Bolton Preview: Beware Wandering Elbows

Bolton arrive at The Emirates, normality returning to football with seven games in a little over three weeks. The injuries to van Persie and Walcott were well-documented, the absence of Thomas Vermaelen a surprise. The Belgian has suffered an achilles injury whilst away with his country, although that Wenger noted he could be available for the Champions League this week suggests it is not as bad as it sounds.

The length of absences should be treated with caution. Arsene acts on the information he has and at times, it is ‘overly optimistic’ which is a feeder for the criticism of the medical staff at the club. Taking an optimistic view of recovery times in public tends to fuel disappointment when those targets are not met. Whilst it might be against his nature, pessimism in those circumstances diminishes the opportunity to snipe at medical staff without any knowledge of the subject matter.

That gives the opportunity for Sebastien Squillaci to make his debut, a rough welcome to the Premier League will no doubt be handed out by Kevin Davies. The Bolton forward appears to be unable to fathom why he is not an England international.

The answer lies in the fact that he regularly tops the list of cautions at the end of the season; he is a throwback to the days of Finney and Mortenson when goalkeepers regularly found themselves in the back of the net as well as the ball, a firm shoulder barge having dumped both there. An anachronism who would not last five minutes on the highest stage.

Having successfully soft-soaped Chris Foy before the Blackburn game, Wenger turned his attention to Davies, presumably in the hope he will get sent off in the first five minutes for flailing elbows. Whilst fouls on the ground are more likely to result in the serious injury, there are plenty of cases where depressed cheekbones or worse have been caused by combative aerial play although their frequency is lesser.

Which one of the central pairing he targets remains to be seen although Koscielny’s relative inexperience makes him more likely. A lot rests on their shoulders being strong today. Coyle is gradually trying to move Bolton into the 21st Century of football but when faced with technically superior opposition – or as in their last game, a deficiency of numbers – Bolton revert to type and play to what are still their strengths.

There is no point in complaining after the event when this happens; that is how Sam Allardyce set the club up and highlights why he should never be allowed near the England manager’s job. To have him there would set football in this country back five decades at a time when it is already lagging behind the rest of the top European nations.

Injuries suffered open doors for others. One being mentioned is Jack Wilshere who despite being in the papers for all of the wrong reasons a week ago, proved his potential on the pitch in the Under-21s win over Lithuania. Despite Gerrard Houllier’s criticism of footballers being out of control, the midfielder retains Wenger’s faith and confidence who deflected attention away from Wilshere with insinuations that Stuart Pearce lacked managerial skills in judging the psychological condition of players.

Owen Coyle had laid claim to being a mentor for Jack Wilshere, the reason for his readiness for first team football at Arsenal. Arsene was having none of that though, slapping the Bolton manager across the face with his glove in readiness for this afternoon’s duel:

He was only 17 when he went there and he has come back with more experience and more power. He has grown physically and is stronger. But Bolton did not teach him to play football. He was already a very gifted player when he went there.

I doubt that Wilshere will be Walcott’s replacement in the starting XI. The natural temptation would be to use either the youngster or Rosicky to maintain the attacking inspiration, Eboue looks more likely as the manager seeks to combat the strength utilised in the midfield by the visitors. Not that the Ivorian lacks attacking capacity and having scored in the first of the two recent internationals, he might well be brimming with confidence.

With three games every seven days, Wenger is in the period when rotation will be used. Had Vermaelen been fit, I suspect that either Clichy or Sagna would have been rested but with Koscielny still adapting and Squillaci untested in the Premier League, it would be a big gamble to replace either full back. As such, I would expect the starting line-up to be:

Almunia; Sagna, Koscielny, Squillaci, Clichy; Song, Diaby, Fabregas; Eboue, Chamakh, Arshavin

The bench will be bolstered by the return of Samir Nasri and no doubt he will get a runout this afternoon. Whatever team is fielded, this is a fixture which Arsenal is expected to win and must do so to maintain momentum. The international break is normally followed by a decidely average performance. Returning to their clubs a day earlier is supposed to allow better preparation for the upcoming fixtures. Let’s hope we get that benefit this afternoon.

Enjoy the match wherever you watch it. ’til Tomorrow.

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  1. good to see the football back.

  2. Where is Rosicky? is he injured?

  3. Hi Yogi, I find your blog giving a very balanced Arsenal perspective, and just love looking forward to it everyday. A small request: your full post used to be available thru RSS feed before, and now only a snippet is available. Can u move back to having the full post available? It really helps ppl like me who get on to Google Reader thro mobile from office (in India) and grab a quick Arsenal byte!

  4. When you ignorantly label Finney and Mortensen, don’t you really mean Lofthouse as he ( once ) knocked a goalkeeper into the back of the net during the 1958 FA Cup final which Bolton won 2-nil. Inferring that Sir Tom, who was amazingy skillful, was a clogger is like saying Messi’s just a bully.
    Mortensen was only small by the way. Why don’t you throw in Sir Stan Matthews next time as he als played for some northern muck as well.

    You also make no mention of Gallas’ shocking tackle on Mark Davies last season in the corresponding fixture – a violent assault which Saint Arsene ‘never really saw’ because he never does. Your article suggests Arsenal run round with halos floating an inch or two off the ground.

  5. We definitely need to win this match to keep the pressure on Chelsea and Man U who are going to have a tough away game at Everton. We have to be as close as possible the top before our trip to the bridge in early October.

  6. Thats coz they do Phil.

  7. Phil – you happen to have stumbled upon an Arsenal blog. The point of it is to discuss Arsenal news from an Arsenal perspective.

    You are entitled to your opinion of course, but don’t expect an Arsenal blog to look at things from your perspective

  8. and another thing Phil, if you would like to discuss the incident with Gallas last season, may I suggest you look for a Spurs forum

  9. Phil,

    Glad to see you joining us: must be something of interest to an opponent such as you. Incidentally, I think YW never made the statements that you are so cross about. He seemed to use these players only as a reference to those (good old) days (when men were men – and sheep were worried). That relates to his statement: “a throw back to the days of…”

    Anyway, I suspect any fan would agree that Bolton are living down and trying to move away from the basic approach of fat Sam and that AFC play the game in, shall we say, a different way.


  10. thank fuck arsenal are back today 🙂

  11. phil shut up whinging all football was rough back then!

    As for the author of that shite at the top only empty heads stick to stereotyping people, empty heads with very little intelligence who follow the pack and never have anything original to say, dullards!

    In other words a southerner. I can’t wait for the icebergs to melt a bit because you lot are on lowest ground and we’ll all be rid!

  12. Like your views on Allardyce. Not his greatest fan are you?

  13. Mareers

    Noted and changed.


  14. How about changing Eduardo then Yogi aswell whilst your at it?? cheers.

  15. I agree with Yogi that one of the full backs would have been rested had TV been fit but I doubt that will happen now. I`d like to see Denilson & Vela start to give Diaby a TR7 time to recover from their internationals but again I doubt that will happen either.

    Theo`s injury thankfully keeps him away from one of the dirtiest players in the EPL , Paul Robinson , so maybe 6 weeks out is a blessing in disguise.

    As for Davies, he`s certain to move to Blackburn once Coyle gets Bolton playing properly.

    Tough game today but 2-0 is my prediction.

  16. so mick are you stereotyping all southerners as dullards…

  17. Fuck off Phil.
    Nice anti Allardycery tody Yogi which I always applaud. Song will start at CB with Diaby in what passes for a holding role at Arsenal. We don’t hold we play total football. Eboue will be on the right as it’s always been between him and Theo the rest pick themselves.

  18. Duke that was fucking hilarious wasn’t it? I mean have you ever been up north? Jesus.

  19. Some severe delusion on hand here. Wenger really needs to stop piping on about ‘the arsenal way.’ And all you fans are seemingly brainwashed by it. Not remember George Graham? Money has given you the opportunity to play that way. Can you really expect everyone to try and outpass you when as you say you are ‘technically superior.’ Maybe you should substitute a little technicality for a bit of mentality. Football would be a little one dimensional if everyone played the ‘arsenal way.’

  20. Phil,

    East Anglia have the lowest lands in the UK. The North shows as being higher than the south as represented on most maps or perhaps a globe. In reality thye ncountry is flat and not upright !

  21. Yes of course Tony. Arsenal are so famous for spending money. All of Wenger’s success is about money money money. Man City Chelsea Man U Spurs all just gaze jealously at all the money we spend.
    You. Fucking. Moron.

  22. steww, yes i have had the ahem… pleasure of going up north and it is a fukin dump.

  23. “An anachronism who would not last five minutes on the highest stage.”

    Urm, sorry mate but did you watch the World Cup Final?

    Even you’re own manager says Davies unfairly labelled dirty. 1 red card in 7 years backs that point up.

    Whilst I expect Arsenal to win today, I do expect us to cause you a few problems, especially with Davies vs Koscielny, Squillaci and Almunia. If he can get at them- which judging by everyones comments about Davies, I think deep down we all know he could cause major problems, then it could be a tough game.

    Good luck to Arsenal, after today of course.



    “A letter to … my mum, the Gooner

    Over my 38-year relationship with you, one common denominator, it seems, has bound us together; one thing that made sure we were inextricably linked throughout even the most testing times – our love and adoration of Arsenal Football Club.

    It’s only recently that I’ve begun to dredge through the back of my mind at all the memories our shared interest has brought us both, and this has come to light because of that rotten disease that has chosen to contaminate your body in recent years, and yet another scare that recently saw you land up in hospital for a short time.

    I don’t even want to mention the name of the illness. Its pernicious and ubiquitous nature means that a page can’t be turned or a channel changed without seeing or hearing its vile name. And, sadly for all of us, it won’t go away.

    It’s not the standing in the pissing rain in 97 watching us lose to Chelsea in a League Cup quarter-final after paying £50. It’s not witnessing a 25-yard screamer from your ex-boyfriend Thierry Henry, or the celebrations that followed Alan Sunderland’s winner in the 1979 FA Cup final. It’s the phone calls that would be religiously made after every single game. You could have been to a match, could have been watching on TV, or listening to the radio, or sat in front of a virtually motionless screen viewing teletext for an hour and a half. At the end of each game there’s a call, usually involving an argument about an inept display, or gushing praise about a group of men who, let’s be honest, don’t even know you or I exist.

    Goals, matches, celebration, tears and victorious seasons all bleed into one long narrative of your relationship with the club, and with all of the fellow Gooners you’ve met along the way, too. Whenever people think of Eileen, they think of Arsenal.

    Of course, having ditched Catholicism, it was only natural that you turned to another organised religion – our church being situated in the heart of London N5. And although that wretched disease slowly curtailed your attendance, your enthusiasm for Arsenal has been typically ardent.

    A new season has arrived, you’re back home now and, even though you’re not match-fit, I think you are fit enough to take to your own pitch to the applause of all your fans – family, friends and fellow Gooners who have been cheering you on for the past few months. Let’s enjoy the new season, Mum, and cheer on this young side – despite what the critics say, there’s life in this team yet, as there is in you. Apart from anything else, who will I telephone after going to an away match?

    Come on, you Gunners. Come on, Mum. Anonymous”

  25. “In other words a southerner. I can’t wait for the icebergs to melt a bit because you lot are on lowest ground and we’ll all be rid!”

    Good to see Mick McCarthy visiting the blog. I love how you moan about stereotypes and then proceed to do exactly the same. Shouldn’t you be eating a pie somewhere?
    It’s grim oop north make no mistake. By ‘eck as like etc etc.

    Anyway…thank god we’re back.



  26. If the ice caps melted a bit wouldnt any coastal area’s get flooded all over the uk. obviously Mick thinks that we are lower ground coz we are bottom of the map.

  27. Holy shizz Notlager!

    That article/letter made me start thinking of my grandmother (who’s a few year gone), and tears are still blurring my vision.

    I’d always visit my grandmother on a Sunday, and if Arsenal were playing she’d be cooking whilst listening to the match on the radio. She was an avid Arsenal fan, and it was she who got my own dad into the Arsenal. She’d always have a moan whenever we’d lose to united too!

    Christ, I just realised I’ve still got so many questions that have gone unanswered.

  28. A proud day in the consols household. My Arsenal Fanshare Certificate arrived. Feels just like getting your A Level Certificates when you were 17. Just exciting.

    That’s what supporting a club should feel like. All warm inside and a cup of bovril to look forward to.

    You got your mojo back Duke?

  29. Apparently Rooney’s not in the united squad. good time to put some money on everton perhaps

  30. sorry to be out of touch but what exactly is it rooney has done?

    I hear its supposed to be well documented, but cannot seem to have come accross it

  31. Yep bob..must be to do with the mother in law buggering off back home. bloody mother in laws, cant kill em can you.

  32. Rooney’s just got some pressing domestic issues to deal with of an adulterous nature.

    Hleb’s been stating his regret once more. I for one have fully forgiven him. I don’t think there’s ever been a player who’s left us and has been so full of remorse. Granted it may have been different if thing’s worked out for him at Barca, but still, he’s seemingly turned down a move to the spuds and that must count for something

  33. Tensed start between Everton and Man Utd

  34. The injury curse strikes again.

    No Jack Rodwell.

  35. Everton are dominating United something fierce

  36. 1-0 everton!

  37. 1-1 Bob. Everton ball watching.

  38. I just can’t understand how this manu team full of very average players and a few old men are so competitive.

    The referee does help of course.

  39. Awful defending by Everton. United should be 3-1 up, if not for Howard.

    Everton would have to be more focus, or else they will lose, it seems.

  40. thanks gadget

  41. Bob – Why is Man Utd so effective? I was asking myself the same question earlier in the game. My answers to the question:
    * They have some very good players who who play to their strengths and do it very well. Even the not so good players emphasize their strengths no their weaknesses e.g. Fletcher.
    * They are very efficient even when they are not at their best. (e.g. Notice how Nani has had the extravagance and wastefulness coached out of him.)

    IMO they are the best at the English game, played in English conditions with English refs. We must admit that this success has carried over to Europe (just before the attacks start by the reflexive defenders of the English game).

  42. According to .com

    Almunia, Eboue, Squillaci, Koscielny, Gibbs, Rosicky, Song, Wilshere, Arshavin, Fabregas, Chamakh

  43. Looks like its rotation time for the Arsenal boys.

    Good to see Gibbs getting pitch time and Chamakh getting the chance to put his weight about up front.

    Skilly the magnificent and Koscielny will get a well deserved intro to the EPL by Kevin Davies and his bunch.

    On the Everton Manure game, very disappointed the way Everton has gifted Manure the points. Distan is getting skinned like a nonsense.

  44. BTW Bob – I wouldn’t describe Berbatov, Evra, VDS and Vidic as average players plus those two pensioners, Giggs and Scholes, have great skills and plenty experience. I too doubt the latter duo can carry their team for 9 months but we under-estimate them at our peril.

  45. Heh? What about Sagna and Clichy o.o?

  46. I think they started both France games – same goes for Diaby. Add travel to that and the all round stress of being part of the French camp.

  47. No shotta, I agree with your analysis.

    I wasn’t suggesting that ALL their players are average!

  48. Ah, makes sense obviously. Well I am excited to see Gibbs get a start. If he can continue his development he showed last year … good times!

  49. Although Everton conceded two relatively cheap goals, since Yakubu and Coleman came on they showed glimpses of getting back but they simply look like a 2nd tier team. I was really hoping they give ManU a scare.

  50. btw…Did Sagna get the French captain’s arm band?

    And insider reports also suggest that once Koscielny settles down in the Arsenal team, he will be the preferred long term choice for France centre back. Makes sense at his age I guess. But being signed by Arsenal has seriously increased his stock.

  51. 3-2 Too little too late. The chances were there. Latest taken by Cahill.

  52. I take that back. 3-all.

  53. Haha – that was beautiful!

  54. i love everton with all my heart! truly i do!

  55. OOU – I am happy to swallow a cold serving of humble pie. More dropped points by Utd.
    What will will the prostrate, groveling, mendicant English press make of this?

  56. I take my words back against Everton.

    But seriously, 2 goals given away like that by Manure? WOW!

  57. Does anyone know what time ATVO broadcast starts?

  58. Oh…it was my bad about ATVO – it’s working now…

  59. will the world and its dog blame ED van s fir the late goals as would have been almunias lot if that was arsenal?

    I doubt it

  60. While we’re talking about blaming goal keepers, did anyone notice the howlers Reina has been making – the apparent world class keeper. Skinned again by Argentina…

  61. I thought Everton competed pretty well, SG – although Distin is just terrible and they desperately needed a striker. They weren’t getting any decisions in the first half either.

    Did you hear that Martin Atkinson blew the final whistle before Jagielka’s shot? What’s that all about?

  62. OOU.

    Didn’t you know that the instruction from head office was that Manure were not to lose at any cost…

  63. Arsenal.

  64. Late goal at Fulham after missing a penalty.

    Two late goals today at Everton who are making their worst start to a season in years.

    Oh dear, not going very well Sir Alex is it?


  65. Always try to avoid watching manu. Always hope they lose but they tend to win. Nice to see them lose another two points. COYG!

  66. Sir F. should have splashed the cash.A player like Melo, somebody with a real spine would do them good. And maybe a new keeper, that VDS is clearly over it. Too bad he is too late for Almunia.

  67. I’m in need of a stream for today’s game!

  68. BBC Sport’s Phil McNulty at Goodison Park: “You could sell tickets to be inside the Manchester United dressing room after Everton score twice in injury time to take a point. Sir Alex Ferguson and his team will be wondering how they have allowed victory to escape. Goodison Park is rocking after that stunning finale, for United it is the careless casting aside of victory. How wise does the decision not to play Wayne Rooney look now?”

    … rooney is the defender to have prevented the goals or he would have scored more than the 3?

  69. @Kenyan Gunner….how goes it my friend.

    Where are you watching the game today? Kosewe’s or are you at K1’s soccer city…

  70. Very good Team Spirit. Haven’t heard much from you of late.

    Unfortunately I went to pick tomatoes when it was 3-1.


  71. Why are all the French boys not playing today?

    All new back four.

  72. Davies should be off.


  74. Anyone have a good sopcast stream that I could borrow?

    I’ll give it back in a sec.

  75. so we have another striker in defence then.

  76. cattermole sent off for sunderland.

  77. ps – the stream is about 20 minutes behind, strikers in defence is not a bad thing considering the injuries to our strikers in attack 😛

  78. Hahahaha. Arshavin has been terrible infront of goal. With the sort of passing Rosicky and Cesc, are making, I would expect Theo to have put away atleast two of them.

  79. another broken leg,at the cottage after a tackle from karl henry on zamora.

  80. How did I know gthis would happen. Bloody Winterburn jinxed us.

  81. I agree Ateeb. I say bring Vela on. He would have had four by now.

  82. Why do we concede the most stupid goals?

    Such goals are easily avoidable.

  83. bring off Fabregas he looks disinterested again. tis what appens when you dont take ze chances. Koscielny looks a good striker.

  84. Really stupid goal to concede. However, the team has been doing well. Rosicky is really back to 2006 form and it is showing. I just hope Arshavin starts scoring in those 1 on 1 situations. How come he can score the most ridiculous goals but putting the ball from 5 yards out somehow seems to be too difficult for him?
    Also, Almunia hasnt put a foot wrong so far.

  85. Every team, no matter how battered will get a good chance for a goal in 45 mins. But that was a cheap goal. Poor header by Kos. But we will win. Our midfield is creating wave after wave of chances.

  86. Darius still holidaying in mombasa. In some backstreet club here. Hope you’re in the emirates?

  87. Me thinks we Diaby in for Wilshere?

  88. @KG….not at the Emirates today – listening to the game on Arsenal TV.

    ah! Mombasa – sun, beach, Arsenal and a cold beer. That’s the life!

  89. Make Maria happy and bring Vela for Arsh?

  90. Playing OK, and would be out of sight if AA had his shooting boots on. Stupid goal to give away. Almunia looking nice and solid. If we pick up the pace we will be too much for them.

    I hope the team have learnt from previous years though. This scenario is horribly familiar with us letting another stupid goal in and then chasing the match to get something from it.

  91. @goonerandy
    Exactly what I am afraid of. Last season we too often conceded a stupid goal despite being up and playing comfortably … and then the team struggled to come back. If we want to win the title that can not happen this season so I hope Wenger finds the right words for the team.

    Prediction: 3 – 1 for us.

  92. Kolscieny needs to be careful that was very sloppy from him.
    We concede our customery soft goal. thats out of the way, let win this game now please. A bit of pace upfront is really missing.

  93. I think it is really funny how some of the usual suspects are blaming Almunia for the goal. He did well to intimidate Lee and no keeper could have saved the header afterwards.

  94. We are dominating the game and need to win it. If not, we are no further forward that the past few years. Big half from the team now.

  95. Arshavin has been wasteful. Three one-on-ones at least. He has got to score at least one of them.
    (Right now I am very much missing Walcott).

  96. Hell yeah Evil. I really can’t watch another Arshavin miss it’s pissing me right off.

    I do wonder about the stupid goals even with a complete change at the back we are still suffering.

    Both Gallas and Toure gone yet we are still being caught out.

    Anyhoo feck that lets just out score them bastards because all this defending BS makes my stomach turn.

  97. What is with those weird headers back to the keeper? We had three of those so far …

  98. This stupid ass second keeper is having to good a game.

  99. OFFSIDE AGAIN????????????????

  100. I expect Nasri to come on at some stage we are a little bit wasteful at mo. Another scrappy goal will do. Ideally Chamakh holds the ball and arshavin or Fabregas get on any knock downs but it looks like Arshavin is spearing the attack without causing them any problems

  101. Please remember people that Andrei is a ‘big money signing’ that ‘saved our season’ only last year.

    At least I’m sure that I read that somewhere.

  102. WHAT IS THIS GOALIE ON????????

  103. Atleast Chamakh can score from the head, if not the feet:)


  104. Chamakhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

    Another headed goal….


  106. thats What I want to see Chamakh in front more

  107. Almunia is proving his critics wrong with every single touch of the ball.

  108. Elbow Davies should have got 2 red cards by now but he is on a yellow!!!

  109. Those were some great, really great passes by Fabregas. The assist to Chamakh in both cases, one spurned and the other scored. Brilliant!

  110. Oh come on, f*ck off Elbows. You are so useless. Hope Kos is fine …

  111. We have a leather weapon in Chamakh unfortunately we don’t seem to take advantage of his aerial power more. More crosses to him will rattle Bolton defence

  112. “Lethal”

  113. could anyone help with a working stream

  114. Kevin Davies is an effen animal. There was no way he could win that ball. He should have been carded.

  115. A 3rd will settle the nreves

  116. This ref is fucking shit.

  117. He’s wrecked this game.

  118. Deserved Red card. Cynical push.

  119. we need a third goal,come on you gooners

  120. On the other hand, after watching the replay … well … it should not have been a card imo. Letting play go on and a yellow card after the next time the ball goes out would have been fine.

  121. consols, been having a hectic day at wirk, but been reading the posts… to keep up to date with normal arsenal news. Too much dramatics in most of the other blogs

  122. Atwell is a joke. Gives a stupid red card to Cahill. Trying to make up for not sending off Davies.

  123. He could have diffused this ages ago – now we’ve got a war. Someone could get badly hurt.

  124. I thought it was a soft yellow for Cahill but the replay showed it was on of those nasty old scissor tackles that is banned since 1900 Well done the ref.

  125. Esactly, SG. Davies should have gone. That would have calmed everything right down.

  126. Ouch what a nasty tackle on Diaby that was a straight red. Ref missed that

  127. Heh, that was never a straight red. I thought it was his 2nd yellow. It a straight red it is the wrong decision.

  128. OOU – Absolutely right, we’ve gat a war. Robinson’s tackle on Diaby was a near leg breaker.

  129. Soft red card but what a horrible tackle by Robinson, could have broken Diaby’s leg there.

  130. I am sooooooo upset.

    I am more sad than angry.

  131. That’s It Diaby possibly out for a long time he was hurt by that tackle.

  132. Diaby has already once been on the wrong side of a tackle like that. Good decision to take him off. He is clearly upset. f*cking Robinson.

  133. Now Diaby is truly injured.

  134. hectic day = hectic time

  135. That makes more sense TS.

    What’s happenned to Diaby. I only have steam radio and they haven’t even told me about the second goal yet!

    Bloody BBC

  136. Phew. Who needs strikers anyways?

  137. get innnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  138. GOOAALL! Song

  139. What a goal from Song a typical poacher’s goal.

  140. Alex Song with an interesting goal, eh whoever said 3 – 1 earlier I hope you put money on that.

    Too late now.

  141. let make it 6 boys

  142. Song can teach Arshavin how to chip (LOL). A beauty.

  143. What’s wrong with our midfield? What happened to pass, pass, pass. They’re having shots at goal. This is ridiculous.

    CHAMAAKKHHHH, standing ovation. Brilliant display. One of the best players on the pitch, along with Rosicky.

  144. @klon
    Haha, no I didnt. I am sitting at work watching one of those choppy streams. Overtime, but not without my Arsenal!

  145. Maria, your love child is on the field.

  146. Happy, Maria?

  147. vela scores,maria must jubilant

  148. best goal i’ve ever seen

  149. consolsbob: Robinson goes in studs up into the side of Diaby’s standing leg. Below knee, above ankle. OUCH!

    4 – 1 Vela after string of ole’s from the crowd hehe good day

  150. I hope AIC is watching this. Maybe he can find some of our strikers good enough to wear the red and white shirt. What a classy cool finish by Vela. Surely, some defenders in the EPL would be scared of him?

  151. A goal made in heaven. What beauty, what class

  152. I could cry!

    What an amazing goal. This goal will be the norm when our squad peak. Super super football Arsenal.

  153. Perfect pass by Cesc again to set up Vela.
    There is only One Cesc Fabregas!

  154. Atteb- fabregas is the master he really run the show without been noticed

  155. People who were saying, We’re one player away from playing 5feet4 in front, we’ve another one to play there.. And his name is Carlos Vela!!!!

  156. you are not fit to referee you are not fit to referee

  157. No penalty, nor corner. Atwell is so poor it is not funny.

  158. Arsenal goal: Gunners substitute Carlos Vela makes it four, and that is the 1001st goal that Arsenal have scored under Arsene Wenger (I forgot to mention it for the last one!). Cesc Fabregas made it, clipping a perfect ball over the top for Vela to slot into the net.

    … From BBC.

    Nice number of Goals scored under AW

  159. Koscielny wins so many bloody tackles. Once he settles in… blinking eck!

  160. I heard the future European champions, the Sp*ds, are getting played off the pitch by WBA. Without Cuduccini they would be several goals down.

  161. van west ham come back?

  162. wish Rosicky would get a goal

  163. van = can

  164. I’m alittle but disappointed in Coyle I thought he was a football man but his team have been kicking our players throughout the game.

  165. I don’t know how these Bolton players think they can complain.

  166. @GGooner
    Not even Wenger could teach Elbow Davies how to play football.

  167. its a disgrace, Zak knight still arguing with the ref they should be down to 9 and penalty not given

  168. As for the match:
    The greatest team the world has seen? Getting kicked for 90 minutes and we just never gave up and never stopped fighting. A performance to be proud of. COYG!

  169. GGooner, Its because they were playing Arsenal.. They knew they can’t play ‘football’ against us, so they play this way..

  170. Excellent result. As that twat Andy Grey would say “we were asked the question at half time”, and we answered it with authority.

    Koseincy and Squilliachi were very good overall, Almunia was nice and solid.

    Cesc, Wilshere, and Song looked very good. Is it me or is Song playing further forward? He certainly was not holding. Two excellent goals (Song’s and Vela’s)

    Chamakh had another good game, and another header. Very nice. Arshavin needs to get playing again, when our injured players are back he has competition for his place now.

  171. Owen Coyle or no Owen Coyle: Bolton, without Wilshere, can only resort to their Neanderthal football.
    Its in their DNA!

  172. goonerandy @4:57pm – You have missed our MOM, the pass-master, Cesc Fabregas.
    He is a genius!

  173. The signs were there right from the start Davies on Wilshere that was awful. But the worst is Robinson on Diaby that is a leg breaker. The ref did nothing to stop the waves of nasty tackles that followed

  174. Talking of over-reactions, here is a beauty from a United blog:
    “king eric (Manchester United): I know it is only 4 games gone….and gone wit it is the chance to win the title…. IF Bas*ard like Nani and Berbatov are not selfish , this game would have been done and dusted long before 85 minutes. Evra sigle handely tried to lose the match …then Gary Neville cold hardly run in the final 20minutes,…but Fergie has no problem with that. Giggs was tiring but no substition. …..It just goes on and on. he could have used at least one sustitution after everton scored the second goal just to disrupt the rytham….Fergie is having none of it – His brain is just dead. People might think I am too hard on Nani after he made two assist and Berba scored a good goal….but this game is getting harder now we have to take all the chances. If we need a lesson we had a good one at fulham not long ago. I remember all the past glories fergie brought but he is going through the motion now. he should get his act together. No past Utd team used to lose two goal lead in the injury time. The word RUBBISH sums up our performance. Only Scholes, Vidic and fletcher played with any matuarity – the rest can go back to school and learn how to use their bloo*y head.”

  175. I nearly cried when Carlos scored.

    Show them how it­’s done baby!!!!!!

  176. Shotta – You are right; he was excellent today, especially in the 2nd half. The team goal which Vela scored was amazing. 20+ passes and an excellent finish.

  177. Shotta – I agree. people gone cold on Cesc a bit. But he has been awsome in this game without any fuss. .
    My only concern is we will have more injuries as a result of the awful tackles that went on

  178. I can’t believe it was two yellow cards each at FT.

    Really, really hope Diabbbbby is okay.

  179. Maria LOL.
    Congrats on behalf of Vela

  180. Chamack is the man.if we had got less than 3 points,i would have blamed arshavin for missing all those sitters.rosicky is back,am smitten.

  181. Was Diaby stretchered off or was it a limp to the sidelines ?

  182. Blackpool for C.league Spot I would love that. The Spuds Manure and rich City dropped points. lovely

  183. The chavs had it easy so far. Tough games will come thick and fast for them.

  184. Motson is a ****ing asshole. Claiming the only thing to debate was the Song tackle on before the second (I think) goal.

  185. Thanks TS.

    He limped off Paulie.

  186. This from Arseblog Twitter –

  187. How awesome is Cesc Fabregas? 3 assists today!

  188. For Vela’s goal, the passes in the middle had them mesmerised giving Cesc time to tee up Vela. Brilliant!

  189. Just watched the SOng interview his hair is just weird. Grey, blond or yellow? I am just confusd.

  190. Thanks Maria,

    I mentioned Robinson this morning. He`s filth, but somehow seen as a good English pro.

    Good win anyway & points dropped by teams vying for the Europa League. Nice day

  191. A huge roar went up in N5 to greet ManIOU’s result before kick off.

    TR7’s pass to Arshavin early in the first half, a real beauty. Highlight of the first half.

    I think Grimandi’s shopping list went something like this,

    “Find me a CB who’s as quick and has the potential to be as skillful (in ‘defending’) as Henry”.

    Hope Diaby’s OK.
    Good to see His Excellency Emmanual Eboue bringing order and some dignity (for Bolton) back to proceedings at the final whistle.

  192. Other than that misplaced header by Koscielny our defense was tight today. Not bad for a line-up consisting of a CB pairing that has never played together before today and our second string fullbacks.

    The midfield was awesome. Song, Fabregas, Denilson and Wilshere all looked composed and up for it. That little dink of Wilshere’s to the back post for the first goal was delicious. Cesc was tuned in and he was on fire. His passing was incredible today. That little turn in the midfield and the pass to Arshavin, which he fvcking squandered, were unbelievable. Alex Song, as always, was solid and protected his CB’s well. Denilson also looked very good considering that today was his first game back after a long injury lay off. He seems to come back stronger season after season and I don’t doubt that he’ll be an instrumental part of this squad this season.

    Rosicky was also anotherone whose passing was exquisite. He went a little quiet at times, since Fabregas was running the show, but his contributions were decisive. Chamakh looks like he has been playing Wengerball for years. I iked the way he linked up with his supporting players and caused the Bolton defense problems all afternoon. His goal wasn’t too shabby either. Arshavin needs to put away his chances other than that he gave the team good options down the left. I guess this is the type of game where Arshavin played very well but he will not be recognized for it because of his poor finishing. And last but not least Carlos Vela. His goal was elegant. The run and the finish were very intelligent.

    As far as Bolton is concerned, Owen Coyle or not, they are still a team populated by thugs. Davies, Robinson and Muamba were kicking at everything that went near them. I truly hope Diaby’s knock isn’t a serious one. He’s another player who has been on form and I wouldn’t like to lose him.

  193. @Goonerandy – yu ask @4:57 pm if Alex Song is playing further forward.

    Once bBoton went down to 10 men, it made no sense having 2 defensive midfielders protecting the back 4. It was more useful to have one of either Song or Diaby/Denilson join in the attack and take advantage of the extra man. Spread the ball wide and stretch Bolton sort of thing.

    Song and Denilson seemed to take turns at joining the party as one of them held back.

    As for the game today, I’m actually very upset that the FA and Premier league can continue to allow our players to be assaulted on the pitch without recourse. Fuck this! And to hell with this so called English brand of committed football. It’s criminal, period.

    But maximum respect to the boys for standing up to the nonsense and doing a professional job by closing the game out emphatically.

    Having wached Koscielny, Squillaci, Vermaelen and Djouru, I think it’s OK to suggest that we have a very strong central defensive partnerships for years to come. And despite the mistake by Kos, he was solid in defense. And I liked Squillaci’s no nonsense defending.

    Also, a special shout out to Manuel Almunia. For all the furore before the season started and at the end of the transfer window, Almunia’s performances have been nothing but outstanding. Compare that to the world class Reina who’s punching in goals and having howlers in every game.

    Almunia’s evidence is on the league table. The table doesn’t lie.

    Also, my thoughts out to Bobby Zamora. And Carl Henry thretened to break someone’s leg in the news today when bragging how he likes to “put his foot in”.

  194. My MOTM has to be Song he was wonderful in the second half, making that extra man count. I loved that as soon as Denilson came on he was off to the final third.

    Also he said that he told the rest of the team that he would score at lunch time. They all laughed, well he showed them.

  195. You said it better DS.

  196. i make a point of not remembering the names of media tossers……… but who is that jock commentator on sattelite tv. anybody ?

  197. Darius – I noticed it in the 1st half as well. Wilshere seemed to be the player who was sitting the deepest. I thought it strange. As it was all three midfielders were excellent, and Denilson did well when he came on as well.

  198. Thanks klon. Appreciated.

    Just heard lee Dixon sgaring a lugh with a twat on Radio 5 saying that we need to watch our defence, obviously a weaknes that means we may not go the distance.

    A shame to hear that from him, especially after a display like todays from manu. Why pick on us.

    WE WON 4-1 LEE!!!

    Oh, and the report from the Emirates? “…Arsenal hanging onto Chelsea as well as they can.”

    I hate the BBC.

  199. The injury to England contender Zamora will probably get some press. Let’s hope something is done.

  200. Almunia was excellent today, especially in the 1st half. Didn’t miss a thing.

    I like the look of Squillachi as well, him and TV5 will be a great pairing I reckon. Kos also had a very good game, his obvious mistake aside. Apart from Drogba, Davies is the most physical striker in the lge, and they dealt with him pretty easily I thought.

  201. I was thinking about that a-holes tackle on Diaby. Because the ref did not give even a free-kick, is that a situation where the referee can look at it from the video after the game? Or does that only apply in violent conduct?

    Commentators in my stream were total idiots… One of them might have been Gray? Anyways, first they thought that Cahill will get a three game ban because it’s a straight read? But that’s bs right? Three games comes from violent conduct. Then they wondered why the play was stopped in that case, because Arshavin was through. Again, this is bs because the referee has to stop the play when a straight red is coming. And also if there is a head injury.

    Again we see how little these so called experts know.

  202. Bob, I fear we are losing Dixon to the dark side of the BBC.

  203. Consolsbob.

    The Arsenal defense was solid today and Koscielny and Squllaci, save for Koscielny’s mistimed header were pillars at the back. How Dixon can suggest that our defence is an issue is just unbelievable.

    To tell you the truth, I only tend to listen to ATVO commentary – Dan Roebuck is a breath of fresh air away from the biased insanity out there. I don’t mind the time delay which is sometimes 5 or 10 seconds, but it’s easier to watch games without commentary and link up the ATVO feed onto the stereo.

    If I had a gun, I would probably shoot my radio or TV otherwise.

  204. Oh what a goal twenty passes and an exquisite – is that how it’s spelt – finish by Vela! Oh what a beautiful goal.

  205. Boss says Diaby can’t move his leg.

    Shin and ankle.

  206. Wolves stomped all over Fulham. Seven yellows, including a second yellow for a sending off, and a busted up ankle for an England international. Fuck McCarthy and John Cross. That’s no way to play football. Fulham is not a big four team, yet they at least attempt to play football. If the premier league wants to attract the very best talent in the world they need to take a hard stance against clubs who do nothing more than try to maime their opponents. If they don’t say bye-bye to the Cristiano Ronaldos and Fabregases for good. Those types of players are not going to come to a league where they face the risk of getting a career ending injury.

  207. am very happy for almunia.

    he gets too much pressure from the press so its good he is answering them in the oitch

  208. Maria don’t let Dixon turn into a Sith lord. He may just call himself Darth Gooner!

  209. Well the big spenders Oil City and the Totts couldn’t manage a win despite some favorable fixtures. Added to ManIOU’s misfortune, today was an excellent day for us gooners.

  210. YW what’s wrong, all my posts in the last few weeks have got stuck in the spam filter..

    It’s really annoying, hope you can fix it.

  211. Maria, I saw the tackle and it seemed like he got a hard knock. I didn’t see his ankle do anything funny when he landed on it. Are they reporting anything else?

  212. Shotta is just lapping up all the praises and plaudits earned by my No. 1, Big Al.
    Fact is, he is a fighter, starting from the Spanish 2nd division and a proven keeper. Kept us in the race for the Champs League in 08-09. I’ve never lost faith, never.

  213. excellent summary overall Gainsbourg but I didn’t feel that Arshavin played well aside from missing some excellent chances. His timing was poor resulting in too many offsides. Vela showed immediately what would happen against their high line with just a little more patience. I don’t want to be negative- this was a good performance and I’m really pleased with most of our players. But I found AA’s play to be really frustrating today.

  214. OOU,

    A goalkeeping mistake as well. Nah, that can’t be. Only Arsenal have goalkeepers who can make errors.

  215. Was it Karl Henry who busted Zamora’s leg? The same guy who left nice little stud-shaped holes in Rosicky’s leg last season, when McCarthy said thet he clearly got the ball?

  216. OOU, I’m watching Barca-Hercules, Barca dominates but not too many good chances. Mascherano has already committed a few awful fouls, and got booked already after 20 minutes or so.

  217. G69,

    I heard it from Arsene himself on ArsenalOnline.

    Also I must say I agree with the real superstars of the game leaving the league. The look on Cesc’s face said everything thing after the vicious attack on Koli by Davies. He must be thinkig

  218. No they aren’t G69.

  219. Glad to see Blackpool winning.

  220. Shotta,

    Big Al did well AGAIN.

    I do hope he keeps on shouting at the defence when he wants to catch the ball. I saw Song get in front of him on occassion.

    I liked the partnership at the back. All the new boys were great.

    Arsene knows.

  221. Diaby can’t move shin and ankle – I wonder if we should blame the Arsenal medical team for an outrageous leg-breaking tackle.
    The problem is another English ref. Atwell refused to clamp down and penalize Bolton for its over-physical tactics. Examples: (1) Davis went through someone early in the game and no yellow until he later scythed Wilshere. (2) Davies goes through Kos for that header, nearly taking his head off. Simply a foul, no yellow card. Allows a foul by Song to go unpunished No wonder Robinson felt it was open season for leg-breaking.

  222. I hope is not a bad knock. I would hate it if we lost Abou for a month or two.

    Davies could’ve fractured Koscielny’s skull. I don’t know how the ref didn’t give him a straight red card.

    I don’t doubt that the violence is wearing on Cesc’s mind. He has seen Diaby, Eduardo and Ramsey all get their legs broken by English thugs. If a footballer has a career spanning ten to fiftenn years, there’s no way he’d want to have his career brought to an end by a shit kicker like Robinson.

    Goonzablazin, I thought Arshavin linked up well with his teamamtes and he did get to the end of Cesc’s and Rosicky’s passes. If anything he was in the same frequency as those two but just couldn’t put his chances in the net.

  223. Wenger’s signings have been terrific so far. Chamakh’s link up play, excellent. Koscielny wins everything on the deck and the new boy slotted in like he had been playing for months.

    You can tell that we spend a long time on potential signings before making them our own.

    A massive contrast from the ‘lets buy whoever is on the market’ approach from appy Arry.

  224. Thanks, Maria.

  225. Zamora out for 4 months.

  226. Shotta, Diaby’s injury comes down to not eating his spinach. If he had eaten his spinach it would’ve been Robinson the one limping away.

  227. There we go again G69.

  228. LOVE IT!!!

  229. Shotta,

    Shouldn’t we have prepared Diaby for the game. If the medical team were worth their salt then Diaby would have been playing with a knight’s suit on. He could have got in Bolton’s faces and let em know he was there. *clunk clunk clunk*

  230. 10 goals in the first two home matches. Only 1 conceded.

  231. Oh dear.. Barca down 2-0 at home.

    *bursts out laughing*

  232. Hercules 2-nil up over the Barcaloanus…. hahahaha..

  233. All over the BBC that the tackle on Zamora was ‘fair’.

    Al credit to you shotta re Almunia. You didn’t waver.

  234. What happened, Maria? Here we go again?

  235. But Spain just lost the other day. I am still alughung from that.

    Also Modric is out injured on crutches at the end of the match.

    Gallas at fault for the goal they conceded too.

  236. Our pics inter-changing G69. I love it.

  237. Happy for Gyan too.

  238. Cbob…I suppose they’ll say Henry was committed. So it must be OK.

  239. Oh!! lol…

    Well that’s how I feel right now. I’m worried about Diaby and have a general feeling of disgust regarding all the violence around the league today.

  240. So glad Gallas plays for the Spuds now.

    It is obvious now that Koscielny is the cover for Vermaelen and Squillaci is a stop gap for Djourou or someone else to develop.

    Second mistake in two games for Kos, but apart from that he was very effective against Elbow/Head/anything goes Davies.

    Chamakh proving to be a very good “free” signing, he combines technical abilities and physical abilities very well for the team. A much better replacement for Adebayor if you will, hopefully no one will start saying his haircut is so arrogant or something like that to drive him out.

    Overall good performance from every one, noting that there was a lot of shuffling for the team, especially at the back.

    Also, I can see why Wenger let Eduardo go because Vela looks like an Eduardo on speed.

    Very good Manure very good…keep it leveled, and hopefully it will be downhill from here.

  241. I thought our defence was good today, all back four. Chamakh excellent. Another day Arshavin would have a hatrick, is he saving it up for a really big game? Vela might have had a hatrick if he had started, he’s looking good. Denilson looks excellent. 4 games 13-3 to Arsenal.

  242. Why isn’t our home support as good as the away support?? I mean if our home support was half the level of our away support, Bolton would have played the final 15minutes with 8 men.. I wish our home support improves…

  243. The build up to the Vela goal is a candidate for ‘real’ goal of the month – was it less than 30 passes?

  244. Zimpaul, it was 24 passes… It’ll be the goal of the month and a contender for the goal of the season..

  245. Shotta is right about Big Al. Four excellent games, 3 goals conceded not one from keeper weakness (including Ngog).

  246. Will it? We are not the Mancs though. A deflected Rooney goal will get more praise.

  247. I had to laugh when Denilson came on, thinking of many a groaner out there when his first pass was cautious backwards, solid and steady. 5 minutes later a cracking shot he almost scored.

  248. Mean Lean @ 6-42PM, I meant the Arsenal Goal of the month and season award.

    I’m not sure if it’ll be in the Premier League goal awards..

  249. ZP,

    Denilson was quality when he came on. He looked very confident, always open to the pass and kept the ball moving. We actually looked more fluid when he came on.

    I know it is stupidly early to be talking about the end of the season but do many have this incredible confidence about the squad. Almost as if there is a little glow shimmering around the players.

    We need to keep a lid on those injuries, if we can then Chelsea, the Mancs etc will need to be very careful.

  250. Hercules should have been 3-nil up against Barcaloanus.. That would have been the ‘cherry on top’ for the evening…

  251. Ah IG.

    Now that makes sense.

  252. “Vela might have had a hatrick if he had started, he’s looking good.”

    I KNOW!!

  253. ML,

    Does that have anything to do with the reserve game he played?

  254. Mean Lean & ZimPaul,

    The perfect midfield trio for me are Cesc, Song and Denilson. When they play, our midfield feels very fluid.. Those 3 compliment each other verry well…

  255. Hercules are playing Barca perfectly. Stopping Barcaloanus (heh I like that) from creating chances and playing early forward counter attacking football. There is so much space behind Barcelona.

  256. I agree with you, Mean Lean. I thought Denilson gave our midfield that extra security in possesion that allowed us to uncork the champagne football. the little one twos he played with Song, Fabregas and Rosicky were very easy on the eyes.

  257. Can Hleb stop crying already!!

    “Alexander Hleb has admitted he made a mistake in leaving Arsenal for Barcelona in 2008.

    The Belarus playmaker transferred from the Gunners to the Barca two years ago, but struggled to make an impact at the Spanish giants.

    He was loaned out to Stuttgart last season, and this summer Hleb sealed another temporary move, this time to Birmingham City.

    Of his decision to part ways with Arsenal, Hleb said: “Of course it is my fault I left Arsenal but this has happened.

    “Not a lot of players say no to Barcelona but if I had known before what would happen of course I wouldn’t have gone.

    “I won the UEFA Champions League with Barcelona in 2009 but I didn’t play a lot. I lost a bit of my form and confidence.”

    Meanwhile, Hleb opted against adding fuel to speculation over a possible future move for former Arsenal team-mate Cesc Fabregas to Barca.

    He added: “Cesc plays fantastically at Arsenal and is a leader and an important player.

    “It is his decision if he wants to stay or leave.”

    Hleb reportedly turned down offers from Tottenham and Liverpool to move to St Andrews, and the 29-year-old is confident he made the right decision.

    He said: “I made a decision to come to Birmingham.

    “I decided for one year to come back to the Premier League where I am very happy and want to take this chance.”

  258. Maria,

    The reserve game would certainly have helped regain some sharpness. He hasn’t played since the end of last season.

    I like Denilson a lot but I still love the Song, Cesc and Diaby trio. It just shows the strength of our squad.

  259. gooners have been turned to a bunch of hypochondriacs sought of,see the amount of posts on this thread analysing every single tackle made by those thugs.its behaviour like this that makes teams like bolton come with the mindset of hurting our players,wud have loved to see diaby headbutt that nuthead robinson.

  260. Barcaloanus lost at the Sh*t Camp!!!!!!

    Arsenal winning, Spuds\ManUre\ManSh*teh drawing and Barcaloanus losing has made my evening a wonderful one.. Chelsh*t drawing or losing would have made the perfect evening..

  261. Denilson did look sharp. Wilshire for Diaby – Denilson on for Diaby. Now that’s what you call strength in depth.

  262. Mean Lean, the term Barcaloanus was from Untold Arsenal. I loved the word and have been using since…

  263. IG,

    Is it FT??

  264. I agee. I’m beginning to think of Denilson the way I think of Song, any line up with him just looks good – fluid and confident. Good rhythm.

  265. “It looked to me that Cahill was upset they didn’t get the penalty at the other end and looked to get the tackle out. It was more a dark orange or a light red.”

    Lovely quote from Arsene..

  266. Maria, it is…. Barcaloanus lost 2-0 at the Sh*t Camp…

  267. Maria: yup its FT

    Barcelona 0 – Hecules 2


    Owen Coyle is either stupid or just a lying little cheat.

  269. Thanks guys.

    All that DNA must be weighting them down.

  270. Yogi,

    You should change your link settings so they open in a new browsers or tab. It currently overwrites the current ACLF page.

  271. Phil “top three” Thopson at his best.

    I don’t think this fool has even be keeping rack on the monitors.,26691,16429,00.html

  272. “TR7′s pass to Arshavin early in the first half, a real beauty. Highlight of the first half.”

    If only AA could have scored from that it would have been the perfect goal! He could have had a hat-trick in the first half if only his shooting boots were on.

    Cesc is amazing. He looked a little jaded from the long flight and defeat in Argentina, but despite that he still managed to make 3 Assists even with Muamba following him all over the pitch. And why did Muamba get away with just a talking to for his tackle on Cesc when Gibbs got booked for a lot less?

    I thought Kos was MOTM despite his error. He was rock solid at the back particularly in the second half. He really stood up to and frustrated ‘elbows’ who tried to take him out when he could not get past him. Elbows is the one who should have taken the early bath more so than Cahill. Bolton were a disgrace. When they could not beat us fair and square they reverted to type aided and abetted by a weak referee who did not seem to understand the rules of the game. But this is a new look Arsenal, able to stand up and be counted. We will not be intimidated by thugs.

    I hope Diaby recovers quickly, that was a real shame to see.

  273. Pep who has been relatively quiet on Cesc and Mascherno.,26691,16429,00.html

    Shame there was know mention of Barca DNA.

  274. “Mean Lean, the term Barcaloanus was from Untold Arsenal. I loved the word and have been using since…”

    Personally I prefer ‘broke back barca’ coined by Maria, I think! It has a double meaning that cannot be beat!

  275. I agree Pass, Gibbs could have seen a second yellow for his tough challenge lat on. Especially with that truck driver moaning to the linesman.

  276. That dark orange quote by Arsene’s genius. Also I was at work and having to check the livefeed, I think it says a lot about how much time I spend on this blog that when Vela scored I immediately thought “Maria’ll be well happy”!

  277. LOL, I must like IG before me, must admit that BBB was a term stolen from Untold Arsenal too.

    4 games and three sending offs for the opposition. Plus one for Kocielny.

    The Eduardo embargo really does appear to be over.

  278. Passenal, BBB is good too… I just love the way that club has been having one setback after another since their tapping-up of Cesc…

    Anyone watching the RealMad game?? Maureen is the ‘Special One’ when it comes to making a team boring to watch.. Osasuna is playing the better football…

  279. Haha Broke back Barca is indeed very good.

    I agree that Koscielny was superb today, I didn’t see his error. Bloody streams AHHHH!!! So bloody frustrating. I missed most of the game because of it.

    Back to my point, he won so many tackles. He is like a snake, poised in position waiting for the opponent to show weakness and then out of nowhere.. He is off striding forward with the opponent flat on the floor. Clean as a whistle.

    As much as I loved the likes of Lauren and Kolo, it was almost as if we had footballers playing in defence (still good defenders in their own rights of course) now it just feels like we have players who will fight to not let goals in, natural born kill… defenders.

  280. Osasuna still have some Mexican spice let over. Well put up a link and I may have a look along with you IG.

  281. I am going to call Laurent the Cobra. Just because..

  282. Valencia top of La Liga. Good omen.

  283. Maria, I’m watching it on TV. And as I type, RealMad just scored a goal in the 48th minute. A bad goal to concede..

    The interesting part though was the jeers and boos from the Bernebau faithful during the first half.. I’ve a feeling Maureen is not going to last long at Real Mad..

  284. It is a good omen, Maria..

  285. I like that ML.

    After a second have season where we watched Sol and Mikeal fumble around, I have just been…..well just admiring Koscielny his just such a elegant defender.

    You say cobra, I will rise you a

  286. Mean Lean,,

    Shouldn’t it be Laurent the Kobra…

  287. Rahl:

    “gooners have been turned to a bunch of hypochondriacs sought of,see the amount of posts on this thread analysing every single tackle made by those thugs.its behaviour like this that makes teams like bolton come with the mindset of hurting our players,wud have loved to see diaby headbutt that nuthead robinson.”

    So the likes of Bolton and Stoke scythe down our players because of our supporters moaning? Are you sure it has nothing to do with the team talk during the week where they discuss Arsenal’s soft core and how kicking the shit out of our players is a good way to exploit that?

  288. Forgot to add;

    Why is it that you label us hypochondriacs when challenges like Davies’ and Robinson’s are clearly meant to hurt and intimidate? If they can’t get their football to work for them they shouldn’t be allowed to maime our players just to send a message. That’s not football and it should rightly be called out.

  289. I agree, Maria. For me, a defender who can stay on his feet and poke away the ball like Koscielny does, is a good defender. Not too many defenders have the ability to do that.

  290. Diaby would have knocked fat boy Robinson out. His from Paris not St.Topez, feckin idiots.

  291. I am well impressed by Laurent so far. Yes he is inexperienced and has and will make errors, but what I like about him is that he does not let it bring him down. In fact after a mistake he seems to rise to the occasion and play an almost faultless game. He was immense today, and those D&G’ers referring to Kos & Squill as ‘Cygan & Stepanovs” need to get their heads out of their arses.

  292. Barca – Hercules 0-2

    Also, in the 2nd (or 3rd) division:

    Cartagena 5 – 1 Barcelona B

  293. Hear hear Passenal. Your comments should be echoed around all arsenal blogs, twitter and everywhere else.

  294. Was watching the game in a pub in Ireland (Setanta TV). Stewart Robson never stopped moaning about the Arsenal players. He even said that Robinson’s tackle was not a bad one. I fucking hate that twat.

  295. Are Orbinho’s stats correct? By my count it was pass number 25 to Carlos for the goal? It seems like he is not counting winning the ball and passing to an Arsenal player as pass number 1.

  296. Denilson is streming live on webcam:

  297. That is disappointing dupsffockcuf. I always thought he was fair, but I could easily go off him. That Robinson tackle was a shocker and it is only good fortune that it did not do even more damage.

  298. Ole Gunner – Denilson singing his heart out with his friends. Quality! That’s how to celebrate a win! Thanks for the link.

  299. Gotta love the internet at times like this!

  300. He was really annoying today Passenal. Nearly every time a bad tackle went in (including Davis on Kos) he said it was fair.

  301. Great to see them enjoying it so much.

  302. I never thought i would live to see the day. Next week, Eboue on the bongos.

  303. Thanks for the link Ole, it’s hilarious! Denilson is really enjoying the win and he’s safe in his own house!

  304. You have to love the Arsenal boys

  305. F*ck shitanta, its a paddy channel and we all know who the paddy’s love.

  306. suprised you even heard the commentry in an irissh pub dups.

  307. what with all that fukin line dancing…

  308. sorry im being unintelligent there and stereotyping people….

  309. Where would we be without a good stereotype Duke?

  310. Not a £1200 escort in sight at Denilson’s Samba party.

  311. Bloody ell, who would have thought it ey?

    Watching an Arsenal player dancing on his webcam. Hey, it is 2010 after all.

  312. I am confused. Did I miss the dancing all I see is him lookig into a computer screen.

  313. Yes Maria, you missed the dancing and singing!

  314. Good mover is our Denilson

  315. Dups,

    Does he look or move like he needs to pay for it?

    His friends maybe. But never our Denny.

  316. Everyone is asking for Eboue.

  317. Maria, compared to me Denilson is a smooth mover 🙂

  318. Diaby was born in Senegal and as with many African players, stolen by France.

  319. imagine if something like MU happen to us…..

  320. MU need a world class GK and 2 WC Cb ,they are shit in defence.they cant defend on high ball.

  321. Lord Gunner,

    It is clear that United are lacking mental strength and they need to go and bring in some experience.

  322. newcastle,dozen different manager,few dozen player use in the back 4 over the year,same shit defence lol

  323. people who tall everyone Almunia is rubbish watch MOTD…R Green is shocking,

  324. Just watched the MOTD highlights. It seems the Davies and Robinson fouls never happened.

  325. i love when they pass their time criticizing arsenal defence because Bolton score one goal but nothing of this sort with MU and the Chav.

  326. That’s right, those fouls never happened. Much better to continue the Arsenal are cheating nancy boys who don’t like it up em. Or something.

    Bloody insane.

  327. Bollocks, isn’t it, ML? What a weird impression those highlights give of the match.

    I’m mostly annoyed because I wanted another look at the fouls. The Cahill one looks more like a definite straight red now.

  328. “Just watched the MOTD highlights. It seems the Davies and Robinson fouls never happened.”

    I’m glad I changed channel after the match highlights and before the ‘plunditry’. Typical MOTD to doctor the highlights to give the slant they want to give. More fool the people who fall for it. Watch the game with the sound off and make your own mind up. Chelski are champions elect for winning their first 4 games against the 4 weakest teams in the league. Had Arsenal played the same 4 opponents with the identical scores it would be a different story.

  329. It is simple people. F*ck em all. We will never get any good PR so we just need to forget the media crap.

  330. “The Cahill one looks more like a definite straight red now”

    I am not sure it was OOU. I thought both Davies tackles on Rosicky and then Wilshere were worse. Obviously the Robinson ‘tackle’ on Diaby was disgraceful.

    The Cahill one looked a booking to me.

  331. I can’t believe it. There is a so-called Arsenal blogger attacking Wenger for only starting Vela twice in the EPL last year. I refuse to name names but these jackasses with these narrow agendas are getting on my nerves. These twats bigging up Vela at the expense of the team need to encourage him to develop his game just like Walcott. If not, he could easily fail to realize his incredible potential.

  332. Yes the Bad tackles seem to have been censored on the BBc also Bobby Zamora’s horrific leg break was not shown close up, I wonder what’s behind this policy. That Carl Henry was a time bomb and today he broke someone’s leg but as usual brushed under the Carpet . Robinson’s tackle on Diaby is a very nasty one.

  333. Why is it that Dixon write off our chances of winning the title? If i had to choose between 10 points and the opposition we played to chelsea’s 12 ponits I’d take the 10v points . because Chelsea so far have played Stoke at home, West brom, west ham and Wigan. They have not been tested at all and people getting carried away with them. Lets see how they do with a harder opposition away from home.

  334. The Vela point is one that gets on my blinking nerves. Vela was slated last season for not coming in cold and producing world class performances, regardless of the fact that he has probably never started two games in a row for us.

    The amount of times I read that he should be sold and now the opposite is happening.

    It would be hilarious if we were talking about Spurs fans, sadly it is many of our own.

    Right, I am trying to write about the game but my eyes are burning me, so goodnight ACLF.

  335. i was so relieved to see diaby walk away 1lc. from one of the angles they showed it, it easily couldve been a shawkcross/ramsey. he went into diabys leg with his leg locked studs out. shouldve been red. how davies stayed on the pitch is beyond belief. good thing we can rest easy knowing the FA will look into these consistencies…..

  336. Good point ML. There are another bunch of extremists who use Vela’s lack of playing time to hysterically demand his sale.
    Can’t they all leave the youngster to develop? He is one year behind Walcott in the pecking order and this is the year he will get more opportunities. Thats the beautiful thing about Wenger; you will get your chances. But you had better take advantage because there is a lot of competition.
    Are the members of the Vela cult reading?

  337. Nice one NJG @ 1:11 am: “good thing we can rest easy knowing the FA will look into these consistencies…..”
    Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha!

  338. if you cant at least laugh about it shotta, youll go crazy!!

    im just glad i dont have to deal with MOTD and the Sky Sports overlords spoon feeding me my football realities. looks like being a yank gooner does have some benefits

  339. Two words steww. Undisclosed fee. Do the math then come back. Plus you rape the rest of the world of all their talent with your ‘feeder’ clubs in europe who are there solely as a cheap way around work permits. Lots of ‘undisclosed’ cash being flung about there. I wish your mind was as cultured as your team apparently is

  340. hoof it tony hoof it

  341. I watched that fourth goal about 1001 times now and it almost feels like Bolton were hypnotized by the 25 passes and then WHAM..Vela the 26th in the goal.

    Although the 25 passes were great, you can’t deny the 25th pass from Fabregas was the killer and what a pass?

  342. Glorious day,

    Just one question: You used to be able to look at achives of former ACLF threads but cannot do so now. Is there a way around this?


  343. Dgob

    You should be able to still do so. I’ve moved the ‘Search’ and ‘Archive’ boxes to make them more visible.


  344. Aneke’s goal at 26 and assist at 53 –

  345. The person who made that video needs to change his or her ATVO settings.

  346. What goals, what a game! This is why, this is why, this is why, we’re HOT!

    Who gives a shit about trophies if we play like that most of the time!

    We’re always concede the odd goal. But to play like that will more than make up for it.

    Fab$ really is the MAN. Up yours Barca! Imagine if we had sold him even for a 100 million? What good would that have done us?

  347. YW,

    Many thanks

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