Ramsey Returns Along With Others

Happily the Chilean miners have all been safely returned to their families but Sky News coverage left me thinking it could have been, well, a bit more showbiz, if you like, a touch more like their election coverage. Instead of ’33 of 33′ being shown, perhaps a box with ‘Net Gains’, blue for positives, red for negatives. And Peter Snow could have brought out the ‘Swingometer’, leaping around the set telling us about the percentage swings on the rescue capsule, “a central path to be furrowed, a 7% swing to the right and it’s the mother of all headaches for the man inside as the capsule hits the wall”.

Anyway, onto the world of Arsenal which as it happens is shaping up rather nicely for once following an international break. Injuries suffered are more than outweighed by those on the verge of comebacks. Perhaps the most heartwarming is that of Aaron Ramsey. Having suffered a physical assault courtesy of the trademarked Stoke City – I kid you not when I tell you that one of their community schemes is called “Kickz” – method of football, Ramsey is back on the training pitches,

I think I’m on track, the target is November time. I’m just doing my pre-season work now, trying to get a bit of spring back in my right leg, but apart from that all is going well so far. I’ve been doing strengthening exercises for a long time now and I’m starting to feel the benefits. I’m now outside training with the fitness coach and I feel good.

I’m doing a little bit of ball work around mannequins and it feels great to be back outside, kicking the ball around again. I hate being in the gym. That’s the worst bit about this. It’s much better to be out in the air with a ball or even just running, I don’t mind that. I just want to be out of the building.

I hope they turned the lights off as the electricity bill will eat into this year’s profit. His return ought to be a time of celebration and will no doubt bring forth a slew of apologetic and remorseful stories about that lovely little Ryan Shawcross, cast as the villain in this scenario by us nasty Arsenal fans who really should know that he isn’t that sort of lad.

Arsene gave a cautionary note,

You never know what the psychological impact on your future game will be. Some players are never the same any more. They lose that freedom to go into the challenges.

The club has witnessed this aspect before with Eduardo, understandably reticent initially with challenges. It is a bit hard to turn around to a player and question their mentality in those circumstances. When a child falls off a bike, you tell them to get back on, what’s the worst that can happen? You fall off again. It’s a bit different with players, “Go on, get stuck into them, what’s the worst that can happen?” is not much of a motivational speech at the best of times. When the unsaid part is that someone’s career might be over, it is a demotivating to the nth degree.

Elsewhere, Manuel Almunia is doing his level best to be fit for Saturday. It is a problem for Wenger. Fabianski has done little wrong in the past two games, suggesting that some of his problem has been flitting in and out of the side. For Almunia, it is like history is repeating itself, except this time he is being usurped. One man who did little to further his cause was Vito Mannone, his performance for Italy’s Under-21s in the week suggesting that he was ill-advised to criticise those who are ahead of him in the goalkeeping queue at Arsenal.

I suspect Fabianksi will keep his place irrespective of Almunia’s physical state. The defence needs some stability behind them and it would be crushing for the Pole’s confidence to be dropped especially as he has worked hard to eradicate the memories of last season. That said, he like all of them, is one mistake from being tarred, feathered, hung, drawn and quartered and hoisted upon Traitor’s Gate.

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. Good to see Aaron back on the training field. I really hope he get’s back to his best!

  2. Our goal keeping situation still scares me! I’d love to be proven wrong by Fabianski but I really don’t think he’s up to it.

  3. Best of luck to Rambo – a great player in the making. Hope this hasnt de-railed his career.

    My worry is scoring goals – we badly need Cesc and RVP back – whats the latest on RvP?

  4. Waaaan Aaron Ramsey!
    There’s only waaaan Aaron Ramsey!

  5. Romford

    According to Physioroom yesterday, he was due to return on Saturday. Whether that is right or not remains to be seen.


  6. Thanks YW Would be great to see RvP on Sat

    Where does Bendtner now fit in, given Chamakh?

  7. I really congratulate aaron and i wish him a good days at arsenal

  8. Probably as a sub although with Shaktar in midweek he will get 1/2 an hour I would have thought. Might start in ECL.

  9. I really congratulate aaron and i wish a safe recovery

  10. I feel for Wenger, with everybody fit, he’ll definitely have a selection headache.
    Looking forward Aaron’s total recovery, he deserves it.
    Welcome back B52

  11. Whoever was anticipating the return of Ramsey yesterday, with a few pics on Arsenal.com to show.. Nice one!

  12. ‘red for negatives’ – nicely understated – made me laugh – cheers Yogi

  13. Its cul to see Aaron back in the squad,i hop he gets back to better form than he was.Gud luck boi,up gunners.


    I believe the return of these guys from injury is a positive indication for title contention this season.
    Welcome back Aaron Rambo, B52, et al.

  15. Been away for a while, what happened to Don Vito?

  16. Not trying to put the dampers on the good news about Aaron but what’s the latest re Vermaelen?

  17. Nice to see Rambo back. With B52, Van10, Fab4 and TW14, all coming back, its gonna be one hell of a selection problem for the prof, but then thats why he’s paid to worry.

  18. good stuff!

    did anyone catch that appalling article by James Olley in the Evil Standard yesterday? reeling out all the crap cliches about ‘speed of the game’, ‘full hearted english tackles’, ‘intent’ blah blah blah. what an idiot, i’d like to give him a ‘fair, hard and full blooded’ tackle to his fat face

  19. YW
    you are having a laugh about Almunia arent you?Two weeks ago you were saying he was in great form and one of our best players this season.Now if he is fit you say still play the mistake waiting to happen Fabianski.Funny how everyone has forgotten his mistake v Spurs.Almunia was crap v West Brom but hadnt put a glove wrong before that
    I am no fan of Almunia and want him replaced by a quality keeper in january,but when it comes to a choice between Al and Fabianski there is no choice.Almunia every time

  20. Gud 2 c the full squad for our team! I’m sure we are not far away for racing title!

  21. ken

    YW was right in saying Almunia was consistently good ‘before’ West Brom.. before being the key word then. Why do you always have a chip on your shoulder, sound like a spoilt child everytime i read your comments. I bet many others think the same. I don’t know why I am bothering to comment to a person who continually changes their commenting name.. please care to brief me ken

  22. Glad to see such influencial players back in contention. I thought this season would be the year where we wouldn’t have to worry about the number of injuries due to the strength of our squad. Being 7 points behind Chelsea, where we could have been 1 point behind had be beaten them and taken our chances with a depleted team that was missing 6 or 7 1st team regulars.. I am still very confident we have the quality to challenge, and overtake Chelsea convincingly.

    The squad has more depth than the invincibles squad IMO, Wenger is 10 times wiser, our young players hungry for fame and glory, and we have a team that has been nurtured together for several years. Chelsea are very lucky that we have had such a high number of injuries, and they are lucky they played us at a time when they could field a full 11 almost, while we were without the core of our team.

    Let them underestimate us.

  23. Speaking of Eduardo, I noticed you changed your banner. Really brings up the whole sadness of the situation again. ‘Course we’ll get to see him Tuesday night at least. Hope the fans give him a raucaous welcome!

  24. I think it’s very foolhardy to start saying we’re anywhere near where we where in 2003/04. Strength in depth is one thing but absolute quality of first team, the number of leaders in the team and the old winning mentality are what we really lack right now and what we had in abundance in 2003/04.

    While I agree we do have a deep squad these days – it’s distressing to see how much we will Cesc in particular when he’s away. I havent yet seen anything to make me think this season is going to be that different to last season. The west brom game was an absolute shocker and has undermined my confidence.

  25. 2003/04 best Arsenal team ever, true supporters know that at least

  26. Could england have been any worse against Montenegro? I could have sworn I was watching some hideous mutation of a Bolton, joined at the hip to an Aston Villa, all with the imagination of a concrete slab, and Scrooney running betwixt like a wind-up non-stop toy. Fugly! Ooooh, those long balls, up and over they came like so many artillery shells, to Stretch and later Cro-magnon Man, to attempt the nod-down or flick on to Scrooney. At least the wee little guy, ineffective as he was when he came on, tried to instill a dash of verve and unpredictability. I watched as one watches a really bad, old 10pm TV series, washed out actors you thought must have died, surely, Hawaii Five-O maybe, every cliche and leaden move tried over, and over, and over, and over until you prayed Montenegro would put them out of their misery perhaps with an unexpected lob over the keeper.

  27. This Arsenal side is – overall – the best I have personally seen since Liam Brady cut through 90 minutes of bullshit with a single left-footed pass. The Invincibles however were better. Now that makes perfect sense, not so?

  28. These international breaks every 5 minutes will not do at all, and I feel it is up to YW to do something. It’s like we’ve had a couple of side-dishes of a season, barely even a soup. Does the season actually begin now? Can we get to the guts of thing please?

  29. I feel it is important, as true Arsenal supporters, we must write off the team and this season early on. Start with the keepers and work your way up the field I say. A useful conclusion is then – “looks like last season to me, can’t see the difference”. This is the way, the true path, to enlightenment.

  30. Boy oh boy, does Ken need a Barbie or what? He has too much time on his hands.

  31. ZP

    I agree. Time for YW to get off his arse and get this problem solved. I can look up Sepp Blatter’s contact info if that would help!

    but seriously, thank god its thursday! At the end of these interlulls, I always think to myself that I couldnt have made it another week..

  32. I’m not writing the season off at all – I will revise my thinking after each game – all Im saying is that after 7 games we have suffered one cataclysmic home defeat that was simply appalling, while also having played well in some other games, and lost a tight game to chelsea.

    Of course we all hope and expect things to get better when everyone is fit but on the basis of 7 league games (not a lot but all we have to go on so far) we are not showing either the ruthlessness or the consistency or the refusal to be beaten required to win the league. Fingers crossed that will change.

  33. I think what we can all agree on is that we need 3 points from the match on saturday. If not for necessity within the league table, then for the players confidence. Let’s get a good head of steam going.

  34. I find it hard to believe Wenger would drop Almunia for 1 bad game. I hope he had more confidence in him. Hard to believe we would go into a season with a #1 GK who was one mistake away from being dropped. Still think Almunia gives us the best chance going forward. That said, Fabianski was very good in the last couple of games and the boss seems to have a lot of faith in him. Perhaps if he can truly exorcise the demons he will be an good GK. Interesting to see what happens.

    There will indeed be real selection headache for the boss with the training room emptying. Thats a good thing. Hopefully we can start a really strong run in the next couple of months and develop the swagger and consistency we need to carry through the rest of the season. 7 points is by no means insurmountable, but it does significantly decrease our margin for error. Our defending was better for the first few games but the last few games have seen many of the old habits return and we are back on pace to concede 50 goals this year. Hopefully the last few games are only a hiccup.

  35. Absolutely, RomfordPele – we are a long, long way from where we were in 2003/2004.

    The level of competition across the whole league has come on leaps and bounds since then. The fitness and organisation of Premier League defences has gone from sub-par to excellent in just 6 short years.

    Unfortunately, tactically, those same defences dig-in deeper and deeper, and earlier and earlier in every game. We are playing in a different league now.

    Yes that team was absolute quality as you say, but remember that the quality of the league as a whole was much lower. Reluctance to attack in favour of ‘not losing’ at all costs was but a glint in Jose Mourinho’s eye.
    We play now in a league with more direct rivals than ever before, financially doped competition with the best players money can buy from around the world. The league is awash with dangerous teams. Man Utd can’t get a win on the road. Citeh can defend but can’t penetrate the weekly bolted doors. Liverpool’s worst start to a season since ’54/’55 – the year they were relegated. Chelski – with their gimme opening few games – have carved a foothold, but are by no means unbeatable, and will drop points.

    Comparing players from different eras is fun, but ultimately, frustratingly conclusionless to my mind.

    I’m happier concentrating on the current squad, one absolutely steeped in quality. To my mind the best squad in the country, and undoubtedly the most adventurous, the most fun, the most attacking.

    And this season doesn’t need to be that much different from last season for us to win the league. Have some faith – you’ve plenty of reason for it.

  36. BILL


    CONGRATS on your first playoff series victory. but the party ends starting on friday (for you at least).

  37. LA

    top post

  38. Hi ZimPaul,

    I have a sneaky suspicion Gerard Houllier may get Villa playing in such a way as to force you to reconsider your distaste for them. He’s already got them playing more expansively. Unlucky not to beat the spuds before this GODAWFUL interlull trough we’ve found ourselves in. Giant fucking trough.

  39. There is another FUFA friendly next month.

    Chelsea will drop points as well. Maybe this weekend, with a reserve CB pair to start.
    The injury crisis strikes again.
    Not just Dirk Kuyt disappearing into a Texan well, but also Yossi Benayoun. Who was not impressed with the cla$$y medical team at Che$ki that so many Gooners are so envious of, who seem to have mis-read his scans.

    (‘Have you had your latest, excessive, corti jab skip?
    ‘Urgh? Me Terry, me feel no pain. Especially after all these needles and jabs. Thanks! Though for some reason, I keep having lots of ‘niggles’ a bit earlier then most players would expect. And I can no longer run in a staright line. Bizarre. There goes me back again.’)

  40. NJGooner:

    Absolutely brimming with nervous energy and excitement for the start of the ALCS this weekend. Wife and I have seats right behind home plate for Friday night and Sat. Finally was able to exhale after the last out on Tues. Cliff Lee is God.

    I see a very competitive series. Yanks will be the understandable favorites but I predict an unset. Rangers in 6. Whatever happens its been a fantastic season for this franchise.

  41. Great post LA at 14:45!
    It is so great to see those pictures of Rambo smiling and running. He is still much younger than Eduardo was at the time of his injury so perhaps he has a better chance of retaining the fearlessness of youth that he will need to get back to his best.
    It is an interesting debate about whether to bring Almunia back. I would tend to agree that if your #1 is available for selection that he should be selected. I guess we will see how much faith Wenger has in Almunia. Personally I think Almunia will start and Fabianski will play in the CL qualifier. It’s a home match, one that should be won, and The Arsenal faithful will have a chance to sing his name (and give Eduardo a warm welcome, I hope).
    Those of you wondering about injuries would do well to check physioroom, as YW stated. The link is: http://www.physioroom.com/news/english_premier_league/epl_injury_table.php

  42. Can we please keep mention of the damn yankees (the baseball version of chel$ki, in my opinion) off the board!

  43. Well said Limpar.. agree with every word.

    Romford Pele… You don’t have to agree with me, but come end of the season you will surely realise through our advances in all 4 competetions when I say this is the best ‘squad’. I can think of 10 quality midfielders in our ranks ready to play. 4 or 5 strikers, 4 CB’s, cover in both wing back positions who come into the team with ease. It shouldn’t be hard to realise that this squad which has been built over the last 5 years, is a true credit to Wenger and the club.

    Every game, it is a joy to watch such players, win, lose or draw, more often than not win, playing such football, with an overwhelming number of technically great footballers. I don’t think any other squad Wenger has had as been better prepared to mount a challenge on 4 trophies. Like Limpar said though, times have changed, competetion is better, so it is very unrealistic to compare a team from 6 years ago who went the whole season unbeaten in a less competetive league.

    The Premiership is now widely known for being the most competetive today, 3-4 teams every year advancing in the Champions League shows what we are up aginst.

  44. Gris Gris

    The Yankees cant be the Chelski of baseball. We’ve got history. A fan base that takes root in a multi-generational following that appreciates the history of the franchise.

    Now, everything that I understand about Chelsea can be summed up by a youtube video of Arsenal fans at Stamford Bridge singing “where were you when you were shit?”

  45. Sorry, NJGooner…I meant to say the yanks are the baseball version of chel$ki with history 🙂

  46. ZP

    There was a spat between Bayern and the KNVB over van Bommel in the week. Rumminegge observed that 7 league matches and 5 caps was disproportionate at the start of the season and not good for the clubs. So, Septic had better make the changes to the next Fifa calendar or the moneymen are going to be unhappy.


  47. Finsbury, that sucks! more so the fact that they are uncompetitive FRIENDLIES!!

  48. Limpar:

    Excellent post @ 2:25. Chelsea’s financial doping has certainly made it much more difficult to win trophies. Liverpool’s and United’s leveraged buyouts and their attempt to keep up with Chelsea has certainly brought trouble for those historic franchises. Much as I hate United, I hope they and Liverpool both get back on their feet. A lot of people (myself included) complain about Wenger’s transfer policies but thank goodness he was here. Building this squad of players and a stadium and keeping us on budget was/is a minor miracle.

    Biggest change on the field has been the effectiveness of team defending. The World Cup is another example of how football has changed. Winning team scored 8 goals and conceded 2. Same thing happened in American football, basketball and baseball. Dominant defending works in team sports. Fortunately, in all of those sports they have made some rules changes that opened up the game for the attackers especially in American football. Cornerbacks can not hold up recievers as much at the line of scrimmage. Outlawing many of the more dangerous forms of tackling and blocking. Out lawing zone defenses in basketball. I doubt there will be any significant rules changes in European football anytime soon. With some luck may be increased penalties for bad tackling. Hopefully the pendulum will swing back to favor the attacking side at some point.

  49. Woocash should play. Why play Almunia – all he has proved is that he is and will never been good enough for Arsenal. AW agrees – why else try to buy Mark Schwarzer? Woocash has waited for his chance and has played well in the last 2 games so why drop him. He is 26 and can improve, Almunia is a lot older. Woocash has been in the unenviable position of knowing that if Almunia is fit, he is No1 and this has to change. Alex Manninger suffered in the same way (although his performances initially were great). No matter what he did he knew he was always No2 which appeared to affect his confidence.

  50. AIC

    I agree, but not based on your reasoning that Almunia will never be good enough. When the season started the goalkeeping position was up for grabs, Almunia claimed the spot in pre-season – backing that up with several good solid performances in competetive games.

    1 game saw him caught out a few times – no thanks to our defending, there was the story of him playing on injured which could well be true after the penalty save that kept us in the game.

    Fabianski on the other hand was under even more intense criticism, turning in 1 poor performance in pre-season. Being called on of late he has done well against Chelsea and the Champions League game away to Partizan. 2 tough games by any clubs standards.

    I think the decision will be based on performance in training, but I personally feel that Fabianski should get a run of games. Not because of Almunia’s lack of quality, but because Fabianski needs a run to show us what he can do. Drop him now, and its giving him no reward for 2 good performances.

  51. ”Much as I hate United, I hope they and Liverpool both get back on their feet”

    why Bill, WHY??

  52. Waaaaoooo! Excellent news. Congrates 2 him and d rest.

  53. Ramsey pictures were nice. I think he’s still young enough to make a full recovery. Also like what Wilshere said yesterday. Says that he learns a lot from Fab, Nasri and Denilson. Yes the same Denilson that so many idiots keep maligning. Clever boy Wilshere, he will definetly go far!

  54. MJ @ 3:35PM.

    I think it may be good to let them suffer for a while and teach them and hopefully other teams a lesson. However, they are both historic franchises and a huge part of English football. The whole game needs to get back on its feet financially. Their worldwide recognition brings lots of money into the system which helps all of football. It promotes the popularity of English football throughout the world and helps to bring the best players to England. I doubt that either team especially Liverpool will be dominant again, at least in the near future but hoping for them to go belly up just because we do not like them is not really in the long term best interest of Arsenal or any football club.

  55. Hmm Injuries have not gone away yet. Cesc is very very short it seems, RVP might be a bit longer. Only Bendtner comes back from injury. Vermaelen 10 more days. Hope no more injuries in defense.

  56. ALCS, home plate, Cliff Lee, God, Yanks, Rangers in “6”, franchise. I feel out of my depth talking up all this basketball, icehockey, track and field stuff. Can’t we just reasonably agree to limit non-football discussion to one sport – say, um, how about cricket, specifically the Zim (good guys) one day series v. SA (need to be thoroughly beaten by the good guys, major upset).

    Liverpool must get back on their knees. As for ManU, they need to remain in crouching tiger, hidden dragon mid-table position for a decade or so for balance and karma and goodness to return to the universe.

  57. Oh come on KG!!

  58. BTW your athletes were simplly amazing 2 days back. I mean in at least 2 track events, they swept away Gold, Silver & Bronze, & their strategy was simply GENIUS!

    Well, 38 golds is not so bad, is it?

  59. Villa is the new Liverpool.
    Liverpool is the new West Ham.
    West Ham is the new …

    or lord, here we go again.

  60. Why can’t Wenger just put Almunia and Fab in – each – for one half, and be done with it, new system, improved, innovative. We don’t need more than 2 subs. Must I think of everything?

  61. Mj, when hockey was played on murrum India was unbeatable. And the game was more pleasing to the eye. You guys had amazing players. Then they changed the surface and the advantage went to the developed countries. But the way India’s growing that advantage wouldn’t last long. All the same kudos to you guys for a great event. Fuck the press who say otherwise.

  62. The Indian ladies are fabulous hockey players, as the South Africans discovered to their shock.

  63. Hey Zimpaul did you guys get a medal at all or are you still suspended from the Commonwealth?

  64. Fine fine event, KG. But i dont see us dominating the world hockey scene anywhere in the near future.

    Anyways..feeling shit as I read ”……but Van Persie looks to be a bit longer.”


  65. Um, um, um …. I waited in vain for the Zim flag in the opening ceremony, after Zambia, and it would appear, somehow, in the confusion, the team must have missed the bus to the stadium perhaps; this is the only rational explanation.

    Yep, we is suspended. We been bad. Our leaders are thieves and some of them are killers too. We are a broken, battered, corrupt, currency-less, impoverished, repressive and by all normal indicators – failed – state.

    But the people are nice!

  66. Don’t moan too much Zimpaul all African leaders are theives!

  67. Liverpool and manu are not ‘franchises’.

    They are football clubs despite having American owners.

  68. So. After the injury news, we have –
    His Highness Squill KOS Clichy

    Song Denni/Diaby/Jack
    Nasri Arsha

    bench – Theo, DJ, Vela, Nicky B, Deni/Diaby/Jack, Vito

  69. I for one wouldn’t mind if both Liverpool and manu went bust. In fact I’d like to see them go bust!

  70. On the cricket, what an amazing, golden innings from that other Little Master.

    What gr*t!

  71. Poor Little Shawcross, was on good old Aunty Beeb again, talking about ‘tackling’.
    Upon the same day Arsenal FC announce the return of Aaron to training.

    “Tackling is just about timing. If you’ve got your timing right, all you have to do is touch the ball. There’s no need to touch anybody’s leg, or break anybody’s leg.
    Some of the players that go in for tackles are doing it to show they are the hardest man on the pitch. But it’s not about being hard. It’s about being able to get the ball, and that’s it.
    Sometime people over-react, but nowadays some people just can’t tackle, let’s put it that way. Simple as that.”

    – Ex-gunner, Fabrice Muamba, current Notlobian ‘Midfield General’. From The Daily Heil

    Fuck ’em all.

  72. Just been watching those people being rescued on the news! It’s so nice to see a glimmer or hope in their eyes and a smile on their mucky faces……………but i still hope Everton beat them on sunday!!

  73. On the Goalkeeping situation, I would retain Fabianski because he did a good job in the last two games and as his main problem is psychological I think it would be unwise to drop him. As for Almunia the west brom match is by no mean evidence that he is not good enough. I believe he did play injured which contributed to the soft goals he conceaded. He injured himself on or just before the penalty save so the adrenaline rushing in his system after a good stop surely made it feel less painful. Almunia is stronger psychologically and Wenger can surely find the right words to explain him his decision to name Fabianski. There will be a lot a game and both can get a fair number of games.

    The Schwarzer courting in the summer is not a clear evidence of Wenger’s lack of faith in them. I’m convinced Schwarzer addition would have been to increase competition and be able to send one or two of reserve GK on loan to gain experience and/or rebuilt confidence.

    Seaman who is better judge than any of us regarding the GK position have seen themregularly at Colney and has this to say:


  74. duke..how clever

  75. Liverpool have a tough game on sunday: football.

  76. ahh no football tonight…going to have to watch world most extreme airports on five..how depressing.

  77. Nice Dukegoonem thought you were speaking of the Chile mine disaster.

  78. Arsenal is the best club in the world.

  79. Morning good people,

    I’ve just come to gloat.

    Last night, Guns ‘n’ Roses, O2, pure win.

    I have a feeling Arsenal will put on a rampant display to end a pretty fine week, just for me nah’mean?



  80. Did Fab aggravate his his hamstring in training?thought he was 2 days short to start at Stamford bridge.Van persie’s and Vaermaelen injuries are starting to get to me.Waren’t they supposed to be short term?but happy most of the team is coming back.
    Bob the “franchising” was starting to piss me off too.

  81. Seems like Fab was too eager to play with his buddies(assholes) in Spain, that he probably risked his injury. Something you wouldn’t expect from your club captain. And over some international qualifiers? FFs.

  82. Ateeb, he wasnt involved in the internationals.

  83. Agreed First Lady. The fact that the whole “short term injury” thing has become a joke even amongst the most ardent of Arsenal fans is a serious concern I think. Its the fact that Wenger comes on and says re Cesc “he’s very very short” with no explanation, I find quite infuriating. Especially as you point out that Cesc said he was “only 2 days short” for the Chelski game. Was that a lie? Better communication to the fans is something I believe that Arsene has fallen down on.

  84. Cesc needs to shut up about Barca FFs- this saga has played itself out. All he needs to say when asked about those onekers is that he is an an Arsenal players, contracted to Arsenal and end off! He needs to show some responsibility and respect for the club and the supporters. He is the captain for FFs!!!!! He accepted Arsene’s decision not to sell him and he backed down from his “dream” move! If he wants to go- simple hand in a transfer request and see how it plays out. He will be a massive loss to the club but ultimately we can only move forward as a club with players who are committed to Arsenal! I am sick to the pits of hearing how he dreams of playing for whoever!!!! We all have dreams but we dont go prostituting ourselves all over the place to acheive them. Keep the sheet behind closed doors and deal with it!

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