No Complaints: Same Names, Same Stories & FA Investigate Outbreak Of Sanity

An enforced absence due to broadband issues yesterday, the engineer was less accurate with his fixes than Pique was when he ‘gobbed’ on a fellow Catalan yesterday. Hard to decide which has contributed more to such classy behaviour; spending time with United or just generally being a piece of sh*t.

With Barnet looming on the horizon, proper football returns, none of this namby-pamby World Cup mularky. Pre-season is well under way and Arsene used his managerial privileges to delegate the first week’s fitness coaching, returning yesterday with “Lads, I’ve got a plan” and other tactical stuff.

Cesc to Barcelona rumbles on with the player declining to appease the press with a declaration of love either way, preferring to tell us that “Whatever will be, will be“, forgetting the bit about going to “Wemb-er-lee“, ending the conversation instead. Quite rightly there is a lot of anger around about the overt and unsubtle tapping up of Fabregas.

Calls for Arsenal to complain miss the point to some extent; to do so now would unsettle the player since his representatives would be investigated as well as Barcelona, a situation that Arsenal will want to avoid as it will inflame any feelings he may have about the non-transfer. If a deal is done then there is nothing to stop Arsenal following through on that path. However, history suggests that they will not seek to do so preferring to make the Catalans pay through the nose for the player should they decide to sell. Which they have made clear they do not want to do.

Almost as long running is the goalkeeping saga, with Mark Schwarzer still on the radar. The report suggests that Arsene has had a £2m bid turned down which is difficult to fathom as a few weeks back the reports were that £3.5m had been turned down. None which is relevant as The Cottagers want £4m. Having ripped off the new owners of Harrods with a sale, Al Fayed is looking to do the same with Arsenal.

It is no secret that I do not think he is a great improvement on those already at the club but perhaps more than anything the speculation has been galvanising for Almunia and Fabianski, focussing them on their own weaknesses and strengths, improving the former and maintaining the latter. Last week there was speculation about Shay Given being released by Manchester City but I do not think that will happen. At the tail end of the season, they were caught out by Given’s injury, forced to play their third or fourth choice ‘keeper and I suspect that Hart will vie with Given for their starting position with Taylor being the back up should that occur again.

To finish off a quiet day, a rare outbreak of sanity at the Football Association. The FA Cup committee is apparently reviewing the competition’s replays and looking at ending them, making ties finish on the day  they are played. It has to happen; more and more sides are entering ‘under strength’ teams in the 3rd and 4th rounds – some beyond – a great source of complaint amongst some Arsenal fans about Wenger’s apparent disregard.

The timings of those rounds are horrendous, just after an intense period of games in the Premier League and before the re-commencement of the Champions League. It is unjustifiable for the English authorities to continue with this state of affairs. Dropping the replays will encourage the fielding of the strongest XI’s, managers knowing that there are two less matches (potentially) before the end of January. Whether they have the courage to do so remains to be seen but talking is a step in the right direction.

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. Good to be back on top 😉

  2. am logged in to my girl friends wordpress again sigh

  3. Hard to decide which has contributed more to such classy behaviour; spending time with United or just generally being a piece of sh*t.

    Shits attract one another. Same with drunkards. And politicians.

  4. Read the article first Pique..

  5. where did bobygee go to? or is BB his re-incarnation?

  6. YW Nice one!
    BB – any idea how to get ATVO to work with Ubuntu?

  7. Good to have you back YW!

  8. How did the move go, YW?

  9. The Fa would never anything as radical,they are stock up ignorants like Fifa and Uefa.

  10. FG

    A mix of good stuff and bad. Still without broadband at home, about the only time I’ve been grateful for work! Aside from payday, that is…


  11. I cant imagine the great YW having to have a job.

    Good post mate.

    I have to say I really didn’t like that pique spitting vid. Didn’t like cesc’s reaction at all.

  12. good post yogi,

    They say that moving home is one of the three most stressful things a person can do in life.

    I can remember the other 2 but i assume one would be getting married.

    Maybe the third is be an arsenal fan when Barca want your players as you are on the brink of something special.

  13. els

    I was dissapointed, Cesc will be ashamed of his behaviour. The Spanish have made themselves look like right idiots to the whole world. Pique is just knob.

  14. @ YW
    Transferring Broadband is a nightmare – hang in there.

    @ els

    It’s easy to get carried away when you’re high on a victory and trying to fit in with your teammates as well. I remember after Spain defeated Germany in Euro 08, a devastated German player was being interviewed and Cesc led a conga line of loudly celebrating Spaniards behind him. I winced then, as well. He does know how to behave, but they’re definitely a bad influence on him!

  15. Actually all these antics would not make any negative impression of barcelona and their players on Cesc. He loves that club. I remember once it was widely reported that he asked Mark Hughes whether he really played for Barcelona, and on hearing yes he shook his head. Well, if Puyol and Pique can play for “barcelona”, bet Mark Hughes also can. Its just that Cesc doesn’t have a negative impression about his old club and old teammates.

  16. How did Pique get away with faking it for this long?

    The man is a clumsy footballer yet he is up there with the most succesfull of all time trophy wise.

    How how how?

  17. I pray we are pooled with barceloosers in CL, we wanna show our anger on them.

  18. I wonder what the “fine club” FC Barca will have to say regarding Pique’s gobbing incident. I know for sure if Wenger was watching one of his players gob on an old man he would certainly have something to say. Its quite appauling that he has behaved like that knowing that his team are in the public spotlight after winning the World Cup. No wonder Man Utd got shot of the chump.

    Anyone see Cashleys school reports in the Sun, he was a right little troublemaker! Hope he runs off to the sun to play under Mourinho.

  19. CG yeah I hope he has a good look at himself.

    FG I remember that too. I’m sure he’s just getting sucked into it all. Maybe when he returns he may realise what a bunch of pricks they are and it will work in our favour.

  20. Qasqas.. I really hope they stay in the competition long enough this season to meet us! Over hyped bunch of tossers. I am still convinced our full 1st team would beat theres. 2-2 at the Emirated would have been very different. Walcott fu*ked them on his own.

    We are gonna wipe the floor with everyone this season.

  21. CG I didn’t see cashleys report. I can imagine though. Tell you what though if he was a bit of a scally before arsenal and obviously after arsenal. It shows you what a good job our camp do at keeping our players noses clean. Cos while he was here he wasn’t ALL that bad.

    By the way who did throw that pizza?

  22. Does the whole Barca team have posters of Cesc in their bedrooms or something? Get over him for fu*k sake… if they were such a great team why are they constantly trying to lure a player to their club.

    Someone pop over to Barcelona and vandalise their stadium and shit on their pitch! 🙂

  23. too right that scoreline flattered them and we had 5 first teamers out unquestionably.


    Oh yeah, I think it was Cashley.. I agree it is amazing that such a childish person was well perceived amongst us Arsenal fans for so long. Since he left you can see his true colours, you can only admire our club for keeping the players in line. (most of the time!)

  25. Was going to make a joke about making a donation to Basque but I definately wont cos I don’t fully understand and it may be a bit much.

  26. Van Persie was another rebel when he 1st came, he has matured greatly at Arsenal. I remember he was always in trouble on the pitch, and off, now he seems to be a True Professional.

    Credit to him, Wenger and everyone there. I think he is still the best CF around. He has it all. Forlan comes a close 2nd, Villa 3rd!.. 🙂 Rooney 159th.

  27. I apologise, but I find the Pique video amusing, especially when they snicker and point at the official.

    Brought nostalgia, as in high school, I used to roll up tiny paper spit balls and shoot them through a straw on the back of a very unfortunate and unaware student. By the end of the class he’d walk out with all these tiny paper balls stuck on his back. Those were great times…

    Having said that, its disgusting and they have no class. But they are kids, lets not forget that.

  28. Damien

    If Cesc gobbed on the old guy I doubt many Arsenal fans would still use that excuse for the captain of Arsenal football club. Him snickering next to Pique is a horrible image in my mind as it is.

  29. Damien he’s 23. You were a kid when you did the paper ball, we used to do that sort of stuff when we were 15 but he shouldn’t be doing it now, especially with all the role model bollocks.

  30. I agree its totally unacceptable behaviour, especially for a captain. And it is embarrassing for Arsenal and her fans.

    Though, I would laugh about it with my friends, publicly, I am in outrage.

  31. Any news on Eduardo?

    If he moves on I will feel disappointed. I think he should be given extended opportunities to rediscover his form.

  32. Eduardo is very much in Wenger’s plans. A full pre-season behind him will hopefully let him find his feet. The guy is a quality finisher and deserves another season after his injury. I am lost though will how Wenger will fit him into the system. He is best playing off a big guy like Chamakh or Bendtner, but will Wenger switch formations at all?

    We was very much 4-5-1 and 4-3-3 last season.

  33. earflow I think he’ll stay personally.

    Here’s an exclusive chaps (ahem) it’s being reported on ipswich blogs that we are trying to tap up (sign) conar wickham supposedly.

    As long as we don’t do it in an underhand way. I’d be well pleased with that signing.

    He looks really really good.

  34. 1 loose cannon

    First sign the catalans have finally starting to accept defeat. unless they find a 200 million outside a souvenir shop somewhere in Catalunya.

  35. I studied humour (1400s to the present day), and so I think I know more or less everything there is (and ever was), to know about humour. Gobbing (and wet paper pellet shooting too, funnily enough) come in the 15s-and-under snickering category. What is referred to as u/15snk. Once you reach that age or over it no longer can be categorised as funny.

  36. mingus – it falls under stupidity. I don’t think Cesc will be laughing when seeing that video on the news and over the Internet.

  37. “Wickham grew up a Liverpool fan and considers Fernando Torres to be one of his heroes.”

    Liverpool fan – deserves a big thumbs down, and he loves Torres, Ok Torres is good but that doesn’t go down well with me admiring the fairy pancy!

  38. earflow,

    I wouldnt, Edaurdo has been pigshit since we signed him, time to get rid

  39. 1 loose cannon

    Damien, I appreciate the nostalgia, we all did silly stuff when we were children. these guys are grown up adults superstars who get paid huge sums of money, and kids emulate their behaviour. its a total disrespect to others this behaviour points to one thing, “Arrogance” they think they are untouchable. Its sad to see Cesc taking part in it. He has changed since he has been with these classless lowlives.

  40. Talking tactically we played the World cup’s most successful tactic a season before.

    Wether you call it 4-5-1 or 4-3-3 it don’t matter.

    Somebody earlier asked for public opinion on Sagna (can’t remember who sorry) imo he doesn’t get forward as much as Clichy, but that is what makes him invaluable. The amount of flack we got down the flanks last season was due to no cover up field and our fullbacks bombing on still.

    I wonder if Wenger will still stick to his guns on everyone able to attack in this case. Either that or maybe play two holding mids, instead of song holding for cesc and diaby. Maybe diaby could make true to his claim that he can play the holding role. Diaby could be a perfect box to box player with song holding and cesc further forward.

    How do you think our 3 front players will line up?

  41. els

    I’ve seen Connor Wickham play for the England youth team a couple of times. He is like a young Bendtner.

  42. What Barca did was an insult to Arsenal FC in front of the whole world. They made us look like a trired old club who are stopping the progress of wee willy winkle against his will. It makes me sick. The world saw what they did, what player would see us as a step in the right direction now? I hate them, I hate them, I hate them

  43. “I wouldnt, Edaurdo has been pigshit since we signed him, time to get rid”(sic).

    A bit like you then Leo.

  44. Yes Yes Dups you know it makes sense partner

  45. Emile Heskey has retired from International football. Ahhh what a shame.

  46. Ah it’s J@mes.

  47. Please don’t feed that stupid troll whichever name it is now using. we all know who it is.

  48. Sorry dups – we crossed.

  49. stewwwwww dont stewwwwwwww

  50. Steww, it was because of him that I first used this ID.

  51. Steww,

    Can we have clear the air talks?

    I’m soryy, I do come on here sometimes to kill a few hours but I dont mean to offend anyone. I really isnt worth a seconds thought.

    ps – I will always love you

  52. dups I haven’t seen him play but followed him a bit. A mate of mine supports ipswich he’s been banging on about him for years.

    I think the Bendy comparison is fair. He has a bit of pace too.

  53. Heres my standing for the prem next year :-

    1. Chelsea
    2. Man Utd
    3. Spurs
    4. Man City
    5. Arsenal
    6. Everton
    7. Aston Villa
    8. Liverpool

    You could maybe swap Arsenal and Man City around, the others are pretty nailed on IMHO.

  54. I quite like Heskey as a human. Not so great as a player, but as a man he gets my respect. He doesn’t deserve the abuse.

    I haven’t seen the Gobbing vid yet. THink I’ll go and have a look now. Just for a laugh.
    (temporarily adopting the mentality of a 14 years old, or an arrogant and misguided 23 year-old Catalan)

  55. Mingus, agree about Heskey, its not his fault he’s God-awfull. Who would turn down a chance to play at the world cup?

  56. Heres is nest years fight for fourth –

    4. Man City
    5. Arsenal
    6. Everton
    7. Aston Villa

    My money is on the money

  57. A little scared about the Schwarzer rumours appearing to gain more substance.

    Rather have Almunia if we can’t capture a long-term, genuine world class ‘keeper.

  58. Niko I agree.

  59. Niko I agree 1000%, we must hang onto Almunia untill the end of time, he must stay at Arsenal for life IMHO

  60. From the Oxford dictionary;

    noun A piece of shit
    noun A piece of shit found in North London & internet forums
    noun: A thoroughly deluded piece of shit found in North London and internet forums.

  61. Heres who will lift the silverware next year :-

    Premiership – CHELSEA
    FA Cup – MAN UTD
    League Cup – MAN CITY
    Uefa Cup – LIVERPOOL
    Champions League – TOTTENHAM HOTSPURS

  62. I sense a lot of sarcasm there, but Almunia looked a commanding presence before last season. I was impressed by him.

    If we can’t capture a real quality ‘keeper and get value for money, maybe we should give him one more chance.

    If he succeeds, that would be brilliant. If not, I can’t imagine he’ll be worse than last season, and maybe a world class goalie will appear on the market in January.

    With contracts coming to an end, and the current financial situation, might be worth biding our time to get the right player for the right price in the near future.

  63. Ole, I know you mean that in a fond way, you’re such a kidder

  64. According to the Mail, re: Conor Wickham,

    Wenger is desperate to add firepower to his attack and does not want to lose out on Wickham, especially to Spurs.

    Read more:

    Oh yeah. Sure. Desperate!!

  65. My tips for next season…

    Man Utd dropping out the top 3. I seriously believe they will struggle next term, a bit like Liverpool, who I also tipped as a team over reliant on a certain 2 players.

    In Man Utd’s case they only have 1 player who proves the difference for them.. then theres Nani, Valencia, Park, Berbatov, Owen, who contribute far less attacking wise over the whole season. Will there lesser players step up, or will they over rely on Rooney once more. If they do they will slip in my opinion.

    Chelsea, you would expect them to challenge even without Ballack, Cole and a few other changes. Man City can be the outfit to really have a go, despite how much I really hate billionaire owner instant success clubs, they do have quality players. I don’t believe you can form a team in this manner that works for each other and challenges for trophies. Top 3 is very realistic for them with their quality never the less.

    Liverpool may do better than most suspect, its a matter of how the players react under Hodgson. Benitez seemed to create quite a bit of conflict in the dressing room, and wasnt a great man manager of the players, so they could be challenging for Champs League if all goes well. Certainly not for the league anyway.

    Spurs I expect will drop off once again, and Villa will need a few smart buys to push on.

    So I believe it could be out of us, Chelsea and Man City… and I have a hunch for another unexpected team to be involved in the title race.

    We will come out on top. We would have already had it not been for a series of injuries to key players at crucial times in a couple seasons. This team has plenty of quality, no matter what some troll fans like to believe.

  66. James, when will you ever stop being a prick?

  67. Chris,

    I’ve thought that about Man Utd so many times over the years yet they always come good. Also, fergies cheque book will be waiting for the January transfer window if need be, depsite people thinking there skint they’ll stil have fifty million to spend.

    About Arsenal winning the league, with your current crop of players, especially your defence and goalkeepers, you have as much chance of winning the league as Spurs have of winning champions league

  68. Chris,

    Soryy it just kind of happens, anyway I thought you’d appreciate the way I love and support my club no matter what

  69. ChrisGoona,

    I think you speak a lot of sense.

    I think Man Utd were very poor at times last year, and I was surprised they managed to stick in there for the whole slog. They rely on a lot of old players, and maybe this season will be one season too many for them.

    I don’t fancy Man City to make it ‘click’. They will be up there and probably win a lot of big games, but I think they could drop too many points where they shouldn’t.

    I think it could be between us and Chelsea. I think our chances depend a lot on the signings to come, but I think the groundwork has been done and most of the players are there already.

  70. I know you probably wopnt believe me, but I dont want Fabregas to leave the premiership, he’s top top class and I love to hate him

  71. Fuck u, james. Fuck off back to the spuds

  72. Motherfucker…

  73. Silver Gunner

    James what have you been smoking? Spuds to win the champs league, will defo end up in spain again I think.

  74. As much as Id like that prediction to be right CG I think Man U have a great mentality that alows them to over-achieve.

    And I think Hernandez is a quality signing for them and will probably establish himself very quickly in their first team. He’s got alot of goals in him from what little I’ve seen.

    Chelsea will be past it next year…and I think if they do lose Cashley he will be a massive loss for them, I realy think he is their best player.

    Man City will definatley get top 4 this season. Its a repulsive state of affairs over at eastlands but with the players they have they will do well the first 3 months of the season and spend another 500 million in january.

    Money doesn’t make a good team, but it helps.

    But we will do it this season. With Chamakh, Arshavin, Walcott, Eduardo, Bendtner 2 world cup finalists in RvP and Cesc, Song, a re- invigorated back four and German efficiencey we will smite all before us.

  75. Stewart Robson, former Arsenal player and frequent contributor on and ATVO was interviewed yesterday. This is part of the interview about our defending. You can see the entire interview at or on the blog “Red London”

    The key for Arsenal and I think they can be the best team in the EPL and emulate Barcelona and emulate Spain because they play a similar sort of football is they have to do is develop a defensive strategy to match their creativity. That’s why Spain won the world cup, that’s why Barca have been so good. Not only have they been creative but they have also got a defensive understanding. That is where Arsene Wenger needs to tighten up Arsenal, no matter if its by bringing in new players or restructuring what he does defensively. That’s the key to making Arsenal a good side.

    Its not just the 2 CB that is the problem. It’s the defensive strategy. At times they play too high an offside line. They have all tried to play this high offside line when there is not adequate pressure on the ball. The midfielders do not know how to defend properly and I think that comes from the manager. What is their defensive strategy? You have to have one so players can work to that. They had it for the first weeks of the season when they decided to press the ball high up the field. The wide players tucked in and made it hard for the other team. Then after Man City they lost their strategy and I could not see that they had a game plan for the rest of the season when they did not have the ball. If they can get this strategy they have a great chance to win the title. They have many excellent players with great technical quality. Its just that they have to get their defensive strategy right.

    I take a lot of positive from that interview. I think the first and last sentences are the most important. AW said after last season that fixing our defense was priority #1. I think he and our coaching staff can develop an effective defensive strategy and maintain it for a full season and win the PL and win against the best teams in Europe. (Assuming that we have a reasonable number of injuries). If we defend poorly we will probably struggle with Citeh, Spuds and maybe Liverpool to hold on to 3rd.

  76. this ones for you James.

  77. My bottom three for next year

    man city
    fucking spuds

  78. Take note Sky, this is what you should use to sell your TV packages.

  79. Man city to sack their manager in december and replace him with sven. Sven will spend in january but will get them relegated by march cos he couldnt hold his pants up long enough. It must be those northern lasses.

  80. Silver Gunner

    There are some good defensive players to be got from Man City, Nedum Anuha and Richards could probably be brought in at reasonable prices, both have undoubted ability that someone like wenger could utilise.

  81. I love Robbo but he talks rubbish often. Last night, I watched our loss to Chelsea at Stamford Bridge, and I was struck by how often we won the ball back.

    I can get behind most of all he says, but to say we didn’t have a game plan is preposterous.

  82. North London'rrr

    that goal from Cesc? Amazing.

    I have said on here before and verbally to everyone i know that we should let him go.

    But he is about to be come the worlds best midfielder. To think that Inesita is 26 (the current worlds best) and Cesc is 3 years younger is amazing.
    He came off the bench in the world cup and looked quick, both footed and mentally – and as last season showed – with a real eye for goal.

    He could be a 20 goal a season man (plus the 15-20 standard assists) for years to come.

    I hope we can convince him to stay for at least one more year – by then Ramsey may be read to step in.

  83. 1 loose cannon on July 15, 2010
    at 1:12 pm

    Lets be honest, Cesc can be a little prick sometimes. Hes always been. This fiasco makes you wonder whether its true that Cesc spat on Hull assistant manager Brian Horton…and indeed threw “the pizza”.

  84. Ole:

    I am glad someone who is not a doomer made those statements. I think Robson was overstating his idea a little to make his point.

    We started with a game plan last year but lost it very quickly. Same thing happened in 07/08. We defended superbly until the Gallas meltdown at Birmingham. Before Birmingham we were clearly the best team in the league. After Birmingham our goals conceded/game almost doubled and we lost our PL lead and have not been the same defensive team since then. If we get that “defensive nous” back Robson thinks we will be the best team in the league. I agree.

  85. Bill, Robson is a bit of an idiot to be fair. He never hides his dislike for Arsenal even though he works for them.

  86. Damien,

    Not really, this fiasco shows the true nature of some so called fans. You can spot the pricks quite easily…

  87. What is wrong with throwing pizza at Slur Fergus & Sons Inc.?

  88. Emile Hesky stopped playing football at international level long ago, but that hasn’t stopped him from being put on the pitch with the other England players.

  89. Waste of pizza Finsbury. I’m sure a more suitable substance (dog shit) would have been more appropriate.

  90. I guess spitting on someone could be funny, only if we can have a good laugh if the person turns around and punches you in the face. Laughs all around.

  91. Dissapointed in Cesc, they looked like 2 nursery school children, giggling like blasted idiots!

    Looking forward to seeing Arsenal for real!

  92. James is a deluded cunt

  93. Dups:

    Sometimes we confuse dislike for Arsenal with attempts at realistic analysis. Robson is obviously not a “yes man” for the club.

    Robson certainly does think we have a real quality side and only our defending keeps us from filling our trophy case.

  94. Fair point dupsffokcuf.

    It is a crime to throw away food.
    Unless, it’s one of those crispy cardboard pizza’s you get at football stadiums? Ok, it’s still a waste…

  95. YW,

  96. Silver Gunner

    I think James does it for the attention….

    AW please buy another defender.

  97. re: Wickham 10 mil for a 17 yr old, are they out of their mind?

  98. All the defenders we’re being linked with seem to all be young…anyone else think we could use an older head?? (ie Lucio type) This worries me slightly as we clearly have no dearth of youth, so why add more.

  99. When will fans learn that ‘linked to’ and ‘going after’ is usually not the same thing?

  100. Bill your defensive write up was pretty good to me. It’s obviously not perfect there and if it’s obvious to you and me then you can bet Wenger is working on it. Last season the season was brand new formation and going from a fairly rigid 442 for 10 years it was always going to take a while for coaches and staff to adapt. I’m SURE we will be stronger there next season.

    I think the title is in the bag. I will never write off ManUre even though I agree with CG’s statements on them I have seen them play many seasons with mediocre teams and still on trophies. They are such an organised team they pull things off that they shouldn’t sadly.

  101. Bill,

    You and Robbo are talking rubbish. The notion that we had no defensive game plan is complete bollocks. Puerile talk.

  102. Well Ole, unless you can share what AW is thinking and who we are really going after then talking about who we’re being linked with isn’t such a crime. It is all there is to go on.

  103. By the way, he is right that the midfielders and forwards do not defend well enough. He’s also right that Arsenal must improve defensively.

    With these 2 things nobody will argue. But the notion that Arsenal went into games without a gameplan is very stupid talk.

    Watch that Chelsea game…..we paid for 2 mistakes but we actually weren’t so bad defensively.

    Then the nonsense about a high defensive line. I want him to explain how an attacking team playing 4-3-3 can play without a high attacking line.

    I’m eagerly waiting to see him explain his brilliant new insight into football.

  104. Ole:

    As I said earlier. I do not believe that the team has “no defensive game plan”. Pressing the ball higher up the pitch is a “game plan”. I suspect Robbo exaggerated his idea to make a point.

    I think that we lost “the game plan” very early last year and never really executed that game plan starting with Man City. No matter how good your “game plan”, if you do not execute it looks like you do not have one.


    The boss said he would fix our problems and he certainly deserves the benifit of the doubt. I really hope he and the coaches can actually get the team to maintain our defense for the whole season.

    I think this again shows the quality of the Arsenal organization and AW that they have someone working for them who is not a total “yes man”. How many think “the special one” or Fergie would allow someone who was not a “yes man” to be associated with the club.

  105. boss,

    If that kind of thing tickles your navel mate. I’m just saying that you can’t base any judgement of the club’s transfer policy on who we’re ‘linked’ with.

    Linked with most times means nothing.

  106. ManU have got some decent youngsters coming through the ranks. I’m not talking about dross like Gibson and Diouf – who aren’t that young anyway – but a few others, some of whom, like Tom Cleverley, have been out on loan and performed well.

    It remains to be seen if they’ll emulate the early 90s generation, but they’re being talked about in the same terms. Could be wishful thinking from a club that can’t afford to buy their way anymore.

    They’re kids are not a patch on our ones at the moment though, as we saw at the end of last season.

  107. Agreed Ole. Although it doesn’t hurt to speculate, especially with little else to talk about these days.

  108. Bill you must be a genius. What’s it they say about geniuses exclusively being able to think 2 contradictory thoughts simultaneously.

    You say you don’t think “that the team has “no defensive game plan”” YET you insist that “we lost “the game plan” very early last year and never really executed that game plan starting with Man City”.

    Really? You think Wenger sent out a team for 90% of the season without a defensive game plan?

    Or what exactly are you saying?

  109. Jesus Christus! *THEIR* kids…

  110. Silver Gunner

    els we have never played an orthodox 4-4-2 under AW it has pretty much been a 4-4-1-1 or 4-2-3-1 with bergkamp considered a deeper lying player regardless in possession we look great i just dont feel we are physically strong enough without the ball a lot of the time esp against powerful teams.

  111. In my opinion, I would say that not having a defensive strategy is just the same as having one that isn’t being properly executed. Watching us defend at times last season it certainly seemed as if we were out to lunch.

  112. @steww Since its flash based and can be viewed from a browser?. I think it should work just fine. if you don’t have flash player installed The system you prompt u to install one. to be sure though u can open the install manager (synaptic from system – admininistration-synatic) and search for adobe flash mark and apply to install. better still open a terminal (applicaton-accessories-terminal) and copy and paste the following command. sudo aptitude install ubuntu-restricted-extras that should download and install adobe flash and extra codecs needed for playing media. if u have further question hit me up on twitter. am @bigbrovar there

  113. boss,

    Robbo was trying to say that Arsenal abandoned the high-energy pressing game.

    But it’s silly to talk as if this was a magic bullet. Well, we lost to the 2 Manc teams using this game plan and that’d have offered good enough proof.

    I don’t know why Wenger decided to water down this strategy of pressing high up but it’s silly to say that abandoning the approach meant we now subesquently had no game plan.

    I can imagine that given the injury situation we faced last season, it would have been suicidal to persist with the pressing game because it would have placed further physical pressures on the squad!

    Barcelona did not always press last season as they did against Arsenal in the 2 legs.

    And in those 2 legs we saw the clear limit of pressing as a defensive strategy. You can not keep it up for 90 minutes, and a fit team can kill you in the last 20 minutes of a game.

    As far as I know, most managers realise that you only press intensely, like that to maximise a clear technical advantage you already hold over the opposition.

    I am annoyed with Robbo always talking as if it’s a magic bullet, or that there are no tradeoffs to be made.

  114. Silver I’d class all Wenger’s formations up until last season as 442 but with a bit of movement up front. To clarify when I mentioned a rigid 442 I meant from one game to another, not the fact that they all played in the same positions.

  115. Ole:

    We started the year with a game plan that seemed to work. Then we made some mistakes especially against Man City and they lost confidence or for some reason they stopped pressing the way they had been (stopped executing) and the game plan we started with became ineffective.

    Alternatively possibility: The better teams simply figured out how to beat our defensive game plan.

  116. Stewart Robson always says calls Man u “Manch United”

    I don’t know why.

    Better than saying pelanty I spose.

  117. Bill I don’t think either of those options are true.

  118. Ole:

    We could argue this small point of semantics the whole again but it takes away from the real point.

    If this team concedes fewer goals it can be the best team in the world. We were on pace to concede 25 goals for the whole season in 07/08 up to the Birmingham game and many considered us the best team in the world.

    If we concede 15 fewer goals then last year we will win the league and maybe if we can take that same form into Europe we can win the double.

  119. ChrisGoona on July 15, 2010
    at 3:08 pm

    Im not sure I understand Christopher, please expound…

  120. Ole are you are willfully misunderstanding his point about the game plan to prove your point or are you just slow?

    I am hoping for the former.

  121. He is not stating that there was no game plan defensively but rather that there was a failure to execute it on the pitch on a regular and consistant basis. Indeed, there are numerous quotes attributed to Wenger explaining much the same thing (particularly with regards to the high line)

  122. I’m looking forward to Barnet on Saturday which I think will be an indication of what we will continue with this season. I’m convinced it will be more of the 4-5-1/4-3-3 from last year.

    Wenger is too stubborn to change after last season, which he will view as largely successful. One year older and wiser, and a bit more luck with injuries and the like, he will be convinced that we can improve again this season.

    We don’t have the numbers at DM for 4-2-3-1, and I’m not sure there can be any going back to 4-4-2 in the current tactical envionment.

    I question where the width is going to come from though, in a 4-3-3 our wide players (Walcott, Arshavin, Nasri etc) always want to come inside.

  123. Our season would have been very different had we continued to close the ball down as we did against Everton throughout the season. The home game against Barcelona illustrated what would happen if we failed to close the ball down against a team with similar levels of technique and passing. We like to keep the ball when it is in our possession and then we like to pass it around for forever (if need be) but a defensive strategy simply did not work on a consistant basis -thus the criticisms are valid.

  124. Silver Gunner

    Arse Baggins agree againt the best teams this is where we struggled, I think it is still naivety on the part of our midfield players I can use the Man U game as an example where Denilson switched of and let Rooney run right past him. Experience will eradicate these things from their game I dont think we are too far.

    Wenger eluded to some more defensive players joining lets hope we get another defender soon I hope it is Zapata, Richards or Chinedum Onuoha not Gary Cahill who I think is overrated.

  125. What many fail to mention is that last season was the first time Wenger employed a 4-3-3 formation. Add that to the shuffling about of players due to injury and there will be some inconsistencies in maintaining the shape. I believe that with the players having one season’s worth of the 4-3-3 under their belts, our defensive and offensive capabilities under this formation will improve.

  126. Thanks BB – problem is the page just gives a message telling me it won’t work with my browser. I’ll try to chat to you elsewhere – even though this is important Arsenal related stuff I don’t want to be accused of going off topic.

  127. Els @ 4:31:

    What is your idea? Injuries certainly contributed to the problem late in the year but for the most part our defensive injuries did not start to pile up until late Jan. Our worst games other then the Wigan game occured before WG got injured. The 433 was new and that may have been part of the problem but certainly not the only part. Our defending the last 1/2 of the previous season was poor, especially in the CL Semi vs ManU, the 4 -4 draw at Anfield, FA cup and late season game vs. Chelsea and we were not in the 433 then. As Ole points out pressing is not a magic bullet. The problem is multifactorial and I doubt that there is a simple answer.

  128. Bill,

    This is oh so tedious. You can not seriously be insisting that Arsene Wenger sent teams out without a defensive game plan. That’s nuts.

  129. Ole:

    We are down to debating how we define the term “game plan” and that certainly is tedious and has run its course.

    Glad you are back. Have not seen your avatar much this summer. Hope you did something fun. Looking forward to the new season. World Cup was nice but real football starts soon. Club football is so much more interesting then internationals. The transfer season is fun for a while but gets tedious also.

  130. Can some of you have just a bit of tolerance, for f*cks sake?! Don’t some of you realise that others may not share the same views?! Its getting ridiculous, and only for silly things. If someone says the manager is sh*t and the players are crap, well, hes talking bs, but when someone comes on just to critisize tactics, is it really necesary to say they are talking dog shit?? How old are some of you? 6?

  131. I cant wait for the champions league..

  132. How can I put this, without it sounding all wrong? Keep it simple, mingus. That’s how.

    I would be happy to see Barazite do well this pre-season and be part of Wenger’s plans.

  133. Zap – sorry but Ole is totally justified on this occasion. Bill only posts here to wind people up. Do you not remember his endless 5th choice 6th choice CB discussion~? No matter how many times Ole answered him he kept asking the same question.

  134. Are you sure Bill posts to wind people up. Bill, you do seem to have a rather obsessive personality. Which I’m not criticising just noting. But then we all have certain issues that make us sound like a stuck record, at times.

    Mine would be Barazite. I hope he does well.

  135. Mingus:

    No offense taken. I do spend a lot of time on that topic in the blog.

    Hope Barazite does do well. Going to be tough for him to get much meaningful time on the pitch with all the players ahead of him.


    Thats not exactly how I remember the CB discussion going, but you are right the topic did get over analyzed.

  136. It’s not a matter of definition.

    You seem to think that Wenger sent out teams without a defensive game plan. That makes no sense whatsoever

  137. ”Thats not exactly how I remember the CB discussion going, but you are right the topic did get over analyzed.”

    for some reason i burst out laughing when i read that comment!

  138. Injuries affected our defense, no doubt about it. We were defending from the front so its not all based on whether defenders were injured or not. With that system you need ALL the players to be fit and fresh, well most.

    We lost RVP for most of the season who was the main link up man. Many times in sports a good offense adds to your defense.


  139. Delia-----Block 112

    Has anyone received their “paper” tickets yet for the Sunday Emirates Cup Match ?
    Our latest CB signing looks a little light weight for the PL, I was looking for a Lucio lookalike.

  140. Paul N,

    You could say there were problems with our defending. Nobody will argue with that.

    On the other side is people like Robbo and Bill who seemingly believe Wenger sent out sides to over 50 games in league and cups without a defensive gameplan.

  141. remember Wenger parking a fiat ciquento against barca at the fikin shite camp!! thats no defensive plan in me book.

  142. so are we expecting at least two more cb’s right???

  143. If Wenger played 90 percent of a season without a defensive gameplan, he should be sacked, and not let near a football club ever again.

  144. Ole:

    Sorry have to sign off today. If you really think it might add something we can continue tomorrow, however, I think the topic has run its course. See you tomorrow.

  145. Anytime you want Bill. For me the topic hasn’t run its course. And I’m going to keep ridiculing the notion that we played a season without a defensive gameplan

  146. @steww sure and anytime 🙂

  147. 1 loose cannon

    BB-what are you doing at the bottom end?

  148. I am Spanish and a Barcelona fan and i am very dissapointed in both Pique and Cesc. I never did anything that low in my life, but i do remember being an idiot at that age and made many mistakes i am not so proud of. But common, he did not kill anyone, he is really drunk and behaving xtra stupid!.. But dont you brits dare pretend to be all high and mighty.. I kindly would like to remind you what this is nothing compared to the manners displayed by your ex-“captain” John Terry.. Having an affair with your team mates wife is way worse. So please STFU!!.. Be objective!! See what i meant about Cesc days ago when i found this blog?? He does not want to stay at Arsenal. To be honest, i would rather have him stay at Arsenal for another two years, as some of our players are in our prime + little genius Dos Santos on the way.. What you people have to accept is that it is Cesc, who does not want to stay at Arsenal. He just tasted the glory, and he knows that he is way better than Busquets, so he will not be on the bench.. But hey, “Whatever will be, will be“.. lol!

  149. “I wonder what the “fine club” FC Barca will have to say regarding Pique’s gobbing incident. ” That it was not as bad as John Terrys affair with his team mates wife.


  150. Cuervo

    We don’t give a shit about John Terry or your shit club Barca-loan-us more money.

  151. Im starting to see what the fans from other EPL teams meant about Arsenal Fans..

    The moment Cesc leaves you, i leave this page.. Ive seen enough of Arsenal fans..

    But as a rival, i would like to congratulate YW. You my friend are without question a natural and very talented writer.. Anyone capable of writing anything interesting about Arsenal FC is a genius LOL!! (insert a very sarcastic smiley here haha)

  152. And was he not on the bench in the WC while Busquets played?

  153. dupsffokcuf: could not care less about what u think.. And your talking shit only because now youre sure you will loose Cesc. And it is also obvious that there was nothing you could say about the Pique/Terry comparison..

  154. Once hes at Barcelona, we will find out if hes benched.. But you and i know he is way more talented than Busquets. He will outshine him within time.

  155. Cuervo – what is the feeling amongst Barca supporters generally about the Cesc potential transfer? Do they think it is going to happen soon?
    My own thoughts are that Cesc is not that keen to go now. The key issue was that he signed a contract extension last summer. This took the option of a “webster” move right out of his hands. If he hadn’t signed the extension last year then he would be in a very strong position to force a move.
    All of his statements and behaviour this summer seems to be diplomatic towards both clubs – not burning any bridges. Ultimately putting it all in Wenger’s hands (as he stressed) which means that he stays with Arsenal unless a very high offer came through which is very unlikely given the weak Barca finances.

  156. Cuervo

    A message from Frank: Fuck Off.

  157. Surely Busquets is number 1 defensive midfielder at Barca, with Xavi and Iniesta the more offensive midfielders. Belague has suggested that Cesc would rotate with Xavi and Iniesta – which can’t be ideal for any of them. Unless Iniesta plays in a forward position? (then who do you drop from Messi, Villa, Ibrahimovic and Pedro?)
    Cesc is not going to take Busquets position – he doesn’t play that role, and never has.

  158. Cuervo is a more than a troll.

  159. thanks dups will investigate, BB I attempted to chitter you

  160. Nope it’s not that I play flash video from all other major sites, youtube, redtube, bbc iplayer all that stuff. This problem seems specific to ATVO

  161. Cuervo, your probably a Spurs fan. Barca fans are too arrogant and stuck in their own world to bother looking at what others think. Am I right?

  162. Morning Chris – enjoying some early bull baiting?

  163. Cuervo on July 16, 2010
    at 1:27 am

    You’ll find that every person in the world, except Chelsea fans thinks John Terry is a piece of shit.

    The funny thing is that everyone thought he was a piece of shit BEFORE he sodomised his mates wife. Dude didn’t even have the decency to pull out.

    Hes a real disgusting man.

  164. FFS how many players will City buy? They’ll break 100mil this transfer window for sure! Chelsea look small compared to this. This really needs to be stopped!

  165. Let ’em keep buying, then watch them try to keep a changing room full of rampant egos happy and united. Our boys have grown up together. Different story.

  166. @Cuervo im not English im scandinavian and i have to say Piquet repulses me. His behaviour is so disgusting, so is Barcelonas. But what can you expect from young spaniards like him? its typical. Cec is just the exeption that confirms the rule about how all spanish men are sleazebags. soory man, truth hurts.
    regargind cesc.
    He may hate it in London, he may want the glory of Barca he may even love barca. But honestly, who the fk cares? Barca obviousley dont want him that much, cos if they did theyd cough up the real money and actually buy the man. We all know (and especially you seem to rathe him very very very high) he is 10 times the man Villa, Inesta Xavi and Ibra is together, so thats the price. its a take it or leave it offer 🙂
    you can rant all you want, but last time i checked rants did not generate more money, nor did it invite to being friendly towards the opsit part in a negotiation.

    If your club had more than two braincells they would have apporaced Arsenal in a decent way, offered the right price and BOUGHT Cesc. They would have won had they played their cards right. Bout nooooo, Barca had to be arrogant, barca had to “burn all bridges” barca had to FORCE cesc to stay in London as how can Arsenal sell now and not loose all cred with their fans? OMG how thick is barca? they could have had Cesc this summer but blew it! They have forced Arsenal to retain the worlds best midfielder that actually wanted to go to you ? How the hell did you manage to fuck this up Cuervo? Where is the brain??????? if i did not knwo better id say barca buisness men are a bit retarded….

  167. I’m so fed up with this barca nonsense… quite boring actually..

    can anyone tell if the match on sat is being shown on ATV…

  168. Troof, it’s on ATVO nowhere else (maybe a stream)

  169. Hey anybody no whatever happend to good old Darius Stone?

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