Bendtner Has A Point & Injuries Clearing Slowly

Arsene is starting to get headaches, some of the good kind, others are those which he could do without. His biggest is the injury suffered by Thomas Vermaelen. It seems the Belgian’s absence is of sufficient mystery that to bemuse and baffle the best medical brains the club has at its’ disposal,

He has seen specialist after specialist and the scans are OK. We have to be patient. We know a lot medically nowadays but there are some mysteries that we do not know about. At the moment we have no rational explanation for his pain.

That means there is no reason to have surgery and there is no logical explanation for his pain. We have to be patient and just hope it will go.

If the prescribed rest does not work, might I suggest a seance and contact Arthur Conan Doyle to see if he might resurrect Sherlock Holmes for one last case?

Injuries have become leitmotif in recent seasons, exacerbated on occasion by international football. Not so long ago, Arsene observed that the Dutch were being “surreal” in calling up Robin van Persie for next week’s friendlies. Some suggestions were made that this influenced Wenger into bringing the player on as a substitute against Newcastle – denied by the manager, obviously.

No matter how much one may repine friendlies at this stage of the season, in this instance there is an obvious benefit to the club, something not lost on the manager,

if he can get 45 minutes and we can find an agreement on that it would be good for him to get some competition. We have to see how he gets through the weekend and after we will decide that.

Perhaps Arsene might have been more judicious in his earlier comments; he must have known at that time that his Dutch striker was going to be there or thereabouts for these weeks.

van Marwijk was always going to call van Persie into the squad in those circumstances, such are the perversity of his dealings with clubs highlighted by the ongoing argument with Bayern Munich over van Bommel. An unnecessary row could have been avoided and the friendly used in the same way that the Czech’s assisted in Rosicky’s recovery process.

Nicklas Bendtner’s comments as reported by a Danish newspaper were given some credibility by Arsene yesterday, choosing to answer them rather debunk as he has done in the past with Cesc and Szczesny. Essentially, he’s fit, he wants to play, he wants to play for Arsenal but if he can’t get regular football then he might have to consider elsewhere.

In other words, all the things you would expect from an international footballer, especially one who is his country’s star striker (some might say only) and the newspaper from where the story has originated is based in the same country, feeding that audience.

Dare I say it, you want these comments as well. You want players who have the desire to play first team football at Arsenal; you want them to be discontented sitting on the bench. If they are comfortable sitting behind Arsene on matchdays, either they are inexperienced or something is very wrong.

Some might argue that the Dane’s fealty should be more prominent, the club having nutured him from youth levels and through the obligatory injury. Bendtner has great self-belief and started to justify that last season. He would do well to bear in mind the examples of those before him in this situation. Rosicky came back from injury, albeit significantly longer term, and was wracked with niggles and strains. Many others – van Persie and Fabregas amongst them – suffer muscular pulls through too much too soon.

Had Bendtner not participated in the World Cup during the summer, he would surely have played more games so far this season. In short, he contributed to his own situation in no small way. His cause has not been helped by the speed with which Marouane Chamakh has settled and the eight goals to boot thus far, including a match winning brace in midweek.

The Dane should aspire to be the player Chamakh is; they are that similar and therein is the problem. Interchanging the two means less disruption to the team on paper and the one in form is going to be first choice. Having a talented player of similar style is going to be motivating to continue that form but it will be cyclical. There will times when Bendtner is ahead in the pecking order and those times like now, where he is not. It is a fact of footballing life that unless you are a genius, establishing yourself as first choice takes time.

His goalscoring ratio is good – about 1 in 3 – but not spectacular. Were it to improve, there might well be a different story. As it is, I’m not sure why this is a story; too often we are spoonfed platitudes which tell us how nice the people at Arsenal are, how great they are, how hard they work. Bendtner has given us his honest opinion and refreshingly, it is not motivated by the rasping greed of those who reside further north in England.

The brew in the teacup is slopping over the edge but this weekend’s fixtures will mean it is quickly forgotten.

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. I say if NB52 wants to go let him go. Personally never liked him or his football. Chamakh is a more total footballer in that he lands height and impetus to our defence, in addition to an uncanny ability to win us penalties. The Arsenal of old where everyone is guaranteed a place is so last year. Amazingly the only who has no competition for his place is Song and even he has added an extra dimension to his game. 3 goals and two assists is not too shabby at all.

  2. Bendtner’s attitude sucks. It has always always sucked and I won’t be at all disappointed to see him shipped out.Why didn’t he talk to the manager first? If he is that brave surely he should have had a word with his boss before running to cry to the “Danish” press… and what about the reaction of his team mates? What about those who have kept the team competitive because Bendtner chose to play for Danemark in the world cup whilst injured? The guy is an idiot frankly.
    Chamakh has been absolutely outstanding since he arrived (apart from Newcastle @ home) and Bendtner would do well to copy Chamakh’s work rate, humility and application. The only thing that Bendtner does better than Chamakh as a striker is that he is more selfish… On current form Bendtner should be on the bench and he’d do well to shut it.

  3. I always think the only difference between me and Bendtner is that he’s got a better view of the match from where he is than I have. I know I could spectacularly miss some of the efforts he misses. When he does score, no doubt he has scored some great, really important goals – but so has Chamakh already – and I’m really surprised Bendtner is a 1 in 3 player – to my mind he misses far more than that. Maybe it’s Bendtner’s lumbering, slow style as well – but I also think Chamakh works much harder for the team and his movement off the ball creates chances. Bendter doesn’t move off the ball!

  4. I like B52. He has the arrogance of youth. I can’t forget how effective he was at the beginning of last year and will come good. I find his reasons refreshing- but he needs to send reminders to Arsene through his football not newspapers

  5. If Nik spent more time working on his touch so he can receive a pass, kill it dead and hold it up for his team mates instead of every pass rebounding off his clumsy feet and less time telling us how great he is he might get some more game time.

  6. I think the only difference between NB52 and my granny is there age. Otherwise they are similar in the way they play. I think you people are doing a lot of injustice to MC29’s name. How dare you mention his and the Dane’s name in the same sentence? Sell him at any price and move on. He is the worst of all our strikers. He sucks!

  7. Bendtner is a much better player than given credit for & when he reaches his mid / late twenties will have become a fine all round striker.

    I`m with Yogi in liking his attitude too. What`s wrong with wanting to play every week ? I`m sure he understands the squad system though & with our injury record no doubt he will get his chance to shine.

  8. If he improves he will play for us otherwise he can go fuck himself.
    Chamakh pisses all over him

  9. I think Nik is a good player and we still have to realise he is young. He has done well for us and does score a lot of good goals. Yes he is arrogant but all the worlds best strikers are. Christ we all moan when a player tries to engineer a move or ask for more cash but this lad just wants to play football and he wants to play football for Arsenal. After years of us saying players are not loyal enough we still lambaste someone who is basically saying I really want to play!

  10. Maybe Nik is afaid of competition, seeing those above him he is to scared to take the challenge. I mean why take a challenge when you can go sowhere els and be a star? Cos if you realised a challenge and aspired to be the best, surly your goal would be to pip Chamakh and RvP off the throne and become the no 1 in a huge club. Not to become no 1 in a club like say Everton.

  11. oh and another point should be that AW says things like this happends all the time in big clubs, that it i a part of everyday life, just it does not always hit the papers. We would not know really how many other players in the Arsenal setup that feels like this. Probably most as most will want to play all the time. It is probably the same in Man U and Barcelona and the other big clubs around.

    Still think hes a weakling if he really had left cos he could not handle the competition. If he has such belife in himself he should know tha he will get games. many games. But since this is a “everyday” occurence in big clubs then its no reason to fuss…

  12. It’s so funny how many of us are so quick 2 forget d gud things ahead of d 1ce dat engender controversy. NB52 was arguably our best player thru d 2nd half of last season nicking goals at d nick of time, until almunia killed d title hopes against birmingham. If he moans abt playin more, it’s a very gud one, IMO. Remember, he’s jst 21 or so. He doesnt av 2 b d best dribbler or wut av u, bt he scores…n if u say he misses, u’v gat 2 give him credit 4 being in position. He has dat n can only learn more by having more playing time, which he’s agitating for.

  13. Take it easy for a moment. Nic never said these things. I have the Danish paper in front of me which is the source of the whole story. They havent even talked to Nic but Danish pundits like Martin Laursen.

  14. Delia----Block112

    P.S. to my commments on B52 yesterday. He went up in my estimation last Sunday when they played his choice of music. Seems we are both Sinatra fans!

  15. What is it with some so called Arsenal fans that given any opportunity they vent their spleen on their own players.

    Bendtner has done nothing to deserve comments like some of those earlier. I can only assume in charity that they were made by very young people yet to grow to maturity.

    Bendtner has never done anything but give his best in an arsenal shirt. More often than not we have been grateful for his contribution. Very good player.

  16. I agree consolsbob. B52 has a bad reputation, but it is completely undeserved. He has very strong self-belief, but he is not as arrogant or selfish as some suggest. He wants to play for Arsenal but he is impatient. I have expressed my view previously that such comments should be made in private direct to the manager. He is not going to be influenced by public pronouncements and it brings unnecessary and unwelcome negative publicity around the club and player concerned.

  17. I agree with Bob.

  18. What’s the story with your wicketkeeper Ateeb?

  19. I’m sorry if some people think that I am being too harsh on Bendtner but the guy’s attitude sucks. I keep hearing how he has “confidence”… what a load of phooey. A confident player will go up to his manager and talk to him person to person not go blabbing to the Danish Press. It’s not even as if he is playing well enough to displace Chamakh in the team… he had his chance against Shakhtar and he frankly looked poor. he didn’t even do the most basic thing of holding the ball up for others to join in the play.

    What I find really, really annoying about this latest outburst is that Bendtner chose to play for Denmark in the World Cup knowing that it would aggravate his injury and yet he did it, which is fair enough… and he then told the Danish press that he had no regrets about playing and leaving his club short at a crucial period… how about shutting up Nikolas? Personally I don’t think that it will be a great loss if he went TBH because he is just the most over rated of our players. He may come good but only if knuckles down and works hard because right now he is clearly behind Chamakh in the pecking order and if JET continues his progress then his days at Arsenal may well be numbered, what with Afobe breaking all sorts of records. IMHO Bendtner should shut up, show respect to his team mates and work hard… not spout rubbish to the Danish press which is basically disrespectful of his team mates.

    “Earn your place or get out” should be the message to every single Arsenal player whether their name is Bendtner or not.

  20. What’s with the vitriol towards Bendtner this morning. I saw that story few days ago and thought nothing of it. I’d much rather have a player who is raring to prove himself than one content to sit on the bench and collect a paycheck.

    Whether or not Bendtner is as good as he thinks is a different matter, at least he’s no shrinking violet. If he thinks he deserves to start then all he has to do is prove it on the pitch.

    I don’t think speaking his mind in the press or in the manager’s office makes any difference. The answer will be the same, show me how good you are?

    If he does prove that he deserves a chance then I’m happy, if not then he moves on… no problem.

  21. California Gooner

    NB52, injured his groin crashing his Bentley and some of you don’t find him arrogant? Others excuse him because ‘all the worlds best strikers are (arrogant)’. They are not (all arrogant) and he is not (one of the world’s best strikers). And while being his nations striker is great, his nation is Denmark — a country of 5 million that has produced some wonderful players, but doesn’t exactly have the depth of talent other places do. He was handed that job before he had done anything at all as a pro.

    NB52 really needs to keep working hard (apparently he now knows what that means) and think about Arsenal more and Nikki Bendtner less. If he plays as well as he is capable of, he will definitely get his chance this year, and hopefully get the chance to lift some trophies at the end of the years as well.

  22. It is not remotely true that speaking to your manager in private is the same as opening one’s bowels in public. For one thing Wenger won’t have the Press asking him to comment on what his player said in the Danish Press! My view is simple enough… Bendtner should start when he proves himself good enough to start. And he and the others should concentrate on working hard and improving instead spouting rubbish in the Press. This idea that it is OK to threaten to leave the club in the Press if a player is not picked is a bizarre one to me, how about respecting the clubs and one’s team mates?… Bendtner has done nothing for the club to give him any kind right to issue an ultimatum. He should shut up and work hard.

  23. I find TV’s injury worrying. Not knowing when he’ll be back. And what if it turns out to be career threatening? Maybe he should try some Chinese acupuncture!

  24. I didn’t say it’s the same, I’m saying either way it makes no difference. In the end it’s all about what you do on the pitch.

    Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t see anything wrong in the answers Nick gave to the questions posed to him. Maybe he could be a little more diplomatic, but nothing wrong in being forthright.

    It’s funny how Szczesney got treated differently for the same thing, maybe it’s because he’s the second coming or something.

  25. A question to tribal gooners here – i.e. gooners who live in North London. Would you miss the spurs if they moved to the Olympic stadium? They wouldn’t be a north London derby were that to happen.

  26. the people who think bendtner is a overrated young player with a big attitude and think Chamak is the best thing since slice bread should maybe some research.
    Until Laurent Blanc coach Bordeaux,Chamak was everything what you say about Bendtner,an arrogant little cry baby who has some flash of brilliance but was performing on regular basis.
    In general big striker develop late to reach their best.Drogba have not even sign pro until he 21

  27. What’s arrogant about injuring oneself in a car crash?

  28. I understand Bendtner’s situation, but he needs to be patient and also let his game do the talking, has a great attitude but needs to work his way to the top. Even Szczesny tried same route for his position which is worse in that there are currently three goalkeepers but always one goal, it didn’t work, Bendtner should realise that he still has a chance but gone are the days in arsenal when you have nobody up your neck, there is a man waiting for every position on the pitch, competition only serves to bring out the best.

  29. Bendtner’s goalscoring record might be 1 in 3, but let’s not forget he’s been our 3rd or 4th choice striker so far. I always say that goals per minutes played better captures the contribution of players like that. When Bendtner got a run of games as first choice, he scored 8 in 11, during the business end of the season.

    What I do find annoying about him now is thinking he can just come back after months and walk back into a top side. I hope the publication isn’t true and he didn’t make those comments.

    If he did, it shows a very bad attitude.

    1. What would it be like if every player ran to comment in the media anytime they didn’t play? He hasn’t been back 1 month and he’s already started 2 games.
    2. This kind of stuff is bad for team spirit. Team spirit is the responsibility of everyone around the team to foster.
    3. As many have mentioned, if he hadn’t gone off to play for Denmark he’d have been back for Arsenal in pre-season and would have had all opportunity to start the season top of the pecking order. To think that a club that’s started the season without him should just change the personnel once he shows up might suggest he doesn’t have a good grip on reality.
    4. It’s not a matter of patience, it’s a matter of decency and character. If you’re decent you respect the work your team mates have done to carry the team while you are out. If you have character then you’ll get your head down, and work to establish yourself on top.

  30. Team for tomorrow:

    Arshavin Chamakh Walcott

    Denilson Song Fabregas

    Clichy Djourou Squillaci Sagna


    Bench: Szszesny, RVP, Nasri, Bendtner, Gibbs, Eboue, Rosicky

  31. Szczesny made similar remarks, with no 1st team experience, and never providing match winning efforts…….and there was rare criticism like Bendtner is receiving.

    This ‘kid’ is only 21/22. 4 years younger than Chamakh. Why do most fans seem to base a players pace as a key asset for the club? All of this talk about his poor 1st touch is hogwash. He started the 09/10 season in great form…..hurt his groin in late October in a club match……returned in Feb ’10……camc back and he provided great performances and winning goals – until he re-injured the groin in April.

    Go back and watch his performances of the last 2 seasons. He is ALWAYS in the right spot! His movement without the ball (reading the game) is as good as Cesc’s, RvP, and Rosicky. He can pass and cross the ball as well as most of our midfielders.

    Yes, he used poor judgement to play in WC for his country…….but so would any 21 year old.

    We have a 60 match season……Chamakh is a great addition to our squad….and we need as many aerial threats as possible – offensively and defensively.

    I admire players that have confidence in their abilities.

  32. A bit harsh Ole. Perhaps he thinks he might score some of those goals that we have needed the last couple of weeks!

  33. I’m sure he thinks that Bob. And he is well capable of scoring too. I just don’t accept what he did. I hated it when Henry did it (albeit different comments), when Arshavin did it, when Szczesny did it, when Vela did it, when Gallas did it…..I can’t stand it.

    Why does it have to become a matter for the public to digest. But it’s even more shocking in this case since he’s started 2 games since he’s been back and he’s come on in other games.

    I also don’t like the fact that his comments referred directly to Chamakh, referring to him as “the new striker”.

  34. Ole ! I could not agree more.

  35. Ole – spot on. Not sure about your team though, Walcott and Arshavin on the pitch at the same time doesn’t help ball retention I’m my view, especially in away games.

  36. Well Ole, I’m sure that we all wish he would keep his thoughts in house. I agree with you in general and share your views on all those who speak out on such matters whilst under contract.

    My distaste is for the opprobium heaped on him by some on here this morning for example. They were practically frothing at the mouth. Some just seem to wait for an opportunity to stick the knife into our players. Unnecessary and nasty.

  37. Very nasty…really surprised by the venom.

    Something very off in the B-52 attack.

  38. There is some sort of a hang up over his previous flashes of arrogance but he has made great progress over the years to curb that side of his personality. Crucially he is an intelligent and articulate man who I believe is maturing very convincingly in a short space of time. Also I think some are confusing arrogance with swagger – you know that ‘je ne sais que’ that game changing players like henry, cantona, messi and drogba have. lordgunners comment above may give these early posters some perspective.

    Wenger is in the business of developing potential, and quite clearly NB is on target for a top level career. If you drew a graph plotting his progress over the years you could quite easily see it is only going up and up.

    Arsene need only use one word to all doubters and believers – patience. oh wait, he already did….

    ps man u are shit.

  39. On the other hand wenger has given himself some massive headaches with his use of the 433 system. unlike vela however I think NB has a much better chance of playing either on the right or down the centre. His lust for the game means he would be 100% comfortable with either role.

    maybe we should all turn on vela instead for NOT making ambitious comments and pushing harder for a starting place?

  40. Boy, the haters are out in force today. Stories such as this one are like crumbs for cockroaches. They all come scurrying out of the cracks in the floorboards to feed and delight in slagging off one of their own.

    Modern footballers get microphones stuck in their faces constantly and sometimes they say the wrong things out of frustration or stupidity. Lord only knows what stupid things I’d have said over the years, if there was a microphone recording my every word.

    Do I like what he said? No. But i’ll forget about it in another 15 minutes. Get some perspective, because this was a nothing event.

  41. OG, I don’t think it’s bad for team spirit. I don’t think Chamakh confused about Bendtner’s opinion. These guys are not shrinking violets. I think people shouldn’t slag players for opinions expressed in languages they can’t read, as attributions can be chancy. Everyone just glided by Dk Arsenal’s point that Nik didn’t even make these comments in the original…it’s telling.

    “Go back and watch his performances of the last 2 seasons. He is ALWAYS in the right spot! His movement without the ball (reading the game) is as good as Cesc’s, RvP, and Rosicky. He can pass and cross the ball as well as most of our midfielders.”

    Wrong on the passing. He cannot do nearly as well as any of the MFs at speed (save Diaby), and among the forwards, RvP’s passing leaves him in the dust. Chamakh is a better passer as well.

    Wrong on the movement as well. He is BETTER. NB52 has poaching instincts that were rivaled only by Eduardo. One of the reasons he often looks clumsy converting is that he’s not getting a pass, but rather a deflection or a rebound.

    NB doesn’t bitch and sulks. He talks and then works to back it up. When the whole world was booing him, he worked even harder and came good the whole 2nd half of that season. He’s already proven his character to Arsenal.

  42. Anyone else on here like Collins for Villa?

    I’d prefer him over Gary Cahill.

  43. Villa 1-0 up

    Man U look woeful.

    Hopefully this proves to be the end of the mediocre would-be invincibles.

  44. both uniteds forwards in hernandez and berbatov taken off on the 73rd after a quite abysmal display.

    2-0 villa – get in !

  45. 2-0 Villa!


  46. Utd two nil down…..!!!

  47. Villa are tearing United to shreds

  48. Don’t take your foot off their throat Villa…..

  49. Mighty United losing? No,this can not be!!

  50. Sorry but United have drawn equal. Give them credit….they never quit.

  51. ffs villa from 2 up to 2-2 in 5 mn

  52. I feel a bit sick.

  53. I would love if Villa would try not to play the ball long all the time.

  54. And right after I post that, they equalize

  55. Please Villa….please don’t throw it away.

  56. It’s incredible. Villa just can not play the ball on the ground. WTF?

  57. that bloody fergie effect… still their future does not look particualry bright. the only 2 players coming through for them I like are gibson and smalling and fergie is doing a poor job of intergrating them into the first team. I respect the man but would quite enjoy watching him crash and burn in his final years. will he know when to quit?

  58. of course manure playing and can get a win the ref give 5mn

  59. They have an amazing ability to overachieve consistently.

    Still undefeated.

  60. Well, a win would have been better but I guess I’ll take the Draw. We win tomorrow, we overtake ManUre.

  61. ‘very heroic’ and ‘the new invincibles’ were the words sprung from sky straight after the game… tho they did concede they didn’t play well….

  62. Well at least that means we go into second by a point tomorrow if we can beat Everton.

    That would be a massive, massive 3 points.

  63. word.

    They were terrible. That worries me. They really should have lost by now they are dire.

    I hope they come crashing down to earth soon.

  64. put some money on villa on 60 mins too with 5-1 odds so this is extra painful… oh well im sure pub will make everything better again, laterz aligatorz

  65. wow collins has a lot of freckles doesn’t he?

  66. Shout out to Mike Dean. The worst referee in existence. His inconsistencies are inexplicable. Not sending Brown off for a clear goal-scoring opportunity in a situation that yielded a penalty kick, but sending Koscielny off last week. He also booked Ashley Young for celebrating in the crowd yet Vidic did the same after scoring the equaliser and didn’t recievewhat would have been his second yellow.

    He really should focus his attentions elsewhere. Perhaps Politics.

  67. Queen of Suburbia

    I hate footballers that want to play.

  68. I have no idea how United finds a way to win these games. Think about it, if we were down 2-0, are we coming back like that? I doubt even Chelsea can do it, but United do it consistently. People keep underestimating them, and yet they are just as good as we are, and only get stronger in the second half of the season.

    Villa were total trash in the last 10 minutes, giving too much space in midfield after stopping to press the United players. Regardless, United still dropped two points, and now we need to beat Everton to go 2nd.

  69. deano

    Brown was not the last man. Ferdinand definitely would’ve been there if not nearby. When the call was made, it was too early to tells so Dean took the safer option, but I can’t blame him.

  70. Harsh,

    as deano said, assistance from refs like Dean and Webb are the answer.

  71. “What’s arrogant about injuring oneself in a car crash?”

    ha ha ha exactly what I was thinking!

    Nothing wrong with wanting to play, whether you’re B52, Chesney or Fabregas. But he should know by now that Arsenal is a meritocracy, and if a player deserves a start, he will get one. And absolutely no need to complain in public – always assuming the “quotes” are real. He could just have been saying, “I’m gagging to play, I really miss it.” Or something similar.


    Let’s hope Manure go on a nice long run of draws. Mortally wounding their title chances. Then we will apply the coup de grace to their season by ending their unbeaten run on Dec 13th. muhahahaha

  72. I love bendter and am dissapointed(if whatever is doing the rounds is true) because i expected better from some have pointed out he should be patient and his chance will come as he was out for long with injury.i dont think he is better than chamakh or vice versa,they both offer different things to the team and am happy we’ve got them both at Arsenal.
    I think am better off not watching manure,any time i sit down to watch them(like today while they were trailing) they end up scoring!it will do arsenal some good,their unbeaten run is becoming worrisome as they are not playing well atm.who knows what will happen when they peak during the 2nd leg as they usually do.
    looking forward to a win tomorrow which will take us to 2nd.

  73. Credit to Man U for getting the draw but Villa refused to hold onto the ball after the second goal. Silly long balls for no reason when they shouldve played the simple ball on the ground.

  74. Harsh, United are getting the draws but they are not just as good as us.

  75. There seems to subset of fans who believe that players shouldn’t be criticised. LOL. They do a public job and criticism is part of what they get in return for the adulation and wealth football gives them. More annoying than moaning at people who make VALID criticisms of certain players is that, IN THIS CASE, the defence of a stroppy, immature, selfish and over rated player amounts to saying… “oh don’t be so mean!” How lame is all that?

    Let’s actually look at the situation that some Arsenal fans want to defend
    1. Bendtner had a car accident and as a result injured his groin… he then chose to play for Denmark in the World Cup with that injury, as is his right, aggravating it.
    2. having made that choice he then missed the first months of the season, a period let me remind some of you when we were down to the bare bones on the striker front, he then tells a Danish newspaper that he had no regrets! Even as the team was without Van persie, etc.!!
    3. Having recovered some what and having played all of two full games he goes running to the Danish press to mouth off about being 100% good enough to start for Arsenal! That is in spite of a truly stinky performance against Shakhtar …
    4. So what some fans are defending is an empty headed press comment by a player who is at best a developing talent and most definitely not a world beater… alright then may be Nasri should whinge in the Press too, and Rosicky and Denilson and Walcott… in fact every other player who is occasionally dropped should run to the Press and mouth off no matter how good they are actually. It seems to me that some fans have absolutely no understanding of the corrosive effect that this kind of Bendtner nonsense has on team spirit. What happens if everyone went about bigging themselves up and criticising players who have basically kept us in the hunt. If what Bendtner has done is not worthy of criticism what the hell should we criticise??

    Bendtner should shut up and become a better player because right now he isn’t good enough to be giving ultimatums to a club like Arsenal. Full stop.

  76. I must agree Jacob! But lets not forget how the press always puts a spin on things. If he cant be patient then he can move on, but I really dont think he is that stupid, He will wait for his chance and if he is as good as he thinks he is then he will take it when it comes along.

  77. What we are actually doing Jacob is saying that ‘ fans’ like you seem to enjoy sticking it to any Arsenal player that doesn’t meet your standards of behaviour.

    That is pisspoor.

  78. Bob and your proof that I “ENJOY” sticking it to our players is what exactly? Bendtner’s behaviour in this instance has been quite ridiculous by “ANY” decent standard. To demand a first team place given what all fans know happened is not only ungrateful but deeply insulting to those players who have had to step onto the pitch and perform in his avoidable absence. If such behaviour cannot be criticised what can we criticise?

    What I’m saying is that people like you use emotional blackmail to try to silence valid criticism… if you think that what Bendtner did was right then defend what he did but don’t talk to about what I like to do to players who fail to match my standard because you have absolutely no evidence to support what you claim.

    Bendtner has acted like a muppet in this PARTICULAR instance and it shouldn’t be a crime for fans to say so. That’s it really. Good day to you.

  79. But fans like You bob would moan if someone like Denny or rosicky started to moan right? Or arsharvin god forbid ” the laziest man alive”. Nik is10 times the player and everyone can understand his frustration at bein a benchwarmen when the likes of arsharvin and sometimes vela is preferred! The most logical thing to do is to go out in the press and say I quit unless I get it my way. Cos I an the best. Arsenal are lucky to have a striker like me!

  80. Well, I at least understood Jacob’s post but I’m afraid that yours left be bemused Sad.

  81. Oil City is a complete waste of petro dollars.

  82. And the Oil City fans are voting with their feet as the stadium empties 10 minutes before the end.

  83. All I want for christmas is for this man to stay fit.

    I hope he gets game time against Everton tomorrow.

  84. Great video Deano. Hope we see a lot more of him (in an Arsenal shirt) soon.

  85. I think players should just not be allowed to speak.

  86. Just seen the villa manutd score and I’m pissed off. How the hell do fergies boys pull these things off. Had it been any of the other big boys at 2:0 it would have been game over!

  87. I also live in Denmark and have read the paper and it doesn’t say anything that’s reported in the english press. I have agree with DK arsenal.

  88. Thanks for the compilation Deano I’d almost forgotten how good RVP is.

  89. Steve Mcmanaman said Arsenal are not good away from home, Arsenal have a better away record than both Chelski and United?

    It seems these people get paid to know nothing, its an embarrasment!

  90. Two people in the comments section on here today have mentioned that the quotes in the Danish press have been misquoted by the English press. No surprise really if that’s true. Can anyone confirm either way? In fact what does it matter. Those with their own agenda will use it as an excuse to attack the player they don’t like, whether the quotes are accurate or not. All that matters is what Arsene thinks, and that we get a positive result tomorrow. Seeing Chamakh come in and make the central striker position his own must have dented Bendtner’s ego somewhat and its natural that he wants to play and show what he is capable of but he has got to win his place back and that’s what competition for places at a football club is all about. Be great if he comes on and scores the winner tomorrow wouldn’t it. COME ON YOU RIP ROARING GUNNERS!

  91. California Gooner

    Ummm… I’ve seen the Danish press, and it actually does say all that. And why did Wenger respond to him if he didn’t say those things? I’m not sure why everyone is making excuses for Bendtner. This isn’t the first time! On one level it can just be seen as Scandinavian bluntness: he will need to elsewhere if he can’t take a first team place. But isn’t a bit rich and a bit disrespectful to his teammates given that he just came back and that Chamakh has basically kept us in it this year playing up front. I do not hear Denilson making these kinds of noises or Eboue, and I think both are pretty much guaranteed starters at almost any club they go to, but only bit players in this Arsenal squad so far. I think NB is good player and we are a better team for having him, but he really needs to do his talking on the pitch.

  92. deano, cheers for that, finger, toes ….bowels ive got everything crossed he can stay fit, genuinly think he’s thie difference between to the title this year!

  93. manure are crumbling…lucky to get a point…lpool are a mid-table team….chelsea wont lose tomorow ……we definitely cant afford to and considering our current away form , i’m expecting the lads to do the job…we’ll be second tom n soon this is goonna turn into a 2 horse race

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