Wolves Preview: Time To Show Arsenal’s Fangs

Wolves provide the opposition tonight with Arsenal seeking to continue their good run of form at Molineux, not having lost any of the last fifteen encounters between the two sides, drawing only two of them. Indeed, Arsenal has not lost in Wolverhampton since 1978 although a 5 – 2 drubbing on this day in 1956 dampens that cheers somewhat. Just as well this one is not on 1st December so I don’t have to mention the 7 – 0 in the host’s favour in 1934…

Of more immediate concern is recovering form. Stuttering performances in recent times have suggested confidence is faltering within the squad although as this is an away game, Wolves will not be able to sit back and defend – well, they can but they won’t be very popular with  their own fans – as they have been in the two recent clashes with the rest of the top three.

Arsene noted that there were no new casualties, the walking wounded have recovered whilst Robin van Persie appears not to have suffered any long-term ill-effects even though the manager admits he was not ready for Sunday. Which begs the question as to why he was included but we’ll save that for another day.

More worringly is the news that Thomas Vermaelen is going back to the medics, a setback in his recovery giving cause for concern that the usually optimistic Wenger was reticient or unwilling to put any timescales on when the Belgian would be back marshalling the defence. Koscielny lost his appeal unsurprisingly and his place at the back will go to Johan Djourou who should be fresh following his excellent display in Donetsk, a rare plaudit from that particular match.

Elsewhere, the quandry for the manager is whether he rings changes or simply looks at the rest and says, “You screwed up on Sunday, go out and show everyone they were wrong to chastise“. I doubt that will happen though as tonight would be ideal of the pace of Theo Walcott, especially as Wolves will through everything at Arsenal in first twenty minutes, kitchen sink included. The England international will be a useful outlet in this phase of the game.

The only other change would be to give Samir Nasri a well-earned rest for the majority of the game, although quite how much rest he gets having trained with the squad is debatable. Alternatively, Arshavin could be accommodated in the starting XI by omitting Cesc. It was clear on Sunday that he was carrying his injury still and to remove him from this match might be more useful in the long-term with the likelihood being that the Spaniard will be playing three games next week, two for his club, one for country. There is a limit to the involvement for both he and Nasri and whilst a win is needed tonight, it is no less or more important than the trip to Everton.

However, I do not think Wenger will make any voluntary changes this evening which would mean a starting XI of:

Fabianski; Sagna, Djourou, Squillaci, Clichy; Fabregas, Song, Wilshere; Walcott, Chamakh, Nasri

Chelsea has a relatively straightforward win tonight over Fulham but as well as local rivalry, Manchester City has the requirement to beat Manchester United to close the points gap. Arsenal has to win to ensure any slips are taken advantage of and with tough matches upcoming, go into them with good spirits.

Enjoy the match wherever you are watching it. ’til Tomorrow.

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  1. Wenger claims Fabregas is now injury-free and claims “You will see a different player on Wednesday night”

  2. walcott for the brace

  3. His teeth seem fine to me.

  4. not good enough to wear the shirt! we need to spend 30m on some of those fancy spanish teeth with a proven track record of handling even the toughest northern chorizo!

  5. lazy over paid english teeth, up all night with their bloody listerine and dental floss… bah!

    (ok enough sorry)

  6. Crooked no doubt.

  7. Like a vulture.

  8. We could convert him to an incised left.

  9. Szczesny to start.A must win game but so was Newcastle

  10. Limpar – That is both terrible but brilliant all at once.

    Ken – We will stick with Fabianski I think. Wenger has to let him bounce back. If he thinks he is good enough to be our No1 he has to just keep playing him.

  11. ‘Arsenal *have*’ please Yogi, not ‘Arsenal has’. We are not American.

    Also, I hope the players have had a good deal of chastisement from Wenger this week, he should be saying “You screwed up on Sunday, go out and show me I was wrong to chastise”.

  12. That is weeks old mate. 22nd Oct.

  13. 0-0 draws for Chelsea and United, and a high scoring win for Arsenal!

  14. Talk of both Ramsey and Vela going on loan to Fulham. Not sure about Ramsey, but it would be good to see Vela given a chance to play more games to see if he can make the grade.

  15. Don’t know Markus, think I would like to see Utd beat. That means we still remain the only unbeaten team in a season in the current era.

  16. dsqd
    Yes Wenger should tell them that they screwed up on Sunday but no body was wrong to chastise
    Stick NAZ next to FAB in the middle Jack on the bench and song behind, i dont think cesc is playing his best position in between midfield and striker, Arshy is coming into form and will score more than one tonight

  17. Sorry, 1-0 loss for Chelsea and United. City aint shit to worry about.

  18. Nice post YW, I think we might see a couple attacking changes. Maybe Rosicky and Arshavin both coming in to start…?

  19. I think RVP might start, I think Arshavin will almost certainly start after his lively effort on Sunday and AW’s “sensational attitude” comments, and Fabregas will start (“you’ll see a different Fabs on Wednesday!”) I agree this is a perfect game for Walcott to stretch what is a pretty immobile Wolves backline. So front line of: Arsh | RVP | Walcott for me. I really, really want to see the Wilshere | Denilson combo winning and keeping possession behind Cesc, but considering the defensive cover we lose with Arshavin and Theo on the wings I guess in my line-up it’s more sensible to have Alex Song D**Ming around in front of the back 4. We shall see. Can’t wait.

  20. dsqd

    Collective nouns not American.


  21. – – – – – – – – – – – – – Bendtner – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    Arshavin – – – – – – – Cesc – – – – – – – – – – Walcott
    – – – – – – – – – Wilshire – Denilson – – – – – – – – – – –
    Clichy – – – – Djourou – – Squillaci – – – – Sagna
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – Fabianski – – – – – – – – – – – – –

    My team explained… Wilshire and Denilson are the pass masters, they will contain the play, while Cesc is the perfect player to release both Arshavin and Walcott. Bendtner comes in because Chamakh is looking rather tired lately, Nikki B will hold the play up, allowing the advancing Cesc, Arsh, Wilshire, and Walcott.

    Defence we can’t really do much, Eboue is good on the break away from home but after his latest display I think Sagna should remain in the starting 11. Super Fabianski to keep guard and keep a cleen sheet, 4-0 to the Arse!

    BIG reaction tonight, and a big shout of title intent to put all these people back in their place who question us… even our own fans in some cases.

  22. Love it, CG. Wilshere and Denilson’s League Cup domination of the spuds was so seemless, so fast, so tidy – I just need to see them team up again. Another reason (I’m talking myself into this being the actual line-up now) is to preserve Song as 5th choice centreback. With Kos out for 2 games, we’re going to need a centreback in reserve. That can either be Song, Ignasi, or Nordveit as far as I can see? I guess our reserve centreback can be on the pitch in midfield rather than on the bench – but with two games to negotiate while a little short in this position, it might be safer to bench him.

  23. Chris – That is a good team. But Denilson should not play ahead of Song. Unless Song is dead of course.

  24. I’d go along with that, CG and LA. Apart from maybe Bendtner who looked a bit short of form against Donetsk. Chamakh had a rest a week ago, so I expect he’ll be in good shape for tonight.

    It is a small team, but I just had a quick glance at the Wolves squad – for the first time in my life – and they don’t seem to have any Stoke-style behemoths. I think a tall CF like Chamakh or Bendtner and our backline should be enough to defend set pieces.

  25. andy

    For Limpar’s reasons mentioned above I would rest Song too. Denilson has been amazing whenever he has featured so far this season too. Against Newcastle our main problem was holding the ball, and keeping it simple. Instead we were up and down like yoyos with Song who is Mr I can now score, Cesc always looking for a killer pass, and Jack looking to go forward too.

  26. The CF spot could go to anyone tonight. I think the decision will depend a lot on what Wenger sees was missing in our last 2 games.

    Did we hold the ball up?.. was the work rate enough?… did we run the channels?..

    Ideally, you can’t ask too much of Van Persie so soon, so you would imagine Nikki B or Chamakh getting the start. Whoever it will be must show the work rate to take the game to Wolves, and keep possession in the opposition half. Something when we manage to do, more often than not we score a few goals. Against Newcastle, I cannot recall Chamakh having the energy to do that, but the service was poor, and the passing was wasteful in our midfield.

    This is why Denilson, and maybe a fresher Bendtner will work for us.

  27. Bendtner has his assets, but a high workrate is not one of them. That said, I think he will start tonight.

  28. Denilson’s cameo against the Notlobians from Up Norf, must have passed some by?
    A few minutes, lots of passes, no lobs, until someone clipped Vela through for the second best goal of the season, after TW14 against SD. Yes, he was a fresh sub, they were beaten, but he carried on against the Sp*ds.
    Notlob, the team that recently unpeeled the Sp*ds.
    – Who are still playing the CL music before their Home PL games. “Bale floated over a cross and after Crouch’s neat header back into the six-yard box, Van der Vaart – with his back to goal – took a touch and rifled in from close range.” No mention of a deliberate handball from the partisan Bleeb.
    Not a surprise.

    More reliable reports have mentioned that Wolves aren’t so bad when they give up on the WWF, when Mick doesn’t give his team talks whilst wearing a funny mask and some spandex, and they play Footy. Not sure if those reports included Stephen Hunt.

    re-link of JET’s goal (posted by Karim).

  29. Interesting comments from Wenger regarding changing our tactics at home. I wonder we’ll go back o 4-4-2?

  30. My mind’s more on the Everton game which means that my gut tells me an easy win for the Gunners. Both Chelsea and Manutd to lose – that’s not gut feeling just sore grapes!

  31. its a shame we are not using chamakh’s heading ability more often. a lots fuss has been made about Caroll’s aerial power but in my opinion Chamakh is more dangerous in the air than him . i guess we play the ball on the floor 90% of the game as aresult we don’t make the most of him. add to that we don’t really have a crossing specialist.When defence is tight and hings aren’t going well that is when a combination of a crosser and a header of the ball come in handy. sometimes i think we are guilty of playing nice and tidy football we don’t score lucky goals that come off the backside .we certainly miss Rvp’s match winner free kicks. i remember early in his carrer he used to score quite a bit from free kicks. We need to vary our ways of soring goals . Sometimes the margins are small .against new castle we hit cross bar twice and god knows how many shots on goal. they had one and it was a goal. i think we will do the business tonight. I’m confjdent we will challenge for the title till the last game of the season.

  32. RvP just behind Chamakh would be our best option if we were to make a change IMO.

    And two goalkeepers 😉

  33. Arshavin & Theo on the flanks in a 4-4-2 would be a potential defensive disaster..

  34. Arsenal to win 2_1
    or by the skin of their teeth!

  35. AW says he’d like us to be “more direct” at home. How is that to be interpreted?

    Because I don’t see us pumping the ball into the box from wide or deep – at least not unless we’re desperate. It’s obviously likely to mean getting the ball forward faster, but in the same basic style – and perhaps encouraging dribblers to run at players?

    I’ve wanted to see our players take people on a bit more for a a while, but I also accept that it’s not really conducive to a possession game.

    Just wondering.

  36. Mj eventhough I think Walcott do some defensive duties I would have to agree. Nasri and Rosicky would be first choice for the wings of a 4-4-2. Walcott and Arshavin could both be good alternative for the 2nd striker position.

  37. JET’s direct as anyone, but I remember AW said he needs to work on his fitness…and the worrying part is that he equated fitness with attitude when he was talking about Andy Carroll last week.

    Must be hard to keep the precocious ones on the the straight and narrow.

  38. mj_gunner

    I wouldn’t fancy that either – Arshavin & Theo on the wings in a 442. Going 442 would be a disaster if Cesc continues to roam forward giving the ball away too. I would prefer Cesc being the 2nd striker to Robin or Chamakh, with 2 sitting midfielders. Diaby and Song my preferred pairing in a 442. Diaby being the box-box CM, while Song doing so too, but with a more defensive influence. Wilshire will grow into a very fine complete midfielder very soon, he just needs more experience. Come to think of it sound like our current setup!!!!…

    we practically go 442 half the time when Cesc or someone advances. I think that is my point!? Obviously it will be different if you stick on Robin and Chamakh from the off, and tell them your job is to hold up the ball and score. I just feel 433 suits our players, and it is only a matter of time before we go on a great run of 50 straight victories killing off opponents in the first 30mins 🙂

  39. I’m not sure about your new gravatar, Yogi.

    It seems to lack gravitas or ‘bottom’.

    Can some scholar tell me if the root of the two words aforementioned is common?

  40. Sorry for the drivel.

    Also, doesn’t a more direct game mean a more risky one? If we’re not going to value possession as much then are we going to need more players in the side who can win the ball back?

  41. OneOfUs

    I believe so.. its why Diaby is a very valuable player in our system. He is very direct when he strides forward, always tending to ignore the sideways passes. Arshavin was our most dangerous player against Newcastle, and he was on for how many minutes… He is very direct, but you can’t rely on him over 90mins to not leave his defensive duties on a couple occasions.

    It is all about balance, and I don’t really believe a change of formation is needed. It took us this long to get it working, so I doubt Wenger will completely adopt a new formation. Maybe a few slight tweaks.

  42. Good preview,nastri should be rested,rvp to start.arsenal all the way.

  43. I can’t see the formation changing either, CG.

    And agree about Diaby as well – I think he could be so effective with licence to tear forward all match. I’d really love to know why he passed the ball off so many times after getting to the edge of the area against Birmingham. It might have been down to his injury, but I wonder if he was worried about being a team player. It might not be bad to have a few more guys playing like Arshavin, and going straight for the other team’s throat..

  44. OneOfUs

    I think so too, we need to be a bit more greedy in them areas. Theres nothing wrong with that. If theres a chance its better someone takes it, rather than playing in the fear of not being a team player.

    Same goes for Rosicky, Nasri and Cesc too. All are a bit too kind in the final 3rd I feel. Bendtner is a bit more selfish, and his goal return shows. We need to be more ruthless and start banging goals in for fun again while not worrying about who scores them.. lets just score them!

  45. Just had a chance to watch Bolton v Spurs highlights. Loved seeing Willie Gallas making all those great runs into the penalty box and the Spurs conceding 4. He is human defensive chaos for every team he plays for Arsenal, Spurs, France. Credit to Wenger for letting Spurs have him. I do not believe the boss had any intention to sign WG to a new contract. “The special one” playing him anywhere but CB was probably the way to handle him.

  46. It IS the system we already play, Chris! Agree with OOU as well.

    I don’t know how’ll the tweaks work, playing 2 out & out strikers is a 4-4-2; whereas 1 upront is a 4-3-3, its as simple. But I really do feel we must play 4-4-2 more often, when in need of a goal, which so far the manager has been reluctant to.

  47. Gallas’ last 2 seasons with us, he was largely flawless. Our best defender by far, he was.

  48. Bob

    Gravity: c.1500, “weight, dignity, seriousness,” from L. gravitatem (nom. gravitas) “weight, heaviness, pressure,” from gravis “heavy” (see grave (adj.)). The scientific sense of “force that gives weight to objects” first recorded 1640s.

    Bottom: O.E. botm, bodan “ground, soil, foundation, lowest part,” from P.Gmc. *buthm- (cf. O.Fris. boden “soil,” O.N. botn, Du. bodem, O.H.G. bodam, Ger. Boden “ground, earth, soil”), from PIE base *bhu(n)d(h)- (cf. Skt. budhnah, Avestan buna- “bottom,” Gk. pythmen “foundation,” L. fundus “bottom, piece of land, farm,” O.Ir. bond “sole of the foot”). Meaning “posterior of a man” is from 1794; the verb “to reach the bottom of” is from 1808. Bottom dollar “the last dollar one has” is from 1882.


  49. I think Consolsbob may have just called you a ‘massive arse’ there, YW. Can’t be certain but it looks that way from here.

  50. I wouldn’t take that…

  51. Guys guys just remember Liam Perry, my legend

  52. Easy on the americans you guys, you dont need to say it with such vitriol!

  53. Ole @ 2:07:

    Obviously we disagree about that.


    Agree with you about Diaby. Very few players have his size and strength and are still as technically good as he is. I just wish he could stay healthy. Even before his bad injury he was having recurring muscle injuries. Throw in the occasional bad tackle and it really has held back a potentially superb player.

  54. Sagna, Clichy and Nasri called up for the England – France friendly but still no reward for Koscielny or Squillaci.

  55. It surprises me that you do, Bill. Because he patently was.

  56. I hope the boss plays what he considers his strongest lineup. Anything but a win today could be more mentally damaging then just 3 points.
    BS, SS, JD GC
    CF4 JW Song
    Nasri Chamahk Arshavin

    Theo and RVP as impact subs if needed.

  57. ”Avoid Defeat”??!!

  58. Arshavin, Chamakh, Walcott

    Denilson, Song, Cesc

    Clichy, JD, Squillaci, Sagna


    Bench: Szczesny, Eboue, Bendtner, RVP, JW, Nasri, TR7

  59. Ole @ 2:38:

    AFC clearly struggled to defend as a team we really needed an experienced leader and an organizer and WG was the obvious person to do that. We could argue all day about his other qualities as a defender but IMO he was the opposite of a leader. I think we are a better defensive team this year without him.

  60. Bill,

    Funny point. You can slam him all you want for not being a leader, you can’t question his performances as a defender. He did quite well on that front. So much so, he barely made mistakes last season.

  61. Anyone remember that game, an away game in Europe I think, where Diaby was played as second striker (behind Ade I think), and he absolutely terrorised whoever we were playing… I think he either scored twice or assisted twice. Any ideas? We were either in yellow or the other team were.

  62. It was beautiful – Fenerbahce away I fink.

  63. While we played well below par, especially Cesc, we were certainly unlucky with Newcastle; two against the bar, and two bright chances. Big boy Carrott had one and took it. Sometimes dem damn dice, you know. Dey roll.

    On the other hand, Newcastle go 4th, impressively so.

    Wolves are not to be under-estimated, but I expect a good win. Hoping ManC do something meaningful in their squalid little lives and beat their arch rivals for a change. And don’t write off Dempsey’s head either.

  64. Where the bejaysus is Diaby anyway?

  65. November, ugh.

  66. Andy @ 11:14

    “Talk of both Ramsey and Vela going on loan to Fulham. ”

    Great idea for Vela. Ramsey not sure. We should also send JET and Tech 9 to top flight clubs for 6 months where they can get regular first team experience. Schwarzer coming this way to compete with Fabianski?

  67. Hell no to Schwartzer.

  68. I’m surprised Jaguar and his VI friends haven’t paid a courtesy visit. We count on them in the post-Newcastles of life. Where else will we get such scorn and hatred, given with such generosity, and from such feeble minds?

  69. Zimpaul,

    You’re right. We had the better of the chances.

  70. Anyways … Arsenal!!!

  71. Good luck tonight lads!

  72. Yes! Fenerbache away. I think that’s it. He was, as they say, ‘unplayable’ that night.

    Speaking of silly things people say…

    Harry Redknapp, speaking yesterday after being booed off the pitch, “I’ve never been one for criticising referees.”

    The exact same Harry Redknapp, just one week prior; “In the end, Clattenburg’s had a nightmare. He’ll come up with some excuse as to why he didn’t see it – he couldn’t see, he let play go on – well if he did that he should have been saying to Gomes ‘play on, play on’.

    “I haven’t spoken to the referee, he’s not going to change his decision and he’s made a mess of it all now anyway. They’ll go in and come up with a story that will make it all look right, that’s what happens.”

  73. Good ol’ ‘Arry. Never ceases to make himself look like the man of integrity that he is. Legend.

    I like the sound of a Jack, Den and Cesc midfield. I’d happily have Song in there too… probably for Den if anyone. Could do with the creativity of Jack and Cesc to scare the crap out of them from the first whistle. I’d like to see Chamakh again, with RvP coming on later.

  74. Wenger bemoans JET’s fitness and attitude but to be fair he is in dire need of some real competitive action and some stadium pressure from the fans to deliver on a weekly basis. Surely he will just stagnate a bit unless he takes the next step pretty soon?

    QPR are my second team so would love to see him guide them into the premiership and on the way show that spurs reject tarrabt or whatever his name is how to entertain whilst getting results.

    Vela has been on the back burner for too long now, something needs to give.

  75. word, word. I’d like to see the JET get some regular footie for sure, and i must admit to liking QPR, not sure why!

    not sure what’s going to happen to Vela. I’d like him to stay and get some games, but i can’t see him getting anything regular here (for the forseeable anyway). So maybe a loan spell will do him good..? I do think he’s going to become an awesome striker though, providing he has the right attitude.

  76. LA – I was just thinking this morning of making a scrap book of everytime rednapp says ‘I’m not the kind of guy to moan at refs’ because quite clearly he is. I bet you that most people skimming over the news would probably take his word for it too.

  77. you say striker for vela but do you think wenger sees him that way? I do wonder where he fits in if nasri and AA are always going to be on the left of the trident. Maybe later in the season we will see more rotation as nasri can play anywhere but with wengers taste for ‘holding strikers’ (I presume that is the term?) I’m not sure in what situation vela gets played centrally. Wenger obviously feels that the 433 requires a special type of striker and maybe the chamakh type role is something wenger is thinking about for vela but either way hes not learning much at the moment.

  78. I think he will become a striker for sure, as that’s where he’s mostly played throughout his career. Similar process to Theo, has had to play out wide because he’s ‘not physical enough’ to play up there – particularly in a 433. But he is a clinical finisher and in a year or 2, i can see him becoming a great striker. This year though he’s going to struggle to get enough games to get into the swing of things and show us what he’s made of….

  79. Off to the game.coyg

  80. The thing with Vela is that he’s number 8 in the pecking order of attacking players. That doesn’t make him a failure, but many seem to think so.

  81. We simply cannot afford to lose tonight and we need to play a lot better than we have done recently. 3 losses in a row is just too much. Hopefully Woocash can put Sunday behind him and carry on as he has done recently.

  82. type karl henry into google and the first 3 pages (as far as i can be bothered to look) of results are 100% about bad tackles if you discount wiki and the wolves website.

    I’m not sure I want lil jack to play now 😦

  83. Ole,

    To be fair when Carlos has played, he has hardly impressed. In fact, apart from a few gosl when we were already3-0 up he has done hardly anything at all aaprt from fall over and look for free kicks. I don’t rate Vela from what I’ve seen. He might be a useful winger but I doubt it and he cannot play upfront in a 4-3-3. The contrast between him and Hernandez is huge.

  84. AIC,

    He does have that falling over thing.

    Here’s my prediction; whether for Arsenal or not, Carlos Vela will be a world class player. His finishing is extraordinary.

    He does have a couple of traits keeping him out of the first team. One of them is that he is essentially a poacher being asked to play wide. He has the pace to do it, but generally the team doesn’t play that way.

    In a way he’s like Theo. Theo won’t be involved in team play. he’s there to offer a goal threat. When Theo can’t be effective (maybe the opposition sit deep) the game can pass him by.

  85. LA, was it the one where Aaron scored his first in the CL? A scorcher BTW!

  86. Vela must be doing something right in training, and obviously I’d love him to make it, but he brings Aliadiere to mind a little when it comes to niggling injuries and missed opportunities.

  87. szeszny has signed a new deal with us…theres no source but i follow the guy on twitter and i have de-crypted his messages..i’m telling you 100% that he has signed a new deal

  88. I think we’ll see a Vela, Walcott forward pairing in the not so distant future. Perhaps in the CL. I would love to see these two receiving exquisite through balls from Cesc.

    I agree with the person who wants a Denilson, Wilshere tandem in the middle. I believe that a probing midfielder like Song works when we play teams who attack us and leave themselves open. Against teams who park the bus, we need control and patience in the middle in order to pick out a pass for Theo or Arshavin. I think Denilson’s tiki-taka was sorely missed against Newcastle.

  89. I read his page as well, Emperor, but I haven’t noticed any new and exciting news.

  90. …was just about to post Los Lobos – Will the Wolf Survive? but it’s so fucking bad… here’s some Werewolf rock’n’roll instead. Let’s teach them Wolves to Rock’n’roll!

  91. I think this game calls out for Denilson. I like the pairing with Wilshere as that will free him from some defensive duties.

    I am a bit mystified about where Cesc stands fitness-wise. I am inclined to rest him, but we really need our strongest team out there. Is he ready? If he has lingering after effects physically or mentally because of concern over the hamstring injury, I think we are better off starting the game with Cesc on the bench.

  92. Yeah, mj, that’s right I think. In off the post? Can’t quite believe he’s a few weeks off reserve action already. Time flies like an arrow (and fruit flies like bananas). Must remain patient though, we’re not even at the obligatory niggle and setback stage yet.

  93. LG, after a pretty quiet outing at Ewood Park Cesc followed up with two of his best performances of the season, if not the best; Bolton and Braga at home. Newcastle was his warm-up this time, and tonight we get Cesc Unleashed. Wolves beware.

  94. Sounds good to me, LA. Wenger said he would be back raring to go, so I hope he is ready. I still think Denilson and Wilshere should be in the midfield with him.

  95. So do I.

    Not long now! I wonder what they’re doing right this moment… IQ tests? Meditation? Oil paintings? Superfast Rubix cube? Eating banoffee pie from the travelling Arsenal kitchen?

    I hope we completely blinker the team; set up a retractable tunnel from hotel to coach and from coach to Molineux. Don’t want any of our boys having to actually lay eyes on Wolverhampton.

    …Maybe we’re playing samba football in the hotel corridors and foyer. Like the old nike airport ad. Eboue dancing on the reception desk, Vela asking the bellboy if he knows any good midlands ladybo…… I’lll stop – Maria doesn’t like it.

  96. Does anyone have a link to a live stream of the game? I can’t believe this game is not being broadcast in the states…I haven’t missed a game in years….DAMNIT!

  97. adthe.net is usually pretty good, Viceologist. Click on the sports bit at the top.

  98. Viceologist:

    I think it will be have live streaming on ESPN 3. Go to ESPN.go.com and click on the ESPN 3 in the middle near the top of the home page. You may have to sign up as an ESPN member which will cost about $50.

  99. Well, Limpar. Not a massive arse but a massive piss taker.

    Clearly I meant to ascertain any common root between ‘gravitas’ and ‘gravatar’. Bottoms don’t come into it as I am sure that Yogi, if not yourself, realised.

    Just to state the bleeding obvious.

    We simply cannot afford to lose tonight and we need to play a lot better than we have done recently. 3 losses in a row is just too much…

    …or has some clown already said that?

  100. Viceologist:

    btw: The $50 is a 1 or 2 year membership and the audio and video quality is superb and reliable. They do show 2 – 3 PL games/week and they have more La Liga, Serie A and German games if you are interested in those.

  101. If anyone’s on Orkut, they can go to ‘Matchday Queries & Channel Issues’ forum in the Arsenal community. They share plenty of links in there after kickoff.
    Please don’t dare entering any of the discussions, or you’ll come across d**mers of the quality worse than Le Moan..

  102. Viceologist, Bill

    that’s how I’ll be watching! Thankfully, my internet/cable provider gets me access to it without paying. But I too was worried!


  103. Bill…do they have the replays of the games available afterwards? I am debating trying to watch it at work or waiting until I get home …

  104. This ESPN stuff may just be a life saver…I was going to be very unhappy if I couldn’t find a way to watch the game.

  105. I just registered and could watch stuff without paying…is that normal?

  106. Gravatar isn’t really a proper word, Consolsbob. It apparently is a contraction of globally recognized avatar. Moreover, gravitas has a latin root, whereas avatar is derived from sanskrit.

  107. Pz, you are a scholar.

  108. Viceologist

    They do have replays available.. that is how i plan to watch too, after work that is. I checked yesterday to see how quickly the stoke birmingham game was available under the replay section and it was there when i got home from work (530 Central time) so I’m excited! Plus, you can get to it without having the score revieled!!

    Good luck my fellow Amerigooner

    Victory Through Harmony

  109. East met West,
    in the Black Country?

    Kashmir (Symphonic):

  110. Couldn’t resist, original instrumental recording (reasonable quality):

    [audio src="http://f.cl.ly/items/13a84a3a21e1eb4d068d/02%20Kashmir%20%28Instrumental%29.mp3" /]

  111. Viceologist:

    May be I was wrong about the payment. I joined as an ESPN member to get their “insider” sports news and baseball trade and free agent rumors and I thought that ESPN 3 was part of that membership but may be I am wrong. Perhaps ESPN 3 is free, I hope so. It really does have excellent video and audio quality and you can go back and watch as many times as you want.

  112. Can you watch ESPN3 outside the States? Canada? Probably not, so it will be dodgy streams and ATVO commentary for me, alas…

  113. PZ – Avatar IS Sanskrit ~ hard to translate, but best as “One who comes down”. Mmm… that doesn’t sound nice!

  114. btw – Le Moan has atleast one cool guy; he gives out about 10 possible streams each match day. Man, i really can’t bear another loss…. plz up your game Gunners!

  115. Did the game start?

  116. daylight saving mate..one hour to go..

  117. Dang it….Thanks MJ

  118. I knew I could rely on pz for some insight and knowledge. A bit surprised about ponyboy though.

    Still sober at this hour pb?

    Also surprised that Limpar hasn’t managed to make some foull ‘joke’ about the Sanskrit meaning and ‘globally recognised’

    Wit isn’t what it once was on this site, we are all so serious these days..

  119. Incidentally, I believe YW’s dictionary is mistaken in claiming that bottom was first used to mean a person’s posterior in 1794. It is in fact used in that sense in Boswell’s Life of Samuel Johnson, which was published in 1791.

  120. ‘globally recognised’… what do you mean… tits?

  121. There, in a nutshell.

    Intelligence, knowledge and a little research shown by one ACLF regular and what can only be described as ‘Fat Sam’ wit from another.

    The dialectic of the site.

  122. By the way, Rosicky in for Nasri and Arshavin starts in place of Theo.

  123. who’s in midfield?

  124. COYG!!!!

    my arsenal black out is about to begin. will be watching when i get out of work at around 5!

    thank god for espn 3!!

    I have a feeling Arsha is gonna let fly in this one.. we shall see!!

  125. I can well imagine such a conversation involving Fat Sam. The executives of Blackburn F.C. are assembled in their boardroom, with Allardyce invited for the sake of appearances. The marketing manager is giving a presentation about promoting the Blackburn F.C. brand outside of the U.K., while Fat Sam daydreams about thick-crust pies and beer by the gallon. Suddenly the marketing manager says something that makes Fat Sam prick up his ears: “By 2080, I hope the Blackburn F.C. brand will be globally recognised” “GLOBALLY RECOGNISED?” says Fat Sam. “WHA’ D’YA MEAN? TITS!” and promptly roars with laughter, while everyone else looks on in silence.

  126. Bob, ESPN shows Theo starting

  127. Song, Rosicky, Fabregas, Walcott, Wilshere.

  128. MJ

    the dot-com has rosicky and arsha wide of chamakh

  129. sweet, I wasnt even aware that espn3 had so many matches today. You can actually watch 4 matches if you want to!

  130. Quite right. A bit overexcited there mj. All that talk of globally recognised, well you know…

  131. the problem with espn3 is that its a geographical issue. It’s free as long as your internet service provider (isp) is one of the partners listed on there. That i think eliminates most of the UK ISPs.

    the following sites have it though:



  132. Hardly any streams on MY P2P any ideas guys?

  133. Rosicckkkyyyyyyy!!!!!!!

  134. if you live in the United States and have the YES Network, they have a replay of the game tomorrow night at 8pm ET / 7pm CT. They also show Arsenal programs from ATVO (Arsenal 360 & Arsenal World)

  135. @steww

    try firstrow.net

  136. Wtf? Chelsea and manchester United games on the t.v. Not our smooth silky football. Ridculous!

  137. Hey there, Steww!
    Bob, you’re right.

    As I type..

  138. Great start! Come on!

  139. Chamakh!!

  140. Nothing working fuck fuck fuck

  141. no sound on espn3! blow wo!

  142. Chamakh !!!! what a header

  143. No sound on ESPN3 too Paul N, is that normal?

  144. Rosicky’s spark. Song’s Cross. Chamakh’s header !

  145. An assist from Song!

  146. no sound on mine either technical glitch maybe

  147. Arshavin almost through. Blocked by hanemann. Should have been 2-0

  148. No sound no picture nothing here. What the fuck is going on. Has sopcast gone under??

  149. Rosickyssss ccroooossss

  150. Any working streams yet???

  151. No G4E, this has never happened to me before!

  152. Has anyone got working stream?

  153. Got one…Justin.tv

  154. Stream please anyone. r we playing well

  155. did you get sound g4e?

  156. Fabregas is still off form. wayward passes.
    Rosicky looks far sharper

  157. we are playing well!

  158. As usual, the opposition keeper is having a blinder 😦

  159. Hunt went off in the seventh min. Edwards comes on for him.

  160. Justin TV link? Axis?

  161. We need a fast winger? Are these guys serious??

  162. o hello steww, how are ya,you buggered off the other day after the Newcastle game.

  163. Meeeeeeeeeow, aren’t we the catty one Duke?

  164. didnt want to let your anger and fustration out i understand mate.

  165. Arshavin due a goal?

  166. just making observations Maria, no cattyness involved.

  167. At the moment I just want a working stream, I’m not interested in being wound up.

  168. I was actually hoping for steww’s optimism to lift my mood on sunday but….

  169. why cant djourou stay on his feet, does he have to slide for every challenge?

  170. Duke I have been too depressed to think about Arsenal never mind talk or read about it. I don’t do defeat terribly well.

  171. Paul , you are the fukin man.

  172. Great save by Fabianski!

  173. Hero PaulN

  174. Do not like the way the game is refereed. It seems like we never get any of the small decisions go our way.

  175. thank paul N for the link,work great for now

  176. my pleasure!

  177. Fabianski is doing very well despite wearing such a dunce keeper kit.

  178. PaulN link is much better

  179. Thanks nonetheless axis.


  181. What a block by Sagna

  182. what a miss!

  183. Karl Fucking henry. Dirty bastard.

  184. Fucking Karl Henry. Lucky bastard.

  185. Nice challenge by Karl Henry. In other cases this would end up in a broken leg. Studs showing, way ofter the ball.

  186. That was just bizarre Steww!

  187. grow some balls Halsey

  188. Wasn’t it??

  189. Ref and lino want Wolves to win.

  190. How can he give that against Song and not see henry’s assault?

  191. What happened? ATV is really slow!

  192. Another great save from Fab

  193. evil, you are right something is rather funny about the reffing!?

  194. dodgy decisions against arsenal wtf

  195. Some shocking decisions here!!

  196. We really need a second goal!!

  197. If Arsenal breathe too hard this guy blows the whistle!

  198. djourou a bit too casual for my liking

  199. close by arshavin

  200. Jeez – how are we only 1 up? Arshavin nearly scored the goal of the season.

  201. we need a 2nd goal

  202. good deni for wilshere keep possession better

  203. Deni on to help us keep some possession.

  204. wow not even a foul

  205. how the heck is that free kick!!!!

  206. ref trying really hard to screw us

  207. why the blind crosses from Sagna? if there is no one in the box, dont cross!

  208. isnt that a foul on song and he didnt even blow his whistle

  209. This looks bad.


  211. How did that stay out??


  213. this ref is a clown, squilly gets barged from behind and its a corner!

  214. its asking for an account! Paul

  215. i wonder how many minutes of injury time he would give fucking ref

  216. I am watching it now mj, not sure what happened?

  217. lucky cecs ,could have been send off

  218. We almost gave that away!

    Wolves good coming forward.

  219. Arsh and Fabregas have had the chances to put this out of sight.

  220. AA is due for a goal, he has been dangerous all day!

  221. My only regret about Cesc’s challenge is it wasn’t on Henry.

  222. that foul looked worse that it was, guys foot got caught under his body.

  223. …and the obligatory injury time corner for us to defend.

  224. Cesc has made up his mind not to let wolves get away with fouling us! us love it!!!

  225. sorry but cecs was lucky.A very bad challenge

  226. Woookashhhhhhhhhhhhh

  227. DONE TO BLOW WOW!!!

  228. Chamakhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh game over

  229. YYYEEEEESSS!!!!!!

    You cunts!!!

  230. YYYYEEEESSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!

  231. Fabianski has kept us in the game and Chamack has won it!

  232. Fabianski saves the game on one end, Chamakh puts it out of sight on the other end.

  233. who said he cant score with his feet!!!!!!!!!

  234. Favbiansky : MOM by a country mile !!

  235. ‘Chamakh steals the game for Arsenal..’ What the fuck!

  236. Fabianski! What a hero!!!

    It all should have been moot anyway.

  237. fabianski is shit sell him ……goaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal

  238. chamakh of the net!!!!

  239. Done and done.

  240. lordgunner, please, it was not that bad, it was two players going for the ball.

  241. Fabianski is the keeper we need. No one else.

  242. We had the chances to wrap that up early on. Great win though.

  243. I am so made up for Fabianski – seeing the team go to him, what a star after all the shite that the AAA have heaped on him.

  244. i just saw the last 20 mins & I can already say, Lukasz is my MOTM

  245. What a huge game that was…what a fight.

  246. Oh, and Fabregas’ challenge was absolutely nothing on Henry’s. We was trying to block the ball.

  247. Kabooooooom!!! this be the year of the GUNN i reckon, mature display and we showed we are no shrinking violets

  248. Lukasz Fabianski THE SAVIOUR \m/

  249. He scores in the first minute.

    He scores in the last minute.

    Marouanne Chamakh attack!

  250. Honestly, the Fabregas challenge is a yellow card but nothing more. If you look at in slow mo, Fabregas right leg scrapes over the shoe of the Wolves player. There is no massive impact or anything.
    Compare that to no card, not even a foul for a K. Henry challenge which is closer to knee than to foot with studs showing.

  251. Arsenal need to learn how to grind out wins, dont they?

    Stupid clown pundits, who are followed by silly Arsenal supporters like they are the pied piper.


  252. Excellent result. Not at our best and Wolves really tested us.

    Some amazing defending, and we also rode our luck at times. Really pleased for Fabianski who was solid all night. His save at the end was truly world class. Two good finishes from Chamakh as well.

    Get in.

  253. The ATVO lot are such doom appeasers. Literally inciting the moaning tossers to call.

  254. Shitty and Manure 0-0 still … 15 to go.

  255. My heart was beating soooo hard!! I can still hear it!!

  256. What a brawl. Critical win confidence-wise.
    Wolves were really up for it tonight…they ran their socks off. I hate them and the way they play but respect for an immense effort.

  257. clean sheet, gotta focus on everton now. ref was horrible

  258. I know the Wolves chances are magnified to us as they are moments of peril but we need perspective. We had clearer and better chances and more of them and should/could have buried them.

  259. Sounds like Fabby had a excellent game. Happy for him!!

  260. agreed Fab should have made it 2-0 in the first half

  261. Axis – The way they play? They played good football at times. Definitely not a “hoofing team” despite their manager. Karl Henry is a complete cunt mind.

  262. Fabianski clear man of the match; he showed real class.

  263. Maria – He was excellent. Made two good stops, the 2nd of which was really special. Collected everything he had two and took some difficult balls.

  264. im glad these kind of games are early in the season and also away from home. now we don’t have to travel there in january like in the past

  265. Doesn’t Henry look abit like a brown hound dog?

  266. goonerandy, we were not lucky we defended well. If thats the case we had some clear cut chances to win this way b4 the last goal, wolves were lucky to only be down 1.

  267. Fab21, MOTM.. Deserves the respect and appreciation..

    Let it continue forever..

  268. A little concerning we are having so much difficulty finishing as we had lots of good chances. Cesc looks a little out of sorts still (letting himself get too annoyed and losing a bit of composure), so it is great the boys gutted out a difficult win away when we couldn’t finish early, clear chances. I think the defense was very solid.

  269. Wolves were extraordinarily lucky that we hit the post, their players or their keeper. Our defenders cleared off the line, blocked shots and our keeper made saves. Subtle differences but crucial.

  270. Is this enough for the AAA? They all said that we have to wait until his first mistake to judge him properly and to see if he will bounce back. He bounced back in a way that saved us the game. Can we now all agree that the “goalkeeper problem” is just some sort of urban myth and we are good in that department?

  271. Is that our third away clean sheet? I have to say our four centre backs have been outstanding!

    Sagna best right-back in the league!!

    This a** on ArsenalOnline is crappy all over Cesc, this is the same guy who claims we need to be tougher like the the other ‘big teams’.

  272. How the heck to people even start to doubt Fabianski after one match. Talking bulls about needing a world class keeper! FABIANSKI IS WORLD CLASS! I think so anyway!!!

  273. can anyone confirm if Szesczny has signed his contract? don’t remember where i read it.

  274. Essein straight red!

    Come on bloody Fulham!!!!!!!

  275. Fuck me Kolo’s brother is a carthorse isn’t he?

  276. First of all, thank you very much, Bill, for the tip off on the ESPN 3 stream.

    I was going to write a bunch of shit about Arshavin being our worst player, Chamakh losing every aerial duel and about how we didn’t have any width whatsoever, but, fuck it. We got the three points. Gut wrenching, though. Fabianski was the hero tonight. That stop was amazing. I think the defense didn’t fall apart thanks to him. Goonerandy can suck it.

  277. Fellaini looks like he’ll be suspended for our game on the weekend.

  278. Glad you didn’t opt to write all that shit. Just one thing. Why did you go ahead and write it if you opted not to?

  279. Yes goonerandy…Which i don’t like. They should simply lie down on the pitch before their betters and allow us to score. 😉

  280. Squillaci and Sagna were probably up there with Fabianski tonight.

  281. Ade coming on to sink Manure. With 80 seconds left to go.

  282. 2 points dropped by Man U and City, sweet!

  283. Steww,

    Ever time I see Yaya I just thing of this song.

  284. “With 80 seconds left to go”
    I was thinking the same thing, what a silly sub.

  285. Manchester derby draw serves us fine, but I would have savoured a real beating for United. Too bad Chelsea gets a win, but without Lampard and Essien (for three games? or just one?), they might drop points.

    On to Everton!!! COYG!!!

  286. LG,

    Three it was a striaght red!

    Hope Dede suffers the same lost of form Kolo did after his malaria problems in the Ivory Coast. He can start with putting on a extra stone or two!

  287. Fellaini got sent off for kicking Robinson. HA!!

  288. what a disgrace to English League. They call it one of the biggest game in English football. The Machester Derby!

  289. 53Szczesny53 Wojciech Szczesny
    well done lads. perfect away performance! credit to Lukasz. I think he was fantastic! 🙂

  290. Maria, that is excellent news! Chelsea’s midfield tottered without Essien; let’s hope their opponents can take advantage. Onwards and upwards, COYG!!

  291. Wolves outplayed Chelsea and ManU, but we weren’t outplayed away at Molineux. That is a good sign. We made it harder on ourselves by missing some very clear chances and Wolves were very determined and also had some very good chances.

  292. Thought that Rosicky played well tonight, but the reluctance of our players to shoot just drives me crazy.


  294. BBc Radio 5Live are BASTARDS..They interview McCarthy and ask him about the Cesc tackle..you eould think that in terms of journalistic balance the journalist would ask about the Karl Henry tackle..But no…Great Result…Onward Forward Never lookin backward…McCarhty gave MOm 2 Fabianski..

  295. Was that SG on the ArsenalOnline? If so well done him, told those doomers off!!

  296. We won because we played good defense and our GK was excellent. Wolves played very well but in the end none of that matters except the 3 points for our side. Slowly and with crescendo woocash, woocash, Woocash, WOOcash, WOOCASh, WOOCASH!!!!!!

  297. Match stats show a very close game, possession slightly in Wolves favor as they chased the game; four more shots but two fewer on target. We doubled their fouls. It was tight but we had by far the better chances.

  298. Who is SG, Maria?

  299. Fantastiski

  300. we made it hard for for ourelves we should’ve been 3 njl up in the first half. FABIAN WAS TOP CLASS . Carl henry is a disgrace ,ARSHavin was lucky, it wa a nasty tackle studs up into the shin.

  301. Don’t forget the bad tackle on Song’s shin, the player stepped on it. Don’t know who is was. No free kick, much less a yellow. Unbelievable.

  302. g4e- fabilouski

    I would like that k.Henry tackle footage spread across te internet for everyone tosee. he can’t get away with it. can someone find that clip please. I know they will pick on FABREGAS S tackle but it was nothing compared to that idiot k.henry.

  303. Fabilouski is awesome 1lc

  304. Steww:
    “Glad you didn’t opt to write all that shit. Just one thing. Why did you go ahead and write it if you opted not to?”

    Since the volume was off for the first half I entertained myself by taking notes. The post I was going to write went into a lot more detail than the little blip I wrote. Chamakh’s late goal kind of dissuaded me from posting any of it. I was just happy with the win.

  305. Barton’s going to be in big trouble. He punched a Blackburn player in the gut – hard.

    And Carroll’s goal tonight was almost identical to the one on Sunday. It looks like a routine they practice in training, with him making a run from the right side of the box to attack the ball.

    It’s really difficult to defend against, and kind of makes Sunday’s goal seem like less of a mistake.

  306. “Don’t forget the bad tackle on Song’s shin, the player stepped on it. Don’t know who is was. No free kick, much less a yellow. Unbelievable.”

    Milijas. It was his foot which is even more painful.

    That Karl Henry tackle was horrendous. Had Arsha been a little late lifting his leg Henry would’ve snapped it in two.

  307. No sign of the Henry challenge on MOTD. Can’t say I’m surprised though.

  308. John Motson sounds like a very confused old man.

  309. Dixon, Hansen and the BBC can all **** themselves!!

  310. Does anyone have a link to a picture of the Henry tackle?

  311. one of us – we need the full k.henry assault in slow motion . since they did not show it or talked about it. we need to do our own and show it to everyone. unfortunately i’m useless at making videos online or the youtube stuff but i will try.

  312. Thanks OofUs!

  313. I wouldn’t be surprised if one appears before tomorrow, 1lc. I think there are enough angry Arsenal fans out there.

    It was ugly, but I think what stopped it from being a leg-breaker was the lack of momentum. His studs were way too high, but he didn’t steam into it like Taylor and Robinson, and his leg was also slightly bent. It still warranted at least a yellow, but I thought his one on Rosicky last year was a bit worse.

  314. At least ten questions in the press conference about the Cesc challenge. Really tiresome.

  315. AW gave as good as he got though. Funny shit again!

  316. i think it was delibrate to get at Wenger that is why they did not highlight k.henry’s tackle. so they can have a go at him. i think once Wenger sees the k.henry tackle he mjght regret apologising on fabregas’s behalf. i don’t think he has it.

  317. Sorry Maria – Wasn’t me doomer-bashing. Hard days at work these days. Can mostly post on weekends. Didn’t even see today’s game.
    But am happy see the doomers to thrash around in futile, self-inflicted pointlessness as once again Fabianski demonstrate that he is an extremely talented goal-keeper with an enormous future in front of him. Have to say my pre-season no. 1 Big Al will be hard pressed to regain the job.

  318. I know this sickening but if we won our home games against WBA and Newcastle we would be top with a point in hand!!

  319. why would we want to loan out any of our players to Mark Hughes? I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’d rather see Vela or JET go to Bolton.

  320. Fabulouski result,

    We showed all the strength needed to mount a challenge (despite playing against 12 men: C U Next Tuesday ref). Cesc tried hard and did make a telling pass for the final goal in extra time. I just hope his touch and form return soon.


    Couldn’t agree more. Hughes wouldn’t even give them playing time in case that furthered the AFC cause.

    Now we have another difficult trip up North on the weekend but should go into it with a little more belief.


  321. arshavin.eu: On the brink of a foul? One of them nearly tore your Achilles tendon, the other one earned a yellow card. The other Arsenal players were battered as well. And if their player № 2 had come out to play….
    AA Today, Van Damme was in reserve, but I played against him last year. Everything was fine 🙂
    As for the confrontations, we came out on the pitch to play football, not to pick up flowers.

    Ha, ha Andrey!

  322. Loool Van Damme eeh…mmm that was it no wonder nobody went for my hound dog comparison of Karl Henry!

  323. Mick McCarthy is one shrewd dude I’m wouldn’t be surprised if he goes into politics. On the one hand, his comments on Cesc’s challenge at first are commendable, but on the other he’s trying to take the heat of his boys for their dangerous tackles. While I thought Cesc challenge was a litle ‘unusual’, as everybody here has stated, Henry on Arshavin was by far the worst.

    Still, I thought Wolves played very well last night. They ran around and harried us well when they didn’t have possession, and when the did have it, they used it well. It’s not often you see teams dominate us possession wise.

    With that said, they had a hell of a lot of help from the ref. Shockingly one-sided and makes me think of Cesc’s 11 vs 15 comments.

  324. I must say the red in the second half was flpping shocking!! He was acting like he had sent one of the home sides players off early on. Every single decision was going their way corners, free kicks, throw in etc!

    Did anyone else notice the massive run upwards Fabby made when Chamack scored the second goal, he most of been on such a massive high saving a goal bound shot then setting up the second goal, must have been crazy. Also loved the way the defence lead by Sebby created a living hundle at the end, it was beautiful with Fabian smiling….

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