Jack Signs, Szczesny Stalls As Contracts Talk

Contract talks dominated the Arsenal skyline yesterday, Jack Wilshere has committed himself to the club on a ‘long term’ contract according to the offical site, five years according to The Guardian. The salary is estimated by the newspaper to be £50k per week although on what that is based is unclear. It seems unlikely that any official announcement would have ventured such information, especially as the club will not even mention the length of the contract in their own media release to supporters.

It is to a certain extent understandable. Why gives any predatory instincts of reputedly bigger clubs – more than a club, more than the normal financial mes(s) – any morsel upon which to feed. Yet there is something which sits uncomfortably with the whole scenario. Whether or not The Guardian is correct in any of data that they have published is irrelevant; the numbers will now be taken to be the truth. Arsenal has, in that respect, made a rod for its own back.

The question is do we as supporters, have any right to know Jack’s or any other players for that matter, salary information? The media will tell you that it is in the public interest; some may feel that we should be told but I am unconvinced that there is any benefit in such knowledge. Surely the only key factors are that (a) the player is happy with it, (b) the club is happy with it and most importantly, (c) the club can afford it. If all of those tick the boxes, then we should be happy that the player is staying for his performances thus far indicate that the expectations of his potential are being met. The obsession with being told who earns what is a dim and murky condemnation of the society in which we live.

Other negotiations are not being so straightforward. Wojciech Szczesny has broken off talks at the moment according to the Daily Heil and will not be resuming them in the near future. It is somewhat reassuring to note that the player is not quibbling about pounds but wants to know Wenger’s intentions towards his playing time.

It’s not that I don’t want to extend the contract, I just don’t want to hold talks at this point.

I have enough money to live and I can’t complain about that, but I will only be happy if I play. Everything depends on how many games I play. I admit that I want to play at Arsenal as long as they want me.

If I can earn my place in goal I won’t even consider any other offers.

The first steps in the right direction have been taken; Szczesny is not going on loan by the looks of things with a place in the Carling Cup squad surely a given. A win in Donetsk tomorrow night would open the opportunity for him to gain some experience in the remaining two games in the group with qualification assured, top place almost a racing certainty in that instance. It is the opportunity that Wenger has not spurned in the past.

Of course, there is a wider issue. With Fabianski growing in confidence and Manuel Almunia reportedly coming back to fitness, Wenger has a choice to make: stay with the two Poles as Number One and Two or risk shaking confidence / losing a player due to lack of opportunities. It is too soon to say that Fabianski has cemented himself in the first team; I still believe that the first mistake he makes will bring about a crushing welter of criticism, sending recent good performances into oblivion and bringing about similarly destructive condemnation as was seen last season. However, there are indications that the order may be changing. How permanent that is remains to be seen.

Elsewhere, Cesc is unlikely to be risked against Shaktar which is hardly the biggest surprise in the world given his comments about hamstring tweaks at the weekend. A week’s rest might just be the best thing possible. More positively, Aaron Ramsey is expected to return to training this week and may be available in December – Wigan in the Carling Cup? – having completed a month of competition with the Reserves according to the manager. News like this is a positive and very welcome. Let’s hope that mentally he is recovered as well; the midfield will be very well-stocked for the coming campaign if the Welshman returns at full strength for the second half of the season.

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. Like your points (a)(b) & (C) Yogi. In a team like mancity and Rooney in manutd only (a) applies!

  2. Thanks Yogi.

    It’ll be interesting to see how the GK situation gets resolved. chesney’s playing a dangerous game, but I do admire his honesty and determination… Wonder what Le Boss thinks about the whole thing?

    Great to see Jack’s here for the forseeable, great start to the season rightly rewarded.

    Bring on the Ukrainians!

  3. The comment “I admit that I want to play at Arsenal as long as they want me.” is the telling one for me because it will be *his* opinion as to whether *he* thinks Arsenal want him, and his opinion will be based on how many top flight games he gets. You could argue he has a point, but I think Wenger’s view is that he is the future, not the present. If Almunia goes in January as many people are predicting, I would take that as a clear indicator that he’s got the number 2 spot at least, and then he has to take his chances when he gets them. When you’re 20 though and so full of self-confidence, you may not be happy with anything less than the number 1 position. Like many, I would be very sad to see him go.

  4. In Rooney’s case. There is a tick for (a), half a tick (i.e. a tick with a back slash) for (b) and a cross for (c). Reason being that the club is happy to have tied Rooney down to a contract thereby preserving his future transfer value but not entirely happy to have been blackmailed into doing it and paying what the club can’t afford (c).

    (a) the player is happy with it, (b) the club is happy with it and most importantly, (c) the club can afford it

  5. How in the world did Walcott get tricked into saying to the media that Rooney is worth every penny he is paid?

  6. Have to say Yogi, you’ve changed my mind in so far as players wages been made known to supporters. I’m more than happy if the “3 Boxes” can be ticked. In Jack’s case I feel its pretty obvious they are.

  7. Luke i think it was another example of ‘lost in translation’. They speak some crazy dialect in Southampton i think… That’s the only reasonable explanation 😉

  8. YW,

    I agree with most all of what you’ve siad. I cannot fathom ow anything other than spite and envy could be nurtured by the media inspired obsession with players’ wages. This is a tendency that leads to some of the most negative comments from certain Arsenal FC customers whose envy leads them into destructive and very vocal criticism of individuals or even the club itself. I must admit that I do sometimes find myself smiling at the lack of class and intelligence that such commentators openly display but I’m more often than not simply sickened by the whole affair.

    Anyway, onto more important issues. I think Szczscheny needs to hold fire. He noted the great quality of Fabianski and his recent performances. I hope he reflects on this and tries to win his place on the pitch and not in the media. I personally think (as Arsene noted) that he can become a legend as our number one but he needs to show the patience and intelligence to support what is best for the team/club: and for me that is Fabianski as our current number one. If he acnnot live with this, I am preparing myself for the unwanted outome of having to live without him. I’m sure we can do so admirably.

  9. Excuse the spelling atrocities but I am trying to conceal my blogging and do a few things at once

  10. Dgob, dont worry, i always have to conceal my blogging as always at work! I always hope for articles without pictures, then it’s far less obvious what you’re doing…

  11. geo…what i do, depending onwhich blog you’re on, is to select all the text and copy and paste it into a word document, then space out all the paragraphs and voila, legitimate time wasting – not foolproof though, old Arsenal Vision used to turn word document red and certain blogs make it very difficult to highlight just the article as opposed to the entire page

  12. either that or make the browser window really small so you can only read about 3-4 sentences at a time, then not noticeable unless someone really pays attention

  13. YW,
    I honestly don’t see the problem with media interest in footballers wages. Its done in all of sports and probably in other entertainment industries.
    Why should anyone care what the envious think?
    Or are you meaning that it might cause a wage inflation? Surely the players and their agents wouldn’t need information from the media to make their own demands?

  14. Szczesny is trying to test Arsene’s loyalty towards his current keepers, something which could send him packing.

    Wenger has a young goalkeeper that is tipped for greatness and has stated he needs to play. He has already publicy declared his admiration of the young Pole’s abilites, and its obvious to all us fans that he is in our managers plans.

    Will Arsene be willing to show Almunia the door just to satisfy a young player who is unwilling to wait for his chance? Or even drop Fabianski when performing very well….

    Personally I don’t think Szczesny has a leg to stand on right now, but his quality and potential is obvious inside the club. Will Wenger want to risk losing the guy, I think not, but I doubt he will hand him opportunities if he continues to show such inpatience when players before him have had to..

    Wilshire, Ramsey, Theo, Bendtner, Clichy, Cesc, Song, RvP…. all earning their spots.

  15. Henristic

    I’m not interested in what anyone earns – in a footballer’s case, it should be ability that people talk about not how many kebabs they can buy per second.

    As I said in the post, it is a condemnation of our society that this is considered important.


  16. We’ve some professional slackers here!

    Jabberwocky such a technique is so obvious, I’m astonished that not once did I considered it! I’ve been making use of a minimised net windows, nimble fingers (Alt-Tab baby, yeah!), and the random occurances of shuffling papers and going through folders (fools ’em everytime)!

    Agree with YW, we have zero right to know how much a footballer is paid. Hell, I don’t like the tax man or my colleagues knowing how little I earn, let only the general public, so I’d imagine the same true of footballers.

    As for our goalie situ, the young’un should realise that he will play eventually. So while his words sound great, I think he’s trying to force his way up the pecking order in a way which isn’t too smart.

    I think it’s true to say that at Arsenal loyalty begets loyalty (not from the fans, but from the way the club is run). If you have skills and are loyal and worthy, Arsenal will treat you well. Almunia has been very loyal; he loves the club, and let’s not forget, despite the errors of last season, he is still a very good goalie. People who do not appreciate this think Almunia will be cast to the wayside. This may or may not be true, but if it is, it won’t go down the way people are thinking: Almunia won’t be gone in January becuase he’ll get the chance to fight like everyone else.

    The young’un can’t then expect to force the situation as he appears to be doing. The fact we’ve offerhm a contract is a signal of our intent to all the things he already wants. I could go on on this subject, but work and all that, but I’ll end by saying, if he doesn’t sign, it won’t be the fault of management or anyone else, it’ll be down to him, and in my eyes he’ll be little better than Flamini.

    Luke, I doubt Walcott would come out and trash his England team-mate – “That Rooney, I wouldn’t pay £2.40 for that waste of chav.” No, sir. That was Walcott channeling his inner Wenger.

  17. Posted this comment earlier…

    I think his attitude is wrong and he should really do better.

    If he wants to go, he can… he is not the only excellent player in the world be sure of that. There are other young players coming up in the world! I don’t want him to go, but his attitude is wrong except it is being wrongly reported

    The club cannot give him the type of guarantee he wants for the simple reason that he may not agree with the bosses opinion as he has earlier stated, saying that they lied to him about the amount of playing time he will get! His interpretation of plenty of playing time and theirs relative to his other colleagues is different!

    Almunia is senior to him in pecking order as i think are fabianski and Manone… maybe one of them will be sold, eventually Almunia may have max 2 years to go in his contract… manone may likely move on and that will bring him to number 2 in the next 2 years maybe earlier. that is a worst case scenerio he must live with! or else he may have to find his way to any other club giving him betteroptions.

    he should think of Diarra though… It never pays to give ultimatums to your manager. Diarra did that at Chelsea, moved on to eventually end up in Madrid. Lo and behold, Mourhino is his manager again! he could have stayed on in arsenal, just be patient and would have been key in the midfield now!

  18. My team for tomorrow…

    Cesc is OUT, Song, Denilson, Arshavin all doubts to consider.

    – – – – – – – – – – – – – Fabianski – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    Eboue – – – Koscielny – – – Djourou – – – – – Clichy
    – – – – – – – Wilshire – – – Song/Denilson – – – – – – –
    Walcott – – – – – – – Rosicky – – – – – – – – – – – Vela
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – Bendtner – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

    I don’t think Clichy will struggle with fitness, or Koscielny having played 90mins versus West Ham. Although Wenger will have an eye on resting Clichy at any chance possible after Gibb’s latest setback. Arshavin should drop to the bench, giving Vela a chance to shine. I want to see Nasri and Squillaci rested for the weekend too.

    The strength of the 11 is enough for 3 points I feel while resting some key players.

  19. On the goalkeeping situation, I think Szczesny might be ill-advised by some people who interpreted Wenger’s comment in the summer as saying his current goalkeepers are not good enough when what he actually said is that his pecking order is not unchangeable and that by showing the right attitude any one could move up this pecking order.

    Arsenal is the place that promotes youth player and is recognised for it by the football world but 20 is really young for a goalkeeper and he will have plenty of time to be the number 1. By showing impatience he will only miss out on his chance. Almunia spent years as Lehmann understudy and when he was deemed good enough he got the reward. Same with Fabianski he came as the n°1 keeper at Legia and had received the best polish goalkeeper’s award but accepted the situation and worked hard and after showing great patience he is rewarded by a run in the first team.

    Szczesny is a great potential, he is in Wenger’s plan and will probably have his chance to wear the number 1 jersey sooner rather than later but he needs to learn to be patient and humble. The only way to achieve his objective is not by talking the loudest but to train the hardest and take his chances when he is called upon, like he did against Newcastle.

    As for Wilshere, the only important piece of news is that he signed a long-term contract, that he knows Arsenal is the best place for him but more importantly that he keeps level headed and keeps working hard to improve, which he seems to be well aware of.

  20. Good points TS, except for saying Diarra would have been key in our midlfield. I’m not sure I agree. He’s a very limited midfielder in my opinion.
    Besides, Diarra is perhaps not the best example of of how impatience can ruin a player. He’s ended up in Real Madrid after all and few would consider that a downgrade from Arsenal. The best examples of the folly of being in too much of a hurry would be Bentley, etc.

  21. Henristic

    Diarra like Anelka, will spend years transferring from club to club for instance success, when really keeping his head down and working hard would have got him there sooner.

    I don’t consider Madrid to be a success over the last 5 years. They have dropped to number 2 club in Spain, and have under achieved in Europe for how many years now..?

  22. Diarra like Anelka, will spend years transferring from club to club for instant success, when really keeping his head down and working hard would have got him there sooner.

    I don’t consider Madrid to be a success over the last 5 years. They have dropped to number 2 club in Spain, and have under achieved in Europe for how many years now..?

  23. Sorry I repeated, didn’t think it posted!

  24. @ Henristic.

    I meant the fact he had issues with Jose at Chelsea and has gone round full circle to meet him in Madrid! Also, I hear he wants to leave there too.

  25. Yogi’s Warrior | November 2, 2010 at 11:29 am |
    I’m not interested in what anyone earns – in a footballer’s case, it should be ability that people talk about not how many kebabs they can buy per second.
    As I said in the post, it is a condemnation of our society that this is considered important.

    Fair enough YW

  26. Nasri is PFA fan’s player of the month for October. Obvious bias aside….he truly deserves it.

  27. Another one of my loafing techs is to adjust the browser window until it alligns with Outlook. To any onlookers, it appears I’m reading an email. can’t do it with every web page though

  28. Talking about Nasri, Which goal did you guys vote for?

    I struggled to make a choice but I voted for Nasri’s goal against Man City, Bendtner’s two goal, Walcott’s second, Wilshere’s goal in CL and Chamakh’s dance at Birmingham were the other I could have voted for. Special mention to Song’s goal at West Ham as I was so tensed, feeling it would be one of those days where we should have scored six but got none so when he scored I was jumping all over my living room!

  29. I agree with YW, personally I don’t give a tosh how much footballers make. It’s all silly anyway.
    Good discussion of slacking techniques but all seem like so much effort. Shouldn’t slacking at work require a minimum investment of effort? When I moved into my office I set up my desk so the monitor I surf on has its back facing my door. If someone walks in who might care what I’m doing I minimize the window…problem solved!

  30. YW, Excellent Post.

    Could never understand the public interest in a celebrity’s life, including their wages.
    On Schezny, I think he will choose to move on if Lucaz does become our no 1 this season. What will hurt is, if he goes on to become a great player somewhere else, esp at a rival club.

  31. I reckon we’re in a defensive midfield crisis?
    If Song & Denilson are both out then this is how the midfield will look –


    Then I guess Eboue & Vela will play on the wings?

  32. mj-gunner

    Not really, he will be another Diarra, one that never got to play for THE club that everyone wishes of playing for. Another player who couldn’t fight for his spot, who couldn’t show a bit of patience or determination.

    If he can’t show any of these, then he doesn’t deserve to play for our club. I hope he does, but going by his comments he is trying to force Wenger into playing him. He hasn’t taken the smarter route in getting into the managers good books.

  33. oh I completely forgot about Eastmond. Tomorrow looks like a fabulous opportunity for him to show what he’s made of.

  34. Limestonegunner

    People talk as if there is an established pecking order that doesn’t change according to performance. To my mind, Fabianski has established himself as the in form GK who deserves to keep his position as long as he continues to perform so well. If Tech 9 plays well in our final CL group games and v. Wigan in the CC, there is a legitimate question about who is the backup goalie. Perhaps Almunia and Tech 9 will trade off and compete for appearing on the bench. But on the same principle as Fabianski’s holding the first spot for the moment, Tech 9 will have established himself as worthy of his games if he get the chance while Almunia is out to play, and plays well, in three or four fixtures.

    The question is really will Almunia accept being less than #1? If he can, then he accepts that he has to compete and that might mean competing as well with Tech 9.

    I think Wenger could reasonably promise him CC games, since we have a history of playing youth in that competition. Beyond that all GK’s compete and get the opportunities that come to them depending on their form and the manager’s opinion of how well they are doing in training.
    If Tech 9 demands more games, then perhaps he can be signed on a contract and loaned in January to a championship side with the plan of bringing him back for next year after Almunia departs. But if Almunia himself won’t accept being supplanted and competing for his position, he should be sold as well, I think.

  35. YW:

    No other major sport keeps players wages and team payrolls secret. Keeping everything secret just leads to suspicion and false rumours. I think financial transparency is in the best interest of the football club and the fans. I recognize that part of the interest is from the same people who love to read the tabloids and that is somewhat unsavory. However, no other sport keeps those figures secret and I see no logical reason to do it.

    I agree with everyone who thinks that Szczesny is over stepping his bounds. Hope we do not lose him but where would he go. I doubt any top of the table club in Germany, Italy, Spain, France would risk making a 20 year old their #1 so he would probably be looking at a mid table or lower club. Perhaps he should go the route of Joe Hart and go on loan for a year or 2 to a mid table PL club and prove how good he really is.

  36. Cheers for the slacking advice guys! I sit right in front of my manager who can always see my screen so i have to be extra subtle… Normally just tiny browser windows, but the Word doc idea sounds good… nice one! lol…

    I really hope the outspoken pole stays. He’s ovbiously got bags of ability & potential, but unless he shuts up and knuckles down, i wouldn’t be surprised if Wenger loses his patience eventually… His agent can’t be giving him very sound advice.

    I’m looking forward to seeing some rotation again tomorrow, showing that a completely different combination of players can still rinse them out… Maybe not as convincing as the first tie, but a win nonetheless.


  37. Limestonegunner

    Bill, the games were exciting, but the Giants just had the right mix of great pitching, solid defense, and a burst of good hitting at the right time. They just looked in control. Congrats on a great season with the Rangers, they’ll be back in the mix next season. Our team is a motley group of “castoffs and misfits” assembled for spare change, so I don’t know what we’ll even look like next year. In the meantime, this is one to savor for those of us from the SF Bay Area, for the first time and after 55 years of waiting.

  38. Limestone:

    Congrats to the Giants. No excuses from me, they were clearly the better team and outplayed the Rangers by a country mile. I have empty feeling in the pit of my stomach today but credit where credit is due. You always had the feeling that they would come up with the big hit and do the right thing. Its hard not to like that group of players. I am sure you feel elated as well you should.

  39. Szczesny needs to stop with the interviews. Go and talk to Wenger if you have a problem. Simple

    Glad Wilshere signed on, our team will be in great hands when some of the more senior players move on. Its a beautiful thing to see how Arsene has been blasted for not playing many english players and now we see that the most promising English players are at Arsenal. how ironic.

    As far as the World Series – Living in houston I was going for the Rangers! They just couldnt hit the ball though. Quite surprised, you wouldnt expect a team to beat the Yankees so comprehensively and then get beat in the Finals the way they did. The Giants were excellent, I must say, So congrats to you Limstone.

    I also like Renteria a lot as I was living in Miami when he won the world series with the Marlins.

  40. Guys – this is a ‘soccer’ blog by the way! 😉

  41. Reserves losing 2-0 to Villa at HT.

  42. Thats gotta be the Villa 1st team right? 😛

  43. Reserve side’s a bit depleted because of Afobe’s loan and first team injuries. I’d be interested to see how many, if any, of the younger players get game time tomorrow. It looks like Lansbury, Eastmond and JET are all going to travel.

  44. Limestonegunner

    Geo, since you call us back to topic, I’ll be a bit mischievous and ask what everyone thinks of Diaby’s latest comments (as reported) that suggests he believes the fans don’t put enough pressure on the team and players to win?!?

  45. YW:

    From Arsenals point of view I think it is to our advantage to have detailed financial information from all clubs with the new financial responsibility rules coming into effect soon. I do not think it is important to know exactly how much each player makes. That is tabloid stuff, but detailed accurate information on total player payrolls and all other club financial information will be needed to enforce any regulations.

  46. I think Abou’s been reading ACLF! 😉

  47. lol limestone! Was only joking!

    But now you mention it, I can sort of see what he’s saying. I know that personally, I’m not overly stressed about us winning trophies. I love to watch us play no matter what. And the stadium can be very quiet at times, when you compare to places like Anfield or Old Trafford.

    Do you have a link to the article? I havent actually read it, just going on comments from other blogs… have i got the wrong end of the stick?

  48. Jack uploaded pics of Lansbury, Eastmond and JET travelling.


  49. All this Chesney talk sounds to me like his agent is stirring things up (I doubt if the translation is a true reflection to what he said- perhaps any Polish gooners out there can dig up the interview and give us an idea) and he is being ill advised. Wenger normally keeps players he wants to keep but he can be ruthless where a player becomes too big for his boots- diarra, bently come to mind. AW has already stated publicly that he wants to keep Chesney and the indications are that things are moving in the right directions. I am suprised that his contract was left to the last year especially after AW’s comments on players/contracts recently. But if Chesney becomes too big for his boots then he will be shown the door!

  50. “That’s maybe what we are missing. The supporters of the club don’t put us under enormous pressure,” the midfielder told Onze Mondial magazine.

    “Maybe this could be explained by the fact our record isn’t catastrophic. Sure, we haven’t won a trophy since 2005, but we’re always in the top three and because of this the club is in the Champions League every season.

    “We’ve always done well, we reached the final in 2006 and we’re regularly in the quarter-finals. So there is still a consistency to our performances. But it’s imperative that we are able to take the next step to finally win trophies.”

    And the Frenchman also admitted that there are frustrations emerging amongst the players at the lack of victories in big games in both the league and in europe.

    “We’ve got into this bad habit for a little while now. Unfortunately, when it comes to the big games we have trouble playing our game the way we should,” he added.

    “Yet, we have a good team. All the ingredients are there for us to have lots of success. But it’s true that there’s something missing to take the next step.”

  51. Whenever a player is quoted in the press I always wonder what it was they were asked to get that response.
    For instance, the Wenger quotes about Nani were probably his way of deflecting a question about the goal at the weekend rather than him feeling a need to praise a Manchester United player.
    I wonder what Diaby and Szczesny were asked to get the latest batch of stories.

  52. YW

    interesting post. and your indictment of society’s ills as evidenced in our desire to know player salaries was spot on in my opinion. The fact that we talk about these hidden figures as something that is being hidden from us says something.

    enjoyed the “how to stealthily blog at work” handbook today

  53. I’m sorry that should read “the fact that we talk about these hidden figures as something is our right to know”

  54. Bill

    Financial transparency is one thing, the desire to know footballers wages is nothing to do with it though. This is media titilation pure and simple. Given that Arsenal has to comply with the regulations in force from the various authorities – football and governmental – there is no need for this detail. Indeed, if footballers salaries are to be made public, then the amount they pay to their telecoms providers should equally be public knowledge.

    Arsenal has a right to some commercial sensitivity; the players have a right to privacy.


  55. Abou, if you’re reading this, just go to Le Grove and you’ll find tons of people who would be more than delighted to put pressure on you and shout all the negative re-enforcemnt you’ll ever want.

    Szczesny is being an idiot. Wenger should remind him about Flamini and how he felt that Wenger didn’t want him. Gazidis should take him to the San Siro and show him how Flamini’s spot on the Milan bench has a well worn butt print on it.

  56. Bill,

    my condolences my friend. I hope your doing alright. Its always tough getting knocked out of the playoffs, and losing in the WS is not pleasant. But remember the journey, remember all those great nights you’ve shared in, and hopefully you can keep Cliff Lee 😉

    all the best

  57. Wilshere may be the youngest of the new Arsenal lot – by that I mean Lansbury, JET, Eastmond & Frimpong – but he is their leader. Together they won the under 18 double and probably dream of acheiving greatness together. Something like Alex Rednose’s golden generation dare I say!

  58. I agree that in principle, players’ contracts are matters to be kept in confidence between the player and the club. However, we are also not so naive as to believe that all those agents, legal clerks, etc., who were involved in the negotiation, preparation and execution of the document would be equally discreet. Let’s face it. Footballers today at the top clubs earning multi-millions from their status as stars adored by millions all over the world are no longer ordinary folks able to enjoy private lives.

  59. Anyone with the list of players on the plane to Ukraine?

  60. Bill:
    “I agree with everyone who thinks that Szczesny is over stepping his bounds. Hope we do not lose him but where would he go. I doubt any top of the table club in Germany, Italy, Spain, France would risk making a 20 year old their #1 so he would probably be looking at a mid table or lower club. Perhaps he should go the route of Joe Hart and go on loan for a year or 2 to a mid table PL club and prove how good he really is.”

    The only current goalkeepers who have started their careers really early are De Gea and Casillas. Both Casillas and De Gea came through because they got a lucky chance and established themselves. The reason they got their chances was because they were there from an early age and their progress was monitored. Even Joe hart was sent on loan twice and got his chance because he was patient. If Szczesny, regardless of how talented he is, decides to go play for another club he will not be guaranteed first team football. He will also have to start at the bottom of the pecking order and might even end up having a manager who has no confidence in young goalkeepers. As it stands right now he’s Arsenal’s #3 at the tender age of twenty and he’s only an injury or a bad patch of form away from being our number one. If he’s too stupid to throw all of that away then he was just not meant to be a goalkeeper at A.F.C..

  61. Kenyan

    Good post. Wilshere is nothing short of a prodigal talent. And I think your right about their desires to achieve something together. But you also cannot discount their love for Arsenal. In Jack’s case he has been there since he was 9 years old. Its safe to say that everyone in Jack’s family has benefitted from this and I’m sure his loyalty to the club is as fierce as you will find in a modern player. It would be tough to argue that Wenger did not consider player loyalty as a benefit of this audacious youth project.

  62. YW:
    Your right. I did not mean to sound like I really care how much Jack Wilshere makes but I do think total player payrolls and all other financial info from the club should be public and will need to be if there is going to be realistic enforcement. I would think clubs could have the needed financial transparency without revealing what each individual player makes as seperate from total team player payroll.

    Thanks for the condolences. It really hurts to come this close and lose, but the better team won. The Giants were always in control and they played better baseball. The Rangers went from playing loose and confident when they were underdogs to the Yankees, then completely losing their mojo. Hopefully you and I will have lots of playoff series against each other to blog about in the future.

  63. Right Nj. These guys have been together for so long that they are probably developing a telepathic understanding with each other. Not surprising that Wilshere and Gibbs – who is just a bit older – seemed to enjoy Lansbury’s goal against spurs more than the rest. I think they understand that they are on a mission!

  64. What it is to be an Arsenal supporter.

    I had to go shopping today so read a paper over a bacon sandwich as a means of recovery.

    Apparently Fergie thinks that the ‘Rooney affair’ will galvanise Utd and that ‘all the players seem pleased with developments’.

    Bale is being compared to Ronaldo.

    Man. City are imploding under the sheer weiaght of egos.

    Rafa only spent a net figure of £10 million while ‘pool manager and left a sqaud worth £300 million.

    No, I wasn’t reading the Mail or Mirror but the new junior Independant.

    Are the papers like this every day?

  65. G69:

    I agree with you. He certainly would not go to a “top club” and start anywhere but low on the pecking order. He is clearly best staying at Arsenal is he wants to have a great career at a top club. I hope that is his goal, but he just has to be patient. If he just wants first team football at any cost then he will might go. That route has not worked for others like Bentley but Tech 9 seems to be much more talented then Bentley. May be he would start off with a smaller club and then get noticed by a bigger club. Who knows what goes on in the mind of a 20 year old. Either way I agree completely that his best move is to stay where he is.

  66. Tech9 is really turning in to a bore!! Get over yourself.

    Arsene has stated 6ver and over again that he WILL get his chance, all he has to be is bloody patient, just like the club were with him.

  67. All,

    thanks for the concealment tips. They’ll be well and truly road tested on the ongoing journey


    No. Today was a relatively good day:~)

  68. Yes, it is Bob, that and much more!

  69. MJ,

    Any idea when Diaby is coming back?? Fat Robinson really did a number on him!!

  70. Funny thing is that he had a choice between Bolton and Arsenal, but still choose Arsenal even though he knew he would have much stiffer competetion @ the Arsenal!

  71. I dont know what club would want to play a 20 year old as a starter thoug. Non of the top 15 clubs in the world i guess. I think they all got better Keepers and if he goes he will find himself in the same situation as in Arsenal. Yes AM got De Gea and yes CIty got Hart but they did not buy a 20 year old and put him straight into the team. Both Hart and DeGea has been in their clubs for a while. I doubt any club that Chesney wants to go to will actually put him up as no1. Not any of the top 8 clubs in PL anyway.

  72. OOps i was talking about Chesney ofc… the young GK that demands to start more top games for a huge club like Arsenal.

  73. Bill:
    “May be he would start off with a smaller club and then get noticed by a bigger club. Who knows what goes on in the mind of a 20 year old. Either way I agree completely that his best move is to stay where he is.”

    I don’t think he has any intentions of moving to a smaller club, Bill. And even if he did go to a smaller club, do you think he’d be happy sitting on the bench? I mean, the kid is good but he’s no better than any of the goalkeepers in the league. Personally, I think this postponement of contract talks is because his agent is keeping his eyes open for better offers. I think he’ll sign when he finds out that his only offers will be for the number three spot at a big club or number two at a smaller one.

  74. I gotta say – I totally disagree. I want my keepers to have the kind of confidence Tech9 is showing. I’d want all the players to want to be in the team this much. I haven’t heard anything from Tech9 claiming that he should be in the team already or any of the cockiness that would put him out of the team spirit…all I’ve heard from him is the die-hard want to play attitude that I would want from my players. He said Fabianski was the best just the other day. I heard nothing that demanded that he start in the prem…he wants to know that he has a place in the future plans of AFC…doesn’t seem unreasonable to me. Maybe I’m not understanding what’s gone on here properly but…I wish they all had that much fire in the belly. Am I off base here?

  75. @ Maria, no idea about his comeback. He had recovered from the Robinson challenge, only to be caught again by Essien’s woeful stomp.

  76. AW in his press conf today said the reported quotes from Szcsezny were false and that talks are continuing and he is hopeful of concluding them soon. AW is in a strong position here. Szez said in a previous interview that he expected Fabianski to be no 1 at the beginning of the season, implying he expects to be no 2 (and is accepting of that).
    If Szez is planning on a “Flamini” then he will naturally push to be in the shop window by playing CC, FA cup and Ch league (late group fixtures). The solution is to sign him now, and if he is reluctant then include in his contract some specifics on which games he is guaranteed (injury permitting) to get this season (CC, FAC, etc). If he refuses that then it is back to the reserves and he leaves on a free next summer. So it will be resolved one way or another very soon.

    Re the contract details, the club will never reveal details for the simple fact that it weakens their position in future negotiations and gives intelligence to opposing clubs. Fabregas’s renewal 18 months ago was a good example. It wasn’t reported at all until Lady Nina B-S went off in a fit of pique at the club. The contract renewal of Fabregas meant that he could not go on a “Webster” for another 3 years, and strongly strengthened Arsenals hand over the past summer. In today’s Press conf AW was careful to refuse to confirm the length of Wilshere’s contract. Journo/hack/spy “was it 5 years?”. AW “approximately”.

  77. axis, if his signing a new contract is contingent upon his playing then I am not in favour of such confidence.

    A confident player says, “I plan on signing a new contract and fighthing to become number 1”. He shouldnt say such things in the media either, this is the second time.

    He is only 20 years of age and needs to be patient or if he has an issue talk it out with Wenger.

  78. John:
    “AW in his press conf today said the reported quotes from Szcsezny were false and that talks are continuing and he is hopeful of concluding them soon. AW is in a strong position here. ”

    What’s Wenger’s position in your opinion?

  79. I`m with Axis on Szczesny.

    The lad seems very confident in his own abilities & seeing his peers strutting their stuff regularly in the first team has probably added to any impatience.

    Confidence & a big ego are surely benefits to a keeper & why shouldn`t he be our number 1 at 20 years of age ? Arsene has bloodied plenty of others his age & younger & not lived to regret it.

    If he`s as good as people inside the club say he is then he should be signed long term & in the team regularly even if it may seem unfair on others.

  80. Szczesny may yet not realize that Wenger is protecting him at a time when the vultures are out in numbers against our goal-keepers.

    If he flapped a couple of balls in a game or two, no one will ever have %100 confidence in him again or give him the benefit of the doubt. Just like Almunia and Fabianski, even though the latter is doing much better now.

  81. PW said:

    “Confidence & a big ego are surely benefits to a keeper & why shouldn`t he be our number 1 at 20 years of age ?Arsene has bloodied plenty of others his age & younger & not lived to regret it”

    Thats a double edged sword for if Arsene knows what he is doing in regards to all the other youth he must also know what he doing in regards to this young man and know why he has not made him number 1. Arsene has handled the youth always with discretion.

  82. What some people miss is that Szczesny has never insisted on being automatically promoted to #1 at Arsenal, he would have been satisfied to play on loan. If he was as arrogant as people say and believed he was perfect, he’d be happy to sit on the bench. Instead he wants games because he knows he needs to improve and that’s the only way he’ll do so. Almost all top goalkeepers were playing regularly at his age, if only on loan, and that’s how they reached their current level. Wenger, on the other hand, has this weird expectation that young keeepers will improve by benchwarming.

  83. G69: AW is in a strong position as Fabianski is in good form, Almunia has ample experience for no2. Mannone has potential. But most importantly Martinez (18 – Argentine) is on a long contract, has enormous potential and in time could overshadow them all…

  84. “Wenger, on the other hand, has this weird expectation that young keeepers will improve by benchwarming.”

    Yes, so if our goalies get injured we can have you go and play between the sticks as all the disgruntled goalies will be on loan.

    Its obvious that the reason why he didnt go on loan is because Arsene has plans for him and it is best for the TEAM.

  85. “CWD4CESC has been terminated because we received multiple third-party claims of copyright infringement regarding material the user posted. ”

    Damn, the awesome videos are gone!

  86. I hope Inter Milan teach the S*4ds a proper lesson this time!!! Eto to humiliate turn coat Gallas!! Also they should now know, how to handle the one trick monkey.

  87. I hear your point Paul N, but at the same time…that is Wenger’s job not the players. Maybe he is being protected, maybe he’s not ready, maybe a lot of things, but that’s not for a player to worry about. His task is to believe in himself and fight for his chance…every chance, every time. that’s what players are meant to do. Who plays when, who’s ready when, and all that…that’s for managers to decide, and players to accept; but it doesn’t change how they see themselves and it shouldn’t change their desire. Remember, it’s partly this attitude that we love so much about Nicky B-52…he’s always ready to take that role, and he always accepts when it’s his time to sit.

  88. Almost all of you are being grossly unfair to Szczesny, probably because he is favoured by certain unwelcome sections of the support. His situation is completely different to Wilshere’s. Wilshere is 18 years old, and has already played 10 games in the league and 8 games in Europe for Arsenal. Those numbers are likely to increase rapidly season on season. Szczesny, on the other hand, is 20 years old, and has never played in Europe or in the league for Arsenal. If Wilshere was in the same position, he’d already be looking for a new club, if he hadn’t left already.

    Szczesny believes, probably with reason, that he is an exceptionally talented goalkeeper. To develop that talent, he needs to play games. He could of course settle for being third in “the pecking order,” as people like to say on here. He can play three or four games a year in the Carling Cup. In five years, perhaps Almunia will retire, and then Szczesny might get to play a few games in the group stage of the Champions League – once qualification is guaranteed, of course. So, after another five years, perhaps it will be Fabianski’s turn to retire. “Great!” thinks Szczesny, now thirty years old, “the chance for which I have waited so long has finally arrived.” The manager, however, thinks differently, and instead buys a new number one. “There’s no doubting your talent,” he will tell Szczesny, “but you just don’t have enough experience for me to risk using you as my first choice goalkeeper.” I see two possibilities at this point. The first is that Szczesny, his heart overflowing with bitterness, will hand in a transfer request, and move to a Championship side or perhaps one of the smaller clubs back in Poland. No doubt some fans will censure him for his disloyalty and lack of patience. “Remember what happened to Diarra,” they will say. The truth is, though, that no one will really care. The second possibility is that he will stay at Arsenal, his hopes of greatness having long since evaporated. Those youthful ambitions now seem like so many fond dreams. How could he stand the thought that greatness was within his grasp, and he just let it slip away?

    I completely disagree with those who say he has the wrong attitude. On the contrary, he has a perfect attitude. That is the problem. He wants most of all to be a great goalkeeper, not a great earner. The player who wants riches is more than willing to wait for his chance. He just hopes it doesn’t come too quickly. In the meantime, he trains once or twice a week and counts his money. That is the mentality of the players at Manchester City. Why earn £2m a year at Everton for playing football every week when at City you could earn £4m for doing nothing? If the worst comes to the worst and you have to play, why, just don’t try too hard! For a player like Szczesny, who wants to make the most of his potential, the Manchester Mentality is anathema. The most important thing is to play, because that is the only way to improve. So far as I can see, his position with regard to signing a new contract at Arsenal is in no way unreasonable. He simply wants to know where he stands at Arsenal. If he is considered the best or perhaps the second best goalkeeper, then he will sign for a fair price. Otherwise, he will move on. If he is really only our third best goalkeeper, who cares if he leaves? Wenger can decide either to give more opportunities to a relatively untested player, or to risk losing a brilliant goalkeeper. He cannot expect Szczesny to absolve him of the responsibility for making this decision by risking his whole future.

  89. So we watching Spuds or manure tonight then folks?
    Christ it’s like asking who wants the vomit on toast and who wants the turd in a bun isn’t it?

  90. Well its clear Sczesney is the real deal, so lets tie him up. easily the best out of the four keepers we got. looked just like schmiecel( fuck knows how to spell his name) the way he came out and saved that one on one against Newcastle, that was the look of a world class keeper.

  91. Thanks Pz…that’s exactly what I meant to say…

  92. Pz, so what exaclty is he going to do to get more playing time? talk about it in the media? How do you break into the team and will talking about it in the media make it happen.

    Its about both money and playing time, thats for sure.

    Axis, NB decided to fight for his place.

  93. G69:

    Perhaps your right, With his reputation and his succcessful loan spell I suspect he could get offered a chance to be #1 will a mid table team in the PL, La Liga, etc.

  94. Bloody fart face sc6red for the sp*ds!!

  95. It’s probably misquoting of, or mischief-making by, the agent in any case, but any number of footballers think they are God’s gift to the game, the manager decides whether they are or not.
    Of course he wants to play – the whole squad wants to play every game, but they can’t. Comparing the number of games he is getting with the number Jack is getting misses the point – Jack is in the team regularly because he has earned it and because he is one of a three-part unit. We can only play one keeper at a time and no-one can nurse him through a game the way Jack or Denilson can assist Jack. However, that said Jack earned his first appearance by doing well IN TRAINING and with his attitude. He cemented his place because he offered as much or more, initially IN TRAINING and then on the pitch, than players like Denilson or even Rosicky. When has Wenger ever held back a young player purely on account of his age? Never, that’s when. If anything, he is TOO gung-ho about throwing kids in. Chesney will get as many games as AW thinks he can handle, not as many games as Chesney thinks he can handle. That would be the case whichever club he played for. He would play or not play according to the manager’s estimation of his ability, not his own. But if Chesney shows in the games he gets that he is good enough to be number one, he will be number one.
    And unlike some, i do not see this as (over)confidence – it smacks of anxiety to me. Arsenal have just signed an amazing 18-yr-old keeper, perhaps Chesney is spooked? But everyone has to accept that they will have to fight for the privilege of playing for the Arsenal.

    And YW I totally agree about not giving detailed information on the wages, both on privacy and commercial sensitivity grounds. They’re not paid from the public purse or any kind of tax, so what they get is none of our business providing it’s all legal.

    Luke, I tend to disagree – a famous person is not a public person, and footballers have a right to a degree of privacy. We are all naturally curious about many aspects of their lives, but I’m not sure that means they have to let us in to their financial affairs, again provided it’s all legal and above board?

  96. Whatever he has to say, say it to the manager directly not via the press. Arsene believes they are talking and the talks are progressing well. Either the player or his agent are using the press to push their own agenda. That is totally out of order in my opinion. It’s the same game Rooney played recently, but Arsene will always do what is best for the club and will not be held to ransom by a 20 year old ego maniac.

  97. tee hee FC Copenhagen have just equalised within a couple of minutes of Barca scoring! 1-1.

  98. oh yes…training…the reason why Walcott never went to the world cup. I suppose Fabianski is one of them players who is the last to leave the training ground. ever wondered how so many players are “the last to leave the training ground”.

  99. Totally agree with FunGun and Passenal!

  100. Is your problem with his attitude or with him talking to the press?

  101. Funny Arsene is always saying that the Fabianski we now see is the one that everyone always sees in, guess what? training!

  102. I agree FG, on every point you made oddly enough.

    Nah, am joking, I have yet to read anything from you that I don’t agree with!!

  103. Don’t forget Song too!

    His transformed from a great defensive midfielder to box to box superstar, which was down to hard work in training, to build up that stamina Arsene has been so impressed with!!

  104. It’s strange to talk about missing the point, then going on about how Szczesny will get as many games as Wenger thinks he can handle, not as many as Szczesny thinks he can handle. The point is that Szczesny wants to know how many games Wenger thinks he can handle before he signs a new contract. Do you seriously think Szczesny imagines there is a club where he will decide for himself whether he plays or not? Of course he doesn’t. That’s just setting up a straw man, ready for Passenal to knock down by shrieking ego maniac.

  105. It’s great that he is confident, but he needs to be respectful too. Using the press to advance his career is not the way to go. Prove yourself to the manager and you will get opportunities either at the club or on loan. The Newcastle game could have gone very differently had Koscielny not come to his rescue on his first mistake. No one would be suggesting Arsene do whatever is required to keep him had that mistake been punished and led to a different outcome.

  106. Come on Inter! Make those spuddies cry!!!

  107. Pz, for arguements sake if Arsene says you will play 2 more first team matches, then what?

  108. Songs form is all down to his wife and his blonde hair, nowt to do with training.

  109. I agree with FG and I believe someone must’ve hijacked Poli’s account.

    Fan der Faart must feel like shit knowing that passing the ball to the likes of Huddleston and Lennon means that the play breaksdown.

  110. Well the Spurs look much better than Inter!

    I feel sick!!

  111. how is Szezcney an ego maniac, he has seen Al n Fab make mistake after mistake and just been left in the reserves, he knows he is better then Al n Fab thats why he is in patient. cant blame him either.

  112. Is it me or does Inter look very slow?

  113. So DG what you are saying is that you know that he wouldnt have made any mistakes?

    If reserve play and PL play were the same, he wouldnt be complaining.

    Also, didnt he say that Fabianski was the best goalie at Arsenal?

  114. I don’t know, Paul N. Only Szczesny can say how many games he wants to be able to play.

  115. Also you implicate Arsene by saying he has hasnt given the best chance to win. Somehow I dont believe that.

  116. @Poliziano
    I believe that you are unfair in your assessment as well. In the end Wilshere profited from injuries in the first team. There were talks about sending him on loan, but he was kept and as Cesc, Denilson etc. were injured, he got his chance. He proved his value and is now one of the 15 or 16 players that compete for a spot in the starting 10 (Outfield players).
    Things are simply different for goalkeepers. As a goalkeeper you have to be patient. If the person in front of you is doing well all season, you might not get a chance in the EPL or CL, simply because it would be too big of a risk to take, to replace a goalkeeper that has been doing well. On the other hand, if you get the opportunity to come in, for example because of injuries (see last season where Mannone got his chance — or this season, right now, with Fabianski) and you manage to do well during your run, you might find yourself number one much faster than you would’ve thought.

  117. Paul N- Not just Inter the whole italian leaugue is slow . As I started watching this game I was looking for an Inter player called Couthino then realised Rafa did not start him, This kid is really good but Rafa beeing negative he wasn’t looking to attack the Spuds.Very negative

  118. Pz, I guess what i am saying is that i hope he isnt saying that if he doesnt hear what he wants to hear then he will leave. The comment (if true) gives that impression.

  119. @ axis

    @ maria
    ha ha (I never post “lol” anymore after my nephew brutally but truthfully told me I am too old for those acronyms!)

    @ DG
    Not sure what your point is – that you think training is irrelevant? Walcott is in fact a great example of Wenger NOT holding back a young player. Recommended him for inclusion on the WC squad aged 16 before he’d even appeared for Arsenal.

    I know that’s what Chesney said (or is reported to have said). But Wenger will give him games if his performances in training and, in the games he does play, merit it. If he doesn’t want to guarantee Szczesny in advance a certain number of games, there must be a reason – a reason connected with Chesney’s development. Perhaps Szczesny feels that all he needs is to be playing, but maybe Arsene has other and better ideas. You’re assuming that the 20-yr-old knows better what he needs to do than the experienced manager who is looking at the bigger picture.
    And WS shouldn’t be talking about this in public, either.

  120. No, Gainsbourg69, the truth is more sinister. Nagagunner and co. have effectively hijacked the opinions of a whole group of Arsenal supporters, so a twenty year old player who has done nothing wrong is being targeted for a character assassination by the very people who would normally be expected to defend him.

  121. no Paul i’m saying Szczesney knows he is better then the keepers that are in front of him. and he is isnt he. hence his in patience at not being given a chance, if he was behind a Seaman or a keeper playing a faultless game then he would be as quite as a mouse.

  122. Yes, Wenger is looking at the bigger picture. He is looking at the interests of Arsenal F.C., as indeed he must. Szczesny is looking at the insignificant matter of his own interests, which however are very important to himself. The interests of Arsenal and Szczesny are not necessarily compatible.

  123. Nice dive Jenas.
    Those foreigners!

  124. What a dive by Jenas! ha!

    1lc, so this is Benitez’ handy work?

    The Spurs are making them look common!

  125. @DukeGoonem
    So how would you describe Fabianski’s last few league appereances if not faultless?

  126. My point Fg was a half hearted one about the difference between training and a real game. Walcott obviously isnt the best in training eg, at those pin point crosses but in a real game its a case of the bigger the game the better he plays. there are well known players down the years that ” turn it on ” in big games and dont really get aroused for training.

  127. @ DG
    perhaps he isn’t better? Perhaps he’s better potentially, but not ready now? Perhaps he’s too raw? And he DOESN’T think he’s better than Fabianski – he thinks Fab is the best keeper.
    Do you want him to suffer the destructive criticism which came Fab’s way when he makes mistakes, as he inevitably will?

    @ Pz
    The “bigger pic ture” includes Chesney’s development. AW prides himself on helping all his players become better. If he thought he was going to sacrifice Chesney’s career to the team, he would let him move on, as he did with Eduardo.

  128. Game on

  129. get in!!!! I want to see some spurs tears!!!!

  130. DG, well Szczesney hasnt dont enough to prove that to Wenger and that who has to know.

    If he is better he will win the position, of that I am sure.

  131. yes waiting for that predictable one evil..obviously Fab has played well lately but you cant erase what went on before…yet.

  132. Come on Inter!!!

  133. Maicon is having a stinker of game.
    The Spuds will go through regardless of what happens in this game because the other 2 teams in this group are simply useless.

  134. Bale has made Maicon his little bitch tonight. terrible display from the best rb in the world.

  135. Pains me to say it but that Bale is class.

  136. fuck knows what he is doing at a small club like spurs.

  137. i might get out of here before james turns up pretending to be french.

  138. Inter lacked pace everywhere on the pitch specially at the back. everytime Bale got the ball they simply coul not run at all.

  139. What Szczesney has said is hardly Lehman-esque. He hasn`t demanded anything or slagged anyone off , rather just in all probability answered a straight question with a straight answer.

    What I don`t understand is this pecking order that clubs (not just ourselves) have with keepers & why there seems to be this myth about them having to wait their time & getting better as they get older. Surely it all depends on the individual.

    Also, I believe WS be given more of a chance by both the media & the fans BECAUSE of his age.

  140. thats exactly what i saw ilc, they are just too slow. They needed to play counter attacking football.

    What a sad display

    Credit to Spurs, they played with pace and tortured Inter.

  141. Well it was actually fun to watch Spurs today, they played well. Who would have imagined Inter won CL last year? they looked utterly pap. No way players like Bale and VdV and Modric will ever leave Tottenham if they continiue play like they do now. They look really good. If they manage to get the 4th place in PL this year and maybe get to the quarter final in CL they done very well and are at the same stage we were a couple of years ago..

    But fear not, soon Redknapp will become England manage and then Tottenham is back down in the dirt me thinks…

  142. And this lot just got rolled over on Saturday. They didn’t bother turning up at Old Trafford, the lilly white c*nts.

  143. Bale will be playing for Real,Barca or Chelsea next season.There is no way the Spuds can keep hold of him.He was world class

  144. Sad, this match was impressive but overall the Spurs have not been impressive. Check out the PL table.

  145. And Chesney, well i smell Merida all over. Now hes on the AM bench. Nobody can denie that Merida was a true talent and is going to become a great player. Same as Chesney, but there will always be someone to take his place if he decides to go back to Poland or mid table . Maybe after some years United or Liverpool will buy him and he can still play at top lvl.

    Just hope he knows what he is doing going out in the media like this. It can backfire badly…
    PS: Do we know its a fact hes gone out and said all this? As AW went out today and said he is currently in talks with Chesneys agent and everything was fine…..

  146. @Frank what if the untinkable happends, what IF Tottenham transforms into world class?? and what if they beat us in the first playoff round of CL??? That would be worse than the first time i saw nightmare on elm street!(didnt sleep for a week after that)

  147. Frank- Bale is one dimentional if he senses the full backs are slow he will run at athem all day. He can’t do that in the league as premier league players sussed him out and are a lot faster than those of europe so they generally keep him quite. You only become a world class player when you do it constantly against every opposition.

  148. Sp*rs reminds me of Leeds when they entered the CL a couple of years ago and we all know what happend to them afterwards…..

  149. @1 loose cannon see what you did there? you just used everybodys arguments for why Walcott is crap and turned it towards Bale.. You saying Bale and Walcott are similar players?

  150. This is when it gets a bit irritating when you hear the Spurs fans coming on the radio saying Bale is up there with Messi. Getting a bit silly. He is nowhere near Messi. he runs in a straight line once he has few players around him he can’t go anywhere.

  151. @sad
    You surely are a sp*d in disguise, aren’t you?
    Which player in the world is faster than Walcott?

  152. Sad you are really sad. Walcott is a wonderful finisher, He is a striker first winger second and he plays one touch football the Arsenal way brilliantly add to that he is a lot quicker than Bale so there is no one who can match him in that department. Bale on the other hand run in a straight line on the flnaks once he beat the defenders for pace he puts the ball in the box which is great when it works but when teams double up on him or employ someone as quick as him then he has nowhere to go. Walcott can play on the left , right down the middle and upfront so he is not one dimentional as you are tryimg to make out. Just watch Bale in the premiership and you will understand what I’m saying.

  153. ye, ye, am just saying, you sound like all the walcott hates from last yeear that were moaning and dissing the kid for being tooo “one dimensional” wehen we all could see he had bags of potential. Maybe Bale is a better player than we give him credit fore ones we take our “tottenham glasses” off? I mean wed love him and praise him if he was on our left flank.

    Im not suggesting Walcott is one dimensional at all and i dont think Bale is neither tbh.. It was just funny to read how you slatered the kid(he is Walcotts age no?) using the same arguments everyone used to slater Theo before. Im sure he will have no brain in the papers ones hes having a dip to just like Theo.

    Im suggesting they are both rather good players and that you just dislike Bale cos hes a tottenham player.
    @Evil Who cares whos fastest? its about being useful for your team and contribute to winning, how you do it well, aslong as you score or defend or tackle or pass good enough so your team wins then you could be a cripple for all i care. Both players do that very very well. thats all.

    I am not tottenham in disguise just im not English so dont feel the rivalery at all, and i happend to like Bale and Van der Vart and Modric, they are fun to watch. Rest of the team i hate though, together with Redknapp. I actually hate Liverpool more, only smug team i cant stand…And i am enjoying every minute of their pain….

  154. PS. they are friends are they not? Bale and Walcott? both from Southampton academy no? To bad they did not both end up in arsenal. i mean what a waste to play all your career in tottenham :p(ok so i hate tottenham a bit then, but not as much as Liverpool)

  155. You are aware at which place you are, right? People here have never been slating Walcott. We all believed in him.

    And I only made the comparison because of ” you just used everybodys arguments for why Walcott is crap and turned it towards Bale.” But that is not true. Walcott’s pace is something that is a threat for every team in the world, and we can see that week in, week out when he plays. Bale on the other hand does not posses enough pace and when he can not use it, he will fall away in a game. Walcott, on the other hand, will either need to be double marked, or even when he is not being sent on a run or something, he still draws defenders left and right, therefore creating spaces for his team mates.

  156. Poliziano:
    “No, Gainsbourg69, the truth is more sinister. Nagagunner and co. have effectively hijacked the opinions of a whole group of Arsenal supporters, so a twenty year old player who has done nothing wrong is being targeted for a character assassination by the very people who would normally be expected to defend him.”

    What character assasination are you talking about? Are you mad? I just think that a twenty year old shouldn’t be giving one of the best managers at promoting young talent an ultimatum. Believe me, I admire Szczesny’s confidence. But that confidence doesn’t necessarily mean that he is mistake proof or that his time in the lower leagues makes him a shoo in for the number one spot.

  157. Duke:
    “no Paul i’m saying Szczesney knows he is better then the keepers that are in front of him. and he is isnt he. hence his in patience at not being given a chance, if he was behind a Seaman or a keeper playing a faultless game then he would be as quite as a mouse.”

    Szczesny is not proven in the premier league. Fabianski has played against two of the league’s best teams and has done well. Szczesny did well in the Carling cup and people are already anointing him the best we have. That’s absolute bullshit if you ask me. When Szczesny gets his chance, which I don’t think Wenger would thwart if it came about, and he plays well then we can all make our decision when that happens. Until then all the Tech 9 is the best we have comments are just speculation.

  158. Duke:
    “yes waiting for that predictable one evil..obviously Fab has played well lately but you cant erase what went on before…yet.”

    This is so stupid. In one breath you say that a player who has had no game time at the highest level is the best keeper we have, but then turn around and say that our current goalkeeper, who is on a good run of form, can’t shake his past just because.

    You know what’s sad? The same idiots who are bigging up Szczesny now are the same ones who will slaughter him if he has the temerity to commit a blunder or two. Let’s not forget that once upon a time Fabianski was considered the best GK at the club too. You’ll have to excuse me if I don’t jump on the “Szczesny is the best we have” bandwagon just yet.

  159. If I was mad, Gainsbourg69, I’d fit right in on this site – a site for Arsenal supporters where trying to defend an Arsenal player who has been attacked by all comers is seen as evidence that one’s account has been hijacked; a site where a player’s motives can be painted in the blackest possible terms and yet where to speak of a character assassination is greeted with incredulity; a site where an adult who thinks he is the person best able to ascertain his own interests is considered an ego maniac. Yep, one would have to be mad even to read such rubbish. I stand guilty as charged.

  160. WOW PZ, that sounds sad. Hopefully it was not that serious.

  161. Serioulsy, PZ? Who is attacking Szczesny? Have you heard anyone here say he’s bad or even that his cockiness is not merited? All we’re saying is that he should be a bit more patient and that perhaps Wenger is bringing him through the way he is because he saw what happened to Fabianski and doesn’t want that to happen to yet another promising keeper.

  162. In the end, Szczesny will get his chance. If he keeps quiet and does not do something childish or irresponsible. Mannone got his chance. And Arsenal is a club where the gk spot is never “safe”. Look at how Lehmann got usurped and there was open competition in the pre-season between Almunia and Fabianski.

  163. Omg….pz is having a bi*ch fit!! Lol

    I have say that while i understand your point, it’s just that personally I have never liked players that use the media to negotiate with the Arsenal, kinda a red flag for me! Hence my reaction to this continuing story.

  164. Aren’t those Chesney quotes fake? Didn’t Arsene clarify them in his press-conference yesterday?

  165. Bendtner for all the accusations about his ego, was always happy to sign on and believe in himself enough to know he would get his chance to prove it. Maybe Szczesny is not as confident as he makes out or he would not need ‘guarantees’ because he would know he is so good the manager would soon have no choice but to select him. All I am saying, and I would say the same about any player – do your talking in private to the manager. The only justification for this publicity is to attract interest from elsewhere in an attempt to blackmail the club into giving him what he wants. And it stinks in my opinion. Whether these comments are genuine, the comments from a few weeks ago, definitely were and are in the same vein.

  166. IndianGooner, Arsene basically said they don’t make sense given that they are talking to his agent and expect to make a deal. Doesn’t mean they are fake.

  167. Passenal,
    Thanks for the clarification..

    I have always appreciated Big Nic’s confidence.. His confidence and belief is growing all the time. I also love his commitment.

  168. Yes IG, I saw an apparent rebuke on the headlines of newsnow, so the issue is done and dusted.

    Benitez is whack. He’s put all these Totts in an excellent mood, which means a bad day for me. Let’s go and qualify tonight and set the world right again

  169. Great, now Gareth bale is the best player in europe, no, the world. This is the tottenham drivel I have to listen to on the radio. all freakin morning. The only good thing about all this is that bale is not english.

  170. so once a keeper makes a mistake, he is replaced in the very next match?

    of course thre must be pecking order and a sense of who forst comes into the team barring injuries or serious loss of form, not just costing a match or too.

    Real have lost a few matches in their time, but castillas is one of the best there is regardless of that! Even Juve with boffon lost some, also chelsea cech and man u with van der saar.

    i do not think almunia has cost us that many gols this season to be considered a loss of form! That west brom game was bad and the team just soemhow didnt click that day as thee same team have done better in other games, it does not mean almunia should be dropped… that is being carried from past percieved iissues.

    last season Fab made his share of mistakes…i cant think of any he has made this season… which shows that confidence can be build by a good keeper over time.

    Joe hart, touted as one of the best of the young keepers was in goal for man city for their last 2 losses… so, should he get dropped immediately?

    There must be a pecking order which does not just get thrown overboard on a whim or else we would not see the likes of Walcott getting better in what they do

  171. never really understood criticism of Walcott’s finishing….
    I’d put my house on him to score tonight…if i had one.

  172. I cant believe what i am reading on here.Before the West Brom game everyone on here was praising Almunia on his great start to the season then after on bad game he is a bad keeper and Flappy is now a great keeper.Get real.Almunia is still a better kepper than Flappy

  173. All he has said is that he wants to know if he will get match time before he signs on. And fair enough, for it is his right to know where he stands in the Arsenal setup. What’s wrong with any player asking for gurantees to play? Fair play to the lad, for it seems, he isn’t motivated by money to move elsewhere or just sign on with us. He wants matches. He’s 20, sure, but he’s a player who wants to play, weather it be here or somewhere else. I really don’t see anything wrong with it. But I do agree, with Passenal that he could have kept this conversation private rather than coming out in the open about it. But then again, he hasn’t declared that he’s been having wet dreams for his boyhood club, has he?

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