Arsenal’s Progress In Champions League Continues Unabated

…or Serbs You Right For Doubting

Champions League Matchday 2, Group H
Partizan Belgrade 1 – 3 Arsenal

0 – 1 Arshavin (14)
1 – 1 Cleo (32 pen)
1 – 2 Chamakh (70)
1 – 3 Squillaci (82)

Jovanovic sent off (53)
Arshavin missed pen (54)
Cleo missed pen (83)

Arsenal took another confident stride towards the knockout phases of the Champions League, comfortably easing past Partizan Belgrade. The Serbs had promised a hostile atmosphere but it turned out to be more monotone and monotonous than partisan. Such was Arsenal’s dominance that they could afford another penalty miss, Andrey Arshavin the culprit this time around, the list of takers diminishing as his poorly taken penalty was saved by Stoijkovic’s feet.

Criticism of Lukasz Fabianski eased a little, the test being whether or not he can consistently produce the performance levels he showed last night. A late penalty save from Cleo, the Pole almost Laine down to stop the gently stroked effort. Aside from that he had little to do and when it was required, he produced the necessary saves, maintaining his concentration levels through to the final whistle.

Wenger promised that he would make changes following the home defeat to West Bromwich Albion and they were duly wrung, but not too many. Djourou and Gibbs replaced the rested Koscielny and Clichy, Fabianksi and Denilson the injured Almunia and Diaby whilst Wilshere and Rosicky were restored to the starting line-up. The spluttering electrics gave a hint of the evening ahead, Arsenal not at their fluent best, momentary flickers enough as the power was stored in the generator ahead of the weekend visit to Stamford Bridge.

The opening exchanges were unsurprisingly in Partizan’s favour. Cleo dallied, Squillaci harried and Denilson completed the clearance as the Serbs brought danger to the Arsenal penalty area. Fabianski was given a rude welcome to the match as Djourou’s weak header almost allowed in Boya, the Pole clattered in making a clearance he appeared not to know much about.

It was a sideshow however, the main act stepped up to the stage. Arshavin scuttled into the Partizan area, feeding Jack Wilshere. The youngster took two touches, keeping the ball under close control, not allowing the home defence an opportunity to steal possession, before returning the ball to the Russian who drilled home from ten yards. One-nil to the Arsenal, a familiar refrain.

There should have been more, Arshavin was profligate in front of goal, Stoijkovic saved from he and Rosicky before Arshavin lifted the ball over the former Wigan Athletic goalkeeper, only to see Jovanovic make a timely interception before the ball reached the goalline.

With half-time approaching, the missed opportunities were rued. Denilson needlessly handled Petrov’s cross and Cleo very calmly slotted the spot kick home. It looks good when it works but as the Brazilian-born Serb would find later to his cost, lazy when it does not as he would find to his cost later in the match.

Unsurprisingly, Partizan were bolstered and Arsenal slumbered through to half-time, a state of affairs which continued into the second half. Ten minutes in, Arshavin lofted a pass over the top of the Partizan defence, Chamakh became entangled with Jovanovic and used his experience to finagle a spot kick. The Serbian international received a red card for his fumbles, the Moroccan crumbled to the turf under the least influence. With Nasri on the bench, Arshavin crossed himself from the list of penalty takers, attempting power but finding only the feet of Stoijkovic as he dived to his right.

Numerical supremacy confirmed Arsenal’s ascendency in the match. Wilshere had a good run halted before he could find the power or direction in a shot to restore Arsenal’s lead whilst Arshavin was again denied moments later.

The threatened breakthrough was not long in coming. Rosicky crossed and saw Chamakh rise above his marker to send a header crashing onto the crossbar. Such was the power that the rebound was on the edge of the six yard area before anyone but the Arsenal forward realised, Chamakh crisply heading home. The match’s outcome, if not the scoreline, was sealed.

Ten minutes later, Sebastien Squillaci confirmed Arsenal’s maiden victory on Serbian soil, timing  his jump to meet Samir Nasri’s corner, a deftly angled header from the near post settled matters.

There was still time for the expected mistakes from the Arsenal goalkeeper to happen. Except no-one had told Fabianski this. Within a minute of the restart, Gibbs fouled ruthlessly on the edge of the area and Cleo’s tame effort from the resultant penalty was effortlessly turned aside by the Pole. And as the final whistle beckoned, a resounding stop from Iliev capped an excellent night’s work for the goalkeeper.

The shrill peep signalled the end of a ‘bits and pieces’ win. ‘Bits and pieces’ of the performance were excellent and provide good foundations for the trip to Chelsea. And sometimes, it is the wins carved from a performance which is not at the top of level of expectations do more for confidence than a crushing victory.

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. I don’t know what AW’s plans are when it comes to GKs, but I’ve always felt that something like 5 games without mishap would see Fabianski become number 1.

    Rooting for him of course.

  2. Mr Furious Styles

    good win, tough place to go. lets hope wilshere didnt pick up any knocks, he got kicked around quite a bit. did really gibbs foul the guy, or did he get to the ball? looked like the latter to me.

  3. Furious, it’s probably one of those ‘might not be given in the PL’ incidents. Chamakh is a very clever striker. How many penalties is that now? Good job he came after the Eduardo embargo was lifted!

  4. Looked like he got a bit of the ball to me (and outside the box). Let’s just hope we get a result on Sunday! Good game lads!

  5. Just what the doctor ordered, a win away from home in the CL. Whilst we are always regarded as nailed-on favourites for this type of game, it has always proved to be a bit of a banana skin in the past so it was good to get the job done.
    Some of the football last night was sublime and if the home team’s goalie had not played a blinder we could have seen the same kind of score we racked up against Braga.
    Arsene has a difficult decision to make on the goalie for Sunday as Fabianski had a very sound game whilst Alumnia (if fit) is likely to be low on confidence. It’s probably best to go for the player on the up, but its really a no-win situation for Wenger no matter who he picks.
    We are at our most dangerous when pressing the ball up the field rather than giving the opposition space to play. Against Chelsea teams get murdered if they give them too space so hopefully we’ll keep it tight on Sunday and nick a result – we are due one against Chelsea.

  6. Firstly WELL DONE FABIANSKI.. Many Arsenal fans still have faith that you will realise your potential. Obviously harder games to come, so keep at it.

    Secondly, to all the GK and player bashers, I fully expect you to still muster up the non-supportive type comments which will save face amongst yourselves for your lack of steel in supporting certain players through hard times.

    Well done Fabby!

  7. This is an apt description of this game, YW.

    “The shrill peep signalled the end of a ‘bits and pieces’ win.”

  8. A great cheer went up in the pub I was in when Fabianski saved the penalty. Free from irony I should add, but with much more feeling than it might otherwise have warranted had it not been Fabs. And then it was echoed as the relief on his face came over on the screens. Whenever he claimed high in the air there were shouts of “Go on, Fabs!”, and “Yes, Lukasz!” Of course I started much of this so it’s not an entirely representative sample but an encouraging start nonetheless.

    Quality performance. Thrilled for him.

    Wish the wallpaper was of the penalty save… but as it’s not I’m sticking with the yoots skewering the spuds at the Lane.

  9. This ain’t a baptism of fire for Fabianski. Chelski awaits. He also need to meet Stoke again to exorcise the memory of last season’s loss. (Was it in the FA Cup?) And to complete the exorcism rites, bring him on for Blackburn and Bolton as well.

  10. Gibbs’ ‘foul’ was a mile outside the box. I didn’t think it was a foul.

  11. Fabianski, wooooaaahh.

    His confidence seemed to rocket when he saved the penalty. Good lad!

    I wathced the highlight show after the match with Keys et al. Souness was asked about any criticismed he’d have of Arsenal (trophies & goalkeeper were the only ones he could cameup with – but he also said: “who am I to question Arsene?” – with that he went up in my estimation, but I digress), then that twat Redknapp couldn’t wait, he chirped in and spluttered nonsense about not having enough English players. We all know Redknapp is a mong, but I’m certain that once he’d uttered those words, one of his co-commentators let out a flabbergasted yelp of shock. “What?” came the gasp.

    I think it was Gullit and it’s a shame they didn’t explore that further as it momentarily threw them all and would have led to a really interesting discussion.

  12. When Chelsea play Arsenal they tend to defend deep and hit on the counter it has been their tactic only against us of course because they know if they decide to play possession football we will beat them hands down,. Will wenger decide to go full attack again or play cat and mouse? we very rarely do the latter. This season we have Chamakh and he is key to Sunday’s game. Terry and his mate do not like high balls and I think if we can load in few crosses into the box without commiting too many men forward and keeep it tight at the back, we could get a result. Even a draw would be a good result.

  13. Song was outstanding. Finds his form just in time for Stamford Bridge. Excellent. That pass into Arshavin to release Chamakh for the penalty… what a ripper.

  14. Limpar, I didnt get to watch the game. 1st one I have missed in gods know how long and feel like absolute crap for it!!

    Who else played well?

  15. Denilson’s goal-saving tackle in the opening exchanges was another favourite moment for me, and Rosicky’s perfect cross, and of course Jack’s magic assist.

  16. Gibbs and Chamakh were both excellent. Arshavin looked a genuine, pacey threat… which was odd. And Squillaci did a great job of organising himself and Djourou. Jack and Alex and Deni in the middle for me though. Top performers in a spirited, combative midfield battle. Even down to ten men the Serbs bust a gut, dropped their one up front and it didn’t even look like 11 against 10 to be honest – such was their work rate. Wasn’t enough though, we matched them and made our cutting edge tell.

  17. vics (mumbai gooner)

    Great result playing away in a hostile environment, especially when we played mostly in 2nd and 3rd gear. Hope this gives us a platform to hit the ground running at the bridge.

  18. Passenal mentioned on yesterday’s post about Fabianski being voted MOTM for the game against Patizan. I agree that when Fabianski reads this on – it is a visible indicator that fans are behind him.

    There’s absolutely no question that what he needs is the vocal support of the crowd as the away support did last night.

    Compare this to the poll run on Arseblog in the last 2 days about Arsenal keepers:

    Who would you pick in goal ( Poll Closed ) Manuel Almunia 17.32% (1,596 votes)Lukasz Fabianski 1.19% (110 votes)Vito Mannone 19.98% (1,842 votes)Wojciech
    Szczesny 61.51% (5,669 votes)Total Votes: 9,217

    It tells you something when Tech 9 himself considers Fabianski as Arsenal’s best keeper. In his last public interview (the one chopped and changed to fit agendas), he was even surprised as he expected Fabianski to be No. 1 from the beginning of the season, but the result against Legia changed that.

    On the question about whether Fabianski can survive the so called tests of Blackburn and Stoke RFC – in fairness, those two teams do not play football, they play rugby.

    I think it’s unfair to judge a keeper when the opposition players intentionally have a strategy to impede the keeper’s movement. This is against the laws of the game, but the English establishment interprets this as the English brand of physical football. When 3 6ft 5 inch players impede Fabianski from attacking the ball, how can that be his fault. It’s like asking him to play with a hand tied behind his back.

    And the truth is – they have done the same to many keepers including Schwarzer, Gomez, Cech, Given and reina.

    As for Jamie Redknapp, it was clear to see yesterday that the only reason punks like him don’t provide an impartial view ala Souness last night is that they’re xenophobic and don’t like foreigners one bit. How the hell can the producer sanction him claiming that the only thing wrong with Arsenal is that they don’t have enough English players?

  19. I like the new site been checking it out on phone

  20. Also, I’m a fan of the fans of Partizan. The third goal didn’t even throw them from their song or reduce the volume. Truely amazing bunch of fans.

    The midfield of Song and Denny = brilliant. Whenever Song went forward, Denny stayed back providing the cover. Song made good runs into the box too which on other days may see him receive a pass to be slotted home with aplomb. I just think he needs to work on his passing in the final third, and then he will be a truly all-round midfielder.

    Denny proving his intelligence and technique. As Limpar said, that sliding tackle he made early on was sublime.

    However, I think if Diaby’s fit, it will be he and Song that will start at Chelsea for reasons of size

  21. Don’t get carried away. Song and Denilson were awful. They gave the ball away or lost ossession constantly. Better opposition will take advantage of this. I just hope these two don’t play together on Sunday.

  22. Thanks Limpar

    I think if we get our game plan right for Chelsea we can really frustrate them. The extra bite we have in our team should prove enough to finally stop Drogba! It would have been nice to have Vermaelen back for this one, but maybe Squillaci’s experience can instead prove decisive.

    With the addition of Chamakh, we have a very clever striker who will cause all types of problems for Terry and co, I see us as a more clinical team now even without RvP. If we attack Chelsea as we have done in the past, but keep our cool and positional awareness at the back, we can cause a major upset and swing the title in our favour.

  23. It’s funny when even the Liverpool Echo gives more support to Arsenal players than Triple A fans.

  24. Darius,

    I think I’m gonna complain to Sky? They probably pay Redknapp quite a lot to spout his nonsense, but he’s really an unnecessary burden on their wage bill , and certainly not value for money. His analysis has yet to be insightful and his articulation has much to be desired. They should really fire him and give his role to Le Tissier

    They may be privately owned but their are still funded but our money, so I think I will!

  25. Sunu and JET were excellent against Blackpool reserves. First team, here they come…

  26. Well done The Arsenal – i will refrain from saying anything about any player in case i offend them with my attacks! Suffice to say a great win in a hostile ground under big pressure. Oh to be a Goonah!! Now lets watch Man City lose away in sunny Spain and the spuds get a lesson in counter attacking snatch and grab footie from Twente 🙂

  27. Very much agree, Darius @10am. Good post.

    Chris, much of the match resembled an away game in the Premier League. The Serbs did a good job of closing us down, on to us very quickly… but we were even quicker and got the ball away to a yellow shirt consistently. Much too good for them, much too fast in the pass and fleet of foot. Good practice for the Chelsea game… not a rhythm-breaking stroll against Portugese Brazilians.

  28. Fabianski is tied with Chamakh, but even if the MOTM award goes to Chamakh in the end, it should still give Wookash a boost to know he is appreciated.

  29. of course i meant Man Utd, but you knew that 😉

  30. Gadget.

    The only presenter I have time for at Sky is Jeff Stelling, a life long Hartlipool supporter who is a consumate professional.

    The simple reason is that he is so passionate about football, has an excellent insight of the game, and attacks any topic like he was supporting Hartlipool. He has very good energy and brings his shows to life, this in spite of some of the clowns he works with like Merson.

    I know for a fact that Sky seeks certain ‘characters’ in the game for that cutting edge in punditry, the additional extra that will generate some sensationalism to keep the crowds coming. However, Jamie Redknapp is as underwhelming as they come.

    I suppose one thing that goes against Arsenal is very fiew (Ray Parlour is the only one who comes to mind – maybe Stewart Robson) ex-Arsenal players do the circuits on radio and TV and therefore we end up with pundits who have a natural disposition against Arsenal. I don’t count Wrighty and Merson, they’re just cunts whenever someone puts a camera in front of them.

    But as for Redknapps xenophobia live on TV last night, I would actually fire the producer for allowing that to go on air, and by implication validating the jingoistic rubbish that Redknapp advocates.

    He might as well put up a placcard saying “Don’t support Arsenal until they get rid of the bloody foreigners” instead of answering any questions about Arsenal posed to him.

  31. Sounds like we are in a decent shape to take on Chelski. I just hope we show a bit more patience than we normally do in these big games. We always seem to concede a stupid soft counter attack goal.

    It could be the case of whos more clinical on the counter attack by the sounds of things. Chelsea have got a rep for it now, while the quickness of our passing will surely catch them out if they hold a high line and go for possession (which they rarely do or are able to gain).

    I hope they get ahead of themselves and try to attack us.

  32. Song this season it appears is under instruction to play much further up the pitch and get into the box more often. This has of course taken a fair bit from what he did last season which was to sit much more deeper and generally break down play and be a nuisance. The criticisms he is receiving seems to ignore that clearly he has been asked to play a slightly different role. Against Chavski I would prefer that he sits in front of the back four and lil Jack play a more forward role.

  33. Darius

    Its a shame to hear Redknapp saying such things. At least he is more open than the rest!? who seem to take nasty digs at our club, manager and players all because they are not English. I know the majority are foreign, but I can count a hatful of decent English players who started or were introduced to professional football by our club.

    Then the ones that do make it, Wilshire, Theo, Gibbs, and in the past Adams, Keown, Parlour, Dixon.. they are and were all very very good players. We will be providing in the near future probably the best CM in the world, the best LB in the country where his potential is enormous. Theo is already a player that scares defences all over the world.. then you have players like Lansbury, Hoyte, Frimpong, JET.. and many others who will prove to be good players.

    It just shows you how biassed the pundits are, and its a shame as Arsenal has already given so much to English football, and will continue to. We don’t play mediocre English players like Bentley if they don’t deserve the chance. Its simple.

  34. The game at chelski will be about who takes their chances. We had a few 1 on 1s last night that if they happen against chelski simply cannot be missed. Possession meant nothing against them last season because we didnt create and didnt take advantage of our superior possession. Now we have a proper centre forward (and Chamakh seems to be just that) we can leave him to lead the line and occupy Terry and Alex (man its gonna be tough for Chamakh) we can then have AA23 Jack and Nasri zippin about them. Will need someone alongside Song to cover the defense too. And we just cant give them a goal either. Cautiously optimistic but ill take a draw now.

  35. I’m a happy bunny this morning. I thought we played quite well as a team.
    I don’t agree that Song had a good game, by his own standards. He was sloppy on a number of occasions, conceding possession rather cheaply. Apart from his brilliant assist from the first goal, I didn’t think Wilshere did that well either, compared to the other games were he was playing from deep. Me thinks he just might be better suited to playing as a deep lying playmaker, a la Pirlo etc. For one, he’s long range passing is miles better than Songs or Denilsons.
    I however did think Denilson had a good game overall. Rosicky too. Arshavin also had one of his better games imo.
    Hope this is the beginning of a good run for Fabianski, because like many have said, this was probably the easiest test he’ll face if e hopes to replace Almunia.

  36. Darius. I meant to say .. more ‘underhand’ nasty digs at our club.

  37. What did the twitchy wheeler dealer say ??

  38. I heard from the match commentators that we had lost 6 out of 9 away games in the CL before last night’s match, so it wasn’t the walk in the park I thought it was gonna be for the boys. Puts the result in perspective doesn’t it? Good game.

    Anyone heard any updates re Cesc’s injury? any chance he’ll be okay for the weekend tie?

  39. I love song and have spent many hours defending him but i’m not convinced he had a great game yesterday. He was okay, but his passing wasn’t as good as it normally is. The only players with worse success rates were arshavin and wilshere both of whom you’d expect to be attempting more killer balls. I did really enjoy denilson’s performance though, I think he’s been excellent every time i’ve seen him this year.

  40. Chris Gooner – you know what the irony is?

    Chelsea have only Terry, Cashley and Lampard as English players in their first team
    United have Scholes and Rooney as the only Englishmen in their regular first team
    Liverpool have Glenn Johnson and Steven Gerrard
    Arsenal have Gibbs, Little Jack Willy and Walcott

    Even at the first team level, we are certainly not as anti-English as the media portray us to be. More importantly, under the first team, we have the largest pool of talented English players of all the top clubs. In addition like you say, we have ex-Arsenal academy graduates who are English sprinkled all over the leagues.

    This is just another example of a fallacy peddled in the media to add fuel to the misguided narrative about Arsenal being anti-English.

  41. Mr Furious Styles


    appearanly cesc has a “little chance”

  42. Actualy ChrisG, I hope their gameplan isn’t to to attack us. Chelsea seem to be a formidable attacking force this season and I’m not too confident that our defence will be able to hold out against sustained barracking. Instead I hope the try to seat back and contain us, like they did against man city. I’m more confident that we’ll be able to contain their counterattacks this time and hopefully nick a goal or two ourselves. I also hope our midfield is properly switched on this time and we’re able to effectively keep possession, unlike at the westbrom and sunderland games.

  43. Thanks Furious, but thats not good news at all.

  44. Song was everywhere. He won us far more possession than he gave away. And Jack was his lively, slinky self.

  45. Great result yesterday. I was truly hoping for a flawless performance from Fabianski for confidence sake.
    I still see him as our no 1, but with the constant scrutiny of every error from the media and fans alike, one only wonders if he can fulfill his true potentials at Arsenal.

    This season has seen a lot of red cards and penalties in matches involving Arsenal, mostly courtesy of Chamakh.. A question though,which one of Alex or Terry will see red on Sunday?

  46. Darius. I find that quite remarkable that they only have 2 or 3 English players in the national team. On top of that their failure to pay any attention to bringing through young English players (well until now, where they have no choice but to occasional use a few), they should really be strongly criticised by the media in all fairness.

    Man Utd’s old guard of Scholes, Neville, Beckham brought a lot to the national team, but the majority of English players they have had called up have been purchased for extroardinary sums and developed elsewhere. I don’t see what Man Utd has given to English football. So too with Chelsea, who have they brough through? Lampard was West Ham, Cole was Arsenal, Terry? Is he the only Chelsea made national player…?

    Remarkable how much stick we have got in the past and still today.

  47. LimparAssist,

    I’m not convinced. This being the internet it’s impossible for me to state an opinion without it seeming like utter condemnation or incredibly high praise so I’ll clarify that I don’t think he was bad necessarily. For me though, he wasn’t up to his usual standard.

    If there’s praise to be handed out in central midfield then Denilson deserves the bulk of it. He almost definitely won’t get it though because he’s too lightweight/lazy/stupid/incapable of passing/scared of tackling/foreign (delete according to whichever lazy judement you’ve bought into.)

  48. Chris,
    If you are presented with a piece of information which doesn’t fit what you’ve always believed to be true then it’s easier to discard the new fact than it is your entire belief system. Everybody knows that arsenal don’t shoot from outside the box and don’t have any english players. If they do shoot from more than 18 yards or have some of the brightest english talents in their side then it must just be an anomaly.

  49. Just hope Almunia is fit from his “injury”and is fit for sunday.Or else it could be a massacre.Almunia is still a better keeper than Fabianski

  50. ChrisGooner.

    Both United and Chelsea are desperately following Arsenal’s model of youth development as best they can. Unfortunately for them, they’re light years away and it’s out of necessity.

    United are broke – plain and simple and that’s why they have no option but to go for youth as a long terms strategy; Chelsea have no choice because Uncle Abramovich is signing no more cheques and unless they can make the money through transfers or actual club revenues, they’re not going to sign anyone of significance.

    However, the point is that despite how Arsenal has been derided on this issue for years, we have been responsible for nurturing the largest volume of English talent from the ranks of the top clubs. Everyone from Sidwell to Jerome Thomas, from Cashley to Upson – most people would be shocked to know how many English players passed through the hands of Arsenal on their way to a career.

    Even more scary, is the curren crop of English players at Arsenal who are going to become the core of the English national team for the next decade and beyond. Players like Gibbs, Wilshere, Walcott, JET, Lansbury, Frimpong, Eastmond, Bartley, Afobe, Chuks et al – all of whom play Wengerball in their sleep.

    These so called hacks and pundits can’t even see the bigger picture.

  51. Hats off to Fabianski – Ive been a massive critic but he made two excellent saves and no mistakes. Always good to see an arsenal player as pumped as he was after the pen save!

  52. Once again the outstanding Arsenal player was Jack a genius in the making.The backheel for the first goal was outstanding.And he gets kicked all over the place but still comes back for more.Our player of the season so far

  53. gib

    I didn’t catch the game, but Song couldn’t have played worse than he has done this season. I hope he rediscovers his form and gets back to his old self. Last season he was amazing throughout.

    Denilson is a really underestimated player, and does so much for the team you only realise it when hes absent. A bit Gilberto, but Denilson is a completely different player. A quick passer, mops up the play, keeps the ball moving, and reads the game very well. He has a fantastic engine, and he is a player that you can always count on to give 100% and put in a decent performance every time. I think most fans know how important he can be and how Denilson’s game/style contributes to our team.

    We tend to look at Song and Diaby as stornger players, more physical, etc etc and overlook Denilson. Both Song and Diaby are good players when on their game, but for me Denilson is Mr reliable.

  54. CG,

    I don’t think he’s been bad this season, just playing in a role we’re not used to seeing him in. I think Wenger wants him closing breaking midfielders much more quickly so he’s taking up a more advanced position and with it, seeing the ball more further forward. It’s the opposite of how I thought our system would evolve. I thought he’d end up playing deeper and both full backs would be given even more license to attack.

    You don’t need to convince me about Denilson. I think he’s a wonderful player and in games where ball retention is important, one of the most important players on the pitch. Don’t agree that most fans agree with us there though but perhaps that’s just a reflection on the circles we move in.

  55. This season Song has tried to be more than he is currently able. Last season he was good and solid at the simple stuff he was asked to do. Sit and protect, be a strongarm hustler in midfield , pass simply to those in better positions.

    This season (whether told to or not) hes been in a more advanced position. Often in front of the ball. Trying to push forwards more often in search of a goal.(i mentioned this a few times after listening to a few of his interviews, he seem to have got it into his head that goals make him a better player!) And trying passes hes not able to pull of on a regular basis.

    Now while i applaud him for trying to better himself, theres a lot to be said for knowing your limitations too. Dont over extend at the cost to your best attributes from a season where you were lauded as a missing piece of midfield since Gilberto/Flamini.

  56. Still radiating with pride. Bursting actually. I love my football team. I support them win, lose or draw. Of course I am happier when they win. I am old enough to understand that we will lose sometimes and positively hate those who use our setbacks as an excuse to destroy confidence in our manager and team. Step up Fabulous Fabianski.

    Interesting observations:
    – It is pretty obvious that although he is nominally a DM, Song has license to bomb forward and be disruptive. He is wonderful at that and wins many balls but his passing, to be charitable, Needs Improvement.
    – In the absence of Walcott, most of our attacking play in the final third is coming from Arshavin. The little Russian is deceptively quick with the ball and is tricky. He is growing in this role with a well established reputation for being able to unlock defences with his passes. But he needs to be more clinical in front of goal. Had he scored from the other 2 or 3 gilt-edged chances we had in the the 1st half, this would be a Braga-esque victory. Come on Arsha, you could be a legend.
    – Chamakh, the best piece of business over the summer. Came on a Free, can you believe it If I was a selling club I would hate doing business with Wenger. Those fookers at Bourdeaux tried to rip us off in 2009 by sticking a 6 million Euro price tag on a player in his final year. Wenger stared them down and it was worth the wait. Most English commentators are hypocrites; in one breath they praise Rooney and Gerrard for going down on the slightest contact in the box yet when Chamakh made sure to emphasize Javenovic’s (sp) illegal contact when in on goal, the one on my feed said he went down a bit easily. Brilliant Chamakh, brilliant.
    – Anyone remembers Gallas or Sol. Squillaci (and Koscielny) is a proper defender.

  57. I always wonder why Chamakh isn’t penalty taker? Strikers usually like to rachet up the goals.
    It was a good win, solid game, as YW aptly said, a ‘bits and pieces’ performance really, but we dominated from 15 minutes in to 85 minutes.
    Gibbs looks very good. When Clichy came on later in a left midfield role he and Gibbs looked a great combination, just a thought.
    Denilson and Rosicky were both excellent, they ran than show really.
    Sagna was very good too. Song was OK. Arsh did what he does.
    But Fabianski after the penalty save, hmmmm … I bet nothing would get passed him after that, he was up for it; nice to see.
    Happier everyone?

  58. Gadget at 9:27. and Darius at 10:26. I agree with Souness when he says that: “Arsenal has done everything right except win trophies.” If it’s a project that’s bound to succeed – and I expect it will – then we will see the trophies soon! Redknapp does express a point which even a foreigner like myself finds interesting. Arsenal should have more English players. The law of economics says that with more foreigners in the league, and an appreciation of what they bring, will produce a high quality English player. The same panel including Redknapp had raving views on Wilshere. He’s pass to Arshavin for the first goal was equated to Messi’s artistry. Redknapp and Wenger are on the same wavelength as strange as it may sound! Wenger gave the example of Johann Cruff’s developing a youth programme at Barcelona. He believes that’s why Barcelona are so dominant now, and with a strong contingent of homegrown players. Wilshere is probably just the first of many English talents that will emerge from the Arsenal project. Redknapp being English is less patient than Wenger. Of course Wenger doesn’t have any particular loyalty to the Three Lions so cannot be as passionate as Redknapp.

  59. Apparently AA23 has created/been involved in 20 goals so far this season. Quite an attacking threat and would be even more impressive if he and others had been more clinical with finishes. Hes far more effective when central and Nasri seems to be when played wider – but they interchange so often i doubt it really matters where they start!

  60. @ DeiseGooner
    Surely, there is never anything wrong with adding to your game. Song wouldn’t be doing this unless he had Wenger’s blessing or instructions, and if Wenger thinks he is capable of it, who are we to argue? Don’t forget that a player can take some time to be able to reproduce in a match the skills he shows in training. Also Song has a very able deputy in Denilson and in fact all of our midfielders are good at defending. So why not? It’s not as if he is suddenly being asked to play as a striker – getting forward and linking with strikers IS the job of a midfielder. The Arsenal team is a dynamic, evolving entity and this development is part of that.

  61. Arsenal have been reliant on foreign players simply because as a rule they have been more technically proficient players, due to their training methods, which Wenger has brought to The Arsenal. To play the way Wenger wants you need to have outstanding technique. The majority of English players havent had this ability (there will always be exceptions) simply due to the outdated training methods used at youth level. Wenger set about changing that and Jack seems to be one of the first to have his football education based around technique, hes been with the club since he was 8 or something. More to follow, it looks like too. But in the interim the foreign players ruled the Arsenal first team. Personally i dont care where they come from but it is nice to be able to bring English talent through the ranks again.

  62. Deise @11:32 am.

    If you acknowledge that Song might be under instruction from Wenger to play the alternative role he is playing in the middle of the park, then how do you then argue with him following instructions from his manager who wants him to perform a different function, while other players in the team deal with defensive issues in midfield? Surely, he’s just doing what he’s been asked to?

    I joked yesterday about Song’s passing by saying “he’s not exactly Cesc, is he?” but that was in recognition that this area of his game is exactly what Wenger might want him to improve.

    If he was that good at it, then he wouldn’t need to improve. Besides, what’s to say that this isn’t a deliberate strategy to confuse opposition who expect Song to play the stereotypical DM role? They won’t know what to do with him and his hair cut in the final 3rd because like many out there, they expect him to sit deep and fold his arms waiting for the next attack.

    My sense is that there’s method to the madness and it takes time for it to work. We’ve seen players like Bendtner and Diaby shoved to the wing in order to improve their play and learn to be more disciplined in some aspects of their game. They’ve undoubtedly improved for that experience.

  63. Clearly, Chelsea have the edge this weekend, not to mention the entire media. I like that. Arsenal will give them a match, of that I am certain.
    Arsenal made ‘it’ – a midweek away game, in Serbia, in a ‘hostile’ atmosphere after a home loss, with many changes, and against a team that refused to lie down and was quite well organised in defence – look quite easy.
    I found myself thinking you could change all 11 players from yesterday, and come up with a very strong team in 3 months (when guys are back from injury or back in form).
    That’s Arsenal.

  64. FunGooner – i did say i applaud him for attempting to better himself, and im all for adding more strings to his bow. But i will just say not at the expense of what has come before. Slowly, slowly does it. Hes only 23 afterall.

  65. I thought Song’s performance was really encouraging because he was winning his tackles and looking very strong. We won the battle in midfield and Song was a big part of that. He covered a hell of a lot of ground for the team. His passing wasn’t great and it hasn’t been all season, that’s taking some time to warm up.

    Maybe I’m getting carried away. I was quite nervous before kick-off and had a few Guinesses to take the edge off. When Song started charging about and the Serbians were just bouncing off him I thought – that’s it! He’s back! (He looks a bit like a freshly poured pint of Guiness at the moment actually, Alex Song.)

  66. Deise – Please, please, not that meme about Arsha’s best role is playing more centrally behind the main striker. If we were playing 4-4-2, maybe. But it is the height of arrogance to assert that Wenger’s decision to play Arsha wide left is unfounded. You just said he’s been involved in some way or other with 20 goals scored. I fully agree with you on one point, he needs to be more clinical in front of goal.

    BTW: Johnny – Have you revised your views about the little Russian? he was quite busy all over the field yesterday and very vocal. I simply hope he has more in the tank when we play the KGB-Fulham on Sunday.

  67. Shotta, why was it worth the wait? He could have helped Arsenal in all competitions last year. He played all league games for Bordeaux and we desperately needed depth in the position. Wenger knows talent and identified him as a good fit for Arsenal. Imagine last year with a proper striker when RvP and Bendtner were out and Arshavin was played there. They are both out now and we see his value.

    It can’t be changed so we shouldn’t dwell on history when there is so much to talk about this week, but we needn’t say that it was worth saving a few million when as a free he must have had a signing on bonus this summer, we have had large profits the last two years, and we needed a replacement for Adebayor. Maybe we would have won the league last year and made 2-3 million more prize money for doing so.

    Otherwise, good result even if we had some ups and downs. Congrats to fabianski for a very good performance. You could see how much he enjoyed it. He seems to have a sense of humor as well judging from his latest interview on Arsenal tv. Enjoy it and be ready for Drogba.

  68. The asking price wasn’t €6 Million, was it? I thought we bid in that region for him, but Bordeaux wanted something ridiculous like 15-20 million for him.

  69. Seems like the injury gremlins are implementing their equal opportunity policy this year.

    Do Tottenham for example even have any defenders left?

    With United, Rio is still collecting air miles from the physio room and Rooney is crocked. Chelsea are a couple of injuries away from playing a Kindergarten…

  70. Kenyan Gunner,

    Regarding English players, the problem is quality doesn’t have a nationality. You can’t say we should have English players just because we’re a team based in England. (To advocate such runs foul of anti-discrimination legislations).

    Any lack of English players in our team has little to do with us, and more to do with the footballing landscape. This is all-too familiar ground though, and so I shalln’t say any more other than advocating English players should seek to play on foreign shores. It says something that in this day and age the only English footballers who have plied their trade abroad have been Hargreaves and Beckham.

    Fortunately our academy looks to be gifting English youth with skills and technique, so such claims are moot anyway.

    Also the laws of economics fails to take in to account ignorance and xenophobia. Dive like a dirty cheating foreigner or go in for a strong robust challenge like an Englishman? Such is the question for the young impressionable kids

  71. Shotta agree whole heartedly with your points, but couldn’t help being amused at your dig at the doomers. Couldn’t help yourself could you? 😉

    This need for bashing other supporters of the same club by you and some other on here never fails to intrigue me. Its like you guys really believe to be a good fan of the club, you have to express hatred at every opportunity for the less optimistic supporters.

    Do you think that sort of hate filled attitude really benefits the club in any way? Would Wenger himself approve of such behavior towards fellow supporters? Shouldn’t fans be more understanding of each other’s viewpoint? Why this need for such much bile all the time?

    Seriously would you guys actually be happy when the clubs starts winning things and there are hardly any doomers /anti-arsenal pundits left to bash?

  72. Shotta – my point was that purely on the basis that he has more options when central and releases the ball quicker that Nasri makes him more effective centrally than Nasri, who likes to hold onto the ball a bit more. I qualified it by saying they tend to rotate positions anyway so its much of a muchness.

  73. By the way, heres hoping for a quick recovery for Gooner Bartley who had his cheekbone broken in recent game for Sheffield UTD. 2 months out i believe!

  74. My team to play Chavski:


    Sagna Squillaci Koscielny Gibbs

    Cesc Song Diaby

    Nasri Chamakh Arshavin

    Bench: Fabianski, Wilshere, Rosicky, Denilson, Vela, Djourou, Clichy

    I think they’ll have;

    Ivanovic Alex Terry Cole
    Ramirez Mikel Essien
    Anelka Drogba Malouda

    Bench: Hilario, Bruma, Zhirkov, Sturridge, Kakuta, Mceachran, Fereira

  75. Just watched the reserves highlights, and I’ll say again – Jernade Meade isn’t real, is he? Will he grow any more, or is that it for him?

    JET’s an enigma, isn’t he? AW implied recently that he lacks hunger, but he’s still scored five in five for the reserves this season + just as many assists. I’m just not sure what good it will do him to continue cruising at that level.

    Despite all the injuries in the squad he’s only made the bench once for us this season, and without knowing much about his character or relationship with AW, or what his goals are for this season, I think he needs first team football soonish.

    I’m sure Owen Coyle and Fat Sam saw him brutalising their reserve defenders; he could do a lot worse than a loan to that kind of club.

    Actually, if there is a problem with heart, the shortest of stints at a side like Blackburn, where every player is expected to muck in, might be the making of him.

  76. Ole, if as is equally likely that Cesc is unavailable to start, who do you play in central mid, who comes off your bench to start? I give it to wilshere.

  77. DeiseGooner
    I think Song’s passing improved significantly last season when he was sitting in the DM role in midfield. He had time on the ball to play the short ‘give n go’ ball and was also able to look up and thread a ball through the defence. As he has pushed up the field this season the space closes down and the amount of time he has on the ball falls dramatically.
    Last night he was trying too hard to thread a ball past the man directly in front of him in the final third of the field when the space just wasn’t there. He isn’t the most manoeuvrable of players in the final third either where quick feet and deft touches are needed.
    I’d love him to carry on developing his game in the middle of the field, closing down and picking out those killer passes.

  78. Darius I accept your point when the keeper is impeded by a dirty tactics from the like of Stoke and Blackburn then its not his fault But one thing is needed to add is to dominate the box by any means, he needs to make it his territory. A prime example of that is Jens Lehman he use to kick the bully boys prior to any corner or free kick is taken, wind them up, step on their toes all sort of things sometimes its hilarious but its effective and puts the opposing players off. He even gave a rollicking to the Arsenal defenders when they switched off, this kind of things is not coached it is something that you learn over the years. I would love to see Fab or Almunia getting nasty. If he feels he’s been pushed or obstructed he does something to draw the ref’s attention.

    It might look silly but it works .

  79. Oh so great Song love-in continues.
    I’m not sure if AW instructed Song to bomb forward at every opportunity as he lacks pace and hence, when things go wrong, he cannot track back. He is almost ditching his defensive duties, and that’s putting a lot of pressure on all defenders, which cannot be a good thing. If Song is modelling his playing style on Flamini, well I just hope for things to turn alright.

  80. Limestonegunner,
    That makes it harder. Yesterday we played what seemed to me to be a 4-4-2 diamond formation with MC & AA upfront, JW at the tip of the diamond, Denilson at its base, and TR & AS on each side but keeping quite narrow.

    If we use this formation against Chelsea I’d play Wilshere again at the tip of the Diamond. If we play the standard 4-3-3 I’d play Nasri or Rosicky

  81. Chamakh has a reputation in France of going down too easily. I think he went down easily last night. He’s got to stay on his feet sometimes. I’m not saying there wasn’t a foul but once he gets that reputation in England it will cost us more than it gets us. Someone should have a word with him.

    Not accusing him of anything. But many many people believe Arsenal players go down easily, and a high-profile incident deemed a doubt could be a return of the Eduardo embargo

  82. Well what can i say? Fabianski was excellent. Makes me feel very harsh about what i’d said about him last week. He didn’t have much to do all in all but when he was called upon, he was class, composed and confident. He claimed crosses with ease, saved the penatly with ease and seemed to have more command of his defenders. Great to see. Keep it up Fabster!

    It seems that this whole team’s performances are massively dictated by mentality. When we scored the first goal, the lads started playing in the way we all know and love. But when we conceded, the confidence looked so shot it was scary… When we’re in the right frame of mind and play proper wengerball we’re unstoppable, but when there’s just a tiny bit of doubt, they seem very shakey at times.

    Let’s hope they’re all up for it for the Chelsea match. Time to mount our serious title challenge.


  83. Fabianski did well when called upon, and his performance should at least keep the most vocal doubters silent for a while, although you just know he is only one howler away from having people call for his head again … But his two saves late on – the penalty and the injury time stop from Iliev – were exceptional reflex stops. Good on him.

    Ultimately, we are on six points out of six and we can go to Stamford Bridge on the back of a win. Decent performance, great result.

  84. Response to Henristic:
    H – .”…couldn’t help being amused at your dig at the doomers. ”
    SG – You are so sensitive, darling.
    H – “This need for bashing other supporters of the same club by you and some other on here never fails to intrigue me.”
    SG – Doesn’t even come close to the bashing that some so-called supporters here, but especially on the AAA blogs, dish out out on Wenger and our team for the temerity to be human and thus lose a game . Those in glasshouses…..

  85. Fabz did all that was required of him. Lets not get carried away here. In almost all of his most recent appearances hes looked hesitant and without confidence and was targeted because of this. To keep his confidence after a mistake so he doesn’t fall to pieces is what he needs to show now. Look what a boost he got from saving that pen.

  86. Ole,
    Why Gibbs over Clichy?
    Based on your formation, I think I’d play Wilshire for Diaby. Considering Diaby’s possible lack of fitness/inconsistency it would be a bit more of a gamble playing him over Wilshire imo. If Cesc is still unavailable, I’d play Denilson in his place. I believe keeping possession will be a big advantage for us.

  87. Good win last night. Made it a bit difficult for ourselves, but a good win nonetheless.

    Really pleased for Squillachi (first goal) and Fabianski for his pen save. He also made a goos top after the pen, and if anybody needed a bit of a lift it was him. Hurrah.

    I loved our goals as well. AA had a great game (pen miss aside), and his finish was really no nonsense. him and Wilshere seem to play on the same wavelength which bodes well. Chamakh showed what he offers with a goal nobody else in the squad would have scored.

    Gibbs was unlucky with the pen as it was clearly ourside the area. Denilson’s was a stupid one to give away.

    6 points and 9 goals. Great start to our CL run.

  88. 1LC – Yes, I remember Jens legendary tactics in the box to draw the refs attention with giving as good as it gets. Clearly, for a goal keeper, he held the record for the number of bookings he got for his troubles.

    I remember one particular incident – it may have been against Drogba, when Drogba dived and didn’t get the penalty. Jens was so insensed that he play acted what Drogba did and the keeper dived to achieve maximum illustrtive impact. This he did while pointing at Drogba as if to say “this is what you did, you damn punk”.

    For his troubles, Jens got a yellow card.

    It’s hard to say what is the best tactic to deal with the rugby clubs who crowd the near post with neanderthals or impede players at set pieces. The solution has to be an overall team effort, and not just up to the keeper to deal with alone.

    I must admit, watching Chamakh climb all over Samba was quite funny if anything, but it illustrated a shift in our mindset on how to deal with the rugby tactics.

  89. Merson misery guts also said that Arsenal wouldn’t have scored a goal like Chamack’s last night last season.

    Like Diaby’s goal against Liverpool, another pearler from the magic boots of Rosicky.
    Why doesn’t he spend his time pointing out blatant dives by Waynetta and Stevie Me? I wonder.
    And speaking of magic boots, that slide from Denilson, it was full of gr*t!
    Love it.
    Loving the backheel flicks betwixt Chamack, Arshavin and Wilshere.

    To be fair, from a line out (long throw) in Rugby, you are not allowed to make any contact with your opponent.

  90. I think Partizan were much better than people are giving us credit for. Their home record is incredible and you can see why. This was a fully committed battle and a great away win for The Arsenal.

    People were on about West Brom playing well, they didn’t play half as well as this lot.

  91. Darius – If i remember rightly Jens was claiming Drogba stood on his foot or something like that. He really was a drama queen, but you could not help but love him.

  92. Henristic | September 29, 2010 at 1:23 pm |

    Gibbs is better in the air. Chelsea will almost certainly put Drogba against Clichy and keep knocking it long. It’s a hard choice but I think he’s better in the air and I’ll play him for that reason.

    It’s also down to physical considerations that I’ll select Diaby. I’m more convinced than ever the key to beating Chelsea is to win or give as much as you get in duels. You have to compete.

    By the way, I’d consider dropping Song for Denilson who’s in better form at the moment.

    Wilshere linked very well with Arshavin and Chamakh last night and has to be a prime candidate to play. However, we might lose a bit of steel in the middle

  93. lol. SG

    After all, someones gotta speak for the poor doomers no? 😉
    Anyways, thanks for not coming out all guns blazing in your reply. I guess you woke up on the right side of the bed this morning eh?

    I know some fans go OTT, and some are just plain crazy/pathological in their hatred of Wenger and the club’s policy. But expressing so much vitriol in revenge is the least Wengerite approach to take, don’t you think?

    Isn’t it better to just ignore their stupidity, starving them of the attention they crave? All the revenge bashing serves to do is to polarize the well meaning redeemable) of those kind of fans. How does that help the cause at all?

  94. Limpar.

    Last season, Bendtner also scored goals like the one Chamakh did last night. Case in point – the equalizer against Stoke away.

    Eduardo also hammered a peach of a header into the back of the net – even though Upson was all over him like a cheap suit – when Arsenal beat West ham in the 3rd round of the FA cup. And that’s not even acknowledging the goal Diaby planted in the net against Liverpool at home.

    Where the fuck do these guys get their facts from.

  95. I remember Jens pushing Cronaldo over once when the ball was off the field – one of my fondest memories of Mad Jens!

  96. You dont become a good keeper overnight!!!!

  97. Duke – that’s very true, but he seems a real confidence player (like most of our team), so hopefully it’ll help him gain some consistency – providing there are no howlers next time he plays!

  98. Impeccable logic. Duke. Must be why Arsene keeps faith with his keepers. Must be he reckons they didnt become crap overnight.

  99. So we all agree Gibbs is better then Clichy and Djourou is better then Koscielny??.

  100. Ole,

    Fair points about Gibbs. I don’t agree that Diaby gives any more steel in midfield than Wilshire. That boy is a terrier., and he is consistent in the few games he’s played. You always know what you’ll get with him.
    Granted, Diaby might help with aerial balls, but its mostly our defender that’ll need to deal with that. Thing with Diaby is you never know how he’ll play on the day due to his inconsistency and on current form it I’d be very worried about his tendency to dwell on the ball too long. Chelsea won’t be slow to win the ball back every chance the get. Won’t mind him coming on as substitute to add drive though.

    I share your thoughts re Song vs Denislson

  101. “Fabz did all that was required of him. Lets not get carried away here. In almost all of his most recent appearances hes looked hesitant and without confidence and was targeted because of this. To keep his confidence after a mistake so he doesn’t fall to pieces is what he needs to show now. Look what a boost he got from saving that pen.”

    Diese, I can’t lie: this post annoys me for quite a few reasons, so I seek elaboration to mull over like a warmed wine.
    1) who’s has been getting carried away, and how?
    2) if he’s done that was required of him, how is it possible to excel?
    3) it seems you recognise the necessity of having a confident goalkeeper, so with that said, do you criticise those fans who jeered Almunia last weekend?

  102. I think Gibbs has something Clichy doesn’t, not quite sure what yet – maybe he’s more decisive in the tackle..? But i’d be tempted to say i’d prefer him in there these days. It was interesting to see that Clichy came on as the more advanced left sided player, suggests that Wenger has more faith in Gibbs’ defensive ability…

  103. thing with Diaby is after 5 mins you know if he is going to have a good or a shit game, must be the only player on the planet who you could sub after 5 mins.

  104. Are Cesc and TV5 out for Chavs then?

  105. Thing with Diaby is you never know how he’ll play on the day due to his inconsistency and on current form it I’d be very worried about his tendency to dwell on the ball too long.

    If he’s fit I’ll play Diaby every game. Watch games in which Diaby struggles, it’s usually just after he returns from injury. Beyond that he always plays well, and he gets into a lot of duels. I’m sorry, JW is a terrier and all, but he just doesn’t have Diaby’s physical impact. He just doesn’t.

  106. I am extremely happy for Fabiański, to get a mistake free performance is just what his confidence needed.

    Is league 1 better than the Polish Extraklasa?

    Everyone seems to be of the opinion that Szczesny is the better keeper based on half a season at Brentford. We are allowed to get carried away based on a few months in league 1. Let’s not forget that Jay Simpson was player of the year in that same league.

    Fabiański came to Arsenal as the best young goalkeeper in Europe, voted goalkeeper of the year twice in the Extraklasa, helping Leiga win their league during that time. Yet we are quite ready to consign him to the rejects bin after a few mistakes (yes it’s a few, albeit consecutively).

    Let’s not forget that a young Iker Casillas after a blistering start to his career lost his place after mistakes similar to Fabiański´s, only to get a chance after an injury to César Sánchez and never looked back.

    My point is Fabiański is young, he’s made mistakes, but you he can still be the goalkeeper we’ve been looking for. Maybe last night was his “Road to Damascus”

  107. Duke, have you always been so negative?? I disagree about Diaby. He can go 70 mins without doing anything of note, then can jink through 5 players in his lanky style, or smash one into the top corner. He is consistently inconsistent though. I blame the constant niggly injuries for that though.

  108. Eduardo’s header was quite nice too.

    A sub’s appearance for him last night against Braga. 0-3 Donetsk.
    Three wins and three draws will do. Maybe Jay Thomas will play alongside other reserve players if the results against Donetsk go well, but probably, hopefully, all the other (injured) forwards will be needing the games.

    J*mes, stop twitching.

  109. There’s that twitch again.

  110. In Arsene’s words, Wilshere was played in a deeper role to make him learn the more difficult game first. Maybe he’s doinf the same with Alex..?

  111. Yogi – they’re at it again… Fuck off ‘Ole Gunner’

  112. That’s not J*mes… surely! His trolling’s gone downhill if it is. Surely on days like these of all days a Tottenham fan might find something better to do with their time.

    That’s why I think it’s a Chelsea fan. It’s got that childish, clueless anger about it. Maybe it’s DAVE! ‘Ello DAVE!

  113. Gadget –
    1) who’s has been getting carried away, and how? – i said lets not get carried away – 1 swallow does not make a summer..etc – i didnt say anyone was, just saying not to.

    2) if he’s done that was required of him, how is it possible to excel? – in 1 game so far, whereas in most all his recent games he has failed to , no?

    3) it seems you recognise the necessity of having a confident goalkeeper, so with that said, do you criticise those fans who jeered Almunia last weekend? – i can totally understand their frustration and their jeering but yes i agree it doesnt help much in most cases. The point i was alluding to here is that with Fabz, jeered or not, he collapses into himself when he makes an error – all keepers make errors – the best of them get over it and still do the basics well – Fabs becomes a target because he so visibly drops when up against it.

  114. What a sad, sad life you must have. Living life to the max – nice one.

  115. Henristic,

    I think concept of religious loyalty shares quite a lot with footballing ones which plays on one of the key traits of humans: give us enough time and we’ll tear each others throats out. Essentially there’s only so much perceived bs one can stomach.

    Look how atheists are become less and less tolerant of believers. It’s essentially the sames thing between AAA’s & AKB’s, and curse my heritage, but I just cannot seem to transcend that nature. My way of supporting IS better than yours and if you say differently, may Wenger curse your soul to the vauxhall conference league

  116. Geo-The spud loser

    How much money does Wenger the Spud wanker pay you for praising him in this site?

  117. I think Clichy is clearly better than Gibbs. Each has his strengths. Gibbs can cross better, can shoot and is better going foward. Also better in the air. Clichy is the superior defender. Better tackler, better man-marker. 2nd to none in intercepting. Superior pace. Better drilled. Stronger tactical awareness. better positioning.

    Each has weaknesses. Clichy has come attack for panicking. He simply has to be more productive going forward, and isn’t that good in the air.. Gibbs has come up in leaps and bounds but he’s not there yet. He still gets his position wrong.

    I think Clichy’s strengths far outweigh Gibbs’s.

  118. AKBs-The spud agents

    We love Wenger and are proud of it.Wenger is our gay man.When Wenger fucks off,we will follow him like bleating sheep.

  119. Fuck off Spud agent.

  120. Sorry,I am a spuds agent in gay love with the wanker Arsehole Wanker

  121. I’d absolutely love to play Thomas Rosicky in the ‘Cesc’ role against Chelski.
    We’d need his experience, the way he orchestrates play from there is just awsome to watch. I think he’s a waste from the wings; he wasn’t too good yesterday. Nasri to start from the right wing forward for his drive & stamina.

  122. Man, this guy’s a comedy genius.

  123. Thats more like it. On to Sunday. We need a draw. A win at the Bridge would be awesome. Suspect Chelsea will play the way they did the last 2 years. Hit us on the counter. Hope we are ready.

  124. so no Cesc or TV5 for Chelsea??

  125. We will win if we dont play the French wankers Dudaby, Squillashit and Clishit against the Chavs

  126. What an idiot….

  127. What an idiot I am!

  128. Cant agree Ole Clichy’s biggest fault is his lace of concentration.He switches off in games.Gibbs has earned his chance

  129. Deise,

    Cool cool and thanks.
    For 1) I felt there was an implication we were getting carried away by offering congratulations, thanks for clearing that up.
    2) I would argue this. I felt Fab had a good game against Tottenham. If he perceived the goal to be a mistake of his, he didn’t show it. He made a few vital saves after Keane scored that were pretty good.
    It also should be said there are certain situations where the advantage shifts to mainly the attacker. In my opinion Fabianski face two such situations last night: the penalties and the strike from Iliev. To come out of those with 3 instances with a 66% success rate is in my mind, an example of having excelled. Hopefully he and ALmunia wil continue to excell and prove doubters wrong.
    3) I largely agree, but I can’t think of one case where a player’s been helped by jeers from his team’s fans. In fact, the only time jeering’s helped has been for the opposition! We jeer Cashly and he plays amazing, Lemmanuel, he has his best showing. I think if one of our players makes a mistakes, the best thing we could possibly do is sing their name and encourage them to do better next time.

  130. Where is Yogi? Asleep at the wheel?
    James just made it out of the nut house and found a computer. off his meds as well.

  131. Fuck off already scum

  132. Gibbs and Wilshere are great players
    But the senile piece of French shit,Arsehole Wanker wont select them over Dudaby and Clishit.

  133. After one decent game everyone is now saying how great Fabianski is.Forgetting Shite Hart Lane last week.If my life depended on Almunia who has played in all the big games in the last 3 years or Fabianski on sunday it has too be Almunia.His “injury”was to take him out of the firing line but we will need him in the red hot atomosphere at the bridge

  134. I can just imagine him giggling away at the back of IT class… licking the crisp crumbs off his grubby little fingers… hiding from the other children who’ve shunned him long ago, taking out the anger of his social exclusion on various internet forums… before accidentally getting an erection and running away.

  135. This is Jaguar surely. I remember him using these nicknames last season. He’ll probably head off once In The Night Garden comes on.

  136. I was talking about Arsene Wenger.

  137. Arsehole Wanker. That sounds like you. Why do you hate the English you racist piece of shit.I can imagine you wiping jizz off your face, eating toothpaste with your toast. 🙂

    Which of your parents dropped you on your head at birth, shit face?

  138. It looks like you know who I was talking about, sweetheart.

  139. Ignore the troll people. Unless you are within sufficent proximate to kick ass, let the kid tire himself out.

  140. I do not doubt that we can perfom and win away to Chelsea- wot seems to have hampered us over the last few years is the mental fortitude to supplement our ability. This is something afflicting the whole team- conceding silly goals, goalkeepers making silly errors, failure to take chances, a lack of self belief against the big boys as evidenced last year- some of these issues are unique to some players perhaps to an extend e.g. the goalie situation but no doubt if we can go out there and overcome our mental inhibitions as a team, there is absolutely no reason why we cannot beat Chelsea. Chelsea have not been that great this season in terms of their play- watch last night’s game and they could easily have conceeded two or three goals- but it seems some teams go out against already knowing they are beaten. Remember the invincibles-you always had the feeling any game they played they had the upper hand- we need to get teams to be scared of us. But a perfomance against West Brom sends out the message we are a soft touch and gives idiots on talk shite and the like to spew their garbage!

  141. Almunia(if fit)
    Sagna Squilly Kosc Clichy
    Song Denilson
    Nasri Chamakhattack Andre

  142. I think this is some shit eating Sp*rs fan; Chavs are not so anti-foreign

  143. Lets just see how he gets on in his next game then Gadget. Does he cut out the silly mistakes. Does he play with confidence. Does he move past any error quickly and continue to keep his head up. These are the questions he needs to answer. I hope he does but i have my doubts.

  144. monsoon is lightening up. clear and sunny 2day. fuck, i even burnt my shoulders. anyway, home 2morrow. who the fuck is jaguar. ( touch sad )

  145. Gadget @ 2.09, Brilliant post!!

  146. Hey Shotta,

    Have you come across such a thing as Dragon Stout before? It is strong, dark and rather sweet. I understand it is imported to the UK from Jamaica and was wondering if it is popular there.

  147. mj
    No Jack Wilshire shame on you.
    Agree with the rest of your team expect for Gibbs for Clichy and Jack for Rosicky

  148. On selections to date one would expect AW to select as his midfield on Sunday in a 4,2,3,1
    Song, Wilshere
    Nasri, Cesc, Arshavin
    But another option is
    Song, Denilson
    Nasri, Cesc, Arshavin (with Wilshere available if needed for the last 30 mins)
    The form midfield would be:
    Denilson, Wilshere
    Nasri, Cesc, Arshavin
    (but against Chelsea that would be a very small midfield). I discount Diaby due to injury/form at the moment and also he’s not the best at retaining possession. Better as an impact sub at this time.

  149. I love Jacky – JBH & ken; but its an away game against the champions, we need solid cover for the defense. And considering Denislon’s cracking form I’d love to see him.
    Diaby & Wishere to come on for Cesc/Rosicky & Denislon to win us the game in the last 20 mins.

  150. Interesting stats from last night.
    Overall PB (113.7km) ran more than Arsenal (112.1km), perhaps due to 10 men effect.
    Ilic ran 11.7 km
    but Denilson was top (as usual) 11.8 km, then Rosicky 11.2
    Song, despite having the license to roam forward more only ran 10.4km.
    Denilson 95 (86% accurate)
    Song 89 (76%)
    Sagna 84 (88%)
    Gibbs 80 (83%)
    Rosicky 76 (84%)
    Contrary to what many accuse him of, Denilson also made the most medium and long accurate passes. Long 7 of 8 accurate, Medium 55 of 59.
    Of course he gave up an unnecessary penalty (even if he protested that it was not hand ball). But quite a good display since its his first non Carling cup start since long term injury.

  151. mj_G I agree. I’d prefer Song/Denilson Nasri/Cesc/Arshavin with Wilshere and Diaby in reserve for this one.
    I think AW has given Song more licence to move forward, especially when Cesc and Wilshere have been man marked. But there was no need for it last Saturday, and we paid the price for the defensive laxity.

  152. Lol the spuds agent is so funny. i mean i get so annoyed(not) i feel they ruin my life(not) i feel he really gets to me(not). What are you trying to do?

    If you really try to insult someone please use a little brain. Put some effort in mate! Using someone elses nic and writing insults like a five year old? Jeezes man! this is a great page! if you absolutley wanna piss people off do it in a fashionable clever way. Not in a chav way. How can you expect anyone to take you serious in the real world with your “kindergarden insults”??

    Dudaby, Squillashit and Clishit against the Chavs?? You are the CHAV mate. Mind you Chav just sound to smart for you , more like a scheemie or a townie, or a NED, yeh i think NED is best . i mean can you actually write and read properly? Did you finish scool at all? or are you one of those people that cannot do 2+2??

    Come back when you are sopisticated enough to make clever and proper insults. Its much easier if we are on the same lvl intelligence wise to reply to your “socalled insults”

  153. @Jhb in one of the programs when they ask the players questions there was one that said who is the fittest and most atletich of the arsenal players.

    Everyone answeared Denilson 🙂

  154. I would prefer Nasri on the left and Rosicky on the right- they will offer protection to the fullbacks, Arshavin even on an off day can create something out of nothing though defensively sometimes he is just non existent. Song, Denilson and lil Jack have the necessary work ethic to close down midfield. And Chamakh you gotta love the kid- he just runs his socks off, the energy the boy has is amazing!

  155. So, whilst Jack Wilshere (what an assist!) spends his days training with Rosicky (what a cross!) and Arshavin (20+ scoring opportunities now so far this season), I couldn’t help but notice this little gem:

    “He (Aaron Lennon, a player who many Arsenal fans said at the end of last season, was a better player then some of their own stars, for some insane reason) needs to get a bit of confidence. And maybe in training you work with him and you stick somebody at left-back who you’re confident that he can get by.”

    Said a not so ‘Appy ‘Arry.
    Apparently, at the top level, the game of Football is not the same as it was in 1953.

  156. “And maybe in training you work with him and you stick somebody at left-back who you’re confident that he can get by.”

    Wow. An insight into Operation Spud. Why not just lay out a few old cabbages and an empty egg carton for him to dribble round? You know, boost his confidence…

  157. I thought our midfield did not function particularly well last night (wait before you jump on me). We certainly did not boss the middle of the park as we are used to doing. But for me the real plus from the night came from the fact that we were still able to carve out so many chances despite this. I suppose some would class this as “grinding out a result”.

    The passing was not crisp and fast very often, and too many players misplaced passes. Yet we still created loads. Excellent.

    AA and Wilshere really do sing from the same song sheet and work very well in tandem. I love AA’s finishes; no nonsense and powerful.

  158. On the pass completion stats; you would expect the full backs to have the highest completion rates. It is the easiest position to play in that respect.

  159. The thing is IF Diaby is AOK++ he provides something else – unpredictable, movement, dribbling and height. So, it’s Diaby if he’s AOK.

    Song and Denilson make a good partnership, they played together so many times seas. Song is definate I think, so in that sense one starting midfield place for grabs. on before last but that places Diaby, JW and Rosicky out.

    What you want is midfield dominance, and who gives that? Cesc, yes. Song, yes, for other reasons. And who? Denilson …? For control, passing? Jackie for terrier qualities, great passing too. Rosicky, experience, vision? Or Diaby, mercurial, physical, movement. If Diaby is fully AOK, it’s him. I would go Rosicky myself. It’s not an easy selection is it?

    Nasri, Cesc and Arsh all definate if all fit.

    The central defence would I suppose be Kos and Skilly. Hard to risk Vermaelen after being out. Clichy is simply faster than Gibbs, and probably for this reason alone gets the nod (Anelka typically runs in from the right).

  160. True, AA & JW’s link up play was superr

  161. One thing is certain for Sunday. Drogba will constantly peel onto Clichy for Chelsea’s numerous cross field balls. The key in this is not beating Drogba in the air (which is not going to happen) but remaining alert and picking up the midfield runners he is aiming for.

  162. & thats precisely the reason I was thinking about Tommy at LB..

  163. I would love Redknapp to get the England job. I mean, if that post can make Capello look inept, just imagine…

    Oh, keep an eye out for Bryan Ruiz if you’re watching the Spuds tonight. Really like what I’ve seen of him so far.

  164. There were some right dour old sods in the pub last night. Tired old gooners who refused to get excited about the football. Just waited til we lost possession and tutted. Fucking typical old toads. Useless fans. Pearls before swine.

  165. ZimPaul I think Diabby is most likely out- he wasnt fit v West Brom and maybe Arsene would take the view he wont be up physically for the Chelsea clash. Jack so far merits inclusion on form and so does Nasri. Arshavin is definately a starter as he has been one of the names on the team sheet. We need muscle so Song will probably be in and with Cesc out it is likely Denilson will partner Song but I would prefer Lil Jack.
    So with the given back of Sanga,Kos,Squich,Glicy, the miedfield could be Song and Deni, with Nasri and Rosy on the flanks with Arshavin supporting Chamakh. But I would love to see Jack start in place of Denilson given that he can just provide the creative unpredictable spark. If AW goes with Jack I sure hope Song tempers his attacking and concentrates more on his defensive duty. We have enough attacking flair as it is without risking Song going cavaliar from midfield!

  166. ignore the spelling mistakes- am sneaking in posts at work and have to type at breakneck speed!

  167. Old as in OLD, limpar?

  168. Song/Wilshere/Nasri for me against Chelsea.

  169. Well, the Sp*ds at Aunty B**b are doing their best to help ‘Arry into the job.
    I’m still recovering from the spectacle of Carlton Palmer.
    Please, G*d,

    Chamack refused to throw his toys out of the pram, respected his team-mates and manager at Bordeaux, dealt with his childish chairman, and came to Arsenal without ruining his achievements at Bordeaux.
    My kind of player!

  170. The leftback situation is very interesting. Clichy started the season in great form… but every chance Gibbs has got he’s played fantastic too. Gibbs probably pips Clichy on form, but I’d go for Clichy’s experience on Sunday… with the memory of him bullying Barcelona like a little cross country SNCF, fresh in my mind. Swish! Like the bullet train. What a squad…

  171. Goonerandy – not sure how you missed the Arsenal midfield domination last night. Possession was 65% to 35% to Arsenal, and for both halves before and after the sending off, and despite hostile crowd, riot police everywhere, no lights in the changing room, semi darkened pitch, and Partizan fed a diet of raw steak leading up to the match…. etc. etc. etc…….

  172. It wasn’t that they were old, mj, cos there was an ancient Arsenal fan I was standing next to and he wasn’t cynical at all. These miseries were in their fifties. And they stunk up the joint… just like they do round here.

  173. Miseries that is… not people in their fifties. Oh dear…

  174. It’s a tough one now, but I agree that Clichy should probably still get the big matches. When he’s on form there’s no better left-back in the league. I think you have to accept the occasional mistake and remember all the smart interceptions, tough opponents bested in one-on-one battles and those countless lung-busting runs up the wing. He’s a great team-player as well, reliable outlet down the left, and works so hard for the team.

    I also think he’s one of our best personalities off the pitch always says the right thing in interviews. So, yeah, I like him.

  175. hehehe

  176. Runebreaker | September 29, 2010 at 4:35 pm |

    You’re not hte only one who has that problem!

  177. I was really impressed by Partizan. Can see exactly why they are clear at the top of the SuperLiga, scored 11, 1 goal against. Good technical team with bags of energy and commitment to back it up. Can see why they are (sorry, were) unbeaten at home in Europe too.

    They rallied brilliantly after the sending off and harried us all the way to the final whistle. They just came up against a team of better, quicker players with a great desire to win, great desire to express themselves, and a defence with something to prove.

  178. Clichy for me as well. Even off form he is better than most. Having Gibbs snapping at his heels is a good thing though, until recently he had no real competition for his place.

  179. I miss Vermaelen 😦

  180. The only issue with Clichy and this is down to bad luck as well as concentration. Problem is the mistakes he maks tend to be very significant and have quite an impact- Sunderland being the latest (all he had to do was keep his head and clear the ball either for a corner and towards the by line but he panicked). 90% of the times he is terrific- great heart, up and down the flanks all game, it’s just when we need to close down games that he just doesnt get it. But Gibbes is not infalible as he showed yesterday with the penalty and when he got caught out by Aaron Lenon and had to be bailed out by Kos. But perfomance wise I cannot see better left backs around than Gibbs and Glicy (only cashley cant comes to mind, Evra hasnt been himself since the world cup).

  181. It seems to me that in Group H we have a set of teams with an uncanny footballing affinity with one another…

    Braga – The Arsenalistas
    Shaktar – A team routinely compared to Arsenal for their passing game.
    And now Partizan – 2nd top youth academy in Europe according to UEFA (apparently), and more good football.

    There is no need for me as a young coach to comment on Wenger. I was at one of his summer coaching forums, monitoring Arsenal and their style of play. My way of thinking in football is a way of how to reach the goal from greater possession of the ball – so what do you now think about how much I like the way Arsenal play?” Aleksandar Stanojevic, Partizan manager.

    Coincidence? Or perhaps another signifier of the growing popularity for entertaining, passing football… and of the scope of Wenger’s legacy and impact on world football.

    Whatever it is I am thoroughly enjoying Group H.

  182. waait till you see Eddy score at The Grove, limpar. 😀

  183. That was Jaguar, his Mum must of let him use her computer for a bit.

    He is probably peeing his pant’s with excitement over at LeGrove, telling everyone how he came over here and ‘noised everyone up’.

    Clearly intelectually challenged, and doesn’t go to any games, as his carer can’t get him on a train that easily.

    Great performance overall last night, some brilliant stuff played, and great to see Fabianski save that penalty, that might just be the boost to his confidence he needs.

    I would also go for Gibbs over Clichy on Sunday, better in the air, and Clichy has not been at his high standards this season.

    For me –


    Saggy Kos Squillachi Gibbs

    Denilson Diaby
    Nasri Chamakh Arshavin

    If Cesc is not fit….

  184. i hate thisnew layout its really shit, it doesnt type properly either


    I wonder where do they get this from

  186. I just do not see us bringing in another midfielder unless somebody else leaves. We are all good in the attacking and midfield department.

  187. I really think we would do well to have Rosicky and Nasri in the lineup if Cesc is not available. Here goes:

    Sagna – Squill – Kos – Clichy
    Rosicky – Song – Wilshire
    Nasri – Chamakh – Arshavin

    I think that is the line up that will get us a result based on recent form.

  188. Well nice to see Barca getting beaten by rubin kazan – 1 nil

  189. Hope Xavi doesn’t get caught up in all the protests… or accidentally pinged in the face with a baton.

  190. Yes, Cousin Ruben are beating the Catalan Sp*ds. I do believe we are the best team in Europe at the moment, nay the world.

  191. ah you just know Messi will come on at half time and rip em a new one!

  192. I hope Messi come on and rips his own arsehole whilst overstretching for the ball.

  193. I wonder how poor Manual’s elbow is now? No one seems to care today after Fabbianski’s world class performance.How heartless have you all become? You loved him b4 West Brom.Will Arsene have the bottle to bring back our number 1 keeper for sunday
    My team v the Chavs:
    Almunia(if fit ha ha)
    Sanga Kos SS Gibbs

    Nasri Cesc Song Wilshire

    Arshavin Chamakh

  194. Baraca dropped points in their group tonight. Somehow I don’t think their supporters will start calling for Pep’s head or start calling Pedro a mug who doesn’t deserve to wear the Barcelona shirt.

  195. Messi did not deliver, Deise. RK were well organized and parked the bus the way most eastern European teams do. Even the mighty Barca has trouble breaking teams like that down.

  196. Limpar – Sorry getting back to you. Yes, Dragon Stout is a very authentic Jamaican product. Was a local brewery’s response to the various British ales and stouts that dominated our market during the colonial era. Same company that does Red Stripe beer, but a far less popular product. I suspect that Guinness is the more popular of the two stouts. While I now live outside Jamaica I still think my information is accurate..

  197. Who is watching the Spuds vs Twente.

  198. I have decided to watch the Sp*ds match on my black and white telly, dressed in my dads old Mohair suit to add a bit of authenticity to the occasion. The amount of times the 1960’s was mentioned in the build up really had me chuckling.

  199. Oh I nearly forgot. C’mon on you reds!

  200. Just watching Eto’o take apart Werder Bremen, Silvestre going completely missing on the second goal… So glad he’s not playing for us anymore.

  201. Starting to make it look even funnier than spuds only managed a draw against this defense.

  202. Spuds miss a penalty.

  203. Van der Vaart misses penalty for spurs. Hahaha.

  204. who’s Van Der Vaart? I know a Van Der Fart though

  205. There have been a simply ridiculous number of penalties in this champions league. 6 yesterday, at least 5 today already.

  206. VDV deserves an Oscar for this performance. What a disgrace, despite his technical quality, the man has no class or character. Typical spud.

  207. Cannot force my self to watch the sperz game. It would make me feel dirty.

  208. VDV second yellow–should have been sent off long ago–dirty actor. Come on Twente!

  209. Is this refree pyed by the spuds ? that is harsh

  210. I smell a rat.

  211. That is not a pen at all the Twente player turn his back he had no idea where the ball is going and it hit him on the elbow it is no different than that of crouch’s hand ball. very harsh

  212. Even Auntie Beeb (Sperz through & through) did not think it was a penalty.

  213. Rofl 3 penalties. What odds the spuds supporters will be crowing for the next week about how they will win the champions league after this convincing display against Twente?

    1 penalty was deserved, the other 2 were softer than I’ve ever seen, even United don’t get those ones playing at home.

  214. Twente getting nothing from this refree

  215. What’s the going rate for a referee these days? Our financial position means we should be able to compete with the spuds and chavs, etc.

  216. I’m biased of course but honestley this refree loves Spurs. He gave the pen while the lines man who is in better position did not give it.

  217. The devil’s spawn have gone ahead 0-1.

  218. Valencia wasted countless chances all through the game, and concede on virtually the only attack United have. Go figure.

  219. Manure squeeze out a victory at Valencia with their fist competitive goal of the CL.

  220. well good teams always has luck. I mean United is a good team and they always have luck too. The combination of good and luck is just unbeatable..

    Luck favours the brave it says.

  221. I love Rubin Kazan they are Barcelona’s bogey team.

  222. I love this comment from Arshavin on his site!

    “ Andrey, you were at the very edge of the attack, had chances. How many goals could you have scored if everything had turned out right?
    AA: I don’t know. I scored only one goal. In the other moments, my skills failed me.”

  223. you are not serious, are you Gulp?

  224. This referee was the one who took charge of our Champions League final.

  225. Its been officially confirmed, were going to win the champions league….

  226. Come on Jag your mum is ready to take you to school.

  227. Senile or infantile, I wonder which word best describes you.

  228. It seems you received your education by being forced to read articles in the ‘The Sun’.

  229. So how many goals has Chamakh got now? already losing count. looks like a proper goal scorer, someone said he was no different from Bendy but bendy isnt as prolific. be good to see them both link up though.

    I think james must be in school now. hopefully the little rat doesnt have an IT lesson today and sneaks on here when his teacher isnt looking.

  230. DukeGoonem,

    I’ve got double IT im afraid.

  231. Who wants a ‘Gin & IT’? It’s almost 11 o’clock. I’ll get the ice…

  232. All I can say is sorry for all the trolling. I don’t know how it got so out of hand.

    Perhaps I use my loathing for Arsene Wenger to ignore my own issues – my weight problem, unemployability, excruciating body odour, flatulence, and the trauma I still suffer remembering the first time I caught sight of my mother hailing cars from a lay-by on the A2.

    I just wanted her to be happy, which is why I call myself Jaguar. One day a real Jaguar will stop at that lay-by, and our new life will start. We’ll go and live with a millionaire or something, and maybe I’ll get on X Factor and wow the judges with my Michael Bolton impression.

  233. by the way james when you say we are going to win the cl, who do you mean?the Spuds who you “Support” or Arsenal who you would like to support but your family of spuds wont allow you to, come on man you can tell us!

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