Open Season On Arsenal Continues

Paparazzi have been swarming ACLF Towers this morning but we’ve evaded them for a short time so we’ll get on with this morning’s post – vice work if you can get it.

George Graham and John Lukic have reiterated a widely held belief that Arsenal need a world class goalkeeper to challenge, naming Casillas, Julio Cesar and Pepe Reina, as players Wenger should have signed, conveniently ignoring the fact that Hell is likely to freeze over before Real, Inter or Liverpool sell a goalkeeper at their peak.

It is an unintenionally amusing piece with Graham’s policy apparently ‘pay for the best and then let him get on with the job‘ which suggests that Steve Stammers has forgotten that Seaman was not acknowledged as the best in the country at the time, Graham and the coaching staff turned the potential into the reality and says nothing about the duds whom Graham signed elsewhere, John Jensen and Andy Linighan to name but two.

Lukic was equally amusing, highlighting the twenty years that he and Seaman kept goal for the club, inferring that they were vying for the goalkeeper’s shirt at the same time but forgetting that Graham tried to sign Seaman from about 1987 onwards, frustrated by QPR for two years before he actually joined the club. The point is that whilst Lukic was not in Seaman’s league and the criticisms that he makes about Almunia are the same we made about him. And Arsenal won the league with Lukic in goal so perhaps all is not as bad as it seems?

Knocking Arsenal and their players must be paying well because Emmanuel Adebayor is at it as well. He’s rather like the ex-girlfriend who says she’s over you but in reality isn’t, because all she does is talk about you and send you letters written in green ink. The sentences forming a spiral on the page.

Anyway, Adebayor reckons that because City are spending more money than Arsenal, they are the bigger club. Well they have more letters in their name. Their placing in last year’s Premier League table was a bigger number than Arsenal’s. And that’s just about the long and short of it since they have won less titles, FA Cups and just about every other trophy you care to mention. Oh, they have a bigger wage bill than us.

The ‘revolution’ at Eastlands is being compared to that of Chelsea. Having blown the Champions League last season, Mancini knows he has to get into the top four as a minimum by the end of May or he will be unemployed. City has looked at the Real Madrid model and believe that the lack of continuity in management is no hinderance to winning titles, despite evidence to the contrary in Spain and at Chelsea to a certain degree.

City are buying good players but how many of them are world-class? And, like Galaticos before them, there is no guarantee of building a harmonious squad, essential to winning the title. That aim is some years off for City – possibly the may be champions in three seasons but not before then. There is a mass miscomprehension in the media and at the club itself, that spending billions delivers titles. It doesn’t, for the only signal it gives is that everyone knows your bank balance and gets you to overpay on transfer fees and wages.

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. Gosh, it’s quiet Yogi.

    Even our attempt to get Duke in hot water with Maria was only partly successful. I sensed that Maria’s heart wasn’t in her put down.

    Perhaps Duke could try being a bit ruder just to liven the day up?

  2. Certainly is quiet Bob. I’m not sure even Duke is that brave or lacking in intelligence to rile Maria. I know I’m not!

  3. You can’t force players to stay against their will. Fabregas is being held prisoner at the dump and needs to be freed.

  4. “all she does is talk about you and send you letters written in green ink. The sentences forming a spiral on the page.”


  5. Cesc Fabregas has admitted he only stayed at Arsenal because he was given no choice.

    The Spain midfielder also says he believes there is no reason why he cannot play in the same team as Barca stars Andres Iniesta and Xavi.
    Not Gunner go: Cesc Fabregas’ proposed move to Barcelona was the transfer story of the summer
    Fabregas said: ‘Barcelona did all they could to sign me but Arsenal told me I had to stay, that there was no way they were going to let me go.

    ‘In the end I had to stay — but the content of my conversation with Arsene will remain private”

    From The Daily Mail.

  6. bla bla bla

  7. Fabregas is so August.

  8. To be honest where is this mass miscomprehension…? I haven’t read or seen any reports stating City as a serious title challenger. Everything in the media seems to infer what you’ve re-iterated that Mancini has a hell of a job gelling his prima donas…

  9. Superior spurs…, get yourself a girlfriend. You could try to fuck her, rather than having to resort to fucking around on an Arsenal blog then!

  10. well if it’s in the mail it must be true.
    the only thing you lot are superior to is your team from a couple of seasons ago.

  11. Superior Spurs

    Only sad people read other clubs blogs and comment just to wind up. Get a life.
    What a loser.

  12. Look, all my vegetables are in order, chutneys and sauces all made and stored, chickens sorted and I don’t start making cider until next week. What is a man to do on a wet Sunday when there is no football?

    Just the joke cricket I suppose.

  13. Im not being rude but can anyone explain who Spurs are superior too?

  14. According to RVP (im told) AFC were offered Van de Vart plus £35 mill by RM. Arsene immediately said no because he thought VDV was only worth £10 mill and AFC wanted £60 mill for Cesc. Mind you I was surprised AW did not snap up a real class player Odzil as cover for when Cescn joins barca in January?

  15. Gunner pete i hear their superior to the old Wimbledon mainly as they dont exist anymore apart from them no1!!

  16. Inferior spuds

    I think the spuds fans need to be worrying about their teams inability to play 2 games in a week, as well as their carpet bagger wheeler dealer dodgy manager’s obsession in trying to sign Arsenal’s cast offs.

  17. The usual hot air from Adebayor. City only have a couple of A listers right now & he isn`t one of them.
    I see them as difficult to beat but believe they`ll struggle to score enough goals to be champions.

    As for Cesc, I hope we hold him prisoner for years to come. Personally I`d never sell him to Barca now.

  18. Will be interesting to see what kind of team the spuds put out in the Carling, hopefully our kids can prevent them from having anything to release a DVD of. Have we ever sold anyone in January? Diarra perhaps? No way would Fab be going anywhere until next Summer at the earliest although personally i’m of the opinion that we have him for at least two more years.

  19. Nice post yogi, I think the media know full well money doesn’t buy trophies but it’s all part of the hype machine!! Fans on the otherhand, unfortunately can get a bit carried away!

  20. Ah, only just read all the Rooney stuff. What a moron. Apparently there’s still another 3 of these ‘superinjunctions’ active, it’s nice being 100% certain that no Arsenal player would be caught up in this sort of thing. Sure little Jack’s a bit of a tearaway but he’ll grow out of it.

  21. Do you know who the other ‘super injunctions, relate to Vince?

  22. Vince

    As I understand it, the three are all recent or current England internationals, two of whom are connected by Liverpool FC.


  23. Fuck off inferior spud

  24. Well, Consolsbob, what’s your opinion of the proposed lifetime bans for the players involved in Noballgate? For me, lifetime bans are too much. Where is Kofi Annan with his cries of “disproportionate response” when you need him? I’m not in favour of lifetime bans except in the most extreme circumstances.

  25. What’s this I’ve been hearing about England players sharing rooms with young men in South Africa? Surely evidence of widespread gaiety in the squad, and perhaps the reason for their poor performance.

  26. Well of course, Pz, lifetime bans are rarely lifetime as such. Two of the current Pakistani team have already received ‘lifetime’ bans and they still seem to be playing.

    It happenned to a footballer in my lifetime, Roy Parland of Sheffield Wednesday was it, back in the 60’s? Something like that anyway. Also a match fixing scandal if I remember.

  27. I imagine one of those might be Stevie Me.

  28. Cbob

    Was that same incident as Peter Swann?


  29. Rooney shags grannies, hookers, kooks & who knows what else. His wife probably shags John Terry. Does the story surprise me? meh

  30. Do Liverpool have two recent England internationals? Right, so Stevie G’s a given, Carragher’s not the type so that leaves Joe Cole.

    The Gerrard rumours have been around for months now, the initial rumour being he’d gotten some 16 year old pregnant but eventually being twisted into him getting his wife’s younger sister pregnant, a sister Alex Curran doesn’t actually have. Someone said to me “apparently Gerrard’s got his wife’s sister-in-law pregnant!” at which point I had to explain that that would be his own sister…

  31. OH! Totally forgot Johnson!

  32. Lukic’s been about and weighed in on how Arsenal should have signed Reina or someone like that….by the ay Lukic, you were hardly world class Sir, thought I’d remind you, but yes the Lukic comments….I love them because they bring the contours of the issue back into focus. Arsenal would be much improved by a world class keeper. The Given-Shwartzer circus was a red herring in this regard. Arsene must feel like he’s been savaged by dead sheep……getting beaten for not signing also-rans who supposedly would have made us ‘real title challengers’ (as opposed to the type that were within touching distance until 6 games to go, having been in contention all season despite a very extreme injury crisis).

    No, what we need is a world class keeper. If someone has one in their attic, I can tell you where to find Arsene.

  33. Football journalists should be more interested in the rumours that Johnson is a defender who doesn’t have a clue how to defend.

  34. Funny you should say that, Ole. I actually have a world-class goalkeeper in my attic. He’s in the box next to the one containing a Premier League footballer who hasn’t had an extra-marital affair.

  35. It may well have been Peter Swann, Yogi. At least I got the club right!

  36. Pz

    Journo’s aren’t interested in the Johnson rumour because it’s the truth.


  37. Pz,

    Red Nose would have been pleased to find out that his entire team was to be found drunk in Rio Ferdinand’s parlour. Arsene has been negligent. He should send hookers to Rio’s parties. Who knows what insights into game plans are to be had that way?

  38. Pz, OG, Cbob, Vince, YW – You guys are funny!
    Hardly makes up for this boring inter-lull. Not even a decent int’l on tv.

  39. BTW – I was touched by those complimentary observations of our club by Carragher. I have abused him in the past for his shirt grabbing and general rugby tactics in the box especially as he is getting older and slower. But I am warming to him.
    A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do.

    PS: On that note I had to have a chuckle when I re-watched our game vs B/burn when Chamakh had his arms all over Samba in a dead ball situation. Warmed my heart.

  40. Would tie things up nicely if Rooney was no-balled whilst sh*gging Salman Butt`s missus.

  41. shotta,

    It could have been a peno. He did something similar against Liverpool as well. He’d better lose that habit as you can be sure an Arsenal player would get a red card for that.

    But I liked seeing it too since, if you watched closely Samba was trying to backing into him. Chamakh not only stood his ground, he gave more than he got.

  42. Pz, Bob,

    The public here has been furious with the scandals. Most already believed that there was some match fixing going on for about a decade or more. However the recent revelations has actually convinced them that this disease is widespread and not restricted to the Pakistani team. They’re actually calling for life bans for the players themselves, with one minor exception. They’ve all formed a consensus that Muhammad Amir should be spared from such a verdict. Justifications vary from he’s just too young, and perhaps he did it under pressure from the senior players e.t.c. But in all honesty, its just that they haven’t seen a better Pakistani bowler for decades now, and would do anything to keep him in the team.

  43. Yes Ateeb, we’ve seen a few TV scenes from Pakistan and they were heckled by a crowd of pakistanis leaving their hotel in London.

    I see your High Commissioner is saying that there is a conspiracy against your country. Perhaps there is but I doubt it has anything to do with cricket.

    Do you have any news that we don’t have here about the allegations?

  44. Terence McGovern

    Superior Spurs 0- 1 Premiership Giants Wigan

    Go crawl back under your rock cockroach.

  45. Yogi:

    Nice post. Really is getting slow out there when the comments start rehashing the Cesc stuff.

    Wayne Rooney is a great footballer but his brain would probably fit in my grandmothers thimble.

    I have said before that I have never met a transfer rumor that I do not love. However some of this stuff does get truly ridiculous.

  46. Ole and Shotta:

    I would love to see the boss figure out a way to get Chamakh and RVP on the pitch regularly at the same time. Chamakh has been great. I think NB52 is going to be a top striker but I hope he is watching Chamakh.

  47. Actually the high commissioner made the right point that since a criminal investigation going on by the scotland yard, how can the ICC step in and give suspend the players, since the investigation hasn’t been concluded yet. Which to me at least was a fair point, “Innocent until proven guilty”. On that action by the ICC, has this theory been proposed that it’s a conspiracy against the team. Which seem unrelated. The ICC, has rushed their decision without actually letting the procedures take their due course. The commissioner after holding the talks with the players admitted that the players were innocent. Which could be the case as well.

    The other point is there isn’t any evidence of when the video was made. It could have been made after the no balls were bowled, e.t.c. And apparently the bookmaker caught also acted at a certain capacity as an agent to the players. So pictures with him are not that big a deal according to some.

    Another rumor is that some members of the PCB, could be involved in this match fixing probe, if the players are found guilty. It’s difficult to comprehend the players acting on their own, without any help from a third party. Which includes the book makers, but also some high office holding members of the PCB.

    However I’ve not switched on the t.v, today, to find out how the people have taken the Yassir Hameed’s claims about match fixing.

  48. Flint McCullough

    The Sheffield Wednesday players were Peter Swan, Tony Kay & ‘Bronco’ Layne.

    I think they were banned for life & may have spent time ‘inside’.

    Swan was an established international, Tony Kay had been transferred to Everton for big money because he was THE up & coming player of the time, & Layne, if I remember correctly, was a promising ‘up & at ’em’ CF.

    Don’t remember what they were supposed to have done.

  49. Bill,

    No need for the gratuitous dig at Bendtner.

    Wenger has said, we will sometimes play 4-4-2 with both of them upfront, and at other times, one will be shifted out wide.

  50. Shotta, I started warming to Carragher after the infamous Talksport phone in after his initial retirement from internationals. Anytime Adrian Durham looks a bit stupid i’m happy:

    I’d quite like to see a fight between Carragher and Gary Neville, mainly as I reckon he’d knock the little rat-faced shit out.

    You’re bang on about Johnson Pz. I’ve shouted myself hoarse at Traore for wandering out of position constantly but Johnson’s in another league entirely (the Europa league!).

  51. Flint McCullough

    Thanks for a bit of interest during these turgid interlull days, which just bring out loads of stories & cretins floating about like easily passed turds.

    It really is a bit rich coming from John Lukic, who was himself very much in the same position as Manuel, yet collected himself a League Cup winners & League Championship medals.

    Again, other than obviously unavailable talents mentioned, we are pointed to the number of nameless experienced top ‘keepers, who we are led to believe are out there????

    The loads of regular goalkeepers since Seaman amounts to just 2 in 7 odd seasons.

  52. Ole:

    No dig at Bendtner meant. I have always said I think he will be a top striker. So far it looks to me like Chamakh does some things better. Like you I loved how he helped defend on the set pieces. May be I am wrong but I do not remember the same type of thing from Nik. Over 38 games we are going to need Nik. Hope he comes back soon. Will be interesting to see who ultimately turns out to be the first choice behind RVP

  53. I imagine Chamakh’ll be next in the queue behind RVP as he’s older, more experienced and has been playing as a starting 11 player for several years. I love Supernic though, I wish our keepers (aside from Tech9) had his complete confidence in his own abilites.

  54. That’s interesting Ateeb. Fair points.

    I do hope that they are innocent. For their sakes and for the future of cricket.

    *Cue potentious music.

  55. Bill,

    Bendtner has done very well. It depresses me to see loyal Arsenal players do well for the club and it not be recognised.

    It annoys me that you say Bendtner did not help defend set pieces. It’s annoying to forget Bendtner coming back from injury and scoring 8 in 11 and driving our title push.

    I find it annoying that you do that, all to satisfy your transfer fetish

  56. 2 “Gooners” have called into Talkshite moaning, 1 sed 40% of fans would happily see Wenger out and that sad old dinosaur Alan brazil buys it as a fact! Then Him and that genius Ian Dowie say Sagna isnt a good defender!!!

    No wonder the blogs and media are awash with bile.

  57. Ole – Most of us a little hypocritical when it comes to our own players, hence my chuckling with Chamakh’s tie-down of Samba. TBH Chamahk’s conduct is totally defensible given the total lack of control that Chris Foy had over this kind of tactics on both sides. (Walter at Untold Arsenal did a piece on Chris Foy’s refereeing which I am in total agreement.) But you are right, another ref, particular in a Champs League, could easily call that a penalty.

    PS: They say players must be sensitive to what refs will allow and in the EPL we have to be more physical if teams are allowed to adopt “world wrestling” tactics against us. While we must remain true to our footballing principles, we cannot be immune to the real world, naively burying our our heads in the sand being while other teams kick our butts.

  58. its funny how james doesnt show up when his team arent doing well..

  59. chamakh played bad yesterday for morocco

  60. Cesc Fabregas has admitted he only stayed at Arsenal because he was given no choice.

  61. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  62. A reply to Terrence McGovern:

    Premier League Giants Wigan 3-2 Basil Fawlty’s Spent Force.

    VDV who is miles better than Robin van sicknote,Bale and the world class Lennon will annihlate Ar2ena1’s Championship standard defence when we come to the dump later this year.

  63. I enjoyed Andy Ex Back’s website very much. I guess the domain i’ was taken. Or maybe wasn’t catchy enough.

  64. Ole @ 3:18:

    I like Bendtner. Always have. I honestly meant no disrespect to him. As you know I have a thing about aggressive “tough nose” defending. I am probably reading way to much into 1 play but seeing Chamakh wrap his arms around Samba made me truly happy. I hope our entire team plays like that the rest of the year. I used NB52 as an example because when both are healthy he and Chamakh appear to be direct competitors for time on the pitch. Competition in this case is very good.

    Shotta @ 4:15:

    Standing ovation for your entire comment, especially the last paragraph. Cheers.

  65. What ever happened to Bentley the Flying twat? Has he had an identity change?

  66. Lennon world class???? Oh dear, I know most spuds are deluded, but thats funny as feck!

  67. Come on Sid, Lennon IS world class – wrote some great songs if not my cup of tea.

  68. Ole

    Did Wenger say that we could always play 442, refering to Chamakh and Van Persie up front. I know it is obvious that we can but I am curious to know if he actually said it, if so do you recall when?

  69. London

    He said it about four weeks ago. I think it was on the official site but not too sure in what context, ie whether it as a preview of season or in relation to a specific question about Chamakh.


  70. London;

    Exact quotes: They can play together but that will be a 4-4-2. We’ll see, it depends a little bit, one can play on the flank and come in, but at the moment we have plenty of choice going forward – touch wood.

  71. Well, I thought it was all Ringo myself Paulie

  72. Superior Spurs, fuck off u idiot, spurs clearly arent anywhere near the level of arsenal, currently or ever. Ever. Plus you lost to wigan at home, no quality team would lose to them at HOME. Face it your team will always be in our shadow.

    And your stupidity is increased by saying the emirates is a dump. Um. Ok you think that, while everyone else knows arsenal and tottenham have the best and ugliest stadiums respectively.

  73. Sod the spuds and their delusions of granduer.

    This season we have a massive chance of winning the league. Let Arrys mob concentrate on the carling Cup game with us, while failing to negotiate throught their innaugural CL games.

    Sad, sorry bunch of tools

  74. If the spuds released a dvd of “i’m a faaackin’ footbawwll maaaynager” i’d buy it.

  75. I am already looking forward to some nice chants at the Grove. There is a lot of fun to be had with a proper wheeler dealer.

  76. I still can`t believe anyone would sleep with Shrek. EEEEEWWWWWWWWWWW

  77. Defoe the new Wrighty.

  78. Bob, YW

    I think the only person that has ever really p**ed me of is Alex Icecream.

    Duke on the other hand wants to be support Arsenal, but is to far gone, Sky Sports have their fangs to far in him that his abit of a no hoper.

    Also he has the Prince Philip about him when it comes other issues.

  79. “I still can`t believe anyone would sleep with Shrek. EEEEEWWWWWWWWWWW”

    But he did have to pay £1,200 a time!

  80. If Ade what’s his name thinks city are a bigger club than Arsenal then why does he want away?

  81. enjoying all this banter. the properly dubbed interlulls are the bane of my existence. but at least we are rewarded with bolton and braga at home in quick succession.

    the le-grove crew, who in my opinion will all look quite foolish at the end of the season, are on a “clever” sarcastic kick this morning. All their posts have a tongue in cheek, know-it-all tone that is quite insufferable from a source that is about as authoritative as our friend Superior Spurs is at supporting a successful football club.

    also yw,

    I’m curious about these “super injunctions” in light of all this rooney stuff. im surprised the sky empire would allow such damaging info to come out for their leading man. Dreamworks (the movie studio) will surely be upset about the story damaging their appeal with children for the next release

  82. Van der Vaart is playing without a meniscus in his right knee. If he plays two games on the trot, I’ll be very surprised.

  83. If what Fabregas said is true (and that’s a very big ‘if’) then we really should prevent him leaving for another two years unless we’re paid more than he’s worth, not just what he’s worth.

    Fabregas alleged quote:

    ‘Barcelona did all they could to sign me but Arsenal told me I had to stay, that there was no way they were going to let me go.

    Surely he doesn’t believe that, or he really has had his head turned by that little satanist Xavi.

  84. Well, Barcelona did not do “all they could” to sign him. They didn’t even try paying what he is worth. C*nts.

    Anyway, a lection in good transfer business by none other than Sir Alex himself:
    Thank god Arsene does not take any hints from Red Nose…

  85. So Traore to Juve and Barazite to Vitesse Arnhem?

  86. I’m sure in the original Fab quotes which came out before the DM rubbish that was based on them, Fab also said he wouldn’t do anything to force his way out of Arsenal, but this bit is left out now.

  87. Barca didnt do all they could to sign Cesc and cesc did not do anywhere near what he could have done (if he’d wanted to) He could’ve gone on strike, refused to play for Arsenal and, of course handed in a transfer request.

    These “quotes” eminate from the Catalan based, FC Barca fed Sport newspaper. Los Reys of the loaded question and using quotes out of context.

  88. Found the quotes, from
    “Barcelona made every effort to sign me, but Arsenal had told me to stay, which in no way I was going to refuse, and in the end I had to stay,” Cesc told Publico, as reported by

    Fabregas believes that the season with Arsenal will be “a long one” but above all he wants to “be professional and give it everything”.

    On his future away from the Emirates though the play-maker observed he had not made a decision as he drew the line on Barcelona talk.

    “What happens in the future? we’ll see,” he added. “I do not think of anything because if I think of the future it would not let me focus on the present and I would have a bad year.”
    that bit “which in no way I was going to refuse, ” rather changes the tone of the quotes I think.

  89. Bill dont waste your energy on ole, he is very much below average intelligence.
    I too like NB, and believe he will be a great striker, but at this point in time Chamak is ahead of him in the pecking order for good reason.

  90. I for one don­’t gve a hoot what Cesc or Barca want. Until Arsene thinks we can do without him we should keep him. Also if he gives in to the little shedevils that are Puyol and co. and starts being naughty we shoulg sell him to ‘big club’ Man shitty for 100 million.

    To tell you the true while I have enjoyed Cesc’s preformances over the years I don’t have that Pat, Toure, Henry, Pires or Berkamp connection with him.

    I wonder if it really is all done to trophies. Helb coming back to the league had absoluitely NO impact on me. Neither did Flamini when he came ack with AC or maybe those arebad examples since they left me on bad turns. While I get upset whenever I see PV4 or Toure in the ManC top.

    Also WTF is up with France?????

  91. Oh NJGooner, what did you make me go and look at Le Grove for? Sigh. I’ve noticed a positive correlation between wanting Arsene out and having an inability to spell even the shortest of words.

  92. Oh come off it Maria, deep down you miss the Hlebster! He’s admitted he should never have left.

  93. Even without the words “which in no way I was going to refuse”, I seen ABSOLUTELY NOTHING wrong with what Cesc said AT ALL

  94. Robert Pires returning to play against us was a memorable and joyous occasion. Didn’t quite bring a tear to the eye, more a Cheshire cat like smile.

  95. Lool, no Vince I just don’t care. When he did so badly at Barca I laughed and delighted in it more on behalf of Arsene more than us the fans. He really wronged Arsene who believed in him way before most of us bothered taking a second glance at the Lord of the Rings extra.

  96. Eduardo returning on 19th October on the other hand, might very well bring a tear to the eye, for obvious reasons. I’m still a little sad that we had to let him go…


  97. Haha! We could’ve called him Hlebolas. I’ve got far more time for him than Flamini. Some of the play that went through that midfield of him, Cesc and Rosicky was incredible. Liquid football!

  98. Well Matty I did cry. Especially at the end when he was swapping shirts and talking to all the players young and old.

    Also my whole family exploded when he had his first touch into the Super Bob song.

    Sad times.

  99. Actually Hlebolas makes him sound more like a virus than a LOTR character, I take it back.

  100. ME TOOOOO Matty.

    I don’t understand why couldn’t we of just loand him out for the season, when he regained his confidence he could of come back next season. It was the media that crippled him not Taylor. Bloody animals.


    I agree his ability to retain the ball was pretty amazing. However let’s not forget the little grit did get himself sent off near the end of the seson when we needed him, by slapping a player so he could prepare for his move to BrokeBackBarca.

  101. I like Hlebolas. I went off Hleb, though.

  102. Maria – The loan idea sounds like a great one to me, maybe I’m clutching at straws but we might have put a buy-back clause in his contract when he went to Shaktar.

    Oh hell, I am clutching at straws but how I miss Eduardo and his cheeky grin, timid squint and sublime finishing skills.

    The rousing renditions of Super Bobby Pires! Certainly sent a shiver down my spine. It’s funny but my memory rarely allows me to recall goals but moments like those will never be forgotten.

  103. Me too. Again.

    Two of my favourites.

    Henry running across the pitch after scoring against the Scrom.

    Kanu jump over Wiltord atfer the goal at OT.

    Pires tackling Pat on his come back.

    Pires and Henry missing the pen.

    Henry kissing the Highbury tuff.

    Dennis being held up at his testimonal by Arsenal greats.

    The Pires interview after the F.A Cup when Henry ofers to translate for him.

    Pires when he pretends to throw the bal into a crowd full of screaming spuds.

    Diaby knocking out Terry.

    Edu being even the pen. on his last day with us.

    Keown and co. abusing the horse.

    The guy ith the curly black hair celebrating the 97/98 double.

    On Eduardo it has to be the Everton game when he scored 2 goals. Oh and the Burney goal wasn’t bad.

    How I love Arsenal.

  104. Opps did I say

  105. Ole Gunner,

    Here’s what’s wrong with what Cesc said:

    “Barcelona made every effort to sign me”

    How can anyone who understands the game believe Barca made a serious offer to sign him?

  106. We do not need Cesc anymore, unless we sell Busquets and alternate Cesc with Mascherano whenever we want to be more offensive or stay with Mascherano to play a little more on the safe side. I think that the media is simply too obsessed with this matter, and since it still sparks controversy (even when its over) from everybody, well they will continue to use it..

    It is obvious that many of you are angry at Cesc, others like Maria make this look like slavery story “we should keep him until Wenger bla, bla, blah” then she pulls out the most ungreatful comment of all “lets sell him to man c for 100 bla, bla, blah!” when she knows it would ruin him personally.. And that makes her a piece of sh*t in my book.

    And you call Pique and Puyol who are WORLD CUP WINNERS trash??? What the hell had you acomplished with your life at 23? and im sure you are not perfect either, just like he is.. So yeah, fuck off!

  107. I do like Arsenal, but like everywhere else theres allways a couple of idiots around.. Allways a great read Yogi, thank you!

  108. In fact, most of us are not angry at Cesc. That’s those guys over at Le Groan. We over here at ACLF are happy that we are having him and we firmly believe that we are going to keep him … at least until your club loans another 100 mil quid to be able to pay the transfer fee.

  109. Cuervo-you’re scum. The media are obsessed because your players stoked the flames.

  110. Lagooner,

    Is that what qualifies as offensive these days?

  111. Family man Rooney….hahahaha.

  112. Wow. I wish I was as classy as our favourite Barca fan here, then I could go on other teams’ blogs and call girls “pieces of shit”. Waaaay classy.

  113. Oh and Adebayor you ungrateful bastard, we made you something and now you already on the way down one year later…so f*ck off.

  114. What is offensive, Ole Gunner? Not sure what you mean.

  115. I enjoyed hearing what what Benjani and Ireland have had to say on their ex-club ManC. Benjani expressed himself in a typically Zimbabwean way, that is ‘under-stated’ and ’roundabout’, and we know exactly what he means; the atmosphere at ManC is poison. It’s not sour grapes either, because that’s ‘not done’ in our oddly old-world style of courtesy. Nice young man Benjani. Ireland said precisely he same thing. Which kind of makes Ade sound redunkulious.

    You know boring is the word when Cesc to Barca comes up, in September, motivated by a Spurs fan and Cuervo makes a frothy appearance. I thought spurs had a little more self-respect, but evidently not.

    I’m glad we didn’t buy van der wart, he’s pretty average, very much the type of player the RMs sell to the Tottenhams.

    Well, Ireland (which makes me laugh with all the ex-South African “Irish-great-great-grand step sister’s uncles from Cork” in their team), next tours Zimbabwe (cricket), and we shall be watching their no-balls. I’ve had my suspicions about these ‘unpredictable’ Irish cricketers for a while now.

  116. What has Rooney been upto?cant find the story just references to some story breaking yesterday.

    Why are spuds invading this blog lately, has it got something to do with the curling cup and them being afraid our reserve team will kick their ass?Just a thought.

    G4E, I always rejoice when players who left us on bad terms do badly, next Ade will be joining wigan on loan.Cant wait

  117. You know nothing’s happening when a rugby comment comes up. Here goes. 79 minutes and 40 seconds on the clock. Springboks leading the Aussies 38-37, in a pride salvaging, who is second best, encounter. The lead has changed hands 4 times. Whistle. A foul near the halfway line. Penalty. 55 metres. A cloudless, still day in Bloemfontein. It seemed to take forever to reach the posts. Flags! 50,000 South Africans groan, some are in tears. I watch about 10 minutes of rugby a year, and this year was an exciting one.

  118. “Also WTF is up with France?????”

    Their attack is weak. They need a goal scorer to be the focal point, but all they have is that carthorse Govou. The team is just not working because they haven’t got the quality up front to keep the opposition occupied in their half.

  119. FirstLady – Rooney has been playing (and paying) away again. His taste seems to have altered though as this call girl is only 21 where his previous conquests were at least double that.

  120. Also, I don’t get the “news” that Cesc was forced to stay. If none of the journalists realise, that is how a contract works in football. He wanted to leave, we did not want to sell. Big deal. Fairly common knowledge really.

  121. Pass,

    Should give props to Belarus. They defended well and worked hard.

    I think France will look much better once they have Nasri available.

    Also, I’m half and half as to whether or not Clichy was truely responsible for the goal though. I don’t think he was expecting the ball which is why his control was poor enough to lose possession.

    I also get the feeling Sagna definately prefers playing for Arsenal. He and Theo are developing a truely magnificent understanding. If Sagna were English, the media would be raving about those two being the upgraded version of Becks and Neville.

  122. “The guy ith the curly black hair celebrating the 97/98 double.” – I used to think that guy was Frank, Maria. Though the lack of any visible paisley neckerchief, hair lacquer or winklepickers had me reluctantly deciding otherwise.

  123. Is it me or is the Online Gooner the most schizophrenic blog going?

  124. They’re emotionally dysfunctional, talk incoherently, can’t reason and have paranoid delusions?

  125. Are we still talking about the French national team?

  126. For some reason the French seem to think Franck Ribery is a cross between Platini and Zidane, whereas he is quite clearly nothing more than a cross between Andy Sinton and Julien Faubert.

  127. When Cesc commented about the ‘long’ season ahead I found it totally innocuous. Isn’t that something footballers have been saying at the beginning of a season for donkey’s years? ‘We are about to embark on a long campaign’. And then the papers report it as ‘Fabregas believes that this season will be ‘a long one’… but he’s going to try and be professional about it… blah blah bollocks. It’s just papers on a wind-up about Arsenal, nothing new there.

  128. Gadget,

    Their podcast is the most depressing thing you could listen to. You’d want to slash your wrists. I don’t know why I listen to it.

    Those guys despise EVERY SINGLE THING about the club. I don’t know why they remain gooners, honestly.

    And their Editor, Kevin the Witch who told the world most authoritatively for nearly 1 year that Arsenal was near bankruptcy, until the financial reports showed him up. His latest fiction is that the board is siphoning money from the club.

  129. I was just being silly of course. I can smugly say I haven’t looked at the Online Gooner, Le Grove, ANR etc for about a year. I think I feel better for it.

    I do check out the Gunnerblog comments section occasionally, because once you’ve read that, not much else can shock you. It’s the Arsenal blogosphere equivalent of Rotten.

  130. Arsenal Podcasts… The only one I can tolerate is It’s Up for Grabs, and I should probably add a barely! They slip into doomer mode and offer constructiveless criticism of things all too easily; but the Shawcross Redemption was excellent.

    I would mind a few of you guys producing a podcast though, either a post-match one, or even better a live stream commentary thing. If only I had the finances to sponser such a thing

  131. And how much of a twat is Shawcross?

  132. Andy Lineghan a dud.Who was it who covered for TA when we won the title in 91 losing one game?.And he won us the cup in 93

  133. Morning folks,
    I personally am very disapointed with the
    Cesc remarks. He seems to be blaming
    Arsenal for not selling him. Not Barca
    for bidding a fee too low for us to seriously
    considering a deal. Now he will sulk and
    put in lackluster performances (perhaps).
    Well so be it. Nasri is showing real form
    Wilshire is hungry and Ramsey i believe is
    truely the future. Some people are saying
    that Cesc should not be allow to speak –
    that is nonsense. He is the team captain
    it’s his job. If your captain shouldnt be
    speaking then perhaps he shouldnt be
    your captain?!

  134. Heheheh.

    Sometimes I wonder..

    so sad. Like an accident that has happened but you just cant stop looking.

  135. Limpa Assist

    I think that cesc looks quite happy with playing wih us.And if you’ve watched the blackburn game then you can easily think that he is pretty much happy with everything that is going on.And its just those stupid media cunts who throw out stupid Stories Just To unsettle Fab And The Rest Of Us.

  136. @ gooner2

    Yawn…Fab is staying. We are winning the EPL this season. Whats new??

  137. Almunia

    with you in goal we won’t fucking win I think you should speak to wenger and tell him that gooner2 said you should be replaced.

  138. Gooner2 leave Almunia alone, he hasn’t been bad this season.Save your opinions for when his form dips.-

  139. heheheh.

    Could I Say that I will leave Arsenal a Legend..? And my pic will Adorn the outside walls, and my shirts number will be retired..?

  140. thanks @ FL

  141. YANGKAMP 10 on September 6, 2010
    at 11:02 am

    Is it a mark of the age we live in that a pure statement of fact is deemed offensive.

    We did not let Cesc go. We all know that. Right?

  142. Ole, You may not have let Cesc go but you certainly seem to have let yourself go.

  143. Pass,

    If they are missing a goal scorer than why don’t they play more creative players in te middle togather. Like Nasri and Diaby and place those Diarras on the bench FT.


    I would have thought that guy was a little to young to be Frank. But would love if it was.

  144. Fuck off James.

  145. Anyone know why Squillaci wasn’t called up..?

  146. I agree with Ole

  147. So Rooney’s a Tiger then.

  148. new post >>>

  149. Is that why he was going ape-sh*t over the park for england? Pass to me, I’m at DM. Here I am on the right wing, pass to me. Yes, I meant here I am on the left now. OK, it’s me chaps up front, quick, pass, I’ll score. No, I’m back here now, central mid pivot, pass to me to distribute. I thought the poor fellow was going to have a breakdown trying to play every position in one match. I’m quite sure he passed to himself a dozen times. Roon, it’s me Roon, quick pass. I’m quite surprised he allowed Joe Hart to keep goal.

  150. I found it hilarious on 5 live the other day how everyone was saying “So now we all know why Rooney played so bad at the World Cup”…

    Making excuses up for the guy who should be given no respect at all, yet they use his prostitute shagging spree as the reason to why he played so badly as he had that on his mind!!

    Fucking crazy, hang him out to dry, a guy in his position should respect what he has, what does it say to kids around the country who hear about Rooney cheating on his pregnant wife?

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