Arsenal Need To Avoid Coming Unstuck Against The Toffees

Arsenal travel to Everton on the back of Wednesday’s win knowing that victory must be repeated with Chelsea’s contest with Sunderland, surely adding three more points to their total. The squad has frequently talked of winning to ensure they can capitalise on any slips by rivals. Manchester United almost handed them that yesterday, recovering to take a point at Villa Park but still enabling Arsenal to leapfrog them into second with victory at Goodison Park.

Ahead of this fixture, Arsene has no new injury worries but will still tinker with the winning side. Not that he has much room for manoeuvre in defence with Laurent Koscielny serving the final match of his ban. It means the continuance of the Djourou / Squillaci partnership in the centre and whilst Keiran Gibbs has recovered and is included in the squad which travels, he surely will not be in the starting line-up for this fixture.

Any changes today are most likely in midfield. Tomas Rosicky rarely plays two games in a row these days but having been influential on Wednesday has put forward a good case for that to change. On this occasion though, I believe Nasri will be restored to the starting XI. His inclusion may well come at the expense of Jack Wilshere as Wenger seeks to rotate and also protect the precocity which has seen calls for him to be given a free role in next week’s friendly for England against France. Expectations at club level but when the weight of a nation devoid of consistently skilful midfielders for several decades, begins to be heaped on his shoulders, it’s time to think about pulling him out of the spotlight for a game.

Not that such things will overly influence Wenger. He will be more concerned with form and Wilshere dropped below the standards that he has set for himself on Wednesday night. Wenger may believe that a rest is due on that basis, and that basis alone.

Others though are more concerned with the form of the captain. The petulance displayed against Newcastle and manifested in a poor challenge at Wolves, signals that the player is frustrated by his own performance, hampered by an injury which had not entirely cleared up, restricting his mobility.

This was the focus of Arsene’s comments,

Stamina-wise, Cesc is there now. He has lost his restriction in his head and the fear of injury in his hamstring. He still lacks a little bit of zip in the decision-making and his acceleration in the final third. He is at 95 per cent.

But from game to game you will see the real Cesc. Maybe in the next game on Sunday…I felt we saw a different Cesc at Wolves – focused, motivated, wanted to give everything, no restriction. He was already a completely different player. That means in the next game he should be alright.

Wenger praised Fabregas for his professionalism, acknowledging that the Spaniard was frustrated in the failure of Barcelona to secure his signature. Fabregas reciprocated, noting Wenger is as motivated as he ever has been, an Arsenal love-in.

Today’s hosts are in better form than they had been earlier in the season, unbeaten since Newcastle won by a single goal at Goodison Park in September. Even so, they have drawn half of their games beating Liverpool and Stoke at home whilst recovering a two-goal deficit against Manchester United to salvage a point.

Arsenal has the style of play to breakdown the obdurate Everton defence. United and Blackpool are the only sides to score more than once against them, both matches resulting in a draw, a key reason for Chamakh and Arshavin to play. The former has broken his duck away from home and will draw confidence from that and his manager’s praise. The latter had a good game on Wednesday, providing a spark to the attack. With Walcott on the right, there is enough supply for Chamakh to feed from.

I would expect a starting line-up of:

Fabianksi; Sagna, Djourou, Squillaci, Clichy; Fabregas, Song, Nasri; Arshavin, Chamakh, Walcott

There is nothing to suggest that this will not be a tough encounter; recent seasons have meant Goodison Park has been a happy hunting ground with two wins and a draw in the last three seasons. A win today is required to keep the gap to Chelsea to a maximum of five points. Anything less is a bonus but winning needs to happen to ensure the rewards are reaped.

Enjoy the match wherever you are watching it. ’til Tomorrow.

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  1. Another visit to hell. I expect Everton will give all they’ve got, not offensively but in man to man marking. I expect some tough tackling with all this talk of revenge. Would have prefered Denilson beside Song as I expect it will be “that” sort of game. In fact wouldn’t be surprised to see Wilshere instead of my prefered Denilson as he can put in a decent tackle and is good going forward. One or two nil to the gunners though I would happly take another 6:1. COYG!

  2. cant help but think of a broken gooner leg today eduardo style cmon everton we wanna see some blood up the ass fans most likely walcott or wishire. lets fuck em up??? that will make a good menu for us chelsea fans. kick anything that will be moving in an arsenal shirt and u will have 3 points in the bag, some good old english style football then leave stupid french ass w. to moan.

  3. Sorry i thought i had logged on to a football blog for some intelligent football debate but appears i have accessed some site for retarted illeterates who seem to provide a good case for abortion.Pland your parents must be so yery proud! What a cock.

  4. Yeovil be nice. Have you been to any of Freeman’s matches?

  5. Well after all the criticism of Bendtner yesterday for his views on his career, what are we to make of “Wenger praised Fabregas for his professionalism, acknowledging that the Spaniard was frustrated in the failure of Barcelona to secure his signature. “?

    I, for one, am thoroughly sick of Cesc-Barca romance stories. What a tragic menage a trois this is, with Arsenal cast as the loyal but boring partner who the dutiful wife only stays with because her new, much more attractive suitor, can’t quite bring himself to commit to her.

    Enough. Can’t even Arsenal keep quiet about this obsession?

  6. I think LK6 is serving the 2nd of his 3 match suspension.Am i wrong?

  7. RVP's Cultured Left foot

    Yeovil, I don’t think pland was being serious. No one can be THAT stupid.
    Can they?

  8. Yeovil – I couldn’t understand a word of it. Illiterate ramblings of a deranged mind. The kind of thing you expect to find on a not on a beach. Next to a pile of clothes and an empty whiskey bottle.

  9. Note. Not not.

  10. Hey bob. Sorry couldn’t reply earlier.

    I don’t know much about the wicketkeeper’s situation. Too many conspiracy theories flying around. So really difficult to analyze the situation. To me, the guy seems honest, and unless there was real danger, why would he do something like that? It was a big decision to quit cricket all together, especially when he could have cemented his position as a wicketkeeper. So taking into account these facts, it seems his life must really be in danger that he was forced to make this move.

    What is more interesting is why he didn’t go to the cricket board instead? Are they involved in this sort of illegal activities? e.t.c I don’t know.
    And what the fuck is ICC doing with Amir and Salman Butt? They don’t have any evidence, yet have suspended them. If they have evidence come out and show it, and put the matter to rest. On it, I think they have the evidence, but they don’t wanna come out, because it might show the corrupt side to cricket. And frankly every country is involved in this, remember South Africa? It is more widespread than it seems.So if they’re not going to come out with the evidence, they will punish them for a little while, and then let them go.

  11. last years 6-1 victory away to everton is on espn classic now, some beautiful goals to savour whilst I shovel down my fry up and nurse the hangover on the sofa with 3 games back to back….. sundays should always be made of this

  12. Yes it’s interesting and worrying Ateeb.

    I don’t know if you saw it but on our TV on the day he came here a senior Pakistani official, can’t remember who, came out and rubbished him. Called him a non entity and someone who had no future in the Pakistan team.

    Struck me as odd because I had just watched him score a lot of runs. Seemed a coming man.

  13. Nasri ahead of Walcott…

  14. A very strong starting line up.

    Plenty to come off the bench if things don’t go our way.

    Prediction….an early Nasri goal. You heard it here first.

  15. nb 52 dropped from the squad

  16. No Vela in the squad for two games now aswell.

  17. Arsenal: Fabianski, Sagna, Djourou, Squillaci, Clichy, Nasri, Song, Wilshere, Arshavin, Fabregas, Chamakh.
    Subs: Szczesny, Rosicky, van Persie, Walcott, Denilson, Eboue, Gibbs.

  18. That’s about as strong as we’ve got available. Surely it’s just a matter of time before that team really clicks. Hope it’s today.

  19. Limpar!

    Anders is being interviewied on Sky right now.

    Apparently he’s an Everton fan!

    The same programme has seen Merse confess to being a chav fan. No surprises there.

  20. Yeah, I didn’t want to break it to LA. There was a feature with him on the Everton website the other day. He’s been a fan since he was tiny. Either way, I suppose this is the only English match in which he wouldn’t be backing us.

  21. Any word on how Armand is doing at Juventus?

  22. I think it is a very strong line up; our strongest first eleven at the moment, allowing for Vermaelen and Koscielny out and RvP still getting fully match fit after his injury. But the bench is really scary for people. Walcott, RvP, Rosicky, Bendtner.

    I hope we pummel them with an early goal–I like the suggestion of Nasri for first–and and Arshavin brace in the first half. That way we can bring on RvP, Bendtner and Walcott to get them sharp and fit by the derby.

  23. Some fu*kwit on my tv saying chamakh isnt good enough to make us champion.kenyan wat are scores for gor?i see ulinzi are 2 ahead,hope they take the cup and they will if they hold on for 10min.who is likely to take the championship today in f1,vettel or webber or is there a wild card?

  24. merson is an embarrassment

  25. Bendter missing from the bench,has he had a setback or has his supposed comments come to bite his ass.

  26. First Lady ulinzi 2:0 no idea on Gor and it doesn’t matter now!

  27. Apparently Bendtner is injured…

  28. Andy Townsend needs to be hit with a right hook, then a jab, then a left hook. Then kicked up the arse.

  29. Immaculately observed silence…

  30. Tucked up in bed, to I’ll to watch this one so keep me updated guys! Hoping for a win, any will do.


  31. any one got a good stream they can recommend?

  32. I believe in time Coleman will become better than monkey boy.

  33. Denilson saw Pienaar, got an idea of what he looked like, and got rid of his braids!

  34. Get in…!!!



  36. Sagna’s shot was a rocket..

  37. Really happy for Sagna, his firm has been outstanding recently, he deserves it!

    Also let’s hope we win this game, our full-backs have a knack for scoring when we lose!

  38. commentating jas been god awful

  39. Just turned the sound on to hear a chorus of boos for the ref, but in my op, he’s got every decision spot on.

    Anyway, I wonder if we’ll hear anyone declaring Howard a terrible keeper, how Sagna goal should have been saved irrespective of it being a near post-rocket… I long to hear Merson’s opinion…

  40. Lucky there at the end-that was a dangerous cross that Fabianski missed. Otherwise, he’s looked good. That Sagna blast is making us look good, but this has been pretty even, I think. But I expect us to push forward and get a quick goal in the second half–Nasri is looking like he might get one.

    I would bring on Walcott since Everton will have to come forward and Walcott will have room to run.

  41. So we are not good enough to win the league because we are poor on the road according to the scouser, Steve McManaman on ESPN (and our keepers are not good enough). So far o-1 on the road vs Everton. Nothing is written in stone and anything could happen in the second half. But our road record this season is better than at home and the trend continues.
    Welcome to the twisted world of Steve McManaman punditry.

  42. Gadget,

    the near post rule applies to Arsenal GKs more than other clubs..

  43. we need a 2 goal cushion . they are playing for free kicks and corners. lets hope cahill has a bad day. they are leaving spaces at back and Walcott might come in handy later. apart from 1 or 2 set pieces, they have not caused us any trouble.

  44. Apparently so IG, are well as better people before me have said: we are the Arsenal fuck ’em all

  45. ttm – Are you watching on Fox Soccer Plus because Stewart Robson and his commentating pal keep repeating factually inaccurate statements about this Arsenal team. A peach from Robson; Squillaci has found it difficult as a defender. Bloody hell.

  46. I feel AA will score early in the 2nd half..

  47. Sg,

    It’s the best in the league. Yet, you can’t expect some like Stevie to know that, could you? Idiot.

  48. true, Gadget.. F**k them all…

  49. Denilson coming in for Lil Jack… Hope Jack is fine…

  50. Awesome…..!

  51. El Captain!!!! 2-0..

    and what a start from Deni..

  52. As much as I love Jack, I think I love our Samba King more! Great goal from Cesc

  53. Stewart Robson spoke bulllshit again. Doubted Denilson as a substitute for Wilshere. Yet it is the Brazillian has been the most influential in the 1st 5 minutes leading to the goal.

    PS: Good foul by Squillaci or Saha would have been in.

  54. How is it a foul by Fabregas when somebody steps on his ankle??? Can somebody please shoot the FSN commentators?

  55. Really, so annoying. First they talk about how the foul has been similiar to the one against Wolves, than one of the commentators exclaims that Distan stamped on Fabregas’ ankle and now they keep talking how it’s a foul by Fabregas.

    And now he gets a yellow card for ???

  56. commentary can fuck riight off.

    shit upon deni as he comes on, first touch of the game he nutmegs a player

    question our top 4 credentials and we score

  57. howard web bottled it, he gave in to the pressure from the ,fan its not a yellow at all its a 50/50 they both got hurt

  58. i had to change the language to stop me from yelling at the tv..

  59. Is there some party line at FSN that requires commentators to criticise Arsenal at least once every minute?

  60. That Coleman foul was the worst of the match. That’s a tackle that’ll injure someone.

  61. How did he miss that…?!?!

  62. @OoU
    Commentator one doubts it was even a foul, commentator two exclaims that Fabregas is only getting some of his own medicine and starts talking about Wolves again. Do I trust you or do I trust the qualified pundits opinion?

  63. Nasri got some serious acceleration…

  64. really hope squilliaci scores

  65. Mute or ATVO all the way Evil!

    Denilson was very decent before, but it’s looking like he’s upped his game in the face of competition.

  66. Loving the way Song drops into the back four making it a 5 man defense..

  67. Once again Fabianski shows he won’t be beaten.

  68. Fabianski’s reflex saves are some of the best I’ve ever seen..

  69. Sagna is getting tired. He is not keeping up with his man. Unlike him.

  70. When does this bloody game end?

  71. I love how our goalkeeper problem keeps coming back to haunt the opposition. Poor Everton strikers. Will doubt themselves after this game.

  72. Fabianski again. Clean sharp reflexes.

  73. Lucky goal.

  74. Foul on Sagna, Fabianski got a hand to it. Unfortunately not enough.

  75. cahill as usual but we will hold on

  76. Everton score. Saha fouled Song so badly and no call.

  77. 4 minutes for what exactly?

  78. Hold on boys.

  79. Gr8 3 points… NOW for Chelski to lose points…

  80. Deserved victory. Webb did well in the first half, some bad decisions in the second half. All in all the team did good.

  81. Merson looks gutted…

  82. Second in the league! C’mon Sunderland!

    Howard Webb, you have not improved one iota since your pathetic display in the WC final. That Everton goal is Webb’s fault–He distracts Sagna and then fails to call the blatant foul in the box at the far post on Song.

  83. A massive 3 points.

    2 superb goals.

    And only 1 Arsene Wenger.

  84. Brilliant, lads. Absolutely brilliant.

  85. Great result!

  86. Tough finish. But we held our nerve. A great team performance. It is difficult to name a MOTM but Nasri for me. He was a threat all game and deserved a goal. Fabianski continues to excel and Fabregas is getting back to his best. We have a lot to be hopeful for but not to get carried away.

  87. Fabianski was fabulous, Djourou solid and the rest gave their everything. Tight at the end but a gratifying win. Oh, to be a gooner!

  88. Woo. That was tense at the end. What a performance away from home after the effort at Molineux mid week.
    Oh Fabianski, once again you prove that Arsene Wenger knows more about football than all the members of the AAA and the Doomer family put together.

  89. Next game…..the Spudlings.

    Lets hope they come to try and play.

  90. I must say it is unbelievable that Webb did not call that foul on Song in the box in the lead up to that Everton goal. Saha literally assaulted Song in a blatant manner. Unbelievable.

  91. The team’s making November better, n’est-ce pas?

    Oh indeed they are. Two very tough away matches down, 6 points gained. Good work boys

  92. we are the only team with the best away record so far and that point to a solid defence. we just need to play like the away games at home.

  93. 1lc – According to Steve McManaman we are poor on the road. Hence he is convinced we cannot win the title. Yet we have the best away record in the league to date. Such is the quality of football punditry

  94. 2 points behind the chavs. lovely

  95. Only started breathing now!!

  96. Stew,


  97. shotta- the idiots will eat their words come the end of the season. it will be even sweeter to prove them wrong. bring on the Spuds.

  98. Shotta, and it is not just that it was such a thuggish and blatant foul but it happened right before and right in front of the side of the goal the ball gets kicked through for the goal. Song would have been in position possibly to stop the shot from going in if he hadn’t been assaulted from behind.

  99. Not only are we poor on the road but it seems we need a world class goalie. Duh!

  100. Evil i was listening to the same commentary.i cant even count how many times the comentators brought up the cesc challenge during wolves game and said he was getting a dose of his own medicine.i was so nervous during the last 10 mins of the game i could hear my heart racing and my hands couldnt stop shaking.thank you God for the win.we are 2nd on the table,let’s hope for a good result against chelsea.

  101. limestone – That was my observation as well. The fact is I was sure we would keep a clean sheet. Fabianski deserved it.

  102. Nice to see new boy Wellington sending a congrats to Denilson on twitter!

  103. We did fantastic and it was a deserved win. But I don’t understand why the players completely switched off for the last 20 mins. There were lots of nail biting moments. But our super goalie had another good game!

  104. Gyan looks very lively.

    Dare to hope people. Cross your fingers.

  105. We didn’t switch of Sammy, It’s just Everton upped their game.

  106. Denilson had a pretty good game too. Less involved in the last, helter skelter 10 minutes but did well in our possession play up to that point.

    This is a good run before the Spuds. We have to destroy them. Really want to see Bale and Van der Vaart shut down. I think the defense is playing very solidly. Happily surprised by the progress Djourou is making, looking more and more assured and positionally astute.

  107. And yes, that was definitely a foul on song.webb cost us that goal for not calling was funny hearing the commentary saying was on top of song but it wasnt a foul.the stuff these guys come up with!!unbealivable

  108. Wow, look at Chelsea’s bench. Couldn’t their millions buy them a deep squad?

  109. Don’t you know Evil, Roman wants to turn the Chavs into the Arsenal b-side and promote the ‘yof’!

  110. C’mon, Gyan. Shine–you are on the Ballon d’Or list. What better than to score a brace away to Chelsea?!

  111. Thinking about our last three games led me to the conclusion that when Cesc plays well we are pretty unbeatable. This to me was the profound difference between today’s and the Newcastle game. El capitan was playing at a much higher level and determined not to lose. Literally a catalyst.

  112. Evil get Ancellotti’s thinking? Had it been Wenger Bruma would be playing instead of Ferreira!

  113. Good win.

    Denilson’s neat passing and tackling turned the game in favor of Arsenal. After he came in we held on to the ball better and we started running the show. His best play was when he squared up against Arteta at the half way line and intercepted by simply cutting off the angle of the pass. Denilson just gets better and better at breaking up play.

    Nasri’s run from the midfield all the way to Everton’s goal was my favorite play of the match. I think Nasri is slowly imposing himself on the side and he’s becoming a difference maker. This play brought flashbacks of Nasri at Marseilles.

    Bacary Sagna’s goal was crucial. It’s always good to see our full backs get into scoring positions and finish their chances. Good game from him. He didn’t let Cahill or Saha get too many looks and he always made himself available for a pass. Reliable as always.

    If Fabi keeps on playing like this, I don’t see anyone knocking him off his perch. He is making important, game saving stops look routine. His confidence must be through the roof at the moment.

  114. Shotta, I have said the same. Fabregas is so key to our fortunes; he’s the linchpin. It is gereat that he is coming into better form and hopefully the goal will make him greedy for more . Just in time for the derby. I’d love to see him score another great goal in that fixture. His celebration last year was inspiring. I really want to see that Cesc again.

  115. Wow, good job, Foy. Are you going to a dinner with Abramovich later tonight? Such a clear red card …

  116. sunderland has had some very good chances; a shame it isn’t 0-2. Hope they can at least steal a point.

  117. Chelsea have the referee in their pocket.

  118. Come on Sunderland…..!!

  119. Goooooaaaaal!!!!!

  120. go sunderland!

  121. Bloody Russian mob!

  122. Should have been a red card for Ivanovic… Compare that with the RC for Kos, this one is an even clearer case for a sending off.

  123. Great goal by Onuoha! He ripped their whole team apart and barley celebrated.

    Now this will be an interesting second half. Sunderland have bags of pace up front in Gyan and Wellbeck.

  124. Well, Sunderland lead deservedly. Still annoyed that Foy only gave a yellow card, especially when we consider that Kos got sent off for something similiar (albeit a less clear goal scoring opportunity because I believe that Squillaci would have made it back to our box in time).

  125. Ivanovic should’ve been off. What charity from Foy.

    Well taken goal by Onuaha. He scored minutes after the commentator was gushing about what a fortress Stamford Bridge is. Get in!

  126. Delia----Block112

    Sweaty palms and edge of the seat stuff but we got there which is the most important thing. Loved Denni and Fabi was MOM for me. I thought Cesc was a bit too brave for his own good at times but there is no doubt that his heart and soul are with us. Onwards and upwards Gooners and Sunderland are ONE UP at the Bridge .COYBlack Cats.

  127. To think we were playing our third and fourth choice centre-backs! Who dovthd Chavs have in for Alex and Terry?

  128. C’mon Sunderland!!

  129. I don’t think Squillaci is necessarily third choice. Everyone seems to partner well with him. I don’t think the order is especially clear since there has been almost no time this season when all four were available. Even in preseason, Squillaci joined very late, so we can’t say with assurance how they rank and what sorts of partnerships would work best. Luckily Squillaci, Koscielny, and Djourou are all quite good. Djourou has made real progress with the run of games he has had.

  130. Chelski’s bench is pathetic. They only have Kalou. The rest are reserves!

  131. 2:0 Great play from Sunderland. Deserved! GET IN!

  132. Oh my word Gyan! I just had a feeling y’know!

  133. Gyaaaaaaaaannnnnn

  134. Who says whitemen can’t dance? Did you see Zenden’s jig beside Gyan? The dude has rhythm!

  135. Gyan! Ballon d’Or, my man–are you feeling it? How about that brace?

    Sunderland fans drowning out Chelsea on the telecast I am watching!!

  136. LA,

    True, they ALL great!

  137. Would our resident Chelsea lover, Bill, please explain to me what the hype has been all about? At least ManU FIGHT when they are 2:0 down. Chelsea stroll around.

  138. Well the commentating duo on FSC seem lost for words. Too caught far up the arse of the Russian mob to see that they have over achieved this season to date. The years are taking its toll on the KGB in Fulham (thanks Untold Arsenal).

  139. Evil,

    Let’s just wait this one out! Remember yesterday ? Let’s hope they get their deserved third before we call for others to join us!

  140. Sunderland outplaying Chelski at the Bridge…

  141. Anything can happen.

  142. Cech is their best player by a long, long way.

  143. May this game end onthe same note.people dont be too happy or you may jinx the outcome.

  144. So did we IG, it’s just we didn’t convert our chance, we trying should of won over there.

  145. Oops don’t mind the spelling worse than usual really must be excited!

  146. I agree with First lady.

  147. I agree Maria.. We should have.. I guess we didn’t had the belief back then.. Anyways, we would be 2 points off the top if the result stands as it is…

  148. Looks like another comfortable win for Chelsea.

  149. McEachran and Kakuta to salvage a match? Give me a break!

  150. Just imagine, Kenyan Gunner. We would only have Van Persie or Walcott to bring on in such a situation. Chelsea has such a strong squad!

  151. Can we add Sunderland to the list of clubs playing the game the right way?? They are playing better than chelski…

  152. This league is crackers.

  153. Customers at the Bridge leaving the show early. I can understand them fully, though. That team has no chance of coming back. Especially after the 3:0!

  154. 3-0.. Game over…

  155. brilliant play by Cole.. best left back around for me..

  156. Our 10 man away draw to Sunderland is not looking to bad! Chelsea have looked worse in this home defeat than we have in either of ours. At least we came thundering back v. WBA.
    Yes, 3-0!!!

  157. Can we please have Bill analyse his love child tomorrow?

  158. This could turn out to be the best wknd ever.arsenal win,manure draw and chavs lose at home 3 nill.

  159. Cashley with the assist!

  160. Agree with Kitchen Sink..

  161. Sweet joy! And A Hole at fault for the third goal, I gather?

  162. I don’t know who Chelsea have got at left-back, but it can’t be Ashley Cole. He doesn’t make mistakes.

  163. sweet!!

  164. Are 4 minutes of extra time enough to clear all the Chavs out of the Bridge?

  165. Before we beat up on Bill, what about all other supporters(?) on this blog who wrote off our chances after two defeats at home?

  166. Absolutely, Pz. My mistake!

    At least when we conceded 3 we got 2 back…

  167. Oh Cashley Looooool how we laugh….

  168. I am thinking of goonerandy and his love child Ashley “the fautless” Cole.

  169. A very complete and satisfying win made all the more sweater by Chelsea being mauled by Sunderland at home. What a great defensive performance by all the team. The team werent shy to dish out the dirty stuff at all and even Arshavin was tracking back’. Fabianski and Djorou joint MOTM immense performances. And how calm and assurre is denislon on the ball. Brazilliant. Only one Arsenal. COYG. 2 points. Enjoy that one Dave Blues.

  170. From Sky Sports beforethe game “If Chelsea win today, they go six points clear of Manchester Utd”

    We don’t even exist according to these fucking morons, this week-end belongs to us.

  171. Their goal difference and confidence have taken a real slippery poling.

    They were utterly dominated.

  172. Hip Hip
    (That’s) For Ray

    Hip Hip
    For Ray

    Sorry…couldn’t resist.

  173. Enjoy this weekend mighty ACLF gooners. We did not shrink and shirk when the doomers wrote us off. It was almost perfect except for Villa’s choking at 2-0 over the Man Scum. As Arsene said this is one of the most competitive leagues this year. There will be many a twist and turns. Hold onto your red and white seatbelts.
    Thank heavens there is only One Arsene Wenger!

  174. It should have been 4-0.i never thought before this game sunderland would get us 3 points.thank u sunderland.2 points adrift,lets hear what the media will say abt champions elect now.we win against the tots and we go top of the jus saw zendens little dance,cracked me up.

  175. Fabulous weekend could only have been bettered by Villa hanging on to their lead, but there’s no need to be greedy! Keep it up boys!

  176. Matty boy, those idiots have counted us out since the start. But now it is 2 points difference and we lead ManU, so what are they going to do now? They might have to start rewriting their scripts. But I’d rather they continue to discount us.

    What I don’t like is hearing Stewart Robson criticizing Fabregas, Squillaci, our defense, and praising bad Everton tackles as “fair” etc… He gets paid by ATVO to talk Arsenal on Friday nights and he needs to go or stop pretending to be objective by saying ludicrous things about Arsenal for Espn or whoever he comments the games for.

  177. £700 million to lose 3 nil to sunderland .Lets see how the Chavski loving media deal with this?

  178. well bloody well. Cole is doing all he can in the cole vs clichy debate. i old me ands up.

  179. Richard Keys: “That point Manchester Utd got at Villa yesterday is all the more valuable now”.

    What about our win at Goodison less than two hours ago you biased hairy c*nt. It’s absolutely ridiculous.

  180. Any idea how long Terry and Alex are out for..?

  181. Robson, has really gone down in my estimations! His sly dislike for Denilson has always be distasteful, however hearing him on other channels has sealed it for me! While some commentators are clearly ignorant about most things Arsenal, Robson knows the truth, however chooses to lie over and over again!

  182. By the way I am so happy we are willing to stand up against those teams who want to kick us off the park, to put our bodies on the line and to make the required foul even if it costs us a yellow. The Fair Play League didn’t help our reputation. In that spirit let us big-up that no-nonsense defender, Sebastien Squillacci.

  183. Ditto, Maria. If he is saying those things, that’s a bit two-faced of him!

  184. Good display by Sunderland. Chelsea were well beaten. Sunderland was always going to win based on how well they moved the ball areound and how they pressed Chelsea.

    Wellbeck, Henderson, Cattermole and Onuaha were brilliant. The England youth set up is developing very good players. This batch of youngsters along with JET, Wilshere, Gibbs and Theo are going to be the future of England.

  185. Supercod: ‘Any idea how long Terry and Alex are out for..?’

    Sources at Sky Sports have said it’s just for an evening meal and the cinema, so they ought to be back before midnight.

    So couldn’t resist, I’m just so elated at the moment! I believe Terry will be back for the next game, Alex around two weeks.

  186. FG, he is saying all kinds of unfairly critical things about our players when co-commenting elsewhere. I know Maria watches ATVO, and perhaps others do too, so I hope you’ll make it known to them that we don’t appreciate him doing this. If he wants to, ATVO should let him go.

  187. Second the motion Maria. Stewart Robson speaks like a mindless prick. If you can’t keep possession of the ball you have no chance of scoring. Ask Everton when between the 60th and 80th minute they could barely get a sniff with Denilson anchoring and and passing. Why many of us think he is a pro-Arsenal pundit beats me.

  188. Sorry for all this. It’s Nedum Onuoha’s wikipedia page –

    “Born in Nigeria, Onuoha was raised in Manchester, England. He went to Nelson Street Primary School Miles Platting followed by The Hulme Grammar School. He achieved eight ‘A’ and two ‘B’ grades at GCSE. He then completed his studies at Xaverian College Manchester where he achieved three ‘A’ grades at A-level[2]. An outstanding junior sprinter; aged 14 he finished in second place in the final of the 2001 English School’s Athletics Association Junior 100 metres contest, clocking 11.09 seconds and beating current Great Britain sprinter Craig Pickering.[3]”

    Can’t he just give me one of his skills?

  189. Shotta, I have no problem with everyone thinking we are now dirty Arsenal, low ont he fair play league, because we know the truth that all of our red cards are for non-violent play offenses except Wilshere’s. It means opponents won’t expect to push us around without a response.

    What I don’t like is how much the commentators talked about Cesc’s “foul” on Distin, which was actually him getting stepped on, and making reference to last week’s yellow at Wolves. It is creating an atmosphere, with fans at the stadium, that leads to xenophobic demonization of our players that can and has influenced referees in the past.

  190. It does not matter how long Terry ,Alex and Lampard are out for ,because thy have the strongest deepest squad,as we are constantly told.I mean how would we cope without Vermanator,RVP and Diaby?

  191. On a side note it was funny to hear Stan ‘te man’ complaining about the treatment he was frying from Arsenal fans on twitter! He kept on going on and on about it, it was clear they were getting to him. Good on them!!

  192. It is well and truly game on.

    This so called super Chelsea side suffer a few injuries and look what happens. Not so super after all are they?

    We can do this but we have to keep up these performances. Great strong victory today.

  193. Ancelotti killed Chelsea by taking off Zhirkov and Malouda. I don’t think I know of any other manager that makes as many ill-timed substitutions as he does. He was the same at Milan. He’s a master at creating funks in teams he manages.

  194. Let’s have another six point week-end, next week-end.

  195. The chelsea crowd didn’t like taking Malouda off for Kalou. Zhirkov wasn’t terrific but neither of the young players they brought on were improvements.

    I haven’t watched enough of Ancelotti’s games to comment, G69, but in many games with Chelsea, they haven’t had to make many changes or in the past have had better players to use as subs, like Ballack and so on.

  196. what a bloody game!! proud of each and every player out there!! that was a tough game and we made it look easy!! now as wenger rightly said , we have to do something about teams coming to emirates and parking the bus!! thats the only problem we have now!! atleast spuds wont do that and get whacked for sure!!

  197. It’s been such a great weekend for me! I think i’m gonna ask my girlfriend to marry me!
    One word for all the ‘pundits’ and ‘commentators’: ARSENAL!

  198. Stoked ! Great looking at the table today,
    Stewards Robson is a prick. Fuck him!

  199. Limestone, at Milan Ancelotti was a very stubborn manager and often wrecked his teams chances of winning by making poor substitutions. His stubbornness is exemplified by how he couldn’t get Pirlo, Seedorf and Ronaldinho to work because of his love for Ambrosini and the christmas tree formation. You watch, he’ll get Chelsea in a rut and he’ll keep making the same selction mistakes. And what was the whole situation with Ray Wilkins all about?

  200. Interesting observations on Ancelotti, G69. I hope you are right that he does get them out of form. He isn’t the best manager by record in domestic league competition, so there might be something to the issue, whereas he has a great record in the CL.

    I am bemused by the Ray Wilkins controversy too. Why really was he fired, why was he fired in half-time during a reserve game, and why should it matter so much–what’s the story? Is he responsible for much at Chelsea tactically or as the go between for Ancelotti with the players ? Would it be such a huge story outside of Arsenal circles if Pat Rice was let go from Arsenal? I don’t really know why this is being made so much of.

  201. Oh dear it didnt take long for sky sports to justify Chelseas defeatt to injurys to key players and lack of squad depth.Mmmm. Now why does that sound hypocitical…Arsenal who suffer the perennial curse of th injury are always described as being bullied of the week, too weak and spineless….Christ the commentators devoted more time to criticising why Arsenal players were wearing gloves and neck warmers as a measure of how hard the are. Rubbish. pathetic overpaid, overhyped…minus drogba and Cech might as well be bolton Thank you Sunderland for pissing on Chelseas parade.

  202. 4life, that is why we really need to win some silverware this season. CC and then the league, so that we can enjoy the sweet feeling of victory over the idiotic and superficial football culture of our day.

  203. Limestone, I watched a lot of Milan under Ancelotti and let’s just say I was rather chuffed that he came to Chelsea.

    Wilkins is like the Sammy Lee of Chelsea. He’s been there throughout the Abrahamovic era no matter what manager came through.

  204. Alan Hansen do your worst!

    Even at the peak of your evil powers you cannot ruin match of the day for me tonight!

  205. Mean Lean | November 14, 2010 at 6:35 pm |
    Yow ML. I’ve got to Big-you-up. Predicted a 2-1 victory to the Gunners in your blog earlier. (But you weren’t willing to bet – why did you wimp out?)
    Good man ML.

  206. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Chelsea need to hire a defensive coach. Oh….wait.

  207. Haha Shotta, I have made a terrible habit of predicting incorrect scores for far too long these days. I said that Song and Cesc would score our goals, I meant to say Sagna but the hair confused me.

    I am seriously buzzing about this performance, this and the Wolves displays. We look tough, controlled, technically superior to everyone else.

    As soon as I saw Chelsea’s midfield three, I knew they would struggle. Has anyone heard the phone in’s and post match sky crap? Ooh poor Chelsea are having injuries to deal with. Bless their little cotton socks.

    We have been dealing with mass injuries since before I can remember and nothing is said about it. If this is the start of injury problems for Chelsea then they can kiss the title goodbye.

    Like I have said, only Arsenal can beat Arsenal. Keep up this form and Chelsea and the Manc duo will have to do some serious improving to keep up with us.

    I have to doff my cap in the direction of Djourou and Fabianski who are taking steps forward in their development. Djourou looked shaky against Man City due to his long term absence last season, it would have been easy to come back after being pushed back to the bench and show nerves. Instead he has looked calm and confident, dealt with everything thrown at him in the air and on the deck. We are almost in the position where we could randomly pick two names out of a four man hat and pair any of our defenders together such is the quality.

    Fab is just Fab. He is almost becoming my favourite player due to all the stick he has received. He has made telling saves once again today. Whilst many were hanging him out to dry after the Newcastle error, you cannot count the amount of fantastic saves he has made since pulling on the number one gloves. I would gladly take his error to saves rate this season. I think any team would and that includes our rivals.

    All that is left is for us to stuff the inferiors next weekend, by that point Bendtner, Walcott and RVP may well be reaching peak fitness.

    November issue? what November issue? Onwards and upwards.

  208. I agree with Mean Lean.

  209. Actually, I totally agree with Mean Lean.

  210. Brilliant weekend all around!

    Great game today. We really put in a shift today. Chamakh ran his socks off and Fab was everywhere. Denilson deserves real propers for his effort. He’s excellent and his attitude even better.

    How about those black cats?

    I watched that game and they dominated Chelsea. The chavs looked like scoring only twice the whole match. Sunderland looked like the home side they were so comfortable. Anelka was frozen out entirely and Gyan’s movement was causing all manner of difficulties. Steve Bruce…Good for you. Well done.

    Two points off and moving…come on you gunners!!!!!

  211. Not long got in from a marathon voyage and Totally Ecstatic by the win today…We just got to do our thing and as Mean Lean said it Only Arsenal who can beat Arsenal…Grit,Determination,Stealth,Passion and a consistent goals will win it…Ninja We Ninja…..

  212. Bradys right foot

    Song getting slated by some of the nutcases over at le moan lol. Motm for me today but what do i know.

  213. A horrible weekend for the doomers. We need to lose again very soon, so that they can breathe again.

  214. Just heard Cesc is one yellow away from a automatic suspension. Makes the yellow he got yesterday even more of a liberty!

    Bloody trainwreck Webb!!

    Anyway we can ensure it comes on a CC game?

  215. OneofUs,


    Wouldn’t we all want to be part of that elusive young, black and gifted club!!

  216. I’m really pleased that the Denilson haters can shut up now. Denilson’s introduction at Wilshere’s expense immediately payed dividends, brought balance to our midfield, and allowed us to keep possession longer.

    I hope that people realize not every player on a squad is a match-winner or big name. There are players who are needed to perform the less glamorous tasks, and Denilson does his well: win the ball back, make the simple pass and keep possession, and always be around the ball as an outlet.

    It’s a lot harder than it sounds, and if the people scorning Denilson could do it half as well as he could, they’d be professionals themselves.

  217. Mean Lean | November 14, 2010 at 8:45 pm |

    Agree 100%. Also, Fabianski has become my favorite player because of the same reason. He has received more stick than anyone I can remember. But now He is showing his talent and hope he goes a long way into becoming an Arsenal legend and we talk of him like we did of Seamen and Mad Jens.

  218. G4L and ML said it yesterday – thankfully we’ll never know what it’s like to lose 3 first team players to injury.

  219. What a beautiful morning. I could kiss Steve Bruce on the face. And it’s not every day you can say that.

    Arsenal, ARSENAL! We’re the famous Arsenal FC and we’re gonna win the league! Arsenal! ARSENAL!

  220. Bacary Sagna!-Sagna!-Sagna!
    Bacary SAGNAA!
    Bacary Sagna!-Sagna!-Sagna!
    Bacary SAGNAAA!!

  221. LA, just because Bruce looks like Mrs. Doubtfire I think kissing him would be going a bit far.

  222. “Losers

    Chris Foy
    It’s a horrible question to have to ask but does he have the necessary bottle for the job?

    Foy is the referee who had the whistle to his lips when Stoke had the ball over the line against Tottenham, came clean in the week to admit that Tom Huddlestone’s unpunished stamp at Bolton had been seen, and was guilty of an indefensible, scandalous outrage on Sunday when he shied out of dismissing Branislav Ivanovic.

    Three strikes and you’re out? It’s a horrible thing to say but, for the good of the game and the refereeing profession, Foy has to be struck off.”,17033,8742_6509245,00.html

    Posted for truth! Make an example out of him, show that referees must be at the top of their game and make fair and true decisions free from bias or fear every time.

    Speaking of which, I am still so very impressed by the weekend, especially Cashley. He may be the better crosser, but in terms of defensive output, Clichy take a bow. He was immense on Sunday, and how I’d hoped he’d follow suit and do a Sagna! He’ll get a goal this season though, the narrative is flowing in that direction!

  223. Mrs. Doubtfire! Yes, dups! Uncanny… He’d still get one on the kisser if he bumped into me today though. He could run all he liked, I’d catch him. Wonderful human being that man – I’ve always said so. He just opened the busstop up as a legitimate hunting ground for the rest of the league. Well done, that man, and about time too.

    Anyone else join in with Asamoah Gyan and Bolo Zenden’s little dance when it came on MotD?….Just me?

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