Can Arsenal Win The Title Without A New Goalkeeper?

Arsene Wenger had two tasks this summer if he was to build a title-winning team: strengthen the defence and sign a new goalkeeper. Oh, and keep Cesc Fabregas, which makes it three. The transfer window closed yesterday with two new centre backs, Fabregas staying and a new striker. Two outta three ain’t bad, as Meat Loaf crooned.

It left Arsenal ‘as you were’ in May. Almunia is the Number One, Fabianski his reserve, Manonne and Szczesny the lower ranking goalkeepers. The received wisdom is that this is not how Wenger envisaged the transfer window or season panning out. Various bids were reportedly submitted for Mark Schwarzer, none of them satisfactory enough for Fulham whilst Eduardo and Pepe Reina also received the attentions of the Arsenal manager. How many of those were genuine or based on the word of ‘someone close to the deal’ remains to be seen.

Yet no deal came to fruition. Indeed, there was something unedifying about the pursuit of Schwarzer – not necessarily the club’s fault – through the back pages, no better than the Spaniard in my opinion and whilst the rationale of finding a stop-gap until Szczesny comes of age is beyond dispute, surely Arsenal Football Club is better than this?

The outcome though leaves us with the current incumbents which to many, including myself, is less than satisfactory. It is however, what it is and the players need our backing. I am not sure that the multitude of detractors will make that switch in their entirety, continuing to snipe from the sidelines during international weeks and in the lead up to matches. Some of that derision will be directed towards the manager for failing to resolve the issue beforehand. It is the type of decision for which he is handsomely rewarded and not one that would have been taken lightly, no matter how simplistic the arguments may be presented.

The failings of the current crop of goalkeepers at the club are well-documented and harshly dealt with. As was observed in the comments yesterday, Almunia made one mistake at Anfield – flapping at a cross – whilst Reina did the same, compounding that by fumbling the ball into his own net for a last-minute equaliser. Which one came off the worst in the days that followed? It is nonsensical, prejudices overtaking reason at a frightening pace.

That is not to say the weaknesses of Almunia should be glossed over and it must surely be the case that he is working on them in training. However, as Reina and others have proved this summer, mistakes by goalkeepers are becoming more commonplace. Minimising these, which by the nature of the player’s position are costly, is key to a successful season. Whether that happens, only time will tell and if it has not happened by January’s window, will Wenger return to the scenes of this summer’s crimes with a more persuasive cheque book?

The crux of the matter is whether the absence of a world-class goalkeeper will prevent Arsenal winning the title. According to some, it will. Henry Winter took top prize for pomposity on Twitter last night with this gem:

#Arsenal: great club, great manager, great outfield players. But no keeper. Unbelievable. So that’s the title race down to #Chelsea & #MUFC

Having re-checked the table, I can confirm that Arsenal are second and have conceded two goals, the same as Manchester United but more than Chelsea, who has yet to see their defence breached. Were Winter’s observation true, that would not be the case, particularly as one of those matches was at Liverpool. Too much reading of anti-Arsenal diatribes elsewhere for someone who should be trying to shape opinions instead of following blithely like a sheep.

The performance of Almunia at Blackburn was hopeful; he dealt with crosses well and was not intimidated at corners or in a confrontation with Diouf. Previous seasons would have seen his confidence crumble under that pressure. It is not proof that the problems have been solved, mistakes eradicated but a positive base from which the Spaniard can build. Wenger noted that his goalkeeper played without fear, off the leash or words to that effect. This needs to be continued throughout the campaign.

Can Arsenal win the title without a new goalkeeper? Yes, they have done so before. Those of a certain age will find a sense of deja vu in these arguments, John Lukic was a similar goalkeeper to Almunia in most people’s eyes before the 1988/89 season commenced. He improved as that campaign wore on, indisputably assisted by a phenomenal defensive unit.

Almunia is not afforded such protection and this is key to a title-winning campaign; the back four, midfield and attack must improve their work to prevent attempts on goal. Early signs are that they are doing so, their opponents total of shots on goal is the lowest in the Premier League. Long may that continue. Frequently there is criticism which involves the suggestion that Almunia does not inspire confidence in his defenders, a presumption offered without proof. The same situation as Lukic?

For the air of uncertainty – Almunia is insecure, a frank admission in an Evening Standard interview – Wenger must take some of the blame. Throughout the summer he maintained that he had not decided who would be his starting goalkeeper, perhaps an attempt to gain improved performances. The number of games in which Fabianski appeared suggested the Pole was his prime choice; perhaps the goals conceded in Warsaw put paid to that or was it their nature?

Whatever the case, a number of teams have won trophies without outstanding goalkeepers – Barcelona has been doing so for years with Victor Valdes – their defences protecting leads to an extent missing from Arsenal in recent seasons. Defending the goal is not down to one player; cohesion and protection starts from the front and ends with the goalkeeper. If the former works properly, nothing is impossible.

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. I like the way how you raise the point about defending being a team effort. I think our defence has been switching off at times, and I think with Chamakh closing down from the front, and Walcott tracking back, it makes us tighter when defending. Arshavin, that’s a problem though. Good to see that Clichy sits back a little more, and Diaby is curbing his attacking instincts, only see him attacking late in the second half.

  2. Probably not. But we have less chance of silverware if we get on Almunia’s back. We need to get behind him now and hope against hope.

  3. Almunia’s not the main problem – what if he’s ‘sick’ again this year – Fabianski is not a valid replacement and it is him who suffers from nerves! I hate it when Fabianski plays, I just always have a really bad feeling about the match that anything could go wrong at any time.

  4. Of course we will will win the league. Doesn’t matter if we schwrazer or no schwarzer
    Imagine if we bought Schwrazer and he had a recurrence of his back problem and we were stuck with Fabinaksi.
    Then we will have a problem right now we dont have a world class keeper but we do have a good keeper who will do a good job for us

    If we want to win the league then we have to press the ball like Barca do. They dont allow opposition players more than 3 seconds on the ball and that’s what we need to do. We do that and we win the league

  5. I believe we can win the title with Alumina between the sticks. Yes he’s vulnerable in certain areas but it should be then down to the team to try and collectively help.

    A start would be for our defenders to not give away so many cheap free kicks when try to defend long balls. How many times do we see one of our defenders barge into the back of a striker, whose only looking for an opportunity to go down at the slightest touch.

    Another one would be preventing crosses coming in, i can understand that as we are generally the aggressor on the pitch it means we are more stretched at the back.

    it would be nice if the fans could get behind Alumina this season, but its really all about the collective performance of the team in these situations, and maybe we have to start playing differently too, was great to see Chamakh holding onto Samba, then see all the Stoke and Blackburn fans winging about it afterwards.

  6. Sensible article in the midst of shameful articles based on ignorance and utter prejudices.

    Can a team win titles with an average goalkeeper? yes…..Examples: Barca with Valdes, Tottenham defeated Chelsea to win CC with Robinson, Greece won Euro Cup with an average keeper, France with Barthez, Chelsea with De Goey etc.

    Nobody is talking about weaknesses in other teams. Chelsea has only two functional CB in Terry and Alex (Ivanovic is out for 2 months). Man Utd paid 7 Million Pounds for Bebe (But was not deem fit enough for the youth team).

    After three matches, Arsenal are 3rd, Man City with two outstanding Keepers lost to Sunderland. Titles are won when the whole team including fans come together with same belief and attitude to build an intimidating aura around their team.QED

  7. we shud av signed a quality keeper there r people out there just ask ur self if u ad 2 place alumnia in a league table of epl goalies where wud he cum he dont make my top 10

  8. Defence is a team effort. We cannot just rely on the defenders when an attack breaks down and the counter pits two on two or three.
    The problem is as in the games against Chelsea and MU last few seasons,the defence was caught flat footed and some of the defenders went awol.Rooney and Drogba found it so easy to score.
    MC found it hard to penetrate the Sunderland defence.Tevez was surrounded by two/three defneders when he got the ball. Perhaps Wenger doesn’t pay enough attention to defence. He’s thinking my attack will score the goals but often than not the gunners squander the chances and are beaten.
    The Blackburn game showed the gunners can defend. Hopefully this is not a one off defending show.

  9. Agreed Caxter… the problem is not Almunia but Fabianski. What’s done is done. We’ve got some great outfield players and Al needs our backing. Let’s all move on and get behind the players we’ve got.

  10. morning…

    good post YW – one thing, given the way we play we need an absolute beast of a GK: big, vocal and not taking shit from anybody – IMO, Szczesny comes closest to this description, but I can’t see AW giving him a proper runout unless the two clowns we have have some real stinkers, and still, it would take a few games for each for AW to make that decision…

    with transfer window shut, we have no choice but to get behind what we have, but the negligence and incompetence leaves a bit of distaste…

  11. shit, out of top 10

  12. agree with ytgunner completely. defending is a team effort.

  13. Thierry's right foot

    Great blog – a wee bastion of reasonableness amongst an awful lot of utter tosh on the net. Almunia has never been a great goalkeeper, nor has he ever been a terrible one. He’s certainly on a par with Schwarzer – who it shouldn’t be forgotten has made some howlers in his time and was very average at the World Cup. Almunia’s performance against Blackburn was really encouraging. Fat Sam’s teams always push it to the edge and in particular try to needle the keeper. Almunia should have been applauded for how well he played there overall and in the face of their gameplan, but he wasn’t as that doesn’t fit into the script of ‘he’s a clown’. The comparison with the Reina error is illustrative of the problem, because of a few mistakes in the past, every time he makes one it will be cited as further proof that he’s second class whereas Reina won’t. It will be very interesting to see how he fairs with a new defensive team in front of him, I believe they will complement each other.
    btw, perhaps time to remove Eduardo from the banner?

  14. Nice piece YW.
    There seems to be a lot of people saying that Szczesny is a good goalie.

    I am not disputing it but just wondered where the general optimism about the class of this guy has come from. Lets hope it is genuine and not Chinese whispers that has become fact.

    In the League last season the Aresnal defence (including goalie) was the fifth best and perfomed better than Fulham, Man City and Birmingham all having goalies that seem to be on a lot of peoples wish lists!

  15. Great article among those vitriol across other blogs.I think we should stick with Almunia for one more season.Almunia had his worst season last year,and he wont repeat it this time.

  16. How can you say Valdes is not an outstanding keeper, he is a brilliant keeper.He was voted best goalie in la liga last season.Your defending Almunia by pointing the finger at others and its a bit sad really.

  17. Wenger the Spuds Agent

    We are out of the top four before the season started.

  18. TRF,

    Almunia came to us from the Celta Vigo’s bench and never got a callup to play for Spain – I know you are trying to see the bright side here, but to compare him to Reina is just ridiculous…

    and yes, Schwarzer is miles better too!

  19. Diaminedave

    I know it’s League One, but come on, fella has some sick talent…

  20. If Arsenal wants to win the league they will have to play like they did at Blackburn every week. Almunia is doing well. Lets give him our support.

  21. Suga3,you are not a true fan mate.You cant call our best keeper a clown.

  22. Well said Emmo,I think Almunia on form is better than anyother keeper in the league apart from Reina

  23. Thegreatgooner,

    first of all, he is not our best GK, Szczesny is…

    secondly, the facts don’t lie – ever since Al took the post, we have not won zilch and I will be very surprised if we do this season: CC game against Spuds will be the perfect indicator of how serious we are about winning trophies…

    and don’t tell me about the ‘Mickey Mouse Cup’ – try telling that to all the fans who went to Wembley for the last few seasons…

  24. Suga3.I wholly believe in our great leader.I am sure,he sees something in Almunia and Fabianski,which we havent.Wenger is sure that,Almunia will do a Flamini next season.I would keep a loyal player like Almunia for years.

  25. I think, that we can’t win with Almunia in goal.

    I just don’t understand why Wenger couldn’t buy a quality gk for 3 months. Was it really THAT hard?

    Benalio, Handanovic, were available, even Akinfeev said he would love tto play for us.

    I still think that we need a striker who can score 25 goals for us per season and a world class cdm.

    Song is good, but not great.

    It will be a very tough season and if our players are going to be injured then we can be in trouble.

    I have read that we have made a profite once again, since Koscielny cost 7m euros and Squalacci only 6m. Add to this the sales of Eduardo, Simpson, Traore loan deal and once again Arsene has done it.

    I will support our boys, but I think that our board want to make as much money as they can.

    One day it will hurt them. Aside from Arshavin we haven’t got any world class players since Rosicky arrived. And don’t start with Nasri, because he isn’t world class.

    Only 4 more years without any trophy. I will wait.

    The Spuds have 3 gk’s and all of them are better than Almunia and Fabianski combined.

    From Wilson, Jennings, Seaman and Lehmann to Almunia and fabianski. They will cost us point ONCE AGAIN. Any quality gk can win you 12 points in one season. The problem is we don’t have quality gk’s.


    P.S. I know you will abuse me, but everyone is entitled to his opinion and I do have any right to coice my concern.

    Take care!

  26. Two things, first, you’d think world class keepers grow on trees from the way some people go on, the reality is that they don’t, there are relatively few outstanding goalies out there and guess what, most of the ones that are play for top clubs who are reluctant to sell them. Most of the available keepers out there are actually no better than Almunia, take off the rose-tinted specs.

    Second, Szczesny in particular looks like a world class keeper in the making. Whether you think he’s right or not, it would be consistent of Wenger not to buy a ready made keeper who’d effectively stall his development in the future – if we bought a 30-year-old established international, where does that leave Szczesny? I can see him going on loan again this season or maybe even understudying Almunia and coming back as our number one next year. You might disagree with that, but that’s how Wenger’s mind works and given the difficulties of landing a truly world class keeper you can see why. He’s not generally good at buying keepers either – Richard Wright, Alex Manninger, Fabianski etc. Lehmann was the exception really.

    Third, our defence isn’t the greatest in the world when it comes to dealing with high balls and crosses, we’ve chosen to have smaller, more mobile defenders and again, whether you think that’s right or not, its how it is right now and it puts more pressure on our keepers to dominate the area. So yeah, we need a really exceptional, dominant keeper to bring the best out of our defence and compensate for some of their shortcomings, but they’re not easy to find.

    Ideally, yes, we’d have a new, international class keeper, but there’s a lot of rose-tinted gazing going on. All keepers make mistakes and they’re obvious, Casillas is one of the best in the world and he still gets it wrong sometimes. Seaman, fercrissakes, made some massive errors, that’s life. No-one’s infallible.

    And on the wider stage, some of the idiots painting themselves as Arsenal fans need to get some perspective and cut out the black and white thinking. Wenger isn’t perfect or dreadful, he’s a very talented, inspirational manager who puts an emphasis on attack and flowing, passing football, the flipside is that we’re not as defensively secure as we ought to be and our fullbacks and central defenders bomb forward a lot leaving gaps behind them sometimes.

    People conveniently forget just how bloody awful the George Graham era Arsenal were to watch – score an Ian Wright goal then sit there defending for an hour, yawn – and that the Premiership is massively competitive and becoming more so. How invincible would the Invincibles have been if the current Chelsea team had been around then?

    And people conveniently forget just how close we have been to lifting big trophies in the last few years.

    It’s much easier to slag off Wenger than take a balanced, realistic view of things and there’s a slightly unpleasant sense of entitlement creeping in to a lot of comments on blogs, like we should win every game six nil, never concede a goal and buy international players for peanuts at the drop of a hat. Get real, football’s not like that and it it were, it would be dull as feck.

  27. Maciek,This is a site for everyone who loves Wenger even more than the club.If you dont like it,dont post here

  28. TGG,

    Almunia is 33, it’s not the age to do a Flamini, he will not get any better…

    Fabianski? well, I am Polish and I have seen more of him than the lot of you before he came to Arsenal and he just doesn’t have it in him to play at this level, he is a Polish league material at best…

    whoever recommended Fabianski, I want his job…

  29. Chris Surrey Gunner

    Once again, Mr Wenger has faled to address the defensive problem, our new CB does not look the finished article, and we still have to see how the new 30 year old fits in. A pretty haphazard solution to the rear guard, this sends messages that Wenger still dosent really understand what is needed to win the titels all the fans so desperatly grave for. Wenger has had all summer to fill the keepers position, but all we have heard is the boring Schwarzer transfer rumour rolling on and on, a 37 year old stop gap, what is Wenger doing!! if he had no intention of replacing the position with a top class international keeper, why bother to make enquiries, all he has done is unsettle all the current keepers. Arsenal will never win the league with Almunia, Flapianski or Mannone, once again Wenger has balanced the books but not the team.

  30. Well i’m very happy with the dealings this window. 2 defenders and Cham. Exactly what I hoped for.

    I’m very pleased with the fact that we didn’t get Schwarzer. If we had gone for a 30 year old world class keeper (who???) then maybe. But Almunia is in my opinion one of the best in the EPL, and he will turn heads and opinions this season.

    I wonder if the unusual public dealings for Schwarzer where very well planned mind games to get the best from Al this season.

    No matter COYG.

    Let’s just hope we can keep the injuries to a bare minimum, whoops too late.

  31. And one more thing. Szczęsny is better than Almunia, fabianski and Manone combined.

  32. >………

  33. No chance in hell of winning anything again!

    We’ve got the same goalies we’ve had for 2 seasons, who have proved to be inadequate. Even AW has confirmed this more than once, and he has more than made it obvious we were after a new goalie. Why we have been unable to get one since the end of May is beyond me, and is an absolute disgrace!! The fact that we were in for a 38 year old goalie who is just marginally better than the dross we currently have is even more laughable.
    After spending the last 5 years being overlly optimistic, and starting each season thinking we would win the league, I have to be a realist and admit that we will battle to finish top 4, go out of all cup competitions and bemoan the fact that we didnt sort this goalie lark out.

    39 years a gunner, 22 years a ST holder, the last few years have become increasingly frustrating!
    Either wasy, will be there a week on Saturday cheering the boys home!

    Wish it was with a new goalie in tow.

  34. What I find encouraging about Al this season, is the fact that he showed some backbone when confronting the Blackburn attacks, facing off against Diouf and keeping his teammates on their toes. That´s all he can do really.

    I also think that it could prove a blessing that his starting spot was in jeopardy during the off season. He is reminded that he needs to improve and eradicate his weaknesses, which I believe are mostly mental rather than a lack of ability.

    If he can continue marshalling the defence and take responsibility as an experienced member of the team, I think we have a decent option in goal. However, if he continue to show a lack of belief in himself, it could be detrimental to our aspirations in the league and in Europe.

  35. look at Van dersar, Cech,Joe,Reina,Gomes these are keepers we are competing with and where does Almunia fall in ranking among them? The likes of Drogba will scare life out of Almunia and that has been happening he has scored in the last three games against Arsenal. it will be hard to salvage a point against the top four except Lpool so winning a trophy may not be easy, Almunia was srtuggling fearing he may be left but after the transfer has ended till Jan we will see real Almunia.TV5 should partner Squillaci.

  36. SUGA3 why won’t a 33 year old keeper get better? EVDS, Given, Schwarzer, James… many keepers get better up until 40.

    Chris Surrey ha.

  37. Almunia one of the best in the PL?

    fuck me, some comedy genius you are – fourth worst shot to save ratio in the Prem, how is it ‘one of the best’?

  38. els,

    simply because he is not getting better, as I have said, he is a solid no.2 at a certain level and that’s it…

    how can a ‘superclub’ have a GK who is not even an international?

  39. Well done Wenger.You have kept your promise to us,by not signing a keeper.

  40. I love your manager Wenger.He will ensure that you finish outside the top four.

  41. we have to get behind him hes what we have and people can improve simply with support. Im glad we didnt getb swarts, hes 37, saw him in world cup , hes not the difference that could help us win/not win. I have always thought our midfield could defend better than they do, particulally defensive midfielder who needs disiplin. Most of our preventable goals last season came from losing the ball in the other third and not having proper cover, how can almunia be blamed for those

  42. Maciek fu^k off!

  43. So what is the objective during the transfer window for a manager / coach?

    To identify potential weak points in the team, and to look to address those.

    AW stated during the summer that the defence would be the priority, and that has been the major focus – Kos and Schillaci in, Willy, Sol and Silvestre out.

    Only time will tell if that has made us stronger, but the early signs are encouraging.

    The goalkeeping situation is a strange one.

    Now many fans feel it is an area that could be improved, myself included, and it would appear that Arsene agree’s, hence the 2 bids for Schwarzer.

    Whilst a little disappointed that a new GK hasn’t arrived, I am probably more disappointed about the apparent way the business has been conducted, which has been a little shoddy, and from the outside, would appear to of undermined Almunia.

    It is vitally important that the fans now get behind him, cheer his name to the rafters, and try to build his confidence as much as possible, as whether you like it or not, he is our No. 1 for at least 5 months.

    Oh, and top of the league in the Fantasy League, and I forgot to do my transfer last week!

  44. why, is it because he makes a few valid points?

    Szczesny is better that the other three – big, vocal, commanding, not afraid to dish out bollocking to the defenders, whereas none of the three stooges does that!

  45. Maciek and Suga3.Fuck off.This is the site for the best thing associated with Arsenal,Mr Wenger,who will definitely ensure that Arsenal finish outside the top four this season.

    All hail Arsene Wenger,the pride of Tottenham.

  46. All in all a decent transfer windows for us:

    * A new striker who looks very good so far, and more importantly gives us something that we did not have in the squad.
    * 2 new centre back’s; one relatively inexpeienced with with good potential, and ther other a seasoned pro (who I expect will be TV5’s parnter for the majority of the season).

    A new keeper would have been nice, as would a player who could cover Song. But all in all a good window. I do think that you can but too many players in a short period of time as well, which can affect the cohesion of the squad.

    Our squad is good enough to challenge on all fronts. The main concern will be if Almunia gets injured.

  47. Great point on Valdez;he was so bad every team knew they would score even if Barca would outscore them…Al was never that bad.Now that the window has shut, let’s get that backline orgainzed and teach the likes of Chamakh, Bendtner and Diaby who have height to personally deal with opposition players who are threats when defending set pieces.So Chamakh dealt with Samba well, who will deal with Drogba, Anelka, Terry, Kevin Davies, etc when we play them? The more we plan for it, the better. AW should have sent Flappy on loan…really.

  48. jonnyd on September 1, 2010
    at 9:24 am

    I came on aiming to write what you’ve so eloquently put. I agree completely.

  49. IMO i think arsenal won’t win the league this season but they will be up there harassing the mancs and blues . .

  50. Tottenham fan……..Wigan

  51. goonerandy,

    still, it’s not enough – sure, I am happy with the arrivals, but having seen AW identifying GK as one of the weak points and doing nothing to address that for the sake of a lousy few million quid when we are fucking minted is just negligence, pure and simple…

  52. Wenger-The pride of Tottenham.

    Wenger is our secret agent.

  53. anybody knows where spurs get their money? or do we see leeds united part two in the making?

  54. This place is crawling with twats today.

  55. Wenger saved us this time around.All hail our agent Arsene Wenger,the secret agent of Tottenham.

  56. Impossible is nothing. Arsenal will win the league

  57. Fuckin piss poor supporters out in force today. The bitching has started once again

  58. Exactly first lady.Some fans,who dont like our great leader W*n*er

  59. SUGA3 it’s relative to the defence you fool. We had a new formation that was struggling with cover of the wings. Every shot incurred is not the keepers fault. There’s one thing getting in a cheeky shot against chelsea’s defence, and then being able to get the time to compose and take a shot at Almunia. Unfortunately we did struggle in that way last season. We wont this one. Show some backbone customer.

    Stats can’t show you anything. I’m certain that if Al was playing behind Chelsea’s, Villa’s or Man U’s defence of last season you would want to sign him.

  60. Any idea why spuds always come to ur site to make fun off?
    its like they take us as their rival seriously lol..
    shows how much the standard of dumb spuds have dropped sigh…

  61. haha quality, So Wenger making Arsenal one of the top European clubs in football is being an agent for the Spuds.

    You don’t get any thicker than a spud! Go back to your shite smelly lane you cunt

  62. els

    I was going to mention that too..

    I’m certain that if Al was playing behind Chelsea’s, Villa’s or Man U’s defence of last season you would want to sign him.

    I didn’t see the bother as these twats still dream of a world class keeper with a big name. Even if we bought an 8ft keeper from Romania who never conceded a goal in his life but was relatively unknown, the idiots will still want a world class name of Buffon with a broken back instead!

  63. Wenger is already a Spurs legend for not signing a goal keeper

    Wenger- The pride of Tottenham

  64. Spuds are just trying to get attention knowing that their little small world apparently bloated after defeating….ahem… young boys? lol lol lol

  65. els,

    excuses, excuses, excuses – football is a result business, first and foremost, if you don’t have the right personnel to play the formation, you either:

    – don’t introduce the formation
    – buy the right players

    Almunia has been beaten at the near post more times than I care to remember – most notably in Paris in 2006, twice!

    if he was a ‘quality’ GK, he would have kept the Pool goal, but he chose to dive with two hands stretched out, which limited his range!

  66. SUGA3 – Even without the keeper that we needed I still think we can can be serious contenders to every competition we enter. We were in the race last year until the final few weeks. This years squad is stronger that last years IMO, so we will be fine.

    We have had some really bad results in the past few years, notably to Manure/Chelsea/Barca. Hopefully the squad will have learnt its lesson and will push on this year. I genuinely think that they will.

  67. Is this the same might Spurs that lost at home to Wigan the other day!!

    HahahhahHAHAHHAHAhhahahahahh shite club

  68. Why is there a deluge of strange strangers here today? Is it 2012 already and we are going to die anytime?

  69. You have to feel sorry for Spurs fan’s don’t you?

    Trying to gloat about the fact we haven’t signed a new Goalkeeper…. Is that all they have got?

    Most Spurs fans actually worry more about what Arsenal are doing, than they do their own team – quite sad really, or maybe they are all just closet Arsenal fan’s?

    One season scraping into the Champions League, and suddenly they are the best side in Europe.

    Perhaps if they were so good, they wouldn’t of been dicked by Wigan at home last week….

  70. SUGA3

    You should change your name to SUGAR PLUM.. better yet PLUM.

    Did you see a couple seasons back when Diaby rifled a shot past Reina? How on earth can you even criticise your own keeper for getting beaten by Ngogh’s shot? Are you a spud, or just overwhelmed by the negative press Arsenal receives.

    Anyone who has the slightest sense in football, and has played football, will tell you that shot was practically unstoppable. Cech, Van Der Sar, and the rest would have struggled to stop it,

    Almunia has been playing very well. I just fear for what one little real mistake like all keepers make, the reaction from such immature supporters or spuds like yourself.


  71. And to be fair to Almunia, the goal against Pool was not a mistake. He has made plenty over the past few years, which I have been very voal about, but that was not one of them.

  72. Firtslady on September 1, 2010
    at 9:45 am

    1 major twat around. Rhymes with ZUGA

  73. voal = vocal

  74. Studs can you please think about Wigan. lol

  75. Ole Gunner, Chrisgoona,

    how mature, I wouldn’t expect nothing less from you two cunts…

    fuck off and jizz over your AW poster, idiots…

  76. Yogi,

    The decision not to buy a goalkeeper is unbelievable. What makes it even worse is the fact that we’ve only tried half-heartedly to sign a mediocre 37yr old on the cheap – and played poker right up to the deadline. A joke.

    And please do not try to dilute the decision to persist with Almunia by comparing him to Reina. While everyone was surprise by Reina’s gaff at Anfield – no one would have been surprised if the situation was reversed. Similarly Barca employ a stringent work ethic in pressing the ball and retaining possession to deflect attention from their defensive shortcomings. We on the other hand, have a far different track record in this regard.

    The time to judge Almunia’s performance this season will be in May, not now. What we do know about Almunia to date is from his previous 4 seasons, only one performance came anywhere close to the desired standard.

    And for a player that’s supposed to be insecure, how does someone like Mark Hughes publicising the fact that we’ve tried to sign Swartzer twice – how is that supposed to give Almunia any more confidence?

    So now the club still has no solution to the GK problem and all Wenger has done is managed to exacerbate an already delicate situation.

    What happens if Almunia gets injured? Who steps in then?

    Y’see, I’m not so sure that Swartzer was necessarily being targeted as a direct replacement for Almunia, but more so Fabianski. I could readily accept Almunia/Swartzer as able No 2 deputies, but what I find totally inexcusable in the current situation is the fact that we don’t even have a viable No 2 alternative at the moment.

    Again we take Risks. Totally unnecessary risks. We hope Manuel plays up to standard, hope that he doesn’t get injured, hope that he doesn’t feel insecure, hope that Fabianski regains lost confidence………….while we wait for 18 yr old Szczesny to blossom eh?

    I wonder what Cesc thinks.

  77. Heard Redknapp is trying to unearth new talent in the form of Van Der Vart and Ryan Babel!

    What a fucking shite coach, picking reject players who flop at the top level.

    Just so glad we have a fucking excellent manager who knows what hes doing. Long may it continue.


    I day a lot of closet Arsenal admirers amongst the Spuds fans. Ready and willing to even dare to make a comparison with our team!

    Our club, players, manager, training, stadium, tactics, personalities, ambitions etc are on a whole new planet to what Spurs is. I expect a good mid table finish from them this season.

  78. This spurs fans just love us too much. Words alone can’t describe how many times they would lovingly clean our sunday league boots.

  79. SUGA3 you really are a poor supporter in it’s definition.

    Not excuses, just having to try to talk an Arsenal supporter out of slagging wenger and it’s keepers. Very sad.

    CG, your probably right waste of breath or finger energy or whatever. Still I knew that all the doomers were just waiting till after the deadline to come on here and piss and moan that they didn’t get any of those superstar names they can brag about with there mates.

  80. i truly believe not signing a keeper will cost us the league.

    Keeping errors cost us about 15 points last season, how many were we behind chelsea again?

    its gross mismanagement, a world class keeper should save you at least 10 points so we are working on a huge point deficit with these keepers.

    Wenger and his penny pinching again, great stuff.

  81. SUGA3

    You must have a hidden identity, as I don’t believe I have had the opportunity to rip you a new asshole yet you piece of shite supporter wankstain.

  82. Suga3 or whatever, if you can’t support this Great Club, can you just keep shut?

  83. Joe – A decent post.

  84. els,

    I did not want ‘superstars’, I wanted a capable GK, that’s all…

    a capable GK is worth about 10 points a season, can you HONESTLY say that Almunia and Fabianski are the answer? if so, what the fuck is the question?

    and I am not ‘slagging off’, I am bringing forward reasoned criticism based on facts…

  85. Get behind your team or Fuck off!!!

  86. ChrisGoona,

    please, don’t go into the hardman mode, you’re just embarrassing yourself, nothing more – you’re just a fanatic who does the ‘la-la-la-la-la-I-can’t-hear-you’ thing…

    when presented with a reasoned argument, you just abuse people – what a sad little fuck you are…

  87. How can anyone formulate how many points a GK has cost or won a team last year?

    Jon – Almunia saved a Pen against West Ham last season when we were only 1-0 up, and down to 10 men.

    We may of dropped points if he hadn’t – do you factor that in too?

    It’s time to get behind the guy, it is what it is, he is a decent GK, and he is our No. 1.

    If people choose not to continue supporting the team over this, then that doesn’t say much about them does it?

  88. good point bjg

    blind faith – the remit of the unitelligent

  89. And here it goes again; why can’t people accept that you can be critical of the side and still be 100% behind it. The two things are not seperate.

    I agree that if somebody calling players names and the like it is out of order, but being critical with reasoned argument is fine. As long as when the players are wearing the shirt they recive 100% backing from fans.

  90. Matt,

    if you want to see how many points a good GK is worth, look at VdS – there were a good few games where ManUre played shit and won by 1:0, where their goal was absolutely peppered with shots…

    now that is worth at least 2 points, no?

  91. Immature is expecting ACLF to dry your eyes and wipe your nose every time you feel slighted by the manager.

    I’m embarrassed for you. Show some bloody pride – not to mention dignity.

  92. The fact is many regarded Al as one of the 4-5 best keepers in the PL two seasons ago and personally I thought he had a very good season in 08/09. He had a torrid time all of last season, but I disagree that he has always been a liability as some will have you believe. He should realistically have a much better season than last, simply due to the insane amount of mistakes he and Flapianski (who I don´t rate and never have) made. If he can rediscover his form and consitency of two seasons ago, we´ll have a decent enough GK to challenge for the league IMO.

    The problem is people on the interweb are frivolous and irrational as is the nature of discussion on the internet. Take Chelsea for example. By Gooner logic they would never have won the double last season, due to the fact that they had underperformed previously. They have an aging squad and have changed managers 4 times since Mourinho, yet, with largly the same players, they managed to improve last season. Arsenal have a much larger scope for improvement due to the amount of young players we have. Yet, people look at the squad and the players and don´t expect any improvement, despite the fact that last season saw the emergence of Alex Song, Vermaelen, Ramsey before his injury and the maturity of Cesc as a world class player among others. Cesc was largely criticized going into last season (argument was that he was unsuited to play in midfield and he hogged the ball for too long) which was mind blowing at the time. This is a clear indication that Arsenal supporters have a tendency to look at what is wrong rather than what has gone right.

    I feel inclined to apologise for my rambling, but the important thing is that Al should let his performances speak for himself and how suitable he´ll be as first choice this season, rather than the mistakes hes made in the past. There are numerous examples of players who have turned a cornerfrom one campaign to the next, not least at Arsenal and Al should get the benefit of the doubt IMO.

  93. It’s not blind faith Jon, it’s called being a supporter, and getting behind your team through thick and thin.

    if every fan of every club ran a mile every time a decision was made that they didn’t like, no club would have any fan’s left.

    It’s a pretty simple choice from here – either man up, support the team, which by the way, isn’t half bad, or don’t, and go and do something else on a Saturday afternoon instead.

  94. Jon, keeping moaning, I doubt you ever anything good about your lift.

  95. goonerandy,

    I am getting behind the team 100%, what I don’t like is that I simply don’t have the choice!

    Wenger is doing a Marie Antoinette: ‘let them eat cake’

  96. Jon, keeping moaning, I doubt you ever anything good about your life.

  97. matt

    wigan – 3 points
    west ham – 2 points
    blackburn – 3 points
    birmingham – 3 points
    man u – 3 points

    theres 14 points lost due to rubbish mistakes.

    theres our league title.

  98. For me, I would be happy with a keeper who does not nessasarily make spectaluar match winning saves, if he was relatively error free. A nice steady keeper is all I want.

    Should the club have better? Of course, but at this point I would be satisfied with a solid steady keeper.

    Either way, it is a pointless debate. We have what we have, and if Almunia reverts back to Almunia of two years ago that will be fine. He was what I have just described….a nice steady keeper.

  99. ya know, this whole GK issue isnt a matter of life and death, after all its wenger’s job. I reckon we carry on with our lives, enjoy watching football and making fun of spurs haha

  100. SUGA3 – My post was not a dig at you mate, just an observation about this place in general.

  101. im so glad we did not sign GK . The anger that some people are having to cope with. Now this is a fact, when people get really angry because they dont get what they want (like a child at xmas who didnt get the right ps3 game) it is the funniest thing to hear or watch. I have been laughing so much. You guys must be ranting, rageing, your faces turning red, veins pulsing, we didnt get a new GK, ha.

  102. A good goalkeeper is worth 10 points…..and the other 5000 braindead cliches in football.

  103. Chappers – Nice post.

  104. Shit fans, keep moaning about things you can’t change.

  105. I support Almunia.

  106. Maybe, just maybe, the non-signing of a new gk is exactly what Almunia needs right now.

    He may become as well loved as David Seaman – although I seem to remember some BIG mistakes that he made.

    Just as long as all the doom-mongers remember to re-post after a successful season, caps in hands, but not saying that it’s all just luck.

    What wanker-fans they are.

  107. OleGunner,

    wigan – 3 points
    west ham – 2 points
    blackburn – 3 points
    birmingham – 3 points
    man u – 3 points

    the difference between having a good GK and a crap one…

  108. “how mature, I wouldn’t expect nothing less from you two cunts…

    fuck off and jizz over your AW poster, idiots…”

    Whereas that diatribe was very mature.

    I’m glad, and not in the least bit surprised, that we didn’t sign Schwarzer. That we didn’t pay way over the odds for an ageing keeper who is no improvement over what we already have. That Arsenal have had nothing to do with the tawdry media led bullshit of “transfer deadline day”.

    Almunia is actually playing well at the moment …would it be too much to ask for you doom sayers to get behind him and help keep the guy’s confidence up? I guess it probably would. Better to cry and stomp your feet that mean Uncle Wenger didn’t get his wallet out.

  109. why is it a cliche ole?

    i just showed 5 games where keeping errors cost us the league last year.

    wenger likes his statistics, im sure he is aware of that.

    He was obviously trying to sign a keeper, a sign that he knows the ones we have arent good enough.

    i am fully behind arsenal, that doesnt stop me being frustrated that since he lost faith in almunia and then fabianski proved he wasnt up to it at porto 6 months ago, wenger hasnt found us a new keeper. Especially since we are supposed to have loads of scouts, can now compete with chelsea (his words)

  110. harry

    almunia is playing well?

    got beaten at his near post at liverpool, yeah great.

    1 good game and 1 bad so far.

    50% isnt championship form.

  111. Harry Flowers,

    now scroll up and check who started the abuse – I can’t be arsed to reply in a polite manner when someone is:

    – abusive
    – going into the ‘blog motherwanker’ mode

  112. Supporters who claim to know better than Wenger.
    Supporters who claim to know the future.
    Supporters who will not support their team.
    Supporters who will not support their players and the effort they give.

    May supporters like that masturbate themselves blind.

  113. SUGA3

    Actually, Marie Antoinette didn’t say that, it was recorded as being said at least five years before she was born.



  114. and we have been getting behind Almunia for the last few seasons, did it help?

  115. YW,

    thanks for the correction, but you know what I mean – whoever said it, sounds all too accurate…

  116. I just contradicted my own head; I was about to post

    “I cannot believe there was not a keeper out there, anywhere, which which could have signed who was better than Almunia”

    And I do believe that.

    What confuses me is; why didn’t we?

    We don’t nessasarily need a “world class” keeper to upgrade what we have, but still we made no signing. Even the Spuds got a keeper on loan who is probably better than poor MA.

    I genuinely believe that Wenger is banking on Tech9 being the real deal in a couple of seasons and not wanting to “block his way”. This would explained Schwarzter as a short term fix.

  117. It is a risk, but one that could pay off for years to come.

  118. jon & SUGA3,

    I have a personality defect. I can’t stand people who are irrational or illogical. Your personality defect is being irrational AND illogical.

    You claim A good goalkeeper is worth 10 points, then you sum up ALL games in which different keepers cost us points and hang it on Almunia.


  119. “got beaten at his near post at liverpool, yeah great.”

    He got beaten at his near post by a beautiful strike of the ball. That happens. It’s called football. You can’t blame Al for that. Much as you’d like to try. At least he didn’t chuck the ball in is own net like the hapless fella at the other end…who lest we forget is a “word class keeper”.

    I don’t think Almunia is a great keeper. On the other hand who is (that we could have signed)? Scharwzer? I think not. Let’s be realistic. For a change.

  120. I think we should start blaming the shite support for the drop of confidence and points.

    I think that is worth 30 points a season in my calculations

  121. Ole,

    how is that illogical? you can only play one GK at the time, neither of our top two is good enough, hence the point loss…

    if we had a competent GK on our books, neither of them would play – does that sound logical to you?

    shall I say: see you in May?

  122. Chris – You are probably wrong.

  123. ChrisGoona,

    thing is, one can expect the sports professionals to be on the up for it and capable throughout the career, no?

    let’s not forget that they are earning in a week what some people don’t earn in a year, if they can’t stand the heat, then perhaps they shouldn’t be in the fucking kitchen in the first place, eh?

  124. SUGA3,

    Take it to anyone with an IQ higher than their age for explanation.

  125. ole

    why are you calling me a moron?

    you are obviously unable to have a normal debate without resulting to insults, good luck with that.

    when arsenal lose are you happy as larry?

    can you honestly not tell me you arent aware that championships can be lost on small margins such as goalkeeping errors?

    if you are always unswervingly happy with arsenal good luck to you, in my opinion it shows you unable to feel an intelligent range of emotions or analysis.

  126. im a goalkeeper…. as a goalkeeper, i think dat most of the goals we conceded was not bcoz of Al… Al is not the one to b blame.. i don understand y fans keep blaming on Al…. the biggest problem with last season was dat our players didnt know how to score goals… they just pass around the ball and it stops there… nothing happen… they cant score goals…

  127. jon – That seems to be the way with Ole. Resorting to insults when he can’t argue against a well made point.

  128. Arsene Wenger has sacked our goalkeeping scout Stevie Wonder

    The answer to the question can we win title without a new keeper the answer is No

    World class teams should have a world class keeper.If Almunia is any good how come he has never playerd for Spain at any level/

  129. unfortunately al has been costing us since he came in during the CL final… being beaten twice at your near post in 10 mins is unacceptable at any level of football let alone the biggest competition in the world

  130. Ole,

    worked wonders for you, eh?


  131. Alan – We could improve on our keeper, no doubt about it. But we can still win the lge.

  132. Interesting how the usual fools have been quiet after all three games so far, but as soon as they don’t get their shiny new signings they’re posting again and up in arms. Back to Football Manager you go kids.

  133. we’ll have to score 3 goals a game to win the league in my opinion… thats another 105.

  134. So Alumina b/w sticks we can pray that

    Oh Lord Give him good strength and confidence so that gunners can WIN something.

    They Arsenal have cash, but i didnt see any splash….

    with no quality strikers, i can run like Bolt fellows, with those who cant hit target from outside the box.

    wenger we prayed you to get one GK, u got one thin ko…??? ,

    lets be flattered by wenger & co arsenal will win titles….

    lets watch the two horse BPL.

  135. jon,

    Why don’t you address your error? It is clearly nonsense to blame Almunia for mistakes made by Mannone and Fabianski.

    You ask whether the league title can’t be down to simple margins. My response is that of course it can be down to small margins. However, those small margins are small margins from various factors; a wrongly given offside, an injury to a key player, a key penalty save by a keeper when the team is down to 10 men, a flapped cross, a managerial bollocking that turns certain defeat into victory etc etc etc etc etc etc.

    Simpletons say it’s down to the keeper. In the past, some of these idiots blamed it all on Toure or Adebayor or Gallas. Now the small margin is Almunia.

    I am non always happy with Arsenal and I am critical of Wenger atimes believe it or not.

    Unlike many people I don’t subscribe to the idea that there’s a supermarket of players, and not having gotten a player means you don’t want one. That’s one of the most stupid ideas foisted on gullible gooners in recent times and it’s very sad. Seems like it will be a long time before people come around to realising how stupid a notion it is.

  136. Vince,

    mate, I have been away for a while and had better stuff to do than wax lyrical about obliterating the might of Blackpool and winning (just) again a team we are expected to beat, simple as…

    and I did not like the way we played against Pool one bit…

  137. Jesus man – the world’s going to end!! We didnt sign a distinctly average has-been goalie… We would have won the treble with Schwarzer in goal for sure, cos let’s face it, he’s the answer to all our ‘problems’. Wenger should have bucked his trend and spent way over the odds to sign a 37 year old who’s never proved himself to be a world class keeper.

    Some of you guys need to get a fucking grip. We are the Arsenal, we are the most ethically run club in top flight football, we play the best football in england, we have some of the brightest young stars in the world, we have the best manager in the world, we have the best economic model in the world, we have one of the best midfielders in the world… Need i go on you plastic fan twats?

    I’ve been saying Almunia’s been harshly criticised for the last couple of years – in fact he’s been harshly criticised since he came into the team. It’s exactly how YW says – the team need to defend as a whole and with the likes of TV, Kol and Skilachee on board, it’s gonna happen. It already is happening.

    This team are going to do something special this year.

    Up the Arse!!!

  138. there are really very few keepers worth our time and money on the market.

    schwarzer wouldnt have improved our situation.

    i personally would have wished for shay given.

    maybe almunia will cherish his place now even more, after almost losing it. let’s hope he rises to the occasion then.

    he did look ok against blackburn, and they were just whacking the balls in, our achilles heel.

    does anyone know anything about spurs’ financial situation? why is it that they seem to be able to throw cash around all the time?

    i sure hope they end up like leeds, albeit without going beyond the group phase of the champions’ league.

  139. SUGA3, Jon

    Your just a couple of babies who incapable of supporting. You feel that you both have the right to slag off your own players based on stupid logic, and expressions. Then you can’t hack it when someone slags you off.

    Your a couple of little turds that are stinking out the place.

    Go find a better team to support – IF YOU CAN

  140. goonerandy on September 1, 2010
    at 10:41 am

    Actually I resort to insults when people make no point I could possibly engage.

    I’ve always been of the opinion that you have to call stupid stupid, if only to distinguish it from astute.

  141. There’s no player supermarket? How do we get players then?

    I think that if there had been any top keepers out there for a reasonable price we would have got one.

    Hopefully Fabianski will be loaned out in the next week to get his confidence back, then Szczesny can be no2.

    Almunia being no1 will not be a problem, he is not “crap” as you said Suga, nor is he a clown. Don’t be surprised if you get insulted after insulting him.

  142. ole

    i said keeping errors not almunia errors.

    i think we needed 2 keepers but thats another story.

    i know there is not a supermarket of players but we had money this summer, arsene said so himself, we are in the champions league a huge draw for many players, we are arsenal also a huge draw and we had 3 months to find a keeper.

    its bad management not getting one in at the same time as distabilising the ones we do have.

  143. Ole,

    it’s not ‘supermarket’, it’s all about being serious in the TM and make real offers, simple as…

    yes, theoretically we can win or lose the league (or any competition for that matter) based on the wrong decisions, etc. (and IMO, we have lost the league in 2007/08 that way), however, this should be the least of the manager’s worries, as it is not something he can influence, he should be looking at his own backyard first and foremost…

    a chain is only as strong as its weakest link – you may call it a cliche, I’d call it a truism…

  144. sorry but how can we have the best manager in the world when we haven’t won anything for so long? surely if he was THAT good he’d have been able to at least get a cup in the last 6 years!

    best football coach… yes!

    best football club manager? not by a long shot

  145. “Actually I resort to insults when people make no point I could possibly engage.”

    when i called you up on it you did engage…

    insults were your first reaction over intelligent argument.

    make of that what you will.

    im off see ya

  146. People are hard to please. “Get rid of this, buy that”. It’s always easy from the armchair. Has anyone been a football manager (real one, not the PC version)? For deals to happen, there needs to be an alignment of 3 things. Willingness to sell (Club), Willingness to go (Player) and Willingness to buy (Arsenal). So if any are out of alignment, then there is no deal.

    I too would have liked a new GK, but if no deal is done, then we live with what we have. If some fans can’t handle it and feel that this is not a good enough team to win the EPL, they should support Man City as they have loads of $$$ to throw but still lose to Sunderland. No good, buy another. That would satisfy the fans, up until they under-perform and request for a transfer.

    I like one of the posts that basically said that he’s been supporting Arsenal for >39 years but doesn’t think they will win BUT will still go on supporting them – that’s a fan. Sure, you can go on and have a moan about not buying this and not buying that, but when it comes down to it, please support YOUR team. No one put a gun to your head to be Arsenal’s fan. But if you choose to be one, then take what you’ve got and work with it.

  147. ChrisGoona,

    you are missing the point: I am criticising our manager for being negligent, you just slag me off for having an opinion…

    and I am one of these who pay his bills, hence my right to expect…

  148. Adam on September 1, 2010
    at 10:52 am

    It’s more like a flea market. You really don’t know this?

    The transfer market depends on the players who are;

    1. Suitable (meets your specs)
    2. Available (willing to move or unsettled)
    3. Available at the right price

    Why have Man Utd not bought a long term replacement to Van der Sar?

  149. if clubs with the resources both financially and personnel wise of stoke and birmingham can bring in 3 players a piece on the last day, us not managing to sign a keeper all summer is shambolic.

    there’s so much right with arsenal but at the same time there’s also so much wrong

  150. jon on September 1, 2010
    at 10:55 am

    I pointed out exactly why it’s a very dumb argument. And you didnt acknowledge your error.

    It’s stupid to say a top keeper wins you 10 points and then create a list of keeper errors of 3 different keepers. Isn’t ‘a’ still synonymous to ‘1’?

  151. Of course every player makes mistakes, and yes points are dropped due to a million different events unfolding.


    The position of goalkeeper is a unique one and should be judged as such. No amount of the whole team defending better is going to compensate a keeper flapping a ball into his own net (the Manure game as an example). It is not about protectnig the keeper better, it is about the keeper not making stupid errors and doing the simple things well. Both of which have not happened enough, hence people calling for a new keeper.

  152. Ole – I am pretty confident that when Van der Sar calls it a day, Manure will go out and get themselves a top quality keeper. Even if it costs them £10M+. It is an important position you see.

  153. Ole,

    simply because he still has it in him and will do better that any of our clowns – wanna bet?

    Schwarzer was:

    – suitable for being at the right age for Szczesny to step up
    – available due to being unsettled
    – available at the right price: come on, do you seriously thing £4M was too much? we eventually tabled that much, no?

    gross incompetence, that…

    not to mention what the news of AW going for a £2M GK did to Almunia’s brittle mentality – as they say, when you say A…

  154. Arsenal Tom on September 1, 2010
    at 10:58 am

    What’s the problem with the doomer mind? Stoke brings in 3 players? We have 3 players in our reserves better than Stoke’s acquisitions. Is it all about buying players, any players?

  155. Look at the trouble Man U had getting a decent keeper after before they bought van der Sar, they had some horrorshows. its not that easy to find a good keeper.

  156. Adam,

    you are missing the point: VdS is a top quality keeper and Red Nose wants someone at similar level, whereas there are numbers of GKs who would be considered an improvement over Almunia, let alone Flapianski…

  157. SUGA3 on September 1, 2010
    at 11:02 am

    Bet what? What’s the measure?

    Van der Sar is better than any keeper we’ve had in a decade but he is 40 years old. Feggerson has been in the market for a replacement for 3 years. Sure he has the luxury of relying on EVDS in the mean time, but he still hasn’t found one. The number of top class players available does not increase by much year on year unfortunately. Did you have consider that fact?

    Schwarzer is not even as good a keeper as Almunia. For me. I dont see any reason to think he is. His suitability is in doubt. Also from what’s come out we put in a bid of £2M for a 38 year old average keeper. That was a very good offer. Anything more would have been throwing money away.

    Same reply to you goonerandy. Red Nose meant for Foster to replace EVDS last season. How’s that plan going? He hasn’t bought a replacement. Still hasn’t. If EVDS were to have a serious injury like a player might……????

  158. SUGA3 – you’re saying AW’s incompetent? Not much point continuing your discussion really is there you fool. Who would you have bought from your massive scouting network who’s suitable? If Schwarzer’s your answer then you’re as misguided as all these other people who just wanted a signing for the sake of a signing. When will people realise that the ageing aussie is no better than Almunia?

  159. Chrisgoona rip him apart!!rip him apart!

    Personally i thought the end of transfer season meant we saw the back of these “so-called fans” but it seems i was wrong. They have been out in droves this morning.

  160. I agree with Ole 100%

  161. Me too firstlady, me too. Shame they’re on aclf really, i can think of a couple of sites that would be much more welcoming to their skewed views…

  162. Here the cretins go again with the ‘routine save’ convincingley disguised as an unstoppable rocket at Liverpool.

    Almunia is not a bad keeper by any stretch. He is a good keeper. One of the better keepers in the league infact. Cetrainly one of the best shot stoppers. He will save us far more points then he loses us.

    People on here tout Reina as world class. And I agree he is a very good keeper. That did not stop him from throwing the ball into his own net against us and commiting a howler against man city in the following game.

  163. Ole,

    sure, it’s difficult to measure, but you know all too well that VdS is better than MA by a mile and barring some mental illness he will do better than him, no?

    measure for the bet could be the number of howlers conceded – I know it’s simplistic, but hey…

    another thing is that Kuszczak is more than capable to deputise if VdS gets injured – is Fabianski?

    and please – Schwarzer not better than Al? you don’t watch a lot of footy besides Arsenal, do you?

  164. FirstLady –

    “Chrisgoona rip him apart!!rip him apart”

    Are you sure your name should not be Firstschoolgirl? Grow up.

  165. deano,

    ‘good’ is said to be the worst enemy of the ‘better’

    good keeper? yes.

    league winner? not by a long stretch…

  166. If Almunia was put up for sale today how many premiership clubs would bid for him? Blackpool maybe

  167. I don’t know what point I’m supposedly missing. There aren’t many world class keepers crying out to be signed for reasonable prices. If there were, Ferguson would have replaced VDS by now.

    And by the way his name is Fabianski, how can you mis-spell a Polish name if you say you’re Polish?

  168. “Cretins”, “Morons”, “Skewwed views”

    No, just people with different views to yourselves. And from what I can see objective views which betrays some levels of intelligence. If people cannot be objective and see things from “both sides of the fence” I really do question their ways of thinking.

  169. peter – name 10 goalies that are better than Almunia in the prem then….

  170. ole, no not any players mate, but stoke are nothing as a club compared to us but they did their business with very very little fuss and brought in (for their level) 3 decent players…

    we’ve known we wanted the same keeper for 3 months and still not managed to get him… for me thats unacceptable for a club like arsenal.

    how can al have any confidence when he knows the managers been working for months to try and replace him

  171. goonerandy

    Grow up?

    no mate, you need to grow up. Very rich coming from somebody who resorts to backing up doomers that slag our players with names like Flappiansk!

  172. SUGA3

    You pay the bills… you are a customer yes?

    So would you tolerate a likewise cuntlike customer come into your shop criticising your products?

    Your a bit of a mug mate tbh

  173. Adam,

    world class at reasonable prices?

    define ‘reasonable’?

    top class players cost upwards of £20M for a reason and no amount of Our Glorious Leader chucking his toy out of the pram will change that!

  174. Arsenal Tom

    Maybe, just maybe Almunia has proven he is up to it.

    And the fact that there isn’t much out there, and nobody is willing to make a deal for their players of late plays a part.

    Why can’t the ‘Grass is greener’ supporters realise this, and what is the meaning to these pointless bitching sessions!?

  175. Chris – Any which of my posts have been childlike enough to need me to “grow up”. Have a look, I don’t think you will find many.

    I am not “backing up” anybody, nor would they need me to. I have my own opinions and will stick to them. If some share that opinion, fine. Others that don’t fine as well. I am an adult you see and therefore can have reasoned debate without feeling the need to abuse people.

  176. goonerandy on September 1, 2010
    at 11:17 am

    Objectivity is not finding the middle ground between any 2 positions. It’s being able to weigh an argument on its own merit.

    It’s being able to decipher that it’s ridiculous to say not signing a keeper means you didn’t want one. Chelsea wanted Neymar and were willing to pay. They didnt get him. The transfer market is not a supermarket. You walk in and there’s several models of the player you want, right next to the pumpkins

  177. ChrisGoona,

    difference is that a customer who criticises my stock will not buy and go somewhere else, whereas I will die a Gooner…

    I started supporting Arsenal before AW came here and will continue to do so after he goes – will you?

  178. 2008 Almunia > 2010 Schwarzer.

    I don’t even see why this is a conversation worth having now the window’s shut, it’s not as if all of us still with sound minds are going to turn round and go “y’know what? Wenger has lost it, let’s all moan”.

  179. Goonerandy – i was referring to the skewed views of those who are saying ‘we’re gonna finish outside the top 4 because of the incompetent wenger’. I’m sure the same people were saying that last year, and the year before, and the year before… those people aren’t praising him for getting Chamakh on a free, or finding another (what seems to be) a gem in Kosmeister, or getting an experienced CB in Skillachee that everyone’s been crying out for. Our defence was the issue, not our goalie.

  180. Myles is a moron, I’m surprised his entire reply wasn’t about the time Mick Jagger fucked him backstage before going to see an opera.

  181. Arsenal Tom on September 1, 2010
    at 11:18 am

    That’s all nonsense. You made 3 points;

    1.Stoke got 3 decent players. We got 3 decent players and promoted 4 quality youngsters into the team. We’re immensely strengthened. It’s not all about spending

    2. As I pointed out, you can know you want a player for 3 years and not find a suitable fit. Many top clubs didnt find what they wanted. Real, despite getting Carvalho wanted another centre back. Man Utd in the market for a keeper for 3 years. Chelsea chasing neymar for 1 season and not getting him etc etc. All that nonsense of not acceptable for a club like Arsenal is a pathetic excuse for a moan.

    3. How can Al have any confidence with the likes of you turning on him at the first sign of poor form, after 2 largely flawless seasons. If you’re worried about his confidence, then STFU and get behind him and the team.

  182. We have a quality team, I include Almunia. Fabiansky, Mannone, and Schwezzny as backup aint at all bad.

    1 of them could be our next Seaman like keeper. Almunia has done a good job in the last few years, last year having a poor season by his standards and Arsenal’s standards. I am sure he realises this, and will work to improve this time round.

    All we can do as supporters is get behind the team, and any goalkeeper that takes to the field.

    In my opinion we have the strongest squad in the Premiership. Who else can cope without 4 or 5 first team players at a time, losing the main striker for long periods etc etc.

    Chamakh looks a sensation
    Koscielny looks a good option at CB
    Squillace will provide that adequate defensive cover that we lacked.

    3 very good signings from a manager working in a horrid transfer environment, while everyone else ain’t produced any meaningful transfers to note…

    Stop the bitching

  183. chris… almunia has proven he’s up to it? how exactly?

    we’re reported to have offered 4m yesterday! plus the two previous bids of 2m!

    its not his fault he’s not good enough and i have no problem with him personally as he shouldn’t be playing and the reason he is is because wenger, gazidis, dick laws or whoever hasn’t done their job properly.

    unfortunately he’ll cost us points/games this year like he has almost ever year he’s been playing for us.

  184. Suga, are you saying Wenger should have spent 20mill on a goalkeeper?

  185. Ole @ 11:22 – That is good, because I have never taken that vew. We agree on that at least.

  186. Everyone’s so worked up about old Mark being the ‘stop gap’ while Chesney matures for another season – why would Almunia who’s already settled at the club and a decent goalie be any worse? I’m all for Chesney taking the helm next year (from what i’ve seen) but the minimal difference between old Mark and the berated Manuel says to me – what’s the point? Schwarzer is nothing more than a decent goalie – who is also prone to to odd flap – or has no-one noticed that?

  187. SUGA3

    I seriously doubt your ability to support Arsenal if we fail to reach top 4, I don’t need to answer to such a very naive supporter.

    Go back to reading the sun, this site is a bit out of your depth.

  188. Ole – “If you’re worried about his confidence, then STFU and get behind him and the team.”

    Well said.

  189. Adam,

    no, I am not saying that, just trying to make you realise that there is no such thing as ‘world class at reasonable price’, not in abundance at least…

    Arshavin hit the nail on the head by saying that we have got all the ‘cheap and class’ kind of players…

  190. Ole – I agree with much of your last posts…..but “largely 2 flawless seasons”??? That is where you can be frustrating, simply choosing to ignore his mistakes. Amazing.

  191. We didn’t offer a 4m bid yesterday, Fulham themselves dismissed that so don’t try and use that as proof that Wenger was trying for this right down to the wire because I don’t think he was. I imagine his thinking was “If we can have him for 2m then do it, if not then forget it.”

  192. ole… read my last post and you’ll see my beef isn’t with almunia.

    stoke did 3 deals in one day mate… that was my point, 2 of ours took WEEKS to confirm despite having vastly more resources available.

    schwarzer was the one of the first players we were linked with and we still didnt get him for one reason… we’d tried to pay what we wanted not what they though he was worth and it back fired. wenger though he could front hughes out and get him last minute and it didnt work and now we’ve got 2 keepers who know the manager didnt want either to be our 1st choice.

    i am behind the team 100% dont worry about that, but i want whats best for the team and club and having a sub standard goalkeeper is not that

  193. ChrisGoona,

    I will continue supporting the club if we fall out of the top four (which is not unlikely), but I will wholeheartedly blame the manager if that happens, simple as…

  194. SUGA3 on September 1, 2010
    at 11:13 am

    Kuzkak is rated behind Fabianski in the Poland pecking order.

    I see no reason to think Schwarzer is a better keeper than Almunia. He’s 37 and the best clubs he’s played for are Fulham and Boro. Goalkeepeing talent is much sought after. If he were that good he’d have been playing for a top club 10 years ago. They play in the same league and I just don’t see ANYTHING at all that suggests he’s as good as Almunia. He makes a lot of mistakes and he’s won nada.

  195. suga

    there are two parts i don’t really understand.

    firstly, the whole “such and such is worth so-many points a season.” What’s it compared to? How is this calculated? Who is the standard keeper that is worth zero points a season that these point gainers are being compared to? Without knowing that, surely the points per season claim means nothing? I don’t mean to sound picky but it’s just something i don’t understand.

    secondly, this one’s much simpler, i don’t know who we could have brought in that would fit our style of play and be available. If it’s finding someone that can dominate hisa box on crosses then i’d cross off given, lloris (for the time being), akinfeev and handanovic. others such as hart and reina were unavailable. if there was a brilliant keeper who’d gone somewhere else then i’d be angrier but i don’t know if change for change’s sake is the answer.

  196. Arsenal Tom –

    “am behind the team 100% dont worry about that, but i want whats best for the team and club and having a sub standard goalkeeper is not that”

    In a nutshell that is my point also. Its seems that you get slated around here for thinking that though. It is like 1984 with the thought police around.

  197. No one answered my question about taking into account points that GK’s may have contributed to us getting, against those they may have contributed to us losing….

    Bit of a one way argument that one….

  198. Ole – “He makes a lot of mistakes and he’s won nada”.

    Who are you talking about here? Schwarzter or Almunia?

  199. goonerandy on September 1, 2010
    at 11:32 am

    Almunia was voted 2nd player of the year 2 seasons ago. In his first season in which he replaced Jens, he hardly did anything wrong. Hence, why I said 2 largely flawless. He made his share of mistakes but nothing more than any other keeper.

  200. Yeah I’d much rather be Stoke (bottom with 0 points) completing 3 deals for the likes of Pennant on deadline day than us (second with 7 points) not doing any. Defs.

  201. goonerandy,

    I was talking about Shwartzer.

  202. andy… exactly mate… people go bezerk at people trying to discuss things on here when they arent all about how great everything is… i could be going to matches protesting and booing but im not cos i know that wont help.

  203. Ole – But since then he has made plenty of mistakes. Many which are above the “normal” keeper errors you expect to see and have cost us dearly. That is the ismple reason why people want a new keeper. It has nothing to do with “dooming” as you call it, and everthing to do with football.

  204. SUGA3

    Quite a fickle person aren’t you

  205. whoever said tt a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, you are right.

    but i also like to believe that you can choose to intimidate the weakest link, make him feel like shit, force him out…

    or you can raise your game and cover for him.

    step up and take responsibility.

    which would you choose?

  206. Ole @ 11:40 – But you could have easily been talking about MA. 😉

  207. arsenal tom

    the comparison between stoke being able to bring in 3 players that were surplus to requirements at other clubs and us being unable to close a deal for fulham’s only fit goalkeeper is just nonsense.

  208. Is this person seriously comparing Arsenal to Stoke?

    What a fucking joke some supporters are. LMAO

  209. Suga, I will be happy if Wenger just keeps on getting those world class bargains every years, like Rosicky, Van Persie, Clichy, Chamakh,Verminator, etc. Much like he has been doing since he came to Arsenal.

    So far this transfer window is a success in my eyes, 3 quality players in, defence much stronger with Gallas & Silvestre out and Koscielney and Squillaci in, Chamakh up front for when VP’s injured.

    Yes it would have been nice to get another keeper, but seeing as there aren’t lots of world class keepers at reasonable prices, as you said, I’m happy to stick with Al who will have a better season than last. If not, Szczesney can come in.

  210. SUGA3 go fck off back to le moan!!

    what do you enjoy about supporting Arsenal?? noting it seems as you just moan like a twat!! go on and say how greatful youy are that we have Wenger it wont hurt!! twaaaaat

  211. Ole,

    no, he is not – he just fell out with the idiot of a coach, that’s all…

    Fabianski rated higher than Kuszczak in PL? absolutely no way…

    which brings me to another Polish gem – Boruc went to Italy for how much exactly? I know he had a rough season, but now the Italian journos are creaming their pants about how much of a threat to Frey he is – a fighter, a vocal individual, just what the doctor ordered, no?

    remember Eduardo’s ‘dive’ against Celtic? it only looked bad because AB took his arms away – why could MA not do this when Rooney dived? because he can’t think fast enough, that’s why…

  212. Chris – You are trying to twist what he said (again). He never compared Arsenal to Stoke.

  213. chris, no no one was comparing arsenal to stoke… vince is trying to be a smart ass.

    gib… the point is he wasn’t their “only fit goalkeeper” in may was he? we had months to do the deal but messed around and made the same bid twice!!?? what the fuck is that about!?

    they wanted 4m we offered 2m… if we want him badly enough to bid for him then surely sticking another 1m on top would have been worth it? chances are they’d have taken it and we’d all be happy.

  214. 7 points from 3 games.

    Includes 2 tough away games.

    Almunia proved solid, so too did Koscielny bar 1 mistake and 2 cheap bookings.

    Liverpool we should have beat had we got our 1st goal earlier.

    Defensively as a team everyone has been working hard.

    So far there has been a big improvement, lets hope it continues as our squad is very talented, one of the best I have witnessed.

  215. goonerandy on September 1, 2010
    at 11:42 am

    The difference being that Almunia has been a flawless keeper helping our push to sustained title challenges, played in champions league runs as well. The last time we very convincingly challenged, it was with Almunia in goal.

    Big difference between that and a 38 year old who played for Boro.

  216. Adam – Pretty much sums things up. I said earlier, that all in all it has been a good window for us.

  217. we dont need a world class GK, we needed a big guy good in the air, a talker and organiser… thats exactly what schwarzer is

  218. Ole – You are doing it again. Almunia has not been a “flawless” keeper for the past two years. Take your head out of the sand, and your fingers out of your ears. We have had title challenges, but think how much better it would be with a better keeper?

  219. Almunia did perform well enough in the past to warrant being touted as a potential goalkeeper for England under Capello. So let’s get behind him to re-discover the same form.

    When do we meet Stoke? They’re worst than Blackburn as a long ball team.


  220. SUGA3 on September 1, 2010
    at 11:44 am

    It is a fact. Fabianski came to us recommended as the best of a pretty decent goalkeeping crop that includes, Dudek, Boruc, Kuszkzak, Chesney & Fabianski. When he came to us he was like Lloris or Hart, the next best thing. He’d been the best keeper in Poland for a couple of seasons and won titles. he’d been capped and taken to major tournaments. He’s let himself down with us, but it’s the nature of this league, not necessarily his ability.

    The reason I resort to insults against you is because you’re often thick and dishonest. Another example here. I write Poland, you write PL, implying that I was talking about the Premier League.

    But even if I was talking about the PL, nobody really thinks Kuzksak is the dog’s bollocks anyways.

  221. Tom

    There is no chance Fulham would have accepted with him being there onlu fit keeper.

    Who would they stick in goal,, Murphy?

  222. arsenal tom

    we didn’t have since may. how many moves involving world cup players happened before they went out there? i can’t think of any, there are certainly very few. so that gives us the time immediately after the world cup when schwarzer will have been on holiday. players like us, are entitled to this time and whether or not we think they deserve it, will take it. then there was the time when the two sides were on tour. fulham were in sweden whole we were away, which can’t make it easy to negotiate things. add in the fact that fulham had a protracted period of upheaval because hodgson left and it’s hardly a stable background to negotiate.

    transfers simply aren’t as simple as people seem to believe. it isn’t a matter of someone being worth a set amount and us having to pay that. there are an enormous number of factors involved.

    frustration is understandable, i think that almunia is a player we could be looking at trying to upgrade but crassly overstating your arguments lends them no worth.

  223. Thing thing with Fabianski is that you can see he has somthing. For periods he can look like a very very good goalkeeer. But you also know that he has a huge howler in him nearly every game. He can’t seem to cope with the pressure.

    I bet he is the best of the 4 keepers in training.

  224. goonerandy,

    Can you read? if you can, do read my first comment where I referred to 2 flawless seasons. It should be pretty clear I was talking about his first 2 seasons as Number 1.

  225. Goonerandy, I think he was talking about the 2 season before last. At the start of last season I was totally unworried about having Almunia in goal as no1 based on his previous couple of years.

  226. Ole – I got that mate. Which is why I said “since then”, as I was reffering to his last 2. I was more than happy with him when he first ousted Jens.

  227. chris… i know and i agree, but my point is that we lodged our first bid in may confirmed by hill-wood. if we’d have gone straight back in and negotiated like normal clubs do we could have had he signed up a week or two later when they did have a fit replacement and the whole summer to get another keeper in if they wanted to.

    the facts are that we wanted a new no.1 keeper had the whole summer to find one but didn’t… thats not good enough for a club that talks about winning the league

  228. No, someone asked “waaaaa, why can stoke do 3 deals on deadline day with inferior resources to ours when it takes us 3 weeks waaaaa”. So yeah, that’s a comparison. Looking back, it was ‘Arsenal’ Tom at half elevenish.

  229. Transfer window is closed anyway, so the likes of goonerandy, SUGA3, Jon, and any other supporters who ain’t got it in them to support the team.. you are wasting you energy.

    Wenger is the best manager around, and proved it once again with his signings. As someone else mentioned, we bought 3, and promoted 4 very talented youngsters.

    We are constantly improving, and we are constantly challenging for honours. Those who believe otherwise are as deluded as the media.

    Many of the fans like myself on this site all predicted the fall of Liverpool, any fan with a bit of football sense could see past Gerrard and Torres – where there wasn’t much.

    How some of the Arsenal fans who slate our team, and certain individuals don’t see how good the likes of Theo, Diaby, Verm, Cesc, Rosicky, etc etc are is beyond me.

    We have the best squad, I will stand by that until May. As long as we have a normal season of injuries in numbers, we will win the league.

  230. goonerandy,

    See that’s why I think you’re just riding the popular train, scapegoating and generally being naughty. I do know that when a keeper has 2 good seasons, and 1 bad season coinciding with early family issues, and then having to suffer serious abuse and lack of confidence from his fans, I do think it’s perfectly valid to not take the 1 season as representative of his ability. To do that would be really dumb.

  231. Chris – “Transfer window is closed anyway, so the likes of goonerandy, SUGA3, Jon, and any other supporters who ain’t got it in them to support the team.. ”

    Making things up again. I may start calling you Jackanory. You seem to think that having objective comments about the team means that “you don’t support them”. That is childlike thinking in the extreme, and says more about you than me.

  232. “SUGA3 go fck off back to le moan!!”

    Please God. How can you have a reasoned argument with a guy who (presumably with a straight face) calls Arsene Wenger “negligent”. And this from an alleged Arsenal supporter. God help us. Every time I pop back to the read the comments the ghastly apparition of his grinning be-shaded visog stares back at me. It’s like toothache.
    It’ll probably be safe to visit ACLF in a day or so when these people have returned to their natural habitat and familiar hunting grounds.

    In summing up…..we didn’t pay way over the odds for a goalkeeper who is no better than what we already have. We are therefore finished. We will slip out of the “top four”. We may well be relegated. Doomed for all eternity. This is all Wenger’s fault. Never trust a stingy Frenchman. Never trust a Frenchman. The end.

  233. lol chris, love how you ignore all my correct points and just go off on an irrelevant rant.

    i really dont understand why people think that questioning something at arsenal is not-supporting and cant just discuss things

  234. vince… so why don’t you try and offer up a constructive reasoned and sensible answer instead of talking shit!?

  235. @ArsenalTom.

    Stoke have really made three signings?

    Wow! I’m shaking in my boots.

    Or maybe it was simply easier for them to improve their squad.

  236. Ole – You are wrong in that thinking mate. I seriously don’t need others to make my opinion for me. For me, he has made too many mistakes over his Arsenal career and I would like somebody better. It is as simple as that. You may not agree, but that that is my opinion.

    I hope to God he proves me wrong and reverts back to Al of a few seasons ago. That would do me nicely. I like him, he seems a nice guy and I hope he has a great season. If he does, we could well end up with something to show for it.

  237. Ole,

    PL is an international acronym for Poland, like GB is for Great Britain, no?

    Fabianski came recommended as the best of the GKs you named? back them Dudek (although waning) and Boruc were considered the best of the lot, closely followed by Kuszczak, then there was Fabianski…

    capped and taken to ‘major tournaments’? which ‘major tournaments’ are you referring to, dear? and did he play?

    and how old was Szczesny back then? you can’t really take him into the consideration back then, can you?

  238. Good goalkeepers make mistakes, including some embarrassing ones. One need only look back at David James, Bruce Grobelar to name 2 who had very good and successful careers and are yet often remembered for some bloopers while with title winning clubs, and also with England. So please quit picking on Almunia.

  239. Tom – get used to it mate.

  240. gooner… you have no grasp of what the argument is mate… its not about who they’ve signed or if it makes them better than us.

    my point is that a club as big as arsenal should be able to do our deal early and get our squad settled not scrabble around on the last day because we should have done it earlier leaving our current first choice keeping not knowing if he’ll ever play again for us.

    not to mention we’ve actually got serious cash this summer for a change.

  241. david james a good goal keeper? lol… he was nick named “calamity” and sold every few years for a reason

  242. Luke – You are right, lots of good goalkeepers make mistakes. But there are also some that don’t make that many at all. I would like of those please.

  243. Arsenal Tom

    Despite what you said, Calamity David James was picked and was no. 1 for England. What do you have to say to that?

  244. er,

    that the England GKs are (or were, given that JH looks the business) shit?

    Almunia being considered for England for a moment says it all, no?

  245. luke… that the other keepers were shit bar joe hart who for some reason wasn’t picked mate…

    look at his competition…

    green – fumbler
    foster – bottler
    robinson – fat
    kirkland – crock & fumbler

    best of a bad bunch mate

  246. you know with all the contrasting views on here you’d have thought this would be a great place for a good arsenal debate and chat, shame people resort to name calling, comments like STFU and just blank peoples answer so much as soon as they are proved wrong…

    im sure you’d agree no chris?

  247. Yikes!

    What a futile discourse. Too much negative energy. On the whole, we may have needed a keeper (Schwarzer would clearly have begun # 2) but everything is relative, nothing and nowhere perfect. We have strengths to compensate too.

    I am full of confidence. COYG!

  248. SUGA3,

    That’s what it was. Read this:

    Major tournaments Fabianski went to? The World Cup and the Euros (I believe but not sure)

    Again, you make assertions from a position of ignorance.

    Everything I asserted in my comments is correct, and you dismiss it because it doesn’t fit into what you want to believe or your agenda

  249. zim… LOL! why would we pay 2-4m for another clubs current first team GK who’s better than any keeper at our club and make him no.2?

  250. Out of the top ten keepers in the Premiership last year, Fabianski and Almunia were bottom for shots to saves at around 64%.

    is that good enough for arsenal?

  251. I’m so bored of reading all this moaning I can’t even finis

  252. Harry Flowers and Jonnyd earlier have said it all.

  253. my point is that a club as big as arsenal should be able to do our deal early and get our squad settled not scrabble around on the last day because we should have done it earlier leaving our current first choice keeping not knowing if he’ll ever play again for us.

    Again, the approaches were made early. If they didn’t happen it’s because the conditions for them to happen were not right. As AW points out, it takes the agreement of 3 parties to complete a transfer. If we were still waiting and hoping to do the deal on the last day, it’s because we weren’t giving up.

    Don’t be silly. What’s wrong with you people?

  254. Boruc??? Hahahaha!! Yeah he’s definitely better than Almunia! That’s so laughable it’s ridiculous. It’s becoming clear that many of these people who are recommending these ‘top quality’ goalies have been basing their views on football manager profiles, and not by actually watching them play on a weekly basis. Boruc has made some of the most comedic errors i’ve seen with his rushes of blood and charging out of goal needlessly – similar to Fabianski on his bad days as i remember…

    Do you not think Wenger and his immense scouting team have been watching these goalies for the last couple of years? And if there was someone with the consistent quality to usurp Manuel who’s not expecting ludicrous wages or their team expecting ludicrous transfer fees, we would have snapped them up? Of course we would. A fine goalie is a rare beast these days and when their that good, who in their right mind would want to sell?

  255. Ole,

    all you did here is repeating someone else’s opinion, how is that any more ‘correct’ than what I am telling you?

    voted the Polish league’s best GK of the season twice in a row – ever watched a Polish league game? though not…

    if you look at the name of the article’s author, you will see that he is either:

    – Polish
    – of Polish descent

    no surprise he is bigging up a countryman, is there? and the GKs that are named there all played in good leagues before Fabianski did, which shows that they were rated much higher – Polish league is a dark place, the quality players are leaving to warm benches all over Europe…

  256. ole… on the 10th of june hill wood confirmed our bid and stated they wanted more cash… why didnt we go back with another offer straight away, they were willing to let him go if we offered the right money and they could find a replacement… the sooner we offered the right money the longer and better chance of finding a replacement meaning the deals much more likely to happen.

    surely thats obvious?

    going cold for a month then making the same 2m offer is just embaressing

  257. Did Yogi write todays post? Bizarre stuff. It read like an invitation to whingers and doomers everywhere.

  258. Geo,

    Boruc had some personal problems, like separating from his wife and getting involved with a girl with a past as well as bad bunch associated with her…

    now that he got himself a fresh start, watch him go…

  259. Arsenal Tom,

    If we went back and paid whatever was asked for any player we’d be broke. Even Man City pulls out of deals where they’re being bilked.

    Schwarzer, a 38 year old journeyman is not worth much more than we offered. Simple as.

  260. Tom – No, not even nearly. I was not aware of that stat either until you mentioned it. My beef was the mistakes they both make, but throwing that into the mix should really end the argument.

    But it won’t.

    I would be interrested to hear the thoughts of the likes of Chris/Ole on that stat. Especially given the fact that during the arguments on Denilson stats are often thrown up as 100% prove of his worth.

    So shot stopping is arguably the most important stat for a goalkeeper, and our are way down the pecking order in that respect. Explain to me how he is still a “quality keeper” please? Anybody?

  261. them signing boruc should have paved for us to go for frey

  262. Does anyone know when the last time we made any contact with Fulham was regarding MS? The only reason this story ran until yesterday was because the media wanted it to.

  263. Even the moron king has felt comfortable posting here again.
    Sugar – how come other team’s players get sympathy for their personal problems.

  264. ole…

    “If we went back and paid whatever was asked for any player we’d be broke.”

    lol…thats a bit extreme mate…

    we’re talking about 1m here… for a club like arsenal who had this summer previously offered around 18m for reina thats peanuts!

  265. SUGA3,

    You don’t get it. That was the popular opinion about Fabianski. he came to us hyped as the next best thing.

    To say that the author is of Polish origin, thus he was bigging up his countryman is typical SUGA3 daftness. The other players he listed Fabianski as being seen as being better than are also his countrymen.

    I don’t watch the Polish league. However, it is a league well known in Europe among people who know football as one that produces very good keepers. They have a good crop. Fabianski was seen as their next best thing.

    The fact that you and your tabloid masters hadn’t heard of him doesn’t change that fact. Get it?

  266. andy… and noticeably a stat that has been completely ignored by all the “almunia is good enough” people like chris here…

    once he realises he’s wrong he just fucks off… pathetic

  267. ole… and “worth” is all relative… all the points that came from goal keeping errors last season is “worth” allot more than 1/2m mate…

  268. steww,

    because I have seen more quality moments from Boruc?

    because I rate fighters?

    Boruc was Poland’s bet player in the last Euros and keeping scorelines respectable with THAT defence was no mean feat…

    I felt for Almunia for his last year’s bereavement, but hey, this was a one-off situation, whereas Boruc got himself into a bit of longer trouble…

    and still, we had no capable deputy when Al was down and out…

  269. ffs we didnt sign a GK, get the f over it . These are not doomers, these ar a new breed, grumpy old men

  270. SUGA3 – So Almunia didn’t have personal problems last season? Splitting up with a woman and having a tragic family death are miles apart in my opinion. Now that he’s over those issues, watch him go.

    I’ve got faith that he’s now coming into his prime as far as goalies go and this could be the season where everyone has to eat a big old slice of humble pie for Almunia – similar to Eboue of seasons past…

  271. Ole,

    no, I don’t ‘get it’ – Fabianski was the best GK in the league played at snail’s pace, league that had no team in CL group stages since mid-90s…

    and where does Szczepanik state that he is better than the other lot?

  272. Arsenal Tom,

    That’s a fact. It’s not extreme. The reason we can compete on our own resources is that we don’t overpay though arguably we overpaid for Koscielny.
    Why should we overpay for a keeper who’s coming as a squad player? What sense does that make?

    Like Wenger, I do not share the delusion that the success of our season would depend on a 38 year old journeyman. We didnt overpay for Arshavin or Chamakh, players with more pedigree, why on earth for Schwarzer?

  273. Geo,

    not necessarily ‘miles apart’, depending on how ugly the split was…

  274. SUGA3,

    “where does Szczepanik state that he is better than the other lot?”

    “Lukasz Fabianski, who is joining Arsenal from Legia Warsaw for an undisclosed fee, is the latest and potentially the best of a series of impressive goalkeeping exports from Poland to Britain”

    Did you read that? Let me guess you’ll quibble at the word potentially?

  275. Goonerandy!!!u fucking gorw up, I wasnt talking to u !!

  276. ole… cos when your talking about replacing a major problem area sometimes you have to go a little further. and we’re talking about about paying 1 or 2m here not 10m! we have more than enough money to cover it, even wenger has said we’re rich now.

    Out of the top ten keepers in the Premiership last year, Fabianski and Almunia were bottom for shots to saves at around 64%.

    thats an appalling stat to have attributed to us.

  277. LETS GO.

    I guess its done now, the only thing I want now is for almunia and szezcxpty to be NO. 1 and No. 2. If that is done I wont complain.

    The key is to keep flapianski away from the team, I hope arsene will finally see to this.


  278. Hmmm, nobody has attempted to explain the stat that Tom posted, in relation to Almunia being a “quality” keeper. How strange. Especially with stats being so important and all.

  279. Ole,

    I work as a legal advisor and the word ‘potentially’ is a most commonly used get out clause at the initial stage of giving the advice where you don’t know all the facts…

  280. Firstlady – I know you wasn’t. You were just being childlike in general (if you are a child I do apologise) and egging on a fellow child in abusing somebody.

  281. andy… selective reading mate. plus its only a fact if one of the regulars post it…

  282. Arsenal Tom

    Can you post a link to the site where that stat came from?



  283. ole

    I think that everbody knows that almunia and fabianski are shit.and even a blind man can see the sort of problem that we’re having.

  284. yogi… its through orbinho on twitter mate… he has access to the opta stats

  285. cant get it now as its barred where i work but search him and you’ll find it

  286. “80% – Mark Schwarzer of Fulham was the league’s best shot-stopper saving 80% of shots on target faced”

    Heh, an opta stat from 12 months ago.

  287. Hey, why are so many people talking about our goalkeeper? Didn’t anyone else notice how Birmingham wanted Hleb the most? That’s the most interesting bit methinks 😛

  288. Yeah, we’ve had better keepers – and worse! I’d defend Lukic though, many of us weren’t happy when GG brought in Seaman, but what did we know?!

    Al is the best bet, like it or not. I’d like to see more of Vito on the bench though, he’s shown potential and let’s not under estimate it BOTTLE too. I’d be much more confident with Vito coming of the bench than Lucasz.

    What can we do about it? Diddly squat, apart from support the players wearing the colours as best we can.


    Here is an article I founf (never been on that website before so don’t know how decent it is). But as they say, the stats don’t lie.

  290. Arsenal Tom on September 1, 2010
    at 12:21 pm

    Source of that stat?

    I have had long disagreements with Orbinho of Opta on that shots-saves ratio. It’s measuring a keeper’s pedigree by a team stat. If we used that measure Mannone would be rated higher than Petr Cech last season!

    However I am sure that your stat is wrong, and the positions you mention that they fall in is also wrong. State your source.

    Finally, even though Almunia’s save ratio was relatively low last season, it was much higher in previous seasons. Not only was it higher, it was among the best in the league.

  291. @gooner2.

    It depends who the blind man listens to.

    In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king – or so I hear.

  292. my source is orbinho mate.

    either way my eyes and brain tell me almunia isnt good enough, the mistakes he’s made and consistently makes – getting beaten at this near post and flapping at crosses is enough to know he’s not good enough.

    its not his fault, its wenger’s… he shouldn’t be in our team but he’s the best of a bad bunch.

  293. Of course we can still win the title! Good to see an optimist amongst a lot of doom and gloom in the Goonerverse.

    It would have been of benefit to sign a goalkeeper, but I’m not even sure Schwarzer was the best option to pursue. However, not signing one isn’t going to harm our title ambitions a great deal, what will though is going through all this again in January.

    There seems to be a dearth of genuine class keepers across Europe at the minute, and Almunia is definitely in the class below that, along with most of the crop of Premier League stoppers. The only three I’d rate as top drawer at the minute are Cech, Reina and Hart – the rest are no better than what we have.

    Almunia is the man in possession now, let’s back him.

  294. Ole – In truth I agree that stats are not really a good stick to measure players with. People around here are quick to bring them out for the Denilson debate though (when it suits obviously).

  295. goonerandy,

    If you check the comments of the link you posted at 1:04pm, there is another stat from few years back on the saved shots ratio in which Mad Jens came in the 19th position with 63% save. Does that mean Jens is a sh*ttier keeper than Big Al.

    Pasting the table for everyones reference.
    1 Cech Chelsea 83.3%
    2 Kiraly Crystal Palace 82.9%
    3 Carroll Manchester United 80.0%
    4 Taylor Birmingham City 78.4%
    5 Sorensen Aston Villa 78.3%
    6 James Manchester City 77.6%
    7 Dudek Liverpool 75.0%
    8 Hislop Portsmouth 75.0%
    9 Martyn Everton 74.4%
    10 Niemi Southampton 72.0%
    11 Green Norwich City 71.2%
    12 Schwarzer Middlesbrough 69.8%
    13 Jaaskelainen Bolton Wanderers 69.8%
    14 Speroni Crystal Palace 69.0%
    15 Friedel Blackburn Rovers 64.9%
    16 Robinson Tottenham Hotspur 64.4%
    17 Van der Sar Fulham 64.2%
    18 Kiely Charlton Athletic 63.8%
    19 Lehmann Arsenal 63.0%
    20 Given Newcastle United 62.1%
    21 Hoult West Bromwich Albion 60.3%
    22 Howard Manchester United 58.3%
    23 Kirkland Liverpool 50.0%

  296. I am sick to death of these so called supporters. I hate Stoke but as least they have proper supporters.I hear nothing but moans from the so called fans but what the hell do they offer the team , where do they play a part. Do they make a lot of noise on match day, no they dont . Do they support the team and make noise when we conceed a goal, no the dont. Would an increase level of noise positively affect the team and deter the visiting team , yes it would. So my point is rather the moaning about Arsene none spending we need to look first at our own contribution.How do we make our ground unomfortable for visiting teams. Ok we have won nothing for five years but in the time we have qualified for the champions league , we now have a stadium that is the envy of many.
    When I look at Arsenal I see a bigger picture , I see a team that is on track, yes we could have done with a new keeper but for me the main problem is our inability to defend as a team from the front and making intellegent fouls higher up the pitch to slow up the other team and finaly and more importantly we need to start understanding that being a supporter is about turning up and making sufficient nosie to affect the game. Arsenal 4 ever

  297. goonerandy,

    Some stats are superior to others. The league table is a stat for example. The highest goal scorer is a stat. Passing accuracy is a great stat as well. My problem with keeper stats is that they invariably are team stats. So you’re trying to find out who the best pupil in the class is by measuring how the class did. Ok, not the best analogy but you get my point.

    Keeper stats are clean sheets and save ratio and a lot about that depends on the entire team. A keeper can be brilkiant and concede a goal because a striker conceded a stupid penalty in an innocuous position.

    I am saying that what you agree with is not what I am saying, so we possibly disagree.

  298. Goonerandy,

    You’re damn right they don’t and here to prove how bloody meaningless they are is the 2nd reply from that post:

    1979gooner says:
    August 18, 2010 at 9:57 am
    unfortunately those stats are completely meaningless, the shots saved % and shots saved/game are rather random and very meaningless indeed

    schmeichel in his prime was 13th on the opta stats!

    I pulled some prem stats from a few years back and kiraly came up 2nd and he was a useless keeper!

    1 Cech Chelsea 83.3%
    2 Kiraly Crystal Palace 82.9%
    3 Carroll Manchester United 80.0%
    4 Taylor Birmingham City 78.4%
    5 Sorensen Aston Villa 78.3%
    6 James Manchester City 77.6%
    7 Dudek Liverpool 75.0%
    8 Hislop Portsmouth 75.0%
    9 Martyn Everton 74.4%
    10 Niemi Southampton 72.0%
    11 Green Norwich City 71.2%
    12 Schwarzer Middlesbrough 69.8%
    13 Jaaskelainen Bolton Wanderers 69.8%
    14 Speroni Crystal Palace 69.0%
    15 Friedel Blackburn Rovers 64.9%
    16 Robinson Tottenham Hotspur 64.4%
    17 Van der Sar Fulham 64.2%
    18 Kiely Charlton Athletic 63.8%
    19 Lehmann Arsenal 63.0%
    20 Given Newcastle United 62.1%
    21 Hoult West Bromwich Albion 60.3%
    22 Howard Manchester United 58.3%
    23 Kirkland Liverpool 50.0%

    These are not aberrations either, the statistics are very random and there doesn’t appear to be much rhyme or reason to them.

    The stats say nothing about the quality of the saves or errors made.

    You can save lots of easy shots all day and have great stats, while being a sh*t keeper. In fact if you play for a weaker side it seems to help as you get to save a lot more shots and bump your % up.

    I agree on Almunia in that he has been undermined and now has very little confidence, however the stats are not a solid way to base your argument.

    The opta goalkeeper stats are a useless tool and I wouldn’t use them.”

  299. He got dropped for him in the end didn’t he?

  300. I told you Wenger has lost it. Not signing a quality keeper after having had THREE MONTHS to do so, is indefensible. It’s nothing short of a disgraceful situation.
    There have been a number of keepers who he could have signed – some of whom actually WANTED to come to us. Hell, if he was really THAT KEEN on getting Schwarzer in, then why quibble over a million quid or so ? That amount is not going to break the bank. If he had genuinely wanted ANYBODY he could have done it – the money IS there for him.
    I suspect the reason he didn’t, was because his ego wants him to be proven right and that he “believes” Almunia is good enough.The man is deluded, and should be charged with criminal neglect of the team. And he gets four more years for this incompetence ? Give us a break !
    “In Arsene we rust.”

  301. Spectrum, you are welcome to take a break from the Arsenal for 4 years..

  302. Ole –

    ” am saying that what you agree with is not what I am saying, so we possibly disagree.”

    Heh, confusion reigns. Like I said, I am not big on judging by stats as they don’t tell what a player didn’t do, and as has been pointed out by others can paint a picture but not tell the story.

    Going back to the main issue (which is very tedious now) I don’t think he/they are good enough because they make too many mistakes. If people don’t agree with that, fine, I am happy to respect their opinion. Hopefully he will find his form again.

    That will be my last comment on the matter because I am bored talking about it.

  303. Spectrum if you’re so rusty go down the rubbish dump where you belong.

  304. I agree with ive at 1:15 pm.

    Too many bad apples amongst Arsenal fans these days and not enough die hard supporters anymore. If you think Almunia is 18th best ‘keeper in the league or whatever then you are in agreement with a Spud. What sort of supporter does that make you. Debate is fine, insulting your own players, Manager and writing off the team already is arrogant, pessimistic and counter productive.

    The amount of comments already today tells it’s own story. A united support for the team now is better for us all, surely.

  305. I think that misquote commonly attributed to Marie Antoinette actually translates as “Let them eat brioche”, doesn’t it? Which is a far more sensible suggestion than silly people from this century tend to give her credit for. There was a huge surplus of brioche you see, especially in Paris where hundreds of new restaurants with cavernous great kitchens and many hundreds of chefs threw as many eggs and as much butter and sugar into their dough mixes as the flour would take – for they stockpiled farm produce from the countryside like it was going out of fashion. And Parisien fashions do not last long – as some of you may or may not be aware.

  306. NAGA I hope you are right and that Chesny AKA Wojech gets a chance at number two and can play in cup games

  307. One of the best articles I’ve read.

    Its a guest post from Paul Fowler. Must read.

  308. maybe I went too deep on that blind man thing.but I hope you do get the drift.and aslo I have been saying that we don’t have that mental strengh which can push us a little bit further.and I can see most of people on other blogs using the word “mental strengh”.and it was me who started saying this word.but I am not saying this just to sound like a corky arsehole.but I’m this for a good damn reason.

  309. Gooney Andy,

    Since it’s a given that keepers will make mistakes over the course of a season, I’m just wondering, just how many mistakes are keepers allowed to make before they become a liability?

  310. “I’m just saying this for a good damn reason”.thats what I meant to say.

  311. Some funny comments on here today. Usually preceded by “The facts don’t lie” before stating something entirely baseless and nonsensical like… I don’t know… ‘a goalkeeper can not get better after the age of 33’. Or ‘Arsenal haven’t won anything with Almunia in goal, therefore, it’s Almunia’s fault’. What a strange, simplistic, defeatist view of the world.

    Or a list of ‘points dropped because of Almunia’ – what a heaving pile of steaming shit. A statement like that surely belies either a complete lack of understanding of the team sport of football, hides the fact that this person didn’t actually watch the match, or that they are intentionally being obtuse – in which case you can’t help but question their motives. To be honest I think a vast majority of the cunts on here today are WUMs.

  312. goonerandy,

    There’s one keeper stat I agree with; keeper errors. It exists but I hardly ever see rankings made on that basis.

    I’d like a keeper index that’s based on clear criteria and ranks keepers based on errors they commit.-

  313. Excellent post Limpar 🙂 agree entirely

  314. That is a great article IndianGooner – thanks

  315. “How four guys with personality disorders created the doom and gloom movement

    This is the story of how a tiny group of disturbed (and probably unemployed) people who have managed to influence the mass media, and get themselves a little bunch of depressed disciples who now make a lot of noise. Between them (the oddballs, the media and the depressives) they give the impression that they are the majority, and that they have some sort of argument that deserves debate. They are in fact a tiny minority and the argument, whichever way you look at it, deteriorates into a set of bland statements which fail to take into account the economic, political and corrupt reality of football today.

    Although each poster seemed to have a different email address it became clear that they were all using one of three computers to post the messages. It took me a few days to tumble that the fifty or so apparent posters who were taking messages from one site and posting them on another, were actually just three people all writing under different names!

    Obviously I blocked the relevant addresses – but then other people started to pop up, and this time they really got going, with a continual stream of anti-Wenger and anti-Arsenal propaganda. They were fighting back.

    They also got more sophisticated – avoiding the cut and paste and instead commenting on each other’s posts building up the picture of doom and gloom. If you read Untold you won’t have seen too many of these, because they and I were playing a cat and mouse game, of me trying to spot and block them before they got too far.

    So they talk to themselves. One made a negative point, and five minutes later the same person with a different email address and screen name would come on saying, “Good point, what’s more…”

    It took me a while to trace this back – and this time I found another four computers, generating emails in no less than 85 different email addresses! In other words the entire Anti-Wenger postings came from a handful of people.

    The technique of the catastrophists

    The catastrophists changed computers and started again with emails saying “I don’t know if this report is true or not but…” and then continue to accept that the report (of something they defined as a disaster at Arsenal) is true, and then call for Wenger’s head.

    A variation on this involves making up a Wenger quote, quoting it (obviously without a source since it is made up) and then laughing at how anyone could be so stupid as to say this.”

  316. It’s like a carnival of trolls rolled into town today. Fortunately they only perform for a day or two, then pack their bags and leave.

  317. Limpar,

    no mate, believing that all of the sudden Almunia will become a world beater at 33, that’s what is naive…

    we have not won jack since Al is our GK and that is a fact – my opinion (and that’s what it is) is that he is not a silverware winning material…

    and by the way, I am watching each and every AFC game for longer than I care to remember – what makes me laugh is that you think ‘your’ views (which are nothing more than jizzing your pants at whatever Our Glorious Leader does, btw) are superior to mine, whereas I was in the position to come on here and tell you ‘I told you so’ year in year out for the past few seasons…

    bored now…

  318. “How four guys with personality disorders created the doom and gloom movement”


    It has been four days since the sp*ds lost to Wigan. Enough time for the same trolls to suck in their gizzards, and return to their vaguely sociopathic routines.

  319. hahahahahahaha!

    Untold is a place where you get banned for having a different opinion – don’t know how on earth they came up with this theory about just four D&Gs, but it surely made me laugh…

    and please, don’t tell me that LG does the same – you stay on as long as you are civil, check the threads over there…

  320. Suga,

    so you got banned for using different ids?

  321. notlager,

    no, this is the only one I use, which is even easier to see, given my unique avatar…

    why would I set up a bunch of email addresses to agree with myself? come on, there’s more to life than that – sure, if someone does that, it is a fucking sad thing to do, but I am not one of these…

  322. If all you A.K.B.’s still support Wenger after this latest fiasco ( you do, of course ), then you are not true Arsenal supporters – and to use your well worn expression : “F..k off and go and support another team.”
    “In Arsene we rust.”

  323. Suga,

    you seem to be this fucking sad thing.

  324. We now have two clowns at Arsenal – Almunia and Wenger / The only question is : “When does the circus leave town?”
    “In Arsene we rust.”

  325. Sperztrum,

    The All New Spuds / Redknob Hatefest:

    From Villa fans. Haha. You are fucking popular I must say.

  326. notlager

    Unless Suga3 is using different IP addresses, the only name he posts under here is Suga3. There were a few this morning trying it on but they have now been consigned to moderation. Curiously enough, one was arguing with himself (or herself) which I found disturbing, to say the least.


  327. notlager,

    words fail me – there is no way for you to be civil, is there?

    barrage of abuse from the likes of you must be the greatest indicator of the fact that my arguments are well put forward and merited – if you try to discredit me by doing so, means you’re cornered and have fuck all to say to that…

    off now – you can go back to waxing lyrical about Our Glorious Leader and Even More Glorious Goalkeeper…

  328. SUGA3

    It is naive to blame the fact that we have not won anything since 2005 on Almunia. Football is a team sport and outfield players have been equally culpable in defeat.


  329. thanks, YW 😉

    and I am not J*mes either 😆

  330. YW,

    yes, I know, but we all know he did cost us a good few times and that we should be able to do better than that, IMO…

    I will get behind Almunia now, but it will not be anywhere near ‘Come on Almunia, you can do this, you’re the shit’ in the opening minutes in Paris 😉

  331. and one arguing with himself – priceless!

    did he/she refer to him/herself as ‘we’?

  332. yogi,

    suga is mainly talking to himself, too.

  333. I just can’t take anything you say seriously I’m afraid, SUGA3. You speak in a ridiculous mixture of cliché and bollocks. ‘World beater’? ‘Silverware winning material’? These are just meaningless soundbites nicked from the constructs of shit punditry.

    And gloating about being able to say ‘I told you so’… really? Each to his own I guess… but that is pretty weird.

  334. by the way, AW said himself MA would get nervous in ‘big’ games, hence my opinion that he is not a silverware winning material, as you have to play a few of these to win stuff…

  335. No AW did not say that.

    But SUGA3 did describe Diaby as a ‘passenger’.

    I enjoyed Diaby’s performance on Saturday.

  336. Of course it is not Almunia’s fault for us not winning anything, that is absurd. However, I think we all agree that this team is ever so close to being one that will win things. And then dominate for a sustained period hopefully.

    As such it is small details which can make the difference, and upgrading the keeper area is a step in the right direction. I think that is why so many (me certainly) fans are frustrated in this area; we are so close you can almost touch it.

  337. Electrolytic Lead Ore is a silverware winning material… I think.

  338. LA,

    no, these are not ‘meaningless soundbites’, these are commonly used expressions, that are pretty easy to understand…

    once again, it’s a predictable response – you try to knock down my argument by ridiculing the language I use, and don’t even touch the subject…

    Argumentum ad hominem:

    A term used in debate to denote an argument made personally against an opponent, instead of against the opponent’s argument.

  339. Why call yourself ‘spectrum’ when you only see things in black?

  340. Good Grief!

    What did you put in your column to cause all this Yogi?

    For what it’s worth I agree with every word that you wrote this morning and with those of johnyd. Yes. I’d have liked a new ‘keeper but now that wish is dead. Long live Big Al. End of.

    I disagree with most of that written by a bunch of people I hope never to have to read again.

    All credit to you Ole. I’ve said it before and I’ll probably say it again, you have the tenacity of a terrier. More power to you. When most of us can’t be arsed, you never cease to take the fight against stupidity seriously.

  341. This is why REAL Arsenal fans are angry…….
    “In Arsene we rust.”

  342. and I never said that it was all Almunia’s fault either…

    but shaky GK instills nervousness into your back four, plus when your defence is not the tallest, not being able to claim crosses safely and regularly is not something you want to see…

  343. I blame Eboue, Diaby, Denilson, Song, Walcott, Clichy, Bendtner and Almunia for not winning anything. Oh shit, actually I blame Wenger cos he bought all these exceedingly cheap ‘failures’. The amount of incompetence Mr Wenger shows is astounding.

    Maybe TV will make some mistakes this year – in fact i think he’s going to so it’s going to be his fault that we dont win anything this year. Or maybe it’ll be RvP’s fault for getting injured, or maybe it’ll be Sanga’s fault for getting some hair in his eyes at a crucial moment, or maybe Wilshere will score an own goal at some point… I think in a couple of years Chesney’s going to make some mistakes too – bollocks to him, let’s not take that risk…

    Oh my god – we’ve got a team full of people that can make mistakes.. what are we going to do???!!! I know, let’s spend shit loads of money on egotistical twats like Balotelli…

  344. I would have liked a new goalkeeper this summer, goonerandy… I would also like a swimming pool shaped like a pair of Technics decks but things just aren’t panning out like that at the moment. I’ll make do with the perfectly good swimming pool we have at the gym. It’s probably better because you can do actual lengths in it.

    Everyone wants to see the squad improved… but when that’s not possible, to call it negligence, and incompetence – when you don’t know the first thing about the realities of the situation, and in fact barely know your arse from your elbow… and then you bang on and on about how this means Arsenal won’t win anything… when you clearly don’t know what you’re talking about… well that makes me think you’re either from another team trying to undermine The Arsenal… or you’re just a twat and you need to be told as much.

  345. ‘I would also like a swimming pool shaped like a pair of Technics decks’

    now you’re talking – love the idea 😀

  346. SUGA3

    I asked earlier but don’t know if you saw, since a similar theme seems to have come up I’ll ask again.

    What’s the basis for people saying things like “so-and-so is worth 10 points a season”? I’ve never understood it. What’s the baseline? Who is this standard keeper who is worth 0 points a season? Are there some who are worth -10? It doesn’t seem to have been given any context or thought, it’s just what LimparAssist called “meaningless soundbites nicked from the construct of bad punditry.” I should add that I don’t know if you actually used the phrase but you were certainly on the side of people who did. Please help me understand.

    Also, on le grove, I go on there sometimes and read today’s post. You’re right that if you’re civil you’re allowed o post what you like but there was a part of today’s post saying that if you don’t agree you should go elsewhere. Does that mark a change in policy or was it just a rant? I didn’t hang around to find out.

  347. YW:

    Another one of your great posts.

    All keepers make mistakes, no doubt. However, how many GK lost their job not just once but twice during a year. How many top clubs looked to replace their GK in the summer. There has never been a question about who is first choice GK at Barca or Liverpool. No big teams in Europe were looking to replace their #1 this summer. Obviously our management thinks that our keepers made more mistakes then other GK.

    Almunia is the best GK on the club at this point so we have to accept that. If he plays consistantly well the entire year, then we can win the league. If he performs like last year it will seriously damage whatever chance we have. Teams lose and teams win games, not individuals. However, the GK is probably the easiest position on the pitch where an individual performance can lose a game. Lots of pressure on Al this year. As you pointed out the way the whole GK situation was handled only increased that pressure. Time will tell how it all plays out.

  348. gib,

    my point was that the likes of VdS, Cech and Reina are able to snatch the victory/draw out of the jaws of draw/defeat more often than not (yes, I know, Reina’s howler on the opening day)…

    I see it this way: good GK is a +10, an average one is a 0 and a crap one is a -10 – getting a
    quality GK would better us by 10 points or so, IMO, as I think Almunia is an average one…

    as for LG, it was a rant caused by and addressed at people who come on and simply abuse authors and fellow bloggers, nothing more…

  349. LimparAssist – Look carefully through my posts and you will see that not once have I said “we won’t win anything” (the opposite in fact), and nor have I said anything about “incompetance or negligence” (because I don’t believe it is).

    So before you start ranting about how I don’t know “my arse from my elbow” get your facts strieght because it is you who now looks like a twat, and possibly needs to be told so.

  350. Bill – with your defensive knowledge – dont you think our new defensive line is capable of making things easier for Almunia this year? I’m confident that their confidence will give him confidence who will in turn give them more confidence… if you get what i mean 😉

  351. But I do like the pool idea.

  352. Bill – Bang on.

  353. Yogi, Please moderate the clown who goes by the name Spectrum.

    All of the people who claim that Almunia cost us points last season still haven’t recognised my comment about the penalty save at West Ham that most probably helped us get the points in that one.

    Selective memories these chaps.

  354. matt,

    I was there and cheered him for that, but as they say:

    ‘one swallow does not make a relationship’

  355. Argumentum ad hominem… I’ve seen you say that before, SUGA3.

    And if your argument were based on the intricacies of goalkeeping technique in the modern game, then maybe that might be something interesting to talk about… but it’s not, as far as I can tell your argument boils down to:

    – No new keeper = No chance of winning the league
    – Wenger/board = incompetent and negligent

    Seeing as all that carries about as much weight as a wet fart in the wind then I don’t see the point in going over what others already have done which is tell you as much and tell you to fuck off.

  356. The only ones seem to be speaking any sense on here are the Arsenal ‘supporters’.. why muppets like SUGA3 bother to come along and spread their punditry shite really makes me wonder what their intentions are.

    SUGA3 you think you actually have your OWN opinion, that is the funniest part. You are part of a large pool of scumbags who believe everything they see on the telle!

    I know a fair few Arsenal supporters who slag off certain players, all of them cannot maintain a decent level of discussion when coming face to face with me. They continually base their arguments on the comments and sayings they hear in the press like SUGA3.

    Its either a lack of knowledge, or inability to actually see the game for what it is.

    Maybe this is why football in England has gone the way it has. No technique, no expert evaluation, and idiot pundits and commentators.

  357. Sorry, goonerandy I wasn’t talking about you at all there. I was agreeing with you in the first place that a new goalkeeper would have been nice, then going on to talk about how calling it negligence that we don’t have one is a load of rubbish. Wasn’t saying you were one of those that had… wrong end of the stick. My fault.

  358. Chris – That has to be one of the most arrogant posts I have seen on here. Presuming that because somebody does not agree with your view of things they are not a “supporter” (in your wierd little view) and must have gotten his opinions from the TV.

    Then going on to specualate “Its either a lack of knowledge, or inability to actually see the game for what it is”. Quite amazing how you MUST be right and others are wrong. Even though you only see one side of things, and not the full picture.

    If everything is so perfect, then why have we finished way off the pace in the last few years? Assuming you are old enough to remember the last few years.

  359. LA,

    well, you could probably try and explain to a football illiterate like myself where does Almunia excel and base your argument on your clearly superior knowledge of the game…

    but if not, then hey – no matter how eloquent you try to look, it does not hide the fact that you are clearly talking bollocks…

  360. The extent of the doom suggests Almunia will be playing in goal, with his arms tied behind his back. If that is the case I fully support any criticism of Arsene for not buying a GK.

  361. good article. Almunia is OK Lets be positive and support every team member

  362. Limpar – No worries bud.

  363. limpar – And obviously I take back my last paragraph 🙂

  364. Matt, the funniest one was Joe who earlier on said that only one performance in Almunia’s entire career had ‘come anywhere close to the desired standard’. I’m not sure what performance he was talking about but the fifteen clean sheets he kept just last year were clearly substandard.

  365. LimparAssist and ChrisGoona,

    let us ignore Suga and let him talk to himself. Maybe Yogi will ban him then for good.

  366. Man this is getting boring now…

    Anyone fancy talking about the upcoming match? or anything other than how shit Almunia and Wenger are and how we’re doomed to finish below Sp*ds?

  367. We could talk about the ever improving form of Theo Walcott. I hate to say it guys but ‘I told you so’ 🙂

  368. “Diaby is a passenger”,

    “Walcott doesn’t have a football brain”

    It’s true.
    Sometimes you can be damned by the company you keep:

  369. The point I was trying to make, albeit not very well, is that you cannot judge a player on mistakes, if you don’t account for all of the good things he does.

    Personally, I would of liked a new goalkeeper at the club, but that doesn’t mean that I think Almunia is rubbish, it just means I think we can improve in that area.

    For one reason or another, that hasn’t happened, therefore I will support what we have, which is Almunia as our No. 1.

    I hope that he takes the uncertaintly over the position in the summer, and uses it as motivation to prove all the doubters wrong.

    If he doesn’t, I assume AW will have another look at the situation in January.

    Just as a side note to all of this, Can you still take players on loan outside of the transfer window, and register them as part of your 25-man squad, or is that it now?


    Almunia ranked 50th in overall EPL ratings. Only Goalkeepers above him are Cech, Hart and bizarrely, Brad Freidel.


  371. Geo – There is no upcoming match 😦

  372. Nice comments Limpar and Ole

    Shame that some can’t share any optimism over our chances this season. We have a really great bunch of players, my personal opinion is we have the best squad.

    City ain’t got the experience as a team, nor a proper out and out CF. Chelsea are strong, and I believe it will be tough, but it will be out of us and them at the end. City I think will be there abouts though, I will maintain that, while United will finish 3rd or 4th is my predictions.

    I don’t think they are unreasonable predictions. I can’t help but not be confident with a team as of:

    – – – – – – Almunia – – – – – – –
    Sagna – Kosc – Verm – CLichy
    – – Cesc – Song – Diaby – –
    Walcott – Van Persie – – AA

    and a second team of:

    – – – – – – – Fab/Schwez – – – – – –
    Eboue – Squilacci – Djourou – Gibbs
    – – Nasri – Denilson – Rosicky – –
    Bendtner – – Chamakh – – – Vela

    Ohh I left out Wilshire, Ramsey, Frimpong, JET… who else..

    So I think it will finish roughly:

    1st … Arsenal
    2nd .. Chelsea
    3rd … Man City
    4th .. United
    5th … Liverpool
    6th … Everton
    7th … Villa
    8th … Spurs

    Thats my opinion, and I will enjoy the season no matter what happens. Arsenal till I die!!

  373. ChrisGoona,

    I don’t give a fuck about what the journos say, really – if the ex-players are saying what I am, does that make them people without own opinion then?

    bookies hardly ever get it wrong and we are not favourites, are we?

  374. YW – I rate Friedel to be fair. Almunia is doing well so far this season, long may it continue.

  375. Oh yeah! doh… Well i’m gonna join Mattyboy in talking about the emergence of young Theo then – much more positive and less bitchy 🙂

    I’m chuffed for the young lad, he deserves to be flying at full speed and after his omission from the World Cup, i’m really pleased that his words are actually coming to fruition. Nice to see him taking a few long shots too – shows the massive step in confidence that he’s taken. Think back to Thierry at a similar age – did nothing of note. If Theo can maintain this form, he’s going to become something special for sure…

  376. wow rather busy here today..

    Yogi its interesting you say Wengers tasks were strengthening defence and buying a keeper.. I agree with the 1st one and the cesc 3rd one but I’m not sure where you got the second one lol, Wenger clearly stated he wanted new defenders but was never so overt about a keeper as the media would have many believe.. you seem to have capitilised well on this, although it goes against the general stance taken by regulars this summer but I guess clear to see where most of todays responses came from.


  377. I am very happy for Theo, hope this is a beginning of something great – I really do!

    seems like he started switching positions a bit, which can only be good…

  378. I really like the look of Kosc too – not your standard brutish defender (like people were crying out for again – like TV – de ja vu anyone?). He’s obviously going to make a few mistakes but they will make him all the better i the long run.

  379. I believe realistically the table will end up like this:

    1. Chelsea
    2. man united
    3. Arsenal
    4. city

    I am excited this season even though I believe we will come up short. I believe we could do something in Europe this season…

    Could we make history?

    I seriously hope arsene will also give more importance to the FA cup, could be our saving grace in the end.

    It will be an interesting season no doubt, Lets get it on….

  380. suga3

    okay, cheers. i think it might be something we’d disagree on. i’d say there are too many variables in a match to attribute significant point changes. Surely a missed shot or a chance for an assistant would have an equal worth and since any match will have several of these it’s a little too simplistic to say that a goalkeeping error is worth such a large swing of points. Obviously that isn’t to say that goalkeepers don’t make a difference just that there are too many variables for my rather rubbish brain to cope with.

    On LG, cheers again, cool. It did seem like something that went against their core philosophy. While I seldom agree with the site, there are people on there it’s possible to have a decent conversation with.

  381. Koscielny is a good prospect and will come good – I really think, however, that he could do well with hitting the weights for a bit…

    good job we signed Squillaci, he looks like a nutter, could be handy against some…

  382. Theo seems to be a confidence player. When he is on form, he can be unplayable. Whilst Hansen got slated for his comments I sort of know what he was getting at, but Theo seems bright lad and is learning.

    His runs at defenders now seem more aggressive, and he must be an absolute nightmare to mark. His final ball will improve with practice, and he is already competant in front of goal. He will have to keep playing well to keep his place in the side as well, as we have good competition in the forward areas.

  383. Suga3, good grief! Using your rationale for goalkeeping points won/lost you could say that every single time Almunia made more saves than goals Arsenal scored he won us points! So where does that put his won/lost points spread?

  384. I think Squillachi will be TV5’s parnter for the majority of the season.

  385. gib,

    what my point was that you play the same GK most of the time, hence his errors can combine to as much as that 😉


    I like the look of your table – realistic!

    I also hope that AW will treat the domestic cups more seriously this time – I would not like to see our kids getting thumped by Spuds in the first game!

  386. SUGA3

    You obviously do care, as you come up time and time again with the exact same phrases as the extremely biassed pundits. These are players who played mainly 15 20 and 30 years ago, and are oblivious to how the football climate has changed.

    You need to be realistic and see how far Arsene has taken this club and team forward, while English football has simply been left behind. You and the many of his critics only criticise what you can’t understood. The man is so far ahead than you can dream to comprehend mate.

    As an Arsenal fan you should know what Arsenal is doing is showing the way forward. Giving youth a chance, developing players, while bringing in the odd signing where need be.

    Stop being blinded by the tabloids, it aint good for you.

  387. Gris,

    game at 0:0, we play pants (which we sometimes do) and GK makes a howler in the 78th minute – that’s a point lost, no?

    that is what I am talking about – IMO, VdS won the league for ManYoo in 2008/09, despite their shortcomings…

  388. Like I said start of the season, confidence goes along way. Theo is probably a year or 2 behind where he should be with all his injuries, yet he is unstoppable when on his game. First 3 games this season.. SIMPLY BRILLIANT

    He done this a couple seasons ago then we didn’t see him play for a while, lets keep our fingers crossed.

    Diaby has too started the season very impressively.

  389. Great video Finsbury, I particularly enjoyed the shot at 4.49 where he controls the ball and gets it out of his feet in one motion and then strikes the ball with hardly any back-lift. Great technique and shows what a bit of confidence can do when you have ability to burn.

    Theo looks in bullish mood this season, I particularly liked his comments about him ‘having a go at his team mates’. I think it’s important that he is allowed to express himself and his comments show an inner confidence which can sometimes be suppressed by others around him due to his timidity and humbleness.

  390. SUGA3 – change the record for fucksake.

    VdS won the league for United my arse!

    They had Rooney scoring 20 penalties, while referees over the country supported the wankers. They are a good team, and credit I give where it should go, but we would have won it had Eduardo not suffered that injury, and had we not collapsed. The best team of the country was Arsenal that season, and we were top for a long period. Any supporter will admit we should have won it.

  391. SUGA3,

    Oh, I’m sure they do. I think claiming otherwise would suggest that some teams could simply do without keepers. I just think that there are so many variables, endless tiny moments that pass in a blink of an eye that it makes it impossible to offer anything so definite. It’s what makes football such a wonderful sport. That’s why there are such a myriad of opinions about the game and why sites like this and le-grove can both exist despite being almost polar opposites.

  392. Matty Boy

    I like the fact that many players including Theo stepped up and took the game by the scruff of the neck against Blackburn. Everytime they got the ball we harassed them, players chasing back, Chamakh getting stuck in, Diaby roaming forward, Theo running at will, Rosicky RvP & Cesc dictating the play.

    It was a joy to watch a combination of aggression, work ethic, team ethich and technique.

    We have a great team.

  393. ChrisGoona,

    thing is that when AW came, he revolutionised the English game, but the other clubs have caught up since, some even went further than that…

    GPS technology is a prime example – Chelsea had it at least a season earlier, no?

    I have said it a few times on here: at this moment, AW’s floor is my ceiling, but I know that he could and should do better with the resources at his disposal – he has every chance to be in the hall of fame with the likes of Chapman, however, he may as well end up being remembered as a stubborn old man – IMO, it’s a real shame that we could not build upon the Invincibles and the 2006 CL run for obvious reasons (moneh)…

  394. SUGA3

    You just proved once again how much of a fool you are.

    You do know who our most successful manager is don’t you? What about who was instrumental in rebuilding the training grounds, the stadium.. the scouting….

    What a fucking SPUD

  395. Yogi,

    This blog has a very democratic structure. I am sure if you hold a vote, most of us would like to see SUGA3 removed from the comment sections forever. However I am not sure if this “freedom of speech” will go against our democratic principles. Nonetheless since most powers are vested in your position, we would turn a blind eye towards your actions, if somehow miraculously there was no sign of SUGA3’s comments ever.

  396. So City and Spurs spending 300m and Chelsea 400m is catching up.. while United is crying out for a new sugar daddy!

    Seems as if they literally have to kill the club or rely on a Billionaire to keep up.

  397. we would turn a blind eye towards your actions, if somehow miraculously there was no sign of SUGA3′s comments ever

    I second that YW!

  398. Chrisgoona @3:21

    “The best team of the country was Arsenal that season, and we were top for a long period”

    Frankly, your statement is delusional. We all want arsenal to win but dont lose your sense of reality.

    Manchester united won the title that season. It is winning the title that determines which is the best team.


  399. @ Yogi 3-00pm
    and Van De Sar

  400. Matty,

    It’s another quick release from CWD4Cesc!


    AW DID say the other day that Theo is ahead of his curve.
    (he DID NOT criticize Big Al.)
    I agree. He is.

    Diaby & Theo both started to ‘bloom’ at the same time. Lots of co-assists going on between them.

    Last season they both seemed on different wavelengths at the end as Diaby’s form disapperaed (shhh…whisper it, there are kids about…athletes seem to go through troughs and peaks of form, crazy, I know…),
    so, my highlight of the season so far was Diabys pass onto Theo’s run for his hat-trick goal.

    Or, it is Diaby’s challenge, whilst lying down on the grass, to take out two walrusmen and set up a counter for Wilshire’s chance.

    “A passenger”? Doh!

  401. Ateeb – Why would that happen? From what I have seen he has just stated his opinion, which some on here agree with, whilst others don’t. It would be pretty dull if everybody agreed on every subject and jacked off over each other’s posts.

    He has not been any more abusive than many of the regulars on here (many of which are bang out of order).

  402. I’m a tiny voice on this blog, rarely comment and doubt anyone remembers my name but simply banning and deleting SUGA3 is ridiculous. I don’t agree with him at all but that’s no reason to ban him. Surely it’s better to try and persuade him to see our point of view?

  403. ChrisGoona,

    a superclub is SUPPOSED to have the facilities you’ve mentioned, simple as…

    so yes, a point for Mr Wenger for doing what he should have done…

    we have some serious funds in the bank, glaring deficiencies in the squad (GK + another DM would not go amiss) and do nothing to address that! here is where I reckon he should do better, especially given the scouting network you are going on about…

  404. Think out of the box Naga.

    I believe what I saw on the pitch, had we had the same amount of long term injuries as United.. we were the better team.

    Do you not agree then, or are you that much of an idiot. Don’t know why on earth I bother replying to a fan that uses terms like Flappianski!

    Your level of support is parallel to that of a Spurs fans.

  405. I’m loving Sagna’s form so far too. His charging runs down the right hand side are becoming much more devastating than seasons past – and i’ve always been a massive fan. He’s a humble guy too who doesnt get wound up, even when people try to nail him as he skips past them.

    I havent seen Squillachi for a few years but he was awesome at Lyon, hopefully it’ll be him and Kosc fighting it out to be TV’s partner. We’ve not got a team where almost every position is being fought for with youngsters nipping at the heals…

    Looking forward to seeing Gibbs getting some more match time this year too – i wouldnt have been surprised if he’d taken Gael’s spot by now if he hadnt been injured last year. that’s no dig at Clichy, it’s a massive big up to young Keiran who’s improving at some rate.

  406. gib, goonerandy,

    thank you, you are true gents 😉

    Chrisgoona, Ateeb,

    the less said, the better…

  407. sorry – *we’ve now got a team…*

  408. “Diaby is a passenger”

    “Theo Walcott doesn’t have a football brain”

    “Almunia isn’t good enough”

    Anyone else see a consistent pattern of b*llocks here?

    “John Terry: Captain, Leader, Legend”.

    (sorry, couldn’t resist).

  409. “Not good enough” >”will ‘cost’ us the league”

  410. SUGA3, weren’t you a complete cunt about Theo last year?

  411. Finsbury,

    Diaby is usually a frustrating player and so is Theo – yes, they had a few good games, but I shall reserve my judgment until May when I see some consistency…

    you are quoting something that was said before the last few games and I don’t think too many would disagree back then…

    and John Terry is a cunt of the highest order!

  412. “the thing about arsenal is, they always try to walk it into the net”

    “what was wenger thinking bringing on walcott so early?”


  413. Limpar,

    And Diaby too.

  414. SUGA3

    DM we have plenty of players to fill that position, GK – I have stated many times I wouldn’t mind if Wenger bought a better keeper.

    As much as you and many others like to make out how rubbish our own are, there are not many available ‘world class’ keepers.

    So while you continue to mutter garbage, I will continue to speak sense mate. I am supporter, not a fucking mimic of a tabloid.

  415. We have got a fucking fantastic team that’s going to dominate for many years to come. I was looking at the minutes some of these boys have clocked up already and it really is astonishing. Denilson, Diaby, Song are the best examples… absolute top class midfielders playing at the very highest level and they’re still in their early twenties! One, if not all of those three are going to absolutely smash Ray Parlour’s appearance record. I love watching the improvement year in year out. Fucking incredible time to be an Arsenal fan. So much to be grateful for. What a vision Wenger has!

  416. Diaby is an excellent player on his day, and is starting to really show some consistency after suffering many set-backs in his Arsenal career.

    Theo is another who has had many injuries for a player at such a young age. He is only 21 and can destroy teams on his own (Barcelona included).

    There is much much more to come from Theo, and it is scary.

    If Wenger showed the same temprament as fans like SUGA plum, then Theo would have been sold to Pool for 5m

  417. Finsbury – have finally subscribed to CWD4Cesc, thanks for the info.

    Geo – Sagna is already on my fantasy football ‘wishlist’ I am cursing that I didn’t put him in from the start. Shame on me!

    The way the team was set up against Blackpool with Diaby and Wilshire together sort of taking turns in the holding role and Vermaelen not getting forward in open play as much, I think our full backs will be getting forward a lot more this season than last. What has impressed me the most is that players like Wilshere and Chamakh are prepared to chase down defenders, fight for the ball and put their foot in along with the rest of the team. Something I wasn’t really expecting but I like that sort of commitment and determination from the so called flair players.

  418. Fack off.

    I don’t want a football manager,er, managing Arsenal.

    I want a geezer, who’s a wheeler dealer!

    A little bit waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay
    A little bit woaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.

    E’s a geezer!

  419. SUGA3

    Where are you when we’re winning?

  420. ChrisGoona,

    You are talking nonsense. Get your head out of the sand.


  421. ….and are you friends with Piers Morgan?

  422. I am a huge Diaby fan, I really think he can go on to be a great player for us. Denilson I don’t rate as highly, but then if everyone is fit he is only back up so I suppose he is a decent enough squad player.

    Diaby/Cesc/Song are a great combination. Once Ramsey is back I fully expect him to overtake Denilson in the pecking order. With him, Rosicky, and Nasri we are well stock in midfield.

    I do agree we could be short in the DM area; if Song is injured Denilson seems to be the replacment and as I have said I have resevations about him. Diaby could also play there, but his instincts are attacking so not ideal.

  423. Mattyboy – shame on you indeed lol!

    I loved that in the Blackpool game too. The fact that Jack has the maturity already to know when to go forward and has the restraint to sit back in that holding role – somewhere i wasnt expecting him to play… He has something special about him, in the same way Cesc does – maturity way beyond his tender years. That’s something that excites me massively.

    And saying that about Theo having much much more to come, that’s very true – but the scary thing is, pretty much the whole team have much more to come – Almunia included! We dont have one player who’s past their prime any more…

  424. “Can Arsenal Win The Title Without A New Goalkeeper?”

    Of course. YES, YES, YES.

  425. I agree with Luke @ 4:01pm

  426. I’ll second that 🙂

  427. This is the year man u get found out.

    Chelsea have an excellent team in their starting XI….but they have a week bench, they will lose serious points if and when they incur injuries.

    We on the other hand have an embarasment of riches in attack and midfield. Van Persie, Chamakh, Bendtner, Vela, J.E.T and eventualy Theo are queing up for the centre forward role alone.

    We can mix it up with height, pace and experience in defence.

    And we have a good goal keeper, a special manager a supeb stadium and champions league football.

    We will compete again, like we ALWAYS have under Wenger, and this time reason suggests that we will do it. Too much strength in depth. We’ve got to much for our rivals this year.

    Theo’s performance should highlight perfectly how quickly things change in football.

  428. In the medieval times of ACLF, there were nomadic tribes that used to attack this fortress of hope. It was a dark age for all of us. Reason and enlightenment weren’t cherished as they are now. One of this tribe was led by Suga3. After a long battle that apparently lasted for decades, he finally succumbed to defeat and was driven out of this kingdom. A treaty was signed that he wouldn’t ever step foot in our territory.

    A Golden era hence followed. However a rumor spread soon during those days that Suga3’s last words were “I will return again”.

    Just a warning to those who choose to engage with Suga3. He’s immune to reason and rationality. It’s all in the archives, if you wish to trace his history.

  429. I put Theo in my Fantasy Team prior to the Blackpool game, and am now top of the ACLF league.

    Clearly I am the best manager in world football, as must now be one of the favourites to suceed AW when the time comes.

  430. Hahaha Mattyboy – who should we have signed to replace Manuel then? 😉

  431. sorry *Matt*

  432. We shouldn’t have been trying to replace Almunia. We should’ve got a new 1st place goalie (e.g. Stekelenburg) and replace Fabianski with Almunia.

    But we didn’t do that so Come on Al you fucking shot stopping legend. Let’s win SOMETHING this year boys.

  433. Ateeb – I don’t care to. Mainly because I will state my opinion (notice…my) on here. If people agree with me fine, if they don’t fine as well. If (according to you) Suga3 has a chequered history on here I don’t care. Nothing of what he said today was particularly wrong, and I agree with much of what he said. If he says anything I don’t agree with I will say so, and I am sure he will be fine with that as well. You can agree to disagree you know.

  434. Rinseout knows.

  435. Hilarious post Ateeb.

  436. I quite liked the German chap in the World Cup Geo, although I have no idea if he was available.

    I have Foster as my GK in my fantasy league team, as he was fairly cheap, and Birmingham had a half decent defence last season.

    I have Schwarzer as my sub GK, as I thought we may sign him, and he would then be good value for money, I may need to review that now.

  437. Suga3 reminds me of poltergeist, “he’s back”.

    If not for the Eduardo situation, Arsenal wouldve won the PL a few seasons ago with Almunia in goal but these clowns dont remember that.

  438. We were very good that season, but would could have collapsed just as easily if the Eduardo injury didn’t happen. Nobody can say for certain either way.

  439. would = we

  440. Geo @ 2:42;

    Improving our team defending will certainly help our GK. So far we have looked better and that is encouraging. 3 games does not make a season but the early signs are good. Like Andy I hope Squillaci gets a chance as the first choice. I think we really need an organizer and someone with real experience who has been through tough fights and won some trophies.

    MA has been pretty good in the past and hopefully he will refind that form and your point about the defenders in front of him is true. Our managements lack of confidence in him and what we saw last year does not give me warm and fuzzy feelings but at this point we have no other choice.

  441. What lack of confidence Bill?

    He’s been wearing the Captain’s armband!

    Did you miss that bit?

    How about when he lifted the Ems trophy?

    Or when he went over to the Away fans to share his beserker frenzy with them and to thank and appreciate their support?

    Did you miss that bit too?

  442. Paul N,

    agree with you. But we should move on from this goalkeeper discussion. Some just don’t get it and choose to be miserable about things they can’t change.

    Has anyone heard of this Javier Pastore guy? Apparently Chelski, Real and ManU were after him, but he seems to have a soft spot for the mighty Arsenal.

  443. Bill, what I mean is, there is no evidence that MS was being thought of as a new No.1.

    Mark Hughes said as much. And reports of a coaching role being hte real clincher (understandbly) for MS, were his main reasons for wanting t move.

    The truth is, we don’t know.

    Like Manuel,
    “we know nothing”.

  444. We now we need a player to cover song?

    Hasnt Diaby been doing well? What about Denilson?

    What the heck is wrong with some of us? why the backside cant we be satisfied with the players we have, who are getting better every season? Not to mention the brilliant additions.

    All these blinkin “opinions” are annoying me to no end. Give it a blasted rest! we didnt buy a GK or a DM or who ever else “the all knowing people who can do the job better then Wenger” thought we should buy.

    No one thinks we will win aything, including some so called supporters. What are we gonna do in the face of the hate, add to it with our childish “opinions” and rants or are we going to make sure we do our part of cheering on the team to the fullest, Almunia included?

    Stop crying and moaning!


    MI VEX!

  445. notlager, I remember Pastore being used in one of Maradona’s many, many experimental line-ups in the build up to the World Cup. He was barely used in the World Cup, if at all, as far as I remember. Sad really because Pastore instead of Veron basically cuts out one whole extra pass that Argentina have to make whenever they bring the ball forward through the middle. Straight to Pastore, who plays like Cesc on a particularly attacking day, and the ball is ready to be turned into a goalscoring chance. With Veron, who was picked ahead of him, everything became much more laboured… because everything was one pass behind what it could have been, and the moves all started deeper.

    I only watched him in one game, (vs. Canada? Or New Zealand perhaps?) and he was great fun to watch. Great desire to attack. Can see why he would like to watch Arsenal.

    Shame the Argentinian Sopranos didn’t have the to chutzpah to pick him.

  446. Goonerandy, at what point did we collapse that season?

  447. Two too many tos.

  448. Cheers Limpar for the information.

    Sounds a great prospect. Hope he will realize his potential at Ashburton Grove in the near future.

  449. The inconsistency of our goalkeepers last season was caused by lack of sleep. Their lack of sleep was caused by nightmares. Their nightmares were of playing behind a central defence of Silvestre and Campbell. For some of them, the nightmares even came true. Now that those two pensioners have been given the heave ho, our goalkeepers will sleep better and play better.

  450. Have we finished yet?

  451. Yogi must have calculated that the GK issue needs some pressure relief so he penned this article specially for that purpose.

    Now that the valve has blown and the pressure inside and outside have equalised, let’s move on with this fantastic team that we’ve got.

    Thank God that the window is now closed and we can get on with the business of chasing trophies.

  452. Last year we used Denilson, Ramsey, Nasri, Diaby, Song, and Eastmond all as ‘Defensive Midfielders’ at one time or another.

    The idea that a ‘DM’ has purely to be a destroyer in front of the back four becomes more and more redundant the more you watch this 4-3-3 of allrounders play. As does the idea of Alex Song as purely a destructive player.

    Craig Eastmond’s complete dominance of the Bolton midfield at the Reebok is too quickly forgotten. A superb tour-de-force of ‘DM’-ism.

    And Wilshere and Diaby haven’t been doing too badly at winning possession so far this season, have they?

    Our midfielders are excellent at winning possesion. It’s one of the many things that make watching us play such a joy. Very few other teams in the world can enjoy such dominance of the ball – so many turnovers in their favour.

  453. That DM bullshyt is really starting to get on my nerves. We played Liverpool without Song and we did well in midfield. We do NOT need some sort of new midfielder signing. Song is great and we have enough players that are capable of standing in for him. Some people will simply have to realise that Melo is NOT going to be signed, no matter how much you moan that we need a D**M.

  454. Back at Highbury Grove Boy’s School, as it was known in the dark Ages, not far from Highbury, t’was a tradition, probably pre-dating the Enlightenment, and things like soap being introduced into Europe, where excited young kids would pummel as many girls from Highbury Fields’ Girl’s School with Egg & Flour.

    A chivalric courting ritual, you might say, or not, but alas, the local piggies took exception to Highbury Fields, and surrounding streets, being covered with egg and flour, of young couples first kissing under a barrage from kids who turn out to be from neither school.

    Anyway, would anyone else like to revive this lost tradition and legend of Highbury, which is surely up there with Jack Straws Castle (nope not the modern crook Judge Straw, but Ye Olde Jack Straw) and hurl egg & flour upon the fools shouting “Gooner, get ‘cher Gooner here” on match days?

  455. The thing is though Finsbury, they sell Highbury High as well. You just have to shout at them a bit ’til they cough a copy up for you. Really loudly, right in their earhole. Maybe a few doughy pastings might prompt them to tout both equally. It is as though you don’t have the choice when they’re only pushing the goon.

    The goon is the most boring piece of shite fanzine in the history of boring pieces of shite fanzines.

    Maybe we could add some sugar and butter to the mix and shout ‘Let them eat brioche!’ as we make the hit.

  456. My dear chaps. It was all there for all to see. A man who had shown his grandmother the bull. Almunia was a ‘bloody bear’ on Saturday. He was coming off his line and slamming the ball well past the 18 yard line with a good deal of elevation. It was, frankly, the best punching of a ball that I have ever witnessed! That was a haymaker with connection! As well, I actually thought that Big Al was going to have that Blackburn forward for lunch. There was no actual head-but however, the method was shown should he get out of hand on another occasion.

    Furthermore, if there was a Blackburn doubter in the lot, Big Al threw himself head long into one of the posts. I am not absolutely sure about this but I have heard that the pole needed replacing after the game. Bloody Hell, new nets and new posts.

  457. YW, if the goal was to strengthen the defense, it is premature to conclude that the signings this summer have accomplished that. The signing of Kosc and Squillaci replace the departed players Gallas, Campbell, Sylvestre (not counting Senderos). Djouruo returns. So the question is will Kos and Squillaci out perform Gallas and Campbell, combine better in partnership with Vermaelen. I hope so, but we don’t have the evidence to say more than that the club replaced a first and second choice CB with two decent CB’s. The signs are encouraging also that perhaps there will be more harmony with Gallas’ departure.

  458. Limpar,

    Whoops, I didn’t know that they sell other stuff.
    I’ve never approached them, as I sometimes get tempted to grab a stack of Gooners, and hurl them over the railway bridges, and I don’t want to waste all that paper…

    I got a little hungry thinking about brioche earlier.

    There is also a tasty Frenchie cheese shop in Highbury Barn. They must be there for a reason…

    “Eat the Cheese!”

    Yup, I can see that working.

  459. Goonerandy:

    “Ole – I am pretty confident that when Van der Sar calls it a day, Manure will go out and get themselves a top quality keeper. Even if it costs them £10M+. It is an important position you see.”

    How many good goalkeepers did MU have after Schmeichel retired? One. Erwin Van der Sar. He was preceeded by a lot of bad to average keepers. Remember Taibi, Carroll, Barthez and Bosnich? How about their current back up keepers? Kuszcak and Foster are horrible. Like Ole said, there isn’t a player supermarket out there where quality goalkeepers are to be found. Managers buy goalkeepers hoping they’ll do well in the league.

  460. But a very balanced post. I haven’t had a chance to read through all the comments on this very busy day on the site, but I wonder what people think about elevating Szceczny (sp?) to backup to Almunia and sending Fabianski on loan somewhere until January where he will get to start and rebuild his confidence away from the glare of Arsenal. I think Almunia has historically played best when he has been pushed a bit and competed for his spot. The young Polish phenom could get Carling Cup, early round FA, and dead rubbers in the CL if we qualify from our group early. He is too young perhaps for first choice but his development might be accelerated by getting these games and coming in later if Almunia gets injured or his form starts to collapse.

  461. I really think you can’t separate the goal-keeper from the back-line. The issues we had are defensive issues which include the back four and the goal keeper.

    Fixing one may fix the other, so by fixing the back four it may make Almunia luck not so bad after all.

    When Manure had a stable & effective back four Van Der Sar looked unbeatable, but when that back line changed, suddenly Van Der Sar is conceding goals.

    I think we need to back Almunia and the new back line, I’m sure it’s not magic and it will take time for them to understand and trust each other.

    Surly the continuous finger pointing at Almunia is not helping the situation anyway.

  462. Barthez was uneven but he was France’s goalkeeper during their most glorious successes. Getting him in goal represented an ambitious expectation for ManU, I’d say, even if he turned out not to be as consistent or as good as hoped for.

    But I don’t care to compare Arsenal to other teams; I care about Arsenal being the best it possibly can. I am supporting Almunia to the hilt now (but he should have the Chesney pushing for his spot now) but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t be more confident for this season if we had improved in the position or at least brought in competition for him who was better than Fabianski.

  463. Suga3:

    “you are missing the point: I am criticising our manager for being negligent, you just slag me off for having an opinion…

    and I am one of these who pay his bills, hence my right to expect…”

    Our manager is negligent? Look, you thick cunt, our manager has navigated the building and subsequent move to a new stadium while keeping our club in the champions league and the top of the table while keeping our spending in check.

    And you don’t pay Wenger’s salary you arrogant twat. Arsenal football club does. It’s not like Wenger is paid with your taxes. You’re a customer. If you don’t like the product fuck off and let real supporters take up the slack, mother fucker.

  464. Why the fook doen’t Suga remain at le groan where he defecates all over himself in his own bedroom? Why is the bastard allowed over to ACLF to spread his filth?He is a shitty fan who defecates all over Arsenal FC, Arsene and those who truly support the principles of this club. Go back and go fook yourself over at le groan. Shitter!

  465. Geoff must have left the door of Le Groan open again!

  466. Really? I love cheese shops. There’s an excellent, tiny littke cheese shop in Neal’s Yard. Great stacks of wheels all the way up to the rafters and beyond. The fellows behind the counter use a ladder on runners to scuttle up and down the cheeses. Then they garrotte the cheese… no really… into little slithers for you to try.

    So maybe we pick up some cheesewire while we’re in there… and then we make the hit.

    There’s a lavender shop next door where everything is made out of lavender. So you can pop in there after you’ve bought your cheeses, dab a bit of that behind the ears and sprinkle a little on your brown paper parcel full of cheese… and head off about town free from the feeling of smelling overly cheesey.

    Or, if you don’t like the smell of lavender, you could perhaps do that journey in reverse order. Dab a little stilton behind the ears after you’ve bought the lady her lavender oils…

  467. Moderated for talking about cheeses now… Fucking nanny state.

  468. I have to say that thinking about one’s support for a football club as a customer is pretty abhorrent to me. Paying doesn’t give us rights. Loving and supporting this club do, however, give us the privilege of talking football and hopefully the freedom and responsibility to exercise critical faculties of judgment rather than shout down others with vile abuse and chase them off.

  469. As an Arsenal supporter, I feel ashamed of and personally offended by many of the ludicrously negative anti-Arsenal comments, in many ways personified by SUGA3. I’m not sure folks know how embarrassing and infantile it all sounds.

    Incidentally, I was driving to the popular local chinese restaurant here to meet my wife, and on the way there was this guy in a wheelchair in the street wearing a Chamakh Arsenal T-shirt. So I waved. He waved. “Arsenal!” I shouted. “Gunners for life” he shouted back. I thought about the comments I’ve read on ACLF today and felt sad.

  470. Has he (Suga 3) insulted you today Shotta?

    No – I didn’t think so.

    But then again – you’ve always been pretty adept at aimlessly pulling the trigger havn’t you shotta?

    You who preach out of one corner of your mouth about racism in this world – yet you advocate that the “bastard” shouldn’t be allowed onto ACLF. Of course – he’s a “shitty fan” who actually goes to games and spends his money for the privilege of watching the Club and not some keyboard warrior sitting in front of Fox sports out in the caribbean.

    You’ve often referred to the lessons your “mama” has thought you in the past.

    Seems as though you’ve more to learn.

  471. G69, shotta,

    how typical of you two to slag someone off behind his back 😆

    tsk, tsk, tsk…

    as for you personally, G69, I’m a MF as long as it’s your mum we’re talking about…

    and yes, the manager IS negligent when he sits on the piles of cash and does not do enough, IMO – the financial results will be out soon, make sure you read how much cash we have in the bank…

  472. thanks, Joe 😉

    slagging off someone who does not agree is a normal day at the office for some on here…

  473. You can pay money & go to games but still be a “shitty fan”

    Not sure why paying makes you good or better than anyone?

  474. *garotte test*

  475. G4E,

    you see, if I was a shitty fan, I highly doubt I would pay upwards of £45 to go to a game – sorry dude, but it’s like spending money on cinema, restaurant lunch/dinner, booze, pot or other stuff, it’s supposed to make you happy, no?

    I am happy when I go to a game and I am one to stand up and start the chants, with stewards telling me to sit down and the other ‘spectators’ (wouldn’t call them supporters) are giving me funny looks, for fuck’s sake!

    yet some on here dare to tell me that I am a shitty fan or a Spud – fuck me, that’s rich…

  476. Hm…

  477. Well i can handle Al in goal coz altough he isnt great he also isnt shit but it’s just if we have to play Fabianski then we really will be up the creek without a fukin paddle. surely Szcesney is in front of Fabianski.

  478. DD,

    well, I wouldn’t count too much on that until Fabianski gets a runout and fucks it up big time in the first game…

    don’t get me wrong, I rate Szczesny a lot, he is an Arsenal no.1 for more than a decade in the making!

  479. as soon as possible, pretty please!

  480. Here we go again.

    NAZI stewards (who tend to be, in my experience, women, elderely in some cases) terrifying the true honest fan, who was bloddied on the terraces of the old new North Bank (which had no terraces).

    More b*ll*cks.

    It’s a fucking shit storm.

  481. Where do you sit, SUGA3?

  482. Hello, Finsbury. I tried to talk cheese with you earlier but the powerful bees locked me up in moderation.

  483. SUGA3, someone cannot be negligent by opinion. To say someone is negligent you have to have hard core facts of the whole situation.

    Negligence is like this, I have a gun and I dont put a lock on it/fail to secure it and my child takes it and shoots someone. You have the whole situation there, so there is no doubt that I have been negligent.

    You dont know what happened in the transfer period, you dont know how many Goal Keepers Arsenal tried to sign, you dont know how much money Arsene had to spend.

    Trying to buy a goalkeeper and it not working out for many reason’s cannot be negligent. You just dont like the fact that what you though should happen didnt.

    You are a very bad supporter. You may have a season ticket and have been going to Arsenal matches since 1901 but you are a negligent supporter in my view.

  484. Oh for fucks sake…

    Hello, Finsbury. I tried to talk ch**se with you earlier but the powerful bees locked me up in moderation.

    For some reason you can’t say ch**se anymore. I cursed it.

  485. I had the same problem.

    It must have been the wrong kind of ch**se Limpar.

  486. Suga3:

    “And yes, the manager IS negligent when he sits on the piles of cash and does not do enough, IMO – the financial results will be out soon, make sure you read how much cash we have in the bank…”

    The manager would be negligent if he decided to win trophies at whatever cost to the club. Wenger has sacrificed personal glory in order to keep the club above water. Do you think Ferguson, Benitez or Redknapp give a fuck about their club? No. They’re in it for the ego and nothing more.

    Did you vote for Cameron by any chance?

  487. well i think we can all blame that manc c*nt Hughes for us not signing Schwarzer.

    yes we dont know the facts in regards to who we tried to sign but we should have signed any old cunt to play instead of Fabianski. the only way we can win the title now is if Fabainski doesn’t step nowhere near the first team.

    we could win the title with Al in goal i reckon but what are the chances of him being in goal all season, you just know as soon as a big semi comes along Al will do his ankle and Fabianski will come in and we will go out.

  488. I offered this sweet old lady, a steward, who was escorting me out of the ground one evening for some crazy unfathomable reason, some ch**se, but she wasn’t having any of it.

    They have zero tolerance towards ch**se at Neo-Arsenal.
    Yet they sell all that plastic cr*p in the food stalls.

    I’m telling you,
    It’s just not cricket.

  489. And so began the dark age, Suga3 and his brethren made another charge at the fortress of ACLF. Warnings were ignored and he took the opportunity to plague the blog with his mischief. Old nemesis returned with new vigor, forming alliances between themselves. Slogans of “Sack Arsene” echoed through the valley. Some believe it all started because Mark Shwarzer never joined our ranks. But that is to have a very simplistic view of history. It all began, because people like Suga3 can never go into a season with hope in their heart and can never support anything/anyone through thick and thin.

  490. WHy do you torture yourself so much SUGA3? supporting team that does everything wrong and no power what so ever to change it? I mean you can rant and feel miserable and make yourself feel miserable by ranting al day long. Nobody with power to change anything will ever listen. SO why put all this misery down on yourself?

    You some kind of masochist? That enjoy self pain or something? I mean it feels like Arsenal, AW and all the crap players does nothing for you tha bringing pain. If i hated the players on my team that much i would just stop watching until a natural change occurd(obviosly nobody that can change stuff listens to you). Cos i would find it too annoying to watch something that went so fundametally against my belifes in how to run the sport. It would be either me or Wenger and since i could not remove wenger(he is so safe) i would have to quit. either quit or be miserable for the entire season and the next and the next and the next.. simple choice really…

  491. Limpar,

    I sit at random sectors as I am not a ST holder, usually in the upper tier for the view 😉


    no, not NAZI stewards, but I am polite and I sit down when asked, no matter how much it it pisses me off and usually I have a laugh with them about it too!


    you see, there is a sea of difference between spending like there is no tomorrow and having merely ‘positive’ net balance transfer with a few shortcomings that could be addressed easily for no more than £30M total spend, which would not bakrupt us, would it?

    as for Cameron, I am a year short of voting rights, but I probably would if I could…

  492. Bring back the Fromage!

  493. Finsbury:

    The reason I said that are in my comment at 2:39.

    Lots of comments today. Hard to read them all. Props to YW for writing a balanced post and letting everyone blow off some steam. Obviously very strong feelings about the GK situation. Hopefully MA will get back to his best form and all of this will be forgotten. Long season but so far he has done well especially against Blackburn.

  494. Ateeb,

    I had hope last season and was of the opinion that the title will be decided between us and Chavs with very small margins…

    then we got hit by our customary plague, which was easy to address in the January transfer window at no big cost, yet the only glimpse of reason was signing Sol, which IMO saved our top four status (yes, a genius masterstroke from OGL)…

    the February onwards is history – care for a reminder?

    this is where ‘hope’ gets you, it just simply does not defeat the better…

  495. Bill

    What’s wrong with increasing the pressure?

    If the manager worried about the pressure that the players couldn’t cope with, would we see Theo & JW where they are today? That’s just two random examples.

    Almunia needed to get his ‘focus’ back, on that we all agree.

  496. Fucking ch**se Nazis. Just have to curd my enthusiasm. What is it the spuds say? To dairy is to do? Mmm… cheesy spuds…

  497. Damn suga3 beat me to it. On holiday in Mombasa gooners hope you were here.

  498. Suga3,

    So you say that we will not win any thing unless we spend thirty million pounds? How do you know this since thirty million pounds would get you two 15 million pound prospects? Could these two players be better than what we have now? What if these two fifteen million pound players or three twn million pound players don’t pan out? Would you be prepared to sepnd another thirty million the season after that? You see, there isn’t a sea of difference between spending thirty million here or there and throwing money around like there’s no tomorrow.

    And how come you support Cameron, who is all about austerity these days, and slag Wenger for keeping fiscal discipline? Could it be because you have no skin in the game?

  499. We played some of the best football being played on the planet in March. And I was there when Bendtner reignited our title hopes in the 94th minute with a bullet header against Wolves on April 3rd. A magical, magical day. The kind most football fans can only dream of… to be right in the thick of the chase come April. Fantastic stuff. Strangers embracing in the gangways… singing and dancing out onto the concourses and up the Holloway road. If we’re there again this time round I think we’ll win it. Having to rely on some stand-ins is all well and good. But having to field 9 2nd and 3rd choice players in two of the most important games of the season is something that should never happen again.

  500. what I am saying is that if you have £100M+ in the bank, then you can afford to splash out once in a while, not every season like it is compulsory – yes, we have a great squad of players, but there are a few finishing touches to be put here and there and these would last AW for the rest of his reign here…

  501. and oh, Cameron was simply made to be frugal due to the desperate state of financial affairs, whereas we (Arsenal) are minted…

  502. Well the good news is we wont be having to play Silvestre the undercover manc at the business end of the season and Sol who somehow always comes out smelling of roses even after a drubbing. We do have a great squad though.

  503. I met one grizzled old north bank vet last season.
    (“back in ’71, it were a jungle out there laddie…”)

    In between chewing upon his ch**sey string,
    he said,

    “Listen son, there’s only one way to get rid of the plastics and the lifeless middle tier. ConDem ourselves to bankruptcy & relegation, and it’ll be like watching a swarm of lice departing a rotting corpse.”

    I think all that mouldy ch**se had done strange things to his mind.

  504. improving the atmosphere @ the ES is just a thing of right allocation of seats, bit of acoustic science and someone to make a decision, it’s really simple 😉

  505. Dam, I hate those international breaks, summer breaks, transfer windows, pundits, couch potato blog trolling managers….the only thing enjoyable about football now is the 90 minutes, comment free of football when Arsenal play.

  506. I haven’t been to the trophy room at the Emirates, are the multiple Fiscal Responsibility Trophies pretty?

  507. Suga3;

    “what I am saying is that if you have £100M+ in the bank, then you can afford to splash out once in a while, not every season like it is compulsory – yes, we have a great squad of players, but there are a few finishing touches to be put here and there and these would last AW for the rest of his reign here…”

    But what if Wenger buys a few players for thirty some million and they end up not being better than what we have? Would you whine and moan until he spends another thirty million? And then do it again a year after that if the last crop didn’t bring us trophies? You see the slippery slope?

    “and oh, Cameron was simply made to be frugal due to the desperate state of financial affairs, whereas we (Arsenal) are minted…”

    And how did we become so rich? By investing intelligently and saving for a rainy day like we’re doing now. Contrast that with how MU and Liverpool are run. When times were good and credit flowed like cheap champagne, they spend money like it was going out of style. Now they’re in the shit and we’re not. Capisce?

  508. RedAction & others have been putting effort into improving the atmosphere at TNHOF. (btw, Highbury was called The Library).

    They have not spent their time trolling blogs.

  509. G69,

    sure thing, I understand that, but the rainy day may come sooner than you think – teams around us are getting stronger and to count on City not becoming a team is a bit of a gamble as far as I am concerned – AW is a gambler, but he gambles with chances, not money IMO…

    and do you for a moment doubt that if AW spent £30M on, say, two players they woudn’t walk on fucking water? come on, I seem to have bigger faith in his abilities than you do 😆

  510. Busch, if you feel so strongly about trophies, why don’t you go down to the stadium and offer Wenger your life savings? Give Arsene all your money and tell him; here you go you tight wad, I expect you to buy us a trophy like that Russian and that fat American did.

  511. G69,

    well, a lot of supporters pay through their noses to buy a ST, no?

    pretty damn close to giving away your life savings, eh?

  512. The atmoshere at the Emirates is shite. like being at the fukin opera sometimes. i blame women. too many of them. ban them i say.

  513. Stoke FC has a good atmosphere?

    That must be why they blast out Delilah through the loudspeakers, over the ‘crowd’.

  514. If you have faith in his abilities then why moan? If Wenger thinks what we have now is better than anything out there worth thirty million pounds, then you should be quite, yes?

    So what if City becomes a super team? We’ve got a super team of our own. What gives you the impression that City will surpass us when their team is made up of a bunch of our rejects and some overhyped tosh like Barry and Milner? Did you see them lose to fucking Sunderland the other day?

  515. Ban them from The Emirates, Duke, or ban them altogether?

  516. Gainsbourg, I doubt that extra £86 would get him much more than a few pints at the stadium.

    I also enjoy how spending any money (like an extra 2mil for a goalie) is equated with going instantly 400mil in debt.

    Of course, I still can’t figure out why, if Almunia and Fabianski are good enough for the coming season, Wenger would even look for another goalie.
    Also, if Schwarzer was only a slightly better option (or worse in some opinions) then I wonder about his motives for even playing this song and dance with Fulham and Schwarzer.

  517. So Suga, you expected us to win the PL without our best players, is that the case? Without our central defense? that what you expected?

    You can say what happened as far as scores but that doesnt give the whole story does it?

    Is this guy for real?

  518. G69,

    I am expecting a lot from someone so talented, just like I am expecting a lot from myself, simple as…

    and the ‘moan’ is just about not combining the abilities with the means at his disposal 😉

  519. That’s the thing, Suga3. If the football is not to your liking then move over and let someone from the waiting list snap up your precious ST. No one is forcing you to spend any of your money. You should be buying a season ticket because you want to support Arsenal trophies or no trophies.

  520. I have a feeling Ashton Kutcher, is gonna post and say “you’ve been punked” because this amount of rubbish cannot be real.

  521. We should be wary of City; maybe not this season, but in the coming years. When Chelsea got their cash injection everybody (me included) said “nah, you can’t buy the lge”. And they proved us all wrong, City could well do the same.

    That said, the new rules coming in should really start to prevent that. And our own team is none too shabby anyway, and I have every faith in them.

  522. So “Diaby is a passenger”

    & “Stoke has a good atmosphere”

    Not a lot I can add to that, is there?

  523. Finsbury:

    AW’s usual method is to give support at least in the public. May be this time he thought a different approach was needed. Whatever happens I hope your right and MA comes good. Time will tell.

  524. well where would the fun be in that if we banned them altogether Poliziano!!!. but by god you need to get away from them every now and again ie on saturday, but now you cant coz there everywhere. now they are even commentating. there even getting in on the cricket aswell now, is no sport safe.

  525. Suga,

    You havent written anything on your blog since March 19, 2010. Why not write a long rant on YOUR OWN BLOG so that you can get it out of your system?

  526. You’re not particularly talented Suga3. If you were as talented as you think you are you’d be calling the shots. Unfortunately you’re not. I mean, how arrogant of you to compare yourself to Wenger. Honestly, I think I would shit my pants if I had to deal with the pressure Wenger deals with and you would too.

  527. Finsbury,

    whatever you say, the atmosphere at small stadiuma like Stoke’s tends to be a bit better than at ES…

    and Diaby IS a passenger – one great game in five does not make him a great player…

    as for these ‘living within your means’ rules, these will be just a law for the poor, nothing more…

  528. Sounds a great prospect. Hope he will realize his potential at Ashburton Grove in the near future.

  529. Busch, spending two million will not make us go into debt. But the way some people let thirty million and two million roll of their lips makes it sound as if they are saudi princes with two and three million pounds as pocket money.

  530. Paul N,

    because I don’t feel like doing it at the moment and I do feel like a discussion?


    how dare I? what is he, a God?

  531. Bill,

    I said the same thing to a friend who has an affliction, regarding Walcott & Lennon after the WC squads were announced.

  532. Are you all still there? Why?

  533. There you go slagging our players again, Suga3. I’m just waiting for you tot tell us how Nani and whomever at Chelsea is miles upon miles better than the shit we have.

  534. “Why Why Why, Delilah?”

    (Sung in manner that Leni Riefenstahl would be proud of).

    It’s a good question.

  535. Bill,

    I meant ‘Time will tell’ with those players too.

  536. G69,

    sorry to disappoint you…

    as for the ‘millionaire attitude’, it must have something to do with living my teenage years in PL before the money denomination, where you would go to a night club and blow a million or two on the night 😆

  537. No he’s not a god. But you are nowhere near as talented as Arsene Wenger when it comes to running a football club. Otherwise you’d be managing at a club in the top three of the premier league instead of bitching about being told to sit down in row z.

  538. PL?

  539. G69,

    thank you for ‘when it comes to running a football club’ and yes, I can surely agree with that…

  540. This is not much of a discussion.

    You are throwing much hate and people are defending the team. There is no reasoning going on here.

  541. hate? what hate?

    dude, it’s a big word and should not be used in vain…

    defending the team? against what? reasoned criticism based on performances and league tables?

  542. Paul N, why would he write on his own blog when he can rile us all up so much about nothing but his own invalid opinion? We know where he came from, we know his favorite blog and we know what they preach.

    Best thing to do is let it pass…eventually he will get bored and go back to Le Groan.

  543. Most stupid comment of the day:

    then we got hit by our customary plague, which was easy to address in the January transfer window at no big cost, yet the only glimpse of reason was signing Sol, which IMO saved our top four status (yes, a genius masterstroke from OGL)…

    No surprise who wins that award.

    Again the rank stupidity of the idea that Arsene, or any other mortal, in January could have gone out and bought players to replace Arshavin, RVP, Cesc, Gallas, Song, Almunia & Vermaelen when they were injured.

    What an utter moron.

  544. Ole,

    fucking please: all we needed was a CB (on top of Sol) and a DM with some steel, that was all – then again it’s my opinion and what the fuck do I know?

    what a simple twat you are, really…

  545. Don Howe should still be manager.
    He was leading the club to comfortable 7th place finishes and brought up players like Adams.
    Never crazy in the market to upset the finances first fans, either.
    He should have been allowed to manage until he passed on, those Venables rumors must have come from Doomers.

  546. Well let’s not get too ahead of ourselves, Suga3. The man has an economics degree and he speaks about five languages. I’m pretty sure, football or no football, Wenger would still be doing a lot better than a lot of us.

  547. You know the term “you ah hater”.

    “Diaby IS a passenger”

    you ah big time hater

  548. G69,

    I happen to speak about four languages, five at a stretch, have a degree and I am doing not too shabby 😉

    mind you, he is about twice older than me…

  549. Oh SUGA3, what do you know? Nothing, on the basis of your comments here.

  550. You are right G4E, no more responses from me.

    Basically you have a hundred posts from Suga that could be summed up thus.

    “Wenger is negligent because he has money and he shouldve bought a goalkeeper because Almunia is worthless, Diaby is also a passenger”.

  551. Ole,

    I pissed myself laughing at someone calling you a terrier – yes mate, a fucking Yorkshire one, yapping with no sense at anyone in sight who you don’t like for whatever reason…

    yap, yap, yap…

  552. Paul N,

    a bit simplistic, no?

    for the last time:

    – Almunia is a solid no.2 and that’s it (there, not worthless)
    – Diaby is ridiculously talented, but frustrating and, frankly, a bit lazy (there, there is still hope)

  553. I speak five languages and have a pretty successful business. That being said, there’s no way I have the mental toughness and discipline Arsene Wenger does. See, that’s what separates us from people like le prof. Comparing your standards to his is absolutely ludicrous considering you would never, ever be able to meet them.

  554. It’s not me making a fool of you SUGA3, it’s you. All you.

    Somehow everyone gets the joke and sees it’s on you but luckily you don’t. What a stupid comment that was, even now, >30 minutes after I first saw it.

  555. Oh and you’re an immigrant supporting a party that absolutely hates your kind. That about says everything I need to know about you.

  556. Gainsbourgh, what is it like living up Arsene’s Arsehole? Is it nice?

  557. Nothing worse then a female commentator.

  558. G69,

    well, repeat it a few more times and maybe I will believe you – what the fuck do you know about me to tell me that I will NEVER be at this level?

    as one great football coach once said: ‘there are two things that are certain in football: the ball is round and there are two goals’ – it’s pretty much the same in life as long as the ball is in play, simple as…

    and why the assumption of the mental discipline and toughness AW supposedly has?

    as I said earlier today: AT THE MOMENT, his floor is my ceiling, which still does not make him beyond criticism, does it?

  559. New season, new growth, new expectations, new hope, new faith, renewed confidence.

    To hold someone’s mistakes of yesterday over their heads is terrible thing to do.

  560. G69,

    now you will come up with the ‘immigrant’ bollocks? not nice, dude, that’s a bit of a low blow – says a lot about you though…

    and trust me, they love the likes of me who contribute into the pot, rather than scrounge & sponge…

  561. I never took you for a ‘hit-whore’ Yogi, but “Can Arsenal win the title without a new goalkeeper?” 573 comments and counting; 500 by spud3 and his mates. “Manuel Well Well” aka Blackburn 1 – Arsenal 2 120 comments. Says all you need to say about the modern spoilt brat masquerading as an Arsenal ‘supporter’.

  562. It feels awesome Billy Bob. It’s like summertime all year long.


    Suga3 gets mad when someone tells him he will not amount to anything and then wonders why we get pissed for proclaiming that we have no chance for the trophy because we didn’t buy a GK.

    No matter how hard you try Suga3, the best you’ll probably do is a decent to ugly wife, a few kids, a shitty house outside of the posh areas and your row z seat at the Emirates. Sorry to doom on you but that’s just the way I feel about your prospects. Maybe you should spend 1 million pounds on a house, get yourself a nice trophy wife and then you’ll be set. What’s that? A million pounds is a fortune for you? Too bad. You won’t get anywhere in your present state.

  563. Passenal, or it tells you that most people think Clown-munia is a pile of shit

  564. I know you contribute to the pot but the politics you support makes the run of the mill person think that anyone who is not a native leeches off the system. To them you’ll always be a dirty immigrant.

  565. excellent point Passenal!

    Though part of it is defending the team, these guys only post when something goes wrong or something they percieve as such.

    Thats a damn shame!

  566. This site is full of bloody weirdos.
    What I find strange is that anyone who doesn’t acknowledge the unrivalled genius of Wenger, in all humanly things, is attacked by brainless goons all backing each other up and patting each others buttocks. It has to be the most childish and pathetic comments section ever. People on this site clearly love Wenger more than Arsenal and I find that strange, perhaps even homosexual. It’s a great thing to be positive, but I don’t think this site is positive at all. The characters that dominate the comments are nasty, spiteful and bitter, it shows through their posts. These fans believe themselves to be the true gooners but to people outside the cult that is this website you just sound like pricks.
    Like that fool who tried to trace everyones address and then bragged about it. Mate, Get a life! That aint cool. You need a girlfriend or something.

  567. Hahahaha Gus Caesar. Very funny. Now fuck off.

  568. BillyBob,

    Do you come from the south, In the USA I mean – Oklahoma, Texas you know one of those states?

  569. G69, but if its so bad why do the ‘immigrants’ stay? Why not go home? Its obviously the best place for them isnt it. If only we could all live up Arsene’s ass crack like Ole Gunner and yourself


    Gus you are on here.

  571. G69,

    what a piece of work you are, it’s almost funny – did you know that one normally projects his own shortcomings when trying to insult someone by using a bit more than the usual f-words?

    hahahaha, a trophy wife? life is not just about that, dude, what are you, 15? and if you think life is about buying a £1M house then good luck to you as well…

  572. Billy,

    and all the spud trolls on here I found a decent tottennumb blog for you.

    It’s called Whitehartpain. I’m not joking.

    Go to google and type in: spurs fans annyoing. It’s 6th on the list.

  573. Gus,

    comment of the day 😆

  574. No GusC, you have it all wrong. Amidst the negativity on so many other blogs, we on here support and defend the team.

    Many people on here have questioned some things that Wenger has done in the past, you speak from ignorance.

    Do you have a go at the negative blogs when they tell the positive person posters that they have their nose up wengers backside? I bet not.

    I believe you are a hypocrite.

    Move along!

  575. Suga3:

    “what a piece of work you are, it’s almost funny – did you know that one normally projects his own shortcomings when trying to insult someone by using a bit more than the usual f-words?”

    Am I getting under your skin doomer idiot? Now you know how it feels when you come on here and tell us that we will not win anything eventhough there are thirty five games left to play. You’re projecting on to us your own shitty short comings and frustrations when all we want to do is have a laugh, talk about football and celebrate that we have Arsenal in common.

    By the way, I almost pissed my pants reading your life lesson. I thought you were a guy preoccupied with trophies? Hahahahahaha!!!!!

  576. Gus and Suga3, a bucket full of mediocrity.

  577. I went out today and enjoyed having my eyes fucked in by the FX extravaganza that is Scott Pilgrim Vs the World, but that still didn’t boggle my mind as much as coming back on here and finding that THIRTEEN HOURS LATER Suga3 is still at it. THIRTEEN HOURS SUGA3! THIRTEEN! And then you award Gus comment of the day, utterly incredible.

  578. G69,

    dude, I have won a few trophies in my life in a few disciplines (science and sports) and these are just empty cups 😉

    what I do is just voicing my opinion because I feel like it, if you don’t like my opinion you can try to abuse me, at first, I will rip the piss out of you, then I will abuse you back, simple as…

    or you can ignore my comments and simply go fuck yourself – how’s that?

    once again: you know fuck all about me and you think that you all of the sudden have got under my skin with some half brained BNP crap, fucking please…

    all I wanted to do is talk football, but it seems like unless I wholeheartedly agree with the idea of the sun shining out of the everyone’s arse at Arsenal (and that includes the tea lady), I will be abused and called a spud troll…

  579. Right i better stop slagging off women now or Passenal will have my guts….

  580. Is there some sort of system behind the appearance of Suga? He seems to go, stay a couple of days, then disappear for weeks or months. And then suddenly, he comes back again. What is his motivation? What determines if he is going to visit the blog on any given day? Can somebody please solve those mysteries?

  581. hahahahahaha…

    that must be an influence of something Evil 😆

  582. It is when the men with the ‘jacket’ recapture him and take him back inside.

  583. Joe – Go fook yourself. Evidently you have a big fooking hard-on when SUGA comes from his little shit-hole over at le-groan to defecate over ACLF. No amount of money he spends can hide the shitty smell that comes from a shitty fan.
    There is no fooking rational, objective reasoning with shitty fans like you and SUGA. You are a foookin embarassment to the best run football club in the EPL, the finest playing football team on the planet and the best manager by a country-mile.

  584. Exactly, suga3. By the way, thanks for the CV. I’ll send it around to the top clubs and see if a few cups in science and sport is enough to get you the manager’s position.

  585. Evil,

    Suga pops up whenever they grant him his monthly furlough day over there at the lunatic asylum that is le Groan.

  586. G69,

    no, thanks, I’ll manage – I have never said I was a football manager, but I can praise/criticise/judge the end product, no?

  587. Don’t worry, Duke. Passenal has plenty of much smaller targets to aim at today – if she can be bothered.

  588. So anyways,

    I’m very happy with Theo’ change of pace, he’s using it more wisely now. I’m also very happy with Chamakh’ performances so far, especially his defending on set pieces and his overall attitude of serving the team first.

    Excited about Squillaci too, not sure what to expect but he seems to be in shape and tough…so that’s all good.

  589. “Right i better stop slagging off women now or Passenal will have my guts….”

    Don’t think I hadn’t noticed the ‘insult’ Duke, but you are relatively small fry today! I wouldn’t mind, but despite my unfortunate gender, I’m probably one of the few shouting and singing, while the male members around me are way too cool to actually support the team vocally!

  590. Thanks for the link notlager.

    Did you see how many players we have under 21? About 57 or something close.

  591. notlager on September 1, 2010 at 10:37 pm

    I might take those lists more seriously if there was some actual research involved! i.e. who the hell is Denilson Neves Pereka? And the ‘home-grown’ issue is totally missed by Sky Sports who disingenuously suggest that Arsenal are unable to fulfill the quota and do so by naming all their players under 21!

  592. Yes, you can criticize the end product. But saying we’ll never win anything when the season hasn’t even begun is not the end product, is it? Criticism just to hear yourself talk is not support.

  593. Passenal,

    haha Pereka. Didn’t noticed that.
    To be honest I don’t really care what Sky are spouting. Take a look at Chelski’s senior squad list. Even one player less than in our team and no fuss whatsoever from the rags.

  594. Gunner4ever,

    pretty impressive isn’t it?

  595. sugar 10.07 your still a thick cunt. a few is more than two. two is a couple. twat. and i see your spelling hasn’t improved. thicko. and i know all about you. ‘why your only mate calls you shoddy. right?

  596. pot and kettle…

    jog on, creep…

  597. lonely again, eh ?

  598. Trevor, tell us a little bit more about this weirdo…..
    Does he has more than three brain cells?

  599. no, quite busy, packing for holidays – you, sunshine?

  600. oh, I am sorry, did I just wake up your boyfriend?


  601. ‘king hell Notlager. THREE. now i call that generous……

  602. cheski only have 4 senior home grown players?

  603. you can measure a man by his insults. now sugar, what made you think of boyfreind. yep; he is right. shoddy. lonely. thicko. eh.

  604. well, perhaps I would rather be a gay man than a shoddy/lonely/thicko like yourself?

    you are just asking for it, ain’t ya? not too smart…

  605. splendid. sugar. can we say you’ve admitted to being a shirt lifter.

  606. FFS, please stop responding to Suga. He pulls shit out of his ass just to get a reaction. He doesn’t care what you say. When you respond he just laughs. He’s the worst kind of troll. Do not feed, otherwise he returns tomorrow.

  607. and by the way, how is that an insult?

  608. Should we call him ShoddySuga1 from now on?

    I was obviously mistaken about his brain cell number.

  609. trevor,

    how is ‘would rather’ a definite form? again, you could do well with consulting it with these clever people you live close to 😆


    look mate, I am a LG regular who sometimes likes to play the Ying to A’s Yang – ‘A’ is a fella who posts ridiculously positive stuff, people can argue with him, but no one ever called him a troll or abused him, not too hard, is it?

  610. yeh, verm ur right. but a mate in england thinks he knows the the little runt. ( think school playground ) anyway sugar, orkneys, is it. i live on holiday as you know. and i’m off to enjoy it. lovely to swap notes thicko.
    c’moooonnnnnnn arsenal.

  611. and I am nowhere near the level of negativity to match his positivity, btw…

    a bit short fused, are we?

  612. Thank god tomorrow there will be a new article and everything of today will be forgotten. Move on people, nothing to see here.

  613. I genuinely wonder sometimes if it would have been better in a ‘weeding out the dickheads’ way if we’d dropped out the top 4 during the move between stadiums. At least people would have expectations more in line with reality.

  614. Vince on September 1, 2010
    at 11:52 pm

    Would that have meant not SuGA3? I’m all for it.

  615. I saw Scott Pilgrim today too! Brilliant movie. Also caught The Expendables the other day. No plot but a hell of a lot of fun!!

    Prefered both movies to the over hyped Inception in much the same way I prefered Big Al over Reina and MS et al. Seriously, who’d want Reina in an Arsenal shirt given the Cesc Barca stunt he pulled?

  616. “You only sing when you’re winning…”

  617. Yogi,

    May I suggest that you put up a poll after every matches to gauge whether a solid goalkeeper could probably save Arsenal 1 point or 2? Say, the first game against Liverpool, I don’t think any goalkeeper could have save the goal so there was no point to gain or lose. Same about last game against Blackburn. That’s Clichy & Kolceshy’s fault hence nothing to do with Alumnia and the result won’t change so no poll needed.

    By running this kind poll we could have a better idea of how many points could have gained by splash the money on proved goalkeeper.

  618.….pls read this guys…a great article..

  619. I’ve come to the conclusion that there is a certain breed of Englishman who hates Arsenal, whether he is a Chelsea supporter, ManU or indeed an Arsenal supporter. I mean really hates this.

    Obviously, in part it is the xenophobic fear of change and extreme dislike for continental, especially French influence. It is a very ugly and for me unexpected part of Arsenal.

    You can always judge an idea by the company it keeps and this especially applies to this breed.

  620. I know Almunia is not the greatest keeper. But, he has not been helped by his defence either! Our defence has gone sleeping a couple of times in the past causing worrying moments for Almunia. Even now, I am worried when Clichy is targetted by the opposing teams. He seems to be the weakest link. If we have a strong defence, Almunis would certainly be more reliable.

  621. Fantastic news Karim.

  622. If you see what I mean …

    But YW got in wrong yesterday, in part … there were 7 things Wenger had to do, not 3 …

    He had to obtain chamakh, given the previous season, injuries, a strategic move.

    He had to take the closest possible look at the youth, and take key decisions on promotions, this being the most important task of all.

    He had to look at the big picture … how far Arsenal, where are we, what is the next move – this considering that one could easily guess planning is major part of his workload, one or two seasons ahead.

    He had to take a close look what is happening on the world stage, vital to our success, and cleverly opted to commentate.

    You all worry far too much. Wenger is not only a couple of years ahead of us, he is far more ambitious than we are. You’ll find this out.

  623. What on earth happened here! How on earth am I supposed to read all of these comments.

    Guess it’s going to have to be a text to speech job to keep me entertained on the train.


  624. I agree with Suga3.

    Zimpaul, I do admire your positive attitude and loyalty, and its fair to say that wenger has earned that loyalty, but come on man, Wenger was commentating on the world cup because he enjoyed it.

  625. Mean Lean, I would not bother if I were you.

  626. Don’t bother Mean Lean, it’ll depresssss you.

    I doubt it James. But moving on, I expect Spurs to overtake Liverpool this season, just and hoping they edge ManC too.

  627. I hope Spurs get relegated (wishful thinking I know). If you hadn’t noticed ZimPaul, they overtook Liverpool last season.

  628. Zimpaul, I think man City will be inconsistent untill they get Hiddink or someone like that, Liverpool also look a bit shaky, they seem to need an entirely new squad. The problem is that we are inconsistent as well !!! Anyway, one way or the other it should be an exciting season

  629. Why would you want Spurs relegated? Beating Spurs is part of the tradition its a joy. Maybe you are worried they are catching up with us. Don’t you worry they will implode big time this season playing C.L midweek as well as the league and the cups is a different ball game. They will find out how tough it is to juggle all competition, it takes years of experience and know how to do it.

  630. 1 Loose Cannon, I know im worried about that as well. I just hope the players enjoy the champions league games, they’ve gone from having everything to lose to now having everything to gain. If they relax and play to there abilities I think we could do ok.

    We probably wont though.

  631. I am so shocked at the attitudes of some fans – why would you want our rivals relegated?

    You want to know where that goes? Let me tell you where ….

    With no rivals left in the league the league becomes a single team. No matches to play no rivals to beat. So what happens is at the start of the season Arsenal go and buy a premier league trophy off the shelves with their new pimp-daddy money.

    And the fans are no where to be seen because the football element has been removed and it is now purely about who can bid the highest for the trophy!

    Is that really what you want to see??

  632. Ignore this

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