Liverpool Match Preview

Liverpool V Arsenal 16:00 SS1

Well, here we are, the moment has arrived ! The 1st game of the season. Four interminable months of reading posts predicting the end of arsenal, watching a world cup devoid of quality and dreading the announcement that Cesc would be off to Catalonia. Did anything happen of any real sporting significance between the end of last season and now  ? The world cup ? Nah… a FIFA sideshow with an unpredictable ball and Vuvuzela din, superseded now by the main event, the premiership.

We now know of course that Cesc is staying, well, we knew he was staying, and the word is that Wenger has been pulling a fast one by saying he will not start. In all probability, he will start, and we wouldn’t put past Wenger introducing VP as well. According to the super information highway, Diaby is also fit. This means that the predicted start of season injury crisis looks to be, well, … a load of old bollocks.

So what of our opponents today, Liverpool ? Well, don’t know about the general feeling amongst gooners, but they do seem to be the lesser of all evils. We all hate the chavs. That is a given. We hate the mancs and fergie red nose. I think we probably now hate the northern chavs, because, they seem to be, well, indecent and somehow grotesque. But the scousers, I think we probably have a soft spot for them. Perhaps it is because of the events of 1989, one famous May night. Not sure, could be wrong. Invite your comments on that one.

Roy Hodgson is now there. Torres and Gerrard have been retained whilst Liverpool have been adding players to their squad. Joe Cole (free transfer), Christian Poulson, Danny Wilson, Jonjo Shelvey (free transfer) and Milan Jovanovic (free transfer)  have joined. It seems that Christian Poulson is a replacement for Mascherano, who, at the time of writing, is said to want a move, and is probably on his way out of the club. Does this make Liverpool any stronger ? Difficult question to answer. What one might suspect is that there is renewed optimism at Anfield, which will make them a very dangerous proposition indeed. An in form Gerrard, with the tactically adept Hodgson, we will do well to come away with a point. That is my view. And it is not a slur on our current capabilities or line up; it is just the impetus that comes with a team who are playing for a new manager.

The other factor is that there appears to be not money following money, but money following debt, with megalomanic billionaire investors looking to buy their club. This must be pleasing to the players, who will welcome a change of ownership. The comedy american director duo, Laurel Hicks and Hardy Gillett, backed by RBS, a bank with the liquidity of Enron, are in the death throes of their last act.

Back then, to us. We seem to be well prepared. An excellent pre season in which we won all of our games bar AC Milan. The last one jinxed as I was there. The insistent call for a top class keeper and centre back shows no sign of abating. This means that we go into the game with either Almunia or Fabianski, and Koscienly. I saw Koscienly against AC Milan, and his performance was top top class. Let’s not make too many hasty judgements about the guy until he has had at least 20 games. The team ? Well, it is difficult to predict because we know that there are late fitness tests on Denilson, Song, VP and Cesc. Assuming they are all available, perhaps the line up will be something along the lines of:

Almunia, Sagna, Clichy, Vermaelen, Koscienly, Song, Diaby, Cesc, Nasri, Arshavin, Chamakh

Subs: Fabianski, Gibbs, Denilson, Rosicky, Walcott, Eboue, VP

If either Denilson, Song or Diaby are not available, then expect to see Wilshere or Frimpong.

Enjoy the game, wherever you are.


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  1. ARSENAL!!!

  2. samuel charles

    arsenal are the only big team that liverpool have respect for.

  3. gooner4lyf. We d best

  4. Great post, Muppet!

    Not sure if we’ll see Cesc start, though, but would be all in favour.

  5. Big day, Big match.

    I agree on what constitutes a goood result Muppet. As promised yesterday, it will be the struggle that I enjoy today and for the rest of the season. A twist on what Paul would say, ‘No Fear!’

  6. Can’t wait for the game, well and truly pumped…

    wondering about the chance of a Diaby-nasri-cesc midfield, all three our most fit midfielders, leaving a front 3 of arshavin-chamakh-rosicky…song might be a bit short for the game I think, same for denilson…

    we shall see….come on you gunners!

  7. Nice to read a considered article on a fans website.
    I agree with the sentiments expressed on the mancs and the chavs (all of them), and if i had to pick a second team from the top flight, it would be it would be the gooners.
    I’m never confident about this fixture. To be honest, I’m hoping some of your senior players won’t be available. I anticipate a close fought match with home advantage going to the Reds.

  8. i just hope wenger gives chance to the youngstars that helped alot during preseason and emirates cup, not someone that has not had a touch of the ball for a while. to unleash terror on liverpool. We are ok upfront and midway,but stil havin issues at back. The match will be fun.

  9. This is it guys. The gun is loaded happy hunting

  10. Stop dreaming! All u gunners. Liverpool 2-1 Arsenal. Maybe u wil beat Blackpool at the emirates. But i doubt it. Scorers: Gerrard, J.cole, Arshavin. HARD LUCK TO U GUNNERS!

  11. I think Hleb has also gone to Liverpool as part of the Masch deal. I think Liverpool have done pretty well in the transfer market but Poulsen isn’t half as good as Masch and they will struggle with the aging Carragher and Johnson in defence.

    2-1 to Arsenal!!!!

    (only around 8 more hours!!!!!! :D)

  12. If Song is not available I would prefer this line-up


    Sagna Kosc Verm Clichy


    Nasri Diaby

    Walcott Chamakh Arshavin

    and expect Rosicky, Cesc and RVP to play some part coming off the bench.

    3-1 to Arsenal!!!

  13. And Chamakh, Walcott and Nasri to get on the scoresheet.

  14. Nice post Muppet. Those who were in moderation have now been freed. Mrs YW max have banned the laptop but she said nothing about the phone! Enjoy the match all. YW.

  15. Guys Trolls are like Zombies one bite from them and you can become on. so whatever u do DONT NOT FEED THE TROLL JUST IGNORE HIM ( looking @El nino-9)

  16. Cheers YW. Hope you get to the see the game.

  17. Good post muppet but why no irony? I can see Liverpool putting in a blistering performance but being overwhelmed by the true red and white. This fixture holds no fear for Arsenal as it has always been competitive usually ending in a draw. However I will put my neck out on this one liverpools deeper running problems i.e that they are a 2 man team will be ruthlessly exposed. 3-1 Arsenal. Chamakh, Arshavin and Walcott. The papers are already awash with doubt that Chamakh was not a prolific scorer in France so he will not score many. I say look at Adebayor he only score 3 goals for Monaco in the season before joining the gooners. One Arsenal.

  18. A draw wouldn’t be a bad result, true.

    But c’mon, still I fancy us to win it 2-1, scorers Diaby and Chamakh.

  19. Soft spot for the scallies..? No chance..! 3-0 to the good guys, Nasri, Arshevin and Theo from the bench. Tough day at the office for Carragher coming up….

  20. A draw chaps??? I don’t wan’t to waste 2 hours of my life to watch a draw! My guts tell me that cheeky little Russian is going to have a dabble…

  21. For my money we have to start with Theo his pace will terrify the scouse defence.

  22. I agree that defensively, Arsenal is still lacking, but offensively, they are deadly at least if the pre-season is anything to go by. If Verm and Koncielny can hold the backline, of course Arsenal will make a mince meat of Liverpool

  23. We cant defend to save ourselves. And if liverpool manage good deliveries from corners and free kicks we are fucked….whoever will be in goall will be one of those clowns.

  24. Bigbrovar,

    Nice post about the loaded gun! i was not too exited about the match until the ‘magical’ post,keep em coming!


  25. Do I not like Hleb going to Liverpool. Hleb could be the perfect link for Torres to have another deadly season.

    Hodgson is making a lot of very good moves, and this Liverpool team will rebound to challenge for the Top 4. Mascherano will be missed, but they now look very dangerous in attack (Torres, J.Cole, Gerrard, Kuyt, Hleb) as long as they stay clear of injuries.

  26. Disagree Jena, Liverpool (and Hodgson’s) attacking style is one we can cope with. Quick mobile defenders against pass and move attackers should be a good matchup. Save your pessimism for the long ball, big man up top merchants.

  27. arshavin vs tha liverfools again,final score arsenal 4 liverpool 1…al tha bst groovers frm kenya

  28. Hope song starts this game, if not then we go this line-up:




  29. Sunday Gooner, think that looks pretty likely, hopefully Cesc, RVP and Theo to come on from the bench….

  30. Bigbrovar@8:29

    Wonderful post,really,really wonderful post.

    The ‘witch-hunting’ by some fans like chrisGooner on others like ladyarsenal who were critically analysing OUR team yesterday made me less enthusiastic about OUR match against liverpool. Thanks to bb,i can hardly wait!!


  31. Yep, Sunday that sounds about right to me. Expect a big game from Denilson if he starts. And Nasri. Of course Arshavin v Reds. Kos, naturally wants to start well. Oh, Verm, what else. Rosicky = mozart. Diaby = diabolical mobster, he’ll steal it and attack, hope he gets going. And Chamakh takes everything in his stride. 4-3 Gunners. Walcott come on and score the winner. Liverpool will attack. Beware Gerrard and tall Ngog.

  32. y wudnt rvp start bcuz i tink it will be like dis almunia koz varminator sagna clichy CMF nasri rmf wilshere/rosicky lmf wilshere/rosicky amf THE RUSSIAN GENIUS CF CHAMAKH VAN PERSIE CUZ I DOWT FAB4 WUD START


  34. Flint McCullough

    Good stuff Muppett, I agree with your sentiments.

    No idea about the game today because Diaby, Song, Denilson, Cesc or RVP appear to have had enough of a pre-season. If any of them play (reading between the lines only Diaby looks likely) they are bound to be rusty.

    I think this could give L’pool an advantage, so for the reasons you give we will do well to come back with a point. Win, loose or draw this game will not define our season.

    “a world cup devoid of quality”
    Absolutely, which begs the question- where are all the “world class” players the AAA want us top sign?

    Almunia in goal for me. His detractors may have noticed the large number of ‘keeper errors yesterday but will only recall Hart’s excellent performance. A confident Manuel is as good as most but if we can get genuinely better I am sure AW will do it. There really aren’t that many that consistently impress me because it is an increasingly difficult role.

  35. I think Poulson might be a real gem of a find for Liverpool He has always impressed when I have seen him play and his style is suited to the Premier League. It’s interesting to see Man Citys Wright-P’s, Bellamy, Santa Cruz, Jo, Caceido, Ireland etc are looking for £2m payoffs due to the restricted squads imposed this season. More money straight into their pockets, they will still no doubt want their wages kept to the existing level by their new clubs. Wenger has called the system ‘stupid’. The Red Tops called it an outburst. I think Arsene will again be proved right.

  36. Great stuff as always sir and agree on the [reluctant] soft spot for the scousers.

    There’s always been enough of the cavalier about them to seem like a lesser evil when stacked up against Utd or Chelsea. Not sure that Hodgson might not get found out at this level as lacking the drive of purpose but I expect like twitchy down the road he’ll quite successfully ‘do a job’.

    I fancy a win with Marounne and maybe even Theo getting in on the act but here’s to a good result either way. Something to lift the spirits of our more sensitive brothers in arms!

  37. A bit off topic here but did anyone see Jones goal for Wolves yesterday…?

  38. Nice post, Muppet. COME ON YA GOONERS!

  39. gunner m on August 15, 2010
    at 9:55 am

    Your phonetically written posts are without equal.

  40. 3-1 to us with Chamakh (goal on his debut like Nasri & Verma before him), Arshavin (loves Anfield, 5 in 2 there isn’t it?) and Nasri (red hot pre season scoring form) on the scoresheet. Ngog to get their consolation by accident. Fuck ’em all, we are the Arsenal!

  41. Very tidy.

  42. Come on It’s here!

    We’ve missed you ARSENAL.

  43. Just watching MOTD, only on the second game and already Kirkland and Carson have both made comical blunders. The doomers who seem to think only Al and Fabi make mistakes in the prem are just talking nonsense.

  44. Does anyone remember this?

  45. Interesting comment from Arsene

    “For years we have no money, now we have money and we cannot find players to buy. Many teams who have good players do not want to sell,” he says.

    “Germany for example is in a very strong financial situation. Clubs in France are well managed and don’t need to sell. In Italy you have less players who can strengthen Arsenal now. In England the transfer market is flat.”

  46. P.S. excellent post Muppet. I agree with your assessment. I think we are more than capable of winning, but there are so many unknowns on both sides that I would settle for a good performance and a draw.

  47. Vince – did you see Tim Howard’s…?!

  48. Not got that far yet Supercod! Hopefully it was just a Saturday for ‘keepers to forget and it doesn’t extend the whole weekend…

  49. nice post again, we just need a keeper any keeper will do anybody at all thats all we need

  50. Excellent post Muppet. Yup, I like Liverpool. I much like the club’s history and really never had any reason to hate them.

    Hope we stuff them tonight.

  51. Well done Vince.

  52. Excellent Muppet.

    I am thoroughly anticipating the match today. I hope to see THE ARSENAL coming out ‘all gunz blazin’.

    Am predicting a great match for AA, He loves the pool. Anyway, I hope one of Song, Denilson, or Diaby starts, for a little midfield balance with Nasri and Rosicky/Cesc..

    Anyway, the season holds lot and whatever the result today, my optimism about the team doesn’t change.


  53. First person to have a whinge today when all we wanted was to read some optimistic comments before the game.

  54. Phil Brown just backed us to turn over Liverpool today – I take it all back..!!

  55. Good fill in Muppet

    The 20th Century Fox Theme would fit in nicely now.

    Liverpool vs Arsenal

    starring Arsenal

  56. Did I whinge? No, I pointed out that we don’t have the worst keepers in the prem as some seem to think which in my mind is a positive thing and not any kind of whinge. Naturally I was undermined within seconds by Jack and his “we need a keeper, any keeper will do” remark @ 12:23.

  57. I like Schwarzer. I think he would be a very good addition.

  58. Well done Muppet,

    All limbs crossed and beers stacked.

    Here we go…….

    Come on you Gunners

  59. I have actually come round to the idea of us playing Sczesney now. But if we get Schwarzer for a season till Sczesney is ready then thats great. if not lets just play him now. Fab should go on loan for sure. he needs alot of work to do on his reputation now.

  60. There’s an excellent post by ZimPaul at the end of yesterday’s thread that’s definitely worth a read if you missed it.

  61. Arshavin and Walcott scares the bejesus out of Liverpool. A start for Cesc and a fit Diaby makes it hard not to see an Arsenal win especially if there’s no Torres.

  62. only 2 more hours!!!!! go arsenal!!!!!!!!

  63. Hope we can nick a draw.but have had a £10 on 3-0 Liverpool at 20/1.I just dont trust our defence

  64. Top post Muppet! Come on you Gunners!

  65. Excellent Moopay
    Being the contrarian, I expect Theo to be a starter today and for at least 20 games this season, injuries permitting. This seems to be the track that Wenger has put him. Something the boss said recently suggests that he sees an important role for dribblers in modern football and TW’s speed and his growing maturity makes him and awesome proposition for almost all full-backs in the Prem. (I am not joining the anti-Capello media bandwagon but he made an awful mistake not taking TW to Sth Africa.)

    PS: A new season calls for a new attitude. My gravatar is compliments of one of Jamaica’s world famous sculptors, Edna Manley.


    My heart longs for a glorious win but my head tells me it will be a draw. I would be ecstatic with the former and be very happy with the latter.

    Getting a little tingly feeling about the whole Schwarzer thing. If it does not happen then lots of praying is in the cards. I think that will be in the cards even if he does come.


  67. I’m being cautiously optimistic about this afternoon. But perhaps a little less cautiously than some of you guys. I’d take a draw, but…

    I think we might be a little blinded by Gerrard’s excellent brace against Hungary + the ‘new manager effect’ + more specifically, the ‘Hodgson effect’. I’m not sure all that really levels the advantage we have over them with our quicker, sharper passing and our excellent togetherness and team spirit. We are so much more of a team than Liverpool are today! And a team that’s grown together around a system, and grown together around a shared footballing ideal. You can’t compete with that!

    I think our knowing one-touch passing and immediate, direct movement will create shapes around the box that Liverpool will not be able to deal with. I can see Carragher spending a lot of time on his arse today.

    Renewed optimism at Anfield? Yes, sure. But with that comes a renewed pressure. And in come Arsenal; quiet, deadly, efficient – an unknown.

    In short… 4-1 to The Arsenal. Arshavin with a hattrick of slide-rule assists; Chamakh, Diaby, Nasri and RVP the scorers.

    COME ON!

  68. PS: Four weeks ago I predicted that M.A. will be our keeper on opening day. It is his job to lose just as it was with Jens. At the time, the media and Arsenal blogs were in overdrive, hysterical about the need for to sign a new No. 1. Seems at ACLF most predictions of team sheets share the same view.
    I am optimistic that M.A. will prove his detractors wrong. Prior to 09-10 he proved he is a good keeper, good enough to replace Lehman. Come on Big Al! COYG!

  69. Sorry – I meant most ACLF team sheets expect MA to be the starting No. 1.

  70. Limestonegunner

    Sometimes I think this league doesn’t deserve to have a manager as thoughtful and principled as Arsene Wenger in it. Scudamore’s response to Wenger’s serious and considered intellectual arguments against this new squad rule is outrageously insulting. He has nothing to say about the well-reasoned points Wenger made; all he can muster is an accusation that Wenger is being “emotive”. Doesn’t he even know that he meant “emotional”? Colossal stupidity.

    Here is hoping Arsene starts Frimpong, Gibbs, and Wilshere today and we smash Liverpool 3-0!


  71. Muppet.

    Great preview and top analysis of the situation.

    Looking forward to the game.

  72. Furious Styles

    little man jack in the starting 11. exciting, big game for him

  73. Interesting side. Got it right except it’s young Wilshere instead of Denilson

    Almunia, Sagna, Clichy, Verm. Kos, Eboue, Jack, Nasri, Diaby, Arshavin, Chamakh. RVP on the bench, no cesc.

  74. Just been announced on Sky Almunia starts today

  75. that one of the best I ve ever seen Limpar..

  76. (Muppet & all other regulars) –
    Mannone overlooed again…

  77. *overlooked

  78. no frimpong :O

  79. Very attacking team. Enjoy.

  80. atvo quality is sh*t again

  81. What formation are we playing guys


  83. Is it


  84. Arsenal.

  85. Joe still looking as orky as ever….ewwwwwwww

  86. Interesting away strip. Not our usual colours.

  87. I can almost see you jumping up and down Maria!

  88. I AM!!!!!!!!!!

  89. 1-1 to shotta. Correct om M.A., wrong with Walcott as starters.

  90. Good to see you keeping your own score S-G!! LOOOOOOOOOOOL

  91. Any live stream for the game?

  92. I hope Wilshere stamps all over Joey.

  93. take the shot, abou


  95. Almunia at it again.

  96. Problems with that high line again.

  97. Nice to see our midfield pressing the opposition.

  98. Yellow for Jack.

  99. Thanks for the link, Maria

  100. Wow, a yellow?

  101. Almunia at it again.



  104. Oh no…Koli off.

  105. same old scousers always theiving.

  106. thats noting yaaaaaa about that. I bet hes broken the guys legg and hes out for 4 months. Cole is only out for 3 matches

  107. Shameful tackle!

  108. Poor Koscielny. I hope he’s alright

  109. Seriously WHAT THE FUCK is wrong with those football teams that play us, trying to break our players’ legs ALL THE TIME?!?!?!?!?!?

  110. Joe cole you fool,,, I for one am glad he did not join us.
    So now what , here we are first game onto the season and we look to be down to one fit centre back.. ?

  111. We are so bad right now! OMG! We suck so much. Obviously Diaby can’t get anything right and he haas proven that he can not play as a DM. Arsene needs to buy Melo ASAP if we want to stand a chance of avoiding relegation. and have you seen Denilson? He is SO lazy. He didnt get even one tackle in, no interceptions. Absolutely useless.
    And what about Kos? Wenger, buy a proper defender. Torres and Drogba have been running him ragged, can’t the old geezer see that? And he is diving waaaaay too much.
    Nasri is useless, too. This is not keep ball, you little French guy. Just lump the ball forward to Crouch. Nobody wants to see you keep the ball for 5 minutes and running twenty circles around the defence.
    Finally, Chamakh might be okay, but he does not stand a chance against Hyppiä. Worldclass striker like Adebayor needed. Wenger BUY!

    I feel so bad right now. Maybe I should just go and start supporting Sp*rs. At least they know how to play two banks of four properly.

  112. I read some of us this morning talk well of Liverpool. Do you feel the same after the chants of ‘Same old Arsenal, always cheating’ after that tackle?

  113. well wouldnt you just fukin know it, a defender injured all bloody ready.

  114. Poor Kos.. Looks like he is out for few weeks…

    Hope we sign someone this week for additional CB for cover..

  115. And before anybody starts debating it. Some refs might have given a yellow, but giving a red is not harsh. Did you see how Cole locked Kos’ leg? That could have been a broken leg easily. Besides, it was so unneeded to go in like that in a situation like that.

  116. Here we go !

  117. I really hope he is.

    Tackling Koli at our corner flag. Stupid fat fool.

  118. Gerrard could have been booked for his earlier tackle on Eboue.

    I didn’t like the look of how Kos fell at all.

  119. Who say we are not short at the back?

  120. sagna is central defence??

  121. Brave and correct decision by the referee. Sending off an England international at Anfield.

  122. What the hell!!! Why do we always get our players chopped down??? Sick to my stomach. Its been coming, Gerrad tackle, Mascherano… You just sense it…

  123. sagna in central defence??

  124. who plays at CB now?

  125. The post about the red card btw. was not by EvilFiekTroll.

  126. this sucks i really liked Kos! I dont want some mediocre new cb to replace him. I want KOS.

    Not cahill or Hangeland or anyone els for 15M pluss….

    Cole is an ass btw….

  127. Disgusting behavior by pool fans, I mean its not Arsenal’s fault your players lunge in like a clown. Koscielny was in serious pain, I hope he isn’t out for long.

  128. Other than a couple of jittery moments from set pieces we have bossed the game. Bodes well.

  129. so who do we play in defence then?

  130. Fuck you Joe Cole. I hope Kos is ok.

  131. surely now a CB is on his way(or mayb 2!)..the injury looks pretty serious.. 😦

  132. Will Song come on at CB now?

    It looked bad CBob. I realy hope it’s not as serious as it looks.

    His first bloody half of PL football aswell.

  133. Where the hell is Johan

    This is crazy, a Song at CB that isn`t even fit for CM.

    Chamack,AA and Nasri need to step p their game in the second half otherwise RVP, Vela and Theo to come on.

  134. What now?

    I hope we buy another CB. I hope we go and get Shay Given.

  135. maria – is song there on the bench?

  136. Looks like this might prove a kick up the backside to sign another CB asap though. We’re always just a thug tackle away from being really stretched in defense.

    Good job Atkinson on the red though. There are many refs that wouldn’t have had the balls to send him off.

  137. Yes he is, but no Johan!!

  138. earflow. And Melo, obviously. And buy Adebayor back.

  139. I think Sagna will play at CB and Eboue with RB and walcott or Rosicky on..

  140. Johan is injured

  141. ArsenalOnline claim Song is only 50% ft.

  142. That Paddy Power ad is in fucking poor taste.

  143. Johan was anyways ruled out, I am glad, song made it.. J cole should be banned for 3.. he will be i think

  144. Koscielny was our most composed defender thus far. It seems like he twisted his ankle. I hope he didn’t do any ligaments. The pool scum shouting same old Arsenal are a disgrace.

    I like the way we’ve been defending. Our transition has been quite solid. Whenever we’ve lost the ball we get the two banks of four behind the ball immediately.

    Nasri has had a quiet game. He needs to get switched on.

    So far, so good. If Kos doesn’t come back, Arsene should play Sagna in the middle and drop Eboue back with Theo taking up the RW slot.

  145. I think Sagna will play at CB, Eboue at RB and we will get Rosicky on. Against 10 men that back 4 should be alright. But we need a few more bodies before next weekend.

  146. we are now a Vermaelen hamstring away from having no CBs. I’m anything but an Arsene basher, but his inability to buy cover has placed us in a very precarious spot.

  147. Come on Big Al. There’s far worse on display today. Joe Cole for example.

    Fat arsed bastard.

  148. i agree about the defending gainsborough, we have defended quite well, that too without a recognised anchorman, but I would prefer song playing at CB.
    considering we are playing 10 men.

    I think we will see torres at some point of time.

  149. @Evil


  150. I really hope Koli comes out for the second half and pulls Torres hair.

    ArsenalOnline again with the should have been yellow

    News from from ArsenalOnline – Twisted knee for Kollli.

  151. you can FUCK OFF, evil

  152. Kos coming back on!

  153. Kos is back for the 2nd half!!! Wonderful..

  154. Seriously. Prophets of doom – do you think Arsene or Gazidis are going to panic and buy Cahill or Hangeland for £15 million? Are you both both football and financial illiterates? We need another good center-back, no any only 6ft plus lump who under the slightest pressure lumps the ball into Row Z. But then many of you are the same “experts’ who wanted us to sign Joe Cole at 90,000 quid per week.

  155. whatt!


  157. He’s back out. Thats a sight for sore eyes.

    Shows his character and desire too.

  158. mj_gunner, check your irony radar, please. It seems defective.

  159. yayy! bravo!
    go gunners!

  160. Thank God he is OK.

  161. Kosci is back in. Yessssssss!!!

  162. Let us see if Gerrard is going to try to finish the job Cole started!

  163. ok, ok evil..

  164. Correction: “…not any, old 6ft plus….”

  165. Daaaaaaaamn

  166. Near post…..

  167. Nows the time to tell you all.

    I put a 5 pound bet on for us to win 3-2…but Ngog to score first.

  168. ….midfield, defensive error again.

  169. Fukin el. Al looks like a dead man walking.

  170. I cant take this shit anymore, get that clown anyway from our Goal for fucks sake

  171. What the hell has happened to our defensive all of a sudden….

    I really don`t understand this.

  172. We need to bring Theo push them back the 10 yards they moved up.

  173. Maria, the signs have been there for years. The players look scared, they lack leadership

  174. is sack wenger the next or Thomas? 🙂

  175. Im sorry , I have been patient with Almunia but so far today i really think Shwartzer will be an improvement.

  176. besides they got back agains LW surley they can do the same against liverpool

  177. Fuck off Thomas. He got beat at his near post because Ngog was clean on goal.

  178. Shut it Thomas, Sad.

    Don`t piss me off. I am not in the mood.

  179. besids it does not matter what any of you think aslong as the players club does not want to sell….

    I mean peole that says “get shay given” yeh well if City can they will sell him for less to another club.

    Fulham dont wanna sell their old man cos he is indeed better than Almunia, and they know it! And hes not worth 10M not at aged 38. We all know that too…

  180. Furious Styles

    arshavin should be taken off.

  181. FYI

    I don`t have a question mark on this laptop fr some reason. So can`t finish off my questions.

  182. Who gives a fuck if you have been patient?

  183. Off the ball tackle on Chamack.

  184. Gainsbourg69 go eat a dick you wanker.

  185. Characters welcome…….

  186. Kuyt nutmeggs Clichy says it all.


  188. This is getting embarrasing, everyone and there mum knewwe needed a goalkeeper, swcharzer is now a must

  189. Mascherano made look like a school boy.

  190. Vermealen should have scored.

  191. Maria it was a hard chance give the man a break for gods sake he’s our best player, have a go at the ones who deserve it like Almunia and Arshavin who done fuck all

  192. Torres to come on…. but still no RVP!!

  193. Why do we look like the ones playing with ten men.
    We really should try to be more direct. two many one touch passes around the box.

  194. Finally a booking for gerrard

  195. This is not right.

  196. Wow nice free kick bye Walcot!

  197. Just show some balls some of you.

    Yes, it was a poor goal to concede, yes Almunia should have done better but this is the first game of the season forchrissake!

    It’s a long haul, the Premiership.

  198. RVP to come on.


  199. Furious Styles

    awful game.

  200. I can`t believe these clowns are beating us.

    Diaby off

  201. Im not suprised at all really, without Cesc and RVP were a top six club, were still capable of scoring but get RVP on now please !!!!!!!!!

  202. Fu*king idiots blaming AL, when it was our midfielders who allowed Ngog clean on goal. Jack sloppily missed the ball!!

  203. over 15 minutes to go.

    If we can score 1 we will score 2.

  204. It really upsets me when lesser teams are beatign us.

  205. coolsteve, dont be a dick, teams always get chances, thats why we have keepers. Almunia was at fault again so stop trying to hide it

  206. Some of you people are pathetic.

  207. We don’t need excuses. THe boys still have time to turn around the game and make us proud. Support is needed in times like this, not moaning. COME ON YOU GUNNERS!

  208. We all support Arsenal in our own way.

  209. Surely we can beat them with nine men, we aint that shit

  210. Agger off

  211. By definition, you can’t “support” somebody by moaning and telling them how much they suck. Therefore, if you moan, you are per definition NOT supporting the team.

  212. No Consol some Arsenal fans are passionate ! Others dont seem to give a shit about any thing but putting people down for being passionate.
    When you lose playing well you can hold your head high, but when you play shit, well you deserve the criticism.

  213. Evil, just shut up with all that bullshit and talk about the game, who needs a lesson on morals right now?

  214. Fu*k off Thomas, when you allow a striker clean on goal its his to lose!!!

    Come on you Gooners!!!!!!!

  215. with all this preseaon optimism I almost forgot this was a love hate relationship.

    forget the signings the best thing we could do is learn how to break into the final third with more guile and work on our crossing from wide positions. it is 10 men but blaming it on the bus is getting old.

    early days though!

  216. another time I’ll split hairs

  217. Return of Chamakh

  218. Thank fuck for that,,,




  220. What will they say about “world class” Reina now?

  221. Thank christ

  222. Master Gunnery Sergeant Finsbury



  224. goalllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll!!!!! So we should get Reina then???Shut the fu*k up you whigners ever keeper makes mistakes!!!!

  225. Super, Super Al Super Super Al, Super Almunia

  226. oooooooooooo

    well said coolsteve

  227. Big save. What will all those who are quick to criticize Big Al say now?

  228. What a shit opening day display!

  229. Thank you Barca boot boy.

  230. Way to go Ref levelling things up, you sir are an absolute cnut!!!

  231. Jo, you can suck my cock passionately. You’re a moaner not a supporter.

  232. Ridiculous sending off. How the hell was that a yellow when Ngog’s wasn’t.

  233. Imagine the grief our keepers would get if they had done what Reina’s done.
    The ref’s a moron

  234. 1-1 is a fair result. We lacked sharpness in the second half. Questions about about one or two players though, and certainly not Big Al.

  235. 10 man liverpool therefore 2 points dropped rather than point gained i’m afraid.

    finding it hard to see anything in this performance that will see us beat the Manu’s and Chelseas. Put the purse away and get the cheque book out now wenger.

  236. Brutal game. In the end, I am happy with the result. We should have won against 10 men Lpool, but you don’t get always what you want. We missed our two best offensive players and at times I showed. While we did our usual thing, keeping possession, as good as possible, the decisive killer ball never came. 1:1 at Anfield on the first day of the season is by no means a bad result. COME ON YOU GUNNERS!

  237. Seriously shotta, Almunia really isn’t the answer.

    As for you Jo, show some passion for your team. I’s all too easy to moan. It’s Liverpool, at Anfield. It was never going to be easy.

  238. *it showed, not I showed.

  239. Gainsbourgh, why would you want Jo to do that to you?

    Im struggling to find the positives in that performance, it was god awfull

  240. The referee is was an absolute disgrace. So freaking biased. Same goes for the commentators. I’m getting so sick of all these.

  241. Once again, Almunia saves the day while the supposedly better keeper makes a blunder and makes his team drop points.

  242. All in all an incredibly encouraging performance.

    We got a point away against a very good side that was re-invigorated.

    Plenty will go there and lose this season.

  243. JO – Shit opening display? The sending off of Cole hurt us as Liverpool were bound to sit back. 11 vs 11 we dominated possession with our 2 best players missing and 2 players making a PL debut.

    What exactly are you looking for?

  244. Fuck me. I’m exhausted. See? Even keepers you think are better than ours can throw it in their own net!

  245. I agree shotta Arsh was way short & I don’t mean his height. Been impressed with Kos tho, not a bad debut. If only the ref had a brain

  246. People can obviously argue that Al should have had the ball at the near post. But give Ngog some credit. It was a well struck shot with a lot of power. I don’t think Almunia would have been the only keeper to struggle with that shot.

    On the other hand Reinas blunder…can’t imagine an excuse for that.

  247. A good result up there. Well done to all the fans who kept the faith and will continue to do so. The title win will be all the sweeter knowing that you supported through thick and thin.

  248. Delighted for the shirt peddling cunt.

  249. This arsenah watching just aint healty man! its more scary than the worst horror movie and i think i need a beer now. TY 😛

  250. Total domination in the first half, played all the football. Then faced with 9 men behind the ball took a while but we broke them down.
    Not the win we hoped for but patience, skill, determination, never say die – all those things people say we don’t have. Great stuff.

  251. you get out of portsmouth ok steww?

  252. sad, I feel you. I think the neighbours all could hear me yell “Yes, yes, yes!” when we scored. This much excitement however makes you definitely feel alive!

  253. Els
    I made it back about 25 minutes i8n but had sky+ the match so was able to fast forward through the half time bollocks fest and any irritating possession Liverpool had which meant I missed their goal and all the replays. Caught up for final nail biting 10 minutes!

  254. It was an excellent strike by Ngog and thats all there is to it. High in the roof of the net. Difficult to get right. Even harder to save.

  255. I like to see TR7 playing as a D**Mer.

    He’d have started to day if it wasn’t for the internationals I think.

  256. A point at Anfield is good. I suspect it will look great when we see how other teams do there this season.

  257. I thought Nasri and Arshavin were way below standard today. Other than that everyone else did pretty well. I’m particularly pleased with Koscileny. He looked composed and most of all very, very good in the air.

    A draw at Anfield for the opener? I’ll take it.

    Fuck off Thomas, Joe and all other doomers.

  258. I think we should have played Rosicky from the start. He really made an impact when he came on, and could have got the equaliser barring a last ditch save.

  259. Paul Merson is really p*****g me off on Sky. Almunia a rubbish keeper because he didn’t save the goal, Reina world class goakeeper who just made a mistake!
    The usual rubbish just repeating conventional “wisdom”. and he gets paid to spout that rubbish!

  260. Rosicky has proven once again why he is an important player for us and I am happy about his recent comments. He is a gunner and I dont want to see us sell him, no matter what some Doomers seem to think.

  261. cant read too much into the first game and liverpool were pretty lucky to get the chance with their goal. ignoring the goalie situation I thought individually everyone performed very respectfully.

    good passing generally but need some more cut throat attacks when we are outside their box. some good agressive pressure at the end but we need to be a bit more competitive at the right times. A run of games will help the lads remember the level they need to be on.

    hope walcott gets a solid run also as we really need him to get behind the defenders and push the opposition back. when his confidence is high he can do anything.

  262. the arsenal team has. to. fucking. shoot. from. ouside the pen box.
    i hate it when they cross, its like the adebayor era and it was one of the worst.

  263. Would of been delighted with a draw prior to the game, so happy with the result.

    However, there is no getting away from the fact that is was a pretty poor display.

    And Almunia was dreadful, maybe all of the speculation has affected his confidence.

  264. JohnN – Before the game Merson was suggesting that Cesc will still leave this summer. He seems to think that he can only keep his job by slagging off Arsenal.

  265. For me it was all about patience, keeping possession, never giving up forcing them back and into mistakes (like Glen Johnson’s awful clearance which led to Reina’s moment of madness). Not about flat out gung ho charging and lobbing aimless balls forward.

  266. Doomers turning on JW already.


  267. Very pleased with the result. A draw isn`t a horror @ Anfield.

  268. Did you not think we were a little too patient Steww?

    I thought we played at far too slow a tempo – we made it easy for Pool to get everyone behind the ball.

  269. To put things in perspective,
    1. We played a team who packed the bus with no ambition to win.
    2. All keepers make mistakes and ours are no exceptions; Al is generally always solid!!
    3. A red card in our first game, reminds me of the good ol’ days.
    4. Arsene knows best
    Now to get that very much needed last CB, am so excited the season is back. Its gonna be a roller-coaster ride!!!

  270. What today does demonstrate is how desperately we need another central defender.

  271. JohnN, you should’ve heard the commentators going on and on about shaky Almunia and his inconsistencies. I can see why the doomers would repeat that so often when it’s thrust in their faces ad nauseaum.

  272. Not really Matt – I understand what you mean – I was staring in agony at the clock as they stroked it around but ‘Pool had everyone behind the ball most of the time. We were direct when we could be and made a few chances.

  273. How many games will Koscielny be out for now?

  274. We lacked that killer final ball in the box (someone said that before).
    Also I think Chamack needs the attacking midfielder closer to him, as was Gourcouff at Bourdeaux. Nasri tends to operate further from goal. He will be much happier with Cesc. In fact any attacker will be happier with Cesc, not knocking Nasri.
    Something about Arshavin keeps bugging me. He is not playing well out wide.
    Loved the cameo by Walcott.
    Kos – I had no doubts about as he was scouted for practically two years.
    Lots of positives to build on.

  275. I hope Jack Wilshere learns quickly from his blunder. Were it not for that goal we would’ve had a more comfortable time of it.

  276. Almunia who? Reine is a star.

  277. Did you think Almunia had a good game then Gains?

    I am not a doomer, and I thought he was pretty dreadful today.

    Koscielny looked very good though, so that was a positive, but we could definately do with 1 more in there.

  278. patience is fine if we are constantly throwing different things at them. then mistakes will hapen but we seemed to be in the same situation again and again. nasri holding the ball up outside the box looking for the pass but ends up passing for the sake of it… not a lot of movement from the supporting players. we almost require some quarterback american football style tactics for breaking down the banks of 4.

  279. Shame the ref had to even things up but thank god the kung fu challenge A) didn’t break a leg and B) resulted in a straight red.

  280. Any idea if Johan will be fit for the next match

    Song should be able to cover against Blackpool.

  281. Rosicky should not be sold but AW has been known to sell players who reach this age.

    Today an incident occurred which clearly indicates that we are short at CB. We should get another one.

    Almunia performed well today but I don’t think he is as good as Given (I would have preferred Hart as I have said long ago). I don’t think we should buy another GK unless they are better than Almunia. Reina and Schwarzer are not better than Almunia.

    Sometimes more is read into a comment than what was written.

    People will support Arsenal in their own way.

  282. I agree about Arshavin, Shotta. I think he should’ve been played right behind Chamakh with Rosicky on the left and Nasri for Wilshere deeper in the midfield. Because if there’s anyone who can pick up the ball infront of the penalty area and do something with it, it’s him.

  283. Jack wilshere was below average.

    @Matt – what r u talking abt mate? Kosc had a very good game..

  284. Yes, I thought he played well. Other than that waffled clearance off Liverpool’s first corner, I think he made some key saves. But I’d take a shit clearance over bundling the ball over the line like Reina did, any day.

  285. cmon guys..whats with the excuses??arshavin was poor today, period.

  286. Emperor Gooner

    I think it was a good game for and by us…1st half display was very mature and arsenal like…2nd half was obviously going to be tough breaking down 9 men in the box…we showed patience and got the draw , which i think is a fair result…i like the look of the team and with fab coming in and rvp starting alongside chamakh (hopefully) , we can really go all the way , and not just in the league

    the debutants were wonderful…Chamakh i feel aided the team in a big way but was not obvious to the eye ..he drew defenders on many occassions and this allowed space for other players…laurent was strong as well..couple of strong challenges and quick interceptions.

    good game overall..would have been absolutely gutted if we had reutrned to london with no points

    the point takes lot of pressure off from the blackpool game and i think we’ll bury em next week

    comeon ya gunners!!

  287. I am quite suprised you think that Earflow – Almunia flapped at a couple of corners, and shouldn’t really of been beaten by the goal.

    I don’t remember him doing anything that impressive to suggest a good performance.

    And Reina’s mistake was a shocker, but most stats would back up the fact he is a much better GK than Almunia.

  288. To tell you the truth the team did well considering it was so over of sync to the Arsenal we witnessed last season.

    We were without Denilson, Song, RVP and Gallas all of whom started against Everton this time last season. So while I think we sould have done much better against Liverpool, it would have been easier if we had a couple of games against weaker opposition to warm up.

    The two that did disappoint me were Nasri and Arshavin who did sooooo well pre-season.

    I am still worried about Alumnia the pressure on his no.1 shirt doesn`t seem to have helped him.

  289. Not sure what you mean MJ – I said Koscielny looked very good?

  290. A draw was the result I expected so I’m happy with that. A win would have been great, but going into the game with key first team players missing or not completely match fit plus two players making their PL debuts against a fired up liverhoof at home was always going to be tough. Instead of being glad of the point there are too many here and on ATVO who are reading way too much into the first game of the season. There are still 37 more games to go and many twists and turns to come so we all need to take a deep breath and calm down with our expectations.

    P.S. so glad that karma kicked reina’s butt for that scum shirt stunt in the summer. Couldn’t happen to a nicer slap head!

  291. I thought Nasri played quite well.

    Just goes to show every fan see’s the game in a different way!

  292. Fair result. Liverpool did what the do best play dirty and park the bus but we still scored a goal against the scousers albeit with the help of a hilarious clanger from 25million rated Reina. All we can deduce from that performance is there is more to come and we can only get better. Impressed by kocielny. Shame he has a one game ban now. Onwards and upwards. Come on Merson that was true English grit though…the team kept probing until we got the draw something we are always accused of… not holding onto a lead..

  293. Arsene Baggins

    In the end, not a bad result. Let us hope for more next weekend.

    Almunia did not have a bad game. Let us not forget that it was a defensive lapse that gave Ngog the opportunity to strike such a blistering shot. Its a team game and collectively they should have dealt with the ball better.

    Otherwise, not a bad performance against a resiliant and rejuvenated Liverpool side.

  294. Personally I think JW was excellent first half. Especially considering it was his first PL start.

  295. my bad, matt

  296. Matt-

    Did he create goal scoring opp. for anyone else or score himself

    Also what was he doing for his free kicks especially since he did so well with them over the pre-season.

  297. Jack did OK – A little sloppy in the lead up to the Pool goal, but he will learn.

    The only way he is going to get experience is by playing, so I hope AW keep faith with him.

    Considering he is an 18yr old kid, playing for one of the biggest clubs in the country, I thought he handled it pretty well, and played OK.

  298. Arshavin was shit, MJ. This being said, however, I think that service to him was poor today. Nasri was on another frequency and it showed throughout the whole team. Had Nasri been firing on all cylinders, I think Arshavin would’ve received better passes and created more danger as a result.

    One improvement I have seen from Arshavin is his tracking back. It looks as if Arsene took him aside and gave him an earful about leaving the left back stranded.

  299. Doesn`t really matter now anyway, his got the rest of the season to impress.

  300. I thinks its difficult to interpret GK stats other than PK saves and how well they do at direct shots.
    The defence will heavily influence the other stats.

    A GK with a good defence has to remain alert more than anything else and how do you measure that.

  301. G69,

    I agree Arshavin really had Clichy`s back today.

  302. I thought Nasri did well. Others were not making the runs around him that might have broken ‘pool down. Kos looked very good indeed. I suspect that Diaby will not get near the team for a while once Cesc, sing and Denilson are back. He’ looks to have gone backwards.

    Still, a lot to look forward to. I don’t see ‘pool tearing up too many trees this year. Still very reliant on Gerrard.

  303. I think it was his flick through to Rosicky for his shot Maria, but can’t be sure..

    Most of our good play in the first half went through Nasri, I thought he looked the best player on the pitch for much of the half.

    Agree that his free kicks weren’t too great though!

  304. “So what of our opponents today, Liverpool ? Well, don’t know about the general feeling amongst gooners, but they do seem to be the lesser of all evils. We all hate the chavs. That is a given. We hate the mancs and fergie red nose. I think we probably now hate the northern chavs, because, they seem to be, well, indecent and somehow grotesque. But the scousers, I think we probably have a soft spot for them.”

    Hi a northerner here. Gosh thanks so much! Nice to know that we Liverpool fans are OK amongst such blinkered black and white. stereotypical southern nonsense! Slag the region off and then patronise us! Thanks so much that’s tremendously big of you. But being a cahv and all tha ti dhould be grateful so a doth my flat cap to you!

    Sorry have to go and iron my shell suit and clean my poster of Kerry Katona (bought from the pound shop) that hangs above my fireplace.

    What happened to your “edit button” Yogi?

    PS: Thought a draw was fair enough given the sending off! Took your time to make the extra man tell though didn’t you?

  305. Agree about Jack, Maria. We were solid in the midfield and the back four thanks in no small part to Jackie’s ball retention and distribution.

    Matt, what’s with you and others who think Almunia should’ve done better on that goal? N’gog was clean through and his finish was amazing. I doubt you’ll find a keeper anywhere, unless said keeper has super powers, who could keep out a shot like that. And, if you look at the replay, you’ll notice that Al got his hands to it but it was too powerfully struck.

  306. consolsbob, I think it’s unfair to criticize Diaby given that he is just over an injury and has not played a match until today. I’m sure he’ll improve as he gets more match fitness, although personally I think the Song/Denilson/Cesc combo is our best midfield 3. I’m looking forward to seeing that a.s.a.p.

    I think another factor, which may have had an effect was the international disruption. We always seem to struggle in those away games after an international break. Hopefully after an uninterrupted week of training followed by a home game we should see a more coherent and consistent performance.

  307. Matt – I know I have the chance of a snowball in hell to change your views about Big Al. But the matter of coming out for balls in the box is a matter of judgement. Big Al came for two balls and missed but in my opinion to stay on his line would have invited even more trouble as the attacker would have been under less pressure. Midway in the 2nd half, he decided to stay on his line and it that ball could have easily gone any where.
    It is easier to see the negatives but two certain goals Al got there with his fingertips and saved our asses.
    If you are seeking perfection from goalkeepers anywhere in the PL, you are going to be very frustrated.

  308. G69, yep agree about his tracking back..

  309. Bob,

    It really is intereting I thought Diaby did well. Especially in the 1st half closing Joe Cole down, but hey each to their own.

    I don`t think he was fully fit either but was put in there to boost up the physicality of our MF with Alex out.

  310. diaby dint do much wrong today at all

  311. I actually think he is an above average GK Shotta, but he had a shocker today.

    And it may be a cliche – but I am sure our defence would look less jittery with someone a bit more confident in goal.

    I do think we can do better though, and personally I would prefer Schwarzer, but that may just be personal preference.

    I am pretty sure the next few days will show what AW thinks.

  312. I thought Diaby was pretty good too!

  313. Get off your high horse redfloyd you have totally missed the point of Muppet’s comment. There is no slagging of the region in there. For your information, the chavs are chelski and the northern chavs are the nouveau riche blue mancs. I thought you scousers had no love of the red mancs either?

  314. Not a bad first day result really. We have to be realistic, without Cesc and RvP starting, Jack in his first start etc.

    We dominated the first half, but got sloppy in the second. ‘Pool were pumped up by the sending off and playing for their lives.

    Koscielny looked class, quick, good in the air, anticipated things well, and outmuscled Torres at one stage. And tried to castrate Kuyt as well.

    Welcome to the club, son, you’re going to do just fine.

  315. Cbob, I thought Diaby was excellent today as a DM. I think he was caught in possession maybe once during his sixty odd minutes. On top of that he made the defense solid which is why we kept Liverpool in their own half.

    RedFloyd, what kind of shoes would one wear with a shell suit?

  316. kosc’s touch & ball control was quite superb!

  317. Matt – Others have spoken about Ngog’s goal. If we expect our goalkeepers to save thunderbolts 12 yards from goal then we deserve Man City’s cast-offs like Shay Given who has more faults than Big Al and is even more inexperienced playing for a big club.

    BTW: Matt – I am not picking on you, per se, but there are many who, unlike you, do not have the best interest of the club at heart and will use your criticism as leverage to post their usual vitriol on this site.

  318. quite the usual arshavin performance I thought… check 57 mins again and look how he loses the ball then walks off in the other direction without a care in the world. waiting for moments of magic is a hopeful tactic when we already have enough variables to iron out.

    while I am player bashing the impression is creeping up on me that clichy has lost his mojo slightly… will be an interesting tussle between him and gibbs this year, natural selection will occur.

    thought nasri was great today personally (?) there was no killer pass but that depends largely on the runs of other players. I would like to see him alongside TR7 more.

  319. Diaby did great at times. I love how he made Mascherano fall over several times in quick succession.

  320. So our defence has picked up from where they left off last season.

  321. WORD!!

  322. That’s cool Shotta, Didn’t think you were!

    You will see from most of my comments that I am not a doomer (I think!).

    Anyway – time for a curry – enjoy the rest of your weekend all – Duck Korai here we come.

  323. I hear you people but it’s Diaby’s inconsistency that tells against him as a first team regular starter. As for fitness after a midweek international break, well, it’s the same for all teams and all players.

    I hear you too shotta but we can deal with the idiots well enough. I am past hoping that Al will do the job. He will most of the time but he is just not consistent enough.

    It’s going to be a great year though.

  324. I think Nasri started well but drifted out of the game a little bit as time went on. In the second half I remember a couple of mispasses and bad touches. I was sort of expecting Nasri to be like what Rosicky was…more direct.

  325. Al didnt do himself any favours with all those calling for him to be lined up against the wall.

  326. Was also expecting more from Nasri after his pre-season form. He didn’t do much wrong though, he just isn’t Cesc. Can’t hold that against him.

  327. When asked about a goalkeeper Arsene gave ne of his half smiles. Have a feeling someone is coming in soon.

  328. Dissapointing to hear Hodgson parrot the usual excuses for Cole. ‘He didn’t try to hurt him, trying to close the ball down, the Arsenal player got tangled in his legs’.

    A shame. i thought he had more class than that. Could have been Pulis talking.

  329. Duke:

    “So our defence has picked up from where they left off last season.”

    Don’t make a drive-by doomer comment and leave it at that. Please explain how our defense looked shaky today. From waht I saw, we kept Liverpool in their own half for all of the first forty five and our midfield and defense were two solid banks of four when we gave away possession. Were it not for Wilshere’s mistake, Liverpool would’ve gotten no change from our defense.

  330. Diaby wasn`t fit to take part in any pre-season games, and wasn`t away on international duty since France didn`t call him up.

  331. And Hodgson brought in Poulsen as well. One of the dirtiest players I’ve ever seen.

  332. The Smalling affair last season showed off all Hodgons so called ‘class’.

  333. Right on, Gainsbourg. We still need another CB or two though, just to have the numbers to get through a whole season.

  334. Wenger will not buy Schwarzer.He made useless Al captain today.

    We didnt play well but got a point.Once again we were poor at defending set pieces with Almunia giving us his impression of Flappy at two corners.

    We need a keeper and a CB brought in but stubborn Wenger wont do that looking at todays point like a win

    To be honest nothing has changed from last season

  335. I agree with Maria, cbob. I think Diaby did extremely well given that he hasn’t played a minute of football since France got knocked out of the WC clear back in June.

  336. We did play well, John. That goal put us on the back foot and we spent the rest of the game trying to score. Our formation after they scored was a 2-2-6.

  337. I am past hoping that Al will do the job. He will most of the time but he is just not consistent enough.

    Excatly how I feel about Al at the moment.

  338. I felt the 2-2-6 came after the subs came before, which was to late. However we did start of with a attackig formation from the start.

  339. I love the how our avators contrast 69…loool

  340. what do ppl think of Vermaelen’s performance today?
    I think he was just average, expected more from him blocking Ngog’s shot, & he missed 2 almost free headers too.
    took a brilliant free kick at the start though.

  341. I thought Diaby had a good game. He was dead for the last 10 minutes or so he was on but he held his position, kept the ball moving and screened the defence. The only reason he’d get any negative marks from me was that he was partially responsible for their goal, having been much too slow to close the man down.

  342. Agreed, Ole.

  343. It doesn’t matter what he was trying to do, dangerous play is dangerous play regardless of intent. I’m sure woy would have plenty to say had the boot been on the other foot so to speak. I never understood this hodgson love-in from some Arsenal supporters, he has shown himself to be the same as the others, when all else fails kick Arsenal and then complain if the referee applies the rules.

  344. okay Gainsbourg just for you, i meant we have picked up from last season by conceeding a goal due to a defensive error.

  345. Simple fact is we went to Anfield and looked like the home side for most of the match. Can’t be bad,.

  346. Well we half agree anyway Maria!

  347. Duke you mean like almost every other single goal scored anywhere by anyone?
    I missed their goal fast forwarding and had no desire to rewind and watch it. How can people revel in the negative?

  348. That’s funny, Maria. I don’t like my Avi. I look terrified.

    I think Vermaelen did well. Thing is, like him showing up Gallas last season, Koscielny did that to him today.

    MJ, the whole defense got caught out by that giveaway. I don’t blame Verma for not closing down N’Gog. It all happened too quickly for anyone to react.

  349. Duke, it wasn’t a defensive error. It was a giveaway. When you give the ball away close to your own goal you can expect the other team to punish you for it. Had Jack not tried that neat flick we would’ve gone the whole game with Liverpool having one or two chances at most. After conceding, however, we went after the game and were stretched a bit due to our desire to push men forward.

  350. who’s reveling. i made a point,thats it. a true point i might add. your making the drama. by the way dont you think its been nearly every goal we have conceeded in our last games of last season the friendlies now our opener. there is a defensive problem so why are you making an argument out of it. again this is a blog where we discuss the club. if your to soft to hear a truthful negative then i suggest you only read the posts’ of the usual optimist;s then and you can carry on being in your happy place.

  351. No chance of that for you Duke, you miserable old bugger!

  352. by the way gainsbourgh im happy with the result and the performance.

  353. He is Bob, unless his talking about the bloody cricket.

  354. Duke, I wonder if you are as perfect as you expect Arsenal to be? We are not the only team on the pitch and cannot control every eventuality. Sometimes you have to give credit to the opposition too.

  355. LOL Maria
    True Passenal, its was suoer finish from Ngog, even Arsene praised it later

  356. I took your advice and didn’t read your last post Duke.

  357. the goal reaminded me of toress’s goal last season which beat edwin van der saar last season. Yes, the same guy who the d**mers call ‘world class’
    I think drogba beat him in a similar fashion as well at OT

  358. Re N’Gogs goal – If it was Nasri who hit that passed Reina would we be blaming the keeper or praising the speed and accuracy of the shot?

    Almunia still isnt and will never be good enough by the way but sometimes you just gotta credit a player for a cracking effort…no?

  359. Thanks for comments all.

    Thanks for rebuff of Redfloyd Passenal, who definitely got the end of the stick !

    Bit disappointed, as I thought we were going to win after Cole went off.

    Positives: Koscienly, Rosicky, Nasri and Chamakh.

    Negatives: Sloppy goal.

    I think the negativity is as per the course from some people. But we have to draw upon the positives. I believe we have all the personnel up front and in midfield to fight for the premiership. The problem areas are at the back. Koscienly looks good, but we know we need more cover. If we get another specialist centre back, we will be very well stocked.

  360. well in two weeks i might not be so grumpy(although dont hold me to it)… but me mother in law is going home and i cant bloody wait.

  361. I’m happy with a point and expect better from the future.

    Onwards and upwards

  362. I’m surprised some fans still talk about Denilson. A lazy play who can’t tackle, head the ball, pushed down by opposing midfielders and often overtaken by a refrees.

    Just can’t understand Consolbob and Passenal. What games do they watch? Denilson should go back to Brazil. This season, his chances will be limited. Diaby will always play ahead of him.

    Almunia is a flop who can’t help us win. He’s a liability.

  363. Duke, if anyone is soft it’s you doomers. Whenever something goes wrong you cover yourselves up with your negativity blankets and revel in the doom because it’s familiar to you. You lot don’t have the balls to see things objectively because it clashes with your inbred paranoia.

  364. Exciting game, went right down to the wire. I thought Koscielny did very well, but I seriously had my foot in my mouth when he went off on the stretcher!

    The one thing I noticed was that whenever Diaby, Nasri or Wilshere got the ball on the edge of the Liverpool box they would be content to spray it wide and then there would only be Chamakh waiting for the cross. Thankfully Rosicky(God bless this guy) came and started running at the defenders. If his shot went in it would’ve been a beauty!

  365. I’m just wondering what people expected at Anfield on the first game of the season.

    I think we should be bloody thankful we got out of there with a point – and it’s pure vanity to think that Liverpool were going to roll over at home for us to tickle their bellies and pat their heads.

    The biggest positive for me was what Steww mentioned. We were patient against a good team and waiting for our opportunities. The only reason Reina had that howler was that we applied relentless pressure and Chamakh was on Reina’s mind – and it worked.

    When a team is a man down, they are going to park the bus and we just have to be patient and not try half cocked chances that will make us lose possession. I think people expect that we will slice through every team because its a divine right. It’s not. I would be disappointed if Liverpool gave way with a whimper.

    Patience is a sign of maturity; it’s not a weakness. Attacking Liverpool with 2 banks of 4 and a counter attacking Torres is stupid, naive and dangerous. The boys – despite the mistakes – did good overall and it was a good day at the office.

    Koscielny will be very fine at Arsenal and his premier league debut was a class act. I even like the fact that he got a red card – what a damn good initiation. Get it out of your system my son.

    Koscielny is showing that he can match the media poster boys (the so called world class strikers) for both pace and power.

    For those who’ve spent the last 6 weeks demanding a more experienced CB, pray tell, how better can Koscielny tell you all to fuck right off than with such a classy performance

    Also, Wenger has already said he’ll sign an additional CB. What the hell do people want. Until the window closes, it’s just outright bitching and stupid noise.

  366. Not sure what people are expecting from the first game of the season, missing a few of our important players and against Liverpool at Anfield?

    It’s not like we were playing newly promoted WBA ffs.

    Get a life…

  367. gainsbourgh your a snob mate, thats what you are, your just such a great fukin fan arent ya never say a bad word bout your club, well fukin done. your a better fan then me.

  368. in fact gainsbourgh for your work you have knocked frank off top spot as Arsenal’s N0 1 fan. well done old chap.

  369. I agree with Darius.

    Don’t want to get hopes up too much, but Koscienly looks like a class act. Without ego and hungry. This is the the profile of player we need.

  370. I agree Darius Kos looks the dogs.

  371. Yeah, a point was a fair result in my opinion. There’s a renewed sense of optimism, atleast in the football sense at Anfield, and the atmosphere was going to be tough but I think our players handled it well.

    Kos outrunning Torres and tackling him was excellent IMO. Wenger really knows his stuff!

    RVP also looked sharp and our attack improved a lot when he came on. Chamakh’s first touch lacked control but I’m sure hes going to get better in a few games and it was his relentless pressure which got us the goal.

  372. Cbob – I am afraid I must disagree with you, ever so slightly (LOL). Diaby did a good job today until he began to tire. I was happy he was relatively conservative, playing next to the relatively inexperienced Jack. Keeping possession and our shape was more important than playing gung ho and leaving us vulnerable to the counter-attack. That is a conclusion I came to over the break between seasons; i.e. Diaby must be more defensive, making simpler passes rather than always trying to beat the 1st man he faces. Something like what Busquets does for Barca and Spain. The doomers will complain that he is no goal-scoring threat (blah, blah, blah) but being consistently more conservative is what this team needs if we are to win the League.

  373. Apparently Fabregas put an Arsenal shirt over Reina’s head in the tunnel.

  374. Id be all for Diaby and Song being their defensive best in front of our defense. Song got the discipline into his game, its past time Diaby did too – he can always turn on the attacking buzz every now and again – just do the donkey defensive work first kiddo – if its good enough for Vieira its good enough for you

  375. Just on Diaby’s performance today…I got the sense that he was asked to do the simple defensive duties of winning back the ball and passing on to a yellow shirt to get things moving. Nothing dramatic, nothing Hollywood.

    For this reason, I suppose you could say he didn’t play well if you were expecting him to play his usual attacking game with a goal threat.

    I don’t think that was his job today, and I actually think he did very well as a DM and he played a big role in our solidity in the first half especially.

  376. Kos is a key player for us and I think the opposition know it, which is why he will continue to be targetted. I noticed that Flamini did the same thing to him in the milan game but Kos just gets up and gets on with it. That was a really harsh sending off but thankfully it will only be one game. Hopefully Arsene will have a strategy for dealing with his temporary absence until he can find another CB.

  377. shotta I am very willing to be proved wrong about Abou. He can be very good but, for me, he lacks concentration. What the hell, there are plenty of others to pick from in the midfield.

    Onwards and upwards.

  378. Just browsing through the Arsenal feed on NewsNow, Iit’s bmusing to note that Pepe Reina has more negative headlines about his howler than Almunia does.

    I think we also need to give credit to Arsenal for the relentless pressure that got Reina nervous. It’s part of the plot. He was thinking about Chamakh, rather than focusing on the ball.

  379. bob, no.

  380. there aren’t even many doomers on here today so im not not sure why people feel the need to invent drama. talk about revelling in negativity… sounds like some of you are talking to yourselves – addictive personality much? its not all black and white.

  381. ** It’s bemusing **

    @Passenal. I think Wenger will use either Song or Sagna as CB, but don’t be surprised to see Nordtveit against Blackpool.

  382. hey Darius – on diaby – thats HAS to be the starting point for his game though – do the simple defensive things well – then put Song in next to him with both doing that job in front of the back four – then he can make his attacking bursts from deep knowing Song is covering but also knowing he must get back in there with him.

  383. are you a doomer now. im confused, what constitutes being a doomer, is it anything negative or what.

  384. No, Duke????

  385. what i mean is he shouldnt have to be asked to do the defensive duties – it should be a given that he covers like he did for the most part today – then he can be more effective in there with the added string to his bow of his attacking bursts

  386. Who said anything about dooming? We all know you are of the pessimistic persuasion Duke, but that’s just who you are. I certainly don’t classify you as part of the army of doom if you are interested to know that!

  387. Im disappointed and worried. We were pretty shit to be honest. We couldnt break down ten men and we couldnt even break down nine men at one stage. I wouldnt of minded if we’d peppered there goal with shots but we didnt, we never even looked like we were going to score. What has happened to us? Were looking so average its worrying. People will say its liverpool away but personally i think Liverpool are crap nowadays (gerrard past it and torres not fully fit) and were there for the taking, we should definitley put them under more pressure then we did thats for sure. Thank christ for that uncharacteristic mistake from reina, roll on the next game

  388. Duke, I could give two shits about who is the number one fan or not. The assumption that those who don’t revel in negativity are somehow soft or have a loser’s mentality is what gets me upset.

  389. I wasn’t sure Perry Groves could talk so much shit.

    Apparently, we don’t have a defensive midfielder at Arsenal and we need to buy one. He says United have Fletcher, the Chavs have Obi Mikel and Liverpool have Mascherano….

    I honestly didn

  390. ** honestly didn’t think ex-players would be that disrespectful to Alex Song.

  391. Ha, ha, ha, Thomas. Shit all over our team then big up the opposition keeper whose clanger cost their team two points. Classy.

  392. Gainsbourgh, everything i said was true though wasnt it which is why you have to attack me personally, you are an Imbecile


  394. Thomas you had me going – I thought for a minute you were serious. Very funny impression of the kind of idiot poster we sometimes see. Please do some more it’s hilarious.

  395. And Denilson.

    No wonder Arsene does’nt bother including the majority of ex-players. Especially the English ones.

  396. Thomas why are you so touchy? Are you soft? Do you have a loser’s mentality?


  397. Calm down people it’s just one game. these players are coming back from long trecks across europe and the americas. there were some heavy legs out there.

  398. By the way, here’s a neat trick that helped me learn how to spell Koscielny’s name.

    Ko-sci-el-ny. The s before the c and the i before the y seems to trip people up.

  399. Paulie Walnuts

    A decent result but an average performance. There`s obviously plenty to work on but the late equaliser was critical for confidence.

    Kos was very impressive & Rosicky certainly gave us some urgency. He`s class & always will be.

    One concern for me was Arshavin. He was dreadful & his body language suggested was wasn`t too bothered either.

    On transfers I`d be amazed if Arsene didn`t buy a centre back in the next fortnight , particularly with our injury record but I`m not so sure a keeper will arrive.

  400. Bob,

    What we lack right now, is a player that can dribble past others. The only one who is capable to do that for now is Diaby. And be grateful that he has been playing for us. Nasri can’t dribble even if his life depended on it. I haven’t been impressed by him, he hardly creates any chances, and he can’t beat another player. He isn’t no Hleb for sure, which is the player we’ve missed most in the last couple of season. He’s scored a few good goals, but if he is compared to Hleb, he’s underperformed. The bright spot today, was Rosicky coming on and being at his dangerous best.

    As for Arshavin, I really don’t know whats he all about. He scores some ridiculous goals, and that’s why he occupies the left flank.

  401. “Nasri can’t dribble even if his life depended on it”

    That goal in the champions league last season against porto – he did a fair impression of a dribbler there didnt he?

  402. Oh excuse me. How could I miss that ONE game he dribbled so well. I should take my words back?

    On that account we have the best keeper in the world at the moment, given his first half performance against Barcelona in the CL.

  403. Yeah, that Nasri can’t dribble remark was a bit weird. He had spells today where the pool players couldn’t touch him.

  404. Ateeb you don’t know what you are talking about. When Nasri starts running with the ball it’s almost impossible for the opposition to get it off him and he shoots more often than Hleb. Hleb was a good player but he is the past so we need to forget about him and focus on what we have now.

  405. California Gooner

    Ateeb, that is soooo funny to see someone saying that Hleb is the player we have missed the most the last few seasons. I happen to agree with that — but very few Arsenal fans do. He was a great side-kick for Cesc, punching holes in the defense, and was pretty good when he had to fill in in CM as well. Oh well — that water is sooo under the bridge. I think Nasri is pretty impressive as well. My only concern is that he tends to dawdle on the ball and slow things down, where as Hleb would draw defenders in and then spring a teammate with a pass…

  406. well i just used that ONE game to show how good he can be at dribbling and finishing – you used this ONE game today to say he couldnt – fair enough it didnt really come off for him today but the boy can dribble – i have seen it !!

  407. yeah we won alot with pleb in the team didnt we. pleb the man who shits and shoots at the same time.

  408. Nasri hasn’t scored many goals, and neither has he had any significant assists, given the position he occupies. And seriously, he can’t beat players the way Hleb used to CONSISTENTLY. He gets to the touch line, and most often than not choose to pass backwards rather than having a go at the defender.

    You people underestimate Hleb. His had enormous contributions to the team, as far as drawing opposition players and getting the move rolling from a tight position. Nasri can’t do the same, and hasn’t so far. He’s an efficient passer, and nothing more. He isn’t as creative as both Hleb or Rosicky. And anyone suggesting he can fill Cesc’s boots is deluded.

  409. Nasri is a brilliant dribbler. it’s almost impossible to get the ball off him. What he still lacks is positive play. Dribble into dangerous areas. Beat your man and press into the box.

    2 things about his play frustrated me today: poor fre kicks and corners, very poor forward passing. I despaired at the dearth of chances created, team mates put through etc.

  410. DeisiGonner,

    I wasn’t using today’s game as an example to show that he’s not been as great as people make out of him. Perhaps, one can judge better when he plays with Cesc, and Rvp together. But he didn’t fill Cesc’s boots at the end of the season, and he certainly can’t, because his passing in the final third isn’t really that special. Rosicky is a far better player to play in Cesc’s position. And he can’t whip crosses either.

    Diaby is more useful to us, because he can draw players and at least makes an effort to dribble past players.

  411. i quite liked Hleb i have to say but hes gone now and we have Nasri – who i think will be a more dangerous player –

  412. Ole,

    You put that better than me. He can dribble, but not make anything positive out of it, like getting into dangerous positions and put better passes into the final third.

    It’s like having another efficient passer like Denilson, further up field who is good at safe distribution of the ball but not what is needed in the attacking part of the field.

  413. comparing him to The Cesc he will always come out second best – Cesc is a special special player – i just happen to think Nasri has it all to prove and i like his attitude this pre season

  414. Nasri was TR7’s first apprentice.
    He’s improving all the time, the injury was a setback.

    Little Jack is the Master’s second padawan.

  415. Apart from Chamakh, who did Nasri have to pick out with passes today? Arshavin was a passenger. When Hleb played he would have had 2 strikers to aim for as we played 4-4-2. I’m not denying Hleb is a good player but he’s the one who left us in the lurch when we needed him so I don’t see the point of crying over his loss. Arsene would have kept him if he could. Nasri is also 6 years younger than Hleb so he has plenty of time to become the player his talent suggests he can be.

  416. DeiseGooner @ 7:58

    A couple of the goals Arshavin scored against Reina were similar to N’gog’s blaster. Everyone just recognised Arshavin’s brilliance.

    If Almunia helped an old lady cross the street these days he’d still be vilified

  417. Passenal,

    I’ll be more than happy to see him become better than Hleb or Pires. I have nothing personal against Nasri. It’s been two years and perhaps I’ve had more expectations from him, than he has delivered so far. Like I said, with Cesc and RVP playing with him, maybe he could fulfill his potential better. I think his problem lies in playing safe, rather than opting to pick out players in the final third.

    And there is little interchanging of positions when Arshavin is on the field, he hardly bothers to leave the left flank. Two seasons back, we were more fluid in that regard, with a midfield of Rosicky, Hleb and Cesc.

  418. Shay Given has signed for Arsenal according to Warren Barton, an ex-teammate of his at Newcastle.

    so says some cunts twitter 🙂

  419. One thing I loved about Hleb as a player, is his ability to retain possession. It was key to our midfield dominance. Tp many times I see Nasri give the ball away along with the serial ball loser Arshavin it puts continous pressure on the defence.

    One other thing what was Chamack doing up front… reminded me of when we had AA up there alone.

  420. Just watched it back it was Arshavin that gave the ball away.

  421. Can’t blame Al though, it was a great strike to quick for the defence to react too.

  422. Yep i think im gunner leave Al alone from now on he has had enough stick from me, wasnt to blame for the goal imo.

  423. We got out of a nasty opening day away fixture with a point and no serious injuries. I’ll take that.

    A few brief observations:

    Encouraging debuts from Cham and Kos.

    Disappointing game from Arshavin

    PRO:Made a couple of good stops, his distribution was above average.
    CON: Maybe he could have done better on the goal, but it wasn’t a howler. Didn’t like the flapping at the early corner though…

    If Arshavin had scored Ngog’s goal, no Arsenal fan would be calling it a Reina mistake.

    We seem to generate next to no danger from outswinging crosses from the flanks, but much more trouble when the ball is inswinging, particularly from Chamakh.

    Walcott looked sharp, but couldn’t he have slid the ball back to RVP at the end instead of crossing high and deep?

    All in all, plenty of talking points, but the first 20 minutes showed how good we have the potential of being this season. We’re still looking good for a competitive title run this season.

  424. Satisfied with the draw given that my first choice midfield was entirely absent (Neves-Cesc-Song) but annoyed by our lack of cutting edge until Tom came on. After Clichy and Verma took long shots in the first half we took easy option passes instead of hitting it from distance occasionally. I’ll grant you that Liverpool are a hard side to break down, but there’s going to be plenty of other sides who’ll pack two rows of four behind the ball and invite us to break them down and we’ll have to play better than we did today.

  425. whats with the Nasri bashing?? he had a good game today,was our best fukin player wasnt he?

  426. one other note. Disappointed with Eboue’s reaction to his substitution. I don’t think it will have gone down well with the boss. Would not be surprised to see him reverting to Sagna’s back-up after his pouting.

  427. It’s a long hard season. I rather see us start slow then build-up to an amazing title winning end.

  428. Duke,

    I expect a lot from him. Amazing ability. Impossible to take the ball of him.

  429. Ole Gunner, I think Nasri is getting close to delivering consistently. He just needs the confidence to take more risks, which will come with more games and as the whole team plays with confidence.

  430. Nasri is doing just fine. Thirty seven games to go.

  431. i am extremely happy with the result, what a way to begin the season, dammit! This is what the premier league’s about, what a rollercoaster! Marouane played well so im happy abt that, i screamed so loud when we scored, i think i alerted the whole neighborhood!

    Serves you right pepe reina!!

    Oh and isnt it obvious that cesc’s chest infection was from putting on the barca shirt..

  432. The result was as predicted by many and I don’t think its a bad result away from home to liverpool. that is one hard game out of the way. We did not have Song, Cesc and RVp did not start so I’m still pleased with the result. Beleive me not many teams will go to Anfield and score this year , Hodgson has done his homework defensively and they look more solid that last season. We can only get better in the next few games. Reina made my day today with his own goal, it made up for his stupid antics regarding Cesc and the Barca clan.I laughed with joy.

  433. Maria, and definitly better then getting off to a decieving start then being let down!

  434. Still on for the quadruple and another unbeaten season!

  435. Yes we are FG, yes we are!!

  436. strikes me that nasri would be given specific orders of duty today as diaby was as the stand in DM. trying to dribble through the team everytime you pick up the ball as the main creative midfield force is not a reasonable expectation. he kept possesion very well but the shape of the team in front didn’t serve to flatter his contribution.

    its hard to say where his best position is as he is so versitile (like so many of our players). he does not have cesc’s vision and range of passing but he knows how to run into space and he certainly can dribble and split defences – especially when he is running off the shoulder. maybe he is better suited to receive than to provide.

    I seem to remember him on the left flank last year with rosicky behind him and he was very good at finding a shot when he only had to trick the one or two men in front of him. he has good timing and I for one would certainly give him a run out instead of AA once cesc returns. we need to release his ability to shot from mid+ range.

  437. Didnt see the game but I thank God for the result and dont give a backside how we got it.

    This/Our Arsenal team will be awesome this season.

    Ateeb, please dont dis Nasri. The guy is class. I remember in his first season, I said straight that he is a better player than Hleb because with skill he has goals in him.

    Give me Nasri over Hleb.

    Lets not forget he was injured for much of last season.

  438. good christ Yogi! Can’t you get some of these wankers off the blog. Free speech and all that but the commentary on this site (b) during (/b) the game was absolute shit. Reminded me of le moan or that other awful Arsenal blog arse-something. A bunch of tossers all writing comments to eachother and having a proper toss off.

    I thought we were lucky to get out of there with a draw but the spirit remains in this squad. You fight to the final whistle and make your own luck. The draw was well earned at the least. Positives for me were Koscielny, who did not look out of place, Chamakh, who also looked good. Diaby did well I thought and Walcott and Rosicky made a big impact when they came on. Arsenal were much better 11 on 11 than 11 on 10. I would be critical of the lack of attacking instinct, however. Too often I thought Wilshire and Nasri and Arshavin passed up a chance to pass towards the goal and rather slowed it down and worked the ball around the perimeter. I understand this is the modus operandi of Wengerball but I felt like this allowed Liverpool too much time to reorganize their defense and get set. California Gooner is spot on in his reference to missing Hleb. In my opinion he was excellent at attacking defenses. Of course having just watched the DVD review of the 2007-2008 season I am a little biased but he scored a lot of big goals and was excellent at breaking down defenses. I thought we lacked that ability today.
    Overall an excellent result even if the manner of it was less than confidence-inspiring. Wishire did not look out of place either and I loved seeing him get stuck in on Mascharano.

  439. oops… (b) during (b/) is that how it is supposed to be?

  440. bloody hell…what’s wrong now.

  441. I fount it interesting how Arsene changed to 4-4-2 once we were losing the game, taking off Jack for Theo.

    He did the same against Legia with Vela in for Frimpong, and Vela was class then.

    This time Theo didn’t deliver so he decided to send Robin in, fielding a team of 6 attackers. And it kind of worked.

    Obviously those were exceptional cases – against a weak Legia; a 10-men ‘pool, but it’s nice to have a so-called ‘plan B’ for those scenarios when we need to score asap.

  442. In all, a promising performance marred one silly mistake by Jack, passing diagonally across. Al was not at fault. Second half we lost steam, as one might expect; first half we were totally on top, without 6 players. Diaby played well I thought, and to instruction. They parked the bus and eventually we found our way. Very important that we drew in the manner we did, it is the mark of champions. Plenty of players were short of fitness, notably Arshavin, but that’s about right for this initial stage. It’s a marathon, not a sprint.

    This central defence looks very good. Very little for Pool until that mistake. So great however to see Jack in the picture. He’s a tough lad.

  443. When did Hleb score goals?! Agreed on his final ball though and Cesc obviously loved playing with him.

  444. Gris gris – you put the / before the b in the second bit not after it!

  445. TR7 was the best player on the pitch for me yesterday. Always loved his plays which are often very incisive as compared to the other players other than maybe Cesc.

  446. Ole,

    I was very interested in something you said earlier. You said that nasri was good at dribbling, just not good at dribbling forwards. Do you mean that he’s great at dribbling towards his own goal? Its just im struggling to understand when this would be neccesary, If you could clarify this for me it would be much appreciated as I hate loose ends.

  447. I’d say that Ole meant that Nasri’s great at helping the team retain possession while he has the ball at his feet, which is important for the way we play, but he isn’t as direct as he could be. There wasn’t much space to do anything yesterday, but I think we’ll see Nasri start to shine in the home games.

  448. If you could clarify this for me it would be much appreciated as I hate loose ends.

    You mean you hate yourself?

  449. Oneofus,

    Thank you. I see what he meant now, that Nasris good at keeping posession.

    Keysersoze, sometimes I hate myself, like when I’ve eaten an entire packet of custard creams.

  450. New post up!

  451. bloody hell…what’s wrong now.

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