Bendtner’s Spot On & More

Nicklas Bendtner believes that winning the Carling Cup will be a boost for the whole squad, not just those who have played in the competition. The Dane observed,

We have to get to the final of the Carling Cup. It would be fantastic to win a trophy early on in the season and have something to show for our work already.

In that sense, Bendtner is correct. I have long held the belief that this squad needs to win a trophy to convince themselves that they are ‘winners’. Victory at Wembley might be the spur to building a title-winning consistency. That characteristic has eluded everyone at the top of the table this season although Arsenal, if they avoid defeat at Upton Park this weekend, would be on their longest unbeaten run in the Premier League this season.

Having been in and out of the squad through injury, Bendtner is looking forwards rather than back,

I think I maybe it got talked up a little too much because I also said Arsenal is the club I have been at for a long time and remains the club where I want to play.

I believe I am good enough to play and there have never been any talks about leaving or anything like that, it is just naturally frustrating if you are not in the side and that’s the same for any player.

All you can do as a player is be patient and keep putting yourself in the manager’s mind, hopefully he then picks you. After that it is your responsibility to take the chance

Bendtner is frequently criticised for being arrogant. He is, all footballers are, believing themselves to be the best. His attitude though cannot be faulted when it comes to be picked for the team. He wants the opportunity but knows it is up to him to take it when it arises. Things did not go to plan on Saturday but one thing is for certain, he will work hard on Wednesday for the team.

Elsewhere, Lord Peter Whimsey has poo-pooed the idea of signing Thierry Henry on a short-term loan,

We won’t be signing him. David Beckham was down with us last year and Arsene is very happy to have our old players come back in.

I had not seen any suggestion of him being signed. Anywhere. Nor would I expect Arsene to do so. If there is a need for a player to come in on loan, two months is probably not going to cover that off.

On the subject of old players, one who may join those ranks is Manuel Almunia with Galatasaray being the latest to show an interest in the Spaniard’s services. Apparently they are in pole position because ‘no top Spanish club’ has shown any intent on signing him.

It would be, in some respects, strange for Wenger to let him go at this point. Fabianski and Szczesny have shown they are capable of replacing Almunia as Number One but there is little depth beyond them if injury strikes. It would mean that Shea would presumably be the substitute if that happens. Perhaps Arsene is intent on keeping him until the summer when Manonne returns from Hull.

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. 10-1 mauling by Villa and this after I bigged up Shea yesterday! Hope the lads can recover from this!

  2. Howard Webb’s kids have denied their Dad is a secret Man Utd fan.
    “He is totally unbiased,” Alex, George, Bobby, Matt and Cristiano stated.

  3. Nice article Darius.

    I really hope NB52 can come back into form. He’s got the right attitude, and when he tries hard you can’t argue that he’s putting it in for the team. He doesn’t do it every match, but when he’s up for it he covers a lot of ground. He just needs to score a couple of goals again to regain some confidence (on the pitch!). Good luck Nicky.

    It’s great to see that we’ve almost got a completely fit attack and midfield now *touches every piece of wood available* when we’re approaching the crunch or the ‘business end’ (I hate that phrase) of the season… One or 2 injuries to Manure’s team and they’ll be struggling again. I’d absoltuely hate to come up against an Arsenal side towards the end of the season – having to run your jaded arse off the whole match… I’d like to see the less fit teams put up with us when they’re riddled with fatigue…

    A very interesting 2nd half of the season me thinks.

  4. That sort of result happens all the time in reserve and youth football; especially at this time of year when one club places so much emphasis on the loan system. I don’t think a team including Mannone, Hoyte, Bartley, Watt, Evina, Randall and Afobe would have gone down by such a margin. Not to mention Sammy Galindo, Pedro Botelho, and Franny Coquelin out on loan over seas.

    Still… it’s good for the really young ‘uns to get such an early shot at the highest standard of reserve football.

    I wonder what level Ryu Miyaichi will come in at?

  5. Limpar – what’s actually going on with Miyaichi? do we have him available yet or is he finishing that schoolby championship or whatever it was?

  6. Hey Geo, yeah – last I heard he was to join up with us after the National Championship (or whatever it was!)… and his team were knocked out of that last week – I think. Ipswich debut? Bit unfair on the players who’ve got us this far… not to mention he’s a very raw talent. Would be fun to see though.

  7. Has anybody got any word on Miyachi.
    Is he with us already,and if so would he playing in d 1st team or d reserves?. Will he take any part in d carling cup

  8. lol – beat you to it sharp! Cheers Limpar, thought it was something like that.. Cool, so he’ll be joining us imminently then. I like the look of him, there’s something quite appealing to me with tall, fast wingers like that. I’d love to see him get his debut tomorrow, but very unlikely.. He’s got an awesome turn of pace from what I’ve seen (only youtube to be fair – and against some fairly poor players) but looks like one to watch for sure.

  9. The Bendtner performance on Saturday put me in mind of a game last season (Burnley I think it was) where he missed chance after chance after chance. Once he had got that out of his system he went on a little run of consistent scoring, hopefully something similar will happen this time round, starting at Ipswich tomorrow night. With the two legs of the League Cup semi and the FA Cup replay I would imagine he will have achance to play himself into some form.

  10. @ Limpar,tanx mate, @ Geo…..blast!! LOL
    Really looking 4wrd 2 his debut(ipswich???,or whenever dat is). Loved his youtube clips

  11. Tuesdays are the new Friday, YW.

    Click to access ballondor_award_men_player_finalx.pdf

    …good old Tommy V voted for Cesc.

    Get well soon please, Tommy V. Then we can all stop talking about Gary f*cking Cahill and crack on to the title.

  12. I think goonerandy is too quick
    To stroke his fragile little …

    …and I’d prefer him to do so in private. While he’s at it, perhaps he could find some studmuffin to give him some of those kicks up the arse that he finds so healthsome.

  13. You might as well all go home, we have the premiership and champions league double sown up.

    Why you ask? – Cos we got Phillip Neville

  14. Napoli-Juventus=3-0 Cavani goal, worth watching!

    Can we have this commentator in Arsenal games please?

  15. Last I heard Miyaichi is still not back to full match fitness after injury ? Regardless it is fanciful in the extreme to think he would walk into the first team – even for a lowly CC match. He has yet to kick a ball for us since his try out.

    I expect Wenger to be reasonably conservative tomorrow night – we have plenty of midfielders who have scarcely played this season – so no shortage of choice.

    Of bigger interest for me is if Miquel will start tomorrow night – again I think it is unlikely but he sounds as though he is a cert for the bench.

    Having sold Nordveit, who seemed to have hit a glass ceiling in terms of improvement, it would be great to finally see a CB come through the ranks for the club.

  16. james???
    im totally confused..p neville?? are you a pomme de terre????

    nice post yw

  17. LOL YW….And here I was thinking I had an imposter.

  18. The problem with Bendtners comment is that he also said “Last season, Manchester United won it and went on to take the Premier League too. Let’s hope we can do the same.”

    Err No they didn’t lol!

  19. Hi Jonny,

    I think it may well be Djourou | Koscielny to start tomorrow. They have formed a winning partnership in the competition so far.

    I suppose Miquel’s chances depend on how Squillaci is looking… with Wham 3 days after the semi-final.

    I think either one of Koscielny or Djourou partnering Miquel tomorrow night could be as good a developmental experience for one of them as it would be for Ignasi. Miquel is obviously ready – you don’t make the bench for an FA Cup game if you are not, and you certainly don’t become Captain of the Arsenal Reserves for nothing. Koscielny and Djourou have both learnt a lot from Squillaci I think. Taking complete control of the back line with Miquel as the junior partner would be a great experience for one of them.

    …having said that I suppose the same may well have been said of throwing poor little Monteiro into the Reserve game yesterday! *gulp*

  20. @ Gadget- nice link, hope you feel better!! In bed myself with a bad case of Anal Glacoma. I just couldn’t see my ass going into work this morning!! Bad-um-bump! 🙂

    @ James- Seriously you stupid Spud its first thing Monday morning!!!!AArggghhh!!!

    @ Poliziano – That is a truly horrible and totally unnecessary mental image you gave me there mate, for shame! FOR SHAME!!

  21. Irishgay, Its Tuesday.

  22. james have you bought the david beckham in training dvd yet??

  23. Oh God yes

  24. Bendtner,needs to sit down and shut up as he’s useless.

  25. Lol – Sorry YW! Didn’t mean to assist Darius in his thunder-stealing exercise… cheeky blighter eh?

    If only today was Friday – 3.5 more days of work. My birthday on Sunday though and going to see Cirque de Soleil at the Albert Hall! Can’t wait 🙂

    Jonny- you’re right, very fanciful! But would be nice to see him involved at some point this season – and this seems the only real opportunity for Wenger to justify playing such an unknown… Would like to see Miquel in there too. I love watching the youngsters in action – although i’m glad i missed the Villa drubbing. Poor lads.

  26. pete – you’re useless. Sit down and shut the funk up.

  27. Darius are you Geo in camouflage?

  28. lol KG, Darius wishes! 😉

  29. @ James – So it is 🙂 eh…..oops?!

  30. Got the link for this article from the comment board over at Untold Arsenal, makes some very interesting reading. But I think after reading it you will have the same reaction as me: I Knew It!!!,17033,8750_6648615,00.html

  31. Geo- Apparently we are in crisis as our reserve lost 10-1. What they don’t realise is that this is a new batch of players that have been moved up. Apart from Eastmond and Jet the rest are all unknowns. the reserve from 2 years ago were Manone, Wilshere, Tom Cruise, Watt, Randall, Merida, Barazite, Afobe, Nortveit. all these players are out on loan or moved on to better things.

  32. Yup 1lc – but the meeja are hardly going to shout that from the rooftops are they? As you say it’s a bloody crisis! Anything to put us in a bad light or mount pressure on us. I wonder what it will take to shift the media stance regarding Arsenal…?

  33. I bet arry is grilling becham to tell about our training methods when he trained with us,wouldnt be suprised as me all know the spuds are obsesses with us especially james.

  34. 1lc – not to mention Coquelin and Lansbury

  35. People, where is the “meeja” criticism of the reserves defeat? You have a bit of a siege mentality going on here. I’m sure there will be some spuds fans on some message boards taking the piss, but it’s hardly the conspiracy some are making it out to be is it? Who cares anyway? The reserves are there to develop the young players and if this doesn’t toughen them up a bit and make them realise what’s required to step up to the next level then I don’t know what will.

  36. what team for tomorrow?

  37. Noone’s suggesting a conspiracy relating to that defeat Block4. But the sensationalist headlines are quite laughable, suggesting our reserves are in crisis etc… I do think, in general though, as YW and Darius have written about many-a-time, that Arsenal are the least favourite ‘big’ team in England. The meeja are so quick to jump on our backs no matter what we do. Whether it be not spending enough(!!!), to being foreign, diving pussies (!!!!!) etc etc etc etc etc… No siege mentality, just been through years of biased meeja reporting and stances. You can’t deny that Arsenal and Wenger are unfairly targeted and chastised can you?

  38. Afternoon all,

    YW good post. I wonder how you so consistently put together decent posts during the week with little to no legit news and without resorting to fantastical claims (**cough** le grove **cough**).

    Some great extra reading in those two articles posted, especially the AW @ Monaco one. Fascinating stuff!!

    Whose that team we call the Arsenal?!?!?

  39. Hi Limpar,

    yeah I get the feeling Wenger is feeling the love toward Miguel at the moment. A lot of people are calling for Bartley back – even though it isn’t an option – but I am happy that he is doing so well on loan and so highly rated by their fans. It’s ideal conditioning and so at last we may see some competition for the CB berth through 0ur youth set up. All good, promising stuff.

    Geo – happy birthday for Sunday fella – you are one day after mine. 🙂

    I’ll be honest I am amazed at Djorou’s progress this season. As much as the AAA have slated Squill and Kozz as poor sigings (to early to judge I would say) Wenger deserves credit for having real belief in Djorou when most fans could not yet see it. If he can stay fit and continues to improve Djorou could yet become e defensive rock. Certainly it’ll be interesting to see how he gels with defensive rock god ‘Tommy Vance’ (as I like to call him).

    I think I would play Miquel too – especially as this is over 2 legs and Ipswich are struggling. If he looks out of his depth we can always change things round but I suspect you are right and that Wenger thinks he is ready.

  40. Jonny,

    completely agree regarding Djourou. I was saying it yesterday, he’s been an absolute revalation this season! From question mark to exclamation mark! That was the lame comment I made yesterday day at least!

    Enjoy your birthdays Geo & Jonny

  41. Cheers guys, hope you have a good one too Jonny! 🙂

  42. Geo, I do agree there has been some unfair reporting of Arsenal and Arsene, I think it reached its zenith when we firts fielded a team without any Englishmen in it (cue outrage and much hand-wringing on the state of the English game). In all honesty I don’t think it’s now as bad as it was. The club is now rightly lauded for our financial management and ability to turn out a good team despite not spending much and Wenger and the team have been receiving plaudits left right and centre over the past couple of seasons for the style of football that we play as well as bringing through some fine youth products with Wilshere and Gobbs breaking into the England squad in the last few months as further proof of that if it were needed.

    There are a couple of areas where the manager leaves himself open to criticism. His refusal to dip into the transfer market to address obvious deficiencies in the team over letting players develop more long-term and his seeming blindness to most transgressions by Arsenal players on the field will be jumped upon by any media hack with a deadline if not much else is going on. Similarly with his (and our) vehement criticism of bad tackling, as soon as a tackle like Wilshere’s on Zigic happens it’s a no-brainer for a journalist to point out the seeming hypocrisy even though it was immediately condemned by the manager and apologised for by the player.

    I think the media criticism you are talking about is a consequence of the manager’s principled stance on may issues (transfers, tackling, style etc.). In that case it could be seen as something of a badge of honour, even if sometimes all of us must think that just one player in the transfer window could push us to that first trophy in five years!

  43. Actually NJ, I rather like “From question mark to exclamation mark!” – it’s both veracious and succinct.

  44. “It’s important we understand the competition, and to win it we must be better,” said Mancini.

    “Now we understand that if we want to win the FA Cup, we have to play at 100%. When you play against a team in the Championship, it is never easy.”

    This is a direct quote from Mancini of Manciti, which I think explains a lot as apparently, by his own admission, neither he nor the Citeh team knew how to win the FA cup. After parking the worlds most expensive bus and achieving a stunning 2-2 draw, you could almost hear a pin drop in the stunned silence that followed the realization that it is a knock-out tournament!!!

    “We conceded a goal after just one minute, we slept for two or three minutes,” added the Manchester City boss.

    I have often heard how a goal can knock the wind out of a team but really, taking a nap right after you concede!! In the first minute!!!

    “Dzeko will be an important player, he is very different from the other strikers we have here,” stated Mancini.

    Indeed he is!! And how!! For a start he prefers to operate inside his opponents half no less, at times even inside his opponents box!! He also relishes actually having a shot on goal, both from distance and after taking on some defenders and is pretty good in the air too. Lets hope he likes buses then!!!

  45. Block 4 I agree with much of what you say but there is also a sense of dislike at the way The Arsenal do things. We are different to the hoi polloi and this seesm to get up people’s noses – as though we think we are better.

    It is a strange world where the media jumps on our backs for the slightest transgression – as though they want our experiment to fail.

    The oft repeated criticism which has been bugging me lately is this idea that we are only now taking the cup trophies seriously. This not only overlooks that we should have won 5 years ago when our kids played Chelsea off the park in the CC final, but more importantly misses the point that many of those kids are now experienced young pros and so though Wenger makes 7 changes the media persist with peddling this idea that Wenger has seen the error of his ways. Its egregious bullshit but nonetheless its repeated ad nauseam.

    Still fuck ’em – feed ’em fish.

  46. Block4 – I also agree with much of what you’ve written. But I think Jonny is on the same wavelength in what I was trying to say… Love the use of ‘egregious’ too!

  47. Happy birthday, guys. I happen to share a birthday with Johan Djourou. A week from today.

  48. What a bunch of fucking Capricorns… Happy birthday for then too Gainsbourg69 & Johan!

  49. Jonny, I am also a bit annoyed by this so-called new focus on the cup competitions. I think the salient point is that if half our players weren’t on the treatment table in previous seasons then we would have fielded just this kind of team in the domestic cup competitions then. If we can keep the squad fit then we have real depth in most positions which is now starting to show through.

  50. Sorry to digress, but I have been away. Leeds was one of those typical FA cup matches where the ‘bigger’ team might have been beaten, oh the romance of it all, or the bigger team might easily have won 5-1, or it might be a draw with a desperate 90th minute penalty. Who cares? We didn’t play well, drew deservedly, and remain in contention for all 4 cups, which seems to be the pattern so far this season, and long may it continue. I see some nail-biters coming. I thought Leeds played their part, defended well in the middle, surprised us by their determination, so well done to them for that.

    As for the rest, Bendtner will now obviously score 4 in his next match.

  51. I want Diaby back.

  52. Arshavin is fine, he’s having a bit of a mid-season crisis that’s all.

  53. Can’t wait to see Ramsey in action though. Walcott looks almost mean these days. Lordy lord, how kids grow.

  54. NJGooner:

    Djourou has been superb. Hopefully he can be our rock in defense. I have always thought a defense functions better with 1 central defender who the deeper “stay at home type” defense first type player who is good in the air. Sol Campbell or Tony Adams as examples. Even Senderos played that role to perfection in our CL finals run in 06 and big Phil could not out run my 83 year old grandmother. Having someone like that allows the other defender to more aggressive and get up field and try to win the ball back closer to the midfield. I am hoping Johan can be that defender for us. He is bigger and relatively stronger and appears to be better in the air then our other defenders. He is also faster then Terry or Vidic who have played that role for other teams. If he continues to develop it will allow the Kos and TV5 more freedom to roam and do what they do best. It has seemed like we are clearly a better team at least so far this year when Johan is on the pitch. I am surprised how good he has been. Hopefully he will get even better.

  55. Well happy impending birthday Gains!!

  56. Well, I see that we have moved on today from our annual January debate as to who Arsene is too tight to sign. One of the first harbingers of spring.

    Once we get the February ‘if only Arsene had signed Arnold Shitkicker…” outpouring, you know that the worst of winter is over.

  57. I hope Wenger doesnt play B52 out wide again against Ipswich. Hes a centre forward, so play him in the centre or leave him on the bench as sub for Chamakh.

    Looks like Vermaelen is gonna be out for a while longer and Squilly will mist 3 weeks. Wenger says hes on the lookout for a centrehalf. = Sakho please

  58. From Wenger’s comments today it does sound like he will be looking to bring somebody else in. It should be interesting.

  59. How dare you digress Zimpaul. I agree with all of that, especially the NB52 bombing in with 4…!

  60. Vermalen suffered another setback on saturday. I was hoping the rumours were unfounded but now I am really dreading that we won’t see Vermalen this season. I can only see Wenger going for a long term signing and not just a temporary reinforcement.

  61. I was thinking of the internationally renowned Lumpy ‘Dwayne’ McClogger personally consols. Doubt Mr Miser would splash the £2.50 for him though.

  62. Hmmm, cheers for that gunnerluc – I suppose.

  63. Agree Goonerandy, it certainly looks as if a new defender will be joining. See Spahic is already making “noises”.

  64. 10 – 1 was pretty severe and all the worse that they leap frog us to the top of the table. Banfield says the lack of character shown was the biggest disappointment so I wonder if aneke, JET and eastmond will be punished and not given a chance on wednesday. Comparing this kind of showing to the recent forward thinking words from watt really stresses the importance of competitive action; it organically inspires internal development (for lack of a better cliche). JET in particular could do with some real life fan pressure even if it isn’t the premiership.

    Personally I would like to see roughly the same team as played against leeds / wigan as our second string are obviously capable but need some match time together. Maybe eastmond in for song and a JET cameo.

    Same old bullshit flying about on the CB issue but the Emir Spahic stuff could have some truth as we were definately sniffing around in summer. Surely another squallaci type who would be initially glad to be here in any form is the best short term option.

  65. F**k Spahic – its Sakho wed be better off gettin.

  66. Team for tomorrow…

    – – – – – – – – – Szceszney – – – – – – – – – –
    – – – – – – Miquel – – Koscielny – – – – –
    Eboue – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Gibbs
    – – – – – – – Denilson – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Wilshere – – – – –
    – – – – – – – – – – Ramsey – – – – – – – – – – –
    – – Nasri – – – – – – – – – – – – Arshavin – –
    – – – – – – – – – – – Bendtner – – – – – – – – – –

    Subs: Fabianski, Clichy, Fabregas, Walcott, Djourou, Chamakh, Rosicky

    …that’s if Aaron Ramsey is looking sharp in training. If he’s not looking quite up to the start then Rosicky in there.

  67. spahic did not help his reputation any favour so I doubt we will go for him. His form has dipped this season and he received a 3 match ban for a vicious elbow on a striker while protecting the ball for his goalkeeper. I doubt that’s the kind of behaviour Wenger wants from his players

  68. DeiseGooner – why not just use our own young players. Sakho is still very young.

  69. I don’t honestly know an awful lot about many of the names being bandied around. The TV5 situation is worrying. If we do buy, I am starting to lean more towards wanting Arsene to buy a defender who will instantly come into the team as opposed to competing with Kos/Djourou/Squillachi.

    As long as TV5 is out we don’t have a recognised CB pairing. Bringing in another “main man” would offer us more consistancy. And more importantly improve the team and not just the squad.

  70. If anyone has a link to the game today please post…it is not being televised anywhere in the US…aaaarrrrrgh…and I have to try and sneak it in while working…not good…

  71. Sakho is young for sure but hes been playing in first team since hes 17, has made almost 100 appearances for PSG and has just broke into the french national team. Now is the time to get him. Hes a beast. Our younger centrehalves are either on loan or a bit lacking physically.

  72. I can’t really blame him for that challenge as he was told just before the game that both Tony Pulis and the one, the only, the Legend Big Fat Sam Allardyce would be in the stands scouting him.

  73. dups – Maybe because Sakho is probably much better than Miquel and Bartley.

    Miquel is only in the squad because there is litrarly nobody else. People are started to get excited that he is the next coming when in reality he is nowhere near ready to play 1st team football.

  74. Just saw the clip from AW’s interview.

    OK, so Vermaelen did have a setback on Saturday, and nobody’s sure how long it’s going to take. I think that changes my mind a little. Whereas before I wanted someone to be promoted from below for the sake of developing the relationship between the defenders we already have, I think it would now be worth going for a long-term option. It’s the only way I can see us staying competitive this season if TV doesn’t make it back.

    And let’s face it, his situation hasn’t improved one bit in four months.

  75. goonerandy – have you seen enough of him to say that though. I’ve seen him a couple of times and he has made mistakes in those games.

  76. yeah but how different would that clip look if it was gary nevilles face…?

    cheers, obviously im not following his form very closely. we’re chasing shadows guessing but as mentioned before im sure it will be someone we have been scouting already. decent players with prem experience come at a price so I’m dubious how many options that realistically leaves us.

    sakho has been ruled out of a winter transfer apparently.

  77. They all make mistakes but i reckon Sakho is gonna be another Thuram esque player. Hes gonna be a top top player.

  78. dups – I have never seen him play. But I would hazard a wild guess that having plaing in the PSG 1st team since the age of 17, and been selected for the full national squad, he would be better than two players that have never even been in our 1st team squad (until last weekend).

    Do you not think?

  79. Limestonegunner

    If Miquel starts, LA, I think we need a stronger midfield to shield the back four and I would have Song in there ahead of Ramsey. If the first half goes well and we are up, then sub him off for Ramsey/Rosicky.

  80. Yeah, I’m not even going to start to pretend I know who we should get either. I consider myself quite a big football fan, but I’m ignorant about defenders. The good ones are pretty hard to spot.

    I do know that it’s not s simple as looking at players in sides with good defensive records, because the way we go about our game requires a different breed.

    At the same time, Ajax fans couldn’t believe their luck when we paid £10 million, was it, for Vermaelen. And he ended up making the PL team of the season. AW and co have a tough job, especially as I doubt they’ve been on the lookout for CB after buying two in the summer.

  81. Thanks Geo and axis.

    Really disappointed with the news on Vermaelen. Let’s see what Miquel can do. Would love it if he could be a replacement for Djourou.

  82. @ Viceologist- Exactly what game do you want a link with today? 🙂 Are you sure you don’t mean the game tomorrow? LOL Don’t feel too bad as I thought today was monday!!! Which apparently was yesterday, hence 5 voicemails from a very mad boss 🙂

  83. Jonny:

    Thanks I thought it was clever, but felt dishonest posting it two days in a row!


    Your right, and Djourou and Kosser look to be on the path to forming one of those awesome center back relationships. Yin and Yang complimenting each other perfectly.

  84. Let’s just hope it’s not another Igors Stepanovs.

  85. sakho looks like such a ballotili este arrogent showman.
    (opinion gathered from 1 min on google images)

    very early to be writing off TV chances (unlike wenger) but with the finacial power we have I really dont think its the time to be counting pennies. Much like cooking at xmas – its always better to have too much than too little… (I guess players aren’t just for xmas tho hey?)

    fuck it maybe samba isn’t such a bad option, his feet are actually pretty good. we can always sell him again once fat sam gets a new job.

  86. Limestonegunner

    I think we are better off bringing in a PL ready defender. We have seen how inexperienced players coming from other leagues take some time to adapt to the PL. Mid season is not when you want this to be exacerbating the adaptation of changing teams to begin with. It will take some time for partnerships to cement and a good understanding to develop. For that reason, while I like the continental qualities of many of the Ligue 1 and Bundesliga suggestions bandied about, I think our first choices are pretty narrow–Jagielka, Cahill, any others?
    How about offering cash plus Vela on loan and JET to Bolton for Cahill? Everton needs a striker, Vela could go there as well for a spell. Vela needs games and needs them in the PL; he’s played in Spain and the next step if he has an Arsenal future is playing games in our division.

    It will be interesting to see what we do. While it is more expensive to get a PL/English player, the advantages make it worth it. Cahill’s career will be made if he succeeds at Arsenal–he’ll get into the England team without question and be on the cusp of replacing the aging Terry and Ferdinand. We will have another England international and start getting the benefits (ahem, referees) that come from supplying Walcott, Wilshere, Gibbs, and Cahill for the Euro 2012 competition. What do you folks think?

  87. Vice, the game is tomorrow.

  88. dups – Heh, lets hope not. This could be a big moment in our season. Wenger will either go cheap and buy somebody as cover for Kos and Djourou, or he will go higher quality and get somebody who will come in and be 1st choice. I think he will go with the first option (and I can understand why), but I hope he goes with the 2nd.

    If we get a top notch defender in and that puts somebodies nose out of joint when everybody is fit, fine. What matters here is the team.

  89. OOU: “And let’s face it, his situation hasn’t improved one bit in four months.”

    Very true and VERY worrying. Remember the initial assessment was 10 days or something like that? SIGH

    How fitting though, that the guy who last year was the bedrock of our team, literally missed I think 2 prem games all year, is out for a huge chunk of the season.

  90. its a good link to Cahil

    Bolton need some attackers.
    We have 2 ready for loans – Vela & JET – Send em both
    Tell em we want Cahil
    Then are looking at getting Huth
    Everyones happy

  91. Limestonegunner

    Having said that, I am still interested in seeing Miquel get a couple games in these cup competitions starting with tomorrow night, so long as we give the CB’s some cover in the midfield.

  92. Limestone

    Everything I’ve deduced about AW in the transfer market tells me he wont pay 20 million for Cahill. He pays for talent, not hype in the papers and I would be very surprised to see him come. I’m not saying that I think he’ll be unsuccessful here, but I just can’t see it.

    Personally, if we have to pay an inflated fee like that, I would rather it be for Mertesacker or Sakho.

  93. Limestone – That is the big worry…..this team is good at lots of things; but giving protection to our back 4 is not one of them. Arsene almost accepts that this is the case due to the set up of the team.

  94. how about a bit of both Limestone

    Daniel Agger???

  95. Exactly, OOU. It was always going to hinge on Vermaelen’s latest round of tests. This setback means I’d be very suprised if we didn’t bring someone in. Like you I’ve no idea who but, personally, having a bit of fun with it… I like Douglas at Twente, Collins at Villa, Hummels at Dortmund, and Heitinga (though slightly mental) at Everton. It won’t be any of those though… and I wouldn’t worry about it being difficult either… there’ll likely have been five or six centrebacks under the watchful eye of our scouts over the last couple of seasons…. there’s a constant pool of targets out there. We’ve just got to feel a couple out, back a winner and make a bid.

    Feel really sorry for TV5 though… and it’s very hard to imagine anyone at all coming in and living up to that standard.

  96. Agger is a good call. A week ago me we might have had a good chance as well, I suppose it depends if he is in Dalglish’s plans.

  97. Oo what lovely Per!

  98. I used to watch a lot of reserves football when I worked in Barnet and I remember Djourou from his early days. You have to see the lad to believe it- the boy is a monster. when he lined up with Sol at the back during reserve games it was awesome! He is about 6’3 with massive presence. Funnily enough another player to really have stood out was Henri Lansbury- he is currently 6’0 but physically really stood out in the reserve games. The first games Almunia played there was a bloke and a group of lads who gave him constant stick throughout the game! One player I thought would never make it was Gilbert and I am surprised he is still on our books. Flamini, Song aah those were the days I cannot believe how some far some of these players have come! Oh and Coquelin- first reserve game he played and we all went wooaah what a player!!!! Wonder how he is doing in League 1

  99. Apparently Mertesecker has said he will not be leaving Germany and has instructed his agent to rebuff any offers of a transfer.

  100. Limestonegunner

    Maybe we can get Cahill for a loan? Swapping loans?

    Anyway, I see no reason for a cheap stop-gap, if we get a player like Cahill and he flourishes, Wenger will decide in the summer who his best four CB’s are and sell Squillaci. If needed, we would be adding value to Cahill and sell him for big money to Chelsea if Djourou, Vermaelen, and Koscielny are going to keep him out and he isn’t satisfied with 4th spot. He’s a homegrown player (clubs besides us need that), an England international. There will be resale value (to Man City, Chelsea, and right now we are in a better position to get him from Bolton than other clubs because we have excellent young players to offer on loan, the cash right now. This is what we are such a well-run club for–it is to be able to handle unanticipated probles and take advantage of situations like this that can make the difference between winning just the CC or having a break out season that help this squad become winners in the league (maybe FA, and maybe get past Barca and beyond in the CL) this year and makes them so for years to come. Once we start getting that sort of momentum, this deep and talented squad will start steamrolling.

  101. Limestonegunner

    I don’t mean he will necessarily sell Squillaci, in comment above–that’s an unwarranted assumption, but rather sell the fifth, which we might imagine at the moment when Vermaelen is fit and with a new CB that he would currently seem to be in that position.

  102. Runebreaker – Gilbert was released last summer.

  103. I am a big fan of Franny Coquelin, Runebreaker. I think he’s doing quite well with Lorient. Last time I looked they were midtable, he was getting quite a bit of game time and had set up a few goals too. I think he’ll be a very useful player for us next season.

  104. I think Cahill would tick most peoples boxes and with Fat Sam The Walrus gone maybe we can do a deal with Bolton. But he is young and English hence will be 10-15 million overpriced. I would imagine if we enquired we would be told nothing less than 20 mil. However the new Indian owners maybe looking at this from a business perspective and we have to accept if we want local talent we have to overpay. But as usual Wenger will lead us a merry dance and buy someone totally unexpected.

  105. LA – When I first saw Coquelin play I thought he had the making of a very good midfielder. Let’s hope he progresses while on loan.

  106. Limestonegunner

    NJ, you might be right–I am not predicting what Wenger will do–probably he’ll surprise us entirely and uncover a gem like Vermaelen. I just think there are good reasons in these particular circumstances to go for someone with local experience. This isn’t the summer when you have a whole preseason to get someone ready.

    I am not someone who watches a ton of other non-Arsenal games in the league and not a connoisseur of defending and defenders, so I have no idea who would be best. But Cahill isn’t just a media sensation; he is part of a Bolton side that is doing quite well. YW mentioned him and Jagielka, and there are reasons why we could sweeten the deal and get better value perhaps through loanees. Those who know other PL defenders might have many better suggestions.

    The players being mentioned in other leagues might in fact be more likely. Who is to say? But there is an obvious disadvantage they would have to overcome in not being familiar with the PL. Vermaelen had no trouble, but he also had a very experienced parnter in Gallas who had played for years in this league and at Arsenal.

  107. I would be very surprised if Wenger did not already know who he wants to sign at CB.

  108. My impression of Gary Cahill is that he is a two-a-penny fucktard clogger in the mould of Lee Cattermole and John Terry. Brains in his bellend and not much of them at that. He rose to fame on the back of a series of scrambled goals scored under Megson and I find it pretty astonishing that he is ever even mentioned in the same breath as Arsenal FC. I don’t see him fitting in at all at the club; not technically, tactically, or socially. Bolton have kept very few cleansheets this season. Their improvements have come in ball retention and in attack.

    I might be being a football snob… or maybe I just don’t like his face… but he is not the one for me. No thank you, sir.

  109. Limestonegunner

    dups, I bet he does know but that doesn’t mean he will agree on the other club’s valuation etc… So you can bet there is a list of possibles. I just hope we can work through it quickly and bring someone in earlier rather than later in order to ensure enough games to integrate yet another new CB before our tougher part of the schedule–Tottenham away, ManU home, Barca in the CL and so on.

    Not that this isn’t tough enough as it is with the huge number of games–we need to keep Djourou properly rested and rotated.

  110. Gilbert gone-he really never had it to be honest. Great to see Coquelin get game time and good reviews. I really hope he gets a chance next season!

  111. I agree about Cahill, LA and NJG – whatever ability he might have, we’d be nuts to buy an established English player from another English team.

    Any clubs in financial dire straits around Europe? Or how about any stars who have been injured or out of favour recently?

  112. Limestonegunner

    LA, clean sheets? Are you getting into bed with Bill?!

    Fair enough about Cahill if you don’t think he has the skills to play in our defense and overall style. I wouldn’t argue against that impression. But there are advantages to a PL defender–that naturally limits the targets.

    Hey, you don’t like the cut of his jib–lots of players on other teams do indeed turn my stomach. But not fitting in socially? Really, do we want/need to speculate on that?! Togetherness of the squad is important, for sure–Nasri seems to have become a real leader after Gallas’ departure and Adebayor’s departure has maybe improved the atmosphere and focus for a player like Song. But it sounds far-fetched to add that to the list of detractions for a player that hasn’t developed a Rooney, Terry, Cashley type reputation yet, has he? (I genuinely don’t know). If he hasn’t, that sounds not snobby (hey we are Arsenal and play a classy, elegant form of football that we don’t want to compromise–if that is snobby, well, so be it) but clubby–and we aren’t even in the club ourselves!

    I just hope we get someone good and soon. Once they announce the player, I’ll get behind him. Until then, it is all fun and games.

    If I were looking further afield, I like Vertonghen–he seems to play CB/DM at Ajax. Now that they are out of the CL and having financial pressures, perhaps he would be another Vermaelen Ajax type addition. As you put it earlier, whoever it is has some big boots to fill.

  113. I guess it’s looking more likely that the new defender in the first team will be getting serious game time and therefore could / should be a player ready to drop into the team. Reluctantly I would go for somebody with EPL experience rather than a different league or over a reserve promotion. I actually could put a list together of a few defenders I like, but to be honest I wouldn’t know if they would fit into the team all that well. I hopefully could rule out the donkeys but my scouting ends there.

    Here be my list of decent defenders that could be semi realistic…
    Smalling (would have been good)

    Yeah ok maybe looking at that there seems to be a few ‘cloggers’. I would give all those players the time of day. I’m fairly sure that none of those will sign though.

  114. Lol…the game is tomorrow…I was freaking out there for a second…I wonder why I was so certain it was today. Good thing for me I guess…

  115. We`ve plucked one beaut from Ajax already so how about Vertonghen ?

  116. Limestonegunner

    7amkickoff has just published a very thorough analysis of games Howard Webb has refereed since he became a regular in the top flight a few years ago. You won’t be surprised by which team has had the best results above their average points per game over this period and who of the top four during the last five year’s has suffered the worst results below the team’s average. You may find the numbers and analysis, however, quite interesting and illuminating.

  117. We also have an inside man with bergkamp but honestly I never seen him play

  118. Either one of Hummels or Subotic would be great. As a small follower of the Bundesliga I have seen them quite a few times and they both have the skills, seem like decent humans, are young and have the mental strength to rise to the top, even in a league like the Prem. Unfortunately Dortmund wouldn’t sell them ever, so they will remain a dream …

    Well, let’s see what kind of gem Wenger can uncover, huh?

  119. For a EPL defender, I could see a bid for Jagieska as he is the only one I’m sure Wenger talked about in the summer (I’m not sure he actually mentionned he was interested by Cahill). We allegedly had a bid rejected in the summer and as it was mentionned they are in need of a striker (Vea on loan?). Finally Moyes is not a bad manager and tries to play some footy so Everton would be a suitable place for Vela to develop.

  120. I would think it would take a lot more than clean sheets to get someone into bed with Bill, Limestone. Though I’m sure clean sheets could only be an improvement.

    And no, I don’t like the cut of his jib at all. My impression is based on watching him play, and how he conducts himself on the football pitch. I distinctly remember shouting “Cahill, you f*cking thug!” at him from the lower west stand earlier in the season after watching him try to take Marouane Chamakh out of the game with a reckless two-footed ‘reducer’. This was after having seen Chamakh mug Cahill of repeatedly throughout the game and show him up for the slow witted, over-hyped, shaven headed, tattoed lug-nuts he really is.

    Again, maybe I’m being snobby… or clubby… but I just don’t see him fitting in.

  121. LA
    “I might be being a football snob”

    Now you’ve got it!!! cheers I feel exactly the same way about Cahill. Seems the type to pick up a foolish red-card for an unecessary challenge (Hey Chamakh!). The only benefit I could see is he might make us appear more English. Sad state of affairs it is when that is actually a consideration for your team’s success!!!

  122. I see Gregory Van Der Wiel as a long-term Eboue replacement and eventually Sagna replacement. Probably pie in the sky but I’m hoping God can pull some strings and make it happen. If that’s the case maybe we should leave Vertonghen to them… so as not to be taking the piss.

  123. I too would love to see Van Der Wiel here. I got the impression from watching him a few times of how tough he was, yet quick, smart with the ball, mindful of his defensive responsibilities.

    He’s one that I think will be a great option in the next couple of seasons.

  124. What about Pape Diakhate? We looked at him early on at the start of the season but nothing came of it. Sagna thinks he is amazing by the way. Plays for Senegal and used to play for Nancy, thats where Sagna met him. Says he is very dangerous at set pieces(which to me implies he should be very good at defending them) and apparently can play left back too. Priced around 7 million and at 26 pretty experienced.

  125. We played against him in the CL in 08/09 when he was with Dynamo Kyiv, not sure if he is still there as he was loaned out somewhere when we did not buy him.

  126. LimparAssist at 5:56 pm
    “I would think it would take a lot more than clean sheets to get someone into bed with Bill, Limestone. Though I’m sure clean sheets could only be an improvement.”

    Hahahahahaha. Brilliant. No offence to you Bill but that cracked me up.

  127. Still playing ‘Who is Arsene too tight to buy then?’.

    Ah well, cold must be coming.

  128. I know what you mean about Cahill , Limpar. He just doesn`t seem `Arsenal` in any way. The dearth of good young English centre backs has given him prominence. Nothing more.

    I`ve not seen much of VDW but know he`s highly regarded. Ajax just sounds better than Bolton when thinking of buying.

    Couldn`t we just do a Harry & buy half the team with Suarez, Vertonghen & VDW coming over to join TV5.

  129. Van der Weil could be a good option because Sagna and Song can play CB if necessary.

    I’m surprised that Arsene is being so public about our search for a CB as it could prompt sellers to up their price thinking we are desperate.

    Miguel is a promising young defender, but there is a world between reserves and the PL or CL, which he could end up in if we relied on him to back up Kos and DJ.

  130. I agree Passenal,

    Arsene should have tried to keep the TV news quiet before he buys anyone. Any selling club will put a few million on the fee now they know we are struggling for cover.

  131. Limestonegunner

    LA, good point about the “tackle” on Chamakh that got him a red card in our match with Bolton. I had forgotten about that incident and shouldn’t have. I will now carry a proper grudge against him. If he came, I would expect him to make amends to Chamakh.

    In terms of his quality, I am no expert, but we tend to make an awful lot of CB’s look bad!

  132. Another 27 million from City for Dzeko?…they sure are desperate for that CL spot…i wonder if a CL spot will be sufficient to make up for the £121m losses

  133. Alderweireld from Ajax. I know I sound like a stuck record on this one, but he formed a great partnership with Vertonghen, and would probably come at about 6-7 mil, which would be a great signing.

    Also a fan of Sakho, although I know far less about him, and reckon he could be a lot more expensive.

  134. Paulie, football is a very small world. I think it’s intelligent for Arsene to get in front of all the rumors by stating the truth instead of allowing agents and other undesireables to shape the narrative.

  135. We need an english centre back who can boot the ball out of the stadium, head the ball to the half way line, stamp on drogba and organise the french mugs at the back.

    But knowing Wenger he’s going to sign a technically gifted linguist who will win fuck all in the air and be good at stylishly playing short balls on edge of the area with the presence of a benevolent rabbit. This is going to be a major missed opportunity.We are already 5 hours into the window and the speculation so far has been shite. We need brawns not brains. I can see this being a disaster. We will go into the Barcelona game with Song at the back and Denilson in midfield. We’ve got £100 million in the bank and we will spend sweet fa. That’s why this statement has been released, cos Wenger knows he ain’t going to spend a dime.

  136. Nice post on another football team, hope that’s ok with YW & ACLF.

    I guess the giant football brains of the groaners were correct yet again. Without spending a gr*tload of wonga, and by not ‘playing’ Fat Sam’s hoofball, Blackpool had no chance this season.

  137. Block4 at 2:05 pm
    What siege mentality? they didicated a whole show on Talshite about How Arsenal reseved were thrashed by Villa. they had their fun but it does not concern me the slightest. This is a reserve’s reserve team full of young kids never heard of them. we say the media have it for Arsenal you think we are making it up. Its has been going on for a long time now. Wake up.

  138. ben Foster has let in a comical goal, what a clown

  139. 1lc – Foster nutmegged himself. hahaha

  140. California Gooner

    I’d love to see Agger in an Arsenal jersey; less thrilled to see him on the treatment table, where he has spent a lot of time during the last couple of years.

  141. Exactly 1lc – one of the centre backs is 16 years old and the other one is 18, while the emergency left back after the sending off is an attacking midfielder – so as embarrassing as the defeat was, there were mitigating circumstances. Doesn’t surprise me that talkshite would jump on a chance to have a dig at Arsenal. I even saw an alleged Arsenal blog headline on newsnow claiming that the heavy defeat was evidence of Arsenal’s first team ‘complacency’ affecting all levels of the club!

  142. Passenal – as consolsbob would say, “you couldn’t make it up.”

  143. Wet Spam 2 Birmingham Cloggers 1

  144. Ohh hlebby!

  145. Muppet @7:56.

    Thank so very much. I’m laughing so hard that I’ve got tears in my eyes!

    A CB who can…. Hoof the ball out of the stadium and head it past the half way line!!!! Quality stuff…

    Good luck to the lads tomorrow and Good night one and all. COYG!!

  146. Isnt it funny how no one is really frettin about our goal keepers so much anymore?

  147. Wenger on

    “We have solutions internally with Ignasi Miquel, with Alex Song who can play centre back and with Squillaci, who should come back very quickly.

    “If we find somebody at the right level we will do it, if not we will continue like this.”
    That last sentence will upset a few.

  148. All the talk is about Gary Cahill. Apparently Bolton are desperate to sign Weater from Boro so everyone thinks Cahill is on his way. We shall see. An addition to help out will be welcome.

  149. dups, I think the silly thing is people believe that if you have a list of names we believe that teams want to sell or as if we know more than Arsene.

    This is common sense, if you cannot find what you want, that is better than what you have, stick with what you already have. Plain and simple.

    I find football supporters (especially some of us Arsenal ones) to be quite presumptuous.

  150. For once I agree with bleeding UEFA:

    All clubs should copy Arsenal. Way to go. Come on, join the bandwagon

  151. Muppet, if you had posted under another pseudonym I would have sworn blind you were a genuine doomer! I think it’s time we unleash you unto the enemy

    Also, happy birthday to all those approaching infinity: live long and prosper!

  152. I have a feeling that AW’s mgt of Djourou has gotten everyone including the AAA onside.

    I think a lot of my fellow fans are so perverse that having Djourou dropped actually makes them root for him to be in the side. If he’d played every game so far, given the number of goals we’ve conceded, I do believe they’d be trying to sell him now in favour of Gary Cahill or whichever flavour of the month chickenshit centre back invents a link with.

  153. ole they will employ men with big calculators to dodge this rule anything is possible. I can’t imagine Madrid, Barcelona, Chelsea Man city living within their own means. They are always 300, 400 millions in debts to keep feeding their greedy players. Eufa might have to think again because if these teams feel restricted, they might leave the C.league and start a european league or another competition with a new body. Eufa can’t do a thing about it. I hope the new rule is implemented without any favoritism.

  154. dupsffokcuf | January 11, 2011 at 10:28 pm |

    It’s a wise move to say that so that no one thinks we are desperate and tries to over charge us.

  155. I think there is a good chance he will gamble that Kos and Djourou will be OK until Squillachi returns.

  156. Limestonegunner, “In terms of his quality, I am no expert, but we tend to make an awful lot of CB’s look bad!” < that is a fair point.

    I'm holding out for a technically gifted linguist who will win fuck all in the air and be good at stylishly playing short balls on edge of the area with the presence of a benevolent rabbit… just my cup of tea.

    How cool is it to have Thierry Henry knocking around the Arsenal again?!

  157. “… and tackles like a fainting BBC Arts presenter.”

  158. That’s not the gamble, goonerandy. If the initial 3 week prognosis for a grade 1 hammy was right then the sequence of games we’re taking about is; Ipswich,Wham, Leeds,Wigan, Ipswich and Huddersfield – until Squilacci returns to the rotation. There’s no reason why we can’t cope using Miquel and Song as back-up for that run. Plenty of Premier League teams will go through the majority of the season with a set pairing of two centrebacks playing almost every single game.

    The gamble is on whether we can cope with the next possible 26 fixtures after that and gun for glory on all fronts with just the 3 top quality centrebacks – and without Tommy Vermaelen. I think AW’s position is pretty clear and I’d be suprised if he doesn’t land his man. If the clubs won’t let the targets go then we will all have to start going to church and lighting candles; one for Tommy V each time, and one for all the other centrebacks to stay fit.

  159. Limpar – Yeah, I suppose so.

    That said, you know our medical depertments record sometimes. TV5 was supposed to be only ten days injured. If Squillachi’s 3 weeks turns into 3 months we really will be in trouble if we don’t get a new CB.

  160. “…he feints to go one way! …Now feints to go the other!! …And now he just faints. Oh dear…Arsenal’s new centreback, ladies and gentlemen. …Medic!”

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