Injured Players But Others Finances Highlight Strength

International fortnight has kicked in with the usual injury curse striking. This time Bacary Sagna is to be given a three week rest, courtesy of Uefa. It seems Abou Diaby’s knack may be keeping him out, the midfielder having missed training earlier in the week.

Sagna, perhaps mindful of over-estimating his fitness, has no intention of leaving the treatment room before he is ready,

I’m currently in rehabilitation. It will take three weeks. I’ll take my time to get back.

Right back is not a position that Wenger has particularly to worry about with good cover available in the shape of Emmanuel Eboue. It is a chance for the Ivorian to put pressure on Sagna, reminding him that the consistency of performances he has shown in the past will need to be maintained in the future to ensure his continued automatic presence in the first team.

The weekend was good for those playing on the whole but particularly Jack Wilshere, who created England Under 21s winner in the closing stages of the 2-1 victory over Romania. He was sufficiently impressive for Fabio Capello to ignore the belief of Stuart Pearce that competitive matches at the junior level are better than sitting on the bench for the seniors. The Italian disagreed and promptly called Wilshere up. The way that others in the full squad are dropping like flies, he could make an appearance as centre back against Montenegro, an attacking libero if ever there was one.

Benik Afobe scored a hat-trick for the Under 19s in their win over Cyprus to continue an impressive run of scoring for the ‘youth’ teams at international level, averaging a goal every 137 minutes. Long may that continue as he would soon be knocking on the door of the Carling Cup squad.

Which brings us around to football finances, headline grabbing at other clubs this past week. The potential of Liverpool to go into adminstration is overhyped according to the current board, even those who are trying to force Hicks and Gillett to sell. Much of this appears to be based on the riches of new American owners coming to Anfield on their White Chargers. Or Red Sox, if you want to be like that.

We’ve been here before and Randy Learner aside, a certain cynicism must surely abound. Peter Hill-Wood resisted the temptation to gloat,

What’s happened at Liverpool is a football tragedy. They were always a model for how a club should be run. Now they have got themselves in a terrible muddle. I really hope it gets sorted out because I have some much respect for Liverpool.

We don’t have an owner who has saddled the club with £250m worth of debt. The way we are run, what has happened at Liverpool could not happen here.

He did not add, “at the moment“. With vultures such as Usmanov circling the club for a number of years, a buyout seems less likely although what would happen were Danny Fiszman’s ill-health to deteriorate remains to be seen. His and the still unsold shareholding of Lady Nina Bracewell-Smith means that some uncertainty clings to the club’s future.

Financially, Arsenal is the best-run club in the United Kingdom, irrespective of what some United fans may believe. There is no point in a £100m operating profit which turns to a loss of equal measure once interest, etc., is added. These are costs of the business and cannot be flippantly ignored. United might be able to ride those costs through accumulated reserves at the moment but their situation is only going to worsen.

An appreciation of the Board’s efforts is not out of place yet there are contracts which could have been negotiated better, something the newer staff is aware of and seeking to address. One thing is for certain. The days of football supporters gleefully welcoming ‘sugar daddies’ is over. City will not be able to compete in the Champions League under their current business model and those will ‘sole ownership’ are teetering on the edge of that financially ruinous abyss. Never has plurality of ownership looked so appealing. Long may that continue.

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. Unbelievably first !!

  2. Beaten at the post

  3. Man United would only have made a profit of £20-30M even without the owners’ debt. If all clubs were self-sustaining, clubs would only be able to invest their profits. At current levels Man United would not be able to afford Rooney, Ferdinand, Berbatov et al.

    Just shows how far from sanity football has come.

  4. Gunner From Nigeria

    Its a shame that our injury jinx just refuse to go away. The only difference from previous seasons (though i stand to be corrected) is that the injuries have struck early.
    The list keeps increasing apart from those coming back.
    It would not be out of place if we try other measures to curb our injuries. Although, some of these injuries are unforeseen ala Ramsey but others are down to mismanagement ala Bendtner, fragility ala RVP and the curse of international matches ala Walcott.
    When are we going to see our full strength team in ten straight matches?
    Who knows? Only time.

  5. Great stuff from Afobe! Freeman scored again for Yeovil too, and Botelho for Cartegna.

    Anyone see how Wowcheque did in the Under-20s game?

  6. Interesting to hear Patrick Barclay on The Sunday Supplement yesterday using the analogy of Drink driving to thuggish tackles. Wonder where he read that??????

  7. GfN..ten you said,I’d be amazed if we were able to field the same team in three consecutive games.Anyone heard if we will have some of the injured back atleast for Birmigham?

    Yogi i have a feeling Terry will recover for his club’s next game.

  8. Add to this a really good performance from Nasri who runned the show on Saturday for France creating almost all of France’s chances and taking his chances a few times before being substituted. On the other hand Clichy was unreasonably (in my opinion) criticised by the media for his performance where he did have one or two defensive lapse that could be explained by Malouda deserting the left side to go into the center and leaving him alone attacking and defending. Sagna, who did not play, was also criticised because his replacement (reveilliere) had a good game.

  9. Did Sagna get injuted on International Duty? I’m sure I read that he picked up the knock in the Chavski game?

  10. so much about being a well run club. when are we going to win a trophy???? We cant keep bragging about being a financially run club when we dont win anything. Financial successs should translate to success of the pitch.

  11. Eboue good cover at RB.Come back and tell me that after Johnson has taken him to the cleaners in two weeks time

  12. ken, the cleaners is hardly a good venue for a first date. The cinema or a resteraunt would more appropriate.

  13. I don’t think Usmanov is the only danger, and to be fair to him, he is a football fan who might be more an Abramovitch rype than a profit seeking American with no football culture. Any single owner is a threat to the balance of the atTis quo. And thT includes our very own profit seeking American sports owner. The difference is that he has an mls side, so you could argue he has some interest in “soccer”. Other than that, his other financial commitments and recruitment to the board suggest he has at least foresworn any takeover ambitions for the time being. Why bother with that when you can still seek future profits by holding the majority stake in Arsenal media ventures–where the real potential growth is–without having the responsibility for the rest of the club on your shoulders as owner?

    We are fortunate to have the current situation and balanced sustainability, but there isn’t complete security as long as the costs of takeover can be laid as debt upon a club. I’d prefer if there was some structure for supporters to have greater control over the club’s fate, I’d be more reassured.

  14. Jena and success off the pitch should translate to financial success, right?

  15. Limestonegunner

    *type, status quo, that–sorry for iPhone typos.

  16. “ken | October 11, 2010 at 12:50 pm |
    Eboue good cover at RB.Come back and tell me that after Johnson has taken him to the cleaners in two weeks time”

    We’d love that opportunity, but it’s tough when you change your effing name every few posts.

  17. Eboue has the better of far more dangerous players than Adam Johnson, ken. And besides, Johnson starts on the right for City.

  18. Is Usmanov a football fan? If he is and wants to help, he could just donate his money like those guys who leave money to Greenpeace or something like that. I don’t want him running the club. Please God, no.

  19. gunnerluc, who are the French centrebacks keeping Squilly out of the squad – do you know? Seems harsh, he got himself into the World Cup squad, didn’t contribute to their early exit, but now he’s not picked. He wasn’t caught up in Sulkgate, was he?

  20. If Eboue gets injured during this time, which is inevitable the way things are with us, who do we have behind him?

    Wenger has about ten young left-backs on the books, but after Sagna and Eboue he’s got no one. No specialist right-backs. Good eh?

    What a failure of planning.

  21. Ormer

    He’s with the French squad – if his knack was that bad, they are supposed to send him home. Thus he has aggravated it on their watch and it is accordingly, another international injury.


  22. Absolutely right, Don! Usmanov has beguiled some fans with hints about “making money available”, but has never actually offered to donate.

    @ Limestonegunner
    It’s the other way around – Usmanov is the one who has complained about not making any money from his shares. No-one really knows what Stan Kroenke’s plans are long term, but at least so far he has accepted that he can only expect capital gains from his shares. SK is a sports fan, as witnessed by all the sports franchises he owns. Usmanov is a ManU fan, to the extent that he is a fan at all – he had a box there before he bought into Arsenal. His company Red & White Holdings was explicitly set up to gain control of Arsenal. The fact that SK is on the board and Usmanov, with a comparable shareholding, isn’t, suggests that SK’s ideas of how Arsenal should be run, including what ownership model it should have, are closer to the board’s.

  23. He was caught up in it Limpar.

  24. @ YW
    and those who know about such things. Re the proposed Liverpool takeover, it seems to me that NESV are not going to put £300 million cash into the club, wipe out its debts and not want to pay themselves back. What do you think?

  25. I’d love it if England could have the same kind of purge as France, but I doubt we’d have the same kind of quality to draw on above U-21 level. Our equivalent to Dimitri Payet? Probably someone like Dean Whitehead.

  26. Limpar,

    I`m actually pleased Squilly isn`t in the French squad as there`s less chance of an injury.

    Hopefully he`ll have spent the fortnights break working on a few things with Kos & the keepers.

  27. gunner17, not one part of your post is true, or even makes sense.

    OOU, our equivalent is Benik Afobe!

  28. gunner17 | October 11, 2010 at 1:19 pm |

    What a failure of planning.

    You’re hilarious. Are you real?

  29. Good point, Paulie. The core of our defence all stayed home.

    I’m not really up-to-date on the expected return dates for Almunia, Vermaelen, Theo and RVP – anyone know anything? I suppose we wait for Thursday.

    I’m still waiting for a Ramsey back in training photo special! Remember we hadn’t heard about RVP for weeks and then BANG there he was sprinting about doing keepy-ups and a day or so later he almost bailed us out at the Lame.

  30. All,

    Today I went onto the Arsenal site and purchased 2 tickets for the Shakhtar game in Block 23.

    From a quick scout around the internet, it seems that Block 23 is usually used for away fans.

    Not being especially familiar with the Emirates, I wanted to tap into some ACLF expertise: am I going to be surrounded by drunken Ukrainians? Or would blocks of seats never be mixed between home and away fans?

  31. I was thinking about guys in there 20s who have been kicking around a while and would be considered for a first cap, LA. Is there anyone at all who inspires enthusiasm?

    It was great to read about Afobe for the u19s though. But here’s the thing; why take only one half of the best young English double-act around? Maybe the Aneke article on the Arsenal site today is a message to the FA or something. And let’s not get started on JET’s England exile.

  32. their 20s

  33. Aren’t Al, Tv5 and Cesc back from injury this weekend?

  34. I don’t think you can buy tickets for the away end on the website, crafty. Maybe Shakhtar didn’t take up their whole allocation so we opened what is usually part of the away section up for more of us. You will be right up next to any drunken Ukranians in that case, but not quite surrounded.

    I had a look at that block the other day but it was only letting me pick single tickets.

  35. I’m still waiting for a Ramsey back in training photo special!

    Me, too! I miss that boy so much.

    @ indian gooner,
    I think you’re right. And according to physio room, everyone else except Ramsey (and of course Frimpong) is due back by the end of the month. Sagna as well, I guess if three weeks turns out to be an accurate estimate for his thigh.

  36. OOU, that Aneke article is great. So cool having proper life-long Arsenal fans coming through the academy!

    Not sure about 1st caps but I’d pick Danny Murphy over most of the current midfield.

    I’d pick Lansbury over Downing anyday of the week and twice on Tuesday.

    I’d probably pick Sturridge or even knock-kneed Shola Ameobi over Kevin Davies!

    Jamie O’Hara, Cleverley, Henderson… Hm. Noone really exciting jumps out at you. I guess Wilshere and Johnson are the exciting ones and to be fair they are getting picked.

    God only knows why they don’t try JET.

  37. Rumours circulating of a Barca interest in Denilson with a mooted figure of £12M. I wonder if we consider a bid if one were to come. He is only a squad player, and we are fairly well stocked in midfield.

    That said, he is our only real aternative to Song at the moment.

  38. Cameron Jerome? Jay Simpson?

    Basically, in answer to your question – no. When the most exciting suggestion you can come up with is Danny Murphy then, well, it’s a no.

  39. I quite like Jordan Henderson – he looked good against us. Cleverley’s probably going to be quite good, but it doesn’t bode well that he’s been overlooked by Slur Alex again.

    OK, don’t laugh –

    Mark Noble, Nedum Onuoha, Nigel Re0-Coker, Titus Bramble, Leon Osman maybe.

  40. No goonerandy we also have Diaby who can and has played holding midfield.

  41. Limpar

    Blanc have trusted a partnership of Mexes and Adil Rami who plays for Lille. I was also surprised that Blanc did not want to use the fact that he could line-up a defence that plays at the same club especially as he have been saying understanding between the defenders is essential but that it takes time.

    To be honest Rami is pretty good and deserves to be called-up, he is physically strong, good technically and good positioning as well as having been the main defender for Lille for the last couple of years. Then I have my doubts about Mexes, he is often caught out of position (and his arse is saved by Rami covering him well) but he has Blanc’s trust probably for his experience (Rami just got called-up by France so have probably under 5 caps).

    As for back-ups, there I’m baffled he did not called any of Kosc or Toto yet, asthere is only Sakho, the young PSG captain. Koscielny will probably get called-up if he continues his good performances as I recall an interview of Blanc where the question of Koscielny was raised and Blanc said that they were monitoring him and obviously wants to see his progression at Arsenal but he also pointed to his lack of experience. So I think he could take the place of the second back-up with Sakho.

    As for Squillaci he could be a good experience alternative being already a regular back-up for Gallas in place of Mexes who was black-listed after an horrible match against Austria where he gifted a goal and a penalty just after the 2006 world cup but he don’t seem to be in Blanc’s plan just yet. A friend who follows much more French football than me pointed out that Blanc seems to be building a young squad for the future (I have heard an average age of 24 years old for the group) and therefore, according to my friend, Squillaci is unlikly to get a call-up because he is already in his thirties.

  42. You know, they’re so worried about the future at the moment. For the first time in ages I’d say that’s not such a problem. The now is a total disaster though.

  43. Ole – I know Diaby can play there, but he does not really seem to be suited to that role. I like him as a box to box player. I wonder where Arsene see’s Ramsey’s future in midfield?

  44. Yogi,

    From what I have understood, Sagna is not with the French squad since the begining of last week when they called-up his replacement reveillere.

  45. @ goonerandy

    I can’t see Denilson going. He’s gold dust. He’s a gooner from childhood, he is versatile (can play any of the three midfield roles), works hard, he doesn’t moan about not starting, he passes well, he’s intelligent and he stays calm. He also has a nice free kick and he keeps us in possession of the ball and he shows breathtaking skill at times – I could go on! And AW looooooooooves him. He’s not a matchwinner, but he’s one of those really useful players that every squad needs.

  46. OK, last thing – I suppose the signs have been there for a while. Our u21 team back in 2007 was so poor. Those guys were supposed to be the next generation. Three and a half years on and we’ve got one starter out of it (James Milner):

  47. The thought of Kevin Davies waddling that big sh*t box of his around Wembley in an England shirt brings tears to my eyes.

  48. Fun – I agree he is a useful squad player to have around. We don’t need the cash so unless we can get them to bid stupid money we should keep I suppose.

  49. Thanks, gunnerluc! Excellent knowledge.

    OOU, I could get behind all of that lot. Noble and Osman are neat little passers. Onuoha is a good competitor. I’m not giving you Bramble though!

    Anyway I’d give them all a go ahead of Gerrard and Barry and Lampard and Rooney.

    Parker, Bullard, Murphy, Barton (!) – I’d drop Gerrard and Barry for any two of that lot.

    OK, maybe not Barton.

  50. goonerandy,

    Well he’s not done badly when he’s played there. The way I see it, Arsene seems to think all his central midfielders can play all the 3 midfield roles. I think that’s the direction he seems to be heading. Ramsey, like Wilshere, Denilson, Diaby, Song will all be drafted into those 3 roles as needed.

    Amazing the number of options we have in that department.

  51. You would drop Gerrard for Bullard?

  52. Ole – I agree, I do think that is what seems to be happening. Obviously doing that needs much better communication between the 3 midfielders, and if it works it will be very effective. If we get it wrong it will leave us massively exposed.

    I must admit, I (personall) would feel better if one of the three was designated as the anchor. It would not mean that they need not cross the half way line like Makelele used to, but still the anchor. Or the pivot of the team as I prefer to think of it.

  53. I am not sure after seeing Hleb & Flamini’s career developments, Denilson would be thinking about any such move..

  54. anyone from NYC hanging out here? Going there in the weekend, wondering if anyone know of a pub I can watch the match at. will be staying near museum of modern art

  55. Agreed Andy, like Alex was, for the past one & half seasons..our best player during that period IMO

  56. OOU @ 2.32

    Interesting list, have a look at the Dutch squad as well.. Not many out of that bunch setting the world of fire nowadays either

  57. Look who’s sweet on Denilson!

  58. Popped on for a quick one! Nice post YW.

    Finances are good, everyone else is struggling, while are players keep getting injured. Same news, different day!

    Agree about Denilson, a player who is vital to us, can play in any of the 3 midfield spots and performs consistently well.

    I caught the 2nd half of the France game, Nasri was impressive, and Clichy had a very good game too. Attacked well, and provided a lot of support to Malouda.

    Anyway gotta run, will try get on a bit longer tomorrow!

  59. gunner17, lol how many right backs should we have??? 10?? Also we do have players who can play in there if both Eboue and Sagna are out, Nordveit and Hoyte, I see that you “failed” at spotting that. If both you first choice and your capable back ups get injured, you still get blamed lmao.

  60. anyone got links for Bobby’s scripted interview (in English)?

  61. Ole @ 2:45PM.

    Agree with Andy at 2:53. I think it would help us to have 1 of the midfielders be the anchor. It seems like they take turns going forward and staying deep. I understand how that could make it more difficult for the other team to defend but it also makes it critical that we have good communication and organization to avoid being caught out. We seem to be able to create plenty of chances without having to resort to anything that makes it more difficult for us to keep our shape and defend. We struggled against WBA and Essien, Anelka and Cole were all 1 v 1 against our GK. Still think Song is best for the anchor role. He was great last year without going forward as much.

  62. I think the whole midfielder who sits back all the time thing is a fad that will pass. For now, I don’t disagree with having an anchor.

    Cole didn’t go 1-on-1 with the keeper. I assume you’re talking about his offside chance. In anu case I don’t see how it was due to holding midfielder being out of position.

    Anelka’s was Squillaci slipping or whatever, and making an unforced error.

    Essien’s I don’t really remember, but I thought it was a ball given away by a defender.

  63. Rosicky vs. Scotland
    his crosses were just brilllinat 🙂 (yes, with Triple Ls)

  64. FS –

    official arsenal supporters bar of NYC

  65. Alex, what I really loved was him bossing Darren Fletcher in midfield

  66. Alex, TR7 should be back up to Cesc.

  67. Ole:

    It would seem that any change to our system that increases the complexity of how we defend could be counterproductive. We usually create enoungh chances anyway and the small attacking improvement added by having the midfielders swap positions might not be worth the risk. That said, we were defending better for the first 5 games. Hopefully having TV back will help..

  68. I’m guessing they didn’t pick Aneke because they haven’t yet managed to work out that there are two of them. This is the FA we’re talking about.

  69. Lol@merlot also agree that we should keep Denny, they want him because he took their midfield on very effectively when he came on at the Emirates. Those guys know a quality midfielder when they see one. Shame most Arsenal fans are still blind to his talents that FG, outlined above.

  70. Talking about football finances and American owners. The truth be told that these Americans had not brought anything but trouble to the clubs they owned. They use their money merely as bridge finance to purchase the club and then after gaining control quickly use the club assets to borrow money to repay themselves. I hope the EPL pass a resolution outlawing this practice and giving supporters a golden share where they can veto such a move.

  71. I find it odd that the US owners of Man U & liverpool have done such an awful job of managing these organisations. I am a watcher of the NFL and occassionally the NBA, and it always seemed to me that the owners of sporting franchises did a damn fine job. Perhpas as Charlie alluded to, such an issues stems from the way the Premier league is organised. Perhaps the regulations lend themselves to abuse in the manner that the Glaziers, Hicks, & Gillett have brought to their respective clubs.

    All of the criticism does also seem to have a tint of xenophobic attitudes. If it’s not the foreign players, it’s the foreign owners. Let’s not forget, Liverpool & Man U aren’t the first big clubs to suffer financially, but perhaps with UEFA’s regulations coming into force, perhaps they’ll be one of the last.

  72. I have to say that the word ‘franchise’ used anywhere near a football club makes my skin crawl and the very first utterance of it by Gazidis and he will have lost me.

  73. Rosicky is back to his pre-injury form.Am so changing my avatar.

  74. LA @ 9-13am,

    Same with me.. I hate it when its applied to any sport. I hate when people say ‘Sport franchise’.

  75. I hate it when people dress Sports-Casual.

  76. thegunner124 appears to have my avatar in one comment, and my avatar and pseudonym in another comment. What’s going on?

    thegunner124 | October 12, 2010 at 9:58 am |

    In the latest news,Nasri had a go at the likes of City and Chelsea
    Ole Gunner | October 12, 2010 at 10:04 am |

    The interlull is so boring,bring on the Brums.

  77. Yogi’s Warrior, the lunatic has taken over the asylum. He’s heading for your office in the Director’s section as I type.

    Fuck off Jaguar, wanker, senile wanker, whatever you are.

  78. Ole Gunner | October 12, 2010 at 10:14 am |

    I am right.Wenger the wanker should fuck off.

    This is hilarious. Beat it, wanker.

    While you beat off loser, watch this and weep;

  79. What a sad life you live. What are you doing trolling around Arsenal blogs, with your clown nose, your oversized pants, and toilet paper stuck up your arse. Bet you have some dried vomit on the front of your shirt.


    Happy to know that our support for Arsenal, for Arsene and for the club breaks your head.


  80. Gadget

    I think that American sport and European sport is completely different and that’s what US owner don’t realise.

    First in all US sport you don’t have relegation which is a huge difference if you have a few lean years you still know that you won’t drop from the league so you don’t have this urge to spend more in order to stay in the elite. Furthermore being at the bottom of the league enables you to get the first pick of the draft and get the best youngsters which will always help whereas if you are struggling with relegation good players won’t sign with you.

    Secondly you have the salary caps which levels the competition as well as collective sponsors rights. I’m not following US sports much just a bit of NBA results now and then but I’m pretty sure Reebook is the sponsor for all NFL teams. which lowers the disparities of revenue. Indeed I’m preety sure that Nike for example pay much more to us to be our kit provider than they pay other lower team.

    Therefore I don’t think that the US sport business model can work over here in Europe. To be a good owner here you need to be geniunely interested in the sport and want to invest in the long term and not looking to make a quick buck like Hicks and Gillet thought they could as there valuation of Liverpool show they intent to do. Same with the Glazers they are looking for a sale but at a staggering 1.5 billion pound which would mean they would be doing a huge profit without investing a penny of their own money in the club.

    I hope they all realse with the liverpool fiasco that you cannot do that and stop looking at European football club as an asset than can be bought and sold a few years later with a profit.

  81. Fuck off Wenger the spuds agent | October 12, 2010 at 10:23 am |

    We hate Tottenham here. Bet you eat your own mucus.

  82. Be gone you inbred

    Fuck off, this blog is for true Arsenal.

  83. Ole Gunner | October 12, 2010 at 10:29 am |
    Ole Gunner | October 12, 2010 at 10:31 am |

    I support Wenger like the vast majority of Arsenal fans. We love Arsenal. We can’t stand the likes of you.

  84. This is hilarious. My coffee machine broke down and I wasn’t enjoying the morning until the clown showed up.

  85. (The moron who pretended to be) Ole Gunner | October 12, 2010 at 10:38 am |

    Fucking moron can’t even speak English. I picture you…..3 chins that wobble, deep crease on your forehead, palpitations in your heart at the notion that anyone would support their club and manager.

    Coffee won’t help you. You’re too far down the line.

  86. Yogi,

    Good question. Jaguar, or one of the other lunatics has been off his meds again.

  87. Don’t leave Spuds Agent. Who will we laugh at if you leave?

  88. Fuck me, the spam bin is now full. Apologies to those caught up in this morning’s little psychotic outbreak.

    New post up.

  89. Ole u have a clone.

  90. Me, I’m confused with Ole Gunner’s multiple personalities.

    The ownership issues – and US, Russian and Arab capital – can be considered in a more profound way. I don’t pretend to be an expert, but two of the issues are:

    1. The incredibly rapid globalisation of sports ‘franchises’. The very word sums up the contradictions. Franchise is a business formula, in this case closely tied multiple income streams from TV rights, merchandising and fuelled (for football) by growth into the US and Asian consumer markets. It is, in a word about money, not tradition. In the film world they use the concept of ‘recognisability’ to ‘value’ any particular Hollywood actor, like a commodity. With great accuracy the business of mass media film can produce figures that will tell you the ‘recognisability factor’ – measured in how many millions can instantly assimilate and recognise the name – for one actor against another. Same applies to sports franchises.

    2. And yet, european football (and UK football no less, probably more) is built on cultural (as in ‘way of life’) foundations, not business franchise formulas and is so deeply rooted in local traditions around football myths and histories, families and communities. So there is bound to be immediate conflict as these are quickly sidelined in favour of the ‘fast food’ approach to football club recognisability, merchandising, TV revenues, immediacy of global media recognition – and all the compromises along the way.

    3. I would think the main problem with the franchise approach (and hence US business ownership and management structures in UK football), which seems to be accepted in the UK as a quick and gullible fix, is the usual … american owners have not taken enough time to understand and take on board the culture of football in UK, its history and traditions, its community roots. Liverpool and ManU – both of which have millions of life-long supporters (god knows why but still) are particularly good examples.

  91. Most American Sports Franchises are teribly mismanaged and run by amazing egotistcal franchise owners. It would be a shame to let that overrun the English and European culture that is evident throughout football and other sports leagues.

  92. yeah, yeah, yeah, americans suck. brits are perfect in all they do all the time. yada, yada, yada.
    As an american in London. it just gets old. My gosh!

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