10 Arsenal Players Undervalued By England

As England prepare to take on the might of Montenegro (The Sun Says, “They’re OK, they fought with us in the wars!“) this evening, chance to reflect on those who have donned the Arsenal shirt and been woefully underappreciated by England:

10. Steve Bould

Oh, come on. 2 caps. Surely not? Having been part of the most consistently mean defence in the top flight, Bobby Robson continually overlooked Bould, preferring the likes of Butcher, Walker and Wright as England continued to qualify well and woefully underperform at Finals. Bould was certainly the equal of Butcher and better than the other pair. Yet his contribution to the Arsenal team was devalued outside of the club. His call-up came in 1994, arguably England’s nadir over the past thirty years, when Graham Taylor simply could not get anyone to perform. The defence bolstered by Bould played Greece and Norway without conceding, winning 5-0 in the first before a goalless draw against the Norwegians.

9. Nigel Winterburn

There are those who would argue that Stuart Pearce thoroughly deserved his place in the side yet Winterburn was equally consistent and probably deserved more than his brace of caps. He got off to a promising start, a substitute in England’s goalless draw against Italy in 1989. Quite what Winterburn did to merit being excluded from the England set-up until 1993 is beyond me, especially since the vastly over-rated Tony Dorigo was regularly included. It’s tempting to suggest that Winterburn might have done better than Pearce in that penalty shootout in 1990 but the memories of his feeble effort in the 1988 Littlewoods Cup Final preclude me from doing so. His final appearance was in the US Cup in 1993, a 1-2 defeat to Germany.

8. Peter Simpson

A toss-up as to whose omission was more startling; Simpson or Sammels. The latter is unfashionable to rate but in the late 1960s and having been capped by England at junior levels, he surely merited some caps at the senior level. But I’ll plump for Simpson on this occasion.

A stalwart for Arsenal, Simpson managed to get called into the England squad by Sir Alf Ramsey prior to Mexico 1970. Unsurprisingly given the talent that the manager had avaialble to him, the Arsenal player was never capped. Given the paucity of performances following the quarter-final defeat to Germany, it is totally surprising that he was never given the opportunity to prove himself at the highest level. Perhaps Arsenal players were not considered good enough, surprising that from 1968 to 1972, there were three losing finals, a league title, FA Cup and Fairs Cup along the way. But then in those days, being called into the squad was recognition of your talent rather than being a media-orchestrated campaign. And a cap? That meant the world.

7. Malcolm MacDonald

Scoring five goals in one match – still a record – and then scoring in a 2-0 win over West Germany (reigning World Champions at the time) ought to have cemented MacDonald’s place in the England line-up. That night in 1975, Cyprus the victims, was the pinnacle of his England career, which ended four months later in Portugal as England failed to qualify for the 1976 European Championships. All of this before he signed for Arsenal. His record of a goal every other game whilst at the club was not deemed good enough, despite being arguably the best in the country at the time, before the injury which ultimately ended his career struck. England’s appalling record in tournaments from 1972 to 1978 makes it all the more baffling as to why he didn’t earn more call-ups in his prime.

6. Charlie George

Hardly surprising that George did not earn more caps. 1970s football as far as England was concerned, was the dark ages for the maverick. Like kindred spirits, Frank Worthington, Stan Bowles and Alan Hudson, his was distrusted by Ramsey and Revie. His solitary call-up for the full team came in a 1976 friendly against the Republic of Ireland. He failed to score and was exiled with a speed that proved to be Revie’s template. Falling out with the manager was deemed to be justification for his previous omissions but his appearance came when he was past his prime.

5. Paul Davis

When he first broke into the team, Davis was rated highly, capped at Under-21 level, touted as a future international. It never happened. Partly because he was an undemonstrative midfielder, integral to Graham’s team, overshadowed by higher scoring individuals. His passing was exemplary – the Denilson of his era – and better than some who appeared for their country. The suspicion remains that breaking Glenn Cockerill’s jaw cost him more than the fine and subsequent nine-match ban.

4. Lee Dixon

A small gripe on this one. Dixon was capped 22 times for his country but it was nowhere near enough. Without a shadow of a doubt, Dixon was the most consistent right back in the top flight during his time at Arsenal. Far superior than Paul Parker, he could not match the versatility offered although Parker’s ability as a centre back was over-rated. More swashbuckling that Gary Stevens, the only reason for his lack of caps in comparison is that his face did not fit. Sitting next to Adrian Chiles has since rectified that problem.

3. Alan Sunderland

Forever etched into the minds of Arsenal supporters for the 1979 FA Cup Final, Sunderland arrived at the club from Wolves with a burgeoning reputation carved over 150 appearances. He enhanced that during seven years but never got international recognition primarily due to Arsenal’s dubious league performances preceding and during his time. His one appearance came amid a much derided tour of Australia, a 2-1 victory in Melbourne scant reward for his efforts.

2. Reg Lewis

Sometimes, just sometimes, you have to put down the lack of international appearances to a player being born at the wrong time. The Second World War denied him football in his prime. Despite this, Lewis scored 118 goals in 176 games for Arsenal but it was a time of arrogance for the nation, a time when they believed they ruled the world, a time when England could travel the globe and beat one and all. These beliefs would be shattered during three short years, starting in Belo Horizonte in 1950. It just so happened that it was the time of Mortensen and co, revered England internationals hence Lewis’ failure to gain a solitary cap.

1. George Armstrong

Wingless wonders? 1966 proved Ramsey right; 1970 hinted that he might not have lost the plot but subsequent events surely merited Armstrong’s inclusion, particularly with the traditional England centre forward emerging. It is simply baffling that such a hard working and talented player did not receive international recognition. Utterly baffling.

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. I couldn’t care less about England.

    I hope they undervalue Wilshire, Walcott, Gibbs so much that they never get called up.

    Scotland!!!! (and Arsenal!)

  2. i like your comment Tager…owk, almost all of it upto the part you start cheering for Scotland!
    are you nuts??? Scotland?? Heavens….

  3. im a massive bould fan but there’s simply no way that he was better than Des walker in walker’s prime.

  4. Brilliant post.

  5. Des Walker wasn’t quite the same after his move to Italy.
    On Wiki, it reads that this happened as he was asked to play at FB.

    Once his pace was gone, his game needed to adjust too much?
    Or maybe it had something to do with, ahem, the quality BBC plundit, and former England Mastermind, Graham Taylor? A great player under Cloughie, not so great under Taylor. I’ve seen this pattern somewhere else.

    Walker reminds me of our Kos, or is it the other way around?
    Except, I imagine Kos won’t come to rely on his pace as much.

  6. http://noxxed.com/player/jw_player_4/player.swf

    I hope that embedded ok, cause I’ve just spent the last 30 minute urinating myself

  7. Ohhh tooo have Arsenal playing Agin. When will the Interlull end..? dreary me… sigh.

  8. We all have our favourites Yogi, but have to say bit disappointed that John Radford’s name isn’t there. Maybe its because when I began supporting Arsenal he was the “main” man scoring almost 150 times in almost 500 appearances for the gunners. 2 full England caps is, to put it mildly, a miserable return for such a wonderful goalscorer.

  9. AT the rate its going wont Alex Song also make the list (no, not for England. Dumbo. For Cameroon) he with being dropped from the Cameroon squad.

  10. Totally agree with your choices but must mention George Swindin who was unlucky to be a contemporary of Frank Swift.

  11. Gadget, it doesn’t work.
    Is that the link to the player rather than what we’re meant to be seeing?

  12. Almunia? I know he isn’t everyones cup of tea and I will get a few Arsenal bashers come at me, but he is a decent keeper who will never get a cap with Casillas, and Reina ahead of him.

  13. Tagertux
    Supporting Scotland you will probably be able to answer my question.
    I’ve read that Scotland played against the Czech and will play against Spain a 4-6-0 formation, but do they really play without a striker or is it the case of them naming an attacking midfielder as a striker ala Everton when they where short of strikers and played Tim Cahill as their spearhead? Because if this is the former surely this is the first time I have ever heard of a team doing this.

  14. Ian Wright deserves a mention. Despite having turned himself into a terrible pundit taking shots at the club too often in recent times.., his speed and the weight of goals he brought with him in his prime should have resulted in more opportunity than he was afforded.
    It took a sp*rs favourite to recognise his worth in Glenn Hoddle.

    Wrighty was as a victim of the long ball insanity that blighted the national team throughout the 90’s.

    And look at that, i’m talking about international football.., i really must be bored!

  15. Des Walker was ruined by his spell in Italy where he did indeed play at fullback and also by the back-pass rule. Des was a great defender but truly terrible on the ball. He would intercept the ball or tackle the attacker and pass the ball back to the keeper. When the back-pass rule came in and Des had to actually do something else with the ball he was found out. He had declined by this point anyway after Italy though. When you consider that Keith Curle (!) played a few games for England and Bould wasn’t selected its a joke. I never rated Mark Wright that highly either. During this period both Adams and Bould were overlooked more often than not and even David Seaman was dropped for Chris Woods for a while. Chris Woods was shite in everyone’s mind apart from Graham Taylor’s.

  16. How about Gus Caesar?

  17. I Hope Arsene he also drop song from first 11 just to give him a wake up, cause we have two song ( Song of 2009/2010 and new Song 2010/2011)

  18. Ian Wright not making the plan for Euro 92 was a joke as well. I felt that this seriously hampered Wright’s England career. He always seemed to try too hard after that.

  19. Ray Parlour?

  20. Stupding mbedding thingy: here’s the link to the vid: http://noxxed.com/video/KXW5384247XW/Hilarious-miss-by-soccer-player

  21. On form alone, Brian Marwood should have played more during his brief Arsenal spell – another who was never quite the same after injury. Agree re Paul Davis. I remember seeing him towards the end of his career, still the same passing ability but he coupled it with an extraordinary reading of the game creating space that more than made up for any loss of pace.

  22. Malcolm Macdonald and Alan Sunderland and not John Radford in your list are you having a laugh.Radford was a better striker than both of these put together.Paul Davis infront of Rocky my ribs are aching
    As for Peter Simpson one of my favourite ever Gooners but better than Roy McFarland no way
    And i’m an Irishman who Jack Charlton didnt pick for Ireland

  23. Ray Parlour

  24. And Steve Bould was picked by Venables not Taylor

  25. Dont forget No.11 –

    The Dickov

  26. *Special People Under Doctors Supervision*.

  27. Is the name of an intersting looking band. Well, their artwork is nice, lots of red.
    Should add in a ‘The’ as well.

  28. This is England

    Great article, certainly took me down memory lane.

  29. Ken

    Not really surprising that Jack didn’t pick you is it? After all, he probably thought that there’s only room for one bolshy sod in this squad and that’s me as manager.


  30. Talking of internationals, England are knocked out in the Commonwealth Hockey Semis, by guess who? 😀

  31. This is England

    MJ was it Scotland?

  32. Nice article Yogi.

    I have to concur that the omision of Big John is, for me, a sin. Better than Martin Chivers? I should say so!

    It is rather surprising that that Double squad achieved so very few caps,. That is apart from Peter Storey! I haven’t looked it up but I would guess that he won more caps than the rest of the English players in that squad and time put together! That surely tells us something about England.

    Didn’t Charlie blot his copy book by refusing to ploay in a ‘B’ International?

    As my Dad said,” Charlie? In a ‘B’ International. Bloody insult.”

  33. Don’t forget when revie subbed charlie george in his only game, revie asked how it went for him. Charlie, being charlie told him ‘f*** off’. Kind off not likely to help getting a future cap……

  34. Talking of internationals, England are knocked out in the Commonwealth Hockey Semis, by guess who?

    Ulp…ulp!! Germany are not in the common wealth games are they..?

  35. India 5 – 4 England (penalties)

    Bring on the Ausssies!!!!!!!!!

  36. This is England

    Hockey is a game played by women and blokes that cant play football.

  37. I’d any day take it over international football, especially when it takes place in your city..

  38. You live in Delhi mj?

    I listened to the 1979 Cup Final in Connaught Circus on a radio borrowed from a shop with a manu supporter.

    Tottally engrossed in the game, I ignored a tugging at my trouser leg until eventually I turned over to find a bloody great monkey grinning at me! I don’t mean the manu fan after their comeback either. My heart nearly stopped.

  39. The Indians have always had good hockey teams, haven’t they, mj? A relation of mine was out there during WWII and used to say that because of the very hard ground, chaps who would otherwise have played rugby or football, played hockey instead (when they wanted a change from cricket).

  40. I do, Bobb, & thats a funny one :D..thankfully we are in a much better conditon than those days, I am sure. That place looks like a war zone & is out of bounds for civilians these days, due to all the cycling & walkathon events. How come you were here??

  41. Hell yeah, Limpar; till date, nobody has quite come close to a certain Major Dhyan Chand, & I doubt if anyone ever will.
    He won us 3 Olympic golds, all by himslef. There is an incident about him; once some official in Tokyo broke his hockey stick suspecting a magnet inside only to be embarrased later. Those must have been the days..even Asiad is a distant dream these days.

  42. & talking of hard grounds, i remember incident which some of you might have surely heard. The only time we qualified for the FIFA world cup was in 1950, from which we had to withdraw, since we were not allowed to play, barefoot 😐

  43. My apologies for starting all this on an Arsenal blog

  44. Love the magnet story, mj! That guy must’ve been class.

    Consolsbob, heads are starting to roll! http://www.ft.com/cms/s/0/ce90f0fc-d55b-11df-8e86-00144feabdc0.html?ftcamp=rss
    Not Robbie Savage – but it’s a start.

  45. Nice mj. Always loved the Indian hockey team. Will back them against the aussies! And you can reciprocate by backing our sevens rugby team!

  46. mj,

    You forgot to mention Dhyan Chand’s statue with 4 hands and 4 sticks in Vienna.. The Viennese believed that no man with two hands and one stick could have played like him.

  47. @KG – All i know right now is that New Zealand have beaten Aus for the Rugby 7 gold. I have no idea what happened to Kenya..

    Bad news for the English, they have lost to the Proteas in the battle for 3rd place..

  48. Interesting post YW.

    But forget all that boo-hooing.. I know that whats really on everyones’ minds is when will we see an AMERICAN in an Arsenal uniform?!?!??!?!?!?

  49. Mj, bloody kangaroos and kiwis!

  50. Quoting from Ian Wright @ the Sun:

    This is the best thing Wright said in years, probably even in his life:

    “The game is now too big for those in charge of it to deem an incident beyond reproach just because it was not seen by three blokes with two flags and a whistle between them.”

    Read more: http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/sport/sunsport_columnists/3175090/Ian-Wright-If-FA-wont-act-put-Nigel-de-Jong-in-court.html#ixzz12A7Uc7q3

  51. very interesting, Indian Gooner!

    Well yeah Kenyan Gunner, hoping to see the cricket team kick some Oz ass tomorrow & looking forward for your support 😀

  52. G4E

    couldnt have said it better myself

  53. I was just travelling as we did in those days mj. I spent six months there then and have been back another few times. Love the place.

    Actually the scariest things were not the monkeys but those blokes who wandered around sticking spikes in your ears offering to clean them out. That was terrifying. They always seemed to find a pebble the size of a small egg.

    Limpar, the trouble is that he will be on a protected pension of a very substantial size. Might as well have kept him on to sack a lot of other waste of spaces.

    The word you seek, NJGooner, is shirt, or maybe kit, but definitely NOT ‘uniform’.

  54. C-Bob

    I wish I could say otherwise, but I didnt even realize I had typed uniform.

    But thats just the point!!! Would love to see some ATVO interview —- “I’m enjoying myself so far at the club, and feel great whenever I put on the Arsenal uniform”


  55. Mj, India’s my third cricket team, after Kenya and the West Indies. Count on my support. By the way is Gurgaon as beautiful as Chandigarh?

  56. NJ

    I’m sure if you go to a central gathering place, a number of your compatriots might be wearing Arsenal shirts. Oh, you mean on the pitch in a full kit, playing a proper match for us. Well, if Landon Donovan is the best you have to offer, hopefully never. Jesus, the guy’s parents couldn’t even spell his name right. It’s L-O-N-D-O-N. I know it’s pronounced “Lahndan” but FFS…


  57. I can’t understand why football is beyond any laws? Some of the tackles we see on the field of play are criminal, yet every one turn their heads away and say or do nothing? Why referees are considered like Gods, we say their decisions are final but when they make mistakes we say they’re human, and we do nothing to correct their mistakes.

    It is criminal and obstruction of justice not to report someone who committed a crime. Yet millions of people see the criminal act live on their TV screens and do nothing about it?

    I think fans are as responsible as the authorities, not only football authorities but government authorities. We need to let the people who are in charge of Football, we don’t like what we see.
    I’m not saying this because of Arsenal players, although we suffered it more than any other club. I’m saying it to protect the sport I love, I don’t watch football for blood or broken legs, I don’t like horror movies and I don’t like brutality. There are enough movies out there depicting that, and there is enough brutality in this world disguised behind some sort of lame ideology to give it false legitimacy.

    Don’t listen or believe Fat Sam, McCarthy, and their likes false ideology that this is football, their ideology is for the weak minded with strong bodies, Fat Sam would be great coaching Bulls for Bull Fighting. It’s a contact sport not a brutal sport. Contact doesn’t give you the right or the green light to break someone else’s leg or neck.

  58. Let it out, G4E, let it out…

  59. Speak the truth G4E!

  60. I’ve just discovered that if you put your mouse pointer over a gravatar it does something!


    When’s the next Arsenal match again?

  61. YW

    hahahah. theres that dry english wit i come here for!

    I dont think Landon is half bad to be honest, but Arsenal quality? Certainly not. Then theres Mr. Jozy Altidore who I find to be absolutely infuriating. USA strikers failed to score in the last 2 world cups. WEAK

    I find it fascinating that footy is often touted as a “man’s game” in England and that your most hard nosed, blue collared, pint swilling men are footy fans.

    Over here, soccer is seen as a “softer” sport. At least compared to its other fall rival, football, or throwball for you lot!

  62. C-Bob

    not soon enough.

    I’d say, although injuries are infuriating, international football really is the bane of my existence bc of how boring things get.

  63. NJ, to be truthful Donavon was very impressive at Everton. The US player I really like is Dempsey though. I believe that Altidore can be special if he puts in he work, he is a talent for sure.

    What ever happened to Freddie Edu?

  64. LOL Bob, can’t stop laughing 🙂 🙂 those blokes are rare species now, so you are most welcome here!

    KG – its much more commercialised with all the MNC’s & corporates set up here, along with the high rises…but Chnadigarh is the most planned city in the country & I love it too! You’ve been therE?

  65. Paul

    I agree, his spell at Everton brought me a bit of pride. I rate Dempsey as well. Very crafty, hard worker.

    I hate to be crass, but I really dont believe Altidore is class enough to play internationally, even for USA. He missed a free header against Poland from a perfect cross that I could have put away. Seriously, the guy really gets to me. His first touch is abismal, he struggles with hold-up play, and his passes always a second too late. This past WC was his “last chance” for me personally, and he crashed and burned. I understand goals are not all a striker should be judged on. But this guy cant do anything right. think the polar opposite of RvP

  66. Oh as for Freddie Edu, I’m honestly not sure. He was supposed to be the big thing awhile ago. I feel that any player who plays the majority of their career, or receives their footballing education exclusively from American sources, is just not gonna cut it.

    Thats some anti-xenephobia for ya

  67. Sorry for the rant, I just felt that I had to let it out because it’s pissing me off as usual.

    Having a washed up, fat manager (using the word manager loosely here) who probably can’t run for 30 seconds without his pork filled arteries exploding into lard-fireworks telling us this is how football should be played, then have a few mindless players, fans, and some pundits for hire agrees with him pisses me off to no end.

  68. LOL Bob, can’t stop laughing..those blokes are rare species now, so you’d be most welcome here 😀

    KG – its far more commercialised with all those corporates & high-rises, but not as planned as Chandigarh, which i think is the most planned city in the country. I love it too! You were here?

  69. am I being moderated Yogi?

  70. “…without his pork filled arteries exploding into lard-fireworks …”

    Very, very good G4E.

    By the way, you can tell me honestly, being an ex-Brit, do Americans actually spell ‘abysmal’ as ‘abismal’?

    If so, Lord help us, if not, NJGooner really has a problem with the language.

    How did Churchill put it? “One people divided by a common language”, if I recall.

  71. CBob,

    I only know Abysmal as Abysmal my dear friend, it’s funny though how they have the option for us to select between US English or UK English for spelling check.

  72. US English just spells it wrong G4E.

  73. Cbob

    thats definitely my bad. it is most certainly abysmal.

    uniform and abismal all in one day!

    on the language note, why “s” for “z” for you guys? it always throws me off

  74. Well, NJ owned up to it CBob. It’s really Abysmal in both US & UK.

    Actually I can understand the “S” & the “Z”

    But why Centre and Center? And in that case why then Painter isn’t Paintre or shorter isn’t shortre?

  75. What, as in ‘Sero’ for ‘Zero’, NJ?

    …or ‘nuts’ for ‘nutz’?

  76. Flint McCullough

    I assume that the list is in no particular order, YW?

    Reg Lewis was before my time but I definitely agree about ‘Super Stan’ Simpson, ‘Geordie’, Steve Bould, Paul ‘Pablo’ Davis & ‘Nutty Boy’. Criminal really, that there was hardly a handful of caps between them.

    Paul Davis was in an England squad but had the withdraw because he had been kicked of the park by Glenn Cockerill. I remain convinced that the jaw breaking incident happened the season after, because of similar treatment from the same dear chap.

    Charlie George was as hugely talented as any Arsenal player, I have ever seen but I always felt it never came out of him enough . If it wasn’t for his 71 cf goal his career would have been more of the underachievement than it was. He really could have been an all time great but somehow, for whatever reason, he never quite got there. He should have been given more than the 1 half he got but perhaps that was down to him.

    ‘Supermac’ & Sunderland were great club players but not better than their peers at the time. Jon Sammels was a quality player, ahead of his time, who got plenty of under 23 caps but never looked like making the step up.

    I would have found room for:
    Joe Baker, ‘Raddy’ & George Eastham , who were seriously under-capped. Joe Baker was a great player in a poor team & with the exception of Jimmy Greaves was the best finisher , in English football, for years.

    There could also be an argument for Micky Thomas, but he had a bit of the Charlie George syndrome, so didn’t achieve all he should have done.

    It was also a shame that Bobby Robson didn’t share my opinion of Raphael Meade.

  77. Hahah

    No C-bob as in organisation for one.

    and then theres centre as G4E intuitively brought up.

    what about colour? thats just crazy!!

    And then there’s whinging.. whenever you all type that it always throws me for a moment or two

    but i understand I deserve all the stick i get for this today.

  78. Superlative post YW,

    Paul Davis was on the verge of England recognition when he broke Cockerills jaw & sadly never quite regained that sort of form.

    Dixon, Winterburn & Bould should have played alongside Adams & Seaman but imagine the furore if that would have happened.

    Alan Sunderland was a cracking team player but `Supermac` was quite the opposite – although I reckon he`d have scored 60 goals a season in our present side.

  79. You just need to learn English NJ. Roots of language is your answer in all cases.

    You mean that you actually spell organisation with a ‘z’?

    Are you inzane?

  80. What happened to Polisiano?

  81. Cbob

    100% its organization. just bc we know how to incorporate the Z and make it feel welcome doesnt mean you need to be critical

  82. I think there is one thing we can agree on CBob & NJ…Both sides of the pond are weirdosz.

  83. Yep.

  84. hahah indeed

  85. The reason Peter Simpson (better than Norman Hunter & Roy Mc Farland put together) and Geordie Armstrong (better than all the wingers who got caps in the late 60’s/early 70’s didn’t get capped is because Ramsey, who was Spurs through and through, hated Arsenal. Bob McNab said as much in an interview on Arsenal TV. This also explains why Big Raddie and Nabbers didn’t play more. And what about Stewart Robson? Pre injury he carried a bunch of under performing drinkers on his teenage shoulders and between 1983 -86 should have been a fixture in the England squad.

  86. You could also add Stevie Williams under George Graham to the list!

  87. anybody knows why has Italy vs Serbia been abandoned?

  88. England at Wembley ZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  89. Some excitement at last Montenegro hit the post yay.

  90. & the inevitable yellow card..

  91. Capello is a joke he replaces Young with wright philips how is that going to change anything. He has a wild card on the bench that is Wilshere somehow he doesn’t have the balls to bring him on. It was one of the worst games I have watched in a long time.

  92. Well be glad he did not use Wishire. That gives him some rest so he can shine for us 🙂 Im not even english so am laughing everytime i see England defend the dirty tackle brigade. I hope they continiue forever to live in their backwards tackle and football world while the rest of us progress. Means more chance for my nation to bring glory home 😀
    They really do not realize they are shoothing themselves in the foot are they? And its amlost everyone too! its insane..lol.

  93. Capello said he took Wilshere with the first team to learn, learn what exactly? How to manage a draw with Montenegro?

  94. Front 2 Rooney .crouch ,need something special bring SWP……say it all.So much for a new england,new young and hungry player.Same flop for the last 4 year still playing.
    he is not a great player but if i was Bent i would retire as the manager do not trust the best english scorer right now and prefer one flop and a overatted giant asparagus over him.

  95. G4E no he learn that some donkey are in front of him in the england squad.

  96. That’s right Lordgunner, some Donkey hahaha…Did elbow Davies managed to finish the game without seeing red? Now that would be the achievement of the day for Capello

  97. MOTM go to Hart.Poor sod he has to watch all this brainless fool for 90 mn.I ve not.I Switch to scottland-spain cracking match

  98. Kevin Davies for Peter Crouch (69)

    Well that says it all right there, if that doesnt make you laugh untill your belly hurts…

  99. No, seriously, Kevin Davis on for Peter Crouch!

    HA HA HA HA HA!!!

  100. G4E yeah to learn what? as if England is better than the likes of Fabregas Nasri RVP Arshavin …. Wilshere plays with better players week in week out. what does he need to learn from Ashley young Barry Crouch Rooney ? I hope he does not take any advice from Rooney.
    Adam Johnson’s final balls were awful. is he going to get the criticism that Walcott gets ? No. I feel like the journos who did not watch the game will ask their mate if Walcott played tonight. Because they will be disappointed they can’t use him as a scapegoat.

  101. I cant get over that!

    Darren Bent has scored more goals than both of them combined in the PL but he gets no love from Capello.

    Wilshere is on the bench, when he is most likely the only player on the England Team with the skill necessary to unlock any defense.

    Capello is a joke!

  102. Oh thanks Paul N, I didn’t even bother to watch the game.

  103. It is a start though, Consolsbob. Not the guillotine exactly but enough belt tightening and their heads will slowly turn blue and just pop right out of their salmon T.M.Lewin shirt collars.

    By the way, whoever’s responsible for inflicting ten minutes of vox pop on all of us in every single news report on the BBC needs the immediate sack. If you find someone with something interesting to say then by all means let us hear it – in fact, I like that sort of reporting. But what we get is an indiscrimate carpet bomb of lowest common denominator opinion from the the least eloquent, least employable section of society. The kind of people not busy enough to be out of camera shot at midday, or not sensible enough to dodge a cunt with a clipboard outside the Post Office. Wankers by the side of the road who form an opinion in an instant just to try it on for size, just because they’re on TV. These are the people we get when we come home and turn on the fucking news! It’s X-Factor journalism. What happened to hunting down expert talking heads, or people at the source of the story. The talking heads we get are barely even talking ones. They’re just heads.

    Look at the BBC sport website daily for examples of this. 606 idiots get their half-witted opinions published in articles right next to quotes from great men like Arsene Wenger. “Gooner69 reckons if we don’t buy a keeper in January then Pep Guardiola’s a shoe-in.” It’s all supposed to tempt us to ‘join the debate’. I’m sorry, but if you don’t know what you’re talking about then you shouldn’t be allowed to join the debate. That should be the motto.

    “Darryl, 27, Lewisham – what do you make of the toxic sludge disaster in Hungary?”

    Really gets on my tits.

    I suppose it’s a bit like asking Jamie Redknapp about football though. It just happens now.

  104. And England are shit.

  105. Limpartassist- Shitting has a purppose in life and can be a relief…. that game was pointless.

  106. Limpar, did you ever watch Charlie brooker’s newsswipe? Catch it On YouTube if necessary, for it too took a very critical eye to the way news is reported in this country. Voxpoxes aren’t even news. If there’s one thing I know, it’s that people are stupid

  107. Why are so many Gooners creaming themselves that Jack didnt play.We dont want him to play do we?.
    He is a Gunner 1st and thats all that matters.England can get fucked

    By the way there was a great game last night at Hampden.A great team with world class players against a team who although not good enough never gave up.England could learn from both of them
    Spain play exactly like we do but they have a cutting edge unlike us

  108. They really are, Gadget. They really are.

    When are we getting Ocean Mist back, YW? I’ve forgotten what it all looked like. I know the font was nice and neat.

    How about a little sporting bet – like if RVP scores from a direct free-kick before Christmas… we get Ocean Mist back.

  109. Am I missing something?

  110. Is that you, Consolsbob?

  111. Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha!
    Nice one Yogi.

  112. Beware the wolf in sheep’s clothing, Shottagunna.

  113. I suppose it’s impossible to pull off now we have those hovercard things. Not that he was convincing anyone in the first place.

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