Final Cesc Thoughts & Which Goalkeeper Will Reina Supreme?

So Cesc finally spoke on the matter, or rather his agent / PR people did, containing suitable errors of grammar to make it look as if the Captain penned it himself. Irrespective of the words, it put to bed Barcelona’s interest for this summer, acknowledged by the Catalan club who have issued a statement of regret. Not at being such classless arseholes, merely that Arsenal would not even consider their revised offer on Thursday ‘which was not in excess of €40m’.

That Cesc remains is encapsulated in that arrogance; Ibrahimovic was nearly twice that value with a better player going in the opposite direction. Their sense of market value is tainted by their inability to spend and the desire to punish Arsenal for taking him in the first place. That it failed should be a salutory lesson to them. It will be interesting to see their dealings in this and future windows, whether humility has been learned or if this bloodied nose has no effect.

The words chosen for the statement were to be expected and covered his love of his homelands, them but committed himself to giving 100% to Arsenal in the coming season. The phraseology was deliberately open; encouraging Barcelona to come back next year without closing the door to remaining at Arsenal beyond 2011.

And there the matter rests. Some will demand he is removed as captain, a futile gesture of petulance, wanting some sort of revenge for perceived lack of loyalty. Quite simply it is not going to happen. The assumption made is that the Arsenal players will not follow a captain whom they know wants to leave. That is an insult to their professionalism and desire to win.

The rest of the squad began a week of travelling, nipping over to Poland for this afternoon’s friendly against Legia. Wenger has noted that the line-up he uses today will not be a clear indicator towards the starting XI at Anfield. I beg to differ since much will be read into the goalkeeper who starts this afternoon’s fixture. Fabianski and Szczesny have both travelled to Poland and it seems will play, presumably one in each half which smacks of a certain sentimentality on Wenger’s part.

It is this position, as much as central defence, which continues to tax minds. Bob Wilson reportedly told Talksport yesterday that no new players were expected to challenge Almunia & Co this summer. The Sun wasn’t listening to that and instead links Arsenal with a highly improbably bid of up to £25m for Pepe Reina. The best suggestion so far is for Cesc to ram an Arsenal top over his head, claim he has London in his DNA and then laugh it all off as a joke between chums. Go on, I dare you…

Whilst Fabianski has been OK in pre-season, Almunia is still in pole position for Anfield. My suspicion is that Wenger has used this spell following the Spaniard’s, ahem,  injury to try to motivate him, in conjunction with the continued speculation over a move for Mark Schwarzer. The lack of competition may well have induced complacency into his game and as with others, there is possibly an element of playing with injuries for a time.

The mistakes will not go away. In recent seasons with a forward line struggling to cope with injuries, they became more costly than merely conceding goals, points were dropped also. Yet it was an affliction which affected all of the goalkeepers in the Premier League and whilst some goals are directly attributable to Almunia and Fabianski, not every goal conceded is. A lot of them were down to collective defensive errors by the team, failing to mark or track back, giving the ball away cheaply, etc. These organisational issues need to be addressed as much as buying new players although the two are not mutually exclusive either.

Whatever may be, it seems unlikely that any players will be joining before the start of the Premier League season with international week putting paid to any aspirations on that front. It is easy to jump to the conclusion that none will be joining before the end of August but as Wenger himself noted, he has form in buying early and very late indeed in transfer windows. Until 1st September, assumptions that nobody will sign is as much speculation as players linked with the club.

Back to Legia. For this match Arshavin apparently has a small niggle so personally, I see no reason for him to be included. Indeed, someone should be talking to the Russian Federation, pointing out Arsenal’s good record in sending players to international fixtures, and getting him exempted from their match next week. It won’t happen though.

The rest of side, I expect to be shuffled at the interval although his starting XI may give clues about the central defence. I suspect that Vermaelen and Koscielny will start which might be a clear sign of what is to come in a week’s time.

Enjoy the match wherever you are watching it. ’til Tomorrow.

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  1. I know karim – it’s a shock isn’t it?

  2. Nice one, over the moon that Cesc is staying and these fools calling for him to lose the captaincy are infantile. He is a born leader / winner. One good centre half and a top keeper and we are there. I think Chelsea and united are there for the taking this season.

  3. steww,it hasnt sunk in yet.

    come on arsenal.have a good day evryone.

  4. great to finally have Asenal matches to look forward to.Can’t wait for anfied though cos i’m ancious to see the players that will take to the field.

  5. Cricket and footy today – woo hoo!

  6. I think that Reina link is only a bit of mind games to unsettle Liverpool before we go there…

    My biggest worry for the season is whether Clichy comes back to his best or not, he was involved in many soft goals last year, even before his injury…

  7. Great read Yogi, i love your suggestion re Reina, would make us all smile to see an AFC shirt rammed over his head 🙂

    I don’t believe Bob W knows whether any players are yet to be signed so I hold hope that a keeper and defender are still to be signed.. Definately a CH…

  8. jon – don’t you feel he was back to his best by the end of the season? He was amazing if my memory serves.

  9. Morning all. Nice post YW.

    With Gibbs fit Clichy will need to be at his best.

  10. Steww you don’t call that stuff from Pakistan cricket, surely.

  11. That’s an excellent point dups – even if by some miracle Gael stops being absolutely one of the best in his position anywhere in the world, we have a young man who shows great promise as his deputy.

  12. Ahem – I was responding to your earlier post dups. I love the World Eleven that play for the England and Wales cricket board so seeing them thrash anyone cheers me up.

  13. Not that I give a shit about internationals but a certain Mr. Tweedie will have a lot of pressure on him.

  14. steww, enjoying the cricket too, any side we beat who has just whipped the aussies is a good win in my book 🙂

  15. Or should that read, “ex Mr. Tweedie”.

  16. We’ll struggle once more with Almunia, Diaby and Denilson playing. Remember Almunia last season at Man City, Birmingham, Spurs, against Chavsky and Manu, also second half against Barca.

    As for Denilson, just watch him being overtaken by refrees once more as he jog to provide so-called cover.

    Diabolical? The little said him the better.

    With players like these, no way will any cup come to the Emirates soon.

  17. I second that Rico. Can’t stand that Aussie cricket team.

  18. Oh well, might as well just give up now then.

  19. Great post, but I think for the first time I disagree with one thing. The captaincy issue, I put it to you that there is one other reason to take the arm band away… RvP’s supperior loyalty, love and drive for the club make him a better fit. I have to admit i feel reading those two statemnets from yesterday it should be an obvious choice.

    Regardless of cesc’s summer and quite frankly i’m very impressed with cesc’s honourable decison and contract respect, RvP is a better captain for this team now.

    There are obvious negatives to taking the armband away from cesc but, I feel you underestimate cesc’s obvious professionalism that he expects for there to be no rethinks in his dynamic within the team. Also for the first time in a cesc statement there was no mention of the fact that he is proud to be captain… maybe he almost expects.

    I do expect him to be captain next season and understand that only people within the camp will know how all this has affected things. I just hope that the main reason is not the fact that the club feel they are over a barrel with barca snooping at cesc’s situation from now on. We all know there would be comments from the nou camp if cesc was reprimanded in any way.

  20. Reina….quite obviously a made up rumor.

  21. ELS.

    Do you think there’s too much emphasis on loyalty? Isn’t it enough that the players are employees and the expectation is that they will do the job they’re paid for? Do they have to be Arsenal fans to play for Arsenal?

    I’m just posing a question to explore whether the expectation that Arsenal players should be die hard Arsenal fans is unreasonable. The bottom line, is that they’re employees and they’re expected to do a job they’re paid for to the best of their ability.

    Speaking of the captaincy, I don’t think you’ll achieve any more by stripping Fabregas of the captaincy. He’s got the message already, no need to kick his teeth when he’s already been arse whooped by the Barceholes leaving him high and dry.

    If he was not the captain though, I suggest that Vermaelen would make a better captain than Van Persie. My rationale is that traditionally, defenders and deep lying midfielders make good captains because of their position on the field of play and their ability to read the game better and marshall the troops better.

    For now, what is more important is that in defense, in midfield and in attack, we have 3 individuals who can take the game by the scruff of the neck and show leadership when the chips are down. Cesc, Vermaelen and RVP have to be all leaders on the pitch. IN this respect, the captaincy is symbolic more than anything.

  22. the hardwic tup

    Arsenal still require an international class goalie and another centre back,end of without we will come up short again…oh yes and an injury clear season where most of the squad can get a decent number of games under their belts RVP,TR,CF,JD,GC,the list goes on and on

  23. I agree with darius.

  24. I cant believe anyone would trust a story coming from the Sun the only think they ever done right was being wrong and remember the drunken hack invented story about some Argentinian coming it turned out to be
    swiped from some internet prankster it really says it all about how much you can trust that rack, and 23 mil,Wenger wouldnt pay a fraction of that. Some of you really are gollible.

  25. I just love this headline from the Daily Star….

    “Cesc Fabregas: I Was Forced To Stay…”

    I should really clean up my NewsNow feed and hide some shit that gets printed out.

  26. Flint McCullough

    Good post, YW. I agree with your take on things.

    Darius has said what I was going to put forward regarding the contrast between fans’ & players’ attitude to the club.

    The simple fact is that they cannot become too attached to the club because their situation can change in a trice. The one sure thing is that if they stay long enough there will be a point where they are not wanted anymore & you may be sure that a large element of the “support” will let them know just that.

    Cesc will have his reasons for wanting to go home this summer & we all have our theories (mine is that he had just witnessed another lad have his leg broken at right angles & was lucky not to have it happen to him at Brum).

    Like any other player we are really supporting the shirt. We should enjoy the Cescs while we have them but the club goes on for better or worse- that is what really matters.

  27. The Reina story is obviously a bit of mischief given that Reina was one of those most responsible for forcing Cesc into the Barca shirt.Wenger would never contemplate paying that much for a World Class Player of any description, let alone a Goalkeeper.That said, his lack of movement on the goalkeeper front will I believe come back to haunt him-and so it should!It is an absolute disgrace that either Almunia or Fabianski are still considered as first team players.Rival managers must be laughing at Arsenal’s expense.Between them I would estimate that Arsenal are owed around a dozen points from last season.Blackburn,for goodness sake,utilized their entire game strategy around Fabianski’s ineptitude and consequently beat us,at the end of last season.Neither of these clowns would get into any other Premier League team and it’s time Wenger recognised this fact.I don’t believe Chesney is “ready” but I’d far rather that he was given a try in a similar way that I’d rather see Frimpong and Wilshire involved at the expense of Diaby or Denilson!!

  28. Any of you guys have any links to the game today?

  29. “Rival managers must be laughing at Arsenal’s expense”
    Which ones? The two that we pushed right up to final games of the season or every single other one that we finished above? I don’t wish to sound aggressive but your post was a pile of tedious clichéd shit. Get behind the team pal.

  30. Excellent point Flint. This transfer was a political power struggle and a matter of principle for Arsenal. We had to keep the player to establish ourselves as one of the big boys. If we had been bullied into selling him at a knock down price, the last few years of sacrifice would have been in vain. Arsene will let him go when the time and the price is right for Arsenal. Players are just resources, which the club uses to further it’s ambitions. Whilst we love to hear their professions of love and loyalty, the club will be as quick to sell them when required.

    As for Reina, there is no way he is worth £25m, there is no way we would give that money to a potential rival that desperately needs cash and there is no way I want to see that scum in an Arsenal shirt.

  31. Devil's Advocate

    Stripping Cesc of the captaincy would solve absolutely nothing! I was just making the rounds of Arsenal blogs and was surprised at the number of people who want him stripped of the armband, I’ve to say I’m glad none of em turned up for member’s day. I can understand how Cesc must’ve felt, watching his teammates chuck games away after he played on with a broken leg, and to say a man of such commitment should step down is foolishness. Be that as it may, GLAD the saga is over (till when, though?) and crossing my fingers for a CB soon… A keeper would be nice, but a CB for sure… In Arsene I still do trust.

  32. Passenal

    So I take it you are undecided about Reina?

    Personally, I doubt the veracity of the sums involved although you cannot rule out an enquiry being made. Would he improve the Arsenal team? Yes. Would we forgive him for the shirt incident? Yep, we are that shallow, especially after the first clean sheet due to goalkeeping heroics.


  33. 1 loose cannon

    As long as Cesc does the business on the pitch no one would care about the captaincy including those fickle fans. The only problem is the media. if he has a bad game the media (Hansen of course) will jump on it and and question his desire to play for Arsenal. in a way Cesc has put himself in a situation where he has to do even better than last season to silence the idiots.

  34. Paulie Walnuts

    Player loyalty is almost exclusively a thing of the past. In the here & now we just have to get behind whoever is on the field in an Arsenal shirt.

    I agree with Flint that we should just enjoy Cesc for however long he stays. He never gives less than his best & I don`t see that changing.

  35. 1 loose cannon

    Wenger buying a keeper for 23 millions? they are having a laugh. this rumour appeared in that filth of a newspaper the guttersnipe “the Gloom”

  36. 1 loose cannon

    If Wenger buys Reina it will be for one reason, to force an Everton shirt on him and send him on loan to Dagenham for 3 years.

  37. To all the Diaby haters dont know what you see in his game that is so wrong we is one of the best box to box midfielders we have had and when he starts adding goals to his game you will all eat your words.

  38. Oh and the Reina story must be a load of tosh cant see us shedding £25m on a keeper.

  39. 1LC What a bloody brilliant idea!

    Suggestions please people to who and where we could send rival players.

    the ex mr tweedie to…….. nah we never buy them back.

  40. With all the pundits having done their level best to get Cesc off to farca, the large helpings of humble pie are now sitting on their plates, gathering flies, and they don’t want to eat it, just like they refuse to eat that pie and apologise for their behaviour when AW said he thought a team could go unbeaten in a season.

    These pieces of sh!t will do anything to destabalise the situation, so stand by for the des kelly’s and others of the world to try and tell us that we should be “punishing” our captain etc etc.

    Ignore them, tell them to go and do one, whatever, just don’t listen to their “advice”, which is as useful as a dog turd on your dinner plate.

    Not all posters on Arsenal blogs are Arsenal fans either.

  41. Not all posters on Arsenal blogs are Arsenal fans either.
    I’ve read an awful lot of comments on the net but this is as concise and truthful as any I’ve seen.

  42. I hope at the end of the season when Barcelona come begging they put in a respectful offer. The dude wants to play for his home team and be with his family, and it’s hard to criticise him for it. We may have moulded him and given him his breakthrough, and we can give ourselves due credit for that, but he was born and raised in Catalunya. Perhaps the whole saga was attempts by Barca to deviate attention from their financial dire straits. If they’d really WANTED Cesc, then they would have put in for him first before Villa. At the end of this season, Arsenal should tell him they will set a price and put him on the open market, and let Barca get into a bidding war with Real, Inter etc. …just the same as happens to us when we go for a player. If nobody puts in an acceptable bid, then he remains an Arsenal player. Can’t say fairer than that.

    As for Reina…a great distributor with his low accurate kicking, one of the best, and his decision making is good. Liverpool wouldn’t sell him, as he’s one of their best players… unless they were offered silly (i.e. 40m) money.
    Fans often forget how many incredible saves both Fabianski and Almunia pull every season, and I don’t actually think anyone would improve on shot stopping. Also, practically every time we concede it’s because the team as a whole has ceased to defend, allowing the opposition to get deep into our half. It happens regularly, especially when we’re one up, and even when it’s against a so-called minnow of the premiership, it’s asking for trouble. When the whole team gives up on ball winning duties, we walk on a tightrope, and when we concede, we shouldn’t be picking on individual errors by keepers or centrebacks, but rather hairdrying the whole team for leaving them exposed. Wenger knows this better then most, hence he doesn’t pick on keepers like fans do.

  43. 1 loose cannon

    Grim- How about buying Puyol and make him do the laundry for the Arsenal palyers. I can imagine Wenger pulling his ear for not cleaning the shirts properly.

  44. 1lc and I’d like to see xavi in the kitchen washing the dishes by hand with no marigolds to protect his delicate fingers!

  45. Passenal

    Personally I’d like to crush them and see how much of Cesc’s DNA he can find with plaster of paris covering them.


  46. I just don’t believe I will ever have to face that prospect YW!

  47. Whoops! that was in relation to your 11.28 am comment!

  48. Wenger: I’m over the moon!

  49. Two interesting journalistic episodes I’ll be watching keenly this Summer:

    1. How long will El Mundo Deportivo keep filling their paper with Cesc to Barca stories.By today’s evidence they won’t be etting off soon.

    2. Watching the Daily Fail’s anti-Wenger/anti-Arsenal campaign.

    Both episodes are stunning in their abuse of their medium, and as a rape of human decency.

  50. Have we/I been in denial about Cesc? Now that he came out with that statement I just keep tripping over the fact that he allowed all those lowlifes to talk for him all this while. It’s fair enough to note that Arsene and Arsenal would have told him to shut it, and he was trying to respect us by not publically agitating, and contributing to Arsenal’s hand being forced. I do appreciate that.

    Why could he not tell Puyol and co to put a lid on it? It’s the only aspect of all this that leaves a sour taste in the mouth.

  51. The battle over Cesc was won since June 2nd when the club rebuffed Barce-loan-er and sent them scurrying back to Catalonia with the message; Cesc is not for sale at any price. But the war was won long before because of the wise financial policy followed by AW and the Board over the past five years. The debts, except for the mortgage on the stadium, have been paid down, the growing success of the youth policy, especially tying them down to lucrative long term contracts and limited dependence on big transfers have put the club in an almost impregnable position. Cesc is almost a perfect example, brought on a free to the club at 15, developed into a world class midfielder and tied to a lucrative long-term contract (“golden handcuffs”) made Barce-loan-ers arrogant, underhanded tactics a total failure. Unlike those who think Cesc will be only around for a year, I have news for you; in one year’s time Arsenal’s positin will be stronger not weaker.

  52. I like that Shottagunna!

  53. Ole @ 1:26pm – I agree.

  54. Watching a stream of Rangers vs Newcastle 2-0 so far. Newcastle is one of those clubs who had better hurry and get a good quality player on loan from Arsenal. They lack quality in midfield and up front. They will be in trouble. Between now and Sept 1st there will a long list of weak clubs (financially) begging for loaners and I fear gor the Geordies if they are left out in the cold.

  55. Cuervo,

    I recently declined an opportunity to visit your New Camp on the grounds that it would be full of, well, cunts like you.

    I might have to rethink my position now….

    Next time we play you I’ll be in the stand right up above you with a giant balloon full of piss. Lots of us will have them. They’ll be bright red. Then we’ll lean right over you, prick little holes in our balloons with our Arsenal pin-badges, and as is the customary fate of River fans at the hands of Boca for 90 minutes of el superclasico, you’ll be steadily soaked for the duration of the game with our warm piss. You won’t be able to move.

    Oh don’t be like that, Cuervo. You’ll love it. Well… you’ll scream a lot… and i’ll love it.

  56. Oh shotta – I just checked out Newcastle. They still have that cunt Barton playing for them. I feel queasy now.

  57. Yeurgh and Nolan.

  58. Thanks for the video, notlager. AW is in rare form indeed.

    Polish journo: “The first fixture played at our previous stadium was against a travelling Barcelona side. And now the first fixture to be played at our brand new stadium will be against…”

    AW: “An even better team.” (beams winningly)

    Excellent. Fuck off Barcelona.

  59. Cesc Fabregas has made the most assists in the top 5 European leagues over the last 5 seasons. 54 of ’em.

    WE’VE got Cesc Fabregas!
    WE’VE got Cesc Fabregas!
    WE’VE got Cesc Fabregaaas..
    WE’VE got Cesc Frabregaas..

  60. Cesc Fabregas created a scoring chance from open play once every 29 mins, the best rate in the top 5 European leagues.

    WE’VE got Cesc Fabregas!
    WE’VE got Cesc Fabregas!

  61. WE’VE got Cesc Fabregas!
    WE’VE got Cesc Fabregas!

    Fuck off Cuervo you rancid dildo.

    An even better team hahahaha. I like it. well said Arsene.

  62. I do sense a bias with some of us though. I dont see why Ade was such a Villian or even Flamini. If its a business and loyalty is not required, lets just play ball no reason to call people names. You know like in Mafia movies “its business, its nothing personal” after you kill someone in another crime family.

    Not that I would take away the captaincy now but I am confused as to the statements that loyalty is all but out the window. For if that is the case shouldnt the few who are loyal be held in higher regard that the one’s who are not?

    There seems to be a dedication from RVP and TV that just makes you feel good. I only hope it is genuine for I thought it was so with Cesc.

    I am somewhat happy with the fact that Cesc is staying, but I am overjoyed that Arsenal stood their ground and behaved with total class throughout.


  63. Delia-----Block 112

    Thank God that’s over, well at least until next Summer. Let’s just sit back and enjoy Cesc while we have him and everything he gives us . No other player displays his commitment to the cause and I am sure he will give his all again this coming campaign. What happens after that is irrelevant at this time.
    I’m full of optimism for the coming season. Pre-season has been full of promise, with the youngsters showing up well , even talk of England call-ups ! Nasri has been the star turn , injuries minimal apart from B52, plus the anticipation of an experienced CB being signed before the window closes. Picked up my new shirt this morning ,about to log into ATVOL for a jolly afternoon. Cheers

  64. LimparAssist,

    English journo: Was Cesc slightly recluctant? Did you have to persuade him? Reading between the lines because you’ve said he accepted…

    AW: I know that it is a speciality in England to read between the lines.

  65. Flint McCullough

    “Player loyalty is almost exclusively a thing of the past”

    Not sure there was too much of it in the past, however far back you go, Paulie!!

    Thoroughly agree with the Blaster’s last para. There is something about our playing style, noticeable at all levels, that allows the opposition a chance out of nothing when we have almost total domination of the ball.

    It is a matter of concentration & positioning. I would like to know if our stats for conceding from set pieces is that much different to other PL teams. Chelsea certainly were vulnerable.

    This perceived ‘keeper problem is a matter of “the grass is greener” (how appropriate) until we find out, that unless you get Casillas, it isn’t much different. Szezny will be our version of him in the not too distant future.

  66. Spuds losing again heh

  67. You know Steww….I think the Spuds have assumed that the Young Boys will be a walk in the park….Beating Fenarbache is not an easy feat you know.

    ‘Appy ‘Arry is in for a shock.

    I’d love to visit the Young Boys stadium. It was one of the ones used in Euro 2008 and apparently it has a mall under the stadium and good hotels around it.

  68. FunGun, I think we will find that there was more loyalty before, that is all but lost in this generation of greed but I doubt it was always so.

    I look at players like DB and Giggs and I see loyalty.

  69. Darius – can’t begin to describe how delighted I’ll be when they don’t make the first round.

  70. Paul – it is why DB10 has such a place in our hearts. Now imagine if one of ours who joined at 9 years old goes on to play to his retirement in his mid thirties.

  71. Arsenal.

  72. Uh oh ATVO looks shit again. Off to the streams.

  73. Any streams? ATVO really crap

  74. cesc had an affair with a catalan tart, he wants out but we are staying together until the kids are old enough to understand. deep down we still love each other but how can give him our full unrequited love again knowing that soon enough he will have his head turned by some old flame?

    we seem to be overlooking his half hearted commitment because the truth is we benefit much more from keeping him than he does by staying. Are we deemed in cesc’s eyes the less attractive of the partnership? the one more desperate to stay together? does he not see our inner beauty??

    contractually we have all the power but emotionally we are on the back foot.

    darius – you say we should leave him alone because he has ‘got the message’. I am not sure he has got the message considering he has just left the catalan tarts bedroom a few nights ago.

    what should have been a thorough apology directed straight to the arsenal fans was actually 60% a message sent back to barca, with a kiss.

    i would feel like an under appreciated push over if i let those lips kiss my ‘badge of honor’ too soon.

    melodramatic I know but personally cant see him in exactly the same as i once did.

  75. Terrible goal to concede!

  76. working stream anyone??

    avto just says loading match centre and iraq goals is spinning out…

  77. & then fabianski was bullied..

  78. That would be brilliant Steww.

    Terrible goal to concede, again!

  79. fabianski wasnt bullied, he tripped.

  80. OK positives so far. Um., Nasri looks good.

  81. WTF?

  82. The team has no rythmn at all.

    Keystone cops business.

    What the heck is going on?

  83. he was crowded in the area, even the commentator in free sports link said that Allerdyce must be coaching Legia today..its unbelievable, I hope its not the story of the cmg season

  84. The midfield doesn’t exist


  86. Wouldn’t want to read too much into this game, but there is certainly a lot of work to still be done. Our defending is still appalling, trust the idiots to try to make a scapegoat of fabianski!!

  87. Great header by Chamakh

  88. They didnt come prepared to play. Played so well against some bigger clubs and lost focus.

  89. We need a new keeper full stop.Another error from a corner by Flappy

  90. we don’t look ready defensively on this showing

  91. Losing too many balls in the midfield.

  92. The man tripped, he was not bullied though thats what they tried to do. The Arsenal players including Fabianski were pushing back. the guy simply tripped.

  93. wel they have to make a scapegoat of someone

  94. Dave I would appreciate if you can stop calling names to our players

  95. Midfield looks a bit overrun, Frimpong and Wilshere look like they’ve played too many games this pre-season, and it’s starting to show.

  96. fuck off dave

  97. Need some changes, thats for sure. The players do look very tired.

  98. Should be a brilliant second half. Now we really have to fight to get back into it. Makes a difference from our usual stroll through pre season friendlies.

  99. Paul, who do we have on bench today?

  100. Phew. Not sure we expected such a high tempo – we had absolutely no time at all in midfield there. Not much of a friendly!

    And every premier league team is going to pack the six yard box against Fabianski. We’re going to need to find a way around it if we pick him.

  101. @steww – agreed. shall be a real test of character for the squad players today!

  102. Can’t legislate for our own player tripping him over though OOU.
    The only problem is Li’l Jack and Frimpers look out of their depth, so we can’t keep the ball and we’re not winning it back. It’s very good experience for the youngsters and a sobering realisation for those claiming they are ready now. They are very good on their day but need more time.

  103. i agree with steww

  104. The most disappointing thing for me is that awful ATVO feed. What rubbish for a top class football club like ours.

  105. woah, dont like that second goal one little bit

  106. Thanks for the streams Karim & MJ.

    Steww, I changed my profile on ATVO from 600K streaming to 350K and it works fine.

  107. Not sure, mj.

    OOU, he needs to remain composed and get nasty. There is no other way around it. Step on feet, toes. Elbow someone in the head.

    He tripped over his own player though.

  108. dupsffokcuf – try the free sport link posted above, seems fine fr me

  109. The midfield doesn’t exist. End of.
    After all the hype around Frimpong, well I don’t know whether he is simply too tired having played almost all preseason games or his unreadiness against a proper side is showing through.

  110. It’s not about scapegoating Fabianski. Obviously he couldn’t have done much about the first goal, but the second was pathetic, and arguably the third was partially influenced by the defensive uncertainty created by the second goal.

    Even playing at a relatively low level the value of having a keeper that the team has confidence in is immense. I know I dread every corner with Fabianski in goal and I can’t imagine that the feeling hasn’t permeated the team.

  111. Reading the comments looks like a real test for some fans too mj! Little fucking whining cry babies.

  112. G4E thanks for the tip I’ll try that

  113. We might need to replace the two youngsters; Jack n Frimpong. They look tired. Anyone know ho we’ve got on the bench and what’s happening with Denilson?

  114. All of the goals have been from some jokey defence.

    No one attacked the ball on the first goal. I have seen this backing off thing at Arsenal for a long time, something is wrong about it.

  115. Will try that mj, thanks

  116. I actually still think we will win.

  117. Well the defenders can’t do much about anything when the box is so full – I think it was Campbell who obstructed Fabianski in the Blackburn game. This time Vermaelen couldn’t go anywhere and it was Fabianski’s decision to come for the ball.

    He can get aggressive, but I wonder what difference it would make. I’ve got no idea what we can do against it to be honest.

  118. right steww, not the usual faces here today!!
    (I am a first time poster, but a long time regular reader)
    BTW, Subs:
    Szczesny, , Gibbs, Nordtveit, Eboue, Lansbury, Vela, Emmanuel-Thomas
    I think each & every one of them needs a run out.

  119. @Paul N this match was never really about winning was it? Me feels it’s a chance for us to access our readiness. Thank goodness these faults have been shown. We need to cut out the sloppy goals, simple as that.

  120. I would hope it would make teams think twice about trying that crap, it did for Mad Jens but you only have one Man Jens.

    He must get aggressive though, he must.

  121. 1CoolSteve,

    I agree with you. This is great for the players. The talk was about being focused.This will be a good dose of reality that that wil not happen just by saying it.

  122. Paul N- we could indeed still win, but conceding 3 in the first half is frightening with our first choice back four in the game.
    Gibbs and Eboue on in midfield, Vela replacing Rosicky.

  123. So
    schezney, gibbs, vela, eboue IN
    fabianski, walcott, frimpong, rosicky OUT

  124. Luke Freeman scored on his debut for Yeovil BTW.

  125. goonzablazin, those goals were not so much about the defence though apart from the first that is.

  126. this is interesting, nasri being tried out as DM

  127. Chesney gets the photogenic saves Fabi gets tripped by his own player. Some guys were born under a bad sign!

  128. that was a fine ball in!

  129. Great determination from Prince Eboue.

  130. So much more time on the ball now. No team ever keeps up the pressing for more than one half against us.

  131. great playacting from Manu

  132. Last year Arseblogger joked that Fabianski got better with every match Almunia played. Well atleast that’s what he thought before he actually played. 🙂
    Not blaming him entirely for today’s mess though. We need defensive discipline, our boys can definitely talk the talk, now is the time to walk the walk.

  133. Eboue – I could kiss you


  135. Time to give Eboue the number 9 shirt


    Gwaan yute!!!

  137. speechless.

  138. How Awesome are we?

  139. Oh you doomers where are you now!



  141. We love Eboue, we’ve only come to see Eboue!!!!!!

  142. oh my word, better finish gibsy boy!!

  143. Keiron iron foot Gibbs

  144. Who chipped it to Gibbs?

  145. the doomers can f*ck of now!!
    peach of subs by Le boss

  146. I don’t care if we go down three to one, as long as we come back like this!

  147. How many titles will Eboue have?
    Prince, President or Jester.
    2 goals to my bwoy. 3-3.
    I remember 4 years ago when I to started blogging because of the racist, xenophobic comments directed to the African. le-groan and Howard I am looking at you!

  148. Shots like rain.

  149. @finsbusy – it was vela, n he almost scored now!

  150. well well well, there’s a comeback if there ever was one

  151. And the great thing about Sheik Eboue is he can play anywhere. I bet he’s pretty good in goal.

  152. I would never give the #9 to Eboue…it’s cursed.

  153. All we need to do now is to teach Eboue to play in CM and GK, and he’s good for every position.

  154. Seeing as this is our last warm-up match, it kind of makes you kind of wish that they’d played at a more sensible pace in the first half.

    They’ve got nothing left and we’re going to batter them now. It’s a bit of a joke really.

  155. ME LIKE…..

  156. Thanks mj!

    Could not tell off this stream.
    Two assists for the new No.11.

  157. Paul N – Big team ah big team my yute.

  158. Nice to see The Tree and HL

  159. Nice change from the boss. We can’t overwork Chamack. Its going to bae a long season.

  160. no team can press us for the whole game like legia did in the 1st half, that too in this kinda weather.
    they are deflated it seems..
    I am with G4E, I think we should just retire the #9 shirt

  161. Chamack looks like an able understudy to Big Nic doesn’t he? Great to have the competition.

  162. Finsbury….I believe that was Vela!
    What a year this could turn out to be for him~

  163. Fair play to Legia that was a good goal.

  164. what the f*ck 4-4

  165. hattrick for their guy

  166. Mj…sorry…i see mentioned that already

    Good to see our boys fighting back

  167. Mind you imagine Tony Adams if his full back had stayed back when everyone else pushed out! sagna would be eating those braids.

  168. Same old Arsenal, always conceding? Can I f*cking shoot the commentator?

  169. 4-4. The Setanta commentator was happy to gloat. Same old Arsenal. Always conceding.

  170. steww we can’t keep defending like this against top teams :-/

  171. True mj – and I bet we won’t.

  172. I love you JET!!!!!! 😀

  173. Nice finish by JET there.

  174. There we are. Fuck defending as long we score one more than they do!!!

  175. yeah baby JET as cool as you like..

  176. 5-4. No comment from the stinking Setanta commentator.

  177. Vela with three assists this half.

  178. J!!! E!!! T!!!
    4-5, now that’s a scoreline!

  179. JET looks fantastic. In a year or two he will be a first team regular — mark my words.

  180. Ridiculous match.

  181. he deserved it, motm NASRI, for me

  182. Give us the ball and we will score.

  183. Nasri makes it six, YEAH!

  184. Nasri has some serious skill on free-kicks.

  185. Nasssri!

  186. Someone’s kicked Carlos – watch out maria’s gonna getcha.

  187. Why are we all over the place?

  188. Steww,

    lol…had my Arsenal hat on there thought he maybe to injured for that bloody friendly.

  189. Ooh that would be a result.

  190. Just as I was about to say, ‘You can’t read too much into a game where we field four of our full-backs at the same time…’, and they go and start running tings. A team full of Arsenal full-backs… there’s a thought.

  191. Who’s the Zimbabwean dude for Legia? We have got to bring him to ZimPaul’s attention.

  192. @Shotta

    yu get mi!

  193. Assist for Lansbury?

  194. whats with the benny hill stuff

  195. out of words..

  196. focus is the word for the season

  197. Bad play by Gibbs gave that goal to Legia.

  198. we apologise for the loss of pic,whats the score?

  199. ATVO gone down what’s happening? is it 6-6 or 6-7

  200. dont tell me 6-6 any1

  201. My bet is 6-6

  202. atvo is a joke

  203. I wonder if this was actually the end of pre season party rather than a proper friendly?

  204. Loss of pictures = Full Time. Legia Warsaw 5 – 6 Arsenal.

    Rumours that Arsene is looking to sign Coco The Clown as a defender are now gathering pace on NewsNow.

  205. Great entertainment though?

  206. am i going to get a refund?

  207. I am so looking forward to Yogi’s write up tomorrow! Trying to draw some kind of conclusion from that will be an interesting undertaking.

  208. It was certainly not a game for defending today…but it was rather a new stadium celebration party.

    Maybe even they were testing the new goal frames to see if it can withstand this many goals?

  209. That was just to funny. Was Gibbs playing left-wing or Clichy and who the hell was playing in the middle. It was like the ball was a magnet or something…even the youngsters should know better.

  210. Let’s hope we got that out of the way before next week!

    I have to agree with an earlier comment – ATVO is absolutely shocking.

    It is pretty poor that a club of our class has a crappy online channel, when our peers have dedicated channels on TV.

    Rubbish quality picture, really takes the enjoyment out of watching.

  211. lol dont know what to make of that and I certainly wont be wasting any energy trying to work it out either. all i can say is…

    1-0 to the arsenal
    1-0 to the arsenal
    1-0 to the arsenal

    1-0 to the arsenal

  212. Paul N @ 5:57pm – Agree 100%. Today was another important lesson – better now than later. Most of Legia’s goals were down to defensive lapses, which are correctable. Add to focus, Communication.
    Fellow defenders must be helpful by being clear and decisive. Defending 101.
    As for the doomers – no doubt they will ignore the fact that we can score goals, lots of goals.

  213. its myfirst time on atvo and a brought the full year thinking it would be great…. there are better streams out there that go 5 times round the world first

  214. G4E

    It was a party indeed and the defence were on the sauce before kick-off.


  215. Who are all these fuckers that never comment and only come up in here when we concede goals?

    Steww, the sirens, please….bring the frigging sirens.

    What a crazy game…LOL! If the purpose was an exhibition match to open a new stadium, then I think Legia Warsaw should pay Arsenal a gratuity fee for making it a very crazy match.

    So was Tech 9 just lucky to be on the pitch on that double save, or as Steww suggests, was Fabianski really born on the other side of the rail tracks?

  216. Well there were a lot more goals than I was expecting to see!

    Great to see Eboue ‘the goal machine’ in action! Let’s hope he can take that into the season. But please God, not the comedy defending! Let’s hope they got their worst performance out of their system before the start of the real thing.

  217. LOL Passenal…

    I only logged onto ATVO to see His Excellency President Eboue.

  218. Positive: We went through pre-season unbeaten.

    But my word, what a shambles. Any time you concede 5 goals, I don’t care who against, alarm bells ring loud and hard

  219. I worry that 4-3-3 has left the midfielders and forwards thinking defending is optional.

  220. I have a theory.

    I don’t think that with a midfield of Cesc, Diaby, song or Denilson we would have given away all those goals.

    Maybe it was a great lesson in reminding us that Little Jack Willy and Frimpers are not yet there, and that the Keystone Cops have to get out of our system sharpish.

  221. Darius, I don’t think people should get too exercised about that performance even as shocking as it was. The players just looked mentally and physically drained after what has no doubt been a tough pre-season preparation. They ‘lacked focus and a little bit of sharpness’ as Arsene would say. But it’s his job to sort it out and get their heads in the right place for next week. I’m sure the embarrassment of looking back on that performance will be enough to keep them focussed when it matters!

  222. That must be some sauce YW, maybe we should get some of that for the annual spuds lasagna

  223. Passenal.

    I thought the match was crazy and stopped reading anything into itm by the time it got to 4-4. The bottom line is that we won the match and the players will be asking themselves how the hell 5 goals whent in.

    They’ll work on it.

    If it was the Spuds, the DVD would be out by tomorrow morning.

  224. Darius

    > Who are all these fuckers that never comment and only come up in here when we concede goals?

    Oh, well, I’ll bugger off then!


  225. “Chesney gets the photogenic saves Fabi gets tripped by his own player. Some guys were born under a bad sign!”

    steww, I feel for him. He seems to be cursed by Murphy’s law. It seems like ‘anything that can go wrong will go wrong’ when he is on the pitch at the moment!

  226. Darius, what do you mean tomorrow? It would be out in time for the fans to buy as they leave the ground!

  227. @YW…LMAO. Yeah! Bugger right off…

    @Passenal, I’ve never really got that Tottenham DVD thing. They have a serious inferiority complex.

    They have some decent fans though, who aere publicly happy to state on radio that they would rather have their Spurs run the Arsenal way by organic growth, rather than spend stupid money to buy and buy and buy and buy.

    Sanchez Watt is having an electrifying game at Elland Road….good for him. Derby are giving Leeds a game of their life though – but I’m afraid for Watt because Robbie Savage is sniffing at his ankles…and once or twice Watt has run rings around him.

  228. I’m sure the more perceptive analysts will already have spotted that that our defence was a tad frail today, while the attack was irresistible.

    But it’s perhaps unwise to jump to over hasty conclusions.

    Simple statistical projection suggests that we will now score 228 Premier League goals during the coming season, concede 190 and amass 114 points.

    Should be enough.

  229. “Li’l Jack and Frimpers look out of their depth, so we can’t keep the ball and we’re not winning it back. It’s very good experience for the youngsters and a sobering realisation for those claiming they are ready now. They are very good on their day but need more time.”

    This is what I was saying after the Emirates cup and I think it bears repeating.

  230. What’s the name of the Zimbabwean playing at Legia, Shotta?

    Don’t you know it’s good luck to have a tough and testing last friendly before the real one? The play-play ‘real-one’ is the nervous time before reality.

    Do not panic. Actually, we have a slavic dentist here called Dr. Panic, I kid you not.


  231. We were shitty

  232. A few things I did enjoy today – Nasri continuing his good pre-season form. Cesc may have a hard job getting back into the team! I also like the fast developing Nasri/Chamakh combo. And the determination of Chamakh to get that goal back was outstanding. I hope to see a lot more of that this season!

  233. Damn good we conceded 5. Now the lads get serious for Lverpule.

  234. Cesc’s words: “I cannot deny that joining a club like Barcelona was not an attractive move for me. This was the club I learned my football, my hometown, where all my friends and family are and a club I have always dreamed of playing.

    I only want all of you to realize that if he could have left Arsenal, we would have. You held back a player that has given it all for your team for a long time. Keep him, but now you where his heart is.

    Of course you can and will pretend to think that he will wake up, remember or realize one day this season, that staying at Arsenal was the better option, and that hes happy, happy to have stayed… But deep, deep, deeep inside, you know hes a Barcelona player and that he would have left your team, his capitancy position, Wenger and all of you, period..

    I can honestly say that if i was an Arsenal fan i would be silently ashamed of my team for holding him back like that. Again, deep inside, you know im right.

    In my humble opinion, we do not need Cesc at Barcelona at this time, we have many upcoming talents to be tested, like Jonathan Dos Santos, who in my opinion will be as good as Cesc. If Cesc had come, he would almost inmediately take Busquets position as he is a better player, and would eventually alternate with Jonathan in the midfield, once Busquets was sold. He would have never been benched as many of you seem to think.

    Many of you talk about Barcas lack of respect for Arsenal, but you should bite your tonges, as you do not display any respect either.. So if this lack of respect is recyprocal, why all the whinning?? it just makes you look like big puss*’s. (y) We wanted a player, we competed for him, failed to bring him and thats that.. I believe that there is no shame in trying, and Barcelona really does not give a shit bout what Arsenal thinks, we are rivals and we wanted to bring a player that wanted to come, but couldnt.. He will eventually leave you, because he wants to play for us. And that is all that matters and is whats important to him and us. So yes, hes on loan whether you like it or not.

    Mark my words, if you do not let him leave in one year, he will hand in a transfer request, keep that in mind.

    I have no intention of coming back to this site, not until next year, when i come and tell you:


    ps: Good luck to your team this season, i hope you win it all on your island’s league.. Watch out for that kid Vela, hes absolutely fantastic. We will take him too next year if we can lol!! Saludos desde Barcelona!! Buena Suerte, y gracias Yogi, i enjoyed reading your writing.

    (I wrote this yesterday, but think that many of you missed it..)

    Limparassist wrote: Next time we play you I’ll be in the stand right up above you with a giant balloon full of piss…. LOL!! I dont have to guess that youre single, fat and definitely a sore looser.. When you stop pissing on balloons, you will have sex again!! until then, you will stink of your own piss!!

    I was called a “rancid dildo” LOL!! fantastic insult!! I wonder how many that idiot has tasted..

    yep, lots of “class” at Arsenal too!! lol! Its the same wherever you go..

    Im happy to read that many of you realized that Cesc really did want to leave, and that sour taste in your mouths is what you get for going against a players wishes, no matter how bad you wanted him.. Even if he plays half-heartedly, hes still way better than your other options. Well Nasri is great, but not as good yet.

    (i agree with whoever

    Now Wenger wants Reina from Liverpool, somebody please explain to me how that is so different from Barcelona wanting Cesc?? Im not critical about this, or saying its wrong.. im just saying isnt this the way our sport of choice is nowadays??

    For those saying that loyalty is a thing of the past, i do not believe that is the case for every player.. For some (like a Balloteli, Robinho) it may be that way, but not for all..

    Another gunner wrote:

    The bottom line, is that they’re employees and they’re expected to do a job they’re paid for to the best of their ability.

    That is a supermarket clerk´s mentality.. LMFAO!!

    Yogi, i missed reading your writing, sorry i came back.. I think im actually begining to like Arsenal, and its all your doing..

  235. fuck off.

  236. I apologize for my bad grammar… English is my 3rd languaje.

  237. The Warsaw goalkeepers look poor so the 6 look flattering.

    Nuff said about the 5.

  238. Bill, stepping out onto the sidewalk from the 7-Eleven, pauses in front of the newspaper vendor to remove a pretzel crumb from his beard. He waits in-turn as a heavy-set woman stoops down to take her copy of The Washington Post. Bill considers the Saturday morning sunshine. He considers a passing Toyota Prius, the straining thong that has appeared above the lady’s faded jeans, and lastly he considers crossing the road to buy a chillidog from the hotdog stand.

    So preoccupied is he that Bill barely notices the extra copy of The Post, pulled accidentally from it’s locker, as it hits the hot asphalt and gently unfurls in front of him… at the Sports section.

    Bill cocks his head and scans the report on the Wizards game and then, from the corner of his eye… ‘No’. He blinks. The day is suddenly hotter. The air thinner. The carhorns in the cabs sound louder, and closer… and closer.

    That line of old perspex vending machines had been screwed down and installed on that patch of sidewalk in June of 1981. They had never moved an inch. The steel frame underpinning them had been weight-tested to withstand at least 200kg but that didn’t stop it buckling like a paper straw when Bill came through the top of it – propelled both by gravity, and the news of a 6-5 win for Arsenal FC in a far-flung Iron Curtain country called ‘Poe-land’.

  239. Oh dear.

  240. Passenal,

    If they’re not ready who can we feature at Anfield? Song, Diaby and Denilson have not yet featured in pre-season. Denilson is injured again. I hope it’s not a serious injury. Eastmond is injured as well. Djourou who could be deployed there is injured.

    There’s much to worry about. The season starts in 8 days.

  241. We Arsenal fans didn’t start the animosity towards Barca. We only stopped respecting Barca when they just could not stop talking about Cesc.
    I bet a lot of people had quite a lot of sympathy for Barcelona a couple of years ago, simply because they were the only other team “doing it right” and playing the sort of football we love so much.
    But now, after all those transfer sagas…you surely must understand that Arsenal fans simply had enough of having to read about a new Barca player shooting of his mouth in the paper every week.

  242. I see Samir Nasri and Eboue the King are vying for MoTM. As tempting as it was to vote for ‘the goal king’, my vote had to go to “Super Super Sam, Super Super Sam, Super Super Sam, Super Samir Nasri!”

  243. I am neither single nor fat and grammar is the least of your worries, Cuervo.

    And you don’t piss on the balloon.

  244. Cuervo.

    As he has said, he is a professional. Barcelona was supposed to be a well run organization not a some sort of gang. What is this foolishness about DNA? I’m sure he understands that you really do not value him because you make a very weak attempt to sign him.

  245. EvilFiek,

    he’s a spud. You should not engage with trolls.

  246. a some => some

  247. Ole Gunner, where have you got all this information about injuries? Apart from Diaby and Song, Arsene has not said that the others were injured? I also expect to see RVP and Cesc for at least part of the game, despite what Arsene has said so far.

  248. Is anyone else worried about our shitty defence?

  249. Fuck off Cuervo, fuck off Barcelona.

  250. LimparAssist on August 7, 2010 at 7:05 pm


  251. Passenal,

    Denilson told the Brazilian media he is injured. He was feeling his groin or something like that.

    The worry is in central midfield. I assume RVP will feature but Cesc will be back from Mexico on Friday so I doubt he will feature at Anfield. But Nasri is in form and we should be fine.

    But unless Song and Diaby are really close to returning, we might well see Frimpong and Wilshere at Anfield. Even if S & D are close to returning, they can’t be match fit.

  252. Please excuse him. He’s from Barcelona.

  253. Passenal

    Eastmond picked his up in The Emirates cup, Denilson’s is a legacy from last season. It’s hard to see any of them taking part in the Liverpool match as they haven’t had a pre-season.


  254. Cuervo wtf I would laugh if he stayed beyond the terms of his contract but i think in a year or two we will sell him for around £50m. Which would be a nice tidy profit.

    By then Nasri, Ramsey and Wilshire will be ready to fill his boots.

    Your “barca supporter” pigheadedness is completely beyond belief.

    I do think he wanted to go but I also believe that there has been a sizeable amount of peer pressure from his so called friends.

  255. @Ole Gunner.

    Rosicky and Nasri can play in the middle – Arshavin, Chamakh, Walcott and Vela will have to do up front.

    One option could be to start with

    Sagna, Koscielny, Vermaelen, Clichy
    Eboue, Nasri, Rosicky
    Vela, Chamakh, Arshavin

    Rosicky is more than capable of filling in as a defensive midfielder.

  256. SomeRandomGunner

    Hey guys, what did Arsene say in his post match interview about the match ?

  257. DS,

    Who will play defensive midfield if we had Nasri and Rosicky in the middle? Eboue?

    This is the thing about Arsenal that sometimes leads me to despair. How could we have 3 defensive midfielders and be constrained to play Eboue in holding midfield away at Anfield?

    He might do it well but I remain convinced that injuries or something that causes injuries is the biggest threat to us.

  258. SomeRandomGunner

    Vela going to Mexico , so ruled out. May be Gibbs in midfield.

  259. I would pick Rosicky to play DM between those 3.

  260. SRG.

    Walcott is only travelling to the Wembley area code so he’ll have to do…LOL!

    But I suspect Song or Diaby will be thrown into the mix.

  261. Paulie Walnuts

    Curved Ho

    `deep, deep, deeep inside` I know you`re a SPUNT, which for your information is a combination of the two nastiest words in the English (your third) language.

  262. They said on the Arsenal report that Diaby and Song did not travel because they were rested. We could see one of them playing against liverpool. Nasri started much more defensively so he could be the link with rosicky in a more attacking position.

    Sagna Kos Verma Clichy
    Song or Diaby Nasri
    Eboue Chamack Arsha

  263. SomeRandomGunner

    I like ur line up gunnerluc , i dont want us to start with Walcott. I am loving Chamakh, he might even push RVP to right wing.

  264. Gunnerluc.

    That makes sense. Eboue will get the nod before Walcott I think, because he is more reliable.

    Having either Song or Diaby on the bench (with the other playing) as well have having RVP on the bench, and possibly Cesc will expand those options.

  265. SomeRandomGunner

    Mertasacker is the guy everyone in le-grove wants right ? Looks like his team let in 5 goals 😀

  266. So how much more were Barca offering Cesc on a per week basis? I heard rumours, but nothing from a credible source.

  267. Eduardo scores on his debut for Shaktar!

  268. Please Arsene, pleeeeease.




  269. So happy for him, Passenal.


  270. Let’s not forget Djourou as a potential DM, he played at least half a pre season game there and expressed a preference for midfield in a recent interview.

  271. reading Cuervo’s spin on l’affair de Cesc, I’m struck by the humanitarian aspect of Barca’s efforts to save Cesc from his Arsenal captors. As I understand it from his version of events, Barca waged it’s verbal “liberate Cesc”
    campaign on behalf of a player they do not really need only because of his unjust imprisonment. How typical of a club that is “mes que”. How noble of the Barca ownership to offer 30M pounds that it doesn’t have in support of it’s captive son. I think all of us have been looking at this in the wrong light. What a shame that Cesc was unable to follow his heart and hand in a transfer request. Oh, wait…

  272. Hey Cuervo,

    Tell your morally and financially bankrupt (only your corrupt system is keeping them afloat!) club to offer the right amount and you may get him!

  273. We may see jack or The Frimp but not both. If necessary Nasri will play deep but with His Royal Princness president Eboue Dada we have nothing to fear. He’s a defender who can keep the ball, dribble, pass, shoot and dance. All will be fine for Anfield.

  274. F*ck Eduardo, he’s not with us anymore thank god, we need to deal with the main problem and that is our defence, which is shitty

  275. Gibbs, Walcott and Wilshere in the England squad to face Hungary at Wembley.

  276. Arsenal with 3 players in the England squad! Whodathunkit. Shame it’s a pointless friendly.

  277. Shame any internationals are played before the seasons end.

  278. Vivek

    Whats really shitty is you and people like you. How can any real gunner not empathise with the Eduardo story.

    Thanks for thge update Passenal, I really appreciate it

  279. I’m relieved to hear Song and Diaby were merely rested for today’s game. That means they should be available for Anfield

  280. Vivek – i and every other sane person here is ignoring your nasty little posts but i won’t let you insult Dudu. Fuck you i say.

  281. Vivek’s a spud guys, don’t give him the reaction he wants.

  282. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Fuck off, Vivek. You miserable cunt.

  283. Are you guys insane? Who gives a fuck about eduardo at a time like this? were preparing for the most important season for years and our defence looks shitty. Eduardo can go fuck himself for all i care, if he’s not with us, he’s against us. We must sign some quality in defence or were fucked

  284. The truth is that Spuds are like Jocks; they define themselves not by who they are but by who they hate, i.e. their near neighbours.
    Its just an incredible inferiority complex!

    I bet they are secretly terrified of Young Boys.

  285. How dare you, Vivek? Our defence is not the problem, people like you are. Arsenal does not need “fans” like you.

  286. So now Capello has given up trying to build an England team around a spuds core.

  287. I’m sure Cuervo is still reading. He’s beginning to like Arsenal. He’ll like us more as time goes on. My issue with him, apart from that he just talks too much, is that he talks on behalf of Fabregas, which is very rude. Cesc loves Arsenal and always will, even after and when he leaves and the feeling is reciprocal. He signed a 5 year contract and these things are required to be honoured or negotiated in the proper way.

    I can’t understand why Barcelona always seems to say in the same breath, Fabregas is a great, we must have him, and Fabregas is not ‘that good’, we cannot pay his value. He is that good.

    He will obviously be able to decide himself when Barceona meet his value, at the moment roughly 50-55m pounds, including transfer buy-outs.

  288. I mean contract buy-out

  289. I had to share this email from a Scouse supporting mate of mine!


    “The Ferrari F1 team fired their entire pit crew yesterday.”

    This announcement followed Ferrari’s decision to take advantage of the British government’s ‘Work for your Dole’ scheme and employ some Liverpudlian youngsters.
    The decision to hire them was brought about by a recent documentary on how unemployed youths from Toxteth were able to remove a set of wheels in less than 6 seconds without proper equipment, whereas Ferrari’s existing crew could only do it in 8 seconds with millions of pounds worth of high tech equipment.

    It was thought to be an excellent, bold move by the Ferrari management team as most races are won and lost in the pits, giving Ferrari an advantage over every other team.

    However, Ferrari got more than they bargained for! At the crew’s first practice session, not only was the scouse pit crew able to change all four wheels in under 6 seconds but, within 12 seconds, they had re-sprayed, re-badged and sold the car to the Mclaren team for 8 cases of Stella, a bag of weed and some photos of Lewis Hamilton’s bird in the shower.

  290. vivek, just outed himself as not an Arsenal supporter. There is no way an Arsenal supporter would say that about Eduardo after what he has been through. I want him to score a bucket-load for Shaktar.

  291. Going on previous pre-seasons runs, it would be entirely un-Wenger-like to play the team likely to get a run out when the real action starts. Wenger likes to test some combinations and possibilities because you can’t do that later. Hence Djourou played a little DM cameo, Wilshere and Frim got a test, JET, Chamack-Nasri-Rosicky and so forth. He already knows exactly how Song and Diaby work. I think they’ll both appear, alongside Nasri.
    Upfront Arshavin, Chamakh and Eboue. Walcott will come on as soon as things look like needing pace; RvP will come on for 25 minutes whatever.
    Denilson is not fully fit, but I think Song is. If Diaby is not fully fit, then Rosicky will start, and might start anyway.

    Now, Wenger starts planning for the campaign, first 2-3 matches anyway.

  292. Damn these internationals, but its the same for everybody. It means work must be concluded by Tuesday. I think it will look like:
    Big bad Al

    Very fluid line-up.

  293. Why is this Cuevo guy so bitter? This is not a big problem. Cesc stays one more season, then comes spring Barca does the same to Cesc as they did to Ibra, pay a ridiculous fee plus a good player.
    That is all taht is needed to end cescs “loan”.

    Its simple really, make Arsenal an offer then cannot refuse and cesc is all yours.

    We the fans know it, Barca the club knows it, Arsenal the club knows it and so should Barca fans. Its not rocket science!

    Its almost so one should think Barca fans are a bit dim. LIke they do not understand the art of buisness. Are you dim Cuevo? or are you just pretending?

  294. Liverpool will find it very hard to contain Arsenal. But they have a good attack. Should be a good game. Hogd will keep it tight in the middle.

  295. I didn’t have any links for the Shaktar game. I am mad I missed Dudu’s Ukranian debut.

  296. f*ck off Vivek
    u r on the wrong blog

  297. Cuervo es mes que un Maricon. Por que no te metes la mano en el culo hijo de puta?

  298. And you’re on the right one mj – look forward to going through this campaign with you in the trenches with us.

  299. same here steww 😀

  300. Would he improve the Arsenal team? Yes. Would we forgive him for the shirt incident? Yep, we are that shallow, especially after the first clean sheet due to goalkeeping heroics. @ 11:28:

    Reina in an Arsenal shirt would be incredible. Like you I think the chance of it happening is zero. I have officially surrendered regarding a new GK. Thinking about it just makes you frustrated

  301. Not me it doesn’t. I think Almunia is exactly what we need.

  302. Oh leave our resident troll alone. James, Fuck off.

  303. For Liverpool:


    Sagna Koscielny Vermaelen Clichy

    Nasri Song Rosicky

    Eboue Chamakh Arshavin

    that should deal with them silly.

  304. Yogi – really! James has almost behaved himself. By his appalling low standards.

  305. deano – I am sure arsene is not going with both nasri & rosicky in CM, one of those positions will be a more defensive player..may be diaby..?

  306. deano

    Yep, we might score the requisite eight goals with that defence in place…


  307. Limpar @ 7:05:

    Whatever type of mushroom is on your salad please send some to me.


    As you say, lots to worry about.

  308. LO fucking L that is some top quality trolling by cuervo there. I almost forgive him because no, im not biting.

  309. MJ

    Eboue would drop back, Arshavin to the right, Rosicky to the left if that was the personnel on show.


  310. Big Arsene interview with Amy Lawrence

    Wenger was bewildered. “At first I thought he was joking,” Wenger recalls. “The two guys who were with him said, ‘No, it’s true, we were at the funeral.’ You could never imagine that. You could never think when you drive home from Islington that somebody, somewhere in the world, has committed suicide because you lost a game. How many are you responsible for?”

  311. Rosicky is one of the best tacklers in the EPL

    And yogi, as long as Liverpool only score seven I couldn’t care less!

  312. Right armchair experts I have a long day tomorrow so I’m off to watch an episode of South park and then sleep the sleep of the just.

  313. Some quotes from that interview:

    “He was torn,” the manager admits. “But I must say that during the whole period Cesc was remarkably respectful of Arsenal. He has never shown a lack of love for the club, and in the end we managed to hold on to him. What people do not realise is we can say no to anybody in the world because we are in a healthy financial situation. If we are £300m in debt, we cannot keep our best players. People have to understand that we were strong with the Fábregas case because we are well managed. We could afford to be strong, we can afford to say no to any number, because we just feel we want to keep our best players.”

  314. YW & deano – agreed, but never seen wenger playing
    the 2 of them together in CM; I am sure we will see a difference in these positions on the weekend;
    remaining line up looks good

  315. YW:

    Your post will be interesting tomorrow. 2 goals from Eboue and a great comeback. This year should be fun.

  316. great quotes from wenger there, the man knows the score.

  317. But mj

    It works for me on Fifa 10 every time!

    Na, your probably right which is why Wengers a top manager and I am watching big brother and destroying an activia multipack…

  318. 1 loose cannon

    I have not seen the game or the highlight can anyone shed some light on this very strange score line. do I need to worry about the goals we conceeded? was it a freakish game?

  319. LOL, then I hope it turns out to be one like one of ur seasons in FIFA 10!

  320. 1LC, it would take a long time to cover all the goals. Needless to say our defence did not paint itself in glowing colours.

    Having said that it was a party atmosphere more then a proper game.

  321. Thanks for that link Notlager, it was very interesting.

  322. I received a message from at 17.42 this evening telling me that I could watch Legia v Arsenal live on ATVO.

    Seems a bit daft when the game was nearly over.

  323. Limpar Assist at 7:05, I’m loving your little “slices of life!” Very nice.

  324. 1 loose cannon

    dupsffokcuf -I read some analysis of the game. they said Fabianski was at fault then was substituted. if that is true then the guy’s confidence is shot to pieces now.
    was it the defence or the goalie’s errors. Any links for the highlights anyone?

  325. Shotta @ 2:03pm:
    “But the war was won long before because of the wise financial policy followed by AW and the Board over the past five years. The debts, except for the mortgage on the stadium, have been paid down, the growing success of the youth policy, especially tying them down to lucrative long term contracts and limited dependence on big transfers have put the club in an almost impregnable position.”

    Arsene in the Guardian 8/7/10:
    “What people do not realise is we can say no to anybody in the world because we are in a healthy financial situation. If we are £300m in debt, we cannot keep our best players. People have to understand that we were strong with the Fábregas case because we are well managed. We could afford to be strong, we can afford to say no to any number, because we just feel we want to keep our best players.”

  326. “That means you do not judge the guy, you judge first the result he has produced and then according to your disappointment, you judge the guy,” Wenger muses.

    He is not a fan of being judgmental largely on the basis of results. And he is wary of the harmful effect a results-obsessed football population is having on the game. The rebellious behaviour of the French team in South Africa, the jeering of England players, the fact Italy are trying to escape tensions by playing an international in London – all these vignettes reflect the mounting pressures in football. “We have created a monster,” Wenger says.

  327. love it when arsene speaks candidly like that. most of the time he holds back and keeps it minimal, cards close to his chest… in 10 years time all the papers will be signing a different tune about him.

  328. 1lc, try and see the game for yourself. Arsene was probably always going to substitute Fab for Woijech and the only goal it could be argued he played a part in was the second one when he came for the ball but unfortunately crashed into and fell over Vermaelen. I think the rest of the defence played an equal part in what happened subsequently.

  329. My only worry is Wenger only has 1 year left on his contract. It may make some fools happy to see him leave but it would be the worst thing for our club if he does not renew his contract.

  330. The players better pull their fingers out and win something for him then dupsffokcuf! He will stay if they finally justify his faith in them.

  331. YW…hmm, my earlier comments seemed to have been modded, I was just having a go at our new friend Cuervo…I’ll keep it more in line next time.

    I’m glad that Arsenal can say no to anyone in the world. Actually, I’m also glad that a lot of players use being linked with Arsenal to get better contracts. People do the same with Madrid, Juve, the Milans, and such. It really is amazing how the prestige of the club has risen during Wengers time in charge, especially considering the club’s finances.

  332. 1 loose cannon

    passenal I was just a bit worried about the amonut of goals we conceeded. I did not expect it. It will not be repeated I hope.

    Wenger did actually say he will extend his contract. he is a humble who does not take things for granted he looks at it from a different angle, what if the board don’t want him to continue. he is a fair guy and he wants the boad to have total confidence in him before he commit himself. Unlike most managers who jump at the chance to sign a lengthy contract so when they get the sack they get a huge compensation. I cannot see him going anywhere. he will end up on the board or possibly a director to guide and help a young coach like berkamp or even Thierry. he will be the brains behind it all just like Cruyeff at that club in Catalunya.

    these players are no longer young kids they need to fight hard this season to deliver. they simply have to deliver a trophy this season.

  333. i finally found the song they keep playing at the emirates, ”london calling” by the clash. I kept wondering what that song was when i heard it in the stadium, so thats a mini victory for me, as was when i pushed a door that said pull and it still opened yesterday.

  334. I feel the love amigos!! lol!..

    Limparassist, you piss smelling, balloon wielding eunuch.. Youre the only one i dont like.. Piss bombs lol, ur sick!!!

    earflow: Cesc did mention (and im not making this up) that Barcelona is where he LEARNED his football. Arsenal did not buy a football virgin 7 years ago, he knew how to play and by that i dont mean just the basics. Today he is a better player, because of the combination of schools from both Barca and Arsenal.. But his real football DNA (hate this word too, its stupid) does not come from either club or from Mataro, his true childhood club.. His is the natural talent that only true pedigree players have, he emanates it, like RVP, Vela, Messi, Iniesta, Xavi, Henry, Nasri..

    Silvergunner: You really are one very ungreatful mother f… but i agree.

    goonzablazin: LoL!! Not into melodramatics.. This was no liberation attempt, we wanted to sign a good player that wanted to come play for us, and thats all theres to it. Its not my fault that the captain of your favourite team would have given it all up to sit on a bench at Barca. I feel your pain lol..

    Number10: Honestly, hes not worth 50, at least not yet.. We may be broke at the moment, but our youth system is the best in the sport, the team as a whole is solid and have 7 new world champions in it, so mentally were stronger than anyone, have some of the best players in the world, were more than a little popular worldwide, so its not like were not generating money and we kicked your team off the Champions last year.

    Paulie Walnuts: We all think youre very boring.

    Zimpaul: You are absolutely right, im still reading lol!..

    Golin: Seriously, im not bitter.. How many times do i have to say that i do not care that we did not get Cesc this season?.. I simply dont believe hes worth 50+ million.. He is a great, but not that great..

    I know Barca has done some stupid things lately… Ibra’s purchase was stupid, as we did not need him when we had Etto who is a giant, then Laporta buys Villa very recently (he is a great asset) to further sink the team in debt, make Villa part of the Laporta era and then make his arch rival Sandro Rosell look bad and unable to spend real money and sign a new player the moment he took presidency.. At those levels, all those guys in suits are vultures…

    Cant believe ill type this, but I do confess and reiterate my newfound appeal for Arsenal…
    Zimpauls line up is good


    I wrote too much again… Sry 😉

  335. Do one J@mes

  336. Cuervo = TWAT

  337. “Wilshere has won five under-21 caps and his half season on loan at Bolton last term did not go unnoticed by Capello, who expects him to mature rapidly.”

    Well whoopee do Wilshire was at notlob for 6 months and Capello noticed. Did he not notice him playing for Arsenal in the CL (a place notlob will never venture to).

    The BBC do make you wonder sometimes.

  338. None of them can even give Arsene any credit, the fucking cretins. They make Cuervo look intelligent and that is extremely hard to do.

  339. Göteborg Gunner

    More than a troll.

  340. Fuck off James

  341. Jeez – I went visiting a few blogs to see their reactions to today’s game and the panic-mongers and catastrophists are having a field day. You would have thought we lost all pre-season games with Van Persie, Fabregas, Song, Diaby and Denilson playing every minute.
    As Wenger alluded in his interview with the Guardian, the demand to win every game has expanded to winning every tackle, every loose ball and every possession. It is lunacy of the highest order.
    All my 40 years of either playing or watching football has taught me that defensive solidity takes time. Our defensive improvement is a work in progress. It takes time to achieve especially if you have two new central defenders (Kos and Djourou) and a senior defender with only one year experience at the club.
    Adding a new defender instantly usually complicates matters as the player has to bed in and integrate.
    As for the goal-keeping situation, I would have thought that Legia once again proves tha,t even if Casillas was miraculously signed, if the defense allows point blank shots at goal, then even he would be vulnerable.
    Unlike the many hypocrites out there, who big-up Wenger in one breath and then tear him down because he can’t deliver instant-results, I trust the boss to get it right with time.

  342. “you piss smelling, balloon wielding eunuch”


    Is this a direct translation?

  343. It is because people can’t appreciate our football. To me it seems that our negative supporters would take a 1-0 win any day of the week, while I (and I guess most of the “positive” supporters) would prefer to see a great attacking game, even if it means that we win 3-2.

  344. Or 6-5

  345. Cuervo, like many has swallowed the Barca line that Arsenal must ‘allow the prodigal son to return home’ without taking into account all the facts.

    1. If Cesc signed a 5-year contract just a year earlier, doesn’t that signify an intention and desire?
    2. If Cesc is worth under 50m, why couldn’t Barca obtain signatures?
    3. If Cesc keeps repeating how much he is torn and respects both sides, doesn’t that indicate what he thinks? The reality is that if he Cesc ‘demanded’ to be sold, Arsenal could not keep him.
    4. It’s kind of dumb to say Cesc did not learn football in Arsenal, when Cesc says this is where he grew from boy to man, which is stating the obvious.

    Anyway, all this is nothing because Fabregas is an Arsenal player this season, and next we see.

    Cuervo is an Arsenal fan, and that is no bad thing to be. Once he starts seeing things from Arsenal perspective, as well as Barceleona, his posts will become more interesting.

    Barca is a good team, everyone knows that, but for vulture like arrogance and stupidity it is on par with ManU. A little respect goes a long way, and this is the real reason Barca failed to buy Cesc. Had they shown humility and respect, as well as a proper value, Cesc would be at Barca.

  346. Just watching the highlights of yesterdays game. Hang on to your seats folks, what a ride!

  347. The interesting thing is that the goals for which we were culpable (rather than the unstoppable, unlikely screamer) weren’t organisational but rather individual mistakes. You are unlikely to see so many uncharacteristic individual errors all of which get so ruthlessly punished. But that’s why we love football, it’s unpredictable by definition.
    It’s why mourinhoball is so awful; he works on the percentages and tries to kill off all the unpredictability and stifle the creative side of the game.
    We actually assisted in two of their goals, direct passes to the goal scorer from normally reliable players, TV allowed himself to be pushed over causing the Fabi trip, and Bac went to sleep playing the guy onside for the overhead, crazy stuff but hey – we outscored them with much better goals. Well except Nasri – imagine if any of our keepers were that bad, then the D&G could complain.

  348. No over reaction from me here as i still see us short in 3 positions. Keeper is so obvious its untrue. Fabz as well as being mentaly shot down he also gets the defenders nerves jingling. chesney and Mannone have time yet, Almunia as backup, Fabz needs to go – Rishard Wright mark2. Kos is the exact same type of defender as Vermaelen, and i mean exasctly the same. Kos has to be Verms backup – id be happy with that but only if Djoutou is also backup to a similarly built defender less prone to injuries. And the third position is one Wenger said he wouldnt strenghten but i feel he needs to – a defensive central midfielder. Im a fan of Song but when hes not there its obvious. Look at yesterday, no cover im midfield for the defense – Frimpong is too inexperienced yet.

  349. Where did todays blog just go? It was there then it just Goddam dissapeared, wtf?

  350. I agree with @ZimPaul that Barca would have got Fabregas respect rather than pure arrogance. What did everyone think of the match last night?

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