Stone Cold Friday: Welcome to the Arsenal Rollercoaster Ride

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Anyway, emerging from the mist like a hero in a novel written centuries ago, here’s Darius with the first of this season’s Stone Cold Friday’s.

I can’t begin to tell you how relieved I am that good old fashioned Wengerball is back on the menu. Every summer, I’m convinced that the Arsenalitis I and thousands of others suffer due to lack of proper football is more vicious and more brutal than the time I decided to quit smoking cold turkey.

I’ve consulted long and hard, high and wide as to whether I should change my customary pre-match rituals for the season. With my better angels shouting down my resident demons each time I try to contemplate some of the suggested (and sometimes insalubrious) rituals, I find myself praying and hoping that perhaps the only rituals we need are those that appease the injury Gods so that they can smile down on us this season.

A lot has been said in the summer about what the manager and the club need to do to change our fortunes during this campaign. I get the sense that there will never be a satisfactory consensus as to whether Wenger has done enough to give us the best chance to fight for the title.

Right across the world, passions are running high within the Gooner nation. Many will still have the memories of the anti-climax of last season at White Hart Lane and the DW stadium etched firmly in their psyche. Those 2 matches against the Spuds and Latics were a representation of the pain that millions of fans endured when the team capitulated on the home straight having fought a gallant battle for most of the season.

And yet as the team stand in the tunnel on Sunday and stare firmly at the “This Is Anfield” sign strategically placed to intimidate the enemy, you can’t help but wonder whether the demons of the seasons past have been slain and buried and that the boys are ready for the new campaign.

I think it’s fair to suggest that Liverpool is as nervous as we are because firstly, Arsenal is unpredictable; and secondly, we do love scoring at Anfield. Liverpool though, has pride to play for and that makes them a very dangerous proposition. I find it hard to believe that they’ll have as bad a season as they had in the last campaign.

Nevertheless, it’s certainly not a game for Arsenal to fear, and it’s exactly the sort of game that has the ability to galvanize the Gunners for the first stretch of this campaign.

Last week’s visit to Warsaw left many an Arsenal fan baffled and not knowing what to expect, especially when we had our first choice back 4 on the field; and in the second half, all our full backs. Having sailed through the preseason, the match against Legia shocked many out of their comfort zones.

My sense is that it was all part and parcel of our world renowned rollercoaster ride. The kind that makes the hairs at the back of your neck stand up; the kind that makes you hide behind the sofa when there’s 90 seconds to go and we are still looking for that winner or equaliser.

It’s the kind of ride that makes you scream in ecstasy at the sublime and scintillating attacking football that is delivered with panache; yet leaves you in despair as you feel like punching through the telly and bitchslapping all our defenders and goal keeper for letting in a shocking goal.

It’s the kind of ride that makes you proud and privileged to have watched a team grow and mature together; yet still test your patience and resolve with the inconsistency that comes with development

It’s the kind of ride that keeps you shamelessly smiling all week when the Arsenal win emphatically; yet when we lose, you feel that you don’t want to face your peers at work or down the pub, and will only get out of your bunker after the next game when the team can salvage a modicum of respectability.

I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait for the damn rollercoaster ride.

To Hell with those pundits and hacks who sit on sofas in the TV studios with their cheap Mataland suits and tired clichés that they pick from the bag behind the sofa. Let them continue to suggest that Arsenal won’t challenge for the title unless they buy 2 or 3 world class players.

News flash: Arsenal doesn’t buy world class players, we build them.

To Hell with the Anti-Arsenal Arsenal fans who are more content spending their energy whining and moaning about competing with financially and morally bankrupt football clubs.

News Flash: We believe in Arsenal and the ability of the club to win and win in style, and without losing focus on the vision of the club.

I hear some people complain and moan about the fact that players are leaving and we aren’t replacing them. How better to replace them by turning to our rising stars like Kieran Gibbs, Jack Wilshere, Aaron Ramsey, Jay Emmanuel Thomas, Emmanuel Frimpong, Craig Eastmond, Havard Nordtveit, among others?

Our time has come and this is our season with this team.

Many will jump and suggest “…but surely Darius, we’ve been here before and we still aren’t there yet and we need 2 or 3 world class players…”

I would suggest, get your ticket, jump on the rollercoaster and let’s enjoy the ride for the season.

There used to be a time when supporters were supporters; and customers demanded their consumer rights and the right to moan by virtue of spending their hard earned money. I forget at what point the lines became blurred and Arsenal accumulated customers who didn’t like the look of the roller coaster and rather than get on the ride, they decided to stand on the sidelines and throw stones at it because they didn’t liked how it looked and ‘had the right to throw stones at it’.

So he’s got that off his chest. ’til Tomorrow.

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  1. Could I be 1st?

  2. Get in there!

  3. I’m glad now I wet the bed

  4. Woah this is one early SCF.

    Come on you gunners!! Great stuff darius. We’ve got the team. We look like we have a bit more resolve and confidence. F@CK getting more world class players, like you say we make them.

    Roll on sunday and the season. Were gunner storm it.

  5. finally some optimism

  6. Shit! I was thinking out loud that time

  7. mind blowing, Yogi

  8. oops darius i mean

  9. I think we have agreed terms with Schwarzer.
    Now for a proper CB, please

  10. my sentiments exactly

  11. Quit smoking cold turkey? I never even tried smoking cold turkey!

    Tried smoking a dried banana skin once…

    Oh I do like a good Stone Cold Friday.

  12. I agree about the philosophy but we NEED an experienced Keeper & CB from outside to complement the array of attacking talent & the young talent waiting in the wings. That’s plain to see common sense not a request for fantasy transfer spending.

  13. Spot on Darius.
    AAAs, hacks, pundits, fuck ’em all, We are the Arsenal!

  14. If Arsene had gone out and brought Frimpong, Wilshire, Lansbury and JET would all the naysayers have been happy.
    Because I’m sure most other clubs fans would be drooling over such talented acts coming to their club.
    Add Kos and Chamakh to the mix and the arrival of Schwarzer and all of a sudden Arsene has added more players to his squad than most clubs have so far. Most already conversive with the Wenger way.
    I just don’t get the negative blogs and comments obviously written by part time fans who don’t really understand football the Arsene way. It’s great to read a positive narrative. Thanks.

  15. Thank you. Nice to see that some true supporters still exist.

  16. I can’t wait for the EPL to begin! Today I watched replays of the games we played against Boro during our unbeaten run (the 5-3 win) and Blackburn when we went behind after a few minites but came back to win 6-2 at Highbury. Our players were really fast and eager in our attacks and general play and with a sense of urgency – something that we lack sometimes these past few years! I also watched the 4-2 loss to ManUre at Highbury when Alumnia was maning the sticks – which confirmed that Alumnia lacks that something that would make him a good GK – it is not for lack of experience! Cesc was, well, the Cesc we know even at that early age!

  17. *Clap clap clap*

    Glad to have you back Darius. Yourself and Yogi are a great combo. Well done to you both.

    I also love the fresh injection of Arsenal talent coming through into the first team squad. How much would it cost Chelsea, Real Madrid and Manchester City to buy a Jackola Wilherealdo with exactly the same talent? Or Manchester United picking up Jayrino Thomasiza from Italy. Big bucks!

    These players will not satisfy many fans because they haven’t cost way over the odds from another club.

    Arsenal have spent so much time and effort on the youth system so that we don’t always have to spend heavily in the transfer market. We can make our own internal signings every season in the near future such is the quality coming through.

    I would much rather we didn’t spend huge and be where we are than Aston Villa under O’Neill and be in their position, thats for sure.

    I am sure Wenger hasn’t finished in the transfer market and will add the finishing touches to our squad to make us compete again, hopefully a little stronger this year.

    Van Persie

    There is so much to look forward to, so many players on the upward curve, so many players to take steps forward.

    I am ready for another exciting season for the Gooners. Fingers crossed that Arsene and the coaching staff can work their magic on our weaknesses and that the work put it will become more and more evident as the season goes on.


  18. Willo stole my thunder a little there, his comment did not exist at the time I was writing my own.

  19. This is the year

  20. Well said Darius.

    There were times last season when the title was so clear in sight and then there were times when I thought we lost sight too early. Then I got my season ending supporter injury, the run in.

    I would like him to get a lot of playing time now but I predict before January Gibbs will be 1st choice left back.

    Now I will become spiritual again and pray for a successful season.


  21. Come on, we Arsenal fans have always been a massive bunch of moaners! It’s just that now every twat can tell the world his sentiments through the frankly ridiculous number of pirate Arsenal sites. Ahem.

    Yes there are reasons to be positive, and not just because EVERYONE else is being negative. This time of year I’m always the same, we have a clean slate. I predict us to win the title, as I always do.

    But if we still can’t defend, still can’t deal with 10 players sitting deep for 90 minutes, still don’t have a go from outside the box, still don’t give 100% effort every game, still find excuses like money or injuries, then I will be certain that Wenger’s time is up. I mean, 5 years and the SAME problems EVERY year, it’s a piss take. He’s had long enough to get it right.

    And if you newcomers tell me to do one, jumping on to the whole ‘no Arsenal fans can criticise’ bandwagon, then I tell you to stop pretending you’re Arsenal, and support your local team, FC Abuja or the California Sperm Buckets or whatever they are.

  22. fuck off lady spud

  23. Ahh didums, 5 years without a trophy and it’s time to get rid of the manager.

    Good job the manc fans didn’t get rid of SAF after his poor return from 1986-93 otherwise they would be a few trophies less.

  24. Excellent post DS.

  25. Come on Gunners!!!!!!!!

  26. Mongolian Gooner

    One ticket for the RollerCoaster, please.

    And keep the change for DGs.

  27. Karim, stop wanking and do your homework.


  28. God, I can’t f*cking wait for it to start again. It has been way too long without Arsenal. Come on you Gunners and show Liverpool how it’s done. But first, please some nice opening day losses for ManU, the Chavs and those that needn’t be mentioned.

  29. I think we’ll get off to a good start this season.But that’s because we’ve only got weak to modest opposition in our first six matches.Blackpool and Bolton at home should be certain wins.
    The fixtures have fallen kindly for us early on, but in October we play Chelsea and Manchester City.That’s when we’ll come back down to earth.Wengers criminal neglect in failing to strengthen the team will haunt us after that.
    “In Arsene we rust.”

  30. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Fucking brilliant, Darius. You are a true beacon of support that everyone should tune in to. A proper Gunner through and through. It’s guys like you and YW (along with the rest of the regulars that have been holding it down. You know who you are.) that make me proud to be a Gunner. All these other second guessing cunts can fuck right off in my book.

    Arsenal. Long live Le Professor.

  31. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Karim you sir are a legend.

  32. Up yours, “Lady” Arsenal.

    I follow both Arsenal and my local team Melbourne Victory religiously. Who are you to say who I can or can’t support?! What right do you have telling non-English/Londoner fans what to do?

    Stop taking the piss you BNP-supporting spud!

  33. Who else finds SPECTRUM’s avatar a little ironic?

  34. Good post Darius, always like something to look for on Friday. Let the games begin!

  35. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Bwahaha. He’d do well to follow his avatar’s lead, Damien.

  36. Lady Arse is injecting some much needed objectivity onto this blogsite. We can be optimistic that we’ll do well, but pointing out obvious pitfalls and deficiencies in the team/manager is simply being honest. Just because it isn’t necessarily what you want to hear, doesn’t make them any less valid.
    My personal view of the state of things at Arsenal, (after a balanced analysis) is that we’re stagnating. And this is due to the managers inflexibility on and off the pitch. Hence my signature phrase ( below ).
    Others will have a different view. O.K. but if so, express it without abusing those who disagree.
    “In Arsene we rust.”

  37. I dont have a problem with people criticising our team, manager or players. I dont think most Arsenal supporters do either.

    I think youre misunderstanding disagreement.

    I dont agree that we are stagnating at all. In fact, I believe we are blossoming.

    We were averaging close to 4 goals a game for the first quarter/half of the season, up until van Persie got injured. When he got injured, Bendtner was out as well as Eduardo. We were thread bare in attack and thats what stagnated our goals.

    But to say overall we are stagnating is not only ridiculous but begs inquiry to whether you actually know what youre talking about.

    Your signature, whilst witty, shows that youre on some sort of agenda, your mind is already made up. Arsene Wenger must go, or Arsenal will never win anything.

    Right from the get go your opinion doesnt matter. And your posts will be responded to accordingly.

  38. Great post Darius. You more than anyone else sum up what I feel right now to the tee.
    As far the attitude of some true & local Gooners towards the phoney foreign “fans” is concerned, I find it to be pathetic at best. The premier league & its clubs can afford to buy international superstars in part due to the money that comes in from selling of broadcast rights for the league & cup games to these very phoney foreigners. Little perspective is what is required.

  39. Damien – Yes my mind is already made up. I am FIRMLY anti Wenger. This is a conclusion I have come to as I said, after a balanced analysis, and after following our fortunes for the last five years. In the earlier times, I was an admirer of his, and supported his aims and methods.But his character flaws and rigid thinking are leading the club nowhere.
    I’m honest enough to recognise and admit this, and have consequently changed my opinion. For example, you mention we were threadbare in attack.That is directly due to Wengers neglect. First, he should have known using foresight, that we would get hit with injuries, and planned accordingly, ( especially given our record of injuries ). He didn’t. Then a second mistake. He had the chance to bring in a replacement striker for RVP, but chose not to.He stuck with what we had, and we fell short. Investing at that time could have made a crucial difference to the seasons outcome.
    Poor judgment and decisions inevitably lead to lack of success. When this happens repeatedly and over a long period, that amounts to incompetence.
    “In Arsene we rust.”

  40. Guess what Spectrum, nobody gives a SHITE.. that is my firm opinion.

    Can’t wait till Sunday for when the Arsenal boys come out all guns blazing, with Nasri, Walcott, Chamakh, Kosc etc all raising a few eye brows. This team has been on the verge of success for the last 5 years, only injuries and bad lack has prevented it to be with us already.

    You anti-arsenal or Wenger pricks are just a bunch of low lifes who can’t take any enjoyment out of supporting such a great footballing club. FUCK the Trophies, FUCK your expectations, FUCK yoruselves, I will enjoy my football, no matter what shit you spread on this blog.

    Great post Darius, a true supporter

  41. Do you not realise that we’ve been exactly here, having the exact same discussion for the last 5 years? I’ll forgive you if you haven’t been an Arsenal fan that long, or if you’re not really that bothered you just like soccer and Arsenal play great ‘ball’ and you’ll watch the odd game. You can just fuck right off your opinion is worthless. For all the rest, if you want to dispute any of the following points, please do:

    We do not have the collective will to defend as 11 men.

    We are physically weaker in the challenge than almost any other team in the league.

    We start games very slowly, allowing the opposition team a foothold in the match.

    We have 1 way of playing (the most beautiful way) and our plan B is more of plan A.

    We do not appear to do ANY set-piece training, either offensive or defensive.

    We turn down about 100 shooting opportunities every match in search of a perfect goal.

    Every team see us as soft, and deliberately try to put us off our game with crude tackles and physical aggression, which often works.

    To be honest, I think that’s enough, though there are more. Every one of those is so old they are now cliches. You can be the positive one for so long until you reach a point where you just get pissed off. Wenger is a genius, but that’s why I expect more from him.

    It’s like he’s trying stubbornly to prove all these points to a world which doesn’t want to listen, about how to play football, how to run a club etc. But we HAVE to compromise. Football has always been about BALANCE. We have to respect English football, and what it represents, and embrace it more. We’re an English club. Hell we played terrible football under Graham, but that defensive style is part of our tradition. God knows it paid big time for Wenger when he took over that defence, and that defence subsequently taught the Vieiras and the Henrys what English football is all about.

    I care. I care probably more than you could ever comprehend. But I am losing my patience. This is the season when we learn from all our mistakes. If we haven’t, then we never will. I don’t think we’re stagnating at all (that guy with the lame moniker just likes to stir up shit) I just don’t think we’ve improved. If another season goes by and I see the same things yet again, I think we’ll need a change.

  42. I DON’T see the point in criticising the team. But that’s just me. I never have. What really is the point? (and that is not a question looking for an answer). Any roller-coaster ride is there to be enjoyed so ride it with a big grin on your face, laugh at the enjoyably, scary moments and yell for joy at the highs! Those that whinge are the scared ones who cling on tight and can’t look for fear. Fuck ’em all! We are Arsenal!

  43. Lady Arsenal

    Plan B was bringing players like Ade, Bendtner, and now Chamakh. If as you say you were watching Arsenal long enough, you will know we couldn’t perform a long ball – hold up play – then bring others into the game. Those 3 players are a plan B and have worked.

    Collectively will to defend.. that is just bullshit, it ain’t about will, its about organisation. When you have 6-8 major injuries a season, in a team which has been transformed, and in a team which plays to the highest of tempos… maybe this is too much for you to comprehend yes?

    No set-piece training… we conceded 1 goal more than Chelsea from set-pieces last season so go figure. Vermaelen, Gallas, Bendtner get their fair share from set-pieces, and Chamakh will add to that, so too will Kosc and Djourou.

    Your points are not valid, learn how to support and get excited. If you don’t or cant bring yourself to get excited with such an amazingly talented bunch of players then only you miss out.

    So instead of telling people from overseas who admire Arsenal to fuck off because they slate you for your negativity, you should take that as a serious insult that your support is being questionned.

  44. Joles,

    I think (as a long term season ticket holding British gooner), your point is fair and well made.

    Apologies for the xenophobic outburst of the other blogger. I can ony assume that it is a particularly bad time for her personally at the moment and that her choice of words display nothing deeper.

  45. Ah, Chris Gooner – True to form, I see. Abuse as a substitute for rational debate. Still waiting for you to list some REAL criticisms of Wenger. Can’t allow yourself to be truly HONEST and concede he does have some ?
    If you need help in coming up with a few, try going to le Grove. The FREE THINKERS there will be delighted to assist. Guess the reason I never see your posts on there is because it would be too threatening to your self satisfied comfort zone.
    “In Arsene we rust.”

  46. Theres only 1 Arsene Wenger… only 1 Arsene Wenger !!!!

  47. It was an awesome roller-coaster ride last season. This season is going to be a better one.

    Eagerly waiting for another season of the Arsenal..

  48. Spectrum, I ain’t a spud, my intentions are not to seek reasons to hang the manager like yourself.

    What does it achieve? and if you ever read any of my posts you will see that I always mention we need a CB.

    You may find this hard to accept, but you are the sheep my brainless friend. You have been nurtured by the media and your spoilt ways to seek the reasons to slate the team, when really we should be rallying, supporting the time, at a time when we have managed to challenge all the wealth and dirty money of other clubs by doing things the right way.

    PLEASE try see past the transfers and the bullshit, it will do you a world of good. I seriously pity you.

  49. Lady Arse – Good points you made. However, if you can see that (quote):” things haven’t changed for five years”, and that we “just haven’t improved”, then how can that not be STAGNATING ? With respect, that sounds like you’re contradicting yourself.
    And doesn’t that stagnation prove that “that guys lame moniker” has a ring of truth to it ?
    “In Arsene we rust.”

  50. Bring it!
    Its time to stop the bitching and maoning cause whining about a gk and central def will not make them come to arsenal.
    Defend from the front and score 6 at the pudlians

  51. Chris Goona – Have you heard of the famous saying “The buck stops here” ? . It means the neglect, problems and blame for things going wrong are meant to be dealt with by the person in charge.It means accepting personal responsibility, and not using excuses, spin and lies when your plans fail to produce the desired outcomes. And even resigning or accepting the termination of your employment when they don’t ( although this rarely happens nowdays ).
    Generals, presidents, C.E.O.’s all leaders in fact are held to account if they don’t perform over a reasonable time frame.Why should Wenger be any different ? And why should that make him immune to criticism, constructive or otherwise ?
    “In Arsene we rust.”
    “In Arsene we rust.”

  52. Good for you Chris, a bit of troll roasting before breakfast. When I read Speculum’s semi literate drivel, designed only to provoke and nothing else, I am reminded of one of PG Wodehouse’s favourite expressions. “He is more to be pitied rather than censured”.
    We who support our glorious club and share a rising excitement and thrilling tension at this time of year should pity those sad sad fools who derive their pleasure by trawling the net looking for someone to annoy.
    It is sad and no more. Ignore them, they are not part of our support and will have no share in the pleasure of victory.

  53. Spectrum, I meant we haven’t improved on the weaknesses I mentioned. Anyway ‘stagnating’ gives a certain image which I think is incorrect. And your wee quote thing is more than a little bit pathetic, givve it up already!


    1. I don’t think Adebayor and Bendtner were necessarily target men. Yes, they are big, but they both drop deep to get involved in the play. Just having a tall bloke doesn’t mean you have a plan B. We never really changed our style of play – still can’t cross, won’t get players in the box etc.

    2. Football in England is ALL about the will. When you’ve seen Denilson outpaced by the ref against Man u, or Bendtner and Van Persie jogging lazily back from attacks, you know what I mean. Of course organisation is key, but you also have to WANT to defend, to have 11 men fight with their all to keep a clean sheet, to press, to get back into position, cover for your teammates. Just take a look at any of your Stokes, Blackburns etc. it’s so fucking easy even THEY can do it!

    3. Chelsea had a SHOCKING season defending set-pieces, as everyone went on and on about for most of last season. Yet we conceded 1 more and that’s the norm.

    Anyway I think yo’ve got me wrong. I do get excited! I love the Arsenal more than I can describe. I just thought I could vent my frustrations without the obligatory abuse. I don’t care how I come across, these are just things that any normal Arsenal fan should be asking him/herself. Question my support if you wish, but it’s because I care that I get frustrated. I’ve been the one in your shoes on 99% of the discussions I’ve entered, but I can at least see the other point of view as well. You can’t just ignore it!

  54. This idiot claiming ”in arsene we rust”, i cant believe he analyzed shit. Saying we never shoot when we have the opportunity, when we scored the most goals (19) from outside the box. Thats nearly double 2nd place ManU with 10. Its clear that he, and many others, base their opinions soley on the media’s impression. He needs to fuck off. Im more optimistic about the new season than i ever was about any previous seasons in a long time. The players are a year old, more experienced, we WILL win something!

  55. see that’s where you’re wrong. Entertain your fears and doubt in private if it gives you some weird masochistic pleasure but in public get behind the team. Simple really.

  56. Not aimed at you Cujo but the previous poster

  57. Steww – “Designed to provoke” ? Designed to stimulate. Stimulate you A.K.B.” s to THINK rather than worship. And as for my “semi literate drivel” as you put it, well why don’t you answer the questions I have put forward in my other posts on here ? Start with the 7:50 one.
    “In Arsene we rust.”

  58. See what I mean?

  59. Spectrum- “in Arsene we trust” Unbelievable that you should take Arsenal fans statement of respect, and not only then abuse it, but actively seek to propagate these sentiments as if it is a coat of honour. With fans like you around we don’t need enemies, and we also have plenty of them as well.

  60. Spectrum, unfortunately your argument falls down under close scrutiny. Everybody has a right to their opinion but for you to say “I believed in Wenger when he was winning things, but now I don’t” is simply short sighted and indicative of the modern football fan.

    Before Wenger arrived we were not winning anything, and for us to be even challenging over the last five years with the monetary restraints paced upon the club whilst AW revolutionised the entire setup including the wonderous stadium we now all get to watch football in, is nothing short of a marvel.

    He has done this whilst ensuring the financial stability of the club and building one of the most successful youth systems in the country. For us to suddenly have 3 young English players in the England squad only highlights this fact.

    Yes people can harp on about we need to buy this and that but really we have so many young and supremely talented players at the club I am convinced that the team will succeed. And if I have to wait a could more years to see the results I will gladly do so. I have been an Arsenal fan for 33 years and love the way our club is run and everything we stand for.

    May it long continue.

  61. We march and fight, to death or on to victory. Our might is right, no traitors shall prevail. Our hearts are steeled against the fiery gates of hell. No shot or shell, can still our mighty song.
    George Lincoln Rockwell

  62. bollocks to you steww!

    I’m too old and too ugly to care how I come across, especially to faceless gits on the internet. If I feel something needs to be said, I will, and I invite you in turn to dispute it. It’s called a discussion. This isn’t just a love-in for sycophantic numpties proving their fake loyalty with inane comments. What do you think Arsenal fans actually talk about? We sing for 90 minutes and after the game we speak the truth, even if it hurts. Being a real football fan is complete masochism, if you actually care like a real fan does.


  63. I’m afraid you presume to much m’lady. I have no need to prove the depths of my pain to such as you, those who know me know all to well how deep in my soul Arsenal has pierced me.
    I say to you that those who believe in victory are the ones I would have by my side in the darkest hours and the cowards and traitors have no place where bullets fly.

  64. Lady Arse – Would you care to elaborate on how we’re NOT stagnating ? My dictionary says stagnation is “lack of activity”. Sounds accurate to me. Lack of activity on the trophy front, lack of activity on the transfer front, lack of activity ( i.e. inflexibility ) on tactical decisions, lack of activity ( progress ) in the Champions League, lack of activity in player management ( i.e. morale, Cesc wanting to leave, Gallas causing problems ), lack of ambition activity, e.t.c. e.t.c.
    And why should I drop my signature theme ? As another saying goes ; “If the cap fits, wear it. ”
    “In Arsene we rust.”

  65. LOL Steww. I thought we’ve had a conversation about guitars and goats?

    @Limpar, banana leaves??? LOL! You should try tea leaves rolled on a newspaper. After the first puff you wonder why the hell you didn’t buy a regulation ciggie.

  66. Ah yes noble Darius but ’tis such sport to pierce the flabby hides of the beasts of defeat with my shining spears of love and truth.

  67. Well Darius, the cobwebs have been well and truly blown away. It’s going to be a long season and we will need a few startegies to cope with the dips on the rollercoaster.

    Spectrum is very amusing isn’t he? Just imaging being able to come up with such a clever pastiche of piss poor ‘analysts’ of Arsenal at that time of the morning. Brilliant. Muppet will be out of a job. More please Spectrum!

  68. People are not one way or the other, as black is to white, yet we may change in mood from day to day. Yesterday’s cynic is today’s optimist, an hour is a long time for a frivolous mind. What colour are you? Always blue? Monotone Stew.

  69. Nice post Darius. Set me right up for Sunday now.

    Can’t agree about us making world class keepers though. I don’t remember any in the recent history.

  70. M’lady, I have misjudged thee, for thou art a poet.

  71. Thanks steww. A very valid last point.

    Spectrum and Lady Arse, what you don’t get about being a supporter is that it isn’t a seasonal job.

    You can’t switch on and off as you wish and make comments that are aimed at pulling apart all the work Wenger and Arsenal has done. Supporting is about having pride, love for your club, admiration for the players and manager, and about enjoying what the team gives us.

    Winning is just an additional bonus that comes with hard work. We are very fortunate to be supporting such a fine club that we can adore who challenges while playing brilliant football. Spectrum, Lady A, and the rest of the doomers who want to bring up pointless negatives on the eve of a very promising season, you are very much out of place supporting this club.

    Arsenal for the League and Champs League !! Now is our time

  72. Steww..

    was referring to your comment I say to you that those who believe in victory are the ones I would have by my side in the darkest hours and the cowards and traitors have no place where bullets fly

    By the time I posted it was long gone!

  73. Your words are pearls Chris. But swine do not eat pearls.

  74. Chris, Here we go again with your dribbling rhetoric. You sound like a modern day politician. ANSWER THE BLOODY QUESTION!

    I don’t want a lecture from YOU about supporting my team. That’s what you give if you want to avoid discussion, avoid answering the question. You presume you can actually teach ME anything? Go back to school, sonny jim.

  75. No, but donkeys will eat strawberries.

  76. Team predictions…

    I am assuming RvP is on the bench, captain Cesc may get a start, Song, Diaby, and Denilson being short.

    – – – – – – – – Almunia – – – – – – – – –
    Sagna – Kosc – Vermaelen – Clichy
    -Cesc/Nasri – Frimpong – – Rosicky –
    Walcott/EE – Chamakh – – – Arshavin


    Vela / Denilson / Diaby / Song – I do not have a clue how close either are to fitness!

  77. Lady Arsenal..

    The question is do you support Arsenal or not?

    better yet

    Do you take any ENJOYMENT from supporting Arsenal?

    If either answer brings back any slight inch of hesitance, you should review your support. Until then, continue to go round being slated and portrayed as a stupid spoilt supporter who has no awareness of how far our great club has come. End of discussion, if i can call it a discussion having to try speak to such an idiot.

  78. why does everyone like wallcot , hes just got pase.
    he has no control or anything

  79. Alas Consolsbob. ‘Tis those very dips that demand that as supporters, we become an integral part of that strategy and show our unflinching support to help lift the team to the next high.

    @Goonerandy…I did actually think of adding in ‘except for goal keepers’….but then that would have cramped my style…LOL

  80. So does anyone actually remember these words?

    Vicotria Concordia Cresit

    Do you recall what they mean? I think it is time we started living as supporters by these words again!!

  81. Clearly Spectrum / lady Arsenal have an agenda. His Azimov-sponsored ejaculations are not intended to enlighten, just to destabilise and unsettle the support. it is meaningless.

  82. Haha Chris your eloquence knows no bounds. I am an intelligent passionate person, consequently I find myself yo-yoing between the poles. I’m not interested in trying to prove to you the depth of my feeling towards my club, because I’m not an insecure kid looking for approval. Review my support? you don’t CHOOSE who you support, it’s either in your blood or it isn’t. You either grew up a mile from Highbury, or you didn’t.

    If there has been any lack of discussion, it is down to your reticence to engage with what I have said. You can now have the last word if it makes you feel better.

  83. So team predictions….. I think Frimpong will get a surprise start!

  84. I can’t believe that the doomers are out in such force after a rousing post and so close to the season.

    *shakes head*


  85. Well you’ve spoiled the surprise now Chris.

  86. CG as long as the lads infront of him muck in then I would love that mate. Not because he doesn’t have the skills. Obviously he does, it’s just anfield could be a bit daunting.

  87. Good shout CHRIS! With the injuries I got the sneeky feeling he’d play too. Cesc is way short after seeing him in Mexico, so Nasri should start. Possibly either a Eboue/Arshavin or a Rosicky/Walcott pairing on the wings, to give the balance. I was going to say Wilshere and Frimpong together like in pre-season, but I don’t think Wenger will play him at CM yet. Would be a brave call to have them both.

  88. A pleasure to read Darius, thanks for cheering me up.
    DOnt the D&G’s realise its bad for their health – or are they going to blame AW for that

  89. As children we enjoy rollercoasters, but eventually we grow up.

    Would you fit dodgy brakes to your car to make the journey more exciting?

    Why is such an obvious problem so difficult to address?

  90. Frimpong a surprise start? Hardly a surprise when hes all the defensive midfielder we have now that Song is injuried – a surprise would be having propper cover and not have to reley on an 18 year old debutand to hold your midfield together at Anfield. If he starts i hope he rips it up but its unfair on the kid to expect it if you ask me. Djourou is also injuried (surprise!!) so we have no choice who plays in centre defense unless we want another league debutant in Nordveit in there too.

  91. Lady Arsenal

    Just because you grew up outside the stone walls of Highbury as you say.. doesn’t give you any entitlement to slate the club or make your support better to that of a supporter who lives in Afghanistan.

    In fact I laugh at you because there are supporters who show greater affection to our club who are from distant places of the world who are less privileged in being so close to the Emirates.

    Be ashamed.

  92. Especially up against Gerrard. You just know Hodgson will finally play Gerrard in the middle where he wants to play. They’re going to be SO up for it, and the crowd will be incredible. Early goal might do it. Otherwise FUCKING hard game!

  93. I wouldn’t mind seeing frimpers play there but I thing we’ll see Diaby TR7 and Nasri in the middle Arsh Theo and Chamackattack up front. I doubt Chamack will score less than 3.

  94. I thing?? Been reading these illiterate doomers too much it’s rubbing off!

  95. Good for you Chris! I hope you feel better. I’ll let you have that one and we can talk about the Liverpool game if you like.

  96. Sorry steww. 🙂

    Ok Deise so..

    Denilson, Diaby, Song, Ramsey, Eastmond, and Frimpong is not enough cover for 1 position.

  97. Drew10,

    Well put. We all feel frustration – as we all feel the need to go to the toilet. We do not do the latter in public and I’d suggest we should learn better how to do the former.


    I think it has already been pointed out that your view about “Wenger’s criminal neglect to strengthen the team” is inaccurate. The youth academy and internal developments (not to mention acquisitions such as Vermaelen, Arshavin, Chamakh, Koscielny, Nasri, and Ramsey) can hardly be called “allowing the team to stagnate” (no matter what fanciful definition one selects for to the term ‘stagnate’)!

    You also cite le grove as a bastion of free thinking and speech and then question why none of us more positive gooners posts there. Well I am sure that even the most cursory of glances at other sites will furnish you will numerous examples of positive commentators who have attempted to post there only to find their positive statements being blocked by one of the two guys who own that blog. Maybe the difference between the ‘negative’ and ‘positive’ commentators is most eloquently suggested by the ‘customer’ and ‘supporter’ distinction used above by Darius!?

    I feel that you (and notable others) have been unduly influenced by the mainstream national[istic] media in the development of irrational and excessive negativism towards Arsene and many things Arsenal. A case in point is provided by the other poster’s recital of well worn and very questionable criticisms.

    Maybe the more liberal/rational minded among such negative commentators would at least acknowledge that the very expectations that they now wear as though a birthright owe a lot to Arsene: making him a victim of his own success.

    That other, more positive Gooners feel it necessary to defend him and our club should surely be no surprise!

  98. Andy 1886 (I presume the year Dial Square came into existence)

    You ask: “Would you fit dodgy brakes to your car to make the journey more exciting?”

    I don’t accept the premise of your question because your assertion is that those managing Arsenal are deliberately putting the club at risk.

    Pray tell why you think Arsenal is operating without brakes, as compared to say Liverpool, Barcelona, Manure or Chelsea who are financial basket cases. Well, Abramovich moved half of his debt from the liability to the equity column, and lit the other £350m in a bonfire by writing off its debt.

    A case is often made that trophies are the only measure of success. Barcelona can’t even afford to pay wages, let alone balance their books. Liverpool, Manure and Chelsea have debts that are bigger than the GDP of your typical developing country.

    Please elaborate on how you feel Arsenal are operating without brakes so that we can have a debate about it.

  99. I hope you lot haven’t now characterized me as ‘an illiterate doomer’! Really, I’m not always a doomer.

  100. frimpong struggled against warsaw… don’t fancy his chances against gerrard and co… especially when he himself concedes he’s not even as good as denilson!

    jack will do ok if he plays but he should be the least experienced one on the pitch… as it stands he’ll probably have more PL game time than at least 3 others players!

  101. Lady Arsenal.. no it doesn’t make me feel better.

    Your part time supporters attitude will never go away. I just love showing idiots like yourself up. Being an Arsenal supporter its what I do. Support my club, support my team, and the manager, it doesn’t make me a sheep, it is called loyalty. And I always still express my own personal views on the club and players.

    You should supporting more often. Funny how you swing straight into team selection talk, shortly after you criticise the team. Lets see how quick you swing back into doomer mode once we lose one tricky away game to whoever… if we lose a game that is 🙂

    Anyway I will stop, next time think before you post utter shite.

  102. Andy, for who to address? Ourselves? or Wenger?

  103. I called you a poet LA

  104. arsenal are “driving” with the brakes and handbreak full on… constantly hindering ourselves when there’s absolutely no need to

  105. No Djourou No Song No Denilson No Diaby No Cesc No RVP No Bender No Chance

  106. im talking about for the liverpool match here Chris – Denilson, Diaby, Song are all short, Ramsey wont be seen til november, and Eastmond is a kid like Frimpong.

    Plus Diaby, Ramsey are more box to box with more influence in attack than being a holding player

    If Frimp and Eastmond make it, great – but saturday and liverpool is a step too soon

  107. Darius,

    Just get your Brakes fixed, ok.

  108. We should expect a hard game at Anfield, shouldn’t we? It has always been a difficult place to go, The shenanigans of the past few seasons have perhaps made some expect us to get a result there. That wouldn’t be reasonable.

    We have a good shot at a win, a draw would be acceptable.

    Whatever, Arsenal are going to Anfield. A big day in the football calendar whatever the twats would have you believe. The twats who think onlyThe mancs and chav are the ‘big’ teams. Always a day to look forward to, whatever the team. Different team, different struggle, That’s what the season is about, struggle. Duels in the sun and rain.

    My fondest memory of Anfield, apart from THAT goal was Radford receiving the ball on the half way line with Smith right up his arse. He turned so quickly, Smith was left on his backside. Big John ran on, drew the keeper, Clemence I think, and slotted it past him from the edge of the box. He was reeling away celebrating before it crossed the line. We all nearly wet ourselves.

  109. Give it up Lady (DNFTVI) Arsenal. You are among Arsenal supporters here, not drips. Your lack of support is predictable given your absence of real analysis. Do not come here, slag off Arsenal with pitiful arguments, nothing positive to say, no recognition of where we are and what has already been achieved, and expect to be taken other than a weak, lily-livered, cowardly, inept, confused, angry, fearful and xenophobic football mug. Fly, fly away … Sprectum, you can stay, you are a funny man.

  110. No Djourou No Song No Denilson No Diaby No Cesc No RVP No Bender No Chance
    It’s this sort of comment makes me smile. Everyone on that list was until very recently all that was wrong with Arsenal. Unknown youngsters rather than huge names.
    Now their absence leaves us bereft. See? People warm to our players eventually.

  111. Dick.

    I feel your pain. You know you might feel better if you support Liverpool instead….

  112. To tell the truth, the likes of you are more of a hindrance to the club, Arsenal Tom.

  113. Haha you did NOT like that, did you Chris? Got right under your skin.

    I do all of those things you say, including going to games with my season ticket i’ve held since 1990-91. I am simply, as you say, expressing my own personal views. I generally reserve my pro Arsenal stance for when I’m bantering with the scum, or other teams’ fans. When I come on an anonymous board for just Arsenal fans, what is the point of everyone just being blindly positive all the time? We’re amongst friends.

    I’m sorry that for whatever reason you need to reiterate constantly how big an Arsenal fan you think you are. Good for you mate. But it’s not by coming on here and saying it that you’ll go up in my estimation. You can’t just characterise me based on a handful of posts, you know nothing about me at all. I think you’re just using me as fodder for your own insecurity that you’ve probably never even been to a game in your life. Well you’ve got the wrong person. Pick on Spectrum, he REALLY is a twat!

  114. ZimPaul

    What I find most funny is her need to keep bringing up how she grew up so close to the club, which she feels makes her entitled to her insulting and negative opinions against other supporters and Arsenal.


    Like I said, there is various options. What do you suggest go out and buy 3 more midfielders, so when the others return from injury we have 50 midfielders to choose from. You live in a dream world.

    Diaby (French International), Denilson (U21 Brazilian Captain), Ramsey (Welsh International), Song (Cameroon International), then Eastmond and also Frimpong in reserve. 2 players United and Chelsea would never have the guts to chuck into action.

    You show too much fear as a supporter, I think your kind is actually scared of how daring our manager is.

  115. I think a tough start to the season, players short in DM role, Liverpool (not forgetting Hodgson) looking OK, Gerrard scoring, away, Anfield fortress is all fine. It’ll do us good. Frankly, it’s not an easy match, but if we lose or draw apart from contending with a gleeful media, it is not a terrible thing. I’m more interesting in how we perform at this stage. A win would be fine.

  116. lol ole whys that? because i have a different opinion and think we could do better that we are? its called ambition mate…

    we’re two days away from one the toughest away games on the season and we’ve only got two fit CB’s – one who’s got one year of top (ish) flight football under his belt. two useless goalkeepers to choose from and we haven’t got ANY of our first choice midfielder available.

    if you think thats an acceptable state of affairs for a club like arsenal your the hinderance mate not me.

  117. Chris.

    In that DM roll call you forgot Le Coq, French Under 19 international and European Cup winner.

  118. It’s a bit of a joke that some people confuse ‘criticism’ with ‘lack of support’. I can criticise the players and manager all I want, that doesn’t make me less of a fan, it just makes me a different fan. If the criticism is unjustified then make a coherent argument explaining why, don’t start calling into question the other person’s loyalty.

  119. If any of what you just said was true Arsenal Tom then it would be a little bit of a worry.

  120. Great post Darius!

    If you can’t be excited about the season starting, and going to Anfield on the first day, then you may as well give up.

    I for one can’t wait.

    Either one of Song or Diaby should be fit enough to play in the middle, probably with Rosicky and Nasri, Eboue and Arshavin out wide, Chamakh up the middle.

    That will do it for me!

  121. Bob – public criticism of our own club on a supporters web site which is public is 100% a lack of support. Think about it – who does it cheer and help?

  122. Lady Arse – Judging by your foul language and personal denigration, you don’t sound like much of a lady. Perhaps you should change YOUR “lame moniker ” ?
    At least you’re more rational and less blinkered than the majority on here.
    “In Arsene we rust.”

  123. Hmm couldn’t stop repeating ‘public’ there. But I suppose that is the crucial point. You give succour to our enemies when you slate our players in public.

  124. I love me jacket for Speculum please.

  125. Lady Arsenal

    You can resort to questionning me all you like, if it makes you feel better.

    Your attitude is awful, and your frustrations with the team are what has humiliated us as a club to whole of the world. Eboue, Adebayor, Bendtner, Song, Clichy all being victims, the ironic cheers of our players etc. You are part of the very fickle support which swings and changes according to the last result.

    You are simply a weak supporter, gloss over it as much as you like.

    I don’t care if you posted 100 times, all it takes is for you to slip up once. You have proved to all on here how shite a supporter you are. I am not saying I am the best supporter, why would I ever try to take credit out of a hobby and part of my life that brings me so much joy!?

    Show some appreciation to the club, and show some pride. Coming onto a blog to analyse aspects in a negative light with no real substance to the meaning of what you are saying just makes you look like a fool.

    There is no discussion here, I am just pointing out how shit a supporter you are.

  126. gunner_enter name here

    whine . moan . difference of opinion . moan . so and so is shite . greedy club . shit players . I’m a financial expert I know . Moan . whinge . More signing’s . Need stars . Moan . Whine . Ambition . Goalkeepers . Moan . not acceptable . moan blah blah blah.

    There you are it’s all been said now doomers you can fuck off, leave us alone.

  127. And I know hurt Lady Arsenal 🙂

    The fact that others are ready and excited for the season, yet you come on posting crap. Fuck off.

  128. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    You’re a fucking legend steww.

  129. stew… which bits wernt true mate?

    song, diaby and fab are less likely to play than they are to play.

    JD is injured (surprise) and kos had one year in france.

    fabianski and almunia are both shit, if they wernt we wouldn’t be going for a 37 year old would we!?

  130. steww – If the criticism is justified how does it constitute a lack of support? If I go to the Emirates every other week, and witness a flaw about the club, how can you say it’s a lack of support to express my views about it?

  131. And I know it hurts Lady A *

  132. Ther’s that Spectrum again! Bloody hilarious.

  133. and whoever it was who said denilson was brazil’s under 21 captain… hes not… they dont have an under 21 team.

    they have an under 20’s team but he hasn’t played for them in their last 2 major comps

  134. fabianski and almunia are both shit

    So do you agree with such comments Lady Ass… because its your exact attitude which makes idiot supporters (if he is) like Tom boy feel he has a right to come and slate players.

    Tom cheer up.. Wenger may bring in another signing to stop you from crying little girl.

  135. Correct Darius.

    As James correctly points out I just want the brakes fixed.

    And the small outlay required to address the problem would in no way whatsoever make us a financial basket case like the others you describe.

    The club is more important than any individual, be they employee (manager, player, board member) or any cohort or faction of fans (one day we’ll be gone, others will take our place, thats life!)

    I still support what AW is trying to do, but wish he’d be a little less stubborn sometimes.

  136. lol chris, your a dick mate… everyone in the country knows they are shit… if you dont agree your either mental or have no grasp of the required level for a top level club…

    there are probably on 2-3 keepers in the league worse than almunia… if thats good enough for you as an arsenal supporter then fine but its not good enough for me

  137. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Posts like consolsbob’s at 9 45 are what really make me proud. What a wonderful slice of history. Thanks for that, CB.

  138. I always find it interesting that there is probably at least an 80-20 split in favour of the way our club is run.

    Yet the 20% pollute the Blog’s and scweam and scweam the loudest.

  139. You just don’t give up! Damnit Chris, just stop taking the bait, your point is boring, no one on here cares about me anyway. That’s 3 posts now just having a go at me, without even any humour. I think you might have the problem.

    Fine, characterise me if you want. I’m an Arsenal hater. Every time you put me down, you’ll get a notch on your badge of ‘how big a supporter I am’. Congrats, mate.

    But if anyone wants to argue about my list of criticisms, then I’ll discuss it. The whole die-hard thing doesn’t really work online. You have to be staring in someone’s face for it.

    My philosophy is simple: when you’re at a game you make noise, you sing, you NEVER boo or jeer. When you’re around other fans you defend Arsenal blindly to the last. When you’re among true Arsenal fans, you analyse and interpret what you have seen in as objective a manner as possible, and draw conclusions based on thinking about it with other people who care. I don’t think that’s particularly outrageous. Judging by the Arsenal fans I know, it’s pretty normal actually.

    Chris please leave me alone now.

  140. The club is more important than any individual

    Yes andy1886… so what the fuck do you think Wenger is doing protecting the club, planning and managing for the club. Not seeking personal instant glory for himself like other managers.

    Seriously screw your fucking head on.

  141. You’re the dick Arsenal Tom. Denilson wasn’t Brazil U-21 Captain. Denial.

    This is one of the main elements of the AAA psyche. They just can’t face facts.

  142. ole… you serious… who me where he was u21 captain then… THEY DONT HAVE AN UNDER 21 TEAM!!!

  143. Chris please leave me alone now.

    Haha, that just made my day. You made it personal not me by the way! Attack the Arsenal players, the manager, and you will get people who care about the club attacking you.

    Anyway good day weak supporter.

  144. ole…

    not in the squad for the 2009 under 20 championships

    or the 2007 under 20 championships


  145. Aw Nasri – you’re a proper fan so I take that very well. Right I’m off to walk the dogs. Have fun roasting the doomers but don’t forget they really can’t help it, it’s a kind of sickness.

  146. To clear up the Denilson episode…

    Denilson has played for and captained Brazil at every junior level since he was a member of the under-15 squad.[11] He captained the U17’s to a runners-up spot at the 2005 FIFA U-17 World Championship.

    Ok maybe not U21… but the fact he captained at all levels shows why all the idiot fans who slate the guy haven’t got a clue.

  147. Lady Arse, not much point trying to argue the point on this site, it’s follow the party line or get howled down by morons who can’t handle dissension.

    You guys are followers not supporters.

  148. well ole? come on mate….

  149. ChrisGoona,

    Denilson captained Brazil at U-21 level.

  150. Anyway Ive had enough too. Have a good one and 3-0 to the Arsenal at Anfield !!!!

  151. chris… he didnt make brazils last 2 under 20 squad for the south american championships though mate… hardly a glowing reference considering lucas did.

    i dont think he’s useless, that was never my point but he’s not good enough to start for arsenal.

  152. Bob – @ 9:58 – Exactly. But they can’t get that that through their thick skulls. To support Arsenal you MUST MUST MUST support Wenger also. It’s like the two are joined at the hip or something.
    Just because a person criticises the manager, does not mean we don’t acknowledge what he has done in the past, or appreciate that. We do. I do. But times and circumstances change.
    “In Arsene we rust.”

  153. ole… prove it mate… they even have an under 21 team for him to captain!!

    your a maniac

  154. Was that a siren?

  155. “Denílson Pereira Neves, known as Denílson (born on 16 February 1988 in São Paulo, Brazil) is a Brazilian football (soccer) who usually plays as a central midfielder. Denílson Pereira plays for England side Arsenal F.C. and used to be the captain (football) of the Brazil national under-20 football team”


  156. steww mate… you never replied to what you though was untrue about my post…

  157. Nasir Jones-Nasri


    Fuck off you daft cunt.

  158. really enjoyed the battle between Chris and Lady Arsenal…In the end i think Lady arsenal lost. Nice work Chris the doomers have no place here!

  159. Arsenal Tom is actually right about Denilson not captaining the U21s as they do only have an U20s. It’s more a pedantic point than anything that contributes to a discussion though as he did lead the equivalent. Criticising Denilson for not captaining the U21s is a bit like criticising Cesc for not captaining Spain over 9s.

    The reason that Denilson hasn’t been involved for the U20s since he moved over here is because that’s not how the Brazillians use their youth system. They draw almost entirely from domestic players. The only exceptions are players that aren’t anywhere near their first team.

  160. Arsenal Tom,

    Don’t be a dick. At the age grade category that’s currently U-20 at world level (U-21 at European level) Denilson was Brazil’s Captain. He also captained them at U-17, & the lower level.
    That’s a fact.

  161. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Arsenal Tom,

    Eat shit you prick.

  162. Pointless argument Tom.

    Denilson has the quality, he was injured last season and his back problems obviously had a major affect on his performances. The season before many voted for him as our best player.

    At this current moment in time I would think he is the 1st player Wenger could rely on to come off the bench and do a job. Also, he won’t hesitate in starting the lad. How old is he now 21, 22?

    Maybe that is why he isn’t selected for the U20’s… duuhhhhh

  163. gib… i agree but my point was that people use facts like U21 captain to back up a point about people being stupid and not knowing enough about football, when they don’t know as much as they think they do…

    there’s allot of people far too quick to jump on the tone of someone’s comment rather than discuss the points and have an actual debate about what is wrong/right and what could/should be done…

  164. good one nasri, go fuck your mum, cunt

  165. gib,

    He’s wrong. The U-20 is same as U-21 to all intents and purposes. The Brazil U-20s are born in the same year as England U-21s.

  166. Was that a siren?

    Yeah I think the Arsenal Fan Police has finally left. Let’s crack out the spliff I’ve been saving. Don’t tell Diaby though, he’s always lean.

  167. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Thanks, Tom. Continue being a miserable prick all your life. You sad bastard.

  168. chris… yeah it was a bit pointless but it was nothing to do with “ole” and having him jump with a comment like…

    “You’re the dick Arsenal Tom. Denilson wasn’t Brazil U-21 Captain. Denial.

    This is one of the main elements of the AAA psyche. They just can’t face facts.”

    im not just gonna let that go…

    as for your duhhhhh remark… if he’s 21 now, the during last years under 2o championships he would have been eligible… just like he was for the on in 2007… but he wasn’t picked for either.

    silly thing is if you read my posts i never even criticised the lad.

  169. lol nasir.

  170. born in the same year? lol… yeah they just age slower in brazil so they play for the under 20’s…

    give it up ole. its a pointless argument

  171. Lady Arse lose? Is this a competition? I dont think she is a doomer, she is a concerned fan. Just because you dont see everything as rosey (and it aint – but neither is it all bad) does not make you a doomer. There are clearly deficiencies in the squad be it personell, attitude, application or tactics (as there are in every club, but its arsenal we care about) that have yet to be addressed. Yes it takes games to see if some of those have been ironed out but other concerns need to be addressed before the games start, and they havent yet. From what i can see theres a lot to be optimistic about but those concerns dampen that – thats not being a doomer thats realistic.

  172. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Nice one, Lady Tottenham. Slagging your own players is the way forward isn’t it?

  173. Yeah Tom, I’d give up on actual discussion here.
    I don’t know who these cowboys are, but I respect them because they care. Just a bit confused about what it means to be a loyal supporter. Probably because they’re insecure, so I can forgiv them.

  174. A Tom

    I suppose but people naturally put things like that into the context they’re used to. To somebody who doesn’t know about the different age groups they use, it would devalue the point entirely if you didn’t put it into a context people are more likely to understand. People could see him as the equivalent of the U19s captain which is more a holding ground for adult players who haven’t pushed on far enough to make either the U21s or Full Squad.

    For the record, I love Denilson, probably more than anyone you’ll ever meet. I think a player of that style is vital for our side.

  175. well said deise

  176. Nasir, you’re kidding. That was a joke! This is scary now. Who are you people? Do you wear red armbands with the Arsenal badge on?

  177. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Any time, Tommy. You mong.

  178. Ole

    I think he’s right on a technicality but little more than that. I’m not sure it makes a lot of difference anyway.

  179. Chris, I expect every manager the club has ever had thought he was doing the best for the club – not one of them was perfect and we will never have a manager who is.

    Can we cut out the childish abuse eh? I assume we are all old enough to share opinions without it (feel free to prove me wrong though).

  180. Arsenal Tom,

    Move along now. You’re in above your head you’d have to look up so see your shoes.

    Denilson is 23. He’s already made the transition from youth level having played the major tournaments at youth level. Unlike bleeding Stuart Pearce, the guys who run youth football don’t call up people who’ve already made the grade back into youth level

    What an idiot.

  181. gunner_enter name here

    I agree with Nasir.

  182. gib… spot on mate. its only when people create facts to back up a point in order to belittle other people that its a problem.

    denilson’s a tidy little player although im still not too sure what his best role is… i dont think he’s got the pace to be the box to box midfielder (diaby last year) we need and not sure he’s got the size to do the job song does.

    if we played 4-2-3-1 i think he’d work well with song as the more ball playing DM.

  183. gib,

    No it’s not even a technicality. It’s the exact same age category. The exact same one.

  184. nasir… anytime what mate?

  185. Mong! hahaha i bet you’re still at school, Nasir. That or you’re just a dick.

  186. It’s like saying there’s no metro in London because it’s called the tube. Very stupid argument.

  187. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    You’re the insecure one, Lady Spurs. What’s so wrong with backing the fucking team and manager for fucks sake? I don’t give a fuck how long you’ve held a ticket, you are nowhere near as qualified or competent as our manager so do one.

  188. lol ole… ok mate, consider me moved on.

    lady… watch yourself… he’s seems like a real tough guy… he must be to call people names on the net

  189. Ole

    The technicality is the different name surely? Even if the actual criteria to play are the same – I’ll have to take your word on that because I just don’t know.

    I think perhaps we’ll descend into pedantic quibbling if we carry on like this. Agree to leave it at that?

  190. Stew and Chris Goona – There’s two job vacancies available as bodyguards for Wenger. As you’re so loyal to him in every way, I’m sure you’ll be first in line to apply.
    If this season turns out to be another flop – he will need you.
    “In Arsene we rust.”

  191. ole… stupid argument or not… it was one you didnt need to get involved in mate.

  192. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Glad to be of service, Tommy. Anytime you feel like laughing out loud just come here post something and then re read it. That should do the trick.

  193. gib,

    “People could see him as the equivalent of the U19s captain which is more a holding ground for adult players who haven’t pushed on far enough to make either the U21s or Full Squad”

    No, there’s no U-21 level outside of Europe. There used to be one until 2007, but it was coverted to U-20. So most people recognise that it’s exactly the same level. The people who qualify for U-20 at World level are U-21s in Europe.

    Very good example is Fran Merida who played the European U-21 championships and the World U-21 at the same time.

  194. SPECTRUM, are you “Lola” and Lady Arsenal is your “Soren Lorensen”?

  195. Nasir Tell that to the 60,000 Arsenal managers at every game! That’s just football, everyone’s got an opinion. And isn’t that why we all come on this blog to discuss things? Or is it to pretend we’re die-hard Arsenal fans when in fact we live halfway across the world and only heard about us because of SKY TV? Hmm you’re among ACTUAL Arsenal fans now, so you’re rumbled. We’re not impressed.

  196. gunner_enter name here

    Spectrum you daft twat. Are you for real threatening the manager.

    Would love to know what you look like.

  197. Nasir Jones-Nasri


    Go fuck yourself, you prick.

  198. Mingus, what a fucking LEGEND. I’ve actually met him, you know.

  199. lady arse… thats the problem with so many people… the only acceptable thing to say is

    “yeah we’re looking great we’re definitely gonna win the league, so what we’ve got no midfield to go to anfield with, who cares we’ve only got 2 CB’s and 2 shit goalies”

    and of course if we spend any money we’ll be the next leeds….

  200. Oh fuck off already RECTUM

  201. A Tom,

    There was a brilliant comment by somebody on here a little while back about the three distinct roles in the type of 3 man midfield we play. I forget both when it was and who wrote it but it summed it up Denilson’s role and importance perfectly for me.

    I’m off to look for it.

  202. gunner_enter name here

    I’m afraid despite the great posts by YW and SCFriday’s this blog is getting to the point that the majority of contributors are making it inhabitable. Can you not do anything about these useless fan’s YW.

    You can all pretend to just want to give an alternative opinion but we all know your enjoying the negativity a bit to much. Have a rethink grow up. Wouldn’t you rather start supporting? Or maybe pick a different team. Please.

  203. cool… gib the way i see it is…

    fab as the purely creative role… license to go wherever he wants and do what he wants.

    song as the sitter protecting the back 4 breaking up play covering full backs etc.

    diaby is the middle man, going forward behind fab giving an option but also needs to be back helping song out, when he’s having a good game diaby’s a real handful but he needs to bring consistency to his game. he also needs to add better concentration.

  204. Ole

    I think perhaps my post got a bit garbled, it was about how people could interpret Denilson “only” being in the U20s because they don’t know that there isn’t an U21s. I thought that that might have been your motivation in calling it U21s rather than U20s.

    Is that clearer? I’m pretty much a useless wreck by this point in the week.

  205. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Bwhaha. Just as I’m not impressed with your flimsy support, Lady Spurs. I may live half way across the world, but my girl’s family has been supporting Arsenal since the start. So you can fuck off, you self righteous cunt. Yeah, I’m a yank. But I support Arsenal no matter what and you better believe every chance I get I’m going to be out there singing for the Gunners as loud as I can. You’re a shit supporter, end of story. I’ve met plenty of proper Arsenal types in my life and you’re certainly not one of em.

  206. Gib, Wenger did a french tv show where he described our midfield.

    He actually called our formation a 4-1-4-1 with Song as the 1, a 3rd CB or ‘volante’, giving the 2 other CMs more freedom to go forward. According to AW, Fabregas plays the second striker role, with complete license to make forward runs, and Diaby is the ‘relay-runner’ or box-to-box player.
    Denilson has played the Song role, as he’s great at passing it out from the back. But he’s suffered for not being the best defender, as that position also is supposed to be a defensive position. He’s great against teams that play possession football, as he is good at making interceptions, but any team who is direct does not suit him (which is basically the whole league!).

  207. nasir… criticising something you think is wrong with the club doesn’t mean your a shit supporter it just means you think somethings not right… when you name call you immediately take yourself out of any serious debate where you can give an opinion on why you think that persons wrong…

    if you just wanna argue and type names at me don’t bother replying… if you wanna talk arsenal im all ears brother

  208. A Tom

    I think we’ll see Song falling further and further back when we attack this season and then splitting the CBs to form a wide 3 which should give the FBs full license to both attack at once. Fab would push on and Denilson would sit between the two, picking up the scraps and supplying the full backs or one of our other attacking outlets. In theory we could end up playing a 3-1-6 formation when we’ve got the ball although I don’t think we’d go quite that far very often.

  209. i think 4-2-3-1 is the way to go…

    schwarzer 😉
    sag, verm, kos, clichy
    song, denilson
    walcott, fab, arshavin

    swap denilson for nasri or ramsey (when fit) against the teams who park the bus, but play him against the top 5 for stability

  210. Lady Arsenal,

    Denilson has played either the Song role or the balancing role. I call it the balancing role.

    He is also a pretty good defensive player. 2 seasons ago, he won the ball more than any other player in the league. And it wasn’t even close. He was a distance ahead of the next best to him.

    I think it’s some kind of madness to say someone who won the ball more than any player in the league can’t defend. it’s like saying the highest goal scorer in the league can’t score goals.

  211. gib… 3-1-6 sounds very arsene like lol! but yeah i see what you mean.

    i just wish we had the same level of competition at MF and CB as we do for the 3 forward roles

  212. Nasir, since the start of what exactly? Major League Soccer?

    You know nothing. You don’t slate your own supporters unless they’re being unreasonable. I haven’t been unreasonable, I’m saying what all Arsenal fans are feeling, and I know because I know many. And you’re pretty rude. Ok if you’re funny, but you’re not. You’re just rude. You’re lucky I’m even talking to you. Most Arsenal fans would probably just laugh in your face if you tried to talk football. You’re just a gimmick for them, they don’t take you seriously.

  213. Since people today are also bitching about who has the right to be called a supporter or a doomer, I thought I’d share my breakdown of The Anatomy Of An Arsenal Doom And Gloom Merchant.

    Like Spencer in ‘Some Mothers Do Have Them’, I’m afraid every club has them.

  214. gunner_enter name here

    Looks like Hleb maybe moving to Pool.

  215. Lady,

    An interesting thing on the criticism of Denilson defensively is the way that the game has shifted to reduce the number of tackles. Basically, while a big tackle that cleans out man and ball looks brilliant and gets the crowd on their feet it doesn’t guarantee a change in posession unless the ball bounces to someone on your side. Coaches now are trying to form systems that force a side to play a risky pass for a player like Denilson to step in and intercept. Doesn’t look flashy but it is more effective.

    Interesting article on it at the brilliant zonal marking website here

    Similarly, against direct sides Denilson can be of use because he will compete for headers, even if he won’t win them. If he makes it more difficult for the attacker and we’re focused on winning the second ball it can be an effective tactic. It’s sacrilege on Arsenal sites to praise Allardyce but that is something his sides do very well.

  216. GIB and Arsenal Tom.

    If you analyse how we already play, Arsenal morphs into a 3-1-6 when we’re in attacking mode.

    This is partly why we have had leakages because this system entirely depends on our ability to keep the ball as well as our ability to press early to regain possession or slow down any move from the opponent when we lose the ball.

    It’s during those transitions (when possession changes) that we haven’t had a coherent response as to what to do when we lose the ball that has caused our defensive frailties.

  217. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Haha well you can question my footballing IQ all you want. But fact is you don’t have a clue as to where im from or my knowledge of football. Who are you to act all high and mighty? Your national team hasn’t won a god damn thing for ages and couldn’t even beat the Yanks. Most fans outside of England would probably laugh at your opinion just as your laughing at mine. So horses for courses, I suppose.

  218. Haha good stat Ole. He played alot of games that season, although I think he’s great at reading the game and intercepting passes. I wasn’t saying he can’t defend, just that against direct teams he is less effective, as he’s not that quick or strong in the air. He’s a good player who still can improve, I don’t think he’s shit at all.

  219. pep’s 7 second system is the best defensive tactic around, the work ethic and level of discipline he’s installed is incredible

  220. darius… thats why id go with 2 DMs… especially against the big teams… the counter attacks the chavs and mancs against us last year were embarrassingly easy.
    Another DM to sit and then another 10-15 yards behind but still in front of the CBs would mean they can shepherd the attackers where we want them and give the rest of team time to get back

  221. Darius,

    Quite agree but I’d say it’s based on two midfielders and one full back attacking rather than both full backs and one midfielder. I think it’s unusual for us to see both sagna and clichy in the final third together.

  222. Ah Nasir good to know you guys can handle the 45 minutes without an ad break to shovel yet more shit into your mouths.

    I’m only questioning your support because that’s what you did to me! It’s just banter really. I’ll accept you if you stop thinking blind support is the way forward! Just have an opinion.

    Yeah cheers Gib, I read that article a few weeks ago, and I appreciate the author trying to analyse football, although I do think he’s making some massive generalisations about ‘the changing nature of football.’ I mean it’s interesting, but it’s a bit like a rushed school project!

  223. Lady

    Yeah, I don’t always agree with him but I’m a sucker for that kind of thing. I think legally, we aren’t allowed to talk about it without mentioning Jonathan Wilson either.

    Part of the trouble with analysing football is that anyone with enough of an interest to look at it in depth will have pre-conceived notions that they gather evidence for. Fo instance, if someone dislikes Theo then a bad cross from him will be absolute proof that he has no brain or ability but a good cross will be immediately disregarded. It’s not done deliberately it’s just the way that people (including me of course) tend to work.

    I’ll say, I pick Theo only because he’s a divisive player, not because I want to discuss him. I think that’s probably been done to death this summer.


    Now f*ck-off you glory-hunting pricks. No-quarter to those who start the season slating the manager and our glorious football-playing team.

    F*ck off you glory-hunting pricks. Our squad is stronger than last year. Chamach and Kos and five yutes promoted to the 1st team.

    F*ck off you glory hunting pricks. We need to strengthen in one or two areas but no club, agent or player is going to screw us financially. We will play with what we have until we get the right player at the right price. Read the memo. We are the Arsenal.


  225. shotta… just out of interest how do you measure “the right price” mate?

    even at 30m any player that turns us into serious title contenders would for me be “the right price”

  226. Yeah that’s true Gib. I’m not convinced that differentiating between a ‘tackle’ and an ‘interception’ is as simple as he makes it seem. There’s kind of a big grey area in between I’d say, and a lot of interceptions are just from bad passes in a frantic game, so it may be a bit deceptive.

    Part of the trouble with football analysis is that the people who do it aren’t necessarily TRAINED in analysis! They’re just blokes who love football.

  227. Arsenal Tom and Gib…

    I concur that the personnel who attack/defend during those moves should vary depending on the opponent.

    In addition, I think there are3 other factors that will help alleiviate the pressure and provide solidity.

    1. To cut down on individual howlers.
    2. To be patient and not force the issue – as this invariably leads to losing possession. We are very good at ball retention and we should be patient and conffident about this ability.
    3. To take our chances when they come. A lot of the issues that have been amplified e.g. the counter attacks and the individual mistakes could have been mitigated if attacking players scored the myriad of chances that came their way. Case in point, the games against Birmingham and the Spuds.

  228. tom you seriously think ONE player can turn us to title contenders? wake up man we ALREADY are!

  229. the 3rd point DS. was taken care of. last season.

  230. mj… i think a top class CB like a mertesacker could turn us into contenders.

    lets face it we have no idea how kos will bed in and adapt he looks incredibly lightweight for a CB in this league… verm did it easily but he’s a lot stronger and far more experienced than kos is, plus he had either gallas or sol next to him.

  231. darius.. add to that seeing a game out mate… wigan and west ham as examples… those games were 5 points down the toilet

  232. LadyA – why dont you turn pro & join one of those twat websites to do ur ‘analysis’?

  233. Darius your second point is interesting, because it is clear to me that Wenger has stressed the need for patience to his players, often speaking of ‘naivety’. Now I agree in the big games, but sometimes I think in the smaller games, especially at home, we are TOO patient, too slow to start. This allows teams who start off intimidated to get comfortable and into the game. Back in the day we used to come out the blocks FLYING, often going 3 goals up in the first 20 minutes, giving us an easier ride, and not the frantic search for a goal which might end up in the kind of thing you’re talking about.

  234. Darius

    It’s pretty hard to disagree with any of those. Number 2 in particular is an interesting one because it means being less direct which some supporters will slaughter you for wanting. I have no doubt that it would improve our defensive record though.

  235. gunner_enter name here

    Arsenal Tom how do you know Metersacker will bed in better than Kos? Bedding in has nothing to do with talent.

  236. shotta you fired up this morning.

  237. Wether you like it or not, we are not getting mertasacker Tom, we are just going to get cover.. its obvious Kos was bought in early to bed into the first team..

  238. I think we have the most skillfull cb pairing in the league.

  239. Right I’m back, what have I missed?
    Oh dear.

  240. schwarzers staying

  241. oh shit were all in trouble now.

  242. Lady (from 1137)

    Yeah, he mentioned that in the analysis he’d used they’d changed the interpretation of an interception so it certainly has some grey areas. There are a few like that though, I sometimes wonder when I’m playing if one of my ten yard passes that bounces off a team-mates face counts as successful. For the time being I’m sticking with yes.

  243. gunner_enter… bedding in probably doesnt have anything to do with talent your right…

    however id feel allot more comfortable with a 6’5 70 odd capped german international than a 6ft bloke with one season of ligue 1 under his belt who has already conceded he needs to bulk up!

    and mj… i said “like mertesacker” i meant player of his calibre not specifically him

  244. duke… what you basing that on? have you seen allot of kos then?

  245. Haha gib, are we talking the little ‘dink’ into the space? Are you a bit of a closet Francescoli then!

  246. yeah tom, we are not getting an established CB, so sit back & enjoy what we’ve got. I am sure we’ll see something special on Sunday..
    2-0 to The Arsenal!!!!

  247. Arsenal Tom.

    I would suggest that you’re being presumptious about what Koscielny can and cannot do. I suppose you can look at his meteoric rise in 2 ways; by suggesting that he’s only played one season in the top flight, and therefore he can’t make the grade – or alternatively, looking at it from a different angle and saying that he has indeed had that meteoric rise because he has matured in his game and is well and truly worthy of that meteoric rise.

    I would suggest that the Arsenal scouting system is and has been in a much better position than we all are to make such a presumptious judgement. It may well turn out that Koscielny still has some work to do, or it may turn out that he’s more than ready – we both don’t know until he proves either of us wrong or lands somewhere in the middle.

    Just as Vermaelen had other CBs alongside him, I think it’s also valid to point out that Koscielny has Vermaelen next to him to help him settle down.

    My sense is that part of the problem is that Koscielny is an unknown name for most people and other than the fact that they haven’t come across him before, there’s no valid reason why he should be seen as a risk player.

    Patrick Vieira was a nobody when he joined Arsenal; Some anally retentive commentator (I refuse to mention his name) said of Thierry Henry when he joined Arsenal “Thierry Henry is a winger through and through, he will never become a world class striker”…

    My point about Koscielny is that you don’t know, and I don’t know – but the scouting team have been and are still in a better position to make an informed judgment about what he can bring to Arsenal. Let him do his thing.

  248. Oh god, are there seriously still people that don’t think Denilson’s good enough? Same dicktards who said the same thing about Song 18 months ago, morons.

  249. Tom,

    No im just going on the Milan game. He looks very good on the ball. looks like TV.

  250. darius… the thing with his “meteoric rise” is that if he hadnt joined arsenal it wouldn’t have been meteoric and im sure he’d still be an unknown but decent player. i think the fact he’s only had that one season with no level of european or international experience mean he clearly is a risk… lets remember we’re talking about putting him in as a first choice CB for a club going for the title here not a mid level club… thats not even taking into account wenger admission about our defence after last season.

    on the arsenal scouts… are they the same scouts who every year “cant find anyone better than what we have” according to wenger in his search for players?

    kos obviously has talent but id have much preferred a seasoned experienced pro in there next to verm with kos coming in as cover and as a cup player

  251. Lady,

    Ha! No, not really much like Enzo. I’m basically a park level version of Gary Doherty, even down to the hair.

  252. I follow Ligue 1 quite closely, and Lorient had a solid defence last season. Not quite as solid as Montpellier (where Spahic is). Koscielny is a good defender – committed, good in the air, great passing out the back. He’ll have a great example in Vermaelen (best CB in the Prem for me). I just hope if he makes the big howler he’ll be strong enough to handle it, cos the PL for defenders is the ULTIMATE test. I’ve got absolute faith in him, my worry is if he and TV are out, our CBs are Nordtveit and Djourou (if he’s fit). Let’s just hope that’s not against Drogba!

  253. @Lady Arsenal.

    I think it’s a bit horses for courses. If patience is called for, then the team needs to adapt and read the game to know what it’s more important to be patient and to keep possession e.g. against a top team like Manure or against teams that park the bus in front of goal.

    Patince may not be the solution for some teams who are there for the taking.


    Now that’s a name I haven’t heard in a long long time. Uruguay could have done with him in the summer.

  254. This is the thing, Kos looks good and we know the chances of him being very good are better then him being a stepanovs, but what if/when we get these two injured, then were up the johnothan. without a paddle.

  255. Chamakh for most fouled player of the season, anyone?


  256. Spectrum: i dont care if we Are crap! I love the fact we Are underdogd. Fact is it is always fun to watch Arsenal play. They play to entertain and win. United Chelsea and city only play to win. They play like inter i fall aslewp watching inter.

    So good luck woth your whining. It won’t change anything and all you achive is a miserable mood while the rest of us enjoy good football. But hey each to their own. If that us what you want out if life so be it. One thing us sure though. Your moaning is not going to put a damper on my excitement for the greatest team in EnglandGO ARSENAL!

  257. Lady Arsenal…talking about Djourou, last time we played Chelsea with Djourou in the team, we emphatically won the game and he was solid against Drogba. This despite him scoring an own goal from Basingwas impossible cross.

    I suspect the probability of both Koscielny and Vermaelen being out with injury at the same time and in time for the Chelsea game is as crazy as Chelsea having Drogba and Anelka out with injury at the same time and just before the Arsenal game. Very slim.

  258. Duke @ 11:47 am. Aren’t you fired up?

    Brand new season, new challenges, new opportunities. Our club is refreshed. Two new signings (Kos and Chamach), very good players at good value (one for free and the other for about 8 million). Five yutes promoted to the 1st team (Wilshere, Frimp, Eastmond, JET and Nordveit). Best manager in the world and the best scouts. Three players in the national team, three in the U19s. A youth program to die for. A brand new stadium with a 20,00 waiting list (f*ck the liars at le-grove). Our debts are paid down, just a manageable mortgagle mortgage on the books. The most profitable club in England. One of the biggest clubs in Europe, strong enought to tell the Barca-scum to f*ck-off. Cesc is staying. RVP is back. On and on and on. You want me too continue?

    Come on You F*cking Rip-roaring Gunners!

    PS: Lady Arsenal – I see you are struggling with the dark side. Come over, come over. The future belongs to Arsenal.

  259. there are so many reasons to be optimistic gunners. 4 one the emergence of jack ,jay ,vela etal is a cause for going into the next season on a high.couple that with the new acquisitions and the smile cannot be erased.I fully trust Arsene to give us a younger version of the invincible this season.The rebuilding has been slow but sure.It started from the front (arsh,chamack,cesc,nasri rosk, jack etal),then came the midfield after the departures (Deni, song eastmond,abou coquelin n frimp) and lastly its happening to the defense (include the GK) which i believe is being carefully sorted with new acquisitions & promotions.Guys sit back and enjoy the return of the feuds btn Arsene & the red nose.Up the gunners

  260. I agree with shotta and Patesc

  261. The bad thing: all the people that moan about the team now will somehow think that they are entitled to celebrate when we lift the trophy in May. They shouldn’t be. If you don’t support, you should not be allowed to celebrate our title victory — as easy as that.

  262. Just curious as to why the media is holding back on suffocating us with stories about Mark Hughes holding Schwarzer hostage. I mean, the Australian stopper has already poured his heart out and shown how he loves Arsenal and how he has Arsenal’s DNA.

    What a bunch of pricks.

  263. Great blog Darius- Let the madness begin for another season.
    Considering the CB situation, I know Gallas and Sylvestre have been released, but does anyone think it is possible that an agreement could be reached for him to continue with Arsenal?
    This really is the best blog going, but there really are sanctimonius, humourless people on it. What gives you the right, Chris Goona, to judge Lady Arsenal’s support without even knowing her?
    Support is more than just going on about how great Arsenal/Arsene Wenger are all the time. Lay off her.

  264. Most strong Arsenal supporters are just fed up with the moaning because it is pointless. Arsene is obviously not blind to the deficits of the team. He is actively looking for the right player that will fit the team at the right price. If he finds him, he will sign him. If he does not, he will continue searching. It is as easy as that and moaning won’t change anything.

  265. One more thing for all those doomers who wish to belittle our players. 15 gooners were on world cup squads last summer. 2 played in the finals. This week 12 of our players were on duty with national team.
    If this can’t convince a supporter of the quality of the squad Arsene has made, not bought, then you are lost.

    REPEAT: Shotta has no further time for carefully reasoned factually based arguments to convince financial illiterate glory-seeking fans. F*ck them all. COYG!

  266. Eviel Fiek – So by your logic a season ticket holder who goes to every home/away game has no right to enjoy winning a trophy if he/she might occasionally get frustrated and vent their feelings about a certain situation on a blog??
    That’s a bit black or white isn’t it? Surely there are plenty of grey areas here. Who are you to judge other supporters?

  267. BigM – she/he condemned themselves out of their own mouth. Chris on the other hand has never once wavered in his support. Simple really. Oh and you believe that season ticket crap?

  268. The BigM.

    Arsenal has already laid out its cards to Gallas and his people. They don’t want to roll because they’re looking for someone to pay for his retirement fund.

  269. Darius – But no one’s biting at the moment are they. Do you think a deal with Gallas is completely out of the question? And what about Sylvestre, has he found a club yet?

  270. Who let the trolls out?

    “I want two D**Mers, Waaaaaaahhhhhhhh!”

    Ignoring the fact that before the squad were decimated by injuries, that is exactly how the team had decided to play against some teams last season as the formation/squad evolved. And that since ’07 it’s been something like 4-1-1-2-1, with tweaks, and variation….Zzzzzzzzzzzz.

    Anyway, this was a nice post on that topic.


    On the radio they’re saying some ‘keeper has handed in a transfer request.

    Matt is correct.
    A minority of ‘fans’ are ‘troubled’.
    Hence the ‘twitchy’ fingers.
    Such twitchiness, it reminds me of someone…

  271. A deal with Gallas is not impossible, but improbable.

  272. Steww – That plank spectrum deserved all the grief he got with his “in arsene we rust” nonsense which is disrespectful to our fans and our manager, who whatever you think about him, deserves much better than that.
    Spectrum is the type of “supporter” I hate, but Lady Arsenal is obviously a proper supporter who was venting her fustrations with the team. She did not deserve the grief she got.

  273. A shorthand summary of The Brains post above, is that Arsenal can and do play with two D**Mers.

    Maybe not as often as everybody would like, but, they do, do it.

  274. Shottagunna and EvilFiek – Good to see you’re back from North Korea. Graduated with honours from your indoctrination class, I see. The Great Leader will be proud.
    “In Arsene we rust.”

  275. Ive seen Kos playn in pre-season andhe looks to be a tidy player with good control and passing, watching TV last season I do not believe that his lack of inches will be a problem unless he has an inabillity to jump, which by all acounts he does not. Having said that I think we would be foolish not to buy a quality defender as we are in a lot of competitions and i would expect us to be in said comps for some time. I like the youngsters who are coming through but again they are not what you would want when push comes to shove. If that is all we have then that is all we have and we will have to get on with it. As for the system we play, you know, the one where we can sometimes leave ourselves open to the counter, I think it would be sensible to have a bit more disaplin at the back rather than depend on perfect passing or perfect movement, otherwise we are asking for trouble. No team can pass with perfection all the time, we need to acept this premis otherwise there is a strong likelyhood that similar goals will be conceaded. Another year older and stronger, one more addition in my opinion, a CB, and the partnership of fab and naz in the middle

  276. Having just watched Wenger’s interview with ATVO, I think its an informed guess that Diaby, Cesc and van Persie will be in the team. Both van Persie and Diaby have been in full training this week and Denilson is doing a fitness test tomorrow to see if he’ll be in the squad.

    My prediction for a starting lineup is:

    Sagna, Koscielny, Vermaelen, Clichy
    Diaby, Nasri, Rosicky
    Eboue, Chamakh, Arshavin

    Van Persie, Cesc and Theo to come in from the bench.

  277. Just seen an interview with Mad Jens. He reckons Almunia is a very good keeper and if we were to get a new keeper it would only be to push Almunia. Now Jens knew something about goal keeping.

  278. Where was this interview, dupsffokcuf ?

  279. Although Lady Arsenal seems to have calmed a bit, I have an issue.

    I’m from an African country, never mind which. I’ve supported Arsenal since 70/71, when I was aged 12, and they won the double. I was a keen player. In the 70s, 80s and most of the 90s, Arsenal had very few ‘global’ fans. This changed and actually exploded in, you guessed it, 97/98. Worldwide Arsenal fans are estimated now at 2 million. I’m fond of saying, because it’s true, that African fans would fill the Emriates easily twice over every week. And it would, believe me, be a steaming cauldron of passion. My last 2 tickets to 2 Arsenal matches cost me more than your season ticket, I paid a longhaul flight. Now what makes home-based supporters think they have more more right or linkage to Arsenal than, say for example, me? It is important that as global fans we recognise the history, community highbury london vintage that has been Arsenal, since woolwich. But, I detest it when an Arsenal londoner starts to believe we have any less right to this club as its fans. We support, like you’ve never seen! It is a rare day for me not to see a guy downtown here in an Arsenal shirt. The local bars will be packed this Sunday. We support.

    We are also quite critical, as Lady suggests, but you know when the season starts, when the games begin, there is no moan or groan to be heard, just pride, respect and privilege at this marvellous football produced by Arsenal.

    Lady, never talk about this club as if you know more than us, you will be very surprised by the depth of knowledge and passion ‘out there’.

  280. On slysports Ole

  281. theBigM

    Don’t get involved, read her comments then come back to me.

    I don’t give a shit who it is, anyone who slates my team on the eve of the season when they should be fairly excited deserves it.

    Everyone has concerns, like I and many do at CB where we certainly need 1 more. What does moaning and bitching achieve, its like they actually believe Wenger pays any attention to their comments.

    Get behind the team, and let the manager work on the problems. He has done a fairly good job in his 14 or so years at the club.

  282. did I say 2m, no, no, no I meant 20m. there are probably a million in Nigeria alone.

  283. Lady came, attacked, made stupid comments, tried a little to defend her-good-self, then retreated into “me, doomer?, never” and started inching towards the odd show of support. she is a fair weather type I guess. Who cares really?

  284. Woah. SUGA3 in a wig! That’ll turn your stomach.

  285. Like Buffalo Bill from Silence of the Lambs skipping around trying to look coy whilst wearing someone else’s skin.

  286. A preview of the coming season. And you’ll be so pleased to know they’ve offered Wenger a new contract !

    “In Arsene we rust.”

  287. Diaby will be fit for Anfield. yay!

  288. Darius:

    That was excellent. I got a little tingly when I read it. It was positive without being angry. Great post.

    Winning this weekend will be tough. The scousers will be sky high playing for a new manager on their hallowed home turf on opening day, and wanting to erase the memories of a bad last season and a double loss to us. I will turn cartwheels from here in Texas all the way to London if we win.

    COYG go.

  289. ZimPaul

    Well said. That is why I got on her case, she has no ground to stand on to try prove she has a right to insult others because of her being a ‘local supporter’.

    I lived and grew up in London, but I am of Cypriot heritage, I live abroard now but I am British in my ways and a Londoner. I fly back as often as I can to see games and family also. I went to approx 30 games in one season, paying at premium prices to get into the North Bank, East Bank, or wherever I found a ticket.

    I can see both sides to the coin, and out here in Cyprus there is many many Arsenal fans, very passionate fans like myself. Some would laugh and spit in the face of Lady A if she tried validating how she is a proper London supporter!!

  290. 5 more years RECTUM. Enough time for your head to explode.

  291. Thanks dupsffokcuf

  292. Great news Spectrum, thanks for highlighting it. I can’t think of anyone I’d prefer!

    Just seen this as the postscript to a business update:

    After Nigeria was eliminated from the World Cup, the Nigerian goalkeeper personally offered to refund all the expenses of fans that travelled to South Africa. He said he just needs their bank details and PIN numbers to complete the transaction.

  293. Spectrum, you’re angry aren’t you? Who was it that done this to you? mom, dad, uncle, teacher, grannie, bullies at school? you can talk. you’re amongst friends now. it’s OK.

  294. Ole Gunner

    you can’t seriously tell me that you are enjoying watching arsenal without winning any sort of trophy?

    But I think that this has to be the worst news for this week.and next week I really hope wenger signs somebody.and if does’nt sign anyone then he has to leave.cos its already obvious that we really need to sign someone.

  295. I see that monikers now come with the posters age attached now.

  296. that’s funny Cbob

  297. I thought it was a “squared” symbol

  298. The comments on this blog are always a delight to read, particularly on days like this. Thanks Lady G for spicing things up a bit!

    However, I didn’t appreciate your lack of respect for foreign arsenal supporters , but I think I understand were you’re coming from. You’re probably just lashing out because you’re frustrated to have your support questioned by ‘armchair’ supporters who probably don’t go to games.

    You should remember that arsenal wouldn’t be considered such a big club without its foreign followership.

  299. ZP,
    I’d say there’s way more than a million AFC supporters in Nigeria

  300. Lady Ga Ga Henristic?

    She’s boring.
    I’ve seen better cabaret on the Clerkenwell Road.

  301. gooner2,

    This Arsenal team will win trophies sooner or later. The only question is when. I say soon.

  302. Ole we just won one!!!

  303. Henristic

    I think that attending games and not games are exact the same.and it does’nt matter Whether you live in london or not.

  304. Funny you say that henristic. Being oddly inclined towards fact, I figure 2m in Nigeria of which perhaps a third are week-in week-out supporters.

  305. @ gunner_enter name here on August 13, 2010
    at 10:04 am

    ha ha ha ha ha – this post cracked me up!

    @ Arsenal Tom
    shotta… just out of interest how do you measure “the right price” mate?

    even at 30m any player that turns us into serious title contenders would for me be “the right price”

    Why the fixation on the price? Why not get that level of quality for £15 million? Arshavin? Or develop your own for a fraction of that – Cesc? RvP?
    Luckily, AW doesn’t need a price tag to tell him how good a player is.
    Football’s a team game anyway. The right mix of stars, workers and everyone in between is what makes a title-contending side. And we have been that side in two of the last three seasons.

    @ EvilFiek
    “Most strong Arsenal supporters are just fed up with the moaning because it is pointless.”
    Exactly. Among other reasons.


  306. Postscript to my YouTube video ( above ). AW said “I believe that we have goalkeepers who have quality and class – they have a good opportunity to show that on Sunday.”
    “In Arsene we rust.”

  307. Looks like the Schwarzer rumors have died down. I’m finding it hard to believe the media stories about our interest in him tbh. Can’t see how much of an improvement he is over what we currently have.

  308. In my country, I’d hazard a guess at 200,000 arsenalistas, 100,000 crazed like me, including oddly enough the finance minister (a democrat I have to add) who includes this in his biography. “Avid Arsenal supporter since 1995”.

  309. Robbed of my youtube embedding powers!

    A sad, sad day.

    Lydia the Tatooed Lady…

  310. @ Henristic

    I believe PHW said we had “enquired” about Schwarzer last Spring. Arsene seemed unwilling to characterise it as a “bid” in his Press Conference today, but it does seem there was genuine interest at some stage.

  311. Oh! How queer!

  312. Well, I want the season to start!

  313. LOL ZP, there’s certainly a fair amount of those kind of fans. I have this friend who stopped supporting arsenal after Kanu left, and started supporting Chelsea instead. Chelsea ffs! I don’t know how you can just change clubs??

  314. Yip, the first try was a mighty long silence LA, I wondered, profound I thought, this man has the wisdom!

  315. gonner2,

    I missed saying that I’d enjoy watching Arsenal even if we never won a trophy ever again.

  316. Hear, hear, Ole. Arsenal for Life.

  317. Spectrum You can show wathever you want on a youtube video. just look at these:

    or just in the barcelona game

    “hope spectrum will rust”

  318. henristic…. yeah definitely just media stories mate….

    “I need it to happen,” Schwarzer told the Australian Daily Telegraph. “I’ve had a couple of chats with Mark [Hughes]. It’s delicately poised. Who wouldn’t be keen to go to Arsenal?

    “At this stage in my career it’s an amazing opportunity to play at that level and one I really want to take. Only time will tell whether that happens or not.”

    sticking a bottle of lucozade in goal would be an improvement on what currently have

  319. No disprespect to your friend Henristic, but chelsea supporters this side tend to go for snob value only. Something in chelsea dna draws them to that. Can’t think what!

  320. Speaking of worldwide support, a few years ago I was in Phnom Pehn on the day that Arsenal played the Spuds and we hammered them 3 nil.

    I was content to watch the game in my hotel room, but the bell boy of the hotel approached me and asked if I had ever been to watch Arsenal live. We got chatting and he told me that he was also waiting to get off work so that he can catch the game. We agreed that he would take me to his local pub where they were going to watch the game.

    The pub was packed wall to wall with Arsenal fans and regardless of the fact that none of my colleagues and I could speak the local language, it was one of the best atmospheres I’ve ever experienced supporting the Arsenal. We didn’t need to speak as the players on the pitch provided a common language for us.

    I remember when Toure sidestep the last defender to slot the ball in for goal no.3, I jumped and hugged the nearest punter next to me and we both chanted whatever we wanted to chant to show our unflinching joy for the Arsenal.

    I even left my Arsenal shirt to the bell boy before I left Cambodia.

    I’ve seen and experienced that level of support all over Asia and Africa, and believe me, there’s as much passionate support for Arsenal to rival what local support you’ll find in Islington or around the UK.

  321. Zimpaul, bit late but wanted to lend support to being a none london fan, so am i, fact is most Arsenal fans are. There is no supporter better than another based on where they come from, how much they pay to watch, or even based on having a moan or not. A world with total positiveness would do the Arsenal team no favours at all just as having nothing but doomers would do us no favours. Take the recent England situation, it was imo, the boo boys that stired up the likes of gerrard into pulling their socks up. Again my opinion, we need both positive and negative to find ballance and harmony in life as well as in football. we need to be supportive but not like a nazi, we need to be objective but also not like a nazi, . opinions are just like arse holes…we all got one.

  322. FG,
    Yeah i agree there’s some truth to press stories, but I really don’t get why would we go for him? As many others have pointed out he’s not much of an improvement over Almunia.

  323. Oh, I can think better places for that bottle of lucozade to go arsenal tom.

  324. Zimpaul, Do you mean in the fridge?

  325. God I can’t wait till sunda.

    At this point I don’t care if we win any trophy, I just want to see the boys on the pitch again, in a proper game!


  326. There is always two side spectrum, like the monthy python I like to look at the bright side of life.

    (I hope I won’t get moderated this time)

  327. Sod off already with the Schwartzer stories

  328. A Tom, its not the first time an interview has been made up by some far away newspaper is it?

    Remember the AW interview with that Kenyan journalist that never happened?

  329. how can you not see schwarzer being an improvement?

    our weakness is from high balls and set pieces… what is schwarzer very good at?…. organising his defence and claiming crosses.

    he’d be quality for us till chesney is ready

  330. boomer, brilliant use of the term ‘Arsehoe’

  331. A Tom, I’m guessing you didn’t watch him at the world cup then ?

  332. Perhaps I can refer the question to sprectum James. His name suggests inner knowledge of such things.

  333. *Sunday (on my 2.53 post)

  334. henristic… well its all over every single major news network mate… not just a kenyan newspaper. plus the quotes were never categorically denied simply that he granted an interview to that newspaper… wenger doesn’t do 1 on 1 interviews

  335. I liked your silent period James. It moved me.

  336. You might find it a bit of a tight fit though, Zimpaul.
    “In Arsene we rust.”

  337. henristic… lol cos he didnt have too hot a world cup he’s shit now?

    guess messi and ronaldo are pretty shit to then arent they!? and kaka! lol

  338. Sorry I meant ‘Arsehole’.

    ‘Arsehoe’…..reminds me of Graeme Le Saux

  339. lol spectrum… keep up the fight brother

  340. In fact, surprisingly few people have an opinion. Opinions however have many, many people.

  341. Just thinking about Sunday…what do you all think are the chances of Wenger sidestepping both Almunia and Fabianski and asking Tech 9 to grasp the nettle and claim the No. 1 jersey.

  342. Fukin el have any of you lot been in any of the local boozers around the ground? on going with your theory their all weak spuds. thruth is all this never say a bad word about the club or players or anything negative has only popped up since the arrival of the internet, never been to a game or an arsenal boozer in 20 years without hearing a bit of the age old moan up. goes together like salt n pepper.its what fans have done since the birth of football and will keep on doing.

    so all together now, Al n fabianski are crap and we need a new keeper!!!!!!!

  343. darius… no chance mate, it’ll be one of the usual suspects

  344. DS,

    That’s why I detest fan hysteria. Without that, Wenger might throw in a kid. But otherwise he won’t because a loss, and a small mistake would lead to so much overraction that the player’s career could already take a dent.

  345. ole gunner

    I think that wining a trophy shows to you that you are teeam with great ambition.but we are yet to win our first major trophy since winning the FA cup back in 05.

  346. I don’t think Almunia is as bad as many make out. Is he really better than Almunia at claiming crosses, and dealing with high balls? As far as i recall, Almunia doesn’t have any more problems with dealing with high balls than most other keeper around. Fabianski on the other hand…
    Hope you’re not confusing the two.

    The reason we concede so many goals has much more to do with our midfielders/defenders than the goalkeeper imo.

  347. ZimPaul @ 3.00 PM

    Brilliant! Just brilliant. Too true.

  348. gooner2,

    I am a football fan not an ambition fan. Get it?

    I watch Uzbekistan U-21s vs Azerbaijan U-21s if it’s a good match.

  349. Ole,

    But what about Dickov?

  350. Why am I in moderation for sharing youtube videos???

  351. DukeGoonem,

    That’s nonsense. I do agree we’ll be much strengthened getting someone at the level of Van der Sar, Cech, Buffon, the best keepers.

    But you’re deluded to say Almunia is crap. And Fabianski has lost his chance, and done his career a blow, but even he, by most accounts and measures is not crap.

  352. I have been a Gooner for 15 years, not as long as some, but longer than others. On my first day as a Gooner, Nayim did us in. That this team I had never seen play before had the balls to repay my support by losing my first game filled me with, well, annoyance.

    But my support didn’t waver then, and it hasn’t since. I have sat through some truly horrifying results 6-1 at Old Trafford readily springs to mind, but my support has not wavered.

    We’ve won nothing for 5 years, true, but how many Gooners saw us win nothing for 17 years? By the logic of Spectrum, Arsenal should have ceased to exist during that particular dry spell.

    That we have continued to defy pundits predictions that we’ll fall out of the CL places year on year, despite the massive investment of those around us, should tell anyone with half a brain that Wenger is doing an incredible job on extremely limited resources. I have no doubt that other managers look at him and wonder how the hell he does it.

    We are now at the point where “Project Youth” begins to supply talent for the first team, and I am quite excited at the prospect of JET, Wilshere, Frimpong, Nordveit, et al, showing the world what they can do.

    If you can’t support your team, jog on.

  353. James,

    Fuck right off

  354. Darius, that would be a strange decision indeed seeing as Tech 9 didn’t play that much in pre-season

  355. Lady Arsenal and Arsenal Tom:

    Today was probably not a good day to try to engage in real debate. Everyone is fired up about the season starting and the name calling is unfortunately inevitable. The well written post by Darius also gets everyone going.

    Preseason did not really inspire a lot of confidence that the real problems we faced have been fixed. However, I guess its time to see what happens on the pitch.

    Sorry to hear that the Schwarzer deal is probably dead. Hopefully Almunia can cast away the demons and have a decent year. Fingers and toes crossed that we do not get any injuries to any of our central defenders. After seeing all the CB injuries that all of the top 5 clubs endured last season its tough to imagine that we will somehow avoid real problems in the back again.

  356. gunnerluc,

    You have been put in moderation because you used the word ‘Bum’ 3 times, and the word ‘Twanger’ twice. Wash that mouth out.

  357. Ole,
    Unless you believe goalkeeping is only about shot stopping, its hard to see how Fabianski isn’t a poor goalkeeper.


  359. DukeGoonem,

    Every fan has a moan. But certain attitudes are a cancer to the game.

  360. I’m always an optimistic

  361. Henristic,

    If he were he’d never have been best keeper in his country and considered the best of his generation in Poland, a country that currently has a good crop of decent keepers.

    I’ve seen him come and claim crosses flawlessly in an Arsenal shirt. For a while I even thought he was better than Almunia in that area. Many people did actually.

  362. Ole,

    Dont be over-dramatic

  363. I like how close AW has kept his cards to his chest going into this one. We’re like a spin bowler coming out from behind the umpire, or a Spitfire coming in out of the sun.

    I think Diaby and RVP and hopefully Denilson will all start. No need to risk a half-paced Cesc with Nasri and Rosicky in such fine fettle.

    The reason I think RVP will get the nod is that when he came back to training after his ankle injury he was thrown in pretty ‘cold’ at the end of the spurs match and came off the bench like shit off a shovel. If you’re AW and you’ve spent the last week and a half watching RVP smash footballs in the top corner of a net from a thousand different angles with his hammer left foot… it’s going to be pretty hard to leave him out.

    Anyway, we’re lucky to have so many midfielders on our books. A 2nd string midfield three of Diaby, Rosicky and Nasri looks pretty tasty to me. And Chamakh is the back up if RVP really doesn’t make it.

    I’m backing us to nick one early in an open game and go on to win it 4-1.



  364. Vince to be honest I don’t care about the music they put, just to show at all the negative persons that there always some positives and remember them that he does have some great moves.

  365. Ole Gunner

    yeah I get it.but if you think that you are just a football fan then thats fine with me.cos I use to think that every arsenal likes to win trophies.and I’m quite suprise that you are’nt one of them.

  366. ok Al isnt crap but he isnt good enough now for us to challenge and Wenger knows this coz he is now in the market for a new keeper.

  367. Ole Gunner,

    Fabianski shits himself when the pressures on, thats the truth of it. All keepers are good, its how they handle the pressure that matters.

  368. “I believe that we have goalkeepers who have quality and class – they have a good opportunity to show that on Sunday.” Wenger has short term memory loss.Alzheimers is setting in. He can’t even remember back as far as last season.
    “In Arsene we rust.”

  369. Sounds a bit crazy, but one way to test Wengers theory on backing project youth – Don’t give him ANY transfer budget at all for a couple of seasons.No money to spend on new players.Zilch. Just see if faith alone in project youth can win the Premier League and Champions League.See where we finish in the next two seasons.
    Advantage of this is it will save the board millions, and if it comes off, Wenger will be idolised as a genius.This will feed his ego and in addition he’ll sleep better knowing he won’t have to spend.It’s a win- win situation.
    Meanwhile, in the real world….
    “In Arsene we rust.”

  370. Gunnerluc. Yeah get in fellah!

  371. Spectrum,

    I think there may be an error with your keyboard.

  372. It’s comes as no surprise at all that you, SPECTRUM, should fail to understand the meaning of the words ‘quality’ and ‘class’.

  373. ZimPaul – Be careful playing with that Lucozade bottle. Wouldn’t want you to tear anything.
    “In Arsene we rust.”

  374. Gunnerluc – NICKELBACK. NICKELBACK. As if Almunia’s just another DFS product. It’s not on.

  375. DukeGoonem on August 13, 2010
    at 3:02 pm


    The usual response to someone calling Viera ‘a crap French git’, or Pires ‘a poof’, has been to tell them to,

    ‘fuck off’.

    Fortunately, since I was a child, such idiots have always been a minority amongst Goonerdom,
    Arsenal fans do tend to be cooler then the rest.

    It’s an unavoidable truth.

    I remember one guy crying after the Wigan game.
    He was an idiot.
    He should have cried at Birmingham.

    Fortunately, even those tears would have proven to be wasted. Arsenal do not sell their best players, unike the Sp*ds, or ManUsed. Until they want to.
    Only a fool would buy a second hand car from Arsene Wenger.


    Manc $iteh? heh. Silva is a top player, but, 200,000 treacle greenbacks a week for an Arsenal reject?

    I bet Song can’t wait to play against those charlatans.

  376. LimparAssist – I learnt everything I know from Wenger. Didn’t you all ?
    “In Arsene we rust.”

  377. James, thank you for your comment re my use of the word arse-hole. How are things in your world ?

  378. Spectrum..what’s the deal with you and Uzmanov? How much is he paying you to do his dirty work?
    Because seriously, why do you bother coming on here otherwise? It doesn’t make sense.

  379. boomer, yes there ok actually, could be worse, could be worse.

    mingus, Spectrum is Usmanov’s Left-Hand Man.

  380. Limpar:

    We have to let Chamakh start. He has been the bright spot of the preseason. RVP to back him up. If Diaby is healthy and Denilson healthy then things are much brighter.


    BS KOS TV Clichy


    Rosicky/ Chamakh Arshavin

    Hate to leave out Eboue. Biggest concern is about Denilson. Last season he was poor when only 1/2 fit. Will clearly need him at full strength. Unfortunately no other realistic options at DM.

  381. gooner2,

    I love to see Arsenal winning trophies. My support for the club is not conditional on winning trophies. I supported the club when we were not only unwatchable and didnt even win trophies. Now we play as good football as any team in the world. I consider it a privilege to watch the team.

    This team competes for trophies every year. Unfortunately they haven’t won always. Which is no surprise because only 2, at most 4 teams will win trophies every season.

    Most football clubs will NEVER once in their histories win a major trophy.

    I am not a trophy fetishist: I am just a guy who really likes football.

    If I cared about trophies i’d just go buy me a big one and kiss it every morning. That’s what I’d recommend to you.

  382. Georgie Thompson’s dog ‘Rollo’ predicts Arsenal win!

  383. Well if Uzmanov took over, we’d definitely have more money in our transfer budget, wouldn’t we ? I think he would demand that it be spent. A new board member expects a return on his investment.That scent of ambition must strike terror into you A.K.B.’s. What would it do for project youth ?
    Mingus – I come on here because it amuses me to challenge your blind faith and unrealistic optimism in the direction the club IS going ( not HAS been going ). I know it’s futile, but as one poster said : “Just enjoy the rollercoaster ride.”
    “In Arsene we rust.”

  384. Lady Arsenal…you walked into an OLD fight…I can tell that you don’t really believe in the gentle approach but I hear some part of your point even though I generally would side with the other lads on here.

    And gentlemen…it’s maybe a little early to be defending the battlements with such fervor, eh?

    (I think Bill’s got the right of it.)

    Oh and HEY EVERYBODY!!!!!
    Come on you gunners!

  385. Excellent team, Bill.

    Tempting also to unleash Theo against Aurelio 2nd half.

  386. Fuck off RECTUM. you and Usmanov too.

  387. Yogi…lovely work this summer. Truly.

    Darius…great post and nice to hear your optimism again!

  388. ZimPaul – Haven’t heard anything from you. Oh dear. I told him to be careful.
    “In Arsene we rust.”

  389. Can’t we just ban this SPECTRUM idiot?

  390. Limpar:

    Theo is the best impact sub in the world. Hopefully he will rise above impact sub in the next couple of years. Just can not see him starting right now with all the choices we have. Agree that if things not going well Theo at 50 minute mark.

  391. axis, you dont have to thank me.

  392. els

    Been busy at work today and saw all this petty arguments. It frustates me as much as you, ole, steww, chris et al to see all those guys coming in to slate the team/player/manager but to respond is just giving them fuel to continue their wind-up. Let’s just ignore those meaningless comments and they will soon enough get tired and piss off.

  393. Bill,

    If I could pick the team I’d go for


    Sagna Kos TV Clichy

    Walcott Diaby Nasri Arshavin




  394. lol…good to see you too james.

  395. Ole:


    When everyone is healthy I would put Cesc/Diaby/Song/Arshavin behind Chamakh/RVP. Absolute dynamite especially if Arshavin plays to potential.

  396. James, bless you dear heart, your such a polite and charming young man. I hope evryone else appreciates you in the world of high flyers

  397. The feeling I got from AW’s interview and press conference was that Arsenal are on the market for a goalkeeper. I’m just reading between the lines and nothing may come of it but I’m half expecting Lukasz to line-up on Sunday, Manuel to leave on Monday, and a new keeper to be signed at some point during the next fortnight. With Sunday being Fabianski’s chance to stake his claim.

  398. Limpar:

    Love of the first 1/2 of that post. Filled with dread about the last sentence.

    Why in the world does everyone forget Mannone. Is there something I have missed about him? He is young but during the time we saw him last year he was better then what we saw of Fabianski.

  399. O.K. A.K.B.’s. in closing, I’d like to leave a gift for you. As the leader who- can- do- no wrong has signed a new four year contract, I thought this will give you all a nice warm fuzzy feeling.

    “In Arsene we rust.”

  400. Er,

    That song won’t help you against the MAncs tomorrow Troll.

    Goodbye Toteham.
    It’s been fun. I guess, the peak of ‘the return to glory’ was this summers England World Cup Squad.
    Ah well.

    (Not surprisingly, you can find Toteham in the D**MsDay Bok).

  401. I have a theory.

    I think Spectrum is Adrian Durham from Talk Shite radio.

  402. whoopsie

    < Book

  403. My ideal lineup is as follows

    Sagna Djourou Vermaelen Clichy

    Song Cesc

    Nasri RVP Arshavin


    Bench: Rosicky, Kos, Eboue, Walcott, Bendtner, Diaby

  404. Finsbury. I’m reliably told that Tottenam have got a deal to sell their DVDs on QVC and other daytime TV shopping channels.

  405. Vela Assit No.4 from last week:

    Does the dummy count as an assist, I guess it doesn’t.

    Terrible defending from the Barceholes.
    But I guess, AFC could do with a Stopper, holding such a ‘high line’, and all that jazz.

  406. In a 4-4-2

    Sagna Djourou Vermaelen Clichy

    Nasri Song Cesc Arshavin

    RVP Chamakh


    Sagna Djourou Vermaelen Clichy

    Cesc Song Diaby

    Nasri RVP Arshavin

  407. Darius,

    I hope that they qualify.
    They’ll defeat a few minnows in the group games, but the Villarreal result has made me greedy.


    That’s quite a good team you have there.

  408. Ole @ 4:38:

    Love that lineup. Chamakh in front of RVP for me gives us unlimited options.

    Still think we need Diaby for strength and to be a little more defensively balanced. However, Nasri has been absolutely superb this preseason and really hard to leave him out. Somehow we have to add a little more defensive balance. Between fixture congestion/injuries Nasri will get lots of time on the pitch. He will be the first substitute for any of the forward players other then Song in my mind.

  409. So, if we sign one player before the end of the window which is it to be? A ‘keeper or CB?

    Personally I don’t think Almunia’s that bad – he just has the odd ‘moment’ like many keepers. My money would be on another CB because we’re light on numbers and JD is likely to get the odd niggle after such a long time out.

    And why is no-one mentioning Vito? (okay, he may well go out on loan). He’s young but looked like he had potential and more importantly the ‘balls’ to make challenge for the No1. jersey in the future.

  410. Sorry Bill, missed your post re Vito whilst typing (nice to see someone on the same wavelength tho!).

  411. Media sensationalism never ceases to amaze. After a press conference where Wenger says he has been offered a new contract and is close to signing, a newspaper comes up with this headline to the story:

    “Arsene Wenger: I will quit as Arsenal manager”

  412. Ole i like that line up with neither Al or Fab in it. going with no keeper is a risk though although i suppose with no Fab to drop the crosses on oppositions heads i see where your comung from!!!!

    cant see Chamakh playing in front of Rvp. either they both up top in a two or in a three with rvp in the middle.

  413. OleG


  414. coming

  415. Bill,

    When you invest so much time, money and energy into a player you don’t just throw them to the lions when they hit a poor run of form.

    That would be like doing up a house, having some friends over to stay, and when there happened to be an awkward moment at the dinner table where everyone could clearly hear the neighbours shagging through the paper thin walls – you just shout ‘fuck it. This is RUBBISH’, sweep dinner off the table, charge out leaving the frontdoor swinging on broken hinges, hail a taxi, leave town forever and buy a new house.

    You have to suck it up, make improvements and keep having your friends back round to test it. They’ll keep coming back because they love you. The ones that do have a problem can fuck off anyway because they’re not worth it.

  416. Bill,

    It’d mean dropping Cesc

  417. Mates at work are already asking why I have such a big grin on my face. Real football will be back in two days and I think it really shows. COME ON YOU GUNNERS!

  418. gunnerluc Iv’e had a slow work day today. Fancied an Arse chat. And was severely disappointed with the way it looked on here.

    Of course your totally right, I just sometimes can’t ignore it. Sorry.

    Great Al posts though mate.

    I’m actually happy the Schwarzer deal has fallen through. It’s the Arsenal way that Almunia should and will play next season and be immense. He’ll show the doomers how clueless they are. As Diaby, Bendtner an Song have before him.

    COYG!!!!!!! Not long now.

  419. Limpar:


    I guess your talking about Fabianski. IMO what I saw last year gave me more confidence in Mannone. If Fabianski is in goal I certainly hope he does well but have to admit I will be covering my eyes with my hands and intermittantly looking between my fingers whenever the ball comes into our 1/2.

  420. els what are you on about? how does Al who helped cost us the title with his calamities deserve to play next season, if he plays he is one lucky motherf*cker. if we dont get a keeper in then we have to put in the decent keeper we have. shez.

  421. Steven Gerard has just declared on Talk Shite radio that Liverpool’s strategy on Sunday is to bum rush and take the game to Arsenal by suffocating us and closing space and options for our players.

  422. Ole 5:07PM:

    No. I guess I did not take enough time and look at what you posted.

    GK (whoever)






    I am not sure that formation really works but those are the players I would love to see on the pitch for us.

    If you go true 433 I guess you do leave out Chamakh but I really loved his energy and the defending he did when the other team had the ball in our attacking 1/3. He also will be very valuable on set pieces at both ends.

  423. almost the full pack of card today… you couldn’t have a family without the annoying but loveable kids. ‘are we there yet?’ – bless.

    hopefully frank comes out of the woodwork as bitter contempt works much better when combined with dry wit… has been a touch unpalatable at times today and we hadn’t even hit 10am!

    looking forward to a mark morrison brace


  424. Arsenalitis….

  425. How long are they going to be able to keep that up, especially so early in the season without being at full fitness? Is Gerrard thick?

    Pass the ball around, let em run, be patient, and knock a couple in in the last quarter of the game.

    On the other hand he may be talking a load of old shite…

  426. @spectrum, some of us actually got morals. some of us dont want blind success without knowing how we get it. Usmanov can put his blood money other places. I dont want our club to have succes with moeny made from exploited people in dirty russian mines. Knowing Usmanov has blood on is hands and has killed people to achiev what he has just disgusts me.

    You may dont care about others than yourself, you may want us to shop like City, to be a puppet club for the rich and famous middle eastern or russian bilionanries. A toy in a rich mans pocket.

    I dont, im proud of how well Arsenal does,and im proud of their policy, im proud we do not sing world class players but that we make them. Im proud kids like Wilshire and Gibbs are doing so well. It is exciting to know that it is possible to do very well without having to spend billions in the transfare market like Ciy.

    Where is your pride man? Why are you an arsenal fan? It seems to me all the fundaments of arsenal, the youth policy, the transfare policy, the manager in fact everything stinks in your view.
    I would never support something i did not belive in. Id just leave and say “sorry asshole, im done with you, you stink, your policy stinks, you dont buy enough players, you dont use enough money, i dont want to use my money on this shit!, i quit and put my heart into something i love instead” That is the decent thing to do.

  427. James…

    Didn’t wolves do the double over your maris pipers last season?

  428. Darius,

    I’m expecting them to do that. hey try their best to disrupt your game and get Torres to score at the other end. It was why they were so effective against big teams under Rafa. It certainly worked against teams like manure and real madrid.

    Good thing for us they won’t have Torres this time. Also, we play a better passing game than most, so it’ll be interesting to see how long they can keep up the pressing, before they get tired and we knock em the fuck out! Just hope our defence holds up.

    Ouuuu! Can’t wait till sunday!

  429. Bill, I’d be happy to see Mannone in goal.

    One thing that gets me is the media’s love affair with all things Liverpool. It makes me dislike them even more than I otherwise would. I am used to the media’s constant disregarding of our beloved Arsenal and I’m not sure if I’m ready for an Arsenal love-in but here’s a (left-field) thought coming….

    Jack to start against Liverpool.
    In order to swing the psychological thingy strongly our way. It would send out a clear message to LFC and the pundits that the future is ours and they are relying on a soon to be “put-out-to-grass” little Stevie G who is basically history. The media’s love-affair with Liverpool would instantly turn, curdle and grow mould and the three points would be ours to take home with us! driving a dagger between their ribs and into the heart.

    Back on Earth, I wouldn’t actually start with Jack. But as a statements of intent it’s not bad.

  430. Didn’t Hleb leave because he got kicked too much in the premier league? Why does he want to come back? Does the ice cream in Spain suck?

    I hope he won’t play against us if he does sign for Liverpool. He’s still a damn good player and exactly the kind of player they need.

  431. G4E,

    God that takes me back.


  432. Great piece as usual DS!

    Good point about us having players come through the ranks. People are so blinded all they want are supposed big signings.
    I was thinking about this when I read this crap interview.

    Why are people coming on here and talking about our percieved shortcomings. Even if you think thats true whats the point of pointing that out two blinkin days before we go to war?

    You are supposed to be issuing a rallying cry, damn it! not just crying!



  433. the best rumour i have heard yet today is that AW will soon sign a new deal!

    He is signing of the season and signing of the last and present decade rolled into one!

    Think what that news will do to the doomer family! Definitely a body blow!

    Also 3 – 0 to the arsenal versus liverpool (cant just say pool now cos of blackpool who we play next LOL)

  434. at the end of the day all the blind faithers, the doomer and gloomers, the opinions, the insults. the unspent money, the coming youngsters, the this and that. its all bollocks. only one thing matters.

  435. Dgob…me too, I used to listen to that in the 80s 🙂 Those were the days.

  436. Ole Gunner at 4:11 pm
    Spot on! I was about to post, before reading ur comment, that we could do with a 4-4-1-1
    with 2 defence minded CM & nasri & andre on the wings with RVP & chamack up front; esp in the 2nd half if we need to chase the game. That team could crack any defence IMO

  437. & for the past 3 days I’ve been crying out loud in favour of Don Vito but nobody even seems to consider him! Its either Al, Fabianski or Schezny…being a keeper myself, at times i feel for him 😦

  438. Excellent post as usual Darius, just the rallying call to arms we needed days before the start of the next campaign. It’s just a shame it has fallen on so many deaf ears, but never mind, those who have ears to hear it, appreciate it.

    By: LimparAssist on August 13, 2010 at 2:41 pm

    Thanks for the link, I love the Marx brothers!

  439. I have to drive to Portsmouth on Sunday. Aaaaagh. Sky+ I suppose. Might be finished by 2 in which case back by 4 but it’s touch and go. Oh fuck.

  440. SomeRandomGunner

    Chris Waddle Former England winger, BBC Radio 5 live analyst
    1 Chelsea 2 Man Utd 3 Tottenham 4 Man City

    When this guy talked about Walcott’s brain , i thought he had one does not look like that.

  441. Darius welcome back to Stone Cold Friday!

    A flying start indeed! Well written

  442. Portsmouth, eergh.

  443. Totally delusional article, but then the only way we can be Gunners fans these days is to delude ourselves that the new season will be any different to the fare of the last five years.

  444. It’s abit like rotationall fouling.

    These blokes are rotational wind up merchants. Laugh at or ignore. I think they are dodgy.

  445. LOL Consolsbob.

    What’s wrong with Portsmouth? My neighbour is from Portsmouth.

    Peter. If we disappoint you that much, why bother. Do what you do to a girlfirend who doesn’t deliver. Dump us and move on to another club.

  446. I agree bob. If you can’t enjoy a season like the last one you either have a heart condition or just don’t follow the right sport.

  447. Now I no longer envy you steww.

    So stevie G is taking it to the Arse is he. Can I just say that should be exactly what we need.

    If they throw all they have at us we’ll have them down by 2 in the first 30. Mark my words. I think they’ll be underestimating Cham and I’m sure Nasri is going to blitz them. Not like Hodgson to underestimate us. I imagine he’s overestimated pool. First time in a really long time he’s seen a lot of quality players (gerrard, Kuyt, Torres, Babel, Aquilanni) train together. He probably think’s he’s got something special. He doesn’t realise we’ve got the skills going on to crush players like them though.

    Could I be forgiven if a shrieked with excitement like my 4 year old daughter??

  448. Darius I actually like some of Portsmouth but it’s 2 hours from home on the first day of our season.

  449. els – it’s the price I pay for being so much in demand.

  450. You boys have forgotten that I’m a Plymouth lad.

    Pompey is like Tottenham to me.

  451. Of course, Arsenal is in my DNA having, my grandfather and father having been life long Arsenal fans and introducing me to Highbury oh, so many years ago..

    I’m thinking of demanding a transfer to TNHOF on that basis.

    It’s only fair.

  452. Oh, and Darius?

    I suspect that Peter is more prone to being dumped and to dumping.

  453. But Southampton is like Spurs to Pompey fans would have thought Exeter was your nemesis bob?

  454. You’re right Peter….It’s going to be a f8cking season….For you.

  455. So guys. How come we’re sat in on a Friday night?

  456. 7-1 or 11-2 which I never understand anyways 🙂 good thing I don’t gamble.

  457. Well, yes, to an extent Steww.

    It’s a naval thing. Plymouth and Portsmouth.

    Are you on a Guz ship or a Pompey one. My father was a Marine. It runs deep.

  458. guys,guys.stop dis.lets face the facts.for our beloved arsenal to win anything dis season,we need atleast 4 new players.a GK,2 DEFENDERS and a WINGER.hopefully VINCENT ENYEAMA OF NIGERIA,TASCI and SPAHIC and one mega signing on ASHLEY YOUNG.UP GUNNERS

  459. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Sad that someone with such an awesome light hearted avatar could be such a miserable cunt. Go figure. Why did you have to bring Stimpy into this?

  460. Butterfingers tonight or the cider’s kicking in.

  461. Darius:

    Great post. Really got the troops fired up today. Not seen quite that much of a feeding frenzy in a while. Orcs and Goblins turning on the trolls.

    Can not wait until Sunday. A win would be an incredibly awesome way to start especially at Anfield. Draw would even be a good result.

  462. @nasir, are u referring to me?

  463. Bob my old man was a matelot so a Pompey fan. Glad he lived long enough to see them promoted.

  464. A man who would know

    “I know Manuel from his competition with myself and I can tell you he is very good.

    “Sometimes, when you are playing for a big club you can’t always fulfil high pressure and expectations people have in you. But, he has done well and I would see how a new guy coming in would do as I know in the market it is hard to find somebody who is better than he is.”

  465. And Lens put him under every bit of pressure possible, so he knows what the guy can take.

  466. Whoa there, Steww!

    Plenty of matelots in Plymouth my friend. It’s all bloody admirals in pompey, close to their clubs in London. All the fighting tars are in Plymouth.

  467. practical and straightforward from jens as per usual/

    Almunia should be glad with the vote of confidence

  468. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    No, cicero. I was referring Peter and his Ren and Stimpy avatar.

  469. Yeah – realised when I wrote it I meant ‘and’ not ‘so’

  470. Open your eyes! we have had 4 captains in the past 5 seasons,and we unabashedly begged each one of them to stay.”anti-arsenal arsenal fans” you say?well call us whateva u will,the truth is at this moment we still find ourselves in the same situation we’ve been in the previous 4 seasons,we are unavoidably going to give an excuse for failure because of on the experience of the players.Tell me after 5 years of sharing this “vision” of nuturing talent where are they?we still find ourselves fielding wilshere,frimpong and koscielny.

  471. Wilshere & Frimpong is nurtured talent.


    Sorry, but it’s only available to those in the UK. It’s Ivan Gazidis on how Arsenal is building, rather than buying success.

  473. passenal,

    pls go all the way and transcribe for those of us outside the uk… at least summarise. it sounds too good to miss out on

  474. “I love to win and I love football – I can combine the two and that is what keeps me hungry,”

    Arsene Wenger

  475. Sorry TS it is far too much to transcribe, but basically it’s about our self-sustaining model, how we cannot and will not risk the medium to long-term future of the club by trying to compete with the £30/40m purchasers. It’s about how the club has had to be strong to resist the pressure of the media and some fans to achieve success in the short-term because our approach takes patience. He is aware that the majority of supporters are behind the club and the approach they are taking. He also believes we are starting to see the fruits of that, and perhaps signs that other clubs are also starting to realise that overspending is not sustainable and reign in their spending, except man c of course!

    The spend, spend, spend crowd will hate it!

  476. From tomorrow I’m away for two weeks. Catch you all in September.

  477. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    The link is working for me here in California, Passenal.

  478. thanks passeneal… at least a summary. nasir gives hope… let me try LOL

  479. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    It’s a nice little chat. Thanks, Passenal. Le Grove isn’t going to be too fond of that. lol

  480. It worked for me too in Arizona. Thanks Passenal.

    That interview is exactly how I feel about the club. So it’s pretty much the few disgruntled short term and short sighted fans, the media hacks, and Arsenal haters.

    I’m pretty much happy with the club, it’s views, it’s principals, and it’s ideas.

  481. Nasir, I’m surprised you were able to view it as BBC video content is usually only available to UK viewers.

  482. Thanks for the link Passenal. Excellent comments from our CEO. Arsene to sign a new contract and Almunia in goal Sunday and the lemmings will all be jumping off their nearest cliff.

  483. If Virgin has the rights to the video content we can’t see it in the US Passenal.

  484. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    I didn’t know that, Passenal. But I don’t really keep up with the mainstream media and papers. See Lady Gooner, just because the Arsenal don’t do gaudy pre season tours over here doesn’t mean they don’t appreciate us supporters over in Yank land. : )


  485. well better Al then Fab.

  486. If Jens says Almunia is good enough who am I to disagree.

  487. Haha I’m back, and you’re still talking about me. I’m flattered!

    I understand why Wenger always talks about this mysterious ’40m signing’ and how we don’t need him etc. To be honest that’s not even what i’m after. I’m simply after some balance – some hard workers to complement our array of fantastically talented players. When AW cracks out the same old response, it pisses me off. I DON’T WANT MASSIVE SIGNINGS! I just want to see the same spirit, same doggedness, I saw in his other sides. It’s pretty simple, really. And believe me, that is probably a majority opinion among those of us who travel to watch us.

    By the way our wage bill is only 20m a year less than ManU, and the next highest after us is Spurs, at about 2 thirds of ours. For such a young, inexperienced unproven squad that is an AWFUL lot of money. Money’s not an excuse. It’s NOT like we’re on a tiny budget. Given what a great manager Wenger is, personally I would have expected him to be able to have a more competitive side. But there you go. I guess for many of you, Wenger can’t make any mistakes. Well, that’s just stupid.

    It pains me that many of you mistake genuine concerns for a ‘spoilt, glory-seeking, doom and gloom’ outlook. Can’t you see that it is because we care, and because we spend 24 hours of every day thinking about our club, that we have such concerns!

    Just chill out a bit. It is normal for a fan to do that. OK what I said about ‘global’ fans was unfair, but it’s just banter. The fact that you rise to it shows that you feel insecure about it. Calling me names shows more about YOU than it does about ME. I have nothing to prove to anyone about my loyalty, I’m not insecure about it. Each to his own. Just know that if you go for a post-match pint and you refuse to countenance the slightest criticism, you’re just not very interesting. We can all do it, but when we’re among friends we speak the truth, we’re not moaning!


  488. Our wage bill covers all staff not just the players.

  489. I agree with lady arsenal.

  490. yep we have the higest paid cleaners in london.

    And yes no one is asking for £30m signings like city just a couple o £6-8m ones like we have done before to give us some needed troops.(in defence,gk)

  491. I think yesterday somebody concluded that we shud all shut the f*c up reagrding the CB, until the window closes

  492. since the arrival of Chamakh some people questioned wether we have good crossers of the ball to capitalise on Chamakh’s power in the air, I believe we can recruit a player on loan to help with this issue the answer is Beckham while w’re in america shopping why not bring in Thierry too. And here is what they can offer:
    If the game is not going our way bring beckham on in the last 15 minutes and he will whip in some fantastic crosses for chamakh to head in. Also he can help Theo with his crossing as theo himself admited that Beckham helped him a bit while with England.For Thierry he will play a part in coaching the young strikers like Vela, Theo, and Bendtner with their finishing and I belive they would do it with little money. Thierry has made it clear he would like to return to Arsenal at some capacity and bekham has a point to prove to Capello. We simply can’t lose with these very experienced players in our squad just like Sol did last season.

  493. Lady Arsenal,

    A bit late but – just in case you read this today – I think that we all criticise and have moments when our dispair is voiced. However, we (meaning the more positive gooners) either do so among fellow sufferers in the privacy of some Islington pub or at home. The media and haters feed off our negativity resulting in negativism spreading like a cancer that ultimately infects fans at the Emirates and ultimately player confidence. Constructive and useful criticisms therefore seem preferable to many of us for on line discussions.

    Regarding Arsene’s failings, if (as you suggest) it is not simply his not spending money and if (ass you also note) it is not an inability to motivate a team, what exactly is it?

    I simply think that the CEO’s interview that Passenal so kindly posted says it all. Our model has lead to a youth policy that will be followed by nearly all in the future. A consequence of this is the need to give players the time to develop. And before it’s pointed out that we’ve been saying that for years, I’d just note that I believe we would have won the EPL last season but for injuries. YMMV


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