Carling Cup Preview: Ipswich Town (A)

Arsenal arrive at Portman Road this evening for the first leg of the Carling Cup semi-final. Playing away in the first leg has been beneficial to Arsenal, their last three final appearances all following that route.

Arsene believes that Saturday will help the players focus for this match,

I think the Leeds game will help us focus well at Ipswich. We will certainly be on our toes going to Ipswich. That game [against Leeds] has shown that against a Championship team we must be completely up for it and focused from the first minute if we don’t want to be surprised. We have been warned.

We were certainly surprised by [Leeds’] level of commitment. The team has still shown a great reaction and refused to give up even if they had some points during the game where it was a little bit wobbly.

I cannot for one  minute believe that they were surprised by Leeds commitment on Saturday. If they were, everyone at the club from Arsene and his staff downwards needs their arsenal’s kicking. Every time a team lower down the leagues plays Arsenal, they raise their game. It is nothing new and has happened throughout Wenger’s reign.

It will happen tonight. Having been hammered 7-0 at Stamford Bridge, Ipswich will be smarting, wanting to perform at their best before their own fans, as if almost to apologise for the shambles they put on in the FA Cup. If Arsenal are not focussed tonight, they may well be in for a nasty shock.

Wenger will need to make changes tonight as injuries have stretched the squad in the centre of defence. Miquel is surely going to start tonight in order to give Djourou a rest ahead of two matches a week for the foreseeable future. Purchasing a centre back is Wenger’s priority with Thomas Vermaelen undergoing surgery to correct his ailment.

The Belgian’s absence is going to lead to a fortnight or so of frenzy as the media search for Arsene’s centre back. According to the manager, he would ideally be adapted to English football already. If they were English no period of adaptation would be necessary so we can rule out any English-born player as a centre back signing, meaning that the rumours of Cahill, Campbell and Upson in today’s press are all entirely wrong.

There was a sizeable hint that Arsene would not be entirely distressed if he did not sign anyone, believing that Song and Miquel can provide short-term cover, coupled with Squillaci returning to fitness shortly.

Back to this evening. Miquel will probably be the only defensive change but I would expect a few further up the pitch. In midfield, Song looks like a rest is needed and in his place, partnering Denilson and Tomas Rosicky, I hope will be Aaron Ramsey. The youngster needs to get some match time in an Arsenal shirt in case he is required with two fixtures per week for the next month.

Having played for Nottingham Forest, he will be keen and eager to return to the Arsenal line-up and this competition is as good as any for him to do so, especially at a ground where he recently played.

Further forward is Wenger’s biggest dilemma. I cannot see any merit in starting with Chamakh and Bendtner in a 4-3-3, the attack is to lop-sided. It would mean starting Arshavin or Walcott on the right, with Vela on the left. Centrally, I would start the Dane. He has done well in this tournament so far, why not let him continue.

That would mean a line-up of:

Szczesny; Eboue, Miquel, Koscielny, Gibbs; Ramsey, Rosicky, Denilson; Walcott, Bendtner, Vela

It has been twenty-six years since Ipswich last beat Arsenal at Portman Road, let’s keep that record going tonight. Enjoy the match wherever you are watching it.

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. Limpar – Yeah, I suppose so.

    That said, you know our medical depertments record sometimes. TV5 was supposed to be only ten days injured. If Squillachi’s 3 weeks turns into 3 months we really will be in trouble if we don’t get a new CB.

  2. Good post YW. That is a very very lightweight side that you expect tonight.

  3. YW,

    I think your starting 11 looks a likely choice. Except that I doubt whether Ramsey would be given a start this soon back from injury as his match play hours were so low during his loan. I suspect Diaby might start and Ramsey come on for one of the three midfielders in the second half. (I know Diaby is due to return but is he actually back for tonight?)

    I hope the energy levels are high enough for us to play our give-and-go passing game. If so, I’d hope for any kind of lead to bring back home.

  4. I think he will sign a back up player. Someone that has or are playing in Britain. Maybe we should get Bartley back as cover? He has been in the heart of a wobbely def in Sheff.

    I hope your team pic is wrong!
    I agree with most of the line-up but think Djourou will play, and Fabregas instead of Rosicky.
    Sczc, Eboue, Djou, Kos, Gibbs, Den, Ram, Fab, Arsh, Theo, Nic
    Subs: Clichy, Miquel, Ros, Vela, Wilshere, Fabianski, R.v.P.

  5. Whatever the merits of tonight’s opposition, we live in very dangerous times, as witnessed by the 10-1 drubbing by villa the other night. We lurch from complacency to error in a way that is endemic of the failings of the club in recent years. The failure of the club to acquire centre backs that are not hospital cases is further evidence of this malaise. So much so that we now have to rely on a player who will now attract the attention of Barcelona and will be on his way there by the summer. In the event, Wenger will use this window to sign a player no better than average, as it will “kill” the other players if he does so. The future of arsenal is now at risk, but too little is being done about it. We have a multi-million pound stadium but we couldn’t even host the stoke game due to snow. This is further evidence of the clubs unwillingness to spend money. Right now we are club with ostentatious standards but we leak stupid goals against mediocre opposition and lack pride and effort. We are in the grip of a disease.

  6. A bit of over-reaction there muppet.

    1. A 10-1 defeat for the reserves against Villa’s reserves means nothing.
    2. We have four good cenre-backs and I agree signing a fifth would be ideal with Vermaelen’s injury problem persisting and Squillaci being 30-odd. I don’t see Wenger going mad in the transfer window if the right man can’t be bought at the right price though, Song and Miquel will have to fill in as and when needed.
    3. Nearly the whole premier league programme was called off on the weekend of the Stoke game, hardly an Arsenal specific problem was it?

    Here’s hoping the players who played agains Leeds can step up their game a bit after some obvious rustiness there. A sprinkling of first-teamers such as Walcott and Fabregas wouldn’t go amiss and I reckon Arshavin will be given the chance to play better, Vela is a loan signing waiting to happen at the moment.

  7. Play a strong team tonight win the game 4 or 5 nil then use the second leg as a training match.Ipswich are no Leeds they are a very very poor side

  8. I would also be suprised if Miquel starts.

    I think it will be:

    Pole No2




    If he does play Miquel, I would expect Clichy to play.

  9. Very good Muppet – back to form. Block4 – the sad thing is that Muppet’s humour is so like the genuine level of Anti Arsenal posts one finds online that it didn’t strike you as a joke.

  10. Oh and I wouldn’t be surprised to see Eastmond play. Or is he injured? Ah my memory fails me.
    Of course the tossers out there will; see anything less than 10 – 0 as a disaster won’t they?

  11. Muppet you have been cracking me up with your recent comments. i bet the doomers think you have crossed to the other side.

  12. Wilshere will start having been completely rested against Leeds (wasn’t even on the bench). Unless he has a slight injury or something. 4-2-3-1 with Wilshere and Denilson deep in midfield. Song hopefully rested, he needs it. At this late stage of the tournament we’re in danger of prioritising the Carling Cup over the League, which should never ever happen.

    This match may be more entertaining than the second leg as Ipswich may feel like they need to attack a bit at home. If we’re on the ball we could end the tie early and be able to rest a lot more players for the home leg. Not that Ipswich will have any intention of rolling over. The 7-0 defeat in the FA Cup is not a refelction of the quality of the team, rather how little a priority the FA Cup match was for them.

  13. I’d like nasri to feature in tonight’s game

  14. In retrospect we could have done with slightly less priority on a 3rd round FA Cup match, regardless of the opposition. That was an awfully strong team we put out at Leeds.

  15. Really hope we hand them a spanking! Won’t be watching the game feel I am jinxing the team!!

  16. Screw u muppet. There’s nothing wrong with d way Arsenal is run(u can ask both FIFA & UEFA).
    “The future of Arsenal is now at risk”……Please…..
    Anywayz gr8 post YW. I hope whoever d gaffer picks does a very good job,and dat we get 2 sign a VERY GOOD defender
    Ipswich -0 Arsenal -4. COYRG

  17. Sharp

    Muppet is this blog’s wind up merchant.He is having a giraffe

  18. muppet
    what is ur problem…one moment we r hailing wenger 4 a team with a lot of depth next we say that so n so players r not gud enuf. Arsenal fans r so confusd n quick to label their team as not gud enuf.

  19. Nice one Muppet. I love the reactions from people who don’t know your style…!

    Looking forward to seeing Miquel. Anyone know if JET’s gonna be in the squad? Would like to see him in action at some point tonight…

    Maria – watch the game! We would be in a much worse position than we are now if the team was being jinxed!

  20. It would be good to see Vela, Bendy and Walcott up front and see how they perform in their first start together. They could well become a future (5 years hence?) core strike force. In midfield, yes it would be the ideal return for Ramsey; Denilson should play, needs games, and for the other I would pick Diaby to get him back to dominant ways. The back four Eboue and Gibbs of course, and then … no idea. Personally, I don’t think Cesc, RvP, Nasri, Song, Wilshere, Rosicky or Arshavin should start. Give ’em a rest.

  21. I used to like Ipswich, 30 years ago. Can’t think why, but there was one very good player there.

  22. Colin Viljoen?

  23. Paul Marriner?

  24. Although John Wark was quality.

  25. “One ball to go, one run to win…” The only redeeming feature of T20 is that you pretty consistently get moments like that. You could (and I suspect Consolsbob would) argue that it’s completely hollow and manufactured… but still… that was entertaining.

  26. Matthew Upson would make perfect sense to me, in terms of his contract, willingness to warm the bench, Premiership experience… and the fans would love it I reckon. He speaks very intelligently in interviews (talented linguist) and has always struck me as a very dedicated professional (roots in The Arsenal you see). The only problem I foresee is that he isn’t actually playing very well, is largely immobile, and seems to get caught out and mugged off every Saturday at Wham. Still… you can’t have it all.

  27. The only problem is, that he is a bit rubbish. He is not good enough to play for us. Wenger let him go because he was not good enough, and he has not exactly kicked on has he (proving Wenger right as normal in letting players go).

  28. Zimpaul

    Arnold Muhren, Frans Thijssen?


  29. “We are in the grip of a disease”. Great suff Muppet!
    I too liked Ipswich, saw my first game there – big men with rattles..

  30. I am surprised that noone has mentioned this:

    I am sure it is nothing new for most of us posting on this blog but it’s nice to be recognised as a model of financial rationalism for other clubs to follow.

  31. See my link above Arse Baggins 😉

  32. Apparently we’ve not lost a single game with Djourou playing. I’m so glad he’s come back an even better player than expected. I knew he’d be great in years to come, but wasn’t expecting his progress to be so evident this year – especially after over a year out. Fair play to him, let’s hope his injury woes are behind him now.

  33. I think he could do a job actually… as 4th choice centreback until the end of the season… which is all he’d need to be. He’d be the tall, ‘stay at home’ defender our fans have been crying out for. With any luck he’d stay at home during most of the games.

  34. I think he’s pushed his way up to the hear of the queue at the moment LA, he’s the ideal partvner for Koscielny or Vermaelen. I see Squillaci as number four right now.

  35. YW – Im surprised you think it will be a B team tonight. I assume, having rested a lot of first teamers on sat, that they will start tonight.

    We need a trophy – we’re in the semis, let’s play our best team possible!

    I also disagree that saying a new CB needs to be adapted to english football rules out an english player – I’d say the total opposite. It needs to be a player with PL experience, which obviously could include the likes of jagielka

  36. Lol Limpar. I hope he stays at home too, in East London. Not good enough. I’d rather we brought Miquel up than sign an overrated Upson. To think he’s been capped by England… Doesn’t say much I know, but still.

  37. @ Andy….tanx 4 d tip
    @ Muppet…nw I no. No pun intended
    @ Limpar…Upson is a dinosuar,Dnt tink Arsene wld even consider him
    Would lv 2 c miguel play. Have read a lot abt him(he is highly thot of @ young gunz),I’m yet 2 c him play

  38. It’ll be a mixture of A and B team players.

    Would also like to see Miguel given a chance alongside Koscielny. Fabregas and Song rested please.

  39. It’s just not cricket Limpar. No more than 5 a side is football.

  40. As per the norm YW a well balanced blog. Arnold Muhren n Frank Thijssen both were brought over by the late Bobby Robson – fine players they were.

    The question of whether to buy n whom to buy at this juncture should Wenger choose to do so has really set the “Silly Season” in full swing..Limpars@12.23…seems you could be correct…

  41. I don’t want to see Miquel in the side. He has never played a pro game for us, and from what I have heard he is an excellent prospect but nowhere near ready enough for the 1st team. He is in the squad because there are no more fit CB’s, not because he is the new great white hope. Simple as that

    To throw him into a semi final or PL game could be a nightmare for him. It could cost us goals, and it could really affect the lad.

  42. Limpar you’ve been in absolute inspired form of late. The comment on the back end of the last thread was genius! LMAO.

    On a slightly different note:

    Most of them were pants to be honest but image 7 was a little bit brilliant. Loved it!

  43. And the answer is ….

    Paul Mariner.

    Congratulations to GoonerAndy. Your prize will arrive this very evening in the form of (well that would be spoiling the surprise, now wouldn’t it).

    Tune in next week folks for the next dramatic edition of “How well do YOU know your Ipswich players of yesteryear”, brought to you by the makers of ACLF … the blog that walks your dog? Lifts your fog? Um, Huh?

  44. I use to watch Mariner at Argyle. Best striker I ever saw play for that club. Ended up at Arsenal of course.

    He came back to Argyle as Chief Coach last year but has just been released and is now back in North America.

  45. Twenty 20? Cricket? Redeeming features?
    The way it’s going they’ll end up up with six ball innings for idiots with players dressed like a cross between Gary Glitter, before the um you know .. unfortunate incident, and Mad Max.

  46. ‘bad humour is an evasion of reality; good humour is an acceptance of it’.

  47. m. muggeridge

  48. Limpar LMAO!! You’ve been in inpsired form of late. The comment on the back end of the last thread had me LOL.

    On a slightly different note;

    Most of them were pants but image 7 was a little bit brilliant! Loved it.

  49. c’mon Arsenal

  50. @goonerandy
    Miguel was made reserve team captain so he must have a decent head on his shoulders. Don’t think one bad performance would get to him too much, or affect our chances of reching the final. The semi is a 180 minute match and at half time we can make as many changes as we like, so give the fringe lads a go first leg.

  51. @ Muppet

    Re Miquel, in his interview on ATVO Wenger implied he would play today.

    @ YW
    Wenger also said something about the having got the balance wrong with the Leeds/Wigan team, so I think Ramsey instead of Song is a very good shout. Miquel, too, seeing as he was on the bench the other day.

    @ goonerandy
    If you think Upson is a bit rubbish, why wouldn’t you be surprised if we bid for him?
    “(Miquel) is in the squad because there are no more fit CB’s, not because he is the new great white hope. Simple as that.”
    I’ve only seen Miquel in highlights from youth and reserve games, but AW said yesterday that he thinks he is good enough to cope with the PL. He mentioned him as an internal solution to our CB problem – ahead of Song! Also Ignasi is left-footed, which is another point in his favour. AW’ll probably play IM as much as he dares in January to see how well he does and then make up his mind on him.

  52. I agree with Markus. No-one’s suggesting he’s the ‘white hope’, just that he could well be ready to get involved in the CC team. And as Markus says, it’s a 180 match. I really can’t see us losing either match, even with a relative novice at the back. The rest of the team can compensate – if he is as woeful as your comment suggests he could be…

  53. “bad reality is an evasion of humour; good reality is an acceptance of it”

  54. FG – re Miquel, I hope you’re right. I hadn’t seen any of him until speaking to Limpar the other day. I’ve since checked his performances out, and he looks great for someone of that age. Very rare for a CB to look so assured at 18 years. And being left footed, that means Djourou, Skilly or Kos could all partner him on their favoured sides. I’d happily have him in the CC team, and FA teams (until we get close to the final) – then we may need some more experience…

  55. Lol Zimpaul!

  56. humour ?

  57. @ Geo
    These two weeks of games in the CC and FA Cup are Miquel’s window of opportunity – if he can do a Wilshere…who knows?

  58. C’mon then trevor, hit us with some comedy gold….

  59. At the very least I would definitely play him next week in the Leeds replay if Squillaci isn’t fit. Risking our only two fit senior centre-backs in the 3rd round of the FA Cup would be madness.

  60. not reality ?

  61. Exactly FG, hope so! The same goes for JET I think… Does anyone know if he’s in contention for a place tonight? Even on the bench?

  62. Geo yeh, youre right. just wanted to say c’mon Arsenal.

  63. cant we get bartley back? he’s got to be closer to the first team than MIguel

  64. Markus – I’d rather see him play against Ipswich than Leeds tbh. The Leeds fixture will be tougher for sure, with them being ‘well up for it’ and all… The FA Cup is a must too, so I’d suggest putting out a slightly stronger squad against the northerners. West Ham can be beaten without all of our best players.

  65. Apparently not RomfordPele – we don’t have a recall clause in the loans deal – in fact I don’t think we ever ask for that option.

  66. Wow, football fans are like kids in a candy shop when it comes to potential signings. Even the usually stoic ACLFers have been playing championship manager even if its done almost apologetically 😉

    Arsene generally prefers using internal resources rather than buy so I’d be really surprised if we actually signed any new defenders for the first team in this window. The likely situation in my view is that he’ll use Song and Miquel rotationally as he’s recently hinted while hoping that there are no injuries to either of them or to Kos and JD.

  67. I’d also prefer to see Miquel in tonights game. Considering that we’re likely to dominate the bulk of posession, he might not have that much to do, especially if we do a good job of pressing when its required.

    There’s still ample time in January to make a signing, so why rush when there a chance we would fill that position from within?

  68. Bolton buy Wheater, Arsenal buy Cahill?

    id rather have Jagielka but that may not be feasible

  69. I agree with Henristic.

  70. However I’d prefer a strong midfield of Cesc, Nasri and Deni to compensate

  71. with Vela, B52 and Arsh as the front three. Eboue and Gibbs as fullbacks

  72. Wenger is certainly not one to rush into a transfer, known for last day of the window signings…aimed at drilling down the best possible price, risking loosing out to a higher bidder, or in our current case, the need for a reinforcement as soon as possible. Correct me if I am wrong, but surely with three lower leagued ties upon us – isn’t now the time we need another option to Kos or JD, so in the hope they maintain a good run of fitness, aided by resting alternate games v Leeds and Ipswich x2, we can continue to pick up 3 pts in each January fixture.
    Part of me thinks if Arsenal ponder their options muc more, before we know if it will be the last days of Jan and the value of signing another CB for our trophy push would be less value than doing so today!
    Thus I would happily promote someone to the 1st team for a shot and cermenting a place as one of 5 CB’s into 2011. Bartley is out of the question being on loan, leaving Miquel our best option. If Wenger installs quality across the pitch in these three cup matches, Rosicky, Arsharvin, Bendtnar, Denilson, Diaby, Eboue, Gibbs, Vela, all players who need some performances to push for a place in the “best xi”, all players who should be playing better than they are, with rotating one of Nasri, Fabregas, and Walcott for each of the three fixtures, then surely it is a good time to play Miquel?
    Anyone know the younsters contract status – as it would be typical we place a rising star into the lime light only for new suitors to show interest?

  73. He is 18, so I would imagine has is on a long term contract.

  74. Hmmmm makes me wonder why we allowed Nordveit to leave so soon. Maybe Song can fill that role for the Ipswich game as being a defender isn’t as physically exerting as the midfield position. If Ipswich is as shite as everyone is saying then Song will have a fairly easy going run out. Song and Kos to start as I really want us to put this game out of sight. From an attacking standpoint i’d like to see Chamakh in there as he needs to get into his goal scoring form again. Offcourse I don’t mind Bendy starting either but I dont want both to start as it makes our side look lopsided at times. I wonder if a 442 would be better to accommodate them both, with that said heres the line up i’d like to see.

    Eboue Song Kos Gibbs
    Rosicky Denilson Eastmond Arsh
    Chamakh Bendy

  75. If Miquel does start today, I would expect Kos6 and Clichy to start..

    Even though I wanted to see Miquel during the weekend, Today’s away tie is the better option to make a debut.. There’ll be less pressure..

  76. I’ve kinda lost a bit faith in Rosicky to deliver at this level. It’s been a while that he has impressed in midfield. At this stage of the season, I think he should only be brought on as a sub to close out games, especially if Ramsey is able to play anywhere close to his pre-Shawcross form. Rosicky is at the age an level in his career where he shouldn’t mind that much playing less game than the younger boys. I look forward to having Diaby back in the mix too.

  77. Holy crap I cant believe I forgot Vela, maybe in place of Arshavin in the above line up. I think i’m out of the loop on this one but is Diaby fit again??? If he is then he surely would start over Eastmond, he needs some much needed game time because he could be crucial to the run in.

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  79. Henristic- I agree about Rosicky, I feel very let down by his performances. He used to be a beast back in the day. I remember during his Dortmund days he scored a fair share of long range efforts and was truly a little Mozart. I dont know if he’ll ever regain that form but the reason I still like to see him on the team is because he has that so called ‘footballing brain’. He has a vision of great passes and understands the game. If he starts scoring again then Wenger will have an even bigger selection headache.

  80. It would seem weird that we have usually used our reserves in the CC and then now start using our starters, I am not sure about that. Maybe Nasri since he hasnt played in a while and RVP for a few minutes.

    We need the so called “b” team to play as many matches as possible so that we can get the most out of our depth. If we are to rotate effectively. We dont need them only for the CC and FA Cups but they need to be sharp and confident for the PL and CL also.

    The team that played in the FA Cup saturday is capable of beating most teams in my view.

  81. Muppet!!!

    HA HA HA!!!

  82. Muppet at 2:44pm,
    Love it…

  83. Henristic | January 12, 2011 at 2:08 pm

    Good post mate I agree with that.
    But like you said in the previous post I, amongst others are guilty of being lured into naming possible names for the defence signing. I don’t know what it is, but you have to say Wenger is playing his cards further away from his chest than previous windows. Maybe that’s got us second guessing.

  84. In defence of Rosicky he spent most of 2 seasons out, at an age when you start to loose the same energy in your legs you onced had! For me ever since he joined Arsenal he has never proved the same goal scoring threat he posed in Germany or at international level, sadly nor did his timely colleague Hleb (though we were comparing them from the Pires and Freddie era!)
    Now I see him as a creative flair who though is not of the same calibre of Nasri or Cese, can provide cover from the bench or in such games as tonight. He can slot into our best xi without any issues, and should be valued like Giggs and Scholes are to united this season. I agree his performance v Leeds was terrible, yet I have seen many good ones this season from him, yet without goals! We should be careful not to push every 30 year old player out of the club as soon as there are youngs talents bursting through. Personally I’d rather Ramsey go on loan for the rest of the season…next campaign will be his big one.

  85. Good one muppet

  86. For me, considering the idea of Matthew Upson returning to Arsenal couldn’t be further away from exciting the same senses once whet by stepping into a sweetshop… but there you go.

    We’re only just now seeing Rosicky getting back to his best IMO. He was brilliant against Wigan… MotM for me. Hope he starts tonight.

  87. i wonder….
    mr. einstein once said ‘ the definition of insanity is to keep on trying the same things and to expect a different outcome’.
    mind you, he also said something like ‘ for the furtherance of human evolution we should all eat carrots and cabbages and stuff’

    so it’s back to the bullshit mode again. eh.

  88. LA

    I don’t understand this obsession that some Arsenal supporters have with Upson. There was a good reason that he was sold – he wasn’t good enough. Whilst Keown left and improved away from the club, I don’t see Upson reaching the same level.


  89. Rosicky’s pass to AA against Wigan was special. The guy is class, he just needs more playing time and a goal for crying out loud! I will never forget his strikes against the US.

  90. Paul N | January 12, 2011 at 2:50 pm |

    Spot on Sir!

  91. What a goal!! Never seen that one before…

    It’d be foolish to ever dimiss a player of that talent. He’s got the passing ability of Cesc (and vision) when he’s on it. I don’t mind him not scoring, as we’ve got plenty of players who chip in with goals. Some very harsh comments about him above. He’ll be back to his best once he’s played a bit more footie…

  92. We are currently 7 points behind United and the red Mancs are certainly very good at parking the bus against us and 3 points from that fixture are in no way a certainty. Realistically we have to be just about perfect to win the PL this year. Trying to “get by” for 1 or 2 months by using Miquel and Song at CB makes absolutely no sense. The idea of using Miquel and Song might feel better to some because it goes against that buy buy mentality championed by places like Le Grove but realistically it has to hurt our chances to win this year. Not slagging Miquel who I hope will be a fabulous player but he is only 18 with zero experience in the top flight and moving our top notch DM out of position clearly will hurt. We have lots of money in the bank, we do not have anything else to spend it on and we have a clear cut need at this position. Lets go out and get a top quality CB who can help us this year and in the coming years. No one wants to overspend but in truth it might be needed to get the quality of player that we need and it is no longer a financial risk to the club. The great tomorrow that we have been building for all these years has to come at some point. Why wait and risk another year when it is no longer needed.

    I hope we win big today. Our confidence could use the boost. Go Arsenal.

  93. Muppet- priceless! Should post that on Le Groan.
    For the transfers: Upson please lawd nooo! He is not good enough, his perfomance for West Ham have not been anything special and he would not in anyway improve our team other than to be considered home grown!
    Gary Cahill- a good signing but it is not going to happen.
    Samba- lawd I hate the clogger but to be fair rather him than Upson!
    Jagielka- good player we made enquiries before wouldnt mind him coming in but again Everton are not going to sell in Jan.
    Sol Campbell-No way
    There really isn’t much else out there in the PL that’s available in Jan.
    Wenger says he has option but that is banking on Squillaci coming back and not picking up another injury. I think at this point we have to consider TVCinq out for long term. We really need to bring someone in- we simply cant leave it to chance especially with the volume of games coming up!

  94. LA, Motm against Wigan for me too!
    I wana see him play along players of calibre of Cesc, RVP & Walcott. Nasri has all these players running around him willing to offer space. We must not forget Rosicky has mostly featured in a 2nd stregth side.
    When he did feature in the first team in the begining of the season, even in absence of Cesc & RVP, he was superb. Atleast at home.

  95. Bill, we’ve gone the whole season so far with TV5 out. Squillachi’s only our for 2-3 weeks. In those weeks we’ve got some fairly easy matches including another FA cup tie against lower league opposition, a struggling West Ham, 2 matches against Ipswich and a match against Leeds. Apart from them, we have a home fixture against Wigan.

    If we can’t handle those 2 weeks without Squillachi, then something’s wrong. We don’t need to sign someone. We can rely on Song (if Miquel isn’t up to it – which we’ll find out against Ipswich and/or Leeds) for those matches with Denilson/Ramsey/Wilshere in ‘DM’.

    We should wait until the summer where targets are far more approachable, less likely to be cup-tied, where they can spend pre-season with us etc etc etc. Makes sense to me.

    Have faith in what we’ve got. Squillachi’s absence has been made into a huge drama even though he’s only our for a couple of weeks- at pretty much the best time in the season for it to happen…

  96. Bill

    I feel the same pain, yet don’t think there are the players around at the right price, and if there were we should have been on the mark at 08:59 last Tuesday morning to bring that man in!
    When I say the right price I don’t mean “being tight”, just not getting ripped off. I mean due to buys like Lescott at £24m, Smalling at £12m, Boetang £15m, Johnson £17m, I can understand Coyle asking £20m for Cahill and Moyes rejecting £10m for Jagielka. That doesn’t mean we should go down that road and match it though.
    Plus you need to consider that our current CB purchases have been £10m + £10m + £4m, or there abouts. Not exactly tight is it?

    I agree with not shifting Song around, he’s is too valued in his current role.

  97. thats true mj-gunner, I was watching the replay of us against Black pool and Rosicky was the player ripping them apart. Its is true he was playing very well.

  98. If we had a month like December/November including matches against Chelsea, Manure and Shitty, then we would need someone with experience to step in. But Ipswich, Leeds, West Ham, Wigan at home, then possibly Huddersfield….??

    No wonder the team suffers from lack of confidence (let alone support) at times.

  99. ตอนนี้กำลังจะนอนจะตื่นดูฟุตบอลที่หลัง Arsenal ที่หนึ่ง.

  100. Bill – Good post again, lots of sense.

    Geo – Easy games? We have already slipped up in a good number of “easy games” this season. Bill is right, we should not hope to just “get by” with a makeshift defence when we have cash at the bank. Our model of running the club is great, but that should not preclude us from buying players when we need them. And it is looking like we do need one at the moment. I hope we take the opportunity (even if it is forced) to go out and improve our starting 11.

  101. Geo the concern is not just games coming up in Jan- the decision to be made for me hinges on
    1) Will TvCinq be fit and available for the rest of the season? Evidence so far is no and Wenger admitted that we will need cover if TVCinq is going to be a long term casualty.
    2)Squillaci is out for 2-3 weeks and we have short term cover, what if we get further injuries (God forbid) to Song/Djourou/Kos or Squillaci turns to be more than just 2-3 weeks?
    3)Moving Song to CB should only be an emergency move and we should not really be considering this as a back up option.
    for me with the current situation this is the time to make a decision- and I think the right decision would be to buy. If it turns out that all our CBs are back and fit in Feb and can last the distance great but we definitely do not want to be in a situation where we are depleted with injuries at the back and had the chance to get in reinforcements and we didnt take it! Better err on the side of caution i say!

  102. Geo, your point is taken about maybe not needing another central defender, but you have to remember that Wenger himself has come out and said that he is looking (with the usual caveats) and that if Vermaelen doesn’t recover in January we will require reinforcements which unfortunately looks likely. Therefore while your faith in the current squad is admirable it is the manager who has whipped up this fever of picking potential transfer targets, not the fans this time.

    The problem is obviously that Miquel is totally untried and Bartley can’t be recalled (a bit silly not to have a recall clause in the loan deal). So where we are thinking there is a potential four trophies on offer, can we rely on three centre halves for the rest of the season? Playing mostly twice a week with one who is returning after a year out and two who are new to the league, fatigue is likely to become a problem even if they all stay fit once Squllaci recovers.

  103. Block4 – That is bang on. We have a good chance of winning plenty this year, it would be a huge shame if we take a gamble when there is no need. For me Arsene’s decision should be whether to buy a squad player, or to go the whole hog and get in a top defender (if available of course).

  104. Yes they are relatively easy games. The Leeds game was the kick up the arse the team needed – Wenger admitted that. It just seems crazy to me that we’re so worried about these fixtures, and we’re so worried about an injury to a player who many don’t rate as a starter. Song can play back there (used to be his natural position) and Miquel is more than capable of playing against an Ipswich team shot to pieces confidence-wise, a West Ham team with the same depressing symptoms, Leeds, Wigan, Huddersfield.

    So you’re basically saying that whoever we play from within the ranks at CB, will make enough mistakes to lose us the games? And our attack won’t be able to make up for any blunders that may (or may not) occur?? Hardly a trophy winning mentality. If we can’t bang in more than 2 goals against any of those teams, especially given their circumstances, we probably don’t deserve to win the trophies.

  105. What Geo is saying is that we have good enough players to beat these teams, I agree. I am sure he knows that no game is “easy”.

  106. Geo – Leeds, Wigan, West Brom were all “easy games”, yet we won none of them.

    Why does the squad need a kick up the arse (Leeds) after the West Brom and Wigan shambles? That just highlights, that they don’t actually learn from just turning up thinking we will win.

  107. Paul – I agree with that, but the fact is that we don’t win these games. Which is why muddling though a yet unknown period with 2 recognised CB’s could prove to be disasterous for us. It might not of course, and Kos/Djourou might stay injury free. Is it worth the risk, especially when financially we are in a good a position as we have ever been?

  108. We’ve managed the whole first half of the season with them.

    Without having to play Song there once.

    We’ve got Ramsey coming back, Wilshere, Denilson, Eastmond who can all sit back if need be.

    TV5 might be back in a month or so. (lol)

    You never know, Wenger’s faith in Miquel might actually be justified (crazy as you may think that sounds). And what a perfect time to try Miquel out…

    I see what you’re saying, but I just can’t see it being worth the hassle of integrating them, spending the money etc etc. And how amazing would it be if Miquel emerges as the defensive Cesc/Wilshere?? Give the boy a chance.

  109. Goonerandy, we didnt win those game with some of our best payers and we didnt win games that we were winning.

    Its was not down to personnel but a lack of focus.

    Also you are laying blame at the CB’s only, it seems. What about when Rosicky missed a penalty?

  110. Geo – “If we can’t bang in more than 2 goals against any of those teams, especially given their circumstances, we probably don’t deserve to win the trophies”

    Well bearing in mind that we have already blown a 2 goal lead to Wigan, and have needed last min goals to get something from matches against Leeds and West Ham things don’t look to good do they?

  111. Upson or Jagielka would have won us all those games. Fact.

    Losing those games was definitely to do with having only 3 centre backs. Why didnt we sign another one in the summer and play 4 centre backs – we could’ve even played 5 centre backs if TV5 wasn’t injured. What was Wenger thinking?

    And I constantly said ‘relatively easy’. Do you not agree that those games are easier than facing Man Utd, Barca etc??

  112. Paul – No of course not mate. It is a team game, and the collective must take the blame. I also agree about the focus. I am just saying that given all of that, it stands to reason that we should not be risking having a makeshift CB pairing when we sometimes already struggle with our 1st choice 11.

  113. I hope we get to see Miguel today but I think we will have Djourou and Kos, Eboue and Clicy starting in defence. Should we get a big win then there will be chances for the likes of Miguel in the return leg. But I wont be suprised if this game turns out to be a typical cup tie and Ipswich have the game of their lives!

  114. And Goonerandy – Was it not to do with the fact that we were playing almost ALL of our second string players for those games, all of whom are naturally less sharp, confident and dynamic than the first teamers??

    By the way – not once all season have we had our preferred CB pairing – it’s been ‘makeshift’ as you put it since the first game of the season.

  115. Geo – Yeah, of course they are. And I see the benefits of what you are saying, I am not arguing for arguments sake. I would be more than happy if what you described happened. But it is hell of a risk, and risk we don’t need to take.

    At the moment we have 2 recognised CB’s for 1 month. If either of them get injured/suspended we are having to “make do”. If Squillachi or/and TV5 are out for longer (which is highly probable with our luck with injuries) it could really have severe consequences for a highly promising season.

    We should be blooding players like Miquel when we have the luxury of doing so. We are an injury away from relying on an 18 year 0ld who has never played a game for us, and wasn’t even close to the 1st team squad barring these injuries. I am not doubting the lad, just looking at the facts that say he is not ready.

    Can you imagine our first leg against Barca (worst case scenario, but not that far fetched) with Song and Miquel as the centre back pairing?

  116. Geo – You know what I mean by makeshift. I am not even sure what our 1st choice pairing is if everyone were fit.

    And by you logic, you state that we cocked the aformentioned games because we played our 2nd string, but are now advocating playing Miquel at CB?

  117. I’m not sure, YW.

    Perhaps some still see him as one of our own. He did win the league here.

    Personally I think he could fill a gap in the squad. We are talking about being 4th choice centreback for half a season. Maybe 10 games max. Chelsea’s 4th choice centreback is a forty year-old rightback.

    AW has said that he strongly considered re-signing him at one point – but he may have just been being nice. Maybe he’s one of the targets, maybe he’s not.

    I agree that he’s not good enough to be an Arsenal first choice centre half – moving forward – but in the same way that we seem to have tabled bids for Mark Schwarzer last season… he could come in and plug a gap.

    Who knows? I do think we’ll sign someone though. I’ve been trying to play Columbo with it but I’m sure the real targets won’t have crossed my mind. We have scouts in the Championship too of course… doodoodoodoo doodoodoodoo

  118. Why are you scaremongering, goonerandy? Song and Miquel at centreback vs. Barcelona? If you’re going to imagine that many injuries why not imagine our brand shiny new centreback getting injured too. It’s all a bit too hypothetical for my liking…

  119. LA – Nah, just illustrating a point mate. Of course, both Kos/Djourou could stay injury free and none of this will matter.

    To be honest if Squillachi is back when expected we should be OK. My genuine concern is that he won’t be, and it would be too late to do something about it.

  120. Anyway, off home to get ready for us hopefully smashing a bagfull past Ipswich later.

  121. Goonerandy – I do know what you mean by makeshift 😉

    And I know what you’re saying – re the worst case scenario. But I’m definitely a glass half full kinda guy. At the start of the season I wouldn’t have been confident in Kos & Djourou to be playing Barca, but I have a lot more faith now that they’ve been given the chance to shine. Maybe the same will happen with Miquel? Far fatched maybe but you never know.

    I think at this stage of the season, with most of our best players coming back, we can cope with having Squillachi out for a couple of weeks. We have a squad capable of rotation to a much higher degree than most teams. Players don’t make that final step up until they have to. How many people were expecting Jack to be keeping the others out of that starting berth at the start of the season?

    And where’s it come from that TV5 will be out for the rest of the season? We’ve still got 5 months to go!

  122. Geo, others

    Cut Bill some slack. It seems like piling on him is the fashionable thing to do around here sometimes. His post was well reasoned and sensical. We did nothing but discuss the ins and outs of signing a new CB yesterday so I’m confused about the criticism. Other times, sure I get it, but not today!


  123. NJ – wasn’t picking on Bill, just quite passionate about my stance, look at my comments with goonerandy above. I’m not one for jumping on bandwagons – unless there’s a real c*nt about that naturally causes that kind of reaction from everone on ACLF… Apologies if it looked like bullying!

  124. If Miquel plays tonight he may have one game to convince the manager that he can be backup centre-half until Squllaci and Vermaelen return to action. If he does play let’s hope he makes his mark.

    Well I’m off to Ipswich now (via the pub of course!), so happy watching wherever you are. COYR!!!!!

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  126. Well tonite will be a chance to see what all Connor Wickham hype is all about!
    There is a lot of chat as well as about this Southampton kid Oxtail Soup Chambermaid kid being the next real deal and the new Bale- I never even heard of him till 1st Jan!

  127. Bill’s post didn’t make all that much sense to me, NJ – I must say. It was based on us “Trying to “get by” for 1 or 2 months by using Miquel and Song at CB” – which presupposes new and imagined injuries to three of our defenders. That’s why most people ignored it, I should think. It was based on made up things.

    …Mind you, I’ve been arguing the case for Matthew Upson so what do I know… world gone mad.

  128. I’ve already said it’s The Defence Pole or nothing, so I can’t see the point of discussing all these other defenders. Since Mertesacker has said he’s not interested (or is he just playing hard to get?), I guess we’ll have to be satisfied with Miquel.

  129. Geo,

    Cool. I read Bill’s post thought it was a good one, and was a little frustrated by your response. I just felt like your criticism could have have been directed at any of us the past couple of days!!

    You do bring up an interesting question though regarding “coping” at CB. I think if we have to use Miquel a few times thats not the biggest deal. But last year we were in a similar position before grabbing Sol: One long term injury (Djourou 09/10 — TV 10/11), one absolute animal who if injured or unavailable for big matches would be a huge blow (TV 09/10 — Djourou 10/11) , one very solid defender (Gallas 09/10 — Kos 10/11), and then a cover defender (Silvestre 09/10 — Squill 10/11).

    Now it hurts me to even write Silvestre’s name near Squillachi, or any Arsenal player for that matter, but we are an injury away, and that includes those pesky little niggles, to Djourou or Kos to being in deep doo-doo. Like Sol Campbell and Silvestre starting at the Camp Nou style doo-doo. Ok, thats prob a bit of an exaggeration, but I hope you see my point. Perhaps Miquel could be that stop gap that Campbell was last year. But I’m not sure. If we hadn’t signed Campbell in January, we wouldve been drowning in doo-doo (to keep the metaphor going..)

  130. Come on, Ignasi! Shut us all up!

  131. Amen LA!!!

  132. Thought I would throw in my tuppence worth. What about Sylvain Distin?

    LA – Upson, no thanks I would rather take Spector from Wet Spam than him.

  133. What’s going on in regards to Juve’s central defender Nicolas ? As far as I know he is on a free as of January. He has tons of experience and at his age should have no problem not being first choice, although he should still get plenty of games.

  134. Sorry, using stupid fucking I-pad as laptop is down, that should have read Nicola Legrottaglie.

  135. I was poking around YouTube watching Arsenal related things and I found this gem.. thought some of you might enjoy it! Great interview with an elderly female Arsenal fan.. cool insight

  136. This is just a short clip of the old song she sings.. And we’ll all be pals together, supporting the AFC. official ACLF song?

  137. I don’t think Bill or anyone has been ‘scaremongering’ at all.

    We have people saying that this is a ‘relatively easy’ run of matches, however they are coming pretty fast and thick.
    DJ is coming back from a long term off, and people call for his getting rest and not rushed back too soon.
    People admit that (at the best) the early season losses to teams that should have been ‘relatively easy’ came down to lack of focus and it being players put in to get other players rest.
    It would seem that that is exactly what we are looking at over the next few weeks/month…. an untested Miquel or moving Song out of position (one that he is truly coming into his own in) to cover them, weakening other places on the pitch.
    Would a new signing solve all our problems? Who knows? Who knows if the sun will snuff out in the next 10 minutes, but we have a pretty good idea.
    I think a signing, whether big or small, would be the prudent thing and shrugging off the potential problems is now digging ones heels in just because using the words “buy” has become so synonymous with “doomer” that it is automatically dismissed.
    Also, why is it ok to use the “what if” for “what if Miquel turns out to be the next best thing?” but not “what if an injury happens?”. Seems they are both hypothetical.

  138. Busch:

    “Also, why is it ok to use the “what if” for “what if Miquel turns out to be the next best thing?” but not “what if an injury happens?”. Seems they are both hypothetical.”

    Thats spot on for me. I would have viewed Sylvestre and Sol starting at the Camp Nou with the samy hypothetical skepticism this time last year. But that’s what happened. I would hate to see a similar situation emerge.

  139. Geo @3-32 ” We have some easy Games”.Not quite sure how you came to a conclusin like that.

    It’s possible that Squill could be out longer than expected than the 3 weeks just a look at the TV situation tells us we cannot take anything for granted.There could be a set back in his rehabilitation.

    We are not an over indulgent club and having reached the halfway point of the season and we are competitive on 4 fronts I think relying on Miquel(whom I know nothing about by the way) is my opinion taking a serious risk…Who should we buy? I’ve no idea and so will leave the procrastination to seers like yourselves or to YQ n Darius who have far more insight than I do…Massive massive game tonight..In an idea world we’d be 3 up by half time with the game over as a contest and Wenger could bring on subs…We have to hit the ground running..I’m personaly looking for a big Game from Rosicky…COYG..

  140. Merlot,

    Thanks for the update.

    There will be a news briefing of a planned BS&CO IPO soon, in light of this launch failure.

    The BS&CO board are confident that there are enough dumb fuckers who will be interested.

  141. Sorry YW for YQ slight slip of the finger on the keyboard as you do from time to time..

  142. Stirred up quite a discussion…

    I do appreciate everything people have been saying about buying someone and the possible risks if all of our defenders get injured. I also remember the fear of starting that match with the 2 old boys covering.

    But at the mo we have 2 quality CBs, who would be my preferred choice (with TV out) and are getting better every game, we have Song who was a CB before Wenger worked his wonders and expanded his play, we have Sagna who can play there if we are really desperate (and he’s been our most solid and consistent player since joining), we’ve got Miquel who we all know is a risk – but worth trying IMO – especially during this run of, yes, “easier games”. We have Squillachi coming back in a few weeks tops, and we have TV5 coming back in the next month or 2 (hopefully, if surgery is successful).

    All of the above possible replacements at CB will only need to be considered if someone else gets injured. That’s a big ‘if’. Even then, we will play one of the above options for a few matches, then we have Squillachi back, which is the position we’ve been in all season. We’ve not done badly with 3 CBs so far.

    And people don’t think we could cope without Song in midfield? What if he gest injured?? I’m happy with his ‘internal replacements’.

    Anyway, we all have different opinions, and that’s the beauty of most things in life. At the end of the day we’re all Gooners and want to win everything, so… UP THE ARSE!!

  143. @ Muppet
    ha ha ha – you are on a roll!

    Rosicky hasn’t regained his goal-scoring touch, but I still like him in the middle as the 50-50 midfielder alongside a player like Cesc/Ramsey/Diaby – ie not as the main creative source.
    @ Paul N
    “We need the so called “b” team to play as many matches as possible so that we can get the most out of our depth. If we are to rotate effectively. We dont need them only for the CC and FA Cups but they need to be sharp and confident for the PL and CL also.”

    @ Henristic
    No problem with anyone playing Championship Manager as long as they realise that’s what they’re doing – ie they don’t fly into a disappointed rage when Wenger doesn’t do what “the fans” want.

    @ Bill
    “We are currently 7 points behind United “

    Full Barclays Premier League table
    1 Man Utd 20 24 44
    2 Man City 22 17 42
    3 Arsenal 21 20 40

  144. AW will get the best available person for the job. It could be Miquel or a new CB or some other solution which none of us have thought of.

  145. I’m sure he will FG… Agree about Rosicky too.

    Anyway, back to learning Duelling Banjos before watching ze lads…!


  146. @ FG & Geo – How can you say that when Tomas has never started a game at that position? Or is it just me?

  147. 5-1 today for the Gunners.

  148. Maybe he hasn’t, mj_gunner. If not, amend my remark to “I would like”.
    I think he has creativity but not in the Cesc or Nasri class (for now), and he is struggling to score (for now). However, he is very good defensively so it made sense to suggest a position in which he could use his talents, but we wouldn’t be depending on him to run the game.

  149. @ The NY Fan
    I see. So it’s YOU who has been jinxing us for the “easy” games!

  150. Arsenal: Szczesny Eboué, Djourou, Koscielny, Gibbs, Denílson, Wilshere, Walcott, Rosický, Arshavin, Chamakh.

  151. And did anyone see AW has dedicated the Coach of the Decade trophy (puts to bed the argument about greatness, no?) to all his staff over the years. Typically gracious and humble, and absolutely correct. Football is a team sport in every sense.

  152. No Bendtner? After saying he needs games, that is a surprise. Is he on the bench, dups? And what about Miquel?

  153. Wellington to Levante, very good choice to get some proper experience instead of playing in the segunda

  154. Dups – Thanks, that does it. Miquel is not the answer it seems.
    FG – Very True!

  155. they’ve given a different line up- on ATVO – Bendtner and Fabregas in, Rosicy and Chamakh out of your line-up

  156. Szczesny, Eboue, Djourou, Koscielny, Gibbs, Walcott, Wilshere, Fabregas, Denilson, Arshavin, Bendtner.

  157. Can you tell I’m excited? Can you?

  158. Bill’s been dipping in the doomer web sites of late. They too give MU all three points for the Blackpool game eventhough they haven’t played it yet. And Manure may park the bus against us but I’m pretty sure our boys will be extra motivated to end their unbeaten run. Is Bill related to Howard Webb?

  159. Does JD20 staring tonight mean He is ready to play 2 games every week??? I hope so…

  160. Your avatar is shaking with excitement FunGunner.

  161. Come on Arsenal!

    I don’t expect 5-0. After conceding 7 against the geriatrics, Ipswich will be keen to keep the scoreline respectable.

  162. Hoping for an Arsenal & WHam final.
    Anything but a game against Satan’s FC inbetween the CL games.


  163. Birmingham Cloggers> Birmingham Underground> Satan FC

  164. I see Shea has been named as our back-up keeper. Guess that means Big Al is def leaving. I think I speak for all when I say best of luck wherever he goes and thank you for al that you have done in an Arsenal shirt. Those first 20 minutes against Barcelona in the first game where outstanding and gave us all well needed hope and belief in our team.

  165. @ Poliziano – losing 5-0 to The Arsenal would be respectable for them at this stage 🙂

  166. ha ha, Irishgray

    But this team just needs a win – so I’ll take 1-0 or 2-1.

  167. Compared with losing 7-0 to The Pensioners, I suppose even 10-0 against Arsenal would be more than respectable. Still, I expect Ipswich to stay fairly tight.

  168. Portman Road is where the ‘ladies of the night’ hang out in Ipswich

  169. Wowsers he’s put a strong squad out.


    Arsenal FC…

  170. Really MD?

    Come on You Reds!

  171. Poliziano – I don’t think I could enjoy a 1-0 or a 2-1 at this stage. I want to see the lads go nuts and start banging them in!!! 5-0 would be perfect 🙂

  172. I personally hope Big Al’s Arsenal career is over just yet. Whether you loved or stupidly hated him, I’m sure you’ll agree to go out on a low like WBA just isn’t right.

    In any case, I too wish Big Al a successful future wherever that may lie

  173. From the context, you’ll all note I meant isn’t!

  174. LOL Gadget!!

  175. lol did anyone see that shot of arshavin down the tunnel as peters (playing RB against his LW) passes him?? the guy is about 3 inches shorter than him and I dont think AA could believe what he was seeing… haha

    maybe as well stick with the strong line up and put the 2 legs to bed in 45mins. providing things go well we should see some early subs of the key players and ramseys comeback game.

  176. I really like the look of this midfield three. They seem to be clicking as well.

  177. Denilson works best when he plays with Cesc. BUt then again it seems Cesc hooks everybody up.

  178. 1-0 Torres

  179. Nice one!!!!!!! Keep them coming!!!

  180. Tonight, we’re going to see the story of how Arsha got his groove back! Enjoy it people!

    Come on Arshavin! I believe!

  181. Evil, it seems the left-footed Lil Jack compliments the other right-footed midfielders..

  182. goonerwife,

    Denilson loves to play the pass-and-move game.. When Cesc is on the pitch, his off-the-ball movements helps Denilson play at his best.. Noone else seems to bring out this game from Denilson…

  183. Not as much pressure on Ipswich goal as i would have expected given our strong line-up…

  184. 1-1 Blackpool equalize

  185. Wowsers!!!

  186. @IG
    I agree. It also seems that with Cesc by his side Denilson is trying more risky offensive passes (which are connecting btw.!).

  187. I think we need to pick up the tempo a little.

  188. Eboue was calling for the medics on that one, im tink im nose bruk!

  189. I dont know but somehow I would prefer to see Cesc off the bench for these matches.

  190. Wickham looks a real quality player.

  191. Come on Arsenal!

  192. Paul N,
    Agree regarding the tempo… We aren’t playing at our usual high tempo… ‘The Handbrake’ is on..

  193. Thank God offside

  194. someone got a working link for the match?

  195. Please score before half-time boys

  196. has Bendtner actually touched the ball this half at all?

  197. for me we look worse than we did on Saturday. I want Rosicky on the pitch.

  198. one side effect of the “handbrake on” approach is we are building their confidence back

  199. Holy Christ in Hell that was a pretty underwhelming half from the team. I’d change Bendy for Chamakh for the simple reason that I think Chammy work upfront is what we need. Give them a mild broiling Boss! Get them awake!

  200. Cheers MD!

  201. looks like my 5-0 prediction is a bit far-fetched lol, 3-0 2nd half 🙂

  202. Handbrakes on? Isn’t that what happens when we play big teams like Manu?

    There’s nothing wrong with the pitch as far as I can see so I don’t get why we’re playing so poorly by our own standards, especially in attack. Arsene said the we’ve learnt a lesson from the Leeds game yet we don’t seem motivated enough for this game?

    COYG!! These guys aren’t gonna just roll over for us. We need to attack much better than this in the second half.

    Btw, that Wickam boy looks something special. Sweet skills on that dude!

  203. what is it with arsenal legends, when they are on tv all they do is hate.

  204. We’re probably feeling the pressure – if we are nervous, that is why the handbrake is on.

  205. @ Henristic, that was. Don’t assume lack of motivation.

  206. Yeah, Wickam could easily walk into all but the top 6 in the Prem. I wonder if Chelsea are after him? He looks one class above any of Chelsea’s youngsters.

  207. We certainly are/were afterhim.

  208. The 2nd half performance will be lot different..

  209. The pitch is an atrocity!no wonder our tempo is so-so.

  210. well if they dont lack motivation they lack mental strength, seriousley lack mental strength. It is deffo embarrasing when a 17 year old boy shows more mental courage than Bentner the selfproclaimed world beater….

  211. There’s no pressure on the 17-yr-old. He’s 17 and he’s in the team that is not expected to win.

  212. First Lady

    A decent player would be able to overcome any problems with the pitch. Let’s be honest, it’s a bit pants tonight.


  213. The problem is that Ipswich is having a real go at us.

    I think its hard for the bigger players to get up to play the lesser teams. Thats what i see.

  214. well fun gunner. point is as a arsenal player you are ALWAYS expected to win. so you should handle the preassure. it always blows on the tops. thats part of being at the top. And it is dissapointing that we ALWAYS seem to loose or nerves in EVERY important game we play. at the mo one would belive ipswitch are the top 4 team not arsenal. the entire ipswitch team earn the same as fab4 and arsh together! and is worth half of Cesc!

  215. the only explanation for tonites game must be that the players are pissing their pants of fear. cos they are afraid to not be as good as ipswich or something.

  216. Strangely it’s our attacking play that has been off for a couple of games now

  217. Or as Paul N says, the bigger players just dont manage to play at a lower level, much like a university student in advanced math dont know how to do 5×10?

  218. Oh snap! Sir Wenger’s got a water bottle in his hand!

  219. we are so so lucky we are not down 1-0

  220. It would be nice to get some shots on target .

    Anyways, we’ve been a bit better in the second half. I can feel a goal coming.

    Shit! that was close!

  221. Lucky us

  222. Is it just me or do they look more dangerous in attack than we do?

  223. What a really piss poor effort so far. Far too many slackers in the team today

  224. blah altest we know we gonna play GREAT against Barcelona, this team seem to preform best with nothing to loose…

  225. who’s on the bench? something needs to change. nothing happening up front.

  226. Henristic, be careful about that goal you feel coming. I would prefer a 0-0 at the rate we are going.

  227. Furious, you mean nothing is happening.

  228. We are making a really poor championship team look good. Someone out there needs to pull this team together. Or Wenger needs to make a change

  229. I would like to see Vela, Chamakh and Rosicky, maybe RVP.

  230. Song is coming on?

  231. @ poodle
    Just saying why I think the handbrake is on. They are too nervous, NOT complacent.

  232. Did you guys know Arsharvin was on the field?

  233. I think that if we are going to buy we should go for a choice centre-back, someone who could be our first choice also. Miquel could be the next Adams or he could be a flop. Why waste a good start to the season and take a risk? Someone could also get injured later in the season.

  234. Chamakh and Song on for Big Nic and Lil Jack..

  235. whatever paul. we’re defending well enough but honestly this game is a big pile of wank.

    oh, heres chamack and song. let’s go!

  236. Don’t really see why Song is coming on. I would have liked to see Ramsey for Cesc. Cesc has not been good in the 2nd half.

  237. difficult to find some positives so far….. no new injuries ?

  238. Chesney is playing little dangerously today.. Couple of scary moments…

  239. @Evil…. SOng has a knack of scoring important goals. thats why he is on. Cos he is a proven goal scorer. belive it or not. but he seems to actually not be as nervouse as the rest of the kids…

  240. and does everyone still think Chesney is miles better than Fabianski?

  241. I dont see why Arshavin should be singled out. Is anyone on the field for Arsenal? if so, do something.

  242. Is ‘same old arsenal always cheating’ the ipswich team song or something? 🙂

  243. Godd point Paul N. But we’ll score in this match. We should win it.

  244. I just believe that this match needs a touch of Rosicky.

  245. tokala: djorou’s been awesome again 🙂

  246. What a chance to go up 1-0.. Bad touch from Cesc…

  247. Thank goodness for Djourou.

  248. Its Leeds all over again…

  249. oh shit

  250. that we deserved! hope we go out. mayne that would teach the players a lesson

  251. holy shit, ipswich 1 up!

  252. cannot say this is fully underserved

  253. Well, can’t say they haven’t deserved it. Even though it looks offside..

  254. How was that not offside?? AA was flagged offside when He was yards onside…

  255. Ipswich will score here im tellin ya

  256. No surprise there, they had been way better. looked offside though, huh?

  257. hmmm… fair play to them but if leeds was not enough of a wake up call I dont know what is. perhaps wengers faith in some players is a little too high for its own good.

  258. this is laughable…. hope they are all ashamed

  259. oops

  260. Too many slackers means this is what we get. Total lack of tempo to our game

  261. The team selection just didnt do it for me and I really dont know why. Just a gut feeling.

  262. imagin if we go out. imagin if we dont manage to score at Emirates and they go to the final. Imagin if Arsenal goes out in CC to Ipswich after fielding their strongest team possible….

  263. blackpool 2-1 up at least, ha ha

  264. What a comment from Yogi in todays post.

    “If Arsenal are not focussed tonight, they may well be in for a nasty shock.”

    Win, lose or Draw this is a shambles of performance.

  265. Ha! Chamakch shoots!

  266. well the worst of it is, its not even a shock! its something we all expected and thought could happen. that says alot about the faith in our team atm i think…

  267. The starting lineup wasnt the problem – its the total lack of effort put in by those supposedly putting themselves up for regular first team slot

  268. what the f… is the problem with this team ???

  269. @DeiseGooner
    Do you mean Cesc by that?

  270. we are outplayed and outwitted by a championship team 😦

  271. wow what schoolboy defending there – actually schoolboys wouldntdo that from a keeper kicking it out

  272. all they need to do at Emirates is park the buss, and go for counters. and we beaten

  273. Deise, I never said the starting line up was the problem, I just didnt like it for whatever reason. I hate the fact that Cesc is playing. It kinda makes it look like if he is not playing we cant win. I am sure he will play on Saturday also. He couldve been fresh for that.

  274. i really should stop making predictions, we sure do like making life hard for ourselves

  275. poodle, hell no, I didnt see this at all for I didnt see the team playing like crap after Sat.

  276. SEriously, no matter what happens I hope Lord Wenger gives them an utter roasting!

  277. Exactly DG. No matter the lineup, this is a group of players employed by Arsenal and they should be able to at least provide the effort – they are of such ability that effort normally would result in a win.

    I still think we’ll go through though, but this is dire..

  278. True Paul N. I’m still hoping we’ll score but we were shit today, considering how strong a team we put out.

    Arsene decides to go with an almost full strength side and they manage to play worse than our B team.
    Dissapointed. this squad is just too mentally fragile and don’t react well to pressure. It certainly can’t be complacency, surely? Either way, its just poor.

  279. they got to do something serious to make up to the fans for this. this is just rubbish! i love arsenal but fuck sake!

  280. Nightmare day.

  281. All 11 should be ashamed to wear the Arsenal shirt. Absolutely disgraceful performance

  282. no Evil im talking about those not the usual starters who would be looking to take a chance like this to play themselves into the managers starting choices –

    players like B52, Denilson, Eboue

    Granted all were poor tonight but some of those who dont start regularly surely should be up for this

    That result and performance is a disgrace

  283. the papers and plundits are going to have a field day

  284. And arsharvin and bendtner looked like they were playing for a january sale…

  285. Really bad performance from the boys… Disappointed…

  286. did enough at least for a draw, but as so often is the case, ref fucks it for us..

  287. thank goodness this is over two legs, is all I can say.

  288. Sucks!!!

  289. well alrighty then…

  290. haha mj_gunner are you for real? they deserved that goal, sad though as it is.

  291. I’m just thinking, maybe the reason Arsene mentions ‘mental strength’ , ‘desire’ etc so much is because he realizes this teams lacks it?

  292. @colneyblog can you blame them? the team brought this on themselves, they deserve all the pundit hate they get. they deserve to be called shit, and they deserve to be called a mentally fragile team. they deserve to be abused after this….

  293. Utter sh1t, utter, utter sh1t.

    This lot are a joke, a disgrace to the shirt. This team has been 6 years in the making. What a waste of time.
    They were lucky not to lose v Leeds. This lot will win what they deserve, fck all. If AW can’t get a team to beat opposition that is in the bottom 6 of the division below you have to ask serious questions.

  294. MJ

    No, we got exactly what we deserved. Which was nothing.


  295. Bit of the that new manager syndrome going on here – bit of a crappy pitch as well, but also a dodgy performance from us.

    I know people are upset, but there is such a thing as self-respect. Oh well, media lockdown is now in effect.

  296. @one of us, if the team had selfrespect theyd win today

  297. Fun,

    Yes 2 legs gives Ipswich the chance to win by more goals. This Arsenal team are a bunch of overpaid losers.

  298. AW must be livid…. and he could not even rest some key players (Djourou, Cesc,…). He tried the “B” team against Leeds and had to bring on Cesc & co to try salvage the game, tried his best available line-up tonight, maybe hoping he could take a couple off if we led comfortably and did not work either….do they all have a virus or what ?

  299. Oh well, goodnight everyone…

  300. Did enough for a draw?

    What a fucking joke.

    What a bunch of complacent, spoilt, overpaid wankers.

    No performance in my memory had made me as angry as this.

    The players should pay the costs of every fan who travelled to the game, if they don’t make the effort, why should we?

  301. I didnt have much of a problem with Saturday’s match but this was a joke.

    Maybe we deserved to lose by 2 0r 3 but thats about it. I didnt recognize this team apart from the first, maybe ten minutes.

  302. The only solace from the game is Djourou, he was the only one out there sweating his ass off for the shirt. Absolute and utter rubbish from the lads. Disgraceful.

  303. I disagree, YW

  304. The best chance for a trophy in some years and that is the performance the team puts in.

    The thing is, its happening all the time. Its called unprofessional.

  305. @Alex ice Cream
    Well, Fergie did no manage to get his team to beat League One side in the FA Cup last year.

    Absolutely awful result with an equally awful performance. Our attack was basically useless, save for Walcott. Cesc disappointed and maybe should not have started. Denilson seemed the only one in the midfield up for it.Most disappointing that we got beaten by the same trick they ussed half a dozen times and managed to get a 1on1 with a keeper or at least into good position the exact same amount. The goal was offside, but we can not complain

  306. Here goes AIC going overboard again.

    so predicatble!

  307. I think I can speak for everyone tonight when I say that was a truely tragic performance!…….

  308. We did not concede a single fair goal, how can we deserve to lose? I’ll leave u at that..

  309. Its not just the players. The manager has to take his share of the blame; its his team, his players.

  310. Mongolian Gooner

    I would say the result was just. Their goal looked to me offside but I think they deserved it.

    They wanted it more. They wanted to amend their pride after the humiliating defeat by defeating or drawing with us in front of their fans. So they had more drive.

  311. Still, things put into perspective, we are still going to play them at home.

    Though I wonder if AW might have fared better by actually putting out a more inexperienced team. With people like Ramsey, JET or Miguel, they would’ve at least been up for it.

  312. Overboard maybe, but not by much Paul.

    That was disgraceful.

  313. Evil,

    Fergie won the Prem that season and the Prem and CL the season before. Don’t even bother comparing.

  314. Congrats to Ipswich. They thoroughly deserved the win. They played positively, with some really good football and attacked all game, and did so with players missing!

    However, apart from keeper, JD, Kos, Chamakh, Song, and maybe Gibbs and Denilson, everyone was pretty poor. Walcott should have been tearing them a new hole for shits and giggles, but seem to disappear for much of the night. Bendy didn’t work hard enough I felt and couple that with Arshavin’s workrate, it’s not a good look.

    Do we really need to play a stronger team at Ems? IF they’re gonna play like that then pretty much.

    The worse stat is the shot attempts. Frigging woeful. At one point it was Ipswich 11, Arsenal 4, despite us having 67% possession.

    I’m feeling weird though. Not anger, not sadness, not disappointment, not even numbness. It just feels like I’ve been hear too many times before to invest too much emotion, so I guess it’s an odd concoction of all 4!

    Good times.

    I still love you Arsenal, even if you tend to my heart like an abusive husband! Bastards

  315. I am as predictable as our sh1te performances.

  316. the team must not let this fester, we are away to West Ham who always reserve their best for us.

  317. @AIC
    No, Fergie did not. That was last season when ManU went out in the third round to Leeds .Chelsea won the league last season if you already forgot. So yes, I can compare.

  318. It was a rerun of Braga!

  319. Matt, talking about overpaid and all that crap is rubbish from AIC. You could say that for most football players then, including Cesc.

    They played like crap and deserve to be blasted but not in the way AIC does.

    Mind you he is not as passionate when we win. He didnt say the team was underpaid when we beat Chelsea.

    Get away with that nonsense.

  320. What was that all about? That dreaded high line again . It was Braga Spuds Newcastle all over again. When teams sit back invite you to come at them and then those dreaded long balls start to come in, it oubvious, it is clear to see what their plan was like Braga like Spuds and New castle did, Ipswitch followed. We should not pushh up so high we have to be patient. first half 1 shot on target. The goal was offside but no excuse we have to be ruthless against poor sides. Anyway it is not the end of the world the real test is how do they react after this defeat. As away goals count the second leg becomes a little tricky a minimum of 3 golas in the second leg to be safe.

  321. FUCKING FUCKERS! That was piss poor,, Well done to the opposition they certainly gave there supporters something to celebrate tonight!

  322. Really at a loss to understand what is going on with this team… good night guys let’s hope for better times soon

  323. we just dont want a trophy do we..?

  324. AIC, I disrespectfully say:

    Fuck you, and fuck off. You’re vilest piece of work I have the misfortune of being able to set my watch to. You’re the monotonous git that makes Bill blush.

    Fucking parasitic troll, I despise thee.

  325. AIC, should get away with his nonsense.

    Predictable moaner!

  326. Today is my birthday. I dont deserve that on my birthday

  327. Embarrassing,humiliating, insipid, inept – just f&cking crap
    This is the straw for me.
    No excuses for lack of ticker
    I`d dock the wages of the lot of them & let them thumb their way back to their mansions

  328. Actually, I don’t think there was anything wrong at all with this performance. It’s the kind of performance you give when you don’t want to win a game and we did it with flying colors.

    After the 7-0 defeat, I had almost no doubt we will not play to win this game. Probably the most optimistic objectives for this game were: Don’t get injured, Don’t get sent off, don’t concede more than 1 and most importantly don’t bother.

    We have the home game, I think we can beat Ipswich any time any day…We just didn’t want to today.

  329. We needed to be smarter today. We needed to lay back a bit let and let them attack us. Teams always know we’ll attack, sit back and hit us on the counter. Its becoming all too predictable. We should of let them tire themselves out, soak up the pressure and hit them with the counter. We needed space to work our magic and predictably none was afforded to us. One more thing, why do we over complicate plays, when Fabregas had that ball and tried to flick it over to Wilshere when he was open for a shot, WTF is that??? Why do we like to do the impossible when its always easier to do the possible??? These questions have to be answered.

  330. We were crap tonight, yes. We’ll take them apart at the Ems though. Calm down people. Shit happens. We are the Arsenal.

    Mr Alex Ice Cream: shut up already. You sound like one of those little twats just waiting for moments like this. You should be posting elsewhere. I think Spurs have a little blog somewhere for you to scribble your bullshit.

  331. What utter bollocks Gunner4Ever – thats not how it works im afraid.

  332. g4e??

    eh? what have you been drinking mate i want some

  333. That really was a sloppy performance as you are likely to see. The back 5 were not too bad, but ahead of that it really was poor. Bendtner especially; he constantly goes on about how he should be in the team, but plays like that. No effort, no passion, no nothing. He offered nothing. Again.

  334. Complacent.
    Disrespectful to the 5,000 odd fans who travelled all that way.
    Treated it as a training session for the full 90 minutes+.
    Even when we went a goal down, there was no sense of urgency – they were probably thinking, “Oh well, we still have the return leg.”
    I still don’t give a toss about this competition and I’d like to see us boycott it, but if we’re in it, we should play.
    Hope Ipswich hold us to 0-0 at the Emirates and the fans get a chance to give this lot the abuse they deserve.
    Disgrace to the shirt. Every man-jack of them. And anyone who still thinks Walcott is a footballer needs their bloody eyes tested.

  335. The thing is, of course we’re capable of still going through to the CC final. We could easily win 5-nil at the emirates if we had the right attitude/desire etc.

    The problem is we don’t always have the right attitude, certainly not consistently enough to deserve being champions. Its either we’re complacent, or scared, or under pressure, or we ‘want it too much’, having the handbrakes on etc etc.
    I used to think our main problems was just injuries and as long as we’re able to overcome that, the rest will fall into place. But many games this season has shown that we have bigger problems than injuries woes. We lack the mentality of champions, and only Arsene can sort that out.

  336. our dodgy temperament again. this was always going to be tough after their 7-0 hammering and our players fell into the trap of thinking they could just turn up. Ipswich were embarassed. luckily they got the second leg.

  337. Ipswich wanted it more, fair play to them they played very well give them credit. For most of their players this was a chance in a lifetime, sadly the same couldn’t be said about the performance from ours.

    We need to regroup and look forward to West Ham, who would be no pushovers mind you. It was a poor performance but we can take solace in the fact that the second leg is at the Grove.

  338. At least we are not Liverpool…..yea…that’s all I got 😦

  339. I blame Mourinho for all the crap we see from all the shite teams. he showed them how it can be done but no excuse we need to learn to deal with that. playing a stupid high line when you know those patthetic long balls will start to come in is not going to get us anywhere. Not all teams will be willing to come out and play. I thought there was a lack of crosses into the box to obypass the parked bus then again there was no one in the box until Chamakh came in and started roughing them up a bit in the box. Well I would start Nasri Chamakh and Van persie in the second leg. We need to get to that final otherwise it will not be good for the confidence of the whole team. Doubts will creep into their minds. Still another 90 minutes to go. We can do it.

  340. An awful performance from the team tonight.

    Arsenal were 12/1 on to win, almost as poor odds an what you would get on that maggot crawling out from under his rock after a bad game.

  341. jonjon i’d hold fire with that statement till after the second leg but if we do go out i’ll be joining you coz if we dont win this bloody tin cup then there is no hope for us. but i still see the light.

  342. I genuinley don’t believe it.

  343. well cesc was there too.

    so all that talk of starting him and ensuring we put the tie to rest in the first leg went where? He should have put rosicky in there!

  344. We will turn it around at the grove. I think this team likes adversity a bit too much.

  345. “Arsenal were 12/1 on to win”
    That’s it then – they all backed Ipswich.

  346. Oh carmon you people for fucks sake. You stick a tractor and a rolls royce on a ploughed field and what do you expect to happen.

    Motm – Djourou and Koscielny

    Aggregate result Arsenal 4 Ipswich 1.

    Please allow the peasants their day in the sun.

    The fucking football establishment is hardly going to back a cultured foreign Arsenal team against a British farm war effort type team. The pundits…..they are fucking with your minds people.

    Wake up!

  347. Really Deano, do you truly believe that ??

    If we concede one we need to score 3, after that performance from us and the good defensive display and Jewell’s knowledge of how to plays us, I DON’T

  348. Frank,

    Its that type of complacency that’s got us in the shit to begin with

  349. This was a disgraceful Shameful performance.An arrogant team who went out thinking Ipswich would lie down and die.Well they didnt they outplayed us.There is no excuse for that.We got away with with a 1-0 defeat against a team at the bottom of the championship.No one can defend what happen tonight.Its time to stop making excuses for this team.They are no longer kids anymore

  350. duke
    im honestly lost for words..
    ive seen too many performances like this over the last few seasons to be seriously shocked but i cant explain or understand why everytime we make a few changes, or dont play our best team, we look matter if its cl, pl, or champ..we struggle..
    id like to say that some of those players arent good enough and never have been and too many changes at once totally disjoints us..but who knows

  351. “Please allow the peasants their day in the sun. ”
    Complacency is obviously infectious.

  352. Was it Denilson’s fault? didnt see the game .

  353. Did you not watch the game Frank? We were shite.

  354. denilson had a good game

  355. “We were shite.”
    And that’s being complimentary.

  356. @dukegoonem
    No, not really. He was the best of the midfield three. Cesc however was disappointing. Gave the ball away countless times, even putting the opposition cleanly through 1 on 1 once and he should’ve scored the winner when he had a clean shot on goal from ’bout 10 yards out but decided to square it for no one in the end.

  357. “denilson had a good game”
    He was at least the only one of the outfield players who looked like he gave a toss.

  358. Denilson was good? Jesus christ, I serisouly wonder about people on here sometimes. He was shite and gave the ball away countless times. As per usual he did not track back at all (watch him for their 2nd half breakaway which Tech 9 saved).

    Fuck me.

  359. What I did not understand, from a tactical perspective, was why Walcott switched sides around the 60 minute mark? Ipswitch’s left back had a yellow cad so shouldn’t Walcott have stayed on that side to be able to terrorise him better cause he wouldn’t have been able to tackle?

  360. now we will have to put up with the media storm about how we are going out and will not win anything for another year blah blah blah. till we do them 5-0 at the emirates.

  361. Was that a sarcastic comment Frank, MOTM koscielny???

  362. @GA
    Countless times? Examples, please. I remember him giving away the ball once in the first half, though he did intercept the pass that was played immediately afterwards and therefore remedying his mistake.

  363. Wacthing Barcelona at the moment and I’m getting a little bit annoyed watching Messi netting his 3rd goal .Does he ever get injured or have a bad patch? unbeleivable. Listening to Keown on TV he said . When Arsenal play Barcelona they will play like Ipswitch he doesn’t mean the football but in term of efforts and his question, why can’t they do the same for this game? he has a point. Maximum effort should be given even when you are playing a team in bottom of the Championship table. Quality is not in doubt at all, they are all good players but its a mental thing. Can you pick yourself up for a midweek game against unfancied ground against a players who are waiting for these type of games to put themselves on shop window. Ipswich will go back to their usual and play crap and lose to poorer sides but tonight they will be able to say to their grand children, we beat Arsenal in a league cup semi final .

  364. Evil – Yes, countless times. I can’t give you examples as I didn’t mark each one down.

  365. Give me at least one example besides the one I mentioned. If he has given away the ball so many times that it enrages you so much you have to call him “shite”, I trust that at least one or two of his misplaced balls must have stayed in your mind.

  366. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Muppet’s been in vintage form lately. Lovin it.

  367. well hopefully Ole g can give us one of his nice graphs to show Denilson’s passing tonight!

  368. We will beat them at the Ems. Comprehensively. I don’t give a fuck about Jewell being their manager. What special knowledge does he have to beat Arsenal? they will play the same way. The way all cloggers play against Arsenal. And they will get beaten. Congratulations to them for tonight’s result however. No complaints.

    We were poor tonight. We were not shite though. And the people slagging of Denilson clearly don’t know a footballer when they see one. Probably the same numpties who were on blogs and forums who were Nasri and Walcott would never cut it not so very long ago.

    When we win the league just make sure you come back on board won’t you. You’ll probably be saying it was never in doubt.

    Media lockdown starts right about now.

  369. cesc was worse than denilson
    but the lack of a natural ball winner in the middle of the park lead us to play a high line and ipswich just kept hitting long ball after long ball..
    i also found that eboue was messing up theos game.
    when theo plays with sagna, theo makes the diagonal runs inside and sagna makes the overlap and makes the touchline his, but eboue kept coming inside tonight and theo was finding himself on the touchline alot becuase of it..totally out of the game.
    it was all wrong tonight..all wrong

  370. I wouldve loved to see Rosicky, Vela dn Chamakh start.

    I feel sorry for Vela, he is put on with 1o minutes to go. Almost impossible to get into the flow of things. Wonderful player to me.

  371. Of the guys not in defence, Denilson was the best, at least until the subs were made. Despite conceding after the subs, we played much better with Chammy and Song on the pitch. We were better attacking wise by far.

    The goal was offside, but well taken, and Tech did well to stop us conceding a 2nd. In fact, that attempt by Ipswich showed how switched off the team were.

  372. Whatever….

  373. Totally Paul! Given how badly that team – a team that is capable of beating most teams in the Prem – played, I’m sure AW regrets not playing a more experimental side.

  374. whatever could you mean?

  375. goddamn, these meds!

    The drugs don’t work people, they just makes things worse!

  376. Wenger actually blamed to many games.To win trophies we are going to have to play lots of games.Bendtner and Arshavin shocking again tonight proving Leeds was not a one off

  377. JojJon it wasn’t so much a ball winner, we had about 60% or more of the posession but could not smash the double decker bus parked in front of goal. it a tactic that works, the manager looked at the Newcastle, Braga, Spuds and lately leeds games and thought” piece of cake , we’ll do the same, sit back and hoof the ball up for the frontman .credit to him he has done his home work and it worked for him. But it really is up to us to find a way through and the best way is to give them a taste of their own medicine by playing Chamakh high up or get him in the box and bombard that box. I don’t care what defence you have, you are bound to have lose balls in the box.

  378. Some fuckers here have a serious case of the vapors. Look, Ipswich parked the bus and played direct balls through the middle until they got lucky with an offside decison and scored. Fair play to them. Now they have to come to our house and beat us there. This whole our world is collapsing infront of our very eyes routine is getting sickening. Ipswich isn’t an under ten side. They’re in the semis for a reason and it’s a huge sign of disrespect to expect them to just take a beating because the Arsenal are playing at their stadium.

    As far as our players are concerned, I thought that Denilson, Fabregas and Wilshere were extremely good in the first half but couldn’t break their defense down. However, Cesc was not up to his usual standard in the second half and our passing game broke down as a result. Our strikers were starved for service and they got on top of us.

    Alex Ice Cream, easy fella. Don’t get yourself so worked up. You might end up having a stroke.

  379. Denilson is useless, barely Premership standard and would not get near the United, Chelsea, City or Lord forbid Spurs team.

    fact is we have a manager who has allowed poor performaces to be deemed acceptable on the basis of a learning curve. All he has taught many of this team how not to give a fuck.
    Diaby, Denilson, Bent, Arsh, Eboue, Vela – players who think they have made it and play whenever they want.
    Disgusted by the team and the attitude.

  380. JonJon, we didn’t need a ball winner in the middle. Ipswich saw to it that there wasn’t going to be a midfield battle today. That’s why they kept on hoofing it to their lone striker.

  381. ……when will this squad ever learn, i just have to question their attitude to this games……….u cannot just continue to underrate teams becos they play in lower leagues, this was the same game mentality with leeds. Ipswich were practically deflated in the first 20 mins but we handed them the game as it progressed…………for AW, this was a time to rest players cos of fixture congestion, why then putting unnnecessary pressure on the team.
    The 2nd leg is going to be extremely difficult, surely they are going to park the bus when they come down to our turf………
    winning this trophy is meant to help this players pschologically and is important cos there is really no point getting this far and losing out.

  382. Next time we should just passs the ball in our half and tell the bus parking bastards, if they want the ball to come and get it. they will probably say ‘ No thank you keep playing between yourselves.

  383. @Galway Gooner
    So why was he playing better than Cesc tonight?

  384. Gainsbourg69: “Now they have to come to our house and beat us there. ”
    Er, no they don’t.
    They just need to do what they did tonight – play well defensively and hope our forwards are crap. Pretty good chance, I’d say.

  385. Half-time in the tie, isn’t it? Was last time I checked. And we’re one nil down to an offside goal.

    If you don’t think we’ll make the final from here you’re a mug. Let’s see how they cope with us on carpet.

  386. Gooner Andy:
    “Denilson was good? Jesus christ, I serisouly wonder about people on here sometimes. He was shite and gave the ball away countless times. As per usual he did not track back at all (watch him for their 2nd half breakaway which Tech 9 saved).”

    Stop talking shit. Denilson made about three errant passes and gave the ball away once, which caused Koscielny to foul the Ipswich striker. As far as the player jogging back on that breakway that Tech 9 saved it was Gibbs. I urge you to watch the game again. Denilson was indeed good tonight. He busted his ass in the second half while Cesc looked like he didn’t give a shit.

  387. Complacency? Get real. Only in the EPL do you have to play in this ‘Its a knockout’ fall flat on your face stuff. Fucking grow up. You can’t play football against Ipswich on their farm. Scrutinising every wormcast distorted pass is futile. I advise you to walk away from it all and know that we will beat them senseless at home. Draw no conclusions from this game because there are none to be drawn.

    But if you intend to turn up at our place for the home leg to bite your nails and whinge and moan and get all tense. Then fuck off. Don’t bother. We don’t need you.


  388. dkgooner, let’s see how they cope with a wider pitch and a more conducive passing surface. They were tight tonight infront of their crowd but they’re not Man City.

  389. Is this the worst result since Wrexham in 1992.

    I think that the last couple of years or so with this group has proved nothing other than that the majority are not good enough. Many are not improving, we are not progressing and all this talk of the future is just bollox. Ipswich lost 7 0 to Chelsea 7 of the last 9 and are in the bottom 6 in the division below yet were still good enough to beat a team nearly 6 years in the making. This Arsenal team are a shower of sh1te and not even that great to watch. Lots of pointless passing and no end product. Shameful.

  390. I suspect the policy of over reliance on ‘internal solutions’ has contributed to the complacency we’re seeing. If we courted Torres (regardless of whether we got him) would Bendtner continue to turn out lacklustre performances…? However putting very young prospects on long term big money contracts seems to have induced a comfort zone malaise……

    The squad needs a bit of a shake up I think, struggling against lower division opposition hasn’t done it, I think a couple of scapegoats might need to be sacrificed to wake the rest up….

  391. Miserable whinging cunts. Get a hobby and fuck off.

  392. I’m confident we’ll beat them but we have to have the right attitude an Early goal will certinly open them up and we are more tham capable of that at home.

  393. Whinging makes cunts feel better about how miserable they are, Frank. I see it all the time. Just wish they’d mutter it behind a curtain instead of in public… or fuck off.

  394. Wrexham 1992! You pathetic, bloated, cynical opportunist, AIC. What a fucking toad.

  395. Complete load of bollocks. There are conclusions to be drawn from this game. If we can’t perform better against a team like Ipswich, home or away, ploughed field or not, then there is something wrong. Clutching at offside decisions is ridiculous. If their goal was offside it was marginal. We were very, very poor. To create so few chances against a team like this is cause for concern. Something’s wrong. If you assume we’ll roll over them at the Emirates then that smacks of the same complacency this team and Arsene continue to show. Leeds, Newcastle, Spurs … blah, blah, blah … should have beaten those too shouldn’t we. Wake up.

  396. Whatever was not directed at you Gadget Sorry.

    Whatever was for the people who directed their comments to me 🙂

  397. So that means they don’t play well away, AIC? You should get yourself on anti-depressants you whiny fucking mess you.

  398. That is the point. From an Arsenal perspective there are no conclusions to be drawn from this game whatsoever.

  399. Well said Galway. Substandard performances have been excused for far too.l ong. I wouldn’t care if a number of players were sold. They were pitiful tonight.

  400. …actually I will draw one conclusion. Johann Djourou and Laurent Koscielny are set to be the two best centre -halfs in the EPL. I used to be a centre-half for many years and I see a fantastic partnership developing in front of my eyes. Long may it continue. You see this pair put in performances on their own…all the others play in a ‘two banks of four formation’, plenty of protection. JD and LK have the ball skills, pace and athleticism to take the world by storm.

  401. We played this game like we play most of our CL away games when we know we qualified. It may be risky since we didn’t qualify for the CC final yet, but we have a game at home and a 1 goal aggregate to overcome playing Ipswich.

    It won’t be the case at the Emirates I can tell you that.

  402. That lino flubbed two very important calls against us tonight. Other than their offside goal, which wasn’t marginal at all, they didn’t really look like troubling us.

  403. Do I expect us to win at the Emirates? Yes, of course I do.
    Do I think Ipswich have a chance of getting to the final? Of course I do – a moment’s lack of attention, they get a goal, we need 3. So I would say they have a chance, yes.
    Depends on which Arsenal team turns up. The one that tore Chelsea to pieces and played so well at OT, or the one that turned out tonight or against Leeds. Dr Jekyll or Mr Hyde? Because that’s what it’s like supporting Arsenal.
    Expectation is not the same as confidence.
    But I’ll be biting my nails a long way from the Emirates as I don’t live in the UK.

  404. You want to sell players and leave our squad exposed because of a two games aginst Championship sides which will be turned round? And they accuse me of complacency, AIC! What a fucking prat you really are.

  405. So what ? Are you saying we didn’t win due to decisions ? How lame an excuse can you get ? We were poor and deserved nothing better. Ipswich fully deserved their win. We got exactly what we deserved for that performance.

  406. The only shower of shite is you Mr Ice Cream Cone. Your a shower of shite supporter. I don’t even think you are a supporter. Just a whining shower of shite.

    I agree with Mr Frank and Mr Limpar and Monsieur Gainsbourg. We will beat them at the Ems on the nice smooooth surface. They won’t be able to live with us. The really sad thing is people like yourself will be willing us to lose so you can say ” Look I was right all along!”. How tragic is that? Call yourself a supporter?
    And if you don’t think we are great to watch then you obviously don’t even enjoy watching football. Which begs the question why you watch it in the first place. Baffling. Or else it would be if I actually gave a fuck.


  407. Hair shirts are supposed to be worn in private without complaint, DFB, you weakling.

  408. Man City bought half of Europe and they had a bad performance against a team that is only seven points above Ipswich. What would buying or selling players accomplish, you fucking idiots?

  409. Wow its kinda of chaud in here c soir??..woeful,inept,pathetic, insipid performance tonight…We bang on here about how biased and unfair the Media are when it comes to the reporting of Arsenal however we give them ammunition for their bullets….It was a cup tie and they were up for it more than we were..I wonder if any of the Arsenal team had any previous knowledge of where Ipswich is…

    There still remains or should I say a complacency, an inability,an inconsistency a vulnerability to give regular measured consistent performances worthy of a group players who possess good technical ability..

    It’s onward forward but Wenger has some serious questions to address with regards to members of the squad..Prepare for the Media onslaught from the hat is in fu effect in will be column inches…. and how do we deserve it tonight as we examine the coals of a racking fire…Onwards Fowards…

  410. Playing games of football against lower opposition is lways tedious and tiresome.It is a duty. The FA serve it up season after season and have done for many, many decades. The idea is to humiliate the ‘superior’ team. Always has been and always will be the case. Some Arsenal ‘fans’ though never miss the opportunity to kick their own team in the bollocks by over-reacting. Do the press and media job for them. You fools.

  411. Not a weakling, just a realist who doesn’t make silly excuses. Did you see much to be pleased with ? On the night it didn’t look to me like the best team ever. And that seems to happen too often for a team with winning aspirations. A work in progress, still much to be done.

  412. DFB, are you taking the piss? Fine, the team wasn’t firing on all cylinders, but to pressume that a couple of bad calls didn’t influence the result is just stupid. They didn’t look like breaking Djourou and Koscielny down no matter how much they relied on the hoof or the long throw in.

  413. If you would read my comments, DFB, you would have seen that I was pleased with JD and LK. Selective reader?

  414. I think it’s a cause for concern that we’ve been unable to score a single goal from open play against two second tier teams. And before you go on about the pitch tonight, the other match was at home.
    It may well be foolish of me to be concerned. It may well all come out in the wash. But we’ll have to wait until the spin-dry has finished to find out. I just wish they’d stop putting us through the wringer.

  415. But on the other hand, maybe I should just chill out. The CC is still the MM Cup. We should have continued with our policy of treating it with the contempt it deserves and playing the reserves. Totally. No first team squad members at all. Then Wenger couldn’t complain about too many games.
    The mistake is to think it matters. The players clearly don’t.

  416. Do you remember that song we used to sing taking the piss out the whingers? It came back to me tonight while listening to a couple of know-nothing old relics sat at the bar reeling off every last cliche… “WHY are you so SHIT, Bendtner?!” etc.

    To the Jackson 5 tune…

    Don’t blame it on Denilson!
    Don’t blame it on Diaby!
    Don’t blame it on Arsene!
    Blame it on Eboue…
    Do! Do! Do!

    You’ve got to laugh at the ones who piss their knickers one-nil down at half-time with a home leg still to play at Arsenal. That was the biggest game Portman Road saw for a decade.

    Anyway, bigger fish to fry on Saturday. We’re the only club still fighting on four fronts so get your chins up oh ye of fucking rubbish amouts of faith – we’re on our way.

  417. well, here’s some news for them: it does matter! I, for one, would love a trip to Wembley, wouldn’t you?

    they are paid enough to give a fuck, simple as that…

  418. Another maggot crawls out from the rock.

  419. typical…

    wake up and smell the coffee – we have not scored from the open play for about five hours of play, no?

    fiercest competition between the strikers, my foot…

  420. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Boy it sure is nice to have Frank back. Some of these doomers are just helpless. Fucking simple minded losers with nothing else to do than moan about a fucking football match. Like LA mentioned it’s only half time and they’re coming to the Ems and they’re going to have to find a way to deal with Nasty Nas.

  421. And the queen of the over-reactresses arrives. Our setbacks brings them around like chum brings around sharks.

  422. whilst I do believe that we have more than enough in our locker to overcome them at home, it won’t be easy, make no mistake about it…

    they score one goal on the break, we need three, and what we saw today proves that they are pretty capable of parking the bus well enough to give us a headache…

    key words: hard work, humility, playing for the shirt!

    you think the so called ‘doomers’ are the reason for this team’s failings?

    talk about straws and beams in the eyes – it’s the complacency and arrogance of a bunch of well paid ‘young’ players who are yet to win anything, bar a few bullshir E******s Cups and of course the third place trophies…

    sure, abuse me all you want, do you seriously think I give a monkey’s? think again..,

  423. and it’s the likes of you that breed this kind of arrogance…

  424. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Straws and beams? WTF? Sounds like a break from the sport is in order. Go read a book or some shit. You’re fucking daft, and to top it off you’re a regular at Le Moan which of course means you have zero credibility over here to begin with so I’m not even sure why you try and bore us with your drivel. Stick to Le Moan it’s what suits you best. Fucking square.

  425. No one’s blaming the doomers for this loss, fuckwad. Don’t make the mistake of assuming that you’re more important than a speck of shit under Denilson’s shoe. All we’re saying is that you idiots need to learn how to take setbacks like men and not over react like a 15 year old girl who gets a pimple before her first date.

  426. as I have said, typical…


  427. care to comment on the other points I raised, mindless simpletons?

  428. Well one cannot deny it has been a negative record breaking season so far. Not lost to Ipswich for what? 21 years or so, broken. Not lost to tottenham at home for how many years? Boroken. We have broken to many bad records this year. And the guys seem to not have any mental courage to see it through. They really need to win CC to belive again. That said if we even get to the final . Birmingham or West Ham will crush us cos they atlest dont crumble under preassure. they play better under pressure. we dont. that is a huge problem. It does not help how good you are if you cannot preform when it really matters. That is what distiguises good players from excellent players. And that is what AW has to figure out, who is indeed good and who can and will go that extra step.
    I am confident AW will sort this out in the summer, but i feel we are a bit short for trophies this year unless they guys find the mental strength required to be the best among peers.

  429. Suga 3 i think you are the reason for everything evil in the world.i feel you are the arsenals fans own little Gobbels. spewing out shit and trying to manilupate people ionto hating the team.

  430. Wenger the senile wanker

    Sorry,I am a French wanker.

  431. The performances of Kos and Djourou were very good last night. They complement it nicely.

    Like many others, I fully expect us to beat Ipswich at our place. But, I also expected us to beat them at their place so just waiving away last’s nights result as a mishap is wrong. Many of the players attitude stank last night; they are much better players than the Ipswich lot, yet despite our possession we did not really create an awful lot. They wanted it, whilst we just turned up expecting them to roll over. Just like Leeds.

    It is not the players ability that is holding them back, it is their attitude. Of course all of this will be wrote of as “dooming” by those who stick their fingers in their ears chanting “blah, blah, blah” trotting out one excuse after another. It could not possibly be our players fault……despite all the evidence pointing to exactly that. This is not a one of is it (lazy performance against a so called lower team)?

  432. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    I love Arsehole Wanker.I love licking his arse.I will follow him like a mug,where ever he goes.

  433. And those who believe that Denilson is some kind of great midfielder are deluded. I am not picking on him, I just think he is a glaringly average player. Before you start throwing stats at me proving how good he is and that I know nothing about football. I know plenty about football, have played and watched it for a long time. We had over 70% possesion last night but still lost against a garbage side, so stats don’t really paint the full picture do they?

  434. Well waddya know, AIC and Suga make an appearance. You can always tell the Arsenal philistines on days like this. As for the rest, stop complaining, start supporting, and enjoy the ride. I had a chat with Arsene last night. No he wasn’t distraught, more philosophical, even whimsical. The only thing he promised is more adventures to come. I said, that’s all I ever asked for.

  435. Denilson was probably our best player yesterday apart from the 2 centre backs. He really was very good. If you were looking for average yesterday look no further than Cesc, Jack & Alex who seemed to have had lobotomies

  436. I don’t doubt that you’ve been watching football for a long time GA, so I’m sure you’ve seen what can happen in away games in the domestic cups, and when a big side plays a struggling team like Ipswich after a new manager has been installed. Yeah, Paul Jewell may not have been on the bench tonight, but a massive weight will have been lifted from the Ipswich players’ shoulders in the last few days.

    Obviously the gap between the two sides is big enough that we should have beaten them last night, but 1-0 is an OK result to take back to the Emirates seeing as away goals are out of the picture until extra time.

    I understand people want to vent, but it’s getting ever more hysterical. Short term, our players might be able to shrug off the kind of abuse that gets posted on twitter, but I believe it could still be damaging, in a subtler way – to long-term confidence, which is paramount, and team spirit.

    And all because fans feel they have to – what’s it called? – wash their emotional linen in public? On blogs, on Twitter and those radio call-ins. I think a few more of us should try to get a hold of ourselves better.

    Sorry for the disjointed post, but I just saw the time!

  437. …That’s “hang”” of course!

  438. Ole – I agree that the players you mentioned were poor, but Denilson very good? The only players who were anywhere approaching decent were the 2 centre backs, and even then they only had one player to mark. And even then we got caught out a number of times with a simple hoof over the top.

    Denilson can be good at keeping things ticking over with simple passes, but he is lazy off the ball and often gets caught ball watching. When he gives the ball away (as most did last night), he does it in dangerous places. He is average.

  439. I thought Denilson was fine yesterday. ARsharvin and bendtner on the other hand. they were very very poor. They created nothing and gave us nothing. Denilson did a decent job in the middle, neither better nor worse than jack and Cesc. Infact cesc was awful, it sems like he cannot do anything the straightforward easy way, he has to show off and has to play the most tricky pass, when it can all be solved in a easier way. Song came in and did a much better job than Wilshere. People who saw the match yesterday and claim Denilson was crap cannot have any footballing brain whatso ever.
    But hey, each to their own, you cannot force people to be intelligent.

  440. Well… I went to bed last night in desperate need of a spatula to remove the massive egg from my face. This was meant to be a relatively ‘easy game’ afterall…! lol.

    That was an excellent performance from Ipswich, can’t give them enough credit for the way they went about things. Great energy and the fact that they coupled well-timed bus parking with excellent attacking play, puts the Man City team to even more shame.

    On the other hand, that was one of the worst performances I’ve seen from this team. Only Kos and Djourou played well imo – and they were both immense. Other than that, it was a very disappointing show from the lads.

    We definitely would have spanked them 5-0 with Miguel playing. 😉

  441. OoU – I take your point about the new manager effect. I hate playing against a team with a new manager. I am venting because we do this far to regular against so called lesser sides. It is an attitude problem. As much as I don’t rate certain players like Denilson and Bendtner, they are far better than anything Ipswich could field. But in terms of attitude and workrate they are way behind.

  442. What’s wrong with the CLUB ? (Yes, the CLUB, not only the TEAM)
    In only one week :
    – 1st team : almost losing to Leeds
    – Reserve team : 1 – 10 : extremely raped by Aston Villa
    – 1st team : loses to Ipswich

    Very shame ….

  443. OOU is right though, going back to the Emirates with a 1-0 deficit to reduce is not the worst scenario in the world. A shame we won’t be able to put all the reserve boys in for the second leg, but as we know, this is Arsenal and we never take the easy path…

  444. Geo – Heh 🙂

  445. goonerandy – It seems that every team manages to raise their game against us, and that coupled with trying to impress the Jewell in denial, helped them on their way; but there does seem to be a complacency that creeps in, even after all the warnings we’ve been given. We need to stop this from happening if we’re going to win anything. Let’s hope this is the final kick up the proverbial that they need.

    And andy- I’m feeling pretty embarrassed after yesterday’s discussions..! good to look at things positively though, life’s more enjoyable that way… so yeah, still not out of the comp, 3 other trophies to fight for now – with emphasis on ‘fight’. Come on boys!

  446. A poor performance. I could point out particular players, it was the usual suspects again, but I’m not going down that road. Wenger is talking again about a “warning”. Didn’t we get that on Saturday against Leeds? A shocking, disappointing attitude fromt he players after Saturday when they knew that Ipswich would give everything for the cause, just like Leeds did.

  447. Look GoonerAndy, I have no problem dishing out criticism to players. What annoys me is when no matter what you always criticise the same players. Makes you look stupid.

    Denilson had a great game. Keeping things ticking is what he’s supposed to do. Especially in a game where we had 70% possession. To tell me he gave the ball away is even more ludicrous. Yes, he did have one time when his pass back to Koscielny didn’t find Koscielny. It wasn’t a poor pass.

  448. Man any one follows Sadomasochism should become an arsenal fan

  449. What annoyed me the most was the amount of times we gave the ball away with most of our players way up field. Must be Denilson’s fault then.

  450. People like goonerandy just dont like denilson. Its like trying to convince a racist to like Obama.

    As you see of all the woeful performances he picks out Denilson again. Why didnt you say Cesc, who sucked along with alot of the others we dont mention cos they are arsenal fans approved.

    I am dissapointed and I hate how all these teams gain confidence from Arsenal. Its been happening for the last 2/3 years. If you want your season turned around, beat arsenal. Damn.

  451. Jack on twitter

    “Fans were great last night, sorry we let you down but only we can make this right! Roll on saturday!”

  452. Wilshere’s such a little legend.

    Djourou and Kos’s passing out from defence was awesome last night. If Gerrard had completed some of those, the commentators would be creaming themselves, but many of them didn’t even get mentioned. There were many perfect diagonal driven balls, fast and sharp passes to feet etc. I bet they wished they were playing further forward the way they were pinging it about..!

  453. This Liverpool loving has deflected the media’s onslaught on our players temporarily, Which is good. Liverpool’s failings seem to be far more serious at the moment. Geordies and Scoussers are the same breed, their Fans demand the manger and they get their wish, since when fans run a club. Anyway Its no crisis at Arsenal. I look at these 2 legs as one game they are 1 nil first half still another 90 minutes to go. if we can’t deal with their double decker bus and get 3 or 4 goals then we are not worthy of a final. We expect the same tactics and nothing less they will defend with their lives and we have to find a different route to the goal.

  454. GoonerAndy, my most cherished old archnemesis, consider me deluded!

    It seems to me Denilson is fine-tuning his craft, and I’m quite confident he’ll become an influential and renown midfielder. He doesn’t sit back as much as someone like Mikel because he busy contributing giving players passing options and then quickly redistributing the ball, but then he’ll sit back probably a lot more than our maurauding ADSB. Perhaps once he masters this phase of the craft, we’ll see him mix it up with his attacking prowess.

    In any case, he showed that he’s more than capable of playering the false DM

  455. Dups, the goal was purely Denny’s fault too. He should have telepathically mind-raped the linesman into raising the offside flag or ravaged his brain until it sludged out of his nose. The warning signs were there when he flagged Arshavin offside. It’s a blatant lack of awareness and passion from Neves.

    Damn you Denilson!

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