Looking At Barnet & Transfer Mill Turns…

Very quietly, very slowly, the new season is creeping upon us, the lengthening shadow of the Premier League is snaking outwards enveloping the ground previously occupied by the World Cup finals in South Africa. It is somewhat premature to be thinking of the new season as already here but it will be here so quickly that barely a breath will have been caught before the trip to Anfield on the opening weekend.

As it is Arsenal cravings begin to be sated this afternoon with the now obligatory trip to Barnet. A good afternoon out for the most part with previous outings being quite enjoyable and occasionally very enjoyable in terms of the scoreline. Nothing can be read into them, a win no guarantee of success and a draw no ominous portent for the coming campaign.

The 22 man squad was announced yesterday and contained few surprises since it is largely the first team squad which has reported for pre-season training. To the chagrin of some, Szczesny is not included, Fabianksi and Almunia the two ‘keepers chosen to represent the club this afternoon. I suspect the only thing to be read into that is the younger Pole going on loan somewhere for the 2010/11 season, especially if the reported interest in other goalkeepers manifests a new signing.

Chamakh and Koscielny are both included and will no doubt get a runout of sorts whilst Djourou having been out for so long will “seem like a new signing” as will Jack Wilshere following his loan spell at Bolton. For the younger players, it will an opportunity to see the progress made in the development of Miquel, who looked impressive on the couple of occasions I saw him play. Likewise, Emmanuel-Thomas and Nordtveit have spent time on loan which had the aim of speeding their path to the first team, a chance to see if that has worked. ATVO are showing the match if you want to catch it.

Onto the rumour mill and no end in site for the Barcelona bleating. Sandro Rosell has complained that the directors and manager are sticking their fingers in their ears and shouting, “La, la, la, la, I can’t hear you” to drown out the poor little mite when he tries to talk to them. Apparently the damage done by the public courtship of Fabregas by his predecessor has registered on the Barcelona horizon and the sound of a towel wafting in to the centre of the ring from their cornermen can be heard. It hasn’t landed yet and to consider the irritants to have fully taken on board the message of “No Sale” is perhaps premature and wishful thinking.

No sooner has one Spanish foe been vanquished than the ghost of Sir Francis Drake has been summoned in a secret meeting of The Coven (Arsenal Branch) as Valencia are sniffing around Eduardo having raked in €80m in this transfer window. Given the financial incentives for clubs which change hands at the end of the season as relegation and European qualifications are at stake, I am surprised Barcelona didn’t ask to borrow back the money from their peers to fund the Cesc deal. Racing Santander are also apparently looking covetously at Samuel Galindo, a loan deal being mooted.

Per Mertesacker has yet to decide where his lack of height and pace will be deficient next season, possibly Arsenal or Bayern Munich so the rumour goes whilst the Ivorian, Gervinho, is looking to ply his trade away from Lille. Given he is playing for a French club, it makes perfect sense for him to be linked with Arsenal as it is a nice, easy, simply and probably inaccurate, link to make. Quite possibly the funniest transfer rumour though was denied by Mick McCarthy yesterday, with Kevin Doyle supposedly interesting Wenger. I know people are crying out for world class players but this one had me crying with laughter.

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. Do you ever go to bed BB?

  2. Mertesacker was appalling and probably the weakest link of the German team, I hope to god we don’t sign him.

  3. 4th again

  4. Big Brovar this is inhuman. How do you do it?

    You two guys must have some connection??

    Nice post YW, can’t wait to see the team.

    So the Metersacker comments are they your opinions or are they opinions gathered? I for one would love his signature.

    Hope the broadband is sorted soon, it’s more stressful than moving sorting out broadband.

  5. Guner4thever

    Tian you kidding mate. I think he’s the real deal.

  6. What els? I was just claiming 4th man

  7. yes sorry it was like a daft joke on your name cos your like Gunner 4 ever and you sad you were erm always 4th so I kind of said Gunner 4th Ever instead of…. never mind… i’ll get me coat.

    Wasn’t THAT bad. Doh! Ok it was. Sorry.

  8. michael bradley of borussia for my 8m. great ball winning, coupled with his link up play, i think he would slot in very well where denilson has plateau’d recently.

  9. Like the sound of Bradley, but I’m biased as that’s my surname. Would be kinda cool to see a Bradley run out for the Arsenal! Looking forward to the game tomorrow& hope Chamakh gets more than a cameo. Would like to see Wilshere get a good run too.

  10. Mertesacker the weak link? No way, that guy is amazing. He practically never commits a foul.

  11. Where’s all the marquee signings then.

  12. 13th !!!!!!!!

    Celtic has tied Manure 1-1 on a penalty kick by the Greek Samaras.

    Can’t wait for the Barnet match tomorrow!

  13. Hello, I have made some rather venomous comments myself in my facebook page about those 2 DUNDERHEADS, from BARCA!

    At the end of the day, it is AW that determines Cesc Fabregas’ future. He has a “lengthy contract” and contracts do not contain ’emotions’.

    As Cesc himself has stated on public record, he wishes to lift a trophy as captain…well we all are aware that never happened this past season just gone. He has the perfect opportunity to do so in the coming season as captain of Arsenal’s first team.

    Now those Arsenal football BOOTIES of his can keep dancing to AW’s tune…and not BARCA’S YET!….Cheers 🙂

  14. In the space of two seasons Arsenal has lost 3 central defenders who were up to very recently starters.

    Senderos is no longer an Arsenal player. He was highly rated and a bright future was predicted. It didn’t work out. Toure is gone, Gallas is gone.

    If Koscielny does not work out what are the options for central defence?

    Were the personality conflicts in central defence a major factor in any of the departures? Will the current central defenders get along?

  15. So Barcelona have said they wont go all out to sign Cesc, and wont pay 60-70m for him. Indicating that Arsenal are very upset at their handling of the transfer, going on to say that He’ll be their player next year anyway. They really know how to charm Arsenal…

    If Roselle believes that Cesc’s market value is £27m, then bless his little heart.

    Cesc is in the unfortunate situation of being, whilst only at 23, one of the best midfielders in the world and so commands one of the best prices in the world. I think thats what you call market economics. Has Roselle even studies economics? How did he get elected without studying economics? Hell, even Arsenal’s manager has a masters in economics.

    I strongly suggest, next time Barcelona’s shareholders elect a Presidente, make sure he has studied economics. It would solve a lot of their problems.

    What a numpty club.

  16. I am very worried about the goal-keeping situation at Arsenal. Wenger has to do something now. Getting a good Goal-keeper and one more Defender will show we mean business. The likes of Man City, Tottenham are improving every season so we can’t go into the season half prepared!

    Charles (Arsenal for Life

  17. Does anyone know the problem with Denilson this time around?


  18. Denilson is down with a groin injury which has been bothering him for quite sometime i guess.As far as the squad for the Barnet game goes, i am quite impressed with the intentions of Arsene.He wants to make sure he has his first team ready and start rolling the oppositions over once the EPL season begins.I am quite delighted with the first team we have right now.Another CB & GK would be brilliant.I sincerely think that both Almunia & Fabianski are talented goalkeepers but they do not have the command which needs to make them great goalkeepers.I am real positive about the team and i am sure we are definitely ready for trophies this season no matter what all these so called Arsenal “plastic fans”think.And all the others who believe in the club,players and manager can look forward to a breathtaking season.Cmon Arsenal!!!!!!!!!

  19. Don’t expect that Valencia has so much money. Don’t think Barcelona is paying in cash!

    One defender, one Gk and one DM! And if we get any good offers let’s sell diAby and

  20. Drake he was a Devon man, an’ ruled the Devon seas,
    (Capten, art tha’ sleepin’ there below?)
    Roving’ tho’ his death fell, he went wi’ heart at ease,
    A’ dreamin’ arl the time o’ Plymouth Hoe.
    “Take my drum to England, hang et by the shore,
    Strike et when your powder’s runnin’ low;
    If the Dons sight Devon, I’ll quit the port o’ Heaven,
    An’ drum them up the Channel as we drumm’d them long ago.”

  21. I think Wenger is in a Capello type situation with his keepers
    Almunia = James – Both good shot stoppers but make a few errors
    Fabianski = Green – Lack confidence which leads to high profile mistakes
    Mannone/Sczcesney = Hart – Look good prospects, lack experience to be handed the No.1 shirt just yet.

    What will Capello do? I reckon he will throw Hart in at the deep end for the next match. IMO, Wenger should be doing the same with Mannone/Sczcesney especially in these friendlies, the on ly reason that he might not be, is he has already signed a new keeper and is parading the other 2 in the shop window.

    Just seen Sky advert, featured all 4 of messi’s goal against arsenal plus drogba’s scoring free kick at emirates. I can think of at least 3 sky sport adverts in past featuring arsenal conceding (ronaldo- c league semi final, rooney at emirates last season) WHAT THE F***, SCUM SPORTS?!!!

  23. Nice Post Yogi’s Warrior!!

    @ Tian: No, Mertesacker was NOT the weakest link in the GERMAN defense and i have no F***ing clue as to how you found him to be bad! He and Friedrich probably made the best defensive partnership at the world cup! We need this 6 feet 6 inches beast to partner Vermaelen at the back!! If we get this beast at the back we will not get bullied and embarrassed by middle table teams like Stoke, Wigan, Blackburn and Birmingham..to name a few! Needless to say the reason why we lost to such teams in the last season was not our goal scoring ability! Apart from Almunia and Fabianski’s butter fingers, It was solely the lack of height to defend from the opponent’s set pieces that cost us all those valuable points!!

    @Yogi’s Warrior, Although i really doubt we would sign him! What do you think are the chances for us to sign Per Mertesacker! I reckon if we pull this one off, it would be the signing of the season by far within the big 4!!

    Another interesting rumour that i hope get materialized is regarding Connor Wickham! We should sign him and offer an immediate loan back to Ipswich!! Roy Keane will never say no to that! He gets the money and gets to hold on to his best player for another season! This time, we need to beat the Spurs and and United (if they generate interest later on). We should not let go off this opportunity! Last year we were hesitant and we did not get Lee Cattermole! Back in January we lost out on a couple of millions to United for Smalling! Come one Wenger, Do this!!

    P.S. Am i the only one worried as to why Wenger has not wrapped up the transfers for this season by now! Usually wenger always has his men well before the pre-season matches get on thier way! I will be REALLY disappointed if we extend silvestre’s contract and DO NOT get any other Center Back…and even further disappointed if wenger does not buy a new goal-keeper…let it be schwarzer, handanovic, or even szczesny or mannone to start as the first choice keeper but not Almunia and Fabianski! Almunia and Fabianski easily costed us 15-18 points easisly last season for their errors!! I really hope and pray that there is more activity in the transfer market for Arsenal!

    Gunner 4 Life!

  24. Arsenal concede better in HD

  25. Mertesacker had an absolute stormer against Spain. What he lacks in pace he more than makes up for in positional sense and would make an ideal partner for Vermaelen.

  26. I think that Gooners have been living in wishful-thinking land all summer. Fabianski will be first choice and Almunia in reserve, starting today….

    Mark my words!

  27. Why wouldn’t you be excited for the coming season? Almost all our players have points to prove:

    -Theo: show why he should’ve been on the England team and how deadly of a player he is
    -RVP: show his class with a midfield that actually passes to him
    -Clichy: why the France LB spot belongs to him and not the disgraceful Evra
    -Chamakh and Kosielny: to show that Wenger is still the wizard of transfers
    -Sagna/Eboue: genuine competition
    -Nasri: show why he should’ve been on the France squad
    -Diaby: continue to prove that he deserves to start for France, considering he was their best midfielder in WC
    -Denilson: shut the haters up, quietly doing what he does w/o any recognition
    -Song: why he should be the star and fulcrum of the Cameroon team
    -Bendtner: that his form last season wasn’t a fluke
    -Arshavin: that his form last season was a fluke
    -Rosicky/Eduardo: that their fantastic talents have been held back only due to injury
    -Djourou: that he can be the 6’4″ brute everyone seems to have been begging for 3 years running
    -Vermaelen: to travel back in time and terminate Drogba
    -Gibbs/Wilshere/Lansbury/Emmanuel-Thomas/Eastmond: to show that they are future England starters
    -Vela/Barazite/Szczesny/all the other young professionals: that they have what it takes to make it at Arsenal.
    -The goalkeepers: goes without say

    and finally
    -Ramsey: to nutmeg Shawcross and fire a 35 yard middle finger to the Stokes and Blackburns of the world
    -Fabregas, to show why he’s worth more to us than all of the treasure in Catalunya
    -Wenger: to prove that the wait was worth it

    I can’t think of another time when all of our players have had this much to play for. I am ridiculously excited for the coming season.

  28. Romford Pele awesome spot. I’ve been noticing that for over a year now. Not just sky sports either. Montages always show us conceading more than any other team FACT!

  29. Harsh great post.

    And if I may

    A parting winning trophy for our captain, who will double Barca’s estimation of him to earn his beloved Arsenal the cash he knows we deserve for him

    I don’t want that to be a pessimistic “cesc is leaving” but it’s likely next season and I’m sure cesc will want to do right by us.

    Come on ARSENAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  30. The boring stuff is over. Bring on Arsenal.

    Kaman Arsenal.

    Theo, Theeeoooo, Theo

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  32. So last year we learned that Vermaelen can’t win a header, and the year before we discovered that Nacer Barazite and Paul Rodgers were about to break into the Arsenal first team.

    What valuable insight will we gain from this year’s Barnet match?

  33. fab.nordtveit.tv.lk.traore.frimpong.tr7.wilschere.arsh.simpson.jet.

  34. Arsenal starting XI: Fabianski, Nordtveit, Vermaelen, Koscielny, Traore, Frimpong, Rosicky, Wilshere, Arshavin, Simpson, Emmanuel-Thomas

  35. Arsenal starting XI: Fabianski, Nordtveit, Vermaelen, Koscielny, Traore, Frimpong, Rosicky, Wilshere, Arshavin, Simpson, Emmanuel-Thomas

  36. kick off delayed

  37. As usual

  38. Arsenal.

  39. Does anyone think we might be playing a 4-4-2 with Arshavin on the left and wilshere on the right?
    Because i just cant see JET playing as a wide forward.

  40. Anyone has a stream?

  41. Thanks, I caught the second one. Who got the first?

  42. It’s 4-3-3 and JET shines at RW. Jack Wilshere in central midfield.

  43. Arshavin

  44. Ok thanks OOU.

    Arshavin got the first walked it round the keeper, but it was a good team move, and it looks like he’s doing more traking back and closing down then ever before. Good Omen?

  45. Jay simpson makes it 3-0!

  46. Nice goal. Great assist by Wilshere. I think we will see him as a sub a couple of times this year!

  47. No problem AF. I’m a big fan of the 4-3-3. Well, as long as you don’t play two holding midfielder like Holland did this summer!

  48. Chamakh on! god how i missed this

  49. djorou playing without knee brace

  50. I like the way Theo is allowed to roam upfront. Would love to see more throughballs played to him this season.

  51. solid performance today. very exciting to see the boys in the new kit. enjoyed the new chamakh chant!


  52. Am in kenya,supporting arsenal till i die. Those who watched,what can u deduce abt koscielny&chamakh?

  53. i love it and totally agree. smiling like a farmer with toothache. splendid.

  54. I think arsenal still need 2 more experience defender

  55. Koscielny was decent some good interceptions, a few tackles were sneaked in and in the air he was ok, he didnt dominate but he wasnt competely outmuscled either.

    Chamakh had an ok debut as well. Pressed very well and looked comfortable holding up the ball. Although he was beaten in the air a few times, the quality of crossing wasnt great so that did play a factor.

    All in all it was a good outing.

  56. Frimpong, Wilshire and Rosicky were everywhere in the first half. Frimmy looked especially quick and strong in the tackle.

  57. Frimpong was looking really good in those youth championship games at the end of last season. He’s not always pretty to watch, but when he’s on form it’s quite a spectacle. We haven’t had such an aggressive tackler in midfield for a long time.

    I’d be interested to see what happens to him this season – it’d be great to see another youngster break through, but I suppose he’ll be heading off on loan first.

  58. Does anyone know why Eduardo wasn’t included in the squad?

  59. Someone please tell me who scored for us today,apart from shava and simpson? How did barazite fair?

    Just sooooooo happy to that REAL football is back!!

    In my opinion,our next addition to the team should be a DM. Teams such as birmingham had mediocre defenders but concided less than Arsenal. We must become abit defensive minded in our play and organisation. See…its that easy to be a football manager!

  60. Spurs are playing down the street from my house…can’t score against San Jose hehe

  61. I only got to watch the second half so I missed Wilshere and Frimpong. What I saw of Henderson and Lansbury impressed me, though. They are steeped in Wengerball, which is very good to see. I also liked Eastmond and Miquel. Miquel seems to need to iron out a few details and will make a good left footed center half. Perhaps he’ll get a loan somewhere or stay in the squad and play in the league cup.

  62. Harsh:

    I hope you get your street disinfected after their visit.

  63. G69, Frimpong is a huge guy but also has a good touch. Some of his tackles were top drawer stuff, and he tried to close down all the time when he did not have the ball.

  64. I was out this afternoon so could not see the game live, but I’ve just seen first half highlights on ATVO. You can’t read much into a pre-season friendly against such lowly opposition, but it was just great to see Arsenal playing again. I’ve really missed them!

  65. dupsffokcuf, I heard the commentators talking about how Frimpong was pressing Barnet all over the pitch.

    I used to read a lot about him on Young Guns and they were always raving about him. Do you think he’s better than Coquelin or Eastmond at DM?

  66. Seems most fans like the new away kit as there were loads wearing it at Barnet.

  67. G69, Frimpong akes Eastmond & Coquelin look like schoolboys with his size. The thing is, like Passenal says, it is hard to know from a game like this

  68. Watching the Arsenal is Beautiful

  69. I’m desperate for Arsenal to produce a homegrown (at our academy from 14 or so) first-team player this season.

    It’s got nothing to do with race, England’s fortunes, parochialism or nostalgia for the Graham days.

    It’s simply that producing their own talent is what the best clubs do. If we’re producing our own players, even in London, filled as it is with other big clubs competing to recruit young talent into their academies (something Barcelona has never had to contend with), I believe we’ll be able to hold our heads a little higher on the European stage.

    If just one player nails down a first team place I’ll be satisfied. That doesn’t mean I’ll be baying to see young English players included in the side. More that, if, when given a chance, a player performs well, then I’d like to see him given a opportunity to prove that he deserves to stay in the team.

    So really, it’s the same rule that’s applied throughout AW’s reign. Only this season, I believe we have one or two academy products that might be good enough to nail down a starting place without needing special treatment.

  70. Wasn’t that great? Just to see Arsenal play again. Frimpong was outstanding and I love the way Li’l Jack looks so comfortable and at home in the illustrious company of AA and TR7.

    All in all it was only a glorified training session but I love watching Arsenal whatever the competition whoever the opposition so I am a happy bunny.

  71. I agree steww and OOU. I think Jack could be the one. He has really grown up over the summer.

  72. I think it’s looking like it’ll be Jack as well.

    Sorry, I wrote that pretty early for a Sunday and it barely makes sense.

    I dunno, something’s snapped with this whole Cesc business. One of the reasons Barcelona has avoided any condemnation is because we’re seen by many people across Europe as child-snatchers, and not really able to take the high-ground when it comes to tapping-up.

    Bringing some top-class youngsters of our own through could be the last step in becoming a super-club. Actually, that’s probably what this summer’s been about as well – sending the message that we’re Barcelona’s peer, and should be treated accordingly.

  73. Hasn’t the bloke who was responsible for bringing all of barca’s star players through (poohole, Chavy and Iniesta) and scouting players like Messi And left and joined liverpool? Thats what I heared.

    On the Cesc front I am sure he desires a move…And I realy don’t want him at Arsenal if he doesn’t want to be here.


    I accept that the source isn’t too reliable (where is nowerdays?) but the conviction with which the Spanish team mates we saw him laughing and joking with on the spain camp insist he wants a move makes iit very difficult to doubt.

    If he stays for another season the world will think we owe him one, and Arsenal owes no-one anything.

  74. We are still a Keeper a CB and a Striker away from being anything other that a 10 points behind Chelsea side.
    The lack of a signing of a keeper with only a month to go is worrying.We need a new keeper in to play in the pre season games.
    We are short at CB and another striker is needed as Eddy is sadly not going to do it for us and we have to have the insurance incase Robin gets his normal long term injury

    Wilshire must be unleashed this season no more sitting on the bench for him.He is far and away a better prospect than Walcott

  75. Behave Norman.

  76. Why the comparison with Walcott, Norman aka everyone else? They play in totally different positions and there’s a three-year age difference between them.

    Yeah, Borrell I think it is, Deano.

    I don’t think Cesc wants to go as badly as the Barcelona players are making out. And if he does leave this summer it will only be if they make a decent offer. This constant yammering is probably a ploy to make the the transfer seem inevitable when it’s anything but.

    Cesc is probably being kept in the loop by AW and wouldn’t be so self-centred to believe that Arsenal should sell him for half his value just because Barcelona can’t stump up the cash. Having spent seven years at the club he’ll understand our position.

    As they’re not going to shut up any time soon, I think the best thing to do is ignore them.

  77. That’s a thought – how popular is “Norman” as a name for baby boys these days? I can’t imagine any parents naming their son “Norman” in the 21st Century. Maybe the name will die out, like the 1st World War veterans.

    In a few decades maybe there’ll be a news report from a nursing home about the last Norman.

  78. OOU, interesting point. I agree Wilshere has done it, maybe you could say Eastmond is nearly there and I also think JET stands a very good chance. And Frimpong, too – his passing has improved out of recognition in the last 18 months. The problem in some cases is that the best of the kids are in competition with the best of the grown-ups (who are themselves quite young).

  79. Norman Wisdom is still going strong isn’t he?

    Theres no wisdom being exhibited by this Norman though.

    But yes i agree it will be gone soon, like Angus and Archibald so we should cherish any Norman we meet.

  80. Who writes posts like that for the Normans of this world to cut and paste? they are always the same and pop up all over blogland like weeds.
    I much prefer originality and humour. Oh and people who support arsenal – I like them too.

  81. Oou it is double standards that Barca proudly emblazon their shirts and fly the flag of UNICEF when they are just as adept at ‘siphoning youth’. Look at Messi, Dos Santos, etc. Again its crude econimcs others might liken it to child trafficking, get em young and cheap then develop them and sell them for a profit. One feels sorry for the original grassroots clubs that get meagre compensation and the the lack of re-investment if any back to’the countries that spawned the talent . This happens all over South America and West Africa. One can argue that theyre stock in footballing terms has improved relative to the European teams in recent years but nothing is injected back into grassroots level football.

    Anyway Barca can roll over and rot as far as Im concerned. For some reason we have never played them with a full strength team. Our day is coming and I will be laughing all the way to the hills when we beat them and see Xavi and Iniesta in tears.

  82. Arseblogger predicted this lastest Puyol offering, I’m using the Arseblogger Babelfish here…just tuning in…OK, here we go, the Arsebloggers translation of the Puyol quote above:

    “Carles Puyol: Puyol make caveman noise. Puyol beat chest. Puyol eat meat. Puyol good. Good Puyol. Goooooood Puyol.”

    Actually, the Arseblogger had Puyol scheduled to for Monday, Iniesta was meant to give the interviews today…

  83. Truly predictable how the Cesc saga will go on and on. Judging by NewsNow, both the bloggers and the media knows that the gullible will continue to bite so they will continue to churn sensational bullsh*t. Take the last 24 hours for example. Arsene Wenger, who holds the most important cards in this game, said unequivocally:
    “We didn’t consider the numbers at all. We just considered that we want Cesc to be a part of our club next season and that’s it.”
    Yet within 12 hours the blogs and the tabloid resume the frenzy when PooHole declares Cesc is determined to return to Barca and Henry says he has a tough decison to make. Incredible. Is there any room for credible debate. Cesc is tied to Arsenal with a fresh five year contract with lucrative bonuses (golden handcuffs) which he would be crazy to break. Barca has no intention of breaking the bank, Arsenal refuses to sell and Cesc has demonstrated no intention of asking for a transfer.
    Gooners – lets move on.

  84. Finsbury

    But I thought Iniesta only came out at night? I heared that If he goes in the sun he will literaly combust into flames.

  85. Shotta

    You are absoloutley right. I think the majority of people on here know that Barca are a bunch of classless gum flappers that aren’t worthy of discussion. We know that we will not sell below market value and we know that the tactless twats that play for barca are free to rumble on with little consequence.

    But the most uncomfortable thing is Cesc himself. It realy bothers me, perhaps I’m a fan with an unrealisticaly romantic view of football in feeling that it should be a requisite for a player to love a club whole heartedly. I don’t disagree with keeping hold of Fabregas because of all that DNA bollocks and” we owe him blah, blah cock” I disagree because the player himself will not re-affirm his desire to commit. Yes there is a contract signed, yes he has never explicitly stated he would like to move elsewhere immediatley, but his body language and unwillingness to comment only lends credibility to the oafish comments made by his compatriots.

    It would seem he has his neck turned and is grinning gormlessly into the tastless neon lights of FC Barcellona.

  86. The simple fact is……Although Wenger rightly has supreme authority, Cesc Fabregas is the only person on the planet who holds the power to sqaush all this tedious discussion.

    But it is something he simply will not do.

    Why? Well, we can only speculate. And speculate we will.

  87. Am I alone in feeling Cesc’s business is Cesc’s business and I have absolutely no right to hear him deny this or confirm that. Leave the boy alone.

  88. @ deano
    I understand how you feel, especially after all the “love and care” as Wenger puts it, which has been lavished on him. One can’t help but think a bit less of Cesc on account of his equivocation. But if it’s any comfort, I genuinely believe he is happy to stay here – he’s not staying under duress.

  89. And Shotta, agree – but you underestimate the propensity of media and some bloggers to flog a dead horse.

  90. Seriously, just because Barca, their media and our media want us to think of him in a certain way does that mean we have to? Does it mean we have a God given right to hear him deny the reports? No.
    Once again we are nitpicking at perceived negatives in connection with our great club instead of celebrating the positives.

  91. I actually agree that it seems Cesc or his agent is desperate to keep this story going. I wasn’t surprised after Yesterday’s very unequivocal statement (which was queerly delivered in the past tense- e.g. We weren’t considering offers) by Wenger to see Rod Draper report that barca were preparing their final bid, Puyol was next to come on, and Henry’s comments followed. More people will speak “for Cesc” in the next few days.

    I am starting to get really furious with all this. Arsenal have two real choices; 1. Keep Cesc. 2. Sell Cesc in response to a serious bid by Barcelona.

    If Ibra is worth £45M+Etoo+1 year of Hleb, then Cesc is worth at least as much. He’s 23, arguably the best central midfielder in the world, with the trophies to back that up, captain of one of the world’s 5 biggest clubs, the club not wanting to sell him, since he’s bound by a 5 year contract.

    Barcelona should pay up or shut up.

  92. But it’s maybe too late already. Arsenal almost can’t sell him again this season.

  93. why are Barca making such a fuss over someone who would be a mere squad player for “mes que un club”?

  94. FunGunner @ 3:10pm – Flogging a dead horse is one thing but the retards want us to believe the horse is alive and kicking.

  95. Rumours are that Eduardo is on his way to Donetsk for €7.5 million. Would certainly explain his absence yesterday…

  96. I will miss Dudu, but the move is probably the right thing for him and Arsenal right now. Shame we can’t loan him out for a year and see how he goes, but this is the sensible thing from an economic point of view. $7.5m as quoted would be good business.

  97. Personally I dont think its necessary to get overly emotional about dudu, we all liked him and wanted the best for him but the true potential was never quite realised and I think we have seen enough to know that we will always be fighting an uphill battle for physiological fitness.

    We are a complex business that constantly needs fine tuning and careful management of human characters, the unknown element of eduardo is just not workable for a demanding club like us. Our needs have changed since we brought him so there is no real reason for either party to feel aggrieved.

    I only bother to say this because a lot of people on here seem to really want him to stay and apart from loyalty reasons I really dont see how we can make space for him.

  98. the Arsenal boss has insisted that the striker – who has scored 18 goals in 29 games for Croatia – still has a big part to play in North London.

    “Eduardo is an Arsenal player and I am expecting a lot from him this season,” Wenger told Sportske Novosti.

    “He had a terrible injury – he went through hell – but I think his workrate is fantastic and his determination, which is exceptional, will be of great use to Arsenal.”


  99. Word,
    I think this is one of the worst comments I’ve seen here.

    I don’t think Eduardo is struggling at all with the physical or psychological side of the game, and he went in crunching challenges after his recovery that I was personally afraid for his safety.

    Eduardo struggled to find his form like any other player who has been out for such a long time. Rosicky comes to mind as a very good example of that.

    Eduardo’s best times were actually playing off Adebayor which he can repeat playing off Chamakh…..I doubt he will be sold any time soon.

  100. I hope you are right G4E, but I fear there is too much smoke with this one. I know Arsene was recently quoted as saying he wanted Eduardo to stay, but at the end of last season he seemed to imply that if Eduardo wanted to leave in order to play regularly, he would not stand in his way. I had hoped he would be given more time, at least until January to see if he could get past the Taylor incident. But I think it’s more than that. It seemed to be the ‘diving’ furore that really caused the dip in his confidence as he actually did quite well when he first returned to fitness. It would be a damn shame to see the departure of a player of his potential quality for those reasons. I would also be gutted if his departure is hastened in order to make space in the squad for that uber-chav Cole.

  101. Can someone please tell me, what is one of us’s avatar?

  102. good day at barnet.. talked to fabianski in polish and shook arsene’s hand

  103. and obviusly 4-0 wasnt bad

  104. Passenal, I would like to think that Eduardo who managed to get back from such horrendous tackle by an English player to be able to stand to a highly hypocritical English media for a %50 – 50 call on the Celtic penalty.

    I’d also like to believe that no one is guaranteed regular playing time at Arsenal, especially up front were we have many players and too many options. (Apart from Van Persie, when fit).

    So, the decision to leave will be Eduardo’s call if he prefers to play on a regular basis or to stay and fight for a place at Arsenal, and not because he’s not capable or lost his capabilities due to injury or Arsenal don’t want him any more.

    I hope he stays but that’s just my personal wish.

  105. The little picture.

  106. “After everything is done then I will think about it. But whatever it is, I want to come back to Arsenal – maybe as a water boy – just love this club.”


    And i’d be only to happy to see him coaching or even helping out Pat Rice.

  107. “After everything is done then I will think about it. But whatever it is, I want to come back to Arsenal – maybe as a water boy – just love this club.”


    And i’d be only to happy to see him coaching or even helping out Pat Rice. Wow

  108. Sorry bout that I didn’t think it had gone on. Still it’s worth 2 posts.

  109. who here just hates the ape man puyol m-fu-!ing sh!t stirrer YW no expletives or anything this time…..

  110. one of the worst comment you have ever seen G4E? oh really… all I am saying is that I want whats best for the club and blind loyalty does not fit that criteria.

    In your first para you say eduardo is not struggling at all (despite being fully fit since feb 2009)… yet in your second para you say he IS struggling… hmm. Comparing him to rosicky is fruitless because this is all about confidence and rosicky is a very well grounded and happy man… completely different cases. Then you presume that we will ditch the 433 and RVP/Arshavin to let dudu play up front with another unknown of chamakh.

    And btw I dont personally feel that the celtic saga should have had anything but a marginal impact to eduardos form. If he really is that fragile then there IS something wrong.

    *Sorry I meant phycological fitness not physiological in my 8:27.

  111. word

    I have to agree with G4E

    Your statement of blind loyalty is just stupid. The guy was one of the most prolific goalscorers, he lead us to a title charge, then was suddenly taken out of the game by one thuggish English style challenge, a lunge by a typical average English player who was told to get stuck in.

    Eduardo could have lost his leg, I don’t know about anyone else, but to even to get back on the pitch he is a hero to me. There will be nothing better next season than Eduardo leading us to another title charge. I hope the rumours are false, but despite Wenger’s comments, he has left it in Eduardo’s court. It is a possibility he would want to have a change of scenery even though he would love to get back into our team scoring goals at the highest level.

    Whatever happens it is Eduardo’s choice, we will only benefit from having him in our squad if he stays.

  112. Fabregas remains calm and is only thinking about Arsenal

    Cesc Fabregas is enjoying a well deserved holiday for the moment. A few days after the celebrating with the national team he still is staying in Spain, and journalists are hunting him down and keep asking about an possible transfer to FC Barcelona.

    So once again after a training session given by Cesc to a youth team from an amateur club they were at him again. The world champion stayed very cool when the rumours surfaced and he indicated that he purely and only is thinking about Arsenal. “The less we speak about Barcelona the better” said the captain of the Gunners to the Spanish press.

    During the celebrations some players pulled a Barca shirt over his head but that was a misunderstanding according to the fine midfielder. ”I was deeply ashamed by this, but I hope that Arsenal has understanding for the situation I was finding myself in”.


    This is how the neutral world “Dutch media” perceived Cesc’s comments after the World Cup.

    Its funny how them Spanish wan*ers and English media spin it to sell some newspapers. Cesc is staying, and he is clearly got his ticket booker to be back at Emirates for pre-season. Hopefully in time for the Emirates Cup where he gets a standing ovation for being a World Champion!

  113. ticket booked*

  114. I agree with G4E and Chris. My loyalty to eds isn’t blind it’s based on his incredible talents as a footballer and unbelievable courage. I don’t presume to know his state of mind.
    Just sit and watch his goal against Burnley 20 and 30 times and tell me you don’t want to see more of that.

  115. No more news from this blog henceforth?

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