Cesc Returns And So Does The Speculation

Cesc returned to training at yesterday’s Members Day and to the chagrin of the assembled media, was shown the ‘love’ by the assembled throng. It ought to have been a day when the ongoing saga was put to bed, a brief stage-managed Q&A with ATVO would have ended the shenangians for the summer and allowed the team to focus on their last few days together before the imbecilic – for once ‘Appy ‘Arry was right in his choice of words – international break sends players scrambling to the airports for their global adventures.

The captain and Carlos Vela are almost certainly ruled out of the trip to Anfield, both travel to Mexico for a friendly next Wednesday and are unlikely to return to London before Friday. For Cesc, it means that his training will have been limited to at most, two club training sessions although the Spaniards could work in Wenger’s favour by bringing his fitness along whilst they are away. Vincente del Bosque has called up all of his World Cup squad bar Andres Iniesta who is in on a one-man hunger strike to try and force Arsenal to sell Cesc.

Barcelona have apparently upped the stakes to €42m according to Sport although El Mundo Deportivo has adopted the persona of ‘Kevin the Teenager’ and gone, “Duh! Don’t you know anything, it’s €50m‘, although €5m of that is to be paid as ‘incentives’ and all of it in convenient installments. Those are presumably ‘never’ and ‘never’. All of the Barcelona puppets have been quick to dismiss yesterday as a ‘contractual obligation’, ensuring that Sepp Blatter has an open door to make his usual crass comment about players on £150k per week being slaves.

In the sense that the photoshoot was a contractual obligation, the Spaniards are correct. That Cesc was sitting in the front row of the official photo was no surprise, he is still club captain and throughout history, centre of the front row have been the manager and club captain. This however, assumed more importance yesterday as the assembled media sent forth their cry of, “Give us a sign. Give us a sign!“, so this seating arrangement has been assumed to be just that. I guess it was better than Cesc messing the snapper around by running around the back rows, popping his head up, grinning, “Here!“, “No, over here, slowcoach!

Bob Wilson, bless his heart, built that photo up but also confirmed that a statement was in the offing. Later reports, principally from the Daily Telegraph, suggested that it was indeed but would not be issued until today whilst a club spokesman apparently suggested it could be some time next week before Fabregas says anything on the subject. There are advantages to both for him.

If the reported bids are forthcoming, he has bought himself time although that precious commodity is fast running out. It has taken the Catalans nearly two months to add €7 – €10m onto their original bid and this is still unofficial at the moment. At this rate it could be 2020 before they reach the player’s true worth. Part of him must hope that this game of transfer chicken ends with a realistic bid, not one where his dreams are crushed by the waves of corportate poverty crashing onto the rocks of oblivion.

Even so, I find it disappointing that a PR opportunity was lost yesterday. It would have been the optimum time to make his declaration of intent to stay, albeit with the usual caveats applied of never denying his wants to return to Catalunya at some point, never asking for a transfer because of his love for Arsenal and their supporters, trying his hardest to deliver the title because he really believes in this squad but ultimately flattered by the attentions of one of the biggest clubs in the world – even if they are run by footballing pygmies.

Also, he will be in front of the Spanish media next week which will allow him to ‘clarify’ any strongly worded statements with ambiguities, the nuances can be ‘lost’ in translation so the story which appears in Spain will be easier to slant into the ‘not this summer, but definitely next year’ angle that they want to hear.

The rest of the squad went about their business and nothing should be read into the performances although too much is. Wenger already knows his line-up for Poland and Anfield, particularly in goal. I suspect that some sentimentality will come into play as Fabianski returns to his old stomping ground and will probably get 45 minutes. However, I also believe that Wenger has decided to go with Almunia at the start of the season, using speculation and his own words to shake the complacency from the Spaniard. Three weeks remain in the transfer window and whilst his mind is pre-occupied with a centre back, a goalkeeper cannot be ruled entirely out if his usually unshakeable faith in his players is still wobbling.

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. I like these early posts YW.

  2. hadn’t thought of that
    cesc with spain next week
    just to start it all over again
    should just fake a injury
    or aw shouldn’t let him go.

  3. bar Andres Iniesta who is in on a one-man hunger strike to try and force Arsenal to sell Cesc

    I have figured out why I am so addicted to your writings. Phrase up with all the best..

  4. It’s CV I feel more sorry for. Cesc was a doubt anyway, but this is Vela’s big season.

  5. I’m increasingly coming around to the Darius and LA line on Cescgate.

    He really be making positive statements of intent, not play the Barca version of ‘chicken’.

    It does him no credit and it is harming Arsenal.

  6. Totally agree YW

    Cesc never said a word.And that was what yesterday was supposed to be all about.Barca havent given up yet and yesterdays photo stunt hasnt changed thinks one bit

  7. A guy on Twitter called Agencia News invented the entire 42 Million story. This Cesc affair has been an amazing feat of media cynicism, with the Catalan rags acting in the most cynical fashion. The story changes every day, they have no end of stories to write. I think they’ve boxed FC Barcelona into a corner on the matter.

  8. I agree with you on that Ole. Arsenal have managed this as well as they could. The depths to which Barca have sunk in their war of nerves with our club and captain must have set a new benchmark for classlessness.

    However, it all leaves a very unpleasant taste in one’s mouth. Football has a disease.

  9. If Cesc goes will Arsene buy another midfielder? A sale of Cesc will automatically drive up the price of any purchase.

    Rosicky seems to be fit(knock knock) and Wilshere(although a defensive liability) seems set to be included in first team action. Chucks Anebe is being given a higher profile.

    Wilshere and Anebe are both under 21 and don’t have to registered in the 25.

    BTW is there a limit to the amount of IOUs a club can collect? Any sale to Barcelona is essentially going to be done using IOUs.

  10. It would be nice to think that Barcelona might show some respect to Arsenal but, as our competitors, I suppose that is not a given.

    What amazes and appalls me, however, is the way that they have f*cked with Cesc’s mind. All this stuff about how much they love him and the lengths they would go to to get him back to Barcelona has been Scotch mist. When the chips were down, they hung him out to dry and, as many have said, the paltry offer the made for him is quite insulting to Cesc, as much as Arsenal. Now Cesc’s brain is all screwed up, he is left to unravel it for himself.

    I would l;ike to think that he would have second thoughts before getting too close to them again.

  11. Barac have proved themselves to be completely classless throughout this whole espisode.

  12. errmmmm

    who is Barac? The renowned president?

  13. We are set for a fascinating season. It’s why I love football. All the hopes and dreams.

    On the whole Arsenal has been strengthened, by two key purchases and natural growth internally. Maybe RvP will also spend more than half a season playing. That’s critical. Our chief rivals are I think about where they were, but one year older and they are not young teams.

    Liverpool will be interersting under Hodgson, who is a good manager and a decent sort. Ngog looks good, and although we didn’t bring Cole (relief!), he’s good. Battles for placing amongst Villa, Everton, Tottenham and ManCity will be exciting.

    My interest will be mainly around how emerging, new and just-about-to-explode-on-the-scene Arsenal players get on. In this respect Gibbs, Diaby, Wilshere, Kos, Chamakh, Frimpong, Eastmond, JET, Walcott, Bendtner, Nasri, Ramsey (later), Arshavin (2nd season), Vela, Djourou spark excitement and interest, plus the upcoming crew Fabianski, Randall, Nordveit, Landsbury, Cruise and all the rest. Where is Barazite?

    I have a theory on defence now for Bill and LA (having not bothered to read their recent posts). Arsenal will need to discover their own defensive mechanism, within their attacking style, there is no existing formula nor much precedent. Good teams play us on the counter effectively and have beaten us that way. We need answers from within, not without. I don’t rate set pieces as the most effective attack on Arsenal’s goal (more than any other), and I somehow doubt statistics bear this out, but I can’t be bothered to check.

    All in all, from what little I’ve seen, Kosielny is the name my gut tells me is a decisive player. Those sloping shoulders remind me of pure menace.

  14. How I wish it was 31st August so all these transfer romours could be done with!!

  15. Arsenalkabisa – Heh, yes that is right. Damn keyboard. I make so many mistakes when typing because I don’t check before I submit.

  16. “How I wish it was 31st August so all these transfer rumours could be done with!!”

    Me too!

    Why oh why does there have to be another Spain match so soon to reinfect Cesc with barca cooties?

  17. I still maintain that both Cesc and Wenger failed miserably yesterday to show leadership. The entire Gooner nation was waiting for them to say something and they were desperate to hear something; anything that would settle things down and help manage the anxieties of fans who have been dragged through the mud all summer. It wasn’t just a missed opportunity, it was a serious own goal for them to take the vow of silence.

    It reminds me of an incident a few years ago while I was visiting Nairobi, and there was public outcry about a couple of Armenian bandits who had been given presidential powers and they were operating with impunity while being paid as fixers for corrupt government officials. Apparently, these guys had more power than the commissioner of police and were running Kenya like their private property..

    Anyway, the illegitimate daughter of the president was shagging one (probably both) of these Armenian thugs and when the president was called upon to clarify why a couple of foreign bandits were running the country on his behalf and show leadership in a prime time address to the nation on TV and radio; he only came out to clarify the members of his family and deny that the girl who was flat backing and spreading her legs for the Armenian thugs was not his daughter.

    What a waste of premium air time when the entire nation and diplomatic corps were tantalizingly hooked onto every TV and radio in the country.

  18. @goonerandy. real meh!

    heheh. messing with your head…

    I think Arsenal is spot on. Never kick a donkey. No one will realize who the animal is. I just maintain we shouldn’t be as crass as they are. Let them keep guessing. We know Cesc is staying, and we have control over that. We don’t have control over how Barca will react.

    If a strong worded statement was given and they never took heed, of what effect will a strong statement from cesc have? talk is cheap. Actions are not. cesc trained, he took a captains photograph, ignore the rest.


    This is truly getting ridiculous. After all the rubbish we had to go through, we dont get a word from the protagonist this close to the season. cesc has simply put arsenal in a lose lose situation here because I have never seen a more ridiculous situation than the one we find ourselves in.

    We cant sell him for the best price nor can we keep a player who is unhappy. I think cesc should call it one way or the other now, I am just fed up of our club being blown around on the whims of selfish interests of a bunch of catalan idiots.

    Thank you to all the fans that were there for not booing cesc. It is absolutely essential that we hold the higher moral ground in this issue and make both cesc and barca make the moves.

    Cesc looked nervous understandably, its obvious he is not innocent in the issue. quite frankly, as much as I love him I didn’t feel the same thrill seeing him in the arsenal shirt anymore, just my view though. He will need to do some convincing with the armband.

    Whatever happens, the important thing is that Arsenal should not buckle. I still believe that for us to win anything this season cesc must be fully committed to the cause, but if anything does happen he must go at OUR PRICE, not a penny less.

    We will see what kind of character our captain truly is.


  20. Or maybe they figured that actions speak louder than words Darius? A statement is ultimately meaningless as it is just words. Any public utterances in those circumstances would just be an obvious PR stunt and would have made the day all about Cesc. As it was, the appearance has broken the ice, without hijacking the day for the rest of the players. Maybe a statement will follow today for those who feel the need for the words to back it up.

  21. @DS

    Reminds me of something from the bible when Some Israelites were asking Jesus for a sign to prove that he is the son of God, and he said something like; even if they saw miracles they would never believe.

    Even if Cesc gave a strong a worded statemnt, the doomers will still be doomers. they never would believe.

    If you think that Cesc needs to kiss his badge to ascertain that he is staying, I think then you don’t know a real Legend when you see one.

  22. Cesc’s face will adorn the outside walls of the Emirates.

    And his folktales will be passed on to future Generations.

  23. These International friendlies are well and truly designed to piss clubs off. They couldn’t pick a worse time could they!

    We have had various injuries from the pre-season Internationals in the past. Lets keep our fingers crossed this time round!

  24. @Passenal and Kabisa…I hear you.

    @Kabisa – Cesc and Jesus??? What does that make Wenger?

  25. Naga

    I agree with you (for once)

    but Arsenal is Arsenal, and we have handled this situation as we would have any other. With class, and away from the media scum.

    I do expect though a statement from Cesc, I am sure our captain will have to make at least a few comments before the season gets started. Its inevitable.

    What Wenger and Cesc not commenting yesterday was to show that we won’t play Barca’s game. Which has been spot on all summer.

    Those who think we are anticipating a bid, being the reason why he hasn’t commented is just nonsense. Why would we make such a stance all summer, to let him go at the end of the transfer window right before the season starts. It would be a massive blow, if a deal was to happen it would have been done.

    Barcelona being the classes, and pennyless wankers they are obviously killed the possibility.

    I am sure if Cesc approached Wenger saying my time is up here, an Barca came up with 60-80m, Arsene would consider it. EVEN THEN, I think Wenger would have convinced Cesc to stay another year or so. Being on a 5 year contract he is obviously in no rush to leave.

  26. @DS

    what he always has been. hehheheh.

  27. I don’t think we are waiting for a bid. he is our player, and Barca can’t afford him.

    If he does make a statement it will be interesting. He can’t come out as say “I do not want to leave and have not spoke about leaving” (as he has done before) as it looks likely that this is not the case. I would imagine any statement will be very carefully worded.

  28. Like Cesc, I have taken a vow of silence to never speak of this matter. Barca is quite the most boring and overdone topic in the known universe, and “Cesc to Barca” comes a close second.

    As Zimbabweans might say “It’s like a bowl of spaghetti; you can’t see where one bit starts or ends and there are many bits”. And we hardly eat that much spaghetti, well myself excluded being chef-at-large at home.

    Cesc is an Arsenal player in 2010/2011, likely it’s captain. Beyond that, for any player, is not worth discussing. There will be comings and goings aplenty, injuries, mistakes, tears and smiles.

    My sole interest is peaked by Barcelona’s revalued losses (200m+ euros), and on second thoughts, hell even that’s boring as muck.

  29. Yes can we talk about something else. Even Bill’s plugging the gap in front of the wingbacks low defensive line debate… anything else please.

  30. We need a new keeper.


  31. @els

    lest talk about the defense actually.

    how do you see Djourou Kos TV?

    of the two who will start as TV partner? will he start with Kos or with Djourou?

    Assuming the squad stays as is..

  32. yes lets..

    With Van Persie, Vela, and Cesc all looking to miss Liverpool (a).. what is everyones preffered lineup.

    Heres mine:

    – – – – – – – – – Almunia – – – – – – – – – – –
    Sagna – – Kosc – Vermaelen – – Clichy
    – – – – – – – – – – Song – – – — – – — — –
    – – – — Nasri – – – – – — Rosicky – – – –
    Walcott – – – – Chamakh – – – – Arshavin

    This team means business! Not sure on Song though, that looks the most uncertain position right now, with Denilson lacking preparation too maybe Frimpong can get a 1st Premiership start.

  33. Arsenalkabisa

    It was interesting because Wenger had Verm and Kosc pretty much paired together for the whole of the training session yesterday.

    I would have thought Djourou gets the nod being around longer, but the more I see Kosc the more I think Wenger is going to chuck him straight in.

  34. Chris – Diaby for Theo, with Nasri or Rosicky moving forward into the wide birth for me. Otherwise the same team that you have picked.

  35. I think Kos will be thrown streight in as well. Even if we sign a new CB, the understanding that Kos and TV5 will have been biulding will be the main asset for the team.

  36. TV and Koss against quicker, pass and move forward lines. TV and Djourou against the more physical/direct teams – assuming Djourou remembers to not jump and duck at the same time like he did against Pato….

  37. Forgot about Diaby, has he even begun training? Didn’t see him yesterday.

    If hes available he could well start in place of either Rosicky or Theo. Chamakh is a real danger from crosses, maybe start with Eboue on the right instead even!

    Theo coming on to kill Liverpool off in the last 30mins.

  38. @cg

    something interesting kos talked about, language.

    but i guess TV shouting at you to keep you line is universal..

  39. Chris – Yup, it is definately an option. Would offer more protection to Sagna as well.

    Supercod – Good in theory mate, but I must admit I am not a fan of rotating the defenders. It will be more benifical playing his first choice back four as often as he can. Parnterships and understanding are key in defence.

  40. – – – – – – – – – Almunia – – – – – – – – – – –
    Sagna – – Kosc – Vermaelen – – Clichy
    – – – – – – – – – – Song – – – — – – — — –
    – – – — Nasri – – – – – — Rosicky – – – –
    Eboue – – – – Chamakh – – – – Arshavin

    ad just go for eboue as its away, but have theo off the bench. Diaby too will be on the bench..

  41. Wenger did not pay circa £10m for Koscielny so that he sits on the bench. He’s a shoe-in.

    Djourou will get enough games, there’s loads to share around. Players will need to be rested (including Vermaelen) and there will be suspensions and injuries.

    I don’t subscribe that players necessarily need to be eased into the premiership. What for. If they’re good enough they’re good enough.

  42. Darius – I agree with that. The best way to “ease them in” in to play them as often as possible.

  43. Goonerandy, fair comment. I thought Koss’ comments about needing to put on muscle was quite telling. I’d imagine interviews published on arsenal.com are fairly well vetted by the powers that be, seems an almost official acknowledgment of the need for physical strength as well as skill in the heart of defense….

  44. It’s also an advantage to play Koscielny from the get go because opponents know little about him and won’t know what to expect or what to do with him.

    Remember when they all thought TV was just another short phucker – by the time they realised he had already racked up 5 goals for good measure; and of course, showed how ‘ard he was in defence. The misconception was that since TV wasnt’ a 6ft 4″ neanderthal built like a brick shit house, then he wasn’t good enough.

  45. Yeah, I noticed the comments as well. At least he is trying to something about it which is a good sign.

  46. CG,

    Djourou had a slight groin strain. The guys on ATVO reckon Djourou is ahead of Kos in the pecking order.

  47. Darius

    I agree, play him from the off if hes good enough. Based on what I have seen, Kosc is going to start. Will be interesting tomorrow if we field our strongest 11.

    I’d imagine, Song, Denilson, and others who are struggling for fitness to get minutes. Maybe RvP?

  48. Darius – Very true. Lots of people use Drogba as a barometer of how a CB handles “the physical side of things”, but that is not fair really. The guy is a freak and would trouble any defender physically.

  49. If Song and Denlison are struggling for fitness we already have a small problem. We can cope with Cesc and RVP regardless of the fact they are two of our most important players because we have quality cover in that area.

    I would be happy to see Frimpong play, but it is hell of a risk given the game is Liverpool away.

  50. Ole – didn’t realise the injurt affected Djourou in the Cup and training.

    Seeing Kosc and Verm paired together in traning and in the Emirates Cup for quite a long period you would think he was favourite.

    I guess its down to who impresses Wenger most. Then again, another quality CB could still come in and take the spot from both of them!

  51. I’d be tempted to stick a midfield trio of Rosicky, Nasri, and Diaby if Denilson and Song ain’t ready by then.

    All 3 are use to their defensive duties.

    Once Rambo gets back, we have plenty of options for the DM role.

    Eastmond, Denilson, Diaby, Song, Ramsey, Frimpong

    6 players who can play there.

  52. ChrisGoona,

    I think it might be good if we go to a 4-4-2 with chamakh and walcott up front. It might make the team more compact in the organizational sense.

  53. Seriously, does Jermaine Defoe smoke weed before he stands in front of a camera? The times I’ve seen him, he can’t even string together a sentence and he comes up with such tripe.

  54. Yeah Kabis CG defence talk good idea.

    I thought at first that everyone was kidding themselves that Kos was going to start over Johan, but it does look that way. I’m expecting TV and Kos to be legendary. They both have a similar build and style of play from the little i’ve seen.

    With Djourou and whoever is to come as backup we should be fine if everybody plays to there expectations.

  55. Chris – To be fair that is probably what Wenger will do. He does like his pecking order coupled with senority. My concern would be that whilst Nasri and Rosicky are tenacious, and Diaby physical none are defensive minded. I am sure they would do their best, but might not have that ability to “sniff out” danger.

    If Song and Denelson don’t make it, the more I think about it the more I want to see Frinpong given a game. We did well against the likes of Seedorf and Gattuso, so I would have no concerns about him being bullied. Somebody would have to have a word with him though, he is a red card waiting to happen. I do like him though and have really high hopes (from what i have seen).

  56. Defoe is an idiot. Pure and simple.

  57. Against Pool Ngog is a danger, tall, he heads well. Certain starters: Sagna, TV, Clichy, Nasri, Rosicky/Diaby?, Song (if fully fit, or Diaby/Frim), Arshavin and Chamakh. That leaves CB and right sided player. So it’s Kos or Djourou + Walcott or Eboue, all of whom we assume match fitness. But as usual Wenger (Merlin) the Magician will throw some weird hicky-hocky juju into the fray which will send Le Groan into spasm, pundits looking blank, and interested fans scratching heads.

    In a word, I don’t know.

    We cannot underate Liverpool having started their season so a little ahead in matchday mentality.

  58. naga I can’t see us going back to 442 for a long time. Both world cup finalists played our 433 or whatever you want to call it.

    I agree that sticking a defender straight into the mix is beneficial as that is the positing most based on a partnership. But giving attacking players more time to get up to speed with the way of playing is essential.

    That said Cham is another candidate for going straight into the mix, a true testament of Wengers faith in him. It’s obviously the reason Wenger waited a year for him. All those Sunderland and Lpool bids were nonsense. Cham Has known all along he was coming here. Chamack acknowledge the fact that he ‘could already play wengerball’ adding weight to the fact that players at Arsenal need to be clicking before they take to the pitch competatively.

  59. Someone should tell that halfwit Defoe that Sp*rs have to qualify for the CL before they can even talk about surpassing our achievements.

  60. Hail defoe!

    I just love it. Our neighbours never fail to set a hilarious tone to the start of any season.

    Note: no mention to chavs or united!


  61. FunGunner!

    Dont be too harsh on them. Honestly, no Hollywood writer could make up the scripts they produce every season. shhhh…just enjoy!


  62. Looks like spuds got the easiest draw. Still, it’ll be even funnier if they lose.

  63. I don’t have access to a TV – anyone knows who the Spuds have been drawn against? I hope it’s Dynamo Kiev in the Ukraine so that they can spend 16 hours on a plane in between their first EPL matches.

  64. Just saw it on twitter, DS. It’s Young Boys.

  65. els,

    I agree, cant see wenger doing it. But it would have been interesting to accommodate walcott there because its highly doubtful he will cut it out wide, he was bought as a striker after all.

    Anyhow, the organization of the team needs work especially defensively, its all over the place at the moment.


  66. Quite frankly it is ludicrously exciting how many variations of a starting XI I would feel comfortable with at Anfield. There is genuine competition for EVERY place in the team with the exeption of perhaps Vermaelen. So many ways we can shake it up stlye wise, without sacrificing the overriding philosophy of football.

    On the Cesc situation, nothing I or many others haven’t said before. Throughout all this Cesc had the key to end it all.

    He still hasn’t.


  67. a true testament of Wenger’s faith in him.

    made me laugh. ermm, plus the little factor of a free transfer in a years time…

  68. @Naga

    Some one should pin that up in the dressing room for the CL games. Hope we meet Spurs at some stage, but that would mean they have punched above their weight.

  69. I wonder if the game with warsaw was set up to facilitate a move for fabianski or szczesny?

    It’s just not particularly random is it? Warsaw. Poland. ‘I know how to prepare for the Liverpool game! Let’s fly to Poland!’

    Something’s afoot!

  70. Arsenalkabisa!

    It seems they have an easy draw in switzerland. “Hope we meet spurs?”. Can you imagine them failing to qualify after all this? Man, if that happens, I will be rolling in the aisles! Even another trophyless season for us might not wipe off THAT smile from my face. 🙂

    Lets dream…

  71. The DM pos is Hard isn’t it.

    My team would be…


    Sag – – Kos – – TV – – GC

    Diaby – Frimp – TR

    Theo – – Cham – – Nasri

    I’ve gone for Diaby only if he’s fit. Nas over Arsh so there is that bit more fight and quite frankly Nasri will be our best player this season.

  72. I think it was a clause when we bought Fabianski that we would play them in a friendly. I am sure I read that somewhere.

  73. Yeah good point that Naga.

    I think I meant that despite money issues he waited a year for him and didn’t have his head turned by other players that could have been bought for around the same money he offered for Cham.

  74. @Naga

    The 4-0 Thumping at our place last year gave me a permanent smile i look like a monkey since…

    Arshavin has this thing about big stages and liverpool. Wouldn’t leave him out even if He had only one leg…

  75. sorry Kabisa I meant.

  76. els

    You cant leave Arsh out against the scouse!!!

  77. Hmmm I don’t think a player should be able to pick and coose tha games to play in. Yes he’ll be good attackingly but if we are playing frimpong he’s going to need people to muck in.

  78. Arshavin- 5 goals in 3 games against Liverpool ALL at Anfield (just in case you’d forgotten)and he was a beast in the game he didn’t score in.

    The man is a human luckybag.

  79. coose? Choose!

  80. Hmmm maybe. I have to admit and hopefully most people know on here i’m quite a loyal fan… but i’m as yet to be won over by Arsh. He is undoubtedly on his day one of the best, but he dissapears in games and defensively we need more.

    If he played I guess it would be Theo going and for me he’s a lad that will be working like a man possessed on the opening day.

  81. Els I get what you mean

    He can be the best of Lionel Messi for flashes in a game…or he can just look completley exhausted, disinterested and inaffective.

    But you just never know when he will turn and do something special.

    Like not touch the ball, but score four goals…

  82. Guys: Do you really believe a statement by Cesc, no matter how carefully worded, is going to end the Cesc to Barceloaner story?

    Over a month ago, the club made a an unprecedently clear statement that Cesc is an Arsenal player and is not for sale. This was reaffirmed by Wenger who affirmed Cesc is on a contract. Since then despite Cesc putting his future in Wenger’s hands and revelations of the Scum’s insolvency the English and Spanish media have done everything to give the impression that a transfer is imminent and that it is simply a matter of both clubs haggling over the terms. Even after yesterday’s media event, a NewsNow scan reveal similar headlines:

    Daily Mail: Cesc Fabregas facing final £42m raid as Barcelona refuse to give up on Arsenal captain



    Guardian: Cesc Fábregas stays at Arsenal, leaving Barcelona waiting for another year

    So even the Guardian is keeping the engines revved for a a Cesc to Barceloaner story going into next year.

  83. shottagunna

    What can we do mate, we will never win!

    I have had enough of the subject, Cesc is an Arsenal player and is training for the new season. Lets hope we get our captain fit quick. The media and Barca can go fu*k themselves.

  84. deano that’s it but I have to admit I am on the back foot. It would be harsh to take away anfield from him. But then the next game if he was disinterested I’d be pissed off if I was Wenger.

    I think it’s also the dubious Barca comments that come from him. I know all about the misquotes but again he would love to meve there wouldn’t he. I fucking hate Barca.

    Shotta nothing at all will stop the press from righting a story that will sell. And people will always read about cesc to barca.

  85. Indeed. The stories will always be there as long as he is contracted to us. We may as well just resign ourselves to that.

  86. Like not touch the ball, but score four goals…

    Thats what makes him such a valuable asset. He may only do 1 or 2 things in a game that you notice, but you notice them because they are telling.

    The guy is decisive and a real attacking threat, more so than Nasri, Rosicky, and Theo.

    Nasri being more involved in the build up and creation of a play, Rosicky as well looking for people in space and opening up the play, and Theo running at people scaring the light out of them.

    Arshavin for me has the dribbling, and end product that makes him a guy you can’t leave out in the big games.

    Hes a must start for Liverpool.

  87. @ Shotta-gunna

    Actions speak louder than words and Cesc turning out for Arsenal will do most of the work – until next January or next summer! You could be right about a statement not stopping the speculation, but it would help. In any case I think any such statement would be for the benefit of the fans. It makes no odds to the club because Fabregas’ future is decided for as long as Wenger wants him, but quite a lot of the fans have been hurt and that pain is what any remarks from Cesc will seek to assuage. One thing that has come through clearly is that he really values the relationship he has with the fans and wouldn’t want to sour it.

  88. But CG are we not picking and choosing who rules apply for here.

    We all talk about the fact that Arsenal don’t have boxed foxes. As it looses a man when we are on the defence and also in build up play. Indeed that is the reason we have let Simpson go.

    I say this with a lump at the back of my pants. The thought of going against CG the ACLF defendes is a scary prospect. Haha. I’m just playing devils advocate here. It’s probably a good idea that Arsh plays i’m conceeding that, but why he should be given special dispensation to drift in games doesn’t sit right with me.


  89. @ els

    That is exactly how I feel about AA. I’d be more tolerant of the downside if the game-changing side of him manifested itself more often.

  90. You can understand him wanting to leave as well, despite how much he loves it here.

    It would be the same if any of us here were pro footballers playing for a team abroad, only to hear that Arsenal wanted to sign you. And then whilst international duty all the Arsenal players were telling you that you should join then. That would be hard to resist no matter how good your current club were.

  91. AA is amatchwinner despite his “pub footballer” demenor. He must start.

  92. Good line up els, but I’d rather put Arshavin on the left, shift Nasri to right wing and bring theo on as sub in the last 30 mins.

  93. Not often enough, unfortunately. AW called on him last season to be that player, but he hasn’t quite got there. I know there were difficulties (he really is NOT a centreforward), but the greatest players find a way despite everything. Cesc does it, RvP does it. Even Theo does it now and again! However, it’s a new season, Arshavin has another chance to step up that half a notch and be the consistently amazing player he could be.

  94. Although I’m not taking a view as to whether he should start at Liverpool. I leave that to le boss.

  95. Yeah, I just hope that this second season he realises that he cant be afforded the luxury of attacking play only.

    I’m sure Wenger will be coaching him in this way. It will be ironed out I have every confidence. However a game where we are maybe relying on a player who is young and inexperienced we will need to “muck in” if Arsh can do this then jesus he’ll be an amazing player this season. If not then it’s going to cause big problems on the progress of Frimp.

  96. Henristic I think I’ve been talked around to that myself also. Cheers.

  97. Rumors abound that we are in for Mexes.

  98. Remember, Remember. If we had the Arsenal lots of fans would like to see, we’d have been taken over by some consortium or tycoon years ago, probably up to our necks in debt like United, Liverpool and Barcelona and have some pumper like Ancelotti in charge! We’d be playing a rigid tactical formation with all our £30m players and perhaps we’d have won a trophy to parade on our pre-season tour of China! Some guys just don’t get it. They can’t see the beauty and simplicity of our current set up. They can’t see that we are so close to finding that winning balance and mentality, without overspending, without changing the system. This season you will see Frimpong and Wilshere in the mix while Liverpool (If they can find another couple of bookies to buy them) and Man City try to round up the top stars and fast track a trophy. I so so hope that doesn’t happen here, and the day it does, my Gold Membership will make way for a Red one. I for one hope our structure and system continue to be a beacon of sensibility amidst the twisted logisticians at work around us. Back the Manager, Back the board for this is an absolutely fantastic club, win or lose.

  99. Rumors are always abound that we are in for Mexes

  100. Yes King Richard good stuff.

    All hail and that stuff.

  101. Deise – Very true.

  102. to be honest though i wouldn’t mind a ‘more’ rigid tactical formation than we have with 2 or 3 players for £30m ‘combined’ and have won a trophy to parade when we were close to it but fell at the final hurdle.

  103. why cant Cesc and Vela have a little niggle that means they dont do on international duty for a poxy friendly?

  104. The mexes rumours have been around for the last half a decade. I doubt if there are any truths in the latest versions.

  105. On the debate about Arshavin, I think there can be a half way house. He doesn’t have to play the whole game so can be used for impact.

    The same for Theo, I think he still is best used as an impact sub, especially when a fullback has had a nightmare or is on a yellow card. Regardless of what people think of Theo, what is never in doubt is that opposing defenders are scared shit to see Theo on the touch line ready to come on with 30 minutes to go. Their legs are tired and the one thing they don’t want to see thrown in the mix is Theo Walcott.

    Some people say he is not yet decisive, but the truth is that the opposing team cannot take the chance that he won’t be decisive and therefore will commit men to marking him, naturally opening spaces for creative players like Nasri, Cesc, Arshavin, Rosicky, Diaby et al.

    Rather than looking for perfect team solutions, I think we’re better off seeing it as a squad solution where certain players are brought in to achieve a certain impact in different types of games.

    Against Liverpool for example, we have already seen the explosive pace of Theo work devastatingly with the clinical precision of Arshavin. Believe me, Liverpool players are as nervous as anyone knowing that both Walcott and Arshavin could do them over in a split second counter attack.

  106. DeiseGooner.

    Even if they have little niggles, FIFA regulations require that if they are named in the national team squad, they still have to travel for their national team medical staff to make their own assessment of the injury. If that was the case, every team will have niggles to their players just a week before international duty.

  107. Arshavin looks much leaner than he did this time last year. He seems to have take pre-season more seriously. He’ll always be prone to the odd loose pass, as well as the odd wildly sliced shank that noone can even begin to guess who the intended recipient was. It comes from a supreme confidence and a playful tendency toward the audacious: qualities which make him so much fun to watch, and which help him score and create chances in the blink of an eye, where others would only hesitate.

    He might be frustrating to watch when it’s not coming off for him – but throughout a season smattered with some pretty indifferent – sometimes mistake-laden performances – teammates rarely even questioned one of his decisions. And they should know.

    I think he looks like he knows he’s due a big season.

  108. els

    haha, I won’t attack you for team selection discussions. Everyone has their opinion. 🙂

    I can never predict Wenger’s lineup’s and sometimes I disagree with them.

    I don’t agree entirely with everyone who says Arshavin doesn’t put the effort in though. Its the same type of pointless accusations that we had with Song looking like he didn’t care, and Ade lazy.

    To measure Arshavins contribution as an attacking midfielder you got to go by his goals and assists, his involvement in the attacking play, and of course the milage he puts in. As he is one of our regular goal scorers, and always providing a telling run or pass.. you can’t say he doesn’t add anything.

    It will be interesting though to see the stats on the distance he covered in comparison to others to see whether them claims of his laziness are valid…

    Its the same with Theo when some choose to say he doesn’t do enough.. he creates so many goal scoring opportunities, probably more than Arshavin, its why I find it hard to understand those who pick out the elements of his game that he needs obvious improvement when he already provides the team with so much from his pros.

  109. Im sure an ‘agreement’ can be made with the countries in question Darius. Spain just won the world cup, what use a friendly at this stage?

    AA23 has a touch of genius about him. Yeah he can be lazy but just look at his contribution going forward. Its nearly always decisive. He almost always comes out of a game with an assist or goal when it matters.

    And for all Theos deficiencies defenders are scared of him when hes used right.

    AA23 = starter
    Theo = Sub

  110. Limpar

    I expect a big season for Nasri, Theo, Arsh, Chamakh, Kosc, and Rosicky too…

    The first 4 players getting into double figures on either goals or assists.. maybe both for a couple.

  111. I forgot to mention Vela, who we will see a lot more of down the left and possibly up front with Bendtner injured.

  112. Deise…The spanish team has already been named and they’re going to travel to play that game.

    So are the other internationals who have been named from the Arsenal squad. National FA’s don’t do deals.

  113. Love the Members Day pictures. Wojciech absolutely leathering it against the bar! Jack Wilshere sat on the ground blinking disbelievingly.

    Lansbury already smiling right as the ball leaves his foot because he knows he’s probably nailed it.

    And that little kids face as he shakes AW’s hand! I think that’s probably how I’d look if I ever met him.

  114. Not unreasonable targets at all, CG.

  115. aahh Darius you just know its gonna fuck up Vela’s start to the season – and for what. Cesc may play for Spain again before Arsenal – hows that right?

  116. Cbob

    At least there is the joy of the Test match to distract us. Another collapse on the cards.


  117. As far as I understand clubs can choose not to release players for friendlies. But Arsenal doesn’t usually walk that path.

  118. There is no way Cesc should play for Spain if he is not match fit enough to play for us. How frustrating. Just our luck he will pick up a knock as well.

  119. CG haha, pheww.

    I would be interested in that stat also. I’m not necessarily saying he’s lazy, he runs and tries hard to make space for himself and othes. It’s just your not going to see him tracking back to get behind the ball when it’s cold miserable were 1 nil up and some youngsters need there heads lifting. Theres no stat for that.

    As fans we revel in the likes of RvP, Diaby, Ros, Nasri, Cesc, Song, Ramsey, NB… all those lads will play up and down the field creating and nicking the ball away. Arshavin should be no different.

    I’m not going to start disliking Arshavin I just hope he puts effort in. I don’t think it’s the same as the shite people you used to say about Song (who I have always loved) who plays with a swagger and seems to have time on the ball, much the same as Frimp seems to. These lads are committed. Walcott if he is less than effective it’s purely because he’s being man marked or not getting the particular service he needs to run onto the ball. But whilst he’s being marked he’s freeing up someone else.

    I don’t intend to pick out the elements Aeshavin needs improving a you say. that isn’t my style but just justifying my line up I picked for pool.

    I have to admit I don’t know if he’d get in my stongest line up either, but he would get on the pitch as an impact sub (thanks darius) every time.

  120. I think Arshavin plays in bursts. One minute he is working back and harrying players, and others he looks nonplussed.

    You can sometimes afford a “luxury” player as long as they produce, and he is ours. One thing is certain though, he seems to having the knack of scoring important goals. When he does turn it on it always seems to turn the match.

  121. Keysersoz

    According to wikipedia mexes is an arsenal player.and I do hope its true.

  122. Keyser

    I don’t think that is right. Clubs have to release players for all Fifa designated international weeks unless there is an injury. The national associations in those circumstances have the right to assess the players themselves – effectively calling them up – pending the outcome.

    This week is a designated international week and therefore, Arsenal has no choice but to release the players who have been called up.


  123. My absolute first choice line up.


    BS – JD – TV – GC

    – – SN – AS – CF

    TR – – RvP – – MC

    I think?

    Look at the reserves though


    EE – LK – HN – KG

    – AD – ND – AR

    TW – – NB – – AA

    And you’ve still got Vela, Wilshere, Frimpong, Eastmond left.

  124. Can somebody listen to Talkshite for us and report back. Bob Wilson is coming on soon to talk about Cesc. I won’t be able to listen unf.

  125. Cesc and Vela have to go to fucking Mexico 4 days before our season opener. I hate to sound this way, but Carlos Vela has to decide if he wants an Arsenal career. As far as I remember it so far, he goes to play for Mexico, comes back injured, and just about when he recovers, he’s off again to play for Mexico.

  126. OK third team then

    Scznyzyz (spell)

    Eastmond – Bartley – Botelho – Cruise

    – – JET – – – Frimpong – Randall

    Wilshere – – Afobe – – Vela

    Fook me we are good.

  127. LOL! Ole gunner.

    Once, he came back with swine flu.

  128. Cesc Statement just released by Skysports news.

  129. ELS. On that 3rd team, I’d go with Traore at LB and not Cruise.

  130. Oh man yeah Traore and I forgot Chuks in midfield possible over Randall?

    How amazing is our squad. Are you with me that we have NEVER had depth like this before?

  131. Something along the lines of, he wanted to join his boyhood club but he will accept Arsenal’s wishes and will now bw 100% comitted to Arsenal this season.

  132. @ els

    “I’m not necessarily saying he’s lazy, he runs and tries hard to make space for himself and othes. It’s just your not going to see him tracking back to get behind the ball when it’s cold miserable were 1 nil up and some youngsters need there heads lifting. Theres no stat for that.

    As fans we revel in the likes of RvP, Diaby, Ros, Nasri, Cesc, Song, Ramsey, NB… all those lads will play up and down the field creating and nicking the ball away. Arshavin should be no different.”

    Once again, els, I agree! It’s not like you have to choose between being brilliant and working for the team. If it’s not coming off for you that day, you make it work for someone else. But I do take LA’s point that he is showing signs of realising that in pre-season.

    When he is brilliant, he is absolutely brilliant. But he needs to be brilliant more often. A player of his age and ability ought to be more consistent. To compare him with Theo (who is a lesser player), I always feel – might be wrong, haven’t researched it properly – that he brings out his best game when we really need him to. Whereas AA is either on it or not on it, (not just talking about scoring goals, I mean his overall contribution) and if he’s on it in a big game, that’s just lucky for us.

  133. I stand corrected, indeed it seems that a club does not reserve the right to hold back players from participating in friendlies.

    I have an opinion on these internationals. Wouldn’t it be a better idea to have them in one go? This wpould mean that league fixtures would end one month earlier than usual, and the last one month can have all international friendlies. Of course, some leagues like the Russian and Scandanavian league have a different calendar, buty is there any other problem with this arrangement?

  134. sorry to drag it back but I thought yesterday was the first time cesc had actually met up with arsene and the team. In any business it is good practice to have a thorough internal meeting first before letting the media loose on your spoken word. the philosophy of those words must be designed intelligently to cover all bases possibly detrimental to either the corporation as a whole or the individual.

    sick of making excuses for the man tho…

  135. Really sam? Have you actually seen that?

  136. @ els

    “How amazing is our squad. Are you with me that we have NEVER had depth like this before?”

    ha ha els – ditto, again!

  137. Yes it was just on skysports news, scrolling across the screen now.

  138. Apparently Cesc has issued a statement saying he will stay with Arsenal.

  139. @ keysersoze

    I have an opinion on these internationals. Wouldn’t it be a better idea to have them in one go? This wpould mean that league fixtures would end one month earlier than usual, and the last one month can have all international friendlies. Of course, some leagues like the Russian and Scandanavian league have a different calendar, buty is there any other problem with this arrangement?

    I’ll tell you what the problem with that arrangement is, keysersoze, it’s too bloody sensible for FIFA!

  140. At last we can get on with some actual football now!

  141. Thanks FG, I’m also with LA, I do think he will improve, I just think people should expect him to improve not let him off because he can be a genius.

    Also don’t forget when comparing Theo and Arsh. Theo is still 21. I think???

  142. Exactly, els!

  143. Sam, I wouldn’t trust Sky Sports News as far as I could spit them.

    There’s absolutely no way Arsenal will issue a press statement without it being on the official Arsenal website first. And that’s where the media are asked to go get it or refer to it.

    Fuck that “Sky Sports understands…” nonsense.

  144. AA is not just at fault for some extra milage but he also has a tendancy to lay off some rather complacent passes.

    CG – I agree theo and AA always have a lot more to add to the team than they take away but imo its not arsenals style to accept such a high failure rate (theos crossing in particular) as you are pretty much putting down a succesfull performance to a game of odds. ie theo puts in 10 crosses and you are sometimes lucky to get one on target, valencia puts in 4 crosses and they are all spot on.

    Liverpool looked pretty solid last night, anyone writing off their chances this year will get their fingers burnt. BIG opening game for us – cant wait!

  145. I know skysports can be full of it, but this sounds like an official statement.

  146. Well worded. It would have sounded hollow if he had denied everything, but what he said is fine by me.

    We will have all this again next season I am sure, especially if we don’t win anything.

  147. Darius – The Official site? Heh, the frontrunners in breaking news!

  148. That statement is as expected. Now let’s get on with the footie at the best club in the world.

  149. ‘Firstly I would like to apologise to all the Arsenal fans for not speaking sooner about my future but I have not known what I was going to do until this moment,

    ‘I cannot deny that joining a club like Barcelona was not an attractive move for me.
    Arsene Wenger (left) and his Arsenal captain Cesc Fabregas

    That’s my boy! Wenger (left) and his captain Fabregas at the Emirates today

    ‘This was the club where I learned my football, it is my home town where my friends and family are and a club where I have always dreamed of playing.

    ‘There are not many players in the world who would not want to play for Barcelona.

    ‘I have had many conversations with Arsene Wenger both in person and over the phone over the last few months and although the content of those conversations will remain private, the conclusion is that Barcelona have had two formal offers rejected by Arsenal.

    ‘I am a professional and I fully understand that it is Arsenal’s prerogative not to sell me.

    ‘I owe a lot to the club, manager and the fans and I will respect their decision and will now concentrate on the new season ahead with Arsenal.

    ‘I can assure all the fans that now the negotiations have ended I will be 100 per cent focused on playing for Arsenal.

    ‘I am an Arsenal player and as soon as I step out on to the pitch, that is the only club I will be thinking about.

    ‘I am looking forward to the start of the season and putting this speculation behind me.’

  150. Haha Cheers FG.

    I also missed out Henderson out of that 3rd squad.

    Oh well that’s the cesc thing put to bed. He couldn’t really say anything other than that.

    Fair play to the lad, now lets get us some trophies.

  151. “How amazing is our squad. Are you with me that we have NEVER had depth like this before?”

    ha ha els – ditto, again!

    – the strength of the internal competetion this year is such a good a thing for us. considering we seem to tail off a bit at the end of the last few seasons it could prove to be the major difference between silverware or not.

  152. LOL Goonerandy.

    The staff at Highbury house seem to be on an African lunch break.

  153. @DS

    heheheh. happy now. At least he didn’t kiss the badge.

  154. In Africa.

  155. It is a bit wierd Cesc having to make a statement saying that he is staying; it almost makes it look like it is his choice.

  156. Many conversations…

    now the negotiations have ended….

    so I take it we were trying to get a big fee out of them?

  157. Oh Yes my friend Kabisa.

    My point was that the above statement is a message to Arsenal fans from their captain. That’s what’s important, not necessarily because the press and media need fodder to shit stir their own versions.

    Cesc needed to speak to Arsenal fans, and I’m glad he has. And that he has apologized for not doing it sooner and explained why the delay.

    Bring on the football.

  158. Either a big fee, or he was just hoping over the whole summer Barcelona will prove their desire to sign him.

    Obviously he is dissapointed that they didn’t and turned the summer speculation into a joke.

  159. Seems that it was a personal statement rather than via the club as there is nothing on official site.

  160. so thats this seasons saga over but now everyone can move swiftly on to whether he will leave next year instead. no mention of how long he intends to stay yet by cesc but that will just give all the arsehole jounos the extra incentive to hound him on an answer.

    its not really enough imo because it clearly spells out he wanted to leave this year, therefore he definately wants to leave next year.

    as i have said before however – a year is a very long time in football.

  161. “I cannot deny that moving to Barcelona was an attractive proposition, however I am fully professsional and committed to Arsenal,”

  162. No love, but thats that then.

  163. word

    He can want to leave every year, his problem is he has signed a 5 year contract, and like he mentioned in his statement. Its Arsenal’s prerogative to keep him.

    We can keep him for as long as we want, he will perform, he is a winner.

  164. Meanwhile, Barcelona are poised to make a take it or leave it final offer of 35m pesos.

  165. We need to destroy the bond he has with Barca over the season. I am sick of him dreaming over Barca!!

  166. YW….the press release to media houses was made by Cesc’s agent.

    That’s probably why the staff at Highbury House who are still at lunch haven’t got it yet….

  167. ….and Nacer Barazite the forgotten man!

  168. I think we should be thankful to Wenger for setting an example on the power of contracts. Wenger leads by example and in this case it has sunk in with Cesc who has obviously grown into a very very honourable decent bloke.

    It won’t take long after putting this next spanish friendly behind us, he’ll be back in the fold and we’ll all remind him why he loves it hee so much. Wont we.

  169. @els

    Fergie must be feeling such a fool for letting himself be bullied over the lesser Ronaldo. Show them the way Wenger!!!!!

    @DS. honest. no Bullshit. at least he didn’t kiss the badge.

    I am of the opinion if Arsene has his way, Cesc will be here for at least five Seasons.

    All that is required is for him to be decorated now.

  170. “I am a professional and I fully understand that it is Arsenal’s prerogative not to sell me.

    ‘I owe a lot to the club, manager and the fans and I will respect their decision and will now concentrate on the new season ahead with Arsenal.”

    @ Chris goona
    As I see it, the “negotiations” consisted of Barca making a bid, being told publicly that he is not for sale and we will not negotiate, then Barca making another bid, and presumably being told privately that he is not for sale and we will not negotiate. In betweentimes they tried to apply public pressure. And then they got the message and gave up.

    This is getting embarassing, els, but I have to say again that you took the words out of my mouth:

    “I think we should be thankful to Wenger for setting an example on the power of contracts. Wenger leads by example and in this case it has sunk in with Cesc who has obviously grown into a very very honourable decent bloke.”

    I’d add that this position that we are in – being able to say no – has partly been brought about by the trimming and good financial management (saving £5 million here and there) of the past few years. We can put the balance of the team ahead of a payday.

    @ Damien, I understand how you feel but I honestly think Cesc is perfectly happy really and he has a lot of love for us. We may even find that this ends up being the high water mark of his hankering after Barca.

  171. Whoops, els, didn’t mean to copy and paste the last bit “who has obviously grown into a very very honourable decent bloke.”
    I think that’s over-praising him at the mo, but I’d agree he’s a total professional who will give his all.

  172. mingus yeah!

  173. http://www.arsenal.com/news/news-archive/cesc-fabregas-statement

    Here we go. It’s appeared. Perhaps the Daily Mail got a leaked copy?

  174. http://bit.ly/cLeG1e

    Hopefully the Spanish press will give it a rest after the weekend. Oh, wait, he’s going to be submerged into a sea of shit by them next week. OK, maybe when he gets back to London.


  175. Kabisa – I don’t think ferguson was bullied over the Ronaldo situation. He was offered ridiculous money for a player that wanted to leave. I don’t think anybody leave Manure unless he gives it his blessing.

    We discussed this yesterday, so I don’t really want to get into it again but if we had recived a similar bid I don’t think it would have been dismissed by Arsenal.

  176. Fun Gunner we going to have to do something about this! You only said that last bit so people don’t talk.

  177. Happy birthday to our new No10
    “I love this club, this is my seventh year now. Arsenal gave me a chance to develop into a good player and I want to repay the Club and the fans and everyone with trophies.

    “I love the way of thinking at Arsenal, the way of playing really stands out. I know two teams who play similar football; they are us and Barcelona. Some teams are trying but not really coming close. I speak to colleagues in the national team from different big teams which have a different way of thinking.

    “But I prefer our way of thinking, very much. That’s why I believe and I don’t stop believing when things go against us.”

    “I am looking forward to wearing the No 10, very much,” he said. “I always played No 10 when I was younger but I never did since I turned professional so I am looking forward to it and for me it’s a special number because Dennis Bergkamp had it for 11 years.

    “I am very pleased to wear that number, it should be worn by a striker or a midfielder.”

    yeah baby fuck Gallas10 -0 a travesty of a number for a centre half

  178. Great comments by RvP. The man has the soul of an artist.

    @ els
    ha ha!

  179. A collapse on the cards, Yogi? 67-9 now.

    Where is that whippersnapper Ateeb now?

  180. Talk Shite read the statement in full – they claim. But they left out this entire section.

    “I am a professional and I fully understand that it is Arsenal’s prerogative not to sell me.‘I owe a lot to the club, manager and the fans and I will
    respect their decision and will now concentrate on the new season ahead with Arsenal.”

    Stupid fuckers. Talk about choosing and selecting what you want your listerners to be spoonfed.

    What time is that interview with Bob Wilson….listening to these guys is cringeworthy.

  181. Göteborg Gunner

    “Barcelona have had two formal offers rejected by Arsenal”

    When was the second one rejected, I’m curious what price they offered that time…

    I wish Cesc had also said something about the Barcelona bitches Xavi, Puyol, Messi, and other twunts.

  182. @ Ole G

    forgot to say earlier – understand how you feel, but what can Vela do about it? If he’s called up he has to go, doesn’t he? Unless the rules are different for friendlies. It’s not his fault that he gets injured or that they play him when he’s injured or that Mexico is on the other side of the world.

  183. Prediction: Before Monday El Mundo Deportivo will claim a deal has been made to take Cesc to Barcelona next year.

  184. ConsolsBob.

    Didn’t they fly in the calvary? What the hell happened? This isn’t a test match the way it’s heading….LOL

    @Fun Gunner; I think Robin’s parents work or have interests in the arts. That’s maybe where his poetic thinking comes from.

  185. before monday Ole – they will run snittpets of the Cesc statementin the next edition of their rag with that ‘agreement made’ toss

  186. Erm yeah obviously Darius they named him after VAN gough.

    Ahem that was a joke. 🙂

  187. Without doubt there will still be noises coming from Barac how “a deal is in place” to sitgn Cesc next summer. You just watch.

  188. Damn, Barac again!

  189. @ DS

    Yes, they are both artists.

  190. OK I will say it.

    He makes Arsenal sound like a ball and chain. I bet they never bid more than they paid for a much older Villa. Maybe he should learn to love the one hes with.

  191. LOL ELS. As long as he does the magic, they can call him Van Whodini.

    Goonerandy…what’s it with Barac today? LOL!

  192. FunGunner,

    You’re right. You just get the feeling his Arsenal career would go better without the Mexico distraction.

  193. Good to hear something from Cesc, glad he is staying but please dont sign contract extensions if you are not sure what you want to do. Seriously, not even the next season after signing is assured?

    Something is wrong with that!



  194. What a belter of a day this is turning into. 72 all out. Perhaps you didn’t shout loud enough, Cbob: ATEEEEEEEB!!!!!!!!!

  195. Nice to hear something from Cesc. It won’t quell anything in the news media except to get the editors out for headlines like “Cesc off to Barcelona next year.”

    Personally I’m not worried that this will be his last year at Arsenal. The Spanish economy is in dire condition, Barcelona have massive debt, Real Madrid too. La Liga as a whole is in serious trouble due to the financial mess its component teams are in. The Spanish government won’t have the dosh to spend on it’s own populace and infrastructure much less bail out any team in the league. In a season or two La Liga will be devoid of quality players and Arsenal can pick and choose who to sign from Barcelona for peanuts as the club goes down the financial toilet. A lot can happen in a year!

  196. Zzzzzzzzzz…….


    What was that?
    Somebody, somewhere, said something?
    Oh yeah, I remember. AW said some interesting things last week…

    Well done AW.

    Anyway, are Pakistan ready to bowl yet?
    That’ll be fun.

  197. RVP: I love Arsenal. I believe in this team. i owe us a duty to win trophies with this club.

    Let’s face facts. RVP should be our Captain. I still love Cesc, but Robin’s heart is 100% with us. I don’t advocate stripping the captaincy from Cesc. It would be counter-productive to do so. But maybe the balance of power in the dressing room has changed. RVP maybe will grow in status. At least that’s what I hope would happen.

  198. Gris Gris

    At his level of earnings, the state of the Spanish economy is irrelevant.

    Interestingly, that contract extension signed last year has strengthened Arsenal’s hand. For all of the ponitification that will come, Cesc cannot force a move for two more years even by handing in a transfer request, as the ‘Webster’ clause doesn’t kick in until 2013. Next summer should be long and exceptionally dull on this subject…


  199. Happy days. Thats as good as we could expect and have hoped for. The Cesc/Barca rubbish will never stop until he finally does move but it should at least quiet down now.

    Lets get the damn season started.

  200. Darius – I know. I make loads of mistakes when typing (even though my spelling is pretty good), but I don’t check before I hit sumbit. Doh.

  201. Heh, sumbit.

  202. For me, as a fan, my position has always been to support the manager, and the club. My only worry was that, for sentimental reasons, AW would allow Cesc to leave at too low a price.

    But I should have known better. AW saw the Barseholes bid, then loan, then move for Cesc coming years in advance. Like some kind of guru who’d graduated from of Wu Mountain (Or is it the Mountains of Wu?), the Great Master had pre-meditaed upon the future battle.

    As Shotta said, earlier on in the summer:
    ‘Golden Handcuff’s’.

    The Captaincy?
    Tricky one. I’ll leave those mentioned above to worry about such things. They seem to know what they are doing.

  203. Sorry for some awful syntax yesterday in a few comments I made.
    Back to work…

  204. @ YW

    I think the state of the Spanish economy does matter, because where else but from Spanish banks will Barca get the cheap loans to pay for their purchases and indeed wages?

  205. I agree with ole.

    RvP and maybe TV as vice capt.

    But what would that do to cesc and the situation. We shouldn’t be held emotionally to ransom though. Not even for cesc.

    I’m not sitting on the fence RvP for Captain. As Ole pointed out you only need look at the two statements.


  206. Bob Wilson has just been on Talk Shite Radio.

    They tried to derail him as usual by running interference e.g. “he’s staying, but for how long….his statement was vague” – Asked by Andy Jacobs a Chav anyway….but Bob stood firm.

    Two key points he mentioned:

    1. Barcelona’s bigger battle before they come for Cesc next summer will be not to go bankrupt…. (LOLest at Bob…you’re a legend for simply saying that).
    2. Wenger is not likely to buy another keeper…for the short term, he believes that answers are within, and it looks like he’s buying time for Tech 9 to become Arsenal’s long term keeper.

    Boy…Ginger Durham is going to have a field day with this….LOL

  207. YW, sure, but if Barcelona don’t have any money then it doesn’t matter who they want or what anyone earns. If they are skint, the country is in economic trouble, and smaller teams are folding then what options would they have? Maybe I’m just envisioning a doomsday scenario (and why not) but it seems like Barcelona’s economic situation can’t be getting better. In that context I’m not sure what option they would have to spend money to get Cesc whether he wants to go or not.

  208. “I cannot deny that joining a club like Barcelona was not an attractive move for me.”


    He fucked that up royally.

  209. FG

    That presumes he has his wages paid into a Spanish bank…perhaps some of it goes offshore for tax reasons?

    As for money being lent to Barcelona (and Real Madrid for that matter), logic never applies and irrespective of the state of the Spanish economy, they will always get funding.


  210. I agree with that, Ole, and I also agree that we can’t possibly do it. In Cesc’s own mind he has made a huge sacrifice. He will get over it, and he will get over Barca as well, I firmly believe, but he would experience being stripped of the captaincy as an undeserved slap in the face.
    We all get tempted, don’t we? We all think we want things or people who aren’t the best for us, so let’s all just forgive and forget and move on.

  211. Also, Nick Tiel did an interview with Tech 9 last week and he seemed to suggest that Wenger had already decided this seasons No. 1 and that he might not be in the mix. I really want Tech 9 to go out on loan in the Championship if he’s not featuring. Maybe join Sanchez Watt at Leeds or a team that is likely to get a lot of action in the goal.

    At least next season, he should be the No. 2.

  212. Limpar,

    I noticed that and my friend here called me a pedant. My reply was that words matter, and I am taking that as a Freudian slip.

  213. YW

    No, I’m not presuming his wages get paid into a Spanish bank – I said Barca would be borrowing FROM Spanish banks (who else would lend them the money so cheaply) to buy players and pay their wages. And if the banks cannot get finance cheaply, because of the state of their balance sheets – destroyed by the state of the economy and bad debts – how can they lend cheaply? Of course it may not go that badly, but if it did, it would definitely have an impact on Real Madrid and Barca’s spending.

  214. You just know Fabianski is going to start as the No1.

    Dear God.

  215. Thanks for that report, DS.

    Well played Bob Wilson – clearly in as good shape mentally as he is physically!

  216. Ole

    All it proves is that someone was trying to make it look like Cesc wrote the statement when it was either his agent or PR doing so. Badly.


  217. So am I, Ole. So am I.

    The rest of it doesn’t amount to a hill of shit so you’ve got to take something.

  218. That’s true YW. It was a well-crafted statement, giving both sets of supporters enough to content themselves with.

  219. Andy @ 3:12:

    “You just know Fabianski is going to start as the No1.

    Dear God.”

    It wouldn’t be much fun if we did it the easy way.

  220. YW

    I have to agree, It left a sour taste in my mouth reading it. Everything that was said, we already knew, it just confirmed that Cesc did indeed wait for Barca to come get him. Which they didn’t live up to all their talk.

    Wenger has to analyse whether the players will still accept him as captain. I know for sure the likes of Nasri, RvP, Arshavin will be looking at him in a different light, even though he is their friend and team mate. Would taking the captaincy off him damage the team, be a bad PR move, and give Barca further incentive to talk crap to the media..

    Yes, yes and yes. We have no choice but to leave him as captain. If Wenger chose to remove him though, it would be an even bolder move than when he done it to Gallas. This would be the ultimate display of ‘no player is bigger than the club’. Problem is this is Cesc, not Gallas. He is a special talent, a talent we would dream of bringing to our club if he was not at ours. We must do everything we can to keep him because of his talent, and to prevent Barca from having the luxury of his talent.

    I don’t think Cesc would be hurt from being removed as the captain, it would be nothing less than he deserved. I just want whats best for the team.. Lets leave it to Wenger because my head is spinning!

  221. Re Barca getting bankrupt

    I don’t think they could go bankrupt as Yogi said they will always find a way to get some loans.

    Now if Platini is serious about his financial fairplay and really exclude those who don’t operate within their means that could fuck them up proper. They would loose the 20M or so they receive from participating in the CL and not many player would want to join them to play in their shitty league where only RM and Barca can win.

    As for the statement, it is not as fully commited as I would have hoped but like it has been said countless time before he doesn’t want to burn any bridges. Let’s win a few trophies, kicking Barca out of the CL on our way to European glory and hoping mourinho humilate them the liga and he might not be so keen on returning to this classless club

  222. 100% written by Cesc’s agent or whoever, he must have been shitting it

  223. Talking needs to be done on the pitch now. Fuck the dreams, fuck the media.. lets go out and win games, and bag a couple trophies.

    I don’t care anymore if Vermaelen desires to play for a Belguim 3rd division team. The players we have are Arsenal players, lets support them and win something.

    Come on Arsenal !!

  224. CG it would me MASSIVE to take the captaincy, but why when you read Cesc’s statement and RvP’s statement should RvP not be given the captaincy. Cesc will understand, also (and I know he may have not wrote the statement himself) he didn’t mention the captaincy once. In previous statements he always mentions the fact that he is proud to be captain.

    I wonder if a decision has already been made?

  225. I don’t think they could go bankrupt as Yogi said they will always find a way to get some loans.

    From whom, gunnerluc? No-one’s got any money! Loans will cost more as a result, which will impact on how much they can pay.

  226. There is not point removing the Captaincy from Cesc. It is not comparable to Gallas as Cesc is “one of ours” whereas Gallas never was.

    Gallas had also lost the dressing room, it remains to be be seen if the same can be said of Cesc. If so, Arsne has a problem. That said, I don’t think he will have. He always gives 100% and it is no secret that he is a Barca fan, so it has been a difficult summer for him in that respect.

  227. On a musical note, if the Wild Beasts float your boat, get a free download here:


  228. but yes, they might not actually go bankrupt.

  229. I can see Cesc sitting back in his giant plastic Nike throne at Cesc towers now. One of those ghastly 70s egg chairs. An elderly Arsenal kitman furiously polishing his lime green CTR360s for him as he thumbs a copy of Marca, bites into a peach and gazes darkly at the inane grinning face of Sergio Busquets. Peach juice rolls down his chin. He doesn’t notice.

    Fawning PR man: “Ahem…’And that it is Arsenal’s prerogative’…”

    Cesc: “Yes, yes. ‘It’s Arsenal’s prerogative, and I’m still an Arsenal player’…blah blah blah. It’s fine, I’ve told you already it’s fine. How many times? For fuck sake. Can’t you see I’m trying to read?”

    PR: “Sire, please. We… forgive us”

    Cesc: “Oh just get out, will you? All of you now. You’ve ruined it. Hear me?! (To kitman) OUT!”

    (Marca and peach and boot polish and throne all go to the wall with a crash as the lackeys scuttle to the nearest exit)

    Cesc: (To mirror, framed with lightbulbs – after a long, pregnant pause…)

    “…What have I become?”

  230. goonerandy,

    I agree with you that it would be counterproductive. i just feel his stature within the club would have taken a knock. That’s all.

  231. Ole – You might be right. Hopefully not but it is a possibility. We want everybody together going into the season.

    One thing in his favor I supose is that he seems very popular in the club. It never really seemed that way with Gallas, so his antics just made him even more unlikable to those which aready did dislike him.

    Who knows, maybe Cesc will speak with the squad behind closed doors to clear things up?

  232. Well FG, Catalonia is the richest region of spain and a lot of CEO of top companies and banks are socios, they don’t have one suggar daddy they have many.
    Look at RM how they sold their training ground for an enourmous amount of money only for it to be rented back to them for peanuts!

  233. @gunnerluc

    Look at RM how they sold their training ground for an enourmous amount of money only for it to be rented back to them for peanuts!

    That was before 2007-08. There is a credit crisis and a liquidity crisis going on. A lot of money has just evaporated through writing off bad debts. Economies are shrinking so less money is coming on to balance sheets of companies and financial institutions. They might want to, but they can’t lend what they don’t have, or at least not cheaply. And the sums involved are HUGE.

  234. Haha Limpar that’s awesome.

  235. RvP should be captain and we should sell Cesc to Madrid in the summer.

    I’m realy realy fucking fucked off with it all.

    You try to be optimistic, you live in hope that we have the wrong end of the stick and then we’re fed that cold deflating “professional” piece of shit from our Captain.

    On the plus side I love RvP, he is fast becoming the new Mr Arsenal.

    Sentiment is absoloutley fucking everything in football.

    Congratulations to our manager for doing our club a great service with dignity over the summer. But having a player that desires to be at “a club like Barcelona” while wearing the the red and white of Arsenal much more our Captains armband, knocks me a little bit sick.

  236. LMAO Limpar…

    A bit sad though isn’t it? I feel sad…

  237. FG

    you are probably right but I still doubt they could go bankrupt. IMO, the financial fairplay rule has more chance of hitting them than them getting bankrupt. And I doubt UEFA will manage to put in place their financial fair play anytime soon!

  238. The whole thing with captain is way over emphasized. All cesc needs to do now is talk with his feet on the pitch. Why even think about more controversy. Changing captain would spark another huge round of tabloid stories.

    AFC has handled the whole situation brilliantly. Absolutely spot on from day 1. There is nothing more that can be said or done at this point.

    Stupid international break! Someone should see whats really in the pipe tobacco of the people who make these schedules.

  239. I am with OG, RVP for captain. We can say that words dont mean nothing but he (RVP) has proven himself in both word and deed that he is a committed Arsenal player.

    Again, dont sign no blasted extension if we have to put up with this foolishness.

    Look at all the hard working people who would be happy with 10% of what these guys make and they cant even committ to their own committment.

    I’m glad Cesc is staying but I am not happy with the whole damn summer long circus that we had to endure and it ends with him saying he “just made his mind up”.

    Not kool, not kool!

  240. LA

    I don’t see him as massively arrogant. If anything he seemed like a little boy panicking when he thought he was being presented with his last chance of moving to his dream club. This affair has been a lesson to him in maturity and responsibility.

    Like you, I never saw him as an innocent caught up in Barca machinations, but he is not a villain to me, even though I think less of him for not putting pressure on Barca to behave more respectfully and discreetly (as he has in previous years).

    @ deano

    Believe me, I hear you when you say this:
    Sentiment is absoloutley fucking everything in football.
    But I’d rather he was honest than tried to butter us up without meaning it. We can move forward from here.

    Wholeheartedly endorse this bit:
    Congratulations to our manager for doing our club a great service with dignity over the summer.
    And well done to the board for supporting him.

  241. @ gunnerluc at 4:10pm

    Fair points!

  242. so which one of those dna spouting twats will be the first to say how said it is that Arsenal are holding cesc against his will.

    I really really hope Jose has a good season now, and we knock barca out the champions league with a RvP hat trick!! In the second round that is.

  243. Arsenal fans rhould not be overjoyed by fab’s commitment because i a’m 100% sure he is leaving for barcelonia next summer.

  244. Bollocks to next summer, there’s the small matter of 2010/11 season inbetween.


  245. I think Arsenal fans recognize that he’ll likely be sold. We are relieved (at least I am) that he’s come out with an honest and non-evasive statement, that he’s committed to us this year, that it gives us more time to prepare for a transition, that it should hopefully shut the mouths of the Barca players and brass, and that we can all just wonder about GK and CB. Yes, he signed a long-term contract, but club’s sign players to long-term deals for either the prospect of that player playing out the contract or for the option value of selling that player along. Players sign that contract to either play out the contract or to insure an income for a period of time beyond a year, should a catastrophic injury occur on the pitch. That latter scenario is something we should be all too painfully familiar with as Arsenal supporters, right? This statement that came out today was mature and I’m confident most Gooners will be mature and pragmatic about the dynamic at work here.

  246. Omo gooner

    They better save up

  247. They will have to break their piggy bank….

  248. Inevitably like Henry before him he will gow but only when Arsenal are ready and prepared to sell and that may not be next summer like most think because he still still has a large amount of time remaining on his contract.

    Moving aside from the Cesc drama Chelsea have done poorly in all their pre-season games thus far I really hope this is a omen for things to come this season.

    I guess we will see in the charity or community shield this weekend.

  249. “Inevitably like Henry before him he will gow but only when Arsenal are ready and prepared to sell and that may not be next summer like most think because he still still has a large amount of time remaining on his contract.”

    Agree, silver gunner.

  250. I’m not really sure how I feel, deano. It’s Friday though so there’s little time for feeling sad, right?

    FG, He’s no villain at all… and I don’t think he’s arrogant, not compared to your average footballer, and certainly not compared to your average Catalan. I was just having a pop because I found that press release or whatever it was pretty lacklustre, and sort of indicative of what you get from football nowadays. Cold, corporate, paint-by-numbers. Not enough respect for the fans. I mean, why didn’t he say it to camera? Probably afraid of how it’d play back home.

    You know I agree with you on the little boy panicking part.

    Anyway… he’s no villain. He’s still a hero for his football. Of course I’ll be backing him to the hilt at the games (from the North Bank vs. Bolton 1st. Get in!). I’m just taking the piss is all.

  251. I agree with yogi on focusing on whats at hand.

    10-11 PL and CL champions!!!

  252. The key to how long Cesc will stay is in the length of his contract. He cannot force Arsenal’s hand without burning bridges, and that assumes that firstly, Arsenal will be shafted, and secondly, Barca (or Barac) will have the money to compensate Arsenal for the contract + any transfer fee.

    Cesc should have learnt his lesson when he saw that his so called childhood club have hung him out to dry with his arse hanging right out of the window for all and sundry to see. If they so loved their prodigal son, they wouldn’t have insulted both him and Arsenal by making an offer of £29m.

    This is for a European championship and a world cup winner – and make no mistake, Cesc’s assist for the winning world cup goal seriously increased his stock. And Barcelona think he is less than what Aston Villa is valuing James Milner for.

    Barca have let him down seriously and if he is to grow up, he needs to realise that he has a job to do at Arsenal. Did they really think that public utterances from their uncouth punks masquerading as players would run interference and force Arsenal to buckle? ‘More than a club’ my hairy arse!

    Yes, he is our best player, but I’m not supportive of Arsenal wiping his arse every time Barcelona is mentioned. The club is bigger than any one player, and if he thinks that Arsenal will fold because of his sentimental wishes….jeez. He’s just met Wenger’s and Gazidis’s diplomatic side; the side that is skilled at telling you to go to hell in such a way that you look forward to the trip.

    Well done Arsene Wenger, well done Ivan Gazidis.

  253. “He’s just met Wenger’s and Gazidis’s diplomatic side; the side that is skilled at telling you to go to hell in such a way that you look forward to the trip.”

    lol! very clever!

  254. Its funny how Barca saw Arsenal as some little punk kid who they could just beat up and take his lunch money.

    Classless set!

  255. Darius @ 5:08PM:

    2 thumbs up!!!

  256. I think ‘Vermaelen’ sounds like a good name for a future Arsenal manager.

    After Bergkamp of course.

  257. where are the comments from the Barca camp?


  258. Even if Cesc is allowed to leave next summer, Barcelona will need to pay the full price.

    I am sure Arsenal will make a stand on this both on principle, given the way they have behaved, and for financial reasons.

  259. If Cesc is sold next summer, or the summer after that, whatever happens is a win-win situation for us.

    Cesc is mature and level headed enough to give us 100% on the pitch while he is here, and during the time he is here, Rambo, Wilshere and Nasri are all getting more experienced, stronger and better.

    Unless we keep him for the full 4-5 years, Cesc is always going to command a significant fee, at which point one of the above will be ready to take his place.

    In the meantime, we get to enjoy watching our captain give 100% to the club. (and a few more goals against the spuds won’t go amiss).

    I wonder if we can loan Wilshere, Chamakh, RVP and Fabregas to Young Boys of Switzerland on 2 week contracts?

  260. Matt @ 5.21pm lol if only dude if only but how funny would it be for the spuds to be ousted by them.

  261. I would happily forfeit us winning the league this year if it meant Spurs losing that qualifier.

  262. In a years time or two cesc could go, they would have to pay over £40m more if we win trophies. When he goes imagine what the doomers will say if we don’t immediately spend that money on a replacement.


    Anyone of sane mind knows that the greatest outcome would be to keep cesc for to or three years then before he can go for free at the end of his contract sell him to Barca for that £40-50m. And there waiting to step in is Ramsey and Wilshere and Nasri. We’d have money to burn.

  263. Panicked is very much the right word.

    I hope for his own sake he’s told the Catalan mob of DNA hunters to STFU and show more respect.

  264. Well said Darius.

    Very, very clever, LA, and yes, rather sad too.

  265. Phew..that was a long time coming. Atleast we can get back to discussing other things other than “Cesc to Barca” until the next transfer

  266. ATEEB!!!

  267. Must be counting someone else’s money I suppose.

  268. Fair enough, LA – I misunderstood.

  269. btw i am loving the fact that RVP will wear No 10 this year absolutely brilliant.

    My starting 11 against Liv

    Arshavin, Cesc, Theo
    —–Song, Nasri
    GC, TV, LK, EE

    Johan Djourou

    BTW has Gallas found a club yet?

  270. @ firstlady

    That would be nice, wouldn’t it?

  271. Ateeb is sensibly keeping a low profile Consolsbob!

    As for CF4, it’s out in the open now and we all know where we stand. At least there was no attempt to pull the wool over our eyes with false declarations of love. Professionalism and committment on the pitch is all I want to see now. He is not a fan, he is a professional football player and Arsenal is his employer. As long as he earns his money by doing what he is paid to do that is enough for me.

    It’s interesting to note the Dein family connection with the daily heil in action once again – first place the statement is published and also the rag with the most sensational attempts to push the inevitability of the transfer. Nice company CF4 keeps – proof if it were needed “you are known by the company you keep”.

  272. “It’s interesting to note the Dein family connection with the daily heil in action once again – first place the statement is published and also the rag with the most sensational attempts to push the inevitability of the transfer.”

    I didn’t know that – what is the Dein family connection with the Daily Wail?

  273. Passenal, that’s the most cogent and sensible post of the day. Well said. Sound thinking and analysis.

    As for you G4E, I read your comment yesterday. I’ll have you know that Hector was attacked by a buzzard this summer. I just hope that you can live with yourself.

  274. They obviously have friendly journo’s at that paper FG and both father and son have used it to ‘leak’ stories they want out there.

  275. Passenal.

    No coincidence that Dein Jnr was Thierry Henry’s agent who engineered the move to Barca….

    You know what they say….once is a mistake, twice a coinkidink, and 3rd time is bang out of order.

    Does Dein Jnr represent any other Arsenal player?

  276. You could write a very interesting thesis on the role of agents in the destruction of football as we knew it.

    I mean, we all know that they have an influence on the game but I believe that they have been very effective levers for change. Not for the better. Oh no.

    Greed, greed and more greed.

  277. Oh man, this is very sad news CBob…contrary to what you think, I liked Hector.

  278. Aha.

  279. I find it highly improbable that Cesc starts against Liverpool. The beautiful thing is that even without Cesc or RVP in the starting line up our team sheet looks terrific.

    I have a feeling Nasri is going to take the league by storm this season. If Cesc does end up leaving next summer, we will not have to look far for a more than capable replacement.

    The Marseille Menace is going to stake his claim as one of the best French footballers around.

  280. Was just listening to Paddy of the Paddy Power legend. He was asked about thoughts for the title challenge.

    According to his main football researchers, the view within Paddy Power is that United are declining, Chelsea are at a standstill, Liverpool are Utopian, Man City have no chance….and wait for it….Arsenal have a very strong squad and are progressive. They need to buy a keeper and if they do, they have to be seen as serious title contenders.

  281. Nasri looks nailed on to start at Anfield in the CF4 role. The furore surrounding Wilshere notwithstanding, I think Nasri has been the standout performer pre-season. Granted we shouldn’t read too much into friendly runouts but if he can carry that form into regular season he’ll make a few people sit up and take notice…

  282. Well G4E, you can breath easy. He was attacked but survived. A little subdued but still able to keep his girls in line.

  283. Darius @ 6:15

    According to wiki Darren Dein is a consultant for Sports Entertainment & Marketing Ltd. (http://www.semplc.com/)

    Kieran Gibbs
    Sanchez Watt
    Connor Henderson

    Still looking, but highly doubt they’ve listed all their clients.

  284. That a boy…he can’t lose his pride, otherwise the chicks will walk all over him.

    So what’s up with you CBob? don’t see you around much?

  285. viceologist, nasri is not french and will never be,he is algerian and he olays football the algerian way.zizou is another one.

  286. CDD…the only other player I knew was being represented by SEM was Eduardo, though Darren wasnt’ Dudu or Gibbs direct agent within the SEM team….but I wouldn’t put anything past agents who work in the same office.

  287. All right? I’ve been in Chepstow all day, what have I missed? Anything been happening?

  288. I’m very well GFE. A little busy with house painting and rather uninterested in the shenanigans of spoilt players, greedy agents, a supine media, pisspoor administrators and ridiculous so called football clubs.

    I mean, the rich are always with us.

    Time to reclaim the game. You know, have some fun. Enjoy yourself. Show some standards. Stand up.

  289. The Catalan spuds have issued a statement on being merked by Wenger and Gazidis.

    ““In the light of the statement released today regarding the contractual future of Cesc Fàbregas, FC Barcelona regrets the decision of Arsenal FC to declare the player not for sale and their decision not to take into consideration the offers proposed. None of those offers, in any way, exceeded 40 million Euros.”

    Who is running this club, and do tey at all know hat they’re doing?

    They sound bitter, stupid, deluded. They pooed their pants, have the Catalan spuds.

  290. …and of course, type more accurately, G4E.

  291. This is an Arsenal blog and I’ll appreciate if we all stick to football related matters. If you want a discussion on cricket, try finding me on a cricket blog. Here I shall only indulge myself into discussions regarding Arsenal. Especially as long as the current Test series lasts. After that, I might think about renewing my decision.

  292. What a bizarre staement, Ole. The offspring of twelve generations of lunatics must be in charge.

  293. I can understand how you feel CBob…same feeling here…

  294. ha ha steww.

    Ole G

    Yes, why ARE they so keen to stress that they didn’t offer more than 40 million euros? Clinging to some pride – “we said we wouldn’t go over x amount and we didn’t so ner ner”? Tragic losers.

  295. LOL at that FC Barceholes statement.

    Well done Mr. Wenger, well done Mr. Gazidis.

    I’m worried for Cesc’s mental health being stuck on that flight to and from Mehico with all those lunatics.

  296. Bob,

    Now we know the player will stay we can laugh at their silliness. It’s been non/stop entertainment. The Eastender writer crew couldn’t have found this twist to the soap opera. A finale in which a seemingly big and respected club, after having the mickey taken out of them by Messrs Wenger and Gazidis, decide to show the world how they pooed their pants in public.

    It reminds me of Man City’s maladroit attempt to sign Kaka, and Kook later claiming Kaka had bottled it.

  297. I think it’s time now for us to tell Barca to F*ck Off and get on with it. The problem is, I can’t say they should take it like a man, because they have no men in that club.

    You ruined Hleb’s career. You didn’t appreciate Thierry Henry. We won’t let you ruin Cesc’s career, at least not now…we are not done with him yet.

  298. Well well, look who is here. That slayer of doomers, scourge of imperialists and banker of necessity.

    A liitle one eyed perhaps but generally sound.

    What ho Ateeb!

  299. Cesc, has shown the exact same characteristic that his boyhood club has been showing over the summers, i.e lack of class. But I think having spent so many years at Arsenal, he has grown enough decency to have made this decision. Perhaps, if we hold onto him for a couple of seasons, he would start seeing the barceholes as we do, and completely give up his “dream” of playing for them.

  300. FunGunner,

    It’s just bizzarre. Do they feel rejected by Cesc and are thus trying to beittle him? Are they trying to prove to their bankers that they’re financially restrained? Are they trying to prove to their fans that they won’t pay over the odds for a product of their academy?

  301. Fuck ’em all.

    We are The Arsenal.

  302. It’s to appease their own fans I think. It looks like this Rosell chap’s under a bit of pressure already.

    To us it looks just bizarre, but I suppose to Barcelona fans they’re saying, “Well, we did try.”

  303. Yes, but not very hard Big Al. What message are they actually trying to convey?

  304. Ole G

    Quite possibly all of those reasons. However, none of that need concern us now.

    Actually, sorry, I can’t keep up this facade of lofty indifference.
    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha LOOOOOOOOOOSERS!!!!

  305. Yes, well FG, I want to agree but just what effect will this whole ferrago have on our captain and lynchpin?

    That’s really all that interests me.

  306. I’m no expert on Barca politics (or any for that matter), CB, but the the club clearly doesn’t have the scratch, and I suppose it’s possible that Rosell didn’t realise how bad the situation was until he’d won the election. I guess that’s put him in quite a difficult position after all the promises he made about “bringing Cesc home.”

  307. Cbob

    He’ll be fine. Professional pride will get him through the initial disappointment (how it hurts to say that) but after a while he will remember where he is – the best club in the world and that he does love the place and the team and the manager and the fans. He will realise that this is NOT his last chance to join Barca, and he may even stop wanting to as he appreciates how this saga has reflected on each club respectively. I’ve felt all along that in time he will understand that this saga has not been about him, ultimately. I actually think it marks a sort of turning point – the messages this sends out will sink in with the players and with other clubs.

  308. Don’t bring up banking Bob. I’m having a rough time. And it seems I’ve wasted a year. I can’t imagine myself having a career in banking, one branch to another. And the work is extremely boring. I’m on the brink of leaving it. I have a cunning plan.

    You ever been a big fan of Black Adder?

  309. Fuck ‘em all.

    We are The Arsenal.

    I want that on a T-Shirt Cbob

  310. OneOU

    I think it’s all of the previous c*nt Laporta’s making. He wanted to get glory for himself by signing Fabregas and if it didn’t work it puts his replacement -Rosell- in a very tight spot.

    Barca fans won’t forget this, they were kicked in the chops and turned back with their tails between their legs….and the more humiliating thing is that it was there for every one to see.

    Had they gone the more decent way and tried to talk to Arsene & Arsenal behind closed doors, their defeat wouldn’t be so humiliating as it is now.

  311. Agreed G4E, it’s going to be all tact and diplomacy in future, I’m sure.

    And the best part – even more important than keeping Cesc – is that people across the world will have noticed our comportment this summer. It’s kind of announced Arsenal’s ascent to the European top table.

  312. …and who is stopping you, els? Do it, strike a blow.

    I loved Blackadder, Ateeb. How old are you anyway and just what is the retirement age in Pakistan?

    I sincerely wish you luck in any move to stop ‘..working for the man’.

  313. Black Adder is my favorite British show. I was wondering if anyone could suggest some other good shows. How was faulty towers?

    I’m 24. I guess that is a positive thing. This was my first job. So, better if I pull of this decision now, rather than later in life.

  314. There isn’t much of a retirement age here. Officially it’s 60, but there are loopholes in it. It’s about time you decided to come and work in Pakistan.

  315. Damn it I will!! Maybe if I can be arsed. But I probably wont. But if I did, it would be special. I’m thinking skinny fit red with white text, maybe Din Black text.

    If only someone would make if for me and send it in the post. Any offers?

  316. Definitely OneOU, clubs in Europe will think twice before missing with us Ala Barca style.

    I think it was also wise from Arsene and the club to tie the player for a long term years ago, probably knowing that Barca will come calling for him at some point.

  317. ok that should be “messing with us”

  318. Blackadder 2 and Goes Forth were incredible, Ateeb. They’re showing Goes Forth on TV every night here right now. Fawlty Towers is great of course. I think you might like anything Chris Morris did in the 90s, as well as I’m Alan Partridge.

    British comedy stinks in general these days though. And guys like Ben Elton and Richard Curtis, who collaborated on Blackadder, have been stinking up the joint for the last two decades.

    I’m not all that clued up but I find Curb Your Enthusiasm consistently funny even though it’s been going for ten years.

  319. The IT Crowd. Mongrels. Funniest things on TV at the mo in the UK, I think.

  320. And I do love Curb Your Enthusiasm as well.

  321. I think ‘The Office’ was unbearably funny and might appeal to Ateeb in his curent situation.

    Do you see Pakistan as the place to be then, Ateeb? Somehow I think that I’ll be staying in Devon.

    You are clever for your age though. I reckon that you will get through alright. Most of your agemates will not be as smart.

  322. OOU where is here?

  323. Dear Barca,

    I see with interest that you have issued a statement of regret over the Fabregas statement that he was not coming to your esteemed football club. I too, would like to issue a statement of regret, but before I do I would like to clarify the exact nature of what is being regretted. My understanding is that there have been several transgressions, and if I am not confused about the matter, I believe they may have originated in Barcelona.

    The first of these is the nature of the gentlemans agreement one should not pursue somebodies elses wife in public, to put a metaphorical spin on the situation. Indeed, not exactly in public, but hey, let’s not split hairs, through your mouthpieces to the wider world, including El Moutho and Barking TV.

    The second of these transgrassions, is the ludicrously derisory fee offered to a world cup winner who scored more goals and assists than Pedro, Xavi and Iniesta put together. The fee was insulting on a number of levels, but the insult was compounded with the statement from your president Sandro Rosell “We will never pay 50 or 60 million euros for Cesc,”. The offer you made initially came in at around 30 million Euros, which is around about the same as the transfer fee for the defender who warmed your bench during the 2009-2010 season, Dmytro Chygrynskiy. This means that your valuation of our world cup captain falls into the category of a bench warmer with the pedigree of a boot boy.

    The third transgression is your lack of understanding of the process of negotiation. There is no language issue here. What don’t you understand about the word ‘No’ ? Not a difficult concept to grasp is it ? My 2 year old understands the word no. It’s very easy.

    The fourth transgression is the underhand tapping up of Cesc by every Barcelona player in the team, followed up by the unbelievable denials and retraction of statements just to cover your backsides with FIFA and UEFA.

    If you want to restore any credibility as a football club with any sense of shame, then it would be a good idea to issue another statement. This time a full apology to Arsenal football club and fans.

  324. …or as cocksure.

    Bloody good luck to you.

  325. London, els! It’s been on UK Gold at 10 Monday to Thursday. They’ve gone through the entire series.

  326. Thank’s Big Al, for the suggestions. I’ll get the goes forth, on DvDs, for a start. Strangely, the older Pakistani shows were really well written, the humour was amazing. As good as Blackadder. But sadly, it’s been decades since any good show appeared on T.V. Right now they’re either influenced from the U.S “Friends” type shows, or the Indian tv shows, which are horrible. All Indian shows have been bit like the bold and the beautiful.

    I loved the “Office” Bob. Both the American and the British ones. I also liked the “Extras” by Gervaiz. You might find “Arrested development” interesting as well.

    No I wouldn’t recommend anyone to come here. Well not atleast the flood settles down. After that yah sure, you can make quite a lot of money by diverting the aid money to your home rather than the relief effort.

  327. Arrested Development.
    Another corker. I was trying to remember the title. Thanks, Ateeb.

  328. Speaking of comedy…

    “In the light of the statement released regarding the contractual future of Cesc Fabregas, FC Barcelona regrets the decision of Arsenal FC to declare the player not for sale and their decision not to take into consideration the offers proposed.”

    The injured tone they take cracks me up. Dolts.

  329. Anyway, I’m off to do something useful with what’s left of my day, finally.

    Ateeb, I hope the floods subside soon and the relief efforts are effective.

    Come on the lads tomorrow at Legia Warsaw. Up the Arsenal!

  330. Arrested Development is stunning, the film is half written now apparently. I’m still enjoying the American version of The Office too, totally different style of humour to the original though.

    Glad all the Cesc stuff is officially done for a year, but it’s for me it’s taken the shine of what really should be Robin Van Persie Appreciation Day. Honestly, the guy’s a king and he and Vermaelen really do say the right things every time.

  331. FG,

    There is a new show, not as good as arrested development, but still a good time pass if you run out of things to watch. It’s called “The modern Family”. Or Scrubs used to be good as well, haven’t caught up with the latest seasons. Or if you can bare Cartman, than you might like South Park too. But females usually haven’t been too fond of that show. Which I find strange.

    I ran out of things to watch, so, errrr, got true blood. It had good ratings, but was I shocked. Horrible. That’s why decided to ask around.

  332. Message to Cesc:

    “None of those (offers) exceeded 40 million euros (£33.3m) in fixed and variable fees,”

    Barca thinks Ibra and Villa are worth more than you. I think you should stay at Arsenal for the rest of your contract.

  333. I liked curb your enthusiasm, two and a half men

  334. I love South Park Ateeb, and Cartman aka Howard is absolutely hilarious!

  335. http://www.arsenal.com/news/news-archive/wenger-two-goalkeeping-decisions-i-ll-make?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+arsenal-news+%28News+Feed%29

    No GK, it seems.

    Living in the US, I go for King of Queens, Everybody loves Raymond and Fraser. The newer stuff is a bit too raunchy for my taste.

  336. oh oou i thought you were stateside for something.

    Oh no Fun Gunner I’m going to have to strongly agree AGAIN, Arrested Development is so funny.

  337. I couldn’t have expected anything different from you Passenal. Humor is universal. I was thinking that perhaps, the show caters more to the things that guys find funny. I don’t know. I love Cartman.

    Haven’t seen curb your enthusiasm, yet. Everybody loves Raymond though was great. And the character of Eric’s dad, in the 70’s show was hilarious.

  338. Best comedy. FG nailed it.

  339. Where is Pz?!?!?! All this comedy shows, reminded me of him.

  340. PZ and Frank are on a themed holiday, torturing doomers in caves.

  341. Ateeb, a couple of older comedies to look out for are ‘Porridge’ & ‘Open All Hours’. Both with Ronnie Barker. Not to forget Only Fools & Horses & Red Dwarf.

  342. I think Cesc has done tremendously well. He continues to walk the tightrope as Passenal said before – between the 2 clubs. Not easy to try and keep both sets of clubs/fans onside in his desire to play for Barca later on at some point in his career.

    It would have been so easy for him to push the transfer through now and little that AW could have done:
    eg Plead he couldn’t take the roughhouse treatment anymore (teammates broken bones, etc)
    Plead his heart wasn’t in english football anymore
    Refuse the captaincy – even refuse to attend on Thursday (could you imagine the furore if he didn’t show up on Thursday or wasn’t centre in the photo after AW pledged he’d be captain for the season – in fact Sly Sp News in the morning lied that he wasn’t there (they never miss an opportunity to put in the anti-Arsenal boot))
    he could have basically shown a go slow attitude (ala Hleb, Flamini, and Gallas in the latter days).

    That he hasn’t is a clear indication that he has some class, and that AW has great influence over him. AW and Gazidis have acted with restraint and great patience with no little negotiating skill. The key was in tying him to the 8 yr contract in 2006, then extending to 2015 last summer (he was handsomely paid) and he’s committing himself to it. And in convincing him to stay during those many conversations over the past months.

    Stay braced for the “only 1 more year” nonsense. But remember we heard that last year, and the year before, and the year before…

    While his statement was bland (double negatives aside!) it only reflects that the lawyers/PR boffins on all sides had to be happy with its basic message.

    Barca saying they bid 40m max is only in response to Spanish press today stating that a final bid of 50mEuros had been made. But they are stupid in not noticing that this is demeaning to Cesc in his perceived valuation. I doubt AW would have taken the bait for even 50 or 60m as Cesc really is that important to what he wants to achieve, why put his plans (AW) back a couple of years when the club is financially very sound.

    There are some things money can’t buy. Well done AW!

    Excellent news, excellent day.
    Where are the doomers today? (too busy reading up on the “young boys”?)

  343. Ateeb/dups,

    Oh yes – Porridge. A genius of a show. One of the most poignant and well written.

  344. Anyone ever see Human remains?

    Or Garth Meringhi’s Darkplace?

  345. One of my favourites was Steptoe & Son.

  346. Thanks Darius for listening to TalkShite for me. And reporting back. Can you now do some other things for me that are similarly unpleasant!

    And as usual, I agree with you Passenal @ 6:06.

    and cBob’s too. “Fuck ’em all. We are Arsenal”.

  347. Bloody hell I forgot about Bottom.

  348. And Father Ted

  349. Oh God, Darkplace is superb. Eastbound & Down is a current favourite, may not be to everyone’s tastes but if you like Trailer Park Boys there’s a good chance you’ll be into it.

  350. some mothers do ave em

    The fast show

  351. Can “Fuck ’em all. We are Arsenal” be this year’s “Country Mile” please?

  352. Before you mention Bottom you’ve got to credit The Young Ones, dups!

  353. Alan B’stard in the New Statesman tops my list. “The Inbetweeners” is crude but hilarious of more recent fame.

  354. You are right Mingus. All came from the Dangerous Bothers & The Comic Strip.

  355. Filthy, Rich & Catflap was the follow up show.

  356. I do like the Boosh and the I.T crowd for recent shows.

  357. I find very little now that I watch every week like I did Blackadder, Bottom, Red Dwarf etc.

  358. BETTER LATE ITHAN NEVER – Cesc’s statement and the Daily Mail headline confirms a number of facts:
    (1) Contracts matter and Arsenal doesn’t mess around with contracts. That is the essence of professional football, not the gullible belief by fans in the pledges of loyalty and badge kissing by players. Arsenal’s non-negotiable position was a resounding rebuff to Barca’s arrogant belief in their omnipotence in the transfer market.
    (2) Supporters awareness of Barca’s cynical, underhanded tactics was important in preventing any alienation between fan and player. Thus thwarting Barca’s goal of prising Cesc away on the cheap because of the estrangement between player and fans.
    (3) The media, both British and Spanish, as well as so-called Arsenal blogs, were in their own craven self-interest, were willing partners of Barca in promoting this nasty attempt to have a player break his contract.
    (4) No matter what statement is issued from now onwards, the media and the AAA blogs will spend the foreseeable future trying to detabilize the relationship between Cesc and Arsenal. The Daily Mail said it best in their headline; “Cesc Fabregas: I’m staying! Arsenal captain breaks silence to begrudgingly confirm he won’t quit for Barcelona.”

    The club and AW are standing strong. How strong are we as supporters?

  359. only fools and horses, love it.

    Dups, thats “sanford” and son, if you live in the US. The late Red Foxx.

  360. Wenger has more or less confirmed, that we won’t sign a goalkeeper!

    “But it depends a little bit. We have four goalkeepers, one of them will go out on loan, three have to stay so we do not know yet who will go out.”

    He is not talking about any of the keepers leaving and I don’t see him signing another keeper, if we are going to keep everyone around.

  361. So it’s not just Arsenal in which most of us share an interest!

    I am surprised thought that no one has mentioned Seinfeld. That was a fantastic show, I still watch it daily on DVD!

  362. though, not thought!

  363. Passenal, Seinfeld is my all time favourite US comedy, i love all the subtle references and if you are watching the DVD you can have ‘ notes about nothing’ that explains the particularly obscure references.

    In fact as i have just got in from the pub i think i may watch some now and laugh like an inebriated fool.

  364. I love Seinfeld to Passenal, and still watch it sometimes when on TV.

    If we go back this far, who can forget “Friends” that’s my all time, hall of fame favorite. No one can tell they didn’t have a Joey, or Chandler as part of their group of friends….not to mention the other characters as well.

  365. Monkey Dust

    The League of Gentlemen

    The Green Wing…..

    ….all very good.

  366. I am not sure if those in the UK know this comedy but “Good times” was funny in its early days.

  367. You have no idea of the magnitude of this thing. If she is allowed to infiltrate this world then George Costanza as you know him ceases to exist. You see, right now, I have Relationship George but there is also Independent George. That’s the George you know, the George you grew up with—Movie George, Coffee Shop George, Liar George… Bawdy George!

    If Relationship George walks through this door, he will kill Independent George. A George divided against itself cannot stand.

  368. Now you’ve mentioned Seinfeld, BBC2 on Tuesday nights a few years back, had a double bill of Seinfeld followed by Larry Sanders! Now THAT was comedy heaven!

    What else is funny?..

    Sorry! It never tires, for me.

  369. LOL Mingus, ya this one will never get old…it’s in the history books now. 🙂

  370. Simple Red Dwarf there has been no better and would argue till I was blue in the face.

  371. You’re blue in the face silver gunner!

  372. 1 loose cannon

    All we need now is to meet those clans from Catalunya in C.L and beat them well. That would be very sweet indeed and to top it all off Fabregas gets the winner. that would make my day. They have looked down on Arsenal insulted our club with their pathetic comments. like “you only have fabregas on loan” and many, many others. I will be celebrating eberytime they lose.

  373. Gunner4Ever on August 6, 2010 at 11:01 pm

    Classic Seinfeld!

    Silver Gunner, I like Red Dwarf too and good call on Larry Sanders Mingus. I can’t believe I had forgotten that one!

  374. I see the daily heil are at it again, still trying to drive a wedge between the captain and the fans. They’ve tried and failed all summer long, time to give it up. I think the majority of us have shown that we are too smart to fall for that one. Whatever we might think privately we will do what is right for the club rather than play into the hands of those who seek to weaken us.

  375. I just read that Des Kelly article – if you can call it that – Passenal….I think it’s disgusting and the intent there is so obvious I can actually puke.

  376. The doomers and boo boys are really out in force tonight.




  377. Mingus @ 11:05 pm – Eboue is one of the all-time great comedians. That was a classic. I am never tired of his clip. It seems the Korean coach was laughing. Look carefully.

  378. LMAO

  379. Cesc’s words: “I cannot deny that joining a club like Barcelona was not an attractive move for me. This was the club I learned my football, my hometown, where all my friends and family are and a club I have always dreamed of playing.

    I only want all of you to realize that if he could have left Arsenal, we would have. You held back a player that has given it all for your team for a long time. Keep him, but now you where his heart is.

    Of course you can and will pretend to think that he will wake up, remember or realize one day this season, that staying at Arsenal was the better option, and that hes happy, happy to have stayed… But deep, deep, deeep inside, you know hes a Barcelona player and that he would have left your team, his capitancy position, Wenger and all of you, period..

    I can honestly say that if i was an Arsenal fan i would be silently ashamed of my team for holding him back like that. Again, deep inside, you know im right.

    In my humble opinion, we do not need Cesc at Barcelona at this time, we have many upcoming talents to be tested, like Jonathan Dos Santos, who in my opinion will be as good as Cesc. If Cesc had come, he would almost inmediately take Busquets position as he is a better player, and would eventually alternate with Jonathan in the midfield, once Busquets was sold. He would have never been benched as many of you seem to think.

    Many of you talk about Barcas lack of respect for Arsenal, but you should bite your tonges, as you do not display any respect either.. So if this lack of respect is recyprocal, why all the whinning?? it just makes you look like big puss*’s. (y) We wanted a player, we competed for him, failed to bring him and thats that.. I believe that there is no shame in trying, and Barcelona really does not give a shit bout what Arsenal thinks, we are rivals and we wanted to bring a player that wanted to come, but couldnt.. He will eventually leave you, because he wants to play for us. And that is all that matters and is whats important to him and us. So yes, hes on loan whether you like it or not.

    Mark my words, if you do not let him leave in one year, he will hand in a transfer request, keep that in mind.

    I have no intention of coming back to this site, not until next year, when i come and tell you:


    ps: Good luck to your team this season, i hope you win it all on your island’s league.. Watch out for that kid Vela, hes absolutely fantastic. We will take him too next year if we can lol!! Saludos desde Barcelona!! Buena Suerte, y gracias Yogi, i enjoyed reading your writing.

  380. Deep inside Cuervo, we know you’re full of sh*t. Cesc is not on loan, Cesc has been impounded until your broke ass pays 50mil euros for us to return him to you.

  381. And I can honestly say as a Barcelona fan, I would be silently ashamed that I’m an arrogant cock.

    I hope we face you in the CL, and Eboue dives in the penalty box, rolls around playing peekaboo a la Busquets, gets Puyol sent off, and smashes home the winning penalty. Then we’ll bathe in your sprinklers.

  382. So according to The Sun

    It appears Wenger saved money for years and then all of a sudden went mental and wants to spend it all on a goalkeeper (Reina).

  383. “it just makes you look like big puss*’s. (y)”

    I’ve never been insulted with algebra before.

  384. Insulted by algebra! 🙂

  385. The Sun is a pathetic piece of printed paper that takes too much of this country for a ride. Poor little sunny journalists are in desperate need of column inches now that cesc has been put to bed.God cant we just get on with actual football and screw all this speculation tripe.

    Good morning all.

  386. Cuervo. Typical arrogant Barca-loan-us Prick.
    Your shit team spunked all it’s money on Villa then had to borrow more to pay wages, What a joke of a club.

    It’s people like you that give real football supporters a bad name.

  387. to Cuervo.

    Sorry buddy heart or no heart talk, Cesc shouldnt even lace up his boots for £40. regardless of where his poor little multi-million pound feelings lie. Barca didn’t even cough-up a starter let alone a main course. People arent stupid about where Cesc would like to go and i don’t personally expect him to be chest thumping his way through the season but I do expect him to give everything for the team he is currently playing for. And who knows we might nick summing and reassess the situation in May. A lot happens in a short space of time in the football.

  388. One thing this Saga has left as a legacy is that arsenal are an intelligent FC, run by intelligent people, with generally intelligent players. They have managed a torrid storm with respectability and ice-cold business sense that is a fading quality in an ever growing circus with too many ring masters

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