Manchester City Preview: Change Recent History And Win

With Chelsea eventually overcoming Wolves, this afternoon’s visit to Eastlands takes on more importance for both sides, if that were possible. Whilst a point would not be a bad result for Arsenal, City must win these encounters being the hosts. That, I suspect, is going to be how the season pans out with the top four matches, win at home and try to come away with the odd point or maybe a win.

Both sides go into the match on the back of comfortable midweek European wins. City has lost once in the Premier League this season – at Sunderland in August – and sit in second place, favourites this afternoon. That, combined with Arsenal’s wretched results in clashes with the rest of the top four in recent seasons, has created the expectation of a home win.

Theo Walcott noted that ‘underdog’ is a tag that Arsenal is not unhappy having,

That’s a good thing for us [if they go into the game as favourites]. We can go up there and express ourselves and try and get that result.

I think we could catch them on the counter-attack. I think it’s going to be a sort of slow game at times. I think with the pace we’ve got in our team we can catch them on the break. Only time will tell [whether we will get caught on the break ourselves].

It will require all of the guile that the midfield possess to break down the hosts defence. The expectation is that Mancini will nominate three defensive midfielders to counteract Arsenal; De Jong, Toure and Barry. Even so, Blackpool proved that numbers do not necessarily provide a defensive barrier, unlucky to have lost the game with ‘goals’ unjustly ruled out when considered in light of events that took place elsewhere last and this weekend.

Much will depend on Cesc prompting  in the absence of Jack Wilshere. It is a fixture where the close dribbling skills and lively movement of the youngster would have thrived. Space will be at a premium and creating width will be a key for Arsenal. For once, there will be someone who is consistent in the air to provide an alternative threat to the myriad of passes through defences.

Marouane Chamakh has nothing to be concerned about aerially for Kolo Toure – if he is fit – whilst Lescott and Kompany are not tremendous despite their height. Equally he has pace and movement to stretch the City defence with Nasri and Arshavin providing support in the middle, moving in from the flanks. Had Theo Walcott been fitter, I would have expected him to start to stretch City down the right and put Wayne Bridge under a lot of pressure with his pace. Having missed out in midweek, a starting place for Walcott seems unlikely.

Much though will depend on Abou Diaby as the main support from midfield for the Moroccan. Charlie Adam of Blackpool proved the susceptibility to City’s numeric advantage to late runs into the box and an in-form Diaby is equally, if not more, capable of providing such a threat. The Frenchman has an eye for goal but needs to be on the top of his game to force the hosts onto the backfoot.

Defensively, the return of Bacary Sagna bolsters the defence. He and Gael Clichy will need to be wary of the pace of Silva and Johnson. Whilst the Englishman has a touch of the ‘one-trick pony’, he can play on either flank and the Spaniard is devastating if allowed pace to cut inside. Both full backs need to be aware positionalluy. Likewise, Squillaci and Djourou are going to be occupied with Tevez who is City’s in-form striker. It seems unlikely that Emmanuel Adebayor will start, unsurprisingly his ego has created problems for Mancini in these circumstances.

It is a crucial afternoon for Arsenal. Avoiding defeat is the minimum target, a win would leave the gap  to Chelsea at five points and second place occupied. Goals away from home have been at a premium domestically, four in four games unusually low by the club’s standards in recent seasons. Yet one might be enough to secure the points this afternoon. And the bench will have guile and pace in abundance to provide alternatives in what I expect to be a tight match. The starting line-up will show few changes to recent weeks:

Fabianski; Sagna, Squillaci, Djourou, Clichy; Fabregas, Song, Diaby; Arshavin, Chamakh, Nasri

Rosicky or Denilson could provide an alternative to Diaby but I do not think that will be the case and Wenger’s comments about Arshavin in the week suggest that he has no intention of diminishing his goal threat by resting the Russian this weekend. Those who do not start today would almost certainly be in the Carling Cup starting line-up at Newcastle next week.

Enjoy the match wherever you are watching it. ’til Tomorrow.

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  1. Our squad is good but not good enough to beat top teams. Don’t forget Arsenal’s ambition is just a CL spot, which is enough to rake in good revenues without heavy investments. It looks like 4th again this season. Without Liverpool as a contender, the 4th place is between us and Spurs. Hope we can make it. Trophies? Let’s get real. We won’t win any.

  2. Well its the same talk that we have had before big games for the last 5 seasons. Perhaps its out of experience that I do feel that it will be a rite of passage that we will have plenty of possession of the ball but will eventually lose today. I hope the lads prove me wrong, but unless city show incredible profligacy in front of goal today, I see only a draw AT BEST for us.

    The same old cliches are flowing again from the usual suspects, “we are not soft”, “we dont have anymore excuses”, “we can win the title” etc… I think we have heard those before our last 5 matches against chelsea. What needs to be understood is that, the fact that we keep talking about “toughness” and “big match temperament” is in itself an indictment of our sore lack of those qualities.

    We are having to talk about it to convince others that we have it. On the evidence we have seen over the last 5 years quite frankly we dont. The teams who possess these winning assets never feel the need to talk about it in public, they show it on the pitch leaving no room for such accusations to creep in from any quarter whatsoever.

    What do I expect from the match? I will be rooting for the team all the way and my heart will always hope that we will win. But a more pragmatic take on it would be that I will be listening to Arsene spinning the same old stories again at the post match conference.

    I hope I am proved wrong.

    Cheers all!

  3. Jim

    I love the smell of optimism in the morning.


  4. As I posted in the last thread..

    Somehow I’m not too worried about Man city. They don’t present the potent attacking threat that Chelsea did. They’ll play with their 3-5 DMs as usual and they’re not so quick and deadly on the counter anymore. Clichy just has to be sure he doesn’t let Johnson cut in on his left to take shots at goal. As far as I can see that’s the only major threat he poses. The other slight concern would be Adebayor and our ex-player curse. Heaven knows he’ll be plenty motivated if selected.

    In short, unlike the Chelsea game, I’d be really disappointed if we don’t win today.

  5. What must it be like to wake up as naga or Jim in the morning?

    Hardly seems worth getting out of bed let alone look forward to the match where your team is geared up to fight for glory.

  6. The Royal Gooner

    3-1 to the Gunners

  7. YW

    Miracle upon miracle you have picked a side without Denilson in.Are you feeling ok?

    The game will be won and lost in midfield and the two keepers.Citeh are stronger in both departments. My heart says 2-2 draw my head says a replay of Chelsea we have lots of the ball but they will be more clinical.Ironically our best chance is if Greedy DOES start for them

  8. @Henristic…

    I think you’re underestimating Citeh. Adam Johnson won’t start, David Silva will and he has been suberb recently. A fully fit Balotelli from the bench is also a rather scary prospect. Having said that, if we defend as a team today, I believe we will win. Its a shame Kolo isnt fit to start. I would fancy our forwards to give him the run around.

  9. Walcott could also play a huge part today. Neither Bridge or Zabaleta are particularly pacy..

  10. “I will be rooting for the team all the way” – brilliant. Great to have you on board, naga gunner, ‘rooting us on’ to victory. I’m sure you’re great fun to watch a match with. You sound like you’re talking about watching your kid at sports day. Fucking waste of oxygen you are. Always have been. Fuck off if you haven’t already.

  11. “What must it be like to wake up as naga or Jim in the morning?

    “Hardly seems worth getting out of bed”

    To their poor wives, it must seem very worth getting them out of bed.

  12. I don’t doubt that Naga will be rootin’ and tootin’ for the team. Alas, he always seems to choose the WRONG team.

    Cheers all!

  13. This is one of those heart vs head matches. My heart says Arsenal to win 4-0, but my head’s more cautious – probably just a 2-1 or 3-1 win.

    Cheers all!

  14. Where’s everyone by the way? This post has been on since 0855 hrs.Good post Yogi.
    Naga gunner,I’m afraid I share your feelings.I woke up with that tight knot in my belly which happens whenever we are going to lose a match.I sincerely hope we win today but it looks like a hard ask.If we do I’ll be floating in the clouds all week!
    Am I being realistic thinking that we should lay less emphasis on the PL and concentrate efforts on the CL and FA cup? Somebody tell me I’m wrong.I believe but please help my unbelief!!!

  15. Henristic,I like your assured confidence.

  16. Seems Consols and Limpar have problems accommodating other people’s views.
    We’re just thinking with our heads having seen these situations play out in the past.

  17. For the sake of peace….

    Arsenal will win. 🙂

    Cheers all!

  18. I wouldn’t mind one nil to the Arsenal. A win’s what we need. COYG!

  19. Optimism…glorious optimism!!!I will only ever despair when we get to face the top 4 with our first choice 11 and get thoroughly humiliated otherwise you can bet your bottom dollar we are a threat. All I can say is Chelsea has been lucky Van Persie has not been fit. The only thing that will beat us is ourselves we are always our own worst enemy. The top fours purple streak over us will not last forever. We are going to make Citeh cry like babies today. 3-1.

  20. Bob,

    Still a prick isn’t he? Is he Nymarcus in disguise?

    It’s ridiculous how people have continued to distort history, wrongly applying our bad run against big teams last year, to the last 5 years. We were doing well and a case can be made that we will pick up on our ability to beat tougher oppositions from here on in.

  21. Which one Ateeb?

  22. Naga of course.

  23. I really really want Stoke to get relegated. With that I am rooting for a 24 man brawl with Fergie decking Pulis in the centre circle.

    Unfortunately I already know that it’s going to end with 2-0 victory for United.

  24. Well, I agree that he is a miserable specimen of a supporter who confuses defeatism with analysis but he lacks the applied dtermination to pick our team to death that NyMarcus was prone to do.

  25. Nice summing up of today’s game YW, and I agree with the predicted line-up apart from Rosicky fitting in there for AA. Nasri and Rosicky look to be on good form to me at the moment so if Cesc can play anywhere near his magical best, then we can score the goals we need to win this one. I think two will be required.

    The guys are entitled to be pessimistic about The Arsenal if that is their agenda, I just wish they wouldn’t spread it around like a dollop of marmite infested with the clap so early in the morning!

  26. I love Arsenal, I started supporting when Bertie Mee was Herbert Chapman’s right hand man back in the 1920’s and I go to every game home and away never miss one match and never have, however I think that Arsenal is going down hill since Arsene Wenger took over all he does is let our best plauyers go like Henry and Merson and Pires and replace them with Frenchmen we won’t win anyting as we have no end [product and walcott’s brain is aproblem anyone who thinks denilson has an ounce OF MARTIN HAYES TALENT is deluded we will follow portsmouth if we don’t buy some quality in the window why can’t we play like harry rednapps teams do they have a spine of grit

  27. Please let us win football gods,i see manure continue gettn lucky having been played by stoke.

  28. its all about taking the chances today, the final thirds will decide this. I really dont see us losing the midfield battle which serves as the strongest fundamental advantage point we could hope for but history speaks and if we are elusive in front of goal it will count for little. Fabregas isn’t quite back to his best yet but hopefully his understanding with chamakh should be enough. I hope they have been working together much this week and I want to see plenty of runs by the big man if we are too give cesc a chance to pick him out with a lob or 2. Keep them busy in the middle of goal and then hopefully our wing men will have a chance to say hello also.

    blackpool should have taught these mercenaries a lesson last week and we taught them a 6 nil lesson not long before that. the fact that sky are talking about the power balance in manchester turning and city as real title contenders whilst we are merely here to state our ‘intent’ makes my blood boil. I dont care that this is an away fixture, city go against everything we stand for as a long term institution and to be relieved with just a point after taking a look at the league table is really quite demasculinising.


  29. Hey there guys, any one have a good stream they can recommend?

  30. How old are you steww. 1920 to 2010 makes 90 years?

  31. Uncannily like a cross between Howard and AIC, steww.

    Are you sure that you are not them?

  32. Iain Dowie is backing us. Not too sure what to make of that. Hardly anyone else is, in fact most seem to have us written off completely. This would be a great one for us to win.


  33. Fuckin come on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Nothing else but a win will do for me today!!

    Hope the referee has a fair game, that is all one Gooner can ask for. The rest our boys can handle.


  34. I think these negative nancies in here are just overcompensating for their inability to deal with losses in big matches recently. After all, if you don’t have any expectations you can’t be let down…it’s the coward’s way out.

  35. Wow…Gudjohnson’s really hit rock bottoom…really…he fuckin plays for Stoke now, poor guy.

  36. Wonder goal!!!!!!!! Tuncay!…suck it Manure!

  37. After today we will have played Liverpool, Chelsea, Blackburn, Sunderland & Man City away. A win today puts us within 5 points of Chelsea after a quarter of the season with a good chunk of the difficult away games out of the way. Personally I think this is a pretty good position to be in especially when you look at some of the injuries we have already had to deal with.

    Jim – Why do you think the board are content with a CL spot? This (What a fucking goal by Stoke by the way!) view that the board are happy to line their pockets is just plain stupid. The board / shareholders do not take a dividend. Some are paid salaries but the profits go back into club.

  38. fuckin a…i hate Man Ure

  39. Nothing like waking up in beautiful North Carolina this morning to the sounds of little doomers and trolls setting up camp to lay siege on our happiness. If we win they will be nowhere in sight. If we lose their numbers will multiply and their venom will be lofted from trebuchet at the ramparts of ALCF. For their benefit I’m now now bent over presenting my hairy balls for all of them to line up and kiss. I’m off now to my chav buddy’s house for some bordeaux, a plate of head cheese, and the best football on the planet.


  40. I can’t wait to see Theo, Arsh, Cesc, Chamackh and the bunch in full flow this morning. I have a feeling it is going to be a big day for us Gooners. I think the negative trolls are going to have to eat their words. COYG!

  41. Stoke just threw away a point. Pulis deciding to play Rory Fucking Delap instead of Tuncay is mind boggling.

  42. Fabianski, Sagna, Djourou, Squillaci, Clichy, Nasri,
    Fabregas, Song, Denilson, Arshavin, Chamakh. Subs: Szczesny,
    Koscielny, Rosicky, Walcott, Eboue, Gibbs, Bendtner.

  43. Song and Denilson ? Just what I wanted! Let’s get ready to rumble.

  44. Diaby not even on the bench?

  45. Why isn’t Diaby even on the bench?

  46. Hmmm boyata LCB and boateng LB… hopefully nasri can unpick that one

  47. Was hoping to see Rosicky start as well.

  48. The pundits on Fox Soccer Channel here in the US are complete turds…THey really can’t get anyone better than these retards…I mean Warren Barton, really?

  49. Song and Denilson? Possession will be at 70%.

  50. Not even giving Arsenal a chance…come on and prove these wankers wrong…COYG!

  51. Even mancini knows we play the best football.come on gunners.let’s win this.

  52. Limestonegunner

    I don’t understand why we should be pessimistic before the match. Our team is good and history is not important on the day. I don’t expect a point today; I expect three because that is the kind of club we are. We go everywhere and play to win.

    Of course it is frustrating that we have played well and kept possession in the past but been confounded at the end. I don’t put much stock in the cliches, which naga gunner points out are better proven on the pitch. After a sharp performance midweek, though, I think we’ll take our chances today and prove our quality, toughness, and championship credentials.


  53. Three defensive mf for city!their bench looks menancing,hopefully by the time they bring them on we will be 2 goals ahead.

  54. Hi guys any working stream?

  55. Isn’t benefit of the doubt still meant to go to forwards?

  56. Fabianski pulls us out of the fire there, how did he get to that, I really don’t know!

  57. Red card for city.

  58. Good decision by the ref. Let’s capitalise.

  59. Wow, are those City players on steroids? They just can’t stop fouling.

  60. Can we just ban De Jong from football?

  61. haha mancini screwed up by picking a kid to hold that position.

    they are a completely different animal without their bank of 3’s. mind you tevez is a completely different type of animal himself….

  62. Hey, Fabregas has just come back from injury. Cut him some slack and stop that rotational fouling, you sheik c*nts.

  63. Silva has learned a lot from Xavi.

  64. I have to say City are surprising me.. They’re really on the attack and they look dangerous even with 10 men

  65. 1-0… Nasrii….. Great 1-2 between Nasri and AA with yet another assist for the lazy Russian..

  66. Nasriiiiii!

  67. I have to say, thank goodness for that!

    Not a composed display by the team so far.

  68. goaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal

  69. Gadget, its our defence not keeping its shape..

    Wonderful assist and goal from AA and Nasri. Missed the red card – was it bad tackle?

  71. @MDGunner
    No, it was just last man denying a clear goal scoring opportunity.

  72. Nice to see my favorite triple back in the midfield… With Deni behind him, Song can attack more..

  73. Is it just me or anyone heard the ade song from the away fans???

  74. arshavin doesn’t defend you say? What the hell you call that?

    Good work little man!

  75. Djourou is struggling with the pace of the Sh**kh C*nts…

  76. @IndianGooner
    Yeah, especially Richards is giving him problems. He was beaten by him a couple of times now.

  77. I also have to say, Djourou seems to be lacking in pace. Everyone seems to be getting by him today. Still, he’s a good enough defender for this not to be that problematic.

    And Nasri is the OG

  78. Gadget, AA sometimes tries more for helping in defense but doesn’t succeed most of the time.. He seems to be one of those technically weak(in defense)…

  79. Fabianski’s confidence is growing with every game..

    And is Clattenburg making amends for the ManC red card by giving yellow cards to Arsenal players for every other foul while De Jong gets away??

  80. With the ref trigger happy i am concerned we will not finish 11…

  81. Clattenburg completely lost control of the game. An early red card does not mean that you have to book every challenge.

  82. Whats are the odds for atleast another send-off in the game??

  83. the yellow cards are worrying, i doubt we will finish with 11 players. it looks like that red card has set a trend for the ref and city fans want him to send off an Arsenal player at any chance

  84. ;( let nasri shot penalty next time

  85. We needed that to go in – damn

  86. When De Jong is going to be sent off?

  87. Who is this Scottish twat of a “pundit”

  88. good first half by the boy,shame captain cecs miss his chance to double

  89. I think that was the worst half by an Arsenal team that I have seen in a long time.

    Serious underperformances from more or less the whole outfield 10 bar Nasri. Very sloppy in midfield. Bloody awful at the back.

  90. Clattenburg, really, why is that guy still refereeing matches in the Prem? He needs some League One action to get his head straight. How come De Jong has not got a booking yet?

  91. I’d like to see Eboue on for Sagna. He seems 80% sharp, which isn’t great for such a game. And since all of our central mid-field players are on yellows I’d like to see us control the game for more. Let Manc run around and tire themselves out. Patience will be the key for us this afternoon, especially with City so keen to attack

  92. Too many yellows for my liking. We may get an easy red.

  93. lol actually consolbob djourou is worry me .It look he get beat every time someone pass the ball slighty behind him.If not really man city have been poor and we control this game.Hope we can do that for 90mn

  94. What a game WE NEED TO SCORE this ref will get us before this game is done..

    Atleast our midfield is ticking again which has not been the case in the prem league for a while WHOOP WHOOP

  95. The red card is weighing heavily on Clattenburg’s mind. I’m afarid one of our boys is going to be sent off.

    Fabregas’ miss was big. I hope we score one early and then bring on Theo and Rosicky to kill this game off. Arsha needs to come off as he isn’t too up for it today. After he tracked back to cover Tevez he’s looked lethargic ever since.

  96. I am really happy with Fabianski. His display has been confidence inspiring.

  97. You have to be clinical in these big games. That was a huge penalty miss. Should leave Nasri to take penalties.
    I perfomance has been very un-arsenal like and more physical than technical. (Except for the goal)

  98. still thanking the gods that fabianski saved that silva effort as the clock hit 60 seconds. what a match.

  99. can anyone else recall a fabregas penalty miss?

  100. @NJGooner
    No, not really. He usually hits those big penalties. I still remember him kicking out Italy in the penalty shoot-out in 2006. And it was not such a bad penalty after all, Hart was just up to it.

  101. I told you lot Fabianski was a class act!!!!!!

  102. Missed 1 against Stoke last year

  103. Do you non-American fans get to watch strapping lads shaking a shakeweight during half time? That’s Fox soccer channel for you.

  104. So, any word on Diaby? I can’t seem to find anything.

  105. What’s a shakeweight?

    Is that like Fatty Huddlestone?

  106. De Jong should be off too. Clattenburg couldn’t control the match. Why not let Nasri to take the penalty? He is on fire. I told my wife I was worrying when Fab4 took the penalty. He isn’t 100% match fit & sharp yet. But credit have to gave it to Joe Hart. Fab4’s penalty was okay just lack of power and excellent displayed from Hart. Song needs to hold his position well.

  107. It’s a dumbell with springs on it and the guys shaking it look like they’re wanking someone off.

  108. we the the guile of rosicky for arshavin. for me walcott is too erratic for a loose game like this but im sure he would make an impact anyhow

  109. someone take a shot!

  110. shooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot

  111. Still bloody awful.

    Get a grip.

  112. what are the chance of adebawhore scoring ….kill the game now

  113. brilliant defending by Cesc

  114. What a cracker from Song !!!!!!!

  115. YES!!

  116. soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooonng

  117. we just cant back off now. Push and finish this game.

  118. Alexandre Dmitri Song Billlooooong

  119. we have only one song…

  120. Song the best striker since Herny:)

  121. Nasri has been Majestic

  122. i’d like to see walcott come on now. put some real pressure on their defense with his speed

  123. Not a bad sub Rosicky for Arshavin

  124. O Arsenal!

    Arsenal, Arsenal, Arsenal – how I love thee…

    But why won’t he do as he’s told?! HOLDING midfielder, DM, ANCHOR! Why can’t he just do what Jon Obi Mikel does? I tell you… this Total Football is gonna be the undoing of us.

  125. a brave move by Mancini. Now we should hit them hard on the counter

  126. putting money on 3 – 0 right now

  127. off side but still a fantastic save by Fab

  128. Who’s this fantastic new no.1 we’ve got?

  129. what a save by fabianski….now we need to buy a new GK with all this clown in goal we never gone win anything

  130. we sold fapianski and bought his cousin fabianski limpar.he look better

  131. Agree, LA and lordgunner.. That point-blank save qualifies as a world-class save.. Fabianski is really growing as a Keeper now.. I just hope He fulfills the recognition his talent deserves at Arsenal…

  132. take the shot!

  133. It’s quite sadist, but It hilarious watching another team become knackered through the course of a game against us. If Wenger was truly evil, he’d bring on Walcott

  134. lordgunner @ 5:38 pm,

    hehehe… I agree with u.. We were fooled until now..

  135. buying success 800M.
    buying some over rated donkey 400M
    watching all this expensive defensive crap team 30 pound
    supporting and watching arsenal priceless

  136. You are my ARSENAL!
    My only ARSENAL!
    You make me happy,
    when skies are grey,
    You’ll never know just,
    how much I love you,
    So please don’t
    take my Arsenal

  137. Cue evil laugh then Gadget, as the number 14 appears on the board…

  138. Oooohhh, I quiver at the sight of a bit of the pink. Boot I’m talking. No seriously

  139. Rosicky gets the armband! Whoop Whoop!

  140. “City well and truly beaten” no often you hear the professional commentators say that!

  141. NIki B Nikki N Motherfucker Nikki B!

  142. That Scottish commentator is trying to find every excuse under the sun for Man City, instead of praising Arsenal’s perfomance 😦 Typical nonsense.

  143. beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeendy

  144. Where did we find this goalkeeper …. never seen him before ? 🙂

  145. fabianski is been ebouised.

  146. Yes, that was a really important result and win, but of course the media will say that it was “against 10 men”

  147. Can I officially declare the “goalkeeper problem” solved?

  148. Quality finish, Nik… but where was the baby celebration? Did I miss it?

    Well done everyone. That’s a huge win. Absolutely huge.

  149. Fabianski for Prime Minister. Truly brilliant performance from him. I have to say Almunia’s got a hard job on his hands now.

  150. Yep, comfortable after the second. I don’t know why we seemed so nervous before that. Too slow in the build up and too casual in the exection.

    Still. Three points. Job done.

    Interesting to see all the friendly by play with Ade by our men.

  151. WOOOOOOO!!!!!!

  152. One can not over-emphasize the importance of this win.
    It’s a season-turning-coming-of-age performance that will not go un-noticed, despite the resistance of the media.
    We just need a to stay injury free and the results will come !

  153. the fan singing “we are playing at emirate” was the standing point from the fabulous away fan

  154. I have to say, what a fantastic performance by Fabianski. Him and Nasri men of the match for me.

  155. fabianski covering himself in glory. delightful to keep a clean sheet. Denilson was fantastic. Song lovely, worked so hard all game. Great to see Citeh barely able to keep up by the end..

  156. Well, after such a decisive victory, everyone will no doubt be singing the praises of Arsenal. And rightly so. However, I would like to say a word or two in recognition of Manchester City. They gave everything, absolutely everything, in this game, tried every trick in the book to get a point; but in the end they just couldn’t make any impression on Arsenal. Their constellation of stars, assembled at such great expense, was more than a match for Chelsea; but they’ll have to lift their game to a whole new level to come close to Arsenal. So, well done Manchester City!

  157. That was a job fantastically well done. Had we not won we would be sitting 7th behind West Brom. very crucial 3 points. Its nice for Nic to score. he should’ve had a shirt underneath saying “for old friend Adebayor”

  158. Oh and those shakeweights NJ?

    Truly obscene. I’m surprised that they are not banned.

    Note to self. Must buy one for consolslel

  159. Alumunia R.I.P.

    raise the lighters guys, hes wont be playing his way back into the squad ever again. Hope he find a nice little club to retire with.

    3 points, 3 goals, 58%possesion…. very happy we subdued the raw energy of city in the first, even more happy we gave them a proper lesson in the second. once city decided they were going try and play football against us in a shape that didn’t befit 10 headless chickens… it was game over.

  160. Well, well, well. 3-0 does not flatter the Gunners. Could have easily been 4 or 5. Simply fantastic team performance especially by Fabianski, Fabregas, Song, Denilson, Nasri and that tireless front-man Chamakh.
    This win I fervently hope signals a new, resurgent Arsenal. All the signs are there.
    Come on You Fantastic Gunners.

  161. Arsenal can’t win the big games. We have no chance against Man City. They will outmuscle us. Wenger will be back to making the same old excuses

  162. Fabregas got a battering from De Jong and Barry but stood firm.Its hard to pick a MOTM, Nasri shades it for me. Very rarely lost the ball today

  163. We needed that win. The Scottish commentator put it down to us having a numerical advantage but the bottom line is that we took three points away from one of our nearest rivals. Everything else is just speculation.

    I thought Arshavin was our poorest player. Rosicky should start in his stead.

  164. Word – WTF? Already slating Almunia.
    Last few months too many, like you just did, had nothing good to say about Fabianski. Today, we all can see he is the keeper we wanted him to be. And that is a good thing. But have we learnt anything from slating our own players and questioning Wenger’s judgement?
    Stop the “fuckery” and slating our own players.

  165. Shotta-Yes a new Arsenal , It really is a good sign that we are actually getting yellow cards. Just like the old days of Viera and co.It can only mean we are not going to be bullied any more.

  166. But seriously, Fabianskis recent performances are just equaling what everyone said on here last year: if he gets a run in the team compared to erratic one-off starts, he will be able to build up confidence and get an understanding with the defence which will show in his performances.

    However, I still think that Almunia is going to be a good number 2.

  167. We never do things the easy way do we. For the first time this week-end, I can relax. Fabianski was Man of the Match for me.

  168. Can’t stand the commentator from Sky keep on moaning about Song should have been off. If Song should be off De Jong be off too. I’m not going renew my cable with Comcast any more. Better to view the match through internet without the stupid and bias commentator.

  169. fuck off shotta – how am I slating almunia? it was a compliment to fabs and considering our ropey position on the GK front I am merely expressing my pleasure that we can put it all behind us. I doubt Alumunia will want to sit on the bench the rest of career and I doubt very much wenger will want to lose the crucial momentum we now have in developing fabs.

  170. c-bob

    it really is something isnt it? that would make a great gift. a shake weight and a new home kit perhaps haha.

    so whose motm? Nasri? Fabianski? Fox Soccer Channel gave it to Song…

    all I know is that the look on Nasri’s face after he scored the goal brought pure joy to me. arsenal legend in the making.

  171. Will all the armchair managers (mostly bloggers) just bugger off and stop bloviating about the Song staying home as a holding midfielder? Once again we see a fluid rotating midfield in action especially in the second-half. Man City was totally flummoxed by Cesc playing a deeper role with Song bursting forward at every opportunity leading to his goal.
    I have gotten so sick and tired of these nouveau experts I now simply tune out when they come online spouting drivel.

  172. From the BBC: “A victory for self-sustainability over big spending?”

  173. good evening all!! 😀

  174. NJ,

    MOTM – Fabianski for me all the way!!
    Not happy with our defending today though, need Tommy back soon!

  175. shotta

    my only concerns about song venturing forward too much revolved around someone else in the midfield not rotating back to take his place. Our midfielders have clearly worked at this, as I feel they do it more/better than last year. Something I noticed very clearly about Jack’s play. If he sees song our diaby or fabregas breaking from a little deeper back, he will drop back to take their place. The principles of total football really are quite amazing.

  176. Mancini thinks if they would have won 11 vs 11. I think disagree. The first half may have finished same, but we were far more composed in the 2nd and I think that was the key. 1st half we weren’t great, but second half we were fantastic.

    Rosicky in Midfield equal triangles like a mofo. You can’t beat that

  177. Word – You just don’t get it do you? Your bigging-up of Fabianski, and ripping of Almunia is typically of the hypocritical bull-shit bloggers that claim to support Arsenal. Once a player wears the shirt and is the choice of the manager we need to give them our full support. Whomever Wenger chooses get behind them as 99 times out of a 100 Arsene is right and we are in the wrong.

  178. MJ

    his first minute save was sublime. Pure reaction. demonstration of his true skill. that was not a “lucky” save.

  179. gadget

    TR7 was great. Very happy to see him come on. Him, Nasri and Fabregas.. commence drooling..

  180. Did Arsenal have a numerical advantage? Yes we did and it worked out very nice!

  181. Where to begin,fabianski was fabulous,the defence had some shaky moments but they coped.i love denilson,he got the ball back numerous times.arshavin can be so annoying but to be fair he got an assist.does nasri ever lose the ball?he was great,nice strike from song and bendy.massive 3 points and applause to the team for doing it.

  182. I hope this gave the boys more belief because we’re heading into a tricky period in November. We’ve got trips to Wolves and Everton, Spurs at home and Villa away, all in that order.

  183. Blue mancs on 606 frothing at the mouth

    HA HA HA.

    You lost 3-0.

    Get over it.

  184. YEAH!!! im so happy. very happy!!

  185. By the way Jim and Naga, I just read your posts, and after our comprehensive manhandling of OilCity, I just want to tell you both to FUCK OFF.
    Jim, I suspect is a troll, but Naga is the kind of supporter we can do without.

  186. Mancini can go fuck off. His players did well for fifty minutes. After that, they were dead on their feet. If he’s judging them by all the good they did he should also take the bad into account also.

  187. For MOTM am torn between fabianski and nasri. Got to admit,silva is a great player.

  188. Limestonegunner

    Fabianski’s best game so far; I think he deserves MOTM, very clearly, even though there were so many worthy performances. Those who said he just needed a run of games have a lot of evidence now to back up that view. Getting some consistency has built up his confidence, allowing him to have a really great game, where he played a big part in our victory. His previous games were decent but this shows his quality. I was skeptical, I have to confess, and of course, every GK will make mistakes, so we have to hope that when one comes, he has built up enough confidence on the strength of a run of good performances that he doesn’t go backwards. That is the only thing left for him to prove now, I think. Can he react positively to a big error, since those are inevitable for all keepers. So far, the signs are really good.

    Like NJGooner, I have worried about Song joining attack too much, but the team has adjusted and rotated back. Also it was less of a risk when playing a team a man down.

    It was clear we were up for it, though, so 11 v. 11 and the result would still have been an Arsenal victory. Frankly, I don’t think it changed ManCity’s approach that much tactically to lose a man, except that they did have to chase the game in the second half and that tired them out and opened up space for us.

  189. Mancini lost the match the moment he fielded Boyata. We’ve had the same experience with Kieran Gibbs a couple of years back. That’s part of the game. Forget the bloody what ifs? We all that we would have won the league if that idiot – can’t even remember his name – hadn’t broken Eduardo’s leg. Boyata should speak to Gibbs and if he recovers he’ll the better for it. But even at 11 to 11 we would have beaten them anyway. UP GUNNERS!

  190. Limestonegunner

    Firstlady, I agree, Silva looked like a quality player, quite clever and dangerous.

  191. Jim,

    What says you?


  192. @Limestonegunner
    You are right that a big mistake is inevitable. It is like a doomsday clock over a goal keepers head and every keeper in the world will keep making them. I think that Fabianski has the confidence by now to come back from a set back like that. What worries me much more, though, is if our supporters will stay by his side, even if he makes a Van der Saaresque error that might cost us two or three points.

  193. NJ?

    I’ve just shown consolslel the ‘shakeweight’ video and almost got slapped.

    Hoe do you ghet away with it in, oh so politically correct America!

  194. Oops, a bit excited there.

  195. naga gooner,

    You have truly shown your colours and they’re definitely not red and white. At least we know where you will stand when the chips are down!

  196. hahaha I’m glad that we’ve been able to give you a nice glimpse of life in our society based on culture and refinement.

    you can imagine the meeting.. “let’s make it look like the girl is wankin a guy off.. people wont be able to stop talking about it and at least a few dumb bimbos will buy it!”

  197. shotta perhaps you spend a bit too much time reading ‘typical hypocritical bull-shit bloggers’? sorry I spoilt your peaceful post match meditation time, but I think you read a little too much into that.

  198. one word Squilly. With him the calm and communication in defence came. With him the Keeper got the confidence they lacked, with him we can keep tight and win.

    Him and Chamakh must be the most decicive signings this year. They brought quality to the team that we missed, With them i feel we are complete.

  199. oh and soon we will prolly see the new english goldenboy A. Johnson throw a strop as Silva indees is a wonderful player.

  200. Limestonegunner

    Evil, I think some supporters will be very upset at the first big error that seems to cost us, that’s the nature of things. But overall most, even those like myself who thought we should get a new keeper in the summer and send Fabianski out on loan to rebuild his confidence or promote young WS, understand that it is inevitable for any keeper. If he has a couple bad games in a row and seems to lose the confidence to make good decisions, then it is a worry. He has been decisive and taken charge of his area with more and more authority, so hopefully he’ll deal well with the inevitable lapse. I honestly feel like today he saved us from dropping points even though the score line looks comfortable. During that first hour he made good saves and at 2-0 some terrific ones that kept us from having a very nervous last 15-20minutes of play.

  201. How De Jong did not receive a yellow in this match is beyond me. Absolutely bewildering.

    Glad that we have CC coming up. Will be nice to give Bendtner some time, hopefully Walcott, Denilson again. Probably Lansbury, Vela. Certainly Gibbs and Eboue.. Will we see Squill or Djourou rested? thats the main area of concern for me.. hopefully kos is closer than we think.

    God we are so deep.

    Enjoying a nice afternoon beer to celebrate our boys.


  202. ooo good to see koscielny at least made the bench today. didnt see that.

  203. NJ,
    1. Absolutely unbelievale that save was.
    2. That shaker-thing is hilarious..(LOL Bob!)

    match reactions yet??

  204. Limestonegunner

    Where’s Bill? His Rangers are going to go down to my Giants. Sorry NJ, would have preferred to play the Yankees and try for a measure of revenge for the 1951 series. Enjoying this victory of our boys a great deal, too!

  205. NJ Gooner:
    “you can imagine the meeting.. “let’s make it look like the girl is wankin a guy off.. people wont be able to stop talking about it and at least a few dumb bimbos will buy it!”

    Can you imagine the crew working on the commercial? The direction must’ve consisted of; “Okay, all you have to do is not look like your jerking anyone off, got that?”

  206. Something quickly needs to be done about the left side of our MF; Clichy was exposed too many times today; barring once, AA was poor tracking back.
    Djourou was not upto it as well, & that is why their main threats came from the left.
    Not many noticed – Sagna had an outstanding game, considering he’s playing after a few weeks.

  207. Limestonegunner

    Fabregas seems in good spirits after the match–very defiant saying we would have won even if it was 11 v. 15! He was pleased with how we did. Also, very funny–he was congratulated as MOTM by sky sports and handed a bottle of Champagne to his surprise and blurted out a sheepishly, “How can I be man of the match when I missed a penalty?!” He is a good egg. I especially liked his comments about money and how it doesn’t buy success, especially his remarks that being on a team that can win trophies is much more important than looking for a higher wage. Unlike with Rooney, I believe Fabregas. Wonderful player, first class attitude. Proud to have players like him on our team and I just pray this year the boys are rewarded with the CC and go on to get the League and/or the CL. I think if we do, Arsene’s confidence that he could be a player for Arsenal for a few more years will come true.

  208. To those saying squilly and chamakh are the signings we needed to be complete,where does that leave koscielny?personally i think all three are vital to our trophy hunt.

  209. ……..Country mile…….

  210. NJ is showing you the good one with girls doing it. This is the one they show on Fox during half time.

  211. you’re spot on FirstLady

  212. Limestonegunner

    MJ, it also was the side that Denilson came flying over in the rather desperate tackle that got him the yellow. It’s true, lots of their most threatening runs were down the left. I think Clichy had a decent game and did a lot of running to get back. But the right side, under Sagna seemed more under control.

    What to do about it?

  213. Fabianski. Surprise surprise. Arsene knows more about keepers than the detritus of humanity that pollute the blogosphere.
    Good on you LF that early save which was world class kept us in the game right from the off.

  214. Btw. in other soccer news:

  215. It was 2:0 at half time for PSV.

  216. Fabianski is my MOTM by a country mile.. His performance today was majestic.

  217. Shotta you are such a boring wanker!

  218. Nasri and Fabianski leading the MotM poll on the dotCom by a Country Mile… Nasri ahead by 1% at 41%…

  219. I agree with shotta.

  220. I hope Song’s performance today again shows we no longer play with a dedicated DM.. 2 of the 3 midfielders stay back and play from deep while the 3rd go all-out attack.. They take turns along with Nasri\Rosicky to constitute the modern version of total football…

  221. Not surprised at all Steww you are just as dull and probably a bigger wanker than Shotta!
    Great performance from our boys, let sit back and enjoy it instead of souring the mood by tell other fans to fuck off. Seriously immature!

  222. Ofc kos is a great signing. But Squilly djouro and squilly kos looks for me as a greater partnership than kos djouro…

    I wonder who will play when verm is back. It is clear that both Kos and squilly was monster signings. Maybe they together will edge out Verm. They both are really good.. Soon it wont matter who playes of those four, I hope that with a full season under his belt Djouro will become the great defender AW always saw was there..

  223. Fabianski MOTM for me with Nasri close second. Why the manager persists with Arshavin over Rosicky confuses me. Yes he got an assist today but he really lacks on the defensive side of the game and I fear he is the reason Clichy gets exposed.

  224. sad,

    I think Squilly and Verma will be the first-choice center backs with Kos & Djourou given time to grow… Both are young…

  225. I think Wenger should start with Rosicky and introduce Arshavin later on in the game. Arsha gives the impression that he’s just knackered.

  226. What a victory. The usual suspects Nasri, Song, Denilson,Fabregas,Sagna put in immense performances. For me the standouts were Chamakh and Fabianski.What a turnaround for Fabianski with world class saves to match. Chamakhs mere presence and forward movement drew the Citeh defence towards him creating space for other players to capitalise. He is hardworking and brings a whole new dimension to our play. Not flashy but very effective .

    I agree with Fabregas Fifteen men or not Arsenal in this mood would have creamed Citeh anyway. They huffed and puffed but Arsenals class made the difference. Ignore the biased commentry and pundits who had put their house on a City win and cant write the ‘blue moon rising’ headline they so desperatley wanted. Well heres some news. Arsrenal rocks.COYG!!!!!

  227. what a day to be a gooner


  229. I’d turned the commentator y to some language which didn’t had any influence with English after just 2mins because of the biased English one..

    Oh! to be a Gooner..

  230. so with regard to wednesday, what do we do in goal?

    Fabianski is probably in the form of his life, finally proving what an uninterrupted run can do for his confidence and what that confidence can translate into, at least in terms of freaky good reactionary saves. Should he be allowed to continue in goal uninterrupted?

    Or should we let our prodigy of freaky good reactionary saves have a shot to comply with our policy in the Carling Cup?

    I suspect that the decision will rest on the defense arsene is able to field in Toon Town.

  231. NJ,

    I feel Chesney will be in goal for wednesday.. He is the 2nd choice keeper now and as is the general decision, the reserve keeper plays the carling cup games and the early rounds of FA cup..

  232. Didn’t Arsene inform you all why he persists with Arshavin?

    Because according to him Arshavin has created more chances than anyone in the EPL, and it would be stupidity to drop such a player.

    I agree with Arsene.

  233. Bit late, but…

    “‘Ave it!”

  234. The pass to Nasri by AA23 was most welcome.


  235. Super
    Super Fab
    Super Fabianski

  236. I guess fabs has done it now and cemented the place so a well deserved rest for the CC? maybe wenger might see it as yet another test for him to see how he performs with a lighter team ahead of him? I would personally like to see tech 9 take the traditional 2nd choice (CC) spot until the end of the year so that his time back with us is not in vain.

    we wanted resolve in the matter of first choice keeper and now we need to cement the second choice. my guess (if im allowed) is that alumunia may be phased out now and kept as back up until…… maybe the end of year? tech 9 has already unleached in the press this season (im sure a quiet word has been had about that) and needs reassurance from the big man that he has a future at arsenal. At the start of the year he probably thought he had as good as chance as any as stealing the top spot but he may need to reassess his position now.

    just because we the fans are more secure in 1st choice doesn’t mean wenger has an any easier job at home. is tech 9 happy to be number 2 for the next 6+ years…? will mannone come back to be 2nd choice at the end of the year whilst we loan out tech9? do we now let alumunia go?

    everything is so behind the scene with keepers so its impossible to predict, fabianski proves faith in the manager is the best we can do. In this area I think about 95% of gooners have re-learnt that lesson recently.

  237. That was AFC’s reserve CB pair playing today.

  238. I love you Jo. You have a giant penis.

  239. Limestonegunner

    I don’t think Squillaci is necessarily a reserve CB. The top pairing is a mystery until everyone is healthy.

  240. True LST,
    Squilly has been impressive. And every game after such a long break is important for JD. With such a long season ahead, it doesn’t really matter.

  241. We don’t have reserve CBs. All four defenders are good players.

    Gone are the terrible days when we could see a sudden plunge in quality as Gallas/Toure got injured, and in stepped Sylvestre.

  242. Where’s naga?

  243. Crying on Jim’s shoulder.

  244. Fabianskiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  245. ” shottagunna – after our comprehensive manhandling of OilCity”

    Happy with the win and pleased with the turn around the players made after halftime, Song in particular, but to call it that is just foolishness. Our play the first half, especially being 1 man up was poor at best.

  246. Man utd are like the preverbial floater, their shit but you just cant get rid of them.

  247. Bush,
    We beat Man City 3-0, and we missed a penalty. That’s a thrashing, whichever way you look at it. Boyata, it is true, made the match more difficult for us by denying us a certain goal in the opening minutes. Otherwise, there is no doubt we would have scored four or five.

  248. “Star Player
    De Jong- Never stopped fighting, strong, full throttle performance.”

    It’s just a shame nobody told him he was supposed to be playing football rather than fighting.

  249. Mancini is certain 11 V 11 they would have won. I can easily say If we have spent 200 millions we would win the title every season. how did he come to that conclusion? it wasn’t a narrow defeat it was a convincing one completely outclassed . last season they came to the Emirates camped in their own half and held out for a boring nil-nil. His team is no world beaters just a collection of overpriced over paid players. Is Milner worth 25 million? Is Lescott worth 23 millions? No. Just because they overpaid for players it does not make them favorite to beat Arsenal or anybody. the usual suspects will be fighting it out at the top. 4’th is for Money City and the Spuds and you can throw in West Brom with them for fun.

  250. I’m certain that Mancini is full of shit.

    Tevez is the only one of their players I’d give tuppence for.

  251. And guess which red nose wally let him go? Lool

  252. “I love you Jo. You have a giant penis.”- steww 9:19 pm. Priceless.
    The Jos of this world are a bunch of f*cking piss poor supporters who think they know more than Arsene Wenger and were secretly hoping for an Oil City victory. Now they are jerking all over themselves in frustration.

  253. Hi. I would like to counter a forum comment elsewhere that Mark Clattenburg has always been kind to Arsenal. Any games come to mind to destroy such a misconception? Thanks.

  254. Hi.
    Any theories on the advance role Song has been given this season? Seems to be working marvellously and paying handsome dividends. I’m really pleased that it is working.

  255. Poliziano I’d add Silva to that list.

  256. Interesting position we find ourselves in. The first bit of the season, when teams discover a bit about themselves, is over and the second bit is starting. We too have discovered one or two things, including some depth in the goalkeeping and defence departments. Despite the miss (es), yesterday really belonged to Cesc. Focused and utterly determined, in attack and defence. We need to edge ourselves away from the chasing pack of hounds, and Man this and Man that brigade. Chelsea have mostly had a kind early bit to their season and it shows in their position and GD. So glad Bendtner is back, with a nice goal too. Huge advantage to us. Yesterday we looked nervous in the first half, lunging into tackles, more grim and determined than much else, but in the second Arsenal character took over. I’m certain AW said “WTF, play your game, they’re big but you’re better”. ManC are certainly contenders for top four now, no question, extremely physical, fast, big, strong, very chelsea-esque, I’m surprised they too don’t wear tight fitting T-shirts to emphasize their torso credentials. I am reminded that in 2 games against top-4, we’ve now won and lost, both away. About right. A word about Denilson, who was everywhere, under-stated, not exactly imposing himself, he got knocked about a bit, but played just as needed, his positioning is outstanding.

  257. Fabianski is gradually imposing himself, game by game, which leaves something of a quandary … or not. Exactly as AWpredicted, so exactly (he said we have 2 number ones for keeper and hard to seperate them, one will have to impose themselves) it reminds me to listen carefully when le boss speaks again.

  258. NaNa-NaNa-NaNa-NaNa-Na-Na-Naaaaaa!!!
    Samir Nas-a-ri,
    Saaamir Nas-a-ri
    Samir Nas-a-ri,
    Saaamir Nas-a-ri

    Soooooper, Super Fab!
    Soooooper, Super Fab!
    Soooooper, Super Fab!
    Super Fabianski!

    We’ve got Cesc Fabregas
    We’ve got Cesc Fabregas
    We’ve got Cesc Fabregas

    D….er… Denilson needs a song.


  259. philippineGooner

    An excellent win, although I’ve mostly read around and watched highlights. Can’t wait to watch the match myself, once the networks start to show it.

    One observation; our team really didn’t back down today. They traded tackles with the vimyd [shift one key to the left] from Manchester, some of which bordered on dirty and reckless, and I think that’s a great thing. Our boys are finally showing some teeth.

    Great performance by Fabianksi too. Hope he keeps it up, and proves everyone wrong.

  260. In one of the episodes, when you were in the free zone, you shouted very loudly to Cesc in Russian: “I’m here, give it to me.” Cesc immediately passed you the ball. Has he already begun to understand Russian?

    AA: I do not know, I happened on the spur of the moment: my words and his pass.

  261. Tom Vermaelen, RvP, Aaron Ramsey, Manny Almunia… all on the way back. What a squad…

    Title tilt ahoy!

  262. And Koscielny!

  263. Ole @ 9-28am,

    That’s priceless.. It shows the telepathic connection between our players..

  264. LA,

    Anyone who says our squad lacks depth is big-mouthed c-word(philippineGooner has put a great word for that – vimyd [shift one key to the left] )

  265. To play the barcodes?

    – – – – – – – -Szescezny – – – – – – –
    Eboue Koscielny Djourou Gibbs
    – – Eastmond – Denilson – – – – –
    – – – – – – – Rosicky – – – – – – – – – –
    Walcott – – – – – – – – – – – Vela
    – – – – – – Bendtner – – – – – – –

    Subs: Fabianski, JET, Lansbury……….??

  266. Yeah… what a bunch of vimyds!

  267. – – – – – – – -Szescezny – – – – – – –
    Eboue Koscielny Djourou Gibbs
    – – Lansbury – Denilson – – – – –
    – – – – – – – Rosicky – – – – – – – – – –
    Walcott – – – – – – – – – – – Vela
    – – – – – – Bendtner – – – – – – –

    Just that one tweak to the team you suggest Limpar

  268. Hola, LA. I had ATVO on for the game yesterday, and apparently AW was effusive in his praise of JET at some point last week. That Richard Clarke guy was saying it was kind of unprecedented for him to go that far – and there should be something up on the site today. It could be a sign that he’ll be starting on the right.

    I think Aneke merits a place on the bench as well.

    I’m thinking:

    Eboue or Nordtveit,
    Djourou or Miquel,
    Eastmond or Denilson,

  269. LA & Ole,

    Wouldn’t be suprised with either of the line-up.

  270. Might Diaby not play? Or is he injured?

  271. The 2nd half performance yesterday was as mature and composed as I’ve ever seen this team play. No panic, no desperation. Simply masterful Wengerball by a team that was assured and self-confident. A sibling and I were on the phone and I had opined that Wenger during the break simply needed to remind the players of our technical superiority aided by a one-man advantage. The tactical change of allowing Song to roam and take advantage of Oil City’s focus on Cesc was a master stroke. He was rampant. With Fabianski and the defenders determined to not blot our clean sheet, it was a second half of men against boys.
    To quote a prescient advocate of this team, when very few saw the quality and depth of this new team built by Wenger , we were better by a “country mile.”

  272. Well done lads for the Man Shitty game! Note to Mancini- even if there were 15 Blue T-shirts on the pitch they could not have stopped the Nasri goal!!! Brilliant stuff.
    As for the Geordies on Wednesday- I really hope JET gets to play the full 90 mins! He was simply sensational in reserve against the hammers! It would also be great to see Chuks though I think he is not ready yet to step but a run will do him no harm. Expect though a strong squad- because we have no week squad now! All the work put in giving the young stars exposure in CC is bearing fruit. Bendy to get a full game to bring him upto speed and I think Rosicky will be in there as one of the seniors. Finally we get to Chesney!!!!!!! Cant wait!

  273. It will all be a waste if we don’t now beat West Ham, Newcastle & Wolves. Onwards and upwards. Come on Reds

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