Rovers Round-Up, Pulis Wants A Bundle, Wilshere Gets One

A great win at Blackburn, the players nullifying the physical threat offered by the hosts before imposing their passing game to take the three points. The Rovers goal was a poor one to concede, Koscielny found out the hard way that bluff does not always work, feinting to make a tackle is no substitute for a well-timed version of the real thing. That is a hard lesson to learn but in no way signals that he is not good enough. To cast aside an Arsenal career on the basis of one minute of action is a bizarre mentality.

Almunia provided an answer to his critics, confident under pressure and turning his ‘Mr Nice Guy‘ on its head in his confrontation with Diouf. It does not provide a permanent answer to the belief that Almunia is the solution to the goalkeeping conundrum; that will need a number of equally assertive performances. Even then, I suspect that the Spaniard to is too far down the road for that to happen.

Hopes of Shay Given joining have evaporated with City refusing to loan or sell him to a rival. Continental European teams have long held no qualms about selling to rivals, knowing that those clubs are the only domestic source of inflated transfer fees. English teams are reluctant to do so, that mentality showing no signs of abating with moves these days between top six clubs still the exception.

It means that Wenger is still heavily linked with Mark Schwarzer, ground covered by everyone in the past. The manager though offered some ‘comfort’ to Almunia that his days may not be as numbered as the media might like to think:

It is dead at the moment. But maybe not finished. At the moment I would say, as it is today, it is finished.

It must be uncomfortable for the manager sitting that much on the fence! Rare is it that the Frenchman says anything which indicates a new player is about to join, so that lack of commitment is not unexpected. That the door is left ajar is interesting; it suggests that Wenger is not as comfortable in his bed of laurels as his critics would have us believe.

With the bank holiday in England and Wales today, the window remains open until 5pm tomorrow and I wonder how close to the limit and move will be pushed with several right on the deadline – hints of subterfuge in some cases with paperwork confirmed well past cut-off in the past.

Talking of his detractors, Tony Pulis is upset over Wenger highlighting their roughhouse tactics – as are their intellectually challenged supporters – and is threatening to sue all and sundry over the slur. Quite why the tactical pygmy is getting bent out of shape is beyond me. Stoke are a dinosaur in footballing terms, their manager unable to develop the players beyond the dying art of ‘kick and rush’ with a touch of ‘thud and blunder’ thrown in. Only Blackburn still consistently employ the tactic to keep Stoke company in the top flight, Owen Coyle trying to move Bolton away from a reliance upon the ‘hoof’ to survive.

Away from the pitch, Jack Wilshere increased his England credentials with a first run-in with newshounds rather than sports reporters. It was an interesting tactic by Wilshere, to go clubbing close to a tabloid HQ and one that appeared to be working until a fight broke out. Wilshere is being cast in the role of peacemaker and apparently not facing charges. Welcome to Premier League football, young man. You must get your legal eagles working quicker though, chat to your three England colleagues who have taken out ‘super-injunctions’ for guidance on that one.

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. BTW, I forgot to add a thanks to Limpar for yesterday’s match report at short notice. Sterling work.


  2. That was your strategy to write the first comment and not seem childish?

  3. Keyser

    Yep and for once, no-one can doubt whether or not the post was read before commenting!


  4. Flint McCullough

    Good stuff again Limpar, we are not missing YW at all now!!

  5. Keyser- You got him sussed. Don’t do that again Yogi 🙂

  6. Nice post Muppet, I for one hope you keep the job.

  7. I really like Chamakh. His style is calm, simple – more subtle than it might look – and he plays for the team.

  8. pulis is only trying to distract attention from the fact that stuck(at the bottom of the table) are without a point, indeed a pointless club in the modern game, i like that robert huth is not mentioned when world wars are being bandied about, i’d like to see phil silvers join phil the orange brown on gardening leave just because i believe he is fergies side kick

  9. Zim – I also love the way he dealt with Samba in the box.

  10. For these reasons Cesc will combine wonderfully with Chamakh, his movement will be where Cesc will suspect him to be. It is often the case that a complex player needs a simple player to combine with.

  11. First real chance to comment on the game:

    Very good result, and we stood up well to their long ball and power game. I thought Almunia had a great game in answer to his critics (including me), and the defense as a whole functioned excellently.

    Song and Cesc both looked a little rusty, but that is to be expected. Diaby was very good in midfield and is now starting to leave his imprint on games.

    Theo was again a constant threat (great finish for the goal), whilst Arshavin was also a threat. RvP showed glimpses of what we miss when he does not play with a great ball through to Theo. Chamakh was excellent when he came on, and gave us an outlet when we were under pressure.

    The only downside was their goal. Lazy play by Diaby jogging past Samba, Sanga too high up the field, Kos not strong enough and Clichy ball watching when his man stole in front of him. That said, it was a good goal from Blackburns point of view but proves that if you switch off even for a second in this lge, you will be punished.

    Hopefully that game will serve as a marker in those sort of games, and give belief to the squad that they can hold their own when it comes to a “battle”.

  12. Nice post Yogi

    I has to be accepted that Koscielny will make mistakes due to his initial learning curve but he was unfortunate that his one error led to a goal on Saturday (TV got away with his for instance).

    It`ll be interesting to see if Al Fayed, sorry Hughes makes a late attempt to sell Schwarzer.

    It`s big lesson time for Jack Wilshere. Peacemaker or not the tabloids will cast him alongside the usual suspects.

    I`m not too sure why Pulis is so incensed. Arsene merely pointed out what was glaringly obvious – Stoke are dirty, end of.

  13. Hello all, back from my holidays.

    Managed to watch the most part of the game on Saturday. Was a great win that required a lot of grit, work ethic up unitil the 93rd minute, as well as the calmness to take our chances.

    Theo is Theo, nothing has changed apart from his confidence.. he was always going to come good.

    Van Persie looks himself, setting up goals, playing brilliantly, then to get injured. It is a big shame, but then theres..

    .. Chamakh, a great all round striker. I loved how he handled Samba on the set-pieces, the big lump really got a taste of his own medicine.

    Arshavin was a little dissapointing, and he knows he ain’t playing too well, but again proved why he is on the pitch. Always a threat.

    Cesc looked tired at times, and done a lot of running and tracking back when we carelessly lost the ball in the 1st half. Overall he was instrumental in everything going forward as you would expect, and unlucky not to score.

    Diaby was excellent again, Song lost the ball a lot and needs games, while Sagna and Clichy worked very hard providing support. Sagna getting caught high up the pitch for the goal.. something we still need to correct.

    Almunia was good once again.

    Overall a very good performance, winning away at Blackburn is very positive.

  14. Nice holiday Chris?

  15. Good win, always nice to stick a finger up to the Fat Walrus. Gotta say i think the Song/Diaby fulcrum in the middle of the park will develope into a good shield for the back 4. Powerful midfield that can dominate if both play like we know they can. May take time though but if it works its a great base to allow our forwards ti build from.

  16. DG – I know what you mean. Like the Viera/Petit axis.

  17. I wonder if someone had a word in their ear to not be so gungho. Wasnt there a team meeting all those years ago when Adams & Keown told Vieira and Petit to give them more protection. Still though they are both young enough to improve further. Lookin foward to thet developing.

  18. Was alrite steww, relaxing yet tiring!!

  19. Chamack is the man!was really impressed on how he was able to handle Samba.

    Reading players profile on the official site. “The Frenchman has also impressed on the front foot. Neat and tidy in possession, his willingness to overlap gives Arsenal the width they need to stretch defences and he is one of the finest crossers at the Club.

    couldnt hep but laugh about Sagna being one of our finest crossers.

  20. With regards to our defence, for certain games i want to see us try out a french back 4 Sagna, Squillaci, Koscielny, Clichy move TV alongside Song with Cesc playing just in front of them.

    For the other matches i want to see a bit more gung ho.
    Eboue, Djourou, Vermaelen, Gibbs
    Fabregas Song Diaby

    What do you think?

  21. BC – TV5 is not a midfielder, and never will be. He is however an excellent CB and as long as his performances don’t dip should be our 1st choice.

  22. I Went to the game on Saturday, and got the impression that Almunia’s approach to the fans at full time was a farewell.

  23. I thought that bar the obvious mistake Koscielny was exceptional.

  24. I was at the game aswell Sam and it seemed to me he was just releasing an enormous amount of tension after a great performance. Almunia didnt put a foot wrong on Saturday and the fans singing his name brought out this reaction in him. His problem lies in that as keeper of THE Arsenal, he is expected to perform like this every week.

  25. Sam, Can’t it be that Big Al was thanking the away fans for the support?? I felt so..

  26. I may be looking into it too much, but Almunia very rarely throws his shirt into the crowd, and he lingered around at the end until the other players had gone. Just a feeling I had, but it felt like his final bow.

  27. Even if we do get another keeper, it is by no means certain that somebody else will try and buy Almunia. I would prefer him as the No2 to Fabianski.

  28. Funny you would have thought Diaby would get more change out of the beast, but when Chamack came on Samba was completely confused, as if he didn`t know how to react to someone that appeared smaller giving as good as they got from his big ass. He was even crying for a pen.

    I was sure he would go into epileptic shock when Jack took him down.

  29. If my memory serves correct was there not a certain Tony Pulis of Gillingham who perjured himself in a court of law during a blackmail case with the club chairman.

  30. Ha, I did not know that.

  31. The former Gillingham manager Tony Pulis concocted a “monstrous plot” to blackmail the club’s chairman Paul Scally out of £200,000 using confidential documents stolen from the club, the high court heard yesterday.

    Pulis confronted Scally on May 26 1999, four days before the biggest game in the club’s history, the Second Division play-off final against Manchester City, and demanded that the chairman pay him the money which Pulis believed he was owed in goodwill payments, bonuses and his share of the sale of players

  32. Every year we get one. First Big Chief Philthy Animal Brown Cloud and now Mewling Poulis Pewlis. These people should have one thing and one thing only on their CV; “I once shared a touchline with the great Arsene Wenger” and that’s it. No other achievements whatsoever.
    Filthy ingrates.

  33. Hah, amazing stuff. On a side note, another twat manager from Arsene’s past has just been sacked. Alan Pardew… touchline to jump in other manager’s faces now eh?

  34. That twat Pardew even came grovelling to borrow some of our youngsters on loan. I have a similar loathing for MON who dared criticise AW while he was at Villa. They should show respect like Hodgson and Ian Holloway, and indeed Steve Bruce.

  35. Why do we lend out our youngsters to these shit clubs? Wilshere to Bolton last year, why? Why not lend him to a decent club that hasn’t kicked us off the park in the past. Bolton don’t deserve anything from us.

  36. Some of the clubs like Bolton play very rigid styles though. The likes of Wilshere will have learnt lots about the positional discipline and tracking back side of life there. Plus, young players are going to make more mistakes early in their careers’s…..better for some team like Bolton than us. We are the winners in the long run.

  37. I know that goonerandy, I just wish it had been a club like Bolton…but not Bolton. I hate everything about them, Blackburn and Stoke.

    Also, why is it legal to wipe the ball with a towel every time you have a throw in? Should be banned.

    Hope Blackpool and Holloway stay up, he’s a gentleman and they try to play the right way, while the press talk about how naive they are for not being cloggers! Same with Wigan and Martinez, we need more clubs (and managers) like those.

  38. Owen Coyle is no Alladyce or Pulis, he likes his teams to play football the right way, as does Holloway.

    I would be more than happy for a few of our kids to go to Bolton, Blackpool, WBA or Newcastle.

    In fact, we might just be seeing the death of the dinosaur era of English football managers. Once Pulis and Alladyce get the sack this season, we may have a full league of managers who actually like their teams to play Association Football.

    Weird or what?

  39. and regarding Wilshere’s loan to Bolton it was more a loan to Owen Coyle than Bolton as he was already linked with a switch to Burnley when coyle was manager there.
    And to be fair, Bolton plays better football since coyle took over.

  40. Delia-----Block 112

    Breathed a sigh of relief at the final whistle, Robinson’s free kicks were well handled but were heart in the mouth moments!
    It must be soul destroying for the home team to play in front of such a sparse crowd.
    Keeping everything crossed that our internationals all come back in one piece . During the lull in proceedings I can get stuck into the US Open Tennis. Come on Roger!

  41. I woulda thought JW was sent to Bolton because they have specific attributes; being a club, to give credit where due, that has stayed in top flight despite its deficiencies, so work ethic and spirit is what they have. I like what their new manager – is it Owen Coyle – said; that Bolton turned fans off (post whathisname – the Nigerian with the great free kick) and they need to play exciting football to win fans back, words to that effect.

    I’ve decided, a la Maria, that my second club is Blackham Albion.

  42. I suspect Cesc will be really ‘back’ this weekend and the team picks itself nicely. It’s a strong one.

  43. Delia—–Block 112,

    Every match has heart in the mouth moments, but we death with most of those with an urgency but at the same time composure.

    We are looking really good.

    The offense isnt even in full swing as yet. Imagine when Cesc, RVP start really rolling and Chamahk gets more PL experience. Add to that Walcott, Vela, AA, Nasri and Rosicky!

    wow, what a team!!!


  44. i see Vermaelen misplaced a pass in the blackburn game!! drop him quick!

    1 misplaced pass in 3 games – while not his actual job its an impressive stat

  45. The rumours are getting louder by the hour.Schwarzer to sign very soon.Would have preferred Given but Schwarzer will be a great signing.The final piece of the Jigsaw?

  46. Just finished watching the game on ATVO – I’m glad that Robson has now learned how to pronounce koscielny! Chamakh’s ‘handling’ of Samba was great. He used their tricks i.e. blocking off and holding, against them – it was sweet! I hope some one tells him not to bother at old shithole as you only get away with that there if your name is Vidic. I thought the second half performance was outstanding by Arsenal. Keep it up boys!

  47. Funniest Newsnow headline of the day “Inter make €35 million plus Sulley Muntari offer for Fabregas”! Why do these sites bother? If he didn’t go to broke back barca in the summer he is certainly not going anywhere else!

  48. Passenal, I saw that title earlier, plain foolishness.

  49. Great game overall. Kos got caught trying to muscle Diouf…should have just put it out of play and let Sagna get back. He didn’t seem to know that he hadn’t help over the top. No matter, learning curve. Chamackh…lovely stuff against Samba. Fab looks a little off the pace, but that’s to be expected. We looked sharp and confident. Good stuff.

  50. Limestonegunner

    Zimpaul, I also am very enthusiastic about Chamakh. I had initial doubts since I hadn’t seen him play much and his goal scoring rate is not so stellar. But he has such subtlety to his game. I think it isn’t really so simple, but as Wenger has termed it, “efficient”. Not a lot of wasted motion and indecision. He holds up with purpose and plays people in, while having the strength and athleticism for the aerial and direct game to add as well. I agree that his understanding with Cesc should develop quite nicely. I hope that means a lot more chances for him to finish in the box than Gorucuff was able to produce for him and a spike in his goals per game average.

  51. Oh and by the way…

    WIGAN 1 – HOTSPLASH 0 !!!!!!


  52. Limestonegunner

    i think it will be interesting to see if Squillaci starts in our next game. Many people have simply assumed that he was brought in just to be a back up, but I think he has more experience, though the PL is new to both. Sometimes we look disorganized at the back; I don’t know if Squillaci is the sort of player to provide that sort of leadership, particularly so soon, but his experience might be helpful in that respect.

    But I think the biggest improvement defensively was how active and assertive Almunia was. Great game–if we do get a new GK in, I would want him to stay as #2 and compete for the position and send Fabianski and Chesney out on loan.

  53. It would not suprise me is Squillachi will be 1st choice with TV5. He has a wealth of experience, and is fast and aggressive as well as being a good organiser. He has won silverware wherever he has played (a good habit). He will great for Kos to learn the ropes from.


    I knew of the new rules coming in, but not the “ins and outs” of them. Very encouraging, especially from our point of view. The days of wealthy owners throwing cash about seem to be coming to an end.

  55. Andy and Limestone:

    Like you I am happy with the KOS. I’m sure he will learn from his mistake after getting skinned by Diouf. I know absolutely nothing about Squillaci, however if he is fast and aggressive and especially if he is a good organizer, I would love to see him get a chance as first choice. KOS and TV are both very young for CB and over the course of a long season having an experienced hand who is a good organizer would make a huge difference.

  56. Limestonegunner

    Goonerandy, but there will be six years of grace period and some real loopholes for City and Chelsea with block investments before the rules take effect. All the big clubs that have large debts will have a good while to adjust. What this will stop however is future takeovers changing the landscape once the rules are put in. But it cements the advantages that big clubs have already developed in place since high turnover is key.

    So, yes, it is a pretty good development for Arsenal given that we already adhere to these guidelines, but whether this will be a significant advantage for us over the next decade or beyond is a real question since the whole system and its enforcement are giving everyone a soft landing. Barca, Real, Man U, Chelsea, Liverpool, etc… will all be fine. The question is will City; and if the owners “invest” 500 million now, they will be if they get into the CL in the next couple of years and manage to stay.

    The Swiss Ramble had a very good post on this issue a while back, and I expect he’ll do another one now that the media are reporting on the rules again.

  57. What about this cash injection rule Limestone? Supposedly they can put as much money as they want right now so that their teams can ‘live’ off it for the next however long. Seems ridiculous.

  58. RVP out for several weeks ! That guy is starting to be made of glass.
    Huge blow !

  59. Tony fuckin’ Pulis…if i had a wax doll, a few pins and some knowledge of how to kill him, I wouldn’t do it. That fucker deserves some more touchline torment. Total cun#. Love and Peace!

  60. Where does it state RvP is out for several weeks?

  61. Sky Sports News Sid

  62. Pulis his fingernails out…with a long pair of tweezers. The sack of shit. Peace and Blessings to all….

  63. Bad news about RVP. It going to be tough to win the league without 18 – 20 goals from him. Chamakh has been excellent but not the same as in form RVP. Chamakh will need to be unbreakable at least for a while.

    What is the latest on Denilson and Djourou? I thought JD would start at CB last week with the KOS suspended. Is he still injured or is the boss not ready to start him?

    Diaby has done well so Denilson not as urgent but still need a Song backup.

  64. Limestonegunner

    Axis, exactly. All you need to know about these new “fair play” rules is that Abramovitch was lobbying for them!

  65. Of all the shite managers, Shawcoss’s dung-infested, putrid pile of fish testicles, Pulis…get the Orange, you dirty, evil, pottery eating bastard!

  66. So, we have one fit striker left. bendtner wont be fit till next year and at this rate RvP wont feature again till November.

  67. Good grief, Ponyboy. What’s got into you?

  68. I thought the goal we conceded was a result of the team bombing forward to eagerly. Koscielny could have done without sticking so close to Diouf as well.

  69. PZ – Pulis is not a bad man.. but the slime he leaves in his wake has a sense of putrefaction which disgusts us humans. If AW shakes his claw, he’d better be wearing gloves.

    Chamack!! Love the man, even though he looks a little like the lesser Ronaldo.

    Pulis… don’t get me started !

  70. Agree G69, Kos took the wrong option by trying to muscle Diouf when he didnt have to. If you look at the goal he was a little behind, with his speed he couldve caught up. I am sure Kos will learn his lesson.

    I dont agree that we looked out of place defensively and all that on Saturday anymore than any other team when the ball goes in the goalie area. Every team scrambles in these situations, it was great to see.

  71. Is this RvP new coming from the Dutch camp? Do we trust what they say?

    If he is out for a month or so then that would surely push JET up to the bench. He probably deserves a sniff at the moment.

  72. there have so many stories about Bendtner from AW
    first he was nearly ready for beginning of the season then NB said 6 weeks, then Danish FA said next year and last week AW said he be ok in 3 weeks.

    its hard to work out whos right but we do need him as RVP is so injury prone

  73. Sid,

    What about Vela, Walcott and AA who can score goals along with Chamakh. Oh and we have JET also.

    We have scoring options. Lets not be lulled into believer we are less that we are.

  74. “believing”

  75. Not so much as bad man, perhaps, as a man gone bad.

  76. Paul N

    I think it depends on the length of his injury, but it could be an opportunity for young JET. I am more than happy about us having Vela, Theo and AA. But they play in different positions.

    Here’s hoping its just a fortnight out for Robin.

  77. OneOUs it is coming from the Dutch camp.
    They are saying he is going to be out a lot longer than the two weeks Arsenal originally said.

  78. Hope the news about RVP is not true. I do not think anyone has a clue when NB52 back. JET is only 19 and we can not expect him to help us yet. Vela Walcott and AA could fill in briefly but we all saw what happened last year when we tried to play without a real central stiker for a longer period of time. Fingers crossed and prayers said that Chamakh can stay healthy.

  79. Anelka helped us when Ian Wright was out injured. JET’s clearly in form at the moment, so I don’t see what the problem would be with moving him into the squad.

  80. Limestonegunner

    I think the issue with RvP and Bendtner being injured is not that we don’t have lots of goal scorers in the midfield and form right and left sides, like Walcott and Arshavin, but rather the way the system works best with a focal point in the middle. Those others scored lots of goals at the start of the season because RvP had the qualities to pass and combine well from that position after he adapted to the new formation and system. When he went out we didn’t really have a replacement for that role until Bendtner returned (and even so he plays somewhat differently I think) and our offensive performance was affected.

    Now we have Chamakh who really can play as the front man. He has the skills and game to get others goals too. So the issue is we need him and RvP to be healthy because they are most effective in the system we are playing. The other goal scorers elsewhere benefit from someone in that role. We saw how much we slowed down and stuttered when Arshavin played up front last season. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen again.

  81. Thanks, Veteran, I just saw it on the KNVB site. I suppose we’ll have to wait to hear from out lot now. The Dutch camp has been wrong in the past about RvP.

  82. Limestonegunner

    As far as JET, I really don’t know how he plays to have an opinion about whether he can ably fill in, apart from his youth etc… Does he have the sort of qualities RvP and Chamakh show–quick passing, ability to combine with the other attackers etc… The great thing about Chamakh is that he is comfortable with our type of game, it seems, while adding some other elements.

    He should be in the squad, since there is no reason to think we will get another striker in. But can he play the way the first team plays and against real PL opposition? That’s my question, since I only saw him a couple times in preseason.

  83. “I suppose we’ll have to wait to hear from out lot now. The Dutch camp has been wrong in the past about RvP.”

    My thought exactly OOU. A few weeks could mean 3 weeks and 2 of those will be taken up by the international break anyway. As long as he does not have to have surgery, he is not going to be missing for long enough for panic to set in.

    And speaking of National teams, I can’t tell you how pissed off I am about the Danish coach scare mongering about Bendtner not playing for Arsenal until next year when they are the ones who broke him by playing him in the WC when he was clearly carrying an injury.

  84. This is what the squad system is for. 3 first choice centre forwards in case two ever get injured at the same time. Unbelievable bad luck that it has happened to us two seasons running but nothing can be done. As has been said, reserves and youth players also need to step up when asked.
    Just like Anelka and Manninger did.

  85. Limestonegunner

    Seem like we have forgotten about Vela… Kind of like when Arsene dropped him off the first team injury, returning from international list once in a press conference last year and then remembered that Vela was in the squad! Hopefully, he’ll make his mark this season and prove less anonymous in the first team as well, given these injuries.

  86. Limstone, I remember jet with some brilliant touches in the pre season.

    I am with OOU, players will have to step up. Whats the point of having players if we dont trust them? I have no doubt that Wenger believes that other players will get the job done. If they dont play like RVP, that simpy means we will have to play a little different.

  87. That was Steww actually!

  88. I love how hard JET was working for the Reserves last week, but surely he’s just treading water at that level. To my eye he looks more than ready for the 1st team. I expect him to be in the squad for the Bolton game.

  89. “As far as JET, I really don’t know how he plays to have an opinion about whether he can ably fill in, apart from his youth etc… Does he have the sort of qualities RvP and Chamakh show–quick passing, ability to combine with the other attackers etc… The great thing about Chamakh is that he is comfortable with our type of game, it seems, while adding some other elements.”

    Limestone Gunner, JET has been playing the Arsenal way all his football life. He has different qualities to RVP and Chamakh – no two players are the same. But if called upon, I’m sure he’ll do a good job.

  90. Steww:

    Your right bad luck. I love tranfers and buying new players as much as anyone but realistically we can not keep more then 3 central strikers when we have a system that only uses 1 at a time. Its frustrating that this season and last 2 or those strikers have missed well more then 1/2 the games. Not sure of the answer. To bad the WC was this year and NB52 couldn’t get healthy.

  91. Limestonegunner

    Keyser, I don’t think many were speculating realistically that Given would come. It just didn’t seem like ManCity would want to help Arsenal. But what this means is that there is less chance that Schwarzer will move to us, since Fulham won’t have Given as a replacement.

    Paul N, I agree that Vela in particular can prove his quality with a chance or two coming his way.

    As far as playing a bit differently, there is different and there is different. Different like Arshavin in the centre is a scenario we have seen and it wasn’t so effective. Different like we played with Bendtner is a better option, you know what I mean? What is JET like as a player–I saw some good touches too in preseason, but that’s not a lot on which to form an impression on the abilities or style of a player–so that’s why I am asking, if anyone has more familiarity with JET and has seen him play more.

  92. Limestonegunner

    Passenal, good point, and his football education coming from our academy is certainly confidence-building.

  93. I am talking about the rumour doing the rounds in the morning papers that Schwarzer would come to City if Fulham get Given on loan. The goalkeeping musical chair rumour. It puts paid to that I guess.

  94. Schwarzer would come to Arsenal. Confused by the musical chair. 😦

  95. Limstone, since JET does not play first team ball regularly, I dont think we can use anything else other what we have seen when he has played with the first team. This seems to be the best indication of what he can do at the big level, for me he was very good throughout.

    Maybe we could change to 442, or we have Chamakh or JET up front. We have plenty of options.

    The point is though that we dont have only RVP and Chamakh as strikers at the club.

  96. And of course if Theo carries on the way he’s started we have a genuine goalscoring forward.

  97. The number of strikers we have at the club it would be insane to get any more. If we get too many injuries we have to take it on the chin and either play someone slightly out of position or use one of the youth players or play another formation.

  98. PZ – good point; he went bad at an embryonic stage though, the mewling pisstank.

    Well, looks like big ‘bad’ Al is here to stay and play..

  99. I think Almunia will be the number 1 this season. Wenger might take stock of the situation come January but I can’t see anyone coming in tomorrow.

  100. I could see Walcott playing slightly behind Chamahk actually.

    That guy (Walcott) is going to one of the more special players we have ever witnessed in the history of the game.

  101. I suspect that when Pulis was in utero his mother released the hormones at the wrong time. The result is what you see today.

  102. apologies is this has already been posted, but a bit of a lolocaust from ol’ strokeface.

  103. No one is going to “help” us by doing a deal for a keeper…why would they?

    I like JET a lot…i think he’ll be excellent.

    Expect the Russian and the Sheik to dump 500mil each so that their teams can keep this transfer madness up for a year or two. It lets them hoard players…maybe loan a few to other leagues…so they can handicap the other big clubs. Not especially bad for us, but ManU and Liverpool are finding the transfer pool very thin.

  104. Limestonegunner

    Axis, Well, except for multimillion pounds spent on a lower league Portuguese winger sight unseen!! what a riot–apparently he is isn’t good enough to play him in the ManU reserves! I wish Bebe luck, since he had a difficult road in life, but am enjoying this embarrassing, wasteful misstep from Fergie.

  105. Looks like you guys will get your wish. If Almunia continues to play like he did on Sat then we could not do better with Schwarzer or almost any other keeper that might have been available. So far it looks like Al has regained his confidence and form. Its a long season and time will tell if he can stay consistant.

    Only the boss knows the truth about what he really wanted. Hopefully he was not waiting until the bitter end just to save a little money.


  107. Can players still be sent out on loan after te transfer window closes

  108. Maybe that’s an indication of how much the Sheik has soaked up the available players…only thing left is the homeless wonder.

  109. Vince – that is priceless, fucking priceless…!!!!

  110. The Twitch is not a ‘Wheeler Dealer’ he is just a crook.

  111. Maria

    No, unless it is to a Football League club and I don’t think their transfer window closes for a while yet. Exceptional circumstances, ie all goalkeepers injured, can allow loan signings. If a player is out of contract then they can be signed at any time.


  112. Dups

    Fack off, he’s a football manager…comedy genius that Pete ‘n Dud would envy.


  113. Looks like the Schwarzer deal is going down the swanny!! Ah well Loris it is so …If we dont get Schwarzer then it will be as you were id imagine. Almunia as No1 (shakes head) and a decision to be made on who is backup and whos going out on loan.

    Or Wenger pulls a rabbit out of the hat at the last minute…how likely is that though.

  114. Comedy genius indeed Yogi – it put me in mind of The Prisoner “I am not a wheeler dealer, I am a football manager”!

    DeiseGooner, contrary to popular belief, I think Arsene was only ever interested in having some more experienced competition and cover in the goal keeping position. If Almunia can maintain his concentration level and play like he did yesterday, MS, if he arrives would have a hard time displacing him. If Arsene was looking for a new number one, I think he would have had more than one serious candidate and would have signed someone by now.

  115. oh no Poliziano’s back.

  116. “If Almunia can maintain his concentration level and play like he did yesterday” – how long have we been saying that though P>? He just hasn’t been capable of that solid performance consistently…

  117. What happend to writing the ’til tomorrow part in blue, Yogi? Are you getting lazy on us? o.ô

  118. @Deise
    He did it in 07/08 and 08/09, though.

  119. If the tax man has his way it will be just like you said Passenal.

    “I am not a wheeler dealer, I am a Prisoner”

  120. That would be sweet justice indeed dupsffokcuf – he has ruined many a good club and probably destroyed a few lives along the way, you know the poor people who work for clubs behind the scenes who don’t have the luxury of moving onto bigger and better things everytime a deal (or a club) goes pear shaped!

  121. Passenal:

    If the boss was only interested in some experienced competition why did he leave Almunia in limbo this long. I suspect that if he had not considered it important he would have dropped it and given Almunia the vote of confidence as #1. A vote of confidence is certainly the Wenger way.

    IF he plays the way he did on Sat consistantly this year all of this will be forgotten.

  122. He has not aggressively pursued the deal Bill – Arsenal have not upped their offer nor have they been actively seeking alternatives, which leads me to believe that Arsene was looking for reinforcement rather than replacement. He has a lot of faith in Fabianski, but clearly feels he is not ready yet to seriously compete with Almunia. Mannone and Tech 9 are too young and inexperienced. A couple of years from a combination of Almunia/MS would allow time for Fabianski to overcome the current negativity and/or for one of Mannone/Tech 9 to emerge as contenders.

  123. Bill,
    Perhaps Wenger made this only to motivate Almunia. Perhaps all the noise was orchestrated to see how much fight Almunia had in him or whether he would simply roll over and look for another team.

    No matter what the purpose was Almunia clearly stepped it up a notch last weekend. Based on that I would suggest the position is still his to lose.

  124. Bill, Arsene has already said that Almunia is #1.

    He stated at the beginning of the season that whoever he played in goal at Anfield would be #1.

  125. ‘arry got rather upset, didnt he?

    That response was from a guilty conscience.

    He isnt a “wheeler dealer” but he sure goes to the highest bidder.

  126. Have you had a good summer, Duke?

  127. ‘He isnt a “wheeler dealer”’

    True. If he is such a great wheeler dealer, how come he’s brought every club he’s managed to its knees?

  128. @ Vince

    ha ha ha ha! Someone’s a tad sensitive, isn’t he?

  129. Just way ten top twenty managers as voted by the fans I was ad to see our very own Arsene come on top. It seems even with all the Amti-Arsene medja propaganda fans still recognise genius.

    Funnily enough I watched while back best foreign player which went to TH14 with Cantana a distance second.

  130. Andrey to play a role in a film entitled ‘I’m Not Arshavin’. I bloody love Arshavin, in terms of eccentricity we’ve been lacking since Jens left. Well, aside from President Eboue I guess but he’s just a bit head-mental.

  131. OHMYGOD AND IT’S GONNA BE IN 3D. Andrey embracing technology, I love it. Avatarshavin?

  132. Congratulations on the strong-willed victory, Andrey!
    AA: Thank you. As for the game there is a Russian football saying “Beat run and surround the gate” That is precisely the Blackburn scheme.

    If I didnt’t know for a fact Arshavin exists and is genuinely a proffesional footballer i’d assume he was a comic creation played by either Steve Coogan or Paul Whitehouse.

  133. Oh dear none of my previous post made sense. My BlackBerry is not serious.

  134. Anyone who thinks Eric is even comparable with Henry is, in Ponyboy’s choice phrase, a mewling pisstank. His ravings about sardines, or whatever it was, might be considered profound in France, but in the civilised world are considered complete rubbish. Nevertheless, I do respect him for his kung-fu attack on that abusive supporter.

  135. He was a good player, but probably more important due to his effect on Manure at that particular time as opposed to his greatness. he was obviously very good though.

    For me DB10 is the best foreign player. The guy just oozed class.

  136. Here’s what we have decided. Should all 3 central strikers be out injured at the same time, so unlike Arsenal, then Cesc, yes Fabregas, yep captain, must step up and play central striker.

    Rosicky has kindly offered to do the duties at pivot, and Jack volunteered to deputise.

    I have have said Eboue, who plays in every position, and has been quietly advising Almunia (I’m sure we’ve all noticed Al’s vigour and confidence), but he is a bit busy on some pressing presidential matters at the moment.

  137. would have

  138. Eric’s best position was always shirt or jersey collar in upwards position. So hip, so cool, I’m surprised he didn’t play footie with his shades.

    But Pz is right, that kung fu kick was a beaut.

  139. Well goonerandy the day had to arrive and finally it’s here. We agree on something.
    Dennis Bergkamp best import this country has ever seen without question.
    If TH had stayed playing with us into his mid thirties, well then maybe, but Dennis was class from follicle to boot lace from the day he arrived to the day he retired.

  140. Denis was definitley our best import. Absolute class.

    Bearing in mind some people’s views about RVP’s ‘fragility’, it’s worth remembering that Denis was prone to only turning out when he was sure that he was completly fit.

    Not too many groans about his fitness from fans then.

  141. Steww – ha, I knew it would happen eventually. 🙂

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