some people don’t appear to realise is that no matter how good a player is, if he is not playing regularly he is going to lose form and a mature player on the bench is the worst thing a manager can do… most managers (and Wenger is certainly one of them) like a settled back 4 so whoever comes in if he’s so much better than Squillaci is going to rightly demand playing time… so who do you drop?… both Djourou and Kos need to play if they are to fulfil their potential and Vermaelen is the senior CB at the club… so who do you drop?. I think that we have the balance of our CBs right at the moment… we have a senior established figure in TV, we have two young, dynamic and improving CBs in JD and Kos and we have an experienced veteran in Squillaci. And the other thing that is often not mentioned here is that Squillaci is still new to Premiership… there’s nothing that says that he can’t get better.

  294. I think Sqilacci is a decent CB, he is 4th choice and I doubt he or WEnger evisaged him having to play so much this season. He was excellent when he 1st arrived and just as with Chamakh he’s gone off the boil a little. I would still like us to sign another CB as no one can be sure how long it will take Vermealen to be match fit and sharpo again after such a long lay off. It could well be the end of March.

  295. we just cant let messi run at us..
    so we have to cut off his supply, midfield will be where the battle is and kozz likes to push out and get to the ball before it gets to the striker….
    if he’s on top off his game he will stop messi….if we stop messi we stop barca
    i think the risk will be less trying to close messi down that what it will if we stand off and let him come at us..

  296. Oh lord. Leyton Orient. I fear our FA Cup destiny this year is to be pecked to death by minnows. All this Division One stuff is like death by a thousand cuts.

  297. joshua
    what if it was a younger promising top CB who would be happy to be patient and learn under wengers tutilidge??? instead of having an experienced CB whos heading over the hill, we have a younger version whos quicker and is willing to learn under the greatest developer of youth players this side of jesus’ birthday??? if wenger went out tomorrow and paid 12 million for a sakho or whoever you are saying you wouldnt be happy??? because we have five cbs at the club…3 of top quality, 1 of quality but potential and readiness to learn and one with experience???

  298. La Liga is turning into the Scottish premier league, with a nicer climate. Might as well just be Barca and Real in a 2 team league.

  299. and last year we had 5 senior CB’s on the clubs books
    tv, gallas, jd, sol, fishead
    so that blows that 4 cb theory right out of the water

  300. and i seem to remember we got gallas cos cole was bumming jose in hotel rooms….

  301. Djourou was injured the whole of last season.

  302. Yep Frank, the worse the team, the worse we play.. Barca will be a stroll compared to Ipswich and Huddersfield… [ am not being sarcastic here, as Cesc aside, we were really awful today] ~ Nasri’s fitness is the main worry; and where has Chamack gone ?

  303. TV has missed most of this…

  304. If anyone out there can answer this, it will be appreciated:
    What constitutes an ‘own goal’ ? It seems rather arb..arb.. arbitary
    A deflection is a goal for the striker, surely, unless it’s an obvious…
    mmm… deflection.

  305. But whats that got to do with your original point about us having 5 CBs last season when we didnt as Djourou wasnt even in contention?

  306. ponyboy; Its an own goal when its an Arsenal player obviously! If it was Rooney, gerrard or lampard it would be their goal!

  307. that wasnt my point though was it dexter…that was a response to joshuas point..

  308. Jonjon
    Only Sol, Gallas and Silvestre were senior CBs and Sol only came in halfway through the season. All three left at the end of the season because they wouldn’t be first choice. So on the contrary, that is good evidence for the theory.
    Nibbled to death, surely. Sprat savagery.

  309. Be as pedantic as you like mate. You said we had 5 CBs last season when we didnt.

  310. @ Dexter ~ a bit stupified tonight, and couldn’t see the Hill-Wood for the —— Nice one!

  311. And given Sol could only manage 1 game a week, that would make it 3 and half CBs!

  312. our books say we had 5..
    our books also say we have 4 this season…but we dont do we we have 3 according to your theory..
    which is why we should really buy another i reckon

    so you didnt include JD as a senior player?? thats rather naive dont you think seeing as though he was given his debut when as seeing as though the majority of our squad arehow old?????
    and sol indeed come in halfway thru the season you are right..
    all the more reason why i dont see why wenger wont get one half way thru this 😉
    and then we can have 5 again..with one out injured…same situation as last year??

  313. and TV???
    wtf he was first choice with gallas.. about looking for an arguement when there really isnt one…

  314. Are you really that sad jonjon? “We had 5 on the books…” Jesus, how childish.

    Ive already stated I think we need to sign a CB as Vermealen’s return from injury is far from certain.

  315. Jonjon
    JD – a senior CB? He was a rookie the previous season, was out injured all of last season anyway and TV was the junior partner to Gallas.

  316. dexter..
    you cant jump in half way thru someone elses debate not even realising the point in the first place and then when your wrong, resort to calling someone childish and pedantic..the same can be said for you my friend and you lose all original point was that we needed to find another CB…in the end you agree with my original point although you have differing reasons we still agree…so why did we have to ‘go there’
    sorry but pleaase stop..
    TV not a senior?? he was first choice CB for crying out loud…
    on that note im going to bid you all goodnight…cos this is getting silly

  317. Iwas thinking the same thing about own goals.fukin bendys goal all dåy long.otherwise we can wipe 50% of lampards goals off aswell then.

  318. Off topic – but well done Fulham.. Beat them, spanked them and whipped them – if only Woy was still the manager, as after Pubis, the ugly Scot at B’ham, Hughes is a sack of dogshit as a man.
    A job awaits at Sky, you f@cker, when you get fired again.

  319. I am wrong? Go back and read your post. Half way thru a debate? What debate? Where is the debate here? You said we had 5 CBs last season when we clearly did not. Stop trying to dig yourself out of a hole. Its not even that much of a point and I was bored of it ages ago. Give it a rest.

    And you have the nerve to suggest fungunner is looking for non existent arguments?

    Fuck me

  320. Mmmmm… ok Dexter, if you insist. But I expect maximum pleasure, and three condoms.

  321. And fruit flavoured lube I presume? Pah, typical!

  322. dexter
    my original point was over two hours ago fella and it was directed at duke
    over an hour later joshua responded with a ‘teams dont have more than 4 cb’ comment
    to which i basically replied why cant we get another young cb and we had 5 last year so its not exactley out of wengers philosophy is it??..
    so there was no arguement…until you and fun ‘jumped’ in feet first
    and there is no hole only yours…
    and no thanks i have a mrs..

  323. You are making out there was some high brow intellectual debate going on that I comopletely misunderstood! I saw all of that. BUT, you made comment (I aint going over it again FFS) you got pulled up on it because you were wrong and yet, you are STILL acting like you have been wronged and its all everyone else’s fault!

    Please, stop.

  324. Overall I’d say they were both REALLY enjoyable, but the Summer ACLF “Have We Got Enough defenders” debate was probably my favourite.

  325. Almunia has been a real pro. he was left in the cold but got on with his work and today he looked sharp as ever and made an outstanding save to keep us in the game. I hope he stays and keep the youngsters on their toes.

  326. Almunia is probably 3rd choice keeper at the moment. No matter what you think of him as a GK you cannot argue that he is not the best 3rd choice keeper in the league.

  327. JonJon… we didn’t have 5CBs last season… Djourou was out injured from the very start, Senderos’s days were numbered as he was looking for a loan from the very start because we brought in TV. Our CB options were Gallas, TV, Silvestre and Song as back up. later on we brought in Sol. That was the situation as I and many others recall it.

    It is also worth pointing out that both Gallas and Sol were on shortish contracts (Gallas’ contract was expiring at the end of that season) what you’re asking for, on the other hand,would mean that we’d end up with 5 top CBs (Squillaci actually has a lot of caps for France) all on long term contracts as well as kids like Bartley and Miquel. How do they all play?

    There’s this idea amongst some fans that there is a cost free way of running a club… if you choose our gradualist way then the youngsters you bring in have to play at some point or the investment is wasted.. For me the balance is right and if Vermaelen doesn’t get fit in the next 5 weeks or so I’ll still say the same thing. What Wenger thinks I don’t know but I believe that he is right not bring in anyone and certainly not a longish term contract.

  328. Apparently the president of Atletico Madrid is playing that old agents trick of leaking fake stories to English press about teams trying to buy Aguero – knowing that nothing’s on the table. It’s not because he wants to drum up interest; it’s because he has no intention of selling and wants to look strong to the Atletico voters by appearing to turn down massive bids. First Chelsea now Spuds.

    This is deadline day.

  329. agent’s

  330. joshua…
    mo matter how many times you say ‘the problem with some fans is…’ or ‘fans like you….’ or ‘some fans seem to think….’ or ‘theres an idea amongst some fans….’ it doesnt change the fact that we had 5 first team CB’s in the squad last year, whether one was is injured or not or whatever contract they were on we had 5…
    just like we have 4 this year..although we really have 3 because weve had one injured most of the season..?so really we are in the exact same situation
    ‘its also worth pointing out’ that its koz and squillacis first PL season.. TV and JD were ‘rookies’ or ‘juniors’ until this season..
    so it doesnt matter how many times you change the goalposts and try and put me in your ‘some fans’ categegory, it doesnt change my opinion that i think wenger should go get another…just like he did last year..
    and he needs to obviously be of good quality..or he wont be suitable for arsenal will he?? seeing as though we are amongst the top 5 clubs in europe theres no point going out and geting joe blogs…
    we are short of CB’s and one of thems yet to impress, so time to get another me thinks and if he upsets one of them cos they lose their place so be it..after all, arsenal come first

  331. Was a joy watching Real madrid get turned over by osasuna. Cant stand Barca but i loathe Mourihno!!

    Seeing as today is the big D-DAY has Wenger sold Denilson, bought a replacement in midfield, got us the two centrebacks we need and the ever elusive goalkeeper whom we need to win a title???He better buy as we have less that 12hrs or everything will fall apart!!!pppstt!!!

  332. JonJon,

    You really ought deal with that chip on your shoulder.

    We didn’t have 5 CBs, it’s not reasonable or even true to argue that… And you are comparing apples and pears in the injury stakes. Vermaelen’s injury is a nagging injury that has dragged on. Djourou had an operation that was going to rule him out all season long and everyone knew it. Can see the difference?

    On the issue of Ashley Cole and Gallas… what happened was that Gallas refused to play at RB for Chelsea because he saw himself as a CB and he fell out with Mourinho over it… that’s how come he became part of the deal. We got Gallas for Cole + 5m because Gallas wanted out of Chelsea and Cole wanted out of Arsenal. So Gallas left Chelsea because Mourinho’s first choice Cbs were Carvalho and Terry. Ask anyone. The point stands. I’m done on this…

  333. I didn’t even get to see the game, and so my cheer had to be transmitted via the stupid sky sports app on an equally stupid smart phone. Since everything in my so called life was delayed, here are my delayed thoughts.

    On the game:
    From the text stream, it seems like we bossed the game until we scored and then took the foot off the pedal, then promptly applied it once they equalised. If so, it’s just matter of hubris and application.

    I have nothing bad to say about Squilly, cause you know, he one of my men. However, reading the stream, I couldn’t help but think of the time Ferdinand body checked Freddy at Old Traf and got clean away with it. Then I got angry, and went looking for a puppy to kick, but couldn’t find one.

    Nasri injury, I’ve seen a headline saying our gamble backfired, and I hate such for the simple reason such are lazy headlines along the damned if you do, damned if you don’t vein. Hope it’s not too serious, but if it is, I have faith in whoever plays in his stead.

    Almunia’s back: great times! Come on Big Al! Good to seee you again Manny, fight for that number 1 spot, and join me in raising a finger to your detractors!

    Denilson, I blame his for Nasri’s injury, us not winning 10 nil, and Squilly’s red. I also blame him for me missing the game and my tiredness, as well as everything else in the world. It’s all his fault.

    2-1, we’ re through, same scoreline as the Mancs, but we did it with 10 men. Can’t complain.

    As for some of the comments on here: Jonjon’s been chatting shit, Bill’s drilling for oil but finding tar, and Gack is a monge.

    I don’t think we have a pressing need for a CB personally, but I remember last year people were saying we need experience. Now they’re saying we just need anyone and relegate Squilly from 4th to 5th. If we need somebody, there’s alway Miquel. Shall we go put in a bid for Lucio? How much would Inter want? 20, 30 40, 50 mil? Fuck’em I say. If AW thinks we’re good enough, I see no cause to argue, and yes, it’s cause he knows better than you.

  334. The own goal is that because Bendtner’s initial shot was off traget. A deflected goal where the initial shot is on target is credited to the striker and if it is off target it goes down as an own goal.

  335. theoooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  336. second in two minutes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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