Too Many Passengers As Baggies Cruise To Victory At Arsenal

Arsenal 2 – 3 West Bromwich Albion

0 – 1 Odimwingie (50)
0 – 2 Jara (52)
0 – 3 Thomas (73)
1 – 3 Nasri (75)
2 – 3 Nasri (90)

Odimwingie missed pen (37)

Having seen Chelsea lose at Manchester City, Arsenal would have entered this match confident of victory and cutting the gap to the Premier League leaders to a solitary point ahead of their visit to Stamford Bridge next weekend. As it was a lifeless performance maintained the four point deficit, individual errors contributing as much as the collective to a defeat that should never have happened.

Chief scapegoat this morning is Manuel Almunia but to pin this all on the goalkeeper is to allow others to escape criticism. There is no doubt that the Spaniard has given Wenger a headache, one he must have thought was not going to arise given the performances his first choice goalkeeper has put in this season. They have been forgotten as the abuse has fallen on Almunia’s head in a deluge. Culpable for the second, he was not the only miscreant for the third but a major contributor.

Post-match, Arsene was deflated and bemused, mixed in with the palpable anger, a potent cocktail for the players to handle. Rightly so, he told the world that his charges took from the game all that they deserved: “zero points”. As vibrant as the performance had been on Tuesday night, this was limp. Verve, fleet of foot, quick-minded; all words associated with the team on a regular basis. All words which will be missing from any analysis of this fixture.

Wenger took the final fifteen minutes as the ‘positive’ from yesterday; it shows the paucity of options that he has. It seemed watching his post-match press conference that he struggled to withhold criticising his goalkeeper in public, a familiar feeling following the chastisement that Fabianski received for Robbie Keane’s ultimately irrelevant equaliser in midweek.

Wojech Szczesny is being called for, Superman may arrive. Those who demand, and chastise Wenger for not signing, Mark Schwarzer would do well to heed his performances this season for Fulham; the required improvement he is not. Amid this clamour, Vito Mannone must feel like an interloper at the goalkeeping party.

Changes were wrung by the manager from Tuesday, tiredness must have dictated his thinking – This can be the only reason for Wilshere not starting, Denilson usurped by the returning Diaby – with an eye cast eastwards to Belgrade. He, like the players, had this one pencilled in as a home banker. It proved to be anything but that, crushingly so.

If anything, the lessons from the Stadium of Light had not been heeded. That performance was not as flat as this but the personnel lacked the spark. Yet the result could have been different. Barely a quarter of an hour passed, Samir Nasri kept the move alive and proved to be Arsenal’s only bright spark on a thunderously dark afternoon. Eboue’s telling cross found Arshavin at the far post, the woodwork twice denying the Russian.

A hint of the defensive lapses to follow came fifteen minutes later. Odimwingie moved effortlessly in from the wing and unleashed a strike that Almunia turned onto the post. The warning was not heeded for Eboue’s stray pass and Song’s attempted interception found Albion feet willing to capitalise on the mistake. Odimwingie was sent through as Almunia raced to meet the ball, taking the man instead, fortunate that cover had arrived so that a yellow rather than red card was shown.

The perfect opportunity for the visitors was spurned, Brunt’s low penalty was too close to Almunia who got a firm hand to the ball, gathering at the second attempt. Half time came and the feeling was that Wenger would deliver the required words of wisdom to bring about the necessary improvement. Or at the very least, a rocket to provide some life.

Whatever was said was forgotten instantly. Albion were livelier and got their deserved reward within five minutes of the restart. Having two right backs in the side did nothing to improve defensive co-ordination. Not for the first time, Thomas wriggled past Sagna. He sent a low pass into the path of the unmarked Odimwingie, who arrived following a perfectly timed run, to find space six yards out. Shambolic marking, punished.

Matters became depressingly worse within ninety seconds. Arshavin and Song dallied, trying to pass the ball out of defence, Albion quickly seized possession through Jara. Similar meanderings had cost Arsenal at Anfield on the opening day; a repeat performance received the same punishment.

Releasing the ball to Brunt, Jara continued his run. Fed by a backheeled pass, he ran into the area and shot straight at Almunia. A routine save became a nightmare as the Spaniard allowed the ball to glide off his hands into the net. Whilst there may have been power in the shot, it should not have been allowed to enter the net.

Mindful of the penalty incident in the first half and with his team two down, Almunia came to meet Brunt and failed to pressurise, standing upright when he had committed himself to a position which required a blocking dive. He did not make that challenge, Brunt squared for Jerome Thomas to wipe away memories of last season’s red card in the Carling Cup. Three down, seemingly there for Albion to inflict the worst ever home defeat at The Emirates.

As it was, a brief pulse was found in the limp body of this performance. Nasri pulled one back with fifteen minutes to go, reducing the deficit further at the start of injury time, a gung-ho attitude emerged but it was too little, too late. No heroics from the home side and a merited win for the visitors.

Much talk about the visit to Stamford Bridge next weekend. A more pressing issue is Tuesday night; victory is imperative, not for qualification but for confidence. Once that match is out of the way, attention can turn to Stamford Bridge.

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. 56 mil profit and we can’t get a keeper..

  2. i liked the look of the earlier site better.. but the content here rocks… oh well

  3. wasnt expecting that!

  4. The Leading between the lines seems a bit gappy, but the content is always solid…

  5. We tried to compete in 3 tournaments (what the Mancs routingly do) and collapsed. So much about our strenth in depth. The worst in the story is that Wenger does not understand what happend with the team. A repeat of 2008-09 season?

  6. am i really first, all the way from kampala?

  7. The blame for yesterdays defeat falls right at Wengers door.After 45 mins minutes when we were 2nd best and fortunate that WBA missed a penaltly what did did he do at half time?He didnt change our tactics or the personnel.How he let a plainly unfit Diaby and an awful Eboue back on the pitch in the second half beggared belief.And WBA took advantage and took us apart at the start of the second half.They took are midfield apart
    Someone has to tell Song he is a DM.This season he has been anything but that.His job is to protect the back 4 not be in the opponents box.
    Sadly the goalkeeping situation has come back to haunt us which we all knew it would.Its unbelievable that a club like ours one of the top 8 in europe has two championship goalkeepers.
    As Matt Le Tissier said on Sky yesterday unless Wenger loses his blindspot on goalkeepers we will continue to win nothing.He’s right

  8. Nope yur not.
    And as I’ve been saying to whoever will listen..
    Unless Araenal but a world class keeper they will continue to be trophyless 😦

  9. The only thing that will brighten my day a bit will be ManIOU losing to Bolton this afternoon.

  10. Well-reasoned analysis, as always. Totally agree with your last paragraph (and the rest of the post). We made the mistake of being complacent about a decent West Brom side, and paid the price. To repeat the error on Tuesday with half an eye on Sunday would be sheer folly.

    Freak results like this happen all the time – even to champions – but the sign of a good team is the ability to stop these things becoming a regular occurrence. That’s what United and Chelsea do, and it’s what we need to learn.

  11. well i watched the match on the net, throttled mercilessly by my ISP, and all i kept saying to myself is our superior tecnical ability should wear out the opponents or that e should score early in the game and force them to attack as it was somebody seemed to reverse the script. lets just hope the ugliness that is doubtlessly going to follow in the media will be brief. even from my stuccatto vantage point it was dire all round but like winston smith i cannot help but join in the hate chanting. now see what you’ve made me do arsenal, it hurts me more than them i am sure. good post YW. AND WOW IS THAT A NEW LAY OUT? SUITS YOU!





  13. maybe we should also sell rvp and buy some other strikers 😦

  14. Excellent well balanced review Yogi as usual and i agree to blame Almunia for the defeat is very harsh although his contribution to it was considerable.

    I wouldn’t agree with Arsene that no player was to their normal level, as i thought Nasri looked the only player to do anything other than perhaps Wilshere when he came on.

    One point in the last two games against Sunderland and West Brom is not going to win us the Premiership, lets hope this is just a blip and we come back and get three points at Chelsea and then memories of the last week might diminish.

    As for the goalkeeper i dont know when we can go other than to back Almunia for the time being as i dont think the two behind him Fabianski and Mannone are any better .
    To bring in the young Pole whose name i cant spell or remember would be a huge gamble and i dont know whether Arsene would want to risk it.
    Lets see in January whether there is anybody available or good enough for us to buy, its not that easy as there is no point buying unless he is going to be an
    A dreadful weekend but we have to take the defeats, lets not get too down we can still come back strong.


  15. We are all completely dumbfounded and upset.

    Personally it’s not the result that upsets me, it was the totally slapgat (“dont-give-a-flying-fvck”) performance by our players.

    Pull a stint like that in my army days we would have run till we puked then run some more till we puked again, (repeat several times until half the squad drops).

    It’s not ok that the team went out there with a seriously sh!t attitude.

    You can dress it up or excuse it any way you like, but that result was directly attributable to a poor attitude. AW needs to take responsibility for that.

    AW has to look at himself in the mirror on several points:

    1.The team selection was clearly disrespectful of WBA in terms of players coming back from injury etc, combinations that were poorly matched etc.

    2.The team could not have been correctly prepared on a mental level. (I almost have a vision of the team milling around the change room chanting “easy, easy, easy”) – this is probably the issue that worries the most regarding this performance.

    3.AW failed to grasp the situation and make early changes.

    4.Denilson should have been in the team, but seeing as he wasn’t, he should have been put on at half time.

    5.Having made the first error, AW failed to correct it and made the wrong substitution (Rosicky), too late.

    I see a lot of posters have used the opportunity to punt their own agendas, predominantly around the goalkeeping issue.

    For me that is a total red herring.

    The players we have. The squad we have.

    They’re good enough and we do have the required strength in depth.

    More than almost everyone else in fact.

    This is NOT about the quality or quantity of personnel available.

    This is about truly aweful mental preparation and the inability of the players on the pitch to have enough self discipline to take responsibility and ratchett up a few gears.

    AW is also to blame for sitting there and allowing it to happen, and continue to happen.

    Imo he sat there while Rome burned and did nothing.

    If the players were unable to rouse themselves, he should have done it himself by making early changes.

    He should have also made it clear that players who cannot raise themselves for the “small” games can not expect to be picked for the “big” games.

    One single player out there showed he belonged in the team. Nasri.

    The rest should be left at home for Tuesday to set an example.

  16. Yogi you have done an Almunia and bollocksd things up. go back to the old layout. talking of tweedle dum, well what can we say that hasnt already been said about our piss poor keepers. although to be fair he wasnt at fault for the first or second goals he did produce one of his now legendary trademark gaffs.

    New keeper was what even stevie wonder could see we needed and already its biting us in the ass,what with tweedle dee’s gaff against the spuds,even the yes men like shotta and steww cant defend this shit altough i have a sneaky feeling they will.

  17. sorry thats first or last goal.

  18. Only one culprit

    The greedy parasite Wenger,who is taking our club down to the drains.

  19. Albion fan in peace,

    Not often we get a result like that, so I’m savouring the moment and lapping up all the coverage I can find on the net.

    Its a well written post, however it does also reflect a lot of the other Arsenal blogs, London editorials etc in that it doesnt give much credit to Albions contribution to the scoreline. To have scored 3 goals in a game, let alone away, let alone away at the Emirates, if out of this world for a club such as Albion, and as Alan Shearer said on MOTD last night, this should be more about Albion’s achievement more than Arsenals loss. After all, we are leagues apart (quite literally every other season). To us this is the equivalent of you going 3-0 up against a giant such as Barcelona.

    Though I understand this and the other Arsenal blogs exist to analyse the Gunners performance and not that of the oppositions, I thought a few more of them would have credited the visiting team, and let us have our one moment of glory for the season. (The next big feat will be not getting relegated as usual hopefully!)

    Anyway, nice to have a good reason to read a blog of one of the top teams for once. See you in March.

  20. jaguar, i think you will find if Wenger left we would probably end up going down the drain.

  21. That’s quite funny Jaguar, but if you really want to imitate a doomer you need to pick on the goal keeper as well.
    Nothing that happened yesterday has dented my belief. We can, and I believe will, still win the league.

  22. I go back to my earlier point.We went in o-o at half time.Wenger had 15 mins to make changes he did nothing and that is really worrying.Was he content with the 1st half performance?The team came out for the 2nd half with the same attitude as the first.Why no substitutions at half time?.When has it become set in stone that Wenger cant make tactical substitutes at half-time.When he did make the changes the horse had lomg bolted.

  23. No DukeDoomem,Wenger is a parasite who is eating away our club,and should be sacked and packed off to France along with Dudaby,Clownmoonia and Clishit.

  24. Just a bad day at the office – we all have them. the Fulham goalie is no better than almunia. good objective Blog – again!

  25. Scott, Thankyou for coming on to our blog and making your point in an educated way without any insults.

    We probably havn’t given Albion their due, you did play very well and i guess this has given you confidence and belief that you can stay in the Prem which you have not been able to do in recent seasons.

    The very best of luck and well done again, we look forward to our next meeting.

  26. Most other keepers in the league have made costly errors this season so one can say Almunia was due a howler. He’s not really the reason we lost (although he certainly played his part).

    What concerns me is that this lackadaisical attitude is not a one off occurrence. We almost always tend to believe our own hype after a good performance, and tend to get complacent with opponents we think are easy. I really thought we would be over that sort of immaturity by now. As I said yesterday, I’m beginning to think some of our more experienced and senior players, e.g. Diaby and Eboue don’t seem to have what it takes to drive the team forward without our creative sparks Cesc, VP, and increasingly, Wilshire.
    I can’t remember the last time I was impressed with a midfield of Diaby and Song, without Cesc. Nasri bless his heart, isn’t at all a Cesc replacement. He just doesn’t have the vision, or speed of thought it seems to thread defence splitting passes on anything near a consistent basis.

    Can’t wait for Ramsey to get back. He’s the only other player I can think of who can run a midfield ala Cesc or Wilshire. Rosicky should be in there too, but his performances have been very much hit and miss too.

  27. Just to serve as a sense of perspective, BARCA lost to Hercules 2-0 at the Camp Nou, and Trezeguet missed a sitter in that too. Barca got 1 point from Rubin Kazan last season in 2 games, and lost the Camp Nou.

    And they still won the title by posting a record no. of points.

  28. Guys,
    I won’t be so quick to put down Schwarzer on the basis of his recent performances. After all, Wenger must have rated him for us to have tried getting him in the summer.

  29. I agree Frank but he would have given them a rollicking at the break so it would only be fair to give them a chance to redeem themselves before any changes be made.

    It did drastically change when he did make the changes albeit it could not have got much worse.

  30. loved the Orwell reference Ugandan goon

  31. Jagwar’s loving the misery this morning. It’s what his blog persona lives for. Fat maltese twat.

  32. Holidaying from Le Grove again Jag – all you ever spout is the same tired old spite about Wenger being a parasite who doesn’t care about the club or winning.
    Even if it is true (it isn’t) it is fucking repetitive, boring and tedious.
    I get it – you hate Wenger and you think he is a senile old cunt and a retard.
    The thing is he has the backing of the board and the huge majority of the fans and he is here to stay whether you like it or not.
    Filling the air with your incessant bile won’t change a thing but you’ll find a more suitable forum on other blogs than this one.

  33. Chas do you know him?!

    Being fat might explain a lot of his anger at life.

  34. Wow, am I at the right place?

  35. Majority of the fans?Only Spuds fans support that retard Wenger,who is the double agent for Spurs.

  36. Something seems…different.

    I cant put my finger on it.

  37. YW, U might want to consider going back to the original theme, apparently a lot of these trolls do not recognise this site as the same ACLF a haven for positivity. They simply think its a new site with a good writer. They are out in full force this morning!!!!

  38. Yogi- I like the new banner I hope the background will not remain white. It remind me of the Spuds.
    I would not worry too much about the result as I think and hope it is a one off. It was down to complacency not quality. We’ll beat the chavs.

  39. coolsteve | September 26, 2010 at 10:54 am |

    They come out to play every time Arsenal loses.

  40. To keep saying it was a bad day at the office is a load of bollox!! was the first half at Sunderland a bad day at the office.Was Wigan and Blackburn at the end of last season a bad day at the office.How many more bad days does there have to be?
    We have lost 4 out of our last 11 league games to Spurs,Wigan,Blackburn and WBA hardly City,Chelsea and Man Utd is it
    The attitude of the players was all wrong yesterday and that is the job of Wenger to sort out.And if the players cant get themselves up for the run of the mill league games Wenger has to think about clearing them out

  41. All I see this morning is people pushing their own “keeper agenda”. We knew they had been lurking around, we knew like every keeper: Big Al would make mistakes, we also knew all they ever care about is being right. Hence the I told you so attitude. It was a team failure, and if you want to take the simplistic approach and slag of the keeper then your are simply missing the point. So suddenly Song too is crap??? Some people need to get a grip!!!

  42. Appart from yogi nobody seems to remember that almunia did at least save a penaly to make up for the 2nd goal howler and maybe gets a third or half the blame for the 3rd goal! I think one of the main problems was that our team felt that they didn’t need to defend during most attacks we had 9 men in the opposing half most of whom were around the penalty area and that as soon as we recovered possetion everyone bombed forward and we didn’t take enough care playing the ball out of defence.
    Also got to agree with the albion fan, they came to the emirates played good football didn’t try and ruff us up with dirty play and without the determination of nasri would have. Left with the points and a scoreline that still flatered us. I would love to see them put in a few more performances like that against our tittle rivals, good luck to them.
    Lets all pray that cesc and hopefully theo will be back for stamford bridge and help motivate the team so that everyone puts in a good shift.
    Out of interest can anyone help explain where and what chamack was doing yesterday, not many inteligent runs into space, never seemed to be anywhere near the 6 yard box on the rare occasions we got a good cross in… Even his usual understanding with nasri wasn’t there. And I can’t remember the last time I saw song play so badly.

  43. Excellent Jag – we should have a checklist for the insults you’ll throw at the most successful manager of our club.

    Parasite. Check!
    Retard. Check!

    A spurs double-agent? That’s a new one. I guess trouncing them midweek was just to cover his tracks. Hmm you could be right. Maybe he’s not as dumb as you think though…

  44. Jaguar. Fuck off back to LeGrove where you belong. Everyone knows you are just a wind up merchant.

  45. I did say a few times in the past that we should have picked up Scharner on a free as a squad player for these types of games. He would have been perfect for these types of games when you need an experienced and energetic hand in midfield, and he’s an Arsenal fan too. Instead he was a major contributor to WBA’s win and helped them dominate a poor Arsenal midfield.

    I agree with Frank that Song seems to have forgotten his value to the team. He seems to think he’s Gerrard right now, and it’s hurting the side. I’m not sure if it’s him or at Arsene’s prompting, but he has been more often found ahead of Diaby and Wilshere when paired in central midfield. Hopefully, the boss explains where his true value to the side is.

    Without looking for excuses, let’s not forget we’re missing the spine of the team (Vermaelen, Fabregas, RVP) and two other leading attacking threats in Walcott and Bentner.

    Credit to Albion though. Classy manager (and perhaps even a potential future Arsenal one at that), a committed defence and midfield along with two primary attacking threats who caused us way more problems than we were expecting. It’s not often Bacary gets skinned as he did yesterday.

    This really has been an unusual week. Flat against Sunderland, sparkling against the Spuds (as most of our competitors fell in the 3rd round) and then a shocking defeat yesterday (even if accompanied by Chelsea and Spuds defeats) paired with a tricky tie in the 4th round at Newcastle.

    This is going to be another rollercoaster season, and the sooner we can bring back the injured the better. You could make a good argument that the injured list would all be automatic selections in a crunch game for the first XI (Walcott, Vermaelen, Fabregas, Van Persie) or at least the subs bench (Gibbs, Ramsey, Bendtner).

  46. A lot of fingers are being pointed at Almunia but you cannot just blame him. Arschavin for one needs to step up to the plate as he has not done anything in a while. Apart from Nasri the entire team had an off day. Yes we need a top class keeper but to just blame Almunia for a very poor “team” performance is wrong.

  47. Frank. Get a grip! Now you want to clear out all the players…the same players everyone was praising just a few days ago. You may not like it but bad days do happen.

  48. It’s bloody annoying when we see people who don’t post regulary doing so whenever we lose and bring in all the bloody negativity. It’s one thing for a regular to express his frustration but quite something else from some idiot who will only be seen the next time we lose!

  49. ”Arschavin for one needs to step up to the plate as he has not done anything in a while”


  50. Is it me or is Jaguar the most inappropriate username ever? More like a battered old Ford Zephyr.


  51. I understand the frustration especially that most of us thought the game was won even before the ball was kicked. However seeing some trying to point out Denilson’s shortcomings even if he didn’t even set a foot on the pitch is just deplorable. And could somebody please tell Song to stick to do what he’s supposed to do-protecting the back4, instead of playing like a Cesc no.2?
    I noticed in previous matches Jackie didn’t go forward as much as expected of him since Song was making numerous forward runs and Jack had to mind the defence!

  52. “Jaguar”…if you could actually learn to write it would be a start. Colour your posts with a little wit, or maybe a dash of wry humour perchance, failing that actually having a f*cking coherent argument worth reading beyond calling Wenger a retard would help. Just a thought.

    I think that was a fair assessment YW. Thanks. I knew everyone would start lambasting Almunia…who has been on pretty good form thus far. I don’t believe Schwarzer would have been any great improvement (as his performances this season have attested). He would have been cover that’s all. ALL goalkeepers make howlers from time to time…even the alleged “world class” ones. I do believe Arsene is on the market for world class keeper…..I don’t (nor does anyone else on here) know the ins and outs of the transfer market or why that particular deal fell through. World class goalkeepers don’t grow on trees.

    All these misery merchants make my hangover worse. We lost. We shouldn’t have. It happens. It’s called football. Even taking into account the obvious injuries our squad should have been able to beat WBA. Some of these players are perhaps guilty of complacency if anything..hopefully AW will, in his own way, crash a few heads together. Maybe also, as someone suggested, AW was a little late in changing things yesterday. That also happens. Should we crucify him?

    I think it WAS a blip. A bad day at the office if you like. Having watched Chelsea yesterday…we are more than strong enough to contend for the title. And I believe we will.

    Have a good Sunday Arsenalists.

  53. I don’t think anyone in their right mind would be inordinately upset about the final result. It is a shame to lose obviously, but in the course of a long season you are bound to run into such walls every now and then (unless you are the class of 03-04). The problem for me was that overall there seemed to be a suggestion that many of our players had taken the game a little too lightly and were either switched off at moments, or not sufficiently switched on for long periods. The first half should have given enough warnings that this was not going to be a walk in the park.

    I hope the players perform to their potential on Tuesday and Saturday and return with wins that they are capable of securing.

  54. To prove my point that he is a wind up artist. This is what Jaguar wrote about ACLF on LeGrove.

    Jaguar says:
    September 26, 2010 at 10:02

    Those retards at have grown some brains. They are blaming Wenger for yesterdays defeat.

  55. mj_gunner, Yes, really! He is such a talent but has simply not performed to the best of his ability in a while. Misplaced passes, does not help out in defense and is just overall lazy at the moment, or don’t you agree?

  56. Harry Flowers: That was a very sensible post. Well done.

  57. Me thinks we need to give Lansbury a run of games to add some English grit to our game. Apart from our undisputed technique we do need some hardworking ox in there. Lansbury has boundless energy.

  58. There certainly appeared to be a general complacency yesterday & the buck has to stop with Asene there. Despite him being wary of West Brom (or so he said in his pre-match press conference) that clearly hadn`t been transmitted to the team.

    We do still seem to have a touch of arrogance about us at times so maybe this result will help rectify that in a positive way. I won`t say blessing in disguise because a loss is a loss.

    As for the goals conceded , very often they are the result of a mistake followed by another mistake but yesterday there were numerous errors on all three goals. Whilst Almunia cannot be solely blamed for the loss I do wonder if AW is at the point of making a permanent change.

    Finally, well done West Brom – a good honest footballing side who deserved their win.

  59. The main differences in the performances of the players I think are such:

    1. Can anyone really now say that Denilson isn’t a better holding midfielder than Song? Yes Alex is strong and maybe wins more sliding tackles but when Denilson is playing he breaks moves up, gets the ball and makes things move forward at a decent pace. He also allows the more creative players to play and sticks to his position better than Song.

    2. No creativity, without Jack in the centre we looked totally devoid of ideas. No change in play whatsoever. Diaby looked exactly what he was, a player who needs games to return to form.

    3. The changes should have happened at half time. It wasn’t working so why did we not bring on Jack at half time. His energy makes the team tick.

    I feel sorry for Almunia he has had a great start to the season, made a penalty save and then drops a howler and his head goes. Surely being derided by the Arsenal fans really helped his decision making on the third goal. Incidentally when Kos had gone off leaving an enormous hole for WBA to exploit.

    Nasri is probably the only player to come out of the game with any real merit yesterday. If half of the rest had shown his desire or ability we would have won. He is rapidly becoming a true Arsenal star!!

  60. nice to see the idiot of jaguar appear when we loose.Now f**k o*f back to your cave.
    Absolute shocking performance by some of our player.But why all the blame going to our GK is amazing.What he suppose to do when he is left defending on his own by our fullback.Clichy is shocking at defending,he use his pace to get out his own mess but fell 2-3 time by match.
    And when the hell our player will learn to cross the ball.I can cross the ball better than most of them and i m shit at football

  61. DFG, I agree he’s not been at his best; but still he’s managed what, 5 or 6 assists & 3 goals? Not bad is it?

  62. KG, sometime end of October, as per the predicted six week timeline. I hope he & Theo come back for Man City on 24th

  63. If you compare Song/Diaby partnership to Denilson /Wilshire the former seem to always go sideways whereas the latter get the ball and go forward at pace. I know which two I would be starting with from now on.

    Luckily I am not paid to make such decisions.

  64. I started writing my prediction for the Partizan game, but was unable to..really not sure how are we going to rest players with fixtures coming at such pace, & with all the injuries we have. We desperately need a breather.

  65. mj_gunner: Yes I agree with that however, his body language portrays lazyness. He is a “star” player and a leader on the field. In my opinion though he has not performed to his best and does not appear to be able to lift the team when they are in need of something special as he has done in the past. I guess too that I am pointing him out to make the point that it is just not Almunia who should be taking all of the blame as there are other players out there also under achieving.

  66. You have to laugh about Jaguar. He is either a very clever troll, even on LG, (perhaps he is Howard/James/Arse21 etc), or he is phenomenally stupid.

    It is hard to work out which.

    To the W.B.A fan earlier. Very good. You had your moment. We will stuff you on the return leg.

  67. He’s been played out of position, I not making excuses or defending him, but he is not a winger. He’s never done tracking back in his career, & with Clichy in such form, his ‘laziness’ becomes all the more noticeable.
    Totally agree with your other point, even I was here yesterday wasting my time arguing with some doomers regarding the same. It was a poor defensive performance from the whole team.

    I just had the feeling that we tend to get impatient in situations when we are unable to find an opening, & commit too many men forward, losing concentration at the back as well. Need some working out on this IMO

  68. Nobody got anything to say about chamack then? Just didn’t seem his usual self or was it just an off day like the rest of the starting 11 bar nasri?

  69. I agree with Harry Flower.

    And I also agree with Paulie, that Denilson is a better DM than Song, and the team ticks well when he is at his intercepting best. Song and Diaby partnership, was really confusing, neither knew when to stay back or when to attack. Even with Wilshere, Rosicky, and Nasri on the pitch, you could find Song in the oppositions box, while Wilshere and Nasri are on the half way line. Strange really.

    What I don’t understand, is why wasn’t Song or Diaby instructed to change their game plan when the match was going on. We could all see how big a mess they both were making, why didn’t Arsene instruct them to do things differently?

  70. Alpimin,

    Chamakh has been playing since the league started, and given his workrate, one can assume he was tired. Even if he wasn’t, you can’t expect him to have a good game every time he’s played. That’s where the squad comes in, and sadly for us, RVP, Bendtner and Theo were missing.

  71. It appears unlike many I was at the game yesterday.
    After 20 minutes we started to fade and WBA grew more confident.
    Song found himself going forward because there was no one else to provide forward momentum Diaby was very poor, I hope he was unfit because if effort levels were an embarrasment and more worryingly his positional play left the back four exposed which WBA began to exploit. WBA initally played for a draw defending in deep and time wasting which the referee never got to grips with (I don’t blame them, all sides do it but when it takes 30-45 seconds to take a goal kick or throw in from the 20th minute the referee should clock on whats going on).
    Almunia was Almunia I don’t blame him the fault totally lies with AW and using Schwarzer’s form is misleading. If you are serious about winning things you strengthen your weakest positions I cannot believe Arsenal could not have bought a better keeper or found the funds to acquire one. Man City, Chelsea, Real Madrid were not looking for anyone in this position so the market would not have been inflated.
    AW is responsible for this mess and it makes him look like a fool.

  72. This new layout is ghastly.

  73. mj_gunner: I pretty much agree with your last post. (sorry if I sound like I am beating this topic to death) but I don’t think we can play the out of position card. He has been at Arsenal for a couple of seasons now and has always played on the wing apart from the short spell that he was the lone striker (that was out of position in my opinion) It is just my opinion that the modern day professional has the ability to adapt and must be fully prepared to do his bit no matter where he plays. Of course with that said I am not denying the quality of the player and what an amazing talent he is. I am simply saying he has not been performing to the standard that one would expect of him.

  74. I missed yeterday’s game…but Song definitely has not hit the form he was in last season…hope he finds his touch soon. Good to see Nasri, step up and score two goals.

  75. I had no chance to see the game but I am as disappointed as anyone else.
    Not surprisingly the prophets of doom are out in force. Prescience? Yesterday I posted something to the effect that Fabianski and Almunia will inevitably have a cock-up this season which will embolden the doomers to say “I-told-you-so.” Never expected it so soon. But let them gorge on their own bile.

    Times like these test the mettle of the team. Until proven otherwise, I trust AW and this group of players to pick themselves, dust themselves off and right this wrong. COYG!

  76. Where the hell do all these freaks come out from when Arsenal lose a game?

  77. vivb: I think we all agree that the goalkeeping position should have been strengthened and to the best of my knowledge Wenger’s intent was to strengthen this position. However, for whatever reason this did not happen. I do not think there is a “mess” as you claim and you are out of order to refer to Wenger as a fool. It may sound corny but the team did have a bad day in general, it happens to all of us at one time or another.

  78. Denilson a better DM than Song what rubbish
    Song was one of our best players last season only CF and TV were better.Song hasnt had a good start to the season but he didnt have a pre season and needs games to get back to top form.Give me Song against Essien next anyday.Denilson looked good against the Spuds reserves FFS.Talk about fickle fans

  79. I have to say its so hard not to be negative ,when I am so disappointed but…. ….the post about Barca losing did put things in perspective ,and has lifted the gloom,so thanks for that, and thanks for the general feeling this site gives off.One last thing ,Jaguar go and fuc……..oh never mind

  80. Denilson was our top player – according to the Actim index anyway – in 2008-9. Song was our best DM last season. Good competition I’d say.

  81. Frank my observations as a professional football coach at amateur level admittedly does not make me a fickle fan. I have been a life-long Arsenal fan for nearly 40 years now and supported everyone who wears the shirt no matter what so you can put that argument to bed right away.

    I have to be honest and as far as I am concerned and it is only my opinion Denilson fits better into the way we play. I am not saying I don’t think Song is a crap player or that we should sell him or anything like that just by your own admission he hasn’t been good this season so why should we persevere with players out of form when we have players performing better in their position?

    I do admit that against Chelsea Songs physical presence could be invaluable.

  82. Hahaha Norman. You do seem like a retarded senile old fool. I do not know whether you are greedy though.

  83. Been a long time lurker and generally like the positivity around here. That being said, yesterday was a bit of a shambles with two main problems for me. The first was Wenger’s selection of Song, Diaby, and Eboue all on the pitch together. All three have their skills, but all three are somewhat sloppy in the passing game and having them all on together just doesn’t leave enough consistency or executable creativity going forward. Not fixing that halftime was just blind hope. Hopefully AW doesn’t do that again.
    The other problem is obviously Almunia and I can’t help but think people miss some of the point on him. Yes all keepers have howlers now and again, but Almunia very rarely offers something positive. Good keepers bail out their back four either with strong saves or superior organizing tactics. Almunia offers none of that and that is the reason why he is a hindrance to the cause, not just letting in the odd bad goal.

  84. Yogi:

    Yes that one was ugly. Worst game since Wigan last year. The defending and goal keeping had the unpleasant odor of last year. Certainly Almunia is not the only one to blame. Unfortunately the “here we go again” feeling is tough to avoid. Same with the lack of marking runners in the box and ball watching and basic lack of organization in the back. The attack was not much better. This game was completely different then what we have seen from Al and our defense in the other games this year so lets hope its one and done.

    The bigger question may be what causes this teams almost pathologic inconsistancy. We used to be able to write it off as the trappings of youth. You would hope that would have improved as the team grew together and matured. The master psychologist has some work to do I guess.

  85. DFG
    When Alan Hansen appears to be talking sense on TV you know AW looks foolish.
    I’m a season ticket holder I sit there every week, I have watched Arsenal for over 34 years.
    In the last 2 games our top two keepers have made howling mistakes. I like Almunia, he is an honest professional and hoped his performances might get us through this season. Unfortunately he is not good enough at this level because he makes key mistakes. I don’t blame him for the penalty he had to go for the ball, it was the 2nd WBA goal that was the clanger the ball was hit straight at him. It stays 1-0 and we would have equalised and saved at least a point. If it is true and Almunia is now injured Fabianski will be in goal on Tuesday (do you remember Porto). This is exactly where we were last season and AW is the only one who can be held responsible for not solving this problem (or mess I prefer to think of it).
    I’m increasingly of the belief that AW needed David Dein as a counterweight. Growing a team organically is great but ultimately an experiment. I’m not sure I’m happy paying over £1,200 a year to watch it why the board of the directors see their stake in the club grow 4 times and pat themselves on the back over their record profits. Dein may have had less of a grasp of financial control but understood the importance of winning things, a balanced squad and ensuring the right players were bought.
    The whole of the English football is laughing at Wenger because everyone identified this as a key weakness in the team and he decided not to do anything about it. That’s not belittling his achievements and status in the game but identifying poor judgement that exposes this squad to another year of under achievement.

  86. I’ve decided to confront the reality of yesterday’s performance… (what a wanker!)

    What was infuriating was the ease with which we were carving them open at the end, when we’d finally decided to pull our finger out.

    Compared to Tuesday night where we came flying out the traps, 50 minutes of faff made for an incongruous watch.

    Denilson got through his first 90 minutes for months on Tuesday night… the suggestion that he should have started is a bit like saying RVP should have started.

    Criticism of Song committing himself too far forward seems strange to me. That didn’t result in any of the goals. I guess scoring goals doesn’t fit with the spec of an assembly line D**M. When we were 2 nil down he looked like he wanted it more than anyone else on the pitch. He could have scored twice from headers at the end of powerful runs into the box. It worked for him the other weekend and I didn’t see anyone complaining then.

    I find it quite funny that AW is accused of sitting idly by and ‘watching Rome burn’ while he was busy making triple substitutions, one of which was a centreback for a striker. Bone idle. Where’s the panache in that?!

    No use at all in looking at individual errors, it was a poor team performance and a shock result – as others have pointed out it happens almost every weekend in football, especially to teams that are missing their best players, and especially in such a strong league.

    I like the fact that according to the BBC it is now a ‘suprise’ if Wilshere starts on the bench for Arsenal – after they spent the summer saying he wouldn’t even break the fist team this year.

    Thank God for the Champions League, eh? A quick chance to get back on track.

  87. Frank
    I agree with your comments but when others have stated similar things over the last couple of years you’ve resorted to a bit of abuse. What is it my friend? Have you become a D and G or is it possible other may have been right?

  88. United are useless at the back 2-2 at moment. Bolton should’ve been 3 up. If we can stay close to Chelsea we will have every chance .

  89. Good old Bolton. They should have won it by all accounts. Senile, greedy, foolish old Fergie…

  90. So it is more or less status quo maintained. On one hand it is a relief that we haven’t lost much ground despite our loss, on the other hand you can’t help but feel that this week we could have made up a lot of ground on Chelsea and gone clear of United.

    As long as we get something out of the Chelsea game I will be happy with the way things are.

  91. None of the four English Champions League sides managed to win this weekend. Three lost. Strength of the Premier League? Strain of fighting a war on four fronts? Complacency? Perhaps a little of each.

  92. mj_gunner | September 26, 2010 at 12:07 pm |

    Arshavin has played on the right side of an attacking trident for much of his career. It’s not true that he’s never played there. You’re right that he’s used to having a free role and not having defensive responsibility. But that still can’t be a good reason for him not to put in his defensive shift. In modern football all teams attack and defend as a unit. A full back left to go forward at will can win a team the game. When we lost to Chelsea at home last season, 2 of the goals were due to our wide men not tracking the opposition full back. The likes of Pires & Bergkamp used to track the opposition full back and cover in defence. If Bobby Pires could do that, it’s the least that’s expected from Arshavin.

  93. once an AKB brigade senior member…i have resigned my post however with immediate effect.i am sick and tired of the same crap happening over and over again.i am sick and tired of these so called pros…has this not happened to this same team before?did hull city not do this to us a couple of seasons ago?were lessons not learnt then?i have never claimed and can never claim to be a better manager than AW but i am a keen football follower.15mins into the game and i told my mates if AW did not change that midfield trio of song,diaby,eboue we would struggle to win the game..half time comes and goes and we are lucky to still be in it nil,nil and presto,like always,the same crap trots out….same old AW…..we go two down i think before he makes any change….too little too late…when was the lastime the chavs or the mancs looked so out of depth and disinterested at home till they went two down to newly promoted side.. how many chances or mistakes do you repeat before you are considered inept @ your job…..i am beggining to think just maybe,this is the actual level of a lot of these boys..they will never be champions…its just a dream that we deluded gooners have…sometimes the excuses have to stop..reality is a bitch…you can polish a turd but it still remains a turd.Nothing shows this team will win anything.yes they have not lost the league yet but what evidence is there to suggest this complacency or ineptitude will not creep in again?Past experiences have convinced we will repeat this performance again and probably term it as a ‘bad day @ the office’..fool me once,twice but thrice??? tired of blind faith…us fans have given these boys and AW too much of that when the evidence is to the contrary…it’s time for these people to start showing us the ‘miracles’ or forever remain the false prophets their records suggest they are.

    I know some fans will still keep believing and i do understand because i have been there before and can only wish them the best because you are going to need it…i hope your hope pays am done believing…the time for miracles is now or resigned to my fate…we will be heart broken again come the end of the season…..

  94. I would say the following –

    Arsenal: Complacency, Strain of fighting on all fronts
    Chelsea: Strength of the premier league
    Tottenham and United: None of the above, basically they are shite

  95. Amusing to see Owen and Macheda come on for United instead of Bebe and Hernndez (who a few weeks back was the dog’s bollocks).

    United have actually spent 25 Million pounds this year on their 5th and 6th choice strikers (Hernandez and Bebe) and 4th choice centre back (Smalling)!

  96. United could’ve lost against Bolton were it not for Elmander’s shittyness.

    This week-end has been very weird. The big three all dropped points thus making the bookies and those brave enough to punt on the underdogs very rich.

    I think yesterday’s loss was just a bad day at the office. When we get through this rough patch of injuries and form, I think we’ll be a lot better.

  97. I think United will drop out of contention by January, it will be between us and Chelsea this time.

  98. Bill, given the results of the other big three teams I don’t think yesterday’s loss was due to any pathalogical “inconsist”E”ncy (not inconsistancy). It seems like the teams involved in the champions league are just tired.

  99. But Gains…with all due respects to West Brom ours was the game that was the easiest. West Brom at home is not the same as City and Bolton away.

    I think the fact that many of these players played on Tuesday had an effect. And probably there was some complacency. Otherwise I would not expect that we go down by 3 goals and missed penlty against West Brom at home!

  100. It’s good to note that the results elsewhere of the top teams is bringing some much needed perspective to the Arsenal result yesterday.

    Bottom line is that we were complaicent. It has nothing to do with the ability or lack of ability of our players.

    All of us, including the players were arrogant to assume that with a bit of effort a win would be a shoe-in.

    I’m glad this is happenening this side of the season and there’s a hell of a lot of room for improvement. The team have the Belgrade game and the game against Chelsea to redeem themselves and regain some respectability.

    I will take one major positive from the game though and I don’t think it should be ignored.

    Samir Nasri is coming of age and he’s taking no prisoners. Not for the first time, he’s grabbed a game by the scruff of the neck.

  101. Afrogoon, it seems as if you have been holding that bile in your gut for a while. And with how easily it rolls off your tungue, I have a hard time believing that you were ever really part of the AKB brigade, let alone a senior member. Otherwise you’d see this loss for what it is. A stumble.

    Since you’ve tossed your AKB badges away is it safe to assume you’re a doomer now?

  102. Oi afrogoon…just remember, It’s only a game.

  103. @Gainsbourg

    “Since you’ve tossed your AKB badges away is it safe to assume you’re a doomer now?”

    Is the Pope Catholic?

  104. That was fucking hilarious, afrogoon. Nice one.

    “But this happened to me before… 24 months ago… did we not learn anything?!”

    How much football has been played since defeat at home to Hull in 2008? This really is indicative of the modern Arsenal fan. Spoiled.

  105. All said and done, the top of the table has remained relatively stagnant over the weekend. That cant be too bad can it? Just sit back relax and enjoy the rollercoaster and if it’s too much to handle then some people need a little more perspective in their lives. Football is great but don’t let it eat you and dont bother pointing fingers cos nobody really cares. Come the next cracker result (possible on sat) we will all be getting drunk on Arsenal juice. Bring on the next 90 mins and make your lives count between now and then instead of moping about 11 chaps that should have done a bit better.

  106. Just a game ? You have got to be kidding, to me Arsenal football club is and always has been a Major part of my life, every defeat hurts.

  107. G69.

    Even you would have to admit that the team has been inconsistent for a long time. We seem to drop a lot more clangers then the other big teams and we have done that for several years in a row. Not sure I understand why.

    btw. Thanks for the spelling lesson. I missed that one.

  108. I agree that every defeat hurts.

    But you don’t have to go postal like the doom and gloom merchants. You can still hurt but have some perspective about what’s happened.

    If a loss didn’t hurt then red and white doesn’t run through your blood.

  109. Bill.

    What do you make of the fact that United are already -9 goals down compared to our -7.

    You often use United as a comparison about consistency or fighting spirit. TBH – they’ve been pathetic in keeping clean sheets so far this season.

  110. Not so fast, Keyserzose. West Brom are 3-1-2 and they just beat Man City in the Carling Cup. I don’t buy the argument that they were the easiest fixture because they got clobbered by Chelsea. They are bang in form and took advantage of our tepid play yesterday. I think people are getting unnecessarily worked up over the fact that we got beat by West Brom because they’re recently promoted.

  111. Agreed any defeat hurts. but a lot of people rely on you to get your shit together until the next 90mins of a football game and if football results build up venom that affects those around you then in my opinion that’s no good. Its a beautiful game and those on this site support a beautifully poetic team, full of paradoxes and surprises. To me the whole package is a joy but I think it can get dangerous when a wayward result has a ripple effect on everything around you. Dust yourself off get on with it, true to any disappointment in life.

  112. Bill, All three top of the league sides dropped points this week. Can’t you just leave it at the fact that squads are tired after a hectic start to the season and not dredge up the past because it fits your argument? Yes we were inconsistent in the past but you make it sound as if Arsenal is the only big team that slips up every now and again. Even United, were it not for luck would have lost a few games this season.

    No problems, regarding the spelling lesson. Given your penchant for organization and rectitude I would of thought that you’d be a bit less careless with your spelling.

  113. I agree that Denilson is better than Song; but I think the difference seems more than it is at the moment, because Song’s last three games have been his worst in a year and a half. Is the competition for his place causing him to overreach himself?

  114. After three fantastic wins in North London and one hard-fought draw up in Sunderland the team were rightly lauded in the newspapers and have probably received a lot of praise from the coaching staff and other people in and around The Arsenal – and rightly so. And then we get complacent. It’s frustrating as hell but it happens.

    ‘Guarding against complacency’ is a phrase far easier to bandy about in a pub than it is to actually ensure in a football team – I would think. The word ‘complacency’ is in the headlines of the backpages perhaps most weeks, and it always has been. Why? Why don’t these sportsmen and women simply ‘guard against complacency?’ It’s just one of those things. Sic semper.

    All you have to do to get fired-up as a fan is get out of bed in the morning, or have a few pints outside the ground. I’m going to say that getting fired-up for three games of top class football each week for ten months is harder than that.

    And to say that we have a lot more of these results than the other bigger teams is rubbish (Bill – sorry to rubbish you again, but you almost always talk rubbish, so it’s hard not to). Look who United and Chelsea lost to last season. United have been pretty complacent on the road already this year. 3 points from 3 games. And Chelsea were pretty complacent in midweek I thought.

  115. Well said, Remonstrate.

  116. I agree, Limpar. United’s bogey team are none other than West Ham. A team that seems glued to the bottom of the table.

  117. Often a team will get away with a poor performance and come away with something from the game. United did it consistently last year. Usually it was Rooney bailing them out. Nasri almost did it for us yesterday. But when the whole team is flat and you’re looking around for someone to spark off, looking for that moment of inspiration… and two or three or four of those great players you’ve looked to in the past for that aren’t there… then it’s going to be difficult.

    Every freekick we won had me wishing RVP was on the pitch.

  118. Don’t be so hard on yourself, Wenger.

  119. Spuds fan. Me too I’d like Wenger to remain in charge to keep handing hearty trashings to you Spuds. Forever making us laugh.

  120. Hm…. A cunt.

  121. Oh you tots gets back in your box…You got hammered and you got dealt by the gunner boot polishers..I think the laws of humiliation require you lot to keep it on the down low.Get that old DVD out and reminisce on this cold Sunday afternoon or you could do summore star jumps before you champions league kick about. Twits

  122. I would love to actually see some of these people, who are saying shite abt wenger, come to any pub in islington and spray the same shit you are here. Wonder what you’d do there. Mugs trying to sound tough behind a computer screen.

  123. “Its a beautiful game and those on this site support a beautifully poetic team, full of paradoxes and surprises.”

    Ah….that’s great. I’m loving that Remonstrate. Couldn’t have said it better or more sweetly.

    United look distinctly average at the moment. The days of Fergie the big spender are well and truly over and they look increasingly thin on the ground. So I was never too worried about yesterdays result in relation to our nearest “rivals”. Hopefully Tuesday we can get the shock loss out of our system before next weekend, losing that match is maybe the kick in the proverbials that some players needed. Then again…these games are piling up and anyone who thinks it’s easy to always maintain that high level of consistency is deluding themselves. That’s not even mentioning who we are missing (Cesc, RVP and Walcott for chrissakes!). Hell, it’s a marathon not a sprint.


  124. Now cummon you tiny tots! Reach for the sky and touch you toes, reach for the sky, now touch your toes! and star jumps!!!!!! one two three four and one two three four! Lets not get too tired now boys. We now have three games a week!

  125. What a strange existence!

    Though the hand-puppet repetition comebacks are great… very old school.

  126. Also…..I visited a WBA album blog with the intention of congratulating them on a good game (they deserved the points, they play good football, they have an excellent manager and I’m always fair) and a great result for them. However some were spewing the usual xenophobic anti-French crap about Wenger and him being a sore loser etc i thought f*ck that. Every club has their fair share of idiot supporters. Shame.

  127. @ Ole Gunner @ 12.07 –
    I mentioned in my post that I am not using it as an excuse for him, I am just reasoning his inability to track back. That said, he was not one of the worst performers yesterday.

  128. Is Wenger worried that Szczesny is another Lehman? A confident, outspoken disruptor in his cosy Arsenal world of silence? Probably! But if not then give him the No.1 shirt NOW! Or else he will do a “Flamini’ on us and piss off in 2011 when his contract expires, he (Szczesny) must be in a major piss watching those two muppets fuck up time and again! I am!

  129. mj_gunner,

    Agree he was good yesterday. He played as well or as poorly as anytime this season.

    You do realise that Szczesny has never started 1 single Premier League match. Based on what would he be looking down at the keepers ahead of him in the pecking order?

  130. Is this new format a troll magnet?
    Not to excuse the performance yesterday, but this was a classic “trap” game coming on the heels of the long midweek Cup win, and with trips to Belgrade and Stamford Bridge coming up. The injuries have reduced the size of the squad so proper rotation has been difficult if not impossible. Chamakh looked in need of rest yesterday, Diaby did not look ready to return. Lethargy was widespread. And WBA came in on a wave of confidence. So it’s not a shock at all that the game was a struggle.
    I don’t want to hang the loss on Almunia, but as another poster above noted, with Almunia the best we can hope for is that he makes the saves he is supposed to make and doesn’t make a judgement error. He rarely rises above the level of the team, the first half of the Barca game last year being the only exception that comes to mind. Every once in a while a tired team will need an inspired performance from it’s keeper, and Almunia is just not that kind of keeper. Mannone gave us an inspired performance vs Fulham last year. It stands out because it is such a rarity for an Arsenal keeper to win a game for the team. I’m not saying that Mannone or Tech 9 should be promoted immediately, but they both deserve a chance. If one of them doesn’t feature when we play Newcastle in the next CC match, I’ll be disappointed.

  131. shut it poliziano everyone knows yesterdays loss was all denilsons fault ..

  132. Ole Gunner

    I know but why not? Because Wenger doesn’t think he’s ready? Wenger is not a good judge of keepers, he dissed Jens for ever based on just a couple of mistakes! My comment is based on the probabilty that he could not do worse than either of the two muppets and we will know for sure if he’s the real deal or not. If your good enough ……! He who dares wins!

  133. Well it is good to know that the WIACs (Wenger IS A C*nt Brigade) is alive and well. So much for that jubilation and backslapping after hammering the Totts last Tuesday. I always held my nose when some earnest middle-of-the-roader would came on board saying we are all gooners; there are no doomers etc. Yet in one fell swoop the middle-roaders were indistinguishable from Jaguar et al with there venom and call for AW’s head to be the first to roll.
    Vindication. Lesson learnt. Thanks a whole lot.

    PS: Put Almunia in the WIAC camp as well, even though the great VDS has a worse GA record so far; 7 vs 9 according to Darius.

  134. You’re right, Kitchen Sink. Apparently he kept distracting everyone with his Samba dancing just as Wenger was getting to the crucial part of his team talk where he explains to his players that they are supposed to score as many goals as possible while preventing the opposition from scoring. The result: none of the players had a clue what they were supposed to be doing.

  135. DelBoyEssex,

    You asked why not. Answer, because he’s 20 years old and never started a top flight game.

    You asked if it’s because Wenger doesn’t think he’s ready saying Wenger is a poor judge of keepers. I say do you not realise that Szczesny was brought to the club by Wenger?

    Then I ask just what you’ve seen that establishes him as being better than any other keeper at the club?

    Finally, Wenger let Jens go because he was disrupting team harmony and acting extremely unprofessionally, especially given he was 38 years old and at the end of his career. He didn’t say he was a poor keeper.

  136. On 26th September 1970, 40 years ago, almost to the day, we lost 5 0 to Stoke.

    Don’t tell me that, because that happened we were rubbish, because that was the double season.

    Call it a blip, call it compacency, call it anything but an indication that we cannot and will not win the league.

    2 seasons ago we lost at home to Hull and we have lost at home to lesser clubs than WBA, who, by all accounts played very well and deserved their win.

    Let us hope that the manager and players have learnt an important lesson from yesterday’s game.

    There is no reason why we should be despondant, annoyed, disappointed, upset, but not despondent.

  137. Im not even pissed off with this defeat coz yes all title winning teams lose stupid games. im just pissed off with seing another fukin gk howler to add to the rather fukin large colletion these two keepers have gathered. the yes men can defend them all they want but even they know these two keepers will cock things up for us. have to get a new keeper in jan.the situation is critical.

  138. Saying AW got it wrong for this game is not calling for AW’s head, it’s expressing an opinion.

    I would venture to suggest that it’s not an opinion completely from left field either, seeing as we didn’t exactly win the game at a canter.

    Imo, sitting doing f-all to shake the situation up until doing a double (not triple) sub on 55 mins (2 goals down already), and making the wrong sub at that, IS sitting and watching Rome burn. Vela came on at 66, by then the horse had bolted.

    Denilson should have come on instead of Rosicky imo.

    Imo this was a very off day for AW. He made several mistakes from the start, and compounded them through the game.

    Does that mean I want AW out?

    No, he’s human, and he had a seriously bad day, we all do from time to time.

    However, the attitude from the team was a real concern.

    This is not about chelsea or manusa, apart from the fact that we had a gold-plated opportunity to pull some points back on chelsea.

    manusa have serious problems, and either this season or next I can see them in pool’s current situation.

    That said, that does not excuse the sheer crapness of our performance.

    Our players, ALL of them, ARE good enough, and there ARE enough of them too.

    What’s questionable was the mental approach seen yesterday.

    It’s not the first time this has happened, recently a few games at the close of last season, Wigan was a notable example.

    That is an issue that has to be addressed, it’s not simply a “poor day at the office”, it’s a serious problem that can and must be addressed to prevent it happening again.

    AW also has to put his hand up and accept that he needs to show a more proactive approach when something is so blindingly wrong. His management during that game was poor, simple.

    I’d love us to go on from here and smash the next several games out the park.

    However, we have to get rid of the crappy attitude seen in this game.

    It wasn’t a one-off, and it will come back to bite us at a critical juncture unless it is addressed, and addressed with vigour.

  139. Although the defeat hurts a lot, thankfully the dropped points have not cost us any real ground in the title race. It’s been quite a bizarre week-end with none of the ‘big’ teams winning, Sp*rs lost as well which is always nice. I hope that Wenger kicks a few arses and none of our players come out with any ‘this game has taught us a lesson’ quotes in the next few days. Roll on Tuesday so we can have our next fix, and here’s hoping it’s of better quality.

  140. positive note, anyone notice how good Sagna’s crossing was.

  141. Nasri was awesome at times yesterday, hopefully he can maintain that level for most of the season as when he is in that mood, he looks unstoppable. If we had 11 Nasri’s out there yesterday, we would have won the game with ease.

  142. Do we know for sure that Almunia’s injured?

  143. MikeSA,

    I think AW made some mistakes yesterday and it wasn’t to do with substitutions. The substitutions made were correct and they changed the game. Rosicky coming on helped us as we started creating the moment he stepped onto the pitch. I think Denilson should have started, but to bring him on a sub? To do what? To keep the ball? Weird that opinion of yours.

    I criticise Wenger for not changing the game plan to match 2 facts; possible fatigue (he seemed surprised fatigue was an issue-maybe the prozone indicators didnt detect fatigue in some players) and that the midfield of Song, Diaby & nasri wasn’t suited to the task of passing through the opposition which was the game plan.

    But even while I hold that criticism in my mind I can’t get past the reality that the XI selected was more than good enough to not concede 3 daft goals and beat West brom.

    So frankly your rant baffles me. Making changes after 55 minutes seems timely to me.

  144. Funny, last year Song was everyone’s golden boy and everyone lambasted Dennilson, now today it’s the other way around. Is that rotational dooming?
    AW – nice clean look to the blog, but a little minimalist don’t you think?
    Is that an imposter “Frank”

  145. “It seems like the teams involved in the champions league are just tired.”

    Good point and as the rest of the PL has got stronger it makes it tougher for these teams who are playing and travelling more. Should make for an interesting PL title race this season. It is also a reminder of why Arsene does not usually play a strong line up in the Carling Cup. With all the injuries to key players that we are currently carrying yesterday was obviously a step too far. I would rather invest my emotional energy in praying/wishing/hoping that we get some players back rather than slagging off the team for falling short in these circumstances.

    I don’t actually think the loss was down to complacency rather that with more options to choose from, several players who needed it would have got the break they need. Kos and Chamakh are new to the intensity of the PL and both were not their usual self but in the absence of Vermaelen and RVP/Bendtner they could not take a breather at a time when they are probably ready for one. Eboue and Diaby are always best when 100% fit. I don’t think either player was yesterday. But the latter in particular needed the game time to get himself match fit for Tuesday. Rosicky picked up a knock against the spuds and with his injury history it would have been a risk to start him. 18 year old JW has played almost non-stop so far this season and you have to consider the long-term impact of overplaying a youngster. Arsene did what he could with the limited resources at his disposal yesterday. It didn’t work because there were just too many players under par at the same time. Yet, such is the game of football that had that early opportunity by Arshavin gone in rather than hit the post, things could still have been so different.

  146. I hope recent results of the “top teams” doesn’t indicate some kind of levelling up of the standard this year?

  147. ”Yet, such is the game of football that had that early opportunity by Arshavin gone in rather than hit the post, things could still have been so different.”

    Fucking true, been thinking about it all the time!

  148. mj_gunner,

    It’s true. We hit the bar 3 times in that game.

  149. “I hope recent results of the “top teams” doesn’t indicate some kind of levelling up of the standard this year?”

    MD Gunner, I think that is exactly what it might be indicating. Although with the majority of our squad fit for the majority of the season I believe we are much stronger than most of our rivals despite yesterday’s performance!

  150. What is it about Barcelona and their players that makes them think that it’s okay to be so disgustingly disrespectful to other teams. Pique has been doing it again, this time about Torres. Does their lack of class have no limits what so ever.,19528,11827_6401853,00.html

  151. Ole, Rosicky didn’t change the game imo.

    He carried on with exactly the same problem seen from Song, Eboue, Arshavin and a few others, i.e. trying to dribble too far,holding the ball too long, or thread the eye of the needle and just giving it back to the opposition when we were in promising positions (something he’s done for a few games now – I disagree with the current drooling over his performances, imo they have not been good at all for the reason I gave).

    Denilson would have steadied the midfield and stopped us losing possession so easily, thus regaining control in the midfield and shielding our shell-shocked defence.

    George Graham (who I was not particularly fond of btw), used to say that your keeper should be defended like the crown jewels, i.e. they shouldn’t get through to test him.

    That starts at the front, and carries through the midfield long before you get to the defence.

    The forwards were giving it away too cheaply, the midfield weren’t pressing and they were losing the ball in dangerous positions as well, all of which contributed to our defence getting put under additional, unneccessary pressure.

    Denilson would have cut down that problem, Rosicky just contributed to it.

    That’s why I said Denilson was the better sub, and should have been put on at HT, BEFORE we got nailed for our obviously out of kilter performace that we escaped with at HT.

    We all expected them to come out with a different attitude after HT, we thought we’d dodged a bullet getting through to HT 0-0.

    They didn’t, so either AW didn’t address the problem, or what he did had zero effect.

    That said AW should have already made the change at HT, or he should have made the change within the first few minutes when it became obvious that nothing had changed.

    If he had come on at half time I seriously doubt we would have conceded the two killer goals that we did.

    The saved penalty should have been seen as a giant, red flashing neon signboard about 30 stories high.

    It wasn’t, because the same team came out after HT and carried on with exactly the same shower of sh!te.

  152. Just to add to that Ole, when the team is playing THAT badly, the manager should be reacting BEFORE HT, not AFTER we’re already 2 goals down.

    55 minutes was way, way too late to react.

    Imo that is strongly supported by the fact that we conceded 2 goals before AW reacted.

  153. @ YW
    Love the new banner.
    Great posts from some, notably Harry Flowers and Passenal.

  154. If i was Mannone, i would feel disrespected. He had a fabulous performance against Fulham last season, and went out of the squad completely, to be replaced by arguably the 2 worst keepers in the league

  155. Mike SA – the two goals happened very quickly and the subs were warming up at the time. I’m sure Arsene spoke to the team at half-time and wanted to give them time to turn things around. He was not to know that they would concede two cheap goals so easily and so soon after half-time. It’s all so easy after the event, but I was at the game and as disjointed as the performance was, I was certainly taken by surprise by the 3 goal lead that WBA managed to rack up as it came from nowhere. Nothing in the first half performance suggested it. It looked more like a game where we would be knocking on the door and maybe scoring a last minute goal or coming away with a nil-nil. Things seemed to go pear-shaped very quickly. I was as stunned as the team seemed to be!

  156. No way! YW, please put a slightly light blue background to the site. Please, pretty Please with a cherry on top. The white is totally too much!

    Also, please leave Al alone. What is all this? So many Peoples reaction to him includes their initial bias and not strictly based on this seasons performance. Judge him in the context of the season… the team as a whole did not do well yesterday. Are we getting rid of all the others as well? The goals were quick, these things happen and i hope our share of it for the season is over with!

  157. so then poli, it makes it a lot easier for him to add the blue.

    Come on YW…. this white enters the eyes!!!!!!!!!!! Am blinking tears away LOL

  158. Ole –

    “I criticise Wenger ”

    How dare you, get behind your team! Care yourself an Arsenal fan, ha! I can’t stand doomers. Spineless more like 😉

  159. First chance to comment oin the game:

    Not a good performance unfortunately, we were simply off the pace and did not defend well as a team. Kos was at fault for a couple of the goals, and Almunia spoilt his great start to the season. No surprise though, so I am not too down on the keeper issue. Wenger has made the decision to stick with Al and Fabinaski, he will have to live with it until Jan at least. Whilst contributing to the loss, it would be remiss to lay yesterdays result there though.

    One plus from yesterday was Nasri. He is developing into a real top quality player. His influence is starting to match that of Cesc’s IMO. We will definately have to stave off bids for him come the summer. When he plays central he is as good as anybody and is now adding goals to his game. I wonder is Arsne will play him centrally with Cesc at any point? I would like to see that.

  160. Hi Passenal

    Sorry, I thought it was very obvious we were going to concede well before we got to half time.

    It’s not as if we haven’t seen this sort of performance before (complete with poorly conceded goals), so I’m not claiming to be some sort of clairvoyant.

    That we didn’t concede before HT was a source of amazement to me.

    The missed penalty was a massive wake up call that we simply didn’t take.

    This isn’t 20/20 hindsight vision, I sms’d my mate in the first half that we were going to concede very soon, the warning signs were there.

    What’s done is done though. I thought it was obvious, others apparently did not.

    I thought AW made bad choices, did not rectify them early enough, and some corrections that he did make were not optimal either.

    AW is human, just like the rest of us, it’s not something I particularly want to dwell on, I just want him to fix that particular problem because imo this was not a “once off” or simply a “bad day at the office”.

    This is something that has to be fixed.

    Hiding heads in the sand and pretending it didn’t happen or that it’s miraculously going to disappear is foolish imo.

    That said, it’s for AW to sort out.

    Not much that I or anyone else debates about it is going to fix it or make a smidgen’s difference.

  161. Sorry, MikeSA, completely disagree.

    3 nil down is precisely the time when you need someone to thread the needle. Rosicky was at the heart of many of our best attacks in the 2nd half and it was his clever run which opened the door and let Nasri in on goal for his 1st.

    I’d suggest that if Johan Cruyff or Zinedine Zidane were introduced to a game at 3 nil down they’d probably try to thread the needle a bit too – and some of the passes wouldn’t come off. That’s what special players do.

    Rosicky’s been one of our very top performers so far this season.

  162. I agree with Limpar that Rosicky was decent enough. He has been good so far this year.

  163. LA @ 1:47,
    Glad you did confront reality as it makes for a much more interesting discussion, even if perceptions of it might differ!

    Denilson might have been tired from Tuesday, but to say it was like asking RvP to start is a bit of an exaggeration. He’s had parts of games to get match fit, plus Tuesday. Certainly he might have come on as an early sub, since I think the main problem was we looked disorganized in midfield and had difficulty passing the ball accurately, which seemed to give WB more confidence as the game wore on to the end of the half.

    Song’s pushing forward more in attack, esp. at the end of the game is understandable when we were crossing into the box and looking for headers–he is one of the few tall players besides Chamakh, but I’d rather see Wilshere playing more forward usually than Song. Hasn’t he proven to be a more skilled attacking player even as he learns to play deep? And the problem is not that this led directly to any one particular goal but it contributed to that disorganization in midfield and in giving the ball away.

    I don’t think WB’s goals in the second half came from nowhere. They missed a penalty and started playing dangerously in the latter stages of the first half. Odinwinge (sp.) looked a very dangerous player on his wing to me.

    I agree with you latest post that Rosicky has been good. But at that point we had to throw everything but the kitchen sink in to score as WB sat back on on two and then three goals, so it certainly made sense to have our best attackers on like Rosicky to chase a result.

    Anyway, we can all agree with Darius that Nasri’s continuing excellence is great. I hope he is on top form this week since Fabregas may not play.

  164. There was nothing wrong with Wenger’s selection. That team should have been good enough to beat WBA. If they had applied themselves poperly.

  165. “Not much that I or anyone else debates about it is going to fix it or make a smidgen’s difference.”

    Ultimately that is the point Mike SA – some people are getting worked up over something they can neither change nor influence what happens from here on out. Those of us taking a more philosophical perspective are not ‘burying our heads in the sand’. We are in fact being more realistic because we understand our role in this i.e. we can only continue to back the team or give up. We cannot influence who Arsene chooses to pick for games. We do not have the information that affects his decisions i.e. who is fatigued, who is on the verge of an injury etc etc. Sometimes situations are not ideal and you try to make the best of them. It doesn’t always come off but for whatever reason we claim to be Arsenal supporters and that means supporting every player wearing that shirt win or lose, success or failure, good times or bad. That is what it is all about at the end of the day.

  166. Something went horribly wrong yesterday, that is a matter of fact. This is a situation that needs to be deeply analysed and judging by AW’s reaction he was as bemused as we were to the team’s performance. The team yesterday should have been good enough to win by a large margin, and they were playing at home.
    However this kind of witch hunt that has started now really reeks of opportunism. As if all the people that had been served their humble pie in the past few months were only waiting for this to happen, so that they could come out and say “told you so”. That people are suddenly all over Almunia’s back, who might’ve been together with Cech the only keeper in the Prem until yesterday who had not made a decisive error is evidence of that kind of behaviour.
    And, to the people comparing this situation to our losses of past seasons: yesterday was a different kind of problem. Over the past seasons we became complacent when we were in the lead and had often to pay the price. It was not complacency that cost us, the team didn’t turn up at all.

  167. i wonder when people say there was a problem with the selction… was anyone making his debut? gonnerandy summed it up… they could have won if they applied themselves better. in a few games in the past we have had to wait till late to score only difference on those occasions was that we were not 3 goals down!

  168. @ goonerandy at 8:35pm

    I agree. That starting 11 was quality. People can suggest other personnel where we had a fit option but everybody previously has performed, and performed well, the role they were asked to perform on Saturday. They’ve all been playing well. So on the face of it, I can’t see anything wrong with that selection.

  169. MikeSKA,

    Having just watched the game again, I am even more baffled by your comments. The frustration of the first half is that we struggled to create. It’s not as if we were under the cosh, just hanging on. We were let off by the penalty, yes, but that was about it in the first half.

    Based on this, it would seem the change needed was to improve the passing and create more. In that light, bringing on Rosicky and Wilshere seemed pretty prudent. I can’t escape the conclusion that even with the benefit of hindsight you don’t appreciate what issues the manager had to resolve. But I do think on hindsight that Denilson whould have started.

    Your comments about Rosicky baffled me no less. The stats show that apart from 2 botched crosses, he only misplaced 2 passes. His passing however was incisive, finding players in space. Quite a lot of them found team mates in the final third.

  170. Our problems was that we did not wake up until 3-0 down.

    Who knows; after playing some good football already this season maybe this result will serve to keep the team firmly grounded. Some good may come from this.

  171. TEAM SPIRIT. .. totally agree:: really dislike this unmellow brightness – and terrible timing; Yogi.. FFS! wE old buggers like the old ways::

  172. YW,

    I really hope this site outlay is temporary. More like a virus or a bug, that distorted everything. I’d take the old one any given day. Please tell us, that this was a mistake and order will be restored soon.

  173. goonerandy | September 26, 2010 at 8:05 pm | ,

    Poor you. You don’t get it.

    Doomer behaviour is very well understood. It takes more than saying ‘I criticise Wenger’.

    Fact that one has to explain that to you unfortunately shows why you’re on the wrong side.

  174. Ole – Heh, don’t bite mate. Only messing with you. I know that you could not bring yourself to admit any faults with anything to do with the team.

    I get it all too well 🙂

  175. No you don’t get it. But you don’t know that you don’t either.

  176. Ah, fool that I am. One day I will be as wise as you I am sure. Until them I will just have to make do with my damned realistic and objective views on things.

  177. Limpar and Ole

    We’ll have to agree to disagree, but Ole, your point about improving the passing actually coincides with exactly what I thought needed to happen, we just have a different perspective on how and when that needed to be implemented.

    Limpar, I’d contend that threading the eye of the needle would be great at that point as long as it was likely to come off.

    When it doesn’t come of it just wastes time, possession, and puts the defence under pressure.

    Ole, if you’re still “baffled” by my reasoning then either you have no intention of “understanding” my point or it just genuinely escapes you.

    It’s probably likely I am just lousy at explaining my thoughts.

    Either way there’s not a lot of point in continuing the discussion, it’s not something I want to bang on about for whatever purpose, yours or mine.

    I’m not sure what stats you’re referring to, but Rosicky has not been optimal imo, but I hasten to add that’s my impression. I’m always open to a source of credible stats that might prove otherwise.

    However, it’s not my intention to slag off players, he’s just a bit off form imo, I’m just amazed that others think he’s effective right now.

    That said, I’m not trying to claim he should be shipped out or that he’s “not Arsenal quality” or whatever drivel many seem to come up with these days.

    I have my views on this, some others apparently have vastly different ones for whatever reason.

    It’s not really my place to question others thoughts or motives, and I have no real desire to do so either, so I’ll pretty much hold my council on this particular issue from this point if you don’t mind.

  178. Yogi – I have to agree that there is much too much white in the background. The new banner is excellent though.
    Yes, I am one of the many old buggers who believe “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” But old enough to know change is inevitable.

  179. Note to all the AA blogs at Newsnow with their anti-Almunia headlines.
    You are cheap, f*cking whores who will sell your souls to gain attention and to win a few clicks. Sorry but I am not buying; you are too old, miserable and misshapen. (Clears throat and spits in their direction.)

    Now I feel better!

  180. I would say that a lot of the posters on here today are much more the “shower of shit” than Arsenal were on the weekend. What a sorry excuse for so-called supporters, especially VIVB. If that is the way you feel give up your fu(king season tickets and go home and have a good wank.
    So the team stunk it up, almost everyone made multiple mistakes and were rightly punished. Shit happens! Life goes on. There will be another day. You lot of tossers expect perfect football every weekend no matter what with no mistakes and off performances…what a load of crap. You are living in a fantasy land. There was no excuse for that performance, I was as shocked as everyone else appears to be, but what is the point of moaning about how the manager didn’t do this or that, how this player made that little mistake and are now shit, how you knew this was going to happen and it is back to the bad old days. GROW UP and grow a pair or find your courage anywhere you need to. We are THE ARSENAL, win, lose, or draw we have more class than any other of those jackasses in the PL.

  181. afrogoon | September 26, 2010 at 2:09 pm |


    Easy sexy, its just a game, mate. Have some sex, fly a kite go, scuba diving.

    Tomorrow will still be there.

  182. Okay, so now that some of us have vented ours spleens, its good to get things off our chest, we can now get on with the show.

    Its the first loss of the season, id wager it wont be our last. This season wont be all party hats and dildos.

    We will lose games. Dont understand how much intense negativity can 1 loss cause a set of fans. Seems some people are on edge. Its hilarious.

  183. I kid you not this is what I read on one of the press papers . I will not tell which one as I don’t want people clicking on their filthy site. this is the headline “ROBERTO MANCINI’S WEST BROM SEND ARSENAL’S TITLE HOPES UP IN A PUFF OF SMOKE” Yes Mancini manages Manchester city as well as West Brom if you didn’t know that. LOL. It is hilarious these people actually get paid for such rubbish. Yogi mate with your talent you could wipe the floor with these so called journalists. 6 games and 4 points of Chelsea and according to these idiots our season is up in smoke.

  184. This is a blip, not capitulation. Sterner tests lie ahead. Move on.

  185. First posting in I do not know how long. Second goal, all Big Al’s fault. Third goal was the team’s fault. Yes Big Al looked like a fish flopping on the beach but what do you expect when your entire team, let alone defense, goes missing!!!! Have read every posting, day in day out, YW and Darius ( and Consolbob and Limpar et al when they were on a break, thank you all!!!) but have refrained from commenting as you all do a great job in general. One game. I repeat one game. Do not hang Big Al just yet. He is in my humble opinion one of the best shot stoppers in the business (yes totally ignoring second goal) and a true believer in the team. First game V. Barca last season he was amazing!! we should have been at least 3 goals down.

    All I know is I love this team, it ruins my week when we lose, and I am not good company the day of a loss. But I never lose faith. They are a joy to watch and a pleasure/honor to support. Yes I am willing to criticize but never will I turn on one of our players. I have been supporting Arsenal for 27 years but will freely admit to being nervous when Sol Cambell rejoined us. STOKE. No more needs saying. Yet I gladly will. That goal celebration!!!! Right after (There’s only one) Aaron Ramsey had his leg fucking hacked and broken, and yet we, soft bastards that we are, went on to win, just look at Sol. I was not there but several friends were, good God let me tell you, they loved him then and always will. And he made huge mistakes after that. But they and I never hung him out to dry. Do not, I beg you do any different to Big Al. He has Arsenal in his veins and bleeds our colours. Support him as you do the team.

    Nuffield said!!! COYG!!!!

  186. That should read Nuff said, stupid I-Pad!!!

  187. Roll on tomorrow. Hopefully we will see a reaction from the players.

  188. Apparrently, Arsenal are not allowed to lose games.

    Shit happens.

  189. It’s a terrible thought (as there are so many) but do all the doomers who lament every disappointment as being the end of world live in the real world? It really is a sad indicament of things so many people (not just Arsenal fans) live in a buble where everything ought to be perfect. Do I really need to say it?
    Apparrently, sometimes thing’s can’t go your own way.

  190. Now, if only I could learn to write without making multiple errors. I blame it on my inability to see properly. OMG! I need to go out a buy some new eyes because the old eyes are just a waste of space. However, I am too busy saving money to pay of my debt to the drug overlords in Horsham.

  191. Thank you guys for your support in destroying the club.I will ensure that we will finish below the Spurs in two seasons time.

  192. Of course they are allowed to lose games. It is the nature of sport.

    But what is not acceptable is lack of effort or application. Yesterday may have ben a freak result, but we have seen that type of display all too often in recent years. I thought we had moved on from there.

  193. We wont win anything with that wanker in charge of us

  194. Wenger is the right man for the job no question.

  195. I deliberately stayed away from here yesterday, as it was inevitable you would get a whole ream of twat’s on here, led by Internet twat in chief, Jaguar.

    I would of said that he is probably one of the moron’s at the game who think that jeering Almunia after a mistake is in anyway helpful, or has a positive impact on his performance, but it is clear that Jaguar does not actually attend any games (probably due to his Mum or Carer not letting him.).

    It was clear complacency played a huge part in such a dreadful performance, but aside from Nasri, no one deserves singling out for criticism.

    The only worrying point for me is the battering Almunia’s confidence must be getting, with our clear movement for a new GK in the summer, to our so called fans jeering him after every mistake.

    Let’s hope he can summon up Eboue style mental strength and come back fighting.

  196. I’m just catching up with the comments now and I have little to say because the regulars have been the voices of reason. Even GoonerAndy, whom I typical disagree with, has spoken much in the way of wisdom.

    I’m looking forward to tomorrow, because seeing how we bounce back will let me know if my suspicions about our winning the league are worthy of a large bet!

    Have no fear!

  197. See Almunia is “injured” and won’t play tomorrow nite

  198. I meant Nasri didn’t deserve any criticism in my post – wrote that slightly wrong! 😉

  199. It could be worse. Arsenal fans could be protesting outside the stadium (as opposed to making threats to protest, on someone else’s internet site) asking for their club to be put into administration .

  200. Protest?

    Some people really are a bit mental. What on earth do we have to protest about?

  201. goonerandy

    That was last season, maybe the season before too…I think.
    The arguments are repetitive (same old Trolls).

  202. Ey, YW please revert to the old type. It was much better..

    is Almunia Injured or *injured*?

  203. AW quotes:

    “[The keeper] is always the easy target, the easy scapegoat. But we win together and we lose together even if people think he made a mistake on the second goal.”
    “Overall I believe that, defensively, everybody made individual mistakes.
    “I think mentally we were never in the game at the requested level.”
    “I knew after the first five minutes, you saw that it was all flat.”
    “We made really basic errors defensively if you analyse any of the goals.”
    “It won’t stay on my mind too long,” he added. “We never forget it but we play on Tuesday night…”

    It’ll be a good test on the weekend for whoever (is fit to) play. Almost a full strength collection of motley Chav$ off the back of two domestic defeats, AFC just the one. Should be a fun game.
    The only frustration I have is with the injuries, Walcott started the season amazingly well, and will need one or two games to settle down again.
    Some of us have bets with some silly sp*ds that he will get a lot more goals and assists then the mouldy Lennon. Oh! He’s way ahead already. And he’s two years younger. Cool. Easy money!

  204. *This season he’s way already ahead…

  205. *****! try again>

    *This season he’s already ahead.

  206. I’d go with the midfield that beat Tottenham tomorrow… with Arshavin in for Lansbury:

    Sagna Squillaci Koscielny Clichy
    Nasri Wilshere
    Rosicky Arshavin

    Though I’m sure there’s an argument for Song and Diaby to offer some physical presence away from home… form would suggest the team above?

  207. LA
    How quickly some fans have turned against Song.Now saying Denil……………………..son should be starting in front of him

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