West Ham Preview: Continue The Good Form Please

West Ham United arrive at The Emirates this afternoon rooted to the bottom of the Premier League table, a solitary win all season with three 1-1 draws to accompany it in the paltry six points from nine games. The sort of home banker which Arsene has been careful to warn his charges about, stopping the complacency which cost dear against West Brom recently.

West Ham seem to enjoy visiting Arsenal in October; the nine matches previously played in this month at Highbury ended with five draws and the sides emerging victorious in equal measure in the remaining four matches. If they need straws to clutch at, this is a pretty decent one to hold onto. That the last fixture was in 1982 makes that straw bend significantly.

Having seen his squad win four consecutive matches, Wenger noted that this sort of sequence must be maintained if the title is to be delivered,

It is very tight at the top and two conclusions come out of that. The consistency will be rewarded in the end and that everybody can drop points against everybody.

I believe that the League is very difficult and you have to be focused for every single game or you will drop points. But realistically seven teams could win the League.

Whilst the seven could win the league, realistically anyone outside of four would be a surprise. Even then, there is some debate as to whether or not the four are in with a chance, many content to proclaim the title already at Stamford Bridge. Arsenal needs a good run to put that suggestion to bed and the matches between now and the end of November are a good chance to test their title credentials, wins essential.

It is this focus which has been evident in the past fortnight and needs to be maintained. Wenger has undoubtedly been aided by the return of fitness to the majority of his walking wounded, Robin van Persie aiming for the derby against Tottenham as a comeback game is further good news.

For Wenger, the biggest boost has been the return of Nicklas Bendtner and his confidence in front of goal. Two goals in less than a game and a half is devastating form, difficult to maintain but enough to make those ahead of him think about their own game and realise that their place in the starting line-up is not as secure as they might believe. Likewise, Theo Walcott’s brace at St James’ Park puts him firmly in the manager’s mind for a starting place this afternoon. Maybe two games in three days might be too much, too soon but nonetheless Wenger will be relishing the options available.

In particular, Andrey Arshavin will be thinking hardest. The versatility of the returning strike force might induce more consistency from the Russian. He has the ability to be an automatic choice in the starting line-up but at times drifts out of games, infuriatingly. It seems to me unlikely though that Chamakh and Bendtner would start the same match unless the Dane was played on the right hand side of the attack. Even then that would surely be if injuries arose in others? It is van Persie’s return which may spark the Russian into action, the Dutchman more than capable of asserting his right to a place with goals on a regular basis.

Younger players though are occupying Wenger’s mind. Jack Wilshere and Wojciech Szczesny are being offered new deals, the young goalkeeper gave a hint that the hype surrounding him might have some substance, on Wednesday at Newcastle. A nervous start was followed by an excellent contribution, notable for his concentration through to the final minutes. Wenger seemed confident that a deal could be negotiated and is revelling in the choices he has for his main custodian.

It is a little early to be crowing that the problem is solved but the form of Lukasz Fabianski has clouded the issue. He needs time to prove that his erratic previous is down to a lack of match action but Wenger believes that he is going to prove his doubters wrong,

He always felt that if he could get a run of games, then he could show how good he is. He always felt it [his reputation] was only on one game and he felt under pressure to show how good he is in one game. Now he is a bit more relaxed.

He is what I call a natural goalkeeper, the rhythm of the game runs through his body. He smells what will happen. He is technically very gifted, after that every goalkeeper progresses and they blossom at 28 until 38.

Having seen how confidence, or lack of it, destroyed the Arsenal career of Philippe Senderos, little wonder that Wenger is sensitive to the subject,

Of course [the mistakes he made last season] affected him. The Porto game was very bad for him. The confidence problem is a very interesting subject in top-level sport. You feel it goes quickly and comes back slowly. If you are an established name and you make a mistake, then people say ‘you have had a bad day’. If you come into the team and you make a mistake people say you are not good enough. That’s a massive difference.

There is undoutebly a chance for him to prove people wrong and Wenger has to contribute to that. Replace Fabianski with Almunia and that confidence will once more ebb away. Yet the feeling is that the Pole is still as good as his last mistake. That he has so far come back and played well is testament to his ability and mental strength. Long may that continue.

This afternoon’s team is more likely to be that which took the pitch at Eastlands last weekend. Wenger will no doubt be keen to avoid muscular injuries following various injury lay-offs although Laurent Koscielny’s performance at Newcastle suggests he will return to the starting line-up at the expense of Johan Djourou. I would expect the starting XI to be:

Fabianski; Sagna, Squillaci, Koscielny, Clichy; Fabregas, Song, Denilson; Nasri, Chamakh, Arshavin

The key is a win. The only tough fixture this afternoon for any of the top five is Tottenham v Manchester United. Chelsea ought to win at Blackburn, Manchester City likewise at Wolves. It is important that Arsenal focus on winning first, presuming that the gap will not widen this weekend. Any reduction in the five points between first and second is a bonus.

Enjoy the match wherever you are watching it. ’til Tomorrow.

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  1. Morning…

  2. On this day, 25th November 1967 Arsenal faced West Ham Utd at Highbury.

    The Programme tells us that in the previous home tie against Everton, the crowd was a mere 36,371 while an earlier game against Man. Utd attracted 33,350. The return game at Old Trafford had a crowd of 60,197. Best home crowd? 62,836 versus the Tinies.

    Anybody out there know a now not so young fan named ‘Ruggieri’? He is singled out for praise in a letter from an Everton fan who heard the history of Arsenal from him under the Clock while waiting for the game to start. He goes on to say, “ I found your supporters extremely fair in their comments and applause both to the teams and officials…I respect Arsenal. Thank you for providing me with so much entertainment for a mere 4 shillings.” (That’s 20 Pence to you Limpar).

    The Arsenal team that day was:

    Furnell, Storey, McNab, McLintock, Neill, Simpson, Radford, Johnston, Graham, Sammels, Armstrong.

    The West Ham side included Moore, Redknapp, Bonds, Peters and Hurst. The tallest men in the West Ham squad were Bobby Moore and Martin Peters who managed to reach 6 feet. Geoff Hurst who had won ‘A cash prize’ for scoring a hat trick in the ‘66 World Cup Final was only 5’ 11”. Trevor Brooking was on the bench.

    The referee was N. Burtenshaw, who, we learn, referees schoolboy matched on Saturday mornings.

    In the Programme of Music, played, of course, by the Metropolitan Police Band, conducted by Roger Barsotti, was included ‘Music from the film, “Half a Sixpence” and in the “Pop Parade Selection”, “T’is the day”, sung by Constable Alex Morgan.

    Here are yesterday’s football results. Arsenal 0 West Ham 0.

  3. This is a must-win game. Any other result is not acceptable

  4. Tom Watts is my new Arsenal hero! ( along eith YW ofcause) He just speaks so much sense, completely hit the tackling issue on the head. It is NOT about Arsene, it’s just he happens to be the intelligent guy in football, so it’s his burden that he introduces important issues into the public realm.

  5. Great write up by the way YW.

  6. There goes Bob again, always trying to drag us into the past! Lol seriously though I live all those types of Arsenal history thingys. We should also do one before games with the Chavs!

  7. Good post, we must win,we must keep on winning. COYG .

  8. Consols – at this rate every Saturday, someone would think you were older than Baker Street railway station.

  9. Another 4:0 win wouldn’t be bad. Anything wrong with supporting Spurs against manutd today?

  10. The team needs to be ruthless today. I think your team selection is spot on except maybe Rosicky in place of Denilson for a bit more creativity. A trio of Fabregas, Rosicky and Nasri is just too exciting!
    Like Kenyan gunner, a 4-0 win would be nice with Bendtner and Walcott coming from the bench to have again a great impact.

  11. Kenyan I might even support dirty rovers against Chelsea, they could nick a point and use their horrible tacklings against some of the chelsea players.

  12. An anything to nil win for us today – keep winning momentum building – keep clean sheets intact – no cockups please – because – have you seen our november schedule? 7 games 5 away only 2 at home –

  13. Thanks for the endorsement Gunnerluc!

  14. The sixties were but yesterday. A decade of unprecedentedly bad music. Few at the time would have imagined that it could get any worse.

  15. G’day all.

    I cant see any result other than a convincing home win today. its been an age since I last felt so confident about our team capabilities. We’re looking good going into a difficult November fixture schedule with Wilshere, Vermaelen, RVP and Aaron Ramsey all set to return to the squad. If we wrap our Cl group next time out we’ll be in a good position to rest a few, and come January Wellington Silva should be joining the squad, so injuries permitting, we look very competitive.

  16. What will happen will happen. As long as the team play with desire, technique, and focus, I’ll be content.

  17. Carling Cup draw should start in 2 mins. Anyone for Utd at the Emirates? It’d be perfect timing too.

  18. Home draw v Wigan!!! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! HOME DRAW AT LAST!

  19. Great draw finally and the Mancs??

  20. Wet Spam away for the Mancs

  21. West Brom v Ipswich and Birmingham v Aston Villa

  22. Interesting. Thanks FG!

  23. Wigan at home? Already looking towards the semi. Hope Westham knock manutd out.

  24. Also hope Birmingham knock out villa. Want all the stubborn teams out of the way.

  25. must try and get to the wigan game! looking forward to today’s match, hope we see another nice performance from wukasz fabianski!

  26. So the ManCity players were drunk, that’s why we beat them!

  27. Probably got drunk afterwards – to try to ease the pain.

  28. Team:
    Fabianski, Sagna, Koscielny, Squillaci, Clichy, Song, Fabregas, Denilson, Arshavin, Nasri, Chamakh
    Subs: Rosicky, Vela, Walcott, Djourou, Eboue, Bendtner, Szczesny

  29. Nice write up Consols. During the sixties, English Football was not on my radar. The enjoyment factor has increased considerably in my life since I have taken to the Premier League. Our team is a joy to watch at the moment and long may that continue.

  30. Diaby out. Any idea how long anyone?

  31. Good Grief Darius!

    You mean that they have a railway station in Baker Street already? Why, it seems only yesterday that Mr Stephenson was suggesting that soon, every town in the country would be connected by ‘railway’ lines along which would travel carraiges powered by steam.

    Things move so quickly nowadays.

  32. Bob Wilson has apparently confirmed the rumour that went round in the summer that Arsenal made a large bid for Pepe Reina.

  33. Arsenal till i die

    does anyone have a link to the match please??

  34. Of course few remember today that the very first public railway ran between Whitstable and Canterbury. I can still taste those oysters now mingled with the tang of coal and steam.

    Heady days.

  35. high quality sopcast stream on 94912 – the more people watch it the stronger the signal. english audio

  36. http://entertainmenow.net/channel2.php

    Decent stream if you can bare townsend.

  37. Any one have any other streams,, ?

  38. Compliments to Green. That was a great save.

  39. Haha, Fabianski drags Fabregas across the box.

  40. Guys I went to a pub on the rumour they’d be showing the arsenal game. Unfortunately my mate’s intel is as woeful as the CIA’s cause not only are they not showing the arsenal game, they are showing the Chelsea one because it is a frelling Chav stronghold.

    On the plus, Chelsea are a goal down

    On the minus, the sky sports app on my phone has chosen the perfect time to not work.

    I need update people!

  41. 0-0, we started well, gone off the boil a bit. Nearly scored about 5 mins ago. A few free kicks for W Ham but we have dealt well with them.

  42. http://jouj.eu/ch1.htm

    french commentry though

  43. I can’t see the point of showing Chelsea matches on television. No neutral wants to watch them, and all their own fans can easily fit in the stadium.

  44. Rob sodding Green always has a blinder against us.

  45. All our forwards are very quiet. The best chance of a goal looks to be be Song and Sanga. Denilson very poor and keeps getting caught on the ball.

  46. Denilson struggling somewhat. Song been given a handful by Parker and he’s already on yellow. Arshavin a bit wasteful. Chamakh is lost. Might need Rosicky for more creativity.

  47. echoes of west brom…….it must not happen again, i suspect Wenger will be telling the players just that.

  48. I liked the world cup version of Rob Green better. He has been very good today. Can not imagine we will not get a break through at some point. Defending needs to stay strong to get the 3 points.

  49. Deano you just said what I feared. That match still haunts me!

  50. Gothenburg Gunner


  51. I love the fact that Fabianski dragged Fabregas to a particular spot by his shirt for the corner and that Fabregas actualy cleared the ball as a result.

    Not just for the cameras !

  52. Did he, deano? That’s great!

  53. Don’t worry Kenyan Gunner…. We have Rosicky, Theodor and Bendtner to come of the bench.

  54. Grant says that he speaks to Wenger everyday. Seems he’s making good use of whatever it is they talk about.

  55. Kenyan Gunner, I think with Denilson it is that bloody hairdo he is sporting. He needs to get a Mowhawk cut.

  56. Come on Arsenal!

  57. Wow @ Nasri’s freekick. Just wow. Should have been a goal.

  58. holy fuck, what a free kick from nasri!

  59. Wolves 2-1 Chelsea

  60. looks like AA is knocking on the back door with both hands… take the bins out on your way mate

  61. Wolves 2-1 Man City, I mean.

  62. Is that Denilson or Peter Odemwinge’s younger brother?

  63. What a pass by Cesc, what a run by Walcott, what a save by Right Goalpost.

  64. We just need ONE goal!!!!!!!!!!

    How come West Ham are keeping us out? Is Green playing that well?

    Please keep me informed I feel to sick to watch or listen!

  65. C’MON ARSENAL!!!!!!!!!

  66. Walcott??

    Who will come to our rescue??

  67. God I feel like I am here by myself!

  68. I don’t believe this!!!!

  69. Green is fucking hot today.

  70. Song!!!!!!!!!!!!


  72. Alex. Fucking. Song.

  73. 1-0 to the Arsenal !!! We’ve only got one Song! clichy assist

  74. Thank God!

  75. Brilliant work by Clichy

  76. Clichy can’t cross, eh?

  77. right footed cross by clichy was it? maybe thats his secret…

    NB and theo looking fresh and potent, wish we had more time with them

    5mis extra time…. dont haunt us 1-1 !

  78. Phew! Harder than I thought.

  79. Bloody Song getting forward again…

  80. Fantastic three points.

  81. Song the savior. Fantastic header.

    Thank goodness for the new and greatly improved Arsenal team defense. It will make the difference this season. Go Arsenal.

  82. Someone needs to have a word with Song. Getting forward all the time. Why can’t he just be a PROPER DM?!?!

  83. What a relief…..dodged bullet.

    Bring on Shakhtar

  84. Oh my is it finally over????

  85. I am just weak with relief. I actually feel sick.

  86. have you been hiding behind the sofa?

  87. ^^to Maria

  88. 3rd CLEAN SHEET!!!

  89. Now you can breathe again. Thanks for the stream, Karim. Much better in French. Didn’t understand much of it, but didn’t once hear the words “. . . . .pas de trophées depuis cinq ans . . . . . “

  90. Stuff of champions!!

    Is that three in three for Song? Like to see crackhead Fletcher do that!

  91. Man City must have had two players sent off today.

  92. @ Maria
    ha ha

  93. Fletcher’s a crackhead?

    He can’t be that interesting surely.

  94. And to think when I was making my list I added some on a after thought!

  95. and ha ha ha to Poliziano

  96. I think so guys, I have been to enough Glasgow estates to know when their own on telly..lool


    (As imagined sung by Barry White to the tune of the Carpenters (Sesame Street Classic))

  98. Well done to the boys. Kept it going to the end and another clean sheet.
    It’s all looking good.
    Come on The Arsenal.

    West Ham defended well, good luck to them for the rest of their season .

  99. what an assist by #22! such commitment by #17!

    massive, massive relief. COYG!

  100. * I see one of


  102. Alexander dimitri song billong! Great scoring run he’s on

  103. Gosh! What a man that Alex Song happens to be even with that bloody haircut. He needs a Mowhawk cut as well.

  104. Great call on ArsenalOnline, really warmed the heart.

    Also who is this guy along side Dan? Quite like him.

  105. Good game. West Ham defended very well and kept it tight throughout. That last ditch effort by Song was awesome.

    The only thing I would’ve done differently is given Eboue the start. I think his runs would’ve opened a lot more space for the front three. In my opinion Sagna was a bit of defensive overkill considering how they only played with one striker.

  106. What is this Mowhawk? Is that the haircut that nearly the whole of the Man sh*tty team had last Sunday!! If I rememeber correct that Mario guy had one and he looked like hell boy to me.

  107. @Deano 4:59 pm.

    Song needs to stay the fuck back and “sit” in front of that back 4. LOL! What the hell is he doing with his sortees up front, huh?!

    Genius. Nobody seems to know what the hell to do with an attacking defensive midfielder – or is it a defensive attacking midfielder.

    Picture this – 5 young and excellent players – Song, Denilson, Diaby, Ramsey and Wilshere – all of who blurr the line between what is defense and attacking midfield play. Bloody awesome. Teams won’t know what to do or who to mark.

    And what about Mr. Laurent Koscielny. What about all the punks who looked at him as a second rate step child who was fast tracked up from the French second division – “Not good enough for Arsenal they said”. The best one on one defender in the league by a country mile. And he oozes class while doing it.

    Ladies and Gentlemen – Koscielny is on his way to becoming an Arsenal legend – and he’s only what – 24, 25?

    Vermaelen must be losing a lot of sleep wondering whether he’s a shoe-in.

    Rosicky needs to start ahead of Arsenal – and rVP needs to pile the pressure on both. Chamakh and Bendy can occupy the CB’s as they lead the line.

    Fun Gunner – get yourself back into the light. You don’t need to hide behind the sofa any more….LOL!

    Alex Song – Dagamit! You the man.

    …and Poliziano, I heard that Bob Wilson interview – Pepe Reina, huh? Talk about a loud hint that he gave the damn fools.

    Bt on the goal keeper situation – it’s a done deal. Unleass Fabianski really messes up – and I mean really messes up – He’s on his way to becoming Arsenal’s No. 1 with Tech 9 as his deputey.

    It’s a Pole revolution.

  108. Chelsea scraped by Blackburn and City lost to Wolves, also.

  109. I have a feeling two first eleven players from last season, like Vermaelan and RVP may jusr have to be happy with our pretty red bench!!

    Song’s wife was at it again, telling him that he has to score!!

    Amazing woman.

  110. Darius:
    “And what about Mr. Laurent Koscielny. What about all the punks who looked at him as a second rate step child who was fast tracked up from the French second division – “Not good enough for Arsenal they said”. The best one on one defender in the league by a country mile. And he oozes class while doing it.”

    The only word that comes to mind when I think of Koscielny is solid. It’s very rare that you see a defender who is so good at marking that he rarely goes to ground. In that respect he reminds me of Croatia’s Simunic except Koscielny has pace and a magnificent first touch.

    I’m loving the Kos, Squill partnership. They’re both awesome in the air and they can play the ball out of defense competently. While Koscielny was an excellent signing, I believe that Squillaci was a freaking coup. I mean, he was at a high profile club and he could’ve been bought by anyone. That some astute buying from Wenger right there.

  111. But she was the one who told him to dye his hair, Maria, so that’s a demerit for her there.

  112. I have a feeling two first eleven players from last season, like Vermaelan and RVP may jusr have to be happy with our pretty red bench!!

    Song’s wife was at it again, telling him that he has to score! As they say behind every great man…..

  113. Funky hair or 4 goals?? It isn’t as bad as Sagna or Nasri’s highlights last year. Or Mikeal’s clean shaven fishhead look.

  114. When you put it like that…!

  115. Limestonegunner

    Darius, why only those five young talented players in midfield? We have Fabregas too, and we aren’t letting him go anywhere until he has led us to two league titles, a CL and several cups! We are starting this year with the CC and one of PL or CL, and possibly the FA cup.

    Congrats–Alex Song, you are on your way to being Arsenal’s answer to Chelsea’s Essien. Not just a saving goal, but a very mature performance after picking up a yellow.

  116. Was Chammy tired today?

    Also shows you what a solid defence and goalie can do. On another day we would have conceded a goal and at best this would have been at best a draw.

    I am really falling for Kozzy, his the opposite to my beloved Toure, yet still I am warming to him…..so so elegant on the ball.

  117. Arsene on ArsenalOnline!

  118. Limestonegunner

    Arsene says “we kept trying to play intelligently.” That’s a key attribute of our side.

  119. Great game today. We played well but ran into a team that defended well and had a hot GK. Thats the kind of game that title winning teams figure out a way to get 3 points. Would rather win 3 – 0 but very happy with our performance.

    Man City went down. I think they will fall away to fight with Spurs for 4th. Now hope for a draw at Old Trafford. Can not bring myself to hope for a Spurs win.

  120. Stupid spurs go down one nil. Think I’ve seen enough!

  121. Limestonegunner

    Bill, I agree with you–much more valuable to us (and realistic) to hope for a draw at Old Trafford. I can’t stomach a Spurs victory as that will help inflate their sense of confidence too much this season. But they have just gone done to a Vidic header, so they may fold as they usually do. I was hoping for a demoralizing 0-0 draw, but oh well.

    Today was an excellent case of the value of a clean sheet, which is starting to become a little bit of a nice habit.

    I am looking forward to having Wilshere back for the away game to Donetsk, replacing Denilson. I think we should rest Chamakh and Arshavin, giving Walcott and Bendtner starts as well. It will still be a strong team, but Chamakh and Arshavin have played lots of games and looked a bit tired today.

  122. What a relief! GOYG! Koscielny is a star, am beginning to really love Chamakh, Song is Song and Clichy can’t cross, eh?

    Darius, I love Rosicky, but having him “start ahead of Arsenal” seems a bit strong.

    Does anybody else feel like, … erim … coytt’s?

  123. Gunner From Nigeria

    A tense match there i must say and some interesting substitutions by Arsene Wenger especially the position Chamakh took up when Bendtner came in. So in November, a fully fit squad beckons. It would be interesting to see how Wenger picks his central midfield in the next PL games but, i believe Fabregas, Wilshere and Song are the first choice.
    Koscielny was so awesome and Squillaci’s quietness on the pitch was brillant.
    Arshavin is lacking in confidence. With Shaktar, Newcastle, Villa, Braga, Everton, Spurs next month we next all our players and five away would be tough.

  124. Jack Wilshere 10th most powerful player in the PL apparently.

    “The English heart of Arsenal’s multinational coporation, the youthful future of England’s ageing also-runs.”


    Arsene Wenger was 31 on the list of the most powerful people.

    “Why does Wenger get on the list when Arsenal have won nothing since 2005?One word:style. If England are ever to compete at international level again, our players will need to learn to pass to each other, control the ball, move into space and then pass to each other again. Wenger seems one of the few managers to actucally coach these basic skills, so we urge every child in the country, no matter who they support, to look to Arsenal for inspiration when it comes to the way they play themselves. One day he may just be our saviour.”

    You just have to leave the English medja!!

  125. Limestone

    Love those clean sheets. Great habit. Doubt we would have taken 3 points in a game like that in past years. Time for a run of several wins. To bad the Chavs also got a late winner.

  126. Limestonegunner

    Yeah, Bill, that was disappointing. Apparently Blackburn had lots of great chances in the first half that only led to 1 goal but really should have been more. I didn’t watch that match, but I bet Blackburn played defensively to preserve the point in the second half and ultimately got burned.

    But if we keep playing consistently and solid defensively, we’ll nick a few points off that gap, looking at Chelsea’s fixtures over this month, I think.

  127. Tottenham really are dog shit aren’t they?

  128. Limestonegunner

    Tiny Totts do look ready to concede again and just give this away. No belief because they have no history of winning away here for so long. Probably just using this game as an advert to try to sell United some more players–Bale in the shop window. Hope they can recover for a draw–perhaps Bale can get a goal to try and insure his transfer away to ManU.

  129. When RVP and Ramsey come back next week were gonna have a good side for every competiton we play which will end Wenger 5 year drought of trophies. Next week we are probally going to play our normal 4-3-3 formation with Walcott, RVP and Chamkh upfront not Arshavin as he is lacking form lately and doing rubbish, in midfield Cesc, Song and Nasri and lastly in defence Clichy, Koscileny, Squillaci and Sagna In GK obviously Fabianksi

  130. Great Result!…Arshavin and Chamackh looked a bit out of sorts. Was great to see Walcott terrorizing again…can’t wait for a fully fit squad…

  131. We’ve only got one Song!

    I knew it was a good idea to have a cheeky tenner on him for first goal after his recent run!

    Always deserved the win, Although hats off to Rob Green – always seems to save his best for us.

    Nasri and Chamakh excellent again.

    Off for a most enjoyable meal courtesy of Mr. Song.

  132. Crouch comes on. Could Tottenham be hoping to swap him for Rooney in January?

  133. comedy goal by utd. gomes is shit.

  134. School boy error by the tinny tots!

  135. Spuds undone by moment of mass stupidity.

  136. Apparently Nani handled the ball inbetween the penalty not being given and the goal being scored?

  137. Limestonegunner

    Vince, looks like the officials missed that, didn’t give a free kick but Gomes and Totts didn’t play to the whistle. Very foolish, brain freeze. Just can never count on Spuds to do us any favors, I suppose.

  138. fucking hell spurs, one thing. We ask one fucking thing….

  139. The Spuds are useless as usual.

  140. United still dangerous even without Rooney if they can sort out the early season defensive problems. When you look at their roster there is not way they should be even with us in the table.

  141. 68 games since Spurs won away at either us, Utd, Liverplol or the chavs. Hopeless.

  142. I just want to thank you guys for posting updates. Really appreciate it!

  143. Limestonegunner

    Bill, that is a good point–United shouldn’t be level with us frankly. Dropping points at home to WBA proved costly. We might have done better in our opener at Liverpool and managed to hold on away at Sunderland, but we played especially brave there. I think we’ve done pretty well, but United seem to have gotten some unexpected performances from Hernandez, Berbatov, and Nani. I don’t know if they can keep this up though, and Rooney looks to be out for a longer period.

  144. Yeah, United’s offence looks incredibly dangerous. I can’t see many defences keeping them at bay, with or without Rooney. I think Vermaelen and co. will struggle to stop them scoring a few. What really makes my mouth water, though, is United’s defence. Ferdinand and Vidic, Rafael and Evra, all backed up by the brilliant VDS. Wow! How much time must they spend doing defensive drills on the training ground? Talk about clean sheets! Mind you, there’s not much chance of my sheets staying clean after I’ve been watching them.

  145. Limestone:

    Agreed, I think in the long run they will not be able to keep up. They just do not have the talent or depth in their squad. Suspect Chavs and us will slowly pull away from the field.

    If the Giants win tonight it will probably be a sweep. If we win tonight then its game on. I will be parked in my usual seat and screaming until I lose my voice. Should be fun.

  146. I know what you mean PZ – almost as good as watching Chelsea. They’re so clean at the back too. Lovely John Terry hardly has a blemish on his sheets.

  147. That was a very tough game,so glad for nicking the 3 points.song gets motm for scoring when we badly needed it.
    Why did the ref give that?pitied gallas n the spurs on that 2nd goal.

  148. come on arsenal

  149. Limestonegunner

    Looking forward to it, Bill. I expect our bats to cool a bit and this is our number 3 starter who has been touched up for a few earned runs by the Phillies, so we’ll see. Enjoy the game. Wish I could attend at AT&T park–I think it has to be one of the most beautiful ballparks around.

  150. “I expect our bats to cool a bit and this is our number 3 starter who has been touched up for a few earned runs by the Phillies, so we’ll see.”

  151. Next up…Shakthar. Fabregas is already a doubt for the game. Apparently he picked up a hamstring problem by half-time.

  152. Limestonegunner

    Baseball talk, Steww. Sorry for the occasional indulgence. Just picking up where NJGooner left the dialogue with Bill when his team was eliminated. In typically exaggerated American fashion, the final competition for the championship being played currently is called “The World Series.”

    However, Pz and Steww,
    Your efforts at parody are pretty risible–I don’t see anyone here saying anything positive about ManU other than that they seem to have gotten lucky to be level with us. Personally, I think with Rooney they will still eventually fall away.

    Arsene just said at his press conference that it is a real welcome change not to have to be squinting over video on Sunday night trying to figure out why we conceded a goal. If he’s happy about three games without conceding, I have to say I am too. Can’t see it being a bad thing and helps our goal difference, whether we score many or few. Right now our plus 12 is two better than ManU and keeping us second on the table. Sounds good to me.

  153. Loooool…. So true I meant Koscienly couldn’t clean Johnny 80k Evans boots! Oh I envy those Mancs.

  154. ^^ ha ha.
    Has to be a nice feeling right?

  155. Random Thought.
    Would an otherwise fit bendtner be piped to the second choice front man by chamakh if he was fit for the pre-season?

  156. Limestone – no not risible and not really aimed at you anyway so calm down.
    Bill has a long tortured history of support for other teams on this blog.

  157. Who were you parodying though Steww? The media? No-one’s said anything positive about Utd on here.

  158. Limestonegunner

    Steww, fair enough, but I still think it slightly off the mark. It is easy for some to mistake analysis for support, is all.

    Hope everyone is enjoying this victory in N5 and beyond!

  159. A glorius goal:
    The pass (one of those trivela things) from Song to Clichy.
    Clichy confuses two Spammers.
    The cross pass from Clichy to Song.
    The goal.
    The goal celebration.
    The End.

  160. Nice to know that we can win those tight games in the fading minutes of the match. But, to have a defensive midfielder knock it into the back of the net is beyond what any of us should be expected to accept! What do you call this type of midfielder?

  161. Just back from the game via a celebratory detour! It was tough and West Ham played out of their skins but eventually our quality showed. Well done the boys in red & white! It’s not always going to be easy and I really feared it was going to be ‘one of those days’ as Green saved everything or the post came to his rescue when he didn’t. But we did it. Cesc was not up to his usual quality, Denilson is not yet ready for 3 games in a week but we were patient and ground out the result we deserved. I love this team!

  162. A coming of age performance. Just seen The Rob Green Show on MotD, he does like The Emirates. Good draw in the cup too, hopefully a pivotal week….

  163. I only just realised that the goal came from the most expansive 1-2 ever played!

  164. Yes, Cesc actually looked sluggish to me in the first half but AW has subsequently said he felt a tightening in his hamstring.
    I am totally sick of the Denilson detractors; he received a number of hospital balls today but bottled none.
    Also, 60,000 people still don’t get it; AW tells them not to give the ball away by passing hopefully(or hopelessly); no, their job is always to pass to another Arsenal player. Please don’t slag our players off for playing as (rightly) instructed.

  165. did anyone notice that cunt of a player? cunt parker! he almost broke 3 of our players’ legs.d other day i heard him talkin about commitment,if that is wot bin commited is then we may as well turn it to WWF challenge. wonder why d referee did not send him off.Am sure if it were to be us, d player would hav been a gonner in no time.TERRIBLE!

  166. I agree, Parker did show himself up to being a absolute and total **** today.

  167. ARSENAL

  168. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Hilarious stuff at 7:45 there, Poliziano. Bill is always good for a hearty chuckle.

  169. Nasir Jones-Nasri


    Just saw your post from the other day. I’m not sure if that person you were on about is on the Abe Vigoda record. Really digging that album though. “Pure Violence” is soo good.


    1. Denilson
    2. Diaby
    3. Almunia
    4. Eboue
    5. Djourou

  171. Dis-honourable mention also goes to West Ham defender da Costa with all his cynical fouls. He was fortunate not to be taking an early shower, that he was.

  172. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Wenger needs to sell Vela, Muppet. He’s just another Senderdross. Everyone knows he’s not Arsenal Quality.

  173. Ian, I don’t know if your comment was directed at me, but I am not a Denilson detractor. I think he is a great player, but I did think he was a little off his usual standard yesterday, which I felt was down to this being his third game in a week as he does work very hard when he’s on the pitch.

  174. Decent performance, even with tired-looking performances from Cesc, Chamakh and Arshavin.

    The only major complaint is that with the last free-kick of the game from West Ham, it was almost another last minute letdown.

    Did anyone else notice how there were two West Ham players unmarked in the area as the free kick came across? Still, Fabianski is proving all the doubters wrong (including me). He’s passed every test except a big European tie. A very good sign indeed.

  175. Muppet,

    Please revise your list, for it excludes the biggest culprit i.e VELA!!

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