You have To Laugh Or Else You Cry…

Or: I used to be disgusted, now I try to be amused…I’m on holiday so here’s more thoughts of Club Captain, Consolsbob

It’s going to be a long season. Whatever approach you adopt for supporting The Arsenal this year and however the campaign goes there are going to be several occasions when you will want to throw your television set out of the window, or, at least, throw something hard at Jamie Redknapp. Similarly you are unlikely to get through MOTD without risking apoplexy at the ‘insights’ offered by Hansen or Shearer. I have endured many seasons now of ranting at the television and, as a result, feeling duty bound as a ‘reasonable’ person, explaining myself to consolslel. This becomes tiresome and, eventually, embarrassing.

Moreover there will be many miles of newsprint that will inflame the mind of any AKB and unreserved Arsenal supporter. No matter how hard you avoid the Daily Mail, The Sun, Mirror, in fact almost any newspaper, sooner or later a piece of analysis or comment will cross your eye line or be repeated in your presence.. Many of those pieces of journalese will be derogatory of Arsenal, Arsene Wenger and his ‘experiment. Often they will offer in marked contrast the magnificence of Chelsea‘s play, the genius of Old Red nose and the wise team building policy of Mancini. I guarantee that there will be many occasions when your blood pressure level will rise dangerously. You will risk being thrown out of public places.

In case you are one, like myself, who rarely bothers with either MOTD or newspapers but gets their comment and news from the web, specifically from Arsenal blogs such as our own dear ACLF, then I am afraid that another form of vexation awaits you there. Yes, you know those of whom I speak, the doomers. Those who spend their lives waiting for another failure of our team to win every game by at least four clear goals and sign Messi and Flamini. Such perceived shortcomings can lead to hours of trawling through their own peculiar brand of misery on your favourite sites. Worse are the futile arguments with which you will respond to their diatribes in a bid to either make them see reason or just piss off.

Nor will there be any escape at the Emirates. Too many fools with opinions fuelled by the expert analysis provided by ‘Talksport’.

In short, the season will be trying at times and, make no mistake, if Arsenal actually win the Premiership or European Championship then your rage will know no bounds as the excuses are trotted out for the mancs and chavs and grudging praise is dispensed with great charity by Richard Keyes and his ilk. No, we are on our own. Frankly I can’t stand another year of it. Why should Arsenal fans be unable to read a newspaper and watch television like anybody else?

Obviously most of us will watch an awful lot of football on television. We will also spend too long on this website. It’s unavoidable. So, how do we come through it all without making raving lunatics of ourselves? The solution requires us to consider an alternative view of television sports programmes, the back pages and doomers. For too long we have given the fools, liars and miserable bastards too much credence, too much respect. Now I see them for what they are, comedians and writers of some of the funniest lines since ‘The Office’. Once realised, a whole world of entertainment is opened up to us.

We know that the media is pisspoor, that for every pundit who is lazy and ignorant there is another that despises our club. We know that the only cheap headlines that Arsene and Arsenal provide will be to do with the ‘experiment’, ‘cheap’ foreign imports, and a failure to play the game ‘properly’. They will steadfastly ignore the differences that make Arsenal a model for the game, a game that is desperately in need of an escape route from the vision of the future offered by the remainder of the ‘Big 4 plus 1’. A trio of clubs, plus 1, that in their own distinct ways threatens to destroy the game and all it was and should be.

They will delight in every ‘big name’ signing provided by unsustainable debt or people so rich that they can do whatever they like for as long as they want to do it. They will pontificate about the English virtues of fair play while watching Stevie Me ‘earn’ another penalty or some troglodyte scythe into the back of some ‘fancy dan’ foreigner in an Arsenal shirt. That is their way. I can’t see it changing. How could it? Why would it?

Sports journalism and punditry is at a very low ebb. Think we can change their minds by shouting at them or debating the issues?  Scientists believe that it took a long time for dinosaurs to die because it took an awfully long time for the fatal news to actually reach their brains.

How about the ‘fans’? Those who don’t have the intelligence or interest to think for themselves. They, of course, are going to echo the views of the same pisspoor pundits. Those pundits will then use the views of those fans to support their ‘opinions’ and spew it all back at us, justified in their smug and self sustaining world view. As for those who know very well what they are doing, those who cynically encourage a negative view of their own club. Well, it’s a job isn’t it?

No, no more raging against the dying of the light. I will waste no more time on the fools, liars and cynics. I will follow my club with passion and celebrate its victories in all fields with those likeminded fellow travellers. For the rest, I will treat them with amusement.

What’s that Alan? ‘Football is a contact sport‘? ‘Arsenal won’t win nothing unless they add some steel to their game‘?  Bloody good, tell us another one. ‘No strength in depth, their squad doesn’t compare to United’s, Fletcher would walk into their first eleven.’ Pffft! I nearly bust a gut there. Truly hilarious. Seriously, why wouldn’t we laugh at Craig Burley?

I shall treat ‘Sunday Supplement’ as a warm up for a lunchtime session in the pub crying with laughter at Tony Cascarino in the Times. Actually, he’s so funny I’ll probably tune into him on ‘TalkSport’ a bit later.

No longer will the sports pages of our sordid press be avoided. I will be able to watch MOTD as much as any chav or manc supporter. I am liberated. I am an Arsenal supporter and free man. Even better, only Arsenal fans have their own glut of new comedy available practically 24/7.

As for the doomers. Well, when you think about them, they really are very funny in a sad sort of way, To my mind they are following in the footsteps of some great British comedians who successfully mine that seam of human existence where you don’t quite know how to deal with the world, where you are a victim of your own shortcomings or situation. A stranger in a world that has moved on and left you alone in your bedsit. Try reading their posts in the voice of Tony Hancock.

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. Bob,

    well said.

  2. Very nice.

  3. Why not just avoid them instead? Like any obsessive, there are things that can be done with our time that are more productive.

    Read a book, or watch a documentary. You could even get shitfaced. All would be more enlightened than sticking your head in a sewer and saying you love the smell

  4. Nicely put, bobby

  5. Truly brilliant article……….well done

  6. Beautiful.

  7. Beautiful, my anger at the glory hunting doomers has been exorcised. Thank you. I actually got slagged off by a doomer for calling this club The Mighty Arsenal. The prick didn’t realise that I have supported this magnificent Club through the dark days, when Max Wall looaklike Terry Mancini saved us from relegation. You cannot have a hill without a valley yeah? The great times are just around the corner, I bet the glkory hunters will be posting in droves when we inevitably win something, then they will spout AKB Gooner4Life yaddy yaddy ya, Today though, we know what this team is abouit to do. The Invincibles will be in awe, thats how good this current team can be. EIE

  8. Bob,

    You. nailed. it. Well done,sir

  9. A lot of extraodinarily needless self indulgent witterings that could of been summed up in a few sentences and basically sets up yet another paranoia complex for another season. Yawn

  10. Or imagine Richard Burton retraining our minds:

    ‘Thoughtcrime is believing Arsenal are any good Winston…….

    when the football-media complex says they are not…’

    ”Shawcross didn’t viciously scythe down Ramsey, Winston, we need to re-educate you to understand that Ramsey engineered his own misfortune, running so carelessly towards Shawcross’s boot…’

    Am I getting paranoid?

  11. night night chris b don’t forget to kiss twitchy before you fall asleep

  12. If I may add a comment of Little Dutch from Vital Arsenal:

    “The problem is now that Arsenal supporters have reached such levels of hysteria, that players and performances are judged before we play. If we win= o.k. Anything else= unbelievably awful and everyone responsible should be shot and it was the keeper’s fault more than most. It’s tiresome to the point that Arsenal fans are beginning to ***** me off more than Spurs fans.”

  13. Gooner from Sydney

    No bigger doomer than sinbad of Arsenal Action, bigest disgrace to any Arsenal blog I’ve ever seen

  14. Colonel Mustard

    jeeeesss…are we lining up excuses already..The media are right ableit irritating…same old season….3rd/4th at best….££££ in the bank doing nothing….

  15. Full-Blooded American Goon


  16. same old doomers …. lining up their miserable life for us all to see …. already

  17. So it isn’t true, Arsenal are not tight fisted wanabes who haven’t won anything for 5 years, light weight, without a plan B, and one season away from selling their best player and captain.
    Silly me!

  18. Oh a spud on an Arsenal site. What a surprise!

    Why didn’t you pretend you’re an Arsenal fan like so many of your pathetic ilk trolling the Arsenal blogosphere? Have you run out of creative names?

  19. yes, silly you, now fuck off

  20. Your correct- you are paranoid of course as I am.

    ” Gallas didnt viciously scythe down Mark davies the naive young sprite was merely caught up in a game of chance and received his just rewards”

    Bloody cheek that boy Davies has.

    Night night and well done on getting the excuses in so extraordinarily early this yr.

    Fifth place.

  21. God Bless you and all LOYAL FANS WITH A BRAIN!!

  22. @never a goon
    Atl east you are honest in not being a Gooner. Can I ask a question? Why are your shite spuds sites so shite? I tried to find one this evening to give some grief back to you. Guess what? The computer said noooooooo. In cyberspace you do not exist, bit like the Champions League, Premier League and any other place apart from the bankruoptcy courts. EIE. He’s got a twitch he’s got a twitch hahaha

  23. we won the league..we won the league…we won the league at shite hart laaane we won the league up at that shit hole..we won the league at white hart lane..

    Tottenham forever in our shadow

  24. I didn’t say I was a Spud, but I can understand how they are making you nervous.
    I don’t support the Spuds either but it would make me luagh if they knocked you out the Champions League.
    But you don’t worry your little gooner heads, in Wenger you trust.


  25. What a shite place to live too i had the displeasure of going up seven sisters road the other day and other areas in tottenham, what an effen shithole the place is..

  26. Neveragoon, i bet youre at peace smirking behind your screen pleased with yourself that your annoying a group of arsenal fans..well for the record you’re not, nobody even gives a damn who you support youre still a complete idiot and urrm what are you even doing on an arsenal site in the first place?

  27. Amazingly enough . the safest place in that scum hole called tottenham is the Broadwater Farm Estate. The Seven Sisters Road stinks to high heaven and every pub on the road has filthy glasses. Neveragoon, mate you are either a wind up merchant or a yid. Chelski fans give it some, West ham fans type lk tht n dat init, and Millwall fans arent allowed to develop a brain cell. My best guess is that you are a Sun reporter bored cos there is no news to report, and yeah. you are still a cunt EIE

  28. Must be a Chelski supporter or someone from another tiny club. Neither of them have a forum to piss in.

  29. Match of the Day….. when will that tired, senile old donkey be taken out to the barn with a shot gun….

    Great article – enjoable read, and confirmation of everything every Arsenal fan always knew. The press are a pack of C…..lowns

    As for the doomers out there…. spoilt kids most of them, that have never know an Arsenal with out Arsene – so it’s only natural to want him sacked – afterall he is only the most successful manager Arsenal have had, and I’m sure the Sven, Mark Hughes or Martin O’Neill could achieve twice as much on half the budget.

  30. Well said.

    What would Durham and that northern spud on drivetime have to talk about without the arsenal.

    Glad to see it’s not just me whose paranoid.

  31. Brilliant piece!and to sum up the English mentality Gerrard said something along these lines after cole’s red “the lad came back in the 2nd half didn’t he?”WTF!!!…i remember when we destroyed Everton at Goodison it was because they were poor and lescott was leaving.when we lose we have no English grit,foreign players,whiny manager,boys vs men…we are in a no win sitiuation.we had a 2nd string mf at anfield with two summer signings,an 18 year old,diaby’s first game since the wc in an unfarmiliar role and an unfit AA.No cesc or rvp while pool had pretty much their best 11 bar torres.if Aw makes the required moves in the market no one will see us coming…proud to be a Gooner!

  32. Arsenalllllllllll

  33. When Torres came on, that WAS liverpool’s best team…and we still scored against them with a fairly weak one in comparison in terms of not the quality, but importance of players, because even without cesc and song we were still better then them

  34. Spot on zap.most of us actually forgot how good a player rosicky is!!diaby showed defensive awareness which will be a big plus as he and song may eventually form a strong double six as a launch pad for our attacks.

  35. anything MUST be done to stop all the rich c*nts buying up all the tickets! We need a better home support, why are we only well supported away!! Because the people who go to home games are pricks who like to ponder on the game, probably complain a lot and dont make any noise! We need an atmosphere ffs!! And the worst thing is these ppl wont just say ” oh i guess it would be better for the team so i’ll give up the ticket for a true fan” Its infuriating, if u just see the carling cup atmosphere its better then home games against most teams.

    Why do fans only show up for big games. We have to turn out in numbers and raise the volume against the likes of wigan and balckburn at home.. What do u guys think could be done about this problem??!!

  36. According to all indications we are getting a new gk.Al looked insecure both in his press statement and on the pitch.he must know something that is causing him so much distress.even so Aw knows all about unsettled players which is the case with fabianski and must be a blow to their egos and mannone for them to see fans and the press everywhere talking about a stop gap gk till szeczeny gains experience.they are probably nice guys but there is no way back.

  37. Good call on the atmosphere zap.i remember the atmosphere that was there when we played the mancs in cl semis the atmosphere was as explosive as any before the game started.we need to replicate that frequently.

  38. These anti-goon are so pathetic,are they envious. Fuck off & poison urself. GUNNERS TILL SATAN REPENT!

  39. I think fabianski still has a future here, don’t forget he is only 25, goalies reach their best around 35 so we’ll see..but almunia is 32, i think he has had good times and obviously bad, perhaps we could keep him for a few years as a 2nd keeper which we might need, before selling him. I dont think wenger would have fabianski for this long and be this patient with him for nothing, he obviously sees something in him..

  40. yeah i knooow that was an immense atmosphere! Why don’t we do something like that with the flags again?!

  41. zap
    the away support has been fantastic for years, Hopefully, now we got a North Bank and a Clock End back, it might change. Unfortunately, the away fans I meet are dotted all over the Emirates and we cannot meet up in the ground, only on the march to the Emirates. Thats the pisser about all seater stadia, which was an over reaction to avoidable disasters at Heysel and Hillsborough. Shit hsppens, fans suffer. No change there then

  42. Fabianski had alot of early promise zap but i don’t know what happened to him.i hope he can turn it around.I don’t think Al would settle for no.2 but i don’t think he has much of a choice anyway…

  43. Do you really think the north bank thing will work i just think its back to remind us of highbury and that’s it unfortunately. I remember the clock end vs north bank chants they were great, but what would we say now??

  44. I do too..i think its partly wengers fault for just catapulting him into huuge huge games without a previous run of games, it is ridiculous tohave someone sit on the bench for say, 10 games since his previosu one then suddenly say you’re starting vs porto in the champions league 1st leg, or whatever it is…

  45. night guys, cheers!

  46. I hope the Arsenalisation project works.highbury will always have beautiful memories with us.we need to make the grove a fortress first then am sure the rest will follow.cesc must be itching to bring the first trophy to the Emirates…better even if it was a Cl and pl double!

  47. Dunno Zap One the one side you will get “We’re the North Bank We’re the North Bank at the Grove” then “We’re the Clock End We’re the Clock End at the Grove ” then “We’re the rich cunts. we’re the rich cunts sipping wine”. Might be fun , who knows?

  48. hahaha, jaygooner they really don’t. that’s classic

    thought the title of this article was pretty hilarious and extremely true about twitchy!

  49. why does everyone give wilshere a free ride? has he not yet learned to NOT ghost a run in our own quarter of the field? Didn’t he do the exact same thing last year or the year before (prior to Bolton)? Which also led to a goal against us?

  50. Wha Wah WAh, Doomer this doomers that, some of you shmucks on here are worse than doomers. All you do you is moan about doomers. get a life for fuck sakes. People will moan, get over it. this is turning into a anti doomer blog instead of a Arsenal blog. Fuck sakes for Yogi’s post’s otherwise it would be so stale.

  51. Ummm..G2.. last I checked Wilshere was only 18. So you might want to get off his case.

  52. Mongolian Gooner

    “Never argue with an idiot, they will drag you down to their level, and defeat you with experience!”
    — Dilbert’s rules of order

    A fine piece of advice regarding the doomers.

  53. Hey CBob, I loved the Tony Hancock bit, brilliant. Being brought up here on radio we got to know something called Tony Hancock’s Half Hour, it took a while to master the accent and understand the ‘in’ jokes but after that it was a must listen every week; to see what would happen to him.

    I thought he was the funniest guy I ever heard.

    The resemblance of his ‘character’ to our glory seeking bleak house domers is uncanny.

    Assessment of Almunia is currently nonsensical. This match he made 2 outstanding saves, could not stop a great shot perfectly placed, misjudged one cross – which I am personally happy he he went for as it shows he is going for the crosses, which might have been a criticism previously.

    He gave his back 4 confidence and played with calmness, hardly ever booting the ball upfield.

  54. Great article-
    Lots of things at Arsenal work- its a great club- but there is nothing wrong with people expressing their disappointment if they would just respect the club and players. I am sick of reading the managers a c**** or denilson’s a C****- when he aint even played. If I want to read that shit I’ll go onto a Spuds site.
    I’m also sick of reading the arrogant crap spouted by the AKB- many of these guys are middle class- wankers who have convinced themselves that they are some superior intellectual who have got “the big picture’ and every other fan is “anti Arsenal” and should support Spuds-because they can see that Wenger has faults as well as great qualities. Its time these so called gooners starting showing some respect to their fellow gooners.

  55. 1 loose cannon

    I blame Sky for what is happening to football they took football from the ordinary people and handed it to an exclusive group who generally work hard for their money and hand it to them every month so that the Like of uneducated person like Merson get paid to bash Arsenal to bits while his boss laughs at him in his state of the art office. Did you watch their promo trailers for the new season ? highlights of Messi scoring against Arsenal then another of drogba scoring against Arsenal …Then you have the gutter snipe that is the “Gloom” who employ Ian wright and his like who cannot stop ripping into Arsenal and their foreign policy. Talkshite tops it all, they bash Wenger at every opportunity while that fraud Arry get the thumbs up for being English.

  56. thumbs up

  57. did i mention xenophobia?

  58. Great article, but I’m not wise enough to always see the funny side of doomers and pundits. My personal strategy is to avoid doomer sites and I’ve tried turning the volume down so that I hear the crowd but not the dimwits.I wish the tv channels would offer one the option of watching the games without the commentary.

  59. I sometimes get really pissed off with the way commentators talk about walcott. I agree he does lack final product but still not everything he does is bad. Match against liverpool walcott took the ball from outside the box and tried to curl it in to far corner when there were quite a few arsenal players in the box. commentators said he should have crosses and how he lacks final pass, and he prolly shoul have crossed, but the shot wasnt bad either. Im sure if torres did something like that they would be praising him saying what a goal threat he is. Seriously sick of all the Theo bashing man, the dude is 21 for god sakes!! Anyways check out this website too… for match analysis and ratings

  60. Oh Bob – that was was priceless. Thank you. Whenever Speculum posts here or Dark Ponce over at Untold I shall hear Mr Hancock’s lugubrious, delusional tones. Thank you thank you thank you.

  61. In fact I’ll picture them all dead on the floor of some lonely apartment far from home with Hancock’s suicide note beside them
    “”Things just seemed to go too wrong too many times””

  62. If ever there was a post to divide opinion…! Could be a lively day today on here….good passionate stuff CB

  63. Spercod – I don’t see any post that won’t divide opinion. There are those who believe, who want Arsenal to win everything and support the team in their efforts, and there are those engaged in an long running comedy routine.
    There really isn’t any common ground.

  64. Oops sorry typo misspelling of your name.

  65. Not just a shot in the arm but ‘a whole arm full’! Cheers for that, they will forever be the Hancockian boot dirt of Little England – School Brittania! Now Fuck off.

    I love this club, for all the reasons given daily. The mountain is the Invincibles, the valley a new stadium and 4th? in the league.

    Tottenham and Liverpool dream of these troughs.

    No suga-daddy, No financial disaster, No English let downs. Theo is the future.

  66. Love your article today.

    Arsenal bashing in the media seems to be the norm these days. MOTD started early this season, with the question to Hodgeson and Gerrard “were you surprise the defender came out in the second half?” The implication being off coarse, that the defender made a meal of the incident. MOTD has been a chummy little club for a long while now. Lawrenson seems to think it’s acceptable to be constantly sarcastic and dismissive. Shearer has a high opinion of his opinions.

    The worse bashers are the Arsenal blog sites. I surf the net and know which one to avoid. Constructive criticism and reasoned arguments is one thing but the aggression, disrespect, and vitriol against Arsene is unbelievable.

    Sites that will drain your Arsenal soul are: Le Grove, Arsenal4Life, Arsenal Truth, Arsenal Action.

  67. Well Sir, if you manage to finally win another meaningful trophy, or any trophy at all, the viper pundits may find another source for their venom.
    Unfortunately if Sunday is any indication of how the season will finish, I think you will be in for more of the same.

  68. richard
    So another exciting season with us challenging on all fronts and ultimately finishing above the overwhelming majority of other teams. What a disaster. Or did you mean another season building on the previous one and attaining a higher position in the league and cups?
    Win win really.

  69. Morning all.

    Great article CB. The only trouble is when I watch re-runs of Hancock’s Half Hour all I will think of is idiots like Hanson & co.

  70. Queen of Suburbia

    Heh! Flamini and Messi!

  71. & Richard.

  72. Fun read bob.

    Can we just talk about football now please?

  73. Koscielny is a VERY classy defender indeed.

  74. best blog post I have read in ages! well done. I knew when I was trawling through news articles that yours is always the first I go for. top man

  75. Unfortunately Lady Arsenal it seems we can only talk trophies, the football does not evidently matter.

    Oh look I have something on my shoe.

    School Britania,
    School Britania rules the airwaves,
    Britain Never Never Never
    Will be Chaves

  76. Consolsbob, Stop whingeing.

  77. Typical provocative response from lady hancock who only came here to wind people up and now begs us to talk about football.

  78. James, Stop posting.

  79. Steww, it’d be a dull place without differences!!!

  80. And I thought we could be friends Stew.

    If there ever was a blog that needed some gentle provocation, this is that blog. Your poetry just isn’t doing it for me

  81. After quite a solid debut how wrong is it that Kosser will now miss his chance to build on it with a home debut too? Makes me angry does inconsistant refs – why do english refs feel the need to ‘even things up’ – are they just too weak to ignore the baying of fans

  82. Bob, Thankyou for your excellent ‘piece’, i really enjoyed your writing, you have made my morning.

    Every true Gooner will relate to every word.

    Blimey your almost as good as Yogi!

    Thanks again.

  83. It’s funny diese I said to my OH when Cole was sent off – ‘He’ll even this up before it’s all over’. I bet I wasn’t the only one to see it coming.
    She asked how nearly breaking someone’s leg (intentional or not) merits similar punishment to having the ball kicked at your hand. I couldn’t fault her logic really.

  84. Supercod – oh it wouldn’t it would be heaven. Imagine, one place where I could go and be surrounded by Arsenal fans. Joy.
    We could differ on whether Theo might be more effective on the left. How he’ll accommodate Big Nic and Chamack in the same team but overall we’d agree, we’d all be fans of the same team you see.

  85. great site. really enjoyed everyones comments!
    it is obvious that we all( well most of us ) care deeply for our beloved club.. and we can all see the potential of the team.
    i think wenger has been brilliant… i just am so frustated that a couple of major signings in the last few seasons would have made us champions. we were that close!!!
    i hope we are not going to pay for it again this season.
    we are arsenal, one of the best clubs in the world, a club we are proud off. our unbeaten season in 2004 was incredible. reaching the champions league final was a dream. and then……….
    it hurts.. it really hurts!!!!
    we can all see what a small investment in the team would do… we have needed for 3 seasons now.
    if an md had 11 depts, and 3 had been below par for 3 years, what effect would that have on his company.. if it survived???
    love the club! and i hope and pray we make the signings we need before its too late.. otherwise its going to be the same old story this season!!!!

  86. You knew the way that last post was going didn’t you. Always starts with love for the club then the same old baloney about signings. Not as funny as Speculum.

  87. Rubbish. Impossible to laugh at the fuckheads in the press and pretend they are just providing you with comedy gold. You won’t be able to keep it up.

    As for laughing at doomers or whoever, opinions are just that and everyone has the right to one, being a doomer, or a half doomer doesn’t mean you love arsenal less.

    Especially as on this blog, not being 100% AKB apparently makes you 100% doom ridden.

  88. Stewwww, speaking of your OH, how is Frank these days?

  89. Adam I don’t think that’s a fair assessment.

  90. Stew do you know what BIGOT means?

    PS Big Nick needed some competition to give him a kick up the arse. Massive potential, lazy bastard.

  91. Bob,
    Was the Elvis Costello reference yours or Yogi’s by the way?

  92. Maybe it just seems that way Stu, I can understand people getting hammered for insulting Wenger and the team or individual members.

    But it seems to me that there is no problem with people wanting signings in areas where we know we are short, especially when it’s during the window and it’s an obvious focus.

    However people get called doomers for pointing out obvious areas where we could improve.

    It annoys me watching people get told they aren’t fans if they don’t support everything the club does.

  93. Shut up Adam and support the team, if you carry on you shall be thrashed.

  94. Sorry, Steww not Stu, oops.

  95. Adam, one area which is annoying is people shouting at the club for not signing a centre back weeks before the end of the window when Wenger has publicly stated he’s looking for one. What do they hope to achieve?
    Another problem is public slagging of our players.
    Just scroll up a couple of posts to see Big Nic insulted. He busts a gut for us, never hides or shirks, why does he deserve that?

  96. Lol James, I hope you’re joking

  97. Adam – best ignored it’s a Spurs troll looking for a reaction.

  98. wise up Stew there’s a new gang in the playground. Where are your lackeys now ey?

    I actually go to the games so I see things out of shot. There’s a reason the fans don’t like him very much. He thinks he’s made it.

    And I must admit it comforts me that you are a fan of Costello. For a moment I thought you were cultivated. Now I have no remorse.

  99. Steww I agree with that, but it’s natural for people to get frustrated. Definitely we need a centreback, but Wenger will get one if he can. Pretty happy with the players he’s brought in so far, just need a couple more.

    But that’s a pretty mild insult of Bendtner, who is gonna be great for us BTW, not that he’s lazy at all. What pisses me off is when people say he’s rubbish and shouldn’t be there. Hell the 3rd or 4th striker at any club is always gonna be a young striker with big potential, can’t keep 4 Van Persies happy.

  100. Wenger will sign a centre back, I have no doubt of that. What will be interesting is whether he signs a player who will go straight into the first 11, another player to battle it out with Kos/Djourou, or a player simply for cover.

  101. I suppose it depends on your tolerance. Any insult of an Arsenal player on an Arsenal fans forum is incongruous to me.

  102. Bendtner is a funny one. I must admit he frustrates the life out of me, and I do think he is a bit lazy. But he has a god knack of scoring when we need a goal, and his goals record is very good. As Adam mentioned he is 3rd/4th choice so he is a definite asset.

  103. Steww – I suppose it depends if it is an “insult”, or merely an observation or opinion on the player as a footballer.

  104. I tolerate amost views Steww, as long as no Arsenal players are getting called names, i think there is room for a wide range of opinions, just as there are a lot of Arsenal fans.

    How annoying is it that Bendner is injured, was expecting big things from him this season.

  105. Mine steww, obviously to the satisfaction of Lady Arsenal!

    On that Lady, you have receieved some defence on here as someone who is just stating views and you say that you only want to discuss football. Why then, the insults this morning?

    Is that your site that shares the name ‘Lady Arse’ by the way?

  106. Great stuff Bob. Top drawer.

  107. Ah bob, chapeau for the words. I even find myself hating Paul Merson (football genius). I can’t stand it.

    I also can’t stand bigots, even if they mean well. I am tired of stew being the self-appointed authority on who may say what and whether it’s acceptable. Just tired..

    sorry but i still hate costello. Complete rip-off merchant. Even more shameless than the beatles!

  108. Don’t agree Bendtner is lazy, there’s a reason he gets 5 chances a game (football nous and good positioning) there’s also a reason he misses a lot of them (lack of composure), he’ll get more composed with time. Andy Cole was of a simlar makeup once and he didn’t have a bad career….

  109. What was that bass Bruce Thomas was playing? I’ll be back just popping over to Basschat – where funnily enough they don’t have many posters saying how utterly shit bass guitars are.

  110. That’s true of most musicians though lady, isn’t it?

    Bigotry has no place here or anywhere but I truly don’t think that steww can be called one of those. He just loves Arsenal. In a different way than you perhaps but we are all dressed in the shirt on matchdays.

    Is that your site?

  111. Steww is a star.

  112. bob, ‘in a different way’? what the fuck is that supposed to mean? WE ARE ALL ONE, don’t you get it?

    Stew’s intolerance to even the most mild crticism IS bigotry, it’s pretty simple. If there is this big crack in Arsenal support, then this blog is part of the problem.

    I can’t stomach this bizarre self-loving superiority you people have about what amazing and devoted fans you all are, despite never actually having to prove it beyond anonymous words. If you ask me it’s just masturbation.

    And it’s not my blog, i guess i’m not the only lady Arsenal! I think that other one is flogging t-shirts.

  113. Thanks Bob. If someone like yourself made such a vile slur about me I would move heaven and earth to remove the stain.
    When it comes from somebody who’s opinion is to me a matter of supreme indifference. well, in the modern vernacular; meh.
    It was a Danelectro Longhorn by the way.

  114. Morning Maria. We going to see your man on Saturday?

  115. Stewww, Just so you know, I dont agree with Bigotry.

  116. Well Lady, there are some bloody awful people who claim to be Arsenal supporters who show up on here. I wouldn’t claim any kinship with them. To use the point that you are seem keen to promote, how many times have they watched Terry Neill’s side grind out a 0-0 draw before complaining about the team we have the benefit of following today? They are a dfferent sort of supporter to steww.

    I can accept that you don’t like the tone that is set on here, fair enough, many others do. I do hope though that you aren’t one of those who believe that you actually have to have watched one of those wretched 0-0 draws to be Arsenal fan!

  117. Some idiot I think pete posted earlier about a couple signings away from winning the league…

    Well you obviously didn’t notice Chamakh and Koscielny.. 2 brilliant signings.. Then Nasri, Vermaelen, Arsh.. prior. Again proves why Wenger is the best manager around.

    Add to that the emergence of some of the best young British players in Rambo, Wilshire, Gibbs etc… I ain’t saying he is perfect, but he deserves so much more respect than many shite fans give him. They tend to ignore anything good, and see it as an expectancy of being a big club, then they display a fear of losing that status as a reason to why he is holding us back. Its remarkably stupid when you consider he is our most successful manager who has kept us at the top for 15 years now!

    He is far from past it, and this team is on the verge of greatness, the stakes have increased durastically in the Premiership and the competition is just as tough with the billionaires involved. Wenger’s passion and commitment is there for all to see, his desire to deliver a trophy is greater than in 1996 when he arrived, and the fans need to really look in the mirror and also demonstrate that desire in their support.

    All those attending the game this week, there is no better place to start. Lets show everyone who watches, admires, envies, and slates our club how its done.

  118. Bob,


    I take my place alongside you, as a free woman.

  119. I thought pundits were not an allowable topic for discussion here?

  120. A good win on Saturday will kick start our season. And I have no doubt that this is what will happen.

    On an aside did anybody watch the Manure/Newcastle game last night? Newcastle were not to bad actually and if they stay clear of injuries might do fairly well.

    Manure cruised the game in the end, with Scholes having an exceptional game.

  121. Whoaa Maria. I’m a married man!

    In the Bright New World Rinseout, you too can enjoy punditry. Just see it as post ironic humour.

  122. I can only watch Man u if they lose. As I can’t predict the result I can’t watch them. When we play them I sky+ the game and fast forward when they are in possession. It’s the only way.

  123. Lady Arsenal 10.39


    I’m not!

    (Thanks Monty Python)

    And as for the alleged “Self serving superiority” WTF???

    Jeez LA, get your hand out of yer knickers.

    Anyway you’re only saying that because I’m better than you.

    Lovely post Bob – shame the essence of it has gotten lost amongst some rather piss-poor in-squabbling. How unseemly and innapropriate.


  124. Consolsbob, I just remember getting slaughtered on here for talking about it in the past.
    I suppose it depends who starts the discussion eh?

  125. Steww,

    I hope we do and rockets in a couple. As I am not impressed with the ‘what is the point of Vela?’ stance some Gooners have taken recently.

  126. Seems the papers can’t make up their minds on whether to link us with Schwarzer or Given. 😀

  127. bob, I’m not the one dismissing people who actually have a sincere opinion.

    I mean, read that guy pete’s opinion earlier on. Really, he was so careful to be polite and emphasise the positives, not offend anyone, just make a small point about what he thinks we could do to improve as a club. And he was summarily dismissed. Chris has just quoted it and slated him as an idiot! It’s just ridiculous. I’m sure you didn’t start off that way, now i get the feeling you’re just enjoying it a bit too much to stop. It’s the same as wanking. You’ll go blind

  128. Ignore them maria. If they can’t see the potential, well… Does he do ‘rockets’ btw? I thought he was a lob man? There are fewer sights I like better than a CV lob.

  129. Bob,

    “I am an Arsenal supporter and free man.”

    Jeez. Didn’t mean to get you excited again, as that beeping heart of yours can only take so much. I doubt you’ve recovered from that 92 equalizer. Anyhoo I meant it merely in the Arsenal sense.

    Married or not your no Carlos Vela are you, Bobby?

  130. Steww –

    Lol, no somoene have cursed the Vela chip, so I hope it’s RVP style rockets from him now.

  131. Maria, in honesty though Vela has yet to impress hasn’t he. I’m not saying he wont improve, I’m just saying his market value is not very high at the moment is it. Theo would be better up front.

  132. it hurts.. it really hurts!!!!
    we can all see what a small investment in the team would do… we have needed for 3 seasons now.

    hmmm Lady shit face shut your trap. You must still be having nightmares after the battering you took on our previous encounter of which I criticised yous support..

    Do you remember? 🙂

  133. Ah, good morning Chris.

  134. P.S,

    This lady Arsenal thing is really giving us ladies a bad name. At ACLF the ladies are AKB articulate folk that lead our follow man.

    Just like the Arsenal ladies we are the cream fo the crop, winners every season.

    Personally, I will to think of myself as the Faye White of the team.

  135. James u know what would be better…

    …Spurs opening a few proper blogs to get mugs like you off the Arsenal sites. What makes you want to have an opinion on Arsenal all the time.. I still don’t get it!!!

  136. James why are you not off to Bern to roll over some Young Boys.

  137. Haha Chris you truly are a gentleman. I’ll take rationality over volume of crude insults any day of the week. A toast to your successful ‘battering’, well done indeed.

    OK I think I get it, those of you who’ve actually been to London may indeed have season tickets, and you turn up in your corduroys with your copy of the guardian, completely oblivious to the irony of your situation, too self-conscious to pipe up and join in with the singing, typical middle-class islington champagne socialists calling people ‘mate’ trying to pretend you’re for real with your big words of devotion from the comfort of your computers. That’s so tragic. YOU are destroying the Arsenal, not ‘haters’.

    Is that hot/cold?

  138. morning steww.

    Is that a pleased to see ya good morning, or ohh no good morning?

    I receive either hot or cold reception of late!

  139. Mongolian Gooner

    What does AKB mean?

  140. Arsene knows best

  141. Well Maria, you only know me from my avatar.

  142. Mongolian Gooner

    Thank you.

    I was arguing with my Chelsea fan friend one day. He said because your ladies team is so successful, your first team is not performing well. I told him where to go.

  143. Good news about freeman! He’s only had severe shin bruising. Sorry off topic.

  144. Bob,

    Well done mate.

    I used to blog a fair amount years ago but stopped because of the notable rise in doomers and AFC customers whose demands appeared to be excessively influenced by ongoing media negativity and calculated assaults. I still find it hard to get involved regularly but such an eloquent and forthright post as this inspires hope.

    Those who are frustrated bullies or immitators of what I suppose they see as ” true Brit’ male working class perspectives”, will remain but hopefully not continue to dominate with their demand for greater ‘negativity’: which they seem to mistake for realism and/or honesty.

    If, as they sometimes feel a need to profess, they do indeed love the club etc, then I would suggest they are niave with little to no understanding of how perceptions impact on our young (or older) players. This creates their self-fulfilling prophesy as performance levels fall with our consequently dwindling confidence.

    That some of us still see the merit of circling our wagons to create a positive space in which the team and club can prosper (and this is what I take to be the first role of a true supporter), I have little doubt that we will continue to find many unexpected parties on the other side of that wagon. Nevertheless, bastions such as this are essential for those battered gooners who find no respite in the bulk of current public commentary.

    Again, thanks and well done


  145. Not from me Chris – only ever pleased to hear from you mate.

  146. Darn you, Maria! (shakes fist) I was going to be Faye White! I’ll be Emma Byrne instead.

  147. Morning,

    loving the guest writers, well done Bob.

  148. Chris, because its amusing I suppose, id rather bitch about Arsenal then Spurs, I like Spurs.

    Mongolian, it stands for ‘Arry Knows Best.’

  149. FunGunner, I think you’re more of a Maggie Thatchter.

  150. Great post, CBob. Which player are you? Sagna?

  151. And I agree with you, Dgob

  152. So is Chris the new Frank anyone that dosent agree with him gets sworn at from behind a keyboard ?

    Lady shit face shut your trap, charming

  153. Excellent article Consolsbob.

    The danger for humanity is always that we should never under-estimate the power of stupid people in large numbers. Case in point, a combination of the plundits (plonkers + pundits) given the mouthpiece of the media to fuel the weak and feeble minds of the doomers.

    There are some like Durham and his Talk Shite colleagues who are outrightly racist and xenophobic, and yet they are allowed to mask their venomous prejudice as intellligent and expert opinion.

    There are others like Merson who has never forgiven Wenger for being the first player Wenger kicked out of Arsenal. I admit, it’s amusing to watch his contempt and disdain for everything Arsenal as he spreads his poison.

    I draw comfort from the fact that we must be doing something right as Arsenal for them to hate us that much.

  154. Mongolian Gooner

    James, sometimes I wonder why are you here? I think you hate Arsenal so much that you cannot live without it. There is a very thin line between love and hate.

    I bet you don’t watch Spud games unless they are playing Arsenal.

  155. Flint McCullough

    Great stuff, CB.

    I have not reached your level of sanguinity yet but wish I had.

    Malvern Dan has it spot on but we all know it is not as easy as that.

    We certainly all have a right to an opinion, I just wish the AAA could just get past their simplistic easy remedies to appreciate a truly rare man, who has kept his team punching well above their weight for years, with vision not seen since Herbert Chapman.

  156. Chippy don’t judge on one post. Lady A is one of a long line who make multiple posts to wind people up because they don’t like the positive pro-Arsenal tone of the blog. Chris is more forthright than some but how much shit should he take?

  157. It’s going to be hell for me if this Chicharito (Little Pea) guy turns out to be a success. I straight up hate peas; I’m a peaphobe, if such a thing exists.

    Everything about them freaks me out – I hate the way they look and smell, and the thought of a person manipulating them in his or her mouth is more ghastly than any nightmare.

    If he does well, the headlines will be too awful to imagine. I just visited the guardian football page and there’s a fucking bowl of peas, right there. Seriously, fuck peas. I never thought they would cross over to football.

    And how will Little Pea affect my feelings for ManU? Well it’s no longer extreme dislike; it’s visceral get-it-the-fuck-away-from-me loathing.

    Chicharito could only ever have joined ManU or the Spuds. And to me, there’s only one Mexican forward in this league.

  158. ‘Lady shit-face shut your trap’

    Chippy, come on, that was pretty funny.


    I do love to hate Arsenal you’re right

  159. Sagna? More Mikeal I fear FG.

    Look at you picking the lovely, blond leggy goalie.

    Pass can be Jayne Ludlow.

  160. “And to me, there’s only one Mexican forward in this league.”



    We really need a song for him.

  161. Then I will be the team masseur.

  162. OneOfUs,
    Thats got me chuckling, You can already see the headlines if he scores !!

    Easy Peasy, 🙂

  163. i do like you James.

    I hope you come back when we get back to buisness as usual and ruin you at the lane this year.

  164. Thanks steww.. and James

    I only dish it out when I feel it is deserved. In Lady A’s case she has it in for me as she got sussed out the other day, I would have kindly left her alone today, it is her choice not mine!

    Anyway any news on whether captain Cesc will be starting this weekend people

  165. Bloody ‘ell. A bloke comes on here, only ever nice to the women and he gets a mouthful of cheek from someone who is no better than she ought to be. Mikael, indeed.

    For the record Fun, I wasn’t called Charlie in my youth for nothing. Of course, I’m better looking than him and still have all my hair but the flair, vision, well, it’s all there.

  166. Carlos give us a wave…

    Carlos, Carlos give us a wave…


    Carlos, give us a chip…

    Carlos Carlos score a chip


    The wave may distract him from making an important tackle though, that may need editing!

  167. Chaplain Bob? Not a good look. 🙂

  168. @ Maria

    “Look at you picking the lovely, blond leggy goalie.

    Pass can be Jayne Ludlow”

    Well, EB was my second choice, you having nabbed my first! JL for Passenal is spot on, though. Funny, I’ve always seen you as a Kim Little type (her baby sister).
    Anyway, back to work. The number of hours I spend on ACLF. I should bill myself, that would be a bit of an eye-opener!

  169. Mongolian Gooner

    Here in Mongolia we have shit journalism but the sport ones are not as shit as in England. So I must admit I don’t suffer as you guys. And football is not very common sport in Mongolia.

    I am quite envious of you given that you live and breathe football.

  170. I’m sure that’s true, CBob, but I was referring to your blog personality.

  171. “The danger for humanity is always that we should never under-estimate the power of stupid people in large numbers”

    Darius fooking brilliant.

  172. @goonerandy

    Then I will be the team masseur.

    Hmm…. For the men’s or the ladies’ team?

  173. Mongolian Gooner.

    Unfortunately, most sports journalists around the world mimick and llift the views of the misguided pundits and hacks in the UK and republish the tripe as genuine EPL commentary.

    I’ve come across newspapers abroad who reprint the rubbish from tabloids here word for word.

  174. And ditto Silver Gunner.

  175. CG,

    I think Pete and Adam have raised fair views that can be discussed positevely among ourselves. However, I acknowledge that there is a strong contingent of doomers who jump on any such statement as grounds to trash everything AFC under Arsene.

    It’s difficult but I believe we do need to be able to share our individual hopes and opinions without instant dismissal and I suppose the litmus test here is whether our views become anti Arsene and/or AFC.

    There are clearly some whose contributions stray dangerously near to to failing that test. This is only compounded by nationalistic rants which appear to ignore the nature of the modern AFC: I suppose!

  176. Mongolian Gooner

    I think Our Captain will be starting this Saturday. So is van Persie.

    I haven’t seen Theo taking a free kick before. He have been doing his homework. Did you see how he bended? Good.

    Getting really excited about the prospects we have.

  177. Bob,

    “from someone who is no better than she ought to be.”

    That is just mean.

  178. The problem for Lady and all Arsenal supporters is that a shamefully biased media and a flock of so-called “gooners” that revel in outrageous nasty criticism of their team based on their xenophobia, racism, stereotypes and good ol’ Arsenal bigotry of the sort that ManU fans are renowned for feed off reasoned criticism and use it to bash Wenger, whom they detest, mainly for reasons of english jingoism, and as if there are no positives at all.

    The ‘trophy’ story is the best example, followed closely by the ‘lack of spine’ angle. Wenger has won 11 titles with Arsenal, but none in last 5 years, during which we moved house and set up the most thrilling youth set up in england, and balanced the books, and bought 7 or so outstanding players; and the context of all that is never mentioned, just trophies. The ‘spine’ angle is equally fatuous, Arsenal has courage in its uncompromising football.

    Every time these facts are stated, a million times, whingers say “oh, we can’t criticise then, we can’t even have reasoned debate”, and they revert back to (1) trophies (2) spine bla bla. Boring.

    The fact is that this Arsenal (not some romantic notion of decades of Arsenal) has monumental achievements to its name, it has transformed itself into a global football club without incurring debt and a glorious long term youth policy.

    When we say celebrate what we have, we are not saying we can’t criticise, we are saying criticise with the facts, not media contrived rubbish.

    That said, our Kos is great, isn’t he? Still our defence needs attention, we are one short and awaiting developments. I don’t buy the keeper thing though, not one bit.

  179. Really enjoyed that post, Cb. I must say I have been playing your ‘read in the voice of…’ game for quite some time now. I often go for Dr Strangelove.

    Laughing in the face of Doom reminds me of Duck Soup…

    In this instance Groucho represents ACLF and the cabinet represent the borish harbingers of Doom.

    OOU, how do you feel about marrowfat peas? They are a mature pea more easily comparable to the fava bean.

  180. “I’m sure that’s true, CBob,”


  181. Fun – I think I will plump for the ladies. Equal opportunities and all that.

  182. Well said ZP, like Darius before whom I always seem to agree with!!

  183. ha ha, Limpar.

    Absolutely right, ZimPaul.

  184. Dgob
    My problem with Pete is that he could have cut and pasted the whole thing. we read it time and time again. Starts off professing love and respect for the club but always ends with the mantra about being short of signings. It is so tedious, predictable and not supportive of our players. Neither does it recognise the signings we’ve made nor the promoted reserve and youth team players we’ve nurtured all these years.
    Tony at Untold Arsenal revealed the orchestrated campaign to convince everyone of the anti Arsene way of thinking when he started removing posts cut and pasted and placed all over the blogesphere. Its not paranoia these people really do spend their time undermining our club.

  185. in regards to the press al I can say is – he who laughs last laughs the loudest. they will all change their tune in the future and show themselves to be the fickle idiot we always knew they were.

    doomers are on ignore

  186. Mongolian Gooner

    I personally think given the consistent run of games Almunia will not be such a bad choice. He performs well when he is confident. I heard he had some family issues. If we don’t sign a keeper it’s not the end of the world.

  187. Dgob talks sense.

  188. If a contest were held for who spent the least amount of money the last eight seasons and achieve cl soccer,Wenger will come on top. Unfortunately you are judged by the number of trophies you have won.
    Yes Arsenal/Wenger had to be prudent and thrifty during those years..This is no longer the case.
    If for some reason other he doesn’t strengthenthe problem areas and the gunners finsih barren he has no one but himself to blame.His soccer philosophy though much admired is another area of concern.
    Winning ugly is alien/abhorrent to him . He wants to play pretty soccer with endless passing. That won’t win you matches. I don’t know what’s eating him. Surely in any game the aim is to win.How you win doesn’t matter but to Wenger it does. And that’s why Arsenal will continue to lose games until this som comes to his senses.

  189. Goonerandy,

    Maybe I would go for you if only alternative was James.

  190. Btw Maria. Doesn’t it just piss you off the way the media and pundits are waxing lyrical about Hernandez for the simple reason he went to the Manure; yet Carlos is a much better player and clinical finisher who has been around longer yet he simply is seen as just another Arsene Wenger youth experiment.

    If Red nose had signed Vela, the young lad would be the most celebrated Mexican right now.

  191. OK all you lot who abhor rudeness. Tell me how you politely deal with that from gunnerwong?

  192. Steww….

    Sirens??? Fuck off? LOL!

  193. gunnerwong, so winning by any method is what you want is it? I think you are supporting the wrong team if it is.

    In Italy they tried to win by any method and look what happened there.

  194. Or I could just say “FUCK OFF”

  195. You know it can’t be reasoned with. You know it’s all wrong. You know they probably don’t even mean it or care that much. What is so wrong in their lives that their only pleasure is to find some happy people and take a dump in their stereo headphones?

  196. ZimPaul and Dgob

    Both made fair points. I don’t mind criticism of our club, players, or manager at all. My problem is the supporters and labelled doomers who use the media bullshite as their source for the criticism. Denilson, Bendtner, Nasri, Walcott, Song, Chamakh, Henry, Vermaelen… all being labelled one thing or another in the media at various stages of their careers.

    Henry being classed as only a winger, Song as useless, Bendtner as not a good striker, Denilson has whatever, and Vermaelen wont make it… these were widely believed topics.

    Same to with Flamini who is prime example of how flawed the anti-Arsenal mindset usually is.

    The guy was no more than a squad player before Wenger gave him a run in central midfield and turned into a legend amongst all of the Arsene/Arsenal bashers who now demand more Flamini type players! It is insane, they contradict any opinion they have, and they have no opinion or idea about football.

    They simply go by what they see right in front of their eyes. Most of the time it ain’t pretty, and what they see on the telle and hear from the pundits is absolutely false.

    These are the type of supporters I can’t stand, be it from Arsenal or another club. Our problem is everyone loves talking about our club, so we get a lot of press. The last 5 years we havn’t had a major influence of British players in our 1st team, which contributes to the negative press. Then you have the expectations which were raised from the sucess brought by Arsene, on top of that you have a rapidly increasing fan base which are only use to that success.

    These spoilt fans are simply feeding the media outlets. They are a disgrace, and I think every pundit has recently commented on how Arsenal fans moan. Makes me sick, because they have no representation over the majority, yet the bitching gets heard the most.

  197. Endless passing won’t win you matches. Can’t argue with that, wong.

    But what if…What if, while endlessly passing the ball around we could somehow find a way of diverting one of those passes into the goal… perhaps by having an Arsenal player stand directly behind the goal, in the eye-ine of the passer in possession… in order to tempt him into making a goal-bound pass… do you see where I’m going with this? Perhaps then we could use it to our advantage… all our endless passing I mean, all that bloody passing we’re so bloody good at… perhaps we could use it to… that’s right… score goals.

    I know it’s radical but just entertain that for half a second why don’t you… huh? Huh? Who’s with me.. I know you’re on board, wong. Who else will join us?

  198. Well, I know how Frank would deal with it.

    Mean to you Maria? Never!

    I see Fun. Sagna, eh? I’ll think about that one.

    Darius’s statement is all too true. Someone on here last year, i forget who, said in similar vain, “There is rarely a shortage of knobs”, which I found rather concise.

  199. chrisgoona,

    it was the other way round IMO, lady arsenal made you look silly…

  200. Oh dear. I hope I haven’t become an italiterrorist.

  201. Ah shit the curse of the italics

  202. Mongolian Gooner

    BTW: Darius, why did you stop posting in your blog?

    GunnerWong: When we had our first choice player we rarely lose playing the Wengerball. You shouldn’t generalize the games that we lose (with our second, third, fourth players).

  203. Oh god! I have! And YW’s away!

    Shitshitshit. Sorry!

  204. gunner w(R)ong

    So you still are taken in by the media regarding how our team cannot win ugly. You still believe that garbage despite our resilient team coming back from losing to Chelsea and United last season to claw their way back into the title race.

    All the last minute wins, the leg breaks, our little skilled players standing up to the bullies that have no skill of the Premiership. They have proven to be mentally so much stronger, the rest are cowards.

    You are an even bigger coward, get behind your team and stop your fucking crying.

    Be proud to be a gooner.

  205. How about if I do… this?

  206. TEST

  207. john

    Try getting your own opinion, maybe then people will respond to you mate. Good luck

  208. Steww,

    I must admit that I was not aware that there was such an orchestrated campaign as, as I noted, I’ve been very selective in the blogs that I read. I will be more mindful in the future.

    Nevertheless, if Pete is indeed part of that negative campaign then I think we might benefit by promoting both the positive parts of his post “and” the positive counter points that we all acknowledge concerning Arsene’s recent and ongoing quality signings plus internal developments with our agenda-setting youth policy. I think that’s more my thinking in trying to suggest that differing opinions are necessary.

    The question of which side of the wagons those comments seem to come from being the main one. A siege mentality is not the worst thing that we could develop and the gods know current circumstance conspires to assist “us” here!

  209. Fuck.

  210. Arghh, damn you with your clever italics LA. You’ve buggered up the site again!

  211. TEST TEST

  212. Ohh not again.. bloody italics

    I see its Limpar that is responsible this time.. tut tut!

  213. Fuckshit. I know. Yogi’s away. I’ve literally fucked us.

  214. Dgob, the trouble with some of those posters is they will not even listen to reasoned debate.

  215. Also who appointed Bob club captain??

    I always saw Frank as our CC with DS our VC and Steww our tiger in the middle.

    Pass and FG as our steady cultured CBs, Limps N Chris as our bombers from FB and up front yours truly and Pz as the fox int he box strikers.

    It’s in the MF, I would stick in old Bob and ZP with Zap N G4E in there to carry them.

    In goal I would have to have ol’ boring guts himself, Bill we need a moaner in there. If only annoy to the live out of our lovely CBs.

  216. Probably this is not what we want to hear,but footballistically, Chelsea looked ominously assured and I thought Spuds played well too. Well, early days and against weak opposition, WBA naive, and ManC looked awful, almost like a team of overpaid musical maestros tossed together in an orchestra without a tune in sight.

  217. Allardyce backed for £100m kitty… gonna be a right laugh watching him try to spend that!

    Hes never had no more than 10p at 1 time to spend on a player

  218. Fungunner and Zimpaul,

    Thanks very much

  219. We’ve been Italicized now. Does that mean we speaking Italian to each other? Maria, I do think Paul N in defence, probably right back, and naturally Shotta on the left wing.

  220. @Mongolian Gooner. It’s simply a hiatus until the end of the month as I’ve had to dedicate most of my time to working on a couple of projects. I’ll be back writing sooner than you think, both here and on SCA.

  221. Hi LA, love the Marx Brothers.

    There’s a sort of pyramid of hate. All varieties of pea sit at the top, including marrowfat. Fava beans, still no. Chickpeas, no, but they don’t induce the same terror. After that, green beans and their ilk are OK provided the bean doesn’t escape its pod. Pine nuts are a bit iffy, but they’re involved in a lot of good dishes. Same goes for flageolet and kidney beans.

  222. Excellent team, Maria. Paul is right though; these days you need World Class back-up in every area of the pitch – anything less just won’t do. Paul N can be reliable Sagna to my madcap Eboue… if he’s ok with that.

    By the way, Carlos already has a song…

    For he’s a jolly good Vela,
    For he’s a jolly good Vela,
    For he’s a jolly good Ve-elll-aaa,
    And so say all of us!

  223. Zp,

    Oh my, I completely forgot about our little fire starter himself SG, along with Paul N, two of my favourite contributors to ACLF.

    Well they will have to replace you and Bob in MF.

    Sorry guys but I promise you all CC games. We may need the experience then.

  224. Chill Limpar, it is not your fault. It is the fault with whoever has coded this.

    By the way, who is who in our fantasy league? There are more than 200 out there and no idea who are the regulars!

  225. I’m getting dizzy. Where’s Pz anyway?
    LA, untest your test. Do something, bold maybe.

  226. LA,

    I lovw that!!

    And yes, I do promise to rotate. The likes of Els, MikeSA and Kenyan gooner will get there chances to play for the mighty ACLF too.

  227. [/b]
    Can anyone tell me to whom Almunia gave the recent interview with the quotes of him about his future. I couldnt find any video or is it just media talk as always??

  228. Harpo Speaks is a good read BTW. Same goes for Groucho’s letters. My dog’s actually called Groucho.

  229. “You’ve buggered up the site again”

    LOL Consolsbob. Buggered is a phraseology you don’t often here in conversation – has this connotation of defilement.

  230. At least it’s not all strike through

  231. Shotta will not like being moved out of the left wing Maria, trust me on this.

  232. CG and Dupsffokcuf,

    I can appreciate that.

    Incidentally, I do really wonder what part Dein and the fat Russian (and or red and white associates) play in driving the general negativity: knowing those who know no limits in pursuing selfish business aims!

    Maybe YW’s ongoing asides are not at all misplaced!

  233. Lady Arsenal on August 17, 2010
    at 8:33 am

    Sure bro

  234. Actually let it read:

    School Britania,
    School Britania rules th’airwaves,
    but Arsenal Never Never Never
    Will be Chav’s

  235. Sorry folks. Yogi left some of us the keys. I’ve been in and had a look around but can’t switch the bloody things off.

  236. YW, would have to be Manager.

    I think OneofUs would be a right hand man.

    With Queen of Suburbia as our Ivan.

    And Ole Gunner as our chairman.

  237. Steww.

    The formatting is defined at the beginning of the loop that displays the text.

    If you can’t find the switch – a quick fix would be to reload the Ocean Mist theme – it’s not going to affect any content on the site, but it will revert the fonts and styles back to the original format.

  238. Ah well looks like we’re stuck with it. Yogi will be so cross

  239. bold experiment

  240. OK Darius will have a look.

  241. Good lord. You poor thing. I guess houmous is just a mushed up pile of nightmare for you too then?

    Not to belittle your phobia, but I had similar issues with the whole sick crew of them, when I was growing up. Still can’t do baked beans, but almost all the others have been dealt with. It was something about the texture. Anyway.. I’m sure it was far less serious a case as yours. Good luck with it. And avoid keeping company with cowboys.

    Really am sorry about this italici-fuck-isation. We’re like a little circle of saplings suddenly exposed to a gale. Hold strong, everybody.

  242. Serves him right who authorised his ‘holiday’?

  243. lol chrisgoona,

    that was an opinion..

  244. Yogi made me Captain. Get used to it Maria or ‘the stiffs’ await and, as Captain, I’ll play whenever I want. See.

    My father left me much of his colourful language Darius. 25 years in the Marines gave him any number of useful phrases for almost all circumstances. To this day whenever I drop simething or worse, knock a drink over, I exclaim, ‘Balls, bugger and bang me bloody arse’!

    Unless, of course, there are grandchildren present. Ahem.

  245. Great arcicle. Well said.

    No this is wrong.

    It should have been: VERY WELL SAID!!!!

  246. Excellent commentary, one of the best I’ve read at anytime.

    Not inclusive of football in the UK and of Arsenal, but reflective and appropriate about society “everywhere”.

  247. I’ve read ‘Hello, I Must Be Going’. That was good. Lots of classic ‘Groucho in real life’ moments. Been meaning to get Harpo speaks. Good reminder, thanks.

    Groucho is an excellent name to call your dog!

  248. I don’t think us temporary custodians have the relevant powers.
    I could try deleting and banning limparAssist. You think that would work darius?

  249. Well, it’s worth trying steww. I mean, who would notice?

  250. Consolsbob. I do admit, I do fancy a liberating curse once in a while; though ‘er indoors has resorted to sanctions as punishment to ensure that the little ones are brought up with some morals – so I’ve had to learn how to bite my tongue and swear creatively. Bugger me.

  251. It feels a bit odd wandering around the echoing halls of ACLF towers, dust sheets everywhere, no sound but the creaking floorboards. I’m a bit scared to touch anything. Also Yogi only wanted me to go in and feed the cat while he’s away.
    I’d better not mess.

  252. Woah, woah, woah! Hold your horses, chaps! Can’t we talk about this?!

  253. “temporary custodians”

    Since when??

    ACLF really has gone AWOL.

  254. did you close your italics limps?

  255. Mongolian Gooner

    If you guys are the player then that makes me a season ticket holder?

    I would be dooming like: I think YW has lost it after such long career. He should demote consolsbob from captaincy and give it to LimparAssist. LA does good job although he’s sometimes too Italic.


  256. Darius,

    Yes, it does piss me off. But have like Bob said, you have to laugh or you will cry.

    I choose as a ‘free woman’ to laugh and let Carlos make them cry.

  257. Lampard’s Assist, see how you did the bold experiment, do it again but swap the forward slash from where its supposed to be, to the other side.

    e.g [ /] [.] to [.] [/] or whatever, swap the forward slash around!

  258. LOL Steww…Poor old Limpar.

    Unfortunately, its after the fact so the italics will have to stay if you don’t have the relevant permissions.

    Ordinarily what I’d do is try and find the italics switch at the beginning and end of the loop displaying the content, and if that failed, I’d just reload the theme – kind of like resetting it.

    But you can’t do that without being an administrator, so we’ll have to wait for the headmaster to be released by Mrs. YW.

    But I have a sneaky feeling YW steals some time and uses his mobile phone to find out whether we’re buggering his site….LOL! In those quiet moments he might be tempted to do something.

  259. Mongolian Gooner,

    I agree, you can be the chairman of campaign ‘strip Bob of his captaincy’.

  260. Mongolian Gooner

    I can see myself holding banner that says: “In Yogi we rust”.

    It’s been rather quite evening from the D&G fronts today. And everyone is joyful. I like it this way.

  261. It’s awful. It’s like mum’s gone out, we said we could be trusted and… well, now look at us.

  262. steww & Darius,

    Is it possible to edit/delete comments? Maybe you can try editing LA’s comment at 12.14pm.

  263. Anyone who has access to ACLF might want to try this. Locate Limpar’s post that created the problem first. If the post can be edited, then end the italic by putting /i. I assume the problem occured because Limpar did not close his italics.

  264. hold on

  265. hehe.. Nice one Mongolian Gooner.

    We can maybe also start the campaign that this blog lacks ‘ambition’ and has been stagnant for the last few months!!

  266. Part of the problem in my opinion is that so many people must be one extreme or the other. Either arsene is perfect, that’s blatantly ignoring some of his serious short comings in the last few years or he’s shit- which is totally bollocks. Both are a deluded mentality. Arsene and the players need to be seriously questioned at times however people shouldn’t let frustration make them short-sighted of all the good that goes with the not so good. On one hand wenger runs the club very well, besides his successful history and the stadium move, he’s also done remarkably well without spending much at all and selling all the time and bringing through kids. That said I’m pretty tired of being told we have money and will buy top players every transfer window only for us to not buy as many players as he says and then we get told we never had money to spend in the first place. Haggling for players on the final day and missing out on some good players because we aren’t prepared to offer 1 or 2 mil more like in the Alonso case. Our keeper situation is just embarrassing, wenger has been laughably slow to deal with it. If we lose the league by 1 point after we conceded that pretty poor goal vs Liverpool we can rightly ask why we were still messing around with these keeper after the season started. We’ve had months to complete our team and we go into game two with only 1 established cb, one who’s barely played for 18 months and is young, one who looks good but is unproven and now suspended and one who is young and not had very successful loan spells and I believe is injured. In goal we have no first choice and both candidates are literally laughing stocks after they both had such poor seasons. What is the excuse really? We didn’t have enough time in these months to sign a good cb and keeper? Despite being told we have money we can’t afford anyone? It’s frankly just not good enough and that is an entirely justified opinion.

    A few years back we had such a great team that we could afford to be this casual but there’s no excuse anymore. We aren’t winning trophies, our team often lacks motivation and won’t wake up until they’re a goal down with 10 minutes left. They don’t finish games off early and piss away leads far too often. We also have very few players who can cross a ball, few who can head one and we’ve been disorganized from set pieces for years.

    On the other hand we have loads of promising kids, play reasonably good football (highly overrated and nowhere near as good as 5 years ago but still decent), we play cleanly and don’t buy many big names which I like and we give players a fair chance to prove themselves. In these ways we are a shining model in the league and the media HATE us for it. I’m glad wenger has signed a new contract and don’t want anyone else to replace him.

    So when you look at the whole club you see an incredible club which is great in so many ways but at the same time has some glaring shortcomings which seriously need addressing. All things considered if this club were a an essay at school it would score ‘B must try harder’. Arsenal are like that genius kid in everyschool who never does his homework and coasts, doing well but underachieves repeatedly. The club is great but complacent from top to bottom and we won’t return to our former glory until that complacency is stamped out

  267. ah, bollocks. It’s no use.

    Oh, yeah that’s right… Limpar didn’t do this, Limpar didn’t do that. Let’s kick Limpar out…

    (Damn… really wanted to use italics there.)

  268. I looked at the page source and I see what Limpar did wrong. The was after the instead of before it.
    But how to change it now???

  269. Obviously you need to guess what the hell my last post means.

  270. That’s one I’d definitely like to read, LA.

    I tried a song for Vela a year or so ago to the tune of Whip It by Devo. Devo’s not the most macho group though:

  271. I used to love the genius kids who never did any work at school. They were cool.

  272. let me guess….[i] after [/i]?

  273. steww on August 17, 2010
    at 1:08 pm

    Try doing it before, if it doesnt work, try doing it after.

  274. re gunnerwong

    Do you really have to read and respond to a guy who calls the beautiful game soccer? There is a few americans on this site and they have the decency to call it football as it should be.

    It is like if we called base ball, this boring sport that tries to look like cricket!

  275. Mongolian Gooner

    Where did everyone go?

  276. Groucho Marx watching the cricket: “Say, this is great! When does it start?”

  277. Nah – there’s nothing we can do. Just hope Yogi slips away from the beady eye of his keeper to an internet cafe at some point.

  278. Oh yeah, OOU… you’ll love the little comment about Chuks Aneke and Benik Afobe on the arsenal site at the moment. Sums up what the academy is all about.

  279. italic test!

  280. Its italic!

  281. Mongolian Gooner

    [i] test [/i][/i]

  282. LA, The article indeed is great about Aneke & Afobe.

    “We’ve been playing together since we were seven,” Afobe told

    “Sometimes he doesn’t need to say anything, I just know he’s going to give it to me or I’ll give it to him. It’s something that happens naturally, I really enjoying playing with Chuks.”

    Hope both of them make it to the senior squad and with lil’ Jack & ramsey can form deadly combo through the middle..

  283. I’m not rebelling i just dont know how to do italics…

  284. Maria @12:06 – Ha, why thank you I am flattered. But unfortunately I am also spoken for so you will just have to make do.

  285. See you do!

  286. come on young boys!!

  287. I agree with jonh earlier,, Chris gooner, Lady A made you lok like a twat, you and all the other high and mighty xenaphobes on here. She actually made you to look like a silly little boy. Wich i believe by reading your post you must be.

  288. Kitchen in a mess, mud all over the carpets, budgie’s out of the cage. Good Lord, however will we clear up this mess in time?

    Well and truly buggered.

  289. Mongolian Gooner

    I like this compilation. Nice feeling.

  290. I hate it when complilation videos get spoiled by stupid lighting and rubbish music..

  291. …It’s like that Yellow Pages advert with the French polishers.

  292. There’s no point saying that they’re going to make it, because nobody really knows, but an Afobe goal from an Aneke assist definitely evokes Anelka and Bergkamp. I can’t wait to see what they can do at reserve level.

    Bog-standard players like Milner and Lampard get a bunch of assists for their clubs because they know their teammates’ games off by heart. Imagine what would happen if in the future we have four or five genuinely talented players in the team who have all grown up together.

  293. Maybe the word ‘Xenophobe’ should replace the word ‘Xylophone’ on those alphabet charts for young children. You you barely ever get to use the word ‘xylophone’ but ‘xenophobes’ on the otherhand – are two-a-penny… apparently.

  294. Vive la différence

  295. Now CBob we would also say in Zimblish “ACLF is BF buggered”, in answer to the question, what’s up with ACLF? Means it’s “broke”. We would then all look at Limpar, one way, and all at Steww in another way. And finally burst out laughing in a third way and blame YW since he’s absent, and probably vote for Maria to chastise him.

  296. This is back, by the way:

    [audio src="'s_Up_For_Grabs_Now_-_Aug_2010~1~16th_Aug_10_-_First_Day_At_School.mp3" /]

    Not heard it yet.

  297. Pretty funny, isn’t there a cautionary tale about some sort of apprentice doing something similar once?

    Great VP video, can’t wait to see him scoring goals again.

  298. We could of course simpy explain to YW that we’ve fixed and improved ACLF, and thanks is what’s needed, a token of appreciation. We’ve democratised italic elitism, like the levellers with machines and stuff. Now everybody can in fact eat cake, together, yippee, viva! Land, bread and italics for the masses! No more second class fonts. Limpar is a hero of this revolution!

  299. Er, well, you know where yo find it.

  300. Yep, I listened love those guys. Still pissed with Tayo over the Carlos comments.

    I am thinking of getting the Song t-shirt though.

    The other podcast I listen to that I like, is world phone-in on 5live. It’s great. Interesting, intelligent, football conversation without the usual snide remarks about Arsenal. Or orgys over BrokeBackBraca.

  301. No, ZP, best to just come clean and be honest. It’s always the best policy.

    YW, it’s all Limpar’s fault.

  302. @ Ryan 1.06pm. Great post, enjoyed the read.

  303. Wow. Hardly the ‘I am Spartacus’ show of solidarity I was looking for.

    When shit goes sideways you find out who your friends are.

  304. LOL Limpar…it’s a lonely place to be, huh?

  305. your right bob….we all do spend to much time on this site.

  306. No. All credit where it is due LA.

    YOU are Spartacus.

  307. by the way bob, great post…you might have turned me into a fully pledged member of the optimistic only way with that arousing speech…..

  308. lol new term there i think – ‘when the shit goes sideways’

  309. didn’t yogi leave any advise in case an abusive message needs deleting? I think this registers at abusive…

  310. I’ve witnessed some wonderful oratory in my time but never once have I been effected by a speech in the way that you have been by Consolbob’s post, Duke.

    Not even during Claudia Cardinale’s acceptance speech for her Nastro d’Argento Best Actress Award.

  311. David Pleat on how Samir Nasri gave Joey Cole a master class on how to run the midfield.

  312. Le Boss at his best:

    Arsène Wenger has warned that the Premier League’s new squad regulations could spark a wave of court cases as out-of-favour footballers seek to release themselves from their contracts.

    The Arsenal manager is a critic of the quota system in which top-flight clubs must name a 25-man squad with a maximum of 17 non-homegrown players. Wenger believes that the new rules will force down the quality of the Premier League and ‘paralyse’ the transfer market.

    Rumblings of discontent are already evident among the players with Craig Bellamy and Stephen Ireland looking elsewhere for first-team football after indications that they will be left on the fringes of Manchester City’s squad. Speaking before the weekend, Wenger cited a FIFA clause* which could be triggered by players left out in the cold.

    “The players have already integrated into their way of thinking that a club can only give 25 names to the Premier League,” said the Frenchman.

    “They already think ‘if I am not in the 25 I can retire, or go here, or go there, or I go to court’ – that can happen as well. Do not forget that somebody did not think in England that, if you play less than ten per cent of games in a season, under FIFA rules you can get rid of your contract.

    “I would like to know, when they voted for that in the Premier League, if they knew this rule. If you have not played more than ten per cent of games, you can get in front of a FIFA committee that then decides how much money you have to pay to buy out your contract. That is a rule.

    “If players are paid for playing and you do not give them the chance to play they can go to court and ask for that money from you because they had never that chance to play. If you are not even in the 25, how can you play?”

    * Section 15 of the Fifa ‘Regulations on the Status and Transfer of Players – 2010’ states: “An established professional who has, in the course of the season, appeared in fewer than ten per cent of the official matches in which his club has been involved may terminate his contract prematurely on the ground of sporting just cause. Due consideration shall be given to the player’s circumstances in the appraisal of such cases. The existence of a sporting just cause shall be established on a case-by-case basis. In such a case, sporting sanctions shall not be imposed, though compensation may be payable. A professional may only terminate his contract on this basis in the 15 days following the last official match of the season of the club with which he is registered.“

  313. Sorry for the long post but couldn’t resist. He finally gave explanation why he was against the 25 player rule.

    Will the media and plundits again slam Arsene for this or will they finally come to their senses and realize?? I hope so..

  314. With that news from Duke, I can retire happy.

    I’ll give him ’til the weekend.

  315. Good lad Sammy. I wonder where Wenger will play him once Cesc is back. He could partner him of course with Song behind, but I think it more likely he will play wide right.

  316. An arousing speech, DukeGoonem? Sounds like those 0900 numbers to me.

  317. lol IndianGooner,

    As Cbob wrote above, you will either be disgusted, or amused.

    I don’t understand how AW manages to keep a straight face when talking to most bleedin’ hacks.

    I agree with Wengerball, people would pay for Non-Murdoched coverage of football.
    It’s so sh*t!

    I like some media, like the podcast linked above. Don’t worry about DJ Ty, he’s just a glory hunting Palace fan, a fact the other presenters always like to remind him of! 🙂

  318. I think Arsenal’s strongest team once all are back fit and ready is:

    Sagna, Koscielny, Vermaelen, Clichy
    Song, Diaby, Fabregas
    Rosicky, Van Persie, Nasri

    Arshavin is not consistent enough for me and when he’s not on form, we’re literally playing with 10 men. Chamakh, Walcott, Bendtner, Denilson and Vela can provide very powerful options depending on the opponent and the strategy we’re using during the game to respond to how the opponent is playing.

    The best players to unleash on defenders who are on yellow cards are Walcott, Vela and Arshavin.

  319. lets all support real madrid in la liga what do u guys say??!!

  320. I can’t believe so many people enjoy that *lan davis podcast. It is just a chance for his mates to suck him off in public and simper to his jokes.
    Aren’t there any other celebrity fans out there who are not c*nts? I’ve sat next to Hadley at the Ems and well, the less said the better.

  321. I feel the quality of posts on various blogs is far superior then the petty p(l)unditry.

    Both from within Yogi’s cave, to the Brain’s maze over at Arsenal Column, and some others, there’s a cool variety for Arsenal fans if they can avoid the hit seeking hustlers out there.
    As an example, I thought the Brain’s last piece on tactics, was far above anything I’ve ever tried and failed to read by Jonathan Wilson in recent times. And of course, there’s YW, and erm, Muppet, Cbob, Limpar, and others out there who can write too!

  322. Darius,

    I would have Denilson instead of Diaby at the moment(unless it is away game to the likes of Blackburns and Stokes) as the trio of Song-Denilson-Cesc gives the best balance between Attack and Defence.

  323. Darius,

    I too thought that was a nice article by Pleat. And if you scroll down to the comments section you’ll see what our good friend Ole had to tell him. Just who does David Pleat think he is anyway!


    I thought your earlier post was a beacon of common sense and balance. Which, of course, is why it stands out!

    Lady Arse,

    I must say – I enjoyed your morning masterclass..!!

  324. Darius – I do tend to agree with your team. The argument for Arshavin’s inclusion would be his goal threat which is more potent than Rosicky (and Nasri). But I take your point about his consistency, and probably agree. The only worry with that team is it is very pass, pass, pass and not very clinical

    I personally think Chamakh will be one of Wenger’s first choice strikers along with RvP and will go some way to rectifying this.

  325. Rinseout?

    I enjoyed it last season, I don’t take it too seriously. It’s just better then most other media available, if you want to listen to something on the train. At least they don’t spend their time heckling players, and asking for this or that…etc..

    I did not thing of it as a celebrity fan fetish, more as a sketch by a bunch of professional comedians, who happen to support Arsenal. Probably, it’s a bit of both.

  326. Oh yeah, SUGA3 was on here earlier wearing his wig again…

    SUGA3 and the angry inch. Not pretty.

  327. think

  328. Not dissing you Finsbury, just find them unbearably smug. I did chuckle a few times, and I did give it a fair crack by listenning to a few but on balance couldn’t stand the sycophancy.
    To me it just gives Arsenal fans a worse name having mugs like him spouting off every week.

  329. I would go for,


    Sagna, LK, Tommy, Gael

    Song, Cesc,


    RVP, Chamack, Vela

  330. I really like Up For Grabs. Always good for a laugh.

    IndianGooner, agreed. We play our best football with Denilson and Song playing together.

    Darius, your name looks cool in italics. Almost everyone else’s has suffered.

    Apologies again.

  331. but yeah, as you intimate, probably taking it a bit too seriously…

  332. Maria – No Nasri?

  333. Godd morning/afternoon/evening all!

    Mr. Bob, great piece, again.

    (ZP are you in line? what about one of our esteemed ladies? Passenal, FunGun, Maria?)

    (You guys are really great writers. I think all of you should get together and write a book. Have some long time Arsenal experiences in it, Articles on being an Arsenal supporter in different parts of the world – how Arsenal is viewed in different places, etc)

    Back the the write up. I totally agree CB, this is the way we should deal with the idiotic media. They are clowns, court jesters, not to be taken seriously.

    As far as the doomers, they bore me to death as they come with nothing new, no insight. They behave as if they know what Arsenal have been doing the whole summer as far as getting players in. In their minds, if we dont have anymore players in its because Arsene has been twiddling his thumbs all summer. Unreasonable and plain silly.

    Thanks for putting me in the team ZP, Maria etc. I feel honoured! I used to play in the Center Mid in my youth but as any true ACLF’er I am willing to play were I am needed for the team!!!


    Blessings on you all!!!

  334. “Just who does David Pleat think he is anyway!”

    A sp*d?

    OleGunner’s comment:

    16 Aug 2010, 12:50AM

    “Emmanuel Eboué and Abou Diaby offering enough physical strength to assist the smaller, attack-minded trio of Andrey Arshavin, Jack Wilshere and, critically, Samir Nasri.”

    The fundamental fallacy of the English footballing mind. The quick thinking, fleet footed midget. The giant required just for his strength.

    All rubbish. But Mr. Pleat will go through life without it occurring to him just how silly an idea it is.

  335. Finbury’s name looks like a corporate logo now. Fisons or Findus I think.

  336. Is is not silly though. Unless of course you play the full game in possession of the ball.

  337. How’s that for attitude, eh? Wouldn’t catch Xavi offering to play right-back for the good of the team would you. Especially if he knew full well he’d be warming the bench for Limp… I mean, Eboue. Great stuff.

  338. I remember reading that the other day. Ole got it spot on.

  339. Or is that a logotype? And sorry, I should have address that post to you, FP.

  340. I was thinking of doing that to Fins.

    Excellent comment from our chairman.

  341. Is the term “shit going sideways” just another way of saying “italics”. No reflection on today’s posters, a mighty fine collection on the whole if I might echo Mongolia, no doubt CBob has brought out the best in us.

    Arshavin risks being benched soon enough if he doesn’t play a little more. He was also too easily marked by Liverpool. Is Djourou fit and raring? Is it a one match ban for Kos?


  342. “where” I am needed that is!

    Limpar, I think the Italics makes everyones post seem more intelligent, though it starts to get to your eyes after a while.

    One more thing about people having opinions. Ok, yes we need a CB (Arsene said that) and maybe a goalie if Almunia lacks confidence. Ok we know that, what else is there to add? how many different ways can you say that? it gets old, doesnt it?

    A new season is upon us and instead of getting behind the team we would prefer magnify the perceived issues. Thats like getting married today and then calling your friends to tell them all the wrong things about your partner to be. Seriously, give the marriage a little time before you start complaining! (if you shoul at all)

    I read so many fans saying that we didnt have a good CB pairing and now Kos is the greatest thing ever. Unreasonable as CG has said.

  343. Darius

    David Pleat is a curb crawling c**t.Usless conmmentator who talks shit

  344. “Arshavin was shocking, he gave a pre-game interview explaining that he was in dire form. Why he was kept on the pitch for 90 minutes is a mystery.”

    Just read this in that comments section.

    Is it true?

  345. Dick,
    I think there might be something in what you say.

  346. Rinesout, no probs, did not take it as a ‘diss’. It would be nice to have a decent podacst type thing that wasn’t by a celeb.

  347. I think playing centreback at home against Blackpool might a good reintroduction game for Alex Song. He can mill around and get his fitness back without risking his calf strain legging it about in midfield.

    Physioroom has Djourou back for the Blackburn game, though I’m not sure how accurate that can be.

  348. Aaaaargh,

    It’s true.
    I’ve been transformed into a lame piece of typography!

    Back to the CAD machine.
    The Opera browser on Windows seems to be fine. No italics! Hah!
    Probably just another Windows glitch.

    (It’s the OSX that has gone crazy, usually it’s the other way around).

  349. Ozil signed for RM, it seems.

  350. Nice one Paul N. BTW I am no midfielder Maria, I hold the ball too long (haven’t you noticed, talk, talk, talk?). I started in defence and one day discovered I can and will score. I am a striker, usually from the left. Typically I warn the opposing defence to perhaps put two markers on me, just in case. Foolishly they think I jest.

  351. The podcast I can’t stand is that Cunts-are-Us one that Arseblog does.

    I mean the guy is sooooooooooooooooooo depressing when he talkings about The Arsenal, then he interjects random bits of humor in there is NOT funny.

    Bloody weirdo. Best thing he did was ask YW to come on. He didn’t sound anything like I expected him though.

  352. LOL Steww…Sarcasm was never your strong point…was it?

    @Limpar, on account of my name being cool in italics, I think I might just butter your side of the bread when uncle YW starts asking the questions.

    Pleat must have been caught bying arse over 20 years ago. Even if he served time for manslaughter, he would have qualified for parole by now, no?

    It’s sad enough that as Tottenham manager he had to pay to get laid, we don’t have to kick his teeth all the time. It’s comforting enough thinking that ‘Appy Arry maybe gets the same perks and has to pay for his crumpet.

  353. Arseblog’s always good in Arsenal vs The World situations, but I’m not interested in what he has to say about the team.

    YW sounds like Alan Rickan.

  354. Rickman.

  355. Pleat actually has a lot of respect for Arsene, but he smells of Spurs to me.

  356. OOU….Alan Rickman is a good fit.

    I thought YW had the authority and oratory skills of a headmaster.

  357. Sheriff of Nottingham Alan Rickman or Hans Gruber Alan Rickman?

  358. Zap,

    thanks for the vid.

    Those beautiful goals have definitely brought back fantastic memories of unbelievable come backs from the Arsenal who showed so much grit and fighting spirit during the previous season. Liege, Bolton, Wolves, Everton, Stokes, Hull, Barca…. It’s a pity that two or three games are highlighted by the plundits and doomers to judge a whole season that even I forgot how exciting our previous season had been.
    Anyone who loves football and loves Arsenal would cherish the memories of such a season and enjoy the many good and accept the few bad bits.

  359. Here goes the media shit stirring and merry go round. Mancini is happy to release Shay Given, who is supposedly on his way to Fulham so that the Schwarz can come to Arsenal.

    The apers though have decided that the sorry will be more juicy if Wenger dumps Schwarzer and leaves him high and dry sot aht he signs Given.

    All in all, good copy to keep the news cycles going for at least a week.

    Poor Manuel…I actually feel for him. He must go to bed feeling like shit.

  360. I am with you DS, I feel for Almunia. If he isnt stong mentally this kind of speculation will cripple him and I fear that only a change of scenery will really help him get right.

    Sad situation

  361. Almunia going is probobly best all round i feel – for us cause we need a better keeper and for him because its a continual slap in the face to him every time he plays and does any 1 think wrong

  362. Almunia must be feeling like us fans watching him

    DS dont feel sorry for him he earns more in a year that you will in a lifetime.

    I honestly think there our some on here who would prefer Almunia to Given

  363. Dick what has his money got to do with it? What makes you think Given will cope better at a top club?
    Questions questions.

  364. I think I’d go for Hans Gruber Rickman – cold, almost deadpan and, as DS says, full of authority.

  365. sometimes i think maybe it isnt almunia, maybe it is the defense not exactly making life easy for him with shocking defending at times..organisation and marking at set pieces is atrocious, any keeper would struggle with the organisation we have in the box. Almunia is good at organising, he isn’t afraid to shout at his defenders either.

  366. Dick…how would you feel if the public were speculating on whether you still had a job. Almunia and his family still deserve dignity and respect, and they don’t need to go through this media and anti-arsenal anti-almunia witch hunt.

  367. thanks paul n!

  368. Well Dick “us fans”? speak for yourself.

    DS, its the same mindset, cannot think beyond what “I” dont like. Forget that the man is a fellow human, doing his best to hold down his spot amidst mass speculation.

  369. You got it zap!

  370. Zap i think the issue is Almunia (and Fabz to a greater degree) The defense just does not trust him and actually panic when its Fabz. So then you have them trying to over compensate and not concentrating enough on their own jobs. When you trust the keeper and know what you will get from him you can relax and just get on with your job.

    I know its a kinda isolated example but just look at the state of the defenders when defending a corner against Legia with Fabz in goal and then with Chesney in there. Even Chesney seems to inspire a greater confidence than either of the other 2.

  371. I have a feeling that Arsene is not going to sign a GK. I believe Almunia is better than Both Given and Schwarzer and also Fabianski will come good and will compete with Chesney and Manonne for the number 1 Jersey in couple of years time.

    Also, When 3 of Arsenal’s former GKs have faith in the current Arsenal GKs, why cant the fans??

  372. Thank you Paul N for the video and the article.

  373. The curse of the Italian struck again?

  374. Thanks consol…needed that.

  375. DeiseGooner,

    The defense just does not trust him and actually panic when its Fabz.

    I hear that said very often. How on earth do you know that the defence does not trust him?

  376. Bloody Limpar, G4E!

    You lot have the memory of one of my chickens. What did I post this morning?

    That’s right, read in the voice of Tony Hancock!

    Why do I bother?

  377. Ole Gunner….

    Go easy on Deise…Talk Shite says so….LOL!

  378. I think Limpar should be banned from using Italics for the rest of the season.

    Never mind CBob, some people thrive on being miserable and that will never change regardless of the circumstances.

  379. Ole – I just watch the defenders when Fabz plays – they try to do too much knowing Fabz usually fucks up a near post cross or whatever and end up making more of a mess of the situation. I also watch some of their reactions towards him and thats the feeling i get. The same to a lesser degree with Almunia. Maybe im wrong and just getting the wrong vibes from them towards these guys but thats what i get

  380. Paulie Walnuts

    If Arsene signs a keeper it won`t be Given or Schwarzer. He doesn`t do what the media tell him.

  381. oh so if i have my own opinion you don’t agree with i must have just been conned by some media outlet is it Darius?

    Only those who see/talk about the good things can form their own opinion and those with something less that flattering to say have been ‘fed’ this from the Arsenal hating media??

  382. The scene at about 1:15 shows exactly why Kos is the right kind of player for us. Pressured by an opposition player he keeps his calm and manages to play a dangerous upfield pass that travels over 50 yards. Other defenders would have either dwindled and lost the ball, put it into touch or did the useless lump towards the opposition box in the faint hope of the striker outrunning his marker somehow.

  383. Let it be said that our defenders lost focus many a time last season. I can remmber some horrible defensive lapses.

    Could it be possible that the goalkeepers were nervous because the defense didnt play properly at times?

  384. Every one is entitled to be wrong and continue to believe he’s right.

  385. Oh without a doubt Paul N its give and take – but honestly from the defensive/goalkeeping positions where do you see the main weakness being? – consider the praise a new to the team and league player gets on his debut against a long line of criticism for others

  386. DeiseGooner, both the defense and GK were culpable. It was not only those positions either, as a team we lost our defensive shape many times.

    I do agree that Almunia hasnt looked the same (consistenlty) for a while though, but I believe he has it in him.

  387. I dont think ‘lady Arsenal’ and ‘lady arse’ with the blog are the same. Lady arse with the blog is alot more positive except when it comes to almunia.

  388. Cbob:

    Well written post again. Not sure I agree with the sentiment. I wish that we would play down rather then play up the whole us vs. them mentality. It just perpetuates the whole ridiculous stereotype of Arsenal fans and team as whiners. We all know that every player especially ours needs more protection from the goons in this league. However, going public with our concerns just intensifies the criticism and the stereotypes of Arsenal. Our complaints resonate with the rest of the football world about as well as someone coming on this blog and saying ridiculous things like “sack Wenger”.

    The media always has and always will glorify success on the pitch. Most of the media and all of the fan negativity will stop as soon as we start winning again. A great American sports philosopher Dizzy Dean said. “It aint braggin if you can do it”. Our strong convictions about our style of play and the strength of our team makes us an easy target when we fall short. The media pundits ego and frankly their job security increases when they are right about their predictions. The longer we go without winning the more difficult it is for them to be positive about our team.

  389. Fait points Bill.

    I will say, as many do when they post on here, we are all friends here!

    Just like being in the pub after a game with a few friends.

    Also, it was written pretty much tongue in cheek. I don’t rally beieve that I will go a whole season without wanting to smack out Jamie Redknapp, for instance.

  390. Two things Bob. Your first and last sentences?

  391. Arsenal are in talks with Benfica over the sale of French defender Armand Traoré, according to reports in France and Portugal.

    Read More:

  392. Call me names if u like but frankly I don’t care. I think Wenger is on crack. I use to love the guy and I actually still do but he is losing the plot big time. I can handle us losing matches and being out muscled etc but what is unnacceptable is having a team begin a season so ill prepared. Last season EVERY gooner identified certain spots that needed addressing: A new defensive midfielder as cover for song, a new goalkeeper and considering we let go of FOUR centre backs, we needed at least 2 coming the other way. These are simple facts that have been neglected by the so called professor, IT ISN’T GOOD ENOUGH, stop kidding yourselves that it is. NO manager should be in the situation on the first game of the season where 3 of his most influential players can’t start the match (song, RVP, Fabregas). Now we only have ONE FRIGGIN Centre back ready for the next match, which means our only DM (song) will have to play at the back, weakening the team further…IT’S ONLY THE SECOND MATCH OF THE SEASON AND LOOK AT THE SITUATION!!! Stop being blind, even a Rymans League manager would have his squad better prepared than this.

  393. Agree that Wenger doesnt listen to the media and wouldnt be suprised if he signed a totally different keeper or stuck with Al. also there was a stat that had Al n Schwarzer on roughly the same save to shots ratio…thats for all the statto’s, sorry i havn’t actually got the stats. cant nae be arsed to go look it up.

  394. Bill,

    Who effin cares what they say or think?

    There’s an us and we’re against them. I’m tired of the anti-Arsenal propaganda. It exists. You’re in denial if you won’t acknowledge that. 3 broken legs to young Arsenal players, 4 serious impact injuries confirms it. Much of the stuff you come here spouting about finances and how to run a club comes from propaganda.


    You didn’t express an opinion, you stated it as fact, and then based a judgement of a player on it.

  395. Yesterday, I did a straw poll on Twitter. I asked people who they’d buy for Arsenal given £30M to spend. Virtually all the names touted have been those most heavily ‘linked’ to Arsenal in the media.

    Fans are bashing Wenger for not signing this player or the other, yet the fans have little knowledge of their ability, beyond that they’re linked to Arsenal.

    If that weren’t the case, surely, people would choose players they admire?

    Or is it that the players ‘linked’ to us are the best players? Unlikely. Improbable to be more precise.

    Whichever way you look at it, the tabloids set the agenda for too many fans. And I find that so disheartening. I’d have imagined that most fans would realise that >95% of transfer rumours are false.

  396. sorry Ole i said i ‘think’ the issue is Almunia and Fabz not that i know or that its a ‘fact’ – then i explained why i think this is so with an observation i made in a game to show a contrast in behavior of our defenders.

  397. As a follower of the Ryman League I find that comment particularly hilarious, PeeWee.

    By my clock there’s still a transfer window open. Why not hang fire on the knicker twisting display? It’s only 11 working days. Then you can bitch all you want and your rant might hold some water.

  398. DeiseGooner,

    I do appreciate your opinion. It might well be true. I saw Arshavin go to ask Almunia to form a wall on Sunday. So it might be true. Or it could just be a player being proactive and showing leadership.

    Point is, it’s very hard to know these things from the outside. I’d advise caution in taking our ‘observations’ too serious.

  399. go on young boys (i can’t say ”come on” in this case)

  400. Haha PeePee…you forgot that our most influential players were world cup finalists…get a life dude.

  401. Zap that joke is on the boarder……but i suppose gary glitter can say it though cant he!!

  402. come on G4E obviously herman is on a wind up.

  403. C’mon Young Boys!!!!

  404. I know Duke…but he asked to be called names?

  405. Ole:

    “Who effin cares what they say or think?”

    I could not agree more.

  406. OleG – interesting point on the clamour for familiar names. I wonder how many of those desperate to throw Chesney in went to the 28 or so games he played for Brentford and actually saw him in the flesh or base their views on what they’ve read or been told…?

  407. I think that every opinion is over analysed, whether positive or negative..

  408. haha true dukegoonem

  409. Cbob:

    Online blogosphere is now the pub or water coolers at work of 20 years ago. Pub was a lot more fun. Unfortunately as you alluded too in the post, on-line is somewhat addicting. It certainly has its good and bad points.

  410. Bragging Rights Ltd

    So sorry!

    Well Tommy’s star’s rising, he’s five feet off the floor,
    Crazy people knocked him cos he wasn’t 6-4,
    If you hate him baby I don’t know what you’re on,
    You’d better take it easy cos this player is hot.

    So glad he made it
    So glad he made it
    You gotta

    Gimme some Vermaelen
    Gimme some Vermaelen
    Gimme some Vermaelen

    Every day

    Now you gotta deal with this guy from ligue un,
    You better take it easy cos these boys are on fire,
    Face them in a game ain’t a thing that you can do,
    Better start praying it don’t happen to you.

    So glad he made it
    So glad he made it
    You gotta

    Gimme some Vermaelen
    Gimme some Vermaelen
    Gimme some Vermaelen

  411. I think negative posts should be blasted to bits because they are usually uniformed, shortsighted and presumptuous. Oh, yeh and negative.

    Again, its bull to be negative at this point in the season with time for us to still buy reinforcements.

    For all we know Almunia could be great for us this season, as he has been.

    In other words, what in the world are you being negative about?!

    whoever is being negative, that is.

  412. Just a thought on the impact of the media on how the masses think.

    In other spheres of journalism around the world, conventional hacks are having to sit up and take note of the impact of citizen media on the web e.g the blogosphere.

    Granted, the blogosphere has it’s representative share of nutters, but in most part, it has provided the space for a more balanced and alternative view from what the media has been feeding and shoving down our throats from time immemorial.

    The biggest difference is that people have now got alternative sources of news and opinion and they can get to it on demand, not just on scheduled programmes. This fact alone has made the entire industry panic and resort to sensationlism to shift copy and to attract web traffic as a way of selling advertising inventory.

    Gone are the days when we were stuck with listening to the whims of punks who run what is undoubtedly the last bastion of imperialism, for the simple reason that we had no choice.

    Unfortunately for sports media, they still live in the stoneage and can’t for some reason fathom that the world has changed and that the way people access information and make decisions or form opinions is different.

    What we’re seeing from Sky and outlets like Talk Shite is sensationlism that’s purely designed to sell. Nothing more, nothing less. They go out with the intention of creating controversy and throwing fuel to the fire, for the simple reason that they want to stay in the limelight enough to argue a case that they are at the forefront of opinion and can therefore sell advertising authoritatively.

    Take the irony of Talk sport who say they’re there for people to talk. Anyone who’s ever done radio production will tell you that the format they use is heavily weighted towards advertising and spewing out DJ spoken promos and reading out phone numbers for people to call and text.

    Time alone can never allow for them to read out every text or e-mail, or talk to callers. Yet they still make money from every text and every call, and in an hours slot, they don’t do any more than 15 to 20 minutes of any substantive talking. The rest is pure advertising.

    My point is that sports media in particular and mainstream media in general is desperate and they’re fighting for their survival. They will resort to sensationalism and will never let the truth or fact get into the way of a juicy story.

    Unfortunately, Arsenal has been a victim of this desperation.

  413. was that negative?


  415. Go on you young boys!

  416. 1-0 to the boys!

  417. Young Boys after 1 minute hhaaha yeeeas!!

  418. Zap are you saying I was being negative @7:50?

  419. Agree with that, Darius.

    I’d add that blogs are not the equivalent of the pub or the watercooler of 20 years ago. We still have pubs and watercoolers. Nobody broadcasts what is said at a watercooler to thousands of people. If you scream abuse at the telly in the pub, your words are not written down, still available to view months later.

    The negative feedback loop that Cbob was talking about only exists because of the internet. The words of anti-Arsenal plundits and their ilk are treated with undue reverence by fans increasingly unable to discriminate between reliable, unbiased, informed sources and the rest.

  420. ahem…2-0 to the young boys?

    boys vs men?…

  421. Ha ha – go Young Boys!

  422. Someone needs to put ‘Young Boys’ to the tune of Drunk Girls by LCD Soundsystem.

  423. 2-0 after 15!!

  424. DS, I totally agree with you. Here in India, I do not have to bear too heavy consequences of media (anti arsenal) sensationalism, at work or over a drink, coz football is not that popular here; but I can relate that with cricket. All sports channels are making the most of blond following of the sport to extract as much juice as they can.
    A huge example would be the Indian Premier League, which is hardly cricket, but people are f*cking crazy over it, not realizing that its just business.
    (sorry to go off the topic!)

  425. *blind

  426. Paul N

    haha no i was saying yes because young boys scored

  427. Funny thing is I kinda notice this doomer attitude only online. Most of the Arsenal fans I talk to in real like are very optimistic about our clubs future

  428. Ok Zap, just wanted to make sure, lol!

    Spurs gettin a “backsidin” as my dad would say.

  429. can somebody explain Defoe’s facial expression at the moment?

  430. ITS 3…yes 3-0!

  431. hhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  432. i am literally bursting with laughter i cannot stop laughing!!!! hahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  433. Harry for England…!!!!!!!

  434. How does one profess their liking for Young boys FC without it sounding awfully wrong?

  435. 3 – 0 after 30mins

    Apparently it really is young man’s game…or is that young boy’s?

  436. ahahahah fuckk spuds!! im loving this! stupid redknapp maybe now he’ll shut up about being better than arsenal and wanting to win the league

  437. @ Arseman….

    First change your name.

  438. Consol – There is a virtual explosion on this blog today. Even the italics have gone mad. What have you done in Yogi’s absence?

  439. Do you Djourou is watching this…?!

  440. thats funny EF!

  441. Michael Dawson was quoted as saying that he can’t wait to qualify so that they can play against real men like Lionel Messi.


    This is a link to the current spurs beat down for anyone who needs it.

  443. haha..earflow…i do like a good A#$#..

  444. He’d struggle against Lionel Blair…!!

  445. You should have heard Warren Barton and his cronies at Fox Soccer Channel, two hours ago, spouting sh*t about how Tottenham have come a long way, Twitchy is a great manager, it is about spending money on big players, yadda, yadda, yadda. 3-0 to rass-claat!

  446. @Gunner 4 ever

    yeah everything is great innit? Wonderful, brilliant!! We have 1 centre back but who cares hey, we have a crap goalie, but so bloody what…your attitude seems to be ‘ignorance is bliss’

    How about instead you take your sodding head out your arse for a second. I’m as much a gooner as u. Thankfully though i’m a helluva lot smarter.


    I loved limpar the player too. U however are a mug mate. You talk about the transfer window still being open as if everything is going just rosy and according to plan…THE SEASON HAS STARTED!!! Check your clock again!

  447. but thats besides the point…the future looks bleak for our noisy neighbors

  448. Excellent post by Captain Bob. I’m sorry I missed all the fun on here today as I don’t post when I’m at work (I do take a sneaky peak at lunchtime when I can though – but don’t tell anyone!).

    Why can’t we just enjoy supporting our team and having a laugh like this more often? Some people take themselves far too seriously!

    I think Maria wins POTD for this gem: “BrokeBackBarca”!

  449. Honestly, Tottenham look like they can’t fight their way out of a paper bag.

  450. Passenal – been fun today hasn’t it?

  451. i sort of like this italics thing LOL.

    and how come am not on the team???????? Most strange!

  452. You see, its comments like PeeWee’s that we are talking about.

    I think we have 3 CB’s.

    He has no idea what will happen before the transfer period ends but he would rather moan, whine and cry.

    Why not wait and see what takes place b4 talking bulls?!

  453. Mr PeeWee, you should have bigger concerns..your team is 3 goals down

  454. Does any one know whats wrong with Cesc?
    Wenger said hes sick….i hope its nothing serious

  455. passenal… I think thats it, some people really do take themselves too serious!

  456. From the BBC Live teat…

    Let me introduce you to Mandeep Sanghera, who will be writing our match report tonight: “The last and only time Tottenham played in European football’s top competition was back in the 1961/1962 season. On that occasion, they reached the semi-finals of the European Cup and lost out 4-3 on aggregate to Benfica. Now, only a play-off against Swiss side Young Boys to get into the group stages of the Champions League stands between them and a long-awaited place among Europe’s elite. Spurs are favourites, but boss Harry Redknapp will be hoping his team’s nerves will not be jangling in such a significant game on the artificial surface at Stade de Suisse. Young Boys were runners-up in the Swiss league last season and, despite a stuttering start to their domestic campaign this time, they did cause an upset when they beat Fenerbahce 3-2 on aggregate to get this far.”

    1914: Want to know how the Tottenham crew are feeling right now? Here’s the first instalment of chat from my mate Pearlo, a massive Spurs fan: “I can express the thoughts of all Spurs fans when I tell you this is destiny. No complacency and no hiding. Win this and we can ruffle feathers in the Champions League. No exaggeration to say our season and future depends entirely on these two games.”

  457. Arseman it’s a throat infection – he’s had it a couple of times before – maybe he needs to have his tonsils removed?

  458. @ Arseman 8:22


  459. shit now they have a way back, anyone can confirm if the away goals rule applies?

  460. Thanks Passenal!….hope he’ll recover soon…the sooner him and RVP can start playing together…the better!

  461. And another from the BBC…

    1927: Spurs are favourites, and how. Let me introduce you to the Euro Club index, courtesy of our friends at Infostrada Sports. According to the the Hypercube/Infostrada Sports Euro Club Index, Spurs have an 83% chance of progressing to the Champions League group stage and a 52% chance of winning tonight’s game, while Young Boys have a 25% of triumphing this evening.

  462. mj_gunner…

    definitely apply

  463. mj_gunner

    yes it counts

  464. @mj gunner

    lol..ok that tickled… but dont be silly.

    You guys are turning into these crazy, blind, patriotic americans who brand anyone who criticises their government a terrorist.
    I am not a spurs fan, I am a concerned Arsenal fan. I’m also not a brainless sheep which i’m afraid to say is a category the majority of you fall under.

  465. then why are you panickin peewee?? on what basis you label Almunia crap, i do not understand.
    We WILL sign a CB very soon, so what’s your point??

  466. thanks fungunner.

    there you go peewee.

  467. wheres james?

  468. We needs a new keeper and a CB, what else is there to say PeeWee?

    That has been beat the hell out of for the past few weeks. Do you have anything new to say?

  469. Also, PeeWee, dont think people on here dont discuss concerns or criticize when we think its necessary.

    You dont think we care about Arsenal? ist not that but its that we can see the bigger picture of it all. We would prefer highlight the many and overwhelming positives rather than CONSTANTLY moan about the few concerns.


  470. FG

    that article was about JD in defense and yet they still managed to talk of signing a new keeper.

    I hope the leave MA alone… the options being put forward are not better than him. End of

  471. 3 -1 fuck me. I wish that silly little troll was here now. No hang on, I hope we never see him again. Oh damn. Can’t win.

  472. Spurs not sponsered by anatomy tonight then???

  473. Harvey Keitel looks pissed off again next to arry!!!

  474. Nearly 4!

  475. I love the names of some of these Young Boys. And I love the name of the team, delightfully innocent and old-fashioned.

    How are they doing now?

  476. TS – didn’t see that bit – I only read the first few lines!

  477. Where is the spuds new signing,Sandra.

  478. They are still doing quite well FunGun, Spurs finding it very hard to breakthrough.

  479. FG – they’re closing down hard up front and in midfield. Nearly scored again and definitely holding their own.

  480. Spuds have taken off one vile looking ugly fucker and replaced him with another.

  481. Ha ha ha ha ha. This season will be the undoing of sp*rs, I almost want them to progress because it will affect their league position no end and they will get whipped by the first decent team they meet (and that doesn’t include tonight). If you can rely on Sp*rs for one thing, it’s that they will f*ck things up for themselves just before they gain any credit. I did say almost.

  482. defoe out injured

  483. ha ha, steww

    Thank goodness they are holding their own.

  484. I think I’ll have a listen to 5 Live. This could be the best laugh of the night.

  485. Occasional burst of comedy defending from the team I’m supporting, but hey we’re immune to that now.

  486. Actually, I won’t. I just can’t summon up enough interest.

  487. No they have Mark Bright, you use sopcast?

  488. it’s been a fun day hasn’t it shotta. Limpar’s fault really.

    Thanks Passenal. Appreciated.

  489. Some ugly bastard just dived into the box. 6-9 6-9 6-9 and a 4 from the Latvian judge. Nothing from the ref.

  490. Should be 4. Great breakaway unmarked in the box over the bar. Dang.

  491. Great save from the young boy in Young Boy’s goal Spud corner, some ugly bastard to take it.

  492. Young Boys have a great counter attack! very quick

  493. dreadful pass back by some ugly bugger, intercepted, pull back open goal, blasted over. Shit.

  494. Some vile ugly spud just scored. Could and should have been 5 -1 but now 3-2

  495. whoever that guy is who keeps kicking the ball over the bar, he is getting on my nerves! should be 5!

  496. Come on Young Boys!

  497. Aren’t they passing well though Paul? Just the finishing letting us all down.

  498. FunGun, trust me this match should be way out of the Spurs grasp! you have to take your chances.

  499. underdogs scoring too soon – they start to realise what they are about to do and get a bit nervous. Is that about the size of it, steww?

  500. Still they are young.

  501. or Paul N?

  502. The young boys are more than capable of turning over the tiny totts at the lame.

  503. Agreed steww, they are playing some really good stuff.

  504. FG – I wondered that. Should they have parked the bus? But honestly on another day they’d have got 5 the chances were really really clear cut.,

  505. Cheer up guys, tottenham might face inter, barca, madrid in the groups so that would be great!!!!!!!!!

  506. Spuds have settled for a 3-2 defeat. Passing it about at the back.

  507. I dont think they are nervous FunGun, I wouldnt say that. One guy had two great chances to score and his finishing lacked control, that after some brilliant build up play.

    They are the more composed team actually.

  508. They wanted to join the big boys but they couldn’t even beat the young boys. Personally i think the spuds are going out next week. They have hardly sent shockwaves around europe!

  509. steww

    I would have expected them to park the bus after going in 3-1 up. What did AZ Alkmaar do when they scored 2 against us? Not that it did them any good of course. But I applaud the ambition of Young Boys.

  510. You know the really ugly really fat one in Spuds midfield? Do you think he’s put on a bit of weight since last season?

  511. From the BEEB

    “The angle is tight and he’s 15 yards out, but the Russian hits a right-foot rocket that sizzles into the top corner at Marco Wolfli’s near post, giving the keeping no chance. ”

    I beat that is not what they said about M.A. on Sunday.

  512. the young boys will score at shite hart lane, that is certain.

  513. dupsffokcuf

    I was thinking just that.

  514. Good point dups.
    3-2. Play like that at shite hart lame and the boys will do us proud.

  515. Paul N
    Technical deficiencies, you’re saying? In retrospect their performance is not that surprising, it’s like when our Carling cup young boys take on a bottom-half team. No pressure on us, kids rise to the occasion.

  516. Huddle-21-stone now?

  517. Mark (not so) Bright:

    “I can’t see anything other than a Spurs win next week because they cannot play that badly again. They have got some injuries already, but they’ve got good enough replacements to deal with it.”

    I hope it is humble pie time for him next week.

  518. steww u could be talking about more than 1 player there

  519. Yeh FunGun, a slight lack of control. The scoreline flatters the Spurs big time if you ask me.

  520. Gabrielle Marcotti is a total stool. I’ve learnt not to listen to radio sport shows this season.

  521. What the young boys have is blinding speed!

    I enjoyed watching them, thoughI had to endure the spurs.

  522. Matty Boy @ 9:17:

    “I almost want them to progress because it will affect their league position no end and they will get whipped by the first decent team they meet”

    Just like you I had the same thought. Fortunately sanity was rapidly regained. Young Boys win 2 -1 at the Lane and Spurs get dumped.

  523. Wonder if the DVD of the match will be out soon? I would definitely go out and buy it.

  524. I grew up listening to BBC commentary – it was all there was except the odd cup game on sports night – and the late great Peter Jones and Bryan Butler were peerless. They set the tone, painted pictures in my young mind of the atmosphere in the ground and never preached or exaggerated or talked about themselves.
    To think of the total slimebags who have inherited their legacy. Alan Green? Lawro? They should be drowned.

  525. See you all tomorrow. Hope the italic thing is sorted by then.

  526. consols, great blog by the way


    This made me feel sad, especialy the last line. He has the chance to be a quality keeper…but I think if we get Schwarzer he should go on loan to a good club. Theres no doubting the mans talent he just needs the basics. Confidence.

  528. Shame the young boys let spurs back in it – they were so confident they were going to smash them before the game. Just goes to show you should never underestimate anyone. Sounds like but for some poor finishing it would have been mashed spuds for tea!

  529. ah f*ck me the spuds really got away with that one 3 nil down but 2 away goals will see them throughi reckon – dug themselves out of a hole so they did

  530. night all. Oh and wonderful post today CBob.

  531. Only a win will do for the spurs, correct?

    They are far from a shoe in. This team can catch the spurs out and get a goal.

  532. Let’s hope so, Paul – a gritty 1-0 or 0-0 with Young Boys digging in.

  533. Even if they do go through they still got beat by Young Boys – and at the end there their fans looked delighted – f*cking twits

  534. the Spuds got away with it tonight. it could’ve been 6-2. even if they make it through they will be humiliated in the group stages.

    Wenger seriously not happy with the 25 man rule, I’m baffled by this rule. can anyone shed some light on the benefit of this rule if there are any.

  535. fabianski needs to go somewhere that would toughen him up, like birmingham or millwall or somewhere like that

  536. Reading back through the comments it’s funny that many of the new or occasional visitors have actually backed me up, thank you for favouring reason. It’s only the weird clique of about 10 of you who maintain this irrational intolerance to anyone who doesn’t want to play your stupid little game. You just can’t stop yourself endlessly masturbating.

    Ignoring any illiterate humourless adolescents like Chris or Nasir, many of you are probably intelligent people with good intentions. There IS a massive bias in the media against us, there ARE people who go round blogs whose evident hatred of Arsene Wenger and his players cannot be masked. They deserve your wrath.

    But you can’t tar everyone with the same brush.
    Yes you can dismiss anyone who doesn’t want to kiss your arse, tell them to piss off, ridicule them in packs for expressing their view, label them ignorant media-chomping negativists, you’re evidently well-rehearsed in all that.

    But that reflects badly on you. It doesn’t prove your loyalty to Arsenal, it merely shows you are unwilling to engage with an alternative opinion. That is why I call you bigots in the true sense of the word. After a few discussions I can only conclude that it’s just a game for you, a sad attempt to impress your buddies. I’ve even heard people saying things like ‘hunt and kill the doomer trolls’. How pathetic is that? GROW UP

    The idea that football fans can’t criticise their clubs is ludicrous, the fundamental flaw in your line of reasoning, and pretty much the only reason I take issue with you. Arsenal have flaws, like any other club. It’s BEYOND debate. That you choose to refute that shows your preference for dogma over rationality.

    It gets on my nerves because it is so woefully misguided. The more I read the more convinced I become that you are essentially guardian-reading ‘middle-class’ twats who know deep-down you’re not for real, so you adopt this bizarre mentality, filling the seats of proper Arsenal fans, calling people ‘mate’, too self-conscious to join in with the chants. We see you every game and you make us sick. YOU are what is destroying Arsenal, not ‘haters’. Stop pretending you’re Arsenal, real fans have nothing to prove to anyone, especially in an anonymous blog. We see right through you and your pointless exercise. Stop telling us how to support our team, phoneys, you haven’t got a clue.

    Apologies to anyone who is for real, i see why you want to take the ‘positive’ side, but if being positive means ridiculing even earnest supporters, hell call me a negative fan. I don’t want the fakes to accept me, I just want to have an opinion about my club. Your game is boring.

  537. Wow, you are awesome, Lady Arsenal. Not only are you managing to do with your post, what you criticise in others, but you also fail to bring forward any valid argument. Just as an example — most people here are criticising club and players, when it is fair and valid criticism. For example, Vermaelen, one of our most popular players, has been repeatedly criticised for his tendency to go gung-ho — something that, for example, lead to us conceding two goals against Barca in the home game last season. However, the difference is, that the “fakes” here that criticise the team do not use offensive language. They do not say that players need to be sold, that players just suck, that player are not worthy of wearing the colours. When one of our players does badly, or even when the manager does badly (like for example, when he signed Silvestre) he does get his criticism in the comments section. Just see how much flak Arshavin got for his performance against Liverpool.
    When you claim that this site attacks anybody who criticises the team, you are obviously wrong and I can prove it to you a hundred times.
    However, there are some things that are not tolerated on this websites. Insults against our players — no go. Insults against the manager — no go. And the obvious know-it-alls that think they have to tell Wenger to keep buying this and that player, when he has clearly stated in half a dozen interviews that he is already trying to do it — no go.

  538. Lady Arsenal, good staff. Emotional and well written. More of that please. Of course true fans can critisize. If you are not angry after poor performances, is you passion for Arsenal for real?

  539. Personally. I hate the bloody Guardian.

    Definitely going off reason there Lady.

    Mind you, I have been out in the woods with the grandkids for the evening. Lots of wine and joy.

    I may have missed something.

  540. Evil,

    You’re right, I’m no better than them. If you hang around in shit for long enough, you’ll smell. I just came on here with legitimate concerns about our collective frailties and was promptly chased away by the villagers. Being accused of insulting comments for saying Diaby plays like he’s stoned or calling Bendtner a ‘lazy bastard’ was a high point. I just can’t stand this tiresome sanctimony.

    My last post was merely a defence for the abuse I’ve had to suffer at the hands of the clique. Respect to you seeing at least some reason in my ineloquent rant. It did make me feel better though!

  541. For the record, as a ‘villager’ here, I have said that Diaby has a problem with consistency and will not be a regular first teamer when all are fit and that Almunia is not the answer for us in goal.

    Sorry Lady. You are picking your fights. Just post your arguments, show some love for the team and be treated accordingly.

    There are no traps here.

  542. Passion can take many forms. For some people, passion can turn into an expression of anger. When the team plays badly, anger that has built up, vents. They start insulting their team and players, start even hating to a point where it is not mere criticism. Suddenly, a player is just not accepted anymore. A good game is not a chance for rehabilitation, barely acknowledged, if at all. Another good game? “He might have done ok, but he should still be sold.” That is when passion takes the form of a delusion.

    Same is true for the other form of passion — love. For some people the love for Arsenal might almost be compared to the love a mother feels for her child. The club and the players are heroes, not to be criticised at any cost because “everyone can have a bad day” and “just imagine what happens if they read this?”. Like a mother, that would never-ever compare her child in public with other children if the comparison would have an unfavorable result. Like a mother that always finds excuses for even the worst of behaviours. This, too, is delusional.

    In the end, for a football fan, there is no way to be rational. It is just not possible. And I hope that if you can understand the position of the second group of “passionistas”, you will also understand, why people on here easily tend to overreact when a player is “insulted”, even though it is just a soft remark.

  543. I do not want to say that the people that tend to belong to the “hate”-group are hating constantly. When the team is doing well for a long period, everybody is friends! Just remember the weeks after Ramsey’s injury. There was a sort of unity between Arsenal fans rarely encountered before… and unfortunately it did not last long enough.

  544. Theres been quite a few ‘insiders’ or ‘inside knowlede’ posts out in blog land that Schwarzer has been at Colney today, has had medical, is having a medical or that hes to sign by thursday … make of that what you will

    Schwarzer might not be THE answer, because of his age. But then again there are high hopes for Szczesny from within the club. So my thinking on it is Schwarzer on a 2 year deal with Szczesny being blooded in so hes not raw at the top level for an eventual handover. So maybe Szczesny is THE answer BUT maybe Schwarzer is AN anwer ……

  545. But bob Diaby WILL be in the first 11. You know it, I know it, we have no other midfielders who can perform the defensive and offensive requirements of the box-to-box role. He’ll always be picked there if he’s fit. That despite never really taking the role with both hands.

    And I agree with Stewart Robson, Almunia is a scapegoat. He’s not that bad a goalkeeper, I can’t see many better ones. Everyone says he’s awful and it’s unfair. It’s got to such a point that the doubts may affect the team’s performance. The reason we concede too many goals is that we are too casual. Can’t think of many teams who show such contempt for the art of defending, like we’re so good at football we don’t need to.

  546. @Lady Arsenal

    Thank you for articulating what needed to be said… However, unfortunately, I would have to disagree with you on your observation that the clique on this site are guardian readers… I would instead suggest the Beano as their preferred choice.
    This infantile response by the clique to anyone who dares to criticise anything about Arsenal is as pathetic as it is amusing.
    They remind me of children in the playground angrily rebuking you for ‘cussing their mum’.
    I also feel that in some sad delusional way they actually feel empowered by stifling healthy debate. It’s a kind of ‘We run this site’ attitude and should you say anything they don’t like then ‘lets get em’. Or as one of the mindless drones above said in a rallying cry to his buddies ‘I think negative posts should be blasted to bits’…no my friend, your inferior intellect should be blasted to bits, we are all arsenal fans here, you are no more of a gooner than me.
    It seems that a prerequisite to being a gooner on this site is to find an efficient way of inserting ones head up ones arse.
    Just to get this clear: being analytical is nothing to be afraid of!! If that analysis leads to unpleasant conclusions, so be it. Such is life. Folk on here need to grow up!

  547. Its so annoying how diaby always does something magical that not many people can do, like turn away from a few players to find himself in space, something really skillful, and then he cant pull off a pass that anyone could perform its really annoying!! I hope this will come with experience. He’s a great pllayer, this could be his year..

  548. PeeWee………..!!

  549. Diaby was France’s best player at the world cup. Perhaps that’s not saying much considering their performances but i still thought he was excellent. When Song comes back and Diaby moves into a more advanced role I really feel he will kick on. This could be his season to do real damage. He has all the attributes and thank god he is over six foot, we really need his height in there.

  550. peewee you wont get the masses reading your post but i will. Ok peewee?

  551. oi peewee what is your opinion on koscielny so far?

  552. lol…That’s very good of you Zap. Very good. And I promise to return the favour.

  553. I thought he was suspect when I watched him pre season but his performance at Anfield was pretty damn good, I was pleasantly surprised. The hand ball and red card i thought was nonsense, all in all it was as impressive a debut as could be expected. Looks like a gem but it is of course early days, what do you think?

  554. me too. The way he moves around and intercepts and reads the game reminds me of vermaelen. They are very much alike, in the fact that they aren’t the tallest, but can still win a header against almost anyone. And there are no doubts about his toughness and bravery after coming on in the 2nd half

  555. Fabianski is so honest in his interviews i almost always feel sorry for him. He seems like such a nice guy, but unfortunately maybe too nice for the premier league. He needs to toughen up. Loan him somehwere that will…and who knows what the future holds for him…i hope for the best for him

  556. yep, I also liked the fact he didn’t panic. I was wondering before the match how he might cope on his league debut in the cauldron that is Anfield, but he looked fine. No nerves evident. He could be a calming influence on the team and the way he and vermaelen stroked the ball between them looked smoooooth as hell.

  557. Yeah Fabianski for me is a player we’re best rid of. I do feel sorry for him because he seems like a nice guy, as you say, but at the end of the day he has had multiple chances to secure the number one spot and has flopped far too often. I would place him on past performances as our fourth choice goalie, sounds harsh i know, but he has been poor. Loaning him might help, but i’d be tempted to just sell him.

  558. by the way i do agree with you in saying some ppl on here should learn to accept other’s views, but saying ‘wenger is on crack’ isnt gonna lighten their mood!

  559. perhaps I opened my statement a little crudely, but i did go on to say I had love for him. My remark that he was on crack was not to be taken literally, it was just an expression of my bewilderment at the current situation. I was unaware how sensitive the mob were on this site. You make a fair point though. I will be sure to be more tactful next time.
    I guess I am frustrated that the problems at Arsenal are easily identifiable and yet they are not being addressed. Maybe they will be soon, maybe…I hope so.

  560. I guess everyone is and you would have to be extremely deluded not to be (frustrated)but at the end of the day, arsenal are a big team, and im just glad im from here and not bolton or wigan where we would be disscusing wether we’d finish 15th or 16th this season. …

  561. lol…yeah I get that too. I lived all my life off Avenue Road and am so thankful to god for that, because the idea of supporting another team doesn’t bare thinking about! Imagine if surviving relegation was your goal every season. i suppose you would become accustomed to it after a while, but it still seems pretty bleak doesn’t it?

    Anyway I gotta go bed. Nice talking to you. Take care bro.

  562. Cheers man!

  563. ”Just remember the weeks after Ramsey’s injury. There was a sort of unity between Arsenal fans rarely encountered before… and unfortunately it did not last long enough.”

    Evil,, maybe it also had something to do with us doing well in the title race…but of course with rasmey, it was so seemed even alan hansen was on our side for a while!!

  564. by the way, can YW please exchange eduardo for someone else. Maybe Chamakh? on the top of the screen since edu has left..

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