Defender Forces The Issue With More To Come. Apparently.

Back from the harsh suspension imposed by the FA of Mrs YW, my thanks to Consolsbob, Zimpaul, Muppet, Steww, LimparAssist and Darius for their sterling work during my absence. An appeal to the Disciplinary Committee was deemed frivolous but luckily a further ban avoided although issuing a suspended sentence may yet cause trouble.

So time to tick off the checklist for the start of the season. Serious injury to promising youngster? Tick. Senior squad member knacked following an impressive game? Check. Transfer clamouring for new goalkeeper? Check. No-one new arrived yet? Check.

Prior to the ‘big kick-off’, I suggested that Arsene would be happy to go to Stamford Bridge having dropped just two points and the start made by Arsenal so far suggests that this might well be the case. Congratulations to Limpar for avoiding using ‘Oranges are Lemons‘ as the headline for his match report but the limitations of Blackpool were brutally exposed by Theo Walcott’s finishing, in particular, and the overall team play. Playing at home to a newly promoted side, properly reduced to ten men, and handing out the ‘designated’ thrashing is not a sign of a guaranteed title challenge but it is an indication that mentally, the squad prepared to beat the opposition in front of them, ruthlessly.

Watching Alan Hansen’s criticism of Walcott in the Match of the Day post-match analysis was bizarre. The comments were lacking originality – he borrowed Chris Waddle’s bitchiness pre-South Africa – and the highlights chosen merely proved the opposite of the points he was trying to make. Walcott did not deserve either; even by the ludicrously low standards of the pundits sofa, it must have been a first for an England international to score a hat-trick and not receive any praise for doing so, even begrudgingly. I wondered if the Scrumpy had been mind-altering in totality when Lineker defended Walcott in his Mr Nice Guy way.

Liverpool’s capitulation at Eastlands last night has raised the immediate questions about Arsenal’s result at Anfield. Had it been a home match, then they might have been valid but overall, Arsene will have been reasonably pleased with the point. The cutting edge of van Persie was missed as Chamakh felt his way into the English game, his hard work rewarded as he put Reina under pressure for the equaliser.

Almunia was treated with the usual harshness for being beaten at the near post, even though the ferocity of Ngog’s shot from inside of the penalty area would have beaten him at the far post. Almunia’s perceived weakness was apparently worse than Reina scooping the ball into his net – was it footballing karma for the Liverpool fans who still laugh at the mention of Gary Sprake? Had an Arsenal goalkeeper committed such a monumental error in a home game against a team perceived to be a rival this season, the scorn and derision would still be heard today.

Overall, the display at Anfield probably got the result due, the failure to breakdown Liverpool in the second half disappointing after the way they were reduced to ordinariness in the opening forty-five minutes. Many positives were drawn though and Koscielny’s debut dispelled some of the concerns about him prior to kick-off, his partnership with Vermaelen getting off to a good start. The red card was soft beyond words and it will be a test of officiating standards to see if all ball to hand incidents are suitably punished in the aftermath.

The reaction to Joe Cole’s dismissal was equally baffling; the tackle was high and late, the remonstrations post-match were typical of the English game. Cole has not been regarded as a thug but that is irrelevant; it was a poorly timed challenge which received the correct punishment.

Transfers are to the fore at the moment with Sebastien Squillaci seemingly poised to join today or tomorrow following a medical at Arsenal. The signing is typically left-field, not mentioned in the welter of noise about Mertesacker and Tasci for most of the summer. He is experienced, cried out for in the absence of those who have left this summer. That Gallas has pitched up at White Hart Lane is neither here nor there; I frankly don’t care about him playing for Tottenham or anyone else once it became apparent that he was not going to stay at Arsenal. He may give them a full season following his injury plagued time at Arsenal but that was then, this is now and we should be supporting the squad we have not reminiscing about those whose time at the club has past or never will be.

Squillaci has apparently forced Sevilla’s hand in the affair, refusing to play in the Champions League qualifier last week against Braga. It is not hard to imagine how their supporters feel about the affair, I would have been beyond incandescent had Fabregas, for example, pulled a similar stunt to force a move to Barcelona. They are up to similar tricks with a more willing Mascherano at the moment, good luck to Liverpool in fending them off. Such is the innate hypocrisy of the football fan, I am not bothered by Squillaci’s antics as Arsenal are the beneficiaries.

He isn’t the first signing of the past fortnight with the manager chancing his arm on another compatriot although I hope he knows what he is doing with this lad Wenger, does he have the right experience to take Arsenal forwards in the next three years?

The rumours of Mark Schwarzer will still not go away and his convenient injury at the weekend led to more fodder about medicals and goodness alone knows what. The resurgence of the rumour of Stekelenberg filled me with more hope that the ageing Australian whom I maintain is no better than anyone already at the club, easily prone to making mistakes – Arsenal has benefitted from those in the past. The problem is that the media has fed and feeds upon, an insecurity amongst the supporters, breathing life into stories which would otherwise have died a death summers ago.

So a bright new season is upon us with many twists and turns to come. A solid start has been achieved, good foundations upon which to build, especially with the first battle of GBH upon us this weekend, the first trip of the ‘Southern Softies oop North‘. ’til Tomorrow.

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  1. Mongolian Gooner


  2. Welcome back, YW.

    As you said, a bright new season is on us and it’s started brightly.

  3. new signings are always welcome!

    In Arsene, we trust!

  4. FIRST!

    and 9th on the ACLF fantasy league

  5. Judith Le'Strange

    If as seems likely that Schwarzer will not be joining Arsenal due to Hughes stance I think we should turn our attention to the Ajax keeper who played brilliantly in the WC and as he is younger and obviously would cost more it would be worth it in the long run, especially as we have now strengthened our defence.

  6. lol damn!

  7. Good to have you back Mr yogi!

    Agree with you on schwarzer being a little underwhelming but from the sorry look on Manuel’s face you just feel like rightly or wrongly it’s gone too far for him to confidently keep his place.

    A pity, but even if schwarzer’s ability Isn’t superior the chance to form a fresh understanding has got to be better than persevering with a keeper who’s lost confidence in himself, no?

  8. second

  9. About Squillaci not playing against Braga for me is not the same as Macherano not playing last night because that was an european match that would have prevented him from playing for another club in that competition and the club knows his value would have been cut by more than 50%. Sevilla would have not wanted to play him anyway!

  10. NO Schwarzer PLEASE!!!!

  11. Welcome back yw

  12. how come we pay money for other clubs’ 30 year olds but we get nothing when ours leave us?


    Good breakdown by Keown. Much more insightful that the rubbish spouted by the more established “pundits”.

  14. Good to have you back Yogi. You’re Like A New Signing.

  15. here is the difference between how we acted with seb and how those barca c***s acted with fabregas.
    we bid the right amount for seb, so sevilla did not feel aggrieved, and we did not steal their player.
    in fabregas case, the likes of xavi puyol etc couldnt stop mentioning cesc with the barca DNA and the rest of the bullshitt even before they had made a proper bid thus unsettling our captain. then those fools come knocking on the door with half of what we value him!!
    thats the difference!!

  16. Sadly Almunia is damaged goods, after the witch hunt by ‘supporters’,the gutter press and MOTD. I don’t think Schwartzer or Given are an improvement. There are however very few World Class Keepers available (any?).

  17. more-than-the-average-gunner

    Squillaci reminds of a former chelsea player carlvalho richardo , his no non-sense approach and good reading of the game , his height is not an issue cos his anticipation and leap will augur well for him ..Good enough hes french so communication will not b a problem for him

  18. For once that Wrighty is saying something nice about Arsenal. I haven’t seen MOTD and what Hansen said but I can imagine coming from this fake scouser who thinks he is the best player of all time!

  19. Hansen must have really fucked up for Ian Wright to come out in support like that…LOL! Or Maybe he just needed to get the column out of the way to collect his weekly pay cheque.

  20. Its good to see Salvatore Schillaci sign for Arsenal.

    Really, we are done.

  21. Mongolian Gooner

    Alan Hansen was sitting in the public toilet. Suddenly someone from next compartment said:

    – Hello?
    Hansen startled and said:
    – Hello.
    – How are you?
    – Good.
    – What are you doing?
    – Having a dump.
    – OK. Gotta hang up. Someone’s making fun of me from the next toilet.

  22. Didn’t Wrighty have his nose put out by MOTD when he realised that, even by their piss poor standards, he was being treated like a joke?

  23. anyone tell me how old our third choice goal keeper is (cant spell

  24. Welcome back YW… Have missed your words, It’s good to have you back 🙂

  25. and how old is Joe hart

  26. YW,

    Every point seems spot on and there’s not a word I’d change. I can say no more than that.

    Welcome back and well done

  27. Could be that Almunia hadn’t reckoned on the innate xenophobia within the English public and media when he said he wouldn’t mind playing for Engeerland, (especially in football circles)

    It stirred up a bit of a hornets nest and then any time he made a mistake it got highlighted in the media ….. and the rest is history.

  28. Welcome back YW.

    Just like all the greats you slip into the team seamlessly.

  29. And good to ‘read’ you back Yogi.

    You have some awesome substitutes !!

  30. LOL, Bob and same goes for his time with Talshite, were he was teamed up with the ginger bloke who just mocked him continously. Even I thought he was a joke regardless of his Arsenal legend status. Other fans must think his a little slow like Merson another media joke figure.

  31. No debate on here today because everyone agrees with everything in the post.

    Yogi, you *must* try to be more controversial, all this sensible reasoned blogging will get you nowhere.

  32. Vito Mannone is 22, boomer.

    London Colney. Day.

    AW: So, who’s up for marking Chris Samba then?

    LK: (Sticks arm up excitedly) Me boss!

    TV: (Pulling LK’s arm down with a grimace) No, Laurent! You know not what you are saying…

    MA: (Arms crossed) And Bethides… you ith thtill thuthpended.

    AW: Yes. Hmm… still suspended, that’s right.

    AA: (shrugs) I’ll mark him!

    – Laughter Ensues.

    AW: Ha! No. Stop it. Come on now…

    EE: ‘Ow about the new boy? (thumbs toward the doorway…)

    Sebastian Skillatchi, just walked in, is leaning in the doorframe with a Sevilla hold-all over his shoulder, a cocky gait and a sheepish grin. He twirls a lock of his hair around his finger.

    SS: Who is this you speak of? This… Samba?

    After a Pause – Hysterical Laughter Ensues. The players disperse and pat SS on the back as they go.

    Various, inc AW: ‘Good luck with that!’, ‘Bon chance, mon amie!’, ‘Pfft… giggle giggle…. ‘Oh dear, oh dear!’ ‘Ha!’

    TV: (pointedly the last to leave) ‘Do not worry, pardner…’


    TV: ‘…I am an unstoppable cyborg sent from the future to defend the goal of Arsenal. We have these… Sambas… in the future. You will do fine. But stay close to me if you want to live!’

    (Grabs him by the hold-all strap and yanks him out onto the training field.)

    AW: (coolly, in shorts) Let’s go to work.

  33. “He isn’t the first signing of the past fortnight with the manager chancing his arm on another compatriot although I hope he knows what he is doing with this lad Wenger, does he have the right experience to take Arsenal forwards in the next three years?”

    Who is Yogi talking about??

  34. Has Skilly the Magnificent signed yet?

    Mourinho says Arsenal and Liverpool are not good enough to win the EPL. Amongst other things, lessons will have to be learned and some pupils in this case are (1) Gerrard – Arsenal lack stamina of Liverpool etc (2) Evra – Arsenal lack players of character, Walcott is a sissy whatever … and (3) Mourinho – Arsenal lack depth whatever etc …

    I can’t wait for the studies to continue. I know I will see Walcott teach Evra, chuckle when Mourinho has nothing to say, and Gerrard will not repeat his foot in mouth, uttered as the demise of once mighty Liverpool started in earnest. I never forget a cheap shot against Arsenal.

    But for now, worth mentioning that Wenger said we will attend to the defensive side after last season, and he has been true to his word. Next?

    We are close to having a highly rated defensive team and real depth there.

    YW, have you been rested or were you injured?

  35. Limestonegunner

    Welcome back, YW.

    I am glad Squillaci is not cup tied, but I am a bit disturbed that the player was in the first eleven for the CL qualifier against Braga but refused to play in order to make the transfer more likely and keep his value to Arsenal. What would have happened if we couldn’t agree on a price with Sevilla? Didn’t this move suppress his transfer value to Sevilla?

    Arsenal conducts its business in a much more dignified way than Barca, for sure, but that’s not saying much. In this case, it would have been better if we had pursued Squillaci earlier in the transfer season to prevent this scenario. Perhaps the transfer window should end a little earlier, before the start of the UEFA schedule.

    So that’s the one unsavoury note to this otherwise very welcome news.

    In the comments the last day or so, it appears many were suggesting that Koscielny would start and that Squillaci would be a backup. Considering Squillaci’s experience in the CL and in La Liga as well as France, I think Vermaelen’s partner is open for competition. It will be interesting to see how Wenger makes his choices since he did not buy an obvious starter but has three pretty decent options to choose from.

  36. At last we’ve sign a decent cb.but I also heard that we are in for juan as well.and I that should be interesting.cos we do have money.but wenger has been hiding his cheque book.and know he is provin tome that he can splash cash on new players.but wy does he always have to wait til the last minute.cos nex tweek we might as well buy scwarzer from fulham.

  37. Nice to have you back Yogi. Isn’t the same without you. Something uniquely “Yogisque” when you’re about.
    About Pool and Mancity last night it goes to show that money does have an effect on football. Its not by coincidence that Manutd and Chelsea have dominated the last five years with the money they’ve spent. Our is a different financial game, building the resources from within – which requires great patience. Mancity are in the big boys club now and we better get used to it. The league will be tougher and more fun!

  38. I am very happy with our signing of two quality defenders that are actually footballers primarily, more guile than grit, pass rather than hoof, intercept rather than tackle.

    I for one would hate to have the Samba type that the doomers are crying out for. Ugly beast of a man. Yuck.

  39. maria

    I do hope that you are a Beautifu Desirable women.but judging from your comments you don’t sound that hot.

  40. Am I imagining or is there a massive excitement building around Arsenal?

  41. Goon2, so that Maria doesn’t lower herself with an answer let me try. You are a little boy aren’t you? A bit scared? Yes? I’ll box your ears you’ll feel like the idiot you are.

  42. lol ZP. That told him.

  43. Always hoped that Micah Richards would join the Gunners. Wasn’t Hughes virtually throwing him at us. Anyway the dreams over now. The Boss knows best. He obviously knows something I don’t!

  44. Welcome back Yogi… and good use of the bench while you were away…

    Great to see Rosicky back to his best at the weekend!

    And 105 points (up to 2nd!) in the fantasy league this week, Subbing Theo in nows seems an inspired decision, move over Arsene!

  45. zimpaul

    I am not a little boy.but mate you are making a big mistake to even start saying stupid things againts me.but I hate arguing with cunts like you.

  46. @ ZimPaul
    You’re not wrong!

    I am not bothered by Squillaci’s antics as Arsenal are the beneficiaries.

    to add to what gunnerluc said – remember that Sevilla had in principle already agreed to sell him. He wasn’t staying away to angle for a move as a result of his agent whispering in his ear or Arsenal talking about him in the media.

    @ Limestonegunner
    it would have been better if we had pursued Squillaci earlier in the transfer season to prevent this scenario. Perhaps the transfer window should end a little earlier, before the start of the UEFA schedule.

    You don’t know when we started to negotiate about Squillachi, do you? You don’t know how long it’s taken, whether there have been delays, and if so, what the cause was. And in any case, this can happen to any team. Perhaps there would be advantages to the transfer window closing earlier, but there are probably disadvantages as well.

  47. Goon2, if you are not a little boy, why do you sound like one? Are you just a grown up wimp?

  48. ZimPaul, I think you should not pick on gooner2.coz he might have sumsort of deficiency. 😛

  49. Yes Dups.

  50. Thought this subheading over at Untold Arsenal was quite amusing:

    Barcelona: A lone crab

    By Ann O’Gram – our girl on the spot

  51. No I don’t.but you can keep your mouth shut dupps.cos the fight is between me and zimpaul.and I think its better if you stay out of it.

  52. zimpaul

    I think that you can talk for your self.and don’t let dupps do that again.

  53. hahaha. you do make me laugh gooner2.

  54. He is referring to Arsene, Maria.

  55. No doubt the best signing of the summer CB.

  56. Now the scousers have to put up with Barcelona’s pathetic low class behaviour to unsettle a player.

    Mourinho the man who destroyed football has something to say about our title hopes

    “Always the same type of comment, ‘it’s a young team, we’ll be next season’. I remember we (Chelsea) played them in the Carling Cup semi-final with a team of young boys.

    “But the team of young boys is no longer the team of young boys. In this moment they are a team that are 25, 26, 27 years old.

    ” Fabregas, Walcott, Clichy, Song, Sagna. They are not a team of kids anymore, they are the team at the age to win things.

    “But I don’t think they will do it, I think it will be again Man United and Chelsea, and of course Man City because they have a great squad.”

    Wrong MR Mourinho Cesc is 23, Walcott is 21 Song is 22. Scary.

  57. dupps

    their is nothing funny that I’ve I don’t get the reason why your laughing.

  58. It almost feels like the media have forgotten that Walcott is english, maybe they think he’s french or spanish. After all he has more skill than the standard english player such as Rooney or Gerrard, he doesn’t dive or kick people, he didn’t go to the crap world cup, and he plays for Arsenal – he must be foreign. And therefore fair game.

  59. Keep up the good work gooner2.

  60. How Old Are You Dupps?

  61. Heh, a fight on the internet. How scary.

  62. ‘the innate hypocrisy of the football fan’, ain’t that the truth. Good to have you back YW

  63. Er, anyway…

    Thanks for link yesterday, LA. Very enjoyable. I do like electronic music. Well, I sort of like most kinds of music.

  64. Wow I was moderated,,, is what I said not true yogi!

  65. fred

    spot on mate.I just hope you can keep up blogging attendance.cos this pricks have been winding me up all day.

  66. So good to have you back Yogi, this last week has been bland to say the least.

  67. Your Blogging Attendance I Meant.

  68. Limpar at 11.20 ha ha ha. that’s really good.

    Would have been good to have Senderos in the corner. Caged and drooling, “Big phil eat Samba, big phil hungry.” in a kind of lurch voice. But he’s all gone now.

  69. Limpar

    I want a piece of what you are smoking man! Hilarious!

  70. Maria, you are one of the first ladies that I have observed on the blogs that writes about football in a decidedly knowledgeable fashion. In my books you are a winner and do not let these others cheat you from participating and enjoying this blog.

  71. YW:

    Great to have you back.

    Excited that Squillaci is here. No matter how you try to rationalize it is a bit unsavory that he was in the starting line up for his team in a crucial CL game and he backs out. However, as you intimated, I do not really care how we got him, just glad we did.

    Unlike last year we it actually looks like we have some quality cover in the center of our defense. If the boss is really looking to add 1 more CB then I worry that JD may have more problems then we know. If JD has still not recovered fully from his injuries then we probably need another CB. I was really hoping to see him in the line up vs. Blackpool.

    Like Zimpaul said, Wenger promised to fix the defense after last year. So far so good. My only concern at this point is the guys were bombing forward against Blackpool and it was great fun. Hopefully the boss and our players learned from last year and the year before that you have to know when not to do that.

    Agree completely with Judith Lestrange and Eboue at 8:37 and 8:51 regarding our GK situation. This year has such a great feel. Adding a new GK would really cement the confidence of this squad.

  72. Andy:

    Great link at 2:22PM

  73. OOU, I tell what is quite fun is listening to some of those tunes, while watching CWD4CESC’s channel.

  74. Oh my, I will start by thanking ZP for fighting for my honor. However unfortunately honor killings are a crime over here in the U.K….lol

    “Maria, you are one of the first ladies that I have observed on the blogs that writes about football in a decidedly knowledgeable fashion.”

    Oh why thanks Owl. I like that description.

  75. Kos. racing Torres was fun.

    Unfortunately some fans seem to have been overwhelmed by the excitement.

    I hope that this new signing doesn’t replace Kos.

    Although, for all I know, against Blackburn Rugger’s, he might start. And squilch them. (Sorry.)

    According to more knowledgeble football brains then mine (don’t worry, not Alan Hansen), Kos played in what could be described as ‘the stay at home, and kick any burgler in the gonads’ role.

  76. If this new guy is a better player, he should play (instead of Kos). If not, he shouldn’t.

  77. Goonerandy,

    Long time! How’s the knee holding up?

    I know very little about the new guy but I just cannot imagine anyone coming in and complimenting the team as well as Koscielny has done.

    It will be good to have four trustworthy defenders all being able to come in and continue the high level of defending. It was not the same last season with Silvestre.

    I have a very good feeling about this year, I actually do every year but this one seems a little different. You can feel the eye in the tiger in certain players. Everyone has taken a step forward, grown a few extra chest hairs and are ready to do battle.

    I am loving the teams attitude to winning the ball back against Blackpool even when we were way out of sight. Keep that up and our defensive record will improve no doubt.

  78. Mean Lean – How is it going buddy? The knee is OK now and I am playing again. Same injury Frimpong has just had as well. Shame for him.

  79. I’m with you there. I don’t believe Scharwzer is better than what we have in hand.

  80. that is stating the obvious goonerrandy!

    It will be interesting to see the pecking order though as we now have 4 first choice CB we can rely on! I think Wenger has done a really good job at replacing the defence. At first I was disapointed to see the little effort we made to keep Gallas and to a lesser extent Campbell but know I am really confident the defensive problem is behind us now! I just want to see it on!!

  81. Gunnerluc – you will see it everwhere else but .com no doubt. They may publish it in time for the CL final though.

  82. Goonerandy – Ouch. Good to hear that you’re back playing!

    With the PL being so intense now, and refs so crap, I can see many teams having to rotate their CB’s, through injury or choice/suspension.
    I guess we’ll get to see plenty of our new CB’s over the season.

    I’m not sure if Kos. is suspended for the trip Up Norf (one game ban only?), so that’ll be an interesting choice, if injuries do not dictate selections.

  83. Finsbury – Yup, only a one game ban for two yellows. I would expect him to start.

  84. gunnerluc:

    Early returns after 2 games are encouraging. I know nothing about Squillaci and I suspect the KOS is going to be first choice. I am really excited that the boss broke with usual protocol and added someone with real experience.

  85. Redknapp is a numpty who is now a bitter and envious Sp*d as well. That explains everything about the way his mind works.

    Djourou, Kos, Vermaelen, Squillachi – they’ll all be pushing each other, we can be sure of that. But just from the fact that Kos was bought first, and his performances to date, I suspect he is a bit ahead at the moment, and it will up to Squillers to push him (or TV) out.

    Interesting article from Keown – it seems to say that you have to be as good as we are to defend like we do, playing the ball out from defence, holding a high line, etc. TV and Song presumably would get a big tick from Keown for dominating the striker(s) and the holding MFers would get a pat on the back for protecting the back four well.

    @ Bill,

    “the guys were bombing forward”? Song’s foray into the top third of the pitch 10 or 15 minutes from time was just about the FIRST occasion that either central defender had gone gallivanting upfield. I thought it was quite a disciplined performance from them and from Wilshere and Diaby.

    Also, what did you mean by saying we were short of “difference-making English players” yesterday?

  86. I hope the music is synced well enough LimbaraAssist 😉 but I think Rosicky’s performance will be the spotlight of the video 😉

  87. Bio

    Wenger disagrees thats why we have bid twice for Schwarzer.Who is right Wenger or you?

  88. Heh, it is funny that we bid the same amount the 2nd time. Its like we thought we might catch them out. Expect the next bid to be the same amount of cash with some training bibs thrown in.

  89. It is only really the same bid but just a few weeks later.

  90. Dick

    >Who is right Wenger or you?

    Depends on who is answering the question because plenty believe that they know best.


  91. The point I think about Schwarzer is that he may not be a lot better than MA but he is (at this moment in time) better than Fabianski.

  92. We bid what we thought the player was worth. Then Fulham got a new manager and the player handed in a transfer request, so we said to the new manager, the bid is still on the table. According to John Cross.

  93. ooer. still nothing on I hope he hasn’t failed his medical.

  94. I think that a large part of Almunia’s problems last year were in his head. If that’s the case then he needs a positive environment to allow him to recover. He’s simply not going to get that here. Fans and commentators will be so quick to jump on his back and blame him for the tiniest error. I don’t doubt that we’ll even hear ironic cheers when he makes simple saves. That’s why I think that replacing him with Schwarzer (a keeper I’d consider roughly equal) would be a positive step. It’s harsh on Manuel but I can’t see any other options.

  95. We made a bid for Schwarz to one Fulham regime – Hodgson’s Heroes – and that was all but officially accepted. Then Ooze pulled up outside the cottage in his beat-up old skoda, scratching his arse and muttering about rarebit so we politely cleared our throat to announce to him our presence in the room (so as not to cause him any further embarrassment), and then we tapped twice on the table to draw his attention to a napkin with our price written down in fine indian ink.

    Ooze, mindful of the fact that we completely mugged him off in the not so distant past for £25m worth of offside shite, told us to do one.

    That’s how I see it.

  96. FunGunner Knows.

  97. Who Fungunner?

  98. Andre Ooijer fails medical at Arsenal. Watch it spread.

  99. Dont forget, the pots are seeded based on champions league pedigree in the last 5 years, so tottenham will be in pot 4!! In other words, they will definitly face Milan, Barcelona, Madrid, Munich, etc…hahahah!!!! I cant wait!!

    This is my perfect group for tottenham:

    Inter Milan: For obvious reasons
    Real Madrid: Yet again for obvious reasons
    Dynamo Kyiv/Shakhtar Donetsk/Rubin Kazan: so they can taste what champions league feels like, go to ukraine or russia in the blistering cold in winter.
    Them in pot 4

    I cant wait.

  100. That is a fantastic compilation by the way, Alex. I would just rather it be put to something more interesting than Muse. Personally.

  101. Alex, thankyou for that wonderful video on Chopin…I truly believe that he has replaced Fabregas in the middle of the park! He was an absolute maestro on Saturday.

    I have to say that I have not seen Cesc play a game like that for quite a while. What do you do when there is such a creative genius in the squad such as the Cech International. Keeping him out of the first eleven would be cruel after such a marvellous game.

  102. Some really good visuals coming into my mind reading your posts today Limpar. You been on the creative cigarettes?

  103. Rosicky could easily partner Cesc in the middle.

  104. Dudu to score a hat trick then Zap.

  105. Walcott actually looks bigger this year. Almost like he has added some muscles. You could see it on his biceps on the pic the papers used when he was omitted from the WC squad. I was thinking to myself.
    Is that walcott??? He almost looks like an athleete more than a kid.

    But i guess its good for us.

  106. Arsenal midfielder Denilson would love to see Tottenham reach the Champions League final … and then beat them!

    The Brazilian’s face breaks into a huge grin as he pictures the scene.

    Then he says: “Yes that would be special, to play Tottenham in the Champions League final… and beat them!

    “Because I don’t like Tottenham. At Arsenal, NO ONE likes Tottenham.

    “I knew that after only four weeks of coming here, even though I was a teenager from another country, from another continent.

    “It was one of the first things they taught me here – the other players, the coaches, the manager and especially the fans.

    “And now I have been here for four years, I have experienced it for myself.

    “Now I understand it. We don’t like them and they don’t like us.”

    He also told The Sun: “When we play them it is crazy – on and off the ball. It’s a big, big rivalry and I love it.

    “It’s very intense – to me it’s just like Brazil and Argentina.

    “If you are Brazil, you would rather beat Argentina than win the World Cup.

    “If you are Arsenal you would rather beat Tottenham than anyone else, even Manchester United or Chelsea. So to defeat them in the Champions League final would be the ultimate victory.”

  107. I miss Denny.

  108. Denny is the man!

    I don’t know how to embed, but check this vid for some Denny!

  109. YW i think you are wrong in the summary of events leading to Squillaci’s transfer.

    As negotiations where definitely on before the game, I think it will even be counterproductive for Sevilla to even put in the game and hence have him cup tied.

    I think wherever this originated from, that he sort of threw a fit to get off the first team list, smacks of mischief. No sensible team willingly in negotiations to sell a player, will then turn around to have him cup tied and hence significantly drop his valuation.

    I also read some bit somewhere ,cant be bothered to recall exactly where, attempting to potray Arsenal as unsettling him in his former club hence labelling us hypocritical. All laughable opinions in my opinion.

    We have conducted ourselves with decorum so far.

    But meanhwile, announce the signing already!!!!

  110. It’s like a library of great electronic music, LA. A few of those videos are from old shorts, which I quite like to watch occasionally.

    Actually, one of those Kenny Larkin videos is from a film called Manos: The Hands of Fate – I’ve seen that a few times. It’s the biggest load of shit ever, but there’s one character, called Torgo, who’s worth the misery.

    I like this one; someone synched Laurie Spiegel with what looks like a Duck and Cover video –

  111. Sorry for off topic!

  112. Delia-----Block 112

    Highly entertaining read this afternoon. In spite of Theo and Rosicky’s superb performances on Saturday , I doubt either of them will make the starting line up against Blackburn. AW is more likely to go with a more defensive strategy and I can see a front 3 of RVP, the little Russian and Chamakh, and a mid-field of Cesc, Song and Diaby ( provided all are fit ) . I would also expect Kos to partner TV5, it’s unlikely Arsene would risk the new boy away at Blackburn .
    What do you think?

  113. 7 more days of this transfer window bull sh*t and then we concentrate on the football.


  114. Bill, I agree with you. Nobody pointed out since Saturday, but we were caught napping 2-3 time in the defensive midfield, need to learn from it now.
    Better teams are not going to be as wasteful as blackpool were.
    What bigger example than, the Ngog goal?

  115. Slimshay

    According to soon-to-be-ex-teammates, Squillaci was on the teamsheet when they left for the match but not when they got there, he was not in the team.


  116. @Bill

    Wenger broke with usual protocoll? No, not really. Remember Silvestre? It is not usual for Wenger to add one or two experienced players when needed.

  117. You beat me to it Passenal.

    Echos of a few posts on here over the last few days, n’est ce pas?

  118. evil,

    not unusual! LOL

  119. fsgsfg! 😦

  120. Oh, dear. I think the curse of the italics has struck again, YW. I am pointing the slanted finger at Team Spirit!

  121. hope i didn’t just do a limpar?

    Hows that possible?


  122. FG, hee Hee

    Why is the finger slanted?

  123. I thought this was interesting from AA’s website

    “22. From Rik88
    While playing against Blackpool, you were discussing something with Theo Walcott looking in the direction of the fans of the opposite team.

    AA Yes, they are good fellows who supported their team. They didn’t stop doing it even when the score was 0-5. Theo told me: Andrey, do you hear what they are singing about? I asked him to clarify. It turned out that they were singing that the score was 0 – 5, but they will win 6-5. That was funny. I like it when people have a sense of humor when supporting their clubs. My friend was at the match against Liverpool. He said that the fans were hurling insults at each other for the entire match but after the game they left the stadium together and went to London in the same train. There was not a single clash. It was surprising for him.”

  124. So it begins!

  125. Yeah, OOU. I found a couple today that blew me away.

    There are quite a few on the theme of science, as I guess a lot of tech and electronic music lends itself to that. This one for example seems to be an argument in favour of the superconducting super collider (!), and about possibilities for discovery. Brian Sanhaji – Higgs

    And then there’s this one which could be about anything! Awesome brooding, sinister little story that manages to be epic in all of 9 minutes or whatever it is! I started thinking reincarnation, time travel, DMT experiences… all sorts! Adam Beyer – Antistius

  126. Have I missed something?

  127. I resent the fact that it is now known as ‘doing a limpar’.

  128. Better than be told you’ve gone limp

  129. Ooo, has he, hasn’t he? Oh. He hasn’t.

    I also resent being moderated for talking about minimal tech. I know it’s off-topic but come on. Bit fascist.

  130. I laughed last night when Arshavin popped up doing a promo jingle/soundbyte for Sky Sports News HD….LOL! I hope they paid him well…

    “Hi I’m Andrey Arshavin and keep it right here on Sky Sports News HD” – of course said in a cheeky mmeercat style….Simples!

  131. At least I’m not a music fascist.

  132. Aaah but Limpy, there is a secret as to why you were moderated but not telling!

  133. Gadget on August 24, 2010 at 5:05 pm

    Thanks for posting that link. I thought that was one of the most interesting player videos I have seen.

  134. Mine is not to reason why. I’m just grateful to be free again.

    And I take back the fascist thing.

  135. Zim Paul – where the hell are you….

    Arsenal finally got the Zambian kid at London Colney….LOL. Your wish has come true.

    “Zambian teenager Emmanuel Mbola set for Arsenal trials”

  136. “And I take back the fascist thing.”

    And it’s just as well you did as you could have found yourself transfer listed for insulting the gaffer!

  137. Anybody with Limpar’s taste in music is capable of, well, anything.

    What’s the secret, Yogi?

  138. That article on Theo is quite good. Watching Ljungberg videos! Brilliant. Maybe it’s difficult for a player that spent his career destroying, lumping and clearing to understand the subtleties of the attacking game but surely Hansen must understand the basic truth that if you play with better players you get better? How could your touch and timing and vision not improve playing with these players he has around him?

    It’s like when you start playing keepy-uppies with a new friend and they show you a trick and you copy it. And you try and impress each other. Times that by about a million gazillion, add competition for 1st team places and the desire to play football at the highest level… and you might come close, Hansen, you wally.

  139. These glimpses into Limpars’ reality are mind boggling.

  140. What are the chances of us getting Barca in our group?

    I would love it if we beat them, just love it.

  141. deano.

    Arsenal is seeded in the same way as the Broke back Barca are – it’s impossible to get them in the group stages.

  142. That Denilson video was brilliant, how far from a return is he?

  143. deano! Remember that clip you posted the other day with RVP nicking the ball off the keeper? Do you know if that should’ve been given? I don’t know the law… I remember seeing some footage of George Best doing it once, and he didn’t get away with it either… but I don’t see what they’re doing wrong.

    RvP’s was much, much better than Best’s too btw.

  144. Limpar .. give me some songs and I’ll consider them for my next videos 😉

  145. and as cheesy as it may sound, I don’t choose the song for the video. I make the video then let the video choose the song 😛 it has to be lyrically and musically synced to some extent

  146. just seen the Alan Hansen MOTD click, what a complete prick.

  147. Paulie Walnuts

    LA 7:26,

    I don`t think it`s allowed which is a pity as it would reward quick thinking & yes RVP even managed THAT with great style.

  148. Right, I’m off to do a Limpar…

  149. ….clip….

  150. limpar LOL

    You are becoming a legend with a procedure named after you all that, so it cant be all bad eh?

    YW, exactly what do we miss out when using the italics stuff?

  151. We miss out on buying Edgar Froese… 🙂

  152. What’s the hold up with Squillaci? Com’on Arsene, if we need to pay a couple millions more to speed up his announcement just pay it.

  153. Has Yogi acknowledged that he is a non-executive chairman of this blog and that Bob is the captain, by acclamation?

    Just wondering.

  154. Now he will learn why certain world leaders never leave their country for any extended period of time.

  155. Been reading about this squillaci, he looks good and we all know Wenger will make him even better. Can feel a title coming on if we get schwarzer no matter what the special needs one says.

    Yogi, What did you make of that woman putting that smelly little selfish moggy in the bin?

  156. ‘special needs’ ~ like that one, the pompous shite..
    Things are becoming too random!

    Shotta – Idi (didi) Amin has been in Saudi for decades, and Ceaucescu [injury prone, but ruthless in attack] has been away since ’89..

  157. It’s been a few days now, but Limpar Assist’s write up was dreamy…made the hairs on my buttocks stand up.

  158. I wonder if this fella is any good on crosses:

    Looks a bit like Alan Davies though.

  159. With goalkeepers, I would prefer to see a video of goals conceded, not shots stopped!

  160. Wow, a video full of Denilson 5 yard sideways passes, Denilson falling over and goalkeepers fumbling soft Denilson shots into their own goal. Why exactly are we not selling him so we can buy a GOOD player (*hint hint* rhymes a bit on shallow)?

  161. But honestly, seeing that video makes me realise how good Denilson can be when he is in form. I still see him as the third player in our midfield next to Song and Cesc if we are looking to field a balanced side or are going against teams like Barca. Though if Rosicky is really back to 2006 form…

  162. ponyboy – What about the leader of Honduras in 2009? Lost his Presidency on a foreign trip I recall. ACLF is now a banana republic. Captain Bob or President Bob? Which is it?

  163. It’s President Eboue.

  164. F-G: Is that the code for captain Bob?

  165. S-g,

    Well the real captain Frank has gone AWOL.

  166. Click Click Click

  167. Team Spirit

    The italics stuff is hard to get into comments. But here goes for the umpteenth time, “/i” needs to be inside of the closed < brackets > once you have finished the italicised phrase or word.


  168. FunGunner @ 3:32

    SorrY i was off for a while not sure your still on.

    I think that so far our defending has been very good. We have only conceded 1 goal in 2 games. Song came forward at least once and Diaby spent alot of time in the box. That was fine vs. Blackpool but will probably have to be a little less adventurous against teams that can counterattack.

    After Ashley Cole and Sol left we really have not had many difference making English players. You could argue about Theo but we have not really had anyone else. I could care less about the number of English players on the team but obviously some people care. Hopefully Theo and Gibbs and I Jack W. will play big roles in Euro 2012. The reputation of Arsenal as not bringing thru good English players will die a slow but certain death as our younger generation comes through the ranks.

  169. A bit like this:

    Start Italics <i>finish Italics </i>

  170. and one for Zap

    /( )\
     / \ ™

  171. Alex, if you’re going to do do a compilation dedicated to Theo you should use Giorgio Moroder’s Chase. I love that song and always thought it should be used for a Theo vid.

  172. Shotta, Mel Zelaya wasn’t away on a trip. The Honduran military took him out of his house while still in his PJ’s and forced him to take a trip.

  173. Oh wow, my Zambian player has arrived, for trials anyway! Just you wait … Mbola is gonna change everything and make the world a better place. Anyone remember Kalusha Bwalya?

    ‘Doing the Limpar’ begs a song, a tune, a bassline kind of like ‘Doing the Funky Chicken’. And, of course, a dance, an italic dance, slanted, oh I can see it all, an electronic wonder hit. Limps welcome to the world of the one hit wonder. Fame, glory and riches are yours … for a bit.

    Shotta, there was deafening quiet when you mentioned the, um, necessary changes instituted in YW’s absence to improve the, um, lives of the people in the state of ACLF. Of course any self respecting coup d’etat must happen the instant the president leaves on a foreign visit to secure funding for the treasury, usually from France or USA, depending on history or on holiday in the mediterranean. In this case, YW needs to know the truth, yep, it was Limpar Assist who initially instigated that minor (now legendary) uprising around the italic issue, a symbol for forward ever backward never. Matters quickly got out of hand as Maria nominated (it was a crisis situation!) a chairman, captain and team. I recall Shotta being put on the left wing. YW at this point was not even on the bench, although he was thanked for his services to the people, the usual courtesy. Even the standard unit of all measurement was codified in his absence. It is now “the country s/mile”.

    Where was the President’s guard in all this? You may well ask! I believe they were off hunting troll (in season at the moment and who was it talking about ‘lighting the barbecue on the beach’?). There was talk about presenting ‘troll trophies’ to YW on his return to make him happy. Well, they are always going on about trophies, after all.

    (Maria, I swear I didn’t make a trophy of Goon#2, he just … ulp … kind of disappeared).

    YW, although your cat, which you hated, expired in the ensuing mayhem, someone managed to save your budgie, or it may have been gobbled by the cat, while many a troll was dispatched (I wonder if Arshavin has ever read “Master and Margerita”?). In any event, welcome back. I trust you, Mrs. YW and any minature YWs are well.

    Welcome indeed to the surreal state called ACLF.

  174. Mongolian Gooner

    I propose we shall not call italics italics anymore. We shall call it limparics.

  175. Mongolian Gooner

    Butterfly Effect. I bet almost every fan has a “what would have been if…” moment. This video is about them.

  176. I’m not sure whether you guys have heard it or not. But song won’t be going for the next round of qualifiers in September.

  177. I won’t complain about that too much IndianGooner, but it’s strange to see yet another Arsenal player branded as a trouble-maker when away with his National squad.

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