Carling Cup Preview: Are We Singing The Same Toon?

Arsenal travel to St James Park for a League Cup tie for the first time. The three previous meetings between the two sides have all taken place in London, Newcastle yet to find a response to the eight Arsenal goals they have conceded. Indeed, you have to go back to a cold December evening in 2001 for their last victory in any competition when Graham Poll’s influence over proceedings was less than benign. Those looking for omens might seek solace in knowing Newcastle have not triumphed in an October fixture with Arsenal since a 7-0 thrashing handed out in 1925; tonight’s visitors have won eleven and drawn the remaining four in the interim, conceding in only six of those games.

Arsene responded to ‘enquiries’ at the recent AGM that all competitions were being treated seriously, all to be won. A sea-change we are told, a change of policy, something different for the League Cup’s most disrespectful manager. Wenger, no matter what he may publicly opine, could do without this tournament. He would far prefer to have the players on the training pitch, working on the positives from Sunday as well as the negatives.

The benefit to his squad members who are on the fringes outweight this though. They get a runout against decent opposition in the second consecutive away tie this season. A chance for the walking wounded to morph into the running fit; a chance for redemption for others. A chance for everyone to be more ready for the first team if called upon, better prepared than a time spent twiddling their thumbs.

Jay Emmanuel-Thomas is one of those. Arsene may have heard his knocking and until now, he hasn’t let him in. The manager noted though, that the youngster was trying to kick down the doors. JET has been on the fringes of the first team for a couple of seasons and his form for the reserves this campaign suggests that he may have outgrown that level. Being naturally left-footed puts him at an immediate advantage, allowing movement across the frontline with confidence. It is this which Thomas believes that has improved this season, reading the game. Whether he starts tonight is another matter.

I suspect Wenger is going to look to go with Vela, Bendtner and Walcott as his starting trio. Bendtner and Walcott need match time following injuries whilst Vela is back in favour this evening. Whether it is for tonight only remains to be seen. Wenger intimated yesterday that there had been an injury, perhaps a slight niggle but possibly he may have been paying a price for indiscretions on international duty. Who knows, another interesting chapter in the Wenger’s book when he eventually writes it.

One person definitely starting tonight is Wojciech Szczesny. It seems that Manuel Almunia has not fully recovered and will be on the bench. For the young Pole, this is a real opportunity to prove the hype is not misguided or unfounded. No pressure then. A competitive match is entirely different to pre-season friendlies and many believe that the current pecking order is the one that should exist anyway; a remarkable turnaround for Fabianski to be in Pole position. Arsene was a tad disingenuous in his praise for the trio; if his faith was truly unshakable, he would not have bid for Mark Schwarzer in the summer.

Welcomed back into the defensive fold is Laurent Koscielny, recovered from his knack as is Havard Nordtveit and I wonder if that is the central pairing we will see. Whilst the Norwegian can play at full back, that would mean Eboue further up the pitch and I do not believe that is going to happen with Walcott’s rehabilitation being given the perfect opportunity to continue. Johan Djourou might take his place on the bench as cover but Wenger will surely have half an eye on West Ham and want to rest Squillaci as well just in case of a relapse to his compatriot.

Otherwise shuffling the pack will be the order of the day. Gibbs will no doubt appear in place of Clichy whilst Song and Fabregas will drop out of midfield, allowing Denilson and Lansbury to push their claims for first team action on a more regular basis. Partnering them should be Tomas Rosicky, probably captaining the side as well. The line-up I would expect is:

Szczsney; Eboue, Nordtveit, Koscielny, Gibbs; Lansbury, Denilson, Rosicky; Vela, Bendtner, Walcott

With a bench of:

Almunia, Sagna, Djourou, Eastmond, Nasri, Fabregas, Emmanuel-Thomas

The team fielded is a typical Wenger Carling Cup side; youth mixed with experience. Except the youth has plenty of experience and should be favourites to win tonight and the competition. A tough tie is ahead, Newcastle’s win at Chelsea should not be underestimated but it contained a number of positives for Arsenal, most notably their willingness to concede goals.

Enjoy the match wherever you are watching. ’til Tomorrow.

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  1. Frtneringaith ? Is that German?

  2. Cant wait for this, in particular Sczzzczznhy and JET. Ive never worked out where exactly is his best position. He seems a little immobile but can’t wait to be proven wrong.

    A big fan of Henri Lansbury’s and keen for him to get more match time.

    Id stick Eastmond in for Denilson and have Tom Cruise on the bench.

    Newcastle are playing a b-team because of the sunderland match at the weekend, we should take advantage and play some proper kids.

  3. I read that as an angry Irish twitch, Pz.

    “Pole position” indeed.

    Great chance for our Mexican to crash the weeklong love-in for that Manc Mexican.

  4. Szczesny

    Eboue Kos Djourou Gibbs

    Lansbury Denilson Rosicky

    Walcott Bendtner Vela

    Bench: JET, Nordtveit, Diaby, Sagna, Cesc, Fabianski, Eastmond

  5. ‘frtneringaith’?

    What’s ‘frtneringaith’? I assume it to be faith as within the context that’s what would fit.

    “Arsene was a tad disingenuous in his praise for the trio; if his frtneringaith was truly unshakable, he would not have bid for Mark Schwarzer in the summer.”

  6. Going for Shwarzer could be seen as a lack of faith, not bidding higher for him would show a vote of faith in the two.

    The truth is more complicated than we often make out. The truth is we don’t know what his intentions were in the Summer.

  7. Would the real ChrisGoona please stand up?

  8. I think it is the real ChrisGoona posting. The fake has been dealt with by YW.

    Forecasting a 1-3 defeat at St James does not imply that he is not the real ChrisGoona.

  9. ChrisGoona,

    I’d be willing to wager with you. We’ll hopefully include Diaby in our starting line up and I see a 2-5 or 2-3 (depending on our clinical – or not- finishing) win.

    Let’s discuss your pessimism and related problems after the match!


  10. Nope it was a dud and consigned to spam also. Might have to make a note of the ISPs and report it as identity fraud…

  11. Predicted/preferred line up:


    Eboue, Kos, Djourou, Gibbs

    Diaby, Denilson, Rosicky

    Walcott Bendtner Vela

    Bench: JET (on at 50 mins), Nordtveit, Lansbury (on at 70 mins), Sagna, Cesc, Fabianski, Eastmond (on at 75 mins)

    Results: Newcastle 2 Arsenal 5


  12. YW

    How many duds can you deal with this way? Would you consider a system of registering a unique user ID for each who wish to post on this forum? Thanks.

  13. Gadget

    No bloody idea and its not even close to being a good word to make up!


  14. ChrisGooner (the real one),

    Apologies for being taken in by the cretin

  15. Pz

    I refer the Honourable Gentleman to my earlier answer.

    I would also like to commend the first respondent for actually reading the post before putting finger(s) to keyboard.


  16. Big fan of Lansbury’s. Hope to see him in action. As for Szczsney he compared himself to a young Cassilas. Well time to prove yourself lad! JET has a fearsome size but appears a tad slow. When he finally gets his whole mix in order he’ll be twice as dangerous as Drogba!

  17. Romford- I wouldnt say JET is not mobile- he is for a big man deceptively very quick and has extremely nimble feet. And one thing that will suprise people is that he does have pace- when I watched him for the young uns he always stood out technically and physically- now at 6’3 he is pretty ready for the rough and tumble. The only thing I would say is his mental aptitude- at times he seems to think he can cost through games.
    Another player who I think will be earning rave reviews soon is Chuks Aneke- and like JET he is a big physical lad and strong as an ox but is so so so graceful with the ball!

  18. I knew it wasn’t him. The hovercard gave it away. And plus, Chris is far more optimistic than predicting a 3-1 loss 😉

    Great read YW. Will be interesting to see how many “youngsters” do actually take to the field this evening. Going down the local to watch it tonight, along with a bunch of barcode friends. I think I’m going to be the only one walking out with a smile on my face 🙂

  19. (ChrisGoona) is a fake

    Sorry guys, this idiot has it in for me now. They don’t come much sadder than this!

  20. I don’t get why people argue there’s been no change in policy with regards the team we put out for the CC. Of course there’s been a change, even the players (e.g. Rosicky ) have expressed their surprise at the higher level of older/more experienced players we fielded at the last game.

    “He wants to win the Carling Cup more this season because he took the whole team here. That gives us a better chance of winning it — we have a good enough squad to compete on all levels. I came in 2006 and have won nothing yet. I came here to win trophies, so let’s go for it in style.

  21. Have we seen: Vela | Bendtner | Walcott before? I can’t recall that combo even from the bench. Certainly Bendtner has been paired with both… but at the same time? Very exciting. Nik will have to put a jog on to get in the box and on the end of those crosses. Two whingers like a pair whippets we have here. Same goes for the runners from midfield (when people say “runners from midfield” I often think of Gallipoli.) I can see this passing pattern happening a bit tonight: Rosicky/Denilson/Koscielny >> Into Nik B’s feet midway between centre circle and penalty box >> little swivel from him and hit one straight on through between centreback and fullback for Vela/Walcott >> low cross/pull back for a Gallipoli style runner from midfield to smash into a corner.

    I trust Wenger the alchemist will concoct us a heady brew of ‘youth and experience’ for tonight – though as you say, YW, the youth is experienced, and the experience is pretty youthful.

    All coming together nicely. 6 nil.

  22. With the exception of Nordviet I see your team as the team that Wenger will play. I think Djourou will get some more game time tonight or maybe even Squillaci. He has shown in the past that whilst he is willing to insert younger, inexpereinced players further up the field, he usually has a reasonably experienced back four. He already has a new goalkeeper in and as much as I like the look of Nordveit, I think he will give Kos a run out and partner him with Djourou.

    Walcott, Bendter & Vela will be a little rusty and that may be a problem, however, the firepower is there to win this game. Tomas will need to marshall his troops well and pull those strings ever so exquisitley!

    2-1 to the Gunners!

  23. Thanks for sorting it YW.

    With the team we are set to field tonight, there is no chance of a me predicting my 1st ever loss! I can see us really embarassing them tonight if they do field their squad players. It is a good chance for our injured returning players, fringe players, and reserve players who have all a point to prove. I think it will be an exciting attacking game, and I doubt Newcastle will sit back and absorb the pressure being at home.

  24. Ole,
    Sure, no one knows what actually went through AW’s mind this last summer but we can always speculate, can’t we?

    I think bidding for the Fulham keeper showed that his faith in his keepers wavered for a while. Whether that was due to media/fan pressure or to his own genuine concerns remains to be seen. I prefer to assume the latter.

    I also believe Fulham’s insistence for a higher fee helped made his mind up. AW is an economist after all, and the idea that he had to fork out 4mill for a 38 yr old keeper he wasn’t sure he needed was a bit too much, it seems.

  25. Henristic,

    The evidence points both ways is all I am saying

  26. I hope the boys won’t underrate Newcastle. They beat the chavs at Shamford Bridge despite making 10 changes from their actual Premier League XI. The chavs had Kalou, Anelka, Alex, Benayoun, Ramirez… it wasn’t all kids by any means.

  27. I doubt any other Premiership team’s squad players or 2nd team has anything near the same experience and quality to match what we will field tonight. I would bank on our team to knock Chelsea’s squad players out anyday, I don’t think its as big a surprise that Newcastle went there and beat them. I watched Man Utd’s last night (the 1st half only).. and the standard was seriously poor so I switched off. Carrick, Brown, Obertain, Bebe… some very average players.

  28. Oh behave, Ole! Yossi Benayoun? We are going to absolutely hammer them.

    Tired old laurel-resting scared of failure Chelsea > Young, free, exuberant, rampant Arsenal. There’s the difference.

  29. I have to say I disagree with AW. Andy Carroll? Special charisma??! Try prize cunt.

  30. Id like to see us try to win this tin cup, it will give our players the first and hunger to win proper cups.

  31. Man united were so bad last night it beggers belief- It was almost as if they were a league one side! And Bebe oh lawd, I felt embarassed for him 7 mill for that! sheesh!

  32. thirst

  33. Henristic | October 27, 2010 at 10:32 am |
    Team that played Liverpool in September ’09:
    Fabianski, Gilbert, Senderos, Silvestre, Gibbs,Eastmond,Bendtner , Nasri, Ramsey, Merida, Eduardo.

    Team that played Tottenham in September ’10:
    Fabianski, Eboue, Djourou, Kos, Gibbs, Lansbury, Denilson, Wilshere, Nasri, Rosicky, Vela

    Team that spanked the tinies 3-1 a couple of seasons ago:
    Almunia, Hoyte, Kolo Toure, Senderos, Traore, Gilberto; Denilson, Diaby, Rosicky, Adebayor, Aliadiere

    Not very different in quality. Maybe the difference is in the bench.

  34. Jeeez anyone know how Merida is doing for Atletico?

  35. They’ve used him as a squad player so far, Runebreaker. Alteltico aren’t doing particularly well and he isn’t really standing out

  36. limpar, maybe he was talking about his hair.

  37. I think a 4-1 win for us is on the cards. If Carrol plays we will have to watch him, he looks to be a real handful despite looking like a cunt.

  38. Would love to see the line-up you’ve predicted. Although I might be tempted to bring on Eastmond and rest Rosicky, maybe even just for the second half if things are going well.

  39. It’s a shame Frimpong is out, he would have made a real name for himself in these games.

  40. “But possibly (Vela) may have been paying a price for indiscretions on international duty.”
    YW that is pure conjecture. Wenger said Vela was injured. It’s not like AW to “punish” players for that sort of behaviour, so I would suggest that the truth is simply as he stated it.

    Regarding keepers, I thought AW’s statement of faith was quite unequivocal, indeed he seemed to rue the fact that people doubted it. Also, note that Vito is the one who has gone on loan.

    I mostly agree with your team, except for Havard at RB and Djourou at CB. Both need to play.
    So my guess is:
    Szczsney; Nordtveit, Koscielny, Djourou, Gibbs; Lansbury, Denilson, Rosicky; Vela, Bendtner, Walcott

    I would love JET to start, but he probably won’t, sob sob.

  41. Copy that, chrisgoona – Frimpong would have been on the bench at least.

  42. I absolutely love the Carling Cup, so please please can we get through and then have a HOME draw?

  43. FG

    He’s been known to be economical with the truth as far as players are concerned, suggesting that he does fib to protect them…


  44. Goonerandy

    And acting like one as his recent indiscretions prove.


  45. Andy Carroll washes his hair in the River Tyne, Duke. Then he conditions it with Newcastle Brown ale and gravy. He can be seen shaking it all out down there by the river very early each morning, as the fog lifts. A passing tinkerman called out to him the other week, from across the wharf. He said “Stop yer foppin’ arownd ower ther yer greet puff clown!” Carroll leapt onto an old oil-drum ferry and paddled himself across using his hands like great oars. He climbed up and over the wharf and cracked the tinkerman right in the chops. The tinkerman fell into the Tyne – splosh – and Carroll was arrested, bailed, hosed down and back with the squad in time for training.

  46. Still oging with my yesterday’s prediction. 6-0 to the arsenal.

    My line-up would be
    Szczesny(am i the onlyone who copy pastes the name)?
    Diaby ………….Eastmond…………….Denilson

    Fabianski, Jet, Lanisbury,Nordveit, Rosicky, Squillaci on the bench.

  47. Have you now gone completely over the edge of reason Limpar?

  48. You’ll like this, FG. Very interesting:–brains-Arsene-Wengers-Arsenal-youth-revolution.html

    A further insight into our leading-edge training methods confirms the view that Arsenal players are smarter than the average.

  49. 1st Lady i agree with your team, however i would prefer to see diaby playing in front of the two defensive midfielders.

  50. What do you mean, Consolsbob? 6 nil? When was hubris ever the undoing of anyone…

  51. Fascinating article Limpar. I’d always wondered whether there was something like this in place. Having had a quick skim through the statements though, it seems like the sort of thing that you can select the answers that make you look good. I might fill it out myself and fax it over to Arsene – see if I get a chance 😉

  52. You have got to love Chamakh after these quotes(even though the source isn’t the most reliable one) especially the one “For others, it’s Real or Barca. For me, it was always Arsenal”..

    “I’m at the club of my life,” said the former Bordeaux man.
    “I don’t want to see too far ahead in football. I’ll go to the end of my contract. That leaves me four good years. I played in my favourite club in France. I’m playing now in the club I’ve loved since I was small.
    “For others, it’s Real or Barca. For me, it was always Arsenal.
    “You can see that I finish each match completely used up. I take an awful lot of knocks. It’s difficult, so I want to take an enormous amount of pleasure during four years. I’m proud to be a Gunner.
    “At the moment it’s nothing but pleasure. Everything is exactly as I thought it was.
    “Whether it’s the football, the football culture, the supporters, the passion or the game itself, the speed … I haven’t been disappointed.
    “In the beginning I put a bit too much pressure on myself because I was following in the footsteps of Thierry Henry and Emmanuel Adebayor.
    “Knowing that I’ve only ever known one club, I knew I’d need at least a season to adapt, but I’m ahead of schedule.
    “I never imagined I’d play as much, but with suspensions and injuries, I’ve taken advantage and that’s helped me progress.”
    Speaking in the aftermath of the Gunners hard fought 3-0 win over Manchester City, the 26-year-old also gave an insight into how he is settling off the pitch:
    “It’s impossible to learn English here. As for driving on the roads, I’ve tried, but I keep veering to the left.
    “Getting from the Emirates into town, I get someone to drive me.”

  53. One of the questions on the survey should be:

    “Are you Mark Randell?”

    If the answer is yes, the club should sell him 😉

  54. Its not going to be easy. I can see Newcastle causing us a lot of problems in the air.

    Little find that I thought I would share with my fellow gooners. Wicked website that shows you whenever Arsenal are on TV even highlights, previews. Well handy, bookmarked.

    Looking forward to the game tonight. Hopefully we will go a few goals up and then get to see some young guns have a run out.

  55. You gotta love Chamakh. Great attitude, and a great player already.

  56. The Chris ‘impersonator’ is the same troll idiot who goes by the name Jaguar on Legrove.

    Obviously bored this week, it is half term after all.

  57. @ YW
    Saying that Fabianksi has the potential to be world class goes well beyond fibbing to protect his players. If they produce the goods in training, why should he not have faith in them? MS as experienced back-stop is the only scenario which makes sense of what we know about the summer.
    Arsene is very familiar with being in tthe position of sole believer in a player. The core of this squad is made up of players who he was calling top quality a few years ago. Fans scoffed that he was just saying that because he couldn’t/wouldn’t buy better. Well, guess what – those players have not only turned out to be top quality, but they are still with us, even now when we can afford to pay more. So he DID mean it when he said they were top class.

    @ LimparAssist
    I do indeed like it very much, especially the little dig at the Teeny Tinies’ academy!

    Chamakh is an absolute solid gold star. Isn’t it good how players who don’t score goals come to Arsenal….and then score themselves silly.

  58. Avaris, ‘select the answers that make you look good’ – I thought the same thing. But I think you can make those things pretty intricate and account for that by laying little traps and blindsiding them with cryptic questions. Add to that “Answer these with complete honesty and it will benefit your game and your career” – that ought to do the trick.

  59. Loving those Chamakh quotes, IG. Excellent attitude.

  60. How do you know that Matty?

    Not the score Limpar. The rather strange Carroll fantasy.

  61. Matt,

    Le Shite commenters do feel out of their league when they come on here. Maybe he was too embarassed in the wealth of comments to result to identity fraud, and hide away like he did.

  62. Limpar, I think you’re probably right.
    If I was training with Arsenal and wanted to prove I could make it, I would answer them honestly and allow them to identify where I need to make improvements.
    “Honesty is the best policy”

  63. Those Chamakh quotes has absolutely endeared him to me. Now this is a player with Arsenal DNA. Every game I watch him play he literally works his socks off upfront dragging defenders out of position and helping out the midfield and defenders at every opportunity. Those penalties he has won is no accident. The man challenges for every pass made in his direction. No wonder defenders are forced to take a swipe at him. I usually feel sorry for him by the 80th minute of a big game as he is is absolutely knackered.
    The difference between him and that other big-man sold to Oil City is night and day.
    This is coming close to a man crush. I had better stop it now.

  64. Sorry, yes, that was a bit of a strange interlude.

  65. Lol Shotta! I must say i’m a big fan of the Chamster…

    And Limpar – I agree with Consols!

  66. shotta,

    I realised on Sunday that the number of penalties Chamakh wins is no accident. He has very good feet and anticipation. He also has deceptive pace.

    I still think he should cut down on the dramatic tumbles

  67. Looking forward to tonight. I love watching our CC teams play. Even though this is closer to a first team side than previous seasons have been in this comp, it’s still great to watch the younger/fringe players strutting their stuff. With playes like Vela and NB52, this is the chance for them to give Wenger a real hard time in future team selections.

    Will be good to see Chesney having a go against a prem team too.

    I’d quite like to see FG or Firstlady’s lineups tonight.

    Got a work meeting until half 7 so will be running home to catch kickoff!!

  68. Ole – i agree. His deceptively quick feet and pace is where he earns the pens. But you’re right, he couldbe a bit harder to knock down.

    I must say though, I get kicked all over the pitch every time i play and have prided myself of not going down when i probably should… However, a couple of weeks ago, i got a kick in the ankle in the box, and before i knew it i was on the ground – penalty awarded and scored. I probably could have stayed on my feet, but my instinct (as i was in the box in a tight game) was to go down. I didnt think about it, it just instinctivly happened… And i’m “not that kind of player” 😉

    The speed things happen – particularly in the prem, it’s hard for you to engage brain every time, before instinct takes over… Does that make sense? Or am i a diving cheating scumbag??!

  69. Geo

    We are over analysing Chamakh’s tumbles… he isn’t a diver, he is like you said deceptively quick, and has the ability to nick in infront of a defender. 10-20-30-40 years, take your pick.. we didn’t have so much television coverage, and didn’t catch players performing these tricks. We only remember the remarkable goals, and 1 dimensional replays. Nowadays you can’t as much mouth a swear word on the pitch without a camera catching it.

  70. Chamakh’s attitude is just top top class aint it? Good on ya fella. Hes made his move to the big time and hes not gonna miss out – not for want of trying anyway – and i have to say, the player has some skills too.

    Thats the kind of attitude Jack has and it shows on the pitch too.

    I dont know what these guys attitudes are but i hope Vela, JET and Lansbury read that and watch Chamakh on the pitch to see whats required.

    oh im not sure if theres any truth in this but was Chamakh and Gourcuff engaged in a spot of man love??

  71. Limestonegunner

    It’s interesting that the Boss apparently did have a word with Chamakh about how he falls. According to reports Chamakh told him he is trying to avoid injury–suggesting that he always falls in a way that looks dramatic or with the first contact because it helps him brace or control his fall.

    But the reason he gets so many penalties is surely the speed and intelligence of his movement. He gives defenders problems and they foul him. They are also pretty unfamiliar with him and how to play him. So it will be interesting to see, if he continues to lead the line even when RvP is back, if defenses try to adjust to his way of playing and whether it will work.

    He is also learning this league, but he is obviously a very intelligent and hard-working player, so I expect he will continue to progress.

  72. He has been the fouled player involved in a red card a few times for us. By my memory twice the last man took him down leaving the ref no desicion to make, and against Bolton Cahil came streight through the back of him. All correct desicions. Just because all the fuols was one the same player means nothing.

    He does go down a bit easy at times, but only the last pen he won was one where he could have been accused of diving. The bloke is a star and I like him.

  73. gathered momentum as the match drew on for a solid perfomance on his 1st league start..

  74. Limestonegunner

    Speaking of player intelligence and psychological assessment, that article posted by LA was very interesting (especially the dig at the Spud academy–no reserve league!–look how long it took them to bring through Gareth Bale! If he had come to Arsenal he would have had his chance for first team football a year or two ago and might do more with his play than scoring from the same spot over and over again).

    It did however leave a lot of questions unanswered about how such information is used and what counts as a “good” profile–high scores in all fields or a certain composite of qualities? Do teams look for different kinds of players? Different kinds of profiles for different positions? Are the differences he notes about English vs. French youth players attributable to the factors he suggests or to the expectations and footballing culture that shape them?

    And above all, can he show greater performance success by players (and teams that use the psychological test/profile) that correlates to results on his test?

    It was intriguing but clearly just the tip of the iceberg. I guess you can’t expect an article in a daily newspaper to go into such depth, but it would be great if a more extended exploration could find its way to a magazine or journal.

  75. We are getting more penalties because we are spending more time in the opposition’s half and Chamakh does not shy away from taking defendrs on and he very rarely shoot on site he will take few more touches, twist and turn and that invites defenders to tackle. Sometimes I hear people screaming “shoooot” but that does not always work most of the time the ball go out for a goal kick and you lose the momentum .

  76. DeiseGooner,

    Yeah, they’re fucking.

  77. chris – that’s very true. I for one don’t think he’s been going down too easily, compared to what i’ve seen from Gerrard or Rooney (who are excellent divers btw). They execute their dives to perfection, and because they’re English, ref’s don’t expect them to dive – another example of the xenophobic nature of the english game. He’s an awkward player for defenders to come up against, with his strength, height, quick feet and quick thinking, penalties and last ditch tackles/fouls are inevitable against players like that.

    But with the benefit of our mega slow motion replays obviously opens up these debates more regularly as you say…

  78. We do pass up too many shooting opportunities though. I don’t think that can be argued. If we shot more we would probably get more goals simply from rebounds and the like.

  79. Kitchen Sink,

    Thank you! I was hoping that something of that nature might have been lurking…

    Will now take the time to appreciate each and every contribution by Denilson.

  80. lol avaris!

  81. I agree goonerandy – look how many deflected goals Lampard alone scores – from random pot shots. It would be interesting to see how many games were won by that tactic/luck (however you want to look at it)…

  82. I always wondered with Chamakh greasing his hair up Ronaldo style!

  83. goonerandy- I don’t think anyone you can say his last pen was a dive. it was shown in slow motion from the angle where he was clipped on MOTD even of all people Hansen agrees it was a pen. people still talking about the way he falls, if its a pen, its a pen how you fall is irrelevant. Yes I agree he should not make the fall dramatic but falling dramatically when you are not touched is cheating and a dive but Chamakh so far has not done that all his pens were genuine.

  84. 1lc – that’s the difference. They were all fouls, regardless of how he fell. And if Hansen thought it was a penalty awarded to Arsenal, it must have been pretty clear cut!

  85. 1lc,
    You can’t use the MOTD people to back your point though, they talk tosh & arent credible.

  86. Ole – using Hansen’s usually anti-Arsenal stance is fair enough in this case.

  87. ah so they are/were bummin LOL

    Denilson is right footed aint he? He seems equally comfortable with his left when passing in that vid posted earlier. Well i suppose he should be as he just keeps things tickin over on the middle of the park – helps with passing when he can pass with both feet – easier to make angles etc

  88. Nice, KS. Excellent synching with the tune on that video! Especially the bit where he one-touch passes to Nasri, Nasri is tackled and Denilson bursts in and wins it back. Love the round the corner pass at 6.11. They really didn’t stand a chance with Denilson as our extra man, did they? That’s really put me in the mood for tonight. This team is so fucking good.

  89. Limestonegunner

    Falling dramatically is unwise as a foreign player for Arsenal. It has never been a question of Chamakh cheating. The problem is how the perception gets generated in the media and how xenophobia and anti-Arsenal sentiment will operate. Just look at Graham Poll’s ridiculous article that claims Wenger’s mind-games are responsible for the large number of red cards for opponents and penalties awarded to us. The only thing worthwhile in the article is the indirect admission Poll makes that referees are able to be influenced. He is just participating however in the attempt to influence them against us, whether intentionally or inadvertently.

  90. “The only thing worthwhile in the article is the indirect admission Poll makes that referees are able to be influenced. He is just participating however in the attempt to influence them against us, whether intentionally or inadvertently.”

    Like it Limestone.

  91. 1 loose cannon

    I agree, they have all been penalties, and it is quite simply irrelevant. The post Eduardo bad press we and Eduardo received is what has brought about this fear of Chamakh over exaggerating his falls and clever winning of penalties. Everyone seems to be eager to find an excuse to slate Arsenal, this is why many supporters don’t want Chamakh to be picked out for special banter, and hes a top quality player too.

    Like I have mentioned a thousand times before though, the public hatred of our club, and this fear stems from jealousy. Jealousy of how well we play, jealousy of our manager and his individualistic methods, and jealousy of Arsenal being the best footballing team in England. Even our ex-players can’t stand to support Arsenal, they fear standing up for what is right in most cases, where as Wenger and Arsenal do the opposite.

    We have created this a bit ourselves, our constant parading of Arsenal being the best footballing team (which is true), but can obviously piss a few off who have to watch Bolton, Stoke, Wolves, etc bore them to death every week.

    The xenophobic nature of the english game like Geo and others mention, on top of the jealousy, makes Arsenal a prime candidate for public slaughtering, no matter how small the incident. Eduardo being the perfect example. We have to be careful, but I don’t think Chamakh would be greatly affected by the media mob if he was to be scrutinized as he seems mentally very strong and determined.

  92. That video has confirmed for me how truly awesome Denilson was in that game.
    Still salivating about that 1-2 with Rosicky at 5:30… that would have been such a tasty goal if it hadn’t been intercepted.
    Like you Limpar, I’m getting all psyched for tonight’s game. We really have such a strong team.
    Ooh to… ooh to be… ooh to be a… GOONER!

  93. I’ve criticized Chamack’s tendency to tumble dramatically, but he definitely didn’t simulate or exaggerate his fall for the red card against man city. In fact I don’t remember him doing it at all the whole game. Perhaps AW had a word?

  94. Limestonegunner

    CG, let’s hope he wouldn’t be affected. But remember the Eduardo maelstrom wasn’t just hard on the player–Arsenal didn’t get a penalty called for months unjustly.

    You are right though that whatever concern has been expressed is entirely out of desire to see the player protected and to do well for Arsenal.

    Interesting the issue about jealousy. I think also the criticism goes up in certain quarters when we look to be a strong team. Not in all quarters, because some people just worship success and results-if we have them, much of the media will be lauding Arsenal and writing up tributes to his policies of youth development and fiscal restraint. But there is a sector that resents how we succeed and feeds on latent xenophobia. That might start to disappear to some extent when we populate the England team with Arsenal players who redress all the weaknesses that are so evident with it now–untechnical players with bad attitudes.

  95. Limestonegunner

    Henristic, as I posted above, Wenger did apparently have a word with him about how he falls.

  96. Chamakh! Chamakh! Chamakhing me happy!

  97. Goonerandy,

    “If we shot more we would probably get more goals simply from rebounds and the like.”

    Those rebounds off defenders also lead to quick counterattacks and goals against us if we’re pushed up too far. If there’s no clear opening, then just firing away a shot is just like giving up possession. When teams pack it in around the box, there often simply is no shot.

    I do find myself yelling shooooooot a lot during games , though.

  98. VanP, Cesc, AA23,Nasri, Diaby, Chamakh, Theo and Vermaelen should shoot

    Eboue, Clichy, Sagna should not

    Eboue most definitely should not – ha ha ha

  99. 4 more hours to go… Wish time flies like hell when we need it to..

  100. Yeah, Avaris! Rosicky’s disguised assist… if that had come off that would have been an amazing goal.

  101. Verm – I do agree, but I don’t mean random pot shots. Quite often one of our players will be in the box, but not shhot because he is not 100% set on his correct foot. He looks for a pass and then the move breaks down. Tons of goals are scored from scuffed shots and such like. There were a number of examples against City.

    Diaby & Rosicky are the worst offenders. RvP, AA, and Theo (more recently) seem to be the players willing to shoot once in range.

    It is no biggie, but sometimes a little frsutrating.

  102. @Limestonegunner at 2:54 pm
    Bale is not from the Sp*d academy, they bought him from Southampton, I think..

  103. LimparAssist 3:14 if deni and ro are in the middle of the pitch tonight it will be a delight to watch as those two play like 2 sides of the same coin..

  104. Sorry for the late reply….

    I was reading LeGrove comments earlier, and QoS mentioned Chris’ name…

    And the Jaguar guy always states that Arsenal won’t win with Diaby in the team, so didn’t have to be Sherlock Holmes to work it out!

    As i mentioned, it is half term, so the troll obviously has nothing much else to do.

    Looking forward to tonight, hoping JET get’s to start, and looking forward to seeing Lansbury play again.

  105. Limestonegunner

    MJ, you are right. I was simply discussing their failures to really develop young players. We also got Theo from Southhampton, and he has broken into the first team far earlier with greater success.

  106. not sure who posted the Jacques Crevoisier article, but great stuff!!

    Not sure any of you bothered to look but here’s a link to the questions asked of the players:

  107. I’m with Verminator. The passing up shooting opportunities is about finding the perfect angle and creating a higher percentage chance. It can be frustrating to watch and sometimes the decision not to shoot turns out to be the wrong one, but over the course of a game, and a season, it gets us many, many more goals than the ones we might get from blasting on sight a bit more often. It’s an integral part of wengerball.

    The thing is, our passing game affords us to be picky. We’ve had more possession than anyone else in the league, more passes in the opposition half than any other team in the league, we’ve played more key or killer passes in the box than any other team in the league. This all adds up to us having the most attempts at goal in the league. So we don’t really need to shoot more often, we just need to shoot that little bit more ruthlessly – and it looks to me like the ruthlessness is coming. We’re warming into it. Look at the shots to goals ratio in the Shaktar game. It’s ridiculously economic, efficient, and brilliant. At City wasn’t too bad either.

  108. & he was 16 (!) when we bought him..

  109. Here’s a question; who’s faster, Bale or Walcott?

  110. Limestonegunner

    How could we really know, but I am sure we all believe Walcott to be faster.

  111. but theres no greater left sided midfielder in the world than Bale – according to Harry and ITV!!

  112. havent the 3 red cards shown to opponents (Cole – Liverpool, Cahill – Bolton, and whatever his name was on Sunday at City) all fouls on Chamakh?

    is there another red card im forgetting?

  113. Contrastly, United are much further down on most of those stats – but top for successful crosses, successful long balls, and up there with us for goal conversion. Different styles. The smashing the ball across the box tactic is what got United so many Own Goals last season – but the fact they are not getting them this season shows why our system is not only prettier but more reliable too.

  114. LA

    thanks for that cool article goes to you! oh and I had a thorough laugh over your andy carroll fantasy epic. although I think most of it went over my head.

  115. Who needs a left sided midfielder anyway, doesn’t suit our formation.. I am sure in a 4-4-2, Armand Traore would give the Chump a run for his money!

  116. The Joe Cole Red Card was for a foul on Koscielny NJ….

  117. NJ,

    Cole’s red card was for a foul on Kos..

    Chamakh fouls resulting in red Card:

    1. Blackpool.
    2. Gary Cahill – Bolton
    3. Partizan Belgrade.
    4. Man$iteh.

  118. ahh thank you matt your right. forgive me, i get our large, pseudo-lanky, hard working, signing of the summer frenchmen confused!




  119. wow forgot about the Blackpool one Indian. Had to go back and check the match report. Thanks!

  120. LA,

    For the first time since Hleb went after ice cream I thought we overdid it in the last 3 games. Even Arshavin who never needs invitation to shoot and shoot early was passing when he could shoot.

    The funniest was the pantomime btw Diaby and Chamakh against Birmingham where they did the “after you”, “no, after you”. I think they msut have each teed the other up for the shot, 3 times (each).

  121. I am going to miss tonight’s game :’-(

  122. Walcott is the fastest footballer on the planet. I’m betting Clichy, Vela and Traore are all faster than Monkey boy

  123. during the Birmingham match the commentator was really having a go at Arsenal for not shooting enough, trying to walk the ball into the net. This guy was really being obnoxious. Finally his commentating partner said “Well they have the most shots on goal in the league”

    That shut him up!

    I think its down to the players not wanting to waste the possession thats been built up. Simple as that. As supporters, our thirst for wonder goals should not induce us to berate them for not shooting enough. Although Ole, that Diaby/Chamakh routine at Birmingham was a bit comical.

  124. Bendy – ‘”I like Marouane. I hadn’t trained with him until very recently but he seems like a good guy, a good football player and – on what I’ve seen so far – I think he has done really well.”

    Looks like healthy competition!

  125. maybe the ‘issue’ is shots to possession %
    we always have lots of the ball
    and we tend to have it at the edge of the opponents box
    but the box is fill of players
    so we have to work the ball to a proper shooting position
    we have no issues with shooting when we break away

  126. It’s that search for the “perfect goal” that makes Arsenal so unique in their build-up play. Keeping possession of the ball, probing for an opening. Playing that incisive pass. Finishing with ease.

    That said, I do agree with Ole on the last few games – there have been a few good opportunities to shoot, but an alternate option has been taken. We know Arshavin can leather it. We know Rosicky can thump one in to the top corner, as can Denilson. Nasri and Fab too! Maybe it’s a confidence thing? Maybe it’s just something that’s not practised all too often in training.

    I love the intricate play, but sometimes it’s good to get teams guessing. Some teams will sit and soak up attacks. Although I don’t advocate crossing, mainly because it’s not the most “entertaining” way of scoring, I appreciate that especially with players like Chamakh, Bendtner and our centre backs, we pose a different type of threat. At the end of the day, a goal is a goal.

    Having said that, I hope we rip them to shreds tonight with a display of perfect attacking football.

  127. I don’t think we have an issue with shooting. Last season and most of this season we’ve put the shots away at the right time.

    I really think it’s just in the last 3 games

  128. Deise, the percentage of shots from outside the box in comparison to our total shots is pretty low at 33.5%. But we have the maximum no of shots overall. More than any other team this season.
    Read Martyn Tyler’s article on SkynotSports. It has the stats for our Red Cards compared to other teams as well.,25212,12038_6470122,00.html#ss-bookmark

  129. I dont think Arsenal don’t shoot enough. We lead the league in shots on goal. Virtually all our players can thump one in from 30 yards except maybe Clichy…

  130. Delia-----Block 112

    Cesc was on the plane to Newcastle, surely he would not travel just to sit in the stand . Can’t wait for kick-off, though why I am wishing my life away at my age is not clear! Great to be a Gooner!

  131. Delia,
    How do you know that Cesc was on the plane?
    He might be there for support. He may well be on the bench.
    It’s fine to be looking forward to a game – it what gets me through my days.

  132. Limestonegunner

    I am not one to care much about ranked lists, but I am shocked that the Equaliser blog ( doesn’t rank Arsene Wenger among the top 20 best managers of the last 100 years. I don’t know anything about this site, but it is one of the Guardian’s football favorites this week, which often has interesting links.

    Ok, Herbert Chapman made the list, but still…

  133. Yeah, Ole. Diaby was too hesitant in that game. Everyone at the ground was going nuts at him for not shooting. Most of the time though, the players are right and the fans are wrong.

    The statements themselves are really interesting, thanks for posting, NJ.
    “If my adversaries knew my thoughts, they would be frightened.” (!)

    Limestonegunner, the questions you were asking link in with this patience to find the perfect shot thing. It takes a certain type of intelligence to be able to think laterally and solve quick little passing situations, and a certain type of character to keep calm and stay patient while you carve the perfect opening. These questions seem designed to find out if you have that – amongst many other qualities.

    Statements like these, for example, could be used to gauge a player’s attitude to selflessness in front of goal:

    – I am capable of putting the interest of the team above my own personal interest
    – A footballer gets the most satisfaction from being a member of a team
    – I usually analyse the pros and cons before I begin an activity

    Reading Crevoisier’s tests we quickly learn that Wayne Rooney would be rubbish at wengerball.

  134. Limestone,

    It’s just one guy’s list.

  135. “Reading Crevoisier’s tests we quickly learn that Wayne Rooney would be rubbish at wengerball.”


  136. Limestonegunner

    Ole, I know. Still galling that the Guardian football site, which I like, would endorse this as even interesting. Obvious rubbish, enough said.

  137. Limestonegunner

    I was thinking similarly while reading the separate threads of the comments after reading the test questions (thanks, NJ–btw, it has obviously been translated from French and has some un-idiomatically phrased or carelessly edited phrasing). I was also most startled by the one about opponents being frightened by one’s thoughts!

    I also wondered if it could also help explain why players who have left Arsenal in the last several years don’t seem to prosper, since Ole mentioned Hleb and his propensity for passing before shooting–to occasional frustration. Perhaps those qualities of personality and mind are also why it seems over the last 5 or so years in particular, players who leave Arsenal don’t really prosper. We look perhaps for very particular qualities in players and have them play a very distinctive way.

    It certainly leads to some very interesting potential insights, as you’ve shown.
    Still would love to know how the assessment of answers to the questions are analysed, but that would give the game away, as it were–trade secrets and all.

  138. Limestonegunner

    sorry for the repeat sentence–should have edited my own post, especially after remarking on the published version of the Crevoisier test!

  139. ”I also wondered if it could also help explain why players who have left Arsenal in the last several years don’t seem to prosper”
    Very interesting & known fact amongst gooners.
    Hleb situation was totally different, he was hardly given any starts at Poo Camp.

  140. Limestonegunner

    MJ, do you think he is looking good so far at Birmingham, though?

  141. Hi all, need some help. Anyone knows a good online stream?
    Turns out my local channel providers aren’t screening the Carling Cup games.

  142. has he been playing at all? don’t think so..

  143. Limestonegunner

    Well, he played against us, at least.

  144. Yes, Limestonegunner, I think he’s given away quite enough already! We don’t want every Tom, Dick and Harry picking clever players and teaching them wengerball.

    Hleb recently voiced his displeasure at the number of long balls being booted over his head.

  145. oh yeah he did..hardly noticed!

  146. Limestonegunner

    LA, that’s been a problem for us before–teams without having the knowledge and skill or putting in the effort have gone for players that Arsenal are interested in, driving up the prices…

    As for teaching them wengerball–that’s probably easier said than done!

    I heard that about Hleb! No one suffers as much as they deserve…

  147. Denilson quietly running the show again:

  148. OOU – I watched the match again today and another feature of Denilson’s game showed clear. The times he received the ball under intense pressure due to a wayward pass and just calmly restored our possession often with one touch.
    Players around him are obviously supremely confident in his abilities as they often elected to pass to him when he was surrounded by Mancs and in a vulnerable position near our area. He didn’t let them down.
    Also I’d be fascinated to see what Hawk Eye would make of the shot he unleashed which was blocked by Kompany’s fat face.

  149. glad to see Denilson getting praise. I thought he was huge on Sunday. Twice in a very short amount of time Arshavin played sloppy passes to denilson who was able to clean up the mess while ushering on to a more available player.

    I love when he is in the side. Hope he starts tonight.

  150. Also,

    I’m happy that you were all as interested in that questionnaire as I was! Raises all kinds of questions and could be a fantastic topic for a stone cold friday post. **HINT HINT**

  151. I’d agree with that, Steww – he’s got a knack for calming things down, and for giving his teammates an easy option for a pass. He and JW do a similar job in that respect.

  152. That is exactly why I wanted him to start in front of Diaby.

  153. I think Diaby’s a totally different kind of player, with a completely different role. He’s more of a dribbler and can do real damage to defences.

    Against Birmingham he just needed to show a little more belief, which was understandable after he nearly had his leg snapped in two a month back. When that confidence comes he’ll be absolutely devastating.

    JW and Denilson together may work for some matches, but against massed defences I’d be inclined to use Diaby.

  154. He offers far more penetration, as AW would say.

  155. Abou Diaby had a good game against the former England hopeful (his words, not mine) Bowyer, and his Brummie brood. Playing in the same position as against FC BBB last year. But then, he can play in the ‘double-six’ (not sure if I understand that term!). As shown in the first few games this season, before he had to be restrained from beating a notlob ‘player’ into pulp.

  156. Diaby is a bit of an enigma to me. Like some say of JET I wonder where he is best off. He seems to posses all the attributes of a second or supporting striker (the fabled number 10) but is just as likely to feature as a deep mid. His close control is staggering and his shooting when he has the appropriate boots on is superb. He brings height to the defence too and the time spent wide left has definitely improved his all round game.
    I just pray the appalling injury he suffered hasn’t had a long term detrimental effect. I feel he is one of the most talented players in the squad.


  158. I agree with Fins

  159. Hi all, need some help. Anyone knows a good online stream?
    Turns out my local channel providers aren’t screening the Carling Cup games.

  160. Nice article, FP. That guy doesn’t seem to come around here any more.

  161. So:

    Szczesny; Eboue, Koscielny, Djourou, Gibbs; Eastmond, Denilson, Rosicky; Walcott, Bendtner, Vela

  162. Eastmond’s quite an interesting choice, although he’s looked very tidy in the short glimpses I’ve seen of him for the reserves on ATVO this season. The rest is as expected I suppose.

  163. Says you OOU? Or have you heard something?

  164. Sorry – your second post makes it clear.

  165. Limestonegunner

    I’d have expected Lansbury to start, so it is surprising that Eastmond is ahead of him. Is Lansbury on the bench? What is the bench?

  166. I wouldn’t have chosen that side, Steww; I always wanted more youngsters for the CC. Tonight we’ve got Szczesny and Eastmond, which is less than 20%, isn’t it?

    Gibbs doesn’t count because he’s a regular in the first team squad .

  167. Limestonegunner

    OOU, we have lots of first teamers coming back from injury who could use game action to be fit. I think more kids will get a chance to play in the CL if we win or draw our next fixture away in the Ukraine.

  168. Disappointed that Lansbury isn’t starting but not surprised that JET is on the bench. Suspect that Wenger feels he is too similar to Bendtner to be included.

  169. OOU

    But they are youngsters nonetheless. The EPL rule on 25 man squads means that more players considered first team members will play in this tournament. If you look at the side, Djourou, Gibbs, Denilson, Bendtner, Walcott and (let’s assume) Vela all need match time to regain fitness in case they are needed in other competitions. That is something that AW has always done.


  170. Limestonegunner

    It may be heresy here, but I think this year I would prioritise the CC over the FA cup. It doesn’t clash with CL knockout fixtures or the season run in in the league, like the FA cup. With first teamers winning a trophy early, it could be a nice confidence boost for a multiple trophy season. So I don’t mind the change in policy (and it is a change, because while we have played strong teams against top 4 opponents in this competition in the past, we wouldn’t expect a first team squad like this against a newly promoted club, even if it is Newcastle away.)

    If we have to blood the youngsters, this year, I say give them the FA cup. However, I’d much prefer to see us win a historic quadruple!

  171. Szczesny, Eboue, Djourou, Koscielny, Gibbs, Denilson, Eastmond, Rosicky, Walcott, Bendtner, Vela. Subs: Fabianski, Sagna, Fabregas, Arshavin, Emmanuel-Thomas, Lansbury, Nordtveit.

    Even stronger than we thought!

  172. I do agree that the circumstances meant that Bendtner, Walcott and Koscielny needed to be included, LG.

    Not grumbling, but I have enjoyed seeing the young ‘uns play in recent years. We don’t even get to see the reserves anymore.

    Then again, if it’s all part of a strategy to shield the younger players from the limelight and let them develop in peace, then it’s probably for the best.

  173. It does have a compelling logic, YW. So it could be CL experience beffore Xmas (if we qualify after the next game) and FA Cup action in the New Year for the less experienced kids.

  174. Not grumbling, but I have enjoyed seeing the young ‘uns play in recent years. We don’t even get to see the reserves anymore

    I do grumble about that, frequently! But I suspected this would happen because of the age of the first team and because key youngsters (eg Coquelin) were sent out on loan.

  175. Tonight is just a match to really relax and enjoy isn’t it?

    Despite the PR put out by Arsene, he’s not really interested in this pot. To be honest, nor am I. I love the competition because it is free of pressure and we see different players and teams in the shirt. It would be nice to win it but it doesn’t really matter.

    Sit back, relax, a couple of glasses and hopefully, a good display and win.

  176. I think it’s to do with the numbers out on loan, the returnees from injury (this has always been a rehabilitation competition) and the sheer quality of our youngsters.
    I love the CC as it is less pressure and usually entertaining.

  177. “the number of young players of the first team squad,” I should have said.

  178. And the CC candidates who are/were injured, yes indeed Steww. eg Frimpong, Nordtveit, earlier in the season.

  179. And a round of finely home made Cider on the old wise-man.

  180. Guess who predicted the starting XI correctly.

  181. Have we seen Djourou and Koscielny together before?

  182. No-one did.

  183. I agree with Yogi, Arsene did not change his policy it is still the fringe player or player coming back to fitness. Out of the team, Scznenzy and Eastmond are the youth players, Bendtner, Walcott, Koscielny are all coming back from injury. Gibbs, Eboue, Denilson, and Rosicky are all substitutes at the moment while Djourou is still trying to get back to full fitnessbut will be back on the bench with Koscielny’s return.
    With the strong team we have put out I expect an emphatic win! COYG!

  184. shut up trevor francis you fucking cunt. what a bunch of morons.

  185. Any stream suggestions? Anyone.

  186. COME ON ARSENAL!!!!!

  187. Snap, steww.

    Well, red wine actually G4E. Cider won’t be ready until Christmas. A bit ‘young’ then actually but hey, I’ve got 40 gallons.

  188. Should have chipped it..!!!!!

  189. I love red wine, that would be awesome CBob.

  190. OK so this either going to be Arsenal shots on target 55; goals nil. Or 7 – 0 to The Arsenal.

  191. Cbob

    That sounded like an invitation to yours on Boxing Day, cider tasting immediately after the previous day’s Turkey blowout.


  192. All Arsenal supporters welcome Yogi.

    Only a cheery disposition needed.

  193. Whoa, just noticed Denny’s badass new hairstyle.

  194. Good lord. Cornrows!

  195. Hi all, any good streams?? Thanks 🙂

  196. Bloomin’ eck…

  197. Cbob

    That’s 99% of them screwed then…


  198. Gutted for Gibbs….hope it’s nothing major…

  199. i don’t believe it, poor gibbs is going to have to go off.

  200. Come on people. Links to streams please. Don’t make me go to the other side for streams. I’ll come back Le-moaning after the match!!

  201. sorry Gibbs! you will have your day!

  202. thanks Paul N!

  203. Exactly Yogi.

    “We few, we band of brothers…”

  204. Come on Djourou!

  205. You got it legio!

  206. Newcastle are a very lively team. Gotta give them credit, they have a go.

  207. They like a hand ball shout don’t they?

  208. Koscielny is winning everything again, no matter if on the ground or in the air.

  209. Messi, are you watching Bendtner play?

  210. Eboue! nice run!

  211. We need our fox-in-the-box rampant goalscorer Song…

  212. Thank god!!!!!

  213. Goooooooall gol gol gol!

  214. Well deserved!

  215. I think it’s an own goal, but that will do just fine.

  216. 1-0 to the Arsenal, 1-0 to the Arsenal…

  217. That’ll do….!!!!

  218. Thats hilarious!

  219. Limestonegunner

    Comedy goal!

  220. Oh how Fabby must laugh!!

  221. Now thats what I call Krul Justice. All that superiority in the 1st half and we lead by an OG

  222. wooooo, OG (could have sworn it had crossed the line first time) technically but I think Eastmond has been a little nervous so I say let him claim it.

    😦 for Gibbs

    Rosicky can play in such tight spaces its unreal, damn

  223. Alan Smith is an accident waiting to happen, isn’t he.

  224. Limestonegunner

    Alan Smith is thuggish–how he has avoided a yellow is really a mystery. Seems like a rather bitter fellow… 30 yrs old and part of a newly promoted side’s CC team. Accident is putting it mildly!

  225. So, 5 Arsenal goals in the second half so we make Limpars prediction?

    How about Vela x2, Bendtner, Walcott and Denilson :).

  226. Is Alan Smith the one who trashed Diaby’s ankle at Sunderland?

  227. Just an accident Big Al. Just an accident.

  228. Yes he is. Hughton or the ref or both of them need to tell him to calm it down, OOU.

  229. Did we sign Own-goal too when we signed red cards and penalties???

  230. I hope that goal will have settled us down. some players trying too hard? I’m only listening, so please tell me what you think.

  231. Newcastle have played pretty damn well. They’ve been very organised and have stopped us playing down the right. They’ve conceded the left though so with some good crossing (Vela) or good running (King Eboue) we can capitalise on that. They were unlucky with the goal, but c’est la vie.

    The team is playing well but seemed quite nervous in the first half. Our first touch was letting us down in a few areas, and I notice Vela’s been slipping a bit (a change of studs perhaps). Bendy has been playing well, but he just needs to put his boot through the ball and lick an unstoppable shot!

    Hopefully in the second we’ll play more assured, remain strong at the back, and go on to score a few more.

    Carry on the good work men, let’s go win this thing.

  232. What the happened to Gibbs that wasn’t even a strong tackle. Also were is Clichy? Eboue left back? Kozza has been excellent, saved a certain goal saving Tech9 blushes. Also am worried about the mix in the middle as well as the rustiness of our forwards. Let’s hope we get a early goal in the second half to relax the youngsters.


  233. Thanks for that summary, Gadget.

  234. Walkedin and within 2 minutes a goal forthe Gunners.
    What have you guys been doing for the prior 43 minutes?

  235. Got to love football in England though. Where else would you get the second domestic trophy played at this tempo? Brilliant stuff.

    Newcastle will tire.

  236. Yeah FunGunner, we’ve been creating chances well, just lacking the finish (pretty much how we start most games :P). Vela’s touch has let him down a bit, hopefully he finds his feet a little better this half.

  237. shotta-gunna, please don’t leave your computer for the next hour 🙂

  238. IG,

    we signed Own Goal’s younger brother. He’ll feature in the odd game for us, but he’s not gonna break out for a few years yet

  239. Right, come on – early second goal please. Would like to see JET get a good run out….

  240. ^^ha ha

  241. Whoops – that ha ha was at Gadget’s “Owen Goal’s younger brother joke”

  242. Taeryn | October 27, 2010 at 8:47 pm |
    Won’t be going anywhere in the next 45 mins.Have to help you guys out.

  243. Alan Smith is booked.. good…..

  244. Gadget, he is having a decent start… LOL.

  245. Theoooooooooooooooooooo!!!!

  246. HUzzah…. there’s the Walcott goal 🙂

  247. Cool, composed finish. That’s our Theo!

  248. Theoooo…… 2-0..

  249. GO THEO GO!!!!

  250. Mmm, bit tricky that. Was Theo offside too…? Not your typical Arsenal goals…!!!

  251. Someone give Bendtner a medal, haha.

    Damn how did he get away with that?



    Benny took out a defender!!!

  253. Who’s that shit commentator on Fox.
    Kept going on about offsides and all that nonsense of how it’s killing the game.
    What a dick.

  254. Good goal to me!

  255. Walcott scores a bogus-Ronaldo-esque goal.
    My god I have brought my team a lot of luck.

  256. what a cool ass finish! Very reminiscent of Henry.

  257. Isn’t that called offensive tackling, what Bendtner just did?

  258. Empty seats at Newcastle, tsk. Would have been a full house if it had been played at Emirates.

  259. I don’t think their is anything wrong with the commentator’sviews on Fox.The current offside rule is farcical.

  260. Yeah the commentator keeps blathering on about the “new” offside rule. Did I miss something or was it changed recently? As far as I was aware, if a player in an offside position made no attempt to play the ball and had no impact on play, the official could choose to not call him offside.



    Benny took out a defender!!!

  262. Whats wrong with the offside rule?

  263. Wolves had enough defenders back and one tripped, they are at fault.

  264. We keep getting into such dangerous positions, only to be let down by our crossing :(.

  265. I’m just irate that he’s not bothering to talk about how cool a finisher Walcott is. Such a well-taken goal should deserve some mention 🙂

  266. Is this the 1st time King Eboue is playing left back? Soon Wenger will have to put him in goal.

  267. What sour grapes from the comentator on theo’s goal.

  268. If it’s the first time Eboue’s been at left back, you’d never know, he’s been solid so far.

  269. Eboue came on for Gibbs once before in the Champions League, didn’t he?

  270. Not sure but did we just try a Stoke tactic? Eastmond seemed to position himself right in front of the Newcastle keeper for that corner

  271. Vela lookin much more confident in the 2nd half

  272. Paul N | October 27, 2010 at 9:04 pm |
    “Whats wrong with the offside rule?”
    When you see bogus-Ronaldo’s goal last weekend, you will see how farcical is the current rule.

  273. Great interception Koss…

  274. So Koscielny just carrying on from where he left off, it seems?

  275. Wow, are we seriously bringing Cesc on?

  276. Kos has been fantastic. If we keep a clean sheet it will largely be his doing.

  277. Good defending by the boyz

  278. Wenger is sending Cesc on. He means business.

  279. I sure hope that Smith thug gets nowhere near Cesc.

  280. Shotta, I didnt see anything wrong with the walcott goal though.

  281. Vela did very well. Shame he has to make way for Cesc.

  282. Well, one thug for another I guess, at least Smith is off. Not sure Barton’s a whole lot better.

  283. Smith comes off . The thug Barton is their counter. Like for like?

  284. I think I’d have preferred to have seen Vela play the whole game, but I guess Fab needs playing time. Hopefully our last sub will see one of the young’uns playing

  285. Cesc on? Not the usual carling cup squad, this is the works. Me thinks Wenger wants to win a cup, any cup, this year!

  286. Is it just me or can someone else see how Deni amd Eastmond compliment each other…

  287. The team is playing with great confidence.

    I believe they have finally come of age.


  288. I just don’t get it. English referees are so tolerant of pushing in the back. It is a foul. Period.

  289. Nothing can pass the Kos-master…

  290. Holy crap what a strike by Nicklas!!!

  291. B52!!!!

  292. IT DONE!


    What a goal!

  293. That is some goal…!!!

  294. Big Nic 2 in 2…

  295. Nikki B, how much do I love thee? Let me count those mothertrucking ways

  296. Big-mouth Chezney is the real deal.

  297. And we’ll have JET on now 😀 😀

  298. Yay! JET on!

  299. The B52 bomber at work. Brilliant!

  300. Six goals in four days? Paradise!

  301. This Newcastle team is no walkover by any means.

    This is how the game should be played!

  302. Sczhesnnseyyfy is indeed the real deal, great save!

  303. Great save by the Chezzer .

  304. And Theo again what class

  305. WALCOTT!!!!

  306. Theooooooo you beauty!

  307. Chezzer has shown that he not only talks the talk but walks the walk.

  308. 4-0… Theo…

  309. Goddammit Theo! Not unlucky anymore eh?

  310. Great cup-tie, certainly better than the dogshit offered up by the mancs and wolves last night…..

  311. Walcott ‘s goal is almost Henry like.
    The Gunners are Back!

  312. Anybody surprised that Barton goes in like that?

  313. Did you see that from that punk Barton!?!?

  314. dirty fucking thug barton… football should have no place for assholes like him

  315. Oh God – not an injury to Eastmond as well! It was all looking up on that front.

  316. Now that was very uncalled for Joey.

  317. Barton is an unreformable thug. That hit on Eastmond was deliberate and unnecessary. Cant beat us fair and square they have to kick us.

  318. Is Craig Eastmond OK?

  319. And that same old c*nt again …

  320. And again he goes in like a truck wtf!?

  321. Barton again. What did I say earlier. He is unreformable.

  322. When Barton and Fabregas came on at the same time, I had a nasty feeling Barton would put Cesc out of action. I love Eastmond, but I’m glad that challenge was on him and not Cesc. Trying to understand why Cesc would be put on (as I’m writing this, Barton goes in to Cesc)

  323. Phew, Eastmond can carry on.

  324. Punk, when Dirty Henry was kicking him all over the place he didnt even respond once.

  325. You know it’s bad when the english commentator is going on about how needless and dangerous it was… what an a dirty thug Barton is.

    I almost felt bad for him after that Wolves game where they had Karl Henry trying to break every bone in his body all game long… but then I see this sort of thing and I have no sympathy for him whatsoever.

    Oh, nice save by Chesney again.

  326. Chezzer again. Good come my goalie.

  327. Good on you, Chesney – he wants that clean sheet!

  328. Our Polish pair haven’t let the ball between the pair of poles…

  329. I have no worries whatsoever that this squad this season is capable of winning the quadruple.

  330. The quadruple is still on!

  331. Two clean sheets away. Excellent stuf!!!

  332. Imagine everyone is smiling with the possible exception if Fabianski…..

  333. At least the commentator was willing to say it…and by the way as far as Chesney is concerned – colour me impressed. Very confident. Seems a complete lack of fear. I like him so far.

  334. I do not see any reason to buy any player in January. The squad is perfect as it is right now.

  335. Bendy looks sharp. Theo looks sharp. Awww shit!

  336. Taeryn | October 27, 2010 at 9:37 pm |
    I agree with every word and punctuation mark.
    Barton is a cowardly thug. (Remember the French dude at Man City he assaulted on the training ground because there were no other Frenchmen to come to his aid.) When Karl Henry “outbad” him for 90 mins he was like a little pussy. He is a coward and a bully.

  337. Like I said, lovely evening.

    Joy to the world.

  338. MOTM is either Kos or Theo. I’m ready to declare Kos the best defender in the league. I’ve seen his cape, and none have the kryptonite. Theo terrorised that D in the 2nd half.

    The entire team get a 10/10. I’m not claiming impartiality so I don’t give a damn, but the team was brilliant.

    Cheszney is a goddamn fine keeper. Bloody hell am I impressed. Bendy was excellent and another fine finish.
    Sagna, Denny, Easty, Rosicky, The King, Vela, Fab, JET, they all played well and I was impressed by all the starters.

    Also, despite the thuggery, I applaud this Newcastle team. They never stopped playing, never stopped trying.

  339. All other teams in the BPL, be very afraid.
    The Gunners are Baacckk!

  340. What I really liked today was how hard we worked to keep the clean sheet even when we knew the game was won.

  341. Cesc sooooooo wanted to put JET through on goal, pass was just a little off.

  342. West Ham score!!

  343. axis –
    I was thinking all first half how huge an effect van Persie would have had, our passes from midfield trying to split the defense were too heavily weighted and I can only imagine what his sublime passing would have provided in the final third. And as it was, we still grabbed 4 goals (could have easily been more too). It’s amazing to think about how much scoring class we have available.

  344. Maria
    yay! I want West Ham to win, but knacker themselves out doing so. I want Burnley to beat boring Villa.

  345. Gotta agree with you Gadget. Theo’s 2 goals definitely grab the headlines, but Kos was simply sensational. He’s my MOTM for sure.

  346. I must admit that the barcodes had allot of heart, they carried on pressing the second half even after the third and fourth goals.

    Footballing brain my a** Theo is just lethal 6 goals even with the long injury lay off!!

    Also very excited to see JET come on.

  347. The Kos-master is my MOTM too…

  348. FG,

    You may well get your wish FG, Villa has just gone down to 10 men. However I do have a soft spot for Gerard Houllier, his just so lovely. Good to see him back in the PL. Defo an Asene ally.

    P.S I want those animals Stoke out too.

  349. Laurent Koscielny:

    The most elegant defender of all time.

  350. I have to agree with you guys. Kozza was exceptional dealt with everything on the left so much so Carroll quickly switched to the right.

    Kozza MOTM

    Special mention for Tech9, didn’t let his mistake take over his head. Produced so quality saves towards the end.

    I am just bursting with pride.

    (Really missed Jack in the middle of the park though.)

  351. Oh, yes – this game had Jack’s name written all over it.

  352. Oh and Barton can **** right off!!!

  353. “And no matter what game they play,
    Eh, we got something they could never take away;
    We got something they could never take away”…CLASS

    Bob Marley – Legend

  354. Gibbs’ knee. 😦

  355. Lagooner:
    “When Barton and Fabregas came on at the same time, I had a nasty feeling Barton would put Cesc out of action. I love Eastmond, but I’m glad that challenge was on him and not Cesc. Trying to understand why Cesc would be put on (as I’m writing this, Barton goes in to Cesc).”

    I felt the same aprehension. I just knew Barton would take a cheap shot somehow. He’s lucky the Nasri wasn’t on the pitch.

  356. Ole, very true. I was especially impressed by the defensive intensity at the end of the game. Szczesney is a big part of that–he was very intense about keeping the clean sheet, and so were his defenders. Djourou and Koscielny were very very good.

    This was an intense game, and I am glad we played with the first team. They go into the weekend full of confidence.

    The quadruple is on!

  357. The maturity showed in front of goal by both Big Nic and Theo was breathtaking. You can see them coming of age before our eyes.

  358. Agreed Taeryn…personally I’m so pleased that we no longer seem toothless without him.

  359. arsenalist with the goals up already if anyone was unable to watch the game:

    And a pretty hilariously titled video with “proof that Joey Barton is a cunt”.

  360. Hammers score again. Eat your heart out Stoke.

  361. Stoke out……

  362. Koscielny was man of the match for me. He’s just too god at marking players one on one.

    I was very immpressed with Tech-9 and Eboue. Szczesny looks to be a fine keeper and he seems to be better in the air than Fabianski and Almunia. That punch clearance at the final whistle travelled almost to the half way line. Eboue is outstanding anywhere you put him. As far as utility players are concerned, he’s got to be the best in Europe by some margin. I really can’t think of another player who can play at both fullback spots, through the middle or on either wing with as much ease as he can.

  363. It’s not 6-0 but i’ll take good were we the first 10mins?we could have scored 3 in that time.i jus confirmed my 1st choice cb.koscielny(motm) and verminator.gibbs is the unluckiest player.we do really mean business this season from the team that was lined up n how we wanted to keep a clean sheet.

  364. Steww, that finish from Bendtner was breathtaking. And to think people laughed at me when I told them that Bendtner could be as good or better than Ibrahimovich. He made his requisite jump in form like all our youngsters do every new season. The kid is going to be massive when he’s about twenty five.

  365. Firstlady, I like the Verm, Kosc partnership but the Squill, Kosc partnership looks plenty solid as well. Funny how all the calls for a new defender have quieted down recently, heh?

  366. who is this Louise Taylor?
    Yeah, Arsenal couldn’t string two passes together and Bendtner’s bodycheck was oh so cynical. No mention of the thug that is Barton.

    Shut up b*tch!

    Watch out for the Arsenal are a dirty team and Wenger is such a hypocrite campaign starting again.

  367. Love JET’s little cameo. He’s got such quick feet.
    Hope our next game is at home and Arsene can give more youngsters the chance to shine.

  368. Agree with those that give MOTM to Koscielny. Pure class.

    The only reason this was a stronger line-up is that we have fewer injuries to contend with right now. Last season we needed to combine resting key players with a much longer injury list.

    The only injuries before the game were Vermaelen, Van Persie, Almunia, Ramsey and Frimpong. Last season the injury list was always hovering around 10-12 players last season. When you then included the players needing to be rested, we had no choice but to field a less experienced team.

    This season we’re down to a handful of injuries plus key players needing to be rested. Fortunately, we also had some players needing to play themselves back in after recent injuries (Walcott, Bendtner, Koscielny etc).

    Right now, even with a strong team playing today, you could argue that we were missing nearly all of our most influential players (bar Theo and Kos) from the starting line-up.

  369. Great win for us. Super finishing from Walcott. Kos and Tech9 were immense!
    JET has insanely quick feet for a guy his size.
    And what an amazing feeling it is to see our Arsenal youngsters do well!

  370. Chessnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnneeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  371. We’ve now beaten the 2 sides that have beaten Chavski this season. Why did we have to lose to them?

  372. very well done!

    Szczesny is such a monster!!!

  373. As for us being a dirty team, I must admit that we’ve added a touch of cynicism to our tackling that I’m not sure was there before (stand up Alex and tonight was Bacary).

    I also have to admit that I quite like it too!

  374. give me a touch of cynicism over the white horse knight naivety any day 😉

  375. OG:

    I remember the turning point for Chelsea’s confidence against us was Bridge’s goal in the Champions League.

    Our turning point will either be at home in the league or in the F.A Cup/Champions League when we turn them over in a most unpleasant way.

  376. The team really gelled tonight, as if they have played together like that for years. In a way I suppose they have as our whole magnificent squad is interchangable, every player knowing the formation and their role within it at each particular moment in the game. Absolutley amazing and another aspect of the club that Arsene should take credit for. What a fantastic 4 days it has been.

  377. According to les pricks at Le Moan Djourou is shit, Eastmond had a horrible game, Vela should be sold, Sagna is a cunt and Bendtner is a dirty player because the Newcastle defender ran into him. What a bucket of miserable fucks.

    Fuck off Suga3.

  378. I may have skim-read the last few posts but has no-one else paid tribute to Chesney punching the ball about 40 fucking yards right at the end?! I watched the game with a girl who I’ve spent this season converting to Goonerdom and she’s now seen all our keepers minus Don Vito. On Tech9 she said simply “the goal just seems smaller when he’s standing there doesn’t it?”

  379. Just spotted Tom Watts of fans forum at the Villa game with that Andy Turner guy!!

  380. Gainsborough,

    now that was totally uncalled for…

    classy as always, eh?


  381. Suga3

    Isn’t it curious that Szczesny makes a charge out of the area and misses his tackle completely without being chastised. Fabianski does the same and he should be hung, drawn and quartered. A curious case of double-standards.


  382. and by the way, half of your ‘quotes’ from LG are made up…

  383. f*ck off Suga.

  384. YW,

    I can only speak for myself, but I always considered Fabianski’s runs his forte, as he very rarely got it wrong 😉

    it was his aerial ability that was always questionable, but I am really happy for him that he turned his fortunes around and long it may continue…

    as for Szczesny, he deserves massive pat on the back for today’s performance for not letting his mistake get to him and for keeping top drawer concentration despite havind zip to do for large chinks of the game…

    I still think he will be better than LF, but with the latter’s confidence and performances on the rise, I think he will have to make do with cup games and maybe with one or two CL group stage ones once (if) we qualify early…

  385. notlager,

    what the fuck did I do now? I am heaping praise on the team, still not happy? or is putting a few coherent sentences together too much for you?

  386. fuck off. Clear now?

  387. not clear enough, try capitals 😆

    next thing you will be asking YW to ban me…

    unlike you, I tend to be fair and give credit and criticism where it is due and I am able to put my point forward, whereas all you do is try to insult me – yawn…

    jog on, you twerp…

  388. I am still laughing at how easily people believe those guys on its up for grabs, it’s just like a couple of guys in a pub talking Arsenal. All they do is gossip, bitch and speculate. If Chamack is gay so is Stevie kiss me Xavi G.

    I personally have loss a respect for them the last couple of weeks rather than being funny they have become just as negative as the Le moan crew!

  389. and yes, the performance of some players was not flawless, but we have won, so I would rather concentrate on positives – besides, I am very happy for Szczesny as I like him a lot…

    what’s wrong with that?

  390. Cbob,

    Looks like you can count the number of guests for Boxing Day on the fingers of one hand…


  391. I would come but there is no where better than London during Christmas. Also I don’t do farms with all that mucky mud. Yuck!

  392. came across this masterclass from Titi

  393. When is the draw for the 5th round

  394. Maria,
    Why would you disbelieve or object to Chamakh being gay? You make it seem like the up for grabs guys made some sort of accusation that you want to defend him against. They had no problems with the idea. I have no idea if it is true or not, but if it were I would actually be even prouder of the club and the team for so evidently not caring about that.

    Perhaps I am misunderstanding the implication of your criticism of the podcast, but it strikes me as a strange issue to highlight. Football culture in England is not only often xenophobic but typically homophobic. As always, Arsenal is different; Arsenal is progressive; Arsenal is pioneering.

  395. Szczsney made 2 outstanding we should sell Almunia he’s no use to us and keep use fab and him as our future goalkeepers

  396. LG,

    Before you start with all the holier than thirty sh*t check the posts above. On my post all I saying is that not everything that Alan and co cone up with is legitimate and sexuality is private matter especially for a pl footballer. Who are they to out him if he is gay? And if he isn’t it’s just BS that they are claiming but there are those like Avaris that believe them and put up videos of teamamtes hugging as prove of ‘gayness’. Which is just stupid.

    Also aren’t these guy that are so cool with Chamack the same ones that call Nasri a ‘lesbian’ . It’s just childish gibberish!

  397. Blimey, doesn’t anyone out there know when the draw is???

  398. Thank you Maria.

  399. Limestonegunner, why do feel that all people should have to think that homosexuality is acceptable? It is an illegal act in some countries, others disagree on religious grounds and others simply consider it an unnatural act. Why do you think that approval of homosexuality is progressive?

  400. Suga3, fuck off. Your praise for Szczesney is nothing but a thinly veiled insult to those of us who supported Fabianski while others said he was shit. Go back to Les Pricks.

  401. sugar,bless, how are you. i’m busy so i’ll get straight to the point. fuck off you annoying little cunt.

  402. Agree 69 just checked Le moan and they were vicious in the first half!! Call themselves supporters, their having a laugh.

  403. That’s what I am talking about I don’t know where my other post disappeared too. But Chamack is a Morrocan international and having visited there I am pretty sure it’s illegal over there in his homeland. Who is Alan narky Davies to out anyone on a bloody podcas??

    Anyhoo i just don’t think they have a right to make such statements on peoples lives especially if it’s just rumor.

  404. Maria,

    Unless Davies knows for a fact and this is because he is Chamakh’s disgruntled boyfriend, its not Davies business to spread rumours which could be seen by some as high offensive.

  405. I agree 100%

    Or unless Chamack comes out himself and dumps the middle aged pompess tawt live on Arsenal Online!! Lool

    Personally I was just amazed reading it on other blogs and what have you on how people who claimed to be ‘medja’ savvy were willing to believe the negative douchbag.

    If you haven’t checked out his podcast stop just after the Hull game last season, that’s when it was last any good.

  406. Gainsborough,

    I think I must have told you that before: stop reading between the lines and finding hidden meanings, because you’re notoriously shit at this – it involves clear mind, lack of bias and intelligence 😆

    trevor hill,

    what are you, a masochist? fancy getting owned again or what?

    you lot should be ashamed of yourself – we have just clocked up an emphatic win and all you do is continue taking petty snipes at other fans instead of enjoying it – pathetic!

  407. I will say this with absolute ease and with no regrets in this lifetime.
    This Polish Keeper that was between the sticks today was superb. There should be no concerns by the manager that we are suspect in goal.

  408. @SUGA3
    I am confused. You usually only come here when we lose. Why are you here? Stop confusing me!!!

  409. Hey, Suga. You know what’s pathetic? Half hearted support and second guessing a manager who always proves you dumb fucks wrong with every new signing he makes. Now that Theo, Bendtner, Denilson, Song and Eboue have made their predictable improvement all you guys have left to moan about are Vela, Diaby and Djourou. Players who have just come back from injury or playing for the first time after long lay offs. Pretty soon you’ll have to eat your words and that’s eating you negative fuckers from the inside. Have fun as the youth project successfully unfolds before your eyes and go eat shit.

  410. Well, I think the dismantling of Spurs and Newcastle away confirms what many of us thought. Arsenal have the deepest squad in the country, and possibly in world club football. Arsene has passed the test of organically growing a supremely gifted and high functioning squad by focusing on youth development and signing quality players when necessary. He has clearly won that argument over all the naysayers.

    Every player is grounded in the philosophy of the team and knows his role within the team concept. We’re the only team who can field two full teams with experienced and talented cover in every position, with another dozen or so quality squad players thrown in for good measure. When your #23-#36 players (Sczcesny, Rosicky, Vela, Traore, Nordtveit, JET, Lansbury, Frimpong, Mannone, Afobe, Barazite, Bartley, Cruise and Coquelin) would form a team that would have a decent shot at staying in the Premier League, you know we’re insanely deep.

    So far, so good….now for the real test that has yet to be answered. When it comes to the end of the season crunch games, will our top players be able to stand firm against the best players Barcelona, Chelsea, Inter Milan, Bayern Munich, Real Madrid, AC Milan and Man.United have to offer?

    When you look at the Top 5 ‘difference’ makers in each team, you still have to put Barcelona (Xavi, Messi, Iniesta, Alves and Villa), Chelsea (A.Cole, Terry, Lampard, Drogba and Essien) and Real Madrid (Ronaldo, Xabi Alonso, Higuain, Casillas, Carvalho) ahead of our Top 5 (I would select Fabregas, Chamakh, Vermaelen, Nasri and Van Persie). At our level would be Inter Milan (Eto’o, Lucio, Sneijder, Maicon and Cambiasso) Man United (Vidic, Evra, Ferdinand, Rooney and Nani) AC Milan (Ibrahimovic, Pirlo, Ronaldinho, Nesta and Pato) and Bayern Munich (Lahm, Muller, Schweinsteiger, Ribery and Robben).

    Yes, it’s not a game of 5-a-side and the managers also play a crucial role, but more often than not it’s the star players performing well who make the difference. It means Fabregas and Nasri winning the creative battle against Xavi and Iniesta, Van Persie and Chamakh terrorizing Vidic and Ferdinand and Vermaelen standing firm when Drogba or Rooney come calling again.

    We can bury our heads in the sand, but we’ve been exposed in these types of games over the last two years and we will have to overcome psychological doubts against Chelsea, Man United and Barcelona in particular.

    The good news is that if every major team suffered injury losses to a number of their key players, Arsenal would be able to best compensate with top notch replacements.

    It is also this strength in depth that leads me to think that easily our best chance of a trophy this year after the Carling Cup is the Premier League title, whereas I’m far less optimistic about the Champions League and the F.A Cup. It’s a lot more likely that Chelsea will suffer a bad run of results in the title race if Drogba, Lampard or Terry miss significant time than for Arsenal to overcome at least one of Barca, Real and even Chelsea over two legs.

    My money is on the Carling Cup and no worse than 2nd in the league. Good, pressure-free runs in the Champions League and F.A Cup would be a bonus., but they are not where our best hopes lie.

  411. Limestonegunner

    Maria, if your objection was based on the violation of someone’s privacy (ignoring the hundreds of football and celebrity websites that mention the subject in French), I can understand having a problem with that. Outing people is controversial and quite debatable. However, there is still an implication in your posts (not to mention Champion’s) that homophobic views should for some reason be respected. Bigotry shouldn’t be respected. On the contrary, I do think it is progressive to judge people on the basis of the content of their character rather than on who they happen to love. I am surprised to have to state this in the 21st century among mostly residents of modern liberal democracies that have established rights for gay people.

  412. nah mate, it’s called having an opinion instead of blind faith…

    and it’s not like we are walking the league at the moment and are in the other compos finals playing the opposition where it should be a formality, is it?

    all this time I have been saying that I would love nothing more than to be proven wrong, simple as that – bang, there goes your ‘eating you from the inside’ theory, Einstein…

    what I did not like was that we were not competitive throughout the last few seasons – my point was always that I don’t consider us to be ‘owed’ a trophy, but I wanted us to give each and every competition a good go – finishing miles off the top points wise in the league, crashing out with a whimper out of the CL whenever being drawn against a top team and throwing domestic cups is not what I would consider ‘a good go’, is that clear enough for you?

  413. besides, it is the criticism that drags the individuals out of their comfort zone and makes them up their game, no?

    and I mean reasoned criticism, not mindless slagging off…

  414. with regards to ‘outing’ Chamakh – frankly, I don’t give a damn what his preference in that field is (as long as he is not a paedo, that is): all I care about is whether he is able to stick the ball in the net and that is something that counts…

    I am with Limestone on this: bigoted views should not be tolerated and people spouting such crap should be ridiculed…

  415. Lagooner,
    no, you do not “have to put” A.Cole, Terry, Lampard, Drogba and Essien “ahead of our Top 5”. Not as football players, men or human beings.

    Bigots should be buggered.

  416. Finn,

    arguably, out of these five, Cole, Drogba and Essien are still a notch ahead of their Arse equivalents…

    despicable they may be (well, apart from Essien – nothing wrong with him), but that’s not the point, is it?

  417. I really think the only place for Barton is prison, i mean there are some people in this world that don’t deserve the air they breathe and he is definitely one of them.

    What a scum bag? How can any league allow such a mug to play?

    And how can the FA be so spineless when every one saw clearly that he intentionally tried to hurt two players in less than a couple of minutes? Then we hear the likes of Fat Sam and his thuggish friends defend this kind of behavior.

    Damn stupid fuckers, when they’ll ever learn?

  418. we need a cb,a goalie and a central midfielder in january.our squad looks so thin.

  419. karim,
    are you joking?

  420. Karim is eitehr joking or blind…. les hope for his sake its the first alternative.

  421. sad, Karim has posted here many times before and judging by his usual posts I suspect there is heavy sarcasm in that one!

    Maria, I agree with you – a player’s sexuality is his own business. If he wants the world to know it’s his place to tell them, not for others to use innuendo and gossip to spread rumours whether true or not.

  422. @ Maria and Passenal
    Absolutely agree. It’s none of our business, basically, true or not. Bigots are to be despised but we live in the real world and there could be repercussions for the player or his loved ones, even on the basis of rumours.

    @ Maria,
    I also agree about the moaning on the UFG podcast. But what they mean about Samir looking like a lesbian is that his hairstyle is favoured by lesbians – which is funny because true and incongruous. It’s not meant to be an insult, either to him or to lesbians. There was an email from a female gooner saying that Samir Nasri now has a host of lesbian fans who have (somewhat surreally) claimed him as one of their own.

  423. Karim is being sarcastic. About Theo’s goal where Bendtner seemed to foul a defender, I thought the defender drew the foul from Bendtner as he knew he has no chance of catching Walcott.
    Has anyone else experienced problems when trying to vote for man the match on the official arsenal website? —-

  424. Louis Taylor is B*^ch.

  425. firstlady
    I think the MOTM voting is closed – Theo got it. I was going to vote for Kos.

  426. Let us not get carried away here. I was watching the Manchester City game again and if it wasn’t for the sending off then it could have been a different game.

    It could have also been a completely different game had Arsenal not scored four and Newcastle scored two.

    I still think we lack strength in depth and have this weak underbelly. We need to be made of stronger stuff. If Arsene spends £42.5 million in January (no less) then we can challenge for trophies.

    How do we actually expect to win trophies without getting into debt? Get a grip Arsene and the board, spend of go. Martin O’Neil is out of a job, get him quick.

  427. @ Maria and Passenal
    Absolutely agree. Homophobia is despicable but we live in the real world and there could be repercussions for the player or his loved ones, even on the basis of rumours. It’s none of our business, basically, true or not, and if true it’s up to the player how he deals with it.

  428. Too right, Mean Lean. And if it hadn’t been for the fact that we scored seven goals and conceded none, we could have lost both games. And then where would we be, eh?

  429. I am glad you can see it FG. How some people can say that Koscielny was incredible yet again is beyond me.
    Theo is never a natural finisher either.

  430. Newcastle will have no trouble staying up, they look like a good side. It’s just a shame they’ve got Smith and Barton.

  431. @ mean lean
    ha ha

  432. Szczesny was great today, but you guys should catch Brad Friedel’s performance against Burnley, it’s worth your time. He single handedly repelled from a flurry of Burnley shots most of the game, only for Villa to eventually steal one on the counterattack.

  433. Who encouraged that prick from Le Moan to come to ACLF to moan like a drain? A confirmed doomer and sh*t supporter.

  434. How good was that away support?! All game long… “WAN ARSÈNE WENGER!! THERE’S ONLY WAN ARSÈNE WENGER!!” Fantastic. And what a show they got.

    Rotational bloodlust: Smith OFF Barton ON. 90 minutes worth of Wanker.

  435. Our away fans are always magnificent.

  436. Really could be dreamland for the patient this year.

    Plus apparently we have 3 players in the current top 5 most effective (goals+assists per minute) across both spainish and english premier leagues.

  437. The pass/assist from LK6 to TH14?
    Almost as good as some of TR7’s from earlier in the game!

    Fabregas’ expression after he hit a Theo pass (overhit) for JET was also a highlight.

    RE: ‘JET looks lazy’ D**Mer template/meme:
    Nope, not last night.

  438. Whoops!


  439. splendid all round really.
    sugar, you little rascall, why is your head right of center on your photo. have you been trying to get it up your arse again.

  440. Limestonegunner | October 28, 2010 at 5:11 am |

    Maria, if your objection was based on the violation of someone’s privacy (ignoring the hundreds of football and celebrity websites that mention the subject in French), I can understand having a problem with that. Outing people is controversial and quite debatable. However, there is still an implication in your posts (not to mention Champion’s) that homophobic views should for some reason be respected. Bigotry shouldn’t be respected. On the contrary, I do think it is progressive to judge people on the basis of the content of their character rather than on who they happen to love. I am surprised to have to state this in the 21st century among mostly residents of modern liberal democracies that have established rights for gay people.
    Limestonegunner in response, i’d say your ideological idea of progressiveness and modernism appears to be incredibly closed minded and bigoted. True liberalism would accept differences of opinion and therefore allow people to disagree with your point of view. In essence there is nothing particularly modern and progressive about trying to impose your particular view on someone else.

    I believe in basic human rights and therefore I believe that we all have
    the freedom of choice and people can choose to do what they want with
    there bodies and lives. In the same vein, people have the right to form
    their own opinions, adhere to their own belief systems disagree with
    other peoples choices. The thing with using words like homophobia it can have connotations of violence and prejudice. This is not necessarily the case with people that disagree with homosexuality many are not advocates of violence or ill informed about what homosexuality actually is.

    Regarding your statement about who people choose to love, sounds good but in truth, judgements are made and prison sentences are handed out all the time because of whom people choose to love. For example some people choose to love animals, some deceased bodies, some blood related
    family members etc. How is this different from your reasoning about 21st
    Century modernism. By your reasoning, people have no right to consider these things wrong.

    What I find surprising is that you have an unfounded and baseless belief
    your chosen point of view is morally superior to others. As I said before very, very bigoted.

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