Spurs Preview: More Than Local Pride At Stake

Tottenham arrive at The Emirates this lunchtime, the opposition more determined than most to try and rain on Arsenal’s parade and stop their ascendancy to the summit of the Premier League, even if that top position may only be held for a few hours.

The recent internationals have not been as costly as in the past. Jack Wilshere was the only real scare but Arsene noted that the youngster had recovered and passed a fitness test yesterday. It means that the only absentees are Vermaelen, Almunia and Diaby. Bendtner and van Persie are likely to be on the bench based on Wenger’s comments about them being nearly ready for the starting line-up and whilst he might not have said it, he has a very good idea of whom he will choose plus the tactics employed. Which is more than can be said for ‘Appy ‘Arry.

Much has been made in recent days about the new toughness about Arsenal. Wenger observed,

I take that as a compliment because before people felt they could do that [be physical]. I feel it’s part of maturing, becoming a man. Unfortunately it goes down with the worst Fair Play record and we have to change that but it shows we are more committed.

Commitment is one thing which you expect in this match and Spurs will no doubt seek to kick anything that moves, attempting to provoke a reaction from Fabregas and Wilshere most notably. The former has been frustrated with his form being affected by his fitness and the latter, the exuberance of youth when his touch lets him.

Fabregas’ goal at Everton will have done wonders for him in that respect, a sign that things are beginning to come back into shape. For Wilshere though, recent Arsenal outings have seen a plateau, culminating in his half-time substitution at Goodison Park. Wenger commented afterwards that he felt Wilshere was tired and he will not have been disappointed at the youngster missing out on Wednesday night.

Indeed, the question is whether or not today is a good day for Jack to be dropped to the bench. Arsenal has to contend with the world’s greatest player in Gareth Bale – it’s true because the media all tell us so – and putting Walcott on the right hand side of attack will cause some hesitancy in the Welshman’s forward progress, causing him to be more aware of where Theo is.

Walcott has in the eyes of neutral observers, a point to prove. As is the norm, he was not at his best for England. The usual withering comments have been made not once noting that Capello and the squad singularly fail to play to Walcott’s strengths. He is hampered by the fact that few of the England squad know that lumping a ball over fifty yards into space is not a pass; it is a fifty yard hoof, exacerbated when they expect Walcott to jump, win the header and then chase the ball. Bale beware; Arsenal know his strengths.

The one thing which might save Wilshere’s place is Andrey Arshavin. Wenger commented that he often seems a spent force returning from international duty and no doubt that the Russian will have been assessed by the Arsenal staff regarding his fitness. Part of that was psychology on the manager’s part, as was his praise for Arshavin prior to last week’s away fixtures. He got the desired results.

A win is essential today, to put doubts in Chelsea minds and to put belief in Arsenal hearts. Even if they return to the top following a win at Birmingham, Chelsea will know that the pressure is on ahead of a tough set of fixtures leading up to Christmas. Arsenal in touch or ahead pose a serious threat to their title ambitions; what better way than to win today and go top?

The line-up I would start with is:

Fabianski; Sagna, Squillaci, Djourou, Clichy; Fabregas, Song, Nasri; Walcott, Chamakh, Arshavin

No place for the returning Koscielny. Johan Djourou has done well in his absence and the back four looked settled at Everton – why change it, especially with two players who seem to be at the same level. It sends a powerful message as well that places in the team cannot be taken for granted with those coming into the side aware that good performances are rewarded.

And fourteen good performances are needed today from the Arsenal team that plays during the ninety minutes. Tottenham has lost at Bolton, Manchester United and West Ham, only victorious at Fulham and Stoke on their travels. Not a good record for a team with Champions League aspirations and one that Arsenal should look to keep at it’s poor record.

Enjoy the match wherever you are watching it. ’til Tomorrow.

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  1. Nasir Jones-Nasri


  2. First…now to read the post!

  3. for F*ck sake….

  4. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Hahaha. Unlucky deano.

  5. Gunner From Nigeria

    Three points please.

  6. Great post as usual Yogi. Given our two home loses I find I’m unable to take any game for granted. But 4:0 to the Arsenal not unlikely. Sagna says he has no fear of Bale. Why should we? He played against Messi and Ronaldo! Would prefer either Wilshere or Denilson to start in preference Walcot. He can come on after the hour. Fingers crossed on Arshavin though.

  7. This is a crazy unpredictable season.
    What odds on us having the best away record the worst disciplinary record and having lost at home to two promoted teams by mid November??? Who predicted Sunderland, trounced by Newcastle, then utterly dominating the Chavs in their own backyard? Manure playing truly dreadful football and yet remaining unbeaten.
    I really feel this season could go anywhere and therefore any top side that can put together a strong run could be out of sight come the spring.
    Please let that be us. We deserve it.

  8. My time will come NJN..

    I like the line up Yogi,

    They won’t be able to cope. Djourou stepping up really warms my heart after a whole season out injured. He is positively dominant in the air, an attribute we will need to make use of today with the giraffe on the loose. His ball distribution isn’t bad either. The clean sheets speak for themselves.

    Having said that I love Koscielney as well. So calm and graceful and quick. It’s a tough call.

    Spurs are going to find themselves in a bit of a pickle today should they decide to rotational foul against our 3 interchanging creative powerhouses in the middle of the park.

  9. It is not beyond the realms of possibility that Chelsea draw at St. Andrew’s today.

    We must win this game. If we win this and Villa away It really will be impossible to convince me that it’s not our season.

  10. Kenyan, agree. I’m not sure starting both Arshavin and Walcott helps ball retention. I’d rather see Nasri or Rosicky start in one of the wide positions with the option of bringing one of the flyers off the bench if and when needed.

  11. come on you rip roaring Reds!!!

  12. I agree wiv Supercod n Kenyan Gunner I’m not so sure about starting wiv Walcott n Arshavin….Excellent post as usual Yogi…Interesting podcast on arseblog yesterday….well worth a listen….COYG…….Lets pick up where we left off last week n continue to consolidate, lets not become complacent after the various plaudits midweek by members of the press…..Pride, Ambition, and Desire…Ninja We Ninja..

  13. I just hope we score first inside 20 mins. Then toy with them spuds but we should not show any lapses in concentration by any1.remember how we threw 2 goal leads at ems in the DVD MATCH ? we have to keep the ball and do it in their own half prodding for more goals. I’d lyk for nasri and mozart to atleast get 30 minutes together ! Just leaves me drooling ! 3 nil to the gunners and we have them hangin a good 10 points behind !now that would be a good statement of AFFIRMATION AS TO WHO ARE IN OUR SHADOWS FOR ETERÑITY !

  14. Another 3 – 0 here. Looking forward to this one. These games are never a dull affair.Bale the greatest player in the world I had to laugh. France will beat England again. Onwards and upwards

  15. Dream on girls

  16. Hope it’s warm under that rock yidosh you’ll be back there in a few hours.

  17. Hi, yidosh61 you must be dreaming,FIFTY YEARS OF DREAMING!!! are you posting from a cubicle in the public toilet that is SH*TE FA*T LANE !!! LEVY’S GOING TO SELL YOU LOT DOWN THE DRAIN natrual place for sh*te!! LOL!!!

  18. Fabianski, Sagna, Koscielny, Squillaci, Clichy, Nasri, Fabregas (c), Song, Denilson, Arshavin, Chamakh

  19. So Spurs haven’t won away at Big 4 for last 68 matches. No reason for that to change today 🙂

  20. Not a bad lineup. Big midfield battle expected when Denilson linesup beside Song.

  21. Why is Wrighty dressed as Mickey Pearce…?

  22. Am so nervous but a 2-0 win is what am expecting.wat tosh some pundit saying kozzer n skilly are not outstanding in the air so bale n lennon are going to have blinders.let them try i say.

  23. Where do they find these people from to do these matches on ESPN?

    Arsenal with 8 w’s, 2 d’s, 3 L’s – are off the pace
    Spurs with 5, 4, 4 – have closed the gap
    United – 6, SEVEN, 0 – are the team to best in the PL

    Are thes clowns for real or do they get paid to be this biased?

  24. We cut out supply to their sprinty wingers and we are home free.happy denilson is starting.enjoy the game people.here they come.

  25. Good morning/afternoon all!
    looking forward to a win!!!
    Have a blessed day!

  26. Nasri dint shake hands with gallas.henry in the house.

  27. Sammi not shaking hands with Gallas?

  28. Boom. Nasri didn’t Gallas hand. Ouch! Lets get ready to rumble.

  29. He’ll eat him alive.

  30. Firstlady will you be travelling to Kampala for the Stars return match?

  31. GET IN !!!!!!!!

  32. Just like that!!!!

  33. Impossible goal.

  34. NASRI!!! Amazing !

  35. Super Samir!

  36. Well, Nasri seemed to enjoy that one.

    So much for the view of the pundits that these matches don’t mean anything to ‘foreign’ stars.

  37. Come on Sagna!

  38. Denilson is living proof that cream rises to the top. Look out.

  39. Bale trying to draw Sagna to a red card. He’s halfway there!

  40. Cesc almost back to his best..

  41. That was a flap by Gomes.

  42. Shotta, Denilson is the master of interceptions and keeping possession…

  43. Oh, look. Lennon is playing as well. Was this his first touch?

  44. Puta madre! Oh cesc

  45. IG – I am a long-time Denilson advocate against the wailings of those who refuse to accept that a serious back injury limited his effectiveness last year.

  46. Chamakh!!!!!!! 2-0…

  47. Chamakh!

  48. Get in super Chamackh.

  49. Like Chamakh didn’t know he’d scored? Bang!

  50. Chamakh

  51. Middle Eastern channels screaming “Arabiya!”

  52. shotta, me too.. and the miffield 3 playimg today is my favorite combination…

  53. @Kenyan Gunner
    I guess he didn’t expect that scoring goals against the Sp*ds is so easy.

  54. Indian Gooner – You are a very wise man.

  55. Cesc is really bossing this game. Ripping the Spuds apart with passes.

  56. u too shotta..

    Chamakh is playing really well.

  57. It’s funny how the only Sp*ds player that turned up for the derby is one that played for us last season. Doesn’t ‘appy ‘arry tell his players that this match is kinda important?

  58. The over-rated one trick pony that is Gareth Bale has been anonymous, so far.

  59. AA dropping back to defend.. Everyone’s charged up…

  60. VDV having a sp*d game..

  61. That is the only way they can knock Denilson off the ball is to foul him . That has been his history in this League.

  62. Chamakh should have it 3-0.

  63. You cannot ask for any more than that.

  64. Cesc turned up for the big game, thankfully

  65. Looks like a four man midfield and it’s quite solid.

  66. playing denilson and song makes us really stable…we did this against city and then again in the 2nd half at goodison……it allows us to break down their attacks just ahead of the box and apply a quick counter…..defense wins games!!

    come on arsenal!!!

  67. COYG let’s stay focused !!!!!

  68. Defoe, are you joking chico? The fellow’s not 100% fit!

  69. what a horrible goal

  70. Poor goal to concede.

  71. did not listen…

  72. We were ball watching before Assou Ekotto hit that long ball. Poor.

  73. We need Robin

  74. Chamakh keeps switching off to Ligue one pace.

  75. This is going to be a test for the weaker of our support.

  76. hope the boys can stay disciplined and focused enough to come away with the win. bale has incredible stamina and we gotta be mindful of that

  77. Bad to worse.

  78. wtf!

  79. Personally, as we are by far the better team playing the better football, I am totally relaxed.

  80. Lapse in concentration.

  81. We will win this.

  82. We had better. This is ridiculous.

  83. That’s better more like you please ‘bob

  84. What is deano? The other team are allowed to play you know. Have some faith.

  85. Fucking hell.

  86. I do believe steww I do.

    I’m just greedy I wanted to win AND deny them any credibility.

  87. 2 serious lapses in concentration and we were punished. Mental.

  88. It’s like VDV’s 7th foul and no yellow

  89. Spurs goals come from a hopeful long ball and a penalty. All were unforced errors. It hurts.

  90. Clear penalty kick.

  91. I know deano we all wanted 6 – 0 but any 3 points will do. Hang in there mate.

  92. Jeez how close

  93. Kos takes one for the team.

  94. Another set piece.

  95. fucking hell…

  96. Fucking shit. The Emirates should be a fortress.

  97. unbelievable

  98. What a mad game where we can lose to shit like this and West Brom and Newcastle. Just proves what a crazy season it is shaping up to be. Anything is possible.
    Still not over yet, it’s just one of those things we have to accept – in sport you can be vastly superior and still lose.

  99. this is not happening

  100. Fuck this shit!

  101. COME ON ARSENAL!!!!

  102. No one fears us at the emirates anymore!

  103. All the nonsense that will be talked about their resilience and our defensive mistakes and yet the truth is simple; we didn’t take our chances.

  104. Threre goes our defence again up to there old tricks. Koscielny??? the jury is still out. why the fuck wenger didnt play djourou, big mistake.

  105. what a pile of shite

  106. I hate to say it but this really hurts.

  107. This really is bull fucking shit!

  108. No one fears defeatist spineless weakness – wouldn’t want you next to me in a crisis kg

  109. We really need to get our home form sorted out.

  110. We can’t blame anybody but ourselves. We gifted this game from a winning position. Unbelievable.

  111. Devil's Advocate

    I will always love the Arsenal.Even if we get thumped by the goddamned Spuds at home. But if you’ll excuse me, I need to drown my sorrows and perhaps myself. Sigh.

  112. what’s up with the long balls again?

  113. what an idiotic loss!

    2 absolute stupid goals to concede.

  114. First goal was a counter, the Cbs were higher up the pitch. Second was a ridiculously stupid penalty kick conceded. And the third well, we didn’t challenge for the ball. Not much fault of the Cbs.


  115. that’s it, my weekend is over

  116. The part that hurts is that Spurs didnt play anything.

  117. Threw it away.

  118. hmmm…anybody still confident we’ll win this game ?

  119. my poor wife surley i cant take this out on her again.

  120. *Vomits*

    It doesn’t get worse than that.

  121. I am hurt and disappointed. It is not a fatal loss but it is a mental blow.

  122. Devil's Advocate

    @ Mentalist Only weekend? You’re more resilient than I am, then. Two straight seasons with defeat to the Spuds. At least last time it was away. Can I please still wake up and find out this was a nightmare?! How could this happen?

  123. What the fuck happened. That was just disgraceful.

  124. Well it’s official the Spud’s are the best team in London, monkey boy is the best player on the planet. Arsenal are relegation candidates.

    Tomorrow’s headlines today!

  125. At home … against them. Awful. Bloody awful. And it’s all our fault. No one who watched the second half would say that Sp*ds dominated or anything. But we were just too damn wasteful. Still gutted about Kos’ header not hitting the target.

  126. Why the hell cant we play a little more defensively when we are up and then wait to catch teams on the counter? why were we so high up the field when we are winning?

    This is bulls!

    Cesc needs a kick also!

  127. Well Wenger should have played Djorou. is kos big enough? we have a shite defence really. absolute bollocks. always bloody look like conceeding against any fukin team that attacks well.

  128. I am absolutely ruined. Inconceivable that we lose that game.

  129. What a pathetic performance in the 2nd half from us. It’s like the players thought they game was already in the bag.

  130. Devil's Advocate

    From two nil up. Two nil up. Two nil up. God help us Gooners.

  131. I challenge any one who says that we didn’t “fuck this one up” pretty badly.

    I know all is not lost, but fuck it, this is not the way to win titles. 2-0 up at half time and the Spuds were crap, this game should have been down deep in the bag and beyond the Spuds reach.

    Absolute crap and I have no explanation for it, a good squad, a good coach, a good stadium, but we still manage to lose stupidly.

  132. I just cant believe that we lost to those fuckers from such a winnable position. Totts couldnt get a sniff in the first half and in the second half, we royally screwed it up. This team really drive me nuts!!!! What a fucking idiotic penalty to concede!!!!

  133. what the fuck!!!!!!!!

  134. I’ll be curious to see how the regular ACLFers handle this one, because this is one case where dooming falls in line with reality. You couldn’t watch that display and feel that this is a team that knows how to win. So many many mental mistakes at both ends of the pitch.

  135. there is something mentally wrong with this team. coz they are always fukin them selves up. under achieving or just not good enough.

  136. First half we were amazing, and a great return to form for Fabri. Second half, I just don’t know, and a terrible return to post-injury form for Fabri.
    In the first half we were quick and incisive, second half we were woefully slow and blunt.

    Despite all what the rectums will say, Tottenham didn’t beat us, we beat ourselves. Wenger is going to have harsh words with his team, and I’m gonna destroy shit on my 360.

    Catch you guys on Monday, keep up the good fight, and believe in your team

  137. Fu!ck!!this hurts!!i officially hate early kickoffs.i need a beer.

  138. It feels like I have had a vat of melted milky bars poured into my stomach by a convicted serial rapist.

    I feel alone. And scared.

  139. why is kos so aerially challenged? first the miss against chelsea, then this!!!

  140. Two goals from set plays and one from a hopeful long ball which caught us ball watching. That first goal ticked me off. The defenders were strolling back from the corner into position ball watching while Assou Ekotto punted a hopeful long diagonal ball, Sagna was outjumped and Van der Vaart just nodded into Bales feet. Note that Bale outran all our defenders to get in a scoring position. I said then it was poor. Worse because it was the turning point. We shot ourselves in the foot. Period.

  141. DG, dont agree with many things you say but I agree there is a mental problem with the team.

    This is unbelievable and unnaceptable.

  142. Thanks, Arsenal for f**king my weekend up again. My emotions are entirely dependant on how we play every week. Sigh….

  143. Correction:

    We did fuck this one pretty badly and it’s becoming a regular occurrence.

  144. Bradys right foot

    The spuds did nothing, I mean absolutely sweet FA and go home 3 2 winners. In the second half they did fuck all, we were comfortable for the entire 90 minutes and still loose 3 2. I’m going to hibernate until January hopefully by then this embarassing homeform will be a thing of the past.

  145. We CANNOT stay focused when we are winning for some reason. We talked about it but the players just dont get it.

    Something was also wrong with Chamakh, he shouldve put the game out of sight but he looked exhausted

  146. There is something really mentally wrong with this team. They thought they had it done and dusted after the first half. When will these guys learn. Technique and talent are not enough to win the league, I just dont see the mental application in some of these guys.

  147. Kenyan,i was honestly intimidated by the ug fans.i wouldnt want to be anywhere near their stadi when they thump stars.

  148. Nola,
    “You couldn’t watch that display and feel that this is a team that knows how to win. So many many mental mistakes at both ends of the pitch.”

    Sure we sucked in the second half. But then again, judging by performances from other teams such as the Chavs and the Manure, it’s clear no one really knows how to win these days.

    We should learn to convert our chances better if we’re going to keep defending like this. Should have been atleast 3-0 up in the first half.

  149. It’s so hard to deal with when you are the better team…. so vastly superior.

    This is the darkest day we have had to suffer in a long long time. Worse than West Brom. Worse than Wigan away. Terrible. Gut wrenching.

    I am going to start posting gothic poetry very soon..

  150. Now we know why Fabregas wants to leave Arsenal. Who wants to play in a team like this? Despite all that we have been talking about – squad depth, technically gifted… something is terribly wrong with our mentality. And it has always been this way since 5 years ago.

  151. Ateeb, we are need to learn how to be satisfied and wait for our chances. The 2nd half we shouldve focused on keeping it tight.

    gackt13, I am not letting Arsenal mess up my weekend! they need a kick!

  152. January we need a fukin decent defender or we are screwed.

  153. Why is it this painful supporting arsenal?can someone find out what spurs put in their drinks at half time?

  154. we have the greatest attack in the league but then we have a mid table defence…pathetic.

  155. @gackt13

    cesc is at fault too. don’t give him a free pass.

  156. Why do we have to have this talk of the Spud’s closing the gap? Venables has just called that a comprehensive win? It was a piss poor second half performance by Arsenal but by the sounds of it you’d think we’d lost by 3 or 4 goals.

    At the end of the season the Spud’s will be playing amateur European football, they will have lost 2 or 3 of their best players, they will be no closer to a proper stadium and Arsenal will be playing in the CL for how many consecutive years?

    I don’t like losing any game but it’s the deluded, Spud arse kissing comments that really f*ck me off.

  157. g13, what the hell do you mean by know we “know why Cesc wants to leave Arsenal”? he was one of the damn causes of the loss.

  158. First lady.

    What was put in our defenders drinks more like?

    I will not go on Le Moan….not even out of morbid curiosity.


  159. Yes that really hurt. I hate to lose at any time but this was pretty much as bad as it gets as an Arsenal supporter.

    This is when supporting a club gets tough. This is when supporting a club matters. It is very easy when when your team is winning. Show everybody our balls now when it hurts. When it is tough.

    Yes we shouldn’t have lost that game but the spuds kept trying. They didn’t give up. Credit to them for that. Any team can win any game. That is the essence of sport.

    Come on Arsenal!

  160. Great performance lads! I am so proud of you… ¬_¬

  161. Paul N – Well you don’t expect him to commit 100% when he knows we aren’t going to be winning anything soon, will he?

    I don’t know… but I have been getting this feeling that his heart is not with us anymore judging from his performances this season.

  162. Gackt the captain lost us two points with his stupid handball.the team lost the other one in their collective naivity.

  163. Your opponent has to at least play well to beat you. To lose like this after entirely dominating is too much to stomach. We were either too arrogant after going two goals up, or got scared after conceding the 1st goal. Am not a coach, but when your two goals up, you keep the ball and wait for a counter. That said Chamakh and Fab gave the ball needlessly away in the 2nd half. And someone please remind Chamakh he is a striker and should be looking to hit the balls on Target, not always laying them off, as he has got the ability.

    Sagna was magnificent, even clichy. Denilson too did well. Not too sure about our CB pairing today, easier to be an analyst in retrospect. Media Lockdown start now…

  164. Yep.

    Fabregas conceded the killer goal. A ludicrous hand ball that proceeded to cause mass panic. Irrational panic.

  165. I really hope I called up for jury service in Appy Harry’s imminent tax evasion trial. I’ll have the death sentence brought back given a bit of luck.

  166. Mr Bob, Spurs didnt give up but we gave them the game, that what hurts. Its not like they played anything.

  167. @g13

    oh come on we could have elevated to first place in the league with a W. is that not enough motivation?

  168. 1coolSteve – I agree with you. I felt Clichy, Sagna and Denilson are the only ones who has come out of this horrible match with any credits.

    Our CBs were horrible today. Outpaced and losing a lot of aerial balls.

  169. Deano the only site/football news am gonna get is from aclf until our next game.am not in the mood for getting beat down when already down!

  170. firstlady – Well he wouldn’t have pulled Chamakh’s hand up to concede the penalty if he had taken this game SERIOUSLY, right? This is a DERBY MATCH ffs. I say take Fabregas out the next game and let Nasri be the captain.

  171. Of course it hurts Paul. It’s meant to when you lose, otherwise you really can’t care very much.

    I can stomach a loss. I can’t stomach how some ‘fans’ can turn on their club.

  172. Bob,

    Sure. But it’s really difficult to come around to support a team that threw away a 2 goal lead, and lost due to utter stupidity. Emotions are high. I’ll think about supporting them tomorrow.

    Is Arsene a bad tactician? We don’t have a good record against the big teams. Did he really think taking Nasri off, was a good move? Especially when Theo, Rvp have hardly had any games. Arshavin was in good form today, I didn’t think we needed to change anyone. Yet he brings out players who have hardly played much football, and you could see from their horrible touches.

  173. Gunner From Nigeria

    I feel like crying.

  174. gackt13 – Are you seriously calling for Cesc to be not only dropped but stripped of the Captaincy?

    Get a grip.

  175. 1coolsteve,

    Clichy lost the header to Defoe that led to the goal. The ball was played out from our right, that is where Sagna is usually found.
    Third goal, we had 4 players around Kaboul, and no one went for the ball. Kozers is to blame as much as RVP.

  176. Well yes Ateeb, we can all critique how we played and the tactics. Fair game. We can all be unhappy with how we played.

    Let’s just remember that support is most needed when things are rough not when they are rosy.

  177. g13, I am not saying Arsenal are not going to win anything. I fully believe we will win.

    You act as if Cesc is the only player at Arsenal, give me a break, he was at fault too.

  178. Vp isnt up to scratch.come to think of it the subs added nada to the team.back to 6 points adrift again, i fu king hate today!!

  179. Me too Gunner from Nigeria.

  180. I agree with most about Fabregas…I feel he’s been “nonchalant” about the whole thing, but it’s not about one player in particular. We never seem to have every player on the same page at the same time for a long enough time to get ahead.

    It’s just not convincing CBob, we will not abandon Arsenal but something is not right because it’s not the first time we lose this way to a team who was not good enough to beat us on the day.

  181. Just listen to yourselves.

    Arrogant, condescending Arsenal fans….surely not. We gave you 2 goal start, nothing brilliant about the play that made them, and the first one should have been Gomes’s, and then we scored 3, just like we did against Inter-Milan…twice!

    Then there were all the fouls that you committed that Dowd didn’t give…the sly kicks on the back of the legs, the constant leg-breaking attempts on Bale.

    I admire some of the football that you play, and although your manager is a big girl’s blouse sometimes, he still is one of the best in the Premiership and you may still go on to win it.

    But try a bit of humility when things don’t go your way!

  182. Marc – That’s a knee-jerk reaction from me. I’ll be fine again tomorrow. I AM at a loss now with regards to our performance today.

  183. Are u being sarcastic gat,i dint call for him to be stripped the captaincy.am jus saying he was as much to blame as any other player after u insuniated arsenal wasnt worthy of him.

  184. Yup, no mention of Kos’s free header or Fab’s handball from the Sp*d. Will they be in the DVD?

    A big, self-inflicted blow. Not good. A bit like that Stoke training video linked by OOU.

    Chamack looked exhausted second half. Arshavin too, so I can understand why they came off.

  185. I think we were majestic at times today. It makes it nigh on impossible to swallow defeat. I worry how damaging this result can turn out to be. Mentally it’s a massive blow. Mathematically it’s a massive blow. And to top it all off it’s for not taking our chances! Again!! Amongst other stupid unforced errors that are fast becoming as signature a component as the wonderful football we play!

    If any comfort can be taken it has to be the fact that we were fare and away the better team and that this is a freak result.

    West Brom was a shock.

    Chelsea was unlucky.

    Newcastle was frustrating.

    Totenham was the fucking twilight zone.

    Please…..Please let that be all Arsenal. I cannot die of stress at 22!

  186. Utterly baffled.

    We were so dominant it was ridiculous. spurs did nothing worthy of winning the game.

    I looked at the teams at the start and thought: these guys aren’t even vaguely in our class, and the first half showed exactly that.

    That said, we could/should have been 4 nil up by ht.

    I no longer watch cricket because I think it’s not only the Pakistan team who take money, I suspect after a lot of dubious results that the SA team also take back handers.

    Now i’m beginning to suspect something is fishy in our team too.

    Sad. I feel dirty even thinking along those lines, bu this is just a little too much to be sensible about.

  187. Davek bale is a diving di!khead!

  188. Blew a chance to go top, but not a mortal blow.

  189. What the fuck we were doing fannying about at walking pace at 2 nil up I will never know. Showboating after half an hour. The infuriating fucking arrogance of it. Go for the jugular, get the job done and don’t ever stop giving 100%. How hard is that to drum into a group of footballers supposedly ravenous for success? Professionalism and work ethic. There’s no excuse for not having that. I don’t know if we’re too fucking nice or too fucking full of ourselves but this easy attitude of ours is nowhere near good enough.

    Right, fuck it. I’m going to a small dark pub with a sorry troupe of fellow bitter gooners to get absolutely bat-faced by a roaring fire. Beer, mulled wine, whiskey and lots of chat about anything but football.

  190. That is pretty much the worst way to start a morning ever…got up at 5am to watch what looked like a comfrotable victory, turn into an all too familiar scene of the Arsenal switching off and gifting 3 points to the opposition. I really can’t find an explanation…it seems to be simply a lack of focus and mental fortitude.

    How do you fix those porblems…they are in the head, and probably the most difficult things to get sorted.

    Chelsea just went down 1-0!…at least a little bit of good news…

  191. Not the first time Fabregas has raised an arm in the wall–got away with it against Liverpool; I don’t know what he was thinking there. He was committed and determined but didn’t have his best game. Chamakh did seem to be out of sorts even in the first half after his goal, not being aggressive toward goal and putting away some chances–tired? He does try to play others in a little too often when he can try to score.

    We were already starting to look complacent in the first half and spurning chances, going for long balls and playing impatiently. Second half that goal gave them belief and we didn’t close down as quickly in the midfield. What was disappointing was giving it away through errors and then playing the last 10 minutes with desperation–kicking long balls rather than bringing it up quickly and opening them up like we were able to do the whole game.

    So our run away and at home is over in the derby. The best way to wash the awful taste of this defeat will be to defeat ManU away and at home and Chelsea at home and at Spuds away, win the CC and go on to win the league.

    If we don’t win something and win against our challengers in the league, this loss will trouble me more than just the pain of throwing away a game to our hated rivals at home, but it will feel like when we gave away our season. But until then what can we do other than hope the team can recover, play consistently, and believe that we can still play well each week and in the many big games ahead? We’re still on for the quadruple even if our bragging rights have gone begging.

  192. First blow by Birmingham against the chavs. I won’t be surprised if things at the top of the table remains the same today. We can talk about losing the opportunity to go up, but well we’ll have to find a way to get over that mental block.

  193. Steww don’t bury your head in the sand. Three loses at home is three loses too many. Somethings not right. As for calling me spineless…, well I really don’t know you. What I know that the competition doesn’t appear to fear the emirates. And I’ll make sure I’m seated next to you at Braga and whine all through the match!

  194. Enjoy the win davek,u may be counting another 20yrs before u win again at emirates.

  195. Ateeb | November 20, 2010 at 3:09 pm |

    “Clichy lost the header to Defoe that led to the goal”.
    You cant lay so much of the blame on Gael, when no one closed Asso-koto down. He had so much time on the ball and after that goal, we should not have folded as we were still leading and dominating; we should have just waited to counter and reap them apart. instead we allowed them counter us when we were still leading. that’s what i call tactical naivety on the part of the players. They play so much like kids inspite of their collective experiences that it beggars believe.

    Still think the Djouruo/ Skilly CB pairing should not have been altered. Djourou would have been dominant against all the long balls that did us, thats all the spuds did all game. Pathetic scums (Spuds), wonder why any one is giving them credit they were shit; but we simply gifted them this game.

    These players keep kicking Arsene in the teeth, it’s so painful to watch knowing their abilities.

  196. firstlady – I wasn’t being sacarstic towards you. Nor did I insinuate anything. I DO want him to be stripped of captaincy. At least that’s how I feel tonight. Never felt so frustrated in my 18 years being a Gooner.

    Even when we were a mid table team pre-Wenger time.

  197. Arsenal are like a really hot girl who leads you on and teases you and then blows you out right at the last minute.

  198. @DaveK – This isnt the right time, do you mind f*cking off?

  199. Hey Listen G4E, my good friend. I know that was not an acceptable performance. I just don’t expect our team to be perfect nor do i expect to win every game or any individual game. I wrote that in my preview of the season. To think otherwise invites hubris.

    Sport is unpredictable. The greatest angst comes from unrealistic and bloated expectations. We, as Arsenal fans, are as capable of that as much as those of manu and the chavs.

    Shit happens as you Americans would say.

  200. I feel a bit better now. Perspective after a walloping.

    We still have a great chance to win the league. Fair play to Tottenham. Let them enjoy it. It won’t happen again for a long long time.

    Now we really will see what our lavishly talented team is made of. Defeats to the newly promoted teams would have stung. This will truly shake them to the core.

  201. Looks like we have exchanged our home form with the away one.time to get drunk,am done venting for today.

  202. LoL this is funny. This gooner_usa guy said in le Moan: ” the 4-5-1 should be changed to 4-4-2..enough of the silly midgety short pass crap and play more direct stuff…pires and ljungberg didnt have pace yet they were never found wanting defensively oh we soooooo need a viera”

    Ljundberg had no pace??? Seriously???

  203. Hahahaha……….

    I am over the defeat already. Cool. It was a funny defeat, no?

    I agree with La. I think the players were arrogant and too full of themselves. Stylish flicks, walking with the ball, aimlessly passing to each other for the fun of it. Serves them fucking right what they got. It’s about time they realize they’re shit unless they prove themselves on the big stage.

  204. LimparAssist @ 15.20
    My feelings in a nutshell.
    ‘nough said.

  205. I feel like committing Hara-Kiri (just like Arsenal did).

    Sadly we’ve been here before. Only this is worse because of who it is and all the hype and nonsense that will follow. F*ck all that.

    It’s early days and points will continue being dropped in unexpected places….so no need to press the panic button. We threw it away today. That’s what really hurts. Now what’s important is that we get behind this team and they pick themselves up immediately and move on. I still think we have the squad best equipped to win the league. Today doesn’t change that in any way.

    It’s times like this I wonder why I put myself through this anguish. It’s because I love the Arsenal. Thick and thin.

  206. Yes, wasn’t sure about the walkathon humiliation of the Sp*ds in the first half!
    Save it for later, just play like against Everton, doh!
    Djourou? Easy thing to say in hindsight, maybe he needed the rest.


    I can hear Sp*ds wailing and grunting over on Blackstock Road.
    Get the bunting out!

    Come on Brum!

  207. As CBob said, for a supporter this defeat must really hurts because we we shot ourselves in the foot. 2-0 up and we gifted the game away to unforced errors. Spurs had only two weapons. Long balls from the flanks (i.e Bale) and set plays. We neutralized threat #1 and gifted the game away on threat #2.

    It hurts because we are a superior team technically but were mentally unable to close the deal, at home for heaven’s sake. We have a gifted squad but we have the players have to be more demanding of themselves mentally. Nasri’s wasting of mental energy on Gallas, for example, was in retrospect a dumb thing to do. (Added to that he was a spent force physically by the second half.) Defenders ambling back into position after corners, when our opponents main tactic is to lump long balls diagonally into our half is a key sign of complacency. Wenger has a big, gifted squad which can win this League. But he has to be more demanding of his players and use them wisely to win games. Amber (yellow) lights are flashing Arsene.

    That is the lesson I draw from this humbling by the Spuds.

  208. Ateeb- you must think that Wigan will get a result at OT if the top of the table is to remain the same. Not sure I agree but maybe we’re in for a surprise.

    Flukey result today, team just didn’t go for the kill when up 2-0. Felt that the foul leading up to the vDv free kick was harsh, but what was Cesc doing? Fabianski would have easily saved that ball. I thought Wenger wasted Theo by bringing him on so late. Chamakh was gassed and should have been off at the hour to let Theo work the Spuds. Another missed opportunity was Cesc passing to the offside Squillaci when he could have shot instead. Just a game to forget and move on. Important to bounce back at Villa Park next week.

  209. Steww i tell you whats spineless….our fukin defence.

  210. We should’ve killed them off but we didn’t. Tough loss to stomach. Pointing fingers and making accusations is futile. We were the best team on the day by miles and miles.

  211. we knew the spuds hit long balls into the box its the only way they score and what did Wenger do…leave out our tallest best defender and put in kos who has been prone to being weak in the air.

  212. Shotta, I was thinking the same about Nasri wasting energy and concentration snubbing Gallas and then getting discombobulated by the smack in the face for the first few minutes. But then he scored a terrific goal and I though he was shaking it off and his head was in it. He became anonymous toward the end of the half and all through the second until his substitution. The free kick he took bounced off the wall–nothing like that blinder that hit the bar.

  213. goonzablazin, Cesc was offside to begin with so his shot wouldn’t have counted either.

  214. G69, We are certainly the most entertaining team, showboating and all. But not yet the best. We would have been 4:0 up had Chamakh and Cesc buried those two easy chances.

  215. I’m not surprised.This Arsenal team cant keep a lead.They just cant close a game out.West ham and Wigan two goal leads thrown away.This season a 94th minute goal at Sunderland and then today.
    WBA and the Spuds scored 3 goals in the 2nd half at the Grove what is Wenger saying at half time.

  216. Kenyan

    Totally agree too much showboating no killer instinct

  217. KG, we were on top of them, our passing game was clicking but we conceded stupid goals. I’m not happy about it but there’s no use trying to point fingers because we did play some very good stuff this afternoon.

  218. We lose at home because we are too relaxed.

    We win away because we concentrate and utilise our quality for the full 90.


  219. Look on the bright side: our players must be very confident of winning the league to be willing to throw away three points like that.

  220. G69 I love samba football with all the entertainment – which is why I have the kind of football adopted by manutd, mancity and Chelsea. But even samba football requires a killer instinct. I was afraid after Bale scored because at Everton we were bearly able to hang on when the same happened. And unlike Everton they had time on their side.

  221. Disappointed by the first goal. Long ball into the middle and neither of our CB were in position. 2nd goal just stupid. I have been very happy with the work of our CB’s this year but today they were poor.

    Unfortunately I have to agree with the Spurs supporter who called us arrogant. Both our supporters and even worse our players. All this stuff we regurgitate every week about being the “better team” and “dominating” is just utter crap and in the end matters for absolutely nothing. I also have to agree with Limpar @ 3:20. This core group of players has a history of doing this same thing over and over and over. They play 2 really superb games away from home against tough opposition and you think they have finally figured it out. At some point the finger has to be pointed at Wenger and our coaching staff. Leadership has to come from the top.

    This is certainly not mathematical death. The top of the PL this year is really weak and on paper we have the strongest team we have had since the 2004. We should be dominating this league. If this team can somehow get it together we can still win, but that is a very big IF. We need to go to Villa Park next week and get our season back on track.

  222. Gutted to lose to that lot after we had blitzed them in the first half.Dissappointing because you sensed that if we cranked it up a gear we,would have creamed them.at a canter. WTF happemef there. Not at the races today and too too easy for spurs to get back into the game after a faultless first half attacking and defensive peformance. Arsenes face says it all. We let ourselves down. As for spurs closing the gap ….yawn. Every dog has its day.

  223. Hate not have, G69. I’m typing like an idiot. Hate the win at any cost football of the three aforementioned clubs!

  224. I can sum up the game in one word. SHIT. We played well, we played beautifule, we controlled everything, we had the best players, we had the most creative players. we were best in everything. still we loose.

    Arsenal need to be saved from themselves. the only team that beats Arsenal are Arsenal themselves. Nobody els. Nobody to blame. Tottenham was pants. We were great, yet we manage to beat ourslves and gift Tottenham 3 points today.

    Arsenal does not deserve to win anything, these players does not deserve to win any titles when they continuesley implode like this time after time.

    so the question is: WHo can save arsenal from themselves?

  225. Bill, Spurs fans saying Arsenal are arrogant is bull to me. Its Spurs supporters and players who every year keep comparing themselves to Arsenal and keep saying they are just as good. This is why Arsenal supporters say something, who the heck has any time comparing themselves to the Spurs on a yearly basis.

  226. oh and i must say if i was as slow a learner as team arsenal. i would never have managet to get through uni even. Everytime we loose the team says yes we learned our lesson. Usually when something stings you try to rectify it to avoid similar pain in the future.

    Arsenal squad must be full of mascochists that enjoy the pain of humiliation. That enjoy to be hated by a large portion of their fans. that enjoy to be slaughtered in the paper. Why els would they do it over and over and over??
    its a mystery to me.

    PS if Cesc comes out of the wardrobe today with a “beckham” scar on his brow you know the waterbottle AW trhew in the ground during the match has found the right way home. Gifitig a penalty like that is unforgiable. If that was Fabianski we would have asked for his head now.

  227. Once is unfortunate, but three times is habit forming.

  228. Pz, the problem is our squad can sometimes be overly confident without backing it up with effort and concentration–that’s why so many thought we looked arrogant in our play, celebrating already in the first half.

  229. Poodle, great assement. Hope you aren’t accused of being spineless for your objectivity!

  230. Spurs will end above arsenal on table this year. and they deserve it. how sad is that>?

  231. Dan and Kenyan Gunner that is exactly it there is to much showboating and NO killer instinct..The 2nd Arsenal goal was pure Wengerball but you get no more points for a goal wether it is a 2 yard tap in or 30 yard drive from outside the penalty.
    The Game as we know it should have been finished as a contest by half time had Cesc n Chamakh taken their chances.

    There is something not right within team’s mental – psychological approach to games.A part of becoming a winning team is learning from mistakes and trying to minimise them in future.We seem never to learn and go 1 step forward n 2 steps backward. The Spurs got lucky today and they know that.

    Surely no greater incentive were needed today than it being a local Derby……
    The CB pairing of Kos n Squil was a mystery to me bearing Kos was returing from a suspension and Djhourou played very well v Everton…

    Que est ce que Cest ca Arsene will surely be asking??….Nous attendons une explanation………

  232. Bill, good points about the repetition of these behaviors. I started to get a bad feeling not just from the missed chances but the way we were playing already in the first half after going up 2-0. Either the preparation or the half time refocusing is faulty, or these players just don’t learn that they can’t imagine their superiority–they have to prove it– and keep playing hard the whole game.

    But, as you say, we aren’t out of anything yet. Still on for that quadruple–but the road gets harder with such contradictory indications from the team–gutting out tough road wins but mental lapses at home. Just so bizarre.

  233. Poodle your second point is off target but I’ll defend your right to say it. We ARE going to win the league!

  234. Poodle, now that is crazy talk. No way Spuds deserve to top Arsenal–not in this game and not in the league. They didn’t play very well today, but they just didn’t give up, and that is credit to them.

  235. Anyone been to Le Grove yet? Can’t bring myself to checkup on those idiots!

  236. i hope you are all right that we are a winning team. but tottenham today, their second half was stuff for champions. not cos the played so well(they played pap, we played great) but because they forced us to give them that victory. They decided “we gonna win” and they did it.

    We decide ” we gonna win” and we dont.
    If tottenham says “we gonna be top 2 this year”. i dont doubt they can achive it. Not after tonite, when they showed they are capable to achive any goal.

    tottenham is like Darren Fletcher, hes no star, hes not good at anything. yet he keeps holding a place at Unided. Tottenham impressed huugley today, they did what we seem to rarley manage. they won an important match….

  237. @kenya gunner,. i agree legrove is pap and shit and hate it. but today i think they should be allowed to vent their anger in peace. Cos you cant really blame em for being angry when our best 11 manages to squander a 2-0 lead and loose 3-2 to tottenham, not thanks to tottenham being good, but thanks to us doing silly mistakes….like handball..

  238. It seems as if the team is unerved by the thought of success. They know they can go to the top and that causes them to lose focus! I dont get it!

    Remember the Shahktar match? easy goals and then act as if its done and dusted.

    I would agree that Djourou wouldve been the wise choice as I also only worried about high balls. I knew that Sagna and Clichy could keep the wingers quiet and they did.

  239. off topic

  240. Paul N

    I would agree. Maybe things will change when we’re front runners.

    Villa next in the league. We need to win it.

  241. Queen of Suburbia

    The team deserves all of the criticism they get today. The second half was just about the worst Ive seen.

  242. the end

  243. Sky, you remind me of A-ni-mal of the Muppets.

  244. Stand up for the Champions.

    They’ve lost 1-0….

  245. Was that a compliment?

  246. The Chavs result has turned a nightmare into a mere bad dream

  247. Paul N, that is a good comparison– a lot like the Shaktar game. what is wrong with us?

    I always get a bad feeling when I see this team being praised on Arsenal.com in terms incommensurate to their performances and achievements. It feels like a kind of hubris that tempts fate, which has punished us terribly today at the hands of our local rivals. Why did Arsene say this was his best team ever? How about the word “potentially” and phrases like “if they go on to fulfill the talent I believe they have”?

    We have a lot of work to do. But it won’t be possible to feel happy and genuinely hopeful unless we unleash a string of victories that includes some victories against strong sides and rivals.

  248. Chelsea taken to task by Birmingham. Makes what’s left of the week-end a bit more manageable.

  249. Well, this reduces the low a little bit, the lead at the top of the table stays 2 points..no writing off just yet fellas..

  250. “Was that a compliment?”

    I’m guessing it wasn’t.

    The Champions elect have just lost (again). So we are still only two points behind them (and the Mancs). Doesn’t ease our pain……but it puts things into perspective.

  251. sure,there seems to be whole lotta things wrong with the team starting with players talking rubbish all the time,cesc wants to leave,Wojscez threatening to leave(the nerve???!!!),Bendtner threatens to leave also(form of his life heh?),Van Persie spewing shit about his dutch mate that just happens to be a spud just before one of the most important games of the season,never thought i wud say this but for once i wish wenger was more like ferguson.

  252. Well, we could have been top. Anyway. Awful loss but after the Chelsea result nothing has changed at all.

  253. Bradys right foot

    2 points behind the leaders before a ball was kicked today and still two points behind. 82 points could win the league this year this is turning into a very strange season.

  254. Manchester United are starting to worry me. Someone needs to end this run their on. I hope it’s us on December 13th.

  255. The players have no fear of Wenger and the consequences of playing like a bunch of retards.

    Every time they say they have “learned a lesson”, but then they go and do exactly the same thing. again. and again. and again. and again. and again. and again.

    Season after season.

    When exactly is Wenger going to decide to rip their balls off?

    Either this team is the thickest collection of individuals in all four professional leagues in England, or someone is taking bribes.

  256. The crowd at the Emirates are getting really fed up with this,there was a lot of anger and frustration afterwards today.

  257. Even the most anti Arsenal pundits were drooling ovr the football we played in the first half. Second half was simply baffling. it is not down to quality at all its a mental thing, 2 nil and cruising, complanency sets in. Wenger should shut that dressing room and give them a rollocking and make sure that does not happen again Spurs were not good , in the second half they simply took advantage of our collapse . Anyway we have the brummies to thank we are still only 2 points adrift. we have to defend like the way we do away from home. we are more alert defensively away from home

  258. Sky it was a compliment. Animal was a funny guy. And I agree with Deano, somebody has got to beat manu. If they stay in touch to February they may just do that amazing run they normally start at that time of the season!

  259. Agree with LA @ 3:20 pm.
    Maybe Arsene should work with a psychologist on our apparent fear of height, as soon as we get close to the top we almost “jump back” down a bit.
    Also slightly concerned with Man U, they have been truly mediocre so far but are top of the league after 14 games…not a good sign

  260. I believe that manutd’s old men i.e. Giggs, Scholes and Neville are high on something?

  261. Well Harry I was asking, don’t get your nickers in a bunch.
    I kind love animal from the muppets.

  262. I agree, maybe Arsene may just have to give a real blasting even publicly if that would change the attitude of the players.

    What confusing is that we are up for the rough mathces and remain focused.

    I also agree that this match was not down to talent but mental lapses. Arsene said it:

    Fact is we were 2-0 and way superior with the initial player selection.


  263. Deano, I second your concern. They haven’t been playing well and have a thin squad with their main goalscorer injured and/or under a cloud, yet they are unbeaten and two points ahead of us in second because of goal difference. What will happen if Rooney gets back on form and they go on their usual tear in the second half? We need to be the ones to put an end to this farce and our own recent history of losing to our rivals. If we win at OT, we can deal with Spuds launching their DVD’s a bit easier.

  264. Hard not to admire what Owen Coyle is doing at Bolton. Hope he would take either Lansbury or Emmanuel-Thomas on a six month loan.

  265. Already I’m more worried of Villa than Braga. To think that we would have ended the day as number one on the table. I miss TV;-(

  266. Devil's Advocate

    Could drown neither my sorrows nor myself. Now I’ve to do footie round-up for the bloody magazine I work for. Such a pleasure to do when we win, such a pain when we lose, makes me want to die at times like this. Arsenal forever, win lose or draw, but oh god, why do you have to do this to me and the rest of us Gooners!

  267. Mike if he “rips their balls off” they will all end up with voices like Clichy. We need leaders on the pitch with deep manly voices.

    I think it is down to complacency and focus with us. We destroyed them in the first half and then just shrugged our way through the 2nd half. We’ve witnessed this before. It’s an attitude that must change if we are to fulfill all this potential. Hopefully we will never see a performance like today’s 2nd half again. As someone said earlier…it seems the only thing stopping Arsenal is Arsenal.

    Still only two points off the top. A long long way to go..

  268. Harry and your point is?

  269. As others have said this is a mental thing. Sadly , once Bale scored the outcome was all too predictable.

    Over confidence, arrogance, complacency call it what you will the worrying thing is that it happens time & again. It`s just two years ago we contrived to blow a 2 goal lead in injury time & anyone who says they weren`t sweating it in injury time against Wolves & Everton is telling porkies. We haven`t been able to see games out under pressure consistently for a long while.


  270. Strange things happen when a reign comes to an end. What we are seeing is the end of the Ferguson era and Manutd’s dominance. And that’s why the league seems strange. A few years ago we’d be ten points behind if we’d had such a bad start. He we are with Chelsea doing badly and Manutd can’t break away. Reminds me of the end of the Liverpool and Chicago Bulls eras’

  271. Who fancies some Le grove to cheer them up?:::

    What ‘as Wenga eva done 4 uss.

    Wivout ‘im we woudnt av crap playas lyk fabragas, persie arshyvin nasree song an flabianski and all dem ova wankas. We are da worst team in da world.

    I cant beleeve dat wenga is our manager wen ees fukin french from fukin france.An ees fuked it all up wiv a croisant.

    I dont care if were 2 points off da top of da premier leeg, are top ov are group in da champions league and look shu ins for da carling cup. I dont care dat we ave a grayt new stadiyum. I want dat french fukker out.

    He’s ruaning us!!

    Get WENGA OUT!!!!


  272. Almost poetic I’m sure you’ll agree…

  273. Yeah, ok deano.

  274. Harry, if anyone still believes this team canjust change their attitude so we “never see a performance like today’s 2nd half again” then they haven’t been paying attention (somewhat like our team).

    I’ll say it again – this team keep on making the same “mistake” over and over and over and over and over again.

    If this had happened once. or even twice, we might be able to claim it’s a “mistake”.

    But it hasn’t. It has happened too many times to believe this team has the capacity to “learn”.

    We have been told that this team has been through various tests and that one of the main criteria is that they are intelligent individuals.

    If that is true, then either the tests are utterly abysmal, and we have managed to accumulate the most stupid collection of players in any division in the entire country, or someone is taking money where they shouldn’t.

    I used to be an ardent cricket fan.

    Then we had the Hansire Cronje saga. Now we see the Pakistan team under a cloud.

    The South African cricket team have had far too many strange results for me to just assume that our team are clean. Consequently I no longer watch or take an interest in cricket, I believe it to be a deeply corrupt game today, and that same feeling seems to be gathering momentum amongst fans in general. Attendances are dropping, likewise in Formula 1.

    Likewise it’s arrogant to believe that football in England is “clean”. We had 90 referees in South Africa bust for corruption a few seasons back. Do we seriously think that the fa are honest and upstanding, along with the referees who show some frankly astonishing stuff on a weekly basis?

    Similarly, septic bladder and his cronies must be amongst the lowest of the low in that regard as well.

    Quite frankly, seeing as today is the umpteenth time we’ve seen the exact same “problem” rear it’s head, can you confidently claim you don’t have some doubts about the honesty of our team?

  275. Mike SA that was a very long post to talk a load a shit…

  276. easy tiger.

  277. Paul N @ 4:17:

    I hate the spurs as much as any of you but if I was a spuds fan or a fan of any other team or a pundit for that matter I would think it was very arrogant of Arsenal fans to say that Spurs were crap and we are the better team. Year after year AW and us keep saying what a great team we have. The most important part of being “the better team” is between the ears. All the other stuff about great technique, ball retention, passing and creating chances does not mean we are the better team when we lose.

    We are still only 2 points down so all is not lost but its hard not to be a doomer after a game like today. Lets get a result in midweek and get back to playing the way we did in the last 2 away games.

  278. Gee remonstrate, and that was a very short post to say………………….nothing of any value.

  279. Quick sack everyone!!!! We are two points off the top!!!!!outrageous!!
    Cummon you gunners don’t stoop low to the type bitterness the tots are so renounded for. Lets face it Tottenham and Twitchy have got a good thing going. And you know what hats off to them. But we will win some and loose some but i still think we will go all the way this season, perhaps more because the other above us a rather wobbly but if we don’t so be it. I’ll see be a gunner fan and take the punches with the caviar! You were a bunch of muppets today but i trust you will sort it out! CUMMON YOU GOOOONSSSS

  280. and by the way remostrate, your lack of any point or debate is typical of people who are unable to contemplate the “unthinkable” and ask awkward questions.

    Who was it who said: “all that is required for evil to prosper is for good men to do nothing”?

    It’s people who don’t ask the hard questions who allow corrupt situations to develop.

  281. Deano don’t you need cheering up after that game then?

  282. MikeSA, your first point had something to say.
    Then it turned to shit.
    But I feel your pain.

  283. hehe at least it was quick and succinct and not long stinky. I trust these boys intrinsically.

  284. This is England

    Yeah I do. But I still maintain perspective. Today was a freak. The penalty we gave away was inexplicable. We should have scored 7.

    But I still believe in this squad. We have a great chance to win the league and I believe that. Firmly.

  285. Mikey. I love the game and the entertainment of it….I love the development of the team…Lifes too short for me to ask “the hard questions” about 11 men running after a ball. I love the gunners and i trust then and i know they will f**k up again but it wont stop me watching them again and again. Off to make dinner!

  286. “Harry, if anyone still believes this team canjust change their attitude so we “never see a performance like today’s 2nd half again” then they haven’t been paying attention (somewhat like our team).”

    “Quite frankly, seeing as today is the umpteenth time we’ve seen the exact same “problem” rear it’s head, can you confidently claim you don’t have some doubts about the honesty of our team?”

    I’m always positive where Arsenal are concerned. What else can I do? join the misery brigade and throw the baby out with the bathwater. I’m as angry and disappointed as anyone about the predictable nature of our 2nd half collapse….but if your suggesting some conspiracy theory at the root of this then you’ve lost me altogether. Dear me. I think it’s time I took my leave.


  287. Not sure it was a freak thats our third loss at home this season, something needs to change, i had to sit near the spud supporters today, not nice.

  288. skywm, I am just suggesting some hard questions get asked.

    Perhaps that might get through to the players? Just maybe that might make them look in the mirror and ask themselves if that was good enough?

    Heaven knows, nothing else seems to have worked so far, so why not use another avenue?

    A bit of indignation from the team might do the trick?

    remonstrate is obviously of the fingers in the ears lalalala variety anyway, which is just sad, no capacity or debate or discussion, just poor.

  289. mike sa don’t put shit like that in my head!

    The fabregas hand ball and his miss in the first half are getting to me now.

    NO! there’s no way. We tried, we played well, it was a fluke.

  290. bye bye harry, good bye.

  291. Remonstrate.you are right,let them have their moment.All we should do is compare our squad to all others ,and be hopeful that the best team will be on top come May.I for one believe we will

  292. Queen of Suburbia

    Mike if I were going to fix a game I’d have the ref award dubious free kicks around the box and allowsome players to make an astonishing amount of fouls without a card.

  293. Remonstrate at 6:07. Ouch!

  294. Mikey Mike….
    My point is the Tots arent as shit as all us gooners would like to believe. And i think there is a very real mental problem about closing the game out and to be honest we probably got away with it against the Everton and Wolves…
    But i’m not sure i can fuel your debate about Arsenal football players being involved in some sort of fixing….Just typing that out makes me giggle but you know what you might be right. I’m one of the fools who loved Hansie and was disapointed but I’m also one of those fools that still loves SA test cricket…

  295. deano, whatever I do believe, the one think it definitely wasn’t, was a “fluke”.

    There are many possible reasons for our team being unable to make that final step, but it has happened way too many times for it to simply be a fluke.

    My suggestion of some form of corruption is a vain hope to put a rocket up someone’s arse, but in truth I think it’s far more likely that this team has a habit of individuals expecting the rest of the team to “do the job” while the individual “takes his foot off the gas”.

    Unfortunately I think we have 11 players all deciding to take the same “holiday” at the same time.

  296. This squad is so inconsistent, it’s unbelievable. AW seemed as clueless as everyone else about that result. He looked almost pitiable even. Have to say I’m now worried about whether he still has what it takes to win at this level. There’s no doubt we can compete and will have little trouble staying in top 4, but considering the talent and resources at our disposal these days, i wonder why we’re underachieving so much…

  297. @Mike SA .Mate we are all down,but the fight back starts now.You cant want to feel like this ?And as soon as we start to move on we will all feel better

  298. remostrate, at 48 years old and having followed the Arsenal for 40 of those I doubt you’re entitled to refer to me as “mikey mike”.

    That is once again rather poor from you, but I suppose I shouldn’t expect anything more.

  299. I know Mike, we lost to the scum from a 2 – 0 winning position at half time.
    I don’t want to hear the same old crap from the players and the manager, right now. And I’m, just as tired of seeing the same attitude and mistakes being made. But fuck me get a grip.

  300. Mike i’m more with you on your last point…too much looking around for a savior…If only we had Klusener today…

  301. QOS

    I concur. But that is another debate.

  302. A fluke? Just like the 4-4 fluke then.

  303. Remonstrate, go wash your mouth out with water.
    They are shit, that’s why it, hurts.

  304. dennis, that’s great, but the “fightback” started last time. and the time before that………………………………..and the time before that……………………….ad infinitum.

    This team is not getting it.

    The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

    I think Wenger is a god, but if he can’t get this sorted out (and there is no evidence that he is) then he really needs to be asked hard questions.

  305. Queen of Suburbia

    In truth I’m not sure it’s an arrogance or a mental block, it’s indiscipline.

    The first goal we conceded for instance, just a catalogue of errors starting from not pressing high up the field, but compounded by several of our players being out of position chasing a goal for themselves.

  306. Don’t get me wrong here. I hope Wenger destroys their ear drums. I hope they all feel devastated. I hope they feel that this is the last let off that can be afforded.

    Let’s face it Chelsea have lost as many games as us this season….and have failed to score in ALL of them AND were 2nd best in all of them. It does not make them a bad team. The league has become more competitive. A strange thing happened today, the better team lost 3-2 at home after being 2-0 up. Newcastle and West Brom deserved their wins against a team that thought they had only to turn up. Unfortunately that mentality crept back in for the second half in some respects. In others we were still dominant and should have put it to bed even when they leveled it at 2-2.

    Not good enough. But not bad enough for me to lose hope.

  307. Queen of Suburbia

    I may be wrong but I suspect it’s a development that has come in since 443. Possibly something connected to fabregas (or his role).

  308. MikeSA.I know mate,I meant our fightback as fans,from this terrible post match place.We cant do anything about the team today .But hope springs ,and all that,and the quality in the squad does at least give us that.

  309. We never lose hope Deano but it fucking hurts, however will be there next game at the Emirates.

  310. Henristic, that’s a really interesting point.

    We used to be proud that our young team punched way above their weight, they were awesome, even though we weren’t winning trophies.

    Thi season our squad looks to be the best in the league by a country mile, so you’re right, we’re now underachieving.

    Today I had the same feeling I had when we played Citeh.

    I looked at the team sheets and thought that they simply were’nt in the same league as us.

    The first half of this game confirmed that.

    Likewise much of the second.

    Spurs didn’t “win” this game, they simply aren’t and were’nt good enough.

    No, we gift-wrapped this, put a beautiful bow on it, and presented it to them like an early christmas present.

    I don’t get upset when we lose to a team when our players have done everything they could and we have simply been outplayed by a better team, but that simply was not the case today.

    VDV was poor for the vast majority of the game for some reason.

    He was the one player I was actually worried about, he’s the Klinnsman, Ardiles, Hoddle, Gazza or Ginola for Spurs now (they seem to buy a player way above their station every few years or so).

    So whoever made the earlier point about us beating ourselves was completely correct imo.

  311. Queen of Suburbia

    When we are winning seems to play further forward, possibly song too.

  312. Queen of Suburbia


  313. actually I take some of what I said back.

    I don’t think we’re lax. I think we’re full of fear. You could feel it as soon as Bale scored. Fear and panic that it was happening again. I can’t get over the Fabregas hand ball. I know it’s happened to the best players but it’s symbolic of blind panic.

    Koscielny panicked when it was easier to score. Walcott similarly high and wide. Fabregas panicked when through on goal to make it 2-0. Chamakh twice through on goal didn’t trust in himself to have a dig and make it 3.

    2-0 really is a dangerous score…Because all the other team need to do is put one in to put fear into you.

    We weren’t complaining last season when we came back from 2-0 against a Barca side that gave us the most comprehensive battering we’ve ever had.

    Lets focus on Villa now. We’re great on our travels.

  314. Delusions of grandeur seems to be closer to the truth.
    From the players, mangers and us, the support.
    In that order.

  315. Just an observation on the chelsea issue, I suspect there is a lot wrong at chelsea right now.

    There seems to be a lot more to this wilkins issue than has come out so far, and the apparent “quotes” from Ancellotti about the new assistant from NIgeria seems very odd if there’s any truth in it.

    So I understand why chelsea are not doing well right now, but I don’t think we should be judging our own performances with theirs for those reasons.

  316. Too much has been made of Wilkins leaving Mike SA….. more fuss than i could imagine being made for any other assistant manager in any sport.

    Also don’t forget before his departure they were comfortably beaten by both man city and liverpool.

    I believe that the reason for those defeats is the simple fact that they lack strength in depth.

    I would be a lot more worried about the future of my team if I were a Chelsea or United fan that’s for sure.

    As for the spuds…thats £100 million ‘Arrys spent on Spurs. Yet they were poor today and wont make top 4.

  317. QOS, I don’t think it has too much to do with the 433 formation. We’ve been having problems like this for longer than that. And if we look at the goals we gave away (remembering that we played quite well most of the second half from a technical perspective-possession, passing, creating chances, etc…) they didn’t have so much to do with formations but concentration. The free kick had our CB’s forward and not back in time to help stop the Bale, Defoe, VDV counterattack. Denilson was casual tracking back as was Sagna and Clichy was still somewhere much further up the pitch, I think. The second was giving away a penalty for a handball on a free kick, that really wasn’t a good call. The marking on the Kaboul goal from another set piece free kick again suggests that it wasn’t about how we were playing in the flow of the game and our formation.

    We still produced some good chances until in the last 10 minutes we broke down in pure panic and started lumping long balls forward without build up play. That reminded me of Newcastle and was quite scary to see the lack of discipline.

  318. True Deano, and that’s why it hurts so bad.

    Hugely overachieving to underachieving in the blink of an eye and not quite sure how we got there……………………

    As for chelsea, yes, I do think their squad is weak, but I think there are problems there, the wilkins thing is just a pimple appearing on the surface of a gangrenous rot out of sight imo.

  319. I am really concerned about the pumping tactic the team has started to use. I do not see how we are ever going to come back in the last 5 or 10 minutes if all our players are doing is lump it forward. This needs to stop.

  320. henristic, you raise a big worry. Arsene looked a bit shaken by the team’s breakdown, mystified. It was a bit like the WBA game reaction. But then again he is praising this team as his best ever–does this team need a more self-critical and unvarnished appraisal of its strengths and weaknesses to figure out how to create the discipline, mental concentration and toughness, and so on? We discussed the use of the sports psychological profile and intelligence tests that are used at the club a few weeks ago, yet something is missing in the makeup of this team. The quality, depth, talent, technique is there.

    Gallas showed more leadership today for Spuds than he ever did for us as captain. That was galling.

  321. That was one of the worst second half peformances in a long time. When was the last time we were 2-0 up at home and lost?
    This team lack mental toughness and the ability to concentrate for 90 mins.

  322. AIC, last year v. Wigan, I think. Sadly not as long ago as we would like.

  323. Delia----Block112

    What can I say. The elation at half time disappeared into the slough of despond . Why change a settled defence? Yes Kos was fresh but JD was part of the two away wins and had the height needed in the box. We can’t afford to miss gilt edged chances as Cesc, Chamakh and Kos did today . The game should have been put away in the first half. As for the penalty, big boys take a hit in the face for their side, what was Cesc thinking about?
    You can tell I’m not a happy bunny but I will be back for another dose as I’ve always done. We must move on and quickly ,with two away matches to win this coming week.
    For God’s sake COYRs

  324. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Bill, you’re a fucking cunt aren’t you. It’s already enough we have to lose in that fashion, let alone hear you side with a fucking Spud. Since when did pointing out simple facts become arrogant? Tottenham were pants and Arsenal threw that away. That’s not arrogant it’s stating facts. They were thoroughly outplayed and fact is we gifted the Spuds 3 points. Simple as. On to the next one. I still think we’ve got the league in the bag. In the meantime, I’ll be with LimparAssist in spirit(s) dousing my soul with copious amounts of alcohol.

  325. against everton and wolves this team refused to lose, I see no comparison between today’s match.

    We dont give up, we are not mentally weak in that respect but we dont stay grounded when the goals come easy and early.

    Though we did play some good stuff I am thinking that Arsene shouldnt even mention it, who cares!

    I aslo believe that there isnt much more that Arsene can do, its time for the players to take full responsibilty. Cesc MUST be more vocal. Players like AA and Rosicky need to start taking charge of the team. No one says anything when the team starts with the overconfidence, we need players who will get the team in line on the field.

  326. Henristic:

    I agree with you. When a team underperforms compared to the level of its talent then usually the management takes most of the blame. Not sure what can be done .

  327. I cannot buy that its Arsene fault because he has won already.

    This is on the players

  328. Just watched Arsene’s interview on beeb and he was utterly disappointed and as lost as anyone as to why this keeps happening. It’s happened too often to be a minor slip or one-off. I hate to say it, but a lot of these lads are tactically naive and indisciplined. I just don’t want them coming out with all the usual “we learnt our lessons” waffles because they don’t seem to learning it; I’ll prefer they just knuckle down and show us they have truly learnt. It’s bewildering to say the least that a team this talented loses like this with minimal effort from the opponent!!! Arrogance, complacency??? I really can’t tell what it is but I have observed we sometimes play like we are the best and we don’t have to earn the right to play especially at home.

  329. 1coolsteve, you are correct. Actually you could see after going up by two that we didnt play with the same intensity.

    I agree with you about not coming with the same, we need to learn and all that. Time to put the excuses to bed, the talent is there do what is necessary, plain and simple.

  330. Agree with deano.In the course of the season these things can happen. We need to draw a line under this one and not get drawn into the ins and outs of whodunnit. The performance in the first half was outstanding, gareth bale was anonymous the team were defensively astitute, clinical and totally dominant. In the 2nd half…we both dropped the performance level and were unlucky. We will be back even stronger. We always do.

  331. this defeat was painful not only because its against the Spuds but the manner of the defeat. we should’ve won this game by 5 or 6 and in the end we end up losing.Ireally can’t understang what has happened today. they were really silly mistakes and we got done. we need to be more ruthless at home if we are going to win the title.the best way to restore some pride is to end Manure unbeaten run. anyway we are still in the the hunt with only 2 points adrift.We need to get our home form on track

  332. Altogether now…..were shit, and we know we are are.wee sh9t and we know we are were shiiiiiiiiit and we kniow we arrrrrrrrre were shit and we know we are… wrere shit.;……./………….,…..

  333. For any Gunners fan that result has to hurt. It’s bad enough losing to any team but Spurs….c’mon! Don’t tell me we should take it with good grace when Spuds fans are all over the media with their hateful comments. Before I moved to the US I used to have a bet every year with two work colleagues who were Spurs fans about who would finish higher in the league. it was easy money, often by 20 or 30 points. But not any longer. And to make it worse we were not the worst team but we seem to have no killer instinct. We need a Tony Adams to lead us and bellow at the team when they are switching off, at least he had Arsenal written all through him. No one in the team takes that responsibility nowadays.
    Does our table position flatter us? Good job Chelsea keep losing and Man U drawing but we should not rely on that if we want to be champions. And Bolton thrashing Newcastle 5 – 1???? And we lost home to them, and Bolton a team we regularly deride?
    Not happy, but guess I’ll get over it.

  334. Who needs a spud fan when we have our very own in Duke. The result hurts for all of us but ffs get a grip on reality.

  335. @MDGunner
    I actually agree. I would have thought that Cesc would be the type, but it does not seem like that. Leaves only Vermaelen and he is unfortunately out …

  336. I thought Phil Dowd got it wrong when penalising Song in the freekick that led to the penalty. Modric had pushed the ball too far forward and Song was entitled to put his body in front of Modric.


  337. Duke is a joker.

    Yes we need a vocal leader. I expect the more senior players to take that charge, I dont give a backside who is the captain.

    Rosicky, Arshavin, Squilly step the hell up!

  338. first half was a footballing master class were the spuds could only watch with their mouth open. second half we lost concentration and lost the game. today is a day that weeds out the weak gooners. we have to stay positive and seeing fans leaving with 5 minutes of normal time to go was evident that we have some really weak gooners. the SPUDs were really not intimidated by our fans it was almost a given that we beat the spuds. its okay moaning about a leader what about the fans who run off when things turn sour ?

  339. Weak fans ? Just realists who’d seen it all before. We didn’t lose today because of the fans. But let’s pretend it wasn’t down to the team.

  340. How do those “realist” fans respond to the simple fact that we are still just two points away from the top spot?

  341. @1 loose cannon

    It is easy to see that the whiners always appear after a loss. Just look in the archives of ACLF. Always the most comments per day is after a loss.

  342. dfb are you a weak fan? Do you comment more after a defeat?

  343. I am really disappointed in Fabregas. Since when did the long ball become his speciality? Did he always play the long ball if we were trailing in seasons past as well? He should know that, especially when both Bendtner and Chamakh are off the field, we can not really expect to score from that.

  344. They respond by taking the realistic view that in past seasons we’d be 10+ pts off the pace. Just because other teams are not playing well it doesn’t mean that we are. Today was a poor result, taking 3 pts out of a possible home 12 is not “doing well”. What am I missing here ?

  345. Yes I’m a weak fan. I expect us to win from 2-0 up. Against our biggest rivals. To go top of the league. With an almost full team. Don’t you ?

  346. We played sh*t today, but on an overall scale we are doing well. You always have to measure yourself against the top team and if the top team is sh*t and you are playing just a bit more sh*ttier it’s still “doing well” in the end.

  347. dfb, you should not confuse being very negative with being realist. There is quite a bit of a difference.

  348. dfb that was not my question was it? I asked if you commented here more often after a defeat.

  349. Evil. OK you got me, being realistic we’re only 2 pts off the top. But being negative can you honestly see this team going on to win ? I don’t know what’s wrong here. Is it mental attitude ? Is it the style we play ? Is it the coaching ? F’d if I know, but something’s not right. Utd have played shite all this season but they’re undefeated and now above us. How do we turn it around ?

  350. dfb we don’t. Only Arsene and the squad can do that. We can only support.

  351. dupsffokcuf: Yes I do. When feeling morose over a poor performance and seeing someone blaming the fans. Crazy.

  352. @dfb
    Well, you can not deny that our home fans are sh*t most of the time. But yeah, obviously the fans were not at fault for this. The squad has to take the blame.
    We are supposed to be one of the most lethal strike forces in European Football, but why do we seem unable to score at times, even when provided with dozens of chances? But it can’t be a purely mental thing, since the squad has proven that they can be resilient, as evident by our away record this season. However that does not explain why we regularly shut off at home. Against WBA we did not even turn up until 10 minutes from the end, against Newcastle our attack seemed highly impotent and against the Sp*ds for some reason the game plan only saw us play one half and then hope that this is enough.
    I agree that it is a huge issue, but it is not something that is unfixable. We have to keep up the support now and make sure that the team concentrates fully on the challenges ahead. In a different year we might find ourselves in mid table regions but this year seems to have taken a huge toll on all the Top 4 so nothing is lost, yet.

  353. dfb, so why do you need a defeat to stimulate your confidence to comment? Do you believe we have a divine right to win and therefore you forego any comments.
    Forgive me if I sound rude but I need to know why some people comment more after a loss.

  354. All we need to remember is the season is not over till Tom Huddlestone (in his dress) sings.

  355. Evil. I agree absolutely. Support isn’t always the greatest, never has been really (since the terraces went). But today it was quite vocal, until the team caved in. I hope, as you believe, it’s fixable but unfortunately there’s scant evidence so far that that’s the case. Hopefully I’m wrong and you’re right.

  356. dupsffokcuf: I think it’s because if we win then I can push all those lingering doubts I have about the team to the back of my mind and think we’re making good progress. But when we lose, especially like this, it brings you face to face with the reality. Which is that there is much work to do before this Arsenal team are likely to win anything. We’re not as good as we like to think we are and we’re far from the finished article.

  357. Oh and sorry … but then to hear people try to shift the blame to the supporters just pisses me off enough to make me join in.

  358. 5 minutes of normal time + 5 minutes of extra time and the fans were leaving a derby game. those same fans will be slating the team. well they need to look at themselves first. a lot can happen in 10 minutes and players feed off the fans reaction. you would expect the noise to rise and urge the team to do better instead they want to beat the traffic. that is not support

  359. dfb- well sorry they spoilt your week-end and now you can’t bragg to your mates. no one is shifting the blame on the fans i just don’t like the hypocrisy of certain fans who only seem to have something to say when we are not doing well

  360. I don’t necessarily think it’s hypocrisy. I think there are many people who are not convinced by this team. Similarly there are many who think this team is the greatest we’ve ever seen. The debate comes into focus when we lose games we should have won. (There haven’t been too many occasions where we’ve won games we should have lost – City is the arguable exception). Good night.

  361. let me chuck in my bit on blaming the support: I was astonished to see the players and the supporterts in the cruise control ‘ole’ mode!

    well, fuck me sideways, we had them on the ropes, could have and should have gone to the dressing room with at least one more goal to the good if we did not take the foot off the gas and the supporters would not go for the halftime piss thinking ‘fuck, this is a jolly’ due to this tippy tappy showboating nonsense?

    the team is growing more and more complacent, when we drew 4:4 against them, they waited to go into celebratory mode after scoring four goals, not two…

    Wenger should have bollocked them for not putting in 100% against the biggest rivals – wanna bet this is exactly what ‘Arry did?

  362. the ‘ole’ mode kicked in no later than a few minutes from scoring the second – I mean, WTF?

    yes, talent wise it is an amazing team, but there is no leadership and the work ethic is absolutely pants – I know for a fact that if things come easily to you at young age and you are not taught to work hard, then your attitude may stink occasionally for a bit, until you will learn the hard way that it does not pay and start applying yourself…

  363. as for the ‘we are two points off the top’ brigade – we wouldn’t be if it was not for this fair play in football nonsense rules, as the Chavs would be pissing the league by now…

    they too lost two games in a row, sure, but to see painfully average ManIOU go top after we simply wrapped the game up and handed it to these spud twunts on a plate is just depressing…

    this game was one I was looking forward to like no other for quite a bit – talk about anticlimax 😆

    we have lost three home games against the teams we should have obliterated and I am firmly in ‘we should be seven points clear’ brigade – all our hard work away from home is getting undone the E******s!

  364. Oh for fuck sack piss off suga. All we need is your profound bullshit.

  365. sake not sack. though in your case Suga sack may be correct

  366. Talking to yourself SUGA3? Chelsea still top by the way.

  367. whatever…

    we should still be seven points clear, off to write a proper blog post, this shit has to stop…

  368. @DUPS
    “Forgive me if I sound rude but I need to know why some people comment more after a loss.”
    Did you know SUGA3 was coming?

  369. I wonder why some people only show up when there is something to complain about and never when the team needs supporting or encouragement.

  370. Suga is so predictable.

  371. no, it’s you lot who is predictable…


  372. Course we are. It’s predictable that supporters are going to side with their team no matter what happens.

  373. So you cannot write a proper blog post after a win? your attitude Suga is low down and dirty. You are no Arsenal supporter, you are fooling yourself if you think you are.

    This guy hasnt written anything since March 19th and NOW he is going to write something “proper”. Nothing about our wins or positive things that have happened with the club.

    You should be ashamed of yourself. No grown man should behave the way you do.

  374. Your attitude is juvenille and petty. You enjoy Arsenal losing, you dont say crap when we win but OH Lets us lose and here you come with your bag of bull.

    Grow up man, you have no shame.

    We all know the team needs a kick in the backside but we dont need people like you visiting only when things go wrong.


  375. Predcition: Suga will post again the next time we lose.

  376. Paul N,

    what are you trying to do, make me feel ashamed? it’s the bunch of overpaid figure skaters that call themselves Arsenal players that should feel that way for fuck’s sake!

    and it’s not like it happened for the first time – after that 4:4 ‘loss’, the fans were angry, it was not that long time ago, same happened after we lost at their place!

    Wenger has over-pampered the players, they have no heart, no desire and no pride of playing for the shirt bar maybe a few, it’s you who should grow up a bit, wake up and smell the coffee!

    I have other stuff to do than write the blog, not writing coincided with changing the job, besides, there was not a lot to write about, was there? tonight I feel like writing a post, it’s up to you whether you read it or not…

  377. The one thing that strikes me in many of these comments is this sense of being ‘cheated’ as a fan, and a kind of ultimatum like “I may forgive them this time, but only if they end up winning the league in May otherwise I’ll shoot the whole squad or set the stadium on fire”
    What a stupid, childish, immature reaction. For one thing, this result is not as astonishing as it seems, especially given the 2-0 at halftime. It was the only way spuds could ever break that 17 year streak, just when nobody really believed it could happen. It’s a derby game, remember, plus our opponents like it or not have a new belief in themselves this year not entirely based on thin air – VDV is their Fabregas, such a quality player. Add to that our known weakness in protecting a lead, plus some crucial luck (that Cesc arm for the pen, just a one-time mistake he won’t repeat) and it’s not that surprising nor the end of the world with the 2-point arrears still intact at the end of the day. Bad luck is costing us points, but good luck is cancelling that out in equal measure this season. Keep believing and supporting. COYG.

  378. While I’m on the subject of unbeaten streaks being broken: this is one of the most annoying things in recent years, there are far too many teams that haven’t beaten us since 1389 and each time we play one of those and the media mention pre-match why it’s soooooooo unlikely that streak will be broken, I fear the worst and wish we hadn’t built up such a monster over the years. Those fucking laws of averages.

  379. And finally sth else I want to have off my back: Cesc is clearly feeling over-responsible for the team, he is thinking it will be his own personal fault if we dont win the league. That is the one and only explanation for his outstretched arm, the abominable (by his standards) misses in front of goal, and those flying tackles getting or risking him booked. Arsene should really have a word with him, not in a disciplinary way but as a father wanting to help his son. Perhaps the barca affair is still on his mind, he has sworn he’ll make the team league winners before he can go or sth like that.

  380. Question now is how can wenger save the players from themselves. If he manage we win. If he doesnot we loose. The onlyvteam to beat arsenal is arsenal themselves. That is why I am so, so disappointed.

  381. I am completely flabbergasted. Ive wathced it 20 times and I dont understand why Fabregas would do that? Such a silly mistake from such a good player, it just doesnt make sense

  382. Bradys right foot

    The guy over at le grove is has had a breakdown and wouldn’t be surprised if the ISPs not notified of some of the stuff thats been posted, its sick. These guys hate Wenger they’ve made it personal to the point were they’ve lost all perspective. I’m not a superfan i just love the club and i view the club from that perspective these guys look at the club through their hate for Wenger.

  383. Some pr*ck on Sky Sunday Supplement has just demonstrated how moronic our press is. The Spud’s have this amazing forward line up with 4 strikers, 5 if you include Van der Vaart. All of the other top clubs are envious. Just look at Arsenal RVP – always injured and a shadow of Bergkamp, Chamack to slow and Bendtners all over the place.

    Er – We are joint top scorers in the PL having scored 7 more than the Spud’s.

    Why do we have to have this love in over Redknapp every time he wins a game?

  384. Good first half but you don’t win titles by throwing away a two goal lead, and these has not happened just once, the 4-4 draw at the emirates was same old same old, take a two goal lead and it gets squandered, I agree with those who say that the squad panicks everytime they lead by such margin and opposition scores, they just went to bed in the second half, I feel for Mr. Wenger, by his reaction could tell he was upset this was a great chance to top the table though i guess there will be more opportunities but the squad must remember who there greatest enemy is, not spurs, chelsea or united but THEMSELVES and must be wary of flattery.

  385. @flying dutchman
    Multiple thumbs up for your posts. Some much-needed sense emits from them.

  386. Room for improvement.

  387. Wengerisaspudsagent

    How long before Wenger is kicked out

  388. 4-4,West Ham Wigan now Spurs Please stop calling this a one off

  389. So apparently all the hard work that WE put in to gain an advantage over others has been lost by ARSENES team, on the home ground against fickle oppositions.


    Totally agree, that was the worst post by Geoff. He couldn’t steep any lower.
    And his freaking analysis of the game is completely bollocks. Van der Vart had a good game? Like hell.

  390. I am extremely happy for you guys,who sing my name,while I take your club down the drain.Dont worry guys,I will ensure that we will finish below the spuds.

  391. As for yesterday, I think we made some tactical mistakes all over the pitch. Too full of ourselves, we were committing men forward for the third goal, rather than trying to be patient, and let the spuds gift us that through a counter. Cesc should have done better to control the tempo of the game in the second half. And Denilson allowed Bale to RUN past him, just like he allowed Rooney to do so last season. What is wrong with that guy? He’s a fantastic player, but his mistakes are so Clichy-ed.

    Still a long way to go, we’re doing the difficult part of getting points with ease on the road. So I guess, it will be easier to rectify our mistakes at home. Whatever the fuck is wrong with us. I really doubt Arsene would let our players get away with such a performance again at home.

  392. Funny way to do it seeing as were 2 points of the top Arsehole!

    Lets get some perspective. Yesterday was Vile, bitterly dissapointing, totaly unacceptable…BUT

    Us: Man U Chelsea:
    Liverpool away-1 point yet to play 0 points
    Man city Away-3points 1 point 0 points
    Everton Away-3points 1point yet to play.

    It’s all about points. I am convinced this result was fucking flukey. I don’t care if we have dropped 2 goal leads before….look at the goals we conceded! Why did Fabregas hand ball like that? Why did we miss 4 clear cut chances?

    We can win this league on the road. I really think that if we beat Villa and win at old trafford next month we will turn a corner.

    Keep the faith. I know this hurts….I couldn’t fucking sleep last night.

  393. Ateeb

    What is wrong with Denilson?No pace, you forgot to mention Stoke in the cup last year when he was left standing

  394. For the next training session, Arsene should make Chamakh and Cesc form a wall and let everyone take shots at them. That should teach them a lesson.

  395. Deano
    You say yesterdays result was Flukey.Explain WBA then.Our big problem is some of our players swith off too easily.As soon as Spurs scored the first goal the writing was on the wall.Our players were already thinking about what restaurant they were going too that night to celebrate.The game lasts 90 mins not 45.

  396. Arsene has a a full of nice guys who all get along which is great when things are going well but as soon as we`re struggling there needs to be strong words said on the pitch. No matter how soft a goal is that we concede nobody ever seems to get a b*llocking.
    Until we get that there will be more yesterdays.

  397. The arrogance you guys show is really something else. Spurs played as badly as I’ve seen them play all season at the start of that match. Spurs didn’t play that well in the second half but were still to strong for you guys. You’re great at passing the ball around between midfield and the 18 yard box but have little else when RVP isn’t around.

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