Snow Joke As Youngsters Go It A-loan

Refereeing decisions stopped Arsenal going resuming their place at the top of the Premier League yesterday. Not that many are complaining as the weather was the cause. The official site was a tad slow to report the postponement but came up with comedy genius, interviewing referee Lee Mason about the reasons why the game could not go ahead. The accompanying photo of the official said it all, thoroughly p*ssed off at having to give an interview in a blizzard to explain the astonishingly obvious.

It meant that Arsenal’s decision to sign Ryo Miyachi gained more prominence than it would normally have got. As did a failed bid to sign Ricardo Carvalho from Chelsea when the Portuguese defender left Stamford Bridge in the summer. It was not a good day for the transfer newshounds with stories emmanating from somewhere that Steve McLaren had two games to save his job in the Bundesliga, effectively scotching the rumoured forthcoming bid for Denilson this January. No doubt Ivan Gazidis shed a tear or two as the £11m failed to come through Customs at Heathrow successfully. A parting shot of “Don’t worry, Ivan, I’ll be back” from the suitcase of used €5 was of little comfort.

Talking of Customs, the UK Border Agency has denied Arsenal’s appeal against the decision to refuse Wellington a Work Permit. Despite being regarded as an exceptional talent by the club, the chinless wonders did not agree. The youngster will now be booted to Spain to gain the requisite experience, following a path well-trodden by Carlos Vela amongst others.

One transfer which seems destined to happen is that of Harvard Nordtveit to Borussia Monchengladbach in the next few weeks. According to Young Guns, contract talks with Arsenal have reached an impasse and the youngster prefers the thought of playing Second Bundesliga football rather than waiting for his chance at Carling Cup action.

If the move goes ahead, it highlights the downside to the loan system. Nordtveit has gained eighteen months experience in various first teams and has no doubt enjoyed that aspect of his development. Seemingly, it put him no closer to winning a first team spot at Arsenal and he must have looked at the senior players, determining that he was unlikely to usurp them in the near future. You cannot blame the young player in those circumstances.

For all the benefits gained by Arsenal in farming younger players out, this is a danger. The decision to move on in this instance is out of Arsenal’s control. With his contract expiring this summer and the indication that he will not sign a new deal, the club has to accept an offer that is of greater value than the likely fee to be set for ‘Training Costs’.

As the club becomes more proficient at producing its own players through the Academy, this scenario is going to happen more often. No doubt some will blame his departure on his nationality, claiming that English players are more loyal because of some hackneyed belief that birthright binds them to Arsenal. It is, of course, rubbish. English players are as likely to leave as foreign. The key to any situation is the length of time passed on a contract and the career options for the player.

Perhaps Arsene has intimated to the player that others such as Bartley or Miquel were considered better longer term prospects. Given that the Norwegian had played in pre-season games for the first team, it seems more likely that frustration combined with a taste of first team action elsewhere is the prime motivator.

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. If you think that referee had it tough, I’ve got to traipse two miles through the snow to get a drink this lunchtime.

    Times are hard.

  2. cBob,

    It’s a Roy Castle moment, “Dedication, Dedication, Dedication that’s what you need. If you want a pint of best, the weather will put you to the test, Dedication’s what you need”.


  3. YW you dont count so im still 2nd.
    What on earth is up with the Border agency. Damn fucking stupid always granting visas do the ones who dont deserve it. plus united got them for their fugly twins why couldnt we?

  4. I always liked that Roy Castle.

  5. glad the players get a weeks rest, esp with the big one coming up..

  6. I think i’m not producing a big enough carbon footprint, I need to help to bring down these bloody temperatures.

  7. Consols – are you even sure the pub got its weekly delivery of booze? Nothing more annoying than getting to the pub for the landlord to look at you with that “why did you even bother face”.

  8. Nordtveit is but the first of many casualties of the 25 man squad rule. The rule forces teams to cut off players and the age of 21. Even if Arsenal wanted to keep Nordtveit their hands would be tied as at 21 the youngster would have to be kept in the squad of 25 .

    There may not be space in the 25 man squad for Nordtveit, and that to my mind is the main reason why he has to find another team.

  9. I’ll take the chance Darius.

    If the pundits on Sunday Supplement think that Carroll is worth more than £20 million, then pigs might fly, Dan Brown is a good writer and the beer dray will get through!

  10. What a hole of a weekend. Forced to stay in and watch Ips v Leics: in the snow. Reduced to sniffng my son’s dirty football socks!!

    Roll on Chelsea

  11. CBob – you do wonder whether these plundits sniff the carpet before plucking an arbitrary figure from the air as a transfer fee. What business case or rationale do they actually have for assigning that figure to him?

    Marseille for example could argue that Samir Nasri’s potential warranted 15 million both in future value potential and compensation for the development they had put in.

    I think what is more shocking is that these folks don’t even understand that the country and the continent is in an age of austerity, folks have lost or are worried about losing their jobs, people up and down the land are penny pinching to make ends meet – and they actually still live in a fantasy world. Not even Chelsea buy players of that amount these days.

    To tell you the truth – the only hack I have time for is Paddy Barclay – a very well spoken, articulate and thoughtful journo who is clearly well read and balanced. I can’t even remember how many times he’s batted for Arsenal and Wenger because it simply made sense to point out what his colleagues were too blind to see. He’s the only hack who crucified Shawcross and the culture of recklesness masked as English grit and steel.

  12. Wengerball

    Players come and go so space always opens up. I suspect Wenger is not convinced that he will be better than that which we already have otherwise he would perhaps have made concessions to the Norwegian. Let’s face it, he is not likely to usurp Sagna at right back and Eboue is pretty much certain of being that replacement if needed. Centrally, it would take injuries of last season’s proportions for him to picked as AW has shown no inclination to include him in the CC starting line-ups although injuries may have influenced that.


  13. Wengerball, I think you are absolutely right, which is why Arsene was so vociferous in his condemnation of the 25 player rule. I think we will see some casualties from this that would be a loss to the club. But hard decisions are going to have to be made and only the ‘top, top’ quality youngsters will survive.

  14. I agree with you Darius but it was Barclay this morning who said that Newcastle should hold out for more than £20 million! He did highlight as a low of the year the leg breaking tackles in the English game and the blind eye that is turned to it.

    They do love their spuds though. Highlight of their season and Bale is the second coming alongside Modric. They will beat Milan apparently while we, of course, have no chance. Twats.

    Oh, and that nasty little twat , Sam Wallace, actually chose as his highlight the performance of Harlod Webb in the WCF! A reqal paene of praise for this football loving man who is paid so little. Twat

  15. Who is this git in top hat and shrouded in dim lights that calls himself YW?

  16. Speak quietly when you talk of ‘The man with no name’ shotta.

  17. It’s pretty easy: With the 25 rule, every position will have 2 ‘adults’ the keepers will be 3 = 23 players. Is Nordtveit such an exceptional player that he will take up one of the two remaining places?

  18. The Nordtveidt sale just proves how tough it is to break through at the very highest level.

    If we get two or three making it out of 20 or so who show great potential I think we`ve done well.

    Paddy Barclay certainly stands out as a giant amongst pigmies on Sunday Supplement but even he talks pony at times.

    Oh, & Roy Castle was the best kettle player I`ve ever seen. Legend.

  19. Sad about Wellington.
    I’m sure the fact he hasn’t played in an official match for 8 months was decisive. Or that he wasn’t called for Brazil’s under 20’s.

  20. those border agency cunts really piss me off

  21. Consolsbob, I do think Dan Brown is a good writer just a very bad historian… Whats your problem with him?

  22. One benefit of the snow is that we may get a winter break after all like the rest of continental Europe. Darius those Sunday Suppliment lot are a load of self indulged united and chelsea lovers. I agree the only opinions that seem unbiased come from Patrick Barclay. Watched the Barca v Espanyol game. What a cracker of a game. Espanyol giving as good as the got but still loosing 5-1. Barca Could not be in better form. Was looking for some weakness’s that Arsenal could exploit. Barca showed they are just as vulnerable to counterattacks and long balls over the top, their back four cant run that fast . However they are pretty ruthless at everythin else they do and all this will depend on our overcoming the even bigger chinks in our armour before February. Enjoy the big freeze ACLF’s

  23. wow is Quatar royal family buying Man United? its fun how the fans yell for British grit and bla bla bla when they dont seem to care that all the owners and money being pumped in is foregin.
    If Usmanov buys himself a majority in Arsenal then top 4( city, united, Chelsea, Arsenal ) will be a battle of pride between the biggest oil moguls in the world.
    What does the fans and pundits think of this?
    I just find it amusing how “everyone” want a more british game and at the same time “everyone” thinks its ok and love it when foregin capital comes and flushes the PL with money.
    Do they not realize that by inviting big money to the scene they at the same time give away alot of their power to shape the leauge as they want?
    They are selling out the “Englishness” of the league to the highest bidder. Not that i personally care as i do love the continental way of footy(and that is why i love arsenal).

    You reap what you sow, you cannot expect foregin money to really care about the english national team or wanting to develop english kids. Why would they? And why does fans think they should? are they stupid or someting? Dont they manage to see the larger lines here?
    Maybe it really is time for England and the rest of GB to go for a GB team instead of an all english team. You might even have a chance to win something then….

  24. Muppet | December 18, 2010 at 12:36 pm |
    Game off – WENGER OUT !


    “You’re listening to ACLF Radio… That was the Kinks with a little ditty by the name of Lola. Hope you enjoyed that one, Carlos Vela. This one’s going out to Tony Adams… and Paul Merson… and Jermaine Pennant….”

  25. RIP, Captain Beefheart…

  26. Thank you for that Limpar Assist.

  27. Shotta

    As my dear old mate Bobby said, “You talkin’ to me? You talkin’ to me? You talkin’ to me? Then who the hell else are you talking… you talking to me? Well I’m the only one here. Who the fuck do you think you’re talking to? Oh yeah? OK.


  28. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Sad news about Captain Beefheart, LA. A legitimate genius.

  29. We’ll see what happens with Nordtveit. I hate the idea that we develop these players and can’t incorporate them. But it’s bound to happen. They can’t all make it here. Could we keep him as a 5th choice centre back?

  30. Agree with the praise for Paddy Barclay–the best of the journos and pundits–can’t wait to read his bio of Fergie. I’ve heard him talk about it and he definitely doesn’t pull all his punches.

    Poodle, we already have a majority of foreign ownership split between two billionaires, an American and an Uzbek/Russian. The difference is that neither of our two have either a) saddled the club with the debt of their share purchases–yet– or b) infused the club with any money–yet.

    We’ll have to shed players as they get past 21yrs of age unless they are good enough to make our 25 senior player squad. The question is whether we can sell them on to cover their purchase and wage costs or even make a profit. For defenders that is a pretty young age whereas attackers can show their gifts earlier on so this rule may see us losing other young defenders unless they show amazing progress early. Not sure this rule will be good for us except financially perhaps, where you hope that other English teams without good academies would like to buy our “homegrown” players. But we’ll see how that works, it could prove costly talent-wise and financially for us, so I don’t like this rule.

  31. Gimme that harp boy….

  32. California Gooner

    Nordtveit leaving is hardly a causality of anything. Some players make it some don’t; timing as important as anything else. We had to reconstruct our defense this year, so Arsene went out and bought a bunch of players. It seems to me that bringing in young players and then loaning them out is basically buying an option on their future, an option the club is now willing to relinquish.

  33. Wonderful news that we’ve got Barcelona again. I mean it. We have two mouthwatering games in store. We are priviliged indeed. Cetainly Barca have the edge – especially with Villa, Messi and Iniesta – and must be firm favourites, which makes it that much more appetizing. I would place a litle bet on Arsenal now, if I ever bet that is, because the odds are closer than bookies, informed by the media and the form book, would have us believe. But that is for Arsenal insiders to know and no one else. Please … ssshhhh!

  34. What is about England, I dunno. ‘Smash the Aussies’ does not mean lie down and lick their feet with a stupid grin on your face, does it? Those blasted Aussies now have the psychological edge, as in ‘you couldn’t take the heat where it mattered, matie, in Perth’. Change the batting line up: Cook, Trott, Bell, Strauss, Pieterson, Morgan, Prior, Swann and bowlers.

  35. All I can say is TGFTLM (the little master), to keep some semblance of decorum in the world of cricket.

    And well done to him: 50 x 100+. I mean really, it’s something.

  36. I like your batting line up ZP. Won’t happen though. The England managment team is very concervative.

    As for the little master. Absolutely. I almost saw him play in a one day international in India when he was a young player, already a star and the crowds adored him, but it was rained off! Couldn’t believe it.

    I’ve spent a fair bit of time in India, outside of the monsoon season, and never seen a drop of rain on any other day.

  37. Yes english players will still leave the club, but english players have a better understanding of the heritage of the club, and know what a massive club it is, and will have family around the area, so yes english players are more likely to stick around

  38. Ketch

    Wrong. Just because an English player is a native does not mean that they automatically have family around them. Some move away from home – other siblings is a factor. Also, unless they support Arsenal, they will sign for anyone else without any hesitation. Even supporting Arsenal doesn’t mean they will stay.


  39. I agree that they will move from Arsenal but how english players do you see abroad? very very few. Players like Lampard, Gerrard and A.Cole all have had oppurtunities to go abroad but havent, the only players i can think that left the league in the prime were Beckham and Owen, and suppose Owen Hargreaves.

  40. The failure of English players abroad is as much cultural and technical as it is reluctance to move. Let’s face it, who since Seaman has been a genuinely world-class player? Lampard isn’t. Gerrard isn’t. Cole might be. The opportunities for the England team to include players earning their money abroad is severely limited by a complete absence of offers from the top European clubs.


  41. I watched the game from here…

    It worked very well. They have a lot of soccer games

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