Internationals Behind Us, Premier League Season Ahead

International matches over and the wait begins to see if any of the walking are wounded. It seems few, if any, played the full ninety minutes which is a good thing ahead of the trip to Anfield on Sunday. Whilst the scheduling of these fixtures is bloody stupid, in some instances such as van Persie and Fabregas, additional match time speeds their pre-season along. Fifa claimed yesterday that these fixtures are scheduled by the national associations and this week is one of two allocated to international friendlies. If the various FAs are hellbent on these matches bringing them forward a week would be better for the clubs who begin their league programmes this weekend.

For England, Theo Walcott put in more ‘dangerous’ and accurate crosses in the first half than Wright-Phillips or Lennon managed during the the whole of the shambolic World Cup campaign. The folly of Capello in not taking Theo was there for all to see but it must be said, his form going into that tournament was nowhere near as good as it was last night. The benefit of hindsight does wonders for assessing a player…

Keiran Gibbs and Jack Wilshere got their debuts, the left back the whole of the second half, young Wilshere the final ten minutes or so. Neither did anything to damage their claims for inclusion in future squads although Capello did stress the need for the players to be getting match action with their clubs. It wasn’t as some have been concluding, a warning that either should leave Arsenal on loan or permanently but more of a warning that they need to up their games to get into the first team squad on a regular basis.

The goalkeeping situation seems to have taken over from central defence as the primary thought occupying minds ahead of the new season. I have said all along that I would be happier with a centre back to protect the goalkeepers in a more organised fashion. The manager presumably has been stifled in his attempts to sign someone rather than the spurious claims made that he ‘lied’ and has not tried. Perhaps the fees demanded were too high or clubs unwilling to sell, taking their lead from Arsenal’s rebuttal of Barcelona.

The latter is the case in point for Mark Schwarzer. Fulham have denied that the Australian has put in a transfer request but media reports suggest that he is to confront Mark Hughes and demand a move to allow his previously middle-of-the-road career to finish on a high, signing for the biggest club of his career.

There are still two and a half weeks to go before the window closes and Wenger has history in recent seasons of leaving the deals to the last minute. Sunday’s fixture against Liverpool is the toughest of the initial matches until we meet Chelsea and I suspect that Wenger might be satisfied if he goes into that match with four wins and a draw under the belt. This would be some vindication of not rushing to sign a new player, preferring to wait for the right one and getting that deal done rather than settling for a ‘make-do’ solution. If it goes wrong, then the criticism will start in earnest. Until then it is all supposition. This should be a time of looking forwards to the new season instead of indulging in navel gazing.

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’til Tomorrow.

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  1. The season is so close I can taste it. Time for the real order to return.

    “How would you the Spuds, Sir … mashed or creamed”!

    C’mon you reds.

  2. Almunia to Villa and either Schwarzer or Friedel to us.Perfection

  3. I do think ball technology has changed the way we look at goalkeepers now. It’s sad – but you have to weigh it up against the crisp, fast passing we get to see – a positive outcome of the new ball.

    And it’s not just Fabianski who needs protection – every goalkeeper needs it. Seaman had Adams and Campbell and Keown who were all very vocal organizers. If teams are going to target us from setpieces and try to bundle the ball over the line like at Blackburn and at home to Birmingham then it’s up to Vermaelen now to step up and organise some protection around our goalkeeper. Noone’s going to give a penalty against us for standing our ground with a bit of push and shove.

    I’m with you, YW. Much more interested in having some extra back-up at centrehalf than I am about adding to a roster of 4 very good goalkeepers.

  4. You say organize, I’ll say organise.
    Let’s call the whole thing off.
    You say po-tata, I say… roster.

  5. Good post YW as usual. Let’s also it kick’s off some good debate and not the usual arsenal keeper slanging session.

    I would far rather have a centreback. With that sorted, and added competition for keepers generated by Wengers expert psychology. I’m sure we’ll be far tighter.

  6. No thanks gooner ted!

    Almunia should stay put! I’ve said countless of times I don’t want to change a good enough keeper for an average geriatric ones! let them finish their career in the midtable club where they belong!

    I’m so fed up of those continuous talks about goalkeeper, at least they could put some effort and put some decent names forward like the Reina transfer! Really funny and not depressing like when linked to average goalies who will soon take the field on a wheelchair!

  7. Andygooner, so Lano’s on as well. It’s definately on the cards. That would be massive.

  8. I prefer the CB addition. Our keepers are all talented even though Gooner Ted thinks they are not.

    From the previous post, my favourite keeper would be Bob Wilson with Seaman a very close 2nd.

    Can we also have a biggest whiner suggestion.

    Today’s early vote is none other than, Gooner Ted and his many aliases.

  9. LA – as an example, Portsmouth’s goal at the Emirates last season … per the match report:
    “The home side failed to clear a corner and Belhadj floated a cross to the far post where Kaboul bundled a header home. It was an old-fashioned goal and referee Steve Bennett allowed old-fashioned contact with Manuel Almunia in letting it stand.”

  10. YW,

    “Navel gazing” would demand that certain anti-Arsenal (mock gooner) blogs elevate their perspective.

    A new season and fresh start for all associated with AFC!! Victory…


  11. Didn’t watch the England match though I saw the highlights. Anyone think Kieran Gibbs can push out Ashley Cole? 2012 also means that he may have to miss the Olympics in favour of the European cup. I should think that Gibbs and Wilshere will have to think hard on which team to represent, the team to Euro or the Olympics.

  12. One good centre back and we are good to go!

  13. You won’t win the PL without a good keeper.

    Keepers should control their penalty boxes and the defenders in front of them, you can’t just rely on good CBs.

    Clearly, we need better options in goal and more options at CB.

    rest of the team looks good, however.

  14. KG, England do not play in the Olympics. Great Britain do.

  15. Seaman would be my choice! Was in my teens when he was keeping the goal of the mighty Arsenal

  16. Oh, by the way…

    A couple of esteemed and thoroughly lovely journalists to add to our list:

    “The time has come for Arsenal. Patience is going to pay off. In Cesc’s [Fabregas] last season, Arsene Wenger, the genius who stole him from Barcelona, is going to be vindicated.”
    Patrick Barclay, Sunday Times chief football correspondent

    “Arsenal have outstanding talent and if they at last show more resilience in defence, their fluent attacking can bring the club its first Premier League title since 2004.”
    Kevin McCarra, Guardian football correspondent

    Guy Mowbray, BBC Sport commentator, like goonerandy has us coming in 2nd, but he did have this to say: “Arsenal are another year older, wiser and stronger and we could be set for a reprise of the greatest managerial rivalry in football – Fergie v Wenger.”

  17. RomfordPele

    You just gave yourself up!

    “You won’t win the PL without a good keeper.”

    “Clearly, we need better options in goal and more options at CB.”

    Make up your mind it’s either You won’t or We but not both.

    The team you really support must be really lame if you feel the need to come to another team’s blog ala james! But at least james has the decency to say he is a spud!

  18. O all you anti doomers moaning alreaddy, as if you are the only ones entitled to a opinion. You must be a blind fool if you dont think that the goal keeping position is not our weak point. That and the fact that we have no established centre back pairing. We are one injury away from being fucked at the back. What if Vermaelen gets injured early on in the season. Then we have Djouru and the new boy and who else is there again, o yes, no one. And dont give me Song, he is a midfielder.
    Ill be supporting the team regardless of who we do or dont buy, and regardless of who runs on the pitch come match day. But in sport and in life if you cant learn from previous mistakes and experiences then well you just get left behind.

  19. In Cesc’s [Fabregas] last season, Arsene Wenger, the genius who stole him from Barcelona, is going to be vindicated.”

    Could have done without the words in bold.

  20. I thought Theo played as well as any England player against Mexico in the pre-WC build up.

    Better then others who played in South Africa.
    Could be these ruby goggles, but I doubt it.

    There are obviously some other good young players in England not from AFC, Rodwell & Johnson are two I guess.
    But AFC can’t hoover up all the best talent in the land like the Spanish big two can. I believe poor little Pedro was taken from his cot in the night, from Tenerife, by some Barseholes.
    Barca DNA?
    More like DNA from a cave under the Rock of Gibraltar.
    Arsenal can’t kidnap toddlers from the Isle of Skye that easily.

    But if that means that Arsenal fans get to see a combination of players like Song and Wellington Silva coming through with the likes of Gibbs…I won’t complain.

  21. Ormer, yep. You can’t imagine Tony Adams letting a man with as thinly plucked eye-brows as Younes Kaboul get the better of his goalkeeper.

    I expect Vermaelen to be a much more domineering presence in the box this year, now that he has been elevated to senior centreback.

  22. We clearly have the talent in all areas(including goalkeeper in Almunia) to win the league, but the same question mark remains, do we have strength in depth? When the injuries come will the youngsters turn out to be good enough?
    Will going into the start of the season with only 16 outfield players who do not count as under 21’s come back to haunt us.
    I hope not, but history would indicate it will.

  23. DNFTVI

  24. I saw QOTSA at Reading, 2001. Nick Oliveri was stark bollock naked save for his bass guitar and when they thrashed out Feel Good Hit of the Summer you very much believed they’d done the whole lot in the last 24 hours. It had been raining but the sun came out for them and it was suddenly time for another drink.

  25. Thank you gunnerluc. If theres one thing I pride myself on, its decency.

    Although I think you may have misinterpreted Romfords Pele’s comments, when he said ‘You wont win the premiership without a keeper’ I think he was refering to any team that trys.

  26. Finsbury, Just out of interest, what does the V.I stand for?

  27. Limpar @12.35

    It’s a double-edged sword isn’t it? Opposition attackers crowd our six yard box, our players crowd in to defend against them, and you create a knot in front of the keeper that may well stop him getting to the ball.

    There really is no alternative to attacking the ball. That’s what our defenders have to be better at doing.

  28. Sorry, ‘Soze. I glossed over that bit. If we win the league I expect Cesc to stay and defend it.

  29. How can you take anyone calling themselves, ‘Jimmy12inch’ seriously. (Unless he is a gnome)

  30. Ole,

    This is why I’ve proposed that Fabianski should wear Open-Crotched shorts. No one will go anywhere near him then, and you know this.

  31. Venereal (diseased) Incest (product)

  32. I am awaiting moderation. And rightly so.

  33. Fans have very short memories about last season. The performances given by Fabianski were the worst I have ever seen by any Arsenal GK. We were 2-0 up against Wigan and cruising when he let in 3 terrible goals in 10 minutes to lose us the match!! I cannot believe that Wenger has still not replaced him and Almunia by at least one decent GK!! I would put Szesezny in as number one right now if no one else comes in! Just hope Denilson is out for the whole season – he is absolutely dreadful and will never play for the Brazil team!!

  34. Fuck off gunner90 we can do without your sort off support.

  35. Jimmy12inch

    I am just fed up of people coming in here saying Schwarzer, Friedel, Howard, Sorensen are better than Almunia when they are clearly not! If at least they could come up with a better replacement who is available, I’ll gladly welcome him but until they come up with average, never proven on the big stage, lame replacement who will actually worsen the team, I will continue.

    Look at my previous post over the months I have always given my reason why I believe Almunia is still the best available solution whereas them the just repeat the bloody nonsence given to them by an anti arsenal so called experts!

  36. Is it a coincidence that Howard and James are both goalkeepers?

  37. Ole, I think the knot doesn’t happen if our centrebacks clear the area out. Our centrebacks need to win those battles. Or attempt to win them with so much force that the referee steps in and creates the space for us. It’s never given as a penalty if we do it in the right way.

  38. Fuck off yourself dupsffokcuf – I am entitled to say what I think and it is the truth!! You probably are an armchair supporter – wanker!

  39. I thought Dawson had a good game last night.

  40. Gunner90, armchair or not at least I support my team. Anyone who wants one of their teams players out injured for a season is a sad little cnut.

  41. It’s ok Limpar I think Oliveri has gotten the boot now.

  42. And when the goalkeeper feels he is obstructed he should probably make a jump towards the ball and fall down on contact rather than try and muscle out of the obstruction. The goalkeepers are always protected in these scenarios.

  43. Finsbury, please stick to the topic of the post.

  44. Watch out Dawson, young boys are about to piss all over you.

    But Oliveri was the life-blood of that band! Went downhill after he left.

  45. If Spurs are knocked out by Young Boys do they get to play the Europa League?

  46. Keysersoze, Yes, but lets not talk abou that, lets talk about Fabiasnki’s open crotched pants

  47. James in action:

  48. So thats what you think about during your Math class?

  49. Marouane and morocco beat guinea 2-1 last night after going 1-0 down!

  50. Michael Staley

    No, Gunner90, it is not the truth. It’s your opinion. Personally I place more weight on the judgement of Wenger and the Board than I do yours.

    It seems to me a pity that you can’t articulate your opinions without resorting to abuse.

  51. Aziz, KL-Malaysia

    A ‘good’ keeper ain’t enough, it shoukld be a worldclass gk, and a worldclass cb.
    Result: A triple !

  52. “Anyone who wants one of their teams players out injured for a season is a sad little cnut.”

    I agress with Dups with every ounce of me.

    Limpar it’s lano that rocked me! He’s a rock monster.

  53. Good article.

    Lets calm down and enjoy the start of the season. I am pretty sure things are active behind the scenes. Looking forward to seeing our 2 new, and newly promoted players.

    Thanks LimparAssist for bringing attention to those newspaper articles. It’s so rare to get positive journalism about Arsenal. Pat Barclay in particular has been supportive of the Wenger way in the past.

  54. Dups you are behind the news, the Welsh, Scot & N. Irish FA’s stated that they’d leave the Olympic football team to the English!

  55. Does anyone know what pot tottenham will be in for the draw?

  56. And here we havejames once again with the same old bs. Your not funny james stop trying!

  57. shitpot probably.

  58. Zap you donut, I heard a rumour that after Arsenals match against wigan last season, you’d lost the plot, become a doomer, and taken residency over at Le Grove.

  59. Fuck off weak supporters..


    Please please slit your wrists when Almunia takes to thie field at Anfield. Will save all real supporters ears a lot of bitching to listen to throughout the season.

  60. Thanks for the update KG.

  61. Does anyone know what pot tottenham will be in for the draw?

    The pot which has flies hovering around it!

  62. 1.26 from me, erm I meant agree.

  63. Eff off aziz u cunt….is malaise-sia world class?

  64. So any injuries from yesterday’s interpointless nationals?

    And what’s the chances of Cesc and RvP making the bench fir pool?

    Should I have them in my FF team?
    I don’t at the moment.

  65. I will have Chamakh in my fantasy league team. Probably make him captain as well.

  66. Limpar @ 1:08

    tbh I don’t know that defenders can clear it out. Can Vermaelen just push Samba out of the 6 yard box?

    I don’t know that you can

  67. well then you know f*ck all about anything then

  68. ChrisGoona you suck a little prick!

  69. els, you’ve got the FPL madness! Hold yourself together man. Leave your final selection until Friday afternoon when you’ll have the best idea of who will play.

    We used to get an ‘injury update’ on Thursday afternoons didn’t we? But you won’t hear of Cesc until Friday… if at all.

  70. have you seen those t-shirts

    “chamakh my bitch up”


  71. YW are you hinting that the back four do not communicate?

    I don’t think they communicate effectively. Maybe it will be cheaper if they hang out together (I don’t know if they do) or they give someone in the back four a bullhorn/megaphone. Maybe french is not the language of football (just kidding). If communication is the problem then a new CB will not solve the problem.

    The solution is someone mature with a big and knowledgeable mouth in defence.

    If any of the promising youngsters go out on loan our depth is gone. Keep them and play them as subs frequently.

  72. We should ask Straham aka the monk in mean machine to teach Almunia and Fabianski how to scare the shit out of all those mugs!

  73. no because i think they might be in pot 3 or 4, so they could have teams like barcalona, milan and inter in the groups. That would be so good to see them trashed by a quality ueropean side.

  74. Does anyone know who is fit and who is definitely not for sunday?
    I have to say very impressed with Gibbs, he could easily play anywhere pretty much,
    I’d even put him in centre mid if we are short on Sunday, he uses the ball well. Does
    Know much about our younger cb’s and how close to breakthrough they might be? I think
    team morale will be good this year so expect a real push, no boo’s as that won’t help
    anyone, the stewards should kick fans who do it out unless they are booing the Spuds that is!

  75. I love this blog, on one corner you got the so labeled doomers, the other corner the self proclaimed high and mighty. Then you have the very sexually confused spud ( James)
    I think any human with functioning eye’s and that watched last season’s fucking horrific goal keeping bye our keeper’s can say that we have a problem. Can Wenger fix that using what we have, Im not saying he cant. I hope he does. But he is taking a gamble and some times you win, most time you lose.

  76. I agree with Lampard’s Assist, its “organise”.

  77. Zap you donut, we all get a little stressed with our team every now and again, dont beat yourself up about it.

  78. My team:

    Sagna Koscielny Vermaelen Clichy
    Song Fabregas Rosicky
    Chamakh Arshavin

  79. Your right, your right, your right Limpar.

    But damn it if I can just get one more transfer in. Just one last one. I can control it. It’s more casual FFL really.

    So what your saying is I need Fab and RvP?

    *Rocks backwards and forwards*

  80. Ole,

    Well I couldn’t push Samba down a slide if he covered himself in goose fat but I’m pretty sure Vermaelen could. As a defender you need to stand your ground, give as good as you get, and eventually the attacker’s actions will become too strenuous and be classed as an infringement. The benefit of the doubt is almost always awarded to the defender in those situations. We do this already. The refereeing at the Blackburn game was beyond atrocious. It was a fucking joke. Like playing in the Wild West. In places like that you might need to do more than just hold your ground. Really kick up a fuss so that the referee has no option but to come and sort it out.

    To be honest, defending set pieces is the last thing I’m qualified to talk about. I was awful in the air. I think I can count the number of contested headers I’ve won on one hand. Diving headers though… now you’re talking.

  81. Am I in a minority wanting Djourou to get the nod over Koscielny?

  82. haha Johnny 12 incher

    Thats very rich coming from someone who goes round on a blog with such a stupid name. If you got genital problems go see a doctor little boy.

  83. I think so els. No reason other than he needs time to get fully fit.

  84. Limpar

    Do we really want the lads to use the art of being a whining bitch to the referee.

    Its what Chelsea do best to win leagues, and its what United do. They are both very much masters in getting the refs on their side. What pisses me off is the following…

    Fletcher = 30 fouls a game, 0 yellow cards on most occasions.

    Scholes = Cant tackle, but can break your legs, sometimes a yellow.

    Evra = dirty hacking cu*t, barely booked.

    Terry = gets its mates to gang up on the ref

    Drogba = rolls around on the floor

    Cole = screams like a bitch..

    They all got their tactics.

  85. I think a better starting 11

    Sagna Koscielny Vermaelen Gibbs

    Song Nasri Fabregas

    Eboue Chamakh Arshavin

    Subs: Walcott , Rosicky , Diaby , Wilshere, Frimpong

    bring on walcott after 60+ to terrorize them.

  86. I too think and want Kos to start ahead of Djourou. I have every faith in the pair of them and hope they push each other all the way through the season. Not literally of course, we can ill afford any injuries in that position as things stand now can we.

  87. I think kosc and Djourou are about the same level with different attributes but for the Liverpool game I think kosc will get the nod as Djourou has not been able to have as much min partnering Vermalen as Kosc. But I can see an healthy competition between the two during the season which will bring the best out of both of them!

  88. 1 more to make 11

    MA in goal

  89. – – — – – -Almunia – – – – – – – —
    Sagna Koscielny Vermaelen Clichy
    Fabregas Song/Frimpong Rosicky
    Nasri – – – Chamakh – – Arshavin


    – – — – – -Almunia – – – – – – – —
    Sagna Koscielny Vermaelen Clichy
    – Nasri Song/Frimpong Rosicky –
    Eboue/TW – Chamakh – – Arshavin

    I think Rosicky is almost certain going to start, hes played well in pre-season. So too Chamakh, Van Persie wont be rushed back but certainly on the bench if ready to go.

    Eboue could well have forced his way into Wenger’s plans. Being a tough away game you cant rule him out not starting too. With Nasri on fire though, and Theo itching for payback, its hard to tell.

  90. The problem, Limpar, is that the ref will never tell the attacking players not to surround the keeper. Every player has a right to stand anywhere he wants.

    So, the Blackburn thugs surround Fabianski. Let’s say they get Samba, Givet and Jones around him. The only thing Vermaelen can do is to try to get between Fabianski and these chaps. Let’s say it becomes a wrestling match with Vermaelen, and co shoving, and the Blackburn players giving as good as they get.

    So the ref intervenes. Best he can say is stop the shoving or I book someone. After he’s had his say, Samba, Givet and Jones go right back to their previous positions. Now, a shove by Vermaelen or whoever might well yield a yellow card.

    My point is, you can’t stop them surrounding the keeper. You simply can’t.

    The reason they surround the keeper, at its most benign is to stop him coming out to claim the ball. At it’s most malignant it’s to foul him as he comes out, making sure that not only does he not claim the cross he can’t make the save.

    However, they still have to be first to the crossed ball. But by putting their tallest and bulkiest players in the keeper’s path in that ‘knot’, they also effectively take them out.

    That means we still need the others of our players, not shoving the attacking players, to win their aerial duels or make it harder for the attacking players.

    There’s no alternative to attacking the ball, and usually by the nature of it, when this ‘knot’ tactic is used, the ‘defending’ players will always be midfielders and players not generally very good in the air. And this is where we need to improve.

  91. My best 11

    Sagna Koscielny Vermaelen Gibbs
    Nasri Song Fabregas
    Bendtner Chamakh RVP

    Eboue Walcott Arshavin Rosicky Diaby Denilson Wilshere Frimpong Clichy Djorou Szczesny Vela

    I see depth

  92. Limpar:

    Your ideas about set piece defending sounds excellent to me. I think you should be our defensive coach. I mean that in all sincerity.

    I have not played that much football but I suspect it is damn hard to communicate effectively and stay organized when you are 15 yards behind the ball and running full speed towards your own goal to catch up to the other teams fast break. May be you can stop that from happening this season.

  93. Eboue is a must for my starting line up. And it will be interesting to see if Nasri can keep his hot streak going. If we can defend well we will roll Liverpool with ease.

  94. Someone mentioned how we should be scared of Gerrard! I nearly burst out laughing.

    Liverpool need to be very careful that we don’t roll them over and humiliate them, it could destroy their already brittle confidence for the entire campaign.

  95. Bill.

    No Torres.
    Which means the Arsenal back four can hold position in Liverpool’s half, if they like, have a picnic, smoke a pipe, and still get back to cover in time.

    Unless some of Uncle Roy’s signings are very zippy.
    I don’t think so.
    Babel won’t start either.
    When he comes on, maybe they’ll ‘drop deeper’.
    Just like they did in the last game between the two sides. ; )

    (Great save from Al after Babel took a shot too. So good, I remember that some in the stadium didn’t even see it).

  96. I remember that save Finsbury, amazing.

  97. I hope arsenal beat liverpool, but to be honest arsenal dont have as many class players as liverpool have e.g torres,gerrard,poulsenand joe cole with arsenal its just fabragas

  98. Gerard has never to my memory played that well against us.

  99. guess Gerrard is due one and sods law he’s breaks his duck at the weekend. this is a tough start … their new manager is no mug and he will have rallied the Liverpool players. This match will be a good indication as to why/if things are going to be different this year and see us challenging for the premiership.

  100. Jo,

    Don’t think Gerrard touched the ball in the last game. Diaby and Song did not let him.


    You saw it too!


    Guunerstu = A SadSp*d who thinks his clubs chairman is ‘a very good buisnessman’, after having sold off all their best players.
    I guess, he is!

  101. Must say I disagree with YW on this one. We have a GK problem indeed.

    Apart from Clichy (missed 15 PL-games) our defensive line-up was AW´s starting XI in a clear majority of the games. We were of course double hit by Gibbs injury as he is the natural competitor to Clichy. But together with the aquisition of Sol our defensive line up was fine until Nou Camp.

    Furthermore we got 21 goals against us before Christmas and 20 after. Throughout the season we let more goals in than Chelsea and United.

    The point is that even though it would be very nice to have more depth in central defence, we had a goalkeeping problem all season. It cost us.

    One year ago I thought Almunia was a an ok keeper for us, allthough far from Seaman and Lehman. Maybe we are lucky and he will return to the level from the 2008/09 campain. I guess the odds are better on that to happen than to think Fabiansky will be a world class keeper. He has fallen through on numerous occasions. Schwarzer is not a solution either by the way.

    Attack and midfield will get the responsibility to salvage the title this season….

  102. Finsbury.
    Gerrad no worries, its Joe Cole I think could give us problems.

  103. I think sometimes those are going to go for us and sometimes against, Ole. It all depends on how strong the referee is. If the opposing team get physical and we match that physicality then it’s a 50/50. If we pick up a yellow card now and again then so be it. I’d rather see that than our keepers get bullied.

    Obviously this is not a problem exclusive to Arsenal. Every team concedes from corners and in-direct freekicks. They are hard to defend against and often result in goals being scored. That is why they are given in the first place.

    Our record over the last few years stands up to that of any other team in the league when it comes to defending set-pieces, so it’s no particular concern of mine… just one that is fresh in the memory after Blackburn and Wigan.

    It’s a stupid pundit cliche that ‘any goal conceded from a set-piece is avoidable’. Goals conceded from set-pieces are no more or less avoidable than any other sort of goal. Anyway…

    I expect ours to be a much more difficult penalty box to win a header in this year… with Koscielny and Chamakh both being excellent ball-winners in the air.

  104. I agree with Limpar, Finsbury, Chris and Ole.

  105. Goals conceded from set pieces last season

    Chelsea 15
    Arsenal 16

  106. In all sincerity, Bill? You must be mad. We would ship literally hundreds of goals if they listened to me. Though I would love upon love to play a training game at London Colney.

    If you want Baresi-style/Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique manouveres taught to our defence then Finsbury’s your man.

  107. Pat Riley was my favorite Arsenal goalie.

    Anyway, didnt was almost win the PL with Almunia in the goal? The guy is good enough he just needs to get back to the form of that season.

  108. Limpar

    I agree on Chamakh making a big difference with defending set pieces. I doubt it will happen often but if him and Bentner on the field at the same time as well as diaby we will have good height when defending set pieces. Just as long as Diaby remembers to head the ball away from our goal and not into it like he did against Manure.

  109. JO,

    It’s going to be a good game, wish I was going.

    Not the best quality.

  110. Wengerball. That little fact will pass by unnoticed in certain quarters. Doesn’t fit the stereotype.

  111. Above link is for highlights to Everton 1 Arsenal 6.

  112. Limpar,

    I’m convinced you can’t stop teams throwing their weight around. It’s right to require players to ‘stand up’ and ‘mix it’.

    But you can’t stop that Blackburn-Stoke-Legia tactic. The only way to stop it is, win your aerial duels and clear the ball so the tactics proves ineffectual.

    According to stats, Djourou is our best player in aerial duels.

    Chamakh is good in the air but he was still beaten by a low ball by a Legia player for Koscielny’s own goal. Our players have to attack the ball, show more lucidity and calmness in set piece situations

  113. Steww, is that Busquets doing the peeping?

  114. Was a breathe taking save Finsbury, was going right in the top corner.

    Wonder if your average joe’s which have been louded by the BUY BUY BUY brigade would have saved it.,..

  115. For people who slate Theo:

    Arsenal’s flying winger Theo Walcott, now 21, has now featured in 12 England matches…and England have won all 12.
    He became his country’s youngest player at 17 years 75 days when making his debut as a substitute for Michael Owen in an Old Trafford friendly against Hungary in 2006, a match that England won 3-1.

  116. Hope Arsenal is next!!

  117. How dare you dups – wash your mouth out!

  118. The only way to stop it is, win your aerial duels and clear the ball so the tactics proves ineffectual.

    Agree completely with Ole, we saw as many goals go in with the hands on approach of having Vermaelen in the team. If we don’t react on set-pieces before the attackers, of course we will leak goals.

    I don’t think it is as much a problem on set-pieces that it was the season before where we had a much higher % of our conceded goals down to set-pieces.

    We just keep getting caught out of position in open play for me (last season), we need our midfielders to be more aware whats behind them, and we need our wide players to track back, while not losing the ball in vital areas.

    I believe Wenger would have drilled them mistakes into the back of our players heads.

    The set-piece sitautions sometimes stick out more because they piss you off more I guess. Dominating the game to concede a goal from a stupid corner/freekick.

    I still don’t believe we will go into the season without another defensive type coming in. 1 injury to our defenders and we have Nordveit on the bench, 2 injuries and he plays.

    No offense to the lad, but that is not an ideal situation, he may turn out to be a great defender, and I personally like the look of him. BUT, we need 4 able and ready CB’s.

  119. lets keep our feet on the ground boys. Koscielny and Chamakh need time to adjust. key is how Fabregas responds to the shakles we’ve placed on his dream move to Barca. he must know that if he plays well again this season then there’s even less chance we will want to sell him and god forbid he may decide to play average just to get his move. we may regret keeping him on.

  120. Theo is the man

  121. earflow the great dane is injured with a groin injury.

    My team


    Eboue TV, LK, Gibbs
    —Song, Nasri
    Walcott, Cesc, AA

    Clichy, RVP, Wilshire, Frimpong, djorou, Diaby, Denilson, Rosicky, Sagna

  122. Gunnerstu

    Fuck off

  123. Chamakh to be on the scoresheet. He is my dream team captain too.. just remembered someone mentioned that earlier!

  124. CG

    touch a raw nerve then? truth hurts they say.

  125. Gunner stu I am not exactly on CG’s page but I will say that he is under contract for ages and as his employer Arsenal can expect the same levels produced in recent times….

  126. if chamakh is such as world class player that’s gonna make the difference to our team wy weren’t other big clubs clambering for his signature? lets face it he’s done nought on the international scene and he was bought cos he cost us nothing.

  127. CG, ive been thinkingn this since last year. We often lost possesion prior to the oposing 18 yard line with huge gaps behind and away to thwe flanks. That being true it does suggest that our paranoia (genralising), re goal keepers and defence is slightly misleading. After all someone explain to me how sagna gallas tv and cliche are a poor defence, it looks like it when you see goals against but i dont think mit is. I think it was our midfield and sometimes our attitude to holding the line

  128. SG thanks appreciate a proper conversation to the one by CG. Fabregas heart and mind are two different things that could play against us. lets hope not.

    all i can think is that wenger has done a fergie and asked him to give us one more great season in order to give us plenty of time to find a replacement. also wenger must secretly hope that we convince him to stay by winnng big. not sure that will change his mind though.

  129. hahahahahahaaaaaaa ha gunnerstu your thick as fuck.

  130. Gunnerstu do you have nothing positive to say?

  131. Having shocked the sporting world by failing to pay their players in June (and announcing they needed to take out a €150m bank credit facility), FC Barcelona went further today with the announcement of major adjustments to their previously published (although unaudited) results for the year to June 30th 2010.

  132. For gods sake gooners, You didnt win the league last season because your goalkeepers are shit

  133. CG

    I don’t know anything about these other ‘keepers.
    But if Almunia gets selected, I won’t be crying into my keyboard.


    My Pushing Hands technique is pretty poor.
    I recommended Leonard Nimroy as Arsenal’s
    D-Fensive coordinator, as obviously Arsenal don’t have any D-Fensive coaches.
    No drills, or angle grinders. Just airy-faerie tippy tappy passing routines.

    That Gibb’s kid, he’s a real fluke, eh? A Left Back?
    No way!

  134. lil els
    surely you mean ‘you’re thick as fuck’ and not ‘your thick as fuck’

    guess it you whose thick huh. No sweets for you this week lil boy.

  135. So what was United’s excuse then?

  136. Chamack rejected Liverpool.
    According to many P(l)undits.

    Who sold off Carrick and Berbatov?

    And replaced them with Crouch & Huddlestone.

    A simple calculation reveals that last season, as many goals were lost to the Eduardo Embargo as they were to defensive errors, by ‘keepers or anyone else.

  137. > individual defensive blunders

  138. I fucking love airy-faerie tippy tappy passing routines.


  139. James i think you sound much happier when your talking about mens open crotch shorts. Stick to what your best at you little tease

  140. come on you teds

  141. oh well. I’m just in a rush to tell you. It’s just YOU’RE acting like you don’t know.

    OK i’m thick as fuck. You’re a pedantic support troubled fan. How can you put gunner infront of your name and then come online and slag your team.

    lil els… hmm

  142. From the australian telegraph

    MARK Schwarzer has pleaded with Fulham to release him to English giants Arsenal as the door on his dream move gets nearer to slamming shut.

    Fulham have rejected offers from Arsenal, who are desperate to sign Schwarzer to resolve their ‘keeper crisis.

    Schwarzer last night returned to London to hold showdown talks with Fulham’s new manager Mark Hughes. It’s believed he’s already submitted a transfer request.

    Asked whether he believes the switch to Arsenal will eventuate, Schwarzer didn’t mince his words after the Socceroos’ 2-0 loss to Slovenia.

    “I need it to happen,” said Schwarzer, who believes it’s his last chance to join a big club with his 38th birthday looming.

    “I’ve had a couple of chats with Mark [Hughes]. It’s delicately poised.

    “Who wouldn’t be keen to go to Arsenal? At this stage in my career it’s an amazing opportunity to play at that level and one I really want to take.

    “Only time will tell whether that happens or not.”

    The former Middlesbrough ‘keeper is desperate for the transfer to be ratified before this weekend’s opening match of the Premier League season against Liverpool.

    That is despite almost three weeks of the transfer window remaining.

    Having lost faith in Manuel Almunia and Lukasz Fabianski, it’s understood Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger is prepared to start Schwarzer on Sunday if an agreement is reached before kick-off.

    Fulham travel to Bolton on Saturday and Schwarzer ruled out boycotting the game in a protest against the hard-line stance of Hughes.

    “I have never sat out a game [to prove a point] and never would,” Schwarzer said. “But it needs to be resolved sooner rather than later.

    “I’m not sure whether I’ll play [for Fulham] on the weekend. I’ve got a few little injury problems but we’ll have to wait and see how I pull up when I return to London.”

    Schwarzer has been outstanding for Fulham since signing from Middlesbrough two years ago.

    Wenger was hugely impressed by the Australian’s 2009-10 campaign, where he led Fulham to the Europa League final. Wenger also watched the Socceroo closely in South Africa.

    The Frenchman is confident Arsenal can mount a title challenge if they sign Schwarzer.

    He has identified central striker, central defence and the goalkeeping position as his problem areas. He has already secured Moroccan Maraoune Chamakh and Frenchman Lorient Koscielny to solve the former two spots.

    Schwarzer’s deal looked likely to push ahead in June when former Fulham boss Roy Hodgson told the Australian he’d do everything in his power to push the move through.

    But Hodgson’s exit to Liverpool muddied the waters and Fulham refused to sell Schwarzer while they searched for a managerial replacement.

    Hughes then declared he would not sell Schwarzer.

    “It’s taken a long time and the season’s very close,” Schwarzer said. “On one hand you understand them not wanting to disrupt too many things but I want things resolved as quickly as possible.”

  143. sorry, didn’t realise just how big that would be once I pasted it

  144. Man United supporting friends of mine think Berbatov is a useless steaming heap of shit.

    Sp*d friends of mine think he was Jesus incarnate, best thing since sliced Ginola, the greatest they’d seen with their own sore eyes.

    Who is right?

    Neither. Uncle Bulgaria has magic slippers and very little else.

  145. The over analysing that goes on on this website must break records.

  146. schwarzher??? why do we always jump from one extreme to another … either we play pups or old age pensioners. Guess what the common factor between the 2 is? cheap.

    If the pensioner gets injuered during the season its back to the pup. Not the sort of risk we should be taking with such a key position.

  147. Delia-----Block 112

    I agree with Chris re: goals conceded from open play. Too many conceded on counter attacks, full backs out of position and lack of pace in the central defence when attempting to recover their positions. This has been the price paid for our attacking instincts, the DMF ,who ever it is ,should hold his position and not get drawn forward, leave that role to Cesc. Gilberto was the model DMF, he didn’t use up to much energy and is still doing a useful job for Brazil.

  148. Still thick as fuck though. Whichever way you look at it. Quick stop commenting before everyone notices.

  149. Limpar @12.48pm

    “In Cesc’s last season, Arsene Wenger, the genius who stole him from Barcelona, is going to be vindicated.” (Patrick Barclay)

    By the time we get to Cesc’s last season, AW will already have been vindicated many times over.

    Oh, and best goalkeeper, of course, was Jack Kelsey. though he won only one Championship medal (in 1952/3) and played through a decade when Arsenal had neither an attack nor a defence

  150. elsey guess i’ve upset you so much that you just pour insults and won’t talk football anymore.

    having said that YOUR football talk was worse so perhaps i’m doing this site a service by being the fall guy : )

  151. Magic slippers must be better then cloven hooves.
    Who do the Sp*ds have?

    Defoe: Seems like a nice guy, but is a little slow, and he can’t talk. But that shouldn’t be a massive problem.

    Crouchy: ‘Appy ‘Arry is trying to offload him for some reason. A complaint from Fulham? Because he’s not worth £15+M?
    Very funny.

    Can’t remember the rest.

    Oh yeah,

    Robbie Keane!

  152. OH James how right you are. We should stick to the topic of the ocs though and let the football brains get on with it, its not for you little scamp

  153. best gk was pat jennings end of

  154. Wenger will shock the sporting world by starting Szesezny.If Wenger had any intention of player Almunia he would have played in Poland.Almunia is out the door before the window closes

  155. gunnerstu loves to slag of Arsenal . That is why he is a fan. God forbid if we started to win and the likes of fabianski and walcott suddenly started to play good. That would ruin the entire fan experience. There is nothing like a day when you can go to Emirates and boo your own players is there gunnerstu? I mean what would life be if we could not do that? Dont you agree? 😛

  156. I agree boomer. My personal favourite was Bob but as good as he was that’s more sentimentality. Jennings could hold gunnerstu’s head in one hand and crush it without breaking sweat.

  157. Finsbury,

    Please stick to the topic of the post.

  158. Don’t forget the spud answer to Cesc Fabregas, Finsbury.

    Luka Modric… scores or assists every… oh… every three hundred and eighteen minutes.

    Cesc makes a goal every 72 minutes.

    Hmm. Not so much.

  159. The only problem I’ve got with the team is why they all have to go forward, almost abandoning our box to go for more goals when we’re ahead and there is just little time remaining? Last season, and in the Ems cup, at the later stage of the matches, the CB’s and both full backs were in opposition box. Shouldn’t some of the defenders or midfielders curb their attacking instincts and remain at the back ready for a counterattack?
    We conceded too many goals so late…Urrrrr

  160. Limpar,

    Please stick to the topic of the post.

  161. Now who’s resorting to insult’s. If you say my football talk is inferior to yours then that is below the belt mate.

    My insult’s are just aimed at you.

  162. I dont know about that Steww, but do you remember, more than once the big irishman leaping up and collecting the ball in one mighty hand, and remeber that in those days you could be challenged

  163. gob’lin

    i pray for the day we have an invincible team again.

  164. If Arsenal had three CB’s of the quality of Woodgate, King and Dawson, well, I think I’d sound like a right little D**Mer.

  165. If Arsenal had three CB’s of the quality of Woodgate, King and Dawson, Jack Kelsey would feel at home in goal.

  166. Finsbury,

    I’ve always found Arsenal fans to have a certain amount of respect for King.

  167. Silvestre?

    At least he could run about, a little. Unlike Woodgate and King. It’s a good thing they’ve got long contracts.
    Silvestre was magnificent against Hull, the team who helped inspire ‘Arry formulate his latest tactical revolution. (TBOF, and a prayer, after the ritual sacrifice of a football club, to the Bog Gods for a fluke goal).

  168. Denilson and Diaby will take late fitness tests and might feature at Anfield. RVP and Cesc might feature as well.

  169. Thanks for the update Ole.

    Any news about Song?

  170. Ole,

    What about Dickov?

  171. James, your a royalist, do you wear make up and have a wig, prey tell

  172. ole gunner, it was always on the cards. Once again im on the brink, along with our team, of greatness. Who else can identify with that. James your excused cause your such a little precious minx and dont know of such things

  173. A guy on Twitter claims that Song actually has a knee problem and might miss more games than Anfield.

  174. its official, the ram is back for bonfire night

  175. OG, hes obviously a twitt

  176. Boomer,

    I have been known to dress-up, yes….and wear wigs. And if you ask me, there’s nothing wrong with a bit of Guy-Liner

  177. James, what brand of guy-liner do you support

  178. Keeping your guy-liner secrets to yourself James, very wize, a boy cant be too carefull, ta ta

  179. Djourou won’t be fit for Anfield either.

  180. So we could have a team as strong as…

    Sagna Koscielny Vermaelen Clichy
    Denilson Diaby
    Nasri Arshavin

    …who could literally beat anyone.

    Or we could be looking at…

    Sagna Koscielny Vermaelen Clichy
    Eboue Frimpong
    Theo Arshavin

    Who would be underdogs.

    Either way I fancy our chances.

  181. I’m concerned about the CB situation, it seems we only have TV & LK and that’s it?

    Djourou even if recovered from main injury, will continue to have little injuries here and there for at least half a season.

    I feel like we need two older (28 – 30) CBs to cover for TV & LK.

  182. G4E,

    Me too. Especially since Song is out injured and it might be a longish injury. Only cover at Anfield will be Anfield.

  183. Almunia
    Sagna Koscielny Vermaelen Clichy
    Denilson Diaby
    Eboue Arshavin

    I’d feel much more secure with Eboue starting at the right forward- he empitomizes “run at defence”!!!

  184. What Djourou injured? Song Injured?

    this is not the kind of start i had hoped for, I guess this illustrates more than ever how important it is for us to get another quality centerback.

    Not sure Havard Nordtveit is ready for 1st team action so soon :S

  185. G4E – Have faith.There will be at least one new center-back before the window closes. Wenger isn’t stupid, neither will he (or Gazidis) spend stupid money.

    Re Schwarzer – There is an air of speculation in that news report from Australia. I am not convinced but we will see. Going by history, I don’t see Mark Oooze doing Wenger any favors. Didn’t Wenger refuse to shake his hands after a match last year?

  186. Ole G,

    That’s what concerns me, and even after Anfield what happens of LK or TV got injured.

    I doubt Wenger is not going to do something about it, it just a little bit of a tight situation and I hope he’s not forced to wait till the last minute to sign at least one more CB.

  187. It’s been clear since January when WG turned down his new contract that we would need 2 new cb’s.
    Now with less than 3 weeks of the transfer window remaining, 2 days to go to the start of the season and we still need one.
    If we don’t get 1 in, how much might the attempt to save a couple of million and get someone on the cheap cost us?

  188. Chinedum Onouha was available even on loan 😦

  189. You beat me to it Shotta G..I just hope he does soon, I don’t want us to be playing the first 3 or 4 games with our heart in hand.

  190. Jesus, how can the injuries be piling up already? We haven’t even started yet! I hate the seasons either side of a World Cup, one is nothing but build up and the other is nothing but the fall out.

  191. I agree with Waz on Gibbs. Surprisingly he may end up being better in midfield. Maybe like the great German Paul Breitner who played the 1974 world cup final as a leftback and the 1982 final as a midfielder!

  192. JohnN,

    Right away you take a legitimate concern and twist it quickly into a money saving issue with Wenger?

    We paid 10 million in TV and about 8 in LK, he pays when he finds the “Right” player to fit in.

    Please don’t turn this into something it’s not to portray Wenger as the problem.

  193. exactly JohnN could not agree more. saving money seems to matter most of all these days to the club i love …. there are some on this site who point to financial mis-management at Real Madrid, Barca etc. what they don’t realise is that through stingy management the last decade we have assets/surpluses to spend and still be no where near bankruptcy.

  194. “the club i love” Give me a break with that cheap production farcical drama.

  195. According to opta index etc … TV & LK are not in the top 20 CDs. I want us us to compete with the other so called top clubs for the top names and show them we mean business. Aldi and Lidl supporters can go support some other club with wenger for all i care.

  196. Tottenham are bankrupt.
    Fortunately they pay all the interest charges on their loans right back to their owner. Occasionally, he’ll loan the loss making racket, another bundle.

    Nice, eh?

    I don’t think that Senderos’ injury has helped the Oooze to calm down.

  197. FFS why are we comparing ourselves to Spuds and Liverpool??????????????

    That’s half the problem … makes me mad with rage with these small minded people who have come to arsenal. arsenal is much bigger than that mindset … pleaseeeeee!

  198. MAnUsed are bankrupt.

    Fortunately they pay all the interest charges on their loans right back to their owners. Occasionally, they’ll loan the loss making racket, another bundle.

    Nice, eh?

  199. I’m afraid I don’t just understand what the problem is. We are told Arsenal have a great scouting net work. Apparently we do not have money problems. This is not a problem that has suddenly occurred.
    Why should the “right ” player turn up in the last 3 weeks of the window if he hasn’t become available now?
    If you aare looking for top class players I would imagine it becomes more difficult the closer it comes to the close of the transfer window.
    I accept it is very difficult to bring in players.
    But at this stage either we have some-one lined up but are hoping for a better deal else where, or we are really taking chances.
    But I find it very difficult to believe we couln’t have brought some-one in at current market prices.
    I am not anti AW, I think he is a great manager and like most supporters dread to thnk what we will do when he calls it a day.
    How ever as manager the buck stops with him and if the cb problem derails our season their will only be one person to blame.

  200. you just don’t get it do you?

    you’d think we were a bank rather than a football club.

    when i say comparing ourselves with the top tier …. to spell it out i mean in terms of success!!! … not how many million we’ve saved in the vault.

    FFS get off this site and go read the financial times if that’s all that matters to u.

  201. I believe that Andrei Arshavin, who is considered to be a top player, was signed five minutes after midnight.

    He also took a pay cut.

  202. FC BBB are bankrupt….

  203. Time to go home and play some Championship Manager.


  204. midnight? when a player does that he’s probably waiting for a better offer to come in.

    banker Finsbury go on then set me a wager that FC BBB and Manu will go out of business in in 1yr? 2yrs? 3 yrs?

    We know that ain;t hapenning an in fact with their brand there’s always somebody else ready to come in. get real.

  205. Trolls are easily identifiable by the stock phrases they use. The lack of imagination and variation in their comments belies the lack of passion for whatever cause they claim to be championing.

    If someone really cares they would take the time to ‘put it another way’.

    As trolls have no time at all for Arsenal FC it would be an even more jarring, embarrassing, soul-wrenching waste of their time if they actually spent time composing their ‘arguments’.

    This is both good for them – as it means they can avoid confronting the self-worth shattering reality that they are spending what little is left of their precious time in existence pretending to be someone else on the internet; and good for us – because we can spot them a mile off.

    Everybody’s happy!

  206. I did not say they would go out of business troll.

    They just have to sell off their best players.

    Like, Berbatov, Carrick and the Lesser Ronaldo.

    It must be upsetting.

    Yes, Arshavin is a player who clearly was not in demand after Euro 2008. You obviously know your football.

    ta ta.

  207. yeah thought you would back out of the wager … mr mouth and no trousers : ) seriously you want to go buy some shares in a bank rather than a season ticket in an ambitious club.

  208. Oh dear… what have I done here?

  209. Gunerstu and JohnN – Are u financial illiterates? The reason why Liverpool, ManU, and Portsmouth are financial basket cases is because of people like you in their football management, aided and abetted by stupid fans, who treat the finances of their clubs with such reckless disregard.

    Read the Anti- Arsenal Arsenal blogs and the English media up to a day ago for example; Jagielka for 10 million pounds – take a flyer Arsene, don’t be a cheapskate, don’t leave it to the last minute. Did u see that mug vs Hungary last night? He is barely worth £4 million. Plus he would have been demanding £100K per week in wages. (Even those idiots at L/G were doing a sneaky u-turn on Jagielka in their blog this morning.) Those kind of stupid decisions have wider ramifications for the entire club. But I doubt your brains can get around that simple fact.

  210. No, I’m not a financial illiterate. What I do believe is that the aim of a football club should be to do as well as possible on the field, not to make money. This is not the same as spending money you don’t have and cannot pay back.
    It is up to the board to decide on the resources made available to the manager, and the manager to do the best he can on the field by using those resources to the maximum.

  211. DNFTVI

  212. LA with the mysterious post that never was…

  213. Your post at 6:27 makes very good sense John N, but it’s in complete contrast with your post from 5:23 which indicate Arsene should quit being cheap and pay the extra two million to get a player.

    If it was your money would you pay and extra 2 million for something that’s worth 2 million less?

    If you pay extra 2 million on this player and extra 5 on that player, and 10 million on Chamakh who came next year for free…You’ll be in deep debt before you even know it. In one year, if you sign 3 players with the average extra few millions, you can be out of 10 million, the price of another player.

    We are concerned because the signing is not there yet, but I doubt it’s just about the money.

  214. In other news, Rambo is expected to return to 1st team action by november! now’s that would be like a new signing!

  215. Djourou is definitely out & song is a ‘major doubt’.
    now where does that leave us??
    Arshavin is ‘all right’

  216. The point I was trying to make was that it is a gamble to leave the purchase of another cb this late. With any gamble you have a chance of cominig out on top or doing badly.
    In this case, the coming out on top would be getting a better player or paying less for the same player.
    The potential loss is not getting the player you need, and perhaps doing badly during the season because of this.
    The importance of loss or gain depends on what in means to you. I do the lottery because the loss of one pound means little while the gain of 4m plus would mean a lot, not because I expect to win.
    In this case would the extra cost of the player mean as much to Arsenal as having a bad season would. I would suggest it wouldn’t and if this is the case you have to hope the gamble is odds on in favour of Arsenal getting the right player.
    It is completely different talking about a player you need as opposed to a player you would like!

  217. Limpar @ 12.35 & 12.53
    why put so much expectations on Vermaelan alone? I have seen fans put too much pressure on the CBs to carry the whole defensive responsibilty.
    The other players can take the onus as well, esp the full backs..i think Sagna could hell good at organising the back line

  218. john hawleys left foot

    so we have an unproven kos playing centre back, with a young kid as only CB cover, no defensive midfielder and still the same keeper situation.

    how the fuck can we be short of players before the season has started.

    the fact we are desperate for centre backs and defensive cover on the first day of the season is total mis management of the club. absolute disgrace

  219. I understand JohnN, but that’s assuming Wenger would prefer to keep two millions in the bank than getting the player he needs and doing better in the league.
    I refuse to think Wenger is that stupid, that’s all.

  220. shotta & G4E

    seems like JohnN (the sensible bloke he is) has put you guys right already. its all about balance … yes the are clubs paying silly money out there but with Arsenal its seems to be the other extreme of penny pinching. we’ve allowed wenger to carry on as he always has by believing he is a magician.
    But everyone else has scouting networks too these days and his old methods are not as successful anymore in making the difference between winning trophies and being also rans. he needs to do things differently every now and again for the greater good of the club on the field.

  221. JHLF
    We have Frimpong who will play back up to Song this season; you will find out on sunday that he is more than capable & is in hot form at the moment.

    Also, we WILL have a CB before the month ends, so for f*cks sake be patient & don’t spread panic.

  222. & how do you do things ‘differently’ gunnerstu??

  223. G4E @ 7:12 pm – I agreed with you 100%. Going into the transfer market is as much a financial vs a footballing decision, if not more. It is getting the right player at the right price. The limits in time to trade, based on the transfer window, is an artificial constraint which encourages sellers to hold out for higher prices in the hope that clubs with dire needs are panicked into paying higher than market prices as the close of the window becomes imminent. Arsene has proven over and over again he won’t be railroaded into paying higher than the clubs valuation. He let the Arshavin negotiations stretch from the September to the January window and it was done at the last minute. He refused to pay over the odds for Chamach last summer until he came for a free this year. Winning the league in the short-term is no reason to harm the club in the long run.
    PS: Personally I feel, given the financial squeeze on most clubs a lot of sellers will this year be forced to make deals at the last minute.

  224. That is your failing in some people’s eyes G4E. Wenger must be stupid because he is not behaving like almost every other manager in his position would behave. That is, blow the budget and hang the consequences.

    I share your failing. Arsene Wenger is the most intelligent and astute manager I can remember in all my years of following football. Why would he not seek to maximise our chances at this stage in his career having accepted our financial limitations during the move to the Emirates?

    Either he is stupid or he knows exactly what he is doing. That is the simple question that divides those who find ACLF a natural home and those who we loosely call ‘doomers’.

    That is the point. I believe Arsene knows best. Others don’t. It makes my life very simple. We are the supporters of a great football club with the best manager in the world. We will be fine.

  225. shotta-
    a good example of that would be big money signings of ‘star’ players like Melo & Diego last season by juve, who were ultimately named worst players of the season in the serie A

  226. by NOT always refusing to pay market prices, waiting for frees and solely gambling on pups that cost less.

    i want wenger to grow balls and bring in that special player(s) that will raise the squad to the next level e.g. sneider, van de vaart etc. you gotta make them feel wanted else someone else will.

    i never see wenger spend a few extra that he has saved elsewhere on a new player. where are all those profits going? at the end of the day we just need to balance the books not make profits for the directors from transfers.

  227. mj_gunner

    hindsight is a wonderful thing right? remember henry and viera were so called failures too once upon a time. so what’s your point?

  228. Consolsbob.

    If I didn’t know better and read this blog for the first time today, I’d say fuck it – lets get rid of Wenger and get Martin O’Neil in. At least the former Villa manager isn’t shy about spending money.

  229. “But everyone else has scouting networks…”


    That must be why ‘Appy ‘Arry’s ‘scouts’ told him TV5 was a LB!

  230. Gunnerstu.

    Pray tell, who is this special player who Wenger is refusing to sign for big money and big wages?

  231. finsbury it just came to me. … what does wenger and you have in common?

    misplaced arrogance not bourne out of recent results.

  232. I do not know the exact figures but henry & viera were never expensive signings.
    What is the guarantee that you ‘special’ one will perform in this arsenal set up & will suit our style of play? Do you want a berbatov or shevchenko tragedy happening to us? Who amongst the invincibles was an already setablished or your ‘special’ player?
    stop grumbling & leave it to the managment.

  233. The ‘scouts’ did a good job with Woodgate too.

  234. Yeah, Wenger never gets decent results. It must have been some other manager that created the invincibles, right?

  235. Oops, nearly forgot Crouch.

    But seeing as ‘Arry’s ‘scouts’ have, um, ‘scouted’ Crouch several times, and he’s signed him, several times, it is easy to get confused.

  236. Alot of people seem to have forgotten Wenger’s transfer statement from a couple of weeks back.

    He will certainly sign players before the end of the window, and when he does they will suit the club in both ability and finance.

    Because that is what Wenger does. Arshavin arriving a day after the window closed for what is largley estimated to be a 12 million pound deal?

    Lets put that into perspective.

  237. Finsbury…as they did with Bentley and Keen (twice n all – they even sent him away on loan for good measure).

  238. Let me remined you Gunnerstu that your very own sp*ds spent close to 150 million over the course of last 1 & half years to barely finish 4th.

  239. I liked this result:

    Telling FC BBB to **** off was quite a result too!

    Go Arsene!


  240. @MJ – and Aston Villa spent £120m in the last 4 years to finish 6th 3 times on the trot.

  241. Shotta & CBob, I couldn’t agree more.

    It seems some fans have loyalty to the trophy not the club. They fail to understand the fundamental and basic ideas to protect a great club like Arsenal from falling prey to misguided and fake success.

    Stu, yes a football club is a corporation or a company with an emphasis on sports, it doesn’t mean that you run it to the ground because it will not survive for long without good financial management. The club can survive without trophies for years, but it also can easily go into administration in the blink of an eye because of reckless spending.

  242. Bob,

    Sure he is a great manager. But he’s made mistakes, which have turn out to be costly ones albeit on hindsight. Such as non buying a striker last season, and taking a big risk. Let’s hope he plays safe this time around.

  243. sneider, van de vaart?

    Mr. selfish bastard and Mr. nothing special

  244. & we have better options in those areas with Cesc & Andre/Nasri

  245. You are just miserable because Pakistan can’t play cricket and you hate your job Ateeb.

    Throw your tie at your manager tomorrow, emigrate to Australia, buy a hat with corks hanging from it and you will be a new man.

    Hell, why not? Life’s too short.

    Oh Finsbury. Don’t forget Robbie Keane and Defoe.

  246. True, Arsene has made mistakes but evidently he has learnt his lesson in the transfer market. No more Jeffers and Wiltords for him it would appear. Good for him and Arsenal.

    PS: I reject the idea that not replacing Adebayor was a mistake. Evidently Arsene saw Chamach as his replacement but the either stupid or reckless management of Bourdeaux decided to screw Arsenal for a player on the last year of his contract and Arsene said no way. If it wasn’t for the ridiculous injuries, starting with the hacking of RVP by Chilieni last October, we would have been home and dry by March (Frank’s “country mile”). Yes we need another (good) defender but if Arsene decides to risk winning a trophy so as to not jeopardize the future of the club because of some greedy actor (club, agent or player) wants to screw us financially he has my support.

  247. * signed crouch several times to rest him on the bench.
    & now he’s trying to sign liverpool & west ham reject Remy LOL

  248. Djouwho out!! never! surely this guy counts as only half a defender. so we have 3 and a half cb’s then.

    Gibbs looks the dogs nads.

  249. Interesting question about this ‘special player’.

    Arsene has mentioned such a one as the only sort he would break the bank for on numerous occasions.

    Many thought Arshavin was such a man. Who is out there now who would qualify and is available. How much would he cost?

  250. You see, Ateeb? Even Duke’s cheered up with a couple of Test victories and he doesn’t work in a bank either.

    Proves my point.

  251. Bob,

    Already did that, almost. I’ve talked to HR, will be submitting my resignation in 10 days time. Got a new job, pays less, seems like a step back to most, but I am going back to university to work with an instructor, on her research project. I am so excited about it. It’s not a career sorta job, but just to help me build my recommendations so I can apply for masters or Phd over the next year. Have a lot of work, exciting one, waiting for me. Or so it seems, whatever happens, I ain’t going back to serve the man. Thanks for your advice the other day, though. Helped.

    We have a massive flood here, and you want to discuss cricket? Shame, Sir.

  252. Duke,

    We have 2 and a half defender. Whose the third one? Surely not that Norvdiet?

  253. Consolsbob.

    I’ve humbly asked Goonerstu to stop beating about the bush and tell us who this ‘special player’ is. Either he’s ignoring me, or he’s checking out Youtube videos for an answer.

    Ateeb, fuck the tie, throw a shoe at your boss and walk out. Too bad you don’t have an emergency shoot to throw out of the back door and slide down while sipping a cold beer like the Jet Blue trolley dolly who quit a few days ago.

  254. Bob,

    You know hows it with Duke. When you will get thrash during the ashes, we’ll see him complain about Arsene’s lack of spending. You know how things are with Duke, always fickle. The first defeat, and he’ll be having a go at the entire club.

  255. @ shotta & ateeb,
    talking of mistakes, I think one of them was not signing Given when he was available for 8m in January.
    Though I would be somewhat confident if Almunia starts as #1 this season. I am sure they have all sorted it out in training.

  256. Ateeb, I know you know that I know the flood is a real tragedy and not like drawing with West Ham. Cricket remains a constant in a merciless world.

    Very glad to hear about your change of life. I doubt you needed any advice to know what is right for you. ‘Twas never going to be the man. The bastard. More power to you.

    As for DuKe, he can’t help himself. Deep down he loves Arsene though.

    Still waiting are we Darius? Tch. The web must be slow.

  257. Darius, Cbob, etc.

    Can you honestly tell me you are not a little worried at this point. We are down to 2 CB. If TV pulls a muscle we have 1. If Nord has to play we could play the 1st game and may be more with 2 CB’s who average 20 years old with no PL games between them. Does not that seem a little bit risky even by our own AFC standards.

    Its difficult for me to believe that at least secretly your not having some misgivings about what our management is thinking.

  258. Darius,

    Hahaha. It’s slightly more complicated than that. They paid me for a year on training, and now I am deciding to leave. So yah, I’ve basically screwed those who screw everyone else. They’re not too pleased.

    Fine. Our cricket team has been awful. Not that I have too much attachment with either cricket or a nation per sake. “Proletariat of the world UNITE”!!

  259. sorry your wrong Ateeb me old mucca………not the entire club mate.

  260. Bill,

    Stop making me think about the CB situation. I am already a bit tensed. Not much of a WIN at all cost sort of a person, but a couple of CBs would be good. But I really doubt the club doesn’t see what we do. I am sure their worries are far greater than ours, since they’re responsible for running the club. It will be sorted out soon. Just relax. You can complain if we don’t sign anyone when the window shuts. For now, we just got to wait.

  261. If it cheers Ateeb or Duke – In 2009 Arsene could have decided, like Barca, to roll the dice and go for the big one by signing Ibra for 70 million (40 million plus RVP).

  262. Ateeb @8.46 – Post of the Day
    Shotta -@8.47 – Would’ve led to mass suicides, myself being one of them

  263. Bill, if Arsene doesn’t sign another cb before the window closes then, yes, I will be concerned. Ateeb at 8.45 puts it very well.

  264. Shotta,

    Or Lucio for 10m? Lolz. I am not asking for a big signing, just a reasonable one, which is going to happen regardless how long we discuss if we need another CB or not.

  265. Delia-----Block 112

    Has anyone considered converting JET into a CB as a medium term project. He can play in any position? Why not CB?
    Seriously, as a last resort Sagna could play along side TV5 with Eboue at RB on Sunday. AW will work it out , starting to get excited or could it be nerves !

  266. Bill, there are some on here who dont say what they feel coz they dont want to be a doomer.

  267. in regards to the defensive crises that is.

  268. JET’s not interested in playing CB. They tried that already. He doesn’t want to.

  269. Cbob and Ateeb.


    Would have made more sense to move sooner rather then wait till the end in this case.

    As you said the other day Ateeb. Fingers crossed.

  270. I blame Wenger’s pinciples, always getting in the way.

  271. Wenger is stubborn.

  272. In Arsene we trust.


    **goes to bed, nervously waiting for sunday**

  273. please oh please let us not have any more defensive injuries…………………

  274. yep was offline … some of us have a life finsoupbury & friends.

    once upon a time we would be comparing ourselves to chelsea manU, real, barca etc. these days we spout off at finsihing aove spuds & villa & liverpool. sad but just shows where our ambitions lie on this board fellas.

    it took the last game of the 2009/10 season for us to sink the spuds to 4th and that against a fulham b team that had its mind on the europa final. with lasagne-gate spuds fans would argue that they are knocking on the door and i’m afraid i would have to agree. we have stood still at 3rd/4th for too many season and are just inviting the pack below us to do us over. again i say it … the club’s ambitions and those of several supporters are way too low for my liking.

    p.s. CB and goalkeeper issue aside, sneider did it for inter and i beleive he would have done it for us too if wenger had the balls to chase a player in demand by other top tier clubs. that’s if those same players still find arsenal an attractive proposition given their mediocre ambitions. why else would fab want to leave and arshavin loose interest knowing wenger is too arrogant to listen. if they can;t, we the fans (with balls) need to
    voice our views for them I say.

    COYGs with balls!

  275. I agree with you duke and Muppet. He’s stubborn and egoistic. Even the twats at LG, know we need a new keeper. He will just try to prove us all wrong by giving Almunia the gloves, and we all know what’s going to happen. I don’t even want to say it. A year from now, we will be having the same debate of getting rid of that clown.

  276. Bill.

    You don’t know that TV will pull a muscle before Djourou is back fit and/or Wenger signs another CB, or Song is back.

    If we run out of CBs, Sagna is a competent defender who can and has played CB before and Eboue can play right back.

    Either way, I don’t think TV is going to pull a muscle just to prove a point.

    And to answer your question, no, honestly, I’m not worried. Perhaps because I don’t think it’s as big a crisis as it’s being made out to be. I think we have a culture within the Gooner nation to sometimes make mountains out of molehills.

    1. Wenger has said he will sign another CB so that we have at least 4. Beyond that, Song and Sagna can cover in a crisis with Denilson, Diaby, Frimpong, Eboue, Eastmond, Ramsey and Le Coq able to cover Song and Sagna.

    How many more players do you want?

    2. Wenger has already signed 2 players within 6 days of the transfer window opening proper in July. Chamakh and Koscielny were seen as key signings to the team and the early signatures saw that they would have enough time to bed into the squad.

    3. Wenger either signs players at the very beginning or the very end of transfer windows – the ones at the beginning being the critical ones, and the ones at the end being the players who will be given time to settle in and are not immediately critical to the team.

    4. Early signings, within days of the transfer window opening in the last few years include – Rosicky, Nasri, Vermaelen, Sagna, Chamakh, Koscielny – all of who were or will be intregal to the team.

    5. I don’t necessarily subscribe to the ‘grass is greener on the other side’ syndrome. In fact I believe some people should just grow the balls to support their team rather than base the value of players on misguided and over-hyped price tags. Personally, I blame Youtube.

    If Wenger signs any more players the better, and I’m sure he will sign at least a CB. I don’t expect that whoever will sign will displace either Koscielny or Djourou as Vermaelen’s CB partner – he’ll be brought in as cover.

    Meanwhile, whoever puts on the red and white (or the yellow) of Arsenal has my full support regardless of their age.

  277. ”if wenger had the balls to chase a player in demand by other top tier clubs”
    I am out of about INSANE

  278. consolsbob’s usual eloquence at 7:31 pm. Quite literally, couldn’t have put it better myself.

  279. I see that you are back on the pace, Darius.


  280. out of words? just a hunch mj … try taking that stupid plaster off your mouth … you’ll find it helps … mug.

  281. its f*cking hilarious that you want a manager to blindly chase players, just becuase they are targets for other top clubs..

  282. *our manager

  283. It’s funny how on the whole, fans’ negative perceptions of the club revolve around not winning trophies and not signing players. I think that says a lot about the type of fans they are, and also highlights the lack of romance in the game these days, especially at the top level.

  284. in that case opening your other eye might help you see the things better

  285. Long post Darius stone. You can always resort to “Fuck off howard”, if you get tired trying to knock some sense over the same thing again and again, to others. Same debate over the summers, no wonder Pz packed his bags and left.


  286. you’re a sweet guy with a big heart but how old are you mj?

  287. dukegoonem … just saw your post … don’t let bully tactics stop you expressing your opinion.

  288. Ah, the ‘bully tactics’ argument. Haven’t seen that for a while.

    Must be time for the starlings to gather. Nights are drawing in. Laying is down.

  289. Darius:

    Thanks for your reply. I had forgotten about Sagna.

    If we are really going to sign someone I guess I do not really understand the importance of waiting until the end especially in this case, but I guess thats just me being a worry-wart.

  290. I think this suits some of our fans.

  291. Frankly I don’t give a f*ck about the glory hunters. No amount of rational discussion, careful recitation of the facts that clearly affirms our growing success as a football club in England and the world will sate their thirst for a trophy at all cost. If Arsene (and Gazidis) decide to risk winning a trophy so as to not jeopardize the future of the club because of some greedy actor (club, agent or player) wants to screw us financially, he has my full support.
    * Zenit – St Petersburg wanted to screw us out of £25 million for Arshavin. No f*cking way
    * Bourdeaux wanted to screw us out of £6 million for Chamack. No f*cking way.
    Whoever wants to screw us for some overpriced defender, like Cahill, noo f*cking way.

  292. William Gallas at 33 years of age to resign at £80K per week over two years for a total of £8.3 million. No resale value. No f*cking way.
    Glory-hunting, financial illitierates!

  293. shotta gunna no offence but just like your name its your heart and not your brain that shoots first.

    the market dictates the fair price .. NOT arsenal. hence you should not be talking about the players we have puchased but more about the ones that we have missed out on and what might have been.

    also if we are talking about not being ripped off … why are our seaosn tickets one of the most expensive? is it ok for directors to screw the fan but not their share price?

    if only life was as black and white as you make it seem.

  294. Chelsea decided not to offer extensions & get rid of ‘stars’ like ballack, deco & j cole, coz even they couldn’t afford their sky high wage demands..

  295. Gunnerstu please explain how the director’s screwing the fans? To my knowledge Arsenal do not pay dividends to share holders.

  296. Stop putting up complicated and mathematical posts Shotta, you’ll just confuse them more. 🙂

  297. Shotta, Arsene offered £7m for a player in the last year of his contract, Bordeaux wanted £17m!

  298. Gunnerstu you still talking shite on here. Why, why, why would an Arsenal fan spend all of the day slagging off there own team and players and manager?

    What do you like about Arsenal?
    Answer that question.

  299. Schwarzer told the Australian Daily Telegraph “I need it to happen,” . “I’ve had a couple of chats with Mark [Hughes]. It’s delicately poised. Who wouldn’t be keen to go to Arsenal?”

    If I was in his place I would absolutely livid if the club don’t let me go. at 37 its his last chance at the big times, and just for him to say to his grand children I played for Arsenal.

    2 millions is a fair price for a 37 goalie. If we push it we will get 3 seasons out of him.

  300. Gunnerstu – Who the cap fit, let them wear it.
    You guys are ingrates. Illiterate ingrates.

  301. Well see that’s the problem Stu, you want the inflated, overpriced market to control us…but we refuse to be cheated out of our money.

    You on the other hand don’t really care if we pay 10 million more on top of the real value of a player to the club not to the fool’s market.

  302. simplz this dividend myth has been allowed to fool supporter anger. The dividend argument is no more than a red herring.

    The share price always drops after a dividend is paid since its money leaving the company.

    If a dividend is not paid then the share price is unaffected and it carries on growing. Similarly if there’s a net saving in transfers, the share price of the company grows. Who does this benefit most? Yes the shareholders regardless of whether or not a dividend is paid. Wouldn’t surprise me if Wenger, like other company CEOs, has a bonus and pensuon paid out in shares.

  303. Perhaps some of fans will only be happy if we spend a fortune, win the FA Cup and then get relegated. Just like Pompey.

  304. 1LC – 2 million for a 37 yr old goalie with Premeir League and European experience. That isn’t a deal , it is a STEAL. That is why I doubt it will happen. There is a seller on the other side.
    But the financial illiterates believe it is a one way street.

  305. “once upon a time we would be comparing ourselves to chelsea manU, real, barca etc. these days we spout off at finsihing aove spuds & villa & liverpool. sad but just shows where our ambitions lie on this board fellas.”

    Ask around, open your eyes. We all are comparing ourselves to Man U, Chelsea, Barca…

  306. 1lc, how do we know those quotes are true? I know there is an awful lot of smoke around Schwarzer at the moment, but I’ll believe it only when I see it.

  307. Gunnerstu has reinvented finance. You should be in charge of Bear Sterns mate.

    In finance as most people know it, companies which pay out dividends are much sought out. As it works out, people invest their money for returns, which is what dividends are aren’t they?

  308. I agree with Pass

  309. I say all this because we have loads of revenues coming in but very little paid out. forget loans … where is this hard cash all going? not on transfers. not on reducing ticket prices for fans facing the credit crunch.

    so you see that’s why it gets me mad when you guys make excuses for the board.

    p.s. shotta – ‘ let the cap fit’ – what like contraceptives? well its working for sure as we’ve not won anyting for a while ; )

  310. Gunnerstu – you are a legend.

  311. Wenger on injuries

    “We have some problems with Bendtner and Djourou,” Wenger told Arsenal’s official website.

    “Bendtner will be out for four weeks I think with a groin problem. But we have Ramsey who is coming back in November now.

    “All the rest of the injuries are short term.”

    Dunno if this has been commented on. Not good about Johan. But at least the song and Diaby rumours aren’t true.

    Roll on November for Rocky!

  312. Gunnerstu – Are you comparing yourself to a p*nis? I already figured that you were a prick. But you opened your mouth and removed all doubt.
    Financial illiterate and glory-hunter to boot.

  313. Gunnerstu – Exactly where did you learn this model of economics? I can’t even think of a fitting insult.

  314. els, Song has a calf injury so will be ‘short’ for Sunday. Only Denilson, Diaby, Fabregas and RVP have a chance of playing.

  315. Els:

    If Arsenal is really bidding on Schwarzer the assumption is that the boss thinks he will help the team and give us a better chance to win. Lets assume thats a given. I do want to argue about if he is better or not then Almunia.

    If Fulham thinks he is worth 4M and we think 2M doesn’t it make sense to either meet somewhere in the middle or may be even over pay a little bit. I realize that 2M is a lot of money but we certainly can afford that with no long term financial risk to our club. Not buying him will hurt our clubs chances for success on the field. Shouldn’t we do whatever is needed within reason to bring him to the club? Missing a chance to improve the club just to be able to pat ourselves on the back and say we did not overpay seems illogical in a case like this.

  316. Ole gunnar i do work in finance thanks but not bear stearns mate thanks.

    do you think the money disappears into thin air just because a board does not pay itself a dividend?

    the money is still on the company balance sheet and therefore reflected in a higher share price. we all know that arsenal shares are hard to come buy since there are many people looking to buy control of the club so when these board members sell their shares they get all the past unpaid dividends in one lump sum as part of the higher share price.

  317. Yeah pass I know, someone scared me earlier about rumours of song having something more serious, I then heard it in the real world (not the blogosphere).


    BS – – LK – – TV – – GC

    – – – – – ND/EF
    – – – TR – – – – – -SN

    TW – – – – MC – – – – AA

    That would be experimental team but an absolute pleasure to watch. I see no reason why we couldn’t have Rosicky and Nasri in the middle together. I would kill to see that. The pair of them will run the legs off pool.

    I can’t wait for now. COYG!!!!!!!!

  318. Shucks Bill – Have you been reading the thread? It is all media speculation. Fulham are not, as you Americans say, a bunch of rubes. They have a player under contract. Who says they priced him at £4 million? Mark Ooze would need a comparable goalie for £4 million or less. Do you think he wants to fall lower than 12th in the PL?
    Is Mark OOze ambitious or what?

  319. spot on Bill.

    But then as a director you’ve successfully lowered the fans expectations on success (whilst growing your wealth) so why change.

  320. Bill hiya mate.

    Erm I think when the boss looks at transfer targets he judges the suitability of them not only on wether he likes them. But also on a price he’s willing to pay. Therefore if he’s willing to pay 2m then he’s going to go into negotiations like a business man.

    There are long term drawbacks on budging with a players evaluation. AW and IG are no mug’s and are renowned for playing hard ball (americanism dropped in for you there buddy). If all of a sudden they budge 50% on a transfer targets valuation then it shows future weakness. You can kiss bye to Arshavin, Chamahk and Vermaelen deals of the future. We’ll be like the spuds, and a whole host of other prem clubs. Paying over the odds for players that in 3/4 years will be surplus to requirements as the young guns will outclass them.

    I honestly believe this. It may sound over analysed but football sadly is a business but luckily we are streets ahead of some fools.

  321. yep that’s right … i’ve got a bigger penis than you shotta-load-too-early-and-the-girlfriend’s-fed-up.

  322. Bill,

    That’s just you fraking opinion. No more.


    So you should know then, that the unclaimed dividends are a way of reinvesting in the club.


  323. Shotta;

    I do not know what Fulham values him at and obviously we are not going to pay 10M but if the boss really thinks he can help the club then we should do whatever we need to bring him into the club even if it means paying a little more then we think he is worth. This would certainly not cause AFC any financial long term threat. Makes sense to me. If Fulham is not willing to sell and Schwarzer does not put in transfer request then obviously our hands are tied.

  324. Wel Arsenal is run as a business first these days. maybe we need to maybe we dont.we dont know do we, were just fans, we dont know shit.

  325. At the end of the day Bill that is all conjecture on your part. You have no idea what is going on or what sums of money are involved. Most of what you read in the media is fiction designed to push a certain agenda. Too many people fall for the media created myth that Arsene does not like to spend money when the facts are staring you in the face that he will spend money for players he thinks are worth it – Sagna, Vermaelen, Koscielny, Nasri, Rosicky, Arshavin, Walcott all players bought by Wenger in recent seasons. He would have paid for Chamakh too, had Bordeaux been more reasonable. The fact is that Bordeaux just did not want to sell as the player was more important to them than the money at the time. Sometimes this happens. In the real world, not every club will want to sell nor will every player want to come to Arsenal.

  326. Bill,

    The argument that forking out an extra 2M for Schwarzer, if true, would represent a good investment that would increase our chances of success is hugely debatable. Taking aside the fact that it would be against the clubs policy to pay over the odds for a player, it is in my view a specious and ill laboured argument that a little extra will do the trick.

    We have a massive squad. We have quality all over the pitch. We have an infrastructure that is second to none. We have young players that are second to none. Ok, we do not have galacticos in every position, but we have at least 3 players who would walk into either the RM or Barcelona team. Enough is enough. If we sign Schwarzer, then the argument would then be – we need a proper right back, or we need a fox in the box striker. The demands are endless. We have at least 26 players in the squad. The cries for a replacement for Almunia are there because of, to my knowledge, a howler in the Birmingham game. Nobody mentions his stunning form against Barcelona in the first leg, nor the 66 clean sheets in 160 appearances. It is all window shopping for something better. Liverpool have Reina – where di they finish in the league ? RM have Casillas – where did they get to in the CL ? Aston Villa have spent £120 M in 4 seasons, and have Friedel – where did they finish. You can argue a case for a goalkeeper adding 5 to 10 points to the board, but if you do that you have to pretty damn will convince everyone that they will do. – Schwarzer ? Are you sure – Who else ? All the best players are not being release by their clubs.

  327. aleyluya spot on Ole … at last some sense. hence my point where’s the investment? we have far higher revenues than say Stoke yet seem to be investing at their levels or less.

    somethings not right. i smell something and surprisingly its not shotta in a room with a tissue box 😉

  328. Gunnerstew,

    Look on the club’s balance sheet. look at debt being paid down, multiple signings per season, a sizeable but controlled wage bill, and improvement just everywhere you look.

    That you’re too stupid to see it don’t mean it aint happen you know?

  329. Muppet!

    Really?? 66 clean sheets in 160 games? That’s a fantastic record. I’m going to quote that. I didnt realise.

  330. Ole, apparently he has the best clean sheet ratio of any Arsenal goal keeper. I can only think that if Schwarzer is coming in it is as competition to keep Almunia focused and provide experienced cover rather than as a guaranteed starter. Our younger goal keepers probably need to go on loan so they can develop more in game understanding and experience. There may also be some truth in the goal keeper/coach role, which wouldn’t surprise me.

  331. Passie,

    I half hope we get him so they’d just fraking shut up about it.

  332. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Muppet- you are a legend.

    Wenger is French.


  333. Passie? Passie?

    Bit ‘chummy’, Ole!


  334. I think Stu, Bill and a few others are ok with our club being bullied by other clubs for our money…but when we tighten the screw on their ill-fated ideas, they cry of being bullied?

  335. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Opinions from guys like Bill and Gunnerstu aren’t worth the price of the f*cking papers they worship. Same old bullshit. At least Bill has the bollocks to come on under the same name every day. You have to give him that at the very least I guess.

  336. The squad we had last year had the quality we needed. What undid is in the end were injuries to major players — that are the facts. We do not need 5 new signings to replace half our team (;like the always popular and requested D**M), we need our 17 or so first team players to stay fit and not get injuries for a long spell of time.

    (Though I Would not mind a back up CB in the vein of Spahic, just in case Djourou does not recover properly or one of our players gets taylor’d or shawcross’d. Though we should be fine this year. Thugs breaking a leg for an important player of us seems to be a biannual thing.)

  337. Muppet at 11.17pm.

    Post of the day, sir.

    Er, post of yesterday… (up all night working)

  338. I agree with LA….great points Muppet.

  339. Went over to Untold Arsenal to get a break from the glory hunters who demand the club spend its way to success only to meet another bunch of financial illiterates. No wonder so many clubs are in trouble.
    Freakin’ unbelievable!

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