Defending The Indefensible & More

Home broadband issues have been resolved so normal posting times – if there have ever been any – are resumed. The Arsenal column inches are focussing on incomings, particularly goalkeeping, and Wenger has made no bones about that area. Despite the sale of Eduardo, the manager is happy going into the season with van Persie, Chamakh and Bendtner as his lead strikers, aware that they have support in the form of Arshavin, Vela and Walcott to fill wide positions in the starting line-up.

Tomas Rosicky has been heavily linked with a move to CSKA Moscow or Borussia Dortmund although his injury record in recent years is apparently a barrier to any departure. That is before the manager decides whether or not the Czech international is surplus to requirements.

Whilst Rosicky may consider the move drastic, he should seriously consider whether or not his club career is going to be adversely affected by continuing to appear for his country. Having missed a huge swathe of games in recent seasons, following the path of players such as Scholes in retiring from international football to prolong his club career is an option that Rosicky should ponder.

He cannot perform for his country if injured, the chances of that increase as the number of games played becomes bigger. His injuries have been mainly muscular and in those circumstances, diminishing the strains seems eminently sensible. After all, he has a bigger duty to his employers than national association since it is the former who pays his wages.

Elsewhere, the reports this morning suggest that Wenger will be able to increase his defensive numbers by re-signing Sol Campbell on £30k per week for the coming campaign. I suspect that many will find comfort in that, not because Campbell is an impenetrable barrier in defence, more for the experience he brings to the squad, able to help the younger players adjust to first team football.

That knowledge is going to be invaluable if Wenger is unable to sign a new goalkeeper. Too much has been said about Schwarzer and Wenger’s rationale for signing him, for the link to be ignored. Personally, I am unconvinced by him but the options to allow the development of the younger goalkeepers are limited. To suggest that Arsenal will be able to sign Shay Given on the cheap following Joe Hart’s return to Manchester City miss the point. Chelsea are going into the season with Hilario likely to start following an injury to Petr Cech which highlights the reason why City will want to keep Given – there is a paucity of good second choice goalkeepers.

Wenger knows this and the suggestion is that Almunia is going to be that or worse for Arsenal, even if Schwarzer does not arrive. The intimation has been that the Spaniard is being snubbed by Wenger following a return to training two days before the match against Graz. Accusations that the illness Almunia suffered is convenient are unfounded and it would have been a surprise if he had started in those circumstances. Even so, a good pre-season by Fabianski may see him retain second choice status with a new arrival, better if the goalkeeping situation remains unchanged.

Of equal importance to the situation is tightening defensive discipline. Pressing from the forward line is the first form of defence but once the ball is into the final third, the back four need to be organised and aware of movement, midfielders and others tracking back and forcing opposite numbers into ceding possession. The success of Barcelona and Spain has been based on pressurising the ball in numbers. It does not stop goals being conceded but it makes the opposition work harder for goals.

Thomas Vermaelen spoke highly of Koscielny and Djourou earlier in the week but was hardly likely to be detrimental about them to the media. The former is adjusting to the English game whilst the Swiss international is looking to regain match fitness following a year out from the game. There are others coming through but to put a season of expectation on their shoulders is perhaps asking too much at this stage in their careers hence Wenger’s admission that he is looking at other options, even with Campell returning.

If the defence is tight and organised, chances are minimised which can cover deficiencies. That is a risky strategy from the manager and one he is intent on not following, “active in the transfer market” in his own words. With less than a month to go, he will be keen to have new signings in place quickly to allow partnerships to be formed before the trip to Anfield. Who they are remains to be seen as any talk of centre backs has gone remarkably quiet. Failure to sign will bring criticism at an early stage of the season, a campaign wrongly dismissed before it begins.

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. Mr Furious Styles

    ’til Tomorrow.

    ’til Tomorrow.

  2. well well

  3. I am quietly optimistic this season that we are going to shut up a few people. I agree Campbell brings necessary experience however I think one solid defensive signing will certainly be welcomed. Jagielka for the amount being touted is for me a no no. I think for 16-18 mil there are far better defenders to be had and I would be very suprised if AW spends such an amount for an England reject

  4. We still need a keeper, a centrehalf and a defensive midfielder in my opinion.

    New keeper as first choice with 2 of of the younger keeper on loan if Almunia stays, 1 on loan if he leaves.

    Cantrehalf to partner Vermaelen with Djourou as his backup and Kos as Vermaelens. Sol underwrites them all.
    for me Vermaelen in a starter and we need to find a workable partner to compliment his attributes. Kos seems to have the same attributes but you never know he may adapt. How will Djourou hold up after his operations, is he now free of that injury?

    I would seriously like a destroyer to play next to Song. A tackler, a harrier a player who likes nothing more than to get about the opposition. Our midfield is too nice.

    Chamakh looks like the harrier from the front line. We need another behind him in the midfield. Both Kos and Vermaelen are good interceptors, as is Clichy. We need a solid not going to get past me centrehalf in the Sol mold but years younger – Sakho of PSG or Zapata of Udinese fits the bill. Id have De Jong from City.

  5. What we need to do is get behind our team. They are quite brilliant, and this season is going to be a glorious and passionate one. The technical skill and ball playing/passing ability of young players coming through, and their depth in numbers and positions, is like nothing seen in decades (unless someone can inform me otherwise) and the first team regulars are tremendously exciting.

    This season we will see a lot more of Arshavin and Vermaelen, and their talents. I hope Rosicky will get back to his real form, and that Walcott is up for a fine season. Nasri has aleady announced his intentions. Diaby impressed for France, and evergreen Eboue will shine as usual. Song has already proved his mettle, and will only improve. The same goes for Sagna, such a great signing. Bendtner was starting to show consistency, and this will improve too. My wife’s favourite Clichy is my man, and his late season form was stunning.

    It’s marvellous to hear Campbell is probably back in the fold, and at the very least we have 5 CBs with the ability and potential: Tommy, Koss, Sol, Djourou and Nordveit. I haven’t a clue why fans are so down on Djourou (“he’ll probably get injured”) and Koss (“he’s probably not that good”) and Nordveit (“he’s far too young”), when facts suggest otherwise. Djourou was always a fine player, and an intended first team starter and it’s unlikely Wenger is risking him without the most thorough fitness all-clear. Campbell is a proven player, but cannot start more than about 15 games in my opinion. Given recent signings by Arsenal, with no exceptions, the scouts and Wenger are exceptionally thorough, and when Wenger says Koss is actually good, the likelihood is that he is very good and has been studied for 2 years. Nordveit has a season in the Bundesliga under his belt and the reports appear good.

    All this, for a few Arsenal fans means “oh no, we’re up shit-creek … again”.

    I do however think we are signing one more CB, and if a keeper of exceptional ability is available, then a keeper in addition. Reports of how “bad” Almunia and Fabianski are, however, wide off the mark. Currently they are both exceptional # 2s. Wenger’s comments, as always, need to be taken literally, in that none of the current 4 have YET convinced him they are THE # 1. He is inviting them to do so. It’s Wenger’s style, isn’t it?

    Now, I haven’t even mentioned arguably our best players: Cesc and RvP. Brighten up, as I said.

  6. Enjoy reading the posts Yogi I’m looking forward to this season! The squad is in good shape. Fingers crossed they can have an injury free campaign! Hope Sol signs on for a further year? Need more vocal players in the dressing room! Still hope Wenger can get a gk and another defender in!

  7. I heard on the graphvine that gazidis is at udinese signing Zapata for us. I’ve no idea how reliable the source is though.

  8. We need a cb no doubt!! And Sol aint up for the job!! He’s past it now!! People forget how good Gallas was last season and how we played without him!! And how Vermaelen loved their partnership!! We verm had experiance, playing for ajax and was the belgain captain! This koscieny looks ok but for 10m a tad expensive as he has no experience!! Djourou’s ok sometime loses concentration! We need a world beating Centre back and put szczcesny in goal and maybe we have a chamce of winning a cup!! Defences win cups!!

  9. I don’t understand people wasting so much emotional energy worrying about who the manager should buy and how the team should play. I’ve seen complaints about ‘6 players out and only 2 in’ panic, panic! But no one is counting all the young players who have spent the last couple of years gaining experience so that they could join the first team. If you have a youth development policy, older players will go in order to make space for them. Just because they did not cost millions and are not splashed all over the media as new signings, does not mean that they should be discounted. Just support the team and let the manager manage. A little knowledge is clearly a dangerous thing. It also doesn’t help when one of the most populist bloggers is the biggest worry wort going and is leading his sheep in a particular direction.

  10. Mr Furious Styles

    Yeah as of now we have 1 first team CB for the season. Sol is old and wont hold up, the other ones cannot be relied upon due to lack of experience. As always we probably will score a shitload of goals but the last seasonshave shown that we will concede buckets unless something changes. Which, to me, is a step up in quality for #1 GK and the CB pairing.

  11. Sol past it? Stupidist comment over the last month or so I think. Well, next to Cuervo the Barca fan!

    Sol being our best player for the last couple months, making fantastic tackles, never beaten in the air, and showing the pace of an 18 yr old. He was immense and it will be a great advantage to us to have him around in any shape or form.


    Not bad, 1 more will be great. A keeper of exceptional quality would be a huge bonus.

  12. Mr Too Fast Too Furious

    We only have 1 CB we can rely on? So you are saying we should ignore the previously injured Djouou, Kosc because nobody thinks he will be good enough, Sol because hes too old, and Nordveit because hes too young.

    Remarkable, so we actually need 4 new CB’s.. make sure you fax Wenger straight away and inform him of your latest findings.

  13. Oh, I forgot, it’s the Arsenal silly season and if you go down to the woods today you best beware; today’s the day all the trolls come out to play … with their nursery rhyme football analysis.

  14. Mr Furious Styles


    No thats not what I said but congratulations on your interpretation and petty sarcasm.

    I think we only should rely on Vermaelen as a FIRST CHOICE CB for the season ahead. Sol we know wont be able to play that many games, but he was impressive last season. Djorou is promising in many ways, but relatively inexperienced and injury prone. Koscielny hasnt played PL football before and is also relatively inexperienced at the top level. Nordtveidt is VERY young.

    In all, considerable risks associated with throwing any of the other CBs in alongside Vermaelen and expecting them to perform as well as needed for a full season. Hence why I think we need a CB.

    Seriously though, you should drop the sarcasm. It doesnt really add anything to your argument.

  15. Furious

    I think every Arsenal fan, member of staff, the tea lady, and her son have admitted we need another CB.

    Problem is who is available of quality that the manager is willing to bring in. It seems as if he is struggling to find that player, a bit like most other clubs not finding a lot on the market also. Man City being the only guys doing business, where they are paying peak prices for players.

    A bit of realism is needed from Arsenal fans before we jump on the team and managers back once again. I am very much looking forward to the new season, so should everyone else. Its the managers job to find the necessary players, I am sure we all trust him to get a healthy squad together that will fight for a title.

    After all his experience with coping with multiple key injuries, I am sure he we can count on him to plan effectively. Also, he always using the last few weeks of the window to capture his last signing. Not for a bargain, but so he makes sure he gets the best option. Silvestre was an exception!

    If my sarcasm has offended you, its only because I am very much trying to make the above points. We need to just stick to being fans, because with speculation and the media spotlight as bright as it is today, we will do well to just let the manager work his magic.

  16. Wenger was very quick to snap up Koscielny despite the fact he knew he wouldn’t quite be ready – needing time to adapt, allocating him as a squad player. He knew the state of the transfer market, and he probably predicted that finding a quality CB will be a tough task. Capturing Kosc so early was sort of a back up plan, and reassurance that we would go into the new season with adequate numbers. Leaving the rest of his summer to find a ready CB. The fact that Nordveit is getting so much game time proves this. Whether Wenger sees the current options and Sol good enough remains to be seen. I am pretty sure if someone of real quality is in his grasp he will do his best to bring him in. You would also assume Wenger will be reluctant to give as many minutes to Nordviet being in a competetive game.

    Lets just wait and see.

  17. I can support the positive views that we are not far away from having a superb squad for the coming season.

    But there are some if´s:

    Cesc staying is obviously the first one.

    The second is a new goalkeeper. Our goalkeeping last season cost us deerly. With a top class GK like Seaman or Lehman at their best, we would have been tittle contenders right to the end. I doubt that Schwarzer is the solution, so I guess this could easily be the biggest risk factor in the next campaign!

    The third is sufficient cover in central defence. When we had to play Silvestre everybody knew we would give away goals. Sol staying would mean that we would have 4 proven/ok CB´s and that should be enough.

    With respect to defensive midfield options I agree with the view that it would be nice to have another strong man beside Song. AW probably have already decided that cover from Diaby and Denilson in this role is sufficient. Diaby has in fact shown quality in this department but has problems with consistency. Denilson is not my cup of tea.

    We have enough attacking options as I se it.

    To conclude: We NEED to keep Cesc, a new GK and to retain Sol. It would be NICE with another Center Back and a new Defensive midfielder.

    AW is not that far away from meeting the needs..

  18. I can see both your point’s of view, as fans we must believe in the manager and our players. We all see we need a CB because of the unproven qualities of our current defensive set up. If Wenger finds a suitable option he will take it plain and simple. We have one of the youngest most talented squads in the world, rejoice! No need of arguing over things you don’t have control of. Here watch this, sure as hell beats arguing.

  19. Mr Furious Styles


    I wouldnt be offended by what some guy on the internet might think of me or how he chooses to express it, believe me. Just saying that it moves the focus to pointless part of the post instead of the actual argument that might be present.

    As for the rest of your post. Well yeah I’m sure we are all equally engaged and emotionally invested in the ongoings of the team and would like them to do well. Pointing out what one believes to be deficiencies in the squad does not contradict that even the tiniest bit though, as long it is done in a respectful manner.

    One thing I like about being a supporter is discussing the squad, the upsides and downsides. No club is perfect.

  20. Jan

    The ideal signing would be a commanding CB/DM. This would sort both positions out, it is not an unlikely buy too as most DM’s can prove to be a decent CB. A good CB that can play DM though is probably most needed right now, not the other way round, as we have seen with the likes of Gilberto and Song who have been caught out when changing switching to the back.

    Like you say, with Song, Denilson, Diaby.. not to mention Ramsey, Nasri and maybe even Eboue who can play there. I can’t personally really see Wenger having a great need for a midfielder of any shape or form. If anything a CB would just give us a bit more security at the back, in numbers, and hopefully quality.

  21. There is such a strange fallacy in England that every football challenge can only be solved by purchasing more players, and the only players Arsenal should even think of purchasing are expensive names that the media seems to think are the shit (as if they actually know what they’e talking about) with virtually no thought as to how they may fit into Arsenal’s actual plans and style.

    Is it consumerism gone mad? Is it the computer game generation grown up? Is it the spoiled brat generation coming of age? Is it a fanhood so soiled by media idiocy they believe what’s reported in 99% of papers and TV? Whatever it is it’s unfathomable that some Arsenal fans believe this media over and above the club manager who spends his days and nights working and studying the club and every aspect of its needs.

  22. Furious- Agreed.

    Chris & Jan- A versatile defensive player would be great M. Diarra, maybe but his injury and form I can’t attest to. Kjaer would’ve been excellent but that was not to be. Idea’s anyone as noone I know of is quite a standout. We need to buy just one more quality defender before Man City snaps all the players 😉

  23. Mr Furious

    Everyone likes to discuss options, trying to work out how the manager will use the players at his resources is up for any fans interpretation.

    Its when people step over the line, and start demanding transfers. Sort of giving ultimatums, or even slagging off the team that we are supposed to support. Being pre-season, watching various options and players coming through showing what they can offer is an exciting time.

    We should all look forward to the coming season, as we all know what happened a couple seasons back at a moody Emirates where the players were fighting against the crowd who practically wrote the lads off before the season kicked off.

    We need to believe and support, the players have the quality. The rest is obvious what we need, the manager will hopefully get it all sorted by the 1st game. Be it internally or by new recruits.

  24. Mr Furious Styles


    Football was broken many years ago. The increasing and stupid amount of money involved and the globalization of the sport has detracted from the “pure” aspects of football, the clubs and the supporter culture, and Arsenal has been affected as all other clubs have.

    What I’m trying to say is; get with the times, man 😉

    (Seriously though, it’s a shame, but it’s a by-product of the times we live in as you well know)

  25. I’m not sure where this “Djourou is injury prone” message is coming from. He got a serious injury playing for Switzerland last August that crocked him until the last game, but in 2008/9 he made 29 appearances, 16 in 2007/8 (including for Birmingham) and 30 in 2006/7. He also has a total of 92 appearances for Arsenal and Birmingham, including Champions League, and 23 times for Switzerland, so he is hardly inexperienced.

    Koscielny played 35 times in top flight French football last year and 107 games in their equivalent of the Championship, so again, hardly inexperienced. I would also like to remind some of our younger fans that legend like Steve Bould and Lee Dixon played 192 and 177 games in the lower leagues before joining Arsenal.

    Even young Nordveit has played 20 times in top flight German football and 36 times in Noway and Spain.

    Yes, Djourou will need time to get “match fit”, but so will everyone to a greater of lesser degree as they will be returning from the summer break. Yes, Koscielny and Nordveit (and to a lesser degree, Djourou after his absence) will all need time to get used to playing with their team mates, but as much as possible, that is what the pre-season is there for.

  26. @pires

    It is so satisfying that his first goal for NY is against the Spuds!

    As for the CBs situation, I think like other said, Wenger is looking for a quality CB and will sign it if he finds one but at the moment I think it is more a waiting game. Same for the GK if he can’t see an available keeper better than we currently have he will not be scared to go with the 4 we have got.

    I really believe this season is going to be exiting we were not far from it last season and the big thing will be to have everyone involved so they are ready when called upon so we can rotate the squad a bit more to lower the injuries.

    last year, RVP started and played 90 min almost all th games before being injured but this year we have two players in Bendtner and Chamack to replace him so he can rest a bit more.

    Same with Arshavin he played a lot of matches, a lot in the CF position and injured whereas this year we will be able to rest him with Vela, Nasri, TR7, JET, Wilshere…

    Finally in defence a good partnership is good but Gallas and Verma played 3/4 of the games, got injured at about the same time and we had to call players who did not play more than once a month! Sylvestre was not up to the task probably thinking he would spend last season warming the bench but Sol did manage to put some good performances. If this year we have Verma as the 1st teamer and Djourou, Koc and Sol competing hard to partner him and replace him when he need a breather, I believe the defence could do a lot better.

  27. I just had another look at Lansbury’s goal against Sturm Graz. He took it well.

  28. All the talk about more signings is fun but only Wenger has all the information needed, not us fans.

    As Nick pointed out many of the players we have in defence are experienced already.

    If the players have the belief needed we CAN win the league with this squad.

    Having said that, if a top class keeper was found (not Schwazer) I wouldn’t mind if Arsene signed him.

  29. Lansbury gave the ball away a lot, looks a very promising player though. His goal was classy giving a quick little dummy to the keeper.

  30. In Wenger I DID trust .. but saddens me to say no longer …. the only thing i trust is that he will go on purchasing cheap buys that plug a hole but they do not make the difference in our hunt for trophies.

    Go on Wenger prove me wrong and for once show our ambition by spending ALL your available kitty and poach a top experienced player from one of Barca, Real, Inter or United. After all you are the best manager in the world right? What player (apart from Cesc) could resist your master plan?

    By pissed off loyal fan stretched to the edge of his sanity.

  31. “Go on Wenger prove me wrong and for once show our ambition by spending ALL your available kitty and poach a top experienced player from one of Barca, Real, Inter or United.”

    When has he ever done this? What team have you been following for the last 14 years?

  32. Good idea Gunster. Then if that player gets injured we have wasted all our money on one player. Genius.

  33. Which position does Emmanual Thomas normally play anyone? Ain’t seen him play too much, massive in size with good technique. Was really impressed.

    I wonder too about Wenger’s thinking with Wilshire in the middle, you would imagine Wilshire being a tricky wide player at first glance. He can take on defenders, dribble, … but then you realise he has more to his game – he can pass, cross, great 1st touch, this is what probably makes Wenger put him in the middle – him being able to do everything!, and the fact that with everyone assuming Cesc’s longterm future is away from Arsenal.

    I just didn’t picture Wenger chucking him in this season in a central position. Especially CM and not an attacking CM where Cesc plays, and especially at such a young age. Could all be part of his learning curve. Wenger does like to try players in different positions.

  34. Dups that risk is true of any player … not an excuse for showing ambition. Just think of the effect on our youngsters (and fans) if we had bought Villa for instance. It would raise our game that extra yard needed to bring in the trophies again. Bring it on!!!

  35. Gunster

    Do you even realise that this sort of behaviour in the transfer market in previous seasons has resulted in most teams not actually buying anyone.

    Seems as if City is the only team with cash. AND Arsenal of course 😉 Maybe you should concragulate Wenger rather than slaughter him for not following the flock of sheep who all seem to be bankrupt.

  36. hey these barca players are seriously f***ing me off now…they seem to have a rota…every week the players check the list and see whose turn it is to tap up cesc fabregas…’leo, it’s your turn amigo!’ … ‘oye, xavi, you’re next!’

  37. Since we switched to 4-3-3, I think JET’s played in all three positions up front, CG.

    He played everywhere else on the pitch in the u18s before that, but in the reserves and on loan he’s played as an attacking midfielder/forward, depending on the team.

  38. There is a massive difference bewteen spotting a truly talented footballer who will fit into the system of the club, and one who is already at the peak of his fame/reputation.

    Normally the numpty managers like Redknapp can only perform the latter.

  39. Oneofus you don’t happen to live in a council estate do you? Esle you talk like a board member collecting his fat shares.

    Because you may not live there but they say you can take the boy out of the east end but you can’t take the east end out of the boy!

    My Arsenal is not an east end club … it deserves better than to go shopping in Lidl & Aldi.

  40. I know you will abuse me, and tell me to f**k off, but we haven’t won a trophy since 2005.

    I think that we do have a problem in attracting quality players, and to some extent it’s Wenger fault.

    Noone is calling for 30milion pounds transfers, but the problem is still the same. Our spine is weak. You can’t win trophies if your defensive play is bad.

    Koscielny can be good, but we still need a big, strong, tall cd and a world class cdm.

    A gk is a MUST. Aside from Szczęsny all our gk’s are average at best.

    I just can’t see why you defend Almunia. He isn’t good enough.

    Don’t delude yourself, we ned quality, and this season it will be tough, since City are buying quality and the spuds will buy as well.

    Yes, United have only signed Hernandez and Smailling, and Chelsea have lost Cole, but they are far superioir then we are, and don’t need major transfers.

    On the other hand we still do need a gk, cd, and cdm.

    And maybe even a striker, because RVP is injury prone and Bendtner just not good enough.

    And we do have money to spend. Even Wenger himself admitted it.


  41. Thanks OneOfUs

    I know its only pre-season, but he did look like he meant business. I hope a few of these lads make the squad.


    Obviously only 1 or 2 will get in (maybe 3 if we don’t get another defender), the Carling Cup will be very interesting this season once again that is for sure.

  42. These guys clearly get asked the question in interviews on Spanish TV and radio, and feel obliged to respond for some reason. It looks like Spanish players are more exposed to the media in summer than the English ones. If you ask me I think half of them have been pretty respectful (Busquets surprisingly), but Xavi and Puyol have been come across in a really arrogant way.

  43. chrisgonna sorry to say this but its fans like you that are a god send to the board fat cats filling their pockets whilst idiots like you make excuses for them.

    Have you no ambition? have you no job perhaps? if so then loser comes to mind.

  44. Maciek

    You are not worth the bother mate. You obviously forgot about the arrival of Chamakh too. Idiot

  45. Gunster

    Its funny that, those that take the easy option in life are normally labelled a loser. Something you seem to wish Arsenal to do regarding transfers.

    Obviously you don’t like th policy of grooming fine players like Van Persie and Cesc. Why don’t you fu*k off if you cant hold a reasonable level of conversation.

    Using words like fat cats just sums you up.

  46. At last some honesty … thanks Maciek. We need more of it on this sicophantic wenger appreciation site. I’d be one of them if we’d oen anything recently. As he hasn’t, he’s not a god beyond apprach and accountability. the chrisgonna’s and ??oneofus(what does that eman??? of this world are half the problem of why seem to experiencing ground hog day season after season lately.

  47. I’m glad we’re not going to replace Eduardo, CG. It gives guys like Vela and JET some incentive. I know we suffer a lot of injuries, but even the best ones have their work cut out. I think we’d be delighted if just two made some kind of breakthrough this season.

  48. We need more of it on this sicophantic wenger appreciation site.

    Troll boy, like I said.. Fuck Off

  49. chrisgonna i bet the board have a good chuckle at the easy ride idiots like you give them. god help us if that’s all the fight left in us. I for one will speak my voice.

  50. The player wages are ridiculous but the choice is simple … give the money to the players or give it to the board.

    I know what i prefer …

  51. OneOfUs

    I can’t wait to see how the ones that make it through to the 1st team fair. No greater satisfaction than seeing youngsters from your club turn into truly amazing players. Hopefully this season is the one when a couple make their mark.

    Very exciting times to be an Arsenal fan.

  52. re quote by grasssshoppppper chrisgonna – ‘those that take the easy option in life are normally known as loser’

    … remember we are talking about how we get to winning trophies again. So you’re saying that the person that choses to take the tunnel through the mountain is the loser … rather than the one that climbs over it to get to the trophy?

    are you into S&M and pain or something you muppet?

  53. I doubt the likes of Gunster will be crying for signings when Wilshire is labelled the new Brady, or seeing newspaper headlines.. England’s Great Hope.. (notice I left out the ‘white’ – political reasons!)

    I doubt it will be only Wilshire from Arsenal that England will be looking to.

  54. The manager has done it again!!!!!!!!!! I thought this summer he had finally got it – hold it all together, move swiftly to bring in real quality in the transfer market and set the tone for the season.
    You will all tell me to have faith but I’m realistic – we will do better than last year. Our continued dismantling of the squad year after year without proper replacements is becoming a joke and insult to all hefty paying season ticket holders like myself.
    I am not impatient as a fan and for many years I have been an advocate of Arsene’s methods and the dreaded slogan ‘Arsene knows’, but I was wrong.
    This summer Gallas, Silvestre, Almunia and possibly Campbell will leave in defence. What have we done – bought one untested centre-back. I am sure he is an excellent player, but even if Sol stays we are still one world class centre-half short. If Sol leaves we need two in central defence – remember last year when we played a cluster of games with just Sol and Silvestre. And Djourou is hardly ever fit and not yet proven. We still haven’t got a proper keeper. Fundamentally, Wenger doesn’t approve of spending serious cash on defensive players. We need one of the world’s top 10 keepers. That will cost substantial money.
    Furthermore Eduardo has left. It was the right decision but Wenger thinks we shouldn’t sign a replacement. Last year when Robin got injured we lacked firepower. I rate Chamakh and Bendtner but I loved it when we had four class forwards. We used to finish games where we needed a winner with Bergkamp, Henry, Wiltord, Kanu, Pires and Ljunberg on the pitch – teams rolled over.
    We are also short in defensive midfield. Song is a truly brilliant performer but without him we look shaky.
    If Wenger is serious about competing with Europe’s best, he will buy a proper keeper, a proper centre-half, a decent back-up to Song and somebody like Suarez. I won’t hold my breath. Here come Manchester City to push us into a fight for fourth.

  55. ok chrisgonna … you’re a complex guy but i have concluded that not only are you into S&M and pain but you are also on drugs.

  56. Gunster

    You prove to be a knob time after time. Like I said go support City or Spurs if you think writing cheques is all it takes to win a title.

    As a supporter of Arsenal you should hold some values, if you are an Arsenal fan…

    ( I would be hurt if someone questionned my support, I don’t expect you to be )

    That is how low a person you are, your not even worth spitting on, so I will not say no more to you.

  57. well said strutboy … i’m a season ticketholder too and yes i want to know my hard earned cash is going in the right places too.

    wouldn’t surprise me if chrisgoona & oneofakind (thank god!) are armchair fans on the cheap.

  58. Its hard enough having to put up with these loser wannabe Arsenal fans on the streets. I just didn’t realise they could even afford to get on a computer. Must be a discount at PC World – my only solution for such idiotic people on this fine blog!

  59. i’m a season ticketholder too

    JOKE OF THE DAY – courtesy of wannabe Arsenal fan Gunster.

  60. keep them coming 😉

  61. A vagary of impediments
    A flange of baboons
    A rabble of rats
    A swathe of skanks
    A coffle of asses
    A drove of asses
    A herd of asses
    A pace of asses
    A sounder of swine
    A mutation of thrushes
    A knot of toads
    A sneak of weasels
    A clusterfuck of cunts.

  62. ZimPaul on July 23, 2010
    at 8:31 perfect post mate.

    Love your optimism, wish we were all like you mate.

  63. touched a raw nerve have i kinkygonna? good.

  64. strutboy

    I won’t be suprise if we do finish 5th.cos wenger is’nt a type of manager that would splash cash.but I think we all remember when wenger used to bring good players in arsenal.but those days seems to be over know.And most of the people in here are still living in the past.and I think its a huge shame if they are still living in the past.

  65. well said gooner2. don’t let the bully boy muppets on this site make you feel bad for expressing some home truths. lets face it we need to change the tune bit. the facts speak for themselves.

  66. We have already started pre-season, any new additions will have virtually no time to adapt to our squad, let alone the Premier League.

    I doubt we will be signing anyone else.

    That said, we are more than capable of gunning for the title and im relaxed and confident for the new season. Bring on Liverpool!

  67. Signing a player early in the window is the ideal but not a necessity. If the right player takes time to sign, I’d rather wait than end up with players who are ‘panic’ buys. Better that AW gets it right for the balance of the squad than signs another Stepanovs…


  68. It’s like the village idiot festival on ACLF today, a glorious indulgence of insanity and deep sadness. Can only be the impending start of winter in UK and the seasonal madness of going indoors for 8 months. Is it curable? Opinions differ. Some say a simple operation to remove the SAD part of the brain will suffice; others say a year in Brazil or Africa is the only way; and others say good old fashioned outdoors work to toughen up shattered personal morale and character will work.

    One says thanks in these trying times for the likes of Nick, Mingus, OOU, CG, dups, Gunnerluc.

    As for the rest, I’m calling the guys from ‘Ward 12’ to bring the heavies and have you all heavily sedated until, let’s see, May would be good. Don’t worry we’ll show you the damn trophies so you don’t get all uppity and you can catch up on the fun on Youtube and re-runs of Arsenal’s season.

    Lordie lord lord. Mercy, mercy, mercy.

  69. GunsterMaciekstrutboy. i think you have accidently found yourself on the wrong blog. Try somewhere else, where people will actually care about what you have to say.

  70. Gunster

    How many names are you going to post under?


  71. thierry henry doing what is doing best against our favorite neighbour

  72. ok lets not get too heavy I agree with Zimpaul … but if i understand the optimists correctly the message is fear not because we love all the pain and we’ve always got a prayer. 🙂

  73. Gunster is James, our resident sp*d fan this time again pretending to be an Arsenal fan. How desperate is he?

    f*ck off James.

  74. LA knows. So does Damien and Els.

  75. Kos and Nord – honest appraisal please.

    I remember Senderos looking very good once until Drogba bashed him up and then he was, to all intents and purposes, a spent force.

    TV can stand up to the rigours of the route 1 merchants, do the others look up to it..?

  76. Gunster thats gotta hurt watching the little clip above.

    A spud pretending to be a Gooner, how pathetic do they come!?

  77. is that like one of the 12 apostles from the bible James? ehh no. Typical of you bully boys … can’t take genuine critisism …. resort to calling someone a spud if he disagrees … expected more somehow …. fool me.

  78. Fook me! It must be Halloween. The doomers are back.

    I think that we do have a problem in attracting quality players, and to some extent it’s Wenger fault.


    Don’t delude yourself, we ned quality, and this season it will be tough, since City are buying quality and the spuds will buy as well.

    Go on Wenger prove me wrong and for once show our ambition by spending ALL your available kitty and poach a top experienced player from one of Barca, Real, Inter or United.

  79. Ah … James. Don’t you owe me money?

  80. Supercod

    Only time will tell…

    Campbell, Djourou, and Vermaelen seem to be up for it. 1 more will be a huge relief if we can get a good enough CB in before the window shuts.

    I think Wenger is seriously buying his time because he knows how vital this signing could be to our season. It could be another couple weeks yet before we see another one in.

    Be it a Defender or GK. You just never know! If only there was a Vermaleen #2 out there!

  81. BLOCKQUOTE HTML codes don’t work very well. But these are quotes from Maciek and Gunster. Kids – Just hurry up and return to le groan.

  82. At last, some common sense breaks out over the bloggosphere.
    (with the exception of a few of the comments, you know who you are so I’ll not name and shame you!)
    Excellent article, I hope a trust that some of the first of the yoof project begin to breakthrough this year.
    Keep the faith

  83. YW – Thanks for outing the shamsters who pose under different names.

  84. shotta-gunna is it true what they say about bald men and impotence : )

    btw great summary above … could not have put it better myself. thanks. five out five for your essay this week lil gunna

  85. Gunster, wake up and smell the coffee.

  86. wenger’s wand is on the wane … just like you shotta. whilst wenger won’t pay for it because its not cheap, try some viagra.

  87. you mean smell the coffee and …

    look into my eyes, my eyes, not the corner of my eyes, the centre of my eyes, my eyes …

    Gunster’s been dazed by common sense … why diod he not see it before … arsenal are doing fantastic and there is no room for improvement anywhere.

  88. Come on guys, don’t waste your time on the obvious pricks who post nonsense to get a response, regulars to this site know that the vibe is a positive one, so lets keep it that way.

    Ignore the fools and they will soon go away.

  89. Everyone is entitled to his own opinion ChrisGoona.

    Even though you don’t agree with me, it’s the reason to call me or Gunstar an idiot.

    This blog was made for everyone. For Sait Arsene lovers and for people who see that he is a human being and makes mistakes.

    The problem with Wenger is, he is just STUBBORN.

    You can all abuse me( and other) as you like, but it won’t change a damn thing. We do have the same problems. And we must solve them.

    I have a right to give my own opinion.


  90. Way off topic, but (fairly) interesting I hope. Liverpool have recently been linked to Wayne Bridge. So if you think about it, Gerrard, Joe Cole, Wayne Bridge……..You feeling where the England-dressing-room fault line is? And could Hodgson be exploiting this quite cleverly?

  91. ok sorry to have disrupted your regular ‘cum bye oh my lord, cum buy ya’ jamboree but i’ve unfortunately got to get back to work so i can pay the arsenal board stupid money for my season ticket again and expect no change in team investment plans. I say again …

    The player wages are ridiculous but the choice is simple … give the money to the players or give it to the board.

    I know what i prefer …

  92. I think Nordtveit has blocked my hopes of Micah Richards joining the Arsenal.

  93. I think that most of you in here should get a life.cos I think that accusing gunster as a tottenham fan is just pathetic.and I think that everybodyin here deserves an opinion.

  94. Oh god you’ve been up against it today CG.

    Haha the freaks don’t only come out at night.

  95. mingus – that is quite an interesting observation, I have often wondered which players were on each side of the obvious divide within the England team. At the moment it seems to me that it consists of the classless Chelsea players on one side and the rest on the other. With maybe the Sp*rs players in between.

    Not a great deal to like about England at the moment is there.

  96. now James, that’s pathetic.

    three aliases…. tststs…

  97. Surely Kenyan you’d rather have that?!

  98. els I know…

    They have put my brain into sleep mode with all their drizzle!

    Its a shame, most days it is an obsolute privilege to be speaking on footballing terms with you guys on here. Then you get the kids/spuds/trolls who are mainly from le Grone who attempt to take away any joy in supporting such a fine club.

    I just wish I could ignore them in all honesty!

  99. “At last some honesty … thanks Maciek. We need more of it on this sicophantic wenger appreciation site. I’d be one of them if we’d oen anything recently. As he hasn’t, he’s not a god beyond apprach and accountability. the chrisgonna’s and ??oneofus(what does that eman??? of this world are half the problem of why seem to experiencing ground hog day season after season lately.”

    At first I thought the above post was a brilliant and cutting parody of the illiterate semi-hysterical rantings of the so called “doom and gloom” brigade.
    Alas….it appears to be the genuine article. Oh dear.

  100. @Gunster
    Well, why don’t you just keep your money, then? It would be better for you + one of the spaces on the terraces could be freed up for a real supporter. Please, cancel your renewal.

  101. notlager

    If James is playing 3 idiotic characters, you gotta hand it to him!

  102. ChrisGoona

    You are an idiot for saying that.but you’ve always been an abusive cunt since I started blogging on here.But some things never seem to change.

  103. @Matty Boy
    But it now seems to indicate that Joe Cole (when at Chelsea) was not on the Chelsea side of the England-dressing-room divide.

  104. LOL at CG.

    How could he ever pull that on his own!!!!

    I guess his Spud supporting teacher is with him stroking his shoulder as he posts..

  105. Oh my god YW if some troll who doesn’t have anything positive to contribute is trying to get a rise out of someone can you not boot them???

    Alternatively have to forums one for rational people and people who can construct an argument and argue a point correctly i.e. Bill. And then another for utter numpties.

  106. no no no that was two

  107. Damn, where did all this negativity come from? You guy’s are making it seem like Wenger is not buying on purpose because he’s stubborn. You don’t think Wenger wants to win something, don’t you think that he goes to work everyday with this at the back of his mind? He works his ass off everyday to create a better future for our club by being financially prudent whilst still keeping us in the race every year (which is hardly losing and nothing short of a miracle) and you show no appreciation or loyalty to his philosophy and VISION. At this rate we will be debtless in a couple of years whilst until then still be competing for silverware on various fronts. No ambition hahh I cannot understand how the frustration of not winning a piece of metal can have such detrimental effects to ones reasoning. I’m by no means a blind follower of Wenger as he is human and we all make mistakes but lets just say he’s done more right than wrong for Arsenal so who am I to criticize. Sit back, relax and support this youthful team and i’m certain ‘glory’ is just around the corner.

  108. God not gooner2 as well. Seems the lunatics have escaped from the asylum.

  109. Any idiot who thinks his money is going to the board knows little about Arsenal. The board members do NOT take dividends from their shares.

  110. mingus – I do hope that is the case, John Terry did seem to be trying to win Joe Cole over by talking him up in the media.

    Maybe Joe Cole moving to Liverpool is his way of sticking two fingers up at JT and saying: “Look John, you might be bertie big balls down here in London but i’m going to see what’s really out there, in the big wide world. I’m going travelling. To Liverpool and the Europa league”

    I think it speaks volumes that no big foreign teams, in fact no foreign teams at all seem to really want any England players.

  111. They have suddenly gone silent?

  112. Its crazy, I hadn’t even read this blog yet but I wrote about the same thing.

    The only reason I have a problem with the negativity that some fans spew is that when things go wrong, they are there with the ‘i told you so attitude’ that is so irksome. It’s like they can’t wait for us to fail as opposed to getting behind the team. oh well..

  113. The teacher has returned to the classroom Keysersoze.

  114. dupsffokcuf – “The teacher has returned to the classroom Keysersoze.”

    Lol, a terrifying thought whatever way you look at it.

  115. Yes and your first lesson is democracy (spell that for me please) and free speech. Remember? That lil fight called World War II was all about it. Keeping the Hitlers of this planet six feet under ground right.

  116. I think its modern history class going on.

  117. And now for the maths lesson dumsfukcoff. Arsenals shares are worth £2. Guess what this year they have made a shit load of money cos they didn’t spend much. Now they can either pay a dividend of 50p per share or they pay nowt. Being the greedy bastards they are they pay nowt. Guess what’s happenned to their share price now Johnny? That’s right its now = £2+50p = £2.50.
    Gold star for Johnny and I suppose … a tissue for that w*nker called dumsfukcoff

  118. Gunster now it’s perfect time to switch to Maciek.

  119. More like Propaganda, Gunster. Trying to brainwash us with your opinion? We get it, Arsene is a failure, screw Arsenal its not like we were going to win anything anyways right? Spenders are always the winner’s right?

    Then what??

    Oh lets buy X and lets buy Y, they must be the solution. Oh they weren’t? Who would’ve thought.

    If the right player came up he would’ve been an Arsenal player by now but guess what, he didn’t. Just because he didn’t doesn’t mean you have to give us all a headache.

  120. And now its playtime … lets pay that World War II game again .. what was it again? oh yes ‘Gas anyone who don’t agree with lagerhead and his chums’.

  121. Were gassing you because your begging us to put you out of your misery.

  122. And Godwin’s Law rears its little head this morning…

    As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches 1

  123. notlager – “Gunster now it’s perfect time to switch to Maciek.”

    Had a real chuckle at that one.

  124. Yogi, I can’t really put my finger on the proper word, but discussion this was not.

  125. This is depressing!

  126. Keyser

    Allow me: wankfest


  127. By the way Gunster, since you are still able to post here please don’t refer to Hitler et al. And appreciate that freedom of speech, while a very convenient thing, is enjoyed by everyone and not you alone. 🙂

  128. Jesus wept. Gunster…you Sir are a f*****g idiot.

    I realise once again why it’s better not to read the comments sections of Arsenal blogs. Even true ones such as this.

  129. What kind of knob manages to go on a blog and turn everyone against him ? Such a coward, just makes you wonder if hes an even bigger knob head in real life.

    There is no chance on earth hes an Arsenal fan, that is for sure. My only question to you is, are you James??

  130. Harry

    It is relatively idiot free normally on the comments here. Today is an exception, I have had to take my eyes onto other windows to recover some brain bloody cells.

  131. Göteborg Gunner

    Today I went to Le-Gr*an and ended up scrolling past everything to the bottom of the page. What a sad place they have there.

  132. Nothing happening on the football front then. Not long before the transfer window blows shut. Im confident that AW will buy before then, if he doesnt i will make my point re that situation at that time. I am so looking forward to next week and the E cup, i think it will be easier to give an objective view about our chances after that. In particular im looking forward to seeing any improvements in all players but especially guys like, Jack Wilshire, Carlos Vela, Samir Nasri, TV, cause for these players it is relativly early days in The Arsenal shirt, as well as new signings. I remember last season it was a buzz to see how Alex Song had come along leaps and bounds. Also interested to see Theo, who i am a fan of. I also believe we could be helped by the inclusion of new and mature players, time will tell if they come or not but i dont think anyone would argue that if it was good for Arsenal football club then it would be good for all

  133. An answer from Arshavin’s latest Q&A seems appropriate given some of the drivel that has been spouted today:

    Football is universal. It can be played by thick and thin, tall and small, fast and slow. It can also be watched by stupid and smart, blondes and non blondes 🙂

  134. Oh and i forgot cesc, dont know if just me but in the wcf he looked lean and mean, more improvement from him i also expect

  135. Blimey. I’ve been out today and come online to find this.
    Why can’t you see when that stupid troll is playing his stupid games and ignore him folks? The absolute best medicine for these morons is no response like they don’t exist.

  136. Thats the greatness of football yw, its all inclusive and excepting, humans could learn something there, on both sides of a discussion

  137. Ive been looking at the training pictures, it must be windy in Austria cause the players are all tied to mountain safety rope

  138. Championship winning form there from the Sp*ds.

    That is, according to Garth Crooks’ & Chris Waddles’ favourite candidate for England Manager: ‘Appy ‘Arry.

  139. Cesc won Spain the World Cup, I am not afraid to make such a statement. They didn’t have the drive nor decisiveness before his introduction, his run and missed 1 on 1, and vision for the assist. Some still wonder why Arsene won’t let him go!!! We gotta be absolute idiots to let the guy go. Xavi can only dream of having such an impact on games in terms of assists and goals.

    Financially and footballistically we have no reason to sell our best asset. No matter how much crap they speak, and no matter how much they try to drive a wedge between our club and its captain.


    Picture 12 of 21: Problem solved.

    (I wonder if the decision to give us a goalkeepers in action special today tells us something…)

    Djourou sans knee support. Good to see.

  141. Limpar haha.

  142. Stubborn Wenger = the perception of genius by the impatient.

    Dare I liken Wenger to Galileo? Copernicus too? I think I just might. As the latter two were condemned for their scientific minds being ahead of their times, it’s easy to put forward arguments that Wenger too is experiencing the very same, just in a different arena.

    Whether it’s luck or a little bit of educational foresight, Wenger is moving Arsenal into the future at a rate beyond any club in the world.
    Our Academy is flourishing, our financing are enviable, and our stadium is one of the best (if not the) in England.

    Perhaps the footballing authorities will catch up. Perhaps they will punish teams for thuggery. Perhaps they will punish teams for frivilous expenditures. Should this happen the inept will lose out to technique. Football will win against anti-football.

    We have new players, we have younger players who are yet to pop their premiership cherry. Before baseless beliefs are cast, e.g that these players aren’t/will never be good enough (a judgement none are in a position to make), how about we just let the players play?

    We have football. If you’re not happy with that, there’s nothing any one can do for you.

  143. Nice one Limpar

    So that will be a formation of..


    Vermaelen being the lone defender!

  144. Gadget

    Loved the post, all the anger, love and frustration on Arsenal and football in England I feel put in an articulate way

  145. Lol Some good points Gadget. If only other teams and football authorities did exactly what AW wants we’d be unstoppable

  146. Limpar

    The photo of a photo being taken suggests that the training techniques for our goalkeepers needs some working on…


  147. Zim Paul: “There is such a strange fallacy in England that every football challenge can only be solved by purchasing more players”

    I agree to an extent with you, buying players is not always the answer, but I think the general opinion is that we are a bit light at CB this season and that as a club we tend to take risks with the cover for certain positions.
    I do not clamour for “big signings” but we need adequate cover for the inevitable injuries. Otherwise we will soon be rueing again how “unlucky” we are with injuries and how this scuppered our campaign

  148. Lmao @ YW

    Maybe we should start practising with 1 in goal then!

  149. just so you know – I’m a massive supporter of JETs gargantuan legs. I wish he moonlighted as a ballerina, I want to see them slinky fellas greased up and taut with emotion more often.

  150. there is a strange fallacy in englang of people being loud and stupid and proud of it.

  151. It’s not just in England. We do it abroad too.

  152. w@rd

    Unfortunately that is the human condition.


  153. Can anyone tell me what idiot wrote this?

    “I am hoping against hope that this will cause the Arsenal ‘village idiot’ fans to implode, kaa-pow; lots of little implosions over mainly, I guess, North London”

    Why is it just people from the manor that are village idiot fans then?

  154. I love this comment from Eduardo!

    “Eduardo da Silva has been told he must learn Russian within four months following his £6million move from Arsenal to Shakhtar Donetsk.

    Eduardo said: ‘I’ll spare no effort to learn the language, especially since a lot of the words in Russian are similar to Croatian. I’m ready to talk to anyone, but, honestly, I don’t really like talking to journalists!'”

  155. I’m sure we all agree BigM. We appear to be a bit light as you suggest. Answers lie in three directions: experience, defensive organisation, players. I think we’ve solved the first (Sol) and second (I have assumed Wenger, who openly raised the defensive issues, is working on this), and we are potentially one short of a fantastic line-up and back-up at CB. I reserve judgement on keepers, because I honestly don’t know.


  156. Uh oh … um … hello Rinseout, greetings and good tidings and all that, peace and one love, happy days.

    There appears to be, arguably, a higher proportion of negatory sentiments in the home manor than the global village. I don’t know why.

    I am your idiot sir.

  157. Rosicky aint going no where by the way. big tings gwan next year as he manifests into his TRUE FORM once again (and plus some)

    His chipper influence through the team will be vital to stablise some slight power shifting away from cesc. They are close friends and I think cesc will need some of that to deal with the dumbofans.

    As string of combo moves between nasri, cesc and rosicky should be enough to shut even barca scum up. And yes I am aware of the enormity of that task…

  158. I would also agree that we could do with improving in those 3 areas Zim but not to the detriment of many youth players.

    We need one player to come in that ticks all 3 boxes another player who has been around the block a strong character with those organisational skills.

    That is not easy to find. I dare say Wenger could find one but it would either be a many million deal. Is that the route we want to go down.

  159. Hi Zimpaul,
    Just been catching up on the last few weeks’ blogs.
    Shame you’ve put that really cos you’re normally a jovial lad, and I would’ve thought you’d understand the problems in prejudging people based on where they’re from.
    Not to worry at least you owned up to the idiocy 🙂

  160. Wenger would probably like to get a CB with premiership experience, but when clubs are asking for £20m for Cahill and £18m for Jagielka, they are just having a laugh. We are not oil city with more money than sense!

  161. *

  162. pop quiz: Do people here generaly feel that gallas has screwed us over a bit here or is it plain ‘fair enough’ that he wants his twilight years somewhere fresh?

    I mean he always was a professional but he always was a bit of a knob too…

    6/10 knob factor for me

  163. If Gallas goes, or is gone, I imagine that in time he will look back on the decison to leave AFC, as not one of his smarter moments.

    Not sure if he’s screwed anyone over, AW’s a big boy. But AFC and AW gave him a great opportunity etc.
    Last season he was amazing, and for him to leave AFC without a medal to show for his efforts and time here, will be something he goes on to regret.

    6/10 too.

  164. WG has always been a bit ‘eccentric’ but he could have been useful for us to help ease the transition of the new defensive players. It looks like he has burnt his bridges with Arsenal and there is no way back now. The word is that Arsenal offered him either a one year deal or a 2 year deal on reduced wages. He thought he could do better elsewhere but it looks like he’s discovering that the grass is not as green as he thought it would be.

  165. Skywatchingmug

    Not screwing us over, we got good service from him apart from the one time he let the side down and himself down.

    Gallas is out of contract so it’s all fair play.
    Good luck to him. But like many players now a days he has been a bit mercenary in his pay demands.

    5/10 knob factor for me, a semi so to speak.

    But he would never have been an Arsenal legend because of his flawed character and a little thing
    of playing for the chavs.

  166. I feel that Gallas best season with us was last year and I give him credit for that, maybe 2008 season too apart from the Birmingham theatrical breakdown.

    I don’t feel he came to Arsenal because he loved the club, but because it was a way out of his dilemma at Chel$ki.

    I personally feel we should be better off without him in the squad, but we need to sign someone in his place of course.

    I don’t ever think for one minute that Gallas was an Arsenal type of player.

    Knob scale: 7.5 / 10

  167. Delia-----Block 112

    What a riviting read this afternoon, you can tell that the school holidays have just begun !
    Having taken in the 2 friendlies ,against soft opposition ,it is obvious to me that we are light weigh at CB ,which MUST be resolved before we meet Liverpool. A Lucio look-a-like or Sol of old is the type we need. I dare say our French import has potential but I dread to think what the likes of Drogba would do to him and any confidence gained would go out of the window.
    As for the keeper situation , unless and until AW finds a player who is better than our current options lets hold on to our cash, another back-up is not what we need. World class keepers are like gold dust, the WC proved that point.
    Otherwise things look quite rosy with Nasri back to top form, Walcott looking fit and ready to go ,
    Frimpong catching the eye and young Jack looking the real deal with a controlled aggression to his play . With the WC 7 returning to the scene for next week’s friendly we will then have a better idea of likely formations/first choices.
    See you at the Emirates Cup and cheer up you doubters , AW really does know.

  168. Weekend!

  169. WG best season was in 2008 when the team should have pissed the league.No wonder he lost his head at Brum after Greedy refused to pass to Bender and then Clichy hearing voices.He was showing what all Gooners where feeling

  170. Delia – spot on.

  171. Skywatchingmug

    Delia good call, still early in preseason maybe someone will step up and make a claim
    to play along side Vermaelen.

    Another CB wouldn’t go a miss.

    Lets see how things pan out, not the time to start
    panicking yet.

  172. Eduardo’s presentation in Milan 🙂

    I’m feeling less sadness watching Eduardo standing in front of people who cheer for him, wishing him luck. All the best Dudu.

  173. man i’m finding all these eduardo videos really emotional. that ‘the always’ compliation is really hardcore if you are maybe a little stoned before hand. I was pro for him to move on the the end of the year but you can’t help but feel so much regret for what he could have achieved in retrospect. really hope he has an ace time at shakhtar. an all time classic no.9

  174. 1 loose cannon

    That presentation just shows how highly rated he is abroad despite the injury he suffered.

  175. 1 loose cannon

    Word- I’ll get you evn more emotional this is Eduardo at his best one of the coolest finishers I have seen. He was a proper striker neat and tidy finishing. I hope he is still that player we knew.

  176. u bastard!

  177. gallas was consistantly a high quality, high intensity player but he always felt a bit like a self satisfactoray mercenary. although shrewd enough to avoid too much controversity he was rather a ‘glass half full’ type of character. very respectable but not so much loveable.

    were he to sign for next year however it would be a huge relief to defensive anxieties. pretty much a ‘cure all’ effect. a testament to his ability.

    a defender of similar experience is arguably essential for next year considering past traits. media suggests we are still looking but apart from that I find the possible arrival of cambell a bit of a distraction…

    imo sol’s presence should largely be romanced as an important behind the scenes bonus. he was great last year whilst fresh and ready to release pent up frustration but a hopeful target of roughly a dozen or so starts next season is not something we can consistantly fall back upon in any time of need and not anyone we can plan around over the course of a season.

  178. So here’s the problem. Most people agree that in an ideal world we would have another right-sided CB (eg.Cahill, Mertsacker) to partner Vermaelen for most of the season and a stomping DM (eg. Inler, Melo) to support Song when needed. The majority of people also would like to see a temporary experienced keeper to fill the gap until Szcesny is fully ready to be our regular #1.

    Failing that, perhaps a right-sided CB who can also fill a role if needed in DM, (see Toure, Ya Ya) would be just fine. But in a market where Milner is priced at 30 million and Ya Ya went for 24 million, there’s no wonder why it’s taking Arsene a little time to get his man or men.

    What we do know is that we have a squad that can consistently beat teams 6-20 in the league. The addition or additions are what might be needed to get us consistently beating our main rivals, which was our shortfall last season. There’s no harm in recognizing this, and even if we didn’t add, I still think that we can stay in the Top 4 with what we have.

    My guess is Arsene will spend some meaningful money (10-15 million) on a solid CB and will rotate Diaby and Denilson when needed. It will secure a Top 4 spot and maybe a cup trophy, which is all we can realistically expect until we are debt-free and truly cash rich.

  179. Great post Lagonner

    A real touch of realism.This squad will finish in the top 4 and maybe win the FA cup,not the carling as we dont take that seriously.But we are not good enough to win the title.We will give it a good shot.But as in 2008 and last season lack of quality in depth will cost us

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