How Is Supporting Arsenal For You?

Consolsbob has taken time out to share a thought or two with you.

So. It’s here. Another season, another campaign full of promise for our great club and it’s supporters. Gone are the disappointments of last season, the old shrugged off with the anticipation of the new. Football, that greatest of games, returns to excite us all anew.

That’s how I want it to be. That’s how it used to be. The reality is that football no longer brings to mind the excitement of that first Saturday afternoon of the season, the rummaging around for the scarf, the feeling one gets when you take a brand new red cricket ball in your hand.

The reality is that we have just endured another ‘World Cup’ with the inevitable failure of an England team, riven with internal strife and short of talent. The dead, tacky hand of FIFA all over the trophy itself, a cynical media building up impossible hopes only to delight in their destruction and finally, the poor deluded fan left bemused and angry by it all.

We have watched as players whose clubs ‘failed’ last season have played their games of ‘should I stay or should I go’ with their agents, existing and suitor clubs, never mind the heartstrings of their team’s supporters.

We follow the stories of clubs, hopelessly drugged on debt, oil money or nationalist ambition looking to discard last years marquee signings in favour of this years must have striker or midfield maestro. We look at the state of the worlds’ economies, see the growing list of bankrupt clubs and wonder or despair.

It is not a pretty picture and yet…there is a way through all this. We, as Arsenal supporters are best placed of all to adopt a new, old way of watching football. That is, to just enjoy the bloody game. After all, we are the supporters of “…the Greatest Team the World has ever seen”.

It is apparent from the Arsenal blogosphere that not many currently share my view. So many have decided that this season is, as my granddaughters would put it, ‘so over’. Lost before a ball is kicked. All that is left to do is wallow in our inevitable defeat at the likes of the ambition of the red and blue mancs and the chavs. What a bloody awful way to follow football. What a truly miserable way to support our great club. What a way to live your life.

I very much hope that we will win the Premiership, FA Cup and/or the Champions League. I think that we have a good chance of doing this. Our squad looks good, stronger in key areas than last year, the players are another year older and I have to believe that injuries cannot be as cruel again and that Arsene has been kicking backsides. However, I don’t expect us to win. There are other very good teams competing for the same trophies, perhaps more of them than last year. I mean, you have to think that sooner or later the blue mancs will find the right combination of star purchases to actually play as an effective team. Fate is capricious.

There, there is the key difference to enable the enjoyment of the coming season. Hope, wish and dream but don’t fall into that media trap of expecting or demanding, therein lies the misery that already afflicts too many. The hours of sad debate in pubs, the rending of the back pages of the papers, the screaming at the television set followed by hours of spreading your misery to all. Worse, is the adoption of the views of Hansen, Shearer and Redknapp, as one’s own. The ultimate loss of self.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Look forward to watching Arsenal play great football, shout whenever we score and hug yourself when we win, which we will, many more times than we lose. Expect that we will concede goals, lose games, perhaps get turned over on occasion. Yet, at the end of the season, hope that we will have amassed enough points to win the Premiership or beaten all those put in front of us to win a Cup.

Exult in supporting a club that actually has a plan than doesn’t inevitably end in bankruptcy. That places value on developing players properly. That has delivered a fantastic stadium. That isn’t the plaything of a billionaire or the convenient vehicle of national promotion. Exult in these things because it means that we will not find ourselves dumped as soon as our owner tires of us, or runs out of money, or finds a better vehicle for their ambition. Exult because it means that we will still be competing at the highest level for a very long time. Exult because when we do win something again, and we will, that we will have done it in the face of financial doping, a lickspittle FA and a pisspoor media.

Feel sorry for the supporters of the chavs , blue mancs and Liverpool. I wouldn’t want their owners, and God knows who will actually land the latter, at our great club. I watch the TV pictures of blue manc fans applaud the spending of another £100 million and laugh. I think ahead to the inevitable come down. It will all end in tears.

For us it isn’t like this. I can still look at my signed picture of Charlie lifting the Cup with Frank on the wall, get my silver commemorative medal of out first Double out of the drawer, feel the excitement of that walk to the ground because we are different. We are a great club with a proper heritage, a very good team, the best manager in the world and every hope of a great season and future ahead of us.

I promise to enjoy that this season, whatever happens. If the chavs or blue mancs buy a title, if the other mancs grind out another campaign beyond their seeming ability, I will be disappointed but I will have enjoyed the season. The FA, UEFA and the media? Pfft! Frankly Scarlet, I couldn’t give a damn.

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. well.

  2. I’d like to be just a fully paid up member of the optimistic,its not about the winning we play lovely stuff arent we great but when we lose especially when we get our pants taken down and spanked in our own back yard i cant fukin help but have a right old fukin moan up.

  3. will you still be typing this shit in another 3 years? probably. you can call me a pessimist, but you’re a glutton for punishment. if you’re happy seeing arsenal whipping the pants off the premier league lower table teams while we ourselves get our arses smashed to pieces by all the big teams – fine. some people are fed up with and don’t find it enjoyable viewing.

  4. So is this a CBob article or is a YW article, I’m confused 🙂

  5. Bob,

    Thank you.

  6. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Nice one, Bob. You can smell it in the air. Wengerball is almost here.

  7. Brilliant article….proper Arsenal,I share your views I just hope we are still in the majority,as I get embarresed when I read other so called Arsenal fans speak about our great club.Dont they see it?If they dont more fool them,then missing the best point of all….Arsenal are a class above,always have been always will be.

  8. 1886 class was created

    Q:How is aupporting Arsenal for you? A:HEAVENLY!!! I believe,not naively, 2010 will bear its fruits but also the future is bright, the future is RED and WHITE! come on you REDS! arsenal for the league this season. To show how strongly i feel about it my email is so you can spam it or send abuse if we dont win it but i feel no no, i know its our year…… and beyond. trust!

  9. you never fail to talk bollocks on here,well done…

  10. 4 more years of wenger and his shit,happy days.

  11. ur all a bunch of moaners,,,shut up watch the match and support whoever plays,,fuckin moaning langers

  12. As an arsenal fan from the Netherlands I don’t care about medals: I just enjoy the football played by the Arsenal and it’s youth and financial policy. And (by the way) is Almunia so much worse than other keepers (except Van der Sar of course)?
    Hope that man city get tenth or something…

  13. fuck off you cunt!

  14. I would happily watch this team never win anything ever again so long as they played the way they do. If you need something to brag about in school or at the pub then achieve something yourself, quit moaning about the club I love.

  15. vince

    thats an attitude of a loser.and wenger himself is just like the rest of you’s.

  16. @ Vince (1:20 am)

    A perfect comment. Most of the Arsenal ‘supporting’ whingers are mostly losers who have no achievement to make them feel proud. I am well endowed in my personal life so I follow Arsenal for their footballing philosophy and the beauty of their game. A trophy is always nice but for me it’s just like the icing on a cake; I’ll happily take a well baked cake even without the icing.

  17. No it isn’t. It’s the attitude of a football supporter and not a fairweather fan. Who the fuck are you to tell anyone else what the attitude of Arsene Wenger is? Or that the greatest, most successful manager in the history of this club is a ‘loser’? Why the hell have you put an apostrophe in ‘you’s’? That’s the grammar of a loser. Fuck off and find another club to ‘support’ you pathetic piece of shit.

  18. Obviously the above was aimed at the closet spud that is gooner2 and not you Bootoomee.

  19. @gooner2

    From your juvenile responses here, I can deduce that you are (i) immature (ii) a moron (iii) a loser or (iv) all of the above

  20. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    AFC13ROL6, 1886 class was created, irish gooner, Gunny, Bootoomee,

    You guys should post more. All proper Gunners.

  21. vince

    You need to calm the fuck down.and I think its better for you to keep your mouth shut.and I know that I’ve made a mistake in my above comment.and who are you are to tell me that?

  22. I meant who are you to tell me that?

  23. Why would I keep my mouth shut? So that people like consolsbob can spend their time and resources writing great articles for us all to enjoy and discuss like adults only for a little speck of shit like you to write a two word comment like “fake article!”? Why don’t you come back when you’ve grown up? Pathetic.

  24. I realistic that we will play well, concede stupid goals and come 2nd or 3rd. But I just want as to beat the spurs and the scum chelsea home and away, I will be satisfied. O and arsenal please wipe the floor with fulham(Hughes is a c**T)

  25. Vince

    I think that I am way older than you.cos you sound like a 12 year you should stop abusing growned people like me.

  26. Fuck off gooner2 and learn something about football as you know fuck all at the moment.

    I don’t know why some people even bother to watch football, they would be better off playing some computer game where they can cheat and win. Wankers

    Great article CB. Warms the old cockles.

  27. “I’ll happily take a well baked cake even without the icing.”

    I like it.

  28. Irish gooner are you from Cork as I seem to remember ‘langer’ being a Cork word.

  29. behind the 8 ball but not nasri

    Fact is, CB, your granddaughters need a little educating.

  30. I would like us to win just one thing this season, even the carling cup. I think Cesc is going to leave after this season and that will hurt. I want him to leave as a winner, not go to Barca thinking “now my career starts”. I love the style we play with, but we need more size and strength in our defense and midfield, to compliment the skill. I love this club, but i’m tiring of Chelsea and Man U fighting off for the trophies every season. I’d like to see if their supporters, who have grown in numbers, follow them in hard times as we have followed Arsenal.

  31. dupsffokcuf

    I do play computer games.and I do love watching arsenal playing on tv or even attenting some of the matches.and I think I know more than you and even your God Arsene.

  32. What a superb blog. A lesson in how to be a football supporter, that a rather large number of posters would do well to re-read.. (well, the one’s that can read.. I rather doubt that gooner2 has the vocabulary.)
    Don’t get me wrong, trophies are nice, but first and foremost I wish to be entertained. I don’t want to see my team park the bus, only getting off to pick up some tin. That’s like eating a chocolate bar before removing the wrapper, yeah, you get the sweet goo, but the stuff you have to eat first tastes horrible.

  33. Shit, are we on repeat? Isn’t this the exact same discussion we had yesterday?!

    It’s like you’ve created this duologue between the evil Arsenal haters and the angelic Arsenal lovers, when no such dynamic exists! Well, quite apart from it being an absolutely pointless debate, adding nothing to anyone’s lives, it’s kind of given the impression to some people that no true fan can be critical of his club/manager/players. Well, straight up that’s wrong.

    Yes, there are twats out there who spout crap like ‘wenger out’ while giving no reasons, they can go fuck themselves. But truly this sanctimonious claptrap about ‘how you should support your team’ is JUST AS BAD.

    Fine, discuss the impact of hungry, aggressive youngsters like Frimpong and Wilshere on the squad, or the work-ethic and willingness to defend from the front of Chamakh, but YET MORE of this TIRED nonsense which basically ends up in people insulting eachother in a crude manner? What’s the point? I thought we’re supposed to be discussing Arsenal, not measuring up the size our Arsenal wieners to eachother.

  34. I think the negativity of MANY Arsenal fans might be the BIGGEST FLAW in the Arsenal squad.
    The reason is that we have a YOUNG SQUAD that quickly GETS AFFECTED by your ATTACKS on YOUR OWN TEAM.

    Thank you for the Article. This is the BEST TEAM in the world for NOT SELLING ITS SOUL by trying to BUY TITLES when it CAN AFFORD TO DO THAT!!!!

    God Bless Arsenal.

  35. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    You’re fucking boring, Lady Arsenal. You’re a miserablist at heart who just can’t come to terms with supporters being obsequious. You’d rather be critical and focus on perceived short comings instead of getting behind the squad. It’s fucking old. Take your mulish crap to one of the blogs that promotes your line of thinking. You’re a thorn in the side of your own team and the sooner you realize that the better off you’ll be.

  36. C’bob this is poetry. Lovely article. The only shame is that you have to point out these self evident truths. That so many fans have so little perspective on what it is to support a football team.

  37. Another thing while I’m at it. New posters to this blog often are surprised by the dedication and commitment of the regular posters to the defence of our great club.
    You weren’t here last year during the battle for the soul of this blog. There were daily fights to defend against the attacks from Le G**ve regulars, there were hideous trolls to be routed but eventuaqlly the victory was won and this blog became an oasis for real considered and unflinching support.
    I think it’s understandable that we are quick to bite and unwilling to lose ground so hard fought over.

  38. Lady Arsenal, agreed. I have been reading this blog for about 3 years and used to love the comments. I would read from top to bottom then refresh. But seriously, can you not be critical and a supporter. I hope Arsene is critical of his players – constructively of course, but he wants them to improve and constructive criticism is a requirement for that.

    Consolbob, is there not another wonderful thing about football: friendly discussion & debate. The abuse that circles anything that is not on the tightrope of the party line in the comments here, I’m afraid is bringing this place down to a level of Le Grove. In fact, I fear there is actually more balanced discussion there these days.

    I will still keep reading Yogi’s well articulated and non-hysterical views on the club I love but the comments are becoming boring. Some of the old regular contributors I think are missed.

    Hopefully having some matches to talk about will get some interesting & friendly debate back here. I mean comment 35 and I don’t think anyone has actually mentioned tomorrow’s game, or for that matter ‘football’.

  39. Sobin the gooner

    Iam proud to be a gooner.’IN ARSENE WE TRUST’.Surely we r the next champions.

  40. Slagging off Arsenal players and their manager on an Arsenal supporters blog is not debate.

  41. Spoken with the usual cbob wit. I dont think anyone is against fans highlighting the teams negatives its just that the positives greatly outweigh the negatives and any fan with half a brain can see that Money whores shiteh and Chelski Pensioners bubble will eventually burst. Youth is the way forward, The world cup is testament to that. I will just enjoy watching some proper football at last and this great team and Arsenius Wengus defy and conquer all the critics.One Arsenal.

  42. I can still look at my signed picture of Charlie lifting the Cup with Frank on the wall, get my silver commemorative medal of out first Double out of the drawer, feel the excitement of that walk to the ground because we are different. PURE MAGIC. That made the hair on the back of my neck stand.
    C’bob You sir are true football fan.

  43. Insulting others who have a different point of view is not a debate either.

    C’mon you Gunners!!

  44. Trying to move on from the slagging match, any thoughts on suprise starters tomorrow?

    Arsene’s good at laying down a smokescreen over team lineup, I think RVP might actually play and it wouldn’t even suprise me if Cesc was in the starting line up too.

  45. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Fuck off to Le Moan, Adam. There’s plenty of blogs where you can go to be critical. Yeah, there are some areas that we can improve. But that doesn’t mean we need to mope around and focus on them every day does it? Get behind the team and enjoy the ride. Life is full of ups and downs and some choose to focus on the ups and some choose to focus on the downs. Simple as.

  46. You don’t have to be a thirty year plus veteran to appreciate what The Arsenal means. I’m a mere 28 and love Arsenal more and more for what it stands for, rather than for its trophy cabinet 🙂

    The future is bright. The future is red and white.

  47. I am 45 years old and have ALWAYS supported Arsenal.I’ve endured times when I’ve felt down and others when I’ve been very positive.This moment,however,is the first time that I’ve actually felt ANGRY.How dare our Manager and Board start a Season with such a threadbare Central Defence.Senderos and Sylvestre might not have been worth their pay and Sol might have seen better days but not to have replaced them is disgusting.We start the season against one of our main rivals with a new signing who has absolutely no Premier League experience and frankly very little in the top echelon of the French League either.The only back up we have is a youngster who spent last sason as a back up central midfielder in the Bundersleague.Djourou is,as usual,injured,not that he’s good enough anyway; and behind our untried CB Pairing we are yet again to be subjected to a choice of Keeper who have proven to both be inept!
    This is complete and utter Club Mismanagement.Not at the same level as Portsmouth,but negligent undermining of a football team nonetheless.Whilst i don’t expect the Arsenal Board to spend vast amounts of money,it was crucial,given previous Seasons’ experiences that certain positions had to be “covered” in greater depth.This has not happened.No wonder the Club Captain wants to leave.Who could blame him when there appears to be so little talent to defend behind him.
    The Club cannot simply look back at the Manager’s previous record-it’s what he’s doing now which is most important!

  48. andy
    It’s either play Cesc and Robin and withdraw them early once they’ve done the damage or keep them on the bench just in case and hope not the need them.
    If Nasri plays as well as he has in pre season and Arsh fires we should be fine. Of course it’ll be a baptism of fire for the Kosc/Vermaelen partnership but everyone has to start somewhere.

  49. Another attempt to hijack and Arsenal supporters blog. Best ignored – the individual obviously needs help.

  50. Stew, given the choice I’d bring them on late when the scousers begin to tire – fitness will be an issue towards the end of the game.

    Agree, Samir has been excellent pre-season and should be a very able deputy for Cesc, and to be fair Chamakh has looked good so would be expected to perform well in the RVP role.

    As for Kos, I’m happy to reserve judgement and build an opinion based on actual performances in competitive games.

    The other thing that makes me happy is that ‘Pool are light up front without Torres – anyone scared of N’Gog? Didn’t think so!

    Altogether I’m started to feel very positive for tomorrow (takes me a while to warm up – come the game I’m usually convinced we’ll storm it!!).

  51. After a whole summer to find a goalie we have two clowns left at the club and yet people here defend arsene.

    £6m a year for winning sweet FA.

  52. I don’t think that some people actually read the articles, steww.

    Either their ideas are so entrenched that their response is reflex, pavlov’s dogs, or they are just using the site as a vehicle for their contempt for the club. Some of the latter will actually be Arsenal ‘fans’, some still promoting the ‘Usmanov’ dream.

    That is why I have suggested another way of enjoying the season. Enjoy football. Remember what it is supposed to be before SKY stomped all over it kicking out the romance and replacing it with fake drama. A bit like when an old and much loved pub gets ‘restored’.

    Personnally I do need to find a way past all that. I actually agree with Lady Arsenal about the pointlessness of waggling our Arsenal credentials at one another. I don’t agree with her views but there are other ways of dealing with the whingers at this time. We can’t fight the same battles over and over.

  53. Lovely article C Bob.

    I am not sure how many people actually love Arsenal and watching Arsenal play. The newer breed (not singling anyone out in particular) would seem to rather check the scores on the internet and would be happy with a 1-0 win instead of taking in every move, every block, every chipped pass, every one-two.

    It is usually the doomers who come out with the ‘non ambitious’ comments to fans who love everything about the club and team, those people are completely missing the point.

    The point is we love Arsenal regardless, we love the players regardless, because they are Arsenal, we love the style because it is Arsenal.

    All of that alone is supposed to make Arsenal supporters happy. It makes me happy that’s for sure. Even if I knew we would finish in 4th (which is apparently the worst thing in the world) I would watch every game and enjoy all the highs.

    Winning is a bonus, winning is something that EVERY single club wants to do, but it is not possible for every club to win all the time.

    I have been lucky enough to watch Arsenal win many trophies over the years from George Graham to the legend that is Arsene Wenger. Luckily for me, my support will last for life and does not have a time limit so I am patient enough for success to come when it is ready.

    If I looked at the squad and our players were all past it mercenaries then perhaps my optimism wouldn’t be so high but guess what?

    Push aside the rage, keep the toys in the pram for a second and think about what is taking place at the club for the future. Don’t judge players as finished articles, think of the development of former greats.

    How many of those are on our books? Its hard to tell 100% but I think the pool is pretty damn big. We are going to dominate football in this country at the very least and there is nothing Man City or Chelsea can do about it with all their millions

    If you cannot see that then I would suggest taking off your non red coloured anti Arsenal glasses.

    What do they say about dogs? well how about this.

    Arsenal is for life and not just for trophies!

  54. On another note, why does gooner2 have a link back to an older ACLF article.

    Oh and in that article I noticed his default avatar picture is different. Hmmmm.

    gooner2 are you going to write a guest post for this site? I would love to read it.

  55. Here, here Bob.

    Can’t say I’m a fan of the Sky era either, I have fond (rose tinted probably) memories of turning up on the day, paying my £1.80 to get in the North Bank, getting crushed and swaying with the crowd as we surge forward, the chants, even the bloke going round shouting PEANUTS! PEANUTS! – anyone remember him?

    There was even this really cute brunette in the 80’s selling the Arsenal lottery tickets that I’d always try to chat up, but alas like my hopes for the new season it was doomed to failure.

    Great days, win lose or draw.

  56. You’re on your own there Mean!!

  57. And 3pm Saturday kick-offs!!!

    Curse you Murdoch!!!!!

  58. Steww, if I turn to the side you will be able to see my tongue firmly in my cheek.

  59. I guessed as much. Seriously though – no. God forbid.

  60. Great post.We should be grateful that despite some cretins rooting for his head,Wenger is staying with us.

  61. It would be highly entertaining though 🙂

    My mind is frazzled about the line up tomorrow. Who is fit enough? who will get the nod? who is ‘short’? (apart from Shava)

    Will Theo continue his good form, will Eboue be brought in for his defensive attributes. Perhaps the latter depends if Frimpong plays.

    Does Cesc go straight back into the team? Does Nasri get thrown back to the right if that happens?

    So many questions. The only certainties are..


    Wenger has three more decisions to make. Any ideas all?

  62. I remeber the peanut man, andy. Flint and I have discoursed on the metropolitan Police Band on occasion as well.

    Remember the white picket fencing? No adverts in the old Highbury of my youth. Just those alphabet boards where you could look up the half time scores when someone got round to putting them up!

  63. OT I know but I just ran my eye over the ‘also ran’ fixture list for this weekend. I find myself in a strange position. Surely it is incumbent upon me to support Bolton over Fulham this afternoon. Jesus, imagine!
    Let’s face it Bolton have a manager who believes in playing football, Fulham have, well, I won’t name him here.
    Isn’t football a weird topsy turvy thing, on the one hand rigid and unbending and on the other hand demanding the most flexible u-turns imaginable?

  64. Fabianski should start in goal ahead of Almunia.I think he will be a good player this season.Almunia and Fabianski can be relied upon,even if the Schwarzer deal falls through.

  65. Almunia
    Sagna Koscieny Vermaelen Clichy
    Eboue Nasri Denilson Arshavin

  66. Fabianski,Almunia and Mannone(good prospect).

    I pity at yhose who say that we have poor GKs

  67. Mean lean
    If there is a doubt over our first choice ball winner and Frimpers is deemed to young/inexperienced we should never forget the defensive nous and ball playing skills of both Gibbs and Eboue who are more than just full back cover.
    I thought Eastmond was superb last season, reminded me of Gilberto but as I expect one of Diaby, Deni or Song to be fit I think the midfield 3 picks itself.

  68. No one’s biting mate – sorry.

  69. Wenger the wa*ker

    Havent we sacked the French shit Wenger yet?

  70. Who is this mug?Fuck off back to your favourite place,which supports Arsenal.We all love Wenger.

  71. Nope still not interested. Carry on the pretend argument with yourself.

  72. Yeah,Steww.He is on a windup.

  73. The Met Police Band – every bloody game…lol

    And the ooooooohhhhhhhh that went up as he prepared to launch the batton (or whatever it’s called), and the cheer at least once I remember when he dropped the bloody thing!!

    Swamp-like pitches, the white picket fence (which I had forgotten), the scuffles at the back of the North Bank, and getting trampled by police horses.

    Seems an age away from the ‘modern’ experience, some things I’d keep, others are best forgotten.

    Oh, and for those who worry about our ‘keepers they should’ve been behind the goal when George bloody Woods let in four at home to Watford – always reminds me how much worse things really could be!

  74. Wenger the wa*ker

    Why dont you mugs talk about Arseh*le W*nker than my club Arsenal?

  75. Coming up for air after we’d scored then scanning the north bank to try and find your mates.
    Brian Talbot.
    Jumpers for goalposts isn’t it mmm

  76. Great article, totally lucid well argued talking a lot of sense. I find it hard to believe that any non-gooners let-alone gooners could not agree with your statements. The misery brigade or anti-arsenal blog sites (two main ones who shall not be named, but we all know who they are!)obviously miss the point of articles like this and in hindsight the vitriolic guff that they come out with would be more suited to the ethos at spurs, chelsea or west ham. Who do they want managing the arsenal the likes of redknapp (as you point out) etc.

    If gooners can’t see the whole picture instead of this obsession regarding money and immediate gratification created by the likes of Sky Sports News, Talk Sport, The Sun and other tabloid associated rubbish, then they are sadly missing the point and for me have a complete lack of understanding of who and what the Arsenal is. Of course we all want to win the premiership and champions league each season and suggestions by some of your readers in the past that some of us gooners have somehow been ideologically (in a football sense!) brainwashed by AW, and that some of us are happy with not winning things and live is some dreamy hippyish optimistic bubble and all is bliss is wrong. We all know that we need another centre half and that gunnersaurus would be a better bet to start in goal than our current keepers (and we are all bloody desperate for the Arsenal to win the champs league before we all go to meet our maker etc), but lets keep it in perspective and look where we are and what AW has achieved for the club as a whole. They sadly lack the memories of standing on the North Bank in the wind and rain in the gloomy winter of 1983 at the fag-eng of Don Howe’s (Arsenal man through and through though) short reign as manager and thinking to themselves where the fu@ck are we heading now etc (remember that Luton FA cup away game). I’m sure many of us have stories like this and they seem boring and clichéd (my old man often cites having to watch the Arsenal through the early and mid- sixties as the likes of Ian Ure plied his stuff for the Arsenal and because of this he is an eternal pessimist with regard to the Arsenal, older fans I’m sure will appreciate this), but the point is it’s a fact that we are now second to none as a football club in the world (not talking just about trophies here)with regard to finance, structure, image, what we represent, our class, our style, our history, our morality, what we do for the game, what we represent, the broadness and diversity of our home and global fan base, what we mean to people, what we give back to football and put into football and most importantly what we stand for. If so-called gooners lack the intelligence to perceive all this and its significance then maybe they should attempt some introspection and admit that they have the wrong type of character and are supporting the wrong club and go and watch spurs or chelsea. Hope we win the prem and champs league this season (if there is any justice in the world, then we will), but if we don’t then we go again next year and the year after… that’s what following your club is all about. I rest me case me lord! Good article as always clear and succinct, keep up the good work. Respects

  77. Thank you Cbob, you’ve nailed my sentiments exactly. There needs to be a bit of romance and pride in the truly unique nature of our club.

    We really are different to all the rest and that’s a source of delight and happiness for me.

    Anyway a strong call to arms on the eve of our season opener – bring it on.


  78. Nice one Nick (apart from the swipe at our keepers).

  79. The aoutor of this article should now that it in certial circles of arsenal fans is FORBIDDEN TO THINK POSITIVE ABOUT THE CLUB AS LONG AS WENGER IS IN CHARGE! Its also forbidden aslong as we do not use over 20M a year on signings. this year we only used 10M and it is disgusting!

    The shit about loving Arsenal?? No respectable doom and gloom would love arsenal without hating atlest 6 of the first team players and all the goalkeepers!
    And talking about trophies??? I mean comon man! No respectable doom and gloom would talk about that and belive that is viable without altest changing those 6 players we hate!

    Oh and last but not least, NO person can be an arsenal fan without being a doom and gloom! One of the privileges of being an arsenal fan is that you can slagg off your own team and spew out misery on the internet! Telling evryone how crap our players are and how crap our manager is and how we will never ever never in the entire world. i mean NEVER win anythign with this group(unless we change 6players and the manager and use minimum 20M on new signing) I repeat NEVER!

    Being arsenal supporter for the doom and gloom is living misery, but hey they love it, thats why they are Arsenal supporers. One of lifes greatest joys is to moan…..

  80. That might be Muppet or does a new star arise?

    I remember being behind the Clock End at one game and two coppers dragging some miscreant to the holding room they used to have there and using his head to bang on the door!

    Those were the days.

  81. Great article Bob.

    I am so fucking excited, don’t care much what happens as long as I get to see Arsenal play. That’s all that matters to me. Sure, I will have some nervous moments with Almunia still lurking in the goal, but well he isn’t that bad. It’s just that we tend to remember his mistakes more than any other keeper because it affects us. I am sure other keepers make enough mistakes as well.

  82. of Club and Loyalty,

    Its not all about medals, its about Loyalty to your club and its products. It makes you proud to follow the kids from academy and upwards, maybe one or to go off to do it well for their country. Maybe one or two win the WC! or the EC! the greatest experience for a player ever! And they came from us! they were developed in Arsenal! What does that say about us as a club?

    I would much rather wait 2 more years and win the PL with players such as Wilshire, jet and frimpong than to buy 4 players this season and win it. For me it is all about Club and Loyalty. It is about being a proud gooner!

    What makes me proud you may ask, when we got no silver to show for?

    The arsenal system makes me proud, how they keep a sensible economy, how they produces stars every year from youth academy (last year it was Eastmond) this year we will see Wilshire and frimpong,maybe nordtveit? maynbe more?

    It is ironic how alot of netural fans and fans from other clubs altest out in europe does look at Arsenal with admiration. While our own fans just doom and gloom.

    Again it is not only about winning, it is about winning the right way. Look at United, when they won in the 90s with a core of own young players. That was magic, that is how i want to win.

  83. Yes, nice article CB. I would be far more comfortable with Almunia in goal than Fabianski, not least because Fab is probably still reliving the 4 he let in at Anfield in the 4-4 draw.

    No denying that it would be good to have our 4th CB in place soon, but there’s still time.

    This is going to be a big season for Gibbs, Walcott and Vela. I’m feeling they are all ready to do some damage.

  84. What result do we want lunchtime? Can’t stand the thought of either of them winning…

  85. A mini meteorite strike on the Fulham bench would be a reasonable start to the season.

  86. Hmm, nice idea bob.

  87. This articule says exactly what I believe. Thankyou 🙂

  88. I just want to have a little moan about the people that are moaning about the moaners. thanks.

  89. Come on Duke, bury your doomer. The article Bob wrote was an attempt to cleanse people like you. Join us. Wear the red tinted glasses, it’s more fun, going into the season with the belief that we can win.

  90. Ateeb, i do believe we can win. but as fans its part of the requirements to be an armchair manager and to know what positions we need strengthning and what players we need ,who has played shit,who is shit,how much ticket prices should be,how much to charge for hotdogs.

  91. Hope begins in the dark, the stubborn hope that if you just show up and try to do the right thing, the dawn will come. ~Anne Lamott

  92. Actually thinking about it ~Marian Bradley summed up the whole debate between Arsenal fans and Doomers thus:
    “The road that is built in hope is more pleasant to the traveller than the road built in despair, even though they both lead to the same destination. “

  93. That’s the best news we could ever have heard. The deliberate orchestrated campaign to destabilise the club’s greatest asset has entirely failed. Joy.

  94. Tough one – I’d never wish the spuds anything, but Citeh are more likely to challenge. Guess I’ll have to go for a draw, but think Sp*rs might nick it as Citeh probably wont gell early on.

    Or hope for a huge ruck and points deductions for both…..

  95. Perfectly put steww.

    Actually Ateeb the article was originally titled

    ‘Well, once we had an easy ride and always felt the same…..’

    Yogi, in his doubtless wisdom, changed it.

  96. Regardless of your view, stability is a much underrated commodity. Time to get behind the team, the manager, and the club.

    C’mon you mighty Gunnnerrrrrrrrs!!!!!!!!!!!!

  97. “Arsenal is for life and not just for trophies!”

    I love it Mean Lean.

    Great article consolsbob – I will also try to remember that because sometimes I get so anxious about certain games that I fail to enjoy the actual performance because I desperately want the team to win to prove the doomers wrong. I need to just enjoy the journey more and forget about them because they will never be satisfied. I must not let them take away from my enjoyment of the Arsenal experience.

    Whilst it’s a shame your article brought out the usual suspects with their usual bullsh*t it was also good to see some new faces to remind us of the many believers out there who read but don’t post. The doomers may shout the loudest, but it doesn’t make them the majority.

  98. YES ARSENE! YESSSSS! God that’s a relief.

  99. Excellent news! Thanks for the link Goteborg Gunner.

  100. Ha, I can’t even be bothered to go and look but the anti-Arsene contingent on Le Grove must be smashing their faces on their keyboards in despair.

  101. Delia-----Block 112

    I love the recollections of the more “mature” of us . Reminded me of a Boxing Day match in the days of Billy Wright and the Beverly Sisters, remember their red coats and white fur hats? I stood on the Western Terrace in a snow storm , we lost 5-1 to Ipswich and I missed the train home, having to get my Dad out of bed to pick me off the Milk Train! Those were the days!
    Can’t wait for next Saturday, I’m just like a kid , can’t wait to meet up with friends on the train, to show off my new shirt and see the boys run out.
    We still need that CB and I worry over the Keeper situation but the beautiful game is what matters to me these days, the perfect pass , the 10 pass goal and the superb entertainment .
    Anything less would not be Arsenal.

  102. Consolbob,

    Well…. All I can say is that was just BRILLIANT. Some points I disagree, but just a genuinely beautiful post.

    Well done!

  103. Devil's Advocate

    Very true, whoever said that the future is definitely ours – we haven’t mortgaged the club to buy so-called ‘superstars’, thank heavens, and we have youngsters coming in who will soon be ready to take on the world and come out on top.

    Having said that, I’m worried that introducing these youngsters too early into the first team and having them face the likes of Drogba up front and Scholes and the likes of Stoke could damage them! I would hate to see promising youngsters like Frimpong and Wilshere and JET lose their health or their nerve – it would be a tragedy. That’s the main reason why I wish we had bought an experienced CB – somebody who will take care of these kids well and truly, and won’t let them be kicked around in any way.

    It was heart-wrenching, watching the promise of Aaron Ramsey teetering on the edge – but I really believe he’ll be back and better than ever this year. But then, as everybody keeps pointing out, experienced CBs are not dime a dozen and I’m sure Arsene has been trying. Thrilled as I am that the new season is going to start, I’m terrified about the impact it could end up having. We have the future in the palms of our hands – I would rather we protected that future than pushed our youngsters forward before they’re ready, to push for the title this year. To really push for the title, yes, we need more depth. But win lose or draw, as long as we don’t do any last time’s Wigan-esque giving up, it should be a season to be proud of for all Gooners.

    Oh, and seeing Fabianski start will drive me straight to the bottle. My nerves simply can’t take it. Though anybody remember how awful Jens was before he came to Arsenal? AC Milan wouldn’t play him after five months, and he even did a handling backpass-conceding freekick-conceding quick goal like Fabianski did, and look at what he went on to be! Some real confidence and Fabianski could be good, but I’d rather he got that confidence out on loan somewhere!

  104. Consolsbob mi old mate. Excellent article. As someone said, it warms up the old cockles.

    And also great memories from the old north bank – with Andy 1886, Steww and Hornsey Nick….what great stories.

    The peanut man…LOL! Good old fashoned roasted nuts.

    Good news about Wenger and Passenal, thanks for posting the video yesterday of Gazidis giving the establishment a good bitch slap.

    The hacks are already creating a story that Arsenal is going for Shay Given. Given has been benched by Mancini who apparently has bowed to the pressure of the footballing establishment and favoured England’s favourite son.

    What a media polava to follow …Given and Schwarzer hand in transfer requests yet Wenger has decided Almunia is staying….LOL!

  105. It looks like Kolo Toure has been stripped off the captaincy at Man City. Tevez has the arm band.

    Steww, to answer your question – I really can’t stand either City or the Spuds winning. What’s with that meteorite – can it hit both dugouts?

  106. Beautiful CBob.
    A profound statement of support from a wise man.

    PS: The old battles will inevitably recur because it is human nature to seek a short-cut to success, to cheat just this once etc., to start the club on the slippery road to demise. We have to always fight for our values. Thanks steww and nasir jones.

  107. I wouldn’t want to see Frimpong start tomorrow. Regardless of their meltdown last year Anfield is still a tough place to go and a bad performance could really batter his confidence. He should be eased in via substitute appearances like Eastmond.

  108. Great Blog. Go Arsenal – the greatest club on earth. forza forza and gooner2 need prescription medications urgently

  109. Like to second DS,

    Great read CBob, and memories from A1886.

    Remember being lifted clear by my old man as a mob rolled and punched their way passed; propped up on a barrier in my parker watching the band at half time, but he wouldn’t buy me the peanuts.

    I do wonder though why people who know what type of fan exists on this site put so much effort into slagging off the stand point of the those here.
    Not the trolls, just people who genuinly feel they have to shout and rail at others supporting in their own way. Its like screaming at a hurricane…… So what if we get our kicks from our Arsenal love in? So what if we are BLIND!!!!! (their caps). Join in or not, but stop SHOUTING at us.
    We like you are not likely to change.

  110. Passenal @ 12:12 pm – The Sun piece on Denilson states at the end ” Interview courtesy 121 Sports Marketing and Consulting Ltd.”
    Denilson seems like a nice boy and a very smart interviewer but like almost everything in the media these days, there is the hand of an agent, advertiser, or government media affairs officer, trying to manipulate us.

  111. I bet Crouch is happy not being on the bench what with being on the couch all week.

  112. It’s back people, its back The Greatest Show on Earth.

    Shay Given benched, interresting.

  113. I am an Arsenal supporter. The brand of football is something that I enjoy watching. It is a creative and attacking style of football. I also enjoy the Youth System that Arsenal has been developing. My view of Arsene Wenger is that he is an elegant man who does not wish to spend money in which he sees no purpose. One might contrast that style with the gentleman who was just jetisoned by Aston Villa for spending the club into difficulties. No question, I am an Arsenal supporter for good reasons.

    Despite my undying support, I reserve the right to be at times criticial when I see problems developing. A good club needs critical evaluation if it wishes to remain fresh and up to the challenge. I am not a syncophant and a football team has to earn my support. I need to see effort and continuing improvement.

    I will not put up with the foul lanuage that I see frequently used on this blog when someone strays from the ‘party line’. I simply move to another blog where there is no penalty for espousing something other than being a blind follower. Politically, I am the same and I believe strongly that there is a lot of dissapointment in store for anyone who follows blindly. Being shunned for having critical analysis reminds me of some Christian Religions who do the same when someone strays from ‘the word’.

    I wish our football club the best and have every reason to believe that this should be an exiting season.

  114. Two Owls, you have every right to have a moan up. its a sign of passion and that you care about your club. ignore the snobbish behaviour of some people.

  115. Fukin el this Hart is fukin good. keeping city in this.

  116. There is no party line Two Owls. We just don’t accept the need to slag off our club on a supporters blog.
    If you won’t accept bad language then it should be a piece of cake to get rid of you if you start abusing our manager and players pretending to be doing something useful or ‘debating.’

  117. He’s having a reasonable day. God how I want them both to lose.

  118. Cbob

    Welcome back from your brief flirtation with Tavistock AFC.

    It’s going to be another great season for Arsenal supporters (especially for those with the maturity to have enjoyed the past five seasons as extended foreplay).

    I’m not quite so confident about Tavistock, though.

  119. What is it with all these precious, gentle souls who feel it is their 1st duty is to slag the club, manager and players and not get ripped in return? Give and take? Me thinks they protesteth too much.

  120. I’ve said it before shotta, if I went to a blog dedicated to, say, making pasta and tried to put up post after post of an anti pasta pro potato nature, and all the while claimed to be pro pasta, well, I’d expect to be told to fuck off.

  121. Exactly shotta, they are allowed to dish out as much abuse of our players and manager as they like, but they blush like delicate flowers when they get some in return. Why don’t they just find somewhere else to spill their bile where the only swear words they see will be directed at the scapegoat du jour amongst the players and the manager. Sadly there are plenty of them.

  122. I pop off to lots of arsenal supporters sites to get news and opinions.

    Some here do not like to hear the vitriol and the critical opinion there. If that’s a sites default then I accept it and read although will not post.

    My earlier point is why do people who know what this site is about feel the need to ‘have their say’

    ( may I add that it’s the comment section not YW’s site as a whole I’m refering to or comments directly to him ).

    No agenda, or party line, just can not get my head a round people moaning about not being understood or allowed to have their say or whatever bleat it may be having spent five minutes getting the feel of this site.

  123. so if someone went on this pasta site and said i think if we added an ingredient to this dish it could be even more tasty, would the owner or other such enthusiastic pasta lovers tell him to fu*ck of and eat potatoes?

  124. Nice one Consols…however, have noticed a rather harsh tone re: Lady Arsenal. She writes from her heart, and her grammar is good. Please be nice to her or she will go ‘over there’ ~ intelligent debate = all good. The others…well, least said soonest fucked off..

    A draw please..and Given to have a serious Irish-moment…

  125. Probably Duke…those pasta sites are nasty!

  126. SWP and Lennon have been rubbish. Truly rubbish.

    Not a football brain between them.

    How any Arsenal fan can have fallen for last seasons pre world cup spuddite rubbish, and spend their time heclkling one of their own, is laughable.

    The Sp*d LB has been one of the better players in this game.
    I assume he’d had some of the same youth coaches as TW14. So, the fact that both are clearly better players then the above, is by design, or coincidence?

    The evidence is on the streams right now.

  127. If you need a corner….Lennon’s your man to get you one.

  128. Grim, the reason is that misery loves company. They cannot bear to see other people happy and just enjoying supporting their team so they feel the need to poop other people’s parties.

    I too visit other sites but rarely post as I know my views will just be drowned in the sea of negativity so I just leave them to it. I prefer to hang out and post here amongst like minded supporters with whom I have an affinity. I don’t feel the need to get into vitriolic arguments with people I don’ know or care about. Following Arsenal is a hobby, which I do for enjoyment. It doesn’t make me blind to things that could be better about the team, but neither does it make me so focussed on what could be better that I fail to see all the good things or the context within which the club has to operate. You can’t always get what you want, but you miss so much if you are so busy focussed on what is missing that you fail to appreciate what you have, while you have it. Nothing, good or bad lasts forever so I prefer to take things as they come.

  129. heh, Duke,

    Hope you’ve got the chance to get down to the cricket this summer, this England team is shaping up nicely before they set off. Shame about Pakistan’s batting, sending too many rookies into the most alien conditions they’ll ever face wasn’t a smart move. But their bowlers are pure class.

    Not sure if Gareth Bale is playing LB! But that is who I meant, above.

  130. It makes me very ANGRY that we go on putting up with Vermicelli and Fusilli Lunghi. They’re both complete rubbish. We’ll never win anything until we get rid of the chef and get somebody to spend £50 million on King Edward and Saxon.

  131. Gareth Bale has turned into a good player after a very shaky start, which just goes to show why patience is required with young players. I wonder if he got the same level of abuse from their supporters?

  132. Very well said Cbob

  133. Did I just hear Schwarzer has been left out of the Fulham squad?

  134. Finsbury,

    Yes the England cricket team is looking very good. the thing is the cricket team has always had good spells of being a top team unlike the football. the ecb could show the fa a thing or two about how to run a sport and help make a national team succesfull.

  135. If true, it might just mean that his head is not in the right place with all the transfer talk or he really does have a minor injury as he alluded to in that alleged interview from Australia.

  136. Warren Barton on Fox Soccer Channel just said that Shay Given was left out of Man City’s squad because he’s on his way to Arsenal. Says he talked with him this week and Given was excited to be leaving.

    Of course in my opinion we really need another CB not a keeper.

  137. squad = starting lineup

  138. One player we could do with from the Man City players who might not make the 25 man squad is Vincent Kompany. He could do a good job as roatation for both CB and Alex Song.

  139. So Wenger is getting two keepers then!!!! great.

  140. DukeGoonem on August 14, 2010
    at 2:28 pm

    I agree. The ECB make mistakes, like everyone, but overall they’re doing well.

  141. Well, there you are. All of you who believe we don’t spend enough. Two teams who between them have outspent us by a shocking amount and one who can outspend anyone in the world.
    Hands up who watched that and wished they supported either instead.
    What a laughable pile of shit.

  142. Good point, Passenal.

    Gris Gris, is Warren Barton known for his trustworthiness? I thought he was a bit of a weasel. That rumour sort of writes itself after Hart’s clean sheet. Great if it’s true.

  143. I am truly disgusted at Fusilli, but Vermicelli is a good player… A sneaky, twisty Italian.. But where oh where is a decent DM like the old Macaroni ?

    ~ Both teams looked pretty decent, tbh..hate to say it, but.. as good as us ?

  144. After all those millions the Man Chavs are a pile of poo. Talk about virtually 11 strangers ambling about. How the f*ck did SWP go to Sth Africa over Walcott?
    David Silva all over the pitch neither going forward or backward. What a waste of 24 million?
    Give me building a team over buying ateam any day.

  145. Cbob:

    Wonderful post. Your writing is superb. I do not always agree with your ideas about the club but your ability to express yourself in writing is wonderful. Myself I desperately want our team to succeed and win trophies again. That is the stated goal of our team and for every team in the history of organized professional sports. However, I admire your attitude and certainly do not begrudge your feelings. I also miss the romance and hate the fact that sport has turned into business. The club we both admire certainly has become one of the best run business in the world so we all have to live with the idea that sport is a business both for teams and players

    I also agree completely with your post at 8:46. All the cursing and blustering about our Arsenal credentials does not help anyone and certainly detracts from the blog. I guess it is inevitable and will not stop. Oh Well. Unfortunately you have to take the bad with the good.

  146. Yes , I kow I may be a bit premature but first impressions are lasting.
    What a waste of over £120 million!

  147. kow = know

  148. What was the score?

    Maybe Arsene is waiting for the manc fire sale – they have 32 players for 25 places so some quality players could be made available late in the window.

  149. Hear hear shotta. Despite the sick media hype that was a typical mid table clash. I know we’re spoiled by the best football week in week out but even on the very few occasions when we don’t play well we’re better than that.

  150. @steww –
    Okay, not much goal threat, but the kind of confidence that we’d all like to see at the back.. Man, this has been done to death, but just a GK like Hart…yep, worth the money.

  151. Bill – it won’t stop as long as sycophantic insincere defeatist surrender monkeys like you keep posting.

  152. Nah, sorry ponyboy, they were both crap. But hey I’m very very biased.

  153. LA,

    Agree the rumor writes itself but Arsenal don’t need to be the destination club. I don’t know Barton’s history but he usually treats Arsenal fairly and speaks well of them on Fox Soccer Channel, which is my only exposure to him. I’ve no idea what sort of player he was for the Geordies. He did spice it up by referencing a personal phone conversation with Given during the week but that could just be the plastic toy phone he has in his playpen. You know, the one with the big, brightly colored buttons that rings the grocers, the school, and the journos.

    Lady Arsenal, you should know that debate is not stifled on here as long as it is respectful and reasoned. The debate on ACLF is simply of a higher class than most are used to. Simply saying “almunia is shite, what’s the problem with the manager who is ripping us fans off by putting out these low class players every week” is not debate, it’s crap. Think out your position, state it eloquently and clearly. As long as it is well reasoned and respectful you won’t get battered.

  154. Great ‘eve of the season’ call to arms, Cb.

    The ACLF rabble needed rousing, and rouse the rabble you did.

    (Of course I mean rabble in the kindest possible sense!)

    I sensed a little trepidation about Anfield in your tone the other day, Cb, and I would like to take this opportunity to ease your worries on the matter by letting you know that we win 4-1. Arshavin and Nasri are instrumental and Chamakh scores on debut. Cesc leads us out.

  155. Pony Boy.

    Tech 9 is our Joe Hart. I suspect Wenger’s choices are either to go on with Almunia until Tech 9 is ready; or bring in an experienced keeper in his twilight to plug a hole until Tech 9 is ready.

    The danger for Joe Hart is that English football needs good news to get away from their nightmare and he is the poster boy right now.

  156. Ponyboy! Welcome back. Maria was asking after you only a few days ago. I told her that I feared you had been rash.

    Hope I was wrong.

  157. Kow = knowledge. A very Buddhist observation.

  158. So spurs are joint top of the league? When does the DVD come out?

  159. Sorry to butt in but great post Consolbob!!

  160. Darius @ 2:39:

    “One player we could do with from the Man City players who might not make the 25 man squad is Vincent Kompany. He could do a good job as roatation for both CB and Alex Song.”

    Agree completely.

  161. to the doomers and gloomers,to the anti arsene brigade,if you dont like it here go somerwhere else,go to le grove or go and support spurs,just go.

  162. – – – – – – – Fabianski – – – – – – – – –
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    Eboue Koscielny Vermaelen Clichy
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    – – – – – – – Frimpong – – – – – – – – –
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    – – – – – Diaby – – – Nasri – – – – – –
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    Rosicky – – – – – – – – – – – Arshavin
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    – – – – – – – Chamakh – – – – – – – –

    RVP and Cesc on the bench.

    Heard it here first.

  163. Why no Sagna in your line up LimparAssist?

  164. thanx for the Neves link Passenal, like some others he’s got a lot to show..

  165. I think Kompany is an important squad player for City. He’s dropped off the radar as a midfielder now with Yaya, De Jong and Barry all ahead of him – but as a centreback he seems to be at worst 2nd choice.

  166. – – – – – – – Almunia – – – – – – – – –
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    Sagna Koscielny Vermaelen Clichy
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    – – – – – – – Denilson – – – – – – – – –
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    – – – – – Diaby – – – Nasri – – – – – –
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    Eboue – – – – – – – – – – – Arshavin
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    – – – – – – – Chamakh – – – – – – – –

  167. Gris Gris @ 2:59 pm – Sorry but I can’t agree with you on Warren Barton. He is a card carrying member of the spend-spend club. He has used his position both in England and and America to try undermine Wenger’s project with his frequent rubbish “He is afraid to spend big.” He may have been chastened by the financial demise of his beloved Liverpool but IMO he is now hedging his bets while going with the conventional wisdom that the PL will be won by either Chelsea or Man Utd.

    Ponyboy – Welcome back. Didn’t you find a senorita in Spain or Greece?

  168. Eboue away from home would just be a great positive move for us to make I think, Passenal. I’m sure we’ll see the safer inclusion of Bacary, I was just playing around. So many great memories of Eboue marauding forward away from home. Would pin back Aurelio and really announce our intent from the off.

  169. That looks very solid indeed, Cb. Here’s hoping Denilson passes that fitness test. O! To be a fly on the goalposts at London Colney today!

    Was trying to get excited about the rest of the prem kicking off today but I just can’t bring myself to give a shit.

  170. Limpar:

    Interesting line up. Certainly would be exciting. You must think Denilson is not ready.


    BS KOS TV Clichy


    TR7/ Super Chamakh/ Arshavin

    2 – 1 to the Arsenal

    Arshavin and Chamakh to score.

    Arshavin and Chamakh will score about 35 league goals between them this year. RVP will get 20. Cesc will get 15. Should be a great year for watching our attack. Hopefully we will have a reasonable year with injuries. I do not pretend to think we will have good luck, just a little less bad luck with injuries would be nice.

  171. Steww @ 2:56:

    I guess we all need an outlet for our aggression

  172. West Ham losing 2-0 to Villa

  173. AW didn’t sound as confident about Denilson as he did about Diaby in the press conference, Bill. But I’m hoping it’s a bit of a smokescreen. Still think RVP and Cesc could well play a part too.

    Great stuff, KS. Trivela cross that led to the 2nd was awesome.

    …Oh what a surprise, prize thug and popular choice of clueless Arsenal bloggers all over – Lee Cattermole has his first red card of the season… on the first day of the season. Well done, Lee. Dickhead.

  174. The referee and linesman decisions have not improved. Villa’s 1st goal was yards offside.
    Still nothing knew in that is there.

  175. Duke, your post at 1.49. very funny, and I see your point.

    No I do not think anyone should be told to F off,
    at the same time should anyone be suprised if they are, here of all places, if they go in ‘two feet up, studs showing’.
    That’s more my point not the nature of the response
    more the suprise of the receiver.
    Gris Gris at 2.49 2nd paragraph covers it nicely.

    Any way if you suggest a bit of basil that at least is being positive.

    enough from me on this.

  176. dupsffokcuf

    For the 5th year running, these referees have continued with the same blunders. They’re there for all to see yet they refuse to spend money to buy world class referees. We will never win the title with this atitude….LOL!

    Interesting that Blackpool are beating Wigan…3 nil even before half time to the Tangerines.

    Complaicency will be our worst enemy next Saturday against Blackpool. They’re up for it.

  177. I can’t see us being complacent if we are aware of that Darius.

  178. DS I think it also show that the pundits haven’t got a scooby.

    Once its on the pitch, anything can happen.
    At least we know we are as well prepared as we can be.

  179. Going to get the new home shirt I think.
    Don’t usually go for names on backs but I reckon I might this time.

    I’m trying to choose between:

    1. Denilson 15
    2. Rosicky 7
    3. Song 17
    4. Limpar 15

    Anyone care to help me out and vote?!

    Hull are 4-0 down to Millwall… Hehehe.

  180. Couldn’t happen to a better team LA. As for the voting, that is a hard one to choose. Deni needs the support – I’ve only ever seen 1 shirt with his name on the back, but we all know you will go with number 4 – it’s in your DNA!

  181. The Fulham goalkeeper MIA….

  182. I think you might be right, Passenal.

  183. ponyboys’ back Maria.

  184. Firstly your a star Bob. Talk about recharging the old battle wear over the close season of the Arsenal faith.

    Ponyboy your BAAAAAAAAAAACCCCCCKK!!!!!!

    And ofcause excellent news on Arsene. How I love that man. Another three years of progress await.

  185. LOOOOOOL…. KNOW BOB!!!!

  186. I have Diaby on mine, personally this season I am not to sure who I will get for my away shirt. Might ger Tommy V I really amwarming to him even though he was orgnally Kolo`s replacement.


    Yet agan, RVP10 looks good to me too.

    Who is taking over the No.9 shirt

  187. Maria…thanks for the orgasmic response…
    Diamondave (?) ~ seems like you’ll be bringing ol’ Poliziano back (sic) too… but but me no butts!

    Man, can’t wait until tomorrow… but suppose will have to, as most of us do..

    Cham to score…

  188. Ol’ arry in for Gallas……

    This is all we need.

  189. Just tried watching football focus after nearly throwing up afer 5 secs with Soccer Saturday… I am just not excited. I feel strangely detached from most teams this year and the league.

  190. Bob Wilson, Mad Jens & now big handed Pat both supporting Almunia. Can’t all be wrong.

  191. both? oh dear.


  192. Lovely article consolbob – A much needed wake-up call in these days of Sky overexposure and media hype where the pressure to win is greater and greater. It seems that people have forgotten that, above all else, the game is to be enjoyed.
    Why is there so much hate also? Fans hate some of their own players/manager and hate other clubs. Why do I have to hate Spurs to be a true Arsenal fan?

  193. Consolsbob – Thanks for taking the time to write a piece. Too many fans live in the right now no matter what the cost culture that exists today.

  194. @thebigM –
    you don’t have to! You just can’t help it.. DNA etc.

  195. You been away pb?

  196. Ponybody – I know, I know. Friendly rivalry is good but there’s too much hate.
    My old man and his best friend grew up around Hackney. My dad was a gooner and his best friend was a yid, they went to both Spurs and Arsenal home games, they both supported their teams, but never had any “hatred” for the other -they just enjoyed the football.

  197. Great post CBob….

    Maybe we can call it: Warm Cider Saturday?

  198. Any Proper Cider Saturday will do G4E.

    I have a lot of time for the point made by theBigM …except that spud fans are just so bloody awful.

    I’ve always found Burnley fans pretty obnoxious too both at Arsenal and Argyle.

    However, there is far too much ‘hate’ in the game. It’s not real hate of course, more the sort people learn from too much Eastenders.

  199. I was just trying to balance Stone Cold Friday CBob

  200. I know, G4E but I think Saturdays are for analysts not romantics.

  201. theBigM, my grandad lived in Muswell Hill in the 1950s and early 1960s. He went to Highbury one week and WHL the next. He was an Arsenal fan first and foremost as that was the club he’d fallen for first as a boy – but he couldn’t resist paying his dues to see swashbuckling sides like Blanchflower’s spurs. It was a different time… tens of thousands would flock to a stadium, regardless of what team they supported, just to see a big star playing for a travelling team.

    My grandad talked about passing hipflasks around, sharing drinks with Geordie’s, Brummies, Mancs. If a travelling team impressed the home crowd sufficiently with their play, then they were applauded as if they were playing at home. More romantic, simpler times.

    One of my best friends is a spurs fan and we can take the piss out of eachother all day long and ‘hatred’ never comes into it. On the other hand I know spurs fans who really are intolerable bores when it comes to their team. High and mighty, snobby without reason, and a real chip on their shoulder about AFC’s success. Big inferiority complex. That modern ‘hatred’ thing largely stems from their jealousy. A lot of Arsenal fans couldn’t give a fuck what happens to spurs each week, but most spurs fans will have one eye on what we’re doing. It explains why you get a phenomenon like J*mes.

    But you know, shouldn’t generalise. A chap called Bentley the Flying Spud came on here the day after the Stoke game last season to wish our boy Ramsey all the best. At the end of the day we’re all football fans.

  202. What, BentleytheFlyingTwat was here? He really is what his monicker suggests.

    The last time I saw hipflasks passed around at Highbury was New Year in 1971 against Southampton. Snow closed off half the ground and we were held to a 0-0 draw by a brilliant display by their custodian.

    I was young then and thought that result might cost us the title. It nearly did!

  203. You have a lovely grandfather Limpar Assist. This is a man that I could have easily tipped a pint with. There is such a thing such as just enjoying football regardless of club affiliation. We are all football fans.

  204. Well said Mr. Bob

    A fresh of breath air!

    Agreed, can we just enjoy the game?

    We have so much to be proud of and this time of “famine” will all be worthwhile. This team will win, No doubt about that.

    If all clubs spend within their means Arsenal would be dominating football right now and Barca would be able to pay their players.

    anyway, I’m gonna enjoy the ride this season thats for sure.

  205. Consols, yes ~ had a virus.. [for geeks watch out for’s called Security Master AV] – It’s not an edifying story , so hope the kiddies are all abed…
    Am living in Spain these days but had to return to mow the mansion’s lawn and re-apply for my benefit frauds…. naturally,as we all do – Maria de la Paz excepted – i surfed some, erm, porn (whoops! Passenal too..) – anyway was not about to share that fuc#er with anyone..even if i could have crawled to the laptop… Then again… heh…good to see you again Consols..
    If that makes sense, this beer is crap!

  206. Love the awaiting moderation bit… YW..who loves a little porn. has obviously got worried about FRAUD!! And no wonder…

  207. Cool ppl on here…in the main!

  208. Chavski just mauled West Brom 6-0. Didn’t see all of of the game but they are pretty much what they were at the end of last season (with the notable return of Essien). Note I didn’t say as good as because they had some rocky moments towards the end of the season, notably losing 2-1 to Spurs followed by their hammering of Stoke and Wigan. There is a pattern here; not so good vs good teams but rampant vs bad teams.

  209. Great stuff Bob. Hits the spot.

    In a world that is going crazy, where the blue mancs, as you put it, have spent £401 million to try to buy the title, it is nice to know that there is a club that is assembling a great team, sticking 2 fingers up to the pundits, the media and the spoilt brat johnny come lately supporters, who don’t yet know the meaning of support.

    Anybody know if Denilson, Song, Cesc or VP will make the squad tomorrow ?

  210. Oh, and I am sure you will all welcome me in applauding the contract extension of our magnificent leader, Arsene Wenger, who has committed for another 3 years from the start of next season.

  211. I don’t think anyone’s under any illusions here – Chelsea are the team to beat.

    I just think the hunger and desire of a team desperate to win something for the first time will tell out against a team of diamond encrusted old nancy boys that’ve seen it all before. The power of superior team spirit, friendship and togetherness will surely prevail over the course of a season. We shall see.

    I suppose United will want to have a say about all this too.

  212. Quick! PANIC! Arsenal are 12th in the league. It is time to sack the manager and replace him with Ian Dowie. This is a disaster. Please, please, please help me. I knew we should have dropped Fabregas as captain and replaced him with Robbie Savage. He’s got know heart for the team now that Barca want him. And whilst I am here moaning about how my team are so terrible, why can’t Wenger buy a new Buffon or another world class goalkeeper?

    What does the man do with all that money any way? He just buys a million kids like Silvestre and Gallas. Useless.

    Bring back George Graham. I am sure he could be persuaded to return if we throw a few brown envelopes stuffed with wads of cash. What does James think? Surely he must agree with me.

  213. Life is terrible, therefore I am.

  214. Same old tired story, Big Al.

  215. ..but I do love this “…diamond encrusted old nancy boys…” Surely not!

  216. Robbie Savage Arsebaggins ? He he.. he would provide entertainment value if nothing else.

  217. Robbie Savage! He is a creative midfielder. Have you seen what he does with his legs? Genius of a player and he is as English as the welsh come. Joy to watch when he doesn’t have the ball and can run rings around donuts. Brilliant.

  218. But back to reality! I just hit the big red panic button in the Arsenal Submarine. We are in 12th position FFS! Lets replace Wengerball with Ian Dowie. I think he is available if we kindly ask.

  219. Shame about Freeman. Poor leg. Injury curse bites again.

    My sentiments exactly Consolsbob.
    If you let it go any further than that then your in trouble.

  221. Arse baggins… Ian Dowie? Inspired choice inded!

  222. “• Arsenal scored more goals from outside the box (19) than any other team in the Premier League last season, nearly twice as many as any other side.” BBC. Makes you wonder why people listen to the so called pundits and spout bollo*ks afterwards about Arsenal not shooting!!! Lazy Jornalisim

  223. We also only conceded 1 goal more than chelski from set pieces, but of course we are well known to be rubbish at those!

  224. Perhaps the BBC get confused between sports.

  225. Passenal! But Chelsea had a pretty atrocious record last season with set pieces.

  226. And aren’t they supposed to have a world class goal keeper and defenders that we should covet?

  227. bradys right foot

    Evening left footers can’t wait til tomorrow expecting a very tight game and to be honest would take a point. Have a feeling the goal keeping saga will take a twist wouldn’t be surprised if Schwarzer doesn’t pass the medical.

  228. Wenger in the Telegraph today “If you are a great musician, you want to play with an orchestra where you have the best musicians. If you offer the guy the chance to play in an orchestra with poor musicians, he will not be happy.”

    and yet he chooses to keep Fabregas at Arsenal against his wishes. mark my words this situattion will come back to haunt us on the field.

  229. He is allegedly out with a back injury BRF, so it wouldn’t surprise me either unless he is just coming as coach and back up rather than first choice as many expect.

  230. Good news, Luke Freeman’s leg is not broken.

  231. I have to say that it’s satisfying to see all the experts finally getting wise and almost uniformly predicting Arsenal to finish in the top 4. Last couple of seasons many have had to eat crow, and maybe they have finally learned to stop underestimating us.

  232. We ve got Arsene Wenger… We ve got Arsene Wenger!

    Till 2014…

    Best news yet!

  233. Did barca play sevilla?

  234. Indeed they did. Sevila were winning 3-1 when I last heard.

    Don’t think it was Scumalona’s strongest side though.

  235. Team Spirit don’t forget, “we’ve got Arsene Wenger”.

    1 Arsene Wenger
    only 1 Arsene Wenger

    till 2014. Great news. As is that from Passenal about Freeman.

    Brain of Britain Chris Waddle thinks we will not be in the top 4.

  236. Here’s a stab at a Premier League Managers Index (Based on a combined score of managerial ability out of 20 and classy demeanour out of 10).

    1. Wenger 18+9 = 27
    2= Hodgson 16 + 9 = 25
    Ferguson 18+7= 25
    4 Ancelloti 16 + 8 = 24
    5 Moyes 14+ 8 = 22
    6 Grant 14 + 7 = 21
    7 Redknapp 14 + 6 = 20
    8= Di Matteo 10+ 9 = 19
    Mancini 12 + 7 = 19
    Bruce 12 + 7 = 19
    McLeish 12 + 7 = 19
    12=Martinez 8+ 9 = 17
    Hughton 10+ 7 = 17
    14= Coyle 12 + 4 = 16
    McCarthy 12 + 4 = 16
    16= Holloway 10+ 5 = 15
    Hughes 12 + 3 = 15
    18. Allardyce 12 + 3 = 15
    19. Pulis 10 + 1 = 11

    A.Villa TBD

    The essence of this index is that you will be most penalized if you are an average manager and a complete wanker.

    Holloway has the potential to be either a lot of fun or a complete tit this season, so his score could change dramatically.

    If Phil Brown was still in the league, he would have the lowest points score by a distance.

  237. @dupsffokcuf

    I said experts!!!

  238. Good point Lagooner. I find that appy arry seems to be a bit high on your list when most of the clubs he has managed are bankrupt and in the lower divisions.

  239. Pullis, Allardyce, Hughes & McLeish: – classy demeanour = – 5

  240. Nice chipped passes by Yaya today.

    Clearly fancies himself as the new Diaby.

  241. I find McLeish comes across as quite a nice chap or am I missing something?

    Hughes is a prize tool…..and Allar-dice-some-lard-and-blend-it-so-i-can-drink…..well have you seen that picture of him adjusting his tie in his column for the sun? He is anti charm and intelligence. A foul brutish turd of a land mammal.

  242. McLeish did not come across as a nice guy when Taylor crippled Eduardo.

  243. McLeish is a Ferguson Protégé.

  244. dupsffokcuf

    I missed what he said post-match….I just seem to remember him being all sweaty and unable to look at the interviewer.

    Still, you immediatley lose points for being associated with Birmingham football club I suppose.

    I’m elated about the Wenger contract news. I was worried he wouldn’t extend….especialy after the abuse he had to put up with at the Q and A a year ago. Long may he stay.

  245. His word at the interview were what all the newspapers have repeated with every injury since.

    “He is not that sort of guy, Eduardo was just to quick.”

    Same old retarded bollocks (comes from SAF) the media produce to all our injuries.

  246. My day has been made with Wenger signing a three year extension to his contract. This makes me very happy.

  247. They miss the point I know. I dont think any of the injuries were intentionaly inflicted on our players. But that isn’t the point.

    The point is that the moment a player decides to slide in like that they have to be 100% sure it is safe and they get the ball. If they don’t then they run the risk of something bad happening. They must be held responsible for taking that risk.

    If I run outside my house with a blindfold on swing a cricket bat about I’m pretty sure I’m still gonna get done for assault even if I didnt mean for someone to get clobered.

  248. amen. well done.

  249. What, Arsene signed a new contract???? What a load of bull. I was applying, too, and I clearly stated my experience in my CV. After all, I managed to win the league 20 times in a row with Arsenal on Footie Manager. Why does some mediocre manager get picked over me? I would have been able to guarantee trophies for the next 10 years!

  250. Revised index based on good feedback. Had forgotten about McLeish’s defence of Taylor. As far as Harry goes, it sounds like he just was given what he wanted when he asked for it. His leaving Pompey for Southampton was scummy, but he received his karmic retribution for that.

    1. Wenger 18+9 = 27
    2= Hodgson 16 + 9 = 25
    Ferguson 18+7= 25
    4 Ancelloti 16 + 8 = 24
    5 Moyes 14+ 8 = 22
    6 Grant 14 + 7 = 21
    7=Di Matteo 10+ 9 = 19
    Mancini 12 + 7 = 19
    Bruce 12 + 7 = 19
    10=Martinez 8+ 9 = 17
    Hughton 10+ 7 = 17
    12= Coyle 12 + 4 = 16
    McCarthy 12 + 4 = 16
    McLeish 12 + 4 = 16
    Redknapp 12 + 4 = 16
    16= Holloway 10+ 5 = 15
    Hughes 12 + 3 = 15
    18. Allardyce 12 + 3 = 15
    19. Pulis 10 + 1 = 11

  251. Fantastic piece CBob. There was a time when I thought every Arsenal fan felt like you do, because it was how I felt every year since 1971, and from a distance. I felt so proud and so wanted to met other Arsenal fans. I felt being at a distance I was robbed of this love of the team.

    Then I discovered, I am still horrified by this, that there was an element within of brutish cycicism, fear of failure and ignorance; and worse that this was fuelled by xenophobic views, and spoiled brat ‘consumerism’ around ‘winning trophies’ and ‘buying big names’. I was appalled, just as when I heard a section of racist Arsenal fans sing, in 1977, “Liam Brady is white”.

    Then I discovered the ACLF community and its characters, CBobo chief among them, and many others, and my romantic notion of how football should be played, watched, analysed and supported, how others shared my view of Arsenal and so my joy was renewed.

    thankyou! CBobo.

    You can always tell an opinion by the people it keeps.

    For today, my beautiful little boy, 5 months old, dons his Arsenal shirt. I can’t take him to the bar, the noise will scare him but that’s OK, we will invite friends, cook meat on the fire (nyama yeku gocha), drink a little and get organised around the screen.

    I am loving every minute of this season, and it hasn’t yet started! Come of the Arsenal!!!

    (I thought ManC played well terribly and made totts look good, chelsea looked good, athletic, but WBA were awfully naive).

    Hello Ponyboy!

  252. arsene 4 life..gunner 4 life…proud to be gunner

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