Partizan Preview: A Return To Winning Ways Needed

Against a backdrop of criticism, Arsenal has travelled to Belgrade with Lukasz Fabianski the main target although the tabloids are not letting Wenger off the hook so easily following the weekend’s defeat.

Desperation may have taken hold in the blogosphere but the manager is relatively calm over the loss to West Brom:

It is our first loss this season so it is not a catastrophe

That rather depends upon whom you ask, Arsene. For those with agendas or column inches to sell, it most certainly is a disaster, all the while conveniently forgetting that in the previous nine home games, two goals had been conceded as well as notching up seven clean sheets. Not bad for a team which apparently is filled with useless goalkeepers and defenders who cannot tackle.

Whilst this evening has come quickly and allows the players to shake the disappointment of losing from their system, Arsene might have preferred an extra day to prepare. The squad he has travelled with is remarkably similar to that which took part at the weekend, Diaby and Almunia absentees through injury. Both were criticised at the weekend although the Spaniard has found himself the unlikeliest of champions for his cause, Ian Wright. Despite some errors – with Casillas in goal, very few others have been awarded caps by Spain – it is difficult to disagree with a lot of what he says. I know, I found myself feeling weird writing that. Agreeing with Ian Wright? Yea Gods, it is going to be an odd day indeed.

Fabianksi needs a good match this evening. Not just to silence some of his critics but in case he is needed at the weekend. Going into the Chelsea match with the media and the Arsenal public on his back will intensify the pressure he puts himself under. He knows that his performances last season won him few friends, the mistakes he made were costly in terms of goals conceded and points dropped. Wenger needs the performance to allow his players to concentrate on matters in hand, rather than being mired in a deluge of castigation.

Partizan won’t make things easy. They were unbeaten in their domestic league last season and have continued the run into the current campaign. There is a difference between the standards of any domestic league and the Champions League but remaining undefeated that long breeds confidence. That said, it is a fixture in which Arsenal must look to triumph and indeed has the personnel in the eighteen man squad to do so.

Sebastien Squillaci was dutifully respectful of tonight’s hosts:

It’ll be difficult. Partizan are a good team, very strong technically, and it’s away from home of course, so we have to be ready to battle for the right to play our own game. We know we have to be good to go there and win.

Wenger has promised changes but I suspect there will not be too many of them. Wilshere and Rosicky must surely return to give the team more attacking bite in midfield, probably at the expense of Eboue in midfield, the young England international the natural replacement for Diaby. It seems that Arsene is brave enough to blood youngsters if they are good enough despite what certain Polish goalkeepers might believe.

Defensively, it would be a curious decision to replace Clichy with Gibbs, especially given the initial concern over his injury. He would need to be fully recovered, surely, for a starting place tonight. It is not hard to believe that Sagna will be rested for Eboue though. The French defender did not enjoy the best of afternoon’s against Albion but is there a risk in making too many changes to the team, rather than letting them play themselves back into form?

I would expect a starting line-up tonight of:

Fabianski; Eboue, Koscielny, Djourou, Clichy; Song, Wilshere, Rosicky; Nasri, Chamakh, Arshavin

Within that, there is room for change. Squillaci could drop back into the starting line-up to give Koscielny a rest, the younger of the French duo not out of the side save for suspension this season. Equally, Wenger may decide that the axis of Wilshere and Lansbury performed so well that Nasri or Arshavin can be considered expendable for kick-off, substitutes if needed.

Having demolished Braga in the opening fixture, a win tonight brings qualification to win four or six points. Two remaining home games gives a certain comfort in those numbers and allows for genuine rotation for the trips to Ukraine and Portugal. A win tonight with an outstanding performance wipes the memory of the weekend ahead of Chelsea. Incentives all round.

Enjoy the match wherever you are watching it. ’til Tomorrow.

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  1. Hurrah, foootball is back.

  2. Hope fabianski has a blinder he needs it or the hyenas and stray dogs would be bayin for his blood

  3. Not sure about your lineup.

    Eboue doesn’t normally play these away games. Koscielny and squillaci will start.

  4. Bloody ‘ell!

    I go to the beach for a few days and leave you on your own and what happens?

    Not only do you manage to oversee a loss to WBA but ACLF has come over all nouveax and ‘arty, not to say girlie in appearence.

    It seems that I just can’t leave you all alone for a minute.

    And yes. I had a lovely time thank you. It is all too obvious though that the Cornish have become compleyely corrupted by BBC induced Guardian reading ‘Big City’ folk. Not only do they actually mix their pasty ingredients rather than layering them they have pubs that dispense, ahem, miniature vibrators in their toilets.

    God help us.

    Beer wasn’t bad though.

  5. I would be surprised to see that many changes Yogi. Surely we need the experienced Squillaci at the back and he was certainly not one of the worst offenders on Saturday. I can’t see Eboue starting at right back in a tough away game either, especially as he was one of the weakest links on Saturday. Sagna has had better games, but I think he needs to play quickly to get that out of his system. Clichy is also likely to start as he also needs to play himself into form for the chelski game.

  6. From YW’s lineup, replace Song with Denilson – Song needs kick in the ass, otherwise he’ll think he’s just untouchable and can do whatever he feels like doing deserting his No.1 duty in the team.

  7. I largely disagree with Ian Wright (agreement starts with “Poor Manny”), and therefore on this matter I disagree with Yogi, but to state my objections would be to re-hash yesterday’s arguements, and today is a day for optimism and tribal roarings.

    Gentlemen, tonight we invade! We shall drive our enemies before us and hear the lamentations of their women! Hoo-rah!

  8. On the subject of Clichy, he needs to say to himself, “I’m go out on the pitch to dominate.”

    He must stand up, puff out his chest and strut around the field in a manner which declares everyone is beneath him. Then he must proceed to metaphorically slap anyone who dares to suggest otherwises.

    How does one go about these metaphorical slappings? With a few perfectly executed tackles, mesmerising dribbles, a barrage of pinpoint crosses, and a couple of thunderous strikes.

  9. I miss the old website look 😦

  10. I think all we need to do to shut all the goalkeeping critics up is call Del Bosque and get him to cap Almunia in a friendly game or 2.

    For me Reina has had a more defensive team in front of him, while Almunia has an attacking team. When both keepers are on top of their game who would you choose? There ain’t much difference in the quality of the two like the media make us believe.

  11. Excuse me for going off subject,Yogi, but being so down after saturday,I thought this may amuse some of your readership, being one of several hundred thousand ex pats living in Spain.



    The Brit abroad comes in several varieties, each distinct from the other.

    1. The Grass Killer.

    This type of ex-pat is known as the Grass-Killer due to their unwavering opinion that the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.

    When in Britain, all things Spanish are wonderful and they can’t wait to leave ‘rainy old Britain’ to get to Spain and enjoy the warm sunshine.

    When in Spain, they talk about how they ‘can’t find a decent chutney, and that they ‘miss the seasons’ from ‘back home’.

    Constantly comparing the two countries, they unfortunately always find that it is the country in which they currently reside to be the one that falls short of their expectations.

    2. The Spanophile

    Shunning all things British, this ex-pat (usually accompanied by several dogs for some reason) has bought a finca in the rural inland and loudly announces their renunciation of all things British, intending to integrate totally into Spanish society.

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    There must be more of these. Let’s have ‘em

  12. Has it really come to this replace a average keeper with keeper who is 10 times worse.January cannot come quick enough.Wenger knows we need a keeper he should have one lined up now to sign on january 1st.

    Bring in Denilson to replace Song who has been awful this season and if Gibbs is fit bring him in to replace Clichy who has forgotten how to defend.
    Even with Fabianski we should win but his selection will make it a lot harder.
    3-2 Arsenal

  13. Wrighty wasn’t really supporting Almunia, just using it as an excuse for a pop at Wenger.

  14. Chas

    I know but I give Wrighty the Pundit a hard time normally so trying to accentuate the positive is better than saying that he’s giving it the usual whinge for cash.


  15. YW

    Oh right.
    I’ve found it hard to be positive about Wrighty since he left the club.
    Maybe I should try harder.

  16. I agree it was only our first loss of the season, but it is important not to lose to teams lower in the division, especially at home, when we know there are harder games to come.
    I’m still of the opinion that Almunia’s is a tactical injury to save face, but we are yet again in the hands of the dubious Fabianski when we would like to consolidate on our strong start to the CL campaign.
    We need to have at least one of Fabregas, Wilshere and Ramsey in the midfield to give us that creative flair (Nasri only really started to get into the game on Saturday after Jack came on the pitch) in the Premiership, unfortunately two of the three are injured so responsibility falls on Wilshere’s young head. So far he has handled it all fantastically well, but playing week in week out is surely likely to take its toll on his body. I just hope that when injury does hit it is a) fairly minor and b) after Fabregas is back in the team and up to speed.

  17. how about the ex-pat blog bore?

  18. What the hell was that!?

  19. Wright is an idiot, anything he says is directed at appealing to the mass bunch of anti-arsenal types. Ever since he left he has had nothing good to say about Arsenal.

  20. I hope for our sake and not just Fabianski’s sake that he does well when called upon tonight as he might have to start against the chelski scum at the weekend. I remember when Fabs first started getting a run out he was energetic and busy, rushing about the box looking for quick throw outs when he had come out to claim a cross. He seems to have regressed into himself since though. Is he mentally tough enough at this level?
    Song has been talking about being ready, i see, so it looks like he will start. Lets hope he gets back to his wall like best and is not thinking he has to maraud forwards at every opportunity. Intercept and pass Song, intercept and pass. Oh and get on the edge of our box to help out the centrehalves too.

  21. Deise,

    The thing with Song “marauding forward at every opportunity” is that it’s happening far too much and far too early in matches to be something he’s simply taken upon himself to do. I can only assume that it’s an instruction from Wenger. My guess is that he wants Song to pressure breaking oppposition players far earlier and that results in him being higher up the pitch. Whether that’s wrong or right, I doubt very much that it’s something he is doing against Wenger’s wishes.

  22. Correct DG

    Song to be a DM has to be disciplined and stick to his defensive duties.We have enough attacking midfielders already we dont need another.His job should be to protect the back four like Gilberto used to.Not rushing forward at every opportunity.

  23. Cant believe it i agree with CG.Wright is an idiot.And he is wrong about Almunia.He wouldnt get a cap for Spain if the top 50 keepers in Spain got injures.Make that top 100

  24. Deise

    I should clarify that, I’m not necessarily agreeing that he shouldn’t be going forward, just saying that I think it’s unlikely it’s a decision he’s come to alone.

  25. I disagree with most of what Wrighty said, Yogi’s Warrior, and I disagree with you.

  26. I have no issues with him bombing forward every now and then but not in the first 5 minutes when we are trying to get a hold on the game. Do it when 3 up or something. He can be a more all rounder whan he has people like Cesc/Jack and Ramsey in there with him – but not wen fucken Eboue is doing his playing fo rthe other team impressions or diaby is at his lazy best!

  27. Yogi what happened to the blog? It looks different and not in a good way!!

  28. C’mon Fabianski, my main man!
    Show these lily livered couch potato football mob what it’s all about.
    Onwards and upwards. Victory is certain! Damn the torpedoes (or something).

  29. If Arshavin does feature I’d like to see him track back when loses the ball y’know JUST ONCE!

    Seriously, if he can’t be bothered to work for the team when he fucks up and he couples that with being selfish in front of goal whilst also being incredibly profligate, then I think we have to rethink his value to the team.

    As highlighted by Andy Gray in ‘The Final Word’ the second or third goal (forget which) WBA scored started from just such a loss of possession. Arshavin’s response was simply to stop and stroll. Nasri aside, we showed a lack of fight that day but as a senior member of the team and the culpable party, is he not meant to set an example? When one loses the ball carelessly it is your DUTY to bust a gut and help defend as best you can – as opposed to just shrugging and leaving your mess for others to deal with.

    He’s a talented player but my frustrations with him have reached their tolerance limit. I could be wrong but sometimes I sense the team feels the same too.

    I hope Wenger is not as blind to this as is suggested on other blogs.

    We must all pray for a spotless performance from Fab tonight – any errors will be magnified beyond belief but who knows maybe one god performance can help him mentally turn the corner so we can get a glimpse of the keeper the Arsenal staff clearly see in training.

  30. Clichy will have a blinder too.

  31. Song will be strong. Sagna will be ruthless. Chamakh will sow terror. Arshavin will be the asassin. The midfield will flow like never before.

  32. By definition, wright is wrong, and bad is good.
    The defeat at WBA was exactly what we needed, a gentle reminder. Our season starts this week. The rest just shots across the bow.

  33. Chamakh loves the UCL. At least one goal from him tonight.

  34. We’ve got two hard games coming up. I believe that both Song and Denilson have got to play both games from the start. After watching the dour match between Mancity and Chelsea I think we can have an idea on what’s coming. Both teams played three defensive midfielders. Don’t think that Partizan will be silly enough to take the game to us. We only have one real DM in Song, Denilson is a cross between a DM and a midfielders midfielder! The individual creativity of the attacking midfielders is what will carry the day. So switch Denilson for Wilshere or Rosicky in Yogi’s proposed lineup.

  35. My great Arsenal Troops,

    We have lost a battle. We must not let this discourage us. Victory comes from the experience of losing. We must fight harder or the season shall be lost. Do not fear that your supporters have lost faith in you. If we want to stop the oncoming nay-sayers, execute the plan. The enemy thinks they have won, but let us shatter their pride with a great victory.

  36. I fully expect the boys to win well tonight. Besides, we tend to do well in the group stages don’t we?

  37. Arrrrsenal, Arrrrsenal!

  38. The away crowd will do us proud. They’ve never let us down before

  39. ZP,
    Your version of optimism is admirable, albeit in slightly annoying way.
    “The defeat at WBA was exactly what we needed”? Would you have said that before the game?

  40. Loving the new look YW.


  41. Henristic – how the fuck is optimism annoying in the context of backing, or supporting, your team?

  42. What’s with the Arshavin bashing. Is he the new Denilson/Diaby? Arshavin is audacious, mercurial. He tries things off-handedly that others wouldn’t ever even think of attempting. So take joy in his little shoulder-slumped, open-mouthed frowns, his impish grins, his perpetually atrocious haircut, his big-assed, baggy shorts. He’s Russian for god sakes, let him express his russian-ness. Not everybody has to play with the run-around-like-a-chicken-with-your-head-cut-off-or-you’re-no-good mentality. Enjoy him while he’s around.

  43. Pretty confident we will win tonight. 3-1.

  44. Up ye mighty Arsenal,
    You can accomplish what you will!

    Don’t be annoyed Henristic. Heh, Heh, Heh.

    PS: I hope that there are are some Garveyites in the house.

  45. Oh god Andy no. No words of confiedence allowed by either you or Bill ahead of any Arsenal game. We don’t need another WBA gate.

  46. In the interest of positivity, I have decided not to attack anyone personally this morning but I am already getting annoyed with the “Jack is the Savior” (and Ramsey as a convenient add-on) which is already building. It is quite understandable for the English fans to root for English talent in an English club made up of predominantly foreign players. But when team selection and team balance is affected by such considerations it gets worrying.

  47. I agree 100% S-G

    Is the Mr. Garvey you speak of?

    If so yeah why not!!

  48. Maria – Heh, I know. I am confident ahead of any game though. Even during the game if we are getting beat with only mins left I still think we can win. Every defeat comes as a shock to me.

    Nothing wrong with Yogi’s team IMO. Except maybe Squllachi for Djourou.

  49. What sickens me is how some fans must always have players to pick on and hate. I’ve never understood it.

    Once last season’s target starts playing well this season, they move on to the next one the list.

  50. Big response

  51. There is no need to “pick on” a player who plays well is there?

    Pick on is not a phrase I would use either (for most). Some do I suppose, but most just state their opinion.

  52. I might have misread your comment Shotta but do you mean you are worried about Jack and Aaron when you say “But when team selection and team balance is affected by such considerations it gets worrying”

    I know theres great risk in hyping these players and they still have a lot to learn – but i think already Jack has offered more to the team than Diaby and Eboue. And i also reckon Ramsey would offer more in midfield than those two. Diaby just continues to frustrate, for all his talent his attitude is off. As for Eboue, hes actually become too much the joker of the piece and isnt serious enough in my opinion. Both Jack and Aaron offer an intensity and a drive Diaby and Eboue dont.

  53. There is no need to “pick on” a player who plays well is there?

    Some people don’t understand what playing well means, goonerandy.

    I also believe a huge contingent of people engage in player bashing for player bashing’s sake that goes far beyond just expressing an “opinion”. Examples abound.

  54. Verminator | September 28, 2010 at 12:58 pm |

    Denilson in 08/09? He played very well that season and got bashed no end.
    Diaby last season was playing quite well. Bashed no end.

    But even if the player was playing poorly, what’s the point of the bashing?

    Not that I’ve never bashed players. But some fans have an active need to hate one or two of their players

  55. There’s no need to pick on a player at all, is there?

    Good post, YW, but I also agree with those who think Sagna and Squillaci will start. Also do you not think that playing again soon after a bad game is actually better than having to wait to get back on the horse?

  56. Verminator,

    I love the smell of bashed players in the morning.

  57. DeiseGooner

    To ‘pick’ on Diaby in his 1st game back is a bit silly don’t you think? The guy has had his critics, but was on fire when he started this season. The you go on to say…

    Both Jack and Aaron offer an intensity and a drive Diaby and Eboue dont.

    I don’t know what you base that on, but it seems like a throw away comment to me too. Diaby like I said is a box to box midfielder with plenty of drive and plenty of goals to back that up. This is despite him being always hampered by injury.

    Eboue like everyone else had a poor game, and offered little. I think many will back me up here and say Eboue is a very good player for Arsenal and has proved that in various positions.

    Why don’t you calm down a bit, support the lads, who I am sure are very hungry to bounce back quick.

  58. Poor boy Deise. Too pompous and self-opinionated to leave well enough alone.

    As others have said too many are player-haters. Yesterday was Almunia and Fabianski. Today is Diaby and Eboue. Tomorrow is?

  59. Miniature vibrating pasties, Consolsbob? My grandfather was a Cornishman. He ate single cream with just about everything, until he got to about 85 years old and then he drank great tumblers full of whiskey with just about everything. Lived til he was 90. Used to watch the Arsenal. And play the guitar. And drove a truck full of ammunitions in WWII, in Sicilly amongst other places. He was at Dunkirk too. He told me that Cornish pasties used to have fruit at one end and meat at the other, so you ate one end as your main meal and the other as a dessert. Made things easier in the dark, down the mine. And he could tell a proper one by it’s crimp – as a bushman might be able to discern croc from ‘gator. …what a crock.

    “The referee’s a banker!” –

    He also likes motor bikes and ice hockey, so I’m expecting a fast and furious game… dangerous, cold, and a slippy surface.


  60. Tomorrow will be Walcott, for not having a footballing ankle, after Stroke City maulers scyth him down one time too viciously.

    On the real should that happen, I will not come back on this site, as it will be too much evidence that my fingers are too accurate an oracle of bad things

  61. fulfilled his role for the night, started off slow before picking up the tempo with his infectious metronome rhythm, keeping it simple and providing an outlet to relieve pressure..

  62. Who is ‘hating’ Eboue and Diaby? All i said was 2 younger players, in my opinion, have offered more and will continue to offer more, in my opinion, than 2 others. And again i dont say this after 1 game against WBA.

    I happen to quite like Diaby, he is a cracking player on his day, but he does suffer from attitude/application problems, not to mention, as you have alluded to Chris, injury problems.

    As for Eboue – hes great as a right back but not anywhere else – in a season where he played right midfield he scored none and assisted none. Right back fine, midfield not so fine. Hense saying Jack and Aaron offer more, because they are midfielders.

    Why do you guys always turn this into ‘player bashing’ or ‘player hating’.

  63. Deise and many others lack the ‘drive’ and ‘supporting brain’ to able to think properly when judging an Arsenal player.

    1 day our players are shite, the next they are gods gift! These supporters need to grow up …

  64. For the record I have no interest in bashing players – it is however something different to make reasonable criticism

    Arshavin is a great player but surely no one can deny that he is

    a) at times far too selfish
    b) extremely profligate in front of goal (which compounds problem a)
    c) loses the ball often to opposition
    d) repeatedly lets his team mates down by refusing to even try to amend for his mistakes

    I do not expect him to run around like a headless chicken trying to defend and I accept that he sometimes will try things that do not come off but to shrug your shoulders and make no attempt at helping your team, to let your head drop rather than showing leadership (as an experienced older player) is a BIG failing and one which ought to be put to him in no uncertain terms.

    It’s always a bit sickening to see a player just stop, watch and stroll when having just lost the ball during a promising move.

    Without doubt he adds a huge amount to this team when it is going well but, so far this season, he is not displaying the right attitude. I may not agree often with many of the pundits but a lot of them have now mentioned this and when many voices chime together one suspects one’s own gut-feeling might have some truth to it too.

    Justa bit more fight to show the fans and your team-mates you care please Andrei – it isn’t asking much, is it???


    Comment from Goonertown:

    “…if he injured himself making that penalty (the hardcore’s next to me at the stadium, picked up that he was injured straight away, because they have that hardcore eye), then that would mean that he made that save whilst injured and also may have conceded the second goal partly to injury. Therefore that would make him amazing for saving the penalty and not entirely at fault for the second goal!

    Just a thought!”

    Expect an Almunia ‘brochure’ anytime soon.
    Whoops, I almost forgot:
    I’ve listened to The Grunt’s podcast this morning whilst spinning around underground in London: Their reference, for this weekend’s events, of all the bazillions of Arsenal blogs out there, is ANR!
    “Ohhhhhh la la, le back four speak in Frog’s Tounges…It’s true!”

    Strange, because the coverage of Serie A is interesting, good, and has helped restore some of this parochial cynic’s appreciation of the ‘game’ in Italy. But to choose an Arsenal blog written by a Gazpromeous Chav$ki fan, that has become more and more ridiculous ever since Piles made his infamous claim about Henry (although, I’m sure, the hits have increased), is, well, it’s very funny.

  66. Deise

    The way your comments attack the player/s, its as if your suggesting they are not of the required quality to be playing football!

    If that is not what your attempting to do then change your approach.

  67. Attack players? Where did i attack players. I said while i know its dangerous to hype too much these young players you cant help but feel excited by the prospect of them, and suggested 2 players who would lose out to these 2 players coming into their own.

  68. DeiseGooner at 10:54 am

    “but not wen fucken Eboue is doing his playing fo rthe other team impressions or diaby is at his lazy best!”

    Not a whole lotta lovin goin on there, eh?

  69. If you feel that any sort of criticism or less that glowing comments about a player (not based on 1 game) is an attack then you need to lighten up a bit and dont go on like im slapping your kid brother and have to defend him!

  70. ah yes Verm – That was a comment on 1 game – it does ring true thou – and the point if it was in relation to Song i believe and th eneed for him to hang back and cover, especially when most of the midfield was having a stinker.

  71. Johnny –

    “For the record I have no interest in bashing players – it is however something different to make reasonable criticism”

    I 100% agree with you. However you will find around here that that is not the common view of a small minority of posters and they will fall over themselves to label you some sort of merchant of doom. All the while waxing each other buttocks.

  72. Deise

    In your own little way you made your digs at Diaby and Eboue. It all comes out after 1 bad result, always the case.

  73. a win tonight will erase the bad memories from Saturday.any win will do but one with a clean sheet will be highly appreciated.

  74. “Arshavin is a great player but surely no one can deny that he is

    a) at times far too selfish
    b) extremely profligate in front of goal (which compounds problem a)
    c) loses the ball often to opposition
    d) repeatedly lets his team mates down by refusing to even try to amend for his mistakes”

    a) at times you need that selfishness to take on the defender head on. It’s part of what he gets paid to do at Arsenal. You need players like that. It’s also not like he’s not assisting goals for teammates.
    b) I disagree. Sure he’s had his moments, but so does the rest of the team.
    c) yes, sometimes he’s a little casual
    d) I think he tracks back more often than people give him credit for, but people see what they want to see.

    BTW, I don’t think Arshavin is beyond criticism. I just think people need to accept him for what he is a little more. And I also have that sinking feeling that the media and blogosphere are gearing up for an Arshavin bashing spree.

  75. Finsbury – If you think Almunia’s “injury” was the cause of the 2nd goal you need your eyes testing. The ball came straight at him. Unless his arm was hanging off you really are clutching at the thinest straws possible. He made a mistake, just accept it. Arguing that he didn’t makes you look foolish.

    Next you will be trying to convince me that God speaks to you on a daily basis, and he too thinks Almunia’s injury was to blame.

  76. Diaby having a tendency to laziness and Eboue being best suited to right back but not midfield is hardly an assessment from 1 game is it Chris? Its a long standing ‘opinion’ of these players. Voicing it after a performance that highlights this is hardly a crime!

  77. Wrong again Goonerandy.

    If you trawl through the archives you’ll find Passenal or others discussing AA’s flaws last season whilst others were carping upon their particular target of that moment. Those posts upon AA were made at that time, to highlight, how people like to pick upon particular players.

    Johnny & Passenal do not seem to whinge in every post that they make.

  78. I agree with Verm @11.59
    “His little shoulder-slumped, open-mouthed frowns, his impish grins, his perpetually atrocious haircut, his big-assed, baggy shorts” remind me of my two-year old grandson.
    He is a precocious talent and we shouldn’t expect him to be a 90-minute player, in fact if we had to suffer American-style sports rules, he would be subbed on and off the pitch to give us moments of pure entertainment.

  79. I think you will find that most the commenters that dislike the ‘player bashing’ do it because they support their team, and generally can watch the game without being manipulated by other fans or the medias comments.

    This ain’t a blinded kind of support, its about not having to stoop to such a level after 1 result where you start calling players rubbish. How can you possibly enjoy or support that player when they do well if you are so willing to jump on their backs after 1 average game?

  80. Minature vibrating pasties is something I don’t think thay have thought of yet. Best not to mention it too much, just in case.

    Your Grandfather was a Cornishman and ate single cream with almost everything Limpar? Was he hyperlipidemic by any chance? All self respecting Cornishmen and Devonians wouldn’t even put single cream in their tea. ‘Tis clotted cream or nothing.

    Sounds a lovely bloke. I love being a grandfather.

  81. Goonerandy.

    I did not make any argument regarding Almunia.

    That was a copy and paste, as indicated, from someone who was at the game.
    It’s called a reference.
    If you want to claim that I am blindly supporting Almunia, the archives will again show that you are wrong.

  82. Oh, and these were Cesc’s comments about Andre after the spud game”

    “I believe he won us the game when he came on. He played the two passes that led to the two penalties in extra-time, then he scored the last goal himself. He can win a game.”

    I’m not saying he’s beyond criticism, i’m just saying that’s why he’s here.

  83. Deise

    You could argue your “tendancy to laziness” and “best suited” crap to many a player … some fans just have certain agendas against certain players. As soon as they see one thing on the pitch to back that up, out comes the bullcrap again. Admit it

  84. I did not mention anybody in particular Finsbury. Incidentally I wonder is Pas was branded a “doomer”, or “not a real support”…..”spineless” perhaps. Probably not.

  85. Again Chris it wasnt an opinion formed after 1 game, are you listening? I also do not get my opinions feed to me by the mainstream media. Why is it if someone on here has an opinion that differs from your view it must not be their own but must be an ‘adopted’ one? . I quite regularly get stroppy when reading these so called football writers comments and writeups about Arsenal. And i wasnt ‘player bashing’, i was offering an opinion that 2 younger players look to be better than 2 current first team regulars. I do support my team and get great joy from it.

  86. I’d have to get back to you on the hyperlipidem… er, allergy, Cb. Maybe it’s because he was ex-pat Cornish living in London and good clotted was hard to come by. No Taste The Difference range back in the day, I wouldn’t have thought. Bet Jamie Oliver could eat a tub of clotted without licking his lips.

  87. Goonerandy,@ 1:55

    I think you must have misread the comment from Goonertown.

    Quite clearly, he’s writing about an injury that Almunia suffered when he made a mistake, and gave away a penalty, in the first half. It is quite clear.Not an injury that occurred during the second goal.

  88. having some fun at Guardian Ole Gunner? 😉

  89. have to agree with DG, CG. he is not slating anyone hes trying to have a discusion one which you obviously cant compete in, all your good at is slating arsenal fans

  90. aww jeez Chris – do you disagree that Diaby can be lazy and this holds his true ability back? Do you disagree that Eboue is a fine right back but offers less that more suited midfielders. This is not an attack nor is it crap – these are things easily seen when on the field of play in many (not 1 mind) games.

  91. goonerandy | September 28, 2010 at 2:09 pm |

    Passenal labeled a D**Mer?
    Now you are just being silly. Or facetous.


  92. Boomer, how are you having a “discussion” if all you are doing is reduce a player down to his latest performance and at the same time ignoring everything the player has done before that. Diaby was great this season before his injury, he came back from injury and performed as you would expect from a player during his first competitive minutes after an injury and suddenly he is lazy and other players are supposed to be waaaay ahead of him? That’s not a discussion at all.

  93. Verm – point b) I don’t think you CAN disagree!

    Certainly pointing out that others in the team are wasting decent chances is not a fair argument against! It’s sad but true that Arsenal have, for many years now, had more shots on goal than any other team but not come near to the same ‘conversion ratio’ of our main rivals.

    I don’t know why this should be the case but certainly our strike force’s collective record in front of goal is pretty poor (comparing attempts to goals as a ratio). I wish I could get the stats on this, but I know I saw some on telly a couple of weeks back and Arshavin’s record of shots to goals and shot on target wasn’t just poor but truly abysmal.

    One can’t help feel in the close games when Drogba, Torres, Rooney (when on form!), get a chance they will take it. RvP will usually hit the woodwork and the rest of them need 17 shots between them to get one in!

    Most of the games we lost/drew last season we had WAY more chances on goal and often conceded to the only effort that came our way.

    I’m not saying I have the answers to this but as facts it is hard to dispute that we need to be way more clinical as a team and that Arshavin, though not strictly a striker, often has the best opportunities and, more frequently than not, will miss most of them.

    For a long time I have assumed it was down to confidence and he’d soon enough turn the corner and go back to thumping them in – like he did at Liverpool but that is looking more like the aberration than the norm now…

  94. Finsbury – You really don’t read what people post.

  95. Evil

    Don’t you know?
    When Cesc hobbled around for ninety minutes against FC BBB, ignoring the penalty, it was because he is lazy.

  96. It appears to me that if Arsene picks player A ,on a regular basis,ahead of player B ,then player A is better suited to that position than player B .The argument against this would be that “we” are better judges of players than Arsene.Is that what you are saying DG ?

  97. Sighs:

    “…if he injured himself making that penalty”
    There’s an if there, and he’s obviously talking about the first half.

    “Finsbury – If you think Almunia’s “injury” was the cause of the 2nd goal you need your eyes testing.”

    Like I said. Boring.
    I’m off to get a pastie.
    Ginsters all the way. Yum.

  98. Finsbury – That is a great example of your posts to be honest. Hobbled around for 90mins? He injured himself taking the pen which was right at the end of the game.

  99. Finsbury – My point (which you can’t seem to grasp) is that if Almunia injured himself in the first half, fine. But that is not the reason for him making a mess of their 2nd goal. Nobody said that is when he injured himself.

  100. Agreed – he can ‘win a game’ and as said, he brings plenty to the table but that was against a tiring Spurs b team. Looking at his record this season he has been poor in converting the many chances he has had. By his own admission he has been playing poorly for some time and we have yet to see the best of him.

    I agree with him, we get flashes rather than solid brilliance. He is as often not more likely to frustrate than he is to delight.

    I still love him, I just want him to keep his head up and show more fight and leadership.

  101. Deise and co..

    The better question to ask youselves is… do you think you can have a discussion without the need to use your ‘personal agenda’ on certain players to validate your analysis.

    I don’t think you and many other fans are capable, this is not attacking you. This is me supplying evidence of how I disagree with your commenting. The line from constructive criticism to player bashing is a fine one, you crossed it. Deal with it.

  102. DG –
    Just to remind you, Eboue provided a fantastic cross for AA in the 1st half, where he hit the post twice. He always does, he is a fine ball-player from the flanks & a great option in the right side of midfield as a cover in times like these, where we are f*ckd by injury gods.
    He’s an answer to doomers who claim Arsenal do not have an ‘out & out winger’.

  103. & that does not mean, he wasn’t poor on Saturday

  104. Jonny – I think that is just the way he is. He is not the tuype of player to dominate a game. But he is the type of player to leave his impact on the game, and also be the decisive factor in the game.

    Frustrating to watch? Yup, sometimes. But he is worth it for his end product.

  105. David de Gea is younger that Wojech AKA Chesny AKA Tech 9yet he has in Atletico Madrid first team what has Chesny got to do to get a chance?

  106. Ok Dennis if you want to believe Eboue is better suited to midfield than to right back go right ahead. Wenger cant be wrong, ever, despite what the performances of said player shows us in those positions.

  107. no, not today, gonnerandy/finsbury

  108. < Sorry need to make that clear:

    Goonertown ends his comment with the words " Just a thought".

    That's why I posted it.
    Not being the club's physio, he has not made any extravagant claims about what happened to Almunia (or Diaby).

  109. It would be interesting (although I really do not want this to happen) if Fabianski has another shocker tonight, but Almunia is not fit enough for Sunday. Arsene really would be left with a decision to make. That said, I can’t see him throwing a 20 year old keeper in for his Debut against Chelsea.

  110. mj – Yes, you are right. I am banging my head against a brick wall there anyway. The matter is now closed. 🙂

  111. Andy he should have had his chance against spurs. Did you see him play for Brentford?

  112. I proudly wear my ruby quartz. When I watch a game if things don’t work out, my instinct is always to say “unlucky player x”, never “he’s poo” or “just not good enough” or “he should have done boo pee doo”.

    There are occassions when I will curse at perceived laziness, however, my love for Arsenal is similar to the parental love I will have for my future children. I will always see the good in my team and rarely the bad. I will sit on the sidelines, cheering on and giving my support, and should I criticise, it will be constructive and always with the view of guiding them to improvement.

    Simialrly, I do not see our players as expendable, but I concede such loyalty has little place in the ruthless cutthroat world of football, but can this possibly be the case? This is some hypocrisy. We are quick to condemn players such as Adebayor for being mercenaries, but what loyalty do we show to players? Those who love the club, but are deemed not to be good enough? What loyalty are such show by the masses?

    I guess such musings are better left to those of a more romantic disposition; the ones who believe the world should can be better, but lament that it is not

  113. Chris –

    “Deise and co..

    The better question to ask youselves is… do you think you can have a discussion without the need to use your ‘personal agenda’ on certain players to validate your analysis.

    I don’t think you and many other fans are capable, this is not attacking you. This is me supplying evidence of how I disagree with your commenting. The line from constructive criticism to player bashing is a fine one, you crossed it. Deal with it.”

    The authority (or so he belives) has spoken.

    How dull.

  114. Goonerandy

    FFS, it was the Gardner injury that took out Cesc, not a brush from Puyol. Don’t pretend that it wasn’t. He shouldn’t have played in that game, he would have played against any sane physio’s advice. No debate. The manager even said in an interview that it was pointless trying to stop him playing.

    MJ’s advice is good. See you later.

  115. Enjoy your pastie.

  116. mj_gunner

    It was a fine cross, and one which could have made us gone 1 up. I don’t see how anyone can have a dig and bring up past perceptions of a player, especially Eboue and Diaby. Diaby is classed by DG as a lazy underachiever, and that will never change with fans of this kind.

    Even when Diaby gets a MOTM, or scores 2 goals, these fans just wait for the game they don’t shine.

    Its sad, and I hate fans who are quick to jump on a players back and go beyond the ‘constructive criticism’ like they like to call it when they get shown up! It shows a lack of loyalty even if its on a blog, and its not nice to see Almunia, Fabianski, Diaby, Bendtner, Eboue, Song, and whoever else be subjected to nasty comments.

  117. Deise – Lazy? Your opinions are the definition of laziness. To play for a top-four team in the EPL, top 8 in Europe, as an attacking midfielder and be lazy is simply the kind of sloppy, cliche-driven opinion of every foreign player that a mindless reader of the English press adopts. Diaby may lack explosiveness, as he himself admitted in the summer of 09 when he spent time with a sprint coach, but to have been one of the prime engines in our midfield for much of the 09-10 season until running out of energy late in the season is anything but lazy. Your clinging to this opinion simply defines the poverty of your thinking.

  118. thanks guys; glad.
    BTW, do we really wana see Morouane play so many games one after the other? I’d start with Vela.

  119. Am confident we will win… even expecting a clean sheet to boot. Fab is due one

  120. @gadget
    Well written and I agree a 100%. As a supporter there is a special connection I feel towards the players and it takes A LOT for me to even consider turning on one of our players, ever. I just can’t seem to understand how booing a player is going to help him in any way compared to supporting him even when he has a day off.

  121. And while i would like to predict a 12 – 0 bashing, will willingly take 1 – 0 to the arsenal!

  122. aww christ, ‘personal agenda’ – its a fuckin opinion, there is no agenda. Hes a gooner, i support him, but that doesnt mean i cant call it how i see it, thats my opinion. I dont have an agenda.

    Can you have a discussion without citing your ‘evidence’ to be i have been led by other fans and the mass media to have an opinion that differs to your own?

    Tell me ‘line monitor’ when did i cross the line to ‘player bashing’ ??

  123. I said “on a regular basis” For example,he picks Diaby regularly before Jack.Which to me indicates that his opinion is contrary to yours.And yes Eboue is better suited to be right-back,but what has that got to do with it?

  124. I like and rate Diaby, although I can understand certain frustrations with him. He is a player capable of being completely dominant in the midfield area, but sometimes games pass him by a bit.

    He offers us the drive from deep positions, and he was an excelent touch and ability to wriggle out of tight spots. If he can add consistancy to his game and stay injury free he can be one of Europe’s best.

  125. Maria @ 12:14:

    Cheers to you too. I do not know enough about Partizan to be optimistic. I know if we play well we can beat pretty much anyone in the world. Don’t you just love it when the blog falls into the “I’m a good fan and your not” mode. Really adds a lot of interesting dialogue.


    Love your stories. The last couple of days could of used a heavy dose of “Limpar classics”. Even though we disagree about football sometimes you are one of my blogoshere heros.

  126. Dennis – You do realise that Diaby has been injured for most of the season so far don’t you? I would argue that if he had been fit from day one, we would not have seen Wilshere’s emergance so rapidly. He has taken advantage of a lucky break. The pressure is now on Diaby to perform as he has real competition for his place. If everybody is fit I still expect to see Cesc/Diaby/Song in the middle for now.

  127. ok shotta if you dont think Diaby has been lazy in games when we all know how influential he can be, so be it.

    In my opinion the only think holding Diaby back is himself and his sometimes lazy attitude in games.

    Quick call the loyalty police – i have stepped over the line from constructive criticism to full blown assault!

    Oh no there are here already – Captain Chris and Sargent Shotta are on the scene

  128. my word this back and forth about laziness, what player should play where, etc… is boring.

  129. Heh, loyalty police.

  130. “For example,he picks Diaby regularly before Jack.” – which i think will change because i believe Jack has more to offer – but as i said we have to be careful with him.

    “And yes Eboue is better suited to be right-back,but what has that got to do with it?” – erm the fact that hes played in midfield too often – where he is not so suited.

  131. DeiseGonner comments…

    but i think already Jack has offered more to the team than Diaby and Eboue.

    Diaby just continues to frustrate, for all his talent his attitude is off. As for Eboue, hes actually become too much the joker of the piece and isnt serious enough in my opinion. Both Jack and Aaron offer an intensity and a drive Diaby and Eboue dont

    Here is DeiseGooner using Jack Wilshire’s ability to beat Eboue and Diaby… Jack Wilshire who happens to be Englands biggest ever prospect, more talent already than Rooney, yet he hasn’t scored a goal this term and he has already passed Eboue and Diaby… a Diaby who has scored a hatful of goals, and being talked about as the new Vieira playing how many times for Arsenal?

    Then Eboue who has come back from some very severe criticism from his own fans to perform very well in numerous positions. You choose after 1 game to use Jack (England’s great hope) as a stick to beat two very important players who you OBVIOUSLY have something against like many fans I have spoken to.

    Stop hiding it and shutup

  132. Eboue is a good right back, but there are a load of players that should be ahead of him for the forward right berth.

  133. Goonerandy.I do realise that,thanks for asking.What is your point?

  134. This…

    – – – – – – – – Fabs – – – – – – –
    Sagna| Squill |Kos |Clichy
    – – – – – – – -Song – – – – – – –
    – – -Wilshere|Denilson –
    Nasri – – – – – – – – Arshavin
    – – – – – Chamakh – – – – – –

    OR This…

    – – – – – – – – Fabs – – – – – – –
    Sagna| Squill |Kos |Clichy
    – – – – – – – -Song – – – – – – –
    – – – – Nasri|Denilson – –
    Rosicky – – – – – – Arshavin
    – – – – – Chamakh – – – – – –


  135. Deise it is very amusing to see you adjust your stance with every comment. From calling Eboue a joker and labelling both him and Diaby as practically useless you have backtracked very quick mate.

    Anyway I am off, this will continue tomorrow after you applaud Eboue’s efforts tonight. 😉

  136. Aw shucks, Bill, you old tease!

  137. So the answer to my original question is, yes.You do think you know better than Arsene,fair enough,I like people who think highly of themselves.

  138. yes, he does, goonerandy, but he is more than handy, when those ‘loads of players’ need rest/are injured, & thats what makes him a very useful squad player.

  139. Limpar – I think I prefer your 2nd team purely on the basis of Nasri playing centrally. He really does seem well suited to that role and is quickly becoming integral to our style of play from there.

  140. None Limpar; I would rest KOS, Sagna, Nasri, Chamakh & maybe Arshavin..

  141. mj – I agree. I like Eboue, and he is a very good squad player. I can understand Arsene picking there as well due to his athletic style of play. We have Rosicky & Nasri available at the moment to occupy those slots, but rather than Eboue maybe Vela shouldbe given a shot there. He won’t get many games centrally this year, so it may be his best chance of games.

  142. Yeah, even when he does line up on the right nowadays he ends up behind the strikers. I was imagining that 1st team as more of a 4-3-1-2.

  143. No need to rest players (unless they are carrying a knock). It uis a Tuesday game, and we don’t play again until Sunday. If the players cannot recover in that time there is something wrong.

  144. It is so fluid when we are in possesion it is difficult to tell where players are normally stationed.

  145. Memo
    To: Manuel Almunia
    From: shottagunna
    Are you interested in your stats or not? What gives with taking one for the team? Who gives a sh*t about you?
    If you are injured after saving a penalty and you have a clean sheet at half-time beg the manager to be subbed. Hell they do it in cricket all the time. Not Out at 50 gives a batsman a 50 avg. Hell you don’t know about cricket. Well let me tell me about how to pad your averages Manuel. Like any good cricketer, don’t give a f*ck about the plundits or the fans. Just the stats, my man. Just the stats.
    FYI Only
    BTW: Like all the those cricketers just keep this memo betw me and you, no telephone calls, no text messages. You never know whether NOTW may be spying.

  146. For those who haven’t seen much of Szczesny yet:

    His reflexes look pretty good and he closes down well. That said, the pace of the game is different in the Prmiership so he could do with some playing time in the Carling Cup team first. He seems to punch the ball rather than catch it, but that appears to be the norm in the Prem nowadays.

  147. mj, Djourou for Kos, Vela for Chamakh… those are good ideas, but to be honest after tonight there’s the better part of a week for players to rest up, get some physio, get some R&R off-base, generally chill the hell out on a vibe. The sooner we qualify the better. As YW said, if we win this, it gives us the opportunity to maybe rest players in the last two away games.

  148. Big fish, tiny pond. Fabianski would be player of the year every year for Brentford between now and the end of time. Even on a 3 month loan.

  149. Shotta:

    If you injure your arm, even discussing or hinting that it might have affected your ability to move it, is unacceptable. Physical mobility in a ‘keeper is not important. Either you’ve got it, or you don’t.

    Got it!

  150. I love you Arsenal,
    and if it’s quite alright,
    I need you Arsenal,
    To score this very night,
    I love you Arsenal
    Go and get us the win!!!

  151. Can’t get the f**king plastic wrapping off these Ginsters.

  152. It is always, for any team, in any situation, at any level and at any time – but more likely early in a season, or late – possible to have a bad match against weaker opposition. If such a thing were not possible, sport would not be sport, nor football football. We are not immune.

    At Arsenal it is slightly more possible, and this is not necessarily a bad thing in itself, but I won’t go into the reasons, except to say vaguely it is a psychological downside of an exceptionally talented young squad that ‘kicks into gear’ at a certain level of intensity. What interested me about WBA was that it wasn’t one player; every player bar Nasri made shoddy passes, poor tackles with poor positioning and indecisive performance. Weird hey, knowing how well they play?

    We go into every match wanting and needing to win, and knowing how.

    Nothing has changed before and after Saturday. Diaby is Diaby, Song is Song, etc and these are good players. The interesting bit is the aftermath of one bad performance; that it doesn’t become a ‘bad run’. This is how various winning sides (winning mentality and all that) in the past won titles, while getting beaten in curious ways at odd moments where they should have won. They same could be said for the Invincibles (except for the 49 game run, but that’s just unbelievable, a record never likely to be bettered).

    It’s both silly and unreasonable to ‘unpack’ the minutiae of one match, making conclusions which will be disproven 3 matches later. Get a grip.

  153. Good job you don’t need that much mobility if the ball comes straight at you though eh 😉

  154. You know, that could be the answer Limpar. My mother, a good Plymouth maid, always said that you couldn’t get clotted cream anyhere east of Exeter.

    Different now of course. Like football fans. More widespread. Less special.

  155. aww jesus h – when did i say they are useless then Chris ? Eboue is the self confessed joker of the team and when i see him hugging players and going on like its a training session on a matchday i question his mindset. Fair enuff be good for morale bet get your head in game game. (at right back mind)

    When i see Jack bomb about all match long and put in 100 %, like he has so far, i then can form an ‘early’ opinion that he has more to offer that Eboue in midfield (not his suited position) and i feel WILL offer more than Diaby, who lets himself down on occasion with his application.

    Why am i continually repeating these points? I have not changed my stance at all Chris. Im not ‘attacking’ anyone but offering my opinion on 2 players i feel will surpass 2 other players and my reasons for thinking so.

  156. Dennis – you agreed with me that you think Eboue is better suited to right back – so you know more that Wenger too yeah? Farkin hell, what is it with you guys….

  157. there won’t be a better (or should I say worse?) time to rest players, eh Limpar?

  158. Deise – You don’t seem to have picked this up right mate; if your opinion is not the same as Chris you are not a real fan. Sorry to be the one to tell you that. Even worse though; your opinions are not your own either. You need the media to tell you them you see. Chris doesn’t though. Mainly due to his opinion being right I suppose.

    It does not really matter what you type when discussing a point; Chris will more likely only see what he feels will give him ammo to carry on “calling you out” (I believe the term is as a doomer). Again, sorry to be the one to let you know all this. I know you may think you have your own opinions and stuff……..

    Don’t waste your time mate.

  159. I would like to say that I feel that eboue is best suited to Right Back. He’s great bombing forward, but when he’s already forward, there’s nowhere really to bomb.. that’s my opinion!

  160. c-bob @ 3:23

    haha i love this comment even though i literally have no idea what your talking about! fascinating that we speak the same language, and from my perspective, that statement could be in relation to a wide number of things! gotta love globalization!

  161. thanks for clearing that up andy – must be why he keeps saying ‘after 1 game’ too when telling me my opinion of Diaby and Eboue is wrong – and here i was thinking i had formed it over a period of time – oh but then I didnt come to that by myself it was subliminally planted there by the daily star.

  162. Wavey | September 28, 2010 at 3:13 pm |

    Oh no. Not a youtube clip to prove a player’s pedigree?

    Have you seen much of Szczesny yourself?

  163. Chris says “Jack Wilshire who happens to be Englands biggest ever prospect, more talent already than Rooney, yet he hasn’t scored a goal this term”

    Stop attacking Jack please Chris, his game is about more than goals you know.

    So even when i compliment a player im just ‘using it to attack’ another 🙂

  164. goonerandy..

    the big bad ACLFers pickin on you? There is a culture around here that if your gonna give your opinion it needs to be based around objective fact. you can think of some other blogs as tabloid papers, with low standards for whats printed. and you can think of ACLF as some academic journal, where if you try to print absolutely baseless drivel, than your gonna get called out.

    thats my perspective on things

  165. Partizan,
    Guns, guns will tear you apart again
    Guns, guns will tear you apart again
    Guns, guns will tear you apart again
    Guns, guns will tear you apart again

  166. lame, but I couldn’t think of anything to replace love

  167. The thing is NJ, i have offered my opinion from watching these players. Yet i get ‘called out’ as you put it over things ive not said exactly but because others think im ‘attacking’ players, while also being told my opinion isnt my own but that i have been brainwashed ! A few comments asking if i misunderstood what Shotta had said was blown up to me attacking players, calling them useless, that i have a ‘personal agenda’ but then also that my opinions are not my own in any case!


  168. Always a pleasure to expand your horizons, NJGoooner.

    On a related matter, I remember reading somewhere that if you wanted to hear English as she was spoke in Elizabethan times then you should go to parts of the States where the language, or at least the way of speaking it, has not evolved so much as it has in England over four or five hundred years.

    Small isolated communities I suppose. More resistant to change.

    These days, ‘communites’ in football as in wider life, sway to the flutter of a tabloid page or the hot air from a pundit.

  169. cbob

    interesting. I’ve also read that the “english” accent as we know it today, is not refelctive of the english spoken throughout most of english society from many hundreds of years, but in fact evolved from a hyper-specific dialect used by royals and the elite that (among other things) involved the pronunciation of R’s. i was very interested by that..

  170. For goalkeepers, videos of saves are practically useless. You can judge a goalkeeper far better by videos of mistakes they have made enriched with statistics (games played/shots conceded/saves made) .

  171. NJ –


    the big bad ACLFers pickin on you? There is a culture around here that if your gonna give your opinion it needs to be based around objective fact. you can think of some other blogs as tabloid papers, with low standards for whats printed. and you can think of ACLF as some academic journal, where if you try to print absolutely baseless drivel, than your gonna get called out.

    thats my perspective on things

    That is the whole issue mate. I do give objective views on players, backed up by my opinion. Only to be wierdly told that it is not. I really don’t feel picked on (it is an internet forum and I am an adult, so all is good). My opinion is based around fact, but is still only an opinion obviously.

    There is nothing to “call me out” on . I am an Arsenal fan pure and simple.

  172. Abou turned around and took be by the hand and said,
    I’ve lost control again.
    And how I’ll never know just why or understand,
    He said I’ve lost control again.
    And he screamed out kicking on his side and said,
    I’ve lost control again.
    Abou lost control again…

  173. hmmmm, the loyalty police comment, was that a sly dig at moi? Surely not

  174. Chris, I think it is impossible for them to have a discussion about a player without berrating him. Take Diaby, for example. What has he done recently to merit the claim that he’s lazy? That he just got back from injury and isn’t 100% fit? You watch, if Denilson plays tonight and has a lackluster game, they’ll bring up the fact that he’s not good enough to play for Arsenal instead of analyzing what actually happened in the game. It’s as if they want to remind everyone that their assertions about a player are right and they’re just reminding the rest of us what astute scouts they are. They don’t take into account form and how it fluctuates. For them, each new game is an opportunity to reassert their biases for no other reason than to have a moan.

    That Ian Wright article must have been inspired by the same fountain of memes where Andy gets his keen insights. That Almunia talking point surfaced onceLehmann left and idiots repeat it as if they’re at the training ground with Almunia every afternoon and have insider knowledge with regards to his mentality.

  175. Training ground?

    To se him play on a pitch is enough to form an opinion. My own and everthing.

    Off home. Later.

  176. deise

    i was really picking on andy for being a baby. he likes to come on here and stir up trouble and then feel bad for himself. by stir up trouble i mean say things that arent true.

    I’ve been following your comments the past couple of days, and there are times i sympathize with you receiving excessive flak and maybe as a matter of circumstance, you got bunched together with andy and whoever else, and that led to you being ridiculed.

    my take on this place is if you cant defend your opinion, either no one will care, or people will tell you to f*ck off howard, or james, or whatever.

    so if your gonna say “diaby isnt as good as wilshere” you should explain yourself. and to be honest, people reminding you about the formation of the opinion over just a day, is something i welcome on here, for me personally at least. its like a check on my reactionary emotions, that are not representative of my true views.

  177. That’s interesting, Consolsbob, because I heard that evolution is accelerated in small, isolated areas. Which accounts for those giant hamsters they found in that hidden valley on thay newly discovered little volcanic island the other month.

    NJ, and the Spanish (Castilian) language sounds the way it does because of an old Madridista King who had an incredibly strong lisp (is strong the right word for a lisp? Possibly not). He got the rest of the country to speak like him to make him feel better. Or maybe his nobles did it for him… to make him feel better. Can’t remember.

  178. If I may GA, this:

    “I do give objective views on players, backed up by my opinion. ”

    highlights the source of much consternation. Supporting an objective view of anything with only your opinions is the easiest path to academic ridicule.

    For example, if I point to a dog and say it’s a cat because in my opinion a cat is anything with 4 legs and a tail, well you can see how ridiculous I’d look. I know the example is a far more extreme version of that which you described but it extremity show a situation for better than subtleties.

  179. fair enough gooner andy. im glad that you can take it on the chin. and your right, a gooner is a gooner is a gooner is a gooner.

    but idk i know yesterday was all about the goalkeepers, for you and everyone else. for example, there is no objective consensus on what a goal keeping error is. can it be only down to the goalie? i.e. he lets a back pass roll through his legs? do you follow what i’m saying here? what if there was poor defending? what might be objective for you is not for someone else, and thats where the problem lies.

  180. Andy:

    “Eboue is a good right back, but there are a load of players that should be ahead of him for the forward right berth.”

    Eboue is the type of player that fills a tactical requirement. He’s good enough offensively that he can play on the wing and is used when we need more defensive cover on the right. Two seasons ago he was paired with Sagna to stop Cristiano Ronaldo. He’s also a player who can rorate with Walcott and provide speed down the wing when Wenger needs it. Thus your comment is idiotic because it doesn’t take into account his role in the squad.

  181. Limpar

    Yes mate!! for example when they say “once” (eleven) they say “onthe” but in south america thats not the case! fascinating stuff!

    what about the evolution of slang? i would love to know the roots of some of the english phrases and slang that most confound me. howler, blinder, brace, gaffer, takin the piss.

    when i was in a pub in london, someone asked me “do you get on it”… after about 3 times saying what mate back to him, i finally said, ok guy look i understand the words your saying, i just dont know what they mean..

  182. Limpar – that story about the subjects feeling sorry for the king with his lisp and hence changing how the language is spoken is a fallacy i believe. That ‘lisp’ is a regional thing i think. Think it was Qi that explained that one….the national treasure that is Stephen Fry! 🙂

  183. taking the piss is interesting. check out norse ( viking ) mythology

  184. CBob:
    “On a related matter, I remember reading somewhere that if you wanted to hear English as she was spoke in Elizabethan times then you should go to parts of the States where the language, or at least the way of speaking it, has not evolved so much as it has in England over four or five hundred years.
    Small isolated communities I suppose. More resistant to change.”

    This is also true for the Amish and Mennonite communities. They have preserved old German and old Dutch.

    This Elizebethan English is mainly spoken in pockets of the rural south and in some easter states like Delaware and Maryland.

  185. look at you Brits.. talking about Delaware and Maryland! Neighboring states of New Jersey!!

    makes an amerigooner smile

  186. Bah, the true national treasures are the researchers of QI, the unsung heroes who plow tirelesly behind the scenes, penetrating the cavernous swell of forgotten knowledge, seeking only to sow these unearthed seeds upon fertile minds

  187. I’m not British. I live in Miami.

  188. plow = plough

  189. Eboue is a fine player, effective in several positions, left back if required, with a big heart and an outstanding ability to run into space. His crossing and passing is not bad at all, but he needs a strong midfield to be effective – he is not the ‘central pivot’ (Cesc, JW of late, Rosicky, Nasri, Song etc) but provides momentum and needs midfielders to play off. He is loyal to Arsenal. He is strong and athletic. He is for so many reasons a valuable player. How idiotic to say he should be confined to second choice left back.

  190. right back I mean …

  191. wow Gains my bad. gainsborough just sounded so english. like finsbury. ha whoops

  192. NJG

    Taking the piss:

    As for Delaware, that’s a corporate crooks paradise isn’t it?


  193. A brace is a pair in hunting, or shooting terms, NJ. So a brace of pheasant would be a good thing to take home for the pot.

    Gaffer is just someone in charge. Not sure where it comes from, though on a film set it is the person in charge of the electrics, which probably comes from using lots of tape. Off set, an electrician might be called a ‘sparkie’, or ‘sparks’.

    Taking the piss would be, I believe, in the parlance of New Jersey – breaking ones balls.

    Getting on it, where I come from, means getting loaded in one way or another, so he may have been asking you if you might like a drink, or even a line, or perhaps I’ve got it wrong and he was actually after something unmentionable in the gents. Was he wearing a little peaked leather cap?

  194. “but he needs a strong midfield to be effective – he is not the ‘central pivot’ ”
    “How idiotic to say he should be confined to second choice left back.”

    With those 2 statements, I have no problem saying he should be confined to right back when there isn’t a ‘central pivot’ or strong midfield for him to ‘play off of’…. like when the rest of the midfield is made up of Diaby and Song.

  195. Thank god for a thread on language and dialect. An oases of rib tickling humor and genuinely new information.

  196. you kinda made the point for keeping him at right back – ZimPaul

  197. YW

    yes, Delaware is the Dubai of the United States.

  198. Zim,

    Not forgetting the attitude he showed in getting his head down, working hard on the pitch, and winning over the supporter’s after what happened to him at the Wigan game…

    A lot of player’s could learn from that show of mental strength – and you are right – he is loyal to the Arsenal cause.

    I am becoming more and more tempted to pick up a ‘Youv’ve only come to see Eboue’ T shirt every time I walk past the stall on the way to the stadium…

  199. Andy:

    “To se him play on a pitch is enough to form an opinion. My own and everthing.”

    Is it enough to pinpoint the lack of competition as the sole reason why he isn’t playing up to your standard? Like Wright, you like to throw shit on the wall to see what sticks.

  200. Limpar

    haha thank you for the explanations!! and your absolutely right — breakin balls!!

    good to know about brace, that one really confused me for a while, as it used pretty much exclusively to explain 2 goals. I wasnt sure for awhile if it was some sort of extra accolade or something hah.

    but as for the bloke in the pub, he was definitely offering me a line. hah after i told him i didnt understand what he was asking me, he stormed off, into the bathroom I suppose, and one of his friends came over and said he was offering you a line. I was flattered, but I’m afraid thats not my cup of tea. good story to tell though..

    I’m trying to think of cool american slang that would be confusing to you lot. strugglign at this point..

  201. oo i got one..

    overheard in an office..

    “man johnson really fumbled that presentation this morning!”

  202. Facts and stats aren’t the end all be all of an argument either.

    Arsenal v WBA
    Shots (on goal)
    28(6) 8(5)
    65% 35%
    16 4

    One could argue we dominated the game and looked great by those stats.
    Of course, the eye test (opinion), should make most know those stats are immensely deceptive. And opinion again can be differing as to how, why, and who ‘looked bad’.

  203. or maybe, a norse soothsayer stoned on magic mushrooms tranced out for the coming battle. the soldiers waiting for him to go for a pee and collecting the urine to drink for an expected high. magic mushrooms were often used by the beserkers when going into battle or pillage ‘n stuff.

  204. NJ:

    “wow Gains my bad. gainsborough just sounded so english. like finsbury. ha whoops”

    It’s actually “bourg.” Serge Gainsbourg was a French singer.

  205. “I’m trying to think of cool american slang that would be confusing to you lot. strugglign at this point..”

    Some regional slang is confusing to fellow americans.
    Jonesin’ – in need of, wanting. “Man, I’m jonesin’ for a beer right now.”
    Jingo (jingoed) – screwed, screwed out of. “I was hoping for a raise, but I got jingoed.”

    those were 2 that I hadn’t heard until I moved to St. Louis for college (ages ago).

  206. @ NJGooner
    You’ll have to work harder than that to catch out us Brits out with American slang – we see so much American telly! 🙂
    Btw, did we have a conversation about “lamping” a few months ago?

    On pronunciation and royalty – here’s another example. I was told by my German teacher that up to the 18th century, Germans rolled their “r”s. Frederick the Great of Prussia could not roll his “r”s, so the accepted prounciation was changed to the French style.

  207. Chris De Burgh is also a singer – and what a singer too 😉

  208. I’d just like to comment on the debate about the right to voice an opinion – and the doomer vs true gooner handbags we’re having on here today with CG, DG, Goonerandy, Shotta and the rest.

    My sense is that everyone on here – and anyone who calls themselves a Gooner for that matter, really wants Arsenal to do well.

    People will always have different opinions and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. What clouds the quality of conversation is the reality that there are those who like a good moan for whatever reason, and there are those who start from the position in seeing the best with everything, regardless of what criticism may validly temper the positivity.

    My view is that there are those like myself and many others who have a sunny disposition and prefer to look at negatives with a touch of perspective and context, without losing the ability to be critical in a way that doesn’t press the self destruct button.

    Then there are those who just love a good old fashoned moan because that’s what makes them feel better. They will vecifourously defend their right to hold and express an opinion, especially when challenged about their negative disposition to issues and the edge they come at this with.

    The interesting thing is that both sets of contributors here probably have valid points either way that merit good discussion. It’s not about who’s right and who’s wrong.

    If Arsenal were a beach ball with all the myriad of issues that we discuss day in, day out; then the person on one side of the beach ball will see it as blue, and the person on the other side of the same beach ball will see it as yellow. The fact of the matter is that they’re both looking at the same beach ball, but from a different angle.

    What clouds healthy debate to me is our relative disposition on life – whether we have a smile when looking at issues, or whether we just love a good old fashoned moan.

    It’s the age old battle of pessimists who see the glass as always half empty, and the optimists who always see the glass as half full.

    There is a more philosophical approach that is an alternative, and that’s for us to be opportunists and see the chance to quench our thirst with that glass of water. Arsenal is a wonderful club and besides all it’s kinks, it is the sole reason we gather here day in, day out – because we love the club.

    As supporters, we have more that unites us than divides us. The wonderful football, the ethos and philosophy of the club, the privilige of growing and developing with this team, the opportunity of being part of a bold and ambitious vision.

    Surely, these are greater things than bitching at each other because we want to stay in our silos and argue our corners. Right here and right now, this team needs us to be unflinching and to be unwaivering.

    We sometimes accuse the team of lackign bottle, (one I heard yesterday) a winning mentality, of being complaicent, and not having discipline. Yet when the team stumbles, all hell breaks loose and we don’t have the bottle, the mental strength or the winning mentality as supporters to stand up and be counted.

    What’s the point in expecting your team to display the same characteristics that we don’t have the balls (lovely ladies on ACLF – please forgive me) to display?

    Sit back,relax and enjoy the game tonight.

  209. Hm… ‘man johnson’. Is that like ‘mangina’?

    Actually… don’t answer that.

  210. That’s Frederick the Great, obviously.

  211. Deise

    He is responsible for one of the worst night’s of my life. Had to go to one his concerts with an ex- and parents. When ‘Lady in soddin’ Red’ started, it became too much to bear and I disappeared into the bar – which given it was at Wembley and the beer was watered down, took a lot of doing. Didn’t come back either…


  212. Yeah, I’d heard ‘Jonesin’ for a cigarette from the film ‘Swingers’.

  213. G69

    And noted abuser of Whitney Houston IIRC.


  214. I have only driven through it, but I’ve met a few guys from Pittsburgh, and I swear they have their own language there.

    for example, everyone knows that in the South people use “Ya’ll” for you all, or everyone.
    In Pittsburgh they you “Yinz”. and they use it a lot.

  215. ha ha Yogi – the man is a feckin travesty – sorry for bringing up bad memories fella!

    lets all song along – “The lady in red is dancing with me … cheek to cheek “

  216. Yogi – How on earth did you manage to let yourself go to a Chris De Burgh concert with a woman AND her parents?

    Shee must of been seriously hot!

  217. Darius very fair. anyway its late where i am and off to the lord nelson to make sure of a front seat. here is my list – make of it what you will.
    and very sadly rvp.
    insults 2morrow please.

  218. Hey Yogi, meant to say, you must have got some ‘action’ from that bird after going along to that. if not – FOR SHAME 😉

  219. @Limpar 4:34 pm and NJ Gooner

    Gaffa is a slang derivative of the rank of Governor. It has other derivatives often used in regimental services or teams with a clear leader – who is seen as the Governor. Most popular with the English Police forces where male Inspectors (Lieutenants to you Americans) and higher ranked officers are referred to as “Gov”.

    The Gaffa as in ‘The Govna’ evolved from that.

  220. well-put Darius, something for the non-ACLFers!

  221. Trevor,

    Isn’t the Lord Nelson a strip bar?

  222. Yogi:

    “And noted abuser of Whitney Houston IIRC.”

    Not to mention what he did to poor France Gall, when he wrote her a song she thought was about lolly pops and it turned out to be about fellatio.

  223. Aha, thanks, Darius. But I think you mean ‘Lootenants’, not Lieutenants. If you say ‘Lieutenants’ then NJ won’t understand you.

  224. if it is i’m missing something. damn.

  225. I am sure it used to be – sure I went there once when I was younger on a friends birthday for a laugh…

  226. er……….hong kong. lord nelson hong kong. now thats what i call a night out. enjoy

  227. Very good Limpar. the thing is, will he understand the difference between ‘lieutenant’ and ‘lootenant’?

    Thanks for that info Gainsburgh.

  228. Limpar – Lootenant sounds just about right.

    I must admit, I do love my cockny slang. I’ve even got folks at work to officially use slang even in written documents – ‘Elf and safety instead of health and safety.

  229. Oh, and I had my reply about my complaint to the BBC about ‘savagery’ today.

    “Thanks for contacting us regarding ‘6-0-6’ broadcast on the 11 September.

    We understand you were unhappy with Robbie Savage’s presentation as you felt he expressed views on football which were irresponsible.

    Programme contributors, including Robbie, are appointed on the basis of their experience and talent, but judgements are often subjective and we’d never expect everyone to agree with every choice we make.

    The range of tastes and opinions held by our audience is so diverse that it’s inevitable some listeners will dislike or disapprove of certain presenters or guests. Indeed, it’s a very rare personality who meets with everyone’s approval, and it’s clear that opinions can vary considerably.

    It’s never our intention to set a bad example and we would like to assure you that we’ve registered your comments on Robbie Savage on our audience log. This is the internal report of audience feedback which we compile daily for all programme makers and commissioning executives within the BBC, and also their senior management. It ensures that your points, and all other comments we receive, are circulated and considered across the BBC.”

    Anybody else get the same pile of steaming horseshit or do they vary their crap?

  230. Consolsbob.

    That comes striaght from chapter 4, section 3, part 7 on how to handle ‘difficult’ audiences.

    Essentially, it’s official speak for “we’re going to do fuck all”

  231. I must admit, I was “having a laugh” with my fumbling attempt. i think its very funny that I have to think very hard, and what i do come up with would be, as some have said earlier, regional. and that you “lot” can come up with one after the other to trick me.

    I remember some of my first trips to the .com in my early days following the club… “what the f*ck is a fixture list?!?”

    I am afraid the lieutenant bit went over my head. is it just because of the way we say it?

    and thanks for the clarification on gaffer!

    In NJ, when one is proposing a trip to the beach, we say “you wanna go down the shore?”

    it often confuses outsiders. in fact, all of the super cool people in NJ usually update their facebook statuses during the summer with the phrase “DTS”

    ahhhh american “culture”

  232. people in wisconsin call a water fountain a “bubbler”

    but thats just stupid

  233. “Programme contributors, including Robbie, are appointed on the basis of their experience and talent…”


  234. Darius – Nice post earlier. You pretty much summed everything up there I think.

  235. On the language discussion; don’t forget that “‘lieutenant” is also pronounced leftennant as well just to confuse things a bit more.

  236. Darius Stone at 4:54pm, this part “Yet when the team stumbles, all hell breaks loose and we don’t have the bottle, the mental strength or the winning mentality as supporters to stand up and be counted.” doesn’t apply to the realists, does it? We are not the ones who throw our toys out of the pram, nor do we insist that we should all be pointlessly wallowing in our misery. That is one of the main points of difference.

  237. Cbob, – just on the BBC issue – I’m also doing an experiment to illustrate my theory about institutional bias against Arsenal.

    Last year, I was either working or on the road when Arsenal were playing CL fixtures during the group stages. I was very frustrated because radio was the only way I could get the match commentary – but it always seemed that Liverpool, Man United and Chelsea were always chosen over us – even though with the twinning of English teams on alternate days you would think allows for fair commentary in rotation.

    On digging further – I discovered that during group games, out of a possible 24 opportunities to broadcast English team games on radio – only 1 out of the 24 went to Arsenal – and that was Match day 1 against standard Liege on BBC radio 5 live.

    So far this season (including today) – out of 6 possible opportunities to broadcast English clubs – Arsenal has not featured and will not feature. We’re twinned with Chelsea and all radio broadcasters are focusing on Chelsea only for the 2nd time in a row. There is no evidence (if you consider last year’s embargo on Arsenal) that they will change to Arsenal in any of the 4 remaining match days.

    I’m also monitoring the TV broadcasts and comparing the fairness of the selected choices (although Sky Interactive makes this a harder thing to judge as you have a selection of games where Sky has the rights).

    My point in doing all this is to get solid evidence to “call out” (I learnt that on here today) broadcasters for the unfair bias shown to Arsenal – and the sycophancy they show to Manure and Chelsea.

    In the interest of fairness, Arsenal should have at least 3 of their games broadcast out of the 6 match days (I’ll also make an assessment from the TV broadcasts.

    It will also be intresting to see if Arsenal gets the same cunts as commentators and pundits for good measure.

  238. @Fun Gunner – yes, the propensity to press the self destruct button is a characteristic of the few – I should have pointed that out.

  239. The Arsenal arent ‘en vogue’ right now and simply because we havent won a pot in a few years they are not under ‘pressure’ (thats not the right word here but..) to show the Arsenal games. Man U and Liverpool were always favoured over Arsenal except when we were the team to beat. No that we aint that they will pander to the Chelskis and Man City’s while always brown nosing Man U

  240. cbob

    i enjoyed that response. thanks for posting. It must be frustrating knowing such filth is coming from a tax payer funded operation. keep fighting the good fight i suppose.


    glad you’ve picked up the “call out” ha! I’ll be very interested to see the result of your research. Obviously, I am not concerned with an anti-arsenal bias in america, bc most dont know what the hell im talking abotu anyway.. but the CL games in the USA are shown on one channel. and they show one game as live, and then “premieres” as they call them, of the others throughout the rest of the day. so usually, the biggest game gets the live airing. so when its real/ac milan, that will be the game aired live. Almost always, arsenal are not the live aired game, but today they are! i’ll be dvr-ing it to watch later, but found your research very interesting and wanted to share a similar trend from the states..

  241. NJ – Very similar situtation here in Asia, regarding TV broadcasts..

  242. Diese.

    I acknowledge the point that we might not be flavour of the month – but my point here is to illustrate a characteristic of the institutional bias that we are meant to believe is our own paranoya.

    The fact that say BBC is a publicly funded organization actually demands that they show that they’re not part of this bias and that they’re impartial. Currently, they’re not, and the way they operate as part of the establishment is the cancer we’re trying to eradicate every day in football.

    If Arsenal were filing a case in a court of law, such evidence would go to illustrating a pattern that is a key characteristic of institutional bias.

    Besides, these same attitudes (bias on the part of the establishment towards Arsenal) are transferred subconsciously or intentionally to other parts of the game e.g. how the whole lot of them gang up on us when our players’ legs are broken.

  243. Darius,

    to play devil’s advocate..

    couldnt the BBC simply state that they were responding to demand, and that any inconsistencies in terms of broadcast frequencies were merely coincidence.

    I’m with ya overall though. I truly believe there is a bias against arsenal, and unfortunately, its mostly xenephobic in nature.

  244. dont people who just spend their time looking for stats are fucking annoying?! For gods sake its a game do we really need to look over it with such scrutiny, for gods sake. I think partizan will be difficult tonight> The atmosphere will certainly be intimidating for the arsenal!! Anyway lets hope they can put a smile on evryones faces, at least before they get wiped off come sunday. My prediction: 1-1, Chamakh to score!!

  245. Country mile, anyone?

  246. Zap, I found a stat from Orbino!

    Andrei Arshavin has created more scoring efforts then any other player from the PL so far. Twenty.


  247. And sorry everybody:

    As G69 cleared up yesterday, the shot from Jara wasn’t straight at Almunia, but close and low to the side, like all kids are taught to do. Hence the football hit Al’s outstretched ankle. It really is tedious, to have to repeat that.
    Why he adopted a protective long barrier pose from a cricket coaches book, and chose not to use his hands or dive (all the plundits say he’s a good shot stopper!) I don’t know, but Goonertown’s observation’s were interesting.
    Sorry to all numb readers.

    Come on you Gunners.

  248. AND!

    Ole Gunner is a Star,
    as they say.

  249. Does anyone have a working link for the match? Please!

  250. Just seen the highlights of the Reserves match by way of a warm-up. Three fantastic goals. Sunu looked excellent, full of confidence.

  251. can you provide a link for that FG? or did you see it on AVTO?

  252. mj_gunner

    Only ATVO, I’m afraid – no links.

  253. Line ups according to one report:

    Partizan Belgrade: Stojkovic, Stevanovic, Marko Jovanovic, Krstajic, Lazevski, Tomic, Medo, Petrovic, Sasa Ilic, Boya, Cleo.

    Subs: Zivkovic, Stankovic, Savic, Bogunovic, Kizito, Iliev, Smiljanic.

    Arsenal: Fabianski, Sagna, Djourou, Squillaci, Gibbs, Rosicky, Denilson, Song, Arshavin, Wilshere, Chamakh.

    Subs: Szczesny, Koscielny, Nasri, Vela, Clichy, Eboue, Lansbury.

    Referee: Wolfgang Stark (Germany)

  254. I am delighted with the line-up, apart from Sagna & Chamakh.
    & Denilson, Song & Wilshere in MF means we’ll see Jacky boy in a more attacking role or the ‘Cesc’ role as they call it these days.

  255. Team:
    Fabianski; Sagna, Djourou, Squillaci, Gibbs; Song, Denilson, Wilshere; Rosicky, Chamakh, Arshavin. Subs: Szczesny, Koscielny, Vela, Clichy, Lansbury, Eboue, Nasri.

  256. Partizan fans have been packing the stadium for the last 2 hours. We’re in for one of them hot couldron nights.


  257. Song, Denilson, Wilshere;
    Have we seen this midfield before? I don’t think so.

  258. MJ – Try ADTHE. Currently watching Spartak trash Zilnia (sp) 3-0.

  259. Team anyone (or squad as they say in MD)
    21 Fabianski
    03 Sagna
    18 Squillaci
    20 Djourou
    28 Gibbs
    07 Rosicky
    15 Denilson
    17 A Song
    19 Wilshere
    23 Arshavin
    29 Chamakh

  260. Very interesting Darius.

    Irrefutable, nest ce pas?

    Just think, Robbie Savage was appointed by the BBC because of his ‘experience and talent’.

    I suppose in the context of a debate on kicking people, they had a point.

  261. What do you think players do with all the little pennants they get at the start of games?

  262. Fun Gunner.

    What do you make of Gibbs for Clichy?

  263. Links anyone? anyone?
    ATDHE not working for me….anything else? Help a fellow gooner out:)

  264. at work Shotta, thanks. Will check it out once I’m home, which will be around the start of 2nd half.
    But then I’d prefer watching the thrashing of Belgrade!

  265. I don’t mind either way, Darius. That’s the joy of the squad this season. Trading experience for a bit more drive in the final third, maybe? I don’t know whether it’s just rotation or whether Clichy has been dropped. In a match earlier in the season, AW was at pains to point out that he wasn’t playing Gibbs “ahead of” Clichy for that match.

  266. alright gentlemen, interesting line up changes, Nasri and Kos must really have needed a rest.

    But I’m off, my self-imposed all things arsenal black out is set to begin. I’ll be watching the match, as live, at about 5 pm CST, 11pm dreary old london time.

    enjoy all.

    and come on you gunners

  267. I think Wenger is lighting a bonfire under Clichy’s arse. Normally, you’d expect a player coming back to be eased in via substitution say when we’re winning.

    You could argue that Nasri is being rested for the Chavs, but something in my water tells me Clichy is being m’motivated’ for Sunda.

  268. Isn’t this when people start sharing links to the stream of the match?

  269. Ok! Some Floodlights out at the stadium…they are trying get them to work…kick of delayed.

    Finally found a working link

    Click on the Spartak moscow link on the right

  270. Kick off NOT delayed.

  271. Sorry Consols…i meant kick off could be delayed

  272. I wish they’d stop working for another hour or so…

  273. Floodlights up and running! Come on you gunners!

  274. check out the gunning hawk blog for streams. some are usually up on there

  275. I am expecting an error free show from DJ & Lucasz..

  276. Partizan support looks INTENSE!

  277. Go on team. Shut Merson’s big fat gob for a bit

  278. Cbob – for New Jersey, think Essex (white stilettos, dumb blondes, petty criminals, run down seaside towns, Basildon but some pretty rural areas) – being an ex-Essex-boy, and living adjacent to NJ that’s tounge-in-cheek NJ Gunner. Whereas Maryland is more like Surrey, very pleasant old chap.
    As for the two languages – think North of England vowles here in the US, all very short (as in bath not barth) but just to be perverse, if I pronounce a short ‘a’ these yanks use a long ‘a’. A lot of the ladies here love the English accent, which could be quite useful.
    A local small supermarket chain here sometimes stocks Rhodda’s clotted cream, which as we are west of Exeter, must be OK.
    Game is on FSC, sound OFF

  279. Maryland? I only know Murderland. Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet

  280. Denilson, a true hero. Who where those guys talking about Denilson being lazy and shutting off? Take that!

  281. anything?

  282. Denny is amazing

  283. MJ..we are looking very shaky at the back at the moment…last ditch stuff from Denilson and Fabianski a couple of times.

  284. Arshavin silencing the Partizan fans!

  285. Goooooal Arshavin!!!

  286. Andrei the giant!!!!!

  287. That assist by Wilshere? World class.

  288. What were people saying about AA?

  289. Our little russian to our tall morrocan and back again!

    My team are the greatest

  290. Superb interplay between Arsha and lil’jack inside the box!

  291. scrap that. from one small russian to an englishman rather

  292. i get up to grab a drink and miss the goal. how was it?

  293. somebody describe it!!!

  294. 1-0 first attack on goal…Defence has looked a bit shaky..hopefully after goal they will settle…

  295. TOLD you he needed to improve his finishing!


  296. is Jacky playing attack MF or is it Rosicky?

  297. have to say the Partizan crowd are amazing.

  298. I hope some of the season ticket holders are watching the game. Take a lesson or two from the Partizan fans when it comes to home support!

  299. great run by Arshavin a quick pass to Wlishire who with his usual trickery manages a sweet back heel for Arshavin to score..A moment of Magic..Wilshire is a GIANT..

  300. @mj_gunner: They listed Wilshire as the Attacking MF to start the game and Rosicky on the RW.

  301. Gadget n Evil I’ve been to Belgrade a number of times The Crowd – The People are amazing…

  302. Stojkovic is not bad, not bad at all.

  303. I pay my respects to Belgrade. Other teams would have been down 4:0 by now. They fight very well.

  304. These f’n guys…christ!

  305. wilshire and Arshavin killing their defense! We’re creating chance after chance.

  306. How come no goalkeeper can actually CATCH a Denilson shot?

  307. We are seemingly carving them open at will, bit worrying that we are not converting a few more chances though, knowing how vulnerable we are to the ol’ sucker punch.

  308. Easy Matty Boy…our shots aren’t missing. That goal keeper is having a blinder so far.

  309. m_j – our defence looks shakey but we are on fire up front, wonder goal line clearance by them. There are goals in this game

  310. Penalty to them

  311. F$%k me…denilson handball…penalty…1-1

  312. There was no replay on my stream. Was it a handball?

  313. Here we come…we’ll be at it shortly.

  314. Did I just fucking jinx us or what! Let’s keep the good play going now Arsenal, can’t let a soft pen affect us.

  315. Hardly…he folded to the crowd.

  316. they are not showing a replay. makes me think it was a horrible call

  317. very soft penalty…did not look a “deliberate hand to ball “

  318. very soft though… many would not have given pen on that.

  319. What’s with the Boy Robin mask?

  320. Its soft but that is the home advaantage the crowd made it a penalty. With the amount of chances we had we should’ve been 3 up. But still plenty of time to get few goals in this game

  321. There should be no complaints about AA today – he’s been a menace

  322. AA is awful…he hardly runs fast after he scores.

  323. Should have been out of sight before the equalizer. Great saves by their goalie and that off the line clearance by the defender was excellent.
    Was a penalty though but I have seen them not given in the PL.

  324. By seen them not given you mean when we are playing and some other team handles the ball, right?

  325. I don’ t know who the co commentator is on Sky but he is hilarious. He responds to every incident according to his well thumbed copy of that best selling publication ‘What cliche to use every time that Arsenal play. Guarenteed a snide response to every situation”. Bloody brilliant.

    Occasionally his mask slips and he gets torn between accusing the foreigners (thiers) of cheating and the other foreigners (ours) of ‘failing’. Seriously, Paul Whitehouse couldn’t do better. Was the refferee unduly influenced to give a soft penalty because he was intinidated by those rough Serbs or were Arsenal to be derided for giving away a soft penalty. You decide. He can’t.

    Thanks for the info re the USA MD. Just like TV then.

  326. Has anyone noticed that Song is not playing DM at all. In fact, based on the evidence thus far, it seems the defensive duties in midfield are being shared out.

    Song is not exactly Cesc though, is he? LOL!

  327. Even replays not conclusive on the pen – very generous call.

    Murdered them for 25 mins in the middle of that half – more of that please, get jack and arsh on the ball as much as poss.

  328. Oh, and you can get Rhodda’s in the USA?

    I am seriously impressed by those Cornish marketing men.

  329. ** evidence being that Song haseen bombing forward every game this season so far **

  330. Other half time updates…

    Aux – Real Mad 0-0

    Chavs – OM 2-0

  331. Wonder what AW is trying to do with song then. Whatever he is trying to do does not yet bear fruits though..

  332. Darius – wonder if hes been encouraged my wenger….must be. if so. then why?

  333. heh….gulp….exactly…

  334. The two players I would really like to see score tonight are Rosicky and Chamakh.

  335. True FG…Would love to see Rosicky score one from outside the box

  336. Or inside the box – not fussed! 🙂

  337. “Oh, and you can get Rhodda’s in the USA?”
    Yes but it costs you your first born child.

  338. FG….heh…true that.

  339. red card!

  340. Penalty. Arshavin to take?

  341. their defender sent off! COYG!

  342. Oh bollocks.

  343. Their goalie is playing a blinder

  344. damn, missed it. well, they are down a man now. we should take over this game now.

  345. F#$k no arshavin! Noooooo!

  346. No pen takers in the team.

  347. What a crap penalty

  348. PaulN…thats 2 we’ve missed in the past 2 weeks…not good…oh well

  349. Bit more space for our midfield now?

  350. FG….we have to take control of the midfield now….have to

  351. Arseman, not good at all. I have never seen Arshavin take a pen like that before.

  352. take that shot wilshire

  353. thats just embarrasing. A big club like arsenal has to score on the penaltys they get.

  354. Great assist by Arsha and then a rather ordinary penalty. Ugh.

  355. So how often do we practice penalties in training?

  356. all our “senior players” fail and the JRs are the best. thats kinda.. wrong 🙂

  357. We are playing quite well though

  358. PaulN…not as well as we were in the 1st half. We need to push forward more..

  359. Our goalie is more handsome than theirs -what do you reckon Maria?

  360. That’s right Gulp. No one at chav$ki or manure ever misses a penalty. We are just crap through and through. Might as well give it up…

    you tosser

  361. I think its about time we got Nasri on!

  362. We need one extra attacker to take advantage. Nasri or Vela will do

  363. @ gris gris they miss penaltys too but a player of Arsharvins calibre should not miss penaltyies. He should have so much routine that when he steps up he should be feeling secure and put it. Hes not a star player for nothing. He actually is a star.
    And for a man like him that was a ver ver ver poor penalty.

  364. gulp, calibre has nothing to do with missing pens. Arsenal are usually good with pens.

  365. and Jordan should never have missed a free throw…I know…

  366. How do you get a squad number 99?

  367. Finally! Chamakh-attack successful!

  368. who is Jordan?

  369. hey hey. back on top

  370. Their goalie has been awsome

  371. Get in Chamakh. Get in!

  372. Another save…

  373. Goaaal!!

  374. Chamakh!!!! Rosicky, your turn now!

  375. ya, 1loosecannon, he is careering

  376. More than we deserve.

  377. Take that gulp you fucking faux gooner. You fucking love it don’t you mate. Go on tell me you cheered that goal.

  378. Fungunner….i like it…i like it alot….

  379. chamakh, you got to take that shot quicker. that was sitting there for you

  380. and imagin how cooool it would have been if Arsh actually did put that pen. that would have been awsome, thats all im saying. I think he will be imbarrased tomorrow that he missd. Cos he is that kind of a guy..

  381. It was a ver ver ver good goal!

  382. I would love to see more crosses like that to Chamakh. He only need few crosses to get a goal

  383. links pleassssssse

  384. Good game by Wilshere. Now being subbed.
    Chamakh replaced by Vela.

  385. i dont like that nasri is comming on. He has played a lot over the last two weeks. he will be very important for us on saturday. should have given him a full week rest.

  386. gulp…i know what you mean….hes probably going to spend a whole night camped out at the emirates practicing penos with gunnersaurus in goal.

  387. They are still fighting hard we need a 3rd to just put it to bed.

  388. mj…the only one working for me is

    shit quality…10 second lag…but works

  389. sorry gulp, his airness Michael Jordan. He was a moderately successful basketball player in the USA.
    Yes, it would have been very cool if Arshavin had converted the penalty.

  390. That’s two elbows the ref missed

  391. Thanks guys

  392. FFS Nasri is coming on for 15 minutes only – professional sportsmaen should be able to manage that!

  393. Gibbs has been absolutely amazing today…defensively and going forward. Clichy better step it up!

  394. Squillaci – GOAL!

  395. squilly the MAN

  396. Oh joy! Well done Archie!

  397. very nice.

  398. Game, Set and Match!

  399. OK, Tomas – 10 mins for you to get your goal.

  400. The ref has been bought

  401. we are brilliant aren’t we :O

  402. Fabulous Fab

  403. Fabulous Fabianski – Save!

  404. Brilliant, Fabianski!!!

  405. they did not deserve it!

  406. Wow, Fabianski is suddenly brimming with confidence!


  408. Replay shows it was a poor penalty decision.

  409. Skilly!

  410. Get in there!!!

  411. Shit penalty by them, no credit for Fabianski for that.

  412. thats you Mr Song, whhat a backheel

  413. I jest of course.

  414. Djourou playing well

  415. who do you think starts at LB saturday? Gibbs or Clichy?

  416. nice save FAB!

  417. Great save

  418. what a save…i mean pathetic defending

  419. Another good save from Fabbers. This will do him so much good.

  420. Great save!

  421. Go FABBY go!!

  422. Job done, 6 points, onto Sunday.


  423. Fabulous saves by Fabulous Fabianski
    A stake to the heart of DesieGooner and goonerandy.
    Stop repeating ignorance about your own players because as always you eventually look like a bunch of idiots.

  424. Fantastic work, boys.

  425. what the fuck’s wrong with Belgrade fans?

  426. That’s it. Good performance by our team, but a lot of credit has to be given to Stojkovic who kept the score respectable for Partizan. All in all a nice bounce back after Saturday and I am especially pleased with Fabianski who did very well. Let us hope that this match will provide the confidence boost that he needs.

  427. Fair play to Fabianski! No arsenal player deserves the amount of vitriol that hes been at the end of.
    Hopefully this game is a new beginning for the young man.
    And all you doubters and doomers…where are you now?

  428. What a group of partisan supporters. They are still cheering their own team five minutes after the game even though they lost. Now that is support!

  429. That gulp fellow fucked off quickly enough didn’t he. Funny that. I wonder what anti Fabianski spin our great loyal fans will manage to come up with tomorrow. So pleased for him tonight, almost as much as the result.

  430. I wonder if we will look back on this as fabianski’s comeback game?

  431. had their pen and their last chance gone in it would’ve been 3-3. What a difference a keeper can make. Well done Fab.

  432. Matty Boy….same here…i think im happier for him than the result….the result was never in doubt…but this game will be such a great confidence boost for him.

  433. So what does a half pound of Rhodda’s cost in the US of A MD?

  434. so no fumbles at all from Lukasz?

  435. Entertaining game, good result for us and it could have been more decisive if not for their goalie and the ref. AA my MOM but I am only saying that to piss off gulp or whoever

  436. Hah what will the moaners do now? their beloved “flappy” has stuck a finger in the air and asked them to crawl back in the caves they came from and is reborn fabolo(us)anski.

    I must admit i thought my word play involving fabulous was better than the flappy word play,

  437. 1LC – or if not for their goalie it could have been 7 – 3 to us

  438. Matty Boy- No shortage of doomers. Listening to 5live the comentator said He hasn’t been tested with set pieces and corners. Suggesting he is awful at that. So we will get the usual doomers who would say “Its only Partizan” . as far as Fab is concerned he has done his job brilliantly and that’s it. People questioned Wenger’s faith in this keeper. He obviously watch him training and he can see he is a good keeper.

  439. Arseman – I hope it does give him a confidence boost however, I fear that without real support from the fans he will always be on a hiding to nothing. I’m sick to death of sticking up for our own players only for other fans to pounce on every negative for their own greedy satisfaction.

  440. Cbob – when the opportunity comes to buy clotted cream I don’t even bother looking at the price, just load up the kart and use the wife’s bank card

  441. Matty boy….couldn’t have said it better myself….well at least the majority of this blog is behind him!

  442. I have no doubt that if the last save from fabianski went in, all the hacks would’ve called it a flap.

    Good result to build on…on to the Shameles$kies

  443. sorry to marr the celebrations, but the latest pleasant news is that Rooney is out for 3 weeks

  444. It’s a long time till Sunday, now. But I’m glad Wilshere will get the rest. Who would have thought, 12 months ago, that we would be banking on Jack to run the game for us against Chelsea? Amazing.

  445. Welcome to our world, Manure.

  446. We just won, but listening to the whingers on ATVO you’d think we just lost!

  447. @ Passenal

    It’s like there’s a competition going on as to how unimpressed you can be with Arsenal

  448. What’s with this f*cking chelski love-in on ATVO? They’ve had an easy run so far, first tough games they’ve come up against and they lose them both. Why don’t some of these Arsenal fans try supporting Arsenal for a change?

  449. Giggs and Scholes out for a couple of weeks too….injury crisis?

  450. It’s fear…

  451. *sigh* Vermaelen NOT fit for Chelsea

  452. “Rosicky’s cross found Chamakh and despite his first header being superbly tipped onto the bar by Stojkovic, this left the goal exposed for the French striker to easily nod in.” this is an excerpt for the match report on BBC. It amazing that some people lets these hacks n mistake prone jornos form their opinions. Could have sworn Chamakh is Moroccan!!!

  453. I’ve switched it off in disgust – I avoid ESPN and Sky for the very same reason, so why on Earth am I polluting my ears with the same crap on what is supposed to be an Arsenal supporting medium?

  454. MattyBoy et al. – It is a disease, this f*cken negativity and sense of entitlement among many Arsenal supporters. In Jamaica we call these supporters “waggonists”. When the going is good everybody is hopping unto the bandwaggon but the moment there is a bump in the road they fall off like crabs in a barrel. That is why I refuse to click on these crappy AAA blogs; they literally suck dry any fun in supporting your football team.
    On the other hand, take the Partizan supporters. Even after defeat, for five minutes they were singing and chanting in support of their team.

  455. It’s not easy being a loyal Arsenal fan these days is it. Any news on Fabregas anyone?

  456. What is it with Milwall fans . Is it the last of the Hooligans? All they do is fight.

  457. Technically, any bandwagon fans would have jumped off after year 3 or 4 of no trophies… hence the idea they only want to be on a bandwagon of a winner.

  458. The commentator for my feed was just itching to slag off Fabianski. For the first Partizan shot he said that Fabianski was stumbling about. The replay, however, showed that he was off the mark as soon as he saw the ball coming to him and he had the his post covered.

  459. Forget them. Lets not make them spoil our mood. Arsenal supporters, pundits, analysts and all the commenators can move dem blow wow!

    Every player was solid , nice to see Djourou get a game and he looked quite good.

    This win was necessary going into this weekends match.

    Come on Arsenal!!!!

  460. shottagunna – Very well put, I know exactly what you mean.

  461. Busch, we call them Glory Hunters

  462. Matty Boy

  463. Chamack was born in Frnace of Morrocan parents and could have chosen to play for France or Morroco. He is, therefore, French. Just as Eduardo is Brazilian, but is now a Croat. Half the German team are German born, but from immigrant parents.

  464. mj_gunner – thanks. I would love to see him return and orchestrate the demolition of the bridge.

  465. mj,

    I’ve always had issues with other teams fans calling Arsenal fans bandwagon fans, especially post-Invincibles, that it is a bit irksome to hear any Arsenal fan nowadays (Optimist or Pessimist..others can use their own labels) called a bandwagon fan after enduring the crud dished out about ‘no trophies’ over the last seasons. Both have stuck through these lean years, even if in completely opposite ways of dealing with it.

  466. That’s more like it!

  467. Here’s my dream for Sunday:

    1-0 to the Arsenal

    Fabianski to single handedly deny Chelsea with a world class performance.

  468. “What a group of partisan supporters. They are still cheering their own team five minutes after the game even though they lost.”

    Disgraceful, isn’t it? They’re not even ashamed of their lack of neutrality.

  469. I love how Wilshere always says that getting fouled is expected when you play for Arsenal.

  470. that’s what Busch, real fans, like you would find in here, have not ‘ stuck through’

  471. The Pensioners’ joints will be giving them hell tomorrow morning.

  472. anyone know where i can find the post match interviews?

  473. Well Thank goodness for that!

    Clotted cream is at least still affordable here in Devon!

    No wonder fans living elsewhere are fed up with the clotted cream situation.

  474. Therein lies the difference, Busch. Some supporters have not thrown their toys out of the pram and some have. The idea is to stick with your team through thick and thin, but the doomers are so far out there that they no longer support. They are so blinded by their trophy lust that they can’t even judge their players objectively. Otherwise they wouldn’t stand aside waitning to pounce at every opportunity to degrade our players, our manager, the youth setup and on and on and on.

  475. Pac, click the article higher up in the thread where Fabregas fitness was being discussed and that page has an interview with Wenger and another one with Jack.

  476. Hehehehe!

  477.   0
    /( )\
     / \ ™

  478. Very quiet around here.

  479. dupsffokcuf

    Fabianski didn’t fuck up and Arsenal won the game. Nothing much to see here…

  480. always read your blog, never comment

    its a great read, quality arsenal analysis everytime, keep up the great work yogis warrior

  481. You make very good points there Darius.

  482. It’s good to know that the real Arsenal supporters want Fabianski to do well as they have voted for him in droves for MOTM on the official website. That’s how you support and encourage your players by trying to build their confidence, not tear them down from behind the anonymity of your computer screen.

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