Chelsea Preview: Time To Consign History To The Record Books

Arsenal arrive at Chelsea this afternoon knowing that a win will lift them to within a point of the Premier League summit. The key though is to not lose, to prevent the gap expanding to seven points. Whilst the hosts are being hailed in the media as almost certain to win, they go into the game having lost two of their last three matches. Hardly proof of their invincibility.

Much is being made of Chelsea’s recent record in this fixture and it is not pretty reading for Arsenal. Didier Drogba’s scoring feats are being held as the key reason why the hosts will triumph. Marouane Chamakh was impressed but suggested that there was another reason for the paucity of Arsenal’s recent returns,

Physically we are ready; just mentally it will count. The two teams are both well able to score goals but what counts is the team who will defend best: they will win the match.

There is more than a hint of the truth in his observation but the lack of defensive discipline can be levelled at Arsenal for a fair number of opponents. The issue of goalkeeping has been talked to death and Lukasz Fabianski is once more under the spotlight. If the Pole thought he had trodden tentatively into people’s ‘good books’ following a good performance in Belgrade, any mistakes this afternoon will see some clamouring for him to be taken to The Bloody Tower, never to pass through the hallowed Arsenal gates again.

Yet Chamakh hit the nail on the head as far as defending is concerned,

It’s true that in defence we could do better but it’s not just the four defenders and the goalkeeper. As the centre forward, I’m the first defender and it’s just that we need to co-ordinate all 11 together

Get that bit right and Arsenal is more than capable of frustrating Chelsea, before moving towards victory. It would not be a match against a title rival if injuries were not blighting the landscape. The absences of Almunia and Gibbs leaves Wenger with one decision to make: who forms the central partnership?

Djourou is still easing himself back to fitness but suggestions abound that he should be the one to face Drogba, his physique more suited to containing the Ivorian. Personally, I cannot see that happening. Koscielny has made a good start to his Arsenal career and has handled pretty much everything thrown at him, the physical encounters with Bolton and Blackburn not fazing him. He has no reason to fear this afternoon.

Cesc’s hoped for return has not materialised and that should clear the way for Jack Wilshere to remain the attacking fulcrum, albeit from a deeper lying position. The youngster has performed admirably this season, adjusting to Premier League life and the weight of expectation placed upon his shoulders.

Key to dominating this area is retaining possession. The passing game needs to be effective from kick-off, making Chelsea chase the ball. Against West Brom, there was a lacklustre approach; that cannot be allowed to resurface. Although Diaby has returned to the squad, the need for ball retention is paramount and for that reason, I would have Denilson as the third midfielder. The Brazilian’s detractors always argue with the pass statistics but regularly completing 85% or more of his passes shows the benefit of playing him in this type of fixture. He does need to impose himself on the game though , as do all of the Arsenal players for today is not a match for passengers.

The line-up I would expect Wenger to go with is:

Fabianski; Sagna, Koscielny, Squillaci, Clichy; Denilson, Song, Wilshere; Arshavin, Chamakh, Nasri

The outcome of this afternoon’s encounter will not decide the fate of the Premier League title but a win for Arsenal , would be the perfect tonic to last weekend’s stumble and make for a relatviely pleasant international break. Those who place store in such things will take comfort from the result in this fixutre in 1992. Played on this day, Arsenal won 2-1 at Highbury. A repeat of that scoreline would do very nicely indeed.

Enjoy the match wherever you are watching it. ’til Tomorrow.

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  1. Last week before WBA a draw today would be a great result.
    Just cant see us stopping Essien and Drogba.And without Almunia i am fearful about Fabianski especially at set pieces. 2-1 or 3-1 Chelsea

  2. Good post Yw.

    I think if we control the midfield we will have a good result. Mikel, Essien and Ramires against our three, whichever Arsene puts out. I would prefer Rosicky for Wilshere, despite the latter’s form. To have some experienced head in the creative department. Mistakes are more prone to be punished by the Chavs, and Wilshere has a habbit of losing the ball and making bad passes in dangerous positions.

    Got a feeling, we will win this. Fingers crossed for Clichy to have a good game.

  3. That’s the spirit DDT – never say die.

  4. No, No, No stew. That’s not how it’s suppose to be done. Let me show you.

    FUCK OFF DDT. (This applies to your last comment yesterday as well).

  5. Well! let wait and see, who ever play i’m confuse arsenal will not loose this battle atleast draw

  6. Agree with the line up except I would put Rosicky at the front of the midfield trio and have Song and Wilshire supporting him… he did a great job in that role at Anfield, and surely offers better quality than Denilson?

  7. the last time i was this anxious before an arsenal-chelsea game was the last time we won at the bridge. bodes well, doesn’t it?

  8. John,

    Denilson and Wilshere are different type of players occupying different positions. One of Rosicky and Wilshere will play, while two midfielders will be selected from the trio of Song/Denilson/Diaby.

  9. I’d rather Diaby doesn’t start. Denilson-Wilshere-Song more preferable

  10. Hi Ateeb, I don’t think Diaby deserves to come back into the team so quickly after his lazy and pathetic performance against Brom… it’s an insult to the fans… I think Wilshire can play the defensive role quite well so he can play deep and leave creativity to Rosicky, and break forward when the chances come our way…

  11. I would prefer us going in with the approach where we are not too gung ho for the first quarter of the game. And then see how it goes from there. Far too many times in recent seasons we try too hard to impose our game on the other title contenders, who sit back, soak up the pressure and hit us on the counter. Hopefully our new centrebacks should cope with their attack Hope Song & Clichy have better games then their last PL outing. Just a feeling that Malouda could be a key player for them while Drogba hogs the pre-match headlines

  12. Drogba’s gonna get his pants pulled down.

  13. LOL I don’t remember Arsenal imposing themselves on Chelsea for quite some time. Lots of deluded Wengerites around today.

  14. And what the fuck has your memory got to do with anything, fatty?

  15. Prick.

  16. No, no Limpar!

    Have you learnt nothing from Ateeb?

    Fuck off Farty.

  17. Oh, Yogi?

    Barry Gould.

  18. Big day today, Consolsbob!

    Love games like these. C’mon The Arsenal!

  19. Arsene has shown before that he likes to play Diaby versus Chelsea so I think he`ll start alongside Song today.

    Wilshere, Nasri & Arshavin behind Chamakh in a sort of 4-2-3-1 thingy.

  20. Maybe its good to loose, then everyone will say we suck and cannot win shit this year. Meaning we will always be underdogs and we all know Arsenal work alot better as Underdogs. It gives us passion and fighting spirit!

    Contrary to common belife. WInning or loosing this match is not going to make the season. We can WIN today and still not become PL winners. We can win all the games against City, United, Tottenham then loose to stupid clubs like Stoke, WBA and Wolves and we will loose the PL cos we drop points to the lower teams not the high profiled ones.
    Every game needs to be won. 3 points against chelsea does not count any more than 3 points against WBA. If anything scooping up the points at the bottom and midt table maybe more important than winning the giant clashes in the top. Ok the top matches are about pride, but in the end 3 points is 3 points no mater who you beat. It was more important to win against WBA than it is to win against Chelsea.

    WBA was a secure 3 pointer. You do not squander those, To squander this is not a catastrophy. you win the cup by beating all the smaller teams not by beating ONE big team. Even City bashed Chelsea and nobody really thinks they gonna win the PL do they???

  21. i completly agree with you gulp

  22. It certainly is Limpar.

    These are great matches for any football fan and for us, as Arsenal supporters at this particular time, in this particular fixture, bloody brilliant.

  23. Agreed Paulie

    Diaby will start and should start as he has that unpredictable factor

  24. Drogba has scored a few goals against us, but most of them were gifts from us rather than down to the sublime skill of the mighty Dogbreath. I don’t in fact believe that he has sublime skill, or that he possesses the secret key to the Arsenal defence. He is a very crude instrument, and certainly not the best striker in the league. It’s time we stopped flattering him; time we stopped fearing him. It’s time we started to see him for what he really is.

  25. gulp. I think it’s possible that there may be an element of truth in some parts of the rough gist of what you say, but as this is Arsenal the media and even some of our own fans have different standards by which they judge us.

  26. We go in to this fixture, away against Roman’s Imperial Chavs, with no Verm, no Cesc, no Walcott & no Van Persie. Oh and good God, we’ve got the 2nd least worst of our goalies between the sticks as well. If we get out of there alive I’ll be grateful, if we get a draw I’d be delighted but to dare expect a win would be foolish.

    Why do we go in to these games with one of Diaby or Denilson being sure to start? Why did we not add quality to that are? It’s games like these that show up our squad.

  27. We need to keep Drogba quiet, im sick of people saying he owns us, he dont own shit

  28. fuck off tony t

  29. ”Maybe its good to loose, then everyone will say we suck and cannot win shit this year.”

    I’m pretty sure they’ll continue to say that even if we win. They’ll only stop saying that when we win something.

  30. I was so excited last night, I couldn’t sleep!

    @ Tony T

    Games like these do indeed show up the quality of our squad – that we can be missing seven excellent players and still put out a side with quality midfielders like Denilson and Diaby.

  31. Tony T, agree mate, why are the mediocre Diaby or Denilson sure to start… they are what is wrong with this Arsenal team…
    BTW, can everyone stop spelling ‘lose’ incorrectly

  32. Ok ,lets see if Ive got it Bob.Tony T ,fuck right off

  33. and john you can fuck right off too.spoilts brats

  34. It could be worse, Tony T. We could have Mikel or Lampard in midfield.

  35. you to John,its at times like this .we as fans need to be supportive and optimistic,not negative and pedantic about spelling

  36. I disagree. We expect to win. Why? We are good enough to win. Fans who think we are not good enough to win ought to leave. We sometimes lose against WBAs and others. So does everyone, expect the Invincibles, and if that record is broken in 50 years I’ll be surprised. If you didn’t know the obvious, in the EPL almost any team can beat almost any other team, especially earlier on, or late. The line between the top 3 and the next 10 is pretty fine. Gulp is also wrong. If 3 points v. WBA is the same as 3 points v. Chelsea, which is true, but not the whole truth, then today is an important fixture, c’est tout. To win for us is less important however than to not lose is for Chelsea, there-in lies the advantage. I expect Arsenal to win, as usual. Why? Because, we win most games, home or away, and this is the same. I agree with Pz too. Drogba is not better than half a dozen others we treat with respectful disdain. But he really admires Arsenal, which is nice.

    Enjoy the match oh nervous and panicky fans. It’s only a game. There to be enjoyed.

  37. karim and dennis, go buy a dictionary…
    come on the arsenal!!

  38. You expect the media and the pundits to not give Arsenal any chance with this game…even the bookmakers.

    But I’m now geting pissed off with spineless Arsenal fans who would rather hide behind the sofa than grow some balls and support their team.

    What hypocritical behaviour to expect your team to show up for the game and give a performance of their lives, yet the game hasn’t even started and we have cowards of fans already making excuses and conceding defeat.

    Yes, it’s a big game – and yes it’s a big game because Arsenal and Chelsea are title contenders.

    The fact that we’re facing them without Almunia, Vermaelen, Scesc, Walcott and RVP is already a clear indicator of our strenth and depth. Remove Cech, Terry, Essien and Drogba through injury and Chelsea are actually a very pedestrian team.

    It’s a great game and Chelsea have more to fear than Arsenal do.

  39. Agree with pretty much all of that Darius, although I can’t help being concerned that we do go there with that many players out.

    @ Karim & dennis: Ok so our squad is being used and yes as stand-ins they aint so bad but these guys are often used out of necessity rather than choice so better quality would be nice. With our injury record we seldom have a fit 1st choice 11 out there. Not as if we can’t afford it either.
    Oh and the pair of you can kiss my hairy arsed crease by the way!

  40. @ Tony T
    How good are Chavski’s and ManUre’s squad players? Better than Denilson and Diaby?
    “I can’t help being concerned that we do go there with that many players out.”
    You say that as if we could have avoided it!

  41. Just seen the Karl Henry tackle.

    Would anyone like to continue the witch hunt against Wenger wanting to stamp out reckless tackles?

  42. Mark.

    The funny thing is that the observers who were quick out of the blocks to label Wenger as a whinger and saying he should “man up” are the ones now saying something needs to be done about the reckless tackles.

    The fuckers don’t even have the humility to acknowledge that this was exactly what Wenger was speaking about.

  43. ManU’s squad looks really poor. Take Scholes & Giggs out of the midfield and whats left? Certainly not a midfield that looks like it’s going to dominate the PL. What they do have is players who have won competitions even if that is off the back of better players now moved on. This has given ManU an edge both in the minds of thier own players but also a fear factor for the opposition. This seems to be slipping away.

  44. Darius – I am disillusioned with the quality of football journalism I have stopped reading the papers. The only guy is seems to talk any sense is Patrick Barclay.

  45. “Why did we not add quality to that are? It’s games like these that show up our squad.”

    Wrong. We have one of the strongest, if not THE, strongest squad. That’s why we can still compete even when we lose our big name players. Truth is it’s games like this which show up some of our “fans”. Just enjoy the game for f*cks sake. That’s what it’s about. So we’ve lost already and there’s no point going to the match or watching it on the box or whatever is there….I hear ya. I expect the media/plundits to write us off….but not our own bloody supporters!

    All this “acid test” for the gunners nonsense…….it’s no such thing. It won’t be the end of the road if we lose. It’s just beginning. We’re missing key players (as per usual) so we’re the underdogs. Suits me fine. I rather like that. The only thing that worries me is if we don’t get anything today…..the reaction. I know what the hacks headlines will be…..but would it be too much to ask for certain sections of our support to have a little, dare I say it, perspective? just for once? I realise I’m pissing in the wind there.

    Anyway. I love these games.


  46. Rosicky to start in place of Wilshere. Haven’t slept easy but 1:0 to the Arsenal.

  47. @ FunGunner:
    Not saying that we could’ve avoided the amount of injuries, in fact it’s almost to be expected nowadays. So it’s with that in mind that I’m not expecting too much out of this game, if anything at all. If I’m wrong then great but seeing as we are a good few players light of a 1st team then I don’t entirely fancy our chances this afternoon.

  48. Oh yes and the Flapster is in goal. A liability of a man that’s likely to undo any teams hard work at any bloody moment. Who amoungst us would be surprised if he threw one in and we lost by that solitary fuckwitted moment?

  49. Well put Harry.

  50. Tony – this is an Arsenal supporters blog. You’re in the wrong place.

  51. Another player out for probably the rest of the season after a dangerous tackle by Nigel de Jung.

    Not even 5 minutes into the game and another casualty is stretchered off….

  52. Tony T – Why don’t you Fuck Off. You are an idiot and a dunce.
    If you can’t support your team on the eve of a big-game against a big rival then you are no fookin supporter.

  53. ho shit another leg jong on ben arfa

  54. Darius – Who clattered de Jong?

  55. Marc, that particular tackle about which you speak, was the ugliest football tackle that I have seen this year. There is nothing in that tackle that represents an English sporting vision for the future! It was purely cynical from stem to stern. If the F.A. wish to promote the ugliness of English football then nothing should be done other than a simple red card. However, if the F.A. wish to actually do something about foul play then the Karl Henry tackle should see a dismissal of the player from the game for a period of time that would represent punishment and a wish to elliminate foul play from the game. For those of you who did not see the tackle it was a sliding hit from the side that sent the opposing player flying in a 360 degree spin through the air.

    Drug Bitch needs to be marked tightly like inside his shorts! After while you will notice that he begins to whinge and throw himself about on the turf like the wounded piece of uglieness that he is. We did have a player who attempted to mark Drug Bitch tightly and he was regular beaten and you all know of whom I speak. The Drug Bitch will not treat our current centre defenders in the manner he did the Swiss lad.

  56. yep and not punished.

  57. Welcome to the NFL ladies and gentlemen. Football players in England will soon have to suit up in helmets and body armor.

  58. i would love to see difference between all the big league how many legg break in the last 5 year .I ll bet the EPL have more than the German,Frecnh,spanish,Italian put together

  59. City 1 up. Tevez penalty. Same type of penalty like Arsha’s vs Partizan.

  60. .We need to modernize ourself to the EPL today and break few legg to feel part of the gang as its a man game and we need to show we are man .
    Tevez make a meal of a decent challenge,penalty,goal.
    Who need class when you have money to burn

  61. Fookin goog goal by Guitterez.

  62. Argie reply to another one 1-1

  63. Another broken leg… De jong on ben arfa they’re coming thick and fast this year lets hope we’ve had our lifetime quotient of them already… And still no english victims apart from zamora

  64. Very sad to see kolo interviwed on ESPN saying that ‘… he and his brother just wanted to win something with man city because this team deserves something’

    What, exactly, does man city deserve except football’s contempt.

  65. Technically, we could lose all the away games against Chelsea, ManUtd, ManCity, Tottenham, Liverpool and Aston Villa, draw all our home games with them, and do doubles against everyone else to get 84pts, which is certainly a winning score in an increasingly more competitive league. ManUtd. are known for doing something like this.
    That being said, we’re down 4 points by drawing with Sunderland (-2), losing to WBA (-3) and a draw at Anfield (+1). Guess what 4 points is also the difference of at the moment.
    I think we really need to win today to make this deficit up, and to ‘do a Keegan’, I would absolutely love it if we win! But all said and done, a draw is not a bad result at the bridge.

  66. I’m not sure about this, but over the past 6-7 years, isn’t Arsenal the team with the best record at the Bridge?

  67. a new tactic is bornSpend 300 Million on your squad,play 3 DM against newcastle ……….how lovely

  68. Shut up Shottagunna you wanker! Who said I don’t support my team? Just because I dont blindly go in to every game expecting us to win doesn’t mean I don’t support them, arsehole. Only a child expects to win every game. Not much point having a blog if there’s only one acceptable view either by the way.

  69. This will be a good game full of desire and intent to win by an Arsenal side. The football community in England will sit up and notice that what is happening at the Emirates is worth emmulating all over the country.

  70. Ignore the troll.
    No defeat to West Ham & co. results in an excitable disposition.

    No red for De Jong.

    Fuck ’em all.

  71. OleGunner’s description of a Troll’s breakfast, was gross,
    but probably quite accurate.

  72. Chelseas winning streak over Arsenal is never going to last forever.Hopefully today we will show that we have bridged the mental gap.Drogba will undoubtedly score but I have a funny feelin that Chamakh will make the difference. We have not faced chelsea with an orthodox striker in our recent meetings which will give Chelsea something different to think off.We need to play to our strengths and frustrate chelsea with possession of the ball for 60minutes then run at them in the final third of the game. Target running at JT ,he cant run very fast. They are just as vulnerable at the back on the counterattack . Heres hoping for a stonking 3-2 victory to the gooners.

  73. Heh heh – shotta the slime bag took at offence at something you said. Half arsed non support we can happily do without Tone.

  74. Finsbury = GRIT.
    I love that Avatar.
    Taking it to a higher level Fins.

  75. Poliziano | October 3, 2010 at 11:56 am |

    Well said sir. Sick of the Drogba glorification. Half of the goals he scored against us were offside.

  76. steww @ 2:26pm – Most of these AAA fans are wimps. Trolling over here from their usual triple A blogs and hoping to undermine support for the team. How can a fan demand a fighting performance from the players and then undermine them even before the game starts. Give them a taste of their own dirt and they start hollering like babies.

  77. Bobby! Should I take ’em to the bridge?
    (Go Ahead!)
    Take ’em on to the bridge!
    (Take em to the bridge!)
    Should I take ’em to the bridge?
    Take ’em to the bridge?
    (Go Ahead!)
    Hit me now!

    Come on!

  78. Can kik-off time be here already? I can’t wait – let’s do battle.

  79. Oh steww & Shotta, for heavens sake grow up lads. Tony may have not been the most optimistic but wasn’t without a valid point or two, particularly with regards the keeper. Don’t lets allow this sight to become just another “them against us” blog, were people “gang up” against an alternative view that apparently makes you a “non supporter”.

  80. We’ll get to know the team in a few minutes….can’t wait.

  81. PM – it is them against us you silly boy. We are Arsenal. We’re the people who support Arsenal we don’t have any truck with those who don’t. Simple.

  82. Greedy comes on for Yaya Toure. Oil City are a disgrace to football as a spectacle. 300 million pounds of talent.

  83. Newcastle are certainly the equal of them, shotts.

  84. Nervous going into this one. But we’ll win even if I don’t have that gut feeling. Song and Denilson must start. This battle will be won in the midfield. Play ugly if we must. And yes winning these matches are very important. It’s not just about three points, it’s also about being the best! 1:0 to the Arsenal.

  85. PallMall – You don’t get it do you. We are about to play our nearest rival. We support now, not after. These clowns will be the 1st to go OverTheTop when we win and even worse if we lose.

  86. steww- Really? That simple is it? No doubt they smell of poo also. What a shame, what a joke.

    Well I hope you’ve done your homework child, Shool tomorrow and you wouldn’t want to upset teacher again.

  87. School even, not that you’d notice.

  88. Yep it really is that simple when you support a team. Anything else you don’t understand?

  89. steww is teacher, PallMall.

  90. Limps, they think they can come here and distract us – on a match day as well. Silly really.

  91. Oil City 2-1. Beautiful goal by Adam Johnson. But City has not been convincing.

  92. Toon were robbed. Lescott fouled Ameobi. Thats a penalty!

  93. It’s all the same person, steww.

    Very excited now!

    Interesting thought about Diaby to come straight in, Paulie. Would be harsh on Denilson if he were to miss out – he’s been great since back… but you could well be right… a bit of the old daddy-long-legs magic keep-ball wouldn’t go amiss today.

    Just put some money on 0 – 3.

    Right, up the road to the pub. A Bloody Mary or two I think, and a rip-roaring game of football!

    Great days!


  94. come on arsenal,i cant wait.fuck the d&g`s

  95. Lordy Lord.

    Man City get away with murder. Referee has been paid.

    Leaves De Jong on the pitch after he breaks someone’s leg, and let’s them off with a stonewall penalty.

    And if you thought we had injury problems, Torres is out injured and has been substituted after 9 minutes. Poor Liverpool.

  96. liverpool going from worst to worst .Torres i going out injured.

  97. PallMall = DDT.
    Limps I agree with you.

  98. Bloody Marys!

    Bloody Hell!

  99. jack starts according to ssn

  100. Mancity reminds me of Mourinho’s first year at Chelsea. They played real ugly but won the league.

  101. is liverpool gone to do a leeds on us.Too good to go down was leeds moto with the same finacial cloud

  102. Kenyan Gunner.

    Newcastle was robbed.

  103. Tony at Untold has been telling the world of the dire straits Liverpool is in for a while. I wonder if they’ll even survive as a club never mind doing a Leeds. They could do a Newport County.
    Thank Christ we are properly run. Run properly. Erm.

  104. steww & Shotta
    I’ve been an arsenal supporter for 40 years and a season ticket holder for 25 of those yeras
    And I also do on occasion have negative thoughts
    Guess I should f&£)k off as well and leave this forum to you true supporters
    The ones like you who mug off anyone that docent follow your line.
    You should try going to a game for a change it will give you a better perspective

  105. cech

  106. plus the cunt

  107. yep agree newcatle were robbed de jong should have been send off,tevez was not penalty and one clear penalty for newcastle wa not given

  108. Blackpool 1 Liverpool 0.

    I’d like to see Phil Thompson’s face and Mickey Quinn…

  109. Fabianski, Sagna, Koscielny, Squillaci, Clichy, Diaby, Nasri, Wilshere, Song, Arshavin, Chamak
    team for today

  110. the chav team
    Cech, Ivanovic, Alex, Terry, Cole, Mikel, Essien, Ramires, Malouda, Anelka, Drogba

  111. Darius, sure they were robbed but mancity’s games ugly!

  112. Hope Diaby’s fit. I wanted Denilson and Rocky in there. But that’s past now. It’s Arsenal time. COYG!

  113. kenyan of course man city are ugly.Their poster boy is tevez 😀

  114. Limp United. That was the latest headline I read concerning MU’s game against Sunderland. They only have Valencia and Rooney out. How come they get a pass when they play shit and we get thrown to the wolves? Have we not four starters out with injury?

    Tiote is my favorite non-Arsenal player at the moment. Kid can play.

  115. goal backpool.

  116. its alway next year for liverpool.a top 4 in the champioship maybe the case at this rate

  117. John Cross must be kicking himself for writing that ridiculous article about Blackpool playing pretty and getting ripped apart. Thus far the promoted sides are all playing proper football and they are doing much better than Wolves, Blackburn, Stoke Bolton and Birmingham.

  118. What the hell is happening to Liverpool?

  119. GB69,

    Spot on.. Good to see more teams playing the game the right way…

  120. Squillaci is the captain for the game??? I thought it would be either Clichy or Arsha..

  121. Come on, Arsenal!!!!

  122. Watching the game with my TV muted.. Can’t take the audio of Chav supporters and Commentators..

  123. lol two close chance

  124. anyone got a good feed? mine is pretty crappy.


  126. Why am I moderated?

  127. i use soapcast and never have problem.Link at My P2P

  128. some shocking defending at time from the boy

  129. Why was that moderated?

  130. We seem to open Chelsea’s defence at will.. Chamakh and Diaby keeping JT, Alex and Mikel busy..

  131. What a shot from Arsha..

  132. How do you become un-moderated?

  133. A bit of patience whilst I look at why. But it will be later after the match has finished!

  134. Unlucky goal to concede…….

  135. i hate drogba, why does he own us?

  136. Drogba ametuzoweya vibaya!

  137. Why am I always moderated?

  138. the usual.We start loosing the grip of the match

  139. oh ffs! Didier again, love him or hate him he is a quality player.

  140. We miss RVP, hes our truly great player

  141. Razz

    Dunno but look at my answer a few minutes ago.


  142. wtf with this moderation?

  143. yogi’s warrior,ok, thanks

  144. Fucking ref.. 2 stamps and nothing…

  145. Should have had a free kick in the build up. Think it was Song who was fouled.

  146. Skywatchingmug

    We are still in this one.
    Come on the boys.
    We can do this.

  147. No Tick Tock No ARSENAL

    We need Denilson or Rosicky in there

  148. We’re playing well. So far I think Diaby and Clichy are the two players most plugged into the game.

    Essien is a dirty bastard. Why can’t our players go into tackles studs up? I would love to see Essien leave the pitch with his ankle dangling in the wind.

  149. 2008 guys? We’re gonna take this game no problem.

    And how bloody awesome is Chamkakh!!!!

  150. Forgot to mention the pressing. I like how we’re keeping the ball away from Essien and Mikel. Song has to do a better job on Ramires.

  151. Come on men! That goal was caused by switching off had two men covering malouda. Still we’ve looked pretty good. Clichy’s having a good game. Let’s get some sharpness, & I’m still feeling uneasy about Song bombing forward

    Come on arsenal

  152. That goal was fortunate more than anything. it hit the inside of the post and went in. Up to that point we were playing well. the only mistake is we allowed Cashley to cross the ball into the box. Anyway Drogaba got his goal made the pundits and everyone happy with that ” I told you so” smug look, now lets move on and come at them in the 2nd half. if we play like we did in the first half the equaliser will come.Drogba is not going to score another goal like that, Is he ?

  153. Denilson was warming up after Essien crunched Diaby’s ankle – I think he’ll come in for Diaby, but Rosicky might come in later on.

    Great game of football – and very enjoyable but also very nervy. YOu could tell that goal knocked a bit of wind off our sails, but we’re still in the game.

    It’s been ryfreshing and therapeutic to switch off all the commentary and plundit noise.

    And Blackpool beat Liverpool 2-1.

  154. To beat the beast one must starve it to make it weak..

    we’re not playing our possession game but rather playing the strength game which is not our style..

    Tick Tock

  155. Drogba scores a more difficult goal than we’ve missed! Football is often unfair. But we are still in it – the fat lady hasn’t sang yet!

  156. We aren’t playing a possesion game, KS, because they’re not sitting back like most clubs do against us. When they’re open we attack them at speed.

  157. I wish we had Bendtner. He would totally turn this game on it’s head.

    ….not to mention Walcott, Van Persie or Fabregas.

  158. That goal was Crespo-esque. Drogba hit it and hoped it went in.

  159. Gains were not playing it because were not doing the little thing.. Rosicky or Denilson know if we do the little things right the big things fall together..

    Keep the ball moving is our way the players on there are all dribblers 1st passers second..

    tic tock

  160. Oh I cant stand those plundits. Dive by Chamakh? That is how Rooney wins all his penalties. Not saying it should have been a pen, but if RooRoo was doing that they would talk about clever play and unfortunate decision by the ref.

  161. Evil,
    That is why my TV is on mute….

  162. Skywatchingmug


  163. Very nice.
    I will be you subscribe ) Thanks !

  164. how they pay for ramires

  165. We deserve something from this game the way we are playing.

  166. I think it is time that Ramires gets a yellow card.

  167. We deserve something outta this.

  168. I can’t watch … if they score, I’ll rewind and watch ….

  169. What a game to make your debut…

  170. Chamakh sooo close…..

    JET on for Lil’ Jack….

  171. nooooooooooooooooooooooooo so fucking close

  172. come on j.e.t stick a fukin rocket up em.

  173. The linesman have been good today.. Picking all of Chelsea’s offsides.. If only Dean was half as capable..

  174. Oh bollocks.

  175. Drogba will take the free kick of course

  176. Shit…. Game over I guess.. But what a shot…

  177. I suppose that we’ll have Bill on later banging on about clean sheets now.

  178. game set match

  179. well the tide is still fukin out for us against the chavs.

  180. these changes are far too late

  181. Beaten by a better team, well i can accept that.

  182. Play as long as you like they just seem to have 1 or 2 chanes and they put they away. This is a harsh result we desreve something from the game

  183. How the fuck do we allow Malouda to stand in our wall?

  184. I just feel with Fabregas and RVP we will beat them at the Emirates despite the score we run them close this time around

  185. Unlucky Vela….

  186. Jesus – even ATVO are now reading only doomer e-mails….LOL!

  187. nothing is coming for us at all. Fabinaski has been solid

  188. fabianski was oustanding today.well done to him

  189. How many more games are we going to lose this season? Against Chelsea? Same old story. We never really threatened, to be honest.

  190. Once again we are the only team playing football, out passing them, better all over the pitch, and yet, and yet..
    I can’t do this any more guys.

  191. Agree with GGooner and lordgunner, Fabianski had a great game.. He wasn’t at fault for both goals..

  192. Really unlucky result. We didnt play badly at all, we had in fact more proper chances — but we did not take them. I am disappointed with the result, but not with the team. Fabianski was playing well and not at fault for the two goals, Clichy was outstanding on the left, Wilshere and Diaby impressed and when Rosicky came we had possibly the best spell of the whole game because of his determination.

  193. really strong performance by us all round, the result was always going to be decided by a bit a chance. however chamakh has given us zero cutting edge up front which puts the odds against us and clichy has been wastful to say the least. the rest of the lads have performed really admirably.

  194. It’s a game of football. Any team can win. That’s the nature of this sport.

    Move on. Birmingham next. Players are returning. This is a very, very good Arsenal side.

    Chelsea did what they do. They are a very good side too.

  195. @Gackt13
    Watching the same game? I can count three very good headers from Chamakh and several shots ON TARGET from Rosicky and Diaby. We did create.

  196. one strange goal from drogba and a training ground free kick done us in the end. it is really upseting we passed and plyed better just that final cutting edge is missing today

  197. Despite this loss I feel amazingly upbeat. It was an utterly entertaining match & we create a lot of scoring opportunities. If we had just been a little more clinical, well the rest is obvious. Looking forward to the return fixture for sure.

    Also apart from one shocking error, Fabianski played really really well.

    Great game, I love my team

  198. Skywatchingmug

    We had to take more responsibility when we had the ball in their third of the pitch. Looking for the pass to much.

    Never mind, still got the core of our team to come back.
    Well done the boys. Proud, still to be The Arsenal.

  199. Well played my gunners but not good enough on the day. Beaten by two-well taken goals.
    Cue the pundits: Chelsea is on the march to the title, 7 games in. Arsenal on the drop to Europa League.

  200. I put the sound on in the second half and wished I hadn’t. Andy Gray talks so much shite – AW’s philosophy would have been vindicated had a couple of players kept a little more composure. AA, Koscielny, Nasri, Chamakh and Rosicky all had decent chances.

    A fluke and a wondergoal were the difference in the end.

  201. Oh and spot on, Gadget – Fabianski’s second great match in a row.

  202. Someone should’ve been behind Malouda in the wall.

    We lost but the team didn’t look out of their depth. I though Fabianski was really good today. I especially liked the way he caught the ball in those few occasions. And the stops he made were top shelf. All in all we looked better today against Chesea than we have for a long time. I have no doubt that had we been able to field our best first eleven we would’ve won. Interlull here we come. When we get back we’ll have a full strength side.

  203. Let the games begin – Yogi, it’s easier to just hand out the keys to the asylum…they’re coming out of the woodwork now…and they’re taking over for 2 weeks.

    As for the game, not much to complain about. We played well except for a few hairy moments, none of which lead to howlers or goals. They’re first goal was lucky, but Drogba had to know where to be to make that luck – and Koscielny and Song battled him well.

    I laughed though when Drogba had the ball against Song and out fought Song – only for Song to getback goalside and at the first contact with Drogba, he tumbles down for a free kick to the Chavs…and they say we get out muscled.

    Also,ski didn’t do himself any harm and to be honest, if it wasn’t for him, it would have been 4 or 5 goals against us today. Well done Wookash.

  204. i proud of our boy today.Last week i was really piss off by the display from the team against west brom.I can accept a lost if the player give everything,and today they ve done that.

  205. big games are always about making less mistakes. their second goal was really disappointing. silly pass miss led to the goal. before that we were getting closer scoring an equaliser i think.

  206. This is the last year Chelsea beat us.
    We have improved tremendously since last year.
    AND , we had a far stronger bench than Chelsea, despite key players being out.
    I just hope we can keep the players together for another year.
    We’re almost there. Almost a dominant force…

  207. word, Chamakh gave us no cutting edge? I don’t know what you consiuder a cutting edge, but from what I saw he kept Alex and Terry busy all afternoon. He wasn’t lying when he said that he is our first defender either. The boy ran his arse off this afternoon and he put in a good, honest shift.

    By the way, loved the little bit of retribution from Sagna on Malouda. Wish that Wilshere would’ve made Essien pay for his tackle on Diaby.

  208. one of us- do you mean the free kick a great goal? that was basic training stuff they dug a hole in the wall and theyput the ball through it well excuted though. Malouda should not have been allowed to settle confortably in the wall a little of argy bargy would ‘ve ruin it for them.

  209. Yeah, GG, the strike was run-of-the-mill. Most players do that without a backlift.

  210. I agree with GGooner. The hole in the wall was inexcusable. I mean it’s not like Malouda is in the wall to stop the ball, is he?

  211. I think that dummy player in the wall moving away is a popular tactic these days. We probably should have had someone behind that guy, Malouda it was probably.

  212. Skywatchingmug

    True, Sammy.
    But we had started to chase the game, and mistakes do and will happen.
    We missed our chances when we where on top.
    On another day…

  213. OneofUs, the strike went through the wall. Walls are there to stop such shots, period.

  214. The game was very even. On another day Koscielny and Chamakh would have put away a couple of those headers. Chelsea were more clinical, I would say fair play to them.

  215. It’s not enough to say we were outpassing them, because teams are content to let us have the ball, so it is our responsibility to break them down. It’s not pretty football from the other team, but that’s how you play against teams like Arsenal. If I was a manager I would do the same.

    It was an evenly played game, and the refereeing overall was excellent, so we can’t have much to complain about. We were not beaten by a better team because our best team was not out there, whereas Chelsea were missing only Lampard. We were beaten by a somewhat lucky finish on the near-post and a great freekick. Our chances were just as good as Chelsea’s.

    Our biggest challenge is our injury list. The questions about mental/physical strength, various positional needs, and whether or not some players are good enough do have some basis, but over the last few seasons, it’s been shown that Arsenal’s biggest hump is the injury problem. We have an amazing team, but we won’t win a damn thing unless our best players are on the field against the defending champions. We kept up with Chelsea, but players like Cesc, RVP, Walcott and Vermaelen will make the difference in such games.

  216. Where’s Bill, Joe, Jaguar and the rest…I’m itching for one – LOL!

  217. Agree with you one of us. Our best performance against a chelsea team yet. Still the same eulogising about Chelsea who certainly didnt play as well as Andy Gray was suggesting.We did everything right except score.And a good performance by Fabianski. One day we will have a chance to play our best team and bedt finishers against the pensioners and put them in their place.

  218. I thought we dominated them in the second half. We were much, much better than them.

  219. Also massive shout to Kos & squill. I thought they handled Drogba pretty well, so all the doomeds worrying about Kos can stick a big fat one in and start sucking.

    One thing I did notice was how much space there was between our mid & the d. I found it a little annoying but with our possession game, soon as we become clinical such concerns become irrelevant

  220. Skywatchingmug

    Fuck this Chav$ki love in on the box.
    We have been written off now.
    Lets go show them what we’ve got.
    This squad is going places.

  221. I thought Fabianski did well today. This is the sort of medicine that he needs to come good.

    Fabianski is our new Eboue. 🙂

  222. Games are decided by goals and we lost in that department. I wish they give points for good play, unfortunately they don’t.

    Good game from most players, the central defense had some nervy moments in the game but I guess you can’t blame them for being nervous in their first game against the league leaders and the team to beat.

    I don’t think we have an answer for Cesc yet, Wilshere is having a crash course but it’s asking too much of an 18 years old.

    I don’t really feel upset about this loss for some reason, the spine of our team and the PL experience rest with Vermaelen-Cesc-Van Persie and today we had Koscielny-Wilshere-Chamakh, good players but not enough PL experience. I’m sure they gained some today.

    Tough luck, we move on…

  223. I cant critisize any of the players, chelsea arent better then us its just depressing to watch us try and score, but they just come up the other end and make it look so easy…aagh

  224. Darius , they are coming soon.They ve just started at Le Groan with the sack wenger,buy every WC player around europe

  225. Thank God for the international break. Two loses in a row makes me quite sick. After the break we should have Cesc, TV and Theo back. Service will return to normal!

  226. We play the Chavs again at home on Boxing Day – which in the last few seasons, has been a good fixture for Arsenal.

    I’m hoping we’ll have our key players in great form for the Christmas run.

    Today was a good day at the office and all applied themselves well contrary to the misguided belief that Chelsea were going to outmuscle and out play us.

    A loss is disappointing, but it’s one that’s one of those things in football. We’ve certainly had the rub of the green before and got away with murder.

    The person I am most excited for is Wookash – he’s had enough stick and it’s about time he got the rub of the green.

    Also, I have a feeling we’ll be thanking Roy Hodgson and the Liverpool owners as they’ve grabbed the news cycles over the next few weeks by default.

  227. What a game! We played really well. I don’t mind losing like this. This would definitely have done Fabianski’s confidence a lot of good. He really did take on Anelka/Drogba with a lot of confidence. Apart from that mistake by Squillaci our defenders were brilliant. Finally some descent refereeing.
    Two well take goals from Chelsea. If anyone did stand behind Molouda, he would’ve had his face ripped off.
    Song is yet to hit peak form. Diaby was good. Although Chamakh wonquite a few headers in the box, we lacked that someone who would take the responsibility to take a shot on. I think Arshavin should have been substituted a little earlier once it became apparent that he was not going to be much of a threat from the right side.

  228. @Steww – that is never enough I m afraid. If we can’t convert the kind of chances we had, we cannot expect a win against strong oppositions..
    Next 2 weeks are fucked up now

  229. I guess no one would want to be a Liverpool fan right now!

  230. Was Benitez kicked out of Liverpool? He certainly had a responsibility towards Liverpool before he decided to run way to Milan.

  231. wenger should get his head together, make fabianski number one already for fucks sake. He’s thrown him in games in the past, and is largely to blame for the critisizm. So he owes wukash, he should just give him the number one for gods sake..Lets face it we lost to two very good goals, theres nothing we can do about it, at least were not from liverpool..

  232. Outplayed the cunts again with nothing to show for it.

  233. @G4E – Thats the last thing I wanted to hear. Injuries are not an excuse any more.
    Kudos to Lukasz though..!

  234. Arsenal’s off ball work today was excellent. They closed the Chelsea players down and refused to let them play. I haven’t seen stuff like this since we hammered Everton on the opening day of last season. I always maintained last season that that this was our great undoing.

    It was best illustrated by a team such as Barca who have a similar style to our own; the difference between them and us is that when they lost the ball against us -they refused to let us pass or stay on the ball for even a few moments as they would hunt us down and demand the ball back.

    At times, Arsenal do not do this convincingly and as a result it leaves our defence open and allows the goalkeeping mistakes to creep in. Every one laments the performance of Fabianski and Almunia for their mistakes and how the defenders can not possibly have any confidence in them but have any of you ever considered the opposite argument?

    If the TEAM work together to close the ball down ruthlessly as we have shown today against Chelsea and Everton last season then the number of mistakes will be reduced and the goalkeepers might, as a result, be more confident in their ability to govern the goals.

    Football is a team game. For further proof look at our efforts today.

    We may have lost but our performance was a resounding success. On another day and with just a little bit of luck we would be celebrating victory.

  235. I m no expert; can anyone help me understand, what we are getting by playing Alex Song out of defensive midfield?

  236. Well said, Harsh. WE played -4 of our starters and we had an honest go at them. Our four second teamers that were in today have nothing to be embarrassed about. I doubt any of the top four would’ve done as well with as many injuries as we have.

  237. we have one point more than stoke.

  238. bradys right foot

    This is hard to take we played really well but beaten by to two great goals. We bossed and outmuscled Chelsea in a very competitve midfield, Song and Diaby put in a great shift. Fabianski played well as did everyone apart from our mecurial Russian, i don’t think we did too much wrong today.

  239. Imagine playing the Olé game as a Chelsea fan.

    “Terry… to Cole… to Terry… to Cole… to Terry, to Cech, to Cole, to Terry. Terry holds it… holds it! …Gives it back to Cole.”


  240. Lord Gunner.

    I know they’re coming.
    That’s why I asked Yogi to leave the keys to the asylum hanging on the flower basket outside. They’re bound to take over anyway.

    Koscielny continues to impress and today was another key milestone that he passed. Squallaci showed his experience despite one or two hairy moments. Clichy and Sagna played out of their skins. Song and Diaby were determined and applied themselves well. The creative players – Arshavin, Wilshere, Nasri, Rosicky – worked well and controlled the game. Chamakh is the dogs chuffers. Fabianski had a first class game.

    It was a good performance. The folks who complain imo are ones who have issues with losing the bragging rights yet again. It’s understandable that they have to face the enemy tomorrow at work – but we didn’t play badly at all.

  241. They scored easily on us, Zap? They were made to work hard for this victory. So much so that Mikel hobbled off with cramp and Alex went of injured with a crocked groin.

  242. Can’t fault the boys effort. It’s just really annoying that we always have to face em with our best players missing, something the press boys deliberately ignore as it doesn’t fit the “party” line. Its only losses like last week that really infuriates. It’s possible to win the league while losing to direct rivals, as a match with them is exactly the same amount of points a stake like every other match. Lets just win our remaining matches especially our home matches. After all it’s no shame to lose to Chelsea away. They also lost to Man.c away; lets just concentrate on winning and leave the journos to their premature league title coronations!

  243. Mj,
    Are you saying that Wilshere is in the same league as Cesc?
    Or Diaby playing behind the main striker is the same as RVP.

    We do have great players coming through and they made a lot of ground in the last year or so, but not there yet.

    We created chances without Cesc today, but I don’t think they’re in the same quality or numbers as the ones Cesc would’ve created.

    It’s not an excuse but it would certainly make it a more difficult game for Chelsea.

  244. anyone got post match reaction links?

  245. Tony T:

    “Why do we go in to these games with one of Diaby or Denilson being sure to start? Why did we not add quality to that are? It’s games like these that show up our squad.”

    Cunt of the day goes to Tony T with this wonderfully cliched talking point. Diaby, as it turns out, was one of our best players but idiots like him think that Wenger should’ve strengthened in that are. I can’t think of too many central midfielders I’d rather have coming off the bench than Abou Diaby.

  246. well this loss will ignite the fire in our boys! they will come from this match pissed off that they did not get anything more out of it. They played good and lost! now they will have to kick ass in the next games towards xmas. and they will!

  247. Skywatchingmug

    Sorry, not at the moment mj_gunner.
    But Mr. Wenger called it like it was, we should have been a few goals up, but didn’t take the chances we had.

  248. G4E-
    This squad is injury prone, we always knew that. Even when we started the season. The manager prepared for that situation by creating a large(&capable) squad. So, thinking we would have done better IF xyz was fit, is out of question.

    We had 2 chances in front of an open goal, I am gutted by our finishing today.

  249. Yes gulp, wilshere’s reaction while coming off was an indicator. He almost ‘ordered’ JET to fuck them up!

  250. I’m waiting for the Fabianski bashers to acknowledge that Fabianski was individually responsible in saving us from a 4 or 5 goal hiding.

    My take is that if Fabianski remains reliable and has stellar performances in the next 3 months, Wenger is not going to buy a keeper at all. It’s going to be Fab No. 1 and Tech 9 No. 2.

    Now that’s really going to piss off the “Arsenal won’t win anything without a world class keeper” brigade.

  251. yeah fucjk them Darius!!! ….Arsenal wont win anything without a top defender though !!!!!

  252. @DukeGooner arsenal wont win anything without Chelseas team! its true! If we bought Drog and Alex we would be the winners today !

    That said, did anyone see the pool vs pool game today? What is happening to Liverpool? Not that i care , though i find them more sympathetic than say City and Tottenham.

  253. I just get the feeling for some reason that Chelsea “know” how to play football. They’re not technically better, they can’t run as much as we can, and their chance creation and style of play is pretty poor. Yet, they seem to know how to push and bend the rules of the game without actually breaking them. I can’t put my finger on it, but they seemed to have a very dirty aspect to their play

  254. Players will always miss chances, you score when you create more chances or a better quality clear chances. So when you miss some, you score some.

    You can’t say that when your best players are out it has not effect, for example if Drogba (who pulls our pants down on a regular basis) was not there, it would have been the same outcome.

    Arsenal are certainly a different prospect with Cesc playing, and especially against a big teams where there difference is always something special.

    The special today was Drogba scoring from a difficult position and a very special free kick. I think Cesc & RVP would’ve added that something special.

    I’m not saying a result was guaranteed if they played, but it makes it possible.

  255. Chelsea look like a bunch of hoods from a Die Hard movie. Can you imagine trying to support that? Dour football, hateful footballers.

    Fortunate for them that our John McClane characters were out injured today.

    They will take a proper battering in the sequel.

    What’s the word? Stooges…


  256. I am afraid we wont create more chances against such defence G4E.

    To add to it, Lampard was missing for them today. Apparently they are not the same side without him..

  257. this game had avery strange sortof feel to it. a procession, we have the ball they score, theywin. we were never gunner score.they have the hoodoo over us and will have till the drog gets put down.

  258. G4E, I think those of us who are talking about our team’s injuries do so because these players will eventually come back in the squad and make us stronger. Personally, I’m impressed by how close this game was considering we have an eighteen year old play maker, we’re missing our best striker, the fastest right winger in the league (who would’ve undoubtedly put more pressure on Chelsea) and we are without our best central defender or our starting goalkeeper. The result sucks but at least we can all be happy knowing that this team is just going to get better and better in the coming weeks.

  259. I agree with Kitchen Sink.

    Ah well.

    Fuck em’ all.

  260. The lesson today for the umpteenth time: There are no points awarded in football for outplaying the other team. You simply have to score not only to win but to also take the strategic initiative in the game. We have to execute when these chances come. Wengerball made that point on Friday. Today was another case in point

  261. Easier said than done to be fair.

  262. Just clinical finishing the difference. Same as last year. Need a bit more guile in the final third and better finishing (sounds like Cesc and RvP).
    Ars Chels
    Shots 16 16
    Shots on Tgt 4 7 (incl 2 goals)
    Shots off Tgt 8 6
    Blocked 4 3

  263. Was it a penalty on Chamack when he did the dragback?

    Doesn’t excuse a gaping hole in the wall, but still…

  264. The who monstered who index?

    Passes Ars (393) 53% Chs (348) 47%
    Passing accuracy Ars 86% Chs 82%
    Interceptions 19 vs 29
    Tackles (aerial, tackles and take ons) Ars won 37 lost 26
    Chs won 45 lost 27
    Free kicks Ars won 14, lost 14, Chs won 13 lost 14

    Pretty even across the park in all areas. Who was the home team?

  265. GB69,
    I agree with that and although I’m not happy we lost to Chelsea, I’m OK with it because I think overall they players did good. I’m just saying we needed that extra special something to have a fair chance and we didn’t have it.

  266. Might have been a different game had Denilson and Rosicky started. Diaby had an average game, since when did one start expecting any creativity from him in the middle of the park. We were crap in the final third. And our passing wasn’t as good as it could have been had there been Denilson and Rosicky in the team. Fucking hell, stupid loss, we should have nailed them, the amount of possession we had.

  267. GB69,

    We had enough squad depth to pose a better challenge then we did. We couldn’t even fucking draw to them. We didn’t did threat them much. Terrible infront of goal.

  268. Definitely some positives to be taken from today, however it is sad to see defense based counter attack football still winning out in our domestic league. Chelsea have been at for years and and with Man City building along similar lines I fear for the continuity of our league..
    Lets hope we react strong and spank the brummies and man city playing our game…

  269. Chelsea have a strong first 11 no doubt, but only 18 players over 21 and no internationals in their under 21’s.
    Arsenal have 22 over 21’s (most are full internationals) and have 5 under 21’s who are already full internationals (Walcott, Wilshere, Vela, Gibbs, Schzesny)
    Arsenal A and B teams are pretty even (much of the B team today).

    Abramovich wants Chelsea to win the treble this year. I hope they go far in all competitions because their first 11 won’t last.
    The league has a long way to go…..

  270. As usual the plundits are gleeful: “Same old Arsenal”.
    O course, even a blind can see that we matched them everywhere except the goal scoring. Whatever gap exists is even closer than, say, last year.
    Our boys should take heart. There are 31 games to go. The title is never decided in October.
    But to the victor belongs the spoils.

  271. Nice pick Limpar; I prefer Gimmie Danger though. Great tune.

    Same old today I suppose. We were the better side, but they won.

    It was always going to be difficult against Chelsea with the spine of the team missing (Al, TV5, Cesc, RvP). Chelsea would struggle with so many of their spine all missing at once.

  272. stoke i mentiomed. the bigger picture is that we are 3 points ahead of blackburn and wigan.

  273. Delia-----Block 112

    We matched them in all respects save putting away our chances. At least today’s performance has helped to erase the memory of that humiliation I experienced last week. Let’s hope following the interlull we have the likes of Theo, Bendtner and Cesc back in the squad.

  274. Nice one Limpar. Anything by the Stooges would do really. Arsenal are football’s equivalent of the Stooges. Chelsea are Status f*****g Quo.

    We were the better side today. Yes I know it counts for nothing…but without Cesc, RVP, Walcott, the Verminator….we did ok really. Should have won it. C’est la vie. Here’s to doing the ‘orrible old bastards at the Emirates (when god willing we’ll have a near full strength squad…..)


  275. trevor why dont you come back from over that hill.

  276. Ateeb, get a fucking grip, man. Diaby was solid today and you fucking know it. We go beat by Chelsea at home for fuck’s sake. We didn’t lose to Stoke or Wigan now, did we?

  277. Limestonegunner

    Fabianski with a very good game–he did just enough to put Anelka wide for the shot into the side netting. He bobbled one ball in the box that Clichy cannoned away. But other than that he looked quite solid and made some decent saves. Most importantly he came for balls and fought in his box for his space. I bet Arsene will start him next game and give him a run.

    2-0 flattered Chelsea, but we won’t hear that from the media chorus. But we played quite well; it wasn’t men and boys by any stretch of the imagination. So I hope we can still manage to take something positive for our confidence. But aside from our aerial chances, we also didn’t break down Chelsea’s defense in the penalty box. We had chances but not so many great ones in front of goal that forced a good save from the keeper. We deserved a draw, but I am concerned that we didn’t quite create the sort of chances that leave you feeling like the game was in hand.

    I am certain that with Walcott, Cesc, and RvP we would have troubled them further. But we never seem to have our strongest team available anyway, so it is pretty small consolation. As Arsene, sounding very frustrated, put it–the team on the pitch had the quality to win the game. Hopefully this means that the return match goes our way and that we go away to ManU and ManCity with confidence.

  278. *At their home.

  279. Gooners, cheer up. If we play like we did today in most games, I dont care who the opposition is, we will min 9 times out of 10.

  280. Limestonegunner

    Gainsbourg69, no, that was at home last week, when we lost to WBA! But I don’t think last week you were tolerating remarks like Ateeb’s then either, were you?

    Btw, someone pointed out above that we are only a point clear of Stoke–I’m not sure that is the best example to use at this point.

  281. nah, fuck it, i’m staying here, it’s paradise, and i dont have to put up with the english media.

  282. Limestone, what does West Brom have to do with anything?

  283. limestone you nutcase – i was being droll. not to say sarcastic. very, very pissed off that the game wasn’t taken. must do harder and try kicking the ball HARD from outside the box. eh.

  284. The boys should hold their heads high. We dominated not just in possession but through the middle. Jack, Diaby and Song were brilliant.
    A few mistakes in the back but I did not see the panic like years past. Fabianski was great. We pressed well and they resorted to counter attacks.
    Despite the loss we were not intimidated.
    The one issue for us today was lack of pace, which they possessed and took advantage of. Theo would have negated malouda and cashley. and not allowed drogba the runs ehe made.
    Without our spine I don’t feel at dissapointed but relieved.
    I still believe we have the best squad of all the top teams and a superior fully fit first team.
    After seeing utd and city struggle I cannot see how we would not be competing come April.
    Hats off to JET, in a pivitol match, the boss has faith. City put on a shit, and we a real talent.

  285. Alex Ice Cream

    We played well and lost. In fact, I thought we were the better team but we still lost and that’s all that counts. We just don’t win these big matches anymore. Would it have been different if the injured players were available? Maybe but I am not convinnced that this team have the mentality to win the big games. We had enough possession to have won today, some good chances and a clear as day penalty not given.

    I am so happy that Woocash played well. I think he just needs games and hopefully he will get a real chance as No.1. Almunia has proved that he is not the answer, maybe Woocash is. I have faith in him.

  286. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    It’s shocking to see only one mention of the foul on Song in the buildup to their first goal (another lucky goal from the dirtiest luckiest offsidesiest cunt in the Prem). Unsurprisingly it was mentioned by one of the top contributors to this site IMO, OneOfUs. We deserved at least a point, but that’s football. We’ll spank them at home and I’d be willing to put the car keys on it.

  287. Fabianski and the defense played better today compared with the games against them last year. Hopefully sign of continued improvement to come. Agree with Chamakh, the teams that defends better almost always wins.

    Cbob @ 5:47:

    In the last 16 games with Chelsea we have scored more then 1 goal only once. We have not scored against them in the last 270 minutes. Always has been and always will be very difficult to score against an organized defense no matter how many passes you complete. Not much chance to take any points if we do not keep clean sheets when it is this difficult to score. Rather basic concept I think.

  288. Alex Ice Cream

    Yes it was a clear foul on Song but it was no worse than the no-penalty for a clear foul on Chamakh. Dean was right there and he saw it. He knew if was a pen but wouldn’t give it.

  289. Only one clean sheet all season.Last season we conceded two many goals the trend is continuing.Chelsea were ruthless we werent.

    Song has been awful this season,Someone(Wenger) tell him his only job is to protect the two CB’s they were exposed again today

  290. California Gooner

    Alex Ice Cream, this Arsenal team does not lack mentally. They came out fighting and never shied away. I thought Drogba’s moment of genius was the difference, plain and simple. We did everything else, but lacked that. Having RVP to break down the wall in front of their goal, having Walcott pin Ashley Cole back just a bit more, or Cesc doing what Cesc does could have made a difference. I thought everyone in Arsenal colors played very well today, but of course having your best players on the field increases the chances of some moment of genius turning the game. It just didn’t quite happen. Otherwise, a thrilling match.

  291. California Gooner

    harry, i agree completely. Those pundits who see the same old Arsenal simply aren’t looking.

  292. Our recent record against Chelsea is very poor, no surprise about the result really, we are still not clinical enough when it matters. I don’t care whether we were the better team or not, you don’ t win points for artistic impression in football.
    Despite the defensive additions we still seem to be leaking too many goals, whe was the last time we kept a clean sheet in an away game?
    Injury problems already? Same old story. You can bemoan the fact that RVP is missing all you want, but he is injury prone and is never going to complete a full season.
    I expect use to finish 2nd or 3rd and the board will be happy with that as the champions league and the corresponding revenue is all they seem to care about.

  293. Alex Ice Cream

    Until they win something and win against the biggest teams there will always be a question mark over the winning mentaility of this team. They were not scared as you said and they played well but still didn’t win. Why?

  294. Alex Ice Cream


    “I expect use to finish 2nd or 3rd and the board will be happy with that as the champions league and the corresponding revenue is all they seem to care about.”

    Well said. Being the best is no longer the aim at Arsenal. Its all about debt reduction.

  295. @thebig M wake up man ! footy is buisness. nothing more nothing less. The fact people are stupid enough to buy into the hype about “supporting their team” is purley stupidity. Nobody and i repeat NOBODY that matters is in it for nothing but money. You can be as much of a fan as you like, unless you make money or is crazy(ref citys arabs) footy just aint a good deal. But they trick us every time. We buy shirts and all sors of stuff. This goes for all clubs though. All club owners want to earn money. Footy is not a charity. Its a money spinn machine. That is what it is for. We are just the sheep that gladly follow..

  296. that said i enjoy my sheepish life though 😛

  297. Sorry but arsenal’s problem against chelsea has never been possessing the ball, chelsea don’t need the ball they need the goals! Priority! We know,they also know we can’t keep the ball for the whole 90minutes, it’s what u do when u’v got the ball that matters- do u have the strength, skill &mental fortitude to take on that defender believing you can leave him in your wake &head for goal? I’m tired of nasris &rosiscys who just want to try evasion tactics against terrys,coles, alexs &essiens. Give me fearless, self confident(&sometimes arrogant) drogbas,essiens,rooneys,vidics,fabregas’,henrys. This is the stuff winners are made of
    I’m not dissing our boys,they tried their best, but it was the mentality. When u play champions u need belief &d killer instinct, u attack balls with belief,confidence &power else u are already defeated.
    Big up to arshavin 2day, he fought hard, chamakh too. But honestly we’ll win the league maybe when chelsea(&maybe man u) decide they don’t want it anymore

  298. @ AIC

    It isn’t fear – it’s inefficiency in front of goal – teams like Chelsea are more efficient. We create the most chances, but we need to get better at taking them.

    And this is also where Cesc, Robin, Nik and Theo come in – they all have a habit of scoring the important goals. (think how many times Theo has scored the first goal against Chelsea in recent years, starting with that Carling cup final.) Nasri could be that sort of player too, Ramsey was getting there, but our matchwinners are mostly the players who are out.

    @ theBigM and AIC
    Why would they only care about receiving revenue – revenue which goes to the club for players and wages, not into the pockets of the board members? And if they only cared about money, why wouldn’t they still want to finish first, and win every trophy, since that would mean even more money?

  299. Here are the stats, reposted from earlier (with thanks to jbh)
    Ars Chels
    Shots 16 16
    Shots on Tgt 4 7 (incl 2 goals)
    Shots off Tgt 8 6
    Blocked 4 3

    Pretty even.

  300. If you go down to the Grove today
    You won’t get a big surprise.
    If you go down to the Grove today
    You’d better go in disguise.
    For every doomer that ever there was
    Will gather there for certain, because
    Today’s the day the doomers have their picnic.

  301. If we had lost with a fully fit first team, then and only then, would I a long time supporter of this club say we have no answers. And that Wenger cannot take us any farther.
    I cannot make that proclamation after watching a young but not inexperienced team take on the champions on their turf.
    It took intimidation and rugby like tatics for city to beat them last week. With a few bouncy balls going our way we may have sneaked at a draw. Drogba’s goals like some of his in the past (remember the ball off knee against senderos) was not clinical as suggested. The ball was at pace and hit the inside of the post, but could have gone anywhere. They like to shoot, from anywhere.
    One thing to note was that he did not dominate our two CB’s . That has always being the talking point for the media, you know that same old cliche – our lack of muscle, boys, no commitment. We’ll today our three midfielders averaged 21yrs and kept pace with their so called muscle men.

  302. California Gooner

    Alex IC, there may always be questions about the winning mentality, but you don’t have to mindlessly repeat them!!! Better finishing by Chelsea comes to mind as the main difference in this game — Drogba’s moment of genius really was the difference– with Alex’s free-kick, of course sealing it. I definitely felt they would score before that free-kick while I rarely feel it when we have similar opportunities. On recent form one might have hoped for Nasri to come up with a moment of his own; on reputation, Arshivin. Were RVP healthy you definitely believe he could do it, while Cesc has developed that knack for doing anything it takes to find a way to win. But it didn’t happen. I also agree with Harry that Walcott’s speed might have changed the dynamics of the match. In the past, Cole has dealt well with Walcott, but could he have really spent the first half in our end of the pitch the way Walcott now plays?

  303. California Gooner

    Alex… I just read Arsene’s comments on Arsenal.Com and pretty much agree 100 percent. I saw this team winning tackles and getting stuck in all over the pitch. I did not see any fear. So what wasn’t to like mentally?

  304. 1 loose cannon

    looking at the score people would think we’ve been outmuscled, that wasn’t the case at all. played really well but we lacked that little bit something special upfront Thierry use to come up with crackers with the game is well balanced and win us the game we have great team work but we need one individual to get a goal out of the bleu .Drogba’s goal had a bit of slkill and a bit of good fortune about it. Second goal apart from the wall not doing its job we simply could not stop that screamer from Alex. 2 incident 2 goals that’s it. despite the defeat I’m pleased with the performance and we are getting closer the next one at the Emirates, we’ll have ( I hope ) Cesc , Theo and RVp. I think we will turn it around. Once we do that it will be the beginning of a long unbeaten run against the Chavs.

  305. Fungunner – Because to win the league these days you have to invest big and the board are not prepared to do this, so as long as we maintain champions league football and the money comes in from that why bother aiming to win the championship?
    My initial post was a bit “doom & gloom” but these results against Chelsea are just getting a bit bloody inevitable, it’s the same old story.

  306. Harry – “If we had lost with a fully fit first team, then and only then…”
    When do we ever have a fully fit first team? All teams have to cope with injuries, it’s part of the game. Chelsea were missing Lampard today, so what.
    How many times do I have to hear from gooners “If it wasn’t for injuries, etc.” It’s just a piss poor excuse

  307. The Guardian ” It is hard to avoid the focus on losers who put so much into the match for no return whatever.”

  308. Fucking hell two weeks ’till birmingham ffs. See y’all in a fortnight then….

  309. 1 loose cannon

    gubis- No one forces you to buy shirts or tickets. Fottball is an entertainment business. Arsenal fans are some of the few lucky ones who will get their money’s worth of good entertainning football. Today it was a a very good game not because of Chelsea’s machine but our style makes the game top class. Yes we lost but we have been served good football. I would not be happy to go and pay 40 or 50 quids to watch Delap’s throws or Carl Henry’s horror tackles . You have to take in consideration that our team cost a fraction of Chelsea’s. You think Chelse a will be able to compete with Man city in the next few years? I very much doubt it. That’s the way it goes.
    Chelsea thought they were rich then someone else comes along who is even richer and What is Chelsea are gointg to do about it? They can’t keep on spending. I honestley believe if Wenger goes we will struggle financially and on the pitch there are no managers out there who spend little make profits to pay the debts and maintain C.league football every year.

  310. Despite the result I feel pretty philosophical about it considering the circumstances. I look forward to the day we face them with our first team then I’m convinced it will be a different story. There are still 31 games to be played, so let’s see what happens then. There is still a long way to go before the trophies are handed out.

  311. “How many times do I have to hear from gooners “If it wasn’t for injuries, etc.” It’s just a piss poor excuse”

    So let’s see….we miss Cesc, RVP, Vermaelen and Walcott. I won’t go into the obvious attributes of those players. I’m sure you aware of them. That’s probably the heart of the first team right there. Players that can make the difference in these kind of games. So according to you anyone mentioning that we were missing those four players is using a “piss poor excuse”.

    So remember folks…don’t mention that we were missing some of our most gifted players….’cos that would just be a “piss poor excuse”.

    It’s going to be a long week.

  312. I think we really missed Bendtner as well, he has a habit of just giving us more control when we play, and he has a good scoring record as well

  313. Harry Flowers,

    Sure we were missing those players. But we have enough depth in squad to have matched them. And frankly we did play better than them. Just not clinical enough, on another day Squallici’s or Chamakh’s header would have gone in. Unlike last seasons, this Drogba goal was a total fluke. By the look on his face, he didn’t even know where the ball went.

    We weren’t penetrating as well as we could have. You can’t expect Diaby to provide the creative spark. When has he last played in that position? Arshavin wasn’t having his day. Could have done with Rosicky much earlier, and perhaps Denilson. Don’t know why they both didn’t start.

    Fabianski had a really mature performance. Let’s hope he can keep it up from here on in.

    How the fuck wasn’t that a penalty on Chamakh? Refree ruined it for us, all decisions in their favor.

  314. Can we please have RVP back for fuck’s sakes? Let him have a season without any injuries.

  315. HF
    RVP has only ever played more than 24 league games in a season once in 6 years.So dont even talk about him as someone we miss.He is a part time player

  316. No points for artistic impression comments really fuck me off. Like the object of a passing game is something other than to put the ball in the back of the net – and to defend through possession.

  317. “Sure we were missing those players. But we have enough depth in squad to have matched them. And frankly we did play better than them.”

    Your right Ateeb. We did match them. You sometimes need those kind of players (Fabregas, RVP) to unlock the likes of Chelsea though…that extra spark. Creativity..whatever cliche you want to use. Also having Walcott bombing at them would have scared the shit out of ’em. The side we put out today is good enough to beat the majority of teams. Chelsea at home are a different matter. Mind you…if Arshavin’s shot in the first half had gone in and we’d got that penalty then things could have been entirely different. If’s, but’s and maybe’s I know. That’s what it’s all about though. So we weren’t that far off all things considered…..

  318. Ateeb- Agree on Drogba’s goal he did not know where the ball went he looked around him then he saw the ball in the netl then started celebrating but beause its him and its against Arsenal it’s made out to be a fantastic finish. But one day it will go for us and it won’t be long even Hansen grudgenly admited we were the better side, did everything apart from scoring.

  319. Limestonegunner

    I agree that Drogba’s was a fluke goal and thought the same–he didn’t even see where it was going and luckily it rattled in off the post.

    Koscielny’s “header” was another completely unlucky moment for us. Hard to imagine how it didn’t go in.

  320. We were unlucky. They had 4/5 chances and scored 2. We had 4/5 chances and scored 0. But still, if I had to bet my house on who would win the next game between us, both fielding our best teams, I’d have to back them, especially away. Is there anyone who honestly wouldn’t at the moment ?

  321. Where are the lunatics? They have been kinda scarce post game. Where is the doom and gloom? No mental strength, too injury prone, yada, yadda, yadda.
    Is that all the misery brigade can drum up?
    Just wondering.

  322. I wish Wenger had given Vela more time, we need this striker to detonate, but it will take much longer if he only plays 10 or 5 minutes a game. Inmense talent going down the drain. I didnt like Arshavin.

  323. Shottagunna, do you think we’re too injury prone ? Or weak-minded ? We just lost to a more ruthless/efficient side. Where’s the problem with that, it happens ?

  324. I dont know how one can look at the team we have, the payers that Arsene has put together and say its all about paying off the debt? sound so stupid to me.

    The team has bought some absolutely brilliant players BECAUSE THEY WANT TO WIN!

    The team does not have to break the bank to win, there are many big money signings who havent done a thing. Our team is good enough to win.

    I am fully expecting our injured players to come back and for us to win this PL.

    Well, thats how I look at it atlesast.

  325. Not about today’s match, but I’m posting three links in chronological order, in separate comments because I can’t post them at once. It’s a bit of a sad story – cautionary tale perhaps.

    Anyway, the guy was a regular at Arsenal home games and had infectious enthusiasm for the club (obviously irrelevant now).


  326. Nasir Jones-Nasri


    Youre a cunt. Youre an only shows up on a loss glory hunting prick. Fuck off.

    That Drogba goal was an absolute fluke. He couldn’t score that again if he tried a hundred times. Anyone who’s calling that goal a moment of genius doesn’t know enough about the sport and needs to get their head examined.

  327. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Fuck off DFB you miserable prick. They’ll get spanked at the Emirates.

  328. Watched the game late, thought we bossed much of the game and were well worth at least one point, agree Drogba knew nothing about his goal, almost a lucky deflection (and Song was fouled beforehand) but we were totally naive about the Alex goal, that was a free shot.
    Just one of Fab, RVP, Verm would have made a difference.
    Just a bit more consistency and we will wind them back in.

  329. Eddie McGoldrick

    We had 70% possession.Who gives a fuck?.These are the only stats that count.We didt score Chelsea did.Thats what football is all about until the FA changes the rules and awards points for posession we have to start putting away our chances against the better teams.Its now 270 since we scored a goal against Chelsea
    We have 1 point out of 9.
    Stop making excuses and start asking questions why we cannot beat the good teams

  330. Another broken leg in the premier “Rugby” league…how long you going to hide your head in the sand FA?

    And then they say Wenger whines about tackles….FOOLS

  331. An even game, and a truly great game of football. Rejoice fans. Both teams played some fantastic stuff. It could have gone either way. I’m seriously impressed by Arsenal, for the first time this season, ironically. If we play like this away to a full-strength chelsea without 6 first team players, 4 of whom definite starters, we can beat any team, any time. And well done Fabianski too, some good work there. Diaby was superb.

  332. Disappointed, but not depressed. We just didn’t get the rub of the green.

  333. I am torn a bit.

    We played fairly well, and did not get “bullied” as has been the case in the past. Fabianski put in another good shift, and the team in general looked good.

    As others have said though, we did get beat. Again. After dominating for large periods. Again.

    Very frustrating.

  334. Don’t fret, the players at chelsea know that had a game and were lucky. The media doesn’t matter. People who know football and watched, they know. This Arsenal side is excellent. Chamakh had two difficult but either they go in or not chances and either could have been put away. We had another 3 or so like that. The ball didn’t bounce kindly, and on another day, it will.

    We are starting the season in reverse this time around. We will finish strongly, with the major players fit. 7 points adrift … no problem. Watch them vanish as the long seaason rolls on. Mainly, I suspect so village idiots can be found out again and again.

  335. I’m just beginning to come to terms with yesterday’s outcome, although I’ve still not turned the TV or radio on.

    Anyway, I think we did really well and if (as I suggested yesterday) we had been a little more clinical in front of goal, today would be a far different affair and my ‘phone messages would have been equally distinct. I am nearly driven to near distraction by the negative commentators on this site and agree with those who suggest that we’ll spank the Chav’s at our place.

    All of us (manager, players, staff and fans) need to push on from here in full recognition that there was much that was good in our performance yesterday. Not my favourite person or poet but Kipling’s “IF” applies to us all here on out. We need to be men.


  336. Furious Styles

    Somewhat predictable result, same as “always”. And an annoying interlull to top it off with.

  337. On a lighter note, that Van Der Vaart looks like some player doesn’t he?

    Westwoods getting ready to Tee-off, come on the Europe !!

  338. Any neutral watching this match, knowing the context (away game without 4 important players), now knows; Arsenal are serious contenters to # 1 in england. Chelsea at full strength are NOT better than Arsenal at 80%.

  339. The next day having to go to work and face the Chelsea and Tottenham fans, I hold my head high. It was the best game of football I’ve seen in a long long time.

    I forgot to mention another outstanding player for us yesterday: Clichy! Did a great job yesterday.

  340. This is one game when you can say forget the scoreline, two miracluous goals needed for chelsea, they couldn’t repeat those if they tried; did you see the match? Take heart. Now we know the season has started.

  341. Zimpaul, that match summed Chelsea up didnt it, the amount of times they are outplayed but somehow manage to win, its part of the reason why I hate them

  342. Zim, you are getting a bit carried away mate. We lost remember, and Cech did not have one save to make in the 2nd half despite our possesion. We played well, but Chelsea were more effective.

    We did not get embarrassed and in that respect we have made a leap forward. We were competative. But the pattern of the game was remarkably familiar.

  343. Zimpaul,

    Truer words have yet to be uttered. Let the doomers doom, let the media do as they will, but the truth is we were magnificent, and the games was played excellently by both teams.

    James, I can’t lie VDV is looking like a great player for you guys, but I fear (well not really fear, more hope) you’ll end up becoming a bit of a one man team. But he is looking like a great player for you guys.

  344. I’d look good in that Tottenham side. Fatty Huddlestone at centreback? Jenas?

  345. LA, Jenas has been rejuvenated, he now has at least four touches in the game. Jenas for England !!!

  346. GA,

    I agree Cech didn’t have many saves to make in the 2nd half, but he still had to work (and we should have had a penalty). And you’re right, Chelsea were more effective in that they scored and we didn’t. However, luck played a bit part in making them appear effective. Drogba’s goal had far more luck than skill involved, which isn’t said to take anything away from him, he played well, and so did our defenders. Koscielny is truly a superb signing. I think he only let Drogba beat him once and that was it. I have a suspicion, he may have Drogba’s number from now on.

    We had enough chances to win the game, as did Chelsea. Luck favoured one side more than the other yesterday. It could have been a draw, we could have got the win, it was just one of those games. It reminded me of the 2-1 against United at Ems a few seasons ago.

  347. I’d put that little ex-Arsenal skinhead who stood out like Riquelme at Portsmouth in there over Jenas, J*mes. Any day. In fact, I’d play Jake Livermore over Jenas. He looks like a slapped fish when the football comes to him.

  348. Oh come on, Lay off Jenas, he lives in a goldfish bowl.

    I never thought I’d love Rory McIlroy so much, I can even accept his haircut.

  349. I feel like a Spud on a Monday morning.

    Wish there was an excuse for yesterday, but there just wasn’t.

  350. We did not get embarrassed and in that respect we have made a leap forward.

    errrm. how more embarrassing did you want it to be? Barcelona embarrassing? for some reason we cant compete with the big boys. Maybe am talking from depression, but i have the feeling of being a Spud. Always saying at the beginning of the season that “This is our year…”

  351. He does look like a proper spud though.

    All kissing grannies and beating his chest.

    Sort of a poor man’s Rooney.

  352. Asenalkabisa, nothing works, trust me on this. It only gets easier after you have driven yourself insane with ‘what if’s?’. Unfortunately I am still waiting for that to happen.

    Anyway, what were you saying? No you cant buy my sheep I only have three left and there for Mr Pepper Pants.

  353. Arsenalkabisa – We got beat, but not embarrassed. In the past Drogba and co really have made our team look like little boys. This was not the case yesterday and by and large we held our own. The truth of the matter is that at the moment Chelsea are a better team than we are. We appear to be closing the gap, but that is the cold hard truth.

  354. Erm, have you checked recently James? I could have sworn I saw Mrs Pepperpot having her wicked way with one of your just last night. I thought I heard her saying how she got in right underneath your nose.

  355. Ryder cup!!! who gives a shit!

  356. Peter Cook used to bet against his team using the logic that if his team won, he didn’t care about the lost gamble and if they lost, he’d be suitably compensated.

    May I respectfully suggest some people take up this practise.

    I do it every week with my beloved Detroit Lions in the hope that I place some voodoo on the opposing teams

  357. Arsenal Arsenal Arsenal!

  358. I really enjoyed the game, Ak. Up until Lurch twatted that freekick in. Before that though, we showed them up. On another day we’d have been two up inside two minutes. It’s embarrassing how negative they are.

    On a bigger pitch, like the Emirates (or Wembley!) – I think we’d have won. And with just one of Fabs or RVP or Walcott playing I think we’d have won. No Lampard helped them cos they could play their three defensive midfielders and not feel embarrassed about it.

    There is such a thing as the glory of winning in style, and Chelsea will never know it. We were a couple of inches past a post away from showing them how it’s done… and looking at how the team we did put out there dominated Chelsea for such long periods, it’s plain for all to see that it won’t be long in coming now.

  359. @goonerandy I will Answer logically, though am not feeling much of that now. maybe here is where i vent.

    Chelsea played to there strengths, while negating ours. We palyed to our strengths, but did not negate ours.

    An example in point. Mikel is not a flair player. But he just did waht he went out to do. Spoil, and Pass. Nasri had a role, attack, and watch Cuntlies runs when they hav the ball. Look at their firs goal. Nasri sees Cuntley taking off he does a half arsed run, gives up, Sagna is in no mans land. 1 – 0 to Chelsea.

    Knowing the Drogba Cuntely combination, why not set up the team to negate it? We brought in Diaby to counter their height why not then play Eboue to Counter Cuntley?

    Goal two. Nasri makes a half arsed pass to the middle of the pitch, Kos has no option but to conced a freekick. BAAM. goal 2.

    ohh am miserable.

  360. We got beat, but not embarrassed.

    This is Arsenal. its embarrasing to get beat. look at the table. We are on equal points with West Brom FFS. This is Arsenal man, ARSENAL>

  361. Misery likes company so they say, but I liken misery to a glass full with liquid and happiness as an empty one.

    You see when a miserable person contacts a happy person, the misery will inevitably win out; i.e the glass with the liqud can share it’s contents, while the empty glass can do nought but take it.

    However, when two miserable people come together the misery is doubled, and none can truly share the misery, because both glasses are full in their own miserable contents.

    A ghastly situation really.

    Fortunately, I’m an empty glass with cling film over the top.

    Arsenal, Arsenal!

  362. @LIMPAR

    I feel like the day will never come. We can have so many Excuses, a small pitch, a wembley pitch, showing them how to play, up to the free kick we were outplaying them…

    we forget that if the linesman had left his spectacles at home, and Fabianski had an off day it would have been a cricket score.

    At some point I actualy wondered where a goal would come from, and I missed Vieira, Henry, Lungberg, Berkamp, Pires, Edu.

    Those were winners. they wouldn’t have lost 2 – 0 Yesterday.

  363. DukeGoonem,

    Not a golfer? The Ryder Cup is second only in drama to the premiership.

  364. Equal point as West Brom you say, oh that’s it I’m off to commit suicide

  365. I’d rather watch synchronised swimming than golf.

    But nothing beats watching sychronised swimming when the participants are hydrophobiacs. Now that’s what I call drama

  366. “we forget that if the linesman had left his spectacles at home, and Fabianski had an off day it would have been a cricket score.” – There’s no point in imagining how it might have been worse, surely! Chin up, AK!

    And we’ve only played 7 games! The league table won’t look anything like it does now by Christmas. And anyway… we’re a win away from 2nd.

    Chelsea will drop points. They already have.

  367. Nothing has changed. The last time Chelsea deserved to beat us was in the FA Cup semi-final. It’s now 5 losses in a row with a score of 13-2. It makes me sick. Sick as a fucking macaw.

    I am nevertheless heartened by the performance. We had the better of the game. We dominated them. But we know the better team doesn’t always win in football.

    The downer for us is that we haven’t learnt the key to beating Chelsea. It is simply; take your chances. We’re used to games where we have 20 chances and score 4 of them. In the ‘big games’ you have 3 or 4 and you have to take 2 to 4 of them.

    I was amused watching Alan Hansen waxing lyrical about Chelsea’s defence. No, they weren’t so good. We breached them easily at times.

    I like the overreaction. If it leads to Arsenal being underestimated I’m content to read the stupid reflexive comments.

    We do need to improve. I think we will.

  368. >>>>>
    New post. Looks like the new one was written sometime last season after the two Chelsea loses.

  369. There’s no point in imagining how it might have been worse, surely!

    then there is no point of imagining how it could have been better. take the score. And realize it was crap.

  370. Agree with Limpar. It’s going to be a long and difficult season for Chelsea. They’ll need to buy in Janaury, because as it stands, I’d be very surprised if they can meet the demands of and sustain three trophy campaigns.

    What will be interesting is seeing if United an once again turn it on at the mid-to-late stages of the season. There’d usually be signs of United turning around a slow start to the season, but there are none so far.

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