Wigan Preview: A Test Of Athletic Performance

Arsenal travel to the DW Stadium in the middle of a fixture maelstrom, this the second of seven fixtures in seventeen days. The lunacy of English football is highlighted for all too see yet, depending on how the matches go, nobody will complain with six wins and a draw from this schedule. One win has been achieved and a draw in the first leg of the Carling Cup will suit most. That leaves just the small matter of four Premier League and one FA Cup win to go.

English football has spurned many opportunities to reshape it’s footballing calendar. A quick glance at Arsenal’s matches show that potentially ten fixtures in thirty three days may have taken place by the final whistle against Everton on February 1st.

That total follows the month to date in December where only five were scheduled. FA Cup replays are archaic and must now be dropped. Whilst that week ought to be free – Arsenal must be confident of beating Leeds despite of the Yorkshire clubs good form – it would definitely be so if the ties were resolved on the day, as is the case with the Carling Cup.

For Wenger, tonight’s team is a test of his balancing skills. He rang five changes on Monday and a similar number or more should be expected tonight. Too many changes though and Wenger is facing the possibility of a totally disjointed performance, undoing the good of three precious points so recently gained. A different mindset from the players may be the key to this, treating it in a similar way to a Carling Cup tie might help, playing for a regular place their motivation as well as a victory which will draw them level with both Mancunian teams.

Having been a surprise (and successful) inclusion in the starting line-up against Chelsea, it seems unlikely to me that Johan Djourou will start this evening. Recently Wenger observed that the Swiss international would be gradually returned to first team action following his injury-plagued 2009-10, two games in forty-eight hours would surely be too much.

As with Robin van Persie, nobody can complain about them missing out tonight. Wenger is hidebound in his transfer philosophy, to the frustration of many, but on this occasion such rigidity of beliefs can only be good for the squad in the long-term.

He and van Persie are not the only ones who will surely be missing; Fabregas picked up his fifth booking on the season and stays at home, resting ahead of the visit to St Andrews. Whilst Lukasz Fabianski will remain in goal – after all, he had little or nothing to do on Monday bar picking the ball out of the net – Gael Clichy picked up a couple of nasty little knocks which would benefit from a rest.

Sagna would move to left back with Eboue on the right. Defensively reshuffled but three of the four played together for seventy minutes at Newcastle; hardly the best of friends in those positions but nonetheless, not total strangers.

In midfield, the physical demands of Monday will have been most telling. Alex Song may be fit but a rest this evening would be in order. Similarly Samir Nasri cannot surely continue with this gruelling schedule of fixtures coming up; he too needs to be at least dropped to the bench. In their place would come Denilson and Diaby.

The starting line-up I would pick is:

Fabianski; Eboue, Koscielny, Squillaci, Sagna; Denilson, Diaby, Rosicky; Walcott, Chamakh, Arshavin

Undefeated in their last five home games, anyone who expects Wigan to roll over may be in for a nasty surprise. Since first two games of season when they shipped ten goals, Roberto Martinez’s side have conceded nineteen goals in the subsequent sixteen games. Relatively speaking, they are running things tightly. Alas, they suffer from a paucity of goals, fifteen in the Premier League this season is the worst record in the top flight.

Martinez deserves some credit; despite being engulfed in a relegation battle, his side has held true to their priniciples and refused thus far to submit to the long ball and physical aspects of survival. Whether this will remain over the course of the season is unknown but the win at Wolves last weekend will have boosted their confidence in the same way as Arsenal’s has been.

The only thing that matters this evening is the win. With a team full of changed personnel, consistency of performance will be hard to achieve. A failing Arsenal are constantly accused of having, is an inability to win when playing badly or at a lower level than expected. Tonight would be a good sign of that being cast asunder as the failure to beat ‘big clubs’ was.

Forget revenge for 2009-10; it is irrelevant. This is 2010-11 and the top of the table beckons. Three points means goal difference is all that separates the sides. A big enough win to overcome that hurdle should not be expected.

Enjoy the match wherever you are watching it. ’til Tomorrow.

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  1. A nice minimum of 5 -0 and we go top on goeals scired!

  2. goeals scired = goals scored! LOL

    Am actually the first poster? Good signs that team spirit is at its highest. LOL

  3. Like the lineup. Vela and Bendtner on the bench?

  4. I would like Eboue to play as the Left Back instead of Sagna.. Eboue has played well on couple of occasions at that position..

  5. My only worry for tonight is the changes Wenger will be forced to make, I agree totally with your line up, but have that midfield three ever played together in this formation? I am too lazy to find out and since the question was rhetorical no need to answer. I only hope we go in with the attitude we had against Chelsea. If we can do that from kick off to final whistle, we should be OK, hell we could even be top of the league.

  6. I completely agree, it is vitally important that we don’t let all of the hard work the team put in on Monday night be for nothing by slipping up at Wigan. Three points from each of the next two games should see the gap between the top two and the rest of the table widen (I don’t count Man City as they have played 2 games more).
    Wigan are no mugs, but a professional performance from Arsenal should see us coming away with the 3 points.
    Watching the Man Utd game against Birmingham last night, I’d be tempted to rest Walcott and start him on Saturday. Birmingham seem to have problems against pace and, with Walcott on the pitch from start, we should be able to catch them easily on the counter attack. In fact, I’d like to see Walcott play a bit closer to the halfway line when we defend corners, as a ball over the top for him to run on to should split any defence clean open.
    Just as an aside, the press have focussed on the talents of a certain young Newcastle striker over the last couple of months, highlighting his goals aqgainst the top sides and his elevation to the England team, but I have been impressed by the potential talent of one of his sidekicks.
    Nile Ranger appears to be something of a rough diamond at the moment, but certainly has the pace, strength and talent to be a major success if he is handled by the right manager. Koscielney couldn’t handle him when he came on at the Emirates and got sent off for his troubles, but it was not just that game where he caused problems for the opposition. I think AW would do a fantastic job of guiding Ranger to be a top player and he would likely be a bargain buy at the moment, he has already demonstrated that he has the ability to shake things up when he comes on as a sub so could fit straight in to the first team squad. Seems like a bit of a weird one I know, but would certainly fit the bill as another young talent that AW could nuture.

  7. Finn

    Yep, along with Szczesny, Eastmond, Nasri, Djourou and Wilshere


  8. Zama

    Your worries are why I think treating it almost as a cup-tie would be best for the players, a one-off for them to prove their places. More changes need to be made for Saturday and next Wednesday so it seems to me that asking for consistency of performance in these circumstances in too much. Win and that’s all that matters.


  9. and he’s a gooner!

  10. 3 points in the bag, i dont believe in this rubbish that we cant win while playing bad, we done it enough this season, same said for winning tonight proving that we can, it doesnt. its another game that if we play we win, anything else would be lack of application simple as. I thought Diabi had a good return against Chelsea, cant wait for him to be back along side cesc, bring on the games cause it shouldnt affect the team with best squad in prem……..US

  11. Our players might be pogoing away to some Bouncy Castle in Wigan Pier tonight. Wouldn’t be surprised, because they are very musical.

  12. Oh fuck, sorry. I have just been informed by a younger member of the household that it is ‘bouncy house’, not ‘bouncy castle’. As opposed to scouse house..which I presume is derived from council house. Difficult to keep up and no messing.

  13. Another incidence of madness in Kenya as three Chelsea fans beat an Arsenal fan to death after the match together presumably in a pub.

  14. Another incidence of madness in Kenya as three Chelsea fans beat an Arsenal fan to death after watching the match presumably in a pub.

  15. Its a must win at all costs this one, else the victory over chelski loses quite a bit if its significance. Id keep as much of our defensive players in place for this away fixture – with maybe only Djourou dropping out if Wenger feels hes not up to 2 games in 28 hours this soon. Then with Cesc suspended i would rest only VanP – the brittle cunt. 🙂 and maybe Jack.

    Clichy Kozzer Squill Sagna
    Song Diaby
    Nasri Rosicky AA23

    Chesney, Eboue, Djourou, Denilson, Jack, VanP, Bentdner

  16. my likely line up

    Clichy Kozzer Squill Sagna
    Song Diaby
    Theo Nasri AA23

    Chamakh for rvp later on and rosicky for theo and denilson for diaby

  17. Kenyan Gunner, Habari mimi pia ni Mkenya.

    I feel Song needs a rest, after putting in a splendid performance against Chelsea, and having watched the way Birmingham midfield played against Man U , i am persuaded that he is our best weapon against them. Thus we need him to stay rested.
    Wavey Ranger, is actually the kind of talent that can thrive at Arsenal, and the boy is handful and cause defenders problems. With Newcastle being what they are i guess its the right time to sign him.
    Dennilson against Wigan can be a good inclusion too. since they play football like huffing and puffing of most basement team, his short range of passes can open up the defense.

  18. Let’s win tonight.any win will do but 4-0 would be fantastic.

  19. Firstlady and Team Spirit – Wigan don’t concede many at home, so we just need to score one more than they do and get the 3 points. That is all that counts at this moment.

  20. Passenal, they will tonight

  21. I so sad to see/hear arsenal fans was attacked/killed, what is wrong with this kenyan/anti asrenal? Till when there gorvement they can protect there own people/inorcent? I have been in kenya 3times but I never like to visit again, just leasen story: I was travel to Dubai from Nairobi, the time we were at air we received food and some trink, they was 3kenyans left side of me they ask more and more alcohol to dring, after a while they go there and there infrount of me they was tree asian who wearing arsenal t shirt, the kenyan starting talking stupid things to them till one kenyans spitting alcohel tn them it was fighting in the plane, till one plane menber came to stop fighting. Oh my GOD what type of humanbeing are u? That it tell us alot about ur life. I wish all my brothers and sisters of Arsenal in kenya serve life, and u must take care on ur own life.

  22. Abdoul na kenya gunner, poleni kwa msiba ni wetu,

  23. I’d take a scrappy 1-0 win today TBH. And I agree that Wigan and Martinez deserve a lot of credit for the way he has continued to play and win football matches despite being embroiled in a relegation dogfight. Wigan give a lie to those who say that lower table teams can’t afford to play “football” as do Roberto Di Matteo’s West Brom.

    I think that Wigan away is a tad tricky especially given the quick turn around from our last match but we have to hope that we get the same work rate and determination from the players,,, if we get that then we should win. I think Yogi’s line up is fine except to say that I think that clichy is going to have to play. I agree that he took quite a buffeting against Chelsea but the idea of playing a right footer as an attacking LB against a team that we all know is going to set up to defend mainly is not really conducive to getting a result, on top of that we’re going to have defend well and with discipline. This where Gibbs injury ridden season gets frustrating because if Gibbs was fit this wouldn’t even be an issue.

    Good luck to the lads … COYR!!

  24. KG @ 11.32 – Thats so sad. Why do some people have to do that.

  25. “Alas, they suffer from a paucity of goals, fifteen in the Premier League this season is the worst record in the top flight.”

    On the other hand, they’ve scored twice in two of their last three league matches. The last time Chelsea scored twice in the league was the 30th of October. Since then, Chelsea have scored 5 league goals; Wigan have scored 8.

  26. Kenyan gooner @ 11.30
    That is absolutely horrible news. to beat someone to death over the result of a game of football is just crazy. May the fan’s soul rest in peace.

  27. KG,

    I am deeply saddened to hear that hatred and intollerance have reared their heads as a murder for a football shirt. We are better than that and following AFC remains marked as class.

    Tonight’s side should show this and my starting 11 would be:

    Sagna, Squill, Kos, Clichy
    Diabi, Denilson
    Walcott, Chamahk, Arsavin

    A 1-3 scoreline would see stage two nicely concluded.


  28. After Sp*ds & Newcastle, I hope we break the jinx of getting beaten by the teams we defeat in the CC..

  29. Hope so MJ.

    Watching the last ten minutes of the Manc-Birmingham game was a difficult challenge as the football was, for most of that time, not in the camera/screen shot. Birmingham play from Peter Kay’s coaching manual.

  30. Wigan (one extra days rest) starting eleven from their important win at Wolves:

    26 Al Habsi
    02 Gohouri
    03 Alcaraz yellow card
    05 G Caldwell
    23 Stam
    08 Watson yellow card
    10 N’Zogbia
    15 Cleverley (1) yellow card
    16 McArthur
    21 Diame
    20 Rodallega (1)

  31. So weird hoe comf it didn’t show up for me earlier? Had you follow the link from YW!

  32. Maria, you are kick-ass today!

  33. KG, doesn’t look like you were serious, were you?

  34. @ YW
    The new post didn’t show up for me, either. I followed your link.
    Your lineup is probably right but I think on recent evidence and in order to change as little as possible, Eboue will play at LB if he comes in. And Bendtner might come in instead of Walcott.

    @ Zama
    Denilson and Diaby played together a lot two seasons ago. And Rosicky is so experienced and versatile he can fit in with anyone.

    Come you Gunners! This is going to be a really tough game because all the pressure in on us. Any win will do.

  35. Maria is always kick-ass, mj gunner!

  36. Finsbury, the Birm v Man U game was like watching 2 teams fighting relegation. SAF had his team set up not to lose just the same as McLeish did. It was total rubbish from start to end.

  37. LOL, FG!

    Somehow, I find Diaby-Denilson-Rosicky midfield a litlle weak defesively..

    Maybe Wilshere can start this one instead of Diaby, & we can have a completely changed MF of Song -Diaby-Cesc for Birmingham. This way Jack also gets the required time off.

  38. Any sort of win would do. Would not be surprised if we were a little jaded going forward today after the effort on monday. YW, Pass and PZ all pointed out that wigan has been in better form on both ends of the pitch recently. Classic trap game. Nice day for one of those clean sheets I always ask for. Winning ugly not as much fun but 3 points count the same.

  39. Clichy took a buffeting against Chelsea? From what I recall Kalou got no change out of him and Chelsea were allowed one shot the whole game. Just because he got caught in possession once doesn’t mean he had a bad game. You know who had a bad game at left back that night? Ashley Cole.

  40. An amazing win on Monday needs to be followed up by performances in two tough away games – Wigan tonight coming just 2 days after Chelsea and Brum who have a good home record.

    I am just glad that we finally beat Chelsea. It was so nice to see them and Cashley in particular on the receiving end for a change.

    I am hoping that this victory can act as a springboard to greater triumphs. Hopefully this will give the team the belief that it has lacked so far on the big stage.

  41. I am very pleased for Theo Walcott and all the Arsenal players who have stuck two fingers at the establishment. Cometh the hour cometh the man. I agree with you Yogi about ringing the changes and resting a few players. This will be a harder game because of the post match euphoria and having to raise our game again to a high level. To say the fixture list is ridiculous is putting it lightly. However confidence is high and barring the wrong Arsenal turning up at Wigan then heres to another astounding performance and excorcising the demons of our last visit to wigan with another Theo Masterclass.COYG

  42. @ G69
    Damn right!

    @ mj_gunner
    Actually, my worry would be the opposite – that Denilson/Rosicky/Diaby might not be incisive enough! Defensively I’m not concerned – Denilson and Rosicky don’t have that much height and bulk but TR is quick and the king of tackling and Denilson’s reading of the game could be crucial in nullifying their attacks – they will pass rather than hoof. Diaby would be my choice out of those three to be “Cesc”, but he is only just back from injury.

  43. G4E:

    The fixture list is ridiculous but at least its just as ridiculous for all of the PL teams. In theory the quality of the depth of our squad should make the fixture congestion easier for us then the teams around us and actually give us an advantage. That said when fixtures come this close together fatigue is both physical and mental so you never know how it will play out. I expect a tough game today. We will win by either 1 – 0 or 2 – 0. I hope!

  44. The fixture list is silly, but it’s the same for all sides. All else being equal, our depth has to play a role in getting through this stretch better than most, right? Not to mention, we’ve gotten a lot of tough road fixtures out of the way (City, Chelsea, Anfield, United, Villa). Not that we’ve been awesome at home. Regardless, I think Wenger now has to forgo Theo Walcott as super sub and instead count Theo Walcott as automatic starting 11 for the vast majority of matches. Arshavin can be our super sub. A key player for the next month for us I think? Abou Diaby. We’ll need his fresh legs and we’ll need his physicality to help scratch and fight our way to points.

  45. OK

    Let’s have quick heads up please from those who had trouble finding today’s post:

    Which browsers are you using?

    Then we can look to get the problem sort.

    Just one thing. If you visit https://aculturedleftfoot.wordpress.com the days post will be the top one. This morning’s didn’t arrive until about 10.30am in case anyone asks.


  46. Ever the optimist. Since we need to beat Wigan by six to go top I’ll 6:0 to the Arsenal. COYG!

  47. What is a browser?

  48. Anyone got a good feed?

  49. …and this heads up thing. Up what?

    I do fear that I am losing touch with my own language. Must keep up.

  50. feed? You mean dinner?

  51. 8 changes from Chelsea…?

  52. Fabianski, Sagna, Squillaci, Koscielny, Rosicky, Denilson, Arshavin, Eboue, Chamakh, Bendtner, Diaby

  53. Diaby and Denilson sitting behind Rosicky

  54. Szczesny, Nasri, Walcott, Wilshere, Djourou, Clichy…subs

  55. YW:

    Seemed to work fine with Mozilla Firefox browser but I get yesterdays post with Microsoft internet explorer.

  56. Great to see how strong we’ve become. Eight changes and we still look like a first eleven!

  57. Frank – they might have the lingo but you can still hand out lessons in supporting.

  58. @ YW
    Mozilla firefox.
    I guessed the line-up right. (smug smirk) Except for thinking that Eboue would play LB, and it looks like he’s at RB. But still. This NEVER normally happens, so please humour me.

  59. 8 changes!!!! This is like the changes we do for a Carling cup game…

    I want to see AA play behind Chamakh with TR7 and Big Nic on the wings… Deni and Diaby to control the midfield..

  60. YW,

    I have checked with both Opera and Firefox.. Both work well..

  61. Fun,

    I thing Eboue will play at LB.. We need Sagna’s solidity on the right side of the defence with all these changes…

    The main question is who is going to play in the ‘hole’?? AA or TR7 or Big Nic as the supporting striker???

  62. A win is a win is a win passenal so i’ll settle for 3 points tonite,anything more will be a bonus.

  63. King Eboue is playing at LB.. AA on the left wing and TR7 in the ‘hole’..

  64. Very shaky start…

  65. Oh yes, Eboue at left back.

    How do we look?

  66. Very very shaky and disjointed, Fun…

  67. Calming vibes….

  68. Evening all, ope everyone ad a nice merry christmas.

    Lets do these rugby loving c*nts.

  69. Not getting on with the passing game. Too many misplaced passes..

  70. IG

    It’s all the changes. But no way around it – you can’t play the same squad again with so little recovery time in between.

  71. Are we pressing the ball?

  72. We are pressing but most of the interceptions/passes are going stray…
    The back 4 aren’t gelling well…

    penalty for Wigan..

  73. but it looks the foul was just outside the box…

  74. what a dive

  75. Wigan 1 up…

  76. What the fuCk?….consolation.

  77. Don’t worry guys, c’mon Arsenal!!

  78. Wasn’t a dive.. But went down easily…

  79. dive and it began outside the box. video tech please and retroactive punishment for the diver

  80. Hmm. Looked very dodgy pen to me. Good open game so far. Very clean. We are clearly far superior all over the pitch but they are trying. Could be fun this.

  81. At least it’s still early

  82. back 4 playing dangerously..

  83. Better to go down 1-0 than take the lead and relax! A goal before HT would be very nice

  84. I think we just look a little disjointed which is understandable given the team selection. I’ve got two nob commentators on my stream who hate AA but the picture is good! Ref letting a lot of niggling fouls go in midfield but nothing nasty.

  85. Diaby is off.. Lil Jack on for him..

  86. Li’l Jack coming on?? Shit poor AD.

  87. That looks serious..

  88. Stil JW has linked well with AA and MC this season. Maybe it’ll be a blessing…

  89. I fear that Wilshere may burnout at 22!

  90. Whats up with Denilson’s hair?!

  91. lost my feed what happened to diaby?

  92. He was limping…

  93. ArsenalTheWengerWay

    Unbelievable, i knew it i just knew looking at that team tonight, they are too many unfit(diaby) not much game time(bendtner, rosicky) and just the plain crap (denilson), we are gonna have to grind this out. Absolutely furious at the way these overpaid bunch of idiots are playing, nobody’s pressing, passing i could do better and yes i play football. i’m off to calm down and watch a movie, i’d rather lose and play brilliantly knowing what my team is capapble of. but this is just idiocy. We will lose tonight or win by a tight margin. we might as well throw away the premier league now. Absolute shite. i am this close to snapping my laptop!!!!!!!

  94. Jack’s diving in again. Great commitment but he needs to rein it in.

  95. ATWW – fuck off and die you scumbag cunt.
    Right, back to the game.

  96. interseting article on the chelsea game

  97. Something is wrong with Arshavin though

  98. The away support are doing us proud again.

  99. Its 10 v 11. AA23 is having a shocker.How weak is our left side with Eboue and AA23.And Wigan know it

  100. The forward movement of Deni\Jack and TR7 leaving a huge gap in the middle ..

    What a finish from AA.. 1-1.. The moment of magic..

  101. Yes, 1-1.

  102. Now where’s that idiot ATWW?

  103. What a goal! The Wenger way.

  104. He is that good, no doubt

  105. Well done Andrie, that should shut some cunts up for a week.

  106. What was that Gordon?? Arshavin? Really?

  107. gordon,
    ths shocker scored the equaliser..

    The goal has boosted the morale.. The triangles and 1-touch passes are back..

  108. two up

  109. Big Nic… 2-1…

    The shocker provides the assist..

  110. Oh joy!!!

  111. Yesssss Bendtnerrrrrrrrr

  112. Lol atww common snap it! I dare you! You are to much of a wozz to snap anything. Coward

  113. Wigan getting a little ropey now. Li’l Jack has galvanised us.

  114. Superb. Just superb. The Wenger way.

  115. Talk about a spollt brat. Grow up and grow some, ATWW.

  116. AA23 is a different player after the goal..

  117. I think you’re right, steww – about JW.

  118. Keep the ball now boys.
    They can’t hurt us if they don’t have the ball.

  119. Arsenal the wenger way how do you feel now you prick!! hehe, come on Arsenal, lovely finish from Arshavin, neat one from Count nick aswell

  120. Now Wigan is looking disjointed and shaky… The 2 goals have turned the tide by a huge scale..

    Where is ATWW and gordon?? Did one snapped his laptop and the other disappeared??

  121. Commentators lamenting that you can’t come through the back of a player any more. Sad that. I suppose we just have to learn to enjoy superb passing and improvised brilliance instead.

  122. hahaha. u guys are crazy. Or perhaps Arshavin is. Unpredictable. But hes very effective against smaller teams. Hopefully he can do it against the big boys too.

  123. steww,
    Lil Jack balanced the midfield. It looked very disjointed at the beginning..

  124. fg – how he keeps going I don’t know but he plays with an urgency that suits us.

  125. good half looked a bit disjointed but nothing a half time talk can’t fix, upwards and onwards, come on you gunners!

  126. ig – I agree. deni has settled now jack is doing the buzzing around, and TR is imperious.

  127. An interesting half of football.

  128. Deni and Wilshere of the Shire to boss the midfield in the second like they did at sp*rs

  129. Just watched the end of Chelsea v Bolton, they’re playing horribly! Boos from all corners of Stamford bridge, ah things look fantastic at the moment.

  130. steww,

    Initially all 3 were moving forward without one staying back.. Even when one stayed back, the gap between the defenders and him was huge and I saw for couple of times it was 4 wigan players against the 2 defenders through the middle.. That made the back 4 lose its shape…

    Now with one of Deni\Lil Jack sitting back, the defenders are more solid..

  131. Read this on bbc:

    Chris Whyatt’s half-time snap-shot: “Bored Bolton keeper Jussi Jaaskelainen could have slumped against his post supping tea: wretched Chelsea haven’t mustered a shot on goal.”

  132. ArsenalTheWengerWay

    I’m still here and really u think insults are gonna get u anywhere, i said that this team had no balance, arsenal hurt me because after the promise of the chelsea performance i was elated and expecting big things but this current team playing tonight doesn;t have the fluency and calm that the other team had. To those calling me names, i was angry, there is my passion, i want this team to succeed and it hurts when they let a chance slip by after so many years. I love arsenal as much as the next guy, so don’t question that but i guess now that i calmed down, i have seen too may times when arsenal capitulate and end up losing. I’m not apologising for what i said, i am merely explainiing to those who are quick to judge that my anger was the sign of my love and passion, so to end

    Right back at ya you ………………….

  133. Couldnt watch the full half, but I did have a feeling about Diaby-Deni-Rosicky being disjointed & wanted Jacky to start for Diaby 😀
    Are you listening, FG?? 😉

  134. Most crazy open table for many years. One team builds a winning run and it’s theirs. Bet you can guess who I’m backing…
    Still one half at a time, let’s see off Wigan first.

  135. Ramsey has started for Forest against their arch rivals Derby County.

    Forest lead by 3-1 at half time.

  136. Fuck off, prick. This is an Arsenal fans blog not the place to come and slag off our players. Twat.

  137. Where was this post hiding YW?

    I’m there muttering in an empty Chelsea win review!

    A really good game of football so far. I do genuinely think Wigan are a good side although I am well aware the stats contradict that.

    Watching Rosicky is a joy. The way he finds space to run into or get a pass away sometimes takes the breath away. And to think he is on the bench usually. What a spoilt bunch we are!

  138. goonerwife,
    great link..

  139. Fuck off u bastard(cant be botherf to type your name).when we were struggling it was denilson and rosicky who gave us abit of fire.

    Let’s keep momentum in the 2nd and score some more and winning all the way.

  140. yes, mj_gunner, I’m listening!

  141. steww,
    you moved from one game at a time to one half at a time??

  142. 2nd half is on..

  143. Watching Chelski / Bolton for a minute or two; seems odd to watch Bolton passing the ball.

  144. Back to the game.
    The nerves should be calmed now. So lets find the passes to kill Wigan of.

  145. IG, can you post the link agian?

  146. We are pressing and closing so well.

  147. atwhatever,
    you don’t love arsenal, you just love winning.

  148. Sagna’s lung bursting runs and clearances from the 18-yard boxes are a joy to watch..

  149. mj,

  150. Agree IG – how does he keep doing it??

  151. Lil Jack is much stronger than his 18-yr old body would suggest..

  152. As an aside, am totally glad wolves are at the bottom of the table. West ham do not deserve to be there. Now for them to be joined there by stoke and Blackburn come end of season would be totally cool. Although that could make Sam aladycio the best manager that never was for being sacked, but I;ll take the risk, cant thing of any other team that fits the relegation zone better

  153. Sounds like Arshavin is putting in defensive shift as well – good on you, Andrei.

  154. TS – you forgot the Scum down the road…

  155. Team spirit,
    Agree.. getting rid of Wolves, Stoke and Blackburn at the end of season would be the best thing for the league..

  156. Cheslea just scored a very dubious goal

  157. Chamakh goes very close with a great header…

  158. Oooooh! Come on, Chamakh.

  159. The front 4 of Chamakh, AA, Big Nic and TR7 are putting good defensive shifts and are rotating with ease..

  160. Eboue is such a star.

  161. FG, they are manageable compared to those 3 and usually good for at least 4 points a season till this season, so not all is bad LOL.

    When do we go to the lane? Would be nice to win the league there!

  162. Kos6 is the master when it comes to last-ditch tackles..

  163. The Chavs, have gone one – nil up.
    Never mind.

  164. Chelski looking very tired

  165. gr8 combination from AA, Lil Jack and Chamakh.. AA should have finished it off..

  166. Oh dear – Wolves 1 up against the Scousers.

  167. Good save from the Wigan keeper from a wonderful Arsenal move.

  168. almost feel sorry for aston villa and liverpool. weird to see bolton and sunderland up there….

  169. Sky, AA didn’t get his shot through…

    1st yellow card in the 75th minute..

    What a point blank save from Fabianski..

  170. eboue getting turned too easily

  171. Brilliant fabianski

  172. nzogbia looks like Jay-Z. A slimmer version of jayz

  173. What a twat, N’Zogbia,,, It should be a red card..

  174. Chamack looks livid

  175. Wigan down to ten men.

  176. Good decision…

    Now let gets on with the game..

  177. nzogbia what an idiot their most dangerous player too

  178. And it is.

  179. Nzogbia is a c*nt. I liked him … until today.

  180. well done Jack.

  181. steww,
    rightly so… the older players are helping out the younger ones..

  182. jay-z is out….muahaha if you are that stupid you deserve red. really what did he think would happen….

  183. Shit.. 2-2…

  184. I was just thinking that this game was getting a little fast and loose…

  185. For fucks sake, it’s two all.

  186. that was rather stupid too…..

  187. Oh shit. Right now we need to fight.

  188. Fukin el Fab fukin stay on your fukin line, when will you ever fukin learn.

  189. silly goal

  190. hardly the keepers fault mate.

  191. Nasri and Walcott coming on for AA and Lil Jack….

    Squilly struggling a little bit…

  192. we cannot give these 3 pts away seriously

  193. Come on guys….

  194. duke goonem.neither van der sar nor reina nor hart nor casillas would saved that one with 100% certainty so shut up.

  195. Come on Arsenal!!!!!

  196. it aint over until the fat lady sings. she sings in May…

  197. thats it for fab now, its clear he will never learn his fukin lesson about coming for them big ol crosses. Sczesney has to be put in now.

  198. let it be a Nasri special free kick, please…

  199. ArsenalTheWengerWay

    I told you, i’m not a hater, i’m just realistic ,i said we might just abut win this game and look what happens, they can’t even manage that. I’ve supported arsenal for a long time, i’m not saying we have drawn or lost but i’m getting increasingly angry again. oh well. i\ll watch till the end to see what happens.

  200. duke he will stay lol and you will get redfaced cos nobody listens to little bous like you lol

  201. It was a clear hand ball..

  202. @arsenal the wenger way. you are a wimp and a wose. talk the talk but never wlak the walk. go on break your laptop show you are a man not a mouse. or are you to coward?

  203. Bloody ref….

  204. Listen poodle you silly cunt ,who the fuck you telling to shut up you fukin mug cunt.

  205. Fucking handball. Blatant.

  206. @arsenal the wenger way, you said you would break it cos you were angry.. come on little man! break it! be a true gooner. show your anger. take it out on your inventory!

  207. how much extra time?

  208. @duke ooh come on! get more angry duke! i love it when you angry. you breaking something yet? lol

  209. you know even if they draw today i am still behind my team and alwaus backign those on the field… thats the difference between us duke. you are a silly angry boy that has stropps, i am not.

    though i love it when you get angry though. its so much fun…lol

  210. FT 2-2..

    2 pts dropped.,.

  211. Fuckfuckfuck this game will kill me

  212. but this did suck, and we should have won…. now two manc teams are top of the table.. bleh….

  213. cannot believe it….. why this inability to go into a winning run F…

  214. So basically that dive cost us two points. A draw is not a disaster, at least we haven’t fallen further behind Manure.

  215. Ah well. We know we’re better than the other teams at the top. It’ll tell in the end.

  216. Wouldve liked to see the subs earlier. We didnt cause them near enough trouble in the second half.

  217. People are going to ask about the eight changes.

  218. ArsenalTheWengerWay

    why do you ppl get so wound up about another person expressing themselves, i get wound up about arsenal drawing, i’m not swearing you are. wow some ppl are just unbelieable, i bet at school you were the kid nobody talked to with the small dick and high voice. for you the internet is a way for you to express yourself without getting beat the shit out of you.

  219. 2 clear hand balls in the free kick from Nasri and the resulting corner but both weren’t given.. But the ref was very eager to give penalty to Wigan for a slight touch outside of the box.. Bloody C**T…

  220. I wonder if Martinez will be the next arsenal manager, he is young, and has the right attitude for football and has managed to keep Wigan floating with not the best squad. He also does alot of building for the future. It would not suprise me if he is lined up in 5 years time.. he is not that bad at all. Still hate this result thogh…

  221. Disappointing.

    Isn’t that only our 3rd draw of the season?

    Oh well, if we can beat Birmingham at St Andrews we’ll do something that none of the ‘big’ teams have managed in 2 seasons. That would be a huge 3 points.

  222. Its this sort of inconsistency that has been our biggest problem, I did not see any of the game, just got home. But was really expecting us to charge on from Chelsea.

  223. Seems like a dive to give them a penalty and a missed penalty for us.
    Wigans second goal makes no sense though. We cannot continue to give away cheap goals.

  224. Agree, Paul N.. The subs should have come on between 65-75mins..

  225. poodle at 9:43pm,

    I wouldn’t mind him to be the next manager..

  226. It doesn’t take a fucking genius to realise you can’t expect Walcott and Nasri to penetrate a packed defence yuo know that is going to fight for their lives for 8 minutes, why does wenger always leave his subs so bloody late..oh well result wasn’t disastrous, we could’ve lost.

    And from now on Arsenal must have Djourou ahead of Squillaci in the pecking order.

  227. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  228. Easy all…a dodgy pen and an OG hardly qualify as a problem…we’re fine.

  229. EVERY time I say something, I immediately realise someone’s already pointed it out ffs..

  230. @Indian i wonder if he wanted to rest the players asmuch as he could for future campain and was planning not to swap at all. It would have been the right tactic if it was not for a silly goal. I feel that goal could maybe be avoided with a better head player at the back like JD. but i also understand why AW is taking it easy with him being out for 1 year etc.
    I am also a bit dissapointed i have to admit as the team out there today was in no means a bad team. They should have managed to win and keep hold of a lead.

  231. axis of course people don’t think there are problems, but are frustated with the score..

  232. People can question the changes in personnel all they like – the fact is you can’t play the same 11 players less than 48 hours later. That starting 11 was a good enough to win.

    @ Zap
    The selection had nothing to do with the pecking order – Djourou has been out of the game for A YEAR. He cannot play every single game just yet.

  233. Yes I know fungunner I’m not talking about this game..

  234. Something still lacking. Manutd still have the chance to pull away. Too many games we may live to regret losing points in.

  235. ATWW, truth is you dissed two players in the worse way, hence others came to the defence of the team.

    Your attitude stinks in my view. If thats what you do every time a team scores on Arsenal you are sad.

  236. Right, axis. A draw is not a disaster – we have at least not fallen further behind ManUre.

  237. Fab has cost us this win with his no mans land impression. should have stayed on his line and then had a nice little catch. but we all know what to expect from him now.

  238. Clear penalty denied. N’Zogbia’s was not a penalty either. I knew Wigan weren’t going to roll over and let us have at it. They played well. Really can’t complain about any of our players either. They all put in a shift and looked a bit off the pace given that some of them haven’t played in a while. The ref pretty much gifted them a draw, though.

  239. we are 1 keeper away from the title. and that fukin keeper is on our judy bloody dench.

  240. Games like this combined with dodgy streams could kill me.

    Still believe we can win the lot this year, though. mc are a bunch of primadonnas, mu are very average, this year.

    atww, you don’t slag the team you support. And eight changes was understandable seeing that we played chelsea the day before yesterday. Was that simple enough for you?

  241. ARSHAVIN, he scored a goal,created another,but still the SHITIEST PLAYER IN THE TEAM,constantly giving away the ball,piling pressure on his mates,what was wenger thinking? we need the same sense of judgement he showed against chelsea,too many changes,surely he has to take the blame,both in selection and in allowing a 10 man team equalise.so sad!

  242. Hey, you’ve known me a while Fun…I’m pissed as well, but I just think we ought to save our freak outs for when we lose games like that. A late own goal? Hey man…sh!t happens. Squilly looked a little bit under pressure…truth is the game became ridiculously open at the 65min mark and we should have made subs then just to settle the game. Bendy and Arsh let themselves get frozen out and we got drawn into a run-wild game that isn’t our style. We got caught on a poorly handled corner…I’m annoyed but it’s alright.

  243. This supposed to be the best and most competetive league in the world?

    Why do we have to put up with amateur refs?

    Let’s bring them in from abroad like we did with the players. The PL is rich enough.

  244. A lot went wrong for us tonight but we did play extremely well, didn’t over commit (usually) had we not have had to play 2 games in 2 nights plus having a different ref who can see properly, we would’ve won comfortably. Birmingham away is gonna be very tough, especially after last night.

  245. And here we go, so predictable rahl.

  246. There was a certain naiveity in the build up to the 2nd goal. We should never have conceded the possession in a manner which the bias of my memory suggests to be cheaply. Still, I think the subs should have been made earlier, I’m still hating our refusal for ranged efforts, and I’m baffled as to why we don’t use our passing game to our defensive advantage when seeing games out.

    Ref had a terrible game, but nonetheless, the lead conceded to 10 men hurts worse.

    Anyway, those were the negs.

    Positives are we played pretty well as did Wigan. Really like watching Wigan as they are a footballing team. In a few years they’ll be challenging.

    Denny put in a brill shift. He made a sublime tackle of the dirty diving git that is N’Zogbia that stands out in my mind.

    Wilshere had another strong game. Best English midfielder bar none at the mo.

    Two great finishes from Arshavin and Bendy, and Rosicky is truely graceful conductor in midfield. Just needs to calibrate his aim, and then he’ll be back. I look forward to his first goal this season.

    To the league ladies and gentleman, we’ll need to fight hard to lay claim to it, so let’s make it ours

  247. I was afraid this would happen… Where all those changes to the team that beat Chelsea absolutely necessary? It seems to me almost everytime we rest players with an upcoming fixture in mind it tends to backfire in some way? Would have much rather we played a stronger team today if only to start a good run.
    However I hope this poor result gives us the kick up the arse needed to win at Birmingham.

  248. Bummer. Frustrating to lose points when you score 2. Next game at St Andrews will be another tough place to get 3 points.

  249. onto to birmingham no need to wallow in our misery

  250. Sorry address that to Zap

  251. KenGun, United pull away? that can only happen if we let them and if they never lose or draw again. I just dont see that happening.

    We are no further behind. I am dissapointed but I am not about to start focusing on United.

  252. FinnGunn ur argument is baseless all teams have games coming in fast and thick at this stage,it didn’t stop chelsea from using their same geriatric lineup against bolton.

  253. We can debate the finer points.

    We were denied 2 clear penalties. I thought Theo being hauled down given his pace was a penalty. The handball was blatant, even if the poor sod was only trying to protect his face.

    Squillaci and Bendtner perhaps should have done better with the headed opportunities they were afforded by some excellent crossing from Sagna and Rosicky.

    Wigan were good! But we do really need to stop panicking and giving really sloppy goals away. I have a feeling though, that that will iron out relatively quickly.

    Also, lets not shy away from the bold team selection, 8 changes and we almost won it. We should have won it. But that in itself is a comfort. The DW is a weird and unpredictable place to come. Wigan have beaten Chelsea, Liverpool, Sp*rs Villa and ourselves in recent seasons they are a lot better then their position in the table suggests as are many in this most competitive of leagues.

    Chin up Gooners, if we beat Birmingham on the first day of 2011 I will be wholly convinced that it is our time for the title. Premature? Perhaps. But I can’t help but feel we have turned a corner regardless of the own goal we gave away tonight.

  254. duke goonem, that comment was beyond idiotic.

  255. duke Goonem: “Fab has cost us this win with his no mans land impression. should have stayed on his line and then had a nice little catch. but we all know what to expect from him now.”

    Wait don’t tell me. Szczesny would’ve caught the cross with one hand while eating an ice cream cone with the other.

  256. ahh fuck off rahl

  257. yeah Skywatchingmug,so predictable,the way we lose points!

  258. I don’t understand, supporting a football team is supposed to be enjoyable. It’s not an order you can choose any team you like if you want, so why the fuck do people like rahl support arsenal? If you’re not happy, support fucking barcelona, they never lose. Then you’d be happy. You cunt.

  259. The changes had nothing to do with this draw, we were up for cryin out loud.

    Hard to see how Cesc was called for handball against Spurs and this handball which was much more obvious is overlooked, unless you are 7ft tall.

  260. ArsenalTheWengerWay

    I didin’t slate any players except denilson who i absolutely hate, i don’t care what you say i am entitled to whatever i wanna say. BY the way i’ll have you know chelsea’s team was alomost exactly the same as the one that played against us. And they won. DONT you dare question my loyalty to arsenal, because i get emotional on my team doesn’t make me a pussy or whatever term you wanna use. the minute anybody questions arsenal player’s, a bunch of idiotic fools jump on them. It’s like arsenal are too good for critism. I’ve watched arsenal games for a very long time and i pay to go to the emirates, money that however small it may be goes to pay for their wages and arsenal football club as a whole. i’m entitled to ask questions so shut the fuck up.

    is this what it has come to, we can’t even say anything bad about players, un-fucking believable!!!!

  261. rahl:
    “FinnGunn ur argument is baseless all teams have games coming in fast and thick at this stage,it didn’t stop chelsea from using their same geriatric lineup against bolton.”

    Have you seen their bench? They can’t do anything but play their best eleven. Besides, Bolton is fifth at the moment. They’ll probably rest players against their opponents on the week-end. If not they are shit out of luck.

  262. Arsenalthewengerway, shut up you pussy.

  263. Arsenal the wenger way of course you’re entitled to your fucking opinion you moron but it’s childish to take out your frustrations towards someone you only see on tv and who doesnt even know you exist, on a blog. Makes you look like a little child grow up..

  264. Here’s what I find weirdest. So we have this fixture pile up and yet to watch our beloved team play, I’ve had to stream it because none of the uk channels were showing it. In such a day and age where we as the consumers have more control over what we watch than ever before, and yet I had to use my tiny laptop and free sopcast rather than my bigger tv and any of the channels I pay for. To watch stuff. Except I couldn’t. Watch the stuff. I wanted to. Using the channels. I pay for. To watch that shizz.

    I find that baffling.

    More to the point if there 2022 WC takes place in winter, won’t there need to be some sort of winter break here to accomodate? THe FA should just bit the bullet and do it already, as well as introducing vid tec.

  265. oh Gainsbourg69,so we are now in a position where we don’t have to play our best team in every game,well result tells the whole story, doesn’t it?

  266. I didnt slate any players “except”…

    well there you have it from the guy.

  267. Doomers, this is how you sound:

    “OMG, we drew. We got 1point instead of 3. We’re never gonna win the league. Let’s give u, sack everyone, and throw it all in.”

    Excuse me while I consign you all to the stupid pile

  268. rahl, Chelsea play Villa in three days. If you think they can field an understrength side and beat them, you’re dreaming. They’re going to have to make some changes or risk some players getting injured or just plain knackered.

    ArsenalTheWengerWay, Denilson was one of our best players tonight. If you don’t like him for whatever reason, tough shit.

  269. Zap,thank goodness you don’t get to choose who supports what team,so get the hell of my back,i don’t owe you an explanation,can we talk about the game and stop picking fights with folks with different views.

  270. So rahl, your logic is that if we started the same team as monday, except for Cesc, it is a forgone conclusion that we wouldve won?

    Wigan have not lost for 6 matches now.

    I believe the ref gave them the draw.

  271. rahl,

    take your pills und feck off you c*nt.

  272. Paul N,
    You don’t think our first 11 that played on Monday will have played better?

  273. From Cesc on twitter:

    “Whats the diference between this handball & my 1 vs spurs? Referees dont want us to complain abt them but they make life dificult 4 themself”

    Where were these moaning tossers after the Chelski game. F*ck off to la moan you sad wankers.

  274. Aside from Cesc of course

  275. As I said the only thing I didnt like was the late subs. I think we shouldve brought on Walcott and Nasri a little earlier and pin Wigan back. They wouldve also been a little more apprehensive in attack knowing that Walcott could burn them at any moment.

  276. I’m gutted we didn’t manage the 3 points, we really should have won this one, but what can you do? We’re just at the half-way point in the season and 2 points off the top, so things aren’t as bad as they seem. Let’s put this one behind us, move onto the next one and hope for a better result.

  277. Paul N,who knows,we would certainly have played better,eboue was a makeshift leftback that had no support from lazy arshavin all through the first half thereby giving nzogbia the space to operate.we could certainly have fielded a stronger squad and made those changes earlier in the second half.

  278. Henristic, the team played well enough to win the match apart from some bogus calls and yes, terrible defending on Wigan’s second goal.

    I find no fault in what Wenger did, we were the better team.

  279. Blame the schedule. Our best eleven against Chelsea and Mancity. The others against Wigan and Birmingham!

  280. Henristic, we were well on top and got denied a pen at the death. Plus N’Zogbia’s pen was non-existent and the referee got fooled by his diving. Are you telling me that our first eleven would’ve done better under those circumstances?

  281. ArsenalTheWengerWay

    Denilson was one of our best player’s tonight???!!!!! are you serious? rosicky was fantastic wilshere changed the dynamics of our play, chamack was ok, bendtner took his chance but denilson, all i ever see him do is lose the ball. Remeber when he took freking 20 secs to decide, made the wrong choice and passed it to sagna who was marked by TWO players and sagna had no way to go. To me that shows poor decision making.

  282. rahl, you have no idea whether or not we wouldve played better.

    Did nzogbia score?

  283. I will be glad when JD is 100% and can play more regularly. He seems to calm the defence whoever he plays along side.

  284. ArsenalTheWengerWay – you said yourself that you hate Denilson therefore your view is probably clouded as you only look for any mistakes.

  285. Ironic, we want strength is depth but dont really want to use it. What other team could do what we did? It should be a victory, not a draw, unless using your hand in the wall is allowed now.

  286. I suggest those who watched it on a shit stream watch the highlights and get a better view of the dodgy penalty decisions.

  287. Paul N,am guessing you watched the match,if so,don’t think nzogbia was by far our biggest threat tonight!

  288. This guy picks out a bad pass, wait, didnt Sagna give the ball away and give Wigan a goal scoring opportunity?

    There were many bad passes at the beginning of the match and trust me, most of the time it was not Denilson, but hey Denilson is the scape goat of the day isnt he.

  289. There’s your problem, pussy. You hate Denilson so much that you nit pick while ignoring everything else that he did well. You are the type who’ll slate Walcott for miscontrolling a ball in the box while completely ignoring the two goals he took part in. You’re a fucking moaner.

  290. rahl, apart from the dive did any goals come from his play? Also on that play, two Arsenal defenders were beaten, that shouldnt have happened.

  291. ArsenalTheWengerWay

    no i;m not nit picking and i’m certainly not the only one who doesn;t like denilson, i have seen this many times over and over again, he doesn’t look assured in possesion, he scares me when he gets the ball. These reasons make me dislike him as a player. Why would i hate some player for no reason and then look for excuses on why i hate him, thats just stupid.

  292. f*ck off James.

  293. dupsffokcuf, once I see a poster with an agenda against a certain player, I don’t even bother to read on, because there is no objectivity there. This fantasy that Szczesny is better than Fabianski is based on the fact that the former has hardly played for us. Just like Vermaelen’s absence seems to have turned him into this infallible defender instead of the man who as good as he is also rushed out to close down the ball against the BBB to leave acres of space for xavi to play in old big nose for the two goals we conceded at the Emirates.

    Most players are neither as great or as weak as their most ardent supporters/detractors imagine. For example, I still cannot see why Cesc was MOTM against chelski the other night. He did not play badly, but he has played better. Poor old Denilson gets slammed for not being Song mark 2 and for being seen as direct competition for the great English hope Wilshere. What these people fail to realise is that this is a squad game. We cannot play the same 11 players over and over so you need people who are prepared to bide their time on the bench and come in with limited minutes on the pitch and do a job. The more proficient the squad becomes, the more seamless the rotations will be. Arsene is trying to create a situation where the ‘second team’ can come in and play at the same level as the first team. We are not quite there yet as results have shown, but I’m sure persistence will pay off. They came close to doing it tonight, but it was not to be.

  294. ArsenalTheWengerWay:

    “Why would i hate some player for no reason and then look for excuses on why i hate him, thats just stupid.”

    That’s exactly what you do, though. If you weren’t a nit picky little bitch you would’ve seen how well he kept possession, took pressure off his team mates by showing for a pass and how he passed the ball around. I’d ask you to check the stats as evidence of his good possession play but you’ll just tell me all his passes were sideways.

  295. ArsenalTheWengerWay – how many time have you watched Denilson live? TV & streams do not show how much work he actually does off the ball. You have made up your mind (probably from reading idiots like Myles Palmer) and therefore are not supporting an Arsenal player.

  296. Denilson played very well. You cannot do anything about hate and bias.

    Talking pure bulls. Many of the players were giving the ball away cheaply but no word of that from this guy.

  297. @ Paul N. Baby is totally cute.

    Also baffled about why we have a squad and people think players should not be rotated when we have so many games.

    bar some odd decisions this team was good enough to win today,

    A pen that never was and an own goal all in the same game? some teams are lucky end of!

  298. The 1st video on there shows how blatant a dive it was.

  299. Thanks TS!

  300. Thank you notlager.

  301. ArsenalTheWengerWay

    yes i said the team had no cohesion in passing and that goes for everyone, it’s my opinion and i bet most of you have a player that if you don’t hate them, you either dislike them or are not happy when in the team. If any of you say that there isn’t one player at arsenal that you feel nervous about when they get the ball or just don’t like them then that is pure and utter bullshit. we should support players but some players get under my skin. it’s not a fact, it’s an opinion. jeez

  302. Alas the euphoria of Chelsea 2 nites ago fades fades like an autmnal Indian summer and reality shock checks in. I’m sorry, in fact I’m not sorry but for me the combination of Kos n Squill does not work.

    In plain simple terms we should have won this game. Irrespective of the fact that Wenger made 8 changes.The strength and quality of the squad is often spoken about…..Prior to scoring a typical AA goal his contribution and attitude left a lot to be desired……

    The corner into the box should have been dealt with by the Arsenal defence – team..Fabianski found himself in no mans land..Althou a different position on the field for the Chelsea the other night both show the current inability to deal with set pieces…if there are any stats re who many goals we’ve conceeded from set pieces this season I would love to know….Chamakh is to much of a gentleman in front of goal . Is he able to develop that selfish edge to his game where he when he is in a position to shoot he takes it? Time will tell..???

    .For me defensively it has to Djouru and one of the other 2 until Vermalen is fit again and Srcenzy invokes far more confidence in the Arsenal defence than Fabianski does….Yes we should have had a penalty but we should also killed the Game so we are not then relying on the referee who like it or not is prone to humour error…Bham City nex

    Was it to many changes…..Still we did not lose but

  303. Arsène Wenger: “I’m frustrated because it looks like nobody takes responsibility for our organisation on corners.”

  304. I agree with Passenal. I would like to add that this game was 3-1. Their actual, proper, kosher goal was a good goal. Well taken. We could have defended it better, I think that if Squillacci had not been as enthusiastic it would not have gone in and I don’t know why Fabs tried to run through the side netting. But good goal nevertheless. Their other goal was not a penalty and nor was it a foul.

    On the other hand we scored two excellent goals and were denied a clear penalty from virtually the same scenario that we conceded several games ago…. made worse by the fact that the wall was seven yards from the free-kick-taker.

    A word to Mike Dean the fourth official. AW was right. After you signalled 4 minutes of extra time there was an injury which took 1 minute and ten seconds to resolve. The ref indicated that he had stopped his watch…and yet 25 seconds was added on. So incensed were you, Mike Dean, that AW had remonstrated with you, that you even tried to get in the way of his handshaking with Wigan officials to make your point.

    The game is not about you, Mike Dean, you fucking cunt.

  305. Ras – I agree with JD – a.n.other but only when he is fit to play 2 or 3 games a week.

  306. Oh and I agree with Passenal again.

  307. zap zipidede dee.

  308. There is no player at Arsenal that make me feel nervous.

    If you agree whole team wasnt playing well, then the most sensible thing would be to say the team is playing like crap. To pick on one player really shows that you are very biased and with that unable to assess Denilson properly for all you do is find fault.

  309. There was a clear stoppage at the turn of ninety minutes, play resumed around 90:50, ref blew about 94:20. So an easy thirty seconds.
    That was a clear contrast with his actions at the end of the first half.

  310. > thirty seconds min. Not as big a deal as a hand ball, but it’s mildly interesting to compare to his actions in the first half.

  311. I am somewhat confused as to why none of the commentators said the penalty was soft. I dont get the English regarding Arsenal. Chamakh was said have been goig down easily at the beginning of the year, here we have a guy flop in a way that would make Ronaldo proud and NOTHING.

    What a travesty!

  312. Hope Diaby is going to be ok. Now that is a player I do worry about but only for his career after those dirty bastards attacked him earlier in the season.

  313. I guess we just need to brace ourselves for the over-reaction following the high of the chelski game. There needs to be more balance, but I’ve long since come to realise that we get the world beaters/crap extremism following every game. I’ll leave that to the schizophrenics and just focus on supporting the team. I just thank my lucky stars for having a more sanguine disposition, which enables me to roll with the punches. It’s probably healthier in the long run, especially when it’s a situation I can neither influence or control.

  314. Alan Hanson – sending off N’Zogbia was madness because he was playing so well.

    What difference does playing well make when you nut someone?

  315. zapedee doo dar…. zapedee dai

  316. Bradys right foot

    We didn’t play well although we should have won. I’m not that dissapointed to be honest given the hectic nature of this part of the year as everyteam seems to be dropping points. Two things about tonight the penalty, I mean seriously? I appreciate i’m bias but there is no contact Kozzer takes his leg back. The handball at the end nailed on and we don’t get it.

    Anyway 8 changes, we really have to wait until the end of January to see if the squad rotation is going to pay off. We’ll probably play 10 games between now and February, its a crazy time of year and a crazy season. If we beat Birmingham and City then well have had a great Christmas, 10 points from 12 would be a great return.

    Well have probably played around 12 games before we meet Barca, thats alot of football and rotating the squad is a must, getting the balance right is going tio be crucial to how we progress. Rest assured however no team in the league has a stronger squad than us, and hopefully Ramsey and Vermaelenn will be back before February.

  317. Who the fuck is responsible for coaching defending set pieces.Another goal conceded from a set piece.
    PaulN the two CB’s make me fucking scared they make Cygan look like Tony Adams a mistake waiting to happen.we cannot keep waiting for TV we need to sign a CB in january

  318. yeah lets all blame anything except Fabs disappearing act shall we obvious he cant look up. again the outfield players did their jobs well. that bloody defence again.

  319. henry, stop chat crap.

    Duke, i think fabianski messed up also, not sure what he was thinking, still had a clear cut penalty though

  320. duke goonem @ 9.50

    Totally agree abt flappy handski..WTF running from post to post ..really comical…please somebody tell Mr.Wenger to bring Scezney

  321. ATWW: “If any of you say that there isn’t one player at arsenal that you feel nervous about when they get the ball or just don’t like them then that is pure and utter bullshit. we should support players but some players get under my skin. it’s not a fact, it’s an opinion. jeez”

    I don’t dislike any of our players and I don’t get nervous when any of them get the ball. Happy? Criticizing a player is one thing but hating them is utterly stupid.

    Duke, don’t blame Fabianski. Rodallega had a free header at the far post. Had he not, that would’ve never been a goal. Defenders fall asleep. Even the good ones. For examples of this look up one Ferdinand, Rio. He fell asleep and allowed Zigic to knock the ball down for Bowyer. Cole fell asleep and let Theo drift in on him.

  322. Oh look, neat nickname for Flappy Handski. Did you invent that one?

  323. Some might be interested to know that Denilson was the most accurate passer on the pitch, and made a total of 102 successful passes.

  324. Bradys right foot

    If somebody at the start of the season had told me that wed be third 4 points off Man Poo at the end of December, I wouldn’t have been too unhappy. Its not a bad place to be, I know were playing catch up but if we can hang in there to March and stay within touching distance I think well do it. I think the fixture computer been pretty good to Arsenal get through the next two games unscathed and weve already played City twice, Chelsea twice,and have a home game to come against Utd. Its going to be a close run race. Utd have to play Liverpool away (even with Woy they’ll still be in for a scrap) Chelsea twice, have a Manc Derby and we both play Spurs away. Could be a big big game on the 30th April at the emirates.

  325. Duke goonem shut the fuck up

  326. and what about fucking Squillacci…does he inspire confidence..he drives me nuts

  327. Poli, don’t bother. To the idiots they were all useless sideway passes.

  328. I don’t hate our players. I hate all these fickle cunts who do nothing but moan and complain. I would seriously beat the shit out of any of you if you started spouting this doom and gloom nonsense anywhere around me.

    MG, Squillacci is a good defender. I guarantee that if Ferdinand or Terry were to go down injured Ancelotti and Red Nose would give their left nut to have a player of his quality on the bench.

  329. Three points, Brady. Plus MU have a shed load of away games coming up. The doomers are just huge drama queens.

  330. California Gooner

    I felt good about the team we sent out. I kept hearing the commentators talk ask whether 8 changes was disrespectful to Wigan. But there wasn’t a single player on the pitch who wasn’t a seasoned, experienced pro for us. Really, pretty much every player we put out would have easily walked into Wigan’s first team. So, it was a bit strange that we were not more ruthless in the second half.

  331. Gainsbourg69
    Hope your views on Squillacci will be proved true..watching arsenal is equal to watching Indian cricket team…sublime one day,heartbreak next day

  332. Firstly we do NOT have a divine right to win every game. Secondly, on the changes made three which I think were enforced, Cesc suspended, RVP and DJ can’t start three games in a row. I think Clihy was injured too. We should have still and were goon to beat Wigan so were is the bloody crisis?

    Some grown men come on here sometimes acting like little girls.

  333. I must say lately G69 your been pointing in a damn good doomers control shift. I can’t stop laughing!

  334. Arsenal are the only team in the EPL to have to play 3 games in 6 days this week. All others are playing 2 or 3 games in 7 days. All teams (bar the cancelled matches, played 2 games in 3 days). But only Arsenal go Mon, Weds then Saturday. May not seem a lot but it is a big difference, you simply will struggle to have midfield and attackers expected to play 3 tough games in 6 days (2 of them away).
    Wigan had 3 day gap to their last match on Sunday, and now don’t play until Sunday. Chelsea also play again on Sunday. Ancellotti correctly complained that Bolton got 3 days rest compared to Chelsea, like Arsenal playing Mon/Weds.

    So no surprise that AW made 8 changes to the team. Its the right thing to do and many needed matches and are competing for first team places.

    But again incompetent/corrupt officiating ruins the game with the penalty/no penalty decisions.

  335. JBH,they just had two complete weeks off,their professionals.

  336. what is to be said that hasn’t been said before? if it wasn’t for the revolving human soap opera we would have all jumped off this merry go round years ago. the fact that idle gossip fills back pages tells you all you need know.

    think jeremy clarkson once said it best… “why can’t they just decide who is the best and leave it at that?”

    if only it were all that simple

    A R S E N A L

  337. LOL, nice performance. :< I died a little bit inside tbh.

  338. However, James mc daid, we were ahead with these 8 changes. In essence what people are saying regarding the changes is that the players that played monday wouldve and should score more than two goals, I can only figure that would be in every match if what you are implying would make any sense.

    We just talk and give no thought to what we are saying in my view. You are not going going to score more than two goals in most matches. What we need is to be more focused on set pieces and we need the refs to be fair. Blaming it on Changes in a match that you were winning makes no sense to me.

    being fresh for the weekend is also a plus it would seem but maybe not depending on whether or not common sense comes into play.

    “Some grown men come on here sometimes acting like little girls.”

    100% in agreement with Maria

  339. I have/ had no problem with the 8 changes… given our schedule and squad debt (the players do need games) it made sense. The start was to be expected when you make that many changes and we weren’t at our sharpest initially, but once we equalised I think that we played very, very well for the rest of the first half. The second half was very disappointing mainly because we didn’t keep the momentum going. The other really disappointing thing was the fact that Wenger didn’t make the expected changes at around the 60/70 minute mark. Arshavin and Bendtner should have made way for Walcott and Nasri IMHO. Arshavin was instrumental in us getting the two goals but by the 60th minute he was blowing hard and giving the ball away with astonishing regularity. Nasri would have given us a fresh bust of creativity and Walcott would exploited the space in behind and kept Wigan honest. I know that running the team from ones computer after the event is very easy, much easier than doing the job from pitch side but I really think we needed changes to made…

    Finally I have to say that Squillaci has to act like the leader of the defence when he plays… the guy is 30y/o and has played International football for France and was most recently at Sevilla but to watch his diffidence you wouldn’t know it! Vermaelen cannot get back soon enough for me. The two dropped points are hurting like hell because we really ought have won. We have the squad and we have the players but we just keep shooting ourselves in the foot.

  340. Wish we could offload dud fans. Obviously we couldn’t sell them but paying lets say Millwall to take them would be money well spent IMO.

  341. Well, well, well … it’s rare that I say this, but we was robbed. Usually I disagree when ACLFers point out a blatant wrong decision, but this time, no it’s quite clear the ref got it wrong twice and possibly thrice, all three on penalties given and denied. The first was a genuine mistake, the ref didn’t see and to all the world until the slow motion it looked to be trip, but the player wasn’t touched, he dived. Well, OK. The handball however was blatant, easy to see and give, and in this the ref failed to apply the rules. Alternatively if he didn’t see it, he is a very poor ref. Theo’s was 50-50.

    Fabianski made an error, a common keeper’s error, committing to going for a ball you cannot possibly reach. Otherwise he had a good outing and I wouldn’t be too critical, he’s looking good.

    Well done Wigan! Good effort all round I thought, and their part in this cannot be overlooked. They may feel rightly justified in this result.

    For us, it is not a case of winning every match, not can it be. An objective would have been to come away from 4 helter-skelter games to ManC at home with 10 points; we have 4 and 6 to get. I have a feeling we will reach that.

  342. A draw at Wigan, painfully, will be seen as a decent result in weeks to come. We must now beat Birmingham, but then why wouldn’t we?

  343. Mumbai Gooner, you typed the wrong address, this ain’t LeMoan.

    F U C K | O F F

  344. Squillaci is a shocking defender,He never attacks the ball.We need a CB who dominates.Samba or Cahill?
    The same goes for Fabianski,good stopper but doesnt dominate his box.He’s like a rabbit in the headlights when the ball is played in from set pieces unlike Szczesny who commands his box
    Eight changes was just too much.Should have started with Djourou Nasri Song and Walcott

  345. I thought we could win all the games this xmas period but i thought we might draw one. Not Wigan. we have what i consider to be 2 harder games. Especially mancity. I cant watch.

  346. Wigan have an excellent recent record at home, a good record against bigger teams, are a decent side with a respected manager. What’s the problem? We drew. All is fair in love and war, and that includes football.

  347. Wenger immediately after the Game said
    “Nobody looks from the outside to take charge on the organisation side. There is no voice when the focus drops a little bit. You don’t feel that anybody takes charge on alertness and we need to communicate much better than that”….

    Well I would like to know why there is no better organisation…

  348. I cannot believe that people are criticising Denilson. The guy played very well IMHO. He won the ball back regularly, kept the midfield ticking over and very rarely made any mistakes… and his passing wasn’t any more sideways or backwards than Wilshere’s was and he made a heck of a lot less wasteful passes. I have to say that there’s something unseemly and even quite silly about this need some fans have to scapegoat certain players… Diaby is another one that some fans and bloggers just seem to dislike. I have to confess that I find this desire to do down the players on one’s own team bizarre. The Fabianski thing is now just stupid. Even at Wigan he made a couple of really smart saves after having had nothing to do for a lot of the time

    Having said all that it is also obvious that Koscielny is going to need time and that Squillaci is making errors that you really shouldn’t expect of a player with his experience. Both our CBs are very new to the premiership and Koscielny in particular was playing in the French second tier not all that long ago. We have missed Vermaelen… that is not say that Vermaelen is superman but we’ve needed his authority and presence as much as his actual ability. Squillaci is way too diffident for me. Again to get some perspective here it is a good idea to remember that neither squillaci nor Koscielny have been as abject as Jonny Evans at United. And I have no idea what Evans excuse might be…

    You do have to laugh at football fans… as far as they are concerned the only people who understand the tactics of the game are themselves… Cappello? A dud, a know nothing and tactically inept to boot. Roy Hodgson? Hopelessly out of his depth and without a clue. Mancini? Over promoted pretty boy. Wenger? Inept tactician and tight wad who is destroying Arsenal…. and on and on. I’m sorry but every time I see the word “TACTICS” in a blogger’s post I basically switch off. The simple truth is that most of us, the OVERWHELMING majority of the people who either blog or contribute comments couldn’t manage a premier league side. There might be the odd genius out there with a deep and meaningful insight into the game but the truth is that most of these moaners haven’t got a clue what they are watching. Think about it… if a deep thinker on the game like Valdano or a knowledgeable commentator like Gullit struggled in management too, so how easy is it exactly? If David Pleat and Alan Shearer have screwed up managing football clubs and yet can sit in studios and offer fairly cogent analysis of games… how is easy is this management malarkey? If these guys have struggled and have failed to match Wenger’s achievements… what are the chances that Geoff and Pedro at Le Grove can do any better given that they talk such rubbish?

    I think that some of the reasons for all the negativity surrounding not just Arsenal but most teams in the blogosphere are:
    1. Negativity gets you hits. To try to be rational and objective about something as visceral and raw as a bad football result is a tough thing to do and an even tougher thing to sell. Red meat in the form of expletive laden conden=mnations of the manager and players is often more immediately satisfying… and I include myself in that, after all we all yell in the stadium andat the TV some of us just can’t stop yelling though…
    2. Real thought is quite difficult and involves hard work. It is easier to pretend that there’s some utopia out there for Arsenal in which you have a manager who offers you everything than deal with the multi-faceted reality of a human being having to manage other human beings in a competitive “team” context.
    3. Pretending that managing a football club is simple offers a comforting thought to a lot fans… it easy for a website to suggest buying player X, player Y and Player Z for x amount of millions having seen X, Y and Z on youtube… it’s less comforting to point out the complexities of the transfer market, the difficulty of finding the right player with the right balance of personality, temperament, ability, etc… that makes things complicated and then people can’t vent. As difficult as it is sometimes one just has to ignore the moaners and doomers. Wenger and board do…

  349. MoTM on Arsenal.com was Arshavin. What game were those people watching?

    Sagna was my MoTM.

  350. mj_gunner, hope you can say FUCK OFF too the fans who are feeling hurt, you bloody cunt

  351. dupsffokcuf

    He scored a brilliant goal and made the other.Who was you MOTM Eboue?

  352. frank, go ahead,encourage arshavin’s laziness,he would continue to be nonchalant as long as he thinks all he has to do is to create a goal or score one,while constantly giving away possession and not tracking back,MOTM indeed!

  353. So Wigan have a good record against the big teams.
    Chesea home lost 6-0
    Man City home lost 2-0
    Man Utd away lost 2-0

  354. rahl
    AA23 is 2nd in the league of premiership assists.When Cesc is not there he is our most creative player.Without him last night we would have lost

  355. frank the imposter

    Try reading Dups comment. He noted that his MOTM was Sagna.

    If you cannot be bothered to read others observations, don’t expect anyone to read yours.


  356. joshua i agree Denilson was pretty good last night.

  357. Zim Paul
    Good record against the big clubs at home.When? They were bottom 3 because they are shit.What ever Arsenal team that was put out last night we should have won easily.Sadly lack of concentration again

  358. Too many imposters coming on this blog. It needs a clean up.
    agree with DUPS Sagna was by far the best player made some crucial interventions and covered up a lot for Squilacci and Kolcieny’s errors. Arshavin may have not played well but he came up with the goods when it mattered and that what you get with great players, moments for genius.

  359. YW
    lost your sense of humour over christmas? I was being sarcastic

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